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WhatsYourPrice.com – Does Everyone Have a Price?


Many years ago, Melanie, a Sugar Baby friend of mine from New York, told me many of her friends using SeekingArrangement.com had a routine. They asked all potential Sugar Daddies they meet on the first date for a small compensation – be it $100, $200 or $300. Such compensation was made with the idea that there would be no intimacy on the first date, and there would be no guarantee of an arrangement unless chemistry was there. While the compensation amount was small, it served two important purposes:

  1. It was a form of guarantee that the Sugar Daddy is generous and isn’t a fake
  2. It was a way to offset a Sugar Baby’s opportunity cost of having to miss work

Since then, I have been toying with the idea of taking this same concept to the masses — i.e., to regular dating. In a certain sense, the general public is already well familiar with the concept of “buying a first date”. It’s been done many times at charity events, where guys and girls volunteer themselves to be bid out as dates! However, besides these charity events, an economic model of pricing and paying for a first date did not exist in the real world!

After much innovation, we filed a patent last year (US Patent Pending – Application No. 61407831) for an online dating system that would make it possible for generous and attractive singles to negotiate and agree on a price for a first date. Now, after many months of intense development, we’re finally ready to launch our new dating website – WhatsYourPrice.com.

Date Beautiful People. Guaranteed.

For those of you who have high standards, and are willing to pay (hint hint: Sugar Daddies and Mommies) for the chance to go out on a first date with beautiful and attractive people, WhatsYourPrice.com offers you another amazing online venue where you can meet thousands of gorgeous girls (and guys). While the website is effective in getting you that first date, how you leverage the opportunity is entirely dependent on your personal charms or seduction skills. But isn’t this challenge a part of why dating and going out on first dates can be so exciting, tantalizingly, unpredictable, and fun!?!?!

Get Paid for Dating. Guaranteed.

For those of you who are beautiful and attractive (hint hint: Sugar Babies), going out with someone on a first date no longer has to be a waste of time. In fact, on WhatsYourPrice.com its an opportunity! You’ll get compensated for the time you spend meeting someone new, and you’ll have the opportunity to improve the odds of finding that perfect relationship by meeting generous people you normally wouldn’t meet.  Best of all, I’m taking the same business model that has worked so well on SeekingArrangement to WhatsYourPrice.com, i.e., attractive users can use the website 100% free.

An Exclusive Offer for SeekingArrangement Members

While we are still a few weeks from the official launch of WhatsYourPrice.com, I would like to offer SeekingArrangement members a sneak preview of the website. Since it was SeekingArrangement that gave me the inspiration in the very first place, it seemed like a great place to generate some user feedback.

And best of all, if you’ve ever been a Premium member, when you join WhatsYourPrice.com before the end of April, you will receive a savings of 50% off all upgrade or credit purchases on WhatsYourPrice.com for the lifetime of your membership.

INSTRUCTIONS:  To take advantage of this offer, simply login to your SeekingArrangement account, and follow the link on the member homepage to create an account on WhatsYourPrice.com.  If you are a Premium member or have ever been a Premium member before, the discounts will be reflected automatically if you ever choose to upgrade or pay.

– Sincerely, Brandon Wade

Have you ever compensated (or been compensated by) a sugar for a first date with them?

What are the benefits or disadvantages of giving or receiving money to go on a first date with someone?

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  1. Jose Carlos says:

    Very interesting quite liked.

  2. HoneyBeeBee says:

    Re: What’s Your Price.

    I agree with other posters who said the name of the site is degrading. The other names you tested seem equally degrading. I commented positively on the idea on FB, but I meant from a profit perspective (for you), because I do think the concept has potential. However, I think the site name interferes with its potential.

    From a marketing perspective, your site name, promotional messaging, and the user experience need to cater to the people you want in the site. Right now, they cater to pros, in my opinion. If you’d like them to cater more to the average lovely lady, or SB’s, I’d say test some site names that are not so direct and that honor the arrangement, rather than making its users feel like sellouts.

    If you do want the site to cater to pros, then really focus on that market, and do it well. Even in that case, “What’s Your Price?” is kind of a turnoff. In our society, that term implies that you’re selling your soul, something no one wants to do. It’s too gritty. If your market is pros and johns, go with a direct, descriptive name that’s playful. Perhaps something catchy that already has resonance in common language, like PayDate (resonates with Play Date, Pay Day) or SpoilMe.

    Aside from a name that is a direct turnoff, the name of the site these days is less important than what it offers, what partnerships you form to grow it, the search terms you use, and ease of use. “Google” is the prime example. Should they have named it, “Search for Stuff Here”? Nah.

    Just my 2 cents.


  3. HoneyBeeBee says:

    My most notable first date gift was an offer by a penpal Daddy who had become my confidante. I’d tell him about my pots and he’d make suggestions. He’d tell me about his SB search, and I’d offer advice to him. It was great. After about 3 or 4 weeks of this, he offered me $1,000 to meet. Did he expect anything in return? A kiss. Nothing more. And I was already dying to give him some sweetness since he had been such a wonderful online confidante to me. Talk about setting the bar high. 🙂

  4. HoneyBeeBee says:

    Very interesting thread.

    I’ve received gifts on a first date, and yes, it set the bar higher for future dates. I don’t go into a date expecting it, but I am definitely impressed when it happens. And it is certainly an indicator to me of my potential’s seriousness, generosity, and ability to take care of me. I view it as a sign of respect for the time and effort we women invest in making sure we’re beautiful, rested, charming, and otherwise at our best for our man. One could also see it as similar to the way a male bird makes his nest or his dance attractive for the female bird. He’s displaying that he would make a good partner. I see no down side.

  5. SA Moderator Team says:

    hi CentralTex – the convo has moved to the latest post on the top of the blog – I’ll go head and copy this comment to the new blog post ‘Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Intentions’ – check out for replies there 🙂 Welcome 🙂

  6. CentralTex says:

    Question ! Here is my dilemma,
    I’ve met a wonderful pot, we talk alot via phone (when hes not busy), we click SO well, hes divorced, handsome, caring, overall.. a great gentleman . He’s very busy & I have recently been having a rediculously lousy time at this point in my life so He wants to fly me to Chicago for 3 days before easter to pamper and meet me, But it will be our first meet. There lies the problem. Like I said, great connection and everything is there, he is very legit , and I trust him. Is it wrong or too soon to say I trust him? Also, he doesn’t travel around the DFW area much so me flying is easier. How should I go about this ? Were both excited and I feel like I should take a chance. Ill have my own cash incase anything goes wrong, so why not just try it ? It couldn’t be worse than the way my last sd treated me ! Lol, thats for sure .

  7. Cali SB says:

    Oh what the heck. It didn’t show up, I looked. I will check again!

  8. Dallasbaby says:

    Cali they posted a new blog already ! Sounds like it was not good for cards but no details yet ….awwww

  9. Cali SB says:

    Dear Blog Gods,

    We desperately need a new blog. My browser can’t handle the reload on this one anymore.

    Cali SB

  10. Cali SB says:

    Good luck CardsFanSD! Let us know how it goes! 🙂

  11. Honey says:

    I think it’s sweet Sd Card…

  12. cleo says:

    spawn of santa: fair enough

  13. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with your screen freezing up when you try to get on the blog?
    Just got back from taking a nice walk around my complex.

    I will send you an email Honey.

  14. CardsFanSD says:

    Ok, just checking. Like, I have this work I need to get done and totally cannot focus. There — that’s the bad part I guess 🙂

    It’s just all new to me. And I haven’t been with anyone since my wife. I feel 18 again. But someone had talked about emotional attachment and to be careful. And I have a zillion things buzzing through my head… I think I’m going to head over to our meeting spot…


  15. Honey says:

    CardsFan, why is it a bad sign? It sounds exciting, meeting a sexy, beautiful woman…..I would think that that’s a good sign

  16. CardsFanSD says:

    Is it a bad sign if I’m getting those excited, first date adrenaline rushes? Lordy.

  17. Honey says:

    Lisa send me an email via the address you already have, my email won’t let me search, right now. I’ll send you a twenty dollar e card, twenty doesn’t go far at lush..
    So, I’ll double the 2 digit amount if you change your Downward spiral nickname…. I mean it doesn’t have to be rebecca of sunnybrook farm but….

  18. Spawn of Santa says:

    Cleo, come on girl. I am with you on this one and I know plenty of stunning women over 30, but if you want to make a point about being a refined lady, bringing up your desirability isn’t really the way to go about it. Especially since torontoblondie’s Beaujolais seems to have more “buyers”.

  19. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Thanks Honey, It is a beautiful day here today, I had a very nice walk in the cool weather to the donut shop.
    I’m feeling super invigorated, wish it could be this nice all year.

  20. Honey says:

    Cleo -EGGSxactly. One can’t make good steel without putting it in the fire.
    Ok, off to make some seed bombs!! Lisa I will get that stuff over to you by today or tomorrow, got a little of running around to do today…
    have a great day everyone.

  21. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Back from having donuts and coffee with mom. Wish I could do it more often but it’s an occasional luxury as my vacation pay is going to be 4 more hours than my usual work week and since I don’t have to throw away money on busfare this week, i’ve got a few extra dollars, nothing big though. Anyway great weather, a little coolness in the air.

    Nico I wish I could awaken everyday to the bird singing and well rested but when i’m back to my job next week, it will be back to getting up at 6 am when it’s still dark and the birds are still asleep and dragging around all day from lack of sleep. my natural sleep pattern has alwasy been 1 am to 9 am, when I follow that pattern, I sleep almost solid through the night, when I have to adjust that to accomadate getting up for work, I force myself to bed at 10 pm where I stay awake till 1 am and then wake up constantly, find myself drifting into deep sleep around 5 am only to have to get up at 6 am, thus I lose my best sleeping hours and feel like crap all day. This is my third day without taking pain pills and my hand which I have a big gash in the palm from cutting myself at work saturday, is healing up nicely as I am able to give it some rest. If I was working this week, it would never heal because it’s hard to keep bandaids on when you are constantly opening boxes and lifting heavy stuff and you end up sweating the bandaids off. It took 3 days to finally stop bleeding (stopped yesterday afternoon).

  22. Nico says:

    Beach….late and off topic (now) but the Buckle (don’t know if they’re just in the states) carries most of their jeans in a 35-36″ inseam (XXLong). Cleo ~ thanx for the Gap reference….didn’t know that 🙂

    Cleo – yes, I guess you could say I enjoy standing out. If I have on heels it’s because I’m feeling good and confident and when you’re feeling that way, why not want people to check you out? *wink* Problem I find is that makes it much more difficult for people to feel comfortable approaching you….another topic for another time perhaps 😉

    Cards ~ you’re such a gentleman…..I’ve been following your posts. Not just what you did for Dallas’ friend but just in the manner in which you communicate with the ladies on here. There’s no doubt you will find exactly what you’re looking for!!

    Lisa ~ SOOOOO happy you’re enjoying your vacation. So Fairy Tale (ish) to be woken by birds singing in the morning! Maybe a sign of things to come….even if you keep with the good sleeping 😉 *HUGS*

    As for the reference to AM ~ my account was suspended (used the word “allowance” in my profile) but I didn’t stress. Despite having an option for SD/SB type relationship most on the site didn’t understand the concept. Afterall, it does promote ‘affairs’ not ‘arrangements’. I found myself (more often than not) explaining what that type of relationship was. Found a kind gentleman, went on a few dates, and despite my having been clear in the beginning, when I brought up the arrangement, he bowed out and acknowledged he just couldn’t do that. More effort than what it’s worth (just my 2cents).

  23. cleo says:

    Honey: i describe certain experiences as tempering… like with a sword you know? it isn’t done until al the nicks and scratches and edges are perfect…. and really, that can take a lifetime 🙂

  24. Honey says:

    Morning Babes!! I second Lisa ‘s heralding of the Houston halcyon day presented for your perusal! God, I crack myself up!!
    Anyway.Toronto babe is young, How young are you Toronto?And having an older, powerful man, let you call the shots in his playtime with one can make you get a big head.. My allowance not a big as hers,so my bar is raised for next time! Good for you, Toronto babe!
    I knew everything then too, yet, at 40(yes,I put my real age up here,)I still find I have so much to learn…Life experience knocks off some of the rough ,spiky edges that we have,like polishing that lump of carbon that we prize as diamond,cut it the right way and it is more beautiful. But the same diamond in less skilled hands… that’s where a great sd as a mentor comes in!

  25. Cali SB says:

    Cleo — Sounds good to me. I haven’t slept yet so I’m about to go crash for a while! 🙂

  26. cleo says:

    hmm i’m starting to have loading issues, is it just me?
    sorry i forgot to refresh again…
    toronto blondie: i read in your words a deep well of superiority based on your youth… you have in the past said some pretty nasty things about older woman and here you said horrid things about 60 year old ladies. i have clients in their late fifties and sixties who are vibrant, glowing and beautiful women … yes, they have lines on their face, lines made by character and life and sometimes those lines just make them more beautiful.

    the lady who just left my studio is 57 years old and when she smiles she takes my breath away every single time.

    learn to love all the women in the world, not just the young ones… and btw, men will find you more attractive for it.

    i was out with a pot and commented to him how beautiful and cute our waitress was (she was SO rocking the glasses/bangs/loose black tie/white shirt look it was amazing) and he said he loved my attitude and found it refreshing. he further said that the other way, the one where you diss all the other women in the place?

    he said that by the end of lunch you might think she was more beautiful than when lunch started but you would like her a lot less…

    i probably was harsher with you than i should have been though, a lot of young things come here and diss on the older ladies and i think your post just pushed the button 🙂
    i like men in their 50s, married or not. but you do have a point about the ones who had at least one long marriage, they’re more naturally considerate and take hints better…
    cali sb? let me edit his profile a bit and get him to post it and then look at it? that way you can have a fresh look at version 2…?


  27. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    I’m also weary of single men in the regular dating world, not the divorced ones, but those in their 40’s-50’s that have never married. While this may be the norm in the next generations, these men are from my generation where people still tended to marry eventually and have a family. I have nothing against children but being raised an only child, i’ve always prefered the company of adults and like peace and quiet. I’m done with playing years with my daughter and have no desire to play mommy again. However men my age seem to be just starting out on their families. Married sds are limited in their time and have their own lives, my last one liked to get together once a week for about 3 hours. I had a single one contact me recently offering 1-2 and wanting to see me 3-4 times a week. I work and am not interested in giving all my days off to someone.

    I also dont’ want a drastic change except for it being for the better. One sd wanted me to leave everything behind, family, possessions and move in with him in another state. He was looking for a sb/nanny at a cut rate. I would be risking everything and he would be risking nothing. The minute he would get tired of me he would probably throw me out and i’d be stuck. Sure they tell you they will help you but you never know how someone is going to act when they get mad. Anyway I refused the offer and soon after met a local guy who was married with no agenda other than having a sb. He did stuff for me, moved me to a nice apartment which I would have never got into with my credit and income, he prepaid my rent a few months and gave me a nice amount of cash, and then poofed after 6 weeks. Not sure what happened but I thank that man everyday for what he did for me.

    ok gotta get out now and walk down for some donuts and then walk back to drop the calories.
    Have a good day everyone

  28. torontoblondie says:

    I find that too Lisa about the unmarried ones. I really do like the 40 year old type though, I’ve had a lot of good relationships with them because I can relate to their small children as I do a lot of work with small children, volunteered in schools across the world etc etc and I have cousins their age. BUT I like it when they are married :p Yes, yes and YES the unmarried one’s think giving me an allowance entitles them to a full one-on-one relationship which means I will sleep over, I will go on stupid aimless coffee and grocery trips – no, no and hell NO – I am perfectly capable of dating someone and finding a mate…. maybe you (the sugar daddy that is unmarried) are not, but understand my relationship with you doesn’t entitle a relationship. And I constantly have to tell my sugar daddy that, it’s quite sad actually, I don’t know why he doesn’t get the hint, I’m pretty blunt and very honest. I even had to sneak out of his place at 1 am once just to leave because he wanted me to sleep over :S why I can go sleep in my own bed? Oh you like to cuddle? Well I don’t? I like my own space, what about what I feel comfortable with?

    Unmarried men I just find so selfish. Either players that have many different sugars running at the same time or clingy desperate men that can’t start their own relationship.

    Honestly married men prove that they know how to work and support a relationship because marriage is the best test on teamwork and compromising to make someone else other than yourself happy. Something the unmarried one’s have never learnt…..

    My current sugar daddy has apparently been engaged twice but never married, I see why every day too. And now he’s convinced he’s going to buy a house with me, which I would be fine with if its the area I want but he was central downtown and I want a huge brand new modern home in oakville which would be the same price of a townhouse downtown toronto. He keeps changing his mind and says he doesn’t want to move there and then yeah and we can get dogs. But screw it I’m not changing my life unless its an upgrade from what I have to what I want.

  29. CardsFanSD says:

    @CaliSB – I’ll take you up on that shortly 😉

  30. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    My best sd was 70 years old and he was a sweetheart, totally understood the concept. I am not even attracted to men in their 40’s for any type of dating (so many of them have small children whereas mine child is an adult) and i’m also not fond of single sds, they seem to want more time and some confuse the site with regular dating. As far as the AM crowd, most likely a bunch of low income guys or guys that can’t meet women for affairs in real life.

  31. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Anna Molly I never get struck in my driveway, lol I don’t have a car. Anyway i’m going to walk down to the donut shop for a coffee and donuts with mom in a little while. And don’t worry about our warm climate, starting in May all the way through late October, we will be dying in the heat. I get soaked with sweat just walking a short distance to the bus stop in the early morning.

  32. torontoblondie says:

    * their age — TO — 70 (even beyond if guys make it that far :S )

    their age referring to the same age as the sugar baby whether 30,40,50 etc.

  33. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    All it is an isolated event, I had a friend who met someone on AM . She is married and was just looking for someone to have dinner with as her marriage with her just waiting till her twins leave home so she can get a divorce. She met some guy in a parking lot of a restraraunt (they took their own cars). She got into his car to talk (he was supposed to be a bus driver for our local transporation system) and he started touching her, she pulled away and told him she met him for dinner, he pulled a knife on her. She got away and never tried that site again. She should have reported the incident but didn’t because of the fact she is married and her husband was already an ass.

  34. Anna Molly says:

    Thanks Lisa! I envy all the SBs that live in a warm climate. You don’t have to worry about snow and getting stuck in your driveway…which has happened to me 5 times this year! My car is not good in the snow, obviously..lol.

