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When to Have ‘The Talk’


It’s not always easy to tell whether you and a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby are ready to enter an ‘arrangement’. Which brings up a popular subject of much discussion here in the Sugar World. Is a sugar relationship always an ‘arrangement’?


Some might say that when a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby enter a relationship, it may just as well be called an ‘arrangement’. Yet many Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies have expressed that an actual arrangement only comes after an ‘arrangement talk’ has occurred.

There are many very intelligent, considerate, and  generous sugars here who have made it clear that for them, having an arrangement requires an agreement about the amount and frequency of the benefits to be involved in their link prior to the actual arrangement beginning.

For these sugars, there are only so many dates, messages, photo-requests, and other correspondence that can be had before it’s expected that someone bring up the specifics about the ‘benefits’ expected in their tentative mutually beneficial relationship.


Everyone in the Sugar World has the right to sift the sugar into their life according to their own preferences. Anything less than ensuring individual happiness in a sugar relationship, might be considered by many here to be contrary to the principle of sugar to begin with. Yet happiness is in the eye of the beholder, and many sugars have found that by having a relationship with a sugar that may not be mutually beneficial in the ‘traditional’ sugar-sense, works for them.

There are countless factors involved with each sugars selection process in the Sugar World…

SD Guru: “From a SD’s perspective, evaluating a pot SB for a NSA arrangement is very different from considering her as a girlfriend who could be a potential spouse. In short, I’m not looking for someone to take home to meet mom and live happily ever after, and therefore I apply a different set of criteria. Have I met pot SB’s who I wouldn’t normally consider for an IRL relationship?? Actually it happens all the time. Perhaps I consciously avoid those who are spouse material so that I don’t become emotionally involved.”

People here have channeled benefits from sugar in many different ways.

Cleo: “We are a pretty diverse and interesting group, one of the most fascinating cross sections of humanity I’ve ever come across. There is unfailingly support and good advice and blunt speaking around here… sometimes there is more bluntness than necessary but hey, it’s the internet. I haven’t been in a full blown arrangement but I’ve come close a couple of times and currently have some truly promising potential… but over the year and a half (?!!!?) i’ve been hanging out here i have been inspired to change my life in such a positive way that i just keep coming back. I don’t stay home all the time and sit around on the internet wondering why i have no men in my life and i’ve chucked that pesky 30 pounds and become a size six (i’m 5’11) and started really marketing my business instead of just talking about it. In large part this came from watching the women here who are successful sb’s and in life and realizing that i needed to get out there and grab life with both hands.

There are many who have come to the Sugar World pursuing the very things that some folks (who may not be enlightened about the concepts many seeking sugar have) believe the sugar isn’t about…

CardsFanSD: “This is my first experience at something like this. I’d like some thoughts. More than anything else in my marriage, I am missing a deep connection with someone that genuinely cares about me. If I can find that, money is an afterthought, and I’m generous to a fault. If I care about the SB, I’ll have no issue helping them out, if there’s a mutual connection. And, when the arrangement “ends” for whatever reason, if we are not still good friends, then I will feel I chose the wrong person… So, am I naive and stupid? Or are there SBs out there that might fit what I am looking for?

Gail: “CardsFan SD~you are not naive or stupid : ) There are many SBs looking exactly for want you want. Welcome to the blog and I wish you well in your sugar search.”

With all the appreciation, attention and chemistry that sugars share, their openness about how much they want to invest in their relationships financially, emotionally and otherwise, may be one of the most consistently agreed upon definitions for what a sugar relationship is all about.

How would you define a sugar arrangement?

How do you handle “unfairemones” (*echo’s Reach the Beach SB on kudos to Cleo for coining this new sugar-term!*) with a potential or current Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby? Are there any ways you think that a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby has been or could be unfair to you? Care to share?

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  1. Lily says:

    I hope I’m on the list, too!!

  2. LASB says:

    Hi everybody!

    SD Guru – You’re so brutal! LMAO. Go give him his steak dinner already.

    Alleycat – You’re too hot to be so neurotic!

    Reach the Beach – You’re on my bucket list of blog sugars that I still want to meet!

  3. cleo says:

    reach the beach: now now you’ve met everyone, don’t be jealous lol
    james congrats!!! so glad for you!
    had sometihng else but for the life of me i can’t remember
    alleycat: some of us don’t get the luxury of building a fuck you fund before we get hit by a car… so we do the best we can. i also fit a huge chunk of your list but i’m sure i’d bore you quickly. most of the women on this blog fit your list to a fairly large degree if yuo assume that everyone misses on three or four.

    i think though, if you meet them on match? they’re not “potentials” they’re ‘girls i’m dating’ and the rules are quite different

    • SD Guru says:

      ok so here’s the list…

      That’s a very long list. Which ones are must have’s vs nice to have’s? Would the list be different for pots on SA? And are you looking for a gf on match because you no longer want sugar relationships?

      Totally called it off with #1 yesterday.

      This is what I wrote two weeks ago: “In general it’s only a matter of time before you get a reminder of why things ended the first time around.”

  4. SD Guru says:

    Sorry for the glitch today, please comment away. A new blog topic should be out soon.

  5. Cali SB says:

    I love getting a message saying they like my profile but want a recent bodyshot of me. Um, hello. I only post recent photos. I have 7 of them, every single one of them is recent. I’m not sending any more. Why is it that this always comes from guys with no photos? Talk about a double standard.

  6. Cali SB says:

    Afternoon sugars!

    Enigma — I fit your list to a T. You should probably jump on this opportunity because you probably won’t find anyone else to fit a list that particular!! 😉

  7. Dallasbaby says:

    Thank you RTB ! I guess what I seek is a man who will stand up for me. Hard to find these days !

  8. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Hey Ms.CollegeGirl!

    Dallasbaby – Thanks to Daddy for leaving a legacy by empowering his little princess! I know you would never let him down.

  9. Ms.CollegeGirl says:

    Hey Bloggers,
    Any sugar babes online to give a newbie some advice?

  10. Dallasbaby says:

    No one wants to hear my list ….. sadly, I am a daddy’s girl and my daddy set the bar way to high for any man to be able to fit into his shoes. He was a soldier who would stand up for me, not one “pervert” got away with doing any of his daughters wrong !

    He passed away christmas eve a few years ago.

    Do sugar daddy’s ever consider that some us might have a real father or brothers who might come after them if they treat us wrong? ( something to think about )

  11. Alleycat says:

    Having said all that, I realize that my Canadienne SB from last year met every criteria from that list (but didn’t have kids, and I never met her friends), but totally lied to me, and nailed me to the wall. You’d think that a clinical psych would have a professional aversion to lying, wouldn’t you?

    And before anyone says anything, yes I do have a thing for psychologists. :-)

  12. Alleycat says:

    My list is not for everybody, just my view of the world.
    – the list is a starting point, and a screen
    – i said ‘exceptional’ not perfect, there is a major difference. Even the most exceptional people I have met have been a little bit bat-sh*t crazy in their own way

    – @Spawn – yes, I have been to college 😉 I have a MBA having studied for it in Oz and Singapore. Though I have to say that my first 3 years were pretty useless, total fail. Took me 20 years later in my MBA to figure out how to do it properly.
    – my first wife was actually a lecturer (she is a psych Ph D, as well as a clinician) and earned good $, and a very giving person. We got divorced though …
    – I have 3 other friends locally who are lecturers – one a psych Ph D, one a law prof, the 3rd a math prof who just got a Fulbright. They are amongst the most giving people I have met, and they do fall into the category of leaders in their fields. I have had some pretty crappy / power trippy lecturers as well
    – re the IRL pot – no way would I ever mesh finances. If I did there would be major walls, trusts and pre-nup built up for protection. I have seen too many guys get screwed.

    @ Lily – am I still looking for that perfect wave? You bet. Doesn’t stop me surfing though. Plus I am old enough now to know when I find a good thing, stick to it. For a while at least 😉

    As I said. this is just a starting point. Some of my most memorable relationships and toe-curling times were with people who would not have made half the list. Some of my worst have been those who made the entire list. It’s just a starting point ….

  13. Honey says:

    Hello, Anna Molly,Reach the Beach,Enigma SD,GenuineSD,torontoblondie.Lily. Cleo,Kindred Spirit, Dallasbaby, Spawn,CardsFanSD, Buckeyegal,Michael Alleycat, Sugars, Texsugs, Mondaine, and Lisa! Who’d I miss?

  14. CinDC says:

    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement. This truly takes patience and thick skin.
    My expectations are not outrageous and the financial aspect does not overcome the desire for a true connection and attraction on many levels first.
    This particular pot said no one worth dating was going to be “fit” into someones schedule, that I should get psychiatric help, and stop looking all together. This was after I set an a meeting time and place but explained to him I am a working mother who is working hard for her dreams, which he found “annoying” I guess his expectations and my capabilities of time were not a match. As you all say, next!!
    To look at the brighter side, my pot in waiting wants to start paying for my health care which was a sweet offer. We have been talking for a month with 2 meetings, so a true arrangement has not been started. Hopefully soon! Keeping my options open though, I’ve been let down too many times not to.

  15. Anna Molly says:

    Hey RTB! I doing very well! Thank you! I’ve been very busy though 😀

    Hey Genuine! I didn’t see you there! :)

  16. Honey says:

    Cindc- you are taking it too personally, it’s a numbers game…now what did he do to make you cry? I’ll go key his car!!
    thanks Beachie, but I just happened to be in the right city at the right time.
    I offered to arm wrestle TLG for drinks but he wouldn’t take me up on my offer and paid for the first round! Thanks Dude! I’ve always liked guys that could quote poetry, but I’m taken…

  17. Reach the Beach SB says:

    CinDC – Chin up…it does typically take at least three months and some serious screening to meet someone who is genuine, kind and understands arrangements. Some have taken more than a year to meet someone. The good news is that persistence really does pay (literally and figuratively). Once you find him, your life will be changed as much as you want it to…from mentoring in business to paying for school, to whatever your needs may be.

    In the meantime, don’t put yourself in a position to let a man humiliate you, belittle you or otherwise be unkind. If you don’t think the conversation is going well, block him before his ego and temper get into gear. You don’t have to justify your reasons for being here or for accepting assistance. This is an ages old concept commercialized and some people have to realize it’s not what they expected and move on. Definitely get yourself a Google Voice account and be proactive about screening. You have every right to be particular…don’t let a financial need put you in a position to make poor choices. Financial issues can be stressful, but they are not worth sacrificing dignity or safety.

    We’re here for you!

    Genuine, Enigma!!! So glad to see you two again!

    AM – How are you doing sweets?

    Cards – :-)

    So glad the blog is working again! Thanks Stephan!

  18. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Enigma! Good to see you! :)

    I like your list BTW…

  19. Enigma SD says:

    Sorry to hear your struggles CinDC. No one should ever be abusive, but there are many people out there who lack basic manners. It can be very frustrating searching for the right sugar. I can’t common whether your expectations are realistic or not without knowing them. I will say the higher the allowance expectation, the longer it will take. Also, don’t expect to find Richard Gere ala Pretty Women. I found my first SB in one day, the others took several months to find, with lots of imperfect experiences during the search. Hang in there, and sugar dating requires thick skin!

  20. GenuineSD says:

    Good morning all !
    I’ve been taking a little break due to heavy workload and travel schedule….
    Nice to see everyone posting…
    Now to try to catch up on the blog….

  21. Enigma SD says:

    hey all — I am more inclined to agree with RTB (as usual)….. I am not much of a list guy at all, but here is my list…

    1) has a pulse
    2) female
    3) 21+ years of age
    4) lives in the United States

    The rest I leave up to my brain with influences from my eyes and heart :)

    and to former blogger James…. congratulations buddy!

  22. CinDC says:

    Hi sugars, I am always coming in here to see the latest but usually only for a few moments at a time. The words are always wonderful to hear and reflect on.
    Today I’m very disheartened as I’ve been searching for a companion for months now and keep coming up short for various reasons. This morning I was verbally assaulted by a pot who I was going to meet which created surprising tears. The one pot who I am interested is “very” interested in me but his schedule is so busy I hardly see him. Other contacts seem to prove to be not very serious in a true sd/sb relationship or want the goods without giving them.
    Help!! Am I expecting too much that is not realistic? Is this the way it goes, does it take much time to find a match?

  23. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning sweet sugars! 😀

  24. CardsFanSD says:

    @Reach – My whole point, is that when it comes to real, heart-pounding, passionate love, you can have all the lists in the world and use them to create a nice fire in the backyard, get the blanket and cuddle with your sweetie who doesn’t care about the lists but thinks you walk on water.

    Well said :-)

    And congrats!

  25. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Honey – I’m COMPLETELY jealous! There are only a handful of seasoned bloggers I haven’t met and you just met two of them! Glad you had a wonderful time!

    Lily – Dallasbaby was not on a regular sugar date, but a “What’s Your Price” date. See previous blog. Nice to see you back! Glad all is well!

    Dallasbaby – It’s interesting to hear your experiences on WYP dates. I was honestly skeptical when I saw it, but your fearless sense of adventure and seemingly good results are changing my mind.

    I applied for graduation!!! Most AMAZING feeling in the world! That has been one of my hardest struggles and I’m thrilled to see it coming so close!

  26. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Is there any truth to the saying “you can’t choose who you fall in love with”? I say, to a point…yes.

    I say that because the list is all well and good. I refer to it as the “haves” and “have -nots”. There are certain characteristics I must have and certain ones I will not tolerate. Beyond that, it’s a lot of determining if what is in the middle is important enough to affect a relationship.

    For instance – I meet all of those criteria…with one gray area. My typical occupation is in fund-raising and it usually pays my bills and then some. However, I was laid off, so now I’m in school and looking. Does that disqualify me? (Not hitting on you Michael) To go further…define financially secure: a) can pay her own bills b) can pay bills and has some money put away c) can support you if need be d) independently wealthy.

    My whole point, is that when it comes to real, heart-pounding, passionate love, you can have all the lists in the world and use them to create a nice fire in the backyard, get the blanket and cuddle with your sweetie who doesn’t care about the lists but thinks you walk on water.

  27. Lily says:

    Also, because Michael doesn’t seem prone to hating me when I pick on him, I have to say this:
    yes, it’s true if you look long enough and hard enough and meet enough women, you’ll find exceptional people. However, they are still human, & will not be perfect Stepford women if you stick around long enough to get past the role people can play for the first 6-18 months. Your “no drama” rule might as well read “no LTR, STRs only” or simply “no relationships” (flings or extended flings only).

    And you have gotten so entrenched in the “casting your net wide” or “hunting” mode and believe so strongly that the perfect SB or wife is out there who would come with zero issues whatsoever & need nothing from you yet be crazy into you anyway…….that it’s going to be a real paradigm shift for you to manage to switch that mode off inside your head and have any sort of realistic romantic relationship with any human being, without the constant thought/temptation of BAILING being in the back of your mind, since, “if I just look long and hard enough, I’ll find a perfect woman who won’t do_____(thing that is imperfect with current female)___.”

  28. Honey says:

    Just got back from meeting with TLG and Nico. Had a great time. They are both great, beautiful and intelligent people! I’m sure I was as loud and opinionated as ever but I hope I made as good of an impression on them as they did on me! THANKS GUYS!! Night everyone.
    p.s. and I fit almost exactly into that profile..lol!

  29. Lily says:

    You mean I’m not very local? 😉

    I think Torontoblondie’s point is that men usually pursue desirable women, whereas desirable men may not find themselves swarmed with appealing female aggressors.

    * That’s* why a man might be on a dating site, to cast his net wider & position himself to pursue the best specimen from a wider pool of ladies, whereas a woman with a whole lot going for her might already be swamped with male prospects irl & forgoe casting her net any wider.

  30. Spawn of Santa says:

    Alleycat, I have to ask if you went to college, because describing college lecturers as a giving profession is, frankly, a little out there haha. In my experience only the top researchers with industry connections are not power tripping in the classroom, but then they would most likely be married to a fellow researcher, or at least looking for someone in academia.
    Doctors usually work insane hours, and so do psychiatrists and coaches until they make it to the “high end status” (or pay off their studen loans). At which point they usually continue working insane hours because they’ve done it for so many years (you don’t actually think that anyone becomes a high-end something in their first few years, do you?) Also, if I remember correctly, you wanted “no drama/no issues” – GOOD LUCK finding a doctor, especially psychiatrist, without those.
    A widow with a financially smart ex is most likely that way by design – i.e. it’s not a woman that looks for a Joe Blow that’s not gonna contribute to her and her children’s wellbeing.

    As far as a fuck you fund goes – I don’t really buy it. You go on a few more dates with your exceptional IRL pot, maybe even get to the point of meshing finances, then come back and tell us the truth, not what she told you :)

  31. Alleycat says:

    @Toronto Blondie – this discussion is re my match profile.

  32. Alleycat says:

    @yoused – you would be surprused at what you if you look lOng enough and hard enough. Plus people put up a profile and forget about it. The point is – she’s busy, 2 kids, working and studying blah blah blah.

    Match and the other sites are mostly junk but occasionally you can find a gem, which I think I have.

    Plus you said “allycat. no offense. but if a girl had all that and that kind of money. What would be the point. I understand IRL, but she would not be on a dating site. Good luck and god speed.”. If I had that sort of money as well, why would I be on there? But I am. Cast the net wide.

  33. torontoblondie says:

    @ alleycat… don’t know too many finically stable women that would be using a site like this unless it was a strictly travel/gift relationship.

  34. yoused to have a handle. from texas says:

    allycat. no offense. but if a girl had all that and that kind of money. What would be the point. I understand IRL, but she would not be on a dating site. Good luck and god speed.

  35. Alleycat says:

    @Spawn – sorry, I am going to push back on that.

    College lecturers make good money. A close friend of mine is a senior psych prof at a large university here, makes $200k+. Doctors? Psychiatrists? Both of them part-time? Decent psychs? High end coaches / trainers? High end chiropractors? Widow whose ex was financially smart? Another good friend used to be an attorney, made a ton of $ and now teaches 5th grade. She is very $ secure. etc etc etc

    My IRLpot did many years in marcom, made some good $, and re-skilled when she was early 40s (after her ex died) to use Pilates in post-rehab environment. Do you get rich teaching Pilates? Absolutely not. But can you move to it after you have built up the “f*ck you fund”? Absolutely.

    “But that is the exceptional person!” I hear you say. Exactly. That is who I am after.

    Kind of my strategy – build up a skill, move up the ladder & make $, re-skill / rinse / repeat.

    @Lily – I know :-) I should have also mentioned local ..


  36. Lily says:

    Dallasbaby- next! If he made you ask for the sugar, he does not wanna be an SD and he is certainly not a gentleman with his intentions in the sugarbowl honorable and appropriate. It’s soooooo common. SO MANY men wanna date SBs and SO FEW men genuinely wanna be SDs.

  37. Lily says:

    Now I’m just posting a 4th time in a row just to prove that even though I’ve been mostly MIA for weeks, I still know how to. 😉
    I think I’m very happy that I’ve been too wrapped up with positive things IRL to be on the blog thusfar, this spring! My kitties wish I’d blog (and be on the internet in general), on the couch more because they love to lounge on me while I do so. I haven’t been “sitting around” much lately at ALL…. in quite awhile! It’s a good thing. Career taking off, healthy cash flow, lots of decadent travel on my calendar, & IRL relationships and activities also going great… Happy happy joy joy!
    (Eurosexy still phoning & asking me for a rendezvous, for those of you who know my loooong time saga with him! I literally will have to say, “I don’t have time, I’m sorry.”)

  38. Dallasbaby says:

    Date is over ….I had to ask for the payment as he was not upfront with it and was going to leave without paying after a couple hours of talking. He also wanted to go back to my place but I declined. I have to get a solid arrangement in place first ! We did have some drinks so I am not sure if that mattered. Said we will meet again.

  39. Lily says:

    To answer the blog topic question, I think that you can be in an arrangement without a formalized ‘talk,’ as long as some sweetness & decadence is already being enjoyed by both. The ‘talk’ and an ‘agreement’ that both feel great about, including some mentioning about time period (i.e. “Let’s agree that the next 6 months will likely look like _____, and then at that point we’ll check in and and have a discussion about whether anything needs to be tweaked and freshly considered, for moving forward towards the following 6 months, and if at that time -or any other time- one/both feels the need to wrap up the arrangement, the notice period and severance benefits will be approximately ____, unless some unforeseen circumstance prohibits.”) only enhance a sugar relationship and take it into solid ground which has its own set of perks and joy. But a sugar relationship is a sugar relationship (i.e. an “arrangement,” even if unformalized) from day 1 if it’s mutually beneficial and NSA.

  40. Lily says:

    anna molly – I’m sorry you’re having a bad day, beautiful. Can I buy you lunch to cheer you up? As much booze as you can handle goes along with that lunch, if you’re willing to take the train in to see me (in 2 weeks time, FYI). :) I’ve always wanted to meet ya face to face, you little vixen, maybe this is our time!

  41. Lily says:

    Michael — as you already know, that describes me pretty closely, all except the ‘healing/giving profession.’ I’m doing well for myself for awhile now and am financially stable because I am in a lucrative field (sales). I’d love to tap into my nurturing sides more and open up a NGO for those I feel inspired to help but ya know, I’d need a millionaire man by my side to pony up the start up costs or at least be legally committed to supporting the family (i.e. marital contract) so I focus (without panic about abandoning fiscally minded thinking) on spending all my time and energy basically pro bono.
    So if an SD wanted me to be both financially secure and in a ‘healing’ profession, I’d laugh at him. If a potential spouse wanted to support me in the latter, I’d love it, but if he judged me for being in the former as a single woman, I’d next him before we got very far in.

