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Merry Sugarmas! Arrangement Resolutions?


Brave New Sugar Year

2010 saw many Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby arrangements made, and many lives changed. Merry Sugarmas to all those seeking arrangements!

“To all my Christian Sugar Sisters – Merry Christmas!
To all my fellow Jews – Try to work off all the Chinese food you will be eating.
To any other Sugar Sisters- Have a great Saturday!”

Sugars far and wide have shared their questions and experiences here this year, and we’ve heard about many interesting arrangements attempted, had, and ongoing.

Over the last 10 years, there have been some major changes in how people approach relationships, and the types of relationships people are seeking.

While serious relationships have long been (especially in Western society) validated by marriage, the number of unmarried opposite-sex couples living together rose 13% this year, as reported by the Census Bureau on Thursday. About 39% of Americans believe marriage is becoming obsolete, according to a November Pew Research poll.

While Sugar Daddy and mutually beneficial relationships have become an outright ‘phenomena‘ in countries around the world, Census data released in September showed marriage hit an all-time low at 52%. However, some believe that the old is simply becoming the new again…

For most of European history and in many places around the world, marriage was largely a business agreement made between two families who arranged the marriage of their children. Our families may no longer arrange our relationships/marriages these days, but the ways people view the importance and meaning of marriage, and relationships in general, have changed.

Here are some marriage ideas being used by some sugars in their arrangements:

Waiting period:


Before diving into a sd/sb relationship…

Most states require couples to wait at least a few days after receiving their marriage license to have their wedding ceremony. The purpose of the marriage waiting period is to give a short time to cool off during which the parties can change their minds if they wish. One Sugar Daddy says that he likes to wait a few days after a 1st meet with a potential Sugar Baby to confirm an arrangement. “I think it’s good to wait a few days after discussing what each person expects before agreeing on an arrangement.  Having a little waiting period between discussing an arrangement and agreeing to an arrangement and scheduling dates, etc., seems to reduce the number of flakes on both sides in my experience” – discreet Sugar Daddy


Only a few states still require the consummation of a marriage through sexual relations. Many have wondered if it’s possible to have a sugar daddy arrangement without ever meeting in person, nonetheless having sex. 45% of sugars polled on this blog said they would be open to a platonic sugar arrangement.

Do you think relationships are going back to being ‘arranged’, but by individuals instead of families?

Do you have any New Years resolutions for your Sugarlife?

Please take part in this survey for those seeking sugar daddies and this survey for those seeking sugar babies. Thank you!

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368 Responses to “Merry Sugarmas! Arrangement Resolutions?”

  1. Arcadia SB says:

    new blog 🙂

  2. Bela says:

    Yay Midwest!!! I’m so happy for you 🙂

  3. Tanya says:

    I have the money and my own car. Just am not familiar with the area yet. I am definately going to check a few hostels. Thanks so much for the advice loves!

  4. ReachtheBeach SB aka Midwest SB says:

    Pot has definitely been stirred 🙂

    I’m having a vision of Cirque shows and lingerie shopping out west!

  5. Sara says:

    @ SDTwice – I wish I had the amount of men TO multitask like you!

  6. Lily says:

    Smart advice from ReachtheBeach!

    I want to phase in a new moniker too, but I know you girls would keep calling me Lils, regardless. 😛

  7. ReachtheBeach SB aka Midwest SB says:

    Tanya – Look for a hostel. It’s inexpensive, but find one in a decent neighborhood. Rule #1 – never travel without enough cash to have your own room and transportation home. Good luck.

  8. Bela says:

    SD TWICE – I wish I could multitask like you. One is enough for me 😉

  9. ReachtheBeach SB aka Midwest SB says:

    SD Twice – Hahahaha – you and Spiritual Baby have a lot in common.

  10. Tanya says:

    Ok so I have a kind of urgent situation and hate asking… but does anyone know of anywhere in LA that I can stay for a few days this week. My situation….. I am coming out to do some photo shoots and the person I was supposed to be staying with left me and my friend stranded without a place. I need somewhere to stay for only a few nights. I am clean and quiet and am willing to clean or whatever to stay somewhere. I have references if your worried 😛

    Much love Sugars!

  11. Lily says:

    Is it really ‘sugar’ to book dates, at standard escort cash-in-hand rates, with women who happen to call themselves SBs instead of escorts?
    Oh I remember the logic. They accept the $200-400 cash after, instead of before, so…. then it’s not prostitution?

  12. SD Guru says:

    @SD Twice

    What a great way to start the year off with a bang! There are probably others like you, but none are brave enough to come to the blog and gloat about it. :mrgreen:

    Have you met Mr KIACS? How many SB’s do you have, and how many do you need? I’m asking rhetorically, of course! 😛

  13. Lily says:

    I wonder if any of the other blog SDs have tried the ‘he with the most sugar….’ approach? Quantity & casual sugar dates above building a relationship with 1 special sugar?

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  14. Sara says:

    @ SDTwice – geez you sound very…..productive 😉

    @ SouthernGent- Anna Molly has been on her best behavior 😉

  15. SD TWICE says:

    Hi. Its been just fantastic lately. What a great week with my most special. I’m booked solid – and I mean every day – past the middle of January – and may have to book out almost all the rest of January. I’ve got people waiting to see me. I’ve got “old” ones wanting to get together. The current relationships are getting better and better and of course all the longer. The one flake two weeks ago will probably turn up again. Many of these women stopped logging into their SA accounts.

    And the women coming up on current searches look terrific too!

  16. SD Guru says:


    Please feel free to stir the pot at any time. We can’t let the SB’s have all the fun in the blog! 🙂

  17. SouthernGent2 says:

    Happy New Year everyone. First day back working has started a bit slow, but I guess when everyone has been on break for two weeks, their first priority is to catch up on emails and voicemails first.

    I see there has been some interesting discussions on here the last couple of days. But maybe I should wait until a new blog topic is started before I decide to start stirring the pot and creating controversy.

    One of you New Yorkers please spank Anna Molly. I’m sure she needs it.

  18. ReachtheBeach SB aka Midwest SB says:

    Marida – That’s a challenging topic. My ex-husband had a habit of doing the same thing, but it was so hard to determine his motive. I regained my self confidence after our divorce, so it tends to validate how I felt. Have you tried countering his criticisms? If he says he doesn’t like her hair, say how nice she looks in her outfit. You may want to let him know that his criticisms make you uncomfortable, but balance it by keeping up your self confidence. Bottom line…if it makes you feel bad, perhaps it’s not just a perception. He may have some ego-centric characteristics if he feels a woman 15 years his junior is too old. Hope it works out. Good SDs are very hard to find and even they are not going to be perfect. Same goes for good SBs. Ask yourself what are your “haves” and “have nots” and move from there.

  19. Marida says:

    Hi all. I’ve never posted on the blog before, but I got into my first arrangement recently and I am wondering, have any of you other SBs ever had an SD wear down your confidence? It sounds odd because you would think that being treated so well financially would make me feel amazing about myself, but my SD has a habit of making really harsh comments about women when he’s around me. He criticizes women’s appearances a lot and even though he’s never said a single bad thing about me and treats me really well (and I really do adore him as a person), the comments really do get to me sometimes. It’s weird when a guy says that someone who is 15 years younger than him is too old for him.

    Anyway, I’m just wondering if anyone else has ever had similar feelings. 🙂

  20. ReachtheBeach SB aka Midwest SB says:

    NYC SB – After seeing you in that HL dress, I could never cheat on you!!

  21. NYC SB says:

    Midwest – stop cheating on me will ya?

    Muse – love you… we didnt do drinks tonight but are scheduled for sometime next week… i wouldnt go out on my own without you 🙂

  22. ReachtheBeach SB aka Midwest SB says:

    Molly- So sorry I missed it earlier…Congrats on your new status! Being a great sugar isn’t difficult and I know you will dedicate yourself fully! Feel free to share some of your tips as you venture into the new and improved sugar world!

  23. Muse says:

    carebear- I just saw your invite to drinks or I would definitely have joined you tonight. I could have used one. Perhaps next time…

  24. Bela says:

    I updated mine, but it may or may not have been for the better 🙂

    Oh well.

  25. The Lone Gunman says:

    Back in the US and at home….after about 37 hours.

    I HATE going through LAX.

    For those of you experiencing NYE hangovers, remember that your body is a temple, and now the Philistines have dropped by to visit.


  26. Sara says:

    @ Gemi – Do you have a new profile or just an updated profile of the one I saw before?

  27. ReachtheBeach SB aka Midwest SB says:

    Kara, and all – There is a new Google service called Google Latitudes that lets you share your location with specific people. It uses the GPS locator on your phone. This would be quite handy for those new dates as your sugar sister can be sure you made it home safe. It could be kinda creepy if someone abused it or was using it on you without your knowledge, so do be careful with whom you share.

    CultureDaddy – Sugar or not, you should take advantage of those impromptu little meets. They are great fun and it’s wonderful to put a face to a name. Bring your sweetie if you feel it would be appropriate!

    Gemi – love the new profile and pictures! You’re so stinkin’ cute that I’d be your SD if I could!

    Finally in my own bed and ready for sugary sweet dreams!

  28. Sara says:

    @ Carebear – Ahhh your blog is back! yay!

  29. Lily says:

    I love traveling with my mama. 🙂

  30. Gemi says:

    See??? And this is why it sucks not living in NYC!! You miss out on the great drinks opportunities with fellow SBs!

    Hope this is a great week for everyone! I feel like I finally got a chance to unwind, sit back and REST this weekend… like a spa at home, minus the massages. lol.

  31. NYC SB says:

    Culture Daddy – you need not blog status to drink with carebear she is super nice… and you never know who may show up at her drinks 🙂

    carebear – will try my best to make it out… maybe i can tell you my funny story in person then

  32. CultureDaddy says:

    @carebear – I am new to the blog, and currently fully sugared up (lucky enough to start a great arrangement last month). But your drinks invitation sounds like fun, so, after I earn a bit more blog status I may try and respond to it. Your own blog shows that your expertise in the important things in sugar life (shoes) is worth learning from.

  33. Bela says:

    Loving my quiet Sunday. Something tells me this is going to be a hectic week! Good luck Sugar Fam!!

  34. carebear says:

    Anyone in NYC this week that wants to catch a drink, email me through my blog



  35. BiBaby – where are you? We miss you! How is your search progressing?

  36. Kara says:

    Thanks so much everyone!! I really do appreciate it.

    @OCSugarBaby- thanks for the links! They are very helpful! And I do have a career, hence why I moved out here. 🙂 Thank you so much.

  37. carebear says:

    Someone come to my overcrowded gym with me =(

  38. Sara says:

    Hey dolls, just now REALLY catching up on the blog, I had a hosue guest for the past week.

    @ 2chic and Gemi – L.A.M.B. shoes are gorgeous but incrediably uncomofrtable. They have syntthetic vamps (the part the arch of your foot rests on) so they are rock hard and incrediably uncomfortable. lol. I put inserts in mine and they are OK, but still not fabulous. It is just not a well constructed shoe. Louboutins are 600.00 and up, but I can walk around in them for hours. 😉

    @ Gemi – I vaugely remember looking at your profile to help too, I remember all the pictures being from the same day/”photo shoot”. Has that changed? I think they want reassurance that you look that hot every day (not that I have any doubts doll)

    @ Naughty Molly – It is fitting that you love spankings 😉

    @ Culture Daddy- “Lououtin and Manolo Blahnik”! I LOVE IT! haha, I am obsessed, totally putting that into my every day life. lol. Thank you for being so clever and understanding the important things in life…SHOES.

    @ RedMaru/sb-emy/Gail/ all the new sugars on the blog and the ones returning after a hiatus – Nice to meet you dolls!

    @ Midwest – I am totally up for a meet. And OF COURSE you are a veteran, you are one of the few people on the blog who make sense all the time. lol

    @ Kara – First of all welcome. Second, a lot of people use fake names and most use a specific email address (i.e. fake) for this. I personally use my middle name, so it isn’t so weird when I tell them the truth and most understand anyways. They have to protect their bussiness, their family, possibly their wife, etc.

  39. Gemi says:

    Kara- Welcome, and its good to see a girl who is concerned about her safety and takes that into consideration. KEEP DOING THAT. Too many girls come on this site (and then on the blog) who have put or are considering to put themselves in stupid/dangerous situations because they throw caution and their-safety-first to the wind.

    That said, yes I use a nickname (see above, it was actually given to me by bloggers here and I adopted it and love using it for SA). I also use a gmail acct just for SA and I have a google-voice number just for SA. Oh and I have a PO box located in the town where I work. I am ALL about personal privacy and safety.

    Good luck on SA, there ARE some very nice SDs here!

  40. @ReachtheBeach

    AHH! You’re making me miss TN. I have had some really good times there.

  41. @Kara

    A lot of people use fake names when meeting people on SA, SD’s included. That is smart. You can tell him when you actually enter an arrangement, and most SD’s will understand this. Or you can choose to never tell him at all. Or, if you feel convinced already that he is not a psycho, you can tell him now. Do whatever you feel comfortable with.

    My hard rule is not to lie about it. If someone asks, “So, is _____ your real name?” I’ll smile and say that it is not, but that it is a nickname I enjoy being called. If they ask me what my real name is, I’ll either tell them or I won’t, depending on whether I feel ready or not. But I’ve found that a lot of them don’t ask, or if they do ask, seem pretty satisfied with my willingness to admit that it is not my real name even if I choose not to tell them my legal name.

    I think it is maybe reasonable for a SD to want to know your legal name if you are in an arrangement because often you know his due to seeing his credit card, etc. But before then, I think any real SD would understand if you used a nickname.

  42. Kara says:

    Hi All!
    I just joined this site a couple months ago so I am very new to this. I have never had an SA relationship before. I am 22, just graduated college, and moved to California from the east coast by myself. When I made my profile, I didn’t use my real name or e-mail address. I don’t know anyone here and I was scared for my safety in meeting someone from this site. Do people use fake names often?? I have only went out for drinks with one guy from this site and it went well. He wants to meet again. When do I tell him my real name? I don’t want him to think that I am a liar and potentially lose his trust but I am far more concerned about my own safety. Also, does anyone have any other good safety or screening tips? Thanks so much and Happy New Years!! 🙂

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Kara– Welcome! Moving to Cali by yourself is a brave thing to do. I know, I did it myself a few years ago. You will love Cali, but you will see for yourself soon enough.
      Advice? GET a JOB in your chosen field of study. You will not be sucessful in sugar dating if you are focused purely on sugar and not on yourself. Get your footing in your new life out here and once you have that, THEN give sugar dating a try. Knowing your surroundings for safe upscale places to meet, takes time. Just as good screening is important there is a long list of other things that need to be done as well. You should be worried about your safety. There are far too many ways to be blindsided in this dating realm. Find your own sugar path, but first take my advice and get your career going first. Sugar without a well balanced diet of fruits and veggies is just not good.
      On the front of the blog there are a a few good reads. Here are the links to a few that I like.
      “How to spot a Fake” http://www.seekingarrangement.com/blog/?page_id=361

      “How to Screen” http://www.seekingarrangement.com/blog/?page_id=650
      Keep us posted 🙂

  43. cleo says:

    sd guru: me too actually … i would have been sad if no one won such a cool offer. i love the variety too. it must be a treat to read them
    happy new year y’all… i spent mine as i mean to continue it; renewing connections with old friends, cementing connections with new friends and meeting new people.. 🙂

    i feel so great about this year it’s almost uncanny! (and i still can’t believe someone like midwest called ME inspirational! what a compliment that is)

  44. ReachtheBeach SB. Aka Midwest SB says:

    Bela-perhaps another time. We hit Chatanooga, Nashville and Indy today with the final stretch tomorrow. You know little man is tired when he opts for sleep over pool time!

    Sara-i may be close in a few weeks. We should meet if schedules allow! BTW- thanks for in luding me in the esteemed group of veterans. I still feel likea newbie sometimes 🙂

    • SD Guru says:

      Happy new year everyone! I received more than 10 entries and I’ll be reviewing them in detail next week after I wrap up my vacay. Destinations of choice include Japan, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, NYC, LA, Vegas, Chicago, Hawaii, Florida, and DC. There are some very compelling stories so it’s going to be a tough call, but I’m glad someone is going to win a trip!

