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Find me a Diamond Daddy? Diamonds are no longer just for girls.


Our “Diamond Club” membership for Sugar Daddies was first introduced 2 years ago because a Sugar Daddy member contacted us and told us he would pay the development cost if we introduce a method to “certify” his profile, and to then display his profile prominently to all Sugar Babies who use SeekingArrangement.com. He wanted the Diamond club to be an exclusive membership only for the selected few, and he suggest we limit the program to no more than 2 diamond Sugar Daddies per state or country (for the smaller countries).


Diamonds are for Daddies Too

Instead of limiting the exclusivity of the Diamond club to a specific number of Sugar Daddies by location, we decided to price the product high, very high – at $1250.00 for a year. The result was expected because only 1 or 2 Sugar Daddies would sign up for this program each month. The problem: most Sugar Daddies do not plan on searching for their Sugar Babies for more than a few months at the most! Many Sugar Daddies are afraid that being a diamond daddy would imply they are branded as “playboys”.

So while the program was very successful in many ways, it seems Diamonds are just not for most Sugar Daddies …. that is, until now!

This week, we introduced the monthly “Diamond club” membership for Sugar Daddies, and we’ve since averaged 1 diamond certification a day! To keep the membership exclusive, we will be limiting the number of diamond membership we sell to no more than 2% of our sugar daddy members.

“I get thousands of emails. Thousands!” proclaims Ady, our DiamondDaddy who was featured on 20/20. John Stossel, the host of 20/20, continues, “It works so well, Ady says he has to turn his profile off Monday through Friday”.

While we are not able to promise our Diamond Daddies they will in fact get thousands of emails like Ady does, we can safely say from statistics, that Diamond members will generally receive up to 20 times the number of emails or responses.

One of the biggest complaints sugar babies have about sugar daddies on any dating website are the bad apples amongst them. Our Diamond program is aimed at solving this problem. Diamond daddies subject their net-worth and income to our verification and have to agree to our strict code of conduct – i.e., to treat all sugar babies they meet on our website with respect.

Diamond Babies? Are Diamonds for Babies too?


On my Facebook account (www.Facebook.com/AskBrandonWade), Belle Sugar Baby asked, “Is there anyway to be a distinguished SB on SA? I know there are diamond members for sugar daddies… What is the equivalent for Sugar Babies?” And her views are seconded by Blonde Sugar and Laci Sugar.

So, now that Diamonds are for Daddies, it’s time for us to make Diamonds available for the Babies too. Because of your feedback, we are now working on a Diamond certification program for the Sugar Babies as well, and will hopefully be launching that before the end of next month. I’m eager to find out, and to announce, who our first Diamond Baby will be!

What do you think of the Diamond club / certification program?

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440 Responses to “Find me a Diamond Daddy? Diamonds are no longer just for girls.”

  1. Michael Alleycat says:

    new blog subject

  2. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Me too! One of the best lines ever!

  3. NYC SB says:

    Hehe I love sex and the city 🙂 feel better sara

  4. Sara says:

    I know NYCSB already said this when she was sick, but how appropriate is it, that on the weekend I am sick, this episode of Sex and the City is on.

    “Honey, I can barely blow my nose, let alone you”
    -Samantha Jones

  5. Carebear says:


  6. Carebear says:

    Spent the week snowed in ordering room service With Sd or eating out in the city wih potentials, almost back to square one =( having fish and spinach tonight.

    How about you? Are you aqua man yet?

  7. Carebear – how’s the body re-shaping going?

  8. Carebear says:

    Snaps for lils, happy you’re happy! Are you visiting us soon???? =)

    Traveling also in 10 days! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!

    Genuine/Sara (and genuine Sara)- you guys should visit my moms house before it sells….was used in the patriot, which she was the casting agent for! Worked for screen gems in Wilmington for 10 years doing supporting and extras casting, 2 rooms in her house are dedicated to memorabilia.

  9. Sara says:

    @ Genuine- autographed is incredible! Mine is just regular old first edition. I love antiques, and go to garage sales and thrift stores with my mom a lot looking for antiques. I refinish them. So that is where I found all of my first editions.

  10. Lily says:

    TLG – why yes, I’m just about to get on a plane. 🙂
    I love to travel. Doing it frequently in the nearterm future.
    February is gonna be a great month, methinks!

  11. GenuineSD says:

    @Sara… I think not ! I was in a rare book shop recently and saw an autographed Breakfast at Tiffany’s… a non-trivial investment, also. Mine was a gift, almost 20 years ago…

  12. Sara says:

    @ Genuine- wow, that kicks my 1st edition of truman capote’s breakfast at tiffany’s ass.

    @ Reach the Beach – yeah the company is nice, the cold makes me miserable.

  13. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Sara – Well, if you’re gonna be sick, you picked GREAT company…the blog, Audrey and Marilyn! I have all those movies and they remind me to keep an eye out for romance 🙂

    GenuineSD – Thank you..he’s already won us over completely. I was silly to have put this off for so long. A rescue lab is definitely in your future!

    TexasSugah – I like the “less stress” approach too. As for education…Smart is sexy and it comes in many forms. I know so many people who don’t have a formal education and are brilliant and those with a formal education who can’t carry on an intelligent conversation. Remember that many gents are white knights in disguise (I believe Michael had his white horse out for a ride earlier), so mentoring is a wonderful way for them to enrich our lives.

    OK…more homework to finish.

  14. GenuineSD says:

    as in one of… yes. it was used by somebody doing lighting. not one of the principals (I wish !)

  15. Carebear says:

    Here’s to lookin at you kid

  16. Sara says:

    @ Genuine- The script? as in an original?

  17. GenuineSD says:

    @Sara… Oh no! All you can do is take care and outlast it…
    I have the script to Casablanca as well as the movie…. an awesome classic…

  18. Sara says:

    @ NYGENT – I agree with NYCSB. Since we are talking about a specific SB, the only way to get a real answer is to ask.

    @ Reach the Beach- I know topics come up time and time again (in fact I am probably guilty of it myself), but I do enjoy Carebear’s way of putting it.

    @ GenuineSD- Thank you so much, unfortunately I am only getting worse. I don’t see myself getting out of bed in the near future. 🙁 I have Casablancas, Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and How to steal a Million to keep me company.

    @ Texas- I get a lot of men who appreciate that I have 3 degrees and am working on my master’s as well. My theory is, if you just want someone hot to sleep with, get prostitute, if you want more get an SB.

  19. TexaSugah says:

    RTB – you know what… You are completely right.

    I’m just not big on hipcrosy. Anyway, I mentioned it. He played it off.. Moving on. We’ll do our thing til it’s not fun..

    Allowance- yeah, there’s so many variables. I look at it as.. How much time is spent, how much dispoable income does the sugar have and really how great the chemistry is. Oh did I mention time involved. I get asked that by sugars all the time.

    I haven’t had a full time.. I don’t have time to invest. Perhaps now…

    Michael has a great point- does a womans education make a difference? For the sugars I talk to, my education is huge. The fact I speak 3 languages and have knowledge of another is sexy. But that’s what they are into. Other men like the bad girl image, or the Boho funky deal. The more layers the better I’d say.

  20. GenuineSD says:

    @TLG. Yep. Out of town for the weekend… Work calls…. Sigh…

  21. The Lone Gunman says:

    Gooooood Mooooorning Sugar Blog!

    Getting ready to do a quick travel out of town, then next week it’s back to the Land Downunder!!

    Anyone else puttering around away from home this weekend?


  22. GenuineSD says:

    Good morning all !
    @RTB wow ! Samson huh ? Great name for a cat, I’m sure he’s a great addition to the family.
    There’s a rescue Lab calling my name right now…. May have an adoption soon…

    @Sara Hope you’re feeling better…The weather’s too nice to be down with a cold!

    @ Carebear… Awesome summary of the allowance discussions !!! love it !

  23. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Morning sugars!

    Sara, care – we see repeat topics come up regularly…sometimes to vent and others for a genuine need for advice. I’m sure you understand. 🙂

    NYGent – would it help to pick ranges within your range?

    TexasSugah- It’s impossible to determine motives. It is a LOT less stressful to not look at profiles once you’ve made contact. It will make you crazy wondering what they are up to. It’s a bit like regular dating…you cannot account for how they spend their free time so ypu have to either trust them or trust your instincts. Difference is this is sugar with no strings and no drama. I do get the contradictions, but you may have to either move on or figure out if it’s worth it.

    Love it when the house smells like blueberries!

  24. Lily says:

    Hiya AM!!!!

  25. Anna Molly says:

    Good mornin’ everyone! 😀

  26. Dandelion Wine says:

    NY Gent, the target demographic is usually hedge fund managers and F-500 C-suite for whom it makes better financial sense to have this type of arrangement rather than marrying and ending up paying 10 times that each month in alimony

  27. NYC SB says:

    NY Gent – it doesnt hurt to reach out and ask her … when I have a range up its usually to weed out people. We can speculate as to her motives but really unless you ask you will never know whether she truly wants that amount/is weeding out fakes/insert whatever other reason one might have for wanting 10-20k.

    having said that i am turning in… bacon festival and work await tomorrow… SD passed out already… got him nice and drunk 🙂

    • SD Guru says:


      Perhaps you forgot about this discussion we had back in August when I wrote:

      I usually look at whatever is listed for expected allowance in SB profiles with a grain of salt. There are SB’s who consider the amount of allowance as their most important criteria and therefore will not be flexible. And there are SB’s who consider the amount of allowance along with other factors and are willing to be flexible. Then there are SB’s who purposely put a large amount to weed out the undesirables but are willing to consider less. You won’t know what type you’re dealing with until you contact them. Once you figure out what you’re dealing with then you can proceed accordingly.

      By the way, when are you going to come up with a new scree name to keep up with your brethren? 🙂

  28. Anna Molly says:

    Hi NYGent! Good to see you too! 😀

    There could be all kinds of reasons why girls are asking for those allowances. Maybe they’re hoping to get lucky and hit the jackpot or maybe they have gotten allowances like that in the past. Who knows, anything is possible…right?

  29. Sara says:

    @ Carebear- “Feel like we’ve had the allowance discussion about a dozen times in the last 60 days. Do we really need to instigate another argument over who is worth how much and why everyone is wrong with their expectations and no one is a prostitute and no one wants a prostitute but all there is on the site are prostitutes and all men want prostitutes?”

    This is why I love you. lol

  30. Anna Molly says:

    I’ve been freezing my butt off up here! -30 the other morning, now THAT’S cold!! 😀

  31. Anna Molly says:

    Oh Michael, how are you surviving in such harsh, cold, conditions! You poor thing! Don’t you have a snuggie? 😉

  32. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    NY Gent – I agree. Granted there are some who ask in that range and I could be interested in looking. But the reality is that Phoenix is a different city than LA or NYC, and SBs are looking for much lower allowances. Most allowance ranges here are $3-$5k, with a few in the $5-10k range. And yes, that can be a legitimate negotiation strategy, which is fine.

    But there are some profiles I see in Phoenix – they are 20, average build, high school, tattoos and want to be pampered, in the $10-$20k range. I just laugh and move on.

  33. Carebear says:

    Feel like we’ve had the allowance discussion about a dozen times in the last 60 days. Do we really need to instigate another argument over who is worth how much and why everyone is wrong with their expectations and no one is a prostitute and no one wants a prostitute but all there is on the site are prostitutes and all men want prostitutes?

    Just sayin. Blog has been through that debate too many times.

    Nygent, perhaps you just have expensive taste. Take it at that.

  34. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    Am at home as well … looking forward to a quiet night. Party tomorrow night, dinner with #1 Sunday night. Chilly today here – only got to 68.

  35. NYGent says:

    Anna Molly, Cleo, good to see you!

    I wonder how much thought SBs put into their $ requests. I saw a profile today which interested me but the financial request was “10-$20K per month.” I guess there are SDs who might consider that range (though more IRL than on this sight, I would guess). But when you think about it it ‘s sort of absurd: $20K per month, assuming it’s structured in a nontaxable way (such as cash) = the equivalent of about $500K per year. An Sb who’s hoping to make half a million a year, pre-tax, for meeting maybe 4x a months is, well, hoping is a good word for it. I generally just pass right past these profiles but maybe i’m wrong, maybe it’s just a number thrown out there as a starting point for a negotiation and/or to weed out fake SDs? Those are legitimate strategies but I think net net such a high financial request in the profile just deters genuine SDs who would be willing to pay an allowance that bears some realistic relation to planet earth.
    welcome other views . . .


  36. TexaSugah says:


    PT who made a huge deal about me being online still told me he was fine with us. Guess what? He was just online. After specifically telling me to get off. Whatever.

    And this gets better. The guy I’m supposed to meet…. Well, I asked him about why his profile says he’s retired when he’s not. He said that he didn’t want to out his industry there. I said ohh ok. He then says it doesn’t matter really because we’re going to meet ad as far as he was concerned he was off the market.

    Ok so why did e update his profile. My deal is if you are looking around whatever. But dont BS.

    PT is too much drama. I’m very honest with him but he can’t seem to pull that off.

    What about new guy? I text him that he’s sending mixed messages. they are on different sites. Should new guy work out, I’d planned on chilling on the sugar hunt. 🙁

    Sara-I love CSI

  37. Sara says:

    @ AM/Cleo/Carebear- Im at home too. Sick in bed with a marathon of CSI.

  38. Carebear says:

    Am- I’m home also. Never shoveled my car out so I’m kind of stuck.

    Just rented easy a! I love Emma stone!

  39. TexaSugah says:

    Thank God it’s Friday. I had my ASS handed to ne this week.

    Thanks for the compliments Gail!

    RTB – I need to try that type of coffee. I love different types.

    Sugarbarbie- I agree with Anna molly. The sugar world is very diverse. I IRL date very well. The skills I’ve sharpened from sugar dating have helped.
    If I used SA only.. I’d be stuck. I’ve gotten nowhere from here. You might want to diversify.

  40. cleo says:

    i am too, but i have company?

  41. Anna Molly says:

    So, am I the only one sitting at home on Friday night?

  42. Anna Molly says:

    Thanks Cleo! 😀

    Hi Red! Good to see ya! 😀

  43. RedMaru says:

    Seeing alot more certifieds BTW. There are fifteen Diamond Club members

  44. RedMaru says:

    Happy Friday Sugars 😀
    Hey Lisa good to hear you sounding better. Hey Reach if you’re here keep warming
    Hi Anna Molly
    Hey any sugars here new and old!

  45. cleo says:

    AM: your happiness shines in your posts actually, it’s lovely to see!

  46. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Cleo! Yes, I’m happy indeed 😀

    I will be in touch my dear! 😉

  47. cleo says:

    i actually took my private photos down because i got so tired of the random requests. now i have one face, one full length and if that isn’t enough then tant pis, seek elsewhere. if they ask for more they get a candid, either me laughing on the floor or me wearing a pirate eye patch and making a funny face. i used to have a bikini photo up but i didn’t like the responses.
    anna molly: so i’m really curious, is this a new sd or did you and your ‘first sd’ work things out? so none of my business i know but i have a lot in common with my cats!! if you don’t want to answer on the blog then beach, midwest, nyc sb, lily etc have my email… if you don’t want to answer at all i totally respect it it’s just nice to see you so happy 🙂

  48. Anna Molly says:

    OOOPS, there is a typo in my last post….should say together not thogether. That is what I get when I type and talk on the phone at the same time.

  49. Anna Molly says:

    Sugarbarbie ~ You’ll find the right SD, I promise you that. I for one thought I would have a difficult time finding someone. I’m 35 and consider myself a voluptuous woman, but, I have been very succsessful in the sugar bowl. It just takes some time and you might have to kiss a few frogs before you find the one 😉

    I also feel that with the new private photo feature that some men are thinking they will get a “free show” when they request to view them, and, when they don’t, they get what we call disappearitis. It is a horrible condition that can cause very painful symptoms (especially if Naughty Molly is involved).

    Sugarbarbie, I wouldn’t worry about anything. Be patient and it will all come thogether for you! Good Luck 😀

  50. Sara says:

    Goodmorning Sugar Fam. It never fails, at least once a semester my students get me sick :(. So I am stuck in bed with the sniffles today.

    All this coffee talks sounds AMAZING! I live by my Kuerig, and I just bought a foam maker from Williams Sonoma. Its like have a starbucks in my kitchen.

    @ Reach- Awww Awww Yay! I looooooove animals! My dogs are the best.

    @ Lisa – How are you doing doll? You sound cheerier…..

    @ Sugarbarbie- I think I need to clarify. I made a few generalizations. Yes, there are men who feel that if they are paying money in some form, they deserve better than what they get in real life. There are quite a few men, who feel that for the right price, they can live out their fantasies. But MOSTLY men who have long lasting sugar relationships need wit and intelligence and substance. I have never seen you (but feel free to email me your profile or pics if you want more input. My email is on my blog, linked to my name), but Reach The Beach makes it seem like you are beautiful. So, I have no reason to think otherwise. Lastly, Reach makes a great point. The audience at some “rate my picture site” are usually college students and men that live in their mother’s basement……No rational person has the time or desire to sit there rating how women look in pics, so anything you learned from that “experiment” take with a grain of salt.

    As for my weekend plans….low key….the tournaments start up in a week (finals, grand finals, regionals, etc.) So my weekend will be spent at yoga, painting my house, and getting less sick.

  51. Bela says:

    Quiet weekend here since I want to go shopping next weekend. Very ready to get this year in action before this cabin fever gets to me 🙂

  52. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Yayyyyy Friday!

    Samson says “Thanks” to all his new sugar friends! ***Kitty Dance***

    Gail – Wait until I try the Raspberry Chocolate…Heaven!

    Gail/ Sugarbarbie – Gail is absolutely right about you finding the right man who enjoys you just the way you are. I’ve made some changes/ accommodations for sugar, but not by being someone I wasn’t.

    Lisa – Mmmmmmm….. Caramel Machiato!

    This weekend is school-focused…not much to share 🙁 Then again, I’m still recovering from last week.

  53. Lily says:

    I am preparing for a fabulous weekend. 🙂

    • SD Guru says:

      the guy thinks I’m awesome then he see’s my pic and poof! Maybe a 9 IRL is equal to a sugar 5?

      Are there SD’s who put more emphasis on looks than IRL dating? Of course there are. We can talk about generalizations, but it’s difficult to answer the question in your case without looking at your profile and pics. Feel free to email me through my blog if you’d like to discuss further.

  54. Lisa says:

    Hey Gail 🙂
    NIce sunny but cool day here. Heading out to run errands. Got the next 3 days off from work 🙂
    I’ll wait on my coffee till I get over to starbucks and then it’s be a caramel machiato.

  55. Gail says:

    Morning Cleo…yes a family of sugar cats : ) I am spending time with my daughter…most likely shopping and eating. My SD will be here in a month…cant wait…he has been sick : (

  56. Gail says:

    I am with you Bela…..Yaaaaay Fridays!!!!!!!

    RTB….I want one…I want one….hmmmm SBs and their pets : ) I am glad to see you enjoying your blueberry coffee. I am going to try that one next.

    Welcome back Sugarbarbie….don’t give up. Keep believing that there is a SD that will appreciate you for just being you : )

    TexasSugah…I love your blog!!!! I am happy that you have made sugar what you want it to be.

    I hope everyone is safe and warm in NY. On TV there was way too much snow for me. We have fog here. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

  57. cleo says:

    *happy dance of new cats*
    so what’s everyone doing this weekend? anyone have any great sugar planned or what?

  58. Bela says:

    Friday Baby! RTB – Congrats on your new addition 🙂 I’m sure Samson will have you trained in no time.

