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When to cut-off the Sugar


While having an arrangement with no long-term expectations may help prevent some bad break-up drama, many here in the Sugar bowl have wondered how to end an arrangement with a sugar that wasn’t ready to say farewell.

Here are some ways sugars get stuck in an arrangement:

Your sugar has become emotionally attached.

You’ve continued to stay within the original guidelines for your no-strings-attached relationship, but now your sugar wants something beyond the arrangement. They may want to become exclusive, or want to go for a long-term relationship.

Your sugars become dependent on your support.

Your sugar won’t be able to maintain his or her lifestyle without you, and even if there’s no heartstrings involved, you may feel obligated to keep the arrangement alive out of guilt or sympathy.

How can you keep from getting stuck in an arrangement?

How has your Sugarlife been lately?

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  1. JSB says:

    Catching up on the blog posts now…

  2. JSB says:

    I survived the chaos!!

    I have to admit google is so fun today… Go on and check it out… You can literally play Pac Man.. So fun!

  3. Kaka says:

    I have some advice for SB’s that are not getting the results they had hoped for.
    1. Your energy, whatever it may be WILL radiate in a meeting, so if you feel embarrassed, stupid, needy, etc. that will come out therefore an important step is to get your “insides” as beautiful as your outside, meaning, google videos on positive energy, affirmations, etc. Beauty, being regal and irresistible is an art and THAT is what a SD wants, you must exude confidence, suave, be a total Audrey Hepburn. Do not deny the important of being open to love, to good things, if you deep down believe “good things never happen to me” He is going to agree. There are a million beautiful faces in this world, but rare is it to find a woman who carries her self with grace, peace and a real smile that lights up a room.
    2. I suggest watching old black and whites with some of the starlet’s of the day’s when ladies where utmost sexy, alluring and held enough back to have the gentleman being a true SD just to experience being in her world. I suggest something with Ava Gardner, Marylin Monroe has some cute behavior the right girl could pull of in How to Marry a Millionaire, etc.
    3. Being a SB simply for “things” will never work, humans are not wired that way, it takes a special woman who really enjoys every element, and doesn’t crassly ask for this and that and offer nothing in return but a pretty face. Study the art of being a true lady, master customs, manners, master self control, master current events, master your voice, etc.
    These things are benefit your entire being, so do it for you but realize that it is going to be very beneficial in your Sugar hunt and relationship.

  4. sweettooth says:

    Midwest~ ok, I did a revamp, I tried my best to use the advice given by you and SD Guru. Hopefully, this time it is more appealing…I did copy and paste my old one so I can go back and make adjustments if needed..

    I hope its approved soon so you can look! I really love the advice, this blog is the best

  5. Carolina SB says:

    Midwest SB: Thank you so much for responding to my post! My need:To have a minor debt paid off. Accomplish: I’d like to make someone happy. Because making an individual happy makes me happy. And I just want to be in the presence of someone who has been successful. If I’m around that I will push myself for that as well. And I’d love a mentor! Visits: I can arrange up to twice a week. Any more than that and my family will become suspicious. Especially if I stay the night. (Don’t know how I’m gonna swing that one!). Compromise: I will be hanging out less with friends which is cool considering I’d love to be around someone older and wiser. Arrangement: Well they all sound nice. Travel and/or gift or allowance all have their own luster. But I do know that traveling would be really hard considering I still live at home. And considering my family would flip if I was to tell the truth. And I can’t come in too much with gifts or I’ll be questioned. Lol. I would be honored to be a companion to someone. And I can get him away from reality and enjoy it myself. πŸ™‚ And yes Midwest you helped me a lot!!! Kudos to you Gorgeous! And Deborah thank you for wishing me “good luck”. πŸ™‚ And I shall inquire what he likes for outtings. (That was a great tip!!!!! Thank you Love!) I’m excited!! And excited I get to be in the world as an adult and looked at like one and not like a kid like the other people I go to school with! Yay! You all rock sugars!!! Thank you Midwest SB!!! πŸ™‚

  6. sweettooth says:

    Midwest!! Thanks a bunch for all the advice I know us newbies will need! I was having such a struggle trying to keep my profile short and sweet! I wrote a short novel..haha.
    I really would love more suggestions if you have any you can reach me at W four 19 eighty five at yahoo…. dot…. com
    I hope you understand that

    thanks xoxo!

  7. Midwest SB says:

    If he likes ice cream…why not? πŸ™‚

    If he’s been travelling, he may want a cocktail and a meal. Find out what he enjoys and go from there. My last sd date loves Thai food…later I found out he enjoys a great cigar. So I arranged for us to go to an amazing Thai place (even though it was a dive), then we went to a 1st class cigar bar and had an amazing time. Fun memories too…SDs…when a lady tells you medium is really HOT…you better be able to handle it as beautifully as he did πŸ™‚

  8. Carolina SB says:

    SD Guru that was great advice! And Midwest I am gonna pay attention to Shoogar Shoes and her “loverly” sentences. And I should revamp my profile.

  9. Deborah says:

    Debbie downer?? NO wonder I hate the name Debbie lol

    Shooga Shoes: thanks for the clarification on agreements, I was actually going to ask if there are some that do put pen to paper!

    Good luck Carolina SB!

  10. Midwest SB says:

    Carolina SB – What do you need? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you available for frequent visits or ocassional? What are you willing to compromise? Are you open to arrangements such as travel or gift without an allowance?

    Also…money cannot define what you are “worth”…I know you may not have intended that to come out as such…but no man can pay your worth. SDs are more about the intrinsic quaities that you can offer…they can get sex pretty much anytime. He wants quality time with a woman who makes him want to turn off the cell phone, turn off the laptop… a woman with whom he can surprise her with a new experience or gift and she shows great appreciation. He wants someone who appreciates that he can help her obtain career and financial objectives and he can feel great about doing so. Mostly…he wants NO drama and a break from the real world for a little while.

    Hope that helps!

  11. Carolina SB says:

    Would getting ice cream at Cold Stone for the first meet be unexceptable? I like casual outtings especially for first time outtings. What do ya’ll think sugars?

  12. Midwest SB says:

    Hi Sugars!

    SD Guru – I LOVED your post! It is easy for a new sb who is beautiful, intelligent and has everything going for her to feel like she will meet her new sd in no time. I’ve watched it again and again where it takes a few dates for a new perspective to appear or they decide to put the effort in or that sugar dating is not for them.

    It’s hard work and worth every bit of the effort ladies! Always take time to remind yourself that in the sugar world, you need to ask yourself what you can do for your sd…what do you hope to accomplish… and how much are you willing to work for it?

    Sweettooth – you’re off to a great start! I have some suggestions, but didn’t know if you wanted them posted here.

