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Sugar Scoop: SeekingArrangement Party



Hundreds of Sugars


Tuesday May 4, 2010


Merchants East, New York City

Long-time SeekingArrangement Sugar Daddy and premier NY party planner Alan Action has organized this special night for SA Sugar Daddies and Babies to meet, go over arrangements, and possibly make new ones.

Expect plenty of dancing, drinking, dinning, chatting, mixing and mingling to be had in an exquisite NYC venue.  Among the special attributes of this party are the complimentary champagne meet and greet and full-size gourmet hors derves, live entertainment (to-be-announced), cigar bar, wine room,  outdoor patio, and much more.

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How has your Sugar Daddy dating been lately?

145 Responses to “Sugar Scoop: SeekingArrangement Party”

  1. LadyIntim says:

    Good evening sugar family I need HELP! Ok, so I started talking to an SD-I emailed him first, which I usually don’t ever do…and after a quick exchange he offered to fly me in for a visit. He is married from the East Coast and travelling closer to me for business, so we are meeting half-way. Eek! He suggested that while he can make my first travel arrangements this first time, he would normally like for me to set them up myself and he just wires the money via PayPal. I agreed and he wired the travel expensees (roundtrip airefare, hotel, cab)to my paypal. I checked the paypal and it’s already in there…does anyone thinks this sounds weird? I can’t believe someone would just wire so much money over without even really getting to know me or asking me too many questions…Thoughts????

  2. JSB says:

    Hey I would be interested in the Toronto Event! Keep me posted or send me your email.

    Happy Monday everyone!

  3. SoCalsurferSB says:

    I guess I am looking for opinions about this situation…I met a sugar daddy a while back, we got along great and would hang out every week or so for about 3 months. During this time he had a “real” girlfriend. When they broke up he met someone new and then I did not hear from him for about a month. I finally asked him if he was still interested in hanging out ( because I just don’t like to wonder) and he replied for the time being he could not because he wanted to be exclusive with the girlfriend. Then when they broke up he called me again. I decided to hang out again because we had so much fun before, so we met up frequently for about a month and it was always a wonderful time. Now, I have not heard from him for about a month again. I am not going to contact him this time, but I just think it is so rude to leave someone wondering, I mean at least be open and say you wont be hanging out for a while for one reason or another..Do you agree a SD should let a SB know if he isnt planning to meet up anymore?

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Dear SoCalsurferSB (yea another OC’er)…Welcome!
      Sorry to hear that he has poofed. However you don’t really need our
      opinions on this, you just need to listen to the little voice in your head
      saying NEXT! Move on. He has.
      I agree, it is always nice to say goodbye. Which he did say to you once
      already. Open your eyes to the wonderful world of SD’s in the SoCal area!
      I know there are so many fine true SD’s in the OC to keep you busy and happy.

  4. MsLaDolceVita NYC says:

    Good afternoon Sugar’s!

    I have been on this site for a couple of years and haven’t really posted before, but am looking forward to becoming more of a name around the blog :)

    First, I want to say that I am so excited for the party on the 4th! :) I love this idea and cannot wait to meet face-to-face. If all goes well (as I have no doubt it will be better than everyone’s expectations) I hope this becomes a more regular thing. Alan, if you’re reading this, if you need any help, let me know as I have been an event planner & coordinator in NYC for the past 4/5 years.

    As for the question, so far, in the World of daddy dating, it has been very slow. I have one SD’s that I see maybe 2-3 times per year when he comes into the city. We have a great connection and the time we spend together is always so much fun. I do wish I got to see him more, but due to circumstances, it is not possible. I would like to find someone that I can see more often and truly create a relationship with. I love being able to take care of someone else’s needs, while they take care of mine. Here’s hoping that one will come my way! :) Best of luck to the rest of you out in Sugar World as well!


  5. Lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    KC, no he is from the Houston area and probably older than your sd, 70 to be exact. Not from this site either. His profile has been hid ever since we met but I can check my old emails and click his profile and it seems he is on alot lately so he’s not dead or sick, just rude I guess. I’m shocked as he was such a gentleman. Very kind to waiters and the working people.

    My latest potentials have poofed. One is too busy to meet (I find that these are the ones that never materialize) and the one I was talking to most recently thought a sd was someone who took you to lunch, had sex and “helped out a little as in paying for your dry cleaning or putting gas in your car. I don’t have a car and I don’t really do dry cleaning. He asked about previous arrangments and I told him and he poofed.

    Off to spend my day off with my mom. Have a good day everyone

  6. KC says:

    I’ve been off the blog for a while ( was too busy with my sugardaddy, lol), but am just catching up on everyone’s lives. In the case of your missing sugardaddy- Mine did the exact same thing after 6 weeks of great times. Now he has contacted my best friend through this site, and claims I broke up with him, etc….it really upset me because we had such a great relationship ( obviously in my eyes only) that I started inquiring around to see if he had been injured or died or someting as I couldn’t imagine him not returning my call or emails, especially when we were going to Europe in days. My guy is in So Fla…. just curious if we know the same guy?

  7. MindyNYC says:

    Hi All!
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

    IMO, receiving an ‘allowance’ and being in contact beyond sexual encounters does not automatically qualify as an SB…Yes, every relationship defines it’s own terms, but that does not mean those terms apply to a sugar relationship. Quite frankly, a p4p where the only mutual goals are money and sex, and your conversations revolve around only those subjects is what it is: Escorting. I don’t say this to judge or insult anyone, but to clarify the differences. Whatever relations you choose be proud of it – please just define it correctly.

    There may be much more to the encounter that I missed, but going to a hotel room to ‘make out’ on a first date with a man who isn’t even caring enough to escort you across a street, because he is too concerned with hustling you to a hotel room, does not bode well… What type of arrangement did you discuss?

    I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I take issue with the terms SB/SD being further misconstrued. Sure sex is a part of the sugar relationship but it is far from the only part of it. The same goes for money…PLEASE understand what being a Sugar Baby (and SD) TRULY entails before jumping into the fray and anointing yourself as one. Take time to read the archives, set a goal beyond money, create standards and stick to them.
    MAZD – wow! Sounds like a beautiful feeling. Embrace it – take the risk. You’ll land on your feet :)

  8. Heather says:

    My sugar dating has not been going well. I haven’t even gotten an email from anyone yet, even though I have sent a few out. Would anyone be willing to take a look at my profile and let me know what I’m doing wrong? I already know that I need better photos. The ones I have are not very flattering at all.

  9. buxombeautylv says:

    Forgot to add, I also predict this type of pay for play guy with the all-day sex-texting will never turn into a monthly arrangement type of guy, because he is just after the cheap thrill and will disappear before a longer term arrangement ever “works out”. This type of guy likes to dangle the carrot in front of you to get what he wants for a while, but that is all it will ever amount to.

  10. buxombeautylv says:

    JC, what this guy is looking for, IS in fact an escort. He is paying you $400 per visit but having you sex-text with him all day long – he is one of the many guys who wants to use the sugarbowl to get more bang for his buck than a regular escort will provide, but I assure you, this guy is NOT a sugardaddy.

    I predict you will burn out with this “arrangement” quickly because he is expecting too much of you while providing too little.

