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The Honest to Sugard Truth


MTV True Life: ‘I’m a Sugar Baby’, premiers tonight, Thursday July 14th at 10:00 PM ET/PT & 11:00 PM ET/PT!! Get a close-up look at SeekingArrangement.com members living their sugar lives, and look out for a special thanks to SeekingArrangement.com! Click HERE to discuss the show!

With more and more people taking a dip into the Sugar Daddy dating pool, many seem surprised to find that there are octogenarian Sugar Babies, and millennial Sugar Daddies.

Some appear stunned to learn that plenty of Sugar Babies have PhD’s, and that some Sugar Daddies want a platonic arrangement with a Sugar Baby.

In today’s post-modern sugar world, a Sugar Baby might be your boss, and a Sugar Daddy may be your mail courier.

Photobucket Seeking Arrangement was founded on the premise that anyone can enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship, wherein honesty, appreciation, and reciprocity reign supreme.

With common sugar stereotypes becoming increasingly outmoded (i.e., Sugar Daddies are pimps and Sugar Babies are gold diggers), the real sugars of today are taking modern and common-sense approaches to judging other sugars, and weeding out those not worthy of the title.

RedMaru: “SD Guru said: It’s been mentioned on the blog that a man’s wealth and lifestyle may not be directly related to how willing he is to provide financially. Men who are eager to flash their toys are the ones to watch out for.

*** Something I learned the hard way. One joke daddy I had a date with fit this to a “T” Rode a big SUV had a patio house showed me pictures of his other big house where his kids stayed at. Yet date was Dominos pizza and sitting at his patio house and then to find out he didnt believe in allowances he wasn’t on the site for that but wanted a “relationship” where he help was every now and then and I would come and see him on my dime”

Indeed, if there was a way to categorically filter out all joke daddies, poof babies, and other saccharins, there’d no doubt be a lot less work involved in our sugar journeys.

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Yet in life, especially with added sugar, the future may never be possible to predict…

Gail: “When I first joined SA I was broke, unemployed and not in a very good place in my life. Previously I was a Sr Manager and responsible for 350 people worldwide at a major corporation making six figures. If it weren’t for the SDs & SBs that have crossed my path on the blog and in real-life I don’t know where I would be. Many people have helped me along the way. Their kindness and support along the way is what I truly appreciate.

By the way sugar friends, Finally after a year I am now in a real-life relationship with my sugar-daddy. He is the one who was very sick, but now is much better and recently just became a millionaire. He took me to meet his parents for the first time which went quite well. By the way we are both 52 years young!!!!”

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Has your sugar dating journey coincided with any other life changes? Care to share?

What if anything in your sugar dating life brings you (the most) anxiety?

What part of the sugar cycle (lurking, searching, arrangement, etc.) are you in these days?

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  1. newsugar says:

    hey! I just recently found out about the whole sugar daddy websites today and wow…..it blew my mind! I can’t believe they have dating sites for sd and sb! It’s genius! Anyways, I just wanted to say that it’s a great site and a great blog and good luck to you all! Im in a relationship right now but if I wasn’t, I’d be right there with you girls! lol 🙂

  2. Toni says:

    You might wnat to let go of the “sudardaddy” title Enigma if you’re over discussing money

  3. Javi says:

    does anybody know where i can find mike profile from this episode

  4. Anna Molly says:

    Good luck Enigma! I hope it works out for you! 🙂

  5. Enigma SD says:

    *there* not their — doh should have proofread!

  6. Enigma SD says:

    Hello all — I have a second non-sugar date with a married woman tonight. She is in her late 20s. About a month ago, I decided to try the affair route versus sugar dating. I really like that we didn’t have to talk about money, and I that didn’t have to gauge the sincerity of her interest in me. The downside has been the additional discretion required, since I have always dated single SBs in the past. I guess their is a higher risk of emotions creeping in, but we shall see. I am hoping the large age difference negates that.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  7. pb says:

    Gm SB’s
    Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I’ve been so busy lately

  8. Stormcat says:

    Midwest ~ You asked about new songs and yes but none that are appropriate to share here. However I did write some nice verse that is in line with the sugar lifestyle.

    Chosen Star
    by Stormcat

    Don’t call, or call
    today. This longing cannot be satisfied
    by your presence nor by your absence.
    I’m so cold. I hide in bed under three
    quilts and two blankets and one sheet. The cell
    phone gives me away by not ringing. Continuously
    I check for signal bars and battery bars. Always
    present “be my love cause no one else can end
    this yearning” close my eyes to allow the vision
    This time it’s animals. Hmmm . . . first time
    that’s happened. I wanted it to be your face
    An owl, an eagle, another owl, a hawk, a groundhog,
    what’s this? Come closer. Oh! A pony.
    A wild pony. With a winter coat. Its mane hanging
    over its eyes like too long bangs. It seems to be

    Tears without moisture.

    Everything dies, even the stars.
    I wonder. Do living stars have a funeral when one dies?
    How many realists are disappointed when they realize
    that their realism isn’t real! Must we suffer
    the consequence of a thousand ordinary dreams
    such so that one genius dream can be realized?
    No . . . and Yes
    I forgive you a thousand times over for
    not realizing that I have met a hundred thousand
    stars and chosen only you to love.
    How could you know? Or more to the point
    how could I tell you without sounding self serving?
    Or even more, it doesn’t matter how many you were
    chosen over if you yourself don’t

  9. Stormcat says:

    Midwest ~ Oh congrats!! That is soooo kool! I’m reallly happy for you.

  10. collegecoed42 says:

    Thankyou everyone for the great advice!! I am going to keep emailing him and see how things go from there! I will keep everyone posted.

    TexasSugah – How can i read your blog?!

  11. Enigma SD says:

    CollegeCoed — you have got some great advice here, but I am going to suggest a different approach. Good communication will be key to forming a successful long-term relationship with him. I think it is best that you tell him your concerns in a tactful manner (which I know you can do). Based upon his response (does he show concern for your safety and feelings), you should be able to get a much better read on him. If you still don’t get a warm fuzzy, I would suggest meeting at a restaurant again to have a candid discussion face to face. If he is into you, he will be patient. Mature genuine SDs are patient for someone they are truly interested in. Good luck!

  12. Gail says:

    Morning Sugars!!

    Red Maru….are you still alive? I realize that you are working the OT….take a break : )
    I am use to seeing you post early in the am.

    Anna Molly~good to hear that you have a great lunch. I will put away the daggars now : )

    TexasSugah~Interesting info on the boys in blue. I am awaiting your post on your blog.

    I am late for work…gotta go…see ya all sooon!!!!

  13. Texasugah says:

    Hey all..

    Well, the IRL thing got me again. Met a great guy (totally not sugar related) and my sugar has been melting. Big time. Although IRL guy is amazing. Great personality, sweet as sugar and collect vipors, he has this race car thing. He’s closer to my age and has an awesome position that is sky rocketing. I pinched myself. And yet, I can’t loose my sugar.. because who knows if he’ll be around tomorrow.. ya know?

    Gail.. that’s what I thought when I typed it. LOL

    Ok to the meat.. if you remember, I spoke with a recent guy about blackmail?

    Well.. I could see how that would happen with him. He’s.. wow. Last night in a phone conversation I could have SWORN he was law enforcement. I’m sure he’s reading the blog because he mentioned it. I told him to not contact me again. I have heard whispers off the blog about this site being peppered with the boys in blue, and they aren’t in YSL..

    I’ll post particulars on my blog. Makes you wonder what others are doing….


  14. Jessie says:

    @ C/coed42 – Sounds like you’ve done some homework. Although you’ve been emailing for weeks you’ve still only met him once. If you’re comfortable enough to move on, there’s no real need to meet at a restaurant again. However, if you feel like you need more time to get acquainted discuss this with him rather than make arrangements to meet at his home, and then say you were “pressured” for sex. If you’re at his house (as LASB already stated) it means you’re saying you’re READY for sex. You can’t be sending mixed signals. Make a decision and stand by it. I’ll say this again, DO NOT GO TO HIS HOUSE. When you’re ready to make love, please meet at a hotel. Until you’ve been with someone a few times…being nice is most likely just a facade. You do know that Ted Bundy was a very nice and charming man, don’t you? I’ll also say, planning to stay overnight for a first time is wayyyy too much. Give yourself a chance to know this man first. Right now he’s just a stranger, whose name you know. I don’t understand why he wants to do cash rather than set up an account, but if you’re okay with that, let him give it to you upfront before you enter the room with him.

    An easy way to find out if he’s a real SD…just request a 2nd meeting, no sex involved. Tell him you want to get a chance to know him better, before you commit to an arrangement. If he’s not playing you he’ll readily agree, because a true gentleman will ALWAYS be looking out for your well-being first; and will always ensure that you’re comfortable before moving forward.

    Whatever your decision…Be safe!

  15. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:


    Not to say that cars, apartments, and very lavish gifts don’t happen…they do. Just don’t let the idea make you naive.

  16. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    Hey Stormy!!! I’m out of sugar and in a wonderful relationship…made it official a month or so ago. Nice to see you back and in good spirits! Been writing any songs lately?

    Collegecoed- I know you’re excited about a new arrangement…it’s such a high. BUT…I’m seeing more red flags. Watch for those ridiculous gifts…IF the come through, there is a very, VERY high price tag for you. He can take it away as easily as he can give it to you. There is such a small chance he will actually ever follow through. I think he’s playing you, so don’t fall into it. My two cents….I’m genuinely worried for you, but it’s ultimately your choice, your chance. Listen to your instincts and common sense.

  17. collegecoed42 says:

    Thankyou everyone for the advice!!! We have been emailing for a few weeks and our 1st meeting was at a public restaurant and he was really nice and we agreed on an allowance and when i asked if he wanted to set up an account for me he said he would rather just give me cash once a month when we met, we also worked out some other gifts such as a car he would get for me if things worked out. He seems like a legit guy, he told me all about his work and i know his first and last name(i googled him and he is legit, everything he said about work and his life check out) And i have been reading all of the blogs!! I am just in need of a little help from you sugars who have done this before! I dont want to be taken advantage of! I am just not sure where to go from here!! Would i be better off meeting at a restaurant again and asking for part of the money before i went to his house, but i don’t want him to think im going to just run off with his money! Or if i went to his house ask for the money right when i got there so if he pressured me into sex i could just leave ?

  18. Anna Molly says:

    Hey Midwest! Yes, the most recent former SD. 😀

    Blue Skies ~ You’re welcome Sweetness! 🙂

    Hi Stormcat! Good to see you darlin’!

    Hello everyone! I hope all of you have been having a good week!

  19. Toni says:

    Blue Skies, you didnt frustrate me, you’ve actually asked questions and havent put yourself in any ridiculous situations. Please read thru this blog as well, lots of good info. Like I said get to know the guy then mention how you’d want a mutually benefical relationship(well hopefullky he’ll be smart enough to mention this first) and when an arrangement is one then get on to initimacy yada yada. Dont base the entire meet up on sex, if that’s all he mentions he’s FAKE

    My outburst was really general, like too many warnings are being ignored and SBs are endng up in vary horrible situations and its so depressing. SBs flying out on their own dimes just to be made to have sex with a promise of an allownce nad the guy runs off or situations that Co-ed is facing now, fake daddies trying to turn SB/SD relationships into pay for play/prosituation

  20. Stormcat says:

    Midwest ~ Hey good to see you. When did you become a cougar? You must have landed an awesome position!

    Naughty Molly ~ (spoken in a tenuous squeaky voice) Hi sexy . .

  21. LASB says:

    College Coed – The BS detector, red flags, and joke daddy warning bells are all signaling a pretty strong alarm. I’m glad you came to the blog before you did anything overly risky. My word of advice is that if you don’t want to have sex, don’t put yourself in a position that one would put themselves in during sex. Don’t go with him to his hotel room, his bedroom, his kitchen, his car, your bed, his car, a Walmart parking lot, or a Starbucks bathroom. All puns and kidding aside, be safe and err on the side of caution. The money isn’t worth putting your safety at risk.

    Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well. My week is off to a much better start than last week. Yay!

  22. Blue Skies says:

    @Naughty Molly & Midwest SB- thank you for sharing 🙂

  23. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    Amelia – Be confident in yourself and listen to the red flags. As far as building trust, it does take time, but there is a nice balance between “keeping your childish innocence” (Under the Tuscany Sun) and keeping safe. If you were at the SD’s home, it’s an automatic assumption that you came there to be intimate in most cases. If you’re not ready, don’t go to his home. A gentleman will be patient.
    BTW My romance is GREAT! I’m so glad I made the right choice. Funny thing is that the last pot SD I met I turned down for an arrangement, but he still stays in touch and wants an arrangement. It’s like my resolve is being tested because it’s so tough to resist sugar once you’ve enjoyed it. 🙂

    Blue Skies – Your pot SD is no gentleman if he’s already sent penis pics and constantly talks sex. Don’t waste your time. Have sex because you want to, not because he’s dangling an allowance over your head. I always arrange to have my allowance at the beginning of the month and the rest is like dating at a somewhat accelerated pace for some. Cash or deposits to my sugar account work nicely.

    Collegecoed – He’s treating you like a pro. Run.

    All – please be nice to the newbies and to those whose posts you don’t enjoy. There is no need to come and criticize others (notice that those frequently targeted have never had a mean thing to say to the bloggers who pass criticism.)

    AM/ NM – I’m so glad you enjoyed your lunch! Is this the most recent former SD?

    Heyyyyyyy sugars!

  24. Jessie says:

    @C/Coed42 – If you refused to go to his hotel room on the first meet, (which is a place where you could potentially be safe…this, of course is not a certainty) why then would you consider meeting him at his home where you’d DEFINITELY be placing yourself in danger? NEVER, EVER meet someone at their residence. ALWAYS put your safety above all else. Which means the first meeting should ALWAYS be in a public place, where you are free to leave quickly if it becomes necessary.

    You do sound very inexperienced and I think he picked up on that fact and is playing you. So,chances are no…you would not receive an allowance. Age doesn’t have anything to do with inexperience…all you need to be accomplished is a little knowledge. So, please spend some time and read some of the articles on the right. Armed with that knowledge I’m sure you’ll be a lot more confident and will be able to make sound decisions. In the meantime…email is your friend. Get as much information as possible before you arrange a date. If you want a SD who is mostly an allowance daddy, either during your email convo or on your first meet talk about it, and arrive at an agreement. During that convo you can also discuss frequency of meets and when or how your allowance will be delivered. Once all of this is to your satisfaction, then and only then do you engage in anything physical.

  25. Blue Skies says:

    @ Toni- I have been reading through the articles and blogs, I didn’t see anything as detailed as what you told me so I really appreciate your response. Sorry if I frustrated you by asking… 🙁

  26. justwonderin says:

    Lisa- I agree with Sugargirl988. You have never accepted any responsibility for your situation. I am certain that every single one of us here have had bad things happen to us – me included. I have never asked for help and always landed on my feet. And the most important thing is that even when things started to get REALLY bad I did not turn into a big downer. I accepted responsibility for some of my poor choices and did not walk around saying the world is against me.

    As I recall you have had 3 SDs. That’s 3 more than a lot of us have had. And I recall you bitched and moaned about 2 of them

    I’d tell you to get help but I know you have a gazillion excuses why you can’t. Like you can’t take the bus in the heat etc. Maybe just try and walk around with a positive attitude for one day and see how infectious that is.

  27. Toni says:

    Im baffled. It’s like some many dont even read the numerous advice given on the blogs including the articles..people are still asking about overnight stays within first meets?
    Blue skies, you two are supposed to ta and come to an arrangement and I believe maybe the next meeting or a few after then you two get close enough for intimacy, NOT the day of..that’s pay for play which puts you into prostitute land
    collegeco-ed, with all that’s been mentioned here and everywhere else, you should know the dude you’re dealing with a is a joke and a fake.
    With so much info and articles, yet people repeat the same tired mistakes then come and complain about jokedaddies after being taken advantage. Ridiculous.

  28. Naughty Molly says:

    When I started seeing my previous SD he always gave me an envelope that contained anywhere between 500 to 1000 at every lunch meeting before there was even any talk of intimacy. It was his way of showing me that I could trust him! I would hold off on any kind of over night trip (especially to his home) or intimacy before he shows you that he is trustworthy.

    Everyone has there own way of arranging things and each relationship is different. Trust your gut feelings and be safe! It’s a crazy world out there!

  29. Blue Skies says:

    I’m curious myself as to when the first allowance is expected… I’m assuming it’s when you have arranged a date that is understood will lead to intimacy but before the intimacy actually happens… ??? I’m also assuming it’s cash… ???

  30. collegecoed42 says:

    Need help sugars!! a few days ago i met a guy from the site and he was really nice, except he asked if i wanted to go to a hotel room right there! not even after an hour of meeting. He then asked if i could come down to his house which is over 2 hours away and spend the night. I am really confused as to what to do, he is really nice but i dont want to jump into sex right away, also we agreed on an allowance but he said he would just give it to me in person when we met. So do you think he would give it to me when i went down there?

  31. Blue Skies says:

    @ Gail- thank you for the welcome!

    @realdeal8888- I’m so sorry you’re going thru this. I like sparkling cleo’s idea of getting a PI, since she seems to have an evil streak chances are she’s not so squeaky clean…

    @Valentina- Welcome. I’m an SB new to the site as well. I’m meeting my first pot this weekend. We’ve exchanged messages, emails, texts (and yes he has already sent “those” pics… ugh… but I didn’t reciprocate despite more than a few requests!) We already discussed the $ in an early message- he approached the topic first, told me what his amount was and asked how often we could see each other. I kind of liked the fact that I know before we meet… however… as “Toni” warned- now he’s constantly texting about sex… puts my guard up that he’s not interested in an arrangement but rather a pay for play… I had a IRL guy who wanted the same deal- he was nice and charming…. until I didn’t give in to what HE wanted, then the MEAN, CONDESCENDING side of him would come out.
    As for how much I ask for- I’m basically asking for what I need to help out with bills. Personally I’m not asking for wads of cash to go shopping with (although I don’t see anything wrong with that!!) and I consider travel or gifts from an SD an act of his care and mutual friendship. Looking at the SD profiles I’ve found there is a wide range of what they are looking for (just like us SBs!)- some wanting fun adventures and travel with multiple babes and some seeking a LTR with one person. I am trying to have a solid idea of what I want and being a little flexible… I saw some good advice here on the blog about being patient and not necessarily accepting the first offer of an arrangement based on the fact that you may need the $. Good luck to you girl!

  32. Honey says:

    Cleo-Since we are still in “be nice to cleo week”..I guess I kinda have to, huh?
    TexasSug you better answer your phone or call me, I KNOW you ARE busy…but…give a sister a chance.lol!

  33. Naughty Molly says:

    Gail ~ He was actually very sweet and I have to say it was probably the best lunch date we’ve had together! 🙂

  34. Toni says:

    If all they’re focused on is sex, I’d move on. cos then they’ll turn it into pay for play and most likely become nasty in the future.

  35. Valentina says:

    Good Morning Sugar..I’m new to this site..any advice on how to negotiate the amount ? Shall I talk about it on the first meeting or before ? I have been out on a few dates and seems like they only want to talk about sex…

    Also is the party in NY any good? Did anyone attend it before?

  36. Gail says:

    I am up…anyone still awake? Okay…I’ll just leave midnite messages : )

    Welcome Blue Skies, Pallas, Yaya,Sphinx and anyone else I missed. You will find the blog can be a friendly and helpful place. We are a big sugar family…some days we all get along and some days we have our differences. For the most part comments, opinions, and feelings come from a good place in all our sugars hearts.

    Sphinx, I just love your blog name. My cat’s name was Sphinx : )

    Anna Molly~What happened?….did he treat you right? Let me know so that I can send daggers his way.

    Cleo~Splitting the bill? What’s that?..lol….I am now so use to dating southern gentlemen…I never bring money on a date that I have been asked out on. I am so happy for you that you have been going on dates, it must be your new shoes and those Cleo climbing legs in them : )

    Ameila~I love reading your blog!!!!

    Sugargirl~If you hate being a downer or being mean, why be it? Life can be tough for all of us. The blog is a place where one can come to vent. Do as Toni does, it’s a great solution for your problem. Skip over post that you do not care to read. It’s really not necessary to hurt the feelings of others or make negative comment of our sugar sisters. Tsk, tsk : (

    TexasSugah~Close to the breast? I believe thats suffocation…right?(I hope you get my humor)

    By the way Lisa, I look forward to seeing your Avatar everyday. This blog would not be the same without you. And what’s this I hear about you disliking old men? If you didn’t already know I love them.

