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Thank You Message


Thanks to all from the blog who came out to the Seeking Arrangement party in New York on Tuesday!

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  1. JSB says:

    Evening, this blog seems to be getting a lot less action these days…what’s going on everyone?

    To update you all I am talking to a few pots but have not narrowed it down to find my one sd yet…I am not sure if it would be easier to find someone who is local or someone who is out of town but travels to my area often. Should I tell the pots that I am talking to other pot sds or do I keep this to myself?

    It’s hard to know which pot sd I would be the most compatible with, I think meeting them will be a huge step because then I will know if the email/phone conversations transalte into physcical attraction/connection.

    Wish me luck :)

  2. Midwest SB says:

    Evening all … Thank you, but thank the others who have helped with that list :-)

    sb-emy – Woo Hoo!

    New blog!

  3. sb-emy says:

    thanks JSB! It’s funny how up to step with fitness I am now, after acquiring a sugar daddy. Currently i’m trying to fit in an hour of pilates and cardio atleast 3 times a week – it’s working! i’m feeling amazing after a good work out.

  4. candic says:

    when will the next party be? I would love to go!

  5. SugaCaneBby says:

    Hey people…long time no see. It’s been months since I’ve been on the blog (or the site for that matter), but I got bored the other day and decided to pop in and see what was new. In the process, I decided that I should make my break from the sugar search official and hide my profile as well as delete my (outdated) pics. That was four days ago which is why I was surprised to get an email last night telling me I had a message from a local SD. Odd…I thought hiding my profile would block that kind of thing? Not that I’m complaining…

    A bit rusty with initial messages (isn’t that the hardest part? lol). But I like his vibe so far. :)

  6. RedMaru says:

    Hey Rachel dont know what your profile looked like before but you pictures are lovely!

  7. cleo says:

    my profile needs new pictures so hard it’s amazing

  8. Oh how I detest Mondays. On the good side, I have 12 new messages from people… thanks to you fine people advising changes to my profile. Now to sort them out… to stressed… I’ll tackle that after work when I have a clear mind.

  9. RedMaru says:

    Hey BostonSB 😀
    Creme brulee french toast with strawberries and whip cream that just sounds yummy. Stop youre making my mouth water!

  10. BostonSB says:

    Midwest – Great Advice!

    Cleo – Oh I finally saw your wonderful profile. I love it!

    Oh my I just had the best breakfast. Totally splurged on the creme brulee home-made french toast with strawberries and whip cream. I usually go for the protein packed eggs. MMMMM… Time to go for a long run.

  11. BrownieSB says:

    GREAT advice Midwest SB!!

  12. Michael AZ says:

    Yawn … It’s too early here in AZ. Back to snooze some more….

  13. RedMaru says:

    Hey sugars! Happy Moms Day(belated) to any mommys, mamas, etc. out there.
    How was the meet in NY wish I could have went.
    Good advice Midwest!

  14. MiamiSB - 362685 says:

    Good morning everyone :)

    Sbemy – that’s a great story. Juicy in all the right places lol

    Midwest – what fantastic advice!! Those are wonderful guidelines to navigate a somewhat uncomfortable discussion.

    Lady – congrats on your decision. Its so important that you stand up for yourself. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but.. Have you spoken to him about the situation? You must control the coonversation. He might be a little taken back. Or he might just continue to lie… I had an sd who swore I was the only one… I didn’t care if I was or not I just wanted honesty. If he had told me he wanted other women as well I would have been ok with it because afterall he is only my sugar daddy, my needs are still being met, and he’s being HONEST.

    Off for my coffee – cheers :)

  15. Hi Stormcat!! How are you and your SB doing?

  16. Good morning everyone! Hope all of you had a great weekend 😀

  17. JSB says:

    sb-emy that’s exciting..good to see there is a strong physical connection that is always important! I bet LadyInt will enjoy your spicy story 😉 best of luck with the SD, and happy birthday!

    Morning all…just came back from an intense early morning spin class…I think I may have pushed myself too hard bc I don’t feel the greatest now grrr

    Hope everyone has a strong start to the week!!

  18. sb-emy says:

    SD and I met yesterday afternoon/evening for a quiet day in with some hot cocoa. We didn’t make it to cocoa and ended up sleeping together. He said he hadn’t wished to move so fast, but seeings that it did happen he didn’t mind (neither did I).

    I’m very attracted to him, there’s an allowance, and he tells me I have a healthy sexual appetite. He tells me that he’s terminated his other lady friend potentials, which is lovely to say/ or even do.

    The sex was incredible. He’s a jackhammer when he’s inside, but boy he’s well hung. Sigh. I’m so lucky.

    Going birthday present shopping for me soon!

  19. Stormcat says:

    Good Morning Sugarland
    Good Morning AM ~ I know you’re not here yet, but, I’m expecting you any minute.

  20. JSB says:

    Awesome advice Midwest!! Thanks

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, or what is left of it..

  21. Midwest SB says:

    Happy Mothers’ Day ladies! I hope you enjoyed some quality time with those you love!

    I hope all of you will be patient while I share some perspectives on allowance…both my experience and what I hear from many sds in our little world:

    1- SBs put so much emphasis on allowance that it can be counterproductive. YES – men are here for intimacy and ladies are here for financial assistance. However, chemistry, goals and mutual respect are so much more important. Don’t be in so much of a hurry to discuss allowance or enter a new arrangement that you don’t give yourselves the chance to see if the arrangement can last past the first month or two. If you think the SD is “ok” but you’re glad he’s paying the rent…everyone is going to be disappointed in the end. Finding the right SD takes patience, time and effort, but it is ooooohhhh so worth it!

    2- Ladies, ask yourself what you can do for your SD. He’s here because he wants to get away from the stress of the everyday, so make sure you can provide him peace, pleasure, and a place of respite. A real SD who knows you are making extra efforts to make him happy will provide assistance beyond what you agree to…including gifts, travel and help with those ocassional surprise expenses.

    3- Here’s how I have brought up the allowance discussion: First, I have 1-3 listed on my profile…not negotiable. It helps set clear expectations that I don’t want pay for play and potential SDs know their budget. I have not felt the need to bring up the allowance discussion first. I will ask someone if they have been in an arrangement in the past. I ask what worked for them and what they would change. When the conversation includes allowances, I explain my needs simply and state the x would help accomplish those needs. Here’s an interesting sales tactic that may help…when you tell someone a price/budget, state what you need and be quiet! Let them make the next statement. NEVER backpeddle or apologize. 9/10 times, it will be a non-issue.

    4- Seeking larger allowances – From what I’ve noticed with the ladies who are successful securing larger allowances, it tends to be from certain occupations such as hedgies, etc. Also, they are using funds to get businesses off the ground, so it’s an investment on the SD’s part. If one SD cannot provide the allowance you seek, you can try to go the non-exclusive route and see more than one SD.

    I hope this helps!

  22. Michael AZ says:

    Evening all….

  23. Stormcat says:

    Happy Mother’s Day

    LadyI – Bravo -clap-clap-clap- :) It’s about time, I’ve been hoping you would do that. It’s just not good for the soul to allow the actions of another person to effect you so that you do something that you wouldn’t normally do were it not for those actions. I felt, for a long time, you were staying with your SD simply because of inertia and really wanted out. But it is a hard thing to face uncertainty. I know because it was so very hard to leave my wife in spite of the fact that had been unhappy for a long time.

  24. Happy Mother’s Day all!

    Some interesting points being brought up re:time in relation to the sugar relationship.

    OC- Aw that’s sweet. I will try the new name out for a bit… see how it fits. Your SD sounds adorable and I love that you two talked about finding one for me! I am still on the search.