    This is not a value judgment at all. I have no problem with anyone who wants to escort for a living, but if that is the type of service you are comfortable providing, you’d be much better served to do it through the appropriate avenues. The type of guys who seek out that service here are not ever going to treat you the way they should, and I daresay some may even be a negative factor in your life. Be careful and smart.

  11. Lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone

    Well potential sd is dragging his feet. We’ve barely been communicating for a week but he is online often. He said he would like to meet me this week. I sent him several times which would work for me, both day, afternoon,early evening. He says he’s busy with work and his daughter’s acitivities but maybe friday afternoon would work, he has a luncheon that day, so there goes any chance at a lunch meet :( not holding my breath on this one as the ones that are local that take forever to meet never meet.

  12. JSB says:

    Bambii…I have to agree with OCBaby..I think you have an amazing body, but I feel like your profile says one thing but your pictures indicate another…I would want a SD to be interested in me for my personality, and then when the time I right and I sent him pictures of me that were revealing he should feel really special, and that the photos are for his eyes only…I think you can show other pictures of yourself that still reveal your body without showing so much skin to avoid sending the wrong idea…best of luck on SA…

  13. JSB says:

    Michael, such exciting news….keep us posted!

  14. JC – I feel as OC does, that I’d prefer that you and your pay-per-play use CL or Adult Friend Finder or whatever to find each other, as I would love if as high a percentage as possible of SA was about the more in-depth, meaningful, fully-faceted sugar RELATIONSHIP. Much more the style that Michael just had. Hours of talking each others’ ears off, kismet, connection on multiple levels, and all that leading up towards much more sparkling intimacy that doesn’t fizzle after a couple of months. If you wanna be a sex worker, be one. I don’t have a single objection to what consenting adults do together in private. I just wish you and the men you find on SA were on another site.
    Hey, how are those huge IRS issues you were trying to ‘work’ your way out of, that you discussed in February? Hope your life turns around, you didn’t sound as if you were coming from a very good place two months ago.

    Bambi – sheesh, those photos are definitely a bit steamy for anything other than advertising that you have a welcome mat next to your bed, and you are waiting there, semi-nude, and ready to go. Are you? If so, then please check out my comments to JC, above. Your profile text seems to say otherwise, but is in stark contrast to those nearly pornographic photos. You have an amazing body, I can understand being proud of it, but to feature so much skin on a sugar profile indicates that you’re probably up for some pay-per-play encounters here and there, and far less into seeking a chemistry-fueled, friendship-based relationship which can last awhile and truly enrich and enhance one another’s life and maybe become a lifelong friend and ally long after the arrangement has run it’s course.

    I realize that everyone is seeking something different and I have no moral objection to the world’s oldest profession. I just wish for this sugar bowl to be sugar-only, if possible, and as pure as possible.

  15. Midwest says:

    Afternoon ladies! Welcome Claudette, Bambi, JC, et al!

    I would like to reiterate OC Sugarbaby’s advice to come here to be treated like a lady, get help to reach your goals (school, business venture, etc) and to enjoy the company of very successful men who enoy the company of a LADY!!!

    This is not a site for hook-ups, fetish fulfillment and the like. There are many sites for that purpose which have nothing to do with being an sb. Yes, sex and the darker side of sex, can be a part of the arrangement. You are an SB first, the rest is a bonus for your man to be thrilled about!

    It’s up to us to set the standard…if we don’t have higher standards, we will get a lower caliber of SDs attracted to the site which wrecks it for everyone. Show your classy side with some elegant pics that show you are sexy, but are not here to give it away. Have goals and know what you REALLY want for your future. You are fortunate enough to be at a place where these men can and will make things happen for the right sb.

    Read the past blogs about what is expected in arrangements…when to make it official…look at what the SDs post about being willing to wait a few dates for a great SB. Many of the authentic SDs have posted amazing advice for new sbs. Don’t fall into the lure of empty promises and false hopes.

    Keep it real!

  16. shanel says:


    I just saw the upcoming sugar party and im excited about it. I was wondering if there are any NYC sugar babies on here willing to meet for tea to see if we can build a common platonic ground and possibly go to the event together. I love to socialize but its even better to go to these events with a friend.


  17. Kelley says:

    Hi everyone im new here, joined last night, currently waiting on my picture to be approved but I see so many SD i’m interested in. Any advice for the new girl?

  18. cleo says:

    hey all

    am making final plans for the toronto meet

    please email me if you want to come and haven’t heard from me this week! if you don’t have my email i’ll post it here if asked…

  19. Michael AZSD says:

    Thanks OC I will. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I’ve been around the block a few times and nothing gets under my skin. This one – she got Under my skin, into my head and my heart in one meeting. And I love it.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Michael pace yourself! lol
      I am so happy for you both :)

      Ok, my lovelies. I need to get out and enjoy
      my Sunday Funday!
      Today’s activities: The Beach
      Keep the Sugar flowing! ~OC

  20. Michael AZSD says:

    OC – yes there is a sugar arrangement, pd upfront at my insistence. I think this will pribably turn into a NSA relationship rather than a classical SB relationship.

    She came out of a divorce 8 months ago, my wife died less than 2 years ago so we are both about NSA, no commitment. That is how we both ended up here.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Michael she sounds like may be perfect for you.
      Classical SB relationship? Aren’t they all NSA?
      None the less. I am happy for YOU!
      If it is good and you enjoy being with her. Fabulous!

  21. Michael AZSD says:

    To add : I have had a binch of great IRL relationships, plus 2-3 pretty hood SB relationships. This one has got me totally blown away. And yes, the sex was great.

    Sorry, typing this on my iPhone on the treadmill at the gym…

  22. Michael AZSD says:

    Hello all!!

    Need advice. Met a SB Thursday and it wa totally 1+1=omfg
    Saw each other Friday night , got even better. We met on all levels – physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, food-ily, etc etc. I think I have – actually we both have – broken the golden rule of sugar dating.

    Any ideas? I was tossing and turning. She is way younger than me but I am not concerned about that. Everything else is just freakin’ amazing.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Michael rules can and will be broken.
      My question to you is how do you keep
      the as you so proudly call it omfg level
      of intensity going in this sugar arrangement?

      Is there a sugar arrangement?

  23. Michael AZSD says:

    Morning all

  24. NEOhio SB says:

    Donaey ~~ You are quite welcome. Sometimes a little ” Thank you for viewing my profile. Is there anything that may be of interest to you in talking more? ” can open up a door to someone who has viewed your profile, may have interest, but did not email you at that moment. Reaching out at times to a prospective or intriguing SD can make a humungo difference. 😉 Good luck.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Welcome to Sunday Fun Day on the Sugar Blog!

      JC what the more seasoned Sugars will tell you is that
      being a sugar baby is not about having a “just sex”
      relationship. So, yes JC he IS looking for an escort.
      It is about the mentoring, traveling, opening
      your world to new and different experiences and YES shopping!
      You may get some tough sugar love here with what you wrote.
      But a pay for play is NOT a Sugar Baby. Becareful, the type of men
      you are finding will not treat you with the respect you deserve.
      What bothers me is that if you are meeting them on SA you are
      giving them the wrong idea or playing into their unrealistic
      expectations of what a sugar relationship is. It is not just kinky sex and
      texting or sexting. Be safe!

