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Happy Weekend Sugars!!!


Sugar in the family…

“Since I deleted my account but met my current boyfriend from it in Jan 2010, I have had the best arrangement in the world! My friends and family who are women are thinking about joining, because my situation is that great –  including my mom and sis! Thanks again!”

“Dear Member,

Thank you for your feedback!  It is always a pleasure to hear from members who found happiness through our website.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, and with your friends and family.  I want to wish you the best of luck!

Brandon Wey

Do you have any sugars in your family?

Is anything in store for your sugarlife this weekend?!

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  1. MindyNYC says:

    Jade – I think he (mooky) was saying that sure she was good looking, but not good looking ‘enough’ to ask for the amount of allowance she was seeking. Meaning the ‘hotter’ a woman is determines the amount she receives.

    Mooky, I understand your logic and there is definite truth in it, but a woman may demand higher as she may bring more to the table than just her ‘looks’ :)

  2. cleo says:

    yeah, what SE said. morning all

    toronto sugar meet is MAY 1

    i have picked a hotel and booked a table. email to the group will go out tonight… anyone who wants to come tell me so i can change the res!

    hope you all are awesome

    toronto sugar meet at gmail dot com

  3. Hey everyone,

    Just stopping by to say hello :)

  4. Jade says:

    mooky – If the girl was not that good-looking, why did you date her in the first place?

  5. Wonderland says:

    Hello everyone hope you have a great day :)

  6. SB_LittleMinx says:

    Hiyas all,

    Just a bit of advice required!

    Been e-maling this SD and he was asking me of the kind of relationships that I would desire….and he says he is open minded…What does that mean? Lol….

    What do you usually except from a SDaddies or what do they want from SBabes?

    Ta xxx

  7. mooky says:

    Lily – Thanks for the advice… I think I will come back to the site in maybe a month or two, just need to cool things down a bit. I have to be honest, meeting 6 people in a month was pretty draining. I don’t know others feel but it’s stressful meeting people like this. And NYC SB could be right, I guess for me it was the overall vibe of the girl, she mentioned some things like, that her past SD’s would just come in the afternoons before her night classes, meaning they just meet in the afternoon at a motel for a quickie, and that if I had time in the afternoon, we could do that. You know, if I really think about it, I think the main reason I was so disappointed was that the girl had a full blown normal facebook page, seemed like any typical girl and she was so jaded by the whole SD/SB scene, it was just a shocker talking to her during dinner. And to be honest, let’s face it, looks have a lot to do with how much support someone gets, what I was offering was on the high end. The amount she wanted and her physical appearance did not add up.

    Well, thanks to everyone, maybe in a couple of months I’ll have a follow up story to tell. For now I will relax a bit..haha..

  8. Lily says:

    Shoo, I love thrift store rummaging! With a girlfriend, it’s all the better. I love finding the diamond in the rough. Truly. But nearly everything in my closet comes from second hand stores or H & M, and I’m excited for boutiques in Florida for a change of pace. Honestly, I’d kill just to go to anY american mall and go a little wild at bebe, Banana R, and White House Black Market. It’s been nearly a decade since i’ve done that.

    I’m meeting a friend for am afternoon of thrift store shopping today, actually.

  9. CaribbeanPrincess says:

    wow lily spread some sugary dust over here girly 😛

    nite SS get some rest…..~ and thanks sooo much for your quick response on my email.

    nothing much at this side of the world..another sleepless night I hope NOT~

  10. Lily – glad to see everything is looking back up (minus the leech at karaoke…yikes). I think thrift stores ARE real stores. It’s like a treasure hunt for unique pieces rather than going to a shop where there are FIVE of the same dress or ten of the same shirts. People get rid of authentic vintage pieces and don’t even know it! But, I know what you’re saying in a way. If that’s your wish in this sugar pursuit and makes you happy, more power to you, darlin’.

    Just finished a work-out in the hotel gym and caught up on the news. Wow. “Wife wins $9 Million from husband’s mistress” was plastered on every single screen. That, and the the health reform. I haven’t watched a bit of television or even had time to pick up the WSJ on this trip – feel like I’ve been living under a rock! Geez.

    Hopping in the shower then off to a business cocktail reception for the evening. The dry weather here has cured me from my congestion! Yay.

    Have a great night, all.

  11. Lily says:

    So fun night at karaoke. I goofed off to some classic rock as hard as I could, and Bald Hottie was entertaining his biggest new clients and their jaws just all dropped. He played it as if we were strangers, and happened to meet, and he happened to charm me into coming over and sitting with them (boy was he the hero of the bunch at that point), and unfortunately then things got weird. One of the men suddenly put his arm around me and pulled me close for a kiss. Like a ninja. I managed to avoid face to face contact….he kissed my hair around my ear area, as I pulled away, and pried his arm off me. I was horrified at such lecherous behavior and looked towards Bald Hottie to save the day and come up with a graceful way of handling such an awkward situation, but he was busy texting with his wife. Didn’t notice. Oh well. I handled it.

    Last night i had a wonderful evening of fine dining with Zazazoom. He & I are definitely still ‘on,’ stronger than ever and headinginto month #3. It’s exciting. We have plans for the summer that are incredible. I had no idea he had a Maserati. We’re going to drive it to Italy this summer. yay!

    I wrote my friends’ profile tonight. It sounds pretty great, and the pics she had taken needed cropping and editing (brightness/contrast) so I did that. She lives nearby and is a former model, boy crazy, and really in financial straits. She is jumping firmly on board to her SA profile and hunt. Cool.

    I can’t tell you how awesomely supportive my IRL friends are of a sugar lifestyle.

    Eurosexy called me up just to tell me that he misses me more than ever and the sound of my voice is the best sound he knows. The love letter he wrote yesterday was intense. He’ll be here in two weeks and he’s counting the days I suppose. I’m trying to just forget about him when he’s not around. A GQ model looking millionaire who smells amazing and kisses amazing? I mean….. a girl has to valet her heart sometimes. Right, guys?

    LawyerGuy is awesome, and calls and writes all the time about how special and different I am. How this is just the start of a journey with many sweet surprises in store. He’s so cool and funny on the phone. I can’t wait to hang with him. And get a tan. And get my hair done at a salon instead of highlighting and cutting it myself…. and goin shopping at real stores instead of thrift stores. Fun!!!

  12. Anna Molly says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello 😀

    Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

  13. Aw, DC. Just saw your note. You are my blog crush too – -> especially since your lips match my shoes today! Haute.

  14. Lily – Clearly he made her do it… i doubt she knows how to dial the phone…

  15. Lily says:

    A two year old isn’t quite grasping concepts the way adults do. Actually the sentence expressed, making a phone call, etc, doesn’t add up to 2 year old behavior in general. Sure she’s not a small-for her age 3 or 4 year old? Regardless, I feel for her.

  16. Wonderland says:

    @lily: in regards to your comment merci and fingers crossed!!!!

  17. CaribbeanPrincess says:

    Turn on or a Turn off? Do you tell or not tell?

    If this is your first arrangement is it a turn on or turn off for a SD?

    Would you tell your POT SD that this is your “first”?

    Caribbean – Some SDs want the experienced SB, some would prefer a new SB that he can be the first to “spoil” and be the one to “show her the world”, so to speak. I have learned it is all individual preference and yes, I told my first SD he was my “first” and he was SO wonderful in guiding me in many ways; always making sure I was comfortable and transitioned into the new “sugar world” with ease.

    Lily – You have mail. Rawr. Prrrrrrrrr…..

    NYC SB – Wow. That is intense and certainly something to be addressed. I cannot even begin to express how I feel HIM allowing his daughter to place such a call (at the age of TWO) was so wrong on many levels. She is the most important one in this little situation, I feel. That is the area of highest concern. In my O.

    Hi RedMaru. Others. Just taking a tiny moment to catch up. Off to lunch now.

  18. Lily says:

    Would you tell your POT SD that this is your “first”?


    ..seems to me that i dont even know him to make such a commitment, right?


    Now, next question..what happens between the first meet and this initial call? can I expected to be courted..woooeeeddd and make me feel he is worthy of me or the other way around?

    It depends! People are so individual. If he’s a highly sought after SD with a lot to offer, and you really like him, you may have to lay on your charm full blast. If he’s more “into you” than the other way around and you’re not blown away, then the other way around. Just play it by ear.

  19. Lily says:

    Depends largely on the european country. I’ve only lived in one, and it’s the furthest away from what you guys are imagining, possible. Glass ceiling, shattered. Equality, done.

    The women here oftentimes get offended if you offer to buy them a drink or hold the door open for them and start arguing with you about whether or not you truly believe that they are incapable of paying their own way and opening their own doors.

    I’m a feminist, and for women who want the lifestyle described above (where even in their dating/courting culture, it’s strictly egalitarian, no traditional gender roles whatsoever), I’m so glad they can have it.

    For women such as myself who would like the option to be treated differently then men (but equally important), it’s a little hard to get it through their heads that when it comes to my choice of a romantic partner, I don’t mind to be pampered and valued in a traditionally feminine sort of way.

    Outside of dating (sugar or non), then of course I am glad that femininsm paved the way throughout most of the western world that I an enjoy equal opportunities.

    But when it comes to me & a lover, I want to be romanced in ways that work for me, a la ancient traditions. :)

  20. CaribbeanPrincess says:

    Turn on or a Turn off? Do you tell or not tell?

    If this is your first arrangement is it a turn on or turn off for a SD?

    Would you tell your POT SD that this is your “first”?

    SugaryJourney update..POT SheikSD will be calling soon, so he says..a week every month in Maui..now..i dooont know..seems to me that i dont even know him to make such a commitment, right? I am more inclined to say we meet first under my grounds and see if it could work out .

    Now, next question..what happens between the first meet and this initial call? can I expected to be courted..woooeeeddd and make me feel he is worthy of me or the other way around?

  21. OC: lol

    Hi everyone, sorry I suck at replying..

    Lily, I’d be keen for a euromeet, my suggestions however are London or Paris, even though they’re not the warmest spots, keep me updated through email.

    I wish there was a better chat room than this blog, for some reason I keep minimizing it and forgetting about it, I need something that pops up whenever someone posts something new hehe

  22. thanks all for the input…

    I will talk to him tonight… blah… looks like I am not crazy after all

  23. Wonderland says:

    OC: Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and hello to everyone else.

    Mr. Wonderful stopped by today for a cuppa.

    Also NYCSB: I understand your predicament. I dated a guy who had a son I grew close to and when the relationship ended the son wasn’t allowed to contact me anymore. The thing is, is that we always talk about how fleeting sugar is so if this guy is a proper boyfriend/potential life partner then embrace the roll but if not perhaps discuss how he should explain that maybe you are his daughter’s best friend or auntie or give you another role. At 2, he can probably change maternal role to something a bit more safe so that if for whatever reason the arrangement/relationship doesn’t work out, the girl doesn’t feel like her mum is leaving her.

  24. NYGent says:

    OC: amusing indeed.

  25. RedMaru says:

    Hey Beach_Girl I’ve been busy moved into a new place. How are you?

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      NYGent just a short note on the term
      “Sugar Baby”…
      They come in female and male varieties.
      Some seek Male Sugar Daddies and some
      seek Female Sugar Momma’s.
      Maybe we can try new abbreviations
      (.)(.) SB
      .. SB

      Sorry… I am sitting in a meeting and needed a distraction from the engineering geek speak… Hope you enjoyed the humor. I have completely amused myself! ~OC

  26. LASB says:

    NYCSB – Wow, that would throw me for a loop, especially that early. BG pot was like, “What’s up with you in the morning?” I had to explain to him that I’m not angry or grumpy in, but I won’t pretend to be cheery and will have nothing to say to him until my brain wakes up.

    DC – Reciprocating the <3! Thanks for an awesome HH, however brief. It looks like I may be back in May. I'll keep you posted.

    I agree that I wish our puritanical society had less of a hold on us. Over 400 years later we still uphold their ridiculous restrictions. Yay for cultural legacy.

  27. Flo Rida says:

    SSSD and SincereSD – there are places to take your mistress in NY, there are also high class (no not Emporer’s club) escort agencies & brothels in NY. But I agree the culture is not ‘common’. I don’t think it’s a question of ‘teaching’ it’s a question of culture. Many Asians understand loyalty, discretion, service, the collective good, suffering, saving face, lower fear of death etc. Whereas the US culture is largely individualistic & frankly selfish & confrontational. (btw you should be able to tell that my SD is not Asian.)

    Sincere – I don’t think NYC SB should ‘set daughter straight’ but I think NYC SB should say something to her – whatever that is can be agreed between her and SD.

  28. Beach_Girl says:

    Hi everyone!

    SSSD~ I haven’t read the NYtimes article and I can’t find it!

    NYC SB~ wow, I would feel odd to have my SDs kid call me mommy! I think you need to speak to SD…

    Sincere~ I agree that in China SB/SD relationships are more common or accepted. I think in most European cultured it’s more known…

    Hi RedMaru~ how have you been?

  29. RedMaru says:

    I may take you up on that Caribbean thanks for the invite 😀

    Hey DC 😀

  30. DC says:

    Caribbean, I’ve studied Mesoamerica back in my college days (not too long ago). & have visited Chichen Itza during the Spring Equinox (ancient wonder of the world/yearly event that draws thousands upon thousands of visitors). Amazing! Love Latin America..

  31. CaribbeanPrincess says:

    Hi Red Maru!
    well..then you should plan a trip to come visit me 😉

  32. RedMaru says:

    Hi CaribbeanPrincess!
    I’ve actually always wanted to see the Mayan ruins…lucky

  33. RedMaru says:

    Hey Shoogar Shoes!
    You are right as a matter of fact! In fact in European Royalty only until recently it was commonplace/tradition to have a mistress or courtesan as marriages were arranged for reasons of state, land and yada yada. Anywhoo have a good day

  34. Wow. I have been trying to catch up, but limited on time during this traveling week. Great food for thought on here, per usual.

    Regarding other cultures and mistresses: Aren’t there countries, such as France (I believe), where high ranking officials (President included) are expected to have a mistress; a most public one? I could be wrong.

    I think we are (pardon the term) ass-backwards in the U.S. Too much religious rigamarole and societal pressures. Tiger Woods for example. Joslyn (or whatever her name is) said in an interview she exposed his text messages because “he owes the public the truth.” I’m sorry, but he doesn’t owe ME a thing.

    Anyway, late night. Early morning. Busy, busy rest of the week – but good busy. Will try to catch all of you another time. Have a great week. Stay out of trouble. Or, don’t.


  35. CaribbeanPrincess says:

    DC: i live in a little little country in the heart of central america, we have the Copan Mayan Ancient Ruins and the Second largest coral reef, at Roatan..and hey..of course..MEeeeeee :)

    I live 3 hrs or so from the Mayan Ruins and aprox 45 mints flight from Roatan, my city is the second most important after the capital,its call the Industrial city, since all political issues are in the capital, in my city is where the money is made.

  36. DC says:

    Caribbean – you know, B de vaca o B de burro makes MUCH more sense.
    pero, bueno. =) I studied/lived in Spain, so, spaniard.. ya lo sabes.

  37. DC says:

    Caribbean – y donde vives otra vez? con las ruinas y la playa.. me pones celosa =)

  38. CaribbeanPrincess says:

    DC hola…nada~ eventually will have to get some work done..but this is so much entertaining..lol

  39. DC says:

    Caribbean : guapa! =) q hay?

  40. CaribbeanPrincess says:

    Sincere SD your post just took me back to one of my favorite books, Memoirs of a Geisha..right? I liked the movie as well, but it clearly didnt make it any justice to the book.

  41. SincereSD says:

    Flo Rida says: if yes – talk to NYCSE – if no – talk to NYC SE – all paths lead to Rome. (also talk to daughter as well).

    Flo, it’s not NYC SB’s business to set the kid straight out although she is an affiliated party. She has to talk to NYSE SD who in turn needs to clarify with his daughter.

    Flo Rida says:SSSD – I was joking – so in China who educates the people in the arrangement – parents and matriarchs? SD mentors? SB mentors? all of the above?

    I’ve found that the mentoring just happens in the Chinese culture because the art of keeping a second wife or mistress has been passed down through history. Despite the somewhat prudish culture of the Chinese, keeping a mistress is deemed acceptable and being a mistress has a certain status of elitism attached to it (eg. Emperor’s concubines.)

    I’ll explain when I get time later on but there’s area in Shanghai affectionately known as the “Second Wife District.” That area is filled with luxury condos where businessmen keep their mistresses. there is an entire ecosystem in Pudong built around luxury goods (clothing, cars, etc) retailing. Many women aspire to be a mistress as it is one of the ways for them to break out of their class structure.

    I have had dinner with business colleagues and their mistresses in China; it’s a normal social activity. When I worked for a Japanese company, the Vice Chairman (can’t remember his exact title) used to brag about how he had a beautiful young lady living with him in his Tokyo residence as one of his company perks; he would have a new “roommate” every year and his family in Kyoto was accepting of his lifestyle.

  42. CaribbeanPrincess says:

    Here it goes V de vaca o B de Burro…haha

    oh well..