    Getting sleepy now….see ya all in the morning sometime!

  37. amelia says:

    @needadvice – 5k with someone i don’t enjoy spending the time with vs 3k with someone i enjoy spending the time with… i will totally take that 3k offer up. and then again, that’s me…

  38. amelia says:

    Hi Beach girl, midwest, toni, lisa, Sparkling Cleo, RC, SDGuru, honey, RedMaru, SouthernGent2, Enigma, Texasugah, AnnaMolly, Realdeal8888 and everyone else!

    @Beachgirl – Ha. That me saying hi to you too! It strange how you want to visit ireland and i’ve always wanted to visit canada. Guess the grass is always greener on the other side! hahas… Well the offer of playing host is still there… =)

    @Midwest – i’ve been thinking so much of you these days. i am sorta in the middle of coming into an arrangement with someone, and as usual, am second guessing everything i do. and in the middle of it all, i kept thinking what you would have done. hahas… how’s your romance getting along? hope all is well.

    @toni – well, it is initially going on really well until i was at his place and well, then the obvious that he wants to get intimate and i errr… sorta just freaked out and left. So, that’s where it went bad. more happened and i just put it up in my blog if you are interested in my boring sugar life! would love to hear what you think. i am so confused about it all myself as to what to do next. haiz…

    @RC – i think you are reading! so i’ve juz gotta say hi to you! hahas…

    @SDGuru – hello and i’m still waiting for your updates on your blog. And then again, i am actually evem more curious as to what happened in the end to the girl who pee in the alley.

    @Southerngent2 – waiting for your blog!!!

    @Enigma – not seen you in awhile! hope all is well.

    @lisa – things seems to be looking up. Now that you got the credit card court case over with and the computer fixed free of charge! stay positive! 🙂

    @realdeal8888 – i learn in dismay that you took the easy way out and choose to succumb to that nasty woman’s blackmail. i do however hope that she will keep her words and never to hassle you ever again.

    It just makes me so annoyed that here i am finding it difficult to find even just that one genuine SD and when i do it takes so much just to build trust with them (if i even manage that at all), and there people are find these SDs are doing that one most detestable thing making live more difficult for the others.

    And then again, when i meet men from the site, i can’t help feeling indignant that despite meeting them (okie, not them since i didn’t meet so many, i am actually referring to my previous SD) numerous times, taking my heart out and trying so hard to build trust and rapport with him, he still consciously keep a huge distance away from me, unable to tell me even the simplest detail about himself. It’s almost like, just because he’s got more money than me, then he’s the only one with something to lose if people were to find out what he’s been up to whereas i am this shameless super-dramatic liar with nothing to lose at all.

    Just ranting…

  39. Toni says:

    sugargirl, thankfully ive learned to skip over as soon as i see the avatar.

  40. Sugargirl988 says:

    I hate to be a downer and I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way but Lisa I think you need some help, your comments are almost always negative and revolve around your money issues. This is suposed to be a blog about sugar life and dating and it is great when people share details about thief personal life but you are taking it to an extreme. From what I have read you are not even in the sugar world anymore, it would be great if you could give advice to new sugars but all your negativity is really dragging the blog down. I am sorry you have a hard life but I am not sure that this is the place to share it. I don’t want to be mean it’s just hard to read everyones comments and talk about sugar life with Lisa”s negative comments and outlook on everything

  41. Lisa says:

    oh, my ex husband blackmailed me I guess, he made me make an agreement with him to not ask for any child support (had me sign and notarize something) or he would take my daughter to the middle east. I hated to lose the child support (never got any) and it made me angry that he could get by with it but I chose my daughter’s safely and my sanity or money.

  42. weird all these comments showed up after i posted that…
    real deal don’t pay her.. hire a private eye and pay him what you would pay her adn then meet her with information and a cease and desist letter from an attorney and inform her that you will put her life through hell if she ever contacts you again
    honey can i borrow tiny…?

  43. Lisa says:

    Omg what a day from hell. I was actually slugged in the arm by some old rude man at work. I was passing by the floral department and he asked me the price of some flowers (he was obviously trying to get fresh flowers for the price of the mark down ones next to them). I am not familiar with flower prices but looked for a price he got mad and said he had plenty of money and could buy anything he wanted somewhere else. Then he stuck his hand in front of my face to show me his ring (i really didnt’ notice it other than it was a diamond as I was so focused on his attidude) then before walking away he slugged me in my bad arm and it’ s been hurting all day. Thing was the manager was near by and I told him immediately and even pointed to the guy who still in the store and they did nothing. I dont’ know if I should contact the union about it or what. Anyway if he ever does that again, I won’t be able to control myself and i’ll hit him back. Makes me so mad when people look down on people just because they work in a store. anyway i’m focusing me thought on him dying a horrible death. And I now hate all old men.

    Best way for a sd to avoid a blackmailer, don’t get involved with any woman other than your wife (I think this stuff happens in non sugar relationships too)

    best way for a sb to avoid being chopped up, don’t meet any sds.

    You really have more to lose, she might get 4 years in prison, but you would lose your marriage and the respect of our children if they find out. The married person always has more to lose.

    ok time for me to eat something before i pass out.
    Have a good afternoon everyone

  44. toni: he was 37 and seems to think we’re “dating”

    um we *were*

  45. Honey says:

    And back to our black mailer wanna be. How much is she asking? over a certain amount and she is getting into real trouble in some states.
    I’m from Detroit, lived in Sugarland Texas, For Real But still have those Detroit connections. I got a cousin ,let’s call him Tiny( and he has NEVER hurt women)who could check up on her for you..maybe get you some leverage…just saying….lol!

  46. Honey says:

    on splitting the bill…I’ve had broke men offer me the last piece of toast. That’s one of the reasons I don’t date poor guys. I love chivalry, but if they can’t afford to take me out… I had a guy who I am sure by now is making big Bank by now. But then he was a newly arrived German immigrant, but he loved this country and Wanted to be here. And wanted to date EXOTIC american women, and make it! and stuff. but he didn’t have a car and didn’t have enough money to take me out and would not let me pay for a hotel that I liked( he could only afford the $50 or under type) Long story short, He never asked me to split the bill. Another old boyfriend who sold me his car… after we broke up he would insist on meeting in person for me to pay the monthly car note(lot’s of times I paid double) and we would meet at starbucks or lunch or dinner and he would never let me pay. Even when I was giving him the car payment. I could have mail the payment to him or etf…but not for him… No, Honey don’t pick up the tab…

  47. Stormcat says:

    realdeal ~ I am saddened to hear that you have made that decision! I don’t think even a single person advised that course of action. It is disagreeable to me because it adds a precedent that someone can get away with it which extends the problem rather than reducing it. Even a single payment violates all the principals of genteel conduct that should be the standard in sugarland. I still say tell her to go to hell!

  48. Honey says:

    realdeal…u have to do what you have to do ,but they never go away, next time she will ask for a smaller amount, but she will ask. She seems to have made this her job and she is working it…sorry Was she on SA?I haven’t kept up

  49. realdeal8888 says:

    Hey everyone! Thanks for all of the advice. I looked up blackmail laws and even threatening it (if it isn’t paid) is still a federal offense if done via email or phone, and carries a four year penalty in Federal Prison plus fines of up to $10K. Because of my situation it is still sticky. I decided to pay once, with my understanding that if I ever even SNIFF anything about that person again I will simply bit the bullet and turn her over to the federal authorities. She will be in for a big suprise. Lisa, you are right that It shouldn’t be a big suprise, but it is still disappointing here in sugarland as many folks I have come across are really cool!

  50. Toni says:

    Um gross cleo..a man asked you to split the bill? whats the point of the date? how old is this dude? lol Im like flabbergasted.

    Happy to hear you have pots though 🙂 Hope it goes well with at least one and you can tell us all about it lol.

  51. Anna Molly says:

    Hi Enigma! 😀

    Good morning everyone! I had a lunch date yesterday with my ex-SD and I have to say it was interesting. Hope all of you have a great day! 😀

  52. sigh… changing my AGE lol
    just bob: welcome back 🙂
    midwest: send me pics, i might have ideas, i’m a lakes and boats kind of girl…
    lisa: thanks for remembering it’s be nice to cleo week… it started out nicely, i spent the weekend with friends on a boat 🙂

    i was glad to hear that they fixed your computer for you by the way… and i agree with bob, don’t pay them.
    texasugah: funny thing, i have dates with hmm… (does yesterday count as this week?) one irl guy (or two) and 3 pots this week, one good one. so it’s certainly going to be a busy week. in a perfect world i’d like them all and get to choose… or an even better one would swoop in in his private jet to whisk me on a getaway for the weekend…

    good luck with your “close to the breast” whatever 🙂
    Jessie: thank you! what a brilliant compliment! really thanks!

    i have a great week planned, and then literally not one thing from friday evening to tuesday morning…

    hell i haven’t even planned my damn fortieth and that’s in TWO WEEKS!
    wow the blog takes a long time to load… new topic please!

  53. toni i’m amazingly uncomfortable changing my name to younger, i did it once and then forgot and then felt really weird when i made a crack about my age and he said “oh you said 35 on your profile” and i realized that i am what i am. i can gild the lily but i can’t lie and call it a narcissus (although i am a narcissist rofl)

    anyway, when i went under 35 it didn’t seem to make a difference. removing my face from my profile and shortening it and putting up funny taglines? that seems to get me more and better attention. i still get so many men who start great conversations and fall off the planet but *shrug* if it gets to me that’s when i go spend a weekend on a boat with some great friends and forget reality for a time. i will say my dates are better, i’m meeting real SD’s now but not MY sd…
    midwest: i do know that and it was another word… i even know which one now, from another comment that was also held a while. but thanks, a lot of other folks probably need to know that m * d e r @ t 1 * n is not a word to use on this blog…

    oh my god MRE!!!

    *dies laughing”

    i was on a date with a cute man the other week and he had invited me for a swim at a rooftop terrace adjoining an indoor saltwater pool (and it was THIRTY NINE DEGREES OUTSIDE – 102…?) so i said yes. on the way he suggested drinks and then looked at me and suggested we split the bill. but he did it as a question. it was so weird, i’ve seen him several times and right then i was like um… guess not. i can’t figure out why asking me to pay for a drink bugged me so much… but it did.

    and yet i can think of at least one man i know who could ask me to split a bill and i wouldn’t mind. perhaps it’s that i know he’s broke and that he would give anything he had? and i know mr drinks isn’t …?

    i don’t want to make it sound like i need a man to give me all he has… but hmm.. maybe i do, maybe i want us to do that for each other. but that isn’t sugar – then again, he wasn’t a sugar date. hmm

    hmmm join a board of a cause i love. oh my god you’re brilliant. how did i not think of that! then i don’t have to pay for tickets, i’m the freaking host! and they won’t care that i’m transparently seeking clients, i’m a hard worker with good ideas and a reasonable attitude. oh my thank you!
    bella? can i come visit you and go to a polo match? i’ve always wanted to do the whole hamptons thing, even just for a weekend. is it weird to ask that?
    ms cyn: i hope the pot you’re excited about turns out to be worth it. i generally regret allowing myself to lift my hopes before meeting a man, sd or otherwise, in fact i usually wish i’d kept my cool until around the fifth date!
    ok wow i have a lot to catch up on, hi, i’m cleo and i’m about to hog the blog

  54. Lisa says:

    Good evening

    Stormcat, actually i’m in deeper trouble than ever. But i’ve given up as it is hopeless. I’ll never put any effort to trying ever again. Lost a lawsuit against me (well actually didn’t even get to speak much) now i’ve got a judgment against me so that sucks. Sucky part is it is from old credit card debt from years ago. They refused to except an agreement where i made very small payments. They are still going to get small payments that are going to wreck my finances, had to cut out the ac and it’s 90 degrees in my apartment.

    I am so ready for fall, which starts in november here.
    Have a good night everyone. I’m super bored so i’m going to make it an early night.

    Have a good evening everyone

  55. Stormcat says:

    Lisa ~ Thanks . . . Seems like you’re finding yourself again. Happy to see it.

    RedMaru ~ Yahoo. . . I always feel happy to see you here! 🙂

    BG Dear ~ 🙂 Ni Hao? I only stayed in AZ for about 2 weeks. Then I headed East and landed in Austin. Stayed between there and Port Alansas for a month and a half before I returned to NY. I loved Austin and think I’d like to make it a habit to winter there.

    Alleycat ~ You, of course, were globe trotting when I hit Phoenix (The Himalayan Trek) But I’m glad to see you too. Seems like you’re having a kinda steamy Mexico Fiesta presently?

    Ah . . . SD Guru ~ Always the purveyor of wisdom. You don’t know how many times I’ve thought about you and how much your words helped. Thank You!

    Pallas; aka? ~ Interesting analysis . . . However, 1/6 of an adult lifetime is still a large amount of time not to know how to use a blackberry. I think you should just be straight up and, in a nice tone and language, tell him that you’ll reveal personal information when you feel comfortable. If he can’t accept that and/or keeps pushing, then something is wrong and you will be glad you didn’t share it. If he backs off and gives you space then you can take that as a sign of genuine intentions.

  56. Blue Skies says:

    Hello All. I’m new to SA and the Sugar Life… I’ve read through some blogs and I’m happy to see such a friendly supportive group of friends. Just want to let you all know I appreciate the advice given here!

  57. Sphinx says:

    Hello Sugars. I posted on here once before, but think I should try to become more friendly instead of lurking.

    I am new at being a SB, have only met one pot SD, and he wasn’t for me. Now, I can’t even get people to respond to me. I haven’t had a reply in well over a week. What could I be doing wrong?

  58. Pallas says:

    @EnigmaSD oh snap! Seems pretty dumb for an MBA student, aren’t they supposed to have some social savvy?

    @SDGuru, @Michael Alleycat, @Stormcat I have a potSD that seems great but we started communicating about a week ago, just before he went on a 4 week vacation.. He seems great, interesting, but wants more pictures, etc, details, where I live (?!). I’ve been vague… But is it generally true that the amount of information you are willing to disclose to what is actually a stranger on the internet is inversely proportional to the fraction of your life that has been spent on the internet? I’ve been online for more than 3/5 of my life, whereas he (by my estimation) only possibly 1/6. I thought about giving him the benefit of the doubt (eh, he barely knows how to use the blackberry…but maybe he’s double bluffing and just trying to get the goods on me as insurance against a situation like RealDeal described.

    Intrigue! half the reason I’m here.

    I would never do that, my insomnia cures all dramatic tendencies. Am I overthinking this? He seems genuine and interesting and genuinely interested in getting to know me..in what words would you like a potSB to say that while chatting during your vacation is fine I don’t want to give away too many personal details, bearing in mind that he has been fairly open with me (volunteering info, I suppose expecting some in return?

  59. Lisa says:

    I would think that a person’s qualifications and grades would count the most for getting hired. And of course there is always the reverse on blackmailing (where the professor threatens to fail a student if they don’t sleep with them). Anyway there are consequences to our actions and for those who step out of what is counted acceptable. A man who steps outside of his marriage for fun, encouters certain risks and really shouldn’t act so shocked when something like this happens. You really never know anyone. Women who meet pot sds always have a slight risk of being chopped up by that person they think they know. It’s a very risky game and none of us should pretend to be victims. Life is full of risks.

    ok need to get myself motivated and get the rest of my chores done.

  60. Enigma SD says:

    also, IMHO, there is a big difference between getting wild on spring break versus blackmailing (a felony) someone, but maybe it is just me that feels that way.

  61. Enigma SD says:

    Lisa — for grad students, potential employers talk to the professors.

  62. Lisa says:

    Gail where are you? Just made the coffee. Still waiting for it to take effect. I need to get motivated and clean my living room window today and those dreaded blinds.

    Curious to why a professor would care what someone did in their personal life? If getting an education had anything to do with strong morals and being conservative, the spring breakers would all be thrown out of school, lol

  63. RedMaru says:

    Hey Lisa 😀
    Hey Enigma wow brutal but effective :d

  64. Lisa says:

    Good morning everyone

    Hey Redmaru

    Blackmail I guess is one of the risks married sds take or any married man that choses to get involved outside his marriage. I would think the sd has more to lose as one’s family (especially the respect of one’s children is more valuable than a career or degree.

    ok back to my laundry, Getting my place all freshened up for fall, which should be here around december, lol

  65. Enigma SD says:

    Heya Anna! Thanks for the hello, Beach Girl, and good to see you!

    RealDeal — I had one woman threaten to blackmail me by going to my wife. She was working on her MBA, so I basically said to her… look, I have all the text messages, emails, etc that you sent to me (some of them quite steamy – had been getting to know her for about 3 months). I told her that she was welcome to expose me, but that she should be prepared for me to provide all of the correspondences to her professors, classmates and the police. I ended my last email to her by saying, “I hope you like an inferno, because if I am going up in flames, we are going up in flames together.” I never heard from her again. I wasn’t bluffing, and I think she recognized that. She had something to lose though, and I am not sure if your pot-SB does.

  66. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugars! Alleycat, Storm, Anna, hey (waving arms in the air :D)
    Hey Beach_Girl – I’m okay just tired getting home @ eight to nine o clock from week kinda took its toll. I hope that time and a half will pay off on the paycheck.
    Realdeal8888 now that Mr. Sleepy is gone somewhat from my eyes and muscles, I have had the chance to throughly examine your posts. And I hate what you’re going through. That is truly uncool. And I second everyones advice to you. An affair is not illegal. Exortion is. Remind her in nice way of that.

  67. Anna Molly says:

    Good morning everyone! I hope all of you have a great day!

  68. @RealDeal – I’m shocked. Shocked. My rule: I only connect with a SB where I know ALL her details. I print off her profile. I validate her statements against reality. I walk her to her car and note the license plate. I note the cell ph and other numbers. The possibility of blackmail is very real, and I will not be cornered. If someone does try to corner me, watch out!!

    It may be ruthless, but if push comes to shove, I make sure I have enough information to cause her more pain than she can cause me. I keep my SB relationships at arms length until I make sure my risk is less than hers.

    Some people talk about trust. I used to trust my instincts – I thought they were totally reliable. Please refer previous blog posts as refutation. Now, I dont trust my instincts, but I do trust leverage.

    Not being cynical, just being protective.

  69. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars 😀

    Cleo~ Hope you have a great week!
    Midwest~ always great advice!
    Lisa~ nice that you and your mom are walking together again
    yaya~ Welcome!
    Red~ I always miss you, hope all is good 😀
    Enigma~ hey you! havent’ see you on in a while
    Texasugah~ hey girl, how are you?
    Stormcat~ welcome back, how was AZ?
    Realdeal8888~ hi and welcome… that is crazy, i’m sorry that happened to you. you got great advice here. I’m sure you could report her to this site as well.. let them know what happened! hope it works out for you
    Amber~ hi!!! since I never miss saying hi to you 😀 must be that your in one the countries that I am dying to visit lol.. JK

    Everyone I missed HI hope you all had a great weekend

  70. Realdeal8888 says:

    Hey everyone! Thanks for the thoughts. I didn’t know if I would see her again or not. We had a nice time actually, and I sent her some money to pay for some car damage that she sent me a pic of (I had seen the car undamaged). LOL, now I think I know why it was vandalized, if someone else got the same treatment. Yes, I have her full name and home address, and the threat on my email, which I now understand is good enough for endightment in court. My risk is that I am married and don’t really want to explain all of this, but I obviously can’t let this go on…

    • SD Guru says:

      Had a coffee with potIRL yesterday – she used the phrase “mutually beneficial relationship” twice in an hour.

      Is this a pot for IRL dating? If so, since you’ve got hooks in both IRL and sugar dating, what difference should it make?


      Welcome back! You seem happier and less emotional, so perhaps your time away from sugar did some good! 🙂

      i have vowed to not accept an allowance lower than 4k however should i accept….is 3k bad or good. guess im spoiled…

      What’s an acceptable allowance can depend on several factors, such as location, frequency and duration of meetings, and the SD’s expectations. Perhaps you were spoiled at 5k, and you could be spoiled at 3k as well. Is 3k from a SD you enjoy being with preferable to 5k from a SD you can’t stand? That’s for you to decide.


      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Blackmail happens more often than it should in the sugar world and that’s a shame. During my years as a SD I’ve been blackmailed more than once and I have SD friends who’ve been blackmailed. Since you’re married, there are probably a lot of details you don’t want to disclose in a public blog, so feel free to email me at the email addy listed in my blog. The best advice I can give you right now is don’t panic and don’t do anything rash. And unless you’re dealing with a serious nutcase, everything should work itself out eventually.