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Ahhhh I love it! The blog is back to the meat and
        of what brought me here in the first place…
        “What do I do or is this normal… How do I… What can I expect…”

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Morning Michael!

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Welcome Bambi! Wow, all I can say is that your
        pictures will bring you men that will think only with
        their penis. Placing photo’s of yourself does not
        show your errr… brain. Being new to the SB venue
        (SB virgin), it was new to all of us at one point in time.
        Take it slow and listen to your gut on things that seem

        Take a look at some other SB’s listed on the site.
        Then think long and hard about what you are
        searching for. Yes, many have had great success!
        Again, be careful for what message you intend to
        send out visually.

  25. JC says:


    I have already been intimate with this SD. I don’t think he is looking for an escort but someone he can have a purely sexual relationship with. He is very kinky but I enjoy the things he is into so it works out. We have a “purely sexual relationship”, it’s not an escort p4p type of deal because we text all day long, it’s just all about sex :) Which I’m fine with. I’m not looking for dinners or romantic notions. We have a “sex relationship”.

  26. Bambii says:

    sry about the double repeat my labtops on the fritz

  27. Bambii says:

    Hi ladies
    i am 20 yr student and SB virgin
    i just started my account a few days ago and began communicating with SD’s or a few pots. So Far the experiece has been great but i really wanted to communicate with you guys here on the blog

    One of my potentials warned me of scammers and liars . .
    so generally im thinking that quest for a sucessful SD is a process ? Has anyone of you ladies had sucess? Generally my ideal pot would be around 1000-3000 a month.

    ive included my webbie stat’s if you want to check out my prof and make any suggestions


  28. Bambii says:

    Hi guys
    20 yr old student here . . . just started her seeking arrangement prof.
    so here goes . .
    im wondering if anyone had any sucess around here

    i started yesteday and have been talking to several SD’s and one warned me about alot of liars and scammers ???

    i really just wanted to talk to you gals and offish SD’s to get your imput

    the blog community seems lovely by the way
    (<3 ive taken the time to read a few entries)


  29. Claudette says:

    Hi everyone! Just have a story to share here. I had a date with a pot SD which I have to say was pretty disastrous for me and it was my fault!

    Ok so I wore these new heels out for the first time, and woah was I pretty unstable in them (bad move, I know, I know, but they were pretty and I practised at home!)(not enough practice apparently). Thank god I managed to pack flipflops in my bag, so when I was on my way to meet him I wore them, but of course right before I appeared in his eyes, I wore the heels again.

    That pot SD was so insensitive -_-. He made me walk around for miles!!! I was always behind him, and he did stop sometimes, but was still walking ahead impatiently. When we got to the traffic lights – and just my luck, each time we were there, the green man was about to turn red – he told me to run like the wind to the other side!! In heels!! Silly little me refused the first time, but the 2nd time, I felt that I had to keep up with him, so I ran and plopped on the ground right in the middle of the road. -_-“‘ I composed myself (aka pulling the ‘I’m Ok! Nothing happened.’ attitude to bystanders) and walked back to the side of the road I was originally on.

    For all the bad luck, perhaps it was good luck that he didn’t see me fall. He probably thought I was too lazy to run, but that’s better than being seen as clumsy. I can understand his rationale for being impatient..he wanted to book a good hotel to purely make out, and we did that. It was good, I have to say. He wants me back, but I’m not entirely sure…lol.

    Everytime I think about the incident, I can’t stop laughing, really. I’m throwing those heels out!

  30. JC says:

    Well, I’ve met two SD’s who have used the term “hosting” so far and I do realize that sounds a bit CL’ish. Mainly they want sexual encounters, which I’m ok with. Yes, p4p in the beginning and a full allowance later if it works out. Right now one SD is offering $400 each time but he says 4k a month if we agree to do it long term.

    I think one of the guy is an actual sex addict. I know a lot of SB’s are not into these types of encounters but I’m ok with it for now. I’m just into “hosting”.

  31. Donaey says:

    NE OhioSb- Thank you for responding. I understand now and I won’t worry about the profile views. I honestly just thought it was 50 different SD’s viewing my profile and passing me up.

  32. Caitlin says:

    I wish I was closer to NY! I would love to go to this party! :)

  33. buxombeautylv says:

    Also wanted to say, agreed with OCSB about the way the term “host” sounds – that’s usually more of a craigslist type of term. ahem

    I’ve never met a sugardaddy who ever used the term “host” and certainly never met one who expected to meet at my place.

  34. buxombeautylv says:

    I personally am not interested in anyone who expects to meet at my place right off the bat. Later, when a relationship and trust are more established, ok, but not in the beginning. I should think a gentleman would understand and work with his lady on that.

    I also don’t see why hotels are a “hassle” unless it’s such a small town the guy literally can’t go anywhere without being spotted, but in that case I’d reckon the gentleman would prefer to meet in another town anyway. Not wanting to spring for a hotel and calling it a “hassle” tweaks my BS meter…

  35. JSB says:

    Happy Saturday!!

    Thanks everyone for the comments, I actually look forward to reading this blog and finding out some great advice..

    Question about the bank deposit: do you set up a new account just for that or do you use the one you already have?

  36. NYC SB says:

    JC – on “hosting” – well to me it just means that they do not want the extra expense of the hotel room… and to be honest thats a no go for me… i would never let an sd in my place… so my suggestion would be to say that you will be responsible for booking the room (so its no longer a hassle for him) and he can reimburse you for it… or it can be build into your allowance…

    in all honesty he is probably looking for a pay per play at a super low allowance if he wont do the hotel route… my estimate of what he would offer you for the encounters is $300… which concludes that he is looking for an escort rather than an SB and figured he could get more bang for his buck going the SB route… pun intended

  37. CarpathianCutie says:

    Happy Saturday everyone!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Good Sugar’y Saturday to The Sugar Family!
      Sun is out, birds are singing, ahhh what a great day!

      JC hosting is a term that sounds well… let’s just
      stick to the question…the lack of effort on the SD’s part
      to set the Sugar Rendevous (SR for short)…
      It’s fabulous if they have a sugar pad already or if they
      arrange for a lovely suite or destination meet.
      How do they expect us to keep our sugar life separate from
      our normal life? If having Your SD over makes you feel uncomfortable.
      You need to set boundries and limitations in your life and those that
      are worthy will respect your wishes and provide you with the
      sugar boundry comfort you are asking for. I personally would not allow
      my place to be the Sugar Rendevous spot!

  38. RedMaru says:

    Evening sugars
    Hey OC hope your day was FABULOUS! Enjoy it for me too!!!
    Its Friday and I finally got home

  39. JC says:

    Thanks everyone for your responses…

    Another quick q’s… I’ve come across lots of SD’s who want me to host our intimate encounters and don’t want to go to a hotel. They are real SD’s and not BS’ers, they are all married though and for obvious reasons cannot host themselves. Some don’t like the “hassle” of a hotel for whatever reason. I’ve come across numerous guys like this…

    How do you guys handle the “place” for intimate encounters if a SD is married and not willing to get a hotel room?

