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Sugar Rush: The European Launch Party of SeekingArrangement.com


It’s been over 4 months since we last threw a party for our Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies. After our last party in New York, we decided it was time to take our future parties in a different direction, starting with our European launch party. Sugar Rush will be held on Sunday May 20th, 2012 at the fabulous Gore Hotel in London.The United Kingdom has already been buzzing in anticipation for our arrival, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.


Sugar Rush will be unlike any Sugar Daddy party ever held before. We aim to set a new standard of excellence for all future parties to live up to and that includes everything from the attendees to the venue, entertainment, and ambiance. This party will be the launch of several new foreign language adaptations of SeekingArrangement.com, introducing the sugar lifestyle to millions of potential new members across the globe. In order to make the best possible impression, we wanted this party to be spectacular. The Sugar Bowl is all about living the high life, and from the moment you walk into the Gore Hotel, and into the Sugar Rush party, we want you to feel like royalty.

All guests will walk the red carpet, and enter into the main room which will be sparkling with diamonds and sugar dusted drinks, with a touch of old Hollywood flair. Once inside, you will be served a delicious spread of savory canapes, and a delectable chocolate fountain surrounded by a selection of fruit and sweets. Brandon Wade, will offer a champagne toast to start the night off right, and then after the bubbly is poured, a fully stocked cash bar will be available all night long. We’ve even come up with two specialty cocktails for this occasion: the Sugar Baby & the Sugar Daddy, for you to sip on!

There will be dancing, laughing and all kinds of merriment happening at Sugar Rush. We have top notch entertainment booked for the night, including DJ Greg Costa, one of London’s hottest up-and-coming disc jockeys. We will also have a comedian, tarot card reader and a magician to mingle with all the guests. We won’t give everything away, we do have a few surprises up our sleeves but you will just have to wait until May 20th to see for yourself!

This party will be more intimate, elegant and all around more fantastic than past SeekingArrangment affairs. We are expecting 200 Sugar Babies and 100 Sugar Daddies in attendance, with only a few dozen tickets left for purchase. If you are going to be in London, or maybe just always wanted to know what British women (or men!) are like, now is your chance to find out! Sugar Rush is set to to be our best party to date, and you won’t want to miss it!


PRESS NOTICE:  Your privacy is important to us, so while the press will be present at the event, their movement will be restricted and confined to a separate press room.  Please note that unless you wish to speak to the press or be filmed, your privacy is ensured.

Purchase your tickets before 10 May 2012, for the best rate.

Ticket prices prior to 10 May 2012:

  • Sugar Babies £30
  • Sugar Daddies £60


For more information about the party visit


Will you be attending Sugar Rush in London on May 20th? If not, why?

What cities would you like to see future parties planned in?

What would you change about our  Sugar Daddy parties? 

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  1. Leah says:

    I am sorry for all who attended the London party. I must admit that it’s given me pause to attend the event in Los Angeles. What are the planners going to do to insure that the L.A. party will give the results that everyone desires? I have a gay friend that wants to attend the party (to the point of flying down from Washington State), will that portion of the sugar bowl be included?

  2. Va Gentleman says:


    ” I guess my mom and dad do p4p, too. ”

    Haha , is his name John ?

    @ flyr

    ” I can relate to you that after a very long , steamy kiss and body press a number tumbled off my lips that was 25% above my —– max . This was without any prodding on her part. ”

    So true . A little prodding wouldn’t hurt either . The more you can treat your pot to a hint of things to come the more eager he will be to open the wallet .

  3. NC Gent says:

    Yes – it has been a while. Wish I would have known you were at the NYC Party — would have made it up! Pretty busy with work these days — opening a couple of offices overseas, so a lot of travel. The guys in Belgium still ask about you 🙂 You look great!!!

  4. SweetEuropean says:

    NC Gent, It’s been a while! I’m good thanks, how have you been? I was in the US not long ago, I went to the party in NYC, don’t know if you made it or not?

  5. Arcadia SB says:

    Posted my review over on the most recent blog. It was an interesting night to say the least. Hope everyone is having a good week!

  6. Flawless7 says:

    Well the Party – What an utter disappointment, there was no class or style, probably about 200-250 woman and about 5 Men!!…. It was Sleazy and lacked a demure atmosphere. Shame I feel my money had gone to waste. The event should have been organised much better ensuring that gentlemen attended the same ratio to women. I have only been on the site for a few weeks and disappointed so far, my first time ever at an event of this type and I must have expected more, it was portrayed to be an exclusive glamour event, unfortunately this was not the case. I understand there were quite a few people who flew in from abroad, shame it was not up to expectations.
    The articles in The Sun and Evening Standard and the rest of the newspapers were appalling to say the least.

  7. AnnaMW says:

    @ Sarah:

    “I think that if a guy wants to bed me then he should provide for me.”

    Exactly!!!! But I also agree with Flyer that there is no harm in a passionate kiss or a little affection up front… Aren’t we ideally getting involved with someone we’re attracted to anyway?? I think that lots of talk about money ruins the romance, but an SB has to be brain damaged to go all the way without a financial arrangement in place.

    I had one weird experience with someone I really trusted. I ended up collecting, but it was very hurtful and eye opening. I forgave him for his inconsistency and we are still friends, but I wouldn’t become involved with him again unless he made the offer of a lifetime.

  8. flyr says:

    @sarah sb “My courting phase is platonic and doesn’t involve anything remotely sexual. I will go on brief outings, coffee, dinner, a walk, have a beer, talk on the phone, etc…but there is no physical interaction beyond a hug. In my little world”

    I think you may be missing an opportunity. Men are given a brain and a penis but only enough blood to run one at a time. No I am not advocating demo rides or any such thing. However, I can relate to you that after a very long , steamy kiss and body press a number tumbled off my lips that was 25% above my absolute, cast in stone, max . This was without any prodding on her part.

    Will I keep my commitment , of course

    The moral of the story is that in the big sphere of the sugar universe we all have marketing opportunities. The ladies have the advantage due to our limited ability to think and lust at the same time. .

    I’m also a believer that there is a shelf life of mutual attraction in the sugar world. Endless emails and platonic meetings the enemy of both.

  9. DianaSBinOC says:

    SarahSB no he’s a time waster. If he could get 3 months of attention from a SB every quarter what would even be the point in sugar dating. He’s looking for sugarless fun. Why would a sugar daddy make a sugar baby wait 3 months? During that time you could be off into the arms of someone else. So you’re going to be flying to meet him for 3 months straight so you could be free arm candy? Let that one go. No do not date this man for free. So no outings etc etc. You could be dating guys you’re own age for free but that’s not why you’re here. Imagine after 3 months he says that you’re not what he’s looking for. Wouldn’t that be a special moment in time.

  10. GTT_Envy says:

    Sorry Va_Gent I must have got you confused with someone else!! That is solid compensation!!!

  11. NC Gent says:

    Hey Sweet Euro — good to see you again. I hope everything is going well for you!

  12. SarahSB says:

    VaGent – “yes but so what” lol I guess my mom and dad do p4p, too.

  13. Va Gentleman says:


    ” all of this for a couple hundred a week ” Wellll , not a couple . Her benefit package is probably worth $35-40,000 / year She is worth every dime and I wish I could pay her more . Yes , I am very lucky !


    ” If a guy wants to bed me then he needs to provide me with an allowance. Does that sound like p4p? ” Yes ,but so what ?

    ” is three months an excessively long courting period? ” Way too long assuming you can see each other 1 to 2 times /week . I think by two or three visits a couple can establish enough of a rapport to pull the trigger on an arrangement or not .

  14. GTT_Envy says:

    Va_Gent………..you have to have the most unique SB/SD relationship on the face of the planet. You see her 2-3 times a week and are intimate, you do not sleep with your wife, and somehow she believes that there is nothing wrong as you leave multiple times a week and all of this for a couple hundred a week?

    1 in a 1,000,000!!

  15. SarahSB says:

    All: Thank you for your input. “Sugarfree fun” at my expense is not what I am looking for. The way I read Anna’s comment was basically don’t put out before they give you an allowance, because they will likely discard you, then move on to the next SB whom will give them something for nothing. I agree with VaGent that there should be a courting phase, and I myself don’t ‘demand’ an allowance for courting. My courting phase is platonic and doesn’t involve anything remotely sexual. I will go on brief outings, coffee, dinner, a walk, have a beer, talk on the phone, etc…but there is no physical interaction beyond a hug. In my little world :)…I think that if a guy wants to bed me then he should provide for me. I guess in sugar dating this translates to: If a guy wants to bed me then he needs to provide me with an allowance. Does that sound like p4p? Also, is three months an excessively long courting period?

  16. SweetEuropean says:

    babydoll – I’m an ex blog baby! I haven’t visited the blog in a couple of years now though, but I was in one on the pics on the Daily mail hehe 🙂

    I thought the party was great, it’s true that the babies significantly outnumbered the daddies but still an amazing night regardless!

  17. Va Gentleman says:


    ” VaGent – Let me see if I understand this correctly … you do not have sex with your wife? Only your SB? ”


    ” What do you think about a married SD who wants to get to know you over a period of months prior to granting an allowance? ”

    I think that is fine if you are not sexually active . Once you give up the Quan then he must pony up

    @ AnnaMW

    ”. From what I understand, guys generally lose interest and move on shortly after sleeping with you. ”

    I disagree Anna . I think sex is the tie that binds . That is assuming that you both are into each other . The only othet IRL option is to date for a while before having sex ,so you know you like each other before the deed is done . But in that case I don’t think it’s fair to demand an allowance during the courting phase . After all , you are courting him to pick you as his SB . It is an investment in your financial future .

  18. scarlet says:

    @ everyone
    Dont let the dissapoitment of the party get in your way… dont forget to keep asking yourself these questions..
    What’s your passion? What’s your calling? How clear are your goals? And, by the way, do you have any fun? A man who doesn’t have a life – a passion, a sense of meaning, an ability to play as hard as he works isnt worth his own weight in gold never mind yours!

    recognise that sexual temptation is unavoidable in our sex obsessed culture therefore always maitain your integrity,gracefully.

    It is a pity that the number of members who offer ‘pleasure by hour’ is rising as it totally contradicts my initial attraction to SA!

    I can only suggest that Brandon and his team make more effort to filter this sort of thing out. Otherwise SA has the potential to become something it isnt!

  19. scarlet says:

    Hmm …. the party? well firstly there were probably a maximum of 10 guys there and to be honest none of them were appealing in any way! There were ALOT of ladies there with dissapointed faces. Nice venue…great tarot reader yummy food….and plenty of champagne! which i might add i got rat arsed on and barfed the whole way home 🙂 hehe classy! I only went for the craic and a chance to get dressed up! If i didnt already have a SD id say i would of been a tad dissapointed too! xxx

  20. babydoll says:

    @sdguru~i checked the daily mail article and there no blogbabies in thsoe photos 🙂 except for niki who organized the event! i dont know how i will post a photo of brandon here though xxx

    and also,where are all those sugars who came?? no comments?

  21. Treasured says:

    Hi all 🙂

    My quick review of the party.

    There were about 10 SDs in attendance and what looked liked 150-200 SBs. I was surprised to see women there from 18 up to what looked liked 65ish!
    Sorry…. But I don’t know if it was for the lack of gentlemen there, but the whole atmosphere was umm… cheap. Sorry, but those are my thoughts.
    I arrived just before 8. Had my glass of Champagne, met one other SB. Waited for one special person to come (who came to meet me). After he left, I stayed for a bit longer (left after Brandon’s speech).
    Basically, was not a nice affair. The room where the chocolate fountain was, was small and cramped and smelly. The men/women ratio was way out of the proportion.
    Good point – girls were really friendly 🙂

    Well, just my thoughts 🙂

  22. DianaSBinOC says:

    @SarahSB- ” Question: What do you think about a married SD who wants to get to know you over a period of months prior to granting an allowance? Seems like a lot of time to me… He thinks that “trips together” is an allowance. I think “you’re married, we’re never going to get married, trips i will go on only in addition to an allowance because vacation itself isn’t going to help me achieve me goals, going on trips without an allowance is an affair at best, not sugar dating” i see no value in an affair (involving love and sex) with a married man with no allowance. am i missing something?”

    Yes he’s looking for Sugarfree fun at your expense. I would do exactly the same as the other posters suggested. I would even go a step further and suggest him to sign up for Miss Travel instead. Of course he’ll have to avoid profiles that are looking for an allowance.

  23. flyr says:

    @sarah – Anna has it right

    re article on party

    “One of the wealthy men at last night’s event had flown in especially from San Francisco because he was so keen to meet ‘a beautiful English Rose’. ‘

    Screening / Reporting
    I thought the description of the screening process was a little over the top compared to the reality. It gives rise to a question, what to do about the “Pleasure By The Hour” debutantes who are appearing here in greater numbers. Some are pretty persistent. It’s not a question of perhaps they are, they have ads which pop up when you search their phone numbers. I have no malice towards them but would prefer that they used the other pools.

  24. AnnaMW says:

    @ Sarah – Lose that guy. He sounds like he’s looking for freebies and wouldn’t be willing to take care of your needs. Also – Never agree “test drives”. From what I understand, guys generally lose interest and move on shortly after sleeping with you.

  25. Midwest SB says:

    Sarah – I say “Thank you, but the trips won’t help me attain my goals. Good luck with your search.”

    Any Chicago sugars want to meet up this weekend?

  26. SarahSB says:

    Question: What do you think about a married SD who wants to get to know you over a period of months prior to granting an allowance? Seems like a lot of time to me… He thinks that “trips together” is an allowance. I think “you’re married, we’re never going to get married, trips i will go on only in addition to an allowance because vacation itself isn’t going to help me achieve me goals, going on trips without an allowance is an affair at best, not sugar dating” i see no value in an affair (involving love and sex) with a married man with no allowance. am i missing something?

  27. SarahSB says:

    VaGent – Let me see if I understand this correctly … you do not have sex with your wife? Only your SB?

    Just curious…

  28. Va Gentleman says:


    ” When I’m in an arrangement, it’s my primary relationship. I were serious enough about someone IRL that sex may enter the equation, I would probably end my arrangement.”

    Perfect Anna , that is all I ask of a SB . When I ask for monogamy I give it as well . I am emotionally involved with my SB and would be deeply hurt if she considered sex as a casual exercise to do with a date of the day . I also worry about mixing body fluids if she had other partners –ewwwww !

  29. DianaSBinOC says:

    Wow 15:1 female to male ratio that’s incredible. I did come across many different type of adverts targeted to women. I think they wanted to make sure that SD’s met with a variety of different SB’s.

    @DutchGirlinLondon ~I’m so sorry for your loss.

  30. babydoll says:

    hello all beautiful Sugars!

    sorry had to work today and still having a massive hang over haha! it was a brilliant party although there were not a lot of pot Sd’s but still its not the SA’s fault at that,it is more like a culture thing in London as not a lot of men want to be seen at such parties and like i said,most Sd’s are married in London and hold good jobs that they dont want to be affected by it.

    Met the wonderful Mr Wade and had a photo taken with him,i find him such a sweetheart as he was everywhere and trying to join as much as he can and mingled with the girls haha!! some also managed to make him dance!

    met a lot of gorgeous girls as well and i know if there were more men who came they would have been lik in a candy shop like what my Sd said.

    Met some other bloggers that we havent met before and also everyone looked beautiful!
    I hope there were those who managed to get into an arrangement and also will have a sugary future!

    although i wasnt there to look for pots but had a brilliant time and thank you so much to English Rose who organized a meet up with other Sugars i am sure you girls had a blast!

    @blackcherry~as usual it was a laugh and agood evening with you haha!!!
    @skyler~i me ou late into the evening and also arcadia i hope we can all get to meet up again specially olympics is near!!! maybe a get together for all thhe Sugars who can make a Saturday afternoonxxx

    @bronzer and blush~i missed you? i didnt think we got introduced!! boo!
    @dutchy~sorry that you feel you have to say goodbye to Sugarbowl,but remember we are here and you know my number and ER kisses xxx
    Re Media~ we came late so there wasnt anyone filming when we arrived,managed to stay away from them inside aside from german press.

    but all in all i think it was a brilliant partyits a shame Brandon leaves tomorrow!!! we didnt even get the chance to chat with him! he looked like a shy charming man!

    @niki~thank you for all the help organizing and answering my messages yesterday xxxx you deserve a good lie in :))))

  31. Dutch Girl In London says:

    I left the party early as I got very frustrated having to duck and dive to avoid the press which were NOT contained to the one room and who kept taking photographs/filming despite being asked not to.

    Why was the one strike and you’re out measure not applied here? It does seem to be an extremely effective way to scare any quality SD’s away, as men were few and far between at the party, I think the ratio was over 15:1 female to male.

    On a further note, I am saying goodbye here – I am taking a Sugar break, I suffered two bereavements in 4 weeks and I need some TLC and to grieve. Thanks for all the advice given in the past and for the people who do have my email, keep in touch!

  32. Bronzer and Blush says:


    I just noticed your messages regarding the launch party! So sorry!

    Did you go? I’m pretty sure I met you last night at the party? How did you find it? I thought it was great! I made some really nice friends and had a good time, drank a bit too much champagne but it was nice.

  33. Christiana says:

    Me Too Jessica but on the Gold Coast lol

  34. Jessica says:

    I would really love to see a sugar party held in sydney australia. for all us auzzies

  35. flyr says:

    @babydoll et al

    It’s 0600 GMT Monday and we have not heard any results from the party. Must have been (still is) fun.

  36. SarahSB says:

    ooohhhh “sanctimonious” … i love it when the blog is educational!

  37. AnnaMW says:

    @ Flyer – I love your attitude. More SDs should follow your lead.

    I’ve had the protection conversation with my SDs which has naturally progressed to the STD conversation. I’m always candid, but never demanding or sanctimonious… The conversation is more like, “hey, this probably goes without saying but you’re cool with _______?” I don’t like to ruin the magic by asking too many questions, so I try to get the $$$ and health conversations out of the way in one swoop.

    Thanks for everyone that’s pointed out how rampant STD spread is. If a little extra pleasure for a guy is worth the risk giving his wife a communicable disease, he probably doesn’t like or care about his wife very much.

  38. babydoll says:

    @blackcherry~ haha i was going to say thta on the blog regarding I.D.

    @flyer~you made me laugh! well, thats probably the reason not alot of sd’s are into coming tonight because of marital reasons,i know a lot of the London sd’s are married and live a very discreet life specially if there is a company to protect and a million pound divorce settlement in the horizon in any case this party is the main reason for it!
    but well,its not stopping Sugarbabies like me to have a fun night with friends and to meet a lot of interesting people tonight!!!
    cant wait to meet a lot of the english sugarbabies and from different nationalities too,i hope that a lot of the girls will have a good idea what this involves specially for those who are still looking for the right arrangements,there maybe not a lot of pot sd’s tonight but this party will show what type of lifestyle some has when they get into the sugarbowl but also maybe a good thing to remember
    that all arrangements are unique and are actually sometimes tailored to what is needed or works for both its still a relationship,however you may think it is.
    a lot may not know it yet or not realize it yet, but if we take ourselves too seriously,or make it seem that we are asking for impossible things its more likely longer to wait before thes will come along,but at the same time if we let pot sd’s feel that we are takers for anything they are bound not to give the right arrangement and bound to take advantage.
    POT SD’s smell desperation a mile away! and apparently a huge turn off.but ofcourse play too hard to get they will be bound to move to the next sb available who will give them what they want!
    so,its really not easy,but what you may need is a lot of tact,good character,smiley personality and a lot of positive attitude.also, like my friends said~luck.

    i was reading through and i know the people behind this london event has spent a lot of time and effort and hardwork to make it happen,brandon and company,nikki the girl organizing it here,jensa and all those who were not seen,heard or known of but still making sure things will work like clockwork tonight, good job on all you wonderful people and making it possible here in London tonight.Congratulations in advance and cant wait to have a good fun evening and meet all of you tonight xxxx

  39. black cherry says:

    @flyr thats funny,true stay away from the sugar parties if your married,it may just cause more harm than good,unless obviously you want that divorce,then go for it 😉

    anyhow its been confirmed i.ds are to confirm your above 18

  40. DianaSBinOC says:


    The sugar bowl is supposed to improve your life not make it more complicated. No Drama goes both ways. The profiles that scare me the most say “drug and disease free”. Is it me or does that profile really read I do drugs and I’m riddled with diseases.

    Why don’t I see, “protection always required” instead? Young women are the most vulnerable to STD primarily when dating someone older due to the fact that they assume the person is wiser and would look out for their best interests. Also being intimidated and feeling that they want to be liked so they don’t want to insult the SD. Some will care about your health and others will see you as a hired play thing.

    Would be nice if they came out with profiles that were Diamond STD Free Member but that’s not something that is checked here. STD’S do not discriminate. Doesn’t matter who you are , race, age etc anyone can catch something. He’s wealthy , but he can still have AIDS. Wrap it up folks! Just think of it as the gift that keeps on giving….. life that is.

    Ohh and I’ve done my research. There are many escorts that have unprotected sex with customers.The whole GFE thing is having sex like it’s your girlfriend. Johns are all over this site in numbers, do you really want to be the next victim? Do not take someone’s words as truth when you life is on the line. Some men just don’t care.

    Actually there is a SD that has on his profile that he has herpes. At least he’s honest but how many would really divulge that information when they are looking for unprotected sex?

    Even NicoleNC had to ask. So in other words if she didn’t ask she could have later auditioned for Valtrex commercials ? Really ? So don’t ask don’t tell policy?

    And If I recall there was another SB that met a pot that was saying he wanted unprotected sex. When she asked him to do STD testing, he refused. Hmm wonder why.

    Actually before meeting a pot this seems to be smart to ask upfront
    A. If he has any STDs and if not
    B. Would he be willing to do STD testing.

    If he refuses then you don’t even have to step outside your door. Saves you the trouble of that awkward conversation because you are more than aware the guy is bringing drama.

  41. flyr says:

    As an SD my initial approach to the STD issue is the SB’s lifestyle.

    In the days before the press was pressured into suppressing the AIDS data, it was very clear that the risks were primarily associated with lifestyle choices of the individual and those in their social group. Were I an SB that would be my first level of screening with some absolute exclusions and it would also preclude some practices with or without protection.

    HSV-2 is widespread. I’m probably safer with someone who is taking suppressant drugs than someone who believes they are free but has not been tested.

    I think mutual current testing is not an unreasonable request by either party. I get it as a routine addition to my physical and would get tested mid year if requested by an potential SB.

  42. NicoleNC says:

    What the ****? I leave for a couple of days…come back and you guys are discussing what has been bothering me for days!. lol. Id been chatting with a potential SD for a couple of months. Finally met in person. Nice guy. We had great chemistry in person and on the phone. Honestly, a guy I would date in the real word. Well, for whatever reason I decided I needed to have the STD talk with him at the end of our first date. Come to find out, he has HSV-2. For whatever reason I wasn’t surprised….something just kept saying ask him about STDs. Although he has never had an outbreak, I have enough health issues and don’t need to add that to my list….

    Im disappointed but so thankful he was honest.

  43. SarahSB says:

    It’s imperative for us to protect ourselves, our VaJohnA, spouse, and the like, by using condoms. “Wrap it up, sweetheart.”

  44. A SB says:

    Also!! Unless the man has visible warts. There are no known smear tests or blood tests available for men for HPV detection. There’s practically no detection for HpV in men.. So what does this leave us??? Don’t fret!!! Absolute precaution (like going for regular paps) & prevention (by taking supplements, exercise and eating well!) c’est la vie!

  45. A SB says:

    Hsv1 & 2 as well as Hpv is a virus and will be with you for life (dormant or active) but it will not act up and can even be non transmissible if one has boost up their immune system. These virus are inevitable.. Be informed! Get gardasil for hpv. As for hsV1, please don’t go get tested for it. It’s pointless as you can get it from your manicurist or eyelash extensioner or even sharing food…it will simply cause psychological problems for you which might induce stress and lower immunity!! <– the previous statement quoted by TWO doctors and exaggerated a little by me. So just take precautions and get tested regularly for STDs and Paps! Be responsible, don't worry yourself after that!

  46. A SB says:

    Hsv1 & 2 as well as Hpv is a virus and will be with you for life (dormant or active) but it will not act up and can even be non transmissible if one has boost up their immune system. These virus are inevitable.. Be informed! Get gardasil for hpv. As for hsV1, please don’t go get tested for it. It’s pointless and will only cause psychological problems which might induce stress and lower immunity!! So just take precautions and get tested regularly for STDs! Be responsible, don’t worry yourself after that!

  47. flyr says:

    Id’s for the party ……………. It may be for your protection, to hopefully eliminate those who are looking to write expose’s or practice the fine art of blackmail.

    I can not imagine going to one of these events if I were married. There you are with your picture on the telly thanks to someone’s iphone and the commentator going on about gentlemen frolicking in the sugar bowl while wifey thinks they are at the office on an urgent matter.

    The young lady on your elbow doesn’t look like any of the nieces in your family or most any other family.

  48. black cherry says:

    hello guys,well am very disappointed that we actually have to take photo identification to this party,this is a pain.(well to me),the only form of photo id i have is my passport and i hate taking it out with me,unless obviously if am travelling abroad. seriously whose idea was this?so what happens to those that had their friends purchase tickets for them?will they be turned down because the name on their ticket doesn’t match the name on their id?Brandon please make this clear,i can’t remember ever purchasing a ticket for a party/shows and being asked to take id to prove thats my ticket.

    sorry for the moan,on a brighter note,am ready to party come sunday…oh and looks like someone needs to learn to put rubber at the end of it ha haha…..it doesn’t bite 🙂

  49. AnnaMW says:

    @ Emily – Good for you! So glad you hear you stand your ground. Condoms are a drag, but a necessity.

    I especially wouldn’t if the guy were married. Making an irresponsible decision regarding my own health is one thing, subjecting someones unknowing partner to risk seems really unfair. A lot of guys would argue that it isn’t my business, but I can’t help but empathize.

  50. AnnaMW says:

    @ VA – It sounds like you have a good thing with your SB ad you seem to care about her very much. My feedback wasn’t a criticism of your arrangement style, rather a voice of concern for your health as well as your wifes. I’m sure it’s out of place, but I know a LOT of girls, SBs and non, and girls who do P4P with men 40 years older them are the demographic I’d probably be most concerned about…. Evidently you are aware of the risks, so more power to you!

    You’re right about sugar monogamy being few and far between. I’ve never had simultaneous arrangements and while that wasn’t always negotiated, my SDs probably strongly assumed that I wasn’t. When I’m in an arrangement, it’s my primary relationship. I were serious enough about someone IRL that sex may enter the equation, I would probably end my arrangement. In fact, it’s happened in the past….. I try not to have a lot of “rules”… I just do what I’m comfortable with and understand that can change with time.

  51. Transgendered Emily says:

    Speaking of the Human Papilloma Virus, did you know that condoms don’t always prevent its transmission, and it’s becoming more responsible for cancers of the head and neck? HPV can cause cancers in people who engage in oral sex(head and neck), and cause cancers of the rectum in people who engage in anal sex.
    Now, people over the age of 25 (men and women) are being encouraged to take the series of vaccines to prevent HPV infection. Again, this virus can cause cancers of the head and neck, anal cancer, and cancers of the female reproductive tract.
    I’m not trying to sound nasty here, but all my guys wear protection. Till this very day, you’ve got men out there who have a problem with that. Get with the times!