  43. Flo Rida says:

    RedMaru – hi babe long time no see.

    NYC SB – the second thing that SD taught me was ‘have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and have a laserlike focus on achieving it – of course be flexible in achieving your goal and a lot of people are uncomfortable with conflict – i’m very comfortable with conflict and use it to your advantage’.

    i’ll never forget the day he said that to me – it’ll change my life – vaya con dias.

  44. DC says:

    NYC, also just wanted to say. I don’t find fault in anything you’ve done, however NYSE shouldn’t joke with his little daughter like that. It leads to confusion and usually is never a good thing for a child to be exposed to (constant in & out mommy’s and/or daddy’s in both his life and her mom’s). I would def talk to him about it.

  45. DC says:

    Flo – it’s a rather good little saying, I agree.
    Even hispanohablantes sometimes get confused w/ the V & B words (as they tend to pronounce V’s like B’s when the V’s are at the beginning of a word..). There’s a little saying – “?V de vaca o B de Barcelona?” (sounds like: ‘bay de baca o bay de barcelona”).
    I guess loosely it would most be like English speakers saying “B as in Bravo, or E as in Echo?”

  46. CaribbeanPrincess says:

    Buenos Dias everyone :)

    NYC SB..so totally needs to have a tete tete with SD and explain that calls like that puts you in a very uncomfortable situation.

    DC que bien que alguien mas hable espanol, aunque la verdad me siento mas comoda cuando redacto en ingles…me imagino que es cuestion de costumbre.

    Happy to report that I slept around 2 hrs but I was nicely awaken to the notification on my BB of a really nice email from a POT IrishSD,

    :) obviously you guys were right..my fear was totally senseless…I passed with flying colors the initial email…***me doing the happy dance here**** Lesson Learned: SD are BUSYYYYYY gentleman who take their time to reply emails..of course there are the ones who will just hit the ignore buttom but all in all..they HAVE a life of their own and if they are interested enough, will write back and will keep coming back for some sugaaaa..right?

    Before I went to bed, instead of doing my huney nutz cereal im doing yoga and it has been really helpful, 30 minutes and this morning I tried the am routine but not so much likey..I guess since it was the first time I was doing the am, i kept on focusing on what the lady on tv was doing than my breathing.

    oh well..check on you guys and gals later..alligater :)

    and yes..I even had time to blog last night..this chika is on a roll~ yayy~

  47. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugars! I know I say this alot but I miss you guys!
    Settled into my new apartment and have started to make it “me” decorating.

    Do I have any sugars in my family? Not really one who is exploring the possibility….
    Any sugar in my weekend? Sadly not yet?

    Seems like I missed alot that’ll teach me

  48. NYC SB says:

    All roads lead to speaking to NYSE… While I like spending time with him and his kid (who is an adorable 2 year old) I am unsure if I am ready to be a mom now… maybe couple of years down the road but probably not now…


  49. Flo Rida says:

    NYC SB – the question is ‘do you want to be a mummy and live with NYC SE and kid?’. You too can be the proud spouse and stepmom for an adorable little gal who needs all the love in the world?’ if yes – talk to NYCSE – if no – talk to NYC SE – all paths lead to Rome. (also talk to daughter as well).

    SSSD – I was joking – so in China who educates the people in the arrangement – parents and matriarchs? SD mentors? SB mentors? all of the above? Isn’t this the ‘why we can’t build Wall Street in Frankfurt argument?’ – because their isn’t a Wall Street culture in Frankfurt.

    Lily – thank you darling – vaya con dios :-)

    Cleo – will do later

    LASB – good luck

    DC – ah sodeska (mis-spelled). I remember the saying from ‘The Power and the Glory’ – one of the best modern day works of literature from England.

    i’m beginning to sound like NitemareSD – maybe I am NitemareSD – joking (or am I).

  50. SincereSD says:

    NYC SB says: Ok sugars… I need advice… This morning my cell rings at 7am and caller ID flashes NYSE’s number. I answer and on the other side is a little voice saying “Good morning mommy. I miss you. How come you dont live here with me and daddy.” Clearly NYSE’s kid… he has been joking around that I am her new mommy and now she has taken a liking of calling me that.

    Wow NYC SB, I thought I was the only one to have situations like that. I wouldn’t overact to the child’s comment. She clearly likes you and misses her mom.

    I guess when you spend time with a single parent you inevitably get to meet their children. The cover story and the results sometimes end up as a tangled web.

    In my situation, I was involved with a SB with a deadbeat ex. I ended up being the fun dad that the kid ever had … brought him toys, took him to amusement parks, kids restaurants, etc.

    The stuff that used to come out the kids mouth as priceless. Examples include:

    – “Are you going to do a sleepover with my mom?” (As I picked up his mom on our 2nd date. She turned 5 shades of red from embarrassment.)

    – “My mom drank too much pop again.” (He confirmed that mom was an alcoholic after I started to started to suspect something was wrong. Pop ws her way of explaining alcohol.)

    – “I wish you were my second dad. I like you.” (Self explanatory)

  51. SSSD says:

    NYC SB, I think that’s weird.

    Lily, you are right, that SD is bad news. Not an SD at all.

    I don’t contact SBs with very high monthly asks. I understand it’s an effective screening procedure for them, but there are too many SBs that have high asks for more fundamental reasons. I’ll wait for such SBs to contact me. I prefer to exceed expectations!

    Flo Rida, I know you were kidding, but by blaming a lack of mentoring what I meant was that nobody is teaching men and women how to behave properly in arrangements. It just isn’t part of realistic culture in the US.

    BG, yes, I do contracts around business or charitable projects. I think this is mentioned in the New York Times article. The financial arrangement is about the project. This takes pressure off the romance part, which is independent from the stipend. The contract has a fixed end date so both parties know when it will end.

    All: Interesting first date stories… live and learn.

  52. DC says:

    Flo – it’s “vaya con dios” (I’m assuming based on phonetics here).
    I’m fluent in Spanish, wrote my entire undergrad thesis in it =)
    It means “go w/ God.”

    Good Morning everyone else-

    Just wanted to say, LASB <3 & I had a lovely time meeting you as well =) please let me know if ever your in my lovely neck of the woods again!

    & ESB & I were able to have a quick get together this weekend, and as always was a spectacular mini reunion.

    & Shoogar! My blog crush. =D <– That's all I really had to say.

  53. Anna Molly says:

    NYC SB ~ You’ve got to talk to NYCSE about this. I wish I could give you some better advice, but that’s all I have right now.

  54. NYC SB says:

    Ok sugars… I need advice…

    This morning my cell rings at 7am and caller ID flashes NYSE’s number. I answer and on the other side is a little voice saying “Good morning mommy. I miss you. How come you dont live here with me and daddy.” Clearly NYSE’s kid… he has been joking around that I am her new mommy and now she has taken a liking of calling me that.

    Advice…. is this a bit much? I am not very comfortable with this whole ordeal

  55. cleo says:

    Flo sometimes it’s worth letting the button be pushed just because some things are worth saying. and do go watch mr. mali rant, it’s amazing and less than 5 minutes long

  56. cleo says:

    BG: no, beer kept me awake

  57. Flo Rida says:

    Cleo – I was joking! Sorry if it hit a button. Tired this morning.

    Wonderland – haven’t read your blog (i have so little time) but baya condias (mis-spelled)

  58. Wonderland says:

    Hello everyone!!!! Happy tuesday and hope all is well with everyone. You’ll have to excuse my not scanning through to see the previous posts, but if you have anything exciting to tell me about please say hello and let me know what’s going on!!!! If you have been following my blog I posted up a new post about Mr. Wonderful and if you have time to read it and give me your advice please do.


    xx Wonderland xx

  59. Beach_Girl says:

    LASB~ It is hard to valet your heart… I hope it works out for you.

    Cleo~ did you get to sleep at all? I got 45 minutes lol… 😀

    Off to work for me , ciao sugars…

  60. cleo says:

    Flo Rida that saying is ass backwards. anyone who thinks those who can do and those who can’t teach? has NEVER been a teacher – i prefer ‘learn – do – teach’

    it’s hard and rewarding and often thankless but never easy and if you think you can teach a sport without an excellent understanding of it? you crazy. that said, no one who is extraordinarily gifted at dance/athletics teaches their chosen sport well, usually the gifted never had to learn HOW to do it properly. best teachers are the mid level folks… the guys who make the nhl but aren’t famous….

    sorry massive hot button for me. massive.

    i’m a teacher, and i’m good at everything i try… i could be financially rich but instead i’m emotionally rich

    google ‘taylor mali what teachers make’ and watch the one from TED… because he said it a hundred times better than i can…

  61. LASB says:

    Holy moly Lils! You are a typing maniac. Ok, why didn’t anyone warn me not to mix ale and sangria and gin? Oh yeah, because I’m supposed to know better. Anyhow, I’m so much more wide awake then I should be at this hour.

    Beach – BGpot stands for Bill Gates pot. He looks like him and is married like him. I’m so anti date a married guy (for myself, but not judging others) but damn he’s seduced the heck out of me. Anyhow he wants to take me out of town again this week to somewhere that I have no desire to go, but it would just be so that we could spend time together. I have a lot of business deadlines, though perhaps this trip could serve as an incentive to work more efficiently. Yes, I tried to valet my heart, but I’m just not the valet my heart type. Hello impending train wreck. Ugh.

  62. Lily says:

    Teija – there are two other bloggers here in the same country as you. I’m one of them. Wow.

  63. Lily…thanks soo much for the encouraging words. I think I might have to email you and ask about allowance and all that stuff…it could come on handy and then I would be ready to answer such questions.

    OMG..yessss~ come visit me!!! Im a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Like my blog states, GOOD things comes to those who wait. My time will come and Im sure I will meet that SD that is worthy of me.

    KL sooo thrilled for you…yayyy!!

    NYGent, I agree with my friend Lily and Im sending you some xtra ♥, you gives us hope that indeed there are some good and generous SD left.

  64. Teija says:

    This is a good example that the sites like that can really work. so good luck! Im still looking..

  65. FLSB (Florida) says:

    Hey Sugars!

    NYGent- you crack me up, I think the 5% that can’t read/write are actually just too busy trying to contact me lol!

    So, tonight I turned down a potSD date because I got that weird sixth sense that everyone was warning me about! But on another note, I think I have a date with a different potSD for another night that I’m really excited about and nervous for at the same time, Since it will be my first one! I think we’re just going for drinks, what should I wear?! And any first SD date tips would be greatly appreciated :)

  66. Beach_Girl says:

    Flo~ Still me…. lol… not sure about new and improved lol… I am a lot happier though 😀

    Have a good night all, I need to sleep… I have to get up in less than 3 hours! I hate insomnia…

  67. Lily says:

    Damn it I pulled a lily on the blog. epic novel.

    Flo – you are so right. like they say on fight club, the media teaches us we’re all gonna grow up to be millionaires and movie stars. When we realize we all aren’t, we are very, very angry. (or something like that)
    For some of us who manage to be charming some of the time, sugar dating flows pretty sweetly, but luck plays a role as well. I don’t think added wealth raises the quality of your human relationships but a certain amount of disposable income, obviously, opens the door for an arrangement in the first place. If all you have going for you is your money, then you will be buying yourself companionship and the relationship will be pretty superficial and hollow. For those of us seeking sweet, caring, genuine relationships with our sugars, looks and money only buy you a pass into the arena. Then from there, it’s your wit and your heart and your charming company (on both sides) that make an arrangement (like any other friendship) last for a longer duration and be truly wonderful.

  68. Lily says:

    mooky- stick around. one month is nothin’ and you have had some bad luck but you have a level head on your shoulders and seem to be going about this with the best intentions. The pros or semi-pros on this site sure do skew this whole site, don’t they? They are approaching this as a place to farm johns, and then the men get so used to that approach, as mooky pointed out, that they make wrong assumptions that *all* of us on the site want these types of non-sugar pay per play encounters. It’s not all their faults, as we who are being treated as pros and get offended, might not realize all the time. It’s a case where clear communication at the outset of precisely what you are seeking, works wonders.

    NYC SB is right –there are a million reasons why an SD might ‘drop’ his SB and move on to other pastures, and the fact that he pays her a high allowance is doubtfully a predominant one UNLESS he was posing about his wealth just to buy a month’s ‘free pass’ of booty from a woman way out of his league. Your idea may be true for those upper middle class types who scrape together enough extra cash for a month or two of a high-allowance-seeking SB-supreme type that they desire, but who really can’t afford to float that for very long, and in that case, your approach is WAY better and more honorable, for sure! You deserve credit for that, from SBs you are vetting. Sorry they’ve been classless and making rude hints about that. If you’ve told them ahead of time and they’ve agreed that you both are of a similar mindset and that meeting live makes sense, then that’s rude.

    However, some of these (us) girls who put that they seek a high allowance on their profile do so for a variety of reasons. One of them is just to make abundantly clear that we are not seeking a dinner daddy or a gift-only (and sometimes, at that) daddy, or a travel-expenses-only daddy. Many of us are travel sugars who need to be flown in or them to us, and when all costs incurred are totalled up, it’s a hefty sum to see each other even 2 x per month. This doesn’t mean we should resign ourselves to a sugarless life because there are millionaires on this site who can cover all of that and add a little sugar dusting on TOP of it, to help us pay our bills back at home while we are off cavorting with them. It’s situational, it’s a complicated thing, this allowance expectations, and best discussed directly.

    I get a lot of men writing to me saying that they wish they could afford me, but that my requested allowance range is out of their league. I always elaborate on how and why I put that number on there, and then invite them to discontinue discussion with me if (after finding out what I really mean by those figures) they still feel it’s not a match, but to do so with all the information, if they were so beguiled by my profile otherwise.

    I think if you talk directly to your potSBs about why the amount of your allowance you have to offer is what it is, that you are seeking a special lady for a long term affair and you wanted to make sure not to ‘bite off more than you could chew’ for the duration in terms of promises. Remind her this is the baseline that you feel comfortable promising on the 1st of every month, but that as things progress, you have a generous nature and don’t intend to not be generous with her on top of the support, if and when you find yourself in the position to do so. (meaning, hey I just got a huge bonus, I know there’s that thing she was drooling over in the window, maybe I could surprise her with it) But that as per the ‘officials’ of the arrangement, you feel comfortable promising an amount that will never be a stretch for you to cover, (so you will always come through and do so) and given the cost of living indicators in your area, one you feel good about providing, since you know she won’t find herself needing to scrape together food stamps while receiving such a sum, or work so often that you two can never date, or get a second SD. You can then tell her that if she’s still strictly looking to receive a much larger allowance, that you wish her all the best of luck.

    She’ll be back. The few genuine SDs ( like you sound to be ) are so rare, and if you say anything similar to any of those things, you’ll set yourself apart from the other losers/fakes/scammers on the site and she’ll remember your honesty and genuineness ringing in her ears later on and come back to try to negotiate with you… However, in that c ase, I’d ignore her. You want a down to earth sugar. Nice young college girl living in a dorm with modest expectations, whom you can make a few honest inmprovements to her situation, and she’ll be very happy and not hold out for those who can gift her with rolexes.

  69. Flo Rida says:

    NYGent – your place in Sugar heaven is reserved for you.

    SSSD – i’m not sure it’s mentoring that’s the issue in the US – moreso a case that women have more options in the US and also frankly are schooled in the entitlement – princess mentality and men have to pass a test to be an a-hole to date in NY – oh is that the same thing as mentoring? joking (not really)

    Beach – are you the same Beach as before or the new and improved one?

    Rudy – the worse thing that Jack Welch ever did was write a book which said ‘you too can be a corporate titan of America, add billions of dollars in shareholder value and be lionized’. The same thing applies to Sugar dating – it’s very very hard – but for the super lucky or super attractive or super wealthy it’s easy – for everyone else develop very thick skin – be very patient – learn a lot and one day you too can have a wonderful sugar experience.

    Sorry if I sound jaded. must be to cold weather in Atl. Oh well Superman on Wednesday – Hawks have nobody to match up against him.

  70. Lily says:

    Good Mooooooorning, everyone ! It’s a gorgeous Tuesday here!!

    No pollution up here. LASB, maybe hasten your visit to me, to get a breath of fresh air?

    And ESB, he was old enough to be SE’s grandfather(barely), *not* mine. And SE’s a teen.

    But yes, the oldest guy I’ve ever kissed. Bern kissed by. Sigh. I’m having PTSD from the memory of him not letting up and making the kiss much longer and more intimate than I wanted, even when I gently tried to conclude them and retreat.

    SSSD may be right that the chemistry wasn’t there but then why be so pushy about kissing 4 times in the above described manner?? Then asked the waiter to have our photo taken together at the table. That’s why it was odd that he abruptly sent me off. Not that HE was charming to me! The first impression I gathered within ten seconds, live, was horrendous! He didn’t stand up when I entered the bar and found him seated! Just sat there and gave me a drunk Cheshire cat (smug) look, and seemed to be unplussed about anything. I eventually asked if he was going to stand and hug me/greet me properly and he did, and the cologne he was bathed in made me nauseus, immediately. He was NOT drunk but kept licking his lips/smacking his lips/showing a bit of the tip of his tongue in an intended playful/flirty manner which wasn’t. And the kisses. Shudder.