    Some profile suggestions that will help our new friends…is if almost every sentence starts with the word “I”, you will quickly lose someone’s interest. SD guru is right about deciding what differentiates you from all the other sbs. Describe your top 3 or so qualities and leave the rest for conversation to keep your profile short. Describe his 3 best qualities and leave the rest for discussion. Be fun and flirty. Remove anything negative. SDs here will tell you that if the words “deserve”, “owe”, etc are in a profile…it’s NEXT! Share if you are free to travel and if you have a passport. There’s a sugary way to say anything…Shoogar Shoes is GREAT at sweet sentences!! Those are some basics. Flo Rida posted some great tips about profiles…check out the blogs around Halloween (I think).

    BB – (((HUGS)))) It’s worth it.

    Cleo – Hmmmm…confidence is definitely sexier!

  13. Carolina SB says:

    Well everyone I have a potential SD interested! When I joined SA he sent me a message before I had time to upload a photo. Now he’s asking about arrangement, allowance and such and I don’t know what to say. I mean I haven’t got use to the idea of receiving money from someone. I’m just interested in a guy who dresses well and smells good and opens the door for me. He’s 46. Seems really professional. And he’s asked about allowance which truthfully I wasn’t going to go there; I’m timid. So basically I asked about previous SB arrangements. I mentioned that this was my first time at this and don’t really know how much I’m worth. πŸ™ I’m also not sharing my financial issue. Which isn’t substancial by any means. He is a NSA kinda guy. He wants to have one SB. I can’t find him on Google because his name is super common! We’ve shared pictures. “G” rated ones! Threw me off for a second when that was the first demand. I guess if you pay for something you should get what you want always. And yes he was polite when asking. He wants to have lunch/dinner sometime and see where it goes. And yes he said public place! Input please. πŸ™‚ Oh yes, I’ve read the blog for a week now before I joined so you guys are kinda like celebrities to me. LMAO! Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post. πŸ™‚

  14. SD Guru says:


    What’s your fav restaurant? Please provide a full report with all the juicy details of your date! πŸ™‚

    I understand a sugar relationship can mean different things to different people, and that’s why it’s always important to find those who have similar expectations. Therefore, my advice and opinion may not be relevant to everyone’s situation, and I know not everyone will like or agree with what I say. And I’m ok with that.

    I thought you haven’t entered an arrangement with the pot from last week because you didn’t mention that an arrangement was discussed or offered. Perhaps you metioned it somewhere else and I missed it. Until you have a job offer in hand, I’d always recommend that you keep on interviewing.

    No Debbie Downer for me!

  15. SoaringSparrow says:

    SD Guru,

    You are absolutely right and perhaps I didnt make myself as clear as I should have…What I meant was that we as SBs are indeed a sorority of pretty girls with individual characteristics that will appeal to those we are trying to attract.We are more than likely sick of the mundane dating scene bored with the abundance of interest from the mediocre and have entered into THIS type of lifestyle for the challenge and perks without the strings. The tables are now turned indeed and we find ourselves vying for the attention of legitimate sugardaddies. Rather than men vying for the attention of US.
    And although most everyone (on this blog) is linked by a common bond, sugardaddy dating for YOU might not be the same thing for someone else. So as you give advice, keep an open mind and realize some people might be looking for something more…(or sometimes even less) genuine

    Why, may I ask do you assume that Im not entering an arrangement with the pot i met last week?? If you interview for a job which starts next month but haven’t filled out your paperwork and W2s do you stop job hunting? I don’t. Until I work for that new company I will continue to weigh my options. I don’t think this situation is any different.

    You do bring up a valid point though. PERSONALLY I have yet to find the fine line between regular dating and sugardaddy dating. I most ALWAYS pursue pots that I am attracted to, could see myself with and would normally date anyway. Some women might be different and find themselves forcing an attraction but I am a visual. lol If I cant see myself being intimate with a pot that would be a waste of time.

    Anyhow, our expectations HAVE of course been discussed (didn’t study past blogs for nothin! πŸ˜‰ I just had jitters at the thought of having to entertain someone I wasn’t into… its all cleared up now and I feel MUCH better! Getting ready now, we’re going to my FAV restaurant. Im actually REALLY excited!!

    and in the future SD Guru; Don’t be such a Debbie Downer! lol JUSSST KIDDING!

    Talk soon sugar fam!

  16. BronzedBeauty says:

    So….I actually did some work today. On to the good stuff…

    So I get what you guys are saying and I do know these things. I think drifted into a funk bc of the different setting. However I know this is going to be a process and I know it will be worth my wait. I am not used to having to do things by internet so this is definitely different than my past experiences because they were all in person. So I have to remember all the different variables that are going to come into play here. Its cool I’ll find him though, just you guys wait!

  17. RedMaru says:

    Hey sugarfam! I see we have a new blog. My building had an anthrax scare Tuesday and the whole building was evacuated while the fellas in HAZMAT suits went in firetrucks outside and helicopters above.

    But anywhoo onto the questions

    How can you keep from getting stuck in an arrangement?
    Communication, Communication, Communication is the key. Expressings goals, expectations and desires up front and along the way can prevent any misery on both ends or the feeling of being “stuck” in a relationship

    How has your Sugarlife been lately? Good actually I may have a pot. Were chatting now so keep fingers crossed…

  18. Dark Panther says:

    Greetings all! It’s been a while since I have regularly posted here on the blog. Great to see a lot of good advice is still going round.

    Stormcat – I’m trying to get back in the swing of things here so I’ll be sure to read all your posts. πŸ™‚

  19. NC Gent says:

    Diva — how often will you see each other? What are your needs? Will you be traveling together? Will you be staying overnight with him? What money earning opportunities will you be missing by being with your SD? These are things that you need to talk about before agreeing upon an allowance.

  20. SD Guru says:

    divaSB wrote:

    “what do you think is a reasonable monthly allowance for a month don’t want to be greedy.”

    Um… what do you think is a reasonable monthly car payment, don’t want to overpay.

    Sorry for my flippant response, but I hope you see my point. I’ll come back and explain later if needed. πŸ™‚

  21. SD Guru says:

    Sparrow, based on what you described, you’re not about to start an arrangement with someone as you said previously. So the field is still wide open for you! Whether having 2 SD is better or not depends on your situation and that’s a whole other topic.

    It’s still not clear to me whether you’ve discussed the expectations for your pot’s 3 night visit and what those expectations might be. But it’s understandable if you’re not comfortable with sharing that detail in a public blog.

    Back to your response for BronzedBeauty, you wrote:

    “It’s different here because we’re like a sorority of the prettiest most popular girls on campus who in real life could have any guy we wanted! lol This is definitely a different lifestyle which requires hard work, dedication investment, and patience.”

    That is a great lead in to why I think sugardaddy dating is very different from regular dating. Sorry for the following long post, but I hope it’s helpful to provide a SD’s POV.