    Sorry for picking on you Michael, you know I can never resist, and it’s done with affection and I think your accent is the sexiest thing ever. 😀

  42. Spawn of Santa says:

    – Financially secure
    – Is in a healing / giving profession
    – Has kids, and has them as a priority
    – Has focus on family
    No offense, but that just sounds like an oxymoron all around. Women in healing/giving professions aren’t usually making the kind of money that would make them “financially secure”, and those that do, either don’t get to spend a lot of time with their kids, or have to let themselves go, so no “slim/slender” there

  43. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFan ~ Mmmmmm, chocolate! I LOVE chocolate!! One of my favorite things. I would be first in line darlin’ 😉

  44. CardsFanSD says:

    @Dallas – Ha, fun! I’m pretty sure you stand out :-) Have a great time.

    @Anna Molly — Martini’s can be *fun*, try one next time you’re out! I prefer vodka martinis personally, and often end up spending too much time (and money) in the local Total Wine here, just picking out things that sound good, tweaking mixes, etc — like, there’s this Godiva chocalte liquer, along with a vanilla vodka,, drizzled with chocolate inside the glass, garnished with mint….

    when I make that, there’s a line of women at the counter :-) win win!

  45. Kindred Spirit says:

    Michael~ Interesting that you specify wanting a woman who has kids as a part of your criteria. Just…interesting. Glad this new potential is hitting that whole list for you!! Best of wishes to you. :)

  46. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFan – you know, I’ve never had a martini. I bet your martinis are delish!

  47. Dallasbaby says:

    Cards, He just texted he is running late ….. I am pretty sure he will be able to spot the sugar baby in the room ! That is the fun of it !

  48. CardsFanSD says:

    @Michael — It’s an interesting list. Obviously, going to narrow the pool down considerably — probably more so than I would want, for my personal tastes — but I presume based on your experience, it makes sense for you. And, that’s what matters in the end.

    @Dallas — I can see where that’d be fun. So, what’s your plan to “find” each other?

    @Anna Molly — You know…. a drink tonight sounds good…. I should mix up some martinis…

  49. Dallasbaby says:

    Michael, that is all fair as long as you have the same to offer.

  50. Michael Alleycat says:

    ok so here’s the list, I was teasing you all… let me hear your comments as well, I am curious to find out what you think of it, and how you would respond if you saw it?

    – Smart
    – Attractive
    – Slim / slender / athletic / height-weight proportional
    – Has exercise and fitness as a core belief
    – Funny
    – Has a brain, and is using said brain
    – 30 – 48 years old (+/-)
    – Uni degree, post grad preferred
    – 5’4″ to 5’11”
    – Friends I like
    – Emotionally secure and available
    – Financially secure
    – Employed
    – Is in a healing / giving profession
    – Has kids, and has them as a priority
    – Has focus on family
    – Has travelled and has a world view
    – Has a life
    – Gives back
    – Liberal politics
    – No drama, no aggravation

  51. Anna Molly says:

    Dallasbaby- lol…I hope that’s not the case! Have fun!

    CardsFan – Thanks! I’m sure things will get better. I think a nice glass of wine and a hot bath will make things all better :)

  52. Dallasbaby says:

    For me cards it is more exciting as it is like a blind date in a way. Sometimes if I see what they look like it scares me more !

  53. CardsFanSD says:

    @Dallasbaby — hrm… headless pics never make me feel comfortable….

    @Ann Molly — Oh no! That’s not good…. :-( and yes, who hasn’t had some of those days… hope it improves!

  54. Anna Molly says:

    You know those days where nothing seems to go right? Well, thats the kinda day I’m having today….

  55. Dallasbaby says:

    I have a WYP date tonight with a guy who has a nice body….he did not post his face though so it is kinda a blind date ! Nervous !!!!

  56. Anna Molly says:

    Michael – you know that we all want to see the list! 😀

  57. cleo says:

    reach the beach: omg that’s awesome!
    alleycat: why do you even ask, you know we do!

  58. CardsFanSD says:

    @Michael: Sure, I’ll bite — post the list…

  59. cleo says:

    wow i finally get the blog to load after days and i have nothing to say! lol

  60. Michael Alleycat says:

    What is up with the blog not loading? What a pain.

    Totally called it off with #1 yesterday. Just not interested any more, she was good for a week, then drama started to arise again on the weekend, plus she started up a campaign for me to pay for some cosmetic surgery. Uhhh you can’t even pay your rent honey….

    She was kinda unhappy, but is now nervous about what to do as I was 80%+ of her income, and she has 3 kids. I really didn’t like being in that situation, one of the reasons I wanted to get out of it! I think she totally wanted a rich bf.

    2nd date with IRL pot today over lunch, going to be very interesting. She is waaaaay cute, smart, age appropriate, all key factors seem to line up, plus I really like her. I have 21 criteria listed on one of those dating sites (match) and people seem to like that I know what I am looking for! And this pot meets 20 of them, the other one tbd. We’ll see how it goes.

    Anybody curious re the list of criteria? I can put them up if interested.

  61. Reach The Beach SB says:

    Just wanted to share some good news…

    James (former blogger and SD) is getting married to a wonderful lady! I hope you will wish him well!

  62. Honey says:

    Spawnie, almost, I’m doing the paralegal program ,my brother is a lawyer and I know several of them. They can be lazy(but don’t mind paying for good help!) and I hope to run a law office one day. The studying part is not so bad. I am a FAST reader with pretty good recall but just the useless hours spent in class when I can do half the stuff on m own. I just wish I could check in and turn in assignments when they are due. and THEN go play.

  63. Spawn of Santa says:

    Honey, weren’t you studying to be a lawyer?
    If you think your schoolwork is overwhelming, wait until you start working lol.

  64. sugarsugar says:

    Hey all-
    Need some advice for WYP.

    A guy made an offer, I accepted and now he’s asking what is the protocol for a date. I’ve been on sugar dates but not on a what’s your price date. Do they plan the date and at some point during the evening give you an envelope?

  65. CardsFanSD says:

    for now….

  66. Anna Molly says:

    Hey! Is the blog working again? 😀

  67. CardsFanSD says:

    @Reach the beach — awww, thanks. She is very sweet, but still in a tough spot we’re working through…

    @Cleo – Oh, great point — I totally get that. One addition to the mix an totally throw off the dynamics. I had in mind, 1v1 primarily, but you’ve got a great point there I hadn’t thought of.

    @Kindred Spirit — Thanks :-) I hope I’m right. 2nd date was today (lord did I goof up the start though — nothing like giving wrong directions…) but was still good. Meeting Th/Fri also… has been fun so far.

    @Molly — It is in a place of prominence I cannot miss going forward :-)

    The blog has been very hit or miss lately….

    I feel drained today. I function much better when things feel settled. Stuff feels unsettled, and it gnaws at me.

  68. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFan ~ Check your spam folder 😉

  69. Anna Molly says:

    I’ve been having trouble with the blog since yesterday.

  70. Cali SB says:

    I haven’t been able to get on the blog for the past day, it just wouldn’t load. Odd.

  71. Honey says:

    Thanks for all the advice guys, still thinking over things, mulling my options….but my friends and family haven’t always been as supportive as I would have liked them to be. Calling me on weekends, wanting to do things with me, and forgetting that I have school six nights a week. Reminding me what I may be missing. I’m tempted to take it slower, but I would have to take them again later, and I have a twenty hour a week unpaid internship to complete my degree.I wanted to get it all over with and I only have six weeks to go but, I have to work for free next semester and that’s twenty hours ON TOP OF whatever classes I take!! Just feeling overwhelmed and a little bummed. But I’ll put on my big girl panties and walk it off! Thanks for caring, all who commented. Off to get some sleep. G’night sweet sugars..

  72. Kindred Spirit says:

    CardsFanSD~ Congrats on finding someone special!! A heart as big as yours deserves just that….

  73. cleo says:

    reach the beach: good lord that’s true, and it is a city a lot of us yearn to see… i’d personally LOVE another sugar meet!

  74. cleo says:

    reach the beach: good lord that’s true, and it is a city a lot of us yearn to see…

  75. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Cleo – Nah. Let the momentum take hold and hopefully the rest will fall into place :-)

  76. cleo says:

    hey reach the beach… should we warn her?

  77. cleo says:

    CardsFan: one time i met a man in a bar (i was with a friend) and she was with us the whole night, for some reason he and i basically stopped being able to talk in the later part of the evening but as soon as he dropped her off and we were alone? easy.

    so the hard part is figuring out if the awkward is coming from your companion or even from your environment or if there’s really nothing there…

  78. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Buckeye Gal – Welcome! You and I are in the same age bracket and likely within a few hours of one another geographically!

    CardsFan SD – You’re a prince…I’m sure she is VERY grateful! (Catching up from last blog)

    Honey – Do you just need a little more time to adjust? Would it be worth it in the long run to push yourself through it? I always ask myself that before putting off something that important.

    Cali – Michael is right about the conversation. Definitely listen more than you talk and throw in a sentimental or funny story that relates to the conversation.

    Carebear – Cool meet idea! Be careful to keep the details to a minimum on the public blog…I’m sure you’re onto it already :)

  79. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Evening sugars! I thought I posted this morning, but it doesn’t look like it! Hope everyone is well.

    Hi Cali! Check out your local Small Business Development Center and S.C.O.R.E (Service Corp. of Retired Executives). They are usually in the same offices as your Chamber of Commerce and have mentors/ classes and free resources to move things along. You should do a feasibility study on your products before putting a lot of time and money into it. This way you will know if the business will support itself and hopefully you! Sometimes you can bring the idea to a local university and ask the business classes to take it on as their project..then they do the work for you!

    Still catching up!

  80. Dallasbaby says:

    Hey everyone, I confronted poof daddy who arranged a meeting on wyp and today he sent me 3 dozen roses and tomorrow I will get my favorite perfume sent. He also offered an extra 200 when we meet. So far so good?

  81. CardsFanSD says:

    @Anna M — Thanks :-) I coudln’t have hoped for better.

    I am wondering though, after considering Cali’s question — specifically, those awkward silences and such. In my experience, either there’s great chemistry, and no awkward silences, or there’s little chemistry, and more of those, and one never seems to turn into the other…. i.e. it doesn’t get “better” over time, if the initial conversation is… difficult.

    Maybe it’s because if it is, there isn’t a 2nd conversation :-) If there’s chemistry, it’s obvious on day 1, and just gets better. If not — it doesn’t… What’s your experience?

  82. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFan ~ I’m glad your date went so well! 😀

  83. Anna Molly says:

    Well, this is totally off subject, but, I just found out that my family is from Scandinavia!! How cool is that?!?:D

    Hope everyone is having a good Monday! 😀

  84. Rcheck says:

    Welcome Buckeye Gal! Hope you like it here.

    Cali SB – You can find articles by searching some of the well respected business sources such as ‘Fortune’, ‘Forbes’, et cetera. More technical information is available from your Uncle Sam. Look through the .gov sites and you will find a ton of information, all reliable.

    Finally don’t forget the most underused resource of all – The Public Library. You will be able to check out well written and respected books on copyrights, patents, starting a business, and anything else you need at no charge. Also check out the CD & DVD versions as well. Sometimes it’s easier to listen in the car. Many business related titles are available this way.

    Once again, good luck.

  85. CardsFanSD says:

    @Cali re: conversation topics — my Friday meeting was wonderful, and I’m happy to share with you part of why it seemed to work. We had exchange enough emails that we knew a bit about each other. We talked a bit about our site experiences, which, quite frankly, can be amusing, and can create good stories. :-) However, it was not the focus. We really rambled, actually, from the drinks we ordered, to food, to a bit on her family, the work we did, how she got here, my work experiences.. just a general getting to know each other. Nothing to serious or heavy.

    But that’s not a formula. The reason it worked so well is because we were genuinely interested in what the other person said, we both talked as much as we listened, and we liked each other’s jokes. There was an easy, natural chemistry, which allowed us to avoid those moments you talked about — awkward silences, and such. We both had each other laughing, simply because we hit it off.

    I guess that can be developed over time? But I have to say, it’s nice when you’re already at ease so quickly, being yourself, and it all just flows naturally. We have 2-3 more days planned this week.

    With that said: if it doesn’t just happen, ask questions, and listen attentively for clues to keep the conversation going, should you need to. Don’t be self absorbed. That is a huge turnoff. (And you don’t strike me that way in the least, so no concern, there). If he’s good, he’ll ask you questions to get you talking as well.

    My date told me that her meeting earlier that week was horrible. The guy never really looked at her, the conversation was boring when it did happen, and he was way more friendly than deserved at the end…

    Relax, be yourself. I think that’s the safest bet. 😀

  86. Buckeye Gal says:

    Hello All,
    This is my first time on the blog but just had to express to all of you just how impressed I am by the caliber of conversation here :) I love the clear intellect and ambition in this group….pleasantly surprised to say the least. I also am comforted to see that this is not a “one size fits all” sort of site and that there is great variety in regards to what members are looking for here….I was hoping for that sort of openness- as long as a person is upfront in the beginning I see no reason why we all can’t co-exist and share this platform to find what it is we are looking for- not so long ago the vast majority of men on this sort of site seemed to only be open to an arrangement with a very young woman and a woman of my age (38) would be brushed off and even taunted a bit for even being on the site. I have no illusions about who I am- I am not a 20 year old super model looking to match up with a 25 year old millionaire…..I am a 38 year old woman who is attractive and intelligent and am merely looking for the same. Off my soap box for now, lol…..glad to be here and am looking forward to getting to know everyone!
    Btw, love the discussion on the patents and copyright topics! Kudos to you ladies for being so ambitious! Feel free to be in touch if you would like to mull anything over with me, I do lots of research as a freelance professional assistant/concierge to executive level clientele and have dabbled a bit into the legal side of things in handling various tasks- plus my background in Education has provided me with lots of experience in being a good researcher so I would be glad to help….as I tell my clients, I may not know all the answers, but I do know how to find out the answer to any question you throw my way :)

  87. Nico says:

    Honey…check you FB wall :)

  88. Anna Molly says:

    Honey ~ I don’t think you’re bad! You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with things…including college! 😀

  89. Michael Alleycat says:

    @Cali – be funny and light. Ask questions about the person you are with, don’t spend all the time talking about yourself, that is SUCH a turn-off.

    Spend more time listening than talking. It’s just a conversation, and pretend it’s a date, because it is! If there is a topic that your pot doesn’t want to talk about, he will steer the conversation away from it.

  90. Honey says:

    Feeling Senoritis today, thinking about dropping my weekend classes-hate going to school six days a week. I just want to drop my friday and sat classes. am I bad and lazy?

  91. Reach the Beach SB says:

    Morning sugars! What a week! Hopefully today I will have a shower. Spring Break is over and perhaps I can join the real world again!

    Had an interview, but didn’t get the position. I’m soooo used to nailing the interviews…market is so tough. Then again, it was for a relocating position, so perhaps the locals have an advantage. Move first, then get the job? I don’t know if it’s possible. “Just keep swimming…”

    Time to catch up!

  92. Anna Molly says:

    Morning Sugars! 😀

  93. Cali SB says:

    SD Guru, are you out there? I didn’t see this on the side topics so I thought I would ask as I have a number of pot dates coming up (hopefully). What is proper subject matter to talk about over dinner or drinks on a first pot meet? I don’t want the topics to go cold and have awkward silences and miss a great connection due to lack of subject matter, but I also don’t want to overstep my bounds when it comes to conversation. Thanks!

  94. Cali SB says:

    Blog gods.. can you please share my email address with Beach_Girl?? BG, let’s talk off the blog, if you don’t mind.

  95. Cali SB says:

    Rcheck — I will look into copyright more, thank you. The problem with researching is there is so much useless crap to wade through on the internet nowadays it’s hard to find the valuable information.

  96. Rcheck says:

    cleo, Beach_Girl, & Anna Molly – Thanks for the welcome. This looks like an interesting place.

    Cali SB – Based on what you describe I’m going to stick with copyright. You are unlikely to get a patent on the formula unless you can come up with it yourself, however a idea or concept copyright is a distinct possibility. It will also protect you in a quite similar way.

    I own both patents and copyrights, I am familiar with the benefits each offers. I urge you to look into copyrights further.

    Without knowing exactly what you have in mind I’m fishing in the dark, but if you have a clever idea there is usually a good way to make money off of it. Take your time and do your homework and I’m sure you’ll find a good approach.

    It seems to me that because of her own experience in a similar area Beach_Girl would be a great person to discuss building your business with. Good luck with it!

    And I now return everyone to the whatever the current topic is…

    Thanks again for your indulgence.

  97. Cali SB says:

    Beach — I need a lab to come up with the formula for the product. I don’t think it would be terribly difficult as it would need to have attributes from a couple products already on the market.

  98. Beach_Girl says:

    Cali~ you need a person that would make the product for you…That might be hard since you don’t know how to make it… or did I get that wrong? it is a long process… I am sure if you put your mind to it, you will figure a way to do it. I did it all by myself… an idea took me to where I am now!

    Hello Sugars!

  99. Cali SB says:

    Dallas — I hate when pots email me and ask for more photos when I have like 5 or 6 on my profile. I mean, really??

  100. Dallasbaby says:

    Thanks cleo ! * hugs *

  101. Honey says:

    if the blog gods are not busy….wait,lisa can you give Nico and lone my email? or I’m Melange on facebook, private page..don’t wanna offend or step on SA toes… And I would love to have Lone gunman along, just don’t tell my daddy. Nothing funny is going on, My Sweetie, who is not here….
    Just like to meet new people!!

  102. cleo says:

    i would assume no and send something in a cute dress or whatever… not even bikini but sexy

  103. Dallasbaby says:

    An sd from WYP wants a full body shot photo. Is this perhaps a term for a nude? :(

  104. cleo says:

    cali: no because i thought the answer to you made a lot of sense.

    the comment about getting back on topic to me was humour

  105. Cali SB says:

    RCheck — I think you mean patent, not copyright. While patenting seems like the smart thing to do, it can often be shooting yourself in the foot because it’s publicizing your idea for any company to tweak and make their own. There’s not much to patent at this point since I don’t have a formula and therefore it wouldn’t be protecting me against anything. Taking the idea to a company would just give them my idea and let them do it on their own.

    BG — I’m not making a skincare line. It’s simply one product. and it’s not something I can experiment to make at home or find directions online to make as it is something that does not currently exist in the form I want to make. I guess the best simile I can give would be hand sanitizer. When hand sanitizer didn’t exist there was nothing else like it, just soap, which did the same sort of job but not in the same way. My product is to another product as hand sanitizer is to soap. It’s not a face cream or any sort of cream or even anything for the face.

    Cleo — RCheck is a voice of reason bc after she answered me she said back on topic? That’s a little ridiculous. Half the posts on here aren’t even about the blog topic.

  106. Nico says:

    TLG…you have mail.

    Thank you Cleo *hugs*

  107. cleo says:

    okay i hooked up nico and tlg but i can’t help with anyone else in texas…

    good luck y’all!

  108. CardsFanSD says:

    @cleo – long emails… a chore to wade through…
    @Anna – I *wish* i’d have been in bed that long….
    @kindred – where’d they day go? Good evening :-)

  109. Nico says:

    Cleo….sent a message to you on FB :-)

  110. cleo says:

    i wish i had both your addresses… nico if you have mine drop me a note

  111. Nico says:

    TLG…would love to meet :-) After 48 hrs of travel you’re up for more huh? I welcome the opportunity :-)

    Blog gods…where are you??

  112. The Lone Gunman says:

    I’m back after 48 hours of travel!

    Nico & Honey–need someone to drop in from Dallas way to represent the SDs here? I promise not to be too jet lagged to form coherent sentences…


  113. Lisa says:

    Nico, humidity is the norm here. Might rain tomorrow, just what I need when I have to get out tomorrow.

  114. Dallasbaby says:

    sugarsugar – that happened to me once too and the guys had to just write a phone number in the subject line !

  115. Nico says:

    Lisa…sorry you’re not going to be able to break free. Honey….the blog gods haven’t exchanged emails yet. You may need to approve? Maybe if we both say something it will happen :-) I’m here and it’s humid and gloomy!!

  116. sugarsugar says:

    Is there something wrong with the WYP site? I am receiving messages and they have a subject line but the messages only say . Basically it’s blank. Weird.

  117. Lisa says:

    Nico and Honey, got my schedule and of course my luck i’ve got to work tomorrow :( won’t even be home to see my family come home. I swear if i’m off every monday, the monday I need to be off I end up being scheduled to work. It was a great week off though, tomorrow back to the stress and back pain.

  118. cleo says:

    dallasbaby: rofl! neither do i!

  119. Anna Molly says:

    Rcheck ~ Welcome to the blog! 😀

    CardsFan ~ I slept in today…until 9:30! 😀

    Dallasbaby ~ Let us know how your date goes! 😀

  120. Dallasbaby says:

    Oh no, I have a date planned on WYP with a guy who on another site did a cancel last minute AFTER i took the time to get ready. I do not wear makeup in my real life. lol !

  121. Anna Molly says:

    Hey y’all! What’s everybody up to?

  122. Kindred Spirit says:

    Good afternoon to the ladies, too, of course! Happy Sweet Sugar Sunday!

  123. Kindred Spirit says:

    Good morning (ok afternoon now), CardsFanSD!

