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Polling the Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby


These past few weeks have been a whirlwind for us, with many different media projects on the horizon. There has been such an influx of interest internationally about the American Sugar Daddy phenomenon, and we have done our best to accommodate every request. We have conducted interviews with Italian, English, and South African journalists, and we have also worked on documentaries and reality shows coming out of Sweden, France, and the United Kingdom.  Everyone seems to be so curious about sugar babies and Sugar Daddies, and they come to us for the real story.

When it comes to our press strategy, we are always trying our best to paint a positive picture of the sugar lifestyle in the media, and striving to overcome the negative stereotypes that people tend to associate with this lifestyle. So, when an opportunity arises to tell a story that could possibly change that collective mis-perception, we fully intend to embrace and engage it.  A Sugar Baby is not one size fits all; and every Sugar Daddy is not a Hugh Hefner-wannabe. Every Sugar Baby is different and that’s what  makes it so difficult to cast for projects like these, because it is impossible to find one person, or even two, who embody an entire sugar population.

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby members comes in all ethnicities, sizes and backgrounds, with varying degrees of beauty and brains. We will always do our best to tell a variety of stories that capture the essence of a Sugar Baby or that of a Sugar Daddy. But in order to represent the population accurately, we have found that participation from our members is essential to the process. We have to get better acquainted with you and to better understand you before we can explain to the world what being a Sugar Daddy or being a Sugar Baby truly is.  For this reason, we have decided to start getting to know you a little better, by asking more questions.

The New SA Polling Feature

The New SA Polling Feature

If you have logged onto our website recently, you must have noticed our new sugar polling system.  This is a window that pops up immediately upon logging in.  These polls will be optional providing users the ability to skip answering the question if they so choose. However, the polling system is designed so that answering each question will take just a few seconds and no more than 2 mouse clicks.

Our first question this week was whether you would travel to meet a potential sugar.  Once we have collected all the answers to this question, we will be integrating the answer into a new field on the profile so in the future, you will be able to search all users who are open to traveling.   In addition to asking you questions that will help us extend the user profile on the website, we will also be polling members on a variety of other questions to help us better plan our services around your needs.  Our second question this week was to find out how many of you will be interested in attending our London Sugar Party (to be held in May) and to help us select which would be the best date for the party.

In addition to extending the user profile on our website and in finding out preferences to our services, one of the main reasons we decided to implement this system is so we can better understand the demographic of our members. We are curious about so many things, and often are asked questions by the press we haven’t even thought to ask, and therefore have no idea how to answer.  By participating in these polls, you will not only be helping us gather valuable data,  but also providing feedback to help enhance the experiences of all users on SeekingArrangement.com.

Did you see the new polling feature?  Do you have any feedback or suggestions for us?

What additional fields or information would you like to see on our user PROFILE?

Is there a question you would like to poll all Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babies on?

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  1. llella says:

    I have been part of SA for 2 years now and i have not found a sd or anything…. what am i doing wrong?

  2. Midwest SB says:

    Martin – Many SDs are self-employed, but one could certainly be a broker. This is more about discretionary income. If he doesn’t have kids or elderly parents, then he may have more to spend on sugar.

    Summer – If you google “sugar blacklist” you will find some, but few are current. Be careful what you choose.

    M – But the Norwegians get to have all the fun! We’re still a little sexually oppressed :-)

    All – If you want faster answers, post your questions on the most recent blogs. See you on the other side!

  3. M says:

    I just checked out the Swedish documentary about SeekingArrangement – they showed an extremely embarrasing date between a SD and SB, wow! The way she acted was impolite and she didn’t care about him at all.. He didn’t seem to mind. Wth! And her house, cars, everything was paid for by her 25 sugardaddies. 25?! That’s crazy.

    Anyways, things are going quite slow on the SD-front for me. It sucks to live so far away from “the action” in the U.S.. Come join me in Stockholm for some crazy clubbing instead! Haha..

  4. flyr says:

    @Summer – First meeting location

    I’m not a fan of fancy restaurants for first meetings unless there is a very high level of confidence that this is going to work. A more casual environment where there is an opportunity to talk without interruption is much better as is the ability for either party to say – this is not likely to work, let’s finish our drinks (coffee, wine, cocktail) and say goodbye.

    I have had several first meetings in very public places where it’s easy to have a private conversation. For a woman who is familiar with the place Palisades Park in Santa Monica is a great place to meet during the day. Filled with people it’s about as safe as any place you can be . It offers the opportunity to walk and talk or find a place to sit and look at the ocean. Obviously there are very few parks in the country that meet this criteria.

    On the flip side two of us had such a good feeling after several long conversations that we agreed to meet at the general aviation terminal at the airport near her house. It was a no promises meeting , if we were comfortable we would get in her car and drive out to the coast for the weekend at a great hotel and if not I would climb back in the airplane and fly home. We saved the great dinner for later that evening.

    I think the most important part is that it be a place where the woman feels absolutely safe and one where both feel comfortable. It should also make cutting the meeting short easy.

  5. Martin says:

    HEY GUYS! got some good news got some hits for sugar daddy’s. but not on this site :(
    i find that gay sugar daddys like there bois to have no pics. because they like discreet guys. so guess having a photo can be a good and a bad.
    i have a profile on grindr which is a gay dating site. n not for sugar baby’s or daddy’s.
    But my profile says “looking for sugar daddys” and “im discreet” and has no picture!
    and i got 3 hits already in the last hour.

    My question is!
    what type a job should a sugar daddy have?
    can he be a bank broker?

  6. Troy says:

    summer no offense but u look more like a clown than lady gaga u have waaay to much eye liner on

  7. Summer says:

    Is there any blog here where people disclose fake SD’s…some of the emails I get seem odd, should I just go ahead and ask them, what is your usual arrangement with SB’s….I really doubt Im getting all newbies so they prob have a system on whether they use paypal, gift cards or whatever…or am I supposed to tell them what to do. Im new on here but Im planning to meet a nice restaurant, dress up and just listen…and if I like what they say, then OK

  8. Summer says:

    When a guy flew me out, before I was on this site, I got the money deposited or mailed to me, made my own airline res and my own hotel res. I would never offer nor accept to stay at a strangers house, that just seems too dangerous to me.

  9. Summer says:

    Where do you SB usually meet the first time? Coffee shops seem like everyone can hear your conversation so Im thinking a high class SD would probably suggest a nice restaurant, then we can have intimacy to discuss lifestyles and spend an hour so together chatting.

  10. Troy says:

    ive been on here a year and its come to my attention that every sugar daddy is just looking for sex and they all r shallow betyond belief and i have proof i put in my profile that im not gay just looking for a finacial thing to help me get on my feet bc i cant get a job bc the job market is going to hell so i messaged a SD with a real pic of me he never read it after 3 weeks so i sent the same message while he was online checked back the next day he was online again he didnt even read the message he just deleted it so i got a pic from google and posted it as me messaged the same guy the same message i got a reply in 2 mins. so all u male sugar babies out there post fake pics and u will get responses. but this leads to my next problem once i bring up what i wanna do with my life they all split. bc i want to be a professional wrestler at wwa4 this is where they leave bc they want someone who is like 110lbs boneylike a skelton and has no dreams or aspirations aside from being a live in sex toy, and that sickens me bc i cant get a sugar momma bc they all live in california im in atlanta so no go there, and the ones that live in atlanta want a skinny little black boy to use for sex and im not all about sex im about having a better life for myself and my future family when i find the right woman. im willing to bet 90% of the “SD” on here r poor bc once u bring up money they leave. ive tried contacting the owner of this site and he dont respond so im guessing he doesnt care about our concerns. i made a list of everything ill need to go to the wrestling school the total comes to $42,675.00 this involves school housing food gym a cheap motorcycle to get around town wrestling shoes and food i dont expect him to pay all of it or even half of it i said ill get a job during the day and weekends bc wrestling school is from 7pm-11pm mon thru fri that comes down to about 1700 a month. but unless ur willing to move in with these men….. or women and be used for sex and nothing more than that and arm candy u will never find anyone on here, oh and u have to act really dumb bc if ur too smart they wont like u idk y but when they say equal they mean they will pay u equally as well as u r in bed. i know this was long but it needed to be said

  11. genevieve says:

    Hello SB, I was reading and was interested in knowing what is Gravatar? Also if I could get some advice on how to communicate about the money. I have never done this and feel bad asking for the money. Hope to hear from response soon… Thanks

  12. latonya says:

    Most profiles all seme to good to be true. ,^_~

  13. Christiana says:

    @M Swedes are always welcome in Oz come on down, :)

  14. flyr says:

    Getting SD’s to respond-Much of this has been said before

    You are looking for real SD’s not hits.

    Concept – have a clear idea of what image you want to present and make it consistent with who you are. Identify your target SD

    Text – Be focused and brief , especially with your personal description. Talk about why you will be great for the target SD . I’m not real interested in your cats unless I am planning to live with you. Look for words that will resonate with your potential SD. Do the text on a word processor and check grammar and spelling. Then block copy.

    Pictures – look at the big picture – that photo shot in the mirror has you looking hot and beautiful. Unfortunately, there’s an overflowing wastebasket next to the toilet, junk around the sink etc. Avoid photos with the guy cropped out but his hand on you. Skip the photos with girlfriends. Personally I do not have a problem with a partially hidden or obscured face but one that’s covered in pen scribbles is a turnoff. If men had a choice your picture would simply be you naked, not because we are perverts but because most clothing is a distraction. Go for simplicity , black dress, single diamond or pearl . Look the way you want to be viewed.

    Update every couple of weeks the default search is by last update. Make changes and see what happens. Is there a featured picture that seems to do the job.

    If you live in a little city that’s adjacent to a big city think of listing the big city as some searches are for the specified area only . However, some of the small area have a special connotation – Beverly Hills, Venice, However, if it were Culver City I would probably list it as Los Angeles or Santa Monica


  15. 123 says:

    I’m new to this site and would like to get more views from potential SD’s. I guess I’m just looking for another SB to mentor me and show me the ropes.

  16. Martin says:

    congratulations Nicole! met the same SD hope everything goes well! if any of you people know any gay sugar daddys that are looking. let me know!!

  17. euphoria says:

    Oooh. That’s a good question. For the current blog topic. Try posting in there.

  18. M says:

    Are there any experienced Scandinavian SB’s out there?

    I’m from Sweden, and I would love to find a SD (maybe even a SM) from the U.S., Australia or the UK. But I have no idea if it might be hard or even impossible. Sweden to Australia – ~25-30 h on an airplane.. But who wouldn’t want a blonde, blue eyed Swede, honestly? 😉

    So, Scandinavians, please share your experiences with me!


  19. alYsSA says:

    hai everyone i who wants love me u try me and i care u 😛

  20. Nicole says:

    @Martin… Doh! Sorry about the SB=girl assumption! Thanks for taking my mistake with a great attitude. :-)

    I suppose that puts you in a different ball game than me, so I am not sure! Yes, you certainly write well when you choose to, so there goes that suggestion! I assure you, though that I am not paid to write on blogs! Lol. Although, if anyone wants to send a check for that… 😉 Seriously, though, I am just very fluent in professional written communication, so when I sit down at my computer, that is what comes out!

    I met the same SD again this evening. Two thumbs WAY up! Good luck to you! :-)

  21. Martin says:

    Thank you for your concern and know your not rude at all…
    I appreciate your honesty.

    I actually have correct grammar and good writing skills, when I send emails to these SD

    I’m just a Bit lazy on blogs sometimes.

    I also found that SOME slang is ok… for the younger generation because it shows that your real.
    But with these Sd, because of their age I’m not risking that, im from the Y generation we have a totally different language, then we do the older generation.
    Like the way you just wrote to me, makes me feel your some professional person getting paid to write on these blogs.

    I’m a guy by the way 😀

    Someone also commented there’s not allot of gay men on this site. I found that there is. That’s why they paid for a actor to talk a bit about the gay side of seeking arrangement.

    But maybe its real and I’m just acting like someone who thinks network marketing is period schemes.

    I don’t know… I have the best results on main stream sites that I’m so surprise I haven’t get anything on here.

    Someone needs to make a blog about there experience and share it on youtube.
    I think it will be a great learning experience!

  22. Dutch Girl In London says:

    If there are video cameras rolling, there is absolutely no way I am coming. I can imagine not too many SD’s would be too chuffed either.

  23. Ricardo Tubbs says:

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to chime in on the escort vs. sugar baby discussion, and there are five major traits that many escorts I have met share.

    1) Escorts who see 3 or less people per week are considered low volume.

    2) Escorts almost always think in dollars per hour, with discounts on the hourly rate for multiple hours.

    3) Sex is pretty much a sure thing with an escort, even on the first date.

    4) Rotating visits between multiple people makes it more difficult to establish an emotional connection, but that’s usually the idea. Escorts have told me they don’t do certain sexual acts because it’s “too personal” or they’re saving it for “someone special.”

    5) Finally, most escorts consider what they do a profession. There’s a reason it’s called “full service.”

    There are exceptions to every rule, and I don’t mean to stereotype, but this has been my experience. My personal opinion is that an escort, even a former escort, makes a horrible SB.

  24. Nicole says:

    @PhoneGuy and Honey, thank you for your responses! I REALLY like what you said, Honey, about practice saying no. I know exactly what you mean, and definitelyneed that kind of practice! As it is, I am still horrible about talking about money. A salesman, I am not! But I am working on it, and I am reading these blog conversations and finding them tremendously helpful to gain insight and perspective to use in those conversations.

    I have been in talks with a handful of potentials, really some very nice men, I have been on four dates since signing up last month (because I only had time for 4 dates!), and have received multiple arrangement proposals (including a handful from the site who must have thought SB=hooker). I quickly realized that I did not need to cling to the first offer that came along. (SO glad I didn’t take that first arrangement! Lol!) I actually just returned from the best date yet! We really hit it off and I am thrilled. I think this date made it much easier to be “busy” to all the others for a while. 😉

    @Martin, to be quite frank with you, your writing is difficult to read. I get the impression that these men tend to get swamped with emails from SBs. And these are busy men! So your profile AND your emails have to stand out from the crowd in order for him to use his valuable time in responding. I have no doubt that you are a great girl, but if the SD can’t understand your email, he will not entertain you further. “Text talk” is not an advisable way to write. I recommend you focus on drafting high quality emails, and just let your personality shine though your words. These men want intelligent, interesting companions, and all they have to judge you by is that initial email. I hope I do not sound rude- I am just trying to address your concern in a constructive way. But to answer your concern, while I have had some odd and interesting contacts as well, I am positive that this site is legit. I have a nice dinner and an orange cosmo in my belly, and I can still smell his cologne from a little goodbye smooching… from this site to prove it. Lol. Clean your writing up a bit, put your personality and a positive tone in your emails, and you should do much better! :)

  25. Martin says:

    thank you guys to replying from my post i made on here… its good to know there are some real people on this site. i took one of the ladys advise about putting what i will do for my sugar daddy on my profile… n maybe that will help.

    but still i feel this site has some fake gay sugar daddys… as if arrangement’s does it to get sign ups. that = more profit… it makes me wonder.

    because i have email some self claim gentlemen and ask them to reply to my msg because im new and i want to know if this site is legit. did i get a reply? nope!

    n it just makes me feel that this site is like the rest… they send you fake msg from profiles, not in use, then tell you “sign up to read!” the you sign up n its bull&*%$… this site hasnt done it yet! but i still feel its not legit. i don’t know for the girls but for the guys it isnt!…

    its just fake on so many levels and i know i can never get ignored my profile is 10/10 im sexy confident. and i never say i am but i know i am, so i dont know why these so called real sugar daddys will not msg me!… maybe i should be persistent because i know that pays off. but what if im persistent to a fake profile! n i wasted time!!!

    any other girls or guys feeling the same way????

  26. EnglishRose says:

    Yay, I have a date! :) But yes this filming thing is worrying…I’m hoping that one of the changes the SA team has made to the parties is this factor!
    Jenn SA Pretty please clarify this for us London girls?

