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Here’s to the Sugar Babies With Babies of Their Own


Happy Mother’s Day to all you Sugar Babies out there who happen to have babies of your own! Mother’s Day for a single mom is not always the celebration it is for those moms who are in a traditional relationship or marriage. Especially if you have young children or have no co-parenting support from your babies’ fathers.

A single mom has to play every role: the nurturer and the disciplinarian; the team mom and the coach; the mommy and the daddy. You  have to be a strong, amazing woman to take on those roles, and rarely do you get the credit you deserve. Most single moms don’t have the option to stay at home with their kids. Child support can only get you so far, if it comes on time, or at all – so what’s a girl to do?

Why, find a Sugar Daddy of course!

Why would you want a dead beat baby daddy when you don’t have to? If he can’t be there emotionally, physically, or financially, save yourself the heartache and get a Sugar Daddy instead. There are great men out there who will appreciate you for who you are and  a Sugar Daddy will be more mature, responsible, and financially supportive than what you are used to.

Almost 1 in 4 Sugar Babies on SeekingArrangement.com are single moms making mothers our second biggest demographic after college students. Really, that shouldn’t be too surprising considering the unreliability of child support payments and the state of the economy. In the US, over $100 billion in child support is owed to single mothers, and never collected.  The average child support payment for a single mother is about $300 a month, that’s $10 a day… hardly enough to pay for food.  Raising a child is expensive especially when you have to factor in rent, child-care, and education.  Doing it alone is difficult no matter your age or circumstances.

However, many women have come to the realization that having a Sugar Daddy can make the task of taking on the job of a single mom much easier.

Meaghan, a 21 year old sugar baby from Massachusetts, is able to attend school and stay home with her son full-time thanks to the help of her Sugar Daddies. “My son’s needs take up alot of my income never mind school, I at one time found myself in a constant financial struggle to the point that I was taking out student loans just so I could keep up with bills while in school because I was only able to work so many hours. Then one of my close friends introduced me to this website, and  I quickly  realized that this could help take some of the financial stress off my back as well as allow me to have a good time while doing so instead of breaking my back at work and never seeing my son.”

Meaghan doesn’t have a relationship with her son’s father, though he does see his child occasionally. She doesn’t receive child support and, instead of looking for companionship and falling into another relationship with someone her own age, she chose to seek someone more mature. “I feel as a single mom these things are important because I am Mommy and daddy so I have to work twice as hard to make him happy. Being a sugar baby while I’m a college student allows me to work a little less so he can get his needs/wants fulfilled and he won’t have to miss quality bonding time with me as well.”

We are advocates for women empowerment, and believe that settling should never be an option. We encourage our Sugar Babies to continue their educations, network and build a better life for themselves. It’s all about who you know, and opportunities can come in all packages, just like relationships do. The relationships on SeekingArrangement.com vary greatly from temporary romances to friendships and mentoring and marriage. Everyone is here for a different reason, but we truly believe there is someone here for everyone. Just think of how much better the world would be if more people sought out mutually beneficial relationships, instead of only thinking of themselves.

We applaud all the single moms who are using this site as a platform to make connections and form relationships that help enrich and better their lives. Just because life didn’t turn out the way you had planned, doesn’t mean you can’t have the life you deserve. We hope you have someone in your life who appreciates all you do, Happy Mother’s Day!

FACT:  Did you know that the week after Mother’s Day, more single mothers join SeekingArrangement.com to begin their search for a sugar daddy than any other week of the year?

Are you a Single Mom?  If so, how has being a Sugar Baby changed your life for the better?  How do you juggle being a mom and a sugar baby?

Sugar Daddies: Have you had a Sugar Baby who was a single mom?

Sugar Babies, what advice would you give our single mother sugar babies?

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  1. Mom's boy says:

    I think this phenomenon is quite normal. Fully adapted to today’s social standards. I think that this phenomenon began to develop and get a momentum in the early 1990s in Eastern Europe, at the time of social and economic transitions. Then capital mostly began to accumulate with a smaller number of selected men, who got it in various, often unlawful ways.

    Then marriages began to accelerate to shoot and suddenly there was a large number of single mothers. Their former husbands were often poorly priced for child support, and single mothers resorted to other methods. Every girl and single mother who held her up was looking for a sponsor. The younger girls were usually businessmen and the newly crowned guys from the margins of the law. Single mothers were often the affluent retirees, and those who were extremely nice, with a lot of powerful men in the world of business and politics, who are looking for something more than a simple pretty girls with good curves. My mom was the perfect candidate for that role. Beautiful brunette, with large full green eyes, slim, with good height, 35 years, long hair, solid breasts, high-pitched ass, snow-white skin.What would be said, a mature woman in the best of years, a young mom and perfect partner of every mature, well-off and fitting man who keeps herself. Many men then threw an eye on her, she refused everything. Then she lost her job, and my father had a poorly paid job. Our life at that time was really hard. Then, from her best friend, she heard that a wealthy businessman from the capital asked for a secretary. Mom was insulting and insulting, because, for God’s sake, she has a college degree. How to make her a regular secretary. Still, she did not have anywhere. She went to his local office and was immediately received. I do not think that we should emphasize which qualities were its advantage. Her boss was an ugly, antipathy old man in his late fifties. He of course immediately threw an eye on her and gave it to her. I remember that she told her friend that her boss was a disgusting old man, who could have her father, who had his daughters a couple of years younger than her, that she was being misled and that her stomach was torn from his. However, her boss was very persistent. He was not attacked but he was persistent. He was always kind to her, and he was trying to trick her. She was always offered to drive home and watched almost every day while I was playing in front of the building, leaving it some fifty meters away from the building. My father noticed something and became very jealous. Mom and Dad were soon separated. Dad stayed in our apartment with my younger brother, and I went with my mom to a rented apartment.
    Then I was 13 years old. The boss began to talk to him more often to call for lunches and dinners, and often he knew that he was at our lunch. I know that in the beginning there was nothing but that, because she told her friend that her old boss was very nasty and that she simply could not with him. Whenever I was at my dad’s house, Dad said that Mom can not pay this apartment alone, and that it’s for sure to pay the boss. And I quickly became clear to myself. Once they came quite late from a dinner, I was just lying in bed. When they entered, they began to argue. Mom said that she could not accept such an arrangement and something in that sense. I stood up to see what it is. When I got out, they were already staring at her room. I went for them to ask something to my mom, and then my boss slammed the door in front of my nose, although he saw me wanting to ask something, and my mom did not see me. The squad went on inside and the boss began to switch over to him as he paid that apartment, just as she just sat in the beautiful eyes of his company, to receive gifts and expensive lunches and dinners and not know how to get it back. She told him that he was the one to blame for it, because he likes younger attractive women, to love her when she is next to him, that she knows that it really excites him, especially as she is taller than him, always staring at her tits lunch and his arm very often gets stuck on her ass when they walk. I did not know what to do then and I was very scared. Then I went to my room and began to think of what to do. It occurred to me to invite Dad, but I gave up, because, as far as I know, I thought, she chose it so, and he probably would have said it too. I decided to just get to the door of her room and I was trying to ask her something, clearly to have the idea that I was here too. I went out of my room and resolutely headed for her door. When, suddenly … I was cut off by one, until then, a very unknown sound to me. Her bed creaked hard and then it became crystal clear to me that the two of them had very fierce sex. I stood stiffly for some time, and then after a few minutes I went to my room. Since that day they have become regular. They rarely went to lunch or dinner, so that I would not be alone at home during inclementary years of growing up. Instead, he began to live with us and we always had lunch and dinner all together. We looked like a family. He treated me as he did to his own son, and he treated my mom with a very gentle treatment.

  2. Sugar Daddy With Open Eyes says:

    I, personally would not want a Sugar Baby with kids, but I wish them all the luck in finding someone who will fulfill their needs. For me, it’s important for a Sugar Baby to make me feel like I am number one. It is my unfortunate prejudice that a Sugar Baby with a dependent kid can only make me number three (behind the baby and the baby daddy).

