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Happy 86th Birthday, Hugh Hefner!


Today is April 9, the birthday of one of my biggest idols, Hugh Hefner, who pretty much singlehandedly ushered in the American Sexual Revolution. He has been an inspiration for me and countless of other men like me.

But what has perhaps inspired me the most aren’t the beautiful centerfolds of his magazine, but the journey Hef took to create the iconic Playboy. In 1953, after being denied a $5 raise, Hef mortgaged his furniture with approximately $600 in loans and raised $8,000 from 45 investors—including $1,000 from his mother—to launch Playboy. An entrepreneur myself, I understand the risks Hef took to launch his own business, and I admire him for that.

Through his business, Hugh brought about a huge shift in how we now view sex. Some of us may remember that back in the ’50s, “sex” was a very dirty word spoken by few in the media. Through Hef’s magazine, however, sexuality became widely discussed and ultimately appreciated as part of American life by the masses.

In the ’80s, as a young teenager, I recall finding a secret stash of Playboy magazines my parents had been hiding in their bedroom (it was banned in Singapore back in those days). Since my discovery of its existence, the magazine has played a big role in my sexual development. But even more than the healthy dose of adult fantasies Playboy had inspired in me, Hef’s creation taught me something even more important—how to respect and appreciate women. It is this foundation that eventually led me to create SeekingArrangement.com.

Hef took his own passions and ideologies and turned them into his Playboy empire, becoming a legend in the process. But for all of us at SeekingArrangement, Hef is also the inspiration that led to the creation of this website which has allowed modern men the ability to turn the fantasy of being a “Sugar Daddy” into reality.


Hugh Hefner in his younger days

Hugh Hefner in his younger days

For all that you have done, Hef, I’d like to personally thank you and wish you Happy Birthday!

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371 Responses to “Happy 86th Birthday, Hugh Hefner!”

  1. sayury says:

    congratulation kiss

  2. Aeryn says:

    I’m a new sugar baby short & stout, here is my profile numer (977900)
    Please check it put! Any suggestions, criticisms, or thumbs up from y’all would be appreciated !!!!

  3. Trish says:

    Happy Birthday Hef!!! xoxo

  4. Transgendered Emily says:

    Speaking of Hugh Hefner, I love older men. He’s too old, though. An older man who keeps himself in good shape is soooo sexy.
    A few men in their twenties have contacted through this site and others and it kind of puts me off. I don’t like the idea of being the Mrs. Robinson type; the older woman breaking in a youngster. A strong, fit, handsome older gentleman is more my type.

  5. flyr says:

    @sunshine “There are about 4 pot SD I’m still considering, but I simply do not know how to narrow the field further. They all seem wonderful, good looking and mentally stimulating. ”

    The easy rule is to pick the one you will feel best about as you say goodbye after a meeting.

  6. euphoria says:

    New blog topic!!!! This blog topic is like so one month ago!

  7. vanesa says:

    i am new here i just see your birthday

  8. vanesa says:

    happy 86 birthday hugh hefner…wish you a good health and your family and happy life forever god bless you..and your family ..xoxooxoxxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxxo.god bless

  9. Honey says:

    Worked for Mark Zuckerman

  10. hi I'm Maria from Australia says:

    I am new here so I don’t know yet something to say. But i really greet you happy 86th Bday Hugh!

  11. Sceptical says:

    as usual less than 1% of the comments in the thread have anything at all to do with the topic of the post.. the usual hijacking into irrelevent chatter and trivia…

    so you are saying as an admitted socially insecure and shy male teenager who was rejected by girls your inspiration to start your chain of clone businesses based on the single premise of getting men to pay to open up emails with (supposed) females on the promise of a date/trip ( and eventual sex) and for women to make money without working by selling their time, was so you could end up like your idol Hefner in your old age..?

    …or was this the only way you thought you would ever yourself get a supply of good looking women.. by making yourself as rich as he is?

    It will probably work of course as no matter how much anyone bleats about romance.. it’s in the end all about the cash isn’t it?

  12. flyer says:

    @sunshine – It’s a great position but follow Capt Kirk’s example and deploy the full sensor array and ask questions before narrowing the field. As an SD it’s pretty easy to get the feeling that the SB is running a cattle call. Be sure you understand their expectations and measure that against your feelings.

    Good luck

  13. leonardoLuvrsugarbabe722 says:

    @Sunshine, find one that you have chemistry with

  14. devon says:

    happy birthday hef!

  15. DianaSBinOC says:

    Happy Belated Mr. Hefner!!

    Do sb’s call their SD’s Mr.? I feel I would have a hard time not doing that.

  16. Sunshine says:

    I’m very new to the site, only having created my profile two weeks ago. However, I’ve been reading many of the comments and post on the site religiously to inform myself. I can’t thank you all enough for the great advice.
    However, I am having a new issue. I’ve already had a great number of potential SD contact me, but out of those I’ve wanted to speak to and have spoken to I feel very unsure about which to pick!

    There are about 4 pot SD I’m still considering, but I simply do not know how to narrow the field further. They all seem wonderful, good looking and mentally stimulating. Most are even offering above what I was initially seeking! Maybe it’s time to reevaluate the cost of my time?!
    How would any of you go about picking one SD, when you find something worth developing/ have a vision of the future with any of these wonderful men?

  17. Jessie says:

    @sb – You don’t need to be a premium member in order to revoke access to your pictures. Log in to your account. Click on Photos. Private Permissions. Put a check mark beside the member (s) whose access you want to revoke. Delete.

  18. sb says:

    how can I revoke the access to my pic ? do I need premium membership ???

  19. leonardoLuvrsugarbabe722 says:

    Hey! My name’s Jess. Is there a SB group in Vegas that I could join? I’ve only been to Vegas once in my life when I was 10 haha.
    I don’t want to be all alone there so was wondering if there were other SBs there who want to be friends?

  20. Alisha says:

    Awesome. Happy belated Birthday, Hugh! xo

  21. Arcadia SB says:

    Randomly changing the subject (and yes I’m still bummed three weeks after losing my SD, but hoping to find someone nice and new, or just get out with some girlfriends!)

    I’m coming down south to visit some Uni friends and will *probably* be in London Sunday evening to catch an early train Monday morning back up to Scotland. I haven’t booked yet because being stranded in London isn’t quite my idea of a good time, so if anyone wants to meet up for dinner/drinks/wandering aimlessly around London, let me know! (I know it’s short notice). I’m probably going to couchsurf for the night (I love couchsurfing(dot)com, met some really interesting people from that site), but social times would be appreciated!

    If anyone is interested, let me know and the blog gods and pass along my email to any who request it.

  22. flyr says:

    travel site

    appears to be site where you pay to communicate offers of travel.

    allows selection of type of relationship sought incl sd/sb

    can seek destination or you go to meet or he comes to meet

    Will be interesting to see how it works.

    Intro notes that it is for free thinking folks.

  23. NYG says:

    I am very happy for you! we all knew you are super smart.

    Although in my Skype I have a (c) “Trying to be a man is a waste of a woman” 🙂

  24. black cherry says:

    Hi everyone,@babydoll,am glad i was able to kidnap you that night,thanks for taking the time to come out and have fun with me.

    Now on a whole different subject,i have received an email about ”MISS TRAVEL” hmmmm…i don’t trust this,il only travel if there is extra sugar in it and NOT just a free return ticket,just wondering would anyone really travel simply because his tickets have been paid for?we all know what’s usually involved when a guy says,come join me on my travels,just don’t be fooled that all you will be doing is sipping cocktails and bubbles all day on the beach,u’l be surprised to find that half the time you will be a saddle baby.

  25. SouthernCharmSB says:

    @Tina – Wowzers! You had quite a productive weekend, my friend! I am so proud! Oh no! Poison ivy?!?!? Gee…good thing you were able to get it under control before it took over your plant bed. Poison ivy is no joke…I had an encounter with it once and I’ll tell you it was not pretty! But isn’t it just plain awesome when you are able to fix something all on your own? SMART GIRLS ROCK!! 🙂 Rosemary, you say? Yummm…it will come in handy in the kitchen, that’s for sure! Hope the work week is treating you well so far! :::hugs:::

  26. SouthernCharmSB says:

    Hi Sugars! I love all the happy vibes on the blog today! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

    @Midwest – Congrats! You are about to embark on a very exciting journey! May you enjoy every minute of it….even the countless sleepless nights that come along with grad school projects ::hugs::

    @Honey – That is fantastic!! Congrats!

  27. stephanie says:

    happy bday heff we have the same bday well have to party it up together next year!!!

  28. Honey says:

    Congrats Mid, and thanks Madison, Diamond and everyone!

  29. Madison says:

    @Honey: an investor to commit 10k-20k on my business venture!~ Sugarbabies ARE empowered businesswomen!

    Congrats!!!!!!!! Work it, girl!! :):)

  30. Diamond Princess says:

    Congratulations Honey & Midwest SB!!!

  31. Madison says:

    *grad school tips ( i cant type on this phone)

  32. Madison says:

    @ MidwestSB: “I’ve received my grad school acceptance.”

    The greatest sugar news once can receive!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frad school Tips: Eat well, exercise everyday and make a calendar with all the assignments due dates and projects. Always find time for sugary activities. No matter what, always get your nails and hair done after an research paper.

  33. euphoria says:

    I was just wondering how many sb’s have had their SD show pictures of their former sb’s? If so, do you find it offensive?
    Personally, I don’t give a flying f* ck about my sds former sb. Obviously there is a reason that things diddnt work. I really don’t want to see my sds personal spank bank.

  34. Honey says:

    Me too Md…but there is always next time!

  35. flyr says:

    @midwaestSB- congratulations , sounds like things are going well. Sounds like a case where you made your own luck.

  36. Tina says:

    Congrats on the grad school acceptance! WHOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  37. Midwest SB says:

    Re: Privacy
    Yes, people have been known to have one-offs with the “mysterious stranger”. However, sugar is about connections, trust and sharing. Everything doesn’t have to come out at once, but booking plane tickets, hotel reservations,etc all require pertinent information. Since I tend to have l/d arrangements, I require a certain level of trust and that includes knowing who I am traveling to see. Fortunately, it’s never been a battle. I’ve never had to ask for information. Instead, it is offered as a gesture of trust.

  38. Midwest SB says:

    Heyyyy Sugars! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

    Arcadia – Hugs sweets. Sugar can be like that. The nice thing is that the lumps (aka memories) are sweet and you can say you had an amazing experience. Remember that people come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime…which one is he?

    Honey – Congrats on the investment! Happiness leads to confidence which is VERY sexy!

    It’s been a week of ups and downs, but overall I feel I’ve finally been able to overcome a huge obstacle that has been haunting me. A door closed, but graduation is 3 weeks away…I’ve received my grad school acceptance, oopportunities are all around me and sugar is starting to come alive again! Woo Hoo!

    Sweet dreams all!

  39. ContentSB says:

    @Flyr — I agree that those one-night stands are much less complicated, and typically done with very little information about each other. But, those aren’t meant to last for any length of time beyond that night. These situations are a bit different, especially when travel is involved, and in some ways mimic actual dating. I would never date IRL without knowing the guy’s last name. That just seems odd.

  40. Trina says:

    Profile Number 960881

  41. Trina says:

    New SB here.. looking to get some words of advice from the ladies, if you could message me, it would be great!

  42. Martin says:

    im thinking of doing a reality show on the gay sugar daddy seen i believe it be so interesting!
    i know random topic!

  43. Martin says:

    WOW!!!! hef was HOT BACK THEN! wow!

  44. flyr says:

    @content – I am inclined to agree with you that prior to a private meeting the woman deserves to have some basic understanding of who she is going to be sharing her body with. I’m not sure it is right but a larger donation seems to hurdle the gulf.

    On the otherside, most of us guys recall those who we met in early hours at the supermarket or in the late hours of the night at bar or nightclub and it was not so complex.

  45. AnnaMW says:

    Miss Honey!! So sorry we didn’t get to connect. 🙁 Maybe next time??

  46. Diamond Princess says:

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the advice!! [img]:)[/img]

  47. flyr says:

    @diamond u have mail

    re blocking – It’s also possible to accidentally block someone . I might be momentarily annoyed but then consider that it is time saved for the pursuit of more receptive sb.

  48. GTT_Envy says:

    @contentSB- I totally get that different strokes for different folks 🙂

  49. Honey says:

    I am having a great week! I think I like this “being Happy” thing! Got an investor to commit 10k-20k on my business venture!~ Sugarbabies ARE empowered businesswomen!
    ….Mr. De Mille, I’m getting ready for my close-up!
    massive attack
    alice in chains

    Life is great.mark it on your calenders !

    Effusively, Honey

  50. Tina says:

    @SouthernCharmSB: hey girlie, I hope you’re having a fun sugary weekend, and just wanted to give you a gardening update! I just finished, and am sore as heck! But, I feel so accomplished! I found some plants that I just HAD to have, so my plans changed, and I ended up planting about 20 4″ plants and 2 2 gallon plants, as well as fixing my soaker hose / auto watering system, weeding the front bed, finding out that the “bush” is actually upright rosemary (I was able to smell it, which gave it away), and also found that the stupid English Ivy that doesn’t belong in the bed but taking it over was also growing with poison ivy.

    GAAAAH! I still need to mulch, but I’m SOOO close to being “done”…..then there’s the backyard………teehee…..

  51. ContentSB says:

    @Arcadia — Sorry to hear about you and your SD 🙁 It sounds like he was trying to do what he thought was best, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. I think you need a girls night out and flirt with lots of boys to get your mind off him for a night…if only you didn’t live so far away! 🙂

    @GTT_Envy — I understand your stance on privacy, however from a girl’s perspective safety is one of our biggest concerns, as it should be. I don’t necessarily need proof of your income, but eventually I do need enough information to verify that I’m not becoming involved with a man who might put me in harms way. A nice car, expensive dates, and a generous allowance don’t tell me that. Unfortunately, the internet can be a scary place to meet people, and because of that a little bit of mutual trust can go a long way. I don’t think it’s outrageous to want to know a man’s full name, especially if we’re sleeping together. Safety first 🙂 I’m glad though that you are able to find arrangements that work for you…because like TIna said, that’s all that matters.