    In regular dating, attractive women have lots of choices and they are hit on by men all the time hoping to win their affection and get a piece of the action. This implies in regular dating the demand for attractive women far exceeds the supply of men who are interested in them. And women definitely have the upper hand in choosing who they want to date.

    But does this phenomenon apply to online sugardaddy dating? It’s all too common for newbie SB’s to have unrealistic expectations about how long the search might take and what they will find. One of the reasons for such behavior, understandably, came from the perception that sugardaddy dating is similar to regular dating. They think the demand for attractive SBs far exceeds the supply of SD’s willing to provide for them, and therefore they behave in a way that is consistent with that perception.

    However, there are two factors that make sugardaddy dating different from regular dating.

    First, the perception that there is a high demand for SB’s can be misleading. The problem is that the high demand could come from anyone who calls himself a SD and puts up a profile on one of the sites. It’s typical for a new SB to put up a profile with attractive pics and then be deluged with emails and offers from all over the place within the first few days. This creates an illusion of high demand which re-enforces their belief that it’s just like regular dating. But if the SB takes time to sort through the flakes, time wasters, pic collectors, etc., then sooner or later she will realize that genuine SD’s who are serious about having a SD/SB relationship are not that easy to find. And over time the interest slows down as the crowd chase after hundreds of new SB profiles created each day.

    Secondly, in sugardaddy dating the supply and demand is reversed. Genuine SD’s, especially those who are willing and able to provide steady financial support, are in short supply. These types of SD’s have plenty of potential SB’s to choose from and they can be very picky if they choose to be. This means that they don’t waste their valuable time to deal with SB’s who have an entitlement attitude. That kind of attitude may work in regular dating, but most likely it will not work in sugardaddy dating.

    So if an attractive SB is looking for a regular date, she should have plenty of choices and can be very picky. But when it comes to sugardaddy dating, she should think about how to differentiate herself from other SB’s and why a SD should choose her. It may be counter intuitive, but she will have a much better chance for success without the attitude. Of course common sense, common courtesy, and the usual safety measures still apply. Just because you’re looking for a SD it doesn’t mean you should let your guard down and be taken advantage of or submit yourself to a situation you’re not comfortable with.

    As usual there are exceptions and your own experiences and individual cases may vary.

  22. divaSB says:

    hello everyone

    @hear hear shoogar shoes well said. Actually had one done with my 1st SD it made me feel more secure.

    @sugar family what do you think is a reasonable monthly allowance for a month don’t want to be greedy.

  23. NaturalBeauty says:

    Shoogar Shoes: Thanks for the information! I think you helped clear up a miscoception and if it is well thought out I agree a contract is a good idea.

    By the way love your site!

  24. BTW, my post above isn’t meant ‘to be spoken’ with any kind of harsh tone at all (it is hard to tell through simple text without physical tone, inflection, hand gestures etc). Just sharing my experience and it’s been greatly positive. πŸ™‚

  25. I am going to be the BLACK SHEEP here and disagree with whtat others are saying about contracts as they relate to arrangements/sugar dating.

    I have been in contract arrangements and know a few creme de la creme SDs who will ONLY conduct their arrangements this way. It absolutely DOES NOT take away the emotional factor (as someone said above) and hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but as pa always said, “don’t knock it ’til you try it.” In truth, the contract actually offers a sense of safety, trust and peace between the two committing to the arrangement.

    Key word: COMMITTING.

    You sign documents when you get married. You sign documents when you buy a house. You sign documents when you lease/buy a car. And let’s not forget pre-nups. Does the fact that you’re signing your signature agreeing to something take away from how much you desire ANY of those things? No. You are simply making a commitment and promise to follow through on something to someone else.

    The signing of a contract in an arrangement isn’t some callous event that takes place on date one between two strangers. Not at all. It doesn’t happen just like that. There’ a lot more involved to it and honestly, I feel when a contract is involved, people take their time and focus a little bit more to make sure they are getting what they want, need and desire.

    To me, the contract is merely the big red bow that ties a pretty package all together.

  26. NaturalBeauty says:

    Hey everyone new SB!

    I truly appreciate all the information I have read on here. SDGuru I really like the advice you gave on the first meeting I was wondering about that. I have been on ths site about 2 weeks have had almost 30 hits and have i pot SD meeting in two weeks. Hoping to keep the momentum going and find my SD sooner than later.

  27. NC Gent says:

    You have to trust your instincts. Take some time to know who you are talking with. Get as much information as possible. Google them if they will give you that information. Stay away from guys that want to talk about sex right away. Stay away from guys that want provocative pictures right away. For the first meeting, always meet in a public place and have your own mode of transportation.

    The blog archives have a lot of great information on this.

  28. JA-PRINCESS says:

    Thanks lily aka cupid,,wish Me luck

    Bronzed beauty, its never gonna happen overnight, there are dates who cancel, sd who never Call back, ones who only collect pics, ones who send messages then when you respond they never write back..its endless..Its a constant back and forth thing. Takes patience,cause you deserve quality, not quantity

  29. Carolina SB says:

    Well forward messages to? I’m clueless. I don’t want to get in a bad situation…:(

    Any help will be gladly appreciated!

  30. Carolina SB says:

    So, who can I message to find out who’s a fake or real?

  31. Carolina SB says:

    NC Gent: My mistake! How silly of me!

  32. Lily says:

    Mmmmmmm I’m also 5’7″ and I LOVE 6’7″ men. Love them.

  33. SD Guru:

    I had a meet with a pot last week. We said we’d meet again as we both enjoyed each others company but he’s married so I leave the planning of the next date up to him (cant believe I just said that) so until something solidifies I will continue to meet people.. If I can have two SD’s even better!

    The pot coming tonight, and I HAVE talked extensively.. every day almost and ARE really in sync…unless he’s just a yes man and mentioned everything I liked. We both have common interests, hes funny, and we laugh together all the time…I just fear he knows more about me than I do him…

    I do feel a slight anxiety that I haven’t felt before as another pot has traveled here to see me and it was totally fine. Guess I just read ESBs horror story at the wrong (right) time….btw the guy is 6’7! I think I might just be intimidated by his size (HEIGHT) or something. Im 5’7 but I guess Ill just have to wear my 6 inch heels 2night! Which does NOT hurt my feelings ;o)

  34. NC Gent says:

    Research Triangle Park aka Raleigh Durham area πŸ™‚

  35. Carolina SB says:

    NC Gent: Where are you again? Rtp? I’m in Winston. Storm Cat: I’m a college kid. That’s what I’m up to.

  36. Carolina SB says:

    NC Gent: Where are you again? Rtp? I’m in Winston.