  3. Courtney Negus says:

    I thought I might give this site a try I’m a single mom of two kids and would like to become a sugar baby so if anyone can help guide me in the right direction and how I can approach this and be successful and great much appreciated

    • AndreP says:

      Be truthful when you fill out your profile and even more realistic as to what you are looking for and expecting in return for assistance. As others have posted here, an SD is not looking to finance a platonic SD/SB relationship.

  4. Alex__S41617 says:

    This might sounds bad but…I’m not necessarily a single mom. Financially my partner and I are struggling horribly trying to make ends meet with a 3 month old. And I was told by a friend about sugar daddy’s. Didn’t know exactly what it was til I looked it up. I don’t mind it but I feel like if bad comes to worse it wouldn’t hurt to do what you got to do to make sure your baby is fed and has clean diapers. Is there anything or any site that um…well has lowkey sugar daddy’s? I guess you would say. I don’t need to date, I wouldn’t mind getting money just for talking or even listening or keeping company. That’s all I can do. Only if bad comes to worse..

  5. Udkm Sslb says:

    I would like to know (being new to this)
    HOW Would YOU TELL YOUR Potential SD that you have a child?

    • CashimereKitten says:

      i was thinking the samething. i’m a young single mom who works part time and trying to finish school. I was thier were sd’s who just wanted a online type of thing. :}

    • MissAshly says:

      They ask. They always ask if I am married or have kids.. and I give them an honest answer. If it runs him off, well he wasn’t for me anyways.

    • AndreP says:

      The SD on here for the most part are not trying to move you into a house or provide 100% for you. You can tell them upfront you have a child(ren) as they are your number one concern.

      There is nothing wrong with having a child and looking for a SD as some of us are too busy with our own lives.

    • Anonymous says:

      you should check that box in your profile and mention it in your About Me.

  6. divine says:

    Hi, I belong to this. I am a single mom, no support from my baby’s father thou. And so bad I came from a very low class family. I am calling the attention of everyone to please help me find my sugar daddy here. My son is going to enter his first grade this year but no money to let him learn in school :-(..

  7. Meg says:

    Hey You!!

    No – just bopping in…lol. I’m dating someone right now, so not back in the bowl right now. But so lovely to see (actually, I mean ‘read’ y’all) again!

    Re. the guy – you should contact SA admin with that information (honestly, there’s no way SA can know a user was charged as a rapist unless someone tells SA). I believe it’s SA’s policy to not post personal information & profile names on affiliated blogs. My guess is that it’s quite likely he’s also on other blacklists. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good, public record of super-bad-eggs on sugar daddy dating websites, so just give that information to the resources available. I’ll let you know if one ever gets started.

  8. NYG says:

    Meg, thank you!
    One guy (who is still on this site with more than 1 mill annual income) was in court with “rape, sodomize and giving herpes” to a woman from New Jersey ; it came up right away then I googled his first and last name; the charges were not pressed – he spent big money on lawyers . want his profile number and skype name?

    Meg R u back?

  9. Meg says:

    @Heather & anyone else who wants to report a serious offense (aka – you’ve been blackmailed, raped, robbed, lied to, or cheated in the context of an explicit agreement) –

    1.) Contact an organization that does advocacy for victims of sexual assault. Regardless of the ‘moral-grey-zone’ you’re dabbling in, Law Enforcement is there to protect you. What you described (being pressured into intercourse in a scary way) sounds like rape, and this individual should get put away. Please consider contacting a rape-victim’s-advocacy organization in your area, and discuss the possibility of reporting the individual to law enforcement with the support of the organization. Law enforcement can occasionally be difficult to deal with, so it is useful to have their support if you decide to file a report.

    2). Report the incident to Brandon Wade. Brandon Wade blacklists especially bad offenders from his websites, and Seeking Arrangement & co. are quite good about acting on major offenses. So please do contact him with the individual’s profile & information and a description of the incident.

    3). Report the individual to a blacklist. Because it is possible for individuals to open a new account (for example, under the credit card of a family member or spouse; with a stolen credit card), you should also report the individual to a blacklist. If you Google ‘fake sugar daddies,’ the most popular one will come up. I’m concerned that that blacklist is no longer active, although it does seem like some recent posts have been made. If that website is now defunct, consider reporting the individual on the website ‘nationalblacklist’. The website is primarily for individuals in the adult entertainment industry; however, anyone can post a complaint, and posting on the national blacklist will add the individual to google search engines so that other people who google his name or phone number will see that he is listed on a major blacklist.

    Stay safe!

  10. flyr says:

    More important than posting his profile is posting his contact numbers.

  11. Heather says:

    I’m a mom in Los Angeles. I had a Pot say all the right things about wanting to take care of a “supermom.” He was very manipulative and smartly convincing about how he thought that woman were getting a bad deal doing it all. Anyway, I felt such a good connection with him – he pushed all the right buttons to get me vulnerable. Then he had me drive an hour to visit him and rent a hotel (I know I know I wasn’t suppose to do that) and then totally pressured for sex in a hideous and scary way. He was the opposite of how he represented himself and I think my radar was scrambled because of the Mommy button pushing he did on the phone and email for 2 weeks. He stiffed me with the bill out $150 and I almost got turned off from the site… SHOULD I PASTE HIS PROFILE NUMBER HERE TO WARN OTHERS? I NOTICED HE’S ON LINE NOW…TROLLING FOR VICTIMS….

    I am fairly new, have read a ton of your wonderful blogs, dated some really nice men, but have not accepted an arrangement. I am taking my time and looking for the right fit. Right now, I’m just worried about other SBs getting hurt or ripped off by this guy! What do I do?????

  12. unsure says:


  13. unsure says:

    I feel like I think of anything witty to say when having a conversation, any suggestions,please.

  14. AgentSalt69 says:

    Loving my children…NOW it’s time for ME![img]Picture 254[/img]

  15. AgentSalt69 says:

    I have been a single mother since the age of 16 (1986) Today 3 of my children are adult age and 2 of them are teenagers. I don’t have any grandchildren yet but I enjoyed every moment with my children. Yes, it was very hard financially and emotionally on all of us. Truth be told, the dad is the one who missed out. He didn’t have the awesome experience of bonding a relationship with his children. That’s worth more than money to me!

  16. AnnaMW says:

    @ Sarah – I also like geeks…. If you enjoy that type, you are a rare gem and will probably do well.

  17. SarahSB says:

    Thank you, Prince Charming. I very much enjoyed reading your post. In the future I will make a better effort to make it plainly clear to Alpha Geek that I am interested.

    AnnaMW – Yes, they do typically end up wanting an arrangement.

    I *heart* Alpha Geeks! Alpha Geeks Are HOT!

  18. Midwest SB says:

    Thank you for that insight PrinceCharming! Hope the alpha geekdom doesn’t sacrifice you to the trekkies for giving away their mojo :-)

  19. DianaSBinOC says:

    Wow nice Prince Charming! Wow I never thought about what it was like for a guy to approach a girl. I have to admit that I’ve never approached a guy I liked. Just smiled from across the room but I’ve never been the type to be forward. I will agree jock/salesmen types always approach.

  20. GTT_Envy says:

    @Princecharming yep that’s pretty much it!!!! Nothing more to add….lol.

  21. PrinceCharming says:

    I’m baaack… wall-of-text-superpowers, activate!


    Having gone through your situation from the other side (and knowing a couple other IRL SDs)… hopefully I can shed some light on your situation for the SD mindset. Several other SBs have already commented on how to break the ice, and their advice is sound.

    As others pointed out, the SD is intimidated. From my experience most SDs are at least a little intimidated, and you don’t see why due to your perspective. In the case of married men, or wealthy or attractive older men, they either already have or could easily get a non-SB “accessible” woman around their age.

    It’s almost shooting fish in a barrel, so to speak, to find women in their “easy” pool. Those women may not have much to offer (frigid wife, or women who are perhaps overweight/unattractive, may not be smart, or have all sorts of “baggage”from being older) or they’ll quite likely be clingy, mental, or uncool. Something any man, SD or not, doesn’t want any part of. Nonetheless, even if a man doesn’t date women in this immediately accessible pool, the man gets used to this unbalanced power dynamic, where the man is the “catch” and lots of women (that he may not want) are available to him.