  59. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Sugarbarbie- welcome back! Sara is right. Plus, it may be a different audience at th ranking site rather than here. If I recall corrextly, i saw one picyure of you…you’re a lovely blonde w a preference for heavier make-up. There are men who love that look. The SBs that I have met and are successful wear subtle make-up. I cannot at all say that it makes the differrence, but it helps to consider all options.

    Sara- he’s a tiger-striped rescue cat who is totally lovabe and is a great companion for us! He’s bigger than most small dogs!

  60. Sara says:

    @ Sugarbarbie- Welcome hun. I think your question is a little silly though. You are basically asking if you are pretty enough. Sugar comes in all shapes and sizes, and different SD’s like different SB’s. Honestly its probably not the pics, but something else in the process you are doing.

  61. sugarbarbie says:

    Hi all haven’t been writing but been lurking for a lil bit. I come out from the shadows to ask a question. Is a 9 IRL the same as in the sugar world? I ask because I have had a problem where 99.9% of all my pots will contact me so impressed by my profile and once they see my pictures vanish. I started to get a complex and disappeared from the cruel sugar world. I have resurfaced trying once again with the same result. The other day I was on a forum that mentioned a site where you can post your pics and people rate you on a scale of 1-10. So I posted my profile pics and they have been averaging all 9’s I even have a 9.9. I guess it’s not an exact science but I think it’s enough proof that I’m not fugly. So why are so many pots into me until they see my pics…they won’t tell me maybe some of the SD’s can chime in. As for my pics I have a head shot, a full length in a little black dress, and another that’s casual full length in a cute cami and jeans. I just can’t figure out why they poof once they see my private pics. Now, let me say this has been going on for a year now. It’s not something I said because the conversation goes great the guy thinks I’m awesome then he see’s my pic and poof! Maybe a 9 IRL is equal to a sugar 5?

    • Tracy Saffelder says:

      I started changing my pics weekly. Public and private. In the last 24 hours I’ve had over 100 men view, like, and message me! It gives them something to look forward to & when they realize you do this frequently the will keep coming back. I even ushered all my pics with guys o only heard from once. Then they came back wanting more pics!

  62. LASB says:

    Michael Alleycat — What do you do once you get to the base camp? I thought the base camp is where you just drive up. Are you trying to get higher or is there a trail around there to walk around? Are you going anywhere else in the area? Does your trainer have you on a special diet for building strength/muscle? Just wondering.

    NY Gent – Once a champagne-from-Choos drinker, always a champagne-from-Choos drinker. 😉

  63. Michael Alleycat says:

    Just booked my flight to Kathmandu for Mt Everest Base Camp walk, leaving Feb 24. My #1 is now grumpy at me because I won’t be in Phoenix for her birthday …. seriously?

    My trainer is still wiping the floor with me, but getting much stronger!! Weight loss has plateaued though.

  64. Sara says:

    @ Reach- Ahhh that is sooooo exciting! What did you get?

  65. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Sara – We did!

  66. Sara says:

    @ Reach the beach – Samson? Did you get a furry friend?

  67. NYGent says:

    Thnaks to all for the technical advice, I didn’t realize it worked that way.

    LASugarbaby: the “choos” drink was almost 25 years ago, I guess I will never live it down . . .

  68. Reach the Beach SB says:

    TexaSugah – So glad it worked out! As for the coffee…picked up some samples sizes of “Basket of Berries” (blueberry), Orange Cappuccino, and Chocolate Raspberry (my fave combo ever!!) and I’m going to slowly enjoy every one of them!!!

    MissMilan- Sounds wonderful…yay!

    Lilijeanmarilynmae – Welcome! Lily lives in a smaller country and dates across borders frequently. She also visits the US a few times a year. Watch for her posts.

    SoNJSugar – Ask around! Many of us are in touch off the blog and some even get to meet up on occasion. I’m sure the blog gods would be happy to help you with e-mail exchanges.

    Samson is home! He’s a great new addition to the family!

  69. TexaSugah says:

    Hey all!!!!

    Reach-you’re right! We talked about it again. I did have another sugar to do a search on him. Turned up a lot of good info.

    Blueberries? Coffee?? Spill it. What did you buy??

    Mismilian- sounds like you have a great thing going. My email is my name here at the y ville.

    3rd world- welcome back!

  70. Bela says:

    Wow, blog was quiet today. Glad I wasn’t the only one knee deep in work.

    Enigma – I think if my situation were different, I’d probably more hasty about things. My search for a good SD leans more towards companionship than assistance, so I would rather be with someone great and not have a brand new car than someone I can’t tolerate for too long but can buy me a house. So not worth it 😉

  71. Sara says:

    @ Lilijeanmarilynmae- Welcome doll. Have you tried looking in the surrounding countries? Like England and Scotland? Most sugar daddies have the means to travel and are willing to. Also, many SD’s frequent different countries regularly (for work, for a second home,etc.) so just because their profile does not say they are from Ireland, they may still be there quite often. Try adding to your profile that you are willing to travel (if you are of course)

  72. Sara says:

    @ MissMilan- Sounds awesome! Good luck doll. Just for the record though, I did not find dirtsearch accurate at all. I just tested it on myself and it found a million weird random things that have nothing to do with me. Like fake business names and invalid tractor licenses. lol.

  73. lilijeanmarilynmae says:

    Hi all you gorgeous sugar babes and Dads out there. I am seeking your knowledge in my quest to find a sugar daddy. I live in Dublin Ireland and the pickings are pretty small here and both my friend and I are fed up with the sugar daddy who wants a model on a boy scouts budget then if you eliminate those whose boat you don’t float it pretty much is a lost cause here in Ireland. So how do girls like me find a suitable arrangement with a sugar dad who is not even in the same country? I have read the book and others on the same subject and all assume you live in a place where the pickings are rich. So can we find what we are looking for on this site? All advice and help appreciated. By the way this is a lifestyle choice for us it’s not just about the money but really the search for our own intelligent caring partner in crime. 😉
    Thanks for spending the time to read this.

  74. MissmilanDC says:

    Oh how I’ve missed blogging…I havent had much time to write since Im back in school for the spring semester.Anyway, I decided to take my chances and pursue SD’s outside of my area.I wrote to a potential in NC and he wrote a reply sweet reply and said that he had’nt been on the site for long but he had received numerous messages from escorts,and he had plans to cancel his membership so he gave me his personal email….
    In short, we loved what eachother had to say and we had mutual interest but distance i sort of an issue considering I live and go to school in the DC suburbs. This past weekend we decided to meet in NY since its my hometown but we werent able to because of the snowstorm.In two weeks we will reschedule….let me just say he’s amazing so far.He has offered to pay for my ticket rountrip,hotel room and shopping.I’d love to meet with a fellow SB when I touch down plus I plan to visit him in NC if the NY trip is successful.Im really trying not to get my hopes up until everything falls in place but he seems genuine,verifiable [searched him on google and dirt search] but I’d love to exchange contact info with a sugar sister for advice,etc

  75. NYC SB says:

    Everyone is so quiet!

    Sonjsugar – yes a lot of us do

  76. Anna Molly says:

    lol…I didn’t spell my own name right! I’m not drinking….I swear! Maybe I should be! Way too much stress for me this week…

  77. Carebear says:

    Who wants to come shovel my snowball of a car out. Not it!

  78. SoNJSugar says:

    Hi everyone I’d like to keep in touch with some of the SBs on here via email for advice.

  79. Anna Mollya says:

    Good afternoon everyone! Hope all of you are having a good day! The weekend is almost here….thank goodness! 😀

  80. Sara says:

    @ Stephan – Of course my dear, its all true!

  81. stephan says:

    @Sarah thanks for the SA shout-out! 😀

  82. Bela says:

    Morning RTB! I’m back in the world of Excel. I am so very glad I took that mind numbling class in college on Microsoft Office. I didn’t think I’d really use many of the tricks, but I stand corrected. The newer versions even give you more options. My clients were pleased, so I’m happy 🙂

  83. Enigma SD says:

    Hi Bela — I am with you on your approach, and I don’t think the SB is looking for a husband/bf if she doesn’t bring up the topic right away. I would like to think that a potential SB can invest the time it takes for a few email exchanges before asking that question, especially because I never bring up sex. Also, as others have suggested here, a much nicer way to ask is … so what was your arrangement with other SBs like?

  84. Reach The Beach SB says:

    Good morning sugars!

    My house smells like blueberries and coffee…mmmmmmm! Thank you to the coffee experts who inspired me to try something new!

    Third World – Safe travels! If NYC gets snowed in, you know where you can go!

    Hi NY Gent! Nice to see you back! I echo Muse’s reply. I haven’t actually tested the theory, but it makes sense.

    Bela – apparently, I’m better than average at Excel (no pun intended). Had to take a skills evaluation on excel and word. Funny thing is now that I have a Mac, I’ve forgotten most of the PC tricks. Have to practice once in a while! Numbers is sooooo much better!

  85. Bela says:

    lol @ Enigma – The perfect combination! I think I scare some off by not mentioning allowances at all. I guess they expect it or else think I’m looking for a husband. I just personally prefer to see if there is any chemistry before talking about financial assistance of any kind.

  86. Enigma SD says:

    NY Gent — as Muse and Cleo said — if she views you from the email notification link, it doesn’t show up as having viewed you.

    One of my favorite email responses of all time…. “I am really looking to form a friendship with you. What is your monthly allowance?”

  87. Gail says:

    Good morning all~
    @Sara….yes, yes, yes…it’s definately the coffee. Without it my day would drag.
    @Michael Alleycat…Awwww,,,I really think that was a sweet thing to do for your SB. I sure would appreciate someone filling up my gas tank right now.

    @3rd World…Yayyy for you…I am singing that New York, New York song for you this morning. Have plenty of fun!!!

    I have 1/2 day off today from work…Going shopping ladies : ) I am salivating this morning looking at the sales circulars. Have the best day ever all!!!!

  88. cleo says:

    ny gent remember that if i get an email that says ‘some sd sent you an email click here to view his profile’ i can see it without logging in. if i then log in and answer your mail you will think i never looked even if i did…

  89. I am flying to NYC in less than 12 hours! It’s my first time taking a direct flight… sooooo long! I hope they are generous with the booze!

    Then I have a 12-hour layover in NYC… wtf?! That’s the last time I book airline tickets through an agent. I am going to ditch the airport and go run around brooklyn if airport security will let me.

  90. LASB says:

    NYGent – I was going to say the same as Muse. Also, if you’ve never viewed her profile it means that she may just be blanket writing to everyone, or that you’ve been drinking too much champagne out of too many choos.

    What does it mean when a guy’s profile says “I have some free time lately and would like to spend it doing some really fun things with a really fun girl,” and then he writes only with a “Let’s meet!” and a phone number. Oh wait, I think I know.

  91. Muse says:

    NYGent- I often view the profile from the email I receive from SA saying so-and-so sent me an email on SA. As I’m not logged in on my phone when I view it, I imagine it doesn’t show up as a view when you check for it. Perhaps that is the case with these SBs?

  92. Sara says:

    @ Kindred – The “link”, is the third line in the “Leave a Reply” box. It says “name” (1), “email” (2), and “website” (3). The third option is to link your name to any website you desire. Some SB’s/SD’s link it to their profile, and many (like me) to their blog. Every blogger has that option. I guess in theory you could link it to anything you want. Hell, you could link it to Neiman Marcus website if you felt so inclined, but that is what the link is.

  93. NC Heels says:

    @NY Gent

    If I were in your shoes, I’d assume anyone who didn’t view me is sending out form-letter “advertisements (more or less).” I message an SD once in awhile, usually because something really connects in their profile- and I mention that specifically. I don’t repsond to form letters, one-word inquiries, etc. Just a few thoughts.

  94. NYGent says:

    Kindred: you have to do some thing-a-ma-jiggy to link your profile. (A) I wouldn’t know how to do it; and (b) I would never link it to a public anonymous blog.

  95. Kindred Spirit says:

    Got a question for NYGent, and any other SDs. Some of you have a “link” attached to putting the mouse over your name, so I click on it, but it doesn’t really go anywhere (at least for me). However, others don’t have this link and the mouse just goes straight over. What gives? Is it supposed to be a link to your profile? I’d assume not since it is supposed to be an anonymous blog, but it’s kind of different. Any idea?

  96. Sara says:

    @ NYGent- Does this mean I need to write in my profile that I am NOT open to the 2 hour quickie in a room? haha

  97. NYGent says:

    From one of the brand new SB profiles: “I am open to travel and over nights or just the 2 hours quickie in a room.”

    Points for honesty, i guess.

  98. NYGent says:

    What is it with SBs who respond to an email saying they’d like to meet, here’s what they’re looking for, etc — and turns out they haven’t even viewed your profile? (which you can tell if you’re a premium member) I usually assume they are escorts or fakes, does anyone have any good experience with meeting someone who never even bothered to view your profile?

  99. Bela says:

    All day in the world of Excel!!! I think that deserves some crostini 🙂 ‘night Sugars

  100. Lily says:

    aight. Good night blog!!!

  101. Lily says:

    I like your guys’ comments. Interesting.

  102. LASB says:

    Hi Sara! Yes, very quiet indeed. Awesome music collection! I’m also into vinyl, but have a very different collection–80s and electronica. I like the classic rock stuff, but my dad has 1000s of records, so if I’m in the mood I just use his. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to the sugar meet party at your place! 🙂

  103. Sara says:

    Wow, quiet blog this afternoon….. clearly sugars are much chattier in the morning, with fresh caffeine in them

  104. Sara says:

    Good Afternoon everyone!

    @Reach the Beach/Cecile / Michael Alleycat / Muse / Cleo / Jessie – Thanks for all the compliments on my music collection. I would love to host the next meet. I LIVE for a theme party!

    @ Bela – The site is extremely unprofessional. Whether the men on there are or not is inconsequential. It is annoying that they would run a business like that. lol

  105. Bela says:

    Sara – I know exactly what you’re talking about with the site. I think it’s funny. I’ve met three men from it who seem to be good guys, but the amount of fake profiles that marketing uses to get me to join are crazy.

  106. Jessie says:

    @Sara – If you have Tom Jones, Engelbert, Johnny Mathis, Bessie Smith, Ida Cox, or anyone who sings the blues I’m with RTB…hope my invite is in the mail 🙂

    @Alleycat – Wow. Doesn’t that mean she had to be driving on “empty” for a while?

    @Lily – No experience in the dating world, but I do have a very good friend who is blind. When we first met, once we stood up to leave I always felt like I should do something, rather than stand there awkwardly. But I realize that he prefers to be as independent as possible, so I just took my cues from him. I make sure that I am close by, in case he reaches for me. I also notice that once we start walking he always reach for me on his right side. If I was on his left side he always switched places. I think that’s because when he carries a cane, it’s usually in his left-hand. Apart from that though, there is no remarkable difference, and I can’t remember ever having to compensate because of his blindness. I usually don’t have to tell him if someone else walks into the room, if I’m distracted, or if something is bothering me. Because of his heightened sense, I sometimes feel he’s telepathic. Depending on how you view this, it can either be a blessing or a curse.

  107. RedMaru says:

    Oh man jury duty….I remember my episode I made it to second phase and had the pleasure of being grilled by the defense. I’m thinking “dude I’m not the one on trial here”

  108. Anna Molly says:

    Ugh jury duty….don’t remind me! The case was interesting though.

  109. Reach The Beach SB says:

    Hi Red! I wish we could say the same for the weather. Thanks for the iPad suggestions…I have those already, but am always open to new ideas!

    Guess who has to show up for jury duty…wa..wa…waahhhhh. Wonder if they will let me blog 🙂

  110. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugars! It seems were finally out of the cold spell. Seems is the key word.
    Hey Alleycat…That was so nice of you 😀 You’re such a gentleman!

  111. Reach The Beach SB says:

    Good morning sugars!

    Sara- You’re hosting the next sugar meet 🙂 70’s vinyl theme!

    Muse – Let me know when…it helps me plan how to steal your wife if I ever go on a crime spree!

    Lily – If he has been blind all his life, he is used to telling people what will be helpful. Being informed will be good for you, but don’t overdo it for him. Most people with disabilities want to be treated like everyone else, so just relax and enjoy his company. I have a very close friend who is disabled, and have worked with others. Good news is his other senses are very fine-tuned…smell, taste, touch…oh my!!

    Texassugah – I sense his DL offer was in jest and a sarcastic reply to you wanting to know his last name. You can upload his photo to tineye and see if it is on the internet anywhere. It might lead you to more information.

  112. Michael Alleycat says:

    My #1 ran out of gas this morning, after dropping her kids at school. And guess who she called to bring her gas ….. awwww. Saddled up the white horse, and off to the rescue!

    @Lily – never been with differently abled person, but would be interesting, I am sure.

    @Carebear – you mean your hair is not your natural colour?

  113. Michael Alleycat says:

    Sara – I love the early Faces, Never a Dull Moment, Every Picture Tells a Story etc. Great singing, killer riffs and guitar work. Still play those two albums often.

  114. Muse says:

    Sara- I hope you lock your doors tonight because if I ever resort to any sort of crime spree, I’m coming after those vinyls first! 😉

  115. GenuineSD says:

    @ Sara. Wow, An awesome collection….. and extensive tastes as well. Mine also extends to some original 78s – Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, Artie Shaw, etc courtesy of my parents interest in music.

    @Lily. I agree with Sara’s suggestions.. In fact it sounds like a great way to begin to get to know the persona and understand the nuances of the arrangement,

  116. Sara says:

    @ Lily – I guess you would go about it the same way you would with conventional dating. Would you ever date a blind man? You could try googling it too. There are a lot of support groups and websites dedicated to living with or accommodating a disabled person. You could also ask him. Like fat out say, I am interested, but I have never been with a blind man before, would you mind telling me what makes you comfortable? I know it sounds weird, silly and a little after school special, but you can’t go wrong with the truth, and he would probably be touched that you were concerned about his well being.

    One looming question though, If he is blind, how did he meet you? On the internet? lol. I am sure there is a reasonable answer to that, I was just curious.

  117. carebear says:

    Morning Lil

    No experience with your topic, no 2 cents to give, sorry.

    Question: why is it that as soon as my hair restores back to healthy and shiney my roots start showing all in time just to have it destroyed again? Grrrr.

  118. Lily says:

    Has anyone ever experienced an arrangement with a disabled sugar? What do you guys think of a blind SD, and what (if any) details would differ to accommodate his lack of sight? Has any of you been intimate with a blind or similarly disabled person?

  119. Cecile says:

    @Sarah. Wow, totally want to have Sunday brunch at your place! A wall of vinyl? (Especially Nina, Dylan, Etta & The Stones!) Color me very very jealous. I’ve been traveling the past few years, so every time I go to buy an album, the image of it cracking in one of my very full suitcases flashes before me.
    Can’t wait to settle down and start collecting all my favorite pop culture.

    Also, I know exactly which site you mean. I’ve never responded to a single message there. Also, this is shallow, but their layout is hideous. Can’t stand to be there for more than a few minutes.
    Savvier gents use SA.

  120. Lily says:

    Good morning, sugarlicious folk!

  121. Kandy says:

    @Brandon Back To Th Subject of a Diamond Club For SB’s I Think That would Be a Good Feature For Some To An extent it would bring us more potential SD’s but thats what every SB wants dont you think they will all join? Then what would Make It Special? If The Qualifications to join are too off kilterd then it would be fair…

  122. TexaSugah says:

    @Sara bingo! It was all text. I just asked his last name to know it. He went on a tangent about how careful he needed to be and all. He offered a DL I didn’t ask and was suprised when I thought thats what he’d offered.