    Thanks for the information, and I will definitely get in touch via email! Asking babydoll to forward me your address now :)

  27. Honey says:

    I DEFY definition. I’m 42,(that young to some),bright, brilliant and black. My sugar daddy is MY boyfriend. I see no one else. He has the money to keep me the way I like and doesn’t mind. I have the looks and the brains to date a poor man but I choose not to. Am I a gold digger when guys have always offered me things? I started the sugarbaby life back when some hurricane was here in Texas and a guy I had been talking with sent me a plane ticket to stay in Carmel by the sea with him. I slept in his guest room the first trip and we started a relationship afterwards. He kept ME. He was Italian, from Milan and had wonderful taste in shoes and colors, so I let him dress me. he was over 60(lied about his age), a full grown man with a business and such, so I’m supposed to be the one taking advantage of him?
    Side note and it also seemed like whenever I was younger and mentioned a “him” everyone, at least guys, always assumed I was taking gifts from men. I always had to assert that I took care of myself. And I was broke a lot… but I still had my pride.
    As I gear up for my 20 hour a week unpaid internship for my degree. I understand some people will not make the distinction of how I am living my life,but as pick up my dog from doggy daycare and go to school without financial aid and buy my books (all of them) the same day I sign up and remember when I would NEVER have LOST a whole six dollars left in my jacket pocket I dropped off at the cleaners,buy food without budgeting- Don’t know the price of gas when I fill up(that’s what the two gas cards are for!).
    When I think of all that I can still live with myself.
    Whatever the label.

  28. Gothicgds says:

    I notice the ‘bad apples’ thread is closed, but I though I’d share my bad apple story since at least it’s good for a laugh. On my first date with a potential SD, it seemed to be going relatively well until the guy told me that I seemed “too intelligent to be a sugar baby”.

    Yes, let that sink in for a moment. I guess in his mind being a sugar baby is like the anti-MENSA; if you’re too smart you don’t qualify. :-/

    For that among other reasons, I never went out with him again. That’s been my only SD date so far, but I’m hoping I’m have better luck with future ones!

  29. PhoneGuy says:

    Exactly…a match made in heaven. 😉

    Just like the guy buying a formerly $500k house for $300k right now, is he an opportunist? He wants to buy, the other person wants to sell. No one is forced to participate.

    I’ve decided my number one trait for an SB is honesty. As long as you are honest and let me know where you are coming from, what you need/want, what you can give, a lot of things are negotiable. Without honesty there is no basis for a meeting of the minds or an arrangement.

    So as long as we are all honest here, I would say no one is an opportunist. No one is forced to participate. If you want to give young ladies money, go for it. If you want to give older men companionship, go for it.

  30. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    @phoneguy-interesting… SD/sb relationship = oppertunist unite?

  31. PhoneGuy says:

    How many would consider the SD to be an opportunist? 😉

  32. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    Here’s an interesting thought. How many people would concider a sb to be an oppertunist?

  33. Teeny says:

    As I said in an early post I think there is a very fine line between an escort and a SB. I also think its a matter of perception. A girl can say shes a SB but others will see her as an escort. Unfortunately the whole subject is so taboo.

  34. Va Gentleman says:


    ( SDs ) ” what are your thoughts on a girl trying to get out of that life ( escorting ) ? Would you want to know that? Would it change your opinion of her? ”

    What is an escort vs a SB anyway ? Most people perceive an escort as someone who provides sex in return for money (see below ) Switching to a SB would probably reduce the number of payors from many to one or a few . It would be a safer lifestyle choice and probably less stressful . I would not descriminate against a former escort if I liked her and felt that she was sincere about changing to a monogamous lifestyle . The problem is that once you experience the ability to call up some clients and convert that call to cash it would be a hard lifestyle to giveup ,particularly when the going got rough and a SD was not available .

    @ euphoria aka jenniebug

    ” Either your an escort, or an sb. I don’t feel that its possible to be both. ”

    Well , here is Wickipedia and the Urban Dictionary’s take on SB vs escort(prostitute ) You can make up your mind about who you are from the multiple choice options here .

    ” Prostitution is the act or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment + Wickipedia

    Sugar Baby –Urban Dictionary

    1) A young female or male who is financially pampered/cared for by a sugar daddy or sugar mama in exchange for companionship (i.e. sexual favors).

    2. a woman who provides companionship and/or sexual relations for a wealthy, older man in exchange for expensive gifts and/or money; a “gold digger”

    3. A young, usually attractive girl (or occasionally boy), who gets things such as material possessions or help with paying their bills, for just basically being the “Arm charm” of a much older gentleman (or lady) and pumping up the older lady or gent’s ego and rep. by being seen together. But, WITHOUT having to do any sexual favors for them.

    4. a whore, usually over-priced and operating under a false veneer of romance, often successful in securing repeat business from one particular john (sugar daddy).

    5. Another name for a hooker, where a younger woman accepts “gifts” and money in exchange for sexual favors and companionship. Typically the a man is considered the Sugar Daddy and buys the gifts and the sugar baby receives the gifts and provides sexual favors. The main difference between is the relationship is ongoing. It is just another type hooker john relationship.

    6. A younger woman that goes for older men

    7. A darling child of no means who attracts the attention and gifting of older benefactors, like grandfathers or grandmothers, ultimately for the benefit of its slacker parents.

    ? Which one did you pick ?

  35. PhoneGuy says:

    You don’t necessarily have to say you prefer guy#1 to guy#2. If you are at a club and some guy asks if you have a boyfriend and you say yes, he doesn’t respond, “so you like that guy more than me, huh?” No, your boyfriend just was there first. The guy at the club could (should?) say “well you’re cute and I like you and let me know if you’re ever free.”

    And you could say the same thing to SD#2…that you are going on date or in talks or have some arrangement with SD#1 but you would be happy to let him know if you end up free.

  36. NYG says:

    To dear ER and Dutch girl.

    At NYC party at least 3 video cameras were rolling all the time! and they take pictures.
    Girls pls e mail me for more info, Babydoll has my e mail . :)

  37. Va Gentleman says:


    ” So, for SB’s or SD’s how do you feel about your arrangement partner having more than one arrangement ”

    This has been covered a lot but since there are no threads to go back to here’s my take on it .

    After the initial M&G and an agreement has been reached to be each other’s SD/SB and a definite attatchment has formed I will not accept a SB who has another SD or has an active profile up and is still looking . In fact , I don’t approve of any other sex partner at all even IRL . I believe that a SB who is ” working ” multiple Daddies is practicing prostitution –just a higher form than a CL girl . I’m not a prude but if I wanted an escort I would get one instead of a SB. I enjoy the emotional connection that my SB and I have and cannot imagine her sharing the same intimacies with others . Not insignificantly , other partners in the mix increase my risk of STDs which I am not interested in acquiring .

    I know this is not a common desire in the sugar world but it is what I want .

  38. Dutch Girl says:

    @JennSA English Rose has asked me to be her ‘date’ for the London SA party.

    The only fear I have is that photographs will be made at the party which will be distributed in the media.

    Can you please clarify what the exact policy is?

    Waves at English Rose!

  39. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    Nataliecrus- It takes time for them to look your profile over and make sure that there aren’t any terrible things on it. After its approved, then your free to search. I would try logging back in in a few hours or tomorrow morning. It’ll probably be approved by them.

  40. Nataliecrus says:

    Im not quite sure how to find a SD here..:( they’re saying i need to have someone aprove my profile and picture?how does this work??:(

  41. Honey says:

    And maybe the guys will jump on me for saying this but, maybe you could also date out of your usual, you might find him to be more than the sum of his parts or he can be practice saying no if he isn’t really your type. I try to have at least two dates before we talk about anything unless he brings it up.

  42. Honey says:

    Just be “busy” dating the one you really like first, the others will keep
    and if you can juggle three, more power to ya, but my sd keeps me busy!

  43. Nicole says:

    PhoneGuy, hmmm. That is a refreshing answer… I will have to think about that.

    Really, though, I guess here are my thoughts on that…. My SD gets ROYAL treatment. I feel like if I ever let him know that he wasn’t my #1 for any period of time, that fantasy would be crushed for him…. No? I mean, if a man ever said to me, “There are three other girls I would rather be with. But if they all clear the way, I will settle for you.”- I would have NOTHING to do with it. What do you think?

  44. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    @teeny- I would think that it would be hard to go back to bologna.

  45. Beach_Girl says:

    How come we can’t link our profile anymore???

    It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, hope everyone is doing great!

    I’ll try and catch up on the scroll…

  46. PhoneGuy says:

    Nicole, why can’t you say that? 😉

    This may be the only dating site on the planet where you can be that honest.
    And I would prefer that honesty rather than flaking or disappearing or non-answering.

  47. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!!!
    Wow, so many new faces, Welcome 😀

  48. PhoneGuy says:


    I completely agree. I was more trying to come up with an objective criteria one could use to identify from outside the relationship.

    From outside, I don’t know what is in an SB’s heart and mind. I don’t know her motivation so it makes it difficult to use that to identify the type of relationship she is in.

  49. Robert says:

    I have used this site for about 3 years. I have had SD / SB relationships with 2 women and have dated about six. Of course, the reality is usually beneath expectations. But I recently met such charming and beautiful lady that has made me so happy. I would do anything for her.

    By the way, I am very careful which is why I have dated three time as many as I have committed to establishing a relationship with. I have a good nose for BS and this girl is the real deal.

  50. Nicole says:

    Geisha or Learned Courtesan– that is exactly it! :)

    Hey everyone! I have a question for some you experienced SBs!

    I am swamped with emails from potentials SDs! While I am screening, it is hard to keep up with them all! I am very organized and have a system whereby I exchange a handful of emails on the site, then if he is really a potential, we switch over to regular email (fake last name!) and talk. And even in regular email I have quite an impressive marking and filing system set up! But through all of this, I have found myself WANTING to say to potentials, “Look, you aren’t at the TOP of my list right now, and I just don’t have the time to maintain this email conversation, so can you hold tight while I go investigate these other few that I like better? And if they don’t pan out, I will be in touch!” Obviously I can’t say that, so I would love to hear some good ways to manage all of the traffic! I can’t keep up! SDs, please chime in, too! How would you like to receive such information?


  51. PhoneGuy says:

    I think it’s really up to each person to make his own definition of exactly what constitutes an escort. Webster is not going to tackle this one for you. For me one of the variables involved is definitely number or partners. If you are seeing 6 different SDs, to me, it sounds like you are an escort. I don’t know how you could have much of an in depth relationship with 6 different people (or even how to keep them all straight in your head).

    Just MHO, YMMV.

    As far as if I were an escort and I wanted to get out, becoming an SB and going back to school sounds like a fantastic plan. To go to school you need consistent support and can’t be subject to the whims of the companionship market.

  52. Honey says:

    I like to think that with a sb relationship you are paying for a sbs’ time and mind, not just her body.
    Some guys will try, it is up to you to stand your ground. Be firm ,but fun…but firm.
    Maybe I am too euphemistic . But I lean more toward the Geisha or Learned Courtesan. Arm candy with a brain,apparently I’m ambitious. And my sd wants to be a part of my life because I treat him special. Gos both ways

  53. Teeny says:

    I think sometimes there is a very fine line between the two and as Christiana said a lot of so called SDs treat sugar babies like escorts. Im just curious about what people thing about escorts looking to get out of that life and have something,in my opinion, better. The opportunity to be more then just an escort..if that makes sense. I was browsing around online today and came across a post where the girl was looking for a SD because she wants to quit escorting and go back to school and just do more with her life. It got me thinking, which is I why I posted what I did.

  54. Honey says:

    I fl the same way euphoria.
    I try to post things that are relevant to the sugerbaby lifestyle NOT the escort lifestyle.
    I tell the things that make it different for p4p. It’s not a sb relationship unless a friend or two knows so they can disapprove! They’ll still take your money, they just won’t approve. To even raise the bar higher,I call it being Kept. Rent, bills,business ventures, connections, credit cards,gifts,jewelry,cars and the like. Never money left on the dresser…even though sometimes i would mind..less of a commitment,couple hours a weekend your don1 but I have to call when he is sick and baby him and listen to his achievements at work and tell him how clever he is. He is, but I wouldn’t SAY it nearly as much in a non sb relationship. take his calls, sometimes when I don’t feel like talking. But it’s a trade off. We try to be really nice to each other. I try to always be nice to be around.

  55. Christiana says:

    A lot of the supposed SD’s who have contacted me want to treat me as an Escort, they don’t differentiate at all

  56. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    Either your an escort, or an sb. I don’t feel that its possible to be both.

  57. Teeny says:

    Random musing/question. So the site says no escorts, i think we all know that there are escorts who use SA and other similar sites for those purposes. What I am curious about is if there are girls who are escorts but are using the site for personal use and/or as means to get out of that industry. So to all you lovely SDs out there I ask you this, what are your thoughts on a girl trying to get out of that life? Would you want to know that? Would it change your opinion of her?

  58. FLYR says:

    GTTEnvy – I think I would rather she had one other SD than be clubbing around Hollywood. Just my personal take after some years at this. Earlier I might have felt differently.

  59. GTT_Envy says:

    AnnaMW, I would agree, but our arrangment is different in the sense it’s one weekend a month and that’s it. I hear ya though I’ll have to think some more about it :)

  60. AnnaMW says:

    @GTT_Envy – My impression is that most legit SBs have one SD. I’ve had a few arrangements and the topic has always come up. While I don’t like for restriction to be placed on my personal life, it is my SDs business we’re sleeping together. How much or how little he wants to know is entirely up to him. I can’t imagine juggling simultaneous arrangements! Sounds stressful.

    My advice – talk to your SB about it. If she is opposed to an exclusive arrangement and you’re uncomfortable, you can either renegotiate or find someone new.

  61. GTT_Envy says:

    Also Google Chrome loads the page fine IE sucks though!! Can’t wait for a VBB version :)

  62. GTT_Envy says:

    Had a good/great weekend with my SB movie, nice hotel, good eats, drinks, theater, spent the whole weekend together 😉 intimately her age is showing a little, but twas still fun!!

    My SB may have another SD and I don’t know how I feel about that? I’m totally fine with her having a RL, but juggling SD’s rubs me different. We never did talk about this and who am I to say what she can or can’t do when we aren’t together, right? I wonder how common this is a potential SB where we didn’t click, but became friends and txt constantly, she juggles 4 and is making bank!!

    So, for SB’s or SD’s how do you feel about your arrangement partner having more than one arrangement?

  63. Loli says:

    Thanks for the wardrobe advice… the meeting went REALLY well :)
    @Martin what do you write in your profile? Something I think that helped me was focusing more on what I can provide for my SD’s. Sugar daddies want to feel like their going to be spoiled just as much if not even more than you. I think a lot of people go wrong when they focus on trying to describe who they are too much or what they want to much.
    1 maybe 2 witty sentences about you and what your hobbies
    1 maybe 2 sentences about what your ideal arrangement looks like
    and then 4 sentences setting up a fantasy/picture of what a rendezvous with you would be like.
    Would there be a lot of laughs and stimulating conversation? Do you “love giving massages” 😉
    Are you providing what you think of as a fun escape? etc

    The fact that they will be able to spend time with a beautiful boy is a given once they see your pics but what else will you do for them?

  64. Cali boy says:

    @Martin: Also try other cities, I also live in hollywood, ca and it is SB capital of the world. I’ve seen so called straight guys with gay sugar daddy’s.. :/
    Don’t give up it is very hard, ;iving in a place like Los Angeles, but there are good guys out there but a lot prefer dating in their city. Maybe it takes looking in other cities, I personally myself stop looking for sugar daddies in LA.

  65. Cali boy says:

    @Matin: I sort of agree with Martin, the older gay sugar daddy’s on here are dating the same boy practically. They are ALL dating the same guy. A white guy from Los Angeles, talking with one sugar daddy he erased his profile but I’ve talk to about 5 sugar daddys in the LA area, who have all dated this one kid supposively this kid has a HOUSE in the hollywood hills and a luxury car, but also talking to a sugar daddy who dated this guy said that he stole 20K from him. If they are not smart enough to notice good guys on here, then honestly they deserve what they get. The gay sugar daddys are the pickest guys, they can be a bit narcissistic and pick a guy on physical aspects ONLY who never bring anything to the table.. Don’t get me wrong I emailed and talk to a few gay sugar daddys, and a lot of time I just Shake my head, as in why they all pick the same guy I know they will ALWAYS give into a handsome face with nothig else to offer.. Sad but very true on here

  66. flyr says:

    Loli- Perfect lunch attire fits the place and hopefully his fantasy . Is his vision jeans , the librarian in a nice suit with cleavage that can be adjusted , soccer mom etc. Go with your strengths but understand most guys are focused on what’s inside.