    Now compare what he’s used to with a woman who is much younger, very attractive, smart, and sexual with no baggage, and few expectations beyond having a good time. This is virtually _the_ fantasy woman for an older man. The side effect here is the balance (or rather imbalance) of power between the man and the woman is way different than he’s used to, so he’s intimidated even if he’s super confident and self-assured. She’s bringing a lot to the table as well, and the man isn’t quite so dominant as before, so has to put some effort (or sugar) into the equation to compensate, and even then, he’ll still be intimidated until the ice is broken.

    Younger SBs need to understand that being fun, flexible and drama-free, happy, smart, sexual, and 20 years younger is the equivalent of a man being a hot rock-star celebrity or being tall, attractive and having several million dollars in the bank. SDs wouldn’t be parting with sugar if the SBs weren’t bringing so much to the party. (Please note this isn’t a diss to older SBs, who bring all of the above and trade experience for age.) They should keep this in mind when evaluating the financial side of an arrangement.

    The above applies for almost any man, SD or not, but a couple of finer points of detail you provided are important to: you said he’s single, and the smart geeky type. I am that as well, and there’s a new dynamic with a single busy geek. The so-called “alpha geek” has a lot going for him, he’s absolutely on top of his field, and makes a ton of money, but he’s also usually so busy that he can’t date conventionally, and if he does, he can’t maintain a relationship because alpha-geek work isn’t something you can turn off at 5PM and walk away from. On top of this, he may not want to date at all (we get nerdy fulfillment elsewhere and “dating,” rather than sugar-dating, and all the trappings and rules and headgames interferes with that and as often as not comes to an end without any sexual release.)

    Arrangements are a really good fit for this type of guy, but it’s hard to wrap your head around the first time you do it (and face it, I’m called PrinceCharming and you’re SarahSB because there’s some stigma to this).

    So Dr. SD is dealing with all of the “older wealthy man” stuff above, plus is likely either having crap relationships or no relationships, possibly for years, and up through the email phase, you’re not real, you’re just smart wallpaper on his computer screen. Then he meets you, you are real, he already knows you’re smart from talking to you, and then sees you’re hotter than your pictures, which were already attractive and you may possibly be supermodel hot (attractive to men your age makes you supermodel hot to someone 20 years older.) At this point he’s completely blown away and his brain in melting, switching between “OMG OMG OMG” and “please, god, don’t let me fuck this up” repeating over and over at warp 9. He’s probably feeling butterflies in his stomach for the first time in years, and if you have an arrangement, will continue to feel them every time you meet or send him a text, it’s part of the rush — at least that’s how I feel with my current SB. When that’s what is going on in his head, pretty much all you can do is stare at the pretty girl silently. This too happens to me often when I am with my SB, and I’m positive that’s what is going on with him.

    Getting this type of guy to approach you IRL will put the burden on you. My past SBs have said the jock/salemen A-types just impulsively make approaches and uncouth passes, but geeks are pretty conditioned to social norms as they’ve been pounded into them since childhood to not even approach attractive women. The bolder and self-assured ones will approach attractive women their age, but throw in an age gap, and they only thing they’ll do is pleasantly chat with you. They won’t make a go for something more unless you make it plainly clear they’re not getting rejected. (And I mean plainly clear, even if they pick up “hints” they may not believe it. You don’t have to chase the guy, but you do have to make it clear if he chases you, you’re not running. You’ll know you’ve made it plainly clear when you see the brain meltdown and he acts like doc did at lunch.)

  22. JennSA says:

    In reference to the party, we did not pay a single person to be there. We had some footballers come in at the end, but they had to pay to come in as well.Not a single person got in for free (unless they did press). In actuality, there were 50 men to just under 230 women. Obviously that is not an ideal ratio, and even all the men who had purchased tickets didn’t show up in the end. I had a great time meeting everyone, hopefully we will get a better show from the male population next time around.

  23. flyr says:


    This is purely my personal take from 4,000 miles away

    The party apparently gained a large exposure for SA but very little exposure for the SB due to the ratio and the press coverage.

    Were I one of the SB’s in the small groups I would think in terms of something done below the radar. Small parties, perhaps with invitations to target SD’s . An alternative would be for SB’s in an area to simply adopt a nice bar or restaurant with bar area and casually meet on some specific day of the month like second wednesday. Maintain a low profile. The girls could also meet with a few glasses of wine and search for men to invite. It could work the other way but I think it is much more effective if a man get an email saying something like we were looking through profiles of the most attractive SD in the area and found you. We just wanted you to know that a group of us meet for a fun evening of meeting new people at xxxxxxx. I think you would get a lot more mileage out of your investment and have off the radar fun meeting your fellow SB and SD.

    As others have noted the bulk of the SD’s are married so for those who were not in London alone on business on a Sunday night that might be a little difficult .

  24. DianaSBinOC says:

    I know some feel bad press is actually good press but that Sun article was just horrible. The bottom picture seemed to be several where someone got a little too happy with glue and just pasted the bodies all in the same picture. I also didn’t know Brandon saw one of Tiger Woods’ matresses either. It just made the sugar babies sound so desperate. To add the fact the there were only 10 SD’s out of 250 SB’s made that desperation look worse. Even the comments were far from kind. I felt I missed out on quite a jolly good time but after reading that article, it seemed depressing.

    Someone even mentioned a few guys were paid to be there so maybe only 5-7 real SD’s were in attendance? Brandon needs to do one in LA or OC I’m pretty sure he’ll get a better turn out. Yes they’ll be some posers but atleast the posers spend to impress and with the right DJ and the right venue the place will be packed!

    Correction it should be done in LA or Frisco. The guys appear to be way hotter and love staying single into their late 40s. We also forgot that there is a huge gay Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby population that goes unnoticed by straight eyes in LA . Most gay male models have sugar daddies that provide for them between bookings. Even a sexy theme would be fun. Like a PJ party or a swimsuit party. Something fun but sexy.

  25. Arcadia SB says:

    I’ve been traveling back to the frozen north but finally have a second to jot down my thoughts on the party.

    Meeting up with a few sugars before hand was great. I was a little nervous, so I just kept jabbering away. Y’all shoulda stuffed a napkin in my mouth or something! I’m sorry about that. I will say that all of the ladies who met up before hand looked AMAZINGLY beautiful. Very classy, tasteful, and gorgeous…made me hate all of you cause I wanted everyone to be ugly 😉

    The party itself was…interesting. I talked to one guy for a while who had helped organize the event and it was really interesting learning about how everything is put together. I also met two guys (admitedly younger, maybe 30 give or take a few years) who *claimed* they had been hired to be there. There were probably about 30 guys when the evening started…but some of them trickled away with some of the ladies at the party.

    There were a lot of classy, beautiful women. A few…ummm…well, lets just way I don’t share the same choices in fashion. However, they were very confident. I’ll say I think I would’ve enjoyed myself more had I just gotten up the gumption to talk to one of the guys and make conversation…However, I mainly went just to see what it was like, met up with the girls, and have a glass of Champagne.

    I will say I didn’t pay for a drink at the party. The men, seeing they were out numbered, would buy a round for several girls and were so very sweet to do so. Also, Niki “bought” me and ER a glass of champagne. Thanks so much!

    Brandon and the SA girls were gracious hosts, so much fun to talk to, and did the best the could with the first one of these parties in London. I think they see some kinks to work out, but it was by no means bad, I think it was an amazing success.

    I also got ambushed by a reporter who I think wrote this article: at The Sun. She was taking cell phone pictures…dressed in a mini skirt and tube top, and was honestly incredibly rude to me when I realized she was recording our conversation and asked if she was with the press. She was obviously trying to trap people in conversation, and I’m glad that I was cautious and didn’t end up in print. Brandon and Niki eventually evicted her I think, but…well…she was not cool and I don’t know how she got in.

    Some people were saying guys were just coming in off the street and buying drinks at the bar, and that wouldn’t surprise me from one or two guys I saw standing at the bar dressed in very casual clothes. Again…not too cool, but these things happen.

