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X-mas Gift Suggestions for Sugar Daddies and Babies


We are officially in the single digits: only a few days until Christmas!  Have you gotten something sweet for your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby, yet, or did you believe them when they said all they wanted for Christmas was you?

Well, if you haven’t gotten anything yet for your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby, don’t worry; there is still time to pull off a clever and thoughtful gift!

Sugar Babies are used to getting pampered throughout the year. So, what does yours want for Christmas?  

Next year, the answer to this question should come a little easier as we will be adding some new “gift giving” and “wish-list” features in 2012 to make the sugar gift giving process more manageable for our Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby members. But for now, our suggestion is to keep it simple. If you have known your Sugar Baby for a while, you should already know what your Sugar Baby is into. And if the Sugar Baby is a new potential, you may find some clues as to what she likes from her photos, or the description on her SA profile or Facebook.

Whether she loves luxury products, or the latest in technology, it is safe to steer clear of the “gift card” route. While “gift cards” from IHOP or Walmart are acceptable in the less than creative world of non-sugars, few 5-star brands offer “gift cards” as a gifting option. So unless your plan is to put a four figure value into a Visa gift card, we suggest picking out a gift that is appropriate for your sugar arrangement. Here are a few suggestions for your sugar baby:

For the luxurious Sugar Baby, you can’t go wrong with a pair of classic Christian Louboutin pumps in her favorite color or tasteful lingerie in her size.

For the jet setting Travel Sugar Baby, surprise her with a new Hermes Birkin for the airplane, and slip some tickets to Paris inside.

For the studious College Sugar Baby, keep her studying in style with the number one gift this year: an iPad2, personalized with a stylish case, like Chanel or Michael Kors.

All Sugar Babies are not created equal, so keep that in mind when you are shopping for yours. They are already used to getting pampered, so treat Christmas differently than just another ordinary day.

My Sugar Daddy already have so much, so what else could he possibly want for Christmas?

Sugar Daddies can be a little more difficult to buy for, especially since most will insist that you spend little or no money on them at all! Let’s face it, a Sugar Daddy by nature, can buy anything he wants or needs on his own. So, if you are going to get him a present, it needs to be thoughtful and creative.

Here are what some Sugar Babies had to say on my Facebook Wall when I asked them what they are buying for their Sugar Daddy this Christmas:

I have till Monday and I’m still hopeless. Men are so difficult to shop for. Why can’t you like scarves and earrings like the rest of us!


I meet with him on Monday. This is what I have decided. This time I’m taking him out for lunch. I’m giving him a gift card for Victorias Secret. There’s a note that says “you pick” . I’m also giving him a very nice bottle of champagne.

Jennie V

I am giving him a complete dvd set of his favorite tv show, a bottle of his favorite liquor, and a in home professional massage.

Cara M

You may also want to think back on the memories you have had with your Sugar Daddy, and try to come up with a gift that makes him think of you. Perhaps it relates to a personal joke or a memento from one of your adventures together. One of our Sugar Baby members suggests getting her Sugar Daddy an item with a hidden flash drive, and loading it up with pictures of the two of them together.

If you’re a good cook, don’t be afraid to make him a home cooked meal or his favorite treat. Or if you happen to specialize in a different kind of skill set, like giving massages or various other pleasurable experiences, I am sure your Sugar Daddy will be delighted to be pampered by you. ‘The thought’ really does count here; and your Sugar Daddy will appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to make him feel special this Christmas.

Think special or limited edition, when it comes to your Sugar Daddy. A first edition of his favorite book, or a limited edition print or collectible. Or better still, something specially designed by you, like a customized belt buckle or cuff links.  Give him something you would like to see your Sugar Daddy in, like a sexy pair of silk boxers. But then again, lingerie with you in it might be a better gift to unwrap.

The holidays are about showing the people in your life just how much they mean to you, so keep it simple and from the heart. Your Sugar Baby/Daddy just wants to know that you are thinking of them while you are apart. So don’t half ass it. If you are going to do something special, give it enough attention and effort to make it sincere.

What are you getting for your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby this Christmas?

What gift do you secretly hope to get from your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?  Have you tried to send him or her hints about your holiday wishes?

What is the best gift you ever received from your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

What is a gift you definitely do not want to receive from your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby?

308 Responses to “X-mas Gift Suggestions for Sugar Daddies and Babies”

  1. SDlovesme says:

    He pays all my bills buys me whatever I hint at but I have no clue what to get him… Maybe a picture of us and frame it?

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  3. liam says:

    i bought my SD a nice gold watch it was a little expensive but he never complains whens he buying me nice stuff,

  4. LadyLemur says:

    The first gift from my new SD … beautifully timed with the festive season … is paying for the cost of moving and tuning my beloved piano which has been dormant at my grandmother’s house for 13 years. I’m a lucky lemur.

  5. B says:

    I baked most of my christmas gifts this year, a new-found hobby of mine 😀 I wish i had an SD to share that with…one day soon hopefully.
    SA powers-that-be, it would be really nice if there were a forum or something for babies to chat with each other…? That way it’d also be easier to warn against any crazies, and we could support each other when not everything goes right.
    Any SBs in London at all? I feel a little out on a limb here!

  6. Ldn says:

    None of the sugar daddies from this site seem to understand my needs, they are not responding.

    Can somebody help and do something.

    No body seems to understand.

    I hope this site is NOT a scam ?

  7. BlondiiGal says:

    I am so ready to find a sweet SD from this site. I’ve been very leery of the gents around Nashville- I had a bad sugar date. I did get a sweet sugar gift from an off-and-on-again SD- some beautiful luggage! (Outdid the site suggestion! ;} )

    I’m so happy for all the new year has to offer me! XO

  8. Ldn says:

    Can anyone help me. None of the sugar daddies seems to understand my needs.

    So far I had no response, Surely this is suppose to be the right site to seek for arrangement, I don’t anyone seems to understand.

    I hope this site is NOT a scam ?

  9. DorkyGuy says:

    Sugars, Most of the blog community is now commenting on the new blog post (“When sugar goes sour”). They may not see your post here. They’re a great group, and I recommend posting the same thing in that thread where they will see it. Happy New Year!

  10. Sugars says:

    Hi! I’m a totally new SB on here. I’ve been a SB in all my relationships previously and it just happened naturally (with guys my age). I’m kind of afraid of online dating, especially with all of the things you guys have posted! What are you red flags/filters?

  11. Samantha says:

    I’ve mentioned it before to the one I’m with and he wouldn’t even let me finish the sentence before he put his hand over my mouth. I thought it was rude of him so that’s why I did that response to him.

    I’ve met a much nicer one since then except he lives 40 miles away 🙁
    It was like an $80 cab ride one way

  12. Alex says:

    Hey everyone, im a sugar baby….male, but havent gotten any responses from any SM’s. Any tips or pointers on finding one? Please send me a message since I dont know how this blog thing works, thanks!

  13. Nico says:

    Samantha ~ I think Dorky Guy’s comment above speaks clearly to the “…or not sex at all.” comment by you. If you choose to be sexually active with somebody on your cycle then give them the information up front as to whether they want to be intimate with you. Sure, it’s not a topic of conversation over dinner; however, it can be mentioned on the sly. I’ve also tried to be considerate and schedule visits with my SD around that time so it was a non-issue.

  14. candy:) says:

    i really like to have a sugar daddy to spoil me.
    i would just like to know how it feels to have some of the finer things in life.
    i love white guys but haven’t found him yet.
    i am beautiful african american girl. with a nice smile, curvy and a big heart.
    will someone show me the finer things in life:)

  15. Samantha says:

    Guys are so weird. Its just something they have to deal with or no sex at all. Because if you talk to me like that then you’re not even getting a kiss from me lol

  16. Babycakes says:

    Very true, guys do not want to hear it. If you make a random excuse then they get all pissy like you trying to blow them off or something.

  17. Samantha says:

    Like I have told my special guy friend and he knows when we can have our special time in the shower. But I tried to explain it to an SD that I was visiting in New Mexico and he was repulsed by me saying it. I mean you asked why I didn’t want to have sex…jeez

    @Honey- do you have other schooling or some thing else to fall back on?

  18. Honey says:

    Nope,she is an actress,just a very lovely darker skinned girl to help remind some newbies that black is considered beautiful by some.
    I’m one of the lucky one with a fulltime SD that pays for EVERYTHING and I travel with sometimes.
    and I’m not, blonde, or 19 or a size 2.

  19. Babycakes says:

    I have never in my life had a condom break !

  20. Babycakes says:

    I mean no blood …

  21. Babycakes says:

    I mean no blood …sorry !

  22. Babycakes says:

    Of course always use condoms, It is just to make sure blood is shown. I would never tell a man I am on my period even a real boyfriend ! Just not a good topic of convo . Girls do have periods, it is just the way of the world . Sorry men if that gross you out but, we are young ladies who have cycles.

  23. Samantha says:

    I tried the sponge once but I’ve been told that I have shorter finger so it ended up getting lost, I had to call up one of my girl friends to get it out (she’s such a trooper). If we don’t have a condom then all he gets is a bj then I go and get checked out at the lab. I just mentioned it because some act like they’re entitled to bare back sex because they’re give us an allowance. I don’t understand that some SDs don’t get that they’re not good at sex and don’t expect us to go find some actual good lay or someone with real emotional connection. I have yet to meet a SD that wants an emotional thing.

  24. NewYorkGirl says:

    To Honey.
    Honey I thought it is your real picture on your avatar?

  25. NewYorkGirl says:

    Omg, how can anyone consider to have sex without a condom.
    HIV , herpes are bad , but people will survive (now patients with HIV survive for 20-30 years after diagnosed if they get the right treatment).

    Hepatitis C much more contagious !! And no treatment except for liver transplant.
    And one might not have any symptoms for 5-7 years.

  26. AsianSB says:

    Babycakes, you’re right. A small make up sponge does the trick….but of course the man should always use condoms. Invest in a good water based lube.

    Even if he’s tested, you cannot be 100% sure if he is STi free. No blood test can verify if a man has contracted HPV unless he has visible warts and has done a tissue swab test. Best to get a cervical cancer vaccine which takes 6 months to take effect, available to only women below aged 26.. Only then can you be LESS at risk. Also, it depends on what type of herpes one has.. Herpes type 1 is way too common. 80% of the population has as it’s transmitted via saliva and skin contact (ie you could get it from a manicurist I swear!!). My gynae adviced that I don’t waste money on testing for herpes 1 but just the types 2s. She explained how it has caused unnecessary emotional stress among her patients.

  27. Stormcat says:

    Why I’m addicted to the SA blog:
    It’s a community of people who are scattered all around the world but have something in common with me.
    Most of the members have never met each other.
    Everyone is open and shares their feelings freely.
    When someone experiences something good that has happened I feel good too because it gives me hope!
    When someone experiences something bad, I want to help but still feel good because I know that I’m not alone!

  28. Anna Molly *830911* says:

    Morning all! I have been super busy! Time to catch up on all the new blog posts!

    Midwest – I’m looking forward to reading your profile my dear! I’m sure its lovely!

  29. DorkyGuy says:

    Beyond the ewwwe factor… ladies, that just doesn’t seem ethical.

    Any time there is contact with blood, risk of transmitting STD’s, including HIV, is higher. With either of the techniques you mention, if the condom fails, he has (surprise!) blood/skin contact.

    In my view, partners have a responsibility to inform each other of any additional risks they bring to the table. If he had HIV or herpes, wouldn’t you consider it to be unethical for him to have sex with you without informing you of the additional risks? Even with a condom?

    He needs to be informed so that he can choose whether to accept this additional risk. We don’t have the right to make other people’s health decisions for them.

  30. Babycakes says:

    ***** SUPER PERSONAL GIRLS ONLY POST ***** HAHAh Samatha, All you gotta do is get one of those douche bags and then after incert either a clean makeup sponge or a cervix sponge, Sometimes I tuck a tampon and guys never notice! I remove the condom for him and clean him up as if im pampering him like a king. * blank stare *

  31. Samantha says:

    I totally get ya babycakes! I’ve had former clients and SDs do that. I always use the excuse that i just started this new pill and it takes a few weeks to take in effect (which is true). When I have my period I make up the excuse that its the NuvaRing or that’s my double protection. I think since we always go to hotels and it doesn’t cause me any discomfort I don’t mind not taking that weekly break.

  32. Honey says:

    It’s all a conspiracy anyway. I was in Bebe, the store, dropped close to $500 there. Just bought one dress The stretchy mummy type with the stripes going horizontally -medium/size 10 and a jacket The jacket was a little snug to button ’cause God has blessed me with 36 c/d. I asked if the had it in a size 12. God also blessed me with broad shoulders and a broad back. (I’m the shortie in my family,mom and everyone else is above 5’8) I have long legs for my 5’5 height,actually 5’43/4. but anyways….
    The girl informed me that they only carry size 10 in that store and asked f I wanted to join whatever frequent buyer club. I asked why since they really don’t carry my size. She replied that they carry larger sizes on the website.
    I told her that the buyer for the store needs to carry larger sizes before I would come back to that store. I’m tired of seven size 0’s 5 size twos and three 5,7 and 9s in those stores. Just my vent bit.

  33. Babycakes says:

    Also, when you say no birth control I always get…thats ok im fixed and clean! I once had an SD show up with test results that said he had herpes….um really ?

  34. Babycakes says:

    I once had an SD sneak the condom off behind my back * cough * ( in doggie style )

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed !

  35. K. says:

    Hehe 🙂 no hurt feelings I just misunderstood a little 😛 That’s what I get for claiming to speak English 😛

  36. Honey says:

    That was not meant to be an ouch. I used to be a size 14 and never had any problems. I think u are brave and inspiring to put it out there. Being a size 14 does not mean you are not beautiful. Like being dark skin and not fair skinned does not mean you are ugly. Tho some may equate the two. People who have not met me in person,sometimes feel like I should feel bad for not being lighter skinned(black and white)I am perfect the way GOD MADE ME. Didn’t mean to bring color into it, but isn’t 14 the average size for most women? In conclusion,I’m here in Singapore, dark AND lovely and a full size bigger than the fairer Asians here,yet I somehow manage lol!
    No heat was meant. maybe I put it wrong,ask the other bloggers,they’ll tell you about my big feet and my propensity to put them in my big mouth!

  37. K. says:

    Honey… ouch 🙂

  38. Honey says:

    K you sound kool, size 14 and all! Speak up for the big girls(compared to society)
    Work it, work it!

  39. kat says:

    Did Not get anything this year.. this year was so sad… I need a sugar daddy

  40. Samantha says:

    Sorry Blog Gods to have made you mad…
    ok my email I use most is libra241990 at gmail dot com

  41. Samantha says:

    So another pot SD snuck up on me. We’re chatting right now. He think I’m insanely hot and I haven’t shown him any nude pics! Yippee!

    @K- I’m glad you killed that. How awkward

  42. ContentSB says:

    The best (kind, generous, caring, genuine,etc) SDs won’t think they’re entitled to unprotected sex. It’s the jerks who do.

  43. K. says:

    Ok I think I will stop writing here so much, because it looks like we’re having a one on one conversation but if you would like to you could ask Blog Gods to give me your e-mail, and then we could “chat” some more.