  67. flyr says:

    Martin – If you believe sometimes things turn out that way. The primary mission of the site is SD/SB so it may not be the place for gays.

    Not every SB has a great response, it may be the area (Hollywood is filled with SB or a little town where a SB would stand out) , the profile, the expectations, or even just the wrong word.

    When soap does not move off the grocer’s shelf you don’t blame merchant, you go back to basics product, packaging, image, pricing

  68. EnglishRose says:

    Hello my lovelies!

    It’s been too long, sorry for being off blog so long. Moving house on Wednesday and been juggling around so many things but that’s no excuse :)
    Nice to catch up (as much as I can anyway!)

    In regards to the blog topic:
    I am really looking forward to the London Party, and will definitely be going, hopefully with my fellow London SB’s! I am curious though @Brandon Wade & @Jenn SA – will there be media at the party? To clarify – will there be involuntary publicity? I really don’t want my photo to be circulated publicly.
    Glad to hear the party’s been revised though & it won’t be like the New York ones!

    Any one else planning to come to the London party?

    Hope you’re all having a fantastic day – it’s a beautiful, warm, sunny day where I am & I’m soaking up all the vitamin D I can!

  69. Martin says:

    I have HAD NOOO results on this site… to be honest and blunt. it sucks! and im not the only sugar baby complaining! ive spoken to another beautiful girl on here (by the way im a gay male) and she hasn’t had any results at ALL!… makes me feel that this site is FAKE!
    my profile was very attracting and i don’t see why i wouldn’t get any replays from the people i msg!.
    its like half of them re not even real men! its very strange.
    your advise people on this matter please

  70. DorkyGuy says:

    @robm~ Brandon has stated recently that he has a developer working on a threaded forum structure, exactly as you have suggested. In the meantime, there is a userscripts addon for FireFox that has been developed by a fellow user that improves many of the site functions.

    @ER~ Over time, a community of users have come to get to know each other here. Unfortunately, there has been no other place for this community to be a “community” than in the comment section of the blog. If there is no place to post off-topic comments, then hijacking is inevitable. That is not a fault of the users, but rather a structural flaw in the communication medium. The forums that are in development should remedy your concerns.

  71. ER says:

    My main reason for commenting is that I read thru this because I wanted to see user response ON THE TOPIC posted in the article above not a load of back and forth tittle-tattle chit chat and conversations between a few loud mouthed users competely OFF topic.. can you guys not save your trivia and musings about your own personal lives and SD SB interactions for another general forum or thread..most of what is posted here is absolutely nothing to do with the article on polling at all!!

    Why do you people hijack topic reply areas with your personal stories and whingeing about peope you met of which most readers have not the slighest interest?

  72. robm says:

    Something needs to be done about the structure of this blog , webmasters should know that trying to load a page like this with several hundred comments in one long lump on one page is tiresome, timewasting and laborious. This page took some minutes to load fully before I could scrol down to the comments box at the bottom of almost 300 comments. Some other pages with 900 plus comments take upwards of 10 minutes to load fully and so most times I give up. You need to consider some threaded forum structure or something not all the comments in one ever increasing page with a huge load time. Having all the comments without any threading is a clumsy and old fashioned web structure that puts off contributors. I am testing this one a good PC so it is NOT the computer.

    The same is true of all the pagesof this site which take ages to load fully

  73. Jessie says:

    @Honey – I just read your fave part and LOL. You always make me smile ;).

    I don’t have a favorite… I have great boobs, and legs, a really nice tush, beautiful eyes, and luscious lips…I love it all :).

    @Meghan – No problem. Best of luck!! I’m hoping things will go well for you.

  74. Honey says:

    thanks guys!
    and start naming favorite parts!
    Don’t leave me hanging! Jessie, Teeny, Tina,Cherrypie, Jennieaka–anyone, anyone? Bueller?
    I like my…?

  75. Meghan says:

    @Christiana~ I will definitely take your advice and speak about those things (ie his previous experience with SB and his expectations) prior to our “encounter”. We talked about meeting up in public first and then going from there. Having lunch, playing some sports by the lake in the city, etc. Thanks! 😉

    @DorkyGuy~ I will be looking at that in just a moment!! Thank you for the posting!! I think I was contacted by a fake yesterday actually. This website might just help me verify it! :)

    @Honey~ I personally didn’t take it as preaching by any means! All great, much appreciated advice! And thanks again!

    @Jessie~ I’m looking forward to reading all of the information posted! I’m headed over there too! Thank you very much!! :)

  76. Teeny says:

    Yay for spring babies! My birthday is in a couple weeks.

    @Honey nothing vain about that, its good to be happy with your body and have confidence.

  77. Honey says:

    Jessie, thanks but I’m a gemini,or would it be we? Mine is months away. And Newbie ladies on the right side are blogs from- from other ladies and gents. Explore the site, it’s interactive,kinda.
    Met the coolest chick yesterday, she spotted my hello kitty purse and we were fast friends.
    Any one else into the sanrio scene?I’m mostly coach,even though I am ordering my monogrammed Louis Vuitton for my birthday. I’m pacing myself since, I want a trip too! Yes I have pearls, diamonds, even an Alexandrite,but I still love my Hello Kitty! Did the art scene, the girlfriend I brought won the dance contest! (as I knew she would, since I hang around professional dancers, as in Ballerina, and Salsa, not exotic) The restaurant I invested in a while back was featured on a little local show..So even though it’s not my birthday, I’ve had birthdays that have been much worse than this weekend!
    What’s a favorite body part? I really like my collar bones, they make a great frame for my boobs!
    Vain, maybe, but you have to feel good about yourself in the game,low self esteem will make you a victim. If you can’t find something positive to say about yourself, you can’t say something positive about yourself….to other people.

  78. Tina says:

    @Dorky: think highly of our skills do we? If I remember correctly our dear blog goddess is discirminating in her tastes, so your work may be cut out for you 😉

    @Jennie: sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  79. Jessie says:

    @Loli – Wearing jeans can be a good thing, especially if they’re low-rise, skinny legs ;). Just top it off with a sexy top, and if you have high heel boots you’ll look chic. If no boots, just wear some nice heels…that always tend to “dress up” jeans a bit.

  80. Jessie says:

    @Midwest – If I recall correctly today is your birthday…So Happy, Happy Birthday!! [I know you’re lurking…lol]

    @Honey – Not sure if you’d said it was your day today too??

  81. CherryPie says:

    I actually haven’t seen the polls when I log in…. Anyway, I am new to the blog and a new sugarbabie and am excited to meet everyone get advice and see how everyone else is going about their sugar lifestyles! (I know that was a major run on sentence lol but I guess my enthusiasm is brimming over!;P

  82. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    @ Tina- its all right. I will turn you into the entrepreneur that you are capible of becoming…

  83. DorkyGuy says:

    If I get on my knees and “worship” my favorite blog goddess, she will definitely be coming soon 😀

  84. Tina says:

    I love Midwest and all, but I can think of better things to do on my hands and knees than to worship someone MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  85. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    @Dorkyguy- That is some intense speculation! Meybe if we get down on our hands and knees and worship our favorite blog goddess, then she will come back to us!

  86. Tina says:

    @Jennie: dang it! I missed another money making scheme! One of these days…… :)

  87. Tina says:

    @Dorky: blasphemy! You just shush up now!

  88. DorkyGuy says:

    Maybe she has used the time away from the blog to find her soulmate, and is not coming back?

    Fie on love!

  89. Tina says:

    @Dorky: next Sunday, to be precise. :)

  90. PhoneGuy says:

    Or when the fast food places stop offering specials on fish sandwiches. 😉

  91. PhoneGuy says:


  92. DorkyGuy says:

    I am not catholic… When is Lent over? Midwest has been gone far too long!

  93. FLBABY says:

    Hi, any sugar babies in the Miami/ Palm Beach area? I’ll be there this week and would love go out with a fellow sb! Aske the blog gods for my email and write me 😉

  94. Loli says:

    I’m nervous about meeting a really good potential SD. He’s true SD material. It’s a lunch date but I don’t know what to wear. Damn you wintertime… Me and my wardrobe are definitely summer babies.
    So guys what should a SB wear for a casual lunch date? I feel like jeans and a top is so blahhh

  95. Texasugah says:

    Candycoated – email me. I have some ideas for you.

    My name at gmail.


  96. Honey says:

    Good morning all! Over at groupon(diego),,but it’s a websites. “Hot pants’, capri and flares on SALE !! Get it quick it works. I am not a hot pants employee,I just love them and you will too!!By Zaggora. I ordered my first pair when I was in singapore,put them on,wore them for less than two weeks-BAM, one dress size down…It’s the LEAST that you can do…I was wishing they would go on sale cause I didn’t want to pay $100 a pop and now the heavens have heard my plea..excuse me and my groupon need to be alone….too giddl

  97. Christiana says:

    no problem take care

  98. SBAdrified says:

    I haven’t thought of that.. You make a valid point. :O
    I changed my mind. Thanks for letting me know.

  99. Christiana says:

    Personally I have recently been offered money for “webcam sex” but I knocked it back as you have NO control over what happens, it can be saved and copied and redistributed. My advice is do not do it.

  100. SBAdrified says:

    Just 4 times a month. What he asks for, a genuine friendship, chat with him, be a mentee and ‘adult’ webcam (depends on how comfortable I am). Yeah, which I’m not surprised. He mentioned that he had two successful arrangement in the past.

  101. Christiana says:

    Well I wouldn’t be grossed out by the offer as you have presented it. I guess it depends on what his expectations are and I am personally aware of what men want and if they are able to help in other ways that would be great as well. May I ask how often he wants to meet with you?

  102. SBAdrified says:

    By here. SA.

  103. Christiana says:

    Was this offer made to you whilst you were on a “site” or from another source?

  104. SBAdrified says:

    So, I’ve been asked by a ‘virtual SD’ for an arrangement. 2k+ monthly. While I’m excited about the prospect of a potential SD willingly giving me financial support for my student lifestyle, not to mention a safer arrangement. I wonder, what do you guys think about this – would you be grossed out to do this? This is something I’ve never heard of, nor were blogged about.

  105. Jessie says:

    @Stormcat – Glad to hear you’re doing well, and taking things in stride. Usually when you go silent for a while you’re in that “…and the pendulum swings” phase. Like you’ve discovered, things are wayyy simpler when you’re not wearing your heart on your sleeves.

    As to me flirting with you…Me? Never….*said as I move closer so I can stare in your eyes and bat my eyelashes, while I flip my hair behind my ears, with downcast eyes and a giggle* 😉

  106. Honey says:

    Hey all, just got back from buying my first pair of jeans in about a decade!!! I still have a lot of my old stuff,like vintage guess from when Anna nicole smith was the model!!
    Thanks Nicole,I’m just a tough,old bird with a lot of opinions and I remember when I was young and broke…

  107. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    Jenniebug grabs Tina and runs for the camcorder. Quick! Were going to film this and make a small fortune on eBay!

  108. Tina says:

    @Jenniebug: why yes, yes it is :)

  109. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    @Tina Oh my, this is so wrong on so many levels!

  110. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: keep it up and I think you’ll be needing a whip and a chair to handle a growling Jennie! And Stormcat, I think Phone Guy was flirting with you, so maybe YOU need a whip and a chair! :)

  111. Stormcat says:

    Phone Guy ~ Well everyone knows that I talk to animals and I can tell you this much … There are growls and there are growls. Perhaps it was territorial . . . The problem comes in that the e-growl it completely ambiguous!

  112. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    *** Jennie growls at phone Guy one last time***

  113. SBAdrified says:

    @Tina – Thanks!! Totally makes sense now, I emailed a lot of potentials and I got little to no replies. I’m here thinking, wow, am I that hideous. Oops! :)

    I’m also a newbie, so hello everyone!!

  114. Nicole says:

    This is the second blog that I have read, and let me just say: Hello everyone! You all sound like fun! I love the great discussions going on! Mind if I pull up a chair and join you??

    @Honey… I tip my hat to you, lady. Your attitude and perspective is refreshing and admirable. No wonder you do well in this game! :)

  115. Tina says:

    @SBAdrifted: if their background is blue, they haven’t paid their membership, which means they can’t respond to anyone.

  116. PhoneGuy says:

    @Stormypoo, I swear all she did was growl at me. 😉

  117. Stormcat says:

    Jessie ~ Thank you for the inquiry. It is interesting about blog romances that they are difficult to evolve to the personal level because so many people seem to be watching. Also there is the risk that the coupleing will fail and one or both parties will become vindictive and trash the other on the blog. For example, Jenniebug and I are still seeing each other, yet now here I see her flirting with Phone Guy! If I weren’t on the blog . . . then what I don’t know won’t hurt me, right? But now I see it so I start to feel something worrysome. All I can do is rise above all that and maintain my open minded nature that allows me to love this livestyle! Like they say: “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen!” By the way: Are you flirting with me?

  118. SBAdrified says:

    Okay. Question! I am a premium member, so, if I email someone that has a “blue” profile, are they able to reply. Or do they have to have an orange or black profile – regardless of my status. =S

  119. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    @phoneguy- whatever floats your boat!

  120. PhoneGuy says:

    I love a girl who growls at me. Maybe I should put that in my profile. 😉

  121. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    About looks: Of course looks matter. You don’t just look at someone from across the room and say…. Damm! I bet they have a great personality. If your not happy with the whole package, get out while you’reahead!

    @phone Guy- *** Jennie’s animal instincts start kicking in as she starts growling. :-)

  122. PhoneGuy says:

    Not that I’ve ever been ON Stormypoo so I’m not sure how I get “back up off” him. 😛

  123. Charis says:

    Hooray! Final Exam passed with flying colors! Now off to finish the final edit on the final paper and then…. Spring Break!

    Hope everyone else is having a good weekend.

  124. PhoneGuy says:

    Awww, do I gotta? 😛

  125. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    @phoneguy- you better back up off stormypoo!

  126. PhoneGuy says:

    Awww, stormpoo is the bestestest.

  127. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    @Jessie- Out of respect for the other person involved, I don’t usually blog about my current relationships.
    But because its stormypoo that were talking about……. I can ensure everyone on blog that I’ve had nothing but good expirences with him. Stormy has got to be one of the sweetest and most sincere people that I have ever met in my whole life.

  128. Jessie says:

    @PhoneGuy – Scaredy cat…LOL.

  129. PhoneGuy says:

    @Jessie, That’s why I don’t give my SB my blog name. 😉

  130. Jessie says:

    @Stormcat – I can’t help but notice that you’re awfully quiet after your meeting with jenniebug. No more PDA, or “stormypoo this and jenniebaba that.” Are you going through a melancholy phase? Then again, I recall you PSA and caution about meeting up with someone from the blog. I guess you could also add one of the drawbacks as not being able to speak openly about the relationship since the person is always within earshot. On that note, I always wondered if people would talk as much about their encounter(s) if they knew the SD/SB was reading what they wrote.

  131. Honey says:

    Correction, thanks Dorhyguy, I owe you a sandwihich, Vietnamese?
    So sd’s pefer other types than I…Ok, that does not mean they don’t like darker hued babies. My daddy is white, cast a reddish hue upon my pics skin and make it softer that your baby grandaughters,add a sarcastic wit and that’s me.
    Try Danish, italian, and french guys,german too. I never got much play from Spainards, but the irish have been good for me! Knew a guy from Southie…nevermind..but remember YOu are looking for what is good for you!! You are the Huntress! Do you pictures show off one or two(let’s leave them guessing!)of your better assets? Is your ad, fun and promising or is it a list of don’ts and demands? and some guys are into the dominance thing,but others are not.. what are you saying in your ad?