  52. Tina says:

    @GTT_Envy: I’m sorry that you had a bad experience with the block function. Some women just have their reasons, and some people use the anonymity of the internet as an excuse to be rude. Some people don’t even realize they’re being rude.

    I think for some SBs they do want your info to check up on you, but for some it might also be a trust thing. They’re trusting you with their info, and they would like to know that you trust them as well. But, as you mentioned, the arrangement must be right for both parties; if one has limitations they’re not willing to concede, and the other one requires it, well, it’s time for both to move on.

  53. GTT_Envy says:

    @SDinLA………….I have had the exact same experience. I don’t divulge much more than you, but not much. NO face pic……….chat a bit through email and exchange pics with a face included, but I don’t give my full name or anything of the sort. I don’t give my exact locale either.

    Normally we will start texting, meet shortly after, and I have never had a SB not enter a arrangement with me if I wanted on with her. I still don’t give out my full name, address, or employer.

    I guess then again I don’t ask any of that from her either. As long as we are communicating frequently, have fun when we meet, too much information only can come back to haunt you imo.

    The SB’s that want full names so they can research and background check. Well, we clearly would NEVER be compatible. If I’m sending you money via Paypal or refillable Visa etc, our dates cost $300-400, hotels are 4 star, and I’m driving a 100K, and you are getting $1500-1750 for a weekend a month…… If that’s not enough to see I’m real then you can gladly move on.

    On the blocking comment………….I think it’s bull!! I sent a message to a women in 1/12 no reply ……….I sent another two weeks ago and she blocked me! Didn’t say anything just blocked me that irks me a little bit. There should be more checks and balances, but like someone said I’ll just let my membership expire and start a new one.

  54. Tina says:

    @Arcadia: I agree with Babydoll and Ballet-Dancer, it’s hard now but I would take it as a compliment. Maybe sugar isn’t right for HIM, or maybe he just started getting too close and wanted you to find someone that can give you a more intimate relationship that he may want to, but can’t. Only he knows his reason, but it was a wonderful gesture for him to be so upfront about ending the arrangement (so as to not lead you on), but also to give you a reason why.

    @Diamond Princess: I’m definitely not one to mentor you or look at your profile (still too new myself) even though I’m *sort of* near the DFW area. However, there are plenty here that will be able to give you some wonderful advice. If you go back to the previous blog topic, flyr has offered some advice to a few other new SBs on their profiles, while you wait for someone to take a look at yours. It’s at the end of the comments, so you don’t have to scroll through all of them.

  55. Ballet-Dancer says:

    Babydoll — Re cars: Not having a car in some cities is perfectly normal if cabs/public transport are consistently good. London and NYC for instance. But at least where I am, (Los Angeles) it’s very inconvenient not to have a car.

    Arcadia — I’m sorry lovely. <3 I'm with Babydoll. Take it as some sort of compliment.

  56. Diamond Princess says:

    Good Morning Sugars!!

    Newbie here, I must say I have really enjoyed these blog post, mostly because you guys are hilarious in the most informative way!! I would love to have my profile reviewed, ripped apart, marked with a red pen, even thrashed and tell me to start over from scratch, lol!! Bottomline is I would love the help. My profile is (954380) and if anyone lives in the DFW area I would love to meet for some mentorship!!

    Please and Thanks

  57. Madison says:

    Hello hello Sugars!!

    I love weekends!!! Getting my hair done, my nails and buying a new dress to see papa tonight. Lingerie optional. Wish my sexy prada were shipped already urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been still receiving lots of emails from married SD, WTF. People just dont read profiles anymore I swear….

  58. babydoll says:

    @dutchy~ oh ok!!! but you are the Dutch,no??hahha 😉 enjy today and see you soon,

    must organize to have drinks with you girls for my bday we must make a date xxxx

  59. Dutch Girl in London says:

    @ Babydoll – it is not my birthday! There is a London celebration of the Dutch Queen’s birthday today so I will be out there dressed in orange with my fellow Dutch friends!

  60. Caligirl says:

    happy birthday all!

  61. babydoll says:

    morning,morning beautiful sugars xxx

    woke up to finish job i couldint finish yesterday……..because blackcherry stole me for the evening and treated me to dinner at Nobu and drinks waahheeeeyyy what a week to end the birthday week!!!
    @blackcherry~kiss kiss to you and thank you for the wonderful evening!yeah,we should all meet up before the big party :))))

    @NYG~haha! no i was trying to see if the gentlemen here were up to some naughtyness after all 😉
    but all was done in good fun and take note:there were no booty and breastesses exchanged,as our respective partners would havestrangled us in the process!!! lol

    @tina~i luurrvve those emoticons!!

    @Guru~i love foot massages 🙂

    Re men and their cars~woah my darling dont have a car and we are just fine!!! cabs everywhere lol

    @arcadia~ohhhh sorry your sd broke up with you,well,maybe its a guilt thing for him,as you are so wonderful hethinks you need someone who will be with you permanently.
    try to come down though for the party and i am sure we will all have a great evening and a blast all together 🙂

    @dutchy~is it your bday????? happy birthday if it is!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  62. Christiana says:

    Yeah you could push him around in his wheelchair

  63. Alejandra says:

    wohooo happy birthday heff!! Id love to become a playmate someday 😉

  64. Tina says:

    Everything is bigger in Texas! 🙂

  65. PhoneGuy says:

    Is it my fault you people made Texas so big? 🙂

  66. Tina says:

    Damn- that’s a 3 hour drive! (4 depending on traffic and what part of DFW)

    And Detroit? Freakin cold!

  67. PhoneGuy says:

    Detroit…but I’m trying to come down to Dallas for a business trip.

  68. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: you should my dear 🙂 And where are you located again? Too far away from Austin I fear 🙁

  69. PhoneGuy says:

    I will take that compliment Tina. 😉

  70. Tina says:

    @Jessie…hmmmmm, lemme think…..naaaaaaaaaaaah 🙂

  71. Jessie says:

    @Tina – Whaaaat??? Don’t THAT sounds like a compliment to you…LOL

  72. Tina says:

    @Jessie: I don’t think PhoneGuy would say something like that……at least, I hope not!

  73. Jessie says:

    @PhoneGuy – Tina said it all :).

    @Tina – Well said. PhoneGuy is making me believe that he’d say something like…”Did you put on some weight? Your butt looks big in those jeans.” And the SB should response with, “Oh, you noticed? *giggle* Thanks. I look hottt don’t I?”

  74. Tina says:

    @ PhoneGuy: Girls can take a compliment when an actual one is presented 😛

  75. PhoneGuy says:

    @Jessie, why can’t girls just take a compliment these days? 😛

  76. Jessie says:

    @Content – You seem to find the guys with the weirdest profiles…lol. I’m thinking he needs his SB to be on BCP because his “gift” will be to “squirt” inside or all over her. And at less than $1000 per month, you know SBs are lining up for that offer ;).

    BTW, follow your instincts on your pot from the other night. I’d think after driving three hours to see you he’d start being a little more forthcoming. Usually with guys like that I just give them as much information as they give me. I never give out my email address first, and definitely not my phone number. I’m quite happy just corresponding on SA until HE decides he wants to share more.

    @NYGirl – My response to that question has ALWAYS been, Hmmmmm….so I guess you’re searching for a dumb blonde. I don’t see myself changing that response EVER. It is a stupid question, and shows that the guy does not have great communicating skills. It’s either portraying that you’re too smart to be “wasting your time” on a site like SA. Or all SBs registered on SA are not intelligent.

  77. flyr says:

    @content – one more reason to hold the personal pics until you feel there is a real connection is the increasing sophistication of facial recognition software.

  78. flyr says:

    @content – Think of someone demanding your private picx before any conversation is a gift to you. You know the outcome without wasting time. That’s also why the SA gods left the delete and block commands.

  79. ArcadiaSB says:

    Resumed = reduced. The phone likes to autocorrect too.

  80. ArcadiaSB says:

    Sorry if my avatar makes you hungry! Just means you need more sugar in your diet!

    I’m excited for a repeat UK Sb meet up since I had to miss the first one. I’m trying to make plans now.

    I got dumped (does it count as being dumped?) by my SD this week because he thought the age difference was too much and wanted me to find a nice guy to date and settle down with. Very frustrating as this guy drives me wild! One drink to talk turned into 3, which tuned into dinner…he’s very clear that the arrangement is over, but I wish he weren’t suh a great guy and honest, complimentary, and annoyingly straight forward. It got me to upgrade my profile though, time to dive back in!

    Also, I’m out of town and resumed to Checking in on my phone, I may miss some things. But I can’t get enough of our “sex blog”!

  81. euphoria says:

    Guru I like foot massages. But I also keep my toes up. Pedicures and pretty polished toenails are the besterist.

  82. NYGirl says:

    Thank you all SDs for your answers.
    Guru I did ask SDinLA and he did answer on this page:)

  83. SweetSF says:

    Blog gods, please grant Euphoria my email address. TY!

  84. Tina says:

    Putty, I say 😉

  85. PhoneGuy says:

    Putty, you say? 😉

  86. Tina says:

    Scalp, neck, upper back/arms, then lower back and I’m putty!!!!!

  87. Ballet-Dancer says:

    No foot massages. My feet are SO ugly after years of dancing, its pretty embarrassing. Scalp on the other hand…where do I sign up ;)? Or a nice shoulder rub… heavenly.

  88. Tina says:

    Well, unless my ankles are displaced for some very interesting reason 😉

  89. Tina says:

    @Guru: my feet are VERY ticklish, and I don’t care for foot rubs because of that. I’ve had too many moments that were supposed to be erotic and sensual turn into funny and weird because he ended up tickling me instead of a nice foot rub. So it’s best to stay above the ankles with me 🙂

  90. Dutch Girl In London says:

    @BlackCherry – hopefully we will meet before the party

    @SDGuru – I don’t like foot massages as I absolutely hate my feet touched. My feet are a no-go zone.

    I am having an early night as I am celebrating the Dutch Queen’s birthday with my fellow Dutchmen in London tomorrow – it is going to be a messy affair but a lot of fun!

  91. Ballet-Dancer says:

    Fair enough! It’s nice to see the male point of view on the matter, haha!

  92. Jeff_NC says:

    @PhoneGuy : Yeah, I don’t like being judged by my car or my shoes. In my case, neither of these was bought to impress. However, I own three houses and some very valuable musical instruments (that I know how to play). I usually spend a month each winter in a beautiful warm climate. It’s my money and I’ll spend it how I damn well please.

    Ladies, the value of my car is not a reliable indicator of how generous a SD I am!

    • SD Guru says:

      Guru, VA , Midwest and all – what would be your advice how to answer that “too good for this site” line? seriously.

      There are so many possibilites, here’s a sample:

      – What’s a nice (handsome, smart, cute, or other superlative) guy like you doing on a site like this?
      – That’s for me to know and for you to find out
      – I could tell you but then I’ll have to…
      – That’s on a need to know basis and you don’t need ot know
      – I’m here for the same reason you’re here.

      But seriously, you should ask SDinLA because he’s one of the best at this IRL, and in addition to being the official blog jester he is now also the officlal blog flirt!! :mrgreen:

      A scalp massage certainly is nice… but how come no one wants a foot massage??

  93. PhoneGuy says:

    NYG, like others have said, take it as a compliment and tell him why you’re on the site. I have yet to have a first meet where we didn’t ask the other why they are on the site. I like it…it lets me get to know them and what they are thinking.

    BCP…nice. Well they say the nice thing about this site is that you can say exactly what you want. You go boy!

    Ballet-Dancer, like all questions, I think this one can be asked respectfully and an answer should be given. And it may tell you something about the person, possibly something important. I know it’s fashionable here to declare people fakes and frauds if they don’t appear how you expect/wish them to.

    I had a pot that I was all set to meet. I had asked a ton of questions (because that’s how I am) and she had asked me nothing. So I said, “Do you have any questions for me?” She wanted to know what kind of car I drove. So I told her and she followed it up with, “Why dont’ you drive a nicer car?” I was getting a little annoyed at this point and said, “So I can give away money to a young, beautiful woman.” She said, “Can’t you do both?” We ended up not meeting. She probably thought I was a fake. I thought she was shallow. My advice is to be nice, no matter how surprised you are. Maybe you will learn something interesting.

  94. Tina says:

    @Content: ding ding ding! We have a winner!

  95. ContentSB says:

    @Tina — Oh, and to make it all even better…he’s offering less than $1k/month…he’s going to make some girl very happy :p

  96. Tina says:

    @Content: I assumed that too when my brain started working. What a freakin’ jackass!

  97. Tina says:

    @Content: nevermind, it just came to me. Blonde moment 😉

    What an idiot. (him, not me)

  98. ContentSB says:

    @Tina — Took me a second too, but I’m assuming ‘birth control pill’

  99. Tina says:

    @Content: ok, I have to ask “BCP”?

  100. ContentSB says:

    Gaaahhhhh!!! His profile says that his SB “needs to be on the BCP.” Seriously?! Good Lord. Who actually says that in a profile?

    *end rant*

  101. ContentSB says:

    New pet peeve! Several of my pictures are private, and are so for a reason…so why do men request access to them without even introducing themselves?! If I wanted just anyone to see them they would be public! Today a guy requested access and only wrote “Thanks! XXXOOO, “Daddy””

    YUCK. No thanks.

  102. Ballet-Dancer says:

    Haha. I had a great meet last night, least until I walked out to his car with him. If they’re allowed to ask “what a great girl like you is doing on a site like that?” I should be able to ask: What’s a guy on a site like this doing with my Grandmother’s car from 1992. -___-

  103. NYGirl says:

    VA G. looks like Friday 13th is Your lucky day, u got a gold medal And made Jennie giggle.