    For obvious reasons I’m not comfortable hosting; for safety reasons and also because I wouldn’t want my neighbors being suspicious. I look and if I’m seen with an older male it would be obvious as to what is going on.

  40. NEOhio SB says:

    Donaey ~~ Sorry for the delay in anyone answering, but i can give you my input. Profile views are simply counts of someone looking at your profile. If the same person looks at your profile 50 times, it will show up as 50 profile views. So, don’t get discouraged with the correlation of profile views and emails. Maybe one of those emails has viewed you 40 some times.

  41. Lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone.

  42. buxombeautylv says:

    JC, I’ve had the allowance given in various ways and the only method I don’t care for is the bank deposit OR reloadable cards – big brother is too much a factor these days for my liking. I have been on the payroll as a regular employee with health insurance and all (and yes I did function as a PA) and liked that best, but cash will always be king.

    OCSB – very nice! :-)

  43. Sasha says:

    So can anyone tell me what a typical sugar party is like? Is it worth going?
    I am new to this and have had some good pots but nothing has been a go. I have read this blog beforehand and set boundaries while catering to what they are looking for, still no luck. Also I would like to know how you SB’s seal your identity, do you end up revealing it later?


  44. Donaey says:

    any one ? pleaaase?

  45. NEOhio SB says:

    Good morning and happy Friday to all!! Survived my tax crunching, now plenty of time to blog and play.

    Welcome to the newbies! The blog is a wonderful place to share thoughs, ask questions and get great advice from SDs and SBs, experiences both good and bad to learn from.

    OC ~~ So happy to hear your Sugar life is wonderful. I whole heartedly agree with you….a mans opinion is always welcome in the dressing room. Enjoy your special pampering day!!

  46. Lisa says:

    Good morning

    still sugarless here :( talking to one guy and might possibly meet next week but communication is sparse (we haven’t really talked much in the past week since his first email) and he has avoided the subject of allowance so I don’t know if he is even serious. Wants to meet twice a week which is a little much for me as that would take both of my days off.

    Off to take a shower now. Off today and doing nothing

  47. Lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Welcome Lady Intim and JSB! Join the fun.
      Your advice and or questions are always welcomed.

      JC many have their pref of how they prefer
      their allowance to be send or given. My
      pref was always direct deposit into my
      sugar bank account. It was sent on a monthly
      basis and it was never spoken of once it was
      set up. Easy!

      I am taking the day to spend it with my Sugar!
      Taking a day off of work feels decadent! He is
      going to be my BFF for the day. Mani Pedi’s,
      followed by shopping and Lunch. Sometimes
      a girl just needs a mans opinion in the dressing
      room! Enjoy your Friday and sprinkles to you all ~OC

  48. buxombeautylv says:

    Hi all! Haven’t been on in a little while – busy. I’ve started a new gig for the summer season which is fun, and had some friends in from out of town so I was playing tourguide for a bunch of Vegas newbies. It’s fun, but also a lot of work! heh

    Sugar dating has slowed down considerably for me of late and I suspect tax time has something to do with it, since I am strictly interested in non-local SDs.

    A pot I’ve met once very briefly and been emailing with for a few weeks is coming to town next week for a 2nd date. We seem to have some good chemistry so will see how that goes.

    Weather is warming up nicely here – the days are absolutely lovely! I love springtime in the desert :-)

    I WISH I could go to the NYC meet, but to be honest, the fundage is short for a play trip at this time. I just had to write my own check to the IRS, thanks to being honest about my tip income.

    As for whether to discuss possible arrangements before meeting, I tend to prefer seeing how a man reacts to my desired allowance range, just to avoid wasting BOTH our time. Of course this isn’t a hard and fast rule – I use my judgment based on his profile and initial emails also. If our financial goals don’t match, we’re better off moving on to find more suitable potentials.

    In my experience, men who are so sensitive they can’t even discuss that on the most basic level before meeting, they either aren’t serious about the lifestyle or aren’t able and willing to provide what I need. I also find that most serious SD types appreciate not having their time wasted by a woman who clearly isn’t right for them.

    I am very much willing and able to make a man extremely happy to spend time with me, but we have to be on the same page from the beginning or it’s not going to work. Every SD I’ve had has at least alluded to the financial aspect in early communications.

  49. * * CRICKETS * *

    Hello, SA Blog friends.

    Hope everyone is well!

  50. Donaey says:

    So far I have gotten some pretty good advice from all the lovely ladies here but now I need more :) I joined SA maybe about 3 weeks ago and so far I have gotten 50 profile views and only 3 emails. Two guys gave me their number and another one umm I don’t think he’s serious. The question is .. if 50 guys have viewed my profile, is it normal to only get 3 responses? Also I would love it if some one can look at my profile and maybe give me some suggestions please. Thank you all

  51. LadyIntim says:

    Hi, everyone, I’m not new to the site but new to the blog. I see a great deal of fun stories and advice and figured I should start chiming in.
    JSB-everyone approaches their arrangement differently. After about a year on this site I realized that the most effective way to find a solid SD is by setting up a short, direct profile…and just letting the e-mails come in. I personally never approach an SD first. I swear it raises your chances of meeting someone serious. Weeding out the fakes will come with experience. Any SD that’s eager to meet before discussing the details of an arrangment or an SD that sounds suspeciously generous…are usually ones you want to avoid. Trust your gut feeling. If something just doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t.

  52. JC says:

    A bit off topic but if you have the choice of receiving money either Cash or Visa Reloaded card, which would you prefer and why?

  53. RedMaru says:

    Evening sugars

  54. Lisa says:

    hello everyone

  55. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Everyone!

  56. NEOhio SB says:

    Good morning everyone ! :)

  57. NEOhio SB says:

    Good morning everyone ! :) Haven’t been here for months due to work and play, but seems it has slowed down quite a bit. Hopefully everyone has had great success in finding a great arrangement and that is the ONLY reason it is quiet.

  58. Tru SB says:

    Morning all, I’ve been so busy with work it feels like forever since I last been here but I have been lurking some days!! lol just can’t help myself….

    Nothing new my end Lily is helping me update my photos which is great as sadly I’m still looking which seems to be taking forever!!!! Oh well ‘all good things come to those that wait’!!

    How is everyone?

  59. SweetSBUK says:

    Hello people, LONDON!!

  60. JSB says:


    I am new to this whole Sugarland concept, however I find it fits with the stage of life that I am in now and I just have questions and was wondering if some of you have time to give me some advice.

    I am basically wondering how to go about finding a SD, or do they find you?? How do you know if a pot SD is legit, are there questions that should be warning signs? I am on SA but are there certain things I should include on m profile, or certian things to talk about.

    I find the blogs very informative and appreciate the info you all provide but I need more guidance in terms of negotiating the terms. I know this isn’t typically done until you meet and see if there is a connection…just wondering if there is typical things like if you see each other once a month you should ask for X, if its 3 times it’s X etc…I know everyones needs are different but just advice would really help.

    My biggest problem is the fact that I have never asked for financial assistance, but that is what would help me the most..I just finished school so I really need to pay off my student loan…what would be a good way to explain that money would help the most without sounding like that is all I am after, because really I would also like a mentor/friend as well??