  132. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    Ooooh…. the fake SD link is awesome. I have like 20 people to put into it.
    ***** Jennie races to the fake SD link to start posting*****

  133. Stormcat says:

    Honey ~ Thank Dorky Guy for the fake SD link.

  134. Pebbles says:

    @southernbaby look me up would love to meet for drinks

  135. Christiana says:

    Shimadoll do you think that’s it or is it location and stuff like that? Have any contacted you if so why havent they/you connected. If you havent had many contacts then maybe you might want to emphasise your great points which I am sure you have, sell yourself, make them want to contact you at least. Where are you from Shimadoll, if you don’t mind me asking.

  136. shimadoll says:

    i jus want say i been on here for almost a month now and i still had no luck wit a sugar daddy im just wondering y most of the sugar daddy’s dont like black girls

  137. Honey says:

    I’m burning the candle at both ends and have no time to lose…
    midterms,,,she said,cryptically…

  138. Honey says:

    Thanks Meghan,
    I’m always hoping I don’t come off as TOO preachy,but I’m 42 on my next birthday..So… youth is an asset everybody gets once,but skills ,poise, confidence are timeless. Power is another thing..use your beauty to get knowledge and skills and when you are older,use power and connections to keep things rolling…! and market yourself to your target audience -If you are overweight,market your big boobs! If you are a little on the skinny side,play that up. remember Jennifer Grey? Her nose is what made her,her. She got it “fixed” and she’s much better know,right? What makes you, you? And why isn’t it out there? Later, if wanted, I’ll tell you gals about”practice” dating..not sure if the guys will like it though…now I’m off to see that fakesugardadysite…Thanks flyr!

  139. flyr says:

    ABAj – Your own hotel room is essential if this is a first meeting It’s amazing what he or you can do with a little shopping on priceline.

  140. flyr says:

    Honey – Be hot at any age! But use the pretty,don’t abuse it!

    Great advice – also look at what makes a woman desirable beyond hot

  141. SBAj says:

    Someone asked me to fly out to visit him. Night and morning. Now, since he’s asking me to come over – it’s pretty obvious that it will most likely be at his place. Should I ask him for a room at a hotel for myself..

    Ideally, how much should I ask for in return – for a meet and greet. (including or not including the travel expense)

  142. Jessie says:

    @Meghan – On the right side under Sugar Daddy Dating Tips, check out Travel Guidelines for SBs. Actually every topic listed there is very informative…so take time and read them all. You’ll feel a lot more “empowered” and confident after doing so.

    I feel I need to say, it’s NOT a good idea to spend the night at a SDs house for a first visit. I don’t think he should even have suggested that. Your safety should always be paramount, and I don’t know how you could feel safe, or how he can guarantee that without having met.You need to meet in a public location until you feel comfortable with him in person. The online interaction is sooo different than an up close and personal encounter. Best of luck, but trod safely.

  143. VanillaSugar says:

    @DorkyGuy–Thanks for the website! Think I’ve been contacted by a few fakes..seems as soon as I ask certain questions they disappear lol

  144. Christiana says:

    Meghan in the ensuing days if you have email or message contact I would be inclined to ask his expectations seeing you are “getting on well” , you may wish to ask has he done this before and/or does he have a $figure in mind. How often does he want to see you. I thing it is difficult for a SD to make a clear committment wihtout having met you but he also may wish to try the goods first too so you need to be strong as by accepting accommodation at his place he may believe that is a green light, rightly or wrongly without having made any committment.

  145. SBAj says:

    DorkyGuy – Thanks for the link! One of the very few things I hope to never encounter on this site..

  146. DorkyGuy says:

    To the new SBs on the blog, welcome :)

    Please have a look at this website… fakesugardaddy.blogspot.com

    It should be required reading for all new SBs. It is written by a guy who teaches other guys how to trick SBs into sex without giving them anything.

  147. Meghan says:

    He has not talked about expectations.. nor $. He did mention me staying at his place though. I feel comfortable with our contact that we’ve had throughout the day today, and we will have more before then as well. How would you handle it at this point hun?

  148. Christiana says:

    Well clearly you have to put yourself out there if that’s what you want. Has he told you his expectations and is he paying etc? That’s what I did, if I felt good about our online contact then I met them. As I said I even travelled Interstate though he paid for the airfare and accommodation.

  149. Meghan says:

    @ Christiana~ I just joined yesterday. I have been contacted by a gentleman who wants to meet next weekend… wants to me travel an hour and half to see him. Stay in the city with him, go rollerblading, get to know one another a little, have dinner and leave the next day. Should I make the arrangements ahead of time?? Or should I wait to go and see him and see how things go??? I’m not a shy girl, so I have no problem going and playing it by ear.. or just waiting til that time comes. Just wondering how to begin in all…

  150. Christiana says:

    @Meghan yes I have met about 8 men so far, some thought they could have a one nighter but I said no something ongoing at night or weekends as I work or “full time” if they want to pay my way. I am in final discussions now with 2 Sugar Daddies both of whom seem to be great. I have flown interstate to meet one, he is divorced and in business, his house is a mansion, the other guy lives close to me and both have been gentlement and acted upfront with me. I guess I am about to make a decision. What about yourself? I live in Australia and I just had a contact from a guy in the US asking if I wanted to go there to meet him.

  151. Meghan says:

    @Christiana ~ Thanks again for the info! I greatly appreciate your welcoming nature! (Even though you haven’t been here that long yourself, every little bit helps!) Have you met anyone in person yet?

  152. Christiana says:

    Meghan I am new to this so someone else would know a lot more than I but in the short time I have been here heaps of guys have approached me and I have been able to reply to them.

  153. Meghan says:

    @Honey ~ From a newbie SB *hugs* for posting such amazing advice!! I think I’ve become a million times wiser and able to even just do this because of reading many of your posts! :) Thanks girl! :)

  154. Meghan says:

    @Christiana~ Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it! :) What are the benefits from being a paid/free member? Wisconsin and you hun?

  155. SBAj says:

    NC Gent – Thanks for the tip, that’s what I thought at first. After I told him that he should get a room, didn’t hear from him since. For the obvious reason, perhaps..

    Still looking for my SD! It sure is hard finding the right one.

  156. Honey says:

    Be hot at any age! But use the pretty,don’t abuse it!

  157. KellyCO says:

    I love this lifestyle, wouldnt change it for the World. Be young & hot while you can (:

  158. Christiana says:

    Saturday morning here

  159. LASB says:

    Dorky – Congrats on your refi! I’m so envious! I wish I could do the same, but I’m too far underwater. :(

    Honey – Don’t hang around creepy people just because they MAY give you money.
    Amen!! I think that’s such an important concept to remember while on these sugar sites.

    Hi everyone! Happy Friday!!

  160. Honey says:

    PhoneGuy, I feel ya. I’m in the sugarbowl because I’m not ready to settle down yet.The traditional sites offer guys who are ready to settle down. I tell them and they have never had a problem with calling me back…I only say that to show that when a guy is interested he Will show you. Too many women are working too hard, trying to make themselves a fit. When the guy will do it if he really wants to. But I’ve always been accused of having too much of an independent streak and too much pride and also very possessive of my time and things. But I really would like to think that I “get” as in understand, men. and of course you would rather have a women who you could see more easy,who wouldn’t?

  161. PhoneGuy says:

    I get your point but there is definitely a limit. You don’t want a woman who has nothing going on in her life and is just sitting home doing nothing. I’m sure a woman seeming busy invokes a competitive streak in some guys. I would rather a woman be not so busy that it is difficult to arrange seeing her.

  162. Honey says:

    Aww, thanks Loli.
    I’m in high spirits still, have a friend whose daughter won Grand Champion In her catogory! I thought it was done and she didn’t place, then she turns up winning! I’m so happy to have such cool friends. and to turn it into a lesson for the board..Don’t hang around creepy people just because they MAY give you money. That smacks of being desperate. Make him respect you,if you feel icky after talking to him, don’t meet him, even if you need rent money,you will end up being taken advantage of. Everyone has a life,right?Guys LOVE busy women, they will want MORE of your time if you are busy, because you are in high demand timewise. It’s like already choosing a winning bet..You want people to want to be a part of you circle of fun, so that they can steal you away from it all. So make sure you have a good support system, and choose your friends wisely.

  163. DorkyGuy says:

    @Teeny~ I know.. .the timing is wonderful. I am having terrific karma lately… everything is going my way 😀

  164. Tex says:

    @SD Guru – I’m not sure what the scam would be but it is just too fishy. The photos were nice though… :)

  165. Teeny says:

    @DorkyGuy its a good thing you did it now while you can get that low of a rate. Its about to go up to 4.2% like next week.

  166. Loli says:

    Yea Honey,

    You are awesome and you give really good advice…
    I hope you keep posting on the board because we all need you as a sugar baby resource lol

  167. DorkyGuy says:

    Doing great! Just closed on a refi… 3.5%… insane. How are you? You don’t seem as nawty today…

  168. Anna Molly says:

    Hi ya’ll! What’s everyone been up to?

  169. loving stewie griffin says:

    Hey, looking for girl friends in london. I am a 26yrs old female. Drop a note pls

  170. Christiana says:

    Meghan its free for me and its free if you want it to be…others can explain it better than I can. Where are you from.

  171. flyr says:

    LASB – agree 100%

    Re Sex on First Meet – Presumably we are all adults. I think the best rule is that the initial meeting is without commitment on either party, but where it goes can be in the moment. Preferably the financial discussion occurred prior to the dessert .

  172. flyr says:

    Anna – I would say it is a definite NO (to be expect $ just to meet with someone) , but if you drove any significant distance to the meeting a considerate guy will offer to contribute to the gas. I realize that some SB use it to weed out the “daters” from the SD.

    There are three ways to handle the financial discussion, before the first meeting , at the first meeting or after the first meeting. Were I an SB I would want confirmation that the pot has read and understands your expectations. There are alternatives but they are closer to the p4p arena.

  173. Meghan says:

    Hey guys! I’m brand new to this whole thing… do all of you pay to be on the site, or do any of you do it for free??

  174. DorkyGuy says:

    Hey guys, feels like forever since I’ve checked in… Don’t have time to read everything, but wanted to pop in and say “hey”!

    • SD Guru says:

      I smell a scam here… Two SB profiles, both 19, Fort Worth, and 5’4″. They have different photos but an identical seeking description of

      I looked up the profiles you mentioned. Both use the same name and were created on the same date, but one hasn’t logged in in over a month and the other over 3 months so both appear to be inactive. It does seem odd that they’d use the same text so maybe they know each other or it’s the same person with two profiles. And if it’s a scam, what do you think the scam is?

  175. BeautifullySweeetSB says:

    Hello my lovely SD’s and SB’s how is everyone doing?

  176. Eliza says:

    I agree with LASB

  177. Christiana says:

    I wouldn’t expect or ask for money just to meet first up either.

  178. LASB says:

    Anna – I never ask for money just to meet. I think it makes the SB come off as too money focused. Quite a few will give something anyhow, which signals to me that they understand the concept of sugar. If being compensated to meet people is important to you, maybe try the WhatsYourPrice site, where it’s understood that they will be giving you something at the first meet.

  179. Anna says:

    @ teeny, yes I am just getting the hang of all of this. How do you ladys feel about about wanting the money the first meeting even if it is just for lunch? ,,, Is that asking for to much?

  180. Honey says:

    radiohead,zero 7,alpha,ghostface killer,air,Beck ,Fiona apple a surprise addition at sxsw….drugs for your ears. I think I may just lay down in the park and look at the clouds….
    what type of music are people listening to? I’ve been off the beat for quite a while. Have not heard Adele sing, heard of her. I was born in(Detroit) Motown (got out of there, real quick)but the music was cool.

  181. Honey says:

    Anna.Just tell me when! Let’s party! and it’s been a year and a half and I still have to send him home… I’m just too good! and it’s not exactly a fairy tale. I work my butt off keeping him happy!
    Golly, I wish I had the word to explain how easy it is…

  182. AnnaMW says:

    @ Honey – You are awesome. Good for you! I have also had the good fortune of experiencing fairytale arrangement… It was cut short when true love prevailed (an RL guy that I almost married). I suppose the situation was a little too idyllic for my SD because he continued to pursue me relentlessly for almost a year following our break-up. I felt badly, but we both moved on and are still friends.

    I’m in your town a little bit next month. We should grab a cocktail. :-)

  183. Tina says:

    @Honey: Rodeo still on here, and it’s a GORGEOUS day in my part of Texas too!!! It’s a little windy, but I have the windows open! Supposed to be 90 on Saturday though – booooooooooo!

  184. Tina says:

    @ Tex: I smell good friends / roommates combined with a possible scam. Personally, I’d steer clear. Even if it’s just for the sake of not being original / intelligent enough to make up your own profile. Pffffft.

  185. Teeny says:

    I agree probably scam but could also be a couple of young naive friends.. Im actually surprised haveing a description like that hasnt been flagged. I saw a profile had viewed me and tried to look at it but it said it couldnt be viewed because of inappropriate content.

  186. Honey says:

    Most likely a scam, go with your gut…

  187. Tex says:

    I smell a scam here. I just can’t tell what it is. Can someone unravel it for me? Two SB profiles, both 19, Fort Worth, and 5’4″. They have different photos but an identical seeking description of:

    I wanna be pampered. Bad. If it mean’s having sex for things, I will. If I fall in love with you, than that’s fine too

    I can understand having simliar descriptions but word-for-word? Something is suspicious.

  188. Honey says:

    Charis, you sound like an Amazon! Cool! Great job! I know how hard you must have worked!! Be prepared as you lose for your friends to tell you you are losing too much weight!! Just keep healthy!
    I used to do fencing and judo with my ex and karate and wrestling. And I’ve added pilates to my yoga and need to get back into Capoeira! that’s the ticket! I am fierce! p.s. I bought a quantum scale, I love it! It just tells you the weight you have gained or lost, not your weight…made such a difference in my life!!
    And yes,Anna- they expect sex when they fly you out, but I’m the type who will stay in your guest bedroom the first time, I call it “dating”, and me sleeping with a guy I just met is not that!
    I held out for a really high limit credit card,in my name,drawn on his account, a monthly allowance of $600…$1200 every month deposited into my checking account, all of my bills paid, car (nice little red jetta), rent, travel, singapore twice, costa rica, all in the past 18 months.
    It CAN be done,ladies. But you have to know you are worth it. If he is “Just not into you” say no. A man will show you when he is serious,are you? If he doesn’t make you feel good about it, don’t walk to the end of the driveway with him, move on to the guy who will be what you are looking for. Be happy, polite and firm.You are worth waiting for and he he needs to get you off the market before some other guys does!
    That advice was for the board. and worth every penny you paid for it!

  189. AnnaMW says:

    @ Anna – I make it very clear, up front that I like to get to know a person before getting together and that I am looking for a lasting situation as opposed to a one night stand. That weeds out the p4p guys and the fakers who are trolling for sex. It sounds like you are really new. I am happy to chat with you off-blog if you ever need advice.

    About the money conversation, it can ruin the magic at times, but is a necessary conversation. When I had a profile, my parameters were listed and I could usually tell quickly based on profession and lifestyle if they would be able to meet my needs. I like to avoid a money conversation during the first meeting. It’s totally unromantic…. I also like to go into a first meeting without any expectations surrounding sex or money. How should I know if I want to be with someone I never met??? Once we’ve established we like each other and want to move forward, it’s time for the talk….

    @ Honey – I wouldn’t sleep with someone on a first meet even if I flew out to meet them. Usually if a guy shells out money for travel, he will expect sex. That isn’t always the case though. If a guy is looking for women outside of his local area, he might be trying to find the right woman and therefor willing to invest more time and resources to get to know a lady properly, as well as understanding that I’m taking a risk and making a time commitment as well….. Long distance situations are tricky there is a little more pressure to expedite things. It’s just a matter of what you’re okay with. :-)

  190. Teeny says:

    @Anna I wouldn’t worry to much about wanting to email off site. Just be careful with what email address you send from if you are worried about personal info (dont use the same email you use for FB for example) A lot of times it is easier to communicate off site since most everyone can send and receive emails on their phone now a days.