      He’s not new to the blog.

  71. yaya says:

    -Red, I appreciate the welcoming

  72. yaya says:

    and thanks for the welcoming -Red

  73. yaya says:

    -enigma thanks i’ll definitely take a look…

  74. RedMaru says:

    welcome back stormcat we missed ya!
    welcome yaya

  75. Enigma SD says:

    yaya — welcome to the sugar world. There are all sorts of sugar arrangements. Try reading the sugar daddy dating tips on the upper right hand corner of this web page. Happy Hunting!

  76. yaya says:

    Hi all,

    I am new to the sugar world and have yet to get my feet wet. I am in most aspects of my life very demanding and upfront but wen it comes to the unfamiliar i must say like most i revert inward, I really want to give this whole thing a go but just dont know how to. For some reason when i think of a subar baby i see bleached blonde hair, fake boobs and a bit ditsy or on the other hand some one vastly educated and accomplished i guess i feel intimidated which is saying a lot as i do not impress or initimidate easily. I have an account on SA but as far as taking any other steps have been a No Go. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  77. Texasugah says:

    Hey Ya’ll

    Strange, I was just going to post about the extortion that seems to be going on here.

    I have talked to 3 men recently (I end up counseling people.. probably need to start charging LOL) who all have had the same situations. They don’t know each other.. and aren’t on the same site. This is ridiculous. It seems like these chicks (can’t call them ladies) are finding out who these men are and then threatening them. All three men have contacted law enforcement.
    The fact that I have heard about about this more than once in a short period of time is alarming.

    It doesn’t really matter if she is hurt or manipulative, we all know there’s risk in this lifestyle. You could very well end up meeting a man.. things going swimmingly for a minute and he takes off. It wasn’t a relationship.. it’s NSA. If a woman can’t handle that then she doesn’t need to be in the sugarbowl. I think we have all talked with women that have had this happen.. I hate to say it but it’s the cost of doing business.

    This person is making things bad for everyone. Unbelieveable!!!!

  78. Lisa says:

    Welcome back stormcat

    realdeal, I agree with midwest, we need more info on this sb

    ok gotta get ready for my 2 mile walk with my mom. At least we are spending some time together a few times a week that isn’t wrecking my budget. Ran into daughter when I was going for a bottle of soda today, she was showing me all the lightbulbs she bought preparing for when they stop selling regular lightbulbs.

    Ok need to get hydrated before I go walking

  79. Stormcat says:

    Real Deal ~ Blackmail is a felony, having an affair is not even illegle. Gently let her know who has the most to lose. Then act according to her response.

  80. Stormcat says:

    Hi everyone. Missed you all so much. Nice topic.
    Still see my SB about once a month but not as a sugar. Just very close friends now.
    Tried irl dating for a while . . .
    Feeling happy just to work, write, and enjoy my solitude in the forest. I go into town every morning and am starting to get to know a lot of the locals. The invite me to the town events and many have taken the time to drive out to see my house. It’s kind of a sensation as they’ve never seen anything like it. I’m such a regular at the local coffee house that they keep a mug there for me. Last week they suggested that I pay rent and set up my office there. lol
    It’s good to see so many familiar names.
    btw Stephen give anyone who asks my new email.

  81. Jessie says:

    @S Cleo – I know you always make the best of every opportunity so this isn’t so much a “best wishes” thing…but more of a “continue to kick butt thing.” Have fun girl :).

    @Alleycat – I’m with TSugah…how else would she know you’re looking for a SB. Like Toni’s been asking, how can a SB really tell when a guy she meets IRL is just wanting a fling or an arrangement? Sounds to me like mentioning, “mutually beneficial” would have been your sign to say whether or not you’re seeking the same. Of course, if you’ve already had “the talk”…or even hinted at it, I can understand your amusement. I also don’t understand why you’d feel the need to “call her on it.” Do you think her approach was wrong? If so, what should she have done differently?

    @Realdeal – I’m gonna assume that you have as much personal info on her as she does on you….or at least that you have enough to make the same threat. In any case, how is she going to prove that she was with you? Just knowing your name and number isn’t enough proof to say you’ve had an affair. Unless she has a picture/video of you and her in the room making love… EVERYTHING else can be discounted.

  82. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    Realdeal – Lisa poses an important question, but I know that divulging some part about who you are for verification purposes can lead to someone finding out more. All that said, I would say don’t react at all. Meanwhile, a few questions come to mind:
    1- How is she an SB if you met only once?
    2- Was it a pay for play arrangement or did you give her an allowance with the intention of seeing her on an ongoing basis?
    3- Why are you parting ways?

    Either she’s manipulative or hurt. Which do you think? Women react differently based on what the background info reveals. If she’s hurt, being the good guy and apologizing/ empathizing could get you far. If she’s manipulative, you have to see if she is serious. She may take a day or two to realize her actions could end up revealing her sugar involvement to her friends, family and employer, but who wants to invite that kind of drama into their lives. Hopefully, she will see how unrealistic she is being. In addition, should she succeed in this blackmail plot, where does it stop?

    One sb had a potential sd send letters to many of her professional clients exposing her involvement in the sugar world. She hired a private detective to find out who it was and effectively addressed the situation head on. She wasn’t married, but she had to go to her clients proactively to explain what was going on. I know your scenario is quite different, but you’re not the first. Hopefully, the gents will come on board and offer some sound advice.

    BTW – Welcome! Have you been here in the past?

  83. Lisa says:

    Realdeal8888 why did you reveal that much personal info to someone you only met once?

  84. Realdeal8888 says:

    Hey Sugarland,

    I have a serious question. I would like to end things with a SB I only met once (outof town) and now she is threatening (blackmail) to tell my family unless I pay her off a cetain amount of money. Way uncool. Suggestions?

  85. Toni says:

    Hey s there a way to get access to Goal Digger’s blog? Thanks!

  86. RedMaru says:

    Afternoon sugars
    Just resting finally after overtime got home at nine. Just wished my Mom a happy birthday and trying to have a restful Sunday before going back into the grind tomorrow. Last week of overtime so I’m going to try to milk as much as I can so I can have a decent birthday. An real SD would be the best bday present of course….lol

  87. Toni says:

    Dont keep us waiting too long, pb
    More WOC SBs should create blogs cos I know many dont feel comfortable discussing many things that happen with us in the bowl

    needadvice, I say take it..if he’s really the generous type by the time you add gifts and stuff, it’ll probably end up being 5k or more. since he’s handsome and has a better personality, you can give him the hot guy discount. 😉

  88. Texasugah says:

    Happy Sunday all…

    So, I hope everyone has plans to relax. I’m starting to get really campy with nothing to do all day. Well, nothing structured. Cooking, cleaning, reading, brushing up on my Turkish, visiting friends, tutoring my little guy, online certification course.. ok yes, I do have something to do but I guess I’m accustomed to burning the candle at both ends and the middle.

    Michael – She sounds like my doppelganger same education and similar field. She’s probably run into men who seem to forget why you’re meeting. She probably doesn’t realize your experience and knowledge in the area. A little reassurance is always in order.

    Pallas – congrats!!!!!

    Need advice – well you’ve already ended things with 5K.. there’s no real chose but to check out 3K.. you could wait and see if another 5K comes along but you said he was pretty decent. Why not??

    PB – what happened? I would love to find out. If it was weird, just keep moving.

    Cleo – whatcha got cooking on your special week?

    as to the great news.. ahhh.. got a couple of pot meets.. I think I’ll be holding the Great close to the breast for a bit.

    Have a great one y’all

  89. Lisa says:

    Good morning everyone and remember this is “Be nice to Cleo week”

  90. pb says:

    Gm SB @ Toni I’ll tell you all about It later, on my way to church with my munchkin.

    I’ll tell you this much, the distinguished man wasn’t a gentleman!

    Uggh the nerve of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. @NeedAdvice – I’d take the 3k with the attraction. I cannot imagine bonking somebody with no personality, bad sex and no attraction. Keep your standards high!

    Had a coffee with potIRL yesterday – she used the phrase “mutually beneficial relationship” twice in an hour. Very funny. I’ll call her on it next time we meet, I ignored it this time! Wasn’t expecting it – she is a senior educator in state government, with 2 Masters. Lol.

  92. needadvice says:

    ok so i need help…with my delima. Things have recently ended with a sd that provided a 5k allowance. The down side to him was bad sex and he had no personality and i wasnt very attracted to him. Now i have plans to meet a sd that will provide 3k. he is handsome, has a good personality and all that. i have vowed to not accept an allowance lower than 4k however should i accept….is 3k bad or good. guess im spoiled…

  93. RedMaru says:

    Hey sugars!
    Hope everyone is having a fun weekend! 😀
    Would you believe I am at work of all places. They have a project and that one time in seven to ten years they are “opening their hearts” ha ha and giving us overtime. And I aint gonna lie, I could use the overtime so I’m here like a good little worker and have been working late for the past week. Getting eyestrain looking at these numbers and have a birthday in a week could use some sugar…that’s a given

  94. Pallas says:

    @Naughty Molly the festival (I’ve watched via itunes as well) has been great hasn’t it?

  95. Pallas says:

    @Toni ask me again on Monday evening… 😀

    Things are looking up. As soon as I made it known that I was no longer looking for a job and was returning to grad school, I got headhunted…for the job I wanted. To do part then full time during grad school. [email protected][email protected]#!! I will get one hour of sleep a night for the next 4 yrs so help me god

  96. Lisa says:

    London is a great city. I’ve been fortunate enough to go there 4 times over the last 26 years. Last time was in 03, I miss it, probably never go again.

    ok i’ve been reading the yahoo article about how to keep cool without ac. It’s hilarious. So i’m to sit in front of a fan with a bucket of ice water and a jug of water in front of it while keeping my feet submerged in a 5 gallon bucket of cold water. ok how would one get anything done that way? What happens when you get up and forget that you’re in a bucket and fall over and break your neck?

  97. Naughty Molly says:

    Pallas ~ No, but I wish I was! I was watching on iTunes. I’ve never been to London but I’ve always wanted to go.

  98. Toni says:

    have you made an arrangement yet Pallas

  99. Pallas says:

    @Naughty Molly, are you in London??

  100. Pallas says:

    2nd meeting with on Monday, can’t wait… Please christ, anyone, everyone, give me some advice so I don’t screw it up! I really like him. He really likes me. I will try to hold my tongue, that’s what has gotten me into trouble in the past…

  101. Naughty Molly says:

    Time for some Neon Trees! 😀

  102. Naughty Molly says:

    I’m watching Coldplay live at the iTunes Festival! It’s been a great show so far! 😀

  103. Lisa says:

    It really freaked me out when I was sitting in bed sunday night with my laptop and all of a sudden the bottom part came half loose. It looked horrible and is more than a cosmetic thing because somehow the rubber back helps with the cooling because the metal part of the laptop is under there. But I looked online and it was a common thing with the models sold at the time I got mine. My laptop is very important to me because it is one of the joys of my sb days which are obviously long passed.

  104. LASB says:

    Happy Friday, Sugars! Luckily, I don’t get stressed out that easily, as I’m having a hell of a month. I’m catching up on the blog as I sit here literally waiting for paint to dry.

    Lisa – Now you know why Macs cost more. They’re pretty decent with the customer service. I had a laptop with a battery recall. Instead of going in right away, I used the original recalled battery until it went dead. Then I went in for my new free battery 18 months later. Probably saved myself a good $150.

  105. Lisa says:

    Hey Gail, yes I have a nice new bottom to my laptop.
    I bought a pound of cherries, that’s what i’m having for lunch

  106. Gail says:

    Good Morning LL : ) Happy Friday Everyone.

    Lisa~I am glad that your laptop was covered….yay!!!! I snuck off from work…was so hungry…I have to go back now. It must be your day off. I’ll be back……

  107. Lisa says:

    Hey LL

    Just got back from buying groceries and getting my laptop fixed. Luckily it was a defect with the model that was covered. Would have cost 113 dollars to replace the back, but it was free so now it looks normal again.

  108. LL says:

    Happy Friday Sugars 😀

  109. Lisa says:

    Good morning everyone. Gail, where are you? I just made some coffee.

    Need to get my butt moving, have to walk over to the apple store in an hour to have my computer looked at (back is falling off) and then bring it back home, walk back and get some groceries.

    Looks like another hot sticky day here.

  110. Toni says:

    What happened amelia

  111. bella if i was closer i’d invite myself to the hamptons with you! heck i sort of want to regardless!

  112. amelia says:

    @BellaSavantNYC – thanks. it went hmm…. well than not well… I never ask them for photos before i meet up with them before i wouldn’t sent them any of my photos! Wouldn’t want it to come back and haunt me later. . That is why i only meet them up for coffee so if i don’t like what i see, i can leave after 20mins. Ha…

  113. Nico says:

    No, Tommy was the guy with GiGi….with the elliptical machine in his house.

  114. Toni says:

    Is trommy the one who wanted his sb to remove the tattoo?

  115. SanDiego sb says:

    hey sugars! i haven’t been on the blog in FOREVER

    I’ve been waiting for this true life to happen for a year, andddd was shocked when I saw it, because I’ve actually been out with Tommy ( the lame guy that kept pounding the other girls fist like a dude)

    I can only imagine why she didnt want to take it to the next level with him and “bring the heat”

    If any of you remember I had said I met a man that wanted me to go blonde and when i said no he told me..

    “haven’t you ever heard of the golden rule..whoever makes the gold makes the rules” He’s embarrassing to be around in public and says the most off the chart things. I dont know if it was to shock me to see where my head was at and how I was going to react, but hes def a game player.

    overall I wish they would have showed a successful arrangement, and an arrangement “flake” like the tommy one.

  116. Naughty Molly says:

    Hi everyone!

    Gail ~ I’m being naughty, I promise! 😉

  117. Lisa says:

    well i’m eating them now (just 3 of the them, lol) no blood gushed out so I think they are done, lol

    got them on clearance for quick sale at that store of the company that sued me, 6 legs for one dollar, they’ve been expired since the 18th (bought them on the 15th) so we will see, lol

  118. Gail says:

    LOL…I am the wrong person to ask Lisa….I stopped cooking it seems like a year ago. I’ve been eating out everyday. It’s too much to cook on a hot day. I am headed out the door now…got off of work early, going in late tommorrow. Oh I love my life now!!!!

  119. Lisa says:

    Hey Gail 🙂 ok i’ve had my 6 chicken legs in the oven for over an hour, should they be done by now? Please help as I am not used to cooking things that are not precooked, lol It is making my apartment really hot and I want to turn off my oven

  120. Gail says:

    Good afternoon All~

    Welcome back Bob. Nice to have you back. Your info is very helpful.

    Cougarlicious~ I’m no decorator…lol….but will goldfish in a bowl help? I sure miss having to do mommy things for my kids.

    justwonderin~What you read on the blog is a very small part of Lisa’s personality and who she is. Those of us that communicate with her regularly know more and appreciate the Sugar sister that she is. Please be considerate and spread your “pooh, pooh” somewhere else. Thank you in advance it’s much appreciated.

    Naughty Molly~I haven’t heard of any naughtiness lately…Are you okay? (smiling at you)

    Texassugah~Loved reading your story : ) And your blog…wow…alot has happened Super Sugar Woman!!!!….lol : )

    Heading out to pamper myself. Have a great rest of the afternoon!!!!

  121. Lisa says:

    Midwest when I lived with my family , I had the master bedroom and I did everything to it (paint, wallpaper, bought my own carpet, changed light fixtures and tiles and everything. You weren’t suppsed to but that apartment was sold so many times and had so many different managers that no one knew what was going on and no one had been in our apartment in years. I don’t do that now of course because it’s a litte different here and we have two toned walls anyway and the fixtures are decent.

  122. Lisa says:

    Good afternoon everyone. Back from a day from hell at work. Every bone in my body is aching.

    Justbob, I remember you, welcome back. I have done a lot of research and it’s true I really don’t have anything for them to take but I worry about them sending a sherif to my apartment searching for assets, although I dont’ have any, I live right in front of the rental office and this would not look good and you can be sure they would be investigating why I have a sherif at my door. I was lucky that the lawsuit papers I got back in March were given to me late at night (after 10 pm) by a process server and no one was out and the office was closed. Anyway I will try to pay 50 a month, it will take 15 years to do that with the interest and and cause hardship on me as that money is coming out of my grocery money, not to mention when january comes, everyone’s social security tax goes back up to 6 percent, so there goes another 20 for me. Anyway i’ve cut out buying anything at work and just snack on the free cookies all day. lol

    Justwonderin the time that I had sds (2009-2010) I had not heard from this company since early 2008) they had called me day and night for over a year and threatened to sue twice, I sent them a letter explaining my situation and they droped all collection attempts. I was trying to get myself back together and anyway my credit was already wrecked. Building security for myself, having a better place to live and a decent computer (my lifeline to the outside world and also a gift from my sd) and get some news clothes and replace worn household items. Oh and from what i’ve read, sds don’t want to hear about credit and debt problems or from women who “need to be rescued” . It seems they are more accepting of a woman who wants money to buy expensive stuff rather than someone needing grocery or bill paying money. I never revealed any of that to them because that’s not what sugar is about.

    I seriously think there should be “no trespassing in my mailbox” and a “employers don’t push your credit card on your employees to meet your quota for the day” laws . I have never went out and applied for a card yet, they all came to me by way of my mailbox, and the one that sued by pressure from my boss to sign up because everyone else is. I mean really why did they give me a card with a 7k starting limit when I was employed by them making 8k a year?
    Any much of this is due to my mental condition, being isolated, I bought things to comfort me, to this day I value things over people because people are temporary and will poof whereas things remain.

    ok had to skip lunch break at work today again (had too much to do and then the big shots where coming to audit the store.
    Going to eat before I pass out.

  123. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    justbob – Heyyyyyy!!!! It’s fun to see when you’ll delurk again. Usually it’s to give some pretty sound feedback, so glad you did!

    justwonderin – IIRC, she made several attempts to settle with her debtors and is hardly living beyond her means. She has very few means to live by. I’m sure Lisa covered all her bases. BTW – Some men don’t like to give cash, so they give clothes and computers. It’s a tough situation for a lady to say “I appreciate the gifts, but what I really need is cash”…she could end up with nothing (including no sugar daddy). Perhaps she has taken some responsibility for her life and I will acknowledge that any day.

    I’m having a decorating blackout. My little gent wants his room done up for fishing. We’re in a rental, so anything major like paint, etc. is out. I’ve added some accessories and it’s come out good…but I want it to be GREAT! Help!!!

  124. justwonderin says:

    Lisa- As someone who has been reading and lurking at this blog for a few years now I remember when you were lucky enough to have a few sugar daddies and were splurging on a new computer and clothes. did you ever give any thought to using the money your SDs graciously gave you towards declaring bakruptcy or paying off some of that debt. Did you think if you ignored the debt it would just go away?

    I don’t mean to be cruel or pooh pooh your predicament but you play the victim all the time when I think you should take some responsibility for your life.

  125. justbob.txsd says:

    Have not posted in awhile. just caught up.
    Lisa. You do not have to pay them a dime. I live in Texas. They have a judgement against you that is all. If you had a house and sold it and made a profit after paying off the lien they could get the money. If you had a bussiness they could get the money. You have no assets. So there is nothing to get. If you ever came into some money through assets then they could get something. You can not be put in jail for debt in Texas. All they can do is keep reporting it to the credit rating companies. But since you have bad credit that is no big deal either. Also sending them money every month is not going to help your credit score. They will keep pounding you no mater what.

  126. Naughty Molly says:

    Good morning everyone! I hope all of you have a great day! 😀

  127. Morning all, still in Mexico on the beach. Great weather too.

    Vacations also give me a lot of time for screening of new pots. Have meet-and-greets with 3 potSBs and 2 IRLs when I get home, all locals, all except one are within 12 years age diff. The new photos and shorter profile seem to be working!

  128. texasugah says:

    Morning all…

    WOW what a dull week. Good grief. I saw two of my sugars and didn’t get what I wanted.. have I already complained about the jewelry and flowers? Yes, I know that I shouldn’t complain but.. I just don’t have use for that. Dennis Quaid-ish sugar got called out of town, that really stinks.

    Fantastic allowance sugar – well he’s in and out of the country so..that’s going to be in August and after our track record.. who knows.

    It’s a lull in a great summer.. should be happy for the break actually I guess. OH did an IRL date. Oh lord. I figure at some point I’ll get sick of sugar and want to have something kinda normal.. well, this normal was not what I wanted. AT ALL..

