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Sugar Stories


Everyone in  Sugar land has a unique story. Whether or not you started your sugar journey on SA, or long before there were any ‘sugar sites’, there’s bound to be someone out there who can relate to the reasons why you decided to dip into the Sugar bowl.

Here’s a message sent to SA from a Sugar Baby this weekend:


I have been a sugar baby since I was 18, when I came out of the closet, in Jamaica. As you know, Jamaica is a very homophobic society.  Everyone talks about the life but claim not to be involved.

My first Sugar Daddy was an attorney 20 years my senior and he paid for my University Education. He however got married recently to one of my peers. As part of the arrangement, I had to move away from the country so he could get pass our longstanding romance and arrangement. He has been footing my bills for the last year and a half in Tokyo, where I now live and attend school. I now have a profile on your site because it’s getting very lonely now.” Rob

How and why did you begin your journey with dating a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

Do you have an all-time-favorite sugar story? Was it an interesting date? Something you heard or read about?

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  1. autum says:

    For : BicentennialBaby : i think you have high pontential, you are educated, odler wiser and a some sugar daddies are looking for that. Why dont you try going to the seeking arrangement party. I would go to one if they held it in london. Wish i lived in the US so manyyyy great potential SD’s there so you American women are soo lucky. It takes a while ti find an SD , well at least the right one so patience is must. different sugar daddies, different offers……

  2. Reddamsel38 says:

    PotSd. Hi, ‘m new to the site but I know of the culture. I’m also a new Sb. But I understand where your coming from. From a Sb point of view I feel that I’m a bit confused also. If I’m telling what arrangement I need, with financials put out there front and center, what exactly is the problem? I know you have find the right arrangement for each person. I’m not asking for marriage, far from it. I would like someone to be up front on what exactly they are looking for. You want to fly me somewhere fine let me know that would have to be a factor in the arrangement. And I’m not a hooker or call girl, and yes I work and have kids to care for also. If that’s a problem say so. I’m just looking for someone who will enjoy my time when we’re together and could actually afford to pamper me. So it seems we are in the same boat. Hopefully we both will get what we are looking for eventually.

  3. KC says:

    I have started out on this site.. I am from Canada.. So I am finding it really hard to find something.
    I am an attractive female, with a lot to offer to someone. But what I am finding is that I am talking to a few people, they claim that they want something, but when it comes to us meeting and booking flights they seem to not come through, which is disappointing.
    I am not here to play games. I am finding this rather disappointing.
    All I want is the real thing! Is that too much to ask for?!

  4. SD Guru says:

    To those who have posted in the last couple of days in this blog topic, I’d suggest that you post it again in the current blog topic to get more response. When a new blog topic opens, most posters will continue their discussion there.

  5. BicentennialBaby says:

    POT SD–Hi! I’m entering the Sugar World soon, albeit from the SB side of the equation, and like you, this is all new to me. Reading your question seems very sane to me, to wonder what women are wanting….perhaps (and I’m new, but I’ve been lurking on different sites) many ladies are a bit afraid of saying “I want an allowance of $2,000 per month” because specifying too closely would either 1.) lead to some legal/moral issues similar to prostitution by being so blatant about cash or 2.) maybe even cut them off of doing BETTER than $2k a month if the SD thinks $4k is his normal SB allowance that is expected?

    I’m a little afraid, I’m going to be a rare, maybe extinct SB type? I’m married…full knowledge of the husband, good man, just simply cannot provide well for me past paying the mortgage and eating at Olive Garden maybe once a month with the kids.

    He just doesn’t want me to divorce but also knows he will never make but so much money, no college, mid 40’s, lower middle class is ok with him so long as there’s love at home. I have teens, mid to late 30’s, I am a former beauty pageant winner who EVERYONE thinks is a trophy wife when I dress up. Married for love, but love doesn’t quell envy when all your friends have Louis Vutton bags and drive BMW’s. Try as I have for the past 10 years, I cannot give up my love of nice things, shopping, travel, and I stay home until the kids are in college in 2 years.

    Point is, I don’t WANT to be the one to have to pay most of the bills, which is what I did for many long years until recently so I could HAVE nice shoes from time to time. I know I should have married for both love/money, but I really don’t think you become at peace with yourself & your needs until after you are at least 30.

    I will be seeking an also-married SD, so there is NO chance of him wanting to leave his wife to be with me, and he’s assured that I have NO desire to trap him, get pregnant, or otherwise do anything other than have a great time, NSA. That way we are both assured our homes remain intact and everyone gets what they need.

    I am actually more ok with gifts/travel/dinners out & shopping than cash, allowance is nice but I’d really rather enjoy the nicer things in life in my wardrobe and places to travel. I’m a Barbie blond, 5’7″, 113# and ok with a man who is up to mid 50’s, a little extra weight also fine.

    Do I have potential? Or am I possibly too old/too married to be a candidate? Please be honest with me. I pass for early 30’s and am finishing a graduate degree, so well traveled with an education, I’ve been overseas and formerly held many high powered jobs.

    Any advise/comments welcome, and blessings to all.

  6. PotSD-GeneralQuestion says:

    Hi there. I am new to this (would be a SD) and thinking about joining this site and emailing a few SBs. I would be a fairly young (early 30s, I guess that’s young not sure of typical SD age) and basically looking into this because I just don’t have the time to maintain a traditional relationship. I’m divorced and between work and kids (which are A #1 and has been a problem for the more needy/clingy in the past) I just don’t have much time (and don’t mind spending most nights sleeping alone because I’ve got plenty to do before I eventually pass out), I maintain an insomniac sleep schedule (which many past women haven’t liked) and I am very generous with gifts and money to whomever I’m dating anyway, so it all seems to fit. Hopefully I’m right and won’t regret it.

    Anyway that being said, here is my general observation/question: It seems like so many of these SB profiles might as well be Match.com or eHarmony profiles. They show some nice pics, a nice description of who they are, then under the arrangement section they just put “open” and then write something that sounds more like they are trying to meet a soulmate/steady boyfriend vs a SD. This makes me confused as to exactly what most people on here are after.

    Here is an example of a SB I saw with some gorgeous pics, a nice description of herself, what she likes/dislikes then she followed it up with this under the arrangement section:

    “I’m interested in finding a serious gentleman to treat me like a queen. Once i find this man i desire him to support my dreams, goals and fantasies. Hopefully he will invest in my future and maybe that will lead to our future.”

    Am I wrong or does that sound like she is looking for a BF or a husband? Sounds like what my last GF said before we broke up because I couldn’t spend enough time with her and “presents don’t replace time”. Maybe I’m wrong or misread this but I see stuff like this and stuff like “I need a nice, generous, fun sugar daddy boyfriend”. What’s with the boyfriend!?

    Help me out here please. Is it just newbie SDs and SBs moreso messing with the culture and not quite getting it. Are we looking for NSA or are more and more SBs just looking for a knight in shining armor to sweep them off their feet and make passionate love to them under the Bahamian sky on their wedding night after which they drift off dreaming of being soccer moms in mansions with Benzes. Just joking but you get my drift. I’m just trying to be on the same page and not hurt anyones feelings.

    PS do most SBs want someone local or is once every few months for business type visitor cool with most?

  7. Divia12 says:

    Hello all. I’m new to the sugar world and after reading comments and how amazing you all are about sharing your stories and advice I feel at home! I guess I’ve always been an SB at heart, but never acted on it or knew how. I’ve always like and admired nice things, but had a drive to make something of myself and not depend on someone else to provide for me. I have always worked 2 jobs while being an undergrad. One being your normal college student job, and another being a resume building position.

    So what brought me to SA? Like I mentioned I have always admired nice things and being around success minded people. The last guy I dated was a complete sweetheart that I loved dearly, but he was not there yet and I broke it off. So, while mindlessly browsing the web a few days ago I came across an article talking about this site. I thought there is no way on earth this is true, no way! I signed up and here I am!

    I’m so excited, because I already have 3 pots. One has already has done the SB thing, had her for 3 years until she moved back home after college. We have already discussed what type of arrangement would work and we are meeting next week to see if the chemistry is there. Trying not to get my hopes too high though. The other 2 want to fly me out to meet them, but I’ll take those a bit slower (couple weeks or so) since I’ll be on unfamiliar territory, make sure the comfort level is there. If you ladies have any advice I’d really appreciate it. I look forward to getting to know all of you better.

  8. Reddamsel38 says:

    I agree Julia, dinner, concerts,etc. are nice but cash will be more appreciated. But isn’t that what the site is for? I thought that with this site there are just straight forward requests no games. I guess you have to weed out the bad from the good.

  9. Amanda says:

    This id my first SD spoil me.?? LOlZZ Not.. just help me survive.=]

  10. julia says:


    looks like a mixed bunch of experiences. Im also new. Sunshine- alot of sds also flake out. Is this normal?

    My experience tends to go like this- they email- tell me a little about themsleves and want thier loooking for. (sex being part of the equation) and then i write back and explain what im looking for.