  44. K. says:

    Yeah… but I always go by the rule that “it’s only weird if you make it weird”. I have a very current example of that… I am a student, so I don’t work… well.. I have a neighbor that comes over only when my husband is gone. 🙂 We usually just talk.. and he slips in here and there that I look pretty or some other compliment … Anyway.. it was starting to get a little weird.. so I asked him straight up : “Why do you come over only when Joe is gone”, ” Are you waiting to make your move or something, because if yes forget about it” and also ” If you think I am too straight forward with what I said… look at it from my perspective and the position you’re putting me in”… He looked at me… didn’t say a thing.. and just smiled… From that point on weirdness was gone.. because at that point I killed it with my honesty. He still comes over.. but now he texts and asks before 🙂

  45. Samantha says:

    Yea that’s the thing about SD’s they think they’re entitled to unprotected sex just because they give us an allowance. It makes me angry, at least when I was an escort the client would agree and some insist on everything being covered. Just because you got more money than the average joe doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to anything.

    As for the moving with him thing…little weird. My SD asked me to be roomies with him and I told him I promised one of my friends already that happens to be a guy I have strong feelings for (the SD doesn’t know that lol)

  46. K. says:

    Ok… so I am facing similar dilemma right now.. My SD told me that he is falling for me… And to be honest with you… I really like him too but I told him straight up… I really like you but I am not looking for a long term commitment… Actually I am planning to move back to Europe once I finish my school and he told me that he would move with me… even if it would mean that we wouldn’t live together etc… Psycho? Maybe but hey… I am enjoying today and I worry about tomorrow later. But in my case I really like the guy, so I could be honest about how I really felt. Condoms; ALWAYS… if somebody even suggests not to use one… just tell him “sorry if you don’t want to use it with me you don’t use it with others… so what does that tell me?”… Or even say that you’re not on birth control 😛 And I am hoping that that would motivate them… But even tho it is important to plan for those things, don’t over think it… Focus on staying safe and finding suitable SD’s not somebody that writes to you first. Focus on the chemistry and getting to know each other… once the emotional issues arise that’s when it’s time to worry about them, until then just have a good time…

  47. Samantha says:

    Ahh…I see. What should I do during that awkward moment if a SD says something big like “I love you”, “You want to move in with me?” or the other weird one “do we have to use a condom baby? don’t you trust me?”

    I’d be like fuck no in all of those situations but I don’t want to ruin the arrangement.

  48. K. says:

    What I do is I treat every “meeting” as a date… I try to find common interests and ask a lot about him to kind of fit my interests and passions into his. For example.. my SD and I are sooo different.. He is into computers and outdoor activities and yes.. I know how to turn the computer on and off and google something once in a while but that’s about it:D Same goes to outdoors 🙂 We realized that we both love comedy so we like to go to stand ups… we like to gamble 🙂 so we go to casinos 🙂 Don’t look at these people as your sponsors… or clients… see them as people that need that something that they don’t yet have and you can give it to them. Even tho romantic feelings are not involved, you can still create that chemistry :). If you will only see them as men that pay for your crap.. it will soon loose it’s shine… but if you realize and then make them realize that what you give them is more than any kind of money… They will be happy to please you 🙂 (That is why my husband refuses to devorce me I guess… lol) …

  49. Samantha says:

    Well I used to do that last year and i discovered this on tv and I was like OMG! Really? This exists?!

    I asked my photo friend if he’s gonna take some pics of me for this. I understand that I should say sex not at all. Do I just talk about my hobbies or what I’ve accomplished? (I guess a pot SD can see a SB as an investment)

  50. Arcadia SB says:

    Also, for an SB to view Sb profiles you can view your own, and then post the other person’s number in where your number is on the profile address.

  51. K. says:

    DorkyGuy… thanx.. once Sam linked it I got it.. and I have to ask… why did you pick that nickname? IT? 😛

    and I am really sorry Sam I agree with DorkyGuy when it comes to your profile it is a little escorty :P… or actually quite a bit 😛 I still have to write mine.. once I got my new account i just put: “I’ll write one later :P” hehe…

  52. DorkyGuy says:

    If you are logged in as a SB, you can’t view other SB profiles. The trick is to log out of your account before clicking the SB profile link.

  53. Samantha says:

    Thanks K! That would be really cool when I come visit. I’m going to contact one of my photographer friends and get some new pics done. He shot the default one on my profile. I’m going to tell him that I’m going for intimate and not slutty. Like as for my style I’m a jeans and t-shirt if we’re going for coffee or something casual. I have some dresses and heels (even though the last time I wore them I almost broke my ankle lol) for more fancier dates. I guess you could say I have an extensive lingerie collection (I personally think of it as an investment). I have a long tattoo on my back that I always get compliments on even though its not finished yet. I have some piercings but I would think that men would find them “interesting”. I’m highly considering getting hair extensions this year but I don’t know if my hair is too stressed for it. I want to transform myself this year. Its my year to blossom 😀

  54. K. says:

    Sam, cool let me know so we could arrange something 🙂 maybe I could introduce you to my SD and he could see if any of his friends is looking for somebody 🙂

    About the pictures… I had 2 pictures posted… on both I had long dreadlocks… and some of my tattoos showed… Even though countless SD’s write on their profiles that they are not interested in anybody with tattoos… I would get quite a few e-mails every day. I honestly didn’t think anybody more “refined” would find me interesting as my look is a little more what one SD here calls Punk Rock 😛 (lol) … But I made it “my thing” I took out the plugs, polished my make up… got some beautiful edgy heels… and switched my band t-shirts to a little sexier dresses… I still kept my persona… yet it was a little less of a contrast when I would go out with an older gentleman. I am curvy… and I am not ashamed to say that I am size 14… but nobody EVER told me I was fat, overweight or anything, in fact everybody always complements that I have curves in all the right places and men for some reason love to put hands on my waist. What i am trying to say is that don’t change who you are… just polish it… pick pictures that you feel define you most… You don’t have to be half naked to be sexy 🙂 Somebody here said faking is the way to go… I don’t think so… I think this type of arrangement should be as honest as possible because after all you are looking for something out of the ordinary and they do to.. the only way to have a successful relationship to be as upfront about everything as possible…especially who you are as a person. I am sure different people have different takes on it.. but this is what worked for me.

    Also, I would love to see some other profiles but it tells me I can’t … can somebody enlighten me and tell me how to do it? And also… I have made the mistake to cancel my “student account” and it clearly says that once you cancel your account, you can’t use the same e-mail again… but is there aaaaaaaaany way.. because I really liked having free premium membership.. and even though I am not really looking right now… I still like having my profile up (which is now under a different e-mail) ..

  55. Samantha says:

    Yay! I’m doing my little victory dance! So I linked it to my name

  56. Samantha says:

    Ok hopefully this is right

  57. Samantha says:

    Nope didn’t say anything about pics. Just that my profile in general is oversexed

  58. ContentSB says:

    @Samantha — I can’t see your profile either…maybe try linking it by entering the address in the Website line when you leave a comment?

    If you want to put lingerie pictures up, maybe make them private and only allow access to SDs you really think have a lot of potential.

  59. NewYorkGirl says:

    Samantha, I can not look at your profile. 🙁
    I would not put lingerie picture in my profile. I do not know how many girls put lingerie pictures?
    You can do swimming suit one on a beach (if you really want).

    I do not like to see guys holding dog/animals in their profile. I do not get it… They are not looking for LTR (must love dogs) or a vet. 🙂

    What … DorkyG recommended you the lingerie pictures:))?

  60. Samantha says:

    haha I think I know what you meant but the delivery was off

  61. DorkyGuy says:

    lol, listen to these guys way before me. I’ve been watching the sugar community for a while, but am only just now diving in. They are the real pros.

  62. Samantha says:

    Me too New York Girl!

    So DorkyGuy was giving me some pointers about my profile and the reason why I’m attracting so many assholes. My profile is too escort and not enough sugarbaby. Like I think I need some different pictures but I don’t know what kind to put up. Ones of me in lingerie or ones of me with my dog? So many things need to change about my profile. If other SB’s could give my profile a look and any suggestions to I’m open. 🙂

    Profile Number 522881

  63. ContentSB says:

    @NewYorkGirl — I LOVE that idea! One of us should just set it up and go for it!

  64. NewYorkGirl says:

    DorkyGuy, huh? Now you like Samantha more than me?:)
    Of course she is much younger:(

    Kidding, kidding.

    Yes, this blog, guys/girls on this blog are amazing. A lot of support.
    I wrote first time here when a guy were asking me for a test drive (for free), but promissed 75.000 a year.
    And everyone here told me NOT to go on the free test drive.
    I think he is doing it with many girls, and he is a TV talk show host (married).
    I wish SBs would have our own blog to trade knowledge/expirience , yes, profile’ numbers … To warn other girls. and share sexual expirience too.
    What do you think?:)

  65. Samantha says:

    Thanks DorkyGuy! Here’s my Profile Number 522881

  66. DorkyGuy says:

    Samantha, you are really cute! I can’t tell much about your figure from the photo, but your face is really beautiful to me. Exactly my type. Don’t put up with men treating you badly, because there are higher quality men who will find you attractive.

    New York Girl (and others) are exactly right. Don’t waste time with guys who ask for nudes or test drives. Nico and SD Guru are right too. Never compromise safety, no matter what. A good SD will go out of his way to make you feel comfortable.

    Make liberal use of that “block” button.

  67. Samantha says:

    I totally agree with Babycakes!

  68. Babycakes says:

    We need a website where we can trade / barter items we no longer want ! I have tons of things !

  69. Samantha says:

    @New York Girl- Yea I’m not going to talk to any of the pot SDs that want nudes. Not even worth my time. I’m a little sore today after training yesterday. But I can’t wait until I can fit into Victoria’s Secret and La Perla and of course Juicy! I’m not going to be missing these stupid things…they are literally a pain in the neck (and back).

    @K- I’ve never been to Tucson before but I’m sure I could make a visit down there in probably January or February. I wish I could search other SBs in the area but its cool. I’d be down to have the most awesome coffee ever with you!

    @BettyBlue- That’s a huge bummer! Sometimes I’m glad that I have only one gift from all the SDs I’ve ever had because then when the arrangement ends I’m constantly reminded of him and his coldness every time I use that purse. So right now I’m trying to sell it because none of my friends want it lol. That’s why I just like an allowance, money doesn’t stay in my hot little hand for long anyways. Get back on that horse! You can do it!

  70. Babycakes says:

    Hi, Ally, I did not get a gift either from my sd but i do get other gifts year round so. I did not say anything.

  71. NewYorkGirl says:

    Samantha, u r very cute, you have a very good face (I can not see your body ). I do not know how guys can treat you so bad.
    Yes, some guys write /e mail trying to get nude pictures, or sex talk /text.
    I write them ” we have to meet up first, I tell you in person :)” .
    Do not let them do it to you. Would not it be nice… He is sitting in his room/home office when his wife asleep and gets naked pictures, dirty e mail… And… NO (guys, live is not that easy).

    if he is your SD (paid you already) I love to do it on line and send my pictures (tasteful pictures) but if like your guys… You even have not met him…..? no free cheese .
    I am 112 pounds,
    I lost 10 pounds 6 months ago, and got more confidant, started to feel sexy.
    You know what helped me… I like fashion … And to wear fashionable cloths one has to be thin.
    May be this craving for fashion can help some girls to loose some pounds (only if you want to, of
    course). Coz there are SDs who love DDs sizes. It is hard to have natural DD then u r 112 pounds. :))

  72. Ally says:

    Hi everyone….

    My SD is married so giving him a gift this holiday season will not work, with the exception of me, and the various lingerie I always have fun wearing for him.

    Now, the thing is, we’ve been together for about 3-1/2 months, and we did go out for a very nice dinner before Christmas (I went out of the country for the Christmas holiday), however, there was no gift/spoiling provided to me. He does provide a monthly allowance, but I thought I would get a gift of some sort. Am I wrong? Should I mention something to him?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



  73. Betty Blue says:

    Soooooooooo, this is a little behind on the update —
    I had given my SD a small but nice holiday gift and he gave me nothing . Everyone said try to remain positive and I did . However on X-mas eve I got a text from him canceling our next date and saying he was seeing someone else ! What an awesome xmas gift ! Merry Christmas to me ! . . . . . . . . So back out there I go , wish me luck . . . . .

  74. K. says:

    Sam I know you’re in Az, are there any other SB from AZ or even Tucson? Maybe it would be fun to meet up for a coffee or something 🙂

  75. Samantha says:

    @AsianSB- OMG! I love your blog it seemed like something I would pick up from a bookstore! I thought it was a fantastic read and couldn’t stop reading it and its about 3:45am haha
    But I love it and everything about it. I wish more high roller SDs were on here

  76. Samantha says:

    I’m not going to settle for anything other than the best for me!

    I’m just going to keep telling myself that. Hopefully I find something cute at Victoria’s Secret, I’m returning one of my gifts from family. I’ll keep all my sugar family up to date on pot SDs that I might be questionable about.

    Thank you all! Night!

  77. K. says:

    Samantha.. I think you are very pretty and you should not settle for anything less than what you want 🙂

  78. Lydia Bennett 512916 says:

    if you are already here Alleycat..Welcome..i know Merimbula well, my dad lives there!!
    a long way, but if you are tempted to fly to GoldCoast..let me know..even more sun and sand up here!! 🙂

  79. Samantha says:

    I think that’s somewhere on my profile I believe. Well things went good with the trainer so I’m off to bed. Thanks Sugar Fam!

  80. Samantha says:

    Here’s my profile. My pics only like a month old. I think I’m just going to ignore that one pot SDs phone calls and texts and stuff. I’m just going to keep my eyes set on this one SD with giving me a car. But I’m going to be super picky now on the guys I talk to. I was texting a pot SD the other night and he was trying to talk me into $50 test drive and I said no and he kept bugging me but I stuck to my guns and was also pressing me for pics. I sent some clothed pics and he wanted nudes, I told him I’m a lady I don’t do that. Then he sends me a frickin’ video of him doing some other girl! I finally told him no and if you want me to reconsider then I expect alot more from you. He said sorry then nothing else…HA! I felt so much better after telling him no like that.

    So if you guys could check out my profile give me some pointers that would be cool.[img]http://content1.myyearbook.com/thumb_userimages/large/2011/08/06/23/thm_phpH9TU9m.jpg[/img]

  81. ContentSB says:

    @SweettartSBnc — Don’t let a few horror stories scare you off 🙂 If anything learn from these mistakes and file the advice away for good keeping because you’ll eventually need it lol. It can be awkward to start dating in the sugar world, and there will be new issues that pop up from time to time, but this is a great place to come for support! There are some very wise and experienced SBs and SDs who give amazing advice! Good luck!!

    • SD Guru says:


      You’re being treated that way only because you let them. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you can be taken advantage of. Learn from your experiences and all the great advice that’s been given and you will have better results.

      is it possible to reestablish the NSA relationship or arrangement after something like that?

      It’s possible but not likely. Once the boundaries have been crossed it’s like opening the pandora’s box and it will be very difficult to put things back the way you wanted.

      Can you please be kind enough to post the link to your blog.

      Thanks for reading my blog! Click on my name above and it will take you there. Also, there is a link to my blog in the “SD and SB Blog List” section on the right.

      So 25 years later, my mom told me this story over breakfast this morning about what she knew about my biological parents

      Thanks for sharing the story! I don’t want to go Freudian on you, but how did that make you feel?

      She was in hock when we starting seeing each other, and had to be helped out of one jam after another.

      You seem to have the early stages of the “White Knight Syndrom”. My guess is that her behavior will not change over time, so you’ll need to decide whether this is something you’re willing to tolerate.


      I’ve had to reprise my “Golden Rules” post every once in a while, and now is about as good of a time as any. I’d add one more to the list, which is what I stated above: Don’t put yourself in a situation where you can be taken advantage of.