    We’re past it. Deal is… He wants to visit over a long weekend Thursday to Sunday. If we hit it off, he wants to travel. My son would be with my parents, which will beg the question of who I’m off with. To avoid problems, he’s offered to meet them on sun day because we are supposed to travel the following weekend.

    I guess we’ll have to see how this goes. He’s… I hope he’s real. On a lighter note my PT is great

    Sugary dreams

  123. Sara says:

    @ Genuine – Oh and I use a vintage Crosley.

    @ Cleo – Its ridiculous how much money I spend on music. I love buying vinyl and I defiantly pick up albums at shows (anything local or at festivals is awesome)

    ok…..back to sugar now, I promise.

    @ Texas – I am assuming what was intended to be a light-hearted conversation turned ugly because it was through text. There is no inflection in text, so sarcasm or any kind of joking does not translate well, and if there is a grain of truth in the conversation, it gets even worse. I could understand why he is so unsure about giving you personal information yet. No offense to you, but he isn’t even sure if you are a real person yet. Usually I will ask a last name, just so I know it. But I don’t ask for proof of it before a first meet, that could backfire and make him question why you want documentation. As long as you meet him somewhere public and are safe, none of that information is THAT important to verify. Once you meet, click and decide on an arrangement, you can start looking more deeply into his information if you want.

  124. cleo says:

    sara we have huge swaths of music in common but the stuff i actually pay for tends more to the ‘cd’s i buy from the artist at festivals’ pile than the ‘available at hmv’ pile…

    i think it’s bedtime for me 🙂

  125. cleo says:

    i can’t imagine giving a pot my driver’s license information. just can’t. so if i won’t i can’t imagine that too many sd’s would.

    personally i am more of the lily school. meet fast and quick and move on. all this back and forth online is a lot less fun then getting all dolled up and going out. so what if the pot sucks, i can still go and so something now that i’m out and hotted up right?

  126. Sara says:

    @ GenuineSD – Oh geez that is a loaded question.

    I love all classic rock (Queen, The Stones, Mountain, Faces, Small Faces, etc.)

    I am a sucker for anything acoustic (James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel, Carly Simon, Bob Dylan)

    I am OBSESSED with all things Clapton (Derrick and the Dominoes, Cream, the Yardbirds, any of the super groups he has been involved with…)

    I love a good power ballad (Journey, Boston)

    I am going through a MAJOOOOOOOOR blues and soul phase (Marlena Shaw, Tony Clarke, Nina Simone, Etta James)

    I have Elton John’s entire discography (including things only released in the UK – pre Bernie Taupin collaborations and Madman Across the Water).

    I should stop, I could go on forever……

  127. TexaSugah says:

    Hey all… Been away again. Too many irons in the fire.

    Sara- I get those too. They are kinda like those ads for payday loans. Annoying.

    Gail- I’ve only met desperate men who are looking for a freebie there. I suspended my account there. .

    I do need some counseling. Seriously.

    Recently I have been chatting/ talking with a pot. He contacted me and very quickly we hit it off. He has been very forthcoming about feelings, life experiences etc. He’s divorced.
    He’s another relationship SD. Yes, that’s what I seem to get.

    So I asked him for clarification on his last name. He got upset and asked if I wanted his DL or passport. This was through text. I said, DL. He’d told me do much already. He became upset and said that he wouldn’t share addresses and the like before meeting. I didn’t want that, just a last name. He talked about being careful but that when we met he would share everything.

    This sounds reasonable. He has shared photos of his family. I guess too many posers have got me jaded.
    I apologized and he’s moved on to talking about our meet.

    What did I do wrong or better yet, what could I have done better? Does he sound flakey?

  128. Lisa says:

    I’m doing ok, getting ready to go to bed, have to get up early.

    I’m too addicted to coffee so nothing could ruin in for me although I really don’t see any difference in the civet coffee from others.

    Good night

  129. GenuineSD says:

    @Sara. That’s an awesome collection ! Any particular type, genre ?
    What sort of turntable do you use ?

  130. Sara says:

    @ Lisa – you may have ruined coffee for me forever lol. How are you doing doll?

  131. Lisa says:


  132. Lisa says:

    Yes Gail, you just haven’t lived until you drink coffee from beans that have passed through a weasel like animal’s digestive track 😉

    Have a good night

  133. Gail says:

    @Sara~I never read the marketing messages. I guess I put them on auto delete : )
    Good nite all…I’m tired.

  134. Sara says:

    @ Gail – I don’t have a problem with the men on the site, they are very nice for the most part. But the marketing messages are ridiculous.

  135. Gail says:

    Sara~I had two great experiences on the website you are talking about Both men treated me exceptionally well and to this very day are my SD friends. I never responded to their marketing messages.

    Kindred Spirits~I started drinking basic black coffee…and now I am trying out all the flavors. Banana is really good….I am tempted to get Blueberry next. Now Lisa my sugar sister is experienced in her coffee. Her daddy spoiled her with the ultra expensive, caffiene loaded stuff.

  136. Anna Molly says:

    Hmmm, sounds like they are the ones who are desperate.

  137. Sara says:

    And this one….clearly prays on poor desperate girls.:

    ” You’re on this site because you have financial needs, possibly very serious and urgent needs. Take matters into your own hands. Don’t wait for luck to happen because it usually doesn’t happen. This is your life and your future, seize this one opportunity, it may be your best chance. Take control of your life and your financial destiny. Invest in yourself and your future.”

  138. Sara says:

    @ Anna Molly- I know! The best part is, they thought that would get me to subscribe!

    The email was titled “Invest in your financial future” and here is another little gem from them:

    “You are on this site because you want to meet a generous man to be your Sugar Daddy. You want a man to help you with your bills and to spoil and pamper you in other ways. A man doesn’t have to be a millionaire to be willing to help you and spend money on you. And who said you can only have one sugar daddy at a time? We won’t tell if you don’t.

    But to have the best chance of meeting generous sugar daddies, you need to at least be able communicate to exchange email addresses and phone numbers. You also don’t want to look too desperate or needy because that scares guys away.”

  139. Anna Molly says:

    What! How professional are they!?!

  140. Sara says:

    @ Anna Molly – It wasn’t a man who wrote it, it was literally the marketing department for this website! haha. Talk about great business sense.

  141. Anna Molly says:

    Good grief! What is going through the heads of these men when they write something like that?

  142. Sara says:

    I just received a very disturbing email from another SD website, which yet again cements my opinion that SA is the best site for this.

    This site has different types of membership. The top tier allows you to send and receive emails from anyone on the site, regardless of their membership. The middle one lets you send messages, but you can’t receive messages from anyone who is not also part of either level 1 or level 2 membership (i.e. a paid membership) and the bottom one is free, for both babies or daddies, but you can only reply to messages from people belonging to the top tier membership. I signed up for the free one, because quite frankly I was not impressed with the site and signed u for the hell of it.

    Every once in a while, I will get an email from the subscription department urging me to sign up for a paid account (which is to be expected from any company and is fine), but today I got this:

    Excerpt from email received: “What does it say to a man who looks at your profile and sees that you won’t even spend the tiny amount of $20 per month on a membership so that you’ll be able to communicate with him? Why should he send you a message that you can’t read or reply to?”

    Um hello, isn’t that a little backwards? As the SB in this situation, what I am willing to pay for, should have no relevance. Second, If he (the potential SD who supposedly has enough disposable income to be able to pay for things in my life) should be the one to pay the extra money so he can communicate with ALL babies, not just ones who pay for the site.

    So once again, Seeking Arrangements, thank you for being such a fabulous site, and understanding that the sugar baby should never pay unless she wants to.

    P.S. blog gods, if this somehow violates blog policies, by mentioning another site, I understand if this needs to be deleted or moderated.

  143. Kindred Spirit says:

    Gail~ Banana coffee! Never tried it, sounds delicious. I’ve had blueberry flavored coffee from Alaska, and that was fabulous.

  144. Sara says:

    @ Carebear- First you couldn’t sleep, now you can’t wake up!

  145. carebear says:

    I can’t wake up.

  146. Sara says:

    @ GenuineSD – Vinyl always gets me going. It just sounds so much more organic and un-enhanced. Its incredible. I have a wall of vinyl. Over 900 albums.

  147. Sara says:

    @ Midwest – Thanks doll!

    @ AM – It was the Dead. I believe once you hide it it’s hidden, no matter how many times you go back and forth, once you click hide it can’t be found. But I would double check with someone like Stephan.

  148. RedMaru says:

    Hey Reach 😀 The ones that come to mind are the ones that I would install if I had an Ipad like the Weather Channel app, Netflix and one for Marvel comics. You can go to the Apple website they got like hundreds of them

  149. Anna Molly says:

    Stephan or Guru, please help this sweet sugar….pretty please!?! 😉

  150. Naughty Molly says:

    Didn’t mean to murder the blog! 😀

    • Reach The Beach SB says:

      Hi Red! Can you recommend any iPad apps?? My tekkie sugar!

      AM – I don’t know if I have ever seen that question before! Hopefully Stephan or Guru will know.

  151. Naughty Molly says:

    I have a question. If you un-hide your profile then hide it again does it disappear from search or will it be viewable when someone searches most recent log in?

    • SD Guru says:

      @Anna Molly
      If you un-hide your profile then hide it again does it disappear from search or will it be viewable when someone searches most recent log in?

      When you hide your profile it will not show up on search results.

  152. Anna Molly says:

    Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, but, was it the Dead or JGB? I do know JGB remade Shining Star…

  153. RedMaru says:

    Whoa I missed music trivia…darn.
    Hey Reach 😀

  154. GenuineSD says:

    @Sara – I have a large collection of vinyl too… love the sound

  155. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Bela and Sara – LOVE it! You are too cute!

  156. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Jessie – I’m thrilled for you! 0:-)

  157. Bela says:

    Totally lurking, but you got me when you brought up music. I’m a huge music and movie nerd 🙂

  158. Sara says:

    I guess it could be the Miracles too, and I believe the Dead covered it. Sorry guys, you hit my soft spot. I am a huuuuge music buff. This is where I totally nerd out.

  159. Sara says:

    @ Reach the Beach – Pssssh duh! Smokey Robinson doll. I have it on vinyl. Sunday afternoons are all vinyl all day in my home.

  160. Reach the Beach SB says:


    Who sings the song with the lyric “I second that emotion”? Natural brainpower only please!!!

    Winners get bragging rights <3

    Nice list LASB!

    Lisa – So glad you're around. Hang in there!

  161. RedMaru says:

    Hey LASB 😀
    I second the emotion

  162. LASB says:

    Good morning Sugars!!

    From Guru’s post:
    1) Physically attractive
    2) Great chemistry
    3) Amazing in bed
    4) Give you all the sugar you want without asking

    I think that’s what the SDs look for. Some of the SBs have claimed otherwise. My short list is similar, but deviates slightly. The order is random.
    1) Intellectual connection
    2) Trim
    3) Stylish
    4) Kind
    5) Travel and gifts and/or allowance

  163. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugars…..Lisa good to see you!

  164. Cecile says:

    Thanks for the tips, guys. Just sent off my thanks, but no thanks email!

  165. Gail says:

    Before I leave….Good Morning Sara and all Lurkers!!!! I hope everyone has a great day!!!

  166. Gail says:

    Lisa….is that really you? Nice to finally see you post again. I too am headed out the door. I am really caffeinated up now..maybe you should have 3 cups like me..lol…talk to you soon!!!

  167. Lisa says:

    Good morning Gail

    headed out to a dreaded day at work. Please fast forward me to 4 pm so I can come home already

    Percy says hi

  168. Gail says:

    Thank you RTB: ) It took awhile….but well worth waiting for. Finding a good job is not easy in this economy. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help : ) Unfortunately I cannot take as much vacation as before(I took more than a year off.) And then I took 10 days off the second month I started this one.

  169. Sara says:

    @ Dandelion – I am good friends with most of my exes, but to say they are all accomplished is a stretch…..at best. Yet another reason I love sugar. No more 28 year olds still in school (when they started at 18), no more waiters/valets/doormen at clubs whose phones get shut off……It was a running joke in college that I would only date a guy if he was “broken” (i.e. severe mental/social/dating issues)

    @ Reach the Beach – I wish I was kidding. :/

  170. Gail says:

    @RTB….watch out for the male cats, they can become quite possessive : ) Have a wonderful Monday.

    • Reach The Beach SB says:

      Gail – lolol! My guard kitty! BTW – Congrats on the new job..worth waiting for! Next step for me is making the short list. This WILL happen! Banana coffee sounds quite good! Any coffee sounds good right now.

  171. Gail says:

    Morning All~
    @Carebear…that pea must have been under your mattress: ) I hope you finally got some rest.
    Who else is awake? Its 4:57am right now…just having a huge cup of banana coffee..I am more than willing to share. Morning Percy!!!!

  172. carebear says:

    I can’t sleep.

  173. Dandelion Wine says:

    Sara, lucky you! Dodged a bullet 🙂
    I’m pretty good friends with most of my exes and they are all rather accomplished, down to the very first boy I dated. I either have a golden eye, or only the most capable feel qualified to apply XD

  174. Jessie says:

    @RTB – Let’s just say things are looking good :). Have a second meet already planned.

    You know you’re an angel right? :). Thanks again.

  175. Sara says:

    @ Dandelion – Good Lord, if I married my middle school sweetheart I would be living in a trailer in Central Florida with 7 children at 23. No joke, that is what his life is like right now.

  176. Sara says:

    @ Guru- It was just an observation my dear. My point was something changed, whether they deleted their profile, became a standard member or hid their profile is irrelevant. I learn a lot through observing, and I thought fellow sugars would as well. Talking (on the blog ) or thinking about different possibilities and things that could’ve/would’ve/should’ve helps me see sides of things that are not pointed directly at me.

  177. Dandelion Wine says:

    Muse, diamond club is a huge discount from patty stangler’s service and a materialistic trophy wife is a rose by any other name. Not everyone wants to marry their soulmate and/or middle school sweetheart.

  178. Gail says:

    Cleo~Thank you for asking : )My cat strayed away one day, came back knocked up, had a family of seven, and decided to make me financially responsible for her actions….lol…so I found all of them a new home in the country. (of course this is the short version of the story:)

    Evening RTB…nice to see you posting again : ) I see you have been as busy as ever. I hope you get the job you have been looking for!!!! I finally got mine.

    Lisa~my dear sugar friend : ) the sugar gods must be blessing you right about now. I dreamed you were at the Galleria….lol….

    Whewww…this sure was a late post…I am usually never on here around this time. Nite my sugar friends.

    • Reach The Beach SB says:

      Gail – Oh no…..and to think we’re adopting a cat either today or tomorrow (actually he’s the size of a small dog!). Good thing they already come sans family jewels. (sorry guys)

      Sara – Bwahahaha about marrying middle school bf. A friend of mine teases me that if I am going to be good at fishing, I gotta have a little trailer park in me….yeahhhhhh, no!

      Cleo – 🙂 Starting up with the trainer again! I’m so excited!!!!

      Guru- Good points about choosing right person versus right arrangement (or wrong arrangement for that matter). It’s important to make the decision for the right reasons. When one is in financilal straits, the temptation to take the first arrangement that comes along is often a newbie dilemma.

  179. cleo says:

    reach the beach: nope, i read it the exact same way

  180. Reach The Beach SB says:

    Evening sugars…very busy day! Sigh.

    Am I seeing something differently than the rest of you?
    AnonSD came and posted that he empathized with the challenges of the verifying process, offered a potential solution, then defended his friend and asked politely that we show some respect? Personally, if it were the other way around, I would have defended any one of you, regardless of someone’s opinion of you. I like hearing the SD’s viewpoints regardless of if I agree or disagree. Just food for thought.

    Overall, the DC is just a sampling of what’s out there…they just took it a step further and verified some facets of their wealth. I’m unclear as to why we expect it to be the answer to all issues we face in our searches. Something as amazing as sugar isn’t going to come easily…so roll your sleeves up and get to work! It will all be worth it in the end. 🙂

    Muse – I’m going to woo your wife away from you…look out! Shall I tell WSPA you will be available soon? (J/K….really!)

    Jessie – How was the weekend??? 🙂

    Third World – Sounds good! Let’s talk offline!

    Cecile – That was a tough question Guru sent your way…nice reply! Everyone is right about the lack of chemistry. You will find another that will click nicely…just keep looking.

    Carebear – stalkers…ugh. Be very careful! Is there a way to be proactive? Say you put up a new profile and do a search for his allowing you to block his profile before he contacts you? You are a tough, no-nonsense lady who probably knows how to protect herself, but he sounds like he’s going too far with it (or he has a very short memory).

  181. CluelessSB says:

    HI all! Just started a new blog to share my last years experience in the sugar bowl. I have been reading these blogs for a while and I felt it was time to share my stories as well. They are be sad, funny, and pathetic all at the same time.

    I cant wait to see what the new “diamond club” for ladies is all about. These men are getting worse and worse lately. :*(

  182. cleo says:

    cecile: that guy needs an escort. i have actually referred a couple of men to specific agency in town and hope that they call. that agency has excellent ladies and if that’s all you want why not find someone who openly wants it!
    sara: oh shoot i’m getting predictable? lol

  183. Muse says:

    I have corresponded with more than one of the DC club members and they have behaved like gentlemen even though things didn’t work out.

    What I found incredibly interesting is that at least one of them is not looking for “an arrangement”. I actually asked him to define what an arrangement meant to him and yes, he’s looking for someone to fall in love, have babies and date in a totally traditional manner. What I don’t understand is why he would be doing so on SA and going to the trouble of being diamond certified. Can someone explain this to me?

    And don’t worry, NYC SB, I would never cheat on you with Wall Street Party Animal….

  184. NC Heels says:

    I have always ignored the diamond daddies at the top because most of the pictures just send a cheesy, unsavory message! (sorry) I just looked through 10 of the 14 yesterday, and there is not one I would seriously message. One of the newer ones reads ok, but still…eh Most of them read like an unfunny joke..I won’t name names.

    I think if SA wants the diamond club to be taken more seriously and have more subscribers, they need a different model. If the club is too exclusive, it will be largely ignored by many SDs and SBs. I don’t know if this means something cheaper, a little less invasive…there doesn’t seem to be a huge benefit as many SDs are plenty successful without the DC.

  185. Sara says:

    Maybe it is a coincidence, but one of the diamond daddies is no longer. I don’t know which one, but the number is down to 13 😉

  186. Cecile says:

    Thanks for the feedback everybody.
    I Just got out of a serious IRL relationship, so I’m not really looking to start anything too serious with any one SD, I’d rather do something a little more p4p for the moment…but 200, especially a 200 that he seemed to find annoying (@cleo: I picked up from his eye roll that he found it silly that she wanted to go to dinner, and then have 200. ) He kept saying “she had this fantasy” “I had to play along with her fantasy” of going to dinner before you bone? I sort of saw that as one of the lines between an SB and an escort.

    Yeah, definitely not going to follow through with this one.
    It was a good test-run though.

    @Guru, if his personality had blown me away, or even pleasantly surprised me, I would have been much less adverse to the idea of 200 euro. I would have been able to see it as something nice on top of an otherwise enjoyable evening.
    It’s an insightful question, because that’s a good barometer to go by.

    I have a date on Friday with another pot who seems much more promising.
    We’ll see!

    Night sugars, it’s 2:32am in gay Paree.