  52. DianaSBinOC says:

    @VA No I don’t have it. My paps always come back normal. Thanks for giving me flashbacks of being in those lovely stirups.

    I forgot that you went from $500 per meet to $500 per week. P4W plan and it appears to come with birth control pills. Interesting.

  53. Msinodeh says:


  54. Va Gentleman says:

    @ Diana

    ” So you have HPV then ? ” Who knows ? There is no reliable test for guys . Do you ? Your Pap smears been OK Diana ?

    My SB is on a weekly allowance – – – remember , allowances can be paid weekly , monthly , annually .

  55. DianaSBinOC says:

    VA~” HPV is ubiquitous and that bus has already left the station”

    So you have HPV then. Good to know. When did that come about since you said neither of you did testing ? And when did you switch her from P4P to an allowance? This is news.

  56. Va Gentleman says:


    ” do you believe that its out of the realm of possibility that your P4P SB who is 40 years your junior might sneak sex with guys closer to her age or occasionally date IRL?”

    Sure , I hope she doesn’t need or want to but its possible . She is not PTP but is on an allowance and is my only partner. ( indeed my primary partner ) . I could be multifucking if I wanted but I choose to be monogamous and the risk she takes should I discover is that I will leave her . Period ! I am not tolerant of other partners like most are in the sugar bowl . I like the E-Connection as much as the physical aspects . She is young and certainly can do what she wants but I do have the expectation of monogamy . If I get an STD then I know where it came from and the party is over . When she is ready for an IRL relationship, marriage and kids then she can end our relationship and pursue those things . In the meantime she has someone who loves her and she loves , a very generous allowance , gifts, fun outings , travel , etc.

    HPV is ubiquitous and that bus has already left the station . Gardisil vaccine might put a dent in the infection rate long term but there are multiple genotypes that are potentially carcinogenic , not just 16 ,18 ( I bet you know the lingo) and there is crossreactivity . Vaccines also have potential lethal complications . In 3rd world countries where regular healthcare is not available vaccines will be lifesaving .

  57. Skylar says:

    Tilly, i sent you an email but it failed i will try again later.i’ve a busy day today.

  58. AnnaMW says:

    @ VA – Unprotected sex between consenting adults in a monogamous relationship is totally normal, but do you believe that its out of the realm of possibility that your P4P SB who is 40 years your junior might sneak sex with guys closer to her age or occasionally date IRL? I were married or in a relationship, I would be horrified by the prospect of giving my primary partner a disease.

    To give you an idea of how common it is, almost of my girlfriends have had one. My friends are not SBs, they are not promiscuous, a few are Ivy educated and one has only had three partners… People lie about their health status constantly because they are embarrassed or think they can’t pass something on when they aren’t having symptoms. Statistically, if you’ve been with more than two people, you probably have HPV. Something like 70% of the population has HSV1 or 2. I totally disagree that this is only an issue that escorts have to worry about.

  59. tilly says:

    @ skylar
    armamion at yahoo dot co uk

    ladies please let me know where the pre-party meet is

  60. VanillaSugar says:


    Funny story I want to share now that I’m older.

    After graduation from high school, I ran into one of my teachers. He was a very handsome, but very old lol! He was like 70 and I was only 18. During our lunch, he told me he wanted me to be his lover. I could do nothing but laugh. But he was sooo serious!!! Lol!

  61. DianaSBinOC says:

    Late Bloomer~ I don’t think your posts have been deleted. They are in the most recent blog dated May 13th . (Mother’s Day Blog) I responded to your question earlier:)

  62. Late Bloomer SB says:

    This blog is still fun to read but I feel disheartened by the fact that my posts have been deleted every time. I have read the blog for quite a while. For the short time that this post will remain, I wish you all good luck. I can now understand why many people have abandoned it.

  63. DianaSBinOC says:

    Actually the blog before this one …opened up on APRIL 16TH.
    This blog opened up on MAY 3RD

    Today is MAY 17TH. It’s not old. Also the London Sugar Rush date hasn’t even arrived yet. It’s on May 20TH. So hopefully this blog will be buzzing all weekend until next week with wonderful experiences:)

  64. Tierra says:

    i want to go

  65. Tina says:

    @ Spotticus: mmmmmmm Twinkies……sorry, got distracted there. My dog has a coin purse for a testicle sack, so he doesn’t have to worry about all your woes. Unfortunately I have only rescue dogs, which are already gone through an OHE/Castration prior to coming home with me, so I don’t have any advice for you. 🙂

    And it’s still interesting to see how long this old blog is active.

    At the rodeo in Texas every year you can get deep fried Twinkies. And Oreos. And bananas….and……

  66. Skylar says:

    @ Tilly
    Sure you can have it, send me your contact so we can intouch.

  67. tilly says:

    @ Skyler

    can i get the ticket will pay for it was too scared and thought i will just buy one there

  68. Va Gentleman says:

    @ AnnaMW

    @ VA – BAREBACK!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!?!?!!!!!!!!???!?!?!?!!??!!!!!!!!!! WTF? Jesus Christ.

    Tell me how you really feel about that lol !

    After evaluation together for compatability, desireability , and comfort as a long term SD/SB bareback is a deal breaker . I will not have a SB who demands condoms . This is one of several reasons why I also require monogamy –for her protection as well as mine. Proper birth control is instituted as well .

    Now if you are in the escort world Anna then condoms are a must .

  69. DianaSBinOC says:

    BTW I’m so looking forward to hearing about this weekend’s adventures in London Sugar! I would completely drool over those sexy British accents.

  70. DianaSBinOC says:

    @SDGu~ Not a justification. You questioned, I answered, it’s clear:)

    @AnnaMW~ It’s always nice to keep an open mind but of course there are some things I’m never going to be open too. I understand that some boys will not like some girls because they aren’t open to the things they may desire. But really that’s going to be the issue regardless. There will always be someone that doesn’t like that they can’t use you for what they want. Even the nicest “no thank you” could provoke a negative response that was entirely off base. It could be shocking to get a response like this but if the guy is ugly what do you care? If that same guy has been reported as a fake more than once then you laugh even harder.

    What I find is even more helpful in making sure you don’t meet what you do or don’t want is to read some of the SD blogs out there. Blogger seems to provide page after page of SB and SD experiences in the bowl. Quite eye opening into what both parties tend to look for and what they are both bringing. An interesting read was a pots’ “Beginner’s Guide to being a Sugar Daddy” (you can google it). Wow what a wealth of knowledge that was. Even his view of the SB was quite enlightening. Now this guy calls himself a “hobbyist” of escorts but he took some time in the sugar bowl to find a cheaper alternative. I would highly suggest every SB to read this because he lays out a very clear foundation on how he goes about his craft.

  71. Skylar says:

    Omg! I just noticed i wrote masssege instead of messege sorry!

  72. Skylar says:

    Bronzer and Blush, Unfortunately im going in alone, the girl that i was supposed to come with had some matters to deal with so she didn’t come.
    I’m in London right now, how do i get hold of you if you planning to attend? I got an extra ticket if anybody wants it. Bronzer and Blush i hope you get my massege in time.
    Thanks Skylar.

  73. EnglishRose says:

    @Tilly & Chantelle

    Midwest is right! We’ll be a the big group of chattering girls 😉
    You are both more than welcome to come to the pre-party, I’ll ask the moderators to pass on my email, get in touch & I’ll send you the details 🙂


  74. RobM says:


    Thanks for this reply and also via email, the very kind and professional offer of ticket price. The gesture is much appreciated. It appears my initial concerns are the exact opposite of the situation and the event is a huge success with Sugar Babes… nice odds for some lucky men.

    Unfortunately I now have to fly out to Japan on Sunday 20th so am unable to come to the event. I didn’t anticipate this but as ever the demands of business tend to intervene and social arrangements once again take the ‘back seat’ due to work and travel. It’s ironic in that I am in London today and tomorrow yet have to leave UK on Sunday.

    I will maintain my interest and look forward to hearing how it went for those lucky enough to attend. Well, good luck with your first UK venture. I hope to get to the next one, and again my thanks for your courtesy and professionalism in response – this is the kind of customer service that impacts positively on the business and you are to be commended for that. Good luck and have FUN to all those attending – hope you all find positive links with rewarding results.

  75. Dutch Girl in London says:

    @SDInLA Wabbit has just informed me that a dental check is required first before any snogging can occur. Now do you brush, floss and brush tongue?

    Whispering Doggy condoms do not exist since castration is deemed much more effective – plenty of eunuchs in the doggy world. I suppose not having thumbs makes putting a condom on, quite complicated too. And how would you open the packet, with your teeth?

  76. Spot aka SDinLA's dog says:

    I tried to purchase a ticket, but there was no option for four legged guests. That Dutch lady in London invited me to come and snog her rabbit too. Oh well. Next time.

    I was sitting on the patio when I was in rehab out in Malibu and thinking (one has plenty of time to think in rehab.) Let’s say I go to the dog park and meet some cute bitch. Let’s say she is in heat, and well, you know, we bump uglies. If her master gives me a post-coital treat, does that make it P4P? Or does that make me a gigolo since I am being paid, so to speak, for my sexual favours? And what if we do it every week at the dog park, would it be wrong if I asked her master to only give me treats once a month? Somehow I feel used when there’s an exchange of treat(s) every time sex is involved.

    And why don’t dogs have condoms? What if I’m not ready to be a parent to an entire litter of puppies? Is it my responsibility to deal with birth control? And what about STDs? If we’ve never sniffed each other’s bums before, would it be awkward to ask her for a recent STD/STI panel? Most of the time they’re in heat and don’t care, so I suppose the onus would be on me.

    Don’t even get me started on the age difference thing… with every human year being equal to seven dog years, find a cute bitch who’s 4 years younger than me and it’s practically a May/December romance.

    What say you Tina? How are the cartoon Twinkies?

  77. AnnaMW says:

    @ Diana – The SD with the sick wife really is a wonderful person….. The SB I introduced him to is closer to his age and his full time companion. I love matchmaking as much as I love sugar success stories. 🙂

    There was another who I dismissed initially, but after meeting a dozen or so women, he circled back to me and asked me to have a conversation with him. He felt as though he would soon be too old to pursue beautiful, young women, so he discussed it with his beautiful wife (knockout, btw) who was secure enough to let him explore, knowing that he loved her and would allow her the same if she desired. It sounds a little shady/pervy, but I actually admire their relationship. If everyone involved is consenting, the marriage qualm goes away.

    I really try not to discount anyone until I hear their story.. I like giving people a chance to explain why they want to have an affair. Unlike most, I enjoy a lot of email banter and information sharing prior to meeting. I like cautious, deliberate people who appreciate that I also have things to lose.

    I’m with you on liking separated men. They are my favorites, actually. They are generous (wives are more expensive), aren’t in the habit of sleeping around, are capable of NSA with feelings and are so appreciative that we aren’t their wives.

    • SD Guru says:


      Everyone is free to make their choices in the sugar world, so please don’t feel like you have to justify your choices to anyone. By the same token, I don’t pass judgement on what choices people make as long as they are happy with their choices. As I’ve always said, keep doing what works for you!! 😛

  78. Midwest SB says:

    Tilly & Chantelle – There are several blog sugars attending the London Party. I bet if you go inside and find the largest group of ladies having fun, you can approach and see if they are from the blog. You will be warmly welcomed.

  79. DianaSBinOC says:

    @AnnaMW~ “While I stipulated for married men not to contact me, I’ve talked to several who had stories I could really empathize with and were in pretty victimless situations….. I met one whose wife was substantially older and afflicted with schizophrenia. He was too good of a man to leave and not honor his commitment to care for her. We never had an arrangement, but I helped him find his current SB who he’s been with for five years. We’re still good friends.”

    I love your posts and thank you for bringing to my attention SD’s that fall under the “special circumstances” umbrella. What you described is a special situation indeed. I applaud this obviously sweet SD that has stuck by his wife for all those years. That’s actually heartbreaking to read.

    Now I’ve always been open to separated men as well as divorced. It’s not just the single never married men types of course. 🙂

  80. tilly says:

    good job i found this blog scared of turning up alone

    ladies can i also join you for a meet before the party will appreciate this

    look forward to seeing you all

  81. AnnaMW says:

    @ VA –

    BAREBACK!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!?!?!!!!!!!!???!?!?!?!!??!!!!!!!!!! WTF? Jesus Christ.

    @ Diana –

    I love that you have high standards and self esteem. I like meeting other girls who are looking for “traditional” arrangements and have similar preferences. Most of the time, I agree with what you have to say. That having been said, i’ve found it advantageous to keep an open mind when it comes to dating…

    I am also 5k+ SB who prefers single guys and despite not living in a high density area, I have had no problem finding long term arrangements…. If I had tons of obvious rules and were inflexible, boys probably wouldn’t like me…. No guy will date you if you seem like a pain in the ass early on….

    I have a screening process, and theres been a lot of trial and error. Most of the things I won’t do, i’ve tried at least once in the past and have learned from experience. Allowance range and mutual physical attraction are the only total non-negiables.

    While I stipulated for married men not to contact me, I’ve talked to several who had stories I could really empathize with and were in pretty victimless situations….. I met one whose wife was substantially older and afflicted with schizophrenia. He was too good of a man to leave and not honor his commitment to care for her. We never had an arrangement, but I helped him find his current SB who he’s been with for five years. We’re still good friends.

  82. Tina says:

    AWWWWWWWW you guys made SD Guru bring out the dead horse icon! (and he beat me to it! damn job!) I’ll have to admit this is the longest time that I’ve seen an old blog entry active……..interesting……

  83. Va Gentleman says:


    ” btw you never answered my questions on what you would tell you wife if the SB you’ve been having unprotected sex with ends up getting pregnant ”

    I always provide for my SB’s birth control needs whether it be condoms (last choice) or hormonal options . Even so pregnancy can happen( 1% failure rate on the pill) . If it did we would decide together if abortion is an option vs adoption vs keeping the baby . This is an issue ALL sexually active partners need to consider –even you with your SDs. What would I tell my Wife ? Don’t know . Hopefully it will never be an issue . What would you do if you got pregnant with your SD ?

  84. DianaSBinOC says:

    @ Va ~ lol. btw you never answered my questions on what you would tell you wife if the SB you’ve been having unprotected sex with ends up getting pregnant. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. Just want to know where you’re coming from Dr. 🙂

    @SD Gu~ Does a SD have to be rich offering a $3,000-$5,000 monthly allowance? Now if he is single I’m pretty positive he’s not providing for a full home filled with a wife and children which would allow him more disposable income. Hmm makes sense doesn’t it. Now my two SD’s were attractive. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be intimate with an SD that I found irresistible.

    I also never said that was my ideal SD that you described. I said those were the SD’s I’ve been with in the past. What can I say? Sometimes when you’re not looking, you actually receive what you’re not even asking for. These things happen.

    You may tell a sugar baby you have $500 a month to offer as long as she’s ok with hiding the relationship from you wife. She may jump for joy and you may have just save yourself an extra $500. These things do happen right?

    Today ,My ideal SD would be someone that I’m attracted to , provides a full monthly allowance, not married and is within a reasonable distance in age from me. Some men made their millions at 60 with the support of their loving wife. Others may have reached their millions alone at 30 before they found their wife. Which do you think an sb would prefer? This isn’t a trick question. Now I’m just here to have fun that doesn’t harm anyone and I would love to enjoy that fun with a like minded individual.

    Hopefully some day I’ll make it to 60 but then again I’d probably be considered too old for a man in his 60’s to date me.:) Funny how that works huh?

  85. Va Gentleman says:


    ” What happened to the happy Eunuchs ” ? No balls

    • SD Guru says:


      Based on what you described, your ideal SD would be young, single, rich, generous, and provides everything you need without having to ask. Oh, and he would never want sex… Did I miss anything?? :mrgreen:

  86. Transgendered Emily says:

    I’m not planning on going to Europe in the near future, but I’ll be in the New York area for the next few days. I hope to find an attractive Southern European man while I’m there. The city’s full of foreigners. It’s a relief to be out of West Virginia!

  87. DianaSBinOC says:

    @sweetNsassy~ I actually did understand what you wrote exactly. I’m well aware of women being attracted to a professor for the fact that he’s an older more experienced individual that they may idolize. To a fresh out of high school college student a professor is a star similar to that of football player or a celebrity in Hollywood. Some women desire married men because they see it as an improvement of their self esteem problems. Taking something from a married woman is what makes them feel better about themselves. If he’s high profile it makes it even that much more rewarding. However all women are not of this type. There are that select few that want what someone else has and feels that sleeping with it will bring them some type validation of their self worth.

    Now I understand sugar as an added sweetener but that’s not why most women are here. If the financial aspect wasn’t the major issue for many of the women struggling with college debt then this site wouldn’t even exist. There are other sites for married men that are looking to cheat with a willing partner. Most dating sites have a section where a man can put that he’s married but looking for an extramarital affair. Even the site AshlMad is one of such sites where a man can honestly seek out an affair with a woman who isn’t interested in financial support. A few adult friend sites are also available for NSA as well. So I disagree that the sugar bowl is the only place to find women that are interested in having relations with married men. It’s just one place that one can find it. Of course to add married men can find women like you in person that are more than happy to cheat with them.

    Now the issue here is that the site is advertising to women in college that are having issues with financial hardships like tuition fees even single mothers that can use a helping hand to lighten the load. If the men here were looking to provide financial assistance without “sexpectations” women would jump to that opportunity. As we all know that’s not what’s being offered at all. Sugar daddies of the past didn’t require sex from the females they helped. It was companionship and trust that built a close friendship. What happened to the happy Eunuchs? I don’t know where they all went, they are actually probably the real minority on the site at this time. If they even exist at all. If a woman here could just spend time with her sugar daddy for an allowance without sex would he still be as generous? 99.5% wouldn’t at all.

    So is it really the women being escorts ? Remember the older men are supposed to be wiser , more experienced and have some self control, is there a reason to push for sex with someone so young? I’m pretty sure they would all say: Why the hell not!

    By the way my first sugar daddy I didn’t sleep with at all nor did I expect an allowance from him. He gave me without me asking and he kept giving me even when I refused. There were no sexpectations at all.

    Before it was if he was a land owner or had livestock to trade , now it’s sugar and the benefit of him being able to walk away.

    Why aren’t college parties being held at old age homes? Could be some real fun there! Liven up the crowd!

    “Would you encourage any potential SB to get into the sugar bowl if she told you she dislikes the idea of being with someone older but it willing to do it for x amount of dollars a month?”

    The same could be said : If a man knows that the woman finds him repulsive, why would he pay?” Why is he giving an allowance for sex anyway? Why is he expecting sex from someone that he wouldn’t have access to any other way without the financial aspect? If he sees young beautiful woman on the street and 99.9% are not attracted to him, then why exactly would he sign up here?” If women are drooling over him everyday all the time why would he come here?

    “I understand I may be in the minority that believes sugar can be an added sweetener to a relationship and not the defining ingredient. After all there are those in much more financial hardships. It must suck to have to feign affection though.”

    There was a sugarless married guy that brought up this fact 4 blogs back or so. Basically talking about how many women he has slept with that are here just for sex with a married man. His basic premise was that women are competitive and seek to compete against one another for his affections. I think he has about 3 or 4 women in rotation that are happy to share him with his wife.

    For me desiring a married man hasn’t been something I ever felt. I may have found some married men attractive but once I knew they were married they became off limits. However a relationship that I’m having to duck and hide to have isn’t as much fun. I would never want to be kept a secret or be hidden because their Real relationship is not only out in the open but obviously much more important than the one I have with them. The dangers of such a relationship out weigh the rewards. The last time I heard a woman was found cheating with someone’s husband at work, she came out to her car covered in battery acid. It’s a good thing she wasn’t in it huh? Plus I already posted the states in which a woman could be financially ruined before she even get’s a chance to start a career. Another woman had gun put to her head for sleeping with someone’s husband. Some women are help brighten their future not to have end before it even begins.

  88. sweetNsassy says:


    I’m not sure you understand what my comments were in reference to or maybe I did not make it clear. I was simply pointing out why I believe the sugar bowl is designed more for the married SD. Several individuals pointed out how the sugar bowl facilitates the NSA concept and also makes it possible to attain a much younger female. I believe it was
    Va Gentleman who stated “20 somethings would not be interested in a SD 20 to 40 yrs their senior without Sugar in the picture.” Like I stated from my own personal surrounding that is not always true. There are also females more than happy to do NSA and do not expect a ring or meeting of the parents. In my opinion the married SDs are the ones who must truly rely on sugar should they wish to carry on any arrangement with a female be they younger or older.

    I’m not sure where you read sugar isn’t something I’m not interested in at all? I have been in both sugar and non sugar relationships with older men. I think I pointed out with a previous question that my current SD is married. Although he and I met in real life, I would have no qualms using seeking arrangement to find my next SD be he married or not. I do believe that any woman who goes out with a much older man purely for the sole purpose of a financial gain is proving Va’s escort comment valid. As a younger female if you are turned off by the idea of being with an older gentleman but are willing to do it for money then what makes you any different from an escort? Would you encourage any potential SB to get into the sugar bowl if she told you she dislikes the idea of being with someone older but it willing to do it for x amount of dollars a month?

    I understand I may be in the minority that believes sugar can be an added sweetener to a relationship and not the defining ingredient. After all there are those in much more financial hardships. It must suck to have to feign affection though.

  89. flyr says:

    @Nicole “I need advice….”

    Big Picture
    he lives far away
    my guess is that you live in a low SD density area , thus the NY or LA rules don’t apply

    first question is if you sense character. One of your protectors has questioned his use of the term girlfriend experience which may be a red flag. You might want to test his expectations by telling him that you are not into demonstration drives, if that’s what he wants he needs to check with Hertz, you want to see if you are compatible with both feet on the ground, is he ok with a couple of meetups to talk. You can always make a decision earlier but you have created space

    I know webcams are all the rage. However, I have never seen or used one. If a potential SB asked me to join her I might wonder if that was a career choice of hers. I would also be uncomfortable getting on the cam without some practice.

    I’s surprised at what you can find in digital pictures. Last year’s vacation pix were electronically date stamped a decade ago or the world trade center was in the distant background.

    As Reagan said ” trust but verify”

    I am in full agreement that if you are willing to drive he should more than compensate you for your cost. I would probably bring a nice ( perhaps funny) greeting card with my reimbursement and hand you the card as we sat down.

    The important thing is to maintain some control over the process. Manage expectations to test if he is looking for a long term relationship. Pick a comfortable place – enough people to be safe and enough privacy to talk .

    Good luck………………

  90. Chantelle says:

    @englishrose is there any more room on the pre party list? 🙂 xx

  91. Chantelle says:

    Hi all, i have been lurking for a while and decided it’s time to emerge and join in!

    I really want to go to this party but so apprehesive and dont want to go alone. anyone else in the same boat?

  92. Relaxedamanda says:

    DO the SA powers that be know if the 8:1 ratio has been lowered for a more balanced party?

  93. DianaSBinOC says:

    ~Va lol yes that was creepy:)

    “I know it’s not totally honest but many of us feel that if we are allowed to meet that we will win the day so to speak . ( Diana –don’t even go there ) After all , age is just a number .”

    Yes I will go there. lol ….If age is just a number than there would be no reason for you to lie. You know practice what you preach Dr. Va.

    Speaking of Dr. things umm what is this: ” I don’t ask for documentation and haven’t been asked before re: STD testing . It is a good idea to do so . I expect BAREBACK with my SB”

    So sure you’re having unprotected sex with someone 40 years your junior. Now of course they don’t have the history of partners you have but protecting them from what you may have caught over the years doesn’t cross your mind? What happened to being a mentor there Dr. VA? How about pregnancy concerns? Are you throwing out blanks or it’s just not your body so not your problem? What happens if she does get pregnant and decides to keep it? How will that conversation go over with your wife?

    Was skydiving without a parachute not available that weekend or strolling into a lion’s exhibit wearing an assorted meat necklace at the local zoo not enough fun? I’m trying to figure out why the death-danger zone game?

  94. Adrianna SB says:

    Wish I could go!

  95. Va Gentleman says:


    ” Did I fill out the questionnaire properly Dr. Va? ”

    Hmmmm –I see we have a lot of work to do here young lady . Lie down on that couch over there ,take a deep breath and try to be good heh heh ! (creepy enough for you ? )


    ” I think a woman who would otherwise never spend time with an older gentleman unless for money does dampen the entire sugar bowl experience ”

    Sweet , sassy ! This gives me hope that all is not just about the money .


    ” He appears to be who he says he is ”
    ” what has your experience been with SBs and STD testing ” ?

    Sounds like he has potential and he would be worth getting to know Nicole . I worried as he does that my stated age would eliminate me from my pot’s screening list . I know it’s not totally honest but many of us feel that if we are allowed to meet that we will win the day so to speak . ( Diana –don’t even go there ) After all , age is just a number .

    I don’t ask for documentation and haven’t been asked before re: STD testing . It is a good idea to do so . I expect bareback with my SB so do whatever is necessary to create that level of comfort . Of course it depends on whether you two have multiple partners . This is one reason why I want exclusivity .

  96. DianaSBinOC says:

    SweetNSassy~ I have had a crush on a prof before. There is nothing wrong with that. Still I’ve never been one to be forward in my interest in men. I just wasn’t raised that way, nor have I ever had to be that way.

    If you really feel deep down that you don’t want to accept financials from an SD. Why not join a regular dating site and just put on your profile that you’re only interested in men over 56? Your inbox will be full trust me and you can regularly date all of these older gentlemen. Actually since there are so many fakes here without any money at all , you can just put on your profile you’re interested in dating without any financial help. You will be bombarded with an inbox full to the brim. Even on Whats your price. Put down $5 say you’re interested there in men over 56 and again full inbox with accepted offers.

    The sugar bowl comes with sugar. It’s not the free bowl for a reason. But again you may be here for something different and guys would enjoy having sex with a woman without providing her anything, as we can see many do it with promising everything. My question is since sugar isn’t something you’re interested in at all , why don’t you have a non sugar daddy already?

  97. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Nicole NC~ I get it so you had to cancel twice when he wanted to fly out. His name and information checks out too and he had a P4P situation before that he wasn’t interested in. Plus the “GFE” term was your wording not his. Also he came clean about his age. Since he seemed understanding and patient that you don’t want to do the drive. Perhaps this one is REAL.

  98. DianaSBinOC says:

    @NicoleNC~ I can’t put links in here but if you put in a google search :fake sugar daddies exposed , it should be the first link to pop up.

  99. NicoleNC says:

    @Va Gentleman
    Okay. Just spoke with the potential SD. He said he lied about his age because he didn’t think I would date him otherwise, but understood if I didn’t want to drive to meet him…or wanted to wait til he could fly out to see me next month (he actually was flying to see me twice but I had to cancel last minute both times). Im leaning toward believing him, as up until this point he has without prompting given me his entire name, address, and the name of the company where he is CEO. I checked it out through a variety of sources (not just his). He appears to be who he says he is. As for the “girlfriend” experience…that was my phrasing, not his. Sorry about that. His last SB just wanted a P4P and didn’t want to do things with him and he is looking for someone who likes to do things with him…outside of the bedroom. Im curious @Va Gentleman what has your experience been with SBs and STD testing….is that something SBs tend to ask SDs or do some SDs also ask SBs? I knew I would never have unprotected sex, but I didn’t even think to ask an SD to get tested either.

  100. DianaSBinOC says:

    @VA~ “Got questions D if you feel comfortable answering – Do you have a SD ? Have you had a good relatonship with a SD before ? Have you had bad experiences with men in the past ?”

    Are you trying to analyze me dear Dr. VA? Is the couch prepared? Also be sure to have that plastic plant that never gets watered in the corner:) lol:)

    Here I’ll provide you with some information for your “scrap” booking:) hehe:)

    Yes two SD’s one divorced 37 and one single 42 .These men I adored and they gave to me willingly and surprisingly without me even asking. My only issue was they wanted to marry me. Too fast too soon not ready for such a commitment. I’ve been hit on by married men in and out of the sugar bowl. I even recall a married man contacting me 2 weeks after his wife gave birth to their child. So for me it’s one of those knee jerk reactions of disgust that feels awful. Hearing someone complain about not getting sex because there wife is stitched up down below is not something I would put in the “good category”. Obviously she didn’t get herself pregnant now did she?

    I came here because since I enjoyed sugar outside the bowl I felt I could enjoy it inside. The problem as you clearly have read here is that there are more fakes and johns on this site than the real deal. So weeding through the fakes takes time one that many other SB’s don’t have. I’m in no rush. The journey is half the fun:)

    Once you get a taste of REAL sugar it’s kinda hard to settle for “scraps”.

    Did I fill out the questionnaire properly Dr. Va? Are we going to move on to the Rorschach slides next?:)

  101. sweetNsassy says:

    I guess because I’m in a university environment it makes it hard for me to believe that the only way an older gentleman can get a younger woman is by giving her a monthly allowance. I’ve seen too often (myself included), students dating professors and those quite willingly to put their tenure or academic careers on the line. I can assure you in many of those there is not monetary sugar involved and many do not date students enrolled in their own class (no grade inflation). Heck in undergrad I spent quite a bit of time hanging out in bars/restaurants deemed “professor central”. I guess it all depends on what type of individual one is attracted to.

    As for the argument that it creates an understanding that there should be no expectations, do these types of relationships not exist in real life as well? What happened to the NSA types of dating where those words were enough to ensure the other party not to expect family meetings or eventual marriage. There are certainly alternative lifestyles that do not involve sugar. It seems for the single SD it comes down to willingness to work. They’d rather not go through the hard work of finding someone whom they have to explain “hey this is just a fling, it most likely wont lead to much so lets just have fun”. It is true there are women who will not accept such honesty but the opposite is also true as well. Just take in to consideration more women are deciding to hold off on marriage and a baby carriage.

    I think a woman who would otherwise never spend time with an older gentleman unless for money does dampen the entire sugar bowl experience. It gives more credibility to Va’s argument of escorts and johns.

    Keep in mind of course my views are skewed by my university experience and the fact that at 19 I had a tremendous crush on my 47 year old econometrics professor. Was much too shy to do anything about it then but if we could cross paths now 😉

  102. NicoleNC says:

    Where is the fake sugar daddy blog list?

  103. Lana says:

    Well… I have tried to bring it up.. but then I get really nervous… and then choke… People don’t usually intimidate me.. in fact I have always been seen as strong and independant, and so maybe asking for help is a sign of a weakness in my mind… and so I don’t let myself do it. On the other side.. I totally have daddy issues :)… there is nothing sexier than and older man “taking care of you”.. and making you feel like the sexiest thing alive… 🙂 I don’t mind just dating for no benefit… but since we have met on this site as VA Gent mentioned, I might as well use it to my advantage… right :P?

  104. DianaSBinOC says:

    @ Lana you sound like you’ve met a nice guy. Well since you two sound like you have a great relationship so far and it also appears honesty and communication is going well on both sides, I would bring it up similar to how you just did. Just tell him that you refused his help because you wanted to make sure there was chemistry between you two but would appreciate his help now. Just tell him you didn’t want to take anything from him until you were sure the feelings were mutual. I think he probably respects you waiting and from the way he sounds with trying to help early on I don’t think he will have an issue doing so now.

  105. Va Gentleman says:

    @ Lana

    ” I don’t want to loose him by starting to be greedy all of a suddden”

    Lana , he is on this site and knows how it works , sugar for companionship . You probably stunned him by offering your company for free , and there is no free lunch in life . He has had an IRL gf in you . Since you have given him this treat he might be spoiled and not think of you in terms of a true SB anymore .

    Tell him that you really like him but that your financial status has changed and you would appreciate discussing it with him . Have a number in mind that you need to make things whole for you ,because he will ask . If he can’t do what you need you might have to suggest that you will need to find a second SD ,but you would rather be exclusive .

  106. Lana says:

    Hello… I had a quick question… I’ve met an interesting guy… he’s good looking, nice and fun… I know he has lots of money because I have done a background check on him.. and I probably know about him more than I should…. but a girl can never be too safe 🙂 … Anyway… The problem I am having I have created myself; When I first met him… I told him that I am only looking for companionship and mentorship, and that I don’t feel right to take money from somebody, especially if I have a blast with them. I was on the website to meet influencial people, I didn’t necessarily get on it to have sex with older men for allowence. When I met him, I was separated.. still living with my husband… he understood my situation… and had no problem with it… So I have been honest with him about everything but money, I always tell him that I am fine even when he offers to pay for gas or my babysitter… etc.. I felt that I wanted to establish the chemistry before the financial part would ever take place, and I wasn’t in a hurry. Now I like him enough that I don’t want to loose him by starting to be greedy all of a suddden. I regret not talking about it right away and letting it get to this uncomfortable situation. So my question is; How can I bring it up without sounding greedy, kind of letting him know that if i would get a little help i could move out sooner etc… or even make it his idea (because I hate to ask for anything) When I asked him about seeing other people, he told me that he would like to be selfish and have me only for himself, which I appriciate because I wanted the same.. but now I am not sure.. how I can fix this 😛

  107. Va Gentleman says:


    ‘why would you be looking for a new SB” I’m not

    ” How about a Truce? ” You got it

    Got questions D if you feel comfortable answering – Do you have a SD ? Have you had a good relatonship with a SD before ? Have you had bad experiences with men in the past ?

    Just curious where you are coming from

  108. DianaSBinOC says:

    @NicoleNC ~ First I would check the fake sugar daddy blog list just to make sure he’s not on it. That will take some time.Now a 5 year lie isn’t too bad. It’s when it’s a decade or two when I feel like the person is a walking joke. Dating site saying 64 is probably also a lie, he’s probably closer to 74. For me honestly once someone hit’s 60 I can’t tell if they are 60 or 80 so it really wouldn’t matter.

    Now STDs? I don’t really think you’re going to get honesty here no matter what the age is. If someone said yes I have HIV but I love unprotected sex, how fast would you hang up the phone? The only way to get the truth is an STD panel that he will agree to. If he decides not to than you already have your answer why. There was a blog here a few months back talking about STD’s and it may help to take a glance at it. I think one SB here had 4 SD’s do a panel and 3 came back with some incurable STD. So yes I feel it’s quite important to have that all cleared up with testing.

    He said he wanted the Girlfriend Experience? That’s an escort term. Also known as GFE so yes this man has obviously been seeing escorts prior to finding the sugar bowl. I’ve seen the term in profiles “GFE” and did my research so yes he is a John.

    Also the 4 hour drive he claims he’s doing is also probably a lie. He’s probably driving 30-45 minutes to an area away from home but not too far. Also what are his plans for a first meet? Dinner and a hotel for a few hundred?

    I think you need to talk to him by phone more and learn about what he’s really looking for. But from what I’m reading this guy is just looking for a cheap escort. I would not drive drive almost 3 hours to meet a stranger especially one that is using escort terms. He is not going to give you gas money so you will be stranded or he’ll give you the option to sleep with him for gas money. I’ve heard this story before. SB drives out to meet some pot with little money to return home safely because he’s promising her a wonderful arrangement, but she either barely makes it home or she does sleep with the man for $100 just to leave.

    Now if he really wanted to keep your mind at ease, for 1 he would come to your area, meet you at a place 10-45 minutes from where you live, that way you’re not dealing with being out of gas at all. If he can’t do that, tell him you’d rather wait until he can fly the distance to meet you. The man is obviously looking for anyone to give him the time of day if he’s both on this site ,a dating site and using escort terms.

    When it comes to being new on the site you’ll get bombarded with the fakes, flakes and dangerous ones. I strongly advise not to meet this guy by driving 2.5 hours til your gas runs out. You’ll be at risk of him taking advantage of you because you’ll be relying on his help just to get home. I also don’t think this guy is coming with real sugar. If it’s a real SD hoping on a plane is easy and it saves time but he supposedly wants to sit in traffic for 4 hours and is more than happy to have you drive for almost 3?

    Try a webcam chat first. That way you’ll see who you’re talking to. The camera doesn’t lie and neither will they be able to. If he says he doesn’t have one, tell him to go purchase one. They are cheaper than the gas you both will waste to meet. If he gets quiet and stop responding then again you’ll have your answer about his intentions. I tried webcam with one pot and he ended up being 150lbs heavier and 10 years older. I know a camera can add about 10-20 lbs but umm yeah that was ALL him. lol One to many lies and I loose interest. It was a shame he was quite the looker in his day.

  109. Bronzer and Blush says:

    Hey SBs!

    Hope your all well!!

    So I am going on sunday………….truthfully was rather apprehensive as I dont know what to expect!
    Ive been in contact with a lovely SB on here about meeting up before the night 🙂 however is anyone wanting to meet up on a friday? Let me know!


  110. DianaSBinOC says:

    @VA~ ” @ VAJohn ” resorting to name calling now Diana ? We are obviously on opposite ends of the spectrum so I will agree to disagree and applaud the existence of this board which allows such a diversity of opinion . You will never date a married SD or even approve of it ,so be it . You will never be one of my SBs and I can live with that .

    What do you mean resorting to name calling? You called yourself a John early on in this blog and seemed to have no issue when I agreed early on. Awe:( I thought we were having such fun with our back and forth banter. I thought you were beyond all this with joy and laughter:) You also called the sbs here whores as you threw that grenade before closing the door. Don’t worry I will not tease you anymore:) You’re right I will never be your Sb as you are clearly aware I don’t accept P4P or married SD’s and I can’t see being with someone with a significant age gap from me. Now why would you be looking for a new SB , you professed love and happiness for your current one, are you now saying paradise is no longer fun? How about a Truce? An olive branch? 🙂

  111. Princess says:

    Hi there, @Karla, @babydoll @rachel, @arcadia sb

    To all you sugarbabies going on sunday Would you like some more company..please message me so we can meet up! Not keen on going on my own! xxxxxxx

    [email protected] dot co dot uk please don’t delete this us sugarbabies need to stick together!!

  112. Va Gentleman says:


    ” sugar bowl was designed for the married SD. ”

    It IS perfect for married SDs for obvious reasons . However , someone mentioned earlier and correctly so , that many (most ? ) 20 somethings would not be interested in a SD 20 to 40 yrs their senior without Sugar in the picture . So a 50 yr old single guy can find a 22 yr old SB here . Do you think those 20 yr old hotties would sleep with Hef if he didn’t have a pocket full of money ?


    ” @ VAJohn ” resorting to name calling now Diana ? We are obviously on opposite ends of the spectrum so I will agree to disagree and applaud the existence of this board which allows such a diversity of opinion . You will never date a married SD or even approve of it ,so be it . You will never be one of my SBs and I can live with that .


    ” I told him it didn’t matter to me how old he was….but that I needed him to be honest with me as I just can’t stand people lying. ”

    Older men have a serious issue with age when dealing with young women. That does not excuse his apparent lie when you even set it up for him to honestly rebut his profile lie . . I would call him again and get him to “come clean ” about his age since lying is abhorent to you . I would also get confirmatory information about the real “him ” Even escorts who manage to stay out of prison get potential clients’ real names ,work number , and real phone number . If you were meeting him around the corner you could take a chance in a public place but I wouldn’t drive that far on a wing and a prayer .

  113. NicoleNC says:

    I need advice (which is not in short supply on this board! lol).

    Im suppose to meet a potential SD in a couple of days (Im driving 2.5 hours to meet for lunch/hanging out. He is driving 4). It is a one time thing due to a scheduling fluke (he will fly to see me in the future). He said he will give me gas money when I see him.

    Anyway, his profile said he was 59. I teased him and asked him if he was holding at 59. I told him it didn’t matter to me how old he was….but that I needed him to be honest with me as I just can’t stand people lying.

    He just had a birthday which he said was his 60th. I called him and wished him happy birthday and such. Well, after doing my research I realize he is 64! Im 100% sure! I even found his profile on another dating site that list it as being 63/64. Now. I don’t care about the five years but I will be honest in saying that it is giving me pause. Im thinking okay…if he will lie about the trivial…will he lie about the big stuff (STDs) etc.

    He said he wants the girlfriend experience and wants something long-term. I’m still new to the this. I’ve only been on here about 8 weeks….Although my money’ is tight, Im beginning to think I should hold out and wait…as I’ve met about 7 other people, just didn’t feel as comfortable with them.

    I would be interested in hearing from more experienced SBs or SDs. BTW, when he asked if my profile name was my real name, II was honest and told him I didn’t put my real name for privacy reasons). I was honest.

    We have fabulous phone conversations but I’m beginning to think the 5.5 hours of driving may not be worth it.

    Am I overreacting? Be honest! lol

  114. Winterblues says:


    Looking forward to seeing you all there, but the one’s that want to meet up before. I am meeting up with SB’s for a low key lunch on friday. Just somewhere relaxing, talk, have a laugh and off course freak out about what to wear. It’s on Friday around 2pm , London.

    gracewinterblues at hotmail dot co dot uk

  115. flyr says:

    @sweetn “I have never understood why any single man would knowingly chose to be an SD. What is there to gain that you could not in a traditional relationship or even an open one. If its all about helping the SB out then why not find a gf in need of help. My understanding has been that the sugar bowl was designed for the married SD.”

    Quite the contrary. Despite any agreements to the contrary there is frequent, and not unreasonable, expectation that traditional relationships will progress to more serious relationships. This is particularly true if the woman is 40+, It often leads to an unhappy ending.

    The sugar bowl offers an opportunity to take a break from the conventional world. Some look to find self worth in “arm candy” but I think a lot of us just enjoy the simplicity and freshness of the relationship.

    I’m not expected to visit the inlaws, deal with a lot of the trivia of real life or explain why…. If I am lucky I have a companion who knows a lot of things like art and different types of music, the location of the best Thai place . I’m appreciated for the fact that I open the door, wait for her to start, like wine that does not have a screwcap.

    We both have an unwritten understanding that we will leave the trivia and bs out of the evening we have together unless there is a real reason to discuss it.

  116. DianaSBinOC says:

    @SweetNsassy ~ I think some single SD’s don’t want the expectation of marriage or a full on commitment to be a main concern. If a woman is well aware at the start of a NSA arrangment she can not very well tell the SD that he has to commit to her or even expect marriage. This arrangement allows him the ability to just have fun without hurting anyone when both parties are fully aware that things can end at any time.

    Obviously on a regular dating site a man may just want sex but will not be so open to state that in his profile. He may go through the usual song and dance to get the woman’s trust to give him what he seeks, leaving her in a state of shock when he’s off to find someone new. In this case a woman feels the promise of marriage and children was what she had taken from her but the man in question had no intentions or desires for such things. I think we’ve seen that as part of a normal process. Guy wants sex and girl wants commitment/marriage. Plus the fact that he can’t shower her with gifts , shopping sprees and financial support. The only weapon in his arsenal is the words that he writes or what comes out of his mouth, his glowing smile , dashing good looks and perhaps a bottle of vodka. What does this woman have to show for all her hard work with a guy that basically used her and tossed her aside? Nothing? Perhaps a dry cleaning bill and the morning after pill?

    Plus we know of people that have extramarital relationships outside the sugar bowl. It gets rather messy when “the other woman” was promised a future after a divorce that he never intended to start. She may out him to his wife by calling or visiting the home and it could get even uglier from there.

    Here on the other hand a guy doesn’t have to promise a future. He’s mostly providing her with a lifestyle today, that she either could not reach on her own or could only dream of. His desire typically is that she doesn’t expect more than what they have agreed upon.

    Now of course some do end up getting all from one SD : marriage ,fortune and fun but this is a rare occurance. Plus not to leave the SD’s out that are looking for a real commitment that will turn into marriage. One SD that contacted me had this on his profile but he also claimed to not be an SD either so not sure what he was even doing here when what he’s looking for could easily be obtained on a traditional dating website. Maybe he’s thinking that someone 35 years younger would be happy to be his wife with no allowance at all. Could be confidence, wishful thinking or arrogance. Who knows.

  117. sweetNsassy says:

    I have never understood why any single man would knowingly chose to be an SD. What is there to gain that you could not in a traditional relationship or even an open one. If its all about helping the SB out then why not find a gf in need of help. My understanding has been that the sugar bowl was designed for the married SD.

  118. DianaSBinOC says:

    @NicoleNC ~” I was contemplating dealing with a married SD BUT I live in North Carolina…and in North Carolina, a wife can sue the mistress/lover. I thought it was just on the books but in the last couple of years there have been several publicized cases…one in which there was a judgement of 9 million against the mistress! And for those who are wondering…the poor woman didn’t have that kind of money….There isn’t enough sugar in the world to take that risk! lol.”

    Exactly! There are 7 states in total : Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New Mexico and South Dakota.

    A wife can bring an alienation of affection lawsuit against a mistress even for something as small as an internet affair that hasn’t evolved into an in person meeting. I know right? Online flirtation and yet a judgement could be in favor of the wife? Dangerous.

    The risk does not out weigh the rewards in most cases. I think death or dismemberment is high on the list as well. We’re well aware that when it comes to women they will look at the other woman as the homewrecker not the man that chose infidelity over his marriage.

    Plus there’s the dreaded blackmailers that look for a bigger payout than their allowance. The man in question either pays or has to go to the police which could result in his wife finding out anyways. This is also why an escort would be a better fit for such things because they are both on an equal footing to some degree with the law.

    I think it’s better to know what you’re getting yourself into then to blindly leap in. There’s nothing wrong with being prepared for all things concerning sugar.

  119. DianaSBinOC says:

    @ VAJohn ” It was fairly clear that their usual P4P were with escorts or the like. ”

    “Again a fairly sweeping statement . I object your honor –Hearsay !”

    Now now there you can’t object to my experiences but we can object to yours:) Truth be told even if you care not to listen. 🙂 -Overruled!

  120. NicoleNC says:

    I was contemplating dealing with a married SD BUT I live in North Carolina…and in North Carolina, a wife can sue the mistress/lover. I thought it was just on the books but in the last couple of years there have been several publicized cases…one in which there was a judgement of 9 million against the mistress! And for those who are wondering…the poor woman didn’t have that kind of money….There isn’t enough sugar in the world to take that risk! lol.

  121. DianaSBinOC says:

    Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma ( I did it 7 times just to be lucky) lol I want to have fun and not hurt anyone in the process. I don’t think a person is being prejudice because they feel this way.

  122. Siera says:

    I will be attending this event with my lovely friend Ava! Sugar baby’s please get in touch if you are also attending..:) be great to get to know a few girls before Sunday x

  123. J says:

    is it too late to meet with SB before the party? im nervous of going on my own? Im down to earth and friendly honest! lol

  124. Aubrey says:

    @EnglishRose,Babydoll,Summer,Frances I wanna meet up with you all babe as I don’t want to go to the party in my own either. How to get hold of you guys? where I can email you?Im a bit shy and nervous loI! I need to meet any SB before hand so we can go there together 🙂

    Email me please;

    asian dot england underscore 0708 at yahoo dot co dot uk

  125. Va Gentleman says:

    ” In the case of someone needing support financially I don’t feel the person is bad at all. I understand that the moral fibers of what one does provides little comfort to an empty stomach or a roof over one’s head. In these cases survival is the most imporant objective ”

    Ahhh -thank you Diana , there is the justification I was asking Madison about . How about Sbs who are well healed ( more so than some SDs I remember reading ) ? Is consorting (cavorting ? ) with a SD for gain any less admirable ?

    ” It was fairly clear that their usual P4P were with escorts or the like. ”

    Again a fairly sweeping statement . I object your honor –Hearsay !

  126. PhoneGuy says:

    Some will be fair and honest with you and provide all that was agreed upon, but from looking at the fake blog list those are far and few between especially if you’re not interested in the P4P.

    @Diana, can you send me the link? I would like to check these numbers. Is it 5% fair and honest? 2%? That list must be tens of thousands long! 😀

  127. PhoneGuy says:

    I see we’re still beating a dead horse over p4p

    Oooohhh, p4p? I hear only perverts with bad intentions and whores engage in that. Comments? 😉

  128. PhoneGuy says:

    I should continue. It definitely sounds like a value judgement and that’s fine.

    So are married SDs bad because they are liars or because they are cheaters?

    Are you really worried your SD is going to not do something he said because he is lying to his wife? I’ve never seen any data to support the idea that married SDs don’t pay their allowance or don’t live up to other promises they make in any greater proportion than SDs in general.

    Are you worried that the married SD isn’t going to be “faithful” to you? Interesting concept in the often NSA sugar world. Unfaithful toward you with his wife or unfaithful toward you with other SBs? Or unfaithful toward you with random ‘ho’s?

    Or is it because they are mean, evil, rotten people and you don’t wish to associate with such scallywags (sp?)? And please, no one bring up the k(arma) word or I will throw up and block you. 😉

    Regardless, you sound like a “good” girl. I’m sure there are lots of SDs out there who will appreciate your outlook. Good luck in your sugar adventures.

  129. Va Gentleman says:

    @ Madison

    ” That’s the most pathetic excuse I often hear too from married guys who can’t read profiles ”

    Aren’t you rather judging in a world where alternative dating techniques are employed by everyone here –to a person.

    You are entitled to your own prejudices as are all of us . How do you justify selling yourself to a SD ( or renting ) for Sugar ? What rationalization system works for you ? And how about multiple SDs -do you have them ? And if yes do you share with Daddy #1 that you are looking for or experiencing Daddy # 2,3, or 4 ?

    ” they will definitely lie to their SB ”

    All you need to worry about Madison is getting your allowance month by month . What else might your Daddy lie to you about ? Loving you ?

  130. DianaSBinOC says:

    I agree with both Madison and flyr on this matter.

    I try to not be to judgemental when the married SD contacts me but rather kindly just tell them I’m not interested. A few typically the older and more so unattractive types seem to continue to push to discuss their situation, pleading in a desperate , selfish manner which makes their situation all the more grotesque. I don’t want to judge them if they continue on their merry way looking for someone else, but I find either they turn irate or abusive somewhat like a pathetic bully that needs someone to take their anger and frustrations out on. Yes I know the sugar bowl can resemble at times a grade school dance. I wrongly assumed the behavior of someone 40+ my senior would exhibit great understanding, patience, kindness something similar to a teacher or mentor. However most that have contacted me had none of those things in mind.

    I would like to weigh in here on the issue of cheating. An arrangement between an SD and an SB is mutually agreed upon. Both parties give and take on a level to which they are comfortable. In the case of person being married, they aren’t really able to fully make an aggreement based on the fact that they are in a sense spoken for with their prior long term commitment made to someone else. My desires or wishes should never be at the expense of someone’s, hurt, pain or misery. The burden of someone’s pain would be put on the shoulder’s of an SB which can in some cases cause death. This is a very dangerous position to be in and I for one wouldn’t want to destroy someone’s life or my own for some small financial comforts that could last a day or a few months.

    In other words , it’s just not worth it to me.

    Also of course we practically murdered the P4P discussion in this blog but adding up all of the men that asked were not only of a significant age difference than myself but they were also married. It was fairly clear that their usual P4P were with escorts or the like. Obviously a 20year old lady outside of the sugar bowl with find no interest in sleeping with a man in his 60s that also happens to be married, all for fun. There has to be a benefit to her which most women would easily agree on. If these types were so sough after by these young women they would have no need to see escorts or come here looking for an escort alternative.

    In the case of someone needing support financially I don’t feel the person is bad at all. I understand that the moral fibers of what one does provides little comfort to an empty stomach or a roof over one’s head. In these cases survival is the most imporant objective.

    I agree English Rose that you can’t crucify someone for one mistake, but I hardly see married men actively seeking out sex with several women over many years as a mistake. Maybe it was the first time they called an escort but they continued to do it over and over again with many different women. I’m not here to crucity people for the choices that they make that can affect so many that love them. I’m mearly saying that I don’t want to be a party to it in any way.

    One more thing I wanted to add too. Some of these women married to these men are far smarter than we give them credit. They know what their husbands are doing yet they do not care. Some allow their husbands the fun of privacy and concern when they are smiling when he goes to leave to meet “the other woman”. Their love is more on a commitment level only, like that of a long term friend rather than the passion they felt when they first met. Even others are having their own fun on the side hoping the husband goes out of town to cheat yet again so they can meet up with a younger better looking man that can fulfill them in ways their husband’s no longer can.

    What I find even more interesting is that if the husband were to find out, he would be furious. Strange reaction when one has be actively cheating for years or even a few decades. So yes if you are entering into an arrangment with someone that has been deceiving their better half for quite some time, you may be in for some deception yourself.

    Some will be fair and honest with you and provide all that was agreed upon, but from looking at the fake blog list those are far and few between especially if you’re not interested in the P4P.

  131. PhoneGuy says:

    It was not value related in an absolute sense but rather her experience that a relationship with a foundation composed of deception is likely to include deception.

    Oh, I think it was a value judgement. 😉

    As usual, I’m confused by people. This website is the one place where you can come and be completely honest about what you are looking for. Why someone would lie here baffles me. 😉

  132. flyr says:

    @English – Madison’s certainly capable of defending herself, but perhaps as a third party I can offer my reaction to what she said.It was not value related in an absolute sense but rather her experience that a relationship with a foundation composed of deception is likely to include deception. In her words “life’s too short for lies.

    It’s hard for me to understand how someone who has sworn to martial fidelity and they strays (without the partner’s knowledge and perhaps consent) and uses the excuse (lie) that he or she is working late at the office to have an affair is not cheating. It’s a fact not an opinion. The question is your level of tolerance. Few of us go through life without cutting a few corners like blaming traffic for being a few minutes late when it was really a sunrise quickie with our mate.

    The precipitating comment was that if you are in a sugar relationship which is based on a pretty substantial deception you should not be surprised if you are deceived too. I don’t think there was a value statement attached.

    An example I used to use in class was a meeting with a contractor. The project was a proposed large office building and we were having a dinner to discuss the project with a potential contractor’s senior manager from NY. Although we were working for the client I arranged in advance to pay the for dinner. When the waiter put the paid check on the table I left it there. As we left the New Yorker asked me if he could take it, clearly planning to add it to his expense account. I learned what I needed to know. Others would simply accept it as normal business.

    If we let the word police in i think we are on a slippery slope.