    Gerald- You should follow OC’s advise *wink*. Let me introduce myself….. *curtsy with a little hip pop*. I’m Chitown SB aka “chi-chi” and soon to be “Chitown who skipped town and went to Virginia”.

    Lady- While it sounds like a tough decision indeed, if you are not happy that will start to show. Nothing is worth sacrificing your dignity and self-worth for. If one does not value themselves, how can they expect anyone else to? I applaud you chikadee and hope it all works out for the best.

    Warm greetings to anyone I may have missed

  25. babyblonde says:

    Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms in the house! XO

    Well, Miami SB I think you answered your own question. He is too unstable. Be careful. I have seen unstable before and it’s never a good thing.

    Long Island NY SB You bring up a big issue of mine, something that really ticks me off. I’m in NY and IMO NY is too expensive of a place and these guys make too much money to coming here for the volume discount. I don’t care how much I like a guy, if he is willing to pay for it – I should not be cheap. I think if they really cared about us, they would want us to make more than an escort would make not less. We’re the ones that end up with emotional baggage from this if we get our hearts involved and they get away with a steal. I think the whole concept for me is find a guy who can afford my lifestyle, which I can already afford a lot. Or find a husband that I don’t care about his money. Neither half assed. I also think that if they really cared about us they would see it that way too and if they really spoiled us they would have a much greater chance of earning my total respect and devotion than just by throwing us a bone…so to speak. LOL

    The other part of this for me is if they can’t afford this than what are they doing here. Scale down to the number of times they can afford, treat us really well, enjoy the moment and have some class. I want to walk away each time feeling really great so the next time is greater than the last.

  26. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Hi Everyone!! I hope all the Moms had a good day and it’s nice to see everyone 😀

    Well, back to emails…haven’t been around that much today and it’s hard to keep up with things on my BB.

  27. cleo says:

    rachel the more time i spend in the sugar bowl the less appealing regular dating becomes… but funnily it’s the clarity more than anything i like

  28. Hi Cleo… things are good now. I took off for a while, but am so glad to be back in the sugar bowl! I’ve missed the blog and the people!

  29. cleo says:

    hey rachel, long time… how you been?

  30. Hello everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!

  31. LadyIntim says:

    Hello, everyone. The other night I made a big decision. I have decided to terminate my main SD #1 within the next couple months. I can no longer stand him. I’ve mentioned before that he expects exclusitvity from me, while I KNOW about at least 3 other women he sleeps with and probably supports financially as well. If he didn’t lie about it, this would be fine, but he makes it a point that he would never cheat on me and I’m at the point of disguast. Now this will be difficult. Although i have a main SD #2, which whom I am super close, he cuts me checks when I see him. So, this means that stability will be gone entirely. I still have to complete the rest of my degree…and I don’t plan on working while achieving this. That means I need to start searching for an SD while slowly planning my escape from my current one. Trouble is it’s hard to find a full-time SD when I’m still with someone else. Ugh. In the meantime, I am trying to save more than I spend. But quiet honestly, with some unexpected expenses that came in the last few months, I worry about falling on my ass if I let my main SD go. But I really can’t do it anymore mentally. He is brainwashing me.

  32. cleo says:

    i like the idea of something like ‘renewable every three months endlessly’ with a check in at about the 45 day mark. that should cover things nicely. i can see sam’s point about the fixed length arrangement but i can also see how that would kill the romance as the big ugly end date started to loom; one’s heart might instinctively start looking for distance knowing it was coming anyway.

    ocsugarbaby i take your point about his confirming that your financial worries are sorted, but what if asking for more would cause him worries? for me i trust that he is doing the best for me he can and if he isn’t i’ll feel that anyway in the little things he does. generosity is generosity right? i trust that any sd i get intimate with is someone that i trust. if i do so i have to do so fully.

    i don’t want to check on him because i don’t want to agree to exclusivity with a married man [i can see a way or two i might but it seems emotionally difficult to me] and i don’t want him to check on me. i want to believe that when we are together we are together and when we are apart we aren’t doing anything to compromise each other’s health or well being.

    so, if i trust him, i trust him to gift me with everything in his power just because he wants to. so i’ll agree to a lower allowance because i believe that he is doing the best he can by me and i know that he will ‘make it up’ in all sorts of tiny little ways i don’t even see.

    and remember ladies – a weekend at a high end resort isn’t free for the SD and we should be here at least as much for the experiences and the knowing of these wonderful and accomplished men as for the money… shouldn’t we?

    am i just selling myself too cheaply?

  33. MiamiSB - 362685 says:

    Michael that is a good point. I’ve noticed the mens friends tend to “roll your eyes” as you say or take genuine interest in the girl. The sb’s friends on the other hand… If not part of the sugar world.. Tend to scoff and question your motives. Sometimes certain things are better kept private 😉

  34. MindyNYC says:

    Hi ALL!
    Hope everyone is having a good weekend! :)

  35. Michael AZ says:

    Morning all, and happy Mothers Day!

    Re time frames – I tend to not put a timeframe on the arrangement. I think that if it is going to work, it will work, and if it is not going to work out, it will fall apart in the short term anyway. Generally both parties can sense if things are going well or not, and a quick discussion can bring things out in the open very easily.

    OC has a great point re checking in. It is SO important to do that on a regular basis, every few weeks, just have a brief discussion ‘how are we doing, are we on track, any issues here, is this working for you” etc. If there is anything, this is a great opportunity for both parties to raise it, discuss and resolve.

    Running into friends? I have trained my friends to never be surprised by what I do. So if I do something unusual, or I turn up with someone new, they just roll their eyes at me. It is a great cover for all kinds of things. Never any discussion or questioning.

    I just tell my friends that my current friend (SB) found me on ilikeolderaustralianguys.com – 😉

    I think that for my SB it would be a different story though, she is much younger, so we are careful about where we go and what we do.

  36. JSB says:

    OC- I agree I think goals and end frames are a good way for arrangements because that way there is no hard feelings when it comes to an end and it is not like a break up….you can also make the mostof your time together and really appreciate each other

  37. JSB says:

    Question – when you are negotiating an arrangment do you decide on how long the relationship will last, for example 6 months, or do you not discuss that part and when things aren’t as sweet you end things?

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Morning JSB!
      I am a huge fan of arrangements with goals and time frames.
      Both being evaluated or re-evaluated after a period of time.
      Be it 3 months or 6 months.
      “The first step to getting the things you want out of a
      Sugar Arrangement or Life is this: Decide what you want.”

  38. MiamiSB - 362685 says:

    Long Island NY SB – I have travelled for an sd and I actuallly prefer it that way whether it be long or short. My first SD lived on the other side of the state and also had a home in maine so there was lots of flying involved. The perks of an sd being out of your area are 1. No worries of running into acquaintances (his or yours) and 2. New experiences = new restaurants, new bars, new people etc. The key is compromising to find a sched that fits noth of your needs.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      MiamiSB you have a fabulous point on “out of town SD’s” …
      Not running into your circle of friends is major. Not that
      I was worried about his looks or anything of that nature. It
      is just that I kept his presence in my life a secret and if
      my friends saw me they would know my sugar secret.

      LongIsland NY SB if $600 dollars as an average for each time you meet for
      dinner and drinks isn’t paying the tuition. Your dis-satisfaction will soon
      become an issue. Maybe it already has. When an SD checks to see how
      we are doing as a sugar couple (meaning checking in to see if your financial
      and life struggles are in check) that will be a sucessful arrangement in the end.
      It has to be a two way communication, you need to ask him what he needs from you
      as well. Nothing more complicated then when one of us is unhappy and does not
      express that concern. It usually ends up with a poofing situation. Communication without
      being demanding is a delicate balance. Have you considered talking to him about the
      financial concern and your need to cover your tuition?

