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Which U.S. Airlines Should you Fly to Land a Sugar Daddy?


I travel often for business and leisure.  In fact, almost 50% of all Americans will be taking a flight on an airplane this year.  And like me, most millionaires and Sugar Daddies fly, and they fly often.  A few months ago, I decided to find out which airlines do these millionaires and sugar daddy types fly, so we posed the questions to our sugar daddy / millionaire members on SeekingArrangement.com and SeekingMillionaire.com.   And here is what we found…

  • If you want the best chance of meeting a millionaire, fly Delta Air Lines
  • If you want to meet the wealthiest sugar daddy, fly United Continental Airlines
  • If you want to meet the most generous sugar daddy, fly American Airlines
  • If you want to meet a cheap sugar daddy, fly Southwest Airlines

If trying to meet a millionaire or Sugar Daddy is your goal, our survey results suggests you should stay away from those “peanut” airlines.  Airlines like Allegiant, Spirit, or Frontier tend to pack or squeeze their customers into tiny seats, and no decent millionaire or Sugar Daddy would tolerate that… unless he is an extreme penny-pincher.

US Airline Survey

Results of our US Airlines Sugar Daddy Survey

However, simply choosing to fly with one of the airlines listed above will likely not help you meet that millionaire bachelor of your dreams either, that is, unless you are flying business class or frequenting the airline lounges.  Our survey reveals that 74% of the wealthy men surveyed frequent an airline lounge, 78% are top-tier members of an airline’s mileage program, and 83% of them fly business class frequently.

So, for those of you who are wondering how else you can meet a Sugar Daddy besides using an online dating website like SeekingArrangement.com or SeekingMillionaire.com, flying a Sugar friendly airline is certainly the way to go.  And if you choose to do so, remember to obtain a few day passes to the airline lounge where you can easily strike up interesting conversations with a potential sugar daddy.

I am a big believer of flying business class, but not too many people can afford to pay the hefty business class fares.  Fortunately for me, I am at the top-tier status on most of the frequent flier programs, so 99% of the time, I am automatically bumped up to business or first class.  And, if meeting a millionaire is your goal, I cannot stress enough how important flying business class can be … just a few weeks ago, while on my way to New York on Delta Air Lines, I sat beside Dr. Farrah Gray, the youngest Black Millionaire who became a millionaire at age 14.  While I did not know who he was at that time, we struck up a conversation and he told me he is single and actively dating.  I have also met numerous Seeking Arrangement sugar daddy members while flying in business class.

On a separate note, for those of you who missed our Dr. Phil episode about SeekingArrangement.com’s Student Sugar Babies, the episode will re-air tomorrow (Friday June 8, 2012), so if the website is a little slow tomorrow, you know the reason why…

Do you travel often, and if so, which airline do you usually fly?

Have you met any potential sugar daddy, or millionaire while you were flying?

Which is your favorite airline, and why?

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516 Responses to “Which U.S. Airlines Should you Fly to Land a Sugar Daddy?”

  1. Alarmas says:

    You are the best!!!

  2. Andrea X says:

    Thanks for keeping us abreast of everything. regards

  3. Treasured says:

    @Leenz – ask moderators nicely.

  4. Leenz says:

    Does anyone know how i can get that post of my picture deleted? Oh my ;/

  5. Kimber says:

    I appreciate this entry as well as most comments. I am like TX in that I am finding it difficult to locate my SD. I just started though, so I’m keeping the faith. And TX, all women are beautiful, like others have said men are visual creatures yes but they also are different, they have different tastes. Keep at it girl! You got this! And thanks for the initial information of this blog. I appreciate it. Kinda bummed though cause I love Southwest, they always crack me up during the flight. xx

  6. Affluent Uncle says:

    Assuming this survey is based on US Internal Travel its only correct as far as delta flies more People so pro-rate there must be a Greater Chance. However no Millionaire would ever consider flying Delta Long Haul as they don’t even have First Class Cabin. Millionaires like me fly, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, you would never find us dead on a US Based Airline. We are also shrewd enough to remain Loyal to One Airline Alliance. and as OneWorld has the highest number of First Class International Services, that’s where you are most likely to find a Real Millionaire.

  7. Leenz says:

    I have no idea how that just happened^ ha

  8. Christine says:

    I have been traveling for years and I would prefer American Airlines!

  9. Lady Jade says:

    Merci infiniment de votre réponse Leenz. My english is not excellent but iunderstand, thank you.

  10. Leenz says:

    TX: This site is a gamble, you will find someone soon.

  11. Lady Jade says:

    En France, très peu de sugar daddies et encore moins employant la langue de Molière, que faire ?

  12. Garet says:

    Lol of course the best to fly is in his private jet! :-) if not.. I think I’ve tried all those airlines.. So true.. Delta is for $$$$$… United $$$$… American if you want free dinners during your stop flight!

    And how do u except to have a SD if you’re not attractive? Just saying…

  13. flyr says:

    @nicole – people in similar situations have been posting their profile number for reference. comments then are made directly or through this board.

    SA has started posting perhaps 16 SB photos on the home page. There is no indication of location so people are just clicking on the photo. That’s likely to generate a lot of hits from people who did not realize they were 500 – 5,000 miles away. Don’t feel that the clicks without followup are rejects. It is the result of the new system.

  14. Arcadia SB says:

    Perhaps it’s the lateness of the hour, getting a hit after I was going through blog withdrawal, the few glasses of wine I’ve had, or coming down off of a transcendental concert experience…but y’all are cracking me up tonight.
    Missed seeing NC Gent and Alleycat for a while. Though I myself have been known to disappear for stretches at a time from the blog.
    Also, delayed congrats on your good fortune Anna!

    I think I’ve stayed up too late (it’s 2:30 in the UK)…gotta hit the gym in the morning and work on my wrestling moves since all the guys here seem to be into sumo now 😉

  15. Nicole says:

    Can anyone take a look at my profile? I’m also a bigger girl, but I love my curves! I have been on this site before with no luck. Determined to give it one more try, I joined 3 days ago. I have had over 50 views but no one has bit. I really want to know what I’m doing wrong here!!

  16. flyr says:

    @phone “A dude that refers to a woman as a sumo because of her wrestling moves is unlikely to ever get laid.”

    There appears to have been a failure in your decoder ring or operator. The encoded message was readable by others. Recommend software upgrade to latest version, please have your credit card ready when you call…………………………………….

  17. NicoleNC says:

    @ContentSB Regarding a Sugar Daddy that is just platonic. I have one although I no longer consider him an SD…he has become a good friend/mentor. I met him in the real world. Although he doesn’t give me an allowance…he does give me ‘sugar’ anytime I have an emergency (car repair, etc.). No questions asked.

  18. PhoneGuy says:

    A dude that refers to a woman as a sumo because of her wrestling moves is unlikely to ever get laid. 😉

    I assume it is body type.

  19. ContentSB says:

    “She had a pretty enough face and an athletic body (sumo wrestling is still a sport right?).”

  20. PhillySB says:

    Not a country music fan, but this my new fave song atm. 😛


    Anybody know of other SD songs out there?

  21. flyr says:

    sumo It might be her moves rather than body type.

  22. PhoneGuy says:

    Hilarious. Thanks for the link.

    So where’s my favorite narcissist today? 😉

  23. ContentSB says:

    @flyr — Thanks for the feedback. I agree that sugar and relationships don’t have to be in separate universes, however trying to balance one of each can make them seem worlds apart.

    @Frank — This is the second time you’ve equated this girl to a sumo wrestler. If you’re so bothered by her physique why are you continuing to see her? I would never want to be with a man, no matter how short lived, who didn’t find me attractive/like my body. Some other man will find her incredibly sexy, so why not give her the chance to find him?

  24. Alleycat says:

    @NCGent – agreed. Plus she has big tits.

  25. NC Gent says:

    I have been coming to this blog for a few years now, and Midwest SB is the sweetest and most level-headed SB here IMHO. I also had the pleasure to meet her in person, and she is super fun and even sweeter in person. Bitter just isn’t in the words I would use to describe her.

  26. Alleycat says:

    “May I go to the bathroom first? ….. thank you”

    Funny funny movie.

  27. NYGIrl says:

    and I want to be just like SDinLA when I grow up.

  28. Frank says:

    midwest I second the above compliments

    As far as advance notice, I agree that a longish term sb should be given notice and some kind of transitional payment should be made. In this case, she is holding down two jobs, and wants to be able to give one of them up. I’m telling her she should wait until this relationship gets well underway, and in the mean time build up her emergency fund. (actually it sounds like she has no emergency fund now at all) That way if this is a shorter term relationship, she will be better off.

    It helps that I think I am someone she would have considered talking to at a bar, and I surprised her on our drive by the way I pleased her.

    Getting ready for our Monday morning early nooner ( or will it be a sumo wrestling match?), only time we both could fit our next meeting into our schedule.

  29. SDinLA says:

    Well, there’s a “Diana” in this clip… and a Diana on the blog. Who else is one reminded of by the characters in this clip? This is one of the funniest movies ever made IMHO, and this blog hasn’t been much fun lately, so I thought I’d give everyone the option of something a little less tedious than umpteen posts about fantastical imaginary friends or interminable pompous pontificating about what I don’t really know.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend…


  30. flyr says:

    @midwest “Funny you didn’t notice the car I was standing next to…”

    of course not

  31. flyr says:

    @content SB “Has anyone ever been in a relationship and able to find a SD who was willing to be just a mentor/friend? ”

    I am not sure if the question was if he would remain an SD without benefits and still provide mentoring or convert to a pure mentoring relationship without sugar or benefits.

    My personal take on sugar relationships is that there is no need to think of them existing in a separate universe from other relationships. You may be with an older gentleman. It’s also very possible that he thinks more highly of you and treats you better than your conventional relationship partner.

    Better to think of it is a continuum from purely social to pure economics. It’s not improbable that your SD is more concerned about your welfare than your RL friend and that your RL friend believes he is entitled to your charms because he took you out to your 3rd dinner,

    As Midwest noted there are pure platonic mentoring relationships. I am not sure that platonic needs to be used in the description. Over the years I have spent a lot of time with my former grad students and after I ceased teaching with those who were in the program. My singular goal is to help them succeed.

    It was not too long ago that many at the public university thought of the mentoring program as an in kind supply of SB. One of the things that amazed me about the public university was that there was even a discussion if it was ok to sleep with students (it was considered to be a fringe benefit by many) .

    Back to the topic. The biggest problem arises when she suddenly decides that she wants to convert a relationship that involves sex to a platonic relationship without altering other parameters. It is far easier to pick the road you want to follow from the beginning.

    Through SA I have met several women who were looking for mentoring and an allowance. I don’t think there is anything incompatible with the two so long as some basic conditions exist – the SB and SD are not at the same company or engaged in a business relationship on behalf of their companies and their respective jobs do not bring them into close contact in group situations as co-workers or client/ customer .

    Midwest describes a situation where the potential SB made a decision to pass up the sugar for a mentor. It was a brilliant decision. .

  32. ContentSB says:

    @Midwest — Your posts are always filled with great advice, encouragement, and are greatly appreciated! Whenever Tina says “i want to be just like Midwest when I grow up” I +1 that in my head every time! I think the advice/mentoring aspect of sugar is highly underrated and potentially more valuable than any monetary arrangement. Time to update my linkedin profile :)

  33. Treasured says:

    @Skylar – Thank you :)
    I have a person, whom I met on here, but I really don’t feel like calling him a SD.
    More of an occasional lover with occasional benefits.
    Other than that, I am still looking for the right one :)

  34. Midwest SB says:

    Content – One of my favorite SBs is being mentored (platonic / non allowance) by one of the most successful men in her industry. He made an incredible offer that could have set her for life, but instead she considers him a friend and has learned a great deal from him. She will be set for life, but she will do it on her terms. She met him through sugar dating, but also focused on men in her industry. I suggest you do the same and know who has the knowledge and experience that best fits your future goals. In addition, LinkedIn can open some doors. Put up a nice picture…professional, but something captivating, and reach out to the leaders in your community. What you are seeking is not at all out of line. The fact that you are actively seeking a mentor is noteworthy in and of itself.

  35. ContentSB says:

    @Anna — well..both would be nice haha :) I know it’s unrealistic….I just wish it were possible to balance sugar and traditional relationships without deception. I want to have my cake and eat it too 😉

  36. Anna says:

    @ Content – If you’re looking for a mentor that is not a benefactor, I’m sure that you will have no problem.

  37. ContentSB says:

    Hmm… “would love to have a SD^ around for various reason…”

    Really wish I could edit my posts sometimes :)

  38. ContentSB says:

    Has anyone ever been in a relationship and able to find a SD who was willing to be just a mentor/friend? I have some big transitions coming up and would love to have around for various reasons (advice, guidance, assistance, etc) but don’t necessarily want to compromise my relationship either. I think that’s been discussed on the blog before and the consensus seemed to be that it *can* happen, but doesn’t often?

    Hope everyone had a great weekend, and especially a great Father’s Day for all you wonderful dads :)

  39. Anna says:

    @ flyr

    “I think where a SB is using the allowance to cover fixed costs (other than a drug habit-Needless Markup is not classified as a drug) the right thing is to provide some notice. It is especially true if reliability was part of the negotiations.”

    What a classy perspective. You seem like a real gentleman! The few arrangements I’ve had were designed to be long term and generally exclusive. I have a lucrative career, but have used my Sugar money to build that career and plan for the future. Losing it hurts. If you actually care about the well being of your SB, advanced notice or severance is a sweet thing to do.

    I haven’t negotiated that in the past due to longterm mindset and have trusted my SDs and treated my arrangements as “relationships with boundaries”, as SDinLA so eloquently put it. My long term SDs cared about me and insisted on making sure I had what I needed and continued to be supportive in general.

    I was very lucky in the past, but seriously misjudged a situation recently that has me rethinking my stance. Sugar relationships are just as hard as RL ones either person doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain.

  40. Midwest SB says:

    Thank you sugars! Peace <3

    Phoneguy – You're naughty :-)

    Flyer – Great advice. I know one of my full length photos has a stray hand, but it's a great memory and a great dress, so I'm going with it for now. Funny you didn't notice the car I was standing next to…

    Approvals – My last edit took a few days and the additional pictures took about four days. The times vary, but it used to be that doing your profile changes during the week was more efficient than on the weekends.

    Sweet dreams sugars!

  41. Tina says:

    @Anna Molly: hiya darlin’! So good to see you back on, and I’m SOOOOO very happy for you! You deserve all the happiness in the world! As far as flying, I will say that flying on larger planes is much less turbulent for the most part, so your trip to Germany (do you guys have the plans ironed out for that yet?) shouldn’t be as rough as a Cessna trip (assuming you’re in a large aircraft). Oh, and as far as how to deal with your fear, how about combining a little Nawty Molly in there? You know, something to keep your hands and mind occupied 😉

    I still want to be JUST like Midwest when I grow up. She’s my hero. ’nuff said.

    @SDinLA: need a little phenargan? I hear it comes in a suppository….. (still love ya snookums!)

    @Phone Guy: you naughty little monkey! I saw what you did there 😉

    And a late happy Father’s day to all daddies! MWWWAAAAAA!

  42. flyr says:


    @Frank Was her side of the negotiations assisted by the car ride… ? Perhaps she is taking advantage of you.

    In all seriousness, you blog buds have shared their thoughts. I would only add that if you do decide to break it off later be a good guy and provide some notice and honesty. All of use have experienced the point at which calls and emails simply disappear into vacuous space.

    There are a lot who have well reasoned disagreements with me on this but I think where a SB is using the allowance to cover fixed costs (other than a drug habit-Needless Markup is not classified as a drug) the right thing is to provide some notice. It is especially true if reliability was part of the negotiations. As is evident from the discussions neither SD or SB are easily replaceable.

    re Photos
    Back to the topic of photos without consent , I think the same principle holds true for having recognizable faces of other people in your photos unless is it a crowd scene. Putting someone’s photo here without permission is simply not a good practice. Even with permission it’s probably not a good idea as photos attract attention.

    Personal Photo Quality
    One very simple move which would eliminate many of the mirror photos, need to crop old boyfriends out of the picture , photos with junk in the background and stray hands not cropped out is greater use of shutter timer software on the iPhone (and probably other ) platforms.

    If you crop a picture it is essential to click on the posted picture to see what happens when it is expanded.

    Hopefully SA denies access to most of the web crawlers looking for photos.

    TinEye claims to have indexed 2 billion photos; however, Facebook has access to 60 billion photos plus a lot of information . Not only is Facebook indexing faces but they are asking the users to identify the people in the photos.

    Make Love Not War
    I love to hear all sides of a discussion. However, at times I am reminded of an old Down East expression ……….Empty wagons make the most noise. A lot of wisdom in only 6 words.

  43. East Cost SB says:

    Oops, I meant @Anna.

  44. East Cost SB says:

    @ Mine got approved within a couple hours. I do know that picture and profile approvals are usually slower on the weekend.

  45. Anna says:

    Does anyone know why profile update approval is taking so long?

  46. Skylar says:

    Treasured, you’re gorgeous! i hope your SD is proud of you.

  47. NicoleNC says:

    @ AnnaMW. I agree. I’m often in awe at how Midwest handles things. She is a lady through and through. Her advice has helped me tremendously….so much so that I have actually gone back and looked up older comments to gain insight. Right now Im in the “getting to know you” stages with two high quality potential SDs and I couldn’t have done it had I not refined my approach…based on her insight and comments.

  48. PhoneGuy says:

    >She’s one of the least bitter women I’ve met in this process
    I wouldn’t know as I’ve never tasted her.

    Ya see what I did there? 😉

  49. AnnaMW says:

    Midwest is probably the most down to earth, normal SB I’ve encountered on this blog and this is probably the first time I’ve seen her express a strong opinion. She’s one of the least bitter women I’ve met in this process which is why I like her so much and find her feedback so valuable.

  50. Midwest SB says:

    Maddy – Perhaps you should take up your concerns with Guru. I did not block you. FWIW – Your antics are causing you all this distress over your freedom of speech. Please take responsibility for your own actions or accept the consequences.

    Frank – As long as your honest with her, then all’s fair in love!

    Phoneguy – It will take a lot more than dinner to force me to divulge even my worst enemy’s private info :-) It would be fun to see your interrogation techniques though!

    Spassbremse – Thank you.

  51. Spassbremse says:

    @ Maddy

    You’re being a drama queen.. no one’s removing “all of your comments”.
    She was absolutely in the right to remove the pic of somebody else that you shouldn’t have posted in the first place.
    It has nothing to do with being bitter.

  52. PhillySB says:

    I can’t wait to see my Doc. He makes me feel like a Princess. What a contrast from my previous SD. I’m glad I stuck around when everything was going wrong and I felt jaded.. I was certain that I’d find a man who possessed all the qualities I was looking for and I just waited it out. Those of you SBs who are tired of looking and tired of going through the duds.. Please don’t despair. Good things come to those who wait. If you can believe it, you can achieve it! hahahaa ok I’m done.
    Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

  53. PhillySB says:

    LOL @ Frank. Actually what I think he said was “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” but that depends on what ‘relations’ means to you. Smh. I don’t think you’re being bad though. As long as you tell her flat out what your intentions are and she is cool with it, youre good to go for Monday. No hidden agendas Frank!!
    ps. The sumo joke was too funny!!

    Happy Father;s day daddies!

  54. AnnaMW says:

    @ Frank – If your intentions aren’t long term, make sure you have a talk with her about there being no hard feelings if things end, or even give her an idea that things in your life could change over the next few months and that you wouldn’t want for her to be disappointed.

  55. Frank says:

    Sex is in the air!

    I’m feeling horny too. Trying to break it off with my flaky former sb, and had been emailing this gal who was pushing to meet me. Set it up for Friday after noon, and we met. She had a pretty enough face and an athletic body (sumo wrestling is still a sport right?). So we decided to go for a drive, and I touched her hand and arm, she stroked my hand. I had her pull her dress up so I could see her legs, and she readily complied. We found a quite place to park, and I touched her breast, she blushed but didn’t object. Then we kissed and then petted, and then some, but as our former president would say, I did not have sex with that young lady. I took her back to her car. We made plans to meet Monday, and worked out the financial details by email.

    So here is my question, I’m not sure this is a long term sugar baby for me, but it will be nice to have some companionship for a period of time. Am I being bad?

  56. PhoneGuy says:

    Happy Father’s Day people! What, no new blog topic for us? 😉

    So…has Madison posted “Brett’s” SSN yet for Father’s Day? 😉

    Mmmm, Midwest sounds like she has some proprietary info. Maybe I’ll have to take her to lunch and see if she will spill. 😀

  57. Midwest SB says:

    Madison – Wasn’t trying to block you, so don’t feel so flattered. I’m aware of your occupation and your employer. Even if you two don’t care, I removed his picture simply because he didn’t post it. The method I used may have temporarily blocked you. Best regards…give it all away. Just make sure it’s yours to give away in the first place.

    Morning sugars! Happy Father’s Day to all our gents!

  58. Pebbles says:

    I do know the feeling!!!! If you were in FLA. I have someone for
    such an emergency on speed dial.

  59. Madison says:

    Treasured, bring a hot guy with you and we are all set :)

  60. Treasured says:

    @Madison Do you think Papa and you could adopt me? LOL Then you can become my SugarMomma
    Ahahahahaha 😀

  61. Madison says:

    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all sexy daddies out there. It’s a beautiful day outside, enjoy your sunday. :)

  62. Treasured says:

    Ok, that’s it. I am WAY too naughty today! LOL

  63. Treasured says:

    Next SA party – instead of the “Sugar Rush” it could be called “Orgasm Rush” 😀

    Ahahahahaha! And no one will be able to demand a preview! All will be tested at once 😀

  64. Treasured says:

    I want to be pushed against the wall, skirt lifted, no foreplay, hair being pulled, ass smacked, doing it everywhere kinda stuff 😀
    NEED sex! LOL

    And, we are all adults here, so why not? 😀

  65. Treasured says:

    Moving from privacy subject and to shock you all:

    I AM DESPERATE for a good sex! Actually, not just sex, but a proper “f**k” (people who know the difference between making love, just sex and f**k – nod their heads. Others can stick to love-making :P)
    I have no idea, but I am just so very horny lately. VERY.
    Anyone else? 😀

  66. Midwest SB says:

    Madison – The charm of FB and LinkedIn is that YOU get to choose to whom you divulge your private information. You are demonstrating a blatant lack of respect for those who trust you. Perhaps he doesn’t care, but shouldn’t it be up to him to post his picture? Are you familiar with tineye? One can load the pic up to tineye and if it is anywhere else on the internet, it will be matched up. The internet is not as anonymous as you realize. You hide behind the “anonymity” as a means to be harsh, disrespectful and unnecessarily boastful. The reason I am taking a stance is because he obviously can’t defend himself as he probably has no idea. Once again, you’re pushing limits. Typically those who try so hard to impress are those who have nothing to show for themselves and are just seeking attention. It succeeded in my case, but I’m done. Just wanted to enlighten others.

  67. Madison says:

    I love this forum and anyone who is reading this….well, throw the first stone if you’re not guilty. xoxo

  68. Madison says:

    AnnaMW: Thank you. :) I took his pic with my cell phone, he even posed a little, cutie pie. :)

  69. flyer says:


    When you post a picture you are providing vastly more information than you may realize. That information has value in a commercial sense, may be of value to criminals and might be of interest to an increasingly inquisitive government.

    If this sounds like sci-fi take a moment to read http://epic.org/privacy/facerecognition/ and click on the complaint about Facebook’s use of facial recognition software combined with linking information.

    The value of facebook is not so much their ability to send advertisements to you as it is to harvest and sell information about you and your friends.. Facing a monumental struggle to extract more information on their users they are creatively pushing the limits of technology.

    Papa may find that the IRS has access to your description of the wonderful evening including the dinner in the waterfront restaurant while they are looking at PAPA’s business deductions. There’s little sympathy at the IRS for monkey business.

    SA is sitting on a vast amount of information which is of value to people from those selling airline tickets to flawed political candidates. The only surprise would be if this information is not being exploited.

    All of this is far from what I do professionally, but of interest.

    We are supposed to be here to have fun, benefit personally from the relationships, balance personal liquidity across generations and protect the balance of trade.

  70. AnnaMW says:

    What you do is none of my business, Mad. I’m merely thinking of how violated I might feel if an SD posted my photo in a public forum. If Papa is cool with it, post away. He’s cute, btw.

  71. Madison says:

    East Coast SB: Exactly. I can say everything but without compromising Papa or my privacy. All you can see is that he looks like Brett Favre LOL LOL. People love to criticize around this blog…telling ya….

    The other day on facebook, I posted a pic of a lady who was wearing pajmas at a local pharmacy. 35 likes 50 comments. No one knows who she is but you bet that her pic is on my wall on her pajamas. Cell phone pics and videos are what makes youtube and facebook what they are.

  72. East Cost SB says:

    @Madison- I completely agree with you about facebook and linkedin, which is why I try to stay away from both. Personally I understand everyone’s concern but at the same time, it’s your relationship so who I am to tell you or suggest to you what you should or shouldn’t post about your SD. I didn’t see any specific personal information divulged, so I don’t see what the problem is….

  73. Madison says:

    Everyone here seems so stressed out lately, take a chill pill peeps. Another papa story:

    (cuddling on the couch)

    Me: Papa let’s go out tonight.
    Him: Where
    Me: Strip club
    Him: Really?
    Me: Yup
    Him: Are you sure you’re up for it?
    Me: What part of yup, didn’t you understand?

    (We get there, park on the front and two strippers are out smoking)

    Me: What’s up ladies?
    Stripper1: Wow, what are you guys up to?
    Him: We are up to no good!
    Stripper2: Have fun!

    (We get inside)

    Doormen: Are you guys going dutch?
    Me: huh???
    Him: She never goes dutch, buddy.


  74. Madison says:

    Did I share where we live? Did I share our last names? Did I share my DOB and our jobs? Oh, yeah I share this information on facebook and on linkedin, So about 5000 people know where me and papa work and live, but not you guys. Ha, take that.

  75. AnnaMW says:

    The picture posting thing reminds me of just how careful we need to be with our private information and that discretion isn’t always a given in arrangements.

  76. Sweet Siren says:

    @Madison You could easily be the downfall of a man but hey if your SD loves it who am I to say anything otherwise

    @AnnMolly Get the Nook. I just went and bought a nook this week since i left my fire at home and I must admit I’m loving the screen and expandable memory much better already. Either way you can’t go wrong but if you’re willing to spend a little more I’d recommend an iPad or Motorola Xyboard.