    If you ask someone “do you think you’re a hoarder” then there shouldn’t be a second date.. and there won’t be. He bought a larger house for this collection. Ok that could be a good thing.. this wasn’t. He misinterpreted his job.. I would be his supervisor and he’s been in the profession less time than me. Yeah.. can’t do that.

    Oh my….. oh my..oh my…

    Hope everyone has a wondeful Thursday. I just know I’ll be back with some GREAT news!!!

  129. Moon Patrol says:

    I like SA better than Match.com. In a general way. I know they have different attributes. I find ity offensive that a lot of the people on match .com can’t reply to your mail because they are not members.

  130. MsCyn*642427* says:

    @Cleo – I’ve been texting and emailing one pot SD and we’ve got great chemistry, and the other just messaged me to ask what my schedule like next week. I could be looking at 2 dates in 1 week! I’m super excited! Especially since they’re exactly what I’m looking for, and I’m what they’re looking for!

    @Lisa — I can’t believe that they found a judgement against you since most judges would dismiss a case where you attempted to play and they refused payment. You should look at possibly calling lawyers in your area who might be willing to counter sue in exchange for the settlement. Maybe then you can be an SM?

  131. Lisa says:

    I don’t think i’d ever try a site like ihookup. I’m not even on SA anymore.

  132. Moon Patrol says:

    Lisa- I have been dating several IRL women but am not romantically involved with a single one. I hope you got my message that ihookup is a scam. I got an old SB that keeps calling me to go out and I don’t know how to shake her. In all truth I only did it with her twice and have known her well over a year. I gave her a lot and just need her to give me up and look for a different guy. I have my eyes on someone anyway.

  133. Lisa says:

    “meeting” not “meets”

  134. Lisa says:

    Are you still having problems meets girls Moon Patrol? I thought you had found a irl girlfriend months ago? Anyway what does iHookup.com sound like?

  135. Moon Patrol says:

    There’s a site called iHookup .com that I was using and was getting some pretty decent looking females sending messages. But I learned the site is a scam and deleted my profile. I figured,… why am I all of a sudden so in demand by these women? They don’t even live in my city. Any way, avoid at all costs. I was tempted to spend $60 just to read some messages and look at some more pics.
    Lucky for me I refused to put my credit card in there.

  136. BellaSavantNYC says:

    @amelia good luck tomorrow. you are brave. i would NEVER meet a pot without a picture exchange first.

    @Toni you should come out to the Hamptons one weekend and I will take you to the Polo event and show you how easy IRL can be.

  137. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:


  138. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    Cleo- You probably know this, but if you put the m*o*d word in a comment, the filters pick it up automatically and send the comment to pending. I’m not sure if that’s what happens, but it’s frequently what causes it.

  139. amelia says:

    Hi everyone! Hope you all have a nice day.

    I am meeting a pot tomorrow and am all excited about it. He indicated that he is looking for the same type of arrangement as me. I hope it all goes well… We did not exchange photos so fingers crossed he is not some obese ugly cheapskate! Hahas…

  140. Lisa says:

    RC msb if you’re lurking anywhere I tried to answer your blog comment but the stupid site keeps sending me back to sign in to google even though i’m already signed in and signed into my blog.

    Blog gods please send my email address to RC, thanks

  141. Brittany says:

    Thanks Honey and Midwest!!! You two are exactly right. It is probably easy, being new to this and all, to be taken advantage of (lied to, etc) which is what I’m most afraid of. I tend to be very trusting of, and optimistic about, people. In the end, I’m just going to be myself, evaluate the situation, and see what happens. One day at a time!

  142. Toni says:

    Lol thanks for sharing Britni..haha more people with experience meeting them offline should post
    =Follow Midwest’s words. Dont force anything. let him do the talk, if the time does come and he’s serious about travelling PLEASE be careful
    SugarPrincess, what happened? from the little you mentioned..sounds like rape? Have you reported this person?

  143. BellaSavantNYC says:

    @Cleo – the blog gods must have thought you were me posting..hahah j/k

    Met a new pot from the site actually last night. He asked me out again tonight. That was new…back to back?

    I’m excited too because Polo starts this weekend!!! It’s a breeding ground for IRL pots haha.

  144. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    Cleo- At first it was hard to tell the Ms. Robinson experience (MRE?) from the guys who genuinely prefer a more established, drama-free lady. What works is telling him flat out that I’m not into fulfilling his MRE and if he is serious, he’s going to have to show me. IRL guy came around for a long time (first as friends) before anything got intimate. I’ve dated a few men who were younger, but it was at a time when I wasn’t looking for anything serious. Guess it depends on what you want the end result to be. Whatever you do, don’t let him get away with not paying for dinner or just hanging out at your apartment all the time. I don’t mind hanging home when I’m in a relationship, but not when I’m dating. Last thing I want to do is clean up after someone else!

    As far as the charity invites go, look through your client list and see if any are socialites in the area. Do a quick Google search to see what comes up on the ones you suspect. Also, look to see if they serve on any non-profit boards. Maybe you can do some sort of kid’s pilates activity at the local children’s hospital or for the elderly. Joining a board is a good way to break into those circles as well. Don’t pretend to be anything that you aren’t and work hard at contributing to the board. Ask the other members for guidance/ advice on how to be a good board member and you will make friends quickly.

    Brit – Congrats! Now a few words of caution. A person can be a CEO of a company and be flat broke. He may have mortgaged everything he owns and run up his cards to keep the business afloat during these hard times. That said, take it one step at a time, but don’t put all your “eggs in one basket” for now. He may end up being a gift/travel daddy vs. an allowance daddy, so you have to look into what you want to accomplish from sugar dating. Other than that, send him a quick reminder of something funny from dinner, and wait for his reply. Be patient and don’t be dramatic if he doesn’t reply or takes too long. Have fun with it and be “detached from the outcome”. Read the links on the top right of the page for more. For now, Honey is right…be yourself!

    Heyyyyyyy sugars! Crunch time has passed (for now) and I’m enjoying a little wine in this steamy weather!

  145. SugarPrincess says:

    BEWARE sugars!!!!!! I have had great success on this site, I must admit, it is very well put together, but I want you to be aware of profile 57596 – Robert. This man is a predator!! He took advantage of me and ran away, turned off his phone, never saw or heard from him again. The stress and emotions he left are unreal. He had no right to touch me, and he is a heavier set man! Do not take your chances with him! He is bad news!!!

  146. Honey says:

    Brit, just be yourself and don’t do anything you wouldn’t do if he were not rich and loaded. He picked you cause he liked something about you already..
    Hi all, busy, crazy week.

  147. Brittany says:

    Oh…and I’m independent, have my own place, and just graduated. But I’m not gonna lie, the idea of going out with him is exciting: meeting new people, going new places… who knows

  148. Brittany says:

    Hello!!! So, I came across this blog, and I just wanted to ask a few questions. I’m a newbie to this whole “sugar baby/sugar daddy” thing. I never thought I’d be in this kind of situation, but I met a guy at Starbucks twice my age. I didn’t know at the time he was THAT much older, but no biggie. I enjoyed talking to him. Well, he is a CEO of a company and gave me his card. I have gone on one date with him, and I really do like him. He would mention how maybe one day he would take me traveling with him, etc. It’s becoming more apparent to me that he just wants a sugar relationship, which is fine. But what do I do next? He’s been on a business trip for the past month. Should I contact him or wait to see if he contacts me? Like I said, totally inexperienced. I’m inexperienced in dating in general haha

  149. Toni says:

    cleo..change your age for about a month to maybe 33.just to see whether things chnage for you..what do you say?

  150. Anna Molly says:

    I had to dip into my vacation fund and now I’m short! 🙁

    I hope everyone else is having a good day so far!

  151. weird, my comment is awaiting posting. i’m so curious why, blog gods will have to tell me what word tweaked the filter

  152. i feel obliged to mention that i don’t have any intention of ceasing the sugar dating, it’s fun and i love it even if it doesn’t result in the arrangement of my dreams. it was more that i felt like generating some discussion and i’m glad i did…

    and truly, i can’t date bums anymore…
    midwest it’s funny you mention that, when i go out in real life i inevitably get hit on but almost always by YOUNGER men. i can’t decide if it’s the mrs. robinson thing or if i really do look ten years younger than i am (i don’t believe it, but i was told yesterday that i’m the hottest 40 year old a friend of mine has *ever* met so… *shrug* maybe it’s true, personally i think i look my age) but either way the men *I* like aren’t in the places i’ve been looking…

    so i’ve been trying to figure out how to get invited to charity events but i haven’t figured it out yet; if i had more disposable income one of the things i would spend it on is stuff like that. i’m with bella that if i believe in a cause i’ll spend on it… just haven’t had the cash. that said, now that i am out of debt i will certainly do that as i continue to rebuild my business. i’m having a hard time even finding auctions worth donating my services to (because, fundamentally i want rich *clients* most of all)

    personally i tend to use the modified version of lils’ approach… send out a dozen emails or winks whenever i have time but otherwise just log in a lot.
    bella i’ve changed my tune on married men several times. i vastly prefer single men regardless… at this point i think i’d take a married guy from a site like this – i’m not “introducing” that guy to anything you know?

    i think she knew what/who i was too. we had the crazy chemistry so i miss things about him but not him – he could easily have made that meeting never happen, such a horrendously inconsiderate move (ESPECIALLY to his wife…) in the long run i hope she takes him to the cleaners. (or that he gets his head out of his ass, she’s nice and pretty and in love with her husband)
    Toni: i had a guy flat out say to me that he thought he needed a sugar baby and i still missed the pass. so you know lol
    Jessie: we have mostly concluded that i’m location challenged lol but i suspect that turning 40 on SA will change my luck in some ways, i often wonder if i’m missing the cutoff the other way (people tell me to say i’m 35 but why…)
    Ms Cyn it’s fun hey? that feeling when you’re talking to one you like… in person, online or whatever… that’s always fun.

    do you think some sd’s get addicted to that and just never settle on an sb…?

  153. MsCyn*642427* says:

    Lils — Thanks for the notes and I agree that the search and be long, arduous, but will eventually be fulfilling for those who stick with it.

    Midwest — I figure I’m in a similar boat with pot Sds. I have one in particular that I’m talking to now that sounds like he could be it. Though I have a few others that are in limbo.

  154. amelia says:

    jessie & texasugah – thanks, i found it. =)

  155. Jessie says:

    @Lisa – Not quite sure if you’re serious (last post). Hopefully that’s just talk. If that’s what you’re planning to do, what’s the difference of just choosing NOT to pay the bill? As you’ve stated more than once, you live in a state where they can’t garnish your wages. So what exactly would they do? Last I checked you can’t go to jail for refusing to pay your bills. So what’s the worse that could happen?

  156. Jessie says:

    and the saga continues…

    in person. I also found that I only met SDs that I initiated contact with. After all, those were the SDs with the qualities I was searching for. Most of the ones who contacted me…well, let’s just say I always found a problem. Don’t use the wink. It is a total waste of time. If you have time to wink, you have time to write a letter.

  157. Jessie says:

    @S Cleo – Wow. Not sure what will work for you then, ’cause it sounds like you’ve used a combination of things with only minimal results. I don’t think Lils format is time consuming at all…in fact, it saved me a bunch of time…because if we didn’t click on paper (online) wasn’t necessary for me to meet you.f

  158. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!!!

    Lisa~ i’m sorry about what happened, i’m sure you will work it out!

    texasugah~Nice girl… congrats

    Sparkling Cleo~ I don’t think you should give up, that is just me. You have a lot of dates and fun, a trip here and there… oh and shopping. So it’s not a full arrangement but it’s fun yes? Maybe just take a step back, enjoy the heat wave coming our way… then rethink and move forward! 😀 love ya girl

    Hi everyone, sorry didn’t read all the scroll…
    RC msb~ miss you and your posts 🙁 come back!

  159. Toni says:

    Lol sparkling cleo, that’s exactly the case Ive seen IRL which is why I was looking to see how those that go offsite are able to weed between the 2..Midwest gave good advice lol I just wanted more.

    Belle..*shrugs* I suppose you’;re right. again all I wanted were examples of what you say or ask that lets you know the differnce of what these men want but yea I can see the inetrnational..they’re more likely to be “down” with SD arrangements than most american men IMO

    texas sugah, congrats! lol although I’d make him make up BIG TIME for dumping me..I dont like people playing with my ego..if you do, to get back with me the price will be high. show him! LOL

  160. Lisa says:

    thanks texasugah, well I will not part with half my grocery money that easily. I am in the store all the time that is the company that sued me so I might just “accidently run into something and break it whenever i’m in the store, might decide I don’t want that package of steaks and leave it setting in the shoe department to rot, etc. I used to work at one of the stores and employees have no rights and I had to stand and do nothing as customers opening the makeup, used the combs, etc all I could do is pick it up and take it to the damaged bin.

  161. texasugah says:

    Oops.. typing error.. watching America’s Got Talent.. he has gone out with dim witted women.


  162. texasugah says:

    Hey ya’ll

    Lisa – oh my gosh. I”m so sorry. Truly I am.

    Red – Can’t wait to see your blog.

    Pb – ok so.. what happened?

    Crap forgot who else I was going to.. scroll up.. oh yeah..

    Amelia – yes its on my blog

    So… I was contacted out of the blue by a sugar I thought dumped me. Mentioned him in my article. Well.. he did dump me but I regress. He has, since we last spoke, went out with dim witted women. And so he’s back.. begging me to see him. So.. I’m just chatting along, not expecting anything from him but if we click then.. he’ll be my only. Yeah, his allowance/travel, social connections are JUST THAT DAMN GOOD!!!

  163. BellaSavantNYC says:

    @Cleo OMG!! no way you didn’t meet someone’s pregnant wife…yeesh! I tend to stay away from the married ones all together….some people prefer them, i just find it comes with a lot less freedom and flexibility. I mean obviously there’s already issues from the start as he’s married and seeking and SB.

    @Toni – sorry my responses have been too vague for you. There is no clear cut way to say yes that guy is looking for a fling and yes that guy is a real SD. it comes from interaction, body language, conversation and certain tells that should let you know. Oh and besides no ALL My IRL SDs have been NYC men. I actually for the most part prefer international men and it just so happens NYC is the portal for them to hop on over every once and a while and they like having someone to share time, go to dinners, events, films, etc. while here. there is no definitive manual when it comes to SD/SB dating in my opinion, as every situation and person is different and seeking different things. I hope that Midwest or others are able to provide you with more concise insight while you are here. best of luck!! 🙂

  164. Lisa says:

    I’m not sure as I dont’ really have any proof that they did anything to me. I just know they are out of wisconsin and have offices in several states including Texas (up near Dallas somewhere) I don’t know that there is really anything to be done. Back over 4 years ago I was trying to get legal aid to file bankruptcy when I first defaulted but there was no help without having to spend several hundred dollars. There are public defenders for murderers but no help for consumer issues. Also many of these legal aid places where not on the busline, which for me is the same thing as being in another state.

  165. lisa: can you report the lawyer’s office? is there a law society there like there is here?
    toni every time i think i found an SD in real life i instead just found a married douchebag after a fling on the side … belle has far better luck lol

    (i don’t think all married SD’s are douchebags, but ask me about meeting someone’s pregnant wife…)

  166. Toni says:

    Oh midwest Ive read majority of the articles and really most of them are for those who met SDs online or people they knew off the bat were SDs..you definitely provided me with help and great examples which I will be using so Im good, I asked Belle mainly cos we both live in NY and ALL of hers have been in IRL so I was curious on how she was able to tell which were ones were for being a SD and those just for flings/affairs when it came to NY men.
    Answers on her part have been more vague/general but thanks all the same

  167. Lisa says:

    Well I had the judge show me the judgment she was signing so i’d see the exact amount, I refused to sign an agreed judgment with the pipsqueak attorney when he took me into a room.

    it shows the total amount owed plus 5 percent interest, court and attorney fees will not be charged to me because of my hardship case.

    I have read much about this lawfirm and they break many laws in collection but of course I have no proof of anything as everything seems legit in my situation. I think the thing becomes final in 30 days and I will receive a copy of the judgment in the mail I think. Not sure if I should wait for a payment agreement or start paying early august, this firm is not good about written communications, heck they called me while I was at court today. I asked the lawyer to tell them to stop calling me as i only communicate through mail. He said I could send a cease letter to them firm to stop calling.

    I observed the attny smiling arrogantly as he thought I was a no show because I didn’t go up and register with the clerk till the last minute (i’ve never been to civil court before so I wasn’t familiar with this but when the lady sitting next to me went up , I went up too. he kept looking as people came in, think he was looking for an arab woman because of my name, lol

  168. RedMaru says:

    Hey sugars on break from overtime project
    Hey lisa I’m with sparkling the whole thing is senseless as admitting does not constitute an automatic judgment least not where I live. And here I go again and you’ve heard it before and I’m wasting my breath but trying is never a waste of time. You have only failed when you have failed to try…anyway. Get something in writing so they cant go back and change. This law firm is shady as hell if they can lie about a summons what else can they lie about

  169. Lisa says:

    I know but the lawyer said if they get you to admit the debt, they automatically get a judgement. actually they put in a motion for a judgement 2 months ago and then notified me afterwards but the paperwork said they notified me a month earlier. I sent this to the court immediately but it didn’t seem to matter that they lied on the motion about the date they sent it to me , I even sent a copy of the post mark envelope to the court. I guess they think april 21 is the same as may 18. anyway I had to admit the stuff one the 20 questions the sent with the court summons because I had to swear to it and have it notarized. if i’d denied the debt, they could have accused me of pergury. The debt was never sold which makes a big difference in the judgement, you can win against a collector but not an original lender. what pisses me off if I was pressured to sign up for that card 11 years ago by my boss because they were trying to reach their limit for credit card appllications and I told them no for months but finally filled the stupid thing out and when you have kids (my daughter was 8 at the time) and no child support, you spend money, or use credit.

    anyway I will send them 50 a month and start visiting the food bank for food, i’ve got 50 a month for food, come january when the social security tax goes back up to 6 percent, i’ll have 30.
    At least I tried, but it proves to me that trying is a waste of time.

  170. sphinx: only if you’re lucky
    lisa there is just something senseless about this whole story

  171. Sphinx says:

    Hello, I am new posting here (and new to sugar relationships – I am trying to figure it out). I am trying to figure all this out, and am getting a little frustrated with the lack of pot SDs in my area. And the ones who are, seem to not be in it for the right reasons. Does it ever get any easier??

  172. Lisa says:

    Good afternoon back from court. got soaked in the rain, will have to throw out this pair of shoes.
    Well of course I lost because I had already had to admit the debt when they send me those interories back with the summons that had to be notarised and sworn too. All the other cases that were on the docket got dismissed (that’s why they weren’t on the court list anymore, but of course mine didnt’). Anyway the judge didnt’ even look at my documents and said all she did was making the judgement and had nothing to do with payment plans or anything. The plaintiff asked for the 5k plus 5 percent interest which comes out to about 250 or so a year and no legal or court fees which is good. Of course he took me aside before the hearing and tried to get an agreed judgement but I did not sign anything as I have been advised. I think he thought I was a no show because he kept looking around and when they did the roll call he kept looking around , think he was surprised I showed up.

    Thing is there is no written payment agreement and he said I could just send payments to the main law firm in wisconson. So should I do this as I had planned the first week of each month or should I wait to get some kind of written thing? that’s the thing I don’t like about this particular firm, they never want to put anything in writing.

    So I guess i’ll be paying 50 a month for about 30 years, but they’ll probably want more than the 50 but that’s it. I’ll just have to skip lunch at work everyday and snack on the free cookies everyday.

  173. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    Cleo – the fact that you’re asking may be enough to answer your question. Just because you leave the online sugar world doesn’t mean you leave sugar. Take a hiatus or just go the IRL route. I’ve seen how you are in person and an online profile is going to have a tough time capturing your true persona. I say take those sugar outfits out to the nicest places and see what happens. Also, see if your clients can get you invited to some of the better events. I’m sure a free personal Pilates session or consultation could help with that. I wonder if there is some type of concierge service related to your specializations (mind out of the gutters men) that could draw a higher class clientele. You’re an intelligent woman and have probably thought of these things. Toni does have a good point about creating a new profile with an updated number, all new pics, etc. I’m not sure you have the time to invest in the exhaustive pace Lily described, but it could pay off.