    I have such a bad habit if noticing ” red flags ” and just hoping I’m wrong and plunging ahead (although not to bed). Do other SBs also see thus as their worst, most hindering quality in their sugar pursuits?

    Katie-lee! Start up a blog. I love reading your words, you are friggin adorable.

    Carribean Princess – indeed do not sell yourself short!! Your idea is so tempting, I actually started looking up fares to visit you and those beaches and Mayan ruins!!! Ok, not the beaches (I’ve spent 30% of my life in Hawaii, so I’m not crazy impressed by beaches), but you, your new bunny, and the RUINS (lifelong dream) he’ll yeah!

    I like the idea of a small monthly amount to keep things going in between visits, and extravagant generosity when you meet.

  71. Beach_Girl says:

    Katie_lee~ congrats girl! The nerves will go away after a few dates.
    Oh, Hi and Welcome 😀

  72. katie-lee says:

    Since K-L is a newbie, I recommend she go out on dates … for practise and get rid of the nerves. She has to get comfortable with sugar dating as well as discussing the arrangement.

    Totally did not get rid of the nerves.

    My hands were clammy and I pushed food around and generally acted a spaz. I also broke the cardinal rule and drank too much (enough that I stumbled on the way to the bathroom – hopefully no one noticed.) I even had a catastrophe goodnight kiss (cheek-mouth miss, retry, and OOPS, miss again.) He very well could assume I had never been on a date before in my life.
    Charming and sophisticated? Yeah, that’s me.

    On the bright side, the SD was very sweet, upfront, not pushy, and just what I was hoping to find. And if I’m lucky, I smiled enough and wore high enough heels to convince him I’m worth another dinner.

  73. Beach_Girl says:

    LASB~ Have fun girl, We need to catch up soon, who is BGpot? lol BG is me lol
    Have a fun night , talk soon

    SSSD~ sorry, I asked if you spoke Mandarin twice lol… I must be tired!
    Yes, It would be easier to go to China to learn, although I can only ask for the bus, count, sing happy birthday and a few other things lol… I wouldn’t get far! I have Primleur for learning mandarin… but i’m so not good, I need someone to practice with.
    Have a great lunch

  74. Beach_Girl says:

    SSSD~ Yes, I did generalize, sorry for that! I know men here want pay for play… 2 wanted me to meet them in hotel rooms, didn’t want to give me their name or a photo… lol…
    I dislike pollution too, We need to change our habits , especially countries like China and India, sooner than later. We can all do things, although, it’s not going to make a difference right away!

    Do you speak the Mandarin? It’s such a hard language.

    I think I read somewhere that you usually do contracts with your SBs? can I ask how that works? do you have: time limit, meeting times, allowance, etc ?

  75. LASB says:

    Ok, time to get out of here and socialize IRL. :) Later, Sugars!

  76. LASB says:

    Beach – I hear ya on the needing sleep. But between all the babies crying and the effects of turbulence on various passengers’ digestive systems (luckily not mine!) I wasn’t able to get very much. Now if only my computer battery could last 6 hours.

  77. SSSD says:

    Oops, late for lunch.

    BG: of course it’s better to learn Mandarin in China!

  78. LASB says:

    Beach – I’m back in LA, though maybe not for long. BGpot is turning into a travel SD but I’m still on the fence about everything. He wants me to be exclusive, but he’s married, so I’m against it. We’ve talked about different scenarios. I’m slowly convincing him of my date- two-guys-who-are-friends fantasy and he’s thinking it over. Haha. He claims to be in love with me and fears that if I date someone else, I will leave him. I suppose that is a valid fear but also selfish on his part.

  79. SSSD says:

    Difficult to generalize from one to many. My mentor played the field a lot in his younger days. I think he’s reverting to that behavior. Of course it’s still an arrangement — support for a shorter term, non-exclusive relationship.

    I divide my time between Asia, northern Europe and the US. Absorbed a lot of cosmic rays. I dislike pollution. Many persons in Asia wear masks during these storms.

  80. Beach_Girl says:

    LASB~ Ha, I guess, but since I work… I usually can’t keep up, it goes too fast. Yes, on a plane it would be easier to keep up… when i did LA to Here, i didn’t even get online. I needed to sleep lol….

  81. Beach_Girl says:

    Hi LASB~ How you been?
    I know what you mean, it’s hard to find one SD that understand, now some of the older ones want to pay for play!
    Are you traveling or is the air bad in LA?

  82. LASB says:

    Hi Beach!!! :) I can’t keep up either. Though those 6 hour plane rides helped somewhat.

  83. LASB says:

    Ok, thanks for the breakdown. Ah, so basically as your friend gets older he wants to just play the field. Oh, I’m beginning to think I’m less and less cut out for the sugar world.

    I can’t imagine how horrible the air is over there. I walked to dinner and now regret it. My eyes are super irritated and this isn’t the type of weather that is supposed to generate smog. :(

  84. Beach_Girl says:

    Hi everyone!

    Wow, I can’t keep up with the blog… lol too many things happened!

    SSSD~ I thought you lived on the West Coast of the US?
    Do you have to wear masks outside?
    I have always wanted to go to China, I am trying to learn mandarin here it would be so much better in China i’m sure!

  85. SSSD says:

    “SSSD, can you specify how his needs are changing? I like the mid 50s guys. How are they different from the mid 40s guys? Just wondering.”

    Beats me. I only know what my former mentor is saying. He is going through what I think of as a kind of midlife crisis. I can’t go into many private details, but the effect of all this is: He is breaking up with his SB of almost four years and considering going for a series of shorter relationships that are mostly physical (but involve support.) In fact I told him he should think of an SB on SA (he comes to the US about four times per year or more). He was intrigued but turned off by the sheer amount of work to go through so many opportunities. In his home community it is much easier to find SBs through references.

    The lack of mentoring on both the SB and SD side are what make the system here more cumbersome than in Asia. On the other hand there is more diversity in approaches here. My arrangements in Asia definitely were non standard and raised eyebrows at time.

    On another note, yes, the pollution is so bad around China (from their dust storms) that we are being warned not to go outside.

  86. LASB says:

    Rusty – No, keep sending them, but maybe just grow thicker skin. Rejection happens, but shake it off and try again. You may also want to revise your profile or pictures and as you do so, put yourself in the shoes of the SDs. If you were an SD, who would you want as an SB?

  87. The Lone Gunman says:

    Hi all!

    I’m still around, for those who have been asking. Dealt with a stalkerish exSB situation while building a new SB relationship. All resolved in my favor at last.

    Off to bed now to put the old ankle up again…..


  88. RUSTYTXSB says:

    LASB- Thanks and yes Im trying to get the hang of this but im looking for a SD and i see they have read my message but not replied so my question is should I not send any emails and just let them come to me?

  89. LASB says:

    Welcome Rusty. I hear it’s pretty tough to get a sugar mama, but you never know. Or are you looking for a sugar daddy? There are a few male SBs that drop by every so often. Stick around and maybe you can exchange notes.

  90. LASB says:

    NYGent! Nice to see you here for once. I always seem to miss when you are around. I think I’m in the “another group of people at no times.” *Sigh*

  91. RUSTYTXSB says:

    Thank you! And wish me luck lol!!

  92. NYGent says:

    rusty: there is no single answer to that. the site works for some people at some times, for a few people at all times, and another group of people at no times. depends on your expectations, patience, perseverence, and standards. the blog (as distinguished from the site) seems to work for most people on it for most times.

  93. RUSTYTXSB says:

    Ok good. So in your honest opinion does this site really work?

  94. buxombeautylv says:

    I don’t have any family sugars but a good friend is considering trying it, and a couple of my friends are sugarbabies. For me it’s the perfect way to have a relationship. I’m not opposed to something more growing out of a sugar relationship but I don’t think I’ll ever fit the “conventional” mold.

    Sugardaddy likes when I surprise him with little things like ironing his evening shirt while wearing the new heels he just bought me. Hehe, my weekend was good.

  95. NYGent says:

    rusty you got it now.

  96. RUSTYTXSB says:

    gosh I can do anything right tonight lol.

  97. NYGent says:

    Rudy/TXSB: there is another blogger (female) who goes by TXSB so you might consider yet another moniker to avoid confusion.

  98. TXSB says:

    oh ok I get what your saying! Thanks sorry I am new to this so I can use all the help I can get!

  99. NYGent says:

    Jade is right on that too.

  100. NYGent says:

    Rusty: most male SD’s on the blog will say “TXSD” or “newbieSugardaddy” or the like. SBs will say “DCSB” or “LASB” or “OC Sugarbaby” or the like. It is unusual for a male SD to list himself as “____SB” or “_______sugarbaby.” But to each his/her own . . .

  101. Jade says:

    He could just be a male sugar baby to ladies or gay men.

  102. Rustytxsugarbaby says:

    What do you mean?

  103. NYGent says:

    rusty, sorry. btw if you are a guy why do you go by the “sugarbaby” handle?

  104. Rustytxsugarbaby says:

    That is crazy! I’m a very attractive guy and a prize for most!

  105. NYGent says:

    rusty: 80% the answer to your question is yes.

    15% they’re too busy

    5% they can’t read and/or write.

  106. Rustytxsugarbaby says:

    So does it mean they are not interested if they read the email and dont reply back?

  107. NYGent says:

    Flo Rida is right about her 3 friends — smokin’ hot, but well out of the league, I’m afraid, of most guys on this site (present company included).

    speaking of which had dinner with my old SB tonite, just a friendly time, lots of reminiscences about fun past dates. I am still gaga over her but realize nothing will ever come of it, SA or IRL-wise (plus we’ve both exited the site). She is going thru some tough times financially so I gratuitously gave her some modest help, it was not expected on her part (well, not completely, but I’m sure it crossed here mind). I wish I could say that someday it will happen between us but it’s not realistic, so I will content myself with seeing a very sweet and pretty young woman once in a while to catch up and have a nice time.

  108. James.M says:

    Mooky – just because you haven’t gone out with an “older” woman, doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t like it. No, don’t go rent “The Graduate”. Both my IRL LTR’s were older than me, and they were great.

    It’s like I told my kids. Don’t tell me you don’t like broccoli until you’ve eaten some. (Oops, that might not be the most appropriate metaphor here).

  109. Flo Rida says:

    LASB – I just got off the phone with a Spanish friend in HK and he said the pollution is really bad in HK today. It’s even worse in Beijing because of the sand storms. Aren’t I glad that I live in the US.

    Must dash out, today’s first night in ages that I feel 100percent healthy again. Cheerio

  110. LASB says:

    Speaking of China, Hong Kong has been so out of control, it’s polluting LA today. Thanks a lot! We have enough of our own. We don’t need theirs too.

  111. Ariane says:

    Flo Rida & LASB: Thank you both for the support. You are right – that I trusted him and trust has to be earned. I am going to write him a gentle email telling him this and move onto someone else. I don’t like feeling manipulated to feel greedy when in fact I am not. Thanks ladies!

  112. Flo Rida says:

    LASB – well you know what they say about teachers – ‘teacher’s teach because they can’t do’.

  113. Flo Rida says:

    Ariane – Simply say ‘I trusted you, trust has to be earned. I don’t distrust you but i’m certainly a tiny bit guarded as you haven’t followed through on what you said you would. I want things to work out and we do have chemistry but I don’t know. You can start by following through on what you said you would do.’

    This is if you are prepared to lose him – and also to protect yourself.

    LASB – can’t stay long but wanted to say hi.

    PS I found out that Foshan is only 10 miles away from Guangzhou province today – I bet you think that’s 10seconds of my life i’ll never get back.

  114. LASB says:

    Hi Flo! Hey, aren’t you the SD mentor?!

  115. LASB says:

    Ariane – Please don’t feel badly. If anyone should, it should be him. Sounds pretty suspicious to me. Sorry that I don’t have advice for you right now, but I’m sure some of the more experienced SBs can chime in.

    Sugars, why does her story sound familiar? Didn’t someone else mention a SD who was selling his company, so he couldn’t come up with an allowance? Or am I just having a deja vu?

  116. Flo Rida says:

    SSSD – SD mentor? I feel like the guy in Training Day next to the bathtub scene ‘That’s some trippy ass shit homes’

    Cleo – waves hello.

    Hi to anyone else around.

  117. Ariane says:

    Dear Sugars, I need some advice! I am between SD’s and met a pot on this site and yes we got intimate at my place at the end of the dinner & wine (OK I never have done that before on the 1st meeting, but I got carried away) The story is that he says he is crazy about me and since he works out of the country will wire me the allowance agreed upon in a few days. OK one month later he didn’t wire the allowance and now is back and says he is selling his company and wants to still see me an “reward” me once things get straightened out. When I resisted, he told me I don’t value loyalty and needs someone who he can trust and will take care of me later. The guilt trip he is laying on me is pretty strong. I have had a couple of great SD’s and they never did this or were demanding at all. How should I handle this with him? Thank you! I am feeling badly like I am being selfish.

  118. LASB says:

    Hi Sugars! What a busy day!!! Not very sugary, just workin, workin, workin.

    SSSD said : I met with one of my original SD mentors in Asia. Interesting conversation. His needs from arrangements are changing as he grows older. He is in his mid-50’s

    SSSD, can you specify how his needs are changing? I like the mid 50s guys. How are they different from the mid 40s guys? Just wondering.

  119. Anna Molly says:

    Welcome to all the the new bloggers! 😀

    Hi SSSD, good to see you again 😀

    Hi Flo!

  120. SSSD says:

    Trying vainly to catch up.

    Lily, sorry about your disappointment. It is nice for the blog to come to your support. But I have done a similar thing. If there is no chemistry it is better to cut losses. An important difference is, however, that I wouldn’t start wet kisses so quickly. Having said that, one of my recent experiences did start that way before the end of our first dinner. We did not sleep together until many weeks after, but it was an example of quick chemistry. Chemistry is a strange thing. Difficult to predict. Difficult to know where it will head. And thus easy to create misunderstandings and disappointments.

    Best bet is very clear communications before, during and after the first meeting. I believe that experienced older guys (who aren’t looking for a one night stand) will understand and appreciate this.

    I will be doing for a first pot SB meeting for the first time in over a year soon. Previous SB didn’t work as well as I had hoped, only went a year and project did not succeed. I strayed from my criteria too much. Upfront communications are always important.

    I met with one of my original SD mentors in Asia. Interesting conversation. His needs from arrangements are changing as he grows older. He is in his mid-50’s.

    Good to see more SDs here from time to time.

  121. Flo Rida says:

    Mooky – I have friends who have experienced what you have experienced and they would agree with you. Bear in mind that ‘dating’ a young attractive girl in real life if you are older, also costs a lot of money so you might be in the same situation.

    I have some very attractive girlfriends (NYGent has seen pics of 3 of them) and they are all genuine and frankly it would take a lot of money to date them in real life (though occasionally they will date for love or lust)

    Generally younger women (and men) do not have a real sense of self before say 28 (I know people would disagree). There are no guarantees. Baya condias

  122. Moon1985 says:

    Gulps!!! Am completed engulfed in this blog & mesmerised. I am a newbie! Learned so much, brain overload!!! Positive + negative input… My how is one to remember all this? ……. Anyways on a positive not haappppyyy first day of spring….where the sun should be warming our hearts with it’s rays +blue skies evrywhere…. But no… Here in UK … We still got rain!!! Waaaa

  123. NYC SB says:

    mooky – I think you might be a bit harsh with the following statement “just thinking to myself, honestly, the amount she wants is the reason she’s a round about monthly call girl for some SDs”

    A lot of SDs do not last past the couple of month mark for other reasons such as temptation. If they are married and this is their first time straying imagine the ego boost when all of these 20 somethin year olds start throwing themselves at them… its easy to go nuts and get yourself a new girl every month… the SB probably had nothing to do with it because he just wanted to play.

    To your merit, sure, maybe she asked more than what he could afford and he bit of more than what she can chew… however, being an SB for a while I know for a fact that my reason is much more likely than yours…

  124. mooky says:

    Thanks for the advice everyone, I am age and geographically restricted. I think I would be a bit too intimidated by someone who is older than me, I’ve never dated anybody older in my life. As for geography, I am looking for someone within driving distance since I am looking for something long term. I really did my research too or so I thought. Financial support was always discussed before hand by email. I also did the standard facebook search and found all 4 of them on facebook. Their pages were real with hundreds of friends and usually their wall posts were visible and I could see friends replying to them etc. Two were even college students and I met them near their schools. I met all of them either at a coffee shop or for dinner at a laid back restaurant. They all had normal pictures, their pictures were actually from their facebook pages. No discussions of sex at all, that’s not my style. A good amount of emails back and forth before I would give my number first and then they would give me theirs.