    Usually it does involve money- im a student- dinners and trips are nice but cash is more helpful. Alot of SDS seem to be put off by asking for lots of cash. they go poof as soon as u mention a negotiable allowance.
    Im not asking for heaps- but in my mind money is what i need. its not like im spending it on shoes- im putting myself through school.!
    Its a noble cause in my opinion- but alof of sds seem to prefer expensiver gifts/dinners/trips. nice- but not what i need.

  11. Reddamsel38 says:

    Good Luck Sunshine!

  12. Sunshine says:

    Hello there! Happy 4th of July as well!!!!! I do hope. too, that everyone has a great weekend!

    I’m still a little new to this website. I have sent out messages and haven’t received any replies but just one. I believe that a lot of SugarDaddys are very picky. I hope this one that I have been getting to know a little about will be a successful and promising SugarDaddy.

  13. Reddamsel38 says:

    Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope everyone have a safe good time this weekend. I must say and I’m not ashamed to admit it, but I’m totally jealous of those of you that are with their SDs this weekend. LOL!

  14. Reddamsel38 says:

    ok so I see that in my sent messages that my messages were read but I didn’t get any responses back. That just means they’re not interested, right? This is just frustrating. Now what?

  15. MizzI says:

    I ate lunch today with family, doesnt happen often. I was in the middle of chatting with a pot when I just had to leave because I was already extremely late . I did excuse my self & only ran off for about an hour. Dont want to come off as the super busy unavailable SB. Lunch was nice though and good weather. Ive been out and about since 5am . Im looking forward to alot of replies! I usually dislike to connect with more than one pot at a time– can get confusing but I have to with so many turning out to be flakes. .. I asked this earlier but Ill post again below

    Ladies, how would you go about covering your boundaries if pot owns the property and will let you live there free. Now note I have a business which will also be run from this residence … live/work. So if things dont work out I dont want to have to up and move in 2 months. I would pay rent. I never have fall outs with people to the point they dont like me so Im not worried about that just LOST on how to approach this offer.

  16. MizzI says:


  17. Lisa says:

    I haven’t had any problem posting pics. I really don’t maintain my SA profile anymore. Set up a new one 3 months ago and received 0 messages in 3 months so I seldom even bother with it. I have all my luck with another site but at the same time I think it has more flakes on it than SA but it’s the only site I find potentials it seems.

    Ok got to get ready to go to bed soon. Have to get up at 5:30, work at 8 am. weekend bus service sucks and I end up getting to work 45 minutes early and have to sit around bored.
    Have a good night

  18. MizzI says:

    Ohhh Im not approved yet! I have to submit one of my photos. Lisa I remember you saying before you couldnt post your pics what did you do alternatively ?

  19. Lisa says:

    You can email any sd blue or orange, but only the orange can respond. The blue profiles are the sds that aren’t paying. I like to think of these sds as similiar to guys that would take you window shopping rather than buying anything.

  20. Lisa says:

    The blue profiles are a waste of time. Many guys find the site, like other sd sites and want to look at the young woman who in which many are scantily clad, they can’t view many without signing up. So they create a quick profile which is often blank or like on the other site they have headings like “just checking this out” “just looking” “hey baby” “money” so that they can view profiles and pictures. Most you will find stop logging in after the first few days as I guess their interest goes elsewhere or they lose their password, and you will see a bunch of blue profiles that are new that haven’t been logged onto in a few days. I can find a whole string of them on a daily basis on the other site, usually all the new profiles are nonpaying. I have never received an email from a blue profile so i’m not sure if they can even make contact.

    Orange profiles only

  21. MizzI says:

    Okay right. You can only email SD without membership if they have full membership, correct ?

  22. MizzI says:

    Thanks Lisa. Ill just assume if they dont have a paid memebership then well come on.

  23. Lisa says:

    A paid membership is nothing on here. I tried one for a month and had 0 dates and 0 potentials. Only thing is you can view who viewed or favored you and didn’t write you back. If they didn’t write you, they probably are not interested and viewd hundreds of women so knowing that they viewed or favored you but didn’t write is uselss.

    You can favor sds though. Also if you want to find out when a sd last logged in (those that have their last log in blocked) just add them to your favorites and it will show you. this will save you alot of time if they are inactive and haven’t logged in in a while

    Save the 20 dollars

  24. MizzI says:

    Sooo sadly I do not have any money to purchase a membership on this site. Can I favorite SD’s, does that alert them at all?

  25. Reddamsel38 says:

    I’m just getting so frustrated already! I know this isn’t an exact science, but I feel I’m doing something wrong. I’ve put out 23 messages already and got maybe 2 responses. Our SDs that shallow? Do they want a Barbie doll look-alike? I’m a sexy, junk in her trunk type of female. I need to loose a few and I’m working on that. But damn, not even a nibble. I have no problem putting in the work to get my SD. I didn’t think it would be like this. I’m not giving up tho.

  26. MizzI says:

    Im not far from you Lisa. I rather not say, sorry. Oddly enough tho I have a basement, its completely RARE here though. When I tell people “the laundry mat is in the basement” they look at me as if I ran away from the psych ward. Its the only basement I know that exist here in my city so thats how common they are. Im sure someone else has one here though.

    My neighborhood is built -up- so the basement is practical but everywhere else it would be as you said a “fish bowl”.

  27. Lisa says:

    MizzI we don’t have basements here either. What state are you in? I’m in Texas. Too damp in the ground here and horrible drainage. I presume if we did have basements, they would be underground fish bowls everytime it rained.

    Off to parent’s now to wait for daughter. She lucked out getting a ride home from a coworker but got soaked this morning walking to work.

  28. MizzI says:

    Well this guy is a fake. I offer to meet him in person and if hes still interested Id show some skin. He insist we do it over email bc he didnt have time (holiday weekend stuck with family). I questioned him about not having time, he said he can get things done by phone and he has a “secretary that can work wonders”. He ask for just a skimpy pic (not nude). I agreed to sending one if he would talk to me on the phone first. He tells me no to the phone too. Come off it. Im so glad I never sent a thing. He is officially cut off. And he had the gall to say he bent dont I think I need to bend also.
    Well now all he did was flow me alot of promises. I just wanted confirmation that he was who he claimed to be and could actually follow through. Whats so bad about a phone call??

    Lisa – Hes not on SA I met him on another site not specifically for SD/SBs but was my request. Doesnt matter the 6 months mess was just to get me to roll over. We dont typically have basements here but I can believe that hes living with his parents faster than hes going to “something something Russia”. Guess I need to sign up on SA again. It was too good to be true. I dont feel angry or mislead though because I never did anything that I didnt want to and still figured out he wasnt legit.

  29. Lisa says:

    If he is going to be gone for 6 months, why is he still on the site? Make no sense. I have never had any luck with anyone that took months to meet. They always seem to dissapear and never reappear or they email me a month later when they arrive in my city and want to meet at the spare of the moment without even chatting. Longest it’s taken me to meet a local sd was 10 days and that was from the first email to the first meeting in which some type of assitance was given, either partial allowance or shopping. Had one guy I met after 2 months and ended up being coffee and poof another took a month to meet and then stood me up twice. Last 2 local sds: contacted sun, met friday, full allowance monday, contacted 23rd, met 1st, allowance 2nd, new apartment next month. This is probably not typical but has been my situation. Also met a guy long distance that took several months to meet but that was because he couldn’t travel and I had to wait till I got vacation time from work. He was a nice guy but looking for a nanny rather than a sb. Invited me up this summer and I wanted to go but he wanted to do things his way and wouldn’t even consider my interests so he poofed on me.

    As far as pic collectors, yes they can get it free online but I think some like the excitement of seeing real woman rather than the ones on the porn sites. Also many of the men on the site are probably “guys living in their parents’ basement with alot of time on their hands and spend it stringing people along

  30. MizzI says:

    People! This guy said hed be in something something Russia next week. His thing was to see me nude before a commitment. I said okay then meet me in person, if you are still interested I will show myself nude in person not with pics over net. He said he did not have time to meet before he left and he would be gone for 6 months. Im doing the math and I dont see it adding up. You dont have time to meet me then how would you have time to do anything for me before you leave for 6 month if I send these pics and you like them you will magically have time to set me up in a place?? Ehhh

    I know what you told me Lisa! But I swear if hes doing all this just for pics then… Gawd damn.

    I dont quite understand why work so hard just for nudes when they are all over the net. Darn picture collectors.

  31. Lisa says:

    Good morning. wow it looks like it’s going to rain all day. I’m off today too and now I can’t go anywhere. My apartment doesn’t get very hot but my parents apartment is horrible. I think it might be because they have lived there a year and never turn on the ac so the heat builds up whereas I turn my on and off to maintain the temp. Funny thing is their electric bill runs 98 dollars a month and mine runs around 40 dollars and I use some ac.

    Well i’m having second thoughts about that potential even though he wrote back. He hasn’t responded to my last email but is online which makes me think he’s chatting with alot of people. And whereas he said he agreed on what I had said about arrangment, allowance, etc he said it in a vague way where as he talked in detail about wanting to try new stuff in the bedroom and wanting me to do the webcam thing with him when he travels out of town. I dont’ own a webcam and am not into that. Anyway as I said he has never came out and said he’d pay the allowance asked for. Also as I said he only has face shots. Last time I went out with a sd that only had a face shot, well lets say he weighed around 300 lbs thus no chemistry. I just can’t be atrractive to an obese man. Anyway I will see what happens as I’m not anywhere near setting up a time to meet him. Next week is fairly busy till friday.