  133. EnglishRose says:

    Not to be confrontational but I don’t think I agree with you there Madison. I mean…if that’s the general rule, I must seem like a terrible person. I have lied before, so does that always make me a liar? And I cheated at cards once, so does that make me always a cheater?
    I know I’m using the terms very differently here but surely the rule should be the same?
    I don’t think you can crucify someone for one mistake.

    Personally, I think cheating usually is the outcome of one “sin”, greed. Because when you cheat you are looking for more, or even everything. Because lets face it, no one person can be everything, and it would be unfair to expect that. There is always going to be something lacking, or a flaw you wish they didn’t have, that’s humanity for you. And most people go through life accepting that, and they have that one partner. Other’s decide that actually no, they’re happy with their partner, she/he might be kind and patient, but not wild and exciting, and they want to experience both.

    Now…whether that’s right or wrong? Well, I hate throwing around those words, I don’t think we have the right to judge, I seem to recall somebody mentioning glass houses?

    As always though, of course you are welcome to your opinion Madison, I hope you don’t mind me expressing mine, I’m sure there are other’s who disagree with both of us! 🙂
    But let’s try not to throw such negative terms such as “cheater” and “liar” around especially as one should be sensitive to one’s audience! 😉

    My 2 cents, as ever! (Should that be “my 2 pennies”? …just doesn’t sound right)

  134. Madison says:

    @flyr: Well once a cheater and a liar, always a cheater and a liar. If they lie to their wife, they will definitely lie to their SB. Life is too short for lies. Nothing better than a freshly divorced SD eager to to do fun things with! 🙂

  135. Jj says:

    Eeeek I’m going. I’m a virgin to all this! Excited but nervous! Would gladly like to meet with other sb beforehand for drinks!

  136. flyr says:

    @Madison – Over the years I have run into a number of Pot SB’s who expressed anger that their married Sd’s did not fulfill their promises to them. Somehow the shallow humor of their statement is lost on them. There’s real moral outrage.

  137. Madison says:

    @Diana: ” loveless marriage” speech.

    That’s the most pathetic excuse I often hear too from married guys who can’t read profiles ( I write on mine as well I am not interested in anyone who is married). When I ask them why not to just divorce when they insist on writing to me, it comes another excuse: “i love my kids too much” or “it will cost me a fortune to divorce”. Funny thing they see no harm in cheating and lying to their kids and wife. No matter how many times I try I can’t help but get disgusted with these types.

  138. Arcadia SB says:

    Some of the girls did get together yesterday in London…so I hope everyone had fun! I’m looking forward to heading down south to London next Wednesday, but remember that strangely enough, the party is on a Sunday night…so you’ll have to wait a week and a day for feedback!

  139. flyr says:

    Of course I now realize it’s still a week to go. With the high level of enthusiasm I thought it was this weekend. RTFM ;strikes again.

  140. flyr says:

    It’s 1800 and no reports on the London event. Are the SB’s up to their ears in sugar?

  141. Nwsugarbaby says:

    @NorCal Guy- i am always up for a drink with good conversation, but i’ll be near a lake in the state up north. I never heard from the lake tahoe position. I actually was down by shasta this weekend though visiting a good high school friend. It was so beautiful and nice down that way. I may have to look into some positions down that way after graduating in a couple years. also you are welcome to have my email if you’d like.

  142. Jamie says:

    I wanna go… i’m a Male Sugar Baby. I’m 19 years. This event sound really fun! 😀

  143. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Tina & @flyr I put the same ” not interested in married men” but had 5 contact me in the last 2 days. I feel bad because they wrote such a lovely long message, only for me to have to tell them I’m not interested. Most have taken it rather well and even appreciated my kind response, others have tried the” loveless marriage” speech.

  144. Tina says:

    @flyr: unfortunately some people don’t read profiles very closely. In mines I’ve mentioned that I’m not interested in married men (put more nicely, of course) and yet, I still have them contacting me. When I write back and state that their marital status is an issue for me, I don’t hear a peep back 😉

  145. flyr says:

    @ DianaSBinOC You might add something like “only interested in one special man” to eliminate those contacts and perhaps improve your appeal to your target audience.

  146. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: I wouldn’t arm me – I can be dangerous 😉

  147. PhoneGuy says:

    @Tina, I’ll give you my dad’s number. So if I get out of hand, you can go right to the top. 😉

  148. Tina says:

    Dark Shadows starts today! YEAH!!!!!

  149. babydoll says:

    bloggods please send my babydoll email to asiansb please!!! thank you xxx

  150. Karla says:

    Hey girls!!

    Im so glad I came across this blog tonight as Im also thinking about coming to the party but nervous about going alone and would really like to meet up with a few girls before hand.

    @black cherry

    Please add me to your pre drinks guest list 😉 If I could get your email that would be great


  151. Midwest SB says:

    Thanks Babydoll!

  152. DianaSBinOC says:

    Can we have sexual orientation somewhere listed? I’m straight but I get the occasional couple that wan’t a 3rd and I have to tell them I’m only into one-man-one-woman arrangement.

  153. DianaSBinOC says:

    @flyr — Yes I agree. When someone decides to no longer respect your wishes of no contact then it’s time to push their comfort level all the way back to home base. I think some people need to learn when to move on or they will be in for a life altering shock of their own. Threats are not really that good either. The guy can get to the school before you create his own story and when you finally have to go that route it will fall on deaf ears. If you tell someone more than once to leave you alone and they persist then it’s time for action.

    The police in certain situations may not help. It could turn into a her word over my word and some police officers may side with the wrong party.

    @Madison! ha I’m just glad that the picture is from 1979 , some women have had the unfortunate surprise upon meeting someone with outdated pictures. If it was me I would have introduced myself, made a weird face and backed up slowing , then ran screaming.

  154. Tina says:

    Mental note: contact cops for Phone Guy when he gets too creepy, NOT job. CHECK! 😉

  155. Rie says:

    how are the sd partys?? are they packed? is there alot fun:-)

  156. Madison says:

    Don’t you guys hate when a SD puts a picture on their profile from 1979? I mean… I swear they do that just to make us click there and when you go through the other pictures, you find out how they really look like now…

  157. Madison says:

    @Jessie: Did you notice that this headline “Winners only… no more losers!” is a SBs?

    The one who contacted me was def a guy…. LOL, unless she has a very masculine face!!

  158. Madison says:

    Sugars! Don’t feel bad about going alone to the SA party. I went alone to the one on NYC and it was just fine. 🙂

  159. PhoneGuy says:

    I think shock and awe is used a bit casually. I would definitely threaten to contact the university.
    And I would rather a girl call the cops on me than go to my job. 😉

  160. flyr says:

    @phone – I felt that there was an abundance of serious red flags including the rape story (veiled warning) and extending back to the telling her he knew where her parents lived. Wanting to meet in a vacant house after being told no. The continuing calls, demands and veiled threat should not be ignored.

    If he was able to gather the information he brought to the first meeting then over the following period it’s reasonable to assume that he has been researching this obsession further.

    I should have been clearer, I would not recommend calling the university, I would send it. Perhaps before sending it I would share a draft with the Professor and see if that resolved the problem.

    I dislike conflict. My personal theory is that after you have made a number of good faith efforts to resolve an increasingly threatening situation you need to accept that gradualism has failed. Its time for shock and awe.

  161. PhoneGuy says:

    I think you are going a bit far with calling his employer. You have absolutely no evidence he used any university resources to stalk her, just a wild theory (that is probably wrong). I think it’s much more likely they exchanged real (non-site) email and he googled that email address (which is why she says she is changing the address she uses).

    Anyone remember the people’s court episode where the SD called the girls parents because they were crazy and damaging his property (and on drugs). And EVERYONE said it was so wrong that he called their parents. Well calling someone’s job is 10x worse.

  162. Poppy says:

    @English Rose
    I’m new to the website not sure where I find the blog post ‘GODS PRETTY’ I would like to join for pre drinks before the party 🙂 x

  163. Sarah says:

    Will be around but simply cannot afford it. I think a few select few free tickets should be available for sugar babies based on an interview or something similar.

    • JennSA says:

      Sarah, we are almost sold out of Sugar Baby tickets. But email me and I may be able to scrounge up some discount codes for you. Jennifer(at)seekingarrangement.com

  164. flyr says:

    @beautifully…….”After exchanging a few emails I gave him my Google voice number and my nick name since I don’t trust people with my information. We met for lunch at a casual restaurant and since he is a Professor we discussed a lot of school based things like classes and such. ”

    I’m not a techie. There is an amazing amount of information that people can gather. Would not be surprised if google (think of google as the ultimate P4P player in the information world) was part of putting the picture together. It’s far beyond my tech competence but a prof is likely to have access to the knowledge or the grad students who can find the information.

    There’s a lot of information on the web that is supposed to be cleansed of personally identifiable information but which a skilled person can quickly manipulate to gather an enormous amount of information. It sucks but it is reality.

    You handled the situation well by making it clear that he had more to loose than you did. A contact with the university explaining that a prof is harassing you using information probably gathered using university resources is probably going to take the starch out of his yearnings.

  165. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: practice makes perfect! 😉

  166. Nikki says:

    Hey girls!!

    I’m Nikki I’m a fellow SB and also the party planner for the European launch. The party is going to be amazing! There’s so many little surprises for you all night. Pure glitz and glamour.

    There is absolutely no need to feel awkward coming alone. A lot of guests are. Also, I will be there very early and we have so much going on at the event to get guests mingling. Call or email me if I can help any of you. My details are on the party website.

    I can’t wait to see you all there! We’ll have such a glamorous night x

  167. NorCal Guy says:

    @nwsb take the Lake Tahoe job! The Pacific beach is cold and foggy until July….:) can’t promise any sugar, but i’d at least have a drink with you…lol

  168. PhoneGuy says:

    Haha, I know I don’t know how to handle it. 😉

  169. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: just ’cause you have it, doesn’t mean you know what to do with it or how to handle it 😉

  170. Grasshopper says:

    haha 😉

  171. PhoneGuy says:

    Sweet, I have Grassy’s email! 😉

  172. Grasshopper says:

    My email addy is DntWntU2No @ Mindyurbeezwax dot com

  173. Aubrey says:

    Hi Ladies, I wanna meet up any SB before hand so we can go there together in the Party email me to those who dont like to go their own.
    I am scared to go on my own as well;) email me: with no space and small letters

    asian dot england underscore 0708 at yahoo dot co dot uk

  174. danielle says:

    Anyone from Bristol going there? 😀

  175. babydoll says:


    @ER~ i hope all is ok and more calm now with the organizing haha!!! kiss kiss

  176. Rachel says:



  177. Midwest SB says:

    Babydoll- please share the meeting place via e-mail. I know you are trying to reach everyone, but it is safer this way. Thank you!

    ER – Thanks!

  178. EnglishRose says:

    Thanks Midwest! 🙂
    And a big congratulations from me as well for graduating! That’s brilliant news.

  179. Midwest SB says:

    UK Ladies – E-mails have been exchanged. BTW know that if you post your e-mail here, anyone can contact you as this is a public blog. I know time is growing near, but just be aware.

    Beach Girl, Dutchy, NWSB, Jessie, et al – Thank you!

    Madison / Diana – Who knew? 🙂 Guess you try and the worst that happens is nothing. It helps when you don’t depend on sugar and can walk away.

    Beach – You’re right..it was Cleo’s city. What a fun gathering! I’m sure the UK SBs will have lots to tell after! I’m glad nothing came of the Pot SD. In the future, I would view those as red flags.

  180. EnglishRose says:


  181. babydoll says:

    hello all sugars ,,, need to rush rush

    ok to all those london sugars who want to meet up on saturday for possibly drinks and maybe dinner please get intouch asap will organize with ER where all will meet up for introduction as to know who is who for the party next sunday so we wont be left feeling alone on the main party and will give a chance for some of us to make this opportunity to make friends to everyone who are interested to meet up let us know asap the meeting place will be shared via e-mail.

    get in touch either to me ER,Dutchy i am happy to give out my mobile number through email so anyne who wants to call before saturday willbe more than welcome to do so xxx

    bloggods please dont erase my email as we dont havea lot of time to organoze a meet up as its only now 2 days to go,thank you in advance xxx

    babydoll dot girl at hotmail

  182. Jessie says:

    “the moral of that story is that it’s advantageous to be a little shallow sometimes….”

    @Grasshopper – LOL. You crack me up all the time. You KNOW you wouldn’t need to give me that advise ;).

    @Madison – Did you notice that this headline “Winners only… no more losers!” is a SBs?

    @Beach – When I read your post about the “coming to your city” SD, I was amused at the response you got from the SDs. I don’t think ANY SB read it and thought, “here’s a guy worthy of a response.” He was sooo obviously a P4Per, looking for an escort, or just a downright waste-a-timer. I know it was just mere curiosity that made you respond to him, but I wonder why SBs and SDs read these signals so differently. Seriously…A SD 30 years older than me writes…”I’ll be in your city next week, interested?” And I’m supposed to see a mentor, someone who will help me achieve the goals I’ve set for myself, someone I think I can be friends with, a genuine SD, etc? How is that even possible, when he can’t even string two sentences together to either introduce himself, or ask ME something about myself?

    @Midwest – Congrats!!

  183. AsianSB says:

    Hi ladies, I’d love to meet up for the get together this Saturday. How do I get hold of English Rose or Baby doll?

  184. BeautifullySweeetSB says:

    @Diana yes I think its very discouraging when things like that happen but its important to make sure as SB’s we are smart enough to know when to let go. That situation def needed to be let go.

  185. BeautifullySweeetSB says:

    @Madison he found it on my very very old myspace page which I could have sworn I deleted. I changed everything and i’m going to create a new email address specifically for SD’s.

  186. DianaSBinOC says:

    BeautifullySweeetSB ~ Wow just horrible story to read. I just went through something similar but the guy was mad that he couldn’t get me out of my house to meet him. It ended with him sending me a nasty last message when he realized his phone number was blocked. Guess he tried to call me again. I can only imagine how bad it would have been if the guy had my real number. He did ask 3 times in the call : is this your real number?. lol Now how exactly does someone married have time to stalk someone when all it takes is the phone ringing at the wrong hour to out them to their wives?

    Some guys really handle rejection poorly so I’m glad you got away from that guy safely when you’re actually freeing up their time to go look for someone else. Don’t get why they get so angry about it.

    I notice when you take precautions some guys will say ” ohh you must have had a bad experience” Huh? No I’m just making sure you’re not that bad experience. Surprisingly in most cases your precautions serve as that barrier just for them. Red Flags are the worst feeling. I feel semi-sick when something doesn’t add up and yet I hear them still talking away not realizing how they gave themselves away. Best thing I do is NOT to point it out. I just let them ramble on ,take mental notes and then tell them it will not work out. It will help another SB that hears the same.

    There are many that are looking for amateur escorts. Don’t let it put you off your search. I closed my profile a few times myself because it was just an overwhelming number of contacts that were all looking for that. There real SD’s are out there , it just takes time in finding them.

    Just got a new message today and his profile screams fake, but I will investigate further when I have time to do so.

    @Madison me too!

    I so wish I could go to this party!! I just adore men from the UK. The ones I’ve come in contact with have been so kind, generous and respectful. Plus that sexy accent kills me every time!

  187. Relaxedamanda says:

    For the purposes of meeting up with some of the London girls before the big event; naraine 99 at ya hoo dot com

    Blog God’s, please don’t delete, I’m new to this!

  188. black cherry says:

    cant wait for this party,am in for the pre drinks.English rose thanks for organising.

    @Babydoll,you bet!Champers on the chill till the manager says TIME OUT!!! lol

  189. Madison says:

    @BeautifullySweetSB: “Third red flag is when he told me he had looked me up on the internet even though I hadn’t given him my real name or phone number yet he knew what city my parents lived in and google mapped their house. ”

    How did he find out where your parents live???

  190. Relaxedamanda says:

    Hi every one. I just bought my ticket

    @coral handle with care 2010 at hot mail dot co dot uk

    I’m also looking to meet some London girls and go together.
    I’ll be comming from Essex

  191. Madison says:

    @Midwest SB: wow 45!! You go girl!! 🙂 I wanna be you when I grow up LOL

  192. Grasshopper says:

    @BeautifullySweetSB – the moral of that story is that it’s advantageous to be a little shallow sometimes….

  193. BeautifullySweeetSB says:

    Hi my SA family!!

    I know it’s been a while but I figured I should catch you guys up on what’s been going on in my life. Sadly I can’t go to the party in UK ,but maybe when it comes to the states. Anywho, things had been moving kind of slow for me in the Sugar Bowl until recently. I had 3 pot SD’s. I met 2 from another site and one from SA. The first pot that i actually met in person was an older guy (from another SB/SD site) that was looking for seems like anybody who would actually speak with him since he wasn’t that handsome. I’m not shallow so I do believe in giving people a fair chance if the conversation goes well. After exchanging a few emails I gave him my Google voice number and my nick name since I don’t trust people with my information. We met for lunch at a casual restaurant and since he is a Professor we discussed a lot of school based things like classes and such. There were so many red flags that popped up after speaking with him that I kind of decided after that date that he would not be my SD. Since I didn’t find him at SA website I knew he probably didn’t know how to go about having me as his SB. First red flag was during one of our emails he told me he was a millionaire but when the waitress asked us what would we like to drink during our lunch date he asked if the drink he ordered had free refills. Not to say he wasn’t a millionaire because he very well could have been but if you’re cheap about your drink then you probably won’t be a very generous SD to me either. Second red flag was he immediately wanted to discuss when we could meet again. No problem with that but it wasn’t to meet to get to know me more he wanted to meet to have sex. His disadvantage is that I am very intelligent and I also had done much research about this whole Sugar Bowl dating and you never sleep with them on the first or second date. Third red flag is when he told me he had looked me up on the internet even though I hadn’t given him my real name or phone number yet he knew what city my parents lived in and google mapped their house. Right then I began collecting information on him for my own safety. I knew where he was married,knew where he worked what city he lived in I even knew his bosses name so if he ever tries anything he’ll be divorced and out of a job. After our date was over he tried his best to get me to come to one of his houses so he could sleep with me and I told him no. Then he wanted to come to my house to sleep with me and I told him no and that i don’t allow strangers into my home. He replied i’m not a stranger you know me. I told him that we only met once and that still makes him a stranger. Trust is earned not given. He went on saying his last SB let him come to her house so that they could have a good time and how she had a bf and he never had to spend money on a (motel) not a (hotel) lol and blah blah blah. I didn’t reply to anymore of his messages so he called me twice and i didn’t answer so he left a voicemail telling me some crazy story of how this one girl who was really pretty like me met some guy i guess a pot SD and he said he would buy her a condo and a car and bought her a plane ticket to florida and how 4 guys had raped her and she had to call her friend back home to help her. I’m not sure why he sent me that voicemail so i asked him what was the point of his story was and he never replied so i sent back : Exactly why I don’t trust people. I don’t think he was listening when I told him I was intelligent. I have proof of every email we ever sent, text messages and the voicemail he left me so if he is as smart as he says he is, he wouldn’t bother me anymore. Dude was a weird old man. It seems like he was looking for an escort instead of a SB. I’m sure an escort wouldn’t have had any problems giving him exactly what he wanted.

  194. babydoll says:

    @summers~ please get intouch with any of us for the saturday meet of the girls in town this saturday i think English rose and the others have already confirmed its going to be an all day thing so either afternoon or dinner and drinks in the eve, please bloggods send to summer any of our emails me my babydoll or english rose’s email asap xxxx

    i think this party is going to be an amazing expirience,for the the sb’s and sd’s looking for a great arrangement or for those who just want to enjoy a good party,i will be so glad to come and see all my friends there and will have a grand time for sure!!! cant wait

    so so excited!!!

  195. Summers says:

    @Arcadia SB and Engish Rose and any other UK SB’S ATTENDING. Me and my girlfriend are attending the party. We were also really nervous but i think it would be fine and most likely to meet genunine guys at this event. If any of you are meeting up before the event , do let us know. It’s next week and can’t wait.

  196. babydoll says:

    hello everyone long time no blog for me!!!

    i hope all is ok, i can see sme blog London Sb’s will be coming to the party yay!
    @Er~ arrghh my sched is too awful as i texted to you,i cant wait to move!!!

    @dutchy~ good hols!
    @arcadia~ hope to see you before big party
    all new london sb bloggers sooo excited to meet those we havent met yet!!!#
    @blackcherry~ champers are calling haha!!!

  197. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars 😀

    @flyr~ sorry, I am not on the blog a lot lately…

    off to get blocked by protesters again fml.. I rather be stuck in traffic in LA!!!

    Have a good one!

  198. flyr says:

    @Beach Girl “flyr~ …… (oh, are you a SD?)”

    Yes , of course

  199. flyr says:

    @new – I would not proceed with the assumption that the stock market is the best investment right now.

    For the SD the problem is easier, the best investment is probably here.

    @Madison – The headlines are classic

  200. Dutch Girl in London says:

    Blog Gods – Please forward my email address to Frances

    @Frances – Some London SB’s are organising a meet up this Saturday, expect to receive my email address from the blog gods here!

    @MidWest SB Congratulations!

  201. Frances says:

    Hi guys is it possible to hook up with some SB for the london party.
    I am new to all this and feel very nervous about attending on my own even though I am excited.

  202. Nwsugarbaby says:

    The blog has been last on my list lately, but things are starting to cool down at school. I finished this really awesome project recently. Now I just have to pick which job to take one being by the beach another by the lake. Both put sugar out of the question for the summer unless I met a very understanding SD. The job will be fun rewarding, and exciting.

    Does anyone know any good investment reads? I am thinking of putting some of my overtime wages into the stock market if I make more than I am expecting this summer.

    @ Midwest-
    Congrats on graduating. I still have another month before I wrap this year up.

    Reading through old posts I saw how you found your SB from OR at an airport, apparently I am in the wrong summer job in the pacific Northwest. Also I appreciate your references to good books as I always try to make my self have a high level of SA. My job actual refers to it as situational awareness as well and we discuss human factors relating to our safety on the job or otherwise.

    @London SBs
    Have fun at the party :). Looking forward to hearing about it

  203. Beach_Girl says:

    Midwest~ oups, about protests, we weren’t in my city when we met… not sure there were protests there, were there? Here, protests every night, every morning, and afternoon… blocking traffic in town, the bridges to get to town… it’s ridiculous and so aggravating, I am mad as hell. Sunday I was stuck 3 hours…. for a 10 minute drive.. crazy!

  204. Beach_Girl says:

    Midwest~ It was at this time of year… As for i’m in your city pot… I wrote him, l asked if he was looking for an arrangement, if my city was somewhere he traveled too etc… never got a reply

  205. Beach_Girl says:

    Madison~ hahahha those headlines are to funny!

    Midwest~ congrats on graduating!!! YAY

  206. Midwest SB says:

    Beach Girl – Kitten!!!!! I remember that…it was funny as hell. Wasn’t that around this time of year? Is it the same protesting as when I was there? Happy anniversary of your upcoming 29th birthday! You are stunning! What happened with the “I’m in town” pot? Purrrrrrrrr!

  207. Beach_Girl says:

    Midwest~ Hi kitten… lol cougar, I remember you being called that on the streets too 😀

    Hello sugars!
    What a crazy time in my city…urgh, these protests make me crazy!!!! (had to get that off my chest)

    flyr~ Thank you for that, it’s rare that a SD (oh, are you a SD?) says that age is just a number…

    Age is a state of mind, I don’t look my age though and neither does Midwest!
    I will be older in about 10 days…. eeeekkkkk but it’s ok, gonna still look younger and feel younger too 😀

  208. Midwest SB says:

    Anna, Diana & Tina – Thank you! It was a joyous day indeed!

    Madison – I’m 45 and am contemplating whether I want to start another arrangement. First SD was two years ago. My SDs have been within 10 years, so it makes it easier to relate. In fact, after our arrangement, both SDs mentioned they preferred someone closer to their age. My most recent IRL relationship lasted appx a year with a man who just turned 32. It’s less about age and more about how you view life. I guess good genes don’t hurt either. 🙂 (Yes, I’m a Cougar)

  209. flyr says:

    SB Age Limit – none, next question

    Why – Great women mature like great wines, they change character and become more interesting and enjoyable. A lot of the SB’s were right on, they are more comfortable with themselves, with sex and with the world as they entered their mid 30s and beyond. . The exceptions are those who carry their bruises into what is supposed to be a fun relationship.

    Yes, there are many SD that want arm candy to impress others and if your appeal is arm candy age becomes a factor earlier. Hollywood and NY are probably the epicenters of this “look how studly I am” dating syndrome. But crossing 26 36 or 46 should not be the end of he line. The 21 yr old’s can obtain useful life skills such as knowledge of the entire alphabet, that will serve them well as the 18 year old’s of today mature mature to take their places. Just kidding of course.

    One of the refreshing things here is the number of really intelligent women participating. Intelligence, character and being real make for an incredibly sexy combination. The wise SB picks her SD for both the allowance AND what how much of a positive impact he has on her.

    The big picture – with a few exceptions it’s not age – it’s the totality of the experience.

  210. Tina says:

    Congrats dearest Midwest! MMMWWWWAAAAAAAAAAA! [img]http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-hug007.gif[/img]

  211. AnnaMW says:

    @ Nicole – All of my SDs have been really into the companionship aspect of things and had been looking for women several years older than me – closer to 30… Mostly due to doubts over being able to have a substantial conversation with a girl in her early or mid 20’s. I’ve also never dated a guy who was old enough to have children my age, so these guys weren’t that old.

    @sweetNsassy – That guy sounds like a jerk! When guys start to remotely approach my parents age (52), something shuts down… I sometimes wonder if other SBs feel this way.

  212. Madison says:

    Terrible headlines from those who viewed my profile here it goes:

    “Must be thin, tan, under 25, eager to pls” ——jerk

    “Polyamorous Spirit” — Poly what???

    “Looking for Mistress” — cheater

    “Winners only… no more losers!” —- Big L

    “Seeking a brainy beauty for drama-free dating” —- no problem einstein

    “Selectively searching” — selectively blocking you

    “La Crème de la Crème” —- take your cream someplace else dude

  213. NicoleNC says:

    @Madison You probably have a point about NYC.. Used live up that way. And NYC is definitely a different animal!

    For me NC, VA, and SC SDs have been receptive to my old 30 years of age self. 🙂

  214. Madison says:

    @Arcadia SB: “baby come to papa” … actually that’s pretty hot!!! LOL I call my SD papa sometimes and he loves it 🙂 🙂 “Be my Kitty Cat” well, that one is hot too!! Meoww hahaha

    Regarding the age thing…. for NYC, if you’re over 28 you’re considered a grandmother… 🙁

  215. NicoleNC says:

    Interesting conversation regarding age. Im 30 and I’ve had two pots tell me that they really prefer their SB to be over 30, one $100 million pot, said he prefers over 40. One had daughters in their twenties so the idea of having an SB his daughters ages was not something he was comfortable with. The other (daddy warbucks) wanted someone he could relate to. There really isn’t one set age.

