9 years ago
Important Benefits

9 years ago
Important Benefits

There are many sugar arrangements that include health insurance, which is no surprise considering 52% of Sugar Babies polled aren’t covered. Yet the demand for health insurance may decrease in Sugarland as a result of certain components of the new health care bill.

Family coverage has been extended to children up to 26 years old, yet even if a Sugar Baby had parents with insurance, would she rather them pay the additional premium, or a Sugar Daddy cover the whole thing?

James: “On the topic of health, I wouldn’t pay for someone’s health insurance directly for a number of reasons. But I have encouraged my SB’s to get coverage (for example, through the Freelancers Union if they’re self-employed), have considered that essential cost of living in setting an appropriate amount, and have increased the allowance when premiums increased. I have also paid for special situations, like dental emergencies, which are typically not covered by insurance. Nothing is more important than good health, and if you care about someone, you’re going to want to make sure they are well covered.”

Sweety~AKA BG*395953: “I don’t think a SD should pay for Health insurance, if you get an allowance you can get your own! But, since i’m in Canada, it’s free!”

Lisa:“Health insurance pay would be a good asset. I don’t have insurance and have not been to a doctor since my daughter was born 17 years ago, and then I only went when I was in labor, no prenatal care at all and she was born healthy with no problems so health insurance would be ok but I would prefer shopping. My mom is 68 and has not been to the doctor since 1974 when she was 34 and she is healthy. my family all drops dead of heart attacks in their late 70’s.”

Sugar Babies: What is the most important way a Sugar Daddy/Mommy can support you?

Sugar Daddies: Are there certain wants or needs you would not support a Sugar Baby with? Care to share?

How has the sugar been lately?


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  1. cleo says:

    shooger i would love to exchange recipe except this is mine:

    go to the store
    buy all the veggies that look good and seem like they might ‘go together’
    boil a chicken carcass for a while
    chop de veggies
    add a pile of veggies (and lots of garlic/onion)
    add pepper/cayenne/salt
    cook for a while
    put in fridge


    but i’d love to try an ACTUAL recipe sometime, all my soups are made ‘wing it’ style
    Redondo: it sounds like you had one kind of expectation and she had another. many of the sb’s i know will accept a lower allowance from a man they are greatly attracted to and many won’t.

    that said, even if you manage to make the arrangement end of the deal work out there’s still the problem of lifestyle and attitude

    to ME a place with exposed brick and a spiral staircase sounds LOVELY but other people want the top floor at the four seasons. i guess what i’m saying is that if you like quiet nights by a fire and reading together and she likes the latest cool restaurant/lounge you’re doomed regardless.

    i’m guessing she used the money as a substitute for ‘not really compatible’

  2. SSSD says:

    Redondo wrote: “Hello all, first time poster here. I’d like to know what everyone thinks of this situation.”

    Welcome Redondo.

    The situation as you describe it tells me that you two aren’t a good match. I’m sorry that her response made you feel bad about your place. But it seems that even if you did have an arrangement with her she might keep looking for an upgraded deal. Knowing this ahead of time, though painful, is probably better in the long run.

    But I fear, however reasonable it is for you to ask for advice here, that it may have been unwise to let it be known you are writing about a regular blogger here. Personal comments are easily misconstrue which often leads to flaming, defensive posting, personal attacks, and various emotional responses that aren’t healthy for the blog. I hope all the blog participants, including the principals involved, will try to keep level emotions and try to keep truly personal information in private emails.

    Caveat lector.

  3. SSSD says:

    Lily wrote: “Question: do most of you hope for a cushion period or parting sum at the end of an arrangement…”

    My contracts do not have a severance since they pay out the entire period even if the romance ends earlier. The minimum contract is one year. Under such terms it seems fair to make it the responsibility of the SB to plan for the end of the contract. My contracts are actual contracts that involve having the SB hire on as an independent contractor. This means they are also responsible for their own taxes and so on.

    Good news, Lily, that your company is being supported. I like that approach a lot especially when structured as an investment (or debt.)

  4. SSSD says:

    Shoogar: “Oh, and I’m a lyrical poet, in case you didn’t know it.” I can’t believe the blog has quoted Vanilla Ice. Doth no shame remain in the main?

    I thought the rhyme sounded more Dr. Seuss than suburban rapper. I had to look up the actual lyric: “Ice Ice Baby. Take heed, ‘cos I’m a lyrical poet. Miami’s on the scene just in case you didn’t know it.”

    Glad to hear that your experience is furthering your life planning. I always say that there are no negative experiences, however painful they may be, as long as you are learning something and improving yourself.

  5. Redondo says:

    Hello all, first time poster here. I’d like to know what everyone thinks of this situation.

    SB contacted me last month and we got in touch. We had some long talks on the phone about our lives, kids, marriages, and careers. We talked about the nature of the SB/SD relationship, commitment, emotional factors, etc. We both agreed that we were looking for a long (or at least medium) term arrangement, not just a hook-up. She seemed like a down-to-earth, easy-going American girl.

    My financial offer was less than what she had asked for in her profile, and I was very careful to explain this before we met. I outlined my financial position and made it clear what would and would not be realistic for me, at least initially. Especially since she lived over an hour away, I didn’t want her wasting her time (or mine) if she wasn’t going to be happy with the money.

    We met and had a nice dinner, and she seemed eager and excited about starting the arrangement. The following week she came to my place for an overnight visit. I gave her what I promised, and then some. Over the next two days we chatted briefly.

    Then she sent me a long e-mail, the jist of which was that my apartment was dumpy, the money was inadequate, and I obviously couldn’t afford her. She expected a 4-star hotel, breakfast in bed, etc. Mind you, this was a nightly (not even monthly) rental place which happens to be convenient to my work. I think it’s a cool place, with exposed brick walls and a spiral staircase, but she obviously wasn’t impressed.

    I tried to respond and talk to her, but she won’t call me. Her last text just said there’s nothing to talk about and she’s not interested.

    This SB has debts which for me would not be a big problem to help her with, but are for her. Apparently this girl thinks she is entitled to go from being flat on her butt broke, to queen of the royal entourage without putting in any serious effort along the way. Yes, she is beautiful and good in bed, but, to put it gently, is not the youngest any more. And she lives in an area where there are not a lot of guys with money to burn.

    Oh, and yes, she posts here regularly, and if you’re reading this, you know who you are and are welcome to respond.

  6. Lily says:

    Shoo, your style is so scientific! I love it. I want to don an apron and join you in the lab as your apprentice and someday master your knowledge base. I, too, want to graduate my sugar pursuits to the higher echelons of quantifiable, measurable, major-league-sugar dating. As you said, finding someone to “pay the bills” is quite easy to find, and I don’t have any debt. So time to think bigger!

    I have actually already started doing that a bit, and April, month 3 with zazaSD & BaldHottie, enters a new phase oriented nearly entirely on them putting starting capital into my own company’s account, and helping to drum up business for me via their best contacts. BaldHottie is even having an employee spend some working hours building my professional website. Time for Lily to get a little busier, and start using my energy & wits to earn the lifestyle I enjoy, and also bank up some serious reserves & build my own future financial security, like Shoo was saying.

    I still love meeting new potSDs, even traveling within
    Europe to do so, despite NYCSB’s opinion that I’m ‘nuts.’ 😉 (you’re right, actually, gorgeous!). I sort of want to keep my options open for a really amazing & English speaking SD to come in and steal the show with his amazingness, but getting busier domestically means less time to jet-set abroad. Oh, well. My part-time travel SDs aren’t half bad. Eurosexy calls from Asia, missing me like crazy, and lawyer guy keeps me cracking up swith goofy, witty comedy via emails and calls. Can’t wait to see them I’m April.
    I hope by June, to have my sugar life more figured out and sorted to my greatest advantage for future success, rather than just temporary alleiviance of my financial pressures.

    Question: do most of you hope for a cushion period or parting sum at the end of an arrangement, or do you feel it’s your own responsibility to plan for such lapses in sugar when you are between arrangements, and absorb your expenses during that time by having saved up ahead of time…?

  7. themidwestSB – welcome and yes, I received your email. I will be getting back with you this weekend or early next week, the latest.

    cleo – we will have to exchange homemade chicken noodle soup recipes one day. I have mastered that soup and it is SO DELICIOUS.

    Re: allowance/budget. When I had a profile, I always left it open/negotiable. Of course, as we all do, I have a set amount for living expenses, but my arrangement pursuits have never been about just finding someone to pay my bills. Quite honestly, that has been easy to find. My long-term goal is to fulfill a few career-oriented dreams that will offer me future financial stability/security. Even with a well-written business plan in place, there was never a number I could affix to that goal. However, with some wonderful recent mentoring, I know the areas I need to improve upon in order to better define, understand and measure how an arrangement needs/should work for me.

  8. james.m – yes, ’twas Mark Twain, indeed. I stand corrected and having visited the Mark Twain Museum in Hannibal, Missouri on many a school trips, I should have remembered that.

    SSSD – Yes, isn’t it ironic? Oh, and I’m a lyrical poet, in case you didn’t know it. (Neither Shakespeare nor Mr. Twain can be credited for that line. In fact, it was Vanilla Ice.)

    Lily – Your kitties sound adorable! By the way, I have a created a “Lily” file in my Shoo Inbox and will be catching up this weekend.

    It is 2:40 a.m. here. I JUST WALKED INTO MY HOUSE. I am very happy to be home (flu free, thankyouveramuch).

  9. Lily says:

    disclaimor: still not a billionaire. am only guessing.

    Shoo – so glad to hear your wild and busy week has come to a conclusion and you can breathe again (hopefully sans any flu), and that there was a wonderful sugar in your week. I’m SURE he is also feeling great about the time spent with you this week. His tiarra shining.

    Flo – I agree with Shoo, I’m sure you will get your groove back on in a jiffy. Spies land on their feet.

    But not these kittens. They are having wild fighting tournaments with one another and not always so graceful! They keep me laughing though.

    Hope everyone’s friday was good and HELLO SATURDAY!

    Good morning all!

  10. Lily says:

    I think some billionaires don’t care terribly much about the motivating factor, because they are capable of screening/weeding out undesirables (trying to farm them for cash, only) and seeing who ‘sticks’ and forms a real friendship, under the test of…. time. People show their true colors eventually, the truth will always reveal itself, blah blah blah bladdy blah blah blah blah. Shallow, manipulative people are pretty easy to spot and figure out.

  11. SSSD says:

    Yaz: yes, billionaires have insecurities for that very reason.

    DC, the Forbes list is quite inaccurate. A better list is kept internally by private wealth management companies, but even that is quite inaccurate. How you even count assets is quite tricky.

    I’m guessing that SBs are probably more interested in the kinds of clients that private wealth companies also prefer — stable and more real assets rather than paper assets. Particularly since it allows them to leverage more effectively, although as NYGent points out the recent real estate market certainly showed that property aren’t real assets any more. I suppose once the derivatives come in, everything can be a volatile paper asset.

    Flo, I’m sorry to hear about your situation.

    NYGent also mentioned that IRL is a better place to meet qualified very wealthy SDs. Based on my SA experience that may be true. The overhead of going through the lists of SA responses without the benefit of a human network recommendation is tiring. Many very wealthy SDs won’t have the time or patience. It’s like the difference between browsing through NetFlix for a movie versus having your friends recommend a movie. Especially at $5k per month, as James says.

    I’ve dated models. It didn’t require purchasing part of a modeling agency. There are other ways.

    Shoogar, what a coincidence… looks like we both had good sugar. Your description was more lyrical, though. Congratulations and good luck.