  187. Sara says:

    @ Cleo- How did I know you were going to say something along those lines? 😉

  188. cleo says:

    sara i suspect you could fetish model – and i don’t mean nude.
    gail what happened to your cat?
    Arcadia i’m the exact same way. the more my brain ‘clicks’ with your brain the hotter you get for me. everything else is gravy. i mean sure, a hot bod will get my attention but so will a lot of other things… i mean seriously getting my attention is easy, keeping it is hard.
    cecile: are you sure he wasn’t insulting her? i’m curious about the rolled eyes

  189. Jessie says:

    @Cecile – If you’re having problems talking to him about an allowance face to face, try “talking” about it via email. If you already mention a figure in your profile, it shouldn’t be too difficult to bring it up in your first few emails. Also figuring out what a pot is prepared to offer can be a great elimination tool, providing of course you know exactly what you’re looking for.

    If you sounded excited about this first meet, I’d say give it a shot. But you sound bored. Keep looking.

  190. Lily says:

    Cecile – it’s QUITE low. If you’d wanna hang with him without sugar, cus he just rocks, and rings your bell, them it would be fine. Alas, not the case.

    Michael’s right. Figure out what you want and ‘grow a pair’ 😉 so you can ask for it. Sugar dating is not for the belle who can’t speak up for her interests.

  191. Lily says:

    I’m feeling extra sugary sweet today. How are y’all feeling??

  192. RedMaru says:

    Hi Cecile
    You are not being snobby at all. What I did was evaluated the reasons why I was seeking sugar and also my needs. I even drew up a budget for myself and got a ballpark figure. If the pot is not at least willing to meet me halfway or more on my requirements then its probably not going to work.

  193. Michael Alleycat says:

    Cecile – if you are thinking ‘meh’, I would give it a pass. Obviously no chemistry or connection, and without that, the relationship would be a short one. And 200 euro per date? Just a low priced escort.

    In terms of your standards and expectations, be very clear on them. If ever I am a fuzzy on certain things, I actually sit down, think about it and write it down, as the process of writing them down forces me to be very clear about what I want.

    Just my $0.02

  194. Cecile says:

    Just back from my first pot meet-up.
    I left thinking “meh”.
    He’s attractive enough, but the chemistry wasn’t great. It fluctuated. He handled pauses awkwardly.
    I came home to an email asking to see me again.
    He just seems so unsure of what he wants and what he has to give. And I’m new to this, and not ballsy enough to put out my “expectations” yet. I’d rather approve or decline an offer.

    Would anyone mind sharing their financial/date expectations.

    I asked what his arrangement was with the last SB he met, and he sort of rolled his eyes and said that she wanted dinner and drinks, and then 200 euro per date.
    To me this seemed quiiiiite low. Am I being snobby??

    What kind of standards have you set for yourselves, and how do you explain them in a way that doesn’t sound bratty or pretentious?

    • SD Guru says:


      Thanks for sharing your experience. If his per date offer was higher, say 1000 euros, would your opinion of him have changed? Or, if the chemistry was great, and he still offered only 200, how would you react? I’ll come back and explain why I’m asking these questions.

      • SD Guru says:

        Let me go back and expand on the questions I asked Cecile. In a perfect sugar world, most SB’s probably look for these characteristics in an ideal SD:

        1) Physically attractive
        2) Great chemistry
        3) Amazing in bed
        4) Give you all the sugar you want without asking

        Now, of course we have to deal with the real sugar world and try to find that elusive SD who is close to ideal. Let’s examine those characteristics in the context of Cecile’s first meet experience. For the sake of this discussion, let’s leave out item #3 since bedroom activities usually occur later in the process. As for #4, most SD’s aren’t mind readers so some discussion about the arrangement is usually necessary. So the question is, how should the SB react given the variables in #1, #3, and #4. It usually comes down to the SB knowing what’s important to her and what she wants in a sugar relationship.

        For example, what type of arrangement does the SB want and how important is it? Let’s say the SB is looking for an on-going allowance, but would she be open to gifts/travel or p4p?? If the allowance meets her needs, but she doesn’t find him attractive or there is no chemistry, then what? Conversely, if she finds the SD attractive and there is great chemistry, but the allowance doesn’t meet her requirements, then what? Also, keep in mind the allowance is only one aspect of an arrangement. You should also take into account the expectations of both parties such as frequency and duration of meetings.

        At the end of the day, a SB will probably decide between choosing the right person vs choosing the right arrangement. Ideally you’d like to have both, but what if you can’t?? Do you keep looking or accept some compromise?

        In the situation Cecile described it’s easy to say next him because the chemistry wasn’t there and it wasn’t the right arrangement. And she said if the attraction/chemistry was right then she would be more receptive to his per date offer. But what if the financial aspect was right but the chemistry wasn’t. What would Cecile (or anyone else) do?? 🙂

        By the way, how many times have we seen SB’s in a “great” arrangement but can’t stand their SD’s?? Is it worth it??

        Maybe it is a coincidence, but one of the diamond daddies is no longer. I don’t know which one, but the number is down to 13

        Keep in mind DC profiles can be hidden just like all the other ones. So the actual number of DC members may not be apparent.

        that guy needs an escort. i have actually referred a couple of men to specific agency in town and hope that they call.

        I didn’t know Madam Cleo is already in business!! Do you get a referral fee?? :mrgreen:


        When it comes to Diamond Club, there are SD’s who say they don’t see the need for it, and there are those who find it beneficial. For SB’s, some find the idea of being certified interesting and some find it repulsive. Neither side is right nor wrong. People are free to make their own choices, and please remember to respect the right of others to make their own choices.

  195. Sara says:

    Ahh Stephan, always the voice of reason. lol. I third that glass of wine!

  196. RedMaru says:

    Hey Bela….same here just wrapping things up. Wish I could join you for that glass o wine. I could use one myself

  197. Bela says:

    Happy Monday to you too Stephan!!! Almost off work. Could definitely use a glass of wine 🙂

  198. RedMaru says:

    Stephan 😀 Good to see you on the blog! Thanks for listening to us sugars

  199. stephan says:

    @Anon: Thank you so much for taking the time to share some of your experiences and perspective here! I’m so glad you’ve finally came by the blog, and all the sugars are sweet with spice out of love 🙂

    Thanks to all those who have shared your experiences, questions, and opinions with regard to the DC. We’ve gotten lots of great feedback, and it will all be taken into consideration by the SA development team.

    This blog is here for 1 purpose – to be a welcoming, comfortable, and sweet place for sugars to be sugars in. While this is a company blog, and on occasion (2 out of 300 posts so far) there may be a topic that announces a new service or feature on the site, know that any sugar is always welcome to discuss what’s on their sugarmind here anytime 🙂

    Happy Monday Sugars!!

  200. RedMaru says:

    Sara and Carebear Too true
    Sara Nice blog 😀

  201. Sara says:

    @ Carebear- I completely agree. I DO have my picture on my profile and that is a risk, but I am one of literally thousands. The DC daddies are 1 of FOURTEEN. How can they not expect the be scrutinized.

    P.S. If I ever find an adorable, southern, fashion conscious baby on my doorstep, I will assume it is yours and treat it as if it were my own. 😉 lol

  202. Carebear says:

    To continue the rant, SD’s with pictures exposed are almost a red flag for me. Gasp! In order to protect my career, goals, and future family (gagging as I type that last one) I expect discretion, so I only post a somewhat blurry picture of myself that can’t be linked anywhere else on the Internet, and for the most part keep my profile hidden from searches. If you put your face and name out there, be aware of the consequences. The majority of the portion of discreet, established, wealthy and sincere SD’s won’t send pictures till after a few emails, or sometimes not at all.

  203. RedMaru says:

    Not to beat a dead horse but I’m also weary of anything outside of my looks and age being verified too. Although I work at place where the skeletons in my department alone are enough to fill a graveyard, this is one part of my life that no one I’m working with needs to know about.

  204. Sara says:

    @ Anon- I do apologize if you felt offended by my comments on particular Diamond Daddies. However, there are only 14 of them total, and our attention was directed to the new Diamond Daddies by the blog. So yes, with a limited number of men to consider with this topic, specific ones were brought up and that is the nature of it. If the person you are referring to is the one I am thinking of, his picture is right out there (in very little clothing no less). I find it hard to believe that he expected discretion, looking like that and being 1 out of 14. Come on. If you still feel that strongly about it, feel free to email me privately (blog gods, please give him my email address) and I will tell you specifically what he said and/or sent to me to make me feel offended and that he is anything but gentlemanly.

  205. Enigma SD says:

    The First Amendment provides people with the right to express opinions. If it was slander every time someone expressed a negative opinion about another person, what a mess that would be.

  206. Sara says:

    @ Anon – I see your point, to some extent. If an SD wants to verify my looks, fine. If he wants to verify my job, education, etc. that is not fine. I am young, at the beginning of my career, still in grad school. It may sound wrong, but I have EVERYTHING to lose if my information gets into the wrong place. I don’t have a long resume, and tons of references yet, if say my job finds out about this and decides to fire me. That is my personal decision on this matter, and DC daddies make their own decision on the matter as well. I made a point of saying MY reasons for not wanting to become verified, just like many SD’s probably have their reasons as well. I feel like this blog topic goes in circles a lot and at the end of the day, majority has agreed that you just can’t beat building up trust and taking precautions.

    Just as you haven’t fallen for any scams, there is a reason. You use common sense and good screening. Even verified women could scam you if they want to, so I can’t imagine verifying SB’s is to ensure you don’t get scammed out of money (a scam artist is going to figure out a way to do it no matter what). Verifying SB’s is more to not waste ones time. To ensure she is the age, weight, attractiveness she claims to be. In which case I am more than comfortable with.

  207. @Anon

    I don’t think that calling out SD’s on bad behavior using vague descriptions such as “white-haired” risks anyone’s privacy. If DC members want to be extra-visible to all members, it’s reasonable to expect that the actions bloggers feel are “bad behavior” will be made visible as well.

    Also, it might be worth considering on your part that someone who you, as another SD, know to be a gentleman, might behave quite differently with potential SB’s. If I had a dime for every man I know who treats other men better than he treats women…

    @ RedMaru


    @ ReachtheBeach

    I’ll be in Chicago the second week of February. You still going to be around then?

  208. NYC SB says:

    Red – thanks

    Anon – we were pretty harsh on the DC members but as carebear said … Such is the risk of putting yourself out there 🙂 if I was in the DC listing I’m sure I would get criticized as well

  209. Carebear says:

    So you have met his amazing SB but he’s still on the site searching? But I guess preaching monogamy on a site like this would be a tad hypocritical.

    Anon, this ‘public forum’ is anonymous, no? I’m sure Stephan, sdguru, all other blog admins would reassure us that our emails, ip’s and other identity factors aren’t disclosed without our consent.

    If there is an issue with ‘mockery in a public forum’, perhaps people shouldn’t post pictures and info of themselves on a public site.

  210. Bela says:

    VERY interesting idea, Anon

  211. Anonsugardad says:


    I realize that I’m in the minority on this blog as to the value of certification. Yet, I came to make an unsolicited (although I do know Stephan IRL) testimonial about my experience with DC certification for precisely that reason. While there are drawbacks, and important information that is unverifiable, overall, the DC has been a very positive experience for me, and well worth the time and expense it cost me to become verified. The primary theoretical objection of loss of privacy from the verification process has not been an issue for me IRL.

    Several of you have mentioned concern about the ability to verify ALL of the demographic information that SA is likely to ask for. One idea I had is that SA could offer a sliding scale rating instead of a binary “pass or fail” rating. In other words if 9 out of 10 basic demographic facts can be verified, then a 90% or “A” rating could still be issued. Also, if an SB did not want her employment verified (or is unemployed) then she could respond “N/A” to that question, and still retain an “A” rating.

    I’m hesitant to mention some of the scams that have been attempted against me, none of them successfully thankfully, because I don’t want to give any scammers reading this blog any ideas. However, security concerns for genuinely wealthy gentlemen are a real and growing threat in this economic environment. Knowing that you are meeting someone who has been through a basic demographic screening process would be reassuring. It wouldn’t take the place of meeting in a safe public place and other sensible security precautions, but it would augment them.

    Lastly, I know one of the DC members IRL that certain of you have been slandaring in a public forum. I also know him to be a gentleman and a reliable and generous SD. I’ve met his charming and beautiful young SB as well. So when I read you being indiscrete in public about a fellow DC member I am reminded that the primary risk of loss of privacy is from indiscretions such as these. I would kindly ask you to consider the impact on your own reputations from such indiscretions.


  212. RedMaru says:

    BTW NYC SB Forgot to tell you: Love your blog

  213. RedMaru says:

    Hey Bela! I forgot to add my one cent : I second NYC SB emotion on three date rule. Good sugar philosophy Enigma!

  214. Sara says:

    @ NYC – I would love to send you some heat, its only 68 so far, but I shouldn’t complain!

  215. NYC SB says:

    Enigma – I think the 3 date rule is reasonable … Mine is if allowance hasn’t been discussed by 3rd date and paid shortly thereafter he is nexted 🙂

    Sara – send me some heat!

  216. NYC SB says:

    Carebear – still snow on corners between streets and sidewalks… Avoid heels… Plus its stupid cold so they better be super special to get you out of the warmth of your place 🙂

  217. Bela says:

    Good Morning Sugars!!! Busy weekend here 🙂 I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

  218. RedMaru says:

    Hey Enigma good to see you too 😀 Hey ThirdWorld 😀

  219. Enigma SD says:

    Hi RedMaru!!! Good to see you again 🙂

  220. Enigma SD says:

    Hi Third World SB – yes I told my SB about the three date rule on the first date. She thought it was a good idea also. The “three date” rule came about because I have had quite a few “failures” over the last year or so, and they had one thing in common (besides me lol) – they fell apart by the third date. Also, I had three dates with my first SB before we entered into our 2 year arrangement. Sometimes, you just have to try something new if things aren’t working.

  221. RedMaru says:

    Morning everyone how was your weekend? Atlanta is finally starting to warm up emphasis on start. Were back in the thirties.

  222. @ Enigma SD

    That sounds very reasonable. Do you tell your Pot SB’s about your “three date rule,” or just hold off on entering an arrangement until after three dates without explaining the delay? I think the only thing about that rule that would frustrate me was if I didn’t know it was a rule and I felt like I was wasting my time with someone who maybe didn’t really want an arrangement.

    But then again, you say you compensate them for their time, which while not probably necessary, I bet does a lot to alleviate that concern.

  223. Sara says:

    @ Enigma – your 3 date rule is your version of my “week of talking rule”. I understand and respect a potential’s time, but a few messages on SA are just not going to convince me to get all dolled up and meet you. Its part screening, part chemistry building and part seeing how our schedules work.

  224. Enigma SD says:

    ChinaDoll — they could pretty easily certify pics with a web cam. The SB could send a few pics to SA and then they could arrange a quick web cam verification. Of course, there are some ways around that too (would have to get a hot friend with pics to sit in). It is simple and would screen many out. At the same time, an SD could ask for a web cam session just as easily, but he might not be too happy with that outcome (she gets to see the real him too)! Personally, I don’t see a need to upgrade to Diamond status. I really have never had a problem getting sugar dates, so I don’t see what Diamond status would buy me, even at a relatively low cost differential.

    Screening is a big part of success. Another rule I now have is that I am going to insist on three dates before I enter into an arrangement. I know I may lose some potential SBs, but I did that with my current SB, and it seems to be working a lot better. No, we didn’t have sex on the dates, but I did compensate her modestly for her time for each date.

  225. Sara says:

    All kidding aside though, I have found and met a lot of under 40/attractive/rich SD’s. They usually are married and have kids. Or they have “peter pan syndrome”, they never want to grow up, which is perfectly fine by me. They don’t want the drama of a girlfriend. They want someone who will never expect to be their wife one day. They want many girlfriends, without feeling like they should hide it. There are many reasons a man decides to enter the sugar bowl, just like there are many reasons a woman does.

    It helps though, that I like older men and I have a huuuuuuge Harrison Ford thing, so any man that could be my Han Solo is insanely attractive to me. lol.

  226. Sara says:

    @ NYCSB – This is why I love you! I once was just a girl….with a dream….A dream to formulate the proper amount of T’s per hot person per droopy eye, and you my dear have made it a reality

  227. carebear says:

    random question for anyone in NYC right now: are the sidewalks cleared of snow? any slush on the corners/intersections??

    (trying to plan outfits, can’t wear regular heels if the cabby doesn’t drive up onto the sidewalk for me)

  228. NYC SB says:

    Unless she has 2 droopy eyelashes… Then its spelled hottt :p

  229. carebear says:

    Re comments from AnonSugarDad and NYGent:

    You’re right by saying a SB asking to find a young, hott, rich SD is kind of like asking for a SD to ask for a SB to be young, hott, not want any of your money, and have no mental issues. While the pool of good SD’s (and SB’s) always seems to be shallow, you would be surprised how many 30-somethings SD;s in great shape and tall enough for us to wear heels are actually able to shell out A LOT more than say a 50-something SD only offering 1-2k/mo.

    If they (a random 30-something hott SD) aren’t married and don’t have kids, (which happens often in NYC), they have a LOT more disposable income. Given the option of maintaining a pseudo-girlfriend who won’t try and sabotage their promotion at the firm by calling 1000 times during that big business dinner, I’m sure they would rather sponsor a SB who provides a great friendship on a limited basis, vs finding an insecure girl at the bar with a great boob job and decent genetics.

    Just sayin, we all sit here and stress how careful WE are with contacting people, constantly cross-analyzing OUR approaches, how people approach US, etc etc etc. Lets not forget the “browse other profiles” option on the search engine, where we can check out our competition and keep ourselves in check as to how an on-looker might view us stacked up next to the other options.

    NEVER underestimate your competition.

    What should we all take from my comment? The word hott is spelled with 2 t’s.

  230. China_Doll_DC says:

    I’ve been trying to read through all the comments and what I’m still left wondering is how the heck can we certify SBs? Pics? Meetings in person by an interviewer? Long list of questions? Personality carl-jung tests? Like what.

    I think most guys are interested mostly by the visual first and foremost. Yes intelligence does matter, but I have yet to meet a pot SD who is impressed by my degree in upper level sciences over my hourglass figure.

    Yes I’m a tiny bit fed up with the fakes on the site. But I have met with a few good people as well. 🙂

  231. @Arcadia, you are sooo cute, the im generation….lovely.

    I look for generosity, lust and greed, basically easy to find in this website.

  232. Arcadia SB says:

    @NYGent some level of 1 and 3 are enough for me 🙂 and for me the hotness usually comes from clicking personality wise. Does it make sense that people get better looking ot me if they make me laugh? I’ve never dated guys my own age so 10+ years older doesn’t bother me. But I am on an SD site so I guess I can’t really debate number 1. It’s nice to have someone take you out to dinner instead of him looking at the bill “your half is $22.54, plus tip”. I think if I wanted 1, 2 and 3 (well and the big number 4, commitment) I’d be more likely to find it on eharmony…but I’m not looking for a husband right now.

    The thing I have the most trouble getting over? Talking on the phone. I hate hate hate phones, don’t know why, have always hated talking ot strangers on them…don’t like calling the doctors or customer service, or ordering a catalogue. I would rather e-mail about it or do it in person. So when pot SDs don’t like -email and want to talk on the phone…I’m likely to decline. I guess it’s cause I’m from the instant messenger generation or something like that.

  233. NYGent says:

    AnonSD: I think you are right. So many SBs on the site are looking for an SD who is (1) rich and (2) young and (3) hot. For the most part they do not exist on this site. No SD with all 3 of those attributes needs SA to attract beautiful young women, as they will flock to him in real life. If SBs are looking for (1) maybe they will find it here, but (1) and (2) and (3), as a package, not so much.

  234. How much do I owe you?

    HA! Pretend you are alone in the city that doesnt sleeps….you log into SA and oddly enough you find a SD who is willing to meet for a drink and show the city. The conversation flows and you realize that he might be helpful to a friend who is just starting this new business venture. The way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach!!! So this SB decides to win his heart over and do some network on the side. After a drink or maybe two in his place, no more details cause a lady has no memory….she kindly asks to be taken back to the hotel. As expected, he turns around and says ” how much do I owe you?”

    seriously?? a typical case of that SD who is most likely used to play with escorts.