  39. JSB says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

    How is everyone’s w/e?

    I was supposed to go out with my girls last night but I must have been so tired because I took what I thought was a power nap and ended up sleeping the entire night :S Guess my body needed it though

  40. ESB says:

    To all the wonderful Mom’s on the blog…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

    How is everyone this wonderful morning? I got breakfast fixed for me, then she went back to bed!! lol.. She is so sweet though. I hope everyone else is getting the royal treatment today as well…

  41. Long Island NY SB says:

    Good morning to you all =)

    I have been wondering where I could go to get some insight into all of this. I have been a SB for about a year now, although this is my first time on any site. My current SD I ‘date’ once a week… The usual dinner/drinks/ahem… but I am not attracted to him anymore, and I need a raise 😉 I am a full time grad student and what Im making in the physiology lab isn’t doing it for me. As of now, Im getting $2400/month from my SD and spending about 3 hrs with him 4x/month… Its hardly tuition.
    Anyway, I have 2 new pot from this site who are offering more, but they would both be long distance. Have any of you SB travelled?

  42. MiamiSB - 362685 says:

    Lady – supposedly yes…. Its been a little complicated. He’s helping me with my place, furnishing it and paying the rent but there have been some unfortunate circumstances in his business life that has taken his attention and tied some things up.

    Babyblonde- its actually the other weay around. He has brought up going deeper several times. I care about him but his personaloty never seems to stay stable enough for me to judge his true feelings. I feel like I’m putting in all the effort here

  43. babyblonde says:

    To Miami SB could you give me a little more details? I guess I am wondering what you mean by “typical one”? Sounds like you really like him , want to take it to the next level, whatever that is for you and he may be not certain what he wants from this or how intense you want it and that scares him, that’s just from what little I read. When I get mixed signals from a guy, I take that as a cue to pull back, give some space, without any attitude. They have to show up, be consistent and dependable. I’m not interested in working out anybody’s trust issues. They have to make the effort for me and I’ll meet them half way. Hope that helps.

  44. TexasSugah says:

    Lady… I don’t kiss and tell.. He’s pretty great. I’m just waiting to get some sort of arrangement going. He’s looking like a gift daddy.

  45. babyblonde says:

    Hi all!

    I want to bring up the same thing here about SD’s who don’t want to talk finances first. I know, it’s a subject that’s been beat to death but I’m having some problems. I am in NY, I was doing pretty good since last August then had a poof daddy and another one who was only supposed to be a 3 month thing anyways and then another poof daddy. All good guys but no one spectacular to take me away from all this. So now I’m on the prowl again. 😉

    I tried searching higher, $5000 a month or more and haven’t had any luck. When I had lower priced guys it was not a problem I only had to see them once, twice no more than three times. Now, I did do pretty good with not asking for money until I met them but I am getting discouraged because no one is biting for the $5000 a month or more yet I know I can find this because I have gotten $10,000 a month from so many guys in the past, just not here but through friends, when I was an actress/model. So, with that said, I hope someone here can understand me when I say, these guys who expect to have me all month for less than $5000 are burning me out and I don’t have the same passion for this I once had because I take it a bit personally when guys are doing what I call “looking for a volume discount call girl” especially when they know I already have a real career in showbiz and can’t take time off to substitute a client in my biz for sleeping with some guy, it just doesn’t make sense to take the day off work and get all dressed up. Or miss out on school.

    So I’m looking to vent, but also a little advice, a boost to help keep me going or something to inspire me because I get too many guys who want that “special someone”. I’m tired of trying to explain that this is an arrangement not the love of your life you can put on the shelf for $3000 a month and go on philandering about your life. If I find a husband that’s great. But I want a financial arrangement, you hear me girls? and guys? :-)

    I don’t know why we have to play all these games. I hate to break these guys hearts but I really don’t think they are bad guys, just that they are on the wrong site all together. I refer them to Seeking Millionaire. They want to fall in love here, and that really ticks me off!!!! and completely ignore that I don’t know them and I am sick of the guilt trips about inquiring about the arrangement part of all this, hence the name of the site. Is their anything I can do to save my sanity? I really shouldn’t complain, I have not had one single guy send me a naked pic!! Hooray for that great group of mature guys !!!

  46. LadyIntim says:

    Texas, tell me you got some action. Sorry to be blunt, but I need new blood and it’s killing me!

  47. TexasSugah says:

    Evening y’all …

    Cleo& Anna – I actually use thar term. I put it on my profile on another site. Becareful tho.. One guy thought I meant it in the dominatrix way..oops

    Lady- welcome back!!! I can see where that would freak you out. I would be as well. I have a pot from my iPhone app.

    Just got home from my sugardate. We got on swimmingly!! He says that I’m his Houston chick. We haven’t talked finances but he mentioned his wallet several times. We went to a sporting event, had dinner and lunch plus drinks at the event. It was a 9 hour/ conservatively 1k date. Lots of fun. He’s got a fantastic personality. I enjoyed his company.

    I hope everyone gets a dash of sugar this weekend!!

    Night all!

  48. LadyIntim says:

    MiamiSB, are you benefitting from him financially?

  49. MiamiSB - 362685 says:

    I should say off of* the site **

  50. MiamiSB - 362685 says:

    So… I’m not entirely new to the blog, I use to be a little more active a year ago and now pretty much lurk. (I admit I appreciate lady, michael and stormcats banter). It was actually this time a year ago NYCSB was saving me from a disasterous sugar date.

    Anyways, I wanted the blogs advice on a oh… Let’s call flakey SD. I met him in february, off the site but it took until april for us to reconnect and really connect. Long story short we started seeing eachother but he is full of mixed signals I can’t seem to cipher… There is depth, friendship, amazing you-know-what… But no trust. He has trust issues stemming back to his first marriage. So, then I start to wonder when did our sugar relationship transform into a “typical” one.

    Any advice?

  51. Jaila says:

    Thanks, JSB and ESB for the heads up!!! I hope to have an encounter with such a lovely SD sooner than later!!!

  52. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    DILF ~ Now that is a term I’ve never heard 😀

  53. LadyIntim says:

    I think I have a serious case of SD Fever.

  54. LadyIntim says:

    I like Dilf. i actually saw one at Albertson’s this morning. Yam.

  55. cleo says:

    yeah you would ;>

  56. Michael AZ says:

    But I guess on this site I would be classified as a sdilf?

  57. Michael AZ says:

    Lady – I actually got called a DILF once. Then she proceeded to prove how much she meant it…..

  58. LadyIntim says:

    What’s the dealy with SoutherGent anyway? Do we need to gather up some troops and organize a search?

  59. LadyIntim says:

    Hi, Rachel. Very nice to meet you too.
    Hi, Michael, you like how its progressively getting hotter outside? Bleh! And yes, I did find another SD on facebook. You have the maximize your resources, baby! :) Look who is talking, you milf hunter! :)

  60. Michael AZ SD says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with a short term shag….

  61. cleo says:

    anna molly yes. me too. i’d rather be kept or the mistress than be a short term shag…


  62. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I guess you could say I would love to be someone’s mistress rather than be involved in a short term arrangement.

    Yes, I want long term, and, a relationship with substance 😀

  63. Michael AZ says:

    But it is the Scottsdale Y, so it is a good place to be.

  64. Michael AZ SD says:

    they might bar me from the Y!!

  65. Michael AZ SD says:

    LadyIntim – You pulled a SD from facebook? That is sooo funny! I am very impressed!

    Big Saturday – daughters volleyball this morning, and now at her basketball. But lots of cute mothers around. Maybe I should see if there are any potSBs here…. you never know… then again theyogjt bar me from the Y!!

  66. Stormcat says:

    holy shit what a typo disaster

  67. Stormcat says:

    Body type – I (and I think the other SDs have alot to day about this subject) but I’m out the door on my way to a gallary openoing and cant comment extensively now. I’ll comment when I get back if the subject ha=sn’t been exhausted by then. Suffice it to say tha most of you ought to be putting slim/slender rather than anything else. I think I can generalize that SDs aren’t thing that the only one’s who are in that body type are obsessional anerectics.

  68. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Golf is fun!!! I love it!!! I haven’t been in a while though…sigh. I can’t find my clubs!! I know, how do you lose a set of golf clubs, honestly, I have no clue…LOL.

  69. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Hahaha, I have no time for more pots right now…lol. I’m wishing Gerald good luck, I’m sure he’s going to need it….LOL.

    As far as body type goes, I have average in my profile. I’m voluptuous with an hourglass figure… 😀

    I would think that would be considered average.

    I wish I could get back to my regular exercise routine, I have been told to lay off the exercise for a while, again, because of medical conditions…UGH! So frustrating!!!!! I’m at the end of my rope!!!

  70. Stormcat – thanks for the assessment… love your points so I made a few adjustments.

    OCSB – I’m so very jealous… I wish I knew how to golf… maybe I’ll find a SD who will be daring enough to teach me.

    LadyI – nice to meet you! I agree, give the guy another chance… chances are he was trying to be funny in an odd sense. Best wishes on tomorrow’s date!

    I’m saddened that I missed the NY party, but it would have been a pain to get out there all dressed up on the train (the looks would have been awesome though) then get back to CT for work the next day. They need to have one on a weekend so all of us in the Tri-State area can attend!

    I for one think we should have a SB beach day!

  71. JSB says:

    Welcome back LadyInt – I might be in NYC May 22nd-24th :)

    OC- have fun on the links…so windy today that I can’t play a round

    Anyone up to anything scandelous this weekend?

    Ok Storm I have a question in regards to the body type comment..I have athletic listed because I play a lot of sports and like to stay active however I am not ripped so when would you put slim and when you you put other things like athletic or average?

  72. LadyIntim says:

    Anna Molly, I am just waiting for Gerald to get through his initial barrage of incoming e-mails. Then, I am going to creep up on him and steal him away from Everyone! mwah haha…

    I’m kidding.

  73. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Good to see you back LadyI 😀

    Hi Stormcat!! Good to see you!!

    I can only imagine how many emails Gerald gets in one day. I’m not mad, or anything of that nature. I just wanted him to know I wasn’t trying to get something out of him, I just wanted to say hello :)

  74. LadyIntim says:

    Goodmorning, everyone! How is everybody? I see my nickname for Gerald really stuck..G-Force, please enjoy your new title and don’t forget to knighted you. LOL. Anyway, I am sure you are all dying to know why I just dropped off the face of the Earth, and the reason is because I got a little spooked by one of my pot. SDs. He lives in my area and after we exchanged pictures he started asking very personal questions that hinted on the fact that hew knew me and my family. I completely freaked out, came off the blog, and deleted my profile. Later he e-mailed me saying that he was only making assumptions and has no idea who I am…sent me a bunch of pictures, his company web-site, and his corporate e-mail. Anyway, he is taking me out to dinner tomorrow and even though he freaked me out at first, I am now positive that he’s legit. He seems very handsome, too. Kind of young…only 15 years older than me, but everyone deserves a second chance. 😉 While I’ve been gone I also landed another pot. SD on facebook. LOL. I remember seeing him on SA last year and then the other day I saw him on a mutual friends FB page. Friended him…and we already have plans to fly me to NY within the next two weeks to see what all this fuss is about. He is gorgeous. And young again. Damn it! I need an older SD! But this will do for now. Hope everyone’s doing well. I missed everyone.

  75. BeautyFull609 says:

    Hi everyone. New to the site, just wanted to say hello. How was the party, I’m sorry I missed it. Does anyone know if there will be another or was this a one time thing?


  76. Stormcat says:

    AM – If he didn’t read it maybe he didn’t know it was you, or, maybe he is going to read it later. Besides he seems new to this! I think if he had realized that it was a friendly message from a fellow blogger, he would have read it right away.

  77. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I saw Geralds profile and actually wrote him a nice, friendly email to say hello, compliment him on his profile and ask how things were going in Nashville with the flooding. He looked at my profile and must have thought I was trying to hit on him with the email I sent because he didn’t even bother reading it. Oh well.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend 😀

    I’ll talk to y’all later.

  78. Stormcat says:

    Oh No! OC – I just did the math. :(

  79. Stormcat says:

    What a bummer OC! AS much as we all wish we could trust the srangers that we meet here, danger is a reality and we have to protect ourselves.

    Go G-force – Having an arrangement with a blogger SB would be awsome!

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Ok, I have exactly 59 minutes to get to my tee time and Bloody Mary’s at the first hole!
      Hope the weather clears up Storm so you can get out and enjoy the outdoors.
      Later Gaters!

  80. Stormcat says:

    Oh that’s why I couldn’t figure it out. I thought sugar dating was real life!

  81. Stormcat says:

    Hey OC
    Looked for you at the party. (Even embarrased myself a couple of times by IDing the wrong person as you. Thank NYCSB for that. Were you there?)

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      IRL = In Real Life

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Storm I did not reveal myself. It is unfortunate but
      a blogger had made some threatening comments
      about me off line so I did not feel safe using my
      blog name at the party. Crazy isn’t it that someone would even
      joke about wanting to “shoot me” but never the less
      you don’t know the exact mind state of some people.
      I did sneak in for a bit but was with my sugar so I felt
      very safe. Plus I hope this blogger was just being over
      dramatic. Still, upsetting none the less. I had fun for the
      hour or so I was there. I saw you and NYCSB. I thought
      she would recognize me but it has been a year or so since she
      has seen my picture. G-force has seen a current picture! lol

      BTW G-Force have I introduced you to Chi-Chi? Lovely girl
      and it would be a very short distance from TN to VA….

  82. Stormcat says:

    BTW I’m sure it;s obvious but I’m not being able to guess the relationship type of the acronym IRL.
    Maybe – Iterating Right Left relationship. lol

  83. Stormcat says:

    Alright It worked! That was too easy!

  84. Stormcat says:

    Ha Ha Michael, Not to worry, I’m straight.

  85. Michael AZ SD says:

    Hi StormCat – thanks for your feedback re my profile! Just don’t ask me out for dinner, ok?

    Yes, I copied my profile link into the website box. Works quickly and easily.

    And I agree re Rachel being slim / slender. Certainly not average!

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Good Morning Sugars!
      ChitownSB I was searching VA SD’s
      when my sugar came to bed last night and
      he was so funny. He is so easy going and
      totally gets me! He said any luck finding
      a good one for Chi-Chi. Totally knew from
      reading the blog what I was doing.
      Plus I LOVE the new nick-name for you!

      Hi Storm and Michael!

  86. Stormcat says:

    Good Morning
    Beautiful Rainy Day here in the Mountains.
    After the rain, the rivers will swell and the Kyaking will be good again.
    AM – you up for a run?