    Yaz, Beach Girl, Midwest, and others, thank you for your kind wishes.

  12. Michael AZSD says:

    Cleo – incoming…

  13. cleo says:

    Michael well they say the aussies and the canadians have a long standing amity toward each other. figures how many things they have in common.

    we’re not always appropriate, we just… pick our times

  14. Michael AZSD says:

    Cleo – just like Oz.

    You Canadiennes – always so appropriate…..

  15. cleo says:

    holy crap my soup is awesome!

    sorry, just had to share and you all are the lucky winners *laughs at self*
    Michael the canadian foreign service actually charges its employees $800/month rent (half decent apartment in ottawa) regardless of whether they live in a villa or hovel while on a posting. This is so that a canadian salary is always ‘appropriate’

  16. Michael AZSD says:

    Cleo – exactly!

    Allowance is very location dependent. In other parts of the country you get mansion – for the same $ in Manhattan you get a shoe box (albeit with very nice shoes….)


  17. cleo says:

    Jade that’s funny – on the ‘regular’ dating sites i get a slew of 20 year olds hitting on me (am 38) and none of them seem to want to get paid… well other than the privilege of sleeping with me that is

    i don’t get it though

    incidentally i asked where you live because in my city 1500 gets you a nice apartment with the bills paid (not medical insurance bills, cost of apartment bills like heat) so it’s a lot harder to ask for 5k than it is in manhattan where my space would run about 4500 (i’m told)

  18. cleo says:

    DC your profile must have been dynamite when it still existed…
    Michael: no shiraz here – still have a head cold

    did make some chicken soup today so we’ll see how it tastes in about 2 minutes
    seriously what is with me and the homemade soup lately?

    so good but so unexpected…

  19. Michael AZSD says:

    Hey DC – $5k per month = $60k per year cash. The point is to get get $60k cash after tax, you need to earn $90k – $100k before tax.

    I am enjoying a rather lovely glass of Shiraz – you?


  20. cleo says:

    Jade where do you live?

  21. Jade says:

    So I asked one of my male friends what would he wants allowance for dating a female twice his age and he tells me ” a million dollars paid upfront though ! lol !

    Why did men find themselves to be of more value then most females?

  22. themidwestSB says:

    Hello, new lurker here and have very much enjoyed reading the discussions. Seeing as I’m a male SB looking for a SD things are not any easier however I do not let it deter me. At any rate, I have e-mailed a few of you on here and hope to get some good advice. Take care everybody and have a great weekend!

  23. DC says:

    Let’s just say it afforded a ton of entertaining messages =D

  24. DC says:

    For the hot minute I had a profile, I had open/negotiable…

  25. Jade says:

    I would think renting a human would be pricey like I am sure Anna Nicole was ! To me 1-3 K is not even worth the drama.

  26. DC says:

    Alright, I’ve had a few too many glasses of wine – but am I the only person who thinks 5K per month does NOT equal 100K pre tax?
    James.m, darling – you’re very fine and dandy, but …. my tipsy, overly educated mind seems to have a different opinion.
    SDs willing to put up $5k per month. That’s $100,000 annually pre tax. 5K x 12 = 70K.

    Did I miss something?

  27. cleo says:

    james they would be much better to put

    or the like

    almost all of us could then pick 2-4 which is far more reasonable i think

    the CFL definitely has penalties BUT not so much for excessive use of quotation marks…

  28. james.m says:

    Cleo – I never really knew what “open” meant, adn you’re right, it “opens” it up to all sorts of strnge guys. And I can see that “1 – 3” limits you on the upside. But, “3- 5” probably rules out too many SDs who are in the upper end of the lower range. Plus, 3 – 5 always struck me as seeming “entitled”. “Open” works better for an SD.

    I like Midwest’s idea of putting expectations in prose in the profile, you can put it in context there.

    OK, I should be get a 5 yard penalty for excessive use of quotation marks. Cleo – is there such a thing in the CFL?

  29. Midwest says:

    james.m – very true about the pre-tax income. I suppose a better approach could be put open-negotiable, but then put an amount you are truly seeking in the description. You provide so much more :-) Some things don’t come with a price tag.

  30. cleo says:

    er suggestions of pay to play i mean

  31. cleo says:

    james.m to be fair i’d be content with a far smaller allowance, but the second you put open there seems to be a lot more pay to play involved

  32. james.m says:

    Sugar Shoes — it was Mark Twain who said “there is nothing worse than a succession of good days” I can’t keep up with the people here who have forgotten more Shakepeare than I know, so I’ll change the author. If it gets to Dashiel Hammet or Robert Parker, maybe I can keep up. or maybe i should just give up on punctuation and claim its james joyce.

    Except Branagh’s speech in his version of Henry V is far better than Olivier’s, and it is worth joining netflix to experience it. You are ready to go to battle. BTW, Henry V’s sarcophagus in Windsor Castle is notable mostly for its tiny size.

    Re: SDs willing to put up $5k per month. That’s $100,000 annually pre tax. To reprise prior blogs, (a) they don’t need to be on SA, and (b) how many SBs can truly say they can justify $100,000 salaries in their real lives? (If they can, maybe they should be SMs?) Since it’s the theme let’s keep reality in mind.

    Caveat: my prior SB was worth every penny of it, and I wish I could have provided it.

  33. Flo Rida says: “My current riddle is what does an emaciated former model, spy and restaurant broker going to do & the winner is ‘work as a TV host, event marketing, or restaurant brokering’. Fortunately I have some contacts and after a short break i’ll get on with the next chapter in that humbling book of life.”

    Gosh. We ARE the same person. Let’s get in touch off-blog. The TV host, event marketing thing is an area I can possibly lend assistance and have your contacts meet my contacts. (Not so much connected in the restaurant brokering though.)

    Love the white rocking chairs here, but I’m in a thin skirt so not so much padding. I did sit in one and gorge on a Bojangle’s chicken biscuit. I was one gingham tablecloth short from feeling like I was at Cracker Barrel.

  34. Flo Rida says:

    Shoogar – if you have some time rock on those rocking chairs in the centre of Charlotte airport between all of the concourses – love them.

    Midwest – the exile clause isn’t badly worded I can come back for reasonable work and social events. Though it’s intent is clear. Also I can take my time ‘vacating’ his multi-unit condo with full access to facilities (driver, plane etc). Again the intent is clear to be reasonable. It does seem a tiny bit harsh but c’est la vie.

    My current riddle is what does an emaciated former model, spy and restaurant broker going to do & the winner is ‘work as a TV host, event marketing, or restaurant brokering’. Fortunately I have some contacts and after a short break i’ll get on with the next chapter in that humbling book of life.

    sayanora (for today)

  35. FLSB – Yes, I personally prefer a contract.

  36. Alluring Anna says:

    Slow Friday evening I see. Hope all is well :)

  37. FLSB says:

    NC Gent- size 3 but no link lol. You’re quite entertaining, I hope you have a good SB :)

    Sassie- welcome to the blog!

    all SD/SB’s do you prefer contracts, or not?

  38. Midwest says:

    Evening all!

    Cleo – I did the same thing and the e-mails are fewer, but better. I’m not looking for the $5K, but if it comes, great! I’ve come close to going back to the 1-3, but really needing the $3K minimum to make a dent in the student loans.

    Ms. Sassie24 -Welcome!

    SSSD – Wonderful 1st date! I see a new project coming along…

    The departure clause – Even though it lacks sensitivity and is more transactional, I have to say I find it fair and clear on expectations. Too often, break ups of any kind tend to linger on much longer than necessary, emotions get dragged through the mud and nobody has a good experience. It hurts now, but he knows Flo Rida’s strengths and that she will recover quickly.

  39. Hi everyone – If I may, I would like to share some words of reflection at the close of this week while at the Charlotte Airport on my final leg home from a long (but wonderful) week. Here goes…

    I have repeatedly and consistently learned in life that without those low points, hiccups, pitfalls, heartaches, breakups, bad pot SD/SB dates, etc – we could not truly appreciate those heightened moments of happiness and delight. We possibly would not bask in the warmth of full-bodied laughter we share with another person through what may normally be a seemingly simplistic act. We would perhaps easily take for granted someone so wonderful, instead of pausing for a moment to be aware of their amazing qualities and extend a simple gesture of appreciation by squeezing their hand tenderly and just very simply telling them thank you. Not because you have to. Not because they helped you pay your bills or because they gave you a shopping spree, but simply because of who they are.

    Exactly six weeks ago, I had my worst ever ”sugar related” experience (as some of you may recall) and now I can say it is but a distant and flat memory – having now been replaced this week with a colorful, robust experience that has given me renewed vigor in my personal (sugar) arrangement pursuit. I am genuinely happy, smiling broadly and although the future is still a little unpredictable, my tiara shines again. If he had dents in his armor from past experiences, I hope the time spent with me smoothed out some of those damaged spots – and that he is smiling too.

    Flo – Keeping in line with the Shakespearean vibe, “If not for the depths of grief, we would not know the heights of joy.” I hope for your smile to return and your tiara to shine once again very soon. I know it will.

  40. cleo says:

    you know i changed to 3-5k/month only to indicate that i wasn’t interested in 250/evening.

    it’s interesting to me that i get better emails now from what seems like higher quality men than i did when i was ‘open/negotiable’

    and often their monthly offering is less so it doesn’t seem to deter…

  41. NC Gent says:

    Hi NYGent – good to see you and I agree with you completely. The SDs that are willing to put up $5k+ a month in allowance aren’t in abundant supply.

  42. james.m says:

    let’s see if I got it right?

  43. NYGent says:

    on millionaires vs. billionaires: the former isnt saying much. Until the real estate crash lots of California homeowners were “millionaires” on paper due to home equity value. (now they’re $600K-aires). A guy pulling down, say, $500K a year with $2M net worth would have difficulty supporting an SB looking for major spoiling. When you strip away the fakes, the # of SDs on the site both with the means and (as importantly) willingness to pay a hefty allowance + extras are very few and far between. No doubt others will point out exceptions but they are exceptions that prove the rule. As Flo has said most of the the truly wealthy and willing SDs are to be found (if anywhere) IRL not so much on the site.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      NYGent when you mentioned that there are exceptions to the rule that the truly wealthy and willing SD’s are to be found (if anywhere) IRL not so much on the site… I have to say “phooey” to that. I have met and can say with complete authenticity that SA has 11 (that I know of, I am sure there are more). All of these men provide beyond 5k allowance (most 10-20). They are sweet & caring, under 55 years of age not to mention brilliant minds. YES, all of which are or were on this site. I have met them. Many choose to have their profiles hidden and they make the initial contact, which makes them unsearchable on SA.They also have the tendency to down play their extreme wealth. All of which I find to be quite charming.
      I always find it amusing when this topic is brought up as the SA “Urban Legend

  44. Lily says:

    Welcome, sassie24!

  45. cleo says:

    well nc i’m glad it’s not just me…

  46. NC Gent says:

    Never get those Jade :)

  47. Jade says:

    Time and time again I keep getting emails from photographers looking to do shoots with me. Does anyone else get these offers ?

  48. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Good afternoon

    Just came from the mall and shopping. Need to relax now.

  49. NC Gent says:

    ok I will bring yellow fuzzy balls — just send me the link where I can buy the skirt :) also what size (I know not gentlemanly)

  50. Ms. Sassie24 says:

    o wow! sry about the typos, I am sitting in class sneaking on here! hehe! This class is horriable!!