  77. Midwest SB says:

    Madison – As an FYI – A former blogger lost her long term SD because she was sharing too much on the blog. You may not think he’s a privacy freak, but I bet he’d feel differently if he knew you were sharing conversations and pictures publicly. Is it worth it?

    Heyyyyyy Alleycat! What are your big summer plans with the little lady?

  78. Alleycat says:

    I pressed a bottom in my car once too, and I assure you, more than OnStar happened! LOLLOL

  79. Madison says:

    Talking about privacy… I press a bottom in my car and my OnStar service talks to me while I’m driving, OnStar knows my name and my car location in real time. There is no privacy anymore, people. LOLLOL

  80. Madison says:

    @PhoneGuy: the same generation except papa is 6yrs older and as u can see… Still looking extremely hot :)

  81. fly says:

    “Seriously….. ::::::::PUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEE:::::::: again. There goes my appetite for the rest of the weekend.”

    I did not realize that valleygirlspeak was was so contagious that it had escaped the mall…………………………….

  82. PhoneGuy says:

    Madison, isn’t that Brett Favre? 😉

  83. Madison says:

    I would pick Kindle. I have one and can’t live without it. :) To all stalkers out there: don’t stalk Jack because of his email and please don’t drool on the screen… I know papa is hot. LOL LOL

  84. Madison says:

    Guru some of us are not privacy freaks like you… What are people gonna do with a picture or an email? Facebook and linkedin are much worse dear…

  85. Anna Molly says:

    If you had to choose between a Kindle or a Nook, which would you choose?

  86. Anna Molly says:

    Hey Alleycat! Good to see ya! 😀

  87. Anna Molly says:

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to post photos of a SD on the blog…just MHO. :)

    Anyways, HAPPY FATHERS DAY! To all the hot, sexy SD’s out there! You know we love you! 😉

  88. OCSweetiePie says:

    To JamIrishSugar, race may play a role with some men, but there are men who would date a beautiful woman regardless of race. If you make race an issue, then it will be an issue and hinder you.

    To all the SDs out there with kids, Happy Father’s Day!!!!!

    Sugar Baby F — 961994

    • SD Guru says:

      First we had an email address with real name, now we have a pic of a purported SD. I guess some people just don’t understand what discretion means in a public blog… :roll:

  89. Pebbles says:

    jamirishsugar, Im chocolate also! I have no problem. I get responses. There are days I get no emails.. Haven’t found the right match yet! but my weekends are full and I’m having fun along the way. @ 5’7 -112 Seetie there are lots of men wanting A women of color. Most are visiting from Texas LOL

  90. Madison says:

    my papa at sunset yesterday :)

  91. Madison says:

    @PhoneGuy: “I’m pretty and in shape”

    What’s your allowance requirement my dear? LOL LOL Can you travel? What do you like sexually? LOL LOL. You’re adorable by the way. 😉

  92. Madison says:

    SDinLA: “I think Hallmark needs to hire you to write greeting cards for them.”

    Easy on our friend Jack, please. You are sounding jealous.

  93. Madison says:

    Jack thank you for repeating what I have been saying 100000000 times every time someone tries to bash me. Here people….

    “it’s a wonderful country we live in where we all get to have and express our opinions freely.”

  94. Alleycat says:


  95. Jack says:

    To SDinLA,

    You read waaaay too much into a single sentence in my post. The biggest overread is your accusation that my comment was one-sided, and anyone who has read my posts or profile would know that that is not at all the case. The reason it appeared one-sided is because the topic was FATHER’S DAY. Had it been MOTHER’S DAY,I would have expressed the same sentiment–but it would have been directed the other way (SB’s get a present every day by being selected and being to select among some great guys).

    I stand by both the previous post and this one, without any “missing” emoticons. If your sentiment remains the same despiite this further explanation, that is perfectly OK with me. I have usually agreed with your comments, but apparently we part company on this issue. I have absolutely no problem with that, nor will I EVER post so self-importantly (as if I am the final arbitor on ANYTHING) that ANYONE’s opinion is “nauseating,” especially on such a thin reed.

    That being said, it’s a wonderful country we live in where we all get to have and express our opinions freely. I do believe that the opportunities that a site like this offers to its participants is indeed a “present” to us all. Many posters–most recently Anna Molly, I believe–have certainly suggested to me they feel this way about the people they met on this site. If you do not, that is your prerogative.

    Have a wonderful night, SDinLA, and all others!


  96. Alleycat says:

    @SDinLA – hahahaha

    @MidWest & AM – hi!!! (waves)

    @Jack – wtf?

  97. SDinLA says:

    @Jack “We get a present EVERY day–via our efforts at seeking and being sought on this site!”

    Oh puh-leeeeeze. ::::::PUUUUUKKKKKEEEEE::::::

    Jack, I think Hallmark needs to hire you to write greeting cards for them.

    I’ve been on and off this blog for a number of years. I’ve had three long-term SBs who were “GFs with boundaries.” We absolutely had feelings for each other, there was NOTHING transactional about any of those relationships; I’m a gentleman; I’m generous; and I’ve had White Knight tendencies of my own in the past… and I’m not even in the sugar bowl any more, ergo I’m not some guy trying to trick SBs into something, so please take it at face value and nothing else when I say that is the single most nauseating thing that I have seen written on this blog. 😛

    Honestly, I hope there’s a HUGE winking emoticon that was left off that post, because if it was serious it’s an insult to any intelligent SB to try and portray this site and the process of seeking a mutually beneficial arrangement as so ridiculously one-sided with a “Golly gee we SDs are so gosh-darned lucky to even have the chance to look for SBs on this site!” statement like that.

    Seriously….. ::::::::PUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEE:::::::: again. There goes my appetite for the rest of the weekend.

  98. Jack says:

    No, PhoneGuy, SD’s do not get a present for Father’s Day.

    We get a present EVERY day–via our efforts at seeking and being sought on this site!


  99. spring says:

    @Phone guy lol,only if i have a child by him will it apply,other wise il wait till we have ‘daddies day’

  100. Anna Molly says:

    Thanks everyone! The truth of the matter is, no one knows what they really want so be as attractive as possible! Show your smarts, your confidence, be the hottie that you are!! The person that you’re meant to be with will find you in some form or fashion, you just have to be patient, confident, and a little proactive. :)

  101. PhoneGuy says:

    Do sugar DADDIES get a present for Father’s Day? 😉

  102. PhoneGuy says:

    >You MUST be pretty and in shape.
    @Madison, I’m pretty and in shape. 😀

    Grats Anna!

  103. Jack says:

    Phone Guy, I was gpoing to respond to SD Guru precisely the way you did–but you beat me to it:

    >In other words, the “Z” in the contimuum probably doesn’t apply in the sugar world.
    It may not supposed to exist here but I have contacted women who said they aren’t really looking for a Sugar Daddy, they are really just looking for a boyfriend who isn’t a total loser. So I would say Z exists, it is just incredibly rare.

    Even if it didn’t exist, we could just skip it and go A-Y, where Y is a girl who thinks the money is the least important part of the (sugar) relationship.

    • SD Guru says:

      @PhoneGuy & Jack

      Whether it’s A to Z or A to Y, the important part of my post was to point out that sugar relaltionships are usually more sophisticated than just one single continuum. There are other dimensions to consider as well.

  104. Jack says:

    Flyr, I liked this post so much I justHAD to re-post it and conclude that not only do we deserve a tax credit, I believe that if the US falls back into recession if Europe implodes (let’s see how the Greek elections go this weekend!), then SD expenses should be part of the next federal “stimulus” program. That was the “stimulus” can be spread all around. LOL.

    Two other characteristics of note (will all due respect to our overseas SB’s) is that we have a significant national interest in promoting the SB as the perfect solution for excess liquidity. American made, this is wealth that’s not shipped overseas but reinvested is shoes, education, housing and all sorts of purposes. All without any government overhead or graft. It is income redistribution at the blond roots level.

    I would guess that thousands or tens of thousands of loans get paid on time thanks to the process. Legal, financial, spiritual and other counseling services are provided by both SD and SB. On the other side SD’s are more productive, healthier and better contributors to society.

    Did I mention it’s good for the environment.

    Perhaps we deserve a tax credit.
    P.S. The beauty (double entendre intended–what a mouthful!) of the income redistribution of which you speak is that the “one percent” are totally happy about redistributing their income in this fashion, and of course, so are the “99%.” A true win-win situation.

  105. NC Gent says:

    Congrats Anna Molly!! I am so happy for you :)

  106. Madison says:

    Sugars looking for a nice young guy: 633935. He emailed me yesterday but he is way to young for me and as ya know I already got my hands full with Pap.

  107. Madison says:

    Note to desperate sugar daddies out there. Please don’t ever be the desperate type, who sends out emails like the one I just received:

    “I am looking to start with an arrangement, evolve to a relationship to maybe progress to a live in girlfriend then to……”

  108. Madison says:

    One note regarding profile pics… I always put my face there. I don’t have anything to hide and I get MANY more responses because of it. If you really have to hide your face, fine…. but I advise you not to if you really want to attract SERIOUS daddies. Most of the serious sugar daddies also have their face picture there. I don’t date married guys, and 90% of the single daddies here, do post their face pic on their profile as well.

  109. Anna Molly says:

    JamIrishSugar ~ In a way, unfortunately, I think you’re right. People say there isn’t an issure when there really is, spoken or unspoken. Not that it’s really a “race” thing but a preference. For me, I would choose a guy who is on the slimmer side of musculer. This is where your profle comes into play. Although most men are “visual” there are a lot of men out there who find an intelectual woman VERY attractive. I will tell you this…my boyfriend is actually a shallow guy. That
    ts right..he’s a shallow guy, BUT!!! He is also very sensivtive and vernerable. I’m not into shallow, and I told him this! He likes thin women with big boobs which I am not!!, but, I have a sharp mind, and I’m fun to be with! Although, I have to admit, I have big boobs…(34DD) however, I’m not reall thin!! When he first met me I was 165lbs!! He admits, he never dated anyone as big as I was, but, he also said ” there was something about me!” He said I was smart, sexy, confident, happy, knew what I wanted, and my profile protreyd that and that’s what drew him to me! I will say this, I have lost weight, but, not because he wanted me to, but, because I WANTED TO, I did it for my health ( because of my thyroid problems) and because I just wanted to FEEL better!! You know, If a guy or girl really loves you it doesn’t matter what you’ve done…they will love you!!! If they love you, it doesn’t matter what kind of health problems you have…they will love you. They willl love you unconditionaly! Forever…

  110. Midwest SB says:

    PS – Anna Molly’s moniker is a gorgeous shot without giving away her identity. It’s a little creative editing!

  111. Midwest SB says:

    I’m bummed :( Trying to jailbreak my iPhone, but since the power button doesn’t work properly, I’m stuck. HELP!!!!!

    Jam – I took a quick look. Overall, it’s fine. These are only suggestions, so please don’t take anything too personally. I would remove the photo with the plaid shirt, then crop the others to show a larger image of you and less of the background. You may have to delete, crop in an editing program, then re-upload the photos. I know you are blurring the face, but if you look at my profile (see above) you can see ways to give a glimpse without being recognized. Log in frequently..especially Thursday – Sunday as many people search by recent logins. Many men put that they are looking for a woman of color in their headings, so perhaps you can do a keyword search using whatever words that imply your ethnicity including Jamaican and Irish. Favorite them or reach out to them with a personalized e-mail. Lastly, remove anything that is even slightly self-deprecating and restate it in a positive light. (Funny accent can be sexy accent) Maybe break your long paragraph into a few shorter ones and keep it simple.

  112. SugarNewbie says:

    @Jam, lol thanks

    @Anna, congrats! Don’t think about what others say. People will always have something to say.

  113. Anna Molly says:

    Thanks gals!! I can tell you that I’ve never been happier. Really!!! I feel that I’ve found a true soul mate and I’m the happiest i’ve ever been…..EVER!!!! However, I think it’s rare in the sugar bowl. I feel very blessed and that your well wishes are genuine. 😀

    Thats the weird thing. It seems as if when you do find true happiness, that some people try to bring you down…he’s too old, you’re weird, you’re a gold digger. I feel that’s VERY UNFAIR. I just want to be happy and he does too…is that too much too much to ask? Really? Damn society!!!

  114. JamIrishSugar says:

    @ Molly…its not that I’m not confident its more or less that I’m confused. I KNOW my chocolate is sexy and I’m very fit and active. I’m just analytical and I try to factor in every possible reason for the lack of responses. It’s kind of hard to not get discouraged when you’ve been at it for a number of months, weeks or years as I have.

    PLUS…everyone has to admit there seems to be a trend in the demand for white,asian, and latin sugar babies. Ive been looking for a while and I’d say about 5 out of ever couple hundred profiles either say race is not an issue or that they wouldnt mind a chocolate woman. If the issue keeps being brought up there has to be some truth….right or left? :)

  115. JamIrishSugar says:

    @ SugarNewbie….I dont think Im in a place to be handing out advice lol Ive gotten 2 emails in 4years! The best advice I can give you is troll through the past blogs and ask the more experienced bloggers around here like I did

    Bonne chance!

  116. Anna Molly says:

    IMHO, Sugar has nothing to do with skin color! It has everything to do with confidence! There are a lot of girls and guys that come to the blog that say ” I can’t find a SD because I’m dark skined, or, I’m overweight (by their own opinion.) Why do that to yourself? Really? Don’t belittle yourself!! There is nothing about you that is unattractive unless you portrey it to be! If you say to yourself that you’re unattractive because you’re dark skinned or 170lbs then you’lll portrey that and make yourself unattractive! Have confidence! Be happy! Do good! You willl succeed! 😀

  117. Midwest SB says:

    Hi AM! Congrats on your new found freedoms! I’m so proud of you for taking the steps you needed to find happiness. As for flying…have you tried hypnosis?

  118. Madison says:

    @AnnaMolly: When I have to take long flights, I take a sleeping pill. My family lives 12 hrs away by plane, so when I have to fly across the hemisphere, I have a good red meat meal with a glass of wine before flying and take a good old Ambien pill. It works for me. :)

    Congrats on your new car!! :)

  119. JamIrishSugar says:

    Here is my profile # if it will help

    – 689040

  120. SugarNewbie says:

    @JamIrish, I have the same problem, no message :(
    wonder what I’m doing wrong?
    profile number – 478880

  121. Anna Molly says:

    WOW!! I really suck at spelling today!! 😀 lol!!

  122. Anna Molly says:

    Okay, I’m sorry if I’m missing a lot of the posts, but, I’m sort of ADD. So is my new boyfried, yes, he is my official boyfried. I don’t call him a SD anymore, he is WAY more than that!! We have plans for the future!! 😀

    Anyway, I have an issue, I’m deathly affraid of flying as some of you may know and I’ve been flying from Hyannis to Nantucket for a while on a little Cesna (SP) for a long while. I still can’t get over the fear, as a matter of fact, it’s getting worse, and if I can’t get over this, it will really hinder our travel plans. On one of our last trips, we had to abort a landing because of weather! I was totally freaking because alarms were going off in the plane! I was beside myself with fear!! I had TWO vodka gimlets that night and of couse I didn’t feel too good the next day…lol.!! 😀 So, here we are, ready for our Germany trip in October and I’m about ready to have a caniptiion (sp) fit!!! I don’t know what to do!! I’ve tried natural relaxation techinques (that don’t work) and Xanax (which both of us hate!) I’m not sure what else to do!! HELP!!!

  123. NicoleNC says:

    @ JamIrishSugar. Did you post your profile number? If you do that we can take a look and offer advice.

  124. JamIrishSugar says:

    But does anyone else have a little detailed advice for me? Sil vous plait? lol

  125. JamIrishSugar says:

    Sorry if my last post posed twice :)

    @desuga LUCKY!!! lol

  126. Anna Molly says:

    One more thing; I just want to say THANK YOU to SA for ‘ hooking me up” with my new guy. He is amazing. He is a true gem 😀

  127. Anna Molly says:

    Hey everyone!!! I haven’t caught up on the blog but I just wanted to say HELLO!! I bought my new car and I’m so excited! I love it!!! 😀

    I decided to get the CR-V with Nav. and I couldn’t be happier with my choice! Thank you darlin’ for the car! I love the new freedom you’ve given me! Oh my goodness, I cannot explain how good it feels to walk out onto the driveway and see MY new car. I don’t have to share with anyone anymore!! I can go anywhere at anytime I want! It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It feels so good to be able to do anything I want whenever I want! I don’t have to wait for the car to come back or for a certain day to get around anymore! I AM FREE!! 😀

    I feel so liberated!!! I thought my seperation was liberating, but, this has been a big step forward for me and it’s all because of you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

  128. desuga says:

    jamirishsugar, the only thing i can really comment on is the chocolate part. Im chocolate as well and i have no problem getting responses. I get responses from men of all colors too. My race never crosses my mind when there are times im not getting emailed. Everyone has a preference but there are a tons of men that like us women of color.

  129. JamIrishSugar says:

    Bonsoir Sugar Bowl!

    How is everyone’s day treating them? Hopefully all is well in your worlds. I’ve been trolling this blog for some years now but have always been shy to post. But I’ve been experiencing some “Sugar Difficulties” so to speak and need a little advice from you experts here. So without further delay here is my dilemma:

    I’ve had about 4 or 5 different accounts on SA since 2008 (I delete my account and start over every year). I also have accounts on the affiliate sites such as MissTravel, Millionaire, etc. I have pictures posted although my face is blurred but my private pics are unblurred. I do believe I’ve followed every bit of advice I’ve found within the SA blog to a “T” “U” AND “V” and in the last 4yrs I’ve only gotten 2 responses both of which were spam. What is it that I’m doing wrong? I’m Jamaican and Irish, with a mixed accent from both countries but am on the darker side. Could being foreign or “chocolate” be what makes this harder? I’m also 6ft tall but am taller most of the time because I adore heels. Could height be my issue? I keep fit by playing soccer and running cross country and am currently studying for dual degrees and fill my spare time (which I have A LOT of despite my studies) with art and music. When I send e-mails I always customize them to the individual and rant about myself very little if at all. I live in upstate NY (Syracuse to be exact) but state that I’m more than willing and able to travel and want to relocate. Could location be an issue?

    I’m lost and discouraged can any+everyone PLEASE help me?

    Sorry if I ranted…I just needed to get that out :)


  130. Anna Molly says:

    Hey everyone!!! I have not caught up on the blog but I just wanted to say HELLO!!

  131. Madison says:

    Just received an email from a successful lawyer in California asking me to spent the summer with him. He is not good looking at all, but hey who cares, right? I can’t do it cuzzz Papa would freak out. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I will forward his contact info.

    You MUST be pretty and in shape. xoxo

  132. PhoneGuy says:

    >only women can provide spontaneous reciprocity
    @Midwest, I love spontaneous reciprocity!!! 😉

    >Perhaps we deserve a tax credit.
    Sounds like someone needs to run for public office. 😉

  133. PhoneGuy says:

    >In other words, the “Z” in the contimuum probably doesn’t apply in the sugar world.
    It may not supposed to exist here but I have contacted women who said they aren’t really looking for a Sugar Daddy, they are really just looking for a boyfriend who isn’t a total loser. So I would say Z exists, it is just incredibly rare.

    Even if it didn’t exist, we could just skip it and go A-Y, where Y is a girl who thinks the money is the least important part of the (sugar) relationship. 😉

  134. SugarNewbie says:

    @flyr, thank you!
    I don’t understand, why I’m not getting any messages, so any advice is appreciated :)
    My profile: 478880
    My email: LuLux1984 at the mail with a G dot com

  135. flyr says:

    And of course MW’s gem of spontaneous reciprocity.

  136. flyr says:

    @ Midwest “Flyer – One important difference in your excess liquidity categories …. only women can provide spontaneous reciprocity”

    Two other characteristics of note (will all due respect to our overseas SB’s) is that we have a significant national interest in promoting the SB as the perfect solution for excess liquidity. American made, this is wealth that’s not shipped overseas but reinvested is shoes, education, housing and all sorts of purposes. All without any government overhead or graft. It is income redistribution at the blond roots level.

    I would guess that thousands or tens of thousands of loans get paid on time thanks to the process. Legal, financial, spiritual and other counseling services are provided by both SD and SB. On the other side SD’s are more productive, healthier and better contributors to society.

    Did I mention it’s good for the environment.

    Perhaps we deserve a tax credit.

  137. flyr says:

    @newbie – your photo may have been selected to display on startup which will generate a lot of clicks. You can post your profile number here and ask folks to make comments directly to you via email.

  138. Midwest SB says:

    Flyer – One important difference in your excess liquidity categories …. only women can provide spontaneous reciprocity :-)

  139. Madison says:

    @FLYR: “There are lots of ways to dispose of excess liquidity – airplanes, race cars, sailboats, vintage cars,safaris and then the dark side of drugs, movies and such. The list is endless and of course includes women. ”

    I hope women are in the “airplanes and boats” category and not with the “drugs and dark side” stuffs LOL LOL

  140. AnnaMW says:

    I agree with Flyer. Earlier I mentioned a situation in which I was willing to compromise, focusing less on money than the intangible benefits he could bring to my life. He didn’t decline my request, but I sensed his anxiety and proposed a lesser allowance. He was shocked, appreciative and it ultimately strengthened our friendship. It also proved to him that our arrangement was about more than money. I kept my options open, but we had a pretty happy arrangement for a time and it didn’t feel inequitable at all.

  141. desuga says:

    madison, i know the guy your talking about! Unless everyone writes this in their profile. Ive talked to him before and lets just say he does have some fetishes lol. BUT i can say he does put his money where his mouth is!

    I just got contacted by another guy like him, who lives a little closer. Im supposed to meet him next friday. He has a slave contract and everything! This is something new to me as far as the contract.

    The one guy though that i met a few weeks ago after the guy with the ghetto car, he was really nice!! I like him a lot! I thought he was going to be a no show bc he was like an hour late but he did end up showing up and made it up to me $$$.

  142. SugarNewbie says:

    Hey all,

    Just wondering why I have about 30 visitors a day to my page, but no messages. Would somebody be willing to take a look at my profile and offer some advice?

  143. flyr says:

    @treasured – “Please, can somebody explain to me, what kind of an arrangement a submissive (slave) SD wants?” If you have to ask it is probably not for you. Of course there was the young lady who when asked what the mistress does with the slave explained, “I treat him just like he was at home, but with an extra bit of creativity”

  144. Madison says:

    @Treasured: “Basically, you do not f**k the Goddess”

    I would think that is true. :) Goddesses are to be worshiped only LOL LOL

    @DianaSBinOC: Email me, sweetie and I will give it to you. My email is sugar dot arrangement at gmail.

    @PhillySB: That crush guy contacted me like more than a year ago. I can’t believe his is still around LOL LOL

    • SD Guru says:

      “let’s say total money orientation (my “money-focused” moniker) is an A and a woman who wants to find love and couldn’t care less about money is a Z.”

      While such a continuum may sound plausible on the surface, in reality it can be problematic when applied to the sugar world. A sugar relationship, by definition, involves some form of sugar so it’s no surprise that all SB’s expect sugar from their SD’s. In other words, the “Z” in the contimuum probably doesn’t apply in the sugar world.

      I’d suggest two other ways to look at this. The first is the SB’s preference for monetary (allowance) vs non monetary (travel, shopping, etc) form of sugar. The sugar is important to the SB in both cases, but should the SB’s preference affect how a SD views the sugar relationship?

      The second is the importance a SB places on the sugar in the relationship. As I mentioned in my blog, some SB’s consider sugar as the single most important factor, while others will consider sugar along with other factors such as compatibility, chemistry, attraction, etc. It’s likely that SB’s who prefer an allowance would also consider it as the single most important factor, but that’s not always the case.

      I hope this will help you look at sugar relationships from a different perspective.

  145. Treasured says:

    Now, since we are talking FETISHES. Please, can somebody explain to me, what kind of an arrangement a submissive (slave) SD wants?
    (I am aware of all the “willing to serve and wants to be punished”, but intimacy wise? From what I have understood, I have to be VERY unavailable. Basically, you do not f**k the Goddess 😀 )

  146. PhillySB says:

    I have 2nd date today with … I guess I can actually call him SD now since we’ve made other plans for next month & he is providing allowance. It just happened so quickly I’m not used to this fast approach. I’ll nick him Doc, plain and simple. Last night Doc wrote that he has some surprises for me today and I have no idea what to expect! WIsh me luck guys 😀

  147. PhillySB says:

    Keep the money Madison. It was a gift! If you’ve decided to stop seeing this man just tell Papa you wont do it again and you’re still his whore and call it a day 😉

    LOL @ the Goddess seeker. Dominatrix worshipers are on the loose! I’ve been seeing lots of profiles like this one recently, both on here and on sd4me. Shoe and stocking fetishes are fairly common these days too. But my favorite has been the doctor with the most bizarre fetish I’ve heard of yet. Google “Crush Fetish” or better yet YouTube it! This particular man offered to pay me to wear stilettos and crush bugs and different insects while he watches, and.. TOY CARS!!?
    [img]http://tinypic.com/r/2m4opxx/6[/img] I wonder how one would even discover they have this fetish..

  148. Arcadia SB says:

    Sex and Money, Sex and Money, Sex and Money. There, is it done now? For me, I’ve never had to think “oh no, we’re probably going to have sex tonight” with an SD, it’s always been, well, no thoughts, just some heavy breathing, torn clothing, and the next door neighbor asking us to be a bit less noisy in the future. After the arrangement with my former SD ended, we continued to get together as friends…and on those occasions I generally woke up in his bed 😳 😆

    I haven’t been able to stop tweaking my profile for days…and I have things to do! I blame you helpful blog boys.

    Midwest: I hope you don’t mind that I used your stats idea in my profile…though my numbers (and letters) don’t quite compare to yours :-) Since my profile probably won’t get approved for another month because I won’t leave it alone, I’m happy to take it off if you prefer.

    Hope everyone is gearing up for a great weekend!

  149. Tina says:

    @ SDinLA: with my accent dear, it’s more like toe-MAY-toe

    @flyr: the dark side of movies? Things that make you go hmmmmmm…….

    @Midwest: if ya got it, flaunt it darlin’! 😉

  150. flyr says:

    I seldom disagree with Phone but perhaps this is the time.

    Most of the guys here want to find someone who is appealing to them and for whom they feel good about participating in a relationship that has a financial component.