  37. Carolina SB says:

    StormCat: Well StormCat I wanted to be a doctor off and on since I was young. This past year I decided I would enjoy being a history instructor at a community college. Also I decided I wanted to be a mother in the future and didn’t want my career to come first. So being an instructor I would get chenge frequently which I need for my personality! πŸ™‚ And, I have wanted to teach for a long time. When I planned on being a doctor I also wanted to teach medical students part time. Even still if I decide that I still want to be a doctor then I will have time. And it still pains me every time I drive by Bowman Gray School of Med that I changed careers. But I do know teaching will make me happiest.

  38. Thanks Sweettooth;

    Its MORE than refreshing that like minded women who are beautiful and confident can root for and encourage other beautiful women for a change. ESPECIALLY while dealing with MEN! (We are truly a profound breed, us sugarbabies) Im surprised even with the quantity of legit pots on SA that we’re not fighting tooth and nail for the best suitors! Instead its all love and encouragement. We are each others support system on this blog and its really helpful to know there ARE people out there like us..

  39. Anna Molly says:

    I also found that my response rate this time around was much better than the first time. I don’t know what it is because it was the same profile and the same pictures….hmmm.

    I had the same amount of emails in one week this time around than I did when I had my profile up before and it was up for three months!! I’m already hidden and my membership isn’t due to expire for another week! πŸ˜‰

    I think you’re right NC, it’s the time of year and the weather πŸ™‚

  40. SD Guru says:

    Sparrow, before I comment on the meeting with your pot this evening, I’d like to ask a few questions. How long have you been communicating with him? Have you discussed each other’s expectations of his visit ? Is he traveling solely to meet you, or is he there for other reasons? What are his expectations in terms of how much time you will spend with him, and what will you be doing together?

    It’s normal to be apprehensive and anxious when meeting someone for the first time, especially when traveling is involved. That’s why it’s important to clearly communicate with each other about expectations so that there is a plan in place and you have some idea on what to do in case things don’t go according to plan for whatever reason.

    I assume the 3 night visit was his idea. As a SD, I wouldn’t recommend other SD’s to do that for a first meeting unless he is going to your city for other reasons. When meeting for the first time it’s best to keep it casual like drinks or dinner so that there is no expectations or pressure on either side. This way you can focus on getting to know each other, and if things go well then you can mutually decide how to take things further.

    Also, I’ll comment on your response to BronzeBeauty in a separate post. There is indeed a huge different between regular dating and sugar dating that most newbies don’t realize.

    Lastly, I’m curious as to why you’re spending time to meet with pots when you’re about to start an arrangement with someone. I’m not passing judgement, just curious.

    For your meeting this evening, keep your eyes and ears open, use common sense and follow your gut, and remember that actions speak louder than words. Good luck!

  41. Sweettooth says:

    SoaringSparrow~very inspiring msg to BB…Keeping our head up and looking towards the future is all we can do. It really eases my mind knowing that there are so many like-minded women on this blog and site. You nailed it right on the head when you said we are ALL confident, sexy, strong woman! We know what we want..that’s obviously why we are on here and It feels amazing…Best of luck with your pot sugar!

    Michael AZ~just returned from Vegas last monday. Amazing! Need I say more! It was my first time and I can’t wait to go back. I was fortunate enough to see KA’ Cirque du Soleil. One of the best shows I have ever seen. I really want to go back soon and see Zumanity and La Reve Cirque du Soleil. Have a great time;-)

  42. Rachel 386002 says:

    Lunch breaks are a wonderful thing… I love coming to the blog and seeing what I missed.

    I’m disappointed that GoogleVoice is by invitation only now as I was looking forward to using that for pot SD’s until trust is established. So today I will be hitting the store for a prepaid phone. I need to respond to pot’s before I become the poofer!

    I have no sugar plans for this weekend πŸ™

    Maybe something will pick up and it will be a splendid weekend… you never know πŸ˜‰

  43. Lily says:

    well you saw my old profile and can look at it again, so go check & you tell ME what the heck is up with this phenomena!

  44. NC Gent says:

    Hi Lily — I love the cell phone pic in the mirror shot because one obtains a very real idea of how someone looks — no glamor shot there! If you look great in that kind of photo, very likely to look great in person! Maybe that explains it or something else like the weather!

  45. NC Gent says:

    Soaring Sparrow — I probably wouldn’t make 3-day plans for a first meeting with an new SB. If I did though, I would assume that it was at my own risk. If either of you aren’t happy with how things are going, he can likely change his travel plans without too much cost (and cancel the remainder of the hotel reservation). I hope this becomes a moot point for both of you!

  46. Lily says:

    Weird. By snapping a photo of myself with my phone in a bathroom mirror, while on a date with a potSD, last week, and replacing my main photo with *that* instead of every other main photo I’ve had….. suddenly my response rate has shot to only being ignored half the time instead of being ignored two thirds of the time. AND the respondees are way more qualitative, seemingly. And a TON of new faces (I started to feel like I had the lineup of the Most Recent Logins memorized, for a couple of months there).

    SA seems so much better this week than ever before! Was it just that pic change? The facial expression is much different than any previous ones (a smile,but an odd smile….). Hmmmm….. maybe it’s just that summer’s here and lots of new users.

  47. Midwest and Chi: meant to try n exchange info with you but I lost the one that starts with an ‘A’ I think in blogland..

  48. Morning Sugarland!!

    Feeling much better about my pot coming to town tonight.. Was up all night worried, still cautious but it should be fun. Just have to keep my head about me. Ladies: How long has a pot come to your town? He’s going to be here for THREE nights! If we don’t get along I’ll feel HORRIBLE as he’s staying in a really nice hotel that he’s already paid for…SD’s:How would you feel if you made travel arrangements to meet a pot and things didn’t work out?

    BronzedBeauty- just as it takes time to find the ‘right’ ANYTHING it will take some time to find someone right for your to enter into an arrangement with. Its a sticky situation in itself but risk generally reaps reward. You have to put yourself out there and be vulnerable @ times..I bet its safe most SB’s went into this because we are confident, sexy, strong, loving, women who are used to LOTS of men approaching us and feel we have something of value to offer..It’s different here because we’re like a sorority of the prettiest most popular girls on campus who in real life could have any guy we wanted! lol This is definitely a different lifestyle which requires hard work, dedication investment, and patience. You must take time to brand yourself, take care of and maintain your product which is yourself. You must research the market know what’s out there and graciously study the previous blogs for advice and VERY encouraging tips…

    I too am ‘well tanned’ as I think you put it one day and that too is an obstacle that can be overcome. I’ve been on for a few months now (I think) have hundreds of views and very few emails, if any. They see you initially are intrigued but don’t follow through. I see that as doing ME a favor. I’ve now been on 5 or so pot meets with (fingers crossed) an arrangement starting soon with someone NOT from SA. So keep your head up my love.. SD’s definitely don’t like wallowers ;o) Good Luck!!