    Thanks in advance for the advice…looking foward to getting to know you guys!!


  61. Jade says:

    SouthernGent2 – I would hope you are not just into it for the sex, because if that is the case it is far easy to just hire a pro ! Allowance should not mean sex ….you should still treat it like a real relationship, the allowance should show that you are serious about making a relationship and want her to see you are serious so she does not have to keep looking for a sugar daddy.

  62. Jade says:

    Taking calls sorry !

  63. Jade says:

    So sorry to hear about the poofing SD but sadly that is how most guys in the lifestyle will end a relationship. They just stop talking calls or writing back. I do not see why he can not be a man about things and at least let you know you need to seek again.

  64. Muse says:

    NYC SB- 😀

    Hi all. Sorry for being MIA and missing…well…everything for the last 2 months. I’ve been traveling a lot, mostly for work, so I don’t have time to keep up on the blog or the inclination to attempt it on my blackberry.

    I hope all is going well for everyone and I think we should do another casual NYC meet sometime so we can catch up. LASB, you’re invited.

  65. Lisa says:


  66. Chitown SB says:

    good morning to anyone lurking!

  67. Anna Molly says:

    Good Morning Everyone!! 😀

  68. Lisa says:

    Well still no word from sd but I see he was online earlier. He didn’t answer my last email :(

    Off to work now. talking to one potential but he seems over my head and slightly boring.

  69. Juliee. says:

    Howdy Doo. (:

  70. Get my ass *home*, not get my ass he. Sheesh. Typos.

  71. Shoogar actually did NOT email me any pics w/ a pole in them yet, so I have none to share! (yet) She emailed me one photo twice, though. :) (whoops!) I’ll share pole pics when I get any (& they’re ones she snapped of me–Shoogar neeeeeever stepped within a 3 foot radius of any pole, of COURSE!!)

    I’m getting excited about my Euro meet but need to get my ass he and spend some time plannng it!!

    I am doing well but it is spring and my sugar “house” is in need of some cleaning, and I’m headed back to the drawing board soon, methinks. Maybe I oughtta shake up everything and seek 1 perfect SD who gets the “my life, your life, our life” credo & whom I feel strong chemistry with, AND sees eye to eye with me on arrangement expectations/desires. I am getting busier with my non-sugar life and having 2 SDs, where neither are quite a perfect fit, feels cluttered. I have met a lot of potentials for dinner ( & established good rapport from there on) in the past month or two, who may or may not flesh out into an arrangement if I pursue one, and there are avenues not yet explored, so…. I feel like there are options, and that makes me happy and relaxed.

  72. FLSB says:

    Hi Sugars!

    Did anybody else see the blog advertisement when they signed on?

    Chi- there isn’t any harm in asking, If he doesn’t give it to you then that means he doesn’t keep his word. That’s a quality you shouldn’t put up with in any type of relationship or even friendship.

    Lily- Incoming :) glad you guys had so much fun!

    any advice for calming the nerves before a first intimate date? besides patron!

  73. Norma Jean says:

    Oh, I would like to go to the party in NY. Seems like fun. I think SA should have a link so potential SD’s can buy you the tickets, and even help with setting up a place to stay so we can all meet and mingle. Now wouldn’t that be fun. Otherwise this CA girl has to hook up with NYC SB…

  74. TexasSugah.. the DR told his MOTHER about me!!! says:

    Villa Cypris – wow you’ve been around. Were these Sugar trips or just an interest? I’m planning on getting some more dead sea exfoliating scrubs. There’s a huge line that’s featured in the Galleria.. but we all know how that last trip went.

    Off to google that article.. holy poo-poo can’t kiss in a restaurant? I have a good friend who’s other there working. But the scam doesn’t sound that different from anywhere.. getting people to pay for things like care repairs.

    There was a good article in travel and leisure about scams from around the world.

    Chatting with a potSD, NYCSD. He said that he didn’t know that being a sugarbaby was a full time job. He was referring to a lady who asked for a 10K allowance. He tells me .. you ask for so little so I want to give you so much. I’m like.. DAMN, did I undercut myself.

    So far he’s ok’d everything I’ve asked for and keeps bringing up more.

    We’ll see…..

    Night sugar fam.. hope this is better than the DR. LOL

    PS he called asking how much it would take to keep me and that he needed to sleep on it before. He said he was shocked at what a complete package I was. Nice compliment … but still.. ISSUES!!!! He told his MOTHER about our date.. GEEZ!!!!!!

  75. SouthernGent2 says:

    Lisa – I do agree with your comments above. It goes both ways. If a girl starts asking about allowance, then its my turn to talk about sex. Personally I like those that opt for the subtle approach that do understand the implications of this site.

  76. The Lone Gunman says:

    Hi gang!

    Did I miss anything?


  77. cleo says:

    lisa: i’m so excited for you and percy!

    can you get some guy you know to call your SD to see if he’s okay?

  78. Lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone

    Got Percy a nice big cage for only 104 dollars at petsmart on clearance. Had to steal a shopping cart to get it home though, feel bad about it but the cage is huge. Took the cart back to the mall parking lot, mom will take the cart back down to the store tomorrow if it’s still there. Now to get him comfortable with it. It is his first cage, he’s lived in a big box for 2 years and hates change. But it will fit nicely in my empty dining room so he can see me when i’m at my computer desk. He hates being alone.

    No word from sd yet. I sent him an email showing my concern for him but haven’t heard back.

    Got email from a potential but he seems kinda over my head so we will see. Will email him later this evening. He has given me lots of info but nothing about an arrangement. The other potential I will send a thanks to as he is not what i’m looking for. Sounds more like a booty call guy.

    Have a good afternoon everyone

  79. RedMaru says:

    Hey Mindy and Chitown
    Mindy – I do agree with you and lisa on the allowance. And you do find some who have all these expectations but dont/or dont want to offer much..

  80. MindyNYC says:

    HI ALL!

  81. MindyNYC says:

    Though of course it’s a case by case basis, I have to agree with Lisa re: prediscussion of allowance. After speaking a few times, I much prefer to have an accurate range of what he can do before meeting. I don’t like to discuss allowance on the 1st meet. I like that time for just getting to know the person and judging chemistry. It also helps to know if he has had successful SB/SD relationships before. Most of the serious men will bring up the subject loosely beforehand to get an idea of the range. Some will give their budget right out…All in all finance will be brought up in some form beforehand.
    I’ve found that it is the ones who do not want to speak / give hints of an allowance/finances aren’t offering much for their expectations. As friendly as I am, I do not care to waste time meeting someone just for the sake of it. Plus, once you’ve met it can be quite uncomfortable and hard to get rid of them.
    Of course, if you are meeting multi millionaires and billionaires, as Lily does, then I assume that they can match expectations no problem and a prediscuss is not needed.

  82. Chitown SB says:

    Good morning everyone.

    Hope everyone’s day is progressing sweetly!