  35. torontoblondie says:

    @ cleo – before I read all the comments because I only saw yours. I didn’t make a rude comment at 40 year olds as really that isn’t even old, and I know a lot of one’s that are hot at that age, and they serve for a great companion to guys that are their age – 70 as a 60-70 year old is very unlikely to pick someone in their 20s as the age difference just looks wrong in public. I commented on 60 year old women widows that would be on AM for free.

  36. Cali SB says:

    Cards, my profile is linked also if you want a second critique. 😉 haha

  37. Cali SB says:

    torontoblondie — I am shocked that I got suspended. I mean it even gives an option of “seeking a sugar daddy”. Do they not realize that entails money?? Idiots. Do you think I got suspended because I wrote in my profile I am seeking a sugar arrangement or because I sent messages saying such?

    CardsFanSD — Strawberry daquiris poolside? I am in! Just name the time and place! 🙂

  38. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Good morning

    AnnaMolly sending you some of our beautiful sunshine and warm weather. The birds woke me up singing on my windowsill this morning. I’ts so nice to be able to get enough sleep.

    torontoblonde : I have to agree with cleo, don’t know the 40+ ladies as you will be there very quickly. You will surprised how quickly the 20’s pass and the 30’s pass even faster. I wish I knew at 20 what I know now.

    ok, gotta great my face one

  39. Naughty Molly says:

    CardsFan ~ Cleo is a Sweetie! I’m sure she’ll be gentle with you 😉

  40. CardsFanSD says:

    @cleo Thanks. Done. I do need to clean it up. I contradict myself as well. Oh well. Be gentle. 😉

    @Naughty Molly: Thanks 🙂

  41. CardsFanSD says:

    What TorontoBlondie said. AMs a waste of time, and is not SD/SB oriented by any stretch.

  42. Naughty Molly says:

    CardsFan ~ I hope your meeting goes well and have fun! 😀

  43. cleo says:

    CardsFan: if you want one of us to check out your profile i, for one, am linked through my name here on the blog… so if you want a private critique just send me an email on the site and i’ll tell you how it comes across to the ladies?

  44. cleo says:

    toronto blondie? can you have a SMIDGEN of respect for your older sugar sisters? take a look at my photos, if you look half that good at 40 you have my permission to diss the older ladies forever but come on girl… we’re supposed to SUPPORT each other and i get that you’re super proud of your young hotness but trust that a LOT of men find my triple distilled whisky a LOT more attractive.

    not all, not even the majority, but a lot… and we all wish you’d stop dissing the older lady. thanks.

  45. CardsFanSD says:

    @CaliSB — I’m not a big fan of restricting things…. so if you want Strawberry Daiquiris, you get them…

    @DallasBaby — Ha, stop. You kill me. 🙂

    @Naughty Molly — ummm… of course!

    Sigh. I have not been getting good sleep. I’m wiped out this morning. Meeting someone at lunch. She seems almost too good to be true. I’d changed up my profile Sunday to be very direct in what *I* needed, and what budget I wanted to work in, and that I wanted to meet someone, have fun, and never have it feel like a business agreement, with mutual genuine interest. So, she loved it, we exchanged emails, pics, etc. She seems incredibly eager to meet. Said she was about to give up on SA til she saw my profile. Really? Maybe I believe the flattery to quickly. I’ll tell you how it went this afternoon…

    After work meeting the ex-pot whom we didn’t agree on what was mutually beneficial, but we had such great email exchanges we still wanted to hang out, so, looking forward to that.

    But I *need* to move to Dallas apparently, as I understand there are beautiful long haired brunettes there, my true weakness…

  46. torontoblondie says:

    @ Cali SB

    I was just working my way from the top of the blog to the bottom and the second you mentioned that Ashley Madison site I was like NO NO NO NO you’ll get suspended soon enough though :p then I kept reading and I was sure enough :p

    Honestly I was 18 when I was using that site so I assume that becuase there are only 40 + women on that site as well that I should get top dollar right? NO I couldn’t even get the normal allowance that I seeked and most men said they weren’t interesting in paying for something like that. Um ok on my profile it says seeking a sugar daddy and I’m 18, really you think your dirty gross ass is going to get with me? FOR FREE? NO NO NO.

    But then again that site’s motto is “have an affair for FREE” hahahahahahahhahaahahahahahhaahaahahahahahahaahahahahhahahaahh. With dirty old wrinkly 60 yearold women who’s husbands have died maybe? Honestly why a random hook up? Even if I was older single or wanted to cheat on my husband I would never turn to a dating site where men gain more out of it.

    Honestly this is the last site I tried (I’ve tried other sugar daddy dating sites) and this one is by far the best. The layout it simple, it’s easy to reply and find pervious messages, older men that don’t even know how to work computers can use this site (literally my current sugar daddy who’s 50 and doesn’t know a thing about computers had a site on this…. it took me an hour to explain to him how to edit one of my papers through email… he also never did it because he still didn’t understand how to!)

    I’m going to start working at the law office he works at in the summer time and help him with electronics, he’s been given 3 apple laptops by his work right now and an Ipad, all sitting in a drawer. I don’t think he would know how to even turn them on…. so hopeless!

    But yeah I’ve gotten the best luck off this site. I met two … actually 4 guys off the ashley site, 2 proofed (but gave me 500 before it ended for one date) and then one guy begged me just to have coffee with him and he would give me 200 for 20 minutes of my time. His mercdes was over 100,000, his kids go to a private school which costs 60 + a year each, and guess that his offer to me was? That he would give me 1000 dollars a month and I had to see him at least 3 times a week….. I honestly was so poliet and didn’t want to laugh after that (as this was in an email after b/c I didn’t discuss $ before and I should have and I always do now bc the guys I just go on dates with always turn out to be the cheapest and why should I lower my standards? The guy isn’t anything special)

    anywho so this guy wanted to give me 1000 a month meeting 12 times a month… thats less than 100 dollars a date. (I ask 1000 just for an evening date) anywho so I polietly said, oh but rememeber I have to move out, could you pay for my rent some place and that on top. He sent me a reply that his money wouldn’t get me a basement aparentment and bye….. ummm why the hell would I be living in a basement apartment? I live now downtown central my condos like 1000 sq feet I don’t even use all of it, the 2nd bathroom I use for my clothes to hang dry if it’s delicates… hahahhaahhhha wow some men can have so much money and be so cheap. But that was the Ashley site…

    I only had one guy from the ashley site that was a reoccurring thing, actually saw him quiet a view times more regular then anyone else I met,

    Just girls don’t waste your time stay on this site!

  47. Naughty Molly says:

    This weather sucks! 🙁

  48. Naughty Molly says:

    OOOO, a pool party! Can I come too? 😀

    Cali SB ~ I prefer a married SD too 🙂

  49. The Lone Gunman is indescribably unduplicable says:

    Did somebody share my profile with a UN Commission?

    I’ve been getting all kinds of form messages from the Ukrainian and Middle Eastern based “SBs”–all of whom think I’m the detonator for their personal WMDs.



  50. Dallasbaby says:

    CardsFan is good looking too…Dark, thick waves in his hair, very handsome ! I think you all will agree.

  51. Dallasbaby says:

    awww, we all love CardsFan who should be call BlogPrince !

  52. Cali SB says:

    CardsFanSD — I work weekends, so I am only free to pool during the week. And can we make it strawberry daquiris instead? 😉

  53. CardsFanSD says:

    @cleo – haha! Exactly…. but hey, positive thinking. The next several years are going to be great for me financially. Just have to make it happen.

  54. cleo says:

    cardsfan: like the ontario lotto corp says “know your limit, play within it” *grin* sounds like you are doing just that. i certainly dream of moving my practice somewhere warm but there is something really good is starting to happen here 🙂

    (i’m all glad, i snagged a senior politician!)
    cali sb: i like that they won’t suggest our wedding on the third date! or that we begin making babies since “you’re old and not very fertile”


    seriously, both of those things have happened to me, one of them more than once!

  55. CardsFanSD says:

    @CaliSB: So you want to come over to the pool and enjoy some margaritas! Yay! And, I fall in the married SD category, so timing will be *very key* for such an endeavor, but I am game to try 😉

  56. Cali SB says:

    My god, I am hopelessly addicted to Ferrero Rondnoir (the dark chocolate ones). I just ate the last of the ones I have here. I could eat a whole box of them right now!!

  57. Cali SB says:

    CardsFanSB — LA is just an hour and a half plane ride from Pheonix! 😉

    Cleo — I prefer a married SD because we both go into the arrangement knowing that there will be no attachment. I am not looking to marry my SD and I want to keep my private life private as well. A married SD generally has less time than a single SD and is generally only looking for one SB, whereas sometimes single SD’s are looking for multiple. I have nothing against single SD’s and am an equal opportunity SDer, I just imagine that I would like a married SD. lol

  58. CardsFanSD says:

    @Cleo/Cali — What would I know… but I think a married SD would be more appreciative and thoughtful, because obviously what they have isn’t working out. I could be so off, because like, I’m a married SD, but that’s the first thing that came to mind….

    @Cleo – I would if I could. I am a man of very modest means in the SD world. But down the road? Who knows. Business has been going well, even in this crappy economy.

  59. cleo says:

    CaliSB: why do you prefer a married SD? (not judging, just making conversation… i think there’s a ton to be said for a married SD myself but i don’t know that it’s a preference)
    CardsFan: i need to open a business and spend at least 100k to move to the states… want to sponsor me?

    otherwise i’m afeared i’m stuck in canada (or europe, i have the right to work there…)

    that said *sigh* pool and margaritas… man it’s going to be 8 degrees c here tomorrow 🙁

  60. CardsFanSD says:

    @Cali SB — Phew, thanks for clarifying…. I still have a shot then! 🙂

  61. CardsFanSD says:

    why can’t i find all of you guys here in my hometown so we can go out for drinks. that would be a good time. i propose everyone moves to arizona. no tornados. no hurricanes. no earthquakes. no snow (well, some snow in the right parts, and even a lot in other parts). just blessed hot, with cacti and scorpions. what’s not to love!

    You are all invited to my place next weekend to enjoy the pool, serving margaritas. <3

  62. Cali SB says:

    Ooook, now my profile on AM is temporarily suspended. I have no idea why. They have a thing in the profile to check seeking a SD so I don’t understand why I could possibly be suspended. :-\

  63. Cali SB says:

    CardsFanSD — I have nothing against married men, in fact I prefer a married SD and I recently was in a “relationship” of sorts with a married man (though I didn’t know he was married in the beginning). I just get a bad feeling of guys who go to a site strictly looking for sex when they’re married. I feel like those sites are just looking for kinky one-night stands with as many women as possible instead of SDs looking for one on-going arrangement. I have had a couple potential SD’s on AM today, but many are saying that allowance is too high and they’re looking for dinners, etc.

  64. cleo says:

    *snicker* and is one activity that gets to be ever more fun the longer you know someone

  65. CardsFanSD says:

    Exactly. Groping always gets interesting responses in my opinion 🙂

  66. cleo says:

    you know i must concur, if we can’t do the silly banter i wonder if we can do anything else… or deal when one of us is cranky…

    i mean how do you cajole someone out of a bad mood if you can’t tease and flirt and make them laugh? (or grope/goose them lol)

  67. CardsFanSD says:

    flirting’s half the fun 🙂

  68. cleo says:

    beach apparently the trick is to figure out your cut/size and then order online… they can’t keep their popular sizes in the store… they do stretch half a size btw

  69. Beach_Girl says:

    Cleo~ Oh really??? I didn’t know… they usually don’t have my size there…. And if cards comes to MTL you can crash at my house girl! 😀 lol

  70. cleo says:

    beach: try the gap, 36″ inseam now!
    cards fan: careful, i’m liable to start flirting with you!

  71. CardsFanSD says:

    If I had a dollar for every time I refreshed the blog in a single day, i’d be an SD to *all of you*!

    Well, except, I’m much more the long term, one SB type…

  72. Beach_Girl says:

    2Chic!!!! girlie…. how are you? OMG mail me, I changed computers and have no ones emails anymore…

  73. Beach_Girl says:

    Cleo~ HA, this is hotel SA lol…

    Cards~ i’m in Montreal!!! hey!
    The blog is kind of addictive if you let it… I was an addict, hummm was??? lol

    I’m 5’9″ it’s ok, but getting clothes to fit … not so much, my legs are too long and pants never fit right… Jeans are a pain in the ass to find… they are always too short!
    Hope everyone had a great day….

  74. CardsFanSD says:

    such a lovely place… such a lovely face…

    everest. haha. that’s awesome 🙂

  75. 2Chic (-n-OC_ says:

    Hi ladies and gents. Hope the shuga life is treating you well.

  76. cleo says:

    nah, alleycat posts from freaking everest and i’ve *blush* checked the blog while with an SD… (okay well on a trip but he wasn’t in the room…) lol

    welcome to the seeking arrangement blog, you can check out but you can never leave…

  77. CardsFanSD says:

    And @dallasbaby — check your email, and have our friend check out www freecycle org

    this blog is best part of my day, i swear.

    or at least most interesting.

    does that mean i should get out more?

  78. CardsFanSD says:

    Thanks for the kind words. You do what you can to help people. Never know when you’ll need it yourself. Pay it forward. Just how I was raised.

    re: height – I’m 5’9″. I’d say, it feels a bit odd with a woman taller than me, only because i’m not used to it. most women it seems want a taller man. for me though, it’s about clicking.

    though i will say, dallasbaby, at 5’2″ — that’s hot. maybe i have that short girl fetish 🙂

    @cleo: thanks much, and if i’m up that way — or your in arizona, holler. i’d be delighted to meet you. i do need to get up to canada at some point, have some business there, but it’s in Montreal… maybe I can skip over that way though. Sounds fun.

    @downward: thanks. hope the less stress/less pain trend continues.

    @dallasbaby: guys are visual. we always like more pictures, but… don’t think you should ask for more than you give, so if someone shares, i share in equal fashion. anything else is bad manners. Occasionally, i’ve requested an additional picture when not one showed her face, as i provide a clear picture of my face. other than that, if that’s all they do, they are unsure, or picture collector’s…. move on.

    @CaliSB: I left AM and came here. I think it was like, 200 guys for every woman on that site. I met one gal in person, and it seemed good, but she just didn’t have it together. So, I moved on. I also hated the setup: every thing you do is credit based. send a message: costs money. blah. Plus, I decided that I would prefer a single gal. Married women… there were just too many issues, so this seemed like a better option. And… all married men aren’t bad. Some are just in bad situations, too… but I understand your point.

  79. Dallasbaby says:

    Thank you- Texting her now with info.

  80. Cali SB says:

    Also, they have china-type ones at Dollar Tree. Mugs, glasses, all that stuff and only $1 a piece!

  81. Cali SB says:

    Dallas — check craigslist or backpage free section. Also, if you have a yahoo email sign up for freecycle mailing lists. You can request things you need on there as well as get things people are offering.

  82. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    I have been on my own for almost 6 years after living with my parents for 14 years after my divorce and still have no dishes so i’m not sure where you could get free ones. Goodwill sells stuff cheap but I don’t know if they give anything away. I know you can get the cheap colorful plastic ones they sell for summer in target and some of the grocery stores. I think they cost about a dollar each.

  83. Dallasbaby says:

    Does anyone know how to get free dishes ? Does goodwill help at all? Baby girl is crying, shes scared of the new empty apartment.

  84. Cali SB says:

    I didn’t even fill out my profile there. I made my username CaliSB and put the headline that I’m looking for an arrangement, and one photo and ba-bam! 193 messages.

  85. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    I have heard of a few people finding an sd on that site but I think it’s just as likely as finding a bf in real life that wants to be a sd. It seems one has to spell out what they want to some of these guys. I can’t tell you how many profiles I read that say “I’m not looking to pay an allowance” or “if you’re looking for a sugardaddy, pass me up” I mean really?

    ok gotta take a hot bath and make some coffee. Nice to wind down after a very pleasant day. Tomorrow i’m taking mom for coffee and donuts and then running some errands. Trying to get out and get my walking in. I walked about 2 miles total today with all my running around to places.

  86. DC says:

    cali it’s so funny you say that because i AM 5’7 and i’m like, ugh *i* would kill to be taller. i guess the saying ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ really is true, because i’m sure 5’0 girls would kill to be as tall as you 😀
    also, i don’t think being an egg donor is necessarily a bad thing. they pay 7 – 8K, which is probably enough to get your girlfriend back on her feet. the procedure does have the possibility of being damaging, if it’s not done correctly/well.. but i don’t know how prevalent that is? anyone know?

    cleo i tend to date guys who are 6’4+ (for some odd reason tallest: dated two 6’8ers). I think you should go for basketball players. they’re always insanely tall 🙂

  87. Honey says:

    That’s where I met my current SD, on Am. They have category for sugarbaby relationships kinda, there. and lisa, Cool I’ll make it so and email you when it’s done.

  88. Cali SB says:

    lol Lisa, I’m getting that vibe as well. I only read about 3 of the messages I have. That’s way too many to go through. I did see that there was one entitled “Sugar Daddy Stu to the rescue” and I looked at his photo and he’s very good looking, so I messaged him back and gave him my email address. But yes, I don’t just want to sleep with married men *shivers* so gross. I’ll skim the rest later to see if there are any SD emails in there, then I think I’m going to delete that account! Too skeevy!

  89. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Oh No! not AM I signed up and didn’t even have a pic and got tons of emails as well as grapic pics and videos of them doing other women. They were all hideous ugly and just looking for free sex. Most of them looked homeless. I had one who seemed to get it and ask how many “roses” I required and I mistakenly thought he was talking about money, I told him and he said “oh, I don’t think i’m interested in paying anyone an allowance, I just want someone like myself looking for some action. I deleted that profile in less that 24 hours and never looked back . It is not an SD site.

  90. Cali SB says:

    Have any of you ever use AM to find an SD or is that just married men looking for affairs, no arrangements? I have been on there for less than 48 hours and have 194 messages in my inbox. :-\

  91. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Looking at the lush page, those bathbars look nice as well as those sugar scrubs. I remember seeing that store years ago when I was walking in covent garden was a bit intimadated by the giant slabs of soap, lol.

    CaliSB i’ve been on this sight for almost 3 years with a 6 month break and another break at one time. Met 4 men from this site, two first dating shoppping trips and then poof and one that lasted a month who was a sweet guy but not a sd (turns out he lived with a roomate and drove a crappy car) and met one that I traveled to that was generous to me even before we met but he had an interior motive as he was looking for someone to drop their life and take care of his kids.