  45. Beach_Girl says:

    HI sugars! How was the new year celebrations?
    I had a great night… looking forward to an amazing 2011

  46. Gemi says:

    Thanks girl. 🙂

  47. Bela says:

    Made it back from Nashville after an AWESOME night. Met a cutie and danced my butt off. Speaking of uncomfortable shoes, I wore some but also packed a pair of fold up flats in my clutch. SAVED MY LIFE!!! By the end of the night, I saw girls walking around barefoot (double dog eww) and was able to stay out much later without being in tons of pain this morning. I highly recommend them 🙂
    Midwest – I actually live about four hours from Lexington 🙁

  48. carebear says:




  49. @sb-emy – I am in Merimbula right now with the family, maybe stopping in Sydney for a day or so on my way back to Arizona, around Jan 9th.

  50. 2Chic (-n-OC) says:

    Happy 2011 All!

    I am hoping for a better year… a sweet CM(candy-man=SD), if last night is any indication of what 2011 will be like… well I think I will go ahead and take the fetal position now.

  51. RedMaru says:

    Hey Reach (Midwest) Good to see you too! God of War III has been fun and some good ones coming out in 2011. Cant think of any ones off the top of my head for Ipod but I’m sure there are some out there. The cat keeps going to the hanging out at the door and the window meowing and I have yet to figure out why and its becoming a nightly thing. But he’s a sweetie

  52. Arcadia SB says:

    Ugh, it’s nice to see I have some compatriots in the drank too much last night. At least I had a DD! How was everyone’s new years eve? I hope everyone had a fabulous time and that 2011 brings everyone something sweet!

  53. Sara says:

    @ Gemi – Girl go to bed and try again in a few hours! Glad you are having a good time though doll.

  54. Gemi says:

    Happy new years sugars!! Is it bad that I’m drinker now tha last nite LOL??? Drinker not drinker

  55. Sara says:

    @ Carebear- by veteran I mean you have this sugar thing on lock down! 😉

  56. Carebear says:

    Crap I’m a veteran now? Ahhhhhh I’m getting old. In feb I will officiallybe closer to 30 than 20 for the first time in like 10 years!!!! Ahhhhhh over the hill =(

    Hny y’all!!!!

    My resolution is to start making decisions with my best interest as a priority, instead of constantly doing things for other people.

    Anyone else??

  57. ReachtheBeach SB. Aka Midwest SB says:

    Redmaru- nice to see you again!! Did Santa bring any new games? Any suggestions for iPad apps?

    Gail, sb emy, 2chic, et all – happy New Year!

    Still on the road blogging from McDs in Dalton. Cannot wait to get home and take a break from vacay!

  58. Sara says:

    @Guru- did you make it to ten entries (fingers crossed)

  59. Sara says:

    Happy New Years Ladies and gents! Thank god my drunk ass didn’t make its way to a computer! lol

    Midwest/OC/ NYCSB/ Carebear/Dandelion/Bela- Thanks for all your adivce and wise words as “veteran sb’s”
    KIACS/Guru/Alleycat/Enigma – thanks for your man’s perspective.
    Cleo/Bela/Lisa- thanks for being so active in advice for my journey thus far.
    OC/Stephan- thanks for being the most awesome mods ever.
    Everyone else (I swear I didn’t forget on purpose, just too many bloggers to write them all) – Thank you so much for making this such a unique and wonderful place to go and get advice, vent, or just say hello. Never did I think I would get so much joy and entertainment out of a blog.

  60. RedMaru says:

    Good morning and Happy New Year everybody! Just rang in the new year quietly with my cat Nuada 😀 who stayed curled up in his cute little fur ball and could care less

  61. sb-emy says:

    happy new years everyone! I haven’t been here for six months, nice to see some sugar babes on my side of the world.

    Who’s up for a Sydney meet?

  62. cleo says:

    happy new year y’all 🙂

    now i’m taking my drunk ass and sore feet to bed!

  63. 2Chic (-n-OC) says:

    BG… received your message… same to you… so happy to hear from you.

  64. 2Chic (-n-OC) says:

    Having a glass of wine, while I put on the ritz. Happy New Year Shugas!!!!!

    Culture Daddy… now that my dear was funny…. glad I could enlighten you.

  65. RedMaru says:

    Hey Gail nice to see you too!

  66. Gail says:

    Happy New Years’s Everyone!!!!! 2010 was great….2011 will be even greater!
    Hello Beach_Girl…everything going good here. Just busy as ever : )

    Red Maru~Greetings…nice to see you!

    Midwest and NMolly~Happy New Year ladies..

    Lily~You just have to put up an avatar with a pic from Rome. How exciting for you!!!

    Happy New Year Percy!!!! I have a NYears hat and horn for you!!!!

    To All my daddies past and present~Thank you for being such wonderful men in my life! I adore all of you. Sugar is best….Splenda is not : )

  67. ARCTIC SD says:

    Naughty M – Santa war gut zu dir?

  68. ARCTIC SD says:

    Naughty M – Gluckliches neues Jahr!

  69. Naughty Molly says:

    Arctic SD ~ Nice to know I’m not the only one enjoying some Riesling this evening!! 😀

  70. Arcadia SB says:

    Midwest – I should be around, if I’m awake! I wanted to take a short nap tonight before getting ready to go to Lexington for NYE festivities…slept for 2.5 hours accidentally! e-mail me arcadianserenity gmail.
    Bela – Thanks for the invite! I was seriously considering it, until I fell into my long winters nap, LoL. I’m hopefully meeting up with some old college friends tonight in Lexington…though they’re both being difficult.

    To everyone – Happy New Year!

  71. Lily says:

    It’s 2011 over here where I am too!! (Rome)

    Love to all my sugars!!!!!

  72. RedMaru says:

    Happy New Year Midwest SB have a safe trip

  73. CultureDaddy says:

    2Chic – when I read L.A.M.B. in your post, I assumed it stood for Louboutin And Manolo Blahnik…. But I googled it just in case, and as a result I just learned yet another important fact about sugar swagger! Happy 2011 (where I am)

  74. RedMaru says:

    Happy Holidays everyone! I’ve been out of the blog and loop for so long been busy sorry havent been keeping up with everyone. Just trying to make some improvements for self and situation Seen alot has happened blog and sugar wise. Lisa sorry bout your loss big hugs. Keep chin up stay strong, I know easier said than done but take one day at a time and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  75. Third World SB says:

    Woohoo! It’s been New Years here for five hours and I’ve already gotten trashed, danced my ass off, sobered up, and now I’m going to sleep. Hope everyone in the US and Canada has a blast tonight while I am sleeping the morning away here. =)

  76. Midwest SB says:

    One more resolution…to post. First just once in 2011!!!

  77. Midwest SB says:

    Bel and Arcadia- making my way from Atlanta to Indy tomorrow and would love an excuse to stop and take a break!

    My sis in ATL – sorry I couldn’t stay long..in at midnight and gone in the am.

    Happy New Year all! You have made 2010 so very special! Can’t wait to see what 2011 holds!


  78. Beach_Girl says:

    Happy New Year Sugars! All the best for 2011 😀

    Arctic~ So true, I do need more RnR in 2011, you know how much I have been working, crazy! but I will make time for me in the coming year!
    Cleo~ good luck with the contest girl! I hope there are many entries so someone can win! Fingers crossed… 8)

    Lisa~ nice to see you back, how have you been? Good luck with the contest too 😀

    Gail~ How have you been?

    Ladies, did you all enter the contest? Good luck to everyone!

    Off to get ready for tonight, I am having some friends over for drinks and food… I am already exhausted, lol, it’s going to be a long night…
    Talk to you soon
    Have a safe and amazing time tonight
    HAPPY NEW YEAR xoxoox

  79. ARCTIC SD says:

    Gemi – Cleo: my bad. I just realised I was viewing Gemi’s old profile. Okay…got to slow down on my Riesling and it is nowhere near midnite yet!!!!!

  80. 2Chic (-n-OC) says:

    I find them pretty comfortable, I would not recommend them for someone who is not accustomed to super high stilettos. Once you get your swagger, its all good….LOL.

  81. Naughty Molly says:

    I love spankings, but, most of you here know that already!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone has a great evening!

    XOXOXO 😉

  82. GenuineSD says:

    Happy New Year to all… I wish all of you the best in the coming year. Thanks so much for the friendship, guidance, advice, laughs and sense of community. This is a special place because of the mutual support and encouragement it offers… Let’s keep that momentum in the coming year.

  83. Gemi says:

    (yours = yourself) typing is not my strong point after a beer.

  84. Gemi says:

    cleo – fuss because you’re awesome! I hadn’t seen your pics before and you look great!

    as for me, there is a body shot that is pending, why it hasn’t gone live I don’t know, I uploaded them all at the same time (this morning)! I don’t know if the american bikini girl was me that you saw, lol. but thanks 🙂 I’m just trying to find ways to stand out a bit in pictures, you know? its so hard, as there are SO many beautiful girls and women on this site, yours included. 🙂

  85. cleo says:

    arctic: actually my cheekbones and collarbones are my favourite parts of myself. i’m not a giant fan of my legs or my ass but they have, individually and collectively, several quite ardent fans.
    gemi i don’t see a body shot but arctic clearly does – reloaded and still no

  86. cleo says:

    OCSugarbaby: funny you say that, i’ve been struggling with what to call myself in real life. i am a pilates teacher and a life coach and a cheerleader and a self esteem enabler and a nutritionist and a career coach and counsellor (only a bit, enough to suggest avenues of thought and information) and a diet nerd and a clothing consultant and and and…

    okay, you think i should hide even the yoga pic?
    arctic sd: i actually put that one up because it’s different. i wanted to see if it did anything. that said, i’ll save my experiment for not new year’s and go with the two that are now up instead. 🙂
    gemi: what fuss? there’s fuss? lol. done, ditched all but that and the yoga one. the private photo is a bikini pic i used to have up until someone told me that i was basically too hot for a bikini pic. something about let them unwrap the body instead of seeing it on display.

    as for you, i love your shots but i agree, you need one less of the current ones and a body shot that’s a little less 50’s pinup. that said, damn you’re gorgeous, but i remember a girl in an american bikini so i knew that already.

  87. Gemi says:

    Arctic – Indulge is a good word. Maybe I’ll have to find some way of mishing that into my profile. 😉
    Now I’m wondering if the body photo went live, will have to check on that.

    TLG – lol @ from the future.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  88. SD currently in Australia says:

    Wheels up in 24 hours.

    It will be nice to sleep in my own bed about 34 hours after that.


  89. SD currently in Australia says:

    Popping out of the time warp here:

    Happy New Year—From the FUTURE!!!!


  90. ARCTIC SD says:

    Cleo – lovely high cheekbones. Superlicious….:):)

  91. ARCTIC SD says:

    Gemi – love the legs, I mean the pics….:):) Good luck in 2011and may you find a SD who will indulge you.

  92. Gemi says:

    2Chic- I love the look the L.A.M.B. shoe line but…are they actually comfortable?? just curious, one shoe fashionista to another…

  93. 2Chic (-n-OC) says:

    Hi Sugas… How’s it going???

    Cleo.. yep … I agree with Gemi and OC as well.

    My profile is finally up and running. One request to view my private photos, …. but, he is in another country. Should I even bother????

    (vent)… I so need some fab shoes for my NYE attire….. I am a L.A.M.B shoe addict on a Payless budget….LOL

  94. WCSD says:

    Gemi – your profile looks good. If I had one comment, put in a photo that isn’t ‘self-taken’. Very minor, and just my thoughts.

    All – Have a Happy New Year’s, and have a great night!

  95. Gemi says:

    Cleo – Oh so now I get to see what all the fuss is about! 🙂 I’m with Artic I love love the pic of you in the leather, oh man will that one get men’s blood pumping faster 😉 I’m also with OC, ditch the one with the pirate patch, save that for fun photos between friends. 🙂
    I just put up a new profile for the new year…. lets see what comes of it…. Anyone who wants to give feedback on photos or text… go right ahead. One day only, after that back to my private little world of sugar sleuthing. 😉

  96. Bela says:

    You rock chickie!!

  97. NYC SB says:

    30 day profit challenge has been completed 🙂

  98. Lily says:

    Happy New Year!!!
    See y’all on the other side!

  99. carebear says:

    alleycat! use the breathalizer on your laptop this morning!

  100. ARCTIC SD says:

    Cleo – just like OC I am not a fan of eye patch as well. My favourite would be the black leather suit where it showcase your lovely face. I am and always be a leg man so a pic of a SB full length highlighting her shapely thighs and calfs gets my attention…….okay back to my work.

  101. Lisa says:

    Thanks ARCTIC SD

  102. ARCTIC SD says:

    Lisa – scroll up til you reach Guru’s post Dec 29th and the rules are in there.

  103. Lisa says:

    What do I need to do to sign up for GuruSD’s giveaway?

  104. cleo says:

    i decided to change the mood of my profile, thoughts re the new pics?

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      @Cleo- cuz you asked…
      1. Not a fan of the eye patch pic, would not use it.
      2. Make the pic of you with your hair blown out as your primary and the others private.
      Not sure what other photo’s you have listed as private but I would just have the two
      that you can see now as private.
      3. Maybe change your occupatiopn to Fitness/Wellness Entrepreneur (you are so much
      more than a Pilates Instructor).

  105. cleo says:

    reachthebeach: it does?

    weird, not what i expected.
    also, ladies come on

    i don’t think i’ll win any more than beach thinks she’ll win but enter anyway. this is a great contest guru is sponsoring and i’m excited for ANYONE who wins it but there’s only like one day left to enter and that’s today

    so ENTER.

    geeze 🙂

  106. Ok so I’m sh*t-faced. G’night….

  107. Bela says:

    Happy New Year, Aussie Alleycat!!!

  108. Happy new Year from Australia!!! May it be a great one for everybody.

    Love and sugar to all, from an ever-so-slightly trashed Alleycat.

  109. Bela says:

    Arcadia – Come to Nashville!!. My friends and I will be on West End. I’m going to play junior cougar and get a nerdy college boy to kiss me 
    KIACS – PLEASE do not wake that beast. While your honesty is appreciated, we just got the kiddies to put away their swords.
    Cleo – You’re such a hottie
    ReachtheBeach – You make me smile 
    Spankings are a great way to wake up as long as they’re quickly followed by something else.

  110. ARCTIC SD says:

    OC – thank you sweetie for the email connection.

    Did someone say “spanking”???? It got my attention…….:):)

    BG – may I suggest you give yourself more RnR in 2011. Remember that all work and no play makes Jill a frustrated girl…..:):) and of course makes Jack go hunting somewhere else too, lol!

  111. ReachtheBeach SB. Aka Midwest SB says:


  112. ReachtheBeach SB. Aka Midwest SB says:

    Cleo- you’re perseverance inspires me.

  113. ReachtheBeach SB. Aka Midwest SB says:

    Arcadia- I am driving thru Lexington on the first. Are you close enough for coffee?

    GenuineSD- i know the perfect remedy for insomnia!

    KIACS – Please pardon my manners…welcome. i enjoy it when a person says what is on their mind and have learned to use that “southern charm” to make it constructive. 🙂

    SB ali – what a fun way to start 2011!! Welcome. Please look at the blog landing page for some fabulous tips for starting out. The blog and those tips made the experience amazing for me!!

    10 hours in the car today…say a prayer!

  114. experiencedsb1 says:

    “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
    – Oprah Winfrey

  115. GenuineSD says:

    Can’t sleep. Anybody home ?

  116. Arcadia SB says:

    I spend a few days with my family and all hell breaks loose. Well I hope everyone is just getting it out of their system. I know 2011 will be a great year for all the members of the blog because we have this great network to help build ourselves up! Plus, this beats the real housewives any day 😉 I hope everyone is gearing up for a great NYE…I have no plans at present 🙁 However, don’t they say good things come to those that wait? Surely something in the great commonwealth of Kentucky is going on.