    . There are lots of ways to dispose of excess liquidity – airplanes, race cars, sailboats, vintage cars,. safaris and then the dark side of drugs, movies and such. . The list is endless and of course includes women.

    I think the difference in a SB relationship is the honesty and the equality. If the sb does not feel the equality then she needs to do a reboot and either start again or get out of the pond. I think the one question the SB should ask is not how much cash am I getting but is the SB committed to making my life better and more fulfilling and problem free? Does he want me to win? Certainly the money is important but the the more essential parts are not there it is probably doomed to fail. On the other hand if the pieces are theer it can be great for both.

  151. PhoneGuy says:

    >Really…. and how is this should work? Throw ten grand on the table and she is supposed to bend
    I’m not telling you how it should work. I’m telling you how most guys think. There ain’t no free lunch honey.

  152. DianaSBinOC says:

    Haa Madison!! Sounds like my type what’s his profile number!??!!! lol:) I’m actually not joking I really want to know his profile number:)

  153. Madison says:

    The shoe fetish guy is looking pretty light compared to this S&M creep….

  154. Madison says:

    After reading this profile and throwing up a little, I think is time for me to stop reading profiles…

    “I’m looking for a beautiful Goddess who knows what she wants and when she wants it. A Goddess who will not hesitate to ask even demand to be spoiled for her pleasure and profit.
    I am looking for the kind of Goddess who would have no hesitation whatsoever to have me kneel in front of her and ask me to spread my legs.

    Then repeatedly and brutally kicks me between my legs until I am down in pain and agony in order to take my wallet out of my back pocket and empties it for her pleasure and profit.
    If you are interested in financially and physically using and abusing me then please contact me. ”

    And I thought I’ve seen everything. What is this, my lord…

  155. Madison says:

    “brave to tell him that you love him”

    No, I was brave to tell him I was on a date with another dude!!!! LOL LOL LOL

  156. Madison says:

    *how is this supposed to work – brain dead too much sex last night

  157. Madison says:

    @PhoneGuy: “I’m sure a lot of guys on here probably expect things to happen quickly…especially if they are giving out large sums of money.”

    Really…. and how is this should work? Throw ten grand on the table and she is supposed to bend over?

  158. Madison says:

    I really can’t stand SDs who sends you the same email 15 times just to make sure you read it. I mean… one is enough. WTF

  159. Madison says:

    Marriage… everybody who is in it, wants to get out; everybody who is out, wants to get in… I ain’t playing that game. I think marriage licenses should come with an expiration date. Every 5 years, renewable.

  160. NicoleNC says:

    @ Midwest SB Just wanted to say your profile is great. Like the new touches. And thanks for the advice regarding whether or not to specify an allowance range….my student loans cannot be paid by gifts and trips. :)

  161. TexasSB says:

    Those two people toasting champagne in the photo above look about the same age. lol. Wonder what people will think when I’m with this guy cause he obviously looks a bit older. I dont want people to think I’m just after money cause I wouldn’t be with someone I didn’t genuinely like. Heavens no.

  162. TexasSB says:

    best of luck. Everyone is different. I will be ready for marriage as soon as I graduate college. So in about two years when I’ll be 23

  163. Madison says:

    Another Papa story:

    Phone rings this afternoon ( Papa on caller ID):

    Me: Hey silly
    Him: Did you give him the money back

    (I pretend I don’t know what he is talking about)

    Me: What money
    Him: The alcoholic gambler loser
    Me: I’m wiring it today

    (yeah right, if it is on my purse, it belongs to me)

    Him: Delete him from your phone
    Me: OK

    (NOT, he gave me 1500 to have dinner with him LOL)

    Him: I want to see the receipt
    Me: No problem…


    Him: Do it today
    Me: I will
    Him: Another thing
    Me: Yeah?
    Him: I got a cut on my lips, what do I do?
    Me: I have no clue, you tell me…
    Him: Babe, it hurts
    Me: Awwww you are a such a big baby… put some salt on it
    Him: Salt?
    Me: I think so
    Him: Is it gonna sting?

    ( I start laughing so hard, I spilled my drink)

    Me: It will sting, but it will make it heal faster.
    Him: Thanks babe
    Me: Come to mama
    Him: no, come to papa
    Me: I’m keeping the money
    Him: NO, f*ck his money, you’re MY whore

    We both start laughing. LOL LOL LOL LOL

  164. Madison says:

    @SBinNY: ” men on here expect sex or pay for play, and that’s not what the SB/SD relationship is…wouldn’t that make it prostitution?”

    We, bloggers from this lovely site, after debating this dilemma for months…decided that this is a very grey area and it is up to each person to do what it feels right. Sex before allowance? Allowance before sex? Allowance and no sex? Sex and no allowance? Pick one.

    Prostitution legal definition: “The commission by a person of any natural or unnatural sexual act, deviate sexual intercourse, or sexual contact for monetary consideration or other thing of value”.

    In other words, if you tell your sugar daddy I’m going to suck your c*ck for whatever dollars or a diamond bracelet is prostitution…. If he asks you suck his c*cock for whatever dollars or a diamond bracelet is prostitution. You can’t negotiate sex, sorry. You negotiate an allowance which cannot have anything to do with sex. And if your daddy wants you to negotiate sex, he is not a daddy.

  165. flyr says:

    @SBinNY Not all men who might contact you on the site are looking for sex, why just last week we found someone who thought he was on the National Geographic site searching for butterfly nets.

  166. PhoneGuy says:

    @Madison, I think it was brave of you sharing your story here. I think it was smart sharing your feelings with Papa.

    @Jack, I’ve had similar conversations with friends where I rated myself on a similar scale, how much I am looking for “sugar” versus love. I used a 1-10 scale. Maybe that means you are more into words and I am more into numbers or maybe you needed the greater resolution. 😉

    @SBinNY, I would expect every man contacting every woman on every website to want sex. 😉
    Expect is an interesting word. If I were on Match.com I would “expect” sex. We are on a dating site to have a relationship. Most adult relationships involve sex. With a sugar site I would expect the process to be somewhat accelerated. Hopefully all sexual encounters happen when both people are comfortable with it. Communication is the key. Let your potential partner know what you are thinking and how you are feeling. If you feel you would be ready after 2 months and he would be ready after 2 dates, you probably aren’t a good match. To answer your question, yes, I’m sure a lot of guys on here probably expect things to happen quickly…especially if they are giving out large sums of money.

  167. SBinNY says:

    NC Gent – thank you for the advice. I do have a slightly traditional view on dating, and I’m bringing the view into the sugar world. Perhaps I am slightly old-fashioned. It’s just a little difficult for me to approach men generally, since IRL I’m used to always being approached by men. So doing it on the internet is even more difficult since it’s more defined/straight forward that I am initiating contact with the male first.

    NYGirl – Thank you for the response. I would NEVER meet someone through the internet that quickly!! I need to build up the communication and establish trust before that ever happened. But yes they’re all photos that I’m judging their attractiveness from. I just can’t bring myself to give a chance to meet an individual if the initial attraction isn’t there by their photo. But I am afraid by not giving them a chance I will be missing out on those opportunities like champagne, fun dates, etc. like you had mentioned.

    Off topic, but does anyone have any idea how to put a little photo next to your name? Like an avatar?

    Another question is do all men generally expect sex if they contact you on this site? I would hope that if there was mutual attraction and chemistry present and begins to grow between you two, that sex would be added into the equation when the time is right. I apologize in advance if I am generalizing…but what appears to me is that I feel like many of the men on here expect sex or pay for play, and that’s not what the SB/SD relationship is…wouldn’t that make it prostitution? How do you bring up sex when discussing the arrangement? I feel like that should be something that naturally transpires over time..I’m so confused to how it goes!

  168. Jack says:


    I think we’re on the same wavelength. I believe what we are talking about is a CONTINUUM from A to Z, not a discrete (as opposed to discreet) letter between A and Z. In other words, let’s say total money orientation (my “money-focused” moniker) is an A and a woman who wants to find love and couldn’t care less about money is a Z. All I have been trying to say–perhaps not well–is that by being more in the “A” direction, the woman might lose out on someone that could have turned out to be a pretty darn good SD. That’s it, nothing more! The converse is, of course, also true–the more she is in the Z direction, the more likely she is to be taken advantage of.

    Every woman needs to find her level of comfort on the continuum from A to Z–if you read my posts carefully, you will note that I didn’t try to recommend a place on the continuum for women to be. That is a personal choice to be made by the woman because the consequences–whether good or bad–are for her to bear or enjoy. My only goal was to point out that excessive money focus (A direction) might have some negative consequences in addition to the obvious positive ones. I was NOT criticizing anyone whose focus is in the A direction, just saying that approach MIGHT backfire with unintended consequences, as it has twice in my own very personal experience.

    And I repeatedly said I might be the only one in the country who feels this way and even recommended that readers take my comments with a grain of salt.


  169. AnnaMW says:

    @ Jack – I was half sleeping when I wrote my response and while I wasn’t offended by your post. I just wanted to address your point of “money focused” women considering this site is designed to attract them. The girls who would sleep with Golem for 2k and a plane ticket are pretty easy to weed out. Friendship and connection are important to most of us, but so is being with a man who cares about our success.

    @ Madison – I love your conversations with Papa… How was your date?

  170. East Cost SB says:


    I agree with NYGIrl that you were extremely brave to tell him that you love him. It seems like it worked out pretty well plus, now you can marry him and love him and not cheat on him in 6 months. :)

  171. NYGIrl says:

    You are so brave to tell him you love him. wow.

  172. Madison says:

    I think we should change the title of the blog to “the intellectual watering sugar hole”. :) Never came across so many interesting and intelligent people in one place. I hope everyone here can make it to the LA party so we can continue this delightful repartee in person!

    @TexasSB: I am not even near ready to getting married, darling. If I marry him now, I’m going to cheat on him in six months. I get bored way too easy and I am waaaay too young to be a bored housewife. It might happen some day though.

    I tried braking up with him last night. He came over and here is a little summary:

    Me: Pap… I need to talk to you about some things…
    Him: What babe..
    Me: I went on a sugar date tonight.
    Him: What the fck are you doing, with who?
    Me: Some dude.
    Him: Why? Did you fck him?
    Me: No! Of course not.
    Him: If he gave you money, send it back. How much (he picks up his check book)

    Silence for about 10 mins

    Me: Papa is over..
    Him: Are you PMSing, what is wrong with you?
    Me: I can’t do this anymore.
    Him: You don’t love me anymore, am I too old, what?
    Me: (crying my eyes out)

    We have sex.

    Him: Babe, please promise me you won’t meet guys anymore. I’ll take care of everything.
    Me: I love you too much. I don’t like it.
    Him: You don’t like what?
    Me: Loving you like this.
    Him: Why not?
    Me: Should I draw you a picture?
    Him: huh?
    Me: Michael, I want to marry you. And we both know that is not a good idea right now.
    Him: Let’s do it ( one hour of conversation) six years from now.
    Me: Six years from now works. You will be retired and I will be too old to be a sugar babe.
    Him: Don’t leave me. I don’t want to be out there dating ugly and fat girls.
    Me: I’m going to be ugly and fat someday.
    Him: You know you won’t.
    Me: Let’s go to sleep, papa.

    So, we didn’t brake up, obviously. God help me.

  173. SDinLA says:

    @Guru Your perspective is never stale, there is and always will be only one SD Guru, and your words of wisdom should be etched in stone like the Ten Commandments. One day the remnants of your blog may be discovered and serve as the Rosetta Stone for our descendants to decipher the 21st Century Sugar World.

    @Jack Mea culpa, if you directed a question at me, I missed it. To be honest, when a post spans more than a page on my screen it usually goes into the tl;dr category due to my ADHD

    @Tina You say tomato, I say to-mah-to

    re: all of this discussion about how/when/who/what you sleep with or how/when you exchange money/bodily fluids/insults, I don’t think there’s a magic formula. As long as you know what your personal comfort zone is and don’t let someone push you beyond it, an arrangement- and everything to do with it: the logistics of it, the amount of emotional attachment involved etc.- can function however 2 consenting adults decide it will.

    re: profiles, I think it’s pretty simple for most SDs and NYC SB’s thoughts that Guru posted are spot on. Men are visual creatures. NOTHING is more important than your primary profile photo that we see in the search results. You can write like Shakespeare, but if that photo does not catch a SD’s attention, he’ll never read what you wrote. Beyond the photo(s), I think most SDs will search by location and age.

    A poorly written profile may in some cases be a deal killer re: my wanting to contact someone, but only in extreme cases. A brief, relatively uninformative profile would not cause me to “next” someone if I liked her photos and she was in the right age range/location. I would have no problem getting to know her via email/chat/phone before we decided there was a mutual desire to meet. Not everyone wants to write a novel for a profile. There are a lot of things I look for in a potential date, but I don’t need all of them to be spelled out in a profile- in fact, it would be impossible to accurately convey many of the things I look for in just a profile.

    Conversely, an eloquently written treatise on all of a SB’s many wonderful qualities and the many unique ways in which she would rock my world would not make me contact her if the photo(s)/age/location factors did not match my preferences.

    In short: put a lot of effort into your photo(s) and the text won’t matter that much to me (short of 2nd grade level grammar/spelling, texting speak etc. And I don’t mean to offend any second graders that may be reading the blog, 2nd grade was the three toughest years of my life.)

    As for what to show in your photo(s), anything sexy or revealing is not going to really sway my decision (Although if your photos make it obvious you’ve been a stripper it probably means I would not write to you.) Bikini/lingerie/boudoir shots are a welcome bonus, but not a huge factor. That said, a full body shot that gives an accurate idea of your body type is always helpful, even if fully clothed. And I actually tended to write to SBs who had their facial features hidden or blurred- I’m super private and choosing to do that was an indicator to me that you were more likely to respect my desire to be private and not do something indiscreet. I never had an issue with asking for and receiving a picture that revealed a SB’s face after we had communicated a bit.

    Better wrap this up before I get into Jack-ian territory for verbosity. 😉

  174. Jack says:


    I wasn’t attacking your stance, or your view. Indeed, I wasn’t really addressing my comments to you. I did use your anecdote because I thought other women would identify with it, but my further comments were meant in general, not to you. And those comments didn’t attack anyone or call anyone shallow, a golddigger, or anything else.

    I disagree (but totally respect your disagreeing with me!) that I expressed my preference for “young, symmetrical women with slender, womanly figures.” What I said I preferred were women from their 20s to 40’s (hardly all “young”), and I prefer the athletic physique. Personally, I do not think it’s biological at all–I think it’s completely media/culture induced, which is why these preferences change among countries and between centuries. Biology doesn’t change over those parameters, but culture does.

    Again, I disagree (but again totally respect your disagreeing with me!) that “A womans genuine affection grows naturally when she feels safe, supported and well taken care of. ” If that were true, how do women NOT participating in the sugar world develop their affection for (perhaps)guys who make neither 7 figures nor 6–and maybe not even 5 figures annually? I think women’s affections develop in many ways, and perhaps some of those affections develop as a result of a promise (and performance) of a monthly allowance. But I think generalizing here is a bit of a stretch.

    Next, you stated,

    “Conversely, if you’re not comfortable with helping someone you reeeaally like prior to sleeping with them, perhaps you’re the shallow one. ”

    First, my comments were directed at the blog, not at you. Second, I never suggested anyone was “shallow” for focusing on money. In fact, I was NEVER judgmental about it, and I repeatedly stated that there is nothing wrong with that approach. ALL I SAID was that that approach might lose some SD’s–eg, me. Please don’t vilify me for simply stating how I feel, and I even went as far as saying that I might be especially sensitive on the topic due to my recent history, and further undermined my own comments by saying that other SD’s may disagree. Finally, just FYI, I sent $2000 to a lady I met on this site who lives in Canada and whom I’ll never see, much less sleep with. So I think your comment may be a bit off the mark.

    But the absolute most important point that I must reiterate is that I was NOT telling you–or anyone else–that a money-up-front approach is wrong, shallow, inappropriate, mercenary, or anything else. I just said that approach would simply not fly well with me, and I explained why. I stand by those comments and absolutely respect your right to disagree and operate according to your own worldview on this issue.


  175. Midwest SB says:

    NYG – It’s a blessing and a curse :-) Mostly a blessing…especially for the men who don’t care for “boyish” figures. The best line I heard was from Teri Hatcher in Sienfied…”They’re real and they’re spectacular”! YES!

    AnnaMW – Well said! I can’t add anything to your argument.

    Flyer/ Jack – Former AF wife here…imagine having to land a B-52 with full fuel and missing one pod (two engines) on one wing. Then you have surpassed landing on a carrier. (not a reference to my weight, but perhaps a reference to the level of skill required to land).

    I’ve had a few cocktails, so I’ll stop here. Although I will give a nod to the notion of SA spokesperson :-) Nighters!

    • SD Guru says:

      Very intersting topics being discussed in the past few days. I’ll chime in here with my “stale” perspective! :mrgreen:

      Re: Sugar References

      In an environment where relationships are transaction oriented, having references makes perfect sense (think eBay). But for intimate personal relationships perhaps it’s less applicable. Think of it this way, would a guy want his potential gf/spouse to offer references from her ex bf/hubby? Probably not. A personal relationship is, well, personal. It cannot be easily replicated or repeated with different partners, and therefore makes the use of references less relevant.

      Re: Timing of Allowance vs Intimacy

      A while back I wrote a four part series in my blog titled “Sex, Money, and Sugar” that touched on some of the same issues. You can see the discussion about what should come first, the allowance or intimacy, in “Part 4”. The discussion about SB’s emphasis on sugar vs relationship is in “Part 3”. Feel free to take a look at “Part 1”, and “Part 2” as well.

      I came across a SB’s profile that probably articulated the type of attitude most serious SD’s are looking for:

      “I am interested in meeting great people first, and any financial assistance is appreciated as a bonus to the relationship. Financial assistance is very much appreciated, but will not make up for a relationship that does not work.”


      I’d suggest that you should be very careful about disclosing your personal email address (with your real name) in a public blog. As a precaution it is removed. This same advice had been given many times in the past to newbies. Take a look at “SA Blog Tips and Tricks” for more info. Please give our blog fairy some time to accommodate all the email exchange requests. She’s very busy due to all the attention she gets with her 38DD’s. 😛

  176. flyr says:

    I think they are two separate issues, but I did not handle the distinction well.

    “The latter seems to agree with my point that excessive focus on money may end up rejecting good pot SD’s.” I agree completely with this concept.

    I think the second part is the question of how much sharing of expectations and perhaps commitments is appropriate before sex. Over a number of years I have had some relationships that began with both of us attracted to each other and an agreement that we would figure it out over breakfast, we had better things to do with the evening. Over time I have come to believe that the basics should be understood before, but, there are always exceptions.

    Over 4 decades in business about 80% of my work has been done on the basis of a handshake, phone call or two line email. The part that was done with 60 page contracts has usually been the source of collection problems. I think these relationships are no different. If there is a genuine attraction between two fair people (and the capability ) it is likely to work well.

    My sense, from reading profiles and posts here is that too many of the younger SB’s see the money as manifestation of their personal worth as a woman. It’s a serious mistake as money is just one dimension of the relationship. The right SD can bring a lot more to the table.

    For those in grad school, you may just find a SD that could step into the shoes of the best of your professors, but with the difference that he cares about you and is not caught up in the publish or perish environment or the needs of 50 other students. No I do not advocate these relationships with your professors or those whom you work with. But there are a lot of accomplished SD’s out there willing to share something that’s even more valuable than the allowance. .

  177. AnnaMW says:

    @ Jack – 172 over here. :-) Now, let me preface and say that I generally agree with you as well, but I did make a mistake and the mistake had less to do with money, and more to do with the fact that we had an agreement. I trusted him more than *any” SD i’ve had and felt that we were close friends at the time this happened. The fact that he agreed to help me accomplish my goals, then stiffed me the last month we were together made me feel like he didn’t care about my goals or respect me as a woman. Does it still feel like I’m placing too much emphasis on money?

    Here is the part that I think you may have trouble understanding – helping someone you like isn’t the same as paying someone to get close. A womans genuine affection grows naturally when she feels safe, supported and well taken care of. It’s biological, much like the typical males preference for young, symmetrical women with slender, womanly figures.

    You discussed your preference for such women at length in multiple posts. Isn’t it creating a bit of a double standard that discussing your bio driven preference is fine, but for us to do the same and express a need for some relationship security prior to having a guy in our physical space is somehow misguided?

    Conversely, if you’re not comfortable with helping someone you reeeaally like prior to sleeping with them, perhaps you’re the shallow one. :-)

    Bottom line, this site gives you access to women you would otherwise not have the chance to meet and we’re all here because we have something unconventional to offer each other. You have gathered that I am a very flexible person, but my stance needing to have an arrangement in place prior to intimacy is much like a girl that wants to know she’s going steady before she’ll go all the way. Safety and security.

  178. ContentSB says:

    Hey sugars! Love catching up on the blog…it sounds like people are having some good luck in the sugar bowl…so great to hear some positive stories!

    Also, it’s pretty awesome having such eloquent SDs around to give some fresh perspectives. Love it!

  179. Jack says:

    Flyr, I wasn’t confusing you with SDinLA–I was asking each of you to comment on my question.

    As to carrier landings, I agree with your comments–amazing stuff!

    If you’ve done so many night IFR approaches (and based on your handle), I assume you flew as a commercial airline captain?

    As to your answer to my question, Flyr, I am confused:

    You started by saying, “I am somewhat surprised at the number of self proclaimed SD’s looking for a free demo flight. “–essentially disagreeing with my point–but you then closed by saying “Texas SB and others you want to deploy all the sensors, as Capt Kirk would advise, from the very first contact with a potential SD, not just to weed out the bad but as importantly so as not to reject the best. Think of Midwest, Jack and others as your protective brothers and sisters.”

    The latter seems to agree with my point that excessive focus on money may end up rejecting good pot SD’s.

    Am I confused in my read of your post?


  180. flyr says:

    @jack “I would be REALLY interested to know if Flyr and SDinLA feelthe same or if I am out in left field in how I feel.”

    No although we may share many of the same beliefs, he is not me .

    Have spent much of my life in socal, but live up on the Central Coast. In another life, when I was married, we drew a circle an hour flying time from Santa Monica and started looking . I grew up with the Hollywood gang and my office is still in the area, but I find 3 days a week out of LA is great for the soul.

    I think it was Jack that expressed a desire to land on a carrier. No I have never done it but did spend a week on the Stennis. I mention it because the most impressive part of the trip HI to CA was the crew. I have flown a lot of low night ifr approaches but landing on a carrier at night is probably 1,000 x more difficult. Be thankful that we have people who can do that and are willing to make the sacrifices that even peacetime requires. Madison would be in 7th Heaven as the Ready Rooms are knee deep in testosterone.

    Rambling on

    I am somewhat surprised at the number of self proclaimed SD’s looking for a free demo flight. To me the primary difference between SA and Match or other sites is that there is an underlying assumption that regardless of whatever else is happening , there is a financial component.

    I’m with a number who have noted the need for a very clear understanding regarding the allowance and the expectations, before the first flight. Several have moved me to partially accept their logic that the financial component should be handled prior . However, I have had some great relationships start with an agreement, but settlement handled later in theevening.

    Some of the wiser SB’s have stressed the importance of deciding that you like the potential SD before getting naked. I think that works both ways if you are interested in longevity. There’s nothing wrong with great sex, but with something beyond that it can become really special, even within the SA framework.

    Jack hit the nail on the head about the limits of the age gap in the conventional world. The “pre flight interview” process inherent in SA and the lack of concern about what will friends and family say about the age difference really helps. Most of the “age appropriate” women are looking for something serious, carry the wounds of prior relationships and are looking backwards rather than leaning forward. I’m sure the well conditioned women of the age group have the same complaints about many of the men.

    Midwest should become the paid spokesman (or spokeswoman) for the age enhanced SD of the world.

    @ Texas SB and others you want to deploy all the sensors, as Capt Kirk would advise, from the very first contact with a potential SD, not just to weed out the bad but as importantly so as not to reject the best. Think of Midwest, Jack and others as your protective brothers and sisters.

  181. TexasSB says:

    Madison, you think he won’t marry you?

  182. Jack says:

    Beach Blonde,

    I actually posted my email address up above.

    And I am not a professional pilot and never have been (just recreational). Been a few different things in the past but my main job these days is real estate investment and management and I do the legal stuff for my properties. My profile will tell you more: 989322.

    I’ll be happy to know ya!

    BB, You a member of the Mile-High Club? LOL.


  183. Grasshopper says:

    Whatever I create and how much I love it – I carry with me till I die.


  184. beachblonde27 says:

    Loved what Jack had to say. I also have a major thing for pilots…maybe the moderator gods will send my email along to you? :)

  185. Madison says:

    Whatever I create and how much I love it – soon I have to oppose it
    – Nietzsche

  186. SugarNewbie says:

    Hello All!
    I’m new to the sugar world, and I just wanted to introduce myself and say that you have shared some wonderful info. I will put this to use in my profile.

    BTW, I’ve had my profile for over a year now, but never used it, until now. I’m giving this shot.
    Anyway, hello all!

  187. Madison says:

    I don’t want to get to a point where I’m crying on the corners asking Papa to marry me. And I know myself well it is going in that direction. I hate being in love. Waste of energy. We’ve been together since November. Time to look at those green eyes and say good bye. :(:(:(

  188. NYG says:

    I did not know you are 38DD. Lucky you .

    and VA Gent called me voluptuous ? with my 36C ?

  189. PhoneGuy says:

    I hate when I have feelings for the person I’m intimate with. 😉

    I get each person has a different view on what love means to an SD/SB relationship. Good luck.

  190. Madison says:

    No Texas…when you love a sugar daddy… it is TROUBLE. I think I need a brake from all this.

  191. TexasSB says:

    Why do you want to cut the cord if you have feelings for him? You should stay with him

  192. Madison says:

    Date with new dude went well; but he is a gambler, drinks a lot and smokes. Not sure about this. Papa is doing well, but I have feelings for him and it is time to cut the cord.

  193. TexasSB says:

    Ok I will keep ya’ll updated on what happens

  194. PhoneGuy says:

    >Meeting my new date in a few!!
    So what happened to “Papa”?

    SDinLA gots a ‘spensive edjukashun.

  195. Midwest SB says:

    TexasSB – Sorry…thought you had been in an arrangement. :-) Just trust your instincts.