    And in this case, this SB got his business card and the opportunity for her friend to pitch in the business idea.

    A win win situation? Perhaps not.

  235. Carebear says:

    Sa works. I said in my post this was Sd.com, and that I had a few profiles over time, each of which he has found.

  236. Kindred Spirit says:

    Carebear~ on the stalker bit, does using the “block person” function not work so well on SA? He can still message anyway? Yikes.

  237. @Sabrina – “prefer alphabetically”. I have tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks.

    I am SO in love with you right now.

  238. carebear says:

    RTB – the sad thing is, that was what, like Sept or something? He still contacts me about once a week. I blocked his cell, but he emails and messages me on sd.com. And I’ve cycled through like 5 profiles on that site and he finds me everytime. Its getting kind of unnerving.

    DW is pretty sick with some intelius, like Olympic level. Also shout outs to CollegeSB who should be paid by google for stupid ridiculous stalker skills.

    Meanwhile, I’m currently in correspondence with a SD on the east coast and he has now given me 3 different names, jokingly, but all 3 sort of check out in my area and his. But I also told him my name is Sabrina, so who’s kidding who.

    Last, I have crossed off another email strategy that does NOT work. If anyone wants to take notes, so you guys don’t make the same mistake.

    SD messaged me:
    MESSAGE Dated – 23 January, 2011 05:45pm

    I very much liked your profile.

    carebear responded:

    Glad my GED is finally paying off.

    My profile is currently hidden from searches, as to not attract the wrong kind of attention. I prefer quality vs quantity as I’m sure most do.

    So I’ve found that everyone is on here for a reason, usually particularly pertaining to some social disorder where we can’t interact with people in real life and are now relying on the Internet. I’m mpd, borderline, compulsive liar, escort, and bipolar. What are your flaws? Preferably alphabetically.


    So yeah guys and gals, that pick up line didn’t work out like I had hoped. Learn from it.

  239. Dandelion Wine says:

    Lily, as someone on the blog can vouch (if she wants to) it does not take me long to run an extensive background check, i’m quite resourceful :))) I’m not interested in a virtual friendship or whatever, and once the background check and compatibility screening are passed, I agree – a meeting is in order, but I would not use a meeting *instead* of the compatibility screening.

  240. Reach The Beach SB says:

    Carebear – OMG! Quiz Guy…really!?! ROFLMAOOOOOO!!! Seriously…my ass just got smaller!

  241. Reach The Beach SB says:

    NYC SB – You should hear da Bears fans! It’s deafening!

    Anonsugardad – You certainly addressed the issue of brains and beauty…my only question is why limit yourself to early 30s? There are many beautiful and intelligent women in all age ranges. It’s always been said that wealthy, younger SDs are here is to avoid DRAMA and to date NSA. What are your viewpoints?

    Aced my test and am caught up on homework for a few hours…This is going to take some getting used to! It was a lot easier the first time around with less responsibilities!

  242. Anonsugardad says:

    @NYC SB
    “Most SDs complain of lack of brains/personality when it comes to SBs but yet they choose the model look alike over the smart woman… To each its own but beauty and brains is a rare combo… Almost as rare as a super hot SD (yes I said it)”

    When I initially registered on the web site I tended to choose hot young models regardless of their intelligence or personality. However, they tended to flake out after a few months, and putting up with their diva personalities was quite a chore. I later discovered that I could find an SB with brains and beauty with a more diligent search. I also found that I tended enjoy myself more with a more mature SB in her late 20’s to early 30’s, and those relationships tended to last longer.

    I also have a wealthy friend with a single handsome, dashing young son as an heir. He has to beat the beautiful young heiresses off with a stick. He’s the least likely potential SD that I can think of. Why would he pay for something he gets in plenty for free?

    On the other hand I have a wealthy friend, who is an older married man. He’s balding and a bit overweight. He is an excellent reliable SD, and happy to provide financial assistance for the company of a beautiful young SB.

    These are two extreme examples, but the point is that, in general, wealthy handsome single men rarely become SD’s, whereas older less attractive men (like me) tend to comprise the majority of reliable SD’s.

    Of course there are exceptions, but in my experience these are the generalities.

  243. Sara says:

    @ Carebear- I was going to say something similar. I have gotten messages from 2 of them. I guess they are serious about sugar. haha

  244. carebear says:

    PS interesting sidebar, since this blog discussion was put up, I went through the dozen certified SD’s and viewed their profiles, didn’t write any of them. In the last 48 hours, 4 of them have initiated contact with me.

  245. Sara says:

    I have no say on football……Now if we start talking basketball, that is another story.

  246. Sara says:

    @ Genuine- Guess that means we are from the same area. And to e fair, it warmed up to like 65 so I shouldn’t complain.

  247. NYC SB says:

    I hate jets fans… So obnoxious

  248. carebear says:

    I called packers steelers sb 11 like in Sept. Kickin myself for not putting money on that.

  249. GenuineSD says:

    @Carebear Yes ! Go Steelers

  250. carebear says:

    I want a starbucks =(

    Go steelers

  251. Beach_Girl says:

    Reach The Beach SB~ It’s a lot colder here, Minus 15F yes, I said minus 15F….OMG, what I would do for some sun and warm weather
    Hope everyone is enjoying their sunday!!!! I will be wearing my snuggie for the rest of the day I think! lol 😀

  252. GenuineSD says:

    @RTB & Sara… Right indeed.. chilly but I have no room to complain! That’s what drove me to flee the Great White North many years ago… I don’t do cold and snow anymore…
    18 degrees requires a strong constitution ! I certainly understand your goal !
    Vegas is an amazing place! Best taken in measured doses. My tendency is to take the “full adult portion” and then spend a few days recovering before planning the next trip.

  253. Reach The Beach SB says:

    Sara/ GenuineSD – You have no idea what cold is!!! It’s a high of 18 degrees!

    I’m having a mindless break and trying to get motivated to finish some schoolwork.

    Sara – I like your idea of a mental health day!

    Kindred – I like to ask if they have been in an arrangement before and what they did/ didn’t like…it’s a nice segue into a conversation for expectations between the two of you.

  254. Gail says:

    Cleo~I miss my cat!!! such fond memories in the morning…Have a great day all. Now really going to start my day : )

  255. Sara says:

    @ Gail – I take mental health days from life. lol. It is a rare weekend, where my students don’t have a tournament and I am using my free time to the fullest.

  256. Sara says:

    @ Cleo – haha, I’m way too small to ever want to model. But I just love magazines. They are so glossy and exciting and pure…like a totally different, retouched world. I spend an obscene amount of money on magazines, and I really should stop – but at least I don’t spend my free time watching reality TV, right?

  257. Gail says:

    Genuine SD…it that a pic of Vegas in your Avatar? If it is it just made me think of all the wonderful memories I have there. (smile) or is it a football stadium?

    Sara…I always thought of mental health days off from work…I’ll have to change my thinking : )

  258. Sara says:

    @ GenuineSD- I have a feeling its a liiiiiiiitle bit more chilly where you are. I live in Florida, so when I say chilly, I mean its in the 40’s (maybe 50’s), but I wore a scarf this morning, so that’s a big deal for me. 😉

  259. cleo says:

    off to the country! have a terrific sunday, i may check in this evening 🙂
    sara i used to have stacks of fashion magazines. i used to have a bedroom decorated in tear sheets from magazines and i used to want to model.

    now i only flip through them at the hairdresser while i wait for things to finish… so my version of your morning is more like ‘giant glass of water, purring cat, laptop/book, not dressed yet or even out of bed’

    which i have just done! 🙂

    later you wonderful crazy bunch

  260. cleo says:

    kindred spirit: usually you talk about things like where they travel or what you do for work or sometimes what they do for work and all the other usual stuff with an emphasis on not asking about their family (unless you know they’re single and you’re talking about your grandmother’s cooking or something but you know what i mean, if a married man wants to talk about his family? he will)

    the conversation should start to flow kind of on it’s own, if it doesn’t then really, what’s the point?

  261. GenuineSD says:

    A chilly day indeed ! and I have two football games !
    Greetings all ! Recovering from a very busy and pleasant week….. and trying to catch up….
    Hope the weekend is a good one for all.

  262. Sara says:

    @ Gail – I have laundry, Grad school work and housework too. I have just decided to take a mental health day. 😉 lol

  263. Gail says:

    Okay Sara…rub it in…I have laundry, housecleaning, and preparing for a BBQ today. Want to trade places? At least it is warm in Calif : )

  264. Gail says:

    Awwww…Kindred Spirits: ) What a nice Sugar message to wake up to! I hope sugar goes well for you.

  265. Sara says:

    Goodmorning Sugars! I love days like this. It is a little chilly in Florida, so I have a Venti Starbucks, the NYTimes, and 3 different countries worth of Vogue. Have a lovely Sunday dolls.

  266. Kindred Spirit says:

    Aww how sweet. Speaking of waking up to awesome messages…last night I had written a man out of state, lamenting how far away I was because his profile stated he wanted someone around once a week, and with working full-time, I cannot get out quite that frequently. However I told him I enjoyed reading his profile and believed he would make one girl very, very happy.

    His response:
    I am so completely taken by everything you write. And I am a redhead fanatic. I would love to get acquainted…I can honestly say I have never had this reaction from a profile. I am nits about you. Please write at my personal email (deleted) or call/text me at (deleted). I am anxiously waiting to connect with you and see that we probably have a lot of common ground

    I’m anxious to hear from you
    (“real” name)

    How cool is that? #^_^#

  267. Kindred Spirit says:

    Cleo~ thank you for the kind comments; feels nice to know that I am not alone in my sentiments.

    To All~ I’m excited to be meeting two potential SDs (one local, one from a few states away) within this week! This is a first for me, as I am just a few weeks new to SA. My question is…what do you talk about on the first meet? Is it really sort of like a first date or sort of blind-date? Guess I’m wondering how to handle awkward pauses and also, how to wrap things up after a brief time (I do like the idea of keeping it brief: not a lot of time wasted if it isn’t happening, but leaves you both wanting more if things hit off well).

    I guess to summarize, what do you talk about (generally, of course) on the first meet and how do you “wrap things up” at the end of the meet? Do you pointedly flirt more than on a IRL first date?

    Thanks for listening.

  268. Third World SB says:

    The sun has set here as well. Today I got to take photos of these really cute monkeys for about half an hour on some cliffs overlooking the rocky countryside. One of them had a baby in her pouch and was cradling her and letting her out and putting her back in… It was adorable and amazing.

    I gotta make a photoblog to share with my sugar friends!

  269. Lily says:

    Oh, and GOOD MORNING SUGARS!!!!!!!!!! It’s almost dusk here, but I know it’s dawn in north america! 😀

  270. Lily says:

    DW – I think you still don’t understand my initial point (I’m sure that’s my fault for not saying it clearly). My initial point is to actually NOT spend a lot of time in the initial stages running background checks and swapping many photos and emailing back and forth many times, long phone calls to see how that goes, etc. Because I’ve BTDT and was so delighted with how everything just seemed so great, during long screening stages I executed before actually meeting and checking out how things actually pan out in reality.
    *pause for big exhale and rolled eyes at the memories of oh-so-much-wasted-time-and-energy*
    I’m saying that in hindsight, I wish I would have just swapped a few short emails back and forth, to confirm that the desired goal is similar enough on both sides, (so there’s at least the potential for success if the in-person vibe and chemistry goes great) and then just go ahead and agree on a clever neutral spot (unlikely to be recognized, extremely convenient time/place, and pre-agreed to be *BRIEF*) for a live & in person handshake, chat, & visual ‘once over’ to use your brain’s fabulous mechanism for reading ‘micro-expressions’ and gauging a very useful ‘first impression’ of someone, …….and THEN move on to more deeply investing time and thought into whether or not you might want a second date, etc, and even a hypothetical arrangement with that person.

    Besides, you’ll go ahead and weed out a TON of time-wasters and fake/poof daddies just by cutting to the chase and politely asking to state expectations and hopes for an arrangement (and doing the same) & if that goes well (complete sentences, grammar, polite behavior, decent and realistic ideals for their sugar journey expressed in a way that gives you a warm feeling), letting them know that you would appreciate them showing genuine interest by materializing at a time/place which is at *your* convenience for a brief meet & greet. Those looking for an escort will poof because they can get sex without scheduling TWO whole dates into their calendar and effort from their normal lives, and those who are crass and simply just wannabes will shy away from this process because they get zero gratification behind their computer screen, which is what they want.

    In my experience, it’s only A level pots who get past even relatively brief & few email exchanges which require the above mentioned. And out of those, less than 10% will be _truly_ on board with what they initially expressed willingness and enthusiasm to do (at least with an out-of-town-SB, which is what I am). But then for the >90% who just wasted your time, it was really only half an hour max, so no big loss. Just my risk-prevention-strategy (risk = wasted time). Take it for what you will! Everyone has their own unique approach.

  271. carebear says:

    I would so tap Dr. Kelso over that. At least being in medical, he would have the knowledge to wear sunscreen.

    An afterthought, note the lengthy “been there” list in his profile….who remembers all of that? I travel 10-15 times a year and can’t remember if I flossed today.

  272. Dandelion Wine says:

    Lily, it’s not that it can’t be done, it’s that I don’t see any upside. It’s like you know it’s not going to be great, why even bother?

  273. Dandelion Wine says:

    Carebear, just checked. Huh, I guess dr. Kelso finally retired!

  274. Sara says:

    @ Reach the Beach – I LOVE quickie meets, aside from being concerned about the man being dissapointed, I am always a little nervous he might be dissapointed by me. So a good 30 minutes and some coffee is great for me, breaks the ice and gets the first meet out of the way. I think I have commented before about how much i detest first dates. Now second dates…..that’s a whole other story 😉

    @ Cleo – I meant hotel, as in hotel room. Not restaurant/bar/lounge in the lobby. P.S. I believe you have won the bad 16 year old ID contest, the prize? Gracing us with the lovely picture! lol.

    @ Carebear – Our lovely crispy friend is from my state, I have had the pleasure of receiving several emails from him. He apparently has amnesia or alzheimers, because every month and a half or so, he emails like we have never spoken before. It is hilarious. He also doesn’t take not interested hints well.

  275. Lily says:

    NYC – no no no I didn’t mean a brief meet where you have to prepare & travel. I meant like the way LASB does it, someplace you’ll be anyway, at a time when 30-seconds-in-the-bathroom (fresh lipstick, brush hair, powder nose, check pits) is enough prep.

    Midwest – I think a brief coffee is good for all levels potentials, I guess I am echoing Guru’s idea of efficiency & brief ‘accuracy check’ simply to determine enough interest to meet ever ever again, for a longer stretch to truly get aquatinted.

    DW – there aren’t discrete coffee shops or whatnot (in a convenient neighborhood but just not a place that gets a ton of traffic by those who know you) where you won’t be spotted if you’re there having a cup of coffee for 20 minutes? I don’t think a daylight-hour coffee meet & greet will run into terribly grabby scenarios, (but the guy may not be attractive). But unless you live in a small town, a few minutes at a carefully chosen spot in a carefully chosen venue could fly under the
    radar quite easily. The coffee shops built into Barnes & Noble when you need to go there anyway, for example, and if you are spotted (& questioned later) you could just say that you just met him that instant making commentary about the hapless barista who can’t make a cappuccino without dropping the mug, and had a short chat, that’s it; you don’t know who he is.
    But really if you are so well-known and quickly spotted in public, then perhaps more phone screening with google voice is the best option.

  276. best_girl says:

    About the subject, fot me it would be really useful to be a certified SB, as I live in Romania and the country has a reputation of being full of scamers and escorts. Also, I can only have long-distance arrangements and it would help to know that my profile is genuine and what you see (and read) is what you get.
    I can hardly wait to see what comes out of it and how/if people’s behavior on SA will change.

  277. cleo says:

    ps you guys made me log in TWICE just to see some profile you were referencing! i bet saint bart’s hit count goes way up!

  278. cleo says:

    sara: don’t meet in a hotel? i’ve met lots of people in the lobby of places like the four seasons or the royal york or whatever. they usually have somewhere lovely you can sit and tons of people around. i certainly wouldn’t meet IN a room though!
    rich old guy: i’m 39 but when people meet me the oldest they *ever* *ever* *ever* guess is 33 and that’s if i push them to ‘get real’ and i am often told that i should lie about my age here to ‘get more attention’ … what’s your take on that?
    kindred spirit: i utterly agree about okcupid. the people on it aren’t usually worth ‘keeping’ but i’ve made some amazing friends. the site though? that is what online dating should be like… it’s a bit much for SA with all the games and quizzes but man even a 50 questions private survey (allowance daddy or travel daddy or gift daddy? free in the afternoons? likes kinky stuff? etc) might help skip a lot of wasted emails!

    also? i’m a pollyanna too, it’s a much nicer way to live! so i don’t get it, what’s the point of lying on a profile? they’re still going to have to like ME. i’m not a sweet simpering sb, i’m a partner in crime sb and i tried to make that really obvious from my profile.
    arcadia/sara: i’m from the 80’s can you say acid wash? sideways super teased ponytails? rock bitch chic?
    dandelion wine: exactly, i just do not get why verifying the sb’s employment or education is relevant. brains are in no way the only thing sd’s look for in a girl…
    reach the beach: mmm obscene shopping *droool* lol

    (okay seriously the mental image in my head is SO freaking funny right now, so funny)

  279. carebear says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I just can’t get over Mr. Saint Bart. Everytime I sign on and see his hott body in that picture, I just want to lick that up and down.

    I like my men like I like my vegetables, mushy and burnt.

  280. NYC SB says:

    RTB – as my mistress I need pictures of the obscene shopping trip… Plus you owe me details

  281. Reach the Beach SB says:

    I’m stepping away…promise

    “Obscene” can have a few different meanings btw B-)

  282. Reach the Beach SB says:

    CaribbeanPrincess – Nice to see you back and having fun! I had the obscene shopping spree this weekend and it was amazing! I hope that one comes true for you!

    Third World – If you make it to Chicago before I get this new job, let me know! I’d love to meet!

  283. I agree with Reach the BeachSB,

    “Help me, help you. Show me the money” from a pretty famous Tom Cruise movie.

    I have a nose for nice and genuine gentlemen, and I go with my gut feeling. So far has been excellent experience this weekend. My ultimate fantasy is “Pretty Woman” experience hahaha I want and wish he could take me for an obscene shopping spree 😉

    But right now a cheeseburger would be fine, Im kinda hungry.

  284. Reach the Beach SB says:

    BTW – I may have misunderstood, but I believe services extended to SBs would be free of charge or a nominal fee. We pay less for a premium account than the SDs do for a regular account. It helps to have a large database of ladies in order to attract the men who will pay more money for extra services 🙂

  285. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Evening sugars! Finally back from my travels and wishing mother nature would stop with the freezing temps and snow already! Sheesh!

    A few thoughts on discretion…I don’t really think it’s fair to put the responsibility on anyone but you for your discretion. Regardless of your reasons, they are very important to you and you should guard them as such. I like the Enigma SD followed this mantra by using a pre-loaded debit/credit card for SA transactions (and I suspect cash or the same process for his sugar adventures, etc). Banks and huge companies who are regulated and required by law to protect identities get hacked, so best to disclose the information only to those whom you trus implicitly. If it means you won’t be a certified member, it’s not the end of the world…but I do like some of the ideas floating around to help overcome some of this.