  51. FLSB says:

    NC Gent- I found a skirt……you bring the balls! Haha sorry I just couldn’t resist 😉

    No sugar here yet either ladies, mostly poof daddy’s!

  52. Ms. Sassie24 says:

    Thanks Sweet and Jade. You sugars have any sucessful tips?

  53. NC Gent says:

    Hi Sassie24 — welcome to the blog :)

  54. Hey Ms Sassie, welcome :)

  55. Jade says:

    Welcome Ms Sassie24 !

  56. Ms. Sassie24 says:

    Hey sugars! Im new here! Hoping to get to know some of you a little better! :)

  57. cleo says:

    not so much staying mum as staying away

  58. yaz....at work says:

    That sucks :-(

    Sorry to hear that Flo…..

  59. NC Gent says:

    Hi FL SB — I will buy the tennis skirt if you will pick up the tennis balls 😉

    Flo does indeed equal Flo Rida — she is parting with her SD and he gave her a contract to sign with financial incentives for staying mum :)

  60. yaz....at work says:

    What happened to Flo???? Is it the same Flo Rida or a new blogger?? I havent had a chance to catch up on all the comments!! :-0

  61. DC says:

    Oh sure, Lily.
    I don’t mind.

  62. Lily says:

    Wonderland, don’t give up! I want to know more about your sugar journey!

    Flo – I am so sorry to hear you are hurting.

  63. DC says:

    Also, in case anyone ever comes across a billionaire to date, they’re easily verifiable via the billionaires’ list by Forbes. Once you hit 1B, you’re on it.
    Less than 800 billionaires in the world.

  64. Lily says:

    DC maybe email me off blog and let’s have stephan remove your previous comment and I should exercise some discretion and zip my lip about him for prudence’s sake…..

  65. DC says:

    Lily what (if I might ask) is a billionaire American living in Spain doing job-wise? There isn’t much of a “billion” dollar market in Spain.

  66. yaz....at work says:

    SSSD~ You deserve a great SB and this one sounds very promising! Good luck! :-)

    Caribbean Princess~ What’s wrong? :-(

  67. DC says:

    FLSB my name does not begin with a K =)

  68. CaribbeanPrincess, I’m with you… Nothing is happening for me right now sugar wise but our time will come!! :)

  69. Lily says:

    It means he can offer things that make me laugh out loud at the very thought. Ludicrous levels of luxury. Like everyone already described.

  70. morning in the Sugar world…

    :( I just dont feel the sweetness…

    I know I will bounce back, but I see mostly everyone having soo much better luck than me and I know my time will come..

    FLo ( hugssss)

  71. yaz....at work says:

    Flo~ I get it! This is all great I have to admit but I would be confused about whether or not I am attracted to his power and what he can do with his money or the man himself….Many wealthy men can be quite insecure when it comes to women because they are always wondering the reason why so many gorgeous women throw themselves at them…..Ah the life of a billionaire lol :-)

  72. Flo Rida says:

    Yaz – a billionaire would have 7 sports cars (not 1), would be able to legally go to Cuba, would have lunch with the President’s son in a foreign country, can buy a part interest in a modeling agency so he can meet and date the models, I could go on but you get the point.

  73. Beach_Girl says:

    SSSD~ Congrats, wow 20 hour first date! awesome… good for you!

  74. SSSD says:

    Just finished a marvelous 20 hour date with a pot-SB. A dynamic, strong willed, accomplished and experienced woman who also shows compassion, open-mindedness, loyalty and a surprising number of common traits.

    But a key (for SDs such as myself at least) is that she seemed to really enjoy herself immersively and yet effortlessly make me a part of her enjoyment.

    Only the first meeting (after countless emails) but seems quite promising. Though, interestingly, we did not meet through the SA site.

    On topic: a difference between a billionaire and millionaire, besides the 1000 fold higher threshold, is the level of disposable income. And when I say “disposable” I mean disposable. The important thing here is to understand a billionaire’s commitment, since financial largess is no longer representative of any commitment whatsoever (at that level).

  75. yaz....at work says:

    Flo! :-) I missed you!

    Thanks for the clarification lol

  76. Flo Rida says:

    buxom – thank you darling

    cleo – well the dead (me) do stink out the town – it’s for the duration of the parachute to prevent ‘awkwardness’ and ‘clinginess’ yeah right it is hurtful.

    yaz – a millionaire would fly first class and have a reservation in advance at Per Se. A billionaire has his private jet and can get into Per Se at a moment’s notice. A billionaire can spend $50k shopping in 30mins without hesitation whereas a millionaire would at least think about it. The person can be the same but how they view money and their contacts and power can certainly change.

    James.m – i’m pretty sure Ophelia was buried – the reason is Hamlet says ‘alas poor Yorrick I knew him Horatio’ as he was picking up Yorrick’s decomposed skull in a gravesite near Ophelia’s. Though I may be wrong.

    NC – how did you work out the Master’s – damn you’ve blown my cover (kidding).

    Btw I still have things to do on the side – i’m not going to the poor house anytime soon. Signing off for the day – no more tears but many regrets.

  77. yaz....at work says:

    lol! If he does not respect me or others around him AND make my toes curl in bed then him being the richest man on earth does not really matter 😉

  78. Can someone tell me the difference between being on a date with a millionaire and being on a date with a billionaire? ( I sincerely do not know)

    They’re a rare species! 😉 lol

  79. yaz....at work says:

    Hi NC! :-)

    Can someone tell me the difference between being on a date with a millionaire and being on a date with a billionaire? ( I sincerely do not know)
    Do the number of zeros in his bank account really matter? 😉 I mean as long as he is cute and treats you with respect during the date. :-)

  80. FLSB says:

    Good morning sugars! Gorgeous day here in FL!

    NC Gent – I guess I’ll have to go buy a cute tennis skirt! Lol 😉

    Midwest – it’s hard, but thankfully my teacher lectures very well and posts great notes online……..I don’t see the use either, unless of course you’re going to be a chemist. College algebra and calculus are the same, not useful unless you’re going to be an engineer.

    Lilly- do I hear a blog post (hope so)

    As for this weekend, I might have to work but if not, I’ll be in MIA for the last day of WMC! whoot whoot —–> that’s me being excited :)

  81. Lily, how exciting :) How was it?

  82. cleo says:


    except with the diagonal brackets…

  83. james.m says:

    ok, opens italics, but what closes them?

  84. james.m says:

    Flo. Didn’t Ophelia float off for eternity. I bid thee goodnight until it be morrow’. holds out the hope you will be back soon.

  85. Lily says:

    I’m back. I’m alive. I now have been on a date with a billionaire. Surreal.

  86. NC Gent says:

    Hi Mindy — I never understand dodging a meeting because there might be a downside… only delays the inevitable. Good luck with your new potentials though.

  87. MindyNYC says:

    Morning All!
    Off to (most likely) break up with my SD. I’ve been trying to meet for a couple weeks. I’ve never needed to ‘talk’ to him before so he’s been dodging the meeting. Maybe things can be salvaged and he can make some needed changes…hmmm
    But on the brighter side, after the above meeting I do have a coffee date with a really sweet pot. Unfortunately, I do not have any phone chemistry with him, so have been reluctant to meet. Hopefully, a live meeting will bring his personality out more. Anyway, he’s a very nice man and I’m sure I’ll enjoy getting to know him.

    Have a great day!!

  88. cleo says:

    Flo Rida: exile clause? like you aren’t welcome in his town? is that a permanent thing or just for the duration of the parachute?

    either way seems unneccessarily hurtful, you aren’t the type to sit out front of his office and look sad.

  89. NC Gent says:

    Ok — I am being moderated — I said hi Yaz — long time no see!

  90. Yaz says:

    Hey babe :-)

    I went for Spring Break!

  91. Heyyyy :)

    No plans this weekend TLG, hopefully something will come up!

    Ooooh Yaz, Miami sounds like fun!! What did you do there?

  92. buxombeautylv says:

    Morning – no frown here! It’s been a nice week.

  93. Yaz says:

    Morning Sugar Fam :-)

    I had a GREAT time in Miami 😀

    Back to reality now…which is not so fun :-(

  94. Yaz says:

    Good Morning TLG!!! 😀 I missed your posts!

  95. The Lone Gunman says:

    Gooooood Morning, Sugar Blog!

    It’s the weekend!

    Time to break out those party clothes and see what the world has to offer!!!

    What wil you be doing to turn your frown of the week upside down?


  96. buxombeautylv says:

    Funny thing about men’s reported breast preferences, is how many times the most adamant proponents of the natural breast are the first to complement a nice set of implants.

    Also as far as aging naturally vs paying for maintenance, good maintenance isn’t noticeable 😉

    Flo I am new to the board but just wanted to say I can relate. We wouldn’t be good sugarbabies if it didn’t bother us to break up. But there will be another. The parachute is very nice. Some aren’t so considerate.

  97. Alluring Anna says:

    Morning everybody! Hope all is well 😀

  98. NC Gent says:

    SBLM — I use google to check out potential SBs, and it is great when a social networking page comes up. There is usually a wealth of information there.

    FLSB — I have such a pic but it is boxers. Also, if you need a tutor in math or chemistry…. maybe we can work out a deal lol (joking)

    Hugs Flo Rida — enjoy the Masters – spectacular golf course :)

    I hope everyone is doing well!

  99. Midwest says:

    FLSB – Organic Chem was my WORST subject! I’d be happy with a B! Sad part is I worked so hard for it and never use it…unless I’m reading the ingredients on my shampoo bottle!

    Good morning all!

  100. SB_Littleminx says:


    Ah the matters of the heart are never resolved in a puff, take it easy flo:)

    hehe flsb – Surely the wild students would have a say in it 😉

    Question per favor!!! What kind of checks do you sd & sb to find more about one another? Find them on facebook or any other social networking websites?

  101. FLSB says:

    Flo- : ( cheer up butter cup! Some things happen only to make way for better things! Plus, if it’s the flagler beach I’m thinking of then who needs it with their tacky ghost tour rides and doo doo brown beach water~their loss and his too!

    Sincere- I knew it was being done for lips but breast too! That wouldn’t make them saggy? & being a metro is a good thing : ) especially when you know your stuff!

    NC- you should put up a picture of your pretty bum in those tiny spedos hehe just kidding 😉

    Minx- sexology? I wonder what the extra credit would be like and who the teacher would be hehe. My test was in organic chemistry and I got a B on my test which is bad for me, I usually get A’s but we get to drop one test yay!

    DC – this may sound weird and completely random, but does your name begin with a K? Your mouth looks really familiar. Lol

  102. MindyNYC says:

    Flo, BIG HUG! I know everyone assumes we’re so tough because we know ‘the drill’, but it hurts all the same, especially when you think you had someone you could count on. I know the disappointment you feel.
    You’re intelligent, classy and charming – the best tools an SB can have. Take comfort in the fact that if there was one, there will be another.
    I know you need time, but remember you’ve got a big sugar fam here and if you ever needed us, now would be the time. Come here and share your feelings if you want to, so we can help you through this.
    PS- at least there is a financial parachute. Heart parachute is a whole different story :). Chin up!

  103. Beach_Girl says:

    Hi everyone!

    Flo~ girl i’m so sorry! I know you will land on your feet…

    Midwest~ Happy Birthday girl! xoxo meow prrrrr

    On a bright note, I got the most amazing compliments today, I was told I looked 28 !!! YAY me… That I look hotter than my photos and that I was really funny and fun… How is that for nice?!?!