    Met 2 great guys off another site, the last one helped me move to a nice apartment.

  92. Cali SB says:

    Dallas! I know! I hate when guys ask for more pics when they have 1 and I have 5. Or worse, when they don’t even bother to message me, but request to see my private photos (which is just one photo that has 2 of my friends in it so I didn’t want to post their faces publickly) and they don’t even have a single photo! WTF? I deleted my private photos because that was just getting annoying.

  93. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Dallasbaby I have some guy sending me spam several times a day from another site where I gave my email to him. He is Wendell Worthem, keeps trying to push get rich schemes on me. I try to avoid giving out email addresses till the sd appears to be legit and serious.

  94. Honey says:

    Do you have any items in mind or want any recommendations? Bath stuff? Skin care?
    I so love talking LUSH!!!

  95. Cali SB says:

    I have a friend whom I’ve been trying to get into the sugar bowl. I feel so bad for her.. she lives at home with her parents (she’s 28) and lost her job twice in the past few months because the one office closed and the other shut down her department. She’s broker than broke. I’m struggling myself for a lot of reasons, but I live on my own and I’m managing to make ends meet with savings for the time being. My friend is so desperate she started looking at surrogate mother and egg donor ads today. She almost spent $35 applying to a job agency until I talked her out of it because it’s obviously a scam. As I’ve said numerous times, I’ve been on this site over a year and a half with no sugar luck and I would love to find an SD, but I feel like Dallas right now and I want to help my friend out first and find her an SD. This isn’t me fishing for an SD.. just thinking outloud. I just feel bad for my friends and have a bad (good?) tendency to put them before myself even when I’m in a very close boat. This could be why I’ve had no luck so far.. lol

  96. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    dallasbaby, I had a bad feel for him when he contacted me last tuesday wanting to meet right away. I told him I was tiring (that was the day i walked a mile to the post office to mail some legal forms) and suggested meeting this week when i’m on vacation. He said ok and asked me to email more pics to his email address. I told him I already had 3. Didin’t hear from him till last night and he said friday would be good. He asked me what time and where and ask me to send more pics. I told him there were some restrarants near me and that I already had 3 pics. He hasn’t answered since but I look for him to contact me at the last minute wanting to meet. And well I don’t do spare of the moment meetings. I’m giving him till wednesday to set a time and agree to meet or i’m going to delete and block him.

  97. Dallasbaby says:

    arrgghhh…last post I was talking on the phone and blogging at the same time…so my post sounds all cray – cray!

  98. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Honey that sounds great. I’m trying to take advantage of every moment I have away from my job. I do know that my boss has two employees from other departments filling in for me this week and neither of them are happy about working in my department because of the lifting. See she has to get two employees to do the job I do. lol

  99. Dallasbaby says:

    Why do guys ask for more pictures I wonder Lisa? Sounds like more time waste and he is just thinking about things and needs more proof. Wish guys would not do that so much. Even worse when they have zero pics then say they would prefer to email them….a few days later your email gets hacked by spammers!

  100. Honey says:

    Lisa, if you have the time, I’ll set up a little lush fund at the lush store by your place, if you like to take great baths…I can do it as soon as tomorrow.

  101. Honey says:

    Thanks for sharing , cleo. Wear as many high heels as you like. I’m the shortest in my family- sister 5’8, mom 5’9, brothers 6’2 + You aren’t gong to be able to hide the fact that you are tall, so make it work for you. I have a six foot female friend who where 4 inch heels almost everyday. People ask her why she wears heels and she replies”Because they make them in my size” If you can find shoes that fit you and that make you feel sexy, run with it, girl!

  102. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    CardsFanSD: you are a super guy for helping out that sb in need. It is a rare type that doesn’t come along very often. I

    Dallasbaby so glad your friend could get some help and has a roof over her head.

    Had a great second day off from work, too back the I have to return to hell next monday. i’m stressfree, painfree (I usually take 6-8 advil a day), and getting to dress like a woman this week.
    My mom and daughter leave for their cruise on thursday and then I will be pet setting for them (well going over to feed and check them twice a day as they live in the next building) as well as having some completely alone time. I was hopping to generate some pots but it seems i’m only getting flakes. The guy that contacted me a few days ago and I was going to meet late this week, poofed after I told him for the fourth time that I already have 3 pics on my profile, one body shot, one face shot and one from mid face down shot (my avatar). He read my message and never responded back although he is online all the time. He is one of those 5 digit members though so he’s been on here forever and I bet his pics are that old too.

  103. cleo says:

    nico: also… don’t you *like* standing out?
    dallas baby: rofl – my friend gets that… she’s 4’11.5 (which is 5′ right? right? RIGHT!)

  104. Honey says:

    And Chiropractic stuff to align your spine and un compress your disc let’s not forget Rolfing,it helps one’s fascia stay limber,otherwise you can get a humped back when you are older. Rolfing- works for life, you just have to do a series once and that’s it. I am not quite 5’5 -5’3’4 to be precise but I was rolfed and I stand tall and Doctors don’t believe that I am as short as I am! But I do have long limbs for an average person.And make sure your head is up and shoulders are back . Like there is a string in the top of your head, holding you head up. And walk like you own the world!!

  105. cleo says:

    CardsFan: you sir are a gentleman and please if you ever pass through toronto allow me to buy you a drink on behalf of scared and desperate women everywhere.
    DC: well, i suspect you have a nice dating pool of men who couldn’t bear to stand beside me and yet are awesome and attractive…?

    but yeah, if your posture is lacking you might grow from pilates.
    cali sb: until last christmas (more than a year ago) i have consistently been 15-35 pounds overweight (with a high of 80 after a car accident) and then one day (and this blog did a lot of the inspiring for that and i’m soooo grateful) i got tired of it. i couldn’t figure out why i’d been carrying it around for so long so i made a decision and got freaking strict ass about weight watchers and chucked it.

    god i feel better, but i did literally work my ass off to become a six (biggest i got after my accident? size TWENTY FOUR)

    so no, i can’t eat an entire cake, now that i’m thin i can see a weight gain or loss of three pounds… when i was heavier i couldn’t see ten. that said, i teach pilates so when other weight watchers types were eating 21 points a day i never had to go lower than 27…
    nico: you know why i wear heels?

    i used to wear flats, thought it gave me a broader playing field but i think i was unintentionally narrowing it. i decided if a girl who is 5’6 is going to be 5’11 then i should be 6’4 right? since i started wearing heels men stop in their tracks and only the ones who actually have confidence have the nerve to talk to me. before it was all the ones with no confidence who didn’t want to treat me well… so actually, i’m all for a tall woman wearing heels!

  106. Dallasbaby says:

    I am only 5’2 and the short guys and super tall guys with short girl fetish like me. * giggles *

  107. Nico says:

    I’m 5’11” too Cleo….don’t’chya just luv the 5’7″ guys that say they would love to ‘climb’ that mountain?? *sigh* LOL. I LOVE my height but it does make it difficult to wear heels and not feel like you stand out. I do anyway 😀

  108. Cali SB says:

    DC — eating oranges standing up is supposed to make you taller?? lol That just made me laugh. 🙂

  109. Cali SB says:

    CardsFanSD — good luck with the pot! Hoping this is good karma coming back around to you! 🙂

    Cleo — 5’11”?? You must be able to eat an entire cake without gaining a single lb! I wish I had a taller frame, the taller you are the leaner you are (more area to spread weight around, so no fluxuating like on a smaller frame!). I’m barely 5’4 1/2″. I always round up to 5’5″ but I would kill to be 5’7″. I love wearing 5 inch heels, I would live in them if I could. For some reason I always attract guys that are 5’9″. I love guys that are 5’11” and above.

  110. Dallasbaby says:

    Oranges are good for your skin to glow and so is fish oil

  111. DC says:

    cleo & kennedy, looks like i’ll have to start trying pilates! 1/2, 3/4 of an inch.. anything. 🙂 sometimes i wish they could just invent injections or something. i’ve even heard of eating oranges standing up.

  112. Dallasbaby says:

    CardsFanSD is the prince of the blog right now!

  113. CardsFanSD says:

    @Cleo — My thinking was hey, haven’t found anyone on the site, might as well spend that on someone who needs it more than me…

    And now this afternoon, I have met another pot that sounds *amazingly* perfect… so… what goes around comes around.

    That, or DallasBaby’s sending women to come find me 🙂 I’m ok with that!

  114. Dallasbaby says:

    torontoblondie – she told me she is getting a drug test today for court and a lawyer lined up so she can be ready and is missing her son . VERY depressed over that.

  115. cleo says:

    Moon Patrol: well, pilates works from principles that bring your body into balance. the idea is that if you release the muscles that are locked and strengthen the ones that are long and weak your bones can “sit correctly” as your skeleton would if gravity didn’t keep having it’s way with you

    or to put it another way, as my sister said “OHHH i GET it! you haven’t lost any weight but your CARRIAGE has improved!”

  116. cleo says:

    CardsFan i do love attitudes like yours… i am minded of an SD friend of mine who helped out another girl “just because” and just how huge a difference something that was small for him was for her!

  117. Moon Patrol says:

    Cleo – I would love to gain even 1/2 ” to my 5′-6″ current altitude. Pilates? I am resistant to try anything new at the moment. What if I just stood up straight more often, would that stick? Four of the women I have been acquainted with in like a year and a half are 5′-9″. It is definitely taller than me and the ones that I was with on a closer basis and the only awkward thing was the legs just seemed so long! I am not going to let height stop me.

  118. Cali SB says:

    Morning sugars.. well, afternoon. Slept late, had a terrible migraine today. Hope everyone is well.

  119. torontoblondie says:

    Dallas, how is things with your friend going?

  120. CardsFanSD says:

    Nah, Dallasbaby’s the true friend who found help for someone who needed it. Couldn’t have done anything if I didn’t know. <3 Dallasbaby

  121. Dallasbaby says:

    Reach the Beach SB- What you stated is what happened to my friend…..that is so sweet of you to offer help. She has a job to report to and thank god CardsFanSD Did a super amazing thing and helped her out bigtime with a roof over her head . awww, he is a good guy! * hugs *

  122. Dallasbaby says:

    Nico omg what you just posted was the guy who I had a date lined up with and he wanted sex—-That’s what he had in his profile ! Its him, its him!

    – *A bottle of Dom Perignon ’96 Champagne and torrid awesome hot sex at Presidential Suite of the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills! Of course! …

  123. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    It’s interesting that there are very few members within 50 miles of me, I think there are 5 and they are mostly in the 20-30 year age range. There are only 20 members within 250 miles of me .

    Having a great day, so glad to be away from work enjoying my free time, great weather today, cold front came in and it’s very windy and in the 70’s. I’m also been pain free for two days 🙂

    Gotta go now

  124. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Any Atlanta sugars want to help a potentially stranded sugar?

  125. Nico says:

    I went ahead and completed my profile on WYP out of curiosity more than anything else. The first thing the site wants to do is send a blast ‘wink’ to everybody that remotely (?) matches your criteria. I was more curious than anything so I didn’t send the blast ‘wink’, instead I looked at each of the profiles. Under FIRST DATE EXPECTATIONS I found the following responses, while some people are on the mark, others clearly don’t get it. Hopefully the site doesn’t head in this direction…..
    *Go to a cool hangout for drinks and dinner and then depending on the mood we go from there. If I’m paying for more then dinner/drinks then «quid pro quo».

    *A bottle of Dom Perignon ’96 Champagne and torrid awesome hot sex at Presidential Suite of the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills! Of course! …

    *A great lunch and drinks, and some laughs and then on to the fun.

    *great dinner on nice beach, a show (on stage,musical,or concert) drinks at home, bed

  126. cleo says:

    kennedy the biggest i’ve heard is 3/4″ so yeah exactly

  127. ReachtheBeach SB. Aka Midwest SB says:

    Cardsfan – Thanks for the clarity! That is what happens when I rush through he posts after a few days away. You’ve made new friends here and we are constantly lifting, supprting and sharing…i’ve met many of these folks offline and they are so much more impressive in person!

    Temperes are high at the airport today! Agents are being saecastic and less than kind w luggage. It adds a whole new low for customer service. People could help things by getting to the cpounters early when they know weather is going to be a actor. Just sayin.

    Lol…I was told by a friend a few of my pics remind him of a Bond Girl….got me wonding what mt “Bond Girl” name would be… 🙂

  128. @cleo – my good friend is a Pilates instructor and that is true but on a very small scale (no more than half an inch or so). I LOVE Pilates!!!!

  129. cleo says:

    DC: well you can wish but it severely limits my dating pool *grin*

    for some reason a lot of men don’t like going around with a woman who is 6’3 in most of her shoes unless they stand near her height. still others glory in it…

    i do love it…

    i’ve heard people claim to gain height doing pilates…? (from improved posture not actual growth)
    kennedy: ew

  130. **”regarding MY whereabouts.**

  131. Had to kick my second SD to the curb, TOO much and there were far too many strings when there should be none.
    Followed my real twitter, commented on all my foursquare checkins regarding me whereabouts, wanting to text/email all throughout the day, even saying something if I logged into one of my accts. That. Is. Done. Wow.
    SD 1 flys in next week. Now that is some wonderful NSA fun.

  132. DC says:

    toronto, i think a 10-20K sugar allowance is feasible, even for the non-porn stars/model types. it might not *all* be allowance, as in, here’s 10K in your bank- but gifts, trips, dates, shopping, hair/nails/spa, gym memberships etc. all add up when you combine an allowance like, for instance, yours at 5K.

  133. DC says:

    cleo i wish i were as tall as you! i seriously pray everyday for a magical mid-20s growth spurt. you’re so lucky, sigh.

  134. cleo says:

    oh i got side tracked, anyway since i’ve had all this near miss and almost going on i’ve learned an awful lot about how to handle all this stuff and i make ever better decisions about what i will and won’t do and who i will and won’t see.

    so being a bit more wary is good, being so wary you don’t trust in people? isnt.

    i’d rather get taken for a ride on occasion than refuse to ever trust when i get a good feeling about someone. i don’t often regret doing things when my gut says “yes!” even if later i get hurt…

    that said, i’m not one of the girls here with multiple sd’s… maybe i’m still too nice

  135. cleo says:

    CardsFan: oh oh, i smell another blog addict in the making.

    we are a pretty diverse and interesting group, one of the most fascinating cross sections of humanity i’ve ever come across. there is unfailingly support and good advice and blunt speaking around here… sometimes there is more bluntness than necessary but hey, it’s the internet 🙂

    i haven’t been in a full blown arrangement but i’ve come close a couple of times and currently have some truly promising potential… but over the yeah and a half (?!!!?) i’ve been hanging out here i have been inspired to change my life in such a positive way that i just keep coming back.

    i don’t stay home all the time and sit around on the internet wondering why i have no men in my life and i’ve chucked that pesky 30 pounds and become a size six (i’m 5’11) and started really marketing my business instead of just talking about it. in large part this came from watching the women here who are successful sb’s and in life and realizing that i needed to get out there and grab life with both hands.

    anyway, welcome, you’ll like it here… the trolls don’t bite too often *chuckles*

  136. CardsFanSD says:

    @Moon — good luck on the new job, enjoy 🙂

    @Cleo — I know exactly what you mean. I was a little concerned yesterday in my own judgement of other people, but after further dialogue with the first pot — felt much better, and meeting for coffee anyway was her idea, which was great, because it means maybe I was not as far off as I’d thought. Phew! We all need that confirmation once in a while. Maybe it will be a great friendship, and those are priceless.

    I am probably a bit more wary now, though, which I’d guess isn’t a bad thing.

    I think my favorite thing so far though is the information here. You all are great!

  137. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars….
    Welcome to all newbies 😀

    Hope everyone had a great weekend…

    Lisa~ didn’t get your email 🙁 Hopefully soon, have a great vacation

    Cleo~ I have met a lot of SDs too that are somewhat friends… Hopefully one will claim you soon 😀

    RTB~ glad your interview went well, I wish I could have some fun in the sun… omg I need a vacation and so much needed time off…

  138. Moon Patrol says:

    I am in the mood for iced coffee from Starbucks. I start a new job tomorrow. Joy and terror all at once!
    I am so single that the number one is all I see these days. Wait… I am number eight on my jersey for the soccer team.

  139. cleo says:

    CardsFan: i’ve met a lot of men in the sugar bowl and several of them have become excellent friends; a few have also been lovers even though currently i am … unclaimed *grin*

    that said, if you are making friends it tells me that you are choosing potentials who suit you and that the chemistry will likely follow with SOMEone eventually… you know what i mean? i’ve had some phenomenal conversations and times with potentials who never went anywhere, but i was comforted that i had come *this* close and that we got along so well…

    anyway welcome and good luck

  140. CardsFanSD says:

    @Reach — the “sob story” and the “flake” were 2 different “pot’s” actually. Sorry for the confusion, don’t thinki/didn’t mean to hold out. was crazy weekend! The “flaky” pot, well… we had some good communication afterwards, sorted a few things out, are meeting tonight for coffee, simply because we enjoyed talking so much, but realize we are not probably a fit, so it worked out 🙂

    The “sob story” pot — she is really sweet, but we don’t communicate as much. But she seems to have a great head on our shoulders and we have some great, open communication. I really don’t care what it turns into, but I’d like to help her out.

    I think I am meeting more friends than anything. ha! oh well. 🙂

    @nico: thanks for the warm welcome!

  141. SouthernGent2 says:

    Guru – good question you posted up the board. I find myself asking if I would have dated that particular girl IRL when I was younger. Probably why I am so selective about certain qualities. I personally find NSA pretty easy, but I still prefer someone I connect with that would have interested me back in my younger years.

  142. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    NIce to see you aspiringdoc 🙂 Good morning RTB. Yes i’m enjoying my time off, no stress, feeling great and rested (going to bed and getting up when according to my body clock). Going to take mom for coffee in a little while and then run some errands.

    Gotta go. Have a great day everyone

  143. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Lisa- Enjoy the time off! I’m happy for you!

    Aspiring doc – ***waving wildly*** Hiya!!!

    Cleo – “unfairemones” – love that term!

    To expand further on BF vs SD – I like it here because I want/need NSA and am not looking for a boyfriend right now, so I probably am being more flexible with who I see. The nice thing is that I’ve been pleasantly surprised and it’s given me a different perspective if the time ever does come that I want a permanent companion in my life. That could be a combination of my age, having been married for ten years, etc., etc. Make sense?