    Anywho: I am now starting to officially take notes of info that I can refer to when I need a cheat sheet before a meet or something. (lol, I always cheated on tests in school growing up) As I met an IRL yesterday (who I don’t think KNOWS he is yet) what is the best way to approach an IRL situation??

  49. NC Gent says:

    Hi all —

    BB — it took me several months to find an SB in the past. IMHO, it is just like trying to find a “normal” relationship, but you have the added factors of age difference and money thrown in. It indeed takes time (and thick skin) to find the right one.

    Hi Carolina SB – I am in the RTP area.

  50. Sweettooth says:

    oopps I forgot my #…465451

  51. Sweettooth says:

    Good afternoon all! Beautiful day in PA….Loving life right now! My profile has finally been approved; I am still undecided about which pics to choose so I left that blank for now.

    I would love it if some could look at my profile anyway and give me some feedback and any criticism necessary to help me make it a great profile. Once I make the changes I will post pics…no sense having it pending approval more than once!

    thanks! XOXO

  52. Deborah says:

    BB: Honestly, anything worth having is worth searching for.
    A week?? Me too lol
    It’s been interesting to say the least.
    Michael: have a great trip, sorry it’s solo
    Hi everyone else πŸ™‚

  53. Anna Molly says:

    Good Morning everyone!!

    Have some fun for me Michael! πŸ˜€

  54. cleo says:

    michael: my weekends plans fell through, you can send a ticket and i’ll come party with you πŸ™‚
    BB: they don’t let you wallow around here, if i hadn’t done it midwest or ocsb would have smacked your wallow off your face. i know this because both of them have done it to me.

    here let me quote them
    mw: stop feeling sorry for yourself, self pity is never sexy
    ocsugarbaby: put on your big girl panties!


  55. BronzedBeauty says:

    Yea I know I am still allowed to wallow tho? lol

  56. Michael AZ says:

    BrozedBeauty – it takes time to find a decent person and get a decent arrangement going. Patience, patience …

    Heading to Vegas (solo) Friday night, looking for trouble. Can anybody assist?

  57. cleo says:

    bronzed beauty: you aren’t allowed to give up in a week, some of us have been here for close to a year with no SD and some of us didn’t find one for over a year…

    well, you can give up in a week but it’s sort of like saying “oh i can’t swim, i jumped in a lake once but…”

  58. BronzedBeauty says:

    I’m up to nothing JSB; beginning to think no one wants my sweets! πŸ™

  59. JSB says:

    Morning!! Today is the last day of my crazy week…I cannot tell you how excited I am for this weekend! A gf and I are escaping up north for a spa day on sat and then golfing sun…. What is everyone else up to?

  60. Stormcat says:

    Good morning sugarland

    Full day of cleanup after the movers. What a mess! Oh well at least it’s beautiful weather! I’d rather be kayaking, though, with all this rain the rivers will be up and running fast. Oh well, maybe next week, it’s supposed to rain again this weekend (sorry JSB.)

    So ~Carolina SB~ I guess you grew up and got some sense, not going to med school, but do tell us, what are you doing now, or instead?

  61. Carolina SB says:

    StormCat: it is still called Bowman Gray School of Medicine. I wanted to go there when I wanted to be a doctor. It’s a great school!

  62. It’s a horribly awkward thing to discuss & negotiate!

    I say, “my expense are x, the extras that make me smile (new lingerie & high heels & dresses as needed, salon/spa/beauty treatments) would be x per month, and the amount in addition to that would be used towards ______. I hope you understand that I would want that the amount you are able to provide will be adequately and proportionally appreciated with my time and energy that I devote towards you, so given that, let’s talk about your schedule availability, and allowance, and come up with a schema that makes sense for what sort of time we are able to set aside to spend together, and what budget you set aside to provide for me.”

  63. JA-PRINCESS says:

    Just got in from a lovely 1st meet with a potential sd, we seem to hit it off, however I live in nyc and he’s from san francisco,,.I’m a little Stumped now as how to go about the allowance topic,,,its as if I’ve never done it before. Idk..suggestions plz..

  64. EnigmaticSB says:

    Lisa – That sounds like a bait and switch. I think the solution is simple. Like any other relationship, if there is an issue you discuss it and if it doesn’t get resolved within a timeline that you deem reasonable then you look elsewhere. If you were clear about you expectations, if shouldn’t come as a surprise to him when you seek at address the issue.

    The beauty again about these relationships is that everyone knows what they are getting into (most times) and if there seem to be a deviation – cry foul and leave.

  65. JSB says:

    hahah it’s all good…the weather in Toronto is great these days…I am just hoping the rumours about rain this weekend are not true because I have a tee time Sunday and I am really looking forward to it.

  66. Stormcat says:

    Carolina ~ Winston Salem, Cool, I did grad school at Bowman Gray, Well I guess it’s WFU-Med School now. But I lived there for about 5 years.

  67. Carolina SB says:

    I don’t know about you JSB but I’ve had cloudy days my way. Ugly weekend weather wise. I’m sorry for misspelling your name. πŸ™ πŸ˜€

  68. Carolina SB says:

    SouthernGent2: I LOVE Atlanta! I envy you! I hope you enjoy your trip to NC. ESB: I agree!

  69. JSB says:

    Carolina SB – SAME!! I am just way too busy to watch tv and there are so many other fun things to do, especially with the gorgeous weather these days!!

  70. Carolina SB says:

    JSB: I never watch television! I kinda hate it other than the History channel and news. It collects dust in my room. I haven’t turned it on in a few weeks now.

  71. JSB says:

    Caronlina SB – hahah well this is better than watching tv, right?

  72. SouthernGent2 says:

    CarolinaSB – I am down in Atlanta, will be in NC next week though.

  73. Carolina SB says:

    JSB: It’s apparent I’ve picked up the addiction easy! In regards to becoming addicted to the blog.

  74. Carolina SB says:

    Cleo: My favorite is the Bolivia special. I LOVE IT!!! Yes the Fiesta beach landing was awesome! Have you seen the Alabama special? The new season is to be aired soon! I’m so excited!!!

  75. Rebel Rouser says:

    Miami SB I know you posted a little while ago but I am also a Miami SB…would love to exchange emails and swap stories!!

  76. Carolina SB says:

    Southern Gent: Winston-Salem. You?

  77. Lisa says:

    Wondering what everyone thinks when a sd stops giving you allowance and you find yourself having to look elsewhere in order to keep ahead, and you mention it to ex sd and he seems upset. Wouldn’t one think that if he really cared about it, he’d step in and help and if not, just keep his opinions to himself?

  78. Sweettooth says:

    Midwest SB~ Thank you for the thoughts and the chance to take a peek at your profile! You are beautiful and your SD is lucky:-) I am posting the pictures tonight so as soon as my profile is approved pleeassse take a look and tell me what you think!