    Toni – Top right of this page are some links. Specifically read How to screen and How to negotiate with an SD. These are full of great, helpful information. None of these (including IRL) meetings are cookie-cutter, so you’re going to have to be willing to fail in order to see what does and does not work for you. Find your style and do it well. Google things like “body language” and “selling tips” so you can get an idea of how to read people. This will let you know early on if you are going in the right direction with a man according to cues he may be sharing.

  174. BellaSavantNYC says:

    @ Jessie…thanks for heads up. will definitely take a look and support RC’s blog..more so than this one for sure. peace!

  175. BellaSavantNYC says:

    @Toni..there’s not set standard to tell who’s looking for what until you speak to them. it’s definitely a bit more of a delicate introduction into the topic being that you aren’t meeting on a defined site like SA. I have found through natural conversation you discover mutual interests, lifestyles, etc. and the experienced IRL SDs know the proper buzz words and more. I guess it is a bit hard to say that there is an exact verbiage. My first IRL SD just happened naturally. I was a newbie to the the dating and lifestyle world of sugars however quickly grew to realize that was the type of relationship I was in. Toni if you wish you can ask the Blog Hitlers if they will maybe send you my email and I will gladly talk to you more about this in person.

    Anyway thanks all for sharing your comments, etc. I have enjoyed blogging with you but won’t be any longer. I don’t like being MODERATED by anyone and having my freedom of speech taken away from me. I have had 3 posts so far edited and not posted as I typed them and that’s plain bullsh*t. I like Toni’s idea of starting my own blog and think I will do as such. Feel free to stop by everyone would love your input!! Cheers!

  176. Jessie you mean wink and email everyone? i’ve done it… oh lord have i done it. i may make a new profile, i did that last year and noticed no difference

    i’ve noticed the biggest difference with logging in often and with changing photos often…

  177. Jessie says:

    @S Cleo – If I were you, I’d delete my profile and start over fresh…new intro, new pic..revamp everything. I think the SBs with new profile # get more activity. When I was searching, I used Carebear’s tip and only contacted SDs with newer profile #s. Chances are a lot of the SDs are doing the same thing.

    Also, did you see Lils tip up top? Do EXACTLY that…works like a charm.

    @Bella – If you click on RCs last post it will take you to his blog.

    @Amelia – were you the one who asked for TSugah’s blog? It’s one of the links on the right under SB & SD Blogs…same name.

  178. Toni says:

    Of course I agree. Really I was just hoping to get examples of how the convos go/what has been successful for you(again examples) when it comes to getting SDs in IRL.
    Online they know what the deal is because the site tells you what we’re about..IRL it’s not that simple to differentiate between those looking for a fling and those willing to be a SD.

    Thanks anyway.

  179. BellaSavantNYC says:

    @Toni – men (no offense to fellow SDs here) are fairly simple. they don’t really circumvent well and their ‘game’ generally isn’t as tight as they liked to believe it is haha. They will always try to get the goods without anything in return (and I don’t mean necessarily monetarily) if we let them. It’s up to us as women/SBs to set the tone, quality and level of respect we for which we deserve.

  180. Toni says:

    cant wat to hear everything PB. Dont leave anything out!

  181. RedMaru says:

    Oh almost forgot!
    took Texassugahs advice and am starting a sugar blog of my own. Will be up soon….
    Hey Beach_Girl Nuada’s fine just being finicky and cranky cause I wont let him out to see his furry girlfriend…lol

  182. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugars! Taking a small break to chime in and say hey to everybody
    @ Lisa Take care and have faith. It’s not as bad as you think and we’re all rooting for ya! They can’t take what you don’t have. It would be trying to squeeze blood from a turnip. Just show them that.

    @collegecoed42 Welcome, greetings and all that jazz. Peruse the blogs my dear when you have the chance before your dates they are a wealth of information on sugar date etiquette. If you have a chance I strongly suggest the blog of one of sugar daddies for advice on approaching the money issue.

    Okay back to work dealing with Id merging project and for once the state is approving overtime! It comes once every five – seven years and some of us(one being myself) need the money
    Talk to ya later sugars

  183. amelia says:

    @beach_girl – thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂 if you ever decide to visit ireland, i’ll be happy to play host!

  184. okay i’ve got one for you. if you were me… would you still sugar date? (i’m not throwing a pity party… i’m asking legitimately. i mean after nearly two years in the bowl with nothing but sugar drivebys… should i get the message?)

  185. SouthernGent2 says:

    CollegeCoed42 – take your time with things and be comfortable since you are new.

  186. Lisa says:

    I don’t have any current account statements, this card has been with several different lawfirms (the debt is with the original owner though (target) which means they are impossible to beat. The last statement I got from them was probably may 2007 or so, the previous 2 lawfirms that threatened to sue me dropped the pursuit after I wrote them. this firm didn’t give me a chance, they just sent two letters over several months saying they were representing the company, no threat or anything and then out of no where they sue, didnt’ even try to negotiate and unlike other creditors they will not settle for less than 100 percent from what i’ve read online from people who have dealt with them. I had one card that wanted to settle for 75 percent off and then never contacted me again and the statute expired on them already but this one will not settle.

  187. lisa your current account statements adn any copies of the letters you sent them before when they then ignored you for years. not your old account statements, those aren’t relevant…

  188. Lisa says:

    I don’t have any of the account statements, remember this stuff is over 4 years old and it’s not a dispute that I owe the debt, its’ just that I cannot pay it. that is not a legitimate reason for them but hey I think not having the money is a darn good excuse. This is not doing well with my emotional health, If it turns out bad I dont’ know what i’ll do as I will die before I become homeless. They will get 50 a month but will lose 80 dollars worth of business from me since i’ve been buying my groceries there every week, I will buy them somewhere else from now on.

  189. Lisa says:

    just checked and it seems like the other 4 people that were being sued by the firm that is suing me have disappeared from today’s schedule. I was at least hoping I wouldn’t be the only one being sued by them today. There are other people (22cases) being done today but the 4 that were being sued by the same firm must have settled or something, weird.

  190. good luck lisa!

    i’m with beach, remember to bring EVERY piece of paper you ever sent them or they ever sent you AND any account statements you may have 🙂

  191. Lisa says:

    Good morning and thanks everyone. Not getting off to a good start though as heavy rain and storms are headed here and i’m going to be out without shelter. neither of the bus stops I have to wait at have any shelter (just signs on the side of the road) and then i’ve got to walk 8 blocks downtown with no shelter (houston downtown buildings are not close together as they are spread out one building per block and there are no stores to duck into other than macy’s that is nowhere near where I will be walking. What a horrible week this has been. They expect me to pay 5k plus all the legal fees (heck is I had money for their legal fees I would have filed bankruptcy) when I can’t even afford 40 dollars for a cab.

  192. Midwest SB says:

    Lisa – Best wishes sweets!

    Collegecoed42 – Welcome! Take a look at the links on the left and they will help you with first dates, discussing the arrangement and identifying the flakes. Most important piece of advice I can say is be safe and only have sex because you want to. It’s ok to ask him to wait, so you don’t need to be pressured in to anything in the name of getting an arrangement. Have fun and be confident!

    Hi sugars!

  193. pb says:

    Hello Sugars……………. I’m back lot of interesting juicy details to fill in on with you guys.

    Definately tuning in tonight.

    Have a nice day MUAH!

  194. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!

    Lisa~ good thoughts for you tomorrow, oh and don’t forget to bring a copy of the letter you sent the CC company to prove that you tried to make a deal but they refused. Will be thinking of you 😀

    Naughty Molly~ Hey girl! How are you?

    collegecoed42~ Welcome and Hello 😀

    Amelia~ I just saw your blog, Ireland must be awesome, That is one place I would love to visit one day… The Irish accent huhh….

    Hi to everyone I missed and Hi to the newbies 😀

  195. Lisa says:

    Good evening everyone. Thanks amelia, this time tomorrow night my fate will be sealed. Hearing is on the 1 pm docket tomorrow so i’ll have to leave at 10 to figure out how to get there when I get downtown. There is a big chance of thunderstorms tomorrow which will not help me since the bus stops i’ve got to be at do not have shelter. sure hope I dont’ get soaked as i’ve got an 8 block walk to the courthouse from the bus stop.

    Walked over to the apple store today to ask about my laptop. need to make an appointment online for a checkup, hopefully they can fix it free, if not i’ll guess i’ll just have to super glue the back to it. can’t believe a 1k computer is falling apart so quickly.

    Just came from a 2+ mile walk, time to take a hot bath.

  196. Naughty Molly says:

    Good evening sugars!! I see the blog has been very busy! 😀

  197. collegecoed42 says:

    Hello! I have been reading the blog for awhile now and i feel like i should say something finally! First off i love reading what every single one of you post, also i am finally learning the lingo! I just put my profile up last week and i have 2 men interested in meeting me! I was just wondering if any of you could post some tips on what to expect. How do i bring up the money issue, should i wait until he says something? one of my dates mentioned shopping after diner so maybe it would just naturally come up then? Also i am really interested in if most of you have money deposited in accounts or is it more gift based? I am a college student so i don’t really have bills besides tuition so either scenario would work for me!

  198. Toni says:

    Bella,Care to give examples of things you ask plus actions you see that shows you that said person is a SD as opposed to just looking for a regular fling?

    lol and thanks for the gift

  199. CardsFan SD says:

    @RC — best of luck with the blog and all else you undertake!

  200. amelia says:

    @lisa – before i forget, hope everything goes well for you tomorrow. =)

  201. amelia says:

    @texasugah – am trying to find your article but cannie find it! can you give me the link for that please.

    @Beach_girl – don’t think we talked before although you were very kind not to leave me out whenever you shouted hi. hahas..

    I am so annoyed that i couldn’t watch that sugar show!!!

  202. Rachel says:

    Good evening sugars! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend… I will post more later!

  203. BellaSavantNYC says:

    @RC – lol at your “halfway house for sugars”. i would love to read your blog. I think it would be informative and entertaining.

    @LL no worries didn’t think you were ignoring me, but thanks for the reply.

    @ Toni – IRL sugar meeting is no different from deciphering if online pots are just looking for a fling as well. I am more of a face to face interaction person. I am very good at reading people and their personalities, always have been. So when I meet and speak to them in person I get an instant vibe and/or connection. The virtual world is so distant, cold and not intimate.

  204. BellaSavantNYC says:

    I am gifting my week to Toni!!! As I prefer an overall be nice to everyone, every week….well if they deserve it. hahaha. ****evil grin****

  205. Lils says:

    I didn’t mean I didn’t seek quality, is that how you read my post? That seems like a mistake if my post came off as if casting a wide net and then doing the hard leg work of filtering through to try to find something which is, in my experience, by definition, very hard to find (a rare combination of compatible goals, chemistry, and luck) as me saying that you should go for quantity over quality.

  206. Toni says:

    *I hope Im not the reason

  207. Toni says:

    Texas Sugar Im not the reason why you removed your blog.I really enjoy discussng this matter wth you, I just read your reply and had one for you and poof nothing. if you would like to discuss futher, I understand your frustrations on how we’re treated and as a newbie I really would to have a frank convo, so if you’re up to it I’;ll put up my email or you can put yours.

  208. Chocolatebambii says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I’ve been looking for this documentary but I’m in the UK so having no luck so far. I will try Youtube as it was playing up the other day.

    I’m currently not using the sugar bowl at the moment as I’m dating but I still enjoy talking to my fellow SB’s. When I first started my journey it was partly out of boredom at the ‘regular’ dating scene and I felt I needed something ‘else’.

    I must admit to loving my time in the bowl and hopefully I will not return – not because I did not enjoy myself but this rather foolish thing called love! But I do know now that searching for the right SD is a lot of hard work.

    It is not as easy at it would first appear. It can be entered lightly but if you are serious about meeting the right SD then you gotta put in the leg work! I did most of my searching online using SA and a few other sites with mixed results. Online seems to work better for me than IRL as I live in a small town. I guess if I lived in a larger city than it might be easier to attempt SDD in real life.

    If I ever go back to SDD I will have more faith in myself, my profile & what I can offer rather than overtly worrying and trying to force myself into a ‘cookie cutter mould’.

  209. Beach_Girl says:

    Good Morning Sugars

    Midwest~ I will send him a note for sure. I didn’t know he still used the email 😀 thanks kitten!

    Guru~ I thought it was a SA thing, oupsie 😀 My bad… I think our MTV is behind a year, maybe?
    I hope you are enjoying your vacay.

    LL~ hope it works out for you girl

    Lils~ congrats.

    Red~ is you cat ok? not sure what happened, but I hope all is good… Nice to see you back girl!

    My City was just ranked 3rd to visit in the world… I had no idea, I guess it’s a nice place after all 😀
    Now, if only I could find a SD that traveled here 😀

  210. Lisa says:

    Good morning everyone.

    Trying to stay positive but what can I do when I have to go to court tomorrow, and my macbook is falling apart (rubber bottom coming off) and not under warranty anymore. I cant believe something that cost 1k (my last sd bought it for me) is falling apart after a year of very light use. From what i’ve read it is a defect and happening to alot of people and without the bottom, the metal part is exposed and the computer will get damaged, not to mention there is no shield from heat it emits.

    ok gotta take some medicine, put some icy hot on my arm and take a shower

  211. RedMaru says:

    Morning sugars!
    Monday blech! well but anyway!
    @ Midwest you on your tip I wondered about that because he kept going to the doors and the windows and meowing. He calmed down somewhat when I left for work so I guess Ms. Kitty left.

  212. Midwest SB says:

    Goooooood morning sugars!

    Texassugah – That’s wonderful that you’ve worked this out with your family and they support you. My mother was very open-minded…even to the idea that many SDs are married. Of course, not all families will be this way, but you’d be surprised how many people wouldn’t judge being in the sugar world. Courtesans/ mistresses have been around a very long time so we’re not shocking them with the concepts. Let’s just keep Hollywood from screwing it up.

    Lils- Congrats for you, but my experience was completely different. Of the SDs I actually had a phone conversation with, I went on dates with 4. Of those four, I ended up with three as SDs. I didn’t blanket e-mail SDs and it worked out fine. There are many approaches that work. Personally, I go for quality vs. quantity.

    RedMaru – There may be a cat in your area that is in heat. Even if he’s neutered, there are some natural behaviors that cannot be changed. Close your closet doors and watch for spraying…ewwww.

    LL- Woo Hoo! Ride the wave sweets!

    Lisa – Chin up. It won’t be nearly as bad as you’re expecting it to be.

    Beach – I will share your blessings. He’d love to hear from you I’m sure. Same e-mail.

    Sylvia- No jokes here. I like hearing from you.

    Everyone have a great day!

  213. Lils says:

    Hello, Sugar Family! I hope everyone is having an amazing summer.
    Mine is sweeter than I ever could have dreamed, when I came to this blog 18 months ago. 6 months of hard work (which in retrospect, I feel could have easily been 12+, is a lot about luck) and mixed results led to the following year of things only getting better each every day. Somehow all the perseverance paid off, so I want to encourage everyone to keep at it, even if you feel like it’s taking forever to hit your stride.

    I won’t discuss my personal success out loud here, as it’s my life and I like some semblance of privacy, but let’s just say that I have been successful in the sugar lifestyle. I say that to suggest that I may have some credibility to offer advice. So here it is.

    It’s mostly a numbers game, so think like a salesperson with somewhat detached attitude towards casting a wide, wide net, and keeping your volume high during the search, since what you are seeking is going to be very difficult to find so you’re going to have to go through many, many people via email/phone/first date to find it. Be prepared for that leg work and necessary exhaustion and always keep your pipeline stuffed full while you’re in ‘search mode’ if you have any desire to get out of search mode. As an SB the ratios and odds are stacked against you to win a genuine SD that YOU want to be with, so you gotta give yourself high exposure to even have a hope that you’ll end up making contact with such a gentleman.

    After that, all I can say to increase your odds of landing your ideal sugar mate is that if you glow with energy and positivity, that attracts people like a magnet. The rest is chemistry, luck, and logistics —which can’t be altered simply because you really want to be in an arrangement. There just isn’t much you can do to influence the likelihood of things falling into place into a lasting long term relationship after the first meet, as compatibility and that ‘spark’ is either there or it’s not. Which leads me back to my point of influencing things by having a high volume flow of potentials coming through your radar at all times during your search, so that rare diamond in the rough will someday snag on and yank you off that tiring search!

    Back to summer-vacation-mode! Part 1 travel adventure is over and was amazing, chilling at home now, & Part 2 adventure vacation is starting in two weeks! Gosh, I need to check my frequent flier mileage balance, I bet I could visit all my blog friends with it!

  214. LL says:

    My planets must all be aligned just perfectly…it MUST be a result of the triple eclipse we’ve gone through over the past month….I’ve just been chatting for over two hours with an Officer of a cruise ship and the convo couldn’t have gone any smoother or natural…class A gent 😀

    The only thing wrong with the convo was that he ran out of credits to continue chatting…ugh international waters and internet totally suck ass!

    Ah well good things are worth waiting for, let him suffer for a while 😉

    Bwahaha…looks like I’ll be heading out for some shopping and a cruise in the very near future!

    Send the vibes my way sugars…i don’t want this one to escape 😀

  215. Lisa says:

    I’m not going to win as they already put in for a judgement againt me because I don’t have any defense. it’s not a debt buyer, it’s the original owner so they’ve got all there stuff, they sue hundreds of people a week in Houston, about 80 the day they sued me, many dismissed immediately,not mine. Not looking for a second job, can barely get through the day at the one I have without bursting in tears. It was funny tonight i was walking past the houses in my neighborhood, expensive houses in the 500k range (not that impressive but the land is what’s worth alot here) and there were copies of the community newspaper laying on some of the lawns and the front page was showing, it said in big letters “the good life” not sure what it meant but it was kinda funny. I love my neighborhood, it’s the only thing that keeps me half sane and now this issue from 4 years ago comes back to drive me crazy. I’m offering them 50 a month but these people want 300-400 a month minimum. If I had that kind of money i’d go to the doctor and get my elbow looked at and maybe this weird thing on my forearm that never heals.

    worried sick about my computer too. I mean even without the receipt it seems to be a defect from what i’ve been reading online and they should fix it because I bought it at the store next door and they always enter your name and information, the serial number an all. Some say they charge other say they don’t. My warranty expired feb 1st too 🙁 I am deeply dissapointed as I would expect something better of Mac, apparently they are junk just like compaq.

    • SD Guru says:

      Guru~ We didn’t have the show here and when I try and go at MTV they won’t let me access the show since i’m out of range or something.

      Strangely the Canadian site for MTV’s True Life series doesn’t show the Sugar Baby episode. Maybe they’re saving it for later.

      maybe there should of been more diversity and show the successes that can happen and the non dramatic SBs and SDs… Was it SA that made the show?

      The show was produced by MTV, and as with any show its primary purpose is to generate ratings and buzz. It’s meant to be entertaining and not educational, so take the show for what it is.

      @Kindred Spirit
      Hearing that come from you, Guru, reminds me just how truly Rare the sweet, loving and mutually beneficial sugar I engage in/seek can be.

      There are plenty of women coming to the sugar world with a gold digger mentality or emotional baggage, and neither type makes good SB’s. That’s why I said the show accurately portrayed what’s actually happening out there. The type of mutually beneficial sugar built on mutual trust and respect that we often talk about in the blog can be rare indeed, and it probably won’t be as entertaining if made into a show! 🙂

  216. LL says:

    Hey sugars!!!

    Bella and RC – Thank you both for the kind words…one never truly knows how they are perceived by others and sharing your impression of me is much appreciated (I would have commented sooner Bella but I didn’t see it on the old topic until today).

    I LOVED reading everyone’s personal blogs and have favorited them for future viewing 😀

    Here’s me sending everyone great vibes for the week ahead!!

    Lisa – We’re all here to support you! Tuesday will be hard but just remeber what everyone has been saying…they can’t take what you don’t have as well as bringing all of your documentation. Have you been seeking additional employment…if so bring evidance of this too…who cares if it was just to get out of the current crappy job…they won’t know if you were actually looking for a second job just to make enough to pay back your debt 😉 Use whatever you got to your advantage girl! We’re all here to give you help and suggestions to help win your case!

    *Waving at everybody*

  217. Lisa says:

    wow be nice to lisa week is getting better 🙁 the bottom of my macbook is falling off (the rubber matting) and my warranty already expired several months ago. I also don’t know where the receipt is (packed away somewhere when i moved last year). I’m worried now as I doubt they will fix it for free and the apple store next door has such poor customer service (when i bought this laptop, I was in the store almost half an hour before someone would wait on me because it seems their dozens of employees are always busy in the training sessions). so now my computer will be messed up, I don’t like how this week is starting out, i’m scared now

  218. Sylvia Khalan says:

    @RedMaru….regarding: Sugarbaby4u…its the same with Sugardaddie.com….you have to upgrade to read the messages…and I believe they are phony posts to get you to upgrade.