  82. SweettartSBnc says:

    Wow, I have been reading the postings for a few days and it makes me nervous to go on a date. I’m completely new to this. I’m in NC and I hope the SD arent anything like some of the SB’s from here! Lol

  83. ContentSB says:

    Samantha — One last thing! Make sure your pictures are recent and true to form. I obviously haven’t seen your profile so this may not even apply to you, but don’t make self-deprecating comments like “I’m not a perfect 10, but I’m a great time…” or “I’m not stick-thin, but my personality is awesome…” or anything stupid like that. If your pictures are honest you don’t need to even say anything about your body. Highlight your attributes, whatever they are! I think someone else mentioned selling yourself…and that’s exactly what you have to do! Best of luck!!

  84. james says:

    My sb is a single a single mom working and going to school. Have been seeing her for 6 weeks or so. She was in hock when we starting seeing each other, and had to be helped out of one jam after another. We haven’t discussed an allowance per se, but I usually give her what she says she needs. You know, rent overdue this week, can being repossessed next week. She asked for an amount of money at just before Xmas, and then when we met, needed 300 more because her power was going to be turned off. Guess that was her Xmas present, making sure her Xmas tree had lights. Not too romantic, I guess. She said all she could give me for Xmas was herself. Guess I got the better end of that bargain.

  85. ContentSB says:

    Hi all! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Now that things have settled down I can finally check the blog again 🙂 And my goodness, I’ve missed a lot!!

    @Midwest — Good luck in the sugar bowl! The times I’ve asked questions here your advice has been so spot on and very much appreciated. Can’t wait to hear how your new adventure plays out 🙂

    Samantha — First of all, I’m so sorry your first experiences in the sugar world haven’t been positive ones. It’s without a doubt a tricky thing to navigate, but you’ve been given wonderful advice and I really believe you’ll do well if you take those suggestions to heart. I do have to say something about your comment about being a bit “fluffy.” That’s totally ok! The most important thing is that YOU feel great about yourself, and if you don’t then you know what to do to change that 🙂 Confidence is sooo important! I’m a size 14 (nothing like being completely transparent to an online community lol), so I do understand where you’re coming from, however I can PROMISE you there are SDs who will be very attracted to you! I’m aware that I don’t appeal to every man, and that’s perfectly ok because not every man appeals to me either (lanky? no thanks. I want a man’s man haha). I’ve found an incredibly caring SD who thinks I’m the sexiest woman he’s ever seen….and I truly hope you find that too!! Most importantly, give it time…these things don’t happen over night. And if they do, chances are it’s pay for play. You’re worth far more than that type of arrangement. Keep us posted 🙂

  86. Thank you all 🙂

    Samantha – You have been given a great deal of advice. Every bit of it is valuable. I do believe that a poor standard has been set with this person and I don’t think he is the one worth trying to redeem an arrangement. Going forward, I’m sure you will make better choices. Most of all, maintain your dignity and don’t let money influence risky behaviors.

  87. AsianSB says:

    You’re right, Nico. This can definitely apply to women. My take on stating you’re new is to allow room for discussion and novelty factor of sorts. ;p. for me I’m able to play dumb then manipulate what I want into reality.. Smiles. You raised a good point on how we should know what we want and stick to it. At the end of the day, the ball has to be in our court..

    The emphasis of a starting allowance(which to my knowledge and research, has been brought up by SDs to start lower than the SBs asking amount), is to come off reasonable and less aggressive. I suppose this is mainly for the sd’s sake as both parties need time to get to know one another.. In this case, 1000 is little to some men and personally to me, so it might sound easy. I’m not sure what Samantha’s limits are but I’m hopeful that she’ll dictate the pace and allow for the POT sd to trust and respect her. Trusting someone to give more of yourself takes time so.. Trial and error again. That’s my suggestion to her. Like you’ve mentioned, there’s many ways of approach that work for each individual. xx

  88. Honey says:

    Hello everyone, Sam, dump him like three day old fish. Thanks pumpkin, just trying to live my life.
    Not spending my x-mas money on shoes. I have a thousand check! Thank you Daddy!
    . I don’t want to waste it on a cd. should I just tuck it into a savings account for now? I don’t really trust the stock market at this point…

  89. Welcome back Midwest! 😀

    Thanks Pumpkin!

    I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!

  90. Nico says:

    Asian SB / Samantha: Differing opinions here re: indicating you’re new. To do so provides the gentleman more control and leaving to his mercy. Know what you want/need going into it and stick to your guns.

    I’ve never had to put an emphasis on the word *start*. In each of my sugar relationships, I’ve always shared more of myself than was necessary and been more available than asked. As a result each of my SD’s have increased my allowance without ever having to ‘renegotiate’ and have always gone above and beyond for me.

    I guess the kewl thing here is we all do things in our own different way but it still works out. Just know what works for you 🙂

  91. AsianSB says:

    @Samantha.. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s a heads up for new sb.. I’d think most women in and out of the sugar world, would have encountered such treatment from men.. Keeping in mind that men will generally, almost always try to push a lady’s limit. We are young and definitely clueless with sd dating at the start but we’ll all learn in time. No amount of prep or advice can be enough for this.. All we can do now is try again. They do say.. Experience is a teacher to all things.. I admire your resilience!.. I think confidence isn’t enough.. I think we should always sell ourselves.. I always go by “fake it till you make it” attitude. Zero in on a passion you have, perhaps you’re good at painting, singing or you’ve got a talent.. If you don’t, learn a skill.. Then make it your selling point. Always impress even if you have lie about it. (=

    As for asking of allowance, I feel you can flat out say you’re comfortable with starting with $1000 a month. Keyword, *start*. My suggestion is that you talk bout the allowance face to face. But depending on the situation, you can ask questions like what’s his budget and how he’d like to help you eg, quarterly basis, end of the month etc. ie. Reasons for quarterly basis could be from any of your needs. Be inquisitive, tell him you are new to sugar and would like his input, perhaps you could say you read a blog and some girls suggested this that this… (;

    There’s always a risk of being played so it’s the grey area that we all have to bear….. So it’s so very important for you to truly enjoy his company and not for the sake of the amount presented or agreed upon. Hugs!

  92. Pumpkin says:

    Midwest — Good luck! That profile made me jealous! 😛

  93. Nico says:

    *waves* at NC Gent!! Happy Holidays my friend!!

  94. NC Gent says:

    Notsureaboutthis — read the “how to negotiate with a sugar daddy” topic on the upper right side of this web page. There are some other great links there also. Best wishes in your search!

    Welcome back, Midwest. I am sure you will find someone great again 🙂

    Hey Nico — happy holidays!

    CareBear — wow! Hang in there 🙂

  95. Nico says:

    Good luck Midwest!!!! You always come out on top and I have no doubt you will again….nonetheless, I will wish you luck 😉

  96. carebear says:

    Gather round kids, its story time.

    About 25 years ago, a young, barely 20 years old, blonde, aspiring actress was traveling the country trying to catch a break. She was regarded as beautiful, talented, and a pistol. She was seeing a man, an ongoing affair or liaison if you will. He was much older than her, successful, tall, dark and handsome. He traveled internationally on a consistent basis, and only made time to see her while he was in the states. He also made a point to support her in pursuing her dreams to become an actress.

    After some time, she got pregnant, and they came to a crossroads in their relationship. He wanted to move back to the states and marry her, and raise the child with her. She decided not to. She didn’t want to be wed over a child, rather marry because they truly love each other. So she made the decision to put the child up for adoption, so it could be taken in by a family who was happily married and wanted the gift of a child rather than being surprised by it.

    So 25 years later, my mom told me this story over breakfast this morning about what she knew about my biological parents. This was, of course, as we were discussing my tolerance for alcohol and why my blonde hair is beginning to fade.


  97. notsureaboutthis says:

    Hi Ladies and gents-

    I am new to all of this and have a question. I put in my profile that I would like a 3-5K allowance. I am 30 and attractive. I was contacted by a sugar daddy who does not have an allowance amount. His profile says he makes over 250K a year. How do I bring up the allowance amount? I have been contacted by so many guys looking for something in between a cheap whore and a girlfriend and think dinners out are enough. How do I bring up the allowance issue without offending them and do I do it now or over a drink? Thank you

  98. I’m back in the bowl! Time to sift through the usual offenders and find a true gentleman. Wish me well 🙂

  99. K. says:

    BabyCakes/… I disagree that I wouldn’t date any of the ppl I meet here in real life… because I would…. sorry for not being clear about it 😛 However there are some men that look horrible… but think they are the top shit and they deserve the best… that’s when their looks actually matter :)… I can find anybody attractive as long as I feel comfortable around them…

    When it comes to age, I did not have bad or good expierience… but I haven’t really been doing this for long… and it seems like I will be staying with my SD for a while… For me I guess is the preference…. the priorities the older men have, etc… it is the whole package I guess.

  100. Riquelmee says:

    I have to spend Christmas alone because i can not find any sugar mammy here………maybe the sun will come on my street and untill the new year i will be with someone…..i love you all

  101. NewSBFun says:

    I just have to comment that lurking is proving to be almost more educational than asking questions. There are some things I never would have thought to ask. On that note I have also been wondering time frames for getting an SD. I am doing this to supplement my life not cause I NEED to and I know that being patient is an idea that is emphasized.

    Also wondering if there is a way to find an SB in my area so I can bounce ideas off. That and if I am offered a trip in the future with a SD could I just post a shout out here for SB back-up if things go sideways or is there a better place for that? I tend to be a planner and know that could make all the difference in the future.

  102. Babycakes says:

    Plus age means nothing. All men are different. I think the term “sugar daddy” means the guy is old but that is not true. I also know plenty of older men who treat girls bad just the same as younger. The older ones have worked out the kinks in how to get over on a girl more. Not all, but some. I have been scammed way more from older men who have been around the block a few times. Younger are less jaded. All my real sugar relationships have been from younger men than myself.

  103. Babycakes says:

    K, You just wrote you that you where gonna tell that guy to look in the mirror then I said the same thing now…you disagree? ummm huh?

  104. K. says:

    I disagree… I am 23 and have big time daddy issues I guess… I find older men very very very attractive… in fact my husband is 10 years older… and he’s the youngest relationship I’ve ever been in. My Sd right now is 13 years older, which I found very surprising… but honestly I was aiming for somebody a little older :)… I just love to be around men that had time to learn to appriciate women…. that are wise and charming in the old fashioned way… 🙂 It is my weakness!!! I judge people more on how they act and how they carry themselves… some people might not have the most attractive facial features but something about them is irresistable…

  105. Babycakes says:

    Looks like that victoria girl goes back and forth from a 2 and a 0 . The 0 everyone says shes having an eating disorder and her skin is just hanging and leathery !

  106. Babycakes says:

    HAHAH, Most men in general do need to look in the mirror ! I find it very hard to find an sd I would even date in real life.

  107. K. says:

    hmmm… Victoria Beckham is size 0 to give you an idea… Now thinking about it.. I remember reading a profile… the SD said something like; ” If you put in your profile that you have a few extra pounds, then don’t eat as much”… Ok… they get to pick and choose whatever they want, that is why they are here… but that was by far the most offensive thing I’ve read and the was he Diamond Club member so you would think that they would be a little more tactful I was sooo close writing to him and telling him to look in the mirror…. but it wasn’t worth it…

  108. Babycakes says:

    I am a size 2 with 34 inch hips and I am VERY small. Wonder what a size 0 looks like?

  109. K. says:

    Samantha, my SD knows where I live.. but it took time before I actually told him… I am married, so I know that it is better to be honest right away then make up dog stories etc… you want to be as honest and as up front as you can, and if you don’t get what you want… move on… It is better to have a part time job than be humiliated by guys that can’t get laid otherwise… When it comes to sex or inviting somebody over… I believe that there is no formula on what’s right and what’s wrong… I didn’t have sex with my SD for a while… and we would meet 2-3 times a week… But in the end… when it comes to sex I look at it as a regular relationship; do you sleep with the guys you date on the first date or wait until you know you are comfortable with them? It is up to you how you present yourself and how they view you… and if you only focus on the financial part … they will only see you as pay for play.

  110. Babycakes says:

    I buy something for my SD. I get the biggest candy treats you can get delivered ! I believe it is the least I can do. I try not to cheap it out and spend money.

  111. Nico says:

    Samantha ~ K provided you with some valuable advice. You’re never going to be able to ask all the questions and/or get all the answers within a short time. I’ve been on the blog for years and STILL ask questions. The beauty is there are always people here willing to help as long as they feel you’re heeding their advice because many of us have learned by experience and wish to pass on the knowledge.

    Coming from somebody who trains women in self-defense and has studied martial arts for years, you are your most vulnerable when you assume you’re not. It’s a very naive way of thinking. Most men can easily overpower a woman…especially if she’s digging through her purse for a taser. Did you take classes when you bought your taser? It can easily be taken from you and used against you ~ trust me here. Think about it this way….if you had a little sister, what you would advise her to do? Certainly you wouldn’t suggest she allow a man she doesn’t know take her back to his place. Once he pushed the ‘limits’ you should’ve made your way out the door (with your *safety* money ~ always have a stash/credit card or something). NOTHING sugar about the situation and certainly the allowance shared was not even remotely sugary.

    Confidence, by far, is the most sexy attribute. I too am not a size 0 and couldn’t imagine ever being that way but my SD loves what I got. You are definitely worth more….and not just in the dollar sense.

    Stick around kid 😉 We’re here to help! 😀 …..and WELCOME to the Blog.

  112. Jen says:

    I made two very sexy strip tease videos and put them to a DVD. One in a Santa outfit to the song Santa Baby….and the other in some sheer lingerie to his favorite song. I’m mailing it out a day late but better late then never. He loves all my videos – and the teaser videos I send just add to the excitement!

  113. Samantha says:

    Thanks K! Should I really only meet up with them for the first few times during the day? It seems safest to me even at a restaurant still. Because I’ve noticed that alot of them want to meet at all crazy hours of the night.

    And dress up like not having my boobs all falling out though?

    When I write my profile I put in pics that show my curves so to speak so they know what they’re in for and some still give me that look like “you look like nothing in your pics” I just move on and forget those ones. Some pot SDs ask if they can come inside of my place and that totally creeps me out. Right now only one SD (the one I trust and is buying my car) knows where I live. I make up some lame excuse that my dog doesn’t like strangers and stuff.

    Should I never let them give me a ride back from our date?

    Working on the confidence thing, I start with my trainer tomorrow and I’m super excited.

    As for the SD from the other night should I tell him I don’t want to see him anymore or just ignore his calls? When they ask how much I want, should I flat out say $1,000 a month? or should it be all discussed in emails and texts before the meet?