  104. euphoria says:

    VA Gentleman- I think you get the gold star for best comeback! I’m going to have to remember that one. It made me giggle.

  105. Va Gentleman says:


    ” What is a girl like you doing on a site like this (sic) —-”

    Answer #1 If you like the pot –“trying to find a great guy like you ! ”

    Answer #2 if you don’t like him ” trying to screen out losers like you –oh well I can’t get it right all the time “

  106. Stormcat says:

    Happy Friday the 13th. It’s always been a very lucky day for me. Here’s hoping that everyone in sugarland gets lucky today.

  107. Midwest SB says:

    LOL Tina – You rock!

  108. Tina says:

    Celebrating for Midwest! [img]http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-dance006.gif[/img]

  109. black cherry says:

    aww baby doll,you got it all STEAMY in here,hey @Dutch girl am looking forward to meeting you,hopefully before the party,then we can have a whole big party on the 20th,sorry i missed you guys that day,i had a few things to attend to.big wave back 🙂 x

    @Brandon looking forward to meeting you in person 😉

  110. Tina says:

    @SouthernCharmSB: I know! Exercise soreness is the best (when it isn’t due to an injury)! I sleep so well that night too! 🙂 The bad part is that I have a physical job, so I have to be careful to not get TOO sore, otherwise I’m miserable at work. Enjoy your sugary weekend! 🙂

  111. Midwest SB says:

    Good morning sugars! I got great news today, but will share in a bit! Just celebrate!!!

    NYG – I have heard it several times. My honest answer is that I’m tired of dating men who don’t know how to treat a woman and my profile states that “I’m looking for a man who is willing to help a woman attain financial goals she finds difficult on her own”.. . It sets a standard for the pot SD, screens most who don’t want to provide an allowance and my goals are usually received well. Then I ask them the same question. If you don’t take offense and are honest, it builds a nice rapport.

    Mmmmmmm – love all massages, but scalp massages are the best!

  112. NYG says:

    Ok, Flyr . This is your best.

    Guru, VA , Midwest and all – what would be your advice how to answer that “too good for this site” line? seriously.

  113. Dutch Girl In London says:

    @Black Cherry – Hello from Dutch Girl – I missed you on the last SB meet up so here is a quick wave!

  114. black cherry says:

    @ Babydoll re…Scotland you bet!! lol,i did ask his very keen,his flying down tonight,so i shall discuss further,il keep you informed as usual,i miss you,our date is way over due,we need another fun meet before the party 😉

  115. flyr says:

    ” Aaaargh why do pots ask on the first date ‘So why is an attractive, intelligent lady like you on a site like SA?’”

    Same as any other real estate owner – I’m sitting on a million dollars but no liquidity…………………. sorry it just sort of slipped out

  116. SouthernCharmSB says:

    @Tina – Ohhhh gardening! Fun! 🙂 I sure wish I had a “green thumb” so that I could have something around other than orchids, which are pretty easy to keep alive LOL! Don’t you just love that kind of soreness though? It’s a good soreness, like it makes you feel productive and accomplished! I’m starting the weekend early too! Cheers to us! 🙂

  117. Nwsugarbaby says:

    @NorCal Guy- Tahoe sounds wonderful…hopefully i get the job
    @SDinLA- i think id have to wear a bikini in tahoe or someone may jump me before you’d arrive
    @Grasshopper- i feel like we learn to lie as children and then see it happen in the media etc….clearly OJ killed someone and other situations as well…then we have to retrain ourselves not to lie as one lie leads to many more lies…and then you lose track of what lies you told….so much easier not to lie 🙂

  118. Tina says:

    @SouthernCharmSB: good luck with your finals! This week my weekend started today, and I have to be at work again on Sunday morning. I have some gardening planned for tomorrow, so I’ll probably be sore Saturday morning 🙂

  119. NYGirl says:

    do you Want me to jump ahead with the hair washing thing?
    without Dutchess’ royal recommendation ?
    Thank you for the come back line, it is really important.

  120. SouthernCharmSB says:

    @Tina – Hey there girlie! How are ya? School is going well and finals are around the corner so I’ll be happy when those are over! For now though, I’m just happy the weekend is finally here! Looking forward to some quality sugar time 😉

  121. ContentSB says:

    @Grasshopper — True. Very true. Stupid lies 🙂

  122. Grasshopper says:

    @Tina – haha

  123. Tina says:

    Me? Innocent little me NEVER lies…….it’s all my other personalities fault! 🙂 Survey says: people can lie as much as 4 times in 10 minutes, but the average is one lie a day.

    People suck. I’ll stick to dogs 🙂

  124. Grasshopper says:

    Here’s the thing…we ALL hope to find someone that won’t lie..but the truth of the matter is that the men (and women) who are having “discreet” affairs, are FULLY capable of lying. If a person can lie to the person that is supposedly the most important person in their life – their spouse – then it would be very naive to think he/she wouldn’t lie to their lover, as well.

  125. Tina says:

    @SouthernCharmSB: hi pretty lady! I hope school is treating you well! I’m sure the SD is 😉

  126. SouthernCharmSB says:

    Howdy Sugars! Whoa, there’s lots to catch up on in this post and the last one, but just wanted to take a quick moment to wish a very Happy Birthday to all the blog sugars celebrating their birthdays! xoxo 🙂

    P.S. MMMMM….head massages are THE best!! All men should be highly proficient in this “lost art” and no doubt they would certainly benefit greatly from it!

  127. ContentSB says:

    @AnnaMW — Exactly. I’m all for putting in my time to prove myself, so to speak, but like you I’ve decided I’ll need more info before any travel plans are made, or intimacy happens (if it ever does). It’s scary to think he could be someone completely different than he portrays himself to be. Sometimes it can be difficult to take things at face value. This would be so much easier if everyone were just honest 🙂

    @babydoll — I love your stories about your SD! They’re just so adorable and heart warming 🙂 I hope you two last a very long time together!

  128. AnnaMW says:

    @Content – I don’t think you’re being paranoid. While I respect peoples privacy and value my own, I wouldn’t become phycially involved if I couldn’t verify their identity. I don’t feel like it’s safe or practical. I care about the types of human beings I have in my life, especially in my, ahem, personal space… He could be an abuser, a fraud or worse. So could I for that matter. If anonymity is that important, hiring an escort may be best.

    I had a .5 SD who insisted on over a month of heavy email exchange prior meeting (which I was happy about since he was really interesting). After meeting, we spent time together five times before prior to beginning an arrangement. It was another month before we were intimate (his choice). He always parked his car far away and wrote from anonymous email addresses. I knew who he was in weeks, but he didn’t know that. It was a lot of hoops to jump through, but I really dug him and was thinking long term.

  129. NYGirl says:

    Thank you for sharing your first kiss with your SD story.
    It made me smile:)

    You can flirt with NC gent, you do not need to explain or anything..,

    Then I used to flirt with VA gent … no one judge us… not.

  130. Tina H says:

    Hugh Hefner Celebrates 86th Birthday Bash With Casablanca Party


  131. Tina says:

    @babydoll: too hot here for hot tea, but I have chocolate cake right now too 🙂

  132. babydoll says:

    @tina~ i like that ,ESPECIALLY with a wonderful, high quality shampoo lol!

    how did you do the bum icon? haha
    chocolate cake and hot tea 🙂

  133. Tina says:

    @babydoll: ESPECIALLY with a wonderful, high quality shampoo and warm (I prefer a little on the hot side) water…..aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  134. babydoll says:

    @dutchy~i like it when he has stubbles and kiss the back of my neck and shoulders lightly mmmm 🙂 i miss him now <3

  135. babydoll says:

    @arcadia~ yay!!! excited to see you at the party xxx
    well just any cocktail dress would do 🙂
    or anything you feel comfy wearing for the night 🙂

    @NYG,ContentSb,BalletSb~ uhoh! i ama new Sb and my Sd was too when we met,but i tell you girls a secret,on our first meet,we were talking about loads of stuff and in the middle of dinner I KISSED HIM out of the blue!!! thats because i couldnt help myself and i was soooo attracted to him :P, the look on his face was priceless but he didnt say anything to offend me and just smiled
    form ear to ear,then carried on talking but after a few minutes he said,’may i please have some more?’ haha!
    but we are still together and i guess i was just lucky he was not a man who takes advantage of silly girls like me! but i now know the silliness of what i did and i dont think i will do it again lol

    @arcadia~also about new Sd’s yeah,mine gave me his number straight away and gave me his name without me asking it,told me his real name and what he does for a living and basically anything he thought maybe i wanted to know,he actually said after a couple of months that he was worried that if i tried to look for him on net that i may not find him if i didnt know his name and his photograph online lol 🙂

    @SdinLA~yeah you are not the only multilingual who can seduce here lol and Guru should help Sb’s too the technique for silent seduction hehe now you mentioned cupcake i want one too 😛
    so,do you flirt using sign language then? haha!

    girls i love head massage and hmmm it makes you feel all tingly all over isnt it? (sigh)

  136. Tina says:

    @Dutchy: sorry! I’m a bad, bad girl! 🙂

    And, just to state, it would be nice for men to also realize that touch doesn’t always have to be in erogenous zones to turn a woman on. ‘Nuff said.

  137. Dutch Girl In London says:

    @Tina – I have just come back from a run and press-ups in the mud only to find you talking about chocolate cake AND port – I am hungry now!

    SDInLA I lurve having my back stroked, it makes me purrr like a kitten – touch is very much under-rated, wish more men would realise this.

  138. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: you’re SO right about touch…I’m quite ticklish, which makes me ubersensitive about touch (as long at it’s done correctly).

    I’m craving chocolate……there’s a place here that makes this fudgy-brownie-cakey-thing that I MUST try! It sounds like it could be the exact thing I was looking for to pair with a fab port I have in my pantry…….

  139. SDinLA says:

    @NYG I would say, “You’re right. I am too good to exchange sex for money. I am glad you realize that. But that also means I am too good to be a cheap slut and sleep with you before I get to know you better. So when are we going shopping and when do I receive my allowance for being so wonderful and NOT having sex with you?”

    re: hair washing. I can’t believe how clueless most men are. Washing someone’s hair and giving them a scalp massage can be exquisitely sensual, even if Dutchy is making me stay clothed and outside the tub. Touch is a very under-rated sense. Depending on the location and state of undress of the various parties, you might be able to jump ahead in the hair washing queue NYG.

    @babydoll Shocking the pants off Dutchy? I wish it was that easy to get Dutchy out of her pants… 😉

    @Tina Multilingual flirting? Bah, I can flirt without saying a word. Guru taught me.

    @Ballet-Dancer re: dresses, the benefit is if I find a SB who is my size, then we can share our wardrobes too. Alas I tend to be attracted to petite women and I am 6’2″, so that hasn’t happened yet. 😉

    @NorCal Way! You can buy a whole roll and just slice it and make it at home for breakfast.

    @Arcadia speaking of food, every time you post I get a craving for a cupcake.

  140. ContentSB says:

    @Tina — All good points 🙂 He is a bit newer to it, so he’s probably just being extra cautious. Hopefully he’ll open up after I’ve proven myself to be trustworthy and genuine!

    @Ballet — Oy. It still amazes me that some of the men think they’re entitled to intimacy after paying for a meal. Seriously???? ugh. I love that you left $20 and walked away! Good for you! Hopefully one of the other pots works out for you! The search is the worst part, so hopefully it doesn’t last much longer for either of us 🙂

    Re: Hair washing. My stylist is a woman and it’s still my favorite part of getting my hair done! Well…that and all of the girl talk 🙂 I can’t even imagine how much more awesome it would be with some big manly hands…

    One more day and it’s the weekend! Yay! Hope everyone is having a great week 🙂

  141. NorCal Guy says:

    nwsugarbaby Tahoe rocks in the summer. the weather is great, can be 100 degrees here in the valley and 80 degrees there. Lots of stuff going on too. Skiing in the winter is great, but hiking, kayaking, lots of great live music both north and south lake, wish I could get a job there for the summer, no wait I don’t want to work at all…. 🙂

    SDinLA, pork roll in LA, no way! They are not even that easy to find in the philly suburbs.

    all – If a potential sd says you are to good for this site, what does that say about him him? I mean does he want not want to spend his time (and money) with a great person? In general pretty crazy stuff you SB’s come across. My tale of woe pales in comparison.

  142. Brown Cutie says:

    Im a newbie…and need some advice. I put my profile up about three weeks ago and received positive responses…which surprised the heck out of me as I do not have a full face picture of myself and have no body shots. Go figure. I narrowed it down to five pots that Im suppose to have lunch/dinner with next week. I felt lucky to even get one pot with the half face photo I put up…I have no clue what to do with five! Any advice on how to choose the one or two that is the best fit for me (assuming there is a connection)? As a newbie, Im still trying to find my way. And although I’m happy to have what appear to be five good pots I am a little overwhelmed.

  143. Tina says:

    @Arcadia SB: I totally agree with you on the hair washing……it can be quite erotic, even if neither person is naked (ahem SDinLA). Hmmmm, maybe we should start holding clinics on the proper techniques so straight men can learn hands on? hehehehehehehe Could be profitable 😉

  144. Arcadia SB says:

    The most wonderful thing in the world about when I get my hair done is the way my hairdresser washes my hair. He’s gay, but has these big strong manly hands and starts massaging my scalp….mmm…If I could find a straight man that could do that, well, that might be all the sugar I need 😉

    I’m in talks with a pot who is a first time SD…I want to help him, he’s got no clue. He is a gentleman though and isn’t looking for P4P. He gave me his real e-mail that has his name in it…within 15 minutes I knew where he worked, where he’d gone to Uni, which message boards he frequented…some guys don’t mind being open books I guess, but I don’t think he realizes how much searching you can do with just a little information!

    I also convinced SA to accept my UK Uni e-mail (they don’t end in .edu over here) and I think soon I’ll be a “College SB”. Looking forward to those premium features.