    Just my opinion…

    But i’m finding that most of you all think i’m a joke…(smh) oh well. Take care and have fun ladies!

  219. RedMaru says:

    Oh wow a “Be nice to RedMaru” week Thanks 😀 Too bad it couldn’t fall on my birthday but I like that I have a week too.
    Lisa – Stay positive dear and take all your documents. You cant pay what you cant afford and just show that.

  220. RedMaru says:

    Hey sugars!
    Hope everybody is good!
    Nuada keeps leaping into my lap when he’s not walking around the house meowing for no reason.
    I just saw the TrueLife episode and all I can do is shake my head. Yeah I know I’m late sorry. Like a previous poster said this is a reality of the sugar world. But I’m glad to say only one reality
    What makes me shake my head? Their attitude and their choices. They are primary examples of living way above their means especially GG(and her mother is a hot mess). They (IMHO) just want sugar for a means to support that living and dont have and really dont want to pursue independent means themselves.
    Got about ten emails on Sugarbaby4u that I cant read and wondering how many of them are actually legit and how many are just a ploy by the site to get me to upgrade?

  221. texasugah says:

    My blog..

    Oh I posted it on this blog earlier and it’s also listed as one of the blogs at the top. Let’s see if I can get it to link to my name,

    Okie dokie.. that might do it.

    A little sleepy and seeing Big Love tomorrow,

    Night y’all

  222. Lisa says:

    Hey Beach_Girl just got back from my 2+mile walk. Things are not starting out too good, mom didn’t asnwer her phone so I didn’t get to spend time with her tonight. We have been slowly healing our relationship since I’ve been inviting her to take my walk with me. Last time we walked was thur night, haven’t talked since and I was looking forward to tonight but ended up walking alone. Sunday has not been a good day to me. I think they will reject my offer as they already have. I made the offer to them a month ago and even sent a payment but they have made no contact with me other than there daily automated calls which I do not answer.

    ok gotta take a bath and get unsweaty.

  223. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars 😀

    RC msb~ Awe, thank you for be nice to me week 😀 I am hoping that week I can visit a very good sugar friend. Anyways that is the plan if I can save a little more and go 😀 . I am totally gonna look at your blog, I hope we can keep in touch that way 😀

    Amelia~ will look at your blog too, just need more time 😀 Hi and Welcome, not sure we have talked before
    Texasugah~ Where is your blog? you should link it in the website space here so people can look and read
    Midwest~ How awesome for him 😀 All the best to him , if you 2 still talk
    Lisa~ Think positive thoughts, well, it might work 😀 . I do hope that they agree to what you offer, they shouldn’t take more than you can pay really. I am sure it will turn out well, it is “Be Nice To Lisa Week ” 😀
    Sylvia Khalan~ WTF did she get a deal like that for? I think She should be in jail! It’s bullcrap, total bullcrap…. Let’s not talk about her, it makes me really angry that people can get away with killing CHILDREN

    It’s really hot and the humidity is at 90% …. god I wish I had AC in the house!!!! Humidity sucks…

  224. amelia says:

    @texasugah – i love to read about these stuffs too!! just click on my name (i think).

  225. MsCyn*642427* says:

    I guess it’s “Sugar Daddy Sunday” as all my messages today have primarily been with pot SDs.

    Q: Do most of you only message premium acct SDs, or do you try to talk to anyone that strikes your fancy?

    >>Has your sugar dating journey coincided with any other life changes? Care to share?

    Other than me graduating soon, not really. I’ve been working full-time on a freelance basis for the past 3 years now, so it’s not a change of job. And other than me deciding to permanently stay put in New Orleans, it’s not because of a change of location either. I guess it has to do with me exploring new interests and being more open-minded.

    >>What if anything in your sugar dating life brings you (the most) anxiety?

    Right now, messaging back and forth. I never know if the pot SD I’m talking to is a fake, flake, or an axe-murderer until we finally meet. (Makes me want to get my conceal carry permit even more.)

    >>What part of the sugar cycle (lurking, searching, arrangement, etc.) are you in these days?

    I’m in the searching phase, but I’m starting to get some good steady responses right now that are passing my basic screeners. (EX: Do we have similar interests? Can you get to me, or I to you? Are you a whack job?)

  226. texasugah says:

    Oh my.. my article about being a sugar was just posted online.. GEE!!!! Nervous about what it will bring up. I’ll put a link on my blog if anyone is interested.


  227. texasugah says:

    Happy Sunday all..

    Lisa – where is your blog? I had several negative things to share and had no where to vent.
    You are far stronger than you think and smarter. Look at one thing about yourself that you like. I know that you work on your shape and health with walking. That is something that I wish I could do as well as you. I’m sure you’re rocking it sweetheart.

    Bella – ok you convinced me.. I’m going to go to some of these fundraisers. I’m a Democrat so maybe I’ll run into a Jewish SD. Oooo … had one kinda but he had far too many health issues.

    Jessie those were great ideas.. I’m sure that Lisa will enjoy them.

    Amelia – blog link babe!! I love reading this stuff. LOL

    Midwest – what’s happening sweets. I don’t know if you remember but back in the day had talked with me about over the blog about childcare and the like. So, I got my family involved with the sugar deal. Between the sudden appearance of cash and Tyra they are helping out with watching my kiddo. My mom even helped me pick out a dress for upcoming dates. Thanks.

    RC – thanks for adding me to the “Be nice” celebrations. That will be the week I most need it because I’ll be getting up for work extra early.

    Tomorrow I’m seeing one of my main sugars. He’s a sweetheart but my gift was a little light. I don’t know what the deal is but I’m being very passive aggresive with him and haven’t mentioned it. I certainly hope that he will be with something tomorrow. I plan to get my hair done and it’s going to be upwards of 500 with labor and hair..I know, I know, I know.

    Yesterday was lunch with my traveling sugar. He gave me earrings. I wasn’t impressed although my mother is wearing them today. She loved them. LOL

    At some point, i would really like to find a full time sugar.. but I’m pleased with what’s going on now. I was a late bloomer and have had very few lovers.. making up for lost time I guess.

    Hugs all

  228. RC msb says:

    Because we spoke from time to time,
    I’ve singled out a few,
    But all of you have had your place,
    and I’ll miss each of you.

    I wish that I could list you all,
    but I can’t and it’s a shame.
    Cause I would feel just terrible,
    if I missed a single name.

    I enjoy time I spend here,
    from the moment I arrive,
    I follow the adventures,
    and it makes me feel alive.

    But time has come to move away
    and try some new things too.
    I hope you’ll come to visit,
    when I bid my fond adiue.

    I think I’ve covered everything,
    I guess it’s time to say,
    farewell to you my sugar friends,
    I’ll miss you every day.

    The end…….sorta

    Click my name……to see the saga continue.

  229. Lisa says:

    thanks RC msb, I can’t help but worry though, i’m not any good up against a bunch of people out to get me. I have no one to go with me for emotional support, i’ll be alone at a difficult time like I always am. This is from 2007, a year I put behind me.

  230. RC msb says:

    Because we spoke from time to time,
    I’ve singled out a few,
    But all of you have had your place,
    and I’ll miss each of you.

    I wish that I could list you all,
    but I can’t and it’s a shame.
    Cause I would feel just terrible,
    if I missed a single name.

    I enjoy time I spend here,
    from the moment I arrive,
    I follow the adventures,
    and it makes me feel alive.

    But time has come to move away
    and try some new things too.
    I hope you’ll come to visit,
    when I bid my fond adiue.

    I think I’ve covered everything,
    I guess it’s time to say,
    farewell to you my sugar friends,
    I’ll miss you every day.

    The end…….sorta

    The Saga Continues Here….

    Or click my name……

  231. RC msb says:


    Sorry , only so many weeks. You were “this” close…

    Perhaps you can take over calendar duties in September (Hint) (Hint) Cough, Hack!


    You have a lot of people thinking good things about you. Keep your head up and do your best to stay positive. We know it’s not easy.

  232. Lisa says:

    Thanks KindredSpirit and yes I made A’s in school but that was over 27 years ago, things are different now and I couldn’t even understand my daughter’s junior high home work. My brain has degenerated over the years as I could make the grades but not retail the information and cannot apply what I learned to actual tasks. I thought I did good work at my previous jobs but my bosses didnt’ and that’s what matters, now what we think of ourselves.

    ok need to eat something before I pass out.

  233. Lisa says:

    Good afternoon and thanks everyone for the well wishes on my week. My week is already challenged though as I have to go before a judge on tuesday for my credit card debt trial. Of course I’m not fighting the fact that I owe the debt but gee it has been over 4 years, that was back at a very dark time in my life when it was falling apart and I had hoped to be able to move forward and I have but this will not help. I don’t care about my credit as it’s already bad and there is no wage garnishement in texas, even if there was, I make very little over the exempt amount, have no savings, no property but i’m worried they will order me to pay everything i have and i’ll not be able to pay rent. I offered them 50 dollars a month and even sent a payment to show that I was living up to my offer but they have not even acknowledged it. i’m worried as this firm has a reputation for taking advantage of dumb people like me. they are raush, sturm, isreal, hornik, etc.
    They filed less than 2 months before the sol expired and the previous 2 attorneys that threatened to sue me (the debt is still with original owner Target so they’ve go all the paperwork), dropped the suit and the case after I wrote them, this one only sent me a letter last august and one in january (just the standard this is an attempt to collect a debt) and then sued weeks later. This is 2011, i’d like to put 2007 behind me, now it has been opened again. And really i’m not the only one who ever got into debt, look at the news, the country is practically bankrupt, so i’m not the only one.

    I have to go to court tuesday at 1 and of course getting there is going to be a challenge as i’m totally lost downtown and have to go alone, no one there for emotional support. I hope everyone will keep me in their thoughts. The only thing that matters to me anymore is having a decent place to live, if they make me make payments I can’t afford, well that will be the end for me.
    I’ve also had a few difficult days at work and my boss has asked me if I am considering returning to therapy, I told her i’d think about it but of course it’s out of the questions and anyway the 50 a month out of my check is going to reduce my grocery money greatly, i’l be left with 30 a month, no money for therapy.

    ok i’ve got to eat something, the 6 fish samples and cookie I had at work are not doing it for me, lol

  234. Sylvia Khalan says:

    I mentioned last week to a patient that Casey Anthony probably had lots of dating offers from Sugar Daddies (and she agreed) and then what happens…Casey Anthony is given a $Million Dollar deal….and she has sugar daddies behind the scenes also.


  235. Kindred Spirit says:

    @ Lisa: I believe you are a lot smarter than you give yourself credit for. 😉 When you said you used to be a straight A student, I can believe it. Take care Sweetie.

  236. Toni says:

    Lol where’s the be nice to Toni week?!

    RC I’ll be on the lookout for your blog

    Midwest..again thank you. I’ll incoporate these new tips. any other tips/advice you might have about such : making tghem not feel like they are paying for it, making them see why such arrangements would be beneficial,warming new SDs or changing a regular somwhat generous guy into one lol, spill ’em all..Im all ears 😀

  237. Jessie says:

    @Lisa – In honor of your week, a thought I’d like to share…

    Do not wait for outside things to change in order to make something better. Ask, “What can I do to make this better? Don’t stay stuck…see yourself as a change agent.

    Act like an ant – An ant builds his city one grain of sand at a time. Do not expect things to happen more quickly than possible. It takes time to do great things. Love, success, health – everything – takes time.

    Success comes from the inside and works it’s way to the outside world. Do not allow dreams, passions and motivations to remain submerged.

    Do NOT let negative energy drains exist in your mind, heart, schedule, relationships or any other area of life.

    – These are not my words. They were copied from an email sent to me.

    I’m gonna second Midwest’s wish though…that no matter what you’re faced with this week you look for ONLY the good. This is a challenge Lisa. It’s very easy to find the negative in everything, but there’s ALWAYS hidden gems as well.

    Have a glorious week.

  238. Kindred Spirit says:

    @ Guru about the new sugar show ~ “…in reality it’s a fairly accurate portrayal of what actually happens in the sugar world.”

    O_O REALLY? I ask that seriously, no joke. Hearing that come from you, Guru, reminds me just how truly Rare the sweet, loving and mutually beneficial sugar I engage in/seek can be.

    On to the questions…
    “Has your sugar dating journey coincided with any other life changes? Care to share?”

    I think the biggest life change is that it would be difficult to go back to non-sugar dating again. As I’ve grown over the last few years I’ve come to the self-satisfying conclusion that no ONE person can fulfill another’s every need or interest (if so that’s pretty frickin’ rare to find). Probably a lot of people may throw fire at me for saying that, but people just grow and change so much in their lives. Could be a generational thing, too, I don’t know.

    *Once more pensive* I’m not closed to remarrying someday, but will probably wait until I’m much older, maybe when I’m in my fifties. At that point I may be able to see myself with just one man for the rest of my life, but I cannot envision that for myself at this present time….

    The sugar-dating world is meant to be non-commital (meaning, a mutual understanding of an eventual expiration date), and I love that. So then drama and heartache of a painful breakup is next to non-existent. Taking the gloriously happy memories with me from that short or long-term engagement, I then enjoy the next beautiful personality and presence in my life for whatever amount of time that may be.

    Combining entering the sugar world and learning from a suffocating past relationship (that I know I let myself get sucked into), I believe I’ve become something of a “commitment-phobe”…and really don’t mind it. *Smiling right now* I function best having a ton of space and a ton of independence. So much enjoy meeting the like-minded individuals who understand.

    The sugar-dating world came at the perfect time in my life, not too soon nor too late. When I started I was ready for it. At the time the internal question was figuring out what this different kind of dating was that I felt more fitted for but couldn’t define. Then I came upon the “Seeking Arrangement” book while browsing Amazon one day last December, before I even knew this website even existed…. 🙂 Finally found a special, mutually-endearing dating world where I feel like I really belong. I’m SO happy to be here and rarely feel lonely about my dating values and ideals anymore! 😀

    So yes, it’s been an interesting, joyful life-change. Or rather, “life-style” change.

    “What if anything in your sugar dating life brings you (the most) anxiety?”

    Oh goodness, “the talk”, of course! About the amount of financial assistance, the ideal frequency of meeting and how far the sexual aspects can go so we are not pushing any boundaries of comfort from any of these three segments on either of us. Simply put, discussing that mutually beneficial middle ground where we can start on the clearest and happiest foot possible into this sugar relationship. We then find out quickly if it may work or not, but that particular discussion is still a little hard for me because I am a natural-people pleaser….

    “What part of the sugar cycle (lurking, searching, arrangement, etc.) are you in these days?”

    Definitely lurking. Have a mini-arrangement (see him on rare, sporadic occasions off and on but nothing concrete and he is long-distance), which is fine because I’ve just been so busy this summer! 🙂 Probably have time to date/search more this fall. Either way, it’s all good!

  239. amelia says:

    People! I started a blog!! Do visit it sometimes will ya! =)

  240. amelia says:

    @RC msb – Gosh! how did i not figure out that msb means male sb. how’s silly of me! there i was always thinking that’s your initials or something… hahas… Looking forward check out your new blog!

    @Midwest & RC – Thanks for your advice. I know what both of you say makes complete sense. On the other end, i still can’t help feeling lousy about it! What is it that this other girl he find on the website can offer that i can’t! Arrrrgggghhhh!!!! (certainly hope that i don’t make him feel that all i’m after is his money! and then again, i would never know…)

    @Michael – i think she’s probably trying to get as much out of you as possibly now that the arrangement is falling apart. or rmaybe she overspent while she is with you and find herself at a spot how that things are not working out anymore.

  241. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    Lisa – Lots of hugs and sugar wishes! My only request is you spend the week accepting these well wishes without criticism or negativity. Glow in your week and remind yourself of better days. This will get you through the difficult days ahead and hopefully you will somehow realize positive perpetuates positive…even in the littlest ways. Shine and be lovely.

    RC – You’re earlier description of what happened during your departure makes me also hope that your SD returns to sweep you off your feet and never let you go. <3

  242. RC msb says:

    Be Nice to “Lisa” Week not “List”.

  243. RC msb says:

    Be Nice to List Week Starts today!

    Please participate by sending Lisa good thoughts and hoping that she will soon find the sugar she seeks.

    Next week is Be Nice to Sparkling Cleo Week Part 2 (Midwest gifted her week to Cleo).

    Think Sugar Daddy…………..

    Next months celebrations are listed below. Enjoy!


  244. RC msb says:


    “RC why would you leave? Are you done with sugar life? Well I hope whatever it is you choose to do it makes you happy and fulfilled. Best of luck!!”

    Sorry Bella, I wasn’t ignoring you, I simply didn’t notice this post until I went back looking for something else.

    Yes, I am done with sugar life…..sorta. 🙂

    I am no longer seeking a SD. I’ve decided that I’ve had a good run, I’m running out of beach seasons, and to stay in it any longer would risk going backwards.

    There is one more thing as well. Something I myself wasn’t fully aware of until two days ago. I am secretly hoping that when my last SD returns to the states we can be together again as a couple.


    My original intention was to leave it all behind, including this blog. But that really didn’t work out quite like I planned. So I am taking another tact instead.

    I have started my own blog, which I will use as a halfway house for leaving sugar. I will share my experiences, mistakes, disasters, and even the occasional successes I had there. Hopefully this will be a therapeutic way for me to put my sugar life behind me. And if that amuses or enlightens anyone else, that’s good too.

    Thanks for the good wishes, feel free to stop by and peruse my blog if you like. I’ll post the link later.

  245. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    Beach – He is wonderful! They are still trying to finalize wedding plans, but I think it will be in Europe this summer.

    Toni -You’re welcome. I guess it helps that I don’t put the two together and I DESPISE the (x) visits for (x) dollars mentality and they know it. I prefer having the details talk by e-mail since it puts it in writing for both and allows you to talk about other things during the dates. Lastly, I ask for a monthly deposit to another account on an agreed specific date so it doesn’t have to exchange hands during the date. It’s important to give him your undivided attention when you’re together and refrain from hitting him up for things in addition. It’s so much sweeter when he wants to vs when you ask him to. Sugar is about having a great time together, sharing new experiences and spoiling one another in many ways. Once the details are out of the way, you can go on to having fun!

  246. Toni says:

    Midwest, thanks for answering and giving examples. That was very helpful.

    As for ‘Men are proud and have to feel like they aren’t paying for sex.” You are so right..question is how do you get them to stop feeling that way. more suggestions would be appreciated lol

    SD Guru, like i mentioned in my comments above. The show was so annoying and one sided. made the sugarlife look terrible. oh and I thought steve was gross..couldnt even shave? ugh

  247. BellaSavantNYC says:

    @Cleo and Lisa: yes attending functions with like-minded individuals is a great way to meet and interact with a variety of people including pots. Getting in the door without paying for these events can be a challenge at times. For me the events that I truly support I will go ahead and buy a ticket and attend with friends. For those I feel would be great “networking” I can always find a way in the door through connections and friends.

  248. RC msb says:

    Michael Alleycat,

    Always notice how a date treats waiters, waitresses, and other service personal. Because sooner or later that’s how they are going to treat you.

  249. @SD Guru – posting from the beach in Mexico. I introduced her once to some friends, not a second time. Same with my daughter. I learned a lot about her by watching how she interacted with others, especially those close to me.

    She had 2 chances, no more. 3rd, that’s it.

  250. Beach_Girl says:

    Guru~ We didn’t have the show here and when I try and go at MTV they won’t let me access the show since i’m out of range or something. But it does sound horrible from what i’ve read here, maybe there should of been more diversity and show the successes that can happen and the non dramatic SBs and SDs… Was it SA that made the show? Why would they use people like that, it wouldn’t help the site , would it? maybe i’m wrong or just too tired to comprehend…:D

  251. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars! How is everyone?

    RC msb~ why are you leaving? I love reading your posts. Sorry we couldn’t interact more, I’m just so busy… when I come on here, it takes me forever to catch up and , by then, too tired to respond . A blog would be awesome, I think blogger dot com had free blog thingies, not sure…

    Guru~ hope you are enjoying your vacay, have some fun for me 😀

    Midwest~ How is James? send me an update by email 😀

    Cleo~ Hope your having a great weekend.