  144. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Heyyyyyy sugars!

    I’m still catching up after a great interview and a little fun in the sun!

    Dallasbaby – I’m in Northern IN. If she’s close and has no other options, send her my way for a week or two. Make sure she has custody so she doesn’t get kidnapping added to the charges. I had a similar situation and as long as he was the homeowner, I couldn’t get ANYTHING (and I paid the bulk of the bills and half the mortgage). The cops convinced him to give some baby clothes and baby needs, but I lost all my clothes, furniture, gifts from the shower…everything. All I did is say I was leaving…well, he made sure I did. Fortunately, I had friends and family to turn to. There are women’s shelters (YWCA, etc) and the police can refer her to them as they aren’t in the phone book for obvious reasons. Churches are a great resources for clothes, etc. So is Goodwill.

    ***Important lesson here***
    She can never go back with this man and have the courts respect her decision. She MUST move on and do her best to provide a good home for her daughter first and foremost.

    CardsFanSD – Welcome! I love the white knights! That said, please do be careful not to fall into that role immediately. There are those who prey on kind souls such as yourself. Ask anyone here and we’re happy to share our thoughts…just make sure we have ALL the information. You held out on us until she flaked. Hang in there!

    sugarbaby, LASB, et al – It’s a slippery slope when you start seeing an SD strictly for the allowance. It’s not fair to either of you and you will have a VERY short-lived arrangement. This is when you hear the men feel like walking ATMS and the women don’t feel good about themselves. Personally, I know it’s possible to have chemistry with someone I don’t find particularly attractive…they become more attractive the more I get to know them. Keep your standards and your dignity in place by only being with someone because you enjoy them.

    Back to catching up!

  145. torontoblondie says:

    yes I would agree that malibuflyboy519209 screamssss fake, sorry but 10-20 grand eek. My sugar daddy currently only gives me 5 grand, but he wants to buy a 2 million dollar home with me, so after I pick the house and move in with him I’m going to ask for 10 grand a month or for him to buy me a condo and it’d take over it after spending 4 years with him (that way I have a home after I finish my schooling to live in and start my own future – as he understands our age group will most likely result in me leaving him when I feel it’s my time to get married to someone my age — doesn’t stop him from proposing to me daily).

    But hey us girls can dream of a sugar daddy that gives an allowance of 10-20 grand, unfortunately we’d have to be super models or high up porn stars where we could charge that price (due to scarcity and rareness)

  146. Spawn of Santa says:

    I tend to gravitate towards the “marriage material” guys.
    If the dominant thought is “what a great guy, I love being around him – if only he was XX years younger, I would have definitely wanted to marry him”, then I think I am in a good situation.

  147. Cali SB says:

    That profile screams fake to me.

  148. sugarsugar says:

    I wrote to malibuflyboy and he ignored my e-mail

  149. Goodfun22 says:

    Has anyone met malibuflyboy
    519209 on seekingarrangement?

  150. LASB says:

    SD Guru – Well, a relationship with the SD would be NSA and he would be interested in helping me attain my financial goals, whether that be mentoring or contributing to my bills. I also wouldn’t expect long term. What I’m getting at is that just as with a BF, I can’t fake chemistry, and I won’t fake physical attraction for a guy when I don’t have any. i.e. I won’t sleep with a guy merely for an allowance or career advancement. But like DC said, I’d probably overlook more quirks in a sugar relationship. A history of fraud is not one of them, though.

  151. SD Guru says:

    I think my criteria for sugar isn’t that different than my criteria for a BF.

    And therein lies the dilemma. If looking for a SD is not that different from looking for a BF for you, then in your view is there any difference between a BF and a SD? Should there be a difference?

  152. LASB says:

    Dallasbaby – I feel the same way. Perhaps maybe that’s why the sugar hunt has not been very fruitful. I think my criteria for sugar isn’t that different than my criteria for a BF.

  153. cleo says:

    oops forgot to refresh
    aspiring doc have fun with your chemistry and good luck!
    sd guru/dallas baby: i’ve given this a lot of thought and never come to a satisfactory conclusion. if the sd is single of course i want him to be the kind of man i would date long term and that whole magical chemical connection would be great… but what if he isn’t? and if he is, is that really what i want if i’m actually seeking a sugar daddy?

    i mean two single people with the magical chemistry, aren’t their minds naturally going to turn to evolving the relationship? what if one or both genuinely don’t want that? and yet…

    now then if the sd is married maybe you don’t actually want to have amazing off the charts chemistry that talks your panties off in spite of yourself. maybe that’s too dangerous and means you might be setting both of you up for a giant mess down the road? what if you have the unfairemones with mr married and suddenly there you are a year later going “crap, this is something real and life changing” ? is this when you settle in to the european solution or what?

    as you can see, i’ve just come up with more questions rather than any answers!

  154. Dallasbaby says:

    It can be playing with fire, some of us girls are emotional creatures and we do like to settle in long-term when we like a guy.

  155. cleo says:

    my friend and i were joking about how inconvenient the chemical dynamite can sometimes be and came up with the term “unfairemones” to describe the ramifications when it’s not with someone ‘available’ or whatever…

  156. Dallasbaby says:

    In a perfect word I would like my sd to be a man I would date in real life for longterm SDGURU.

  157. Dallasbaby says:

    Thank you nico!

  158. aspiring doc says:

    Heya ll

    briefly browsing the site. So you did get rid of number one michael? Last time we spoke you were a little unsure? I meant to ring you the other day as I had/have free international credit on my phone. 🙂 Interested to hear the rest of the story.

    Lisa: hope you get a good break?

    where has everyone else gone these days?

    Im my news: this life is shortlived and over for me. I have a deep emotional connection with an amazing man. Not to mention the chemical dynamite ;).
    University is going well, got a fantastic parttime job. and thats pretty much my life :P.

    Best wishes to all of you x

    • SD Guru says:

      Have you ever met a pot where you would never give him a second look if he wasn’t in the sugar bowl, but because there’s the potential of mentorship/allowance/upgrading your lifestyle, you’d be willing to sleep with him?

      This is an interesting question that applies to both sides. In essence, should SD/SB’s use a different set of criteria when evaluating pots in the sugar world vs IRL? And if so, how does the presence of sugar affect the criteria?

      From a SD’s perspective, evaluating a pot SB for a NSA arrangement is very different from considering her as a girlfriend who could be a potential spouse. In short, I’m not looking for someone to take home to meet mom and live happily ever after, and therefore I apply a different set of criteria. Have I met pot SB’s who I wouldn’t normally consider for an IRL relationship?? Actually it happens all the time. Perhaps I consciously avoid those who are spouse material so that I don’t become emotionally involved.

      The flip side is, if a SB considers a pot SD who she’d date IRL anyway, does she run the risk of having the sugar relationship turn into something more, especially with a married man?

  159. Nico says:

    CardsFan ~ welcome to the blog and hello my sugar fam!!

    Cards ~ as it relates to your ‘communicator’, it would appear as though she may be a good talker and not a good listener….the time changes too much and typically a red flag not to be ignored. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a good and lasting relationship. My two past daddies have remained in touch and good friends. While we don’t see each other anymore, the connection remains…a friendship for life.

    Dallas ~ hello 🙂 I am enjoying following your posts re: the new site. I’ve not done anything with it but am interested to see what comes of it. Perhaps….and while this would be an accounting nightmare, if the ‘daddy’ wants to take the ‘baby’ on a date and must somehow ‘pay’ this in advance, the money could be held against the card to be paid upon successful meeting for the ‘date’. It’s not fool proof but just a thought…..

  160. Cali SB says:

    I have a profile on a non-sugar dating site and in the past 2 days I have gotten messaged by 3 cops — like them being interested in me. So bizarre. In my whole life until I got involved with a cop a few months back I have never been hit on by a cop. And now that I have been involved with one they’re all coming out of the woodwork. It’s like they can smell it on me even through the internet! lol

  161. CardsFanSD says:

    Check your inbox 🙂

  162. Dallasbaby says:

    Thanks everyone for all your help by the way !

  163. Dallasbaby says:

    queenbee4you28 yahoo. com

  164. Cali SB says:

    CardsFanSD — ask Stephan to share your email with Dallas

    Dallas — a great resource for free law advice are the forums at avvo.com

  165. CardsFanSD says:

    @dallassb – if it won’t get through moderation… hrm…..

  166. CardsFanSD says:

    It’s waiting for moderation…. hrm….

  167. Dallasbaby says:

    Can you post your email here?

  168. CardsFanSD says:

    @dallassb – How can we communicate off forum?

  169. Dallasbaby says:

    But the way he kicked this little child out on the street. I want to hit him with a two by four now !

  170. Dallasbaby says:

    He is a huge buff work out type of guy, so I just do not see her as being violent to him.

  171. Dallasbaby says:

    CardsFanSD – If you can help her ( she is in ohio ) I would be willing to be your sugar baby as I just do not have the heart to have her meet a man in these conditions, it just seems wrong to me as a friend. Maybe when she gets back on her feet?

  172. torontoblondie says:

    @ Dallas

    Well if she is living in Ohio and that is where the warrant was issued she is most likely facing a civil protection restraining order, this effects household members, usually those involving domestic abuse.

    Both Capital University Family Advocacy Clinic (645-6232), or Legal Aid (224-8374) can give your friend information on how to have the order withdrawn in court (it will only happen with a judge present) and any actions she can take to obtain any of her essentials of life right away.

  173. CardsFanSD says:

    @DallasBaby – Ha! Tell more. I’ve been wanting to visit a friend in Houston as it is… 😀

  174. torontoblondie says:


    A restraining order is essentially “A Restraining Order is a court order intended to protect you from further harm from someone who has hurt you; to keep the abuser away from you, or to stop harassing you, or keep the abuser from the scene of the violence, which may include your home, place of work, or apartment. ”

    While most restraining orders order a person to stay a certain amount of feet from the victim, I am assuming right now that your friends boyfriend/husband has only issued a temporary 10 day restraining order, while a judge at her court date will decide whether to lift the suspension or reissue a more lengthy one.

    There are a few things that she can choose to do, unfortunately I am only familiar with the Canadian law, BUT it is free to call any lawyer just for advice, seeing that most states carry different laws on this matter as it isn’t a federal matter, I would tell her to call a lawyer from her state and just tell them the situation and ask for advice for the next steps. They may tell her to contact the local police department and file with them to have a police officer come with her to the house in order for her to get her essentials (she would have had to be served the restraining order – there for if she was out side of the home she should be able to obtain her passport and other essentials) or anything else.

    Now if he simply just told her he got a restraining order, he’s a liar. Which would make sense if there was no evidence against her, usually women are not the abusing types. She needs to be issued one whether sent in the mail or in person. AS WELL Judges rarely issue such orders on individuals living together and they don’t like kicking a person out of the home unless it is in extreme situations, such as those involving violence.

    Your friend in court is going to need to be able to prove that she is not a threat to her ex in court though, does she have anything against him? Text messages? emails? Any witnesses she can bring in?

  175. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    one can have internet access from a phone or itouch as there is wi fi everywhere. anyway she might be using facebook to let her friends know her situation. As far as getting a hotel, she might not have a credit card and even if she does, hotels place a hold on funds above the room price in case you damage something, and I know most don’t take cash without a credit card. And remember credit causes more problems.

  176. Dallasbaby says:

    shes on her internet phone for now and this just happened so that bill is paid already. She is in ohio and she said the sheriff threw her out.

  177. DC says:

    dallas, can your friend go to a hotel and put it on a credit card? or get a loan somewhere and then get a hotel to stay at? i’ve always been very wary of people who have time to status update on facebook, yet claim such things as homelessness etc. (not to say your friend is lying by any means). just, take that time, rather than going on facebook, to find your local homeless shelter.

  178. Cali SB says:

    TLG, I agree. Generally speaking, it’s difficult to get a OOP on a woman unless she was arrested for battery or the man has proof of harrassment/threats. However, if there was an arrest, she could have been wrongly arrested (i.e. she called the cops on him and admitted to striking him in defense while he claims he didn’t touch her — trust me, I have seen this happen first hand).

  179. The Lone Gunman is indescribably unduplicable says:


    Again, I say as before–she needs to get hold of one of the church-based agencies in her area soonest for her immediate needs, and quite possibly the local paper and TV folk, who generally thrive on that sort of thing for the long term.

    Have to admit that I’m curious why and how a judge was convinced to take out a restraining order on her. What state is this happening in, and what city?


  180. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    It’s sad that as mothers we have to do so much to protect our kids and fathers can get away with anything. She needs a discreet arrangment, most married sds are not keen on publicizing arrangments.

    ok need to get some stuff done. 7 more stress free days away from my job. Have a good night everyone and I hope your friend can get some help.

  181. Dallasbaby says:

    yes, but perhaps even having a sugar daddy could look bad if baby daddy found out about it!

  182. Cali SB says:

    The court date is likely to make the temporary order of protection (restraining order) permanent. If this whole situation is without any fault to her (i.e. she was not arrested for abuse or anything) there is a good chance the judge will throw it out. Also, your friend should try calling the police if she wants her things back. They should escort her back to her ex’s to retrieve her things. Is she staying with friends or at a motel? She could always stay at a women’s and children’s shelter. If she is not working and doesn’t have money to get a place to stay, she will likely not get her child back until she can provide stability for herself. And while that sucks and is a shame, it is better for the child to have a stable home to live in for the short-term until she can get herself on her feet. I’ll keep her in my prayers!

  183. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Yes that is a problem too. Sounds like she needs the help of a kind sd to help her get on her feet. Finding one is another story

  184. Dallasbaby says:

    Yes, it is but at the same time, how can she get her other child back without a place to go? Catch 22 for sure on this one !

  185. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Does the court date have anything to do with her situation?. It sucks because no matter how much “help” is out there, none of it is immediate and there is so much red tape in everything. It’s like I was always told there was free legal help for my situation but when it comes down to it, all there is are free “consultations” in which the lawyers charge big fees to actually help you. the only thing “free” is their advice that you need a lawyer.

  186. Dallasbaby says:

    She told me her daughter does not even have a toothbrush or clothing either and she has a court date for the 12th.

  187. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    It seems one cannot get help on moment’s notice. There is so much paperwork to get any kind of asistance from what I’ve learned from coworkers who are in such situations. You have to show paperwork and proof of this and that, etc. The only place i’ve ever looked for help is through local churches in my neighborhood and that help was sparse, just a little bit of groceries and nothing more, no help with rent or anything. All they do is refer you to government agencies which are slow. Religous people that i’ve met offer nothing more than “i’m praying for you, or look to the lord” with no real help. I was fortunate enough to have my parents when my husband left me a month before my daughter (who turns 20 this week) was born.

    I hope things work out for your friend, but it seems most sds are looking for sbs that have no problems or needs, odd since the sight is about two people helping each other.

  188. Dallasbaby says:

    CardsFanSD – I got you a cute busty single mother you can help. That is your weakness right? * wink * I am eating crow today !

  189. Cali SB says:

    All this talk of flaky is making me want pie!

  190. Dallasbaby says:

    Her daughter is from a previous relationship .

  191. CardsFanSD says:

    Well… today’s meeting with the “excellent communicator” never happened. Seemed flaky, and I am disappointed. Was supposed to meet briefly to get her tickets to movie for her and son. i’d said 12:30 yesterday, she said ok, then when i am on way, she told me “no, 1:30.”. Ok, well, then we were supposed to meet around 3. At 1:30 i told her “should be wrapped up sooner, around 2:30”. Anyway, at 3:30, I was still waiting for her.

    And the message I got was at 3:30 “My son and i are on our way shortly”.

    Is this blog psychic or smething?

    I told her to spend time with her son and we’d try some other time, but i am definitely less motivated. she then went on to explain her nanny was coming too, and taking son to shop, while she and i hung out, but that didn’t get explained til much later. I do not know what to think.

    She spent a lot of time explaining how valuable her time was and she did not want to waste it on meeting someone who was not serious.

    however, my time is very valuable as well, and that left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

  192. Dallasbaby says:

    Cali Sb- Her facebook post said this: It’s Been 48 Hours Since My Son Was Taken From Me; 2 Days Since My Daughter & I Were Forced Out Of Our Home.

  193. Cali SB says:

    @DallasBaby.. your friend’s situation seems odd. In CA, even if a person’s name isn’t on the lease, as long as they get mail and/or their stuff is in the home, it’s considered their residence. That is such a shame what she is going through. I am so sorry.

  194. Dallasbaby says:

    Tell me about it Cali SB…what a tool!

  195. LASB says:

    I guess I should have been more specific. What I meant is that this guy offered me so much, but there was something about him that I just didn’t like, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. He was polite and funny. He was ok looking, but not entirely my type. He drove a nice car. I decided against it despite the many things he promised. And I came home thinking, “Am I crazy?” which is what inspired my post.

    I didn’t have his full name before we met, but he showed me his license over dinner. I filed away as much info as I could remember and looked him up today. Turns out he was busted a few years back for fraud-type activities–a lot of them! Well now I’m patting myself on the back for having such great instincts AND following them. However, it means I am still a wannabe. lol!

  196. Dallasbaby says:

    Gunman: She said the police is who put her out in the first place because his name is on the lease ….

  197. Cali SB says:

    @Dallasbaby, I love that he said he’s so hot and doesn’t need dating sites, yet he’s signed up on a site so early it hasn’t even gone public yet!! lol

  198. The Lone Gunman returns next week to a North america near YOU!! says:


    Your friend has been kicked out with her kid, with only the clothes on her back and a restraining order has been filed on her to prevent her getting her stuff from the house?

    Assuming all is as stated to you, she needs to go to the police, who *should* then be able to send her on to Social Services in the area she lives in. They should be able to help her–at least temporarily. She should also approach one of the local churches in the area with her story; much as I hate Organized Religion, some of them have excellent family support systems in place to aid in an emergency.

    Lastly, she can go to the local media with her story, which is right up their alley as it contains conflict, pathos and a defined bit of outrageous villainy. Perhaps the man can be shamed publicly into at least giving up her personal things.


  199. I’ve received 100 dollar gift cards to VS & Nordstrom on the first date and a Nordstrom gift card & flowers BEFORE our first date, offered money (obviously refused). I definitely don’t require it, especially whereas so many Daddies have been played in the past I want to make sure we begin on the right foot.

    The benefits: I guess it shows he is serious about wanting an arrangement by demonstrating his generosity. Its almost a good faith deposit. Once again, not necessary for me.
    Negatives: So many women have used this to make a quick dollar and have turned potential Daddy’s a bit distrustful of others right off the bat.