    On a side note, it did make me laugh/think a bit, one girl that I met, junior in college, told me she had 4 sugar daddies before, all short term, at most 2 months was the longest. The amount of monthly support I offer probably isn’t significant compared to some millionaires out there but it’s not small either from what I gather. And I all the ladies were happy with the amount offered. At the same time I try not to offer more than I can chew. The impression I get is that some SD’s offer a big amount just for a month to get laid and then poof they go. All throughout dinner she’s talking about how hard it was to keep a SD even though she was hinting that my monthly allowance was low. She didn’t mention that during the emails. She then told me how much her previous SD’s gave her and I want to just give her a reality check and tell her that’s why they lasted for 2 months at the most. The next day, I get a text saying my offered allowance is too low for her and I’m just thinking to myself, honestly, the amount she wants is the reason she’s a round about monthly call girl for some SDs.

  125. Anna Molly says:

    Rustytxsugarbaby ~ It took me a few months, but well worth the search. 😀

    Good Luck!

  126. Rustytxsugarbaby says:

    Hi all I am new to this site and I’m just getting my feet wet but I’m very curious how long does it usually take to find a real SD??

  127. SincereSD says:

    mooky says: During the month I ended up meeting 6 pot SB’s in person. 4 of them were just basically round about prostitutes. I thought a monthly allowance would maybe help weed them out but basically, they just wanted to meet at a hotel for a quickie every time and be paid per time.

    Mooky, here’s a post I made last year about weeding out escorts. Hope this is helpful.

    here’s my 2 cents on sugar hints – how to tell if a profile or response is from an escort:

    – Most are taken inside a hotel room
    – Most are provocative in nature
    – Provocative photos are professionally shot; especially if there’s a photographer’s tag/logo you can search (and he/she specializes in glamor or nude shots)
    – claims she is a “non-pro”

    – lots of discussion of sex
    – willing to entertain short meetings eg. hourly

    – short but gives phone # immediately
    – email name or reply is highly sexual in nature
    – references to acronyms used by escorts and their customers eg. GFE, BBBj, etc.

    While encountering one of these in a profile or email is not conclusive, getting several of them is a strong indicator. If I get suspicious about a response, I will usually google some relevant info (phone #, name, email, etc) plus search criagslist and escort boards.

  128. Im naming my rabbit “Candy” in honor of our sweet journey. I like the way it sounds, “Travel Sugar or Abroad Sugar Treat”

    Mooky says: During the month I ended up meeting 6 pot SB’s in person. 4 of them were just basically round about prostitutes. I thought a monthly allowance would maybe help weed them out but basically, they just wanted to meet at a hotel for a quickie every time and be paid per time.

    I totally agree with you, I sure don’t want to be perceived as call girl or prostitute, more like a friend..a special friend and host to show my SD around and help him unwind and relax from his business ( stress) world in a beautiful place like my country. I wouldn’t like him to feel like he has to PAY for visiting me, but sure expect him to be generous if he feels like he has a great experience by my side.

    Are there any kind of what I would like to call an “open arrangement”? Where there is not an exactly fee per se, but feel comofortable to be as generous as a SD could feel, or is this a risky situation?

    I went and check EM site,is it safe to assume that the gentlemen registered are familiar with the whole SD/SB concept or not?

  129. James.M says:

    Time to leave.
    Good Evening to all.
    Sincere, you are now in charge.

  130. SincereSD says:

    NYC SB says: My rule of thumb is to touch upon arrangement/allowance prior to meeting. Usually over email/im/phone by asking “Have you had an SB before? How did that arrangement work?” or “How do you envision an arrangement working for you?”

    Since K-L is a newbie, I recommend she go out on dates … for practise and get rid of the nerves. She has to get comfortable with sugar dating as well as discussing the arrangement.

    However everyone will agree that no test drives before the arrangement is agreed upon and an advance is provided.

  131. Anna Molly says:

    Next time I’m at a place that serves it, I will try it 😀

  132. James.M says:

    Its very mild, and works well in a lot of different kinds of dishes, from stews to mixed grills.

  133. Anna Molly says:

    I’ve never tried rabbit….hmmm.

  134. James.M says:

    Anna Molly,
    I had a bunny once. Lightly fried in olive oil, I think. He was good.

  135. James.M says:

    First, don’t get discouraged so quickly. It can take quite a while to meet the right woman; but rest assured, she’s here.
    Actually, it seems like you have your head on straight, but the girls you have chosen to meet don’t. And that’s to be expected as there are a wide variety of SDs and SBs here.
    Perhaps you could broaden your criteria a little? Maybe you are too geographically constrained, or something like that.
    But, personally, I’d suggest you consider going a little older than you. My personal experience is that the ladies I have met who are 30+ have experience, maturity and understanding of what an SB should be that makes them particularly charming. While some under 30 are quite astute, I think there are more over 30.
    Where are you? The lady bloggers might just have someone to suggest who they know to be a catch?
    Anyway, as noted above, patience is required at this game. And if you have a positive personality to offer, you’ll be successful.

  136. mooky says:

    Hi folks,
    Well, I’m new to all this but I thought I would just share my story before I disappear from the sugar world. I am a SD, joined for 1 month on SA and deleted my profile recently once my membership ran out. I read through this blog and the personal blog of many members to get an idea of what to expect. I’m in my late 20’s, so my target SB is younger than me. Maybe that is the problem, I don’t know. During the month I ended up meeting 6 pot SB’s in person. 4 of them were just basically round about prostitutes. I thought a monthly allowance would maybe help weed them out but basically, they just wanted to meet at a hotel for a quickie every time and be paid per time. No need to for anything else, I was thrown back a bit I must say. And I can see why a lot of SB’s complain about SD’s just wanting that, in my limited experience, it’s because that’s what SD’s have seen before and may have come to expect it. The other two pot SB’s, very nice girls, but just confused the heck out of me. They don’t want to be perceived as call girls but want to get an allowance but no intimacy at all until they decide the time is right, which could be months. Which I don’t know what the proper etiquette is or the way things work but I don’t want to cross the line between a sugar relationship and prostitution but to expect financial support instantly but then hold out on intimacy until they feel like it. I know you’re not paying for sex but where do you cross the line and where do you draw it. I’m just confused and I don’t think this is the right thing for me.

  137. NYC SB says:

    Hi James.M you have been missed!

    My rule of thumb is to touch upon arrangement/allowance prior to meeting. Usually over email/im/phone by asking “Have you had an SB before? How did that arrangement work?” or “How do you envision an arrangement working for you?”

    If I find it that he is not open to talk about it then I need to decide whether or not I want to meet him. If I do decide to meet him then under no circumstance do I bring up the financial discussion on the first date. I just focus on having fun.

    If the date goes well and he wants to see me again and I like him back then the allowance talk is brought up on the second date. If he is still uncomfortable talking about it then it just means that he is not comfortable with a financial arrangement… at which point I move on.

  138. Anna Molly says:

    Awww, a little bunny! I had one and his name was Bunny Buns. He used to follow me around like a little puppy dog and sit in my lap. Smart and easy to litter box train, they make great pets! Congrats 😀

  139. You are all sooo wonderful, thanks for the input.

    Did I mentioned my neighbor just left a box in my doorstep and it turns out is a little baby bunny?! its the cutest thing!! I told her few weeks ago how I wanted a little pet to keep me company, but never got around to it…sooo cute!!

    I appreciate all the help and advice to make this journey a sweeter one. I know I have so much to offer, if I am just given the chance to be a “Travel worth” SB…Im telling you, Im really adorable 😉

  140. katie-lee says:

    CB – These men would be foolish not to want to travel to visit a beautiful girl in a beautiful place (read your blog, lived in your country for a few months – MISS IT ALL THE TIME). It’s quite an opportunity, so don’t sell yourself short.

    Since you’re clearly a travel sugar in the first place, I think they should assume all costs of the trip are to be covered, and I don’t think you’re out of line at all to expect a financial bonus if they are travelling to see you and you’re gracious enough to be their tour-guide/host for the time they’re there.

    When I’m travelling to see a friend, especially internationally, I expect to be paying for a couple nights out and always bring a gift of some sort – it’s just appreciation for their hospitality, and I am not a person with cash to burn.

    But, I’m in the same boat today, so I’ve got no advice on how to be suave about bringing it up.

  141. James.M says:

    CP/L — you are getting close to a pay per visit arrangement, which many SBs and SDs find unpalatable because of its connotations. In your particular situation, however, a variation of it might not be a bad idea. Perhaps a nominal monthly allowance cements the deal, with something extra when he can get there and thoughtful gifts when he can’t. This would show that you are considerate of the distance and difficulty of his getting to you? It’s a little like NYCSB’s “Gift Daddy”

    I like your phrasing of “I want you to want to come back.”

  142. oMGggg..sooo excited for you KL..yayyy!!

    wear something absolutely breathtaking..I know you can pull it off~

    I had some sort of the same question. ..given the fact that I might qualify as an unusual arrangement, since not many have business trips in this far land, and it is more like a getaway vacation so to speak, if Im asked what am I looking for…what is the nicest and sugary way to say that I would love to be top of the line host and hopefully he will have an amazing experience that he would want to come back many times for more of me and the sandy white beaches and the breathtaking Mayan Ruins? without sounding sluttish…how can I discuss a financial situation? I dont want a monthly allowance, it just doesnt seem fair, since its just when he is in town kinda deal, of course gifts are always welcome :)

    does it make sense?

  143. ESB says:

    My SD just called me.. he is so sweet.. wants everything to be right before I get there… and why am I so nervous!? Jeez, I need to get a grip!!

    KL, I agree with James.M (again 😉 ) but if he does bring it up, talk about it… try to decide what you want BEFORE the subject comes up. Will make it so much easier for you. I had the arrangement talk with my previous SD (the one I had to let go) and he had NO problem talking about what he wanted, how often he wanted to see me, how much he was going to give me… it was actually kinda nice!! Made me at ease with the whole thing, also made it easier to bring it out in the open the next time!

  144. katie-lee says:

    Well, I guess it’s too late to bring it up pre-date now.
    No money-talk, that is that.
    Thanks for the input sugars! I feel a little bit more prepared for this.

    I am a girl who dates, but I have never dated like this before, and I’m so tense my shoulders may soon be touching my ears.
    Must resist pre-date mojito(s)…

    On a really sad note – I have been waiting two weeks for clothes ordered from overseas to arrive, and they FINALLY arrived a minute ago. Problem being that none of the five items I ordered are what I expected. I’m really sunk.

  145. James.M says:

    K-L: Ah, yes, help from the blog. See, you have one perfectly valid talk about it before your date, and one perfectly valid talk about it after the date. But, two who agree, don’t talk about it on the date! (which of course means, he will bring it up…if that happens, turn it back to him, with something like, I really didn;t think about it because I wanted to meet you first. What did you do in your other arrangements, or, what were you thinking about? You can always talk about the many other points (frequency of seeing each other, availability, etc.) and not have to get into the messy money thing in public.

  146. Jade says:

    Hi ESB ! * hugs *

  147. ESB says:

    Good Afternoon Sugar Family!!

    Jade, James.M, Katie-lee, SHMM, CP/L, Mindy, and Lily… hello!! Nice to see you all here.. and if I missed anyone.. Hello to you too!! 

    Crazy day, as usual… and I’m not doing anything… went to court, got some info about my upcoming hearing for my D, then came home to change my shirt… was drinking coffee, and someone ran a red light, almost hit me, and I spilled coffee all over myself. Thank goodness it wasn’t hot!!

    OC: You should have stopped that man like a complete stranger and asked him where the nearest Starbucks was… I’m dying laughing here!!!

    LASB: When you come out this way again, I should be able to meet you. Things are looking up!! I will have some $$ by the end of the week, and plan on keeping a good chunk in my account for me. I was so sure my SD and I were going to meet up, and I was going to get some cash, but then he had meetings, so plans got canceled… so lesson learned… don’t count of SD $$ until it is in my hand!! I spent my whole paycheck paying off bills. Well, darn… at least it was on something I needed to do. Then switched SDs before anything happened! ahh… life is funny at times…

    WOW,. I hope no one ever puts me on an escort sight… I’d have to sue for slander or something!!

    Lily: I hope you are feeling better.
    FYI he was old enough to be your grandfather.. um.. ewww!!

    Alisha: I had a very bad experience with a pot SD in Tucson… I feel ya honey!!

    OK, I’m caught up now…

  148. Jade says:

    katie-lee – Find out what the arrangement is before you meet , then you will know if it is worth moving forward or not. At the date itself is way to awkward for everybody. I rather talk about it upfront over the phone. I get to shy in person.

  149. James.M says:

    K-L; don’t worry about talking arrangement. Just be charming and prove to him he needs your for his SB. That will a) put you at ease, b) put him at ease, c) not strain the atmosphere (you don’t want him to think you are only interested in what he cando for you, and d) put you in a better negotiating position later. If you like him, and he likes you, then you can start to talk about arrangement details via e-mail later.
    You might want to ask OC’s always recommended question: “Have you had an SB before?” If no, then follow with what are you looking for in an SB? and if yes, follow with “what did you like (and not like) about it?”
    Good, solid open ended questions designed to get you information and make him feel you are interested in him.

  150. katie-lee says:

    Carribean Princess – I just assume that these SDs are busy guys, lots to get done every day. They might read your message, appreciate it, and wait for a more convienient time to reply so that they can give it some consideratoin.

    I definitely do that – I would hate to rush off a quick but not-so-thought out email to an great potSD for the sake of being prompt. That said, waiting longer than say, 48 hours, would probably require an apology for the delayed response.

    and OMG I’M NERVOUS, I have my first potSD date tonight. He’s over-educated and adorable and confident. Even though I’ve already proven myself to be an absolute dork twice through email, he still finds me charming.

    How much ‘arrangement’ talk should happen on the first date, usually? Or is that all subjective? He’s a commited bachelor, strictly a sugar daddy, and has been pretty straight-forward about anticipating great sex. Since he’s so open about his plans, should I feel okay about discussing my financial situation as well?

    Oh no, what am I going to wear…

  151. Anna Molly says:

    I’m good! I’ve been busy with spring cleaning and all that boring stuff. I’m almost done though. Glad you had a good time this weekend, you had way more fun than I did..LOL. 😀

  152. James.M says:

    Good. it was a quiet weekend, with a great tapas meal (if meal’s the right word) Friday night and great jazz singer at the golf club on Friday. Saturday was a fund raiser for the local ballet company, and I went with a group of about 10. I wore my JSO outfit: tux, diamond studs and cufflinks, blue jeans, boots and Stetson. Yes, I tied my own bow tie. You gambled, and wond raffle tickets for some great prizes (4 tickets in a skybox to Elton John, Diamond earrings, $1000 in restaurant gift certificates, etc.) Of the six prizes, 5 were won by members of our group. None by me, though.
    Sunday, my storage shelves in the basement crashed, spilling years of tax documents, business papers, etc. So, I know what I’m doing this week! But, at least the wine cellar is intact and nothing broke.
    How are you?

  153. Thanks JamesM..great input~ xoxo

  154. Anna Molly says:

    Hi James.M! How are you?

  155. James.M says:

    CP/L – it’s probably a case of TMI, but I know the feeling of wondering why they didn’t respond. In your case, however, it is likely too early to worry. Give them a couple of days, anyway. Perhaps they opened your email at work, but didn’t feel comfortable answering at work; perhaps they want to think about a response which will get your interest; Perhpas they didn’t want to answer until they were able to view your profile; and, yes, perhaps they viewed your profile and decided not to answer. If you haven’t heard back in a week, then you can probably cross them off your list.

    SHMM — It is sunny and almost 60 here this week, and should be all week, so cheer up, here comes the sun. We had our end-of-March snow over the weekend, so I feel it is finally safe to say our winter is gone. If I still lived in Chicago, I’d say we were entering the season of road construction. But, in Michigan, we don’t fix ’em, we just swerve a lot.

  156. ok…quick input needed. I got very good initial emails this early morning. I quickly replied and i can see they have open my replies..but no answer back..is that a normal thingy? or safe to assume not interested after all? how long do we usually wait for a reply? Its like you have a great first date and out of the sudden I would expect a second date or a call and its nada happening? :(

    Back to making lunch..xoxo

  157. MindyNYC says:

    HA! ^5 LASB :) – you posted as I was typing, but, yes exactly.

  158. MindyNYC says:

    Hi All!
    Sorry to be a stranger over the weekend. Was just being a cranky gal, whose misery does not love company…Hope everyone had a good weekend.

    Zacky sorry to hear of your frustration, but trust and communication are cornerstones to any last relationship, much less marriage. If you can’t work out this issue at this stage in your relationship, then I’m sorry, but a marriage does not bode well…

    Lily When I read of your experience I immediately thought “he figured out he wasn’t getting laid, and cut his losses”. It happens all the time, and one of the biggest clues is forced intimacy, which usually pops up within the first hour – wanting to hold hands too soon, tongue kiss too soon etc. I also do not think you were the only woman on his agenda, guys like this always have ‘backups’. He’ll tell the other woman that his ‘business meeting’ ran later than expected and see if she will at least meet him for a drink because he is so disappointed at the thought of not seeing her and his time is sooo limited. 11pm on a Saturday night is still early, so pleeeez just come out for an hr or 2 blah, blah, blah…If all that fails then he may just order up an escort, but I doubt it as most men like that feel they ‘don’t need to pay for it’ and prefer the ‘art of the con’….
    Don’t sweat it. It’s just another game, and a bullet you gracefully dodged. He had no intention of an arrangement wit you or anyone else.

