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Give a little, get a little more


In or out of the Sugar bowl, giving isn’t always as simple as it seems. Sugar Babies might be confused about how to show appreciation for a gift from a Sugar Daddy. A Sugar Daddy might wonder about when the best time is to present his gift and what he’ll say the gift is for.

There are some very experienced gift-givers on SA – both SD’s and SB’s. One says he learned the art of gifting from his grandfather.

How do/would you prefer the gift-giving to be handled in your arrangement?

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  1. AngelinaN says:

    jaila bayby,they send the same emails to everyone they think iscute and respond to the first ones who answered.so its not you,its the men,that are like that.

  2. Happy Mothers’s Day to all the sweet mons in Sugarland!

    Hi OC, Beth, Jaila, Lady Intim, Michael, Pretty Baby, et al.

  3. beth says:

    I just realized how great seeking arrangement’s blog is! I definitely will be on here more often, that’s for sure! You guys are so sooo supportive of each other! Because to be honest, I need all the support I can get! I am a newbie!

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Happy Mother’s Day ♥
      Welcome Back Miami SB!
      Welcome Beth, Long Island NY SB and BabyBlonde!

      LadyIntim sooo glad you did not stay away. I am sure
      it was freaky that he spooked you with a little
      TMI about yourself before you even met. I love Facebook!
      I have had girlfriends find BF’s that way, so why not
      sparkle with a pot SD in that venue. You did say you
      recognized him from the sugar site!

      Going to the kitchen to get coffee! Strong and Steamy
      just how I like my men… ♥ OC

  4. Jaila says:

    Thanks again everyone for the advice. Thank you Redmaru too as well! I hope I find the right Sd for me soon!!!

    Much sweetness to everyone too!!!

  5. Pretty Baby says:

    added my link in case anyone wants to talk :)

  6. Pretty Baby says:

    I love, love, love getting gifts. I think gifts should be given often and with no explanation. It is really nice to feel appreciated. Likewise, an SB should reciprocate with nice surprises like cooking his favorite meal or giving him a nice back rub :)

  7. Hello everyone….. I’m back from my 3 month hiatus! Okay, in all honesty I got roped into the regular dating scene. Why don’t they just call it the manipulation and lies scene… LOOOL!

    So I’m reading and catching up on all that I’ve missed… I’ve missed the blogs so much while I was away! Hope everyone is doing well!

    I revamped my profile to show pics that are recent (love when I get new pics). So here I am… one of the older SB’s back… can’t wait to see what trouble awaits me 😉

  8. TexasTabie says:

    oops! Maybe I should have read more posts… Thanks OC for the link!

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Welcome TexasTabie! Your question is a very good one.
      I believe the term allowance is widely used across the
      sugar bowl. Finding the scenario that fits your needs is the key
      to success. However I would be very leary of someone who wants to
      give you an allowance by the hour! lol
      Stay and ask questions. Reading the past blogs will only give you a glimpse.
      No question is too silly ♥ OC

      • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

        ChitownSB I have not forgotten about you. I am checking to see if he has found an SB yet. Even if he has, I think you would find him to be a very good sugar friend to have in VA. Let me finish my work day and I will be back on line this weekend. I think I saw your email addy flying around here so no worries about re-posting it. I will find it! ♥ OC

  9. TexasTabie says:

    Hi Guys!

    New SB here, and let me just say, I’m such a wuss! lol a potSD asked me what is an acceptable amount for allowance and I didn’t know what to say! Do most SD’s give a flat “rate” (what the heck do you call this?) or by the hour? This whole thing is so weird, but I’d thought I’d try it out because I need some spoiling, darnit. :)


  10. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugars! Hows everybody? Missed you guys!
    Preferred method of gife giving I would have to say private as only the two parties involved.

    Hey Jaila nice to meet you! I dont believe you are doing anything wrong. It doesnt sound crazy as me and several others are having that same difficulty as we dont fit the majority ideal of SB. Fret not my dear, their loss the right sugar is out there for you.

  11. Jaila says:

    Wow! I must be doing something wrong… All i get are emails and I reply back about a couple of times… I wait for the SD to bring up the mutual arrangement and or I bring it up about 2 or 3 email and they dont respond….I am starting to think maybe its because I dont have blonde hair, tall, or big boobs… I know it sounds crazy but no one is willing to take a chance on me….HELP!!! What am i doing wrong?


  12. Chitown SB says:

    OC- If you are out there I am indeed looking at VA pots now. If you have someone in mind, I’d love the guidance!

    JSB- hahahahaa oh the mental images

    G-Force/Gerald- Not all of us are crazy, even if we have been estrogen poisoned. I find the cure for that is to engage in as many adventures as possible to get the crazies out of your system in a fun way. It allows for better stories than simply “so I met the crazy chick once…”. Perhaps I will have to contact you through your profile… if I can get through the waiting line 😉

    hello all others!

    I put this comment on the next blog topic too, so please forgive the repetition

  13. Gerald says:

    SoaringSparrow: I will be quite interested in your last post…I’m facing the exact same thing right now from the other side – $ vs SB monthly availability. I would be delighted if you would share as your arrangement plays out since I’m a total greenhorn at this right now with a fair number of pot SBs :)

    Btw everyone, I haven’t been here long enough to know sugar bowl blog etiquette…if my suggestion is bad form then by all means let me know I’m out of order and I’ll not pry 😉

  14. without sounding……’sketchy’

  15. HELP QUICK!!

    How does one discuss numbers for an allowance with a POT??

  16. LadyIntim says:

    Ya Southern is one sexy boy for sure. Bad, bad things come to mind.

  17. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    SouthernGent is a very mysterious person…..and VERY HOT!!!! Too bad he lives too far away from me :(

  18. LadyIntim says:

    LOL. Ok, so at this point Lily probaby thinks that I am slow (PS. Lily, you are right). Anyway, I can’t figure out a way to contact her in her blog. I got to the point where I viewed her profile and it suggested a contact button but then it goes into this weird windows screen and well, my lap top has a mind of his own and I am not exactly technologically inclined if you know what I am saying. I don’t know where SouthernGent is but he has my contact.

    SouthernGent, where the hell are you and what are you doing? I demand an explanation RIGHT NOW!

  19. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    LA, LA, LA, Can’t hear you….. *raspberry* 😀

  20. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    No….I don’t hear you… 😀

  21. LadyIntim says:

    Naughty Molly, a threesome with OC? Don’t threaten me with a good time, girl, you hear me ?

  22. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Anna does too 😉

  23. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I love golf!!! 😀

  24. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Hey, lady I, we could make it a threesome :)

  25. Sweet Jezebel says:

    I see you OC, Lisa, Naughty, Michael

    Just poppin’ in to say Sweet Hello’s to everyone.

    Gerald~ Congrats!! you made “Front Page”. Remember, there’s only good publicity. Like OC said, “Bring it on” – i’m paraphrasing :)

    I have it all figured out now – If I am here then no one else is available –
    just knowing helps :)

    Be back later after you’ve all left :(

  26. JSB says:

    OC – I am with ya on the Vegas and golf comment…. They should really do a sugar golf tourny in LV!

  27. LadyIntim says:

    OC, how fun would that be? But I dont think you ready…for this jelly! :O) Lets do dis.

  28. LadyIntim says:

    Michael SD, my SD is out of town all next week. That’s all I’m going to say.

  29. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Michael, you can tell her I said so 😀

  30. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I’ve always wondered what Michael looked like…hmmmmmm

    I bet he’s hott!!

    His SB should be thanking her lucky stars 😉

  31. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    If Naughty is involved then it is certain he will find some fun 😉

  32. Michael, I hope you find some fun!!!!!! Email me sometime via my blog, ok?
    I have a dinner date tonight (outfit was given the Shoo seal of approval, thank god for cameras on phones) and I have big stuff to celebrate.
    Tomorrow is gonna be awesome!!!!!

  33. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I want to go to Cali so bad…maybe my next SD will take me 😀

  34. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I love Vegas, haven’t been in years!!!

    Wish I could help OC, but I’ve never been to California.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Anna you would love it here 😉
      I am going to email SF SD (old blogger)
      He would know places in Sonoma. Oh how I miss

  35. Michael AZSD says:

    Love to do Vegas, but have young daughter to look after.

    Hmmmm, I know! Hahaha – off to cause trouble!!!

  36. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Glad to hear it 😉

  37. Michael AZSD says:

    Naughty Molly – my kind of girl….

  38. Michael AZSD says:

    My kind of girl….

  39. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I have many, many ideas….Michael 😉

  40. Michael AZSD says:

    Hey OC – what’s happening over there? Another day in paradise here in Arizona!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Hey AM and Michael! It is beautiful in Cali too.
      I love living here. I am just goofing off before my 10am meeting.
      One I am sooo not wanting to have.
      Ideas for Michael…
      Vegas Baby!
      Mani Pedi…
      Oh wait those are my favorite things to do!

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Enjoy your adventure Michael!
        I am going to work on a Sonoma
        Wine trip. I have never been and
        really want to go! Anybody have any
        ideas of a place to stay or favorite
        spots to see??? I have lived in Cali
        for two years and should really know more
        about places other than LA and OC!

  41. Michael AZSD says:

    Morning all …

    Bored and looking for some fun – SB is away until Wednesday, my last work project finished Monday, kicking off a new business next week (if the web developers will ever finish!), so just relaxing right now.

    Any ideas anyone?

  42. Lisa says:

    Good morning OC

    I think she was online last night. I’ve got a weird work schedule this week, working 12-6 today so I got to sleep in but have to be heading out to the bus stop in awhile.

    Have a good day everyone

  43. * spelling correction above: to quote Lils… (typing too fast from excitement!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Good Morning Sugars!

      Good Morning G-force (Gerald). That is
      fabulous news that you have unhidden your
      profile. Let the games begin! Oh, wait, no
      games only qualified sugary sweet non crazy
      SBs only need to apply.

      Sweet Jezzzz! I am sorry I keep missing you.
      Study hard for finals. Blogging is a fun way to
      distract yourself. I will check back more often
      to try to catch up with you! (Hugs)

      Lady Intim, Orange County is a very short trip to AZ!
      We should set something up 😉

      Stephan are you back yet???

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        ChiTown SB I think I have a very fun SD contact for you in VA.
        Have you been searching there yet or are you waiting until
        you move? Let me know!

        Lisa Lisa have you caught up with Sweet Jezabel yet! See I told you
        some of our favorite old time’ers would be back. Yea!!!

      • stephan says:

        Hi OC! I am back – never left fully- but boy that flu/(other physical issues) was very difficult. I’m happy to say I’m better, and as always it’s soooo good to have the OC sunlight on the blog :)

  44. Lily-bound today! Yaaay!!! Looking forward to a fabulous Euro Sugar Meet and reuniting with Lils! (and darlin, it’s sugah sistah from another mistah…just ask FloRida. The rapper, not our sugar friend. ha ha.) Can’t wait to meet NYC SB, Muse, JetSet and SweetEuropean and of course, all the other lovely ladies and gentlemen attending this fantastic soiree of food, wine, dancing and laughter (and to quite Lils, “lust, luck and Sugar.)! Is there a sugar meet detox program anywhere? Have a fantastic day, all!

  45. I cannot wait to meet some of my favorite sugar sisters that I’ve met on this very blog, TOMORROW! Shoog, my suga’ sistah from another mother, will be taking off in a few hours, and NYC SB, muse, and JetSet are all Lily-bound already, and I am so psyched. SweetEuropean I get to meet as soon as I land, already in the terminal, and then my local SB friend and two of my IRL girlfriends are flying down, plus a few other slightly random SBs from SA and altogether there are 15 of us! And 6 pre-screened, reputable SDs. Fun fun fun! There’s really no direct agenda for anyone to ‘pair up,’ but if it happens it happens. Default agenda: party!!!
    wish us lust, luck, and sugar!

  46. LadyIntim – I’m around! Email me off blog, as Shoog instructed. 😉

  47. LadyIntim says:

    Ok, everyone. I’m buzzed, fuzzy, and warm! Woof woof! GOodnight!

  48. LadyIntim says:

    Mike, you are probably right. I am so poor that if you came over for dinner, I’d read you recipes…FUNNY FAIL. :)

  49. LadyIntim says:

    JSB : My Answers

    You asked:SBs now that you are in the sugar world when you go out and an older guy checks you out do you wonder if he is a pot?

    Hell YES. I am always on the lookout. I always look at the watch, overall appearance, and what he is drinking.

    And have you also lost interest in men your age??

    YES, again. Why would I want a pickle when I can have the entire jar?

  50. IM4U2DSIRE says:

    I am going to sleep everybody…. good night!!! sweet dreams!! =)

  51. IM4U2DSIRE says:

    Michael… be my guest and enjoy one!!!! nobody is here in the blogs today :(

  52. Michael AZSD says:

    IM4U2DSIRE – having a glass of wine with you…

  53. JSB says:

    Okay Sweet, IM4, Lisa and everyone else who is lurking..I am calling it a night…sweet dreams, chat soon!!

    PS it seems like all the spicy stuff happens during the day when I can’t blog as much..hope everything works out with the sd/sb situations that were mentioned earlier..keep us posted

    Night xo

  54. Michael AZSD says:

    Hey LadyIntim – a bandaid would be good, but I don’t know if you could afford me. :-)

  55. JSB says:

    I agree that meeting everyone would be great…i am going to the next one for sure!! Sounds like they are a blast!!

    Sweet Jez – LOL re the pun..totally my style!! I am actually from Canada so I live in Ontario

    IM4U2 – the pun is that Sweet Jez said “spirits” which refers to the fact that you mentioned you were drinking because spirits are alch. beverages…and very yummy!

  56. IM4U2DSIRE says:

    Sweet Jezebel baby… sorry for my ignorance but what… pun intended means? that i am drunk? not yet… on my way i am working on that…. hahaha :)

  57. Sweet Jezebel says:

    IM4U~you sound in better spirits (pun intended) already. Good for you. I am so bummed that I missed the NYC Mixer (pout). Yeah, I would like to meet all the SB and SD who blog. that would be awesome.

  58. IM4U2DSIRE says:

    Thank you!!!! I can assure you I am drinking a glass of wine for each of you… Thank you for your comments I was expressing the way I feel today.

    Midwest, Lily, Lisa… where are you :(

    I wish we could all the ladies meet one day and just change opinions about everything…. jesus that would be interesting thinking about it… hahaha :)

  59. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Sheesh where did everyone go? Oh wells…

  60. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hi JSB~which state are you in?

  61. JSB says:

    Agreed on no judgements, really good to get different points of view..esp from the opposite sex because I tend to analyze when sometimes the answer is simple…and I am glad that we are adults here and when we do not have the same opinion we can agree to disagree

  62. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hey IM4U, JSB~ There’s an SD out there for you and he’s thinking the very same thing. Cheer up – you are the only one who can set the criteria for your sugar relationship.

    I second what you’re saying, totally. I feel the same way about wanting something different and when I am ready – I will find it :)

    Remember, there are no judgements here; only differences of opinions and preferences. We all like what we like and want what we want.

    BTW pour me a glass, willl ‘ya

  63. JSB says:

    Hey IM4U,

    I am glad you posted that and if I was near ya I would come over and enjoy a glass of wine with you!!

    I couldn’t agree more in regards to finding a special relationship with an SD that is extrodinary with chemistry…I would like to think that is what a sd/sb relationship is supposed to be like

    Cheers to being hopeless romantics :)


  64. IM4U2DSIRE says:

    Hi everybody… this is one of those nights when you dont think about sugar world of anything… I am having a glass of wine and just wishing I would have someone to share it with but not even that… I am the most positive person in the whole world but i am thinking right now… i am asking to much out of life? I do have an excellent but excellent job!!! i make six figures a year i am very sucessful… thank god! If i end with a SD-SB relationship it has to be something extraordinary with chemistry and all that… i am looking for a SD-SB kind of relationship to cover an empty space in my life and maybe like HURTSD say end falling in love and thats why i was looking for all the chemistry… I dont know todY… I think i am a hopeless romantic person… just wanted to share with you guys… i love when i see the blogs and everybody actually talk about everything and nobody judge… like a said before just wanted to share something a little bit more from my life. =)

  65. Lisa says:

    This was a guy I talked to last year right before I met a sd. He was 65 and looking for a woman 18-40 so I was actually a little old than what he was looking for. He didn’t want money to be an issue and wanted someone to keep him company for the next 10 years or whenever he dies. He wanted me to take salsa lessons and to dance with him and to move with him to Thailand (he has traveled there alot of was obsessed with it for some reason). I don’t think i’d want to be stuck in a far away place with some old guy like that. I want an older sd but I wouldn’t want to be married to a old man. Anyway salsa lessons wouldn’t do me much good when I couldn’t even afford to aircondition my apartment in the hot summer. I was fortunate after that to meet and have 3 sds in the last year.

    I would love to have a lasting relationship but I have very little trust in anything long term in today’s world. Why invest your heart in a relationship that will end just like that. Better to keep in light and fun

  66. TexasSugah says:

    Lisa- wow I didn’t know about the Thailand deal. What was he planning to do there? I understand the whole not giving up your house deal.
    You are right about the single ones. Many don’t want to be single anymore. I’m sure you’ve read the profiles that are mentioning they want you to be open to more later. Lady’s right. Go with what you’re comfortable with

    Lady- I did just what you said. I sent him a yahoo message. He freaked right before meeting when he was here last time. I was in a negative place and kinda wasn’t as ” into” him as he’d wanted. A lot was going on in my life. He tried to fix it as I was walking into work. I couldn’t just leave. That’s the last I’d heard of him. He probably has met someone else but.. We’ll see.

    Night y’all

  67. JSB says:

    SBs now that you are in the sugar world when you go out and an older guy checks you out do you wonder if he is a pot?