  79. SouthernGent2 says:

    Where are you in NC CarolinaSB?

  80. Carolina SB says:

    Hello! I wanted to tell DesireSD that I watch Top Gear too! LOL That’s all.

  81. Stormcat says:

    I am so complimented that so many of you commented positively about the lyrics. I have never writen a song before and I was worried that it was too simplistic. In any case is was really encourageing and made feel good. Thank you all very much.

  82. Lisa says:

    I think there should be some kind of time agreement for both parties. I had a sd that seemed very serious poof on me after a month long arrangment. He mentioned things we would do the next week and then just simply dropped me. I had even made a plan with him on how I was going to build up some savings with the allowance he was going to pay me. Problem is by the time I got settled in my new place and getting ready to save, he poofed.

    Also wondering what everyone thinks when a sd stops giving you allowance and you find yourself having to look elsewhere in order to keep ahead, and you mention it to ex sd and he seems upset. Wouldn’t one think that if he really cared about it, he’d step in and help and if not, just keep his opinions to himself?

  83. ESB says:

    Well sugar family, I’m having troubel keeping my eyes open. gonna go watch some idol, then to bed!! Night! Sweet sugar dreams!!

  84. ESB says:

    Just be careful Tealbrave, safety first, take it from one who knows… you never know who you are dealing with … stay in public as much as possible til you get to know him.

  85. tealbrave says:

    thanks for the tip ESB, hopefully something will happen soon!! I can wait to get the ball rollin! Lol

  86. ESB says:

    Stormcat: Beautiful!! I hope to hear it with music some day. It’s a wonderful feeling when you finally get oneof your songs recorded… good luck !!

  87. ESB says:

    MIDWEST!! Hey sweety!! I know how you feel… I’m in training for my new job, and today, I crashed.. I think the adrenaline drain hit me today, and I am ready to just hit the sack. I know if I go to bed now, I’ll be up super early, and be even more tired tomorrow.

  88. Midwest SB says:

    ESB – (((Hugs)))

    Hi Cleo! We keep missing each other lately!

    I need a second wind…supposed to meet a friend for drinks and instead feel like being a conplete vegetable.

  89. Midwest SB says:

    Hi Sugars!

    Stormcat – Love it! Definitely keep writing!

    Welcome new sugars!

    I’ve heard the question a few times…”what do I say for the first time?” Relax and take a deep breath. It’s likely he is as nervous as you are! He may lead the conversation if you let him, but don’t freeze up. I’m sure he will say something that wll trigger a funny story or memory of yours…and you’re off! If you find you’re struggling…ask him about himself such as sports, favorite venue, concerts, travel, etc. Ask open-ended questions (as opposed to questions that can be answered with yes or no). At some point, you can ask if he has had success on the site/ had a sb. What did he like/dislike, etc.

    That should get you started!

  90. ESB says:

    tealbrave: That is normal, you may have lots of attention, but then no one will talk or follow up with more than one email. I had a guy last week that wanted me to just meet him for the weekend while he was here (wish I did now!!) and after i said I’d love to be his tour guide next time he comes this way, he poofed.

    I have a friend I made on here, pot SD, we are friends on FB, been talking for 6 months, but haven’t met or even talked on the phone yet. After last weekend, not sure I will ever meet him… gonna be a bit gun shy for a while I’m affraid.

  91. ESB says:

    I think adrenaline crash… been one crazy week.

  92. JSB says:

    Hey ESB!! Why you feeling blue? We can cheer you up πŸ™‚

    Question, has there ever been any Sugar Mama bloggers?

  93. ESB says:

    Hello everyone!! Hope you are all having a wonderful evening!! I’m feeling a bit blue. Gonna catch up, then join the conversation, but wanted to say “HI” first!!

  94. JSB says:

    Stormcat – I find when people are lost they are often the most creative so keep writing πŸ™‚

    Welcome newbies…you will learn a lot on the blog and get some great advice..be careful though because this blog can become very addicting lol

  95. cleo says:

    carolina the one where he did a beach landing with a ford fiesta was one of the funniest and most awesome things ever πŸ™‚

  96. tealbrave says:

    so I am brand new to this website and I am new to the whole sugar thing. I have been reading through a bunch of these blogs and I’m getting really excited. But I don’t really know what to expect or how to handle myslef when the time comes to actually talk to someone. I have had six profile views since I got on here but no hits. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong? Somewhat of a downer. πŸ™

  97. Carolina SB says:

    Hello! How is everyone? Well you guys I’m new! Wanted to tell DesiredSD I’m a Top Gear fan too! StormCat I can already hear that song being played. So, any SB/SD in NC??

  98. Rebel Rouser says:

    Tip of the cap to Stormcat! Meeeeeeoow rawr haha how ever so clever of you!

  99. Deborah says:

    Well if HALF the SDs write like you, we are a lucky bunch of kittens, Stormcat
    Thanks for sharing your talents πŸ™‚

  100. Stormcat says:

    JSB ~ Thanks It might be a while before I record it, though, I just now sat down cause the moving company finally finished packing me up and just left with all my stuff. It will be in storage for a while till I get my new place ready. Actually, I’m feeling pretty much lost right now so your comment is a welcome pleasure.

  101. JSB says:

    Awww Stormcat that’s song is awesome.. You will have to send a link when you record it! I would say u are a clevercat!

  102. Stormcat says:

    Thanks Deborah the whole song was inspired by by sugar experience including my interactions with my friends here on the blog.

    Here’s the whole thing: No Title yet, but, I was thinking about calling it something like “The Sugarcat Blues”

    (Key of F)
    My baby, she’s a kitten . . . A soft an pretty baby kitty cat
    Oh ya, My baby, she’s a kitten A soft an pretty baby kitty cat
    I told her . . . Babe I love you!
    – then I asked –
    So whatcha think about that?

    She said that love is crazy
    Can’t ever tell how it’s gonna go
    It’s strange how love is wild n crazy
    Isn’t predictable at all
    – Not at all man –
    But if it’s starin ya in the face . . .
    You might-as-well go ahead an take the fall.

    Lovin a kitten . . . is trickier than you’ld think . . .
    She’s a whole lot of life with subtlty beneath
    Just when I feel like Im startin to sort it out . . .
    (spoken) -I realize-
    I forgot about . . . the claws and teeth

    (Key Change to A minor)
    Storm Ya gotta stop . . . this pushin with your mind . . . .
    Love kitten in the moment -day by day-
    Draw no lines in the sand,
    declare no final stand
    All that can do
    is push your kitten away

    (Instrumental Solos)

    (Final verse back to F)
    My baby, she’s a kitten . . . A soft and pretty baby cat
    Oh yaa well, she’s a tiger kitten . . . A purring sweetheart baby cat
    And I know that I love her
    BUT . . .
    I’ve learned not to ask her
    WHAT . . .
    she thinks about that.