    The magician was amazing (no really, awesome), the queue was long for tarrot card reading so I didn’t go, the dancing was fun, the comedian…well…tried hard, but it wasn’t his crowd. And there was a chocolate fountain that I could only look at longingly, because I was not going to be wearing chocolate all over me for the rest of the night and that TOTALLY would have happened the second I tried it. The Gore Hotel was a lovely venue, maybe a bit small at first.

    If I were to make recommendations to the folks at SA about planning another one…I know that it is more of a selling point if lots of girls are there, but maybe reduce the number of SB tickets in the future. I would even love to see small events, or one a little further north? Scotland maybe? Oh yes, I told you that in person. I know it’s a lot less likely, because London is the big city…but it’s worth a shot to ask :) I think some smaller scale events (say 20 SDs and 40 SBs) in different cities would be fun…and even though you have to promote things to recruit members…no press at all would be amazing. Though I suppose you can’t stop them from buying tickets. And of course we did suggest an SBs only party for us to meet each other and make some like minded friends.

    All in all I had a great time hanging out, meeting everyone, talking to everyone (though no SDs, ha ha) and enjoying the party. Sorry for the huge comment, but hopefully that sates everyone’s curiosity.

  26. flyr says:


    The answer is probably some unofficial parties arranged regionally on a very casual basis and flying below the radar. Ratio should be better.

    Symbiotic Financial Structures Integrated With Trans Generational Tactile Networking

    aka 1+1=3

  27. Madison says:

    OK, so in summary there were 200 girls for a handful of guys and cameras everywhere. Ha, that is exactly what happened in the NYC party I went last year….

  28. babydoll says:

    hello hello!

    i commented re the party at the other blog!!!

  29. scarlet says:

    Hmm …. the party? well firstly there were probably a maximum of 10 guys there and to be honest none of them were appealing in any way! There were ALOT of ladies there with dissapointed faces. Nice venue…great tarot reader yummy food….and plenty of champagne! which i might add i got rat arsed on and barfed the whole way home :) hehe classy! I only went for the craic and a chance to get dressed up! If i didnt already have a SD id say i would of been a tad dissapointed too! xxx

  30. flyr says:

    @sarah – ask questions as an interviewer would not as an interrogator.

    What are the qualities in an SB that are most important to you?

  31. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Madison I’ve been checking in to read the details it’s driving me crazy. I want to know what happened at the Party. Details!!!!

  32. AnnaMW says:

    @ Sarah – Ask them lots of questions. Show that you are interested in their lives and make it clear that you want to get to know them better. Do these guys usually end up wanting to pursue an arrangement, or does it go cold after the first meeting?

  33. Madison says:


  34. Madison says:

    @SarahSB: Sarah, the reason they don’t talk much is because you must be so pretty they get intimidated. That happens to me all the time. Guys get intimidated by an intelligent and pretty girl. When that happens you must do all the talking, and show you are interested in them. And even then it might not work because they will think you are too pretty for them and that you might find someone else soon and dump them. Men are the most silly and insecure creatures on earth. My SD is 49 years old and keeps saying to me he knows I will dump him for a younger guy soon. I say to him I won’t because he is so hot looking (which he is) but he is still insecure. So, if you are the type that leaves men speechless, my friend…. you got it going on, work it!!!

  35. DeSugga says:

    You know it’s bad if a sd says its laughable lol

  36. Midwest SB says:

    Any Chicago sugars want to meet up this weekend???

  37. GTT_Envy says:

    SarahSB you did answer your own question you gave him a compliment “He started to talk more” :)

    Alot of SD’s are very insecure and remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL so that just adds to it. Once you let him know you were interested…….”You’re funny!” “You’re cute!” or “I like you you’re different” that adds confidence and that’s exactly what you did.

    Best of luck!!

    Desugar…………..$600 is laughable. My current SB get’s $1500/mo plus our dates for 1-2 days a month max and txt in between. $600 for 8 dates a month that’s psychotic run and run fast!!

  38. ukrainian women says:

    I am now not certain where you’re getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or working out more. Thank you for great information I was in search of this information for my mission.

  39. flyr says:

    profile continued

    On the next trip to the market look at the table salt section. There will be the generic salt and then one of the brand names with a familiar label and priced 25%-50% more, the product inside is identical. – that’s product differentiation at its best.

  40. flyr says:


    Couple of changes I would recommend’

    Greater variety of photos but fewer. It is good that you do not have photos with the mystery man’s arm in the photo but the rest of him gone.

    Provide a description of the guy you are looking for, even if it is a broad spectrum. Make yourself sound special.

    When you say SD and SM are your looking for or open for a threesome – that would be my interpretation.

    Your comment about “taking chances” may be misinterpreted. I would provide a little more description.

    Look at some of the other profiles that exhibit a lot of thought. A profile is your package. Packaging enhances value. Make it attract your SD. Show that you are serious about this undertaking.

    These are meant as positive comments.

  41. SarahSB says:

    I have a scenario that perhaps some of you may shed some light on – The other day I had a first meet with a potential SD. We spoke over the phone a few times prior and the conversation seemed to flow naturally. Then, when we met up he barely had anything to say. He seemed really nervous, kind of uncertain, stuttered over his words a few times. He is a single and well known doctor in town – so he’s obviously smart and I’m sure he has a ton to talk about – but he didn’t talk. At face value he was a skinny, awkward, geeky guy with glasses (which happens to be my type btw). He just kept staring at me for long periods of time and not saying anything, so at one point I looked behind me and said “Is there someone behind me that you’re staring at? Do I have something in my teeth? What are you looking at?” He says, “No there’s nothing in your teeth, you look beautiful.” SO…why doesn’t this guy talk? He’s an MD with 20 years on me, I’m sure he has something to say. I’ve had a few, ok several, first meets with guys in the past year and about 90% of them don’t talk much once we meet face to face. Ah never mind…I just answered my own question…now I remember…at one point in the conversation I said “I like you,” then he started talking a lot more. I guess it always baffles me how an accomplished gentleman could be nervous around me. What’s so intimidating about a pretty young girl? The body is just a vessel, anyway. What can I do to make these kind of guys feel more comfortable? It would be nice to attract one IRL who will actually approach me!

  42. misslove says:

    Need Advice

  43. misslove says:

    my profile #991377

  44. DeSugga says:

    Another liar! Why oh why do so many of these men lie!?! And why do they think we won’t find out. I guess he thought I was too cute to have a brain and question the fact that he says he owns an investment company on his profile but told me he was a pharmacist or something. Then when I asked about it he jokingly said I was interrogating him then got quiet. Now he’s all of a sudden not sure he wants to go out.

    I dont wanna go out with liar so it’s perfectly fine. I’m just glad I found this out before wasting my time on him. I’m in no way desperate for a sd so I’m not going to lower my standards or make exceptions.

  45. SarahSB says:

    MW – If he changed his profile from sounding like he was ‘looking for an affair’ to sounding like he was ‘looking for sugar’ after a conversation with you, then you may have schooled him on what a mutually beneficial arrangement should be. He either a) learned something and genuinely has evolved into wanting a sugar relationship, or b) took everything you said and altered his profile accordingly so that he may have a better chance with you and others, or a combination of both. Whether how he approached you a second time with an edited profile comes from genuine integrity or ‘posing” we may never know. Its nice when someone says what we want to hear, but time will tell and actions speak louder than words.

  46. Grasshopper says:

    He was my favorite Bee Gee…
    RIP Robin Gibb :'(

  47. Midwest SB says:

    Pumpkin – You have mail

    Desugga – ALWAYS trust your instincts and err on the side of caution. You were right to be concerned.

    Did anyone have any thoughts on the guy who changed his profile?

  48. flyr says:

    desugga “Is this the wrong type of thinking or do I have a valid concern?”

    In this league the batters only get one or two strikes . You should have been running out of fingers counting.Lean towards the conservative side of your instincts.

    But thanks for the sitcom quality story. Now that I think of it this would make a great sitcom, sort of like Sex In The City with an edge.

  49. DeSugga says:

    When i seen the van i was like you’ve got to be kidding me! Sometimes i need other people’s opinions though because im not always sure if my concerns are good concerns or if Im just being snoody lol.