  216. DianaSBinOC says:


    @ArcadiaSB~Wow….just wow. lol

  217. Arcadia SB says:

    Random interjection. Two TERRIBLE headlines I have seen today:
    “Be my Kitty Cat”
    “yo baby come to pappa”
    Really? REALLY!? ok…sorry, just had to get that out there…

  218. sweetNsassy says:

    I was once told last year by a POT from NYC that I was lucky at 25 to still be an SB as 23-24 was the cutoff in most major cities. Apparently being in central VA afforded my longevity in the sugar bowl. I kindly responded that at 52 he was lucky I had entertained the idea of his being an SD because in central VA grandpa status started at 50. (Not true of course but I needed a retort).

  219. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Madison~ I agree with the posters above. There is really someone for everyone here. I know a SB that is 48 and she’s just looking for a man that mirrors her financial status and life accomplishments. She is breathtakingly beautiful and the men that contact her are surprisingly between 25-39.

    @DaddyGT~ “Like Diana said often women know themselves so much more at 30 than 20 from a sexual perspective that too plays a part.” This comment was from MidwestSB not me. I would still agree because it makes sense that the more experience you have in life the more you’ll know about who you are and what you like.

    In real life dating I’ve only seen men within a 10-15 year age gap. I often wonder how one relates to someone with a more significant gap.

    I even read one SA article about a man in NYC that only sees SB’s 25 and under and he’s 67 or actually now I think he’s 75.

  220. Va Gentleman says:


    ” What’s the cap ” ? I saw a survey once that listed optimal age groups of women for single men of all ages

    #1 was 25 -29
    Qualities that were appealing were energy ,spirited ,sexual ,experienced enough ,less party wild , less promiscuous , no children , not ready to settle down ,ready for a stable relationship ,completed education , stable on career path , naive charm , open to worldly experiences ,lacking bitterness , lacking life disappointments ,optimistic .

    I did see a very attractive candidate for boys looking for a Sugar Momma. Steve Wynn’s 60 yr old divorced wife with a $1 Billion settlement . Line forms at the rear

  221. PhoneGuy says:

    I’m sure there is a normal looking curve centered around 22-25 that goes allll the way up.
    I regularly see profiles for SBs in their 30s and 40s. I noticed one for a 59 year old the other day. That raised an eye. I think the oldest I’ve seen in 76. Your shelf life is far from nearing an end. 🙂

    Someone people don’t like girls in their 20s because they remind them of their daughter or they are too flaky and unreliable. Different strokes for different folks.

  222. Treasured says:

    @Madison – I have seen on this website profiles of SB who are 40+ and even 50+. SO I guess, it is when YOU decide to stop.
    I am 26 (soon 27) and I am actually enjoying my age more and more with each year.
    I think, it also depends on a SD. I think some get to understand that quality comes with age, and he will have much more in common with a more mature person. Some, of course, are much more interested in a young inexperienced girl.

  223. Madison says:

    What’s the cap for being a sugar baby? 29? I’ve talked to some guys that met older women in their late 30s and were acting like if 30 was 60… Lol I’m 26.. That means in another 4 years I’m going to be considered old?

  224. Va Gentleman says:


    ” in the end it’s pretty awesome no matter how you slice it!! ”

    Thats all we can ask for Bro –right ? I’m happy as a clam . You are happy . Perhaps your SB cares about you but is not passionately in lust . Many IRL relationships are lacking in passion –hence the high divorce rate . The problem is it’s hard to fake passion over the long run . It either is there or not . If she is pleasant to be with , seems to have a good time with you , gives you mostly what you need ,then life is good .

  225. houstonbabe says:

    One is Texas would be great 🙂

  226. GTT_Envy says:

    Good input!! Midwest SB and VA Gent….

    Some of it comes from the fact that my IRL relationships were so good in that dept. that it’s hard to replicate with such a low frequency and I still think that genuine feelings add to it too 🙂 Like Diana said often women know themselves so much more at 30 than 20 from a sexual perspective that too plays a part. You may be right VaGent there may be a freak out there waiting ………..lol. I hope you know how rare your arrangement is 3x a week sleepovers!! That is like a IRL relationship to me.

    The allowance is what it is…………we do talk everyday and Idk if that’s common or not in the Sugar World…… , but that helps when we meet. Like Midwest said sometimes it’s a whole weekend (Friday night through Sunday mid day) other times it’s just a night and morning it all depends.

    We’ll see I can’t complain though………in the end it’s pretty awesome no matter how you slice it!!

  227. AnnaMW says:

    @VA – Remember that everyones definition of a ‘hefty allowance” varies depending on both parties circumstance. There is someone out there for everyone, and I would never disparage anyone for not being able or willing to leave their financial comfort zone, but these things are incredibly subjective. It sounds like you have a GREAT situation, with a very fun, much younger, very adaptable SB. I’m glad you’ve found such happiness.

    @ Midwest – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I look forward to hearing about what’s to come!

  228. Va Gentleman says:


    ” A full weekend can be more time than most men spend with their SBs in a month–”

    Good point ! I ass-umed that it was one day ,not multiples .

    ” Makes you realize how lucky you really are, doesn’t it? ”

    You are so right ! Hearing about all the angst that many of you go through makes me appreciate my SB even more , although I already think she is a perfect partner . The thing is —we all have this idealized version of what we need /demand of our Sugars . You SBs have to have a monthly allowance or you think you are a hooker . We guys have to have dependable sexual performance . But in the end (or beginning ) once you meet someone and get to know them many of the demands go out the window because you care about the person . It sounds a lot like a real relationship doesn’t it ?

  229. Coral says:

    Looking forward to meeting London SB’s for pre-party drinks WOO!!! 😀

  230. Midwest SB says:

    Va Gent – What GTT offers is not unusual in the sugar world….and who said it was for one day. A full weekend can be more time than most men spend with their SBs in a month and a much more valuable experience rather than just dinner and sex. Makes you realize how lucky you really are, doesn’t it?

    GTT – The others have said it. My experiences have been fireworks every time, but I’m in my prime and have very few inhibitions. I think the others nailed it in that a 20 y.o. most likely wants a stronger man to take the reins whereas a 40 y.o. will run the show and show you exactly what she wants as well as fulfill your fantasies.

  231. Va Gentleman says:


    ” How good is the intimacy between your SB or SD ? ”

    My experience is unabated passion and better than any IRL partner I’ve ever had . There is only 40 year’s difference between us so she is either an incredible actress or loves me .

    Love and passion evolves even in Sugar land . People can go through the motions for gain or they can have true passion for each other . So you just haven’t found the right girl yet . Age matters but is not the only issue . At mid 30s you are reasonably within the range of an IRL relationship for all comers

    ” my previous SB’s get $1500+/month in cash, plus awesome dates, and we only meet once a month ”

    Hmmm- $1500 /day is a pretty hefty allowance . Your SB should be doing cartwheels AND backflips for you –. Are taking applications for sugar boys as well ? lol

  232. Midwest SB says:

    Thank you PhoneGuy!

  233. PhoneGuy says:


  234. Frances says:

    hi guys
    Iam new to all of this, but I brought a ticket to the event because it sounds exciting. Because ive never done this before i am a bit nervous about going on my own. The girls on here seem realy friendly can anyone give me tips on what to expect. as I am looking forward to this event.

  235. Treasured says:

    @flyr – I guess I will just have to put it in straight and simple :))))

  236. Midwest SB says:

    Graduating today! Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    ER – Will get to it shortly. Any other requests will need to be filled by our esteemed Guru!

  237. Treasured says:

    @ER – Thank you sweetheart 🙂 But, hopefully during the day I will be busy, up until the party :)))

    @RobM – “IF I attend this I want to book into the hotel for the night and would need a ‘base in case’ for such an event. Much more civilised to stay>>>>.to offer some extra hospitality if anyone truly fascinating is encountered<<<<" – CHARMING :S

    And agree with everybody that the poster is awful.

  238. flyr says:

    @DutchGirl To me the poster girls look straight out of Industrial Debutante school and symbolize the pleasure by the hour concept. It went downhill from there. It could have been so much more. Makes me think that the agency should have invested a couple of hours browsing the site and the most frequently clicked photos.

    @Treasured – What was that about kissing a lot of toads. You might try to put a few more words in your profile to discourage the P4P crowd

  239. Dutch Girl in London says:

    @ER – That poster is beyond awful, I am sure you would have done a far better job. The doves and gold bars are just naff.

    The girls featured on the poster, do not re-present any of the SB’s I know.

    I am back from holiday, managed to get sunburned so now my freckles (which I hate) will make their appearance soon!

    Any girls who want to meet up before, get in touch with ER, she is absolutely lovely and we’re a really friendly bunch!

  240. RobM says:

    Well sounds fun, but who messed up in the marketing Dept? My email inviting me to ‘Purchase your tickets BEFORE 1 May 2012, for the best rate. (Ticket prices prior to 1 May 2012: Sugar Babies £20, Sugar Daddies £40)’ arrived on MAY 2ND! !! not very well organised there then.

    That’s an immediate ‘own goal’ of a marketing mistake in my opinion that creates a less than professional image in my my mind of how well this event will be organised beyond the hype. I note also that the advert clearly states ‘Oh, did we forget to mention the two hundred or so potential sugar babies, that will be fighting for your attention? There will be three gorgeous, sexy women for every man, coming from all over the world to find a sugar daddy. And it could be you!’

    It strikes me that this is very optimistic if not entirely rash statement when we have no means of monitoring the take up of tickets for this event in respect of the number of ‘gorgeous, sexy women’ who have actually confirmed paid attendance. Will there be any update or feedback on the site for this vital question, I wonder, and equally will there be any indicator how many men have booked? I am a tad concerned that this entirely bold promise may not be fulfilled, even at relatively low prices at the start, how many UK or other region girls are going to pay to attend this? I for one, don’t want to end up at an event where the odds may be nothing like the promised F:M ratio of 3:1 or be part of just a bunch of men in suits hanging around like a cheap nightclub waiting for a few girls to turn up.

    I agree with Flyr that the poster is pretty naff – for a start it doesnt actually say what the event is so unless you know SA and its purpose the idea isn’t clear and the delivery of the imagery is pretty tasteless clip art and looks like something Katie Price would come up with..a tad ‘Essex’ and more like a movie poster for another modern St Trinians ‘B’ movie as it only features females and not the male side of the equation. This makes it look very tacky and ‘gold digger’ -ish… especially with the truly naff ‘gold bars’ and cash clip art…Could have been a lot more elegant and sophisticated… but then SA comes over as pretty commercialised so I guess this is what we could have expected.

    IF I attend this I want to book into the hotel for the night and would need a ‘base in case’ for such an event. Much more civilised to stay.to offer some extra hospitality if anyone truly fascinating is encountered. I would really like to hear some feedback and update reporting back from SA WELL BEFORE the ticket deadline dates on how attendance bookings are ACTUALLY going.. not hype.. just FACTS but I note that feedback isn’t seemingly one of SA’s strong suits whereas hype and self promotion definitely are at the fore.

    • JennSA says:


      Unfortunately some of the emails took longer to send out than normal. But if you would like to come still, we would be happy to honor the original rate. And as for you question about ticket sales… we have sold over 200 tickets at this point, and to be honest, your prediction will be the exact opposite. The ratio as it stands right now is more like 8 women for every man, as you can see if you look through the blog comments, many sugar babies have mentioned that they will be in attendance. Sorry you do not like our promotional materials, everyone has different taste in women and it would be utterly impossible to please everyone attending. Hope to see you in London. Do email me if you wish to receive an early bird discounted ticket. jennifer(at)seekingarrangement.com

  241. EnglishRose says:

    *Wish I had offered

  242. EnglishRose says:

    @Bronzer / Nikita / iris669 / Eccentrik

    You’re all welcome to come meet for pre-party drinks on Sunday with myself and some other London SB’s 🙂
    We can all get to know each other a bit and then go to the party together – no one has to worry about going alone! We’re a friendly bunch, promise 🙂


    We’ll be sure to tell you all about it! Should be a good night 🙂

    I completely agree with your comment about the poster for the London party…..shudder. I try not to look at it, find it quite off putting. 😛
    I’m just going to put it down to a poor marketing & design department (if such a department exists, at least, the design part) Which I had offered to do the poster! 😉

    Yay! You’re coming, glad to hear it. Will look forward to seeing you there, of course you are also welcome to the pre-party party 😀

  243. Treasured says:

    Anybody wants to take on a project? “Finding Treasured her perfect SD” 😀

    In 2 weeks while I am newly on here I had close to 1000 views, around 50 SD made contact.
    Result: 45 of them want to fly me in occasionally for a P4P gig (great, at least I know I can make an international career out of escorting :D), 3 wanted to have an on-going thing, but still P4P (double YAY, I can have regular customers! :D), remaining 2 were interested to have a proper arrangement…
    One of those two dropped out with me mentioning, if he want’s to fly me in and spend some time getting to know each other (no sex until we both are sure that we are ready to start an arrangement) he has to send me a scanned copy of his passport.
    Which has left me with one, and I am still not sure about him.

    Anybody? 😀 LOL

  244. flyr says:

    @contentSB I think you are on the right track for both SD and SB to disconnect the compensation from the meetings. It’s just a much more relaxed relationship.

    Not related to ContentSB comment – It’s perfectly normal to have days when you do not want to have sex it’s not unreasonable to share that in advance and perhaps offer an alternative night. “Sweets, it’s been a monster day and I have an orbital mechanics test in the am , would love to see you but I am not going to be much fun. Would you rather make it Thursday?” Even , I really want to see you but I am not going to be much fun call provides options. In a good relationship the partner is probably going to insist that you see eachother while respecting your mood. Guys are wired to fix things not celebrate the process.

    You’ll notice that the book How Things Work has chapters that cover most everything on in the universe including computers, weather, why the sun is hot, how to build a spaceship , everything other than women. The authors were wise.

    Ducking for cover

  245. Jessie says:

    Content – I know…right?…I was hoping Grasshopper would feed me some…”Awww Sensi, I told you we shouldn’t post on the same day. Now how are we gonna explain this to all those nosy bloggers…perhaps we can tell them it was just a moment of weakness…not a true marriage… totally no arrangement here…just strictly P4P.” ;).

    Content, are you holding out on me? Did you meet my SD? Seriously…the description you gave to GTT sounds exactly like him ;). We’re doing amazing. I’m spoiled beyond belief. He’s sneaky…he found my WL (I have a universal one) and have been sending me things practically daily. I didn’t tell him about it…nor did he ask if I have one…because we go shopping everytime we meet. Took about four days before I realized, (well after I got the first gift) and now I have to make certain that anything I put on there is something I actually WANT…since I’ve gotten some things I kinda left there “to think about later.” We are such great friends that it doesn’t feel like I met him here. However, we have our boundaries clearly defined because he knows I’ll get
    claustrophobic if I hear the “L” word. We’re just having a blast, and enjoying every moment we spend together.

    I totally get what you mean about the allowance with your BF. Don’t you just wish sometimes you could take pieces of different guys and make your James Bond (SD)? I know you’ll eventually find the one who sets all your nerves a tingling ;).

  246. Tina says:

    @GTT_Envy: my dear, welcome to the wonderful differences of women in their 20s versus women in their 30s (and please excuse the generalization). I will say that I, along with MOST women (not all, of course) enjoy sex more in my 30s than I did in my 20s. And it isn’t because the partners are different and more experienced (let me tell ya, experience versus, er. stamina, THAT’S a toss up!). It’s because of me – I know what I like, know what I don’t like, and know how to find out (and quite enjoy doing so) what my partner likes. I’m open about sex, and what I expect, because I know that if I’m not, I’m not going to get what I want out of it. I like the person I am in my 30s better than I was in my 20s, and am looking forward to the person I will be in my 40s, 50s, etc. Sex is just one part of my personality that has changed, and for the better I might add, as I’ve gotten older. I think part of it is the belief that I don’t want to waster time on something that isn’t enjoyable, unless it has a purpose. And, since I’m not ready to have kids yet, sex is all about enjoyment for BOTH parties. Sex: the original mutually beneficial arrangement 😉

    @SDinLA’s dog Spotticus: pee on my lawn will ya? (flings explosive bag of poo) HA! Take THAT!

    @Phone Guy: Ooooh, parties are fun!

    @Midwest: come on down to Austin, we’ll go see it together! 🙂

  247. Arcadia SB says:

    I think when we get to the SA Party we should have classy brooches that say “I’m on the blog!” (My first thought was stickers…but I guess that doesn’t really work, ha ha).

    At this rate about 20 of us are going to turn up together at the same time! (Sounds good to me, though I think I’ll be the old lady of the bunch).

  248. ContentSB says:

    @Jessie — I prefer the eloping conspiracy theory…this blog needs a good crazy story like that!

    How are things with you and your SD?? He better still be spoiling you!!

    I chatted with No Last Name a few more times…but decided he wasn’t right for me. Perfect gentleman, but a bit on the conservative side; our personalities just didn’t seem to be clicking right. If I weren’t seeing a guy outside of sugar I probably would’ve been much more into No Last Name, but this other guy has really been doing it for me lately haha. If only there was an allowance attached to that relationship….. 😉

    @GTT_Envy — That’s really interesting…I could be *completely* wrong about this and speaking for myself only…. but when I envision my perfect SD he’s basically James Bond…eloquent, handsome, charismatic with an abundance of confidence (not arrogance), perhaps a bit mysterious, and genuine. I want someone who has concern for me, and makes me feel feminine and cared for. Basically an understated alpha male who gains respect with his calm demeanor and accomplishments. With all of that taken into consideration, a girl in her 20’s will probably be open-minded and willing to explore different things sexually, but she’ll want this confident man to be the one to show her those new experiences. Not sure if that makes sense…

  249. Bronzer and Blush says:

    @skylar……are you going in alone?


  250. Bronzer and Blush says:

    Hey ladies!

    I’m thinking of going….dont fancy going by myself though! Who is up for meeting up and going in together?

    Let me know! 🙂

  251. DianaSBinOC says:

    @ Diana

    Isn’t that why we all hate car salesmen, or insurance salespeople (at least the stereotypical ones)? Is is a transaction, a pressure sale. Anyone worth their salt in sales knows that the key to a long term sales relationship is to make the customer believe that they are special and getting an amazing deal with no pressure whatsoever. If you are just pushing for the one time commission, then how you get the sale doesn’t matter…but if you want a long term close…then more effort is needed. Sugar is no different.

    You’re correct. Guy is obviously in sales!

    I have gotten the ooh I have $10,000 a month ( no picture) let’s meet now! Then a bunch of sexual questions … Blocked! I’ve gotten allowance offers in the past but the guy said something inappropriate and he got blocked. Too many immediate promises? Blocked Urgency to meet? Blocked. The reason why this guy was different in his approach is he didn’t come out with the P4P right away, he wanted to laugh and joke about different things and then offer an allowance. He later brought it up after he did the well I got burned etc etc. He hasn’t had an Sb before so how could he have gotten burned? This is exactly why I love talking to people by phone, they always eventually let the truth slip out and they don’t remember what lie they used on you. Even if you don’t hear it right at that moment , you’ll hear it later on when you wake up the next day. Your mind just makes mental notes of things that text messaging leaves out entirely.

  252. Jessie says:

    @Grasshopper – OMG, there’s sooo much different directions I can take this in since you and Sensi have such a rich history ;). Hmmmm…which path to follow first…lol. Maybe I should go pick on Content instead.

    @Content – So…did you have a second date with, “He-who-has-no-last-name” yet? ;).

  253. DianaSBinOC says:

    @flyr—- “P4P – But where’s the line, Suppose for the moment that I have two VIP tickets to a high demand concert in Vail. I mention to the nubile 30 year old that I have the ticket and a great room with a view , I’m looking for someone attractive to take. She’s on it and ready to fly. Does that make her a hooker? Does the answer change if we met at the Occupy Needless Markup event last week and shared tofu?”

    If she’s already in arrangement with you as your sugar baby that’s different. She’s getting her allowance and this is just an nice outing together.

    However if this was on a regular dating site:

    That’s the thing women get concert offers outside the Sugar Bowl and still they turn down the “I have tickets and a hotel”. That would sound like the guy was using the tickets for the show to get you in the room to have sex. Many women would pass or either go and take the tickets see the show and get their own room and say goodnight. Again as Midwest said it would be considered just an outing. If you said ” I have a room” right away some would avoid going all together feeling I don’t want to fight this guy off me after the show ends.

    Doesn’t that happen during New Years? Guys are telling you hey I’m at this hotel and I have an extra ticket. It’s so obvious that most girls take the ticket and ditch the guy. She was there to meet up with her friends anyways and what better way to go than free?

    Guys already try this method but in most cases it fails. He goes to his hotel alone and she’s out talking about how this guy tried to get her in bed with a show ticket.

    In other words it’s only an attractive offer after you’ve already established an arrangement with your sb not irl dating. Try adding ” ..and I booked a separate room for you” and then you would have more takers because she would not feel pressured into anything more than just seeing a show with you only.

  254. Grasshopper says:

    I’m all about creative thinking 😉

  255. WCSD says:

    Wow….I can’t spell today at all….time to type elsewhere first…and then spell check….

  256. Grasshopper says:

    @Jessie – haha! In THAT case, let your imagination run wild.. ;X

  257. WCSD says:

    @ Diana

    Isn’t that why we all hate car salesmen, or insurance salespeople (at least the stereotypical ones)? Is is a transaction, a pressure sale. Anyone worth their salt in sales knows that the key to a long term sales relationship is to make the customer believe that they are special and getting an amazing deal with no pressure whatsoever. If you are just pushing for the one time commission, then how you get the sale doesn’t matter…but if you want a long term close…then more effort is needed. Sugar is no different.

    But again, how the actual transaction occurs does not matter at all…. Really if this guy made the same approach with $5000 a month, you should feel the same…the problem is there are many who don’t feel that way…and for those SBs….are they SBs or more lie escorts…because to them if the money pays…they will do it??

  258. Jessie says:

    @Grasshopper – Don’t take away my fun and my conspiracies theories…that’s all I have since I’m past sick of all this P4P talk. Isn’t this supposed to be a SUGAR dating site? 😉 Although puzzling about the colors is another option…lol

  259. DianaSBinOC says:

    @ WCSD~

    “With an escort/hooker, it is transactional. A gets B, for C time…ok we agree…let’s get down to business. In sugar, I HATE transactions as much as I hate drama.”

    “The problem is that when a pot asks a pot SB to see her for $500 initially, he is focusing on the transaction….and so is she…which in my opinion is a recipe for disaster in the sugar world.”

    As you can all see how that Johnish type got so technical with numbers. Trying to make things sound better if he said hey I’ll pay me $100 more per week. It’s the same thing because you’re not giving me anything if your telling me I need to pay for hotels out of the weekly amount. It all sounds so damn gross it’s nauseating. He feels he’s so close in getting what he wants for cheap so he’s actively trying. Didn’t I say he added me to favorites. Remember this is the same guy I posted at the beginning of the blog that wanted me to meet him even though I told him yeah you’re not my match.

    He even added if I find my sb I’m outta here! Like I need to act now because the prices will change! The sale is on today! Doors close at 5! Hurry! I felt like I was seeing things in neon lights on the screen. Act now! lol

  260. Grasshopper says:

    @Jessie – that is nothing more than coincidence…pure happenstance – I’m sure Sensei will concur 😉

    @Sensei – I’m so happy you finally cleared up that whole black and/or white and/or multiple shades of grey thing…

    or HAVE you???
    ::rubs chin…wonders::

  261. DianaSBinOC says:

    Update- The P4P married guy contact me again and wrote me a long message this morning. He started out with an apology but got into some number. He decided to offer me $100 more but it’s $100 less than his original allowance quote. However he wants me to deduct the price of hotels out of the P4P and wants to turn P4P into PPW(Pay per week) . So the amount went up $100 but now he wants to give me what he wanted to pay per meet to pay for a full week? Clever eh? Did he think this made him less Johnish somehow?

    He said he has all he needs outside sugar , he’s just missing sex. So in other words he just wants sex.

    Now this is the part that’s even more clever :After running numbers which to me a sugar baby shouldn’t really ever have to do, he would basically be my whore because I would be paying him!
    He’s clever because he actually worded it as if he was giving more but again it will =0 or negative amount. So I told him to go find himself a whore that pays for hotels in advance so he can get the sex he needs so bad. I said this as nicely as possible. It’s funny I’m not even insulted by the amount but more so that he insulted my intelligence. Did he think I wasn’t going to figure out that he wanted me to pay for him to cheat on his wife with me? Lol absurd Or maybe I was supposed to be thrifty and find a motel 6 somewhere with coupons? lol

    This insiders view into P4P is all I really needed, It was like doing a survey or research. Quite eye opening.
    Guy makes Half a million a year or so he claims.
    One word: Unbelievable

  262. Jessie says:

    @Grasshopper – How do you expect me to buy that, “no eloping” story if you both disappear for the same length of time, and then reappear and start posting minutes after each other? ;).

    @VAGent – Wow! Your SB is like a wife…3 overnights per week? You certainly have a lot of “free” time. Does your wife thinks you work for the CIA/FBI and is constantly going “out of town for undercover work?” :). It really baffles me what the wives think their husbands are doing…

    “The problem is that when a pot asks a pot SB to see her for $500 initially, he is focusing on the transaction….and so is she…which in my opinion is a recipe for disaster in the sugar world.”

    @WCSD – I couldn’t agree more. Which is why when I read, “You won’t know if he’s a genuine SD or a P4Per unless you give him a try,” I HAVE to respond, because that’s a load of… Once the guy approaches you like a John, everything else is a blur, as far as I’m concerned, and NOTHING will take away that first transactional feel no matter how much time you spend together, or how long the relationship lasts…which for me would be less than a minute.

  263. Nikita says:

    Hi guys,

    I haven’t commented on this blog in a year now but I just had to say I’m totally going to the UK launch party!

    But unfotunately, going alone so if there are any friendly SB’s out there that see a lonely girl in a red dress in the corner with the canapes and champagne looking really shy, please come and talk to me!

  264. WCSD says:

    OK…my input on the who P4P vs. monthly thing.

    To me, it is irrelevant whether I, or someone gets a $$ value at particular intervals. To me all that matters is whether it is ‘transactional’ or not. With an escort/hooker, it is transactional. A gets B, for C time…ok we agree…let’s get down to business. In sugar, I HATE transactions as much as I hate drama.

    I’ve always looked at sugar as being friends with benefits. Sure, the benefits are different than ‘normal’ FWB, but if she isn’t my friend then she won’t be my SB. Also, I want to take care of a friend (whether monthly, weekly, per visit, it is irrelevant at that point because she is a friend). But once anyone starts to focus on the transaction, the other party will also start to focus on that transaction, and this results in both trying to get the ‘best deal’ out of the negotiation. So if P4P, or monthly works for a SD and SB, it is really irrelevant to all. The problem is that when a pot asks a pot SB to see her for $500 initially, he is focusing on the transaction….and so is she…which in my opinion is a recipe for disaster in the sugar world.

  265. AnnaMW says:

    @PhoneGuy – Surprisingly, there was no such transition. She refused to see him exclusively regardless of the arrangement he was proposing, probably because she knew that income stream could dry up at a moments notice and she will have lost her other regulars. She remained an escort until the moment she had a 3ct VS on her finger and a date set. It was pretty weird, but they were married for 6 years.