    @babydoll & Dutch Girl I think I’m going to try and make it down for the party. I’m curious what it’ll be like! I’ve never been to anything like it…but i have no idea what to wear. All my dresses are casual and trousers don’t seem right either.

  145. Ballet-Dancer says:

    Content — I’m super rusty too! No shame ;). I’ve met with a couple pots this last week. The first one seemed like the real deal at first, but he was sooo pushy, ridiculously so. I broke about every first meet rule in the book, just because I didn’t know how to say no to this guy as he bulldozed over any objections, it was awful. I did slam on the brakes when he wanted me to come back to his hotel room though, haha. I’m glad I did, because he spent the next ten minutes demanding “why” and making it seem like a lunch entitled him to that privilege. I put a 20 on the table and walked out, but now he’s hounding me via email/phone. -sigh- The other two were very sweet, but one I just wasn’t overly attracted to. We’ll see about the third.

    And SDinLA — Haha, rocking the dresses, huh? Very nice.

  146. Tina says:

    @ Dutch Girl: don’t feel bad, my name is street slang for meth 🙂

  147. Dutch Girl In London says:

    @NYG – I like the Dutchy seal of approval – I may be able to roll it out to other areas.

    @SDinLA – I am afraid that you will have to wash my hair with me in the tub covered by bubbles and you outside of the tub fully dressed as I need to concentrate – I take this Dutchy seal of approval thing very seriously now – I can turn this into an empire.

    SDinLA explained what Dutchy in slang means ie Pass the Dutchy – now that was an eye-opener.

  148. NYG says:

    Guru does not want you to flirt in Russian coz he is saving all the Russian ladies for himself.

    and I get this “you are too good for this site” often, which is a signal 1. A guy does not have too much experience in S dating yet, or 2. Looking for GF!!! “you are too good to do it for money you should date me, amazing rich guy , for free”.
    One rich Italian guy (showed up in Cartier gold watch, all dressed up) was like “what you are doing here, this site is for black Puerto Rico prostitutes ,you are not like them, right? you do not do sex for money, right, you are not going to text me like my ex SB it is $500 every time you want to see me, right ? you are too good, you are not like this”.
    oh… so I do not like this line,
    SDinLA you should teach me a good come back for that kind of lines. Would you?

    I might let you wash my hair as well (if Dutchy approve and recommend your skills, of course).

  149. Tina says:

    @NC Gent: you’re quite welcome my dear! And I’m going to be looking for a better one, I was in a hurry when I found that one 🙂

    @Content: he may have been burned by sugar in the past, or newer to it. I wouldn’t worry about it, just have fun and enjoy getting to know each other. You’ll know when it’s time to start getting more info, and if he still refuses at that time, then perhaps the connection isn’t there 🙂

    @SDinLA: I’m betting that you can flirt in multiple languages. But of course, you’re not the only one 😉

  150. euphoria says:

    @DorkyGuy-Miss travel…. Yes, and signed up! A very generous member has already donated free flyer miles to m dream vacation. How awesome is that?

  151. babydoll says:

    @NCGent~ i know,this blog is a safe haven for me and i dont want to offend any sugars that anyone might have liasons with just to make sure we are not offending anyone 😉
    but how i look like would be known by brandon when he meet us London Sb bloggers at the may party and i am sure he can give verdicts hahaha!! 😉

  152. NC Gent says:

    Tina — thanks for the emoticon!

    Babydoll — I too was just having fun, I actually don’t have a clue in the world what you look like, nor do I have any preconceived notions… other than well what you told me – all I know is that you live in the London? I have many good friends from the blog, but I don’t view the blog as a place to find pots either 🙂 I hope no one took our posts seriously!

  153. babydoll says:

    Dutchy So, what’s a smart, attractive girl like you doing on a sex blog like this?

    ~haha!! you may have shocked the pants off Dutchy!! you have to be careful what you say to London girls we may find these a bit shocking …

    and ohh,sorry to disappoint you 😉 maybe next time 😀

  154. Dutch Girl In London says:

    @SDinLA – A sex blog, OMG – we better start swapping recipes again!

    The only Russian I know is Da and Nyet.

  155. SDinLA says:

    @babydoll what-EVAR :::still pouting::: (and wearing my Russian fur hat, earflaps down)

  156. SDinLA says:

    @ZAmber and NYG что хорошая девушка, как ты делаешь в таком месте?

    Damn it, fell off the Russian flirting wagon again….

  157. SDinLA says:

    @Dutchy So, what’s a smart, attractive girl like you doing on a sex blog like this? 😛

    re: what’s in it for me if I’m washing your hair? Well, you’d be naked and in the shower with me… DUH

    @Guru (See… ah hell, you get the idea.)

  158. babydoll says:

    @SDinLA~ i just read your comment now HaHa!!!

    the thing is,with all the bruhaha that everyone worries about,we forget the simple things of being fun and happy AND asking nicely.
    if you asked i would have sent you as well!!! but you never did,the offer ends yesterday unfortunately,so you have to be quick next time and maybe in future comments you make, i will read and laugh and decide to get in and get in that direction as what happened to my conversation with NCGent !!! lol

    you missed on titties and booty!!! 😉 and anyway i havent got your email so its going to be a bit tricky eh? 😉

  159. Dutch Girl in London says:

    @SDinLA I love having my hair washed and rinsed out by an attentive man. What makes it so fun if you do it though ;)?

    It is an unoriginal line, I guess I am a spoiled brat who just wants to spend time with people who make me laugh, think and challenge me on different levels.

  160. babydoll says:

    goodmorning all beautiful people xxxx

    i hope everyone is now getting ready for the weekend :))))

    to all regarding married men~ well in my opinion,it is very difficult to actually be married and be unhappy with whatever situation it is that is making you feel that way,wether you are a woman or a man.unless you have expirienced being in such situation it is rather unfair to pass judgement to individuals who currently are in that type of marriage/relationship.
    and i have been in one marriage and near marriage and also my sd is in one.although,now on my sugar relationship,for me not to feel uneasy i have decided from the beginning not to question him regarding this.we only had a couple of times when we actually spoke about it and that is because it was urgent and needed to speak about because we had to decide about our own relationship.
    number one~why would i want to know his personal life when i knew anyway he is married? would i gain anything from poking on his unhappiness or his reasons why he is still married to her?
    second~am i ready for the answers he will give me in case i push him on the subject?
    third~i maybe going to just leave him if he actually makes our arrangement unhappy and difficult because he is married.
    dont get me wrong,i dont ignore the fact that there is a wife somewhere in the background,who dont know i actually exist,but it is about choices,and i choose to live my sugar life with my sd who is now more IRL than how we first planned it,but it is a separate life fom his ‘family’ life with her.
    i dont get myself involved with that side of his life unless he will want me to or if it is actually needed.lets not forget,we are here to have an arrangement that will suit everyone,a lot of us would not want a married guy,a lot of us wont mind a married guy,a divorced guy,a gay guy,a bi guy,or a single guy younger or older. we are first here after all becasue of the arrangments,no? or am i mistaken?
    i would be cross to know that one of the sugars are in an arrangement that has no value with a married guy or being used as a rag or a doormat with no gain whatsoever on her part and would feel the same if the guy was single. it is all down to how you willbe treated not on his personal background that you have nothing to do with 😉 maybe the best way is to get your man,get to know him personally,his character,how he wants to provide and how long.if he is married,how will he protect you from a wife or partner,how much time he can spend with you and how willing he is to take care of you while in the arrangement.
    but to those who dont like married men,for reasons only known to you personally i believe you are stronger in making your point across and i admire that a lot.i was like that before i met my sd.
    we all have perceptions on how we want things,but whether it is actually what were going to have/get is the question.

    @NYG~haha!!! thank you and you made me laugh for spilling the beans ;))))))))

    P.S. the breastesses and booty rowdiness between me and any sd’s here is done in jest and fun and not meant to offend any sugars in the blog,i see sd’s here as friends and not pot sd’s 🙂

    @ContentSB~yes,you are over reacting,but i undertsand the curiosity you feel as you want to know more when a person actually say less:) but give it time and see how you feel for this pot if you really like him make sure you charm your way into his sugar lining and dont scare him off by asking too much too early xxx
    *being asked that question why we are here by pot sd’s i think is now normal as i am quite sure specially the new ones that they are a bit surprised that a lot of us Sb’s are actually educated,socially adaptable and a lot are indepenedent and on top of that more attractive than the regular women out there 😉 but ladies,dont take offence,take it as a complement and next time a pot ask this again,just smile and say, “well,you found me here because you have been looking at the wrong places for a longtime” 😉

    re blocking Sd’s/Sb’s on the site~ i agree with Dorky,if the person isnt really making any threats or anything that actually hinder your everyday existence maybe we shuld be more linient sometimes and give them a break,there are a lot of desperate pot Sd’s anywhere and thye may try to contact you through email,if you dont like them just ignore and never reply,if they become abusive then block,but if its just all tlak just wlak away,we all have that from time to time but i have known Sb’s who have been blocked by men as well for the simple reason of not wanting to make any further contact.so,maybe just make sure before you hit that block button that you really need to not just for the sake of vanity and proving a point.that pot maybe not for you but it could mean the world for another.

    phew i talked too much too early in the morning!!! hahaha ;)))
    kisses and cuddles to all xxxxx

  161. SDinLA says:

    @Dutchy I guarantee you if you let me wash your hair it would be fun! 😉

    @Guru see, no more flirting in Russian 😛

    @Dutchy again, re: what you were asked, I think it’s just guys being unoriginal and using a line that is a variation of the age old “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” line. In their minds it is a clever compliment because they are telling you that you are so smart and attractive that you are “too good” for the site (for “site”, read: “sleazy bar/club”)

    @ContentSB I think you have to make a judgment call on the privacy issue. The one time I used the site to meet a few pots, I never had a face pic up, would not send one before meeting (nobody asked TBH) and yet of the 6 pots I ended up meeting, 5 were willing to get into an arrangement after one or two meetings with me STILL not having divulged anything beyond my actual first name and talking generally about my background and such. I’m guessing because they could tell from talking to me and how I acted during the meeting that I was genuine, my desire to be careful (some say paranoid) about my privacy was not an issue.

    I know some SBs have strict rules about disclosure before they will meet a guy, and that if I were to ever be looking for a SB I might be missing out on some attractive options with my privacy policies, but que sera sera.

    @Ballet-Dancer as an interim measure you could always just go into Photoshop and change the hair colour on your existing pics. I like to do that when I try on new dresses, I’ll take a photo of myself and change the colour of my eyes/hair to see how it matches the outfit. 😉

    @nwsugarbaby Maybe you need a tighter fitting hat so it won’t fall off, or a bigger head. If you promise to only wear your cowgirl hat and boots, I’d definitely head up to Tahoe. 😉

    @Guru (see, more non-Russian flirting.)

    @NorCalguy I’m not from Philly but I had a residence there for a while, there are a few places to get a decent cheesesteak down here, not gonna be Pat’s of course but still pretty good. I miss the water ice more (pronounced wooter ice for you non Philadelphians.) Believe it or not, I found a place to get pork roll down here too.

    @babydoll What did NC Gent do that I didn’t do? Isn’t making you laugh enough? How come I don’t get offers of photos of your naughty bits? ::pouts::

    @Guru (flirting. In english. Happy?)

  162. Dutch Girl in London says:

    @ContentSB – I do find it a dumb question and I get irritated when asked. I am glad your date went ok, I think washing my hair would have been more fun than mine.

  163. ContentSB says:

    @Ballet-Dancer — Thanks for the reassurance….I just feel rusty after my break from sugar. I hope you find someone soon now that you’re jumping back in too :)!

    @Dutch — I hate that question! It’s really a dumb question, because isn’t the whole premise of SA to bring together attractive and intelligent ladies with accomplished men??

  164. Dutch Girl in London says:

    Aaaargh why do pots ask on the first date ‘So why is an attractive, intelligent lady like you on a site like SA?’

    What is the best answer to that question?

  165. Ballet-Dancer says:

    Awe, it’s nice that he’s wanting to take things slow-ish @ Content. I agree with flyr, that once things start moving forward he’s being a bit weird, but at first meet… I don’t think that’s a “run away screaming” sign at this point.

    I’m not sure how to go about jumping back in after several months of absence. I’ve changed my hair color fairly drastically so I need new pictures… I’ve just been dipping my toes in, carefully answering a few messages.

  166. ContentSB says:

    @Flyr — You’re right. Sometimes I start over-analyzing things (especially all things sugar related) and need someone to tell me to stop freaking out and that everything is fine. So, thank you 🙂

  167. flyr says:

    @contentSB – sounds like everything is fine. He may want to be sure that you are not a potential blackmailer or seller of secrets to the Enquirer

  168. ContentSB says:

    @Flyr — Agreed. He’s very adamant about not rushing things, and letting intimacy develop naturally (very refreshing), so it’ll be awhile before that’s an issue. Curiosity is killing me though and the more secretive he is, the more I want to know lol.

  169. flyr says:

    @content SB

    I’m not married so I am probably a little more casual but if a guy wants you to trust your body to him in a SB relationship you deserve to know who he is. This is especially true if there is any travel involved.

    At a minimum, you should be able to verify who he is if the first meet for coffee or wine goes well. You should have time to do a little research before you meet to consummate the relationship or meet at a private location.

    @AnnaMW- I think that an outed SD is likely to simply fabricate a new profile. However the sie should be advised /

  170. LASB says:

    Nwsugarbaby – Too bad it’s for summer and not winter. I mostly just go in the winter to ski. It’s a beautiful area. Bring lots of sunscreen!

  171. DorkyGuy says:

    Has anyone else noticed the advertisement for MissTravel on the SA homepage? Interesting idea… Is it another Brandon venture? If so, I think it has some promise. I kind of like the idea.

