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Sugar Must-Read: “Sugar Daddy Diary”

The sugar book club has a new must-read. Former member of SA, writer, blogger, and Sugar Daddy David Montrose has just released his sugar memoirs, the “Sugar Daddy Diary”! It’s something every sugar, or anyone curious about the lifestyle, should definitely check out. We’ll be doing an interview with David for our very own sugar fam blog here shortly, so stay tuned!
(Press Release) – Feb 17, 2011 – (San Francisco, CA)  – Gone are the days when older men who preferred young, attractive women were thought of as ‘dirty old men.’ Sugar Daddy relationships have taken on a new form and respectability, says author David Montrose. In the first book of its kind, Sugar Daddy Diary, Montrose provides readers with insight into the sugar lifestyle and the fact that Sugar Daddy-Sugar Baby relationships are now perceived by both parties to be mutually beneficial.

Sugar Daddy Diary is an intriguing compilation of Montrose’s personal experiences, integrated with facts about the various aspects of the Sugar life. With an introduction by Brandon Wade, the CEO of SeekingArrangement.com, Sugar Daddy Diary is more than a tell-all; it’s a fresh and factual look at alternative relationships that will hopefully put former misunderstandings at rest.

Brandon Wade says, “Sugar Daddy Diary gives us a detailed, honest look at one man’s experience. The Diary is no puff piece, no infomercial extolling the superiority of the Sugar lifestyle – far from it. Montrose’s experiences were not all pretty, but I, for one, welcome every perspective – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Diary contains a little bit of each, with a dollop of humor thrown in.”

Author David Montrose wrote his debut book to appeal to both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies, as well anyone who is contemplating or currently in an alternative relationship. “Through Sugar Daddy Diary, I hope to promote interest in this intriguing lifestyle. Males and females alike are increasingly curious and seeking more information on the Sugar lifestyle and how it can benefit them,” said Montrose. From a personal viewpoint and present-day perspective, his newly released book provides readers with that information, as well as tips on how to navigate the sugar lifestyle.

For more information on Sugar Daddy Diary and its author, David Montrose, visit SugarDaddyDiary.com. Books can be purchased through this website or on Amazon.


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