  117. Beach_Girl says:

    OC~ Yes, we do need to catch up girl!!!! And thanks, I hope I win 😀
    I am off to bed too, worked another 16 hours today… I can’t wait until tomorrow!!!
    Night sugars…
    Guru~ oups, I have to add something to my entry lol, wow I am way too tired lol… sorry 🙂

  118. Beach_Girl says:

    Guru SD~ I just sent you my entry!
    I cannot believe that you only have 6 entries?!?!? Ladies, this is an awesome gesture from a very Generous SD!!! Enter NOW!!! It’s not every day that something like this happens. Even, if like me, You think you may not win… who cares, it’s a great opportunity and how will you know if you qualify or not without entering????! And you might get to meet “THE GURU” 😀
    Good luck sugars!!! Can’t wait to see who will win…
    OC~ sometimes it’s just best to let others do that… god knows I am way too blunt at times… gets me in Trouble!!!! 😀
    My resolution: To still improve on myself, work my new business and try and be more available to friends and family. In the past 6 months, I have changed so much, lots of people are noticing… YAY me…

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      HI Beach-Sista! Sure you come on when I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. We will have to catch up via email 🙂
      Good Luck in the contest!!!

  119. Kid In A Candy Store says:

    OCSB: I give the spankings, but don’t take them!

    I’m probably asking for trouble here by being so blunt about SFCollegeBaby. There don’t seem to be a lot of SDs commenting here over the past few days. But I think most of us who have been around the block have encountered SBs who just think the world of themselves. (If I remember correctly, are SFCB and her SD even intimate? I think not.) And that’s a real turnoff for most of us. We want confidence without arrogance.
    I think SFCB sees the blog as a “safe place” where she can let her hair down and be honest about her sugar experiences. But sometimes when we let our hair down, we reveal more of ourselves than we intend.

  120. cleo says:

    thank you miss, i do 🙂

  121. Kid In A Candy Store says:

    Sara: I don’t think you owe anybody on the blog any sort of apology. I missed most of the drama last night, but I remember thinking SFCollegeBaby coming across like a spoiled immature brat with an unbelievably inflated sense of entitlement and really bad manners too. All you said was if she’s not happy with her SD not coming through with a credit card, she should next him. Frankly, after reading what she has to say about the guy HERE, he’ll be better off if she does.

    My New Year’s Resolution: to stop sugarcoating what I think!

  122. Sara says:

    as New Years Eve approaches, my personal resolution (as it is every year) is to be a better happier person, who makes other people happy as well … not the opposite. I wish the best to all the sugar fam, I love you all and I apologize for any trangressions or arguments in the past year!

  123. sbAli says:

    Hi all, brand new to the site.
    My first resolution: set clear and detailed goals.

  124. NC Heels says:

    I hope everyone is having a great day before NYE…many wishes for peace, happiness, and dreams coming to fruition in 2011!

  125. Dandelion Wine says:

    Lily, not reincarnated – it IS Spiritual Baby! Yay! Today was shaping up to be a boring day XD

  126. Lily says:

    I feel like holier than thou (Bonnie/Spiritual) has just returned…..reincarnated! *giggle*

  127. experiencedsb1 says:

    Do you think relationships are going back to being ‘arranged’, but by individuals instead of families?


    Do you have any New Years resolutions for your Sugarlife?

    Just some resolutions in general, but I live the sugarlife so here goes –

    regain custody of my children (which will take $$$$, so obviously I do not get involved with guys who drain me instead of offer support)

    produce an album (again – I date men in this industry, for this reason)

    publish a cookbook…..does that relate to sugarlife?…..well, the love of my life died in my arms two years ago. he supported me in this goal. he also set my standard – do not date guys who are not supportive in every way!

    I have spent 2010 single and celibate, and I started having sugar flings in August. I have built my business up (got my DBA in March, started developing my product line in August, will build my web store in January – another resolution, or goal…..am I too type A? thinking that resolutions are really goals? – hmmm…..on that thought: some actual RESOLUTIONS!)

    I resolve to:
    *banish depression! – jeez, my life kinda sux, you know? I need to accept the reality that things are happening for reasons unknown to me and just embrace the changes…..
    *eliminate excess – I have way too much crap! I have already posted to sell most of it…..
    *go from flings to something that will last awhile…..but why? don’t question it! just do it!
    *be more charitable
    *get over myself – I have walls around my heart…..argh! again – why? my walls are helpful, right?
    *go to Sunday meetings! I usually do this, but stopped in September. the community here pissed me off, but I am moving soon…..
    *develop my abilities further
    *help make changes in the world

    What’s going on now? Flying out to Miami from the 3rd to the 5th to meet a “pot”…..whatever – we’re already on. He lives in MD (where my kids are and where I will be moving to asap). I hope the chemistry is there in person and that he buys a house near my kids for me to housesit and improve for resale…..then, a record producer from LA is flying out this way on the 17th for a meet-n-greet (but he’s looking for a gf, so whatever on that, too)…..I have a local sweetie who has been exchanging emails this week, so there’s a dinner date there…..my keyboardist is in love with me, but he’s kinda buggin’ me. I told him – I’m outta your league. He said – No one’s outta my league! I’m the king! (whatever x3!) But, he said he is going to pay for my apartment in his neighborhood while we make our album. He is really sweet and I love him dearly. He is just not being helpful in regaining custody of my kids, so until he pays the rent he is just a dude.

  128. cleo says:

    reachthebeach it’s funny, i’ve gotten more inspiration from this blog than nearly anywhere else. i came here thirty pounds heavier and a lot less happy in my skin and being around you all really pushed me to get over it. i am full of excited plans for my business this year and i really feel like this is going to be my year.

    2010 was for transformation, 2011 is for climbing my own ladders 🙂

    i would love to have an SD, but i don’t and *shrug* my life rocks and my family is healthy. what else matters?

  129. ReachtheBeach SB. Aka Midwest SB says:

    Afternoon sugars! Enjoying a fab road trip w my special little sugar!

    New years resolution…to “Reach the Beach” and embrace the changes coming my way. I can’t and won’t complain about my sugar world.

    I’ve read about 100 comments and am disturbed about the naysaying. Have you noticed that the SDs run when that comes around? We are responsible for our own personal outcomes, standards and choices. I don’t know why sugar has worked for me and not as well for others, but i do know that a strong, confident attitude will remind you that it really doesn’t matter if it does work out…much like Michael’s mantra of not being attached to the outcome.

    As for the quality of SDs here…yes its a wide mix, but screen relentlessly, dont play w the players. Free memberships will not draw our kind of SD. Perhaps showcasing the quality ladies instead of the pros would be a better approach. Take a look at the ladies that pop up if you’re just browsing the site for the first time and tell me what tone it sets. This isnt eharmony, but those pics and profiles imply something that gives men the wrong impression.

    In some cases, it may just be that sugar isn’t going to happen. It isn’ easy to explan, fair or wished on anyone. I will never be famous, but I’m ok w infamy :-). I care about my sugar friends and wish all of you a sweet 2011 regardless of sugar. Dust yourselves off, put the past in the past and lighten up the mood a bit. Hugs!!!!

  130. Bela says:

    Well, the tshirts are but the rest of the line isn’t bad if you’ve got some fashion sense. If done well, it can look good.

  131. Dandelion Wine says:

    Sonj, it is. Pretty tacky at that. Up there with Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier.

  132. NYC SB says:

    LASB – she must bring me … As you may be aware we do not cheat on each other with members of the same sex … And approval is needed for boys

  133. NYC SB says:

    Carebear – email me I have a resolution for ur problem

  134. LASB says:

    Muse — Yes, let’s get together when I’m in NYC. It’ll be around the one year anniversary of our initial meet. So romantic, don’t you think? Bring your blog wifey so she doesn’t get jealous.

  135. SoNJSugar says:

    @DandelionWine I always thought that Armani Exchange was basically casual/clubbing wear.

  136. 2Chic (-n-OC) says:

    Thanks for the lovely “shout out”
    Beach Girl….
    OC….Miss you too

    Not quiet back in the suga bowl yet,,,, been kinda-sorta in a RLR. Its not an arrangement and beginning to feel like I am once again giving more than I am receiving. Not to mention an ex girlfriend living in one of his homes rent free. Makes me wonder if I should try this out once again. This site is really hard and makes a girl wonder if its really possible to get a great Candy-Man. Especially for a suga who gives out chocolate kisses…muah!!!.lol.

  137. cleo says:

    carebear omg you should see my cat’s reaction to that!!!
    bela: they put you on the front page is why

  138. Bela says:

    Carebear – Mine is about to run out as well. Something tells me those “new interests” are not real. That drives me nuts. grrrrr

  139. carebear says:

    so my premium membership expired this morning, and immediately 6 more people add me to their ‘favorites’…..but of course i can’t see who they are now. why didn’t they add me in the last 30 days when i could see it?



    (see video linked via my name above to find out “whyyyyy???!??!?!!”)

    happy new year friends!

  140. Gail says:

    NYC SB~Good for you…I too have learned to put every penny away that I can. I even pick up the lucky pennies from heaven : ) The ecomomy hasn’t gotten any better in my neck of the woods. I am waiting for the warmer weather to travel back east…snow is not my best friend. Party…. definately look forward to meeting you one day.

    Enigma~Taking breaks from the sugar world is definately a good thing. Always nice to come back now and then. Especially since we develop great friends forever, both SDs and SBs alike.

    By the way….where are you Yaz? Phone home!!!! I now have to get off the blog…I am not getting my work at my job done…….Bye everyone…back to real life : )

  141. cleo says:

    gail: no worries lady, that’s how i took it!

  142. Dandelion Wine says:

    Sara, I’m not keeping score, I just have a good memory and would like to think myself to be quite tuned in to inconsistencies in people’s stories and/or behavior.
    No truce necessary, just because I disagree with some of your reasoning doesn’t mean I dislike you 🙂

  143. NYC SB says:

    Gail – what will I do with the profits? Throw a NYE party of course! Everyone is invited

    More realistically… I will do nothing… Keep it in the account and see them grow 🙂 nothing feels as good as looking at the account balance increasing

  144. Enigma SD says:

    Hello all — wishing you all lots of sugar in 2011!

    SG2 – I delete emails and cell #s as soon as I know there is no future. I guess we are different on that aspect. It would be interesting to see how many pot SBs I spoke with over the years. Also, I retired twice in 2010 lol short-lived — I am addicted but it was refreshing to take breaks. I just hope I can keep my current sugar situation going!

  145. Dandelion Wine says:

    Bela, lol at the silly poser! Armani suits are pretty much the uniform for as low as VP level and i-banking associates; bespoke suits cost many times more. (please don’t tell me that he wore those shirts with tacky Armani exchange logos and thought he was balling)

  146. Bela says:

    Talked two more friends into joining my crew tomorrow night. So freakin’ excited!! The funniest thing is the girls are making the arrangements and the husbands/boyfriends are just being told what to do and where to go. I’ll have to buy them a round of drinks for their cooperation 🙂

  147. Gail says:

    Cleo~I just read what I wrote to you…Sorry my error..I didn’t mean you having pent up cold weather drama, I meant drama on the blog… I don’t want it misinterpreted by others.
    NYC SB~Yaaaaay for you!!!! So what are you going to do with all of your profits? Share? : )
    After looking back on 2010 there’s a whole lot of memories on the blog. Stephan should do a recap of whats happened for the year. The good things of course : ) or better yet where is everyone now.

  148. Sara says:

    @ NYC – Holy crap! Day 29? RIDICULOUS LADY!

  149. Sara says:

    @ Dandelion – I was unaware you were keeping a record of all my comments. I think it is unfair to hold what I say to one blog person against another. With ALL blog discussions I say that I don’t know the whole situation, but going from what I am reading this is what I think. That is what I did with the one who opened her pot’s laptop and with SF. I am pretty sure with the person who broke into her pot’s laptop I said something along the lines of “what you did was pretty bad, it sucks, but if he doesn’t want to listen to your apology, you can’t make him, he is being immature for not discussing it like an adult, but what you did was not good. So move on.” How is that unecessarily compassionate?

    For the last time, I don’t want to discuss this anymore, we are going in circles, and it is all just drama. I feel that nothing I said was mean, it was all open minded and I KNOW I acknowledged that I didn’t know the whole story, just from what I did know this is what I thought. I pride myself on not having anyone on the blog I actively dislike. Just with friends or families, there are going to be dissagreements, but than you move on. I like you, and SF, and Lisa and the sugar with the laptop and appreciate all your opinions and comments the same and look forward to seeing you all on the log,

    So I suggest a truce, ok Dandelion?

  150. NYC SB says:

    Lily – I made you soup? I’m sugary sweet even in your dreams 🙂

    LASB – contrary to popular belief I can cook … But choose not to … Some of the blog regulars have even sampled my brownies

    SFSB – I’m not sure if you are aware but a lot of us on the blog have met with each other and maintain close friendships

    3 hours of sleep per night is catching up to me! But day 29 of profits is accomplished

  151. Gail says:

    Whew!!!! I am blushing…didn’t expect that: ) Sorry though…I won’t share…YOU I mean : ) lol…

  152. ARCTIC SD says:

    Gail – then we should do a threesome????

  153. Gail says:

    Cleo~why are you laughing?…this must be pent up cold weather drama~have a cup of coffee(smile)
    OC~yes so much action…we have all been there…I like calm better : ) Hugs to you!!!
    Artic SD~I think I know where who she is and where she lives : )

  154. cleo says:

    ArcticSD: awesome 🙂
    blog gods i concur, please share our email addresses…

  155. Bela says:

    So true SG2 – I did the same thing about a week ago. I get rid of the clutter in my house regularly. Why not do the same with my phone. It feels so great!

  156. SouthernGent2 says:

    Lily – you made a really good post just above. I don’t always agree with things you have posted, but you hit home with that one. I am giving serious thought to “retirement” from the world of sugar. As you stated, there is a level of “burn-out” when hearing the constant asking of “how much?”, or listening to a laundry list of problems someone might have. All of that removes any fun at all from doing this.

    This morning I looked at the “friend finder address book” section of my facebook page. I was amazed by the number of girls that are in my address book over the years (and that they use their SA email in combination with their Facebook profiles). And then I went through my blackberry to see how many numbers and addresses had accumulated there. It was shocking to me to see just how many names had come into my life over the last few years. Most I had met, some I never did just because the timing never worked, but it was a lot more than I would have guessed off the top of my head.

    So I made a hard decision and started deleting names and numbers from the blackberry. I ended up keeping six names in my blackberry, primarily because they will often text me just for whatever reason, and its not to bug me about helping them out. I know I can see each of them when or if I want to, and they always like to see me as well. So why put up with any crap from others?

    Apologies if this comes off as an egotistical or self-serving post. This time of year is a good time to do some thinking and examine perspective.

  157. ARCTIC SD says:

    Cleo – will be in TO Jan 21st for a business function in the York. Will probably stay there as well so dinner Jan 20th?? OC – could you share my email with Cleo? Thanks sweetie.

  158. Lily says:

    Muse – so well stated! After a certain point of wealth, there’s actuallly an adverse relationship between wealth and sugar-generosity, in my experience.

    The upper middle class SDs or not-so-multi millionaire SDs with a ridiculously generous natures who love being a lady’s ‘white knight’ will always do more for you than any in the highest stratospheres of wealth who have become spoiled by it and are so used to people offering them everything for free just because they’re so special for _____ (being on the Forbes list, being a billionaire, whatever).
    Probably because at a certain level of wealth & power, you have to deal with SO many cling-on types with their hands out that they get totally burnt out on any having financial expectations & have lost all joy of giving. Still, no sympathy from me as they should stay the f’ out of the sugarbowl and stick with match or eharmony.