  172. Nwsugarbaby says:

    Cali bloggers-applying for position number 2 in the lake Tahoe area. Both are great summer jobs. Hope I can meet you all if you’re a reasonable drive away and assuming I get the job :).
    @NorCal guy- most guys look great in leather so rocking the biker look may get you on their party boats…if you wakeboard or ski there don’t tell me…ill get too jealous

  173. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!
    Yes, it’s been a while…

    Midwest~ Kitten, hi , glad you are back

    SDinLA~ I see you are still as funny as ever 😉

    Hi Everyone, hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend

  174. VanillaSugar says:

    Have any of the SB’s in here been approached by couples from SA seeking an extra?? Isn’t this escorting?? Lol!

  175. VanillaSugar says:

    @Madison “Cheating is not part of sugar life. Hugh Heffner was married but his wife was very aware of what was going on and probably even participated in some of the sugary activities.”

    I didn’t say it was, and the person I’m referring to isn’t a SD…So you’re ok with a man cheating if his wife knows and approves of it?? Alot of women do this and it’s not because they really want to, but because of other reasons. And I doubt most of them, if any, know about the financial aspect of these relationships. I don’t know anything about Hugh Heffner’s wife, what she did, what she didn’t do, don’t really care. And it doesn’t matter to me if a man is married or not, just as long as he keep the two relationships separate.

    @Prince–Sounds like you’ve been having a good time, happy to hear 😉 And yes, how did you know? Lol!

  176. AnnaMW says:

    I agree that it’s in poor taste to post about people in specific, but if someone is a suspected troll or predator, it would be really great is there were a way for us to share that information, such as an SB-only forum that requires a login.

    It seems as though SA has been working really hard to vanquish the ‘Bad Apples’ and maintain an upscale vibe and empowering SBs with information (such as average net worth, typical arrangement paramers) creates a classier, safer atmosphere for everyone. If the guys seeking out prostitutes is reduced, the number of escorts will follow. There will always be a seedy underbelly when it comes to the arrangement concept, but it seems like steps are being taken to improve that.

    Where this individual is concerned, I am glad that I was able to have an offline conversation with someone who met him. It turns out that my uneasy feeling was completely valid. I just wish we had another way to communicate about these things.All of the profiles numbers I’ve seen posted were of people we need to watch out for in some way.

  177. ContentSB says:

    Hope everyone had a wonderful hump day! 😉

    I have a question for all you lovely people! I’ve run into men who value discretion, obviously, but how much is too much? The SD I met for dinner last night took the usual precautions such as using a fake email address. But, he also blocks his number when he calls (evidently it’s a work phone), never mentioned his last name (don’t really expect that on a first meet), and would conveniently avoid giving the name of the company he works for, as well as his previous employer, by calling it “company xyz.” I completely understand wanting to take his time to feel me out before he shares personal information since he has much more to lose than me, but how long should I wait before slowly trying to draw a little bit more information out of him? I’m thinking about waiting until we discuss any travel plans. This is just new territory for me because I’ve never had a pot who was SO secretive.

  178. NYGirl says:

    We chatted about many interesting things (since my IQ even more unbearably high, and I am interested in this sociological/psychological phenomenon Sugar dating).
    I always wanted to post here sone of his thoughts and ask if other SDs agree with what he says.

    Anyway… As Dorky (sweet, nice Dorky) said – this guy does not do any harm, just paying his D fees:)
    There are much more evil sharks out there.

    PhillySB. Thank you for knowing salty herrings places.:)

  179. NYGirl says:

    AnnaMW. The urban legend! He wrote me (on my 2 diff profiles without realizing it is the same person).


  180. AnnaMW says:

    Nevermind Gugu! We found each other.

  181. AnnaMW says:

    Blog Gods!!! Euphoria and I need to have some girl talk.

  182. Tina says:

    Dammit Dorky, you just HAD to go and be the voice of reason, didn’t you????? 😉

  183. DorkyGuy says:

    Just my two cents… The paying members are what keep the site free for the SBs. It is probably in a SB’s selfish best interest not to specifically call out individual paying members, unless they are actually hurting people.

    Yeah, in a perfect world, there would be no fake daddies (or flaky SBs), but we kind of have to tolerate them as the help finance this grand adventure.

    Of course if a SD (diamond or otherwise) is hurting anyone, all bets are off, and report the creep to Brandon for removal.

  184. euphoria says:

    AnnaMW- would you mind exchanging emails with me off blog. You just mentioned a name that is all too farmiluar to me.

  185. Tina says:

    NC Gent: this is just for you my darling (since Midwest isn’t here at the moment to respond appropriately 😉 ) [img]http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-taunt007.gif[/img]

  186. AnnaMW says:

    OMG.. I rarely check my inbox since my profile isn’t active, but moments after I posted I decided to…. Of course there was an email from the main person I was resisting calling out earlier. He sends me no less than one email a month, each time forgetting he’s written in the past. I’ve never responded and am pretty confident that he’s corresponding with half the website.

    Now I can’t help myself…. “Nick” from Colorado… Diamond member with the “almost unbearably high IQ”. Know him?

  187. AnnaMW says:

    OMG.. I rarely check my inbox since my profile isn’t active, but moments after I posted I decided to…. Of course there was an email from the main person I was resisting calling out earlier. He sends me no less than one email a month, each time forgetting he’s written in the past. I’ve never responded and am pretty confident that he’s corresponding with half the website….

    Now I can’t help myself…. “Nick” from Colorado… With the “almost unbearably high IQ”. Diamond member. Know him?

  188. euphoria says:

    AnnaMW- ditto chikkie!

  189. AnnaMW says:

    Euphoria – Yea. He’s special, alright… He was also on the site when I joined for the first time five years ago. I think he must have psychic/vampire abilities since he’s remained the same age this whole time. 🙂

    There are some guys I want to call out in specific soooo badly, especially since I’ve also encountered the last two profiles you posted. I’m seriously resisting the urge.

  190. NorCal Guy says:

    euphoria, I’m sure it will clear, we are only a couple of weeks away from it being Africa hot here in the happy valley.

    nwsug, Sounds like a good road trip…….great area to ride MC..get my BA biker trash look versus respectable businessman look….:)

  191. euphoria says:

    Profile 225638!
    All I can say is crack kills!

  192. Prince Charming says:

    I’ve been off in my newly found sugar happy land long enough my account lapsed! I’ll try to reactivate it later tonight, as I suspect you’re looking for some advice.

  193. Madison says:

    @vanilasugar: Cheating is not part of sugar life. Hugh Heffner was married but his wife was very aware of what was going on and probably even participated in some of the sugary activities.. I’m against married guys on this site acting like its OK to betray someone’s trust specially the one whom they say they “love”. I am personally against the ones who have a sick, disabled or fat wife using that as a get out of jail card.

  194. euphoria says:

    Norcalguy- Ty for the weather update. Hopefully it’ll clear up before I head back to the the sac area.

  195. Nwsugarbaby says:

    @Madison- you keep things interesting with all your shoe pictures lol
    @SweetSF to get into contact with a fellow blogger you just ask the “GREAT blog gods” to exchange info and as long as the people you exchange with agree emails are exchanged privately
    @SDinLA- the hat has a couple of options usually it falls off in the first 8 seconds if the ride is wild enough…then i give the bronc a score of 1-100. the best bronc wins a prize…
    @NorCalGuy-I have a couple of friends who go to school down by the shasta area and if you are looking for coeds a bunch of girls head to Shasta for Memorial Weekend…..i hear they get crazy….i won’t be there.

  196. euphoria says:

    Blog Gods Please pass sweetsf my email.

  197. moonpatrol says:

    Anna Nicole was from Mexia, Texas. I got lost in my rented plane and saw a water tower in a small town. I went down low enough to read the sign on the side and it said “Mexia”. Now I knew where I was on the map and could get on with my way. That flight was a long time ago but I always thought it was cool for that old guy to get what he wanted and not spend his years in despair or whatever.
    That’s my Smith story.

  198. SweetSF says:

    @ euphoria & SDinLA: That’d be so fun! 🙂 I’m not sure how to get in contact here. How do you do it?

  199. moonpatrol says:

    Some of you ladies that have been getting groin pictures of your POT, well its a gift so that you know to dump him or put them in your clown file. My first time thru Sugar dating was about a 1 -2 year experience and I came out of it like a war plane coming back to base all shot up but still flying.
    If I try again I think I will be the wise guru.

  200. AnnaMW says:

    So, Hugh Heffner is the subject of this blog post and there’s been some discussion, and is obviously the most famous SD there is, but I’m sure there are plenty of other notable characters who choose sugar life. Can anyone think of any others?

    The first that comes to mind for me is Anna Nicole Smith. She was such a tragic and compelling person. While her life was in obvious constant shambles an she never seemed to be able to attain the happiness she craved, she was pretty fascinating nonetheless (in a tragic Marilyn Monroe kind of way).

    At first glance, it would seem that she was a heartless gold digger who took a poor old sucker for everything she could. What is often overlooked was that J Howard had been asking her to marry him for years, but she only agreed after she landed her Guess campaign and Playboy contracts – not before. She said she wanted to achieve success independently first and that she grew to love him because he saved her and her so from a life of poverty and and taught her to aspire to more. He wasn’t a dumb man, he was an ivy educated billionaire of sound mental capacity.

    Given her upbringing, early adult life and limited IQ, it is a pretty remarkable story that probably would have ended the same whether she’d been famous or not.

  201. NorCal Guy says:

    phillysb, I grew up there, Temple grad and everything, don’t miss much about it, except the food. Just cannot get a good cheese steak out here.

  202. NYGirl says:

    Babydoll… Can I help?
    I know how you look;:)
    you look sweet, nice, long dark hair, very skinny … ok, I close my mouth:)

    And mine and yours info is secure like in the Lake Geneva bank (coz Dorky is a gentleman) 🙂

  203. babydoll says:


    @NCGent~ as i never posted a photo of me here and never really intended to,i want to know how do you perceive me on how i would look like anyway! there is only one Sd friend i have here on the blog who’s seen my photo,you know who you are and you are not allowed to help !!!

    so.lets see how you will fare in this quest ;)))

    email!email!! wooohooo 😀

  204. babydoll says:

    @VanillaSugar~thank you xxxx

    @NCGent~ haha!!! well obviously i may not what you expect exactly,but i will try my best loool

    @Jessie~well lets see how American Sd’s will cope with London Sb’s like me 😉 we are a few in this blog but i am sure we can cover ourselves on what the occassion needs and when it arise lol

  205. NC Gent says:

    ok blog gods… more assets on the way… lol please give Jessie my email address 🙂

    Life is grand today!

  206. GTT_Envy says:

    This NSA stuff is hard……………lol…………….just wanted to throw that out there!! Maybe I’m not as good at this as I thought.

  207. PhillySB says:

    Happy Birthday to all those who are celebrating in their birthday suits 😀
    If anyone is visiting Philly feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to show you where the good clam pizzas and salty herrings are. I’m not a big fan if either of course, I prefer a big long meaty cheese steak bahaha

  208. Jessie says:

    @Teeny – Happy, happy birthday! I hope you have a fantabulos day and that your journey in sugar land will be especially sweet :).

    @NC Gent – If I’d known that it was that easy to get your email, I’d have made the same offer a loooong time ago. Leave it to a London SB to show how it’s done…lol

    @babydoll – Girl, you’re on a roll. I’m just gonna stay out of your way, and watch you work 😉

  209. NC Gent says:

    Ok — I am on — blog gods – please exchange our emails 🙂 let’s see if her assets are as described 🙂

  210. babydoll says:

    @NCGent~ lol!!! joking??? who is joking? :)))))

    @Dorky~why do i feel you’ve done this before!! haha!! 😉

    @SdGuru~ok since you mentioned Sugarbabies SA Calendar, when is it happening then?? lol!!!

    come on,what happened to the macho Sd’s here? dont tell me a little babydoll can make you all red of cute embarassment ;)))) lol!!!

  211. VanillaSugar says:

    Happy Birthday Babydoll and Hef! Hope you had a good one :)..

    @Madison–“Oh,I love my wife very much, but because she (insert excuse here), I’m having an affair”.—

    I asked a guy once how come he cheats and he told me “Because I like what like”…Now, he and his wife are getting divorced after 8 yrs, and he has a girlfriend of 7 years (been together since 2nd year of marriage), and he’s seeing another woman. Smh..I know all 3!

    Prince Charming! Come out, come out! Need to talk to you 🙂

  212. ContentSB says:

    @Arcadia — I LOVE Dan Savage!! He’s hilarious but practical. I don’t agree with all of his advice, but I can always understand where he’s coming from. It’s definitely a column worth reading!

  213. NC Gent says:

    I am always learning DorkyGuy and I am not worthy 🙂

  214. DorkyGuy says:

    @NC Gent~ LOL! Rookie move… If a cute girl offers to show you her bootie and breastesses, ya don’t backpedal with a “(joking — kinda)”! You follow up with “I am an amateur photographer, and I would love to set you up with a portfolio!” 😉

  215. NC Gent says:

    Babydoll — I didn’t know I was in the presence of a young lady who has the rare combined gift of a cute bootie and perky breastesses – u can send pics of both (joking – kinda)

  216. babydoll says:

    @brandon~it will be interesting to see when you are in london if you will recognize the London Sugar blog girls at the party!!! xxxx that would be fun

    @arcadia~please come down to london for the party! :)))
    @blackcherry~remember if you have a partner coming he could always come around if mine will be free to go too for the night they can chat about scotland!! hahaha!!!

  217. babydoll says:

    NC Gent~ HAHA!!!! exchange exchange lol!!! what about booty i am a booty girl too hahaha!!!

  218. NC Gent says:

    Babydoll — glad I made you laugh 🙂 in order to qualify, I need visual evidence – blog gods please exchange our emails lol

  219. babydoll says:

    @Summer~ happy birthday!!! woohoooo parties all week!!! yay!!!

    @NC Gent ~i believe i am a ‘perky breatesses’ or whatever you call our titties haha!!! you made me laugh out loud 😀 so do i qualify then??? lol!!!