  50. DianaSBinOC says:

    @flyr “Loved the part about the van having different color body pieces.”

    Ha that really killed it for me. I was laughing so hard I actually was crying.

    DeSugga- that is just the most hilarious meet ever. Yes I agree the guy is a clown. The other SD you’re meeting sounds much better. Plus he’s good looking too? Nice:)

    Someone did contact me calling me baby the other day and signed it with “daddy” at the end of his message. Gave me shivers of creepdom down my spine. Fantasies can be fun but pedo stuff is a huge turn off.

  51. DeSugga says:

    I think he’s a clown!

    I hope the one I’m going out with on Tuesday is a man of his word. We’ve been talking via text for a while now and he just seems so ME! He’s a good looking man (if his pic is current lol) and he just comes off very respectful and actually is trying to get to know me. He isn’t the type of guy that tries to get to know you by asking whats your favorite sex position lol. And he actually addresses me by my name instead of “baby”, which i seem to get a lot.

    I live in DE, so the cost of living isn’t extremely high or anything so I figure $1000/month plus gifts for 3-4 meets a month is a good starting point. If i like him just as much in person as i do now he’ll be a keeper!

  52. Pumpkin says:

    @Midwest SB: Would it be possible to speak with you off blog please? I’d appreciate the accommodation.

  53. flyr says:


    Your mental checklist should have had every box checked 5 minutes into this. It’s a great argument for meeting in a public place for the first one or two meetings. Loved the part about the van having different color body pieces.

    In a business discussion if I note a couple of inconsistencies the BS antenna becomes fully deployed. A couple more, including re-asking questions in a different way and I am done.

    My favorite Hollywood story (and probably related to this process) is the director and agent walking through the Beverly Hills hotel when the director finally interrupts the nonstop talking agent, “Herbie, I know you are lying to me.” Without missing a beat the reply “Perhaps, but hear me out. ”

    Guys have their horror stories too.

  54. DeSugga says:

    DianasbInoc- ok I’m glad you feel the same way I do lol. I was like “wtf?!?” when he said $600. Especially since i have a date with one man that says he’ll start at $1000 plus shopping and whatever and he only can see me 3-4 times a month.

    Then when I seen the car and couldn’t find any info on the company he said he owned, my mind had already left that date lol. I guess it was kinda my fault that my time was wasted because we never had really discussed any of this before we met. Whereas with the guy I’m seeing this week I flat out asked what his ideal arrangement would be with specifics.

  55. Kittyskira says:

    You know, it’s not all about the fact that being a single mother it is hard financially and the no child support thing that makes a mother seek a Sugar Daddy. There are other factors or reasoning! For me in particular I find myself seeking this type of relationship for me. I use much of my energy, time, resources and work my butt off to provide for my child on my own. With that comes neglected needs due on my part. I desire some quality attention, and to be able to indulge here and there on the things that I like and desire to be able to do!

  56. DianaSBinOC says:

    DeSugga. $600 a month sounds pretty awful. Lol Wow I’m laughing so hard right now. Umm ythat’s not a sugar daddy in any way , shape or form. I would put him on the fakesdblog list to warn other SB’s. And he even added “bonuses” which I can’t even imagine what that could be. If he’s looking for 100% platonic arrangement then maybe that would be ok but I strongly doubt that’s what he’s after. Do you have negotiable on your profile? If so you may want to change that to the allowance range that best matches what you’re looking for.

  57. DeSugga says:

    Hi everyone! I’m sorry to be random an off topic her but I just want to see if you all agree with me or if I’m just being stuck up lol.

    So I meet this Pot and he’s in jeans with holes and a tshirt, he said he just came from work. So that was the first thing I was concerned about. Then he has an old Nextel construction worker looking cell phone and he drives a mini van that has a different color hood. He claims he owns a delivery business but ive googled and googled and cant find a thing. Then when it came to an arrangement he’s talking $600 plus “bonuses” a month and wants to see me twice a week. My thought is if every meeting is about 4 hours and that’s twice a week that comes to $18 and change an hour so I might as well take my ass to work and do some overtime and get paid more and I know for a fact I’ll get it.

    Is this the wrong type of thinking or do I have a valid concern?

  58. Arcadia SB says:

    @Scarlet – I’m wearing trousers…I don’t wear dresses very often and usually I wear them as a casual thing…so…I figure at least I’ll stand out. Might not be in a good way :)

  59. Arcadia SB says:

    Go out of town for a few days and you can’t keep up at all with what is going on on the blog. Where have all the SDs gone anyway? I enjoy hearing their input on different questions that are posed.

    Finally met up with English Rose yesterday. Only took a few drinks and some chocolate, then she was back in my hotel room 😉 (Told you I’d tell them ER).

    Looking forward to meeting everyone tonight. My plan: Look fabulous, have fun hanging with the girls before hand, have fun hanging with the girls at the Gore, stumble back to my hotel before I turn into a pumpkin in Cinderella like bliss after seeing a few princes (whether or not they end up with my slipper). I think it’ll be a fun experience to meet people. I just wish all the blog could go (the best peanut gallery in the world! Could we have a sports commentary booth with Midwest and Guru? “Well Guru, I’d say that fellow thinks he has a chance with that lady right there, but she clearly has eyes for the CEO to his left. Looks like his making a pass and! OH! That looked painful for him.” “Yes Midwest I agree, normally in this sort of field we’d expect to see some different techniques played, but he appears to be going with the most expensive champagne route again!” sorry, ER and I were forced to watch football last night in the pub…so it’s on my mind).

  60. Scarlet says:

    Ive got too many dresses to choose from…..what’s everyone wearing tonight?…HELPPP!!!!!! xxx

  61. DianaSBinOC says:

    @MidwestSB~ VA enjoys the banter. If he really felt offended he would say so. He had no issues calling the SB escorts or the like, and he even called himself a john at one point. He likes to fuel the flames. Also you’re a bit late because we already had a truce a few days ago, however it doesn’t stop us conversing. Remember he’s older than you, the man can speak for himself.

    Now there are SB’s just starting in the bowl at 18 years old and really should get all views. Safety is important and as we have read safety of a sugar baby’s health seems to not be of that much concern to all SDs. Some care but not all. Give it a few months and some SB will be posting about how some SD did something to her. It basically happens so frequently. If my posts have helped someone stay safe then I’ve done my SB duty:)

    If SD’s have disappeared maybe it’s because they are enjoying their SBs. We’re nearing the end of Spring with Summer just around the corner. This means more skin showing and bikini shopping! I’m pretty sure this blog will be buzzing especially with tomorrow’s London Sugar Party.

  62. SarahSB says:

    I didn’t hesitate to use Warren Buffett as as an example because it was just an example. Why not say who this guy is posing as? … Perhaps he isn’t posing (although i maintain the assumption that he is posing) Lets suppose the highly unlikely chance that it really IS him – it would be pretty rude and inconsiderate to name him. In my opinion, it is a matter of respecting someones privacy.

    I, for one, would LOVE to know if it really IS him. Forget an allowance, I’d like to just hang around with the guy … learn something. The opportunity itself is priceless. Really.

  63. Grasshopper says:

    I, for one, would LOVE to know who that guy was pretending to be. If it’s not really him, then what is the harm? I see no hesitation in the use of Warren Buffett’s name as an example…so why not say who this guy was posing as???

  64. E* says:

    Just wanted to say I enjoy reading the blog. I’ve been on the site since last August and have yet to find a SD. No complaints though. :) Happy Saturday!

  65. Midwest SB says:

    Madison – It’s borderline…just using a condom to stop the spread….see what I did there?

  66. Madison says:

    Easy Midwest… I’m just being funny. People here need to relax and stop taking everything so personal sheeshh..

  67. SarahSB says:

    Re: VaGentleman and his Sb Girlfriend … if they are both happy with their situation is it really any of our business?

    That’s all.

  68. SarahSB says:

    So…what if we started calling VAGentleman “VaJohnA” ??? I donno … I just wrote it because I know he has a sense of humor.