    I went out with a billionaire for dinner and there was no match, last winter, but in the springtime I (still on friendly terms) arranged a date for him with a girlfriend. He adored her and has seen her several times since then, but not so much as sent her flowers. He recently contacted her to ask her for her mailing address to send her a Christmas gift. I can’t wait to hear what it was. I’m gonna guess a postcard from, say, Miami. Billionaires can be shockingly obtuse about what their role kinda could or should be when courting broke beauties half their age.

    So no, DC status means nothing to me & I don’t care about it. If they could be screened for generosity, however, that would pique my interest.

    LASB! No, she doesn’t. Next time, I’ll try to dream of you & your soup!! 😉

  159. cleo says:

    okay i can’t think of any more break characters

    except that. i’ve tried p and b and br but the blog eats them all, bela how are you making that space between paragraphs?
    OCSB: the arguments do all get to looking pretty much the same after a while hey? when i find myself wanting to fight on the internet i go outside… would that this ALWAYS worked

  160. cleo says:

    arctic sd if you ever lack company for the ballet when you’re visiting toronto it would be lovely to meet you.

    that said, i want to meet any blogger than comes through town, sd OR sb but i also happen to *love* the ballet.

  161. Bela says:

    @Arctic SD – You’re a man after my own heart!!! When I was younger my father would take my sister and me every year. As an adult I still try to go. If I ever have children, they’ll get the same treat.
    @Muse – I hear you. Side note, a guy tried to impress me by wearing an outfit of ALL Armani and then referred to it all night. I told him that while being able to afford expensive clothing is nice, I’m not the type that gets turned on by that (plus the outfit was tacky.) I grew up around money and quickly realized that money doesn’t buy class. Rich guy with a nice car doesn’t mean anything if he possesses an ugly heart. Also, just because people have flashy things and live an obviously opulent lifestyle doesn’t mean they have money. I’ve seen too many people try to portray this affluent lifestyle but are really in debt up to their eyeballs.

  162. cleo says:

    gail: this blog without drama?

    *collapses laughing for a while and then stumbles off wiping tears of laughter from her face*


  163. Muse says:

    *I don’t think the question IS always….

    That’s what I get for multi-tasking. My apologies.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Good Morning Happy Sugars!
      Guru– First re-read my comment about what I asked Brandon. It had zero to do with the business model (ok not 100% true but my point was not the incoming revenue) it had more to do with how the heck to get the quality level (and how to kick out the sour balls) back to what it once was or even exceed that. Second, your statement about “usual suspects adding to drama”… now your just adding to the sugar pile up. Let the girls vent and it will be just fine.
      NC Heels– got your email sugar! I will shoot you one back later today. I am heading into LA this morning for some fun fun fun 🙂
      2Chic! Girl you are so missed in my sugar world!!!!! xxoo
      Gail– Isn’t it fun to see all the action here! Lively bunch 🙂
      Stephan – Muah! <3

      Fight, yell kick, just get it out and over with so we can get ready for a fabulous 2011 🙂

      • SD Guru says:

        Six entries so far with destinations such as Japan (twice), NYC (twice), London, and South Africa. I hope there will be at least 4 more entries by tomorrow!


        First re-read my comment about what I asked Brandon. It had zero to do with the business model

        My post was responding to the topic in general and not specific to your comment. As an example, to kick out the “sour balls” may sound like a simple idea, but it is not easy to implement in a business context and will drive up cost, thus altering the business model.

        Let the girls vent and it will be just fine.

        Really? Isn’t that how flame wars usually got started? 🙂

        @Continental Travel
        In your experience, at what allowance/support level should SD/SB’s move to a private matchmaking service?

        As others have pointed out, a SD’s income/net worth may not be a good indicator of how generous he is in a sugar context. Those who choose to use a private matching service may do so for many reasons, such as discretion, lack of time, and personalized service. But all that comes at a pretty high price tag. While others, even at a high income level, may choose to do it themselves and join a site like SA.

        Currently there are only 8 Diamond Club members and you’d think there should be more SD’s who want to be certified. But I don’t think the cost to become certified is the issue. My guess is that most genuine SD’s have no problem finding what they’re looking for already. Being in the Diamond Club will just increase unwanted attention and overwhelm their inbox.

      • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

        SD Guru– I like simple 🙂 Even the Millionaire Match Maker kicks them to the curb and gives NO (zip nada nothing) refunds for being kicked out for bad behavior. Just saying SOMETHING can be done to improve the quality…

        Flames? Nah just sparks. No party fouls. It is the pent up stuff that ends up being a forest fire. Its all good.

        Oh and Diamond members? A diamond does not mean they are golden. They show income verification not a trustworthiness (I had stronger words picked out but settled on the nicest one) test. Wow KIACS it does feel good to be blunt!

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Muse – exactly! Maybe there can be a new card that is Neon Yellow for the “I am uber wealthy, generous and not a stupid ass” …
      Now that card would impress me 🙂

  164. Muse says:

    Continental Travel, I don’t think the question isn’t always “can this pot SD afford it?” but “is he willing to spend it in the form of an allowance and/or gifts?” I’ve seen so many Amex black cards thrown around at this point that it no longer means anything to me. There are many men on this site who have a lot of money, the ability to do whatever they choose with it but for whatever reason, do not believe in allowances. They believe that a nice dinner and perhaps a show an arrangement make. So no, I don’t require Diamond Club status. Like the black amex, it doesn’t mean anything other than he has the money, which I can quickly figure out on my own anyway.

  165. Dandelion Wine says:

    Continental, I’ve met both and can’t really say there was a big difference.
    But then again, the “regular” ones I met were more affluent than most of the DC list.
    In a sense they were also verified, but by yours truly 🙂

  166. Dandelion Wine says:

    Sara, as polite and politically correct as you are, there’s still an appreciable difference between what you said to SF and what you say to countless idiots posting some of the most unbelievable stuff.
    I mean you pretty much told SF to suck it up, yet were unnecessarily compassionate with the female that tried to break into a stranger’s personal computer. I imagine it was because she effused how “badly” she was feeling about the situation and how it was “not her fault”.

  167. ARCTIC SD says:

    SG2 – I am older and so, more deserving of the girl in the pic??…:)

    Nutcracker – After attending that ballet for the last twenty years in a row, it just never cease to enchant me. The scenery production gets better and better each year and if a 2 hour ballet can hold the attention of over a hundred kids in awe, you can imagine the adults. As I always tell everyone, bring your kids to see this ballet and the young ones will have an everlasting image of a wonderland Christmas for the rest of their lives. It did on me.

    Hope everyone had a great holiday so far and I wish the sugar family lots of sugary deserts on your plate in 2011.

  168. Gail says:

    Blog Drama again…. : (….so sad….It’s gonna be 2011 lets all move on please.
    Good Morning all…I am having my 2nd cup of caffiene this morning. Life is good!!!Off to have fun at work.

    SG2~nice to see your smiling face again…hope you get the girl in the pic!!!

    Lisa…sending your Cali sunshine: )

  169. LASB says:

    I’ll be on an airplane for NYE. I have a red eye, so my guess is that we’ll still be on the runway. I can only afford coach, so I won’t get to party with the hot daddies in first class. Oh well, I guess I can catch up on sleep and reading.

    SFCollegeBaby–I’ve met a few characters in your neck of the woods. Actually, the guys up there are pretty nice. Get my email from the blog gods if you want any leads.

    LILS!!!!! Muah! Muah! Muah! I keep missing you! Soup, huh? I just made soup. Does NYC SB cook?

    So I was making fruit salad for myself and grabbed a knife off the counter. It looked clean. I sat down to eat my fruit salad and wondered, “What’s that smell?” Then I remember what I had used the knife for–chopping garlic for the soup. Bleh!

  170. SouthernGent2 says:

    Sara – this blog is rarely a happy place lol

    Speaking of being entitled – I deserve the girl pictured in the white and black dress. How about that request? 😉

  171. ContinentalTravel says:

    @SD Guru: Very nice comment on the business model of SA. In your experience, at what allowance/support level should SD/SB’s move to a private matchmaking service? Many blog members have stated that 20k+/month allowance is extremely rare. I would expect men playing at such levels to have a little more privacy than a website with quarter million members.

    @SB’ss desiring quality SD’s: This website already offers a “diamond club” screening tool. How many SBs demand this status from a pot? Why and why not? $1200 works out to be 4 dinners, or one week of allowance for a 3k/month allowance once you add gifts, dinner, and hotels into the cost. Has any blog SBs meet with pots with DC status, and how does the experience compare with the regular member pots, on average?

    @OCSugarBaby: The paragraph of the supposed scammer has been posted in many SB’s blogs. I have a hard time believing it to be truth. It really sounds like a broke guy day dreaming in front of his computer. A Benz S550 alone can impress women? MB website lists it as “starting from 93k”. Since it’s a car practical enough to drive around every day, I know a few mid level managers who drive this as their only vehicle. Oral sex in his car? That sounds like a teenage boy’s fantasy for me.

  172. Third World SB says:

    Mmm, New Year’s… Clubbing in this town on NY’s is amazing and your entry fee involves all you can eat and drink. Going to a new place in town that I’ve been to once and absolutely adored.

  173. Sara says:

    Oh Lord Ladies, I went to bed and this just continued on through the night.

    @SF/Dandelion – for the record, I never judged or attacked SF’s personality, morality or life. At the end of the day, all my posts were saying was that if she wasn’t happy, move on. That is just plain logical. I certainly never said SF was arrogant or entitled. I don’t feel that way. I said, I don’t know the story and gave a number of situations and possible advice for them INCLUDING one where I said if discretion was important because of her career she should talk to him about. Why did any of my comments agreeing with her magically get ignored and any where I disagree with her get attacked?

    I am done discussing this specific topic. I prefer a happier blog.

  174. Gemi says:

    Bela- Seriously, right??? Fruitless he said, she said, who said what and who is right.

    My new years plans are up in the air. A pot SD (one I really like) mentioned last night that he’ll be free for NYE, but I don’t want to be anyone’s last minute sugar date. I’d rather spend it with friends and just relax and have no-pressure fun.

  175. Bela says:

    Good lord, I go to sleep and all hell breaks loose. How about a new subject?

    What’s everyone doing for NEW YEARS???

  176. Lily says:

    SFCollegebaby – I’m super sick too! Right there with ya.
    Had a dream that I had to travel to NYC anyway (thanksgiving SSS flashbacks?!) and crashed in nyc sb’s bed while she was out with her favorite SD, and she made ms chicken soup when she got back home. 🙂

  177. SFCollegebaby says:

    Ok, I can care less about this drama now. I’m not gonna defend who I am anymore. This is a blog and no one knows anyone so boo freaking hooo. My situation is taking an ackward turn but the ball is in my court. I think its time to find a new sd. Once again, if anyone is in sf and needs a sd, I know two very eligible candidates so if you are interested, let me know:) gd nite everyone. I’m super sick and I feel like crap.

  178. @SD Guru

    Can you define what “not currently in a sugar relationship” means, or are you leaving that open to our interpretation? I’m sure for some of us, the meaning of this statement is quite clear, but for others of us who might be in a state of flux, have #2’s but still be lacking #1’s, have a long-distance SD who we only have short-term arrangements with when he is in town, have an open-ended sugar arrangement that isn’t necessarily active but also isn’t necessarily over, etc., the lines get a little fuzzy and it’s hard to say whether we are “currently in a sugar relationship” or not.

    I would submit an application but I’m having trouble determining whether I qualify. I’m not necessarily looking for the same thing as a lot of the ladies on here (one SD to provide a high/steady monthly allowance who I will be exclusive with, arrangement-wise), so my status is a little less black-and-white at any given time. I know for sure that there isn’t a SD in the picture whose “toes” could be stepped on, as currently I am not in any steady/exclusive arrangements, and I also know that I sure as hell haven’t seen any sugar recently and probably won’t see any anytime soon with my most promising SD having poofed on me recently. But my definition of “relationship” is a little more flexible than most, and if you asked me if I have a SD, there are at least a few wonderful men who I could think of to mention, even if I won’t be seeing them anytime soon and am not currently receiving any sugar from them.

    Let me know your thoughts! I will submit an entry if you clarify and I seem to be eligible.

    • SD Guru says:


      That’s a good question and others have asked as well so I’ll clarify. Some of the reasons for excluding SB’s who are currently in sugar relationships are that they’re perceived to be successful already and shouldn’t need “extra help”, and that their SD’s should be the ones providing for them and not someone else. Having said that, I think the key criteria is whether you’re receiving on-going support from your SD’s and whether your SD’s consider you as their SB.

      Feel free to submit an entry and describe your situation even if you’re not sure. Others have inquired about some creative scenarios and I’m open to suggestions. At the end of the day it’s a judgment call, and I’d rather have more interesting entries than not have enough.

  179. Beach_Girl says:

    Muse~ Hey! hope you had a good Christmas!!! How have you been?

    SFCollegebaby~ as my friend OC would say, let’s keep it sugary!!!

    • SD Guru says:

      I’d like to remind everyone to keep in mind the “Blog Etiquette” and refrain from name calling and personal attacks. It doesn’t surprise me the usual suspects are involved though.

      As for better quality SD/SB on SA or on any other sugar site, it comes down to the business model. When a site is targeting the mass market and the cost to join is free or very little per month, then don’t expect the site to screen for you or get involved in he said she said disputes because it would be cost prohibitive to do so. When there is criminal activity involved, then the best course of action is to contact the proper authorities.

      As the sugar lifestyle became part of popular culture in the past few years, no one has successfully bridged the gap between mass market sites and high priced match making services like Stanger’s. The trick is to figure out how much more people are willing to pay for the perceived higher quality, and do it in a way that can still make money. I’m sure there is a business opportunity in there somewhere for those who can come up with the magic formula.


      For those who missed the contest posts, here is a summary of what I posted on Dec 18-19. I have received 4 very interesting entries so far, and I hope more are coming.

      When Yaz said “I wish someone would buy me a ticket to (name of destination) just because”… It got me thinking… why not?

      So let’s call it the “Name Your Destination” contest, and here are the rules.

      1. Female SB’s who are not currently in a sugar relationship are eligible to enter. (don’t want to step on any SD’s toes)
      2. Destination should be served by a major airline. (Timbuktu Air doesn’t count)
      3. Have a flexible travel schedule. (if you can only travel during major holidays then you might be out of luck)

      The grand prize is one round trip airline ticket to the destination of the winner’s choice with the travel schedule to be mutually agreed, plus 500 cash. The second prize is 500 cash. The third prize is a monogrammed snuggie. Thanks to Arctic SD for providing the cash portion of the prizes.

      How to enter:

      Email me at the addy in my blog. Include a photo of yourself and describe the following:

      1. Your current situation, your experience with sugar relationships, and why you’re looking for a SD.
      2. Why you have chosen the destination and what do you plan to do when you get there.
      3. Why I should choose your entry.

      What’s required if you win the grand prize:

      – I will post your entry in the blog (edited to remove any personal info)
      – Write about your experience of the trip in the blog.
      – As a bonus, there is a possibility to meet me for lunch at a place and date to be determined.

      All entries must be submitted by December 31st, 2010 and winners will be selected by January 7th, 2011. After I receive your entry I may contact you by email for clarification or request more information. Entries will be evaluated based on how compelling your story is, how original and creative your idea is, and how well you articulate yourself. It is not based on need or how sad your story is. The purpose of the photo is for me to put a face to the story, so the photo is not part of the evaluation.

      I hope there will be a good number of entries because it wouldn’t be much of a contest if only a handful of SB’s entered. Therefore I reserve the right to not select a winner if there are less than 10 entries. And no, this contest is not a joke. Email me or post here if you have any questions or comments. Good luck everyone!

  180. Muse says:

    I’m skipping the bickering but I wanted to pipe up and say: hello LASB! Come play on the East Coast with us again. We’ve missed your wicked sense of humour and outlook on life.

    Also, Lisa, I’m sorry to hear about your father. I know there’s nothing I can do to make it better but I do hope things overall improve for you soon.