  32. MizzI says:

    Lisa – We run our a/c and so do my parents. But I did hear that the people that live upstairs from my parents in her complex never ever run their air and I was so stun. They want their bills to be low so they just use the fans all day and night. Crazy crazy to me! Once because of weather our lights were out — only it was bad and they were going to out a long time. I ended up getting sick from it being so hot, just terribly ill. I had to move away until the city went back up. I just cant handle it.

  33. MizzI says:

    Good Lord Sugar NYC . Why did he expect you to buy him a phone? And an Iphone at that.

    I declined his request on a final note and he respectfully accepted, gave me his best wishes and cautioned me to be careful. He said if my search produced no results contact him back because hes interested and we may be able to meet half way. I am curious to know what half way is for him.

    Someone near by mowed their lawn this morning and its not raining but it looks gloomy. I am going to email a few people, make some calls for work then get OUT of this house! I had work yesterday and I was so glad to be doing something I wanted to pay them.

  34. FrayedEdges says:

    i have not a good SD story yet. I had a good potential who I’ve been talking to for a while, but it seems like he expected me to be all over him and sleeping with him just because ‘he came far’ for our first date. He keeps a condo for business just two hours away from me where he lives during the weekday… his weekend house is several states away. He gave me a necklace (tiffany, but nothing to write home about) and maybe he was expecting sex as gratitude? Homeboy, please! I had already outlined that sex wouldn’t happen on the first date as a general rule, but I think he viewed that as a challenge and thought he could convince me. We did have great chemistry together and fooled around. I recognize that my mistake was giving an inch, my fault for expecting him to be adult enough not to jump all over me the moment we were alone and respecting boundaries. Since then, it’s been kinda off between us. I do wish I lived in a better part of the US, NY or LA– not a lot of good potentials in the South where I am. All of my stories so far have ran along those lines.

  35. Lisa says:

    Yuck what an ugly rainy day here. streets are flooded and all. I’m going to go back to sleep for awhile. so glad I don’t have to get out and go to work in this mess. Back to sleep for me

  36. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    How and why did you begin your journey with dating a sugar daddy or sugar baby?
    To cut a long story short, my wife died a couple of years ago, and my ventures into the IRL dating world were just too strange to be true. Going out with a woman for 6 weeks and she starts talking about getting married? Ummm, no. Another one wouldn’t go home one morning. Honey, it’s time for you to go…. but she had clothes in her car for the next few days, she said. Umm, honey, time to go…

    I was looking for a recovery relationship, that may turn into something more, but not necessary. Just looking for fun, no drama or aggravation, with a smart, funny, cute woman who knows what she wants out of life. I didn’t realize how hard it was to find!!!

    And match.com? What a singularly unpleasant experience all-round! Do you have to be 50 pounds over-weight to join that site? Jeez…

    Do you have an all-time-favorite sugar story? Was it an interesting date? Something you heard or read about?
    Hmmm – my first 2 meet and greets, a week apart, both women started crying within 30 minutes! Just asking them about themselves, being interested and making good conversation, they started talking about past relationships, and just lost it. I just ran.

    My other favorite story – saw a profile, looked interesting, chatted on-line, talked, and then met. OMFG. 3 months later, it’s even better.

    Best date with SB? On her horse ranch on southern AZ for a couple of days. Wow.

  37. Sugar Girl NYC says:

    I just have to say – watch out for Lakhinder Vohra – he’s a JOKE DADDY! He’s the “CEO of Newsroomcontent.com.” Pathetic. He’s ADDICTED to sex clubs, staying out till 4am a few times a week, has the SMALLEST PENIS I have ever seen in my life, and lies like a rug. He lies so much, he will tell you the sky is green. He comes off saying,”I’ll pay you $2,000/month. I have hundreds of employees, a Park Avenue apartment, a house in Virginia and a bachelor pad on Wall Street.” Then he tells me he has a necklace for me that’s worth $10K. What else – he lied and said his phone was stolen from the sex club the night we went there and for some reason, when I called the phone a week later, it still has his voicemail. He INSULTED a whole room full of people saying he’s RICH, not like the rest of the people in this room, and EVERYONE heard him and stared. He opened door of rooms that are supposed to be private – and he just stood there – completely barging in on people without permission. Then, he insulted a female employee, and the management had to speak to him a couple of times, telling him to, “be cool, man.”


    He says he’s divorced, but that’s most likely a lie as well. You can’t trust him as far as you can throw him and I caution anybody who wants to do business with him because he’s a crook. Straight up. Bad business.

    He’s bi-sexual and sucks guys cocks and doesn’t tell you he’s going to do it right in front of your face. He’s a pathological liar and broke as a JOKE! I think all he has is that scummy apt on Wall St, as I found no listing in his name for a Park Avenue address. Finally, I said to him, look – you don’t have to pay me anything – I think you’re cool to be friends. Then emailed me asking for me to buy him a new iPhone. If it weren’t a true story, it would be laughable, but it’s tragic.

  38. Lady Intim says:

    PS I hate it when SDs flatter themselves by thinking that they are so silky smooth. I just find it hilarious. Just cut the crap, tell me how it is and how I can make your godforsaken life a little better and keep things simple. All this stupid lying and misleading…Why?

  39. Lady Intim says:

    OMG OMG OMG. WOW. I can’t believe this. So at one point I met this one SD from this site and after meeting we basically concluded that though we really liked each other on a personal level, the chemistry was off. SO we kept in touch and after a month or so he invited me to a BBQ where he introduced me to his good frined of from LA who according to him was very single and generous. Anyway, it was very obvious that he pretty much invited me because he wanted to set us up. He kept advertising how great this guy was and how much we have in common…etc etc. So, being the open-minded wild woman that I am, I of course ended up enjoying his LA friends’ company and we ended up hooking up etc etc. But I didn’t think anything of it whatsoever..it was just a distraction and I wasn’t going to be surprised if I didn’t hear from him again. Anyway, just a couple weeks later I heard from LA guy again…he called me saying he was back in town and how I should let him take me out on a date. I was bored and lonely..and a little curious, so I said what the heck. We ended up going to this wonderful dinner, went to a local resort for dessert…the works. He told me he’s been married once before and that he currently has a lot of business in LA and so he rarely comes back here. Somehow we ended up in his beautiful mansion overlooking the city and the rest is history once again. So since then he’s texted me a few times thanking me for a wonderful time and saying he will call me next time in town…as you can only imagine I’m sitting by the phone waiting and holding my breath. Now here is the fun part. Today I was randomly looking at some event pictures online and saw him with this woman in several pictures. In both pictures they had wedding rings on and looked very umm…MARRIED…Oh and these pictures were dated June 27th, 2010, which is just this past Sunday. Damn it, does this mean that he lied? LOL. Why didn’t I get a phone call when he said he would call me next time he was in town? Anyway. I don’t care, I just don’t understand why the hell he would lie to me when he pretty much knows the set-up. Jeez. How lame. I can’t wait for the next time he contacts me I should have some fun with this one. I also think that if he plans on seeing me again I should max out one of his credit cards. What a bust.

  40. Lady Intim says:

    Sb-emy, cheer up! Get yourself a nice SD so that he can set you on your way to an amazing career…you will make lots and lots of money, gain independency, your parent’s wont have to worry and everybody will be very happy. N0.1!!!

  41. Sb-emy says:

    They’ve never understood any of my relationships. They’re happy with someone who can financially support me and take me off their hands.

    I’m meeting up with sd today, with a rather
    sad face.

  42. Lisa says:

    my parents never run the ac and it’s very hot in Houston from May thru september. It’s a combination of they are elderly and can’t afford it, mom has always been supercheap and against ac. If anyone complains, she says “well when you go to hell you won’t have airconditioning, get used to it” she’s very controlling and religous. One of the main reasons I had to move out a few years ago, my daughter who was brainwashed stayed with her and lives with her now. I live in the next building and keep my apartment comfortable as much as I can afford.

    potential sds will come and go, you’ve just got to keep looking. This potential I am talking to responded back and might want to meet but problem is next week i’m only available friday because my other day off is monday which we will do our 4th of july stuff since I have to work sunday. I am also worried about his weight as he told me he has lost 25 lbs since the pic he sent me was taken. He sent me two pics but only face shots. Good looking guy but sounds like he might be fat, too many fat people in Houston.

  43. MizzI says:

    Im mourning my loss … He had me. I wanted him. Which is when its best. He didnt ask me to swallow or spit and not a damn thing close to tossing his salad EWWWW. lol I hope others follow his lead minus the pic issue.
    I made a new post!

    I think I may have seen parts of that movie before. That house is just too hot. It must not be humid there because I dont see how you can stand it. I still run my space heater at night because my room feels too cold but I have body temperature problems.

  44. Lady Intim says:

    Haha! sb-emy, I take it your parents aren’t grieving the loss of your boyfriend too much then?

  45. sb-emy says:

    thank you for your kind words Ladyintim.

    i think i won’t be ready for a long term relationship anytime soon, parents have already started matchmaking…

  46. Lisa says:

    The girl is really weird and most of the other characters too.

  47. Lady Intim says:

    Lisa, I just watched the trailer for the movie. I will have to see this one. It’s awesome. SICKKK

  48. Lisa says:

    I think I will build my own sd, lol I will find a good looking face, a good body, a good bank account, etc and put them all together.

    The thing is after the girl in the movie made her own friend, she was upset that the doll couldn’t see her because the eyes were fake so she gouged out one of her own eyes and gave it to the human doll.

  49. Lady Intim says:

    Imagine not having to worry about co-ordinating schedules with Pots…Imagine not having to worry about getting a late-night text or having to answer to anyone. Just enjoy the moment. I never said I have all the experience in the world and that Love is something that I am terribly familiar with…but you have to take the best out of the situation and run with it! Things will look up, watch!

  50. Lisa says:

    It was a movie on my parent’s cable “on demand” there are alot of free movies in several catagories including horror. It is called “May” and was made in 2002, it’s a Danish movie. I go over once or twice a week to watch tv with them. Their apartment was comfortable today because it wasn’t so hot today (they can’t afford ac so their apartment is 100 degrees inside, even at night).

  51. Lady Intim says:

    SB-emy, stay positive. Think of it like this: Now you don’t have to hide and have total freedom to raid SA. If I had the freedome (if i chose to have it is more like it), I would surely have far more success as well. I can’t even imagine what putting up pictures and giving percise info would do for my target audience. hehe.

  52. Lady Intim says:

    haha LISA! Oh the power of Google, eh? :) Ebony, that guy is definitely the king master of all douchenozzles. I bet he is some grease ball who smells like 2 or 3 emptied bottles axe spray, praying on unsuspecting women. Tell him to Bite the pavement! And although swallowing is romantic and is reserved for true love, I agree with Lisa once again. Make it 2k to make it extra special. Hehe.

    Lisa, what was the name of the movie? Sounds like my kind of gig. I love crazy gory movies like that. Yes, I’m a bit of a sick-o, but thankfully my mind doesn’t wonder too far 😉

  53. Ebony says:

    Exactly, yukkk!

  54. Lisa says:

    Never mind I googled it. YUCK

  55. Lisa says:

    Ok took a very quick bath

    Ebony that guy sounds like a real winner.

    Never swallow for less than 1k, lol
    What doesn’t “toss his salad” mean?

  56. Ebony says:

    Lisa, that is horrible! Lol I deactivated my account and just came back after a couple of months. I am now on a SERIOUS quest to find a SD. I got an email from some pot SD wanting to have an arrangement and then we emailed some and exchanged numbers. This fool had the nerve to ask if I would swallow, toss his salad and on top of that, videotape us in bed and all for about $100-$200. tha hell? Am I wrong for thinking he was a cheap-ass douchebag?

  57. Lisa says:

    Back from watching a movie. A girl chopped up people and collected body parts to make her own friend.

    Sorry about the bf sb-emy but boyfriends are a dime a dozen, sds are hard to find.

    off to take a bath

  58. sb-emy says:

    i need to grow up from feeling that i can rely on him forever, that he is a shoulder to cry on all the time. currently all I feel is a little lonely, and empty inside – certainly, guilty in some respects – but more so that he had to find out this way. I was searching for something else, and foolishly thought I could keep both.

    Ladyintim, I am not as fortunate as those who have already experienced love and know that such decisions come easily.


  59. sb-emy says:


    yes, I suppose you’re right. He accused me of not knowing what love was and if I really loved him I would not have “fulfilled myself sexually” with someone else. he also asked whether we slept together, and whether it was true – the latter which I conceded.

    it’s definitely time to pass the ball. i may have to distract myself before i let this breakup mess with my mind, sigh

    thank you for the metaphor. i prefer the fillet mignon

    love, e

  60. Hey Sunshine and Reddamsel38 ~ I thought I answered all of the responses on my blog, I’m so sorry if I missed yours.

    Please email me any questions at brownskinsugarbaby at gmail dot com.

  61. Lady Intim says:

    SB-emy, although I don’t know you personally my gut feeling is that your bf finding out is for the best. Clearly he wasn’t the right one for you because you were searching for something else, and so why drag it out any longer? Obviously you were missing a few pieces of the puzzle with your guy and why have a hot dog when you can have filet mignon? You were ready to leave him the second you created your SA account. Did he flip out? What was the reaction?

  62. Ebony says:

    Is anyone here?

  63. sb-emy says:

    Dear sugars,

    A horrible fate has befallen me. My boyfriend found out about the SA and my spate of sugar daddies – he went through my hotmail. I don’t know how to deal with this. We’ve been seeing each other for two years and it happened all so soon. this morning, ugh. I feel so alone.


  64. mbagirl says:

    I am new to site and am hoping for some feedback. I joined approx. 3 weeks ago and received 2 promising SD contacts. I have been e-mailing w/ both for almost 3 weeks now but have not met either in person yet. I am pretty cautious as I want to try and weed out any psychos or flakes so I am wondering:

    1) If a SD isn’t pushing to meet in person, how do you know if he really is busy or a flake?
    2) How soon do you send someone photos? What do you do if you are pretty but not really photogenic? I always tense up in front of a camera and don’t have any good digital photos!
    3) How do you politely let a pot SD know (w/out killing the mood) that you cannot meet w/ out prior planning? I work FT and have a child. In order to meet, I need to arrange a babysitter, etc. What do you think about telling a pot SD that you need help in paying for the sitter?

    Any advice/wisdom is most appreciated!

  65. MizzI says:

    got caught*

  66. MizzI says:

    I also go caught in the rain but I welcome it vs the heat!

    Initially I dont have a problem sending nudes but it sets the wrong tone and I end up disliking the person all because of the pictures. Cant really explain it, but to keep things on the level I like– where I am comfortable and keep my respect– means no nudes for you unless we are already involved and you carry your load.

    I’ll move on and try something new. Thank you Lisa, enjoy your movie =)

  67. Reddamsel38 says:

    Thanks Lady Intim, I’ll go back and change my photo. I was thinking about doing a complete make over anyway and drop a few pounds. So I guess this is a good time to start. I figure I’m a work in progress. Is there anything else I should take into consideration? Oh, what about when I do get a response to talk to a pot? Phone ,text, skype?

  68. Lisa says:

    MizzI you will find alot of great potentials turn out to be not so great.
    I sent that potential an email back just to ask him what it was that caused him to lose interest in further communication. Well he just emailed me and sent me a couple pics and talked more about himself and what he was looking for. he didnt’ agree to the allowance amount though, he didn’t mention it. Just schedules and all. I sent him a nice email back so we will see where it goes. It turns out he grew up in my new neighborhood and went to the school directly behind my apartment. He is married so there is no pressure for a gf.

    Gotta go now and watch a movie with my family. I will see what happens with this potential.

  69. MizzI says:

    Well Ladies, stuck to my guns and said no. I did send a face pic and and a tease pic because heyyy Im kind! He replied back something like “…you’re very beautiful … very intelligent but for this to work out I will need … ”

    I dont want to be rude or brash but Im not interested in going back and forth on this issue either. My “no” doesnt have holes in it, its solid. So I’ll just cut him off …. =( . We had such good potential! lol

  70. Lisa says:

    I’m back soaking wet but I got my errands ran. I see my potential sd is online, no message back though. I guess he’s looking for someone he can get at discount rate.

  71. Lisa says:

    I know and I felt so good about his email as it was long and detailed instead of the usual “hey wanna meet”. But after sending him a nice message back, he read it, saved it and is online all the time but no response. This is from the another sd site, the one that I met 2 good sds on.
    Gee it’s pouring down rain and flooding already. Houston has such bad drainage that it floods in 10 minutes here. I am trying to get out and walk down to the store to get a money order as I have to pay my water bill to the apartment office today, gotta have a money order. Was supposed to walk with mom but she left her cell phone in my purse (she is terribly irresponsible and forgetful) so I have no way to communincate with here. I’d walk over to her apartment but i’m not sure she’s even home from the mall so i’d end up getting soaked twice. The weather was great the last three days when I stuck at work, i’m finally off and stuck inside. :(

  72. Lady Intim says:

    Lisa, you have a point RE: better safe than sorry. But as I said, everyone has their own values and beliefs…and methods of madness. :) I think it’s helpful for other SBs to get various points of view and make their own decision. Your recent poofer annoys me. Why do some self-perceived SDs register for the website if they are uncomfortable with the financial aspect? Next!

  73. Lisa says:

    She who doesn’t risk also doesn’t end up chopped to pieces in a bag in a car trunk. ok I guess that’s too graphic but personally I follow my own experience in the sucessful few sd relationships i’ve had. I thought i’d found a new one based on his contact being around the same time of the month as two of my previous sds with possibility of meeting on the 1st which is when I met two of my sds but after going back and reading his profile I realize why he poofed when I sent him a message back to his nicely detail initial email. First I just realized I remember his profile from several months back, thus he’s been on the site for some time and still not found anyone, and his profile wording seems to indicate that he is weary of the financial aspect of the relationship (wants to be more of a friend and companion than a bank account), He also mentioned in his email to me(after telling me clearly what he was looking for and liking the fact that I had my own place so we didn’t have to go to a hotel) that the financial part makes him uncomfortable but has to be discussed. He also said he feared i’d want more than he was willing to give. His income said 1 mil so I sent him a message back telling him my previous sd gave me 2k a month. I didn’t tell him that he poofed after 6 weeks though. So this potential sd has poofed.

  74. Lady Intim says:

    Hey, ladies, about nudes: If he is asking for nudes he isn’t necessarily a fake. But yes, as far as the general rule goes, you guys are right. However, one of my long-time SDs requested nudes after a few e-mails and we’ve been seeing each other on and off for almost a year (not anymore, he decided to recommit himself to his marriage!). He was totally legit and very supportive daddy for the term that it lasted. Men are going to be men. Some have more tact than others. Some are just creeps and the latter you should avoid. There are some very simple precautions you can take to avoid bad press and balckmail potential-just take the nude without exposing your face. Worked for me. But I tend to be a bit aggressive with this whole SA process. But ladies, she who doesn’t risk never gets to drink the champaigne ! :)

  75. Lady Intim says:

    Lisa, I LOVE your response to MizzI!!! MizzI-Listen to Lisa’s advice! That is awesome. I have been approached a few times by daddies who wanted me to supply my nude pictures “to see if there is an attraction”, and every time I would just shut down and feel almost used. Throw it right back in his face! If he wants to see some skin then he surely shouldn’t have a problem with making it worth your while. Send me shopping and i’ll send you a nude haha! That’s the perfect way to handle it, Lisa! I like it!

    Reddamsel-No problem, lady! I think that there is no right or wrong way to do this and you should definitely go about the SA process the way that feels right for you. However, as much as I hate to admit it being a sugar baby usually requires a great deal of good looks and charm. There is someone out there for everyone. I’m not saying that every sugar baby is this stereotype Barbie Doll-looking woman. However, most daddies want to have a woman that looks the part. A lot of these men are either tired of their frumpy wives or unsatisfied with casual dating because women relax too much and let themselves go…Most sugar daddies would like for you to save your yoga pants for ummm…yoga. They have to put in a great deal of effort to keep their SB happy and make sure she is happy and secure. But you on the other hand also have to hold up your end of the bargain. When a woman takes good care of herself mentally and physically…it shows. I understand that as you meet someone and the relationship progresses, chances are at some point he will want to see the real, unarmed you…but I think that with SA first impressions are everything and you have to be sure to impress! So, if you are brave enough to put up your pictures (I am not because i don’t want to get caught by my other daddies), make it a little bit of a glamour shot. Nothing too fancy! This doesn’t even have to be a professional picture. Just throw you hair down, a few smudges of make-up, a smile, and a good angle, and you should be good to go. But that’s just me. I think you will increase your odds of meeting someone if you put in a little more effort. :) Good luck!

  76. Lisa says:

    One word of advice for nude pic requests: DELETE! no need to even think about it, the guy is a fake

  77. Sherri says:

    @MizzI ~ I’ve gotten a lot of requests for nudes, too. I say stick to your guns. Never send anything over the internet, pictures or otherwise, that you wouldn’t be comfortable with the whole world seeing. Some guys just like to look at pics and once you send it there’s no way for you to stop him from forwarding them or posting them somewhere. And if he knows your name, your nudes could end up being available to anyone who google searches your name. This is the worst case scenario, but if you’re uncomfortable at all with a particular photo going beyond a particular pot’s hands don’t send it. A clothed full body shot should be enough for a man to decide if he wants to meet you and when you meet he’ll be able to confirm that he’s your type.

    Besides, you might meet him and discover he’s not your type. Then would you really want him to have nudes of you?

  78. Lisa says:

    “I received the request to send nude pics to “see if there is any attraction”. Is he fumbling? ” One way to handle this “DELETE AND BlOCK” A true sd will not ask for nude pics.

    You might answer his request with “please wire x amount of dollars to me to see if you meet my financial requirements” this will most likely make him poof or he will send you an email back calling you some nasty name. Just delete him

  79. hmmm…i’m only new here…so i dn’t have any sugar mommy or daddy here right now.

  80. MizzI says:

    I received the request to send nude pics to “see if there is any attraction”. Is he fumbling? Should he be asking to meet me first…
    I can be a prude and hes aware of that. What I have to offer which is alot he wants it. I want to say which would be true that I dont have those kind of pictures and if he’d like to meet then we can see from there if there is an attraction. Let him know that he can make special request on how I upkeep my self and so on then pass my number over.

    Or should I just take the pictures and send them?

    Daddies do you need to see nudes to make up your mind that you want to f^k someone or would a meeting do?

  81. Lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Gloomy pleasant cool day in Houston. Hopefully it won’t rain too much as I need to take the apartment shuttle to the grocery.

    MizzI I never pry into a married sd’s person business, within reason for safety. My last sd was very open with his info and a high profile person in my area. He was in a marriage that had become a roomate situation. His wife had her side of the house, he had his. He was at an age where divorce was not desirable. I knew his whole name, business name, and viewed several websites and media articles about him before even meeting him. He was very open. He did have to be discreet though and I did not call him at this home and only seen him during the day. I’m guessing his wife didn’t peak much into the finances or maybe they had separate bank accounts because he spent more than 7k on me in the 6 weeks we had an arrangment, half was for rent and the other was cash and shopping.

  82. ValNYC says:

    Thanks Lady Intim…you’re soo sweet. It seems like your wishes are coming too with your SD#2.

  83. Reddamsel38 says:

    Lady Intim, thanks for that heads up. That is the type of info I need. I just need the rules of engagement so to speak. Now about my profile. I HATE my pic. I was trying to show the “real” me”, no makeup or anything, just my natural self. Bad move? I don’t want an SD to be superficial about looks, well mine anyway. I want to be liked for who I am not what I look like. Even though I know that’s nearly impossible. Is that just wishful thinking on my part? Am I going about this the wrong way? I don’t have the funds for a professional picture right now, and probably never will, lol. But seriously, I would like to have an SD that just likes me for me and what I could offer him, without looks being the major thing in our arrangement. Is that possible?

  84. Sunshine says:

    @BrownSkinSugarBaby-No problem. I understand totally. Just want to know how to get the ball rolling here……..

  85. MizzI says:

    Lisa — Thank you. I have not pounded him for personal information. Unsure how much digging I should do. He is married. How nosey should you be? He said he would be willing to rent or buy a place. For July and Aug Im stuck. Getting the house is what will dig me out and actually return my income flow… I need it for my business. My problem is not having any credit 0. And after paying rents (I have an apt and office which I want to combine) insurance and such I will be tapped out.
    I am going to aim for him paying full 6 months upfront, lease in my name and getting a house that includes all utilities (its not rare here). I will keep things in my price range! Thanks again I wasnt sure what route I should be taking.

  86. Lady Intim says:

    Reddamsel, allow me to chime in if you don’t mind. He sounds like a time waster to me. It has been my experience that most legitimate SDs that mean business meet within a couple weeks of initiating contact. The ones that I had most success with and still keep in touch with I usually meet within the first week. It’s critical to keep the momentum going and meet up right away because otherwise the correspondance quickly turns into a penpal type situation and eventually fizzles out and he poofs. If he is serious then he should be offering alternatives…such as flying you in or perhaps setting a specific date he can cut loose from his obligations and come see you. There is no harm in keeping in touch with him just in case, but I wouldn’t hold my breath over this one. Keep moving forward and the right one will come before you know it. He will not make excuses and will act on it right away. Do you really want an SD who is so busy that he can’t even make time for an initial meeting? He needs to be bending over backwards to meet you if he is for real.

  87. Reddamsel38 says:

    BrownSkin SugarBaby, I’m with Sunshine. I’ve posted on you personal site and would also like some advice about SDs. Have a pot, but says that work has him very busy and can’t travel at this time maybe in the future. How do I go from here? HELP! Should I just correspond with him for now?

  88. Lady Intim says:

    Lady Intim has spoken.

  89. Lady Intim says:

    Michael, you know you will always be my number 2, come on…you know this 😉 LOL! Totally kidding! Ya, the L bomb is definitely coming. Now I just can’t wait to hear how you respond. You are such a sucker for this one, don’t even try to act hard LOL. One more glass of wine and you are butter on a warm plate!

  90. Lady Intim says:

    Hey, Michael, agreed and agreed. OMG I love how you torture your current SB and keep her on her toes. But you know it hurts sooo good! ahaha! I wish someone kept me on my toes. I think that’s why I am acting up and prowling around like this. But I’m totally pumped. You won’t believe this. This guy and I actually almost met 2 years ago. We started talking right before I met my current main SD..He made all the arrangements to come meet me in my hometown…and then I ended up meeting my current guy and I totally cancelled on him! EEEK! I know! I’m such a turkey. So now two years later he randomly messaged me (and I didn’t have my pictures up), and I told him who I was and it was almost freaky how we bumped into each other once again. So he said he’ll let me redeem myself but this time I’ll have to come meet him, which is fine with me! I just worry that I’ll get off my track because I can’t settle down lol. This new SD and I are meeting in Vegas, staying at the Encore-my fave. I guess he is going there on a work business trip (I checked him and his business-totally legit). The only concern is that he is super young according to my standards. He is only 7 years older than me, but as you already guessed he is totally unavailable and married( PERFECTION!). He wants to club, gamble, shop, go to the pool, and just party. Jeez, it’s been soooo long since I went out + the works…I’m sooooo excited! I’m so used to going out for dinner, watching movies, and calling it a night by now…so I’m afraid I’m not even gonna know how to act up in da club!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  91. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    #4?? I refuse to be no less than #2!!! SB also said that she wasn’t in the right spot for a relationship, which to me, is her saying that she wants one. Agree?

  92. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    LadyIntim – I could smell it coming too, we were out for dinner last night and over the 2nd glass of wine she confessed she “was developing feelings for me”. She raised it, not me. Wasn’t surprised – I thought as much the previous trip, but kept my mouth shut the whole time. This time, I just said that I was kinda feeling the same as well, and we will just have to see how it all works out blah blah blah. I am keeping this waaaay cool, and am letting her doing the chasing, and it’s working pretty well. You are being pretty bad yourself right now, but I know you are loving every minute! Go for it. I’ll swap juicy stories with you when I get back. Sorry about formatting – am sitting on plane waiting to take off for Amsterdam, using iPhone.

  93. Lisa says:


    In my situation, I was living in a horrible apartment and was stuck because of my horrible credit (7 credit cards in collection for over 3 years) and my low income (about 1200 short of the income required to get a decent place).
    My sd suggested finding me a new place to live. I had checked out the place a couple months earlier when the building I was living in got 6 city violations for unsafe buildings. However after getting the info it was obvious I could not move. My parents and daughter(adult) live in the complex and it was only a few blocks away but in a whole different neighborhood. Anyway I gave sd the information and we went an talked to them and they said my credit and income didn’t matter if I paid the full lease. I had chosen an apartment that was only 100 more than were I was living as I knew that I would eventually have to pay the rent myself. So lesson number one is never move anywhere that you couldn’t afford to pay the rent yourself. then I applied for the apartment, he paid for application, movers, etc and gave me a cash for 6 months rent and took me to my bank to get a cashiers check. Signed lease in my name only. Lesson number 2 make sure your name is on the lease only.
    He poofed shortly after but all along i’ve been putting away my rent each month along with some of the allowance I had be getting so that when it’s time to renew (in sept) I will be able to pay 6 months rent upfront.

  94. MizzI says:

    My favorite so far is Lisa’s Poof Daddy

  95. Lady Intim says:

    Michael, the L bomb is coming, I can smell it. You better not lie and not tell me when it all goes down! I want the Juicy before anyone else, you hear me?

  96. Lady Intim says:

    VAL NYC, your story is cool! I would love nothing more than for my SD relationship to turn IRL. *in real life*

  97. Lady Intim says:

    Hey, Michael! Glad to hear you are doing well. Everything is stable. Main SD is away for the next 3 weeks. Future husband SD is still in the porcess of his divorce, which I can already tell you is going to take longer than expected..which is totally fine with me because I just picked up a new SD#3 who is actually from my side of the world originally, which is a first. We can speak my language haha! We are meeting in Vegas this Monday-Wed…Then I fly into the airport Wed, walking over to the other gate and flying to Laguna Beach to spend a couple days with future husband SD. I am bad. BUt I know you understand because you are no angel yourself. SO, is LA sb totally done with? I can always make room for lucky SD#4. :) I’m totally kidding-I would never do that to you :) But I was thinking that maybe one of these days should go to one of these parties together, I’ll be your wingwoman. Miss you. Be safe.

    Yay, Lisa! That’s great news about your lease!

  98. MizzI says:

    Hey guys, I tried this a while back about 2 years ago but fell into something different that worked out.

    Now, I made a post looking for a rental and was approached by someone who offered to rent me what ever I wanted. He’s a gentleman about it… all his manners are. I remember reading on here so long ago about the precautions to take with this kind of arrangement but now I cant remember. I cant pay for the move-in cost on this house but should it be in his name or mine? What is the smartest thing to do/request ?

  99. Lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. The effects of the distance hurricane are in the air.

    JSB, I mention in my profile that although I love to travel (I want to mention that because afterall I have been to 13 countries and London 4 times) but because I have a job, I am only able to travel one week per year with at least a month’s notice. Also mention that I work every weeked, don’t get my 2 days off together so little trips are out too. I guess they don’t read the profiles.

    Ok off to relax a little before the tennant safty meeting in the office. Good news though got my lease renewel for september today and my rent is staying the same, no increase

  100. ValNYC says:

    Hi, everyone. Although I’m not new to the SA website, this will be my first blog. As of now, I have been a sb for over a year and half and I fortunately have been quite blessed. I began my quest for that certain sd, for similar reasons that have been mentioned already, i.e. financial independence, mentorship…. When I set up my profile online, I got numerous emails promising the world. However, one of the sd’s instantly created a spark, which… btw, this was the second day of having my profile up. I talked to him on the phone and agreed to meet with him 3 days later for dinner. When I saw him, I couldnt believe how ridiculously handsome he was. It was an instant connection and, in fact, we were the last to leave that night. We set up a skiing trip that following friday, which the mini-vaca was filled with everything a sb would desire. Needless to say, he has come through on everything. He has provided for me while in graduate school and has also helped me channel my entrepreneurial skills to open up a lingerie store. I have been with him this entire time, and I cannot see my life without him, for we even moved in with each other 5 months ago. Although we met through the website, it has become less of the “sd-sb” relationship and more of the traditional one. Yes, I know this is not what everyone is looking for…and I wasn’t either. But I wouldnt change it, even if i could.

  101. Sunshine ~ Hey there, I’m sorry that I missed your question! I will go back and take a look at my blog and answer your question. I think I remember seeing it late at night, and then I got so swamped schedule wise I forgot to respond! I’ll do that now!

  102. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    come close a couple of times! Back in town on 15th, SB will be down to visit for 4 days on 19th. All is good with the world.

    How is life with you?

  103. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    Hey LI – just logged on here, first time in a few days. Am at Calgary airport now, on my way to Europe. Had a GREAT few days with SB, in Calgary and Banff. Stated at the Fairmont in both places.

    Great time and neither of us dropped the L-bomb, though we did come close


  104. Lady Intim says:

    Michael, let me know when you are back in town and keep me posted about all your adventures in Europe!

  105. Lady Intim says:

    How and why did you begin your journey with dating a sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    -I started my journey as an SB 2 years ago. At that time I was going to school, working a full-time job, and barely making ends meet. I stumbled upon SA by total accident and thought it was a bunch of BS. But still filled out a profile and went to bed. The next morning I woke up and had 20 e-mails in my inbox (Back then I used to put up my pictures, so clearly the response rate is much higher when you do that)…I couldn’t believe my eyes and what these men were offering/telling me. That day I ended up calling in sick at work because I couldn’t rip myself from my computer as I couldn’t believe what was happening. I met my main SD within the first 3 weeks of being on SA. I know this sounds crazy but before I even met him in person, I quit my job because he assured me that i would be much happier if I would just allow him to take care of everything and just focused on my studies. I would never advise anyone to do this, but I did and I have no regrets because clearly he followed through on every promise and even if everything ended right now I’d be set. We’ve been together for almost 2 years now and I recently tried breaking it off (as I have grown very close with my SD#2), but that didn’t go so well. I guess I wasn’t assertive enough or convincing enough during my break-up speech because somehow it ended up with us scheduling another trip and extra cash on top of an early allowance. This is very, very bad. Please don’t follow my example.

    Do you have an all-time-favorite sugar story? Was it an interesting date? Something you heard or read about?

    -My favorite sugar story is one im in the middle of right now. I am currently planning an escape with what I thought was going to be my SD#2. He was and still is by definition, only we actually really really really like each other. He is in the process of divorcing his previous spouse and we have already found a house in my hometown. The plan is for him to finalize his divorce and move here to pursue a future together. This means that my main SDs days are nubmered…and that I probably shouldn’t be scheduling a trip to Vegas with an SD#3 next week…but I say all bets are off till that divorce is finalized. So voila and here I go again.

  106. JSB says:

    Morning Sugars!!

    Red and Sincere good to see you back!!

    Mindy – happy birthday week!!

    Ok my pot is now my first SD!!! We played a round yesterday, went to dinner and had a great time… I am actually uber excited because we communicate extremely well and have a lot of similar interests. I will keep you guys posted, and I am sure I will ask for advice.

    Lisa – not sure what your profile says but it seems you have had a few messages from pots that want an sb to travel with them. Since it doesn’t seem like your schedule is flexible maybe save yourself some time and explain that you enjoy travelling, however you need advanced notice or weekend getaways. I had the same experiences and found when I was more specific it was easier to find a more compatible pot.

    JA – I can totally relate to your post!!!

    Re: joke daddy … Hahaha that was great

  107. Midwest SB says:

    How and why did you begin your journey with dating a sugar daddy or sugar baby? I stumbled over the site when I was looking for something different from Match and eHarmony….who knew this would be my destiny in my 40s?!

    Do you have an all-time-favorite sugar story? Was it an interesting date? Something you heard or read about? One of my first experiences with a pot SD who turned out to be a “life insurance” daddy. He was a sub and offered a large life insurance policy in my name, having the idea that I could “cash in” at any time. NEXT!

  108. SincereSD says:

    sb-emy says: When I first started out as a SB apprentice, I thought ladygodiva’s 400 a week for a twice a week meet was reasonable. After speaking with a few high earners, one of them an ex-Chairman of xxxxxx

    Emy and other SB bloggers,

    I would encourage using disgression and maintaining the privacy of people’s identities when posting information about your sugar encounters. Such information could be embarrassing and detrimental to one’s reputation especially individuals in high profile or public positions.

    How would you feel if you saw a blog post that provided name of the company you work for, your position there and the school you went to … in public view?

  109. SincereSD says:

    How and why did you begin your journey with dating a sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    I have always been a generous person and tend to treat my friends and mistresses very well. However the thought of being a sugardaddy or paying for intimacy was not something that interested me until I walked through a door that fate had left opened for me …

    On the rebound from a recent breakup with my mistress, I decided to take the week off and attend a F1 race in Montreal. As luck would have it, I got invited to experience the decadent lifetyle by a race sponsor.

    While in the luxury suites overlooking the racetrack, I noticed a beautiful woman standing alone by the bar. We immediately hit it off and to make a long story short, started a long distance (traditional) affair.

    Several months later, she ran into financial problems as her (real) daddy cut off her allowance. Faced with the prospect of losing her due to a relocation to rural Quebec, I offered to help. First with rent and food … then tuition … clothing … shoes … loan payment on car … (you get the idea).

    Before I know it, I had become a bonafide sugardaddy … and later found out why her IRL daddy cut off her allowance (but that’s a story for a different day).

    Ironically, the F1 event was filled with rich older SD types and their young arm candy SB including Flavio Briatore and his model girlfriend(s).

  110. Sunshine says:

    Hey there BrownSkinSugarBaby. I admire you so much! I was trying to comment on your personal page. It was cute…..I need some advice If you would be willing.

  111. Sunshine says:

    I’m new to this website. I hope I get to have a sugar baby story soon! I need some advice like yesterday……can someone give me some advice of how my profile should be to make me more presentable…..I guess?

  112. Candyland says:

    Wow, this is a blog topic I couldn’t resist the chance to write about. I’m Candyland, been on the blog before but will keep my former identity a secret but been a sugarbaby off and on since 2008. I heard about the concept initially through craigslist and googled “sugar daddy” which led me to this delicious spot known as SA. I have put up two profiles both led to meeting some people i’ll never forget and people I wish I could. There have been more negative experiences than positive (a lot of guys just want a one night stand without any benefits and sadly i was a victim of this on more than one occasion) however I just put up a third profile and they say third time is a charm so maybe finally i’ll have another positive experience and my luck will change. I think the concept works it’s just a matter of meeting the right person and fingers crossed i do :) xx Candyland xx

    My favourite SA story is OC Sugarbaby’s. She is a cool person I think.

  113. MindyNYC says:

    THANK YOU ALL for the warm Bday wishes -so sweet! It was great day and hopefully the celebrations are just beginning!!! No worries you were all early or on time lol…Day started off with flowers and a sweet phone call from SD, followed by another set of flowers from my Dad – house smells beautiful!! I basically ‘lunched’ all day with friends lol. NYCSB being one of them – good time! Then dinner with more friends…I’m going to do something to pamper myself daily each day this week as my Bday treat to myself :)

    I could share sugar stories (good and bad) all day lol…But I’d say BrownSkinSB’s journey closely reflects mine, except I discovered the site(s) much earlier, and did not face any qualms. I was born and raised an SB!

    Viking – am adding “Joke” Daddy to my dictionary lol. Perfect description.

  114. Lisa says:


    It’s just weird when she told me where she was moving.
    I have an email from a potential. Sounds good but he wants some who can travel on his business trips and I can’t travel but one week a year :(

    Also got a letter from a collection agency threatening to sue me if I dont’ sent a huge amount of money to them. I dont’ know what to do as I have no money to pay them. Wanted to file bankruptcy back 3 years ago but couldn’t afford it. I have nothing though, no property, no bank account, and Texas doesn’t garnish for credit cards.

  115. JA-PRINCESS says:

    Lisa you are too funny..lol

  116. JA-PRINCESS says:

    I crossed over to the sugar world about 3 yrs ago. Ive always been a workaholic. Ive had a job since age 16 and im 25 now,,working non-stop. paying my way thru school, credit debt, blah blah blah..EvErything i have i bought for myself, my mom hasn’t done anything except provide a roof over my head since the day i started working. Which im very grateful for btw..In my life ive had good men don’t get me wrong, but never the type of man to provide for me in any way. No man to count on to help make ends meet, or alleviate some financial pressure. I realized most men are always around if the legs are open, but when a bill need to be paid, the’re MIA..at the end of the day, if you meet a man and theres chemistry, eventually there might be some sex involved anyway, so why not let it happen with a more mature, established man who can help uplift you in some type of way? I no longer date men my age or in a certain income bracket, because i tend to spoil myself and i have no use for a man who cant do the same. There are many females out there doing absolutely nothing with their lives, no school, no dreams, no job, no ambition but they have men giving them the world and more. I have all these things and more so why shouldnt i have the same?
    I can conquer the world by myself once im done with my masters, but on the way there, i deserve to be treated like a Queen and ill accept nothing less

  117. NYC SB says:

    I had a lovely impromptu meeting with mindy :) fabulous woman she is
    Tomorrow I’m seeing my new pot for a shopping trip… Since he cancelled 2 times already… Let’s hope he follows through :) thursday is a lovely date 4 with my trader pot … Sugar overflow

  118. Carolina Sugar Baby says:

    I had a few joke daddies! Lol Nice term. I love it!!

  119. RedMaru says:

    Heya sugars! Long time no see he hee! Actually I’ve been lurking in and out work has kept me busy!

    Happy belated Mindy hope your day was full of gifts and fun!

    Hey Viking Hybrid – love that new term Joke Daddy. In fact that would describe my first experience who felt that paying for cheap Dominos pizza at his patio house and reimbursing me for a Greyhound ticket was being a SD

    Why did I dig into the sugar bowl? Pretty much the reasons stated already tired of the drama and games of traditional dating of giving my all and getting left holding the bag. Wanting a benefactor and mentor in business as well as the benefits of an older man as a lover and friend.
    Do I have a sugar story? Hopefully soon? Talking on the phone with a pot? So far so good…Agreeable to my amount. Will keep posted

  120. Reddamsel38 says:

    Actually Im a new SB. I started on this journey because I’m tired of all the crap that is said to get your head clouded (if you let it). I recently was in a relationship and got tired and bored. I want to have my freedom to do what I want when I want. And couldn’t do that and be fair to someone else or myself, in a relationship. Of course he didn’t take it well. It wasn’t an equal thing anymore, and my share was way past due.
    I want to have fun again, and I want/need someone that understands my situation. No strings attached, no games, and everything discussed up front,no problems or drama. Sounds like a dream come true. You do you and I’ll continue to do me. Little gifts and some fun nights out is fine with me. I’m a driven, about my business person. I like that SA has made it possible for me to do this.
    As far as a SD story I don’t have any yet but hope to soon. I’ll keep everyone posted.
    P.S. BrownSkin Sugarbaby, I left a post on your blog asking to get in touch, yeah that was me. Hope that’s ok.

  121. Lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Rainy evening here.

    Viking Hybrid, yes he was a good poof daddy but I hate that he poofed as he was the perfect sd and I really enjoyed our weekly meetings. So glad to be in a better neighborhood though.

    But I was talking to the security guard at the desk in the medical building my daugther works in while I was waiting for her (daughter) to get off work. The security guard was telling me that she and her son are having to move in 72 hours from their apartment (not sure what happened as she didn’t tell me). She is going to be moving into the apartment complex that I moved out of a few months ago. I feel bad for not telling her how bad it is but she has already put a deposit and all and hasn’t the money to move anywhere else. She is a 52 year old white woman who works security and comes home late at night so this is a scary thought. She is also unarmed because the security guards in the medical center are not armed. I dont’ think she makes much money as I know security pays very little here, I think 8 dollars an hour or so. I see her almost everytime I go to meet my daugther after work. I feel bad for not warning her but maybe she will be ok, she’s kinda big and looks kinda like a man.

  122. Lily says:

    Viking Hybrid! I looooove it!

    I have met more than my share of JDs! I don’t care to admit how many!

  123. Viking Hybrid says:

    Hey there sugars!

    May I propose a new term? “Joke Daddy.” The type of guy that wants all of the benefits of a hot, charming, intelligent younger woman, without having to contribute anything on his end. As if he’s so f^in fabulous that basking in his glow is enough. He could also be one of those guys that thinks SA is a cheap escort service. Please! Or, he’s the guy who hands you a bill and expects you to defer to him as if he’s just handed you a suitcase full of them! A Joke Daddy is basically any cheap ass guy who thinks he’s a high roller, or one of those morons who keeps trying to get something for nothing.