    @Midwest – I always like reading your posts. I agree that p4p demeans the traditional sugar or “kept” scenario that feels so romantic to many of us. The security that comes from knowing that there is someone who supports your goals and has your back is a feeling that would be hard to accomplish with p4p.

    @GTT – Your experience seems pretty consistent. Most of my sugar relationships have been much more vanilla than traditional ones, which hasn’t felt like a problem at all. Time with SDs is limited and there isn’t an opportunity to know them as intimately as someone I was spending every day with. I don’t like to push peoples limits and while I’m super open minded, I wouldn’t want to feel like the girl he does all the dirty things to that he wouldn’t do with a wife or serious girlfriend. If you want things, ask for them, but don’t be surprised if your young SB doesn’t initiate…… I think the difference between 20s and 30s is that in our 20’s we are overwhelmed with options (I know I am). There is usually a mental shift that takes place in the mid-30’s that makes women less inhibited and more comfortable with their sexuality.

  266. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Content SB~ Agreed! You see what the multiple babies write and it’s horrible. They get the money and the guy demands the sexual act and they come back with serious details that make wish you were blind. They are not having fun. They are happy about the money they got because now they can finally put groceries in their fridge or buy 1 book for school. I have even see some call themselves whores as a joke which was gut wrenching because that’s not what they signed up for but crack under the constant P4P requests and not getting what they need from one SD.

  267. DianaSBinOC says:

    @ Midwest SB~~~That’s the point exactly we don’t want to settle. I have gotten so many offers for P4P the first day my account went active. If that’s so sought after why aren’t all SB’s taken? They say that there are more SB’s to SD . I think it’s 10 to 1 but you see that there are many SB’s seeing multiple SD’s. Is it possible they are sharing the same ones? Do guys really want to mix and match like that? Sounds gross and I’m not trying to catch the latest strain of something going around because everyone is sharing each other. I will wait for the right one when he comes along.

    Not all men want what other men can have. They feel they “deserve” better. Oops used the “entitlement” word. But I guess since it refers to an SD, I will not be attacked. I’m not saying allowance babies are better than the girls that will meet multiples but managing different people that way must take amazing skill. It must be hard work but when it comes to survival it’s all going to be a job.

    If men want ambitious babies on this site, why turn around and tell them to settle for anything in their life. The men here didn’t get to where they did by settling, why should they expect the women to? You can look on the SD profiles and they list what they don’t want and what they do want. They are not interested in settling. I see guys saying well I want her to have her own income and not rely on me, well the ones that are waiting for the right ones aren’t. They function whether an SD comes or along or not because they don’t need an SD , they want one. There’s a fine line when you’re taking anything because you have no choice. You can’t afford to wait around because you need that financial support NOW regardless of how many guys it comes from. So the fact that they are getting the P4P requests, they are taking what they get to eventually complete their allowance desires. People hit hard times, students are struggling with financial debt so this is a source of support that they will take from whoever gives it.

  268. Midwest SB says:

    flyr- I guess that would depend on the SB. If it were me, I would consider it either a date or an evening with a friend unless we were in an arrangement. In that case, I would consider it a perk or amazing experience together followed by….! Love concerts, but they don’t help me reach my goals.

    SDinLA – Bwahahhaha! So glad to see you back!

  269. ContentSB says:

    Like @midwest, I can’t believe I’m jumping in either lol.

    My problem with P4P is that it makes me feel like I have to jump through hoops to finally be rewarded for being a “good girl.” I never want to feel like I *have* to have sex with someone, or that I owe him sex. That’s just gross. A monthly allowance lets me feel like our time together isn’t defined by sex, and if it happens then that’s great! But, if it doesn’t for whatever reason, that’s ok too. If i were to be handed a wad of cash (i know it’s done more discretely than that) then I would feel the pressure of certain expectations….and that’s not fun for anyone.

  270. SDinLA says:

    @flyr “We know the color of pure white and the color of pure black”

    Well, actually, if we’re going to get technical, there’s a considerable debate as to whether or not black and white ARE colours… so even that isn’t as “black and white” as it may seem.

    In colour theory, if we look at colour as light, then black is NOT a colour and white IS a colour.

    But if you look at colour as a pigment/molecular colouring agent, then black IS a colour, and white is NOT a colour.

    From the visual/reflective perspective, which I think is the one that makes the most sense, white IS a colour, it reflects ALL the colours of the visible spectrum to our eyes. And for practical purposes, black wold then NOT be a colour since it absorbs all colours of the visible spectrum ans reflects none to our eyes.

    So there are shades of grey even in the definition of black and white! 😉

  271. flyr says:

    P4P – But where’s the line, Suppose for the moment that I have two VIP tickets to a high demand concert in Vail. I mention to the nubile 30 year old that I have the ticket and a great room with a view , I’m looking for someone attractive to take. She’s on it and ready to fly. Does that make her a hooker? Does the answer change if we met at the Occupy Needless Markup event last week and shared tofu?

    We know the color of pure white and the color of pure black, but when looking in between the two we are unable to agree on the shade.

    I’ve used the story that I think best illustrates the difference. As some of you may recall Clinton adviser Dick Morris had the bad fortune of having his playmate sell her story. Morris was reportedly in an off the record interview with a female reporter who asked how he could pay this woman $200 to come over and have sex with him. Without missing a beat Morris replied, I am not paying her to come over, I am paying her to go home when we are done.

    The SB is someone whom you enjoy being with even when there is no further expectation of sex on that visit, you have a genuine concern for her welfare, you wish for her success wherever she is heading.

  272. Midwest SB says:

    I can’t believe I’m jumping in…

    Phoneguy – Is this how most girls on the blog feel? That the expectation of sex is what makes P4P and creates the negative feeling towards the encounter?

    P4P works for some, but it evolved from what was once a non-transactional, truly mutually beneficial arrangement. P4P is frequently being used by men as a way to see many girls on one month’s allowance vs. seeing one. It’s also less beneficial to the SB simply because she cannot attain her financial goals/ dreams on the promise of assistance. Instead, some have resorted to playing the game and taking on multiple partners in the name of sugar. It just demeans what sugar once was. It used to be that a man would “keep” a lady…she could count on his help and knew that she was meeting his needs. Now, it’s a kid in a candy store. The pros take advantage of the johns (and vice versa) and sugar gets caught in-between. In the end, things evolve. I just choose not to go down that road. I would rather be without than to settle. That’s how I feel.

  273. GTT_Envy says:

    I have a generic yet personal question 🙂

    P4P or allowance who knows where I fall…….all I know is my previous SB’s get $1500+/month in cash, plus awesome dates, and we only meet once a month……but that is for another time.

    My question……. How good is the intimacy between your SB or SD ?

    I’m a little underwhelmed ……….not enough to stop yet still underwhelmed. Every SB I’ve had tends to be very open at the same time very submissive. Meaning if I said I wanted “fill in the blank” they would go for it but would not initiate it.

    That makes me question everything again…….if I’m with someone my age say mid thirties normally they are on me like white on rice. Maybe that’s because the attraction is more genuine?

    Did that make sense or am I rambling……….lol.

  274. Va Gentleman says:

    @ Diana

    ” Little harsh on marriage there ”

    Well , I don’t feel like googling divorce rates but my recollection is that 54% of first marriages divorce and 73% of second do . So marriage doesn’t have a very good track record does it ? Even so I would get married again if I were single . Perhaps it isn’t marriage but the concept of ” familiarity breeding contempt ” Maybe we aren’t meant to be with one person for a lifetime .

    Also ” . Even so some guys cheat for the thrill,the chase and the variety even though they confess being in love and still enjoying sex with their wives.”

    Don’t forget women . You ladies are a little behind men in philandering but still a significant force to be reckoned with .

  275. PhoneGuy says:

    I can’t believe we have been arguing for this long over P4P and now we find out we haven’t even defined what we are arguing over. So to the supposed “P4P haters”, it has nothing to do with when the money is paid? We can dispense with all that talk? That’s not what really matters? /Whew. Awesome. I don’t think the timing of the transaction is a very defensible argument anyway.

    Is this how most girls on the blog feel? That the expectation of sex is what makes P4P and creates the negative feeling towards the encounter?

    I don’t think that regular meetings or long term intent are what separate arrangements from escorting.
    I think they are ingredients in the recipe though. Another one that can factor in is monogamy. Long-term, regular meetings with only one person…it’s starting to smell like an arrangement to me. At least it is indistinguishable to the external observer. This situation describes the prostitute you mentioned, whom you insist was still a prostitute. The problem is that she didn’t suddenly transition from prostitute to wife when she said “I do”. Somewhere along the line, it blurred and somewhere along the way, whether an actual event occurred or not, she was willing to have sex with him regardless of payment. And somewhere he was willing to give money even if she didn’t feel like having sex.

    So that means that no one knows if VA is doing P4P because only he knows if he would fork over the money if she didn’t feel like sex. And even he may not know what he would do until it happened. Similarly only his SB knows if she would sleep with him if he didn’t have her sugar. Does this mean that half of a couple could be involved in P4P but the other half not depending on what is in their heart?

    Oh, I love complications and shades of grey!

  276. DianaSBinOC says:

    Sorry I put [email protected] VA too far down.

  277. DianaSBinOC says:

    @AnnaMW~ I second your thoughts exactly!! I’m pretty sure Johns don’t just see one prostitute and call it quits. It makes sense that prostitutes have regulars that see them weekly monthly etc. Plus an escort marrying her regular has been known to happen even though it may be rare. I mean who came up with the expression ” you can’t turn a whore into a housewife”? Maybe a John that got emotionally attached to his prostitute? Who knows. But in your case why would you want her to be when you blame marriage for ruining sex and of course that’s what you’re paying her for after all.

    Now if you really feel that you’re both in love as you say. Stop the sugar and see how that works out.

    @Va – Little harsh on marriage there. Now I can’t begin to know why your wife doesn’t want to sleep with you anymore. That’s your own personal thing but bashing marriage? It has to be working from someone out there. Even so some guys cheat for the thrill,the chase and the variety even though they confess being in love and still enjoying sex with their wives.

  278. Va Gentleman says:


    ” I guess the difference in my mind is expectation of sex ” and ” Would you cuddle up with your SB and still provide sugar if she weren’t intimate with you during a weekly meet? ”

    Absolutely ! I am definitely beyond the John phase . We meet twice to thrice/ week and are having more of an IRL relationship. We have even been cranky and bitchy to each other on bad days , farted once or twice accidentally , but still haven’t kept the bathroom door open to do you know what . Sorry to be graphic but you know what I’m sayin” So far we have made love every visit together but we do always spend the night together , so it’s not a couple hour visit . If she did not feel like it I would not change anything . If we stopped making love a priority then I would feel like we were married and reevaluate the relationship.

    You know how ruin a a perfect sex life– right ? You got it –get married .

  279. Midwest SB says:

    Madison – Was that a rhetorical question?

  280. iris669 says:

    @ englishrose
    hey, how are you ? i am new to the site felling the same way as arcadia .
    would love to meet other SB to go with and even meet early on sunday .
    would you mind the company of an extra SB ? xx

  281. AnnaMW says:

    I don’t know about that, VA…. I respect your position, but I don’t know that long term intent is the differentiating factor. I know a guy who saw escorts regularly for years. Usually the same rotation of just a few women each week or month until he became particularly fond of one…. He stopped seeing his two other girls and saw the one he liked on a weekly basis which transitioned to several times per week. Eventually, he decided that it would be cheaper to marry her than pay to see her every day, but that’s neither here nor there…… She was very much a prostitute, despite the fact that he saw her exclusively and regularly and ultimately married her.

    He was a regular, so she didn’t really clock-watch. Lingering was just a perk of being a loyal, regular customer. Im not saying that everyones experience is consistent with this, but I don’t think that regular meetings or long term intent are what separate arrangements from escorting. Lots of guys who buy escorts favor a particular girl.

    I guess the difference in my mind is expectation of sex. Of course there is intimacy in every arrangement (frequently if you’re doing it right 🙂 ), but if I had a headache or was tired, I would bet my SD would be perfectly happy to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. Would you cuddle up with your SB and still provide sugar if she weren’t intimate with you during a weekly meet?

  282. Honey says:

    Hello all, I’ve been busy and I am dragging today…need..coffee….
    Busy blog. Like it.Lively. P4P …uh no.., it’s supposed to be an “arrangement”.Look under “escorts” in the yellow pages for P4P. Just saying.. Been busy with the chicken ranch.chickens, chickens…. Welcome Diana! Goddess of the Hunt!
    Exams are done! I am giddy with spare time! Next party MUST be in Texas Everything is bigger in Texas!
    Am leaving for the farm to plant gardens and orchards..Have to put on clothes..for the feed store,guess my high heels must stay at home.yee haw! Who missed me?

  283. Va Gentleman says:

    @ Madison

    John here lol .

    OK , I’m going to try one more time to get this concept through some reluctant (thick) heads .

    PTP as in escort funding is generally a one time payment for an hourly period of time for sexual services rendered- period . Guys who are looking for a one time or very occasional PTP are Johns looking for escorts . Yes , they are here .

    Weekly, biweekly ,monthly , or yearly funding are allowance schedules settled on for an anticipated long term arrangement . Weekly payment with one visit /week can be considered PTP but the intent of a long term arrangement prevents it from being an escort transaction .

  284. castable says:

    I do would like to go to the party but have no one to go with and feel kinda odd walking on on my own. I havent met one guy that wants a monthly arrangement all want a pay per meet thing.

  285. Grasshopper says:

    ::encourages – scratches Spot’s tum tum::

  286. AmandineParis says:

    Why not an event in Paris???

  287. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Midwest SB Yes this month is the anniversary of Star Wars. 🙂

  288. DianaSBinOC says:

    @ Madison P4P is when a guy pays you in $$$ per meet. You can take a look at ” How to identify a fake SD” —> on the side there
    Also there is the “How to let a Sugar Daddy know you’re looking for a real arrangement” Avoiding negotiable under allowance requested.

    So basically a guy saying he can give you $100-$500 per meet instead of half or your full allowance is what P4P is referring to. P4P stands for PLAY 4 PAY. Typically what escorts receive for services rendered.

  289. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Midwest [email protected] “The force” is a reference to Star Wars” 🙂

    @Madison ~ I figured there would be a few “posers” that would show up. I wondered if they would eventually have a Sugar Baby/Daddy event here in CA but now I’m thinking that’s every weekend here at the top clubs. Guys always tell you ” I know people” take my number. Then you get the weird texts in the middle of the night ” are you up”, what are you doing? “Hey come over, I’m having a party” ,when the guy is most likely home alone sending out a text blast to every girl in his phone.

    I remember a guy invited me out to fashion week but wanted me to come by and soak in his jacuzzi first. Telling me to hurry up and respond back because some other girl was dying to go. lol. Told him yeah I already did my jacuzzi soak and I had plans for a date already. “Take her, she’ll have a blast!” lol This guy was relentless with sending texts when he was supposed to be there enjoying the season’s latest lines. **Poser alert** lol

    What a guy drives doesn’t say anything out here in CA. Generally the flashier the car, the bigger the poser. Image is everything here and for the guy that doesn’t have the looks or the income, he’s learned the car and being a good talker is basically all he needs. Maybe she’ll take his mom making pancakes in the morning as endearing.:) lol

    @frank~ Wow that’s really nice to hear you care that much to help out your sb like that. I’ve read on the blog in the past that something like this would make most SD’s drop her instantly saying” no drama”. It’s always nice to read an SD actually values an SB to this extent in treating her as a human being that just hit a rough patch. 🙂

  290. flyer says:

    @Hank you are the prime example of the “it’s more than the allowance” approach to the relationships. She is very lucky to have you.

  291. Spot aka SDinLA's dog says:

    :::pees on Tina’s lawn:::

    :::sniffs Grassy’s behind:::

  292. Grasshopper says:

    @Jessie – No eloping……(yet)…haha 😉

  293. ContentSB says:

    Hey sugars — Hope everyone had a great weekend! Just checked in to see how my favorite blog/bloggers were doing…and I’m glad to see the usual P4P discussion is alive and well 😉

    I can’t wait to hear all about the party…all of you UK SBs will have to give us the real inside scoop afterwards!

  294. frank says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I am not bitter about the experience of a sb not living up to her promises, (you could say she blew me off) I will have to work on my situational awareness some more.

    I was trying a new sugar baby out because as some of you may remember my previous sb had gotten sick, had to have most of liver removed and she was unable to see me for a while. I was helping her with some expenses to keep her from losing her car and getting evicted etc for about 6 weeks. During this time I had the new sb flake out on me. My old sugar baby contacted me, said she was feeling better, and we got together last week. Sparks flew and she was looking good. Now she has to go through chemo, don’t know what that’s going to be like.

    Just want to say I enjoy the lively blog here and want to say thanks for all the help you give the newbies here.

  295. PhoneGuy says:

    he put up quite a fight on your behalf and even made you sound like quite the lover.
    You must be in politics Diana. You just keep up with your story regardless of what facts are introduced. Keep it up, it’s hilarious.

    @Tina, yeah I’ll probably wait until Saturday to go. I have a party to prepare for on Friday night for Saturday afternoon.

  296. black cherry says:

    LOL @Madison

  297. Madison says:

    Another note: Heavy press on the party I attended in NYC. Cameras everywhere and photographers taking pics of your every move. It seems this London party the press will be in a separate room though. It was very annoying having to turn away from the cameras every 5 mins because people were trying to film you. I felt the pain of celebrities on that night having to put my hand on my face so no pictures of me were taken, but it was awesome and the experience was worthy.

  298. Madison says:

    When I went to one of those sugar parties last year in NYC, it was crowded with girls and guys. I chose a conservative dress and wore conservative make up because I didn’t want to look like a street walker. But that made me look older than I am. Most of the girls were kinda trashy looking, mostly because their skirts were too short and overdone make up.

    I remember getting to the bar and ordering scotch JW black and coke. I took a 50 dollar bill to pay for my drink and next think you know, there were 3 girls standing behind me asking if I was a sugar mama. LOL LOL LOL True story, it was so fun; I paid for all their drinks. That move impressed a supposedly movie producer (who was a total loser by the way) that did NOT pay for any of my drinks and tried to get me to go to his room. Watch out for jerks on these parties and don’t forget to have fun!!

  299. Madison says:

    I’m having a dummie moment.. what’s a P4P??

  300. flyr says:

    @Jessie “@flyr – Your winery example is purrfect. That story about your Krav instructor is hilarious 🙂 . Perhaps you’re only talented with helping the fairer sex.”

    I think I will stick with the fairer sex, where my heart is.

  301. Midwest SB says:

    Grrr…”We Bought a Zoo”. Matt Damon was adorable as usual. The little blonde girl was amazing!

  302. Midwest SB says:

    Heyyyy sugars!

    Phone Guy- I liked we found a zoo.

    Diana- Was “the force” a reference to Lord of the Rings or Star Wars? Wasn’t this week the anniversary for Star Wars? Everyone had “May the 4th be with you” on FB. Hahahaha

    Tina – LOVED the old Dark Shadows and very curious about the new one with Johnny Depp.

    Flyr – I’m getting to like you more and more 🙂

    Skylar & Treasured – Welcome! Don’t let the little fray scare you. There are particular topics that get somewhat heated here, but know that everyone has good intentions. We just have to remember that sugar is different for everyone.

    Looks like the Super Moon got a few tempers stirred up…so glad I spent my time building memories with my special someone. Took in Hunger Games and ate like fools 🙂

  303. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: I just read above where I called the movie Dark Whisper – wth? That’s what I get for blogging while focusing on other things – SHEESH!

  304. Tina says:

    @VA Gent: so very very naughty!

    @Phone Guy: impulse….riiiiiiiiiiiiiight……I’m not going opening night to Dark Shadows (which just happens to have a trailer on right at this moment – teehee) since the weirdos are out then. Plus the people I’m going with are working, or just getting off work, or working early Saturday, so I’m going a few days later. But, when I go I get to watch the movie while eating dinner and drinking a beer. Or a glass of wine. 🙂

    @flyr: awwww, you have a following! 🙂

  305. AnnaMW says:

    @ PhoneGuy – You’re right. It was a generalization and not representative of everyones situation. For example, VA has a per-encounter, p4p arrangement with a girl he says he loves! There are all types of arrangements out there and none of them are necessarily right or wrong.

    My experience is that if guys seems too preoccupied with what the sex will be like and how much the arrangement will cost, it can become very unromantic if not hurtful. When I had a profile, I made my range clear so that people weren’t intimidated or put off. Usually there has been at least a month of communication prior to meeting and a few dates prior to becoming involved. At that point, there has been a mutual time investment and initiating a monthly arrangement has made sense.

    Most of the guys I’ve ended up in serious discussions have been extremely cautious and conscious of the type of person they are getting to know, preferring to take time to build trust prior to becoming involved. Reading about other peoples arrangements makes me realize just how lucky I’ve been to have had such great guys in my life.

  306. Liela says:

    I’ll be there <3

  307. DianaSBinOC says:

    VA~ You know I enjoy our disagreements. Keeps the blog lively and entertaining.You’re like a person that throws a rock in a crowd and sits back to watch a fight ensue.

    You may want to lick the wounds of your co-conspirator, he put up quite a fight on your behalf and even made you sound like quite the lover. Maybe you care to provide how he got those details. I think it would make for quite the read.:)

  308. Va Gentleman says:


    ” His desire to get everyone on P4P ”

    lol you are sooo much fun and predictable to provoke ! I knew my comments would get everyone off of the Disney Land topic and recipes and back to the meet (pun intended ) of the situation . And that situation is finding your selves a good Daddy (or Baby )

    Noooo – I don’t care if you do PTP , but my point with this whole recurring topic is —don’t discount a guy who isn’t ready to fork over a month’s pay before he gets comfortable with you . Some guys here are newbies and are trying to figure it out –as you ladies are .

    Thanks to my friends for getting my back , and thanks for the rest who add spice to a conversation .

  309. Skylar says:

    All along i thought i was the only one scared to go in there alone, infact i had to convice my little sis coming along with me.Any USA SBs? i would like to party friday, saturday but don’t know any nice clubs in Kensington.

  310. Jessie says:

    @Grasshopper – I knew you’d understand. I love Mickey Mouse…think he’s a cool dude…but if you sound like him…my shallow self thinks my, “Yes, Yes, YES,” will be a bunch of “oh NOs ;).”

    You’ve been scarce…how ya doing? Thought about you the other day, and wondered if you eloped with your sensi.

    @flyr – Your winery example is purrfect. That story about your Krav instructor is hilarious :). Perhaps you’re only talented with helping the fairer sex.

    @Treasured – That is wayyyy too much information you’re willing to give up. Can you imagine the havoc someone could make of your life? I find that trust cannot be bought…only earned, and that takes times. So perhaps a slower approach is necessary until you’re both at the point where some level of trust has been built. My bank info and passport…not anything I’m planning on just handing over; especially since that still doesn’t guarantee you an allowance or that you’re even talking to a genuine SD.

    @Frank – That sucks. I’m really sorry you met a “bad apple,” however, that’s something one encounters in various aspects of life (dishonest people), and unfortunately it’s difficult to weed them out completely. I’m still glad that you took into consideration what YOU thought would make the SB comfortable, and then tried to make it a reality. That she turned out to be a scammer rather than a SB is just really tough luck :(. And Frank didn’t you have a “situation” that you shared with the blog a few months ago? It seems like you have White Knight stamped on your forehead. Great SDs like you are few and far between. I hope you’ll find someone that’s worthy.

  311. flyr says:

    @Diana – He’s a former Israeli Special Forces instructor and took this as a very serious threat to his manhood. There is a huge difference between body builders and martial arts . Krav is a martial art primarily designed for self defense. It’s also a great aerobic exercise. He took to hanging out at one of the Beverly Hills hotel bars with dancing and an endless supply of Cougars

  312. DianaSBinOC says:

    @AnnaMW ~ Agreed and Agreed. Do we have the same blood type too? lol —Don’t even waste time taking the bait from ..well you know. Not even worth the effort to respond.

    @flyr ~lol four guys? Aww:(:( Did he end up joining a dating site? I dated a body builder that had the same problem. Guys just assumed he was gay because he spent time in the gym.

  313. flyr says:

    Thanks Pumpkin and Diana (behind the Orange Curtain ?)

    I should have added to the SA comment to be equally on the lookout for good signals so as to not pass up a great SD. It goes for us guys too. It’s not so much as good and bad (other than a few) but rather a good, multidimensional match.

    I’ll usually mention that during the initial email, phone calls and meeting that I am asking questions looking for good things more than bad things.

    I have enjoyed helping a couple of people from here (who, due to geography, I will never meet) look at their profiles.

    It should come with the warning that I helped my Krav instructor with his post on Craigs list, however, instead of his dream girl he had four responses from guys. I think that cost me a lot of sweat and a little blood.

  314. Pumpkin says:

    Flyr: I think that the analogy drawn between first intimacy and wineries is classic.

  315. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Frank. I truly am sorry for your experience. One thing many SBs here do is report the fakes, flakes and dangerous types. I haven’t really seen any blogs for SDs that have a reporting facility. I’ve had the unfortunate benefit of finding blogs on johns that have been talking about their use of the site for over 2 years. I posted the details on the last blog at the bottom. Plus I just read one fake was actually outted on “The Dirty”. I believe his own wife found out his habits in the most horrible of ways. So perhaps an SD may want to add the thieves to their own blog.

    @flyr Thank you! I think you’re the first I’ve seen that has actually given some fair advice on the subject. You even included tips on safety as well. Btw you were very helpful to many sbs in the one of the blogs. I was reading and I felt quite touched that you took the time. Very sweet and generous of you.I think you should be called THE NEW GURU.!!!

    “A full month allowance may tempt them to sign up another SD. If I limit myself to P4P for the first event then I think I am seriously limiting my prospects and perhaps starting the relationship on the wrong foot. Half a month seems to be a good middle ground .”

    I actually agree with this exactly. I posted how many of the ladies on P4P are seeing multiple men at the same time in order to achieve their base allowance request. Half is actually quite reasonable and fair.

    “red flags – In flying it’s called situational awareness or SA, from initial contact be aware. – not to be overly dramatic but it is something for SB’s to be concerned with and to manage the initial meetings until they are comfortable. Good research is also important. I’ve recommended to a number of young women in the family and friends the book The Gift of Fear. Available at most any library . Be sure to copy or scan the 20 point questionnaire which is a proven guide to predicting domestic violence. The author’s profession is evaluating risks to individuals from the common to the President. It’s not about locking yourself in the castle but rather living intelligently.”

    Thank you!! Wow I’m just so happy you posted this! A guy here who actually is concerned and cares for our safety? Your words are priceless.

    Please stay on this blog!

    Am I the only one that feels like a warm blanket has been put around my shoulders and a nice mug of hot cocoa has been placed in my hands? Your posts flyr are so comforting ,supportive and honest:) Thank you again:)

  316. flyr says:

    Poster for London Party

    I wonder if I am the only one completely turned off by the poster. It has a P4P feel to it with flying dollars and gold bars. A champagne toast and then cash bar. London’s a great place for a party

  317. PhoneGuy says:

    I know a lot of guys are reluctant to make a financial commitment of even one months allowance to a girl they’ve never been with, but that’s what differentiates guys who are looking for overall chemistry and a potential long term match vs. a good f***.
    With all due respect, this may be your experience but is certainly not universally true. I don’t think being conservative with your money has anything to do with being serious about finding a real connection with a girl.

