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Date Confidently with Background Checks (NEW)
  • Posted Jul 3, 2012


He’s handsome, charming, and a quintessential gentleman… but is he really the successful Sugar Daddy he claims to be?

She’s beautiful, vibrant, and an ideal woman… but is she really the Sugar Baby she claims to be?

We’ve all been in this situation—one that seems “too good to be true.” Questionable profiles have always been a detriment to sugar dating. Instances involving fake members and dishonest profiles can make even the most open-minded person skeptical. But at Seeking Arrangement, we have taken the initiative to help separate the “Sugar” from the “Splenda.”

Learn More About SeekingArrangement Background Checks

SeekingArrangement.com is proud to officially announce its implementation of background checks!

With the help of our partners at TC LogiQ, Inc., a background screening authority with over 40 years of experience, Sugar Daddies/Sugar Babies will now have the opportunity to become a “Verified Member.”

Upon completing the initial 5-Step Process, users will be extensively screened based on criminal records/databases (Learn More About Tc LogiQ and Seeking Arrangement) in relation to:
SeekingArrangement Verification Process

  • » Registered Sex Offenders
  • » Sex Crimes
  • » Violent Crimes
  • » Domestic Violence
  • » Felonious and Misdemeanor Assaults

Moreover, members will also be screened for the following: Address Trace, Social Security Number Verification, and International Wants and Warrants. This practice is revolutionary for sugar dating, as the majority of online dating websites (i.e. Match.Com) merely search criminal records.

So what are you waiting for? Get the real “Sugar” that you deserve and become a “Verified Member” today!

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What do you think about Verified Background Checks?

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161 Responses to “Date Confidently with Background Checks (NEW)”

  1. Are you telling me that every one of your members has gone through a background clearance thank you

  2. Dani says:

    How does this work

  3. I think this website has got some very great info for everyone : D.

  4. I used to be suggested this web site via my cousin. I am no longer
    sure whether this publish is written by means of him as nobody else realize
    such particular approximately my problem. You’re amazing!
    Thank you!

  5. HoustonSB says:

    Texas SB, you can’t find her profile that way. Just go to your profile. The end of your URL on that page should be your profile number. Just delete your number, put in the number you’re looking for and hit ENTER. Should take you to her profile.

  6. TexasSB says:

    Ugh, i want to see this girls profile, but whenever I enter the number into the search box it always says Profile Not Found. what am I doing wrong? Cause I know i didn’t mess it up cause I always copy and paste.

  7. Miss D says:

    @ M Nick, I am Canadian too and an sb. I did not look into the verification process, but that’s not cool for us Canadian sbs. For me, I would be more drawn to a verified profile, but it would not be the only thing I look at.

  8. M Nick says:

    I just looked at your verification process to consider signing up – but found (as mentioned by others) – I CAN’T. I am a Canadian – and WE DO NOT HAVE AMERICAN SSN numbers.

    The entire verification is based on SSN numbers = so you are really disadvantaging international members of your site – and basically suggesting that people should give most consideration to Verified Profiles – meaning American ???

    Just doesn’t seem right or fair – is it your intention to eliminate Canadians and others from participating in the search for SB’s?

    You can’t tell women that they should only respond to Verifed people – when you don’t make it available to all of your members. I have been a premium member on and off for several years and now get the feeling that I am kind of unwanted by your system. ???

  9. sweet-huni-uk says:

    AVAILABILITY IN THE UK? I can’t see how this is available internationally – for any jobs working with vulnerable people we have to apply through the Criminal Records Bureau for an Enhanced Disclosure. This involves getting our written permission and can only be done through a Government registered organisation which is always a UK organisation. We also have to submit 10 year address history, previous names, ID information (copies of) etc. I used to play a part in processing such applications when I worked in the care industry. It’s not something any agency can just do

    Also, when I look at all the verified profiles there are none in the UK.


  10. RobM says:

    All admirable I am sure but on a global reach site implementing a policy that ONLY applies to one nation (USA) is monumentally narrow band thinking and no use to anyone else from other nations. This fact of course will be lost on the majority of browsers who will simply assume that anyone not ‘verified’ hasn’t bothered to do so or doesn’t want to or can’t stand the scrutiny. That’s where it all falls down.

    Bearing in mind the research only really covers registered attributable (USA) criminality and is in no way representative of a true character or behavioral rating , or an indication of any of the personal traits, weaknesses, neuroses or habits any person might display in a dating environment nor of their intentions, nor of their actual history on dates with site members (if any.. It’s just one small (but heavily marketed) gimmick really as M Nick pointed out above.

  11. M Nick says:

    Further to my earlier (above) blog post – thank you to SA for posting it – and thank you again, because (I think) – that you have stopped the practice that I was referring to.

    The reason that I sent those comments earlier today – was that I was on my way out to meet a young lady who I had spoken with and emailed a number of times. We were meeting in an hour and I thought that I would pop-up her profile to review likes, dislikes, etc.

    When I looked, I was very surprised to see a note at the top of her profile that said something to the effect of (and I am loosely paraphrasing from memory) – “This person is not verified, therefore may not be who they appear. Please contact them and ask them to submit for verification.”

    When I look through profiles now, I can see no sign of any message or messages like that, so I assume (?) – that SA realized it may not be appropriate and stopped doing it.

    As I said, thank-you. I can understand what the intention of such a message would have been, but did not like any suggestion or inference at all that because a person had not (for whatever reason) submitted to your plan – there was any more or less reason to suspect wrong-doing than anyone that I may meet in a bar, supermarket, or at work.

    Keep you the good work and the great site.

  12. M Nick says:

    I think that this is a really good idea – BUT . . . I think that your overzealous attempt to market (and make money) had caused you to use scare tactics that I would not have expected from an organization like yours.

    Putting warnings (ans suggestions to get verified) on SA pages – or on marketing popups is fine and appropriate – but now you have a message on every persons profile – warning others that they may not be who they appear????

    That is just cheap and tacky. You almost are suggesting the the person who’s profile you are viewing is a bad person.

    SO come on guys – add new features, develop the system, make it safer – but don’t use cheap scare tactics to line your pockets. (besides, truth be known, the real bad guys, would probably have no trouble getting verified anyway – that’s what makes then so dangerous)

  13. BoBo says:

    Does this keep all the trashy hookers off this site?

  14. ZAmber says:

    Is it worth it for Sugar Babies to get verified?

  15. NYDULCE says:

    I guess u didn’t read my other post.Was just saying thanks for the comment that made me smile.No need to undersell yourself now when made yourself sound wonderful in previous post.We all have our inner spoiled brat hence why we’re all on here…

  16. EllenSugarB says:

    Hello 🙂 Im new to this blog. Lots of interesting things to read here.

  17. JustAThought SD says:

    Gentleman? At times. Essentially, I’m a spoiled brat that’s SUPER picky, and always wants to get my way. I really shine when what I want is to keep someone smiling. If that’s not what I want, most ppl find me pompous, pretentious, irritating, and obnoxious. Somewhere within the ogre onion layers is a nice guy that’s learning to be “untameable.” The moral of the story: one girl’s jackass is another girl’s Charming.

  18. Jinx says:

    A real gentleman or gentlewoman? :p You don’t have to be successful to have manners 😀

  19. NYDULCE says:

    You sound like a real gentleman “just a thought SB ” must be all smiles 🙂

  20. Jinx says:

    Verification or not, if you have a good eye and ear for things you can tell between a con artist and a real SD. However, some guys are really good sweet talkers and we find ourselves in a bind. I honestly will not get verified, I have no reason. Regardless of the status, play it smart. You always inspect and test drive a car before you drive it off the lot and park it in your garage. Common sense which unfortunately most do not have(not saying that anyone here doesn’t). I’ve a history for meeting the normal men online and that system works(so far). It helps having confidence, meeting in a neutral and safe place, and knowing how to defend yourself is a plus ;). I know I probably won’t find a SD in my area so it’s going to be a long distance/on-off thing, so a meet up is key to whether is goes any further. Verified or not, I’m keeping my eyes and ears open. Thinking of adding a filter for the excessive bullsh*t. heh.

  21. NYDULCE says:

    @ Just a thought SD
    “I’d at least suggest ChuckECheese.That way I could win my sb a teddy bear.(Yeah, baby, I’m old school.) I usually try to make the best of any situation.”
    I was in the ER with my little one when I read this, it gave me a much needed smile 🙂 I imagined being at Chuckys and a prince in a paper crown walking over and handing me a teddy bear.Lol

  22. fola says:

    i hope to find someone

  23. JustAThought SD says:

    I’ve seen both sd’s and sb’s with english as their native language that can’t spell neuroscience let alone read and interpret such an article. 😛 Just to be on the safe side, I didn’t read the whole thing. LOL

  24. ContentSB says:

    @JustAThoughtSD — “The sb’s that would understand that last very long post of yours, will already have a good sd.”

    Oh come on…it’s an article from HuffPo, not a full research study in the Journal of Neuroscience. Give us a bit more credit than that…

  25. JustAThought SD says:

    Good luck with that. It’s true that SD’s are made not born, but we’re like x-factor “mutants”. You either learn your SD super powers at an early age, or you get them as a result of a hardship. If it’s in them you wont have to do much as far as “conversion.” If I like a girl, and she always keeps me smiling, “Baby, you know I’d really like to get a _______” is always a prelude to shopping/gifting. Been that way since I was 6 and started getting allowance. The hard part was defending against SD kryptonite, the Golddigger.

  26. JustAThought SD says:

    Girl, you WERE spoiled by that little fellow when you were in your teens. It is the thought that counts.The little things.Deep down we all still believe in fairy tales. Of course, we put our own spins and twists on them as we get older. You can spoil someone at any age or finance level, but “spoiling” entails what she’s not used to on her own.

    IF I took an sb to McD’s for our first date, it would be because she wanted to bring her child to the playplace. I would still pay for everything,Happy Meal for the kid,and be sure to pay for an extra girl toy to give to my sb “just because.” If she wanted to continue kid-play restaurants, I’d at least suggest ChuckECheese.That way I could win my sb a teddy bear.(Yeah, baby, I’m old school.) I usually try to make the best of any situation.

    The sb’s that would understand that last very long post of yours, will already have a good sd. In fact, many of the sb’s willing to wade to the end of that post have the kind of sticktuitiveness/drive that make them a valuable commodity. 🙂

  27. NYDULCE says:

    @ SA Staff just thought of an idea of a new blog topic:
    THE SD CONVERSION PROGRAM. lol HOW TO TURN THAT GUY YOU JUST MET INTO AN SD! A compilation of tips and secrets on how to transform a nonSugar Daddy into Your Sweet Thang.lol
    Just a thought since this my favorite way to land SDs is by Creating them! And I wanna hear how other girls do it as well. Thanks for reading and for taking my idea into consideration.

  28. Gil says:

    Well I like idea of a background check. However I like others have pointed out it is a little nerve racking giving out your personal information.
    I figured that being a premium member and college sugar baby male, would shows that I am not a fake person and of age at the very least.
    My profile number is: 377810
    Also what happen to being phone verified vie ICALLU
    blog post Jan 12′ “sugar-daddy-sugar-baby-anonymous-calling-is-here”
    I will probably get verified if it means more of a chance of getting a sugar mommy

  29. NYDULCE says:

    Lol Phone guy I do the same thing at work.I always find something entertaining on here.Ive been mostly reading the comments and laughing at the funny stuff.
    The McDonalds story was cute to me reminds me of when I was a teen and guys would take me out to Wendy’s and Popeyes and take me shopping at Rainbow I was so happy I thought I was being spoiled! Lol I think it’s cute shows how innocent you are.Now you know better You pick the restaurant or tell him to give you 2-3 options. You’ll get a feel for his taste and more importantly how much he’s willing to spend on you. If this is repetitive sorry I just browsed through didn’t get to read each comment.
    Now with flirting on the blog or an Sd trying to find another SB or having multiples… Who gives a rats behind! It’s a no strings attached. That’s why men look for SBs because they want a break from the drama of a of a commited relationship.There looking for a break from girlfriend or wife: ” where are you going? Why didn’t you call me? who was that giirl you were talking to?”. I don’t care what my SD those as long as when I’m around I’m #1.
    Now for my ladies concerned why they haven’t found some one on the site.Dont let that affect or your self image.Its not your fault. As long as you know your pics and profile are on point and your saying all the right things in ur messages; then not much else you can do but be patient. But in the meantime get up off your computer and get out there! Go where the Sds go.Eat where the SDs.You gotta think like a hardworking successful man. Instead of spending money hanging out with your girls at the local spot.Invest in going to a SD hot spot. Go get out there now! 2 chic this is 4 u.was waiting for your message lol.
    @SA staff
    There should be a poll of the men ” What’s your favorite hang out spot in your city/town” Or ” Where do you go in your city/town to just relax or meet women”.And a poll of the girls “Where do you go in your city/town to find wealth men/SDs”

  30. Jack says:

    I am reprinting here an interesting study/article I came across today. For anyone who might think that this is a plot hatched by men, it is interesting to note that both the author of this article and Lindy West, quoted in the article, are both women.


    P.S. Note to Emerald: I believe you have given insufficient information for anyone on the blog to explain why you are having no success finding an SD.


    From Sex To Love: Emotional Attachment And Sexual Desire Originate In Overlapping Parts Of The Brain (STUDY)

    The Huffington Post | By Emma Gray Posted: 07/09/2012 2:22 pm Updated: 07/09/2012 2:56 pm

    Conventional (read: antiquated) dating wisdom tells us that men and women have totally different feelings about sex. Women automatically get emotionally attached, and men quickly flee to the next sexual partner. But a new study helps put this myth to rest.

    The research, out of Concordia University in Montreal, indicates that emotional attachment can actually grow out of sexual desire. Psychologist Jim Pfaus and his research team sought to discover where feelings of love and of sexual desire originate in the brain. To do that they reviewed 20 past studies that scanned men’s and women’s brains with fMRI machines. They found that love and lust, two supposedly separate emotions, actually originate in the same location in the brain — the insular cortex (insula) and striatum, reported MSNBC. That doesn’t mean love and sex are the same thing, just that they’re not as separate as “The Rules” might have you believe. “Love and sex are clearly overlapping and they are different,” Jim Pfaus, a professor of psychology at Concordia told MSNBC. “You can have desire for sex without love.”

    The study found that love and sex fall on a sort of neurological continuum. Both phenomena activate a section of the striatum (the part of the brain that receives messages from the cerebral cortex about emotions, memory and other functions). Lust causes the ventral striatum the part of the brain associated with emotion and motivation — to “light up.” Love activates the dorsal striatum, which impacts decision-making and is associated with drug addiction, reported MSNBC. (So when Ke$ha sang, “Your Love Is My Drug,” she was closer to the literal truth than she perhaps thought.) The researchers also discovered overlap between sexual desire and emotional love in the brain’s insular cortex, further demonstrating that lust can transition into love and vice versa. “Even love at first sight, can it happen? Of course it can happen,” Pfaus told MSNBC. “And when it does happen, do you want to play Scrabble with each other? When it happens, you normally want to consummate it.”

    So what does this study mean for women whose brains aren’t being scanned in an fMRI machine? Jezebel’s Lindy West read the study as a confirmation that the “don’t sleep with him or her on the first date” rule isn’t really grounded in reality. She wrote:

    So there — love can grow out of a sweaty one-night stand. I’ve seen it happen plenty of times; I don’t know many young people who would admit to being morally opposed to casual sex; and yet the idea that, in general, waiting as long as possible is just nebulously better still completely pervades our culture.

    The study also indicates that there may actually be a neurological basis for getting emotionally attached after a sexual encounter. “Love is actually a habit that is formed from sexual desire as desire is rewarded,” Pfaus said in a press release. So if you tend to feel closer to someone after a sexual encounter, that may be at least in part about your brain working correctly — not about you being needy. And according to the study, you probably aren’t ruining your chances of finding love if you decide to express your sexual desires before you act on your emotional ones. The two go hand in hand.

  31. Lucifer says:

    I’am very surpprised that African sugar dadies are not being included. European countries have better representation and U. S, but Africa. I would like African men profiles because they’re very loving and generous if they fancy a girl. Today the globe is diverse, so African sugadaddies need to be included especially the deplomatic community which is very large in Washington DC.
    thank you

  32. WCSD says:


    I agree with you. I find you really need to know what you want, and more importantly why you want it, to be able to find a good match in any relationship. When you run into a SB who has done the same ‘market and self evaluations’ it really makes for a great connection.

  33. emerald says:

    hey guys, i am having SUCH a hard time finding someone.. i have been on this website on and off for a few years and i have not had a single arrangement. i think i am a pretty hot girl, smart, funny.. not a fuddy duddy. i just have no idea what’s going on. there are so many guys out there that just fall out of communication after a few emails and it’s really frustrating. can anyone tell me what the heck is going on?!

  34. JustAThought SD says:

    @SD Guru

    I really relate to “Define your product, identify your market, create excitement, close the deal.” All relationships involve sales and deals. I agree that some products/relationships/businesses just don’t happen no matter how much market research. However, doing good market research (finding out what your type of sd/sb likes and evaluating yourself) can really help your product to connect with it’s audience.

  35. I LoveWestCoast Girl says:

    Yesterday I had a dinner date with a guy from UK (crabcake, salmon and wine were delicious) and he mentioned he was at London SA party.

    I asked him how he liked it and he said that it was bizzare for him – 15 girls and 150 guys , he said he felt it was demeaning for girls.

    Midwest and Guru thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

  36. flyr says:

    @LASB Yes ask the blog goddesses who have it

  37. LASB says:

    Hi Midwest! Nice to see you on here! How is life post-graduation?

    Flyr – I like the advice you’ve given to Texas. I need help with my profile, but I don’t want to post it here. Would you be ok with exchanging emails via the blog gods? I don’t have an orange profile, so you can look at my profile anonymously, if that matters.

  38. A Skeptical Daddy says:

    @Midwest SB & ILWCG

    I agree that the SB should make it clear somehow that she wants to talk about the allowance. Some guys may be reluctant to bring it up for fear of offending the SB if it has gotten pretty far with no mention of it. He might wonder if you might take offense if money is brought up. I know, I know.. we’re on this board for a reason.. but lots of us have different reasons, and believe it or not, there are a number of women that have no interest in an allowance… they simply want someone who is of a higher class than they can meet somewhere else.

    If an allowance is important to you, make it clear somehow. Obviously, how to do that is up to you.

    • SD Guru says:

      Other than Midwest SB, I cannot confirm or deny any meetings that may have taken place… :mrgreen:


      Re: Discussing the Allowance

      This reminds me of a previous blog topic:

      “5 Rules for Aspiring Sugar Babies”

      In particular, see rule #2 and my take on it:

      Rule #2 – “as a sugar baby, you must realize that part of your ‘role’ in an arrangement is to graciously accept the benefits from your sugar daddy.”
      We’ve seen too many SB’s say they don’t know how to ask pot SD’s for what they seek and fret about discussing the arrangement. And some SD’s do take advantage of that reluctance and not deliver on what they promised. This is a way to let SB’s know that receiving benefits is an integral and natural part of sugar dating and they should not feel bad about it.

      “@SDGuru could you kindly post your blog topic on how to screen SD’s.”

      This topic has been the subject of three blog posts in the past:

      “Fending off the Bad Apple Sugar Daddies”
      “Screening for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies”
      “Screening for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies”

      It’s also the topic of two articles in the Tips section to the right:

      “How to Screen a Potential Sugar Daddy”
      “How to Identify a Fake Sugar Daddy”

      I hope that helps!

      “Define your product, identify your market, create excitement, close the deal.”

      I didn’t know personal relationships can be marketed and sold like a product! 😛

      What you wrote makes sense but you can do all that and still come up short due to the intangibles in intimate relationships, such as chemistry and attraction. No amount of marketing and deal closing skills can change that.

  39. flyr says:

    @Texas SB I should have distinguished more clearly between observations and recommendations.

    I agree with Midwest and others that you should only date those whom you are both comfortable with and attracted to. The takeaway is that your target market will be reduced in size and potentially in affluence – thus the quality of your presentation is critical.

    The great news is that you are very attractive and your appearance is consistent with your other qualities

    You might change the wording regarding your choice of school to be one that you chose the school over the opportunity to continue at a more prestigious urban school. (if that is the case) . That choice is likely to be something that will be attractive to many.

    At the risk of repeating a prior post – I would lay a sheet of paper sideways – on the left side list the qualities you want in your SD Then on the right side list your qualities which will make you irresistible to that SD. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Help him visualize your magic.

    If there is a career or educational reason for your intent to leave Texas you might mention that.

    You’ll probably find it easier to do the two key sections in word or word perfect and then block copy to the form.

  40. PhoneGuy says:

    @Miss D,
    You’re looking for the maximum amount you should wait? That’s tough to say for another person. Depends on your patience and circumstances. I wouldn’t wait 3 weeks. On the other hand not writing him off while you look for someone who seems more ready while he figures out his seriousness and schedule doesn’t cost you anything.

  41. Midwest SB says:

    ILWCG – The point I was making is that you have to expect to be disappointed if you never discussed the allowance. Some men will be proactive and bring it up for you. Some men will be generous without ever mentioning it. However, quite often the lady leaves it up to him to bring it up and then feels slighted when he doesn’t. Then, she feels even more slighted when nothing comes of it. Therefore, if an allowance is what you seek and it hasn’t been mentioned by him…then it’s up to you. Some SBs are here for reasons other than financial assistance, so sometimes the men don’t think to bring it up. For example, remember Michael’s pot SB who is depending on several small streams of income (parents, GI Bill, child support) and he didn’t feel she was here for an allowance. He may be right or she may be unable to muster the courage to mention it. If you don’t mention it, then he won’t know what your needs/ goals may truly be.

    Miss D – If he’s genuinely interested, the time won’t be an issue. I’ve had to wait 4-6 weeks for a first meet simply because it’s when he is traveling to my area. It’s never really been an issue. Hope it works out!

  42. Miss D says:

    Completely off subject….How long should an sb wait to meet her sd because I have been waiting 3 weeks to have a first date with my potential sd? I feel like the longer the wait, the more risk of both parties becoming uninterested. I know, his very busy right now, and I’m sensitive to that fact but If he does not have the time just say so. The crazy part is he wants us to be exclusive. I’m thinking keep him around cause his so nice, but go see what else is out there. I normally like focusing on one person, but my patience is fading. What do you all think?

  43. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    To Midwest .

    Dear Midwest we are aware you met Guru in person (strictly platonically of course, G.. forbid anything esle would happen – it is not some soft of sex blog).
    and this is one of 2 things I am jealous of !:) (38DD is the another one ):)

    Midwest , you did notice my post to you in previous thread.

    Do you think there is any exeptions ? was my Q. you think NO? In 100% cases a girl must discus financial part before hands .

  44. Midwest SB says:

    I’ve met Guru…he’s all that and then some! (strictly platonic, of course!)

    What SD would suggest meeting at McD’s????? Ugh. That doesn’t require a second thought. At least Starbucks is a genuine coffee house. Wouldn’t you just die if he told you to only order off the $1 menu???

    I glanced, so sorry if I missed something.

    Hey TexasSB & LASB!

    Welcome to the new SDs posting. Nice to see you!

  45. JustAThought SD says:


    “Confused” is what I said, but “surprised” is what I really meant.

  46. JustAThought SD says:


    They showed up in a beat up truck and took you to mcdonalds? You seem confused.

    When I was 14, my mom dropped me and my date off at the movies, we walked to taco bell afterward. I paid for everything,of course. After that, I don’t think I ever had a first date that involved Taco Bell,McD’s,or anywhere that later created a dollar menu. Even when minimum wage in the u.s. was 3.25/hr (still in my teens), I always tried to make my first date with a girl nicer than her daily lunch routine. If my car was horrible, I’d meet her at the restaurant for the first date, or tell her before the date so she knew. Later, I’d be able to rent a car for a special evening if I wanted or needed to. All of this long before I knew what an SD was.

    The moral of the story: McD’s once, shame on the SD. McD’s twice, shame on the SB (if that’s the best restaurant, you’re getting.)

  47. JustAThought SD says:

    Regarding women of color, do the best you can w/what you have to appeal to the type of SD’s you want. Color is just one other factor in the selection process. NicoleNC made alot of sense in the comment she made on the ABC Nightline post, maybe you should check it out.

    And whining about how nobody wants you may be seen as a turn-off.

  48. JustAThought SD says:

    As you read this, I’m not trying to change you or your profile, just looking at it from my point of view.

    Remember every rule you put on your sd’s makes the acceptable group that much smaller. (In an already shrinking pool of good sd’s.) So you may not get the numerous responses you may expect.

    “Stewdent” is a cute way to spell it, but it still makes me wonder if you’re too lazy for spellcheck or really “intellectual.”

    You’re quite verbose, so I actually went back to the profile twice just to wade through the “About Me.” I didn’t even read what you were looking for. Sometimes I’ll re-read my work to see if I can get the same meaning in a more direct manner.(Not this post as you see.)

    Why say you went to a great school only to say you quit? Why say that you modeled but it’s not for you? Seems like an impetuous youth to me with no “sticktuitiveness.” “I left, it’s not for me, I can’t wait to move.” You could probably condense/edit about half of the “about me”, and still convey what you bring to the table and what’s wonderful about you.(Don’t freak out and make a one-liner profile either.I hate those.)

  49. LASB says:

    I would not get verified. I like to stay out of databases. I would not ask my SD to get verified. I’m happy to rely on my own intuition. My SD and I don’t know each other’s last names. Sounds insane and I’m not suggesting it’s for everyone, but we sure have a blast together!

    As far as the US Government Agencies blackmailing you, maybe it’s not technically blackmailing, but they will strong arm the heck out of you! They did it to a friend of mine who they found dabbling in the sugar bowl. He is single, not a criminal or shady at all, but they needed his cooperation on something and used his sugar habit to get it. Because he didn’t want to be outed, he had to bend over. 🙁

  50. PhoneGuy says:

    I agree! One of these days I’m going to meet the Guru. Maybe he can hold a meet and greet where we ask him questions and after we can get signed copies of his blog articles. 🙂

    Ignore those judgmental people. 😉 I have an SB so my flirting here is mostly harmless, but it sure is fun. I have to be boring at work. I come here to have fun.

  51. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    1024839 told me he was a journalist doing a story on SA and is not interested in being anyone’s SD for what it’s worth.

  52. TexasSB says:

    Hey thanks everyone for your feedback! really appreciate it! I used some of your suggestions! thanks, wasn’t expecting to get so much feedback but I did make some changes

  53. I LoveWestCoast Girl says:

    You are very beautiful .

    To Phoneguy.
    Thank you for offering to mail me your profile 🙂 but to say “I’ve seen it all” your profile would not be enough, only after meeting GURU in person i can say such thing. 🙂

    Plus I am on the close watch here who I date and who I flirt at the blog.
    Last time we were flirting with VA gent. here – some wrote “shame on you VA gent , you have a SB (well… and a wife) already ” . Very high moral expectations here.

  54. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @TexasSB – I checked out your profile and the first thing that came to mind was “Wow, she sounds young.” Ok, let me see if I can break this down without insulting anyone. Perhaps pot SDs are thinking the same thing but not in a good way. Sure you are 21 and I can see the attraction; you are a very pretty girl. But perhaps there is an ‘ick’ factor if you remind them of their own daughters who they will always see as their little girl. I would check your grammar and choice of words because frankly you don’t sound very ‘intellectual’ with some of your word choices. I think most men want the body of a 21 year old but not the mind. So spruce up that profile to come across as not your typical barely out of your teens young lady and see what happens. This is meant as constructive so please don’t take it any other way and if I have hurt your feelings at all, I am sorry. Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for 🙂

  55. TheTravelinman says:

    Since I am also an active member on MissTravel I request to see a photocopy of a member’s passport verifying visual and name identity. I realize that eveyone does not have a passport but another photo id could be used. The positive thing about the passport is that it does not show a member’s personal address. I send a photocopy of my passport to those that I am exploring the possibility of an arrangement by email. Background checks are done when a person gets a passport in the US but obviously we do not get the results. The passport simply assures you that I AM WHO I SAY I AM.

  56. DianaSBinOC says:

    @~Texas SB the help the SD’s provided is great. One thing I would suggest to not change is the age limit of 45 or that you want someone in shape. You are attracted to what you’re attracted to. What you want doesn’t make you shallow or picky. The SD’s here have specifics they are looking for even if they happen to be “soft” .So don’t let a few guys deter you from what it is you desire. They aren’t going to change what they desire either.

    Saying a SD 45 and under has social problems can easily be said about SD’s over 45. Let’s stick to what would make her profile attractive to a potential and stop picking things apart that shouldn’t change due to what the gents here may resemble. Still helping her get what SHE wants is great:)

  57. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @flyer love the comment ‘Define your product, identify your market, create excitement, close the deal.’

  58. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    Just a small suggestion, no biggie, but perhaps helpful. Could you provide a place for comments to accompany the photos we post. I have a photo of myself in a museum looking at an exhibit but without that knowledge it may look like I’m staring at a blank wall beside a large photo of an old dead guy. Gives us a chance to say a little more about ourselves, what our interests are (the fact we actually go to museums instead of just trying to sound cultured) and perhaps show off our creative writing and/or wit. 🙂

  59. flyr says:

    @Texas SB

    As others have pointed out, if you eliminate those who are NOT under 45, in shape, willing to write without a body shot, willing to put up with a profile that looks like my sock drawer and accepting that you want to get out of TX you have left left yourself a small pool. Most of my TX friends would take the leave Texas as a slur against their way of life, manhood and political beliefs.

    Put another way, a potential SD , under 45, in good shape is very likely to either have some social problems or have an abundant opportunity to meet available young ladies who do not require an allowance. Exceptions might be someone who needs discretion or the supergeek who needs some guidance..

    You indicate you are just looking. Unfortunately there are a number of young women here who are here primarily to kick the tires and see if men will offer. Just looking says I may be wasting your time for my amusement or I am not committed to doing this even with Mr Wonderful.

    You mention that you are looking for a monthly allowance, willing to fly to Vegas or LA . One says stable relationship and the other infers weekend getaway probably not repeated.

    You may also want to skim some of the past few blogs for more comments.

    Define your product, identify your market, create excitement, close the deal.

  60. Miss.D aka Jackie says:

    Hey I am gonna change my screen name to Miss.D cause I don;t want to give any hints. @ Texassb, aww your such a cutie. Girl! nothing is wrong with you, your picture is great. However, full body picture with you dressed up tastefully, would be great.
    Now quick question? You mentioned ” I prefer to keep our affair discreet”, what does that mean? I feel that this statement is kind of inviting certain men to email you ie. married men, men who prefer p4p. but if your into that, it’s fine too.
    Now this is what I got from your profile when I read it, your a sweet girl, but are you comfortable with the concept of having a sugar daddy? You seem like your looking for a sincere, gentlemen who is going to treat you like a queen, sometimes looks are not so important. However, your profile does not reflect that. In many sd/sb relationships the sd is going to want to go out in public with you, and show you off. Most sds need a girl who is confident, who will not feel embarrassed of the relationship she has decided to go into.
    Also maybe write less, describe your self in a few words, general, leave the sds intrigued and guessing.
    Now also note this, there is big time competition on this site, the fact is there are more sbs than sincere real sds. Sometimes it’s luck, and location.

  61. FLFunSB says:

    @TexasSB – You specified no one over 45 and must be in good physical shape. While it’s ok to be picky, keep in mind that you probably eliminated a good portion of pot SD’s with that statement.

    SD guru is right LOL that is more than half of the SD’s. Most are so genuinely nice and want to help you out its breathtaking and being psychically fit doesn’t matter. Make sure you screen properly.

    ALSO @beautifulhispanicsugarbabyinTX make sure you screen properly. Never go anywhere with out knowing where your going at first. I highly suggest driving separate the 1st you meet and if he said McDonald I would have never committed to that.

    @SDGuru could you kindly post your blog topic on how to screen SD’s. 😀

    FLFunSB – 859960

  62. Lucfer says:

    I’am a married sugarbaby whose orgin s from Afrca. I want a sugar daddy from Africa who is interested in romance and some companon. I’am currentlly a student, and am planning to graduate in May of 2013 if all is well.

  63. frank says:

    Has anyone said how much of the $50 verification fee goes to the SA site?

  64. frank says:

    @Frank – “The truth shall set you free” Knowing the truth about an SB or SD is much more valuable than a month’s allowance. Yes you have been used but you benefited.

    Yes it was better to know earlier rather than later. I am over that now, just wanted to point out that verification is not a panacea for the real concerns on starting a SB/SD relationship.

  65. TexasSB says:

    yeah i understand, thank you for the feedback

    • SD Guru says:

      “could u guys check out my profile and see if there’s anything weird about it? 855433”

      Here are some suggestions:

      – You indicated that you’re in Dallas for the summer, if so then you should change your profile location to Dallas. Your current location is in the middle of nowhere and most likely would be skipped over.
      – Every paragrah in your profile starts with “I”. While there is nothing wrong with telling pot SD’s about yourself, you should balance that with what you can bring to the table in a sugar relationship.
      – You specified no one over 45 and must be in good physical shape. While it’s ok to be picky, keep in mind that you probably eliminated a good portion of pot SD’s with that requirement.
      – The profile seems a bit long, try to shorten it by keeping it simple and to the point.
      – You have a nice face pic, you should also add a clear body pic.

      Apparently your profile was attractive enough for the guy who you talked to for 5 months and spent a week with. Did you ask him what he liked about your profile?

      “@Frank – “The truth shall set you free” Knowing the truth about an SB or SD is much more valuable than a month’s allowance. Yes you have been used but you benefited.”

      There is no doubt knowing the truth about a SB is very valuable. But should it take a month’s allowance to find out? Perhaps Frank could have figured out the truth without risking a months’ allowance.

  66. A Skeptical Daddy says:

    @TexasSB – There’s nothing much wrong with your profile, but why guys may not respond can have many reasons. Are you messaging local guys? Or long distance? Are you writing something interesting? Or just saying “What’s up?”. