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MissTravel.com: Travel + Romance = A Great Adventure


I have time and time again heard from Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby members that one of the benefit of the Sugar Lifestyle is the opportunity to travel, and to travel with someone amazingly generous or gorgeous. Last month, we posted a survey question to all of you asking if you would travel to meet a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby. The answer may be quite insightful.

85.9% of the Sugar Babies who responded; and
73.5% of the Sugar Daddies who responded said YES to traveling!

This brings me to the topic of today’s blog.  We are launching a new website this week – MissTravel.com – a website that combines two of my passions – romance and travel – into one great adventure. This Travel Dating Website aims to match Generous men (and women) who have the financial resources to travel, with Attractive girls (and guys) who love to travel but lack the funds.

Miss Travel

Miss Travel

While some of you are already making your own “Travel Arrangements” via SeekingArrangement, this new website aims to take “Travel Arrangements” and “Travel Romance” to a whole new level. Some of you may have already seen banners for the website on SA as we are offering SA members a sneak preview of the website.

For those of you who are still wondering what the website is about, here is a quick one minute video explaining how it works:

Travel: The Ultimate Romance Enabler?

I met with Andrew Glassman, the famed producer of Average Joe and many other romance-inspired reality shows a few months ago, and he told me that he spends millions of dollars to create romantic settings that help couples fall in love. The funny thing is he succeeds every single time. For this reason, I firmly believe MissTravel.com will bring about a whole new way for men and women to find romantic connections and possibly to fall in love, inspired by the alleyways of old Europe, or the lure of the Caribbean sunsets.

How Beautiful People Travel for Free on MissTravel.com

According to a CNN study, only 30% of Americans have a passport, while far less have ever traveled overseas. However, for those who have put off their plans to see the world because of the lack of “money”, MissTravel.com promises to offer an alternate solution.

MissTravel.com - The Travel Dating Website

MissTravel.com: The Travel Dating Website

Attractive members can sign-up and use MissTravel.com for free. Attractive members send Generous members trip proposals, and vice versa. Once accepted, Generous members purchase credits to communicate with Attractive members and arrange their trip together.

Alternatively, Attractive members can collect Frequent Flyer Miles gifted to them by Generous members. Once an Attractive member accumulates enough miles, he or she can redeem such miles for airline tickets or hotel rooms anywhere in world.

Given my experience with the press, I am certain when the media gets a hold of new that I have launched a new website, some will likely be quick to drum up controversy about how MissTravel.com is my attempt at revolutionizing “Sex Tourism”. However, I am sincerely hoping that many will see the positive side of how we are helping people travel and fall in love. Life is after all very short, and there are a lot of places in this world to see … so hop on board, and take a ride with me on MissTravel.com!

Have you ever traveled with your SD / SB, or to meet a new potential?

What do you think of our new website MissTravel.com?

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  1. Notis Romas says:

    Trips are just an adventure ! Love during trips may happen or not ! In addtion you put lve to be under and exchange, obligation, funds and maybe INTERESTS….I deny to accept such an idea of marketing wgich udervalues the real essense of love. I will guild a netowrk in which love and passion are real and the setting between the people who want to fall in love will be more exciting…

  2. Nataly says:

    I’m making it now…

  3. Sceptical says:

    Oh, and thank you Anna..nice to see I wasn’t the only person who found @Madison’s comments to be personally offensive and in poor taste. It’s easy to try to dilute someone’s opinions by putting a ‘nasty’ label on them.. in the old days people did that because others were different races or colours or sexes.. now it seems if you speak out against the mainly popular viewpoint you can sometimes still get dehumanised and made into a ‘troll’ – it’s all the same sort of ‘Nazism’ in the long run.

    My Thanks to those who read the actual text posted and replied with constructive views of their own (however differering to mine) . Those replies, which I appreciated and have read fully do make many good points and add a lot of balance to my thinking and analysis. I could have done without the unpleasant and rude individual and the name calling but there is always one, isn’t there?

    April 29, 2012 at 4:26 pm
    Unfortunately, some SBs fail to realize distasteful, ignorant comments only serve to perpetuate negative stereotypes. Skeptical brought some valid and interesting points to the forum and deserves the same respect we try to give each other, despite the fact that our opinions may differ.

    And just to clear up one point I don’t have and have never had any sort of profile here as a female (or a male either!!) and I am not nor ever have been seeking an arrangement nor have I been disappointed by anyone as I haven’t made any use of the site. I was simply expressing my opinion, call it commentary, writing, freedom of expression or what you will. I have spent no money nor emotional input into this site or any of Brandon’s sites and have no ‘axe to grind’ against his empire, but I felt the subject matter was interesting enough to write about. To those that answered politely, my respects.

  4. Sceptical says:

    you wrote’ @Skeptical: darling… oh darling…. I know how you feel. However, we are here to have fun regardless. I hope you are being honest and not some 400 pound girl sitting on the corner wishing you were 110 lbs like us. xoxo’

    Have you any idea how utterly patronising and puerile your response above sounds? ( and all youtr other insulting posts) Was that the best you could do to imply that somehow because of my questioning stance here I therefore must be some grossly overweight unattractive and jealous individual apparently envious of your (presumed) physical appearance?

    That is a truly SAD and pathetic response I have to say and really contrbutes nothing to what more intellectual respondents have at least engaged with in the form of proper debate. Was it your idea that flinging an innappropriate personal insult my way would somehow negate my opinions or are you just that sort of person. Sad!

  5. DianaSBinOC says:

    I just found this gem. This is all of Johns that talk about how they use All SD sites to have sex with girls between ages 18-27 for $100 plus $20 cab fare. I think the highest I saw offered was $600 a month.

    Sorry guess we can’t put up links my .

    it’s utopiaguide forum section. Interesting read from page 1-6

  6. Arcadia SB says:

    Midwest, you and the other genuine SBs and SDs on the blog continue to renew my faith in sugar. Though I will say that since moving to the UK the SDs here seem to “get it” a lot more than guys in the US do. Not everyone, but I’ve run into fewer guys who obviously are looking for P4P, and most guys seem to be on the same page…well until they disappear right before time to meet. Some things never change.

    Also, New blog!

  7. Midwest SB says:

    Gooooooood Morning sugars!!! I’m done!!!!!!!!!

    Diana – Very well said! If all the ladies would refuse to settle for that mentality, the sugar bowl wouldn’t be so full of flakes and users…we could send them all to backpage. I’ve been here about two years (inactive for part of it) and it’s quite a bit different. P$P is running rampant, many men treat the women like escorts, and many naive women allow it. I keep saying my time here has passed simply because the definition of being an SB is being crucified, but then I find the white knight. I’ve been very lucky so far and I’m always grateful for the friends I’ve met.

  8. DianaSBinOC says:

    @VA I just got one of those types myself. Here’s what hes looking for

    1. His profile says Divorced but I found out he was Married–I actually had to ask..and he stuttered through the answer. So wait you would have kept that from me?
    2. He’s looking for $200-$500 per meet (escortish style) (clock free time)
    3. He wants to be able to call his sb anytime for dinner and drinks ( no additional monies offered)
    4. He wants his SB monogamous
    5. He doesn’t want to pay for hotels at all so no swanky high rise location overlooking the beach
    6. He wants to use the Sb’s home for sex because he can’t afford hotels and his place is obviously off limits.
    7. Wants to do the $200-$500 for 3 months to measure out sexual capability and then maybe he’ll do an allowance. Uhh yeah right. I’ll hold my breath for that line.

    The sad thing is that he looks great in his pics but really who cares, you lied on your profile about being divorced , want your personal life kept from the sugar bowl yet you want to be in my personal space?

    Total disappointment. So basically what my mind deciphered is. You’re looking for an escort that doesn’t have any other customers, doesn’t care you’re married, doesn’t stare at clocks, gives you her free time all week whenever you need it even though she’s getting $500 once and has an “incall” location.

    Wow this all boggles the mind. So your personal protection of your family is more important than my personal safety?

    Yeah this is exactly why married SD’s, P4P, PYP (provide your place) all should not even be asked from one person. Even if I was desperate enough to see a Married man I would have to worry about his wife showing up at my doorstep?

    He said he wants a mistress but I think “slave” was just not available.

    One Answer: No Thank You.

    He still wanted to meet for lunch saying maybe he could change my mind. Right because someone taking advantage of me is on my to do list. Really? I had to politely tell him we’d be both wasting our time and you should continue on your search.

    So I’m sticking to allowance+gifts, single/really divorced and hotels that make me want to live there indefinitely.I’m a one SD type myself but I’m starting to wonder if I should even be dedicated to any one SD when some SD’s are sleeping with a bunch of different women.

    I just read a sb blog and even though these girls are sleeping with these men for $200-$500 they are not even close to being monogamous because they have pretty much talked about sleeping with 10 different guys in a matter of maybe 3 weeks. Which of course shouldn’t be surprising when the guy isn’t giving them an allowance so they are having to make up the difference by sleeping with a bunch of strangers. It’s actually rather sad to read how grossed out they are but then they end with … “I got my $200 now I can pay for my books! , then ooh I’m talking to this other pot, wonder how much he’s bringing to our date”.

    This doesn’t even seem like the sugar bowl anymore. It’s more like Escort Olympics. How low can you get her to go!

  9. VanillaSugar says:

    @Sbsbsb–Well I haven’t discussed allownace with my potential/SD yet, plan on doing so after our 2nd date. But the first date he gave me $1000.00. I hesitated on taking it because I wasn’t used to it and felt a little bad. But he told me not to because he wants to do things for me. This was my first time ever meeting someone off of this site, and I am so happy I met him. Aaaahhh, he is so amazing! And really, because we had such a good time, I’m wondering when will we see each other again rather than how much money he’s going to give me. And this is exactly how I wanted to feel coming into this…

  10. Honey says:

    20 thousand limit mastercard
    Rent,utilities, about $1000
    clothing budget $1000 month
    entertainment budget $1000 month
    Savings$900 month
    Gym membership is always included!
    What does he get, quite a lot, but not everything.
    I’m leasing my Presence, leasing always costs more than buying!

    • The Prophet says:

      Leasing doesn’t cost more than buying, it wastes more.
      You can do a 3 year lease on a c class and only be into it for 15-16 grand. Had you bought, you would have higher costs over the 3 years, but you would not only have unfettered mileage, but equity.
      Leasing is for fools, as is arm candy/ companion.

  11. Beach_Girl says:

    DianaSBinOC~ No, there is no photo on the profile… guess it’s more common that I thought, to send out mails like that!
    I don’t like to waste my time, but I am curious…. so I may have a little fun and mail back lol

  12. DianaSBinOC says:

    @BeachGirl that ” I’m in your city next week” guy. Did he have his eyes marked out? Like a block over his eyes? If so I got him too. He’s looking for a cheap escort or perhaps even to do the let’s meet and you’ll find out I have nothing to offer you but rape. Avoid Avoid Avoid. Guys that are too pushy to meet right away appear to be cheap, desperate or scams. I tried to talk to that guy to ask him some questions but it was like pulling teeth. He kept responding with one liners and that got annoying so I moved on and just blocked him.

  13. Christiana says:

    SBCuriositySB my SD pays me $8K AUD (which is slightly above parity with the USD) per month plus a $2K Allowance for “health and beauty” which includes Gym membership etc, he has also moved me into a nice furnished apartment here near the beach rent free, what does he get in return? whatever he wants lol

  14. sweetNsassy says:

    @WC SD
    Thank you for the reply. My thoughts were more in line with yours. Although I can’t do the multiple SD thing I was hoping to still be able to go on non sugar dates. My expectation had been any protest to my sugar world would come from a future non-sugar bf not an SD I’ve been seeing for more than 4 months. Go figure.

  15. SBCuriositySB says:

    Aww, darlings.. you guys are secretive! Smile.. how about an anonymous post on allowance. Mine’s 3 grand USD. Average expenditure on travel and fine dining per month about another 3 Grand usd.

  16. WCSD says:


    Just my take on the monogamy thing. Being a single SD I see it a bit different. I’m a true believer in the NSA part of sugar, and in my opinion if I ask for and become monogamous with someone, she becomes my girlfriend (and stops being my friend, SB, etc.). That doesn’t mean that a girlfriend wouldn’t be taken care of, etc. but the dynamics of the relationship change in my mind when that happens. VaGent has some very good points on why monogamy makes sense for him, but to me it isn’t Sugar if either I am asked, or am asking someone to be monogamous.

    Now, that doesn’t mean I have multiple partners at once (all the time), or even need that. It is purely a ‘commitment’ step for me. But the key for me in both mine and a SB’s case is that communication must be clear. I don’t want (or share) details, but if I start seeing someone else as well that needs to be communicated. It is then up to the other party to determine if that is ok, or the relationship is over.

  17. Tina says:

    @VA Gent: you’re just so naughty today! I LOVE it! 🙂

  18. sweetNsassy says:

    @Midwest and Va Gentleman

    Thank you for your responses. I guess I was baffled since I only see him about 6 times a month so it felt like he is asking me to put my life on hold until the days he comes around. Considering the amount of sugar I receive from him I am more than grateful and with my full time employment have no need to find a supplemental SD. The sugar amount is already more than I deserve for how little I see him so no increase needed. I will speak with him to understand his reasoning better for the request and then make a decision. Thank you guys for the clarity.

  19. Va Gentleman says:

    @Tina and Midwest

    I love it when you talk dirty ! I’ll take my punishment like a man ( ‘:

    @ Beachie

    ” How many SDs would send a mail like that? ” Uh–a lot ! Some guys lob the softball out there and see what happens ( they are hoping for a hardball lol )

  20. Tina says:

    @Midwest: VA Gent thought he was being sneaky, but we caught him. Where’s the Nawty side of Molly and her dungeon for his spankings??????

  21. Va Gentleman says:


    ” SD’s request for her to remain monogamous ”

    I seem to be the only one not doing any work today so I’ll take a stab at your question—and actually I am a good one to do so since I am married and desire monogamy .

    I am married but NOT sexually active with my wife , therefore I AM monogamous with my SB. Many married people live as brother /sister , friends with no benefits , hostile combatants ,whatever . If that is the situation with your SD then I think it is reasonable that he ask for “it” Your decision to accept or not depends on the answer to the following issues .

    There are six issues at hand . 1) STD risk that is high if one has multiple partners, 2) emotional involvement with SD/SB . 3) expected evolution of your social life plan ( you are probably young ,single,upwardly mobile ,looking for an IRL BF, and ultimately a husband and family in time ) , 4) amount of time your SD occupies in your life , 5) sexual need, and 6) sugar amount

    You have to decide where he fits in your life plan vis-a-vis this list. If he spends 3 days/week with you , you love him (or really care about him ) , he is not active with the W so you are his only partner , you are not ready to settle down with a serious BF and find a husband ,you are sexually satisfied ,and the sugar is where you want it to be then monogamy with him makes sense and is comforting ,secure , and a good thing

    If the answer to any of these questions is negative , then you need to weigh the pros and cons . No matter what you do , I recommend that you be up front and honest with him . It doesn’t get easier as time goes on and you get more involved with him .

  22. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars

    Midwest & Tina~ Yeah, it does make me feel like he’s looking for a one time thing…

    VA Gent~ There are agencies for escorts, but he would need to pay them by the hour as apposed to a SB that is Free!!! If the message would of consisted of more than “I’m in your city, lets meet” then I would respond. But I don’t know this person, never spoke to him, don’t know what he is looking for and his profile is very unclear.
    Responding to him would be out of curiosity more than anything…
    How many SDs would send a mail like that? Wouldn’t you want to ask questions, find out if your on the same page if you wanted something more than a …. free ride?

  23. Midwest SB says:

    Tina – Va Gent needs a spanking! I saw what he did there 🙂

  24. Midwest SB says:

    Sbsbsb – That is between my SD and I

    Sweetnsassy – It’s a double-edged sword, but I’ve had that happen. I’m a one-guy gal, so I didn’t mind. He was also very generous and I was happy in our arrangement. A few questions to ask yourself are:
    – Do I say no simply because of the double standard?
    – Are we in an agreement where I don’t feel the “need” to have other SDs to reach my goals?
    – Do I just want to date freely, regardless of if I’m in an arrangement?

    If you say no, please be honest about your reasons why. Some women have been offered more when they told their married SDs that his allowance wouldn’t be able to cover her goals, so she would need to see more than one SD or have a job that could take time away from him. Part of the mentality behind allowances with married men is they know they are asking you to put your dating/ marriage future on hold for them and that you are making your schedule flexible for them, so they try to make up for it in other ways.

    If he’s strictly worried about STDs and wants the gfe, then that’s another discussion altogether.

    Hi Beach and AM!!!

  25. sweetNsassy says:

    How does one respond to their married SD’s request for her to remain monogamous and not go on dates of any kind. I understand having no other SDs since I have no interest in juggling multiples but given my SDs situation I’m shocked he’d make such a demand.

  26. Tina says:

    @VA Gent: you’re just naughty! 🙂

  27. Va Gentleman says:


    ” How would anyone respond to mails saying “i’m in your city next week, want to meet?” makes me feel like a tour guide… ”

    I don’t travel like that but if I did it would be great to meet girls in different cities with who I could establish a relationship. Perhaps this guy just wants to get a friend which would involve companionship and possibly develop into a Sugar relationship .

    Most big metro areas have good escort boards so it would be easier for a guy to ring one up and count on a sure thing . I would rather meet a cute college girl , go out for dinner , and see what comes up . Who knows ? Maybe if I rented a Ferrari I could land a girl like Madison

  28. Va Gentleman says:

    @ DianaSB

    ” what do you mean strippers fuction like escorts ”

    I’m certainly no expert but in my limited experience strippers have the PTP mentality that you all know and love , and are used to seeing multiple guys . I tried to adapt 2 nice strippers I met in clubs to the SB lifestyle and they weren’t interested . They would meet on a PTP (escort) session but not long term . One I actually gave her a monthly income once and she failed to perform (ie see me on our agreed on schedule ) and I had to walk away from a lot of Sugar .

    I am sure there are some who are making big money in larger markets as are top drawer escorts . An Escort I am pen pals with makes $ 160,000 /yr but sees multiple guys , travels all over a tristate area , and has to kiss a whole lot of frogs .

  29. Tina says:

    @Beach Girl: Out of morbid curiosity I think I would respond, in the off chance that he really IS just looking for someone to show him around. But, I would be VERY cautious, since he does give off the vibes that Midwest mentioned.

    @Phone Guy: did you remember to look up that conference?

    @Anna Molly: MWAA! Hiya!

    @Sbsbsb: mmmmm, no thanks. Allowances are very personal to most, and the allowance itself isn’t always the main benefit to an arrangement, anyway.

  30. Sbsbsb says:

    Can all SBs state their allowance here! Starting now…. Mwa!

  31. Anna Molly says:

    Hey all! I haven’t been around for a while! I’ve been really busy! I haven’t caught up on the blog either. I hope all of you are doing well!

  32. Midwest SB says:

    Beach Girl – He thinks you’re a pro. I’d block and delete.

  33. Madison says:

    @PhoneGuy: Some of us girls are here not because “we are not doing well”. But because flying on private jets, staying at The ritz carton and going for a spin on a ferrari are things we can only do by being a SB, not matter what kind of job we have. I have a professional job and I know I will never afford a ferrari no matter how many decades I will work. Capisce?

  34. PhoneGuy says:

    I dunno, do you like being a tour guide? I would love to fly to a city and have someone there to show me around.

    You might want to ask him how often he comes to your town. Is this a one-off? Do you mind it being a one-off? Does he come there frequently and this is an introductory meeting to see if you two would like to see each other in the future?

    All depends what you are looking for I guess.

  35. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!
    Hope everyone is doing great

    How would anyone respond to mails saying “i’m in your city next week, want to meet?” makes me feel like a tour guide…

  36. PhoneGuy says:

    That’s my understanding as well Tina.
    I know! I need to look into when that conference is tomorrow!

  37. Tina says:

    I know a few strippers, and that profession is just like any other: the ones that make money, make REALLY good money, and the “normal” ones barely make enough to eat. Many have side jobs (some of these are legit, others are not so legit) to help make ends meet. Some are strippers because they enjoy it, other because they didn’t find any other job that worked with their lifestyle (didn’t want to work retail/fast food, couldn’t work anything but nights due to childcare, etc).

    Hiya Phone Guy! How’s that trip to Dallas coming along?

  38. PhoneGuy says:

    I have no idea what strippers make…but if they do so well, why are there so many on here trying to be SBs?

  39. Transgendered Emily says:

    My ex-boyfriend used to go to strip clubs Massachusetts, and he said their were certain girls in those establishments who would turn tricks for the right price. Not all of the girls who worked in those places would do that, but a substantial minority would. Also, every now and then in New Jersey, you’ll read about a strip club that’s been raided by the vice squad for prostitution, and I was told by someone in Florida that the strip clubs down there are really the only places sex workers can turn tricks without getting busted very quickly.
    Florida basically has an industry surrounding arresting people for all sorts of things since so many people from around the world go there.
    I’ve beeb told by sex workers that street walkers get picked up in a matter of days by the police which isn’t the case in other states, and when you are arrested and your case goes to trial you’re only given a trial by six jurors and not twelve which makes securing a conviction by the prosecution much easier which will in turn generate revenue for Florida in the way of fines. You also pay the State of Florida for the time you spend in jail whether that’s a day or a year. Florida basically shakes down its tourists.
    I guess I kind of got of the subject there, but be careful if you’re planning on going to Florida. You don’t have to be a hooker, john, or drug abuser to get arrested and if it happens there, you’re in for quite a ride. Another thing, Florida allows the pictures of people who have been arrested and not necessarily convicted to be posted on on-line sites. The owners of these sites get paid by advertisers each time someone logs on to them. I’m telling you they have an arrest industry down there.

  40. Midwest SB says:

    Happy Birthday Arcadia! Hope you feel better!

  41. NicoleNC says:

    @Va Thanks so much! I better get to working on things for us to do!

  42. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Va what do you mean strippers fuction like escorts? Aren’t those two different types of jobs? I would think strippers would not make good sbs for many of the current $500 a meet type SD. If they can make that or double that in a night, what would be the benefit? This is the first time I heard they do bad. I don’t understand why women would become strippers if the money was so crappy. It has to be doing well for them if they keep going back in the those places to make money.

    Actually come to think of it, I have seen strippers out here on this coast and they really do have an income that rivals many of the SD’s looking for SBs on this site. I can see them laughing at a few hundred dollars for sex and long winded talks when they can dance around multiple guys all night.

  43. Arcadia SB says:

    Hello Sugars! Happy Birthday to me 🙂 Unfortunately I am sick as a dog. I feel like there should be a rule against that on your birthday. I’ve been enjoying reading posts today as I lounged in bed instead of going in to Uni. Hope everyone is having a good hump day!

  44. Va Gentleman says:

    @Diamond P

    $500 /mo for 4 plus visits is cheap even for escorts , so you are getting ripped off , and to boot he is trying to deduct your “cost” as a business expense . He might be nice but he is a cheap daddy not a sugar daddy and probably can’t afford the SD lifestyle .


    Strippers generally don’t make big bucks in my experience . The few I got to know over the past years were always struggling and worked like dogs for their tips . Like any business , the best of the best did well . Strippers make poor SBs IMHO ,they function more like escorts .


    ” Am I suppose to come up with things for us to do? ”

    Yes , unless you want him to take you to the hotel and lounge the day and night away in his arms . He is a stranger to your area and it would be nice to have an itinerary . It will impress him that you cared about showing him a good time and he in turn will pay for it all . Hope it goes well !

  45. Midwest SB says:

    Diamond – RUN!!! You will find better allowances and better men.

  46. flyr says:

    @Diamond – I would be very careful opening accounts in your name , especially business accounts as this means your SSN will be going to the feds and state. You are so right to see the blinking red lights.

    Ideally a SD would open an account in his name in which you have signing rights or better yet a debit card so that you can withdraw cash or use it as a credit card.He would deposit your allowance on an agreed upon schedule. I’m not an accountant or atty so take that into consideration.

  47. DianaSBinOC says:

    @DiamondP wow just wow. You are really far too generous and it appears your kindness is being abused. So he wants you to open two business accounts in your name? Ohh so his credit is already shot and he wants to use you to right a few bad checks and leave you holding the bag? I would play dumb about that conversation as long as possible. His days sound numbered. I suggest you look for a new SD , possibly even a pair and a spare.

    So on my first night back in the Sugar World I got a torso picture. Guy seems physically in good shape but no hello, no conversation just instant allowance to see private pictures I didn’t ask to see. Should I just be grateful that it wasn’t a picture of his penis? Also his age is incorrect because the skin doesn’t sit on muscles like that at that age. Ohhh well….

  48. Christiana says:

    OzSB where abouts are you in Oz? 🙂

  49. flyr says:

    @DiamondP…..I figure as an SB your are entitled to one more partner SB boyfriend etc. I would rather an SB had one other SD or a boyfriend than be hanging out in the clubs. Of course exclusive is best but exclusive clubs have higher dues.

  50. Diamond Princess says:

    Thanks for the advice guys! Yo answer your question its 500.00 a month I actually need 800.00 a month to cover my booth rental expenses but dcided not to push it since he is such a nice guy and I really don’t think he could afford more!! To add fuel to the fire today he asked meif I had a bank account and I’m thinking he wants to add funds directly but no, he wants me yo open two business Accts in which I would sign on the account as the manager…….
    Screech!! Wow, really?! This new bit of information will make it a lot easier to let him and this arrangement go even though he said my decision would not interfere!!

  51. OzSB says:

    @midwestSB thanks! i’m having fun so far 🙂

  52. DianaSBinOC says:

    @PennSB I’m here , I actually reopened my profile to see what the options are. We shall see how this round of hopefuls goes….

  53. DianaSBinOC says:

    Hello blog babies and daddies. Wow why did that sound creepy?
    Anyways I vote 900 bottles of beer on the wall. The bottles are empty of course.

    So I’m getting a ton of offers on WYP. I was wondering did they start some new adverts because it’s overwhelming in a good way. Plus the guys are surprisingly attractive. Well the pictures say that, who knows what I’ll meet once they show up. Eeks save me from the 10-20 year old pic uploaders!!!!

    Again that Skeptical is a dude. How many Sb’s actually spend days upon days contacting other women on the site to interview them as escorts? It doesn’t happen. I looked over on that stripweb site. Those women don’t need SD sites, they are strippers and have dozens of offers coming to them on a daily basis. I’m pretty sure they would laugh at the allowances girls get when they probably get the $5,000 $10,000 allowances.

    Not saying anything is wrong with less than $1,000 but I’m pretty sure their options are much better than some of the low ball offers guys throw out. I mean how can you tell a stripper that makes $3,000 a week dancing around guys that she now has to give her undivided attention to one guy and sleep with him for $250 a week? I get why many SD’s don’t want strippers here, their price would generally be out of reach.

    Aren’t escorts on the clock? What would be the benefit of signing up here to have a guy looking to spend $500 on an 8 hr date?

  54. NicoleNC says:

    Newbie here. Enjoy reading everyone’s posts. A potential SD is flying to see me this weekend. Am I suppose to come up with things for us to do?

    I know he is the potential SD, but he doubled his potential budget to meet my allowance once he realized I needed it for a particular purpose…Im so new and just not sure what is expected.

  55. PhoneGuy says:

    Do you mean $250 semi-weekly?
    I can’t tell if he is giving you $500 a month or $2000.

  56. NobodyReal says:

    @GTT_Envy – No, those are not auto-generated messages. It’s just a misunderstanding on your part. When your subscription expires, it is “renewed” as a non-paying member. That is, it looks like you just joined the site, and you appear at the top of all the searches and lists. Thus, you appear new to everyone and you get tons of messages. Surely, this benefits SA because people see all this activity and want to buy another membership, but it’s not “fake” messages, you just look like new meat.

    FYI, when you purchase a new subscription, the same thing happens. You are “renewed” at the current date.

  57. AnnaMW says:

    @ Diamond – While I am sure you’re eager to begin your sugar life, keep in mind that there are lots of guys out there and that you don’t have to take the first offer. There are lots of guys out there and it’s important that everyones needs are being met. .

  58. babydoll says:

    hello all lovely people been sssoooo busy busy lately,loads to catch up on blimey!!

    have been reading up and well,loads of commens and opinions here,but lets see if this is going to go down ok…

    @Sceptical~good on you for being brave in saying how you feel about the Sugarbowl,positive and also negative feedback is always a feedback,also,ofcourse what Bradon has done is quite massive and has actually progressed into an empire,but its no different from a farmer who cultivated land and to earn more,sold to export the goods to earn and expand it,
    the only difference is the moral highground of the the way the money is earned,so maybe if he was a successful farmer you would see him differently??
    re gold diggers who are escorting somewhere else~ so?yes? i have never been an escort,and i hope i dont have to but like you have a right to be righteous,women as well as men can decide what they want to do in their own lives,be a doctor,lawyer,teacher,street sweeper~escorts even,
    but do any of them bother you in your own personal space or time?
    they are just people trying to do what they think is best for them,and have decided instead of being a nun in a convent,earn a living doing what humans have done since time immemorial,
    mistresses being looked after by men,
    women being looked after in return of intimacy
    as doctors/quacks healing the sick
    men having more than one partner
    its all part of human behavior,but none is above anyone else except the value of what every individual earns,
    but be careful to judge as a lot of women on here are not gold diggers,prostitutes
    and escorts.
    maybe there are,but so bloody what?
    in my country people who hate others who succeed in any form are called people with ‘crab mentality’ when one goes up one tries to find fault and wrong doing to pull the person down,
    terrible but true,i am not defending anyone here but like you said we all have our own opinions
    and my opinion is,if you think the life you want is right and no wrong ‘true realtionships’ with no exchange of money in any form,you gottta be kidding me,because people who are in traditional marriages/relationships some end up having to spend more and ending unhappy than what it is here in the sugarbowl,atleast from what i know.
    As for you sayng Brandon is a high class pimp,so? i really cant understand the reason for anger or resentment over this.

    his women employees who pose as Sb’s~so?
    wealthy men wanting to pay a fee to bank roll the site and in return getting what they want from the women~so?
    so,bloody what???

  59. GTT_Envy says:

    Lost some respect for the SA.com website. For the first time I’ve let my premium subscription expire consistently I would get 1-2 messages a week. That has been going for almost 6 months now.

    Well, guess what happens the day my subscription expires? 9 inbox messages!!

    The next day 5 more inbox messages, the next day 7 more inbox messages, right now I have 29 inbox messages. Surely seems like one the “Users” subscription expires some autogenerated messages are going out.

    I can’t argue with the results of the site because my NEW current SB is really cool, but either that’s awfully ironic or someone is trying to lure people back the minute their subscription ends.

  60. Midwest SB says:

    PennsylvaniaSB – You caught that too…hahahaha! 900 pics from his shoe camera!

    Diamond Princess – It’s tough to know what you’re actually getting as an allowance, but if he is doing what he says, then Va Gent is right…you need to let him know what you really want. You can explain it as part of the discovery process of becoming an SB. Perhaps he can provide some travel along with your current arrangement. Just don’t let the good fortune of finding a genuine SD fill your head with ideas of $10K allowances, private jets and island hopping…it rarely is a reality.

    Aeryn & OzSB – Welcome!

  61. Va Gentleman says:

    @Diamond Princess

    ” My current SD is just a regular Joe—-I really want to experience a little more sugar than he is offering!! ”

    Have you vowed exclusivity ? Do you mean $1000/month or $ 500 /month ?

    Either way you need to be up front with him about needing more from the Sugar Bowl including travel . He deserves to know what your level of committment is to him . It obviously isn’t enough so you need to tell him that you love spending time together but that you aren’t offering exclusivity and might be involved in other relationships as well as him . That way he can accept you in a shared deal or move on to someone who is willing to stick with that deal .

  62. Aeryn says:

    I’m a new sugar baby short & stout, here is my profile numer (977900)
    Please check it put! Any suggestions, criticisms, or thumbs up from y’all would be appreciated !!!!

  63. Diamond Princess says:

    Hey Sugars, Sweetnesses (If that’s even a word) lol, I’m back!! Based on the great advice from you guys I did meet with a potential SD and I can now say he is my SD but I’m a little concerned……I signed up on this site 04/04/2012 or around that time. We have gone on 5 dates in which he treated me like a lady and with much respect. We agreed on an allowance of 250.00 bi-weekly as that would cover my “needs” at the time. He recently told me and I verified that he deleted his account!! OMG does that mean that I’m his forever, is he content and not looking or is he in love?! The dilemma is I’m interested to moving on to bigger and better things ie..travel!! Help, what do I do?! My current SD is just a regular Joe I believe and I don’t want to take advantage of him, he’s a good guy and we get along great but I really want to experience a little more sugar than he is offering!! *sigh*

  64. PennsylvaniaSB says:

    Midwest….so its 900 visits to Starbucks… sans…..and counting. On another topic….as anyone heard from OC? Sure miss her posts on this blog. Have a great Tuesday to all.

  65. flyr says:

    Re SD’s are where you find them.

    I had a SB relationship with a young woman whom I met in the general aviation operation in Oregon. She ran the counter as a part time job while in grad school. She and several of her girlfriends who worked the desk had found SD relationships (and many opportunities) among the pilot/entrepreneurs who were frequent visitors or based their aircraft there. She described it as the perfect opportunity to meet the mostly male patrons in a one on one basis and where there was a reason for a followup call.

  66. OzSB says:

    Hi Christiana that’s awesome! You’re the first local SB I’ve spoken to 🙂 glad its working out well for you! xx

  67. Christiana says:

    OzSB I guess you are in Oz like me, I’m on the Gold Coast and I have been inundated from guys all over the country and heaps outside the country too.

  68. OzSB says:

    Im a new SB outside the USA, it’s really hard bc there seem to be so many fun interesting and quite good looking guys over there! Lots contact me here but theyre no fun or not very pampering. Miss travel seemed appealing at first to meet American SDs but actually travel a lot anyway and really I just want one SD I see regularly, travel or not. If only American guys came here for work! 🙂

  69. Blonde says:

    I know my English isn’t perfect, but wow… I was messaged by someone and I can’t even make out the mail lol… it’s really bad!
    I really don’t like it when SDs send their phone numbers either, am I the only one?
    I just want to find one great SD and it seems lately that they are hiding!

  70. Madison says:

    ahhh the sugar life… I just love it, can’t help it. I love my sugar life and all those goodies that come with it!! whohhooo!!

  71. Blonde says:

    Flyr, I do think you need to ask questions, not be blinded by the allowance amount, to be open and honest

    Alexis, If you go to the top right of the page, there are links to discussions about the SB/SD relationship. There is a lot of great info, go check it out and Welcome

  72. flyr says:

    @emily – catch and release

    There are some of both sexes who thrill in the fact that they can catch a fish and then dutifully release it back into the black waters of SA. Others are more interested in catch and keep . I’m still not sure of the perfect formula for differentiating.

    Displays of wealth – I think a former SB put it best – if the guy is relying on his display of wealth he’s probably looking for somebody to own as in a pet

    I think it is a very legitimate question to ask have you had a SB relationship before and how long did it last , do you have one now , have you read my profile and do you understand my goals.

  73. Alexis says:


    I registered for the site two days ago but my pictures are still pending, how long does it usually take for pictures to go through?

    Also, does anyone have tips to offer a newbie? I’ve never done this before.

  74. Tina says:

    Did someone say MINION? Teehee. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MIDWEST! MWWWWAAAAAA! Glad to know I’ve been missed – been a busy few days.

    Rust Belt: it refers to a very large area of the country known for metal (specifically) iron mining. So, it can have old money, but your probably won’t find much “new money” since the mining industries aren’t “newly” profitable. And it could be worse: you could be in the Bible Belt or Tornado Alley…..wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, haven’t gotten much sleep lately and it’s going to be another long night. Smooches my darlings. (Hiya Phone Guy!)

  75. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!
    Hope everyone is good

    Welcome to the newbies 😀

    Haven’t caught up on the blog…think I will need to

  76. AnnaMW says:

    @ Midwest – Amen to that. There are good ones everywhere… Ostentatious displays of wealth are pretty uncommon where we live and the most successful guys I’ve met locally have actually understated their wealth. You are spot on about charity and sporting events… True that.

    @ Emily – It doesn’t seem like it would be, but Pittsburgh is actually pretty cool.

  77. Hawker900 says:

    Midwest SB … Have jet – will travel 864757

  78. Honey says:

    Larry- Hugh wouldn’t date Me, he’;s busy dating the blondes he couldn’t when he was younger!
    I would pick the guy that likes brunettes..not Hugh. and I’m a tree hugging liberal feminist…

  79. Transgendered Emily says:

    I guess it’s true you can find a Daddy anywhere. As a transsexual, it’s just easier to find one in the New England/New York area. I’m going to try in Pittsburgh while I’m there. This place is soooooo red neck!!!!!!

  80. Midwest SB says:

    My mind won’t stop

    Knows 900 sexual positions
    has saved 900 endangered hawks
    Has watched Spongebob reruns for 900 days straight…

  81. Midwest SB says:

    Phoneguy – Thought of that, but maybe he’s a Blackhawks fan…or Silverhawks…or Atlanta Hawks. Maybe he has had 900 SBs…or has 900 sports cars…maybe he has bought 900 boxes of chocolates…see what I’m saying. 🙂

    Honey – Hugh or Larry…which one would you choose?

    Emily – You can find an SD anywhere…even in the Appalachians. Just a matter of being able to see the diamond in the rough. Here in the Midwest, men don’t typically go around in flashy sports cars wearing $5K suits. Instead, they will be at the major sporting events in the best seats, some will be at the local charities (those would be the best!) and some aren’t overtly wealthy….just generous.

  82. Honey says:

    Just a funny aside.. rom yahoo headlines…
    “Hustler publisher Larry Flynt flips on earlier criticisms, plans to vote for Obama”
    Someone commented ,….. I often ask myself during tourbled times….”what would Larry Flynt do?”

  83. PennsylvaniaSB says:

    T Emily. Im in da burgh and I cannot say it is the “Rust Belt”. I would highly recommend you visiting the Shadyside area. There IS sugar here, its just not that noticeable as in other major cities. Good luck.

  84. PhoneGuy says:

    Evidently it’s a business jet. (Hawker900)

  85. Midwest SB says:

    Carebear – Always a busy lady, you are! Enjoy Argentina! You’re right for being put off by his lack of manners. Then again, some men feel it’s easier to collect their thoughts in e-mail and the thread is easier to refer to. Meh…you know what is best for you.

    Arcadia – Could make a fun headline “Will set your world on fire…” If it suits your personality and doesn’t look like it was randomly tossed in, then go for it! The man who recognizes the prose will have lots to talk about 🙂

    LASB – it is your minions requesting your presence 🙂

    Speaking of…heyyyyy Tina!

    Hawker900 – I hope you will lurk less and join the banter! Another voice is always welcome. BTW – Any hints on your moniker?

    Good morning! Hope your week gets off to a fabulous start!

  86. Arcadia SB says:

    ack, typos in all my posts. I really should proofread before I hit “post”

  87. Arcadia SB says:

    Midwest: Completely random. I was checking back at your profile as a comparison for mine as I’ve been doing some tweaks. You’re “teach a man to fish…” made me think of a Terry Pratchett quote which is very tempting to put in my profile, but I think I’ll refrain: “Give a man a fire and he’s warm for the day. But set fire to him and he’s warm for the rest of his life.”

    Good morning Sugars!

  88. carebear says:

    Well well well. Herrroooooo there wittle wones.

    So, general opinion. I ended a long term relationship with my previous sd back in January. Since then I was seeing this crazy lawyer in DC and we were doing the NYC-DC ‘long distance thing’, he ended up leaving me for someone older, divorced, with more baggage. Woe is me. But previous SD wrote me an odd email today asking if we were definitely ‘done’ and that he was going to start moving on.

    It pissed me off. Not the idea of him moving on, but the fact that he wrote me an email about it. Especially since we’re always texting back and forth. I kind of blew him off last week as I was meeting up with a pot (now sort of my new SD), and then I had to go meet a very very important SB friend for dinner =) But I ultimately blew off meeting up with previous SD because I knew seeing me would hurt him. Still. So yeah.

    I’m kind of mad. And in the meantime, I think he’ll be on SA shortly. So I guess that means I should take my profile down. Ehhh.

    However, I am off to Argentina and Brazil next week with new pot! Fingers crossed!