    Have a good night all…

  104. Flo Rida says:


    Thanks for the words of comfort, the appreciation is heartfelt and uplifting. i’m a tiny bit numb but i’ve dried my eyes and wanted everyone to know i’ll be alright.

    i’m reading the separation agreement and i’m delighted with the parachute payments (3 months at full rate, 3 months at half rate)) there is a non-disparagement clause (i’ve never said anything bad about SD) a grace and decorum clause (i’m not to draw attention or embarrasment) clause – there is no timeline to ‘vacate’ I can leave whenever I want to – which are all fine but there is also an ‘exile’ clause – yes the dead (me) stink out the city but this is hurtful.

    I guess I have to sign it if I want the parachute payments (which I do).

    i’m going to take some time for me – i’m at a golf tournament in Georgia – and will be blogging less and monitoring email less over the next few days – weeks.

    James.m – Though i’m outspoken I didn’t think we differed. By the way ‘sweets to the sweet farewell’ Hamlet at Ophelia’s grave – would have been more apropos than ‘Good night, good night, parting is such sweet sorrow, but I bid thee goodnight until it be morrow’. Sorry couldn’t resist.

  105. Jade says:

    SincereSD – That is so awesome you are into skin care like that, as most men have no idea what we go through and the costs involved !

  106. Jade says:

    I’m sorry Flo! * hugs*

  107. Fl Guy says:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I was really just wondering outloud. I wasn’t really expecting to make any significant money, but more like community service, or giving back for my good fortune.

    Have good night everyone.

  108. SincereSD says:

    Flo Rida, sorry to hear about your breakup.

  109. SincereSD says:

    Flo Rida,

    Thanks for the info on microderm; looks like I need an alternative treatment for sun damage and allergies. I hate chemical peels bc it hurts like heck and thins out my skin.

    My sb always teases me for being a metrosexual and high maintenance. I looking forward to exacting my revenge on her with my esthetian (sp) … Battle stations! Lasers set to max intensity! *ouch* 😛

  110. SincereSD says:

    Lily and Florida,

    Do your research before doing breast augmentation surgery. Ask to see samples of their previous work. If you are smaller chested, then you will have to go under the muscle.

    I used to date models so I’m a semi-expert in the “look and feel” of BA. Can’t I’m a fan but who am I to argue if they’re happy.

    Btw, there’s a new process involving transplanting fatty cells. It’s supposed to be more natural but cost 2x and visits along with some downsides (reduction in size with dieting and risk of fat cells dying shortly after transplant.). I can’t tell you how they feel but they look natural and pretty good.

  111. Naughty Molly says:

    I’m sorry Flo :(

    Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a good evening.

  112. james.m says:

    FL Guy – There is a dating service which is essentially a matchmaker service. They interview everyone, and they give you matches they personally think you will like. It worked for me, because the interviewer refused to give me any matches, then asked me out. LOL

    Also, I have a recently female friend who is recently divorced, and afraid to computer date because she doesn’t want her profile out there. She tried the matchmaker in her synagogue. Yes, apparently there are still such things out there.

    But, NC Gent is right. You would probably not draw any married male SDs, and so you would have limited opportunity to succeed. But I’d love to see the prospectus for your equity raise! I have a copy of the prospectus the US GOvernment issued when it tried to sell the Mustang Ranch (seized for taxes). The “Risks” section is hysterical.

  113. NYGent says:

    Flo Rida: very sorry to hear. Have a good cry then remember the good times and chin back up, this too shall pass

  114. JamesNY says:

    Flo, sorry to hear. Give yourself a chance to heal. You seem unsinkable, I’m sure you’ll be back on your feet soon enough.

    FL Guy, there is a service like you describe, it’s called larry dating (weird name) based in LA. An ex SB of mine tried it. They put a lot of money into it, at one point they were advertising for copy writers, designers, etc. The target was higher end and the rap was good. She was interviewed by a seemingly knowledgeable and empathetic woman. It did not feel like pimping but like an exclusive dating service for men and women of the world. It didn’t work out for her before she found a more conventional SD here. It wasn’t clear if that was because they were just getting started or if the concept didn’t work. The only men she was introduced to were looking for exclusive long-term girlfriends, and they were mostly not in NYC so it was long distance as well.

  115. james.m says:

    Flo – parting is such sweet sorrow (I couldn’t resist).
    But, while we have differed from time to time, I value your participation here. I’m sorry you are parting, because I know how hard it can be, and I too offer hugs and a shoulder. But, there is an SD out there about to discover someone he never believed he could find. Besides, all good spies land on their feet.

  116. I’m sorry to hear that Flo **hugs**

  117. SB_Littleminx says:

    :( awe flo rida… His loss , someone elses gain, don’t get upset, it’s one of those things. Bet ya 100 million pounds that your next sdaddy will betterrrrrrrr!! Huggle huggle

  118. Midwest says:

    Flo Rida (((((Hugs)))) You have sooooo much to offer. Whatever happens, I believe you will land on your feet.

  119. cleo says:

    aw flo i’m sorry babe *huggs*

    i have big shoulders if you need one

  120. Flo Rida says:

    Forgive the brevity of this message, and Midwest i’m so sorry for raising this on your birthday.

    My SD and I have agreed on an amicable separation (his decision not mine). Things have not been great for quite some time but I’ve been loyal. I will need some time to figure out what to do (if anything) I will go back to Flagler Beach after i’ve made arrangements to ‘move’ stuff. My original goal was to be together for a year but I guess we didn’t quite make it.

    I don’t think i’ll post for a while and please excuse me while I go away and cry :-(

    Sorry to be a downer everyone. I wish everyone well.

  121. Midwest says:

    SWE – Stellar! BTW – You are gorgeous…put off the work until you really, really need it.

  122. Flo, thanks for the info :) I am quite young, I don’t think I need help, yet.. but it interests me because it evens out skin… that’s something i want to do!

    Midwest, how has your Birthday been? :)

  123. SB_Littleminx says:

    What’s wrong with Speedos Gent?! Cackles….. They are so hot!!!! 😉

  124. Midwest says:

    Hi PG!!! Hope you are doing well…Thanks a bunch sweetie!

  125. photogirl says:

    Just popping in to wish you a Happy Birthday Midwest… glad you had a great week! I owe you an email… soon :)

  126. Midwest says:

    Evening sugars! Thanks to Birthday Frog and all my wonderful blog friends for well wishes! It has indeed been a great day…heck week! I got to enjoy a penthouse view of Chicago last night, great company from sbs and sds alike, a few new dresses and a few little surprises!

    Sugar babies: What is the most important way a sugar daddy/mommy can support you? Right now, my number one priority is paying down my student loans and an accelerated retirement plan. I’ve been offered to be with a travel daddy who is willing to share me with another sd for an allowance, but I’m not so sure that appeals to me. It’s tough to turn down an opportunity to travel and see more…it’s also tough to justify travel when there are more important priorities. Short answer: allowance, mentoring and great companionship!

    How has the sugar been lately? An adventure!

    Anna- Great video…so glad sugar is super sweet for you!

    RedMaru – Nice to see you again!

    NYC SB – Joking or not, he has no right to plant those ideas in her head. You are not his gf, but his sb…huge difference! It’s one thing to be introduced to her and spend time together on occasion, but something completely different to indicate you are anything more than a lady friend. I’m glad you addressed it in short order, but I agree that his “methods” are questionable.

    ESB – Congrats on your new job and new beginnings. It sounds like you have made some friends who will continue forth with you!

    Plastic surgery – I say to each his/her own as long as it doesn’t become an obsession. I have met plenty of men who prefer natural breasts to augmented…probably why they are dating me. I’m sure Buxom would get a different answer! I think working out and a good diet are your first line of defense, then let the doctors “fix” whatever nature didn’t.

    Zacky – My former SD and I did mostly overnights. We lived a few hours apart, so it was the most convenient way to spend some quality time together.

    Chitown – Dress worked like a charm! Made an offer, but not sure if it’s going to work.

    All – Got to meet Chitown this week and she is a gem! Intelligent, Gorgeous, Confident and knows her lot in life. Let’s talk her into coming to Toronto!

    Cleo – I’m going for sure, for sure!

    NC Gent – Thank you, may I have another?

    Wonderland- Forgive yourself and give it another go! I love your input here, so please stick around.

  127. cleo says:

    flo i just love your disclaimers

    okay back to trying to read/watch tv while all my eyes want to do is water. it’s no fun being sick enough to be abed but healthy enough to be BORED

    and to anyone i owe email, i’m sorry i can’t seem to track it today

  128. Flo Rida says:

    Fl Guy – I think your idea is perfect – it would work wonderfully for your identical twin & clones – and they can pay you and it would be helping a family member out.

    SweetEuropean – i’m lead to believe that you are ahem ‘young’ – if so you don’t need ‘help’ BUT as I posted above the latest thinking is that microdermabrasian can blast tiny crytals through repeated exposure into your lungs which maybe isn’t the best idea – it can also be painful. In terms of an acid peel there are varying degrees of acid strength & you can feel the burn. Also your face will be sensitive to sun & touch afterwards.

    I do it because NY is competitive.

    Still not a dermatologist.

  129. NC Gent says:

    NYCSB — I would love to see you on that show! That is the only show I watch regularly.

  130. WCSD says:

    FL Guy – Also, a large part of the ‘selection’ process has to do with those conversations, the initial emails, etc. Which a third party wouldn’t be able to do. So all you’d be able to provide me are profiles that may be a match….which I really wouldn’t pay for, but that is just me.

  131. Beach says:

    I have to agree with NC, discretion is critical and I would be nervous about someone shopping my personal information, or a higher-profile service knowing that much about me.

    While it has its frustrating moments, I don’t mind the search part of the process. And since I have a pretty good idea what I am looking for there are not that many e-mails to send or respond to.

  132. Fl Guy, wouldnt that be categorized like a PIMP? and I mean it in the most respectful way..just curious here.

  133. NYC SB says:

    DC – I heard that too… maybe I should make a cameo on the show! hehehehe

  134. NC Gent says:

    I am married and would never trust a third party with my information like that. I know I provide SA with information, but I have control over how it is posted and presented, and I control who sees my picture. Also, I am assuming I would have to pay you for that service. If I am so busy that I can’t look for myself, I probably shouldn’t be looking for a sugar relationship anyways.

    Also, it sounds like you are advertising. If that is the case, it isn’t too copacetic to come here and do that.

    Best wishes in your venture if you try though!

  135. Fl Guy says:

    I have had very good success on this website, and I have been seeing my current SB for several months now and not looking to add anyone.

    I was having lunch with a friend today and he had a very interesting suggestion. Use the knowledge that I have about this website and making successful arrangements for the benefit of other people looking for this type of relationship. To me the hunt is a lot of fun, but there are probably people out there that don’t have the time to browse through all the profiles, send out and reply to all the messages. They want to have what many of us have, but don’t have the time to set it up. What I am thinking about is providing a service of putting together successful SD and SB matches. I am not looking to get rich from this, but I do think I need to make something for the effort.

    I want to hear what people think about this idea?


  136. NC Gent says:

    Heya SE — good to see you. I go have to go work out too – it is almost speedo season!!! (just kidding — wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those)

  137. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi everybody! Are we being good boys and girls? Yes….that’s no fun 😉

  138. Good evening everyone :) I’ve spent ALL day swimming, and at the gym.. getting myself ready for bikini season, I’m going to go and pass out now!!

    Flo Rida: microdermabrasian and acid peels make my skin look younger (i’m (whisper) 34)

    I’ve been considering an acid peel.. is is painful? And what’s microdermabrasion like?