    Rachel – Hi I’m Stormcat. Nice to meet you. It seems like we are both experienced bloggers but started from opposite sides of the mobius. I took a look at your profile as you asked and thought I’d take a shot at a critique. (I probably shouldn’t because Soaring Saprrow says I’m a know-it-all ball buster) Anyway First the positive: You are beautiful! I liked your pics good selection they shows off all the positive aspects of your physical beauty and some of your fun-loving personality. I think you should change your body type to slim/slender. You may feel like you are average but believe me you qualify for slim and you will be missed on a lot of searches otherwise. OK now is the negative: The text comes accross as harsh/bitchy It’s fine to discourage pots from wasting your time but you address it strongly as the first thing you talk about and then pepper the rest of the profile with comments about what you don’t want. I believe that putting all those positive things up front and sequestering your concerns for the things you want to avoid to the very end will show you in a much more fun-loving positive light. Anyway, I think you will do fine regardless.

    MichaelAZ – Just out of cureosity, I took a look at your profile as well. And I think it looks great. Really like the hippie pic. BTW how did you get your blog handle to be a link to your profile? Maybe you paste the link into the website box? Or enclose it in after the handle in the name box?

  87. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Hmmm, very interesting. I guess I have a very unique situation and for that I am thankful. I have a very, very open and honest IRL relationship and it’s nice. It’s amazing what a little honesty and trust can do :)

  88. G’night Lisa… sleep well :)

  89. Lisa says:

    I have to agree with that. In real life it’s all a chance. You see someone you’re attracted to, you know nothing about that person so it’s a risk. Any kind of online dating (although there are alot of lies) is more direct and you can learn more about the person before actually chatting or meeting. A man might see a hot looking girl irl but he has no way of knowing what she’s looking for, whether or not she has a bunch of kids at home, whether she’s dating someone, etc, whereas online, he can find out those things beforehand.

    I like the direct approach as it saves alto of guessing. I’m talking to a potential right now but he hasn’t answered my questions about his expectations but asked me more questions. He wants to meet sometime but i’m weary as he’s very slow to respond and is dragging, no discussion of what type of arrangement he seeks in regards to meetings, allowance, etc. I’ve never had a meeting turn into anything when these things weren’t discussed beforehand. My last sd asked me those questions during the first few emails so I knew what he expected and he knew what I expected. It is so easy to discuss when both parties are really looking for an arrangment. People generally know what they can afford and what days they want to meet, etc.

    Have a good night. Off to bed so I can get up early for work tomorrow

  90. Ahhhh HA… we have a multi-tasking blogger here!

    I agree, with the right person, I do find sugar dating to be more fulfilling mainly in part to the honesty involved. I find when dating IRL that you are dating the person’s representative (the best version of their self) for at least a couple months… then the truth comes out.

    With sugar dating there is non of the pretense… it’s open, honest, and real…

  91. Michael AZ SD says:

    It is really interesting doing sugar dating vs IRL dating. Sugar dating is mxh more open and honest. Either we have a deal or we don’t. And when sugar dating works well, it is fantastic.

    I have found that with the right person it is much more honest and intimate than a IRL relationship. Certainly you get there much quicker as well.

    Has anybody else found this to be true? Rachel?

    Sorry for messy post – am on my iphone on the treadmill at gym.

  92. Chitown SB says:

    Hi Rachel, welcome back!

  93. Michael… thanks for the compliment! :) I like your take on the scene as well… lol. You’re perfect so change!

    I’m excited to be back. There’s something to be said for putting everything out on the table and there are no hidden expectations, it’s refreshing really.

    Texas Sug… I agree w/Anna… be yourself… that’s what intrigued him in the first place. and HAVE FUN!

  94. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Hmm, it is a tease when you link your profile and then have it hidden….LOL 😉

    Hi Michael 😀

    Hi Rachel!!

    Hi Jane!!

  95. Michael AZSD says:

    Hey Rachel – great photos! Well written profile as well. I am sure you will have no trouble getting a great SD….

    As you said, this is better than the “manipulation and lies scene…” – I call it better than the “I love you, you’re perfect, let’s get married and you had better change to suit me” scene…

  96. jane says:

    I need a SG. Please send some over to me. The administrator will give u my email.

  97. Hello everyone….. I’m back from my 3 month hiatus! Okay, in all honesty I got roped into the regular dating scene. Why don’t they just call it the manipulation and lies scene… LOOOL!

    So I’m reading and catching up on all that I’ve missed… I’ve missed the blogs so much while I was away! Hope everyone is doing well!

    I revamped my profile to show pics that are recent (love when I get new pics). So here I am… one of the older SB’s back… can’t wait to see what trouble awaits me 😉

  98. Chitown SB says:

    I agree with AM> letting things happen naturally is always best.

  99. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I have never been on a 24 hour sugar date. Just be yourself and have fun!! Go with the flow and let things happen the way they’re supposed to 😀

    Good Luck!!! 😀

  100. TexasSugah says:

    Thanks Chi!!

  101. Chitown SB says:

    Thanks AM!

    Good luck Texas!

  102. TexasSugah says:

    Hi all..

    Lisa- I’m like you. If it wasn’t for the microwave my son and I would starve. Everything is steam in the bag and HEB fully cooked.

    I hope everything is ok with Lady.

    Got a sugar date tomorrow. All day. I wonder how it’ll go. A little nervous but…

    We’ll see. I don’t even know what to do. He’ll be here about 2 and….ball game, shopping..

    He says he just wants me to be comfortable.

    What DO people do on a 24 hour sugar date??

  103. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Awww, I’m sorry Chitown! Hope you feel better soon :)

  104. Chitown SB says:

    Good afternoon all.

    OC- did u see my post about being interested in any VA suggestions?

    Crummy day today. Sitting in bed with a cold and chicken soup. I blame the fact that is was 80 degrees last week and 52 this week.

  105. JSB says:

    Yay G-Force good to hear!

  106. Lisa says:

    I have only used my stove twice in the two months i’ve lived here.

  107. Lisa says:

    my stove isn’t new but at least it’s not harvest gold from the 70’s and the coutertop is not avocado green like the other place.

  108. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I would love to have a new fridge and a commercial stove…sigh 😀

  109. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    That’s great Gerald…good luck!

  110. Gerald says:

    I must say that I am impressed with the SBs that have contacted me so far…initial forecasts are for clear skys on course with a tail wind :)

  111. Lisa says:

    I used to paint my walls when I lived in other apartments and all. The walls are ok here as they are a medium tan color with white trim and white think blinds (the new kind) so it looks kinda nice as it is because most of the apartments around here have ugly white everything. My carpet is boring but it’s new and clean which is great. I’ve got a couple of my london posters behind my bed. Decided not to put the mirror tiles up behind it and they are a pain to remove and they messed up the walls at the other place. I have the 5 of them leaned against the dining room wall so the rooms looks bigger and it’s great for checking appearances before going out. This place is so nice i’m afraid to chip the paint, lol I paid 0 deposit so when I move out (hopefully never) I will have to pay for anything beyond wear and tear. I’ve also got a new fridge and new countertops

  112. Lisa says:

    It’s very expensive OC so it’s got to be good to the last “dropping” lol

    Just got the curtain rod hung up. Easy as I followed the holes of the previous renters and got it up nice and straight. Now if my valances would come. Just the finishing touch my cozy bedroom needs.

  113. Stormcat says:

    Well listen ya’ll. I think I need to get some work done. Such a beautiful day deserves me doing something outside.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Lisa! Weazel excrement flavored coffee beans? Ewww!
      My favorite is Folgers French roast, no poo poo after taste haha!
      Storm I am here if you are doing roll call!
      Happy Friday Sugars! xoxox ~OC

  114. Lisa says:

    I will let him know.
    Going to go attempt to hang curtain rod now.

    • OCSugarBaby says:

      Lisa paint is cheaper to decorate with. Just consider painting your wall behind your bed. So what if it is an apartment!
      You can always paint it back to white before you move out. Everyone paints their apartment, you have to live there, so you might as well like looking at the color!