    Hope all is well, don’t recognize many of the names still on here, but always happy to see the old ones =)

  89. Honey says:

    Goodnight all. Great ,busy ,fun, frantic weekend. Interesting times indeed!

  90. Hawker900 says:

    Phone Guy ……. I hear you … thanks you’re right. I’m going to drop this and lurk for another few years …
    Honey ….. someone had to flunk him/her
    Midwest SB …… glad you’re not the “LaPerla Buckeye”

  91. PhoneGuy says:

    Some explanation of married should accompany any SB married status – divorcing, husband does not believe in sex, husband understands etc
    @Flyr, I completely agree and was just thinking of this yesterday. I was hoping others would respond… Every now and then I read an SBs profile and before I respond I notice it says she is married. Maybe I have a double standard but I just wonder why she doesn’t say anything about it in her profile. I’ve seen profiles that said “separated, getting divorced, need some assistance in the meantime”. I’ve seen, “married, just looking for some excitement, attention”, whatever. At least in these I know what I’m getting into. Saying nothing just leaves me guessing…in a bad way. Do I have a double standard? And yes, if an SD is married I just assume he is looking for either sex or affection that is missing from his marriage, but that he is not going to leave his wife and that’s why he is here.

    she’s right that people walk in lock step on the blog
    There are definitely issues on the blog where the vocal majority (minority?) shout down the dissenters and it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it to voice another opinion. Sometimes I voice my opinion anyway hoping to at least let lurkers know that someone feels contrary to the popular opinion. 😉 I could give a list of issues where it is unproductive to bring up and have any sort of fair and balanced discussion.

  92. Honey says:

    Hawker99- I too am a grammar Nazi..There,their, it’s ok. It’s Sundae!

  93. Madison says:

    I haven’t received any c*ck pics recently. What’s wrong with these daddies??

  94. Madison says:

    @Jessie: ”Don’t Feed The Troll(s)”

    The trolling comments are what keep the blogs alive LOL. I would love to hear back from Skeptical defending her/his overweight/psychotic/bitter/unhappy life point of view!!

    I’m pretty sure he/she was dumped recently. I’m pretty sure the lack of sex is causing all these deep rooted unhappiness.

  95. Madison says:

    Or a fat, poor and ugly guy.

  96. Madison says:

    I agree, skeptical must be a guy or, like I said before, a fat girl.

  97. Jessie says:

    @Diana – LOL. I’m always amused when others are “moved” to “discuss” things with a troll rather than do what bloggers all over the internet do…”Don’t Feed The Troll(s).

  98. DianaSBinOC says:

    Why did anyone think Skepticat was a girl? That’s a guy and if you ever make it to the WYP blog he’s all over it with a great source of fake screen names to boot. He probably ran out of people to fight with there and this blog is more of a community where his complaints can be heard.I think his last complaint was that the women he’s interested in keep disappearing after he’s opened up communication even though he probably hasn’t spent a dime there. Perhaps he thought if he winks long enough or puts his phone number in his profile, some woman was going to go out of her way to skip the pay to open feature and contact him. Guess for now he’s been unsuccessful and is having quite a fit because of it.

    If you don’t have a few trolls grace your blog then you’re doing something wrong. 🙂

  99. AnnaMW says:

    Unfortunately, some SBs fail to realize distasteful, ignorant comments only serve to perpetuate negative stereotypes. Skeptical brought some valid and interesting points to the forum and deserves the same respect we try to give each other, despite the fact that our opinions may differ.

  100. Madison says:

    @Skeptical: darling… oh darling…. I know how you feel. However, we are here to have fun regardless. I hope you are being honest and not some 400 pound girl sitting on the corner wishing you were 110 lbs like us. xoxo

  101. Arcadia SB says:

    And with that last sentence I was not trying to imply that anyone else here doesn’t erm “appreciate” the commentary.

    I’m probably more in the “lock step” with the blog 🙂 but I don’t mind being part of the in-crowd! (Or at least one fo the hangers on at the background)

  102. AnnaMW says:


    As Midwest stated, the lack of response to your post is a result of it being an exhausted topic that has come up no less than ten times in the six weeks I’ve been using this blog… I chose to respond because of how much thought you put into your opinion and your eloquent execution.

    The point I responded to was your assertion that all SBs are shiftless or incompetent and disclosed a little about my personal situation to show Brandons sites appeal to a wider demographic than you may think. Your interpretation seemed to be that those of us who don’t meet your ‘vacuous degenerate’ paradigm must have an unhealthy or desperate preoccupation with money. While I enjoy material success and generosity, I enjoy simple, uncomplicated relationships more. It would seem that an attractive girl would have no problem finding that type of companionship in the real world, but that’s actually wrong.

    Occasional, sexual relationships tend to be hurtful and detached, whereas my arrangements have been much more personal and genuine. Characterizing the men of SA as losers who can’t attract women despite their wealth is probably less valid than your portrayal of SBs as useless, lazy victims. One thing you may not be considering is the desirability of a simplistic dynamic for busy men who may not have the time or energy to nurture a serious relationship but aren’t interested in casual sex with strangers or situations lacking personal connection. I’m not sure how much sex you’ve had, but it’s usually a lot more satisfying with people you know and like.

    I understand your distaste for the ‘sanctimonious denial’, and agree that this site is full of escorts, johns and girls who don’t know any better. As you accurately mentioned, many have a hard time being honest with themselves.. I have a pretty anthropological viewpoint and believe that all human interaction is an elaborate system of giving, taking and getting needs met. If a situation isn’t meeting our needs (ex. distancing ourself from a friend who is unkind, quitting a job where we are underpaid or undervalued, dropping a class that doesn’t interest us, telling a guy to f*ck off if he’s late one too many times), we remove ourselves. If our needs are being met, we stick around. I don’t see anything insidious about being open about our emotional and physical needs and have found arrangements to be refreshingly honest. If I were to sleep with a man I wasn’t attracted to because he was giving me money, I would happily admit to being a whore.

    Yes, entrepreneurs are making plenty on the commercialization of relationships, but connections are being made between like-minded people and there is more than one way to live. Not all of us fit into the neat little stereotype you created. Your harsh criticism, strong opinions and narrow view lead me to believe your options are probably pretty limited..

    I appreciate your candor and enjoy the questioning opinion, especially given that you are female and that I myself am a reformed academic, femi-nazi who realized that I didn’t know as much as I thought and that relationships (especially other peoples) were a lot more complicated than I initially assumed. If you’d like to talk more off-line, the moderators can hook us up.

  103. Arcadia SB says:

    Sceptical – I do see your point of view and thing that the site(s) definitely have flaws. I also think that most websites exist to find their optimum money making strategy. Match and eharmony aren’t free either. OKCupid is is free but loaded with ads, as is PlentyOfFish (to use traditional dating sites as an example).
    One critique I have of your statement is that there are premium options that women can pay for on all of Brandon’s sites. I have been a premium member on SA before I went back to school and was able to use my .edu email address to get access to those same features.
    I don’t think there are fake profiles, but I will say that before I took SA seriously some of my girlfriends and I made a profile with pictures of on of us and a fairly straight forward profile just because we thought it was funny and were strangely fascinated with the website and the people on it. We actually talked to some guys until they wanted to meet and we disappeared.
    In hindsight that was fairly childish and rude to the men involved, but we were 18/19 and it seemed like a great joke at the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were others who do the same.

    I’ve recently had experiences where I have had good email conversation with a guy, then he disappears when it comes time to meet up. That’s happened three times in the past 2-3 weeks. These are paying members, do perhaps they are just paying for the thrill (or maybe I’m just not what they’re looking for. As you’ve mentioned there are many more women on the site because it is free for them. I could lose out to the “competition”).

    I think both parties can get taken advantage of here, on other dating sites, on ebay, on any site where there is human interaction or a financial or emotional “transaction”. Just like in Vegas, though, the house always wins.

    I think Brandon is going to try to make his sites successful for their market and a positive user experience because he doesn’t make money if he doesn’t. It is possible that some or all of the people who pay to use his sites are “selling themselves” or making choices that you don’t agree with or with which you may have moral or personal objections.

    I think your criticisms are (for the most part) well expressed and it seems like Brandon and his staff do read these and try to take them into account. however, I also think you seem down on the entire idea and casting judgement on anone who does choose to use these sites. That, to me, is less constructive.

    If you find that these sites are not beneficial to you or are actually repulsive to you, don’t use them. I do think healthy criticism and communication with the site operators can be helpful though, as long as it actually helps improve the problems you identify.

    I, at least, do appreciate your commentary even though it’s not something I fully agree with.

  104. Midwest SB says:

    Hi Hawker900! No, I’m not the LaPerla Buckeye, but I’m certain I know of her! 😉

    I say have fun…just keep it drama-free. That’s what sugar is all about! As for walking in lock-step…I tend to think we’re all just a little protective of our sugar world. There are a wide variety of views as to what sugar can be to each of us, but the one tie that binds is that we are open-minded enough to accept & discuss the views of others while trying not to judge. I tended to gloss over her comments once I saw the direction, so please understand if I don’t give it any further regard.

  105. Hawker900 says:

    Hi MidwestSB .. I’m new to the blog but experienced to the site (2007) .. Let me guess ….. you’re the La Perla Buckeye? .. Skeptical is fun to play with .. she can’t make a point in 1000 words but seems to be chafed for some reason … I’ve tuned into this blog for years and finally, Skeptical got me hard and I had to throw in …… she’s right that people walk in lock step on the blog

  106. Transgendered Emily says:

    I’m taking a trip to Pittsburgh in a few weeks. I hope there’s a good Sugar scene there. When I went to Florida a few months ago, a man who is a member of Seeking Arrangement that lives down there, said he was interested in meeting me but never contacted me when I e-mailed him to tell him I was in his area. He probably wasn’t a real millionaire.
    Now, I’ve heard Pittsburgh is a part of something called the “Rust Belt”, so there probably isn’t much affluence there. Correct me if I’m mistaken in that assumption. I’ve just figured that any place is better than West Virginia. I will eventually get back to Massachusetts, though.
    You know, some parts of this country are almost Third World. Leaving Appalachia will bring a long awaited relief.

  107. flyr says:


    I made some specific private comments but I thought since she offered her profile I would note that

    Dalton GA, and Married conveys the very real possibility of seeing Mr Mossberg over her shoulder at just the wrong moment. It’s not performance enhancing or relaxing but does add to the adrenalin junkies fix.

    Some explanation of married should accompany any SB married status – divorcing, husband does not believe in sex, husband understands etc

    Looking for something occasional and light does not restrict you to married . But you have to be selective to eliminate clingy.

    @Midwest – I agree that most of the 10K allowances are synthetic sweeteners which disappear
    Some of the exceptions are those who could not find a hooker to perform what they desire.

  108. Midwest SB says:

    Pami – PS…there are few men who would offer a 10K allowance and follow through with it. Most men of that level of generosity are able to find their SB in real life. The others will likely have a Diamond Club profile. Don’t let a drop down box influence what you think of the person. Reality is wealth does not equal generosity.

  109. Midwest SB says:

    Pami – I just looked at your profile. If you can see who views you, feel free to take tips from my profile…just don’t copy anything verbatim. Men will pick up on that quickly. You and I have a lot in common. I can say that you will receive less views and contacts simply b/c you’re not in the typical age range. You’ve also seen that when you have a new profile, the flakes are usually the first to get in touch as they have exhausted all their old contacts. Hopefully, the offers you get in the future would be a little more serious. The men who contact you now will do so b/c you fit what they seek. Definitely put up some new pictures and write a few sentences to stir a man’s imagination. It will take a while, but the search is worth it. BTW – I used to live a few hours south of you!

    To all…Thank you for handling others’ viewpoints with grace and objectivity. This can be a very interesting conversation although Skeptical may not realize we have exhausted the topic in prior blogs. Everyone will have their own opinions and doesn’t require taking it personally.

    Happy Sunday! One week left!!!!!!!!

  110. Pami says:

    Ladies watch out for 139020 he talks a good game is gonna be the ultimate SD but would never meet me. Always had some excuse but he does have an amazing imagination.lol

  111. Pami says:

    Thanks flyr. You raised some good points. I will have to take some classy photos to put on there. I was just being honest in my profile. But I haven’t meet many honest SDs on here.

  112. flyr says:

    @Pami – u have mail

  113. flyr says:

    @skeptical “”One of my key arguments with Brandon’s concepts is the way he structures his sites, women free ( to encourage easy chasing of greed) men paying fees all the way (to enable him to profit from this whatever the outcome). This is the same as nightclubs allowing women in free and charging men hefty fees, effectively staking women out as ‘attractors’ .for men.. in the same manner as goat tied to a tree attracts a lion””

    First thing Skep , ya owe me a new keyboard for the goats tied to a tree comment. Worse yet it a dasKeyboard, not the cheap stuff.

    Thanks in part to TV, there’s a pretty widespread view from 18 on that dating means sex. I don’t agree with it but that’s the way of much of the world. As one of my former SB expressed it, I can go hang out on a date with a bunch of college guys until they have consumed enough beer to decide they want to get laid or I can go the sugar route with an more mature guy who does care about me and who eliminates my need to work at McDonalds on the weekends.

    Almost without exception acceptance of an offer for a ski trip or trip to Vegas comes with the understanding that sex is expected and fine with both.

    SD/SB relationships existed long before the internet. In undergrad school there were lots of sorority girls who went to visit their “great aunt” one night a week.

    Beyond that how many marriages would be called off if the groom was found to be poor or incapable of providing a good living.

    In an earlier day a young woman might find that her salary increases benefited from a close relationship with her boss (or with the position reversed) . Much of that’s gone with the hoard of lawsuits-probably to the benefit of all concerned.

    Where does SA fit in all of this, it’s organized the often random and accidental process of finding someone. It’s provided a safe means of communication. Within the envelope there are layers ranging from some who are very much in the P2P arena (unfortunately they are here) to very sophisticated men and women who want to pursue an unconventional relationship.

    Those of us from an earlier era probably met a number of members of the opposite sex at bars and night clubs. With the combination of alcohol, noise and crowds you really did not learn much about the person whom you might share sunrise with. Here it is different. I think the internet has really opened up women’s choices in dating, sex and marriage. They get to “interview” a man from a safe distance and screening based on what they see and hear. Not perfect but a lot safer and more selective.

    I’m a great believer that the relationships here frequently contain a lot more than just an exchange of cash for sex. If you read this blog you might better understand.

  114. NorCal Guy says:

    Sceptical’s post
    To argue for the site, or against the site, to argue Brandon’s ethics, to argue the true definition of the SB/SD arrangement is a complete waste of time. It is what it is, how any other person views this site, views an arrangement, or views the individuals in arrangements is of no consequence. We are free to make our own decisions, draw our own conclusions, and live with the outcomes of those decisions. Do no harm & be at peace with yourself, and everything else falls into place.

    Granted I am a reformed hippie from NorCal, but that’s what I think. 🙂

  115. Hawker900 says:

    Skeptical .. I see you’re a “wordsmith” .. I’m skeptical that you’re as educated as you pretend. The “press” is singular properly conjugated in your verb tense. Why don’t you simply state your view that you’re stuck in the stone age of dating rituals? Most of us on here to get laid, duh! Whats the difference if I’m married and I give my wife a Bentley? Is she defined by her duties? Or just by the contract of marriage? Is the contract between two consenting adults for companionship less valid, or illegal? I fail to see your point

  116. Va Gentleman says:

    @Sceptical SB

    ARE you a SB wannabe or are you just here to decry the system ? Brandon is an entrepreneur who is providing a wonderful matching service(s) as @Treasured so eloquently described . If you are looking for an arrangement then share your profile with us here . You can be specific about your needs –in fact , if you don’t like the idea of recieving $$ for your time Im sure there are guys here who would be glad to entertain you for free –depending on your desirability of course .

  117. Treasured says:

    Hi all 🙂

    I have never posted before, but decided to make an exception after reading Sceptical’s post.
    I am a SB and I fully agree with her. And I think, everybody, deep inside does… Yes, in general it is company/sex for money/goods (which, basically is escorting, just on a higher level) and yes, Brandon was smart enough to use it to his own good (well done him 🙂 ).

    But, I think all the SBies and SDies will admit – thank goodness website like this exists.

    Not all women are lucky/clever/fortunate/etc. enough to be able to get through college/uni/being a single parent/out of work/etc. without additional support, and not all men want or can have a conventional relationship.

    So, thank you SA team for your work and effort 🙂

  118. Sceptical says:

    Well it’s interesting that if one posts a more serious or critical piece about the site and its concepts, it is mainly ignored, apart from one response, so it does show that when the concept roots it seems to root deep with those who adopt it and that most are so immersed in their own specific search and in the process that they will entertain no criticism of Brandon and his set of cloned commercial ventures. However as noted the press of course are not so self absorbed and take a mainly different view of it all. No doubt the site founder sees this as a strength but I guess where making money is at stake, and potentially possible most women using this are going to be converts, because it’s weighted in their interest to do so.

    As to the one person who childishly suggested that because I posted some critique of this process I must be ‘bitter’ and ‘ what am I doing here’ etc, the answer to that is I am expressing my opinion on what I see as a topic of importance based on a lot of things I have read and seen, which the last time I looked, was a legitimate right of us all.

    The other who said ‘sugarbabes are maybe not for you’ would be correct, as I am a female. Of course you simply assumed I was male because I wasn’t championing the cause.

    There are plenty of women who do not see it your way on this topic. One of my key arguments with Brandon’s concepts is the way he structures his sites, women free ( to encourage easy chasing of greed) men paying fees all the way (to enable him to profit from this whatever the outcome). This is the same as nightclubs allowing women in free and charging men hefty fees, effectively staking women out as ‘attractors’ .for men.. in the same manner as goat tied to a tree attracts a lion…This entire imbalance on Brandon’s sites sits uneasily with me, in how he is effectively ‘milking’ the evolution of our biased sexual society based on need and deprivation (unless you pay). This is no better than drug dealing in one way.,… or pimping in another !

    I have noted a lot of accusations on forums of men who wasted a great deal of money chasing timewasters, and who assert that many profiles are generated by the site itself. Overall one of my fears on these sites is that they encourage timewasters and exploiters using the system and it’s not hard to see why people would suspect the site admins, as the more revenue from opening communication the better, and why would they care if anyone actually gets a date or not in reality? Some Googling on this site will soon link to sites like Stripperweb where there are countless comments from hardened professional ‘working girls’ telling how they are just making extra incomes from ‘quickie dates’ with men in between their other jobs, on the basis that fees are ‘ramped up’ as high as possible, attitudes are hardened and clock watching is the game, and sex is denied wherever possible. My argument is that Brandon knows this and profits on it (while decrying escorts for his public image) because his site ‘credits’ mechanisms actually enhance and create the potential for exploitation as a means to generate more profit.

    It is not your use of the site as commercially focussed women willing to sell your company for money, or men willing to exchange their money for sex r companionship, after all that’s as old as the hills.

    My distaste comes with Brandon’s blatant exploitation of this process and the sanitised levels of sanctimonious denial that these sites of his are anything other than an airbrushed version of an ‘escort’ contact network under another label. One can easily see why the press keep coming back to this central theme, whilst those of you who have swallowed Brandon’s Red Pill and are generating profit from it have little willingness to see how you are all being used.

    My views on the human interactions and the effects of sites like this on the male and female dynamic are my posted opinions .. we are ever all entitled to air those. However much you love being part of this growing commercialsation of the male and female relationship, and thus pursuing your single minded dreams of earning ‘six figures’ above all else, it doesn’t mean that everyone else has to agree with you, or that we don’t have the right to post questioning opinion.

    Of course you all have the right to sell yourselves if you wish whatever fancy labels you need to put on it for your own peace of mind but the fact that one geeky guy who hero worships Hugh Hefner has chosen to create a bunch of sites to milk this ambition to me, is nothing more than manipulative engineering of all that I think is wrong about commercialising the interaction between men and women. If earning your holy grails of ‘six figures’ is all that matters to you, I can see why you would take to this site and why the ‘drug’ appeals to you..and after all its FREE for women so in the words of ‘Dire Straits’ it’s ‘money for nothing’ until of course you meet the inevitable demand for ‘payment in kind’ from the men who invest money into the site to get sex and companionship which is seems they have no way to get otherwise, despite their wealth.

    Brandon profits either way as a ‘dealer’ always does.