  181. SFCollegebaby says:

    @Beachgirl, I agree. And that’s why I usually ask for advice, get attacked, and leave the blog for weeks at a time. I usually do not respond to much. Everytime I come on this blog, it’s the same thing. I’m over it, but like I said, I will still ask for advice and share certain things, and I guess the ppl who dislike me (b/c I’m a spoiled, entitled, immature girl) will just have to ignore my posts, and the ones who are not into the drama, or not aware of my situation fully, can just comment and add their input. So thanks for the advice:)

  182. SFCollegebaby says:

    Taken directly from Webster’s, one definition of entitlement is “belief that one is deserving of”. So yes, maybe I have an attitude that shows that. But I think we all do. If the sbs here did not feel like they deserved to be treated a certain way, and receive certain benefits, then why would they be on this site? If the sds here did not feel that they deserved a beautiful girl on their arm, even at the cost of sharing wealth, why would thye be here? Please tell me. If a person does not feel that they are deserving or anything then what does that say about that person? Am I not entitled to the basics in life like love? Or to be taken out? Or to have standards? Am I not entitled to or deserving of my promised cc (although I’ve kept up with my end)? Lol…I mean, come one with this entitlement crap. Entitlement can be looked at in different ways and I think a woman or man who does not feel or has not felt entitled at at least one point in her/his life, either has zero standards, or needs, or just does not know what the word means.

  183. Beach_Girl says:

    SFCollegebaby~ not sure what happened, but I think we, here are all open to listening to everyone and try and help one another… Name calling and crap like that make me upset and I just leave or not respond, it’s not worth it , is it? yell at your computer , just don’t type it… yeah we all get upset, some may be jealous or envious….but it belongs to them, not you! Move on…
    I know I have wanted to say Fuck off sometimes, but it’s belongs to me, I fell something that made me upset… it’s not the person at all… We are all here to learn , help and read ….
    I don’t know your full situation, you don’t know Lisa’s situation… it’s not worth it, it just makes the blog blah…
    It’s just my opinion….

  184. Beach_Girl says:

    Dandelion Wine~ awesome advice to Lisa
    Lisa~ maybe it would be a good idea what Dandelion Wine said…

  185. SFCollegebaby says:

    @Dandelion, thanks for seeing where I’m coming from. You seem to be the only person here that never really attacks my situation or my character. And you are right, I’d rather here from someone with success than push them away to the pt where they will not share that success. BUT, even after being called spoiled, entitled, and worse, I still have left the door open. Guess I’m a lot more mature than some of the older women here who keep name-calling and being jealous of my situation. I never come here to brag or anything, although I could. I just share what’s going on. I feel like had I shared horror stories, the reception here would be a lot more positive. I do not get it but oh well.

  186. TexaSugah says:

    Hostile blog.

    Don’t feel like the mess tonight. I’ll save my comments for a happier day.


  187. Dandelion Wine says:

    Lisa, you seem pretty smart, perceptive, and well-articulated to me (just from your postings on the blog). I agree with Michael – ask the HR lady for help with career advancement. Ask her to help you with building up your confidence and assertiveness, reassess what went wrong at the cashiers training, and if you have to – prepare at home and ask to go to another training session when you are prepared and confident. if your math skills are low, you can dedicate 2-3 months to studying in your free time and raise your proficiency to a level high enough to give you confidence at the training. Failing the training once does not mean you will never be able to do it.
    Another thing I would ask the HR psych lady is help with stress management – that is a useful skill in every facet of life, and you are getting it for free, so take the full advantage.

  188. SFCollegebaby says:

    @Lisa, stop pitying the sds with sbs like myself. I pity you for not having a sd yet and attacking me at all costs. Maybe I should loan you my sd and you will stop being sooo grumpy. Don’t judge me.

  189. SFCollegebaby says:

    @Sara, I don’t think that having issues concerning my sd and coming here to share them, but then continuing to see him is “immature”. Isn’t that what everyone does here?

  190. Dandelion Wine says:

    Sara, you haven’t offended me and I am not at all upset. Sorry if my point came across a little strong and made you feel picked on. Any time we disagree it is about the same issue 🙂
    You feel that SF Baby is arrogant and entitled, I feel that SF Baby’s perspective could be literally invaluable to many aspiring but unsuccessful SBs, and putting her on defensive isn’t going to make her want to share her “secrets”.
    But then again – I believe it to be more useful to learn from successful people what are they doing right, rather than be resentful of their success.

  191. Lisa says:

    I am also not a cashier. I applied for a cashier but couldn’t pass the training (too slow and cannot follow directions, I was therefore sent to be a stocker). when extra work is to be done, we are told to “work faster” no extra hours are given and this just causes me stress.

    ok have to go to bed now although i’m still not sleeping well

  192. Lisa says:

    I don’t make anything near 18, I make 8 dollars an hour. more work does not mean more pay, it means more stress which I cannot handle (I am currently attending mandatory counseling for this and my job is on the line, they are not going to give me a higher position when I cannot even handle my down at the bottom level job). I can’t think about retirement, I need to survive now. bottom line I make 800 take home, rent is 600, so no money for savings or retirement.

    Going to bed now, have to get up early.

  193. Dandelion Wine says:

    Lisa, isn’t more work a good thing? Customers complaining may lead to you getting promoted to full time and receiving not only more (and higher) pay, but also the benefits that you so need – for example you could start contributing to 401k or IRA without feeling the dent in your take-home pay. At your income level there are government programs that encourage saving for retirement – for example Saver’s Tax Credit qualifies you to claim a tax credit of up to $1000 against the amount of federal taxes you owe, and that is *after* the other tax benefits that you receive contributing to the retirement plan.
    So let’s say you earn $18k a year – contributing 2K a year brings your taxable income down to 16k, you would owe in taxes $1981.25, of that your liability would be reduced by a 1000 (50% match at the AGI below 16.5K) and at the end of the year you would have 15,018.75 take home pay (minus medicare, SS, etc etc) and 2K in retirement savings (maybe more, if your employer provides matching)
    Under the same scenario, if you weren’t contributing to 401k/IRA, at the end of the year your tax liability would be $2,281.25 and your take home pay would be $15,718.75 and no retirement savings. So pretty much by saving for retirement you are able to make 2000 by sacrificing 700 – that is a pretty good return if you ask me, and if your company provided any kind of matching, the numbers get even better.
    BTW, if you make less than that and dont qualify for the company’s 401k, you can still open your own IRA and contribute only $25 per paycheck -> $50 a month -> $600 a year and that would amount to a tax benefit of $300 from saver credit, plus another $90 of tax benefit from reducing your adjusted gross income by $600 and so you would get $600 in savings for a net cost of $210.

  194. Beach_Girl says:

    LASB~ so nice to see you back, we need to catch up!!!!
    OC~ I am so sorry for your loss , I had no idea!
    Cleo~ you are an amazing women and very beautiful, I know 😀 I’ve met you!

  195. Beach_Girl says:

    2Chic (-n-OC_~ Girl… omg how are you? I mailed you a few times, we so need to catch up!!!!!

    Lisa~ I am so sorry for your loss… xoxo

    Dandelion Wine~ We all have different views, when something pisses me off, I walk away from the computer or just ignore the postings … We are on a BLOG… It’s easy to bitch and stuff but sometimes it’s better to let it go and walk away. Don’t get me wrong , we all have fallen into the lets bitch trap!

    Sara~ just let it go, walk away or ignore it… sorry, to me it’s not worth it… you have been very gracious in your responses

    Noir~ Guru SD has a contest, one plane ticket for a SB without a SD, anywhere in the world, you have to mail him with an essay or something, it’s in the previous blog

  196. Sara says:

    @ Dandelion- Honestly, I just felt like you are picking on me. So far I can’t see what I have done to offend you or be the center of this?

  197. Dandelion Wine says:

    Sara, I chose Lisa’s comment about the customers at the store because I can use it in a neutral enough manner to get my point across without people getting offended with my analysis of their more personal situation.
    It is sad to me that people on the blog are more likely to be nice to someone who even entertains the idea of going to a hotel room of a stranger in a lingerie and opening her eyes to some creeper saying ” hello I’m your serial killer… I mean SD” than they are to someone who is dealing with a less serious problem that exists due to inexperience, and not sheer stupidity.

  198. Noir says:

    @SD Guru, what is thid contest you speak of? I’ve been gone for a while.

  199. Lisa says:

    Dandelion please note that when you complain to management, it just makes it harder on the employees as they DO NOT hire additional help, we just get more work (I don’t work as a cashier but can tell you that the turnaround is constant, they get fed up and quit). I never complain about waiting in line for groceries, that can easily be fixed by not having money for food. And with all the bad things in the world, waiting in line at the market is not even on my list of concerns. I have shopped at many stores and have found that most have few cashiers working at one time and lots of closed lanes.

    Anyway it seems that I’ve butted in where i don’t belong. My week was ruined by my dad’s death and I do appreciate everyone’s kind words, thank you again. I do pity the sds that have spoiled, entitled sbs though.

  200. Sara says:

    @Dandelion – again, in the previous blog I said that both parties were hostile and that the comments could be interpreted either way. I acknowledged that I did not know the situation and all of my suggestions and advice DID have a disclaimer that “If x situation was the case than try y”, never did I say I knew what the situation was. I took it all at face value. I don’t believe I have ever projected my own personal issues (correct me if I am wrong) and again it sounds like Lisa’s comments are the ones you weren’t comfortable with, not mine. I have tried to be as open minded as possible in terms of people’s comments, would you mind doing the same for my comments?

  201. Dandelion Wine says:

    Sara, I think there’s some wonderful advice given on blogs at times, but at other times it seems like people are just projecting their own personal issues.
    With all due respect to Lisa, and awareness of her situation, it is not SF baby’s fault that Lisa is dealing with the issues she is dealing with, and Lisa did not need to make the comments she made, especially followed by her quip about the entitled customers that don’t want to waste their time standing in line.
    If I go to a grocery store and the checkout counters are constantly understaffed, it tells me that the store manager has very little regard for my personal time and to deal with that problem I would just take my business elsewhere.
    Customers that chose to complain about it are doing the store a favor by allowing the management to correct a problem that would have otherwise driven down the revenue.
    I think people who are not thankful for valuable feedback are just not meant to be making money,

  202. 2Chic (-n-OC_ says:

    Hi Sugas!!!! Happy Holiday, good to see some the gang is still keeping the sugar pot full.

  203. Sara says:

    @ Dandelion- not at all. I think if she was not getting something promised to her (which you implied) and she is that dissatisfied, she should walk away.If she wants his money or allowance or gifts, but wants to complain about him behind his back, than that is a little immature. I never said leave someone because they are a bad dresser, I said leave someone if you feel like you are not getting a key part of the arrangement.

    With that said, I love everyone on the blog dearly and I come here for advice (even if it is not something I agree with) and I would hope the same for them. I thought the point of a blog was to have an open forum for various views on topics.

  204. Dandelion Wine says:

    MissMilan, fill out your FAFSA and apply for Pell Grant and subsidized Stafford loans – the govt. pays the interest on them while you are in school. Even if you didn’t need money it would be a good idea to take out the subsidized loans and deposit them into a money market fund – you’ll be making around 5% return, keep your money liquid, and I think FDIC insured.

  205. Dandelion Wine says:

    Sara, maybe she can, maybe she can’t – you dont know that.
    Leaving someone because he doesn’t dress well seems a lot more shallow and bratty than being upset about being seem with a bad dresser, don’t you think?

  206. Sara says:

    @ Dandelion- I understand what may have been said, but I believe I said that if something wasn’t up to par she should leave him and move on. She can’t change the man, but she can change her situation.

  207. Dandelion Wine says:

    It’sSarah, to be perfectly fair, SFCollegeSB’s SD promised her a credit car WAY back when, and not only hasn’t delivered on his promise, but is now using it to leverage more time out of SFBaby.
    I guess it is preposterous to imagine that a young woman might want to enjoy her free time on her own or with her friends and family, instead of structuring her every activity around the wishes and quirks of her SD.

  208. Dandelion Wine says:

    (from previous blog) The only situations I associate with squarely facing someone are interviews, business dinners, or if I am with someone I don’t trust on a visceral level and want to keep my eye on.

  209. Lily says:

    It is precisely this reason for which I am SO thankful not to be hunting sugar anymore. On SA (which is truly rife with unsavory men), or any other online venue. The amount of time dealing with rude, crass, ridiculous & entitled men was a horror show.
    Girls, hang on to (appreciate!) your sugar *tightly* so as not to have to be out there hunting aaaaany more than necessary to find a good guy. They’re rare.
    EVEN in NYC, as I found out many moons ago, during a speed-date-style sugar trip where I booked every meal for two weeks with a different guy who had passed my screening process. All pervs, pushy for da boom boom, & uninterested in establishing anything sweet (by my definitions). Funny how a little ‘bait & switch’ can make me red with anger. Don’t waste my time, ya know??
    A certain blog sister was on 2 of those meets with me. One ended up being a scammer who had duped a third blog sister months earlier (we figured out later), who thought that travel arrangements were in & of themselves enough mutual benefits, and the other listed himself as 10-20 & then asked me after I had ordered a beverage in a restaurant, “What’s the deal with you & sparkling water, anyway?” –meaning, why waste the 2 bucks when tap water is free?
    My skin just isn’t thick enough not to show my true feelings right out on my sleeve.
    Not searching for sugar has to be the best thing ever. I can’t understand those who seem to enjoy the hunt most of all…. Oh, wait–they’re always the men….

  210. cleo says:

    TLG: interesting, since a year ago i was a lot heavier than i am now (28 lbs) i have noticed a pretty big upswing in my contacts BUT at the same time i haven’t really noticed anything coming of it. like sure some guy emails me and says i’m stunning but if i answer he poofs.

    so more contact but no more useful contact. personally i’m not thinking online hunting is useful really these days EXCEPT if a blog SD decides that he likes a blog sb… fortunately, i have recently learned that if i go out and be 6’3 i seem to attract a lot more men than when i used to be 5’11… now i ask you one thing, WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG???


  211. Lisa says:

    ugggghhh what an ugly rainy day here. No 8 lap walk for me today, stuck inside. went to mall for a little while and swam back. Yuck where is mr sunshine?

    I agree about the sds on SA, I view the ones in my area and most are the same ones from when I first found the site over 2 years ago. Sbs have lots of competion but any legit sd should have no problem finding someone. same pics, same profiles.

    Official cause of death for dad was Septic shock. odd we always worried about his diabetes, his heart (13 years ago they told my mom he could die anyday suddenly because he had a bad heart) or him having a stroke, etc and he died of something we had never heard of before. Ironic being that my daughter works for a digestive specialists and the made cause of his infection was in his colon or something.

    Have a good afternoon everyone, let’s all think positive thoughts for the new year.

  212. SD currently in Australia says:

    NYC SB said:

    OC – my sugar wife and I were talking about the quality on SA going down the drain in the past year… Someone is bound to capitalize on this

    The drain has not just been on the SD side of things; the quality of pot SBs has dropped considerably IMO and is quite noticeable to me after rejoining after a year’s hiatus.


  213. NC Heels says:


    I emailed you the other day…let me know if you have mail or not!

    That “SD” sounds horrific…in thinking about what I just went through, maybe I called him too quickly (for not keeping promises) but my instinct says he was taking a page from that guy’s book. I had a fake SD tell me that he has never been turned down by a woman…I think I just soiled his record! So sad…single tear!!

  214. Sara says:

    @ LASB- I am actually in Florida, but I vaguely remember him only wanting to see me for week long visit, I try to block the creepers out.

  215. NYC SB says:

    OC – yay for women of action!

    LASB – will do … Also we await your return to NYC!

  216. Not So Sweet says:

    @ Bela, Gemi, and Carebear…thank you guys for responding. I feel better now. 🙂

  217. Bela says:

    Wow, I haven’t been skiing since I was a teenager!! I really need to get back into it. The skiing was fun plus I loved the clothes.