    GenuineSD, miss seeing you on here, hope you come back to visit soon! 😀

  124. Dallasbaby says:

    YEA !!!!!! WYP is working for me now ! I did miss one offer as his account is now deleted. I guess that is a good since he was leaving the site anyway.

  125. Beach_Girl says:

    Rcheck~ Where were you a year ago 😀 that is the very simple version of it!!! Welcome BTW

  126. Beach_Girl says:

    Cali SB~ I did make my own line of skin care, bath and body and hair care, I got most of my info on the web… since when I did ask for help (help meaning I didn’t know what I was doing) I kind of got laughed at :( but yes, you need to make your products your own, I went to manufacturing companies and looked at what I could do… it’s a long and very expensive process… I spent everything I had and now using credit… I started last year in may… just got my products out… making a website for it…and I work non stop!!!
    And I did get all my info from the web, so you should be able to do the same… I didn’t go to a big manufacturer, I made my own and am selling my own!

  127. cleo says:

    RCheck: welcome to the blog… a voice of reason… please visit again :)

  128. Dallasbaby says:

    What is the customer support email for WYP…I want to have my profile deleted if I can not even surf once I log in. I am getting offers and I think they have to pay to make an offer. I would rather delete myself if I can not use the site at all ! I tried contacting SA support days ago and no reply .

  129. Hi everyone!! Happy Sunday Funday xo

  130. Honey says:

    Cali, are you experimenting with stuff at home? already have the materials and making them into small small batches?

  131. Rcheck says:

    What you will need to do first is copyright the ‘Idea or Concept’. This is something you can Google. If you can get a copyright on it, meaning it is determined to be truly original, you can then approach existing beauty supply manufacturers with the idea you ‘Own’ and if they agree it is marketable they will do the grunt work of making it and pay you a royalty fee for each one sold.

    That’s of course the simple version, there are many trees in the woods, but it should get you started.

    We will now return to the regularly scheduled topic. Thanks for everyone’s indulgence.

  132. cleo says:


    i still think of rtb as midwest!

    beach girl

  133. Cali SB says:

    Cleo — BG or RTB?

  134. Cali SB says:

    *yawn* Well, naptime for me then I guess. Be back later.

  135. cleo says:

    cali you should talk to beach, she’s launching a line of things…

  136. cleo says:

    i’m awake, i’m answering this ridiculously long email though and it’s taking forever!

  137. Cali SB says:

    Or no one wants to talk to me! lol

  138. CardsFanSD says:

    the east coasters are sleeping in…

  139. Cali SB says:

    Slow day on the blog? Geez, it’s almost 11am EST! Back when I used to blog I could never keep up with it all (hence why I would always go MIA), but now it seems there is rarely any action here! Maybe I need to get a life. lol

  140. Cali SB says:

    PS — I have tried to google this and it is of zero help. I also do not have an SD so I have no one I can personally ask. I’m hoping to get an SD soon to use my allowance to help me with this process, but one step at a time I guess!

  141. Cali SB says:

    I have an off-topic question for the business-savvy SD’s out there. I have a beauty product invention I would like to create and I know that I would need a lab to come up with a proper formula (like what you would do with a acne facial cream or lotion or something, but that’s not what it is), but I have absolutely no idea how to go about doing any of this or how much it may cost or what else I need to do (patent, etc?). Can anyone give me any advice? We can talk off blog as well, I can have my email shared with you. I’ve just been sitting on this idea for a couple years and I would really like to take a proactive approach and do something with it/my life. Thanks so much! :)

  142. Honey says:

    Ms. Nico, just drop me a line when you get into town!

  143. Nico says:

    I’ll be at the Double Tree on Dallas St. I won’t have much of a chance for shopping…truly a business trip. Was thinking the mall since I knew it was close to Lisa and though it might work for her…doesn’t sound like it will :-( Sorry Lisa. Was thinking lunch and trying to be flexible otherwise. Let’s exchange e-mails off the site and we can figure something out :-)

  144. Honey says:

    Nico, what are your plans? Just lunch or shopping? I’m houston’s informal tour guide!
    You will be in downtown and I live in midtown or Montrose, just a wee bit away from where you shall be staying!!

  145. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Nico the mall is across the street from me i’m 12 miles from downtown, my neighborhood is called Memorial city, in west Houston

  146. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Nico, oh I thought you were coming next week. This week won’t work because I return work monday and probably won’t be off till friday. I usually get mon or tue off (it’s been tuesdays the last month) but I wont get off this week because i’m off tomorrow. And i’m a wreck after work, grouchy, aching back, can’t even take my walk anymore.

    Maybe next time. My job keeps me from doing so much.

  147. Dallasbaby says:

    I tried to not talk about my past sd relations or dating. I just touched on this one super funny story … I tried to keep the focus on how amazing he was and what he liked to do, he was bringing up the lifestyle and his past sugar babies . I wanted to focus on us instead of the lifestyle, I think hes used to the lifestyle being the subject. I wanted to know the man. I want to see his heart. * sigh *

  148. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    There is a bowling alley a block from me, never been there, can’t even lift a bowling ball, lol

  149. Nico says:

    Lisa ~ timing actually might work! I fly in tomorrow evening 6pm and the conference doesn’t start until Monday evening. Soooo, Monday lunch would work great!! Is your mall anywhere nearby? We could even just meet for coffee??

    Honey, of course you’re welcome! I just wanna meet up with some of my sugar family so it would great for you to join in!! I don’t know the Houston area at ALL…I’ll be at the Double Tree downtown.

    Blog gods – PLEASE share my e-mail addy with Honey and Lisa (again if you don’t still have it).

    Any other Houston Sugar (SB or SD)??

  150. Dallasbaby says:

    I wrote to him and said something like, ” it looks like we have a date planned. I challenge you to a game of bowling. Bring your A – Game !

  151. Dallasbaby says:

    Thank you ! * blushes *

  152. Honey says:

    Go Dallas, show em how it’s done.
    Nico, I’m always begging some houston sugars to come for lunch, can I invite myself along?

  153. sugarsugar says:

    That’s great about your date. Did you discuss much before you met? Is he also signed up at SA? If someone is at WYP and not experienced in the sugar world I wonder how they know how to handle the payment for the date? I got an offer for $200 and he hasn’t said anything inappropriate yet nor has he seen my picture yet or me his.

  154. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Its’ too bad you weren’t here this past week as I was off for vacation. Next week(I presume you mean the week of april 17) i’m not sure of my schedule yet. Will see if i”m off on mon or tue. I am never off on wed or thur and seldom sunday(which is also impossible to get anywhere one bus as the direct line from my apartment to downtown doesn’t run on sat or sun. but possibly next mon or tue. If I want a certain day off I have to request it 3-4 weeks in advance. Will have to wait and see my schedule next week.

    Been enjoying this week off, feeling like a person again but already feeling the dread of going back to work.

  155. Nico says:

    WooHoo Dallas ~ that was unexpected but a pleasant surprise!! Congrats!! So, curious….is that the ‘interview’ date to determine whether worthy of pursuing??

    Lisa – and any other Houston Sugar….I will be in Houston (downtown) Sun-Thurs of next week for a conference. I’m not renting a car (conference is right around the corner)….would love to see some/any of you!!

  156. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    I have found the older ones treat you better.

  157. Dallasbaby says:

    It was so great to have all the pressure off and just relax and have fun for once ! He handed me the payment half way through our meal as I never asked for it. He already has 4 other babies as well. He is 63.

  158. cleo says:

    wow, that was unexpected

  159. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    That’s great .

  160. Dallasbaby says:

    My WYP date just ended and it went GREAT !!!!!

  161. torontoblondie says:

    that was werid :S

  162. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    I just really don’t think you should involve your children in sugardating, that’s not what it is about. Most of the sbs on this site are looking for a little extra to have a better life without having to work extra hours or a second job. I don’t think they are looking to become a live in nanny/sb on call 24/7. That would be more time and energy constricting than a second job.

    Anyway end of subject for me.

  163. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    whathappened Dallasbaby, did a bug land on you, lol?

  164. Cali SB says:

    I’m so confused.

  165. cleo says:

    nite mare sd was a troll who has dated a couple of blog sb’s but i can’t remember all his names. periodically he pops up to harass someone again but we mostly recognize the writing style

  166. texasugah says:


    It deleted my -ish.. oh well.

  167. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    the nitemare we are talking about isn’t that one, his name is not mark. I travel to meet him over a year ago. Used to be a blogger. He’s completely safe, but he is not really looking for a sb, he’s looking for a live in nanny for his two very young children as well as someone to wait on him all for a bargain rate. He can be sweet at times but also can be boring (just wants to sit around home or sleep all the time).

  168. torontoblondie says:

    wait no one answered my question : who’s nightmare – bc i’m talking to this mark guy and i searched his email and someone blogged under him saying ‘nightmaredate’ but i cant read it :S he’s a diamond certified member..

  169. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    I just got a contact on wyp from some young guy in Beverly Hills? odd his income is really low. I don’t think i’m going to bother with that one. Anyway the site is amusing at times. At least i’m getting messages.lol

  170. Kindred Spirit says:

    Beach_girl: Hi back atcha! :)

    Cali SB: Thanks for the italics tip, I’ll be sure to try it. Congratulations on your first pot date! Let us know how it went, if you want. Have fun!

    Cleo: Interesting list, it makes sense to me.

    Trying the wyp site for fun and out of curiosity, got two offers, though one is out-of-state. I messaged him back kindly asking how he proposed we meet on this 1st date? Ball is in his park, I cannot offer to fly myself out, sorry…. *shrug* Staying positive regarding both SA and wyp. 😀

  171. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Got your message cleo.

    Dallasbaby, it’s working fine for me, well the site is coming in I mean, it isn’t working for me on the dating thing at all though.

  172. Dallasbaby says:

    HELP!!!! Whatsyourprice is still not working for me ! I wrote a mail to support on SA yesterday but heard nothing back. I have a date planned today at 3:00 though. Glad I wrote down his number before the site messed up for me.

  173. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Cleo, Beach_Girl is going to send you my email

    TexasSugah, Yes he expects intimacy on the first date, he must have not read the rules. Anyway I think he is looking for discreet encouters and not a sb if I read right?

    ok back from Jasons deli, getting ready to eat my corned beef, swiss and saurkraut sandwhich, yummy. I had a few extra hours on my vacation check so i’m treating my self to eating something other than the dollar menu. It’s amazing how the good stuff (8 dollar burgers, 8 dollar sandwhiches) fill me up and it turns out to be the only thing I eat all day. yesterday I had a large burger and some reallly good fries and that’s all. Just now eating and it’s after 12 and I wasn’t even hungry. I’m also doing alot of walking around the neighborhood and i’m losing weight! too bad i’ve got to go back to my stressful job and junk food monday. And my pain pills.

  174. cleo says:

    texas sugah i think it’s more a slow slide…

    normal dating
    dating for rich boyfriends
    sugar dating
    sugar dating more than one sugar
    high end courtesan with extremely limited client base and high prices
    less high end/choosy courtesan


  175. texasugah says:

    Lisa.. OMG the same guy sent me an offer. LOL

    For fun I’m negotiating. Did you see the request for intimacy? WOW.

    While on Twitter, Ive noticed a VERY thin line between sugars and escorts. I have befriended both sides of the aisle. The consensus there is that if a sugar has more than one benefactor and they are pay for play.. she is a low volume escort. I had always thought that escorts just go around sleeping with men regardless of what they think about them. Looks like this isn’t really the case. Surely with most but not all… it’s very interesting.

    I haven’t seen either one of my sugars in three weeks. Perhaps tomorrow. Need a little pick me up from the drama.

  176. cleo says:

    hey SA gods please share lisa’s and my email addresses
    toronto blondie: truth i would rather have an allowance and just HIRE a maid! maybe i’ll sigh about my lack of maid in front of someone who might care *grin*

  177. torontoblondie says:

    who’s nightmare :S

  178. torontoblondie says:

    @ cleo, I actually had a guy that I met off this site that paid me or bought me things to clean my place for me. but the money is way less then normal SD’s hence not even worth my time I can do a better job cleaning myself.

  179. CentralTex says:

    Can someone delete that photo please ? Idk why thats up ?? Or where it came from ??

  180. CentralTex says:

    Has been inside for days ! Ready to go out tonight.. Wish it was a date . 😡

  181. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Cleo ask the moderator to send you my email address as I have 2 of nitemare’s email addresses

  182. cleo says:

    hey can someone tell me all of nightmare’s email addresses? i think he’s harassing a friend of mine…


  183. Cali SB says:

    Frustrated. I sometimes message pot’s and invite them to read my profile and see if they may be interested. A younger one (relatively speaking) just responded and said we should start off by exchanging photos. I have half a dozen photos in my profile and he has a few also. I don’t understand.

  184. Cali SB says:

    SD Guru — When I say my friend is in a terrible situation it’s nothing like life or death that she needs X amount to save her or anything. She doesn’t have kids or anything, she lives with her parents (root of all her problems actually), etc. I’ve known her for over a year and had no idea about all the problems she has financially until last night. So no, this isn’t something she would bring up to an SD or a dire need for immediate assistance, like a roof over her head or anything, but receiving a monthly allowance would go a long way in beginning to change her situation and allow her to begin accomplishing things in her life that she’s yet been unable to. Hope that makes sense.

  185. Cali SB says:

    Meh.. Kindred. between the brackets where you put the”i”.. before it is just the i, after it is /i. Hope that helps.

  186. Cali SB says:

    Kindred — before and after. No spaces. :)

  187. Dallasbaby says:

    SD Guru- If you wanna quote me, post the whole statement of the “dogs butt” comment in regards to the subject of SD’s not using condoms …..yes, worse than kissing a dogs butt !

  188. cleo says:

    dallasbaby since i started wearing heels WAY more short men hit on me!

    lol it’s funny :)

    i want a guy who will pay me to clean my house!

  189. Dallasbaby says:

    Cleo, you should play the amazon role and have short men all over begging at you feet and paying allowance just to lick your boots and polish them ! sexy!

  190. Presorted says:


  191. cleo says:

    you know, it’s moments like this that an allowance daddy would come in reeeeeally handy

  192. Good ole Carebear says:

    Follow up post:

    For any that were interested in the Sugar Vegas Meet 2011, PLEASE READ!

    I need to do a head count. I have at least a dozen sb’s on facebook that are dead-set on going, and would love to offer the trip to the SA blog sb’s, so here’s a note I posted on facebook to begin gathering information:

    Please read all of the following, and THEN answer the questions below!

    Please please please understand first and foremost, while I would love to fly eveyone to Vegas first class, throw us all into a 5 story stuite in the best hotel and buy everyone champagne and pedicures all week, I am not a SD, nor do I have one standing behind me with his Amex ready to pay for all of this. So please know that while we’re going to work to keep costs down, and hopefully a few parties will step forward and volunteer to chip in, I cannot guarantee that this trip will be a 0-cost free-for-all boozefest. Go audition for the “Real World”, because apparently the “Real World” is where those things happen.

    According to the feedback I’ve received, most everyone agrees that a Monday-Wednesday trip is doable with their schedule, and will also help us keep costs of flights, hotels, and drinking (most important) way down. I know some of us work and we can’t leave our jobs to go party in the middle of the summer, but if you have a spare vacation day or 2, I CAN promise this will be lots of fun and definitely worth it. So I’m going to list 3 Monday-Wednesday dates, and 1 weekend date for the hell of it.

    Next concern is airfare. Again, I have no way of coming up with 50 free airline vouchers, but we’re people of sugar and should be able to figure this out. My SD has already agreed to book my ticket, and those that have SD’s should probably be able to do the same. Those SB’s that have decent pots may be able to suggest “hey do you have a spare 20,000 airline miles you can transfer to my account, I’m only 19,000 short from a free flight to Vegas with the girlfriends”, afterall if he’s a decent pot, there shouldn’t be a problem. Men that travel are worth more in airline miles than they are in US dollars. For those that may not have anyone to ask at the moment, we are looking to do this trip in July/August, so maybe things will change by then. In the meantime, any SD/group that offers to sponsor/donate/chip in, I have to use that towards something that will benefit the group vs a few individuals, so I’ll be making those decisions based on that.

    I would love have everyone together in 1 group at 1 location. I know some of us have great SD’s that want to book you a suite at the Bellagio, while the rest of the group is down the street, but the instinctual cheerleader in me says we should stay together in order to prevent cliques or divides in the group. Also, this allows us to stay in a pack for meals, going out, etc. Again, I will try my best, based on your feedback, to come up with a great solution/situation to a hotel stay, hopefully keep it low-cost, but will need everyone’s help (and $) for this also. If you’re planning on rooming with a sugar friend, let me know ASAP so I can pair you off together. I’m not sure how the payment situation will work, someone’s going to have to throw down a credit card, and I can’t do that for everyone, so please be prepared for that also.

    Lastly, I’ve had several amazing girls (and guys) extend their helping hands to help me figure out things to do, places to go, and tons of fun stuff so we will be jam-packed with socializing, being fabulous, and drinking our faces off. Ya know, the important stuff. Please continue to contribute your amazing ideas to me, to the facebook group, or each other so we can make the most out of our few days together!


    1) Are you attending? Yes or Maybe (regrets not necessary)
    2) Who are you? Please cite your SA blog name as well as your email address. Also, add my email (available through the SA email exchange) to your non-spam list in email.
    3) What dates work best for you? Please select 1, 2, 3, or all that may work, and I will tally accordingly.
    ■July 25-27
    ■July 29-31
    ■Aug 1-3
    ■Aug 8-10

    Please also note, we can flex on Mon/Tues, fly in Sunday night, fly out Thursday morning, whatever you want to do.

    Thanks y’all so much for everything and all the wonderful ideas so far! At this risk of sounding like a cheeseball, I’m super excited (think Rebecca Black so excited) and I think this could really be a huge success and an amazing time!

    <3 Good ole Carebear

    • SD Guru says:

      @Cali SB
      Guru — How did you like your experience with 2 SB’s?

      It didn’t start out that way but evolved into it when my SB brought in her best friend into the mix. It was an interesting experience and I’ll get to it in my blog one of these days.

      She is in an incredibly bad situation… and I want to see her life turn around.

      I’d caution anyone who is in a bad situation thinking that finding a SD could be the solution to all of her problems. Unless you can find a white knight type, most SD’s tend to avoid getting involved in bad situations.

      as he will want threesomes and you know it will be on like donkey kong at that point!

      I had no idea donkey kong had anything to do with threesomes. But then you’re the one that wrote “I would want to tell him his offer is worse then having to kiss my dogs butt after a fresh walk.” I guess I’m learning something new on the blog everyday! :mrgreen:

      I am asking for 3-5K and would be happy with 3K for once a week dates.

      Keep in mind in some cases the amount of allowance is only the starting point in terms of a SD’s total spending on a SB. On top of the allowance a SD needs to take into account the cost of enjoying the finer things (travel, fine dining, shopping, gifts, spa, etc), which could be up to an amount equal to the allowance. So be clear in your mind about your expectations. Is it 3k plus all the finer things on top, or 3k and you don’t expect anything else, or a total of 3k including allowance and finer things?

  193. Dallasbaby says:

    Sugar , That seems fair to me…I think he is just wanting to talk you down is all and that’s sweet , but he did it in a mean way. I think it depends on the sugar daddy also, some guys you want to be around more and others, after time you do not like them so much. Maybe your love life is not what you wanted or thought and it becomes a chore….maybe he is amazing and you want to spend days on end hanging out laughing and having the best most amazing time and you find yourself falling for him like a boyfriend!

  194. Honey says:

    That’s per month.

  195. Honey says:

    1000-3000 is what I aim for,depends on the perks. All you need is one.But Houston is different that la or NY. Night all!

  196. Dallasbaby says:

    10 lbs heavier I mean !

  197. Dallasbaby says:

    When I look at photos I try to see past the photography, I have met many men in person who looked sooooooooooooooo much better than any of the photos ! It is hard to see how sexy a man is in a still shot also but I wonder if guys do the same thing or do they just judge us on our photos that could make us look not as great as we might look in person. They say a photo can make you 10 times heavier. This is also why it can be annoying when guys ask for more photos. Does this mean they are still up in the air about if we look good ? I would think you would want to just meet as many people as you can in person as you never know?

  198. sugarsugar says:

    Just received this response from a pot SD.

    “I will be honest with you. You are very attractive but your allowance requirement is MUCH more than 90% of the girls are asking for on here. Most men don’t mind helping out for some friendship and fun but they don’t want to feel taken advantage of. Maybe lowering your requirement would help, just a suggestion.”

    I am asking for 3-5K and would be happy with 3K for once a week dates. Is there any truth to what he says? Is that more than 90% of Sbs at this site ask

    p.s. I live in a major city but not NYC or LA

  199. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    I was so busy today taken care of that legal stuff that I didn’t have time to miss them but now that it’s quieted down, I do.

  200. Beach_Girl says:

    Lisa~ nice that you had a good day, i’m sure you are enjoying the time off even if your family is not there!

  201. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    KindredSpirit, the kitty I am taking care of at my moms apartment while she is on her cruise is an evil devil who likes to scratch and bite without warning. I’ve been attacked by him twice since yesterday, he’s a monster.

    Beach_Girl vacation is going good, miss family though as they’re having fun on the carnival ecstasy till monday. The day started out rough having to run downtown to fill a court answer because my certified letter didn’t get there yet, but I made great time and it turned into a very pleasant day.

  202. Beach_Girl says:

    Hi Lisa, how is the vacation
    Hi kindred spirit

  203. Kindred Spirit says:

    Nevermind, can’t even show what I mean! lol
    Have a great evening, everyone!!