  119. Hawker900 says:

    Christiana …. In re: to the Australian press … Realize the “press” in general sensationalizes the sex and money components to attract puritanical sympathetic viewers. I have been on and off the site for 5 years. The pros have not refrained simply because of the warning and have become brazen in recent times. Its just a matter of awareness. There are men on the site who prefer the “one time hook-up” fees .. not plainly looking to define an arrangement on more than a daily basis. Is it an escort service then?

  120. ContentSB says:

    @Pami — I think you might have more success in attracting serious SDs if you focus more attention discussing the unique things that make you fabulous, as well as what you can provide (beyond the physical…like discretion, companionship, a quiet oasis in his hectic life, etc) for him. It’s so easy to list things we like to do…but those tend to be fairly generic and boring. Plus, discussing passions can be a great ice-breaker over drinks/coffee/whatever.

    I think changing up your pictures might be necessary. The ones you have now are very likely to attract johns. You’re gorgeous and have an awesome body; that will still be obvious in pictures that leave more to the imagination. A genuine SD will be looking for someone elegant and classy…prove that you embody that in your pictures 🙂

    Hope that helps!

  121. Christiana says:

    MsJaiSB hiya and welcome aboard

  122. Hawker900 says:

    there are many escorts on the site …. particularly in LA .. whats Brandon doing about policing that? Who cares?

  123. MsJaiSB says:

    Hello everyone I just wanted to say Hi. This is my first post in the blog. It’s very informative I come here often and read the post. I may have to start posting more 🙂

  124. Pami says:

    My profile # 909841. Thanks again.

  125. Pami says:

    Thank all for the advice. I just let myself get suckered by one from California promised the world. When he failed to meet twice I knew he was full of it. But it was my fault i seen the bad signs and ignored it because he was nice. That’s the bad part of being a good ole country girl.

  126. Christiana says:

    Brandon was interviewed for Australian morning TV which showed here this morning (Sunday), about MissTravel, he came across very well but the interviewer was sceptical and likened the site to an Escort Service…..they don’t get it.

  127. euphoria says:

    Pami- I never look at my potential sds as my clients! Escorts have clients. Sb’s have actual relationships. As soon as yo start looking like a sales pitch, you’ll atract clients. If your profile looks classy and elegant your bound to find a great SD.

  128. flyr says:


    Think of the profile as both a sales piece and a filter. Some of the SB profiles have very nicely written filters to discourage the window shoppers and the bs artists.

    I think it was the hefner page that had a lot of general suggestions (we get far off topic) and in addition to comments on specific profiles. Where people have posted profile numbers on here some of us have replied privately directly to the poster.

    It’s far from sugar and bubbles but if you go to an Apple store nothing is happening by accident. It’s wonderfully consistent, highly effective and fun for the consumer.

    In some ways profiles are like little black dresses, less can be more as long as the subject is adequately covered . The intent is to stir the imagination of a real client.

  129. euphoria says:

    That was supposed to say look at some of the other sb’s profiles. Darn tablet.

  130. euphoria says:

    Pami- I’d also advise you to losome of the other sb’s profiles get an example of what you want yours to say. Looking at it from a few different perspectives can be insperational.

  131. ContentSB says:

    @Pami — How long have you been on the site? Searching is definitely the worst part of this process because it can take months before you find what you’re looking for. There are many more SBs than SDs, so it’s kind of a numbers game too. Have some patience and you’ll eventually have success 🙂 Sometimes people like to post their profile number to get some honest feedback from people here. Maybe there’s something in your profile that isn’t attracting the right kind of SDs. Good luck!!

  132. euphoria says:

    Pami- some of them will be good, and others, not so much. But… its that way on every site. After awhile you’ll develop bullshit radar!

  133. Pami says:

    Thank you Euphoria. No I haven’t read the book. Thought I could do this but no one has been very honest they want to talk or text and meet. But they back out before we ever sit down for that cup of coffee. I understand what your saying by not rushing into a arrangement. But it seems Luke I have attracted some of the bad ones on here. Not all of them but most. Thank you again Pami

  134. euphoria says:

    Pami- Have you read the sa book? It was very helpful when I first started using sa. Also, every sd/sb relationship will be different. It takes time to find someone that you will want to do this sort of thing with. Out of the 50+potential sds that I’ve met with, I’ve only been in relationships with 4 of them. Its completely OK to sit down, have a cup of coffee and say to a potential SD ” I’m sure you’ll make a great SD. But your not the one for me.” Don’t settle on anyone unless its the right person for you. I have alot of friends that were in a big rush to get the ball rolling with a potential SD. They ending up being in a SD/sb relationship where the sugar went sour quickly. Don’t settle unless you think you’ll both be 100% happy.

  135. Pami says:

    Maybe its my age or I’m too nice,haven’t had any luck finding a SD. Have had lots of response to my ad but never works out. Lots of bs and big talk then cancel when its time to meet. For the most part I think I’ve attracted the dreamers and want to bes. Plus I must be doing something wrong I am new to this. Any advice on the good and the bad?

  136. Honey says:

    I 2nd Anna,and add my own.
    I am hardworking. I am a “good” woman, great in fact. I too sought a less complicated relationship, men were/are always asking to take care of me.In the last two years I decided to take some of them up on THEIR offers.
    I’m starting a business with my SD and a close personal friend who is already retired and living off his trust fund. They are both older than I , have advanced degrees,plural and I’m supposed to be the one taking advantage of them? I’m not making 6 figures yet,but I have the support of two men who believe in what I am trying to do and who are willing to put their money where their mouth is.
    You tell my millionaire mentors how “stupid” and “gullible” they are for wanting to help out a horrible person like me.
    Glad you don’t make snap judgements…
    and yeah, I do sleep with one of them and he does pay my rent,so, I’m a wife…? or slut?
    What piece of paper(besides money) will make my private and personal relationship ok, with you?
    Cause my peeps are doing just fine the way things are,right now. My SD is happy. You are on a SD site and do not seem happy, maybe sugarbabies aren’t for you,peace.

  137. DianaSBinOC says:


    I would have to agree that what he did was kinda sneaky. Suggest a shopping trip that he wants to take you on and then use your allowance for what he wants to buy you? Sounds like abit more Daddy than sugar if you ask me. Also I would agree if you sent him some pictures instead would that count as intimacy instead of actually between the sheets moments? Probably not. I feel he’s trying to exercise abit more control than there needs to be.

    Best suggestions were above. I think it’s a bit sad that now you’re leery of accepting any gifts from him because you don’t know how he’s going to deduct it. I mean what’s next? Paying her in Bubble gum?

    I feel he’s probably not able to be financially consistent so you may desire keeping your options open. The move to do shopping instead of handing you the money could very well be an issue with cash availability so now he’s trying to shop your allowance.

    So don’t pick a fight I don’t think anyone suggested that but stay clear of **gifts**. It may soon turn out that you’re getting no allowance at all and he’s just doing a few gifts here and there. Some guys try to transition into gift daddy only where he’s really not doing anything but $100 necklace here or there. If you see that he’s not holding up his end of the agreement then of course you no longer need to hold up yours. When’s he’s about to offer another “gift” as him how it’s going to impact your allowance because you want to use your allowance for some necessities.

    @Penn @ Euphoria please put those guy’s names on the fakesugardaddy blogspot. Even if the account no longer exists just put up as much information you have. Know sex offenders should be on alert to all sugar babies on this site and unfortunately there’s no other place that tracks this. Plus even if you post it here many women will not even see it once the next month’s blog goes up. It’s really important that sugar babies are safe so please post there. I think the blog over there is so long that you have to click a button at the bottom to see the latest entries.

  138. euphoria says:

    I am seeing people posting information about fake sds. While were on the subject, I wanted to let everyone know aboutprofile # 506717. I spoke with him a few times. He was extremely charming at first. Then it came time for the meeting.
    On the first date he seemed extremely sweet, but a little off. I suggested that we meet a few more times before we get intimate. Well I’m glad I did. He came to pick me up at my house for the second date. While I was in the car, I found antipsycotics and mood stabalizers. We got to the dinner table and he started trying to push the issue of sex. When i asked him about how tj arrangement would work, he had told me that he was just a john looking for the cheapest whore he could find. He told me that the girls off sa were all whores in training and that he uses sa because they can be easily taken advantage of. After that, I told him that I had an early morning and had to get home. Hewent to drive me home and we got pulled over by the police because he couldn’t keep his car straight on the road, and he blew a stop sign.he then told methat there was a warrent for his arrest in Nevada and asked if i could drive his car back to my house for him if he went to jail.
    When I went home, I diddnt want to talk to him anymore. He continually called my cell phone after that and if i diddnt pick up… he proceed to text me.. about 200 times per night. In his texts he actually told me that he has herpes, and is knowingly spreading it to other girls on the site. He even texted me a picture ôf his medication.He also decided to show up at my house at 2am one morning.
    I just wanted everyone to know about this guy because i don’t want to see anyone off of the sitput in any sort of danger. Hè is dangerous and deciving.

  139. Va Gentleman says:

    @ Celestine

    ” Perhaps you can negotiate a monthly allowance delivered at the beginning of each month —”

    There are two issues as I see it . One is the assumption that your SD made that your Sugar is for clothing ,etc and that he had fulfilled his agreement that week . The other is the method of weekly payment that bothers a lot of SBs here but apparently not you .

    While I know communication is critical , I think you would be making a mistake upsetting the applecart over this one miscommunication . I would be peeved if my SB made a big deal out of the entire “arrangement” because of this one week. As I said earlier ,if he wants to “take you shopping ” again just say that you can’t afford it since you have other things you’d like to spend your allowance on . This will give him the opportunity to offer the shopping as an extra. You got what you wanted without making a deal out of it . If he refuses to add more then you know where he stands. He might have a strict $500 weekly budget and can’t afford to do more .

    As to the possibility of changing the payout to monthly , I would be happy having a SD you enjoy and go with the previously agreed on deal. If he asks you then that would be a good time to change if you desire. Some Daddies are performance oriented and eschew monthly payments because of the transient nature of these arrangements . In other words the dreaded PTP rears its ugly head . .

  140. flyr says:

    I would much rather contribute to my SB’s education or help her to have more time with her child than buy more shoes. You may not be comfortable showing that you have a need for basics and some may seek to take advantage of that but if you pick wisely you’ll find an SD who wants to do good things for a good woman. That does not preclude gifts above the agreed upon level.

    One of the nice things about a monthly allowance delivered outside the meetings is that it’s like a season pass to your favorite team’s games. You get to go and enjoy the game without thinking of the cost even if it was a lousy week at the office, your car needs work and the roof leaks. As many others have noted it takes the transactional aspect out of the visit. For most SBs that’s good.

  141. AnnaMW says:

    @ Celestine – I understand the icky, transactional feeling you’re describing… I’ve never had anything like that happen, but it would be hard to not feel like he was “trying to get his moneys worth” or changed the game suddenly and without explanation, especially if you were counting on those funds for other things.

    It sounds like the communication breakdown happened as a result of him expecting that your allowance would exclusively go towards clothing and lingerie – things you would enjoy together. He probably wasn’t trying to be a jerk but rather thought buying you clothes was meeting your needs based on previous discussions.

    A solution might be to let him know that you are planning to use some of your allowance for school or other bills. That way he will be aware that shopping in lieu of allowance could hinder your ability to meet goals. As my girl Euphoria so eloquently stated, we are SBs, not nagging girlfriends. Perhaps you can negotiate a monthly allowance delivered at the beginning of each month so that you can focus on having fun and enjoying the time you have together.

  142. AnnaMW says:

    @ Skeptical

    I am am educated and have a six figure income. I am frequently praised in professional circles and many have commented that I am one of the hardest working people they know. I also happen to be a Sugar Baby.

    While there may be plenty of vacuous, parasitic men and women on Brandon’s websites, but it is such a mixed bag out there that your generalizations probably aren’t fair. I don’t meet your description of a shiftless whore, and neither do most of the other SBs I interact with.

    I came to SA looking for a less complicated relationship following the demise of a long term relationship. I enjoy generosity (what woman doesn’t?), and money serves to create an interesting practical boundary. That having been said, I care very much for my SD, we are becoming great friends and I would be highly disappointed if he didn’t want to be intimate with me.

    I understand your perspective but can’t possibly agree.

  143. Honey says:

    Wow skeptical…why are you even here…?bitter? Come here often?

  144. euphoria says:

    Pennsylvania SB- never heard from him. But thanks for the tip.

  145. PennsylvaniaSB says:

    SB’s Beware: I am sure this man i was talking to has done this numerous times…thank god for my intuition. I believe he may create another profile in CT and try to allure another woman. He uses various emails…all begin with mjgr…@ hotmail and gmail. He sends photos of a mansion he apparently lives in and owns a huge yacht. None of which is true…he lives in a small apartment and is a past sex offender. Last name is Rondeau……IF anyone other SB has been in contact with him, please do NOT pursue……..He is dangerous and a pig.
    Thank everyone for this blog…………..

  146. euphoria says:

    @VA gent- agreed.. The sugar process is a trial and error thing. If it weren’t stated that the cash were the main need up front, then I’d accept it as a simple misunderstanding the first time. The second time I’d just make myself more clear.
    I would never go as far as to be a bitch to my SD. I don’t think that spitefully withholding sex is the right way to go about it either. I always try to remember that I’m a sugarbabby, not a nagging girlfriend.

  147. Grasshopper says:

    @Celestine – Re: “oh, I thought the sexy photo set I texted you last week could take the place of the intimacy this time”


  148. euphoria says:

    I’ve actually been fortionate enough to go shopping with all of my sds. This is something that I really enjoy doing. I like modeling the cute clothes at boutiques for them.they usually have amazing taste in fashion. Alot of the boutiques that my sds take me to have extremely helpful sales consultants that know what’s in and what’s not for the season. If I ever find myself questioning something that my SD picks out, I always ask a consultant for a third opinion.
    When making arrangements with sds, I always make sure that they know that whatever they decide to buy me is purly a gift. If I were to ask for an allowance, I’d make sure that my sds knew upfront that shopping is separate from allowance. There is no problem with laying down the ground rules up front.

  149. Celestine says:

    Midwest SB and Flyer, thanks for the reality check; I really do appreciate it and I am overthinking things. I guess the lesson learned is that one can’t assume anything in an arrangement, but should take all the sugar we get (negotiated allowance included) as extras to an already fun relationship and not freak out if the SD decides to gift us in a different manner. C’est la vie. I actually think it’s funny to think of “oops, I forgot your allowance” or “oh, I thought the shopping covered it” in the reverse, as in the SB saying, “oops, I forgot condoms, I guess we can’t get intimate,” or “oh, I thought the sexy photo set I texted you last week could take the place of the intimacy this time” 😉

  150. Va Gentleman says:

    @ flyr

    ” be a bitch .,, that’s likely to have him on the computer before sundown. ”

    haha I like that answer . Let it go. The others gave you good advice . If he wants to take you shopping again tell him that you would love to but that you really count on your allowance for some necessities that you have .

  151. flyr says:

    You can “confront” him knowing that you are right and he is wrong or you can move the direction of the relationship in a positive way. Decide what’s important to you . You may not be able to have both.

    If your expectation is that you will receive the funds then make that clear but in a positive way. You appreciate his help but you need to focus it on your basic needs. Besides not shopping leaves more time for great sex. You might also mention that you feel funny accepting cash each time and would it make sense to do something else like have an account . If married he may not want to leave tracks.

    Unless he simply forgot to pay you he was probably sending a message that the extras were too much and too expected.

    The most certain course of action is to be a bitch .,, that’s likely to have him on the computer before sundown.

  152. Midwest SB says:

    Morning sugars! One week to go!!!!!!!!!

    Celestine – You are starting to overthink this and drive yourself crazy with “what-ifs”. Flyer and Jessie gave you sound advice and you won’t know about the “what if” until you take the step of communication. It appears as though he has done what he said he would up to this point, so I truly expect that it was either an oversight or, as Jessie stated, he felt it was covered. The extra experiences are nice, but it’s hard to tell his intentions. I do have one question though…..were the dresses you picked any different from what you normally wear? Did you try on some that he liked just for fun? I’m wondering if he was either trying to see what sizes you wear or subtly suggesting clothes that he would like to see. Of course the allowance is meant for us to help meet our goals, but it’s nice to include an indication that you were thinking of him when you pick something out.

  153. Celestine says:

    Also (not to drag this out, but…), I’m kind of sad that this precedent (ironically) makes our arrangement kind of transactional in a certain way (or would, if I didn’t have the confidence to confront him about it, which I am going to do). I.e. every time he’d give me something; a pair of earrings, a gift certificate for a massage etc, I’d have to be wondering, “Is this coming out of my allowance? If so, what is the value of this particular pair of earrings so I can mentally deduct it?” Just makes it so transactional and destroys the fun of the SD giving me extra but totally unexpected little treats. If I give him something a little extra in terms of what I provide as the SB, it’s because I care about him and enjoy being with him, not because I expect to be able to deduct it from what I’m going to “give” him next time.

  154. Celestine says:

    Thank you all for your very helpful comments! I guess to me the problem was the lack of communication on his part. Since he never said, “I won’t be giving you your allowance this time; the shopping will take the place of that; is that okay?” I figured that this was just an extra. I never dreamed he’d deviate from the established norm without discussing it, but I guess I was wrong. Each of our dates always involved an “experience” that he paid for, like going to a casino, or a couples’ massage, or a trip, seeing a show, so I figured this was just the “experience” this time since the date centered around the dress shopping and since, while I picked out dresses I’d like to add to my wardrobe, let’s just say (for the sake of being delicate) they were also meant for his enjoyment back at his house after 😉 Also, he never said “Pick out $500 worth of clothes” or anything like that. It just happened to be in that range when I was done. I suppose if I had only ended up with a $100 dress, I would have gotten “ripped off” (to put it crudely so as to make a point) by $400. I think his idea of “helping me spend” the allowance is fine, but I think a) he should have made it clear this wasn’t an extra since it deviated from the norm, and b) made it explicit that I should pick out some things in the range of $500. Maybe I’m overreacting, but it just feels like a bait and switch.

  155. Sceptical says:

    This is just another clone of your existing businesses with the same rip-off system of making men pay cash to your commercial empire to be able to exchange emails with what I have seen has been suggested in comments elsewhere on your site as being either fake female profiles run by your own staff, or timewasting gold-diggers with no likelyhood a trip will ever take place.

    The fundamental block to many men using your system is the way you essentially generate revenue from simply connecting people by email in the first instance, when there is no guarantee of a date on WYP or a trip on this new gimmicky clone version.

    One doesn”t of course discover this from your headline marketing as the fact that men have to pay you merely to be able to communicate with what (in many opinions from SA and SM) are mostly the same tired collection of women working as escorts elsewhere or timewasting ping pong emailers at best, is kept very quiet until the ‘small print’ .. .. you may be making a lot of revenue for your own web based ventures but all you are doing to male / female relations in essence is even further dehumanising and monetizing the interaction and reducing it into a transactional selfish greed based event.

    But, let’s face it the ONLY reason your sites can make a dime is because of the way our societies have evolved to exploit men’s constant desire for sex, and some women’s (easily encouraged) willingness to exploit that for money to parasitise on the need. Despite the conveniently cutesie and coy label ‘sugar’ and the protests of many of the female ego posters here that they want ALL the money, travel and rewards without having to be ‘pressured’ or ‘burdened’ by an SD’s desire for sex ( as if that is something to be avoided or challenged), the essential equation is that’s all it’s about mostly.. how many men would pay for women who would remove sexuality from the benefits…what would be the point of men paying then?

    Your sites are just same same versions of the one idea – to milk that situation and profit from it. take off the corporate hype and gloss and you are just a flash internet pimp essentially.. acting as a greed facilitator to help lazy vain women make money from men instead of having their own professional revenue generating occupations and holding their own in conventional male to female relationships.

    You probably won’t print this as I note you have a history of censoring out any comment which isn’t praise for your succession of similar business ideas but I may as well make my point.

  156. Grasshopper says:

    Haha @ the idea of a SD/man THINKING he’s doing a woman a favor by helping her pick out clothes! That’s comical… LOL

  157. flyr says:

    @celestine – You may have created the impression in your SD’s mind that yor were just in this for the shopping allowance. Thus he thought he was doing you a favor helping you pick out the dress. A graceful transition might be to explain to him that things have changed in your world and you need to apply to most of the allowance to your basics. Done properly he will understand and perhaps also take you shopping on occasion in addition to the allowance. Give him the space to say yes .

    I would just writeoff the last meeting to education and go forward. If I could offer a bit of advice it would be that if you feel this is a good relationship understand that many men are here because they wanted to get away from drama. Say thanks in your most effective way, then whisper in his ear that you are done shopping.

    As a side note. My guess is that properly filtered this site would be a great leading financial indicator. Despite the happiness on Wall Street, I have been having former SB and SB’s who chose other SD appearing out of the woodwork. My sense is that things are not well in much of the economy.

  158. Christiana says:

    Jessie is quite right for sure in every respect, personally I would not enter into such an agreement but an agreement that as Jessie states How you deem it necessary to make the best impact on your life would probably suit you more.

  159. Jessie says:

    @Celestine – My SD and I explicitly agreed to a monthly allowance of $2,000 for meeting four times a month (i.e. he’d give me $500 each time we met), the purpose of which would be for me to buy clothes, lingerie, etc for our times together.

    Just taking exactly what you wrote at face value…YOU “explicitly” agreed to a “shopping” allowance. You state that…”the purpose of [the $500] would be for me to buy clothes, lingerie, etc for our times together.” It seems then that this time he just accompanied you, while you used the allowance in the way you BOTH had already decided was appropriate. This though (him accompanying you) is the only alteration between your meetings. He did give you the agreed upon amount. And…you did use it in the fashion you both agreed to. This won’t be what you want to hear, but he did nothing wrong tonight. So…the only thing you can truly discuss with him is the fact that you want to change from the allowance being explicitly for shopping, to it being used how YOU deem it necessary to make the best impact in your life.

  160. Celestine says:

    Hi everyone, I’m an experienced SB (I’ve had two arrangement before), but I just ran into a situation I could definitely use some advice on. My SD and I explicitly agreed to a monthly allowance of $2,000 for meeting four times a month (i.e. he’d give me $500 each time we met), the purpose of which would be for me to buy clothes, lingerie, etc for our times together. We’ve been together a few months, and each month he’d never ask what I used it for; he’d just give me the $500 each time and I’d use it for clothes, lingerie, sometimes some student loan payments, whatever. So for this date he suggested going dress shopping (we’d never shopped together before), which we did (I ended up buying about $500 worth of dresses), but once I returned home I realized he had never slipped me the usual envelope! It occurred to me that perhaps he figured the dress shopping counted for that date’s allowance, but it bothered me because a) he never mentioned that the shopping took the place of the allowance, and b) I had budgeted for the month based on that $500. I definitely want to bring it up with him to as to not let it sour our arrangement, but before I do I was hoping for some outsider opinions on whether it makes sense for me to expect the usual allowance to be separate from any shopping we might do unless explicitly stated otherwise.

  161. AnnaMW says:

    @ Pennsylvania – Thank you for sharing and kudos to you for doing your homework! That is completely terrifying.

  162. black cherry says:

    Hey Brandon,am trying to purchase my ticket for the party BUT i have a big problem,my billing address is different from the address i would like you to send my ticket,unfortunately i don’t see an option for where to send tickets,all you have is the billing address,what should i do?

  163. Va Gentleman says:

    @Emily TG

    Emily , you just sound angry to me and if that attitude comes through in your communication with pots it will scare them off . Bad experiences aside –we have all had them –try to turn your thinking around to be more positive and optimistic and you might find good things flowing to you more easily . Energy work has taught me that what we put out there in the universe generally comes back to us . I realize this is a safe anonymous forum for you to be yourself , but the universe reacts to your thoughts .

    @ Pennsylvania SB Welcome ! Good work on your research skills .

  164. EnglishRose says:

    Soothing sound eh? Come over to England, you’ll be in a coma. I don’t think it’s stopped raining since yesterday afternoon. They say the weather’s making up for 2 months of rain in the next 5 days……yay…. 😉

  165. EnglishRose says:

    Sadly not that much luck actually, as Ballet Dancer pointed out – American SD’s have so much choice in their own country that they don’t tend to bother looking further afield. I think your only chance is with some one who regularly comes to your town for business.
    As to classier….well, we still have our good and bad! And I’m not too sure about Italians being classier…they just are more charming, really charming, but that tends to wear off pretty fast 😛
    Also I think the fact that Italian men spend more money on cosmetics and clothes then the women says a lot…
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Italian men, but they are best for summer romances – they’ll sweep you off your feet, shower you with compliments, be intensely passionate and very…considerate in bed.
    But in the long term? And as a steady, reliable SD? I can’t see it :S And I don’t think the Italian men do either, not sure there’s really any “Sugar” Culture over there.

    Sorry to sound like we’re putting you down Emily! It’s not that, I just don’t want you wasting your time on something which might not be what you think it is. Remember the grass is always greener on the other side! 🙂
    And there are plenty of “Jabba the Hut” European men too, believe me 😉

    Welcome to the blog 🙂 But sorry to hear about your expierence! How frightening! May I ask how you found out these things? I don’t have the faintest idea how I would get hold of that kind of information…but I have a feeling that maybe it’s down to different privacy laws in the States.

  166. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Nor Cal Guy~ Deal with the Devil huh? Sounds pretty accurate lol:) Thanks for the positive reinforcement:) You put a nice cozy smile on my face:)

    Just realized it’s raining or someone kicked off one of the sprinkler heads again. Either way it’s such a soothing sound:)

  167. flyer says:

    @Penn SB Good for you for doing your research. SA should have an easy way to report stuff like that. If he is , as you note, potentially a sex offender it is time for a visit from his parole officer and/or a check to see if he is violating any condition of his release.

    Always play the first game on your home court

  168. Honey says:

    I’m just saying that sometimes people want to order out…

  169. Ballet-Dancer says:

    Still think you’re generalizing a bit Emily. Ugly, unhealthy, not classy/a good conversationalist, bad in bed… maybe you’re going into it with the wrong attitude. I’ve met plenty of very healthy, very attractive American men. If you live in the states, American men are more likely to contact you than foreign men. Don’t get me wrong, a nice accent is hot as hell– but why would a guy fly someone he doesn’t know to another country, when there are pretty locals around? I’d personally rather meet a nice guy, who might not be the best looking thing in the world, than a stunner, who treats me like a toy in his collection. People don’t choose their looks, they do choose their actions though.

    I like Midwest’s advice, don’t disregard your standards completely, but tolerably attractive may be more charming than you think. My favorite pot (I REALLY liked this guy) was someone I was kinda like…mehhhh about from his photos. But he was so sweet and charming that I didn’t see anything but his personality when we met. Sadly he was a bit weirded out that I apparently looked like his niece, haha.

    @ Penn: Run away, quick like a bunny.

  170. Honey says:

    Emily, try Danish men!!

  171. Honey says:

    Benveindos o Recepción, usted debe pedir quizá Brandon acerca de ese problema. Disculpe me espanol it’s been a while. and I know tex mex.

  172. gabriela says:

    Me quisiera inscribir pero como soy de Argentina, no me toma mi codigo postal, me dice codigo incorrecto.
    un lastima para mi =(

    I would like to register but I am from Argentina, i have a problem with my zip code… wrong code tells me.
    a pity for me = (

  173. NorCal Guy says:

    @diana, In the words of a the famous 5th century Saint Agustine,

    “Mathematicians have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and confine man in the bonds of Hell”. So you are in pretty good company……….hang in there.

  174. ContentSB says:

    @PennsylvaniaSB — I don’t think I need to say this…but cut all ties and run away. fast.

  175. PennsylvaniaSB says:

    Good afternoon Blog. I am new to the blog, however, not new to the Sugar World. Ive had correspondence with a potential SD on this site and supposed to meet him in NYC this weekend. However, doing some homework on a few things he said, I was just made aware he is full of BS…claims he wants to give a hefty allowance for travel, plus a black card for expenses. Claims he has a huge home and yacht…and upon putting his name and the name of the yacht in, saw that in 1992 he paid for a boat over 1.2 mil with bad checks and was arrested for larceny. Has anyone else corresponded with a guy from Connect. He deleted his profile, so cannot show..Very concerned…as doing a google search on his name also pulled up a sex offender.

  176. Transgender Emily says:

    Maybe English Rose has better luck with American men since she’s foreign. I take it an English accent turns on a lot of American men. When I was in Europe, the men there(with the exception of the French)loved the fact that I was an American. I didn’t find a Sugar Daddy there, though.
    You know, the only men who have really ever spent money on me were blue collar types. They’re rarely millionaires, but the ones who have been working in their respective fields for years have very often accumulated many raises and have a lot of disposible income.
    European men are just classier. You can hold a conversation with them and they are better in bed because they’re healthier due to their healthier diet. Again, money can’t make up for extreme ugliness. Some of the American men who’ve contacted me on other dating sites look like Jabba the Hut from Star Wars. No one can make up for that with money.
    A nice Italian or Portugese man with lots of money and average looks would be nice. I tend to find Mediterranean men more attractive so an”average looking” man from that part of Europe would be quite attractive to me. Sometimes you can find nice foreign men here in the U.S.

  177. DianaSBinOC says:

    Ugg can’t I just sleep with my math teacher allowing all his knowledge to just flow to me? I’m pretty sure if my math teacher looked like that hot guy on utube I would have never missed 1st period. Also what’s up with the High School math teachers that just make you take notes all period? That never helped me understand the homework. Ugg!! Now I feel like I’m starting from scratch with equations I’ve never seen before.:(

    Sorry I needed to rant somewhere!
    Actually I think I’m going to update my profile to include: Any math teachers welcome (all ages) lol
    No actually I think I’ll should put : Only individuals that specialize in math with a grade of A or better -Pre Calculus levels. No pictures needed just send copy of transcripts.

  178. Jackie says:

    New to this one I’m try it out and I’ll let you all know the outcome!
    I’ve had great success with sugar daddies!

  179. euphoria says:

    Miss Travel seems to be not letting me send messages unless I accept a trip. Im wondering how many other people are having this issue?

  180. Ballet-Dancer says:

    So I signed up, for fun. >.> And can’t see my trip proposals. Tried to make a support ticket like 25 times, and the little text code thing got denied every time. xD Maybe I’m that bad of a typist but I doubt it, so I’m calling a bug.

  181. EnglishRose says:

    I’m pretty sure that was me! And they are. Narcissitic that is, gross generalisation or not 😛 Also beware, the further south they’ve come from, the more in love with their mother’s they’ll be, heh heh 😛
    I’ve always personally found very good looking men a turn off, strange as that may sound. I just value personality very, very highly. And a man who has always had his good looks to rely on tends to be a blander sort of person.
    Also keep in mind Emily that from a lot of us European SB’s expierence, the American SD’s seem to be a lot more generous, and frankly – easier to find! Count your blessings that you’re in America where the picking’s are…well, actually there to pick. 😉

  182. Sweetcup says:

    Thanks euphoria…

  183. euphoria says:

    Go to the profiles tab. There will be a link that says, view similar profiles. Click it and alot of chikkie profiles will come up. I helped me when i first started using sa.

  184. Sweetcup says:

    Hi Sugars, can someone tell me how to view SB profiles? Just want to get an couple of ideas for my profile in terms of layout, length, etc.

  185. Arcadia SB says:

    Hi All! Wish I could’ve met up with you while I was in England. I ended up getting stuck for a bit waiting on my train because everything heading up north from King’s Cross Station was delayed or cancelled by a broken down train. Quite a headache. However, it did end with my getting a seat in First Class because they eventually just shoved everyone on a train! I was lucky that I got a seat. I almost gave it up when I saw an old lady looking for a place, but then there was a gentleman who gave his seat to her before I could. I was very happy he did it, since I was going to the last stop about 6 hours away.

    We shall definitely meet up before the SA Party! I think I might come down on the 19th.

    Also, because I think I’ve not managed to say it yet, Congrats Midwest on Gradschool! It’s definitely an interesting experience to leave the workforce and go back to school. I suspect you’re going to do amazingly well at it.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

  186. Nwsugarbaby says:

    You are correct about many don’t understand or approve of the nontraditional relationship, but I like to think that overall that is improving. I feel like the acceptance of gay and lesbian couples has gone up at least in my area.

    “The prettiest woman can become very unattractive when she brings along her bad attitude”. Well said. It shows a total lack of self respect and respect for your date when a bad attitude is brought to the table. I find the same true for guys who just enjoying talking about themselves all night.

  187. Midwest SB says:

    Emily – Euphoria has a point. In addition, I’m not asking you to lower your standards, but perhaps you can open your eyes to the man instead of the model. I’ve heard (ER I believe) say that gorgeous Italian men are also narcissistic. It’s a gross generalization. My point is to go on date with a man you find OK looking and you may not see how he looks once you spend time with him. We all have our haves and have-nots, but the prettiest woman can become very unattractive when she brings along her bad attitude.

  188. euphoria says:

    Emily-I’ve flown to a few different country’s with my former SD. It was an amazing expirence. But I would never fly outside of the country to meet a pot. As tempting as the offers have been, I have rights in the u.s. They must come here to meet me before I travel.

  189. Transgender Emily says:

    Since we’re talking about travel, I love the idea of meeting a foreign Sugar Daddy, preferably one from Southern Europe who’d pay my way to his country and treat me like a princess. I don’t know if I’ve asked this question before, but have any of you other Sugar Babies been flown to foreign countries by Sugar Daddies?
    I’ve always prefered foreign men to American ones. I’ve always liked men from Italy. They’re gorgeous. Many of the American men who’ve been contacting me have been obese or just aren’t attractive. Even if a man is willing to pay bills, he can’t change the fact that he’s ugly. You can say an obese man can lose weight, but chances are he won’t if he’s living here in the U.S.

  190. EnglishRose says:

    Thanks, it’s good to be back 🙂 Never heard racoons fighting, we don’t get them in England, I saw one when I was in San Francisco and thought it was really cute, until I saw some locals look at me disgustingly when I started feeding it little bits of bread….oops. 😛

    Might not be anything wrong on your side, could be the system has messed up temporarily, or someone’s working on it. I’d give it some time, maybe even restart your computer? Then try again. If the problem persists than email MissTravel. 🙂

    Blog seems awfully quiet….

  191. LilSkirtHiHeels says:

    I love the site and the promise of travel….but I am having major issues getting my profile to go through…no matter how often I attempt to complete the form, I hit submit and it tells me to fill it out. Perhaps someone might help? I am totally not technologically challenged — but am having issue uploading and starting my travel adventures!

  192. Midwest SB says:

    Stormcat & Flyer – you two are funny in wishing me success. Since my sugar tends to be long distance, all I need is one long weekend a month typically. He is very understanding and will also be VERY helpful. Mostly, he will be my excuse to step away from school once in a while to recharge and be a better mom, student, employee, and person….plus a little investment in my future. Don’t you just LOVE sugar!

    NWSugarBaby – Thank you. Getting close to the finish line…one….more….push!

    Welcome back ER & BeautifullySweetSB!

    The worst sound is when raccoons are fighting. You would think that something is dying a long, painful death and it’s excruciating to hear. I’d love to leave the house, but can’t go anywhere at 4am.

  193. Stormcat says:

    Flyr ~ Two muffins are baking in an oven. One screems “Ahwww, it’s too hot in here, I’m gonna die!!” The other screems “Ahwwwwww, a talking muffin!” 🙂

  194. flyr says:

    “Flyr ~ Nothing to agree or disagree about it was an insider joke. Add up the numbers it is a standard thing said to new grrad students about how much time they are not going to have in their lives.”

    been there, done that and taught there. My point was that an SD relationship, even squeezed into a busy schedule, may be a better investment of very limited social time. A carefully selected SD (perhaps not in the same field) may be a great sounding board. In case you are wondering, students were off limits as far as I was concerned although much to my amazement it was not university policy.

  195. Stormcat says:

    Beautifully Sweet ~ I’m here too and join ER in welcoming you back.

    ER ~ Foxes are such a noise! I get them here in the summer and they can be very disconcerting along with the screech owls and the cayotes when the start in the middle of a quiet night.

    Flyr ~ Nothing to agree or disagree about it was an insider joke. Add up the numbers it is a standard thing said to new grrad students about how much time they are not going to have in their lives. Of course we all survive but it can be tough to see where the time is going to come for anything but studies and I was just expressing my personal empathy to Midwest and let her know that others have been through it so she surely can too.. .

  196. EnglishRose says:

    Lucky for you there are a skulk of foxes outside my window keeping me awake so someone is here to say: Hello, and welcome back 😀

    …Right, they seem to have stopped screaming for the time being, I’ll try for some sleep 😉

  197. BeautifullySweeetSB says:

    Hello my wonderful SA family! It has been a long time since I have been on here. I’ve been very occupied with school which will be ending for the semester next week. I Can’t wait! lol anywho just dropping by to say hello!

  198. euphoria says:

    English Rose- yes, I agree… the English that is spoken in England is not going to Be the same as the English spoken in the u.s either. I’ve known some people that have moved here from England and had to adapt to our forum of English.
    I just personally try not to make a habbit out of saying that English is my second language. If someone brings it up its one thing. However, I try not to use it as my main excuess for life. Oh well… letting it go.

  199. EnglishRose says:

    Phew been a long time…and I’m not liking all this tension here! Be gone bad feelings, be gone!
    Now everyone breathe in the air of love and happiness……..too much?

    As Babydoll said, not happened yet! 🙂 I’m really excited about it though, had lots of assurances from Brandon and the SA team that it will be a classier affair, and the media will not be running loose, which is great news 🙂
    Will certainly tell you all about it next month!

    While on the topic Anyone else going to the SA party next month?

    Shame on you not meeting up with us! But glad you had a nice day out in the countryside 🙂 Sure you can’t postpone your return for a few days? Us girls are meeting up on Wednesday! And Pimm’s will probabaly be involved 😉

    Fancy seeing you here, heh heh 😛

    Appreciate that English is also your second language, but, as I’m sure you know, everyone has different levels of profeciency.
    But it doesn’t matter! I second Midwest…letting it go. 🙂

    RE: Surveys
    While I appreciate that some people would like the option to opt out, personally I don’t mind the surveys at all. In fact, it shows me that the SA team are making a conscious effort to get to know their memebers and trying to cater to us. And good things seem to be coming from it – The date of the London party is on a day I can attend, and the new travel site definitely seems promising! So I say, keep them coming, I for one am happy to keep answering 🙂

  200. flyr says:

    @midwest re surveys

    I agree. It’s also likely that the survey comes with cookies.

    As a guy who pays to be here I am offended if my information is also being sold.

    It’s different from gmail where you know the cost of using the “free” mail is that they confiscate the drapes from your windows.

  201. flyr says:

    @Midwest ~ That’s a tough course ahead but I’m sure you’ll do well. You realize that beyond the 8 hours you have for sleep each day they’ll expect that you put all of the remaining 20 hours into your studies. Not much time left for sugar

    I would disagree in that a good SD can provide needed diversions without the “maintenance cost” of long phone calls in the night better sleep from not worrying so much about costs. . Hopefully some study weekend diversions. Preferably a SD with a similar academic background . Of course a former prof who has gone on to consulting may also provide a good sounding board.

  202. Transgender Emily says:

    I’m finally getting out of West Virginia in a few weeks! This has been hell!!! This place is soooooooooo backward! By the way, I’m paying my own way out of here.
    Men have payed my travel expenses in the past. You know, things just aren’t like they used to be. Between 2001 and 2005, a few men bought airline tickets and put me up in hotels. Now nothing.

  203. Midwest SB says:

    Stormcat – Thank you and I have chosen “skip”. Honestly, I just find them intrusive and would prefer not to participate in any of them. Usually with any marketing/ survey feature, there is an opt out feature provided. I hope it isn’t required for each new question.

  204. Scarlet says:

    Im looking forward to the event on May 20th…..should be an enlightening experience! Any clues to the amount attending so far? Xxx

  205. Stormcat says:

    Midwest ~ I had the same question at first too. There is a check box for each survey question that allows you to skip it (opt out for that question). If you select that the survey won’t come up again on future logins until there is a new survey question.

  206. Midwest SB says:

    Brandon – Is there any way to opt out of the personal questions that pop up when someone logs in? I know it’s probably anonymous, but when it pops up when you log in, it looks as though it could easily be linked to one’s profile. Perhaps you can offer a link where one can voluntarily participate in a survey. I also respect that collecting demographics allows you to offer the free memberships, so not trying to sound unappreciative. Thank you.