    I’ve seen photos with someone holding a current newspaper or magazine or time/date stamped to help prove it’s current.

    I don’t disclose my occupation on the site, but I will share a general description after a few conversations…same with location as I default to the nearest metropolitan city. These conversations will reveal that I know enough about my profession and location to be legitimate.

    Did you know you can do a background check online for a nominal fee if you have a real name and location? Also, I believe one of the saved pages here tells of other ways to help verify through public records, offender registries, property tax records and Dun and Bradstreet searches.

    I have to admit, I like the peer evaluations like a few have mentioned about OKC. None of these are flawless, but if done right, this would be less intrusive and would hopefully encourage SBs and SDs to behave 🙂

    Kindred – I’m with you. I still have faith that people are mostly good and it’s sad when a fellow sugar is freaked out over blackmail, threats of violence, etc because another lied just to get laid….seriously?!

    LASB – LOLOLOL about walking around the building before the coffee break…good stuff!

    Lily/ Sara/ LASB/ NYC SB – I think Guru or Sincere might have made suggestions to SDs in the past to set up several quickie meets in one evening spaced far enough apart and at different locations as not to be incredibly obvious. Couldn’t hurt to use that methods for the “B” level pots that perhaps didn’t come off exactly right during the first conversations.

    Ugh…I have homework to tend to!

  286. Dandelion Wine says:

    Lily, my personal opinion is – if a man doesn’t create enough interest and inspire enough trust for me to want to spend a couple of hours on a date with him, I definitely don’t think my mind is going to change in 15-30 minutes. Plus I don’t want to be seen with someone whose behavior and appearance I cannot reasonably predict, the last thing I need is people jumping to assumption that I am romantically involved with someone who misrepresented his height/weight/age and is noticeably shorter, fatter, and/or older than I expected, or doesn’t know how to act in public, or tries to get too close and personal.

  287. Hi, I honestly dont give a hoop about the SD verification, that doesnt assures me anything when it comes if we will crash or have a blast when we meet. Im as real as I can get. In fact today I asked a SD who I met for a beer in NY, ohhh yeah, I forgot to mentioned that hahaha

    I live in a very small country in Latin America and thanks to SA I flew in last night for a sweet weekend.

    So anyway, I asked him to describe me and the first word that came out was “dangerous” but he was laughing, he then said, the word is REAL. And I liked it. Im not perfect, in fact every flaw makes me perfectly me.

    And in 3 weeks I will be traveling to Paris on a sugar journey, if MrWade decided to charge for my emails exchange I wouldnt have had these opportunities, I wouldnt be typing from my iPad from Manhattan tonight 😉

  288. NYC SB says:

    Lily – a meet and greet still takes time… Say 30mins to get ready, 30 mins to get to the location, 30 mins for the meet, 30 mins to get home = 2 hours… Much rather be sleeping or with my wife getting chipote and gossiping

  289. NYC SB says:

    Dw – so true… I’d rather do anything else than be on a bad sugar date… This time around I met 3 men since nov and they were all great dates.

  290. Lily says:

    I also have lost the interest to spend time on dates with pots who aren’t highly promising.

    What about scheduling in quickie face-to-face coffee chats at 15-30 minutes at a time/location that barely phases your day, though?

    Nothing beats gut feelings and careful screening, largely done with in-person meetings. I think that’s what this all boils down to.

  291. stephan says:

    @Yaz- Thank you! You showed me the light away from the the sugarlip pics (which was becoming a bit of a crutch). It is great having a keen eye like yours to think of when choosing pics, it helps me find the best ones possible and in the most effective ways I can think of. I am so grateful for your unfiltered feedback as always, it is very beneficial 😀

  292. ContinentalTravel says:

    First of all — I take credit for this feature! I was the one who mentioned Diamond club memberships when everyone was complaining about fake daddies!

    OK, jokes aside, I do believe that a verification feature would really bridge the gap between free-for-all SA memberships and high end personal matchmakers. Well done.

  293. Sara says:

    @ Dandelion- I AM a starving college student (well grad student and teacher) and my free time is equally important to me. lol

  294. Dandelion Wine says:

    Sara, well you are an outspoken and assertive woman (as am I lol), but not everyone is like that.
    For some women it is easier to give a bs excuse than it is to risk hurting someone’s feelings.
    Also I personally wouldn’t meet anyone until I have their info verified and get a general feel of their personality. I am not a starving college student and my free time is worth a lot to me. I would rather hang out with my friends, or get an extra hour of sleep, or research stocks, or browse online new arrivals at NM and BG, or even catch up on the blog 🙂 than go on a date that doesn’t have a high chance of being pleasant and successful.

  295. Dandelion Wine says:

    NYC SB, if you are really interested, look into the low-calorie diet and longevity.
    Pretty much a study was done that showed that people who eat a low calorie diet and keep a moderate activity level live longer than the people who eat a higher calorie diet and exercise more extensively , despite that both groups had same net calories. I think the conclusion was that the high level of physical activity (both exercise and the extra digestion/conversion efforts) created more free radicals, but *I* think that the difference should be at least partially attributed to the specifics of the diets, rather than creating more free radicals.
    People who have a lower calorie diet over a long period of time, in my opinion, would be more likely to eat more fruit and veggies, and eat them with every meal, thus receiving antioxidant benefits at the optimum intervals and keeping up a constant protection of cells against free radical damage.
    See, while it is good to eat as much fruit and veggies (and herbs, and seaweed) as you can any time you get a chance, 3 apples in the morning is not equivalent to apple each at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, because anti-oxidants don’t have a cumulative effect. They protect your cells for only about 4 hours at a time, so eating some veggies every meal means that your free-radical defense is up most of the time.

  296. LASB says:

    Sara – Oh funny. I never actually looked at the diamond daddies as I assume they are all looking for models. But anyhow, I think it’s fine for them to use the diamond profile to cast if they want. I knew another guy who used SA to cast, using the standard orange profile. Seems to have worked well.

  297. Sara says:

    @ Dandelion – This is true, but the men that try to pull that on me usually don’t make it far. If a man wants me to trust him enough to have sex with him (which I am assuming they do), they sure as hell better trust me with personal information. I think that sort of thing all comes with time, and we are blowing it out of proportion….it is not THAT difficult to meet a potential for lunch or coffee, get the “verification” out of the way and than move forward with potential arrangements. I could see it as an option for long distance sugar. I would have to see what the verification entailed before I could give a legitimate opinion. If it involved background and credit checks, I am probably not likely to want to put that info out there, if it is proving I look like I claim I do, I am fine with it.

  298. Dandelion Wine says:

    Sara, I am very protective of my personal information myself and for me it is a decision on a case by case basis, with all people at that. To some people I would trust not to misuse my SSN, to others I wouldn’t trust with my first name. But just because the verification system is not something that would work for me, doesn’t mean I can’t see the benefit of it to others.
    For some SBs, who don’t necessarily have the decisiveness to say next when a potential tries to get more out of them than he is offering himself, being verified would help them deal with the “oh, I’m an important married man in my community, I can’t be revealing myself to someone that could be a fake, prove yourself to me first” types, for example.

  299. Sara says:

    How come no one has mentioned the pink elephant in the room? I know we all went on over to look at the diamond daddies after this blog topic started, why has no one commented on the diamond status profile (that has been there for months) looking for women to audition for some sugar baby reality show? lol

  300. Sara says:

    @ LASB- EXACTLY! I have never had a complaint, and as a personal rule, I always like to get to know the guy for a week or two without meeting (I HATE the guys that say “I don’t like to waste time, lets meet tonight”), so if after a week or two of talking, they still are not sure about me, that is their concern, not mine.

  301. LASB says:

    Sara – I’m with you completely. If a guy is so paranoid or jaded that he doesn’t want to take a chance and just meet me without a full background check, he’s probably not my cup of tea to begin with. I send out current, casual pics of me that look like me because I don’t want to suffer the embarrassment of, “You are so ugly/fat/old and look nothing like your pics!” when we meet.

  302. Sara says:

    @ Dandelion Wine – The whole thing just makes me uneasy. Not that I am hiding anything. I have always said, it would be silly to lie and than meet someone and have them realize you clearly are not who you say you are. But I LIKE the lines between my private life and my professional life and my sugar life. As I said earlier, it depends on the execution of verification, not the idea of verification itself.

  303. Dandelion Wine says:

    Sara, haha I hear you. But if you wanted to be verified, you can always go by DMV and get a DL with current stats. IMO DL would be useful for verifying height, age, state of residence, and resemblance in pictures. While your hair and skin may look nothing like they did at 16, you are generally fully grown by then, and your face reference points and proportions don’t change with age any longer, unless you gain a ridiculous amount of weight or get plastic surgery. A webcam confirmation would prove that it is actually you, and not some 300 lbs old man using his daughter’s DL and pics to scam some booze money. A criminal background check can also be performed through a verified 3rd party, and I think it would put many potential SDs at ease if they know their SB hasn’t been arrested for prostitution, theft, fraud, embezzlement, or violent crimes. (Likewise on the opposite end)
    IMO, verifying education and place of employment for SB seems unnecessary (because 1)come on, who has ever chosen a SB based on her career? and 2)it’s a limited term arrangement, not marriage) but if it’s something important to a SD, he can ask his SB for verification, and if she is not comfortable giving it, then it’s her personal choice on a case by case basis.

  304. Sara says:

    @ Arcadia – of course we grow out of it. Haha. I am not even embarrassed by my photo, but I obviously don’t look like that anymore. Factor in 7 years and it is barely recognizable, and since it was just renewed, it is another 7 or so years of it.

  305. Arcadia SB says:

    @Sara – I feel your pain, I had braces, was wearing a “really cool” hawaiian shirt, and had my hair french braided in pig tails. :: shudder :: At least we grew out of it, right?

  306. Sara says:

    @ Arcadia – Let’s just put it this way – At 16 I had braces and did not use a hair straightener.

  307. Arcadia SB says:

    Sara – a few months ago they made me take a new picture when i renewed my DL, no more 16 year old me. But i did have the same picture for 9 years. In the past few years (I looked really young at 16, my face matured significantly in my early 20’s, and I lost baby fat on my face) people have often thought my DL wasn’t me, awkward. So I totally agree with you that a DL can only do so much. Especially when you can go 9-10 years between pictures.

    As to the verification issue for SBs and SDs…I’d be more likely to take messages from a diamond SD seriously, and would be willing to do a little bit to certify myself in the future if only because it’s good business (since we often compare the SA scene to making sound business decisions). Of course, I’m not married and am still in transition mid 20’s. Figuring out grad school, jobs, where I want to end up. I wouldn’t want my schools or my job really to track back to SA, just because it would be somewhat embarrassing, some people would probably get the wrong idea about me and the site. I’m not sure what form of verification I’d be comfortable with, but I do think just paying to be a month long premium member verifies SBs to some degree. I was a premium member at one point and since I’m single and have no one to hide SA charges from I used my real credit card…that would be one form of ID verification.
    Perhaps if SA went out into paypal-esque territory where they could accept payments from SDs to SBs…eg to facilitate the exchange of allowance, that would be a form of verification. Though I kow many people would be really uncomfortable with that. I’d have to be pretty comfortable with SAs privacy policy and security (like I am with paypal when I do my ebay shopping) to put in my credit card and bank info to become verified…but if I felt as comfortable with them as with paypal, it could make life a lot easier for SBs and SDs concerned about verification and allowance exchange. You could theoretically even agree on a date and program in reminders or auto transfers. But I know that there are probably huge holes int hat idea, and that it would never fly with most people. Just thinking outloud.

    Hope everyone’s weekend is going well!

  308. Sara says:

    @ Lily- love the lurkers! How are you doll?

  309. Lily says:

    I’m here, lurking! 🙂

  310. Sara says:

    @ Kindred – Oh No! We killed the blog. haha 😉

  311. Kindred Spirit says:

    *Making fun of myself* 🙂

  312. Kindred Spirit says:

    Innocent and pretty naive for the finest, lol!

  313. @Kindred

    Why would a college student have a fake ID? Really?! Come on…

  314. Sara says:

    @ Kindred- I agree with you that it sick and disheartening to think of people creating fake lives, but what gets me the most is that it usually isn’t even for gain, but just for some sort of entertainment. If a sugar lies about her age/looks/weight, they are going to get caught at the first meet, so it does nothing and gets them no gain.

  315. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugars! New blog topic 😀 Maybe it will help me warm as it is still chilly here in GA.
    Certification for SB’s? I think its an okay idea as long as its a choice and inexpensive. I wouldnt mind as someone said before misrepresentation and scamming is a two way street so proving you’re legit should be the same. However on the other hand a profile can only say so much versus having contact and talking with a person seeing what they’re truly about.

  316. NYC SB says:

    Omg! Wall st party animal is trying to steal my wife!

    Interesting conversations

    Dw- you gave me something to research … So interesting as I rarely ever eat fresh fruits and veggies

    Rich old guy – Interesting point but I’m not sure I agree… If a man claims to be worth 10 mil but really he is worth 3mil and has always followed through with agreed upon allowance does that mean that he is not a real sd?

  317. Kindred Spirit says:

    🙁 I can never quite understand why a person has a fake…anything. ID, profile, intentions, etc. I’m hearing about fake SBs and SDs, and it just flabbergasts me why anyone would subject themselves to living a lie to get to want they want? I mean, I get people may have low self-esteem, entitlement issues, or desperation, but geez.

    Admittedly, I tend to wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to human nature, but I do keep one foot on the ground and am realistic…and when I hear of “fakes” and “scams”, it kind of makes me sad. Such is life, I suppose. Regardless, I will always continue to give others the benefit of the doubt (within reason, I’m no fool), as I would like the benefit of the doubt bestowed upon me.

    Just…so strange to hear of escorts and pimps making their way into this site for personal gain, even though it is explicitly warned that those services are NOT welcome here. How is it that they still decide it’s okay for them to ignore the rules, anyway? Is it that some people lack a conscious and simply don’t care?? Can’t imagine what it feels like to be that person….

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      @Rich old guy,Anonsugardad, gasugardad and Frank, that is an interesting attempt to get us to see how wrong we are in protecting our sugar identity. Any smart business man can quickly verify any SB in a matter of a few minutes once the sugar trusts you enough to share that info. Enough. Said 🙂

  318. Sara says:

    ugh, sent too soon. I was going to say “my point was that DL’s change every few years so it is very possible (and likely) that a women looks different from their DL and that it verifies very little except age. Plus many college girls have fake ID’s.

  319. Sara says:

    @ Dandelion – I am only 23. When I renewed it, I did it online and they just send me a new copy of my old one, with new expiration dates. I am only 4 ft. 8, so a growth spurt isn’t an issue but for general info, my weight is different and I look completely different. Going form 16 to 23 is a signinficant change for most women. All that aside, my point was though that

  320. Dandelion Wine says:

    Sara, how do you have your DL from 16? I have to change mine every 5 years. Also most girls don’t generally undergo growth spurts after 16.

  321. Dandelion Wine says:

    Beach Girl, I didn’t get it from a link, otherwise I would have quoted and credited it, as I always do. If you want to reference anything, google nutritional content of whatever food interests you, as well as dehydration synthesis.
    Also I just looked up murad’s eating water, and his premise is that eating more fruit and vegetables will improve cellular health, which will in turn allow your cells to hold water better. That means you need to stick to a diet rich in plant life for a period of time, if you want to see results.

  322. Sara says:

    @ RIch Old Guy – I beg to differ. I CAN be verified, but that defeats the purpose of anonymity. I am a school teacher, to verify my job through the school is a sticky situation. I could submit w2 forms or pay stubs, but even those can be forged, so like I said take all the screening into consideration, but take it with a grain of salt. The same with my education, I don’t need anyone calling my grad school to see if I am currently enrolled. As for physical attributes, sure if you figure out a way to verify my weight and age, awesome. My drivers liscence could prove my age, but the picture was taken when I was 16, so the height and weight are clearly different. I could take a picture right now holding a sign with today’s date and my user id I suppose. So my opposition to this concept, is not the concept itself, but the execution of it. Find a way for it to work and I would be thrilled to make myself more distinctive than the rest of the women on the site.

  323. Kindred Spirit says:

    I’m on Okcupid, too, or was for the last three years. Did meet a long-term boyfriend there, and especially made a few great male friends. I did enjoy the flow and feel of the site, however, many of the guys are younger, unemployed or in school. Since I am looking for a more accomplished individual to learn from and enjoy, but am sick of traditional dating (drama, jealousy, suffocation, even just -who’s going to pick up tab this time, ack!), I’ve disabled my profile at okc. It’s time for a little spoiling, on both accounts, and if the arrangement is clear then no one gets taken for granted. 🙂 Tired of my time, effort, and attention being taken for granted or dismissed. So, I am very, very happy to be on SA and meeting gentlemen who are distinguished and can put all the cards on the table right away regarding what we both want. Sooooo refreshing.

    Not dissing Okcupid, it does have excellent features and I enjoyed it for three years. Just now moving on to a relationship that is more suited for me at this time in my life! 😀

  324. Gail says:

    Morning All,

    Lol…that’s how I like to hear it : ) Love your point of view Rich Old Guy…direct, honest and no bullshit!!! It’s coffee time in Cali for me. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

  325. Rich Old Guy says:

    OK, let’s be frank here and cut to the chase. The most likely reason that people don’t want to be verified is that they can’t be. I’m not calling anyone here out, or talking about anyone in particular, but in general that’s the most common reason people oppose it.

    How many women tell “little white lies” about their age? And how many post photos that are few years younger and a few pounds lighter?

    And how many men are tempted to exaggerate their salary or net worth? Or their marital status?

    That’s the real issue, isn’t it? So it’s likely that only a minority of the potential SB’s would qualify for the DC, just as it has been the case that very few SD’s have qualified.

    And that would give them a genuine leg-up wouldn’t it?

  326. Sara says:

    @ Bela – I know the plotline was accurate, because it was what the director submitted to the festival, they made a packet for all the applicants. I get what you are saying, but I agree at the end of the day nothing can compare to face to face meeting. I love the idea of SA parties (like the ones in NY) I would totally go to one if it were in Florida. Its a safe place to meet, or we use as much verfication as we can on the internet, but take it all with a grain of salt. Don’t do anything compromising (like sending lots of money or meeting in a hotel)

  327. Muse says:

    Cecile, you woke up to a lovely invitation. I woke up to this:

    I figured my invite should catch your attention! The cruise departs at 8 and boarding begins at 7:30….


    I really liked your profile. I am very interested in meeting you this evening to discuss and begin an arrangement.

    I think you are very classy and very cute. Those are two good traits that can catch and keep my attention.

    If you like we can swap photos and/or you can text me at (deleted).

    Lets get this party started!

    Oh, Wall Street Party Animal, I’m not interested. Please go away.

  328. Bela says:

    Sara – I guess what I considered relevant to us was how one can quite elaborately fabricate most anything. Verification, thanks to our technology, would initially seem so simple, but now can still be a lie. The idea of relying on personal/face-to-face encounters seems to be a underlying denominator even when everything we do is virtual. I can’t say how accurate the plot line was that you read (since I don’t know what it said), but there was more to it than pics and phone calls. They watched a community of people discussing issues, interacting, and considered that to be the verification (as I would as well.) You’re right though. Their lack of safety precautions was way too unrealistic. The driving to someone’s house in the middle of the night was completely thoughtless and something I could never imagine doing.

  329. Sara says:

    @ Bela – I never saw catfish, but I saw a detailed plot line of it, when I submitted my documentary to the same festival as Catfish in undergrad, I get what you are saying, but isn’t it irrelevant to us, because those boys made little to none attempts at screening (other than pics on facebook and phone calls) and absolutely no safety precautions (they drove to her farm in the middle of the midwest.)