    Lisa~ I hear your weather isn’t gonna let up 🙁 sorry girlie! It’s gonna be hot and no rain in sight…

    LL~ getting a surprise like that in the mail is awesome! YAY

    Hope you all have a great night, 😀

  252. Jessie says:

    @RC – A blog would be absolutely perfect…that way I won’t have to worry about withdrawals. As you can see the selfish streak is hard to shake 🙂

    I tried to write best wishes and all that, but it felt too much like goodbye so I erased it. But with a blog there’s no real need to say goodbye right?

  253. Lisa says:

    I have a blog now for several months, the same stuff I post on the blog, full of negativity and quite boring to the average person. I also include several pics of me drinking lattes, lol

    ok lights out, time to go to sleep.

  254. RC msb says:

    Sparkling and Stunning Cleo, queen of the Limerick,

    Thanks, I’m so glad you liked it. My answer on the SD never truly changed, I just felt bad for him. I’ll probably save that one for my blog. Kinda like the idea of having a blog. Need to research blog software or blog servers, or however it’s done these days.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  255. RC msb says:

    Sorry Jessie, the retirement is still on schedule. The good news is I think I made some first class lemonade today and helped two people out at the same time. It’s early yet, but the vibe so far is really good. Kinda burnt up most of my weekend, but I’m feeling pretty good about it. Plus I snagged two world class meals out of it so I’m feeling fine.

    I do have some news which you might like Jessie. I’ve decided to start a blog. A couple of people have been nice enough to comment on my writing, and I certainly don’t mind sharing a tale from the crypt from time to time, so we’ll see how it goes. I have begun to realize that I have kind of a unique point of view on sugar compared to most. I also think it might give me an opportunity to kind of expunge it from my system in a useful way as I turn to a life without it.

    Naturally it will be a look back rather than current events, so I have no idea how long it will last, but I’m sure I can keep one going for awhile. Might throw in some commentary and a odd limerick here and there, who knows? I’m new to the blog thing so it will be a adventure of sorts and we’ll see what happens.

  256. Lisa says:

    From time to time I get invitations to attend fund raising events for political candidates but can never attend due to the donation fees (or the 500 a plate dinners, etc). I’m sure that would be a great way to meet like minded people (there is nothing more exciting than meeting someone who shares your views, I had a sd that mirrored my views) and maybe some wealthy ones. And of course those darn things are on weekends and evenings. Too bad they don’t hold some of them at the new hotel across the street.

    ok time to get to bed. I’m so ready for monday, weekends suck for me.
    Have a good night everyone

  257. Cleo says:

    Be warned I’m posting from my phone…

    Rc: that limerick is amazing I might save it and post it on my wall :). (for sure I’ll save it, it’s whether I ever print it that’s the question)

    Wow a pot chasing you down, sounds fun lol – in my opinion you never asked for *cheeky grin* go on anither date or two and take your time deciding… I think the answer will become clear if you let it…
    Rachel I’m not an SD but I’d show up for drinks and pool time! Plus maybe some hunting later in the evening lol
    Bella I hope you appreciate how lucky you are, the only way I get into charity events and the like is to volunteer…and those uniforms never fit me! Any tips on ‘getting in the door?’ (because I do fine when I’m in the room, hard to get into the high end ones without introduction – least here in Toronto)

  258. Sylvia Khalan says:

    Have fun Sugars! its the weekend..

  259. Jessie says:

    @RC – Remember I told you I refused to say goodbye…well in the same vein of remaining selfish…do it, do it, DO IT, DO IT.

    • SD Guru says:

      So I saw my ex-#1 yesterday, and she asked me for some $… Guess what my response was.

      I’m shocked — SHOCKED that you didn’t give her a third and fourth chance! 😛 Why did you see her again? Knowing what you know now, would you have introduced her to your friends and family in the begining?

      Guru – talking about blogs, it’s been sooooo many months since you last update yours!!! I was dying to know what happened to your domintrix SB…

      Thanks for asking! Updating my blog is one of my summer projects that I hope to get to after my vacay. The funny thing about her is that when I first met her she wasn’t a domme, and in the bedroom she’s more of a sub. Go figure!

      @RC msb

      I’ve decided to start a blog… I also think it might give me an opportunity to kind of expunge it from my system in a useful way as I turn to a life without it.

      Look forward to reading your blog! Writing stuff down can be therapeutic and it’s good for the soul. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the process!


      Re: MTV’s True Life: I’m a Sugarbaby

      Sorry for the long post. I watched the show on my laptop by the pool and it was pretty entertaining. These quotes tell you everything you need to know about each SB character:

      “I’m so money hungry, but I’m so lazy” – Olivia
      “I need a sugar mama ASAP” – Steve
      “I need a SD to pay for my lifestyle” – GG

      What else do these 20 something SB’s have in common? They all live in high rent districts and can’t afford their lifestyle on their own. Some have pointed out the show doesn’t resemble how a sugar relationship should work as we understand it on the blog. But in reality it’s a fairly accurate portrayal of what actually happens in the sugar world. Here are some observations and comments about the characters.

      – GG and Olivia both met their pot SD’s for the first time at his house. Really?
      – Steve came across as an immature doofus. I have no idea what any of the cougars see in him.
      – Sean (Olivia’s ex bf) came across as a douche bag for pimping her out to get what he wants.
      – Olivia’s SD appeared possessive and drama prone for wanting her tattoo removed.

      GG has the typical gold digger mentality, it’s all about how much more she can get while giving as little in return as possible. There is nothing wrong with a platonic sugar relationship as long as that’s what both sides want. But she deliberately stringed him along just to see what she can get.

      I may not have agreed with some of her SD’s approach to get laid. But to his credit he cut his losses after paying for her $500 dress. A less experienced SD or a white knight probably would have put up with her longer and throw more money at her just to end up with the same result.

      As for Olivia, her looks resemble one of my former SB’s, except my SB was a bit slimmer and bustier. She has typical emotional baggage and unsure of what she really wants, thus her emotional struggle with her ex bf and her SD. But in the end she finally learned that “this lifestyle is not for me right now”.

      At the end GG learned from her record producer that “everything comes with a price” and she finally realized “if I quit being a SB, I’m going to have to learn how to be financially independent, it’s not going to be easy.” Amen and welcome to the real world!

      As for Steve, it was ironic that he had to pay for the dinner with his would be mama who lost her job.

      None of the SB characters are SB material, so it’s no surprise GG and Olivia end up leaving the sugar lifestyle, and Steve was still trying but had no luck. But what bothered me the most was GG’s mom expecting her daughter to continue with sugar just to support her lifestyle. What kind of parent is that??

      After the show MTV followed up with the three characters in this article. Also, look at the comments under the episode, it’s pretty interesting.

      Lastly, a TV show about the sugar lifestyle and no one had sex?? Say it ain’t so!! :mrgreen:

  260. Rachel says:


    I have a cute little blow-up 105 gallon pool in my backyard… Any SD’s here want to come over and help me clean it? What’s in it for you? I’ll tell you!…. I will SERVE YOU drinks of choice while we clean… and… you can of course join me in the pool afterwards!
    ****disclaimer**** Must be attractive, funny, gentleman like, have a sense of humor

    LOOOOOOOL… just kidding y’all… well… unless someone really wants to 😉

    Just Rachel and her shenanigans on a Saturday afternoon!

  261. RC msb says:

    I’m sorry, I wasn’t really trying to be dramatic.

    What has happened is that yesterday I was contacted by an acquaintance that has apparently been waiting in the wings to start up a relationship with me. I went out to dinner with him last night to nicely turn him down, but now I’m thinking of jumping back in, still not sure, much to consider. Never really had a pot chase me down before. kinda strange. Nice man, very isolated, very lonely, that’s what makes it so hard. More later.

  262. Rachel says:

    Alright, time for me to answer the blog topic…

    *Has your sugar dating journey coincided with any other life changes? *
    Yes, it has allowed me the opportunity to put my career aspirations and goals within reach, which will only better my future.

    *What if anything in your sugar dating life brings you (the most) anxiety?*
    Lies and deceit. I am an honest person almost to a fault… I expect the same in return, whether its something good or not good. If someone is projecting themselves as single and are married, I don’t respect that. I respect someone saying, “Hey Rachel… I know my profile says I’m single, but I’m not, is that okay with you?” Surprisingly he would have my respect and gratitude for being honest. Blah. Honesty is huge for me and if I sense I’m not getting it, it causes anxiety… and anything that causes me anxiety I start to pull away from… because I don’t need troubles or drama! 🙂

    *What part of the sugar cycle (lurking, searching, arrangement, etc.) are you in these days?*
    I am in the searching phase right now after having ended an arrangement about a month or so ago. I take my time in my search… there is no rush for me to find the RIGHT SD for me… and I want to be the RIGHT SB for him… not just some sugar fling. I find (at least for me) when I take the time to find the right SD and I choose carefully… it always works out well. 🙂

  263. Lisa says:

    A lot can happen in an hour

  264. Rachel says:

    Yes, DO tell RC… another cliff hanger! 🙂

  265. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    Do tell RC!

  266. RC msb says:

    A lot can happen in a day.

  267. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    Amelia – trust is so difficult…especially if he is married or committed in some way. It may also be that he hasn’t gotten used to being an SD and feels a little embarrassed/ proud to be going this route, not realizing there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Men are proud and have to feel like they aren’t paying for sex. I’m sure you never made him feel that way, but it could be self-imposed. Bottom line is that if he isn’t happy, the right thing to do is discuss it first. If it can’t be resolved, move on BEFORE it becomes a huge disappointment for both. Sugar should always remain sweet. Doing the right thing can sting for a little while, but ultimately pays off in big ways. If you two can/ could have remained friends, he can be very helpful in discussing business ideas, networking, etc.

  268. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    RedMaru – Glad he’s feeling better! BTW – My cat likes to get in the tub after I take a shower…strange I know. That said, maybe leaving a tiny bit of cool water in the bottom of the tub would help him too.

  269. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    Happy weekend sugars! Concert tonight! Any great tailgating ideas?

    RC msb – Thank you for your confidence and your kind words. Mwah!

    Toni- My first SD was new to arrangements (as was I). Since we met on the site, I recommended he come to the blog to do some research. He did and it went beautifully. Granted, he was willing to learn and already had a white knight quality to him, so he was “predisposed” to the idea of arrangements anyway. I know this is unusual and certainly cannot apply to most scenarios, but just think creatively and you may succeed. I’ve met a few men IRL that I thought could be SDs, but I tend to take a few “regular” dates to introduce the idea and get their thoughts. A few times, I would say something to the effect of “this woman once told me that she and her man have a unique relationship…no strings attached and in exchange he helps her with school and stuff” to get his reaction. It’s hypothetical in his eyes so you are more likely to get an honest answer. What I’ve heard from others is that an IRL SD will let you know pretty quickly if he’s familiar with arrangements (and he won’t bring up the sex talk right away). Hope it helps.

    Michael – Sorry to hear. I gather you two were “even” at the point of the break up, but she has a lot of nerve.

    So…..should we do our own show to demonstrate the wonders of sugar? Of course, it wouldn’t be so crass as to put our faces everywhere, have an “all about me” attitude and tell all. Then again, there’s already an overabundance of capitalistic sugars who don’t understand the meaning of “mutually beneficial” and I’m afraid it would draw even more. Perhaps we should go underground instead! 🙂

  270. Toni says:

    Michael, I hope that’s all you said and left. How embarrassing

    Bella, Im sure they attend functions like that and yes NY is filled with such. I’m only 45 mins away in Westchester but like I said unlike online you cant really tell if the men you meet in the city just want a fling/affair or wanna be actually SDs.

    To the others, how does one deal with a new SD? Obvious;y he doesnt know how things works so how do you “teach” him

  271. RC msb says:

    And then there’s LL Cool Babe,
    someone that I admire,
    a clarity of vision,
    a mettle born of fire.

    A mind that’s quick and nimble,
    An attitude that’s fair,
    A passion for the truth in things,
    An eagerness to care.

    I remember when I met you,
    least in the virtual way,
    there was something in your manner,
    and the things that you would say.

    There was a certain playfulness,
    (I thought of Irish eyes).
    Yet there was wisdom in your words,
    that it did not disguise.

    I hope that we can stay in touch,
    at least once in awhile,
    I know that when I read your words,
    it always brings a smile.

    To be continued…..

  272. BellaSavantNYC says:

    @Toni…LOL..yeah gonna consider the blog. The great thing about NYC is that there are a plethora of events and activities that you can attend/do which put you in the “sugar” environment. I attend a lot of charity functions, premiere parties, hotel openings, restaurant openings, fashion events, etc. All very social and full of pots to chat with in a fun and casual setting. The interaction comes naturally versus online where it’s so forced. I do find online there tend to be a lot more men looking for the “quickie” because it is made easy for them by some of the less savory SBs. If a pots seems to always be going straight for the sex or only can talk about your body and other sexually laced topics then that’s a sure red flag.

    @Texas well i’d say that’s a good problem to have! you go girl! haha

  273. In Rocky Point, Mx, beautiful here!

    So I saw my ex-#1 yesterday, and she asked me for some $ for back to school clothes, shoes and supplies for her kids. This is from the person who spent $1100 on golf clubs a month ago, and spent $25k on a 2 y.o. Mercedes.

    Guess what my response was. And this was after asking me to pay for her cousins termination, plus a raise because “her expenses were high”


  274. Toni says:

    BellaSavant, since you never really done online sugarsearching (Im against onlne too for the reasons you mentioned), how were you able to tell when the man was a SD or just looking for a fling/affair? How were you able to bring up arrangemen ts, at leats online, they know what you’re about because of the type of site this is. lol Im sure you’re a well of info esp for WOCs in NY..you need a blog! lmao

  275. Nico says:

    Holy cow!! Watching the Sugar Baby show online right now! What a train wreck!

    “Trying to figure out how long I can string him on without sex”…*sigh*.

  276. RC msb says:

    amelia, Always remember that there are some people you won’t be able to connect with. For some it will be the wrong moment in their life and for whatever reason are unable to ‘open up’.

    There are also some you will ‘never’ be able to connect with. Some souls simply never find what they are looking for because they don’t know what it is.

    While it is always a good idea to dissect relationships so that we can learn from our mistakes. It is also important to remember some relationships could never have been saved in the first place. Some people just aren’t ready and that’s not your fault.

    Keep that idea in the back of your head.

  277. amelia says:

    my first arrangement ended so miserably! it ended before i even warm up to him. in the course of a little more than 2 months, i could not even get him to trust me that wee bit more. i can’t even have a proper conversation going with him. think i know a stranger i meet at a bus stop (and i do that alot!) after talking for like 10-15 mins so much more then i do with him after hours! it’s can’t help feeling that he thinks i’m this shameless dramatic women who would storm into his office and create some scene some time down the road as such he couldn’t tell me anything about himself.

    and i tried so hard. i can’t even figure out what it is that he wants. conversation aside, i couldn’t even get him to stay in bed any longer after he comes to have another go at it. (forgive me for being crude) and there he is, looking for someone else on the website now… i can’t help feeling so inadequate. if he would just tell me what it is that he is not satisfied with, i swear to god, i would work my ass off it. but i just don’t know!

    this bruised my ego big time. SO NOT HAPPY!

  278. RC msb says:

    While a regular cadence will do
    a limerick’s better for you,
    It gives me a chance,
    to make my words dance,
    And tell you your special and true.

    She sparkles with shimmer and shine,
    with the depth of a truly fine wine,
    And it will be your plight,
    if you don’t treat her right,
    It’s her essence that makes her so fine.

    Sweet Cleo I don’t think you know,
    how just knowing you brings me a glow,
    You have such a style,
    it brings me a smile,
    with the friendship you always bestow.

    While tomorrow is still out of sight,
    I am sure that your future is bright,
    your slim and your sleek,
    you’ll find what you seek,
    and I know that you’ll meet one who’s right.

    To be continued…..

  279. RC msb says:


  280. Everyone says:

    amelia, Thank you amelia. If it helps any ‘msb’ stands for ‘male sugar baby’. I was originally considering ‘gmsb’ but it seemed redundant and looked vaguely like a technical certification.

    I know there are in fact straight male sugar babies, but the ladies who are actually looking for them are about as common as flying hamsters. And you think you have it tough 🙂

  281. amelia says:

    @RC – while i did not speak to you much (well, i’m always just lurking ard anyhow), i had a nice time reading all your postings for months. they were funny and you are really good with limericks! although i have to admit that i’m still a bit confused as to if you are male or female! lolx…. good luck! =)

    @lisa – I wish i’d get something good in my mailbox, nothing but bills.

    omg!!! i totally feel the same way as you do!!! i remember how much i love receiving letters as a child and even got myself a few penpals. well, that was when all i get are birthday cards and bla bla… the good feeling of opening a letter… i used to fight when my sister just so i could open the letterbox. emails are just not the same. and even since i started living on my own. i dread opening the letterbox. coz all i’m getting are billls!!! arrrggghhh!!! hahas…

  282. texasugah says:

    @bella – Ok I’m all eyes. How do you pull that off. You’re right, I need to try the off line thing. I probably will before the summer is over. I’m trying to figure out what to do with the ones I have.

    Lisa – I’m dealing with the same thing. I don’t know if my ex will take off but he just got fired. Who knows.

    I wonder if I’ll have that sugardate this weekend? Met him on SA.. had a date which was pretty good but who knows.. LOL

  283. Rachel says:

    @sparkling cleo – first of all… the more I see the pic of those shoes the more I drool! LOL! Yes, I do upgrade and on the DAY I expire I allow a few hours to go before I upgrade again, but always the same day.

    BLOG GODS… can u share my email with RC plz… 🙂

  284. Diana G.SB inOC says:

    I’m great thanks for asking. I finally found my driver’s license ! Whooo It’s nice being carded but it’s not funny when you’re using your expired driver’s license because you can’t find your current one. Plus I have to put my place back in order but no complains here! I’m so super happy right now.

    Ok get this.

    There is this gorgeous guy as my fb friend. I don’t know where he came from but realized he’s connected through mutual friends. He’s contacted me a few times to chat and he’s just so dreamy. The only issue is that I kept asking him where I know him from and that’s when he became silent. He’s also invited me to some of his gatherings and parties. Did I forget to mention he’s drop dead gorgeous? lol

    So I was checking out another sugar daddy site and I nearly had a heart attack.He’s one of the most viewed profiles on this other site. Who knew???!!!

    So wait hot, eligible and umm SD too and apparently went out of his way to connect with me more then once?

    Ok so I wasn’t really interested because he’s far away and our mutual friends have some ex relationship(reg) connections mixed in. Personally I don’t want to date anyone that knows my ex or is friends with people my ex knows. Just seems too close for comfort so this was primarily the reason that I some what chatted with him in a careful…”who sent you” manner. Ugg I so want to kick myself right now!!!!

    Perhaps my sugar life is within reach. I often wondered why he sent me a friend request and seemed to shy away questioning why he added me. lol as if he needed a real reason!

    So can the day get any better? I think it’s time for a run to bebe’s , pink berrys and to go back to the store with my current DL so the clerk can see that I’m of age.

    Then again I may just pass on the hottie possible SD . Way too many connects but I can still look right? hahah!

  285. Everyone says:

    We are fine, how are you today?

  286. BellaSavantNYC says:

    @Lisa…i would definitely define what you described as the ghetto. I’m glad you are out of an area like that for your safety and safety of your daughter.

    RC – sorry to see you leave. hope to see you visit from time to time.

  287. Diana G.SB inOC says:

    Sorry meant to say hello Sb’s and Sd’s ! I think I was just shocked at the show. How’s everyone doing today?

  288. RC msb says:

    Midwest, of you I don’t worry,
    I trust your decisions are right,
    your future wont always be easy,
    but I’m sure that you know how to fight.

    I wish for many things for you,
    but my wish should not make you concerned,
    as I do not wish for the unusual,
    just for what you have already earned.

    I know that your future holds brightness,
    it will rise like a new morning sun,
    and some day when your counting your blessings,
    don’t forget you have earned every one.

    To be continued…..

    SPECIAL NOTE TO BLOG GODS, I am happy to receive and reciprocate email addys to those interested. Thank you.

  289. Lisa says:

    The same here, blog gods send my email to RC msb in case he might want to stay in touch

  290. rc if you’re really leaving can we please stay in touch? blog gods will give you my e-dress if you say yes…

  291. Diana G.SB inOC says:

    Wow I just finished watching that show!