  191. Charis says:

    @ Honey – Yes I do work out! In fact I am kind of proud of my weight now, though I still have a few more pounds to lose. Ten years ago I weighed nearly 400 pounds, I’ve lost 278 pounds and still losing. Tooting my own horn here but I’m very pround of what I’ve accomplished, and once I discovered my drive there’s been no stopping me.
    I don’t know what everyone else does to work out but if anyone is interested I’d be willing teach the Sword and Staff movements that I use, it’s similar to TaiChi or Yoga but you use a sword or staff for weight resistance and combine them with some of the defensive and offensive battle movements.

  192. Honey says:

    Wild bells to the wild skies everyone!! Happy Spring!! l.Lovey day in Houston-One of our 41 great days a year with low humidity!
    Today is a great day! I may even put on make up!!
    NYGirl,what is your mother tongue!
    Hi,flyr and Charis and evreyone else lurking today!

  193. flyr says:

    “hey ladies, Im a new SB and of course I have questions. I have already recieved alot of messages for potential SD. But one of them was asking to meet this weekend but I have to send him messages through his email account because it wouldnt let me send them directly on here. Should I be worried about this?”

    Two reasons to use email. 1) using this site on a phone is difficult and 2) even though it’s my company I never log on to the site from the office computers and 3) I prefer email.

    As many SB have noted, your early contact EM should be an account reserved for that purpose alone. You don’t want jerks having access to your regular em.

  194. Honey says:

    Charis , do u work out? I find I am much more confident AFTER I work I . I actually look better to myself AFTER I work out. And then the guy does not stand a chance!

  195. Honey says:

    Today it is Spring in Texas!! Rodeo is Now over!
    Chicks being chased by cocks and roosters!

  196. Charis says:

    BTW I hope everyone had a great St. Patty’s Day, Irish or not.

  197. Charis says:

    @ Honey – Thank you for saying that size, or color should not matter. I agree and if your avatar is a good representation you are a very attractive woman period, color not an issue. I too, have had instances in real life where my size seems to be a problem.
    I would describe myself as a curvy gal with red hair, blue-green eyes, great brests and legs and lots to tease and play with. However, some just cant seem to get past the size part.
    Beauty and brains are part of the package for most of the SBs I’ve seen on SA, I just don’t get why color or size whould matter, maybe I’m just not prejudiced enough.

  198. Honey says:

    Anna, that sounds a bit like p4p…which is okay, but not quite a relationship yet..
    Is he nice? Of course you should ask, unless you don’t mind giving test drives?
    Really, just have a general rule on NOT sleeping on the first meeting. If he is really interested he won’t mind waiting until a 2nd meeting.If he is “too busy”, then maybe he’s not the one.

  199. Anna says:

    @honey, also another SD I am speaking to asked to go out to lunch and then have intimate time afterwards… How should I go about nicely telling him that this may come after the first night? and he also doesnt want to speak about money but told me it would be a nice package with hundreds…should I ask more about this?

  200. Anna says:

    hey ladies, Im a new SB and of course I have questions. I have already recieved alot of messages for potential SD. But one of them was asking to meet this weekend but I have to send him messages through his email account because it wouldnt let me send them directly on here. Should I be worried about this?

  201. Honey says:

    Vanilla, I know, it just makes me think they call everyone “baby” and how original is that? I’m thinking,”Will he even remember my name?” plus, to me, it connotes a familiarity that I just don’t feel on the first meeting.

  202. Southernbaby says:

    @SoutherncharmSB-Where in the south are you girl? I’m a southern sb too 😉

    Any FL sugar babies looking to meet up for drinks and go out? I’l be close to MIA soon 😉

  203. VanillaSugar says:

    @Honey–“and don’t ever call me “baby” am I the only one who hates being called baby on the first date?”

    Someonone just sent me an email calling me baby..my first impulse was to delete it lol. That is such a turn off for me, especially when I don’t know you!

    @CandyCoated–I totally agree! That has happened to me quite a few times, smh…then I get pissed because I just wasted 5 min reading this bs…

  204. Honey says:

    Hello everyone who made it over from the other board per Helen Reddy-or Reddie?
    To the sb of color, why would they Not know your color? One should have a pic with one’s ad. I have such great soft, dark skin that I consider it one of my best features! (along with my brains , breasts, legs and smile)I usually date white guys. I consider myself the ultimate brunette and have NEVER had any problem dating anyone I wanted. Beauty comes in ALL colors,so I always mention my soft, brown skin and hope to attract guys that like that.I just date the ones who date me. I’m always getting white guys asking”Do u date out of your race?” I say “What race are you,Martian?
    Size, color makes no difference, I think you have to show why YOU are different from any other woman they have ever met…
    sweet,dark Honey Brown

  205. BettyBlue says:

    I agree with NC Gent and Teeny — the request to have the SB “host” seems very escort / john -ish. and unfortunately Im noticing more and more pots SDs have been requesting it . I have a tiny apt and a roommate so I tell them it isnt an option. If the guy cant afford a $60 hotel room they arent an SD . And I have to know someone pretty well before Id ever invite them over , in real life or an SD , no difference.

  206. Teeny says:

    Just my opinion but if a potential SD is comin in from out of town to meet and is to cheap to pay 60-120 bucks for a hotel room hes probably not going to make a very good SD. I never let someone stay with me unless I really trust them, Im not saying my place is off limits because its not. My place is perfectly fine for hanging out at and if i have been in a relationship with someone for awhile and trust them then yes spending the night/weekend is fine. Someone coming in from out of town can mean a few things, if someone is coming down from the mountains to see me (after we have met and established a connection of course, first meet should always be in public) and asks if I can host then my answer would be yes, since i live alone and its just hanging out for a few hrs. If they are coming in from out of state to meet for the first time and ask if I can host or where they are going to stay my response is a hotel. If you can pay for a flight and are flying some where to meet a SB then you can afford a hotel. With sites like priceline you can even get it for cheap, which is why I assume a pot asking to come into town and stay with me is full of it.

  207. NC Gent says:

    SBAj — well phrases like “can you host” make me think he might be viewing you as an escort, because that is a commonly applied escort term. It is 100% reasonable for him to get the room, especially because it is a first date and you have roommates, among other reasons. IMHO, a first meeting should be the opportunity to see whether you like each other or not. Most will have some type of allowance/arrangement discussion on the first or second date. If I was you, I would get half of your allowance in cash before you are intimate with him, unless you really trust him or you just want to have sex for personal satisfaction. This is my opinion, but the less of a friendship you have established, the more it is going to feel like a business transaction. Some people are completely comfortable with a business transaction type of sugar arrangement. I prefer to be in a sugar relationship where I am providing financial support because I want to provide support, not because I have to provide support. Just some things you need to think about and talk about with your pot SD…. I would recommend telling him that you would like to meet for coffee, lunch, dinner whatever first to establish/determine chemistry… if he runs for the hills, you have a “John” not a pot SD. From the little you have told me, he sounds more like a “John” than an SD, but time will tell… best wishes in your sugar search!

  208. SBAj says:

    Hello, I’m a newbie – still trying to get the hook of this SA. I have a potential SD that is coming in town and asked me if I can be the host. I told him that he has to get a room because I have roommates. Reasonable? Yes/no?

    Also, should I start off with asking for a compensation for a meeting or ask for a monthly allowance. How will I know for sure if he’s going to go give me money, after we meet up.

    To ask for money. Is it better to get em cash/money order or check??

    I know this is supposed to be a mutually beneficial arrangement, but it’s really difficult to make it NOT sound like a business transaction..

  209. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    Why is it that when you block someone, they can still view your profile? If i block someone,I’m usually so disgusted with them that i don’t want them looking at me anymore.

  210. Tex says:

    @CandyCoated – The search feature has a section for ethnicity or are you referring feature where you can reverse search for guys who are looking for x ethcnicity? That wouldn’t be a bad idea to allow a list of preferences desired so that you can weed out those who aren’t interested in you.

  211. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    I was going to post….. but I got nothing!

  212. Stormcat says:

    NYG ~ Your question to me is a bit rude. But I’m not offended. So since you asked, to which of my ladies are you referring? Of the SBs I’ve dated I made love to 2 of them. None on the first date. As far as the quality of the lovemaking goes, that’s not something I intend to discuss here.

  213. Loli says:

    I agree with Candy Coated

    Maybe there should be a section for more specific preferences.
    Perhaps “I prefer so and so on” or a “what my limits are” and “what really turns me on” etc sections?

    I’m a chocolate dipped sugar baby and what CC mentioned does happen to me a lot. We might as well lay things out clearly and from the start.

    be sure to include a “close-minded ***holes” box in the “what my limits are section” as well though 😛

  214. CandyCoated says:

    Hey Brandon!

    Race is always a touchy subject, and it’s also something that traditional dating sites do so no idea how you would feel about this BUT I would love to not waste time wading through a profile that sounds interesting only to get to the end and have them read something like ‘I am not attracted to women of African descent’.
    Note, I have NO problem with people who are not attracted to black women. Whatever floats your boat and all that but I have a few other minority sugar baby friends and it’s a common theme!

    If you could just have people state upfront, that would cut down the search!

  215. Jessie says:

    @Loli – If you’ve been corresponding for a month, have met each other, and he still hasn’t broached the allowance talk, and refuse to discuss it on your prodding I’d say it’s time to move on. This is not a site where you can wait for things to “happen naturally.” The whole point of being on SA is so you can lay everything out, make your requests known, and have a relationship
    “your own way”, without having to go through all this nonsense. When I hear a guy say he wants things to be “natural” I always start withdrawing, because I know he’s looking for a girlfriend…not an arrangement, and things can get uncomfortable really fast.

  216. Jessie says:

    @J – I have a feeling you’re a troll and I should just do the smart thing and “don’t feed…,” but…I’m wide awake and feel exceptionally chatty tonight ;). Yeah, I bet the women you meet are falling over themselves to be high earners. So when you PAY them $2000 their JOB is to have sex with you. What I’m having difficulty understanding though is why you’re referring to them as a SB. Does it make you feel better not to call them escorts? You know there’s no shame in bedding an escort if no SB want “to climb down off their high horse” for you right? Another question…did you forget to finish typing out your name? Seems like you forgot the o-h-n after that J.

  217. Christiana says:

    That concerns me in a way, that men view me as their fantasy chick….good or bad I’m not sure

  218. flyr says:

    MyMy asked if there is a place here for a normal looking woman – As far as I am concerned YES absolutely, while the nubile blond bombshell may be a more common fantasy, an average woman with a great personality and attitude (and sensual skills) is a treasure for most men, and perhaps the men who are more likely to support a sustained relationship.

    Traveling on first date for women ………………… If you look at almost any sport there’s a home field advantage, it’s not something you want to surrender on the first encounter for many reasons. I have had some long distance SB relationships but they have generally evolved to a few meetings each year and no regular cash flow for the SB. Not strictly P4P but not a monthly stipend.

    VA – Perhaps a more explicit arrangement – card gets refilled every N visits which matches our monthly expectation or bi-monthly.

    One method that works for single SD is to open another account at an institution which you use. Get a debit card for that account and make sure the account is not linked for OD protection to any other account. The SB gets the card with her personalized code. Whatever you put in there she can access. Electronic fund transfers are easy when they are between your accounts. Transfers to other, non business accounts are a little more complex and problematical She has to trust that you will not remove the funds from the account so she needs to spend the money (or transfer it to her account) as she goes.

    She has a note from you (a business card with a note on the back usually works fine) authorizing her to use the card . However, there is no need for this to get cash , use gas stations, purchase stuff on the internet etc. A few stores may ask but a brief hushed explanation that it’s her boyfriend and he is in the doghouse usually suffices, especially if the cashier is female.

    One advantage of this is that it reminds her of your contribution to her lifestyle every time she uses the card.

  219. DorkyGuy says:

    Nobody puts “baby” in a corner.

  220. NYGirl says:

    Stormy knows what I am talking about , Honey.
    He has to answer. I always share my REAL stories in here.
    I like no games and just be h o n e s t.

    I think I did not call anyone “baby” ever in my life:)
    So u r safe here.:)

    And coz English is my third language I do not have any uncomfort to be called “baby” “honey”, I think I do not feel it has any special meaning to me.
    “baby” is even sexy for me. I do not mind.

  221. Loli says:

    Another question… I went on a meeting with a pot two weeks ago. All in all we have been talking for close to a month and he has yet to bring up the issues of allowance, time, and other expectations. He asked me to hang out with him again/at his house this time and I said sure but not at his house and that we should take some time during our next date to find some clarity about the arrangement. He sends me this message about how he wanted things to be more natural and easygoing and discussing the financial aspect is too cold for him…it ruins the fantasy he says. He says he thought that with time things would just naturally iron themselves out to my liking without much of a discussion.

    I wrote back that unfortunately these are things that must be discussed outright in the kind of unconventional relationship that we are looking to enter into and that I prefer to discuss them and get them out of the way. What’s the deal ya’ll. Am I crossing some kind of line in regards to being too pushy about getting an arrangement ironed out? I mean I know some people really love the fantasy but what’s the line?

  222. Honey says:

    NYG, maybe I’ll put out for you but you’ll have to talk to me nice first!! and don’t ever call me “baby” am I the only one who hates being called baby on the first date?. Does any one else find that too familiar? And I like Stormy’s answer actually…

  223. NYGirl says:

    “if sex happens…blah….blah…”

    Does it happen ? Stormy?
    And more importantly how good it was. :)
    The Q is?
    U do not go all shy now, our last romantic knight.

  224. Teeny says:

    @Honey I have a rule that I dont fly/drive to meet someone for the first time. If they came to me and we met and all was good and then I later went to see them yes I would probably sleep with them but only cause we would have already met.

  225. NYGirl says:

    In this case…
    If I fly you to NYC and pay you $2000 you HAVE to sleep with me. :)

    No greet and meet for $2000 plus tickets with me. :) Lol.

    Honey. Seriously.
    You have to ask J. he is a SD who wrote about this fly SBs thing.

  226. Stormcat says:

    J ~ “I fly my SBs in and I pay then when they come. If I’m not seeing them, I obviously do not pay them. Paying someone who is not spending time with you would be the sign of a guy who lacks intelligence.”

    Actually real SDs don’t pay. Paying is something done to hookers. An SD takes care of his SB in whatever way she needs. If sex happens between them it is an expression of that careing for each other. But then I’m sure you get the diference. Or else you haven’t actually had the pleasure of having a true SB/SD experience.

  227. Christiana says:

    Depends on a lot of things if there was a future maybe……..

  228. Honey says:

    But let me re-phrase my question anyway, to Sb’s in general..
    If a guy flew you out to meet with him would you sleep with him on that trip?
    It’s kinda a trick question(no pun intended!) There is a kind of pressure to, I had a friend tell me that a guy is not shelling that money out NOT to sleep with them. I didn’t concur…ladies…gentlemen?

  229. Honey says:

    I did misunderstand the question…or at least your gender, I’ve been popping in and off the board and mixed up my monikers!

  230. NYG says:


    I think I am lucky I have a girl friend IRL who understands me and I can talk to her about sugar dating (and she lives only 6 blocks away from me).

    I did not understand your Q.
    I am not bi. did u mean something also?

  231. Honey says:

    But NYG would the sb have to sleep with you on the weekend? Or is it just a meet and greet?

  232. Loli says:

    Thanks for the pointers ya’ll :) @ Honey I don’t think of myself as desperate… If a guy who I have been talking to for a couple weeks is out of the country and wants to send me a gift NSA until we we can meet. It would be dumb not to accept it. Especially since he’s not doing anything that raises flags like asking for my bank account info.

    Anyway NYG you are right! sugar babies in NYC are so unfriendly. I’m kidding of course! They’re not unfriendly, just guarded… and rightly so. I’m looking for an NYC sugar mentor. It would be nice to talk to someone who’s experienced in all of this. Especially since I can only share this aspect of my life with one friend who lives in another town from me.