  159. Caribbean Princess/L says:

    Aahh its ok, I won’t sweat it. Next week it will be old news.x0x0

    How’s everyone doing?

  160. NC Gent says:

    ohhh it is still showing but I didn’t know that was her real name doh! thought it was a nickname :)

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Good Morning!
      There that is better :)

      NC Gent, how’s the fishing been lately?

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Zacky you are right in the fact that if you do not re-new your profile it can still stay in clear view if you do not delete it. Why didn’t you delete it if you were sure you found the one? Calling her may not work but if you truly know that you want her to trust you. Go to her and talk in person. Just my 2 cents :) Sorry you are going thru this.

        LASB good morning sunshine! You are right about deleting your picture first then your profile. What I did was to delete my pictures then changed my txt to be very different than my original txt. Waited for that to be approved then deleted my profile all together. I do have a profile for non-sugar activities.

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Caribbean it is gone :)

  161. Anna Molly says:

    I hope everyone is having a good Monday! It’s so blah here today and I’m feeling down in the dumps…sigh.

  162. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    LASB and Lily – if it is who I think it is…he goes to that side of the pond quite often…

  163. LASB says:

    Lourdes – Oh yeah, and although NC says your info is not coming up, it is for me. However, it may just be a cache issue.

  164. LASB says:

    Lils – When I first read your post, I was already thinking that the guy wanted an easy score and when it seemed he wasn’t going to get it, he’d rather “cut his losses” and see what he could find on the call girl listings before it got too late in the night. Who knows if he really flew all the way to see you. He could have been there on business. In any case, he doesn’t sound like a real SD.

    Lourdes – If privacy is a huge deal for you, consider just deleting that profile and making a new one. That’s what I did after I posted my profile on here and then wished I hadn’t. Also, be sure to follow the procedure I mentioned in my entry to Zacky.

  165. NC Gent says:

    CP/L — I think they modified your first comment. Your profile number comes up now, but not your name.

    Hi everyone else — hope all is well!

  166. TT (AKA Tantalizing Taz) says:

    Happy Monday sugar fam :)

    Lily – your date was Canadian and much older? Did he use the term dessert in his room?? I ‘may’ know who you met with…although when he tried to kiss me I turned my head 😛 (end of our date)…he is an investor (sound familiar??) Don’t sweat it lady!

  167. Caribbean Princess/L says:

    Ohhh Lily I’m sorry your date didn’t go as planned…eeekk I agree with you, its so difficult at times to really choose to give into or not,no one is free to thrown a stone in situations like those.
    I wish we had special super power to read SD mind about what he truly expects at the end of the first official meeting.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the blog :)

    Perfect weather to snuggle under my cozy blankie today, can’t believe I’m on BB posting,when I should be sleeping.
    I ended up doing 30 minutes of yoga around 4:00 am…so totally not sleepy.

    Have a sweet Monday ya’all


  168. Lily says:

    Zacky, foreign teens are so skittish, aren’t they? Sounded like true love, too. Sigh. Poor you. Next time follow LASB’s suggestions and MAYBE wait more than 4-12 weeks (I don’t know exact dates of your dec. sign-up to SA and February proposal) before popping the question? Seems a little SeekingArrangedMarriage-y to me, especially her being in a brand new country and so confused about everything.

    Communication is everything in any relationship, and if you two cannot discuss this misunderstanding and see eye to eye with honesty and trust on both sides, that’s a good enough reason to move on because the relationship was doomed to fail, anyways.

  169. Lily says:

    Little Miss Sugar (Wonderland) and Anne Boleyn (carribean princess/Lourdes), I loved your blog entries today!! Great job, ladies, I love to be so well entertained.

    I had an a-ha moment about last night. It’s embarassing to admit this, but here goes: he was trying to turn the date steamy and intimate, for “desert” in his room, but I kept steering the date back on to PG-rated territory every time he hinted about past dates which had been rather lascivious or approached me for a lingering, tongue-y kiss, commented that the table was too big to kiss while we were in our seats, or gave me a little look designed to be flirty where he actually revealed a bit of tongue in his mouth. I just thought he wanted to make sure that I knew he was “into me”, but the light bulb has now gone off in my head, and because I had plans to continue the date in public spaces doing activities with our clothes on, he decided to just give up and chalk me up to being a pride who wasn’t “game” to ‘play,’ and abruptly announced he was going to end the evening, say goodnight, and put me into a cab. After flying overseas to meet me, a date/chance to hang out, live, lasting under 3 hous was quite a shock to me, I figured he would have at least settled on allowing me to show him around my city while he was stuck here for at least that night, and I was being warm & smiley/chatty (read:pleasant company), so…. Odd that he wanted me gone and to return to his room. I was home by 11 pm, went online, and 5 minutes later he logged on to skype but didn’t say hello. After awhile, I removed him from my contacts to avoid that awkwardness again.

    Sigh. Why not just use the 10k he spent on a first class ticket and get the very hottest call girl (or two, or three) there is, if what he wanted was a “sure thing?”

    a case of NOT putting out on a first date getting you blacklisted. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, ladies…

  170. Wonderland says:

    Hello all and happy monday.
    OC: If you read this then can I borrow your Gucci sunglasses? Definitely not a wellies day and I’m taking full advantage of that.

    To update those who are keeping up with my personal blog, I didn’t manage to have a second meeting last night but we are going out again tonight and I will post about that, but will entertain you in the mean time with some ancedotes so keep stopping by.

    Lily: Sorry about your date, that guy sounds like a real prick and you are too sweet and too good for him.

    Everyone else hello and hugs.

    xx W xx

  171. LASB says:

    Zacky – That sounds awful! I am so sorry that this happened to you. Sounds like the friend is trying to stir up drama. We on the blog all know those profiles don’t go anywhere since they are blue once you click on them. You may try to explain that to your SB.

    Another pointer to everyone out there, if you are not looking or not wanting to be contacted or placed on the front page, removing your picture usually does the trick. Also, before deleting your profile, remove your picture and even change your text, although you will need to wait for approval. I believe there is a special graveyard of these types of profiles (expired and deleted), where they can easily come back to life without our knowing. (Think Pet Cemetery.)

  172. ohh nooo, Im sooo sorry Zacky, you were soo excited about the engagement. YOu have every right to be angry. I hope you can clear this missunderstanding, I know its hard to give our hearts and trust, but Im sure she loves you and perhaps if you give her some time to think things over and clear her head she will come to her senses. I wish you the best of luck

    ***formerly Lourdes*** I needed to make that change due to privacy things .

    On the other hand..I BLOGGED…my very first blog..Im sooo proud of myself..now I need some readers :)

    Profile is still pending approval and I have 5..5 emails in my inbox and I cant access….suxsssss..I should’ve known better.

  173. alisha says:

    i need a real sugar daddy but they all seem to be fake here in tucson lol they are wannbes and too cheap ,i need a real one all the sites are pay sites and want to to pay to respond and email what are the best sites ??? ive joined a few and it seemed no one was really on them so i canncelled my account

  174. Zacky says:

    I have a horrible story, and I now HATE Seeking Arrangement. I met a lovely 19-year-old sugar baby in December and we hit it off so well that we got engaged last month. My account expired recently because I didn’t need it anymore. On Friday, however, her friend who is on Seeking Arrangement told her that she saw my picture appear, aggressively being pushed to potential SBs. It is Seeking Arrangement’s policy to heavily promote all members whose accounts expire, to increase the number of emails they have so they’ll be lured back to sign up again so they can read them. This cynical ploy just derailed my engagement… she won’t take my calls or answer texts or emails. She cannot be convinced, no matter how I try, that I’m not active on the site… she thinks it’s all lies. I just signed back up under a new email address so I could post my horrible Seeking Arrangement experience.

    Screw you, Seeking Arrangement. Your cynical method of trying to lure SDs back just derailed my engagement. I hate you. You suck. It’s all about the money. You don’t care about protecting the relationships. You hung me out to dry just to make a buck. Sickening. I worked so hard on this… she’s a very sensitive girl who is originally from Guyana, and her trust level is very low. It’s taken so much of my time and effort to make this work… this is the worst thing that could possibly have happened. I’ve written to Seeking Arrangement about this but I know I will not get a response. I am SO ANGRY. AUGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  175. NYC SB says:

    Hiya all

    Just returned from a weekend getaway with NYSE and his lil girl… lil kids are a handfulll…. i am exhausted rather than refreshed! he better make it up to me next weekend…

  176. Flo Rida says:

    Lily – i’m sorry for your discomfort.

    OC – misunderstanding cleared up.

    I have 10 runners inthe Sweet Sixteen but my overall pick Kansas, to win it all flaked which will hurt me in the later rounds.
    Suite tickets to watch Superman + Vince Carter vs Hawks on Wednesday.

    ciao everyone.

  177. Anne SB says:

    Sincere : I love your post

  178. It amazes me how some people never grow up, that’s hardly the type of behaviour you would expect from a man of his age!

  179. Lily says:

    SE, FYI he was old enough to be your grandfather, not that age maters….

  180. Lourdes – I’m going to have a play around tonight, i’m so excited :) And I can’t wait until I actually have something to write about! Haha

  181. Lily – I’m sorry to hear that, some people have no manners :(

    I wasn’t even sure what to do when he darted towards my face and started french kissing me … That’s so inappropriate!

  182. Lily says:

    oh my god. less than 3 hours and my date was done. He shoved me off and stuck me in a cab and was rid of me, straightaway after paying the dinner check. Oh my god! This has never happened to me on any sort of date and where HE flew overseas to see ME?! The following item on the agenda was just to go out in the city and hit the bars and hang out, nothing too intense…. why wouldn’t he want to have a native in this city take him out and about, even if he didn’t ‘feel it’ with me?!

    He needed to tongue kiss me within 30 minutes, and again 3 more times before he ditched me. What was that?! This is all completely unprecedented. I can’t remember when I would have been tongue kissing with someone within minutes or even hours of meeting the first time, IRL, and I wasn’t even sure what to do when he darted towards my face and started french kissing me. I was feeling so weird but hoping things would get better. But then he just pulled the plug and sent me home. OMG!

  183. Lourdes says:

    Omgg yes SEuropean, we should!! I’ve seen the blogs and they are not just soooo informative,but so artistic done
    Its like a true art to set one up..maybe this afternoon I might come around and play a bit over at blogger and see what I come up with.
    Its sorta having a virtual diary I guess.

    Don’t ya hate folding the clean laundry?!! I wish I had a magic wand and go “poofff” all done and put away.

    I went over sugar world and its amazing, I’m soo loving it .

    Still no profile approval..bwwaaahhh oh well..will keep waiting.

  184. cleo says:

    i like wordpress better than blogger…

  185. Adriane – Is that a website?

  186. cleo says:

    shooger shoes i am catching up on blogs. count me in the legion that now has a crush on joseph!

  187. AdrianeSB says:

    SweetEuropean, Blogger is very easy to use :) it takes a few minutes to set up!

  188. To the ladies who have blogs… How exactly does one start a blog? I’m pretty clueless when it comes to things like that…!

  189. Good evening, How was everyones Sunday? :)

    Lourdes – I’ve been thinking about starting a blog too… it looks like so much fun!

  190. Lourdes says:

    **Doing a happy hopeful dance for OC 😉 *** thanksss so much, I hope it gets approved soon,I thought I read something about not updating profiles on certain days,but I forgot which days :(
    Oh well,lesson learned ! I see I have 3 emails and can’t read them, my mistake for updating.

    Lily ,I’m gonna print what you wrote and tape it to my mirror :) so I can read it everyday..absolutely
    amazing analogy, I want to embrace my sugar journey and spoiled my SD as well.I know I have soo much to offer and when the time comes,
    it will be amazing and mutually beneficial. Sprinkling sweet sugary dust for a week filled with endless possibilities.

    All of you girls are amazing and so helpful, if you ever decide to come visit ,you will have an amzing host in my little country :)

    Crossing fingers profile gets approved SOON!!!

    Stephannnn..heeeelllooo..I left a message for you, kindly requesting to delete the very first comment on the blog :(
    If its ok with you..

    Lily..feel better soon!!

    I’m thinking also about writing a blog, I guess I will have to learn how to ..

    Oohhh..logging from crackberry..sweeet!!

  191. cleo says:

    Jade: with money you can make the best of what god gave you but you can’t buy beauty… especially not the real kind that radiates from within
    ohh just got a great text in response to ‘you wearing a suit or jeans’ to which he replied “sexy jeans for you”

    lol – love when they’re clear about what they like. love it.

  192. LASB says:

    Lils – Well, the risks you already mentioned are serious risks for them. SBs can screw up their marriage, stalk them, ruin their careers, or even physically attack them. When I read your post, I missed that you were speaking of physical safety risks. I just meant, there is risk to both sides. Yes, you are right that we may put ourselves in more risk physically speaking. But overall risks for both SBs and SDs are probably on similar levels. And of course a gun can be a pretty good equalizer and there may be someone out there crazy enough to mug/attack a pot SD.

  193. GinaZ says:

    Yup it’s moi. GinaZ *wink*
    Poor as a church mouse, rich in spirit:)
    Finishing up the B.A, so I’ve been in left brain mode.
    I’ll drop you a line at your email caddy!
    Happy to see you are still here and as sweet as ever!

  194. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Ok daughter is up, house is clean, laundry is done. We’re going to walk over to the mall for a latte and some light Target shopping.

  195. GinaZ says:

    So many months later…

    Decided to drop by. Howdy OCSB! No sugar, busy with school and life. I’ve found that sugar and school don’t mix, unless I find someone (as it was once before) who will support the path I’m on. No time for games.

    Hello to anyone I’ve never met. I’m in El Lay:)

    GinaZ over and out…

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      GinaZ? ~OC rubs her eyes~
      OMG it is GinaZ! Hey girl.
      You really have been MIA.
      Some of the same sugars
      are still here. Nice to
      see you again Sweetie!
      I am still at the same
      email, so feel free to
      catch up there!

  196. Lily says:

    You outlaw, you!! You seem happy. That’s awesome!

  197. LASB says:

    Nope. No other pots, but the man in my building is coming on pretty strong. Trying not to break any more “rules” though. :)

  198. Lily says:

    Oh and LASB, convince me! 😉 the physical safety risks of Internet dating in general surely tip the balance towards women bearing the greater burden of possible negative outcomes, no?

  199. Lily says:

    I may be the most active sugar on here. Just call me the dipped in, rolled around, and coated in sugar chick. I’m enjoying the ride at any rate!!

    So no other pots, LASB?

  200. LASB says:

    OC – Yikes, sorry I hadn’t realized that you had met him in person. He wouldn’t recognize me if I ran into him. We never got past a few emails (thank heavens!) before his final one inspired me to join this very blog.

    Lils – Missed you and all the other sugars too!! I believe you are the most active sugar on here. There is a particular store you should check out while in Ft. Lauderdale. It’s not high fashion, but I bet you could spend hours there, trying on all the sexy clothes. :)

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      LASB I believe he has a new profile identity now… still a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Lily, I hope you feel better.
        Tales of caution are great! I was speaking
        of the escort posting sites not talking about posts on the
        blog 😉

  201. LASB says:

    Lils – I don’t believe that the men on here have less at stake. I think our risks are just different, though with a bit of overlap.

  202. Lily says:

    LASB, yes funny indeed! Glad the trip was a success & you are feeling great! I’ve missed your posts and emails.

  203. Lily says:

    Tummy aches, tummy aches…. Squeezing into little black dress, little black dress….

    OC, cautionary tales are so important to the women new to SA, to try to avoid unnecessary collateral damage of all types.

    It’s a bit easier on here for the men; he has far less at stake, on all accounts. The amounts of money insignificant to him, and feelings more easily compartmentalized. (yes I’m generalizing & yes there are exceptions!). The worse case scenario for a man on SA is being married and stumbling onto an indiscrete, drama-y, fatal attraction,blackmail-y type female.

    But that’s their choice to get married and then renig on the marriage vows & live a lie at home, and have cake/eat-it-too on the side. All unfaithful men in “non-open” marriages face the same risks that the girl will at some point forget her place and misbehave. Not really a sugar (or seeking sugar online) issue but a “be careful when having girlfriends your wife doesn’t know about” issue.

  204. LASB says:

    And some poor lady is actually married to that creep?!!! Geeezzzz. You see, as bad as things may seem, they could always be worse.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Not sure if they are married by law or if he just has the ring thru his nose… sorry could not help myself on that one!

  205. LASB says:

    OMG!! You saw him in person!!!! HAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! How did you know it was him? How funny if you had said, “Oh hi ‘Jeff.’ I’m not wearing any panties, just in case I ran into you.”