    I like your winery example.

    Just Add Water was cute. At times it reminded me of Raising Arizona. The ending wasn’t very creative but it was worth watching.

  318. flyr says:

    First intimacy – I think the wine business offers some similarity. Since I am surrounded by wineries they make a convenient example.

    As a rule wineries do not offer free samples to those who walk through the door. You pay a tasting fee which would translate into the proportion of a single bottle of wine you will drink while tasting. You will not be able to taste the really good wines. The fee usually a credit against any purchase and you’ll be encouraged to join the wine club.

    If you want to sample the really good wines you probably have to come to a winemaker dinner which is not inexpensive, but the wine, food and atmosphere will be outstanding. The wines will generally be the best and more than you should consume.

    If you treat the winery well you’ll occasionally get invitations to special events

  319. Treasured says:

    @flyr – good for you that YOU trust your instincts. Wish all SDs were 🙂

    And I do have to admit – I am blonde, so I have my moments 😀

  320. Treasured says:

    @ All SB :))) I made up my mind and just bought the ticket :))) Hopefully it will be fun :)))

  321. flyr says:

    @treasured “I think it would be a great idea (and, sorry if it has been done before) to have something like PayPal, where money is wired to a third party, sits there for a required period of time, and if obligations are not fulfilled – comes back to a sender. But if they are, the receiver gets the full amount.”

    I can see myself walking into the bank explaining I want to open an escrow . “Yes mam, it’s a sugarbabby escrow. You hold the money until I deliver instructions that the relationship is proceeding satisfactorily , we are having great sex every week and you may disburse the funds.

    ” “Ahhh so our federal tax id’s are required to open the escrow.”

    Although these are after tax funds I doubt the SB wants to have a 1099 delivered to her at the end of the year for sugar plus the bank reports to the feds.

    Of course all of the above is just in jest. There comes a time in life when you have to trust your instincts, you’re playing poker do you raise, fold or check.

  322. AnnaMW says:

    @ flyr – I like your attitude. You seem very logical, fair and realistic when it comes to comfort, p4p and all of the other good stuff that’s come up

    @ Madison – I am not destitute or sugar dependent and generally would agree with your advice. I do better than many of the SDs who have contacted me. The reason I kind of like the 30 day notice approach is because I have some VERY expensive hobbies, invest some of my sugar into business and may need to change a few plans if it were to go away…. For the girl who is using sugar to pay tuition or a car payment, it would be an even bigger help.

    I know a lot of guys are reluctant to make a financial commitment of even one months allowance to a girl they’ve never been with, but that’s what differentiates guys who are looking for overall chemistry and a potential long term match vs. a good f***. All of my SDs have been looking for long term, and dazzled enough my my personality to not put up a fight. Being cheap with someone you hope could be around for years probably isn’t the best long term strategy.

  323. Treasured says:

    @Frank – Sorry it has happened to you. There are awful people on the both sides.
    I, as a SB, who is looking not P4P but a monthly allowance, am always prepared to give out my 1)Bank details,
    2)Scanned copy of my passport
    3)Full name
    4)PayPal if required
    to a SD, who will be willing to start an arrangement with me. I don’t know if it would be helpful, if I wanted to take the money and run, but at least, SD knows where to find me. Obviously, giving out my personal details, hopefully establishes that I trust the person, so he can trust me.

    On the other hand, I have heard horror stories, as one sugar baby corresponds with a SD from Paris. They live in different countries, so all the communication is via Skype. They are getting to know each during a month, then he offers the set arrangement. He flies her over to Paris, they have dinner, spend some time together, have sex. When it is time for her to leave, he says that he forgot the envelope at home and as he must run to work, he will wire the money. She trusted him and left back home. She never heard from him again.

    So what do we, SBs do? Do we demand money before getting intimate? Or try our luck and hope that it will be given after the time first spent together?
    But I also understand SD, who, after being dumped like Frank was, are not even willing to start with a set arrangement and go for P4P.
    I guess, it is would be a potential SD willing to risk a certain amount for me? I should hope so…

    I think it would be a great idea (and, sorry if it has been done before) to have something like PayPal, where money is wired to a third party, sits there for a required period of time, and if obligations are not fulfilled – comes back to a sender. But if they are, the receiver gets the full amount.

  324. flyr says:

    Wow, serious work is certainly the enemy of blog following. I’m about two hundred posts behind the curve.

    A bunch of subjects dear to my heart. Lots of the stuff has no right or wrong, but there is a line somewhere out there which is personal to each of us. My thoughts from being on and off the sugar plantation for several decades (never while married). These are just my thoughts not what think others should do . Been blessed with some wonderful SB’s and some that did not work out so well.

    Getting Started – Probably the greatest hurdle for a real SB relationship, how to handle the finances for the first meeting. Sometimes I will pose the question to the SB as what does she think we both would be comfortable with . My comfort level is high with half the monthly amount. For those SB’s (and they are many today) who are struggling financially , they are probably in communication with a number of potential SD’s at the same moment. A full month allowance may tempt them to sign up another SD. If I limit myself to P4P for the first event then I think I am seriously limiting my prospects and perhaps starting the relationship on the wrong foot. Half a month seems to be a good middle ground .

    Time – I’m older and the clockwatching SB visit has no interest to me. This is one of the differences between professional and SB.

    @Madison noted that it was not a good idea for the SB to be dependent on the sugar. A few years ago I would have agreed with her but today I think sugar is often the difference between foreclosure and staying in a house or perhaps continuing an education when the job market, especially for part time sucks. This leads to the issue of “termination” or as we would call it “force majure” . In a relationship where the SB is dependent on the flow of sugar and the relationship is working then I think some minimal sense of security is warranted

    comfort – I really think what distinguishes and SB relationship form a straight P4P relationship is that it is not 100% sex and there is some mutual connection. I’m not sufficiently delusional to believe that I am going to be dating an attractive 30 year old just for my looks or brains. Yet we can have quite a bit to share . A good hooker does not want to be delayed on her mission by such trivia.

    red flags – In flying it’s called situational awareness or SA, from initial contact be aware. – not to be overly dramatic but it is something for SB’s to be concerned with and to manage the initial meetings until they are comfortable. Good research is also important. I’ve recommended to a number of young women in the family and friends the book The Gift of Fear. Available at most any library . Be sure to copy or scan the 20 point questionnaire which is a proven guide to predicting domestic violence. The author’s profession is evaluating risks to individuals from the common to the President. It’s not about locking yourself in the castle but rather living intelligently .

  325. PhoneGuy says:

    I’m shocked, shocked that there is gambling going on in this establishment. 😉
    Sorry to hear you got taken advantage of.

  326. Madison says:

    @Anna: “30 days notice if an arrangement were to end so that they can be financially prepared”

    I’m going to speak for myself now, but I don’t think is a good idea to have your sugar money being counted on to support yourself. My sugar money goes to spending on luxury items, clothes and some goes to savings. If my SD decides to end the arrangement, it would not affect my finances.

    Warning sugars: don’t count on sugar money to make ends meet!!!!!!!!!

  327. frank says:

    Sorry everyone, just one more comment about P4P. I have had several SB’s in the past couple of years. In the past i have been reluctant to hand over a month’s allowance to someone before we start our relationship, and the pot and me have not wanted to have 3 or 4 meets to get as comfortable as we could be for that to happen. So I have tended to be P4P sort of guy.

    So after reading the P4P discussion several months ago, I became more sensitive to the sb thoughts on P4P. After several discussions with a pot SB we had worked out that we would see each other 3 or 4 times a month for a set amount.

    Before the first meeting she was insistent that I pay her the full months advance up front. I told her of my fears that she wouldn’t meet me as agreed once she had received her money. She replied, Of course I will honey, why would I mess up a good relationship, that wouldn’t be smart.
    So I handed her the months allowance on our next meeting. We had a pleasant time, set up a tentative time to meet next week and she went on her way.

    Now its been three weeks, and she has not answered her phone, responded to my texts etc. (this is a true story)

  328. Eccentrik says:

    Hi am new to blogging been on this site for a while but haven’t had any luck as I’m reading the blogs I can see that’s I’m not alone alot of guys there’s out there that’s just looking for escort we’re all the real SD may be some will be at this party which I reallu want to go but I am nervous to go my own @ everyone who is meeting up before would love to join you guys I live in London and think it would be fun to meet other SB.
    @coral I took your email down will be sending you a message

  329. PhoneGuy says:

    First off, Damon never disappoints.
    Second, Just Add Water was an impulse pickup and I didn’t know what it was about.
    Third, I pretend to be unembarrassable so go ahead, get it out of your system. 😉

    Can’t wait for Dark Shadows Friday. Hope to see it with my SB…you know, after I pay her $200 to have sex with me in my car. 😉

  330. Grasshopper says:

    @Diana – Yes, today was an amazingly gorgeous day!. Would LOVE if we could have weeks of the same, but you know, as I do, how screwy So.Cal. weather can be from one day to the next :/

  331. Grasshopper says:

    @Jessie – “…if your voice is higher
    than mine there is NO WAY I’m meeting you ;)”

    That’s too effing funny…and yes, I concur 😉

  332. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: Just Add Water = rom com? HAHAHAHAHAHA! It DOES look interesting, but you go it on purpose? I’m going to have to harass you about that now, you realize this, yes? 😉

  333. DianaSBinOC says:

    It was gorgeous day today. Bright and sunny here but I have to admit I didn’t even get out to the beach. Tonight calls for a swim and a jacuzzi soak. Actually going to the gym first would probably make that soak feel even better:)

  334. DianaSBinOC says:

    Now we can change the subject because I surely wasn’t expecting that turn of events…

  335. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: why can I say, I’m an ADD blogger 😉 I LOVE Matt Damon, so hopefully We Bought a Zoo is good! Just Add Water? Hmmmm, I’m going to have to look that one up. Later this month I’m actually going out to see “Dark Whisper” with Johnny Depp at a local brew house here. I’m working on getting a few friends together to go with me! 🙂

  336. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Phoneguy “Don’t be thick” ..Wow did you tell me not to be stupid because you want to throw $200 at a girl every now for sex and a meal? You couldn’t get a joke from Lord of The Rings but I’m being “thick”. Actually that’s not my issue but perhaps that’s yours. Please enjoy that movie how about Lord of the Rings?

    Wow so someone could read this and miss out on being treated like a cheap escort?? Aww what a shame that would be for you.

    So Brandon Wade didn’t have any issues posting allowances with locations and ooh no someone may pass your $200 over? Your type will always find someone struggling so trust that regardless of what Sugar is supposed to be, some will accept less, just remember you’ll end up being in rotation that week.

    “if a guy offers you P4P, be careful of these things…”. But that’s never what I hear. I hear rude generalizations.

    Really? Well you’re the one doing P4P I don’t hear you saying anything either. I can’t talk on something I’m not doing. So speak up since you have so much positive input on the matter. Why not post a blog on acceptable per meet rates while you’re at it. Tell us all how many per meet women you have seen. Are you a motel 6? Car date type? Do you leave the 9.99 store bought roses on the pillow? Tell us all because I’m feeling mighty “thick” on this topic.

  337. PhoneGuy says:

    @Tina, Thank you so much for changing the subject. I got Just Add Water for me, which may or may not be stupid. And i got We Bought a Zoo for the kids. I think I’ll just hang out with them and watch their movie though.

  338. AnnaMW says:

    “As a group of people who are engaged in non-traditional relationships, I just think we need to not be throwing stones in glass houses. ”

    Amen, PhoneDaddy!!! Just because an approach is different, doesn’t mean that it is wrong. As someone who engages in non-traditional relationships, who am I to judge? I did disagree with his perspective that we are all hookers and johns regardless of how we are paid. Is a guy who gives his wife or girlfriend spending money a glorified “john”? A guy who will only give his “girlfriend” money each time they have sex and each meeting is predicated on that, probably is…..

  339. Jessie says:

    @PhoneGuy – LOL. That’s what keeps the sugarbowl round…you know…turning on its axis ;). So…what will make it on your “shallow list?”

  340. PhoneGuy says:

    I get it ….you are a P4P type yourself probably offering even less so if we’re talking about what he does, how does that make you feel right?
    I did not realize I’m a P4P type. News to me. I’ve never been with an escort and I’ve never told a girl I want to give her $x/meet.

    I have no simple solution for SD’s making sure the SB doesn’t take the monthly allowance and run (or not see him as much as has been promised) or for the SB who is worried the guy will give her $500 and sleep with her once and then disappear.

    I think the rules and suggestions are kinda like training wheels for sugar. It makes it easier for new people to not make mistakes but can be ignored once you know what you are doing.

  341. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: what movie are you planning to watch? 🙂

  342. PhoneGuy says:

    @Jessie, I do love that too. And I love that there is actually a site where you can be so unPC to list things like that. Asians only…lol. It’s like Disneyland for shallow people. I’m changing my profile right now! 😉

  343. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Phone guy~I think you walked into the conversation late so you may want to scroll up or go to the end of last blog to get all the details. VA posted to my comment about something and here you are defending him. His desire to get everyone on P4P is so strong he doesn’t seem to care how dangerous most of these men are. When some girl ends up getting beat up, raped or murdered, I hope you skip seeing your sb for a few meets to cover the cost of the funeral expenses.

    Again not sure how many sugar babies get two allowances. I was talking about the ones on the P4P plan that have to see multiples to=1 allowance.You already know what I meant.

    I get it ….you are a P4P type yourself probably offering even less so if we’re talking about what he does, how does that make you feel right?

    You already know that’s not what the sugar bowl was ever about. If johns are here they are bringing the dangers of that profession with them and us sb’s do not have the tools that escorts use at our disposal. So again since you do P4P maybe you could enlighten us on what screening methods escorts use.

    Let’s not forget that the “How to Spot a Fake SD” says : one that asks for $$$ per meet. When signing up SB’s read the blogs to do their best to avoid certain types. Per meet types is generally the number one rule to do an immediate pass on. Some girls are on hard times so they take whatever they can get and in some cases, they loose alot more.

  344. PhoneGuy says:

    I think I said YOU were focused on the monetary If I didn’t that’s what I meant. And that’s not necessarily negative. I could get much, much more negative. 😀

    Don’t be thick. No one gives a yearly allowance in advance. And if they did it wouldn’t make the relationship any “better”.
    Not “hookers”, but “hooker”. And if a guy spent $30k on a woman and she was the only woman he saw and he was the only man she saw, I’m not sure I would say she is a hooker or he is a john.
    The reason I piped up is because I think these blogs need to be a free space for the open exchange of ideas. Not a place where the vocal “majority” tell everyone the right way to do this and the wrong way. What if someone new to this came on the blog, read your comments and decided only escorts do P4P? She could be missing out on a year long relationship with someone like VA. I would have no problem with saying stuff like “if a guy offers you P4P, be careful of these things…”. But that’s never what I hear. I hear rude generalizations.

    Well he’s not here and I couldn’t get a sitter for Cinco de Mayo so… 😉

    Alright, I’m done arguing. Time to put my movie in.

  345. black cherry says:

    @English rose,feel free to get my email from baby doll,and sure it will be great to meet before the party @Coral blog gods can share my email with you,this is a great chance to meet all you lovely LONDON sb’s 🙂 x

  346. Jessie says:

    A phone conversation for me is a MUST….but then again, I’m very shallow…if your voice is higher than mine there is NO WAY I’m meeting you
    I love seeing what is important to people. People are hilarious…myself included.

    @PhoneGuy – Agreed. There is a blog SD who only date co-eds. Another who only date SBs whose size is single digits, another who won’t correspond with ANY SB who contacts him. I have also seen tons of profile which lists…Asian only, No blacks, weight 110 or less. I’ve even seen…”you must be so thin that your collar bone sticks out, have no ass and be between 19-21″ So yes, people are beyond hilarious 😉

  347. Jessie says:

    @PhoneGuy – VAGent has huge shoulders. He says whatever he wants to without feeling the need to sugar-coat ANYTHING. It’s nice that you think he needs “defending,” but from what I’ve seen of him (thru posting, of course) VAGent doesn’t stutter when he calls SBs out, and is usually prepared for the onslaught of posts following his…”get over it…” post. It’s quite unlikely that any SB will take kindly to being called an escort and NOT defend her walk, and I’m sure VAGent is well aware of this.

  348. DianaSBinOC says:

    @PhoneGuy -My comments come from some sb blogs. How bad the guy smelled or how gross his body looked, how fast he got off, how pushy he was for sex. Of course I have have experience with per meet babies. I read their blogs didn’t I say that already? They’ll get $200 here $500 here, $300 there, $100 over here. They do what they feel they have to get their allowance.

    He’s not giving his SB a yearly allowance in advance. A John can say he spends $30,000 a year seeing hookers. So what? That’s his mode of enjoyment, doesn’t change the fact that he’s paying them per meet. Look at his comment again he did call himself a John. So what exactly are you trying to defend again?

    You already included generalizations by saying the sugar babies here seemed so focused on the monetary part.

    If you feel comfortable in who you are and what you do, why do you need the sb’s on this blog’s validation. Keep doing whatever it is you do.

    My only issue is that VA was telling me to give that P4P a chance. The problem with the P4P types is that you’re bringing in men to these sites that even escorts don’t want to see. That’s a danger to us all. Why do you think Brandon Wade put up base allowances? He didn’t put up P4P meet rates. If you saw that please point it out to me. I must have missed that blog.

  349. PhoneGuy says:

    >Wow you don’t know “the force” ?
    I don’t see how the comment applies. It seems out of context.

    Saying you know he could last longer than one hour? That was creepy enough.
    You were the one saying he paid $500 for 1 hour. I assume you did it to make his interaction sound more escortish. I said it to make you question your assumption and call you out on the 1 hour thing.

    I’m defending him because I think this blog goes crazy every time anything but monthly allowance is mentioned. As a group of people who are engaged in non-traditional relationships, I just think we need to not be throwing stones in glass houses. He is not the only person on this website who is doing P4P. And I would rather be with his SB than one who gets a monthly allowance from 2 different SDs.

  350. PhoneGuy says:

    A phone conversation for me is a MUST….but then again, I’m very shallow…if your voice is higher than mine there is NO WAY I’m meeting you
    I love seeing what is important to people. People are hilarious…myself included.

    You seem to have some experience with “per meet babies”. 😉
    Wouldn’t you consider VA’s 30-50k (whatever it is) to be a “full allowance”?
    If so why would his SB need to see others? Why would he need an STD panel?

    needing something to shake the fat old guys’ bedroom activities out of their minds
    You seem very negative. Maybe I will start including rude generalizations of SBs. Would that be ok? How about if they are true but mean, that would make them alright, right?

  351. DianaSBinOC says:

    @PhoneGuy– Wow you don’t know “the force” ? Come on thought the guys were up in age on this blog. I have my geeky side so I like old sci fi movies. Ignore it if you don’t understand.

    Also why are you defending VA? Do you know him personally? Saying you know he could last longer than one hour? That was creepy enough. I don’t want to even know how you came across that bit of info.

    The question isn’t why do we care. The question is why is he offering it? The information he provided once is off from what he’s now saying. Maybe I should be asking you why are you so bothered about what we’re saying to him? How does our conversation with VA affect you in anyway?

  352. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Phone guy “I’m almost certain VA can go for longer than an hour.”

    You do know that was a bad mental picture coming from you right? So…umm…wow I’m speechless and as you can tell that doesn’t happen very often. Wow….umm so any sugar babies going to UK ?-(filling up awkward silence)***lol

    @Phone guy . Well many of the per meet babies see multiple SD’s. If sugar isn’t as sweet as they once hoped they may try to get some Splenda or Equal packets here and there. I’ve read many sb blogs and they do see alot of men. So yes they kiss and do some wild things with frog legs all in hopes of sugar. If one isn’t giving them enough, they’ll take what he has today and see what another is giving away. All hope to find “one to rule them all”. <–Sorry just had to add Lord of the Rings in this. I really need to watch all the movies back to back this weekend.

    Obviously if they find the one SD that can do the full allowance , they generally drop all others or become too busy for the P4P guy.

    I have refused many P4P offers but if I accepted I would (adding them all up) have over my allowance request) Again this is not what sugar is supposed to be but girls have had to accept a little from many different men. They generally don't announce it to them because these guys generally don't like to share. So the budget daddy gets what he pays for. These are beautiful amazing girls, so they are getting contacted by many SD's that are offering the same. What makes an SD stand out from the masses is generally him offering her a full allowance. There are even some that will accept less from the younger hotter guy , needing something to shake the fat old guys' bedroom activities out of their minds. Also since SD's aren't always consistent an SB may want a few back up options already going alongside her current. If anyone is talking about career sb's then here they are above. These girls work the sugar bowl to where it turns into a cup, leaving no stone or condom un-turned.

    I don't blame them because what one can't give another can. So they are just dealing with the Johns and adding them up to be one SD.

  353. Jessie says:

    “Long pauses on phone conversations are painful.”

    @PhoneGuy – This could be used as a screening tool. If you can’t get through a phone conversation without “long pauses” it could mean that you don’t have enough in common to keep the relationship interesting. It would also save you from the “long pause(s) over coffee.”

    A phone conversation for me is a MUST….but then again, I’m very shallow…if your voice is higher than mine there is NO WAY I’m meeting you ;).

  354. PhoneGuy says:

    Do you really care whether VA gives 30k or 50k to his SB? Does it change how you think of him or what you label him? He certainly isn’t a fake and I wouldn’t call anyone a “john” who is monogamous.

    yeah looks like the grass isn’t as green when you’re on your knees for Johnny V.
    **Get your STD panel done!. The force is strong with this one!

    What the heck do these statements mean?

  355. DianaSBinOC says:

    @VA–“You are all rationalizing ladies . PTP vs allowance in return for sex is still prostitution . Yikes ! I know this doesn’t jibe with your skewed value system but it is what it is . Get over it and enjoy your SD (or John ) –or actually find one”

    “I pay weekly for multiple visits together because it works for my finances ,and my SB is very happy with our relationship . ”

    Wait didn’t you always say you pay $500 per meet? Now you’re saying you pay weekly? So that’s $500 a week? Yeah we like you honest here don’t go fibbing on us now saying you’re weekly daddy instead of a per meet. Last I recall you live at home with your wife unless you’re able to be gone weeks at a time, You’re a $500 for sex kinda guy.

    Again you’re getting caught in another lie because you said with your P4P it comes out to $4,200 a month. So wait $2500 or $4200? yeah looks like the grass isn’t as green when you’re on your knees for Johnny V. $30,000 a year ? wasn’t it supposed to be $50,000 a year?

    Guess that’s the benefit of P4P you just never know what you’re going to get in more ways than one. **Get your STD panel done!. The force is strong with this one! lol.

  356. PhoneGuy says:

    I’m almost certain VA can go for longer than an hour. 😉

    We talked over dinner. She told me what she was trying to accomplish. It was more about how we got along and whether we liked each other than exactly what she would do for me or what I would do for her.
    There are many things at issue, money is just one of them.

    Why would you think that my SB is with other SDs?

  357. Jessie says:

    @VAGent – You’re always asking the SBs to “get over it” in relation to whether or not they get an allowance or P4P. Now have you come to grips with the fact that the main reason why you spew advise like this is because your mentality is truly that of a John? You hide behind the disguise of, “it works for my finances,” but if you’re truly honest with yourself isn’t one of the main reasons why you, “pay weekly for multiple visits” because you’re scared that if you give your SB a monthly allowance she will start seeing you less? And you use the “weekly payments” as an “incentive” for her to continue to see you “multiple times each week?” Like you mentioned in a previous post…”if she wants to make more that week all she has to do is see me an additional time.” This works BEST for YOU because that’s the string that keeps her ATTACHED to you. You treat her exactly like an escort, though you keep referring to her as “my darling SB”. So when you say to the SBs…”You’re all escorts…get over it” (totally paraphrasing here), all I hear is, “I’m a John, and I’d feel more comfortable if EVERYONE would just deal with their relationship the same way I do.” But as you know the sugar bowl is very varied and while this has worked marvelously for you for well over a year, there are many of us who like the more traditional SB/SD relationship, where we are not given cash after each visit ;).

  358. Jessie says:

    “After all, what’s the difference in escort/prostitute/john behavior when having a first few dates?”

    @Tina – The difference is as clear as the nose on your face. A John EXPECTS and WILL get sex on the first date. An escort/prostitute KNOWS that this is expected and is more than willing to fulfill that wish. A John most definitely does NOT meet just for “the benefit of your company.” VAGent – have said repeatedly that sugar (from him anyway) is given ONLY for the privilege of having sex. If the first few dates consist of getting to know each other, paying for the activity is fine, giving the SB anything resembling an allowance, taking her a gift, even discussing a monthly allowance is not an option for him. While I understand the mindset of men like this it leaves little room to differentiate them from a John.

    My SD and I went on three dates before we got intimate. On each date, I was given a gift…a mixture of something he thought I’d love/find useful, and cash…(I didn’t request one, nor did I expect one…it was just a nice surprise). I received my allowance BEFORE we met for date 4. I have NEVER spoken to a pot who offered P4P.

  359. cynthia says:

    @coral handle with care 2010 at hot mail dot co dot uk
    Am also looking to meet up with some London girls and go together

  360. Sandra says:

    @coral handle with care 2010 at hot mail dot co dot uk

  361. DianaSBinOC says:

    @PhoneGuy how did you come to your agreement with your sb? How long have you been seeing her? You say sbs are “hung up” on the allowance arrangement but that’s the issue. It’s an arrangement that is set up in advance. This is the one place where true honesty about one intentions and wishes should be open. Now maybe your sb is with other SD’s. If you’re fine with sharing her among others then that’s completely understandable. Again I’ve noticed that most SB based on the P4P system are seeing multiples in a month.

  362. DianaSBinOC says:

    @ NicoleNC ha!! #1 $500 P4P at HIS house?? lol!! I thought the guy offering me $500 P4P to come over to my house was bad, but that really takes the cake. Lol should you just put a “kill me” sign on your back? lol

    @AnnaNW – Thank you again. You said exactly what I was thinking.

    @ VA – Glad that you finally fessed up and told the entire site that you are in fact a JOHN. You did say something about having a bff escort so .. since providing such wisdom of the illegal act of prostitution, would you be so kind as to provide us with the tools escorts have used on you in the past for screening?? You know that could be of some help for those that want to trade up from 62 hours for $500 to 1 hour at $500. More importantly it would be great to stay umm maybe alive? What say you? Help us out Senior VA John.:) lol:)

  363. PhoneGuy says:

    I rarely talk on the phone with a pot before meeting them. Long pauses over coffee are fine. Long pauses on phone conversations are painful.

    You girls seem very hung up on when exactly money is handed over. I like to spread it out over the course of the month. I would have to trust someone quite a bit to hand over a large amount of money at the beginning of the month. I don’t consider it P4P. I give my SB money frequently. And we certainly aren’t intimate every time we see each other. I don’t feel the need to label whatever it is we have or are doing.