    And have you also lost interest in men your age??

    I cannot pinpoint when this happened but I noticed it has yesterday when a girlfriend and I went to dinner.

  68. Lisa says:


    I try to keep up with the new members and save them to my favorites but to be honest i’ve had 0 luck on this site in the past almost 2 years. Met two shopping daddies when I first joined that lasted one date, met one sd on the blog last year but distance is an issue.
    My last two sds were from another site that I seem to get the most views on. There isn’t much new blood in my area on this site and i’ve contacted any sd of interest but they dont’ respond.

    I prefer sds in their 60’s-70 as they are more gentlemanly and even though the two I had were newbies, they got the hang of it from email one. They brought up the arrangement on the first email so when we met (in a fairly quick manner) we both knew what we expected.

    I also prefer married sds because single sds are looking for sbs to take weekend trips, do stuff on weekends and I work every weekend. A new policy at my store was posted the other day ” requests for sat or sun off will not be granted, so don’t ask, no weekends will be given by request) so this means I will never be off on a weekend thus no option for a weekend trip even if I requested it, it’s impossible. Therefore a married sd is best because I have a couple days free a week and some evenings. I’m not looking to give up my place and be at anyone’s mercy, I want a sd to add to my life, i’m not looking to throw away the good part and take off someone unknown. I had one potential last year that wanted me to move with him to Thailand (on the first phone call) whereas I was looking for someone to take me shopping and help me build some savings.
    Anyway I keep trying, I need to have some luck before August when I have to sign my new lease. I have bad credit and not enough income so I have to pay the whole 6 months in advance. My last sd moved me over here and did that.

  69. LadyIntim says:

    I see SDs…they are everywhere! :)
    Michael, do you need a band-aid? Cuz you are all cut up! LOL I am a dork.
    Allrighty, everyone! I am off to get ready for cocktailing with my SDs firm. I will check back in tomorrow. Night!

  70. LadyIntim says:

    Lisa, I think it’s time to focus on your niche. So, you know that your strongest target Daddy market is gentlemen in their 60’s..maybe early 70’s? Correct me if I am wrong. I personally think, the older the better! I’m in my mid twenties and my main SD is past his mid 50’s and my daddy #2 is rapidly appraoching his 50’s. But like we agreed earlier, age doesn’t affect them downstairs (Woot Woot!). So. Lisa, I think what you should start doing is reaching out to that particular group of daddies and wait to hear back. I’m just thinking back to the classroom. Just like in marketing and advertising you need to qualify your buyer. How old is your pot. SD? How much should he make? What is the further he could live? This will require a little bit of footwork. Just like sales, if you reach out to 100 people, at least 1 percent of that demographic will respond. He might be your new SD. Lisa, don’t give up. They are everywhere!

  71. Michael AZSD says:

    LadyIntim – I learned many years ago never to try and use facts on the female gender. I still have the scars!

  72. Lisa says:

    Houston is spread out to and public transport sucks. But I live in walking distance of the mall (can see it from my bedroom window) and this neighborhood is good for walking. I was just sitting in the mall but i’m not looking for a young guy, i’m looking for an sd. I’m struggling to save for my next lease. Last sd has this one paid for the next 4months so even though he poofed back in March, i’m still benefiting.

  73. LadyIntim says:

    Texas , I must have missed your previous posts. What happened with the 5k pot. daddy deal? Is it too late to do a little back-it-up action and seeing if you can still get back in the jam? :) I would! He might be flattered you re-considered 😉 Just go back and say, “No need to dispair, Daddy, I am back. I don’t want anyone to feel insufficient during this special time of year.” LOL

    Hi, Lisa! A 20-something year old? Now that’s a good day if you ask me! It’s hard to get hit on here in AZ. Everything is very spread out and you have to drive everywhere you go. So, if I want to get hit on I have to drive 10-15 miles, then actually find a facility with people in it…too much work.

    Now, now Gerald and Stormcat. Female gender is crazy? Can you two back up that accusation with something other than a FACT???

  74. Michael AZSD says:

    Hey Stormcat – great that you were able to have a great discussion with your SB.

    You said “were able to talk out alot of our mutual jitters” – mutual jitters about what? How did yo resolve it?

  75. TexasSugah says:

    Hey sugars!!!!

    Oh I have been just into the blog since classes are over..

    Lady – I loved that drop kick him in his taquito .. cute. I WILL use that one!!!

    Rebel – I agree with ESB.. 4k in good faith? My goodness. I can’t see how you’re getting played. But she’s right, stay safe, get a car service.

    A seminar? At this point, I’m definitely open to that.

    Gerald – Good luck with the SBs.. hope you find a GEM!
    ESB – on your dime? Are you serious? C’mon. Salt, not sugar on that one. Speaking of which. Last night a “fly by night sugar” and I were chatting. He brought up the whole allowance deal. I’m just not interested in him enough for what he’s offering. He’s more of a gift daddy so its not really an allowance. He agreed on the shopping when he’s on business here once a month but.. I don’t like him.

    I’m kicking myself over the 5K allowance deal from before. STOOPID girl. Oh well…

  76. Lisa says:

    Good evening everyone

    Odd how I can’t attract a older man on the site, couldn’t hold on to my 70 year old sd, but I get hit on by the younger guys in real life all the time. I was sitting in the mall holding some packages while my mom and daughter went into another store. A young good looking guy came over and sat down and started talking to me. He wanted to know if I was doing anything tonight. I told him I was as i’m not really interested in younger guys and not at all interested in regular dating or relationships anymore. This is the 3rd time in the 2 months i’ve lived over here that a 20-something guy tried to ask me out.

  77. Rebel Rouser says:

    JSB! I completely agree. There seems to be an influx of SD traffic, especially the past few days. Can’t complain though!

  78. Stormcat says:

    Lady I, Thanks for the inquiry. My status has been kind of unknown to me, but Monday I had a fantastic date with my SB and we were able to talk out alot of our mutual jitters so that we are back on again. As far as exclusivity goes we have discussed it but is was never an issue for either of us. (Although for me I am not ready to commit to the financial obligation that supporting more than one SB represents.)

  79. JSB says:

    hahah Gerald and Stormcat – you guys are fun..really glad mroe SDs are commenting on the blog

    Is it just me or when it rains it pours?? for some reason the last few days I have had a lot of messages from Pot SDs..I don’t know if it is because we have been blessed with some nice weather in Toronto but I am enjoying it. Hard to know which one you are most compatible with though…

  80. Gerald says:

    OK Stormcat, spill the beans! Is there simply no cure for estrogen poisoning’s effect on rationality? Tell me it’s not true! lol

  81. Stormcat says:

    Gerald, I hate to tell you this but . . . well never mind. I think, given my recent track record here that I need to avoid making statements that could be interpretated in a contriversial way.

  82. Gerald says:

    LadyInTim: Thanks for the compliments but we’ll see how things work out – I’m typically a magnet for the most insane of your gender (I’ve got to believe that otherwise your entire gender is crazy! lol). Thanx again 😉

  83. JSB says:

    ahhh gotcha…guess I had too much sun and too many Margaritas today :)

  84. LadyIntim says:

    OOOOH! G-Force!!!!!(Gerald, this is your new name! :) For the first time I witnessed Gerald’s profile. Very impressive. Ladies, I urge you to back up off my new man. hahaha!

  85. LadyIntim says:

    Hey, Flo, leave some for us, would ya ? :)

  86. LadyIntim says:

    JSB, no, babe. I was referring to one of our bloggers. Her nick name is FloRida. She used to blog on here all the time. My suspecion is that she’s just too busy with all the sugar

  87. JSB says:

    I think Lady Int might be referring to the artist named Flo Ryda..not sure though but if she is then the singer is a male..

  88. LadyIntim says:

    Shoogs, thanks for the correcting me, LOl. Flo-forgive me. I’m just mad I didn’t think of that mac daddy name before you did, girl!

  89. Lady – yes, Flo is Flo Rida and a SHE (SB), not HE (SD). :)

  90. Gerald says:

    Hey there!
    Just unhid my profile for the first time (finally done with it) – here’s to hoping! :)

  91. LadyIntim says:

    Ok I officially stopped checking my Inbox. It’s all about the blog. Great…

  92. LadyIntim says:

    Who is FLO? Flo Rida? That’s pretty gangsterrrrr! I remember back in my lurking days he was pretty active

  93. LadyIntim says:

    Michael AZ SD I better not know who you are!!! I am not studying at T-Bird, no. But one of my pot SDs turned good friend just tried to send me there.

  94. Hi Michael AZ SD! Also, I saw FLO up there!!! Hi, Flo!!!

  95. Michael AZ SD says:

    T-bird = thunderbird university. They have a great masters program in International Business. Thought you may be studying there.

  96. Thanks to the generosity of SDs out there…these “sugar meets” have been possible for many of us bloggers to meet IRL. I met some of the most amazing women (and men) in Toronto right from this very blog. Awesome camaraderie! There will be more in the future, LadyIntim!

    I haven’t been blogging here lately because of…well, let’s just say…unsugary behavior…but like to return see how some of my friends are doing here!

  97. LadyIntim says:

    Gosh dang it, sugar sissies! I want to go to Europe! Why do I need this aggrovation? Why?!

  98. LadyIntin – ha ha. No, but we have actually met and are ‘sugar sisters’ you could say!

  99. LadyIntim says:

    Ok, nevermind-copy that, Shoog!

  100. LadyIntim says:

    Are Lily and Shoogar Shoes the same person?

  101. LadyIntim – you can get in touch with Lily by clicking on her name and emailing her through her blog.

    By the way…Toronto Sugar Meet was a blast and HUGE success and now I’m off to the Euro Sugar Meet! NYC Meet in June next.

    Take care, everyone!

  102. LadyIntim says:

    Michael, what is T-bird? What does this mean? I dont understand.

  103. Rebel Rouser – In my experiences, (the ones who are of the caliber I am accustomed to) it is perfectly normal for a pot SD to send funds in ‘good faith’ before meeting. It is also perfectly normal for them not to send photos or want to video chat. I have met a few pot SDs who run in a high-profiled social circle and would never want this area of their life divulged publicly.

    Good luck to you!

  104. Personally, I always receive graciously – or at least, I think I do. For a lot of older Men they receive just as much pleasure in giving the gift, as you get from receiving it. And lets face it – No act like that goes without reward! 😉

  105. Michael AZSD says:

    Hey LadyIntim – confused no longer. SB is going back to Canada in June, so may be looking again.


  106. LadyIntim says:

    Sweet Jezzy, Good luck on your test-knock ’em dead! I need to get off my buttuti-wooty and be productve myself (productive?what’s that? :) Have a good rest of the day, everyone! We all think of me ;),
    Lady I

  107. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Lady, Rebel~ Sorry ’bout the lapses. Project Management at the grad level and can’t wait to finish.

    Leaving for a final now will pop back in after 10.

    Have a blast y’all.

  108. LadyIntim says:

    haha! girl, I am all about the seminars. We need to teach each other how to keep dat pimp hand strong..LOL (p.s. i’m white :)

  109. LadyIntim says:

    Rebel, you need to hook a girlfriend up! How do we do this? I am looking for the ultimate part-time traditional SB/SD relationship. When we are together, we are together. When we are not-we are not. No text wars, no late-night phonecalls, no unnecessary situations. If we don’t see each other for extended periods of time because either one of us or we are both buys…no problem. We pick right back up where we left and have a kickass time as I refuse to settle for anything less. Sign me up. I have my party pants on!

  110. Rebel Rouser says:

    I am in Miami…and I think a sugar baby convention is in order–work shops, seminars and happy hour gaaaalore! Mostly shopping without the work in front of it and happy hours… okay maybe a few seminars sprinkled in for good sugary measure…

  111. Rebel Rouser says:

    Not married but a very firm believer in the your life and my life…and is not one to text you daily like a standard boyfriend. I don’t know what kind of SD you are looking for but he certainly would not be a travel daddy. More of an allowance type would be an ideal business/career mentor.

  112. LadyIntim says:

    International Business. In masters program now. But i am a professional hussy pants! hehe What about you!?

  113. LadyIntim says:

    REb, where are you from? I am telling you…all the SBs from the blog should just move in with me in ARizona. Let’s Kumbaya!

  114. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Lady~what are you studying in school and to what end?

  115. LadyIntim says:

    Rebel Rouser, I am joining forces with Sweet Jezebel and urge you to decline the in person airport pick-up from you pot. SD. Definitely order a car service. It will cost you 50 bucks tops, maybe 60, which you pot. SD already covered 100fold by wiring an advanced allowance of 4k. Here is what you should do to secure a safer, more comfortable situation. Tell the SD that you will get a car service. Arrive at the hotel (which will be in your name) a couple hours before your meet and take your time organizing, making yourself beautiful, and preparing mentally! Then, you come down to the hotel lounge (which will be opulent and gorgeous because this potential SD wouldn’t plan anything less-right? )and meet him for drinks right there at the hotel…make friends with a bartender too…so I’d get there a little before he arrives. If he is REAL and NORMAL, he will not decline this and will understand your concerns. If he insists on picking you up, it’s a total red flag and NOT worth the risk. So, bottom line is this, girlfriend, if he is hellbent on picking you up at the airport himself, he is a creeper. But my gut feeling is that he will let you do whatever makes you, the lady, feel safe!

    Wooo…sorry, just making sure no one gets hurt! And REBEL , I would LOVE to meet your LA friend SD. We need to exchange info so you can pre-approve me. Gee, I hope I don’t shatter your computer screen :)
    PS Is he married???I love love love married daddies ! :)

  116. Rebel Rouser says:

    Lady—I happen to know an AMAZING SD in LA area. Total cutie and extremely generous. Let me know if you are interested and we can email off blog or something…

  117. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hi Rebel~ I would decline the pickup from the airport, sweetly, of course. And opt instead to use the car service and meet in the hotel lobby or restaurant – both public places.

  118. Rebel Rouser says:

    Stormcat- Thank you for putting that into perspective…it never crossed my mind that must worry about being black mailed but now that you mention it that is a VERY real fear. He happens to be in NYC and has assured me I will have my own hotel in my name. Another thing that worries me is he said that he would prefer to pick me up from the airport over using a car service….

    Lady- I think I will go for it and be thankful for the opportunity ad hope for the best! I guess I am worried because I have read about horrible experiences but have never dealt with a scammer so I feel as though I am due for something bad to happen…definitely not a great way to think but its just how I feel!

  119. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hey Lady~ I’m studying for a final later and keeping one eye on the blog (LOL)

  120. LadyIntim says:

    AND…while I appreciate an opportunity to talk to myself on here…Where is everyone and what the hell is everyone doing? I demand an explanation IMmediately! Is everyone having too much fun drinking and celebrating taco day?

  121. LadyIntim says:

    Stormcat, what’s your status? So far i only know 3 SDs on the blog. Youself, Michael AZ SD, and Gerald. Michael is happily confused with his unsure SB. Gerald is probably so overwhelmed with a never-ending barage of volunteers to fly in his plane..and you? Do you have a steady SB? I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row here. By the way, things have been awful quiet on my end when it comes to SDs. I need a third! I just decided.

  122. LadyIntim says:

    Rebel Rouser, I just recently went on a trip out of state to meet a married SD who was also hesitent to discolose his identity or provide pictures…because he is married and because he is well-known, which further validated my time investment to meet him. Although I found him to be very boring, he did turn out to be exactly who he said he was and he followed through on all of his promises. He also sent me advanced allowance via Paypal before even speaking to me on the phone. If I was some scammer, I could have easily never replied to his e-mails and gotten away with 3k of his money without too much effort. Clearly, I was not going to do that and I returned his trust and good faith by flying in to see him and making sure he had a GREAT TIME. THough I did not feel a connection, I am glad that I got a chance to meet him. He really is a good man and integrity comes before anything else in my book. I say you go for it. Just makes sure to take all the obvious precautions to ensure your own safety…meet in public, let him know your friend or family member knows where you are, and of course, in reality give that friend or family member his phone# and e-mail…that’s what I always do. I’ve developed a total trust system with one of my best guyfriends who always takes me to the airport when I decide to travel…I leave him with all the info about where I am going . GOod luck. I think this one’s worth pursuing.

  123. Chitown SB says:

    Boston SB- you can scroll up and find my email in my comment above to Sparrow.

    Stormcat, Thank you darling… it just gets a little frustrating sometimes. I am trying to keep my head up.

  124. Stormcat says:

    Rebel Rouser
    It’s understandable that someone wouldn’t want their image to get out in association with the kind of activity percieved that SA represents. It is a real enough fear that a person (intentionally not using the word SB here because a true SB would never do this) might out of desparation or greed resort to blackmail. So he is protecting himself but it does seem a bit more on the side of paranoia than I would feel comfortable with if I were in your shoes. (Danger percieved translates to past danger experienced or inflicted.)

    Just be very careful. Take all the precautions. There are lots of good posts about this topic here on the blog and there are even security services offerd for dating individuals.

  125. ESB says:

    OK, Times up… have a wonderful afternoon everyone. I’m going to go enjoy some sunshine and watch the tail end of my kids practice. HUGS!!

  126. ESB says:

    Hmm..I’ve been exchanging emails with a few SDs. One wants me to come to his state, on my dime, so he can spoil me rotten all weekend… don’t think so. He is sweet, and I enjoy talking to him, but not going to go to him unless he is going to send for me. Another one is moving to my area in a few days. We’ve been exchanging emails for a week or so. I gave him my phone # last night. He still hasn’t called. He said he can’t wait til he gets here so we can meet. Thing is, his emails are always one liners. Hard to get to know someone who won’t really talk to me.. so I’m hoping he calls so we can really get to know each other. He really wants me to be his SB, so he can spoil me and take me on trips and have some fun. I guess we see where this goes…

    Rebel Rouser Now I have NEVER had someone send me 4k in good faith. I think that speaks volumes!! But sweet heart, safety first ALWAYS!! Meet him in a public place. DO NOT let him talk you into meeting in his hotel room. He has to understand that your safety is at stake here, and he needs to respect that as much as you need to respect his need for privacy. If he can’t come to terms with that, I’d seriously think about packing.. and I’m not talking your bags!!

  127. Rebel Rouser says:

    New to this but just skimmed the blog.

    Lady–like you I come across SDs who offer to provide compensation for my time spent traveling to meet and greet with them (without intimate expectations, of course). Recently I came across an SD who I think is great. We have exchanged quite a few emails and our flirtatious banter and overall rapport is amazing. He is married and claims to be handsome (not that it would be the end all if he wasn’t) but he refuses to send a photo or even video chat because of the social circles he runs in. He also will not disclose his last name. He sent 4k me 4k for “good measure” but I am concerned as to why he is so secretive about his identity and wonder if I am being played. Usually I follow my “gut” on this things buuuut it ain’t speaking to me this time…

    any advice? anyone? (sorry for the obnoxious paragraph)

  128. ESB says:

    Thank You Very Much!! lol

  129. LadyIntim says:

    TYVM???What’s that supposed to mean?? ESB, I demand those details IMMDEDIATELY!!!! :)

  130. ESB says:

    Well, now that I know who is all here… Storm, Boston, Lady, AM, and Lily HELLO!! Good to see everyone!! Now, Details about last night if you please!! TYVM!!! :)

  131. Stormcat says:

    sorry -the curve-

  132. Stormcat says:

    Aw – Chitown SB – Cheer up love! You’re just in curve. It’ll happen! It takes time to make a meaningful connection. Actually it mostly takes time to know that it’s meaningful. Anyway be in the present moment darling and enjoy the process. There’s nothing like the first date with a pot! Do that as much as you can, without expectation. And believe me the arrangement will come in it’s own time.

  133. BostonSB says:

    Chitown – I have some suggestions but would rather talk to you in private. If you want to share an email address I will send you some ideas, suggestions, etc…



  134. LadyIntim says:

    Special hello to JSB! I think all you fine ladies just need to move to AZ and call it a day. I decided.

  135. ESB says:

    Hey everyone!! At the library killing time again, trying to catch up and find out what happened last night… still reading… will comment again when I catch up. HUGS!!

  136. LadyIntim says:

    Hola chicas and chicos! Happy cinco de drinko, everyone! Michael AZ, I smell what you are cooking and I hope you two lovebirds work it out. She soundsl like a lovely young lady! Now today is yet another hectic, crazy, busy day in the life of Lady Intim…but I am so happy to report that I’ve managed to save the evening for a romantic drink fest at the end of the evening with my main SD#1 and all of his business partners! This should be fun! Don Julio, are you there? It’s me, LadyIntim!

    Update on yesterdays’ pot. SD: He texted me once again today inviting me to join him for dinner tonight. ERRRRRRRRRR..Hold the phone…A. I am not Asian and B. I am too old!? Sweet baby Jesus, what is the matter with him? Needless to say, I declined the offer as I am on the verge of drop kicking him square in his taquito.

    Is everyone having a good day? LILS, how shall I get in contact?
    Ay, holy FAjitas!

  137. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Hi Jane, Welcome!!

    As far as what to talk about, just ask him about his interests and what he does for fun. I’m sure the two of you will find something in common :)

    If he starts with the phone sex then I would stay away.

    Good luck 😀

  138. Jane says:

    The story is that, I exchanged a few e-mails with man who wants to meet me. He asked if he can call me, and I don’t mind to give him my #.
    Any ideas what should I talk with him, and what I shouldn’t first time?

  139. Jane says:

    The story is that, I exchanged a few e-mails with man who wants to meet me. He asked if he can call me, and I don’t mind to give him my #.
    Any ideas what should I talk with him, and what I shouldn’t on the first time?

  140. Chitown SB says:

    I am thinking of updating my photos as now my hair is all one color. Anyone who feels so inclined as to check out my current profile and offer suggestions… I would be very appreciative.

  141. Chitown SB says:

    Happy cinco de mayo sugars fam!

    Sparrow, I can get you Midwest’s contact info if you email me. alyssian1 at ya hoo?
    Hopefully you understood. I go downtown moreso to meet with pots or friends from out of town than anything else. To have my happy hours there would be a bit out of the way from my place, and usually out of my normal price range.

    Hello to anyone else who may still be lurking!

    I am having kind of a blue day thus far. Trying not to get discouraged in my SD search. I have been on the site for about 3 months, and have had a failed SD relationship for a month and a SD that went poof after about 3wks… which was about 2 weeks ago. I am wondering what I am doing wrong?

    Methinks I may just need a margarita, sigh. Now if only the weather would cooperate, its MAY for goodness sake! Hi of 68 with a good chance of rain. boo

  142. BostonHoney says:

    Details, details, details of the party last night. Oh, I wish Midwest went as she seems to have the ability to describe the event so well with amazing details.

    Stormcat, NYCSB and Muse please share more fun details if you feel so inclined.

  143. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Good idea Michael, let it run it’s course and see what happens.

  144. Michael AZSD says:

    LadyIntim – yes, she is younger. She is 26, I am 49 (have been for a few years now).

    I think she is just genuinely confused. We do get on very well, very similar personalities, so we are quite open with each other. Maybe it’s one of those things where we both want to have our cake and eat it too.

    The arrangement was to see each other couple of times a month, and we have seen each other 4 times in less than 3 weeks. Can’t get enough of each other, so I think she is running away a bit. Neither of us want a relationship, but it is sort of feeling that we are heading into one.

    I haven’t asked for exclusivity, not necessary. But getting the “let’s do this, let’s not” in the same day doesn’t work for me. I think I’ll let it play itself out, and see what happens.

  145. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Hi Gerald :)

    I’m so glad you’re sticking around, we need more SD’s around here 😀

  146. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I would like to find someone who is looking for a long term mistress. I’m into the mistress thing 😉

  147. LadyIntim says:

    Goodmorning, everyone !

    Miachel AZ, I’ve acted the way your SB is acting right now. And the reason for that was always because I wanted more options. Is she pretty young? It’s so hard to just give your exclusivity to someone. I tried exclusivity with my main SD#1 (he still thinks we are exclusive), but after finding out that he is baning 4-5 girls on the side, while talking marriage and babies with me…well a great deal of respect went Poof! of course he denied it, but My mama didn’t raise a fool!

  148. Gerald says:

    Good morning!
    Hey SoaringSparrow, I used to be a flight attendant for Continental in the late 80s early 90s – easiest job I ever had, but starved. Girls have the advantage in that job since I proved it’s ineffective way for a guy to approach a pretty female passenger and suggest they buy dinner tonight for me 😉

  149. Stormcat says:

    Soaring Sparrow – Not my intent, I’m really a very kind and caring person. I want to engage people about the things they are presenting, because I think that is what they are interested in. There is so much that I don’t about others and that is the most interesting to me.

    I definately don’t want to come across as a know-it-all or a ball buster.

  150. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I meant to say congrats Stormcat!! I’m glad things worked out darlin’ 😀

  151. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Isn’t Stormcat the great! Such a sweetie 😀

  152. Thanks Anna Molly!

    Stormcat- Just read your post about my handle: (a little late, yes) But Im starting to think you just LIKE busting peoples balls…perhaps a bit of a know it all are we?? However, I was using ‘soaring’ in the most literal sense which is ‘flying’ PEOPLE don’t soar (at high altitudes, either) but its definitely a figure of speech. So, as a flight attendant (if you must know) I relate very well to the true definition of ‘soaring’ and I relate most to what the sparrow symbolizes. Thank you very much. *batting my eyelashes profusely*

  153. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    You’re welcome Michael 😀

  154. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I’m glad everyone had a good time :)

  155. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Hi Stormcat!

    Welcome SoaringSparrow 😀

  156. Good morning all!
    Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

    Stormcat- sounds like the party was a hit!! Bums me out even more that I didn’t get a chance to go! O well, Im sure there will be others.

  157. Michael AZ SD says:

    Thanks Stormcat and AnnaMolly for your comments. I am going to let it roll, and see how it works itself out. We ended up the discussion yesterday agreeing on – no expectations, no commitment, just be in the moment but it is the mixed and conflicting messages that she is giving that I find really frustrating.

    Funds aren’t an issue, she has enough and I can provide more.

    And she is pretty good at discussing her feelings – she Is a clinical psychologist…. I am pretty good at discussing my feelings as well. After all, I’m a man and we all know how good men are at that! 😉

  158. Stormcat says:

    Good Morning AM

  159. Stormcat says:

    MichaelAZ – Sounds more like a decision hasn’t been made and she is thinking/talking her way through the process. I would just be patient. Encourage the to discuss all her feelings and give her feedback about yours. Perhaps she wants to see you but the irregularity of the meetings will leave her with more alone time than she really wants. On the other hand there might be financial considerations that she doesn’t want to burden you with. Or something altogather different than any of this. The best strategy is ask her!

  160. Stormcat says:

    I talked and laughed myself horce. My friend the one that I dragged along was thanking me was all the way home. He was bragging that he got phone numbers from 10 women. So I go, don’t get yourself too blown up, It’s not that hard to get phone numbers from SBs. The hard part is what follows. Well he’ll learn.

  161. Stormcat says:

    The party itself was loads of fun! Two floors of people laughing dancing drinking talking. The music was terrible and there wasn’t much food but everyone was having such a good time that they didn’t seem to noitce

  162. Stormcat says:

    Good morning sugarland

    Just getting up cause we didn’t get back from the SA party untill almost 3AM. The place was packed. Didn’t meet up with many bloggers but it was soooo cool to finally meet the ones that I could ID. NYCSB and Muse right away and, imagine I couldn’t stop talking. Hung with them most of the night. :) It was fantastic, theyare such beautiful and cool SBs!
    But the big suprise for me was meeting Stephan. He was manning the front door. So I went up and said “I’m Stormcat” and it was like meeting a long lost friend. He’s really cool and lots of fun in person. Not restrained serious like he has to be here on the blog.
    I expected to meet OC but she seemed to be MIA. At least no one who I asked ran into her. But it was a really big party.

  163. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Hi Michael ~ Sorry to hear about the confusion. Maybe she likes you too much and doesn’t want to commit herself 100% to a relationship that she sees as a temporary arrangement and doesn’t want to get hurt.

    Just a thought.

  164. Michael AZ SD says:

    Sorry for the messy post – using my iPhone to post.

  165. Michael AZ SD says:

    So she either
    – doesn’t know what she wants,
    – is messing with my head OR
    – is confused and caught up in the moment.

    We had the first part of the discussion over breakfast, the second part came later as she was leaving after 2 great days here.

    To me, this comes clearly under the category of aggravation, which I do not want or need. Either decsion I can handle, but just not flipflopping.

    omments? Thoughts? Feedback?

  166. Michael AZ SD says:

    Good morning all!! Another day in paradise here in Arizona.

    My current SB is either really confused right now, or is messing with my head. the whole relationship was going really well.met my daygter, stayed for a couple of days. All v excellent, and was basically an unspoken exclusive agreement.

    Yesterday I got the “let’s keep this going over summer even though we will both be travelling a lot, and will be hard ti get tigethr”

    2 hours later I get the “I’m going to see other people over summer while I can’t see you for 2 months.”

  167. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Good morning everyone! :)

  168. NEOhio SB says:

    Good morning all!! Feliz Cinco de Mayo tambie a todos!!

    Cassie~ I won’t ever say that spending a week away with a SD doesn’t in any way, shape or form mean he is NOT an SD…he may very well be a travel SD and seek a SB for travel out of the country, etc. However, i would never ever ever commit to meeting a pot for a week upon a first meet without establishing a great connection/chemistry. That would be horrible to commit yourself for a week with someone you just don’t want to be with. I have traveled with my SD at times, but that was only after knowing him for a few months. Recommend meeting him first absolutely…and then seeing if you could envision spending a week with him as his SB. Don’t put yourself in any uncomfortable situation without knowing him first. Not a safe choice if i give my 2 cents.

    Off to a morning run on this gorgeous sunny day in NE Ohio.

    Hoping everyone has a day full of sunshine and sugar.

  169. JSB says:

    Morning all,

    Happy Cinco De Mayo…I cannot wait to be on a patio with a Margaritta yummm

    Where has Cleo and Lily been lately? I really miss their posts/advice..

    How was the SA party for those who went?

    LadyInt – you are so fun I really hope you keep posting and good call on deleting the pot sd’s number..he is wasting your time by trying to play mind games..I am sure you will find another great sd soon..or shouldd I say he will find you..

    Okay off for a run before work…wishing you all a sweet day!!


  170. MindyNYC says:

    Cassie, I’m sorry but that does not sound like a SD or the makings of an arrangement. It is not a great fit as you are not looking for the same things. You are an SB. So, really your answer to him should be that you are not an escort and are not available for a week, nor do you have a rate. Let him know that you are looking for an ONGOING relationship that includes financial support…Good luck!

  171. LadyIntim says:

    if so the answer is heck no. that’s creepy. otherwise think what you need a month and devide it by 4. 5k a month is the average I think.

  172. LadyIntim says:

    Cassie, he wants to spend an entire week with you? day and night 24/7?

  173. Cassie says:

    Girls, help emergency!
    I found a man who want to be my SD. (It’s my first SD ever) we exchange e-mails and realized that we’re great fit. But when I told him what my expectations are (I told him I need financial support) he asked me What would my desire for a week together…. and I’m wonder what should I tell him.

  174. LadyIntim says:

    Ok. I am going to go to bed now and ponder all my wrong moves of the day. I will dream of a range range rover, little house in US and a big one back home, 2 kids, and the perfect sugar daddy/baby daddy by my side. I am loosing it.

  175. LadyIntim says:

    Michael AZ, easily and cheaply…uh! that makes me so mad that you said that but not at you. GRRR! Ok. Gosh dang it, blog! I will not see him again then. Now that you said that, Michael that really pissed me off. Oh why oh why do I need this AGGROVATION??? GR!

    *Deleting his number as I type this*…Breathe out…and carry on! Perfect Sugar DADdy, Where are you? ! ? ! If you are reading this give me a sign! RAR!

  176. Michael AZ SD says:

    Hey LadyIntim – thats what I thought. He was trying to run you down to get you running to him, so he can get you easily and cheaply .Guys do that sometimes and think it works. Some guys are sooooo stupid.

  177. Sweet Jezebel says:

    OK then it’s before the first meet? I say it’s whenever you both consent to it
    **prude alert** I just don’t want to be intimate on the same evening I get an envelope (Not that there’s anything wrong with it).

  178. Gerald says:

    LadyIntim: Please don’t say the P word, I’m the only adult in the house with 2 kids :(

  179. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Don’t go Lady, then I have to also :( I’ve been using this as the sweetest avoidance. Alas, I must go study. Damn wanting a life

  180. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Gerald, I zip-lined while on vacay in Jamaica. Talk about scary-coolish. I screamed the whole time – it just felt better. I was happy to be on terra firma after that, boy.

  181. LadyIntim says:

    Alright, everybody. This baby needs to go do some studying (yawn). By the way, Gerald, it doesn’t matter whether you wait an hour or a month to penetrate your SB’s …soul….you must always protect yourself. But I am sure everyone already knew that, we are all grown-ups here…occasionally rational and mature :) XO NIght night!

  182. Gerald says:

    Sweet Jezebel: How is your version fast forward? Seems like normal speed 😀

  183. Gerald says:

    Chitown SB: Zip line tours are the BEST! An adventure with postcard perfect sights combined with the thrill of flying through the air really fast. Can’t be afraid! When you look down you realize you are one hell of a way high up; zipping through the canopy of the rain forest…seeing monkeys, pet store giant birds living wild and just an abundance of wildlife and beauty…just awesome! I prescribe it to all.

  184. LadyIntim says:

    So here we go, my rude, English nemesis…oh how I loathe thee…Thou are not smarter than I! Let the games begin! 😉

  185. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hi Gerald, just as in any “relationship” you will both know when the time is right.

    If there’s a great connection over that first dinner/meet, the conversation is flowing effortlessly, you reach for her hand afterwards(and she doesn’t recoil), you lean in for the much-anticipated good night kiss and she accepts you with coy restraint but you can tell she is loving this as much as you are~maybe more

    You both agree on spoiling and leave with plans for a deposit before the next meeting. You’ve both called and texted (if appropriate to your circumstance) about that magical first meet. After a day or two you say something shrouded in naughty innuendo and her response is warm and open.

    Seems to me with this trajectory, by the third date (if she can keep her hands off you) you could be sharing the sweetest of sugars.

    To “Charm the pants off” someone hs been around this long for a reason :)

  186. Texas- Yea I hate that… “Do you like white guys” question my answer “Im an equal opportunist, I like ALL guys as long as they know how to treat me”
    not that hard. I DONT like being a science experiment either not into guys just ‘trying something new’

  187. LadyIntim says:

    Gerald, I have no rules. I do what I want when I want…and then I leave. But if I really like an SD I usually stay :). Ok, I’m not that brutal. In all seriousness though, I have no rules. I have slept with SDs on the first meetings and it turned out just fine. My two main SDs I slept with the night I met them and one of them I’ve been with for 2 years and the other married SD #2 is coming up on a year and things couldn’t be better. My whole thing is that if I’m not initially attracted to an SD’s photo, I won’t even bother continuing the convo…nevermind entertaining meeting him-Obvi..

    Sweet Jezzy, You are the wind beneath my wings :) BTW, this SD from today just texted me saying we should meet again. Michael SD was right on target with the hard to get shit. You know, this could actually be fun-why not? What do I have to loose? What else could I be possibly doing with my time other than spending it on an SD who thinks that I am rapidly approaching old age at the ripe age of 25? Doing homework? Spending time with friends and family? I might as well be flushing it down the toilet!

  188. NO, Sweet Jezebel! You WILL stay perched on that soap box o wise one! Ill change your bedpan if need be. lol

  189. TexasSugah says:

    Hey ya’ll

    Lisa.. girl I know what you mean. I’m 36 and well.. I dunno. We’ll see what the sugar world holds this weekend.

    Lady – well, maybe he was out of his comfort zone and just decided to be defensive. Don’t call him tonight.. let him think.. and want. Then be coy about the whole thing

    That reminds me of the “it’s closed” doctor. Since we’re FRIENDS, now he’s wanting to talk and calling me an asset girl vs the “hoodrats” he’s come across. Ok so I wasn’t hot enough for you before..WHATEVER. I text back ” LOL.. yeah ok”. He’s been calling like mad. *rolls eyes*

    Eyebrow lift. Hmmmmmm I’m terrified of botox. I’ll do the fillers HUGE NEEDLE… but botox. I don’t know. It’s weird.
    I wonder how that would work with me. My injectionist mentioned it but….

    Soaring – I know. I was hit with that.. and he threw in the color deal. I told him to get lost. He corrected himself quickly. It wasn’t too bad but I think, well know, the color thing is a turn on for him. If I hear, ” Am I your first white guy” again I’ll scream. Ok dude.. what ever floats your boat. The south.. gotta love it. LOL

    On the other hand, guys who are black ask me if I’m into black men. When I tell them I usually date interracially, it becomes a competition. Men! I generally get disgusted at the whole childish deal and stop talking to everyone. Need to stop that.. I’m sugardadless..

    Oh my.. I’m in negotiations. I wonder how this will go.. updates later.

  190. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Oh and never negotiate…not with your allowance anyway – it sends a bad message and sets a regrettable precedence. Set a reasonable figure for yourself, one you believe would make you feel valued in the “relationship”. One that will make you feel powerfully sexy when you find the right person to agree to it – If you don’t believe this is your number – you won’t be able to “defend” it.

    Yes you want to be the sweet, soft oasis in his life but let’s not forget. Most of these men are used to the arrangement and are powerbrokers and expert negotiators – be sweet (always) but know your value and stand your ground or you could end up feeling used and taken advantage of.
    -Must get off soap box now-

  191. Gerald says:

    LadyInTim: I think the part that was kinda crazy to me was the over the hill age 30 thing as well as the ‘are you good in bed’ (I kinda thought that mainly relied on the guy). As you said, things are on fast forward in the SB/SD world but that’s wow.
    Let me probe the fast forward component. Assuming that there was real chemistry in your meet/greet today and assuming first meets never qualify for wild thing…if you set up a second date (or third or whatever), in the sugar world when can the Scooby Doo side of us come out? Or more specifically, under a fast forward model how many meetings assuming all is good chemistry-wise, is it appropriate to say, hey let’s get naked? Is that too shallow? lol

  192. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Sparrow you’re still here. Remember he is expecting to have the conversation or at least have an idea from e-mail or something. If there is chemistry and general interest in each other, no one can take advantage – what ever you do, don’t even think like that.


  193. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hi Midwest, is it just us two now?

  194. Midwest where r u from??? Jezebel I’ve been lurking for MONTHS on this and OTHER blogs…I’ve been a sponge for EVER now and just started blogging with you all this week..Im DEFINITELY taking notes.. Keep the advice coming! I REALLY need advice about negotiations ..I would never want an SD feeling like Im trying to take advantage… thats the biggest thing Im worried about..

  195. Midwest says:

    Sparrow – I opt for putting up my range so there are at least some expectations as to budget. As for bringing it up, I find it easy to ask if they have had a sb. That can open up the discussion to what worked, what didn’t and you can casually approach the allowance conversation.

    Truthfully, there are a million approaches from covering it in e-mail instead of in person to having an outright discussion to hoping he just offers any allowance. Test out some different ways and see what works for you. My only advice is I wouldn’t bring it up in the first date…I like the first dates to be more about getting to know one another and determining if there is chemistry.

    JS is right about the previous blogs. They were very helpful for my former sd and I as we discussed our arrangement.

  196. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Well, not as directly as if it was someone from SA because the expection isn’t there.
    Remember…men are like banks – they won’t give you money if they think you need it.
    I say, So will you take care of me/make me happy? In my lightest princess voice and watch his reaction then take it from there. Because I don’t appear to need the money, its easier to get it I think.

    But I have said tongue-in-cheek “Of course we can go out and do all these things and never be intimate” I will hear a long pause then I say, “See how stupid that sounds?” However, once I’ve been forced to link mutual satisfaction, it usually means this is a non-starter…NEXT

  197. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Soaring: don’t forget the wealth of knowledge that’s on this blog especially posts from a year or so ago.

    As you know by now, there are a number of bonafide SBs here who are always willing to help us newbies navigate the sweet choppy waters of the sugar bowl

    Now, I’m wondering where everybody went :(

  198. Midwest says:

    Hi Chitown! I’m so sad you’re going to be further away :-( Look me up when you get back. Perhaps you can join us in Chicago for a day.

    Sparrow – I’m not too far from the city. Chitown knows how to reach me if you would like to get in touch.

    Courtship – I do agree that real SDs don’t push the issue up front and show great respect. At the same time, let’s not forget that chemistry and intimacy IS important for them. Balance, patience and a lot of sweetness can guide those conversations naturally.

  199. have u ever had the talk with someone NOT from an SD site??

  200. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Oh, I’m still here

  201. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Yes, the talk. Relax and remember that with him being on this site, half the work is already done for you. With someone on a “relationship” site, it’s a little stiickier.

    You must talk about it though…Have you thought about prefacing it with something like, “Oh, I was having so much fun talking to you I almost forgot to ask, What is your budget?”…Then go from there. I wouldn’t recommend saying anything like, “I hate to bring it up” or any other way that’s apologetic…

    just my two cents

  202. where did everyone go!?

  203. S Jezebel: I initially started emailing people but have since stopped.. Emails come in slooowwly but I met an awesome guy on ANOTHER site today and we had A LOT in common. We’ve been chatting all day so I’m stoked about that..
    Its weird when you totally hit it off with someone while chatting as though you could DATE but then have to dive into the ‘arrangement’ talk.. I haven’t gotten that transition quite right being that I don’t want to scare them off…so sometimes I forget to ask for what I want… again…this is a GREAT learning experience.

  204. O theres a ‘Chitown SB blog’ that I read ALL the time. Its great you should check it out.

    -Do you get downtown ever? Whens the last time u had an SD?

    -I hang out downtown and in Wicker Park mostly..

  205. Sweet Jezebel says:

    LOL Soaring – Yup, manners. Where did it go. I think they get major passes because they have money and some of them think because they’re paying, they don’t even need to make the effort.

    Anyway, I really am going to dust off my profile and get (back) in the game.

    How about you, Sparrow, did you initiate any conversations as advised late night? I can’t remember by whom.

  206. Chitown SB says:

    Sparrow- I actually do not have a blog. I only wish I was that cool.
    I hang out mostly in Evanston or Lincoln Park (DePaul grad- so its what I am used to). You?

  207. Chitown… you MUST tell me your secrets are you the Chitown that has the blog with the city scape picture on it? Where do you hang out?!

  208. Sweet Jezebel… Im starting to learn that the fakes are very demanding and pushy and try to treat CLASSY ladies like $5 street walkers or something! Anyone who acts like that while speaking to me usually gets the ‘you must be looking for a prostitute’ line. I say: ‘no judgement but unfortunately I am not that. Good luck with your search’ and leave the conversation. They usually get offended…o well! Your mother should’ve taught taught you manners! 0;-)

  209. Chitown SB says:

    And on the topic of courtship…

    While I completely understand that everything is in fast-forward mode due to the nature of the relationships we may seek, must that automatically mean we must proceed without some sort of courtship? The greatest sex organ lies between the ears. Appeal to that first, an the rest of me is warm putty in your hands, ready for molding.

  210. Chitown SB says:

    Sparrow- I’m around for another month!

  211. Chitown SB too bad you’re leaving! WOuld’ve been nice to have someone like-minded to chat with locally…

    Im DYING to hear about the party…..any details yet??

  212. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hi LadyIntim – I don’t care you’re still my hero. Can you believe this guy!! and now he wants to TALK – NEXT

  213. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Just had a final from Hades – I want a stiff drink but can’t. Need to study for another one tomorrow.
    I sure miss being at the Sugar Party!

    I am not attracted to a man simply because he has money. However, the type of man I am attracted to usually has money.

  214. LadyIntim says:

    Goodevening, all. My bottom line is this: If you like it, put a Fendi on it. And some respect with a cherry on top! :)

  215. Lisa says:

    I have found that too many of the Texas sds have some sexual obsession that they are looking to fulfill rather than have a classy sb/sd arrangement. Sex is expected and is an important part of an arrangment to make it mutually beneficial but at the same time I am not interested in an arrangement with anyone who wants to spank me, hit me, abuse me, etc. Those with the weird fetishes are on the wrong site.

    Going to watch some tv now and go to bed soon, have to get up early for work. Have a good night

  216. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hey Sparrow, Chitown, Gerald, LadyIntim

    Sparrow, my sentiments exactly. That was the point I tried to make last night…maybe rather inarticulately. But that was my point – where’s the courtship, respect.

  217. Sugar.Rush- you are SOOOOO right: “I find it so difficult to find what I’m looking for and I still don’t know how some of you ladies do it. I know for most guys, sex is eventually expected, but what happened to courtship? It should just come naturally. Someone just blurting it out in the first message is just so unattractive!”

  218. Chitown SB says:

    Hello All,

    Once again I have been away for a bit. Getting ready to relocate… I am more than a little scared. I have traveled a ton, yes, but never fulled moved away from my beloved windy. Hopefully it will be a marvelous adventure.

    I am still without an SD, though now searching in the NE Virginia area. If anyone has any recommendations or references I would love to hear them. I am gonna be a big-city girl in a strange and new small town. And while I will have my work, which is of course really a passion, it would be nice to have some new lovely people to spend time with as well or to show me around.

    Gerald, I read your profile and must say I join the ranks of your fans. I have never experienced a zip line but I rock climb and have done some acrobatic rigging in theatre, so I figure it is only a matter of time, or so I hope.

    Hope everyone is doing well!

    A lonely but temperate night in Chitown….

  219. LadyIntim says:

    Gerald, I didn’ pick him! LOL! We barely spoke, I googled him, found out he was the real deal living close by and thought to myself…why not? what am I doing this afternoon? birdwatching? laying out? k, might as well. What strikes you about this SD as most screwed up? The age comment?

  220. Gerald says:

    OCSugarBaby: Excellent idea on the get out of town dough. Of course it would simplify things if girls weren’t juggling all those balls in the first place but then you’d be guys (ugh!).
    LadyInTim: Gosh, you sure can pick’em. Is that the way most of the pot SDs are? Do they actually get away with it sometimes or even lots? I mean, I know that testosterone poisoning does make us impossible to house-break for certain things, but wow.
    Maybe the SA SDs believe in trying to enforce Islamic law on American girls, lol 😀 How about it Stormcat, you sound like you’ve been around this; is LadyInTim’s experience common?

  221. Lisa says:

    I just wish I knew why I could keep a lover for 5 years but can’t keep a sd for more than a month or two. I mean this is a sd sight so allowance and spoiling is expected, and even men who are just after sex (like my ex lover) get tired of the same person and find someone else.
    I began to resent him though when I met my last sd and a month later, he had moved me into a much nicer apartment with 6 months rent paid whereas my lover of 5 years had not even bought me coffee and I even emailed him the night I got robbed outside my apartment but he never once tried to help me move. I prefer married sds because there is less chance in them wanting a regular dating situation.

  222. LadyIntim says:

    Dang, Lisa! My record with an SD is 5 times. I have some serious catching up to do. But Lisa, I agree with you 100%. I will never look back on males younger than 40. Ever. And married guys are always the bomb when it comes to sexy time. You know they never get it at home, so when they get the chance …its like a h*mo all over a hot dog…I think women also get more sexual as we get older, so I can’t wait to see how much stronger my drive will become. It’s pretty damn strong now as is. That’s why I do things. :)

  223. Lisa says:

    My married lover of almost 5 years ( I recently ended it with him because I wanted to focus on the sd that got me this apartment, but sd poofed so i’ve got no one) was late 50’s and could perform 6 or 7 times in two hours. Unfortunately he was not a sd.

  224. LadyIntim says:

    Lol, Lisa…the Prostate! BOOOO! LOl. Yes, I have to agree my SD#1 is in his later 50’s and I can’t complain about performance issues. That is a fact. Maybe Michael AZ is right. Maybe my pot. SD from earlier today did put on a front. Here is what I am going to do..I will not reach back out to him. If he makes an effort to contact me again later, then maybe I’ll text message him back. Noone puts baby in the corner lol!

  225. Lisa says:

    I need a botox-daddy, lol

  226. Lisa says:

    Men look distigushed with grey hair, women cover it up

    After being involved with men in their 50’s and even my last sd who was 70, I was surprised how well they still perform and to be honest alot better than the men in their 20’s back when I was younger.
    Now the enlarged prostate thing, that is best not even thought about, lol

  227. LadyIntim says:

    Lisa, botox is wonderful though. I just had a little bit in my forehead (a mini eyebrow lift) and I absolutely love it. I know I sound crazy…but I don’t see any harm in temporary tweaks like this. No one knows, but everyone notices!

  228. LadyIntim says:

    Lisa, unfortunately I am in total agreement with you regarding aging men vs. aging women. Men just happen to get more distinguished, charismatic, and magnetic. But they should appreciate that younger women see that and focus on the positive vs. the negative. I mean if we really wanted to we could talk about that semi-balding situation along with en enlarged prostate type deal going on downstairs…See, it’s important to keep it classy though :)

  229. Lisa says:

    I would love to have some botox, it would make me look younger and help my headaches. I think men are allowed to have wrinkles. For them it’s character lines, for us it’s aging. Double standard I guess

  230. Lisa says:

    I have an ex boyfriend that acts like that. When we started dating he was crazy over me. Then he dumped me for no reason. Popped up a year later and wanted to start a booty call relationship because two of his grown daughters moved back in with him and he is their free babysitter so he can no longer date. He keeps emailing me every week, I ask him to buy me some groceries, he disappears. Of course he’s a workaholic (geologist) and has no social life and since buying a new house, his daughters moved in with their kids, he no longer has his own place and can’t date, so he has no prospects but wants to play silly games.

  231. LadyIntim says:

    And he could definitely afford some botox too…

  232. LadyIntim says:

    Lisa, don’t be so hard on us. He could use some of that wrinkle cream himself, M’kay girl?

  233. photogirl says:

    Someone is not being very ‘sugary’.

  234. LadyIntim says:

    I don’t think he is trying to play hard to get at all. It’s very clear he is not interested. I just think that actions should match people’s words. If you are not interested, why are you encouraging further waste of mutual time?

  235. Lisa says:

    Better get that wrinkle cream now, lol Gee I must be almost dead if 20’s is old, lol

  236. LadyIntim says:

    *Although. Can’t spell! Drives me nuts!

  237. LadyIntim says:


  238. LadyIntim says:

    No, Michael. Alghout it’s interesting you brough up camelback.

  239. LadyIntim says:

    Hi, Lisa. Don’t be shocked. My blood is still boiling because some men (who by the way aren’t exactly the cat’s MEOW) are under the impression that mid 20’s is “getting up there.”

  240. Michael AZ SD says:

    Evening all!

    LadyIntim – I think he is trying to play hard-to-get, reverse psychology etc. Very clumsy at it too, it seems! I thought you were going to walk him up camelback?

  241. Lisa says:

    I’m shocked that i’ve had such good luck in my early 40’s :) but everything is over now.

  242. Lisa says:

    Good evening

  243. LadyIntim says:

    Lol, OC! No, ain’t that kind of party today, girl! :) But I seriously don’t get it. He clearly isn’t interested. I mean there wasn’t a single compliment…or any kind of offer for a future meeting…or physical hint. We probably spent 2 hours together talking and having cocktails. I know he is not a fake because I know exactly who he is and what he does (thank you, google). After I told him about my previous SA situations he asked me, “Are you really good in bed or something? ” Which was actually quiet insulting. Not to mention that he said I only have about 5-6 years left until I hit 30, so I really better make the best of my SA adventures. AFTERMATH: I now have 2 missed calls and a voicemail asking me to think of him and to call him back.

  244. Midwest says:

    Ihad every intention of blogging. Thank you.

  245. LadyIntim says:

    Hey, Lily! So good to see you back on the blog! You know, it’s really strange because SDs set that bar all by themselves. When I first joined the site I was not willing to travel, but as I started embarking on my SA advenutres I slowly became more and more open to the idea of travel. Please believe I recieved all sorts of offers for travel meets starting with 500 (haha), ending with 10k for the night of (wild fun…Umm…PASS)…so, somehow 2k just made sense and those are the ones I pursue. I never e-mailed daddies first. I just sit back and wait for e-mails to come in. Sometimes I won’t have a pot. SD for a month…and sometimes they just come out of nowhere with all sorts of propositions by the dozen. And sure, I have had disagreements with pot SDs regarding negotiating allowance. My whole thing is that I’m not into negotiating. I don’t like repeating more than once what I’m comfortable with. If the SD is right chances are he will offer what I want from the get go. If SD gets the numbers wrong, I’ll correct him . If he comes back with another negotiation…SORRY, I am NOT trying to cut a deal at Wal-Mart here…Looks like we are at an empasse. Bye bye and see you later.

  246. Midwest says:

    Stephan – I miss you <3

  247. Midwest says:

    Excuse me OC…didn’t mean to be misinterpreted. What I MEANT to say is there seems to be less ACTIVITY on the blog. Congratulations on all your success with the new sugars. Better?

    Why aren’t you at the SA Party? If you are at the party, why are you worried about how quiet the blog is.

  248. LadyIntim says:

    Hi, everyone! I am BAK. So I think it’s rather safe to say that my date sucked. I met him…he was very attractive-exactly what I expected. We shared our stories and I learned that I was entirely not his type (I am blonde, green eyes, white…) He likes asian women. He seemed cool and interesting but he didn’t give me a single compliment (I guess i am spoiled when it comes to those) and told me 15 minutes into meeting that he suspects that we will be nothing more than very good friends (I have plenty of friends, that’s not why I’m here). And now that we parted couple hours ago he has already called my phone twice. WHY?

  249. Flo – great to see you!

    LadyIntim – how do you bring up the subject of receiving 2k for your time and energy to go to a new potSD? How do you phrase it, and have you ever had any trouble negotiating that into the deal for a first date?

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Hello Sugars!
      Blog is not quiet it is busting out of the pages with
      fabulous Sugars! I love the new feeling.
      Tons of new SBs and SDs. We are a sassy bunch!

      As for the SA P-A-R-T-Y, you lost out if you passed
      on it 😉

      Hott ~I had one SD who gave me a very generous
      monthly allowance and when we traveled he would
      put a little extra in my account for shopping prior,
      pet sitting, parking, and misc stuff. Let’s just say he
      was very considerate to think of all of those things
      we girls worry about when it comes to traveling
      with them! No worries, none nada is what a real sugary SD
      is made of. xoxoxox ~OC (cocktailing as she posts)

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      FLO!!! Hola chica 😉

      • OCSugarBaby says:

        Welcome back Sugar Rush, you are very wise my sweet sugar
        friend. Love your posts! Ewww he wanted to watch? I have had both and I prefer
        a mixture of a SD who is a equal opportunity provider of the sugary substance…
        Allowance and gifts…

  250. Midwest says:

    Evening all!

    I hope those who are going to the party tonight have a fabulous time! I have not heard anything about loyalty, etc with regards to the meet. There are just a smaller group of us who prefer more intimate settings that are arranged offline. Toronto was sooooo much fun! I hope the party is a great success and that lots of sbs will get their college education funded!

    Stormcat – here, here to the meaning of an arrangement. Thanks for sharing the sds perspective (with restraint).

    HOTT – Glad you joined

    FLO RIDA!!!! Hi!!! I hope your soul is healing stronger and braver than ever (((hugs))).

    ESB – Hi Hunny!

    OK…off again. The blog has been rather quiet.

  251. MindyNYC says:

    Hi FLO! Tho brief, it was great to see u. xo

  252. MindyNYC says:

    HOTT, if that is an understanding that the 2 of you have, then it is what works for you guys. Only you know the specific details of your arrangement…Just be realistic and considerate when calculating your costs and all should be fine. Have fun!

  253. HOTT says:

    thank you mindy..I hardly think I’m hurting my SD. I have never traveled with out an allowance

  254. MindyNYC says:

    We don’t know the exact terms of their arrangement. Maybe an additional allowance may have been negotiated for trips…Lady Intim receives $2K plus expenses for ‘per diem’ dates, which could also be construed differently (without knowing the details).
    It is not something I’ve experienced and I prefer my relationships based on different terms. When traveling, I’m usually just happy with my out of pocket expenses (airport limo, apt sitter etc) being taken care of, and enjoy the perks of getting to be with my SD (which I currently do not have lol) for such a nice block of time.

    Storm, I didn’t get the feeling that those going would/should feel disloyal. Why would they? It’s a ‘to each, his own’ thing. We all have different reasons as to the decision to attend. It is not a blog meet, but a general party/mixer, so I don’t think there will be name tags. Hopefully through mingling, you’ll be able to meet some blog pals. Have a great time!

  255. HOTT says:

    thanks for the advice all

  256. Buttercup*381707* says:

    Hi sugars!
    I cant wait to hear all about tonight, unfortunately i cant come*sad face*,. but would love it if you gorgeous people would celebrate for the rest,. CHEERS

  257. sugar.rush says:

    Hi everyone!

    I would think that most sb’s are looking for an allowance daddy. How many of you have gift daddies?

    I met with a POT before who wanted to be a gift daddy, but I felt like he didn’t know much about being a SD to begin with. It was more like he was looking for a gf more than anything. We got along great, but felt like if I agreed to the arrangement I was going to lose out. He’s married and was offering nothing more than what a bf would offer me without having the opportunity for something more later. Shopping would have been part of the deal, which is fine, but he said he’d buy me stuff if he was allowed to watch me change. Just the fact that he had asked without knowing me well enough first, just didn’t feel right.

    I find it so difficult to find what I’m looking for and I still don’t know how some of you ladies do it. I know for most guys, sex is eventually expected, but what happened to courtship? It should just come naturally. Someone just blurting it out in the first message is just so unattractive!

    A real gentleman would wait and see if there’s a connection. I guess it’s really easy to see who the real genuine SD’s really are, and I feel like there aren’t very many of them left :(

  258. TexasSugah says:

    Bye ESB.. I wonder what will go down tonight too..

    It’s like a guilty pleasure.. kinda like those Real Housewives shows.

    Storm: ESB is right.. with age comes wisdom. I think that I real sugar would never try to “game” or use someone. It’s an unspoken code.
    She’ll learn.. I hope that her SD doesn’t get hurt along the way.

  259. ESB says:

    Storm: Yes, sweet heart, you are!! Welcome!! lol..

    I’m heading out. Going to find somewhere else to get into some trouble. Have fun tonight!! And I want DETAILS!! HUGS!!

  260. Stormcat says:

    digidislexia sorry
    due to small keyboards
    baby not basby

  261. Stormcat says:

    ESB – OK basby, thanks
    Jeeze am I turning into a sugar fanatic?

  262. ESB says:

    Hi Flo, Bye Flo!! Nice to see you again!! 😉

  263. Flo Rida says:

    Sorry ESB didn’t see your post – k really going now.

  264. Flo Rida says:

    It’s like deja vu all over again.

    i’m back on the island but only for 2 nights – don’t worry about me popping in to the event tonight I have dinner plans with friends in Midtown. Though I could swing by Merchants(?) just to giggle – I used to know some of the waitresses. I won’t be staying on the blog as i’m on a process of cleansing my soul.

    Hello cleo, mindy, OC, anna molly.

    Ok must dash

  265. ESB says:

    I’ve had so many bad experiences with ill manored SDs, I’m affraid to even look at another sight, heard to many horror stories.

    The guy I was to meet I met from Match… I can’t go there to check my emails either!! MAN!! Lying is so out of character for me, and this is why. I always… ALWAYS get caught!!

  266. ESB says:

    Storm: Calm darling, she’s young… she’ll learn.

  267. Stormcat says:

    Hott – I have fairly intense feelings about what you are asking so I comment with restraint. An arrangement isn’t prostitution. It’s about real people connecting in a calculated way. If the arrangement becomes about how many times we meet each month, or how much time we spend togather each month, per particu;lar unit amount of cash, then we are moving in a very negative direction toward prostitution. I feel that an arrangement is about a connected couple (even if that connection is obviously fleeting) spending time togather for the benifit of both. Quite frankly, the thought of asking for more allowance simply because your SD is offering a wonderful weekend vacation is so shallow and offensive to me that I can’t say any more without becoming inappropriate.

  268. ESB says:

    I was supposed to meet this guy for a late lunch, but he didnt’ have food on his mind. I told him I had a job interview, and he just caught me on my email… crap!! I signed off, gotta go check that later I guess!! lol.. oppsiesss…

  269. ESB says:

    WOOHOO!! Love it when they save that for the right moment.

    I’m at the library, got 7 minutes left, then will have to reload everything.. hate that, but I can’t go home. Would have to come back here, 25 miles, in 2 hours to get BG. Just going to kill the time here… and my feet are up, and the AC is on, so it’s nice and cool here!!

  270. Wish I would’ve started blogging earlier.. although Im from out of town I totally would’ve flown in for the party if I was sure I’d know people. Im spontaneous like that and Im SURE it’d be very interesting. LOTS of conversation to be had with like minded people. SOOOOO bummed!

  271. TexasSugah says:

    ESB – oh babe.. your dogs are really barking!! I’m sawwry.

    Well since you’re off, put up your tootsies with me and chill a bit.

    I’m chatting with a decent potSD from Ashley.. No dic pic!!!! LOL

  272. ESB says:

    Wish I could come but it’s a work night, and a school night, and give the X an excuse to take me to court for not being responsible, and he’ll jump on it. Gotta stay home with BG tonight… but I”m hoping for a really big update tomorrow!! Please!!! Would like all the dirt on everyone there!! Of course, I won’t be there to steal all the attention, so it won’t be near as fun!! (so kidding here!!)

  273. Stormcat says:

    Hey ESB – seems like because of all the earlier conflict no one wants to admit they’re going cause they don’t want to be seen as being disloyal to those blogger friends who took a stand and got banished. But I have a feeling that a lot of people from the blog are going to be there. I’m going because I want to get that at last feeling of meeting so many of my blogger friends. (I hope they have name tags with our blogger handles)
    Anyway I’m bringing a froend who I think would be the perfect SD. Shy, passionate, and long on heart. Hope to introduce him around and help him find happiness.

  274. MindyNYC says:

    HOTT- it’s really hard to give an exact figure without knowing the details, but ask for what you feel will make you comfy. I do think there should be a bit of give and take since he is taking you and will hopefully be treating you to some perks while you’re there. Adding those factors in should help you come up with an amount you’ll both find reasonable.

    Sparrow – If ‘marrieds’ do not feel right for you, then don’t do it. Whatever situation you choose has to feel right for you. I personally date both, but find singles to be a bit intense for me. Actually I should edit that as lately marrieds have become equally intense lol. But I also try to date only a certain type of married – usually a SD who has been one for yrs and prefers/knows no other lifestyle.

    NYC area SD – I’m not going tonight as I have concerns, but I do know of some lovely women who will be attending.

  275. ESB says:

    Good Afternoon Sugar Family!!

    I have a rather simple problem today. I am too efficient and am working my way out of a job. I’m only there 4 hours a day, and have been getting my work done in 3 or less… to day, in 2. Still waiting to hear from the interview from yesterday. Won’t ‘til Fri. probably, but I am hopeful!!

    My feet are almost back to normal, have to wear flip flops. Oh well, it’s ok, it’s plenty hot here to day!!

    The “big party” is tonight. Anyone here going?

  276. Cant wait to hear how it goes!!

  277. LadyIntim thanks for saying so! I was starting to feel like a complete troll! lol It IS really hard with PDA bc most guys I ‘regular’ date I am MORE than attracted to as they’ve all been pretty smokin’ so I did find it hard to contain myself. I don’t think I’d like feeling inhibited or making my SD feel uncomfortable with our attraction for one another. Although I live in the city it can become PRETTY small. I’d be paranoid about seeing a guy I ‘regularly’ date out when Im with a SD who may or may not look like my usual ‘type’

  278. TexasSugah says:

    Mindy –

    OMG what in the world with the penis pics. I don’t get it. Well, actually since men are visual yes but.. if I see a pee pee… I break camp.

    So far I’m ok.. but if it gets strange.. I’m out!

    Thanks for the advice!

  279. LadyIntim says:

    Texas, go to VIEW SIMILAR PROFILES, click on any SB’s profile and then just change the digits in the browser to 460072! Voila! Ok, I have to go get ready for my pot SD greet and meet. I already have a feeling we won’t be a match as he is looking for something more exclusive, but we will see! Never say never, right? Plus, I already told him that exclusivity is a big STRING and that it’s out of the question. He says we should still meet. I’ll be BAK!

  280. TexasSugah says:

    What the hey… I can’t see her profile.. dagnabit! is that how you spell that???? LOL

  281. LadyIntim says:

    SO, ladies…can someone please tell me how to handle a daddy who is too hot for his own good? Please advise! I am struggling over here :)

  282. LadyIntim says:

    Soaring! You have killer legs! And your profile is real and genuine. As far as affection with a married SD it’s a challenge. My SD #2 is married and when we are together its 24/7 fireworks (I think he is so HOT!). But when we are in his area, he is extra careful and when we are in mine, I fear running into my people…and so they only time we can really let go is when we are away from his and mine. But its so hard to restrain yourself when the attraction is so strong! He is so sexy, I swear, I want him all day long! :)

  283. MindyNYC says:

    Hi ALL!
    Just poking my head in to say ‘hello’ to all

    In regards to gifts, I just like knowing my SD is thinking of me -so any little thing makes me happy. Some of the best gifts my SD has given me haven’t cost a thing but consideration and thoughtfulness…I can be hard to shop for and am very specific about what I want/like. I do prefer cash so I can do my own shopping or put towards extra bills. But if my SD insists on purchasing something there are certain stores he can’t go wrong with. And yes, chocolate and flowers is always a winner…

    TexasSugah – WRT ashly site. I tried it and found it pretty bad. I got a ton of interest but from men who really had no clue what SD was (paying a light bill or buying dinner), many looking for p4p scenarios or simply just did not have the finances to be an SD etc…Oh, and be prepared to see more penis pics than you ever thought possible lol.

    Hope everyone is having a good day!

  284. TexasSugah says:

    Lady – WOW you have it down to a science. Can I grow up to be like you? LOL

    Soaring – I completely understand the whole conflict with married men. I had the same and still do a bit. I have spent the better part of 12 years living around people of Middle Eastern descent. The more women I meet who are 2nd wives or temporary wives, the more ok I am with it.

    It does up the standards a bit because I see what these ladies are given, everything has to be completely equal with the wife. This has been with wealthy Saudis, it’s Houston Aramco has an office here. Most of these women are Hispanic. It’s really not a bad deal for them. People can say what they please but what I know is that

    1. They generally don’t have to work, travel too much.
    2. Have beautiful homes.
    3. New Mercedes or Land Rovers
    4. Rock beautiful jewelry and clothing

    Yes, I see the clothing only at ladies parties and so forth but..no one is oppressed or abused. Hey.. maybe I should try that.. LOL

    Huggs all…

    I’m home with STREP!!!!!!! *rolls eyes*

  285. Again, if anyone has time to check out my profile and give me feedback as to why Im not getting as many emails that’d be awesome! My profile ID is 460072. Thanks bunches!!

  286. JSB says:

    Happy Star Wars Day everyone – May the 4th be with you :)

  287. About married SD’s: I just believe very much in Karma feel I am a decent person morally (can be bad when I need to 😉 but do want to be married someday. Getting involved with a married man I think would somehow haunt me later in life when I am working on MY marriage. I also feel like married men cannot be completely themselves and uninhibited with me if they’re constantly looking over their shoulder or covering their tracks. I am loving and affectionate and don’t mind a little PDA, hand-holding, kissing etc.. Is that ALLOWED with a married man? I assume, not..

  288. NYC area SD says:

    Hello all,

    just a quick question… what is anyone hearing about the Seeking Arrangement Party in Manhattan tonight? Whats the attendance look like?

  289. HOTT says:

    we are very close but i do not get anything other than the cash..and i agree completely about married men!

  290. Stormcat says:

    S Sparrow – I started suger dating as a married man. In retrospect it was really that I was unhappy in my marriage and wanted out. But at the time I justified it in other ways because it was just to painful to own marital unhappiness. Now I am grateful that I found sugarland because it helped me realize reality. I don’t know if that helps you with the morality concern but just realize that it is not your morality in question.

  291. LadyIntim says:

    HOTT, its your call, babe. I don’t know the details of your arrangement. I don’t know how close you guys are…or if there are any other perks outside the cash allowance. For ex., my main SD#1 gives me a bi weekly allowance, but he also pays my tuition in FULL. So, when we go on trips, I don’t expect anything extra…and you know he takes care of business anyway with shopping! :) But we are close …For instance, if for some reason I don’t see him on regular basis, I still get my allowance and tuition. But if you are just getting to know this gentleman and are on per diem bases, then go ahead and break it up however works best for YOU. If I’m going outside my city to meet a new pot SD, I only go for one night (usually get in at about 5 pm right before dinner, home by noon next day). He handles all the travel expenses and I bring home 2k.

    Soaring Sparrow, you are sweet. I wouldn’t consider my writing skills excellent-language barrior every once in a while as English is my second language. How long have you been on SA, babe? And when I talk about sense of entitlement, it’s only negative if the person doesn’t expect to give anything back. For instance, I know what I am worth and I know that I deserve the best. But please believe that my SDs have nothing to compalin about. I spoil them rotten and they know this. You get more bees with honey 😉

    By the way, married SDs are my favorite. Most of the time these are good, family-oriented men who don’t want to uproot their family because their spouses decided to go from being wives to being mothers. NO sex. Are you kidding me? They deserve sex and they deserve a faimly. They get the best of two worlds, we get spoiled, and everybody is very very happy!

  292. HOTT says:

    I was thinking closer to 3 or 4 k just because we will be together all day and night for 3 days..

  293. LadyIntim: I am also used to gentlemen treating me as a lady in normal dating scenarios I think SD/SB dating should be the same.. So, (therapy session for the world to see….) maybe I AM guilty of having somewhat of a sense of entitlement…I’ll have to work on that. *laying on ur psychological couch…* I just think I had a breakthrough! LOL

  294. Thanks LadyIntim your words are more encouragement than you know.. :) Ever thought about starting a blog outside of SA? I’d TOTALLY read it you seem to know a lot about the sugar world

  295. SB’s: How do you feel about married SD’s… I guess you have to crawl before you walk but..I’m having an awful moral tug-of-war with it… but I know it IS rather common

  296. LadyIntim says:

    Soaring sparrow, if an SD thinks that you being careful and LOOKING out for yourself is ATTITUDE, then he better sharpen his pencil. In my experience, a true gengleman would never expect a lady to sacrafice her own comfort level and safety for his conveinience. When I said attitude I mean genearlly rude, loud, and obnoxious. Or people who have a sense of entitlement w/nothing to offer in return.

  297. LadyIntim says:

    HOTT…that’s an interesting question. There are so many variables that play into that question. Every situation is different. Based on your figures it should be around 2k me thinks

  298. Good afternoon Sugarland!

    Texas- I totally know what you mean. Like LadyIntim mentioned this truly IS an investment into ones self. It does take time a specific attitude to benefit from this type of lifestyle.

    I too have dated interracially the majority of my life. I’ve never had a problem attracting or dating white, Arab, or Asian men but of course its different meeting people in PERSON. When you have the same interests and hang out in the same social scenes its just more organic and natural. I, like you have always been drawn to ambitious successful men: Doctors, Lawyers, Traders, and Executives. They make me strive to be a better more successful person. “When you know better, you do better” so over the years I’ve positioned myself to be surrounded with these type of people/men.
    …maybe I should learn had to secure a SD/SB relationship in person…..

    Back to the ‘attitude’ issue: I think some men mistake my being cautious as a ‘negative attitude’ Just because I don’t want to tell you specific identifying aspects of my life or my phone number in the first 5 minutes doesn’t mean Im not interested in getting to know you. I prefer to exchange a few emails…if the conversation flows easily and I feel comfortable I have been known to meet pots (from other sites) the next DAY! Im very open but I guess it just doesn’t read that way when you’re quick to make demands of me without even knowing my name. :/
    I specifically chatted with one pot last night. After not even THREE minutes he says “lets make something clear, I want sex and a lot of it if you’re not cool with that let me know now bc there will be no point in talking to you” LOL! Nice to meet you TOO pal! How romantic!!
    UGH. That type of pushy ‘you might as well be an escort’ type of attitude from SD’s is just as off putting as negative attitudes from SBs
    I guess I just expect a little more charm or jena se quois about them.. But I AM quickly learning. I gave myself a year to see the real affects of this…its only been 2 months..

    Wish me luck!

    ..sorry that was probably really long

  299. LadyIntim says:

    Stormcat! Yay! Moments like that are what we all live for :)

  300. Stormcat says:

    Hi everyone! I woke up this morning with such a sweet feeling. It is simoly because things went so well yesterday with my SB! It is amazing to me how, in spite of the fact that I strive to live of my own accord and not allow other’s actions to influence how I feel about myself, the people with whom I am intimate can still profoundly effect me. I am just happy that this time it was for the positive. Perhape that is the “testosterone poisioning” that Gerald referred to earlier. But then maybe not, I suspect the “no man is an island” has a much more far reaching effect on our behavior as humans than gender based hormonal influences.

  301. HOTT says:

    I am a sugar baby and I have a question for both SB and SD. How much is the correct amount to ask for during a travel trip? we will be gone for 3 days to a neighboring state. I usually receive a gift of 3-4k each month (we meet 4x a month) and don’t want to ask for too much or too little! Help!

  302. LadyIntim says:

    Sweet Jezebel and JSB- Hi, Ladies! :)

    I hope I don’t come off sounding like “the expert know it all”…because please believe me I do not! I joined the blog because I too have much to learn and it seems to be working..I can just feel my inner SB growing every day ! LOL! And it’s nice to have several SDs here too…who give us an understanding of how these unique creatures (SDs) really operate. Hi Gerald! :)

    Goodmorning, EVERYONE! I’m brewing a big pot of coffee and making crepes! Come over!

  303. sweet caramel bunny says:

    would love to talk w/ you
    look me up,im in seattle,sweet caramel bunny
    20yrs old

  304. JSB says:

    Sweet – I agree with you… I could also learn a thing or two from LadyInt

    How is everyone doing today?

    Seems like there are lots of sweet things happening in the Sugar bowl…

  305. Gerald says:

    Opps – had to make a break in-between authorship of the above and it came out kinda disjointed, sorry!

  306. Gerald says:

    LadyInTim: you said “…I believe that ATTITUDE needs to go out the window. Calm, relaxed, free, HAPPY…that’s what’s attractive to most REAL SDs.”
    Your words are spot on. None of us, SBs or SDs, have tons of time (at least I don’t), and the small amount of time that SDs have to do something that is not imposed by work, or additionally in my case drain bamaged kiddos, becomes time that is precious to an SD. I would think SDs relish doing something without the pressure that the sun will not rise the next morning if project x is not done by ___. I would add emphasis to the calm and relaxed disposition in your rule above because happy goes right along with those.
    Commenting on earlier posts about the whole nsa thing being kinda bogus for girls…I have two words for that: testosterone poisoning. If not for that, this site likely would not exist (along with tons of other things, because if it wasn’t for being hardwired to do what girls want to do what we want, we guys would see no need to work that had and would still likely live in caves) – nevertheless, and no offense intended, but I’m certainly thankful for not being estrogen poisoned 😉

  307. TexasSugah says:

    Soaring – this site isn’t, well, I don’t like it. I have had success from virtually every site i’ve been on. Really I couldn’t dedicate any time to this until now because of family and work/school. Things are just now leveling out and I have sugardates. I plan to be very busy over the summer.

    But, since I have dated almost exclusively interracially, I just come off matter of fact. I have found that white men don’t write black women because, face it, only about 10% of black women date interracially. With those odds who wants to face certain rejection. These guys are already looking at the age difference usually.

    So knowing that and appreciating the psychology there, I send the first email. In q couple of cases, they were suprised and pleased wanting to continue the conversations (sat sugar date). He was flattered. I truly am attracted to white men at least 15 years my senior. I have always dated men in their 50s. I love them!!

    Soooo….. There’s my two bits. Get on a diff website if this isn’t working for you. Send first emails and be sweet. You’ll do fine!!!


  308. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Oh hi kittykitty. G’night.

  309. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Good Morning all – I’m first or…last depending on how you look at it!

    Sweetest Hello to you OC – I am so loving you right now (in the chastest of ways, of course) You are so amazingly warm. That welcome truly warmed my cockles. Is there any wonder the SDs are so taken with you? Keep sweet, OC. ATL is great! will catch up later today or tomorrow – Have mad fun at the mixer.

    …and you LadyIntim – I need lessons from you, girl. It’s too late for the beemer (I had to buy my own), but there’s always the student loans, current tuition, etc – could use lessons regarding clearing those puppies up (smile).

    I’m off to bed now (3:45am) not done studying but must get zzz…must get zzzz (lol)

  310. kittykittybangbang says:

    Ahoy hoy!!!

    I changed my profile around a bit and uploaded more recent pics.
    A pot sd contacted me from Perth saying how enjoyed my profile that i am stunning and he said he is often in my state for business and looking for discreet sb..and would love to meet me..
    I responded thanking him for the message and that he had a sexy car and asked him to please contact me via my email address as I am not receiving enough phone reception to cheek my sa account..
    2 days later no email or reply and it says he has read my reply..
    Should I send him a quick hello to remind him about me ? Or would I be being pushy?

    BAh! im 2 weeks behind in rent its only 400 bucks send me a daddy puuhhlese sugar land !! Pretty please with sugar on top!

  311. LadyIntim says:

    Texas, Sugah! That would be fun :) I reside in the state of Arizona, but originally I am from Europe. I won’t say where exactly because I don’t want to risk giving away my identity on the blog. Yes, I’ve seen a great deal of success on this site. This is the only site I have ever used for any sort of dating purpose and even if everything stopped tomorrow…I have definitely benefited in many wonderful ways. I don’t look at this site as a long term way to finance my lifestyle. To me it’s great entertianment and INVESTMENT IN MYSELF. I don’t blow the $SUGAR$ on stupid things that won’t make sense tomorrow. So far I have been on here for about a year and a half. It has helped me pay off my old school loans (which were a LOT) as well as pay for my current degree in totality, some cosmetic enhancements, substantial savings, and of course lots and lots of great memories and experiences I could never provide for myself as a 20-something woman with some pretty unique life problems…most of which are unique to being from the country of my origin. Anyway, Texas, no matter what you do don’t give up. Most importantly, attitude is everything! Problems is the cereal we have for breakfast when we have an attitude. That’s why when it comes to scoring an SD I believe that ATTITUDE needs to go out the window. Calm, relaxed, free, HAPPY…that’s what’s attractive to most REAL SDs. That’s my advice…But of course, always ALWAYS Listen to your intuition…coupled with your experience and your values your intuition will always be superior to any other input on here…That’s my advice to finding an SD.

    Lisa, I hope I did not offend you with my education comment. That wasn’t geared towards you in any manner. I was simply stating that it’s crazy to me that some people my age who have all the TIME and MEANS in the world to get an education choose to stay on the coach and complain about how unfortunate and boring their life is. Some people have no idea how lucky they are to have what they have…and pass by opporunities that others would kill for.

    Ok, everyone. Sorry for the long post. I am meeting a Pot. SD tomorrow. He offered to go have lunch, but with all the bikini season talk on here earlier, I convinced him to climb the mountain. This should be interesting. He is from UK-HOT accent. :) Night, everyone! :)

  312. Sweet Jezebel says:

    YIKES…It wasn’t taken. Maybe I should go to bed, afterall. No…wait, I’m supposed to be studying. Bye for now.

    Have fun at the Mixer tomorrow!!!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      SWEET Jezzzzz! Hola Chica!
      How are things in GA?
      I just had to pop in to return the Hello!
      Girl, you better come back and play soon 😉
      Miss the chatter of baking all that yummy food.
      Study hard sweetie ~OC

  313. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Geez where is everyone – it’s 11:20pm in ATL***crickets***

    Hey Storm, I wished you and your SB the very best in an earlier, wittier, post and it got sucked in the “black hole” somehow.

    Why is it that it’s always the witty ones without misspellings that get taken??

    Anyway, I said earlier that next week will be sweeter than this week and the next week even sweeter. After all, this is Sugarland!! All of us here will be thinking sweet thoughts for you both.

  314. Sweet Jezebel says:

    AHHH the meet and greet. Sadly, I’ll have to miss that too; it fall smack dab in the middle of finals. Damn finals…

  315. Sweet Jezebel says:

    I’m back…
    SoaringSparrow: exotic is good but I think the SD has to be open to date interracially, in the first place.

    I have a plain vanilla profile though (maybe too wordy…OK definitely too wordy) that I will revamp shortly and get in the game. My excuse? I’m in school FT and studying way too much with not enough fun time. So there…

    I have not really been looking for a SD on SA. I love the company of the bloggers and I am secretly in love with most of the SDs on here, anyway. By the looks of it they should all have an amazing story, travels, corporate exploits, and other interesting stuff. Gosh, I would want to lean on my elbows across from each of them at dinner and just be mesmerized by his life…totally(LOL)

    I find that what I like in a man such as drive, character, worldliness and the like, is usually found in a “SD”. So I’ve always dated these accomplished men. I am used to having my “real” boyfriends take care of me. We’d talk once about what I need financially, he would make the deposits to my account monthly and we’d never discuss money again.

    Here, I find the NSA thing somewhat off-putting. And I think that some men feel like they’re being special for taking care of the girl financially. You’re expected to be intimate before you’re ready, etc. just because…

  316. wow that sounded really bad… u know what I mean.. (I hope) :o)

  317. Sweet Jezebel- ahhh good idea! Never thought SD’s read and analyze the words that carefully! Now I have to wait another 24 hours after I change my profile so perhaps I’ll wait until I get a little more feedback and change everything all at once. Truly do appreciate your thoughts though! Wash board abs are DEFINITELY not a requirement. lol.
    Although I am not fully Jamaican I have Jamaican and Native American blood. I think that is more appealing to SD’s so I mention it..Makes me seem ‘exotic’ I suppose. Have you had much luck with finding an SD? I’ve had more luck on other sites and have only been on SA for a few months. Really wanted to go to the meet and greet as I (not to toot my own horn) am more impressive in person… o well. Ill be patient.

  318. Sweet Jezebel says:

    “fishing” not “frishing”

    Good for you both, Storm. And no, next week and the week after that will be just as sweet if not sweeter. After all, this is Sugarland.

  319. Stormcat says:

    Frishing – Sort of like fishing and frisking all in the same motion.

  320. Stormcat says:

    Hey SJ LTNS Lovely to see you here again. Hope everything is good with you! Frishing? I like it!

  321. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hi SoaringSparrow – my thoughts exactly. I wish the site had specific search criteria so SD could state their preference, don’t you?

    Hey, I’m Jamaican too – how cool is that!

    Regarding your profile – I think it’s great and the pictures are tastefully done (you’re gorgeous, btw). I would remove “strapping” and “nice looking” from the SD requirements. Most quality SDs might misinterpret that and think you’re looking for washboard stomach and Adonis. Of course, if that’s non-negotiable…stick with it.

    Just my thoughts…heaven knows we’re already frishing from a smaller pool.

  322. Stormcat says:

    Of course next week I might be totally back in the crapper again! LOL

  323. Stormcat says:

    So all my sugar friends . . . on a very serious note:
    I met with my SB today, after one and a half weeks away, and I was totally expecting that it was going to be the end of our arrangement. I was prepared to give her half sugar for the next two months so she could transition to life without my support. But, to my joy, she doesn’t want to end it. We spent 3 hours just analyzing this crisis. She feels the same connection with me that I feel with her. I can’t even begin to describe this connection, other than to say that I finally start to understand Serious Italian Opera when I think of how it is with her!
    I am feeling so happy and so redeamed! ! ! I just want to celebrate sugarland for making this possible.

  324. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hey Everyone – It’s been awhile for me…posting – have been lurking and playing catching up on earlier posts.

    All caught up now and super excited see such an interesting, spirited group!!

    I see you Storm, Percy (and Lisa), OC

  325. Good evening, bloggers. Love reading what you all have to say, really insightful (when SD’s arent having intellectual pissing matches ;o) jk.

    -TexasSugah- Do you find it really hard to find a QUALITY SD as a black woman? I’ve been on the site for a bit had an OK amount of views but VERY few if ANY emails from pots… I keep checking my profile to see if theres something WRONG with it. lol maybe a booger I’ve overlooked or something??? I think Im an attractive girl which i THINK is displayed in my pics… have a lot going for myself and am well educated. Is there something WRONG with me?? I invite anyone to view my profile 460072. All feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks so much!!

  326. JSB says:

    Hey Everyone….hope you all had a great weekend!! Good to see some new bloggers on here!!

    Lady – great description of what an SB is..couldn’t agree more!!

    The weather is sooo nice these days I layed poolside after work with a glass of red and a great book…

    In regards to gifts I think any gift that shows that you listen is appreciated and makes someone feel special…

  327. Stormcat says:

    OK Gerald – you can pay me later, maybe let me fly that little toy of yours. But you might NOT cause I havn’t flown since I sold my Twin Comanche. (About 20 years ago) Can’t pass the physical anymore because of my eyesight. Oh well! I still get plenty of excitement running whitewater.
    Hey you’re pretty kool man. Thanks

  328. Lisa says:

    My mom used to work in cypress taking care of an elderly lady back in the 1990’s. I was in Spring branch for 24 years and finally got over to the good side of the freeway, Memorial area

    Off to take a bath now. Be back later

  329. TexasSugah says:

    Lisa – Oh ok. Yes I know where you are.. I’m out toward Cypress

  330. cleo says:

    ESB: glad i’m not the only one who was drooling over the plane

    i never could land but i’m a hell of a nav/com person :)

  331. Lisa says:

    There are alot of empty businesses over here, empty stripcenters, etc. I used to live in the Spring branch area, don’t know if you’re familiar with it in NW houston.

  332. TexasSugah says:

    Lisa – Are you serious??? OH my gosh.. abandoned buildings.. I am SO glad you ran away from that area.

    We should meet sometime at the mall.. we can talk about stuff.. I’d like to meet a like minded person

  333. Lisa says:

    Well i’m white, slim, blond blue eyed and have very little luck although in my old neighborhood I was hot stuff to the illegals looking for a greencard. I used to get offers when I was walking down the street to have sex behind one of the abandoned buildings, as hard as it was, I declined, lol

  334. TexasSugah says:

    Lisa – Heck NO!!!!!!

    You’re a sincere person. You will find someone. I just have potSDs you have done WAY better than I have.

    Really honestly, it’s difficult to be black and try to get a sugardaddy.
    Dont’ sweat your education. The most important thing is to keep up on current events and be real.

    You’ll be fine. I’m sure you’re a doll.. and in better shape than me babe

  335. TexasSugah says:

    Lady – Ohhh sorry.. It was a fairly popular “black” sitcom. I was just using the stereotypical black accent on that.

    It’s fun sometimes.

    Where are you from?

  336. Lisa says:

    TexasSugah, it was over a year ago before I met my 3rd to last sd. I just got disgusted with it and deleted the profile. They were looking for sex and nothing else.

    Gee I only have a highschool education, and a one year business school education, guess I should give up on finding an sd huh? My most recent sd had a PHD.

  337. TexasSugah says:


    Lady You know, we should exchange email addys. Do you have any luck on SA. I only met one guy.. a CRYPT keeper. OMG!

    I don’t get any views or anything. I’m just here for the blog.

  338. LadyIntim says:

    I’m foreign, I don’t get the Gina on Martin refrence :(

  339. LadyIntim says:

    No, TX, that makes perfect sense. I’m just saying that it’s worth every bit of effort! Most SDs didn’t make their fortune because they are illiterate baboons…LOL! Brains are sexy, girl!

  340. TexasSugah says:

    Lady – OOOOOKKKKKKKKK (Gina on “Martin” accent). I hate that!

    I’m like DO SOMETHING GIRL.. if you’re not in shape.. read a book, watch CNN something. But that’s fine. Makes us look better!

  341. LadyIntim says:

    Hi, Lisa. That’s an obvious mismatch…sorry.

  342. TexasSugah says:

    Huggs ESB – Let us know how you’re feeling.

    Lady – you know.. I’m playing up the education thing with SDs. It seems to be working. I mean if they want a 20 year old who is lazy.. ok fine. I mean I was outta college at 21 but wow I must have had horrid conversation. LOL

    Yes, my son is number 1. I’m looking for the right SD to enhance MY life. I want some nice things. I deserve it ya know? We all deserve to be treated like the queens and princesses we are! And, wiith the right SD, he should be treated like a king.

    Right? I need to lay off the coffee.. LOL

  343. LadyIntim says:

    Then they get fat and even more lazy…and complain about not being able to get a boyfriend, nevermind an SD. Jeez.

  344. TexasSugah says:

    ESB – I’m 36. Hmmmmmmm I’m going to set a goal too. Mind if I join you?

    Lisa – Well that’s interesting.. I haven’t had that experience yet. The guy I’m texting looks fairly decent. The usual… oil and gas..

    I have gotten some yucky ones but the others are pretty good. How long ago was it?

  345. LadyIntim says:

    Night, ESB. :)

    Texas, being as educated as you are is a huge bonus with SDs! What successful upscale gentleman would want to find himself in the company of some uneducated, lazy SB? I can understand when women have to put school on the back burner because once you have kids, they become number 1 priority. But you have no idea how many of my girlfriends in their 20’s are single, fully equipped to get an education and are too damn lazy to make an effort.

  346. ESB says:

    Yes, paying for the classes is not the problem, being single, I can get a full ride. It’s paying for my living expenses. I’d have to keep working full time. The program I want to get into takes only 2 years to be a RN. Would be tough, but I know I can do it. Just not so sure I can carry the full load AND pay rent etc. Some day, I will do it. When the time is right!

    OK, really need to go put my feet up… crap, looks like another Dr visit this week! So sick of going in there… always something!

    Night all, sugar dreams!! HUGS!!

  347. Lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. TexasSugah, I tried that website Ashley- months ago and I got swamped with perverts. Gee I only did it for an experiment and mentioned I was looking fo a sd. I had no photo posted and I got tons of emails from the ugliest men i’ve ever seen (they looked like homeless people with their beards and all, I swear most of them had an ugly beard) and I got closeups of their favorite parts, etc. I cancelled my profile in less than 24 hours.

    Got an email from a guy in California that wants me to move in with him. I’m not looking to take off an move in with a stranger, I just want to have a little extra in my life, not dump my family and possessions and run off somewhere. I love having my own place and am in no hurry to give up my privacy. what part of NSA and casual do they not understand.

  348. ESB says:

    TS: 31?? so, how far off was he/she? I get late 30’s all the time, and love it!! Just good healthy eating, and good genes. Yes, I always loose the first 5 fast once I get going, but after that.. it goes really slow. Between the heat and being excited about the weather, I just don’t eat as much. As long as i loose it all by June 1, I’m good!! 😉 (gotta set a goal)

    OK, gonna go put my feet up. Man this sucks. Usually drinking more water helps, but if I do now, I’ll be up in the middle of the night going to the bathroom!! arg….

    Night all!! HUGS!!

  349. TexasSugah says:

    ESB – you can do it. Really just try taking a few classes. That’s what I did. It’s taking forever.

    And ya you can’t count on men. I’m paying for like a class at a time. My classes are about 2000 each. So.. this was major expensive.

    Have you tried looking for financial aid. You can do it.. really!!!!!

  350. TexasSugah says:

    Thanks Lady – I totallly needed to hear that. I’m SOOOO Burnt out.

    This degree was a PhD but then I got divorced and my son was found to be autistic. GEEZ.. but life is looking up!

    ESB – 6 pounds in 2 weeks?? WOW i’m impressed. Sorry about the drink issue..

    OH GUESS WHAT YA’LL… someone at work thought I was …… 31!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liquid lift ya’ll… liquid lift… LOL

  351. ESB says:

    TS: so jealous of the Masters. I want to go back to school, but being a single mom, gotta pay the bills, and going to school full time, raising a teenager, and working? I’m beat just thinking about it. The way SDs poof, not going to rely on one to help me out. The nursing program I want to get into is very stringent, not sure I could handle working at the same time. Would be hard on the grades… so I wait. My friend suggested I get my MRS before re-applying, would be so much easier.. but who said finding a man was easy?? sheesh!

  352. LadyIntim says:

    just trying to help

  353. LadyIntim says:

    Gerald, you smell like beef and cheese. If God wanted us to fly, he would have given us tickets.

  354. ESB says:

    OK, can’t get my running shoes on.. my feet are seriously swollen… Put 2 quarters in the machine to get a bottle of water, and the only thing that would come out was Dr. Pepper… the sodium and cafeine kill me. I was just so thristy.. didn’t think 1/2 a can would hurt.. well, crap.. so much for my workout… I lost it by running. Once I start, I loose my appetite. I’ve lost 6 in the past 2 weeks.. which is usual. Now it’s going to go slow, but I will loose the last 10 by the end of the month. So gonna rock my new aqua suit!! MIght even buy a 2nd. Plan on spending lots of time at the beach this summer!!

  355. LadyIntim says:

    TX, I guess it’s better to be overwhelmed with SDs than none at all, right? When it rains, it pours!

  356. Gerald says:

    Hey Stormcat, would you please insult me again?

    Lots of hits and my post is still hidden (way cool). Your, what was it again, ah yes the online antisocial manipulator…livin’ up to my title 😀 lol

  357. LadyIntim says:

    Texas, you will always, always have your masters. SDs and sugar come and go…but education..nobody will ever take that away from you!

  358. TexasSugah says:

    Got it? Oh it’s fine… it took me a minute.

    I’m really overwhelmed with this website. Maybe Lisa should try it..

    I have another potSD.. he’s cool with having dinner like twice a month. Really.. things don’t.. work. Poor baby, but with an allowance.

  359. LadyIntim says:

    Speaking of bikini season…I have already ruled out cutting out carbs. The only way to stay skinny minni is by working out and not drinking…because drinking makes me very hungry. Oink! Does anyone know what happened to Lily? Did she go on another adventure in Europe?

    And OC, it’s too bad that the SD I am meeting isn’t your friend. How odd would that be!? Small world, indeed.

  360. TexasSugah says:

    Desire – Look up.. ESB hooked me up.

    Oh this class is like pulling teeth… one more semester and this masters is done.

    I’m not even interested in this field anymore. I guess I’ll be back for leadership.. I’m addicted to the suffering.. LOL

  361. IM4U2DSIRE says:

    Hahahaha I got it… I got it…. man i am slow today… sorry :)

  362. TexasSugah says:

    Thanks for the help ESB.. although he’s not into the “cafe con leche” ladies.. it’s a great profile!

    Lost 3 more pounds.. doing what???

    I think I’m going to move into doing something else.. oh that reminds me I need to order another cardio DVD. LOL

  363. IM4U2DSIRE says:

    TexasSugah…. Ahhhhhh!!!! I am with you left out…. how do i change the number to see Gerald’s profile…. :( is not working…. I want to feel love too in the sugar bowl….. :(

  364. ESB says:

    TS: I agree, chocolate can cure the worst offense!! Always makes ME feel better… which reminds me.. I should be out running now… lost 3 more lbs… bikini season is almost here, and I’m getting closer to being ready!! yeah me!!

    On that note, going to head out the door… catch ya all later!! HUGS!

  365. ESB says:

    TS: click on any SDs profile and change the last numbers to his; 378759. you to can join the ranks of his new fans 😉

  366. ESB says:

    Any trip in that toy would be a dream. No, I don’t know my planes, but love the color and I truly love to fly, almost as much as I love water.

    Nice to see a few new SDs on here… please keep coming back. Its nice to see a man’s point of view on here from time to time.

    I see we had to let NM loose earlier to day.. hhmm… lucky man Storm… you survived!! I hear she likes to lock her victims in her dungeon… :)

    AM: What is the body count down there now? 😉

  367. TexasSugah says:

    What?? I can’t see Gerald’s profile.. I feel left out, sad and rejected.

    Methinks I need chocolate and a tissue….

    sniff sniff

  368. Gerald says:

    ESB: Thanx for the compliments on my new toy – makes short trips so effortless…no standing in line barefoot! :)

  369. ESB says:

    Me thinks I need a life… who wants to give me one?

    Had a job interview today.. the 2nd for this place. She said I did great, and it is now down to 3… me and 2 others.. and I have been here so many times!! I hope I get this one. It’s a great place to work and I am so tired of the interview process.

    There are so many successful SBs now on the blog. Wonderful!! it’s nice to read all the possitive posts.

    Gerald, honey, love your profile. No, actually Love the PLANE!! I wanna ride!! I worked at a newspaper at a private airport once. When I did something wrong, the owner would “take me in his office” which meant a flight… he caught on pretty quick I just love to fly!! Miss that job!!

    Looks like we are all having a good Monday!! Yeah!

  370. LadyIntim says:

    There you go, Gerald. Looks like our blog consists of gentlemen full of wonderful manners once again. Yay!

  371. Gerald says:

    Stormcat: Agree it’s super that you appologized – with that, I also was over the top with my retort. Admittedly your rant was so good, I was almost convinced that I may indeed be an online antisocial manipulator 😀 So in order to maintain my new title, I guess I’ll have to come back an harass you vice slink away.

    OCSugarBaby I love you too! Full attention sounds wicked! Thanx for the encouragement 😉

  372. LadyIntim says:

    I have 2 main SDs…but I never stop searching. Since I joined SA I can’t even think of sleeping with stupid immature boys. I have already decided that when I grow up I will marry one of my SDs :)

  373. LadyIntim says:

    IM4U, if chemestry level was at a zero, walking away was the absolute right thing to do. Intimacy without mutual attraction is boring and mechanical. It sounds like you are very considerate of SDs interests as well, which means that you will find another one in a heartbeat. There is nothing sexier than meeting the right person…when the chemistry is right, the time, the place..you kiss and then well… Ah! I miss my SD#2! lol
    OC, I know you have at least one SD. My question is this-do you have more than one? Is it frowned upon in general to have more than one? on this blog in particular…Im still trying to get a general feel for the blog

  374. TexasSugah says:

    Hey OC….

    How ya livin Lady.. ( no I don’t speak like that but it’s funny on a blog, I think) LOL

    Desire – No I don’t think you were crazy. I turned down 5k a month cause he pissed me off. Now I think.. dam mit! But hey.. something better will show up.

    Say ya’ll I came across this other website. Ashley M….. I don’t know how though think it was a SB site search. Ok so I thought why not? I put Sugardaddy in the heading and now I’m SWAMPED. It’s good but it’s freaking me out.

    Funny thing is that the guys are local and where I thought would be kinda jerkish.. pretty nice.

    Has anyone else used that site?

    I have a potSD coming in on Saturday.. he’s a gift daddy, if he works out. Although I thought I would want only one.. it might end up with two, if I can’t get gift to be ALL I need.

  375. IM4U2DSIRE says:

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen… wow i have been out the whole wkend was driving myself crazy playing baby sitting for my sister… awww it was sweet. Well, after that wkend back to reality and just with the update..

    Storm… thank you for your comments last time i did have chance to take a look at it before making my decision.

    Midwest… i saw yours too baby… and with everything I was very honest with him and told him that with allowance and everything it wasnt right for me and i wasnt just going to take his money…

    The allowance wasnt great (at least for what i need it) but regardless of that he was kind of looking for the girlfriend type and even that he was nice the chemistry wasnt there (i told him that too :( )

    I would enjoy to spend time with him but not in a SD-SB relationship just like a friend with NO commitments of any kinds and he wanted me to commit to see him at least once a week and without the real chemistry i wont do that.

    Do you think i did good or i totally went crazy one more time? :)

    Nice to see everybody back this week.

  376. LadyIntim says:

    Hi, Texas!

  377. LadyIntim says:

    OC, do you have an SD or SDz :)?

  378. LadyIntim says:

    Hi, OC :)

    OC, was it you or was it Midwest talking about a very serious AZ SD in law field? I think it was you…anyway, I think I’m about to meet him!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Hi TexasSugah!

      Hi LadyIntim! Nope you aren’t meeing the one I was talking about. He is not in the sugar bowl right now.
      To answer your other question… Yepper!

  379. TexasSugah says:

    Hey ya’ll… stuck online with a class I really don’t like .. YUCK

    Yes, I went to see Gerald’s profile and nada.. how did everything get strange while I was at work? SDs bickering.. oh my!

    How’s everyone doing on a Monday?

    Stormcat.. that’s awesome that you apologized. That’ the problem with blogs, alot can get lost in “translation”

    Sugar to all!


  380. LadyIntim says:


    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Hi LadyIntim! I am so glad you are ok. I’m soooo creeped out by
      spiders and snakes. I hike a lot and use caution when being off trail!

      I love GERALD! He will have my full attention. LOL 😉

      Katie, girl what is up with you and your car?

  381. LadyIntim says:

    By the way, I almost got bit by a rattle snake in my garage today. Now that’s some serious sh*t.

  382. LadyIntim says:


  383. LadyIntim says:

    Can we stop giving Gerald attention for now? Stormcat, I think it’s cool as hell that you apologized. Brownie points for Storm, ladies! The last thing we need is SDs getting their pantiest in a twist over some comments.

  384. Okay, enough goofing off…..back to work for me 😀

  385. I want fan mail :(

    hehehehe 😀

  386. I feel he was scammed as well, and, as you said, it happens all too often in this world….pretty sad actually.

  387. Stormcat says:

    Gerald – Your post just came up out of order. I guess it got delayed because you included a link and it went to review.
    Anyway, If you reread the actual first post you will see that I didn’t accuse you of being a faker, or of doing anything wrong at all. I mearly pointed out that if a faker was operating on the blog that he could make himself appear to be wealthy by pretending that he got scammed big time. (I actually believed you really did get scammed. It happens pretty often.)
    Again, I apologize to you and everyone.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Rutttt Roww…
      Gerald is off answering his thousands of fan mail! haha!
      He is not only real he is handsome. Oh he will be a busy man.
      Love the pictures, why change them?

  388. Stormcat says:

    AM – well in electrical terms GFI is the acronym for ground fault interrupt. But I don’t know what it means in social lingo. Maybe Girlfriend Inexperience. hehehe

  389. Stormcat says:

    OC – Not quite sure how to interpret that, and I’m already in enough trouble here, so I guess I should just keep quiet.

  390. Stormcat says:

    OC – Well I’ve heard about Naughty Molly but have never actually been in direct contact. Should I be afraid?

    Hello Naughty Molly! Do I get to state my case and plead for mercy prior to sentencing? Or are you just going to hit me with it right away?

  391. I have no problem with that OC 😉

  392. Anna Molly says:

    Okay, I know what a GFE is, but what is a GFI? Could it be just a typo? I’m not looking for someone who wants a GFE, I’m just curious….lol 😀

  393. Stormcat says:

    Good Morning!
    Sorry everyone, sorry Gerald
    I didn’t really mean to go off in that direction.
    I just sort of got carried away.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Good Morning Stormcat! (OC shaking her head).
      Naughty Molly has my full support to bring you
      back to the right direction. 😉

  394. Lisa says:

    wow now the sds are bickering, lol

    I do find it a huge turnoff though when the sds come on the blog and complain about how much money they spent. You are wealthy and you lost money, i’m sure you will get over it. My last sd spent over 7k on me in a month and then poofed. We were getting along fine and it was his idea to move me and pay my rent and obviosly the money he spent didn’t devistate him as he’s back looking again.

  395. SouthernGent2 says:

    Hello Anna Molly. You will laugh at an email I just sent you.

  396. Gerald says:

    Opps, sorry for all the spell errors – kinda surprised me with that post and I shot from the hip without checking.

    Odd that while being naive/new to this, I may have somehow upset your sense of balance in the SD world (?). Normally on things like this forum, I would only review prior posts for content and move on without commenting so as to avoid troll action(s).

    So to restore said balance, I’ll just slink away, return to my prior method of just reading but not posting comments, and work the other side of this site for the SB I hope to find.

    Btw, Super Dude I’m not a poser…think diamond club. Here’s my hidden profile link until I get new pix up this week…

    Keep reading those shrinker books though; looks like you nailed me perfectly 😉

  397. Anna Molly says:

    Well, let’s take a deep breath and chillax 😀

    Good morning everyone!!

  398. Gerald says:

    Wow stormcat, I guess I can say that I’ve had a full psychoclogical profile from you. Honestly I’m just not that advaced when it comes to getting over on anyone – it’s just too hard to do that kind of thing and I have little time for that 😉 Signed, your online antisocial manipulator – lmao! 😀

  399. LadyIntim says:

    Oh boy

  400. Stormcat says:

    Gerald – while you appear to be the inspiration for my comment, I’d hope you wouldn’t be personally insulted as no accuizations were leveled. Afterall, it’s not like the blog hasn’t seen this sort of thing before. It’s just strange that someone with any amount of prowess would even admit to falling prey to such a ruse, if there were not some alternative intention. Indeed, if you actually were so generous then you are an honerable, albeit misguided, person, and you should be pitied for your disastrous decision. However, to parlay that, as you have, into dialog for the purpose of evoking female sympathy is rather suspect. Perhaps you are antisocially manipulative, perhaps not. Its continuous reiteration is unfortunately unmanly and irritating to those of us who exert s great deal of energy and thought into being Daddies in the real non-manipulative sense.