  139. NC Gent says:

    I think NYC has a lot more potential, but it could get a little more stiff. There was some real wierdos out there, which did make it great!

  140. DC says:

    NC, LA was full of a bunch of jokes – which pretty much made it interesting. NYC? I feel like will be a little too serious…?

  141. DC says:

    caribbean, me haces falta guapa! un besito, mmmmuah! =) como va tu search?

  142. NC Gent says:

    Hey DC — I missed Patti on Tuesday because my hotel didn’t get Bravo. NYC might make a lot more sense. They were having a lot of trouble finding eligible and interested millionaires in LA. I am not sure I would want to go on that show if I was single, but I love watching it.

  143. Hola DC, ya empezaba a extrañarte~ besos :*

  144. DC says:

    Lily, Cinderella over a regular sugar arrangement anyday! =) Really, it’s the best of both worlds. =D

    Maru, I forgot to say hi to you the other day =) I normally just lurk nowadays.

    NC DID YOU HEAR DID YOU HEAR?!?! – Patti is moving her show to NYC.. that’s what I heard. Can’t wait!

    Hi everyone else!

  145. What first atracts me I guess it has to be a profile with no misspelled words…as simple as that! C’mom people spell check..spell check 😉

    Then I look at the picture and the first thing I notice if he has a friendly smile and his eyes, also where the picture is taken and the background composition, the things that go unnoticed~!

    If someone request to see my private gallery without a message that is a straight no, at least say the word please ..not just send the request.

    Again the initial email has to be spelled proof ..the rest is down the road.

  146. Chitown SB says:

    Thanks NC

    Waffles with a scoop of french vanilla ice cream…mmm

  147. SB_Littleminx says:

    Hehe NC … I will let you off if you read about the wrinkles thingy somewhere in here;). Ooo waffles with extra whipped cream… My that’s just heaven!

  148. NC Gent says:

    I had a ton of typos in my earlier post ughhhhhh so your typos are forgiven by me, for sure, ChiTown :)

  149. NC Gent says:

    lol SBLM — not like it used to be :) but I read somewhere here that women like wrinkles lol I actually have to watch what I eat pretty carefully, and I could stand to lose about 5-10 pounds :) I love Belgian waffles, but the chocolates I am not too keen on :)

  150. Chitown SB says:

    my apologies if my above comment was too much, and also for the typos

  151. SB_Littleminx says:

    NC… Have you got firm buttocks??!! Hehe don’t mean to seem too forward ;). I never seem to put an ounce of weight especially running nearly 100 miles a week.. And get to eat all the Belgian & Lindt chocolate … Yummy

  152. Chitown SB says:

    James, I am in agreement with you. I think your comment was simply misunderstood. It shows you are in tune with what you believe makes a woman feel good. And that you value her feelings at least on par with if not more than her personal appearance.

    Jade, to each thier own. While I am sure James would never say to a pot SB “excuse me, I find you lovely but I would really love for you to rate you breast sensitivity”, you would also not come right out and tell a pot SD which of his turn-ons turn you on. Personally, I like to know that I can cause a positive sexual reaction in the person I am with, and if certain areas are sensitive this is all the more likely.

    Just my humble thoughts.

  153. james.m says:

    Jade – that’s an interesting reaction. I would have thought that you would like it when a man wants to know that something he likes makes you feel good, too.

  154. Jade says:

    James- Your comment

    ” (3) boobies – I prefer smaller, but I can’t initially tell about my most important criteria, which is that they be sensitive. That’s why I’ve never been fond of implants.”

    Seriously made my skin crawl, thinking an sd wants a girl with sensitive breast is like me asking for a guy with sensitive balls / nipples….creepy!

  155. oohh James.m I think you need to stop by mine then, because Im a perfect match :p

    your post is a great input.

  156. james.m says:

    Looks opens the door, personality keeps them in. I look for someone with a sense of humor that doesn’t take things so seriously; someone that can carry on a conversation and having real opinions (which is the sign of intelligence I am seeking); a princess attitude is a deal killer to me!

    Exactly. Looks open the door, and personality keeps them in!

  157. NC Gent says:

    I first notice the hair eyes and smile… for the figure, I notice the bootie and then the breasts (but I actually prefer smaller ones lol). I generally go for smaller women, and I have never dated anyone bigger than a size 6 (don’t shoot me – it is just what attracts me).

    Looks opens the door, personality keeps them in. I look for someone with a sense of humor that doesn’t take things so seriously; someone that can carry on a conversation and having real opinions (which is the sign of intelligence I am seeking); a princess attitude is a deal killer to me!

  158. james.m says:

    Perhaps the SBs would like to expand this to a blog question for SDs, and would then ask the same questions of themselves relative to SDs.
    What do you first notice that attracts you to an SB? What do you notice on the first date that makes you want to pursue an arrangement? What keeps you in the arrangement?

    For me, the initial response is to her profile, and that means the pictures and the way the profile is written. We’ve talked a lot about what’s written, so my list, in order of importance is
    (1) face – I’m a girl next door guy. The most important here are eyes and smile.
    (2) figure – sorry, I prefer slim to average
    (3) boobies – I prefer smaller, but I can’t initially tell about my most important criteria, which is that they be sensitive. That’s why I’ve never been fond of implants.
    (4) legs

    When you get to the first date, it is:
    (1) intelligence
    (2) can she carry on a conversation, including good grammar!
    (3) sense of humor
    (4) attitude of entitlement – that’s a huge turn-off
    (5) smile and eye
    (6) were her pictures accurate. Interestingly, my SB proved to be much better looking than her pix.

  159. Ive always feel atracted to older men. I found them interesting and intriguing, and just like the best of wines..as they age…they become better…( at least I would hope so) So Im up for a 12-20 year gap, assuming they can keep up with this latina chika 😉

  160. Good morning people..how is the sweet journey coming along? we have beautiful sunny clear skies. 95F but feels like 99F.yiiikesss~

    Everyone is getting ready and packing for a whole week off since we have Easter break, not me though :(

  161. james.m says:

    Did anyone else notice that when the conversation turned to breasts, SDN mysteriously appeared again?
    Boobies (.) (.)

  162. cleo says:

    that’s not little, that’s a testament to how a man lives his life. laugh lines predominant vs frown lines for example…

  163. cleo – YES. I love looking at a man’s profile while he’s speaking and noticing those fine lines around his eyes, mouth. The way his jaw moves when he speaks. I am so attracted to little things like that.

  164. cleo says:

    shooger when a man has good wrinkles it’s SO HOT

  165. cleo says:

    WCSD i confess i’ve always been grateful that my body gains and loses evenly. if my boobs are big so is my ass… as i shrink so go my boobs and the rest of me… but i always have the same ratios

    (as in there is always 10 inches between bust/waist and 10-12 between waist hips)

    so i’m pretty grateful to genetics, but happy to know it’s really about the smile

  166. I feel like OC. Blogging in the air! (Hi, OC.) :)

  167. Agreed, WCSD. I love a nice smile on a man. Especially when he smiles with his eyes too. And those lines on a man’s face. Something about those lines…

  168. WCSD says:

    SS and Chitown – I agree. I far prefer small and perky boobs and a nice butt (and legs). But, a great smile will attract me faster than any other part of the body.

  169. Chitown – I meet more men and have more male friends who say they prefer small & perky boobs. Add a nice bum – even better! I am thin, but quite curvy. Not all men like curves…

  170. Took off late, but Internet in flight is a nice redeeming quality.

    Yes, cleo, agreed. Age gracefully, but go for gentle help when necessary. And it isn’t always expensive to stay looking young (without cosmetic surgery). My mom’s skin is amazing and all she has ever used on her face is Oil of Olay – I think it is $5.95 a bottle. I forgot my facial moisturizer on this trip and bought some in the spa at the hotel. $65.00. CRIKEY. My mum would pass out if she knew.

    Pilates and kettlebellsare good for the bum too. A marathon is on my TO DO list. A competed in a triathlon, but it was just a super sprint. Great experience.

    Woah. Turbulence.

  171. Chitown SB says:

    Oh no, Wonderful…. what happened? Maybe I missed something or need to read your other blog to find out.

    NC- I wish I found more men who appreciated a nice bum and petite perky boobs… then I might have more luck finding a true SD. Ah well.

    On the topic of plastic surgery, I will never judge anyone else for opting for it, and there are certain things I have considered (namely Lasik) and certain scenarios seem totally understandable (reconstructive or when it would improve your well-being) but I’m moreso a fan of taking care of myself now (at the age of 23) so I can still kick butt when I’m twice my age. Hopefully I will actually live up to that.

  172. Wonderland says:

    So I’m leaving the blog and canceling my old one but wanted to wish everyone
    good luck.

    RIP Mr. Wonderful.

    I think it was me who wasn’t so great.


  173. SB_Littleminx says:

    Ah gosh cleo… Is that what we sweet angels gota to do here?! Easy peasy lemon squeezy ;). Have you met any cute sdaddies here cleo?

  174. NYC SB says:

    Happy Bday Midwest!

    its sunny in NYC… my project is getting done… i have a pot meeting tonight and another one this weekend… things are looking UP 😀

  175. cleo says:

    SBLM hmm appreciative male glances?

    i’m getting moreof those since i got my svelte on again

  176. SB_Littleminx says:

    Mhmmh NC that time is not bad at all!

    FLSB – you will be a pro in no time! What’s yer big test on? Sexology? Haha jk ;). Good luck, let us know how it goes!

    Cleo- what do cleavage tops give in return?:p

  177. NEOhioSD (SDN) says:

    Hey cleo. Yes ma’am.

  178. cleo says:


    god i’m also tempted to offer cleavage pics!

  179. MindyNYC says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIDWEST !! Many blessings today!

    I’m all for plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures – whatever one needs to do to make themselves feel and look better is fine.
    I personally have not had anything done (yet). I hope when I find my new SD I’ll be able to resume my spa facials.

  180. cleo says:

    when i was swimming they made us run 10ks after the swim workout. i used to tell people my time was just over 40 minutes and they always answered ‘i bet they measure the course wrong’

    yeah okay, national level swimmer who can run is usually pretty fast :)

  181. FLSB says:

    Riding a bike is so much FUN! And its harder to ride a bike uphill than it is to run. Your bum will be looking great in no time ; )

    Have a good day sugars I must study, big test tonight!

  182. NEOhioSD (SDN) says:

    Hello all! Working all the time. Don’t even have time for lurking :(

  183. RedMaru says:

    Good to see you NC Gent! thansk for the hugs :D. As far as marathons, someday I grow up to be just like you guys. All I’ve been doing is powerwalking, taking the stairs at work, and getting ready to fix up the bike for my legs

  184. NC Gent says:

    I ran a 10K when I was in college – -about 44 mins — that was my first and last long distance event :)

  185. FLSB says:

    Minx- that’s funny I’m sure you’ll do great! I think my best time was 28min. Haha not so great but I’m trying 😉 running has never been my thing, I just picked up a few months ago.

  186. NC Gent says:

    Hugs OC SB! My back won’t tolerate me playing golf any more. I appreciate a nice tennis skirt though combined with tennis balls that require retrieving :)

  187. NC Gent says:

    I am in the Triangle area — I travel to central Florida a lot.

    You make me laugh LittleMinx — there are lots of other things I chase 😉

    Hugs RedMaru — good to see you!