    Ok I have to say wow GG met a grotesque man. I mean he was so desperate and the dropping of hints like that? Ewww! “Need to bring the heat”and “sugar daddy calls the shots” lol . I think he was done when she met him the first time and he just kept on and on. Uggg gross. Then he flakes on her birthday plans? huh? So cancels limo driver? ouch that was just dirty. Ohh and her mom sucks! Pushing her daughter out there like that to pimp her out for a new addition to the house? Really sad.

    I can’t remember the other girl’s name that had the loser bf that wanted to benefit off of her sugar dating, but I have to say her SD was a sweetheart and cute! But her ex bf was playing with her mind and realistically what guy wants to feel like he doesn’t have enough to give to his girlfriend. But the fact that he tried the whole pimp move … “fail”! Ohh and the drop on the knees moment…Was I the only one that saw this bs move? I think he talked to the “group” and they told him to get something out of the deal. Her emotions were way too in the mix when she was out with her SD and her ex was successful in ruining that potential relationship. I mean her SD was more then happy to provide her with a condo and expenses and really seemed to shower her with gifts. I especially loved the angel:) Nice touch. I feel bad that he even met her because usually after an experience like that he’ll be abit more pushy or even selfish with the next sb. Also he was an attractive older man which to me doesn’t always seem that easy to come by.

    Ohh and last but not least that guy. His friend is hot and seems to have style but he’s just a loser. The older woman that actually was spending time with him was a knockout. Sad to hear she lost her job but what was even worse was seeing that loser push her the check. Ugg lame! I couldn’t even believe his pick up lines. Wow talk about weak! Ok I’m sorry but I don’t see that guy as attractive in anyway. No style , class and just he looks sloppy. He did provide some laughter but I was more so laughing at him and not with him.

    This show made my stomach hurt. Not one of the sugar babies had a happy ending.

    I’m still lurking right now. Changed and updated my profile again with new pics so we shall see. But wow that was a depressing look into sugar dating.

  292. Lisa says:

    How sweet RC msb I’m sorry about the other day but anything that affects ss affects my mom affects me. She has been through so much, she doesn’t need to lose her tiny check.

    but you know it isn’t that easy for me. I finally got myself somewhat stable a year ago, thanks to an sd, moved close to my family, in a great community, got out of the ghetto(no sure if some posters would call it the ghetto but what do you call a place that has drive by shootings and ms 13 gang members burn your apartment office down?), after cutting out all perks (for me that was the weekly lunch dates with my family) I am able to afford some groceries and things were looking up but then came this stupid lawsuit for a card from over 4 years ago. I was in that horrid store just awhile ago buying my groceries because it’s just toooo hot to walk 4 blocks to the supermarket, and what did the the cashier ask me? “would you like to apply for a target visa today/” I had to laugh.

  293. Lisa says:

    Hey LL that’s great. I hardly received anything from my ex because even though he was supposed to give me 198 a month, it was not worth risking him getting even with me by running off to the middle east with my daughter as he said he would. Anyway he technically owes me for 16 years of child support which was ordered at the divorce (my daughter was almost 2 at the time) but that’s uncollectable when someone makes very little or works under the table and can leave the country at any time.

    I wish i’d get something good in my mailbox, nothing but bills.

  294. RC msb says:

    So time it has come to be leaving,
    and this I must do with a sigh,
    as much fun as I always have had here,
    It’s time to at last say goodbye.

    Dear Lisa you don’t know how I’ll miss you,
    I’m so sorry I made you upset.
    I now know that I chose my words poorly,
    wouldn’t do it again on a bet.

    And I know that your life is a struggle,
    but I swear that my words here are true,
    if you were to trust in sweet Lisa,
    There is nothing that you couldn’t do.

    To be continued…..

  295. LL Cool Babe says:

    Hey sugars!

    Definitely another great day today for me, I went to the mailbox and out of nowhere pop out a child support check 😀 They are very few a far between in my world, I didn’t get a cent for the first 13 years (which he still owes me) so absolutely worth celebrating!

    Drink up Rachel!!!!

    RC – You know you aren’t getting away from me…blog gods please send RC my email addy

  296. rachel i have NEVER been featured, are you premium and expiring?

    i swear i thought at least ONE of the pics i’ve used would have worked lol

  297. Lisa says:

    still no rain in west houston and the darn sun is back out

  298. BellaSavantNYC says:

    @TexasSugah…you should try IRL sugar dating..it’s much more fulfilling than the online mess I find I have to deal with (fake dudes, poor dudes..you name it..haha). I tend to sugardate inter-racially mostly as well. However in NYC that’s very easy to do..it’s a melting pot of sugar!

  299. texasugah says:

    Morning everyone from Hot Azz Houston LOL

    Rachel – Honey I wish. I’ve never been the featured profile. Just enjoy it.

    I don’t think I’m going to watch the show. I mean really, like there’s enough sugars in the bowl. I was talking to a guy last night who told me that he got over 400 emails in a 2 week period. And he’s BROKE. Seriously he told me that he made some bad decisions and virtually everything was gone. He did remove his profile. Funny thing was.. I didn’t pursue him and here he is. He says that I wasn’t desperate or pushy. He very well may be lying about the money being gone.. who knows.

    Lisa – sweets if we could get some rain Id do the naked baby dance. It was so much cooler in San An.. amazing. Just tempting me to move. Kidding.

    IRL sugar – never had it. I’ve only met guys online. Actually I haven’t met a guy in the regular manner in a very long time. I date exclusively interracially and it’s just not that easy here in East Houston. Well, I guess if I went out looking but.. the older I get the less time I get to go out looking. HONEY!!!! girl we gotta go out next week!!!

    HONEY!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Have a great day y’all!

  300. Rachel says:

    Y’all are the BEST! how can I find out if I am a featured profile again? My page is getting hit like CRAZY… already this am I have over 40 views. I mean I’m not gonna complain, but I wish there was a notification that said….

    “YO… you are a featured profile… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED”


    Maybe the sugar gods are trying to answer my prayers of sending me sugar… or, maybe it’s all the good sugar vibes the blog community sends… whatever the reason, I am thankful. 🙂

  301. BellaSavantNYC says:

    @Rachel….it’s always 5pm and happy hour somewhere in the world…drink away! haha

  302. Lisa says:

    Good morning
    coffee is starting to take effect, need to walk down to the store for groceries.

    Hopefully we are going to get some needed rain here.

  303. rachel: try the jameson 18 year limited reserve if you like old bushmills… it’s freaking nectar it’s so smooth…

  304. Rachel says:

    AFTER WORK… I will enjoy the drink AFTER WORK… OH MY… y’all must have thought I was drinking at 10am!!!

  305. Rachel says:

    I watched the episode last night… I was, for a lack of being able to say what I REALLY want to say… I’m SORELY DISAPPOINTED! I was not impressed, and frankly if I was the gentlemen in both the female sb cases I would have bounced MUCH earlier than when they did.

    I agree that the sugar world was portrayed negatively. I think they should have found at least ONE that worked out so people could see the upside of the sugar life. How fulfilling it can be on BOTH sides, and that it’s not a “dirty business arrangement”. I’m disgusted.

    Hey… isn’t it Friday? SWEET… I’m no longer disgusted, I’m now happy and will get cracking on my work for the rest of today… But, I will enjoy a Little Grey Goose martini, dirty, up, dry…. That is my drink of choice… or Bushmills 16 or 21

    Have a great Friday!

  306. BellaSavantNYC says:

    Hope everyone is ready for a happy Friday!!!

    @Toni all my sugars have been IRL and met that way. This is my first foray into trying to meet an SD online…it’s definitely a different experience.

    I watched a bit of that show last night and thought it was horrible. But then again an real SB/SD with class, dignity and respect would never sign up to do a show like that so they probably set a lot of it up themselves.

  307. Naughty Molly says:

    Morning sugars! It’s Friday…yay!! Hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂

  308. Toni says:

    Ok the show is over. To be honest I dont think it protrayed the sugar life well. The girls were bratty, the made the SDs look like sex hungry monsters. I tfound it completely anti sugarbowl. couldnt even have at least one of the cuples be happy/successful. very lame.

  309. Toni says:

    There’s nothing mutually beneficial about GG’s arrangement

  310. RedMaru says:

    Enough about that blog time!

    Has your sugar dating journey coincided with any other life changes? Care to share?
    Not really. Outside of my sugar friend, no solid arrangements. I try to keep the two separate

    What if anything in your sugar dating life brings you (the most) anxiety?
    Well like most the meeting part. Will he like me? will I like him?

    What part of the sugar cycle (lurking, searching, arrangement, etc.) are you in these days?
    Jumped headfirst back into searching!

  311. RedMaru says:

    Evening sugars!
    Thanks for the tips for kitty last time. Just catching up on the new blog

    RC msb don’t go!! I like you here! But I understand. I will miss ya! I had to take a hiatus myself just felt like I was getting nowhere sugarwise but I came back.

    Nuada is better sometimes I wonder if that cat is smarter than I give him credit for because he seems to be somewhat better spirits now after the wet food. In spirit of wanting him to eat something anything I “splurged” and got the gourmet organic food from Petsmart and he gobbled it up. I try to give kitty the best when I can specially since he’s had surgery for bladder stone. I think I created a furry monster… He has this “just as planned look” on his face as he’s licking his lips.

  312. Toni says:

    Im watchig the episode right now. Im surprised the asian dancer girl (her name just escaped me) was able to be a SB for 2 years without intimacy. LOL with this new dude guess things are about to change

  313. texasugah says:

    Evening everyone!!!

    Glad to be back in Houston.. although it is far hotter than San An. *rolls eyes*

    RC.. well geez ma-neez.. sorry to see you leave. Heck, I just got back. I wish you all the best dear.

    Had a great sugar date with a guy I had been emailing for a bit. Funny thing is that he wouldn’t give me his number so I couldn’t be sure he was waiting for me at my hotel. Good reason, a jerky chick wanted something more after just a plain ol lunch and then called his cell, got his son and acted like a donkey. Not cool!

    So I’m at the bar.. he’s at the bar but we don’t really recognize each other. I’m totally hoping that it’s him. Totally out of character, I struck up a conversation. After a few questions we were sure and off for the evening. He’s just a sweet heart and looks like Dennis Quaid. Hope to see him again. If not he was generous. So its all to the good.

    On to the questions..

    Has your sugar dating journey coincided with any other life changes? Care to share?

    Getting my mind right. My father overcoming his illness and transplant last year. Being free of all the damage my ex husband did and enjoying life.

    What if anything in your sugar dating life brings you (the most) anxiety?

    Definitely the first meet. First, it was the “will he like me” issue. Now after talking with a few men, it’s wondering how sane is the other person. I have a career and family, I don’t need issues.
    Not only that but, the gentleman from last night was terrified about law enforcement. According to him they are trolling even sugardaddy sites. Since when did a man helping the woman he’s involved with become an issue. Good grief.

    What part of the sugar cycle (lurking, searching, arrangement, etc.) are you in these days?

    If you’ve read my blog..you know I’m having a great time!

  314. Toni says:

    anyone get an SD that wasnt online? Kf so how did you get one IRL did you “turn” hkim nto a SD or there are clues for the ones in IRL

  315. BellaSavantNYC says:

    ***this is me holding my tongue*** haha.

  316. Sylvia Khalan says:

    I want out of a Sugar relationship….the most I can get! But more than anything, A life full of love, happiness and a family that doesn’t have to want for anything!

  317. Lisa says:

    well until the next time they don’t get their way, that’s how it goes. I still have to avoid going over to their apartment and I haven’t seen my daughter in forever. I was always at work when she was growing up (had to work evenings and weekends) so we never bonded.

    I’ve got this lawsuit thing i’m worried about on on tuesday. I’m going to lose but what if they won’t accept my small payments? with interest it will take 40 years to pay what I owe but if they stop the interest, it could be paid in 12 years. I’m sacrificing half my grocery money for them, not much else I can do. They waited till 2 months before the sol ran out. I defaulted on that card 4 1/2 years ago. Anyway i’m worried it will put me over the edge again, the stress is killing me.

  318. LL Cool Babe says:

    That’s great to hear Lisa…small steps turns into bigger steps…hope you continue to build back the relationship with your mom 🙂

  319. Lisa says:

    Just got back from a two mile walk with my mom. We are seeing each other a couple times week for an hour long walk. Walked all the way down to memorial drive and back, nice walk as it’s all residential area. People out walking their dogs, an American flag on almost every house, crickets beginning to sing.

    ok off to take a bath

  320. LL Cool Babe says:

    I posted on the last blog topic not realizing a new topic has begun!

    Here was my last post….

    Thx for celebration everyone 🙂 )))

    Bella – My comment on judging and bullying was not solely directed at you as there have multiple comments. I had well over 70 posts to read since my last posting (hence why I summarized) which is why the statement wasn’t targeted directly at you. I read your post two times in a row, the initial read came across in my opinion with a harsh tone so I decided on the spot to reread it with a light upbeat tone. The end result was I couldn’t distinguish which tone you were portraying. That said, my suggestion is to take from it what you will and throw the rest away and not concern yourself with what you feel doesn’t apply. You have however demonstrated throughout your posts that belittling others when you feel attacked is acceptable…not a very attractive quality but again it could be a victim of two-toning as well. I also think you have a lot of sass and a sense of fun which great. I look forward to reading some of your future posts. On another topic….I have no idea about the events 😉

    Cleo – How’d the “date you weren’t to excited about” go? Drinks whenever girl just txt me and let me know when 😀 I’m sending extra good vibes your way to make sure next week turns out spectacular for you too…in fact I’m sending out extra good vibes to everybody 😀

    RC & Midwest – Hell no; I ain’t goin nowhere! I’ll still be kick’in it on the blogs…I have the freedom to develop other arrangements if I so desire 😉 lol And Midwest Mama – you know I’m a mama too girl..always speak up for those who needing speaking up for 😉

    Red – how is Nuadas doing today?

    Texasugah – good for you girl, I’m happy for ya! Keep us filled in 😉

    Lisa…I’m sorry you didn’t feel like you could reach out to any of us on the blog that you trust. I hope the situation resolved itself without injury. Please know that you can email whenever…I just always stink at reaching out to people….just ask Cleo , I never get a minute to message her and it may take a day for me to get back in touch when an email is sent my way but I always do respond and would offer anything I could ~ which usually is support and insight ~ to help out 😉 .

    Amilia – The minute you feel embarrassment, stop yourself and choose to feel proud. Proud that you walk into an establishment with a gentlemen who will always front the bill like a gentlemen should do….that thought alone should give you confidence to just let it happen. You only get what you ask for. Nice to see you posting again 😉 And yes…one of Cleo’s thermometers for men include if they are considerate enough to ensure she gets home safely.

    Cleo – The time we went out – I still can’t believe that dude didn’t get your ride home…he was totally into you! I know I already replied to you previously but….we need to go out from drinks again!

    My thoughts on class: It’s not the meaning of the statement a person intends to make, it’s the words that a person selects to represent that meaning which truly measures the level of class one not only holds but also presents.

    Perhaps this should be an upcoming blog topic “Class vs Trash” I think we’d all have fun participating in this one there’s so many avenues we can explore! Trash or class we’ve encountered, Trashy and classy things we’re most proud – or embarrassed – of, What your idea of Class and Trash is….and the list continues…so many avenues not to mention entertaining 😀

    Unless of course it has already been covered recently

    I will answer the questions from the new blog topic tomorrow 😀

  321. Midwest SB aka Cougarlicious says:

    Amelia – Thanks for asking! They went very well and I’m pleased with my GPA so far! As for offering to pay the tab…it depends on where you are. If it’s coffee, it’s a safe gesture and some SDs find it sweet while others would absolutely never think of it. If you can read people well, trust your judgment and do what feels right. Just know that any man worth being an SD will ALWAYS pay the bill…especially if it’s a high end restaurant. Never feel like you have to offer to pay and never feel bad for him treating you well. That’s part of what sugar is all about!!

    RC – It’s harder than you think sweets! That said, I do wish you very, very well. You’ve added such a great perspective to all and your prose is easy on the eyes!

    Shall we take bids on how long RC can truly stay away 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Has your sugar dating journey coincided with any other life changes? Care to share? I would say so. I’m embarking on finishing my degree and not sure if it includes a career change or an advancement in my current career. Either way, it’s alllllll good!

    What if anything in your sugar dating life brings you (the most) anxiety? It’s tough getting to know someone in the accelerated time travel arrangements require. My arrangements tend to be long weekends with weeks in-between visits. The long weekends do lend to greater experiences however the times in-between require some creativity and great communication.

    What part of the sugar cycle (lurking, searching, arrangement, etc.) are you in these days? Hmmm….would there be a status called “actively lurking” ? 🙂 I always have my (real life) sugar friends and I love staying in the mix even if I’m not actively participating.

  322. Lisa says:

    Another gem leaves the blog. 🙁 That makes me very sad and not very nice at the beginning of be nice to lisa week. Wishing you the best.

    Ok gotta get my low class butt out for a walk around the neighborhood, heat index is still high.

  323. RC msb says:

    Thank you Rachel. Do know that I am leaving under the best of circumstances. I will miss all of it I’m sure but everything has it’s season.

    I wish you the best as well, I’m sure you have many sweet and naughty smiles left in you. Enjoy every one of them.

  324. Rachel says:

    @RC – It is sad to hear that you are leaving, but we all have our reasons for being in the sugar bowl as well as leaving the sugar bowl… like I said, I left twice in the past 2.5 years. People leave for positive reasons as well as not so happy reasons. I do wish you the best of luck in your endeavors! Having read your posts for a while, I can honestly say you have given much to this community and will be missed. 🙂
    So, I will bid you adieu and leave you with my best sugar smile with a slight naughty wink! 😉
    Take care!

  325. RC msb says:

    Jessie, I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I do encourage you to participate more, it can be very rewarding. there are many good people here.

    I’ll see if I can throw out a few more zingers before I leave. 🙂

    Sorry, can’t help with the ‘d’. I don’t really get the past tense ‘sugard’ thing either.

  326. Jessie says:

    BTW – Why does Sugar has a “d” on the end of it?

  327. Jessie says:

    @RC – I am soooo gonna miss you. Yeah, I know I don’t talk a lot, but I really enjoy your posts…and I do mean ALL of them. Now you’re making me sorry I didn’t spend more time talking to you :(. I’m refusing to say goodbye.

  328. BellaSavantNYC says:

    RC why would you leave? Are you done with sugar life? Well I hope whatever it is you choose to do it makes you happy and fulfilled. Best of luck!!

  329. RC msb says:

    So after my last relationship ended I decided to take a break from sugar, and indeed decide if I wanted to continue with it. Originally I was thinking along the lines of three months, but less than two weeks later my decision is already made. Every day I simply became more and more convinced. Time to go.

    And then thoughts turned to this blog. And I think it best that I leave here too.

    I actually wrote a number of individual goodbyes, but posting such a thing and then leaving never to return seemed somehow rude.

    So instead I’m going to stick around a few days. This will give me more time to make proper goodbyes. Come Monday I’ll be gone.

    So this could be you last chance to yell at me, and I’m sure some of you are dying to. Better get it in while you have the chance.

  330. BellaSavantNYC says:

    Amen Rachel!! I like where your head is at. Wishing you much success in your business!!

  331. Rachel says:

    Dang…. I forgot the topic. I intend most for sugar to add to my life the ability to have my OWN company. The money I get goes to saving for my company. It’s within reach now!!!!!

  332. Rachel says:

    WOOOHOOO… #2… take THAT (grunts UUUUUUHHHH)! And back to my loving self….

    I have found more professional minded sugar babies than I have “professionals” in my industry. I’ve actually pondered whether I should hire only sugars for the business I’m trying to start. I need a bunch of “me’s” for it and sb’s fit the description to a “T”. You have to be smart, educated, QUICK on your feet, a great problem solver, not jolted or swayed easily… there is a lot of negotiations with powerful people and you need to stand strong… and most of all, not cry when rejected by a client (don’t laugh, this has happened to a past employee). OH and it’s a LOT of sales so being attractive is… helpful, and don’t say it doesn’t matter because we all know it helps. 🙂

  333. BellaSavantNYC says:

    RE: What do you intend most for sugar to add to your life?

    Great new blog post. I do not find it surprising that there are strong, intelligent and successful SBs out there. As a well-educated career woman myself I find it attracts SDs even more. For me having a sugar adds enjoyment and companionship without any of the general relationship issues. I have been in arrangements where it was platonic as well and it was just as fulfilling (however don’t get me wrong intimacy was at times missed..ha). I feel if you are engaging with someone on a level of mutual interests, lifestyles and personal expectations then that’s what makes an overall satisfying sugar relationship.

  334. SA Moderator Team says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!