  114. K. says:

    Samantha, I am in AZ and I have met some really nice men… All you have to do is be patient and present yourself like you’re the hottest girl in the place… smile to everyone… walk with your head up high even if inside you feel like everybody is staring at you for all the wrong reasons… most likely they are not. Also, when I go out even if it is casual… I dress up… after all the whole point of being a Sugarbaby is to please the SD… and one of the very first way to please him is by looking your absolute best when you meet… You want him to know what the money is going for… “I don’t have a car”, “Busses in AZ suck” , ” I am not size 0 model”… you should never say those things to the SD simply because right off the start you’re bringing in problems and unnecessary hassle. Why would they pick you if they could get someone with a car. When I wasn’t able to drive… I would always request to meet in a restaurant close to where I lived…so the taxi wasn’t too expensive but far enough that I felt safe. Also you should always focus on the most positive things about you, and be sneaky and ask what they didn’t like about other pot SB’s etc… Majority of the people that I have met told me that physical appearance wasn’t as important as confidence… therefore focus on being as stress free as possible… make the meetings easy, convenient … and simply fun… treat it as a regular date… don’t talk about the money because it brings the cheapness in… And you want to stay as far from that as possible. You want him first to suggest the money part, and if by 2nd date that topic does not come up… you can move on because clearly the person is looking for some discount sex or a girlfriend. I have noticed that the serious SD’s on here know their end of the deal very well, and they don’t have to be asked or reminded about it. I have an arrangement right now with somebody that I never discussed money, yet I get everything I want… everything is being paid for … and I am having the fun I was looking for. I don’t want to seem greedy, but he knows that I signed up on SA.com for a reason. It really is up to you how you handle all of this, but I am not a model… and I am not size 0… yet I had no problems finding nice honest men… 😛

  115. Samantha says:

    I’m just going to start being really picky with SDs that try to talk to me. I didn’t know how to ask questions until yesterday. I wish SBs could message other SBs.

    I’m going to be limiting myself to one SD until I get my car.

    It would be nice though if everyone that responds saying clearly its your own fault that happened to you; didn’t say that anymore. I have indeed learned my lesson and it would have been prevented if I had other SB friends so they could give me more pointers.

  116. Semi-new SB says:

    It’s a saddest story I’ve ever heard, and what makes it even more depressing is to hear it on Christmas!
    Midwest gave you the best advice anyone could give, but as you’ve put yourself in similar situations for more than once, you clearly have learned nothing from them.

  117. Samantha says:

    What is a good number of dates to go on before I to their place? I didn’t see that in the tips.

    I also don’t have a job yet but I will once I get this car. Everything is so spread out in Arizona. I figured since I have so much free time then why spend it with SDs? When I meet pot SDs for the first time if we are going to a nice restaurant then I wear an ankle length skirt and conservative top. If we’re going to a casual place to eat then jeans and a t-shirt and maybe a jacket. I try to conceal my fun pillows as much as possible and I never ever send naked pics to any device. So maybe Arizona has more jerks than nice respectful SDs.

  118. Samantha says:

    How should I ask? Because I don’t want to sound bratty or snarky about pay me or you ain’t gettin’ shit. lol

    I considered backpage but I don’t live alone yet lol

  119. Pumpkin says:

    @Samantha: I read your posts and the more I read the more I understand why you have found yourself in such positions. Certainly, the guys behave like jerks, but the bottom line is this — do NOT be desperate…LOVE YOURSELF!!

    If you do not love all your fluff and other perceived imperfections, how can you ask someone else to? To me, nothing screams sexy better than confidence.

    I’m not knocking you, but how can you possibly give quality time to TEN SDs? That is more than spreading yourself thin. Why not concentrate on the SD who actually values you as a person and discuss further with him your needs and see if he is willing and or able to do more for you financially.

    Also, being a SB is not supposed to be some kind of get rich by getting men to pull their pockets kind of thing, Yes, financial assistance is understood, but desperation and financial dependence is another story that I guarantee you will keep you awfully miserable and frustrated with the poor treatment and scant respect that is wont to come with such terrain.

    Like EnglishRose said, take a look at yourself. What are you saying, doing, possibly wearing when you meet with these men that ALL seemingly become these monsters you describe after being so polite and gentlemanly in email exchanges.

    In your posts, you seem to be breaking all the rules of safety. Arrange for taxi-fare (have your own vex/escape money) should a date turn wrong. Meet somewhere public; but that affords you privacy and intimacy of conversation. NEVER get taken home, or near it. NEVER compromise on your comfort!

    Don’t make the money your number one priority ’cause clearly you can’t see through the green.

    Stop emailing Pots and get familiar with SB basics.

    And on behalf of the Daddies,

  120. Babycakes says:

    Samantha, Bigger girls work the dome section on backpage. You get to be in control and of course paid first!

  121. Babycakes says:

    Samantha, you can get 100-150 doing bodyrubs on backpage in your bikini !

  122. Samantha says:

    I also understand that I may be only 21 but there’s no reason to treat me like a child. I was thinking its better to have 10 SDs that pay $100 a week than have one that pays $500 a month. Besides I’ve got the “fluffier” body type and I’m not a stick so SDs that are interested in me are harder to come by. I’ve sent messages to some SDs on here that said back “I’m not interested in being suffocated during sex”. That hurt my feelings but I move on and still this happens.

    So my question is should I ask to see the money beforehand or just trust them? And I read the “tips” and found them quite helpful.

  123. Samantha says:

    @EnglishRose- We had decided on a bar and grill in town. He picked me up since I don’t have a car. Another SD is taking care of that for me (but he’s not the problem he actually is the nicest one yet) and it was too late to take the bus there (Arizona has crappy bus schedules). I’m not too worried about my safety because I carry a taser with me in my purse but I was in such a “position” that I couldn’t reach my purse on the floor. I kept stopping what we were doing and telling him to stop but he didn’t and so I moved so he couldn’t reach that far. But after we finished it was just awkward especially on the car ride back. I’m glad I got out in front of my complex so he doesn’t know which apt is mine.

  124. Samantha says:

    @Babycakes- This is totally real and it makes me angry because this has happened to me a few times with different men. I say that I only want $1,000 a month because I don’t want a lot and save the rest. Then these guys contact and try to haggle with me when we meet. They are a total gentleman while emailing and texting then when I meet them they change. Right now I’m trying to fend off another one that wants a pay for play and “he’ll have more money later”. I guess I accepted their offers because I’m just so desperate for money but I’m telling this one no and that other jerk hell no.

    I guess I’m just confused why no rich are in Arizona?

  125. Babycakes says:

    Samantha- nothing you can do now but 50 or even 100 is along the lines of what a street walker or lot lizard from truck stops get. I seem to get the feeling that the story is not real and more so just a random post to get attention.

  126. EnglishRose says:

    Merry Christmas Brandon! 🙂

    And all my other sugars. The relatives are all snoring in happy comatose state and I can finally get a bit of peace and quiet to….go on the blog 😛

    @Samantha – I would get out of this ‘arrangement’ immediately. Are you really only worth a $100??? And he can’t even pay that?! He went against what you said your limits were, even after he specifically asked you to state them. This is no true SD.
    And while he is at fault, take a little time to think about your side of things as well. As an SB you must be really strong in your convictions, what you want & your own worth. Going back to his when you expected to be going out was a bad move in the first place (did you not discuss where you would meet before hand?) Also I’m curious if this was a first meet or not? If it was, by going back to his place you were putting yourself at serious risk.
    Please please don’t let yourself be put into compromising situations. Your safety, and your self-respect are all far more important than any amount of money.
    I hope you don’t feel I’m being too negative! Just want to help. I suggest you read through the blog, especially the ‘tips’ in the right side column. Lots of good tid bits in there!
    And keep chatting to us! There’s some really wise people in here and we all want to help 🙂

    @K – This is hard…I think you have to really sit down and ask yourself “What do I want?”. Do you want to break off your marriage?? This is a huge decision, even if you’re already separated. And, like Pumpkin said, you need to sit down and talk. That’s what arrangements are all about, honesty and wonderful, open -communication-!!! 🙂

    @Pumpkin – Thanks 🙂 Hope you had a lovely Christmas too

  127. Brandon Wade says:

    Merry X-mas everyone!

  128. Midwest SB says:

    Samantha – Do NOT let a man treat you like that again. Block, delete and never talk to him again. Treat it as a learning experience.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays sugars!

  129. Pumpkin says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone here! I have been away from the blog for a bit, but it was an interesting read back up.
    @ NC Gent: Kudos to you for the maturity and TOLERANCE you brought to that most disturbing situation. The attitude of that girl was a far cry from urbane…tasteless, tactless, downright abhorrent! Better luck to you in 2012.

    @EnglishRose: Hope you had a good Christmas (by now you are into Boxing Day).

    @AnnaMolly: Your profile is a nice read. I’d date you myself if I were a man and had the means. It reads with forthrightness and sincerity (I KNOW that you’d be a happier SB soon, if not already “stolen”) Good luck!

    @Honey: I continue to marvel at you — seemingly so fashion-forward and fortunate in the Sugarbowl. Enjoy your get-away and a blessed 2012 to you.

    @SDGuru: Trust me, you’re a guru! 🙂 (Can you please be kind enough to post the link to your blog. I enjoyed reading it but lost link when my other system came crashing down…can’t favourite such things on this shared comp. Thanks in advance.)

    @Samantha: You need, in my opinion, to have a better sense of personal security and exercise it. Why the desperation and willingness to so to so easily compromise on what makes you most comfortable and happy? The guy is offering what he believes you to be worth (Aren’t you worth more? If you are, start behaving that way).

    @K: I’m no guru, but I believe that you ought to have a sit down with the guy and be as honest as you can be about how his border-crossing behaviour is affecting you. If, after discussion, he believes himself capable of back-tracking and asks for the opportunity to, and YOU want to give him that opportunity, that is how you will know for sure whether or not it is “possible to reestablish the NSA or arrangement after something like that” in THAT particular situation.

    Personally, I don’t feel it possible after his declaration of “not caring what happens”. He needs a cooling period.

    Ultimately though, you need to talk with him honestly about how you now feel pressured and find yourself in an imbalanced and very uncomfortable situation with him.

  130. K. says:

    Ok, hello everyone… it seems as this is a good place to be heard when you want to stay discreet. Anyway, I have met somebody… that seemed perfect.. and right away we knew knew what we wanted, however from the very start there was unexplainable mutual attraction.. to the point that on the second date we could not take our hands of eachother. The entire time, I kept repeating, no matter what happes this this NSA and to keep his feelings in check. Recently everything went crazy… and he went all out with his feelings telling me that he does not care what the consequences will be (we are both married, yet separated) but he needs to be with me… Ok at first I thought it was great… but then love letters started…. and I am feeling a little.. hmm.. shocked how quickly he went from just… “fun” to… “pressure” … I really really like him, but every time he goes all out, I kind of feel like I am giving him a could shoulder not responding to his feelings… and I realize that many boundries have been already crossed, but is it possible to reestablish the NSA relationship or arrangement after something like that?

  131. Samantha says:

    I need advice and I couldn’t comment on any other blogs. I can’t ask my RL friends about this so I come to you my sugar family. I met with a pot SD and I was expecting for him to take me to go get drinks or something but we ended up going to his place. And during the ride he was asking what my limits were and I clearly stated them. When we got to his place he pushed my limits and we stopped. He made me uncomfortable with that and I asked for a pay for play thing until we go on actual dates I said $100 and he gives me $50 and I’ll take you shopping when I get back in town. What should I do?

  132. EnglishRose says:

    I know right? I also have a terrible inclination towards online pictionary. Sad eh? 🙂 But the meringue is now ‘resting’ in the oven, the blog is rather quiet and I think I’m going to head off to bed.

    Talk to you…soon probably 🙂

  133. EnglishRose ~ It is a lovely email indeed! Hopefully it won’t be too late and I won’t be too tired. I’ve been baking all day and I’m only half way done with the gifts! Damn blog, why is it so addicting?

  134. EnglishRose says:

    And a very Merry Christmas to everyone too!! 🙂 🙂
    I’m making pavlova right now…at 2am. Christmas is all about the late night cooking right? Right??!

    What a joy it is to share it with all my intoxicated relatives though….

    Australia….sigh. I may love Christmas but I’m going to be terrible & admit I love sunshine more 😉
    Have a fantastic time!

    @Anna Molly
    You sound very happy to be answering an email…pray tell.

  135. KindredSpirit says:

    Hi Stormcat! Your last post…”And the pendulum swings . . .”
    Was that a cryptic message of some sort? Just curious….

    Merry Christmas, Everyone!! 😀

  136. Alleycat says:

    @Stormy – watch out that pendulum swinging back, it can hit you hard!!

  137. Alleycat says:

    Mery Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa and Happy New Year to all!!!

    My daughter and I are spending Christmas in town with some friends then going to Australia for 2+ weeks to soak up the 4 Bs – beer, beach, barbies and of course, babes. Merimbula is a beautiful place!! I’ll post a couple of photos while I am there.

  138. Anna Molly *830911* says:

    Merry Christmas Sugars! Time to wrap gifts! Why, oh why, do I wait til the last minute? After that I have an email to answer. 🙂


  139. EnglishRose says:

    @Harvey hutter
    Lovemysugarlife is right the X is for unopened mail & the tick is for opened mail. There are no ways to make your mail send faster….Pretty sure it sends almost immediately anyway? Correct me any one if I’m wrong!

  140. LoveMySugarLife says:

    Hello and happy holidays to all sugars! My SD gave me an amazing trip and sprinkled me with spa treatments topped with “decorations” bought at Tiffany’s! I wrapped myself with new lingerie I knew he wouldn’t mind unwrapping! 😉

    @NC Gent

    Boooo to your SB for her zero personality! She clearly doesn’t know being a 10 means more than just what the eyes can see on the outside. How unclassy of her. That experience will make you appreciate the RIGHT SB when she comes along.

    @jennie v

    I’ve made some lifelong SD friends as well. I’ve never approached it with that intent in mind but it just has turned out that way. Some sugar is just for a season and that’s okay too. That’s the beauty of it all.

    @harvey hutter

    The red X means they haven’t opened the mail you sent. A green checkmark means they have. I don’t know if there is a faster way to send. I don’t have a profile and not sure if there are new features I’m unaware of. Maybe some other bloggers can answer that part for you.

  141. harvey hutter says:

    what does the red x mark next to your sent email mean,and how can you get the emails that you send out to arrive to their intended receiver faster.

  142. jennie v says:

    I dont think I would agree with sugar being short term. What im looking for off of the site is a life long mentor and friend. Ive already met some amazing sd’s that have had an amazing impact on my life. Even though I have not had a sexual relationship with two of them in about a year. I don’t recive any financial allowance from them either. Somehow we seem to call eachother and even visit eachother from time to time.I feel that the bond that I built with my former sd’s was something that still stands strong. I choose a sd beacuse I know that they will turn out to be my favorite people in life. I can’t picture how life would be withought the amazing people that I have met.

  143. Arcadia SB says:

    Thanks for the well wishes, things look very good on the Grandmother front. She’s tough at 95, and it seems they are just hospitalizing her “just in case”.

    I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season no matter what you believe and/or celebrate. I certainly do appreciate all the bloggings and advice and stories shared and interesting tidbits about anything sugar or day to day life or whatever it may be.


  144. Stormcat says:

    And the pendulum swings . . .
    Merry Christmas

  145. cvdv says:

    I’ve yet to find a real SD….maybe santa will bring one to me 🙂

    • SD Guru says:

      @Va Gent
      But I would seriously consider it –even to the babies , dogs and cats , yard ,etc all over again.

      Wow, that’s a very powerful statement! After I learned my lesson about emotional attachment in the sugar world, I’ve had several opportunities to go down the path you described with SB’s in their 20’s. However tempting it may have been, I purposely chose not to go down that path. I know I may have caused some disappointments and I might look back one day and wonder what if. But, I know I’m not looking for my next wife nor to change the family life I have, so I have no regrets.

      @Mile High Flyer
      I’m totally in charge of the situation at all times.

      That’s what your SB want you to think! :mrgreen:

  146. Mile High Flyer says:

    @ Nico: I’m totally in charge of the situation at all times. Most of us SD’s are! We like to be the drivers!