  330. Bela says:

    ThirdWorld (and Sara  )– The idea of verification via association is very interesting. I’ve been reading (yes, lurking) these ideas for SB verification and the movie nerd in me came out. If you haven’t seen this movie called Catfish, you have to. I wouldn’t really recommend it to most people, but since we tend to be more involved with the internet, I think most people on this blog might find it interesting/informative.

    Cecile – That IS a great way to wake up!! The offer sounds so fun. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a job, so I could do things like that.

  331. Beach_Girl says:

    DW~ thanks, would be interested in getting the link from where you got that. I actually read about eating water from a Dr. H. Murad. It was a very interesting article…
    Have a great day sugars… off to work for me 😀

  332. Sara says:

    Oh darn, someone has already said something similar. I still think it is win/win. and it doesnt verify anything in particular. Just what HE thought stood out about you.

  333. Sara says:

    There could be a testimonial system. Like past SD or SD’s we met, but were not necessarily a match with could wrote a little something on the bottom of your page about your attributes. (WIth a link to their SA profile – so it isn’t like you got your best friend to annonymously write great things about you). Many ladies here seem to be on good terms with their past sugars and to ensure creepers don’t go on and write mean things, just like any other profile change it should have to be approved. Sorry guys, I woke up…..enlightend. lol

  334. Third World SB says:


    Wow, what an offer! Some lucky SB is going to have a lot of fun with that one!

  335. Cecile says:

    What a lovely offer to wake up to!

    “…Would you be interested in a short/medium term arrangement? One where you can travel to Australia for a holiday, a combination of spending some time with me and some travelling just for yourself? I would fund your flights, put you up in a service apartment in the downtown area, provide you with your living expenses as well as mad money…”

    Don’t really have the time, but it’s still nice to be asked!

  336. Third World SB says:


    I agree that there is a line between verifying that someone is real and “reviewing” them as on escort websites. I think a text-based award system such as the one OKCupid uses might be a bad idea on SA, but a simple function to verify/recommend/whatever another user might be really, really helpful, and would help stay away from reviews/ratings.

    I actually think OKCupid in general has an excellent model that SA could learn a lot from. If SA was half as well set up as OKCupid… Well, that would be awesome, facilitate excellent matches, and it would blow all the competition out of the water.

  337. Cecile says:

    @ThirdWorldSB: I’m on OkCupid! It’s fantastic. Really well planned. 100% agree with you, a similar type of awards system would definitely be useful for both SDs and SBs.
    I do, though, see how the site would be hesitant to set something like that up, in that they might get some heat for seeming too much like an escort site, having “reviews” and whatnot.
    But I definitely think that it would be super practical for users.

  338. Third World SB says:

    In the kink/BDSM community in India, which is just as secretive as sugar dating for cultural reason, people from online who want to attend “munches” IRL are subject to a verification process where they have to meet up with another validated member to verify that they are a real person, seem genuinely interested, etc. Of course, I don’t think that sort of thing should be required, but in the case of the kink scene in India, it means that when someone initiates a conversation with me online, I can check to see if they are validated or not, and I am more likely to want to chat with them or meet them for coffee or something if they are. I think a similar principle would be useful on SA, especially since this sort if thing is already happening informally among the bloggers, wherein folks meet up if they are comfortable and (on the blog) are able to vouch that other bloggers are real.

  339. Third World SB says:

    When I spoke of recommendations as a form of verification, I wasn’t thinking of that as being something that past SD’s could do. Any of us sugars who have met each other IRL can verify that another sugar is a real person whose photos and age match their profile. I think it would not be a bad idea to add the ability to do that somehow.

    Does anyone use the dating site OKCupid? I have a profile on there for IRL, though I mostly end up making friends there rather than finding dates, but they have an “awards” system where people can give awards like “friends in real life” or “brilliant profile” or “the perfect date”, etc. So it’s not like jaded ex-lovers are giving these awards, more like IRL friends or folks who you’ve gone on a date with and decided to remain friends due to lack of compatibility / chemistry, etc.

    I have a friend who used to be in the sugar bowl in the city where I live when I am in the US, and she had to exit the sugar bowl for medical reasons, but there are two lovely men who were great to her who still have profiles on SA, and I wish I could somehow signal to other SB’s that I know those two men are legit! In an area where there are so many time-wasters who have never even bothered to meet anyone in person and just like to log on and email SB’s because they are curious, it would be great to see, say, that a SD or SB is “vouched for” as being real/serious by 4 or 5 other SA members. There’d be ways to abuse that, of course, but also ways to regulate who can vouch for people to minimize that. For example, maybe you can’t vouch for other people until you have been vouched for by someone?

  340. Dandelion Wine says:

    *throughout the day
    Alright, all these mistakes are a clear sign that it’s bedtime

  341. Dandelion Wine says:

    *it* in the last paragraph being a water-filled food

  342. Dandelion Wine says:

    (hopefully this is not boring/useless to the blog, but if it is, i’ll take it to email)
    Beach Girl, eating water-filled foods is good for you, but not for the reasons of retaining water.
    High water content increases their volume, and makes you feel fuller on less calories. Your stomach generally reacts to the volume of food, not its caloric content, so a cup of diced tomatos is roughly the same as a cup of lard with bacon bits , as far as your stomach is concerned.
    Water-filled foods such as cucumbers and watermelons are also very nutrient-rich. The ratio of good for your body nutrients to calories is very high, even higher than in other fruits and vegetables – what it means is that you can nourish your body with minimum wear and tear, since metabolizing excess calories and finding ways to dispose of extra waste wears out and thus ages your body.
    It also usually comes pre-loaded with the water you need for digestion, so if you are one of those people that don’t get very thirsty and forget to drink water through the day, it might help you lessen the dehydration and the weight gain due to chronic dehydration (your body stores fat more readily if you are dehydrated, since it derives some water from the conversion process)

  343. The Lone Gunman says:

    OH——and 84th!


  344. The Lone Gunman says:

    @Genuine SD

    I am with you. Too much info to be putting into the hands of people I do not know, with no idea what happens to it after I send it. PERFECT opportunity for someone to do an identity theft if inclined and tempted.

    Diamond Club? Haven’t needed it so far, so no thank you.


  345. SD Guru says:

    Speaking of models, maybe we could start a “Models of the SA Blog” contest?? :mrgreen:

    @NYC SB
    Almost as rare as a super hot SD (yes I said it)

    Nothing wrong with that as long as you can find him!! 😛

    so your wife looks over the statements, it’s not too hard to figure out, especially given that if you Google the number, it pulls up articles online about SA.

    As Stephan explained, one of the discreet billing methods is through Multicards which is a credit card processor for many online merchants. It does not leave a trail back to SA. Also, I’d hope your friend doesn’t use the same credit card to wine and dine his SB and take her shopping, otherwise he’d have even more explaining to do!! 😆

  346. Carebear says:

    I completely agree with gasugardad.

    But at the same time, I most likely wouldn’t bother with it because albeit a positive, it does increase exposure. Currently I keep my profile hidden unless I KNOW for a fact that my Sd is busy or is with me, so there’s no way he could be randomly searching the site (even though he deleted his acct) and somehow stumble upon me. Inside secret: minimizing my exposure to a few days/hours a week has if anything helped. The guys don’t see me constantly appearing at the top of the list always online, and I appear to be the ‘new kid on the block’ while I switch pictures and change my profile a bit while it’s hidden.

    I’m playing too many games aren’t I.

  347. Beach_Girl says:

    OC & LASB~ please send me some warm weather PLEASE!!!!! It’s MINUS 17F… Yes, I said MINUS 🙁

  348. Beach_Girl says:

    NYC SB~ I don’t think that beauty and brains/personality is a rare combo! I think you are beautiful and you are definitely smart and have a great personality!!! I think I have that too…
    And yes SDs prefer to choose model type women, young, bone skinny, etc….
    Yes, you said it 😀 love it!!!

  349. NYC SB says:

    Most SDs complain of lack of brains/personality when it comes to SBs but yet they choose the model look alike over the smart woman… To each its own but beauty and brains is a rare combo… Almost as rare as a super hot SD (yes I said it)

  350. Beach_Girl says:

    DW~ Since you seem to research lots of stuff, what have you read or heard of “Eating water”?
    It’s about eating more water filled foods so your body can retain more of the water instead of digesting and eliminating, what do you think?
    I only heard of this in the last weeks of so, would be great to hear or see what you have found,
    Hummm…. maybe OC can send you my email instead of boring the blog with such stuff…

    OC~ could you send my email to DW? Thank you 😀

  351. @DW – my target is 120 oz daily, but am doing only about 70-80 oz at the moment. Really helps though.

  352. @LASB – coming in through Nepal. Timing is because I am climbing with my nephew, he lives in Oz, I did Mt Kilimanjaro with him 4-5 years ago. We start the hike Feb 27th, it may be a bit chilly.

    Weight loss is not the driver but fitness level is. As I get fitter, the weight will drop off anyway. Not really concerned about it.

  353. Dandelion Wine says:

    Crud. Oops.
    Michael, fat burning takes a lot of water, since you need water to reverse the dehydration synthesis that connects fatty acids to the glycerol backbone, before “fat” can be released from adipose tissue.
    So, even if you are doing everything as you’ve been doing before, you may still be dehydrated.
    Drink more water to be on the safe side.

  354. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello sugars!

    As for the topic, I think it would be interesting for the SD to have a verified club of SBs. That said I agree with OC about the privacy issue though.
    I am very private and demand ( I know, might be too strong a word) privacy from the SDs that I meet or talk too. This is the lifestyle is it not? I actually work for myself and no, there is no info on me on the internet, unless you speak french and know my actual real (birth certificate name) then you cannot find me anywhere. I don’t use my actual real name anywhere anymore… So, how would someone verify me? Ask my old SDs? no thanks, that is private info in my mind…
    I would not disclose any info about the SDs that I met, whether I had an arrangement or not…
    This seems to be very tricky… I would not disclose my SS number, let alone have a psych eval… lol back ground check???? sure, but you need my real name, not gonna happen!
    And if you go by referrals do you ask the SDs on the site that have contacted you what they think? I have blown off a few SDs because it wasn’t a fit for me and was called very nasty names because of it… called a fake and a bitch!
    I think privacy is a big issue with this for SBs… well it would be for me!
    And someone did say that it would just add more escorts to the list, would that be accurate? I would think so… It would give them a better platform to shop for men!
    I had been contacted by a SD on the DC list once, He contacted me and said I lived too far away and was way too tall???? Well, my height and location are on my profile… lol it was funny actually, then he asked me to show him around my city and his hotel room, so he wouldn’t be bored after his conferences lol….Ah no thanks, if I wanted to get laid… I would… and I wouldn’t have to show him around the city HA!

    Alleycat~ awesome that you lost so much in such a short time! congrats

    LASB~ ahhh miss that cali sun and fun…. I so need to get back and see everyone!!! one day!

  355. LASB says:

    Micheal Alleycat – Congrats on all the progress you are making with your trainer and weight loss! Why did you choose Feb to do Everest and not some other month? Also, are you going to the Nepal side or the Tibet side?

  356. Dandelion Wine says:


  357. texasugah says:

    Hey all..

    Verification.. I got verified on another site. They asked for a copy of the top of my transcript to show the advanced degree conferred. A photo of myself, unprofessional, with my screenname and then my DL sans number and address. This was a dating site so…

    The major complaint I’ve gotten from talking to sugars is not bright women. The combination of intellect and beauty is rare, so they say. Although the women here are educated and are eloquent, that’s not the norm.

    Very pleased with my new sugar.. Cleaned up all the drama and unloaded the pots. Just met a sugar who is a wanna wife-y I know I shouldn’t but he’s just good telephone and text fun.

    Sara – I know how you feel.. talk about starting the gossip mill in the front office. LOL

  358. Kindred Spirit says:

    GaSugarDad, does the “Ga” stand for the state of Georgia? Silly question but I was just curious. 🙂

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your insights and writings, and hope you continue to visit the blog. Thank you for being a part of it.

  359. @DW – thanks. I am acutely aware of water weight, but I weigh myself first thing every morning in the same environment to eliminate variables. I have a weight tracking app on my iPhone so the trend is v clear. I’ll let you know in 9 days. Trainer is still wiping the floor with me but I so much stronger in just a week.

    Btw my trip is to Mt Everest Base Camp at end of Feb.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Good Job Michael! So proud of you 🙂

      @ GAsugardad… I don’t believe it has anything to do with Stephan or SA personally. However this is a site which caters to the NSA privacy factor and that is held in high regard with most sugars.

  360. AnonSugarDad says:

    Having been through the process myself as a Diamond Club member, perhaps I can help sort out some of the theoretical concerns versus the issues that I have actually experienced, and help with perspective.

    I can understand the concerns about disclosing personal financial information, and identity theft, as I’ve faced those problems as well, and likewise was skeptical at first. I was fortunate to meet Stephan in person on a separate matter prior to applying for Diamond Club membership. His professionalism, educational achievements, business judgment, and frank discourse played a crucial role in my willingness make the required disclosures.

    Had I chosen to go the route of a professional match-maker a personal interview would have been a requirement, so while SA doesn’t require it, I don’t think it would be a major hurdle for anyone of my calibre. On a web site as large as SA, I realize that everyone can’t have a face-to-face meeting with Stephan, but as a genuine multi-millionaire intent on finding the perfect match, it was a very reassuring meeting, and well worth my time and effort. That, in addition to research I did on the company, that any sophisticated businessman can do, cemented my conclusion to trust SA.

    As to the length of time it takes to find a match, I refer to Leidra Lawson’s book, Sugardaddy101, wherein she states that it can take 6 months to a year to find a good sugar match. While it’s possible to make a date quickly, as @GenuineSD points out, finding a suitable match in my experience is usually a much more involved process, particularly when you set high standards. However, having the basic demographic information certified about an individual can certainly shorten the process considerably. As of now, it’s often hit or miss as to whether the SB has represented herself truthfully, and all too often she has not. The SD’s don’t complain about it on the blogs as much as the SB’s do, but it’s no less of a problem. Having an accurate photo, age, and demographic information would be valuable to Diamond Club members and Premium members alike.

    @ Kindred Spirit, as for maintaining the privacy of SB’s, SA could use a third party firm to conduct background checks so that the name “Seeking Arrangement” would not embarrass anyone. Many credit companies verify employment and other demographic information as a matter of routine now, so an inquiry from a third party verification firm is unlikely to cause concern.

    To put things in perspective, if you were to apply for a job offering a salary of $3,000 a month, ($36,000 a year), you might reasonably expect to submit a detailed application, a copy of your driver’s license, social security number, educational certificates, job history, and personal and professional references. You might then have to prepare a resume, take a drug test, take a psychological test, go through several interviews, and then have to repeat this process many times for many months before finding a suitable job. And after all that you may wind up with a surly inconsiderate boss and jealous co-workers.

    I’m sure SA won’t require such a rigorous process, but considering the potential benefits to the SB, it’s likely to be worth the trouble. Plus, as an SB you get to pick your own “boss” and the fringe benefits can be considerable.

  361. LASB says:

    I’m being lazy at home too.

  362. NYC SB says:

    hope everyone is having a great friday night! im being lazy at home

  363. Dandelion Wine says:

    Michael, answered you on the other blog, but again – congratulations 🙂

  364. Yaz says:

    Stephan~ I love the new pics. Very creative and definitely a nice break from the lips we always used to see lol…You rock

  365. Kindred Spirit says:

    Well said, carebear. Thanks

  366. carebear says:

    I doubt SA would verify employment, especially considering a lot of the “sb’s” on the site are professional models/actresses/moochers. I would assume the SB verification would be matching pictures/physical stats to a photo ID or webcam.

    At most, they could verify employment/education by scanning and submitting w-2’s, transcripts, etc. But I don’t think a SB’s income and education necessarily matter in most search cases.

    A common notion thats spoken amongst most of our comments is that aside from stats, facts, or anything proven on paper, the largest amount of issues we all come across in our search stem to the personality of the person we’re dealing with, with a huge portion of that extending to the person’s moral compass. No dating site can filter that for you unless they personally interview each and every candidate upon sign up and even then you’re relying on the better judgement of the interviewer.

  367. stephan says:

    @OC – SA SD’s have 3 payment options, 2 are for more discreet billing. One is via an online billing merchant which appears on billing statements without the “SA 7754504856 NV” or anything else related to SA, and the other is by mail. Thank you for the reminder for all to be careful sharing any info online, especially with billing!

    I’ve also sent an email to our billing team to make sure that they’re aware of the info you mentioned appearing on billing statements. Thanks OC 🙂

  368. Kindred Spirit says:

    I might be interested in joining the diamond club for SB’s, could be interesting. Even if just to see if there is really any difference on the amount of messages, winks, and favorites I’d get versus being on the premium membership. Just looking at it from a sociological point of view. Fun stuff.

    Michael A~ However I agree with your questions- what would they do regarding verification for an SB? Sure I have nothing to hide, BUT if they were to check my employer, I’d wonder if my job might wonder…and then Human Resources (or possibly even my supervisor??) would know I’m on this site, possibly downsizing my level of professional credibility? Maybe that sounds a bit paranoid, but honestly, I do have to be careful of that sort of thing, even though this site is perfectly legal.

    So I can see the curious positives about it (a diamond club for SBs) but I am a bit wary, as well. I’ll feel better once SA has it out there what it’ll be all about. 🙂

  369. carebear says:

    I did/do the same as Enigma, on both of his statements. Great minds think alike. 😎

  370. Enigma SD says:

    Hey OCSB — that is one of the reasons why I purchased a reloadable credit card to pay for my SA account 🙂

  371. Enigma SD says:

    LASB — if I see an older profile (low profile number), it doesn’t stop me from initiating contact. However, I do ask if she has had a previous sugar relationship pretty quickly. Some concerns are that the SB may not be serious, may have unrealistic expectations, or may have a major flaw that isn’t evident in her profile. I know this may not be a fair assessment, but it is reality.

  372. Enigma SD says:

    Maybe it is just me, but I found all of those DC SD profiles to be disturbing. Would an SB really respond to a person with a profile like that?

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Hello Enigma!

      Ok, here are my findings on the link or major informational flaming arrow between your credit card statement (payment for profile membership) and SA:

      The line on the credit card statement says “SA 7754504856 NV” so your wife looks over the statements, it’s not too hard to figure out, especially given that if you Google the number, it pulls up articles online about SA.

      Hopefully SA will take this breach seriously or at least equal to selling you on the DC 🙂

  373. Moon Patrol says:

    I’d be totally embarrassed if a pot SB showed up to the theater dressed like a hooters girl.

  374. cleo says:

    sara: there are ways to prove you look like your photo, even a ‘webcam app’ through the site to take a snapshot…

    i’m just saying, i wouldn’t mind a little * beside my profile that means “actually looks like her photos”

  375. Sara says:

    @ Cleo- I never got into the video chat thing, not sure why.

  376. Sara says:

    @ cleo- exactly….and I mean with photoshop and stuff, how would you verify the pics are me anyways…..How would I prove it? By sending more pics?

  377. Naughty Molly says:

    Yep, you’re all correct on the taco thing….

  378. cleo says:

    reach the beach: i’ve also heard that term and i’m sorry to say it…
    sara: that’s my point, it doesn’t matter in a lot of ways if we do what we say we do. the common complaints about sb’s are hmm
    fatter than pics
    older than pics
    actually someone other than in her pics
    entitled (unverifiable)
    not showing up at all
    showing up dressed for hooters at a high end place
    secretly married

    the kids thing is no one’s business but the sb’s i think. of that list i can only see you proving i look like my pics. my weight is irrelevant, you can tell if you like my body from my pic in my new year’s dress.

    so, if you make it about that for sb’s rather than money…?