  364. Coral says:

    @Sandra, there are a couple of us in the same boat for the party and would be happy to meet up before hand if you like? If the Blog Gods would be kind enough to give @Sandra my email that would be most appreciated! Thanks Blog Gods! 🙂

  365. Tina says:

    @VA Gent: you and the P4P discussion……you ARE a naughty boy! 🙂 We’ve had the P4P discussion ad nauseum on the blog, and I still stand by my first opinion: regardless of the allowance, or how it is paid, feeling like an escort/prostitute/john is all about what emotions are involved in the relationship. You can only feel like the above if the person you are with puts more value in the monetary aspect of the relationship instead of the intangible benefits of being with someone you find attractive, stimulating, interesting, etc.

    After all, what’s the difference in escort/prostitute/john behavior when having a first few dates? The man typically pays (depending on the situation – feminists please don’t try to lynch me) and it is for the benefit of your company. The difference is the intent of the payment – is it just for the physical aspect, or is it intended to try and start something more emotionally charged? It’s all in how you look at it.

  366. AnnaMW says:

    @ VA Gentleman – I have respect for the way you do things. It seems that you and you SB are very happy and that you treat her extremely well. It also would appear that you view this woman you love as an escort.

    If I were sleeping with men I wasn’t attracted to in exchange for money, I would happily admit to being prostitute….. I have no fundamental moral or ethical problem with prostitutes or johns, but what many of us do differs greatly. Dating wealthy guys who like me enough to want to enhance my life is something different. My allowance isn’t for sex specifically. I have communicated almost daily with my SDs, we’ve shared ups and downs, kept tabs on each others successes and failures. On days I couldn’t have sex, they would still elect to spend time with me. How many escorts and Johns do those things? All providing an allowance and defining terms of a situation makes it a non-traditional relationship.

  367. NicoleNC says:

    @AnnaMW….Like you I screened before I met, then agreed to meet 5 . They were all over the place..

    #1 -Wanted $500 P4P at his home (And he was married! All I needed was for his wife to walk in!)
    #2 -Wanted a free test drive (nope!)
    #3- Wanted me to come home with him on the first date (nope!)
    #4- Sad divorced guy…he just seemed lost
    #5 -Will probably end up on America’s Most Wanted (my gut actually told me not to even meet him…something just seemed off…wished I’d listened….ladies listen to that gut!)

    I’ve only been on the site for 6 weeks…my suggestion to any newbie is just be patient. At first it is crazy overwhelming, not sure how to find what works for you. But with each email, conversation or lunch/dinner, you will get a better feel for what you are looking for and more confident with the process and more comfortable walking away.

    On the phone versus txt thing…well, for me I have been able to eliminate a couple based on our phone conversation. Part of that might be that Im just very forward and ask direct questions and they just answer…Sometimes Im surprised that they answer but they do. Then again I really haven’t had anyone that I agreed to txt with…sense I hate texting! 🙂

  368. Va Gentleman says:

    @Anna MW and DianaSB

    ” High caliber guys like knowing that the woman their with has standards, and the most legit guys out there would never want to feel like they are paying for sex, but showing appreciation to a special person in his life. ”

    You are all rationalizing ladies . PTP vs allowance in return for sex is still prostitution . Yikes ! I know this doesn’t jibe with your skewed value system but it is what it is . Get over it and enjoy your SD (or John ) –or actually find one

    I pay weekly for multiple visits together because it works for my finances ,and my SB is very happy with our relationship . We love each other and have been together monogamously for a year now . How many of you have one guy who loves you and pays $30,000 /year for your support and enjoyment ? Maybe you should find a low caliber John like me ? LOL I sound cranky but I’m really not . It’s just so amusing to hear everybody protesting too much about not being an escort because a guy pays you once /month instead of weekly .

    @ Everyone

    There ARE lots of douchebags out there . I’m not defending all manhood , but there are many good guys who want a sweet SB and will take good care of them . Every good guy isn’t going to want to or be able to wire a monthly sum into your accounts . It’s good to be open to creative ways to make an arrangement work for both parties .

  369. Sandra says:

    I need to meet up with a London SB before hand so we can go together! Scared to go in there on my own if any one is interested please let me know

  370. AnnaMW says:

    @ Diana – You are awesome. The last few paragraphs of your last post had me dying. 🙂 Good for you for following your intuition and for not entertaining guys who give you an uneasy feeling.

    During the brief periods I had my profile unhidden, I received hundreds of responses. I ended up meeting seven. Two were too young and didn’t “get it”, one emotionally scarred/confused after a bad divorce and felt like I would be taking advantage, one was extremely generous but was open about liking escorts/P4P and supporting SBs with drug problems in the past…..One agreed to my range then asked for a “test drive” expecting me to come home with him that day and the remaining two I had lovely arrangements with.

    I haven’t had much trouble meeting decent guys, but like you, I screen heavily before I consider meeting. My allowance requirement has rarely been a dealbreaker but I screen for that as well. One mistake I made initially was using a persons stated net worth as an indication of how generous a guy would be. Wealthy does not always = generous. I am polite and nice to everyone, and if I catch someone lying, I rarely call them on it and move on gracefully.

    @ Treasured – I am so sorry you had to go through that. What a terrible experience. Being one of many could end up feeling icky and even bring about health concerns.

    One thing that I’ve heard other SBs mention is asking an SD to give 30 days notice if an arrangement were to end so that they can be financially prepared. I love this idea, and one SD did it on his own, providing me an extra two months when he needed to move on, but I would feel really weird about asking for or negotiating that up front…. Does anyone have experience?

  371. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Madison Yes it’s true. Generally It never goes into a weeks worth of time. A few days and caught:)

  372. Madison says:

    @Diana: “Talking gives a limited space of time to come up with a fake answer ”

    When someone is a good lier… you won’t detect on the voice. The best way to know if someone is ling is to memorize certain things they are telling you and a couple of weeks later, you bring those things up. If they were lying…. the story will have VERY different details.

  373. Madison says:

    @Coral: yes the most handsome and generous guys in the world are living right here in America. :):)

  374. Madison says:

    This whole thing of pay-per-date kind of thing is escortish. Any guy that starts that kind of conversation is looking for a you-know-what, unless you already know the person very well. Some guys don’t want to go to the trouble of wiring money to a bank account, I guess. But accepting money from someone you barely know, it’s desperate and cheap. Regarding the texting thing, I’m a texter, I don’t like to talk on the phone. So, don’t read too much into if a guy wants to text rather than talk.

  375. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Jessie thank you. I did mean some guys. I mean could you imagine if I gave every and any guy my phone number that was on this site? Can you believe the amount of messages that would come into your phone daily-night? You wouldn’t even be able to sleep with the phone on without a ” are you awake”, “come over and …..” seriously why is this such a revelation to guys here?
    @Phone Guy remember we are talking from our side of things. I’m pretty guys have some girls asking them to wire money to some place in Africa. But even the site has a warning.
    There really isn’t too many warnings put up for women here. Maybe no escorts. But doesn’t seem to have anything saying “No johns”. There is a don’t accept $$ per meet on the ” How to spot a fake SD”, but if there are posters claiming to be SD’s and are dong “$$$ per meet” ,then how exactly does that translate?

  376. FloridaBaby says:

    Hey, any Florida based sugar babies? I am looking into relocating there I would like to know a few sb’s there!

  377. DianaSBinOC says:

    @PhoneGuy -Exactly what Treasured said. Many times I didn’t have time to talk on the phone either but when it comes to regular dating I saw guys do this as a way to keep you in close but not really reveal too much about themselves. Also in sugar dating texting as Treasured said was used as a great way to keep from fumbling over lies. It’s easier to do when you can think about what you have to say rather then when you’re in mid conversation. Again many of the guys here are NOT true SD’s. There are johns that need extra attention.

    Google : Men Who E-Maintain Women: The Art of Texting “What’s up”. So yes it’s a clever psych game.

    See when it comes to pots I just message back and forth on he site and then we schedule a time to talk on the phone. I’ve never gone from exchange pics , text and then running out to meet a stranger. This has saved me hours upon hours of wasted time. I don’t mind wasting time over the phone and getting to know said fake pot lol. That saves me the horrors of getting dressed , sitting across from them at dinner only to find out that they want $200 sex in the nearest hotel. See they hope to get you out of the house and waste your time and then you’re there. Some girls feel like well I’m already here and my tuition is due this week so $200 is better than 0. He may even tell you he’ll wire the rest tomorrow because this is all the cash he has on him, but it never happens.

    It’s better to take the time to talk first and see if you are on the same page rather than run out and possibly meet a fake,scammer or psycho. My method hasn’t failed me yet but most of these fakes typically stutter through the entire conversation or will attempt to avoid talking all together. Again no method is full proof and there will be someone that will be skilled at lying by phone,on the site,text and even in person.

    See if I met that guy without verifying this by phone . He would have kept his divorced lie in tact and had me sitting across the table from him thinking he was going to be the best SD ever! I could have fallen for it all hook, line and sinker. This is how many of the Sb’s get taken for a ride. Guy has been texting them constantly, no phone conversation and then “let’s meet”. She gets all excited , sits for her free dinner and he keeps pushing up the sex , he’s promising he world to her face, she’s desperately needing tuition payments and there she is sitting in a hotel alone with no allowance no nothing. Guy is off to the next profile to do the same.

    What I find even more interesting is asking a guy the most basic question” Are you a sugar daddy”. You’ll be surprised the answers you get. That cuts out half the work. No need to talk or text when the person says” no”. But that’s the issue. Women assume so they don’t even ask and the guy gets this girl out of her home without confirming anything. She finds out after weeks and weeks of texting time and emotional connection that he’s a complete fake. Many times people don’t want to feel they could be so wrong so they continue to deal with the person to find some sort of redeeming quality but it never existed in the first place.

    You see the profile and it’s filled out and you actually assume it’s all correct. I ask them about certain things and in 99% of the guys I’ve talked to most of the information is a lie. Now once you figure out the lies and how important they are , then at that point you go into determining if the person is worth it to dig deeper and find out more.

    I have not set one foot out to meet a pot and I’ve been on here on and off for a year and half I think. Partly my account was on hidden but still, I haven’t found anyone’s profile to be honest enough to compare with what they said by phone.

    Even lying about age. I never get why SD’s put a decade or two lie on their profile. It doesn’t matter if they are fat, old and ugly, there will be a SB telling him that he’s the hottest ,sexiest man around. She’ll even play with his man boobs so I just don’t get it. If he looks younger than his age, I would think that it would come across as a pleasant surprise.

    I think I have over 69 guys in the blocked profiles list. Could you imagine if I even met one? I just blocked 2 the other day without even needing to respond . It was so plainly obvious. You know the typical copy paste job that you could probably read back to him by memory.

  378. Jessie says:

    @Phone Guy – I totally agree with both Diana and Treasured…when it’s what you’ve experienced it’s hard to argue and say it’s not factual. And Diana did say “SOME GUYS,”…not a blanket statement which covers EVERY man a SB will encounter.

  379. Treasured says:

    @PhoneGuy – I don’t think Diana meant that texting is a plot. But when a person texts all the time, specifically avoiding talking, then there is definitely something wrong. I, personally think, that texting is for the occasions, when it is impossible to talk, or for a nice message. But when you have something important to tell (like in my case, offering me to become an escort out of the blue) – talking will always give you a clearer picture. Especially, as it doesn’t give you the time, like texting does, to think of a clever words.

  380. Arcadia SB says:

    @PhoneGuy, I agree! For some reason I can’t stand talking on phones…I’m a social person, enjoy interacting, but the one anti-socila behavior I do have is that I can really only comfortably desire to talk on the phone with people I’m fairly close to (family, good friends). Making Dr.s appts is hell, because I absolutely hate being on the spot on the phone. Talking to a pot on the phone? I would be a nervous wreck, luckily I’ve always had text/email only communication until meet up and progressed onto phone calls later. Is that crazy or what? I guess I’m just strange.

  381. PhoneGuy says:

    Wow, everything isn’t a plot or conspiracy. It could just be that texting is easier for two people who don’t really know each other to communicate. Not necessarily a “clever psych game”.

  382. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Treasured~ Thanks so much for the kind words. I think with the guy you were seeing, he probably started out with an allowance with all his sb’s then put them on p4p. Basically lured them in and decided to change things the following month. He probably didn’t have enough for them all and is spreading the amount of one allowance to many different women in pieces. Wow how clever that is and to them he’s a real SD because they got the allowance the first month. lol

    Thank you for telling me this because I probably would have thought an SD was real all based off the first month too.

    I also notice some guys try to use text or messages as a medium to keep in contact with an SB but it gives them a safe distance from her asking too many important questions. I notice when I speak to someone over the phone their lies seemed to be harder to do.Talking gives a limited space of time to come up with a fake answer and if you’re struggling then it will show. I used to do the same in dating. Avoid the guys that wanted to text me to death but push for them to speak to me. It never failed. Generally they will say something off that’s enough for me to never have to meet them. Some guys know this so they stay with the never ending text conversation which gives a sense of fake familiarity yet keeps them at a safe distance to formulate and make up stories. Girls get accustomed to the daily texting and even though they know nothing about the guy, they end up meeting them. It’s a clever psych game.

  383. Coral says:

    P.S @English Rose, i am London based! 🙂

  384. Coral says:

    Ah yay! It would be lovely to meet some SB’s, currently i know none! @Arcadia SB shopping sounds good coz i have no idea what to wear! @English Rose that would be lovely meeting up both before hand and for the party if that’s cool but how do i get in touch with the blog gods to get hold of peeps?! :-/

    @Brandon please help a little lady out! 🙂

  385. Arcadia SB says:

    I wish I could meet up with the London Girls before the party, however I am in end of term freak out mode for the next week and a half, then I’m going to Switzerland to visit a friend from Uni. Yay EasyJet and couchsurfing 🙂 I’m flying back to the UK into London though, so I will be there on the 19th if anyone wants to meet up Saturday before the party (maybe shop for an outfit? I think that is my major SB deficiency…when it comes to fashion I’m terrible at picking things out…and usually just shop at Oxfam for the nice “find” you get every once in a while. My closet is full of High Street labels…all from Oxfam HA.)
    Any London SBs who don’t already have my e-mail have full permission to get it from the blog gods 🙂

    @Treasured – I think tickets are sold until they “sell out” they just keep going up in price, £20 for SBs until the beginning of May now £30 and £40 closer to the day (on the day?)

  386. BlackBarbie says:

    Wish I could go, to all the SB going have fun and be safe. The next party should be held in TX…

  387. Treasured says:

    @Diana – well done for not going for a person, who wants to treat you like an escort.
    I really feel very uncomfortable myself with P4P arrangements.
    That is why I had to stop the arrangement I had with a SD off this site. We have agreed on a certain amount per month + all the expenses (with us meeting a certain number of times, and if we can’t meet up due to HIS commitments, the arrangement does not change – as I still have to be available for him whenever he wants me to).

    First month was fine, and he delivered. But at the start of a second month, he informed me, by a TEXT that he thinks that a commitment like this is more that he expected, so, can we have an arrangement every other month, instead of every month? And what am I supposed to do in between? I said that sorry, but we have different expectations. What hurt even more, that for me to have any relationship, I have to be genuinely attracted and care for the person.

    He pestered me a bit more, eventually!!!!!!!! saying, that he needs his space, and if I WANT he will consider seeing me P4P time to time! Needless to say, even if it hurts me, I decided that any sort of communication needs to be stopped with the person in question. I just felt disgusted.
    Especially as I know, he has about 10 other SBs on call, on exact P4P arrangement. I was fine with him having other women, but I am certainly not becoming one of them….

    @EnglishRose – I am really tempted to go to the party. Maybe I will manage to pop in just to have a look around 🙂 Does anybody know, when does the ticket sale stops?

  388. DianaSBinOC says:

    @AnnaMW_ ugg I feel the same way. The guy seemed really nice even so down to earth that he actually seemed rather normal. However when I thought about it all I felt sick to my stomach. He did seemed ashamed of his offer and we actually both laughed because he seemed to agree that it was some what ridiculous but then he was like well how about you just be with me for $000 . Ha we laughed again. So then he’s like well lets get lunch. Its funny I was like ok sure . Then I got off the phone and though wait why did I agree to lunch with the fake sd for? Weird. So I messaged him and was like nope that’s a waste of time. I’ll lunch with an SD that has what I’m looking for and you can do the same. It was strange because it was like he was trying to create this fake level of comfort that didn’t actually exist. I sensed danger. Could have been his wife or maybe it was him. In either case my alerts went off and disgust consumed me.

    Something about him doesn’t seem to respect the boundaries he sets for himself so yeah. I’m looking for mutual respect in a mutually beneficial relationship.

    After I blocked the text I had reopened it thinking ok that’s all done with. Told him he could chat on the site but that’s it. Shouldn’t have any issues with him texting me now since it’s all clear there is no future with him right? ……. and then ” are you there” just out of the blue. WTF? I’m not your SB we have confirmed and understood I will never meet you , and I told you I had my text blocked but you’re still going to push anyways? <—this went through my mind, I would never even respond. Some guys are so needy that even bad attention is still attention so I just ignore them.
    Again it's been confirmed that this guy is a problem. So his phone number and text are on block.

    What was VA gent saying again? Give who a chance? Guy is mentally unstable. When guys have issues respecting boundaries like this , trust that this person will be a problem that will need to be maced. lo
    Plus he just added me to his favorites. So looks like he has plans for us when there is no us.

    I'm not looking to be owned as well. I think a range of $3,000-$5,000 seems reasonable. The funny thing is the more generous a man has been the less he expected or desired from me. It's the cheap guys that appear to have these lists of inconsiderate expectations.

  389. AnnaMW says:

    @DianaSB – What an insulting proposition. He sounds like one of the nightmare SDs who uses SA to find a higher quality girl at a lower price than an escort. How awful… Brandon seems to be trying to weed out the p4p and cater to a more upscale, relationship oriented sugar demographic.

    We all know how VA Gent loves his P4P and while I’m not sure that it is equivalent of escorting if you are in a long term situation, but if I do P4P once or twice and it never evolves into more, what does that make me? A girl who slept with a stranger for money. I don’t judge that type of work, but I’m not interested in doing it.

    In the past I’ve spoken with guys who have seemed like the real deal until they asked for a “test run” or a first time P4P. It’s made me feel so awkward that even when they retracted an offered an allowance, I didn’t really want to know them anymore. I see arrangements as dating with defined terms where both parties get to experience the good parts of relationships without the strings attached. If a guy I was dating offered me $500 to have sex with him, I would be pretty upset.

    I am very traditional and it seems to work for me. High caliber guys like knowing that the woman their with has standards, and the most legit guys out there would never want to feel like they are paying for sex, but showing appreciation to a special person in his life. The high allowances are out there, but you need to have a lot to offer and be very accommodating to retain the interest of guys who could easily move on. Most guys who are willing to give a 10k allowance expect the world and are looking for a full time situation or live-in. I would rather accept less and not feel “owned”.

  390. EnglishRose says:

    I am really looking forward to this party, and will be great to meet not just SD’s but some more UK based SB’s! 🙂

    As you know, us London girls are always up for a get together! And I’m really happy to hear you’re coming to the party 🙂 I really want to buy a new outfit so I think we’re planning to meet for shopping/lunch sometime soon, I’ll let you know! Even if you can’t make that we can meet earlier in the day on Sunday.
    And don’t worry, no need to be nervous – We’ll be there for you!

    In regards to the party….maybe don’t think of it so seriously? What I mean is, if you have the free time, and spare change, then just come for the fun of it! 🙂
    As to whether you should continue to date in the sugar world or try IRL…hard for us to comment really, something like that is so personal.
    But like Tina said, you may have just not found the right SD yet, I think it sounds like your past SD’s haven’t treated you all that well actually!
    But really that decision doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a good evening out! 😀

    @Black Cherry
    Babydoll said you were coming – glad to hear, will be nice to meet you finally 🙂 Hope you can maybe meet for lunch & shopping sometime before the party?

    Hi Coral, coming to the party will be a great way to get into the sugar bowl, I can understand if you’re nervous though. Do you live in London or nearby? A couple of us SB’s meet up occasionally and you’re welcome to join us, either just for the party or sometime before then!

  391. Coral says:

    Hello Sugars!

    I am quite new to this but would love to go to the party, a little nervous about going on my own though and was wondering if @Arcadia SB and @Black Cherry fancied going together? I’ve not been to a big swanky party before but sounds like fun!!

    Best wishes to all!

    P.S I’m with @Black Cherry on the swapping plane tickets, seems like all the handsome SD’s are in America!!

  392. black cherry says:

    Hello everyone,
    Am all excited about this party:-) check…ticket bought! it better be a fun party. oh.. and Brandon i think i should have represented SB’s of colour on your sugar rush poster,seeing that you got a blonde and brunette and no brown skin(he he he no offense,am seriously kidding me no racist am rainbow colour 😉 )

    And just to let the Sb’s across the pond know,some of us here in London do think you have better SD’S over in America and are thinking of possibly moving,who wants to swap with me????????my bags are packed…one way ticket if you dare 🙂

  393. DianaSBinOC says:

    @ Thank you Midwest, you , Honey,SB CuriositySB, Vanilla Sugar, have all have done the same for me as Arcadia on renewing my views of sugar. I may give it another month or two to see what happens.

    I feel like if I can click my heels I may be in UK in no time. Sounds like the perfect place for SBs to be.

  394. Ana says:

    I really wish I could go to the party. It sounds fun. I just don’t have that kind of
    money right now.

  395. DianaSBinOC says:

    VA — ” here him out” Umm I think I did that. Again let’s look at what he wants again. Shall we?

    1. His profile says Divorced but I found out he was Married–I actually had to ask..and he stuttered through the answer. So wait you would have kept that from me?
    2. He’s looking for $200-$500 per meet (escortish style) (clock free time)
    3. He wants to be able to call his sb anytime for dinner and drinks ( no additional monies offered)
    4. He wants his SB monogamous
    5. He doesn’t want to pay for hotels at all so no swanky high rise location overlooking the beach
    6. He wants to use the Sb’s home for sex because he can’t afford hotels and his place is obviously off limits.
    7. Wants to do the $200-$500 for 3 months to measure out sexual capability and then maybe he’ll do an allowance. Uhh yeah right. I’ll hold my breath for that line.

    And lets get to what was really being said:
    So basically what my mind deciphered is. You’re looking for an escort that doesn’t have any other customers, doesn’t care you’re married, doesn’t stare at clocks, gives you her free time all week whenever you need it even though she’s getting $500 ONCE and has an “incall” location.

    Yeah I think I heard enough. Next!

    You are right the norm is john p4p rates from $100-$500. The girls become escorts once they are put on p4p and you even said well an allowance could happen later down the line. Haven’t you been seeing your sb/escort for $500 a pop for over a year now? Doesn’t sound like you’re giving her an allowance nor do you plan to. Yeah I think I’ll wait for the traditional SDs to come back in true form. Do you think seeing one john a month doesn’t make you an escort? I don’t think so. How about an SD that spend $3200 a month over several sbs? Wouldn’t he be considered a john?

    If the SDs are not providing an allowance then it’s pretty much open season on NSA.

    BTW Who said anything about $10,000 allowance?. And trust that you sound like a do great at being a Night employer. Don’t worry about my Day job. 🙂

    I’m thinking the UK may be where the true SDs are. Might have to take a trip soon.

    I enjoyed reading about the SB’s in the end of the last blog post that are being treated as SBs. Its refreshing and brings hope to those that are not interested in being on the P4P escort system.

  396. Treasured says:

    @Tina 🙂 Thank you for your advice. And I realise all that myself. Guess I am just in need of a NICE date 😀 But is it worth missing a party? Can’t quite decide that 🙂

  397. Va Gentleman says:


    ” they have pretty much talked about sleeping with 10 different guys in a matter of maybe 3 weeks. ”

    D , these girls are escorts pure and simple . When the almighty dollar is the primary consideration then it’s easy to devolve from a mutually beneficial relationship to prostitution . The difference is intent ,attitude and numbers . I don’t feel sorry for their plight having to bang all these gross guys . You make your bed —-.

    I encourage you to hear this guy out . Maybe he is a creep but just because you start off PTP doesn’t mean the arrangement can’t evolve into an allowance . Marriage creates a whole different problem so avoid if you can’t deal with his need for secrecy . Would you object seeing him twice/week for $300/pop ? That adds up to $2400/month –not a fortune but pretty good for a pleasant time with a nice guy( I assume you wouldn’t see him if he weren’t a nice guy ) . If you are aspiring to $10, 000 / month then keep looking but don’t give up your day job yet .

    I am seeing some big numbers some of you are scoring and I assure you that they are the exception rather than the rule .

  398. Tina says:

    @Treasured: unfortunately, the phrase “you have to kiss a lot of frogs” applies even in the sugar bowl. When you find the right one, however, it makes it worth it. It’s up to you as to how long you want to search for a good arrangement. Some SBs find themselves getting tired of waiting, step out of the sugar bowl for a bit, then come back if they want to try again. Some are successful, others are not. Sometimes it will take longer due to your criteria (i.e. I’m still looking, as I do not want a married SD, for example). Go with your heart on this decision. It’s always about what is right for you, and don’t worry about anyone else.

  399. Treasured says:

    Hi all 🙂

    For me, as a SB who is not in the UK or USA, attending a party like that would be a great opportunity. Especially, as by an accident, it happens to be that I will be in London on that date.

    But I am two ways about it. The party would be great, but I think I am finally going on a proper, non SD date. With someone, who actually wants ME (not visa-versa) to have a good time, who, looks like, is thinking of the ways how to entertain ME (not opposite). And I am really looking forward that. I haven’t had a date with non SD for a while.

    I am quite busy, so in a free time I have, usually I choose to go on a dates with a possible benefits… And I am actually quite tired of those. I have met with 4 SD from this site. Two were impossible, with one I had an arrangement (unfortunately it has finished, as the person in question couldn’t keep his word) and with one I just had quite a good time. But NONE of them really thought what would I like to do and none of them thought it was necessary to show some attention to me. I do not ask for money just for meeting me, nor I am expecting any expensive gifts, but I actually happen to think, that flowers or chocolates would have been nice (and on the first three times, I actually brought some chocolates myself – as a small token of appreciation. Decided not to bother from now on).
    Am I the only one like that?

    So, I really don’t know what to do…

  400. Madison says:

    I went to one of these parties in NYC. It was very fun. :):)

  401. Sugar Babe says:

    Aw, too bad its so far from me 🙁

  402. moonpatrol says:

    If any one wants to carpool with me, I’m driving from Houston.

  403. VanillaSugar says:

    Hope you have one in the states soon…have fun in London though!

  404. DianaSBinOC says:

    Nope can’t attend. But happy for the sugar babies that can.

  405. Arcadia SB says:

    Ohhh 4th!
    I actually am going! Crazy to think of, I’m a little nervous about it now…I need to meet up with the London girls before hand so we can go together! Scared to go in there on my own 🙂

  406. Christiana says:

    It would take me 24 hours to get there …that’s the only disadvantage to living in Oz….

  407. Tina says:

    Well lookie here, a new blog topic! I can’t go since I’m in the US and have other commitments (I need at least a 3 month notice for things right now). As far as cities? NY and Vegas, of course, but somewhere in Texas would be nice too 😉

  408. Madison says:

    Wish I was going!