  200. Dallasbaby says:

    Good point DC ! But at the same time Hef thinks they do like him and they have chemistry !

  201. DC says:

    LASB that’s a completely normal feeling/reaction. do you think crystal harris would be with hugh hefner if he weren’t hugh, but a regular 80 year old man?
    hell no! (in the same way he wouldn’t be with her if she were a woman his age – which is something both parties need to be ok about).
    also, even if you are really attracted to them, i found that i put up with a lot more, than i normally would.. because i was in a sugar relationship. and there are probably SDs who put up with a lot more than they normally would because the girl is pretty/cute/beautiful.
    so, i think that’s a totally normal reaction.

  202. sugarbaby says:


    I agree with you on the ‘not giving guys second look unless they were in the sugar bowl’ …. I feel that way right now with my sugar daddy. No offence I have had great relationships with guys that looked similar or were even older than him. It’s honestly the personality some people share, him and are are both pretty stubborn… which I can’t stand. Even on top of that he tries to tell me he’s ‘old fashioned’ … old fashioned means no sex until marriage, no sleep overs until marriage, and no PDA…. actually the only thing he says about being old fashioned is how he doesn’t like condoms or bjs. So we don’t do anything, as simple as that, sorry but thats not old fashioned. I fine myself being really cynical at times to this one, not really sure why he likes me so much. And as another sugar baby talked about… power issues, kinda seems like mine has that where he wants me to sleep over even though I tell him I won’t, it’s not like I’m lying, I told him in advance it wasn’t going to happen :S Or calling me and telling me after 4 hours that he hates that i’m unreachable and this isn’t working out… then he goes on a business trip and I can’t contact him for 4 days… hmmmm…. but I’m not allowed to freak out? :S

    I can say that I would DEFINITELY not be with him if it wasn’t for the sugar, which is sad to say, but to me there’s no chemistry …

  203. Dallasbaby says:

    And I was just posting about this issue and here I am in the middle of the same issue ! aargggggggh

  204. Dallasbaby says:

    I need a white night sugar daddy right now ! A girlfriend of mine just got kicked out of her house by her man who got a restraining order and she was not even able to get clothing or anything. She does not even have clean panties ! Her and her daughter are now homeless with nothing. She does not live in my stats so I do not know what to do right now. If I tell her to get a sugar daddy that sounds so heartless?

  205. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Vacation starts today, 8 days to destress!

    I’ve met a couple pot that I probably wouldn’t haven considered IRL but that was because I couldn’t see myself seriously dating a man in his 60-70’s but they actually turned out to be the most generous of those ive met and were very generous on the first meeting. My last sd was 70, married, short, but very sweet, educated (PhD) and dressed well. He was very concerned with my well being, helped me immediately without my having to ask. 4 weeks after we met, he moved me to a better apartment in a safe neighborhood and prepaid my rent so I could bypass the credit and income checks. He poofed after 6 weeks but I thank him everyday for getting me into a great neighborhood away from the garbage that is going on in my old neighborhood.

  206. LASB says:

    Ok, I have a question for the blog SBs. Have you ever met a pot where you would never give him a second look if he wasn’t in the sugar bowl, but because there’s the potential of mentorship/allowance/upgrading your lifestyle, you’d be willing to sleep with him? I’m not saying the creepy or gross guys or anything, but one who is just ok. I’ve been on some pot dates and have absolutely no chemistry with any of them. I’m starting to think the sugar bowl may be the wrong place for me to be looking.

  207. LASB says:

    Dallasbaby – Massive NEXT!!!! The last minute guys want bootie. Plus if he doesn’t need the site to date, why is he on it? Obviously he is either seriously lacking in the self-awareness, and/or trying to get out of doing anything mutually beneficial. Sounds like a selfish jerk.

  208. Dallasbaby says:

    Update: I broke down and engaged in a text conversation with the guy from the new site that seemed to be talking in circles about what he wants and laughed about the fee I wanted for the first date… asked if I laughed about it too? hmmm, yet says he finds me excitingand hes so hot and amazing he does not need sites to date. So it was10:00 at night and he wanted to head my way last minute to meet for drinks and pushing the issue bigtime. I told him it takes a super hot minute to look pretty and he said he prefer to see me natural. * rolls eyes *

    I see a power issue already !

  209. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    @CardsFanSD – enjoy your date! Nothing like good communication to get things going.

    In other news, my ex-#1 is trying to come back, realizing the error of her ways… I think I need to sleep on it. Couple of interesting local pots, but nothing that really jumps out at me.

    But this woman in South Africa has started emailing me, saying let’s start a conversation, and see where it goes? Wtf? She’s cute, but really?

    • SD Guru says:

      I am missing a deep connection with someone that genuinely cares about me… So, am I naive and stupid?

      Welcome to the blog! You’re not naive nor stupid. However, your desire for a “deep connection” might lead you down the slippery slope of emotional involvement which will make it difficult to have a NSA relationship with clear boundaries. As a married man, I’d recommend that you carefully consider how deep of a connection you can actually handle in a NSA sugar relationship. Be careful of what you wish for! 🙂

      Here’s the thing. I’m a sucker for a sob story, and she has one, and she in all other respects seems legit. I really want to believe her.

      Sounds like you might have a case of the “white knight syndrome”. Please see a discussion about that topic in this post.

      She suggested the time and place as well, and I confirmed by email, dont have her ph #.

      No number = no meet. In case there is a last minute change for whatever reason, how are either of you supposed to communicate with each other?

      In other news, my ex-#1 is trying to come back, realizing the error of her ways… I think I need to sleep on it.

      And you need to sleep on it because… ❓

  210. DC says:

    hey everyone!

    dallas, thanks for sharing your stories about the new site. i’m really interested to see how it ends up working out — i forgot who mentioned it up above but what does happen on the 2nd and 3rd dates?
    so bizarre.

  211. SouthernGent2 says:

    I tried to sign up, but it wouldn’t allow me. Told me to edit my profile, and I did that, but no place to click enter for profile completion.

  212. Dallasbaby says:

    UPDATE: My date for tonight from the new site now tells me he don’t pay for first dates he pays allowances. Um, What ?????

  213. Cali SB says:

    I posted earlier about my friend joining some SD/SB sites last night and that it would be my luck that she would find an SD within a week even though I haven’t in nearly 2 years (not even a single pot date). She texted me early this afternoon and said she has a pot date tomorrow. I laughed so hard when I read that text. 🙂

  214. CardsFanSD says:

    @Dallasbaby — It’s a time thing for both of us, not enough time for a drawn out dinner, but there are places nearby to walk and talk. I like the car idea, but for a first face to face — I dunno, I’d rather keep it public, keep her in a place she is familiar and comfortable with, instead of transporting her somewhere out of her “comfort are” — does that make sense? It’s her comfort zone as well. Keeping it simple. If either of us is uncomfortable, she doesn’t have to rely on me in any way to get home. And maybe I overthink. But I really want her comfortable.

  215. Kindred Spirit says:

    CardsFanSD~ I am happy for you to have found an excellent communicator! Indeed rare. Hope it all goes marvelously well for you and your date!!

  216. Dallasbaby says:

    I know this sounds weird …but for some reason much older and short men are the ones doing the 1,000 cash dates !

  217. Kindred Spirit says:

    Oh, don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t mean like SBs are a charity, too, far from it. Just explaining how great it feels to give when you can see firsthand how appreciative the receiver is. And was trying to think of a personal example with cash. Anyway…

  218. Dallasbaby says:

    CardsFanSD – you should do a more romantic dinner and at least get the romance going in that way , be sure to send a driver for her as well . First impression is everything ! Coffee places are just to bright light and way to many people running around to even talk about anything of importance !

  219. Kindred Spirit says:

    O_o *scratching my head* Wow! Those were some very generous first dates! Dang…. I suppose if money were no limit in my life, I’d be giving it away to those I deem appreciative, too. Then again, while I don’t even really have the funds much to do so, I still give to specific organizations for animals (ferrets and kitties) and my local library. I see the appreciation and help it does firsthand and it makes me want to give more. Hard to stop when one feels generous, so maybe I can sense a little on an SD’s side of it like that, when one hears these stories of sweet gifts of cash, etc (and of the “White Knight” feeling, too). I really don’t know. Fun to speculate, though. 😉

    Have a first date with a potential tomorrow…sweet email exchanges and we are both eagar to be meeting…yay! 😀

  220. Dallasbaby says:

    No Lisa, He was in Texas but in the country, said I gotta hang with him 24-7 too ! He was cute and all but I do not know him so just going over the whole 24-7 idea in my mind made me feel ill …….. When guys even offer trips to some amazing location I just get this sinking feeling about spending time with a stranger, just not fun in my mind if I do not know then or have some type of emotional attachment…..I would just prefer to get my allowance and take my own trips with people I do love on that level.

  221. CardsFanSD says:

    Got a first meeting tomorrow… a “date”? We’re in different cities, but I work near her. Going to drop off a gift card for the movies so she can take her son, while I need to spend a few hours working up there. Then afterwards, meet her at starbucks for a coffee. She really seemed to love that idea.

    Even if it doesn’t work out, we’re having such great correspondence and getting a comfort level with each other. I want to do something else for her, but not sure what. Gotta figure that out. She’s been the best communicator of anyone I’ve talked to, and that’s important to me.

  222. Downward Spiral Lisa says:


    Way back when I used to do regular dating sites, we always exchanged meeting info such as place and time, what we would be wearing, confirming night or morning before, etc. now it seems you talk to someone, set up a meeting and the day comes and they still haven’t mentioned the place, sent a picture or told you what they will be wearing.

    Ok gotta go

  223. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Good evening

    whitelillies, that guy sent me an email (his first contact) that he was in my city for the night. I simply told him I couldn’t meet on moments notice as i’ve got to plan how i’m going to get somewhere and back, and trying to get back from anywhere after early evening is a scary thought. Buses stop early evening to my neighborhood.

    Dallasbaby, was that sd from NY? I met a sd that I traveled to meet that was actually looking for someone to take care of his two very young children. Those kids were actually present half the time I was visiting him. He wanted me to leave everything and move in with him and be his nanny/sb and most likely servent 24/7 for 2k a month. I am glad I didn’t even consider that.

    ok i’m in full vacation mode now, 8 days off from work to relax. Had an accident at work with some religous candles, picked up a package and they were broken on top and I ended up cutting a gash in the palm of my hand and I was bleeding everywhere. Manager gave me a bandaid and I continued working. Hand is aching and swollen now. glad i’ll get to rest it for a few days.

    Hey Gail, sorry I missed you.

    Have a good night everyone

  224. Dallasbaby says:

    I had a date planned for tonight but I noticed the man never sent me the location of the bar we wanted me to go to yet he saw my email this morning about location. Like pulling teeth to meet people on the new site. All my other offers believe it or not never even checked mail after the offer was accepted !

  225. Dallasbaby says:

    Torontoblondie- I have also had several dates give me 1,000 cash just for meeting them. It was a shock, but then again, I never heard from them after that !

  226. torontoblondie says:

    haven’t been on the blog in awhile, but noticed this post and …. mmm honestly I don’t think a website like that would ever be marketed to sugar babies. Because honestly “whatsyourprice” only states that guys pay for the 1ST DATE… so what about the 2nd? 3rd? you move onto a new website?

    But I like the idea of girls getting a gift for the first date….. honestly I have only had good things come from men who gave me some cash for our first date (some times even 200 for a quick coffee date). When men don’t want to give me a gift I always find them to be men that are just looking to waste their own time and ‘pretend’ they have big bucks. I’ve also received 1000 for lunch twice from two different men. It made me feel like these men must have really cared about me and I was nothing but nice to them from them on. Well when I go on dates with guys that I don’t discuss $, or get a gift, their allowances that they tell me 3 dates later is ….. pennies, like 500 dollars a week to see at least twice a week… ummm sorry but I’m busy with school.

    That being said, my sugar daddy just left for Vegas after he just got back from another business trip, and he picked me up for the 3 hours he was here in order to take me to his travel agent and then he left. So I just booked us a trip to fijiji with his credit card 🙂 I’ve never been to fijiji, anyone here been there? Please tell me any things we have to do there 🙂

  227. whitelillies says:

    Dallas- Way creepy! I’m shocked someone would ask you that meeting you online, and never in person.
    LASB- Good evening!

    Thanks for your input, about the in shape issue, guys. I’ll check back with y’all when I change my profile to make sure that I sound like I’m coming across the way I want to. Anyhow, must start on my mountain of homework.

  228. CardsFanSD says:

    @Dallasbaby – I agree totally! I have kids, I’m ok if you have kids, but I don’t think your kid needs to know me from Adam. If nothing else, from a privacy perspective. I’d hate to bump into them with my family and the kid say “Mommy, there’s your friend!!”. Awkward!

  229. Dallasbaby says:

    If any sugar baby or sugar daddy for that matter , have you meet the kids……..I would have to say NEXT !!!! One sugar daddy asked me to move in and care for the kids as a mother , I never even met him before and hes asking for this right away? I just thinks its horrible to get kids involved in this lifestyle at any point. I have a child as well but I never talk about to my sugar daddy relationship because I want to protect my family and just feel weird talking about my child . This lifestyle does have a bit of shame to it I feel from society and as a mother. I would just never use my child like that to get more attention or allowance and the man can never tell I had a baby either.

  230. CardsFanSD says:

    @Anna — true 🙂 Something I’d want to know about, due diligence is all. I mean for me — don’t get the wrong impression. Any single item is not a deal breaker. I don’t have a checklist for expectations if that’s how it’s come across. The main thing is a solid emotional connection. Everything else is variable gravy. 🙂 And all the little pieces help build a picture, right?

    @Dallasbaby – I love kids. But… that may be stretching it a bit far 🙂

  231. CardsFanSD says:

    @Kindred — I’m judging on who is the best personality fit for me, not who’s desperate. I understand where you’re coming from. I’d try and help the one, if she wasn’t the best fit, regardless of any ongoing relationship. I think if you pick the “most needy”, the SD is putting themselves in a position of power and control over the SB, which is sick, frankly and wrong. I see my SB as an equal.

  232. Anna Molly says:

    Oh, I meant to put or seperated in my post….sorry…

  233. Dallasbaby says:

    CardsFanSD – sometimes a single mother will also take her children on dates with her to avoid intimacy of any kind and might have the children ask for anything and everything under the sun to see if you buy them stuff as a test. I know girls who do this ! and 30 grand or so later you might get a kiss !

  234. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFan ~ Not all women who are married would have an angry husband. 😉

  235. CardsFanSD says:

    @Dallasbaby – to be fair, it was *not* the first thing we talked about. Her status was “Separated”, and in an early email, I asked her about it, because I want to avoid messy/angry husbands, right? Anyway, she said she was not comfortable discussing it yet. Plenty of emails later she asked me about my situation, and I explained it, and then she went into detail on hers. So, it’s not as simple as I first made it sound. She’s a single mom trying to make ends meet. My father passed away when I was a very young and I was raised by her alone. It’s my weak spot.

  236. Kindred Spirit says:

    Dallasbaby, I’m with you on that…. Most SBs do have financial stresses…or just want to be indulged for a change instead of always taking care of herself…or BOTH. The sob stories make me weary and leary, and it is kind of frustrating to hear when a man will judge which girl “needs my financial help more”. Totally unfair. Especially when I hear that that very girl does not show genuine appreciation.

    Not saying you are this kind of guy, CardsfanSD, just sayin’ in general here….

    Okay, off to whip up a mean crab-cheese omelette! And probably bake crabcakes with the remainder of the crab I have, yum!! A real treat indeed. 😀

  237. Dallasbaby says:

    CardsFanSD- A sad story right off the bat is very strange to me. I know some guys enjoy being the one to come and save a lady, but when a girl gets herself in a terrible situation I have to blame her for it as she is in control of her life. Everyone has a sad story, some of us just do not wish to tell strangers about it ya know?

  238. Kindred Spirit says:

    Brandon~ I went onto the new site to take a look. I believe the status preference in what you are looking for should not be limited to only one choice. For example, maybe change it to “unattached” as a preference rather than choosing between “single, divorced, widowed”. A person can be more than one of those things! Like, someone can be divorced, but still be considered single. If I choose single, I’m leaving out the divorced or widowed eligible men, which isn’t fair or accurate to my preference. I’d be open to dating any of the above, because to me they are all unattached. Make sense? Thanks for listening. 🙂

  239. CardsFanSD says:

    TinEye returned nothing — very cool tool, thanks again, and a little more piece of mind.

  240. CardsFanSD says:

    @DallasBaby – She sent a 2nd recent picture, and that made me feel much better, as at least I knew it wasn’t some perv who was pretending to be a female or whatever. Here’s the thing. I’m a sucker for a sob story, and she has one, and she in all other respects seems legit. I really want to believe her. We’re still talking.

    @Cali SB
    No, I don’t, it’s a small part of a much bigger picture. I’m just trying to be responsible, and safe, and protect my interests. My biggest fear is probably meeting someone and being set up, mugged, etc. So that’s all I’m really “analyzing” for. Simply — are you who you say you are.

    Thanks for the tinyeye.com tip. I’ll check it out.

    I am meeting one tomorrow, and the other has no time til next week. She’s the one with the sad story. I’d like to meet her just to help her out with her situation even if nothing else happened.

  241. Cali SB says:

    I wish posting on the blog somehow gave you points as far as you showing up in search results, kinda like logging on frequently does. I often keep the blog page open and refresh, but you don’t have to be logged in to post, so sometimes (read: most times) I forget to log in. I got one of my friends to sign up for SA last night (after telling her I didn’t like the other sites) but told her I haven’t gotten any pot dates in the almost 2 years I’ve been a member. With my luck, she will haves dates within a week! haha 🙂

    CardsFanSD – While that’s definitely a red flag, I hope you don’t automatically analyze everything about a pot (from photos to wording of certain things in her profile, etc) and discount someone who could be a great match for you. One of the bloggers told me recently about a photo backtracing site called tineye.com, maybe you could upload her photo to see if it shows any results where it came from? The photos I tried didn’t even though I know they are in multiple places on the internet, but maybe you’ll have better luck than me!

  242. Dallasbaby says:

    CardsFanSD if she is willing to meet just go ahead and meet her…..no harm in that !

  243. CardsFanSD says:

    @lLASB:Her photos had a photographer listed in them Photos can be “tagged” much like MP3s, with info. Someone had this info in the tag: (her name); Crash; (another name); Nude; dancers; exotic; strippers;

    So, that was a red flag or 2, just seemed odd.