  207. Madison says:

    @Euphoria: No, dear… that was the number of words the dude wrote on the email to me!! LOL

  208. Stormcat says:

    Midwest ~ That’s a tough course ahead but I’m sure you’ll do well. You realize that beyond the 8 hours you have for sleep each day they’ll expect that you put all of the remaining 20 hours into your studies. Not much time left for sugar 🙁 Well, you always have my ear when you need a soundboard, 🙂

  209. euphoria says:

    Madison- what on earth would inspire you to count the number of words in someones profile? You must. Be bored out of your mind today! Lol…

  210. Madison says:

    I don’t get it…. why spend time writing to someone that they don’t have time to meet…..I pasted into a word doc and counted the words: 274. If he types 40 words per minute that’s almost 7 minutes of time wasted of his life, because my reply to him was GOOD LUCK.

  211. Madison says:

    Got an email from this guy: “Madison, not sure what you are looking for on this site. ( LOL LOL) I travel a lot and never have tome to meet ( LOL LOL LOL)”.

    huh?? What did he write me then?? LOL LOL

  212. Madison says:

    @PhoneGuy: I do have SD. And…??? 😛

  213. Madison says:

    @Euphoria: Darling, please don’t take things personal. Relax…..

  214. AnnaMW says:

    @ Babydoll & Nwsugarbaby – It is an unfortunate reality that many (most?) people would misunderstand our relationship choices, so I am also glad to have this blog as an outlet. Meeting so many like-minded new friends has been really fun…. It is impossible not to judge, but making an effort to understand or keeping out mouths shut is probably the best thing given that a majority of the population considers us the equivalent of highly paid street whores.. Like NW said, what we all have in common is that we believe in non traditional relationships. We need to stick together!

  215. Nwsugarbaby says:

    @euphoria-you will have a great time at Disney World. with all the different parks there you could literally take a day at each park and still not see everything. Be sure to get the park hopper passes (so you can skip between parks freely) and use the fast passes tickets on your favorite rides.

    I agree that we should all be supporting each other as we have the common theme of not wanting traditional relationships at this point in our lives. the blog all allows us to express ourselves, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be done negatively.

    @Midwest good luck with your project

    Let’s all take things on the blog “with a grain of salt” if possible… which is why the change of topic to spanking is making me chuckle. 😉

  216. Grasshopper says:

    Swirl, swirl, SPANK!…Swirl, swirl, SPANK!…NICE!!! ;P

  217. Grasshopper says:

    @PhoneGuy – You’ll have SUCH a red bottom when I’m done….*giggles*

  218. Midwest SB says:

    I knew I could count on you Tina!

    I have a major project to finish this weekend, so I will leave any remaining tidbits to my dearest SD Guru.

  219. flyr says:

    @euphoria , NYG et al This is why the police hate bar fights and usually sit outside for a while to let the participants settle things

    Nobody is quite sure why they are fighting but the air is filled with missiles and the floor slippery with blood.

    Somehow popcorn is not want I would associate with spankings but it’s outside my orbit. Anything goes will with a good pinot………… Let their be peace in the valley.

  220. Tina says:

    As much as I would like to stand in line to spank Phone Guy, I have to be at work early tomorrow and will just watch until bedtime [img]http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-eatdrink062.gif[/img]

  221. PhoneGuy says:

    I’m making it now…

  222. Midwest SB says:

    Euphoria/ NYG – Letting it go means no longer including digs in your comments. Thank you.

    Where’s the popcorn for the spanking fest???

  223. euphoria says:

    Midwest sb-Yes, but I’ve already told her that if she has an issue with me, I’d be more then happy to discuss it with her off blog. She knows what she implied.
    As far as English being a second language… English is my second language as well.

  224. PhoneGuy says:

    I was kinda counting on that Grasshopper. 😉

  225. Grasshopper says:

    …but I think you knew that already

  226. Grasshopper says:

    @PhoneGuy – I would gladly spank you for free 😉

  227. PhoneGuy says:

    I spank for free. 😉


  228. Midwest SB says:

    Euphoria – After reviewing previous posts from NYG, I don’t see anything directed at you as you you have perceived. Also remember that English is a second language for some of our sugars and there may sometimes be a misguided comment. Could you kindly let it go?

    Stormy – Degree is related to managing bad behavior…go figure.

  229. Honey says:

    Behave NYG, I charge for spanking!

  230. NYG says:

    “nyg_bad boy”
    Then I am good I am good, then I am bad I am better. (c) 🙂

    Jennie baba:” just made me out to be a complete whore”
    I thought you are a successful SB, successful user of SD site. sorry you feel like a …. “the
    word you used”.
    “there is enough Stormy for everyone to have some” 🙂 Everyone is getting a piece of Stormy at the next USA SD/SB party! hooray 🙂 Jennie pass it on. 🙂

  231. euphoria says:

    Phone guy- 11ty billion dollars 🙂 per mo

  232. babydoll says:

    @arcadia~oiiii we could have met up!!!! come back down for the party 😀

    @stormy~yeah actually its next month hehe

    @annamw~yes i think its sometimes upsetting when someone mentions something and you know its you and feel let down,but its pointless to feel that way and a waste of energy BUT i just thhink its everyone for their own preference and i dont feel that anyone is bad or good its just how we want things individually and thas what makes all of us unique and your right we are not traditional i a sense as we do things that most people in the real world find abominable haha!!

    @tina~i had rum and coke with my cousin and take away fried chicken!! no margarita where we had a drink which is an english local ppub in southfields 🙂

    @phone guy~you make me laugh lol
    @euphoria~is stormy an octpussy and his limbs needs to be distributed? joke,joke haha
    he will be limbless soon !

  233. PhoneGuy says:

    not in ANY way? 😉 j/k.

    >There’s enough of stormy for everyone to have some.
    Sweet, Do you know his requested allowance range? 😀

  234. Arcadia SB says:

    Stormy – You have to wait another month, it’s the 20th of May, not April 🙂 We’ll let you know how it goes if I can actually manage to go. I’m hoping so…but ya never know how things are going to go. Hope all is well in your world.

    I’m down in England right now and heading back up north tomorrow. Our Spring Break is over and classes start back on Monday…not quite ready for that. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! It’s been a beautiful day hiking around the English countryside and enjoying a pub lunch with Pimms cup. Can’t complain!

  235. euphoria says:

    All I’m saying is that people need to get their facts straight before they try to make each other look bad. Yes, I do believe that nyg did make that post as a low blow directed at me. Not only are half of the things she said not true in any way. But it kind of made her sound a little jealous too. Common now, bringing stormys name into a post that was used to insult me is just low. There’s enough of stormy for everyone to have some.

  236. AnnaMW says:

    It seems that a lot of us (girls and guys) are looking at MissTravel from the perspective of SDs and SBs, but there are plenty of women in the real world and on SA who would love to date a generous guy who will take them on nice trips without expecting to be compensated for time.

    I see MissTravel as being more of a regular dating site that is geared towards people who like to travel. There is the AF/GM element, but if a profile doesn’t specify “sugar daddy”, then they are clearly not looking for an arrangement. Lots of girls want to date successful, globetrotting guys, but wouldn’t feel comfortable having an arrangement.. It all depends on whether people are looking for a relationship with defined terms, or a more serious situation. Thankfully there are boxes to check so you can share your expectations.

  237. Stormcat says:

    Dutchy, ER, Babydoll, Arcadia ~ So any news on how the SA party in London turned out.

  238. cvdv says:

    I liked the concept and since signing up before the launch .. I have been Favorited by a lot of generous member and have had 3 trip proposals again from men that I would normally not be interested in meeting … again sticking with the theme of WYP I would not travel with a man I do not know or worst can not see .. all my offer are from men who don’t even post a picture but expect you to travel across state line based on a few email!!! really … who does that!

    Also because I already live ” Las Vegas” which happens to be the destination of most requested trips … accepting the proposal serves as no benefit to me because this would not be a vacation for me… so with that being said I would treat those dates with the same principle as WYP and expect to be compensated for my time in my own town on that date or it becomes another random interview and an expected audition to waste of my time … at the very least they should pay for the date.

  239. Honey says:

    Phone guy, I’m not dissing guys, just carping about the double standard, no heat. I got chickens, who could ask for anything more!

  240. PhoneGuy says:

    I wasn’t judging. I was just curious. It could have been an unsolicited email for all I know.

    It’s interesting that so many are down on free travel and wouldn’t have sex for a free trip. Even more interesting that you bring up another idea. So would most girls have sex for a purse but not a trip? If any of you ladies want to take me to Hawaii or France, I’ll be your boy toy. 😉


    @Honey, I get your intent and agree with much of it. It was a girl who brought up the “w” word…so it’s not from the masculine. As far as throwing like a girl…this isn’t sexist. Most girls just can’t throw a baseball very well. Finally people talking about “whorish” behavior rather than “johnish” behavior because they are taking the money, not giving the money. I’m a whore for my employer because I do what they want and they give me money. It wouldn’t make sense to describe my behavior as “johnish”. I can start referring to my employer as my john though if that would even things out. 😉

    I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to get some fried chicken.

  241. Jessie says:

    @Brandon – I love that the GM has to pay a fee in order to communicate with an AM. It means they’ll be more selective. I also find that it fine tunes my screening as well…since I know that it’s costly to communicate, I don’t want to cost a GM any unnecessary expense, so my responses are more direct, giving the GM a better idea as to whether it’s something he’d want to follow up on or not. Unlike on SA where I’d usually just chit chat, because I know there’s no limit, or additional costs associated with communicating here.

    This blog topic was a great idea, because I think many of the users were clueless as to how the site really operated. Since our discussion started, I’ve gotten emails rather than a trip proposal. This allow me to communicate with the GM, getting a better idea of whether I’d like to get a chance to know him better, BEFORE even thinking about accepting a trip proposal. Now that I see how easy it is to communicate, I can’t see the danger AT ALL. It’s really no different from having a conversation here on SA. The choices are all yours. If you’ve ever traveled to see your SD, or had your SD travel to you, it’s the same thing. Why any SB would be thinking of taking a week long trip (or any number of days for that matter) to another country as a FIRST time trip is beyond me. As to whether or not SBs will be taken advantage of…if you’re gonna be at a disadvantage it won’t be because you used Miss Travel…it will be because you made a bad judgment call….which can happen whether you’re a SB (on SA) or you’re an AM (Miss Travel). Signing up on a different site doesn’t change your character, nor should it change what/who you’re looking for to satisfy whatever portion of your life/dreams need fulfilling. Therefore, your standards shouldn’t have changed, nor how you make your decisions based on who you want to spend time with. So far I haven’t gotten any response from GMs who’re just looking for a “Friendship/Activity Partner.” So respond only to the GMs who match the criteria you’re looking for. Follow the same guidelines you would if it was a SD you were meeting here, and everything should be cool. If it isn’t, it won’t be because of WHERE you met him. It will be because no matter which site he’d sign up on (and you’d have met him there) he’d still be the same disappointment.

    After spending a few days on the site, I can definitely see the difference between it and WYP. I also discovered that once you start communicating with a GM private pictures on both sides are automatically opened. I love that.

  242. AnnaMW says:

    @ Babydoll – Nice conflict resolution skills! I really like your attitude. It’s never classy to be demeaning, except for in rare instances where we encounter trolls and need to be more aggressive to maintain the positive vibe here.

  243. Honey says:

    If you go to work, just because they give you money,you are a “whore”. All jobs are our pimps. You work for the money they give you,otherwise you would not be there.We are all “whores” at some point in our lives.
    The morality play for women is such a trip.
    No one says “we are all Johns….”
    Seems like most of the negative connotations seems for the masculine towards the feminine.
    “you run.throw,catch,”like a girl” like it’s a bad thing.
    Only women’s bodies are political.
    what do you call a woman with the supposed morals of a man? A slut?
    With apologies to Tim Leary “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.”
    Let’s try to find or make new, more positive words for women. Woman is NOT default.
    Two teenagers in the middle east 2000 years ago have nothing to do with me. “Original sin, indeed!”If I have to choose, I’d been a daughter of Lilith, NOT Eve. Even though I don’t believe that crap,sorry.

    Honey, whore,slut, aunt, daughter, taxpayer,business woman,girl. skank, bitch , ho, whatever.

    Honey=Happy, healthy and loved.
    Most of us are loved.
    some of us are sluts
    some of us are johns
    all of us deserve love and respect

  244. DianaSBinOC says:

    Congrats on Miss Travel Brandon.

    I can see it as a nice revenue stream for you and of course the SD’s may pay into it However for many SB’s I can’t see it being that much of a benefit. Yes there may be some that are just looking to travel the world but these SD’s will have sexual expectations. So now she’s having sex for plane tickets and a resort weekend stay?

    If she’s in school full time then this leaves her with a limited amount of time to jump on a plane and run to some exotic location. Also no allowance and not really being familiar with the person to begin with. This could leave someone stranded with a dangerous individual. Sometimes it’s not about where you go but who you’re with. A trip could be disastrous with the wrong person.

    Maybe in the future you may introduce “Miss Fashion” at some point. A credit system where ladies can pick out their favorite designer labels and the SD’s can put credits towards certain items. Now that would be fun. Even some of the starving students would forgo cash to receive a handbag.

  245. Tina says:

    @babydoll: DANG IT! Now I’m craving fried chicken AND margaritas!!!!!

  246. babydoll says:

    good morning Sugars 😉 woahhh!! whats this all about???
    girls,girls…we are all living in a harmonious life yeah?
    lets not get up and upset about things we shouldnt have to?
    @euphoria~i am sure NYG didnt mean anything as to make you all upset?

    @NYGirl~ omg 2 year annual pass?! ahhaha i would be there every weekend,but no roller coasters or scary rides that go up in the air more than 10 feet! loool
    in dec Sd took me to Winter Wonderland and we got into a ride that we are strapped to the seat and goes round and round and a steep drop,i thought i was ging to faint! infact Sd thought i was going to faint as i was screaming a lot then i went quiet lol well i didnt faint i just was petrified of falling from the seat haha 😉

    @tina,honey~seriously woke up craving for bloody fried chicken!!! ehhhhkkkk i want to have some now 😀

    @Dutchy~ wow i hope you enjoy and rock that bikini when you are in Florida 😉

    @AnnaMW~yes we are all different and we are all doing what we think is best for our situations and preference and i am quite sure whatever we write here is not to hurt or demean anyone

    ok lets count 1 to 10 draw a deep breath ,calmante,tranquila amigas 😉 think of all the margarita’s we are all having on a saturday night!!!

  247. Grasshopper says:

    Grasshopper = WAY unique

  248. AnnaMW says:

    Am I missing something? Who is judging who here? We all tend to disseminate bits of information about our lives here, but to have it compiled in order to portray someone in a negative light doesn’t really seem fair.

    We each have unique styles and conduct ourselves differently in our arrangements and there is no right or wrong way…. I understand the desire to call out hypocrisy, but what we all need to remember is that most of us are here for camaraderie and for support since we ALL believe in non-traditional relationships. Whats the point of judging each other and creating a heirarchy based on ethical highground when it seems we should be supporting each other?

  249. Grasshopper says:

    ..and I’m not just meaning the women 😉

  250. Grasshopper says:

    Face it….We’re ALL whores…FACT.

  251. Honey says:

    I miss the run down Eu…what’s up? if I may ask? NYG _Bad boy! and I my be in bed asleep by the time this gets answered…

  252. euphoria says:

    @Nyg- wow, you just made me out to be a complete whore. Umm… thanks….. get the facts straight before you tell others about my life. You really know nothing about me.

  253. Honey says:

    I now have almost 200 chickens! I am the chicken queen of the Southwest!!!! Cluck!!

  254. NYGirl says:

    Phone guy.
    You are funny.

    Some girls have husband and real life BF (met not at this site) and SDs in numerous states And had our Stormy .

    so… you should not be judgmental if someone has a SD who she Loves and takes care of his kids and still shopping for more SDs/ shoes. 🙂

    I thought we are all very tolerable people in here , it is a Democratic country

    AND first amendment is not cancel BTW. 🙂

  255. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: oh my!

  256. PhoneGuy says:

    @Tina, I tell my friends at work that I usually piss off people the most and appear the biggest dick when I’m really not trying. 😀

  257. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: you just like opening cans of worms, dontcha? 😉

  258. Dutch Girl In London says:

    @Babydoll – I am going to Disney Florida with family and friends! So excited – I can’t wait!

  259. NYG says:

    Dear Babydoll,
    I am here for you:)
    You Never can open anyone profile:) why you even keep trying? 🙂

    I am scared of roller coasters too.
    I used to have annual Disney pass for 2 years coz I lived 20 min drive from Anaheim – that is enough of amusement (parks) for the rest of my life.

  260. PhoneGuy says:

    @Madison, I thought you had an SD…

  261. Tina says:

    @babydoll: it was that dang Euphoria that started the fried chicken talk! (Shakes fist in a joking way at Euphoria)

  262. babydoll says:

    hello all beautiful sugars xxx

    whats up o th eweekenend for all? having a quiet time and waiting for sd to arrive bak tomorrow xxx:)))
    phew do i feel knackered … off today and having a long weekend but decided to rest it out and try to sort a load of stuff,so not feeling offy days at all 😛

    i sure hope everyone has a sugary weekend though !!!

    @honey~haha yoou make me laugh with your chiccke farm and i sure hope you will be a gazillionnaire soon! lol
    @blackcherry~hehe you go girl 😉 yes the sugarbowl is not just about beeing white,black or brown ,its about character,personality and being patient and open about a lot of possibilities.

    i am asian and i was lucky not to wait too long to be around waiting for an Sd and he turned out to be everyhting i wanted and more! but saying this,i was just lucky,but i was happy to wait around if the case was different and be more realistic about the time frame and what i was happy to receive and give.i guess,a lot of sd’s are looking for their specific sb and vice versa and ofcourse if anyone approaching you and feel that he is not the right sd no reason to accept.
    re travel~ well its not impossible thatthis will open up lot of debate amongst the Sugars as obviously we all have our opinions on things and a lot of it comes from either expiriences or what we are not haooy to expirience,and also some will think that this will open up less arrangments for us who prefer a traditional sugar arrangment rather than just having to travel somewhere with a stranger and be paid on the dates agreed or just expenses paid.
    travel is ok for younger sb’s who just want to see the world and still trying to figure what they want out of the next 5 years of life ahead,but for the ones who are already been there and done that and actually holding jobs/business is quite impossible,i am one of those.i work 5 days and have to be weekend open to be on hand for my tenants/flats that are babies to me and at the moment struggling to put things on track,debts to pay and so on.but ofcourse a freebie holiday is enticing to a lot of people and its not such a bad idea.only if you have the time to up and leave at a minutes notice though!but like i said,everyone has their own cup of tea hey? so,good luck to this new venture and i hope it will still be a good thing for everyone in the sugar world and ofcourse,as the time goes everyone will know if it will work out or not and who will be here on SA and there or both.

    @ashley~sorry couldnt check as i could never open any profile when i search,dont know why!
    @tina~lol fried chicken hmmmmmm
    @nygirl~where are you?
    @VaGent~come down to brittany beach with the london sb’s and we’ll soak you wet!! loool
    @anna molly~i am scared of rollercoaster rides!!!
    :dutchy~its disney you will go to or bondi beach?? haha 😉 american sd’s eat your heart out hehe

  263. Tina says:

    @Stormcat: i think it’s more like Honey will be offering broth services…..best little chicken
    (soup) house in TX 😉

  264. euphoria says:

    Madison-Hmm… I’m 5’2.. so having a SD that is 5’4 isn’t really a big issue to me. It just means that were about the same height if i wear heels. I actually prefer a shorter SD. But taller ones are easy for me to look up to!

  265. Honey says:

    Actually the “original chicken ranch” IS within 15 minutes of MY ranch. The one that Marvin Zindler made his claim to fame on. He was played by Dom Delouise in the movie.
    I don’t plan on offering those kinds of services just yet.

  266. Madison says:

    Just got an email from a SD who wants to see 10 pictures of me, talk on the phone for at least two weeks and see me on the webcam at least 3 times before meeting. Riiiight. To make things worse the dude is 5’7 which means he is probably 5’4.

  267. Stormcat says:

    Hey Midwest ~ Congrats on grad school. What are you going to be studying?