  69. SarahSB says:

    Madison “@Sarah: “A highly intelligent major public figure and one of the richest men in the US”
    …Any guy that describes himself that way, my friend…. doesn’t seem to be much fun to be around. He will treat you like a toy and will think you should give to him because he said so. No thanks…:

    Actually, Madison, It was I, Sarah, who described him as such. Only because the person who he was attempting to impersonate is, in fact, as described. At lest according to Forbes. Madison, just to give you a better idea: Imagine corresponding with someone and they send you a text saying “this is a recent picture of me” and attached is a picture of Warren Buffet. My response was “Dream big, buddy.” (BTW I knew within two minutes of reading the initial contact that this was a fake profile/joke. But I engaged out of both boredom and curiosity.) Anyhow…I have to defend some men who I have personally spent time with who fit the above description by saying this – They are actually a ton of fun to be around! And I have never felt as though I was treated like a toy.

    Phone Guy – “PhoneGuy
    May 15, 2012 at 3:56 pm
    @Sarah, I have heard rumors that SA does have a couple of the US’s richest. If this is a real account I’m dying to see your pic/profile Sarah.”

    I’m almost certain you know exactly what I look like, Phone Guy. In regards to whether or not the account is “real”…my vote is no, absolutely not. Still not going to blurt out the guys name – that’s just bad manners. You know that one old saying?…oh, how does it go?..something like “A lady never tells.” Anyhow, before I ramble on too much my opinion is simply this: A man of that caliber would doubtfully expense his time searching online for a SB. He likely has minions to do that kind of leg work for him.

  70. Midwest SB says:

    Interesting scenario. A gent reached out to me, but his profile read like someone looking for an affair. I was honest with him that I was looking for more. He took it very kindly and remained a gentleman. Now he has completely changed his profile to sound like he understands what sugar entails. I know there is a learning curve here and I’m pleasantly surprised that he wrote a second time with the new profile. Thoughts?

    Madison / Diana – You’ve made it eminently clear that you don’t approve of VA Gent’s ideologies. Any chance the matter can be laid to rest? His SB is happy with her $2K per month, strings attached arrangement and sugar is really only up to the two people in the arrangement. The rest of the SDs appear to have disappeared with this never-ending debate. I understand your point about standards and how it makes it hard for others…this is something you cannot and will not change between them. He has defended himself politely and you just keep coming at him. Someone has to say “when”. Who will be the first to step up?

  71. flyr says:

    @Late Bloomer

    I would not consider a 5 year age adjustment to be a cardinal sin unless he persisted when asked.
    You’re right to be cautious and to have another public meeting. Perhaps a change from the typical restaurant, an afternoon or evening at a museum. You are in a very public place but there’s also lots of opportunities to have a private conversation. If married he might not be so hot for the idea.

  72. DianaSBinOC says:

    @ Madison ~ Maybe he’s more like :Without sugar I’m just a “gran-daddy”. He did say 40+ age gap.

  73. Madison says:

    @Va Gentleman: ‘Without sugar I am just “daddy” .

    Wow….that is such a sad statement.

  74. black cherry says:

    Hi everyone,wow i didn’t realise there are many sb (mums) i am one of them,i have a little gorgeous daughter who i adore,baby doll and english rose have seen her pictures) i am lucky in the sense that,i can free myself and still do the things i love.(i got mum to thank) about me and her dad,i wont say much,lets just say his sd material but we didn’t meet on a sugar site, his paying up and trying to get back with me but am not too keen on the idea(only i know why oh and Babydoll lol) i quite like to keep it in the bowl until i fall in love again,which am hoping i don’t,does that make me a bad mummy??i don’t think so,because my baby is my number one priority no matter what i choose to do.
    To all you sbs with children,you can juggle kids and sugar,its not much different to someone going to college,both are demanding,but i cant speak for those with more than one child,i only have the one and i am not missing out on anything,i think having a baby has given me the drive to do better
    @ English rose,sugardaddie is full of guys that pretend to want a wife lol,and the fact is most of them are married,so they actually just want your time but with no sugar in put

  75. Madison says:

    if I were a married woman trying to find a handsome man for an affair on Ashley Madison…. of course I would look for a tall, intelligent, extremely good looking guy. Younger probably of course ahahah :)

  76. Madison says:

    @Va Gentleman “some profiles mentioned sugar”

    A true sugar would never go to a non-sugar site ( specially a married people dating site) to try to get a sugar daddy. Those are probably hookers trying to get new clients….

  77. Va Gentleman says:


    ” What’s wrong with that site? ”

    I meant that I haven’t had success with that site . It sounds ideal but I think women are looking for younger guys there . Of course I only contacted the younger girls 20 -40 yrs my junior and not being a sugar site I think they wanted guys closer to their age , or even younger . This sort of proves the necessity of Sugar to encourage young women to date much older men . Without sugar I am just “daddy”


    ” Ashley Madison is for MARRIED people ”

    You are absolutely correct but some profiles mentioned sugar

  78. DianaSBinOC says:

    I’m curious to know why Ashley Mad would be bad for a married man looking for an affair without an allowance? What’s wrong with that site?

  79. Madison says:

    @Va Gentleman: Ashley Madison is for MARRIED people, it is not a sugar site.

  80. Va Gentleman says:

    @ all

    SD4ME is very good but difficult cancellation for guys , Ashley Mad very bad , Fling very bad , Sugardaddie has no localizing feature -just statewide

  81. Madison says:

    I find that when I change my picture I get more or less replies according to the style of my picture. when I posted this pic you guys see on here, most of them wrote back asking to see another pic because this pic was too dark and they couldn’t see me well. When I posted a pic of my body in a bikini they wanted to see a face pic…. When I posted a bikini pic showing my face, some wrote back asking me to marry them…. LOL you never win, trust me..

  82. Madison says:

    @Grasshopper: “YUP..you’re definitely F’UGLY alright!”…

    LOL LOL so, Am I pretty? That’s my real pic BTW. 😛

  83. Grasshopper says:

    Oh..and TGIF, btw 😉
    If anyone’s old enough to remember the movie “Thank God It’s Friday”, you’ll know that it starred one of the greatest pop vocalists of our time.
    RIP Donna Summer :'(

  84. Grasshopper says:

    What’s the use of checking out someone’s profile for the sake of determining if they’re “pretty” or not? It’s not like you’ll report back to the blog and say something like, “YUP..you’re definitely F’UGLY alright!”…

    Or WILL you??? :X

  85. Va Gentleman says:

    @ Late Bloomer SB

    ” Maybe just go for profiles that are 45 and under to account for the lying?? lol ”

    This issue has been beat to death re: lying on profiles . When you are hot 24 yr old you have no problem getting into the game finding SDs from 20 to 70. Over 45( for men and women ) we realize that many would be “nexted” right off the bat with out even getting an interview with an attractive pot . Does lying on a profile mean the person if generally dishonest and would make a dangerous or unreliable Sugar partner ? I don’t think so because I am one of each . I understateded my age ( liar) and got an amazing SB now for 1 year . I am performing beyond what I agreed to do for her . So a liar can be a good SD . After all , you aren’t marrying the guy .

    Re : age That is such a personal thing with each person. Rather than think of a pot as a certain age meet him and think of your attraction to him as he appears. Older pots frequently are more capable payors .

    @ miss love

    ” Am I not pretty? ” Dunno lovey , give us your profile # and we will check you out and offer an opinion


    ” I am a single mother ”

    I would like to know that up front because it could impact your availability to me as a SD . I would emphasize in your profile what your availability is . Single Moms have primary responsibility to their kids which will trump everything else Many Daddies have limited availability and need to have a SB they can count on .

  86. Late Bloomer SB says:


    Thanks for pointing that out. I was concerned because I posted a few things a while back and I am 90% sure they were taken off, and I didn’t understand if there were rules to what you could say or what. My previous posts were about fake SDs so I thought maybe that wasn’t allowed.