  196. TexasSB says:

    Same one

  197. Midwest SB says:

    Sorry – Jade…not Jack

  198. Midwest SB says:

    TexasSB – Are you the same TexasSB that posts regularly or new? Either way, older men are fabulous! Most are genteel, well-established and many feel somewhat chivalrous about arrangements/ helping a lady out. Added bonus is that they have more experience about pleasing a woman :-) Some are still in great shape, but even those who are not tend to make you forget once you enjoy their wit, intellect and generally pleasing nature. Appeal to his sense of being a gentleman and gently nudge him into the conversation of an arrangement. Business men know their way around arrangements. If he’s genuine, he will follow through. If not, wait for what you seek.

    Welcome Jack Rabittt! It’s difficult, but anything worth doing is worth doing right. Definitely reach out to those who interest you and have a thick skin. The ration of women to men is ridiculously in the guy’s favor, so sometimes your e-mail will be overlooked or ignored altogether. Just keep on trying. If you want to wait for someone to contact you b/c it proves their interest, don’t be fooled by spammers who write everyone. Happy hunting!

  199. TexasSB says:

    @Jade Rabbittt

    You have to actively look through the site. And write thoughtful messages to them. Not just “hey”. I found my guy on like, the 15th page lol. You just have to be patient and look and don’t be afraid to message them

  200. TexasSB says:

    @ Midwest, idk if you saw my post up there ^ :)

  201. Jade Rabbittt says:

    I am so new too this. I like that people actively post to the forums. The post scare me but I think they are helpful at the same time.

    What are the odds of actually meeting an SD that wants a friends with benefits type relationship who will is also generous?

  202. Midwest SB says:

    TexasSB – The truth is only you know the answer. If this is 5-month guy…then never. NC Gent was right in that he will approach you with some genuine conversation about an arrangement if he is serious about you. This is true with most allowance SDs. If you’ve been on more than 2-3 dates and he hasn’t asked you what you are looking for in an arrangement and stepped up, then he probably isn’t that into you (sorry). If he’s a gift/ travel SD, then you have to judge for yourself. Either way, the golden rule still stands.

  203. TexasSB says:

    Oh and it is my first time dating an older guy and being a sb so if anyone’s got any advice for me, please speak up!

  204. Arcadia SB says:

    Thanks to Jack and Flyr for the profile commentary…very helpful…now I jut have to have 5 minutes when I’m not working to update things (instead I spend those 5 minutes reading the blog). Though I did have a very nice meet tonight, so maybe the updates aren’t necessary at the moment. However, since I’m going home for a few weeks its tough to tell.

    Midwest – your profile is an inspiration as always

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone. I’m not photogenic and tend to hide behind the camera…I’ve been told often “oh, you look so much better than your pictures”…oh…gee…thanks I guess. So finding a good one is often difficult.

    Hope everyone has had a good Wednesday. I’m just off work again and looking forward to a few hours of sleep before getting up for more work :) Vacation can’t come soon enough!

    ALSO, not to out anyone, but our own lovely and talented EnglishRose has a birthday this weekend! I hope she gets lots of sugar, and all her wishes come true when she blows out the candles on her cake! I’m hoping to be able to wish her happy birthday in person this weekend if travel plans en route to the US work out.

  205. TexasSB says:

    Oh and an update. My guy and I arranged to meet nxt week. We’ll be staying together for a few days

  206. TexasSB says:


    I’m a very direct person lol

  207. TexasSB says:

    And no one has answered this yet either.

  208. TexasSB says:

    @Midwest SB

    “As for TexasSB’s question – How many times have you heard someone ask in traditional dating “How many dates seems appropriate before I sleep with him?” It’s the vicious cycle of keeping the virtue of being selective and wanting to take the chance that it will lead to a real relationship. The question of liking him should be implied since she states that she wants to sleep with him. The same goes in sugar. There are so many men who see it as a sport or challenge to be intimate without engaging in a true arrangement. Hence, we have to take the stance of being “appropriate” so that we don’t give away “test drives” (love all these quotes). Does that make sense?”

    Thank you. Yeah that’s what I meant.

  209. Midwest SB says:

    Quote by Tim Burton – “One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.” Love him!

  210. Midwest SB says:

    There, there Tina :-) ( c wut i did ther?)

  211. Tina says:

    There their they’re SDinLA – you’s write reel gud

  212. Midwest SB says:

    Treasured – Thanks for the shout out!

    TXJesiLove – I will send it to your e-mail shortly.

  213. Midwest SB says:

    Jack – I would venture to say that your stats regarding women who take a genuine interest in you (even if it’s a sugar site) are higher that what some imply. I will not sleep with a man unless I’m genuinely interested in him. As I’ve said before, sugar is an accessory and I don’t need to sleep with a man to reach my goals…it just helps me reach them sooner.

    As for TexasSB’s question – How many times have you heard someone ask in traditional dating “How many dates seems appropriate before I sleep with him?” It’s the vicious cycle of keeping the virtue of being selective and wanting to take the chance that it will lead to a real relationship. The question of liking him should be implied since she states that she wants to sleep with him. The same goes in sugar. There are so many men who see it as a sport or challenge to be intimate without engaging in a true arrangement. Hence, we have to take the stance of being “appropriate” so that we don’t give away “test drives” (love all these quotes). Does that make sense?

    On a lighter note…with some great advice, I tweaked my profile and it’s Ahhhhhhhmazing!!!! Thanks guys! Anyone who wants to see v2.0 it’s 835817.

  214. Madison says:

    Every middle age man dreams to find a beautiful, young and smart girl who will love them for who they are, not their money. Every girl dreams to find an older successful and handsome man to love for who they are not how pretty their boobs and butt look.

    But back to reality…. :)

  215. Madison says:

    Congrats Teeny! Meeting my new date in a few!!

    Spass: Chemistry is important of course….But as a daddy looks for a beautiful body…. we also look for thickness of wallet. And thickness of other things for that matter too. LOL LOL LOL

  216. Jack says:

    To Madison,

    I will tell you that I have been pleasantly surprised, actually, that at least half the 10-or-so women I have met so far have been (at least seemeingly) more interested in me than my money, and the other half have been the more traditional SB/SD type (ie, wanting to know exactly how much they would get, for how many “days of duty,” etc). Either that, or all of them are as you think, and it’s just that the initial 5 I mentioned were better at fooling me by telling me what I wanted to hear. LOL.

    When I started this a month ago, I would have guessed (for no good reason and without any basis) that the ratio would have been more like 10 to 1 (ie, the 10 being mostly focused on the money, the 1 more on the relationship). So I am quite happy it turns out it’s closer to 5 to 5, at least in my limited experience so far.

    Speaking of Match, I tried it, with minimal luck (although it’s not about luck, actually). The hot young women (20s, 30s and 40s versus me at 55) almost never wrote to me, and when I wrote to them, well under 10% responded. The standard male age range that the women desired was usually 5, or at most 10 years older than them, basically precluding me from meeting anyone under 45, which is largely the group of ladies that share my athletic interests.

    The women here are different. There are many who have absolutely no problem with the fact that I am 20-30 years older than them, and I have no problem keeping up with any of them (in fact, more the other way around). They are willing to give me at least an opportunity, and then they can evaluate me on my merits, not on my age. From my point of view, I think the perspective of the ladies here is the correct one because in many ways, I am better now than I was 10 to 20 years ago, but obviously, I am quite biased in this view. And of course, I respect the more traditional view displayed by the ladies on Match. It just hasn’t worked for me.


  217. Teeny says:

    Had a nice M&G with a pot SD today :) seems like a nice guy so fingers crossed it works out. We seem to be looking for the same thing and on the same page. We chatted for about 20 min and that was it, perfect meet and greet complete with a little spank on my bum 😉

  218. TXJesiLove says:

    i still have not received contact information for the requested people. where should I be expecting to receive this information?

  219. Spassbremse says:

    @ Madison

    Why would Jack have to go the match dot com route?
    It’s not outlandish to look for an arrangement where chemistry is involved and the suggar daddy *feels* that he is appreciated as a person, not a walking ATM.

  220. Madison says:

    But then… the girls on match are not hot….I understand. :)

  221. Madison says:

    Jack my dearest… “find an SB who will choose to sleep with me because she actually LIKES me, not because of the thickness of my wallet”

    Then dear…. I would advise you to take the match dot com route and get out of an ARRANGEMENT site my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :) xoxo

  222. Treasured says:

    @ Being intimate with a person.

    One of the best advice which was given on here about SD/SB dating, I think by a Midwest SB, was “Sleep with a person just because YOU really WANT it, not because of anything else”.

    And I completely agree. You can not insure yourself from anything (pain, disappointment,being betrayed). But you can make your own choices.

    So when to get intimate? When YOU feel it is right.

  223. Treasured says:

    Back to “which airline you should fly…”
    Singapore Airlines just launched what is considered the best private suite in the air: http://travel.uk.msn.com/adventure-travel/unveiled-possibly-the-worlds-most-amazing-luxury-airline-suite
    I think I am changing my profession and becoming an air hostess. :D:D:D:D

  224. PhoneGuy says:

    I totally agree Jack. If money seems to be too central and important, it ruins it.

  225. PhoneGuy says:

    Not agreeing with you does not equal not understanding you. 😛

  226. Jack says:

    Hi Everybody,

    A few random thoughts in no particular order, but as always, verbosely!

    To Arcadia, I will look up your profile and comment to you privately sometime today.

    To MRenee88–if the blog gods will give you my email, I’ll be happy to review your profile, as well.

    To Beauty–your fascinating “Reference” question had me playing with myself (get your mind out of the gutter, ladies!) the monologue that Tevye engages in in “Fiddler on the Roof.” He is trying to decide a very hard question (whether to allow his Jewish daughter to marry a non-Jew), and keeps going from one side to the other with multiple reptetitions of the lead-in phrase, “On the other hand, . . . ” So after considering about 10 “on the other hand’s,” here is where I come out on that question:

    a) As a pot SD, I think it would be cool to be able to call your SD for a reference,
    b) But, as Madison says, it does come across as tacky.

    So what to do? Finesse it, make a joke out of it, show your humor, eg, “Indeed, as you can tell, I’m such a great catch as an SB (LOL) that even my former SD (with whom I remain extremely close friends) will vouch for me.” I’m sure you can think of even better ways to say this–this is just off the top of my head–but I think you catch my point. This doesn’t seem desperate at all, and yet conveys a great level of confidence on your part.

    But I am still 50:50 on this, “On the other hand . . .”

    On the topic of when to sleep with a pot SD, which is raised by TexasSB in a rather direct way (and I quote, “How many dates with a potential SD do you other SBs usually wait before letting him have the p*ssy?”), let me share a couple of thoughts from at least THIS SD’s point of view (I do not pretend to represent other SD’s–this is just my view).

    First (and I don’t mean this unkindly), if one is seeking a quality SD, I think TexasSB’s very question is itself problematic–and I do not believe she is the only one who thinks this way. The way she phrases her question suggest to me that she sees herselfas providing a service to the SD–not participating in a mutually-enjoyable activity. Maybe some of you will think I’m fooling mysefl (given the nature of this site) but when I am looking for an SB, I want to find one who chooses to sleep with me because she will enjoy it, not because I am going to be generous with her.

    Yes, I know that second part is an important aspect of the deal, but FOR ME, if money becomes the CENTRAL part of the deal, then what the SB is really saying to me (as she is negotiating aggressively and/or for a very large amount) is, “Listen, Jack, I would never sleep with you in a million years, but given that you will pay me _______, then I will.”

    That message is NOT music to my ears because I (perhaps foolhardily, if that is even a word!)actually want to find an SB who will choose to sleep with me because she actually LIKES me, not because of the thickness of my wallet. Trust me, the latter part will take care of itself if the first part does. I am perhaps more sensitive to this issue because I have come to the conclusion that my (now) ex-wife married me primarily for my money (an opinion she would dispute, of course), a pretty uncomfortable conclusion for me, to say the least. And maybe I am not the only well-off SD who comes from that experience?

    So what do we do with Anna’s moving experience with the SD whom she thought was a straight-up guy but turned out not to be? We chalk it up to experience rather than use that experience to become money-focused in future SD/SB interactions–because, remember, the next SD isn’t the previous one, and if you learned something from the previous one, maybe you’ll pick better the next time.

    And how does Anna avoid the hurt? Two answers. First, you can’t always avoid the hurt. Part of living life fully is experiencing wonderful experiences and joys–and being hurt. Second, the hurt is less if you slept with him because you wanted to, NOT only because money was coming your way. If you followed that rule, then you say to yourself, “Heck, it was an experience that I wanted to have, and I had it. Didn’t turn out as I had hoped or expected, but hey, I’m smarter now. NOTE TO SELF: Chalk it up to experience, and LEARN from it so the next time, I can make better choices.”

    One caveat: If the money really is the most important part for you (and I am casting no aspersions on that outlook), then DISREGARD everything I have said above, but note that THIS SD would probably not be interested in you, for the reasons noted above. But that’s no big deal because if money is your focus, and if you have the goods, plenty of other SD’s who are on this site (more strictly for sex than a relationship) will be interested in giving you what you want in exchange for what they want.

    I would be REALLY interested to know if Flyr and SDinLA feelthe same or if I am out in left field in how I feel.

    To SDin LA, beautiful “editing” job of that weird post that Madison put up. I actually don’t think the guy was trying to be funny, I think he is serious. I can’t imagine anyone will respond to him–but I bet I am wrong in that assessment!

    And to Anna–two things. First, my slight disagreement with you above should not suggest that I disagree with you in general, in fact, I almost always agree with what you say and like very much how you express yourself.

    As to flying, I am an IFR-rated fixed wing pilot as well as a novice helicopter pilot. Been very busy the past few years and haven’t flown much, but in earlier years, I owned a Cessna 172, and I currently own an Enstrom 280C. Once I get below 40 hrs per week (I am averaging 60-70 these days, but hope to get to 40 next year), I think I’ll buy a turbine chopper. Helicopters are way more fun, and much more practical than airplanes, I think, although they are double to triple the per-mile cost.


  227. Madison says:

    Going on a new date tonight at a Bobby Flay restaurant. Yay!!

  228. Madison says:

    Sugars, always be prepared to the reading comprehension challenged daddies. Needless to say… if they can’t comprehend a sentence…. don’t expect them to buy you champagne or caviar. They might get confused which one is Cuvee and which one is Perrier. They also might not also understand what “marvelous times” mean. Bring a dictionary in case he needs to look up the word “euphemism”.

  229. Madison says:

    @Spassbremse: You obviously need to go back to freshman composition course in college and re-take that reading comprehension class, my friend. If you read my posts correctly… you would know.

  230. Madison says:

    Texas: I’m looking forward to that movie too!!

    SDinLA: That contest dude is trying to be funny but it came across as a nut case. I doubt anyone will reply to him. I did write to him saying if he wants to find the right sugar, he needs to get off his pedestal. Otherwise he will only attract more Nirvana CDs thieves…. LOL LOL LOL

  231. Spassbremse says:


    But unless you’ll get yourself an impotent sugardaddy sex will *always* be part of the equation, no matter how uncomfortable that makes you.

  232. Madison says:


    Please remember sex and money should not go together, it is ILLEGAL. You’re not selling sex. You are selling the privilege of your company and that includes intelligent conversations, fine dining and culture. You are not a whore, they know where to find one.

    A couple of scenarios:

    Scenario 1:

    Step 1: Hey gentleman SD, let’s go out on a date.
    Step 2: As you know, I suggest an allowance of ( insert amount here) per month.
    Step 3: Once we establish we have chemistry after a couple of dates, we should start our arrangement.
    Step 4: What, you will only ‘pay me” after we get intimate? I’m not an escort sorry.

    Game over.

    Scenario 2:

    Step 1: Hey gentleman SD, let’s go out on a date.
    Step 2: As you know, I suggest an allowance of ( insert amount here) per month.
    Step 3: Once we establish we have chemistry after a couple of dates, we should start our arrangement.
    Step 4: What, you prefer to give me cash each time we meet for a date? It is OK as long as you understand you are not paying me for sexual favors. If I’m going to have sex with you is because we are both adults and want to, and not because it is expected.
    Step 5: I’m glad we got this sorted out!

    Arrangement made!

    Scenario 3:

    Step 1: Hey gentleman SD, let’s go out on a date.
    Step 2: As you know, I suggest an allowance of ( insert amount here) per month.
    Step 3: Once we establish we have chemistry after a couple of dates, we should start our arrangement.
    Step 4: You can wire me the allowance each month to my SB account. This is my account number.
    Step 5: I’m glad we got this sorted out! Thank you for helping me.

    Arrangement made!

    Scenario 4:

    Step 1: Hey gentleman SD, let’s go out on a date.
    Step 2: As you know, I suggest an allowance of ( insert amount here) per month.
    Step 3: Once we establish we have chemistry after a couple of dates, we should start our arrangement.
    Step 4: You prefer to pay all of my bills? No problem! Here are all of the bills I would like you to cover each month: rent, car and tuition. Rent is due on the 10th, car is due on the 15th and tuition is due the on 25th.
    Step 5: I’m glad we got this sorted out! Thank you for helping me.

    Arrangement made!

  233. NYGIrl says:


    Let us have an Arrangement : you teach me English grammar , I screen hot co-eds for you. :)

  234. AnnaMW says:

    @Flyer – It was sad and weird. He was a first time SD and definitely didn’t seem the type. Even I’m a little surprised that we became friends after all that, but after I got what was owed I just wasn’t mad anymore. I can’t hold a grudge to save my life.

    I’ve mentioned him in the “Inviting SDs to your house” thread. He’s the younger guy (mid 30s) who stops by to talk and say hello when he’s in town.

  235. TexasSB says:

    How many dates with a potential SD do you other SBs usually wait before letting him have the p*ssy?

  236. Teeny says:

    @TexasSB a prostitute, call girl, escort, hooker.

  237. flyr says:

    @AnnaMW”I was stiffed by someone who I trusted very much and knew each other for months and met six times before becoming physically involved”

    I’m starting to come around to your way of thinking .

  238. AnnaMW says:

    @ Flyer –

    I was stiffed by someone who I trusted very much and knew each other for months and met six times before becoming physically involved. I ended up collecting over three months later with apologies, but it was still hurtful and I cursed myself for being so relaxed about getting my allowance at the beginning of the month. I was trying to be friendly and flexible because my SD was someone who I knew well and had previously displayed strong ethics. So…. I stand by my original point.

    Get this though, I eventually forgave him and now we’re friends.

  239. SDinLA says:

    Oops… “whose writing exhibits shitty punctuation…”

    Dagnabit, I need to learn me how to write too.

  240. SDinLA says:

    I guess he gets credit for trying to be funny, but he fails miserably, not least because it is so poorly written. One of you SBs needs to reply to that doofus with the following:

    “Applicants must be in her” Singular/plural error, “applicants must be in their” or “applicant must be in her”

    “20′s to 40′s” Not a possessive, “20s to 40s”

    “give and (sic) illusion”

    “have all there teeth” wrong choice of their/there

    “Surprising how many on this site don’t.” Huh? Is that a sentence?

    “Please lighten-up” No hyphen needed.

    “If you have to go to the restroom in a group then your not mature enough to date. Go back to middle school.” If you can’t use “you’re” and “your” correctly, go back to middle school.

    “Oh, and if you do snap at your boy for no other reason than those nasty hormonal intrusions, a short, simple apology (“Sorry–I was in a bad state of mind yesterday”)” “A short simple apology” and then…. what?

    “Dali (sic) Lama”

    Oedipus complex is for boys. Electra complex is for girls. Sheesh. “Your an idiot!”

    “Applicants must have a firm grasp on the English language. No text speak or Ebonics. Extra points awarded for proper punctuation and grammar.” “Firm grasp OF the English language” Hahahahaha Nothing more ironic than someone whose writing exhibiting shitty punctuation and grammar demanding it of others.

    “parking proxy’s” See above.

    “pro’s” At least you’re consistent.

    “money honey’s” Sigh.

  241. PhillySB says:

    Lol Madison he’s lame. The whole profile was a turn off for me. Reminds me of the movie SIMONE, where Al Pacinos character creates the “perfect” woman, but she was digital! And therefore imaginary. Lol
    So about Pot#2
    he is in fact married but it almost doesn’t count. Lol he says there’s no relationship between them (for years now) and he doesn’t care if she finds out. He seems really lonely. I have pretty much called and texted at all times of day when he’s home and he always ress and is thriled to hear from me. But I honestly don’t think he’s controlling. He is very gentle and easy going. This was the only thing that made me question my decision to enter an arrangement with him. I was hoping to meet him about 3-4 times a month whereas he only has the time for once or twice (he has a 3 hour drive to here and back.)
    Also, we didn’t agree on a pay per meet type arrangement. He is extremely generous and offered to pay for anything I need including gifts/surprises/trips. He said all I had to do is ring him up and ask. We hadn’t discussed a first date gift so I wasn’t expecting it but he did hand me a few hundred bucks “to go shopping”. I am more comfortable with this approach because I really do feel spoiled whereas the pay per play approach makes me feel dependent on him, which I don’t like. And it would seem too mechanical for me since it lacks the element of surprise and romance.
    I guess I will see how things go, while I still pursue .pot #1 on the side. Unless he specifically says he wants me to himself.. :/ then I will have to decide.
    Thank you ladies.
    time for sugary dreams. Zzzzz

  242. flyr says:

    @annaMW “4). Do NOT sleep with him until the arrangement has been made and you’ve received your allowance. ”

    I half disagree with Anna.

    Yes you should have a firm agreement

    You should have a shared expectation that he will provide the allowance before you leave. However, looking at the bigger picture going with the flow might be a better course of action IF it feels right.

    Looking at the downside, if he is a slimeball and stiffs you it might be better now than one small payment down the road. You are trusting him with your precious body and perhaps your soul. If you have doubts your ought to defer the plunge rather than demand cash or a check in advance. It’s an issue of situational awareness.

    The second reason is that cash in advance is more associated with commercial ventures aka industrial debutantes. Mc Donalds wants cash in advance , a fine establishment would never expect a settlement until the last glass of fine wine and great food.

    Note that these concepts may not be applicable to politicians and attorneys.

  243. TexasSB says:


    What exactly does “professional” mean when applied to a girl?

  244. TexasSB says:

    @Madison, I think Charlize Theron is SOOOOO pretty! and full of personality! I saw her on The Colbert Report.
    Looking to go see Snow White and the Huntsman

    @Blue Eyed Beauty
    thanks! :)

  245. TexasSB says:

    @Madison, who the hell would message him after reading that? Sounds like an anal freak

  246. NYG says:

    Write him he need to get smarter and read more.
    “Oedipus complex” is a term for boys;
    a female SB would have/ or not an Electra complex.

  247. AnnaMW says:

    @ Madison – I think you should write to him. You both have strong opinions, and you probably meet most of his qualifications. Who knows, he could just be “the one”. You two could speak your minds to each other all day long!

  248. Madison says:

    Came across this SD profile. Kinda funny but it makes me wonder if he is looking for a real person or an imaginary friend……

    “You have been invited to compete to win the prestigious title of my “SugarBabe”. Rules for entry are simple:

    1. Must be a first-time applicant. You are not eligible to compete if you have previously entered the contest regardless of the outcome. If you have previously won my “Sugarbabe” contest, give me back my Nirvana CD you psycho!
    2. Applicants must be in her mid 20’s to 40’s and not wear a wig, stuff tissues where they don’t belong to give and illusion of something that is not there. I would also ask for that person to have all there teeth. I would ask that your pictures be recent and look like you. Surprising how many on this site don’t.
    3. Cosmetic medical procedures acceptable. Bad skin unacceptable
    4. You are much prettier without all that makeup. Please lighten-up and don’t be a rodeo clown.
    5. If you have to go to the restroom in a group then your not mature enough to date. Go back to middle school.
    6. PMS is no excuse to be mean. I’m not saying you should become a menstrual recluse just because you’re wearing a maxi-pad. But sometimes maybe it is better to bow out of a social opp if you’re really not up to it. What’s the point of going to the party if you’re not gonna have a good time? Oh, and if you do snap at your boy for no other reason than those nasty hormonal intrusions, a short, simple apology (“Sorry–I was in a bad state of mind yesterday”)
    7. Applicants must have a job. McJobs are allowable if you are a suffering artist, musician, writer, or the next Dali Lama waiting to be discovered.
    8. Criminal background due to white-collar crime is not an automatic disqualifier.
    9. Psychological background including but not limited to schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, dementia, attention deficit, hypochondria, Oedipus complex, and unresolved childhood issues are automatic disqualifiers.
    10. Applicants must have a firm grasp on the English language. No text speak or Ebonics. Extra points awarded for proper punctuation and grammar.
    11. Applicants must NOT be Professionals, strippers, street walkers, sidewalk hostesses, curb servers, man trollers, spread benders, motel attendants, luxury lovers, lane lieutenants, parking proxy’s, trixies, trick trippers, tricks for treaters, park panthers, pantie busters, pony dancers, lot lizards, truckstop tid bits, pro’s, working girls, hookers, money honey’s, etc.”

  249. Madison says:

    Philly…. “he’s taking his profile down and hinted that I should do the same”

    He is clearly the controlling type. Maybe you don’t mind but I can’t stand controlling men ( main reason I won’t ever plan to get married). If I were you, I would say ” I might take my profile down at some point, once I am sure you are what I am looking for”, or something like that. If he keeps insisting, then you know he is a psycho control freak. Yuck…

  250. AnnaMW says:

    @ Philly – Here are my recommendations

    1). Don’t lie. I’ve kept my options open or browsed, but honor exclusivity if that is a part of the agreement. If he hasn’t specifically requested exclusivity, keep it to yourself and do what you want. Either way, telling him you want another SD is the wrong way to sell it. :-)
    2). If he is married and expects monogamy, make sure it’s worth your while. Forgoing certain pleasures and experiences during formative years of your life in favor of a temporary relationship seems profoundly unfair.
    3). If you arranged a “per encounter” arrangement and isn’t seeing you often enough to fulfill your needs, don’t feel guilty about looking for someone who can more adequately take care of you.
    4). Do NOT sleep with him until the arrangement has been made and you’ve received your allowance.

    Hope this helps!