    I am not sure what is going on with ArtistSD. He gave me part of my weekly allowance when I saw him last monday, and said he would give me the rest when we saw each other Thursday. Well, wed night rolls around and I text him to confirm we are meeting at our usual time and place. He says he isn’t feeling well. I tell him I am sorry to hear that and hope he feels better soon, and he should contact me the moment he does feel better. It is now Monday, still no word.
    I am trying not to be paranoid, but methinks he may be poofing.

    Also, if we do end up getting together again, given that we have agreed on a weekly allowance and the plan was to meet 2x/wk would it be uncalled for to ask that I get my allowance bi-monthly or at the very least at the beginning of each week?

    I’m so frustrated. If he has indeed poofed, I won’t be able to come to the Canada meet. Maybe the NYC one?

    Lily- I am emailing you via your blog I think some pole dancing pics might cheer me up :)

  83. RedMaru says:

    Lisa – you spoil Percy 😀 I hope he appreciates it

  84. raregengal says:

    Good norning sugars any advice on profile pics? I also am seeking a new sd and welcome any and all advice.

  85. Lisa says:

    SouthernGent2 : I feel that if the sd mentions intimacy in his profile and in his first email to me (in a subtle way but still mentions it) that is is appropriate to mention financial assistance too. So many men want to avoid the financial aspects but are quick to talk sex.

    Off to get Percy a cage now
    Have a good day everyone

  86. VillaCypris says:

    TexasSugah – funny, I’m reading the telegraph UK paper and there is a blog on the latest scams in Dubai. Google — telegraph “desert fox” dubai – if you’re interested.

  87. VillaCypris says:

    Red – Jordan is cool. I was only in Amman, which is a fairly modern city, and one day hired a car to take my friend and I to Jerash, one of the largest and most well preserved sites of Roman architecture in the World outside Italy.

    We also stopped at the Dead Sea, I did not go “in” other than to roll up my pant legs and stand in there. However, there was a rather large man floating in the sea, all that was visible was his huge belly and a newspaper. All the salts and minerals provide exceptional buoyancy.

    There are also major hotel chains with outposts on the sea, because it does have so many health benefits.

    You can buy dead sea products here in the USA… Ahava from Israel is a good line. I’m not familiar with any products from Jordan, here.

  88. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugars!
    That little brief rain didnt even make a dent in the pollen but its mild! As late as I was up playing Dantes Inferno(I beat the boss and got to Anger level) I still managed to make it to work on time.
    Hey VillaCypris how is Jordan I’ve always wanted to visit the Dead Sea for some reason. I got an exfoliant wash one time as a gift made out of salt from the Dead Sea did wonders for my skin I want some more sooo bad!

  89. So sorry, PrettySweet. I just was repeating the advice I’ve been given on the subject which has proven most helpful to me. I thought it would serve you well, as it has for me. I was only trying to help. As you found out, not all men post accurate numbers on their SA profile, so my advice is to take them with a grain of salt to some extent, from now on.

    In other news, I am going through Shoogar withdrawal. This is my Shoogar low after my yummy Shoogar high.

    Sniff. Sniff. Miss you already, babe! 😉 (& plotting shenanigans for Shoo & Lils, part deux)

  90. VillaCypris says:

    Good morning all!

    TexasSugah – i’ve been to Dubai, Oman and Jordan in the ME. Would love to visit Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain as well. Dubai is an interesting place, i was there in 2006, so I think it’s changed quite a lot since then. Definitely worth seeing tho.

    Shoo and Lily – sounds like you had a fabulous time!!! 😉

  91. Lisa says:

    Good morning everyone.

    Video chat is not something i’m into, especially with a complete stranger. Email gives one time to think about what they are saying and to read what the other is saying. I IM with someone a long time ago and have the conversations was “yes, ok, etc” no real conversation. And I had already gotten myself comfortable for the evening, makeup off, jammies on and i’m not going to video chat with sometone like that, lol.

    I find it most important to know the budget the person has in mind so we don’t waste time. He was able to tell me what he wanted and how often but couldn’t tell me what he had to offer. I have came across guys in the past that wanted to meet every week (wanted to travel to town on business and crash at my place for several days) and offered 500 a month, needless to say, they were declined. Of the several arrangements I’ve had, i’ve always known what they had to offer beforehand whereas the ones that left it blank, well the dates went no where.

    Gotta get myself out of bed now and go down in a little while to buy Percy a birdcage.

    Have a good day everyone

    One note about giftcards, always make sure they have something on them. I work in a store and everyday I find the cardboard holders where the cards have beens stolen. The idiots don’t know the cards have no value till activated at the register so if you ever meet anyone who hands you one, make sure it’s good.

  92. Anna Molly says:

    Good Morning All!! Hope everyone had a good weekend 😀

  93. I think the allowance/expectations discussion is case by case really. In my situation, most potential arrangements have been long distance so it made sense to have these discussions prior to meeting – as not to waste my time or HIS time and money for the cost of travel.

    If you are speaking with a potential SD/SB in your local area, sometimes a face to face meeting for these discussions makes sense.

  94. SouthernGent2 says:

    Lily – I agree with you on discussion of allowance. I don’t like to make any promises to someone before I meet her. You have to see how you will get along, have a good conversation, etc before allowance discussions. Girls that start asking in the first or second message (before meeting even is discussed) just turn me off these days.

  95. Midwest, I can’t wait to hear about your developments as they crystallize.

    Re: not discussing allowance before meeting—I actually prefer to do it this way. I want to get together for a low stakes lunch or even just coffee, and see about compatibility before wondering about arrangement specifics. I only target men who are above a certain financial threshold because of the amount of travel expenses in dating me (since I don’t want an arrangement where the airfare itself is considered a perk for me, since I have goals I would love to acheive with an allowance).
    I think that it’s not too much to ask to discuss “numbers” after having net face to face—perhaps the SD in question has a certain sugar budget in mind but he would only offer the entire thing to 1 girl if she captivated him 110%, live, and he could imagine being with only her & happy. Perhaps if she was delightful but he felt that he’d be happy with her AND another sb to balance things out, then he would have to hope that half of his sugar budget would suffice for her because ge would need to earmark the rest to offer to a second sb. These are decisions to be made after
    meeting live and gauging how you FEEL. A SD who shies away from promising an exact allowance figure before meeting does not bother me in the least. None of the men I have ever met have ever done so nor have I asked.

    How many of us SBs really have such intensely busy lives that we can’t risk one lunch or 30 minute coffee for a potential, just to see? And if your schedule is too tight for such sugar interviews, it’s probably too tight for an actual arrangement to be given justice.

  96. PrettySweet says:

    Lily it was not about “figuring it out” it out just for the sake of doing so. It’s about thinking that gee if he can’t match up his income to what he says he’s going to give it out(which is far more than I’d ever ask for) then maybe he is some crazy psychopath that is on this site to just get a kick out of people or even worse. You get what I’m saying? Bells just went off so I get what you’re saying but I was being serious when I asked for real advice. To be honest you came out like you were on some kind of rampage when all I needed to know really is if people can be this generous and if any of this sounds normal…you got me? Thanks for all who helped out before!