  204. Kindred Spirit says:

    a , that is.

  205. Kindred Spirit says:

    Hm, still can’t get the italics to work right. Meant to only make “shine” and “such” italic, but messed up again. Thought you put a before and after the word. Instead it does the whole thing. #^_^#

  206. Kindred Spirit says:

    Dallasbaby & Lisa~ Or the ones where they frown and glare at the camera but talk about how they love to laugh, smile and are positive people. O_o?

    LOVE to see a man’s smile, if he chooses to show any pictures. I know it’s just a photo, but killer grins are sooo much sexier than brooding, uncomfortable frowns. A happy grin helps my initial spark towards a man to start glowing…for me anyway….


    Even more entrancing is when I can see their eyes “smiling” along with their mouth, of course easier to notice in person than on a picture, but beautiful and a small display of vulnerability opens up nonetheless. Then there are men who just entirely shine with their smiles…again, certainly easier to observe in person but…regardless there’s so much to a smile for me and it is such a turn-on.

    Have my kitty curled up on my lap as I type this, so sweet…. Also, going to a 2nd date tomorrow with a potential and am full of optimism! 😀

  207. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Hi Beach_Girl

  208. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!!!

  209. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Back home, animals all tucked in.
    The pics that always get me are the ones where the guy mentions that he doesn’t smoke or drink yet he has 3 pics of himself, everyone with a beer or cigarette in his hand.

  210. Dallasbaby says:

    Ever notice how some of the SD’s post horrible unflattering photos where they are making silly faces and the likes. I just get such a sinking feeling sometimes when I see them. One guy has his tongue sticking out in a lewd way ….most photos are just not even a quality image or they are in a dirty low end hotel / bathroom or office.

  211. Dallasbaby says:

    yea cards!

  212. HoneyBeeBee says:

    Wow, girls, this is my second time posting to a blog, and I try to read all of the previous posts first, but yowza – 300+ posts already! I just spent the past hour reading (and enjoying) them. This could become a full time occupation.

    To answer the questions – what’s an arrangement | what about unpheremones | how do you answer the “whatcha want” question…

    I may be more direct than most, but it has worked quite well for me. I make my needs clear in the first few emails (and inquire about his), then discuss very directly (but sweetly) on the first date, and I don’t arrange a second date unless it’s clear we’re both a) into each other and b) on the same page about the arrangement. By the third date, we’re either in an arrangement or I’m moving on. I just explain my situation in pretty specific terms, and that I need a supportive sweetie who can help me get to a better place in life – and that I would like to make his life more fulfilling, relaxing, and fun.

    As a result, I’ve found two very sweet SD’s on SA. Unfortunately, they were both fairly short term (3 mos) – one, because he decided he wanted a commitment possibly leading to marriage, and the other, because he has a built-in expiration date (which I figured out after the fact). I’d love to find a longer term SD, but only when the chemistry is right, of course.


  213. Cali SB says:

    CardsFanSD — YAY!!!! I have no idea who you are talking about, but I’m happy for you! :)

    GOC — I may be interested. If it’s before August I’m unavailable on weekends though. :( Possibly free on weekends starting in August.

  214. Good Ole Carebear says:

    Hi friends!

    Quick announcement:

    I decided to take it upon myself (and upon facebook) to attempt to organize what is turning out to be a GIANT sugarmeet in Vegas sometime between 7/8-8/15! If any SB’s are interested that do not have sugar facebook or my email, please feel free to catch my email from Stephan/SA email exchange.

    If any SD’s are interested in participating, please let me know as well. We would love to have you, and we would love any donations/help possible =) but of course no one is obligated.

    Really really looking forward to this, and hope to see everyone there!

  215. CardsFanSD says:

    *cannot wait to see her again*

    That is all.

  216. Cali SB says:

    Mondaine — Thank you, good luck to you too! :) That is how it would be with my friend and I if we were to have the same SD: two separate arrangements. I don’t think this would be something I would put in my profile because I don’t want an SD to think that a threesome is possible, but if we discussed that he was looking for more than one SB, I would introduce her to him. I’m also not a jealous person. Especially in a situation that I know is temporary (i.e. we’re not getting married) there is no reason to be jealous. I just really want to help my friend. She’s one of those girls who is incredibly tough and is never emotional and you don’t know anything is wrong. Last night I saw her cry FOUR times. It absolutely broke my heart. :(

  217. Mondaine says:

    @Cali – best of luck on your date! I’ll cross my fingers for you! Actually I will be having date #3 with a very promising pot at about the same time so will send some good energy across the Pacific for you.

    Many years ago, I was in my first arrangement (my allowance was not much but it was more than 10 years ago – it helped at the time) and I introduced a classmate/friend to him. They got on well for a while and I think she was having a lot of fun and was benefiting (she was a single mom) then one day she poofed. Total mystery to both him and me at the time. We thought maybe one of her exes may have had something to do with it. There was never any drama though, but it was short-lived. And although we were friends, there was no pressure for any threesomes or anything like that. Just 2 separate arrangements for him – I have no idea of the terms of their agreement – all they told me was that they enjoyed each other’s company.

    So it can happen. But I would definitely take into account SD Guru’s caveat. I don’t get jealous at all, but I think that makes me a bit of a rare species.

  218. Dallasbaby says:

    Cali SB- sound like a big mess to me, as he will want threesomes and you know it will be on like donkey kong at that point ! I tried to make a profile once like that and got so many freaks and later went a single profile and the guys brought up how they saw me with the freaky profile from before …. I lost respect at that point. The only reason I wanted to do it was because I was scared to go alone on dates.

  219. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    works fine for me, yippee I get to grab all the 10 dollar dates, lol

  220. Cali SB says:

    Guru — How did you like your experience with 2 SB’s? Personally, I am not LOOKING for an SD that wants 2 SB’s, but I would be open to it. I am trying to help one of my best friends into the sugar world right now (she wants to do it, she’s just not as proactive. That and I keep trying to get her on this site and not SD). I would be open to sharing an SD with her. We had a very long heart-to-heart last night and I she opened up to me about things I had no idea about. She is in an incredibly bad situation (the worst part is, it’s because she was trying to help her family and they screwed her big time) and I want to see her life turn around. I want to see her go to school (she wants to so badly but can’t because she can’t afford it and can’t get financial aid due to the situation she’s in). I know that she and I would split everything fairly/evenly and there wouldn’t be any jealousy.

    In other news — I have my first pot date on Monday. *dances around the room* :)

  221. Dallasbaby says:

    I can not click on anything, not even support page works !

  222. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    I’m only on it for amusement, really I have had no luck but at least i’ve got something to laugh about, I get no response on SA

  223. Mondaine says:

    … and there’s no way I’m even going to bother with whatsyourprice…..

    From everyone else’s reports, ugh.

  224. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    page is loading fine, no problems

  225. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    yes no problem here but it was running slow earlier. anyway now i’m on my laptop in my mom’s apartment and picking up the free wifi in the building so it goes out occasionally.

  226. Dallasbaby says:

    its working for you lisa? Page will not load for me !

  227. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    ok time to take my laptop over to my mom’s apartment and feed her pets.

  228. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    I spoke too soon just got a “how much for a first date” request. Read his profile First date expectations: wine, nice dinner, intimacy. and his relationship goal is married/discreet affair, not arrangement. I just hit the reject button on him, it’s obvious he’s in a hurry and not looking for an arrangment. And he is a smoker. Where did all these smokers come from?

  229. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    I never heard from my last 2 offers so I deleted them. no response for me today. It seems many of these guys are looking for drawn out first dates that include overnights obviously, that’s a lot to ask on a first date. I don’t think i’d want to spent a day with anyone on the first date. And that meeting at the last minute, I never do that.

    I’ve got 2 days left of vacation and no prospects, my luck i’ll get one next week and won’t have the time or energy to meet anyone.

  230. Dallasbaby says:

    Starting to think I need to make the price a “sex for money” and add some zeros on it !

  231. Dallasbaby says:

    Hello everyone! Is anyone else having trouble with WYP today ?

    One of the dates from the site called me thinking I could meet him that very second since it was in my hood. hmmm, not sure what he had in mind so last minute.

    Another I asked if he wanted to go bowling, he said ok and after bowling then what? I asked : what do you mean? Not much for 200.00 as this is not a sex for money thing.

  232. Mondaine says:

    Hello again everyone.

    re SB age

    I have never, ever, been rejected by someone I was interested in, for reasons of my age. I am in my late thirties too. No one I work with believes my age at all when they find out though, so I guess I look/act youthful. Younger guys love me, older guys love me, AND, get this, I am objectively average-looking, and don’t have a fantastic figure.

    Point is, there are far more things than looks and chronological youth that an interesting man can (and in my experience often does) find appealing.

  233. Honey says:

    Break that bubble bar up for at least two baths,Lisa!

  234. Honey says:

    Cleo, I’m 9 1/2 on one foot and 10 1/2, A width,in case anyone cares.I’ll take any, old shoes, or boots, you don’t need anymore,they are all new to me!! Save the ovaltine for the young uns,I’m legal to drink everywhere! I’ll take a sake lychee martini please.

  235. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    you can see by my spelling in my last post, I need to raise my caffeine level, off to starbucks, be back later

  236. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    I had a great bath last, sexbomb. Didn’t realize how big those things are. Going to try a bubble bar tonight. Yes I walked 6 blocks to the courthouse and the 9 blocks to the post off and 4 blocks back to the bus stop. So I had every right to eat that big hamburger when I got home.

    Feeling the afternoon slump now, need to pour some coffee into my motor. Looks like the heat is here

  237. Honey says:

    I hope you enjoyed your bath,Lisa after your exercise.
    I am feeling great,I have a new lover, he’s younger than me,but has so much power. I have to work to slow him down,but he feels so good between my legs…so eager to take a jump and ready for the next one. Yes, I’m in love with Danny, my school horse…He’s a handful but a great jumper, I don’t need men now,only to buy me horse stuff, I have a new love..need to be good enough for him and stay in shape (two point is a bitch!). where’s my Geritol…

  238. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Just came back from downtown. Had to go file answer to lawsuit because my certified letter got lost. Decided to use downtown post office 9 blocks from the courthouse (got my walk in for the day). Had odd experience. 4 postal clerks/ 4 counters open and only one customer (me). How weird is that?

  239. Anna Molly says:

    Slow day on the blog!

  240. Anna Molly says:

    The blog is working okay for me :)

  241. cleo says:

    incidentally am i the only one noticing that around 300 comments makes the new format of the blog load either totally slowly or not at all?

  242. cleo says:

    GG: i read it too lol

  243. cleo says:

    honey: want some ovaltine before you go? i hear it helps with the digestion at our advanced age! *giggles*

    i wear a 9.5? sometimes a 10… so i’m guessing mine are bigger?

    actually the girl i freestyle with is shorter and seriously curvy and has the most amazing skin… you know those west indians who look like there’s gold glowing under their beautiful chocolate? all shiny and healthy and could be 20 or 50? it’s hilarious… like last night i was wearing 5″ platforms and a grey houndstooth dress that is so much hotter than it sounds, really well fitted and subtle detail and keeps riding up my legs but not so much that’s it’s hoochie (so i was 6’4) and i’m a pale, green eyed brunette… and she was wearing nude pumps and a fushcia/peach dress also perfectly fitted and she was hmmm 5’8 in shoes?

    people were stopping in their tracks to stare. occasionally when we walk in people say “the hair has arrived” lol

    so you’re right, having a good partner in crime is key!

  244. GoodGirl (GG) says:

    SDGuru~ I also enjoyed the reading assignment. No matter how long you’ve been sugary sweet, it’s always good to get a fresh perspective. I especially enjoyed reading the Goal Digger blog. Thanks for sharing those links :)

  245. Honey says:

    Bye for now, I’m off to see a man about a horse!!

  246. Honey says:

    Ok, one more piece of un asked for advice, For newbie sugarbabies. Look for a job that will put you in contact with rich people, Nanny, day care worker,Teacher or caregiver. Tiger’s wife was a nanny, Princess di, a kindergarten teacher and nanny and you know about all the nice cna taking care of nice elderly men. remember Anna Nicole, she did her job and still got stiffed!!

  247. Honey says:

    Well mine is 61,”Hey sweetie!”,me being forty “only” 20 years difference and we all know women mature mentally faster than men!! So’ I’ll keep my hat in the ring, for now..lol!

    • SD Guru says:

      I discussed this with one of my girlfriends and we think the best age for sugar babies is around 25.

      Age is another popular topic in the sugar world. Let me frame the discussion from two perspectives. First, do younger SB’s (ie < 30) appeal to a larger pool of pot SD's? I think most will agree the answer is yes. Second, are there successful SB's in all age ranges? Again, I think most will agree the answer is yes as well. What it comes down to is the age difference between the SD and SB. Most SD's are not looking to date SB's close to their age, so a difference of 10-20 years is common in the sugar world. To go beyond that range is where most people become uncomfortable. There were some excellent comments in previous blogs on this topic, and here are 3 examples from Sincere SD: comment1, comment2, comment3.

      although there is a wealth of information throughout, there is so much that it can be hard to actually find what you’re looking for.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the reading assignment. :) Most of the popular topics have been thoroughly discussed at one time or another, but without a photographic memory or a moderator’s search tool it can be difficult to find. Perhaps we can start a blog project to index the comments by topic at some point.

      What do SD’s think of a pair of SB’s??… Does this happen? Does this appeal to SDs?

      It’s an interesting idea and it happened to me before but it was short lived. Generally speaking, even if the pair of SB’s are bff’s, this type of situation is prone to drama and rarely lasts.

  248. Honey says:

    cleo use golden girl suger babes need to stick together…. and you most likely have tiny feet anyway…so there..MIne IS bigger than yours!!! It’s easy to be cute, when you have youth, I have progressed to sexy , sensual and still cute. I get by.. engineer types usually fall for my type they understand about maintenance and can read all the instruction I come with!!
    But actually, used to hang out with cool blondes or hot blondes, there are at least two types, salt and pepper, we were always memorable,in the clubs, back in the day like when we bought the same dress and claimed to be twins!

  249. cleo says:

    honey i know at least one sb who is nearly fifty… so no, we shouldn’t!

  250. cleo says:

    rofl honey, any SD who finds me hot will likely also be attracted to your antique carcass… i am over the hill and ugly after all (so i was told by a sweet young thing on this blog a few months ago)

    but my shoes? forget YOU!

  251. Honey says:

    Toronto, I agree on how “Hollywood” paints the sugar lifestyle,(young, blonde,white, is the fantasy) but I have meet too many different kinds of people from all walks of life to put an age for the best sugerbaby.I stereotype to save time, but look at every offer individually. Experience has helped me. Experience is what you learn when things don’t quite go to plan. So congrats on your success and save your money. because everybody was young once and if it was hard for a pretty young thing to turn a man’s head we wouldn’t be here now, huh? So you go girl and use the pretty to get you more tangible things later on. Like you are going to school, Right? If your Great daddy were to die in an auto accident tomorrow, what would happen to you?The best is the one that meets your needs, it’s not a number. Is forty too old? Sugerdaddies out there? Should I get out of the game now and retire to my rocker?

  252. torontoblondie says:

    @ cail, then it might not be him unless it’s a guy that has multiple accounts on multiple dating sites (I know a lot do when used to use more then one site but I don’t have time for that anymore and my successful sugar daddies are off this site)

    @ storm cat: ” My point is that to a true older gentleman SD a woman under 35 is simply inappropriate.” – Really how so? Because until I used this blog I was very unaware that older women were even in the sugar baby world and most men get the idea that it usually entitles young women (you don’t have to go past the first sign up page that hints at sugar babies being young). I think it’s just due to media, but I do agree that some men that contact me (and my sugar daddy that is 50) does seem wrong and I am very uncomfortable in public. BUT the 35 year old men that contact me I absolutely love, and am never shy in public, if anything I seem more like a couple with those men because if I dress to impress I can pull off 23 maybe at the max and these men I date usually look around 32 (the ones that I continue to see more often)… But that being said my 50 year old is giving me 5 grand a month and the older ones are usually more generous and have told me that they only had young sugar babies (around 25-27). But then again I discussed this with one of my girlfriends and we think the best age for sugar babies is around 25.

  253. Cali SB says:

    Just thinking outloud here… What do SD’s think of a pair of SB’s?? Not necessarily SB’s that would be together intimately at the same time (i.e. together) with the SD, but an SD that wants more than one SB.. this would be two friends, the could go to dinners and shopping together with the SD and both be intimate with the SD, but separately of course. Does this happen? Does this appeal to SDs? I remember a blogger in that situation last year, but don’t remember who it was or what the outcome was. Of course, I’m about to go sleep for a few hours, so I’m sure (hoping) I will have some interesting conversation to come back to this afternoon. :)

  254. Honey says:

    I also offer sd safekeeping, I am so old and ugly, your daddy will be safe with me..

  255. Honey says:

    Lgm-SD, I didn’t like the tone of the article either, but any advertising is good advertising, right?

  256. Honey says:

    Yes, cleo,I offer shoe insurance. Send them to me and I will make sure they are safe.

  257. cleo says:

    so… my shoe collection is getting out of hand… i heard some people insure their shoes or wardrobes… anyone know anything about that?

  258. Cali SB says:

    Guru — thank you for those links! I have read half or more so far and found them very helpful! Sometimes the problem with the blog is although there is a wealth of information throughout, there is so much that it can be hard to actually find what you’re looking for. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

  259. Cali SB says:

    Morning AM! I decided to be proactive and do some “winking” at some pots on here last night and sending messages inviting them to view my profile. I’m sure most will be a waste of my time, as always, but here’s to hoping for my needle in a haystack! Still waiting to hear back from 2 pots from AM site.

  260. Anna Molly says:

    Good Morning Sugars! 😀

  261. sugarsugar says:

    Hello Stormcat-

    I find it interesting that you said that re: age. I thought the idea of a sugar daddy always was inappropriate. That it was about older men lusting after women more than half their age, trying to deal with their mortality in inappropriate ways. I get rejected or ignored by about 98% of the men I write to at SA but every now and then a couple will humor me and waste my time. I kind of shame them into it and then they write for a bit and then disappear. Once in a blue moon a man close to my age will be sincere about appreciating what an older woman brings to the table. I don’t get the feeling that many of the men at this blog feel the way you do but thank you for stating that

    • SD Guru says:


      You’re alive too! :) Are you still in the dessert or back to your old hangout? And how are things with your SB/soulmate?

      *sigh* Where is Guru or NYC SB when I need them? I just don’t know how to go about having the conversation about allowance.

      My “occasional” SB is visiting and she kept me busy most of the day. I just tucked her in so here I am! 😛

      The topic of how to discuss the allowance with a pot is a very popular one. Some approach it with anxiety and trepidation, while others approach it with clarity and confidence. Guess which way is better? 😉

      In addition to the great advice you’ve received so far, I’ll ask you to do some reading first and then please let us know your thoughts.

      Questions every SB should ask

      The Five Stages of Sugar

      Two Key Lessons Every SB Must Learn

      There was a great discussion on the blog a few months ago, here are Michael and Ms Taken’s views as examples.

      Has anyone read the Huffington post piece on wyp?

      That article is basically a rehash of what was on gawker the day before.

      Would it be wrong of me to spend a few days there and meet them all for lunches, dinners, drinks, etc that same trip?

      Have any of them offered to cover the cost for you to go meet them? If you’re doing this on your own dime, then you should feel free to make your own schedule and do whatever you like. If one of them is covering the travel cost for you, then it can become a gray area if you use the opportunity to meet others.

  262. Nico says:

    LOL @ TLG…very nice!!

  263. Nico says:

    Well, I should clarify. I didn’t ‘lose’ it but I chose to sell it…it was a matter of making the right choices in building my life back up again. I bought that one brand new and absolutely loved it. Missed it and bought another (used one) but it just wasn’t the same. Sold it and decided to quit wasting money on the Porsche…it was the memory I was trying to get back…not the car. So….moving on. I absolutely LOVE my car now!!

    Cards ~ I LOVED my Porsche. I absolutely miss it but I won’t get another one for a while. It will be a second/fun car as opposed to a primary mode of transportation LOL; however, I would NEVER discourage anybody else from getting one.

    Blue with the Metro Blue top and grey interior….sexy as hell! 😉

    Whew…on that note…off to bed 😀

  264. The Lone Gunman is indescribably unduplicable says:

    Honey asks:
    Has anyone read the Huffington post piece on wyp?

    Yes. I feel it’s really telling that one of the tags on the story is prostitution, even though the copy treads very much on the razor’s edge of what to label the site.
    CardsFanSD said:
    Boxster’s are hot. I’m thinking of picking one up in the fall.

    Just be sure to use your legs, and not your back, to avoid too much muscular strain.


  265. CardsFanSD says:

    Boxster’s are hot. I’m thinking of picking one up in the fall.

  266. Stormcat says:

    Oh Nico that is so sad. I hate that you lost it. I know what you mean. I lost my Z4 in my divorce and now I simply make due with my pickup truck. But hey! Things are looking up and soon I’ll be able to claim SD status again plus get my nice car back!

  267. Nico says:

    Hey Stormcat….that was my car….sold it in 2008 (Porsche Boxster S) before SD world. Sold it when I was going through my divorce. I LOOOVE cars.

    WYP = What’s Your Price….SA’s new ‘dating’ website. I’m not a fan.