  251. PhillySB says:

    I meant i have plans with Pot #1 this week. I’ve been talking to this man for a while now and we finally decided on a date. I have chemistry on the phone with this person too. I think we might be a good match. Advice please

  252. PhillySB says:

    Hey everyone. I had 1st date with Pot #2 today. Was wonderful & exceeded expectations. Never a dull moment between us. Made plans for a longer date next week. I was surprised that he made up his mind so quickly about me but thrilled and flattered. Until he said he’s taking his profile down and hinted that I should do the same.. I have plans to meet Pot#2 this week, and also still communicating via site emails with some other SDs who may or may not be interested in me. Too early to tell but I’d like to keep my options open. I told him I was interested in seeing one person initially, but that was before I learned his availability sucks. I don’t want to lie though. What to do? Should I tell him I do in fact want to have another SD , or tell him I want to meet more often, or just not say anything, make him feel like he’s the only one while continuing search for 2nd SD?

  253. NYGIrl says:

    You are beautiful , great smile ! :)
    I love what you wrote . But let the SMART blog SDs comment on your profile .:)

    ?!!! Clooney – so cheesy, ? and he is so full of himself ! vomit.

    I pick dr.House – he is British, right? he would have a sexy accent and he is smart.
    you can take Don to the restroom if he does not mind. Lol.

    but if you do it with Clooney I would not be able to …to… have a drink with you… anymore. :)

  254. Madison says:

    If I was inside an airplane, on a long flight and three good looking guys like the ones below were near me…. which one would I talk to first? George Clooney? Don Draper? Dr. House? I would have scotch with George, I would take Don Draper to the men’s room and would love to listen to Dr. House sarcastic comments all night. Or, maybe I would take all of them to the men’s room. At the same time LOL LOL LOL


  255. NYGIrl says:

    Just my thoughts.

    many guys ( single! and married ) value Discretion ! a lot.
    If you are willing to provide your ex info to a new guy , the new SD might think HIS discretion is not save with you . and your next guy will know about him! and he will run away before you explain all the situation.

    I do understand your ex himself willing to provide his references… and so on… but anyway a new guy might think he is not save with you.

  256. NYGIrl says:


    did you meet this SD “you are not attracted to ” in person? and you wrote you were at the site for 1 week and you do not find many guys who contacted you attractive ? But you did not meet them in person?

    some guys’ photos are very bad- they might look tired, upset, angry on the pictures. well many guys do not like to take pictures and many would post a terrible picture so their co- workers would not recognize them.

    These guys might be much more charming in person , plus many of them very educated successful polite …. they will take you to amazing places you never been … fancy, romantic… he will tell you a lot of compliments… Champagne … and he is 100 times more charming than you thought from his picture. :)
    who exactly you think is not charming enough ? profile number please , I will tell you if he is better in person :)

    And who told you he will have an arrangement with you ? May be he is cheap or fake, let me know. Coz people on blog know I have been taken advantage of before.
    if he gives you your monthly allowance at your first meeting then he is not fake of course.

    I have been on SA in NY since last November , met a lot of guys for the first introductory meeting (may be like 30 guys or more, I did not count, but have more than 700 mails in my in box).

  257. AnnaMW says:

    @ BlueEyed – Don’t do it!! I don’t think a real gentleman would opt to call your former SD and would rather not picture you with other men while reading your profile… I offer that I have friendly relationships with my former SDs and am happy to answer questions, but only if they ask.

  258. Arcadia SB says:

    As the blog gods seem a bit overrun with e-mail exchanging requests…I will bite the bullet and post my profile number here. There are a few things I still need to tweak…but, well, I always get annoyed with my profile after a third read and decide to start completely over. Profile: 624612

    Now I need to read up on the blog :) Just got off work (1am *yawn*) nothing like a job that has you calling the US from the UK…

  259. AnnaMW says:

    One more thing RE negotiation….

    There was one instance where *I* was the one to suggest a lesser allowance (imagine that coming from a dirty, money grubbing SB!).

    We really liked each other and he was prepared to give me what I wanted, but I knew there was an internal debate that he was trying to conceal. I was thinking long term and was also flattered that he was willing to go out of his comfort zone to please me. I proposed a lower amount, he was thrilled that I liked him enough to consider his best interest and propose a compromise that he would have felt ungentlemanly suggesting himself. The arrangement ended a long ago, but I’m pretty sure I have a friend for life.

    I think that a key component that is often missing is actually being friends and thinking of each other as more than an orifice and ego boost or a Walking ATM (catch phrase courtesy of Gurus blog.. lol.)

  260. AnnaMW says:

    @SBinNY – There is so much I wish I knew when I was getting started.. I want to help. Want to talk off blog?

    @Jack – My ears always perk up with aviation talk. Very cool. What do you fly?

    RE Negotiating, it’s a sensitive subject. I can tell pretty quickly if someone is able to meet my needs and if he’s local, I never bring up money prior to meeting.

    Many men on SA are highly successful and negotiate a lot in the real world. Different rules apply in here…. A woman with healthy self esteem and alternate income is less inclined to negotiate, especially if she’s being treated as a commodity in a way that feels obvious. Personally, I prefer not to deal with negotiators. Its just too awkward and can spoil the romance. I’m sure there is a tactful way to broach the subject, but I have to experience it.

    I think that a lot has to do with the type of woman you’re looking for and whether the arrangement is need based. I’ve heard SBs make comments to the effect of not caring if her SD looked like Golem as long as he was able to pay…. She might be more willing to negotiate than a girl with a career and lots of potential suiters.

  261. flyr says:

    @BlueEB – “My SD is more than happy to give me a reference. Should this be mentioned in my profile?” You might add something like I had a wonderful SD relationship that ended only because xxx and we are still friends. I would save the reference part for your discussions should it come up, but you’re better off having him stare at your smile and eyes.

  262. Madison says:

    Renee…. Ok dear, I have to WARN YOU that this place can be very dangerous. Because people might be brutally honest (like me for example). If your profile is badly written, if you’re overweight, dorky looking, your pics are horrible and your hair looks dry… I will tell you. So….. be careful what you ask, it WILL be answered honestly. xoxo

  263. Madison says:

    Awww Beauty…. don’t wish you were a brunette. There are so many of us already. LOL LOL Work that Femme Fatale charm of Marylin Monroe, and my favorite blonde of all: Charlize Theron.

  264. MRenee88 says:

    I am new to the SB world and would love to have other SB’s to talk to to ask questions and advice.I have read tons of info in all the blogs and Q&A’s and its all great but it would be nice to have some ppl with experience to talk to as well for input. Is there anyone that would be willing to help me out? I would be so grateful! Thanks. Hope everyone is having a great day! :)

  265. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @Texas – I’m a natural blonde (not a bubble head though) but wish I was a brunette. I think brunettes are soooo sexy and many a man do too :-)

  266. MRenee88 says:

    Jack- I really enjoy reading your input and think you are very smart and intelligent. I would be greatly appreciate it if you would take a look at my profile and give any advice to make it the best it can be?

  267. Madison says:

    Texas….blondes are seen as bubble heads, so you can use your pretty brown hair to convey intelligence. Stereotypes can work on your favor sometimes.

  268. Madison says:

    Beauty darling…. I love being passed around from hand to hand… :):)

  269. TexasSB says:

    Ok. Yeah I guess it’s because I’m not blonde. :/

    Oh well

  270. NC Gent says:

    TexasSB — if an SD (or any guy for that matter) is into you, he will make things happen, and a lot sooner than 5 months. He is wasting your time as a pen/phone-pal. Time to next him unless you are just looking for a friend with no benefits.

    SBinNY — your gut is right… I wouldn’t recommend entering an arrangement with an SD to whom you are not physically attracted — it will not be very rewarding for either one of you. You appear to have a bit of a “traditional dating” view of this site, which will increase your level of frustration. It takes time to find an SD, especially one that you consider to be serious relationship material.

  271. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    You’ve been ‘passed around from hand to hand’ more than me Miss Maddy lol….but I won’t hold THAT against you.

  272. Madison says:

    Beauty…. I read a profile once where the SD said he had SBs references…. I thought it was tacky… and it came across as sleazy. This is not a job, at least it is not supposed to be one. LOL LOL But it is up to you, if you feel it will help. I personally think you don’t want to advertise you have been passing around from hand to hand….

  273. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    My SD is more than happy to give me a reference. Should this be mentioned in my profile?

  274. Madison says:

    You know, I had a SD a few years back tell me that he had to make a tough decision: To continue our arrangement, or continue the country club membership. I told him to pick the country club. I felt awkward being his “hobby”. Today, I would have told him to pick me. WTF…. what was I thinking back then… LOL

  275. Jack says:


    Yeah, change your ‘tude!

    Carpe diem–go for whoever you like–it is the 21st century. If you don’t want to be too forwyou can wink rather than write an email, although the latter impresses me MUCH more than wa wink.

    Just FYI, in the month I have been on the site, I have probably received 50 or so emails/winks (more winks than emails, maybe 60:40). Many I have no interest in because they clearly don’t fit what I asked for, but some are awesome, and at least 2, I would do an arrangement with if they were here in Houston.


  276. Madison says:

    Texas, most SDs are “afraid” of actually going through with the arrangement. Whether is because of their morals, belief system, marriage or finances whatever the reason is… it is not always an easy decision for them no matter how hot or interesting you are.

    On a different note…. Watching a movie: “The girlfriend experience”. She says: “If they wanted you to be yourself, they wouldn’t be paying you”. Ouch…..

  277. TexasSB says:

    So does this type of thing happen a lot with potential Sugar Daddies?

  278. Madison says:

    So supposedly, overcast weather (which is what I have right now) affects satellite radio reception. What a BS radio service if that is really the case then…

    @TexasSB: Yes, darling. Move on. This dude is playing ya. I change sugar daddies every 6 months LOL. If a pot SD takes more than 24hrs after a dinner ( maybe 2 days if he is hot) to decide if he wants to start an arrangement, I don’t call back. And if he comes back 2 weeks later, I say I’m taken even if I am not.

    @SBinNY: It is perfectly OK to contact the ones you like. This is the 21st century. He will be flattered to be hand picked. :)

  279. TexasSB says:

    ok thanks. Idk I just really liked talking to him and he kept saying he was busy. he sounded sincere. I think i’m gonna move on though

  280. Treasured says:

    @TexasSB – 5 months!? I give any pot SD max 2 months to make up his mind! Actually, more like one month.

    I think he is wasting your time.

  281. TexasSB says:

    i have a question,

    I have been talking to someone for about 5 mo now.We haven’t met yet. He says he will make arrangements to do so and talks about it but nothing ever happens. Is it safe to assume he’s simply not that interested and move on? Because you’ can’t be THAT busy for 5 mo right?

  282. SBinNY says:

    Hi everyone!! I apologize in advance if this is off topic but this thread appears to be the most active. I’m pretty now to this…just joined about a week ago. I’ve received messages from pot SDs but nothing pertaining to what I’m looking for. I’m concerned that many of the guys on here are just looking for sex or pros, and I tried to make my profile convey the message that that’s not what I’m here for. I would want an on-going long term arrangement, if with the right person could *possibly* lead to something more. I have been offered an arrangement that seems ideal but the only problem is I am not attracted to this pot SD and I would never have sex right away or with someone I am not attracted to. And many of the men that contact me I don’t find attractive. So I’ve taken matters into my own hands and began browsing pot SDs and the ones I feel attracted to – I feel silly initiating contact with. I feel like that should be the male’s job. Should I change my attitude?? I need some sugary words of encouragement/advice…please be easy on me! :)

  283. PhoneGuy says:

    >Life is too short to eat potatoe chips LOL
    Life is too short not to. 😉

  284. Madison says:

    FLYR: well he will see me soon… and it ain’t gonna be pretty telling you right now.

  285. FLYR says:


    “I got this satellite radio for my car last week… I was so excited with all the channels etc. But when you start listening to it… “I’m sexy and I shhzzzzzzzzshhhhhhhhzzzzzzzz” by the time the song comes back it’s 15 seconds later. 30 seconds of music, 10 seconds of no signal. I regret getting that garbage.”

    Perhaps the guy who installed it wanted you back ………..the guy who loved Howard Stern

  286. Grasshopper says:

    Congratulations to the Los Angeles KINGS! \m/

  287. Madison says:


    I got this satellite radio for my car last week… I was so excited with all the channels etc. But when you start listening to it… “I’m sexy and I shhzzzzzzzzshhhhhhhhzzzzzzzz” by the time the song comes back it’s 15 seconds later. 30 seconds of music, 10 seconds of no signal. I regret getting that garbage.

    End of rant.

  288. Grasshopper says:

    If you can “feel” that, then I suggest your radar is malfunctioning…you might want to look into fixing that.

  289. Madison says:

    Grasshopper you want to come by I can feel it…. :)

  290. Madison says:

    NC Gent: That is very true…. a fit sugar daddy would have advantage over a non fit.

    AnnaMW: I do yoga to keep myself flexible (comes in handy…) and I run one mile every 3 days. I also eat small portions. Life is too short to eat potatoe chips LOL LOL I’m only 5’2 BTW

  291. Grasshopper says:

    Madison – I’ll pass

  292. Madison says:

    @Grasshopper: I’m really 111 lbs dear…. :):) Come by I can show ya in person..

  293. FLYR says:

    Hummm Gray Ferrari on PCH , can’t be too many of them around

  294. NC Gent says:

    TexasSB — your sentiments mirrored mine on airline choice. I mainly fly Southwest, Delta and US Airways. The choice typically comes down to direct flight and schedule, and cost is never a deciding factor. I actually like Southwest the best, because they seem to be on time the most.

    Regarding the weight issue, I prefer smaller women, but most of my guy friends prefer women that have a fuller figure than I prefer. My entire life I have been attracted to small women, and it really didn’t change with sugar dating. It all comes down to personal preferences. Also, someone said this a not so politically correctly, but I do believe that the more fit that you are, the more options you are going to have, and thus it will be easier to find a sugar partner. This is true for BOTH SBs and SDs! Also, no matter how much weight one loses, you can’t change your frame size, so you might as well as embrace what you have been blessed with :)

  295. KSdoll says:

    Frontier has the best cookies on the face of the planet. But Ive met amazing people on my Delta and United flights:)

  296. TexasSB says:

    Oh and I don’t like American Airlines cause last time I was on it they were rude! It was 6am, the air conditioning was blasting, it was January for crying out loud! and I was siting in the first seat right after first class. There was NO ONE in first class. I asked them to give me a blanket cause there were a whole bunch of blankets on the seats in first class. They said, no those are for first class only. WTF? Rude! I was cold!

  297. TexasSB says:

    My 2 cents: Southwest doesn’t seem to be less expensive at all. Because you have to choose your departing and returning flight. Unfortunately I live in west texas where the airport is quite small and it’s expensive to fly out from there.

    But what’s an extra $200 to a guy who makes 6 figures? Right?

  298. TexasSB says:

    uhm.. what does airline choice have much to do with anything?

  299. SocalSweetheartSB says:

    Thank you to those who gave me advice. I really appreciate it. Met him earlier… It was a learning experience, and I will not be seeing him again.

  300. Jack says:

    Hi ArcadiaSB,

    Be happy to look at your profile, if you wish.

    And by the way, Arcadia, I LOVE aircraft carriers. I think they are a marvel of engineering, and as a pilot, I cannot imagine a cooler thing to do than land a jet on a carrier. I would spend some serious dough to have that experience, if it were possible to do so. Although landing on a more human, 130 lb. “aircraft carrier” might be an awful lot of fun as well. Decisions, decisions! Big LOL.

    Re negotiating–it’s what I do for a living, and I do it very well. But when it comes to negotiating an SA arrangement, I have (so far, just once) been pretty useless. And I don’t feel bad about it, either.

    To Tina, when I say sports, I mean pretty aggressive sports–eg, ski double-black diamonds, run a 10K, bike 20 miles, hike in the wilderness on some fairly challenging terrain carrying a pack (although I often carry all the weight and the woman gets a daypack–but then she owes me a massage, so it’s all good!), rock climb at the local gym I belong to, raft class V rapids, etc, etc. Substantially overweight folks don’t do the above. I’m not worried about someone 10-20 lbs over ideal body weight. I’m talking 30 or more lbs over ideal body weight. Plus, I just don’t find it attractive, personally. Clearly, we’ve all been influenced by the media and by our upbringing, but it’s hard to fight what one thinks is attractive. Of course, tastes vary from country to country and over time. Look at the women painted by the Impressionists in the 17th and 18 centuries–they would be considered overweight by today’s standards.

    And Tina, yes, my floors, curtains, dishes, clothes, dogs, mice and even my snake, are sweating here in Houston. Thank god for the pool in my back yard!

    G’night everybody!

  301. AnnaMW says:

    @ Madison – Your picture post was bitchy, but you’re pretty hot. Kudos….. You must be super short because I’m slender (size 2, 26 jeans) but would look completely emaciated at 110.

  302. SeekingHelp-NYC says:

    Hi All!
    I’m new to the SB world, sort of. I made my profile a little over a year ago, and I recently put pictures up; however, I am not getting any messages. I looked at other SB’s profiles, but they all seem to say the same thing, and there is no way of telling if they’ve actually met someone they enjoyed spending time with, and shared a mutually beneficial relationship with. I have seen comments where people recommend having ones profile reviewed by someone else, but I’m not sure who I would ask to do that. Anyway, thank you in advance for any input that you all offer.
    -seekinghelp :)
    P.S. I definitely did not go the “escort” route. I have nice photos and grammatically correct paragraphs with clear intentions.

  303. Midwest SB says:

    BTW – Thank you gents for chiming in on my question about selling/ giving gifts. I loved the insight and realize that our blog SDs are truly one in a million <3

  304. Midwest SB says:

    Nicole – I guess I could turn the question back on you…Do you seek a specific allowance and for what purpose? If you’re good with meeting a travel or gift daddy, then you have room to be flexible. If you want/ need an allowance to achieve your goals, then be willing to say it…both in your profile and in conversation. It’s a great screening tool to be honest. I used my allowance for school…gifts and travel don’t pay tuition. It’s my reality, but it is a worthwhile cause and I did what I said I was going to do. I have two SDs and a little man to thank for investing and believing in me. Know that if you settle, it builds resentment, so you REALLY have to know why you are here. I could have achieved my goals anyways which is what truly makes you successful in sugar….not needing the money but knowing it’s a great way to reach those goals. Then you can be particular about your arrangements.

    I learned an interesting tidbit tonight. They say in Ireland, B.o.b. is also referred to “money”! I almost lost my drink when I heard this and thought of SA!!!! :-) :-)

    Tina – Hey hey chicadoo! I love my family time. I’m getting a little antsy and hoping for a little me time. I’d love a day at the spa followed by a 5-star meal with company who keeps me smiling all night long!

    Heyyyyy Arcadia!

  305. Tina says:

    Stanley Cup finals are SO anti-climactic when you’re not a true fan of either of the teams playing *sigh* Looks like the Kings are going to take it this year – up by 3 goals with 6ish minutes to go……

  306. Tina says:

    house in the woods = start of a horror movie

    Hi Flyr! Nice to see you again :) (You and Jack have both had wonderful advice on this topic, FYI) :)

  307. Tina says:

    @Phone Guy: don’t run and hide my dear! You can’t see Grassy and I smooching if you do! And what else can come of it gRRRRRRRrrRRRRRrrRRRRrrrr

    @Jack: just some food for thought: just because a woman isn’t athletic physically, doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy physical activities. Some larger women just don’t make time for themselves, but would enjoy having someone to do something athletic with. Yes, if she isn’t used to the activity it will mean that you would have to take it slower, or separate, if you were to do it together, but that might make for interesting dinner conversation on both of your experiences, giving you a shared adventure with unique perspectives based on your level of expertise. Since you’re in Houston, have your floors started sweating yet? It’s getting warm here in Austin….eep! Summer has hit Texas……..

    Hi Midwestie! Glad to hear that you had a great weekend with the kiddies! :)

    <—— thinking that she needs to update her profile and start looking again, now that her schedule has settled down…..hmmmmmm…….

  308. NicoleNC says:

    @AnnaMW and Arcadia SB. – Thanks for sharing. I think for me it will come down to time. If I put a range maybe (and that is a BIG maybe), it will weed out some men and save me time. Not to mention I think Im a horrible negotiator! :(

    @FLYR – I was fine with him asking if I’d ever been in a SD/SB relationship before…that is one of my first questions. But that “Are you sure it’s something you honestly can live with?” definitely gave me that icky feeling! Only one other man has said that to me.It was the first pot I met in person – the crazy married man who wanted me to go home with him to his house in the woods! LOL

  309. FLYR says:

    @socal sweet ( if its not too late)

    Be yourself ( as others have mentioned) , realize that he may be nervous, intimidated, etc.
    Ask leading questions , use the opportunity to work on his brain.

    If it is not going well look at it as a good learning experience both in how to handle the meeting and what questions to ask prior to a meeting.

    @Nicole – I think the question was very poorly conceived and worded. However, there are a number of people on SA (both sexes) that have really not made up their minds. Asking if they have been involved before is probable a good question for both. The “honestly live with” line tells me he sees the SB as a hooker and thus is a reject on that basis alone.

    At a face to face I would probably ask something about what she liked best about her prior relationship.

  310. Arcadia SB says:

    It seems it’s time for the great profile re-write of ’12. (I want to say oh-twelve in my head…but that just doesn’t work does it?). Mine is not yet active, I’ve gotten feedback from the lovely ladies on here before, but wouldn’t mind some from the gents? I’m way over in the UK, so I’m sure I will not be poaching anyone’s pot. However, I would happily trade e-mails with anyone who wants to trade with me…Jack? Flyr?

    Oh weight talk. Basically, it’s something we all dwell too much on. Muscle is more dense than fat, so an athletic girl can weigh more than someone less toned. It’s just a number. I lost 15 pounds recently due to stress, my trousers are loose, but I’m still not toned as I want to be…so it’s yoga and the gym in my free time…if I don’t get to lazy. I’m sadly not perfect, but definitely human (and apparently I’m an aircraft carrier as I’m 20lbs heavier than Madison…however, I will say that only the finest are allowed aboard)

    As to profiles, I’ve always listed “Amount negotiable”…and…negotiated. It either worked out or it didn’t…but I’m not a very good negotiator… especially when an older, handsome, confident man is involved. I consider myself lucky not to have been taken advantage of.

    Hope everyone is having a sweet week. I’m getting geared up to head back to the US next week to visit my family. A little RnR stateside will be nice, I’m working for my department and for my job right up until I leave…so I’ll sleep well on the transatlantic flight.

    I’m flying Virgin Atlantic…never been on their planes before, anyone have any comments about them?

  311. AnnaMW says:

    Hi Nicole! I definitely received more responses a few years ago when my range was listed as ‘open’. I was lucky enough to attract a very wealthy, very sweet SD who I dated for quite some time.

    More recently I included a range. Had I been actively looking, I may have considered going with ‘Open’, but I was in no hurry and preferred to hear from guys who wouldn’t think twice about spending that amount on the right SB. I definitely received fewer responses as a result. If you’re seriously hunting, I would recommend keeping it “Open” or between 1-3k.

  312. NicoleNC says:

    I just received this in my inbox….What the *****!

    “Is this “mutually beneficial arrangement” concept one you have experienced before? And, if so, did you enjoy it? And, if not, are you sure it’s something you honestly can live with?”

    I guess I should ask him if it is something HE can live with. LOL

    BTW, do you ladies list your allowance range in your profiles or do you go with “Open – Amount Negotiable”? I haven’t listed a range thus far, for fear it would turn men off…any thoughts?

  313. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    If he’s in Canada, I’ve probably already winked at him lol. There aren’t THAT many SDs up here :-(

  314. Midwest SB says:

    He likes fun petite blondes and he’s a sweetheart of a guy! GWN – Great White North – he’s in Canada.

    Guru – I will tell NYC SB that you quoted her…she will be so pleased. She was always spot on the mark!

  315. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @Midwest SB…..Awwwwwww shucks!!!! *blushes* and thanks for the feed back :-) It will be put to good use…

    What’s GWN? What type does Sincere SD like? I’m all ears :-)

  316. Midwest SB says:

    I also get a lot of compliments…835817. Feel free to be inspired, just don’t copy word for word. :-)

  317. Midwest SB says:

    BEB – I sooooo have a crush on you! I really love how your eyes pop in the second photo. My only suggestion is to limit the lists. Everything is succinct and appealing…just add a sentence or two to break up the list. I would also change “Daddy” to gent or something more chivalrous. Some men don’t care for being called “daddy”. I’m sure you will do just fine! If you can see who viewed you, it’s likely you can see my profile. As for the avatar, google Gravatar, upload a pic using the same e-mail on Gravatar that you do on SA. It may take a few minutes to kick in. The e-mail connection is the key.

    SincereSD – WOW!!! Hi handsome!!! I hope you are well! Have you met Blue-eyed Beauty? She is just your type and in the GWN :-)

    TXJesi – Did you get your e-mail requests? If not, I will get to it later tonight…going out in a bit.

    NWSugarbaby – Thank you sweets. He’ll be a great SD someday :-)

    SoCal Sweet – Philly nailed it. Look up where you are going and dress appropriately. Limit yourself to two drinks and no more than 2 hours for the date. I prefer shorter (one hour, one drink) first dates in case it goes terribly wrong. Plus it adds to the anticipation of date #2.

    Happy Monday sugars!!!!!!!

  318. Grasshopper says:

    Blue Eyed Beauty – go to Gravatar(dot)com.

  319. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    <<====== How do you put a pic here?

    I can't seem to find a mobile app for SA. Don't you think it about time there was a mobile app?

  320. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @PhoneGuy – You my blog SD crush, have given me no reason but to be civil with you :-)

  321. Teeny says:

    Something else somewhat related to the world of sugar (if not its still interesting) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SsEAq4-p2w “sex, lies and rinsing guys” It was aired on a British tv channel/news show (like the British equivalent to 60 minutes here in the states) its def interesting

  322. PhoneGuy says:

    I was going to ask you to define it but urban dictionary provided:
    A man who strives to be a Sugar Daddy but just doesn’t have the funds to pull it off.

  323. PhoneGuy says:

    >Nice bra. Sorry about the feet.
    OMG, I forget how girls are to each other. I apologize to all the blog girls and love you all. Please don’t be mean to me. I’ll be good, I promise. /ducks_n_hides. 😉

  324. Grasshopper says:

    How do we know that she wasn’t putting all/most of her weight on something else whilst snapping that pic……just sayin’ 😉

  325. Teeny says:

    I have a terrible fear of flying so what airlines are best to fly for meeting a SD is of no concern to me ( if i do fly im doped up on Valium and passed out anyways lol) but that is an interesting survey. For all of you talking about weight.. be confident in yourself. There are tons of bigger girls out there who are amazing beautiful and its because they have confidence. On a random note… I heard a funny term the other day. “splenda daddy” lol it seems that the site (at least in co anyways) seems to full of them. Just something I found amusing.