  103. Deborah says:

    Wow, gorgeous words, very fitting lol

  104. babyblonde says:

    NYC SB : That sounds great! Thanks for offering I’ll send you a note tonight. A little IRL is what I need soon… LOL and hunting together sounds wonderful!

  105. james.m says:

    Michael AZ – LOL – you know the definition of “Coyote Ugly” don’t you? Maybe she’s trying to tell you something??

  106. JSB says:

    Ahhh NYC sb I say go for July so I can come!

  107. NYC SB says:

    Baby blonde – nyc sb meet would be lovely! I’m happy to organize it.

    If any sb is interested in attending send me an email through my blog its going to be tons of fun. Maybe a meet in june where we can go irl hunting?

  108. Stormcat says:

    Beach_girl ~ you’ve got mail.

    Arizona ~ I’ve been writing a song, (a blues piece, think: lots of jazzy rifts between the lines.) Here’s the 3rd verse

    Lovin a kitten is trickier than you’ld think . . .
    She’s a whole lot of life with subtlty beneath
    Just when I feel like Im startin to sort it out . . .
    (spoken) -I realize-
    I forgot about . . . the claws and teeth

  109. Michael AZ says:

    Storm – she’s more like a half-grown tiger cub. Lots of fun, very smart, very cute, strong to wrestle with, but doesn’t know her own physical or emotional strength.

    It’s a ton of aggravation (see previous posts) but when it’s good – which is most of the time – it’s omfg. Just gotta watch out for those teeth.

  110. JA-PRINCESS says:

    I really like these Blogs, very informative.

  111. MiamiSB - 362685 says:

    Michael – also I have heard of SDs making their SBs sign a sort of contract, a one year contract. Some SDs have said that they fullfill they’re end of the deal even when the SB flakes out.

    In my opinion that is no relationship, not one where the two are connected my feelings and emotions but only on paper.

  112. Nico says:

    LOL @ Storm

  113. Nico says:

    Making a decision on when to end the arrangement before it begins goes back to the contractual connotation and while it may work for some, it surely doesn’t work for me. I’ve been in a wonderful sugar+ arrangement since August of last year. It is a different type of relationship and at times requires more time/attention/patience than a traditional one but when the communication is there then so is a fabulous relationship. I think communication is key in ‘any’ type of relationship and sugar is no exception…

  114. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!!!!

    Storm… where is my email???? πŸ˜€

  115. Stormcat says:

    MichaelAZ~maybe you get a thril out of wrestling them, but if you want to keep your limbs, you’re going to have to quit dating alligators.

  116. Stormcat says:

    Cleo ~ excellent points. I especially like the idea of deciding things in advance under circumstances where the feeling is one of being on the same side rather than waiting till a problem arises and the feeling becomes more adversarial.

  117. Michael AZ says:

    I’m totally with Cleo on checking in on a regular basis. This is a great time to open up for discussion what’s working, what’s not, is this going to be an on-going thing etc.

    I don’t agree with the fixed-term agreement – just not for me. I think that if the arrangement is going to work, it is going to work. And if it is not, it is not. There is no point having a 3-6 month agreement, if you are no longer attracted to the person.

    On the financial dependency side – for me, this is all about making a good life better. I look for someone who is an achiever in their chosen field. Almost by definition – but not always – this means that they are financially secure already. I know that sometimes life can get in the way and cause financial issues, and that’s ok.

    Plus I guess that sugar dating is better fun than going to ask Mum, Dad or the bank for a loan, huh!

    Bite marks? Nearly got my arm chewed off a few weeks ago. Still got the scars. Loved it.

  118. cleo says:

    i think that a good arrangement builds the end into the beginning and involves renegotiation/renewal every 3/6 months or so.

    you have to check in, make things are still working, deal with things you didn’t think of yet and make sure that everyone is happy.

    so when you start you agree on how you will end AND agree to renegotiate the ending each year because (i think) you would be nicer to an sb of ten years than ten weeks at the end right?

    that way you make the deal while you still LIKE EACH OTHER!

    i don’t want an end date but i want renewal dates regularly. now, there is a caveat always remember; if something happens to the marriage of your married SD? your arrangement may come crashing down in one second and he may not be *able* to give you the parachute he intended.

    just like professional sports and contract work, always assume your current pay is your last…

    but add a thought, at what point do you next a potential? after endless dithering? after you meet and there is no spark? after you meet, there’s a spark and he doesn’t follow up on his promises? when he wants dirty pics and not even your ex husband has those? when he leaves bite marks without asking? (sorry, couldn’t resist πŸ™‚ )


  119. JSB says:

    Stormcat – well written!

  120. Stormcat says:

    JA ~ LOL I know what you’re saying. The thing is that when you go to the candy store, if you try to taste everything, pretty soon your taste buds grow numb so the the candy doesn’t taste good anymore; plus you grow fat, to boot. Not good at all! But if one has some restraint and tries only one or two pieces of candy then the taste is exquisite, the soul is fed, and the memory is always a pleasure!

  121. JSB says:

    I haven’t had an sd relationship yet either… But I think that might be changing really soon! I have had a lot of great talks with some pots and am meeting one next week…eeekk

    Ok in my opinion I think a deal breaker would be an sd that is jealous or insecure. I am too busy to have to reassure someone and if it is a NSA relationship we should both be mature and not need to give details about how we spend every minute of the day…I only bring this up bc a pot sd I was talking to wanted to know what I was doing when the dates he suggested did not work for me.. He thought I was lying which totally threw me off… Needless to say he is no longer a pot…

    I agree with Deborah, it would be good to talk about some deal breakers at the beginning, and I also agree that sb’s should not depend on the allowance from an sd unless it was discussed.

    I think the biggest thing is communication and talking about issues as they arise so you can address them right away and not have them grow to be a reason to end a sugar relationship.

    Wow I wrote a novel lol

  122. Stormcat says:

    Sorry (missed a word)
    That makes the end a forgone conclusion

  123. Stormcat says:

    I guess that is why I have the attitude of not having a planned ending to the arrangement. That makes the a forgone conclusion and the relationship runs its course with both parties holding back their deepest feelings simply as a defense. That seems to me to make the elusive “connection” even more difficult to attain.

  124. Deborah says:

    While I am new to the sugar bowl, I was thinking this should be discussed as part of the agreement?

    While it has a negative connotation, it’s an eventuality in most-not all-cases.

    I would also hope that any separation is handled with respect and emotional intelligence we demonstrated while in said relationship.