  218. Enigma SD says:

    Hi OC — I understand your point. It would be great if SA could be more fastidious on screening out escorts and fake SBs also. I also understand why SA may not want to do that. After all, it is a business, and they benefit by maximizing the amount of the paying members. I am a free-market kind-of-guy and I really don’t feel that is SA’s role to screen SDs and SBs (sugars) though (except for endangering behavior). In an unregulated market, ff there was a sustainable business for “screened” sugars, the marketplace would fill that void. I haven’t seen any sites that do a thorough screening of sugars…. perhaps this is a business opportunity? However, if it were viable, I would think SA would fill that void. I suspect SA has thought about this possibility (beyond the diamond screening) Brandon or Stephan — care to comment?

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Nite LASB!

      Hi Enigma yes that is true, However I am thinking more of SA not turning down their membership but more of kicking them OUT for bad bad bad behavior.
      Then everyone wins. Details are blury at this point but. Act like sugar not like salt kind of campaign.
      Hope you are having a good Holiday my friend!!! ok, really off now. I know that Brandon reads this so yes, I too am waiting his reply 🙂

  219. LASB says:

    OC — Speak of the devil. Baldy is featured on Tippr today. Half off lift tickets. Not a bad deal, if there’s enough snow.

  220. LASB says:

    Bye OC. Have a great day! I’m off to dreamland. 2am already!

  221. LASB says:

    Sara — Are you on the West Coast then? I think nasty namaste stays pretty local. But I have to thank him for being so ridiculous, that I joined the blog. I guess I needed to vent and figure out wtf?! because I couldn’t imagine that that’s what arrangements were supposed to be like, yet if they were, I wanted to find out so I could run for the hills.

    Hi GG!!! Please say “hello” to wifey for me!

  222. Bela says:

    Me too! This I have to see. I wonder if any of the men I’ve said no to were on it.

  223. Bela says:

    Poor guy, it’s like he’s hoping he gets the sad sugarbabie who just doesn’t have a clue or doesn’t read this blog

  224. Sara says:

    @ OC – Holy crap! I have totally been messaged by nasty namaste. Something about yoga being an interest of mine on my profile.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Sara Jane do you know what the fake daddie blog is that I am referring to, if not I can email you the link. Just let me know if you want me to send it 🙂

      • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

        Ok later sugars, this is depressing the hell out of me… Off work today and maybe a rainy day of shoe shopping will shag the icky-ness of reading that scam’ers post. Love to have PUN with words 😉

        OC stirring the pot and running! Classic 🙂

      • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

        Bela and Sara Jane I will send it now.

        LASB Nasty Nam will never cough up a plane ticket hahahahah! His penis will fall of shortly…

  225. NYC SB says:

    Sara – you don’t want a website exposing “bad sugars” too much legal hassle … I tried so I know

    OC – my sugar wife and I were talking about the quality on SA going down the drain in the past year… Someone is bound to capitalize on this

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      HI NYC SB 🙂 I saw your post the other day and it just got me thinking about it and now I am stirring the pot to get something done about it. As you know I am a woman of action… hahaha

  226. Bela says:

    That post is a bit of a bummer, but it just reaffirms why I’m so picky in the first place. Unfortunately, the true SD’s pay the price for his actions by being probed and poked by us even more. On the other hand, there are fake SB’s who do the exact same thing causing the same emotions for the good guys against the true SB’s.

  227. Sara says:

    There is a website called “dont date him.com” I wish we could do one for sugars.

  228. LASB says:

    OC — (I’m guessing you meant LASB, since LASD doesn’t exist…Yet! hehe) I read that one forever ago. Probably other men have read that post and ran with the idea. I think there are a lot of creeps out there, and he is certainly one of them. I mean, I’m wondering how in the world Namaste still exists. I’m doubtful that SA will do anything about it. At least we have the blog to help support newbies who don’t know any better.

    Do you know a lot of the people on that site? If you ever want to compare notes/screen with me, shoot me an email.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      LASB SB haha sorry. Nasty Namaste is still on SA, I have warned a few recently. He has a new story and angle. He is posing as an SD who has been a SB. Ya right!!!! What a mess he is. I have a database of most I have been in contact over the years with on SA. Too many to count! Many I still keep in contact with. We may not have been a sugar match but a great business contact 😉

      Miss Sara
      there is a blog that has posts of fake daddies. But the best place to come is right here. We have over the years heard just about everything and every story.

      Bela– Picky is a good thing!

  229. cleo says:

    OCSB he is the perfect example isn’t he?

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Cleo he is not only an example but he is becoming the huge majority on here. I have been racking my brain on how to stop the madness.

  230. LASB says:

    You know the site. Everyone knows the site. I just don’t want be kicked off/moderated, so I’m not going to say it. But it’s one of the free SD sites. I’ve not looked at Spark. But maybe I will now. I’ve never done Utah, but always wanted to. I’m guessing it’s similar to Colorado–snow so dry, you can’t make snowballs. My favorite is still Whistler. It’s got one of the nicest verticals. Do you ever go to Mt. High? That’s my last minute place. Big Bear and Summit are a bit too crowded and flat for what you pay. Mt. High is dirt cheap midweek, and empty too. Plus, I think it’s easier to get to. That’s great that you’re a skier too. Seems that everyone prefers snowboarding these days.

    Cleo, if you’re still around, find me on the chat. I guess nothing ever did get scheduled, but I’m around now.

  231. Sara says:

    @ Cleo- I guess that is why you evaluate each instance individually. If it violates a policy, obviously they are booted, if it is more ambiguous, it would have to be looked at more closely. If I get an initial email that is crass and not my cup of tea, I usually laugh it off and move on (like if it is “show me your tits, i can be your daddy.”), but if it is after several conversations, that finally turn into a discussion about the first date or the arrangement and than suddenly it becomes “meet me in a hotel room, I will give you everything I promised” than you report it.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      @ Brandon here is a sampling of someone (MAN not a SD) who posted his nasty quip on a fake sugar daddie blog site.

      Straight off the site’s page…

      Anonymous said…
      This is hilarious. Seriously, all you have to do is wait for your 30 day membership to expire and then re-join the site under a new SN. I’ve been bamboozling “half hookers” for 5-6+ years! Over 200+ women have either performed oral on me or given me ALL the goods for a few bucks or FREE. Do I have the financial means to assist a half hooker? Of course I do… but why spend it on them when I can spend it on myself! lol You drive up in a S550 Benz (leased of course), dressed well, and my closing rate for action (sex) is well over 95% (in the car for oral or at a cheap motel). I’ve scammed hookers with promises of adding you to my company payroll, gift cards (my fave with 0-$10 on them, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales), or “follow me to the bank”.. VROOM, drive off. lol The funny thing is, 99.99999% of these “aspiring actresses/models”, receptionists, hair stylists, assistants, etc., are so f’ing dumb and desperate, they’ll fall for it. I know the responses, “You’re a loser, you’re pathetic…” REALLY? What about the desperate hookers who drive to ME and perform sexual acts thinking they’re going to get paid?? That’s NOT pathetic? These “women” are whores… treat them like whores, get what you want, then move on to the next hooker. It’s the cheapest form of “prostitution”. Dangle the money infront of them and they’ll do everything/anything you want. There’s an ENDLESS supply of uneducated, unskilled hookers in Southern California! haha.

      OC’s comment… I hope his penis falls off

  232. LASB says:

    OC — Wow! I am so sorry to hear that! I had no idea. Yes, so much can change in a year! Life is so precious and so fragile! Oh, I bet all the mountains are open now. Have you ever skied Baldy? There’s never been enough snow when I’ve had the time, but they are supposed to have one of the best runs in the world. (but only one! I think they only have 2 chairs!) I haven’t done
    Snow Summit/Big Bear since college. I typically head to Tahoe when there’s a big dump.
    I think I will be back for a few days in Mid Jan. But then I go to NYC to see Prince. Yay!!! And then I really have to get back and get down to business.

    Cleo, you have my email. Let’s talk! 🙂

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      LASB Big Bear is a great quick day trip great for last minute plans. I love Tahoe! Never been to Baldy, will check it out. Still learning the skiing in Cali. Utah is a blast too! Pretty woman movie and Prince. My two fav’s 🙂
      Ok, I want to know that site too! Did you guys check out Patti Stangers new dating site Spark…

  233. cleo says:

    sara: fair point, where do you draw the line between crass and dangerous?
    ocsb: fair. you seem like the type to deal with your shit in private that’s for sure.

  234. Sara says:

    @ Cleo/LA/OC- I understand there are more serious issues than jerks, but how exactly would we identify these dangerous men unless he attempts to rape someone (in which case he would be arrested and the existence of his SA profile would really be inconsequential.) My suggestion is that uncomfortable tendencies is the first sign. And anything suspicious be sent to the site to be evaluated. For example, the man who called me fat did so after I told him I wouldn’t fly to Canada tomorrow and meet him in a hotel room he booked for me. The fact that he unnecessarily got SO angry SO quickly made me feel that if I DID meet him at some point it could be dangerous. If someone wants to meet in the hotel right away, than he is looking for a prostitute not a sugar, in which case that would be violating the terms, or at the very least giving SA a bad reputation (much like craigslist) as a place to find a hooker. Would Mr. Wade really want that kind of marketing?

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      @ Brandon – sorry to stir things up this early in the morning for you sugar 😉
      We do understand that SA is not condoning this behavior and that SA is a business. However the suggestions are to kick up the level of members that have been flooding to the SA site. Most straight off the boat from crazy-ville.
      I believe you can make it better. With our help of course. We are the true knowledgeable sugars 🙂

  235. cleo says:

    ocsb: oh damn girl i am sorry to hear that… i was on a long blog hiatus so i missed the news.

  236. cleo says:

    sara: we’re more worried about the rapes and quasi rapes i’m sorry to say.

    lasb um… which site? i need a new one… maybe email me?

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      LASB it was shocking to hear that that blog’er say that she was prop’d to go to the hotel wearing lingerie and have the lights turned out and he greets her with “your sugar daddie” is here. SHOCKING! First off thinking that this is what sugar dating IS. Kick that guy OUT of the sugar bowl and back to craig’s list or the creepy hole he came out of!!!

  237. LASB says:

    Sara–I guess I mean I third OC! Was writing when you had posted. I get that some of the guys you’ve met are jerks, but really I’m concerned about some of the really scary ones. I mean, like that guy who told the girl to go to a hotel room in lingerie w/o ever having met her. I’ve read some pretty dark stories on some of the blogs. It’s one thing to be treated like a cheap escort, but another to be raped, scammed, or worse.

  238. LASB says:

    OC – Bravo! You know what’s weird is that when I first joined the blog, SA was the best place and everyone else had tons of frauds. Now, I find the opposite. I’ve had a few exchanges with some of the nicest guys from a competitor site, one that previously had a reputation of being full of fakes and scammers. I guess the tides turn in the sugar bowl.
    Brandon Wade–I second OC’s request. There are some pretty unsavory characters on your site. Not only would it help bring back more quality women, but I’m sure you don’t want to end up like Craigslist. (paying huge legal fees after someone gets killed/raped/etc.)

  239. Sara says:

    @ Brandon Wade / OC – I second that! I would love to have the guy that offered me 200.00 for a first date in his hotel room banned or the one that called me fat when I declined his offer!

  240. LASB says:

    Lisa–sending you my condolences. I’m so sorry for your loss. Just remember to take it one day at a time, or even one hour at a time if you need to.

    Hi OC– I’m glad I’ve missed all the rain. Hopefully there are not floods to come home to, if I ever do return. hehe. Ok, last I remember, you were engaged. Or am I just imagining it. If I’m not imagining it, I am definitely feeling out of the loop! In any case, you are sounding cheery as ever, so I’m glad you are doing well.

    MM–Congrats on your sugar! I’ve missed out on a lot of happenings on the blog, so last I remembered you were sad b/c you hadn’t found anything. I’m glad things have turned around.

    SBMaple–I don’t think LA has any more real SDs or less fakes than anywhere else. Maybe you just didn’t talk to any of them long enough to realize they were fakes.

    SD Guru – you have mail! 🙂

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      @LASB 您好’ [nín hǎo] 🙂
      Well, yes I was engaged to my sugar but sadly he passed away last Spring from complications from his accident. Amazing how much can change in a year. I am doing well. When are you coming back to Sunny/Rainy LA!!!! I went skiing this week, ton of snow at Big Bear.

  241. Lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Rainy gloomy day here. Getting ready to go out with mom to the grocery store. Not much going on, dad’s remains should be delivered friday.

    Thanks to everyone for their concern and support. My phone is working now and I’m in half way functioning mode.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Hi Lisa 🙂 it is rainy here in Cali too. Glad you are up and functioning today!
      Baby steps… xxoo ~OC

      • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

        Ok, so I couldn’t sleep last night and went sugar blog surfing and was reading thru some of the fake sugar daddies blog and was just sick at reading the stories.
        Granted not all the men are from SA but chances are that they are on multiple sites.
        I think that SA should take their profile’s down. Even Patti Stanger from Millionaire Match kicks the idiots out of her club when they are total losers!

        @ Brandon Wade time to clean house and get SA back to the level of true Sugars it once was. If the sugar can provide you with emails to deem them unworthy, would you be willing to take down their profile? Having the marketing edge that SA does not stand for fakes or frauds is a sugar club that stands out. Re-Invention is the key to success! I could go on but I am not sure this long winded diatribe will gain any action.

  242. SD Guru says:

    As a reminder, the deadline to submit an entry for “Name Your Destination” contest is 12/31/10. I understand most people are busy over the holidays, but I have received only 3 entries so far. I hope there will be at least 10 entries so that the prizes will be awarded.

  243. TexaSugah says:

    Hey sugars

    He was a nut. Omg. Today he contacted me with a cock and bull story about his family and that he just can’t do this right now. That his wife was now at the hospital for the illnesses thar he mentioned over drinks. Might have been true but it’s strange after the allowance talk. His personal life was so screwy that I sat silent for 30 minutes, literally, allowing him to work through it.

    Midtown is supposed to spend time with me tomorrow.

    Mistress Molly – that’s fantastic. Good on you!

    Night all!

  244. cleo says:

    mistress molly it’s always nice when people know they’re lucky. it’s much easier to deal with than the entitled ones. i saw my sis stare at her baby across the room and say to herself “how did i get so lucky” and i felt blessed to see that moment after so many bitchy parents you know?

  245. Mistress Molly says:


  246. Mistress Molly says:

    Okay..I’m beginning to think that alcohol isn’t a good gift for Christmas…I don’t think..LOL.

    My new years sugarlution is this; I want to be a better suagar!!! I haven’t been bad, I just haven’t had the time to do some of the things I’ve bee asked to do. First thing I have to do is get together with the personal shopper. How fun is that!!! 😀

    I have to admit, my fashion sense isn’t the best and I could use some help…LOL

    I’m very lucky! My SD and I are entering into a long term relationship and I’m so excited!! 😀

  247. SBMaple says:

    @ContinentalTravel : yes, in NYC pool of SDs daddies is much bigger, but so is a pool of SBs. Few NYC sugar daddies contacted me and I even met with one, but I don’t know, I am little bit scared to touch this territory, for some reasons I do not trust NYC sugar daddies much. I am pretty but regular type of girl not a supermodel, so I am suspicious of those men from NYC who can not find an arrangement there with all the variety of SBs on NYC market. Because I am interested in exclusive arrangement and stated it in my profile.

    From reading profiles of SDs from all over the world, I have got impression what majority of geniune SDs live in California or London UK. Well at least that is the way they sound in their profiles. I tried to contact them but was declined due georgraphical reasons most of the times , prior even sending them my pictures. 🙂

  248. Gemi says:

    hahaha…gigantic headache, not gigantic email. lol @ typos.

  249. Gemi says:

    OC – Painful Bliss sounds like an awesome drink! I’d need one of those after I visit the bikini waxer, that is for sure!

    A rewrote that comment about seven times and thought that was the best summary comment I could devise without going into all the nitty-gritty of the emails. Ugh. I gave myself a gigantic email just drafting the final email to him. Just happy to dust my hands off of him, he would have turned into way more trouble than the was worth, even if he had shown himself to be trustworthy with giving an allowance/gifts/etc.