  268. Tanya says:

    Its been a while, didnt follow through on my SA stalker promise :) oops.
    Have been talking with a few SD’s who are a 6hr drive from me. All in the same area. Would it be wrong of me to spend a few days there and meet them all for lunches, dinners, drinks, etc that same trip? Or would that be considered rude? I dont want to make multiple trips to the same area and spend all the $. All of them are unable to travel to me due to work schedules.

    Thanks loves!

  269. Stormcat says:

    ok I got to ask. From the context wyp no longer stands for what’s your problem/point or anything that comes up on google like wilderness youth project or wyoming probation. So would someone be so kind as to fill me in!

  270. Stormcat says:

    Nico :) ~ new car? or wishful thoughts sent into the ether?

  271. Dallasbaby says:

    UPDATE: I think I have 3 dates lined up from the new site …. time will tell.

  272. Nico says:

    HELLO Stormcat!! Good to see you too!!!

  273. Nico says:

    Guru….thanx…good call. I definitely missed that one. Doesn’t excuse the manners (or lack thereof) but I definitely see the confusion :)

  274. Stormcat says:

    sugarsugar ~
    I’ve been here for years and watched the site develop. It is quite a different place from the beginning when the concept of an aggangement had an almost idealistic respectability. Now there are so many ideas and views about what an arrangement comprises that no clerity remains. The respectability baby got thrown out with the bath water. It feels like the site has become overrun with wannabes and users. My point is that to a true older gentleman SD a woman under 35 is simply inappropriate.

  275. Honey says:

    Has anyone read the Huffington post piece on wyp?

  276. Jessie says:

    @Cali – I just saw your post that he’s not from this site. That makes it a little harder, because you have to be certain that he knows what a SD is, and what an arrangement entails. With someone from a different site I always ask:- 1) What’s your idea of a SD? 2) How do you see this relationship proceeding? 3) What would be an ideal arrangement for you? If you get beyond #1, you might stand a chance.

  277. Stormcat says:

    Hi back Lisa ~ I was actually in your area recently. I came across from Phoenix to Dallas then went to Austin for the music festival. Then down to San Antonio for a day then a week in Corpus Christi and finally over to Houston before moving on to New Orleans. It was a nice time and I thought about you as I passed through. :)

  278. sugarsugar says:


    Is he from a non sugar daddy site?

    I have never had good luck when I’ve met guys from non SD sites. I always mention the allowance early on to make sure we don’t waste each other’s time. Non SDs are always so excited at first. Mainly because they haven’t had ANY luck at the other sites hooking up and they are a little on the desperate side. They always agree to pay a little of the allowance up front. Even when things have gone well they usually become resentful at having to pay or try and negotiate you down and or go MIA. Maybe you will have better luck than me but that’s why I stick to SA because they know what our expectations are up front . The problem I have with SA though is that there are too many of us and not enough of them. And if you are over the age of 35 they treat you like you have no right to even be contacting them.

  279. Cali SB says:

    Thanks! That was an interesting read. :)

  280. Jessie says:

    @Cali – On the right-hand side of the blog click on “How To Negotiate With A Sugar Daddy.”

  281. Cali SB says:

    Jessie — This pot is not from this website.

  282. Stormcat says:

    Cali ~
    the whole thing is that an arrangement is a lot about making traveling through life a lot easier for both parties for the time being. The discussion should be about that. For example: here are my needs and wants. They require me to have $xxx every month/week. Then if he turns it into a negotiation just say it is not negotiable! And mean it! In an arrangement both parties really do care about each other. So if your pot starts down the demeaning/name calling/ arms length p4p path then simply walk because he doesn’t get it and it will never work anyway.

  283. Jessie says:

    @Cali – The easiest thing to do is ask what he did with his previous SB. Also, you already have a number listed in your profile…so has he mentioned that?

  284. Dallasbaby says:

    Cali SB – try, what can you afford and from that we can either do less or more time together but willing to work in your budget?

  285. Cali SB says:

    *sigh* Where is Guru or NYC SB when I need them? I just don’t know how to go about having the conversation about allowance. If he asks me what I’m looking for, do I divert back to him or give him a number? Do I say we should meet over dinner and discuss it or should we already know an allowance/meet number before going into dinner or drinks?

  286. Dallasbaby says:

    I once met a guy for drinks once and said lets go have dinner and we did …….later he texted me how he was mad about having to pay for my dinner !

  287. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    ok I just got another request on wyp. another ugly, obese guy who doesn’t live in my city. I think i should select “reject”

    I agree Dallasbaby that they want to meet for drinks because it’s cheaper. That’s always an issue for me since I really don’t drink (had 2 glasses of wine in 2010) and I never drink with a stranger so the drink thing doesn’t work for me.

  288. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    sugarsugar I have to agree with you on that. Gee every guy that contacted me was ugly, one looked ok but was too country for me. But for me since I don’t have any extra money and I can’t do regular manicure and all because I do physical labor, I can’t keep my nails looking good. I can do my nails and have them looking decent (can’t have long nails of course) and then 10 minutes into work, my polish (even Opi) is chipping and i’m constantly having to pull out my clipper which I keep in my pocket and cut off torn edges or rips that come from opening boxes and stocking stuff. In addition I can’t meet anyone on a workday as even though I get off around 3 or 4, i’m sore tired and wrecked after work, the last thing I feel like doing is meeting someone so when I do it, I do it on one of my days off.

  289. Stormcat says:

    Dallas ~ lmao. You had it right just forgot the preface “someone who would ask that usually thinks allowance means sex for money” Anyway, the enlightened understood what you were saying.

  290. Dallasbaby says:

    Cali SB – keep in mind a high priced escort service charges 1,600 for 2 hrs if you do your research … if travel is involved it would be in the 6-8 grand for one night. I would think a sugar baby would be worth more ?

  291. Dallasbaby says:

    sugarsugar – most guys want to meet for drinks to keep it on the cheap !

  292. Cali SB says:

    Dallasbaby — The amount of allowance has to come up at some point or there would never be any arrangements. I just don’t know how to go about talking about the amount.

  293. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Nice to see you Stormcat

    From what I have observed, those that are the most generous, expect the least and are not demanding whereas those that demand the most offer the least. My last sd which only lasted 6 weeks, got together with me once a week for about 3 hours, this included a nice lunch and conversation. He gave my 2k the first month without hesitation and then went on to help me get an apartment and prepay rent as well as give me allowance for the other 2 weeks. In those 6 weeks, he gave me over 7k in allowance and prepaid rent and gifts, etc and we seen each other a total of 7 times , which included the first time we met. I have had offers from other sds wanting to get together 2-3 times a week for less than 1k. And there was that guy that I mentioned earlier who wanted to stay at my place 3 days a week, 4 times a month for 500 a month.

  294. sugarsugar says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think any serious SD is going to use WYP. Just my opinion but I think it’s pretty self absorbed to ask someone to pay us for a first date. They are already springing for dinner. When you go on a real date at a non-SD site you don’t ask for compensation for your time. You should be screening your SDs pretty carefully and if you did and got to know them a little before you met then it shouldn’t be a waste of time to give up 2 hours of your day to meet someone new. And you got a nice dinner out of it. If it costs you a fortune to get ready for a date it sounds a bit too high maintenance to me. Mani/pedis, waxing, hair, make up are things I do on a daily basis to look my best. Asking someone to compensate us for that before they even know if they want to be in an arrangement with us is a bit much. As SBs we already get spoiled enough

    I’ve been contacted by 3 guys so far. These guys are not SDs. I’ve seen better looking guys at plenty of Fish. I wonder how they even heard about the site. I think once its public every guy who has been unsuccessful at Ashley, Match.com etc is gonna sign up and think they can get laid for $50

    This is just my opinion folks.

  295. Dallasbaby says:

    Oops, I mean it does not mean sex for money !

  296. Dallasbaby says:

    Cali SB – it is a set up …once you name a price the reply will be you are a whore or they say and what do I get for this allowance? Allowance does mean sex for money ! Sex should be natural and done when you are ready.

  297. Stormcat says:

    Hey GG :) :)
    No news worth relaying. Sounds like you are doing well though. Yay!

  298. Cali SB says:

    I hate when a I’m asked the allowance that I’m looking for. I never know how to answer. I live in Los Angeles. Do you have any advice for an answer? Or how to get him to name a number first?

  299. Stormcat says:

    On the other hand’ maybe it was that racous sister of yours screeming from the dungeon for you to bring in another sacrifice that made you think of me!
    Or you really could be psychic 😉

  300. GoodGirl (GG) says:

    Must be a warp Stormy :) I hope you’re doing well! Any sugar news??

  301. Stormcat says:

    AM ~ must be a disturbence in the cosmos! (Or an existentialist wharp.) But it is nice to be thought of!

  302. Anna Molly says:

    Hey Stormcat! Good to see you! I thought about you today 😀
    I must be psychic! 😀

  303. Stormcat says:

    Oh cool AM, Nico, and Cleo too I feel happy! :)

  304. Stormcat says:

    This is looking a lot like the blog I used to know! GG, Beach, Lisa, Red Maru, Guru, Alleycat, Muse, NYCSB, I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Don’t worry I haven’t written any new poetry lately. Been too busy with work. But I’ve missed it here so I checked in tonight.

  305. Dallasbaby says:

    Pozo wanted me to be his baby momma because he said I have the beauty genes he is looking for and he would pay 50 k . He told me this when we met in person. * barf *

  306. Dallasbaby says:

    torontoblondie – he was not from this site but you can google his name. pozo santiago

    • SD Guru says:

      @NYC SB
      Guru maybe she gave you the hot guy discount :p

      I’ll take all the hot guy discounts I can get!! :mrgreen:

      He requires discretion so I suggested drinks at my hotel the first day and lunch the next day

      Maybe he mis-interpreted your good intentions and used it as an opening to be overly forward. There is no excuse for his behavior, but perhaps as a SB it’s not a good idea to invite a pot SD to come to your hotel because it could give off the wrong impression.

      How should I go about this ? We’re both excited and I feel like I should take a chance.

      In general I wouldn’t recommend a first meet to last several days and requires the SB to travel, especially if it’s a newbie. Too many things can go wrong and the risk/reward is not in your favor. The internet is full of stories of first travel meets gone bad, although some have beat the odds and had a good experience. In addition to all the great advice so far, I’d suggest that you take a look at “Travel Guidelines for SB’s” in the “Dating Tips” section to the right.

      Like I said, great connection and everything is there, he is very legit , and I trust him. Is it wrong or too soon to say I trust him?

      Also take a look at “Lessons learned by a newbie SD” where CardsFanSD wrote “Great email exchanges don’t mean jack for chemistry in real life. The chemistry you think is there in the moment, may be less when you wake up the next day. Anticipation can make the chemistry seem greater than it is.” As for trust, it is earned over time. So think carefully before you start trusting someone you just met on the internet.

  307. torontoblondie says:

    @ Dallasbaby, what’s that california guy’s profile number, I wonder if it’s the same guy my girlfriend met up with (he contacted me on the site but I gave him my girlfriends email instead because I can’t be bothered with traveling) anywho this guy gave her 3 grand before she departed via money transfer, and then when she got there she spent a week with him and when the week was up she asked for the other 3 g and he said ‘yeah thats for the next time you come’ which was totally not the case in the emails :S so you might have actually been in luck. Wanna see if it was the same guy then you could be even happier for doing what you did.

  308. GoodGirl (GG) says:

    Sorry to keep jumping in and out of the convo. :)
    Dallasbaby~ I think he knows how how it has worked for him in the past, but it sounds like he was maybe a ‘john’ without knowing it. lol! A “no-expectations” $200 dinner is nice, but let’s face it, it’s not that hard to find a regular boyfriend (or any old guy) to take us out to one of those. SDs are supposed to be more than that….
    I had a man tell me something like that once, that I didn’t know what a daddy was, and that I had a warped sense of the meaning of sugar. I had to let him go….don’t be sad for me. lol

  309. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    ok one minute he is saying he just wants to meet for a meal and then he’s talking about not handing over money without something in return.

    I don’t think i’m going to put much into this new site. The concept was a good idea but it seems the men are looking for 22 dollars dates and expect so much. I have read several of the profiles , including those who contacted me and many of them expect all day or overnight dates.

  310. Dallasbaby says:

    I will not just hand over my body on a platter to some guy with 200.00 !

  311. Dallasbaby says:

    Is it just me or is he talking in circles? He wrote: I know what a suger baby is I have had several. I can afford them. But I will not just hand over money without some expectation of something in return. If you think thats how sugar daddy’s work you are very mistaken or have found one that is out of the ordinary. I am offering you a 200 meal tonight just to meet me, no expectations. Not sure what else you would want.

  312. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    ok I couldn’t understand what he was talking about either. I am seeing a completely different, less refined member base on this site. The 6 that have contacted me, well they looked kind of tack, redneck type and chubby baby faced men. I couldn’t even get to the 150 mark. They all reject that, and as I said one offered 10 dollars. They obviouly don’t get it. The point of the site it to meet and see if you want to persue an arrangment, the dating fee is just to show they are serious and to make it more worth the time getting ready to meet these guys.

    The site clearly states that intimacy is not part of the first date, it is just a first date.

  313. Anna Molly says:

    lol…sounds like the super 8 offer I had not too long ago 😀

  314. Anna Molly says:

    Oh good greif! What are these guys thinking?

  315. Dallasbaby says:

    His offer was 200.00 by the way !

  316. Cali SB says:

    I can’t get mail on here to save my life!

    Dallasbaby — ewww! lol

  317. Dallasbaby says:

    He wrote: sorry. In the future you should ask for money commensurate with what you expect to provide. Asking for money creates a false expectation about the type of evening if everything clicks. I wish you the best. This is my first time to try this site. I dont think this type of false expectation exchange works very well.

    I wrote: Just go to an escort site babe. Makes things easier instead of trying to get what you want from here. We are sugar babies not escorts and looking for wealthy men.

  318. Anna Molly says:

    Dallasbaby ~ What? Is he smokin’ crack? I’ve had a glass of wine, so, maybe I’m not reading the message right?

  319. Dallasbaby says:

    After the offer I get this mail : I just got in Dallas. I can meet for dinner tonite. I think we need to talk about this price thing. I suspect it included dessert. I wanted to meet and discuss dinner and dessert in person so we should discuss what is in a first date at our first date and a fair price for a first date then.

  320. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    wow he sounds like a real winner. I got 6 and answered back with my request but nothing but rejections. I was hoping i’d be able to meet someone this weekend as I never have weekends off but no luck. only one contact hasn’t responded back and he’s from out of state so I don’t see myself meeting him in the next 3 days.

  321. Dallasbaby says:

    I said yes to 11 offers and still no dates planned anyway. One guy goes on to text me if I like drugs. ewwwwa !

  322. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    lol yes i’m always suspicious when some 20 or 30 year old pretty boy contacts someone like me. I never take them serious. anywy i’d rather stay home that waste time and effort and get jittery over meeting someone for 20 dollars.

  323. Dallasbaby says:

    Guys use fake photos too you know. I met a guy who looked 35 in his picture and was more in the 80 range and not the guy in the photo at all. I asked him about it and he said: ” I look better than that guy anyway right ? ” ummmm, No !

  324. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    I have had 6 contacts and none area willing to pay 150. None of these guys are hot. the 10 dollar guy was a big kinda ugly looking guy who looked like he’d live in my old neighborhood. I am finding that the majority of the ones contacting me are not looking to be sds, their relationship goals are long term, casual dating, discreet affair, adult dating, etc.

  325. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    I have ran into nothing but guys asking “how much for a first date” and then running scared after I ask for 150-200. one guy sent a offer of 10 dollars, lol And I had one guy contact me and reject my request. odd the way he described himself didn’t match his picture. his profile said dark brown hair but his pic he had light blond hair and looked like a model or stock photo.

    i’m over at my mom’s apartment spending some time with her pets, dog growled at me but stopped when I opened her cage (she is old and blind). I gave her a dog icecream and food and water. going to stay here an hour or so.

    so far the new site is just funny

  326. Texasugah says:

    Hey ladies and gents!

    Oh I feel so much better after loosing 180, greying pounds.

    There’s a lot of good stuff going on with the blog today. AM.. I THINK I might have met a great pot there.. 50ish, Jewish and a big jeweler here in H-town. We have great conversations and plan to meet next week. But the rest of the guys on AM are looking for free sex. WHATEVER!

    I get TONS of email because I’m a wee bit into kink and well.. hey.. anyhoo…

    WYP – I was thinking heavily about this. I’m thinking that I’m ok with the lower first date offer because I don’t want anyone thinking they are shelling out for a date (that’s pressure enough) but also transportation costs (that’s about all I’m asking for). Really… if it hits off then Im going to discuss an arrangement, if not, I haven’t lost anything ya know? My offers are about 150. I don’t think that’s too shabby.

    Central Texas – Trust your guts with this. I completely understand where you’re coming from with wanting to get away for a while.

  327. Dallasbaby says:

    Lisa, maybe you ran into this guy ! To prove this is a viable model for dating, we are going to send one of our own SINGLE staff members — a ‘regular Joe’ — to test out WhatsYourPrice. over the next few weeks. He will be armed with 1000 credits (which is what members of our First Date Guarantee package will get) and $200 in cash. He will then be asked to make $20 offers to attractive members on the site… and he will go out on 1st dates.


    Hey thank you.. I’m really new to this…however, I was contacted by a man who seems perfect..however… do i go on a few daates and when i actually start showing myself intimately…Hes also not my type..hopefully he grows into being my type.

  329. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Hi Honey.

    I just watched my mom and daughter via webcam depart on their cruise. I got up early so i’m very tired.

  330. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    DSA, there is alot of that on any site. It’s a matter of weeding out the garbage to get to the prize. I just got my 4th rejection today from WYP. It seems that 100-150 is too much to ask from these guys. I mean just about every guy who has contacted me has been so so in looks, could lose a few pounds, nothing special, etc. It seems they are looking at the home page and think that they can meet someone on here for 22 dollars. I’m seeing some familiar faces from SA but alot of new faces which don’t have the resources or frame of mind to be a sd.


    all these offers i’m getting are pretty much ” hey baby, let me take you round town then take you back to my place” Is that its all about? I though there was still some wooing to be done even in aa NSA relationship.

  332. Honey says:

    Hey dudes and dudettes!

  333. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    No that’s not the guy. The one that contacted me was white guy mid 50’s with a grin on his face and wore a ball cap, sitting in his garden or something.

  334. Nico says:

    Central Tex….I would mirror what Cards said re: the room. Definitely have your own room and verified that the reservations are in your name. My Pots have sent me (email) a copy of the hotel confirmation. I don’t mind travel because I do it so much with work and while many would say He should travel to You on the first date, this isn’t always possible – given their schedules. Just be safe. A girlfriend that knows where you’re at, his name and contact information and DO NOT meet in his hotel room unless you have intentions to be intimate. Too many horror stories about girls / pressure / uncomfortable etc. He’ll meet you in the lobby like a true gentleman. :-)

    Oh, and as silly as it sounds, make certain you have a round-trip ticket :-) Trust your gut and you’re saying that you do, then be optimistic but cautiously so. ….and GOOD LUCK!!

  335. Dallasbaby says:

    Lisa , Google Santiago Pozo at the 2009 NHMC Impact Awards Gala ……is that him?

  336. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Dallasbaby that guy sounds similiar to someone who contacted me. I had a guy from California contact me 3 years ago (and I know this guy is still on the site as I saw his profile a few months ago on a random search). His offer was 3k to spend 7 days with him, once a month. I was out of work for a month a few months later and he contacted me, and I wrote back, he said I should jump on the next plane and come see him. yeah right, i’m out of work and am less than a month away from running out of money and i’m going to jump on a plane at my expense. I asked him if he was going to send me a plane ticket and he poofed.

  337. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    that’s similiar to the fact that most sds won’t meet a woman who doesn’t have a job or go to school, in other words, the don’t want a woman who does nothing but at the same time they think nothing of wanting them to travel on moment’s notice or be available whenever they want them. I love to travel but because I work, I can’t just take off and travel or fly to anyone’s town.

  338. Dallasbaby says:

    I once was given 3 k upfront and then was to get 3 k when I showed up in california and as soon as I walked in the door the guy wanted me to get to sexing with him. I asked him since we will be here for 7 whole days can we relax and get to know each other a bit as I am tired from the long plane ride and the long drive we just had. He sreamed at me that it just was not working out and sent me home without the extra 3 k ! I could have never even showed and stole the money . He should at least treated me well !

  339. Dallasbaby says:

    On wyp I make local offers because my profile says “no travel” and I look to make sure they have “yes, I travel” listed. Sure enough once the date is set they want me to travel ! grrrrrrrr

  340. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    It is also very risky to travel to meet someone when you have doubts. If you meet them locally, you can jump in your car, take a bus or taxi home but when your away from home and might not be familiar with you surroundings, there is more risk. And separate accomodations are a must as if when you meet, he is not into you or you are not into him, you will be stuck trying to find a place to stay at moment’s notice. And you can never depend on a stranger to get you your own room if things don’t work. If you refuse him something, it’s not like he’s going to say ok, well let me get you a room to stay till it’s time for you to return home. It’s more like you’ll be left out in the cold.

  341. Anna Molly says:

    CentralTex ~ I agree with the Lisa and CardsFan. If it doesn’t feel right then don’t do it, and, if you do decide to go, be safe and don’t let him talk you into doing something you’re not comfortable with. I would request seperate accommodations and have a plan in case it turns sour.

  342. Dallasbaby says:

    CentralTex- has he sent you at least some flowers for the long talks you had so far? He should have called your local florist and gave them your number to deliver.

  343. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. I always follow my instinct.