  125. JA-PRINCESS says:

    BRONZEDBEAUTY-Were definately in the same boat then, its always important to save for a rainy day, we all know that when it rains, it pours.
    This of course isnt a steady income stream in most cases, and its not a good idea to count eggs before they hatch

    STORMCAT-LOL @ EXPIRATION DATE, you make a lot of sense. Some men tend to be like kids in a toy store with this sort of stuff. Especially being that they have cash to throw around, They take everything off the shelf play with each one a little bit then as soon as a new one catches their eye, thats it, the’re on to the next.

  126. BronzedBeauty says:

    Stormcat dont get me wrong no one wants to keep going doing the cat and mouse game over and over….its the worst part. I’d love to keep one good SD around for as long as I possibly can. The best relationship I had ended bc of me…I was going somewhere differnt in my life and I didnt see him being apart of that…BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!

    I think the main thing is to openly communicate and be honest about things. Its not hard for parties to fall for one another during lusty, secret adventures…its like making love stories lol. With communication even though it may not make the other party feel better or, even you but atleast something was put out there.

    You are vey much a gentelman πŸ™‚ : )

  127. Stormcat says:

    Good Morning everyone
    Great subject.
    It seems that the responses here, so far, have focused on the when to end it and I guess that’s understandable since it is more likely that people are blogging when they are not in an active arrangement.

    First I like being in my arrangement and do not want it to end. A great arrangement is not easy to find even with the help of a great site like SA. Sorting through seemingly endless profiles, trying to avoid the scams and professionals while at the same time trying not to miss anyone ligit. emailing emailing, emailing, finally meeting, back to square 1 . . .OMFG! There’s no way that I want to repeat that process every 6 months. So having the arrangement set with an automatic expiration is not for me personally. I want my arrangements to continue indefinately for as long as they make sense!

    Second (notwithstanding the above) thare came a time several months ago when I realized that I was becoming emotionally addicted to my SB and that she was totally dependant financially on me. That was a difficult crisis for us! And while the crisis has been abated, by our openly discussing it, it still leaves me with the question of: How would I, as a gentleman, end an arrangement gracefully? I believe the only answer is: the same as it started – with alot of discussion about the needs and expectations of the parties involved.

    Well, I apologize because this isn’t very well thought out or expressed. But maybe some of you here will proivide some further insight about this tricky topic.

  128. BronzedBeauty says:

    JA Princess I agree that alot of SB’s become extremely dependent and put themselves in a bad spot. My reason for an SD is so that the money I make can go to bills and savings. The sugar from my sweet SD generally is for me to play with. Not saying I havent used it for debt, bills, whatever but, the SD should never be the only answer or way out.

    That would just be dumb. My new search for an SD has sucked lately too. Alot has changed since my 1st almost 10 years ago and I miss those days. Barely any games, flakes, or poofs.

  129. JA-PRINCESS says:

    The best way to end any type of relationship is to be honest, especially in a situation where an SB might be counting on her allowance to pay the rent. Its unfair for an SD to abruptly change or rescind the arrangement especially if he know the SB is dependent on the money stream. Also its unfair for the SB to think the SD is going to be around forever. You have to plan accordingly, dont go leasing an apt with a 5000/mnth rent, if you cant cover this amount on your own should you SD disappear. you should ever be 100% dependent on an SD, what if he flakes?Then your stuck in a bigger hole than you were before you met him.

    My sugar life has not been going too well as of late, I seem to be meeting a lot of poofs and men who arent interested in giving allowances but want to bed me after one miniature shopping trip. I also been coming across the men who really dont wanna be SD’s but just come on the site to meet hot women..what a bore!!

  130. BronzedBeauty says:

    o yea the question, the reason I am here…lol

    I also agree with others when you guys become robots and everything is just mechanical its time to let go. AS a SB I crave that connection and I require that to get going no matter the pot. I have never been the type of girl that does something I do not like due to motivating factors. When I am no longer feeling my SD its more than likely over!

  131. BronzedBeauty says:

    Really Michael whats up with all that??? I love reading your posts…who pissed you off so I can go find them?

  132. BronzedBeauty says:

    I just wish I had a little sugar…I’ll take splenda right now lol

  133. cache4236 says:

    Good morning to all! I agree with Miami. Why stay if neither one of you is enjoying each other anymore? you shouldn’t.
    On a seperate note if anyone has any advice on what to say while you are emailing each other that would help me soooo much! I dont know I just cant seem to find the words. Or subject to start on. Thanks

  134. Michael AZ says:

    β€œWhen to cut off the Sugar?” When she keeps on behaving like a total dick, that’s when. Grrrr.

  135. JSB says:

    Morning all!

  136. Anna Molly says:

    Michael! What’s wrong?

    Morning everyone!

  137. MiamiSB - 362685 says:

    I thought for sure they would quote LadyIntm (sp?) On this subject!

    I chose to leave when I feel disrespected and uncared for. When actions are disingenuous, or insincere and done out of guilt – the relationship is changed and different, and in my opinion, time to move on

  138. Midwest says:

    Babyblonde- Thank you! That’s about the 50th rendition, so practice, practice, practice! Parts I have had help with…mostly from a SD friend. Our SDs are GREAT at giving profile advice, just be willing to accept sometimes harsh criticisms. In the end, they have your best interests at heart.

    Michael – ((((HUGS)))) Can we help?

    Insomnia has reared it’s ugly head…bah!

  139. babyblonde says:

    Midwest ~ I love your whole profile! Great job I love the wording, did you come up with that on your own? Clever if you did. I’m from NW Chicago also… live in NY now.

    AnotherNYC ~ I love the saying a creepy guy on Mon is no less creepy on Tues…Well said…live and learn. I agree out of town is the best, would love to try married… πŸ™‚ I have a few pot SD’s but who knows. nothing fantastic. Glad to hear you are taken care of. Hope to meet you sometime. Maybe we should get all the NYC SB’s together sometime. I realize some of you already know each other and I think that’s cool!

    XOXO Sending all you sugar love today for just being here to support me.

  140. Chipotle says:

    Oooh! My first day reading through the site and my second(-ish) day being signed up as a sugar baby! Really great stuff here! Guess I should keep checking back for more helpful info, I’m really intimidated by this whole thing, lol

  141. Nico says:

    Pissed Michael? Leave us on the edge of our seats….*hugs*

  142. Michael AZ says:


    Comments later. Seriously pissed.

  143. Midwest SB says:

    How can you keep from getting stuck in an arrangement? I’m a firm believer in having a heart-to-heart every 3 months or so to make sure each person is holding up their end of the arrangement and to make any needed changes…this includes talks over goals, emotions, if either party feels slighted in any way, etc. You have to work hard at keeping emotions in balance, so for our truly hopeless romantics, specific end dates (6 mos, 1 year, etc) are very helpful.

    How has your Sugarlife been lately? Very sweet indeed! I will never date traditionally again πŸ™‚

    Off to dreamland. Night, night!