  147. Nico says:

    Mile High ~ you sound smitten!

    NC ~ forgot to mention, I agree with Southern Charm. It speaks volumes that you would take the time to call the store to apologize for her behavior. You truly are a gentleman.

    Arcadia ~ my best to you and your grandmother over the holidays and beyond.

    Honey ~ we absolutely must catch up some time 🙂 Your life fascinates me!! Call me sometime…do you still have my #?

  148. SouthernCharmSB says:

    @ NC Gent – what a nightmare date! Sounds like she is totally full of herself and definitely does not deserve someone like you. I think it was such a sweet gesture for you to call the owner of the deli and apologize for the situation (even though you really didn’t have much control over the whole thing). Your actions show that you are a thoughtful and respectful man and a fine catch for a lovely SB – a perfect 10 in my opinion! Sending good vibes your way!

    @ ContentSB – I agree with our fellow sugar friends on the blog that you will know when the time is right to pursue a “real” relationship. My most recent sugar relationship was with a long-distance SD and I would see him about once or twice a month. However, a few months ago, I met a man IRL that has several qualities that I seek in a traditional relationship. He turned out to be a great guy and I could not get past the idea of beginning a relationship with him and keeping my SD. At the same time, I did not want to lose the opportunity to get to know him better (for whatever that’s worth). Instead, I told him that I was seeing someone and while it was not serious persay, I wanted to be upfront and honest with him. He definitely appreciated my honesty and asked if we could be friends and keep in touch. We did just that. Since then, my sugar relationship ran its course and I now have a date with him on Tuesday. I have told myself that I am going into this date with a completely open mind and zero expectations so as to not set myself up for disappointment. The way I see it is that we’ve been talking as friends for awhile now so if anything I’m glad we were able to get to know each other and engage in some very interesting conversations…the rest will work itself out if it’s meant to be, and if not, then the sugar bowl is a click away! I’ll let you know how things go!

    Happy Holidays Sugar Family! Your stories and experiences enrich my life and I wish you all a holiday season filled with health, love, prosperity, happiness, and, of course, sugar! xoxoxo

  149. Mile High Flyer says:

    @ SD Guru: Thanks for the advice on cost. I evaluate risk & reward for a living. Not really a wild emotional guy. Just saying sometimes the cost is worth the potential. It’s a rarity and I would agree normally it not worth the cost. Also for most of us, me included this is not our first rodeo. After all wars between nations have been started over women!

  150. Mile High Flyer says:

    @ VA: Thanks for that information: I would tell you that the women I’m with is the most unique &’wonderful person I’ve ever met. Actually i cant imagine a 20 something who could compare to her. I understand this relationship is to be unemotional, I’m just saying sometimes that doesn’t work well. Just thought if there is enough age difference maybe that helps. Clearly you have shot that down.
    I think sugar may work for those that can compartmentalize their lives better.
    Merry Christmas to all

  151. Va Gentleman says:

    @ Mile High

    “—————–if I did sugar again the only women I would choose would be in her 20′s”

    Trust me brother , the 20’s do not protect you from emotional involvement . I am in my early 60s and am fortunate to look and feel 20 yrs younger , but my SB is early 20s and we are not missing a beat emotionally . Now I’m not saying that she would want to make a life with me if I were single . But I would seriously consider it –even to the babies , dogs and cats , yard ,etc all over again .

  152. NC Gent says:

    Honey — by her reaction, I am guessing they were Wolford stockings, but I had never heard of them until now 🙂

    DorkyGuy — I paid for the pastries in more way than one!

    SmilinSD — I kind of guessed that was coming with your SB from your previous posts. My experience is that you can tell the SB something that is bothering you and things will get better for a while, but will digress to the same old way. It gets tiring and it is easier just to move on, as you have apparently decided.

    Thanks to all of you for your great support and letting me vent!

  153. Midwest SB says:

    NC Gent – You’ll always be a 10 in my book!

    SD Guru – “how long is long enough”
    I think that question is valid on both sides. It’s time to exit when it’s no longer fun whether you’re talking about that particular arrangement or exiting the sugar bowl altogether. There really are no other limitations since we all know there is someone for everyone. 🙂

    Arcadia – well wishes and Godspeed to your Grandmother. Cherish every moment.

    ContentSB – I like you’re approach…keep you life fairly normal but accomplish the big goals. I’ve done a little of both. I’ve been able to cover bills while in college and unemployed…that meant a ton. I did get to enjoy some mini vacays, great experiences and fabulous meals along the way. Mostly, I enjoyed the company of these adoring gentlemen who want to share all those things. 🙂

  154. Arcadia ~ I’m sorry to hear about your Grandmother.

  155. SmilinSD says:

    Arcadia SB
    I think that I am just going to move on. This is supposed to be fun and you are living proof that there really are very nice girls on here to be found. Wow, 95? Its great that it is nothing serious and I wish you and your family well.
    Merry Christmas!

  156. sydney baby says:

    All you girls getting spoilt makes me wonder why these men in Sydney dont seem so open to the same. Lucky girls ! Merry christmas to all also 🙂 X

  157. Honey says:

    Hey Nico,yeah, I’m back in Sins sing and going to Malayasia for xmas ,hopefully to do some riding. Horseback riding,ya’ll
    Emotion IS attached to the sugarworld,just depends who is MORE attracted.I could get into the different aspects of it, but trust me, someone is going to get attached to the other, Nature of the biz.
    I like it cause I wasn’t looking for commitment,maybe next year..

  158. DorkyGuy says:

    @NCGent – LOL! oh wow, you completely made my night. Thanks for the story! I have people like that in my extended family. Every time we do a family function, I end up having to double the tip to the waitstaff. So did you leave her with the bill for the pastries?

  159. Arcadia SB says:

    @NC – That is terrible. Sometimes I feel relieved that I’ve not had a horrible meet with an SD, but that sounds just embarrassing for both of you! Hopefully the next date will be with a winner who knows her manners 🙂

    @SmilinSD – Hopefully it is a good excuse but it just as likely be a red flag. Though as I am unexpectedly spending a night in the hospital with an ailing family member, I am more than aware that unexpected emergencies happen when you least expect. So maybe give her one shot to prove it was an unexpected and uncharacteristic event.

    @All – as to emotion in the sugar bowl, I keep my walls up but would not be in a sugar relationship with anyone there wasn’t an attraction to in the same way as would cause me to start a “real” relationship. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t “flip my switch” (so to speak).

    I hope everyone’s Holiday season is going well. I got off the plane in the US and came straight to the hospital after arriving in my home town. It’s not ideal, but there is no where in the world I would rather be than with my Grandmother. She’s been in and out of the hospital while I was in the UK, and now I’m here and can do “something” even if it’s just sit with her. I am being positive and upbeat, because it doesn’t appear to be serious…however for a 95 year old…anything can be serious. Anyways, sorry to be a downer. Just what’s on my mind so you guys get to hear it. I’m actually very positive though 🙂

  160. ContentSB says:

    @VA Gent and @Texasugah,

    Thanks for your responses 🙂 I guess right now it just comes down to not wanting any serious commitments to/from anyone. VA Gent, you mentioned having a luxurious lifestyle that might be hard to give up for an IRL relationship. I guess I’m using sugar dating as a means to end (school loans…eeek!) moreso than taking exotic vacations or filling my closet with designer labels. My lifestyle hasn’t changed significantly, so the transition wouldn’t be difficult in that regard. I think my biggest struggle will be removing walls and letting myself be vulnerable with someone again. But like Texasugah said, the right guy will eventually come along, but until then I’m going to enjoy the sugar bowl 🙂 Good luck to both of you with your current SB and pot SD!

    Merry Christmas to all you wonderful sugars! Hopefully the holidays bring everyone some time to relax and refocus on things that are truly important 🙂

  161. Nico says:

    Hola Honey!! Are you out of town for the holidays?

    NC ~ I’m floored, don’t know what to say. Crazy and surreal!! Sorry but certainly does provide perspective.

    • SD Guru says:

      Looks like the over active spam filter has been fixed and comments are no longer being held randomly.

      @NC Gent
      She tells me that she doesn’t have to worry about me creeping because she is a 10 and I am a 7 so I will be thankful to have her.

      What, she didn’t give you the hot guy discount?? I’m shocked… SHOCKED!! :mrgreen:

      @Midwest SB
      Sugar isn’t really supposed to be long-term in my opinion…more of an opportunity to enhance your life and give you something to reflect back on

      I agree sugar isn’t supposed to be long term, especially for SB’s. It serves a purpose at a particular stage in their lives and most will move on when they reach their goals. For SD’s it could be different though. I’ve been in the sugar world for 8 years, and as I reflect back on it I realized that as a married man I’ve had sugar longer than without. It’s a sobering thought and raises the question: how long is long enough?

      @Mile High Flyer
      Emotional attachment is always a danger but worth it… Well you only live once so I say go for the gusto where ever that leads.

      Whether it’s worth it or not will depend on the individual. Also keep in mind the consequences for married SD’s could be far greater and costly.

  162. Honey says:

    NYGent, she may have felt you were a “7” but she screams a “zero” to me. Although if the stockings were Wolford..lol Maybe next time something like that happens ,excuse yourself to the gents room, pay the bill and leave her ass! But I’m just mean and ornery… Merry X-mas to everyone and a happy, better new year for you all!
    Hi Nico and Texas!

  163. Nico says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS / Happy Holidays to my entire Sugar Family!!!

  164. Mile High Flyer says:

    @ SD Guru your comment about get well sex still makes me laugh that was great! Just what every man needs to get well.
    @ Midwest: sorry about your guy. At least you gave it a chance for a real thing.
    @ Va Gent: I’ve read your posts and agree that once you enter sugar it changes things. Emotional attachment is always a danger but worth it. I know that a IRL relationship wasn’t what I started out wanting. But sometimes we get way more than we expected. Well you only live once so I say go for the gusto where ever that leads. I am in my 50’s and if I did sugar again the only women I would choose would be in her 20’s. For me this would be easier to not form any emotional attachment.

  165. Texasugah says:

    Hey y’all….

    Hope all are well.. I got caught up with life and my sweetheart. A POT that I have chatted with for almost a year is thinking about moving to houston. We have a long distance friendship more than anything. I’ve been turning him on to realtors and locations to slip his boat.. boat.. LOL I think he’s pleasantly surprised at how much I know about real estate, decorating etc.

    @Honey – you’re back around the world.. lucky lady!!!!

    @ A Did you say Durian buffet? Isn’t that the stinky fruit? Too many evenings watching Andrew Zimmern.

    @ Content – I completely understand where you’re coming from. I recently had to let a pot go because he wanted a traditional relationship. I just wasn’t at that point. I have tried to allow both sides of the coin to run concurrently and it isn’t working out for me. I went out on two regular dates and when I made comments about things that I enjoy, they became a little sketchy and bolt. I guess they think they can’t measure up. I don’t know. But I’m sure that the right guy will come along.. until then… I’m enjoying myself.

    Happy holidays all!

  166. BalletGirl says:

    Woah. The blog ate half my post

    “Merry Christmas everyone!! * I’m flying home for Christmas tonight with a bag full of gifties for the family. Admittedly I’m hoping everyone gifts me in cash so that the dent I took out of my college savings won’t be as pronounced lol! Mostly I’m excited to be going home, its a once a year thing these days”

  167. BalletGirl says:

    Merry Christmas everyone .> Admittedly I’m hoping everyone gifts me in cash so that the dent I took out of my college savings won’t be as pronounced lol! Mostly I’m excited to be going home, its a once a year thing these days.

    I haven’t danced in two weeks and I feel like a slug. After the holidays I will be back at it, modern Ballet and a bit of yoga for strength.

    @ NC Gent…that is Crazy! I was embarrassed FOR you reading that post. What a brat, lol. Bravo on the fairly quick escape. Imagine if she’d turned into that later on.

  168. EnglishRose says:

    @Anna Molly
    Glad to hear the date went so well, really happy for you 🙂 Just checking – this is a sugar date right? or IRL?
    And I finally managed to view your profile! Just turned out I had to log out of my account to see it 🙂
    After reading through I’ve decided I definitely need to edit my own, I’ve written far too much!
    And I agree with Midwest, pretty sure your view count consists of every single visit whether from non SA members or members who have already viewed you.

    @NC Gent
    Just to reiterate what every one else has said – Poor you! Honestly, I’m impressed that you put up with her for even that long. How can someone be so rude? I truly don’t understand it. And I hope you won’t find it mean of me if I say it’s a relief to know this happens to SD’s as well as SB’s!
    Glad to hear you had a good date as well though! And I wouldn’t worry yourself too much about missing the warning signs, you can’t get it right all the time & some people are also really good at putting on an act (though obviously, in her case, not for very long!)

    No one on here will be able to tell you what you want I’m afraid! That’s something which is very personally and specific to every SB & SD. If you look through the column on the right titled ‘Sugar Daddy Dating Tips’ you should find some articles which can help you. In particular ‘Questions every SB should ask’. Should help you figure out what you want!

    That sucks 🙁 And no Merry Christmas??? That’s just cruel. Then again…I think I’m a little over zealous when it comes to wishing people a Merry Christmas, I say it to every shop assistant/waiter/bus driver etc. 🙂 I feel bad making them work during the holidays!
    And there’s always new sugar around the corner! Keep your chin up and you’ll find someone wonderful for you 😀

    Merry Christmas to all my lovely Sugar Family!!! 🙂

  169. Anna Molly *830911* says:

    SmilinSD – Aww, I’m sorry. 🙁

  170. SmilinSD says:

    Smilin SD isn’t smilin again. I just got a short “I can’t make it” text from my SB:
    “can’t make it, I’ll try to contact you next week”

    Not even a Merry Christmas. Jeez.

    I know its NSA but come on.

    OH well, the new year will hopefully bring fresh new sugar my way.

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  171. Va Gentleman says:

    @ Stormcat Burp !

  172. Kendra says:

    Currently look for a SD!! 🙂 I’m not sure what to get or what I want either.. any suggestions.??

  173. NC Gent says:

    Kindred — I keep reviewing in my mind if I missed a warning sign with her — the only thing I can think of was that it seemed pretty urgent for her to get an SD. Other than that, the phone conversations were good.

    Regarding the other date, you remembered correctly. I had a date on Monday also. It was originally supposed to be with two roommates. However, prior to the date, I established a much better rapport with one of the roommates, and the other one had a really bad experience on a sugar date, so I ended up only going on the date with one of them. It was a pretty good date, but we both weren’t quite sure if we were a good match for each other. We are still talking and we are going to have another date. A smashing success in comparison to my coffee date.

    CareBear is going to screen all my dates in the future!

  174. omalley says:

    All this present talk is getting me sad, my christmas tree is pretty much bare… I would like to have an SD this christmas to visit with. My gift getting or giving is looking pretty dim right now. 🙁

    But I can wait to have an SD. 🙂

  175. KindredSpirit says:

    By the way, NC Gent, wasn’t there a thing about a date with two girls who knew each other that you were trying to see if it could be filmed or something? How did that date go with the two girls (even if the media wasn’t involved)? If I have the wrong SD blogger, sorry…I just recall him mentioning that a few blog topics ago, and it stuck with me. 🙂

  176. KindredSpirit says:

    NC Gent~ Thanks for sharing your story! Incredible (shaking my head in disbelief at her behavior). O_o She seriously showed a fully different persona before you two actually met?? I mean, I gather you wouldn’t meet with someone unless you felt there may be a connection beforehand, too. *Scratching my head* Sorry you had to go through that!

  177. Va Gentleman says:

    @ ContentSB

    Merry Christmas /Happy Holidays to you all !

    “———-Now you are 22 , with a mulithousand $ allowance , trips to the Islands ,jewelry and toys galore and exposure to a level of sophistication and maturity that a 22 year old college boy can not even come close to . How can you ever go back ? ” Va Gent from an earlier post

    Your questioning your ability or desire to return to the real dating world is a very valid concern and perhaps the biggest challenge we all face once we foray into this Sugar World . You certainly can do it , but will you ever be truly content and satisfied ?

    Re:emotional distance –it is easier to keep your guard up in Sugar Dating , but once you meet the right person it is very hard not to give in to it. I did and have had the most fun ever . My SB and I resolved some non issues that I thought were bigger than they really were . But if I were not emotionally into her I wouldn’t have suffered the angst that I did .

    Multiple partners —for a real SO are unacceptable and IMHO make Sugar Dating and IRL Dating incompatible . If it’s all about the sugar get a SO who is loaded , then you have the best of both worlds ( except variety)

    @NCGent OMG ! Your jaw must have been on the floor the whole date . What a nut case !

  178. Michael Alleycat says:

    @NC Gent
    Wow, date from hell is the word. Unbelievable.

  179. Midwest ~ Thanks for the input! I almost feel like I’m new to all of this. 🙂

    NC ~ Wow! I’m so sorry! Sheesh!

  180. NC Gent says:

    hello all — it has been a while since I posted (hope I don’t have to wait two days for this to post). I had the coffee date from hell yesterday. I had emailed and talked to a fairly local SB for a few weeks (my first foray into local sugar). Things seemed fine, but this date was confirmation that you don’t know someone until you meet. She was pretty aggressive about wanting to meet before Xmas (which in hindsight, should have been a warning I guess). So I offered her a coffee date yesterday or lunch today. She chose the coffee date, and we set a time and place. It was about 25 minutes from my office, and about a 5 minute drive for her. She ends up showing up about 20 minutes late because she got “caught in traffic.” Odd, because I didn’t have any traffic issues. Ok — my guard is a little up, but I am still open minded. The place is a cute coffee shop and bakery/deli. We go to order, and to my dismay, she first orders about $25 worth of pastries to go, because they look so good (she didn’t even ask me first). She then proceeds to order a drink and quiche. The woman, who is the store owner, tells her she is out of quiche because breakfast has ended and they are preparing for lunch. The owner tells her about a great steak chili she made last night and she would make any sandwich she wanted for her. My SB fusses a bit but orders a sandwich and chili and we go to sit down. There is a back area that is pretty open and I go to sit in a comfy booth. She says the booth isn’t discreet enough and she chooses a smaller one in the back corner. It is pretty tiny and I am guessing only used as a last resort. Anyways, she scoots in first and I follow at a seat across from her. As I am sitting down, the toe of my shoes brushes her leg, and she pitches a fit saying “please don’t touch me.” She gets up to inspect her stockings and kind of huffs that at least I didn’t rip her hose. I am starting to plan an exit strategy, but it gets even worse. The owner brings over our drinks and her soup and sandwich. The SB inspects the soup and says “where are the chunks of meat in the soup and why isn’t the sandwich toasted as I asked?” (I am sure she hadn’t asked to have it toasted) The owner explains they had some extra filet mignon but it wasn’t enough so she ground it and combined it with some ground sirloin. She suggests that the SB taste the soup and if she isn’t happy she will take it back and refund our money. The SB tastes the soup and grumbles that it is ok, but she needs to go toast the sandwich as she requested. I wanted to hide at this point, but it gets worse. She asks me what I am seeking, I answered quickly and she proceeds to tell me what she is seeking. Evidently, she is looking for a monogamous relationship that feels like a wealthy boyfriend. Then she throws in the final bomb…. She tells me that she doesn’t have to worry about me creeping because she is a 10 and I am a 7 so I will be thankful to have her. OMFG! She goes on to say how the 9s and 10s always cheat on her yada yada yada. At this point, I say I have a text and I need to make a call. I excuse myself and say that I have to go. Bye! The irony of it all… she didn’t look like her pics at all, and I really didn’t find her attractive, especially after that diva act she put on. Later that day I called the store owner to apologize for the behavior (told her I was interviewing the woman for a job). She thanked me for calling and said she had felt badly for me and she could tell that I was embarrassed.

    Oh well, sorry for ranting but I decided I had to tell someone. SDs have bad dates too 🙂

  181. Midwest SB says:

    AM – I viewed your page without logging in, so those type may count as views. Additionally, if one person visits your profile repeatedly, I think that counts as a view as well.

    ContentSB – I left the sugar bowl in the summer for an IRL relationship. It’s very hard to give up the allowances, travel and the NSA type relationships. IRL relationships do take a ton of work. Having him here all the time was an adjustment as well. The relationship ended last week, so I’m thinking of coming back, but I have no regrets in giving it a chance. Sugar isn’t really supposed to be long-term in my opinion…more of an opportunity to enhance your life and give you something to reflect back on whey you’re old and gray. 🙂

  182. I guess that ended up being a few questions didn’t it. 😀

  183. EngilshRose ~ The date was very nice! Actually, I’ve talked to him a couple of times before, but, we never connected for some reason. Anyway, it was nice to finally meet face to face and talk for a little while. We had a quick bite to eat and that was it. He’s a very sweet guy. 🙂

    Okay, I have a question. I have a nice view count, but, when I go to see who checked me out I don’t see that many new profiles. Are they people who have viewed me before? Wouldn’t their profiles come to the top of the page? Would the lurkers on the blog who don’t have profiles count as profile views? I’m confused. I guess you can tell I haven’t had a profile in a while…lol 😀

  184. heather anne says:

    i dont have a sd yet damnit!!! xmas will be lonely and lack of gifts but life goes on:)

  185. Jennie says:

    Im in no hurry either. I just want something that will evolve nautrally. For now im just enjoying being taken care of while I take some time to figure myself out.

  186. ContentSB says:

    @Jennie — I’ve always thought about my foray into the sugar bowl as temporary…but it’s interesting to entertain the idea of making my stay a bit more permanent (if circumstances allowed, of course). I imagine it would be pretty difficult to find an IRL boyfriend who would sign off on the sugar world, so I’ll eventually have to choose one or the other. Thankfully no big decisions need to be made yet 🙂

  187. Jennie says:

    I don’t see myself ever dating outside of the sugar bowl again. Ive always felt the need to be extremly honest with any guy that ive dated in the past. When I tell them about s/a is when things seem to get crazy. One guy got extremly jealouse of my sd. We broke things off beacuse he diddn’t feel that he could live up to the lifestyle that my sd was providing for me. If I do get traditionally date someone again, it will be a sd off of the site. It will also be after a long term arrangement.

  188. ContentSB says:

    @Nico — Thanks for the response! You’ve given me some things to think about.

    “To date IRL, if not open to the possibilities of long-term, is just dating and sometimes more work than it’s worth.”

    So true, and hence the allure of the sugar world. I love that these arrangements have limitations and allow me to control, to a certain extent, the terms of the agreement. I’m such a control freak 😛 You’re so right that dating just to date IRL is a lot of work…and also a potential waste of someone else’s time depending on what they’re looking for. Which brings me to your comments about juggling.

    “Then how do you juggle both? Do you juggle both? I know I couldn’t.”

    My SD is a long-distance one, so I think I could successfully juggle both. My SD does not expect me to be exclusive, although he claims to be (but he’s married…so his exclusivity has a bit of caveat to it, I guess), and encourages me to continue living my life. He’s asked me to respect him though and not divulge information about my dating/sex life, which I never would anyway. I think the biggest issue would be deceiving the IRL guy. I don’t think many men would be cool with their girlfriends having a SD on the side. Ultimately it wouldn’t be fair to him. Good Lord…I’m really jumping the gun here…we have yet to even go on our date haha.

    I think I’m still going to go on the date, because I’m curious and let’s be honest, a self-proclaimed attention whore as well 🙂 But you’re right Nico, emotions go through a natural progression, and I’ll just know when I’m truly ready to traditionally date again.

  189. Nico says:

    Good evening Content SB ~ I would like to share my thoughts to your question. Of course, just one person’s perspective. I have been in the SugarWorld since approx 2007. While I started in 2007, I can honestly say my first ‘real’ sugar didn’t come about until I joined the blog in 09 and got a better idea of what this type of relationship was about.

    I have had a few successful sugar relationships. The thought of being emotionally detached was actually ideal for me having just gone through a divorce. I could use the help financially but wanted the ‘company’ on my own terms. It worked perfectly. Now, years later, I’ve made the decision to stop with sugar. My SD and I are still together but I’ve decided once this relationship runs its course I will not be entering into Sugar again. I personally am at a point where I would love a ‘real’ relationship. Somebody to come home to etc etc.

    So, I certainly think tapping into emotions again is possible but I think it goes through a natural progression and just ‘happens’. To date IRL, if not open to the possibilities of long-term, is just dating and sometimes more work than it’s worth. Then how do you juggle both? Do you juggle both? I know I couldn’t.

    Just one girl’s $.02 🙂

  190. ContentSB says:

    This is completely off-topic, but I don’t have a support group of sugars IRL…so I’m turning to all of you 🙂 I’ve been wondering about something somewhat frequently as of late and want to know if any other sugars feel the same way (my second major is in psychology so I may over self-analyze sometimes lol).

    In sugar dating I think it’s important to be able to keep emotions at bay. Yes, I think we experience respect, mutual attraction, and of course only want the best for our SD/SB…but for the most part truly deep emotions aren’t part of these arrangements. And that’s what makes them work. I don’t think of myself as emotionally hardened or cold because I am nurturing and caring, but I’m good at distancing myself. Sugar dating has enhanced that in me, and I’m wondering now if I’ll ever be able to transition back to traditional dating, or if I’ll ever even want to. It’s hard to imagine myself letting all of my walls down for someone when I’ve become so good at these types of arrangements. I have a date next week with a regular guy my age, and I’m trying to be open-minded about it, but I’ve been removed from traditional dating for so long now that it actually kind of terrifies me. Funny how meeting pot SDs was extremely unnerving, and now it seems completely normal lol.

    Has anyone ever gone through a similar thought process as me? If you’ve transitioned back to traditional dating, was it difficult?

    Thanks for letting me rant a bit. Even though I’m new to the blog, I’m so thankful for it as it gives us a place to work through our sugar issues 🙂

  191. A SB says:

    I’ll be in KL on Thursday night too. Be back on Christmas day. (; I’ll be attending the durian buffet as well.. You should check that out too..It’d be amazing! Hint:clickme. xx

    Oh on a side note, I also bought edible Vanilla body cream and icing from Ann Sunmers.. I’m hoping to use em. Think Christmas treat. I suppose I’d be making some pretty fabulous cupcakes for good tidings! Haha, punny. (;(;

  192. EnglishRose says:

    @Anna Molly, huh! Yeah, I’m in the UK…maybe that is it? Blog gods what’s happening eh?
    Nevermind 🙂 What’s happening with you any how – how did the date go??

  193. Amber says:

    Idont have a sugar daddyyet… working on it… if he comes around before Christmas I will definately be introducing gift ideas from my favorite personal store… Adam and Eve and Chelsea’s! 😉

  194. Honey says:

    I am around clarke’s quay or Roberts quay.

  195. Stormcat says:

    VA Gent ~ Brilliant! By the way: How many oysters does one have to eat in order to get a whole string of pearls?

    English Rose ~ Can you send me some Thorton’s Toffee? The kind with the nuts and fruit.

  196. Honey says:

    I’ll be here until after the new year,please let’s get together.

  197. Honey says:

    YES! YES! YES! I’m going to Malaysia Friday for Christmas but I would love to meet up with any of you cool chicks here!
    SB consider a commuter coffee mug, engraved I had mine engraved Dark, Sweet and Hot-just like he likes his coffee

  198. SB says:

    Oh! Pardon my interrupting the post. Honey, if you’re stilL in the country that is. I’m having a vaca here and I too, have been taking up Yoga! I’m on a 7-day unlimited trial with a studio in Central. They specialize in HOT Yoga and boy do you work up a sweat. My face was literally dripping! For an hour you get the workout of a 4km run, I kid you not!! It’s the best way to get fit and have better skin. Yoga and Pilates is an expensive sport though!

    I’ve just enticed my SD into getting a room for us and spending a whole afternoon AND evening with me next week. He’d wine and dine me… Finally. I went like: By the way honey, how does a full body oil massage sound for a Christmas present. You ought to do some unwrapping….. And attached was a picture of me in my killer bod from Yoga and dancing in a two piece. That was the first time I’ve ever sent a sexy picture of myself although with half my face cropped revealing some eyes.. So that did the trick. (= Also, on a different ordinary occasion, I stitched on his initials inconspicuously(for good measure) under the flaps of a Tie I bought from Harvey Nickelson. I’d appreciate more handi ideas for MarriedSD. (=

    Geeee whiz!!! Wow midwestSB. Xx.. I know it’s a lil late but can someone, perhaps the blog gods, help write a variation of that brilliant theme: 12 Days of Giving erotica and attach a link to it so that we may copy? Pardon my blatant request!

  199. AsianSB says:

    @Honey! Did you say Singapore? We should have tea at Goodwood Park. (;

  200. EnglishRose ~ That is strange, not sure what’s going on. Maybe it’s because you’re in the UK? You’re in the UK right? lol 😀

    That’s okay NYG. If you want, the blog Gods can exchange our emails. 🙂

  201. Midwest ~ Maybe so, but, so am I my dear. 😉

    In other news! I have a date this afternoon! I’ll keep everyone posted on how it goes 😀

  202. NewYorkGirl says:

    Anna Molly . I can see your profile by this link. I wanted to e mail you , but I can not coz I can mail only SDs. ? Not girls.

  203. Midwest SB says:

    I’m sorry AM. He is a fool.

  204. EnglishRose says:

    I meant “I think” not “I then”…..oopsie.

  205. EnglishRose says:

    @Anna Molly.
    Eurgh. Still says ‘Profile Not Available’. So annoying! I was really looking forward to seeing someone’s profile from the blog. Anybody else want to “donate” their profile number for me to try out? 🙂
    And in spirit of you asking for an “open relationship” option. I then they should have a “couple” option, as in either an SD and an SM together, or a SD with an SB who are looking for a third. And the ability to search for Sugar Couples.
    I know I’m probably opening a can of worms here but I’m quite fascinated in these kind of arrangements. What do other’s think of this kind of thing? Has anybody ever had a Sugar Threesome? And not just in a sexual content.
    Guessing it’s a whole other blog topic really!

  206. bree says:

    Last year I got my sugardaddy a limited edition invicta watch and I was going to make Italian cookies for him but some of my family members came first and ate them all. When I told him about this he was just happy that I did make something he liked and he loved the watch he has hardly taken it off unless he had to. Now, this year he doesn’t want me to spend anything on him but next time we go out shopping and he finds something he likes and I can afford it I’m beating him to the counter 🙂

  207. EnglishRose ~ Click on my name and you should be able to see my profile…hopefully. 😀

  208. Anna Molly says:

    It would be nice if SA had an “open relationship” option when creating your profile.

  209. Anna Molly *830911* says:

    I was going to make mallomars for my SD if you guys remember, but, then decided that it would be fun to make them together so he could use the new chefs jacket (we like cooking together and mallomars are his faves) I was going to buy him. So, I was supposed to spend the night with him tonight and give him his gift, but, now its all ruined. 🙁

  210. Pumpkin says:

    Personally, I believe that the best gifts are personal, unique and well thought out. STORMCAT has won! An SB will be very, very happy this holiday with his gift. Jennie V et al, your SDs should be pleased too with your efforts and personalization.

    I don’t have an SD (joined the bowl in 2011 and have not yet found an SD, so maybe the sugar gods would match me for 2012). I’m happy though to treat myself to a pair of pearl earrings and a nice outfit.

  211. Jennie V says:

    SD Guru. Ha, Ok… That reminds me to put my sexy nurse outfit into my bag before I leave tomorrow. Thanks. Ill let you know how that turns out.

    Content Sb. Thank you! That sounds like a great idea. Bubble bath and massage oil will make its way into his basket of goodies.

  212. ContentSB says:

    @Jennie V: Sounds like he’ll be well-taken care of 🙂 The only other things I could think of are maybe giving him a massage if the cold has made him feel achy, or things for a warm relaxing bath. Hope your SD feels better soon!

  213. Jennie V says:

    Aww, I just got off of the phone with my sd. He has cought himself a holliday cold. So tomorrow im going to bring him new holliday gift. A basket with all kinds of things to make him feel better. Home made chicken soup, nyquil, feel better bears, tea, a lemon, honey, ect. Any suggestions on what to bring a sick sd?

  214. Arcadia SB says:

    I’m off the the airport to fly back to the US 🙂 It’s not a sugary trip, but will be sweet to see the family for a few weeks. I’ll ahve a lot of blog catching up to do, I’m sure, once I land. Hope everyone is getting in the Holiday spirit!

  215. Honey says:

    I have the best Sd ever!

  216. Milena says:

    I meant all the time, not overtime!!!

  217. Milena says:

    Hi everyone! I’m new here and this is my first post. So, my SD gave me money for Christmas, of course this is what we all want, but he gives it to me overtime anyway so it didnt feel like a Christmas present, even though he said that’s for me to do my Christmas shopping, he didn’t say it’s really a present, but he left the country and won’t be back till January, so I guess no present for me and it’s funny because fir my bday he gave me diamonds from tiffany’s so was expecting something like that but oh well I still believe I have the best SD ever!

  218. Anna Molly *830911* says:

    Well, I do take shortcuts when I cook, but, it depends on what it is. Sometimes I’ll buy puff pastry at the store instead of making it myself and take more time with the filling. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone though!

  219. EnglishRose says:

    I will send you a whole batch with a big red ribbon (to match yours 😉 ) if you can find me an SD who will buy me an Agent Provocateur suitcase…seriously, was just browsing the site and they are absolutely gorgeous…just had to share 🙂
    I’ll try checking out the polish shop in town, thanks! And I will be sure to let you know what it’s like when I finish it!

    Oopsie. 2am over here….I should probably get to sleep! 🙂

  220. Honey says:

    Or maybe look in the ethnic section of your town,burg,burrow,the polish section and if you try the recipe tell me how it turns out, please!

  221. Honey says:

    English Rose, send some of those fleur de sel caramels over seas!!

  222. EnglishRose says:

    Ohhh, stock buying eh? I got myself interested in that about a year or two ago, invested £5,000!!
    It was really fascinating educating myself but after being honest with myself I decided that numbers and graphs are really not my forte, haha. Also it was very time consuming, and I would have to work on it at funny hours as I was invested in the NY stock exchange rather than the London one.
    Managed to pull out with more money then I went in with, yay me! ….But I won’t give myself credit..I think it was just luck, haha.
    But would be really interested to hear how it goes if you go through with it, good luck! 🙂

  223. EnglishRose says:

    @Anna Molly
    Still can’t see it 🙁 But I don’t think I’ve ever been able to view SB’s profiles, at least, I don’t know how…is this because I have a basic account?

    @Midwest & Honey
    I really want to try this poppy seed filling now! I hope you won’t mind me stealing your recipe Honey, can’t find it premade here in England, I’ll treat my family to something for Christmas, already making fleur de sel caramels…mmmm…

    Aw, thanks so much, thats ever so kind of you to say. …I don’t know how I don’t have one either, hee hee 😉 Honestly, I think being in England just makes it so much more difficult. Somehow the American men seem to have stolen all our so called British ‘chivalry’ – it’s appaling! If I could migrate I would. I’ve never enjoyed the rain any way 😉

  224. Honey says:

    and I am still serious about starting a stock buying/learning club. I won’t take your money and run….
    I just wanna learn more about the markets. Got about $1000 invested, am up a bit, but it’s boring by one’s self….

  225. Honey says:

    Hello everyone. Sugarplum, where are you? I reside in Houston and we can get anything there. .Maybe try a kolache place, if not the pie filling section of your local grocer..
    Betty Blue, be greedy, life is short!
    Texas Sugar-keep in touch,please
    Wee drop of Drambuie to Stormcat..
    Go for the gusto, Nico!
    Hannah, just get a boyfriend and train him up right!

  226. Nelly says:

    Cooking is always an option for any occasion. I’m not talking about boiling a pot of noodles and adding sauce – but a meal that takes a lot of time and preparation. Many women today are lazy and cannot cook. A SB that was thoughtful enough to prepare a full course meal that catered to HIS likes and dislikes truly a keeper………and yourself as dessert is always a plus 😉

    Happy Holidays sugars 🙂

  227. Sugarplum says:

    Honey: A big red bow is SO tacky it’s classy. Perfect! Though, hell, from the sound of it just your killer physique should be Xmas gift enough!

    English Rose: Um, how do you not have an SD? You are darling!

    Stormcat: *Swoon*

    Betty Blue: Perhaps you could tactfully ask HIM what HE would like for Xmas! A sweet smile and flutter of lashes should clue him in…If not, well, he’s a dunce.

    Dorky Guy: You are an absolute angel. How genuinely thoughtful, and what an excellent SD you will be!

    Love reading all of your suggestions and experiences…such creativity and kindness in this community!

  228. gemma says:

    hiyyaa everyone my present i would love is a ipod classic so i can go running after new year as none of my friends or family are doing gifts this year 🙁 my christmas tree looks really empty without pressie’s underneath

  229. Midwest SB says:

    ContentSB – I try not to leave a paper trail, so most mail is e-mail. If he can get fedex packages confidentially at his office, then perhaps it would work. Personally, I wouldn’t risk it.

    English Rose/ Honey – Poppy seed filling comes already mixed up (per Honey’s instructions) and saves me the trouble of having to grind the seeds by hand (no grinder). There is a polish bread recipe that is like a strudel with poppy seed that is supposed to be good luck and a traditional holiday treat. I’m trying to find something to bring to the family dinner.

  230. Va Gentleman says:

    All of you Babies with pics are so hot ! I like seeing them .

    I am getting my SB Pearls this year . She has beautiful milky skin and they will look so great on her –especially with nothing else on .

    @Stormcat –very impressive ! I used to do woodworking and made a box . It took forever and I gave to my GF of the moment who was gone soon thereafter . I should have kept it LOL . Besides –that’s nothing compared to my growing the oysters with the pearl seed in them , then we harvested the oysters after years of culture , ate the oysters , made passionate love , then strung the pearls afterwards . A box? —huh!

  231. Honey says:

    If anyone is in Texas,Houston esp,drop on by, I’ll fix u you right!
    p.s. I’m giving KIVA gift cards to all my greedy relatives!

  232. Anna Molly *830911* says:

    EnglishRose – I revised by just a fraction. It’s back up now I believe. Try again. 🙂

    Good afternoon everyone!

  233. classy.milf says:

    Hello all and happy holidays everyone!
    I just thought I would poke my nose in on this conversation … *blush*. My first ever blog too.
    I get the impression there will be a lot of Reminiscing this Christmas due to distance. As a last minute can’t hold it gift suggestion for your respective SD or SB, I would suggest (depending on your level of tech saviness) sending a Audio Picture compelation with select meaningful photos of the people and places you have shared that will transition with a few songs that will stike the right chord to stir the more intense pleasurable emotions you evoke in each other.

  234. EnglishRose says:

    @Anna Molly
    When I search for your profile it say’s it’s ‘Not Found’! 🙁 Would be really interested in looking at other SB’s profiles actually, I don’t have a clue what other girls write! And I hate doing mine… it needs a refresh too! :/
    If you find a professional profile writer up for hire let me know 😉

    @Midwest & Honey
    Poppyseed filling? Pretty sure we don’t have that here in England. What is it used for? Is it good? I love poppy seeds in muffins 🙂
    And thanks for the fitness advice, I can already do intermediate yoga, and I really like pushing myself so maybe I’ll go for pilates? Happy to help out with a SD, just send him over to London….with a christmas present of course 😉

    Haha, porcelain doll is a new one, aren’t you sweet? Thank you 🙂

    Drambuie? Eurgh……yuck yuck. I’ll stick to my eggnogg! (with double the bourbon 😉 )

  235. BettyBlue says:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone ! . . . . . . I dont know , we dont even have our next date set up yet , so I would saying maybe hes waiting till after x-mas , but that doesnt seem likely . Weve been seeing each other pretty regularly since early Sept . I dont think theres anyway way of bringing it up without sounding greedy , so Ill just drop it . 🙁

  236. ContentSB says:

    @EnglishRose….I really like the I.O.U. idea…especially with some naughty twists 😉

    I have another question for married SDs/SBs who are seeing a married SD. If you ever mail something it obviously can’t go to a home address…so do you use a work one? I feel like that could potentially go bad too. So many obstacles to overcome in the sugar bowl haha 🙂

  237. hannah says:

    I’m still looking for one 🙁 but all in all happy holidays to everyone 🙂

  238. SouthernCharmSB says:

    Hahahahahaha! 12 days of giving….great idea, Midwest! I was in the office when I read that and was literally rolling on the floor laughing! Too funny!

    Stormcat…all I gotta say is WOWWWWWW! She must be one very special lady…best of luck to the pair of you!

    I have to say that the holidays seem to inspire an array of emotions in people…two of my ex-SDs have contacted me this week and I’m not really sure what to make of that. Maybe they are feeling lonely with the holidays quickly approaching?? I’ve heard over and over that it’s not a good idea to get back involved with an ex-SD, I mean he’s an ex for a reason, right? But yet somehow, it seems somewhat tempting…ughh, why must one learn the hard way?! This can become quite the dilemma….ohhh the joys of the holidays.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their week! 🙂

  239. SpoiledNYCSB says:

    Holiday time is no different for me than any other time of the year with my SD. He is so giving and generous whenever and wherever that nothing special has to be done just because the commercial “Gods” say so….haha.

    However I am still trying to figure out where the pair of Jimmy Choo’s I received anonymously in the mail came from. LOL

  240. Stormcat says:

    Drambuie! That’s what we used to drink when we went out shooting missletoe! I’d take a wee drap of that. Thank ya!

  241. Nico says:

    Hey MW ~ same SD from summer (August actually) but there was never a break 😀

  242. Honey says:

    Drambuie anyone?

  243. Anna Molly *830911* says:

    Midwest ~ You’re right! I need to buy a bottle of wine and invite Naughty over for a visit to help with the writing. It would be interesting to see how it would turn out! Of course, I would wait to post it until AFTER I was sober…lol. The gentlemen might get the wrong idea about Naughty and me and we wouldn’t want that now would we? 😉

    Stormcat ~ You are always so helpful! A true gent…maybe, not sure. All those evil grins make me nervous..lol. 😉

  244. Stormcat says:

    EnglishRose ~ What a nice Avatar you’ve chosen of a beautiful porcelain doll! Oh! Wait! It’s you? Lovely!

  245. Honey says:

    yoga first,to get you into shape for pilates, they are demons! and my SD is corny and sentimental’ anybody wanna share him while I find another…I am soo evil!

  246. Honey says:

    go buy poppyseeds and make your own.

    Grind 1 1/2 cups of poppy seeds in a clean coffee grinder. Grind 1/2 cup at a time, pouring the ground seeds into a small bowl.

    Combine the milk, butter and sugar in a saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until all of the sugar dissolves.

    Whisk two eggs into the milk, butter and sugar mixture in the saucepan. Continue to cook over medium heat until the liquid is thick enough to coat the spoon and not drip off.

    Stir the ground poppy seeds and salt into the mixture. Continue to stir for 2 minutes before removing the pan from heat.

  247. Stormcat says:

    Midwest ~ lol 12 days of giving . . . and what was it that occured in the pear tree?

  248. Midwest SB says:

    AM – Sorry to hear. You always hope the second time goes better, but soon realize why we part ways in the first place. Foodie question – where would one buy poppy seed filling?

    ContentSB/ English Rose – I think men would enjoy a little erotica…particularly if they are the main character/ hero/ decendant of Roman gods!

    I actually like the crocheted coffee cosy! Has a nice ring to it! Very punny!

  249. Stormcat says:

    Anna Molly ~ I volunteer to take pics of you for your new profile (evil grin) I’m close by after all! (second evil grin) Of course I would encourage a lot of provocative photos be taken even if you don’t use them. Nya ha ha!

  250. Midwest SB says:

    AM – I read it and it doesn’t do you justice. I think you should show your wicked sense of humor as well as your sweet side. Abbreviate it a bit, too. I happen to LOVE that picture! It’s funny how you are so shy and quiet here and yet you have a lengthy profile :-).

  251. Anna Molly *830911* says:

    Sigh, I guess today wasn’t the best day to write a profile…I’ll rewrite it, soon. I hate writing profiles. Maybe I should hire someone to write one for me. I need new pics too. It’s so hard to take full body shots of yourself!!

  252. EnglishRose says:

    It is indeed! In fact you inspired me, even though we’re not doing presents this year I’m sure making something doesn’t count ;P Gonna make a cosy to go round mugs for my mum as she always complains about not being able to hold her coffee mug. It’s not fancy I know but… 😛
    That’s really nice to hear you have such a nice SD.

    Haha, I like Midwest’s erotica idea “12 days of giving”. Do men like erotica? I mean, I’m sure they don’t -dislike- it, but I’ve always got the idea that it’s more for women.
    If you want to do something for him that involves being together (like dinner) you could always send him ‘vouchers/coupons’, or like..an I.O.U. I used to do this for mum things like – 2 hours of housework on one voucher, and ‘a shoulder massage’ on another. Then she could ‘cash’ them in whenever she liked.
    You could do something like that maybe? Albeit a slightly naughtier version? 🙂 Dunno – just a thought!

  253. Anna Molly *830911* says:

    Midwest ~ Lets just say things aren’t the way they used to be so I’ve decided to start looking again. 🙂

  254. KindredSpirit says:

    Stormcat~ *whistles* VERY impressive!! Your girl is very, very lucky to have you in her life!

    EnglishRose~ Hi! Crocheting/knitting is rather meditative, isn’t it? Part of why I love it. Not sure exactly what I’m crocheting for my long-distance SD; not sure when I’ll see him next. We don’t have a set schedule for meeting and I am fine with accomendating his business schedule whenever he happens to be flying by. *shrug* He’s one of the best storytellers and funniest men I know…and extremely sweet, so it’s an endearing treat when I do see him. Anyway…*trailing off..*

  255. Merry xmas to all my fellow sugarsisters!!! congrats to all whom have found that special sd to spoil and pamper them all year. That is all the xmas i would need someone warm and strong to cuddle up with. Im kinda new to the site and hope next chrismas i have a wonderful sd to brag about as well. Blessings to all the generous and kind sd’s out there spoiling and pampering my fellow ladies, no competition here, just wishing you all lots of love and happiness!!!!!

  256. ContentSB says:

    @Midwest SB I love it! Throw in some pictures of me in some new lingerie and he should be a pretty happy guy 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

  257. Midwest SB says:

    What about writing some sexy erotica with a Christmas theme…call it the 12 days of giving _________ !! Hehehehe!

    Nico – are you back with your amazing summer SD?

    Naughty Molly – What happened with you and your gent?

  258. tanya says:

    Hi Ive actually been a mjust ember of this site and yet to have a SD maybe I;m just 20 years to late but ovb there wasn’t internet or site’s like so around then. Maybe now Ive moved and settled in goldcoast. I might meet SD in N ew year? I just had to come on to say to Stormy who made the box……………………. WOW You sound wonderful and she is certainly a lucky lady,,,,,,,,,,, Merry Christmas and have a fab 2012 everyone……….. Squashes Duskypillows….xxxxxxxx

  259. ContentSB says:

    No worries! We’ll figure it out 🙂

  260. NewYorkGirl says:

    Carebear. I asked Brandon to give my e mail to you . May be he forgot .

    About the present for SD. Today I got a few good photographs me in lingerie in my living room next to X-mass tree.
    It would work if your SD visual (guys usually are).
    I am 110 pounds 34 C in La Perla. So I consider it is a good present:)

  261. Anna Molly *830911* says:

    OOPS, forgot to use my new address…

  262. Anna Molly *830911* says:

    Well, I don’t know what I’m doing for my SD now so I’m of no help. Sorry.

  263. ContentSB says:

    Hi all!

    I read the post and comments, but I’m still at a bit of a loss. My SD and I have only been together for two months. We see each other on a monthly basis due to distance, and of the two times we’ve been together we haven’t taken any pictures. I would love to cook him a romantic dinner, but again because of the distance that’s not possible. Lingerie would be great too, but we won’t see each other again until mid-January. I can easily write a heartfelt letter, although it just doesn’t seem adequate given how generous he’s been. I want to include something else…I’m just not sure what that something else is yet.

    SBs with long distance SDs…what are you doing??

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season!!

  264. Arcadia SB says:

    Anna Molly – You and me both! I’m hoping to do some hardcore shopping tomorrow, and then maybe I’ll hit up the duty free on my way back to the US so I can find something nice for my family!

  265. LoveMySugarLife says:

    @Nico – that’s awesome! I have had those moments! Aren’t they just wonderful???

  266. Anna Molly says:

    I’m so far behind with my christmas gifts it isn’t funny!

    Sigh, I can’t believe I’m back in the sugar bowl after all this time. Seems a little strange actually….

  267. Stormcat says:

    Hey there DorkyGuy ~ Thanks for the nice comment. 🙂 Glad to hear that you’re making progress on the SB front.

    BTW: Casanova’s secret (He wasn’t faking – he loved everything about women and really meant it when he was attracted to one!)

  268. Nico says:

    My SD is incredibly generous – far beyond anything we discussed and Christmas was no different! He took me shopping at my fav retail clothing store and it was a very “Julia Roberts” moment! 😀

  269. Roxannerox says:

    Hey everyone :”)… Merry Xmas and Happy New Year
    I pray I have a better year! Haven’t found that special one yet
    I wanna give a shout out to all the chocolatelovin daddy’s. .. here’s a taste you wont forget!

  270. EnglishRose says:

    @Betty Blue
    Yeah, there is a chance he’s waiting til after, could be he’s trying to think of something good? Or just hasn’t got it yet? It’s nice to think positive!

    But on the other hand he might just be being a little thoughtless. Try not to jump to the conclusion that he want’s to end things just yet! There could be a lot of other reasons! Have you tried talking to him about it? I know it’s a little hard to bring up without feeling greedy but…an SD’s job is to pamper you – and Christmas is the holiday of pampering! I think you should say something.

    I wouldn’t even bother trying to top Stormy’s gift, don’t worry, we all feel inadequate 😉 But your gifts sound lovely! The spa is always a great gift, and I’m sure your ‘part-time’ SB will be touched that you thought of her daughter.

    Hope everybody’s getting into the Christmas Spirit! …I’ve got to start the cooking now.. :S

  271. Anna Molly says:

    DG ~ That was very sweet of you to do that! I’m sure they loved their gifts.

    Stormcat ~ I bet she will adore her jewelry box, I know I would! 🙂

    Hello All!

  272. DorkyGuy says:

    gah, everybody tells me I’m impossible to buy for… because everything I actually want I just buy for myself, without waiting for Christmas. I always tell ’em not to bother buying me anything. “Stuff” isn’t really meaningful to me. A hand-written letter or even a thoughtful card means much more to me than a new toy. One girl I know is an amateur artist, and I was thrilled to receive some artwork that she had made with me specially in mind.

    As for giving, I don’t have a full-time SB yet, but have two I have been talking to. To one, I gave a spa day, and to the other I helped with bills and gave her a certificate to Toys R Us so she could give her daughter a good Christmas.

    Neither gifts were as romantic as Stormy’s gift, but holy cow… you’d have to be Casanova himself to out-do Stormy! He sets the bar pretty high for the rest of us!

  273. LoveMySugarLife says:


    Maybe he’s waiting to give you a late Christmas gift in person?

  274. BettyBlue says:

    . My SD is VERY well off , so hes also very impossible to buy for . But I wanted to get him something little and useful, so I got him something Id know hed use in his house , small, but a really really nice one. However , he didnt get me anything . Nothing , Nada. He gave me a gift for my bday so he seemed like the gift giving type . Im not seeing him again till after that holidays . Can it be hes loosing interest ?

  275. EnglishRose says:

    @Carebear – Haha, love the Birkin bag! That’s clever. Do you have one?

    @Anna Molly & Stormcat – Thankyou! After reading the Blog tips though I’m presuming that as well as your comments being available to the pubic so will your picture and any sites you link your name to? Will have to crop a photo!

    @Honey – Personally I like the idea of a big red bow, I think it may be a little corny, but not cheap. And there’s nothing wrong with a little corny now & again 😉
    Out of curiosity – which do you prefer Pilates or Yoga? Want to start classes but only have time for one!

  276. LoveMySugarLife says:

    Although sugar dating does allow for a ton of openness and the ability to “spell out” exactly what we want, I still believe gifts from the heart are the best. If you have a great connection with your SD/SB, you generally have an idea of what he/she wants/needs.

    That said, I don’t give my SD a wish list of any kind for Christmas. He is already so giving and generous throughout the year and helps out in so many ways that I’m happy with whatever he chooses as a gift for me. We talk a lot and have a great connection so he is very in tune with the material things I like…yes, red bottomed shoes are a favorite!

    For him, I know he wouldn’t want me spending a lot of $$ so I try to do something sexy/romantic that I know he will enjoy. On the sexy side: surprising him with new lingerie (ON ME, of course…LOL) and on the romantic side: making him a really nice dinner complete with candles and a heartfelt letter expressing my appreciation of what a wonderful man he is. Followed by a private showing of the lingerie…;)

  277. Nico says:

    HI HONEY!!!! 😀 Pilates, yoga, horses, working AND you’re back in Singapore? Girl, you’re living the life!!! 🙂 How’s school??

    Stormy ~ sounds like a very sweet and generous gift!

  278. CloseToIt says:

    I hope that my sugar daddy will bring me in a trip for new year’s eve. For christmas, there is no sugar. It’s only with family and friends 🙂

  279. Honey says:

    Mind you i have been doing, pilates, yoga, horseback riding, AND working out.

  280. Honey says:

    Hello Sugars,in Singapore again.
    How about “boudoir” shots for my sd? or just a bottle of Johnny walker black with me wrapped in a big red bow? ladies? gents? cheap? tawdry?

  281. Stormcat says:

    TexasSugar, EnglishRose ~ Thanks, I’ve done a lot of woodworking but have never actually made a wooden jewelry box before. It was just one of those things that once you think of it you have to try. I just can’t believe how fantastic it turned out. I showed it to a friend who makes really high end custom furniture and he was impressed and thought I should make a bunch of them to sell that is until I told him how long it took to make. LOL At my standard billing rate I’d have to sell them for $5k each just to break even.
    btw: if you click on the SA blog tips and tricks link along the side of the page here you will be able to read how to get an avatar.

  282. Anna Molly says:

    EnglishRose ~ gravatar with a dot and a com on the end. 🙂

  283. carebear says:

    Progress with SD’s gifts:

    -got him a few tshirts (I always forget to pack an overnight bag and steal his)
    -getting him macarons from our favorite french pastiserrie tomorrow in Manhattan
    -getting him the movie “Midnight in Paris” to remind him of our trip, which also comes out tomorrow

    I need 1 or 2 more little things. Help!

    Also, for anyone that wants a birkin, see the link via my name on this comment to obtain yours for under $100 =D

  284. EnglishRose says:

    @ Stormcat
    Wow wow wow. That actually sounds incredible. I’d been wanting a little wooden box to put some jewellery in for a while, bought one yesterday….doesn’t quite satisfy now I’ve listened to your description of the handmade one! Have a lot of respect for you & I can’t imagine your (ex?) SB will have anything to complain about!

    Thanks, I know these things take time but you can’t help but feel a little dismayed sometimes! And don’t we all wish for Birkins bag right? There’s always next year! 🙂

    Ooooh crocheting, that’s a nice idea. What kind of things will you be making? I always enjoy knitting, I find it almost therapeutic. ..Made the mistake of taking some knitting on the train journey once though, got so many funny looks from all the commuters with their iPads and Laptops, haha.

    @Anna Molly
    Shopping’s always best done at the last minute… at least, that’s what I always tell myself 😛 Hope you don’t mind me asking – How do you get an avatar in the first place?

  285. venecia says:

    Hello all, I love al the ideas that were given to SD on what a SB would love for xmas, I myself love shoes and cant go wrong with red bottoms, and ofcourse purses……I think for a SD the one thing you can give them is to show them they are appreciated and thought of so something simple as a home cooked meal with a romantic setting and a nice massage im sure would thrill them….

  286. Anna Molly says:

    I changed my email so lets see if my avatar will work….

    Hope everyone finished their shopping, I haven’t!

  287. Arcadia SB says:

    SmilinSD – As to your post way back on the other topic, I am in the UK right now. So who knows, when I return to the US and have finished school you never know what might happen.

    VAGent – The blog has been giving you some tough love, but it’s all true. I know that for myself, I wouldn’t know it’s good advice and still not be able to heed it. The heart/emotions (and sometimes the libido) don’t think rationally. Good luck and I hope everything goes well for you, if things turn out poorly we’ll be here to support you as well. I hope that everything goes great though!

    There were lots of other comments I’ve been wanting to make as I read, but didn’t seem to have time to type in between writing essays. But I am done with my first semester of Grad School in a foreign country. Yay! Though I’m sad it’s going by so fast.

    As to the questions.
    What are you getting for your sugar daddy or sugar baby this Christmas?
    Well, my arrangement basically just misses Christmas, as I’m going back to the states to visit family for almost three weeks since we have a long Christmas vacation in the master’s program. I don’t expect a Christmas present when I return, since that’s basically when the arrangement will start and so I’m not going to get him anything. Though, who knows, maybe I’ll be caught by surprise. I did think about baking him something sweet, but I’ll keep that in reserve.

    What gift do you secretly hope to get from your sugar daddy or sugar baby? Have you tried to send him or her hints about your holiday wishes?
    Christmas honestly snuck up on me. To be starting an arrangement right in the holiday season makes things a little tricky. I haven’t dropped any hints, because it didn’t occur to me. Really, getting to send time with a smart, attractive, successful man who actually pays for dinner is present enough!

    What is a gift you definitely do not want to receive from your sugar daddy or sugar baby?
    Anything I get would be a surprise and I’d be grateful to have it.

  288. liz says:

    it’s true you can’t go wrong with those Christian Louboutin pumps 🙂

  289. KindredSpirit says:

    Something I did for an SD last summer was create a photo montage from my computer using the photographs I took of our weekend trip, music added! He loved it and it’s a fabulous memory I still keep for myself, too. ^__^

  290. KindredSpirit says:

    Texassugah~ Ya know, I’ve never learned to knit, just crochet, and my understanding is that crocheting is a pretty easy craft to learn! They even have affordable (or free) beginner classes at craft stores or libraries. I make pretty basic items, like scarves, hats and blankets, but it’s the personal touch that wins the receiver over.

    Other fun, thoughtful ideas include writing a poem full of pleasurable memories, trying your hand at painting, finding out his favorite dessert and learning to make it…etc. People can say they have no creative streak in gift-making/giving, but honestly while some may be more naturally talented than others, ANYONE can learn a new skill! Find one you think you’d enjoy and go for it. If not in time for Christmas then consider it also a great idea for birthday gifts! 😀

  291. Texasugah says:

    Howdy All…

    I’ve been away for a moment. I hope all is well and that there’s some serious sugar in the works for all my sugar sisters.

    My Christmas gift this year I gave to myself. Finishing yet another course of study to promote myself. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who is doing their own thing.

    I still have my same sugar that I’ve been with since the summer. While I seriously doubt there’ll be a Birkin bag waiting for me.. we get along well and I just can’t complain.

    I brought my sugar back something special from my Thanksgiving Bahama trip that he contributed to.

    @Stormcat.. that is a darling gift and very personal. I’m very impressed. The fact that you took the time to make it makes it all the more special! Que dulce! She’s a lucky lady.

    @Angel and English.. that special guy is on his way!

    @Kindred.. I tried to teach myself to knit years a go. A yarny mess lol. I think I might pick up needlepoint again. they always made great gifts.


  292. Angel says:

    I don’t have a SD at the moment, sad right? I know, lol… But I hope everyone enjoys there Christmas with lots of love and gifts 🙂

  293. Jennie V says:

    I was just thinking about my sd’s christmas present today. Ive added to the Victorias Secret gift card and bottle of champagne. I was looking at his walls this year. Gasp! They are blank. He has been verry genorus. He paid for my art school and gave me an amazing camera. He also took me on a few trips. So, im giving him a picture from our first trip. Im just took it in to be framed today. I just hope he will like it.

  294. EnglishRose says:

    Oh wow..one of the first!

    Well, all this present talking is making me a little sad! Don’t have a current SD & my family aren’t doing gifts this year as we’re all too broke! Have to say, Christmas tree doesn’t look quite the same without presents underneath it!

    That said, we are all learning how we can -do- things for each other rather than give things. As a Sugar Baby I think this is an important lesson. We don’t give with material goods. We give ourselves, our personality’s, warmth, fun, comfort and affection. …You know..sometimes I think these SD’s have the better deal! 🙂

    Hope you fellow SB’s with SD’s still get some fabulous gifts though 😉

  295. Stormcat says:

    Well she isn’t really an SB anymore plus she made me promise that I wouldn’t buy her anything expensive this year. But I thought thought that it wouldn’t really be breaking that promise if I actually made it for her with my own hands. So, it is a small carved jewlery box that I made from butternut and mahogony and lined with lamb swade. I finished it with tung oil and burnished it with 2000 grit sandpaper. It turned out really sweet so I can hardly wait to give it to her. Not only that but it includes a pretty special designer bracelet that just happens to have found it’s way into the box. 🙂 She’s gonna kill me! ! !

  296. Stormcat says:

    Hi Sugarland, New Topic, Long time since I’ve been 1st. Maybe I better read what it’s about!

  297. KindredSpirit says:

    “First” of all, Hi everyone!! 😉 For Christmas I’m crocheting my gifts….

    Sugar Luv to all!!

  298. Brandon Wade says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!