  326. Madison says:

    LOL LOL leave my feet alone LOL LOL

  327. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    Nice bra. Sorry about the feet.

  328. Madison says:

    111 lbs actually…

  329. Madison says:


  330. Madison says:

    Well anyone can be thin too if you take care of yourself. I’m 110 but not shapeless….I need to post a pic so you can see it for yourself…

  331. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    Papa and Maddy deserve each other (but it looks like Miss Maddy can annoy Papa as much as anyone else when she talks shit). Poor little thin girl.

  332. Madison says:

    I have good genes even if I try to be overweight I can’t. Unless I eat like a pig. I like small portions. I love scallops and I can eat 50 of them. But who gains weight eating scallops? I love being me. Although a fat me would be hard to imagine. You gotta admit papas joke was hilarious…

  333. PhillySB says:

    Be yourself. Be clear about what your expectations are. Leave him wanting more. Good luck!!

  334. SocalSweetheartSB says:

    So… I will be meeting a pot SD for the first time. Any advice? I have read a few SB/SD blogs but want to know if you wonderful SBs and SDs have any tips for first meeting etiquette because I appreciate your comments on the SA blog posts. Thank you. :)

  335. East Cost SB says:

    @Grasshopper Thanks for the well wishes.

    I’m completely open to everyone’s tips and critique.

  336. PhillySB says:

    LOL Madison. I can see how someone as vain as yourself would take that ‘joke’ as a compliment. Make sure you don’t ever gain a pound or eat a piece of cake. You don’t wanna upset papa with ‘that crap’! Hahaha at least you know why he’s with you. Hey, whatever makes you happy.

  337. TXJesiLove says:

    @Jack i didn’t think you were the bone-thin woman type of man, in my vocabulary skinny is unhealthy, slim/thin is a more athletic figure, curvy is healthy, fat is around my size, and then there is morbidly obese…which are those 100+lbs more than i.

    how do the blog gods pass along information? for i have not recieved NicoleNC’s email nor Jacks.

  338. Grasshopper says:

    others* (NO APOSTROPHE) 😉

  339. Grasshopper says:

    East Cost SB – I don’t give advice on profiles..but i’m sure other’s might chime in with possible advice. That being said, I wish you great success in finding a suitable SD :)

  340. East Cost SB says:

    @Grasshopper, @Blue Eyed Beauty Thanks for the advice.
    I would also like some input on my profile to see if I’m doing something wrong and so that I actually get messages from pot SD that I can actually see myself spending time with. All tips and advice is welcomed. My profile number is 999693.

  341. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @East Coast SB – I would just reply…thank you so much for your interest however I don’t think we would make a good match. All the best and happy seeking :-)…if his reply back with anything other than …thank you for your reply ….block him.

  342. PhoneGuy says:

    But that just begs the question, “what is ideal and and what is overweight?”
    If you gained 20 lbs, would you be 20 lbs overweight? I’m thinking no.

  343. Madison says:

    A VERY well written profile will attract better sugar daddies but not necessarily the most generous though. Very good pictures AND a well written profile will be the best choice. Well written profiles attract usually journalists and professors. Great pics attract photographers, creeps and the ferrari guys…. Using words such as “ultimately”, “marvelous” and “intrinsic” are good start. example:

    Bad sentence:

    ” hi all i’m thin pretty, looking for a good daddy to pamper me”

    Well written sentence:

    ” Hello! I’m attractive, good conversationalist and in excellent shape; searching for that distinguished gentleman for marvelous times”.

  344. Grasshopper says:

    Not replying IS replying – it’s saying that you’re not interested. Don’t feel bad 😉

  345. East Cost SB says:

    I have a question…so I’m a relatively new SB and logged in to find a message from a pot SD who seems nice…but I’m not attacted to him, so how do exactly do I tell him that he’s not what I’m looking for. It seems rude to not respond but I’m an extremely honest person, so I don’t want to lead him on but I don’t want to be a complete a-hole either.

  346. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    Here you go SDs 997496

    I don’t mind public input. Perhaps others can benefit as well.

    • SD Guru says:

      Re: SB Profiles

      I’m reposting the following from last year where I quoted NYC SB’s blog (anyone remember her?).

      Ladies, all this hand wringing about what to put in a profile… The reality is that most of the time having attractive pics will get you noticed more so than a well written profile. As much time as you spend on your profile text, don’t forget to put up some nice pics too. To quote NYC SB’s blog: “About 80% of the time they would have made up their mind as to whether they want to contact you based on your age, location and picture. The profile usually serves as a confirmation of their decision.”

      You can see the original post here and others like it here and here.

  347. flyr says:

    @Blue Eyed Beauty – In the past several SB’s have posted their profile numbers here and have received input privately. You may or may not be comfortable with that.

    Blog Gods pls send BEB my contact

  348. Jack says:

    TXJesi, I am not a slim woman guy (can’t stand the anorexic look of many models) but I am the “athletic-look” kind of guy because I am REALLY into athletic pursuits and there is nothing that I like more than to spend a day skiing, or biking or hiking or whatever with a woman who enjoys (and is good at) the same thing. And usually folks (not just ladies) who are overweight are not into those pursuits that mean so much to me.

    Nevertheless, I will be happy to offer comments (kindly-stated, I promise) on your profile.

    Block gods, feel free to share my email address with TXJesi.

    And I have something funny–and positive–to share with all of you. As I was browsing some profiles yesterday, I complimented a certain young lady on her profile. It was just a compliment because she was in Florida and I am in Houston and so the likelihood of a meet is pretty small. You folks will never guess who it was that I complimented on her profile!!

    It was FLFunSB–who had previously asked to connect with me via this blog so I could comment on her profile! Her profile is quite good, I think, but could use a couple of tweaks in my opinion (someone else might disagree, of course) but the point is, sometime you might think your profile is the problem, but it’s not! Sometimes it just takes time, or there are reasons other than how you wrote your profile.


  349. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    Being open minded and getting second opinions is a great resource.

    How can I get all you helpful, knowledgeable, kind, and gracious SDs to review my profile?

    (i’m having major crushes on all the blog SD’s *swoon*)

  350. flyr says:

    SB offerings

    I think what a lot of potential SD’s would find attractive can be found in Tom Wolfe’s On The Bus from the Purple Decades. The SDs of an earlier era want to be put back on the bus, sans drugs for a few precious mind altering hours and to know that the bus will be there next week.

    Do not get panties is a wad about what you think this means if you are not familiar with the story. It’s the source of the song Magic Bus and probably Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

  351. Jack says:

    Flyr, I couldn’t have said it better, and I think it requires repeating, so I will reprint what you said:

    I have seen some really great profiles that talked about how this SB planned to improve her SD’s life that would appeal to her target audience, a well established SD who felt he had lost the simple joys. They were focused on the big picture of what might be missing in their target SD’s life and painted a picture of what could be. All without any reference to acts and such but rather focused on the magic. It was clear that she was not looking to be a pet but rather a partner in the restoration of what might have been lost. “Sell” the sizzle not the steak.

  352. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    Could someone please call pest control.

  353. Madison says:

    You love reading my annoying posts, admit it Beauty…. and you also love replying to them. :)

  354. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    There’s that annoying sound again. Like a mosquito… you just want to SMACK it!

  355. Madison says:

    I texted my SD and asked him why wouldn’t he date a girl who is overweight. His response:

    Me: “hey papa, question”
    Him: “yeah”
    Me: “if I were 20 lbs overweight”
    Him: “what”
    Me:”would you still date me”
    Him:”you know the answer”
    Me:”say it”
    Him:”why are you asking this crap”
    Me:”just need to know”
    Him:”call me”

    I called him and he said:

    “I was never in the navy, not used to landing on carriers”

    LOL LOL LOL true story can’t make this up.

  356. Madison says:

    Also…. the “daddy and little-girl” fantasy would be very hard to do if I were 5’7 and 150 lbs….


  357. Madison says:

    @PhillySB: “They don’t want to roll around in the sheets with a child like body they think theyre gonna break in half.”

    Oh my dear…. you would be VERY surprised how they LOVE doing that……

  358. Madison says:

    You guys LOVE to hate me, I swear….. this blog would be pretty boring without me, I must say. :):)

    On a different rant, other than being marvelously thin….

    Drug addicts are ruining my bath time. I mean, who the hell started this “bath salt” drug trend? Seriously…It has been impossible to find bath salts anywhere, FOR BATHING. We need id’s to buy cough medicine and allergy medicine already. Next thing you know:
    “Excuse me, maam… you’re buying floral lavender bath salt, I need to see some identification…..”

  359. PhillySB says:

    Never far I meant*
    Havent had my coffee yet.

  360. PhillySB says:

    Every single time I pop in to catch up on this blog I see some kind of war going on with Madison and she’s far from the main topic of conversation. Never have I seen such an attention seeking, impulsive member that’s as active as you, Madison in any forum. You should look into reality TV as you have no filter and would probably be like the next Kim Kardashian.. or Snooki. “Keeping up with Madison” LOL

    It’s funny that you guys have brought up the weight issue here yet again. Yesterday I was on the phone with one of my pots and this very subject came up. I told him I had skipped lunch to make room for dinner (family BBQ) to which he replied “Dont tell me you’re another one of those runway model wannabes.” This particular man specifically states in his profile that he likes a curvy girl and made it clear that he seeks a healthy confident woman with some meat on her. He said every man he knows has the same preferences.
    Soon after that phone call, I chatted with pot #2 (whom I like more and am dying to meet btw) and asked him about his preference. Shockerr. He said the same. Not that I needed any reassurance, as I’ve never had any problems getting dates/ compliments 😉 I’m a curvy girl. Hourglass type of figure. I’m definitely not skinny but definitely not a “fattie” as the Madisons of the world would say. So ladies, stop reading Cosmo. It is a myth that men prefer ‘skinny’ women. Maybe in high school they do. But real SDs are grown men. They dont want to roll around in the sheets with a child like body they think theyre gonna break in half. Lol I mean really, let’s put an end to this silly discussion. Stay healthy kids, but dont strive to be ‘skinny’. Marilyn Monroe was far from thin and I don’t know a single man who didn’t like her.

    Oh and I’m not a frequent flyer but I know if I’m flying Delta I’m going to see some good looking men whose eyes tend to gravitate towards me. Especially the ones wearing wedding bands. Same goes for Swiss Air. Southwest was a different story..lol Haven’t experienced those other airlines yet.

    Happy Monday sugars!

  361. AnnaMW says:

    @ Guru – No way…….. (@ the troll thing). Thanks for calling it out.

    Your blog link had me wide eyed and shocked. I wonder what happened to that woman to make her so ugly and miserable!

  362. AnnaMW says:

    @ Jack – You’re spot on. I screen pretty well, so when I meet someone, it’s because I already like them on some level. I mentioned in an earlier post that I have become good friends with guys I opted not to have arrangements with.. Really, most dates have been worth my time. The hard part is if I’m not interested. I hate to disappoint or hurt peoples feelings.

    Regarding the initial sharing of expectations – if we’re here at all, it’s implied that we are looking for casual, drama free relationships, right? WRONG….. There are some people who have no idea what they want or are even here to find a serious relationship (believe me, they are abundant). What would be helpful is if those people would state that they are “open to more” or “looking for love” so that they attract the correct types and not waste the time of the rest.

    I think that it’s nice to state what you have to offer, but it seems best to focus on positive personality traits since the rest will come up within a few messages. What you expect in return is already published in the profile. If there is a major limitation (availability, disability, platonic expectations, marriage fantasy), most would probably prefer that be disclosed up front.

    • SD Guru says:

      A sure sign of a troll is one who posts under multiple aliases… strike two. Strike theee will activate the “ban” button.



      Long time no see! It’s been more than a year since your last post, welcome back!!

      “…told me that she would love to have dinner with me, BUT that it would cost me $500 to have dinner with her. I politely declined.

      That reminds me of this article in my blog: “All SD’s to me Are Just Walking ATM’s” . Maybe she’ll have better luck at WYP if that’s what she wants.

  363. Nwsugarbaby says:

    Wishing all of you in the southwest and Colorado a safe journey ahead as crews work to put out the fires threatening homes in your area.

    @Midwest- I hope you had a great family weekend. Family is the most important thing in this world after all. You can’t change blood.

    @TXJesiLove- wishing you a speedy recovery

    Can’t believe everyone is out of school pretty much for the summer besides me….so ready to get this done and enjoy the summer/ early fall.

  364. TXJesiLove says:

    @jack, you seem like a slim woman type of guy to me, but like you’d be a good person to give me specific profile advice. if you agree blog gods please pass on my email address to jack so maybe an SD with some perspective can give me some good advice :)

  365. flyr says:

    @Jack – I share your surprise that comments about what a SB would do for you was interpreted as it apparently was.

    I have seen some really great profiles that talked about how this SB planned to improve her SD’s life that would appeal to her target audience, a well established SD who felt he had lost the simple joys. They were focused on the big picture of what might be missing in their target SD’s life and painted a picture of what could be. All without any reference to acts and such but rather focused on the magic. It was clear that she was not looking to be a pet but rather a partner in the restoration of what might have been lost. “Sell” the sizzle not the steak.

  366. FLFunSB says:

    Yes Blog Gods please give Jack’s email address or give him mine. I would love some feedback from him. :-)

  367. Jack says:

    Thanks, PhoneGuy, for clarifying my post. I couldn’t imagine that my post could be misinterpreted as vulgar, but perhaps that is how SweetGirl took it. I reiterate Phone Guy’s comments, including the comment that this exercise applies to all posters, not just SB’s.

    And although specificity (as suggested by Phone Guy) is ideal, even nonspecific comments are helpful because they show the SB is thinking about her future SD’s needs and happiness.

    And isn’t that what we all want–for our needs to be fulfilled and to be happy?

  368. PhoneGuy says:

    Telling someone what you can do for them can be interpreted broadly. A girl telling you she wants to meet 3 or 4 times a month is telling you to an extent what she can do for you. I’ve seen profiles that say the girl is a trainer and offering to help with diet and exercise routines. I’ve seen them from massage therapists saying they can give massages. The DB SD who sent Madison an email described what he can do for an SB, fairly expensive car, trips, allowance and access to hobnobbery. 😉

    So telling someone what you can do for them can just be describing some of the parameters of the relationship. I think all Jack is saying is that SBs will be more successful if they market themselves better by going into a little detail on what they can provide. This could just be describing the dates a little more or listing their positive attributes. Why is a date with you giong to be better than a date with someone else? The answer doesn’t have to be vulgar.

    And this exercise doesn’t apply to SBs alone.

    My 2 cents.

  369. Jack says:

    Sure, FLFunSB. Let the gods pass my email address to you.


  370. Madison says:

    @Jack: What do the other SB’s think about whether an SB should include in her profile what she can do for the SD?

    I got in trouble enough on this thread Jack…. I’m not touching that one LOL LOL

  371. FLFunSB says:

    Eccieleaks I have no idea what these terms mean???? Thank goodness for google. Whew.

  372. Madison says:

    OMG I just came across a profile : “im smart im rich$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ i desire wild slim girl for date ”

    hahahah….seriously dude….

  373. FLFunSB says:

    @Jack are you interested in critiquing my profile. I would love some feedback.

  374. Treasured says:


    “The site btw is eccieleaks dot com if any of you ladies want to take a look. Go to the bottom of the site and click on “Sugar Daddy Discussion”. I was reading one of the sugar baby blogs and thankfully came across it.

    Thank you for posting that! That is disgusting.

  375. Jack says:


    I had no idea “Jackass” was in the “SweetGirl” lexicon! LOL.

    But hey, that’s what makes this site and others appealing–everyone gets to look and maybe find what suits them. The fact that I don’t suit you is perfectly OK. Best of luck to you in your search, Sweet Girl.

    What do the other SB’s think about whether an SB should include in her profile what she can do for the SD? I’m all ears (and ya’ll know how big jackass ears are! LOL)

  376. Jack says:

    Anna, I think we’re on the same page. If you have screened well (I use the indefinite “you,” not you, Anna), and additional first date screening yield positive results, then the money part will take care of itself, naturally. If your screening went awry and the guy doesn’t pan out, so what? Presumably you have enjoyed meeting the guy (if you didn’t, then maybe your initial screening should have been better) and maybe you have done some fun stuff (dinner, theatre, athletic activity, whatever) together, and maybe you even learned to hone your screening for next time.

    And if you feel somehow cheated in having gone out with the guy (and maybe even slept with him–yes, I know, that opens up a whole can of worms), then that means the only thing really of interest to you in the guy was his money, and if that is the case, then it’s probably good it didn’t work out because that can’t be much fun.

    By the way, to Spring, no “crash” for me, but “crushes”? Them I like! Feel free to ask the blog gods to forward my email to you, if you wish. If not, no prob and best of luck in your search!


  377. AnnaMW says:

    @ Jack – I would never, ever ask for money on a first date… In fact, I would be insulted if a guy I just met tried to slip me money as some SDs tend to. Buying a gift based on a mutual interest on a second or third date is a different story, but I would never expect it. In fact, I don’t expect gifts at all which brings us back to your point about money…

    I would much rather have money to invest in school or business ideas than a new pair of Louboutins. If there is enough of a friendship or connection developing, a good man with money would naturally want to help me accomplish my goals, especially if they were worthwhile ones that an SD would feel good about contributing to…… It’s about helping someone you care about, not paying to get close.

    That having been said, I would feel less inclined to begin a casual relationship with a pre-determined end with a guy who isn’t able to help me with my short-mid term goals. I would much rather know up front. I post my range in my profile and unless I have a reason to believe a guys income can’t support that, I decline to discuss money until after we’ve had at least one date.

    I don’t see Diana as the type to want $500 for a first date, fyi.

  378. FLFunSB says:

    @DianaSBinOC Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for you comments, I truly enjoyed reading them and it is helping me.

  379. Jack says:

    Here is what I think is the most important point, although from reading Diana’s post, I’m sure she’ll disagree:

    I believe that if you want a quality SD (again, only my perspective) don’t concentrate on the money. I know that many experienced SB’s will tell you otherwise, but I will simply have to disagree and I think you are going to lose potential SD’s y being overly focused on the money. For example, I wrote to a pot SB whose pics and profile I liked . In her first email back to me, she said she liked me, complimented me on my profile, liked what she learned by Googling me and told me that she would love to have dinner with me, BUT that it would cost me $500 to have dinner with her.

    I politely declined.

    And more recently, I had another experience where the SB’s excessive focus on money has prevented a longterm arrangement from happening.

    Here is my explanation for this. Successful SD’s are likely to have pretty strong egos and I suspect that most of them (yours truly included) have never had to pay for a woman to go out with them–at least not formally. We have paid in more subtle ways (my ex-wife spent way more per month than the top tier here on SA is asking for) but most of us have not paid in such a formal and explicit way. So it is difficult for us if that money component is shoved in our face before we have even met an SB–at least, it is for me. Perhaps the “more experienced” SD’s have gotten used to it, but I don’t think I will.

    The point is that if you have screened the guy well (and I am very screenable) and the first date is one you would get pleasure out of even if the guy didn’t become your SD (I usually invite the woman to dinner and she gets to pick the restaurant), then I believe you are shooting yourself in the foot by demanding money or focusing excessively on money with the thought that you are “screening” the guy. IMO, from what I hear, there aren’t that many quality SD’s that a quality SB should even want to take that chance. The pot SD I mentioned above might have lost out on a wonderful arrangement by demanding that I pay her for the privilege of dining at a fine restraurant with her.

    Just something for the ladies to think about!

  380. AnnaMW says:

    @ Diana –

    “You would think men exhibiting such disdain for the opposite sex would just enjoy sleeping with each other for a change.”

    This is priceless..

    Like you, I usually respond well to one line responses, winks of email/pic exchange requests. I prefer a guy to introduce himself properly like a gentleman. If a guy seems preoccupied with meeting, discussing sex or pictures prior to having a basic exchange, we are probably looking for different things.

    Keeping a high allowance range has kept a lot of the time wasters at bey, so I agree with your strategy. However, plenty of guys have contacted me saying, “I don’t meet your allowance requests but __________ is why I liked your profile.” I really appreciate those responses and always write back to thank them and wish them luck.

    RE: pics – If I were a guy, I would be leery of photos that seem too professional due to the influx of porn types and pros. I imagine that candid photos of women looking their best would be most effective…… I would also argue that a man who has privacy concerns of his own might find a woman who with similar concerns reassuring. Guys?

  381. celeste chaparro says:

    Hi! I was wondering who these blog gods are and how can I ask them to take a look at my profile and pic so I can attract the right type of SD. Thanks!! <3

  382. Jack says:

    OK, here comes my other “War and Peace” post, on a topic probably more interesting that airlines we fly–namely, how to write a good profile FROM MY PERSPECTIVE!!

    Jack’s rules (and only his) on writing a good profile if you want to find a top-quality SD:

    1) Pictures are what makes me click on a profile to begin with. I’m not proud of it, and yes, I teach my girls “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but hell, I don’t follow that advice. If a woman isn’t hot enough to me that I want to jump her bones (at the appropriate moment of course, I am a gentleman) then there is no reason to pursue. Sorry it is that way, but it is.

    2) Therefore, make sure your main picture is the BEST that it can be. It doesn’t have to be Photoshopped, but I would say that at least 70% of the pics I see on this site could be improved a LOT. Speaking further about pics, I want to see your face and body, but I understand that is sometimes not possible or not your preference. But if you want the most response (at least, from my perspective–I can’t speak for everyone else), your best bet is to post at least two pics, one that shows your face well and one that shows your body. As to the pics, they should be tasteful–not cheap. I don’t need to see your breasts on the public pics–I’ll see those soon enough if we hit it off (BIG LOL–no flamers, please). Seriously, though, I think high-quality SD’s want an SB who is a lady in the boardroom and a wh*re in the bedroom. At the profile stage, we are still in the boardroom environment, so be a lady, but give me a hint of your shape and your playfulness by being provocative but not cheap in your pics.

    Of course, if your intent IS to sell sex in exchange for money (and although I’ve never been to one, I think prostitution should be legal, and taxed, etc, but that is a discussion for another day) then DO post much more provocative pictures and be more forward in your profile because there are guys on SA who I am sure are looking for that. But since I am not just looking for that, I won’t comment on that further.

    3) BUT NOTE BENE, the pics for me, though essential, are not sufficient. I realize some guys couldn’t care less about what the woman writes, but for me, that part is CRITICAL. You do NOT have to be college graduate to write an alluring profile. If you want a good-quality SD, though, I think you do have to come across as intelligent (and intelligent does not mean being a college graduate–I know plenty of college professors and doctors and lawyers who are idiots and I know a fair number of people who are college dropouts and who are clearly brilliant–Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerman [I think he didn’t finish but not sure] come to mind.

    4) Here are things that make a profile good in my view:

    a) The profile has to convey to me that you have put some real effort into writing it. I have done a lot of writing in my years (several books and thousands of legal pleadings including appellate briefs right up to the US Supreme Court) and yet I spent several hours putting my profile together. It is obvious that some SB’s haven’t spent even “several minutes” on their profile. I figure that if you are that disinterested in spending time on your profile, how interesting of a person will you be to me? In addition, the more I know about who you really are, the better I can tell if we’ll be a good fit. Finally, I want to hang out with a person who is EXCITED about life,

    b) I simply cannot believe how many profiles are majorly negative in their tone, speaking of the SB’s hardships and telling the reader (a) not to be be a faker, (b) not to ask ask for intimate pictures, (c) not to be cheap, (d) not to waste your time, (e) to be “real”, (f) to be generous, etc. Ladies, do you really think that including this language in your profile will solve these problems that you are having? Honestly? You really think the faker will read that and say to himself, “Gee, because she asked so nicely, [although most SB’s who say this don’t] I will not be a faker with her?”

    c) So no negative comments, and no admonitions. Your admonitions won’t achieve anything other than to tell a quality SD that this person may not be fun to be around. DO tell me who you are, what makes you tick, what your dreams are, and BE SPECIFIC. Don’t tell me you want to be successful, DO tell me you are finishing college with a 3.7 GPA and are applying to vet school. Don’t tell me just that you “are in sales”–DO tell me you are a top sales person at a Fortune 500 company and just won a commendation for your performance at work. Don’t tell me you are a runner–do tell me you run marathons and that your personal best is 4:20. Do tell me you are a double-black-diamond skier and name the resorts you would love to go to. Don’t tell meyou like music–DO tell me specifically what artists you like, maybe even a favorite song, and that you play the piano. Don’t tell me you like to travel–DO tell me “I have been to ……. and I would love my next trip to be to . . .. –hopefully with YOU (meaning the pot SD.” I could give a million more examples, but you get the point.

    d) The most important part of your profile is WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THE POT SD, and I can’t believe how often that is completely missing. Whether we like it or not, if a guy is properly on this site, and is a quality SD, he wants something. You need to figure out what you can and are willing to provide and in a tasteful way, you need to convey that to the pot SD. I have seen some profiles that have done this amazingly well, but I would say the majority of profiles don’t even touch on this topic, which I believe is a big mistake.

    I am told that the SB’s outnumber the SD’s by a fair margin on this site, and I suspect that the high-quality SD’s can pick and choose. So stand out from the crowd, be specific and tell your pot SD how you are going to make your him happier than he has ever been before or could ever imagine being. BE POSITIVE, BE EXCITING, BE HAPPY AND BE GOOD (OR GREAT).

    Finally, like so many things in life–including conventional dating–success doesn’t come immediately. How many guys did you conventionally date before you decided to adopt one as your boyfriend? You probably met dozens of guys before that happened. Why should it happen with the first one–or the first 10–on SA? And why get demoralized if it doesn’t happen immediately?

    Keep your chin up, keep working on your profile, keep improving yourself and your SA appearance, and if it doesn’t happen, no biggie. It didn’t really cost that much to be here, did it?

    And finally, to avoid waste of time and disappointment, SCREEN before you invest the time to meet. Talk to the person on the phone, get their last name and if they are Googleable, Google them. Many quality SD’s are Googleable, and you can learn a lot from that (but take everything you read online with a grain of salt). I realize some SD’s won’t want to reveal their last name, and you have to judge if the reason is legit. Ask them specifically where the pictures they have posted were taken and get an idea of when they were taken. Figure out what attributes or deficiencies are deal breakers for you and try to figure out if your pot SD has any deal breakers. If he does, figuring it out early is best. You have to be smart while doing the above “investigation”–you don’t want it to come across as a cross-examination or an inquisition at the police station.