  97. RedMaru says:

    Finally made it past Greed to Anger and am calling it a night…cause I do have to go to work tomorrow….
    Night All….if anyone still here

  98. Yes, Lily and I spent 22 hours of non-stop sugar fun and South Florida will never be the same.

    RE: Pole Dancing Photos: Lily will ONLY be sending her own as she understands my desire for absolute discretion…I mean, I didn’t partake. RIGHT, LILS??? :)

    Villa – Male casualties? ha ha ha. Let’s not go there. We have stories.

    RE: Video IM/CHAT. Don’t do anything you aren’t normally comfortable doing.

  99. RedMaru says:

    Hi everybody whos here
    TexasSugar- Sure for starting out…..

  100. Oh…my….gosh….

    Epic indeed! Shoogar & I have proven we can spend 22 hours in nonstop animated & juicy conversation (except a 5 hour break to sleep).

    But karaoke we could not find!!!!! Good golly. NYC meet it will be. Karaoke duet & maybe even in matching outfits! :)

    pole dancing pics from last night available via email. :) if you don’t email with me, then you’d better start, or you’ll be SOL. 😉

    re: allowance not matching up. That’s not your job to figure out his sugar budget. Period. Do your research regardless, but understanding his complete financial picture is not part of the picture, and it’s best bot to bother trying.

  101. TexasSugah says:

    Villa – Where have you been in the Middle East? I’m dying to get to Dubai. I wonder if I can get one of my potSDs to solidify and take me??? Many have an adversion to the Mid East.. could be because they are all Jewish. Go figure..LOL

    Lisa – well babe just be glad you got out of that horrid apt. and into something better. Men are dyslexic when it comes to behavior. 70.. babe that’s just 07. It doesn’t seem to get better.. On to the next one!

    Red Maru.. the gift cards are you cool with that…

  102. VillaCypris says:

    hi midwest, lisa, nycsb, red maru…

    had a wonderful afternoon at my brother’s house, for his wife’s birthday.

    with regards to video IM… i’ve had a few people try to do that with me, and i’ve declined . maybe i’m old fashioned, i don’t know. but i have no interest in that sort of thing. to each his/her own i guess.

  103. PrettySweet says:

    Thank you to all that responded to me! In fact…after I asked you all that question I went ahead and chatted with that pot on yahoo and straight up told him about my concerns and how I felt the number didn’t match up to what he was offering. Of course he was offended but I tried to explain to him that I was trying to cover my butt and that I needed to know the truth. He almost cancelled our first meet at the Casino but then went ahead and told me that he does not list his income for tax purposes and that he doesn’t want his ex to know how much he is making. He also went further and told me that he is worth well more than what he stated and that he has accounts in different countries “for obvious reasons”. Anyhow I’m glad we had this discussion although it got heated on both ends but now we won’t have to really talk about it…right? So what do you guys think? Btw I bought tickets for the meeting in NYC but now I hesitate to go because I cannot have my face flashed across newspapers/mags. Do you really expect that the media will be there? I’m thinking I’m not going anymore…

  104. Lisa says:

    He sent me an email saying he won’t discuss arrangment before meeting someone but says he wants to meet twice a week for mainly intimacy. Funny he knows how often he wants to meet and for what but has no idea of his budget before meeting someone. That’s like going to a job interview or apartment hunting without knowing what the job pays or the rent for the apartment. And I never IM, or webcam.

  105. RedMaru says:

    Lisa – I tend to shy away from video IMs as the last one I got was from a guy(another SD site) who thought I wanted to see him jacking off! I’d be a little weary of that guy too.

  106. Lisa says:

    Don’t send pictures till he delivers

  107. Lisa says:

    Hi RedMaru

    Just got an email response to someone who wrote me the other day. He does not want to answer my questions about what he is looking for in an arrangment. Wants to meet first to see if there’s chemistry. We know what that means. Anyway he keeps requesting videa IM with me and I declined. I don’t have a webcam and am not interested in IM a stranger.
    I have found that the arrangements I’ve had, things have been discussed and agreed upon before we met.

  108. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    RedMaru – Hi! Glad to see things are looking up. Definitely trust your gut. Careful with the pictures until he solidifies things…some things you just can’t take back.

  109. RedMaru says:

    Hey Lisa 😀 missed ya hon sorry bout the Poofer hopefully he’ll answer back
    Hey NC Gent!
    Midwest Mistress Hey
    Playing Dantes Inferno and blogging at the same time. I’m up to the Greed level(only makes sense if you played the game or read the book. I actually did both)
    Sugar has improved for me I think. I got an interesting proposal from one I had been talking to for the longest by email, IM and phone. He’s finally agreed to a mini arrangement to start out which involves sending me gift cards. He’s asking for every now and then a picture of me. As some of you know, I’ve been burned before so my gut says don’t send anything till he sends the first card. What do you guys think

  110. Midwest Mistress of the Dark says:

    Hi Sugars! Busy weekend and glad to have a quiet Sunday. Just got done putting a spare tire on and possibly ruining my white sweater. Still, it’s better than finding out right before work!

    VC – Nice to see you back! You’re such a strong woman to be running that many stairs a week! Even if I made the time, I’m not sure if I would be that disciplined!

    Lisa – Sorry about SD. Hang in there..he may have something that required his attention. Hope for the best…expect the worst. I’m glad he gave you a chance to change your living situation regardless of what may come. You’re such a ray of sunshine these days!

    Pretty – I’m with NC Gent – Make sure someone knows where you are and that you have the resources on your own to get home or a different hotel if you need to. Should he come through, that will be a generous allowance indeed. Enjoy!!!

    Lily and Shoogar – Oh my!!!

    My sugar dating is moving forward in interesting and unexpected ways. I’m going to embrace it and see what happens.

  111. NYC SB says:

    Hi all

    Pretty Sweet – My SD had his income listed in the same range with the same income level… he later fessed up that the income figures were not accurate… so maybe its the same thing with your SD?

    I will be attending the sugar meet

    Why not? Its not that expensive… and I will get a chance to catch up with my lovely girlie Muse <3 u!

  112. Anna Molly says:

    Hi 😀

  113. TexasSugah says:

    Hey y’all

    PrettySweet-Ok so I have a potSD that did that whole pre paid card deal discussion. I was freaked out a bit and i told him that I didn’t want to do all that till we met. But I’m glad to hear that this is normal. Who’s name was the card going to be in?

    As to the amount on the income… Ppl rarely list their whole income, sometimes not even to the IRS.

  114. Lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Back from work, got housework done, laundry is in washer, almost done.

    Lots of views on my profile, no messages :( still no word from sd.
    LASB, yes he is the one that paid my 6 month lease and also took me to lunch many times and shopping and gave me a nice allowance. He was very generous in the 6 weeks we saw each other. Just odd how he poofed. I am going to send him one more message later tonight showing concern about him, I mean it’s odd for a man is age (70) to act like that.

    Hi Villa

  115. NC Gent says:

    Hello all — just lurking really quick — pretty sweet – you are smart to look at that with a healthy dose of skepticism. It seems a little high to me, because he is offering about half of his after-tax income. Do the best you can to verify who he is (google, employment, etc). Also, make sure you have an out aka safety net and happy sugar hunting!