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      LASB the look on his face was precious. Kind of like “payback is a bitch” , but I held my head high and
      gave him a smile and a wink. I was by myself so I could have said hello and made him squirm.
      Trust me I still have noticable burn marks from my lesson learned with that man!
      I should have asked him if he knew where the nearest STARBUCKS was!!!!

  206. LASB says:

    OC – Oh , I wrote that before I saw your reply to me. And yes, I was trying to bait you. :) hehe. But ok, I’ll be patient.

  207. LASB says:

    Flo – Well said! I never ignore or criticize the negative posts on here. I see them as helpful lessons. (Not that I follow any of the “rules.”) The good and the bad should both be discussed here. Perhaps because OC found herself a great SD/husband on SA, it’s hard for her to remember or want to dwell too much on the Namastes.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      LASB I ran into him a few weeks ago!!!!
      But keeping to my golden rule. I just smiled and walked on.
      He was with his wife!

      Hey I am not knocking anyones posts! Just saying why dwell on the bad when it takes
      so much of your energy. Dodge them like the slime balls that they are!

  208. Flo Rida says:

    OC – forgive me but your request to TexasSugar and Jade is a bit like telling a US soldier in Iraq to ignore the bad IED patrols and just think about the good ones.

    TexasSugar and Jade are merely expressing a human reaction to shock and there are many creeps out there (equally there are many bad SBs as well but men don’t post as much). Burying it under the carpet could get a SB or an SD badly hurt.

    BUT I do agree that if you risk nothing you get nothing.

    i’m a safety girl (Julia Roberts).

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Flo are you picking a fight? LOL
      Stop putting words in my mouth.
      Besides I was talking about the comment of posting on an Escort site not
      on the blog!
      Just tired of the man bashing. She Jade/DallasTexasBaby should understand that
      if you treat someone with respect it will come back to you ten fold :)

  209. LASB says:

    Hi OC! Soooooo… I’m nosy. I want to know, did you say “yes” yet? :)

  210. LASB says:

    Good morning Sugars!

    Lily – Funny how some people’s trash is other people’s treasure, wouldn’t you agree? 😉 Problem with the so-called subs is that most are fakes. By the way, thanks for the chocolate. It’s serving as meal replacement in my post-travel, empty fridge state. Must get over to Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck) soon.

    ESB – I will second everything you said about DC. She’s the sweetest and it was so awesome meeting yet another blogger. I hope next time (yes, it’s looking like there may be a next time :)) I will get to meet you and VA too.

    So, to give you all an update, I have done everything that SBs should not. I’m very smitten with a man who is anti-allowance. Yes, I’ve lost all my negotiating power, and yes he is attached but starting to toy with all sorts of things that would go against blog sentiments and sugar dating protocol. Best case scenario – The rush will end soon, our feelings will fade, and I’ll get bored and move on. Worst case scenario – I don’t even want to think about it!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      LASB welcome home. Yum chocolate for breakfast is what
      I call “breakfast of champions”
      My answer will have to have a time delay on the blog for
      privacy reasons. So that is yet to be posted :)

  211. Lily says:

    Morning, OC! Hoping my overt language in discussing sex re: arrangement dating wasn’t too brutal of a morning elixer to jar you from the last fogs of dreamland, firmly into harsh reality land. At least ESB and I weren’t discusson sadism and choking, right? Anything seems like gentle conversation fodder after that….! 😉

  212. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Good morning everyone. Wow how nice to have a sunday off to sleep in. Daughter is still in bed.

    DallasSugarBaby, I got that same email several times from the submissive guy. I think he is another state, not Texas. Just another game player.

    Got my computer desk put together last night and I followed the directions for a change and it was easy.

    have a great day everyone

  213. Lily says:

    Five = dine

    I think I have a stomach flu. Blech.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Good Morning Lisa and Lily and Florida!
      No Lily I have been up for hours.
      Fully caffinated and already did a 5 mile hike with
      the pup.
      Jade/DallasTexas all the man hate this morning!
      Yes, we all can fail a test from time to time. But
      as you gain knowledge you learn to see the flags
      and avoid those silly boys. A true sugar will
      be like the cream I pour in my coffee. “It rises
      to the top”

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Lourdes I see your request, SA approvals on profiles on Saturdays or Sundays
        may be slim. However I will see what I can do. Note: It is best not to change
        your profile on a Saturday or Sunday. You would hate to have your profile down
        during the peak days of sugar seaching :)

        Anne SB I can’t wait to hear all about your fabulous time :)

  214. Florida says:

    Sincere- That’s just too funny! no, I’m not British, I was born and raised in the states. I’ve actually never even been to Europe before : ( but it’s Definitely something that I look forward to: )

    Also, have you typed your name into urban dictionary yet? It’s pretty entertaining!

    Texas- I received something almost identical to letter #2. But I don’t know what’s worse, letters like that, or guys that just send out emails saying, ‘can I have you sexy Backdoor virgin please cum to me”. Haha disgusting!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Jade/DallasTexasBaby Just choose your pots with
      the same high level of distinction you would your
      BFF in real life and you may lessen your chances of
      having them turn on you. Treat others as you would
      want to be treated. The saying is old as dirt but
      it works. Why post bad things about a pot on an
      escort site if you wouldn’t (#1) use your real name (#2) have them
      say something about you. Granted I am I just
      stating the obvious. It is best just to ignore the
      sour sugar cubes and move on to one who is more
      in line of treating his or her sugar with total
      respect. Good morning btw :)

  215. Jade says:

    Some guys will use the same handle on all sites so you search his handle and you see him on swinger sites and booty call sites too !

    Anyone heard of dontdatehimgirl dot com ?

  216. Lily says:

    Dallas, I’m not upset. My ride on the Sugar Express has been charmed from the very beginning. Well, 3 weeks after my first initial potSD meeting, I started basking in quite a dreamy existence due to sugar. I can’t complain.

    Still, during most of month #1, I was crushed and hopeless. BTDT, albeit briefly.

    Canada potSD arrived today. Flew overseas to buy me dinner tonight. But not really a potSD, just a rich older man who may or may not be generous. But I am walking ten minutes to a fancy venue to sip wine and five with a charming millionaire who thinks I’m special, so who is complaining? Worst ways to spend a Sunday night.

  217. Lily says:

    Jade, if that actually happens, then there are vulture SDs way more viscuous and mean-spirited than I had even thought possible. I feel sick to my stomach.

    Did anyone else like my cartoon on today’s blog entry on my own blog, of a “VultureMan”?

  218. DallasTexasBaby says:

    Then do not get upset afterwards when you get nothing for it Lily.

  219. Jade says:

    Seriously ladies: guys are posting our profiles on the “escort review sites ” so it is always a good idea to change your profile and get a new one. They seriously gossip bad about us and posting email address and even our numbers so we can be searched on the escort sites, you might want to switch up numbers and emails as well, all it takes is one guy getting mad at you and him having a membership to review sites . Most of the escort sites online have banners to these sugar daddy sites so that is how they all come together.

  220. Lily says:

    Dallas, I’m not selling sex. I will behave in sexual activity when I feel like I truly desire to engage in sexual activity. Period. I hate this “dangling p_$$y” (like a carrot or prize to be won) aspect of early stage sugar dating, and the “tests” and mind games more than ANYTHING else in arrangement-land. If sex starts to be something I dole out when certain requirements have been met, I think that’s taking the first small step towards the dark side, and a scenario where slowly your own psychological experience of intimacy starts taking tiny, imperceptible nudges towards being altered for good. My healthy and happy approach to sexuality and the people and scenarios that inspire me to share it is worth more than any amount if sugar.

    That being said, managing to cross your legs and delay gratification until a man has proven he’s happy to prove his intentions makes sense in a pool of men such as this, which is, sadly, rife with VultureSDs. You gotta arm yourself before entering treacherous territory and as a brilliant SB has said, valet your heart as well, as best as you can, and certainly in the beginning.

  221. ESB says:

    DTS: Very True!

    Jade: You’re to funny!!

  222. Jade says:

    And then they post your profile on the “escort review” site ……..telling everyone how they paid NOTHING, so all the other guys try a stab at you too !

    Stab in the va jay jay —- get it?

  223. DallasTexasBaby says:

    Men will not want an arrangement if they already got you free.

  224. ESB says:

    Good Morning Sugar Family!! I am up WAY to early, just can’t sleep. Keep thinking about tomorrow night and my night with my SD!! He called me last night, wanted to know my wants and likes to make things right for us. So sweet!!

    SS: DC is the sweetest girl ever, so smart!! And her SD/BF is just way to cute!! He hugged me like I was along lost friend… They are such a cute couple, and it just fills my heart to know they found each other on here!! Maybe someday, when I am ready to let my heart go again, I’ll find that too.

    Girl, I do hope you get to feeling better soon!!

    Annie SB: Welcome and good luck… it took me 6 months, I had a sudden onslaught of emails, (sent out tons, finally got some responses!) and then had to chose which one I wanted. It takes time, and trust me, I had my share of “poofers” and fakes. Can’t tell you how many times I had one on the line, thought we were making amazing connections, then, POOF!! I think someone else closer to what they were looking for caught them. To bad for them, they don’t know what they are missing out on! (gotta keep that attitude going, be confident!)

    Lily: Great epic 😉 post! Something all new SBs should read before taking first steps in to this crazy journey! Even at my age, I let my need for an arrangement cloud my judgment and got myself in over my head… lesson learned, won’t be doing THAT again

    Jade: Excellent point! Don’t give in on the first date under ANY circumstances.

  225. Wonderland says:

    Hi guys, happy sunday.
    So nothing much to update you on as far as Wonderland + Mr. Wonderful (which will be his sugar nickname) but am searching for some advice about something and if anyone thinks they can lend me a helping hand please get in touch with me via the email address on my blog; I would really appreciate it.

  226. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning everyone!

  227. Jade says:

    Sugar babies need to realize that, It is the man who has to prove he is “worthy” of you! Not the other way around. Never let any man take the drivers seat of your life.

    I would much rather have beauty over riches any day, so beauty is worth far more than money to me. I am sure people will say “with money you can buy beauty”, but I have seen many rich ugly people who tried to buy beauty and it makes them look even more unattractive because beauty can not be bought at the store .

  228. Lily says:

    exactly. It’s a ‘test’ and if she gives in to his insistence that confirming physical compatibility is necessary to take another step forward, then she’ll fail the test. Sigh.

  229. Jade says:

    Guys tell me all the time how they get girls on these sites to sleep with them “first date” , to prove themselves as a sugar baby and girls fall for it all the time ! I ask them why did you not pick her for an ” arrangement ” they say something like. ” Who wants a slut who puts out the first date ? ” I am sure she has done this a million times already .

    Is he not a slut too?

  230. Lily says:

    Nope, and it was NOT a pony ride. It was the dark side calling.

    A real SD will be focusing on you as a person, and feeling you out as if he is thinking of you as a person he may want to spend a lot of quality time with outside of the bedroom. Like he’s interested in your humor, your smile, your intellect, your energy level, your interests, your romantic nature, your dreams, your physique/fitness, the types of places you like to go out to, where you’ve always wanted to travel (ski/sun/culture?), your libido, whether you’re down to earth beauty he’ll enjoy suprising/spoiling or an ungrateful princess, and he’ll be very interested in your approach and interest/purpose for an arrangement.

    You will get the ‘feel’ of a genuine SD who is approaching this with the best possible intentions, as you get more experienced with how initial and follow up communications go with men from SA. You’ll just know it when you see it, an indefinable quality that I can’t describe any better than “a general lack of sleaziness” about arrangements that feels WAY more like normal online dating and faaaaaaar away from sight unseen, transactional offers that are thinly disguised one-off propositions. Those men invariably are interested in comparison shopping how inviting a ‘sugar’ to meet him for the first time under the guise of beginning ‘an arrangement’ might be far more cost effective than the cost of hiring a professional sex worker to join him on his trip, and he’s banking on your naivete will get him into your pants for a sex-filled trip for far less money than hiring a pro. Plus the sex will likely be hotter because you are swept up in your personal hopes and dreams of an arrangement and how that could positively impact your life and thinking this is just the first romantic escapade of many more to come, and he is tour own personal Richard Gere as you let yourself get carried away in the excitement of being chosen and discovered a la Julia Roberts. If he has ANY game, the stage is set (especially in nice hotels and restaurants, and his most most charming efforts) for him to easily get you into bed for some passionate love making that means something totally different to you than it does to him. You may even find yourself dragging him to the bedroom and ripping off his clothes, if he manages to weave the whole fantasy convincingly enough, and once a guy realizes how very easy this game is, he’ll be totally hooked on SA dating. Pickin’ ’em off one at a time, and because the odds are stacked against this and we have so much more of our lives ‘on the line’ so to speak (standing a chance for improvement if we do find a great arrangement), than just our sex life, ….we tend to be way more gullible than we’d normally be.

    Ask me how I know.

    BTDT, got the T-shirt. Card carrying member of the dufus club.

  231. DallasTexasBaby says:

    and another perverted email from another guy just came in. Posted below :

    Dear Miss
    i am a very very submissive and obedient male. i LOVE Dominant take charge Women. i believe all men should kneel before a Woman. i TRULY believe in Female Superiority! i am seeking to be humiliated, disciplined, dominated and degraded. In return i would spoil You. Intretsted? i am sincere. i TRULY believe in Female Supremacy!!
    i am a boss at work but want to have a Woman make me Her bitch at home.
    sissy wimp rick

  232. DallasTexasBaby says:

    I got this perverted email today. Did anyone else get it ? Posted below:

    > I am also very open to going the extra mile to please my girl. Have
    > you ever wanted to meet a quality guy who you could have a normal
    > relationship with…but who would also let you see other men while he
    > stayed faithful?
    > Does it turn you on or excite you to have a ‘normal’ boyfriend but
    > also have fun on the side a bit too? Have you ever cheated on a
    > boyfriend and just felt so sexy about it…or would that kind of
    > freedom and power imbalance turn you on? Him knowing that you had the
    > right to ‘date’ others even while in a real relationship? Or even the
    > thought of being one man’s girlfriend and another man’s slut? :) I’m
    > not out for an open relationship — I understand that this would be
    > for you only.

  233. SincereSD says:

    Florida says: Sincere- you are spot on with #9! (i.e. Lemme know) text messaging is killing my generations ability to spell and form sentences!

    word! y u r a negator? we sud chill l8r? kk ttyl.

    Seriously, you should see the some of the notes I get with the short forms, bad spelling and slang. I have a permanent link to urban dictionary in my browser to decipher the slang.

    Btw, do I detect some British in your background?

    Shoogar Shoes says: Sincere – you lost me at Al Gore, I mean algorithm. I love the word. I love saying it. I can define it. But quadratic equations ’tis not my cup-o-tea!

    SS and I thought you were the perfect nerd! :p The only quads I get to use nowadays is on the elliptical or leg curl machine.

    We’ll have to assign that job to Lily since she’s the math nerd.

    katie-lee says: wow! much thanks for all that additional info, sincereSD. the sugar coating stuff is the kind of basics worth their weight in gold.

    i have to take a few minutes (/hours) to get through these archives…

    Np, I think you will need days to go through the old blogs. Good luck on with your date.

  234. Lourdes says:

    This is a message for OCSugarBaby…pretttyyyy pleaseeee could you put in a good word for me and the approval of my profile?..pleaseee…***puppy face and brown eyes begging you***

    pweeease? ♥♥♥

  235. Lourdes says:

    Good morning Lily..evening here..I went ahead and after carefully reading here and there..i decided to updated my profile. Not sure how long its gonna take to be approved :(

    ohh DUTCH POT ( Cancun adventure) is still on negotiations..and if I have to pass on that “special retreat” I guess I will pass and wait for the RIGHT one to come along…it just proved me that there is hope for this Caribbean chika and there is plenty of road to conquer on my journey..I dont have to jump on the first pony ride..right?

  236. Lily says:

    Did someone say quadratic equations??

    Math girl wakes up & comes out of hiding.

  237. Florida says:

    Sincere- you are spot on with #9! (i.e. Lemme know) text messaging is killing my generations ability to spell and form sentences!

    Flo Rida- no, I haven’t met “Lemme Know” before, but I did feel pretty comfortable about flying there only because I have girlfriends in the same city. But, I read over his E-mail one more time, had a good laugh, and DELETED it!

    Shoogar shoes- hope you feel better and have a great trip!

    ~still feeling sweet even without any sugar ; ) ~
    Good night everyone

  238. Lourdes – you are hilariously cute. I responded to part of your message and will get to the rest while at the airport tomorrow. For now I must try to get back to bed.

  239. Lourdes says:

    Stephan…Hiiii ***me waves hand***
    Im sooo sorry to bother you, but Im not a savy when it comes to blogs and posting :(

    could you please..pretty please delete the comments where my name is linked to my profile at SA?! It was really a faux part of me..yiiikes!

    I hope its all right..the first one on this blog is one of those…I promise to not mess again with the settings..crossing fingers..here~


  240. katie-lee says:

    wow! much thanks for all that additional info, sincereSD. the sugar coating stuff is the kind of basics worth their weight in gold.

    i have to take a few minutes (/hours) to get through these archives…

  241. Sincere – you lost me at Al Gore, I mean algorithm. I love the word. I love saying it. I can define it. But quadratic equations ’tis not my cup-o-tea!