    Aaanyway…@ Mindy: Happy Birthday! Hope it was great.

    @Lisa: That’s probably the best poof daddy story I’ve heard! I’m glad he moved you out of the ghetto. No one should have to live in a place where crime is the norm, not the exception.

    @NYC SB: I can’t wait for your new blog post! Your stories are entertaining, and full of good tips.

    Why am I in the sugar bowl? I got tired of the drama and games of traditional dating. I’ve been helped out and spoiled by boyfriends before, but I just can’t deal with a full-on relationship at this point in time (plus it was pure luck that two of my exes were men of means). I haven’t found a SD yet but I’ve met some interesting people, learned more about myself and what I want, and gotten some good advice.

    Headed outside to get some sun 😀 A Suivre…

  124. babyblonde says:

    Happy Birthday Mindy!

    Got any plans today? Hope you are having a great day!!


  125. psychgrl says:

    I am new to SA but not new to being a sugar baby. I had a Sugar Daddy for about 9 years, and he flipped the bill for everything. I lost him recently about 2 years ago, to a best friend and I ended up depressed. He still took care of me for about a year until I took over everything myself. After struggling for many months and working 3 jobs while working on PHD at Stanford I finally couldn’t do it all anymore. So I decided to start the search again.

    I have meet a few men. Some I liked, and some I didn’t but the search continues. I personally just want something NSA. I want to please a man and make him feel good while he supports me through school. Once I am done with school I plan to open a private practice and work with a hospital. If something serious came a long I wouldn’t be opposed to it, but for now I am very happy with NSA.

  126. Lily says:

    Hey all….quite a long break the SA blog took.

    I’m getting exhausted w/ interviewing local pots.
    I won’t be going to meet the non-SD who is 30 years my senior in ten days. I’ll use my first class ticket to go visit my parents instead, at another time… but I can stop over in NYC in each direction to visit my big apple sugar sisters….

  127. For as long as I have been dating, I truthfully have always been somewhat of a sugar baby. I very rarely dated men my age. I never thought that guys my age were mentally able to keep up, hence I always gravitated toward older men. Interestingly enough, all of the men that I’ve ever attracted were older (like old enough to be my dad, lol), very successful and very wealthy. I never had to ask for anything, it was always just given to me – gifts, cash (what I guess we call allowences in our sugar world), shopping, trips, dinners, etc. And it was something that I became very accustomed to. Funny enough I never sought any of it out.

    I’d always seen myself as an independant woman, I make my own money, but hey one can always use and have more. Once you get a taste of what it is to truly be spoiled it becomes almost addictive. You refuse to settle for less. Why should you, there are plenty of men who are willing to spoil you as much as you would him in other ways.

    I’m too busy for traditional dating these days. I’ve tried it, it bores me to tears. I’m not trying to settle down right now. In the future, maybe. Now, no. I found out about SA through that Dateline special (or was it 20/20), not sure. The one with the kinda ditzy blond girl talking about her 4 sugars. I was like, WHOA WHAT THE HELL AM I MISSING. Then it was on Tyra, so I researched, joined, cancelled my account convincing myself that it was wrong. I recently joined again because I’m living in LA, the capital of the sugar daddy lifestyle, lol. I wanted to expand my sugar net by being more discreet, and more direct about what I want at the same time. So far it’s been an interesting ride. I’ve met some cool guys, talked to a few crazies, recently got stalked by some dude’s crazy girlfriend (he was such a huge liar it was almost comical, they’re both crazy), and now will be setting up my arrangement with a new SD I met here after being on this site for only 3 weeks (I took down my profile). I already had one amazing sugar daddy I’ve been involved with for more than a year. We met IRL. This isn’t a life for everyone, but for me and mine right now, it’s perfect.

  128. JSB says:

    Hello Again…this week in insane for me…I have wedding #3 out of 7 this Friday..

    UPDATE: I WON THE BET!!!!! I originally played it safe with option #1..the pot sd giving me $100 if Germany won, and me wearing a golf skirt if I lost, however I changed my mind and went for option #3: new handbag and heels in exchange for a massage and I am so glad I did!! Maybe that is my fav sugar story thus far….I have a feeling this pot is a keeper so wish me luck tomorrow on the golf course…

    As for question #1 re:how and why I started..I would say there are elements from both Lisa and Rachel’s posts I can relate to. Lisa, I agree that traditional relationships offer me nothing at this point in time, I find the men I meet are too clingy and want to get in a serious relationship, see eachother all the time, and can’t understand that I am involved in not just work, but sports and volunteering. I am not ready to settle down and find that men I meet are eager to take things to the next level if things are going well.

    Rachel, I am also very picky and agree that there are a lot of games when it comes to traditional dating. I have no time for it, and to be honest am not at all interested in a traditional relationship. I have been in serious long term relationships in the past but right now I enjoy travelling, dedicating my time to things and people I am passionate about, and doing what I want when I want. I guess you could say I am taking time to be selfish :)

    I find sugar dating very interesting, the men you meet are mature for the most part, and I seem to have a lot in common with the ones I connect with. I like how open and honest everyone is and really appreciate the advice and opinions of fellow bloggers. NYC SB def has an amazing blog, as do many others, and LadyInt is hilarious! BB and Lily say it like it is, Midwest is a doll, also love the perspective of SD’s like Michael, stormcat and SD Guru..everyone makes this place unique and a fun and supportivve addition to the Sugar world.

    The End haha

  129. NYC SB says:

    Rachel :) thank you!

    I think one of my favorite sd stories will be my next blog post… Stay tuned

  130. Midwest SB says:

    Mindy – Happy Belated Birthday!

    I will catch up another time…am home saying goodbye to someone dear.

    Stay sweet!

  131. Lisa says:

    edit “golf tournament”

  132. Lisa says:

    I turned to sugar dating a couple years ago. After dealing with so many men my age either looking to marry a much younger woman to start a family or a divorced man with an ex wife, children, etc. I have decided to wait till the men in my age group raise their kids and are free to have a one on one relationship as an adult. Looking around I find that modern traditional dating offers me nothing. Men are no longer the providers in a relationship so if I was to marry, I’d still be working my butt of at my job plus doing most of the household stuff so needless to say i’ll stay single as at least I can come home from work and be free, no obligations, no dinner to cook, etc. In sugar dating, one doesn’t have to get into the serious issues that affect relationships but rather can focus on the fun stuff.

    My fave sugar story is one of my own. I was living in a horrible place that made me a prisoner of my home after dark. An ugly neighborhood where I stood out and was often the target of unwelcome attention. Because of my low income and bad credit, moving was impossible and I could never get accepted into a better place because I don’t come near the required income to live anywhere but where I lived for 5 years.
    Late in January I received an email from much older sd. We met a week later and had a wonderful dinner date together. He dropped me off at my apartment in the middle of a police incident where someone was on the ground in handcuffs, police cars everywhere. My date saw this and sent me an email suggesting I needed to find a better place to live. and keep in mind, regardless of how negative people say I am on the blog, I never mentioned anything to this sd as we had only spent 2 hours together but he got to see if for himself. He went out of town a couple days later for a gold tournament and kept in touch suggesting I look for a apartment and send him the info. When he came back he took me over to the rental office, I did the paperwork and was told I could move in if I paid the entire 6 month lease in advance, in that case the fact that I made less than half the required income to live there would be disregarded. My sd then gave me the rent for 6 months and helped me get movers and situated in my new place. 2 weeks later, for no reason, he poofed on me. So I try to think of it as being victim of a random act of kindness. Met him feb 1st, moved into new apartment march 1st.

  133. Rachel says:

    # 2… wow! Blog question first…
    ***How and why did you begin your journey with dating a sugar daddy or sugar baby?

    How… well I came here! Why, now that is the good question. In all honesty, I was sick of getting jerked around by every guy I had dated. I’m VERY picky when it comes to men, and I don’t sleep around, so the games I think were the worst for me. I find that being here, I’m treated well. I’m treated with respect, and like the lady I am. I meet amazing men, even when it doesn’t result in an arrangement, the men are great people overall. if I find a guy I want to settle down with, I will immediately jump out of the sugar bowl… but until men that are in my standard dating age GROW UP… that won’t be happening. 😉

    ***Do you have an all-time-favorite sugar story? Was it an interesting date? Something you heard or read about?

    I’m still waiting for an amazing moment to make my head spin and say WOW, but in the meantime… I like NYC SB’s blog stories!

    Onward… I had a terrible Monday, hence the need for blogging early. Will start looking for a new job. The last string was pulled on me today and unfortunately I lost respect for the owners of my company. I despise saying that, and more so, I can’t stand that’s how I feel seeing they are like family to me. But, they burned a bridge today, one that I feel cannot be replaced.

    On that note, I will go take my frustration out on the gym and will be online later! I can’t wait to see all the comments on the blog questions when I return! And…. maybe I’ll tell a tale about the pot I went to see a couple weeks ago! :)

  134. Tenderness25 says:

    Sounds interesting but….

  135. JSB says:

    First again?? Serious?

    Hello Sugar Fam :)