  233. NYG says:

    This upsets you ?
    I got an e mail from SA site “do you like casual sex”.
    I answered “I do not like casual sex, I like only good and amazing sex :)”

    The next mail was “do you swallow?”

    Do guys pay membership to send these kind of e mails to … to do what?…
    Does this attitude work?

  234. Christiana says:

    Personally I have told my potential SD’s I can continue working and meet them nights and weekends or they can finance me fully and I will stop work and just study and make myself available to fit their schedule. Gives them a choice and so far the SD’s are receptive.

  235. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    Grrr… I hate it when people just don’t get it…
    About two month ago I received an email asking if i like the reno /Tahoe area. I replied by saying that i love it up there. He just got around to responding to my reply by saying: great! Let me know when you make it out here. Ugh!

  236. NYG says:

    U r fun.
    R u advertising yourself .? :)

    The trip/ fly, $2000 a weekend. (what is the catch ?) :)
    there are some SBs who love to fly coast to coast to see no strangers.:)

    The only one thing is missing – you did not post your profile number? :)))

    unfortunately I can not fly to you – I promised my virginity to VA gent. coz I take and he gives p4p cash only. :) this is how we roll.

  237. SteamRed Sugar says:

    Evening sugars! Just came from a business mixer. Had mixed results…lol
    The pollen is crazy down down here.

  238. J says:

    [email protected] many of the SBs here trying to force guys to do what they want (big cash lump sum in regular intervals). This world does not work the way you’d like to imagine. It’s 50/50, not “the woman is in control” like many dating situations. I fly my SBs in and I pay then when they come. If I’m not seeing them, I obviously do not pay them. Paying someone who is not spending time with you would be the sign of a guy who lacks intelligence. A guy who is dumb enough to pay without visitation probably isn’t smart enough to have what it takes to be a real SD anyway – unless he inherited it.

    Fact of the matter is, there are a million SBs out there and far fewer real SDs. Some of you SBs need to get off the high horse, or be out earned by all the cool, relaxed SBs that do exist in great numbers and do take $2000 or so for a weekend visit to see me.

  239. NYG says:

    I can not get NYC! girls out.:)

    VA. how come I never get this “paid for no play ” thing?:)
    Teach me , pls. :)

  240. Honey says:

    Me too, Red! me too! It’s sometimes hard to get Houstonians out!

  241. SteamRed Sugar says:

    Chiming in real quick
    I wish I was in Houston then I could come….mock pout

  242. Honey says:

    Class has been cancelled tonight!!!whew hoo! Any babies in Houston wanna do the social thing? I got an event (Happy hour)I might drop by, wouldn’t mind meeting new people in a fun, social setting

  243. Va Gentleman says:

    @ jeff_nc

    ” it started out as a monthly stipend with an expectation of one or two dates per week ” —
    ” After a few months, my SB got very busy with real life and found it difficult to meet even once a week ”

    And therein lies the fallacy with the monthly allowance. My experience with “prepay ” has been dismal and I have basically been an ATM for previous SB s . I know you are not supposed to look at Sugar Dating as a value based commodity , but how can you not if you are Paying For No Play (PFNP) . Obviously the integrity of each partie is critical for this arrangement to be fair .

  244. Stormcat says:

    O Coelho ~ I take it you’re addressing the site admin. I’m not one of them but just fyi: the blog has been here for many years and the archives are full to overflowing with the kind of information you posit. Also there are many of the relevant topics catagorized, condensed and made available in the topic links at the top of this page.

  245. O Coelho says:

    The concept is right but the excution is misguided.

    If you truly want to improve your clients’ experience

    1) Sugar Daddys: What is the most frustrating/game-ending behavior you encounter?

    2) Sugar Babys: What is the most frustrating/game-ending behavior you encounter?

    Give both sides a voice that offers the A students on the other side a window into the challenges associated with arranngements.

  246. SteamRed Sugar says:

    Its Stormcat (jumping up and down) 😀
    Great to be back *HUGS*
    Been busy another mad cleanup project at work occasional peeks at the blog seems I missed alot

  247. NC Gent says:

    Hey SteamRed Sugar — always good to see you!!!

  248. Stormcat says:

    SteamRed ~ Hey! How ya doin! Welcome back!

    Loli ~ In the past I’ve gotten a refillable money card. I give it to my SB and then whenever I want I refill it. Refills can be purchased at many common stores, Grocery stores drug stores etc. Then I text the transaction number and she can apply it top her card on line. The only draw backs are that each refill costs $5 and there is a limit of how much can be applied each time. I think Wallmart allows $1K but Rite Aid and others only allow $500.

  249. Honey says:

    SteamRed Hi!
    Gals, I myself would be leery of accepting any money from a person I only know online. Too many scams. I try to meet in person in a public place to feel a person out.Don’t be desperate.Don’t rush or try to rush…

  250. SteamRed Sugar says:

    NC Gent 😀
    I’ve missed you!

  251. NC Gent says:

    Loli — I think that MIGHT work, but I think you may have some problems verifying the new sugar account and transferring the funds to your bank account. You might be able to paypal transfer the funds from your sugar account to your regular account to overcome that problem, but I am not 100% certain. If it isn’t too much of a hardship, maybe just cash or a gift card in person when you meet. Best wishes!

  252. John says:

    Ability to search by keywords !!!!

    Ability to search by keywords !!!!

    Ability to search by keywords !!!!


  253. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    Pre paid visa ftw!

  254. SteamRed Sugar says:

    Morning sugars
    Hey Honey! Good to see ya 😀
    Hi Loli I’ve heard of people doing it but dont quote me. I would advise asking Paypal about a separate account and see what they say or ask the pot how he feels about wiring it to you.
    good luck!

  255. Loli says:

    Hey all!

    I have a question regarding Paypal,
    I am talking to a pot who wants to send me sugar via paypal. I haven’t officially met him, so don’t feel comfortable with him having my real name yet. I’m thinking about opening another pay pal account under my sugar name. Is that possible? I have a previous paypal with my legal name that is connected to a checkings account. I would open this one under my sugar name and connect it to my savings account, so it’s not under the same banking info…Thoughts anyone?
    Or does anyone have any alternative ideas?

  256. Honey says:

    Gals, if you don’t have a high opinion of yourself,get out of the game!
    Mymy, just because you don’t look like what t.v execs SAY is pretty does not mean you are not!
    I think I am ..like an eight,physically, but add my personality and I’m an 11!..
    and I like to use my special amp that goes to 11 and when I need it I just crank it up!!lol!!! Sorry personal joke.. Raining cats and dogs in Houston
    Honey, signing off

  257. NC Gent says:

    Jeff — hey neighbor! with a couple of past long-distance SBs, I had a retainer plus pay for meeting arrangement. I gave my SB a base amount (retainer) whether we were able to get together that month or not, and then I gave her additional support (via paypal – not handing her money) based upon how often we were able to get together that month. It took off the pressure of having to see each other, but she still knew I was interested. Plus, even if we didn’t see each other that month, she spent quite a bit of time texting and talking with me. There are all sorts of variations out there, and you are right… whatever works best for the two people involved is what matters most!

  258. jeff_nc says:

    I wanted to add my $.02 to Va Gentleman’s comments.

    I have only had one SB so far, and it started out as a monthly stipend with an expectation of one or two dates per week. After a few months, my SB got very busy with real life and found it difficult to meet even once a week.

    She got a little stressed about it and felt she wasn’t keeping up her part of the arrangement. Finally, she suggested we switch to a set amount per meeting. That took the pressure off her, and we kept it “classy” by my paying for several meetings in advance.

    I say “whatever works.” One size does not fit all.

  259. Christiana says:

    mymy I am new too but I would say the decision you made is more than r4easonable for sure.

  260. mymy says:

    I’m new to this and I’m not typically what most would view as what a sb would look like so I’m not having much luck! I’m curious as to if I should keep trying or is this just not something your average looking woman can do? I had found one man but was kind of skeptical when he wanted me to go to ny after only speaking once and I’m not really sure how these arrangements work but we had never even discussed it so I never went is it not normal to discuss the arrangement before going on a trip three states away to meet a sd?

  261. flyr says:

    Re Jessie’s comments

    One of the real benefits of a monthly stipend that arrives electronically is that it gets the transactional issue out of the meetings. It’s something that just happens in the background. To me, no matter how discretely it’s done, exchanging cash at an otherwise fun evening turns it into a commercial event. This would of course exclude an extra token of affection in the form of a non cash present.

  262. LASB says:

    Jessie – I love what you said and totally agree! :)

  263. flyr says:

    Jan- “Please any tips,advice would be helpful. Thank you !”

    Let your photos and the boxes you filled out do the talking on you physically

    Condense your self description , talk about things you do if they will help paint your picture or describe who you are. Less is more

    Brief description of what you want – ($20,000 a month, a guy who worships you , ex Olympic athlete and billionaire not over 25.

    think of yourself as something on the grocer’s shelf – product, packaging, advertising, pricing , scarcity utility.. Now describe

    Pictures should be consistent with the message.

    Personally turned off by

    Photo taken in hotel room
    Photo taken in messy bathroom mirror
    Click on the photos in your ad to expand them what’s there
    Guy cropped out but his hand is still there
    Simple bikini better than fancy suit – guys are interested in you not the bathing suit

    Two or three only

  264. Honey says:

    Jas have someone on the blog review your ad. Maybe you come off as too demanding..
    list a few of your positive attributes, but don’t show everything. Leave a little mystery and keep in open to all.Like don’t just say tall, dark and handsome because there may be a shorter guy who won’t answer because he feels excluded…maybe…. Read back over older post and over to the right some other bloggers have links..

    And NYG, got that right!

  265. Jas says:

    I need some advice please. I have stated clearly in my profile what I want and what I don’t want.Yet so far any one that has contacted me is just playing games,like he will just go back and forth emailing.And that too, will ask or say really dumb things.One example,this guy I contacted yesterday,and in my reply I finished the email saying, enjoy the lovely evening,it’s as gorgeous as me LOL…it was a joke,as it says LOL….and this guy didn’t understand what I meant by that ? And he actually emailed me to say just that,just one line.And in his profile he goes on and on how super smart he is,how great he is etc.etc.Please tell me,what can I do to find some good SDs,because so far I am not able to get any good ones. What am I doing wrong ? I am clear in my profile, what I want and what I don’t want,but still,I don’t seem to be having any luck. Please any tips,advice would be helpful. Thank you !

  266. Honey says:

    sorry,mistype Christiana!

  267. Christiana says:

    Ni Christiana not Christina

  268. Honey says:

    He’s already offered..they always offer I’ve had different five marriage proposals!
    I’m not saying that I haven’t had a few (under five) one night stands, I’m no saint,
    but I echo the sentiment that I can’t trust and like and know somebody after one date and guys wouldn’t mind having sex with me on the first date. But sex to me is not like a handshake.

  269. Honey says:

    LOl! Hi Christina..Tina?

  270. NYG says:

    Yes, to make Love a girl have to know a guy for some time, a few days/ dates (how many would u think?).
    As VA write here before even after first 2-3 meeting a SD and a SB are pretty much STRANGERS to each other.

    You write you SD slept with his ex wife on the first date. For how long had they been married ?
    May be if you slept with this guy on first date he would marry you. :)

    Just kidding you probably like you freedom .:)

  271. Christiana says:

    Hiya Honey Honey

  272. Honey says:

    Hi all!

  273. Jessie says:

    “if the chemistry is in there … would you consider to have an intimate play on the first meeting”

    @NYG – If there’s no chemistry I don’t EVER have a second meeting. Still, “intimate play” is not something I’d consider. I’m more into making love, and I find that impossible to do when I don’t know someone well enough.

  274. Jessie says:

    “So ,for you ladies who are turning away potentially good SDs because they wont/ can’t pony up a big check at the beginning of the month then keep looking.”

    @VA Gent – Best advise EVER ;).

    Ladies there is no shortage of genuine SDs who will be more than willing to agree to a monthly allowance. Just take for instance the majority of blog SDs, who do offer a monthly allowance. In fact, I can’t recall any blog SDs (apart from VA Gent, of course) who offers P4P on a consistent basis, in an on-going relationship where trust has already been established. Some offer partial payment for the month initially, but once the relationship is full fledged, they usually move immediately into making it a monthly agreement. I have NEVER been contacted by a SD who offered P4P. This simply means, there is absolutely no reason for you to change your criteria or lower your standards. If it takes more time, then so be it…anything worthwhile is worth waiting for.

    Practically every SD that signs up on THIS site knows before even making contact with a SB that she will in all likelihood be requiring a monthly allowance. It is inconceivable to me that a SD can run a successful business, if married, find the time to see a SB without his wife’s knowledge, but is clueless in how to go about finding a way to “acquire a large sum of money at the beginning of the month.” If you seriously can’t figure out how to stash that cash, that’s YOUR problem, and no SB should have to feel like an escort just because you can’t “figure it out.”

  275. AnnaMW says:

    @ VA Gentleman – I completely see your point and would probably be open to what you described. It sounds like there is a high level of trust and respect involved between you and your SB, which is wonderful.

    The thing is that a lot of the guys who are looking for “per encounter” scenarios are looking for a one time or very occasional situation, whereas I use arrangements as much for companionship as financial benefit. I usually seek out arrangements following RL breakups when I don’t feel quite up to the regular dating world. I like the minimal risk and expectations, but prefer a regular, consistent partner as opposed to a sex buddy where someone runs the risk of getting hurt.

    Thanks for relaying your experience. Ill keep an open mind!

  276. SteamRedSugar(formely RedMaru) says:

    to continue
    I’m SteamRed Sugar used to be RedMaru
    and to all the sugar blog vets y’all know who I am
    Question: Have I seen the new polling feature briefly didnt pay it much mind
    Is there any question I would like to see on the polling feature : Cant think of any at the moment.

  277. SteamRedSugar(formely RedMaru) says:

    Hey sugars! I’ve missed my sugar fam 😀
    Been away for too long. Work is has been busy. Major clean up project at work arent I so dedicated…hee hee
    Hey to all new faces I’m

  278. Va Gentleman says:

    @ AnnaMW

    I’m probably beating a dead horse here Anna but I have tried to explain to the blog gang that PTP can be an appropriate financing plan for SDs who have a long term SB and find it more comfortable and feasable to pay smaller amounts more often than a lump sum once/month . I get what you are saying that the “implication” of PTP is a one off , one time deal to hit and run most commonly seen in escort interactions .

    I will use me as an example . I have a 10 month SD/SB monogamous relationship and we are very much in love -with each other and with our arrangement . I find it easier for my cash flow as a small business owner to pay her by the week since we usually see each other twice/week . But if we can only manage once then it is “PTP” so to speak . She understands my situation and does not feel denigrated by the cash discretely placed in her purse when we are together . She knows she can count on me for the long term .

    So ,for you ladies who are turning away potentially good SDs because they wont/ can’t pony up a big check at the beginning of the month then keep looking. Sometimes you need to take a chance on a one and out PTP guy to find that gem .

  279. AnnaMW says:

    @VA Gentleman – We’re making the same point!!! I understand completely what sex + sugar equals and am totally comfortable with that… What I was referring to were “per encounter” arrangements which are transactional and short term.

    An SD/SB arrangement is absolutely based around money and sex, but has the look and feel of a relationship and included an element of friendship and mutual caring. P4P, or short term arrangements (one night, one week) are something different. “Test drives” for a preset amount – out of the question. I don’t judge people who use this approach, but it’s not hat I’m looking for.

    Some SBs i’ve talked to aren’t comfortable with the money exchange aspect. They are fine with taking the money, but not with the implications of being “kept” opposed to just having a “rich boyfriend”. I tend to date very successful men in RL, but sometimes prefer sugar relationships for the NSA/practical appeal and lack of emotional investment entailed when compared to traditional relationships.

  280. Va Gentleman says:


    Um ,not to burst your bubble and take you out of your nicely rationalized comfort zone but ——–Sex +Sugar = (the P word ) no matter how the Sugar is paid or when the sex takes place. Now if you don’t require an allowance and enjoy sex with your partner who occasionally gives you gifts –that sounds more like a relationship . I’m not judging but it is ridiculous that everyone dances around this topic trying to call it something that it is not . Most everyone here is here for the same reason . SBs want an allowance , and Sds want sex –among other things .