  115. Stormcat says:

    So Lisa – give my regards to nightmare next time you talk to him. I know what he means. I think that Beachgirl isn’t coming back for the same reason.

  116. Stormcat says:

    I don’t know, she’s a little unpredictable, I always feel like I need to break out the cat-o-9s and roson up the paddles when she’s around.

    Did I mention handcuffs?

  117. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Nope…I’m here. She just likes to come out and play every once in a while. 😀

  118. Stormcat says:

    AM your back. I was worried that your sister ha locked you up!

  119. Lisa says:

    It’s nice here too but too hot. Can’t get out to walk around or anything without melting.

  120. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I don’t know either one of those bloggers…

    Hi Stormcat and Lisa 😀

    It is gorgeous here today isn’t it Stormcat!

  121. Lisa says:

    I’m not sure about panther. I know that nightmare got fed up with the blog. He is doing fine.

  122. Stormcat says:

    I always wondered what happened to Panther and Nightmare.

  123. Lisa says:

    Hopefully so

  124. Stormcat says:

    Well if it’s really a mobius effect we just have to wait a while and the ones who have vanished will eventually come back around.

  125. Lisa says:

    2 of my last sds were not even from SA so I guess the other site has the same black hole. Just very odd and slightly rude for a 70 year old professional.

  126. Stormcat says:

    Hay – maybe that’s why people keep dissappearing from the blog!
    Beachgirl, OC, LadyI to name a few recent vanishings.

  127. Lisa says:

    Back from the mall. Temperature already too high to be out

  128. Stormcat says:

    ESB, JSB, Lisa, JaiLa – Poofing is not exclusive to daddies, babies do it too! I think SA is actually a mobius such that there is at least one other parrallel SA on the other side. When a pot wanders too far along the path of an arrangement with someone in the parrallel SA – POOF!

  129. Stormcat says:

    Hey all, glad to see a new topic. My computer gets so slow when the post count passes 250.
    Been on the road for a couple of days and have had so little time to actually blog. Can’t keep up.
    GForce – You trying to get us in trouble? Repeat after me . . . Estrogen Poisioning isn’t pathologic in females!

    Naughty Molly what have you done with your sweet sister? I hope you didn’t tie and gag her so you could pimp her out for extra cash. That’s not allowed! ! !

    Michael AZ – mutual jitters was the term I used to discribe that we were both feeling unsure of where the relationship going and both defensively started to back away so as not to get hurt. Identifying that as the problem and talking about it openly was all it took to restore the trust. In fact it made us closer and more trusting than before.

  130. ESB says:

    have fun Lisa! Talk to you again later… I need to go too.. gotta get my run in before it gets to hot… Have fun everyone!! HUGS!!

    Oh, Michael, sorry if I didnt’ keep you entertained… I’ll do better next time!! 😉

  131. Lisa says:

    I live near some of the best restaraunts in Houston, we can eat there, lol
    Really the last time I cooked for a man was the day after I got married. Got up and made some bisquits and my husband didn’t like them because I didn’t put butter in them and he tossed them back on the plate. I never cooked for him again. I have long lost interest in being domestic. That used to be my goal when I was younger, to be a good wife and mother. I found that today’s man isn’t looking for that so I tossed that idea aside and decided to date only for fun now. I keep a clean house but I don’t do anything in the kitchen.

    Going to walk over to the mall now for a dollar burger. Be back soon

  132. ESB says:

    Nah.. actually, I’ll feed him well, then work it all off of him 😉 Can’t send him home with more than he came with!!

    Girl, how on earth do you expect to keep a man if you can’t feed him? gotta have SOMETHING in the house you can give a man.. they all like to eat, and more than a quick snacky thing… girl, I need to get my hands on your kitchen!! teach you a few things!! LOL

  133. Lisa says:

    I love coffee, it’s my vice along with soda, allergy pills and quiet time. lol

  134. Lisa says:

    ESB get a Texas sd, everyone is already obese here, you won’t have to fatten him up, lol

    I have one of those flat cooking things, and the taller on, a pot and a skillet I think they are called. I have no salt, no flour, no eggs, no bread, no sugar, fridge empty, cabinets empty. I don’t think i’ve had a loaf of bread or an egg in my home in years, well no since I moved out from family.

  135. JSB says:

    Lisa I should send you some Tim Horton’s coffee…people in Canada are addicted to it… Not a coffee drinker but people swear by it!

  136. ESB says:

    I was house sitting once, was going to fix Chicken Courdon Blue… and she didn’t even have corn starch!! There was no Flour, no spices, just NOTHING for real cooking, but lots of nice cooking pans and what not… all wedding gifts she will probably never use… I went to the store, left the left overs for her husband, and he wants me to come back and cook for them… She never does anything harder than spegetti!! So sad, too. I just love to fix nice meals. I ever get a REAL SD, he is going to be one spoiled, (and fat!) man!!

  137. JSB says:

    ESB my mouth is watering… I am blessed to have a close gf who also has a passion for cooking so girls nights at her house are always tasty and fun… I am good with making an appitizer or making a margarita or martini.

  138. Lisa says:

    Right now I just made my last cup of civit coffee. Ex sd bought it for me when we first met. It’s very expensive and supposed to be good because the beans travel through the digestive track of a weasal or something in Vietnam or the Philipines, not really sure what he told me about it. Back to cheapass kroger coffee tomorrow

  139. JSB says:

    Lisa – def with ya on not being a fan of the kitchen or cooking….I am a foodie though but prefer to order off a menu

  140. Lisa says:

    I worked evenings for some many years that I got off of the sceduled meal times. For 10 years I had dinner after 11 pm and that was usually junk food. Now I’m home around 3 or 4 but I just eat something fast. I can’t afford to buy proper groceries so it’s usually cheaper to just get a dollar burger at mcds than buy a bunch of ingrediants and cook. I just never got into the cooking thing. I don’t even have any salt, lol

  141. ESB says:

    OMG Lisa, I need to come down there and give you some lessons… I LOVE to bake… it’s a wonder I’m not fat! Its’ so easy, too!! My dad is a great cook, and I have inherited his gift. Only, I do not like standingin the kitchen for hours chopping and whatever to prepare a meal.. unless I have someone there beside me helping.. one of the things I miss about having my own place. BG and I used to do that ALL the time. Cooking supper was catch up time, and we would turn on the music, dance adn act crazzy while fixing what ever for supper.. even if it was just chppig up greens for a salad. We always made it fun…feel kinda silly doing it in front of the room mate, so we just don’t here.

  142. Lisa says:

    I used to work for target for 8 years. It was hell, too much work, working late, etc. So glad I don’t work there anymore, shopping is ok though.

    I can’t decorate a cake or cook or anything. I’m not much for the kitchen or cooking.

  143. JSB says:

    So fun. I heart Target and wish we had one in Canada. Decorating your place is way more exciting than decorating a cake!

  144. Lisa says:

    It wouldn’t bother me if he wanted more sbs as long as he kept me too. He’s 70 years old, married, etc so not exactly a swinger, lol Is a ceo of a high profile company in this area, drives a jaguar, very classy, and was a very sweet guy. Almost like a father to me, well except for certain things, lol

  145. Lisa says:

    I live across the street from Target, it’s in the mall. I got alot of stuff with my allowance from my sd before the last one and it all works well in my new place but my bedroom window is high and long so I need a valance instead of the panels I had. I have nice thick blinds that came in the apartment and the walls are a tan color rather than white which looks a lot better. I got 2 valances for the window that were regularly 90 dollars each on sale for 45 each and used a free shipping code to save 12 dollars shipping. only thing is that’s almost 100 dollars I needed to be saving for my next lease. I have to buy stuff from time to time or my mom will get suspicious as she still thinks I have 2 sds and would be disappointed and be asking a million questions if she knew I had 0 now. Very odd from my super religious conservative mom.