  250. ContinentalTravel says:

    @SBMaple: The SD pool in Toronto is indeed much worse than NYC, despite the number of Bay Street guys pretending to be filthy rich financial wizards. If there’s any comfort, the fake to genuine SD ratio in Toronto is nowhere as bad as it is in Vancouver. There are genuine SDs in Canada, it just takes more screening effort. ArcticSD of this blog lives in Montreal, and he’s pretty legit based on his actions here.

  251. Gemi says:

    Well just sent a final ” no thanks, good luck to you” email to a pot… feels good to finally put that one to bed after so many emails back and forth. He had too many issues for me to shake a stick at, red flags all over the place. And we had met twice!

    Note to all SDs…. if you want to woo a pot SB back, maybe being a patronizing shmuck isn’t the exact best way of going about it.

    Just sayin’. lol.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Haha How do you really feel Gemi! Good riddens, make way for a fabulous SD to woo you in a totally non Pat-shmuck fashion.

      Is it almost cocktail hour? I went for some new year botox this morning, oh what painful bliss 🙂 Painful Bliss? Sounds like a tasty new Martini? I think it would be my favorite shade of purple (hint of lavender flavor) with a vanilla twist! Golden sugar covering the rim of the martini glass… Oh I need to try to mix one of these up! 🙂

  252. msdiiva says:

    Yeah, I might give it a try, and just have a first meet with him to see if there’s any chemistry, and what his expectations are.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Msdiva– If he will be here for two weeks, why can’t you talk to him about a half month’s allowance range that is acceptable to you. Does he expect to pay you each time you see him? What does that mean to him, will you be sitting by the phone waiting for him to call to meet for dinner that night? If you are okay with this and he just wants to meet a few times during that two week period then go for it. However don’t put your blinders on and think you are the only one he is seeing with this type of arrangement while he is in your town. I see the red flags…do you?

  253. cleo says:

    MsDiva that doesn’t seem unreasonable as long as he doesn’t assume you’ll shag him on the first date… and he should give you a couple of days up front maybe…

  254. SBMaple says:

    I mean, whole point of arrangement is getting an allowance ( not pain, although it looks like getting an allowance is a pain too:) ) It is just I am dissapointed with my search, I guess I have too high demands or my idea of arrangement is completely different from the one which 99% of men on this website have. Why I can not leave this website, is because when I registered on it I was 100% sure what sugar IS for me.

    Not to mention what when I just registered on this website and was a green SB, I met a men who promissed to be an adorable SD but turned out being a scammer, in other words he gave me tones of promises ( he sounded very convincing) , got intimate with me but delivered none of what he promissed me. And than I decided to confront him and ask him to deliver at least 1% of what he promissed me he sent me a nasty e-mail in which he called me a prostitute, wrote to me what sex with me was a disaster and he met a new SB who is much better in bed. Needless to say what this was one of the SDs who claimed in his profile what he is very experieced and caring SD, and he wants to meet an interesting peson and sex is not that important to him, lol .

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      SBMaple– Well you were a very green newbie when that happened. I would say you were NEON green! hahah! Sorry not making fun of you but really just trying to show you that sugar does not need to be that serious. First off there is one big FAT bell going off in my head if I EVER read in a profile that SEX is not important to him. It is like reverse psychology ~ “I really have no interest in having sex with you” is like hearing the challenge of “What is wrong with ME and why don’t you want to have sex with me”…
      Eeek! He was a full blown suga-playa.
      But now you are far less of a newbie and can hear the bells go off with great clarity. Plus, no such thing as Bad Luck. Luck has nothing to do with it, but your attitude does. Keep it positive and your gut feelings in tuned to your surroundings and you will make great progress in the sugar realm. In any realm for that matter.

  255. SBMaple says:

    I feel your pain. I am in Toronto too, and I had a really bad luck so far with Torontonians. But my pool is fairly small, I do not want to have anything common with married men, also someone over 50 is out my range as well. And those ones who were single and offered an actual allowance, they were so rare. I met maybe like three of them for entire year! But for me whole pain of arrangement is getting an allowance. Not to mention what I am shy person, and I need to meet with someone at least few times prior having any intimate contacts, and unfortunately majority of SD want to be intimate with you right away, or at least on second date!!! I am also a traditional woman and prefer when men is pursuing me not other way around. I was trying start a long-distance things and travelled few times to meet pots but nothing come out of it. It’s just I am going to give up, but problem is I also know some girls who met an adorable SDs on this website and had a blast, but I have some sort of bad luck here it looks like.

  256. Bela says:

    Mssdiva – You know the answer if you’re not comfortable with it. If you don’t mind being his “tour guide,” make it fun for the two of you. Show him places you enjoy and explore new things. To keep expectations from getting too high, maybe don’t expect anything more after he leaves. Get a clear idea of what he wants (how often he wants to see you, how he prefers to “sponsor” you and what his expectations are of you.) Good luck sweetie!

  257. stephan says:

    @All: For all those who have a personal sugar blog – There’s now a blog list on the right-hand sidebar of the blog that you may add your blog to!

    The new list is near the top of the sidebar. To add your blog, click the ‘more’ link at the bottom of the list 🙂 Blogs will be listed automatically by the number of incoming links to this blog. If you have any questions or need help, let me know: stephan (at) seekingarrangement dot com

  258. Msdiiva says:

    Morning Sugars!
    Have anyone ever had a short term arrangement, like someone visiting town for a few weeks? How did it go? I’m talking to someone who’s visiting my town, and I’m not sure how to handle it, like p4p, and how much. He’s looking for someone to go out with such as dinners, and such, and offered 500/day…And also brought up the possibility of us seeing each other when he comes back in town if it works well this time around. a little help? thanks!:)

  259. Gemi says:

    Hahaha I have to say that the “private photo” option when I rejoined SA frankly scared me…I didn’t want to see nakee photos of men right off the bat!! lol until I realized it was just a nice way of being more “private” while out in the open. I might utilize it when I make a new profile, not sure yet.

  260. carebear says:

    the private picture feature did nothing but become a nuisance to me…..i used it to post more personal/real life pictures…things you would find on my facebook…instead of people emailing me to say hi, they would just request more pictures without saying anything. rude.

    now i have a note in my profile saying “more pictures are available for those that are polite and nice”….seems to work well

  261. Bela says:

    select, not selective. Sorry, I’m multitasking 🙂

  262. Bela says:

    Not So Sweet – Potential or not, he was not authentic. My private pic has a body pic, but since it’s of me in a bikini, I prefer that it be viewable to a selective few. I don’t think the feature is exclusive to adult pictures, and I don’t think I would want an SD who would want a woman who’s so eager to show her naked body to strangers.

  263. Not So Sweet says:

    Hey All!!! I lurk mostly but I decide to comment on this because I can relate to Cleo. I am having the worst luck here in “sugarland.” I recently had a guy who requested to see my private pictures and became upset when there were no naked pictures. This irritated me because I thought he had potential. Am I missing something? Is the private picture feature supposed to be used for that purpose. The confusing thing is that he specifically stated that he was not looking for an escort!!! hmmm…..I don’t feel sweet. 🙁

  264. Sara says:

    @ KIACS- It sounds like you have the right idea doll, I am sure you will all the quality women in the world. I love that you appreciate what each sugar has to offer individually and just like the woman for the woman.

  265. Mistress Molly says:

    Good Morning everyone!! 😀

  266. Bela says:

    KIACS – I think NC Heels is right. You have the right attitude, and whatever you’re looking for, if you’re honest about it, you’ll do fine. I know there are women on here looking for a husband or their next soulmate, but there are also women on here who are just looking for a great lover who will enhance the quality of their life.


  267. SD currently in Australia says:


    I’m in Freo until the end of the week, myself. Wish I could pop over to meet and share stories.

    This trip has been great for me so far.


  268. Hey Noir – gimme a couple of days to ponder. I have a couple of resolutions to finesse.

    I am in Sydney today, saw the sights with my daughter, en route to meet the extended family for a 2 week vacay. The 4 major Bs will be in place – beach, beer, barbies, and babes. And of course, the 4 Fs – friends, family, food, and procreation.

  269. Noir says:

    Hey Alleycat, long time no see(totally my fault though, I’ve been mia from the sugar blog). What are your sugar resolutions…if any?

  270. SDiva says:

    Well I contemplated just letting SA go. I haven’t found anything over here but fakes. Could be the location thing for me as well. I may try revamp the profile if I have the energy. I’m already feeling too old in my mid-twenties. Seems like it was easier when I was younger.

  271. Dream says:

    Sorry for the repetition of “but”

  272. Dream says:

    hi sugar family
    I’m new to SA but not so new to sugar dating but was too young and naive to take full advantage of it. So here I am trying to make the best of it this time around. Wish me luck!

  273. NYC SB says:

    Aww kiacs you are making me blush

  274. NC Heels says:

    @Kid in a Candy Store
    It seems you have the right attitude… I think what you are looking for is out there. You’ve provided some interesting insights thus far.

  275. NC Heels says:

    I forgot to add…I think it’s best to be upfront about exactly what you want, preferably out of the bedroom. You guys either match up or you don’t. I’ll admit I’m still a little shell-shocked, but I have no regrets about standing up for what I wanted, only that I did it a bit too late. He did not like what I had to say and he told me to leave..all because I asked for my end of the deal! I had a slight intuitive twinge that something may not go right and look what happened…follow those instincts! It’s better not to have sugar than to be used or treated badly.

  276. Kid In A Candy Store says:

    NYC SB: Your comment about 80% of the men on the site looking to have sex with as many women as possible hit close to home with me. As I replied to OC Sugar earlier, I was a little worried about choosing my blog name for that exact perception. But . . . it’s true, and I think it IS something that these types of sites make possible. (If I printed out the profiles of all the women who seem willing to make a straight sex-for-money trade, I’d be able to stand on it and change a light bulb!)

    I’m finally out of a disappointingly sex-less decade-plus marriage. So when I first jumped in the sugar bowl, it won’t shock anyone to learn that i was mainly looking for . . . sex. And that’s not hard for guys to find here. It really DOES lead to a “kid in a candy store” mentality that you say applies to 80% of the guys here. I won’t challenge your characterization. You know the guys here better than me!

    Like I said, my sugar resolution this New Year is quality over quantity. We’ll see if I can pull it off, or if I fall back into easy temptation. But I know the beauty+brains combo is out there – and not ALL of them are as out of my league as NYC SB!

  277. NC Heels says:


    Good idea on revamping…I may need a day to think it all over. Not sure if I want to renew the search or work on “life stuff.” It’s sometimes hard to do both. How do I get your email?

  278. NC Heels says:

    Not sure if you’re talking about my post but I think so…I will tell you from my experience, a real SD should be forthcoming with that. I truly feel he should make it easy as he is assuming less risk in my opinion. You can let things develop, but explain to him that your time and effort is valuable. I would not move forward with any type of intimacy developing without half of the allowance upfront. I would just say be cautious and maintain that boundary until he is more forthcoming, but don’t let him take advantage of you by having date after date…remember some of these men have more experience than us SBs in the world of negotiations… I don’t regret standing up to mine, I would’ve have contemplated murder if I had let him use me.

  279. OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

    Did he give you permission to view? I would not worry, but if they are creepy nakee ones ick.

  280. OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

    TexaSugah-What?! No way. He is not a SD he is a BS’er. You know the gut feeling is yours how do you read this one?

  281. TexaSugah says:

    Typing on an “I” anything causes way too many typos… Speaking of private photos OC, guy today has private pics. I’m concerned. Lol

  282. TexaSugah says:

    Well crap! After reading that I’m concerned about the pot that I met with today. This was date 2 and the allowance deal came up. He said he wanted to see how we developed before giving a full allowance.

    I called him on it, saying I’d read of men who slept with women and didn’t contribute. I went on to say that I understood the male side as well. However, I didn’t plan to be a sugar casuality.

    He said to sleep on it and to email him. The rest of the conversation was really great.

    Is this cheesy? I met him on SA… I feel more comfortable with SD.com guys. I dunno.


  283. OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

    NYC SB I totally agree with the need for new/quality members. If it were up to me I would run a press campaign and in parallel offer a two week free offer to SDs. With the right press it could very well drive the quality members to the front door. (Brandon that is a free-bie, details will be at a much higher rate).
    But I think they did this in the past. The biggest bang for their marketing dollars was the post in the NYT. It reached far and wide. I know that many men in the 500-800k income range joined and stayed in the sugar bowl for at least a year.

    Cleo- NYE and NY Day are the biggest search days..

  284. cleo says:

    nyc sb there is a LOT to be said for a man you can spend two days with and not kill!

    i don’t actually think it’s me, i just get frustrated and hormonal sometimes 🙂 i am starting to recognize a lot of the sd’s. i do like the ‘wink’ thing, it’s a nice way to make the first move without being too pushy. it seems to get me better responses than a full email.
    ocsb: i am TOTALLY doing that!

    what is the biggest search day of the year?
    ncheels don’t worry milady, my self esteem is fine, i just don’t understand this site! i think you should just sell the bags or whatever, why keep things you loathe?

  285. NYC SB says:

    Cleo – I don’t think its you… The “sd” on this site are of poor quality… About 80% are just looking to have sex with as many women as possible …since I rejoined I have replied to less than 10 emails and met one man…the one I met was great and generous but I am thinking it won’t go anywhere due to his travel schedule and my lack of flexibility when it comes to travel. The rest were not even worth my time. Half of them have been on the site since I first joined too so I am not seeing many new members.

    Snowed in today… 29 inches to be exact… Got snowed in with NYC (not so) exSD … Turns out we can spend 2 days together and still like each other 🙂 I guess my best bet is to take him back and not look for a new SD because the quality of men on here is not what it once used to be

  286. OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

    By the way, if you are thinking of creating a new FRESH profile for the new year, don’t do it on NYE or NY day… it will not be approved for days! Do it now and be active on one of the biggest search days. ok, back to my Pinot…

  287. OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

    @NC – The Universe is one nasty … well you can fill in the blank. Sugar should never dominate your life, thoughts or decisions!
    My advice, not that you asked but for what it’s worth, change your approach. You can shake it up and make it a New Year Sugar jump start. Create a new profile with a new set of pictures. Make the first one a lovely shot without your head. (email me and I can give more details) then make your full picture *private*… Yes PRIVATE! It is like a special club that they can’t get into unless they have permission. It is a fabulous marketing tactic. SD’s cover your eyes and don’t read further!
    You will challenge them and use your mind to get their curiosity going. Men are visual and they will WANT to see your private pictures. Not that they are naked pictures, but just your full body shots showing your face. Let’s talk and I can help you 🙂

  288. NC Heels says:


    I hope you are not too down on yourself. You are in good company. I think it’s the economy, geography, the quality of SDs declining, etc. My search this time around has been more frustrating than ever, and I have been questioning whether it is time to move on with life (away from sugar) and find my own way to make money, have success, etc. There have only been sprinkles and then I’m left with some expensive handbag I loathe because I associate it with something hurtful…. I was actually at the point of comsummating an arrangement and it fell apart as he was not prepared to uphold his end of the deal. I drove 140 miles round trip to be yelled at.

    As much as I feel I would be an awesome mistress to a great guy, I have had more diappointments than I would really care to admit to. Merry Christmas to me! LOL

    I guess my point is to say we all feel this sometimes…It may be the universe’s or God’s way of telling us this is not our thing…or maybe we are giving up too easily. We must decide for ourselves. Sugar is not everything and it’s dangerous when it dominates your thoughts to the point of passing other opportunities by… I just want you to know you are not the only one who feels that way…not everyone is just rolling in sugar. I think there are other things out there!

  289. Bela says:

    Sugar Resolutions…that’s a bit of a toughie. After finding a great SD, I guess to be the best babie I can be.

  290. Noir says:

    Hello my fellow Sugars….My sugar resolutions are:
    1. To make sure any and all pot’s clearly understand what will and will not be tolerated.
    2. Not to settle for sugar because, no one will be happy.
    3. Most important of all, enjoy the sugar life to the fullest.