  268. Stormcat says:

    Honey ~ Are you aspiring to include brothel services on your chicken farm. Like in the movie “The Best Little Whore House in Texas”

  269. euphoria says:

    Who said I was joking? I really do want some fried chicken. I’d prefer if it had a honey glaze!
    Congratz honey…. I know you’ll do well with it!

  270. Honey says:

    Kosher and and I’ll take all the chicken jokes in the world..lol!

  271. Honey says:

    I’m starting out with eggs,first. Have over 100+ chickens and about 15 different breeds!! Free range, walking, halaal, kisher pareve suitable..to start..next step …THE WORLD!!

  272. Madison says:

    @euphoria “Well Madison… some people have figured certain things out early in their career. If your dating the CEO of the company, then you don’t need to work for the corporation!”

    LOL LOL oh my…silly me!! If the CEO only knew I existed.. ha!!

  273. Tina says:

    mmm fried chicken!

  274. euphoria says:

    I want some honey fried chicken!

  275. Midwest SB says:

    Stormy! Welcome back stranger!

    Ashley – will take a peek in a bit. Welcome

    Honey – AMEN!!!!

    Soooooo excited! An offer was extended and I’m starting my new life!!! Grad school…check. New career….check! SD…. a strong possibility. Maybe I’ll meet y’all in Disney! I love the fireworks and will take on a roller coaster any day! Then wrap it up with a few beers in Germany or a long, lingering meal in France.

  276. Stormcat says:

    “I don’t mean to brag but for what it’s worth, I got layed on the day of my birth cause I’m a chicken”

    “My cousin was your omlet for breakfast today, and my sister’s got breasts that’ll blow you away cause I’m a chicken”

  277. Stormcat says:

    Honey ~ appropo quote from the chicken song?

    “I came into the world on a wing n a prayer . . . going out on a plate with my legs in the air, cause I’m a chicken baa awck”

  278. euphoria says:

    Well Madison… some people have figured certain things out early in their career. If your dating the CEO of the company, then you don’t need to work for the corporation!

  279. Honey says:

    Good Morning all!
    Okay. Secret told. I’m a chicken farmer!!! Sexy! I’m bringing standards and sexy back t the poultry industry. I plan on taking over the world, or at least be the Chicken queen of the Southwest!!
    When in Texas ,,,you WILL be seeing my products!!!

  280. AliciaNoKeys says:

    Hey I’m a newbie black SB and I’ve gotten plenty potentials on here. It’s all about how you present yourself. Just be patient.

    @Honey Kudos to you! While reading what you wrote, all I could say was “Preach sista!” Lol!

  281. Madison says:

    @flyr: “There was a time, long ago in a world without cell phones , ipads etc when you got away you were away”.

    Very true, I have my business email coming to my phone and my work laptop is always with me. I guess no matter how you slice it, we’re always working. Seriously, how do people here find time to travel? Even if it is a business trip, with all the meetings or conferences, by the time you get to the hotel room, all you wanna do is go to sleep!!

  282. euphoria says:

    Nwsugarbaby- I think I’m going to end up making a trip to Disney World this summer. Fun times!

  283. Ashley says:

    970889 here’s my profile # ladies! and thanks everyone.

  284. Nwsugarbaby says:

    @flyr its this power that keeps the boys keep trying to come back. i turn them down for a real man everytime.

    @grasshopper- keep using your power to your advantage 😉

    I should keep my other comments to myself. my roommates took me out for drinks….hehe

  285. Grasshopper says:

    Grasshopper <~~Has LOTS o' power ;P

  286. flyr says:

    @honey Statesman of the year award for incisive analysis of what makes the world go round
    ““A man will date whoever makes his dick hard.” And therein lies a woman’s ultimate power.

    @black cherry (and honey) awesome comments. The men worthy of dating you will be honored by your presence

  287. Nwsugarbaby says:

    I want to go back so bad :). I also need to go on another white water rafting trip.

  288. euphoria says:

    Oooh, Disneyland!!!! I love Disneyland! Try the blue bayou! Its an awesome restaurant!

  289. Nwsugarbaby says:

    @Black cherry and honey- i love your uplifting comments that sugar babies come in all forms. I think that is what makes SBs so awesome is that we aren’t all alike and we all have things to be proud of. we all have goals in life and are driven to get there.

    @honey- I love hearing about your business project….before you know it you will be needing more business cards.

    @Anna Molly- I am jealous of your rollercoaster fun. I am an adrenaline junkie…although I am usually scared when trying a new ride I somehow find the courage to give it a try. I have been to Disneyland, Disneyworld, California Adventure, Knotts berry farms, and Islands of adventure (universal). The next goal for me is to do skydiving which is in the works with friends for this summer. 🙂 Also there is this really cool sling shot ride I have been on…it goes around to fairs and such.

    @ContentSB- sounds like your vacation was just what you needed. You are blessed because you send out good karma that pays you back 🙂

    The weekend is almost here 🙂

  290. Honey says:

    Here, Hear Black Cherry….canada or other fromer british colony?

  291. black cherry says:

    very true what Honey said about race,i am black too but i haven’t had any trouble finding a sugardaddie because of my race,i have no reason to blame my skin colour for the lack of sugar at any one time,all my past and present daddies have been so proud to show me off,then again remember your a prize no matter what colour you are be proud of who you are,race has nothing to do with sugar,for what i know a sugar bowl comes in different shades,just take your pick and you’ll be good to go 😉

  292. Honey says:

    Hi Content! I’m going have to find some time to take a vacay soon, but right now I am in the thick of my business launch…feels like that roller coaster. Glad everyone is having a great time of it this week. Let’s keep the good vibes coming!! I’m scared and grateful, have the business cards and now I have to put out! so to speak, business wise! I is a business woman!!

  293. Emily says:

    I’d love a trip to Italy right now. I’ve heard they’re not doing to well, though; economically. It may not be a good place for an SB.

  294. ContentSB says:

    Hi Sugars! I hope everyone has been having a wonderful week! I had a mini-vacation in MSP and got to spend some quality time with some quality people 🙂 It was a wonderful get away! Feeling very rejuvenated and blessed…life is so good!

  295. Anna Molly says:

    They still have “A Bugs Life” in the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom and the Muppets Show at Hollywood Studios. Stiches Great Escape is fun too, that’s at Magic Kingdom. As far as rides go my favs are Tower of Terror, Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Dinosaur, Expedition Everest and Test Track. 😀

  296. Honey says:

    I went to Universal studios in Sentosa,but had more fun just looking around,hardly rode any rides but I grew up riding roller coasters and things.I’m the wild free spirit in my fam.
    Rock climbing, Bareback riding,endurance racing,ultimate, hashing, volleyball,soccer,fencing,skeet shooting, rifle shooting.. I hate it when I get to the top of a roller coaster,right then, I WANT to get off , every time,then I go over the edge and love it.I’m a control freak.
    I like gymnastics better,-when you do a flip and for one second slip the bounds of gravity and you can feel it in your ears when you are upside down, calling you back to earth…too cool

  297. Honey says:

    Aaw, thanks, Guys.
    Race can be an issue but race is NOT the issue…
    Brunettes Could complain about blondes having more fun…I can’t imagine that I would of had more fun in my life if I was blonde…

  298. Tina says:

    Dutchy: there are 4D shows in pretty much all of the parks. Under the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom is just one of them. We saw “A Bugs Life”, but that was when my niece was 5 (she will be 14 this year), so I’m not sure what they’re playing now. We also saw the Muppets at Universal Studios (that was freaking hilarious, but I love the Muppet Show)

  299. Dutch Girl In London says:

    Anna Molly – We’re staying in an apartment from which you can see the fireworks 🙂 I will definately check out the 4D shows, are these shown in Epcot? Bought some cute bikinis for the water parks too, so excited!

  300. Tina says:

    Ooooooh the Twilight Zone ride was the bestest!!!!!!!!!

  301. Anna Molly says:

    Dutchy ~ You’ll have a great time! Take Tina’s advice and check out all the shows and don’t forget the fireworks too! There is so much to do there it is impossible to do it all in one visit!! You’ll want to go back again and again. The rides, the shows, the atmosphere, you just can’t compare it to anything on earth! You’ll love it! 😀

  302. Anna Molly says:

    Dutch Girl ~ I did go to Disney and had a blast! No big roller coasters except Rockin Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios. It launches you at about 60mph in 2 seconds. No big drops, but there are maybe 3 inversions ( 1 loop and a couple of barrel rolls). There is the Tower of Terror too! It’s one of those drop rides. Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom is a coaster that takes you bakwards first for a few seconds then drops you about 80 feet or so. The rides at Disney are baby rides compared to the rides at Bush Gardens. Look them up on YouTube if you’re not sure about them. 🙂

  303. Tina says:

    Roller coasters are SO addictive, once you get over the initial fear, NOTHING stops you! I’ve been to Disney, Dutchy, and you’ll have a FABULOUS time! Be sure to hit their 4D “shows” – they’re a hoot!

    Well played Honey, well played.

  304. Dutch Girl In London says:

    Bravo Honey. This whole race thing is beyond ridiculous.

    @Anna Molly Did you go to Disney by any chance? I am going in June and I am so excited! Not sure about the huge roller coasters though.

  305. NorCal Guy says:

    Honey you are one cool chick. I luv reading your posts.

  306. Anna Molly says:

    Well said, Honey!! 🙂

  307. Honey says:

    Ashley, it’s not a color thing. If you are BBW, state it and present the best sides of yourself.I was a size fourteen and still had my pick of guys, open your eyes and widen your field of vision.
    But I think it must run in my family, my mom and sister and niece are all dark beauties. They are tall and model like 5’8 and up. Fine comes in all colors. A friend of my once said. “A man will date whoever makes his dick hard.”
    Again, put your best self forward and let the guys come to you, if you are their type, you have an advantage already. If you were in Houston, I’d hand you some of my “Dick under glass”
    Go back and read how many times this color thing has come up. There ARE black sugarbabies. But remember,sex like crime is mostly done to the same race. Whites tend to date whites, Asians tend to date Asians, blackstend to date.. and so on. Now take how many people are in this lifestyle,(enough money to support another person) let’s say 35% total, divvy up the males vs female, separate by “race” and the pyramid is an inverted one.
    Quit making people think black chicks aren’t as lovely or wanted as others. It would make my sugardaddy cry…
    If a guy doesn’t want to date you, black or white ,fuck ’em save yourself the trouble of kicking him to the curb/kerb.
    Maybe I just have an inflated sense of self worth, but guys not wanting to date, fuck or talk to ME are losing out. And if they are THAT stupid, why would I want to hang around him anyway? Being black has not hampered me in any way.I’m so over and above it.
    Darling, I STOOP to conquer…think about it
    Ever so modestly,Honey Brown.

  308. Anna Molly says:

    I rode every coaster at Bush Gardens! Sheikra and Cheetah Hunt twice! I think I’ll conquer Kingda Ka next! Just the thought of it scares the crap out of me, but, why not?! If I can ride a coaster that’s 200 feet what’s another 218? Right? o_O

  309. Anna Molly says:

    Sheikra was so much fun! I rode it twice and now I’m looking for bigger and faster coasters to ride! I’m totally addicted! 😀

    Ashley ~ I seriously doubt it’s because you’re black and “not small”. Post your profile number, maybe we can help with your profile! You also have to remember that it takes time to find the right guy. It took me 3 months to find my first SD! 😀

  310. Ashley says:

    I have had my SA profile for about 2-3 days. I have had no messages only SDs viewing my profile. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Could it be that I’m black and not a small sb? I am starting to feel this site is a little discriminatory. I’m not ugly and I have seen some sb’s who are worse off in looks than me. What to do?

  311. Tina says:

    OH! ROLLER COASTERS! I love them!!!!

  312. Honey says:

    Hear,hear! Anna Molly!

  313. Anna Molly says:

    I guess I’m one of the lucky SB’s who has both a travel and an allowance SD. I’ve been very lucky in the sugar bowl and I’ve met some wonderful people, so, THANKS BRANDON! 😀

  314. Anna Molly says:

    I haven’t caught up on the blog yet, but, I just want to say one thing. I’ve just returned from Bush Gardens in Tampa and I’m totally over my fear of roller coasters! Diving 200′ face first is the best rush ever!!

    Have a great day everyone! 😀

  315. flyr says:

    @madison “Maybe many of you never worked in a corporation but taking time off to see the world hahahahahaha it’s called mission impossible unless you work for yourself.”

    That’s definitely the grass is greener syndrome. Running a small company makes it hard to be on the road for pleasure for very long. What’s worse is that when you are from the west coast your associates and clients are calling you in London or Paris in the middle of the night.

    There was a time, long ago in a world without cell phones , ipads etc when you got away you were away.

  316. Honey says:

    Thank you , Tina

  317. Tina says:

    @Honey – your confidence makes you beautiful (but you already know that!) 🙂

  318. Honey says:

    Arcadia, I’m not a “traditional” beauty either,but that does not mean I am not beautiful. I signed up on Mstravel,had to use an old pic because I don’t have the new ones re-sized. I’m not really on the market but I’m always open to meeting new people. Take the time to get good pics that you feel good about. Have a close male friend take a few pics of you outside, trees and flower scenes are always nice.

  319. Tina says:

    Gracious, the blog is slow lately. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week (this being “hump day” for all that work the traditional Monday – Friday) 🙂

    I still adore all here, and regardless of the website used and methods used, that all find what they are looking for to make them happy.

    Brandon – I admire your business sense and confidence for launching new, sometimes radical, business ventures. I wish I had your sense of adventure! 🙂

  320. Karma @ MissTravel says:

    I loooove MissTravel! Great site <3

    Only one problem; when you edit your profile it says "What Are You Seeking:" and you can write in that field, but when you check your profile out it says "Why I want to travel:" above the same field – so if you have written what you are seeking it will show up under the “why I want to travel”-field. All wrong, in other words.

    Hope it made sense, haha..

  321. April says:

    Hi I am new to this Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Baby life. I have been a member for over two weeks now and havent received any messages. I would love for someone to look at my profile and give me some advice. Im not sure what Im doing wrong. My profile number is 951961.
    Thank You

  322. Madison says:

    Anyone who has the luxury of time to travel the world is a great idea. I’ve done it when I was in my teens and in undergrad, through student exchange programs. Right now with a corporate job, getting a week off during Christmas is truly a luxury. Maybe many of you never worked in a corporation but taking time off to see the world hahahahahaha it’s called mission impossible unless you work for yourself.

  323. Arcadia SB says:

    Blog seems a little quiet today.

    As to MissTravel. I signed up because I figured it was worth a shot. I signed up for WYP as well but never really felt like it was something that worked for me. I am not that traditional beauty (or maybe it’s just low self esteem?) and generally don’t have pictures of myself looking anything other than ordinary. Sometimes I browse the other SBs profiles and I find it amazing people message me at all since I’m not half naked in lingerie or posting a model headshot for my profile. I will say on SA almost all good contact I’ve had has come from me initiating.

    I think the MissTravel has pros and cons. Also, ya gotta spend money to make money. I don’t have a lot of extra cash lying around, but do I think it’s worth $15 (while it’s cheap) to be a premium member and get those benefits? If I think MissTravel is going to work for me then that’s basically one trip that cost $15…if I don’t…well I wouldn’t even sign up in the first place. I’m kind of poking around right now, as on SA I’m a college baby, so have the premium benefits.

    I will say I think the site layout and design has a LOT of features I would like to see on SA. The layout of profiles as a whole is GREAT. I also like that it says “you have not contacted this member” (because I haven’t contacted any). I haven’t been on SA in several months, so lost all my old e-mails and don’t want to message people I’ve already harassed and had no interest. Right now I just cross reference with my sent mail…but I did forget once and send someone two messages within two weeks. Whoops!

    So…when can we get the snazzy webdesign/layout features of Misstravel on SA?

  324. flyr says:

    Midwest and junk mail – I assume it would get rid of the mail from the 4 corners of the world. But it would probably take a lot of others with it. It’s like the waiter in a fine restaurant wanting to settle the bill for each course or having to put coins in the dryer.

  325. flyr says:

    “i have noticed most SD’s try and use the whole ”love” game to try and fool naive SBs ,””

    I always found that dead presidents were much more attractive to SB’s It does not mean it’s all about money and sex but they make a good foundation.

    Over the years I have been blessed with some wonderful SB’s (way before this site existed) most have been in grad school and we have parted ways when they were ready to fly. Others were simply struggling to make ends meet in an upside down world. While the great SB relationships are not about traditional love,there’s plenty of room for caring, affection, and gifts of both the soul and mentoring (by both) beyond the financial.

    This site has been a great filter and clarifies the objectives of each .

  326. Midwest SB says:

    Brandon – Fair enough. I remember some of the fallout you got when you changed the site a while back. Then again, you’re also hearing complaints from the members about all the scamming and flakes. I guess the heavy lifting is up to us in the long run. You found a way to implement a filtering system with new sites. What a hero you would be to find a way on the site that started it all 🙂

  327. Brandon Wade says:

    @Midwest SB – I like the idea of creating a genuine interest by charging to communicate. Why not add that feature here for the SDs? I’m sure all of us would appreciate getting less junk mail.

    It is nearly impossible to change the revenue or business model of a website once it has an established history and community. Everytime I make a small change to SA, I get tons of people complaining. The last time SA got a makeover I heard from at least over 100 people telling me they prefer the old site. Imagine changing the revenue model from an “all you can email” model to a “pay per message” model. I think it is a formula for mass exodus. 🙂

  328. Emily says:

    I wish someone would pay for my trip out of West Virginia back to civilization. This may be a cheap shot on my part, but this seems to get a response from some men; not all. I am a post-operative transsexual, and am looking for a financially supportive boyfriend. Mwah!!!

  329. Midwest SB says:

    Brandon – I like the idea of creating a genuine interest by charging to communicate. Why not add that feature here for the SDs? I’m sure all of us would appreciate getting less junk mail 🙂

  330. Midwest SB says:

    Black Cherry – I don’t think Brandon is killing the sugar bowl. The reality is a travel daddy is rarely going to become an allowance daddy. It may end up being a smaller pond, but hopefully a little more concentrated with allowance daddies. Those who give allowances would probably do both/ either. I don’t think allowance daddies will shift to the site. If they do, they probably weren’t genuine allowance daddies to begin with. Make sense?

    I guess it wouldn’t hurt the ladies to have a profile on both, but you’ll quickly get frustrated if you want an allowance and are getting rebuffed.

    Heyyyyy sugars. Super busy for the next few weeks!

  331. Honey says:

    Okay, I haven’t read all the post, about traveling,but I have been flow out and NOT slept with the person who bought the ticket.If you want a “sure thing”, hire an escort.When I say no, I really mean it. I don’t sleep with people I’ve just met. I have hand a handful(one hand) of “so called” one nights stands, but it’s not a habit.

  332. black cherry says:

    @VA,salute!! do you care to join me 🙂 ,i must warn Britton beach is always pouring with rain,be armed with a brolly and wellington boots 🙂

  333. J says:

    It’s a good idea, though I already fly my SBs in due to a lack of time to travel myself and a lack of SBs in the area I’m in. I could find some other uses for the site though. Only thing I can see that I don’t like is the voice over on the video above. That voice is really, really weird and distracting. Sorry – I’m sure it’s someone’s relative! 🙂

  334. Beach_Girl says:

    Thanks Brandon, I didn’t know there was a box for SD/benefactor…. I should see what the site is about, I still have reservations about it… I will sign up for MissTravel and see.
    note to self, get informed before answering on the blog lol 😀

    flyr~ you said you have to be open minded, yeah, I get that… but I wouldn’t jump into bed with someone I don’t know… just not my thing!

    Have a good afternoon Sugars!

  335. BettyBlue says:

    Overall , I do agree with what most the ladies are saying here. However , I decide to try this anyway . I checked the “mutually benefical” box , and that box only to let them know that thats the only one Im interested in . Ill see if that makes a difference . I do think the new site probably works best for “gift/ travel ” daddys and women who are already wealthy enough to take off work to travel and not be compensated . On the whole , it does sound like it might lean to traditional dating a bit more . But hell, no harm in giving it a shot . . . . . However . . . . it wont let me even message a member, the only thing I can do is send a trip proposal , even though Im listed as ” attractive member” And the generous member has to accept my trip proposal before we can even message each other . I know it may be a way to break the ice , but I think it scares some people off from communicating .