  146. ESB says:

    I had guys I was dating do the same thing.. that is even worse. I have learned not to take it to personally, I mean, it wasn’t anything *I* did, it was a flaw of theirs… they were players, wanted more than one woman, adn I always catch them!! So, just take it as he wanted more, as in more experiences with more women… could be it had nothing to do with you at all!!

  147. ESB says:

    and I can not wait til BG adn I can be decorating our own place again!! We got to Target and walk around looking at things we want when we get out place. Curtains, bed spreadsfor her room, wall decorations… we just need for me to find a job, then a place, then we are out!! An SD to help would be fabulous!!

  148. JSB says:

    ESB – I agree about the sd…. maybe he has a reason to go MIA and just didn’t want to get you involved…regardless I am sure another sd will come intoyour life Lisa when the time is right… Until then we can all party in the blog and maybe in the cellar haha

  149. Lisa says:

    I feel the same way and if he called me I’d take him back in a minute. I log onto the site daily and to find him online, hope he will come my way again some day. It just bothers me that he rejected me, I wish I knew what I did wrong. Everything seemed so good, even the last time I saw him, he was talking about things we were going to do.

  150. ESB says:

    Lisa, if an SD did all that for me, then poofed.. I wouldn’t be too upset with him. I’d be forever thankful and would do anything to return the favor if he re-appeared some day, but not upset. He sounds like an angel that graced your life in a time you needed him most

  151. Lisa says:

    He read my email right away and poofed. This was supposed to be after my first paragragh on my first post, not at the end, lol I’m still asleep

  152. Lisa says:

    ESB, I had a sd take me out to dinner several times, get me a new apartment and paid rent for 6 months, bought me gifts, including a Macbook, allowance, etc and then poofed.

  153. Lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    Slept late today and have the day off, nothing to do though.
    Got an email from a sd last night (the first in a long time from SA) and he seemed ok although his profile seems a little more like he’s looking for friends rather than a sd. He lives in my area and is married looking for someone to meet during the day. He asked me what I was looking for and said he might be the man. I wrote him back and told him about previous arrangements and also mentioned the financial aspect as his budget shows amoung negotiable. I told him that my previous sd and I met weekly for lunch, and miscellanous things, and shared some intimacy. Also mentioned the allowance aspect. I asked him about his previous arrangements as it seems to me he’s a rookie probably on the wrong site.

    So I’m left to a day be myself, possibly putting up a curtain rod for my new curtains that I had to pay for myself out of money I need to be saving. They are taking forever to get here, I mean I ordered them 2 days ago,lol. Mom is going across the street this evening to see Cindy Crawford who will be at the roomstore opening. I don’t think i’ll go.
    He read my email right away and poofed.

  154. ESB says:

    JSB is so right, can NOT tell you how many times I have had a pot SD talking to me for WEEKS then all the sudden POOF. Totally sucks, we put so much effort in these guys, and they don’t have the decency to let us know they found someone else, or just changed their minds.

  155. JSB says:

    Haha now we are getting spicy!! The cellar sounds fun! Does one need to know the code word or secret knock to enter.. Seems as secret as the ny sa party lol

    JaiLa – poof daddys are no fun but pretty common, mind you some are also uber busy so don’t let it get to you.. Their loss. One pot sd and I had awesome convos then poof…. Or so I thought… He was actually just travelling so he took a few weeks to write back.

    I think the biggest adjustment is remembering that this is an arrangement and not a bf/gf relationship so people are busy and have their own lives so even if everything is great don’t expect to talk to eachother all the time.

  156. ESB says:

    I am with you on that one JSB!! and no, her cellar is more of a … fun place… 😉

  157. Jaila says:

    Hello everyone,
    I was on here maybe about a year ago just to test the waters while i was still in college earning my associate’s degree but I didn’t upgrade then. I had received emails from some pretty close SD’s which I thought was cool but nothing much happened just a few exchanges and requests for pictures…Now that I have upgraded to premium status…I am just getting the same pattern again emails and pics nothing different.

    To Sweet J- Thanks for the advice and I have been look at the blogs here more recently and i have found that I made some mistakes… But I was a bit confused on when it came to the arrangement bout not mentioning any money in emails, on the phone or in person…

    So how do u know if that potential SD or SM is going to be on the same page as you? If that makes sense. Im sure it one would not go out on numerous dates hoping the SD or SM will be willing to agree with your amount… I dont know, you and most other ladies on here have a better way of asking? Another thing I wanted to ask u :-) what did u mean by this statement “But suffice to say, if you haven’t sold the pot SD on your end of the arrangement it will be a non-starter.” Sorry might be a bit slow..lol..

    But thanks again for the response….

    To JSB- you are so right because i thought there were two solid potentials , one who travels in this area a lot and another a bit further down… I thought it would be a match because I had a lot in common with these SD’s as far as what they had in their profile like for example fishing, going to the beach, riding bikes, just to name a few… but nothing further in the emails….

    Thanks ladies,

  158. JSB says:

    Hahhaha that was funny.

    ESB – totally could have used your help this morning but somehow I think it turned out ok..

    AM- cellar? Wine cellar? If so count me in…

    I vote we take the party outside so we can have some fun in the sun

  159. ESB says:

    ohh.. now you did it Michael, you brought NM out.. (giggles) gonna be some trouble now!! 😉

    I could join you in her dungeon..err I mean basement/classroom .. give you some private lessons!! There won’t be an confection sugar involved 😉

  160. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    How about a nice stay in my cellar 😉

  161. Michael AZ SD says:

    Uh – cake decorating? C’mon, looking for something a BIT more entertaining!

  162. ESB says:

    Oh, Michael, asking a woman to keep you entertained can be a dangerous thing! 😉

    JSB: I took a class on cake decorating.. dangerous! Now everyone asks for cakes. Like I have nothing better to do! OK, sure, you get me all the ingrediants, stand here with me and entertain me while I take 2 hours working on it, and see just what it entails, and I’d love to.

    The party sound like fun!! I was “proposed” to on FB, and we are kinda doing the “fake wedding” like we did on here a few months ago. Who is bringing what.. only, since these are all people I actually know… we are planning a get together back home at the local park where we all hung out as kids. It is going to be so much FUN!! I told my “fiance” I’m wearing a white skirt over my swim suit, he has to wear black… gonna be a blast!! Still trying to figure out the details.. like where I’m going to stay.. he wants me to stay with him.. .uh.. don’t think so!! I used to babysit him!! LMAO

  163. Michael AZ SD says:

    ESB – yes, a little TOO exciting. Today is better, I am actually up for the day so far. Woohoo!

    LadyIntim disappeared VERY quickly yesterday. I think she may have been busted by her SD.

    Off to play with my new house. My SB is back on Wednesday, can’t wait!

    Back later, but will still be reading the blog on my phone. Keep me entertained!

  164. JSB says:

    Morning everyone.

    Sweet- I put the icing on it this morning, it turned out better than I thought.

    Yay it’s Friday!! I am looking forward to the bacheloette party tonight, e are going to a studio to learn a chair dance routine.. Who knows I might just have to show the dance to my future sd. I think I ate way too much icing I am wired.

  165. ESB says:

    Sweety, I’m so white I glow!!