  281. AnnaMW says:

    Sex on the first date? Gross… If that isn’t a selling point, we probably won’t be compatible.

    I agree with the comment above that p4p = escort. I don’t look down on women who do that, but if you’re going to, own it! Be honest about what it is… I am discreet about my sugar life due to societal misconceptions, not because I am lying to myself or have an ethical qualm.

  282. J says:

    Sorry, these polls were terrible. I wanted to answer the travel one, but my answer was not part of the choices available.

    I am a very busy guy and I fly sugar babies in to visit. There was absolutely no poll option for this situation, which I have to assume, is somewhat common for sugardaddies, as we work a lot.

    It was asking if I was comfortable flying to a sugarbaby, etc… Sugarbabies have time, sugardaddies don’t, which is why there should have been more options in the poll. As sugardaddies, we don’t often have days to travel to a sugarbaby.

  283. Honey says:

    Thanks for the discussion and all I am saying is I’ve already been to to places where you have to sign for buying too much gum! Anyone care to take a guess where?

  284. PhoneGuy says:

    >Back to the polling question, thirty years from now you are trying to explain to your teen age >daughter, your potential employer or someone from the press why you were on this site and >checked the box that said Yes to sex on first date.
    If you’re worried about that, maybe you shouldn’t be on this site. 😉
    I’d tell them all it’s none of their business.

    I get your point and agree with it. Either they need to do a better job separating the data so it can’t be put back together or they need to stop releasing it.

  285. flyr says:

    There was a great example where, to prove the point, they took a bunch of annon health care data , which was ordered released by the governor, some voter records and reconstructed the healthcare records of the gov of Mass – doctors visits, prescriptions, evaluations the whole thing. There was no violation of law with respect to the release of data or the the re identification process.

    Not applicable(hopefully) to this country but there is commercial software used in other countries to mine computer contacts,searches, photos, and also map social networks to see who needs to be silenced. It’s highly effective. More sophisticated software is used to flush out terrorist networks.

    With the combination of re-identification of data, social network analysis, massive data sales by “free” sites and cookies and the like there’s not much secret about your life. If the work is done in China, Russia or Sudan you’re not going to get your day in court.

    The leakage of tens of thousands of pages of confidential and sensitive State Dept documents should end any delusion of government data security.

    As someone else commented, the only safe way to communicate today is to whisper to your lover in the middle of the ocean.

    Back to the polling question, thirty years from now you are trying to explain to your teen age daughter, your potential employer or someone from the press why you were on this site and checked the box that said Yes to sex on first date.

    For those who want to convey that message a simple statement that Tonight Might Be The Luckiest Night Of Your Life probably conveys the message to those capable or reading, although it’s not searchable. I think having a box to check also encourages greater use of the site by true industrial debutantes and that’s not a good thing.

  286. Honey says:

    And job applications…I don’t want every place I apply at pulling my credit report.Esp since it has the wrong info, but what do they care? I am not their customer. I love the idea of my employer know what medicines I take.. Whether it be birth control or viarga, azt or whatever HIV combo, or chemo or diabetes. It is my PRIVATE info. I don’t not want it bandied about for profit.
    I moved years ago, paid for my gas for my new apartment, they sent the bill to my old apt,from years ago and didn’t bill me for three months. Cut off my gas and tried to make me pay a deposit for non payment! I told them that it was their error, since I gave them the correct information and THEY got it wrong.I don’t like people I don’t know paying someone else I don’t know for wrong information about me. If it were above board they could just ask me and cross reference,but they don’t and the information NEVER goes away. Same thing with school, Signed up and they went back over 10 years to my old out of county address and put me down as out of county and charged me more when I signed up! Had to go back again and set them straight,using incorrect info that I did not give them.I could go on..but let’s not!
    Honey, private citizen.

  287. DorkyGuy says:

    The one area I will agree with you is regarding using non-disclosed information to price individual insurance policies (life/health/auto). That is because it affects the price of something you have to buy, rather than just drives advertising.

  288. PhoneGuy says:

    I love the idea of buying a pack of cigs for a friend and having my health ins company go crazy. I would sue their ass so bad. Maybe enough misinformation and disinformation and it will not be monetarily worth it for them to spy on us!

  289. Honey says:

    Different strokes, I guess, but maybe it’s because I’m a female living alone.
    I would consider it intrusive…
    Ones info is only as safe as the last person working on it. Prison call centers, out sourced call centers in other countries, different privacy concerns,again just saying. If I don’t smoke cigarettes and buy a pack for a friend, my credit/debit card tells my health insurance company That I smoke, so I get coupons for cigs! My cell phone broadcasts my location and id. I just find it too intrusive,I don’t want a drone overhead,watching..call me paranoid…

  290. DorkyGuy says:

    @Honey, not at all! Be my guest! I think you will have some difficulty though, because I am not on Facebook 😛

    By the way, the chain of information that you mentioned isn’t the same as polling/advertising data. It is a whole different category of information collection.

  291. PhoneGuy says:

    >If I did that would you mind?
    I probably wouldn’t notice and would just delete it.
    It’s a little freaky but like Dorky said, what’s the harm and why do I care?

  292. Honey says:

    I’m with Flyr on privacy issues, facebook IS too intrusive. Everyone sees a page based on what facebook thinks sells. They asked why I didn’t want anymore engineer type ads anymore. I told them I stopped fu**ing the one I dated!
    Look up a book..an old book, called “what they know about you” forgot the author.
    I could do a search on you dorkyguy, I could take your image and ask my web to find out the email associated with that image, find your name,google it, it run it thru facebook and send you a message using your given name. Or something different to get the same result. If I did that would you mind?

  293. DorkyGuy says:

    @Jennie~ Deal! I should warn you though, my car is even sweeter once you get inside… Possibly something you have in common 😉

  294. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    @DorkyGuy- only if I can take your new car for a test drive!

  295. Morgan says:

    I personally love the polling, it gives me insight to whats going on with the sight, and what could potentially happen in the future.. Being apart of something is fun 😉 I agree with the “Kudos”
    Good afternoon everyone! Hope St. Pattys Day was wonderful and safe for all, mine was spent with NCAA and beer at home! How about yours????

  296. DorkyGuy says:

    @flyr~ I still don’t see a practical real-world downside.

    The discussion is entirely hypothetical, based on hypothetical consequences that have never actually occurred in the real world, despite trillions of bits of personal data having been collected.

    Can you please point me to a single instance where a marketing/advertising company has used data, (anonymously or not), to harm the members of their sample in any way?

    To me, being “smart” is not wasting my precious daylight hours worrying about an issue that doesn’t impact my life!

  297. flyr says:

    I don’t want to get far away from our beloved topics of sensual pleasures and the economic advancement of young ladies but……

    Unfortunately the science of taking anonymized data and turning it into personally identifiable data has advanced greatly over the past few years.

    As far back at 1996 when Net Flix offered a $1 mil prize for the best program to convert data to personally identifiable data. The contest was aborted but not until researchers found they could look at 6 movie reviews from a single unknown reviewer and identify the writer with 99% accuracy from the subscriber list.

    DARPA and DHS have gone far beyond this.

    from epic.org
    Re-identification is the process by which anonymized personal data is matched with its true owner. In order to protect the privacy interests of consumers, personal identifiers, such as name and social security number, are often removed from databases containing sensitive information. This anonymized, or de-identified, data safeguards the privacy of consumers while still making useful information available to marketers or datamining companies. Recently, however, computer scientists have revealed that this “anonymized” data can easily be re-identified, such that the sensitive information may be linked back to an individual. The re-identification process implicates privacy rights, because organizations will say that privacy obligations do not apply to information that is anonymized, but if the data is in fact personally identifiable, then privacy obligations should apply.

    Don’t be paranoid, be smart

  298. Honey says:

    “Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free?

  299. DorkyGuy says:

    Hey Jennie, can I take you for a test drive? I didn’t want you to go your whole life without being asked!

  300. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    I don’t think anyone has ever asked me if they can take me for a test drive. It seemsalittle over the top though.

  301. Honey says:

    Not p4p=Escort.

    Just my way of looking at the world.Not judging,just saying.

  302. Honey says:

    the substitution of a mild, indirect, or vague expression for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt.
    the expression so substituted: “To pass away” is a euphemism for “to die.”

    “To sleep, perchance to dream,ay that’s the…?

  303. Christiana says:

    I always wondered when you have sex with a guy it is referred to as “sleeping with him” haha sleeping is the last thing we do.

  304. SSdaddy says:

    Polling is a totally backwards approach.

    This site needs a search function that is useful. Then someone can search for “travel” or whatever.

    Don’t ask people questions which they don’t care about. Focus on allowing people to find each other by what interests they do have.

    This site doesn’t achieve nearly the number of good connections that it could because nobody can find good matches without wasting a huge amount of time.

  305. flyr says:

    Personally, I think the question of intimate play on first meeting is best left to the parties.

    This can be handled by – there’s a great place to meet not too far from my place.

    It is was a long drive from her place I would offer to pay for the gas regardless of the outcome.

    That leaves open the opportunity

  306. Honey says:

    If the chemistry is there…Guys like sex,even on the first date if they can. A long lingering kiss with only light groping . I call it my “Everyone interviews well” rule. Guys will say most anything for the bird in the hand rather than chance two in the bush… If there is “chemistry”, he can call me tomorrow or later after the date.

  307. NYG says:

    One more Q for profiles
    “if the chemistry is in there … would you consider to have an intimate play on the first meeting”

  308. Honey says:

    Yeah,no “test drives” and no p4p. The line isn’t THAT thin…
    I have a credit card with a Really nice limit(at least for me) in my name that is billed to his address.And before that it was paypal and American express giftcards.And I “pay ” him back with affection and concern. He is my sweetie and I still had to slap his hands on our first date!
    I told him no,that I wanted to get to know each other better.He said that since he had been one the site, he had “dated,” like five girls before me and they all slept with him on the first date. Even his ex-wife slept with him on the first date. I didn’t.

  309. DorkyGuy says:

    @flyr (and others skeptical of polling and data collection)~ It seems to me that there is way too much paranoia over this issue.

    Yeah, you guys are probably technically right, but I have not heard a single story since the inception of cookies where the data collected was compromised or used maliciously. Not one.

    If a polling/advertisement company gathers a few extra cookies, so what? They have a little more insight into what I like and can target their advertisements to my interests. How does that hurt me?

    Sure there is the possibility of sample error affecting accuracy (as flyr mentioned), but anyone worth their salt factors that in. Besides, that error doesn’t hurt the end-user in any way.

    There is no better example of “intrusive polling” than GMail advertising. I actually like that GMail displays ads based on what it perceives my interests to be based on my email content. Sometimes they catch my interest and i click on them. Is reading my email an intrusion of privacy? Probably. Do I care? Not really. Nobody at Google cares enough about me to look at me individually. My personal data is just part of an algorithm. If Google ever released that private info (or was hacked), it would nuke the company, so you know it is held tighter than fort knox.

    Do I care about companies that use cookies to track my behavior across multiple sites? Nope. It just means that random banner ads that I see are more tailored to my interests. Where is the downside? I like being exposed to new products that I might be interested in. If a company is smart enough to show them to me, they are doing me a favor.

    I view the decision of any company to poll its users as an overwhelmingly positive thing, because it means the company is interested in knowing more about its users, interested in meeting the needs of its users, and is listening.

    Kudos to SA for doing so.

  310. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    @southrencharm sb- this is why I just choose to wear a green silk woven tie for St Patty’s day!
    @Jessie I dunno… I don’t require a monthly allowance..

  311. flyr says:

    Re non payment

    If it is a verbal contract for commercial sex it is probably unenforceable…………………..

    if falls into the category of foreploy

    I agree that it sucks. It happens to most of us on occasions.

    If it is a p4p first date I’ll mention something like – don’t let me forget to give you the thankyou card on the counter. I’ve also had to call the new friend on the cell and tell her one or both of us forgot.

    In a cosmic sense finding out that a self proclaimed SD is a deadbeat on the first date may be a good thing. You are not left stranded somewhere far from home. Yes it’s inexcusable .

    Were I a SB I would mention along the way that my big brother was a martial arts blackbelt.

  312. PhoneGuy says:

    Is that like getting caught with your hand in the “cookie jar”? 😉

    I’m sure the SBs would consider that grand larceny.

    I would say get your allowance in advance and there wont be any problem.

  313. Jessie says:

    @Alleycat – Hope you have a fantastic day. Happy Birthday!!

    @jenniebug – Why would any SB have sex BEFORE she got her monthly allowance? Clearly not a smart decision.

  314. flyr says:

    Polling for ideas is very different than polling for data. Polling data is subject to bias from self selection, answering with information that is more of a wish than a reality, and trying to move the results.

    Personally there’s also the issue of more information on the internet to be misused and the temptation of polling companies to toss in a few extra cookies for their benefit.

  315. SouthernCharmSB says:

    Hi beautiful sugars! Ugh, this crazy, rainy weather has my allergies in a total whack! I wanted to jump in some puddles while wearing my four-leaf clover outfit, but I guess that’s not going to happen…oh well, maybe some green beer will make me feel better. Happy St. Patty’s everyone! Enjoy the weekend! :)

  316. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    Its like stealing candy from a sugar babbie…

  317. DorkyGuy says:

    That is definitely a new take on the “five finger discount”

  318. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    So, if you have sex with a sb and refuse to pay her the agreed monthly allowance…is that concidered to be shoplifting?

  319. PhoneGuy says:

    Happy Birthday Michael!

  320. Michael Alleycat says:

    @Trisha – I would take a pass and say “next”. You are here to meet people, and you even say oin your profile that you don’t want a penpal! Btw nice profile, great pics!

    @Christiana – block and run! Too much drama, 20 emails in 1 day and you haven’t even met him? Wow.

    Hanging out in Maui, road to Hana today. Plus it’s St Paddy’s Day. Plus it’s my birthday….

  321. trish says:

    @Christians, so I expressed my feeling and concerns to him, and let’s just say it didn’t go to well. His parting words was ” You don’t have the time to be a real SB”. See I run my business, and I would end some conversations with, “I gotta get back to work”. I wanted to say, how do you know you never asked me out. I blocked him.
    And wow over 20 emails, that can be a little scary.

  322. amby says:

    @ to all Sm out dere have a GREAT WEEKEND!

  323. Trisha says:

    @Christiana Thanks, I think maybe he is lonely, and just wants someone to talk to. IDK. Im going to update my profile saying im looking for SD SB relationship

  324. Christiana says:

    Yesterday I was contacted by a guywho was well dressed in his pic and seemed nice, I agreed to meet him next week and since then he has sent me over 20 emails and to a point I have become so concerned that I told him he was overpowering me and then I blocked him.

  325. Christiana says:

    TrishaTell him you have other fish to fry if he doesnt get off his butt and at least meet you.

  326. Trisha says:

    Hey everyone, I am fairly new..Hello hello,,, Question, I have been texting a SD, and its been going on for a while, with no mention of a meeting. Do you think he’s serious? He did however make a joke of me coming to his house, and said he was only joking. Should I say something. I’m a nice person and I don’t like to be mean :-( Also I have not had much email, I don’t know if its my age, the text in my profile, or my type. I read the blogs new newbies. I thought i was a very attractive girl until I came here..LOL Profile 903374

  327. Stormcat says:

    Dorky ~ Hmm . . . It has to be full size in order to view the whole mountain? Woa! That means you had to maintain an erection throughout the entire tattooing process. Ouch! 😥 😮 I guess it must’ve taken a whole haram to help you with that one. 😀

  328. euphoria aka jenniebug says:

    OK, lets not all post at once. Geeze…. the blog is dead today!

  329. Dennis Ken says:

    @Va Gentleman

    Thank you for the response. It is definitely true that I would have lesser chances of being successful here due to the fact that I am unable to relocate on my own. Wouldnt that be too much to ask from a potential SD/SM?