    @English Rose
    Thanks for the advice. I haven’t called him out or done anything unkind to him, but I am on guard. I asked him if he had children and he said No. But I know he does because I got his last name from the name of his business on his voicemail. So he has subtracted 5 years from his age, has kids (probably older than me), and may or may not have the income needed to be an SD. He is trying to get me to “get away” with him so I have put the brakes on, saying I’d like to meet again for lunch or something (and not go out in a car). My instinct is starting to go into alert mode. He has been very helpful in that I’ve moved to a new city but that hopefulness I felt is going away now.

  87. DianaSBinOC says:

    @English Rose ~ Actually that site Sugardaddie seems pretty bad. It just seems like someone didn’t have time and just threw it together last minute. Plus they charge thier SB’s a membership fee. I’ve heard more bad things about that site than any other SD site out there. That site has fake SDs on there from before the site actually charged a membership fee. So yeah I would pass. Even one of the P4P guys that contacted me here said that Sugardaddie was horrible for him lol. Ohh and there appears to be no real location search function so if you’re looking for an SD within your area you’re pretty much out of luck.

  88. EnglishRose says:

    Would really appreciate anybody who has feedback on the site “Sugardaddie”?
    Trying to cast my net a little wider & only realised after signing up/filling out a profile that you have to pay to exchange emails. I have in the past 4 days received about 20 emails (way more than I get here on SA!) but don’t want to pay for the membership unless I know it’s genuine.

    Info. any one? :)

  89. Angelic says:

    I was hoping to get advice on a couple things. I am a single mother, and was wondering at which point I should communicate that. In my profile? On our first lunch? Also, I get ‘favorited’ a moderate number of times, I’ve been on SA a little over a month, and have been favorited about 20 x’s. Am I suppose to approach these men, or wait for them to initiate contact? Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)

  90. EnglishRose says:

    Well thanks Tina, nice of you to say – Chin is most definitely up! :)

    I agree with Diana, that confronting him (at least at this stage) is probably not the way to go.
    Tweaking your age by a few years (I would say in the 3+/- for me) is not indicative of a fake SD.
    So I don’t think you should count him out just yet – That said, did he lie about his company’s worth as well? If so then I would be a little more cautious.
    But if not, well it really depends what sort of arrangement you’re looking for. He could still give you a $1,000 a month, and remember, an SD’s real value is in his generosity not his income :)
    Obviously if nothing below $3k is of interest to you then you’re right, he probably won’t be able to supply that.
    Be honest with him, tell him what ideally you would like, and ask if he can supply that.

    And when it comes to searching for pots. If you’re happy to date 50yr old’s then don’t count them out of your search! Sure, some might be lying, but you don’t want to rule out good, honest men! And in honesty, even below 45 there’s still chances of the SD’s lying to you about all sorts of things other than age. Screen relentlessly, meet up and just roll with the punches! 😉
    Good luck!

    Honestly, not to sound mean but…can’t really comment on whether you’re pretty or not – don’t know what you look like! 😛 But, how long have you been at this? It can take months and months before finding a good SD, I myself am not having any luck lately! And you really have to put effort in, email a bunch of SD’s, make it personal. Get your profile up to the highest standard possible, with good photo’s, at least one that shows your face clearly & a fully body shot is recommended (always nice to have a smiling face as well!) And make sure your profile is unique, and lets an SD know why youwould make a good SB.
    Hope that helps!

  91. misslove says:

    Any advice I cant even catch a break. Am I not pretty?

  92. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Late Bloomer~ I forgot to add: No do not confront him. See if he comes clean on his own. Even if he never honest later don’t confront him about any of it. It’s best to let people be who they are. Remember this guy is old enough to be your father. If this is the best he has to offer especially after the honesty speech, then you’re going to have to be extra careful.

    Hope it works out:)

  93. DianaSBinOC says:


    On the age issue for me I’ve posted before that if it’s 5 years or less than it’s not a big deal. 10+ gaps are a complete fail for me. Plus you met him and can clearly see he looks much older so again his 10 year lie is not working out for him. I mean if the guy had a plastic surgeon on call then he could get away with that but obviously not in this one’s case.

    I wouldn’t rule out all profiles because some guys are actually honest. I’ve met guys in RL that had an age that seemed older than they looked.They had no issues putting their real age up because they loved the compliments.:)

  94. Late Bloomer SB says:

    Hi Blog,

    I always enjoy the conversations going on here, very good stuff!

    I am reaching a frustration point. I am very cautious with this whole SD/SB thing due to some rough experiences in the past. A real sugar relationship is amazing but hard to find, as I’m sure many of you know.

    I hid my profile but continued to look at profiles here and there. I recently struck up communication with a man who seemed great. He seemed genuine, gave me advice, seemed to care. I got a little more info on him recently and I’m seeing that he shaved some years off his age and his company’s estimated income is around $70,000.

    We met recently and although I liked him, I felt he looked a little older than he stated. My range is flexible but once they get close to my dad’s age, I don’t want to go there! I have been very careful with him and we have started to discuss potential arrangements, but I am now worried he is not really an SD. I have doubts he can afford it and he was the one who talked about how lying in the beginning can really set a bad tone for the realtionship! Ha! I have been through this many times before and I’m upset to have to deal with it again.

    Advice wanted:

    Do I confront him on what I found? He does not think I know that much about him.
    How do I deal with small age fudges and the fact that once they are 55+, I am just not into it? Stating directly does not seem to work. Maybe just go for profiles that are 45 and under to account for the lying?? lol

    Thanks all!

  95. Tina says:

    @ER: I know how it feels. But, it’s admirable that you’re taking such a positive approach to the situation and taking the learnings from it. Keep your chin up sweetie! You’re worth SO much more than what his comments indicated! :)

  96. Madison says:

    @Sarah: “A highly intelligent major public figure and one of the richest men in the US”

    Any guy that describes himself that way, my friend…. doesn’t seem to be much fun to be around. He will treat you like a toy and will think you should give to him because he said so. No thanks…

  97. EnglishRose says:

    Actually, after he said that I did send him an email saying his grace & charm had actually reversed my decision and I BEGGED for him to forgive me & my small boobies.
    (Ironically, they’re actually rather large & would be perfectly satisfied with a brain that was smaller)

    @Diana & Tina
    Thanks for the sympathy girls, can’t help but feel a little sting whenever you get things like that. But I just look at it as a chance to thicken my skin & increase my ability to really appreciate when I find the right guy :)

  98. Midwest SB says:

    nwsugarbaby – Done & Thanks! Many of us have at least part-time jobs as well. It helps you truly appreciate those who reach out and help!

    Angie – Welcome! Please stick around, but I recommend you change your moniker. The blog is public. As for sugar sites for those with disabilities, I haven’t heard of one. We all want something different whether it has to do with size, color, shape, education, etc…so we all have to screen relentlessly. I’m sure it’s going to be the same for you. I would just recommend watching out for fetish guys (creepers, not genuinely nice guys with an unusual preference) and make sure you practice safety first. Patience is important in this world and sugar is very tempting. Always follow your instincts. It’s worth it when you meet a great SD! Good luck!

  99. Tina says:

    @ER: I’m sorry sweetie! Guys like that just make the snarky comments wanna pop out all on their own…..MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    @Phone Guy: HEY! You gave up too easily. :( I appreciate your naughtiness! :)

  100. DianaSBinOC says:

    @EnglishRose sorry that you received a message like that. As I said before, some guys can’t take rejection.

    @Tresured~ lol yeah I think he proved there wasn’t any chemistry. Was that here or Miss Travel? lol Guy handled the rejection well with “ooh thought you were in Ireland already as if the outcome would have changed if you were closer”. This is just too funny.

  101. Treasured says:

    @EnglishRose – Really charming 😀 You sure chemistry wasn’t there? hehe

    The “pearls of wisdom” I have received in the past:

    After I have told I do not do P4P:
    “Oh, sorry , I thought you are already in Ireland. Can’t do this since you are abroad”. The mentioned country was never mentioned neither in my profile or during any of the conversations.