  242. katie-lee says:

    Flo Rida – zen is much appreciated. never too much zen. i’m taking a course on haiku and tanka, and have been told i’ve got to zen a little harder.

    Sincere-SD – thanks for the welcome, and the perspective. patience has never really been my forté. i didn’t know the odds were so stacked!

    anneSB – mostly just anyone pushing for more and more photos, revealing photos, or a little risqué webchat, i guess. nothing but the obvious flags. perhaps they aren’t photo collectors, but they are definitely not the sugar i’m looking for. i figure that i provide a clear image of what i look like with my photos, not ambious at all.
    am i being a prude?

    aahh these sugar blogs i’m reading are great. you girls have some smart, pretty heads on your shoulders.

  243. Lourdes says:

    SS I emailed you..can you help this newbie SB? pweeeaseee?

  244. SincereSD says:

    Shoogar Shoes says: Sincere – I may skew your data a bit by saying this, but here goes. I know of some SBs who create false profiles just to login and check on on their SDs to see if they are logging in. I am adamantly against this, but it happens. some SDs have admitted doing this as well.

    SS, I think the skew is falls within an acceptable level of error because there are premium SD who hide their profiles. I hid mine halfway through my search because I had so many emails and dates on the go that I couldn’t keep up with unsolicited inquiries.

    Btw, can you write me an algorithm to expose the hidden profiles.

  245. Lourdes says:

    ok..I really messed it up :(

    I should stay away of changing settings..is there a way to delete comments?

    Few seconds ago I linked to a resort and now I linked to a song..Im such a mess..

    ***banging my head against my puter screen***

  246. SincereSD says:

    Katie, google is your friend. there’s the info on the toronto meet.

    cleo says: is there anyone who has emailed me about the toronto meet that i haven’t answered at least once?

    email me
    toronto sugar meet at gmail dot com if you’re interested

  247. Lourdes says:

    Excellent 101 SD/SB notes…

    On a technical note..at the beginning of this blog I made a comment and I linked to my SA profile..is there a way we can unlink this..or delete the comment?!

    I dont want it to be link to my profile..bwaaahhhaaa :(

  248. Sincere – I may skew your data a bit by saying this, but here goes. I know of some SBs who create false profiles just to login and check on on their SDs to see if they are logging in. I am adamantly against this, but it happens. some SDs have admitted doing this as well.

  249. SincereSD says:

    Katie, here’s a copy of a post I made in September in the SugarCoating blog that you may find useful:

    1. Ladies, don’t be shy about sending email to a SD that you are interested in. There are a lot of SB profiles and the SD may have missed your profile. Adding yourself to someone’s favorite list doesn’t guarantee a reply or that you will be noticed.

    2. To increase your chances of being seen and appear near the top of profile searches, login and out everyday.

    3. IM is not a good method to connect unless you agree on a specified time to chat. I have not been able to contact 20% of the respondents through IM.

    4. About half the profiles did not contact any useful information or more than a few lines of text. I passed on the majority of these unless the picture had a great smile.

    5. Your first or top picture is the most important as it appears in your profile summary.

    6. Use an alternative name or email for the initial replies until you establish some common ground. I was able to find information about several SB using their email address or name through the social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Some of the information I found on FB caused me to break off discussions.

    7. The majority of SB profiles in their early 20’s and are mostly first timers. Although I contacted many SB below my desired age range, being in your 30’s is not a disadvantage.

    8. Be prepared for SD discussions – think of an SD discussion or meeting as an interview; prepared to talk about yourself convincingly and concisely. Also google “45 speed dating questions” and practice your answers; as well as, use them in your discussions.

    9. Be positive and be prepared to invest a bit of time – first impressions are important. Just because you had a bad date or talked to a timewaster doesn’t mean the next person will do the same. “Are you for real?” or “How much are you offering?” is not a good way to greet a potential SD. If you are communicating through IM or email, use proper sentences and english. Save the IM slang and short notes for later.

  250. Annie SB- I know you asked katie-lee, but will inject my own answer here. In my experiences, photo collectors are those who don’t have a lot to say to you about your profile (or anything else for that matter) and just provide an email and ask you to send photos. I mean, that’s not always the case because some men truly just want to see if they like the merchandise before investing time in further communicado, but STILL…in that case, do you want a man who is ONLY interested in the outer package? Another sign of a photo collector are those who poof after you send photos. Again, there is another side to that situation too. The pot SD may not like the photos so feeling as though he is sparing the pot SB from hurt feelings, he just pulls a Houdini. Was all of that just incoherent babbling?

  251. SincereSD says:

    katie-lee says: You all seem to be having so much success at this! Maybe I’m just getting started during a slow season or something? I really have been getting nothing but photo collectors and straight-up “yo u wanna be my hooker” kind of responses. No real sugar to be found, on here or another popular pay-per-month site I’m trying (although my first sugar date is on Monday – here’s hoping!).

    Firstly. KL welcome to the blog.

    Secondly, you need to have patience in sugar dating. You can not expect to find a match in the week that you’ve been a member here. If you go back and read the previous blog, it took some of the blog SBs over a year to find a SD while others are still looking.

    I did an analysis during my last search and found that the odds were overwhelmingly in favor of SD. There were 8 active SB to every premium SD in Ontario (active SB defined as someone who logged on within 4 weeks).

  252. Annie SB says:

    And thanks sugar fam for all your support!!!!!!!!

  253. Annie SB says:

    Katie Lee: How do you decide someone is a photo collector? What is the red flag?

  254. Flo – I was going to say you sound very yoda-like, but hey, zen works too! 😉

    katie-lee – I lost countless hours of my life one night traversing through Sugar Blogs. Wow, I was actually mortified with some of the scenarios I came across and almost backed off from the whole arrangement scene from some of the horror stories I read. That’s when I decided to, in Flo’s words, choose my own path.

    Florida – what Flo said. Although, the “lemme know” closing personally made me cringe. But then those on the blog know my writing turn-offs so won’t be surprised.

    LASB – welcome home! We’ve missed you.

    ESB – So jealous you got to hang out with DC, but glad you all had a great time. One day, perhaps I will finally partake in the merriment you two (and her BF/SD) create.

    <Back to sleep. Methinks Thera-Flu is a borderline illegal street drug.

  255. Flo Rida says:

    katie-lee – it depends on what you mean by success. also some of the success is actually hard work and good luck. the non-SA blogs are only datapoints – you must choose your own path (my I do sound rather zen today)

    SweetE – methinks SS answered your question but ‘volenti non fit injuria’ (a volunteer cannot be injured – which is actually not true but I am in the twilight zone 2nite.)

    Anne – glad it went well.

  256. Flo Rida says:

    Florida – before you respond to Mr. Weekend offer for under a grand – you should really ask yourself the question ‘what do I want out of this?’ ‘how much is my time worth?’ ‘have you even met the guy yet?’ ‘do you feel comfortable with him?’
    What is my best alternative to a negotiated agreement? blah blah

    I think you know the answers to the questions – it’s a case of what is the right question.

    From your alter ego.

  257. katie-lee says:

    I’ve just started delving into the non-SA blogs … good lord, I’ll be up all night. No rest for the wicked.

  258. Florida says:

    Hey sugars!

    So, it’s day three and I feel like my head is going to explode! But I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it :) although a man has just e-mailed me trying to establish an arrangement. It would be weekends only, he would pay for my travel expenses, food, etc. And then, he made me a an “offer” aside from that which was pretty low let’s just say under a grand for the whole weekend…….Should I even respond?! I’m definitely above average and young! Oh yeah and he left off with, “lemme know”. Haha I need sugarfairy godmother to guide me : )

    midwest-thank you, your tips have helped a great deal!

    Lily and SS- I was up till 4am reading your blogs! Great stuff!

  259. katie-lee says:

    You all seem to be having so much success at this!

    Maybe I’m just getting started during a slow season or something? I really have been getting nothing but photo collectors and straight-up “yo u wanna be my hooker” kind of responses. No real sugar to be found, on here or another popular pay-per-month site I’m trying (although my first sugar date is on Monday – here’s hoping!).

    I had some basic, boring photos up, and have since changed them, but saw no change in responses.

    By the way – this blog is really, really great. When you can’t speak candidly about sugar with your friends or family, it’s nice to have somewhere to go. What else is a sugar girl to do?

    ALSO, before I forget – Toronto meet? Who do I talk to about details for that?

  260. Annie SB says:

    OC: I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH RIGHT NOW! My sugar date tonight was amazing!!! And the mantra is the best. I’ll tell you more later when my e-mail starts working again.

  261. LASB says:

    Ok, lacking sleep, obviously.
    *I’m glad to finally be home.*

  262. LASB says:

    Hi SugarFam! My trip was amazing but I’m glad finally be home. :)
    As usual, it looks like I’m late to the party. Hope everyone is having a nice, sugary weekend!

  263. TexasSugah.. who's like.. What?? says:

    Lily – got caught up in some work.. I emailed you.

  264. ESB says:

    I just got home from meeting DC and her BF/SD for drinks… not sure what was in it, but man, I had a bit to much.. I hope I didnt’ make a fool of myself in front of them.. but I’m home and safe, so that is all that matters…

    SS: AWw.. poor girl, so sorry you are not feeling well. Try Zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin C. It’s the same ingredients in either Air born, or… I forget, but it works! It’s also cheaper!! I had a nutritionist tell me. Kicked my cold right out!!

    Wonderland: Uh oh… I can’t wait to read what is going on now… this is like a soap opera… I’m hooked!!

    OK, I need to eat, then take BG to her friends.. I swear, I’m fine to drive or I wouldn’t. Be back soon!! HUGS!!

  265. Sweet Euro – I cannot see your full face. Maybe I need to delete cookies? This blog is public to ANYONE. You don’t have to have an account with SA to read – so in the event privacy is important to you and you like to keep your “sugar life” secret, stumbling across this blog who knows you could see your photo and find out immediately you are on the site. Also, there are stalking situations that arise. I just experienced a short-lived episode of stalking. But that’s a long story for a-whole-nother time and had nothing to do with my having a photo here. I digress.

    Lily – I dont’ think it’s a full-blown flu just yet. Currently, just a very bad cold trying to turn into the big bad flu methinks.

    Really stepping away now…

  266. Flo Rida, I’m assuming your comment was directed at me? Correct me if I’m wrong! :)

    Why isn’t it wise to have an actual photo?

  267. Lily says:

    Shoo, how did I miss that you have a flu? Crap, feel better. ascending and descending sucks with a stuffy head. Rest well.

  268. Lily says:

    Flo – you too!

  269. Flo – Incoming!

    All other sugars – I’m calling it an early night and getting in bed with a huge mug of hot, lemon Thera-Flu. That stuff knocks me out! I’m even (egads) silencing the BB so I won’t hear the email notifications that sometimes drag me out of bed because of my need to respond immediately (it’s a sickness, I swear).

    Have a wonderful night, everyone!

  270. Flo Rida says:

    Shoogar – I can’t blow the person’s cover. Btw who said a lady? But on my PC I can see a full face shot. He or she should know who he or she is. Let’s just say ‘we’ll always have Paris’ from Casablanca.

    Wonderland – beware the dark side of the force.

    Tschuss, mit freundlichen grussen – bis bald.

  271. Wonderland says:

    i’m saying so…….. will write about it in the morning.

    but i hope i’m wrong about this guy

  272. Lily says:

    second thoughts about mr. wonderful? say it isn’t so.

  273. Flo Rida says:

    Lily – TexasSugah – just a quick hi b4 I disappear. Have fun ladies.

  274. Flo – Who has an actual photo? I can only see full lips on my screen for Sweet Euro. DC has lips too. Anna Molly has a cartoon devil with halo. Cleo has a partial hot pilates bod shot. OC has an Easter peep or maybe she is back to being Samantha? I have a pink Jimmy Choo heel.

  275. Wonderland says:

    well, i’m having second thoughts! will write more in tomorrow’s blog

  276. Flo Rida says:

    Forgive the brazen uninvited comment – but it’s not wise to have an actual photo as an avatar. If it’s a fake photo then that’s cool.

    Wonderland – you write very well & show your personal emotions – I truly wish it works out well.

    Shoogar – get better! I sent you an email.

    Hi Cleo, Anna Molly & anyone else around.

  277. Lily says:

    ESB – Ft. Lauderdale

    Texas Sugah – I haven’t gotten your email still….?

  278. Hi, Cleo!

    Lily… Wow! I’ve just finished reading, it’s incredible…! Thank you so much :) I really appreciate it!

    Shoogar, I’ve just finished reading all four parts, it looks like you had a lovely evening and the man you interviewed sounds charming!

  279. Lils – Verbose is one of my favorite words and a PERFECT word to describe your letters. All of them are written very enthusiastically though I can tell. Each paragraph extracts a variety of emotions and I suddenly morph into Asian Lily as I read each one. Ha ha. Scary thought, huh?

  280. Lily says:

    Hey Cleo!

    SE, you have mail. I spent an hour on it, so if it sucks, don’t blame me.

    Shoo – great 4th installment. I loved it. You owe me about seventeen emails but I don’t expect you to sit down and match my verbosity while on the road, so you’re forgiven. 😉

  281. Thank you :)

    Ooooh the flu is nasty, I hope you feel better soon! I love the interview, it’s so interesting to hear things from a SDs point of view!

  282. Hi SweetEuro! Have I told you your avatar is beautiful? If I’m repeating this, I blame it on the flu meds.

  283. Shoogar, I’m going to go and read your blog now :)

  284. Lils – I owe you an email or two, or three?

  285. This must be a blog catching up weekend for us all! I FINALLY have the last part of my interview with a Sugar Daddy posted!! Enjoy your Saturday evenings. I’m packing, resting and still fighting a semi-FLU.

  286. Lily says:

    JetSet, where are you? How did that date go two days ago?

  287. Michael AZSD says:

    NYGent – congratulations on financing Dame Edna!! I grew up in Australia and Dame Edna / Barry Jumphries are cultural icons, my heroes (heroines?) and freakin’ funny.

    I actually have a photo of myself, Dame Edna and my then 4 year old daughter hanging on to me for dear life!

  288. NEOhio SB says:

    Good morning sugar family!!
    Chiming in quickly as i had a wonderful evening with SD last nite, continuining on through the weekend, but have a bit of a window and wanted to catch up on a few things on the blog ( unf. will take me forever to truly catch up)

    NY Gent ~~ Buckeyes final 4…Had them playing the Hoyas in my bracket…so much for that. Forget Turner last nite, Lauderdale and the few others stole the show and put on a great performance. Im heading to Indy, hope they show up too. :)

    ESB ~~ Congrats on the SD arrangement. Again, telling the SBs…Patience is soooo impt. in the sugar bowl.

    SDN ~~Where are you hiding?

    To the rest of the blogers and lurkers, hope you all have a great sugar filled weekend and enjoy the nice weather ( Sorry VC, but please do NOT send your snow to me).

  289. Anna Molly says:

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend! 😀

  290. Wonderland says:

    thanks all for the comments on my other blog…. will definitely keep you posted.

  291. Michael AZSD – Great story on how you met your current SB! I agree, LDR can be very difficult the more serious they become, but they DO work. Have a great trip to LA!

  292. Michael AZSD says:

    Morning all …

    I don’t have any sugars in my family, but I did meet my current SB through family. Her big sister is on SA and she introduced me to her younger sister. We have the greatest time together. :-)

    I am off to LA in a couple of hours to spend the rest of the weekend with her. I am SO looking forward to it!! It is a LDR (I am in Phoenix AZ, she is in LA) and we get together every 2 weeks either there, here or somewhere else (we did Vegas a couple of weeks ago). The LDR thing is working for now, but if it ever got serious it wold be v difficult.

    Many years ago I did a IRL LDR thing – she was in Dallas and I was in Australia. We ended up moving to Japan for a year, got married in New Zealand. They do work out, but it takes patience.

  293. Michael AZSD says:

    Midwest – amen to those rules for Florida.

    Always have the first couple of meets in public – I treat the first meetings like a cross between a date and an interview.

    If the other person is not respectful, move on (quickly). The real ones are looking for a trusting & respectful relationship – so it has to start out that way!

  294. Wonderland – You’ve taken a great journalistic approach. Short, engaging, sassy and to the point. I have bookmarked.

  295. Wonderland says:

    Shoogar Shoes- I try to generalise details and not give too much away, but I’m rubbish with advice so hopefully a first hand account can be helpful on its own.

  296. Wonderland – great story! Great blog. I posted a comment. I have a difficult time keeping up with my blog too – especially since I have chosen not to share my personal experiences and make it more of a guide for sugar dating. Makes it less exciting, I know. However, I am still great friends with my past SDs and seem to remain friends with most pots too so I don’t want to write about them. I have only had a few questionable experiences that could ensue bits of hilarity and make an interesting story, but alas, I just don’t feel like writing about those either. I do have a personal (hand-written) journal I keep at home. Now THAT, could make for an interesting mini-series if it got into the wrong hands!