    So…. 2 year old pics: no problem. But umm… what’s that other info about? i checked the photog’s website/gallery, and didn’t see her listed there, but all in all, it made me very paranoid.

  244. Anna Molly says:

    I signed up on the new site, but, I haven’t posted my profile yet.

  245. Anna Molly says:

    I understand where you’re coming from LASB 😀

  246. LASB says:

    Ok, really now, I’m going to stop procrastinating on the blog. I have a mountain of work to get through. 🙁 🙁 🙁 Have a great weekend everyone!

  247. LASB says:

    Oh yeah, on body type, I have no qualms about stating that I want a thin guy. I think I just say something like “I’m thin and I tend to be attracted to others who are the same.” To my knowledge, I’ve never scared off any thin guys. In fact, some of the heavier guys still contact me anyhow. One guy actually said, “well, I may not be your type because I’m bigger but I just wanted to see if you’d write me back.”

    Dallas – I’m scared of the new site. I haven’t even bothered looking. I’ll let the rest of you test it out first.

  248. Dallasbaby says:

    Sorry everyone, my nails are killing my typing skills ! The 80.00 for nails and pedi are starting to look like a waste at this point ……………will I ever get a date from this new site although I got 5 offers I said yes too?

  249. Dallasbaby says:

    I have met a few guys who have used fake photos but they did pick photos that had the same look they have as well , sometimes men have much to hide are never able to post photos or send them out. I would prefer at least a real body type photo myself so I can see is he is in shape or obese.

  250. Dallasbaby says:

    Good point LASB !

  251. LASB says:

    Good morning AM, Dallas, White Lillies, artcorpo, Arcadia, Gail, and others!

    CardsFanSD – I’ve used photos from ’09 because I look exactly the same. And sometimes I’m at a computer where I don’t have any photos stored, so I’ve downloaded them off my facebook page and sent them that way. I’m not sure that that makes me a scammer. (However, there could be other things that make me a scammer. ;))

  252. Dallasbaby says:

    artcorpo: your post screams scam / fraud to me !

  253. I am very cheerful, communicative, easy-going lady. I get on well with people. I am always in harmony with myself,
    I think it is very important. I am romantic young lady but in the same time I am down to earth person.I think I have
    good sense of humor. I am sincere, I always say what is on my mind, I think not everybody can do it, we can talk about everything I have no tabus.
    I always preferable a arrangement relationship, is more practical and both happy in the end.

  254. Dallasbaby says:

    My hot date from the new site invited me come to see him working at the bar he owns….wow, sounds like a great time huh ? NOT !

  255. Anna Molly says:

    WhiteLillies ~ If you’re looking for someone in good shape, I don’t see anything wrong with putting that in your profile. I see a lot of SDs putting that in their profile so why shouldn’t you?!? I’m not sure on how you should word it, but, go for it if that is what you’re looking for! No sense in wasting time by emailing, texting and all that good stuff if he isn’t what you’re looking for physically. If you word it the right way then no one should be offended at all. 😀

  256. Anna Molly says:

    You’re welcome CardsFan! I wish you the best of luck in your search for sugar! 😀

    Michael ~ Sorry it didn’t work out 🙁

    Hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m stuck working today…blah! Trying to get my clients ready for tax time….wish me luck! 😀

  257. whitelillies says:

    CardFanSD- Thanks, that’s a good point that it’s a waste of time for both of us.
    And I’m sure that lots of SB’s would be into that, but it’s like any emotional relationship. It takes time to build. Good luck on your search!

  258. CardsFanSD says:

    @Michael – in AZ as well. you are right on. sorry it didn’t work out. hard to find a good woman. think I found a scammer last night. Looks like the photos she supplied — that were from ’09 — were downloaded from the internet. I am glad a lot of people don’t realize how much info is stored in a photo…

    @Gail, Arcadia, Anna: thanks. That makes me feel a lot better. I want to find *the right one*, not anyone. But, being new to this (and to the blog — but a lot of friendly people here, thanks!) — I was beginning to wonder…

  259. Gail says:

    Good Morning All~

    It’s a special day today……………….Spa Resort Day!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!

    Have mucho fun RTB and Lily!!!!!! I am off traveling too 🙂

    CardsFan SD~you are not naive or stupid : ) There are many SBs looking exactly for want you want. Welcome to the blog and I wish you well in your sugar search.

    Lisa~Enjoy your day 🙂

  260. Arcadia SB says:

    CardsFan- I look for similar things in an arrangement, I think everyone has a different goal whatever type of dating they’re involved in. No one should just take whats available, wait for the right one and she’ll come along 🙂

    Michael – sorry you got stood up 🙁 On the upside it makes screening her that much easier. An immediate next 🙂

  261. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    She suggested the time and place as well, and I confirmed by email, dont have her ph #. It is rather slim pickings in Phoenix, pots are mainly 21 y.o. ASU students. Emailing a couple of others today to see if there is interest. Happy Saturday everyone! 95 here today.

  262. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFanSD ~ I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for, you just have to be patient. The right SB will come along 😉

  263. CardsFanSD says:

    @WhiteLillies — I personally don’t think so — you need to do what works for you, and if it’s their appearance, then mention it. I’d rather know your expectation up front, so that if I don’t fit, I’m not wasting my time or yours.

    Anyway: This is my first experience at something like this. I’d like some thoughts. More than anything else in my marriage, I am missing a deep connection with someone that genuinely cares about me. If I can find that, money is an afterthought, and I’m generous to a fault. If I care about the SB, I’ll have no issue helping them out, if there’s a mutual connection. And, when the arrangement “ends” for whatever reason, if we are not still good friends, then I will feel I chose the wrong person…

    So, am I naive and stupid? Or are there SBs out there that might fit what I am looking for?

  264. whitelillies says:

    Lisa- sounds like a creep. I’m always spontaneous? WTF? Then why couldn’t he spontaneously offer to book you travel accommodations?

    Michael – I’m sorry your coffee date flaked. 🙁

    Dallas- Always a good excuse!

    So, I have a profile question. Does it make me sound like a snob if I put that I’m looking for someone in good shape? I mean, obviously I’m not expecting a six pack here, but when someone is severely overweight and doesn’t physically take care of themselves, then in the first e-mail stresses the importance of chemistry, I’m not sure how to respond.

  265. Cali SB says:

    Michael, see what happens when you knock me about coffee dates! 😉 j/k Sorry she was a no show. 🙁

  266. Um michael, I don’t know who you think you are or who you’re offering your 400 bucks to, but that is NOT my price. You’re missing a 0.

    Please don’t false advertise. Thank you.

  267. LASB says:

    Sorry to hear it, Michael. Maybe you should start doing group interviews. Out of 10, hopefully at least 1 will show. 😉

    The guy who I nexted wrote back to tell me his reasons why he wasn’t into me either. Classy! So maybe it is better to just poof. On the other hand, I don’t really care if people get all angry that I’m not into them. I’m not mean about it. I just want to let them know so that they can look elsewhere.

  268. Honey says:

    Hey Mike, what’s you type, I got friends that will eat a banana for $400 bucks!

  269. Dallasbaby says:

    How rude of her Michael ! Did you confirm an hour prior to make sure she could make it?

  270. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    Coffee with my young potSB didn’t happen, she was a no-show. Her loss, not mine. How about this – I’ll pay some $400 to watch them eat a banana. 🙂

    Oh well, at least I caught upon my phone calls and to-do list while I was waiting.


  271. Lisa says:

    Honey, I was checking out the website, seen alot of interesting flavors on those bubble bar things.
    Beach_Girl I tried to send you an email but my IP address got rejected by your spam blocker. You can ask stephan to send it to you.

    Going to bed now. Goodnight

  272. Honey says:

    Lisa,just tell me when and one day after work you can go into the lush store and get a little bubble bath set. I’m a bubble bar pusher. pick out a flavor, I recommend: sex bomb, with maybe the comforter thrown in or big blue with another bubble bar. I make a calorie free lush cocktail. oohh mermaid water…

  273. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    I’m just not going to bother answering his last email as he obsiously hasn’t read my profile as I am very clear about not being available on sat/sun. My job is physical labor so when I get off I just want to come home and sit down as my back and legs are always hurting, it takes me a few hours to get my energy back and by that time it’s time to go to bed.

  274. Lovelylibra says:

    Don’t like the idea of the site

  275. Dallasbaby says:

    I would just tell him it is washing hair night….back in the day that was a valid excuse !

  276. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Children, pictures of children, mention of children, involving children in sugar relationships have no place in sugardating.

  277. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    ok that guy emailed me while I was out wanting to meet for lunch tomorrow. I’ve already told him I work on the weekend. I won’t be off till 6 tomorrow and by the time I get home it will be close to 7, too late to go out to lunch or meet anyone as there is no direct bus service downtown from where I live on weekends. By the time I got home, showered, did my nails and took 2 buses that run hourly, it would be nearly 10 pm and i’d have no way to get home. Why don’t guys read what is in your profile, mine very clearly states I am never available on weekends because I work.
    In addition this guy has never even sent me a picture, his profile is blank, he’s from out of state and younger than me by about 8 years, weird.

  278. Anna Molly says:

    Total EWWW on the daughter thing! That is totally gross!

  279. Dallasbaby says:

    My ex boyfriend used to show my pictures to future girlfriends…..little did he know that makes it look like hes hung up on HIS ex and looks weird for having a folder of my pictures ! I tried to tell him how it looked bad, but he could not admit it was kind of a creepy move !

  280. cleo says:

    i HATE when they have their kids in their pics… even if they’re single. ew. so much ew

  281. Dallasbaby says:

    Sometimes when you ask you find out it is daughter and hes making it look like a hot sugar baby ! ewwww !

  282. Anna Molly says:

    I mean, if you’re going to put up a photo with other people in it you should block them out. If they didn’t agree to the sugar lifestyle then you should respect that and not show their faces!

  283. Anna Molly says:

    Dallasbaby ~ I know! Not only did the line suck, but, his photo had another woman in it! I can’t stand that! I usually don’t respond to guys who have other women or their kids or grandkids in their photo. I think having a photo like that is in poor taste and to me that shows no respect for other people. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me or I’m in a bad mood….sorry for the rant.

  284. Dallasbaby says:

    I know Molly….why do they think we are that hard up ? A real sugar baby would already have a pretty good head on her shoulders and would NEVER be down and out to have to do that. The only girl who would fall for that is a teenage runaway no doubt.

  285. Anna Molly says:

    Okay, why do men think that lines such as “I think you need to pay me a visit” would be a good thing? Just curious as to what is going through the minds of some of these guys? I’m sorry, but, I don’t know you from Adam, and, you’re asking me to come pay you a visit? No, I don’t think so..good greif!

  286. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    No it’s all real, yes you can actually make 18 dollars going out with one of these guys.
    ok off to meet my daughter at work.

  287. Honey says:

    Yes Arcadia, your pic, your name,your status, all fake…. I’m not even talking to you right now, it’s all in your mind…..

  288. Arcadia SB says:

    This is an April Fools joke, right? This site isn’t real…is it?

  289. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    This guy didn’t give me any details on what he was looking for and from his last email it sounds like he’s looking for sex while he’s in town. said that I would be safe as he staying at a nice hotel downtown. I don’t drink so it’s just a matter of me getting home safely. If the guy turned out to be a jerk, i doubt he’d do anything to help me get home so i’d be stuck with no way but the bus which runs hourly after 7 pm, i’d have to take 2 buses home and be out walking at night. The bus that I would have to connect to in my old neighborhood stops running at 930 pm so i’d have to leave from downtown by 8 pm to make it home. There are lots of nice restaraunts in my neighborhood which are in short walking distance to where I live and there is even a new hotel that just opened that has a nice restaraunt so there is really no need for me to risk my safety to meet anyone at night and out of my area. Houston tranportation sucks.

  290. Dallasbaby says:

    Lisa, most men will hire a limo service at the very least for this reason and also in case drinking is involved or might be.

  291. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Just got an email from someone wanting to meet tonight. He favorited me 2 weeks ago but never wrote. Said he just arrived in my city. I emailed him and thanked him but told him I never meet at moment’s notice. He emailed back and said too bad, as he was always spontaneous. I wrote back wishing him luck and told him that since I work weekends and have to take the bus to get anywhere, I need to know in advance so I can plan my trip. He said he is staying downtown and well the only bus that runs from my apartment directly downtown stops running at 615 pm and doesn’t run on weekends. My only way to get home after the date would be taking 2 buses which would put me in my old neighborhood (where there have been 2 murders since sunday) late at night which is not even to be considered or to take a taxi which is not something I can ever afford, especially with this being rent week. no details on what he had in mind so not worth the risk to me to end up stuck downtown after dark, also considering i’m got to get up early work tomorrow. Not everyone can be spontaneous, I put my safety first.

  292. Dallasbaby says:

    Not sure if you can tell but it is a purse full of money bulging out .

  293. Dallasbaby says:

    I found it online cleo just like the last one !

  294. cleo says:

    dallasbaby i like your new avatar, is it your hot legs or a random photo?
    michael: good luck!
    ava i think you’re starting out well actually. you came looking for information and you’re really considering what you want and can offer. don’t so much seduce him “into bed” as seduce him into “dying for you” but i don’t recommend actual sex until the details of your arrangement are worked out.

    all the sb’s i know kick themselves when they break that rule for various reasons having to do with then never getting what they want or need and negotiating from a position of weakness…

  295. Dallasbaby says:

    Travel, exciting dates and gifts should be an easy one, The allowance issue is where most men will turn sexual on you with a what will you do for it attitude in the bedroom . * wink * * wink *

  296. WCSD says:

    Ava – Really the first thing you need to know is what do you want? Do you want an allowance? Or rather someone who can spice up your life with travel, exciting dates, gifts, etc. In the end, you are only going to be happy (which will make your SD happy) if you are getting what you’d like. Then the conversation is really simple, just talk about what you are looking for. He’ll be doing the same thing with you. Self confidence and a nice relaxed outlook on the whole thing is the number one thing for me. Really, it is just a date you are going on, so no stressing needed. Wow him with your charm, and be clear what you are looking for in a SD. If he is a match, you’ll know.

  297. Dallasbaby says:

    Have fun Michael !

  298. Michael Alleycat says:

    Off to meet a potSB over a coffee … I suggested lunch at a v nice resort here, but she wanted to keep it at coffee, I’m ok with that. She’s young, but seems to be pretty sharp and knows what she wants from life. We’ll see how it goes when I meet her IRL.

  299. Dallasbaby says:

    The main thing is try to seduce him …..everything else should flow natural if he is real !

  300. Ava says:

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve been reading this blog for a few weeks now and thought I’d finally ask a question. Sorry for the interruption to the whatsyourprice conversation but I thought it should be now or never.

    I’m new to SA and I’ve never been a sb before. I’ve got a first date planned for next week with a local potential sd. Any advice for a total newb? I’m looking forward to it yet at the same time I’m curious to how it will go. I’ve been careful to take notes, so to speak, of what everyone’s been saying about first dates so far, but I’m still anxious.

    What did you wish you knew before your first ever sugar date (don’t know what else to call it) that you now know? What about 2nd dates…haven’t heard too much about that.

    While I’m already pretty smart and have a good head on my shoulders, I don’t want to come off as a total newb to the whole thing. Especially about the money/allowance part, which seems to come up a lot on this blog. I honestly don’t need an allowance since my rent, tuition and regular bills are already taken care of, but I thought it’d be fun to spice up my life with fun/travel, not to mention meeting new people! I think I’ll wait until he brings it up (do they usually bring it up in the first date, or later??) but still I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot by saying the wrong thing. Wow, even as I’m typing this I’m wondering if I’ve said the right thing in this post.. 🙂

    I know I’ll have to figure this out on my own next week but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask around first. More than anything I’ll go into the date with the intention of keeping it as simple and light as possible with low expectations. Low not as in “he might be a creep/not what I expected” but low as in if it didn’t work out, then “no worries but it was fun to meet someone new”. Suppose I need a healthy dose of both?

    Thanks! 🙂

  301. Dallasbaby says:

    Hey LASB, hes acting like a scared girl now …..hes stealing my move! I once gave my number to a guy who was hiding like that and then he got mad at me and called over 100 times in a row from blocked number leaving messages saying ” stop calling me, leave me alone, your a stalker ! That was sooooo freaky !

  302. LASB says:

    I just dropped a pot because I’m in one of those moods. We’ve talked on the phone once for over an hour, yet he won’t give me his phone number and he won’t get a google voice number. So he asks me for my schedule and wants specific times to call me from a blocked number, and then I’m supposed to wait around with the phone in my hand in case he calls. Seriously? I don’t live that way, so NEXT!

  303. Dallasbaby says:

    I have my first dated planned ! I just ran to get a full set of nails and toes done at the cost of 80.00 so this we will see ! His profile mentions he likes nice hands and feet.

  304. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Honey, you can bring something back for me, a new “back” mine is killing me, took 4 advils already and they’re not working. I have my lingering 48 hour headache too and it’s moving into the 72 hours zone.

  305. Honey says:

    I got a bite from a guy on SA. exchanged two emails,we’ll see. off to do stuff! can I bring anybody anything back?

  306. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Back from the mall, got everything done in less than an hour.

    He sounds like he isn’t sure about meeting, why did he make an offer? I think they if the guy makes an offer and choses to flake he should still have to pay.

  307. Dallasbaby says:

    Heard back from one but it is not looking so good either as he has questions now, kinda sounds like hes still up in the air on meeting? He wrote: Had a few questions for you before getting together. Don’t mind emailing back and forth on here, texting, or calling.

  308. Dallasbaby says:

    I guess as long as the guys keeps paying to make a false deal then it is a win / win for the site owner but not so much for the girls? Should they get booted / banned for not going through with it?

  309. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    I am concerned about that too, those that drag their feet are usually a waste as well as those who intiate contact and the don’t respond back to a response. And then again the ones that want to meet “now” as in today or tonight are usually looking to get lucky quickly.

    ok off to run errands.

  310. Dallasbaby says:

    I have two offers I accepted but so far one has not even checked mail and the other dragging feet on meeting…..third one was a total waste, so not sure how once you make a deal the guys will even meet.

  311. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Wow better grab that one before he gets away. I bet if you really got tough with him, he could up the offer to 12 dollars. Really these odd numbers sound funny. I was looking at the sbs on there and when you click the United States link, they want 22 dollars, 54 dollars, etc. How is that calculated?