    And finally . . . I’ll put the most important point in the next post.

  383. DianaSBinOC says:

    @Amber- I know It’s discouraging. There’s an influx to SA and many sites like it from johns that see escorts. This is why you’re getting guys contact you with these $200-$500 a night requests. I now know what the term ” career SB’s” came from. I wondered who came up with that term for women that are looking for exactly what the site promotes. Johns have given us this term because we’re not the ones they can “employ”.

    “The site btw is eccieleaks dot com if any of you ladies want to take a look. Go to the bottom of the site and click on “Sugar Daddy Discussion”. I was reading one of the sugar baby blogs and thankfully came across it. The posts seem to stop around 03/2012. I also don’t understand all of those terms. They do some interesting abbreviations so you may have to google what all those terms mean.”

    There’s even a section that I can’t go but these guys share pictures of their SB’s and discuss how much unprotected fun they have. I never thought men would talk about women like this. It’s all about how it’s great sb’s don’t know their value, how deluded we are into thinking we aren’t “whores” and how because of that thinking we’re able to provide more bang for their buck. Test drives, sex on the first date all came from the same john mentality. Again I didn’t understand this view before but after reading I got more than I ever hoped to.

    My personal favorite was ” sugar babies are too dumb to ask for protection only hookers do that”. I will stay at my $3,000-$$5,000 range if that’s what keeps me away from these men. They aren’t looking to provide that type of allowance because to them an SB is a cheap alternative to paying for an escort. Also for anyone that has a higher allowance , they will band together and contact you all at once sharing details if anyone broke through and met you or if they got you to accept less and how easy you were to cave in.

    You would think men exhibiting such disdain for the opposite sex would just enjoy sleeping with each other for a change. This is the other reason why a SD that’s attractive wealthy and single would most likely not harbor such feelings. He can easily get women with or without the bowl. If he’s none of the above then there’s a greater chance he’s been paying for sex and has just recently stumbled across the sugar bowl.

    So regular dating seems to work well. I found both my SD’s that way and that was because they didn’t have issues dating women normally. I may have just gotten lucky or was in the right place at the right time. I suggest stay on SA and talk to pots. Don’t meet anyone until you know what they are offering and what they are looking for. Once I asked ahead of time it has saved me unnecessary meetings with guys that couldn’t afford an allowance. Why am I sitting across a table with someone offering $300 for sex in the nearest hotel? Hasn’t happened yet because I ask them early. Also I avoid the guys that open messages and say “lets meet” right away. They are really just in a rush to get laid. Nothing says desperate like a guy that has gone to graduate school but can’t string 3 sentences together introducing himself. Ohh also I avoid the guys that throw an email address in a first message. I try to get these types to talk on the site and it just goes down hill from there because everything is vague or they just avoid answering questions. Guys rushing? Same thing. Why is he in a hurry? If he gets angry because you didn’t respond fast enough? Pass on him too. That’s just a bullying tactic to get you to jump as high as he tells you. Also most of those guy that are on that site hate WYP. So I suggest signing up there . If an SD can offer a few hundred to meet for dinner and drinks then there’s a better chance he’s the real deal. You will still get guys that will think his offer entitles him to sex but that’s only because for a few hundred he is used to paying that for sex.

    When sugar gets too strange on the sites, unplug, go out with some friends, date some guys that aren’t in the sugar bowl and you may just surprise yourself how much sugar is out there. Your profile will be there when you get back:)

    I will be taking my own advice:)

  384. MRenee88 says:

    @Treasured – Thank You, I appreciate your time to look at my profile and give advice :)

  385. AnnaMW says:

    @ Jen – I have never, ever used a face picture in my profile and I’ve met many plenty of real SDs. Of the seven SD I met in the last year, I’ve had arrangements with two. Of the remaining, I’ve become good friends friends with two, as well as my ex-sd. I am also not in NY or LA. I would argue that a sexy body shot and a good profile should do the trick.

    On the other hand, my SB friends have noticed a decrease in inbox traffic across the board. I think that the recent publicity has brought in an influx of newbies making responses more seldom. A lot of experienced SBs are heading to Ashley Madison due to the changes.

    And @Madison – Don Draper = HOT! Couldn’t agree more.

  386. flyr says:

    @jen – re face pictures.

    Your reservations are well placed especially where mass application of facial recognition software is a fact of life.

    A middle ground may be a picture with enough of your face obscured by hair so as to not be recognizable or partially covered by a arm or by turning slightly.

    Other alternatives include blurring enough facial features to make recognition very difficult. The headless photos dilute the message.

    If you obscure the face then the same picture should not be on the internet anywhere facebook yearbook etc.

    Finally, if you do go headless consider a provocative picture of just your lips.

  387. Treasured says:

    @ All the photo questions. Wake up girls! There are 130 000 SBs and 30 000 SDs on here! If you are not willing to show your face (at least in the way FLFunSB does it – on the request to a SD whom she might think is suitable) – chances are slim. Time is money, and when there is such a HUGE choice around, why would anybody waste time on talking to somebody, who’s face they haven’t seen??!

    @FLFunSB – it depends. But for me things to ask are: “Have you done this before?” If the answer is “yes”, you try to get as much information as possible out of the person about the previous arrangements. I can establish pretty quickly if he has no clue whatsoever.
    I think, a few emails, a few phone/Skype chats is the most you can give. Again, time is money. A real SD would never waste yours, and, if you feel there is a connection, a date to meet should be set/offered after the mentioned communication. And be ruthless. If you feel he is wasting your time – he probably is. Send him to the “blockland” and forget about him.

    @MRenee88 – delete the picture with a friend, get a proper full body shot, explain in what way exactly can you take care of the person. More focus on what YOU can do and not what a SD can do for you. Otherwise ok.

  388. AnnaMW says:

    @ PhoneGuy – Thanks for backing me up. I take a hard line on so few things. Life is complicated and intense enough. :-)

    I know that the girls are borderline disgusted by Mad right now (understandably so), but she probably does better with the boys than all of us. She’s fun, sexual and not allowance focused. She could very well have a propensity towards crazy and is mean as f*ck, but she’s probably a single SDs ideal fling (perhaps not wife material)…

    I have the reverse problem, where I do my part in the arrangement, but the guy ends up wanting a serious relationships or marriage culminating in the end of good situations that I was perfectly happy in and could have continued for years if everyone stuck to what we agreed upon. My cross to bear I guess. :)

  389. FLFunSB says:

    @Jen mine is of me in a bikini where you can’t see my face. When a SD emails me and shows more interested I do email him more photos. :-)

  390. spring says:

    Hey everyone,
    I have never posted up until now,i have been reading all your posts,very interesting and i think it’s about time i confessed *cough cough* i have a crash on Jack!…….runs for cover.

  391. Jen says:

    Hi girls, this is completely off topic but I have a question.
    Do any of you not have pictures or only have body pictures on your profiles?
    I need to be discreet and I don’t want to show my face. At the same time, I feel like almost no one messages me and if they do they just demand I automatically email/text them face pics. I don’t really want to send pictures of myself to random strangers.
    I guess my overall question is if any of you have had success having REAL SDs contact you without having a face picture on your profile?

    Thanks in advance :)

  392. FLFunSB says:

    @ Flyr and @SD Guru thanks for the tips

    @Treasured and everyone What are some great questions to weed out the pen pals? I get people from all over and just wanna chat and worst just want to chat on the phone. I have never been good at negotiating either, Im not sure how to even bring it up. I had 2 arrangements that lasted each a couple of years, both came to me with a great arrangement.

    @Flyr I was wondering if, A. You would look at my profile and criticize me. B. Give me an honest opinion on a realistic arrangement allowance I should offer. :-) If you accept could the BG’s send you my email please. :-)

  393. black cherry says:

    The weight post got some what ugly.anyhow i do believe every man and woman have a preference as far as size goes and i don’t care if anyone wants to be big ,slim whatever you choose,what bothers me is when people start saying some of us (very slim type) are not healthy….what gives you the reason to say this?and just to clear this some of the very successful sb’s i know are very big girls,but they are confident girls and actually have no issues with their weight and they command big bucks from these sd’s and never settle for less,so there u have it,we all have someone out there who will appreciate us just the way we are.

  394. MRenee88 says:

    Hello everyone!
    I am new to the site and as a SB and I have read all the info that is suggested for new SB’s to check out. However I would very much appreciate if anyone could have a look at my profile and give any tips or let me know if it looks alright. :)

    My profile number is 1035352

    I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend :)

  395. Treasured says:

    For me it is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Just re-watching “The Tudors” and can’t stop drooling over him as a “Henry the Eight”.
    The GUY is HOT! Definitely a bit of a bad boy, but sooooo goood at it 😀

  396. Madison says:

    I’m thinking about adding to my profile: “If you look like Don Draper, I’m prepared to give YOU an allowance”. My god that man is a dream…..

  397. Treasured says:

    @Madison – Thank you for the invitation!
    I would love to 😀 Unfortunately I am on the wrong continent 😀
    But my best friend was just offered a work exchange to NY, and I still have slight hopes that I might be able to go and visit her during the summer 😀
    If I manage to do that – I would love to meet up. Never have been to the USA and would love to make NY the first city I visit.

    PS: My Birthday is very soon, so if there are any SDs who might want to contribute towards the flight – feel free to do so 😀 😉
    And, perhaps, if girls will be willing, we might send you a picture of the three of us having cocktails somewhere fabulous 😀

  398. PhoneGuy says:

    >I interpreted PhoneGuys comment differently
    Haha, that’s because you have an open mind and don’t have an axe to grind. 😉

    >The fact that I think she’s a bit of a princess and that it is a turnoff to many guys is a pretty unanimous perspective
    Ding, ding, ding, ding!

  399. Madison says:

    Hey Treasured are you near New York City? NYG and I are planning to meet sometime this week, soooo if you’re around…let us know. LOL :)

  400. Treasured says:

    Ahahahaha 😀

    You are very welcome 😉 And some of your post made me think that YOU might be VERY fun 😉

  401. NYG says:

    I missed everything .
    But Girls be good! Treasured and Madison – take me along , I am a red hair gal , you need me too. :)

  402. Treasured says:

    @Madison – Umm, a blonde and a brunette, an ultimate fantasy 😀 Might be an idea of how to make a few SDs on here excited 😀

  403. Madison says:

    Awwww see??? We are all getting along again. Let’s make up and tongue kiss. XOXO :)

  404. Anna says:

    Oh, and if I have offended Diana in any way, I would love to connect with her off blog to apologize.

  405. Treasured says:

    @ Flyr – I think that has to be put in a book, under the chapter “How to make a great profile. All Sugarbabies should memorise”

    @Madison – Thank you :) See, you can be a sweetheart. Mwhaa :) Also some good points about what the profile should be like.

    @Amber – It can take up to six months to find a Sugardaddy. Don’t waste your type on chat vampires – you will burn down and won’t have enough energy if the real SD comes along :) Filter and make priorities.

  406. flyr says:


    I have been flying American for decades but prefer SWA when I need to get somewhere nearby and want to actually get there.

    The treatment on AA on the flight back from Paris last year was so bad that it’s possibly the last time I will fly them. –

  407. Anna says:

    @ Chasewhatmatters – For the love of god. I really like Diana and always have. She’s one of the more interesting, intelligent women on the blog. I’d like her to be my friend, actually.

    The fact that I think she’s a bit of a princess and that it is a turnoff to many guys is a pretty unanimous perspective (back me up, people). Even she is aware of it! I think it’s great that she won’t adapt her standards and would love to know how I’ve “attacked” her.

    If you look at my response, it is entirely focused on MY experience, not on what anyone else said… That I don’t need my SD to look like the guy from the juicer commercials and that him being a little overweight would hardly be nausea inducing.

    RE: Blog guys. I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. I made a joking comment about my favorite blog SDs. I’m not even in the market.

    BTW, who are you?

  408. Jack says:

    Hey Everybody,

    So, fair warning, I’m going to write a couple of long posts and weigh in on some of the above.

    First, re: airlines–I would urge SB’s not to take Brandon’s numbers too seriously, because first, without knowing the sample size and biases, we don’t even know if the differences are statistically significant (ie, if the conclusions he draws are scientifically valid). And of course, do net worth and income really determine the quality of an SD, in any case?

    My income/net worth numbers are way higher than those in Brandon’s chart at the top, yet I am almost always flying Southwest. Why? Let me count the reasons:

    First, because I much prefer Hobby (the airport that Southwest flies out of here in Houston) and because I prefer the smaller airports it flies into (eg, Norfolk, where I will fly to visit my brother in Aug).

    Second, out of well over a thousand flights I have flown in the past 30 years, more than 90% have been on Southwest, and I can only remember one that was cancelled, and SWA got me on my way a few hours later. I have flown less than 50 flights on US Airways and Delta, and I had three disasters, one of which was beyond belief. My daughters and I had just finished a cruise in Puerto Rico and when we get to the San Juan airport, US Airways tells us they cancelled ALL flights out of San Juan, PR. So, I know you all want to know when they told me they could get my daughters and I out, right?

    Three f*$cking days later! I kid you not–and this is for a First Class customer. Is this because they couldn’t put us on another plane? No. I spent a couple of grand on another airline and we still made it back to Houston later that day. And to add insult to injury, I just discovered they never redeposited the several hundred thousand miles those flights cost me.

    Folks, there is a reason that there is only ONE airline that has NEVER been in bankruptcy, and that is because SWA runs an awesome operation, and their safety record is second to none. For me, the most important thing about flying is convenience (eg, Hobby airport much more convenient) and efficiency of the airline. No other airline in Houston come even close to SWA (and I have never worked for SWA, nor do I hold its stock, so no secondary reasons for me to recommend it).

    I have several friends in Houston who are wealthier than I am–and they feel the same. I think high-net-worth SD’s–especially those who have made their money as businessmen–like to patronize businesses that are efficient and customer-service-oriented. Nobody beats SWA in those areas. NOBODY.

    Having said that, I am flying US Airways the week after next to Costa Rica (SWA doesn’t fly there). I hope I make it back!

    And of course, the whole thesis of this blog is probably misleading–ie, the idea that flying airlines (or visiting airports) is an efficient way of meeting SD’s. I’m sure everybody here would think that it would be more efficient to meet SD’s through a site like SA, rather than trolling airports of flying.

    Further comments in a moment.


  409. flyr says:

    Guy’s take on pictures

    My first look at your picture will look at eyes, facial expression and then visualize you naked. The picture does not have to be all skin but one of the pictures should help the vision.

    Facial expression – good ( smiling, tempting, happy, )
    bad ( angry , unhappy, unattractively unkempt)

    Background – simple or nice, but not the dirty bathroom mirror, sinktop covered in stuff and open toilet seat.. In an emergency if you need that picture then clean the junk off and carefully look at the background in the pix. I’m not a fan of having friends in your picture as it indicated potential indiscretion. If the note says that your friends want to join you that’s ok.

    Healthy background pictures are great sailing, beach, travel

    3-4 pictures max unless there is a special reason. face, body , interests or special pic. Perhaps one looking very professional and one looking seductive.

    Text – this is advertising copy. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

    Filters – positive statements designed to filter out what you do not want but in a positive way.

    Product differentiation – why you are special

    Economic aspirations – My sense is that some SBs put in numbers that are far higher than their expectations. You may be leaving some good SD behind and attracting those who will want to negotiate

    Sound professional if you are looking for a professional.

    Your interests should be attractors and filters.

    Think about what you are writing in terms of the reader. You are an adventure junkie so you add
    “I like adventure, try anything once and probably more.” You were thinking skydiving and running with the bulls…………….. his interpretation may be very different.

    Discretely convey what might make a night or weekend with you special

    Tell us what you like that is relevant to a relationship.

    Like it or not you are in the sales business. Packaging is as important and product quality.

    Share with us something about why you are here and your objectives.

    Ask for the order

  410. Amber says:

    My profile is pretty cheery and drama free, not sure how to link it here though.

    Some of these time vampires looking for a chat are kind of fun to mess with though, I’m tempted to see if I can trick them into emailing me ecerts for the hell of it.

  411. Madison says:

    Also, Amber…. don’t make the mistake many SBs do on their profile. Washing all your dirty laundry:” Married 3 times, 4 kids and unemployed”. Daddies don’t like any type of drama. Leave that conversation to have it in person over martinis. You profile needs to sound light, happy and most of all, confident.

  412. Madison says:

    @Amber: Darling, please don’t quit. It takes time to find a nice SD. I know exactly what you are talking about though. The creeps, the weirdos, the cheapos and the ones who evaporate…. it is very annoying and discouraging. But it is not like the nice and real SDs don’t exist. They are out there and trust me, you will find one.

    As someone pointed out, a nice picture might attract the attention of the right sugar daddy. A nice written profile along with a very nice picture might get you hundreds of responses. Maybe, take new pictures, re-write your profile and please, don’t ever say on your profile ” I’m sick and tired of fake SDs”. It comes across as bitter and no daddy wants a drama bitter queen….. XOXO

  413. Amber says:

    *10/10 oops.

  414. Amber says:

    Sorry, SA but I think it’s time for me to quit you.

    So far 9/10 SD’s I met things went nowhere. The guy either disappeared after we had coffee (how gentleman-like), it went nowhere, or I was offered not what I asked for in terms of allowance. My requested amount is $3-5k, all I got were guys offering me $200-300 to sleep with them. I kind of get it, if you can’t afford an escort why not go to SA where you can con a young girl to sleep with you for significantly less. I can’t see myself doing that and imagine how great sex will be with someone you don’t really like. *rolleyes*

    And let’s not forget the time vampires.. yes, yes. The guys that offer to talk to you forever and ever just to get a kick. This isn’t SeekingPenpal, so I am sick and tired of that crap already.

    Sorry for the rant, but it seems highly doubtful I’m going to find someone here being here so long.

  415. Sanndy says:

    I don;t travel alot but when I do it is always with Delta if possible

  416. Madison says:

    @Treasured: “They don’t have to be pro pics, but definitely NOT taken with your phone in front of the mirror with a dirty laundry on the background”.

    Your entire post my dear, was one of the wisest I read lately. :)) TOTALLY, agree on the picture technique issue.

  417. Chasewhatmatters says:

    @Anna I don’t think that is what Diana was saying. She said nothing about being a little overweight.
    If you read the whole blog, you would understand. I noticed your posts all have done a 360, suddenly.
    Now you seem to be attacking Diana , where at one point you agreed on many things.
    I understand that some of the SB’s are trying to meet some of the SD’s on the blog.
    I hope you and PhoneGuy get that together.

  418. Anna says:


    Um…. I don’t mind if a guy doesn’t work out and has a few extra pounds. I also like prefer guys who are 10-20 years older than me. Those feelings have nothing to do with sugar or money. I dated the same demographic before sugar and I come here when I’m between relationships. The transition was seamless and this lifestyle really works for me. I only get involved with men I’m attracted to, and being a little overweight is hardly nauseating as you implied.

    Obesity is a different story because it is very unattractive if a guy neglects his health. It waves instability flags and generally affects confidence in all areas of of life.

    I interpreted PhoneGuys comment differently… People join this site to meet those they may not otherwise have access to. Guys can get to know women who probably wouldn’t give them the time of day at a bar. Women get to meet established, supportive men. It’s pretty simple and I don’t see a thing wrong with it.

  419. Sweet Siren says:

    @Flyr Thank you for the advice. I will try and get the car rental tomorrow from MCI airport. While the Harley Sportster was ok it is definitely no Ninja.

    Not sure how everyone else’s night went/ is going but I had a great time at Fuel. Overland Park may not be great on car rentals but definitely some decent bars. Now off to skype SD.

  420. Treasured says:

    @ Everybody – feel free to email me :)

    I think many SBs forget that this is NOT an ordinary dating website. Men here are not interested that you are “smart and beautiful” – that comes as a standard, nor that you want to be spoiled – it is MEN who want to be spoiled by a woman.
    So, basically you have to realise what YOU can offer to a man, not visa versa.
    Also, pictures are crucial (I know there are a lot of Sb’s who don’t even have a picture on their profile and get a lot of response, but in the areas, where SB/SD is even lower than the usual one to ten, it is important). They don’t have to be pro pics, but definitely NOT taken with your phone in front of the mirror with a dirty laundry on the background (mine pictures were taken with my laptop camera, but on a clear background and I made an effort to look good).

  421. Ashley says:

    Im wondering who to contact to get some advice on my profile to attract a quality SD, can any experienced SBs help? Thanks.

  422. VirginSugar says:

    @Treasured, might I email you as well? I’ve got a marketing background and wrote my profile with that in mind, but I’m not getting much traction. Perhaps someone with more experience could point me in the right direction. :)

  423. Chasewhatmatters says:

    @Diana- Thank you so much! I’ve been meaning to get to the gym. As a mature SB, I’ve never worried about my weight til now. Your post has been an inspiration. No, I can never just give up, that’s much too easy.
    Having lived on the west coast, many people looked as if they had just stepped off a movie set. I feel I don’t have far to go with working out. I’ve just never been an “ab master” ,but I must get a six pack before moving on to the next dimension. I viewed some you tube videos on techniques I will be trying out this week.
    I am proud I have always maintained my figure, even after having three children. You are right, It can be done! I’ve done it before and I will do it again.
    As you may not know, here on the east coast, the mayor (dictator) is trying to outlaw soda based on obesity. What about the rest of us? How is that fair?
    Diana, I know your last post was for (PhoneGuy), but I had to comment.
    I, as a lifelong rule, have never dealt with fat or obese men. I even informed my adult children that if I get fat, to hunt me down and shoot me.

  424. msteachermaam says:

    Oh and Air France comes to a close second! However, Air Italia and Air Algerie are icky from my experience : (

  425. msteachermaam says:

    Flying business class simply for the reason that you may meet a wealthy man isn’t a good expenditure in my opinion. Visiting the gift shops and lounges at airports are a better choice – it’s free to look around! Plus, more icebreaker material and more people to choose from than just your seatmates.

    Delta is definitely one of my favorite airlines to book, and it doesn’t surprise me that passengers have high incomes. Their international flights have many amenities and the planes that I have flown on are either new or refurbished and updated so they look like it…things that men and women of a discerning nature look for.

    Not that I’m discerning or anything; I can recognize quality but I’m actually a bargain hunter when it comes to flights — after all, I’m a sugar baby not a sugar daddy! : )

  426. Treasured says:

    @flyr – I might, just :) But only for you and in a private conversation, since you have asked so nicely 😉

  427. Pebbles says:

    Please Put A Sock In It !!!!!

  428. DianaSBinOC says:


    “@Diana,”So it’s funny how many want what they aren’t yet they are the ones with wealth and opportunity to change themselves if they so desired.I thought both of us wanted what we aren’t. If I were young and hot I wouldn’t be offering money for a relationship.”

    So you’re old and ugly then? Sorry to hear that. Am I the only kid that used to watch those juicer infomercials? That guy was in his 70’s and was in great shape! Or is your thought that your age means you can give up and as long as you have a few hundred dollars you’re content with a woman being around for that? I like wealth in a man but I don’t want him paying me to hold back nausea. He should want me to want him. That’s why there are guys in shape on the site because they don’t want to be that guy with money and nothing else. Same with attractive women. Sure they can skate by on looks but they don’t want to be that girl. So they get their education because beauty and brains is one sweet combo.

    “So you’re saying SBs have no way to become wealthy and successful?”

    Who said that? These women generally are starting out in their lives yes they can become very wealthy and successful.

    “What does wealth have to do with the ability to change themselves? Surgery?”
    Gastric Bypass
    Adjustable stomach band
    Adkins Diet
    Weight Training/ Personal Trainer/ In Home Gym/ Weight Management Guru
    Jenny Craig
    Weight Watchers
    Liposuction/ Liposculpture
    Mesotheraphy-Lipodissolve/ Laser Lipo
    Whole Body Vibration Machine
    Sensa Weight Loss System

    If you have the money there is alot you can do.

    You can even enroll in a boot camp type program that will kick you in gear. The point is it can be done. It’s just about how bad you want it. Also if you have time to search around for women on a site then you have time to do a few sit ups, hit the gym, plan your next meal based on your calorie intake.. It can’t hurt right? Why wouldn’t you want someone that’s truly attracted to you?

    So we’re back to you complaining about women being all about the money when you just proved based on your situation why that’s all you have to offer. That’s truly unfortunate you feel that way.

  429. flyr says:

    @treasured – You might want to share more of your secrets as to how you targeted it.

    One suggestion is to write the text of your profile in word to catch grammar and spelling errors.

    Keep it brief but get the important stuff right, both factually and with style.

  430. Treasured says:

    @Jesi – I have just re-read my profile, and I have to admit – it is tough. For some other sugarbabies, and might be for you included. I wrote it with a particular sugardaddy type in mind, and I know what attracts guys like this. I am not going to re-write it or change it. Marketing yourself is a difficult thing and you have to do what it takes. But as I have said, A LOT of met complimented me on it and I have a lot of interest (I happen to think profile is a major factor, when so many girls are really beautiful on here)
    I will leave my email here to you. Moderators, please, do not delete it, or delete it after Jesi has answered or got it: temptation dot white at hotmail dot co dot uk (no spaces anywhere)

  431. NicoleNC says:

    Blog Gods please send TXJesiLove my private email address. :o)

  432. PhoneGuy says:

    >The 30 billion dollar fashion industry won’t agree with this statement….
    People wasting their money on silly stuff they don’t need doesn’t mean anything to me. :-)

  433. SincereSD says:

    Chiming in on this topic, I have to say that these are tough economic times and you will find SD material in cattle class as well. Many large companies today watch their purse strings much tighter and have a no business class policy.

    I haven’t had the luck being upgraded much nowadays even though I am a million miler with 2 airlines. The upgrade selection is based on a variety of factors including the fare paid and your mileage status.

    However, the major bonus of flying so much is I can often use my points for my travel companion.

    Comment to finding SD on the flights, don’t forget that your major competition will be the Flight Attendants. They have homebase advantage being on flights with pot SD on a regular basis and are often staying at the same hotels.

    How do I know this tidbit? I had a flight attendant as a SB and she used to tell me stories about her co-workers “stalking” the eligible men.

    Hello to my old friends, Guru, SDinLA and MW.

  434. Madison says:

    Actually I forgot a zero…. it is 300 billion.