  401. Gerald says:

    Wow, Stormcat that assumes way more planning on my part with this – which therein may lie my recent craziness, but anywho good luck to you :)

  402. Stormcat says:

    Well, I think a really cleaver SD faker strategy might be to go on the SA blog and complain that I got taken when I was trying to help an appearantly desperate SB by giving her a rediculously huge amount because she seemed to be in trouble. Then thank everyone for being so understanding and promise that I will let everyone know my profile no. once it’s approved. Might not fool the regular SB bloggers, but it may be very effective with uninitiated lurker SBs.

  403. LadyIntim says:

    Gerald, you are too cute. I wish you luck in your pursuit!

  404. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Gerald!!

    I’m glad to see you’re still here!! Every situation is different so make sure to ask your SB what would work best for her. 😀


  405. Gerald says:

    thanx for the info – I guess I’ll start with the cash envelope and them try to get the direct deposit going.
    Got new pix to post so once those are approved I’ll unhide and see what

  406. NEOhio SB says:

    AM ~~ Yes, i know that…i am truly blessed and I absolutely make sure he knows constantly just how special he is and how much I appreciate everything. He is not only a true gem, but very much a rarity….as we all know how hard it is to find an incredible SD…but trust me, I never ever for a second take anything for granted.
    Have a great afternoon yourself. :) Back to watching the Penguins hockey game..

  407. Anna Molly says:

    Awww, NEOhioSB, You have found a true gem! You’re a very lucky lady :)

    Have a good afternoon 😀

  408. NEOhio SB says:

    Happy Sunday afternoon to all! In answering the post question…hands down, I am very much into the gift giving…the little personal things that mean soo much….the framed photo of his children…a jewerly box for his nice watches ( no nothing wimpy), but a classy, sorrento italian box with one of his fav. songs playing…great wine…and most importantly…the constant reminders of how special he is. On the flip side, I can’t say my fav. gift…we have gone to wonderful concerts…traveled…patek watch…and just last week received a spanking new 328i xdrive beemer….His concern is that i be safe driving all the time. To me, the most incredible things we share are the quality moments that will become memories that last a lifetime.
    Wishing everyone a fabulous day!!!

  409. LadyIntim says:

    Michael AZ, I think that what some so called SBs don’t realize is that it’s a two way street. I hate when people have a sense of entitlement with nothing to offer to the other party.

    Gerald, please don’t be so hard on yourself. We all think, learn, listen…Now you know what to look out for. As far as diamonds and cash, I was 100% serious. My main SD#1and I have been seeing each other for 2 years now. Plus, I graduated with my degree. As a result, he thought it was appropriate to surprise me with a 4-carat solitaire ring. I wouldn’t dream of asking for something like that. It was his initiative and I refuse to be threatened with a good time! :) As far as the allowance…my 1st SD transfers it direct deposit style, in my account, twice a month. My 2nd SD and I aren’t on a regular schedule, so he usually writes me a check every time I see him. If I just met someone, it has been my experience that a true SD will always give me an envelop with cash and everybody is very happy.

    Hi, Buttaflygirl :)

    By the way…what a fabulous day! Michael AZ, look outside. Can you believe this temperature? Spring is in full swing, and it’s not 100 degrees! Global warming, anyone?

  410. Anna Molly says:

    HAHAHA, very true ESB 😉

    Have a good afternoon 😀

  411. ESB says:

    OK, went for a 5 mile walk this morning, am cooled off now, and the house work awaits. I’m also in great need of a shower!! Talk to you all later!! HUGS!!

  412. ESB says:

    AM: You need another one now to work it all off! 😉

  413. Anna Molly says:

    I blame my former SD for the 5lbs I gained while I was seeing him..lol. He kept me in supplied with chocolate, I still have a couple of boxes. 😀

  414. ESB says:

    Stormcat: I was there with Baby Girl… BG. I do not drink when she is with me, she is to precious, but I do appreciate the thought. Gonna do the blue points tonight. Love living on the shore!! Life is good here!!

    OC, was just thinking about that.. I have this tendancy to see something I know someone will like and buy it for them on impulse. Kills my budget, but the look always makes up for it.. “how did you know?” Obvserve… and will find something for everyone!! Most women.. you can’t go wrong with chocolates!! Make mine dark! YUM!! BUT keep it in small packages.. don’t want to be the blame for her gaining weight!! 😉

  415. Stormcat says:

    ESB – Ocean City! Wow! I haven’t thought about that place for a while. Used to spend a lot of time there when I lived in MD. Great time to be there. Hey, have some blue points and beer for me!

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Happy Sunday FUNDAY to Everyone!
      Giving Sugar? Great topic.
      Hmmm I prefer to give but a well thought out gift
      is fabulous! If you can drop subtle hints about your likes
      it gives them a mental list to shop from later on.
      I had a hard time with thinking of what to give. But I just
      observed and gave gifts that were heart felt.
      Burnt out lights in the corporate apartment. I brought a
      few dozen light bulbs.
      His favorite snack foods to fill his pantry
      Great smelling candle (manly scent not fru-fru)
      Framed some pictures of his kids he shared with me for
      his desk.
      Just silly little things really… But they were fun to do.

      My best gift? vroom vroom

      😉 Enjoy your funday everyone ~OC

  416. Stormcat says:

    LadyI, M-AZ, Jade – Was just rereading last night’s posts. Thanks for the comments about my pot 3some situation. I also think I made the right decision. And great insight on your part, Jade, both girls appear to be inseparable best friends. They even work together. Also, it seemed that they were much more interested in the sexual experience than they were in anything like an ongoing relationship. I mean they didn’t even ask me anything about myself, just kept stressing how much they liked sex. Also, I got the sense that they might have really looking for a free vacation to NYC. Anyway, I’m sure they’ll find what they’re looking for. Just not from me.

  417. ESB says:

    Wow, look at the time.. going to go for that run now.. it’s getting warm as I sit.. weather channel says it’s already 73!! gonna be a beautiful day!!

    HUGS to everyone… catch ya all again soon!

  418. ESB says:

    AM!! <3… good to see you girl!!

    It sas in OC too. I got a bit too much sun, and that is ironic because on Fri. I had some sun spots removed… I know, not the smartest thing I've ever done, but I am so pale naturally, I look so much healthier with a bit of sun. gonna be in the 90's again to day.. trying to think of where I can go closer to home to get some sun with privacy. Don't mind laying on the beach in my bikini with everyone else, but not in my back yard with all the neighbors looking on!!

  419. Anna Molly says:

    Hi ESB! It was almost 80 here yesterday!!! WhooHoo!! 😀

  420. ESB says:

    Good Morning sugar family!! I really should get my butt out and run before it gets to hot, but wanted to catch up… so many new names!! Im trying to keep straight who is who, who is an SB and who is an SD… wonderful seeing all the new input.

    As for me, cash is great.. get to know me, gifts are easy because I am easy to please. Plants, flowers, Godiva!! ahh…

    Im enjoying a wonderful weekend, the weather is perfect. Spent yesterday in Ocean City with BG and had a blast. Anyone else getting this blast of summer?

  421. Stormcat says:

    Good Morning Sugarland, AM, Buttahflyygurl

    Soaring Sparrow – I’ve heard it said that God must really love sparrows because he made so many of them. I fouind your handle interesting because sparrows don’t soar. Their wings are to short and they fly by the flap and glide method. Soaring is practiced by birds with high aspect ratio wings. I also like sparrows. They are really friendly birds and if you feed them regularly they will even eat from your hand in the wild.

  422. Anna Molly says:

    Guten Morgen!! 😀

    I’m feeling wonderful and I hope all of you are too!!

    Stormcat, I received your message last night….THANK YOU! 😀

    There isn’t a certain type of gift that I perfer, but what I do enjoy are gifts that I know he put some thought into. They don’t have to be expensive gifts at all and if they are useful or allow me to indulge a little (think chocolate) then GREAT! The gifts that come from the heart are the best gifts of all :)

  423. Buttahflyygurl says:

    …OMG u guys ROCK! I 2 am finding this convo helpful.

    LadyIntim….love the SB def. ;o)

    Gerald….No Checks BooBoo, save those for paying the bills….

    Orig. ? – Initially cash (si, Franklins), but once you know them well enough to know their taste/preferences/colors/sizes……SURPRISE THEM!! We LOVE Surprises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oD
    If she says,”Awwwwwwwwwww” when she sees it **********HINT*HINT*HINT*********
    Most people will try to help you out if they see you are trying to figure out their taste.

    I would also like to say think “Presentation” not only finding the gift, but how you present it to her. Finding a creative/cute/sexy way to give the gift, whatever it may be, is sexy. (whenever you’re comfortable, of course) ;o)

    Ciao Bellas & Bellos ;op

  424. sb-emy says:

    the date was incredible. he asked what i would like to do at the next date, god I have no idea (restrain myself from fucking him?) haha sorry, i’m not allowed to say that.

    oh dear.

    Such a compatible and a perfect sugar daddy for me.

  425. Gerald says:

    LadyIntim, I agree with you…after being fleeced for $30k in 2 weeks I think I need the acronym ‘YSB’ (you stupid bastard) tatooed somewhere on me :(

    Anywho you also talked about cash or diamonds being the preferred gift type. Not certain if you said that tougne in cheek but when you say cash, do you mean litterally Franklins or are checks peachy too?

  426. Stormcat thanks for the complement. SoaringSparrow is all encompassing really. It represents freedom, free thinking, and safe travels as I travel….OFTEN. I have a tattoo of a sparrow.. its my favorite bird :o)

  427. Jade says:

    I would be willing to bet the 2 girls are just scared to meet a man alone …the buddy system. It could be fun ?

  428. Michael AZ SD says:

    I think that the Dos Equis guy is the perfect SD. He’s nearly as cool as I am.

  429. sb-emy says:

    So guys, I am getting prepped for my second date with young sugar daddy (37), hope it all goes well. Meeting near his hotel for a two hour catch up.


  430. Michael AZ SD says:

    and mo aggravation!

  431. Michael AZ SD says:

    Stormcat – v smart man to pass on that offer!

    LadyIntim – your description of a SB us perfect. Someone who wants, but doesn’t need a SD, and enhances the SD’s life. Perfect.

    I met a potSB once who eas going through a financial crisis – every phone call was “send me more money”. I ended up blocking herHoh number. Just crazy.

    An arrangement with a SB is meant to be light, funn

  432. LadyIntim says:

    Stormcat, your decision was probably a wise one. Sounds like too much fluid exchange if you ask me. Pass.

  433. Stormcat says:

    Soaring Sparrow – what a great handle! What’s the story?

  434. Stormcat says:

    Sweet Saturday Night Sugarland
    hello to all the new bloggers.

    Well I really don’t want to stay on topic cause I think it is a silly topic and there isn’t really anything to discuss.

    A new sugar offer came for me that I have been thinking about over the last couple of days. Two pots in one! Seriously, two quite lovely women asked me to be the third with them in a threesome. At first I thought wow! But after a while I started thinking about all the ramifications of such an arrangement I realized that it was not my type of arrangement. I know I must be nuts for turning it down, but it’s too late, I already declined the offer.

  435. LadyIntim says:

    And as far as the topic of the blog goes…I prefer cash. And diamonds. I just got a beautiful diamond ring as a 2-year anniversary present from my main SD#1. It’s not 5 carats (TexasSuga :)….but I think my 4 carat ring will tie me over until I upgrade.

  436. LadyIntim says:

    Moon Patrol…I just can’t believe this is even happening. Why would anyone in their right mind fall for these unreasonable demands and expectations. These women clearly used you and got away with it-makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe I don’t really grasp the whole SB concept but in my mind a TRUE SB isn’t someone who is in the middle of a serious life crisis…in desperate need of charity…or dire need of a kidney transplant..or whatever else screwed up, infinitely difficult situation. An SB is supposed to ENHANCE your life. She is supposed to be strong, classy, and FUN. A believe that a true SB doesn’t NEED a sugar daddy. SHe WANTS a sugar daddy and genuinely ENJOYS being with him as much as he enjoys being with her. Please, Please, Please, don’t let these women do this to you…they are giving real SBs a bad rep. I understand someone having a difficult situation and needing help…but expecting someone you just met to shell out tens of thousands of dollars and then poofing is absolutely ridiculous and wrong. Women who do these are users and are not worth the sweat off your unit. Sorry! Just makes me angry!

  437. BostonHoney says:

    Welcome to all the new bloggers! I had a wonderful day at the beach with my doggie. She finally realized that she can swim and had a ball in the ocean. I am feeling so energized and want to go out dancing.

    Anyone planning on going to the NY Party or are you all in stealth mode?


    Boston Honey

  438. LadyIntim says:

    Gerald, I couldn’t help but notice your previous post on the other blog regarding an SB receiving 30k in a matter of two weeks. I think it’s absolutely crazy. 30k is a lot of money-you could put someone through a degree with that amount. I mean seriously, any woman demanding such high amounts monthly just seems insane to me. Let’s just do the math here. So these SBs that demand 10-20 k a month on here would be potentially earning over 200k a year free and clear. The president of the United States makes around 400k a year and the senator makes around 250…So that would put these SBs somewhere between the president’s and senator’s salary brackets. Ummm….Are you F’n kidding me?

  439. Anna Molly says:

    We’re good at going off topic…lol

    Welcome to all the new bloggers 😀

  440. Hello!

    I’ve Been in the shadows reading these blogs for a few months now, researching and investigating this new and exciting lifestyle I plan on indulging in. Your post and comments have been SOOOOO helpful that I think I am ready to take a shot at my first pot :) Im even contemplating coming to NY for the meet and greet as I live in Chicago although I have no one to go with :o( Anyway, I am a little nervous as to what I should expect but I want to thank you ALL for your thoughtful insight and advice. Even the regulars that usually end up off topic 😉

  441. TexasSugah says:

    Thanks gentlemen…

    I am half between the two of you. I ran a background check on him. The things he has told me, short of owning a business, appears to be true.

    I got an email from him today, as I was playing private eye. There’s either two things at work here….

    I am seeing first hand why his marriage failed, travel 90% for work. Oil &gas… He wants me to travel with him now that he’s retired. This was the first abroad trip this year with only one more scheduled.

    He’s full of mierda ( translation not needed). Either way it’ll come out.

    On another note.. I’m arranging a sugardate for next weekend.

    I’ll slow down once I see a new wardrobe ( sugar) or at least 5 carats on my left hand… Hell yeah I’m worth it. Lol!!!

    Yinka- lucky? Babe…. There’s a lot to this sugar deal. Go through the archives or read a quality blog.

    Texas love y’all

  442. yinka says:

    wow wow wow, lucky women. can some explain what is this site all about pls. i have been reading about allowances? i am new on this website.i am new to the internet dating

  443. Lisa says:

    edit that’s 2200 per sb over a period of 2 months or 3300 in one month total, not a huge amount for a wealthy man

  444. Lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone

    I would be a little weary of the guy with the screwed up phone. Certainly he could find another way to communicate with you via email or something.

    Moonpatrol you spent 6600 thousand on 3 sbs? or was it 6 thousand 6 hundred. I dont think that’s a lot for 3 sbs in 2 months, thats about 1200 a sb, not that much. My most recent sd spent 7500 hundred on me in a month.

    On the question, I think it’s best to use the gift the sd gave you. I wear the boots a sd bought me, I use the frenchpress and gourmet coffee another sd gave me along with another gift I can’t disclose.

  445. MoonPatrol says:

    Texas Sugah – I’m of the belief that if its hard to reach the guy and he doesn’t respond to your calls, then he’s a waste of time. I can’t stand it when someone I’m seeing doesn’t answer my calls. I don’t buy any excuses about phones. To go work abroad? Thats probably why he’s still single.

  446. Gerald says:

    Hey moonpatrol…
    Thanx for the story of shared craziness :) At least I know I’m not the lone ranger. Surely there’s something better out there, or at least here’s to hoping.

  447. Michael AZSD says:

    Hey TexasSugah – the mind plays tricks on us all. The worst time for me is about 3am – my mind starts running amuck, concocting all kinds of fanciful situations, and most of them negative! Ugh.

    Almost always, Occam’s Razor prevails. The simplest situation is the most likely one – his phone stopped working, he hasn’t got a new one yet and he is swamped with work.

    My prescription for you is go and do a big workout at the gym, go for a walk, and have a nice cup of tea. Works everytime.

  448. TexasSugah says:

    Moon patrol- screwed up women? Harsh but maybe true.

    So…. The counselor needs counseling. Met a guy on regular dating site. Amazing. Great potential. We talked non-stop. He had to go abroad suddenly for work. Conversation continued non- stop even with the time difference. His phone, which was acting up stateside, completely flipped out. Pissed he canceled his service and is to re-establish with another carrier upon his return. When the phone got nixed, he poofed. I haven’t heard from him since Monday. The last messages were very upbeat, tender and hopeful.

    He hasn’t been back to the site we met on since we met. Think work just sucked him in? He went abroad to solve a problem with his company. He’s the CEO. Not a large one.. Trying to get inroads in the industry.

    Rationally, I think he’s swamped. Emotionally, I’m like CRAP!!

  449. MoonPatrol says:

    Gerald: Reading your previous entries Don’t feel alone , I blew 6600K on about 3 SB ‘s alone in less than 2 months. No I wasn’t having a fantastic time either. It seems that we can get all screwed up in our heads sometimes and just throw money away. No need to condemn yourself, you see we are both helping the economy cause these screwed up women have already spent it all I’m sure.

  450. TexasSugah says:

    Whoo hoo I’m first.

    Gift giving.. I would prefer it to be somewhat private. A gift a SD would give should be personal yet add value to the SB’s life.
    Gratitude can be shown in multiple ways from kisses to gushing to actually using the gift. I guess having a SD see signs of wear or use on whatever he gave me would show I truly appreciated it. That it wasn’t regifted or thrown in a closet. Monetary gifts would be put to great use and he would see that as well.
    An attitude of gratitude.