    Ok off to run my errands. Urgh looks like another cc is trying to sue me. Funny the sol on these cards are days away from runing out, and they all for some reason think i’ve struck it rich. More stress for me. Ok off to run errands.

  312. Dallasbaby says:

    Ten bucks will not even pay for all my max factor force field makeup !

  313. Dallasbaby says:

    All new low ladies… I got an offer of ten whole dollars to go on a date on the new site!

  314. Honey says:

    I agree it can be a juggling act!!! I’m halfway trying to wean myself down to a more saving friendly level….

  315. cleo says:

    oh man i want to take a second level (aka master’s) certification with a teacher in philadelphia. unfortunately this involves monthly trips to philly and something like 3k/year… (or 5, honestly i’m not sure and the current info is in the mail) so i have to be making enough to both pay the tuition AND all my bills AND random monthly trips to philly that involve time off from making an income and staying in a hotel…

    so i hear you on the tuition!

  316. DC says:

    NYC, you’re telling me! grad school is about 13-14K a semester for me. (but then again, my fault for choosing private).
    honey can i come study with you? 😀

  317. LASB says:

    Mini LA blog meet! 🙂 Weather is perfect right now, too. It hit 95 today!

  318. Honey says:

    lol NYC! It was under two thousand for the semester, which is still pretty good for 15 hours! The books were like in the 600’s. A bargain still. Now I need to learn how to apply for financial aid, my sd would be soo proud!!

  319. NYC SB says:

    I was going to say honey! 575 for a semester is a bargain! If that were it I would be a professional student 🙂

  320. Honey says:

    actually almost a whole semesters books, the semester was much more…

  321. Honey says:

    Naughty Molly, I was thinking about book keeping and I’ve done the ebay, but the shipping does get to be a hassle. I think I may like import/export. I like procuring things and so far seem to be good at it.

  322. Honey says:

    Actually, I would love it if a few plus sized girls posted.Sugar comes in all sizes and flavors, brown sugar, common in the states, considered more exotic abroad. Vanilla sugar , honey, agave nectar, corn syrup for the corn fed babes

  323. Honey says:

    How’s my sugarlife? Thank you Daddy!! I had a filling pop out this morning, Called up my sweetie,(actually called my dentist first), made the appt. got another tooth done next to it also, since I had a little decay between the teeth and I was already drugged.Just two fillings but it came out to $575, a drop in the bucket to some, but almost a whole semester’s tuition for me! That’s how my sweet life is going right now, tomorrow, I’ll be bitching about something else, but I’m going to practice being grateful. Thanks to all the sugars out there! Babes and daddies-for truly without you all….

  324. Dallasbaby says:

    I’m just big bone – did ! LOL !

  325. Naughty Molly says:

    I sell quite a bit of stuff on eBay, but, the shipping and taking pics is a total pain. I also have a bookkeeping business.

  326. Honey says:

    Hey Dallas baby!! Big gurls need love too! Holla!

  327. Naughty Molly says:

    Good evening everyone!

  328. Dallasbaby says:

    You have to love my avatar now Honey !

  329. Cali SB says:

    LASB – I can’t get into my email. I don’t know what’s going on with gmail but it refuses to load. Message me on FB about plans please.

  330. cleo says:

    i want nyc sb to be a mentor too, she’s doing crazy stuff with forex (assuming i sort of understand her updates…)

  331. Honey says:

    Dallasbaby, have you been to gravatar.com?

  332. Honey says:

    Yeah, but I’m just learning, I’m only to ETFs, so far. maybe we could do a stock club, where we buy stocks. I think it is fun and so far, I’m not too bad. Maybe we can get a mentor, (hint, to all the finance Daddies) to give us a few tips. And maybe we can each put in $25 per month, and pick shorts from the proceeds. I was in an investment club once, it was fun, but I find way too many things fun.

  333. Dallasbaby says:

    I would say stock trading honey.

  334. Honey says:

    What’s a good business to start if you have a little money, like $3000 saved up for it? Selling stuff on the internet?

  335. Lily says:

    Shoogar Shoes was her second incarnation after Elegant Sugar and apparently she was blackmailed briefly by a pot gone wrong.

    SDinLA – NO I didn’t!! sugar baby SA at live dot com no spaces obviously

  336. Dallasbaby says:

    I just want to learn from what others have been through and not have to learn it the hard way ya know? I think saying you should have seen the red flags is much like blaming the victim to me .

  337. LASB says:

    DC – You’re both right. It’s the same person. After the blackmail incident, she changed her name to Shoogar Shooze or something like that.

  338. DC says:

    Dallas, that was Elegant.. I asked about her a few blogs ago, apparently she got funding for her business (as one of the blog SDs mentioned) and hasn’t come back on the blog since.

    NYC, we’re always on the same page, you and I 🙂

    good afternoon everyone!

  339. Dallasbaby says:

    Does anyone remember what happened with “sugar shoes” a girl from this blog, who no longer posts here… a man she was dating had her full name and got mad at her and sent all her co -workers and family all this info about her sugar dating to try to get revenge and ruin her life as a form of blackmail?

  340. Acidbear aka Carebear says:

    Brandon – I have a good understanding of what your intentions are with the site, and you have good motives. I just have to wonder if you’ll ever be able to produce the database that it needs to support the idea and keep it going. If you’re pulling from SA, you’re just going to get the same guys and girls trying to pull the same stunts with one another and you’re going to hear the same complaints people here are giving in a matter of just a few weeks. I’m sure I don’t need to preach marketing to you guys since you seem to have a great team doing that already, but I think most success would be gained from outside sugar dating sites. Just like SB’s have been buzzing about AM lately, sure you have to tailor your profile and first few emails to convey you’re “strictly sugar”, but if the guy is worth it he’ll come around. I’ve heard a few success stories of girls turning regular joe’s into sugarfolk from that particular site. It can happen, you just need the right angle. Perhaps I might suggest a few well-placed yet subtle ads in metropolitan magazines that completely disassociate WYP with SA and leave it standing on its own. I say subtle vs the ummmm rather loud article about Ashley Madison in Bloomberga few weeks ago.

    Also, a suggestion to resolve the paid/not paid issue….I’m actually stealing this from NYC SB’s blog. She suggested in her blog that she used Paypal to receive compensation for dates. If for whatever reason the gentleman feels he didn’t get what he expected, he can reverse the payment. But if he’s truly a gentleman, he will not. If need be, after the first few minutes of the date, she can run to the bathroom and make a transfer via phone or something.

    And I know whats coming next, well how do you know he’s not going to reverse the payment anyways and take all the money back even if you do have a good date? Well, we all preach follow your intuition and take note of red flags, was there something he previously did or mentioned that might give you the idea he’s the type to do that? Did he have reservations with the idea in the first place?

    Honestly, I see no problem wrong with cash in an envelope at the beginning. Get it over with and done, like peeling off a bandaid. In the past few months, I started asking for compensation on dates in NYC since I travel into the city and between gas, parking, train, and cabs, I could go up to 70 bucks out of pocket, so I would hint at this and if the guy was generous he would say, “Of course, I’ll add it onto the gift I was already planning on giving to you.” If he said “well lets just have a drink next time you’re in the city doing something else since it will be quick”, NEXT. If he flakes or doesn’t show up with money, oh well, you wasted one night, learn your lesson, don’t commit to a date with a sleeze bag for $150 bucks. You should be able to tell these things before you meet them!!

    Lastly, in regards to the issues with travel. I’ll preach this point again, of course we all understand in the first few emails you’re not going to trust the person enough to hand over your personal information for a flight or whatever, but hopefully you would both agree “lets chat online, talk on the phone, maybe hop on webcam, then if we find we’re both still interested, we’ll talk about that flight.” AGAIN! If he has issues giving you the money for the flight upfront, or she has issues giving you her full name, should you really be bothering to meet one another? I know “1k” (putting that in quotes for an example) and “possibly starting an arrangement/relationship” may seem super enticing, but if you don’t have enough instinct about one another to trust with just that in the beginning, stop, and take a look at what you’re doing.

    After a mistake-date one night, I made a pact with myself to never ever ever go on a date without knowing the person’s full identitiy (or at least what I could get with it). We have all preached on here, get their name, real number, google them and verify they’re legit, then go on the date telling a friend exactly where you are and at what time. It would be smart on the girl’s end to know her date’s identity, so why should she have issues giving her name for transportation? Excuse me, but if you both have one another by the balls, how much can possibly go wrong? At worst, if something bad happens and you want to go home, you book your own flight and write it off as a loss and learn your lesson “no price is worth traveling across the country for”, and move on. If you’re worried that may happen in the first place, MOVE ON. Your intuition is telling you to!

    Just last week I met a guy after about a month of emailing and texting and all that crap. Since he gave me his real number, a quick search (done by the amazing CollegeSB) led me to all the info I needed. Just as I had suspected, he was a totally reputable, legit, sweet, well-mannered guy. I suppose he had tried to do the same with my number but failed, because he asked through the date “ya know you never told me your last name”, well, you never asked so why should I freely volunteer that info? I would have no problem giving it to him at that point or at prior times, but if you don’t ask and you don’t dig, then you can’t complain.

  341. cleo says:

    cali: rest assured that i know all about what you’re discussing. nonetheless i think you should have kept it to email

  342. Honey says:

    Good Morning all!
    On the new site, different strokes, right?. I would use it for fun, casual dates. I think there are still plenty of niches to be filled.It still looks fun…

  343. Enigma SD says:

    Brandon — from my perspective, I could get all the “free dates” I ever wanted just by using SA. All I would have to do is send out some emails; communicate a few times in a gentlemanly manner, then set something up, meet and never talk to her again. Of course, there is a huge hassle factor for that, and I would never do it, but my point is, that I could get all the free dates I wanted just by using SA and paying my $50 per month at most.

    • SD Guru says:

      @Enigma SD
      I could get all the “free dates” I ever wanted just by using SA.

      I don’t disagree with you, but I think there is another perspective. Let’s say you email 10 pots and end up going on dates with 2 of them, but you wouldn’t know exactly which 2 would agree to a date. WYP allows you to choose the specific pot to go on a date, provided that you can mutually agree to a price. Whether that aspect is important is obviously for each person to decide.

      it’s only a matter of time before someone busts a site member for either promoting or engaging in prostitution

      That broad characterization can probably be applied to all the sugar dating sites out there that promote mutually beneficial arrangements.

      So, to meet a completely inexperienced pot SD or not to meet?

      Generally speaking, when at least one of the parties in a sugar relationship is experienced then it’s more likely to succeed. But that shouldn’t stop you from meeting newbies if you take the time to screen and ask the right questions such as the ones described in “Questions Every SB should ask.

  344. NYC SB says:

    Dc – completely with you on all counts 🙂 I don’t see this site being different than sa… Also if a guy has to spend 40 dollars to read a message he might go broke by the time he meets someone

  345. Mondaine says:

    So, to meet a completely inexperienced pot SD or not to meet? That is the question.

  346. Cali SB says:

    In regards to “gossip”.. my intention was to keep it (or at least specifics) off the blog, which is why I emailed a very select few people about it and didn’t mention any names. It’s beyond my control if other people elaborate on it here. Regardless, nothing bad was said, the comments were generally supportive in a “such a shame” kinda way. Just because someone may be “out of the loop” is no reason to say comments should be deleted. If the “bits and pieces” make no sense to you then you are probably someone who wasn’t close enough to the person to need to know or have the situation make a difference to you. That’s exactly why I left my comments vague to begin with.

  347. Beach_Girl says:

    Cleo~ I agree, it should of never of been talked of here…

    I would have to look into this What’s your price thing, but since it’s already really late and I have school really early… it’s gonna have to be tomorrow
    Also, since i’m in MTL… here p4p is so normal … not sure how it would work out, I will have to check it out!
    Do SBs have to pay on that site? sorry didn’t read the story on top 😀 as always, I rarely read back
    Night sugars

  348. cleo says:

    kindred spirit: that’s it, leave the gossip in private and the stories there too. personally i hope the comments are deleted and all referring comments including this one disappear too.

  349. Honey says:

    I would like to go on the record that I like the idea of the site, even if it still a new and exciting work in progress still. I like the ad pic and the name IS catchy.

  350. Dallasbaby says:

    Great points DC and we should as females perhaps have to upload what is called a “fan sign” with maybe the site url on it or our profile id so the guys can not say we are not real …even after sometimes we talk to them for hours and days all time wasted.

  351. DC says:

    Dallasbaby, I would next that guy- honestly. He blocked you? Real mature.. even if he unblocked you. He clearly throws hissy fits when he doesn’t get his way. Also, he could just be lying about the money.. you’d be surprised how many guys throw out large sums of money and expensive brands (the Four Seasons, Ritz, etc.) and how it really makes a lot of females push their intuition to the side and possibly take risks they normally wouldn’t.
    He should really fly to you.. if it isn’t such a problem for him, he should have no issues.

  352. DC says:


    I get where you’re coming from.. and I’m sure considering you’ve spent a lot of time, energy and resources into whatsyourprice, it’s your baby and so you are very defensive of it – but at the same time, taking constructive criticizing into consideration, whether or not your desires and hopes are for the site to discourage johns/pros, the site might not end up the way you imagine.

    I think it probably has a lot of kinks to work out – namely, the pics/prices changing, like Lisa and I have both mentioned. Those must be fake profiles on the homepage for them to constantly have new prices they’re willing to take.
    Guys expecting too much for the $75 they’re willing to give a girl.. Like there is some sort of expectation, despite what the site says – which is there should be NO sex on the first date. What if the girl arrives, the guy pesters her about sex, and because she says no, he walks away without ever having given her anything.. which, the guy can hold the money ransom as he likes. Maybe he should have to pay for the date up front, and whatsyourprice holds onto the money in a sort of “limbo” until the date has gone according to plan, or until the guy meets the girl.
    A couple people mentioned having ratings, like – okay this person doesn’t pay, or he’s a flake; etc. maybe members should be allowed to comment on other’s profiles.

    Have you ever just considered adapting a sort of similar technique on SA, without starting a totally new website? It could be an optional feature.. a female can list she’d appreciate a gift of $200 upon the first date, etc.

  353. Dallasbaby says:

    BrandonWade What can we do about the travel part though ? I do not wish to give someone my name and how can I know for sure i will get payment to meet as for one I have to get a pet sitter and it is a whole 4 hours flight also !

  354. Kindred Spirit says:

    DallasBaby~ “SD Guru: You mentioned walking ATM but I notice most men treat us like walking Vaginas !”

    NICE! haha And SD Guru’s reply was the very word that jumped into my head, too: Touche! 😉

    Cleo~ “what the heck ? did i skip a day on the blog or something? what are you guys talking about with this pedophilia thing?”

    You aren’t alone, I wish it was never brought up, kind of irks me…I mean, yeah, wtf? O_o

    …At the same token I don’t wish further gossip to spread, just wish it wasn’t started, true or not. If it isn’t for the whole world to know, then probably shouldn’t post bits and pieces to confuse us others not in that same loop. Thanks. 🙂

  355. BrandonWade says:


    For your information, the guys are charged credits to unlock conversations based on the offer “price”, so the $1000 offer you got from this guy costs him over $20.00 (and it would have been $40 if there was no discount) to unlock.

    The whole point of the site is to keep the offers in the range of under $200 for a first date. And by varying the number of credits it costs the generous members to unlock messages, our point is to discourage guys from just saying ok if they didn’t have the intention to date!

    On SA, they can pay one price for an all you can email basis, but the whole point of WYP is to reduce the messages back and forth, and to only get inquiries from those who are serious about meeting.

  356. Lisa says:


    I traveled once to meet a sd and whereas he paid for everything and was safe, he was boring and instead of exploring the city for the 3 days I was there, we spent most of the time sitting around home and I was bored. I saw very little of NY. He hurt my feelings the second night and I was so ready to come home. I also ended up babysitting for him.

  357. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    I joined so I could check out the members in my area and there are none as of yet, and the ones that are in my state look very familiar, seen some of them on other sites perpetually. I cancelled my account for now but will be checking back when the site goes more public.

    The picture thing is easy, Have 3 current pics of yourself, within the last few months, when one of those guys who either has no pic or one blurry one asks for more pics, DELETE pic collectors are nothing more

  358. Dallasbaby says:

    I have high hopes for the new site but I am noticing some guys just say ok to the date amount just to get to mail and ask for more pictures !

  359. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    Out of town meetings are very risky and without you have emergency funds to back you up, you could find yourself “stuck” somewhere. Funny thing about men on the site is they want a woman who has a job and doesn’t sit around doing nothing all day yet they expect us to be able to travel at moment’s notice and without any planning. Risk our safely and finances for a stranger. If the man is a gentleman, he should come to meet you, if he can’t travel, then he needs to find someone in his area.

  360. Dallasbaby says:

    Do they seriously think we are going to give our real names out for a flight and fly 3-4 hours as well ? I just hate how I get treated like I am hard up and will do anything for to be honest, not that much spoiling for the effort. What if he never shows up or helps with compensation?

  361. Honey says:

    Dallasbaby- Walk away. You could say something like,
    “Thanks for your time and consideration and I’m sorry that we are not having a meeting of the minds on what we both are looking for in this type of relationship. I’m not the kind of person that can commit to a relationship sight unseen, it’s all about the chemistry. I don’t want to waste your time if you are looking for that “sure thing”, because I honestly can’t promise you that. Thanks again, and good luck” buh bye!

  362. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    There are no members in Houston, not within 250 miles, wow

  363. Honey says:

    Maybe a flake counter or something to say “he comes highly recommended” or something similar for the ladies. Or maybe a pledge NOT to have sex for the first three hours!!

  364. Dallasbaby says:

    He wrote: I apologize… I just signed into this thing this afternoon and I’m not completely clear… how do we do this? I have been on Seekingarrangement for 5 months and I’m not inexperienced to say the least with SB/SD arrangements… how does this work in your mind? I don’t mind giving you $1000 and paying for your travel here… as long as we commit to an arrangement

    I wrote: Oh wow, The whole point is for two people to meet to see if they want to do an arrangement, so at least the sugar baby is paid for her time as far as taking time off from her work or whatever to meet and the payment is to show one is real. It is not a sex for money as that is not a sugar arrangement that is an escort.

    Hw wrote:
    You’re right and I’m not looking for an escort… the cost to bring you here and the $1000 is roughly $2500… thats not a problem. How do I see more pics?