  336. Va Gentleman says:

    @black cherry

    You sound great and I don’t want any of my opinions to sound like a personal assault against your opinion .

    Ironically , I talk like a hound dog but I love my SB beyond description and have been seeing her for 1 year exclusively. I long to see her and hope I don’t have to go back to the drawing board . It’s interesting how many opinions there are here and every one is valid. Btw , Im booked on the bus for next weekend . lol .

  337. black cherry says:

    Maybe book your bus ticket to Buckroe Beach for a weekend at the Holiday Barn.. ha ha.. sure i would rather this than that ticket with some guy nudging me at 3am for some nookie ha ha….my bags are packed off to briton beach with my packed sandwich 🙁

  338. black cherry says:

    @Beach baby,very true but then again,i have noticed most SD’s try and use the whole ”love” game to try and fool naive SBs ,we’ve heard it all before,i say keep the sugar flowing even if your in love,i worry for girls that take this whole hope of falling in love and getting married serious,while your hoping,his getting everything free in the name of LOVE,take it with a pinch of salt,i know there maybe a very tiny few sd’s that genuinely are looking for this(what’s the chance that you’ll land one???),but if someone loves you that much and really would do anything to be with you,why cant he keep the sugar flowing more so if you met on a sugar dating site,there is no excuse for a man on a sugardate to say to any sugarbabe,that i can’t give you sugar because i love you,or am looking for love. when i set out to find love,i usually use a non sugar site,and if i was to find love on sugar,that pot had better note that, that sugar should keep flowing,up untill u put a RING on it,which il bet you may never happen.just my opinion we are all adults and can choose what makes us happy 🙂

  339. PhoneGuy says:


    >Apparently I was listed as a female looking to meet other females.
    Yeah baby! 😉

  340. marcus says:

    Well I would like to travel all around the world. I just can’t afford it. I wish I had a beautiful generous female that needs companionship to take me with her.

  341. Va Gentleman says:

    @free ride (see below)

    ” my benefactor knows that a free air ticket is non negotiable,its expected he won’t even mention it,all he will say is baby ive booked a trip for us and i shall put some funds in for you ”

    Don’t hold your breath. While you are waiting for the free ride to roll in I would get busy making other plans . Maybe book your bus ticket to Buckroe Beach for a weekend at the Holiday Barn

    This site is a wonderful extension of SA and there will be plenty of ladies who will gladly sign on for a trip to (name your resort) all expenses paid in return for a romantic time with a wealthy guy .

    Those who disdain a mutually beneficial arrangement perhaps should be on Match or some other dating site . You can go out to M&G ,dinners,dates on your own dime ,meet a bunch of guys who can’t afford your expensive tastes, and maybe meet your future husband but at least you won’t have to put out for some guy just because he has the means to treat you to a better life .


    ” it probably makes sense to meet in one of your cities for an intro prior to departing for some far off land ”

    Absolutely ! I can’t imagine not meeting a companion I am treating to an exotic vacation prior to the event . I would have to spend time with her and confirm that we have a connection . Sometimes we meet someone who we can not tolerate for more than 1 hour , not to mention an extended time period .

  342. flyr says:

    Brandon – this discussion convinces me more that limiting the options checked is a good idea, for both sexes. Perhaps what 1-3 of the following 5 BEST describes what you are looking for would reduce confusion from the start.

    I wonder when I see all 5 boxes checked.

  343. AnnaMW says:

    @ BlackCherry – I totally disagree. I think that sites like WYP and MissTravel are designed to get people with mismatched philosophies OFF of SA. I’ve met a lot of guys on SA who seemed to be either looking for love, or very occasional companions. I’m sure that most of my SB sisters have had that experience with a guy who either wanted a traditional relationship, or a very short term arrangement involving a trip.

    I feel like WYP and MissTravel give those people a place to go so that SA can remain focused on helping people find traditional arrangements. You’re also forgetting about all of the young, college aged girls out there who would love the opportunity to see the world and aren’t necessarily looking for cash.

    @ VA Gentleman – Of course intimacy is assumed in a situation like that!! My point was that if a girl knows she won’t be comfortable with sex, or doesn’t want to commit prior to meeting, she needs to make that clear right away so that no one feels slighted….

    Believe it or not, there are guys out there who want companionship but have hangups about intimacy due to marriage or other reasons. A 65 year old married man might be delighted to be in the company of a beautiful 20 year old during a trip. This however is NOT a guy who would give an ongoing monthly allowance for the same platonic companionship.

    Another thing to consider is that a lot of guys will use MissTravel to meet woman to accompany them on business trips, meaning that hotel, meals and his travel will already be covered. If he uses miles for a girls trip, it is essentially free, making the idea of a platonic situation easier to comprehend. See what I mean?

  344. Brandon Wade says:

    @Beach_Girl, @black cherry: There is an option to select what type of relationship you are looking for … and “mutually beneficial relationships / sugar daddy” is an option. So if that is selected, you can freely tell the Generous men you are looking for that you want a “sugar daddy”. So as VA Gentleman said above “there is no free lunch” unless you want it to be so.

    But I truly believe a good dating website has to cater to all sorts of people. MissTravel.com’s niche is Generous / Attractive Traveling …. but there are bound to be people who are looking for love, or people who only want an arrangement.

    @Jessie: Does that mean though that whether you accept a trip or not a GM still has to purchase credits in order to communicate with an AM? Or does being a premium member negates one from having to purchase credits? — GM always needs credit (just a nominal amount) to unlock communication with the AM. This is our way of making sure the emails you get are from those GM who are “much more” serious. If you have to spend some money to contact, you are going to be a little more serious than if you don’t have to. Hope you agree.

  345. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello sugars!

    @black cherry~ I totally agree with you. Not sure it would be a good thing for the sugar bowl, but they say it’s for love?!?!?!
    I think that a lot of SDs take advantage of girls/SBs with the “Promise” of an allowance… Some SBs get blinded by the money and do what ever..they don’t use their common sense, which is sad for them..
    Also, safety would be a concern for me. I know one SB that traveled to a SD (she had seen him before etc…) and it turn bad real fast for her…
    If I wanted a booty call in the sun, I would do it with someone I know. someone I trusted…
    it also brings up the disease issue as well…

    I am actually thinking that I might make a profile to see the what’s & how’s of the site, not sure I would travel/vacation with someone I don’t know, never met , etc….

    • SD Guru says:

      I’m not sure why there is all that angst over MissTravel. It would have been very useful when I was a travel/gift SD. For those of you seeking an allowance, don’t worry, just stick with SA! As for what the travel arrangement entitles the benefactor… it’s no different than on SA. The expectation that comes with an allowance is whatever the two people involved can agree on. And if it involves sex then I’m sure chemistry and attraction are taken into consideration. Why should it be any different on MissTravel? As for safety, there is an extensive travel tips section on the site.

      it is important to innovate and to introduce fresh ideas. I rather canalize my own business with a better website than to wait for a competitor to do so

      Bravo!! That’s the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship at its best!!

  346. black cherry says:

    @VA=Why would you expect to get an all expenses paid trip to an exotic locale without any responsibility to your benefactor ?
    (clears voice) because my benefactor knows that a free air ticket is non negotiable,its expected he won’t even mention it,all he will say is baby ive booked a trip for us and i shall put some funds in for you ;-),

  347. flyr says:

    I’m with VA on the issue of expectations. I think the proper assumptions is that unless explicitly stated otherwise , sex is an expectation. I can see where that’s a reasonable hurdle for many women . I believe the site notes that it is for open minded women. That does not mean you can not be careful and selective. There’s also the option to look for someone who is looking for a real relationship.

    Realize that we are also gambling that travel partner is not a coke addict looking for a free trip to Cali to make her connection. I think it’s also important to communicate your mutual expectations and limits in and out of the bedroom.

    There may be some men who just want arm candy, a social companion and conversation. It’s all in the communication.

    For all of the above it probably makes sense to meet in one of your cities for an intro prior to departing for some far off land, unless you are very comfortable with the conversations.

  348. black cherry says:

    oh Brandon,what have you done,you’ve just KILLED the sugar bowl with this miss travel idea,i feel like your selling a few of us short! dont get me wrong,the sds will profit and so will you,but not many sugar babes will…..is it just me feeling like this or is someone else feeling the same but afraid to air it out?????

  349. black cherry says:

    @ VA thats why il only fly if his paid my tickets PLUS big PLUS that is,if he gives me an allowance for what his expecting of me,the ticket to me is just for company minus the deed,i am not going to slave just because someone is paid me a ticket,fair play to those who like that,but i dont think i need to be on a dating site to get this offer aka free travel,il gladly stay in my freezing London town than chase the sun for sx. i believe this site is going to be the end of the real sugar bowl,sad!

    you can also get these offers in plenty on matc.com,POF the lot,believe me,they are constantly looking for a travel companion plus the extras ha ha ha….x

  350. NorCal Guy says:

    @euphoria Sunny and in the 70’s as far as the eye can see, safe to come back now 🙂 Our 2 week long spring has sprung.

  351. Va Gentleman says:

    Miss Travel is a great idea —cudos to Brandon for another out of the box idea !

    I will use this service in a heartbeat when I travel .

    @Beach_Girl , black cherry , AnnaMW

    ” I don’t know who would be on there, some john wanting to get laid on vacay? ”
    ” only if there wont be sx involved–”
    ” A lot of guys may look at it as an avenue for finding free sex with an inexperienced, destitute young girl. Plenty of girls will probably be taken advantage of”

    Girls,Girls ,Girls ! There is no free lunch . Why would you expect to get an all expenses paid trip to an exotic locale without any responsibility to your benefactor ? Do I have to invoke the ”

    As to what a guy (like me ) would expect from a girl who opts to sign up for a trip with me ? An instant girlfriend with all the benefits that an irl gf would provide . I guess there are men out there who are not sexually active who want a pleasant companion , but the majority will expect BF privileges .

  352. euphoria says:

    If your boss is cool enough, then its not a big issue.

  353. Madison says:

    All that sounds great if you don’t have a job and other obligations. I don’t think my boss would understand if I email him saying I’m going to Paris for two weeks lol lol

  354. Arcadia SB says:

    Had the wrong blog open to reload the comments! I think I need to get Dorky’s add on (does it come for Chrome?). So I’ll repost my comment and interrupt whatever conversation is going on. Sorry!

    Randomly changing the subject (and yes I’m still bummed three weeks after losing my SD, but hoping to find someone nice and new, or just get out with some girlfriends!)

    I’m coming down south to visit some Uni friends and will *probably* be in London Sunday evening to catch an early train Monday morning back up to Scotland. I haven’t booked yet because being stranded in London isn’t quite my idea of a good time, so if anyone wants to meet up for dinner/drinks/wandering aimlessly around London, let me know! (I know it’s short notice). I’m probably going to couchsurf for the night (I love couchsurfing(dot)com, met some really interesting people from that site), but social times would be appreciated!

    If anyone is interested, let me know and the blog gods and pass along my email to any who request it.

  355. AnnaMW says:

    I probably won’t use Miss Travel, but I actually think its a good idea for girls who actually want to see the world but don’t have the means. It also lends itself nicely to the people who come to SA hoping to find love, or a transition into a full-time relationship. There are plenty of women and men who aren’t really looking for arrangements…. Miss Travel can serve as a more appropriate place for them to connect so that their potential relationship isn’t “tarnished” by an arrangement.

    A lot of guys may look at it as an avenue for finding free sex with an inexperienced, destitute young girl. Plenty of girls will probably be taken advantage of. That having been said, if we were dating IRL and a guy were to foot the bill for a nice vacation, it is likely that most of us would end up sleeping with him, right? In either event, sex isn’t part of the deal, and if a girl doesn’t want for that to be a part of the trip, she needs to communicate. If both people are sharing their expectations, it could work out really well.

  356. black cherry says:

    only if there wont be sx involved,otherwise miss travel wont be my cup of tea,i see a lot of trouble in this and most guys will sign up for this because its a cheap deal,he pays air ticket and gets to use the girl for the whole duration of his trip abroad for the price of air ticket ,where is the real sugar here?the SD benefits not so much the SB,unless your really desperate to travel for free then this is a good idea,i have no doubt most SD’s will be hooked on this site

  357. Lydia Bennett says:

    spanner!!! the profile create page wont accept Australia..hmmmm

  358. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!

    Miss Travel sounds interesting, but I don’t know how it would all work out… it’s more about falling in love… I don’t know who would be on there, some john wanting to get laid on vacay? or someone just wanting company , no sex?
    Do ladies get their own accommodations and insurance for the travel , such as money etc…?
    I guess it would have to be discussed with both parties…
    I am not sure how it would work out for safety either…
    I would love a vacation though… It would be great to escape real life

    @flyr~ I love SF, it’s beautiful there!

  359. flyr says:

    If I works I think it has geat potential.

    Frequently I have an empty seat in the airplane on an overnight trip to SF. Would love to have company and someone to enjoy the evening with in SF after the work stuff is done.

  360. Jessie says:

    @Brandon – Thanks again for taking the time to explain. I do feel a lot better about the site now. I did notice the option to wink, but thought it pointless after I’d already declined the trip. Based on what you said above, I see a difference with WYP…in that Attractive members have the ability to become premium members, as well as initiate contact with a Generous member. At first I thought it was all one-sided…meaning only a GM can initiate contact. Does that mean though that whether you accept a trip or not a GM still has to purchase credits in order to communicate with an AM? Or does being a premium member negates one from having to purchase credits?

    @Honey – I signed up using my profile from SA…same pic, and was approved in about 30 minutes.

  361. Honey says:

    And how long does it take for ones pic to be approved?

  362. flyr says:

    @brandon –

    I am still not clear on how this works I get the trip proposal bit but also that acceptance is in effect a contract. What I am missing is how the process works from interest to proposal to connection , before the acceptance. Do I understand that the generous side pays a one time fee in credits for unlimited communication with the other party?

    I appreciate that you have provided a variety of goals for both parties to select. If I had a suggestion beyond understanding the communications it would be to limit the number of choices to keep people from selecting all.

  363. ZAmber says:

    This site looks fun, but when priorities are bills.. meep. 🙁

  364. Lizzi R says:

    Hey there, just wanted to say this Miss Travel is a fantastic idea and I have joined that aswell! Yet to meet my SD as I am a total newbie and only been on for all of a day! Looking forward to it!


  365. Brandon Wade says:

    @Jessie – Your confusion seems to be justified … The trip proposal is just a fun way to get the conversation going. We didn’t want to allow Attractive members (unless you are Premium) to write messages to Generous members freely because we didn’t want those spamming (Nigerians) to register on the website only to spam the Generous members who would then have to spend credits to communicate. We figured, if you really like a guy, send him a WINK or a trip proposal to establish interest. Hope that makes sense.

  366. Jessie says:

    @Brandon – Thanks for the clarification. The statement which I copied earlier, and which I’ll post again, for ease of reference, suggests that the ONLY way both parties could communicate is AFTER acceptance of a trip. “Attractive members send Generous members trip proposals, and vice versa. Once accepted, Generous members purchase credits to communicate with Attractive members and arrange their trip together.”

    I signed up, and already got three trip proposals, and I declined all, because I couldn’t figure out how to “communicate” with the Generous member before agreeing to travel. I did get an option to ask the member to send an email, but when I tried to click on that it said I need credits (or something along those lines). Had I know you could converse AFTER the acceptance of a trip, I might have chosen to see who was on the other end. Ok…now that I have more info to go on, I’ll perhaps give it a whirl ;).

  367. Brandon Wade says:

    @Honey – Picture cropping and rotate features will be available next week. Please be patient as we work out the bugs 🙂

  368. Honey says:

    Hey Eu, didn’t know you were into girls..Hey baby..lol!

  369. Honey says:

    Hate the pic size limits. How does one re-size a pic to make it fit?

  370. euphoria says:

    Gr……….. I kept wondering why I was only getting responses from girls on miss travel. Then I viewed my profile. Apparently I was listed as a female looking to meet other females. Biggest rookie move ever!

  371. Honey says:

    Worth a try, I’m all about marketing!

  372. Brandon Wade says:

    @Jessie – The premise of MissTravel.com is VERY different from WhatsYourPrice.com. As you can see the trip proposal is simply a proposal — unlike WYP, it is not an agreement. And unlike WYP, you don’t need an accepted offer to communicate with someone. If a Generous member likes an Attractive member, he can simply write a message to her without any trip proposal. The trip proposal system is a free way for two people to establish interest before the Generous member spends credits to communicate. A trip proposal is not binding, nor is it an agreement.

    Yes, taking a trip with a stranger is dangerous especially if you don’t know them well, that is also why we published a list of TRIP ADVICE that we hope users of the website will follow.

    @Midwest SB – Thank you for your confidence in me. Yes, I expect that some members from SA may in fact shift over to start using our other websites, but I see MissTravel.com and WhatsYourPrice.com as more of a complement to SA. Some SA members moved to WYP and told me it works much better than SA, but then again SA is an all you can eat model — SD’s pay $50 a month and can email as many people as they want.

    WYP and MissTravel works on a credit-based system, so expect the SDs that actually email you to be much more serious. There are pros and cons to launching these new websites, but as it is, two or three new Sugar Daddy dating websites are launched each month — if you search Google, you will see there are at least a hundred sugar daddy dating websites out there. Of course, I’d like to believe none of them can ever get to where SA is in terms of quality and brand…. but it is important to innovate and to introduce fresh ideas. I rather canalize my own business with a better website than to wait for a competitor to do so. 🙂

  373. Jessie says:

    @Midwest – Thanks. Name is not such a big deal, since, hopefully, you’d have exchanged names already. But what if you don’t want to share you home address? Which I’m assuming they’ll also see if your name is displayed. I have to say….not a very secure option then.

  374. Arcadia SB says:

    Seventh just doesn’t seem very exciting…but I’ll take it! 😉

  375. Midwest SB says:

    OK – Sixth

    Jessie – usually, yes. I believe they can see your real name.

  376. Midwest SB says:

    Second! I LOVE long-distance arrangements and traveling with my SD!

    HOWEVER…..My first dates always come to me..it’s non-negotiable. I’m not traveling until we have met and I know who I’m dealing with. I honestly have mixed feelings here because it takes so much more than a round trip ticket. It takes non-refundable hotel rooms in her name, cash in case she needs cab rides, meals, etc in the event the date doesn’t go as planned. It takes awareness to keep her out of harm’s way. It takes knowing that the person you are meeting is genuine and kind.

    I’m sure there are women who will take the chance and be fine. What about the others? I know you’ve considered all the pros and cons before you put the site up. Ultimately it’s up to those traveling to be responsible for their own safety.

    Brandon – WYP seems to be doing quite well, so I trust your business acumen.I love your sense of adventure and creativity when it comes to the sugar world. Since so many SDs like being just gift/travel daddies, this may appeal to them. I have a few questions. Will SDs be able to be members of both sites for the same fee? Do you think it will shift SDs from SA to the new site? I know you’ve heard the suggestion to allow men to choose what kind of SD they want to be from a drop-down box…would that be beneficial to your members?

    Thank you to everyone for your blessings on grad school! I’m a bit intimidated, but thrilled overall! I’ve come this far so I’m confident I will do well.

  377. Jessie says:

    @NC Gent – Are you lurking?…wanna ask you something about Paypal. When you send cash do you “see” more than the person’s email address? Does it make a difference with the total amount sent?

  378. Nicole says:

    Lol. Nevermind! 🙂

  379. Nicole says:

    Ooo, I got here first! 🙂

  380. Jessie says:

    “Attractive members send Generous members trip proposals, and vice versa. Once accepted, Generous members purchase credits to communicate with Attractive members and arrange their trip together.”

    Isn’t this the same premise as WYP, except with a whole lot more risks? If you can’t communicate with the Generous member BEFORE you accept a trip, you’re basically agreeing to fly to, or go on a trip with an absolute stranger. Ok…once this Generous member purchase credits to communicate with you, what happens if you no longer want the trip…you just cancel right? So what’s the point of having the Generous Member “waste” money just to “talk” to you. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to be able to talk to the Generous Member BEFORE agreeing to go on a trip with him? There should be some way for both parties to communicate before agreeing on a trip, and without the Generous Member having to purchase credits. I love to travel, but there’s no way I’m going to agree to a trip without even knowing who is on the other end.

  381. black cherry says:

    aww am i first yay!

  382. Brandon Wade says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!