  344. CardsFanSD says:

    @Dallas: LOL! You crack me up :-)

    @CentralTex: If it were me, and what do I know, but… you should have sleeping accommodations apart from him for the duration of your stay, provided by him, just in case you meet him and it’s a different vibe than you get now. Be safe. You need an option should the vibe not be there and you should not have to pay for it.

  345. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    I just got a 10 dollar date offer, REJECT! Looking at his income though, probably can’t afford more. So many on the new site have lower incomes.

  346. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    You gotta love those whose idea of “spoiling” is with kisses or affection.

  347. Dallasbaby says:


  348. CentralTex says:

    Question ! Here is my dilemma,
    I’ve met a wonderful pot, we talk alot via phone (when hes not busy), we click SO well, hes divorced, handsome, caring, overall.. a great gentleman . He’s very busy & I have recently been having a rediculously lousy time at this point in my life so He wants to fly me to Chicago for 3 days before easter to pamper and meet me, But it will be our first meet. There lies the problem. Like I said, great connection and everything is there, he is very legit , and I trust him. Is it wrong or too soon to say I trust him? Also, he doesn’t travel around the DFW area much so me flying is easier. How should I go about this ? Were both excited and I feel like I should take a chance. Ill have my own cash incase anything goes wrong, so why not just try it ? It couldn’t be worse than the way my last sd treated me ! Lol, thats for sure .

  349. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    My company doesn’t have workers’s comp. Texas employers can opt out and actually i’ve never worked at a company that has it. You sign a paper when you are hired letting you know that the employer doesn’t participate in workers comp. Actually two people have been badly hurt since i’ve worked there and both just kind of disappeared (were supposed to come back but never did). anyway when I cut my hand, the boss just kinda laughed and gave me a bandaid, that’s all. It’s healing nice now because luckily I haven’t had to use my hand for stocking and stuff so the bandaids don’t get sweated off (whenever I have a cut on my hand it takes forever to heal because the wound keeps opening up from using my hands. This is my one week vacation, only get one week per year. And it is better than being at work, anything is better than being in that hell but I wish I could get out and do something. I’ve got a few dollars for lunch tomorrow and saturday and thats about it. Ended up wasting alot of money having things notarized and sending out certified return reciept letters to the courts.
    I would have loved to go on the cruise but I didn’t have any money.

    I am happy to be off but I want to have some fun with my tme off because next monday , my life goes back to hell.

  350. Spawn of Santa says:

    Lisa, why would this stay affect you vacation? I thought this was a workers comp paid leave because you cut your hand, no?
    But doesn’t matter, looks like you are getting bored at home and will be happy to go back to work and have something to do! :)

  351. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    sounds like the typical Texas sd.

  352. GoodGirl (GG) says:

    *Gimme a B!! :)

  353. Nico says:

    *ugh* Had to share! Guru and Dallas…funny but touches on something you both addressed just recently.

    Sooo, been chatting with a pot in TX. His work schedule has kept us from meeting (?) so he asked for 30 days and then he would fly me out to TX (my preference). Turns out my company is sending me to his town next week for a conference….great opportunity for a first meet. Up to this point the text messages have been good and respectful. He requires discretion so I suggested drinks at my hotel the first day and lunch the next day, since the conference breaks for lunch.

    Him: Well, I’m thinking I’m going to want you for dinner and lunch!
    Me: Want me?
    Him: Less filling and no doubt taste great!
    Me: Ok, need to pull back there mister! Is that how you talk to a lady you haven’t even met?
    Him: Ok, no prob
    Me: If the meeting goes well we can discuss an arrangement. I do not want to be thought of as a sexual object any more than you would want to be thought of as a financial one.
    Him: Never thought of you in any other terms my dear!

    *aaargh* Stop the madness!!!! I want off this ride!!!

  354. CardsFanSD says:

    There are days when I want to listen to Boston and feel like I am in high school again in the mid 80’s, driving around with my friends. Moods sometime require Robert Johnson and some blues, and a history of richness. I can listen to Eminem and be amazed at his acrobatic usage of words. Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” reminds me of the women I know who do not love themselves as they should. Glycerine by Bush takes me back 15 years and reminds me, I cannot fix someone. Love is not always enough. Sometimes you have to let go.

  355. CardsFanSD says:

    @Lovely – Yes, I believe so. I hit the drivethrough at 6am. I am still waking up. Repeat it in the same order I said it, and your labels say it, so I must think less. That is all I need. :-)

    @anna – um…. sure :-) it’s always nice to have a face to put with everything. Drop me a note! I am the luckiestguy1 at a g place for mail. I’ll reply with a pic and you can then send yours.

  356. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Yaaa, I just got 26 more free weeks of the WSJ, now percy will have plenty of paper to poop on, lol

  357. Lovelylibra says:

    @the lone gunman
    Yeah I know that’s Why I didn’t bother posting after that
    I was in abad mood too, I hate using punctuation on my iPhone on this site
    I don’t know if it’s because I only have a 3G or what but this site isnt easy to type on!

    isn’t tazo just the brad name of the (chai) tea?

  358. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    THe mall is in view of my door and I will go over later to get some lunch but it’s depressing to be near the stores when i’m broke. Mall isn’t much fun without shopping.

  359. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    There is a pocket park (small narrow park) behind the apartments but it’s too hot to sit outsite. I got a bad sunburn on my neck and on my forehead just from walking down the street yesterday. Too hot to do anything outside. I can’t even walk the track anymore because by the time they unlock it at 3(when the school gets out) it’s too hot to be out. It’s 77 already, humid and very windy.

  360. Anna Molly says:

    Lisa ~ Is there a park close by? You could take a book and relax in the sun for a little while this afternoon.

  361. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Thanks Anna Molly, I just hate that I can’t do anything fun, just sit home. Family is off on a 4 day cruise. I couldn’t find an sd in time to come up with my share so I didn’t get to go. My next vacation time off won’t be till next March or April :(

  362. Anna Molly says:

    Lisa ~ Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  363. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFan ~ Thank you darlin’! *Blush* 😉
    Let me know if you would like to exchange photos 😀

  364. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    My pic was actually a pic of a baby bird I rescued, but somehow my face got in it, lol
    I’m probably better with my head missing

  365. CardsFanSD says:

    Random note of the day: Ok, so I order a Venti Iced Chai this morning. And today like every day, she repeats it back to me. Iced Venti Chai. Why? Am I saying it wrong? So I get into work, look at the label on the side of the cup. It says “Venti Iced Tazo Chai”. So why does she switch it around! Every time! STOP IT PLEASE!!

    Good morning all :-) Hope your day’s off to a great start. Life is good. But short. Enjoy it.

    @Anna: Can I just say, the best pictures in my opinion, are like yours? I love not seeing your whole face, but just enough to know a) you’re attractive, and b) make me wonder what you do look like. Mystery! Intriguing. Lisa does the same thing. Nice :-)

  366. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Good morning. Gail where are you?
    Just saw my family of to their cruise. They will be gone till monday. Missing them already. Have 4 more days off to enjoy but nothing to do.

  367. NYC SB says:

    Guru – yes I am alive :) speaking from experience with one exception possibly since nyc sd and I are on chance 3 … Haha no wedding plans yet.

    I am slightly bothered that they used someone’s profile like that! I bet she didn’t give them permission to do so… If it was my profile that they featured I would be considering my legal options and a c&d letter would be in their hands already

    Guru maybe she gave you the hot guy discount :p

  368. Anna Molly says:

    Morning Sugars 😀

  369. Dallasbaby says:

    Emails are not working on WYP right now….two guys now had blank mails when writing me after confirming a date and one wrote in the subject line how it was not working for him !

  370. cleo says:

    geeze sd guru now i wonder if we’ve exchanged site emails… or if i winked at you and you said “sorry cutie, you’re not my type” or something…


  371. cleo says:

    lulu thing makes me laugh, they’re so old news to me but for a lot of folks they’re still new

    gotta admit their stuff is amazing
    toronto blondie: huh we were there on a saturday and it SUCKED so we were never going back but if it’s all hot male candy the rest of the time then i’ll have to drag her there next time we go out. thanks for the tip!

    personally i wouldn’t say no to your sloppy seconds either. some girls can just find sd’s and some girls aren’t as good at it

    like the girl i go out with, she’s always like “that guy over there” and i’m like ‘where’ and she points at like ten things about him that i just don’t see because i see posture and bones and whatever… but it’s fun because then she goes “engage that guy” and since i’m all sociable i just do and then fun ensues.

    i just wish i left my house years ago!


  372. Honey says:

    My allowance is “officially” around six hundred a month. That is direct deposited into my account. Then I get paypal twice a month of $500, I have a debit mastercard hooked up to that. Plus almost anything I see, I just say “please daddy, get me this” and that works out to about 3-4000 a month. Not quite $2500 weekly that some may get, but I get by. But I try to not spend a lot, cause I want to save more money and I only save the $600, so I don’t feel to bad. Don’t own one pair of Louboutins either! But I have NO debt!! AT all! That’s why I’m in the sugar lifestyle!! It’s a numbers game, you gotta stick yourself out there. Gotta kiss a lot a frogs to find the prince for you. I’ve found great guys on sucky sites. make your ad stand out. Be an interesting person and I talk back and even interrupt my SD, maybe a little less than I would others, but your job is to be a sweet, fun , interesting, sexy woman. and to mostly be yourself, not fake. Loved the chat for the past few days fun. Night everybody. Night Lisa.

    • SD Guru says:

      Sorry to change the subject but has anyone else seen this…?

      As a side note, I have exchanged emails with the profile featured in that article. It was on SA, not WYP. She did not ask for compensation to meet, but I wonder what her asking price is on WYP? :)

      @NYC SB
      Guru – I agree second chances are usually short lived most of the time

      You’re alive! 😛 Is that speaking from experience? By the way, when is the wedding?? 😆

  373. Dallasbaby says:

    Oh Lisa, that remind me of something worse I have heard a few times already …..a guy saying he had the surgery to not get girls preggers or that he is sterile so we can have a real great time together. He is clean and hopes I am too ! I have to next him at that point !

    If I had some back bone, I would want to tell him his offer is worse then having to kiss my dogs butt after a fresh walk …. both sound like a fear factor moment to me! ewww

  374. Honey says:

    Lulu has great clothes!! They fit! They have yoga clothes in number sizes. up until size 14. They are sooo comfortable!!

  375. sugarsugar says:

    It will work from your iPhone but like I said if you intend to keep that account going don’t slip up and log in from your home computer

    Good luck!

  376. Cali SB says:

    sugarsugar — I know it’s based on IP but the girls who answer in their CS center aren’t that bright. I’m going to make a new account at my friend’s place sometime this week. I went through my trash and found the young pot (literally searched the SN’s of every person who msged me til I found his) and I’m going to message him from that account once it’s approved. I guess I will need to use a new photo also. I could always force a new IP address on my router, but that’s a lot of work and I really don’t feel like doing it right now. I guess I could always use my iPhone too without a photo. I’ll try that tomorrow if this account gets banned too. I just want to message that pot my email address.

  377. torontoblondie says:

    @ cali

    actually I might, I have to go through my email but I remember one guy offered me 2.5 grand to go down just for a weekend to see him, I never actually went through with it (I can’t really travel much and don’t see the reason – I don’t want to have to travel every month some place when I have school) . Actually I think there was 3 guys that offered around that amount,

    maybe I can say I met you on a vacation or something? Say you’ve never done this but I partied with you at a vacation resort we just both ended up randomly being at? Guys always spring for something new and shiny if you catch my draft 😉 and I could just say that I;d expect them to give her the same amount. Can you get away for weekends? One guy had a gorgeous backyard/pool I remember that lol :p

  378. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Yoga inspired clothes?

  379. sugarsugar says:


    It has nothing to do with how you fill out the profile. They ban you based on your IP address. You need to use a different computer is all. Just make sure that after you set up the new account that you never log in on your old computer because eventually they will trace the IP address and ban you again. You’re welcome LOL

    Good luck finding your SD!

  380. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Dallasbaby I once had a guy from SA contact me and wanted to give me 500 a month and visit every week for 3 days while he was in town on business AND he wanted to stay at my place. That guy is still on the site 3 years later. He was looking for a free hotel.

    I would never have a stranger in my house, especially someone from out of town and these guys on AM want freebies it looks like from what i’ve read and heard. But alot of married men even on the sd sites expect to use the woman’s place instead of springing for a hotel. That is fine if the guy is generous and safe and not trying to be cheap as it can be hard to check into a hotel in the middle of the day at a decent hotel and many married sds only have free time during the work day.

    Many times when you mention to them that you put your safety above everything, they say something like “i’m completely safe, you will be safe with me, etc” now really how many killers tell you that you won’t be safe with them and that they intend to hurt you?

    If I ever find another sd and he is from out of town, there is a brand new Westin hotel that connects by skywalk directly to the mall which is across the street from where I live. No reason a legit sd couldn’t book his room there if he comes to town to meet me.

  381. Honey says:

    I love lululemon!!

  382. Dallasbaby says:

    Lisa, That seems weird that a guy wants to use your place like that? what if he was a killer and you just let him in to kill and steal from you like the whole craigslist killer thing…..I hope girls online do not have men they just met and know “zero” about know where you live . More sad that guys think they can just save on a hotel bill and use us like that.

  383. NYC SB says:

    Guru – I agree second chances are usually short lived most of the time

  384. Cali SB says:

    sugarsugar — I got banned because I was sending my SA link to pot’s in messages because I didn’t feel like filling out a profile there when I like my profile here. I’m just really annoyed because I had found a really hot, young, experienced SD on there and I don’t think I had gotten the chance to give him my email and I doubt I’ll be able to find him again. I tried to make a new profile and they banned it immediately even though I used a totally different email/birthday/etc. I don’t care if I have a profile on there again, I just want to be able to contact that pot.

  385. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    the guys on AM are just looking for free sex and most insist that you have your own place, they probably don’t want to pay for a hotel. I was on that site for less than 24 hours, no pic, fairly vague profile, just mentioned looking for a sd. Most of the messages I got included the guy asking if I “had someplace we could go”

  386. RedMaru says:

    Hey AnnaMolly 😀 I’ve been busy with work’s been drivin me up the wall. My branch of the sector always gets on edge whenever a new govenor is elected so I been on eggshells and needles for since the new year started. I’m really lookin forward to the weekend. Wish I had some sugar to make things sweeter so I’m pickin up my search again. Been on a bit of a hiatus but trying to get back in the swing. I see alot has happened including this new price dating…hmmmm (raises eyebrow)

    To answer blog question though my definition of arrangement is where both parties are benefiting getting wants and needs met.
    Hopefully I’ll have some genuine Sugar for the spring and not this saccharin I have encountered

  387. sugarsugar says:

    Hey CaliSB

    I agree about AM. They banned me because I was looking for a sugar daddy and talking allowances. I think some guy I turned down reported me. When I complained they basically said tough noogies. They said I told some guy he was scum. I NEVER ever would say that to anyone. I might call them an ahole but not scum LOL. I asked them to present me with evidence and they said NO and that I was banned.

    Yes, very very rude.

    Also what they told me is that they allow people to advertise for SD type relationships but we can only ask for expenses paid related to the affair, as in hotel room, carfare and maybe dinner. If we ask for an allowance they say we are escorts. Unbelievable.

  388. Spawn of Santa says:

    Toronto, while I’m hot, I’m not a SD/SM, so unfortunately won’t be able to utilize your discount :)
    You mentioned dumping your allowance SD for this one, I’m just saying be careful, don’t do anything rash.

  389. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    interesting some of the guys that have viewed me on wyp have an income of less than 20k an are looking for a ltr. This must be a very confusing site, not many sds on it.

    4 more days of vacation, wish I had something fun to do. Having some quiet time is great but I just wish I could do some fun things.

  390. Cali SB says:

    I’m sorry but I can’t help but be a little jealous of SB’s that have 2 SD’s when I can’t even find one. :( Toronto, do you have any referrals in LA? lol

  391. Anna Molly says:

    Hey Red! Good to see ya! I was thinking about you today, wonderin’ what you’ve been up to 😀

  392. torontoblondie says:

    @ Spawn of Santa

    Excuse me? I never said he was a web designer, I know he started in computers (a good degree to get mind you) got more degrees and moved up in the world (he’s an investor now). And stop paying me allowance :S k I get 5 g’s from my other sugar daddy, I’m plenty fine. And I’m sure that would never be a problem with this gentleman he makes lots of money.

    Why what do you offer your sugar babies allowance wise? And are you hot? Maybe I’ll offer you that discount then 😉 lol

    @ cleo – I went around 6:30 on a tuesday, all men, full, Most likely the business men getting home from work (its a half hotel half condo) so go then, because trust me I was wearing jeans, a lulu lemon sweater and slippers and I was getting eye fucked by everyone! Lol Then I got showed up by my gucci wearing date, lol should have worn a hot dress (I always do in the summer and for dinner) but I under estimated the hotel bar :p very modern and nice, oh well he seemed to be smitten of me either way :p

  393. RedMaru says:

    Hey sugars! Long time no see to those I know and hi “im RedMaru from Atl ” for those I dont kno

  394. texasugah says:

    Hey all…

    Tons of great advice. Yes, I know I was acting like a GF. Because he’s NOT a sugar. We were trying to have a relationship.. like the type leading to marriage at some point. But… since he’s said things that make me question him.. I’m going to next him. There’s more than the promotion. He’s made comments that lead me to believe that he may cause me financial grief at some point. Moving on..

    Welcome back GG – I’m an on again off again blogger.

    Anna – don’t worry dear.. a fantastic sugar is on he horizon.

    Lisa – yeah I saw that. With the cheap rates for a date. But I guess if you’re looking for a boyfriend, with no allowance, it’s not bad. Gas money to go down the street. I got a letter today from a guy I’ve been looking at on other sites. I think I’ll say “Hey baby!”

    I need to email my sugars and get back on the band wagon. I don’t think they know they were so close to danger… LOL

  395. Dallasbaby says:

    torontoblondie – I hope it is not the 36 year old that runs elite meeting dating site and was on the millionaire match tv show?

  396. The Lone Gunman is indescribably unduplicable says:


    Graduate, Yoda School of English, you are? :)

    TLG returns to regular North America on Sunday Late Night. Watch your local listings.

  397. Honey says:

    Cleo, Libra, all-Yeah, I’m an oldie, but goodie, just got back earlier from shopping for arch supports for my shoes!! Almost $400 dollars and not one shoe!! back in the day I would have just kept stuffing my feet into bad for me expensive shoes!! Guess I’m just getting older!!
    But I have refined my skills….in my old age!

  398. Lovelylibra says:

    @Cleo yes!! I agree 100%! haven’t ever had an sd tho many offers andveben had my Mac computer giveN to me but turned them down. After having bad relationship after the other with poor guys dating is hard !

  399. cleo says:

    honey: i too wish i knew what i had when i was toronto blondie’s age. i had NO idea that men would do this or that i would like it. not a clue. there i was dating bums and dumping them after six months because i was bored and wanted to cry and there i should have been in the financial district letting rich 40 year olds hit on me. hell at 20 i was dating a 33 year old ANYWAY!
    anna molly and CardsFanSD y’all are making me blush!

  400. Cali SB says:

    The rest of that post didn’t show since it’s HTML (it just gets hidden) but it’s basically a bunch of meta tags relating to sugar arrangements. lol Ridiculous.

  401. Cali SB says:

    I literally will never use the AM site again in my life. Their CS people are the rudest people on the planet. Saying that looking for an SD on their site is soliciting and they don’t offer that on their site. However, this is their HTML code from their site.

    Arrangement Seekers : Sugar Daddy : Arrangement : Sugar Daddies – Arrangement Seekers – Men of Means And The Women They Seek

    Sure looks like they endorse arrangements to me! My favorite part about that is how they over and over type “seeking arrangement” so hopefully people will join this site instead. :)

  402. Anna Molly says:

    Hey CaliSB! 😀
    Yeah, it has been busy, and, that’s a good thing! 😀

  403. Cali SB says:

    Wow, busy day on the blog today. This is a change from the norm lately!

  404. Anna Molly says:

    Muse ~ Oh good greif! First of all, I don’t have the mental capacity right now to comment intelligently on the subject, and, second, I’m in a bad mood and don’t want to say anything that will endanger my ability to post on the blog.

    grrrrrr *mad face*

    I don’t know how to make a mad face :(
    I mean, I do know how, but, you would have to be here to see it…

  405. Spawn of Santa says:

    Michael, then why are you cynical :)

  406. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    @Spawn – I think that she learned her lesson, she was getting all emo on me, so I poofed for a while. Since then, she has toned it waaaaay down, and is now back to where it should be. I think she quickly realised the consequences of her actions.

    In other news, I think I just met an IRL …. this one could be interesting …

  407. Spawn of Santa says:

    @Cards, the second. To me it sounds like a trap, but maybe she is just desperate.

    @Torontoblondie – news break, bill gates’ house keeper has also been to Bill Gates’ house. Some successful web/graphic designers make decent money, but it’s middle class income. The ones that are somewhat well off own design firms and have their staff write the code, etc. (also, multiple projects, not just one website).
    If you like him because he is hot, go for it. Give him a hot guy discount. Just keep in mind that even with a discount he may not be able/willing to continue paying an allowance.