  188. RedMaru says:

    Hey sugarfam! Things seem to have lived up since I last blogged. Its dreary here in GA looks like rains a coming. Wow a conversation about boobs looks like I did miss something

  189. SB_LittleMinx says:

    FLSB – This will be my first one, am ever so excited and this time the Virgin will take over, they call it: The Virgin London Marathon, its funneh & cute. I used to do 5ks for cancer research, my best was like 21 mins. These couple have months have been doing half marathons in 1;49, its not difficult…but I got to do double 13.1…miles eeeeck. You will be fab :)

    NC – Is that all you chase? heheh Yeah its an UK term for sensational legs 😉

  190. FLSB says:

    Lol north Florida, where in NC?

  191. NC Gent says:

    as OC SB will testify — my preference is for perkiness over size lol

    where in Fla?

  192. NC Gent says:

    I exercise regularly but I am not one to run for much distance. I love chasing a tennis ball. I admire the perseverance of people who can run a marathon though — and do like the “pins.” Is that an UK term?

  193. FLSB says:

    75% wow! but if I do decide to opt in, I will only do it for myself not anyone else. Until that day, my “cute” real boobs will do just fine :) and very true about bums. my motto has always been I’d rather have a great bum than big boobs!

    Minx- have you ran a Marathon before? That’s great! I do little 5k’s here and there but am considering a half Marathon……what am I in for? :/

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Wonderland your blog is fabulous! 3>
      Shooger in the past I have been the lone sugar
      touting an END date to the arrangment. Simplicity
      at it’s best.
      Goals, 6 month term with optional 3
      month renewals, mutual communicaton of behavioral,
      mentorship, sugar goals and or expectations and out of this world
      chemistry… has always worked well for me!
      NC Gent I prefer chasing that little white ball around plus
      you can be very sassy with your bending over to retrieve
      your ball (_| _)

  194. SB_LittleMinx says:

    ***Sowwy for the above Repetion, I am not even doing English Lit ;p

  195. SB_LittleMinx says:

    Hahah, yeha, dont you do that Gent? 😉 I been training for one…its quite a challenge but enjoy it & in return people sponsor me & I get lovely pins for summer to show for summer – not bad huh?;p

  196. NC Gent says:

    only have to run a marathon to get nice legs :) wow wonder why all don’t have them lol

  197. NC Gent says:

    My last post poofed cause I put an email address in it — was telling Reb to contact support at seekingarrangement dot com hopefully I am not moderated now

  198. SB_LittleMinx says:

    Awee so honestly sweet you are NC, gosh yeah firm bums are the best ;p

    Southern – legs are so easy to get toned….Its so easily to get lovely pins…just do 26.2 miles of running 😉

  199. Anna Molly says:

    Hey SG2! How are you?

    Reb ~ I wish I could help you with your situation.

    Bye everyone, I’m off to run errands 😀

  200. Reb says:

    I’m having a weird problem as a newbie and need help. I try to get into my SD account and I always get redirected to the seeking millionaires webpage…to re join again. What gives here. Its getting confusing for me… any body willing to help, please, thanks a lot.

  201. cleo says:

    shooger i say age gracefully with gentel help. pause the lip wrinkles for a while and colour the hair but otherwise leave it alone

  202. SouthernGent2 says:

    NC – a woman with great legs always has my eyes.

  203. NC Gent says:

    Most men prefer natural breasts (I think I remember a poll saying 75%) I am included in that, but I like all breasts lol I agree with SS (yet again) and I prefer naturally aged vs. the plastic variety.

    SB Minx — I have to admit, the bum is one of the things I notice fairly quickly about a woman — I’m a bootie man – followed closely by legs, with breast size not really being that important — thus my bum inspector comment :)

  204. FLSB says:

    NC Gent- bum & breast inspections? aren’t you a dentist! Just kidding lol

  205. FLSB says:

    Good morning everyone!

    Happy birthday Midwest!!!!

    Lilly-have fun in Amsterdam (how can you not ; ) )

    As for plastic surgery, I’ve wanted a breast augmentation since I was in 8th grade! (They still haven’t grown much since) but I’ve always been really picky and the good surgeons can run you a good 10,000+ which I just can’t justify at the moment. I was considering a nose job, but came to the conclusion that it’s really not needed. Oh, and I saw a girl in Target the other day with her nose bandaged and two black eyes…ouchy! My mother hasn’t aged very gracefully(which makes me nervous), so when I was 17 or 18, I began using moisturizer, eye cream(age appropriate), spf of at least 20, and exfoiliating every other day. I’ve never had a facial but hear they’re great, and wouldn’t rule out facelifts down the line either………there’s nothing wrong with a little maintenance, just do your research……..you wouldn’t want to look like an alien, or worse, Joan Rivers!

    Hope everyone’s having a great day! Looks like it might rain here.

  206. SB_Littleminx says:

    Bum inspection NC? What on earth does that entail?hehe

  207. Quickly…

    Re: Plastic Surgery, just stayed in the hotel where Barry Manilow performs 5 nights a week and he looks like a full-blown animitronic version of himself. So weird. I say age gracefully. Then again, Asian genes are a good thing. My mom is late 50’s and looks 40.

    Boarding my flight now.

    Have a great day, everyone. Will catch up later…

  208. SB_Littleminx says:

    Blah golf is boring,you getting tipseh at least Florida ? :p. How far would you guys travel to see your sd/sb?

  209. NC Gent says:

    Yes, I have some experience in that also, and have been known to offer free breast exams Jade :)

  210. Jade says:

    Do you do breast exams as well NC Gent ?

  211. NC Gent says:

    I have a doctorate in bum inspection, but I suspect that is not what you are seeking :)

  212. SB_Littleminx says:

    is Any one around here a bum surgeon?!!!! :p

    p.s. Hbday midwest, hope u having a fab day!

  213. Flo Rida says:

    Jade – i’ll have to look into the stamper thing.

    i’m sitting in a country club in Georgia – it’s days like this that I wish I liked golf) i don’t).

  214. Flo Rida says:

    Lily – i’m not sure which camp i’m in – but I know that i’m happy (most of the time). Have fun on your travels.

  215. Jade says:

    Flo Rida – The stamper is for scars, but I noticed it made my sun spots go away and my pores smaller and I stopped breaking out with pimples.

  216. Flo Rida says:

    Cleo – Lils – latest thinking is that microdermabrasian may cause lung issues later in life – it works by blasting tiny crystals at your skin after a light acid peel. laser resurfacing might work for you (i chickened out & now stick to acid peels to exfoliate). see a skin specialist. PS I thought stamper was for scar reduction not sun spots.


  217. Lily says:

    You can only stamp every 4-6 weeks, so I did My face & scars once and in 2 weeks will try again.

    Ok lifting off, really going….

  218. cleo says:

    hey stamper ladies, let me know how they work, maybe i’ll get one

  219. cleo says:

    Flo Rida I have a sunspot on my cheek, will dermabrasion take care of that too?

  220. NYGent says:

    Happy birthday midwest. You and Jack Benny can celebrate 39 together (!)

  221. Lily says:

    Ok , gotta turn off iPhone. Plane taking off. So jittery!

  222. Lily says:

    Flo – then sign me up for some time at the dermatologist.

    Or maybe my stamper starts working. Let’s see. I wanna look under 30! ( I only left my twenties a few months ago & already nostalgic like crazy!!)

  223. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all!

    Happy Birthday Midwest (tossing in some naughty spankings!)

  224. Lily says:

    Happy Birthday, Midwest!!!!

    I have a Thursday poll. How many of us think that Midwest is fab? Oh, wait, that’s 100%. boring poll. Ok, another idea….

    How many of you guys are of the same mindset as those mentioning expiration dates and non-cash/travel/shopping types of goals, and how many of you guys just have unsophisticated desire for beauty/money that an arrangement could provide? Anyone else in that third category as I am, secretly hoping to end up with your own Cinderella story as DC and OC, with sugar-turned-traditional relationship?

    Which of those 3 camps are you hailing from?

  225. Flo Rida says:

    Lily – I was an athlete in college (steroids) – not telling what sort.

  226. Flo Rida says:

    SBlittle-minx – no probs I just goof around nowadays

    Cleo – we donated some cleft palate surgeries on my medical mission in Vietnam – have you seen ‘Smile Pinky(?)’ which won the oscar for foreign film – made me cry

    Midwest – happy happy bday

    SE – if you get pregnant you gain weight in your boobs :-)

    Lily – microdermabrasian and acid peels make my skin look younger (i’m (whisper) 34)

    Have to run – i’m late for lunch and just woke up.

  227. Chitown SB says:

    Sugar babies: What is the most important way a sugar daddy/mommy can support you?

    I agree (yet again) with Shoogar on this one. I’d also like to add, don’t make me beg (unless thats our thing *wink* in certain arenas) and don’t paint me as some desperate wench.

    How has the sugar been lately?
    Time will tell…Artist pot has some, well, potential… Sushi pot can be somewhat flaky, UBER hot pot has gone poof and talking to a few others.

    Happy Bday Midwest! How’d that new dress work out for ya?

    And a warm hello to everyone else out there.

  228. Happy Birthday Midwest!! I hope you have a great day :)

    Anna Molly, you’re so lucky!!!

  229. Anna Molly says:

    Happy Birthday Midwest!

  230. Birthday Frog says:

    Good Morning All!
    Today is Midwest’s Birthday!
    Happy Birthday, Midwest!!
    She’s 39 today, of course.

  231. Anna Molly says:


  232. Anna Molly says:

    The down side….I also loose weight in my boobs. :(

  233. Anna Molly says:

    I gain weight in my boobs! When I gain, I gain all over and not in just a few places. Thank goodnes.

  234. Lily, if you can find a way to gain weight on your boobs let me know!! :)

  235. cleo says:

    much safer… as long as you don’t get the extra boob under your arms…

  236. Lily says:

    Hmmmm, dimples, nothankyou. Didn’t think of that. How about more fat on my boobs??? Safe wish???

  237. cleo says:

    dammit i really need new pics now!

  238. cleo says:

    lily remember that generally they’re just as nervous as we are

    i see weight loss first in the obvious places but i really know i’m living in my happy weight range by my jaw line. currently i’m 2 pounds over where i like to live and my jaw is almost perfectly straight again

    for me it’s a bigger range, more like ten pounds BUT i can gain and lose 3 pounds in a day just in water weight… and my monthly cycle bounces my weight around by 5-8 pounds. so i never have a weight, i have a range :)

    don’t wish for weight on your ass, wish for muscle. the fat is dimpley and dribbles down the backs of your legs!

    mmm pleasant mental image that!

  239. Lily says:

    Speaking of weight gain/loss, somehow I’ve been a total glut recently and put on 5 pounds. Snuck right up on me! But I nipped it in the bud and shook it off. Pesky chubble trying to affix itself to my waistline and upper arms and cheeks! Believe it or not, at 5 pounds of excess weight, I can see my waistline (& chubble around upper arms/pits, and even cheeks) start to be affected! I guess my baseline weight is pretty strict…anything above 120 pounds and I look too smooshy and cuddly, but anything under 115, and I look annorexic. Odd that it’s such a razor fine line, but… I have a delicate frame and I gain weight funny (cheeks, armpit cleavage and lovehandles first?! WTF? What about the traditional hips/ass/boobs? I could use more fat there!!).
    Hopefully I can handle myself around someone worth 9+ figures…. Wish me luck that I don’t act like a classless dolt. This is a sphere of wealth I’ve never been exposed to before!

  240. Lily says:

    Not wrong! And I’m on my iPhone on a bus, on my way to the airport to go to Amsterdam, no skype. But yeah in general, we have horrible communication on skype. I always receive your messages half a day late and I suspect vice versa.