  379. Sara says:

    I personally would not be comfortable with SB verifications. Like if I say I teach at this school, what are they going to do? Call the school to prove I work there? It’s not like money that is an individual thing to check, jobs and degrees require verification through PEOPLE, therefore it kind of loses any shred of anonymity I have here.

  380. GenuineSD says:

    A thought: Having just looked at the application(Stephan’s posted link above) I’m stunned by the detail it collects. It’s a good document to get to the net worth answer.
    That said, I’m more reassured than ever, that I would never disclose that degree of personal information to a web-based, non-financial third party.
    Honestly ? I think it’s a filter alright… Its an IQ test for identity protection.
    This just reinforces the previous conclusions… Screen relentlessly

  381. Reach The Beach SB says:

    Carebear- I’m sorry to admit I have heard this, but I believe tacos has an anatomical reference. ***shakes head***

    Stephan- interesting…thank you for the insight.

    Great topic. We’ve all shared screening techniques and it looks like we will still have to rely heavily on them. The DC is an interesting approach to a challenging issue. How about personal

  382. carebear says:

    LASB – I should have elaborated more to seem less offensive with my comment. Some examples:
    -In the NYC area, and I’m sure in LA also, there’s a couple dozen characters with the same pictures, profile descriptions, and copy and paste emails that contact everyyyyy singleeee girl on the site. Making friends with girls through the blog has made it easy for me to spot them in a heartbeat. Just like I happen to know and have talked to that white-haired diamond that NYC SB was referring to. There’s some SERIOUS overlap.
    -I had a profile last spring with one email acct before I met my first SD, then I had a different account with a different email recently till I met my most recent SD. I know its ‘against the rules’ to deactivate, then create new accounts, but I didn’t believe I would be back on the site so I didn’t hesitate to take the original profile down.
    -When first speaking with an SD with a lower profile #, I’ll ask, “have you had any luck on the site? been searching long?”, if its a 1-something and they respond “no I just joined, you can see on the profile created date it was just 2 weeks ago”. MAJOR red flag as thats a bold faced lie. But also, the profile created date renews each time you subscribe.

    I have to wonder if the diamond SB club would just be filled with the secret escort services trolling the site (yes, SA gods, they exist, shocking I know) that are willing to pay the extra fees and go the extra mile to market their girls.

    I recently showed my current SD my contacts list in my blackberry, which pretty well ‘verified’ my story.

    More diamond club ideas: How about we administer psych evals to both parties?

    LASTLY, then I swear I’m done, can we certify people’s height?? I’m sure the SD’s would LOVE to see a certification of an SB’s weight or age. I am SO TIRED of meeting men 5’11 that are looking up at me. I went to the doctor’s the other day and I’m 5’5. I don’t wear 6 inch stripper heels, WHAT is going on here.

  383. cleo says:

    LASB: i’ve met old italian nobility and eaten home made food in a “peasant’s hut” in the mountains and had dinner with rich men and poor and the one thing i know for sure is that class and wealth CAN go hand in hand but it’s certainly not a rule to live by.
    carebear: i don’t filter by that. some people stay in the sugar bowl and just hide and unhide their profiles. and frankly i’d prefer an sd who ‘knows the ropes’ since i’m ‘new’
    diamond certification for sb’s seems easy to me, especially if it doesn’t cost more than a token ‘verification’ fee and thus is really just about authentications.

    i post pics, you get me on skype and i wave at you and you say “ah ha, she looks like her photos” and that’s it. who cares if the sb is lying about her job? i could say i was a bartender (which i was, and for long enough that i could tell enough stories to be convincing) and it wouldn’t matter..

    the only real rating in some ways is whether or not we show up. if a girl shows up on dates and looks like what she says she looks like isn’t the rest subjective? i mean i could prove i can do all the things in my profile but man, setting up skype and a tire to change would be a pain…


    as for diamond? i’ve glanced at them probably once a month or so but they don’t change…

  384. LASB says:

    Carebear — You raise an interesting point with the profile number. I’d like to hear from SDs if they also take the profile number into consideration? I’ve been on here a while, but my profile wasn’t always active. I was in a relationship and not looking, and now I’m not in a relationship and so I’m looking. I suppose to a pot SD, it could seem like I’ve been on here and looking for a long time, so there must be something wrong with me. Is that how people view it?

  385. carebear says:

    Genuine, I was thinking the same thing. 100/mo is twice the monthly fee for SD’s (of like $45 bucks or something), so in order for someone to gain maximum exposure and receive tons of attention, it may be worth it if quantity means more than quality. So, maybe these guys really are worth xxx and have xxx, doesn’t mean they have the guts to actually do anything with it. For that matter, several of the diamond daddies have been on the site for a loooong time. I take into consideration the profile # of the account, if its lower than 5-something, there’s a reason they have been on the site for that long. Thats one of my filtering basics.

    Ok I’m done. Back to my non-caffeine coma.

  386. LASB says:

    NYC SB – Yes! Along those lines, I’d like to add that I had a very interesting experience last night, reminding me that class and wealth are two very different things and having one doesn’t mean that you have the other.

  387. Michael Alleycat says:

    @Carebear – “No sugar/caffeine has me in super psycho bitch mode”? I thought that was you on a normal day?

  388. GenuineSD says:

    @SdGuru,RTB and all… Yes interesting points indeed…. The crux of the issue seems to be that the things that are most important to successful arrangements have little to do with an SDs net worth, or an SBs employment verification. Over and over the feedback on the blog is that the qualities both partners seek are things like reliability, compassion, being a gentleman, doing what you say you will, honesty and other qualitative charecteristics. Having the ability to pay an allowance doesn’t mean you are honest, or kind… Etc. Making the Diamond status a monthly thing lowers the bar further… And frankly whether it’s 100/month or 1250 a year, it’s not a big deal – so it’s no barrier if you’re a creep.
    Additionally, there is no way on earth I’m going to disclose that sort of personal information to anybody – ever. This world is defined by a need for discretion. Handing over personal financial data is the opposite of discreet. I’ve been a victim of identity fraud in the past…. I’ve learned the incredible importance of limiting access to that sort of information…
    Finally, in my experience, well written emails and clearly communicating trust building gestures is a far better way to fill the email inbox…
    I just don’t think a strong financial statement has anything to do with personality and in the end, the personality traits drive the success of the arrangement.

  389. carebear says:

    PPS- re GaSugarDad, I agree completely. Misrepresentation on both parties have created spoiled experiences (and not the good spoiled).

    Suggestion to SA: I joined a ‘rinky-dink’ sugar site with a very small database just to check out the pool (easiest way to spot a time waster is someone that has a lot of time to put up a series of profiles on several sites…..which I guess says a lot about me…foot in mouth) Anyway, the website offered a “photo verification” where you could upload your picture ID and send to the admins of the site, and they would review it and compare to your pictures and ‘verify’ that you are real.

    As for the rest, I guess maybe we could upload our resumes to the site, or diplomas, for further verification.

  390. SoNJSugar says:

    As a new SB to the sugar bowl, it makes the searching slightly easier.

  391. carebear says:

    Oh and as for one of the other ‘winners’, I can’t imagine the reasoning behind the s/n of “delicious tacos” to describe a diamond. Maybe there’s some symbolic metaphor I’m too uneducated to understand.

    PS-D dub and cleo, I owe you guys emails. Sorry, been way slack.

  392. NYC SB says:

    It all goes back to “just because a person is wealthy it does not mean he is generous”

    • SD Guru says:

      @NYC SB
      It all goes back to “just because a person is wealthy it does not mean he is generous”
      class and wealth are two very different things and having one doesn’t mean that you have the other.

      Exactly, that’s why I said the certification process has its limits.


      I agree with the points you made. As you said, what matters to most SD and SB’s are those qualities that are not easily certifiable, and that’s why screening and being patient is so important. However, I think the Diamond Club can be useful to those who desire a certain level of assurance that the information in a profile is legit. When you start to get into the realm of verifying personality and character, that’s where those high priced personal matchmaking services come in.

  393. carebear says:

    I’ve talked to one of the new “diamond daddies” before…..he visits my area for business on a consistent basis. We emailed for a few weeks, gave me the “you’re so interesting blah blah blah”, we set a date for lunch, he had my # (google #) and he never called to confirm.

    Something about people having a fetish for wasting time, I just don’t get it.

    Michael-have lost a few inches, but only a couple of pounds. No sugar/caffeine has me in super psycho bitch mode so I’ve been keeping quiet on the social network fronts as to not sabotage any friendships.

  394. stephan says:

    @ Reach the Beach: Here’s a page that has a copy of the DC application. The verification entails:

    1. Verifying that the profile is actually operated by the individual described in it
    2. Ensuring the profile claims regarding wealth (for SD’s) are true

    Here are some of the requirements from the application:

    “Annual Income (all sources)
    Checking & Savings Account:
    Real Estate Holdings:
    Stocks & Bonds:
    Other Assets:”

    Hope this gives some more perspective and is helpful.

    Hope everyone’s Friday is going well so far! 🙂

  395. Sara says:

    I have always felt that I had a….”different” take on verifying men in the sugar world. I don’t subscribe to the “If he is actually a real SD than he can clearly afford this” theory. My thoughts are that just because he CAN afford something, doesn’t mean he WILL. Many of the men on here are wealthy because they make smart business choices, now with the SB’s outnumbering the SD’s in a 4:1 ratio or something ridiculous like that, then they are going to get attention no matter what. So why bother spending $1250.00 a year more, when it is unnecessary and not essential to be successful in sugar. Besides, I would much rather him spend that $1250.00 on me, proving to me he is legitimate. 😉

    With that said, I myself toy around with premium memberships. I will buy a month, for the added advantages I suppose and than just wait a few months before considering doing it again. So I could see where the diamond club on a MONTHLY basis would have a great appeal.

  396. SD Guru says:

    @RTB SB

    You raised some very interesting points. For a certification process to work it has to be on things that are readily verifiable. For example, a SD’s income and net worth can be verified through proper documentation from reliable sources. Likewise, for example, a SB’s age, pictures, and type of employment can be verified as well. When it comes to a person’s character and code of conduct, then that’s a lot more difficult to verify objectively and therefore probably doesn’t make sense to be included in the certification process.

  397. LASB says:

    Hi OC – Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful blue skies we’re having. Funny how last year summer felt more like winter, and now winter is more like summer. I even ran the AC yesterday.

  398. Bela says:

    Alleycat – hmmm We could develop a virtual beauty pageant with awesome categories. A round of Trivial Pursuit (For smarts); July 4th Pics (for swimsuits); Current Ringtones (for musical tastes)… oooh this could be fun

  399. LASB says:

    NYC SB – Yay, it would be great to see you in MY town finally! (Though I don’t mind seeing you in yours at all!) Come get some sunshine!

  400. Re the topic, I’m not sure about the Diamond Club for Men, kinda reminds me of the Haur Club for Men. Secondly, not sure I want to advertise my financial status to others.

    A certification (if you want to use that word) for SBs is possibly a good idea, but what are you certifying? Hotness? They can make up or steal a SS #? And what data points do you validate against? Drivers license? How will you apply objective standards to an anonymous person? Who is the judge? Kinda seems fraught with potential issues.

  401. Giselle says:

    I think it’d be nice to confirm SBs occupation or status as student, or that their pictures are of themself. That we’re not hiding anything because we block our faces. And that our ages are genuine.

    In terms of men I like what the club confirms already. Kudos!

  402. NYC SB says:

    Also wasn’t spiritual baby a HUGE fan of the DC diamond member?

  403. Bela says:

    RTB – I do like that idea. It’s hard to convince someone of your authenticity when trust has not been established. The whole concept is very interesting.

  404. NYC SB says:

    Must refrain from making an inappropriate comment

    OC – I didn’t import him 🙂 he was here on business and I was the unexpected variable… Funny enough LASB and I spoke about me flying to LA … And now that may even become a reality (fingers crossed)

  405. 17th!

    @DW – I’m down 6 lbs in 10 days. 4 more in 10 days to reach short term target. In other news, my trainer is still wiping the floor with me. Training for a big hike at end of Feb.

    @Carebear – how are you doing against your target loss?

  406. Reach The Beach SB says:

    Helloooo sugars!

    Perhaps a little perspective would be helpful here…being Diamond is only meant to verify financial status and even that is limited. I cannot see how it would vouch for a person’s character.

    Stephan – what exactly does Diamond certification entail? What do you verify? Are you able to see net worth, hidden assets, privately-held companies, etc? Is there a code of conduct expected from these men?

    Ladies- we are a bright group…what else would be helpful with screening? Something that is impartial (we all like different things) but useful?

    I like the idea of something like this for the ladies…perhaps SDs voluntarily recommend a lady with reasons why and they get a rating. Nothing negative…only positive. It could give the genuine ladies an advantage over pros, psychos and wannabes. Could be a system that goes both ways. It could be anonymous except to the evaluator. It just has to be honest andnot manipulated through false profiles or friends helping friends.

  407. Bela says:

    I still wonder how one could verify an SB. I would like to see more elaboration regarding the type of woman an SD is looking for. Not to add to the controversial bucket, but I would appreciate knowing if the man I’m thinking of contacting considers a woman who’s bigger than a 7 to be “plus size.” It prevents time from being wasted on both sides.

  408. AnonSugarDad says:

    I joined the Diamond Club (“DC”) a little over a year ago. I have found it to be an invaluable resource in my search for a sugarbabe who met my admittedly stringent requirements. Prior to joining the DC, as a genuine multi-millionaire I found it difficult to distinguish myself from wannabes, fakes, and pretenders. Potential SB’s couldn’t easily know if I could follow through on my financial obligations.

    Since joining the DC, that problem has been resolved, and I can move quickly to other more important issues, such as compatibility and building a genuine friendship leading up to a full-fledged SD/SB relationship.

    Likewise, I found quite a few potential SB’s who were not as represented in their profiles. I have also been the target of scams from fake profiles. The web site eliminated those profiles as soon as I reported them, but I still wasted valuable time until I uncovered the scam. As a DC member myself, I would find a certification process for SB’s to be a very valuable resource, and I would concentrate my search on those profiles.

    I am surprised that most of the comments about the DC have been negative. Almost all of the potential SB’s that I have spoken to found the certification useful, and the most frequent comment I received from potential SB’s is that they wish more of the potential SD’s would become certified. If SA implements the certification process for potential SB’s properly, I expect the demand for certified SB’s to increase rapidly.

  409. Anna Molly says:

    I haven’t contacted any diamond members…yet.

  410. Giselle says:

    I like the idea. The first problem most people have is whether the person they’re speaking to is real. And if you had to pay for it, I’m sure SA wouldn’t charge more than membership fees– since it wouldn’t be profitable to charge SBs as much as SDs.

  411. LASB says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t be interested in being a diamond member, but I can see where it would benefit or appeal to other SBs. I barely say anything on my profile as it is, and I prefer to fly under the radar. However, I think it’s ok if SA wants to go that route, even if it’s just for them to make more money. So long as it’s opt in/opt out, so that it doesn’t affect those who are opposed to it, I don’t see the problem.

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Hola Chica! (LASB) another fabulous day in LA 🙂
      What is with NYC SB importing our lovely SDs?

      I need to get some fresh air this topic is making me ANGRY. The blog is so not the place for a Diamond info-mercial for SA

  412. stephan says:

    @ Third World SB… lol! Well, I’ll be looking for the ‘SA generated testimonial’ so I can remove it as Spam. Only genuine sugar testimonials are welcome here. 🙂

    Thanks for all the feedback so far on the Diamond SD and SB topic. Since I have long processed customer support emails, I can vouch for the fact that SA has received many emails from SB’s wanting to know if there is a Diamond Club verification option for them – and yes, some have specifically asked to pay for such an upgrade.

    SA will always be free for SB’s, unlike other “sugar daddy dating” websites, and on SA and the SA Blog, we welcome all types of sugars no matter what search and promotional methods they employ in their sugar quest.

    Just like all things sugar, the Diamond Club approach will not be for everyone, yet there are some people out there who may choose to have the added profile promotion and (relative) credibility it provides.

    Happy Friday all, and can’t wait to hear how the sugarlives are going, perhaps even some interesting nice real-sugar-life generated testimonials? Good, bad, sweet, sour; all sugar commentary allowed and appreciated.

    Personally love seeing who’s “First”, “Second” or “Third”, and allll the sugar comments. Thank you thank you SD Guru, OCSugarBaby, NYC SB, and Third World SB for getting this Friday’s blog on a sugaroll 😀

  413. Third World SB says:

    -cue SA generated testimonial-

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Hi TWB 🙂 I was actually third!
      How odd if members would (SDs) proclaim that they had all been with someone (SB) and she was fabulous. What! That would be horrible if someone would out me like that and publically breach the NSA confidentiality.

      • SD Guru says:

        This is a good discussion, substantive and constructive!! I understand there will be a wide range of opinions and that’s great. While some may not see the usefulness of Diamond Club, at the end of the day what matters most is the number of people on the site who choose to use it. Whether it’s SD’s who choose to become Diamond Club members, or SB’s who choose to contact Diamond Club members. I say let the market decide!!

        @NYC SB

        Yes some SD’s are always searching, whether they’re Diamond or not. I can’t tell you who my friends are but the white haired gentleman you mentioned is not one of them. 🙂

        @OC and TWSB

        As we all know there are fake daddies and joke daddies and that’s what the Diamond Club is supposed to address. While there is no guarantee (I mean, you can’t certify for personality anyway), the Diamond Club at least provides some assurance that there is substance behind the profile. Similarly, for example, most SD’s complain that there are SB profiles where the pics and age aren’t accurate. (Please spare me the speech about age is just a number and looks don’t matter, etc :)). So a Diamond Club for SB’s to assure that the profile accurately represents the person could be useful to SD’s.

      • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

        Sd Guru that is just rude. As if I or anyone else would give you a speech like that.
        Say what it is, it is a money making marketing blog topic and actually not my favorite so far. It is very controversial and you have posts and replies as such. Again not my favorite topic at all 🙁

  414. Third World SB says:

    I certainly hope the Diamond club for SB’s is based on recommendations from other members or something and not on a monthly fee. I think that would be counter-productive for obvious reason.

    I like how everyone was so eager to chime in on this topic that we didn’t get the usual mostly-blank “first!” “second!” “third!” at the beginning of the comments thread, haha.

    I think SA needs to re-think the way it handles diamond membership, because I haven’t heard a single SB say anything positive about it.

  415. NYC SB says:

    Oh come on… Diamond daddies are always searching … I’m not passing judgment but they are on the site always… Even after their year expires… Also 1250 per year for someone who makes over a million is nothing so its not like they stand to lose much money if they cancelled their membership prior to the year being up. The white haired diamond sd for example has multiple profiles (with pictures) on this site as well as on SM 🙂 Anyways I digress …

    Will be interesting to see how the new program develops

  416. SD Guru says:

    Brandon, this is brilliant!! Two of my friends are already in the “new” Diamond Club, and they have seen a dramatic increase of inquires from prospective SB’s. Can’t wait to see the Diamond Club for SB’s!!

    • OCSugarBaby ♥ says:

      Diamond Club for SBs? That make it sound like they are professionals.
      NYC SB I agree on the Diamond Daddies. That status really does not add to their credibility, at all.
      Looking at the newbie Diamond Daddies: One has been on the site forever, the others are baby daddies and sooo very young.
      Personally I would and have been far less inclined to contact certified members. Funny story one SB that I kept in contact with off blog had been contacted by a Diamond member. She showed me some of his rude text messages and how he never once tried to hide his playboy image. How on earth will SA police their behavior to be respectful?