    I wrote:
    Can you fly here for the first meeting? Or else I need to get the payment upfront. I can text photos no problem.

    He wrote:
    Pass … good luck

    He wrote:
    hi baby… you’re not blocked now… I’m not a flake and I would never front money to anyone. A first class ticket here and the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills… we need to talk first and I want pics…

    I wrote:
    I think we are at a stand still here because I do not feel comfortable giving out my real name for a flight to be bought and I also do not feel comfortable flying that many hours on the hopes it will work out. Something has to give?

  365. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    I am curious why one must reveal their child status. There should be an option for “not living at home” for those who have children but would not be an issue in dating. And i’m curious too to how one can guarantee that the parties honor the agreement.

  366. Dallasbaby says:

    I would think that if people are not going to honor the deal they should have a way to turn in the profile for the false offer.

  367. Dallasbaby I was waiting for that to happen to someone, happened a lot faster than I predicted though. “get started right away” ick. And so it begins, there’s no guarantee that the lady get money, just like theres no guarantee the guy gets anything out of it. I see the site attracting more girls than guys, and guys going on several paid dates before they find something/someone worth it.

  368. Dallasbaby says:

    I got a date lined up from the new site but he ended up being a creeper then blocking me, saying that I would have to be willing to get started right away for the fee plus flight ?!

  369. Honey says:

    I like the fact that you stipulate that sex isn’t what you are paying for,it’s for the opportunity to meet a great, desirable woman.

  370. cleo says:

    what the heck ? did i skip a day on the blog or something? what are you guys talking about with this pedophilia thing?

  371. NYC SB says:

    Interesting idea… Although it doesn’t ensure that the woman gets payment for her time… Just apromise of it … The site discourages the idea of money upfront so who is to say that a woman who shows up is actually going to get her promised payment

  372. Cali SB says:

    I’m interested to see how the new site works out, but I agree, I think it’s going to most likely turn into something “pros” use. Any guy can get a date on a dating website without paying for it. And if he’s wanting to pay for a date, he’s likely going to be using a site like this for a longer term arrangement (or he’s just looking for a pro anyway!). Who knows, maybe we’ll all be surprised — I hope so anyway.

    SDinLA — I agree. I don’t think it’s black and white either. I like to think I was relatively close with this person over the past year and a half or so and like I said, I was shocked. From what I know of him, I can see the definite possibility that he was lonely/vulnerable and not a predator (obviously if he was looking for an underage girl he wouldn’t have been looking on SD.com, he’d have been in a yahoo chatroom or something). After I found out about his situation, I acted the same towards him and didn’t let him know that I knew. I was hoping he would confide in me about it, but he never did. Also, while it’s not necessarily a reflection on SD.com, I have just never really liked that site, it seems there are a lot of fake profiles there (hence a 15 year old being on there), more than here anyway, and just an overall waste of my time. Not that I have had a single pot date from here either, so maybe all the sites are a waste of my time. lol Kidding.

    So my date last night was fun. He’s incredibly attractive and looks MUCH younger than his age, probably 5 or 6 years younger. It went well, but I don’t know if there will be a second date (he didn’t say anything about calling me when he left, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t). I’m just going to wait and see. *crossing my fingers* 🙂

  373. BrandonWade says:

    Beach …. we’ve tested with PaidFirstDate.com and other variations such as Rent A Date, Buy A Date, Sell A Date, Make Money Dating, etc. … but nothing seems to have quite the punch as What’s Your Price ….

    Perhaps it’s controversial to some point and perhaps there is a hint of mystery to it … but … when we tested the name with a bunch of people, we found that this is the domain name that most people remember even a week after we told them about the website.

  374. Beach says:

    I think the concept is interesting, but find the name, whatsyourprice, to a bit too demeaning and transactional for my taste.

  375. Beach says:

    I always compensate an SB for a first date, usually a $100-$200 gift card. It shows I am serious and rewards her for taking the time and risk to come out and seems to make everything go easier along the way.

  376. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    I don’t think any of the sbs are going to feel “entitled” for 43 dollars or whatever that is all about. I’m curious though to how they get the amounts and why they keep changing, should be an interesting site, even if just for amusement. It seems to me it would be similiar to SA as far as the goals of meeting the persons, but with the added benefit of having one’s time and expense of meeting compensated.

  377. BrandonWade says:

    Sugars, thanks for all your inputs and feedback! We’re definitely taking your comments to heart. Here are some of my responses to your concerns:

    (1) Regarding pros / escorts…

    We don’t see that being the focus of the WhatsYourPrice.com site at all, if anything the goal is to dissuade the johns and the pros away from the site.

    By stating clearly you are paying only for the first date and not allowing users to communicate until they agree on the price for the date, we are eliminating the questionable aspects of the site. On SA, sugar babies sometimes receive emails with questions from some guys asking them if they’ll meet at a hotel room for $200 an hour, etc. … which in my opinion is impolite and crude. On WhatsYourPrice.com … the goal is to set the expectation up front that there is NO physical intimacy to be expected while you decide on the price.

    (2) About how the payment would work ….

    I have received quite a lot of feedback on this one, so we’ll have to see how it plays out for now and improve on the system over time. While we don’t think WhatsYourPrice.com will ever replace SeekingArrangement.com …. it’s perhaps our hope that it will end up being another way to find someone special.

    (3) About the website filled with SA member….

    Yes, we are giving SA members the sneak preview, but next week, we’re launching the site to the world. Expect a lot more new profiles then.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

  378. Have you ever compensated (or been compensated by) a sugar for a first date with them? Nope.

    What are the benefits or disadvantages of giving or receiving money to go on a first date with someone? It’s still the first date. You have no idea if you like them or not, have no idea if the relationship will continue or not. And I believe the person would get an immediate sense of entitlement – it becomes all about the money, and not about the chemistry.

  379. Muse says:

    For once I’m going to answer a blog question.

    I have been gifted money on the first date but it was always a gift. I’ve never negotiated an amount for my time and when a pot has decided to specify in advance that he is going to give me something and the amount, I always agree to whatever he suggests and thank him for his generosity. After all, I was going to meet him for free so why would I suddenly decide $300 (or whatever) isn’t enough?

    I signed up and poked around on that site a little bit today (I’m a very curious person) and frankly, it seems like all the same profiles as SA. Literally the same as WhatsYourPrice just copies your SA profile into the appropriate spots and asks you to fill in your religion, ideal first date and some other small detail, but I forget what.

  380. Anna Molly says:

    *hugs* Cleo, I will email you soon 😀

  381. cleo says:

    i have private pics, two of them, both of my face and smile. they’re there because a pot asked for another pic of my “killer smile” and i haven’t bothered deleting them

    i will say that getting a request to view them without even an intro email really does irritate me!

    *hugs* am

  382. Anna Molly says:

    The only thing my “private pic” shows is my face. I think a good majority the time men are looking for a “free show”, but, that is my opinion. I know it’s not true for all of the men here, but, it is annoying when you never here back from anyone when you give them permission to view the damn thing. Hmmm, maybe I’m just ugly? I might be off topic with this…who knows, I haven’t caught up on the blog yet.

    Sorry, in a pissy mood..

    I have been compensated very well for a first date and it was greatly appreciated 🙂

  383. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    I wish the justice system would focus more on the real crimes that occur in our society and stop wasting time even on the actual prostitutes and escorts, let alone sds and sbs. I don’t see how paying for the date, as long as nothing sexual occurs would be considered prostition.

  384. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    In regards to the questions “yes” i’ve been compensated up front. Honestly although I have not had a lot of luck on this site or the other, I have had only one meeting that generating nothing more than coffee. The last two sds I met were generous on the first date, the latter was generous the next morning (we met for dinner the night before). I think it is a good thing as a woman does put in a certain amount of effort to meet potentials but I too wonder how one would avoid a fake.

  385. The Lone Gunman returns next week to a North america near YOU!! says:

    I see some real dangers attached to the concept of the new site.

    With the added aspect of ‘date money’ the new site places into the mix, it’s only a matter of time before someone busts a site member for either promoting or engaging in prostitution simply because money changed hands in order for the date to occur, implying P4P is happening.

    Put them in front of a judge and/or jury on that charge and abandon all hope of not being convicted, particularly once the reason for the meeting (possible arrangement) will come out in testimony. This is potentially an easy slam-dunk for any DA that wants to set up a sting, because the participants are set up as low-hanging fruit.


  386. Downward Spiral Lisa says:

    interesting site, weird though as the prices keep changing, one minute the guy is offering 120, next minute 40 and if you click on the united states link, some of the ladies want 43 dollars, 82 dollars, etc where do they get that number? It seems the profiles are real though as I recognized a former SA member on there. AND it seems that “explorer” guy that has contacted everyone on the blog is on there?

  387. Honey says:

    I’m with reach the beach and dc, never have gotten the money upfront,would feel weird doing it,myself, but could be great for some. I like to show them and tell them what I have to offer, I usually offer to go dutch(never go out with the ones who agree)and sometimes that breaks the ice, that I’m not just out there trying to score…whatever. I’m playing the long game…it’s tough to let someone you’ve only”met” online,fly you out to his place,wine you and dine you talk and kiss and sleep in the spare bedroom!! But it can be done and they will even send for you next time!! Even if you didn’t “put out” I dislike it ’cause it still implies…something…

  388. SDinLA says:

    I have to agree with DC and LASB, I don’t like the idea, but maybe I’m missing something in the execution and I hope I am proven to be in the minority. As DC said, it seems to me it will just become a venue/tool for “pros”, and it also would seem to be just another entitlement enabler for those women who already think their time is more valuable than yours somehow.

    Maybe it’s from growing up in the circles I did, and the wariness that is instilled from a very early age about “What does this person want from me?” because you do have to deal with a constant stream of people in your business and personal life who want something from you, but I am big on that issue. If I don’t get the sense that someone EXPECTS something from me, I am exceedingly generous by nature, but the minute I sense the slightest whiff of entitlement, forget about it.

    LASB: until I got divorced and started spending time around college age women, I had no idea how common it is for men to send photos of their bits and pieces to women, and not just the young guys. I don’t think you need any verification of the bad judgement on the profiles in question!

    Re: the off-blog drama, it’s not the first nor will it be the last time that happens and has nothing to do with the site. IMO, it does not sound like this guy was a pedophile looking for victims in a pre-teen venue, she claimed she was of age and posted a profile on a SD/SB web site after all. I’ve met 15 year olds who looked and acted like they were college students, and plenty of kids that age are sexually active these days. The guy exercised exceedingly poor judgment and he’s going to pay a heavy price for consensual sex- 5 years in jail and he’ll have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. I don’t think this is black and white or necessarily means the guy is evil. I’ve seen plenty of guys who were going through a divorce, feeling lonely/vulnerable etc. get taken advantage of by a woman. Maybe that’s what happened here and she just happened to be under the age of consent. He’s not blameless by any means, but he is going to pay the price for his actions. Shades of grey, people, shades of grey.

    Lily: Did you get my 2nd email?

  389. DC says:

    LASB I think the private pics are probably pics you don’t want to see.

    Two things, so I checked around whatsyourprice.com – and if you’re going to showcase “attractive members” and “generous members” make sure the prices they post w/ the pics always match. the same girl in a bikini goes from $40 to wanting $120. which means, those pics/profiles aren’t real. because they’re using the same 10 pics but switching up prices.
    Second, the person receives the money ON the date? so that means, lots of flakes, not getting paid, you’d have to ask for the money at the start of the date which is awkward, and the guy might say at the end of the date, and then he doesn’t. so bizarre.
    Dislike. Dislike.

  390. LASB says:

    DC – The concept doesn’t really appeal to me either. It seems a little crass for my tastes, but maybe there’s something I’m missing.

    Question for the blog – When a guy already posts his face and shirtless or full body clothed photos in his public photos section, why then would he need a bunch of private photos? I keep getting mail from guys with private photos, yet I’ve seen what I need to already from his public photos, and I’m scared to ask to see the private photos, other than to verify whether his judgment is as bad as I suspect it may be.

  391. DC says:

    Hahaha, I like how in the little video the guy offers “$20” to the girl for the date. Hahaha. That’s hilarious.

  392. DC says:

    I might be the only one who doesn’t like this concept at all.. (Whatsyourprice.com). I think you’re basically asking escorts, prostitutes, gold diggers etc. a new spot to basically make the person paying feel like– well, if you want a date with me, I have to see how much money you’re willing to pony up on me.
    Gross.. it’s like an auction for my time and energy.
    I’m sorry SA, but I don’t think this will truly work in the way in which you’re expecting.. but merely become a escort/pornstar/prostitute/hooker dating website that matches those girls with the guys willing to fork over enough money to spend 3 hours at dinner with them.
    No offense to those girls, I think they’d love the concept.

    But also.. you haven’t answered a lot of questions. Who is naming the price? How do they receive the money? What if they don’t show up? I’m just very confused.

  393. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Helloooooo Sugars!

    I have never been compensated for a first date, nor have I really expected to be.

    Honestly, it is one indicator that a gentleman is generous, but I tend to look at how he treats people, how he tips, etc.

    I do see one disadvantage in accepting gifts on a first date. Does it ever set the expectation that things should move forward that evening? Has anyone had that happen? I would feel a bit awkward if I received a generous gift at dinner only to realize he has a cheap hotel booked just down the road….eeeewwwwwww.

    Off to sunnier places! Wish me well on my interview!

  394. Dallasbaby says:

    SD Guru: You mentioned walking ATM but I notice most men treat us like walking Vaginas !

    • SD Guru says:

      SD Guru: You mentioned walking ATM but I notice most men treat us like walking Vaginas!

      Touché! It just goes to show there are plenty of posers on both sides who don’t understand the meaning of mutually beneficial arrangement.

  395. Dallasbaby says:

    Great idea I think and looks like you can name your own price too !

  396. Lily says:

    To answer the question, I hate the idea of having my evening be compensated in amounts equaling less than what I could make tending bar. Yuck, non sugary sweet.

  397. Lily says:

    I haven’t caught up, I just wanted to say hello!!!
    I’m in sugar bliss land and loathe even thinking of the day when I would ever be seeking sugar ever again. Sigh, …..sweet sigh.

    Off to travel on Monday! 10 days whirlwind tour throughout the west coast!

  398. Moon Patrol says:

    Beach – I am confused about piercings because I don’t know if they are trying to scare me off or attract me. I am NOT attracted to shiny things on a tongue. If I was a fish I might be. I like pierced ears and probably would like a pierced naval. Everywhere else is subtracting from the beauty. As for tattoos, yuck, but would rather deal with things ON the body than drugs or chemicals put IN the body that affect one’s mind.
    Cali – Nine years older than you? Not too much in my book. Its probably just about right when it comes to men’s maturity verses a woman’s.

  399. Enigma SD says:

    I almost always compensate the pot SB on the first date. The exception is when the SB has substantially misrepresented herself with fake or old pics. I typically provide about $50 to $200 depending upon the level of effort that was required to attend.

    Bela — if you are reading, you have mail!

  400. ebonysb4u says:

    Im not too sure what to think of the new site. The concept sounds really good but i’ll just give it a few months to get up and running and get more members before i test the waters.

    Have you ever compensated (or been compensated by) a sugar for a first date with them?

    One of the first guys i met off this site, paid my phone bill before we even met and when I got to the sushi bar in midtown that we ate at before we left he handed me an envelope with 300 bucks in at and the note said something very sweet(i forget exactly what). He was a very sweet guy but later that evening i received an email from him saying that he didn’t feel the chemistry and because of our age difference he felt more like my uncle then date. now thinking about it i’m not sure if the 300 bucks was a “sorry you’re too young” present or a “thanks for meeting me” present. I never seen him again but his generosity showed me he was the real deal and gave me hope for the site since one of my first experiences was a pleasant one

    What are the benefits or disadvantages of giving or receiving money to go on a first date with someone?
    From that personal experience i just shared, one of the disadvantages was that I expected every SD after that to be just as generous and I was very disappointed because ever since than nobody i met offered anything on the first date.

    I have two sugar dates on friday. Wish me luck

  401. cleo says:

    Have you ever compensated (or been compensated by) a sugar for a first date with them?

    yes, a couple of times, and it was always a surprise to me. one gentleman gave me a 200 gift just for showing up and having dinner. he did this between drinks and dinner which i thought was just sweet. i’ve received gifts from sugars who weren’t my SD before in other ways but that was the first…

    What are the benefits or disadvantages of giving or receiving money to go on a first date with someone?

    well it lets the sb know the sd is serious, generous and not trying to get into her pants for free. it is amazing how many men expect you to sex them before they allowance you… i don’t get it. not to say i’ve never done it because hey, we all make mistakes, but the longer i’m in the sugar bowl the less tolerance i have for the sd’s who are just stringing me along and dangling the allowance carrot.

    so, again, if i know you mean it right from the get go it means i don’t have to worry about what game you’re trying to play with me and i can just concentrate on being my sweetest self. from talking to other sb’s i can tell you for SURE that waiting for an allowance, waiting to negotiate an allowance, hoping he brings up an allowance or whatever are the surest mood killers of them all. it’s brutally hard for sb’s to bring up allowance and expectations with sd’s because they’re always afraid of putitng a foot wrong and screwing up a potential good thing. whoever said that making your sb ask for her allowance every month is the worst thing you can do isn’t wrong.

    it leaves her in a constant state of “oh god, what if it doesn’t come…” along with the fear that *this time* her bringing it up *again* will get him to next her… and maybe that’s good because she keeps trying but i also know sb’s in that position and their sd’s aren’t nearly so well respected or adored as the ones who send ‘money for incidentals’ to the tune of five times what those incidentals could possibly be and make sure the allowance hits the bank like clockwork…

    anyway it’s too early for this much thinking 🙂

  402. Michael Alleycat says:


  403. SD Guru says:

    Very innovative and intriquing idea, sort of “priceline” for first date!!

    The idea of paying for a first date may be common in NYC and LA for sugar dating, and perhaps other major cities around the world, but would it catch on in the rest of America for regular dating?

    I have never compensated a sugar for a first date, mainly because my typical first dates are simple and short as I mentioned in the previous blog topic. However, I have provided assistance for transportion (ie gas money or taxi fare) and childcare when requested. And of course if the first date involves long distance travel by the SB then it’s a totally different situation.

    Over the years I have come across several pot SB’s who requested compensation to meet. And the worst example was the one I described in “All SD’s to me are just walking ATM’s” in my blog.

    Can’t wait to see how the new site turns out!!

  404. SA Moderator Team says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!