  435. Madison says:

    @PhoneGuy: “clothes don’t change who you are.”

    The 30 billion dollar fashion industry won’t agree with this statement….

  436. Madison says:

    I got satellite radio for my car today and the salesguy was explaining to me where the ‘hot” stations (Howard Stern, Playboy….) were located, with a creepy smile on his face. Dear creepy salesguy, you are receiving “the worst come on of the month” award.

  437. PhoneGuy says:

    >Surgery, expensive shrinks and to die for Versace clothes are a good start….
    Pffft, clothes don’t change who you are.

  438. Madison says:

    @PhoneGuy: “What does wealth have to do with the ability to change themselves? Surgery?”

    Surgery, expensive shrinks and to die for Versace clothes are a good start….

  439. PhoneGuy says:

    >So it’s funny how many want what they aren’t yet they are the ones with wealth and opportunity
    >to change themselves if they so desired.
    I thought both of us wanted what we aren’t. If I were young and hot I wouldn’t be offering money for a relationship.
    So you’re saying SBs have no way to become wealthy and successful?

    What does wealth have to do with the ability to change themselves? Surgery?

  440. Madison says:

    Watching queer eye for the straight guy on netflix… LOL looooooove that show.

    “Guns don’t kill people, bad fashion does” – Carson

  441. Madison says:

    Hey Diana! On the weight issue ( not trying to beat on the dead horse)….but I agree with you. I have many overweight girlfriends, and some of them are so confident that they manage to get boyfriends regardless.They know being overweight is not healthy, and they do call themselves fatties; HOWEVER, they LOVE being they way they are. If someone is so insecure they have to come to sugar daddy blog for advice…well this is not a weight watchers support group. Which by the way works. My neighbor lost 40 pounds on weight watchers….

  442. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    I’m at my local women’s roller derby bout. FYI SD’s: roller derby is a great ‘date’. It’s sexy and empowers women. If you’re looking for something outside the box. :-)

  443. TXJesiLove says:

    I don’t really have an issue with the way I look. My health concerns me because of my kids, but not only because of my weight. My poor immune system too. When I posted that I was really down and out and wondering what was so wrong with me that people didn’t even respond. But ah well, until I find one that treats me the way I deserve, men are just men.

  444. DianaSBinOC says:

    Wow looks like I’ve been out of the loop for a few.

    @TXJesiLove–I saw your comment now perhaps Madison was blunt but you said guys were ignoring you because you were overweight. Now common sense dictates that the first thing a person is going to suggest is for you to loose weight. I don’t think she was trying to be cruel. Unlike height, age, race or sex that can never be changed. Weight is one thing that can. Now if you like the way you look and have no desires to change it then you just need to forget focusing on your weight as a problem and find men that embrace it. I think that goes without saying. I’ve seen similar posts like yours from weight to race and thought well if you feel so defeated then you have already lost the battle. I’ve seen women here meet their sugar daddies against all of the odds that they wouldn’t.So my advice would be to focus not on what you aren’t but more on the men that want what you are. Simple.

    Now if you look at many of the SD’s they aren’t really all rippled abs either. So it’s funny how many want what they aren’t yet they are the ones with wealth and opportunity to change themselves if they so desired.

    I recall a blog awhile back when I was just reading posts about a SB that was doing a first meet with an SD. She was honest about her measurements but when she showed up, the dress she was wearing made her look bigger than she was. She had large breasts so it really wasn’t her fault. It was just the dress. That SD took one look drove off yelling ” I don’t do fat girls”.It was hurtful and cruel. Talk about public humiliation on a grand scale. This winner took the cake.

    Now on the same token I saw that sugar daddy episode on Dr. Phil and one of the women in the show had I think 4-5 sugar daddies. I remember her famous line was ” my bag is still hungry” and her daddy had no problem feeding it. She was not the thin supermodel at all and yes she had 4-5 sugar daddies.

    Just to add I have an SD friend that is quite obese. He’s the type that you can hear breathing when he’s 100% awake. I’ve tried to help him loose weight but he feels it’s too much work so he makes an attempt and then gives up by day 2. He was in great shape looking at his younger pictures but with wealth and power he feels he can buy anything, even people. So he seeks out model types and pretty much treats them like garbage in this love hate drama cycle. He hates them for not being attracted to him but buys them to keep them around. Now I’ve spoken to a few of them to try to tell them to not take his crap lol. But he slowly chips away at their self esteem until you hear them beating themselves up for no reason. What can I say , the guy likes to pull the wings off of butterflies. Now I’m super blunt with him and it’s because he needs a good swift kick from this imaginary throne he’s put himself on. He’s a highly intelligent wealthy man that has an ego the size of Texas. Still in some ways he’s sweet and is a true romantic. He’s done some amazing things for women when he’s trying to impress them. It’s just after he gets them where it all goes down hill.

    Sorry I didn’t mean go off the topic. My point is if you don’t like yourself then change it. If you do then find men that like who you are. I’m sorry to hear about your stomach virus , I don’t wish that on my worst enemy. However if you are trying to loose weight that stomach virus will do the work for you. I do sincerely hope it passes soon.

  445. FLFunSB says:

    Geez I need to proofread before I press send from now on. LOL My brain goes to fast and I type, press enter and go onto the next project on the computer. SMH.

  446. FLFunSB says:

    I went took my lil man to the beach for the weekend. Monday he is off to his dad’s for the summer. Oh what to do in my down time with out him.

  447. flyr says:

    I think the protocol is to ask the BGs to send the person your contact info

  448. TXJesiLove says:

    How do I tell or ask the blog gods anything? just post it? If thats the case: can i get NicoleNC’s email address and Treasured’s profile number or bountiful blog gods? 😀

  449. flyr says:

    car rentals – If there’s a general aviation airport, especially one with jet traffic the FBO’s usually have cars available , some around the clock.

    try airnav.com

  450. TXJesiLove says:

    I agree. A change of topic would be lovely! Her words do not bother me. I know that many men fall into the hype of social media and go for super-model types. But even more go for the healty women with alittle meat. And then there are those special few(I use the term few lightly) who love women of my size and even larger! I am beautiful even though you can’t find my bones just by glancing :) I am sick this weekend. Stomach virus. Thank goodness my kiddies are with their dad this weekend. Would hate if they got sick!

  451. PhoneGuy says:

    Just got back from taking my kids on a canoe trip…beautiful day…but it looks like a missed a lot of fun. 😉

    AND Tina and Grassy kissing. 😉

  452. Sweet Siren says:

    @Treasured You are awesome! Took your advice and called the nearest Harley Davidson rental. Never rode a Harley before but it shouldn’t be much different from my Ninja. Thanks have to run and pick it up. Closes in 8 min!

  453. Midwest SB says:

    Pebbles…I LOVE Boca! Have one for me!

    SD Guru- Thanks! :-) They don’t call you the Guru for nothin!

    I’m doing mommy time this weekend and enjoying the fabulous weather! Hiking, biking, fishing, and fires. Ahhhhhh….summer. Sugar profile is updated and active with a few live ones in engaging conversation. Let’s see where this goes.

  454. Pebbles says:

    Going dancing at the Blue Martini Boca Raton tonight :)

  455. Nwsugarbaby says:

    @SDinLA- point well stated

    @everyone- can we pick a change of topic….what is everyone doing this weekend?
    ….we need to stop feeding fuel to her fire. As a couple of people pointed out….we are simply better off ignoring it and chatting about something else.

  456. Treasured says:

    @Sweet Siren – Can I suggest a bike? 😀

    OMG! I think I just saw the most disgusting profile line of a SD – “Nice to MATE you”
    Is he for real? :D:D:D:D:D:D I do appreciate a good sense of humour, but I think that is taking at a bit too far 😀

  457. Sweet Siren says:

    Random rant: Why does every freaking car rental place in Overland Park, Kansas close at noon. Seriously in a business district with a plethora of hotels they all close at noon!! Someone come rescue me from this hotel please.———->Ok sorry everyone rant over

  458. Blue Eyes Beauty says:

    Moderator, please block Madison PERMANENTLY. She has obviously not learned a thing and will continue to be rude and be a bully which is against blog rules.

    Someone have a back bone and get rid of this deadwood. There is NOTHING construction about anything that comes out of the hole in her face. I don’t want to be associated with anything to do with such a person. I feel like I need a shower every time the poor excuse for a SB comments. And her SDs (if there are in fact any) probably feel like they need a shower IRL after spending any amount of time in her company.

    Frankly I would suggest a boycott of this blog until the troll, flamer and bully is removed permanently. All in favour, say aye.

    • SD Guru says:

      Blog trolls come and go, this iteration is not the first and it won’t be the last. The key in dealing with them is knowing that you’re dealing with one and don’t feed the troll. Keep in mind how you respond to trolls is a reflection of your own character. Trolls get a rise out of flaming others, but if no one takes the bait then they won’t get the attention they seek. Please trust the moderators to do the right thing.

  459. VanillaSugar says:

    [email protected]–Being a Biotch really turns you on! You’re gonna come across the wrong one very soon…I wonder if this is how you act IRL…ummm, I highly doubt it.

  460. Treasured says:

    @Madison – Ummm…. “Many boyfriends and daddies”. Perhaps your nastiness is the reason why it wasn’t just a “couple” 😉

  461. FLFunSB says:

    @Madison highly disappointed, SD’s also like manners which you lack.

  462. Madison says:

    @Sweet: I never said I was perfect, dear. I’m really 110 lbs and I do work my ass off (literally) to keep that weight. I do dye my hair to keep a nice shade of brown and I have a VERY dorky smile. I’m petite (only 5’2) and I would die to be 5’7. I managed to have many boyfriends and daddies in the last 8 years. Why? Cuzz I aint fat….

  463. Sweet Siren says:

    @Madison Your dialog is neither “constructive or respectful” hence why your post may have been deleted. All you continually do is spill nonsense out of your mouth in the guise of honesty. I was not aware that you were representative of all men on SA and therefore knew all men were only interested in skinny women. Why not simply advise the poster to tailor her profile to find someone better suited for her? As you yourself have discovered there are men on SA with fetishes. Does this mean all men on SA have fetishes or should only women who can fulfill those fetishes be SBs.

    I’ve noticed there are SD profiles looking for only women who are naturally blondes. Men are so sick and tired of looking at brunettes all day at work, home and everywhere else. If a guy wanted a brunette they wouldn’t be here! But yet you Madison have managed to find an SD!!! How so?

  464. Treasured says:

    @Madison – There are ways to tell the truth without hurting other people 😉 I have a feeling, someone has been very hurt herself… Why would you inflict it on others?

  465. Treasured says:

    @Jesi – I got complimented on my profile more than once, and if you want, you can ask the moderators to send me your SA profile number. I would be happy to check it out for you and see if there is something to add to it, and generally give you my opinion (not on your appearance, but how it is put together :) )

  466. Madison says:

    I’m just being honest peeps…. and I consider honesty a virtue. America needs to re-learn eating habits. Shut your mouth and you will weight less.. Last time I check there is something in this lovely country, called freedom of speech.

    “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
    ― Gloria Steinem

  467. Treasured says:

    @Madison – behave :)

    Men are here to have uncomplicated fun. With a woman of THEIR choice. And choice in this “candy shop” is limitless.
    The thing is, it is not the size, it is the attitude and how you treat your body. No matter what you are given, treat it with respect. One thing is size, other being unkept.
    There are even some men (welcome to the fetish world, Madison) who actually get turned on by large ladies. VERY large.
    Try thinking out of the box. ie, “men love only skinny women”, “if you are getting paid for being a SB – you are just a whore” and etc.

    @Everyone. What pisses me off the most, is when people, who are OBVIOUSLY not perfect themselves, have the nerve to be critical of someone else. And yes, Madison, I am talking about you 😉

  468. Madison says:

    If you don’t want to hear an honest answer, please don’t ask the question. If you bothered to ask, well is because you really want to hear what you need to hear. I am not the one who is going to sugar coat ya.

    “hey people I’m fat… why don’t men like me?” HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Men are sick and tired of looking at fat asses all day at work, at home and everywhere else. If they are here on this site is because they are looking for girls that are in shape. If a guy wanted a fat girl they wouldn’t be here. There are plenty of fatties at the local bar…..

  469. Sweet Siren says:

    Never been more proud of the folks here on SA blog. Admittedly when I first returned to this blog a couple of months ago I became nostalgic about those who were here over two years ago. The blog seemed a much better close knit and agreeable community then. While our opinions differed at times, we did so respectably. It seems I may be wrong. The posters continually change but the spirit of the blog has not.

    @SDinLA You called her a c*nt much nicer than I could ever have. Nice hearing it from an SD!

    @Blue Eyed Beauty You are my SB crush :-)

  470. FLYR says:

    @NYG “FLYer.

    How come sensuality is an absolute term?
    Obviously where are at least “50 shades” of sensuality :) ))

    When people talk of wealth, physical beauty, breast size etc they generally use comparative terms . He’s wealthier than X, she’s more beautiful than Y ……. ……………….. sensuality and goodness come in shades but they are usually simply referred to and appreciated as good and sensual people.

    It becomes important when wonderman parks his new toy and escorts his arm candy into the restaurant……many people look, all is good . But ….. Crisis mode – there’s some guy walking out with her younger, firmer, more wrinkle free and curvier little sister. It’s time to consider a tradein. They walk past another couple . Older gentleman with attractive but not arm candy lady. They are having a seriously good time with eachother and not bothering to see who is there and are people looking at them. The affection and sensuality in the relationship is apparent

  471. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @Midwest SB – Thank you for addressing my concern. In this case I think the flames lead to one Maddy’s comments being removed. Unacceptable behaviour and bullying should never be ignored but addressed to ensure the quality of the venue. I teach my children to never watch bullying without intervening or at the very least telling an authority and/or peer. Just tell someone; and keep telling until something is done. What would I be if I didn’t lead by example.

  472. Midwest SB says:

    Blue-eyed Beauty – As a moderator, it’s a delicate balance between banning someone (as a time out) and expecting adults to behave as adults. We have a warning process that we follow. Her comment has been removed. Also realize that when others respond in kind, it makes it more complicated in terms of fairness. The best thing to do is to ignore it. She likes the flames.

  473. NYG says:


    How come sensuality is an absolute term?
    Obviously where are at least “50 shades” of sensuality :)))

  474. NYG says:

    “if I were the CEO of SA”

    Don’t we all wish we would be the CEO of SA… … or at least a SB of The CEO of SA. :)

  475. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    I just read the Blog Etiquette and wonder what it would actually take for a repeat offender to in fact be banned from posting or having their posting courtesy suspended temporarily. If I were the CEO of SA, I know I wouldn’t want to encourage hurtful points of view that are obviously and drastically not in keeping with the spirit and intent of SA but would instead invite those rather limited unsportsmanlike points of view to get their own damn blog. Suggested title ‘Enfant Terrible’.

  476. Anna says:

    @ Blue Eyed – One of the biggest crosses I have to bear is that I always try to see the best in the most unlikeable people..

  477. TXJesiLove says:

    All of you who have stuck up for me and have offered advice, I thank you dearly! It truly means a great deal to me, not because its advice to possibly aide me in finding a SD, but because you’re all trying to encourage me to be better. I don’t know how to ask or tell the blog gods anything…so i’m quite lost on that matter. To the absolutely lovely woman who offered her email, I will be sending you a message after i send this out.

  478. FLYR says:

    TX – If you have read the blogs you’ll note that there are a number of SB here who have commented that it took them a lot longer than anticipated to find their SD.

    It’s probably true that many SD’s are looking to return to their 20s and to impress others with their arm candy. But there are a whole lot of others who are out there because they are seeking someone whom they are comfortable with and find fun to be with.

    I have been surprised at the number of married friends who have essentially said they are seeing someone because they want to be in a comfortable, non theatrical environment

    Very often you’ll see the woman who is perhaps a little overweight but blows away the arm candy with her niceness and sensuality. When people talk about beauty or wealth it is usually in relative terms . When they talk about goodness or sensuality it’s in absolute terms. There’s a big difference.

    If you are not getting responses think like the pizza place. It’s not just the product but the marketing. Marketing may be neighborhood specific. Your friends have given you some great and loving advice.


  479. Midwest SB says:

    Madison – Along with others, I find your remark blatantly rude and insensitive. Since the opinions are unanimous, your remark will be removed. Please adhere to the blog rules posted at the beginning of every blog. Those who responded….Thank you for standing up for TX. Remember Guru’s rule #1…don’t reward bad behavior (any response counts).

    TXJesiLove – All you need is a little change in your marketing approach. Embrace your curves and sell yourself as the beauty that some men will appreciate in you. Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 and she had no shortage of sugar daddies or men. There ARE men who prefer women with curves and a little meat on their bones. Don’t let modern day fashion dictate what others think is pretty. As you can see, it takes more than just being a size 2 to attract a man. Put something in your heading that has a sportscar/ curves theme to it and be proud of what you have. Include flirty and short paragraphs that show off your personality. Include a little about you, but put more about what you can do for him….be an oasis…adventurous…able to travel…etc. Put up classy pictures and don’t worry if 100 SDs don’t contact you. It only takes one man who likes your type of woman. I’d rather have 10 men who are looking for my type specifically than 100 who spam every active profile hoping to get a hit.

    As for traveling…I did it a lot for the past few years. Mostly Delta, but it had more to do with the flights that are convenient. I have met musicians, CEOs, etc., and one young guy who wanted to discuss an arrangement in Chicago. That was an odd one, but he was from a culture where it was quite acceptable. I like the idea of being able to talk aviation…good one!!

  480. Grasshopper says:

    SDinLA – I concur, sir.

  481. FLFunSB says:

    @SDinLA Touchè. It was rude, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt and she is very blunt in other posts. Since discovering the blog I have went back and read a lot of comments she does seem to speak her mind and is knowledgeable in this area. :-/ (often wonder if thats a good thing lol)

    @TXJesiLove I don’t know how long the blog Gods take so here you go.

  482. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @SDinLA you are a gem :-)

  483. SDinLA says:

    There’s a fairly obvious line between speaking your mind, telling it like it is etc. and just being rude and insensitive.

    I skip over certain blog denizens’ posts, but I see from the many people who directed replies at the WUM today that she’s been the latter (surprise, surprise.)

    @FLFunSB you wrote “she is just blunt but is knowledgable”

    Au contraire, I think you must have meant “she is a c*nt and is unknowledgeable”

  484. NicoleNC says:


    There are SDs who LOVE “thick” women, just like there are SDs who like tall, short, old, young, black, white, smart, dumb, superficial SBs and SBs of substance.

    Im over 30 and african-american, yet I get an email on average about once if not twice a day. Today alone, I got 10 (changed my photos (still no bikini shots though)…guess I should have done that sooner. LOL).

    Not bragging…my point is just 1. THERE IS NO ONE SB TYPE. Some SDs have considered me too young. Others thought I was too short. Others thought I was too tanned. LOL . 2 It is all about how you present yourself in your profile. Ask the Gods of the blog to give you my email address. I will be happy to take a look at your profile.

    Like the other ladies in this discussion, Im shocked at Madison’s “no sugar daddy will be willing to give allowances to a fat girl” comment. Maybe with the SDs she rolls with, but not in my world….that simply isn’t true.

    Whatever you do, don’t apologize for being who you are or how you are…that will definitely turn off any quality SD.

  485. Grasshopper says:

    “I’m sorry but if it talks like a
    troll, walks like a troll, it’s a F*&KING TROLL. I
    don’t care who it quotes. Again just goes to
    show you even trolls can read.”

    LMGDMFAO!!! \m/

  486. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @Madison You are by far THE rudest person I have ever had the displeasure of being in contact with. For the life of me I could NOT imagine what ANY SD would find attractive about you. Despite your self-professed 110 lbs, you are the most UNATTRACTIVE person on this blog and I would venture all of SA. You purport to be an expert about EVERYTHING but the more you open your mouth the more I realize you know nothing. Nothing. Just goes to show any idiot can get a degree.

    @TX – You my dear are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are. As you can see there are plenty here who could help you reach any weight goals you may have. You and I know very well men like women of all sizes. A skinny biotch with a bad attitude has nothing on you. Sexy is sexy, and comes in all shapes and sizes. Men are attracted to confidence. If you are comfortable with yourself, then work it girl. Every man has their preference. I’ve got curves and I’m proud of them. And trust me, men love them too. I’m confident about my curves but also realize some like tits on a stick. I just wish them well and forget about them. I also wish you all the best and hope you never have to be subjected to such low rent opinions again.

    @AnnaMW – I’m sorry but if it talks like a troll, walks like a troll, it’s a F*&KING TROLL. I don’t care who it quotes. Again just goes to show you even trolls can read.

  487. Grasshopper says:

    @Tina – Muuuaaahhhhh!!!

  488. Tina says:

    @TXJesiLove: if you’ve been on the blog a while, you’ll see a lot of differing opinions. Yes, there are SDs that want the arm candy, regardless of her intelligence or tact. There are also those that want it all – beauty and the brains. But there are those that want physical attraction, but it doesn’t come with measurements. Most of the attraction comes from you being the wonderful person that you are, which is what you need to show in your profile. If you want opinions, you can speak with some of the SDs that will *hopefully* show back up soon. They are all very encouraging and helpful.

    Also, keep in mind that it WILL take some time. The ratio is skewed to the SD advantage, so just be patient. Many people, including the self-proclaimed hot ones, have sent out e-mails and have not gotten a response. Keep your chin up.


  489. FLFunSB says:

    @TxJesiLove Yes, just let the blog gods know we agree to exchange email addresses. Don’t give up on SA it can be very rewarding. Most importantly don’t give up on you. You can do it.

    @Grasshopper smh LOL

  490. Grasshopper says:

    I’d rather be a “fat girl” than an obnoxious blabbering idiot, ANYDAY!

  491. TXJesiLove says:

    @FLFunSB is there a way I can talk to you one on one?

  492. FLFunSB says:

    @TXJesiLove Just read your other post. :-) I told had a medical issue, my birth control cause cause me to gain weight. I promise what ever issue you have, if you improve your lifestyle it will improve.

  493. VanillaSugar says:

    @Madison—ummm, that was really uncalled for. You are so damn annoying…Wtf?? She doesn’t need you to tell her she’s overweight, and all that other bs you talking!!

    @TXJesiLove–Some of the men on here are extremely rude…I experienced the same thing, send messages and no reply. I honestly thought it was b/c of my race and location, and after awhile I just stopped initiating contact. One of the guys on the blog took a look at my profile for me, and gave me tons and tons of advice and tips, which really helped out alot! After that, the emails just started flowing in. I was on here for 4 months before I actually met someone in person. So, don’t get discouraged, it just takes time. You should have one of the guys on here take a look at your profile :)

  494. FLFunSB says:

    @TXJesiLove Don’t mind Madison she is just blunt but is knowledgable.

    SD’s are looking for young slim women who turn them on. Some men are married, their wives have become overweight and they want something different. Don’t get to down on yourself their are plenty of men who like bigger women. I used to be one. A couple of years ago I got fed up with myself and hit the gym hard. I lost over 45 lbs not because of the gym its 80% of what your eat. Have strong will power and you can do anything.

    I have changed my life for the better and eat healthy ever day. I just turned 30 and can’t eat what I used to when I was 18. I would love to help you with this challenge in your life. I have tons of recipes, workout plans and understand the struggle you go through. 😀

  495. TXJesiLove says:

    For me it isn’t just a matter of hitting the gym. I have medical issues that cause me to gain 10lbs with even the slightest mishap. Before I had kids I worked out constantly and ae healthy, and still gained weight. If it was as simple for me as it seems to be for you, trust me, I’d have been smaller years ago.

  496. Anna says:

    Ok Mad….. Being thin and petite makes us arguably more popular.. By tenfold at least, but to say that NO man would EVER want a big girl as an SB is simply untrue. It’s like saying that women in certain race or age range wouldn’t be able find a match.

    Yes, most are looking for young girls who meet societies standard of beauty, but I’m pretty sure this site attracts all types of people and that there is someone out there for everyone… I actually know a few full figured girls who do very well.

    Now would be the time for all SBs who aren’t model quality, thin and 25 to step up and give our friend TXJesiLove a vote of confidence.

    Mad, I <3 you, but play nice! You are so damn mean sometimes.

  497. james9419 says:

    i want to trip with my sugar daddy :-)

  498. TXJesiLove says:

    I have been on here a while and sent out a few messages to people. Am I not getting any responses or attention because i’m heavier than a majorty of the sugar babies on here? I’m not even getting a ‘sorry I’m not interested’ response. I’m being flat-out ignored. I don’t get why no one wants to even stop and say hi.

  499. Anna says:

    This will sound weird, but being able to talk aviation has worked miracles both online and IRL. I didn’t initially think of it as being a hobby of the rich, but lots of wealthy people learn to fly small planes. I’ve made so many new friends just from being able to talk about it.

  500. DianaSBinOC says:

    I really never thought about the airline an SD chose to fly on. lol But a few that have contacted me said they had their own private jets. So not sure they fit the mold. I also don’t see myself searching for a sugar daddy at the nearest terminal either.

  501. Madison says:

    If I am going to flirt with someone on a plane is because he is hot, not because he might be a sugar daddy…..so, I could care less which airline he is using.

  502. AnnaMW says:

    I am at the highest medallion tier with Delta and am therefor upgraded 99% of the time. I meet fascinating people on airplanes… Professional athletes, politicians, entrepreneurs, the stories are endless. I am generally the only young female in the cabin. I’ve ended up beside two men who admitted to having arrangements.

    Personally, I wouldn’t look for SDs in a public place, especially while traveling for business. First class is a great place to network, but i’m too discreet to discuss the most personal aspect of my life with a stranger, even if they are fishing for it.

  503. SocalSweetheartSB says:

    When traveling, I usually go with American Airlines or United Continental. This is nice to hear. ;D

  504. VanillaSugar says:

    [email protected] topic!..My SD flies American :)…anyways, back to watching the NBA..GOOO CELTICS!!!

  505. Tina says:

    Whaaaaaaat, I’m second? I don’t get to travel much these days, but I think it’s interesting that this article is *somewhat* on the heels of the introduction of Miss Travel. An interesting little combination……

  506. Nwsugarbaby says:

    I rarely travel but want to more traveling. I usually fly with who I can get the cheapest tickets with for the right flight times.
    I have not met any while flying.
    I don’t have a favorite airline but some are definitely better than others

  507. Nwsugarbaby says:

    Heehaw…. I made it first :)

  508. Brandon Wade says:

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