  291. cleo says:

    gemi: i left them in their boxes a LOT last year and this year have decided that that is the LAMEST thing ever so now i wear them and then lovingly rub salt remover all over them and carefully replace them in their boxes *grin*

    urban outfitters dot com actually had my vicky mustangs – i was SO happy! these aren’t entirely regular though, the heidi’s are pretty dressy… love them though and often wear them under long pants just to enjoy being 6’4

  292. Gemi says:

    cleo- there was a pair of knee-high leather frye boots in red last year…. i think they *may* have been button-ups? omg to die for. and too expensive for my budget, and never did find them on sale. so I’m slightly jealous that you have such nice boots to wear out and about on a regular basis…all my “nice” boots are more special occasion and less here there and everywhere

  293. cleo says:

    OCSB since i work in bare feet and pilates clothing i LIVE to dress up… i yearn to wear silly shoes and sexy dresses and the like.

    and yes, you are right, frye makes art that you can wear… i fell in love with both the vicky mustang and the heidi buckle teal last year and managed to get them on sale! this year i am not allowed to buy ANY MORE BOOTS!!! lol

  294. cleo says:

    OCSB: i have always wanted a pair of stupidly expensive shoes, i’m curious if they’re actually any more comfortable… my frye’s are better than most so i’m inclined to believe they might be! i know that generally more expensive clothing FITS like it costs more…

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Cleo-I am a shoo’ee (shoe sugar) but that is more a necessary evil for my work attire than my sugar sweet tooth. Sill my favorite pair of well worn UGG’s sit front and center in my closet. Maybe Freud would say that I love bright and shiny but secretly desire comfort? Darn you AM, now I am blogging and drinking! LOL

      BTW – Frye boots are fabulous!

  295. cleo says:

    OCSB: the only shoes you can walk in are your own i guess, no manolos here but i do have some lovely frye boots… *g*

    i know how wonderful sugar can be because i’ve seen my friends receive it, i’d just like to experience it myself is all 🙂 is it fair that at this point i look in the mirror? i mean i changed my exterior and my style of dress and started living up to the woman my parents raised me to be… i wish i knew what more i could do you know?

    why am i candy to young men and of such little interest to SD’s? i would really love to know 🙂
    molly: please do NOT apologize, that was one of the better typos of the day 🙂

  296. Gemi says:

    Hmm sugar resolutions???

    To find a sugar arrangement that perfectly fits what I want/need and that seemlessly integrates itself into my life.

    That seems to be the hardest part…finding one that will fit without upsetting the rest of my life in some way.

    I’m learning so much as a I go along…. I’m changing and modifying things as I learn more about this lifestyle… trying to figure out what will really work for me.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Gemi- you have it right, what works for YOU 🙂 xxoo

      AM- my wine sugar mate! I was just thinking that it was just about cocktail hour!

  297. Mistress Molly says:

    LOL…no apologies from me with the typos… 😉

  298. cleo says:

    mistress molly i love that you typoed while telling us you were drinking *grin* – methinks kiacs will do fine with his attitude… as for me, i feel really amazing about 2011 for my business and i’ve been making some really positive changes in my personal life so yeah, i think it will be a lovely year.

    as for sugar? i would love to be swept off my feet by a real SD!
    speaking of people coming out of the woodwork, does anyone know how SDNEOhio, NYGent, NYJames and SincereSD are doing?

  299. Mistress Molly says:

    Good evening everyone!!! I’ve been drinking one of my Christmas prestents..lol 😉

    Welcome KIACS! Good to see a new face here 😀 Hope you find a lovely sugar to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours!!!

    Cleo ~ 2011 will be good to you…sugar and otherwise!

  300. cleo says:

    OCSugarBaby: i kind of feel like i’ve kept the faith for a long time with very little to show for it. i would so love to get hit with a 5lb bag of sugar, if i didn’t truly believe i had exactly the right mental makeup for this i would have given up long ago… but it’s hard lady it’s really hard.
    KIACS: i wasn’t suggesting that you were saying that, only how funny i think it is that so many people assume you must be stupid if you’re a stunning woman. have actually had a man tell me “don’t worry your pretty little head about it” – lol – still can’t get over that one *grin*

    there’s a very fine line between cocky and confident, between liking yourself and being high on yourself… i’m not sure i know anyone who walks it entirely successfully but i think i would choose for positive attitude and a little cocky over negative attitude and not high on themselves… hope you know what i mean, i am failing to articulate

    [re your comment to ocsb – that’s how i took your name btw]

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Cleo- I understand. Walking in another’s Manolo’s is not easy. Your journey is just that, your own special sugar mission. I have broken my heel on some very wobbly cobble stones along the way.

  301. Kid In A Candy Store says:

    OC: Oh, and I like boobie pics as much as the next guy. I just know there’s a time and a place for them – and an initial email is NOT that time or place! It’s amazing (and sad, too) how far a little respect goes these days.

  302. Kid In A Candy Store says:

    Cleo: I’ve never assumed that stunning women are stupid. They’re just as likely to be smart or stupid as anyone else. But finding the RIGHT combination – in someone who wants a sugar arrangement, and isn’t full of herself, is a little harder. But by no means impossible!

    OC: I actually hesitated before picking this name because I didn’t want the women reading the blog to think I was taking them or the sugar bowl for granted. I’ve corresponded with women here on the blog who have everything I’m looking for – and it amazes me when they tell me how difficult it is for them to find a decent SD. I’m “for real” and I think I’m a pretty good guy – but I’ve never had an easier time meeting fantastic women than right now. It may be because I’m single, self-employed, and I still have all my hair – but I can’t help but think there’s SOME demographic factor working in my favor. And that’s why I picked the name – yes, I FEEL like a kid in a candy shop, but don’t think there’s any reason I’m ENTITLED to feel that way.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      KIACS– That is great! Demographic’s do play a part in it all. I’m just picky, very very picky!
      My newest sugar had to tread lightly and wear a cup. HAHA~ Kidding of course! But kind of true.
      He got to know me very well over the past 6 months and gently won me over. All in the real world
      realm, not on SA.

  303. cleo says:

    KIACS/OC i have NEVER understood why people assume that stunning women are stupid, in my experience it’s nearly always the EXACT opposite!

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Cleo- when you least expect to find the perfect sugar mix it will hit you like a 5lb sack of raw sugar! Keep the faith and it will happen 🙂

  304. cleo says:

    bela: yes but you don’t have to say never right? i mean you can at least say that you’ve had *a* successful arrangement? i came close twice but lost out to a) the economy and b) pair of roommates (serious)
    texasugah: thank you. i actually think i’m more likely to end up in a non-sugar friends with benefits or something… i was so sure sugar was for me. was utterly convinced, but it’s hard to keep believing it when you watch others go from success to success and you don’t even make it off the starting blocks.

    i want to blame my location but there are several successful sugars in toronto so i guess i have to look in the mirror. interesting because when i go out in public i get TONS more male attention (since i chucked the weight and died my hair) but all from men considerably younger.

    thanks for the hugs, it’s that kind of day
    candy store: i know what you mean actually. i think it’s a somewhat normal progression, you dive in looking for youth without cellulite and then realize that maybe a little wisdom might be okay. *grin*

    that said, i hear that fairly regularly, that men want a woman who keeps up with them and even challenges them; but i seem to see those men again and again ending up with “arm candy” while saying they want brains.

    i thought i had it made, brains PLUS being stunning (that is the word that literally everyone who describes me uses, i wouldn’t have been quite so err nice lol) plus table manners *chuckles* but it seems that the kind of man who seeks out such women is extremely rare. what might you suggest i do to better attract your kind of man?

    i know what you mean, when i was young i thought anyone over 30 was old, when i was in my late 20s i was dating into the mid forties and now suddenly i find myself ogling the silver foxes and looking at the 20 year olds as way too young to bother with. it’s not entirely true, i have several really amazing friends who are under 25 but i consider them to be (in a lot of ways) the exceptions that prove the rule.

    i know sdinla had a lot of luck with young sb’s but he had a sort of ready made way in with access to college campuses. otherwise i think it’s probably easiest to just skew a little older….

    britney spears isn’t classic rock??? *faints*

  305. Kid In A Candy Store says:

    OC – yep, longtime lurker, first-time caller. It’s a new year, and I finally feel like I have enough experiences to add something to the discussion.

  306. Kid In A Candy Store says:

    OC – I love your avatar pic. And beauty and brains have NEVER been mutually exclusive. Why settle for less than both?

    Having said that, it seems to be easier for us guys to find what we’re looking for – hence the “Kid In A Candy Store” blog name. Maybe there’s just a favorable male-female ratio. Or maybe I’ve just learned to avoid the “no-no’s” that irritate so many women. (Guys, really, if you just want nakey pictures, I have it on good authority that you can find them on the Internet.)

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      KIACS – Thanks, gum drops are my favorite sugar indulgence. Oh who am I kidding I love all candy! I have fun with my avatar and change it often. I will need to look for a Valentine Avatar soon!
      Your blog name at first bristled me but that is because so many men think it is a man’s candy dish here on SA. Perhaps it is and I just don’t see it that way or want to. Your name is actually cute! Your gentle kind words will win over a blog sugar in record time. Hmmm now we have so many that should be waving at you shortly 😉

      Agreed, Nakee pictures are just faceless boobs asking for more of the same… faceless boobies

      Hang on! Your sugar dance card is or will in record time FILL up with some real lovely sugars 😉

  307. Kid In A Candy Store says:

    @ Cleo: I’m not looking for age, specifically – but I AM looking for maturity and security – which are things I didn’t look for when I first dove into the sugar bowl.

    I’ve met ignorant and irresponsible 23-year-old girls who can’t seem to pay the rent on their own. And I’ve met bright, accomplished 23-year-old women with careers that are as promising as mine was at that age. I want that educated, accomplished woman who can think on her feet and has something to SAY.

    I’ve been to college and grad school, worked for political names that everyone on this blog would recognize, and founded several companies. Ive worked hard and been lucky in my professional life. (Funny thing about luck – the harder I work, the luckier I get.) I want to spend my limited sugar time with someone who appreciates that success and isn’t intimidated by it. I want a woman who can keep up with my mind and even challenge me! There are smart, thoughtful, and sexy women right here on this blog who can do that.

    I’m learning ,after a year or so, that the woman I’m looking for is likely to be older than the typical SB. And while I wouldn’t have expected to look for someone older, I’m fine with it. When I was in my 20s, the 20-year-old women looked good. When I was in my 30s, the 20-year old women still looked good, and so did the 30-year-olds. Now that I’m in my mid-40s, I think you ALL look pretty good! Since my marriage ended, I’ve gone out with women in the early 20s to their late 40s. (Okay, I’m not *quite* ready to play the “Senior Tour,” but when I am, I’ll like that too.)

    I certainly don’t rule out the younger women. But I suspect there are a lot of guys here looking for *just* arm candy. And if they limit themselves to the girls who think Britney Spears is “classic rock,” well, they’ll miss a lot of women who are every bit as easy on the eye AND offer a whole lot more.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      KIACS– you will find that many look for numerous combinations of sugar. My sugar fix comes from the Senior Tour (50+), who appreciates over educated stunning looks of the over 35 crowd 😉 Welcome to the blog… you have been lurking?

  308. TexasSugah says:

    Cleo love I’m shocked to read that from. You are lovely and articulate. Really in every sense of the word. I totally understand the frustration. I haven’t had an arrangement. Just a dusting and now perhaps.. But after how long.

    Youth is not the end all be all. I’ve never written more ” born too late emails” than now. Mid-30s is too young.
    SA isn’t the spot for a lot of cultured men, in my experience. The few I have seen are on the blog. A lot of looking for sex only.

    I have corresponded with really only 2 decent men. One is frustration sugar and the pot today.

    It’ll happen love. You are too wonderful.

    A hug dear heart.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Sugar Arrangement Resolutions?
      Yes, mine is in full swing!
      Moving on, keeping my chin up and my sweet tooth satisfied.
      I have a lovely new sugar that I still am keeping in the wings until
      the 1st of the year. His final sugar offer was just what I was seeking and
      then some! Met in in as a IRL Sugar not on SA.
      Jumping in with both Manolo’s once again…

      Lisa and TexasSugah I will be close enough to meet for lunch 🙂

  309. Lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone.
    well back from making cremation arrangments, dad’s remains will be delivered to mom’s home on friday. very nice of the funeral staff to save us the trip on the bus. undertaker was ultra creepy…. I have only been in a funeral home in 25 years and then it was just for the actual funeral, this undertaker looked the part…. very nice but very creepy, eek. they filled out the info for the death certificate today and well should know the actual cause of death whenever the doctor releases the information and signs the certificate. there was something on the file from the hospital about a septical infection, not sure what that is.

    going to take my walk now and then pick my daughter up after work.

    resolutions for 2011:

    To be a happier person

  310. Bela says:

    AWW Cleo – For the record, I haven’t had an official sugar relationship in quite a long time. Granted, part of that was because I was in an IRL relationship, but the other part is for the simple reason that it hasn’t worked out.

  311. cleo says:

    kid in a candy store: women like me (and midwest and lisa etc) really like the sounds of men like you. it’s nice to see the ones who aren’t just chasing youth 🙂 and you’re right, there are many here exactly like that (here on SA *and* here on the blog lol)

  312. cleo says:

    i don’t know how i feel about sugar anymore. after more than a year in the bowl, dozens of dates, dozens and dozens of emails to me and probably hundreds from me and no sugar other than a dusting that was more tease than anything? i’m starting to believe that in spite of the fact that people call me stunning and my giant brain *grin* and some serious sexual skills plus wit and competence that maybe i’m not meant to be a sugar after all

    i know that sincere sd at least believes that i am too straight and don’t act like a silly 20 year old girl enough to EVER get a sugar but i really thought i was at least a bit of a unique gem or something

    funnily enough this isn’t about self esteem, i’ve never felt better about myself… but sugar? *shrug*

    i love you guys so i’ll visit but i don’t know why i still search… and don’t even get me started on watching literally every single blogger find an arrangement but me… (i know a lot have ended but i’ve NEVER HAD ONE)

  313. Kid In A Candy Store says:

    First time posting on the blog. I’ve been in the Sugar Bowl for about a year now, and for a guy who’s actually serious about it, yes, it’s like being a kid in a candy store. But my resolution for 2011 is to favor quality over quantity. I’m looking for women (NOT girls) who engage my mind and all my senses, not just the obvious. And I know there are plenty of them out looking!

  314. Lily says:

    That didn’t make sense.

    I meant that my resolution for 2011 is to continue to enjoy riding this wave I’m on now and savor every moment.

  315. Lily says:


    Keep thing as sugary sweet as they are at present, I *so* cannot complain.

  316. Anna Molly says:

    That’s a good resolution Sara!

  317. Sara says:

    I would like to add to my sugar resolution: NO MORE CREEPERS

  318. Anna Molly says:

    Do you have any New Years resolutions for your Sugarlife?

    Hmmmm, not sure….I will get back to you on that 🙂

  319. GenuineSD says:

    Do you think relationships are going back to being ‘arranged’, but by individuals instead of families?
    I think arrangements fit a niche in ways people choose to interact.
    They are are great for those who have the desire, and the ability to manage the interaction.

    Do you have any New Years resolutions for your Sugarlife?
    Only to maximize both halves of the sugar-equation. I’m very lucky to be in a great win-win situation… that makes it fun and easy.

  320. Sara says:

    @ NYCSB – oddly enough, I was so excited about being 1st, it took my second visit to realize I was quoted! lol

    On to the questions:

    I like to think that everyone is more liberated and with that liberation comes more openness and assertiveness. So it is only fitting that this new, open and assertive society, would be more comfortable discussing what they want out of an arrangement from the get go.

    My sugar resolutions are quite simply: Take less shit and get more shit. basically I am taking it all more seriously and I am putting up with less ridiculousness. I am in the sugar bowl to have fun and I am going enjoy every minute of it from now on.

  321. Third World SB says:

    The days that I wake up at 6 AM and am on the streets taking photographs by 7 are always the best days. I am glad chai only costs like $.15 here and is available literally on every street corner.

  322. NYC SB says:

    Fitting since you are quoted 🙂