    Being new here, I tried sending mails and unfortunately, I only get 2 response, wherein the other one told me he wanted somebody from US and the other one told me his higher qualifications. This is definitely not a brilliant start, but I am hopeful. We all seek for a better life because we wanted to experience more that the world can offer in our lifetime. What makes me more interested in this site is the fact that there are blog posts, which are very helpful in the interaction of its members.
    I wish I could have the chance to attend those parties. It would have been nice meeting new and interesting individuals to share life experiences. Maybe I just needed more luck… :(

  330. DorkyGuy says:

    @Stormcat~ A girl has to coax it to full size. Otherwise, all you can see are the left and right ears of the presidents on the ends, and mashed up together they look like a vag… which is not at all the effect I was going for.

  331. Stormcat says:

    Dorky ~ How do you fit Mt Rushmore on a 10 foot?

  332. @dorkyguy- that’s what she said.

  333. DorkyGuy says:

    @PhoneGuy… I wouldn’t touch that one with a ten foot… well, whatever I have in my pocket

  334. roberta says:

    hello babys :))

  335. PhoneGuy says:

    Did Dorky just say he likes pole? 😉

  336. DorkyGuy says:

    @NYG, I have not been to a party, but I definitely want to go. I can’t do London, but we’ll see when the next states-side one is.

  337. NYG says:

    1) Have you been to the SA party?
    2) r u going to attend one? in London or…

    3) polls are good; the site reps. are trying to make sire better.

    A lot of discussion here about P4P .
    “would you travel to meet a pot SD?”
    “would you be willing to accept P4P plan”
    “would you “date” a married SD”
    Should they include the Qs in profile ?

  338. DorkyGuy says:

    Two quick comments…

    1) I really like polling. Poll away. All of the data that SA can gather about the preferences of users is used to make their site and services better. I absolutely love that you are doing it.

    2) Can’t wait to see what you do with the new party format!

  339. @nyg- well, I was pre occupied with stormy.

  340. NYG says:

    I thought you were not going to wear panties at St. Regis drinking your bloody Mary, i got all exited…
    And then I got tired of waiting for you… and left…:)

  341. @nyg- sounds like my sort of party. I wouldnt mind accompanying a hot blonde in lingerie to a party! Meybe that’s just because I am a hot blonde though!

  342. NYG says:

    Thank you Brandon.
    I know it is not you but this Alan (something… I forgot ).
    The thing is this organizer sent invites to other NYC parties since now me (and others from SA) on their mailing list.
    And this another party was a lingerie party for Valentine day. :) from another SugarDaddy web site. :)

    I did not go since I could not imagine my blond lawyer GF would accompany me again :) and wear only lingerie :))

  343. Brandon Wade says:

    @NYG – Please note that I am no longer working with the party organizer who had organized our Sugar Parties in the past. The “agency” you speak of was invited by the party organizer and not by us.

    Rest assured that the party in London, and all other future parties will be developed and managed exclusively by SeekingArrangement.com — and we intend to add a level of classiness to the parties. So just in case any of you have ever been to our New York parties in the past, do expect the new parties to be a totally different experience.

    I will be blogging about our upcoming parties in the next blog post, and I will be asking all of you for your constructive feedback as well as to offer us suggestions of what activities we should have to make the parties even more interesting!

  344. Emily says:

    Isn’t getting into England difficult for anyone who has ever gotten in trouble with the law? A number of years ago, Martha Stewart was turned away from England because she was convicted of obstruction of justice. For some reason the anglophonic countries are being real assholes when it comes to admitting and turning away people who have ever been arrested.
    Five years ago, I tried going to Canada, but was turned away because of an arrest for disorderly conduct from 1996.
    The reason I’m bringing this up is because even an arrest, and not necessarily a conviction, for a minor offense can get you turned away from the U.K., Canada, or the U.S. When I was turned away from Canada, I had to deal with Canadian immigration officers who were assholes to the tenth power. I don’t know where Canadians get their reputation for being such nice people, because you wouldn’t know it from the jerks they have working in their Verification Office in Trudeau.
    I’ve been all over the world, by the way, but have never been to Canada or England due to heir policy of turning people who have ever been arrested away at their airports and borders by immigration officers who really should be punched out.

  345. @nyg- wow, you can see the color of their panties? If it were me, you wouldn’t have to worry about the color of my panties. I just wouldn’t wear them.

  346. I never meet for the first time out of the u.s.. I would be too afraid of being sold for prostitution overseas. Unless I know and trust my SD, I stay in a country where I have rights.

  347. NYG says:

    Too bad for this TV and this site. Coz ur story is amazing, u r together for long time and u both have very special warm feelings about each other!
    Ur and VA stories would be good to portrate SB/SD relationship!


    The party organizators tend to invite “agency” to SA party.
    U know I went to NYC party, I almost fainted as I came in.
    A lot of AA girls with short dresses so anyone can see the color of their panties.
    90% were escort or ex escort girl – fake everything (boobs, hair),
    The guy who wanted to talk to me turned out be a swinger club owner. :)

    Babydoll .. I do not know how it is going to be in London, may be very different than NY party, but …

    And there were good things about the party as well, for example I met Brandon! he is so sweet, smart, tall, huggable.:)

    • JennSA says:

      @NYG we are completely revamping our party design. I hope you will come out to the next New York party and give us a chance to make it up to you! We are taking a different approach from here on out. We are always looking for suggestions to make the party a bigger, better and more classy affair. I assure you, London will be a very different party and scene than the parties we have held in New York.

  348. Christiana says:

    Loli I am very new here too and last night I was contacted by a guy who offered me $6,000 to spend a week with him overseas and if right it would be a relatively regular occurrence. Not sure it was what I was seeking, in fact I don’t know what I am seeking really, probably more an ongoing relationship I suppose.

  349. I took an sa interveiw and I was not happy with the finished product. The conversation that i had with the reporter and the conversation that was posted on tv. Were two different things all together. If you are going to be on TV for the site, be extremely careful with the way that you word your responses to the reporters. The magic of editing is a b*tch.

  350. JennSA says:

    @babydoll if you feel like you are being portrayed in a negative way, definitely voice your concern to me, or Brandon. Our intent is to only cast sugar babies in a positive light. I am definitely interested in speaking with you to make sure we are making the right decision in participating. I will email you my contact information so, please get in touch and let me know what they discussed with you.


  351. Loli says:

    Loli – I don’t think you should ask for less. That would be way too little compensation for your time involved. Also, he had an idea of transportation costs when he began talking to you. TBH, even $2000 a month seems a light. You aren’t being greedy IMHO.

    Angela — some type of rating system has been discussed pretty extensively here. It would potentially be a lot of work for the site (verification, etc). Also, opinions do vary. The site has elected to let all users do their own screening… different tastes for different people… Hope you enjoy your experience, screen relentlessly, never compromise your safety and trust your gut feelings”

    Thank you all for the advice. I especially like what you said VA gentleman… It’s true you can always go up once you have him hooked 😉 I might as well start on a good foot.

  352. babydoll says:

    hello sugars!!! i hope all is well in the Sugarbowl xxx just a quick one …

    @brandon wade~ it is very interesting about all the media attention that Sugar has now,and i really do hope that all is going to be as you say,positive perception of us.

    First~i have been offered to be cast in on a reality tv in London by the BBC4 i was interested as i wanted to expirience the fun that would be involved with it.the casting girl was very interested in my story as she follows me on twitter,although the producer and the director wanted to see me straightaway,i wanted to know how i am going to be involved,until she said what kind of Sb they were looking for!

    it wasnt going to be in a positive light.my Sd was very happy for me to be in it,until he learned from me what they wanted.so,we both decided NO.they want everything that is negative and actually it is no different from being portrayed as escorts and prostitutes but being sugar coated as Sugarbabies.

    i hope for next time,be really involved and we are portrayed as individuals who have different and unique arrangements,rather than,robotic manipulated people who dont now better than the next jane or joe.

    i understand the media sensationalize everything and they would make assumptions,before they even meet any of us.
    but like i said,no one would know who we are or what we are in the Sugarbowl unless you are in it and involved in real arrangements.
    i am glad my Sd is supportive as he deals with media all the time and he nows when its a bad project.

    i have seen the invites and if the date for the London party is good for me to go,i will and probably with my Sd.

    good luck and i hope everything works out and see you in may 😉

  353. Va Gentleman says:

    @ Meredith

    “I’d like to out any way I’m able.”
    Means that he will pay what ever he can afford –so state your case . If you did specify what you want then put the ball back in his court by saying ” Are you able to pay ——-? ”

    @Dennis Ken

    ” Do you think that just because the country where I come from is mislabeled, means that I would have lesser chances of becoming successful in this pursuit ? ”

    Absolutely not ! Many men love Asian Women, no matter their country of origin . THe key is where you are located . Ifyou are in the Phillipines then you will have problems attracting US Men


    ” people like me, who are genuine, do not waste our time. ” (RE: PTP )

    Here we go again. PTP does not always mean an escort -like behavior . It can be a useful funding technique for some SDs So pass on the pot who is willing to give you your asking price only in smaller increments , but don’t complain when you can’t find a SD .


    ” I don’t want to feel cheap or make him think of me as cheap… what do you all think?”

    Congratulations on your generous attitude and lack of greed . Your out of town SD will greatly appreciate it and you will have an opportunitiy to get in the game . You can always negotiate a new deal later . In fact , why don’t you say that you will come down for the agreed on price ,but after you have met and spent time together you would like to decide together what the right allowance is . Trust me –he will not think you are being cheap.

  354. JennSA says:

    @captain jenniebug morgan : Only the first poll is mandatory (for testing purposes and decision making) all other polls will be optional. We truly appreciate any feedback you provide, all information is used to improve the site and make more informed decisions. This will not be a daily occurrence, but it only takes a second to answer.

  355. LASB says:

    Angela – You might find some good info on the previous blog, “Sugar Babies Are Empowered Women.” Allowance was discussed towards the end of the comments. If you do a word search for “allowance” you will probably find a few posts that touch on the info you’re seeking.

  356. Grasshopper says:

    @Loli – to get a picture up for the avatar, go to Gravatar dot com

  357. NC Gent says:

    Loli — register your email address and pic at en.gravatar.com – the put that same email address in your blog comment registration… that way a pic will show up :)

  358. NC Gent says:

    Loli – I don’t think you should ask for less. That would be way too little compensation for your time involved. Also, he had an idea of transportation costs when he began talking to you. TBH, even $2000 a month seems a light. You aren’t being greedy IMHO.

    Angela — some type of rating system has been discussed pretty extensively here. It would potentially be a lot of work for the site (verification, etc). Also, opinions do vary. The site has elected to let all users do their own screening… different tastes for different people… Hope you enjoy your experience, screen relentlessly, never compromise your safety and trust your gut feelings

  359. Loli says:

    by the way how do you all get your pictures in the avatar section?

  360. Loli says:

    Hey Newbie here! I have a question for the experienced babies and daddies,
    I met a new pot and he seems really sweet. The only issue is he lives in Baltimore and I live in Manhattan. He wants to meet once a week which would involve a 5 hour trip round trip every time I went (over night or not) I read SD101 and the writer says to always start small and work your way up after building a connection. I want 2000 a month but I’m telling myself I should only ask for 1200/ 300 per meet for now because of transport costs for him and I don’t want to scare him away by being greedy. On the other hand I don’t want to feel cheap or make him think of me as cheap… what do you all think?

  361. Angela says:

    I don’t know if anyone is watching these posts anymore, but I’ll take my chance. I know this probably isn’t possible because if someone becomes spiteful against another they could provide a false response. I am finding that I am wasting my time responding to SDs for one reason or another. I even responded to one who seemed truly genuine, and to my surprise his response was short and very egotistic. Others assume people are only here for sex and they are here to only p4p. I would like to see a place in their profile where SBs can check a box about their conclusion of the person, from either talking or being involved with, was of the person whose primary goal to be here is p4p or a genuine reason. So, people like me, who are genuine, do not waste our time.

  362. I dislike these poles. Please do not require me to awnser these questions every time I log onto my account. Why not make it a voluntarily system where we can choose to participate in a survey. Then offer some sort of incentive or reward thanking us for giving a few moments of our time to participate.

  363. Nawty Molly says:

    I hope everyone is having a great week so far! 😀

  364. sara says:

    i have met some sweet men trough this site.
    it actually works :)
    no SD yet just very good friends…… which isnt a bad thing at all

  365. Meredith says:

    I love all the great advice I get from the blog. So here is a question for you guys and gals :)

    What, in your personal opinion, is the best way answer when a pot says “I’d like to help out any way I’m able.”

    I feel like my profile is clear about what I am looking for, although doesn’t have specifics (not my style). I haven’t met him in person yet, and don’t discuss arrangements until I do (in case in person is a different story than online).

    Any advice on how I should reply would be great :) thank you everyone :)

  366. sweetie says:

    Good morning !! Thank you to everyone that responded to my post,I appreciate your advice and insight .Im enjoying my time on SA and hoping too meet a great SD whom i can spoil and have great times with…..until next post,everyone have a great day and good luck in your search….

  367. Dennis Ken says:

    Hi there everyone!
    I am just a new SB here and I am hopeful that the decision of signing up here would be a productive one. I have started sending mails to potential sugar daddies, since you can only send mails after your account is verified. I have been reading the blog posts in order to learn more on how to become a good SB, in providing mutually beneficial relationship.
    I havent seen the questions when I logged in, so I was like clueless. But maybe later on I would get to see it. I just have a question:

    Do you think that just because the country where I come from is mislabeled, means that I would have lesser chances of becoming successful in this pursuit? I come from the Philippines and I basically know that most people have realized that my country is banned because of abuse, scam and all those stuff.

    Anyway, I know myself better and I will just keep an optimistic mind that things will get better, for me and for everyone, sooner or later. :)

  368. Liam says:

    @sweetie – dump him. As a married SD, I have no public photo for obvious reasons but I do have a private one on the site that I will share with any potential SB. For me one of the very most important differences between an SB and ladies offering “other types of financial arrangment”, is that the lady will be discerning in who she spends time with, if you catch my drift. In fact, if any potential SB agreed to meet me without seeing my photo, I would actually refuse!

  369. Grasshopper says:

    @sweetie – Don’t feel bad about his reaction. If he blew up and insulted you just for that, just cause you asked to see him..you can just imagine what an asshole he would have been in an arrangement/relationship ::shivers::. He did you a favor by weeding HIMSELF out of your search!; One less weenie to muddy up the waters – that’s what I always say 😉

    (well..the word “weenie” isn’t the actual word I use…it’s usually far worse..but you get the idea) 😀

  370. jazmin says:

    <3 it

  371. Tina says:

    @ Sweetie, I personally don’t think you were out of line, but you could respond with something like “I just wanted to have an idea of who I was communicating with” if you would like to respond. There are some SDs that are very private, but, there is a point that their privacy is compromised when an arrangement is imminent.

    SDs, your thoughts?

  372. sweetie says:

    Question for you more experienced sb. I was msg by a pot interested SD, he had no photo so I asked if I may see a picture of him. I believe attraction is important and its never been an issue before but he msg back saying I had no right to request such a thing since I’m the one asking for money .. Is this typical? Did I cross a line by such a request? I don’t think so but please give me your advice Thanks

  373. Grasshopper says:

    @Tina – haha…naughty works 😉

  374. CroatBB says:

    Hi Sugars! I’ve only posted once before but just want to say I have dinner with a pot next week. And I just spoke on the phone with a 2nd pot. I was a little nervous speaking to the 2nd one on the phone since I’m new to the sugar world but he was so nice that now I can’t wait to meet him.

    Just gotta figure out what to wear :)

  375. jenna says:

    hey there sugar daddy how are you doing?

  376. Tina says:

    @Grassy: how about naughty little minx? It covers a LOT! 😉

  377. Grasshopper says:

    @Tina – Sexy* little minx ;P


  378. Grasshopper says:

    @NYG – I do!..lol

  379. Tina says:

    Oh my, I’ll be third! :)

    @Grassy: you sneaky little minx!

  380. NYG says:

    Grasshopper u hop fast :)

  381. Grasshopper says:

    I’m first!

  382. Brandon Wade says:

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