  297. TexasSugah who got dumped by one SD says:

    Morning y’all

    OC- I love your mantra. I’m going to put it on my vision board along with the Porche and Birkin bag I want. Lol. But seriously, positive thinking is key

    I read a pretty good book, the golddiggers guide. The title Is for shock value really. It’s basically how to attract a man with purpose and means. Quick and comical read.

    Twin- I’m a newbie too. I did read a couple of blogs back about a male sugarbaby. Use the search feature.

    About fakes- be true to yourself. Don’t agree to anything that you’re not ok with. I mean when you go to bed you don’t loose sleep like ” what did I do??”

    Miami SD is still around. He’s been through a lot with funerals. I miss talking to him.

    Wonderland I can’t wait to hear what happened.

    Lily-I’m going to email you shortly.

    Have a great Saturday!!

  298. Wonderland says:

    ESB: Well, I mean I’m not normally one to jump head first into things especially after the experience of it not working out for me so well, but going to give it a try. Fingers crossed and you can read all about it.

  299. Wonderland says:

    OC: Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So jealous. It’s a wellies day here today, I wish it was sunny :(

    Shoogar: Thanks girl! I’m trying my best to keep up with my blog. It’s going to be a documentary type of blog from day 1 to the day my premium account expires.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Hi Wonderland! A Wellies day? Well make the best of it and go
      puddle splashing!

      ESB! Use sunblock!!! :)

      Shoo I hope you feel better! Oh ya B-I-G big :)

  300. ESB says:

    Wonderland: HOLY CRAP!! Welll, I wasnt’ expecting that either!! WOW!! I hope it works out for you!! Best of luck, and I am happy for you.

    HI OC & SS. I’m off to run… I”ve lost 6 lbs so far, so I am going to stay with it!! Going to get some sun today, too, since I have the house to myself, and the next door neighbor isn’t home this weekend. I’m so white I’d blind anyone who dared to look my way!! 😉

    Have a wonderful day!!… OH, who’m I kidding… I’ll be back later!! HUGS!!

  301. OC – hasn’t the weather just been all around gorgeous on BOTH coasts?? Wow. Enjoy your day at the beach! I have come down with a slight cold and will probably bask in the sun a bit as I learned soaking in Vitamin D (moderately, of course) through nude sunbathing can help with our immune systems! Not to mention, give our body a nice glow! Big big big? Ooooh, sounds exciting! Have a blast!

  302. Good morning!

    Lily – There are quite a few places to shop in the area you will be in. There is Las Olas Blvd, also known as “style Mile” – a lot of independently owned boutiques and cute cafes with outdoor seating for breaks from retail therapy. A fabulous vintage shop in Fort Lauderdale is called Vintage-a-Go-Go. Prices are phenomenal (especially compared to vintage shops in NYC).

    ESB (and others) re: LDR – I actually prefer LDR. I like and need my space. It has always been the other person who grew weary of the distance. Because of my independence and lack of needing to see the other person all the time, it often created a gap and sometimes even insecurities on their part in feeling I didn’t want to see them. That was never the case.

    Wonderland – going to check out your blog now!

  303. Wonderland says:

    Okay the story is up check out my blog girls!!! xx

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Hi Shoo, Wonderland, ESB and others!
      Enjoy the day, I am off to the beach today…
      Big big big sugar plans for tonight :)

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Sorry Lily! I love you too :)
        I do however agree with NYC SB on the
        mass Euro email of SA SD’s on your
        meet. But what’s done is done.
        Who knows it may be the Sugar
        event of the year!

  304. ESB says:

    Wonderland: You’re such a tease!! :)

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Good Morning Sugars!
      Happy Saturday to you all :)
      Holy blog explosion…
      Anne SB have a wonderful time with your pot today!
      I will think happy thoughts for you. All the pre-work
      we have done will shine shine shine. Remember
      the mantra …
      Repeat after me“I will attract a sweet caring sugar who knows how to be a gentleman and will make an amazing difference in my life! “
      You will have fun and he is a lucky sugar ~OC

  305. Wonderland says:

    ESB: You will have to wait and see…..

  306. ESB says:

    Good Morning sugar family!! Lots of catching up to do…

    As for LDR, I was in one, but it was very difficult. He was the worlds biggest flirt, loved to have tons of women on his string, and my jealousy got the best of us… but the phone call from his cell to me from his OTHER GF was the killer… Hard to stay faithful to someone you can’t see enough. This all took place last Sept., we (mostly he) stayed in touch, trying to work things out, but I have not heard from him in over a week.. I think he has finally moved on. YEAH!!

    NYGent: Go Buck’s!!

    Midwest: Yes, it’s formal, and we begin our journey Mon. night. I am so excited, but nervous. He’s a sweetheart, so I’m sure we will be fine… my nerves are more about leaving BG with her dad… just to much tension there. There are many reasons he is my X…. and he will be my official X on April 8 if all goes well in court!

    Twin: I have been here since early Sept. and just now got into an arrangement. Mostly my fault.. I had one with in a month, but had some “stuff” going on I had to take care of, and wasn’t sure what I wanted out of this. That should be your first step… deciding what you want from this. Then do what you need to accomplish it.

    Wonderland: that don’t sound good…

    Lily: you’re going to be in Miami, is that correct? Don’t know that area all that well, but Naples… ahh.. can’t wait to get there this summer!! I’m hoping to be caught up with my bills and do some shopping. Going to need some retail therapy spending time with my mom!!

  307. Wonderland says:

    Hello Sugars, hope everyone is having a great weekend.
    Meeting last night went quite unexpectedly as things took a BIG u turn.
    Not sure what to think about it but will post it on my private blog later on.

  308. Lily says:

    So shopping tips, in general? I’m coming to the US in a couple of weeks and would love some stellar shopping tips of clothes & accessories that i could or should target, shopping-wise, while I’m in town. ebay is a beautiful thrift store…. Certain classic leather items I should covet but just don’t know about them? Where are my shoe/bag/belt whores? I need a clutch. All colors. I have no clutches. Or evening wristlet type bags at all.
    And designer denim that’s not all hype?
    Simple basic pieces that stay amazing, wash after wash (silky soft cotton made exceptionally strong and smooth, in vibrant colors?)
    Lingerie that’s crazy durable but uniquely gorgeous? Say something original!
    Stylish boutiques that offer very well styled but classic/timeless looks to get a new “little black dress” or gorgeous blouse from?

  309. Florida says:

    Thank You everyone for the advice! I will definitely be back :)

  310. Anne SB – ah, I totally get it. It’s tough when you have to squeeze that time in, but good for you for making the effort. Glad it went well and good luck with your exams! :)

  311. Anne SB says:

    Thank you all for the good luck! It was actually really nice and he was very sweet, a little nervous, but I’m really glad. We’re supposed to meet up later again in the week. I think it is going to turn out nice. We got along really well and he was VERY charming. I can see myself having something with him.

    Shoogar: Yea well 50% excited because I have two HUGE exams next week and I hate loosing study time. I know that’s an awful thing to say, but you know….

  312. Welcome, Twin. I don’t know how much insight I can share on being a male Sugar Baby (since I’m not one), but I think we used to have a few male SBs on the blog. You can search the archives. Asking your questions here may also bring some out of lurk mode. Best of luck to you!

  313. I have the BB Bold. Rarely visit SA from it – especially when posts have gotten beyond 100 comments. If I’m not at my laptop and really fiending to find out what’s going on here, I will just scroll over to Comment RSS using my BB and it will show me the last 10 comments. You cannot leave a comment in that mode – just read. The only reason I even attempted to leave a comment from my BB today was because I happened to hop on (while in the pedi-spa seat) when a new post was up and I was commenter no. 3. (Winnah!)

    Chitown SB – True story. Thank you. Glad to see you posting again too. Sorry about your performer, but glad she is okay!

    Message in a bottle for the Euro SB who requested Spanxx: Got ’em. You will be the proud owner of “Bod-a-Bing” in three weeks. Wear with pride.

    Anne SB – why only 50% excited? Just curious. If I ever felt I was less than, oh say, 99% excited, I didn’t bother to waste my time or his. But that’s me. How did yours go?

    Welcome, Florida. (This could get confusing)

    What’s this about press and photogs going to Euro Meet? Are we talking National Enquirer, US Weekly or National Geographic?

  314. SDiva says:

    My sis use to be a SB a long time ago. I am trying to get my bff to join. She’s skinny and pretty so she’s probably to better than me on here.

  315. Twin says:

    Hey SugarFamily, I’m very new to this and need a lot help. I am a male sugar Baby looking for a sugar mommy now for about a few weeks but no luck. Believe me! I’m not giving up just would like some more insight and help please thank you all who read this blog Talk to you later Family!!

  316. Lourdes says:

    Hi SugarFamily, not so sure about crackberry..I loveee my BB and I practically do everything from there..xcept SA :( I have the 9000 BOLD and I have kept trying and the login page is just not working. Its all right.

    Welcome Florida :)
    How can you tell? I think is mostly with your sixth sense..if it smells like fishy..most likely is a FISH…

    Im also new here, and Im embracing this journey. You can go and check Lily’s and ShoogarShoes and other blogs by clicking on their name . I m absolutely addicted to their blogs and they have sooo much insightful information based on their experience.

    Im hanging around online..maybe do a little shopping..just bored..anyone else around ?

  317. NYGent says:

    I assume Florida different from Flo Rida but maybe one is code name for the other. Deny everything as they say . . .

    Ohio State all the way in NCAAA (NE Ohio SB if you’re listening)

    NYorkers: go see “All About Me” with Dame Edna and Michael Feinstein. It’s fun. Disclosure: I am an investor so hoping to recoup my $$.

    Maybe press and photogs s/b invited to the EURO meeting too

  318. Midwest says:

    Florida – Welcome! There is a lot of advice in the blog archives, but for now, here are some basics:
    1- A real SD won’t ask you to meet him at a hotel for an hour and pay you $xxx
    2- A real SD won’t typically hit you up for phone sex right away
    3- A real SD is respectful, understands that allowances/ gifts/ travel are the norm and not a sign of a desparate man.
    4- It’s ok to ask for pictures once for verification…several requests and requests for nude pics are out.

    There are a lot of flakes on both sides, so always err on the side of caution. Use your best judgement about going to a man’s home, in his car, etc. If you travel, be able to pay your way back in case it goes sour.

    Have a thick skin as you weed out the fakes and wannabes. There are GREAT sds on this site! Some patience can carry you far!

  319. Florida says:

    Hey everyone!

    this only my second day on here, and I’ve gotten lots of responses. But how can you tell a fake SD from a real SD? any other pointers are greatly appreciated as well :)

  320. Flo Rida says:

    Lourdes – my understanding is that only one Crackberry model allows you to surf and post on SA. i’ve been a Palm user (now Treo) since the original Palm Pilot but all my friends use Crackberry – i’m the last hold out.

    Lily – just be ultra careful on meet security (but i’m ultra ultra paranoid)

    Just got home and my brackets that i’ve checked stand at 15 running horses versus 7 fallen and 10 undecided or I just don’t know result.

  321. TexasSugah.. who's like.. What?? says:

    WOW Lily.. all those locales…

    The green eyed monster is lurking… I’ll have to get a sugardaddy so I can make a jump across the pond.

    Good luck Anne SB

    Lourdes – stay patient it’ll work out..

  322. TexasSugah.. who's like.. What?? says:

    Hey ya’ll,

    Lot’s going on here…Midwest – I’m not trippin. At least I see that if you go against him he’ll cut ya quick! Oh my! I’ve moved on..

    I am pretty sure there have been other sugarbabies in the family but no one is owning up to it.

    I mentioned wealthy boyfriends to my mother and she was fine. Now if she knew that married ones were on the table.. she’s FREAK.. shhhhh

  323. Midwest says:

    Hi Eric! Wish I could answer your LDR question, but the farthest I’ve done in my life is 3 hours. We got married for 9 years …does that help?

    Anne SB – Have a wonderful time!

    Lourdes – I like the blackberry default browser for SA. It works fine. Press the wheel to switch from the text boxes to the submit button/page.

  324. Lily says:

    Eric, hi! Welcome to our euro meet on April 23-25!

    Was planning Copenhagen, but now may change venues due to NCGent’s scheduling conflict making Copenhagen obsolete. I vote warm. Athens? Rome? Naples? Palermo? What’s a city ryanair flies to?? All of ’em?

  325. Lourdes says:

    I tried to log from Crackberry but somehow its not letting me sign on to the SA site :(

  326. Good luck Anne! Enjoy yourself :)

  327. Anne SB says:

    Hey Sugar Fam,

    I’ve got a sugar date tonight and I’ve been sitting with setting for like hours looking at my closet! I’m 50% excited. Maybe it will go well.


  328. BostonHoney says:

    No Sugars that I know of with my friends and family. I have told a few women about this site and they were interested. I don’t know if they joined or not….

    I had met someone via this site whom I thought was really great and interested in a non SA relationship. Turns out he held it against me that I was on here and didn’t want to pursue anything. Broke myhearty for a while-lonely Valentine’s Day (my Betsy Johnson V-Day girlie shoes and red dress stayed in the closet) I haven’t had a SD. I only had a long term IRL boyfriend who was generous but became too controling.

    For now… I read the blog once in a while and don’t have an SA account. I am focusing on building my business, cooking a lot, taking horseback riding lessons, and improving my shot in Sporting Clays…

    XO. Boston Honey

  329. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Eric!! Good to see you too! 😀

  330. Lily says:

    And Midwest, he was from meetingmillionaires dot com, not SA. So technically he has a leg to stand on with not agreeing with arrangements, since he never signed on to this site. *shrug*

  331. Lily says:

    I finalllllllllllllllly updated my blog after ten days of silence. Every EuroSexy detail that could be published, was, and more. If you have time to kill and want to peruse into my life, go for it!

  332. Unfortually there’s no other sugars in my family, I try to convince my mom to find her self a good SD, because her current bf isn’t the most fun guy I’ve met..

    But for now I’ll keep the sugar flowing on my own in my family, and I am yet to have heard of anyone else in Sweden that does this either, it would seem I am one of the few..

    Has anyone had any successful long distance arrangements? If so, how did it go?
    I find it a lot harder to meet people now that I’m back in Scandinavia compared to when I lived in the US (obviously)..

    Hey AM & Midwest, good to see you guys :)

  333. Midwest says:

    Off for a mani / pedi – Ahhhh. Well-deserved after volunteering to unload PALLETS of art/education supplies that were donated to a fellow non-profit. Wish a massage could be managed :-)

  334. Chitown SB says:

    Midwest- thanks! Im hoping this one is a true gent who gets the whole “sugar” concept.

    Sigh, one of my performers just got hit by a car while riding her bike. She is ok but it will affect her performance tonight. Damn Chicago drivers sometimes! Even if I am one of them…

  335. Anna Molly says:

    No sugars in my family either, well, none that I know of.

  336. Chitown SB says:

    Shoogar, that’s heartwarming!

  337. Midwest says:

    Evening sugars!

    There are no sugars in my family. I have shared this with my bff and she was intrigued!

    Sugar plans for the weekend? I’m heading for Chicago for four nights! Have a “date” with an SB and a pot’l while I’m there.

    Texas – Don’t sweat it…at least he isn’t wasting anymore of your time.

    SG2 – I hope this new sb works out for you! She’s a lucky lady. I usually like to get expectations on the table date 2 and some preliminary discussions on the phone. Date 1 is strictly getting to know someone and deciding if you want to move to date 2.

    Kittie – I like your profile and I’ve had similar results…755 views/ when I look to see who viewed me, 260 come up – this means lot of repeat views/ 60 e-mails in the last month. A few of the e-mails were repeats…many were weeded out. A few gems rose to the top. I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

    Lilly – I understand wanting a big crowd at the Euro meet…maybe there is a compromise like a generic euro meet and the bloggers can join. Then, a more personal meet with the bloggers. As you know, many on SA are not here for the reasons SA intended them to be…why would a guy be on SA, then call you a prostitute for wanting an allowance…get my drift? Plus, f the SDs are feeling like hosts, a big meet could get well out of control.

    Chitown- have a great time tonight!

    ESB – I didn’t know it was formal! Congrats lady!

  338. I am the result of a sugar arrangement turned marriage.

    My dad was my mom’s Sugar Daddy. There was 30 years age difference between them. They fell madly in love, married, had 4 children together. He gave her the world. Still, after she left him for a much younger man, he never remarried, raised all 4 kids on his own and was always still there for her. He loved her madly. And he was also the most amazing man I have ever had in my life; flaws and all.

    Using my Crackberry to post so hope this works…

    Have not caught up on the blog; busy day.

  339. No Sugars in my family, although my Mum did want to join when I first joined! She thought it looked like fun but decided against it in the end..

  340. Chitown SB says:

    No sugars in my family that I know of, I don’t think they’d approve.

    Meeting an artistic pot SD tonight, and working all weekend, thats about it. Hopefully seeing SushiSD on Wed…maybe…