  408. cleo says:

    toronto blondie: i went to the thompson with a sugar sister a while back (on a saturday) and it was PACKED with desperate looking women dripping chanel and there were maybe 30-40% men and most of them were skeevy looking or too young or whatever… what night were you there?

    i know that i avoid ki and south of temperance for the same reason but the ‘older’ financial district bars are still 60-80% men…
    shoot no time to catch up! back later!
    sounds like you and the new boy have a rousing case of pheremones, hope they translate!

    funnily enough i also think we have a lot in common personality wise… i never have trouble chatting someone up, in fact my one problem is i often unintentionally turn them into FRIENDS instead of LOVERS! lol… but yeah, amazing what being a chatterbox and asking a bunch of questions will do huh?

  409. Honey says:

    That’s my way of welcoming you to the blog!!! You will have your work cut out for you!!

  410. Honey says:

    Canuck Blondie, I was born in m=Michigan (so that almost makes us neighbors) You go (little) girl, I’m old as dirt to you I’m sure, but I have experience that comes with age, so I don’t begrudge your youth. I love your insights and you p.o.v. I wish I had hadmore of your gumption, moxie, whatever when I was 20. but I was still trying to figure myself out. to quote the guy who wrote, “He’s just not that into you”, “Use the pretty”
    Nature’s first green is gold,
    her hardest hue to hold….

  411. Muse says:

    Sorry to change the subject but has anyone else seen this: http://gawker.com/ ?

    I wonder what Brandon et al think of it.

  412. torontoblondie says:

    @ Spawn of Santa: computer types? This guy has met and been to Bill Gates home and looks nothing of the sort like the computer time and has moved up in the work to marketing a company/private website which is only invitation only with very very wealthy people, and trust me I’ve dated wealthy men before (one owned a Porsche Carrera GT – I got to ride in it of course :) ), but this guy is by far the hottest and very well dressed (I’m talking louis vuitton mixed with seven jeans – the jeans that I love on guys and would always make my sugar daddies buy for themselves because they just look hot and are very in with the younger crowd 😉 hint hint go pick some up and us younger 20 year old sugar babies will think you guys are hot 😉 )

    and dating someone almost twice my age…. he’s not he’s 15 years older which isn’t bad seeing my 50 year old sugar daddy proposes to me on a daily basis.

  413. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    one guy was local (well about 40 miles a way) and the othe was local but his log in location was in Asia. His profile mentions he works out of the country and obviously he is still out of the country, I was hoping to meet a potential or 2 over the next 4 days that i’m completely free, nothing to do. I have noticed that many of the members don’t have high incomes so probably can’t afford 150 to meet. One guy mentioned his perfect first date as one that lasted the entire day and into sunrise on the next day, doesn’t sound very appealing to me, giving up so much time to a stranger and for 30 or 40 dollars? I’d rather sit home alone.

    ok gotta be getting out now, busy evening.

  414. Dallasbaby says:

    Lisa, I wish they would not want us to travel to them if they are out of state, as I am giving them local date offers . Still not one date out of it though, they do not check mail after to follow up on it and leaves me one again frustrated with time wasted.

  415. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Ok, I really think these guys one the new site are looking at the home page where is shows a bunch of hot girls wanting 22 dollars or 34 dollars, etc for a date.
    I have got 2 contacts from guys that were so so looking and I was reasonable in my request, both rejected my reasonable requests. One sent a counter offer of 50 dollars, I declined. He wasn’t even logging in from the US so not sure what he had in mind. The site is good for amusement though but I don’t see how it’s going to work if the stakes aren’t raised.

  416. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFan ~ I’ll keep my eye out for new dates! Thanks for the info! 😀

  417. CardsFanSD says:

    @spawn — then you apparently have more history than I am aware of, point taken. As for the missionary — I was not sure if your response was meant as a) what am i doing here if i’m married, or b) avoid this woman… I’m believing the latter. Vagueness of the the written message…

    @Anna Molly – ha! your house sounds fun 😀 hopefully he’ll add dates closer to you. go go go!

  418. Spawn of Santa says:

    Cards, well from what I remember, Alleycat was the one who called it quits.
    She was starting to get emotional and clingy, and he wasn’t ok with that, so now she thought about it and is toning it down a notch.

  419. Anna Molly says:

    LOL…sounds like the holidays at my house! I’m in upstate NY, BTW…about 2 hours from NYC if I ride Amtrak :)

  420. Spawn of Santa says:

    *married, now

  421. CardsFanSD says:

    @spawn – to have things appear over, and then to seem suddenly ok when money was needed… perhaps comes across as overly opportunistic. an arrangement of convenience that starts and stops… starts again at the whims of only one person — in the scenario as described… ya. I get the cynicism, and it’s not quite the way you paint it.

  422. Spawn of Santa says:

    Cardsfan, mission from god, eh?
    If you are married now would be a good time to tell her “you are a lovely lady, but I just realized how much I love my wife and that I could never cheat on her. I’ll be going to church to thank the lord I was able to resist temptation” as you may be getting lured into a trap

  423. CardsFanSD says:

    Where are you at? NY? He’ll be in Ohio, NC, Michigan, and Ontario. No NY. check out guyfieri com (slash) tourdates.html

    The opener was a local restaurant from triple D, next was was a bartender, woody — i have his book, i forget his name, but he was great to watch. check amazon for a book of his, searching for “woody” and “cocktails”. great recipes. Then Guy. O M G.

    He told this one story about frying a turkey, how it went wrong, ending with his flip flop melted to the side of the fryer while a greased turkey shot across his lawn leaving a flaming trail of oil. i want that life! :-)

  424. Spawn of Santa says:

    @alleycat, cynical about what? That she just uses you for rent money and not actually likes you, or that after she pays rent she will throw you a huge emo-fest?

  425. Anna Molly says:

    Anthony Bourdain was at the Palace Theater in Albany not too long ago, but, I couldn’t get tickets :(

  426. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFan ~ Oh my! I would love to go! I love to cook and that would be the best night ever!!

  427. Lovelylibra says:

    I know sometimes you cant win with auto correct
    Especially past tense and presen perfect I think it is
    He stayed changes to he stays omg even the word
    changes in this sentence auto corrected to changed

  428. CardsFanSD says:

    Ok, offtopic, but…. I got the *best* news the other day — *guy fieri* is bringing his tour back here. Incredible. if you love food network… and guy… it is *so worth going*. He came a year or so back, found out too late, medicore seats, but still one of the best nights out. he has a fantastic show. so…. he’s here in June, and I got stage tickets this time — only place that gets the food he makes…

    best storyteller ever. so worth it!

  429. Anna Molly says:

    Those poor little bunnies…. :(

  430. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFan ~ Yeah, you certainly don’t want a bunny boiler hangin’ around 😉

  431. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    uh and it’s almost Easter time too, lol

  432. CardsFanSD says:

    @Anna Molly — good point… last thing I need. Luckily, no pet rabbits at home.

  433. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFan ~ Just be careful, she might be one of those obsessive (think fatal attraction) type women.

  434. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    DC I just brought home one of those personal peperoni pizzas from Target(they are the ones suing me, lol)
    and yes it’s great to have time off. What a difference getting enough sleep, not doing physical labor, and having no stress makes in my physical and mental health. Next week i’ll be back to being tired, depressed and back to taking 6-8 advil a day. I’ve been pain free for 4 days

  435. CardsFanSD says:

    @DC – I am actually a pretty decent speller. But phew, put me on an iphone, and it’s amazing what autocorrect does…. I think faster than I type and by the time it’s all done, whoops! I do hate re-reading my messages and finding errors, but.. i tend to let it go. Otherwise, if you spend anytime on the Internet, you’ll go nuts….

  436. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Anna Molly, we should never change ourselves just to be accepted by someone else. I had a boyfriend like that who started on the 3rd date, wanted me to darken my hair color, gain weight, wear jeans (I only wear dresses and skirts), wanted me to get a job as a waitress or a bartender(I don’t drink and have never even been to a bar), etc etc. Meanwhile there were things about him that could be changed, he could have lost about 30 lbs, stopped letting his adult children live off him, etc.

  437. DC says:

    *ps when i said thinking, i meant phonetically sounding it out in my mind.

  438. CardsFanSD says:

    @Anna Molly — Ya, that’s the email that came this a.m. I let her know that I didn’t want a one time thing and if we had no location to enjoy each other’s company, this might not be a good fit. Her response was that… she’ll take care of a love nest, she’ll find a place, and she is on a mission from God. I guess she liked me.

    And: Good for you. Nothing about an arrangement should be disrespectful or abusive. Way to stand up for yourself. :-)

  439. DC says:

    ps Lisa i’m glad to hear you’re on vacation. if anyone deserves it it’s you!

    i’m making a big pepperoni pizza and salad, anyone want to come over for lunch? :)

  440. DC says:

    good afternoon everyone, AM, cardsfan, SDguru, who ever else is lurking :)

    texas, i would definitely say consider my opinion. it seems everyone is quick to jump on the “NEXT” train and say he’s lying to you. when i guarantee you he really thought he was going to get the promotion, and then he didn’t and now he’s utterly embarrassed.. imagine if you told the guy you were dating you got a promotion and then you didn’t, you’d feel a little humiliated i am sure. but when you’re a guy, the pressure to be “manly” in front of your woman takes that humiliation to another level. that and, technically you shouldn’t have your friend calling and checking up on it. was the promotion really that big of a deal? you can also just ask him out right, hey.. so i want to throw you a little promotion party/take you for dinner. did you get the promotion yet? which would be a nice way to break the ice to talk about it.

    cardsfan, that lady is definitely no sb.. but at least you saw the light right away!

    anyone else feel like spelling errors are digital equivalents to nails on a chalk board? (or should i say “chawk bored” heh, heh.. get it?) 😀
    “definately” might be my #1 pick… every time i read it i think defi-NAH-tely, instead of defi-NET-ly.

  441. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Hi everyone Back from my 2 mile round trip to the post office. I’m super energized, weather is great, such a walk won’t be possible by next month, the city turns into a blast over.

    Lovelylibra, i’m being sued by a credit card from one month shy of 4 years ago. They are tough lawfirm that won’t take anything less than the full amount from what i’ve read online, they demand huge payments, etc. I sent them a letter (keep in mind the previous two lawfirms that handled this account dropped their threats when they realized there was nothing to get) and told them of my situation. today I sent the papers back to the court to answer the citation. I once worked for this company (the store that the card is from) and was fired 5 years back. A lesson to be learned, never fire someone who owes you money.

    Going to relax now, taking daughter out to chic file for her 20th birthday celebration (cheap I kow but that’s my budget), got her a nice gift though and she and my mom are going on a 4 day cruise tomorrow, they planned it back in the fall before dad died. I could have went but I didn’t have the cash to pay my part. Anyway sometimes the best vacation is just having time at home.

  442. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFan ~ She’s talking about a love nest already?!? Wow!

  443. Anna Molly says:

    SD Guru ~ Once I accepted his proposal for a long term deal, he wanted me to change everything about myself. He was emotionally abusive and it wasn’t a good situation, so, I kicked him to the curb. I’m sorry, but, just because I agreed to be with you and be your mistress doesn’t mean you can treat me like crap…I don’t take that from anyone!

    Hey BG! Good to see you too Sweetness! :)

    CardsFan ~ Well, I can’t say I’m ALWAYS right. I’m just 99.99% right all the time 😉

  444. CardsFanSD says:

    @Michael — I’d be cynical too….

    @SDGuru — Ok, so yesterday’s pot wants to handle getting a love nest. Um, maybe I need to change to looking for an SM? Role reversal! I need Cleo to help me with a whole new profile!!! (Thanks for your insights and wisdoms. Much appreciated)

    I was about to ask you about how to bold, and I see all that tiny info below me… wow, all this time. Anyway. Yay for formatting…

  445. Lovelylibra says:

    How would you define a sugar arrangement?
    Sugar arrangement is light fun and both parties get some sugar of course 😉

    How do you handle “unfairemones” (*echo’s Reach the Beach SB on kudos to Cleo for coining this new sugar-term!*) with a potential or current sugar daddy or sugar baby? Are there any ways you think that a sugar daddy or sugar baby has been or could be unfair to you? Care to share?

    It depends on the situation I would just ignore them and be done with it.

    How is your Spring in the Sugar World going?
    I’m starting in summer

    If you were on a date with a new potential and there was chemistry, and they asked you “so where are you coming from?”, how might you respond? What would you say (e.g., the story of how and/or why you’re seeking ‘sugar’ — what your intentions are for the relationship and/or starting an arrangement talk — by asking them to be more specific –, etc., etc.)?
    I’m sick of dating guys that use me I want to be taken care of
    I am pretty traditional and like to play that role so I would like someone who does also.

  446. Beach_Girl says:

    AM~ Hey girl, Nice to see you! I hear you on the weather, can’t wait for the warmth to get here 😀

    Hi Sugars, Hope you are all having a good day!

  447. CardsFanSD says:

    @Anna Molly — Must be nice! I said that too until last spring, but was wrong once… now, I have to use “almost always”. humiliating! 😉

    • SD Guru says:

      But then again, rent was due on the 1st….

      At least you know she was motivated… for now!! :)

      Would you rather things last because you enjoy them and then end, or last because you feel guilty about ending them and then end anyways?

      That’s an interesting perspective, kind of like the age old question of “is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all??” But in the case of a second go around, you already know what you’re in for and how it might end. So is it still worth doing? Perhaps the answer is obvious when there is a lack of alternatives (ie the next SB/SD in line).

      A good night’s rest brings much clarity.

      Kudos to you for learning so quickly!! I’ll put your comment in the “tips” section under “Lessons learned by a newbie SD”. There may be more bumps on the road in the beginning of a new journey, but over time the path to what you’re looking for should become smoother and clearer.

      @Anna Molly
      I broke it off with my SD so my spring in the Sugar World isn’t going very well.

      Sorry to hear that. Why did you break it off?

  448. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    @Spawn – she wanted to make sure she got the allowance, so she could pay her rent…… or am I just being cynical?

  449. Lovelylibra says:

    Why r u being sues?:(

  450. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFan – I’m always right….lol 😀

  451. Spawn of Santa says:

    (1st was @alleycat)

  452. Spawn of Santa says:

    But then again, rent was due on the 1st….
    I’m not following your point…

    @torontoblondie, be careful girlie; VS models (heck, even most regular models) don’t date “guys who work with computers”. Also, do you really want a “regular boyfriend” nearly twice your age?

  453. torontoblondie says:

    the older sugar or the new one :p

    the older one is a lawyer which I met through another sugar that used this site so he would be impossible to find without a hookup (and guys like him are too sweet to understand relationship sites like this)

    and the new one – I met him on here actually surprised I was on my account, he’s from montreal and I asked where he was and theres a new hotel/condo combined really close to mine like a 10 minute walk and he owns a unit in there which is stunning and modern, but I would say that the bar of this place is packed and full of elite guys, I would go check it out for yourself one day and get a dirty martini and see if anyone hits you up, its called the thompson, tell me what you think about it after you go :)

    I dunno I’m pretty picky and I have my eye on a set price and won’t even give a guy the time of the day if he asks for anything but because there’s always a guy that will go above and beyond what I’m asking :p – I hooked up my girlfriend with a guy that I used to see, she got 1,500 for only seeing him for 2 hours and then she was in desperate need of 3 grand so he gave it to her the next time he saw her and then he dumped her b/c he didn’t want to cheat on his wife… he has now reappeared in my inbox re-asking for her number ugh boys back up your mind. I found him off this site too, and a lot of these guys have contacted me, I’ve actually stopped contacting guys directly and have just let them up crawling to me :p But this new one, oh my I want to crawl back to his place right now I literally can’t get him out of my mind!

    That and I take a big interest into people’s personal life’s AND I have a remarkable memory, literally anything someone tells me I can remember, which makes guys really think I care about them (some I do, some I don’t) – but yeah I’m a pretty nosey person which surprisingly a lot of guys like that I ask a lot of questions – that and I literally never shut up, I can talk, and talk and talk until my voice runs out. So there’s never a dull moment :p

    Also I’m very blunt what I want, I discuss arrangements before I meet guys as I hate wasting my time and money having to travel somewhere (when a guy wants to give me 1000 bucks for a weekend lol no) and I’m always very hesitant the person isn’t real so I get their phone numbers before hand.

    that being said I also have NEVER met anyone that was out of the country unless they were the one traveling to me and I’ve never travelled to see someone outside of toronto, so I don’t waste my time with those people :p

  454. CardsFanSD says:

    @Anna — you were so right! She’s special, absolutely :-)

  455. Anna Molly says:

    Lisa ~ I hope you have a good day today 😀

  456. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Good morning
    Another beautiful day here, sunny and mild, a little chill in the air which is nice.
    Heading out to make some copies and to walk a mile to the post office (a very nice walk and great exercise) to send my response to the courts so they can sue me next week or so. oh well, everyone wants the 66 cents i’ve got in the bank,lol

  457. cleo says:

    hey torontoblondie where did you meet him, i want to vary my pool of places to hunt since the usual financial district bars get old *grin* but the never paying for drinks or dinner sure doesn’t hey?


  458. torontoblondie says:

    @ Michael: I commend you and how you are a single parent, its hard for a guy to father his children alone especially if you have a daughter.

    @ honey – where ever you are. you asked for my age in another blog so I’m almost 20.

    @ texas – tell us if you ever get to see his place :p bring it up in a converstation where you don’t sound susspesion or at least find out the area and one day be like “oh hey are are u doing”and if he says home be like “i’m in your area, up for a quickie, i’ll come up ;)” – if he makes excuses from there thats sketch. Or say “What are you hiding, are you secretly a murder with captive ex girlfriends ;)” something that can be laughed off (not coming off as I’m becoming suspicious of you) but he still has to answer the question and then you can say ‘ok proof, lets go back to your place tonight 😉 but you have to promise not to kill me’ (note this has to be done when you are already having dinner with the guy)

    texas, also does he has facebook? anything like that where you can see friends/….wife….

    questions from the blog:
    how do I define a sugar relationship – someone I can demend on to help me out and never disspear. My sugar daddy just booked us a trip to an exective seuite in a 5 + star resturant in bahaams – the cove, business flying. All the works. So one that doesn’t mind to provide allowance + other perks.

    2: How is your Spring in the Sugar World going?

    Well confusing now, just cheated on my sugar that gives me a good allowance but our age is so different so I don’t feel comfortable in public and he’s a little stubborn and wants me to marry him and everything….

    So I may have just randomly out of the blue met someone else last night who I most definetly dump my sugar for (although my sugar gives me tons and has already proved he wants to be with me for the long term… I mean he’ll be with me for life and always asks how many years I’ll at least stay, he’s figured 4 until I want to go date someone my own age) anywho… this guy is like 36? the new one, looks much younger, dresses SO well, into fashion works with comptuers, celebrites now a site (don’t want to give to much information about him) – he also dated a victoria secert model that he says was stupid, and I couldn’t have been so smitten over someone that I’ve met on this site. We literally hit it off as if we knew eachother for years, unforunately I had things to do with my sister already planned so I could only stay 2.5 hours or else I would have never left lol :p oh my god, and when I left he gave me I think he said 600 – i didn’t count it yet looks more like 700 then started asking me if thats enough and took out more cash and handed me like another 100 until I declined and said it’s ok. Honestly this guy feels more like a boyfriend then a sugar daddy, and it helps that he has access to some of the most exclusive things oh and the fact that he cares about the community/environment and made a company that donates a lot of their projects. Oh or that fact that he is absolutely smitten of me too :p butterflies :p

    So yeah have to go break off my older sugar, just gonna make sure this guy is the long tern deal first though because he’s just amazing. I think I broke my phone at his very nice condo though because it was next to the ice bucket which I guess created water around it and my phone was in a puddle :) yeahhhh, emailed him to wipe up his countertop :p he offered to buy me a new phone of course but I’m going to try to make rogers just give me a new one first :p

  459. Anna Molly says:

    CardsFan ~ I told you Cleo was sweet 😉

    We are having a beautiful day today! It’s sunny, but, cold…brrrr.

  460. CardsFanSD says:

    @cleo: Well we talked about how much I enjoy taking a woman out and buying her clothes and all, and seriously, if you don’t do what you’re passionate about, how much fun is that? Anyway, it got the creative ideas rolling this morning and well, I may never have the time to flesh it out completely, but it’s given me stuff to think about… I’ll email you…

  461. cleo says:

    CardsFan: i hold up some of the bloggers as example so if in real life potentials don’t match up to some of them i just know they’re not worth it :)

    oh? what have i inspired? *g*

  462. CardsFanSD says:

    @Enigma – so true! I should’ve refreshed before posting my response to SD Guru, but you are right on the mark. I’m not settling. After meeting 2 women and talking with several more, I feel very comfortable and much more patient. No rush. :-)

  463. CardsFanSD says:

    A good night’s rest brings much clarity.

    @SD Guru: Yesterday’s date was nice, but, I built it up too much. There are enough things that don’t fit, that I should wait and find either exactly what I’m looking for, or else keep looking…

    The more selective you are, the longer you should expect it to take to find the right person. And if you don’t have the patience to wait… you will end up dissatisfied.

    Set expectations on first meetings with something you’re comfortable with at the outset, and then, if things go well on that date — then splurge. However, preset amounts/expectations… for what *I* am looking for, isn’t a good move. For me: let’s have dinner/drinks/meet, and see if there’s chemistry. If the SB needs more than that, probably not a fit. It’s a careful balance between valuing their time, and valuing mine, and I understand the need to show genuine seriousness in an arrangement, but I will attempt to strike that balance fairly for both parties. Without leaving me feeling like a walking wallet.

    For me: I need to make sure they are a fit for what I’m looking for *before* it gets physical, because I really am not interested in sleeping with anyone unless they are a fit. I’m not looking for “just sex”. Seriously, that’s not that hard to come by if that’s all I want.