  116. RedMaru says:

    Hey PrettySweet – If it poses no strain to you to get there, there is no harm in just meeting him. But go with your gut foremost and you might need to have some questions lined up. For instance what he expects, his occupation, the name of his business if he’s a business owner. There is a chance that he is genuine however there is also a chance if it sounds too good to be true it is!
    Good luck to and keep us posted and stay safe

  117. RedMaru says:

    Hey sugarfam! Nice mild day here in GA and the bees and the pollen count are back at it again. Guess the rain was good while it last. I wish I could go to the sugar meet in NYC :(

    TexasSugah : Sorry bout your encounter with that childish boy in a mans body whaddah jerk!

    Hows my sugar daddy dating? Hopely turning out for the better Just updated my pics check em out

  118. Anna Molly says:

    Guten Tag VC 😀

  119. VillaCypris says:

    Buon giorno

    TexasSugah – steer clear of the “passive aggressive” types… ugh!

    Lily – glad you and Shoo had fun! wonder how many male casualties there were (in a good way of course)!

    Lisa – sorry he’s still MIA… hope you have a great day at work!

    AM – guten morgen

    Champagne – i never told you this, but when people would ask me why i travelled so much to the middle east and north africa, i would say that i was an undercover agent, code name – “champagne a s s” – lol. So when I see your handle that’s what I think…. I’ll try to alter my thoughts to the Krug room in Hong Kong instead… can’t wait for us to go there!

  120. VillaCypris says:

    Buon giorno 😀

    TexasSugah – steer clear of the “passive aggressive” types… ugh!

    Lily – glad you and Shoo had fun! wonder how many male casualties there were (in a good way of course)!

    Lisa – sorry he’s still MIA… hope you have a great day at work!

    AM – guten morgen 😉

    Champagne – i never told you this, but when people would ask me why i travelled so much to the middle east and north africa, i would say that i was an undercover agent, code name – “champagne ass” – lol. So when I see your handle that’s what I think…. I’ll try to alter my thoughts to the Krug room in Hong Kong instead… can’t wait for us to go there! 😉

  121. LASB says:

    Hi Bloggers! Sounds like a fun party, but unfortunately I’m way to busy to make it out there. I’ve not been able to keep up on the blog, but I miss everyone and wanted to say hi. Things are going well in all areas. Generous BF is acting crazy, but in a good way. Things are still super intense, but fun as life can be. No train wrecks yet, though my heart is soooooo not valeted. Oh well.

    Lisa – Sorry about your SD poofing. Is this the one who did the 6 month lease for your place? How odd.

    TexasSugah – That kind of behavior is so uncalled for. Better that you learned early on, though.

    Lils – 10 hours of partying? Without me? Damn, I’m always late to the party! Glad you’re having fun!

  122. PrettySweet says:

    Btw he also said that eventually the limit will increase and that he also bought a past sugar a condo and a car. I don’t believe that’s out of range for a sugar daddy to do…but his income seems impossible to support that lifestyle. What do you think? I’m thinking he could be a joke.

  123. PrettySweet says:

    Good morning ya’ll. I hope someone can help me here. I’ve met potsd online and will be meeting him at a casino on Saturday. The thing is…he seems to generous. I don’t know if I believe the numbers in his profile match up. Before I’m quick to judge I want to know what you all think. So it says he’s worth 1-2 mill with a 4-5hundredk income. After a few months he is offering a visa card that can be prefilled in the amount of 10k. Other than that we’ve been chatting and he seems sincere, but can this be possible or does it sound like crap? Anyway I didn’t think it’d hurt to meet him at the Casino for dinner and drinks. I hope everyone is well. Take care!

  124. TexasSugah.. who did therapy at 0100 says:

    Lisa – OH MY GOSH.. your sugardaddy is missing??? I’ve been MIA on the board.

    OH NO!!!!!!

  125. TexasSugah.. who did therapy at 0100 says:

    Morning all… Thanks for the posts.

    James and Champagne – Yes, there’s some issues. The best part of it is that is that he’s a psychologist and I’m a mental health professional as well. Can you believe it? A good portion of the date was discussing mood disorders and so forth. Very interesting and it was nice to speak with someone who has the same advanced education as I do.

    Jade – I agree with you on that one.

    Later that night, he called me back and I spoke with him as a therapist, once a therapist always a therapist I guess. He has issues about what a woman is there for. I understand that; however, don’t get on a sugardaddie website ya know?

    He admitted the truly passive-agressive behavior as exactly what it was. He participated in the late night therapy (truly, I have two advanced degrees in this and almost a decade of practice). I think I might try to fix him before I send him back into the sugar world. He might hook up with someone who doesn’t have the skills to work with him, “go off on him”, making him more dysfunctional and so… the downward spiral continues.

    Ok.. well I’m off to a massage.. I guess I’m my own best sugardaddy.. LOL

  126. Anna Molly says:

    How has your sugar daddy dating been lately?

    I’m SUPER HAPPY with my sugar! SD if you’re lurking around out there XOXOXO! I hope you’re having a great weekend Sweetie 😉

  127. Anna Molly says:

    Lisa ~ That really stinks! I’m sorry, hopefully you’ll hear from him soon.

  128. ChampagneSB says:

    TexasSugah – I concur with James. Very childlike indeed. He obviously felt taken advantage of by this other SB (perhaps more than one before you) and has no idea how to communicate or deal with his emotions, thus the “acting out”. Sorry you had to deal with that although it sounds like you handled it well.

    Hi Lisa – Sorry to hear about your disappearing SD…. Very odd.

  129. Anna Molly says:

    Ahhh, missed James…..again! I always miss him :(

    Anyway, good morning everyone hope all is well 😀

    Sorry to hear about your terrible date TexasSugah :(

  130. Lisa says:

    TexasSugah: wow that really sucks. I remember reading back over a year ago about another sb who met a doctor and went to the Galleria and he complained about it being too expensive or something. Very hard to find a good Texas sd.

    Mine is still missing

    Off to work now. Have a good day everyone

  131. Sigh. 10 hours of partying.



  132. Jade says:

    TexasSugah – Sounds like he waited til after the stores closed on purpose.

  133. JamesNY says:

    TexasSugah response on other post!

  134. TexasSugah.. who just had a weird sugar date says:

    Hey Sugar Fam….

    I hope this is a place to write anything.. I wish I could make the sugar meet but.. sigh… no fundage for just a fun trip.

    Ok so I had the weirdest sugar date. I met this great, I thought, guy. He’s a doctor from a city not to far from here. He drove in and picked me up. We went to a great dinner. And then down to the Galleria. As we were walking he mentioned getting a room. Not to have sex but just to have a laid back talk.

    We did. No sex. Ok no problem. But it seems that he recently had a sugar date where he took that young lady shopping. He felt out of control and didn’t really want to buy things for her but did. So here we are.

    I told him that I didn’t want to spend the night even though we werent’ going to have sex or anything. Now here’s the clincher. As we’re walking back through the Galleria after it closed, he started joking saying “Let’s go to Gucci and get something” Or “Oh, there’s LV let’s get you something there.” WHAT??????

    I was pissed. After we got back I told him good evening. He called back and I told him that I didn’t appreciate the passive agressive crap. Just because he felt used by the other girl, he took that crap out on me! He needs to talk to someone.