  241. Anna Molly says:

    Zacky ~ It really depends on what the SD/SB are able to do. Some can do overnights and some can’t. Some can only spend a few hours because of busy schedules and some can do long weekends. It all depends on the situation and each one is unique. Just talk about it with your pot and come up with a plan that is reasonable for the both of you.

    If SD is lurking…kisses! Mmmmm, red lace 😉

  242. cleo says:

    btw blog i no longer smoke but i did for 12 years

    is it wrong to want to happy dance that you are now down 17lbs since christmas even though a bit of it is due to cold induced failure to eat?

  243. cleo says:

    lily i’m really excited. all the ladies in my family (that stay healthy) are gorgeous into their 80s except the prune upper lip. i’m hoping to forestall that while allowing the rest of my face to enjoy time’s subtle but permanent changes :)

    that said, i just bumped my appt to next wednesday because i have a head cold, so next thursday i’ll have an opinion :)

    i sent you an IM miss are you getting them? send me one maybe?

  244. Lily says:

    Oh and Cleo, yay! I know you’ve been self conscious about the effects of smoking on your face & I hope you love the results.

  245. Lily says:

    Mine have ranged from 30 min with a potSD, to 4 days straight with an SD.

  246. cleo says:

    zacky all i can tell you for sure is that there is no average. some dates are an hour and some are months long

  247. cleo says:


    i am trying to post a toronto meet update but the comments are disappearing and not showing up in moderated land

    anyway everyone should be emailed by now

  248. Anna Molly says:

    Morning Cleo!

  249. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning SWE! Tomorrow is Friday….WooHoo! 😀

  250. cleo says:

    Flo Rida: today i can tell you that other that ONE facial i have never had any kind of plastic work

    tomorrow i will tell you that i had the skin between my upper lip and nose filled… and i’ll tell you how i feel about it.

    (serious, today… funny you picked today to ask)

  251. Good morning Anna Molly :)

  252. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning everyone! 😀

  253. Zacky says:

    I don’t have any answers right now, but I have a question for other Sugar Daddies out there. How many hours does an average date last? Do you have overnights with your Sugar Babies?

  254. SB_Littleminx says:


    Haha Florida, I stand corrected! I meant to extand on that;). I wanted to say sdaddy why are you here and not on my island!

    I’m confused.com regarding the ages… I had a sdaddy tell me that I’m too young (24) for him (44) and we have to be realistic but he wants to have “fun”…. I shall ask him to define it for me. Could it be possibly mean: sex, sex and sex again? lol

    Plastic surgery?!!! Arghhh too much of a wimp to go under the knife … But I’m sure fortune rewards the brave!!

  255. buxombeautylv says:

    Re: plastic surgery. I think for anyone who’s looked at my profile it’s pretty obvious I have breast implants. Love them. In this day and age, I don’t see why anyone cares though – we have the ability to improve our appearance to our liking, so why not?

    I don’t get any of those skin treatments because I was taught that the less you do to your skin and hair, the less you will NEED to do to them. My beauty regimen is super simple and on the natural side. Most people are rather shocked at what I do (or don’t do, depending on your perspective).

    There is some info about the fraxel (fractal??) laser treatment that is quite alarming. No thanks!

    Lily, LASIK is laser eye surgery for vision correction.

  256. Lily says:

    By the way, good morning everyone!!!!!

  257. Lily says:

    LASIK? What’s that?
    Also why the steroid injections?
    What do the microd and acid peels do?

    Thanks in Advance!

    I’m curious about the laser fractal resurfacing that NYCbelka mentioned last month.

  258. Flo Rida says:

    Shoogar and NYGent – I like Bernard Levin ‘but me no buts’ and ‘it was all Greek to me’ – which sound like they should be Shakespearean but I believe they are actually not. I promise that if I have children and they whine or complain I will say ‘but me not buts’.

    Shoogar – I was in love with the role of Desdemona in high school though Anne(?) in Richard III is a harder role as is Lady Macbeth.

    Changing the subject – who here has had plastic surgery and are you brave enough to admit what you’ve had. i’ll go first – i’ve had a removal of a nevus (birthmake mole), microdermabrasion, acid peels, LASIK and performance enhancing steroid injections (yes i’ll admit to it). i’ve thought about a nose job and lipo but concluded no, i’ve never really thought about a breast aug. I would also not rule out a face lift but I might grow old gracefully.

    Superman was not Superman today – but the Magic will still be the number 2 seed in the East.

    Vaya con dias

  259. buxombeautylv says:

    Thanks ladies, I was assuming the site would use BB code rather than regular html code. heh

  260. MindyNYC says:

    LASB just taught me …use “<" these things – works for bold too

  261. cleo says:

    instead of these [ use the diagonal brackets – otherwise you had the language right bb

  262. buxombeautylv says:

    How do you italicize text here? I wanted to italicize the part I quoted from another poster….

  263. buxombeautylv says:

    Interesting discussion about ages. I don’t really care about a SD’s age and my experience with that has been all over the map. I’ve had one SD who was younger than me and that worked out well, also plenty of younger men email from the site. Other SDs were 2 years older, on up to 28 years older. I find no real correlation between age and generosity or ability to provide support.

    I also think it’s weird how, in real life, everyone knows that health care is a mess and knows lots of people who can’t afford insurance or can’t figure out their own plans if they do (like me). I used to say that I guessed about 25% of the people who take a particular job do so just for the health benefits — I mean why else does anyone work at Starbucks. Entire lives are arranged and conducted according to the need to have adequate healthcare. When the discussion becomes political and abstract, however, suddenly we have the greatest healthcare system in the world, which is supposedly not already regulated to the gills by the government, and we’re afraid of changing anything about it. Just a reality disconnect to me. Oh well, sorry for the politics, but I was tagged on this subject.
    Interesting and well-put, James. I fully agree.

    As for health insurance, I’ve had a couple daddies in the past who put me on the company payroll and group health plan. I loved it and would be thrilled to have that again, because even when I buy my own plan, under the current system if I were to develop a serious condition the plan would drop me anyway and then I would not be able to get another plan to cover a pre-existing condition. Basically, individual health insurance is a waste of money so I prefer a group plan.

  264. Lisa on the good side of the freeway says:

    Good evening

    Parents arrived home safely from London, around the strikes.

    Health insurance isn’t an issue for me now because I have supercheap insurance through my employer. It’s probably not worth much but at least it will keep me out of the obama jail.

    The most important ways a sd can support me is to help me live a better life day to day. My most recent sd moved me to a nice apartment and prepaid the rent. I can now put back my rent for the next 6 months to pay the next lease in full. What i’m saving with the lower water, electric bills and not having to use the bus as often almost covers the 100 dollar difference in rent.

    At this time I use my allowance to put back money for utilities and other expenses, and I spend alot more on groceries and also do quite a bit of shopping. So all in all a Sd can help me most by making it possible for me to save money and enjoy some nice extras too.

  265. Michael AZSD says:

    Hi Florida – you found me, reply coming soon.

  266. Anna Molly says:

    YaY! 😆

  267. cleo says:


    let’s see

  268. Anna Molly says:

    Cleo ~ Colon then type the word evil and then another colon. No spaces.

    : evil :

  269. cleo says:


  270. Anna Molly says:

    Ahhhh, he’s in trouble! 👿

  271. cleo says:

    seriously, another great date
    another blow off

    it’s getting so i can hardly leave my house.

    and my attitude seems not relevant

  272. cleo says:

    anna molly: to answer your question – no, not yet.

  273. ESB says:

    FLSB &SS: I have all their #s and the manager said I was always welcomed to come back. He also said to call him in a few weeks. He’d make a “Mandatory” dinner at his favorite bar for me and all my friends to have drinks. I told him he is on. He is a Wonderful man, and I really do love him, like a father… he thinks everyone hates him since he has to be “the boss”. I always appreciated his honesty with me!

    I still have 3 other places that are also part time that I’m hoping to hear from soon. If I can get 3 part time jobs, I’ll be sitting pretty!! Slip an SD on the side, and life will be sweet!!

  274. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Everybody! Hope all is well 😀

  275. NYGent says:

    Jade: you’re right, male model types do not need to and generally do not subscribe to this site, as women will throw themselves at them, without an allowance. Since 90% of sbs on the site are looking for an allowance, hot male model types will quickly figure out this is not a place for them.

  276. James.M says:

    Cleo: to contact SDN, you need to say the magic word! Just like Batman!

  277. FLSB(Florida) says:

    ESB- that is bitter sweet, good luck at the new job!

  278. Awww, ESB. Saying good-bye to work friends is tough. Even if you were unhappy with your job, the people you spend time with so much at work become like family, don’t they? Many of the friends in my life are ALL from jobs I have held in the past.

    Off to shower and get dressed for this evening’s events!

    Have a great, wonderful, fantabulous (sugary) night, all.

  279. Jade says:

    Lily – If I go after what I am attracted to, I would hardly ever get to come out and play in the lifestyle because ;

    A. ) Not many male model types on here !
    B. ) They tend to still live at mommas house and broke !
    C. ) When I see a male model type profile I always ignore thinking its fake !

    I once talked to a “male model type” profile for months and right before meeting he says ” oh ya, that was not me. It was my hot cousin ! ”

    Once bitten twice shy baby !

  280. cleo says:

    re toronto

    everyone whose email i received has been emailed… check your spam filters

  281. FLSB(Florida) says:

    SS incoming and incoming.

  282. ESB says:

    Good Evening Sugar Family!!

    What a crazy few days. I got a call yesterday morning, I got one of the jobs I interviewed for. I started today… but yesterday was an emotional roller coaster. I went in to my old job, and turned in all my stuff. It was so hard to say good by to everyone. I can’t remember the last time I was hugged so much! I almost cried a few times, when a certain few just didn’t want to say good bye.. one texted me today, said it is sinking in that you are gone.. then his wife called and she was almost in tears!! Anyway, my life can only improve from this point on.

    James.M: About health care… that is what I did with the insurance co. We specialized in Medicare, retirement solutions…. the government is so heavily involved in what the private companies can sell, it’s almost scary. I’ll spare the blog on this subject..

    Love all the Shakespearean lines. “Thou dispute like an egg. Go whip thy gig elsewhere!” That is hilarious!!

  283. By the way, I know I owe a few of you responses to email messages. I have been on the road this entire week with a jam-packed agenda (work & fun combined). One more night in this city then a flight tomorrow morning to another city ( – -very excited – –) then home by the weekend. I will get to ALL messages this weekend OR the beginning of next week!

  284. As far as age, at one time I would only pursue men 50+ for sugar dating because I had this opinion set forth in my head (based on personal experiences) that men in their 40’s:

    1) If divorced or unmarried, were looking for wifey.
    2) If married, were severely unhappy at home (to the extreme) and looking for the wrong type of escape, possilby relying TOO MUCH on the arrangement/affair for happiness.

    Now I believe compatibility and being aligned with the same goals in mind are more important determining factors – rather than age.

  285. NYGent – We could certainly fill the pages up with Shakespearisms. I cannot remember the link, but there used to be an online program that generated Shakespearean insults. My favorite one (I can remember at the moment) is: “Thou dispute like an egg. Go whip thy gig elsewhere!” I mean, how can you even come back at a comment like that? Genius, methinks.

    Lily said: Shoo, how do you handle the options to renew, if at all? If you have a great relationship with your SD, it makes for an easier conversation when the time comes to make this decision.

    FLSB: Incoming!

  286. FLSB(Florida) says:

    Michael AZSD I think I found you, not completely sure.