    After I have mentioned the monthly allowance:
    “Why don’t we have a try out weekend first. I will pay for the hotel as long as you get your flights sorted. It will be a nice holiday”. Ummm…. Yes…. Right. If I wanted a “nice” holiday, that wouldn’t involve me travelling to see a person I have never seen before to have sex with, in a city, which honestly doesn’t really do anything for me. Next 😀

  102. EnglishRose says:

    Very kindly told a pot that I didn’t think the chemistry was there, but wished him the best of luck…

    “Your small tits are obviously still bigger than your brain, good luck sucking cock for a living”

    …Erm…thanks. Really lovely guy obviously.

  103. Nwsugarbaby says:

    @Blog gods
    Please send NorCal Guy my email.

    @NorCal Guy
    Thank you :) for your support. I will be having a great opportunity this summer regardless of tahoes decision… it just would have been nice to be a bit warmer.I got to pick from three places so I feel like this is the best fit of those for me. I love to salmon ski and wakeboard so that can still be accomplished at the lake i’ll be near. Maybe I can work on my tan when I’m not working as well.

    @Sugars with children

    I admire you guys especially midwest doing both school and raising a child. One day I’ll have children, but I’m not looking to settle down anytime soon. Also I hope you all had great mothers days. I BBQ my mom fresh halibut for dinner and helped with a special project outdoors.

  104. PhoneGuy says:

    I think you win. The only one who enjoys my naughtiness is myself. 😉

  105. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: BRING IT! 😛 And I don’t instigate like YOU do! HA! I’m naughty in some different, yet interesting ways >:)

  106. PhoneGuy says:

    One of these days missy! 😉
    Look who is calling who a naughty booger. 😛

  107. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: karma! HA! (sorry, just now had a chance to catch up on the previous blog post)

  108. Angie Mooore-Starks says:

    Do you know of azny sites like this in the States that accept/cater to those with disabilities ? I have noted that many Australian site like this do cater t those with disabilities; I put a very candid and honest profile f myself on this site, and have either no interest or men who LOOK wealthy but aren’t who thy are saying they are ( my most recnt FIND from Australis cpntacted ME FIRST and the first time I asked about his personal allowance policy, BOOM! he cut off contact which leasd me to think all kinds of things, most of them NOT good about him his profile says he’s a barrister earning well ver one million Australian Dollars per year which translates to great wealth over here.
    Be careful because you only live once !

  109. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: you’re still just a naughty little booger, aren’t you?

  110. Midwest SB says:

    Sarah – Thank you…I learned from the best!

  111. PhoneGuy says:

    @Sarah, I have heard rumors that SA does have a couple of the US’s richest. If this is a real account I’m dying to see your pic/profile Sarah. 😉

  112. SarahSB says:

    Am I still on time out? If not, I have a quirky scenario to share (at least with the moderators). Have you ever been contacted by an SD claiming to be a highly intelligent major public figure and one of the richest men in the US? I was, just yesterday. Genuine or not, the fact that this person took the time to create a profile with an ideal situation and engage in virtual conversation put a smile on my face :) It takes a lot of effort to create a fantasy, and this man nailed it. The man who he is pretending to be made fantasy a reality IRL. Although I believe the profile is fake, it sparked me to read a great deal abut this amazing public figure whom he was pretending and I was overcome with a great sense of motivation and empowerment. The person he claimed to be is, imho, the IDEAL mentor, benefactor, friend, the IDEAL SD. If due to serendipity this person IS indeed who they say they are, id THIS website is attracting THOSE type of men – then WOW…Brandon has truly crated one of the most prolific and epic websites in history.

    Midwest – Speaking of mentorship, I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and insight. I aspire to become more like you.

  113. Chrissy says:

    expecting ^_^

  114. babydoll says:

    hello beautiful sugars!!!

    it was a brilliant night out with the sugarbabies who were able to come and join us last saturday in a soho bar xxxx it was a blast and i hope there will be repeats of these nights out in future even after the sugar rush party xxx

    than you to all those who came and it was such a fun fun night with me coral and ER ending up hanging out until the next day!!! hahahhaa

    to all those who are going to meet up with ER and the rest this saturday and for some who organized something else on friday i hope you all have a great time unfortunately i wont be able to meet up and will just see you all at the party in the evening on sunday xxxx

    kisses and hugs to all of you xxxx

  115. Charis says:

    Being a single mom is the hardest, and most rewarding job in the world. Kudos to those charming, generus and understanding SDs that let’s us be human and have confidence in ourselves as women. Happy belated Mother’s Day to you all.

  116. Tina says:

    Happy belated Mother’s Day to all!

  117. Midwest SB says:

    Oh….don’t bring your everyday life of teething babies and trouble with school into sugar. Keep it sweet. Although he probably cares a little, it isn’t how he wants to spend his time with you.

  118. Midwest SB says:

    Heyyyyy Sugars! It’s been a busy week and I’m not even dealing with classes! New job is very exciting and I’m looking forward to Grad school in just a few short weeks.

    Happy belated Mother’s Day!

    Are you a Single Mom? If so, how has being a Sugar Baby changed your life for the better? How do you juggle being a mom and a sugar baby? Yes. It isn’t always easy, but I am fortunate that his father is very active in his life. I can say that it took a lot of work on my part to make sure he and his dad have the relationship they have today. Regardless of how bad a person can treat you, they can still be a great parent. You just have to find the balance.

    Sugar Babies, what advice would you give our single mother sugar babies? Practice safety above all things…no man or empty promise is worth endangering you or your family. Don’t get involved in sugar if you cannot get away because constant rescheduling is very frustrating for an SD. Don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself. If mom is happy….

  119. DianaSBinOC says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all those with little ones!

  120. Lola says:

    Oh i forgot ladies… Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there doing a great job!! x

  121. Lola says:

    Mothers day isn’t about the man you spend it with or the big present he bought you, its about spending time with your children and loving the mothers day card they drew you at school, you know, the ones where you look like a stick man on the front but they put so much effort in for you!!!

  122. Jasmine says:

    I applaud any single mother that made the choice to become a sugar baby! Being a single mother and depending on the baby’s father to help is just not reliable these days. Having a child really is just YOUR problem now. Child support isn’t guaranteed and it takes a lot more to raise a child than a check! Congrats on making your life so much easier and getting back control!!!

  123. Aubrey says:

    @ English Rose -I wanna meet some SB before I go to the party so we can go there together. I am shy and nervous to go on my own. How i can get hold of you guys? English Rose do you email add?
    Hope to see some SB on Saturday
    email me: no space and all small letters

    asian dot england underscore 0708 at yahoo dot co dot uk

  124. NorCal Guy says:

    @ nwsb from the last blog….losers in Tahoe, how could they not have hired you! Sure I’d love your e-mail, i like e-meeting new friends.

    and happy belated Mothers day to all the moms out there.

  125. Pinkness21 says:

    Wishing all moms a Happy Mother’s Day!!

  126. sweetNsassy says:

    Feliz diá de la madre! Had a wonderful skype brunch with my mother. Hope everyone is enjoying this day as well.

  127. Madison says:

    Happy mother’s day to all of those who have little ones. xoxo

  128. flyr says:

    My experience with sugar moms has been exceptional. It helps if they have an ex or family member who can take the child for a few days but even without that they are a generally wonderful, organized and goal oriented.

  129. EnglishRose says:

    Oh, and pretty please, any SD’s who are available and haven’t bought a ticket yet – get one and come!!! You really don’t have to worry about there not being enough women…. unfortunately. 😛

  130. EnglishRose says:

    I know a few sugar baby mum’s – and they are all incredible women. Honestly in awe sometimes! :)
    So, while it’s not Mother’s Day here in England – A Happy Mother’s Day to you all anyway!

    Hey! I’m organising the pre-party, I’m sure I can squeeze you onto the list some how 😉 And I’ll ask the moderators to send you my email.

    I know a girl from Scotland who is coming down (though I think on the Saturday) her blog name is Arcadia – not sure how far up North you are though!

    You and your friend are more than welcome to come to the pre-party, I’ll send you my email, if you get in touch I can send you the details once it’s confirmed! :)


  131. babydoll says:

    happy moms day to all the beautiful Sugarmoms xxxxxxxx

  132. Amber ! XOXO says:

    In Nashville and wishing I had a Sugar Daddy to Take Me out here in Mothers Day!!

  133. ZAmber says:

    dibs on first comment!