    Great email exchanges don’t mean jack for chemistry in real life.

    The chemistry you think is there in the moment, may be less when you wake up the next day. Anticipation can make the chemistry seem greater than it is.

    Some people exaggerate greatly in their profiles, and should reconsider the terminology they use to describe themselves.

    Oh, and I also learned that Cleo is my muse for business inspiration. Ideas ideas.. thanks!

  464. cleo says:

    Michael: i have some sympathy for her… before you agree to the ‘terms’ of your arrangement it’s really hard when an SD type disappears for days or whatever. you know you can’t care but you still wonder where they went…

    either way with your sb you will be glad to have tried again because any nagging sense of unfinished business will be taken care of

  465. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Enigma! Good to see ya! :)

  466. Enigma SD says:

    Hello all – just need to chime in on a few things…. my experience is that lies are a huge red flag and an omen of things to come. I also agree it is a personal choice if you are going to accept them.

    CardsFan SD — your posts remind me of me when I joined SA a few years ago. It is exciting and fun as heck, but I learned a lot of painful lessons, but had a blast while getting schooled. My advice…. decide what you want, what you are willing to tolerate, and don’t ever compromise/settle. It might take a little longer, but when you find the right person, it is well worth it.

  467. Anna Molly says:

    How is your Spring in the Sugar World going?

    I broke it off with my SD so my spring in the Sugar World isn’t going very well.

  468. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    @spawn – it was actualy quite interesting. She verbalized her thought process
    – why am getting mad because he hasn’t called? I shouldn’t be – not a relationship.
    – why is he on a site like this? What kind of guy is he? Well, I was on it too.
    – What does he expect from this relationship? Well, that’s an obvious question.
    – why hasn’t he called me for 3 days? etc etc

    And she ended up jn a spot that was back to no drama, no aggravation, let’s have a good time. Which we did. And there has been no drama since.

    But then again, rent was due on the 1st….

  469. Spawn of Santa says:

    Alleycat, I think SD Guru has a very different personality from you, and his predictions are really based on how a situation like that would affect *him*.
    If she makes you happy then who the f cares if it will end? Things end. Would you rather things last because you enjoy them (like with this SB) and then end, or last because you feel guilty about ending them (like with the utility SB) and then end anyways?

  470. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    @Cali – I bet you say that to all the boys….

  471. Cali SB says:

    Aww Michael, I was just giving you a hard time! :) You’re very handsome!

    • SD Guru says:

      And my ex?… we are now back to where it should be. Drama & aggro are gone, and it’s back to being a good sugar relationship …

      In general it’s only a matter of time before you get a reminder of why things ended the first time around. There are exceptions of course, and I hope she’s one of those exceptions. I won’t place a bet on how long the second go around will last because I still owe you a steak dinner from the first time! 😆

      I am happy to proclaim my experiences so others may make fewer mistakes

      Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently? And how can you prevent it from happening again in the future? The journey in the sugar world is full of learning experiences and this is only one of many to come. It’s an iterative process to learn what doesn’t work and don’t do that, and focus on what works to get better at it.

  472. LovelyLibra says:

    yeah texas, its hes lying about that who knows what else hes lying about..

  473. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    @Cali – ok, so click on the profile of any SD on this site. And replace the last 6 characters with my profile # 360465

    Anybody else wanna take a look?

  474. GoodGirl (GG) says:

    Oh Lisa, that’s funny!
    Maybe she’s upset because she relaized she litterally just dipped her finger in the company ink, and he’s mad he didn’t get to? hehe….it’s late. I need to go to bed.

    It’s good to be back. I’ll check in tomorrow. G’nite!

  475. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    The girl looks a little uncomfortable and has blue fingernails. The old guy looks like a serial killer from one of the movies in my horror collection

  476. Cali SB says:

    lol Cards, thanks.

    Michael, I totally agree! I don’t lie, it takes too much energy. And I don’t like the negative energy associated with it. If I need to lie I’m obviously doing something I shouldn’t be doing anyway. BTW, your profile isn’t linked now! :(

  477. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Thanks CardsFanSd, We were playing with our blog names awhile back.

  478. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    Btw anybody else like the first picture at the top of this blog?

  479. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    @CaliSB – my fallback view is “the way you do anything, is the way you do everything”.

    Translation: If he lies about the colour of his socks, he will lie about everything else. If he is honest about what he had for breakfast when he is on a diet, he will be honest about everything else.

  480. CardsFanSD says:

    @Cali — sent you a msg w/email btw. And yes — that was a one and done thing for her. Sorry, I found her tasteless. I only went through with it because i said I would but…. classless. I was so unimpressed. Keep in mind, she was already ex-pot at this point and i was just doing what I said I’d do, and show appreciation for her time in meeting and all. but… i think she went overboard. she needs to be on whatsyourprice or whatever….

    some people are so just self-obssessed and unaware of how they appear. that always mindboggles me. anyway. i have no plans or interest in seeing her again…

    You don’t understand her thinking, simply, because you have class.

    @Lisa. I am happy you are just “Lisa” again. :-)

  481. Cali SB says:

    Beach — I am good, thanks! :) Would be better if I could find an SD, but you know! lol As far as lying, especially with the married men.. maybe they are just so used to lying to their wives (this cop had a throwaway phone he talked to me on, and he had it BEFORE he met me) that they are just in the habit and lie to everyone..

  482. Beach_Girl says:

    Cali~ Hey girl, i’m good, how about you?
    I need to head back to Cali soon…. I need some fun and sun!!! And I miss my extended fam too 😀
    I hear ya, why lie…it always comes back to bite you in the ass… ah well… I just don’t get it! maybe you are right , some people can’t help but lie!

  483. Cali SB says:

    Texasugah — I agree with Lisa, I wouldn’t worry about SDs who fib about jobs etc, like this promotion. Maybe promotion to him meant pay raise, since that was true. Arrangements are no strings attached and are meant to be short-term (I mean they can be long-term but I mean you’re not going to marry him) so what does it hurt? Maybe he’s just trying to impress you? Especially if this is his first arrangement. I don’t know. You said he’s acting more like a BF type, how so? Personally, and I mean no offense by this, but I think you are acting like a GF type by calling his office incognito and checking up on minor insignificant details. That’s a bit much for an arrangement, especially right at the beginning.

  484. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Yes it’s me Good Girl

    I’m still here. Well I just got a request on the new sight. It’s more like a message ‘how much for the first date with you’ not sure what to say, no picture of the guy but anyway the first date is just to meet and find out about each other right? he has his relationship options open to everything.

  485. Beach_Girl says:

    My fav saying lately:

    One step at a time, One middle finger per occasion!

  486. Cali SB says:

    Beach — How are you?! Glad you are back! :) I hate liars also. I was recently involved with a cop who lied to me about being married. I was very understanding when he told me his situation. I was also understanding when he said that telling me he was a year younger than his age was a typo (over text, a few times) because who would lie by one year?! Our involvement ended abruptly a couple weeks back and I have no idea why. I just get an overwhelmingly shady feeling from him — we never fought and last we talked was “baby” this and “baby” that. Anyway, my point is once a liar, always a liar. Telling the first lie makes it that much easier to continue to lie. If you’re involved with a married man there is no reason to be lies, you’re not his wife and you know his situation. I think some men just can’t help themselves when it comes to lying.

  487. Beach_Girl says:

    GG~ How have you been?

    Lisa~ sent you a hello…. 😀

  488. GoodGirl (GG) says:

    Hey BG! Good to see you too!
    Lisa?? Is that you? Same Lisa? Well, either way, I agree with you. :)

    I agree about lies. I hate liers. Can’t stand it, ever. I guess just decide if it is a big deal to you or not.

  489. Lisa says:

    I was married to a man I didn’t trust and I remember the nights I stayed awake wondering what he was up to when he was talking on the phone (in urdu). It turns out I couldn’t trust him

    Beach_Girl kittykatcalvin at the y place.

  490. Lisa says:

    Trust is very important in a serious relationship. Sugar relationships are fun and lighthearted, not meant to mix finances and obligations. I couldn’t be seriously involved with someone who lied to me but in an arrangement, if he treated me well and kept his obligations (allowance, etc) if he lied about his job I wouldn’t worry as long as he wasn’t doing something illegal. If he isn’t making as much as he says but still can be generous (maybe he doesn’t have alot of expenses vs his income) I wouldn’t worry about it.

  491. Cali SB says:

    CardsFanSD — I don’t want to sound negative here, but be weary of this girl. It sounds to me like she’s just using you in the moment. i.e. What can you do for her RIGHT NOW? Why does she want to meet again a few hours later? To buy her the shirt? (These are rhetorical) I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t see myself going to a store with someone I just met and buying up everything. Maybe I would say “hey, why don’t you pick some things out you’d like to see on me?” and try them on for him and say what I liked and let him buy them if he wanted, I wouldn’t see it as a shopping spree. Then again, I have never had an arrangement, so maybe I’m just naive.

  492. Beach_Girl says:

    Hey Sugars!!!
    GG~ nice to see you back… I’m here 😀

    TexaSugah~ He’s a BF and he lied? I can’t stand lies… makes me insane!

    I was talking to someone and I knew the answer to the questions, YES SDs WE SBs TALK!!!! But he lied over and over…. irks me so much… We all know why we are here on a SD/SB site… really? do we need to lie? Seriously? I don’t understand….
    so, NEXT in my book… I hate the games, I know some games can be fun… but don’t try and play me..I HATE IT! omg rant over lol

  493. CardsFanSD says:

    @TexaSugah: here’s what stands out to me though…. if you feel a need to check up on him, there is no trust, and with no trust, no future. it doesn’t mean move on — it means — why is there a lack of trust… if he has wronged you — it’s him. if you are distrusting by nature — it’s you. you can work on you. you cannot fix him. soulsearching type from what i can see.

  494. GoodGirl (GG) says:

    Hey! I’m back :)
    I haven’t been around here in forever. I wonder if there’s anyone left from when I was here everyday? I have lurked around from time to time, but thought I’d jump back into the blog tonight. I missed it here. The sugar world gets lonely without my sugar fam to talk to!
    No sugar right now. I had an SD for almost a year. It got stale, and boring. Time to spice it up! Yay for spring!!!!

  495. CardsFanSD says:

    I am happy to proclaim my experiences so others may make fewer mistakes :-)

    So, remember my great “communicator”? Well, she had made it clear that even a first meeting was valuable time. But we did have pretty darn good communication.. mostly…. until her allowance requirements went up. What? Anyway, I’d told her i’d show her i appreciated her time, when we first met, right? But that was before we pretty much agreed friendship was better. and anyway, we met today at lunch, and while i love the emails, the in-person… is there negative chemistry? ahhh…. she was so….. self absorbed… but. my fault I guess, I took her to her fave store to look, and she grabbed clothes for her and her kid, etc, and I bought them, because i try and do what i say i’ll do…. but it just felt… bleh. and then she’s emailing me how sexy i am and can i get that one more shirt for her? seriously? and that “maybe her price can come down after all”.

    but that was this afternoon. Let’s talk about the LUNCH. Which was more interesting. I dont’ think this is really a SD/SB thing, but we met here, so…

    she said she’s not interested in money, she loved my profile, and wanted exactly that. ok. good so far. we exchanged pics, she’s cute, she liked me. check. we met at lunch. in her car. and it was fun. check. but she’s married, and i had in mind previously single would be more ideal, because it resolves location issues, as i believe i said in my prof. i forget. anyway… so she wanted to meet again tonight… but then… where? so… she wants to get us a room. (OMG i am actually a SB I guess!!!!) but, i don’t see that as a sustainable situation. so with so many things right…. i dunno. that’s a big bleh. I did email her later as we were trying to figure it out, and said basically, wasn’t sure there was a solution — and she was like… no! keep trying! we’ll work this out!!

    that was my day.

  496. LovelyLibra says:

    another thing dallasbaby, even if you do tell them your life story, the mystery about you is gone.

  497. TexaSugah says:

    @cards fan- thanks. To save his manliness, lol,I’ll give him a chance to explain on his own.

  498. TexaSugah says:

    @Cali – had a very close friend to call the office under the guise of wanting to buy the product they offer. Asking for him by first name and then wondering out loud if she’s contacting the right person/department and the receptionist volunteered the information.

    The raise/promotion is not important. Him lying is. Like I said , this isn’t sugar. He wants the real deal. I’d leave the bowl for him.. Perhaps you’re right DC and he was mistaken and too embarrassed to say anything. That’s why I needed to ask others. Can’t see the forest for the trees. Thanks for the different perspective. :-)

    I’ll stay in the bowl with my sugars… For now.

  499. CardsFanSD says:

    @Cleo Grats on twice! I got quoted once to give the “new guy with a lot to learn” vantage point. ha! dunno if that’s good or bad. :-)

    @SD Guru: ha! well… she was very eager, and wants to get us a room on friday… so it wasn’t me, it was her!!! 😀 (and no, not same guy. only been on here… a week or 2?)

    @Michael: Thank you for the reminder. I do have moments of clarity and reservation. And then I have other moments where I wonder exactly how much fun are clarity and reservation? So… I’m just going with the flow, taking the bumps as they come along, and enjoying the ride as best as I can. If nothing else, I’ve had some great moments off-blog with some of the regulars and I feel like I’ve met the coolest group of people…

    @Dallas: you are too much….

    @Michael: Ya, you are right. I might. I have a lot to learn. More on that later.

    @Cali: Dallas sent me a picture first. Wow. That is all.

    @Michael — grats on it re-working out. :-)

    @TexasSugah: maybe he saw the raise as a promotion of sorts? But… ya, if he’s a BF and not an SD… sounds like some explaining is in order….

    @Dallas: I am sorry you had to go through that. You don’t deserve that…

  500. DC says:

    how did you check it out and why does it matter if he didn’t get the raise? perhaps he thought he got the promotion, or there was a rumor for it, or office gossip and he didn’t get it.. which isn’t his fault. that happens more often than you think.

  501. Cali SB says:

    That’s what I’m asking. HOW did you check it out?

  502. TexaSugah says:

    @Dallas. I’ve been lied to by pots quite a bit.. Achey McFlakeys so I do check people out.
    He has no idea i know about the deception.

    @Cali he told me he got a raise and walked down to HR, after seeing it on his check, and they let him know that a board member would be calling shortly. He said that they made an offer to him creating a position above him that acted as a CEOof sorts. I thought it sounded weird so I checked it out.

    He’s been to my home. He knows I’m upfront. My deal is a lie thats a one timer ( you’re with the boys but you say you’re at moms) is one thing. Now every time we talk and he discusses this position, he will be lying. If it was sugar.. Ok whatever. This guy wants to be my boyfriend. Different rules.

  503. Cali SB says:

    Texasugah — How did you know he got a raise but not a promotion?

  504. Dallasbaby says:

    Texasugah- noboby wants a spy , that would be a wife. * giggles * I am not sure I would invite you over either so you can spy more ? Maybe he feels the same way ?

  505. Texasugah says:

    Hey all..

    I’ve missed a ton but life got a little hectic. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the sugarbowl.
    Ive been living on twitter.. it was a phase but I did meet a couple of sweet sugarsbabes that have wonderful attitudes.

    I thought I might be getting out of the sugarbowl with a guy that seemed wonderful but now.. not so much.

    I met him on a regular dating site. Right away he emailed me from his work addy and we started talking on the phone. First date was great.. 5 star restaurant and carriage ride downtown. Never flinched on the bill… second date was an all day deal, same caliber.

    Now he’s looking suspect. Either he really does have trust issues or he’s hiding where he lives. He keeps inviting me over and then canceling or avoiding it. He lives and works around downtown so.. I haven’t seen a vehicle. THEN he told me that he got a promotion… what did he think, I wouldn’t check? Maybe he thought he did because of the raise and didn’t.. I don’t know. I haven’t approached him about it.

    Now, if I hadn’t been in the sugarbowl I would probably be fine with what he’s told me but since I’m super duper spy..nope.

    Should I dump him? If so.. what do I say without killing his ego. If he lied, he did so to impress me.

  506. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    Nothing wrong with that Dallasbaby, arrangements should be fun and light, not job interviews. Unlike a regular relationship you need not worry about whether they leave the cap off the toothpaste or tax audits in their future.

    Chilly night here but it will be good for sleeping. I just need to run my ceiling fan and my bedroom stays cool.

    Tomorrow gotta send those legal documents to the court and then next monday, I guess the cc suing me will set a court date. I’m scared but then again what can they actually get in Texas?

  507. Cali SB says:

    Dallasbaby — Apparently! 😉

  508. Dallasbaby says:

    Am I wrong to wanna talk to guys about normal stuff that I talk to guys about? I am wrong to want to flirt and have romance ? Am I wrong to want to have privacy and not lay all my cards and life story on the table?

  509. Lovelylibra says:

    What kinda questions? :(

  510. Dallasbaby says:

    I just had to NEXT a pot, he felt he had the right to ask me all these personal questions as if I was in a job interview and he claims it was to get a feel for my personality, but the questions just where not romantic at all . I felt drained and seriously just wanted to cry. I kept telling him I was low on minutes and he said he would send me a phone card. I kept telling him that phone card would not work for my plan, but he insisted and ran up my minutes………..I need to get some back bone I swear . I am just to nice. I wanted to scream: Hey pushy asshole, your on my dime and this is not a sexy romantic conversation !

  511. Cali SB says:

    Michael, your profile isn’t available. You tease! 😉

  512. @Cali – click on the above link to my profile …

    And my ex? Well, umm, well she came over yesterday, and we are now back to where it should be. Drama & aggro are gone, and it’s back to being a good sugar relationship …

  513. Dallasbaby says:

    Cards sent me a picture Cali !

  514. Cali SB says:

    Dallasbaby — How do you know what all these SD’s look like? I feel so out of the loop! lol

  515. Dallasbaby says:

    Hey Michael, perhaps you can hook him up ….as I see you are in the same state. Maybe your ex sb? heheh

  516. Dallasbaby says:

    or he might get to play! omg im jel !

  517. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    I know, just has the possibility he may get played.

  518. Dallasbaby says:

    We would all date Cards in real life but he is taken !

  519. Dallasbaby says:

    Did i say looks?

  520. Dallasbaby says:

    Michael, He has a lot going for him though….looks, kindness, knows how to treat a lady !

  521. Michael AZ Alleycat says:

    @CardsFanSD – 3 words of advice. Careful, careful, careful. To quote Robot from Lost In Space: “Danger, Will Robinson, danger!!”

    Don’t make it more than it is, this is a brave new world for you, and be warned, it is not for the faint of heart. Been there, done that, ended up splattered against the wall.

    I just see a bunch of warning signs in your blog posts.

  522. SA Technical Team: Blog comment page loading says:

    All – hopefully the comment pages are loading correctly now, thank you for the notice! :)

  523. Dallasbaby says:

    UPDATE: Still not one date from the new site. Four of the offers they never even checked the mail after I wrote to them to make plans. * they are missing out * pfttttttttttttt !

  524. Dallasbaby says:

    Let us all hope that CardsFanSD gets treated well or else this girl might have trouble on her hands from all the blog sugar here. We might all have to get on her !

  525. Dallasbaby says:

    Me too !

  526. Lisa's on Vacation says:

    I’m having trouble getting the blog to load too, my screen keeps freezing and I have trouble closing the page too.

    Sent you an email Honey.

    ok off to run some more errands

  527. cleo says:

    by the way, am i the only one the last blog won’t load for?

  528. cleo says:

    How would you define a sugar arrangement?

    an agreement between two parties, generally one older and wealthy and the other younger and very attractive, wherein the one acts as a mentor and supporter, generally financially, and the other provides companionship and intimacy. everything else is up to the two in question. heck i’m sure there are sugar marriages out there.

    How do you handle “unfairemones” (kudos to Cleo for coining this new sugar-term!) with a potential or current sugar daddy or sugar baby? Are there any ways that a sugar daddy or sugar baby has been or could be unfair to you? Care to share?

    oh geeze how do you handle unfairemones? you try to keep your head and put them “in a box” so you can “valet your heart” and then you kind of act on them anyway…

    and thanks!

    oh it’s easy to be unfair, just don’t give her the allowance you agreed on or harass her at work or something… alternately some men have had some trouble with blackmail…

    How is your Spring in the Sugar World going?

    spring SPRING SPRING!!! thank goodness! winter was getting me something fierce, i need sandals and a tank top and a mini skirt and i need them RIGHT NOW!

    If you were on a date with a new potential and there was chemistry, and they asked you “so where are you coming from?”, how might you respond? What would you say (e.g., the story of how and/or why you’re seeking ‘sugar’ — what your intentions are for the relationship and/or starting an arrangement talk — by asking them to be more specific –, etc., etc.)?

    “what do you mean”

    i like to find out what answer they’re seeking before i give them my version of it… but i’m still learning to listen before i speak!

  529. ebonysb4u says:

    Third :)
    Hope everyone is enjoying their Tueday Afternoon!

    • SD Guru says:

      It’s just all new to me. And I haven’t been with anyone since my wife. I feel 18 again…

      You’re like a kid in a candy store with your enthusiasm and giddiness… (you wouldn’t happen to be the same guy who went by that name?). Good luck and enjoy the journey in the sugar world including all the ups and downs and everything in between. And try not to jump on your pot SB on the first date! :mrgreen:

  530. cleo says:

    omg i got quoted… TWICE!


  531. Muse says:

    First!!!! Wheee!!!!

  532. SA Moderator Team says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!