  287. FLSB(Florida) says:

    Jade- thank you! I’m 22 and put 30-55 as my SD age range but when the 50+ contact me they’re insecure about the age gap even when I explain to them that I prefer older more mature men. Maybe I should add 10 to my age lol! Either way, my SD age is now 40-60.

  288. Lily says:

    Jade, are you attracted to men more than twenty years older than yourself? I haven’t so far found a man more than 20 years older than myself that I genuinely lusted for (except famous older gents of course). Then again I haven’t met THAT many potSDs, all in all.

    McPoofer is 20 years older than me and that was hot.

    But Bald Hottie SD is only 6 years older than me, yet he is truly consistent with my financial assistance (pays my bills directly from his accounts so I don’t even have to see them) and is following up much more than promised with career mentoring, including getting professionally intertwined. Not much of a gift/travel daddy, and so smitten with me that it’s hard not to take him for granted a little bit (I do try so hard to appreciate him adequately), but truly an allowance-daddy. Young, successful, married men can be genuine SDs. I don’t see how a man of that age and his looks could be expected to do the SD thing if he were single, though. That would never happen in this country, anyway. Generosity and chivalry and the concept of ‘keeping’ a mistress doesn’t come standard amongst the general male population round here, and the only reason married men are into it here is not because it’s hard to get laid, but because of the discretion (plus the lack of nagging to ‘leave her and be with me’ that girlfriends-on-the-side are known to engage in).

    The average potSD I meet with is about a dozen years older than me. Definitely not 50s or 60s. So far two men have been in that 3-decades-older-than-me camp and BOTH of them have been so pushy about wanting tongue-kisses right away during the first date (I avoided giving in to the first one because he didn’t actually lunge). So now I have a bit of a bad taste in my mouth about men so much older, and I’m showing that pre-disposition against men-old-enough-to-be-grandpas on my blog at the moment, with my “Dirty Old Man Award” post. I know it’s not fair to the fabulous men in their 50s and 60s, but with limited experiences, I just blog what I know.

  289. Michael AZSD says:

    Hi Florida – ping me through my profile, and let’s have an offline discussion.

  290. Michael AZSD says:

    Hi Cleo – just sent you email re the Toronto meet…. thanks!

  291. nygent says:

    Jade: well said

  292. Jade says:

    Florida – I prefer men who are in the 60’s age range or 50’s age range , because sometimes they take a good 10 years off in the profile to meet younger girls. I feel older men have a better understanding of the lifestyle, most of the younger men still feel like they are that hunk quarter back in high school, who all the ladies gave love freely too, plus many of the girls on the sites are throwing themselves at them left and right ….just for a dinner date , thinking they have to prove themselves or something by sleeping first date. It would be hard to get a guy under 55 to be serious about allowance.

  293. nygent says:

    Nycsb; I think you handled perfectly

  294. Lily says:

    Shoo, how do you handle the options to renew, if at all?

    NYC SB – no advice, really, just hugs. (((((hugs)))))) hope the drama settles it’s way right outta your life.

    Sudden twist in my journey and a new adventure popped up for tomorrow. I wrote it up, briefly, on my blog if anyone is interested.

  295. nygent says:

    Sorry for blackberry typos.

  296. nygent says:

    IFlo rida/shooger: I’m sure we could fill up the blog for two days with shakespearisms which have morphed into different modern usages. It will only confirm the bard of avon as the greatest writer in the gnglish language, withpout a close second.

  297. nygent says:

    Shooger; well it is from othello and the “conclusion” refers to the (assumed) adulterous consummation by othello”s wife, a past act as opposed to the now common interpretation of the phrase as referring to a futire preordained act, but I don’t know the movie of which you doth speak.

  298. Anna Molly says:

    Hey TLG! It’s been pretty quiet.

  299. The Lone Gunman says:

    Hi gang!

    Have I missed anything?


  300. Florida says:

    touche shoogar!

    Is there any experienced SD or SB that I can e-mail my photos to for allowance advice. A pot SD just basically laughed at me when I told him what I expected :/

  301. Ha, ha, RedMaru. I love Shakespeare. I just basically quoted another well-known one that I’m sure Flo is familiar with. In essence, saying, the decision was made before before the evidence for it is known (the use of ‘wherefore art thou?’ and the common misunderstanding of the statement). Iprobably just made zero sense and everyone is now less intelligent having listened to my incoherent babbling. (Can anyone name the movie that statement is from?)

  302. RedMaru says:

    Here Here Shoogar!

  303. Sugar babies: What is the most important way a sugar daddy/mommy can support you?

    By understanding these three things:

    1) You are my interim; a bridge to my future, NOT my future and I am the same for you.
    2) In addition to romance (chemistry), there are goals and PURPOSE with our arrangement. It isn’t just about the $ or trips or gifts.
    3) There WILL be an expiration date.

    Re: Healthcare. That’s my concern and something I should take care of for myself.

    Flo – I, for one, appreciate your Shakespearean knowledge; albeit credited to your gay English teacher. But this denoted a foregone conclusion. ‘Tis a shrewd doubt, though it be but a dream.

  304. Anna Molly says:

    You’re welcome. If he doesn’t email let me know and I’ll spank him…LOL

  305. cleo says:

    AM: thanks bella!

  306. Flo Rida says:

    If I may – ‘wherefore art thou’ means ‘why are you (a Montague the family hated by the Capulet’s and not some Jo Schmo)’ NOT ‘where are you’.

    My english teacher is the gay son of a Rear Admiral (no pun intended).

    Bet that’s 10seconds of your life you want back.

  307. Anna Molly says:

    Cleo ~ I told SDN about your trouble so hopefully you’ll be getting an email soon :)

  308. cleo says:

    sdn how did you screen your attendees? how did you deal with privacy concerns among attendees? what was your policy about telling people who was going?

  309. RedMaru says:

    AnnaMolly – A family Cool!

  310. cleo says:

    oh, and every SINGLE person who has emailed me re toronto should have at least one reply … if not send another one please. if i still don’t reply directly to you please please comment here

  311. cleo says:

    toronto meet

    may 1

    email going out tonight to everyone who has contacted me. if you don’t have it in the morning email me again

    toronto sugar meet at gmail dot com

  312. Wonderland says:

    NYC SB: Hugs from England! I’ve read about your experiences for a while and you are a cat…. always land on your feet and everyone here supports you no matter what if i can speak for everyone.

    Hello everyone else as well :)

  313. Anna Molly says:

    Red ~ I have family in Chickamauga 😀

  314. JamesNY says:

    NYC SB, yikes indeed … not only is the method questionable, but the likelihood of improving his chances of reaching his goal by employing this method strikes me as very low … to the point of my wondering if there isn’t something else going on, maybe subconsciously … a kind of test or building up of a potential excuse …

  315. Anna Molly says:

    Congrats Red! I’m good and it’s warming up here too! No snow on the ground….YAY! 😀

  316. RedMaru says:

    Hey Anna Molly I’ve been good settled somewhat in my new place and started decorating. Nice to have my own again. And its finally warming up here in GA. How bout you

  317. Anna Molly says:

    Hey Red! How have you been?

  318. RedMaru says:

    Hey NYC SB wow thats manipulation with a capital M. I feel for the kid and thats not fair to you either. You’re right to be cautious

  319. NYC SB says:

    JamesNY – his goal is for me to become his wife … he has said so many times… however he knows that that wont be happening any time soon. While I like him I am unsure about “forever more” and he knows that. His intention is for me to become close with the kid and feel a sense of attachment to him.

    As I am typing this out I realize just how much manipulation goes on from his side… yikes…

  320. Anna Molly says:

    Sugar babies: What is the most important way a sugar daddy/mommy can support you?

    Just being there me when I need a friend and lover :)

  321. JamesNY says:

    NYC SB, that’s the right resolution, and appropriate note of caution. He definitely crossed an important boundary with that move and it would affect my assessment of his judgment. The question remains, what’s his intention? If his ultimate goal is to persuade you to become his wife and her mommy, and that’s not your goal, then you may just be kicking the can down the road. If it’s not his goal, then the call is difficult to explain.

  322. SB_Littleminx says:

    Blah health benefits?! What’s that?:p ….The only way to get health benefits is to be a P11D employee or to be a starbucks serving teas & coffees babe… And you shall be taxed on that too!!!

    Still trying to find my SugarDaddy!!! Where art are thou? 😉


  323. NYC SB says:

    JamesNY and all- Yes a long talk took place last night. He was in fact the one that “coached her” through the call. It is absolutely confusing for a 2 year old. I told him that while I adore his kid in order for us to continue the arrangement we need to do it sans real world influences. In other words no more family vacations but rather time spent with him and I alone. He agreed, yet I am cautious.

  324. RedMaru says:

    Hey everbody whoevers here! I got picked to be on call at my job whoo lucky me!
    But anywhoo onto the question: The most important ways an SD can support me would be the allowance and mentoring as I am in business for myself and want to rise from my current circumstances. Health insurance -thats what my nine to five is for until I dont need it anymore hey that rhymed!

  325. FLSB says:

    JamesNY- you’re definitely not alone on that one! I don’t understand why people don’t want the change either. Although I’m sure if they had cancer or were pregnant and no insurance company would cover them because of that, they would want a change! Now if only someone would regulate the gas prices : )

    On a lighter note, beautiful day here in Florida, thinking about going to the beach. Its been way to long…….and cold! How is everyone else’s day going? Hopefully good : )

  326. Wonderland says:

    Being a European sugar, we don’t have that healthcare problem so I can’t make any judgements for or against it so I won’t divulge.

    As far as the best way a Sugar Daddy can support me is with a) encouragement and b) if you read my blog by the PUSH UP EFFECT. A push up bra is merely there to enhance your bust. (I know it’s an out there analogy but just wanted to find a visual that at least the ladies know what I’m referring to.) I think that this situation shouldn’t be a means to an end, it should be there to help you and give you a lift to where you want to go and with encouragement, friendship, and assistance put together that can open doors for an SB to me that’s a great mutually beneficial arrangement.

    How has my sugar life been?: Well, it’s taken an unexpected turn but I won’t say I have had a fairy tale ending but the fact that I’m getting a chance to go to the ball is good enough for now. 😉

  327. Anna Molly says:

    Hey Stephan, thanks for correcting my mistakes! 😀

  328. Anna Molly says:

    Hi James!! Good to see you Sweetie 😉

  329. JamesNY says:

    Hi Molly! Great to be back in NYC!

    NYC SB, I want to level with you. As a parent, I find that call disturbing, particularly if you are sure that daddy put the girl up to it or even if he only enabled her impulse by calling you for her. It’s manipulative at worst and confusing (for her) at best. A serious talk about your future as a couple is in order. Personally I think you are too young and have way too many places to go yet to become a pre-fab mom.

    Weird to see a post of mine from last fall get recycled, but it is apt. I also think it’s weird how, in real life, everyone knows that health care is a mess and knows lots of people who can’t afford insurance or can’t figure out their own plans if they do (like me). I used to say that I guessed about 25% of the people who take a particular job do so just for the health benefits — I mean why else does anyone work at Starbucks. Entire lives are arranged and conducted according to the need to have adequate healthcare. When the discussion becomes political and abstract, however, suddenly we have the greatest healthcare system in the world, which is supposedly not already regulated to the gills by the government, and we’re afraid of changing anything about it. Just a reality disconnect to me. Oh well, sorry for the politics, but I was tagged on this subject.

  330. CaribbeanPrincess says:

    that was indeed funny :)

  331. Anna Molly says:

    Check out this video on Youtube…super funny 😀

    Sugar has been oh so sweet 😉