    @arcadia~ dorky measuring His like mt rushmore? wtbh haha!!!

    really guys when i read what everyone is writing here ,it makes me think how funny this Sugarbowl we live in really is!!

  220. euphoria says:

    Themail order bride must be Ukraine? Does this mean that I qualift as a candidate?

  221. Stormcat says:

    Guru, SDinLA ~ Havn’t been around much lately so was just wondering which one is the Troll?

  222. Donna says:

    Happy Birthday! You are still the Sexiest Man Alive!

  223. Arcadia SB says:

    Has Anyone here read Dan Savage’s advice column “savage love”? I was recently shown it by a friend and it’s opened my eyes…to, well, a lot of things I didn’t need to know. One of his big platforms is successful non-monogamous relationships, not just poly, but other types as well.–especially situations where one partner is either unwilling or unable to provide a healthy sexual relationship. I got sucked in (it’s as entertaining as the blog! and it actually IS a sex blog, our blog cannot compare.) and read two years worth of columns and think it’s a must read for many couples who, for whatever reason, love each other but have a sexual incompatability.

  224. NC Gent says:

    Thanks for the awesome emoticon Midwest…. just for the record, I am a bootie man, but perky breastesses come in a close second 🙂

  225. Madison says:

    Reading those married guys comments here…I just can’t help myself. My personal favorite married guy line is:

    “Oh,I love my wife very much, but because she (insert excuse here), I’m having an affair”.

  226. Madison says:

    @Nwsugarbaby: “The blog has gotten rowdy again and that’s the best way for it to be. 😉 keeps things interesting.”

    Indeed!!! 😛

  227. DorkyGuy says:

    @Arcadia~ LOL!

  228. babydoll says:

    thank you everyone for the bday greetings xxxx

    @NYG~ omg we have the same bday!!! kisses xxx
    @Teeny happy bday!!!

    happy bday to you happy bday to you happy bdayx2 hapy bday to youuuuuuu!!!
    ok i sang that imersonating the best ER marilyn she can do!!! hahahahaaa 😉

    must rush going to have lunch in town with my darling and do loads of errands boo!!!
    bday week everyone,specially all the spring babies!!!

    @brandon~thank you … excited to meet you in London xxx

  229. Arcadia SB says:

    I feel like I’m lucky to not have gotten the dreaded penis pic…at least not on SA. I’ve been surprised on traditional dating sites before ::shudder::

    @ SDinLA As to the issue of scale, I’m sure it’s like on eBay when they put a quarter next to…their item. The only downside is that Dorky has to use the actual Mt. Rushmore for scale 😉

  230. Ballet-Dancer says:

    I was. There were like six “girls” floating around, and I got confused with Beachgirl once or twice. So I changed it up ;).

    Russian huh? I worked with a Russian man, the only thing I really remember about him was him getting drunk at an office party and telling everyone about a wild foursome he had, haha. Good times.

  231. SDinLA says:

    @NYGirl I think the Guru just called you a mail order bride!!!! (and you too ZAmber.) Are you going to let him get away with that?!?!

    @Guru You can screen the mail order brides for me. Remember, they have to be Ukrainian, hot, university educated, great in the kitchen and in bed, docile and subservient, and not speak a word of English. 😉

    @ContentSB Glad you had a good experience to recount to offset some of the horror stories, best of luck with it going forward. Did he comment on your lack of an upper half to your head?

    @Nwsugarbaby So you have trouble keeping your hat on while riding a bucking S… bronc?

    @Ballet-Dancer Hey right back at ya. Were you “BalletGirl” before?

  232. AnnaMW says:

    I completely agree with the troll eradicating strategy, but on a much more important note, all of this gelato talk is making me hungry! My favorites are salted carmel and goat cheese… I know the latter sounds revolting, but it’s actually delicious. 🙂

  233. Nwsugarbaby says:

    @SDinLA just warming up for rodeo season….my goal this year is just to not lose my cowgirl hat…..also I need to start practicing my lack of roping skills to tie up bad SDs.

    @ContentSB wishing you the best in your future endeavors with this potential. Seems like you guys are off on the right foot.

    • SD Guru says:


      What a hot mess you’ve created with all that flirting in Russian… If you keep it up I won’t be able bail you out when mail order brides in Russia start asking for your email addy… 😛


      The most interesting man in the world was my apprentice… :mrgreen:

  234. ContentSB says:


    A.) Thankfully there was NO mention of Star Wars….lots of interesting conversation about his travels abroad though.

    B.) Waiter was cute, but most definitely gay.

    C.) True.

    D. Hmmm…Maybe not “thankyouthankyouthankyou Brandon” but a “thankyou Brandon” definitely

    Overall it was a success and he claims it was well worth the drive 🙂 So, we’ll see what happens from here!

  235. SDinLA says:

    @NYG I know you don’t like sweets, but this place has some amazing flavours. Sea Salt gelato? It’s not that sweet and it is incredibly tasty.

    I don’t know where to get salty herrings in Philly. Reading Terminal Market maybe

    @Nwsugarbaby What was that you said about Hos? And Dongs? Cowgirls in nothing but hats and boots, hos, dongs… this is sounding more and more interesting 😉

  236. Ballet-Dancer says:

    Hey all, long time no see. <3

  237. NYG says:

    Jessie. You are teasing me? You want my stories.:)

    SDinLA. you know my taste. Do I care for sweets? I can not care less about Jelato.
    salty herrings would be better for me (while you are still searching for my caviar).

    The food and restaurant it self was good (better than French restaurant on 5 th ave NYC – forgot the name of it too).

    Jessie, sorry I “made” you work hard:)
    You know how it is – a girl come to blog , asked to check/correct her profile – 3 days later she got a SD with 5K allowances without even sleeping with him, or Prada shoes and a DG bag and marriage proposal and mini van with 3 kids in one meeting 🙂 compare to this stuff my stories would not be interesting.

  238. Grasshopper says:

    @Sensei – across the table from me is merely where you shall begin..where you’ll end up after that is another story, indeed 😉

  239. SDinLA says:

    @NYG Must not have been that great of a meal then! Next time you are in Philly, look for a gelato place called Capogiro Artisan Gelato, they have several locations. Best gelato I’ve ever had outside of Italy. The guy has like 300 flavours that he rotates, some very unique ones, and makes it all from scratch in the basement of one of the stores. You can order it from their web site, but its not the same.

    @Grassy across the table from you? I thought the requirement for your dining companions was to be under the table… 😉

  240. Jessie says:

    @NYG – You made me work hard. I had to scroll up multiple pages to read what you wrote earlier ;). Awww…I see it now…So you think writing about your SD, who is what…five years younger than you?…would be too boring. But now I see you’ve traveled to meet another pot, so perhaps he’s no more? What is boring about that? Sounds like intrigue and excitement is hovering somewhere, but you just don’t want to share the story with the blog ;).

  241. Nwsugarbaby says:

    The blog has gotten rowdy again and that’s the best way for it to be. 😉 keeps things interesting.

    Now what to comment on…..

    I personally ask guys for c*ck pictures because I am empowered…..kidding…. its amazing how many times one will get asked for their pics though

    @Summer and Teeny Happy birthday to fellow Aries ladies. We are fiery rams 🙂

    @Twinkies….gotta love the cream filling personally I love chocolate so I prefer the Ho Hos and Ding Dongs

    Pretty woman reference “charming the one eyed snake” I took a knitting needle to bed.

  242. NYG says:

    It was nice, sunny, warm, we walked like 15 blocks in Center City, streets were CLEAN (compare to UES) and people were nice. 🙂
    I do not remember the name of the restaurant or the street, I did not paid attention.
    The guy is OK, I think he did not tell me the truth about his age and family status – well …what is new.:)

  243. Grasshopper says:

    @NYG – I have a close family member who has worked for Amtrak for 30 yrs – the train is a great way to travel. Glad you had fun in Philly and on the train 🙂

    @Sensei – I will try a slice just as long as you sit across from me as I try it for the first time – Oh..and make sure there’s a napkin on the table ;P

  244. SDinLA says:

    @NYG Center City is a nice change of pace from Manhattan. It’s very walkable, and you have so many historic sites/buildings you can visit. And as you said, on the Acela it’s a very short ride from NYC to 30th St. Station

    Where did you dine? There was a really good French restaurant on Walnut Street, but it closed last month after 40 years, a place called Le Bec Fin. At its best, I’d say it was on par with Le Cirque and close to Le Bernardin.

  245. NYG says:

    these are exact my words (about trolls) , why everyone just did not ignore it. ?
    Well… As you “told me” about moose and squirrel 🙂
    I “told you” about Margaritas and swine.

  246. NYG says:

    Dear, I was in Philadelphia today, went to French restaurant with a Pot.
    I took Amtrak train from Manhattan and back (only 1,5 h each way), yes coz there are no SDs in NYC. 🙂
    It was fun for me coz I’ve never been in Philly, and it was my first time at Amtrak.

    ZAmber. You are in NY?

  247. SDinLA says:

    @everyone In an attempt to be a kinder, gentler Blog Jester, I made the mistake of trying to give the latest troll the benefit of the doubt and engage in banter with it. Rather than let this tawdry “sex blog” degenerate into another mudslinging episode (I had the BEST come back written and was just about to his “post comment” too), I am just going to take the high road and ignore it from here on as I should have all along.

    @flyr all I know is that ContentSB is somewhere in the Dakotas. No idea where her date is.

    @Tina given Grassy’s two areas of claimed expertise, was there any other guess for toppings?

    @Summer Happy Birthday to you too!

    @Grassy as unappealing as it sounds initially, it’s actually pretty tasty.

  248. allyouneed2012 says:

    @ all the sb’s. I think ther should be a forum for all of is so we can all,share and call out all the fakers and cons and guys that are full of shit. I think that would be a great asset to this site. As women we really are running the show and we could all help each other out. Even if we meet great guys and just no chemistry, pass on the good word he’s good just not for me. Or if he’s bad. Just a thought 🙂

  249. NYG says:

    To call out NC gent one has to mention screening, fake Facebook accounts, deep profound back ground criminal and credit check pot SBs. 🙂

    Jessie – in my previous post I wrote to you, but I was with I phone and put Teeny’ name, sorry, usually I do not do these kinds of mistakes, I do all other kinds:)

    Teeny – happy Birthday!

    SDinLA there is one more person on this page who was born and grew up in the USA but everyday nostalgic of Russia and Russian culture.

    уныния моего ничто не мучит не тревожит
    И сердце вновь болит и любит от того что
    Не любить оно не может

  250. allyouneed2012 says:

    Gotta love the creater of the acceptance of SD sb relationships. Just wish he would realize….. Brunettes are a lot of fun. So all you boyz who love brunettes come say hello 🙂

  251. Grasshopper says:

    @flyr – Whew! I JUST KNEW my keyboard liability insurance would come in handy one of these days! =O

  252. Grasshopper says:

    ::wishing I was in Philly right about now::

  253. Madison says:

    @SDinLA: “recuse myself from the contest.”

    That small,huh? LOL ( I had to say it ) LOL LOL

  254. flyr says:

    @summer happy birthday

  255. Shara says:

    Fantastic and motivating article!

  256. Summer says:

    Its my birthday this week also! Amazing! I am liking this site more and more!
    xoxo everybody!

  257. Tina says:

    OH MY! The implications of that statement you dirty little flyr 😉

  258. flyr says:

    That’s me under the table

  259. Tina says:

    YEAH flyr found us! 🙂

  260. flyr says:

    @SDinLA – Do you care to share the name of the restaurant. We’ll send the rescue squad.

  261. flyr says:

    @ Grass You are way too funny, I.ll send the bill for the new keyboard.

    I thought only members of Congress and Presidential candidates sent unsolicited package pics. Perhaps the Federal Truth In Advertising laws apply here.

  262. Tina says:

    But SDinLA: Bulls balls? Really?

  263. SDinLA says:

    2/3 of her way through her date with the pot who drove 2-1/2 hours to see her, is ContentSB thinking:

    A. I don’t care HOW far he drove to see me, if he doesn’t stop talking about his Star Wars collectibles, I am going to ram this fork into his right eye, and this knife into his ear and through his brain.

    B. Hey, our waiter is kinda cute… WHOA, is that a banana in his pants, or is he just happy to see me?

    C. Meh, he’s OK. He’s not DorkyGuy, but then again who is?

    D. Thankyouthankyouthankyou Brandon!

    E. Something else

    @Madison I haven’t seen your credentials yet, this contest is not open to just ANY woman who claims to be a connoisseur of c*cks. In any case, as Grasshopper’s sensei, I would have to recuse myself from the contest.

    @Grassy people in Philly get clams on their pizzas. Just sayin.

  264. Grasshopper says:

    @Sensei – Is there anything else??? Duh! Why mess with a winning combo..am I right?

  265. Madison says:

    @SDinLA: I would love to be part of a c*ck “connoisseuring” contest. Let’s start with you! Open your pants for us, please….

  266. Tina says:

    Rocky Mountain Oysters?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! NASTY!!!!!!

  267. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: Oooohhh, I LOVE that movie! Although Guru with a tiny man living in his chest is a little freaky…..

  268. SDinLA says:

    @Grassy So do you order pizza with Rocky Mountain oysters and kielbasa on it?

  269. SDinLA says:

    @Grassy, Madison is bigging up her rooster handling credentials too, maybe after you and Tina are done with the sucking a golfball through a hose contest, you and Madison can have a cock… um… “connoisseuring” contest 😉

    @Tina my last 2 GFs and my last SB were all at least half-Russian, so you may be right about the memory implants. Oooh, I get to be like Ahnold in “Total Recall.” Does that mean Guru is Kuato? “Quaid… Quaid… Start the reactor.”

  270. Grasshopper says:

    @Tina – Yes!!! I do believe you’ve just coined a new term! Love that!

  271. Tina says:

    @Grassy: a cockisseur?