  166. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I don’t think ANYONE is as pale as I am, I look like a ghost right now…lol

  167. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I hope things work out for you on the job front and with your almost SD 😀

    I’m looking for sugar this morning and I have a few emails to send out, but other than that, I’m just going to goof off today. I’ve been quite busy the last several days so I thought it was time for a day off :)

  168. ESB says:

    Michael, I know right? How scary was that? I talked to one of the FAs i used to work with, he was a little excited about it, and not in a good way!

    I’m hoping the warm comes back.It’s in the upper 60’s now. I have the day off, want to spend some time in my bikini in the back yard. Hate that my legs are so pale!!

    AM, what you up to today? I sent out 7, yes SEVEN resumes this morning already, and that was just from Craigslist. Looking through the paper now… something HAS to turn up!! Today I’m supposed to hear from the one place I interviewed with. I am so hoping I get that one. I’m sick of this searching… worse than looking for the perfect SD.

    Had some interesting email exchanges with my SD wanna be lsat night. Meaning, he wants to be my SD and we haven’t even met yet… He is so cute… I’m hoping to hear from him today, so we can nail down the time we are going to meet… early next week maybe? He is from out of state, and moving here.

  169. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Hi Michael and ESB!!! 😀

  170. Michael AZ SD says:

    Morning all! Another day in paradise – 90 degrees today. Hope Mr Market (aka The Dow) is a little bit better today!!

    Not a happy camper yesterday – for a while I thought I was going to have to change from a SD and become a SB myself!!! But things did recover so I still a happy, gainfully unemployed SD.

  171. ESB says:

    AM, Micheal, Pretty Sweet (that is a sweet deal!), Lily, Fashion SB.. wow some new blood!! YEAH!

    GOOD MORNING!!! I have the day off, so I am drinking my coffee, looking for a job on Craigslist, and killing time on here… and flirting on a few other sights all at the same time!! Mulit tasking at it’s finest!!

    I was hoping for more details about the big party, but I’m guessing what happened there, stayed there? BOOO

  172. Anna Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Good morning 😀

  173. Michael AZ SD says:

    Hey Lily – I think LadyIntim may not be back for a while. I sent a message to her earlier, no response. Plus, her profile has been removed.

    Not sure what happened, but I think it was quite serious and quite personal.

    I sent you a message via your blog with my email address. Did you get it?

  174. PrettySweet says:

    Hello. Has anyone has a sd that was willing to assist you with 5-10k/month who is seeking to only see you up to twice/month? I suppose I’m a little shocked that there are sd’s that are so generous. I’m still getting used to this whole thing. Can anyone help?

  175. Enjoyed every minute of what?

    LadyIntim, ask someone to give you my email addy. Many have it! (AM? U there?) I thought it was simple to do via my blog, but I understand–I’m technically challenged too!
    Have fun this weekend, whatever is taking you offline!!

    Have a great weekend, all!!

  176. FashionSB says:

    I had so much fun and I literally enjoyed every min. of it!

  177. Sweet Jezebel says:

    In the interest of disclosure: I had 2 giant puffed marshmellows instead of going to the store. I feel so dirty now :(

    Should I be having so much fun on here all by myself? I doubt it –

    Note to self: Get thee to a couch post haste!! 8)

  178. Sweet Jezebel says:

    JSB~Is it done yet? I want some…still up studying for these wretched finals and want a glass of vino so badly it’s distracting. But some baked goodies wouldn’t hurt…have traded cravings 😉

    BTW what did you decide to bake, after all. Everybody loves cupcakes…just the right amount of sweet decadence – OhYummmm.

    I think I am going to get a really big bag of MMs at the store – Look what you started JSB – shame on you 8)

  179. JSB says:

    I now know why i do not bake…it’s been over an hour already and I am still not done…this is not fun at all…what is everyone else up to?

    Jaila- Have a read at some previous posts and don’t worry..you will find a pot sd that is the real deal..you will find a lot of them tend to poof..even if the conversation via email is really good

  180. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hi Jaila~ If you feel your number is reasonable for what you’re offering and yor’re presenting it in a sweet way, then you’re not doing anything wrong.

    The most likely scenario though, is that these men are poseurs and have no intention of being an SD. Be prepared to say NEXT and release these fakers, honey

    It’s a numbers game, girl. If you’re OK with it, you should get the ball rolling by initiating with potentials if you are drawn to their profiles.

    Are you new to sugar dating? If yes you should probably check out some previous postings on the blog. OC SugarBaby posted a link to a similar question towards the end of the last blog section. You could check that out.

    Anyway, it’s hard to tell where the snag might be without a sample of the e-mail. But suffice to say, if you haven’t sold the pot SD on your end of the arrangement it will be a non-starter.

    Again, be comfortable and (sweetly) firm about the amount of sugar you want so you can pitch (not negotiate down) it convincingly to potentials.

    You can do this. Here’s to much sweetness in your in-box 😉


  181. Jaila says:

    Wow! I must be doing something wrong… All i get are emails and I reply back about a couple of times… I wait for the SD to bring up the mutual arrangement and or I bring it up about 2 or 3 email and they dont respond….I am starting to think maybe its because I dont have blonde hair, tall, or big boobs… I know it sounds crazy but no one is willing to take a chance on me….HELP!!! What am i doing wrong?


  182. Lisa says:

    Hi Sweet Jezabel

    I’d prefer a sd to a bird, lol

  183. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hi Lisa at least your bird has company (lol)

    Hi Percy~ I see you too.

  184. Sweet Jezebel says:

    Hi JSB, Hello to those of you lurking~

    Just checking in – didn’t expect anyone to be here (sigh) 😉

    LadyIntim~say it ain’t so – have a great time and come back to us. Y’hear?

    Lisa dear, OC dahlink where are you?


  185. Lisa says:

    some of us have no lover :( we’re home with our bird
    Going to take a hot bath now

  186. JSB says:

    Wow it’s quiet here tonight! Everyone must be out with their lovahs…guess I will bake my cake and eat it too lol

    Ps I am loving the G-Force nickname…good call..

    G-Force if you need someone to interview pot sbs aka your fan club and weed out the crazy ones let me know

  187. TexasSugah says:

    Awww.. Lady.. take care.

  188. Chitown SB says:

    OC- If you are out there I am indeed looking at VA pots now. If you have someone in mind, I’d love the guidance!

    JSB- hahahahaa oh the mental images

    G-Force/Gerald- Not all of us are crazy, even if we have been estrogen poisoned. I find the cure for that is to engage in as many adventures as possible to get the crazies out of your system in a fun way. It allows for better stories than simply “so I met the crazy chick once…”. Perhaps I will have to contact you through your profile… if I can get through the waiting line 😉

    hello all others!

  189. JSB says:

    Boo to procrastinating!! I have a Bachlorette party tomorrow and silly me offered to bring a “themed” cake…wish me luck in the kitchen this should be very interesting!! Lol I should go on the Ashley site someone mentioned earlier for pics so that I can make the cake look realistic…

  190. JSB says:

    Ahh sounds exciting LadyIn – looking forward to your return and all the details..you will be missed!!

  191. LadyIntim says:

    Hi, everyone. Something came up and it looks like I’ll be off the blog and SA for a while. I’ll miss everyone. Kiss.

  192. Michael AZ SD says:

    Hey Lady – just re-read my last couple of posts, and I think they were pretty inappropriate. Sorry.

    BlogGods? Can you please delete my last comments? Inappropriate content. Thanks.

  193. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    Hey!!! I’m available any time 😉

  194. LadyIntim says:

    WOW, dirty boy, Michael. But to answer your question…I try!

  195. Michael AZSD says:

    LadyIntim – you always come first?

  196. Naughty Molly ~ 463395 says:

    I wish I could have made the party :(

  197. LadyIntim says:

    I’m first, I’m first. Boo ya!