  272. Grasshopper says:

    …and of pizza

  273. Madison says:

    @Grasshopper: ” A Connoisseur O’ Cock.” LOL LOL LOL priceless. XOXOXO

  274. Grasshopper says:

    @Sensei – lots of times the guys are holding it…so comparing it to their hand is one way of gauging; but even without a hand in the photo..I can gauge, regardless….I’m what you might call a Connoisseur O’ Cock.

  275. Midwest SB says:

    Tina – you are very inspirational! Still looking for the bananas 🙂

    I’m off. Have a fabulous night!

  276. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: I continue to plot your downfall…..too bad you’re not SDinATX…….MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! And the Russian memories are an implant from a former SB that was really a Russian spy…..just sayin’……

  277. Madison says:

    To all of you men thinking size doesn’t matter… news flash for ya…. it does matter. Sorry, it just does. If I had to pick between a thin 5 and a thick 7… yup, 7 wins.

  278. SDinLA says:

    @Tina I never saw Despicable Me, so they’re Twinkies to me.

    @Madison May I ask precisely how many years of c*ck handling you have had? Just trying to verify your expert credentials. 😉

    @ZAmber You can резвяся with me anytime. 😉 And since it was just last month, a belated С Днем Рождения to you as well!

    I wax nostalgic about Mother Russia all the time too. Then I remember I’m not Russian and didn’t grow up there and I think, “Wait a minute, where did all those memories come from?!”

  279. Madison says:

    @MidwestSB: Nice…. 😛

  280. Tina says:

    Oh boy, I’ve created a monster! Wait, isn’t that what a good little minion should do? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  281. Midwest SB says:

    This one is for NC Gent!


  282. Madison says:

    @LASB ” Sometimes they have a big hairy gut in the photo. I wonder why anyone would send those types of photos and then think that we’d somehow be inspired to even correspond with them, much less meet them. Or maybe they send them as a disclaimer so that we aren’t disappointed later.”

    Funniest thing I read today. LOL LOL I love this blog LOL LOL

  283. ZAmber says:

    @SDinLA I really wish you were SDinNY. ;p Anna Akhmatova died in my birthcity though

    Люблю грозу в начале мая,
    Когда весенний, первый гром,
    Как бы резвяся и играя,
    Грохочет в небе голубом. ~~

    etc.. I don’t wanna kill the page. I remember memorizing this in first grade in Russia. 🙂 I hated it at first, but such a gorgeous poem. Tyutchev is the man! Sorry haha, I’m getting carried away with all the nostalgia.

  284. Tina says:

    Thanks Midwest – I just replied! Deep friend Twinkies are present during the rodeo 🙂

  285. Madison says:

    @SDinLAL: It requires many years of c*ck handling to know what size it is only by looking at a pic. I’m expert at it. LOL LOL

  286. Midwest SB says:

    Tina – You’ve got mail! Great address btw…and I LOVE twinkies because they can last for YEARS!

  287. SDinLA says:

    Engrish Transration of previous poem by Anna Akhmatova (In Stormy’s absence someone’s gotta be posting poetry right?)

    The Guest

    Nothing is changed: 
    against the dining-room windows
    hard grains of whirling snow still beat.
    I am what I was,
    but a man came to me.

    ”What do you want?” I asked.
    “To be with you in hell,” he said.
    I laughed. “It’s plain you mean
    to have us both destroyed.”

    He lifted his thin hand
    and lightly stroked the flowers:
    “Tell me how men kiss you,
    tell me how you kiss.”

    His torpid eyes were fixed
    unblinking on my ring.
    Not a single muscle stirred
    in his clear, sardonic face.

    Oh, I see: his game is that he knows
    intimately, ardently,
    there’s nothing from me he wants,
    I have nothing to refuse.

  288. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: mmmmmmmmmmm Twinkies……..although the minion part of me is now plotting your downfall for calling it a “Twinkie”

  289. SDinLA says:

    @collectors of photos of bits and pieces How can you tell how big it is, do guys include objects in the photo to give it scale?

    @Tina I thought it was a Hostess Twinkie wearing denim overalls, goggles and gloves.

    @Grassy Yeah, I’m sure you’ve never made a man feel inadequate before. Nope. Never. SMH

    @LASB Um, I meant “Or so I’ve heard.”

    I have no idea why a guy would do that. But some guys get off on flashing, so isn’t that the same idea?

    @Alleycat Hey, go find your own sexy Russian women to say “Moose and squirrel” to you.

    @ZAmber (and NYGirl)


    Все как раньше: в окна столовой
    Бьется мелкий метельный снег,
    И сама я не стала новой,
    А ко мне приходил человек.
    Я спросила: “Чего ты хочешь?”
    Он сказал: “Быть с тобой в аду”.
    Я смеялась: “Ах, напророчишь
    Нам обоим, пожалуй беду”.
    Но, поднявши руку сухую,
    Он слегка потрогал цветы:
    “Расскажи, как тебя целуют,
    Расскажи, как целуешь ты”.
    И глаза, глядевшие тускло,
    Не сводил с моего кольца.
    Ни один не двинулся мускул
    Просветленно-злого лица.
    О, я знаю: его отрада –
    Напряженно и страстно знать,
    Что ему ничего не надо,
    Что мне не в чем ему отказать.

    I love me some Akhmatova…

  290. Madison says:

    @LASB and @Grasshopper: I’m in IT, so let me know if you guys need help organizing that data. 😛

  291. Madison says:

    Collecting c*ck pics, a saving into a SQL server database. Table1 : 4 to 5 inches, table 2: 5 to 6 inches.. LOL LOL

  292. Madison says:

    If I were a guy reading this knowing girls are collecting their c*ck pics…. LOL LOL I would be disturbed. 😛

  293. Madison says:

    I heard he did a “Casablanca” style birthday at the mansion. “Play it again, Sam”. Happy Birthday Heff!! XOXOX

  294. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: hello again darling! I’m glad you like the avatar – I love my little minion! And, if you were able to catch it from the last topic, it’s because i’m now one of Midwest’s minions……a dancing minion, but a minion nonetheless 🙂

    @Midwest: feel free to grab my e-mail and use it, and I will divulge the emoticon secret (but only to you since I’m one of your minions)

    Happy birthday babydoll and NY Girl!

  295. Grasshopper says:

    @LASB – HAHA! .let’s not get me started with folders and saved weiner pics – I have some from as far back as 10 yrs ago..and they are of the Non-Disappointing persuasion 😉

  296. ZAmber says:

    @SDinLA OH MY GOD, I remember watching that cartoon. I also remember watching the movie, hahaha. There was a Russian pop duo that also resembled them so much it was uncanny, I can’t remember their names right now though.. I can still do a Russian accent on request, although I have an “American” accent when I speak Russian now 🙂

    @Michael Alleycat I love a guy that can appreciate a hot Russian girl 🙂 So no complaints!

  297. Midwest SB says:

    A laser pointer, my pup and, a glass of wine just turned my day around 🙂

  298. LASB says:

    Grasshopper – I actually keep a folder of the really good ones. I have a decent collection. It’s the voyeur/data junkie in me.

  299. LASB says:

    SDinLA – I wouldn’t know. How do you? Also, it’s not all about size. Sometimes it looks lopsided. Sometimes they have a big hairy gut in the photo. I wonder why anyone would send those types of photos and then think that we’d somehow be inspired to even correspond with them, much less meet them. Or maybe they send them as a disclaimer so that we aren’t disappointed later.

  300. Grasshopper says:

    @Sensei – You know me..I’m SUCH a sweetheart..I would NEVER make a guy feel bad for being a short, short man…;X

    @Jessie – Yup…I luvs me sum dic pic!

  301. Michael Alleycat says:

    @SDinLA and ZAmber – stop flirting you two … really? We are in mixed company, you know!

  302. SDinLA says:

    @LASB That’s what happens when the first weenie pic you get is from Dorky

  303. SDinLA says:

    @ZAmber Sorry, the “Moose and squirrel” is me being obscure. There was an old Cold War era cartoon on TV called “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show” where Rocky was a squirrel and Bullwinkle was a moose. Their main enemies were 2 Russian spies, Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale, and they would say “Moose and squirrel” a lot with their Russian accents. And I just think it’s sexy when a Russian woman says it like Natasha. 😉

    @self Note to self: take… multiple… angles… of… weenie… pics… before… emailing… to… Jessie…

  304. LASB says:

    Grasshopper – I personally don’t get offended with weenie pics..but that’s just me.

    I’m only offended when they are disappointing, which is pretty often.

  305. Jessie says:

    @Grasshopper – LOL. I’m that way too. In fact, I examine them VERY carefully. Keep them in my inbox, and examine again a day or two later. If I happen to have gotten more than one, then I bring them all up in different screens and compare ;). I’m totally fascinated by/with weenie pics.

  306. ZAmber says:

    @SDinLA Moose is.. лос, I think? In Russia we had cute белочки.. they were red and not grey like here in NY 😉 Но американские мужчины намного больше, красивее.

    That paragraph is sweet though!

    Back to the sugar.. is it just me or are suddenly a lot of Diamond SD’s popping up?

  307. SDinLA says:

    @ZAmber Oooooh, can you say “Moose and squirrel” please? 😉

    Here’s some more for you… Самое прекрасное, что парень может сказать девушке: Если я когда-либо и полюблю ещё одну девушку, то это будет наша дочка.

    @Grassy I’d be afraid to see what kind of reply a guy who sent you a weenie pic got if it wasn’t up to par! 😉

  308. Michael Alleycat says:

    @SDinLA – Re SDGuru – he is awesome.

    So much that The Most Interesting Man in The World is like a 6 year-old when in the presence of the SDGuru.

  309. ZAmber says:

    *девушка I’m too americanized. =_= My Russian is horrible..

  310. Grasshopper says:

    I personally don’t get offended with weenie pics..but that’s just me.. 😀

  311. ZAmber says:

    Ого .. Я не только русская девушки здесь.

  312. Grasshopper says:

    If a Pot asks for my private pics and if I allow him to view them, I then ask for his. If I get no response by the next day, I revoke his access to my pics. IMO – it seems to me that most SDs THINK that they are the one’s with all the power, when in actuality, women have more than they realize they do 😉

  313. SDinLA says:

    @Jessie I interpreted Guru’s comment more as “He can say whatever he wants in his profile- make grandiose promises, boast etc.- but when you start corresponding with him his true colours will come out, so promises he made in his profile aren’t worth much” rather than saying “SDs don’t have to worry about crafting a good profile.”

    Then again he IS the Guru and he could probably have a blank profile and he’d still have hordes of supermodels tripping over themselves to email him. 😉

  314. euphoria says:

    Sdinla- I only hate on people who deserve it. -:p

  315. SDinLA says:

    @NYGirl Добро пожаловать

    re: checking your IQ or imagination, I told you, I just think it’s sexy when attractive Russian women say “Moose and squirrel.” 😛

    @Guru Spot doesn’t like to wear dresses, he prefers to go au naturel and accessorize with leather and lots of studs.

    @Teeny Happy Birthday tomorrow! (Or today depending on where you are located.)

    @Midwest/Jessie/jenniebug/Sasha et al… Y U dissecting my profile? Haters gonna hate I guess… 😉

    • SD Guru says:


      The point I’m making is that sometimes what people (SD or SB) put in a profile, what they say in emails/texts, and what they say/do in person, could be very different things. In this case his profile really didn’t give any obvious clues that a penis pic is coming. I assume he contacted MWSB first, and what’s in that email could be more telling than what’s in his profile. I agree both SD and SB’s should put effort into making a good profile. But remember, the main purpose of a profile is for others to decide whether to contact you (or reply back), and not much more. Once the interaction starts then you will make decisions along the way on how to proceed, and by that point what’s in a profile may not matter as much.


      I wonder if Spot’s fondness for leather and studs is a reflection of his owner?? 😛

  316. Jessie says:

    @ Midwest – You’re welcome. I think your suggestion is a marvelous one.

    @Guru – If what he says in his profile doesn’t matter, then you’re also saying “first appearance” means diddly squat. Just because the ratio is sooo low doesn’t mean a SDs profile shouldn’t be “up to par” as well. I’m not saying that this is what you’re implying, but it does make it seem as if A SD can say anything, or nothing worth reading anyway, in his profile and still be given an “in”. While with a SB if she’s not eloquent, have the right pictures, in the right location, comes across as smart, cute and charming, (and still sometimes with all of that), she doesn’t stand a chance. I’m all for equality regardless of the numbers. If you want a SB to impress you with their profile, make the effort to do the same.

  317. NYGirl says:

    Thank you all for greeting : Honey, Jessie, Midwest, Teeny and all ;
    Спасибо CDinLA. 🙂
    CDinLa are you checking my IQ or imagination ?

    Teeny I like to share stories which actually happened , so my stories would be so boring ( I can not compete with trolls 🙂 why bother. 🙂

  318. Midwest SB says:

    Jessie – Fair enough. Thank you

    This experience gives me an idea…what if we were to share random profiles and help each other decipher the man-code. Could help us all become better screeners. If using actual profiles is out, perhaps we can take excerpts or have some of the guys mentor us by writing some fake ones. Thoughts?

  319. Jessie says:

    @Midwest – Since you asked, I’ll post what turned ME off immediately.

    His headliner – “Lookin 4 Fun…Are you the one?”
    Followed by – “I do what I say…follow thru with no bs or games”. In the very FIRST paragraph. And follows up with, “a fun travel companion that could be my partner in crime would be ideal….can you hang?” “I have no “type” as its more about the fun and adventurous attitude! I spoil because I LOVE to…not because I HAVE to.”

    I know you said you’re not in a good mood, but…if a SB is supposed to leave out ALL the negatives when writing her profile, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t expect the same standard from a SD. Especially since this is someone I’m looking to mentor me. He strikes me as P4P because none of the genuine SDs that I’ve encountered has EVER seen the need to stress that he provides an allowance because he wants to….and he is stressing that point because it’s in uppercase letters. My point of view is…if you’ve registered on SA you KNOW what the site is about. We all know that that, of course, is not the case since we’re plagued with fakes, flakes, and wannabes. The wannabes are usually the ones who are quick to point out that they DON’T have to provide an allowance. In addition to which, this guy just comes off with no class to ME. But remember, this is just MY opinion, and like I said already, I’m VERY discriminate. I’ve walked away for less than just a sucky profile before 😉

    @GTT_Envy – Since you’re a SD, you might have to be signed into your account, bring up your own profile and then swap his number with yours.

  320. Midwest SB says:

    Guru – Forgot about this…Summer mentioned that the links didn’t seem to be working from the Sugar Dating Tips section.

    • SD Guru says:


      I took a cursory look at his profile and there are a few things that could be perceived as warning signs. For example, he listed his age as 35. We can debate whether men at that age can be good SD’s or not. He mentioend “no bs or games” 3 times, which probably means that’s what he’s about. Then he used words like “can you hang?” and “sky is the limit”. But none of that really matters until you corresponded with him, and he showed his true colors fairly quickly.

      All the links in the Tips section are working fine.

  321. euphoria says:

    Midwest sb- ugg, that guy…he contacted me too. What a ass. I already blocked him before you posted anything.

  322. Midwest SB says:

    Sasha – He must be getting blocked pretty quickly as it took no time at all. Once in a while, one gets by me.

  323. Midwest SB says:

    GTT – It is. Just checked it again. You can go to the home page > browse sugar daddies> click a profile> change his id for the one I gave you.

    Honey – YW – Actually, your picture is very “Spring-like” At least to us northerners 🙂

  324. Sasha says:

    I’ve talked to him too, Midwest. Lost interest quickly. He was boring, repeated the same things in each email and hounded me for pics. Though I didn’t get the little email surprise that you did. I liken the penis pic to whipping it out on an RL first date. It’s just not how to impress a lady.

  325. Honey says:

    Thank you Midwest!
    Feel like I have to update my gravatar…spring is here! But I hate taking photos…!

  326. GTT_Envy says:

    @Midwest SB…………profile not found is that the right member id?

  327. Midwest SB says:

    Actually, I took a second look and don’t see what you see. Of course, I didn’t see the penis pics coming either. Guys…I’d love your input. 698658. Thanks!

  328. Midwest SB says:

    Jessie – it was two e-mails, but thanks for pointing out the obvious. I guess I’m just a little rusty.

    Teeny & NYGirl – Happy birthday to you as well

    Not in the best of moods today…have a wonderful Monday sugars!

  329. Jessie says:

    @Midwest – So nice to scroll and see your name ;). From the last blog – I don’t get why you were corresponding with penis guy. I read his profile…all I gotta say…blah…l wouldn’t have even noticed him….his profile sound purely P4P to me. I’m wayyy discriminate though.

    @ babydoll – Happy, happy belated birthday! Hope you had a sugary day, and will have tons more of those in your future :).

    @NYG – Happy belated birthday! Since you’ve been so quite lately, can’t tell if yours was filled with sugar or not. Still hoped you had more than your share of sugar though 😉

    @Content – I’m sooo excited for you. I bet he’ll say the drive was more than worth it. Have tons of fun and I’m wishing you the best of luck. Keeping my fingers crossed that you will knock more than his socks off 😉

    • SD Guru says:

      I’d be happy to throw on a little black dress and a wig and be your sugar girlfriend…

      I bet people would pay good money to see that! Would Spot dress up too?? :mrgreen:

  330. ContentSB says:

    I’m a bit nervous…going on a date with pot tonight…it’s been awhile since I’ve decided to try sugar again. He’s driving 2 1/2 hrs (one way) for dinner, so I *really* hope it goes well so it’s not a huge waste of his time! Time to raid my closet and figure out what to wear 🙂

  331. Midwest SB says:

    Honey et al – E-mails have been exchanged. Sorry for the delay, but it’s not an efficient process and I didn’t have a chance until today.

    Happy Birthday Babydoll! Hope you have a superfantabulous week!

  332. Teeny says:

    Happy Bday Hugh, Babydoll and Nygirl 🙂 Mine is tomorrow. Seems there are lots of spring babys 🙂

  333. SDinLA says:

    @SweetSF I missed your post earlier since it was 4am when I was reading the blog, but if you don’t find any local SB friends, I’d be happy to throw on a little black dress and a wig and be your sugar girlfriend the next time I am in the Bay Area.

    @NYGirl A belated С Днем Рождения to you too! If we were having lunch, and I looked out the window and said, “Look! There’s a Alces alces and a Sciuris carolinensis together outside, what do you see?!” What would your response be? 😉

    @Dutchy I changed my passwords and now Spot can’t log in on his own. I’m not sure Spot deserves to hang out with you, your wabbit AND EnglishRose, he’s been a naughty dog after all.

    @babydoll I’ve been slacking with my Blog Jester responsibilities lately, so I am glad I can still make you laugh.

    @Guru Of course Hef is an icon to entire generations of men, but that’s what makes his current self even more pathetic. It’s like when a once great boxer comes out of retirement once too often, or when a great QB sticks around a season or two past their sell-by date. You want to remember them for what they were at the height of their abilities, not as the sad old caricature trying to live up to their own storied past.

  334. NorCal Guy says:

    @sdgru, great post. No one knows another person’s situation at home and I am always amazed at how quick people are to pass judgment about another person’s choices. If one is against extra marital relationships, don’t have one.

  335. AnnaMW says:

    @ Content & Guru, I couldn’t agree more with there are lots of different types of relationships, the intricacies involved in most of which, I lack the capacity to understand given that it isn’t my relationship.

    It is funny that people who haven’t experienced marriage and children have such strong opinions! I know that my conscience kicks in when there is a woman involved who is unaware of something that it happening in her own life. I don’t judge the SD for pursuing happiness, which is also deeply personal and something that everyone defines differently. Just because I have a hangup doesn’t mean its fundamentally wrong.

    I’ve met guys whose wives were ill, substantially older, or even abusive. I’ve met guys whose wives hadn’t slept with them in years. It’s hard not to understand why guys in those circumstances would feel like a significant piece of their life was missing. Sometimes choosing to stay is the most selfless and responsible choice a guy can make.

  336. ZAmber says:

    @Tex I guess it depends on the individual SB. I’m bi, so I would love to be spoiled by a generous SM. Shopping would be a bit more fun too I think : D

  337. ContentSB says:

    “For example, one shouldn’t assume sexless marriage = loveless marriage.” — Well said, Guru.

    I think when the “other woman” assumes that, her emotions get out of control and that’s when affairs go horribly wrong. I know a wonderful, wonderful man who loves his wife immensely, but the sexual component of their marriage is no longer part of the equation due to his wife’s health issues. I know that missing part breaks his heart, but also that a lot of love still exists in the marriage. He is the biggest family man and as all-American as a guy can possibly get, yet he too needed to find a way to fill the void of a sexless marriage. Just because a person does what can be considered a horrible thing, doesn’t make them a horrible person. I can’t even begin to understand the complexities of marriage, and in an ideal world nobody would be unfaithful, or enable someone else to be unfaithful, but this isn’t an ideal world. I just don’t think we should judge people, especially when we don’t know their story.

  338. Lola says:

    Whoooooohoooooo Happy Birthday HUGH!!!!!

  339. Tex says:

    I see lots of profiles looking for SD/SM. Does this mean they are interested in bi-fun or is this code for “just looking for friends?

    • SD Guru says:

      Hugh’s current status not withstanding, the entrepreneurial journey he took to revolutionnize the sex industry as described by Brandon was certainly inspiring to several generations of men. I wonder who could be considered inspirational like him in the internet age?

      Re: Marriage/Divorce from the previous blog. It’s interesting to me that those who have never been married, divorced, or had kids were very opinionated about offering simple solutions for what other people should do with their marriage/family. I’m not saying their opinions weren’t valid, I’m just pointing out that each person’s situation is different and most people don’t understand the complexities involved unless they’ve been through it themselves. For example, one shouldn’t assume sexless marriage = loveless marriage.

      Re: Newbies not having any luck. Take a look at this post I wrote back in January.

  340. Honey says:

    OMG!! AnnaMW, what shall I wear!! I need to get my car detailed. find a cool casual dress that I look great in so I can stand in the presence of AnnaMW and not look gawky!!
    AnnaMW when where? Goodie goodie!
    Blog gods, please!!
    yes, yes,yes!

  341. euphoria says:

    Sweetsf- I’ll be back in that area around the end of the month, and I’m wanting to meet with girls off of the site. We should tottaly meet up.

  342. AnnaMW says:

    Blog Gods!! Please get me in touch with Honey! I’m in her town tomorrow!

  343. Brandon Wade says:

    @babydoll — Black and White is just a suggestion. I will be changing the party site to reflect that it is okay to just dress to kill. Black and White is not necessary.

  344. Honey says:

    and Happy Birthday babydoll! and NYGirl!

  345. NYGirl says:

    Your B day April 9 th? Mine too!)
    🙂 so we have 2 things in common at least.

  346. Honey says:

    Hugh, however does nothing for me. I most likely do nothing for him too. But happy Birthday, Dude.

  347. euphoria says:

    Happy bday Hugh!

  348. Arcadia SB says:

    I too go for older men, sugar or no! I think Hef is probably a little outside my range…but I can see some of the sex appeal is still there.

  349. Honey says:

    Hugh is dating the same girl who he couldn’t date in college,again and again…
    I like older guys, silver hair is a turn on, but I like them to be in shape. One of my exes could hike me into the ground in his sixties!

  350. babydoll says:

    thank you for the greetings everyone!!!

    @dutch when is ER back? xxx
    @Arcadia thank you and i hope we will meet you soon if not for the London Party in May xxx
    @Sdin LA~ thank you and you make me laugh lol!!!

    how do i add a gravatar here? good gawd how backwards am i? haha!

  351. AnnaMW says:

    I admire Hef’s career and what he’s done for the porn industry, but I agree with SDinLA about girls pandering to an 86 year old and that being a little sad. I suppose it isn’t out of the question that girls might actually be attracted to him, but it seems dubious.

    From reading interviews, it seems like a pretty oppressive environment. They have strict curfews, need to be escorted everywhere, have to attend mandatory events (movie night), can’t take trips to see their family and are expected to be monogamous… All for 1000/week that he has them stand in a little line and put out their hand for.

    Some girls get turned on by the confusion as to whether the man their with is their father or granddad (ahem, euphoria)… Some peculiar things certainly appeal to me and I don’t judge vast age differences between couples, but I would be so embarrassed if that happened!! Maybe im just not that secure, but I would get a no-no sick feeling about being with someone who is disproportionately old.

  352. Dutch Girl in London says:

    @SDinLA I have to agree with you that everyone should recognise their limits regarding age differences. As for domestic violence, that is just so not cool and utterly unacceptable under any circumstances for both males and females.

    Did you install a dog paw print device on all computers? Wabbit is stamping his little feet as he is a bit nervous about Spot’s visit – he is afraid he will be eaten 🙁 Hope Spot is ok with lots of female attention as ER hangs out at my place sometimes.

    I do admire Hugh for being so entrepreneurial and having the balls to break certain taboos.

  353. SDinLA says:

    Catching up from the last blog…

    @Midwest The farmily is fine thanks. I didn’t hear your summoning actually, I’ve been busy and not wanting to get distracted by the blog, so Dorky wrote me this really cool filter that blots out any mention of “drama” or the dreaded E word. Unfortunately it also stops me from hearing “coeds.”

    @Tina Herrrooo to you too Tina-san. LOL at your new avatar. Still can’t get my stupid gravatar to work. I think Spot is sabotaging it (you’d understand if you could see it.)

    Back to this one…

    @babydoll Happy Birthday and many happy returns!

    @Dutchy Yes, Spot is out of rehab, but he’s on a very short leash re: computer access. If he’s a good boy I may still let him come and visit you and your wabbit.

    On the current topic…

    Is it sacrilegious to say that I think everyone has to recognize their limits, and when you’re 86, it’s just sad and creepy that Hef’s still trying to hook up with women in their early 20s? That’s not even May-December. More like March-January of next year. And equally as sad and pathetic that there are women 65 years his junior who will pander to him just to further their “careers?”

    I see Hef’s son had some domestic violence issues with his Playmate of the Year (now Ex) girlfriend too. Guess he didn’t learn how to be a gentleman.

  354. ArcadiaSB says:

    Happy birthday baby doll! And happy birthday to Hef as well 🙂 hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday morning. Seems awfully quiet in here….calm before the storm?

  355. Dutch Girl in London says:

    Happy Birthday Babydoll!

  356. SweetSF says:

    Happy Birthday to Hef!

    PS: I’m a girl in the SF bay area and wondering if any other girls in the area would like to meet and be friends. xo

  357. babydoll says:

    @ContentSB~ thank you so much ,sending you kisses from London, my birthday was yesterday 9th,and yes i had the most lovely day and it was indeed Sugary with a lot of cream on top!! hahaha ;))))))) xxxx still celebrating for the rest of the week 😉


    @Brandon~my Sd is getting me a ticket for the London party but i just noticed outfits should be black or white? is it ok if its not pure white? my dress is champagne color :(((( pretty please??? is that ok?

    P.S.~ by the way you have now surpassed Hugh Heffner by the looks of it! how many Sugarbabies are we now all over the world? haha!!!

  358. ContentSB says:

    @babydoll — Happy Birthday!!! Hope it’s your best birthday yet, full of sweet sugary surprises 🙂 You deserve it!

  359. babydoll says:

    happy birthday to me too!!! wahheeeyyyy

  360. Dutch Girl In London says:

    @Spot – Are you back from rehab yet ;)?

  361. Xanthin Smith says:

    Well written, Brandon. Hef, would be proud.

  362. Spot aka SDinLA's dog says:

    @Dutchy Woof!

  363. Dutch Girl In London says:

    Woohoo first!

  364. Brandon Wade says:

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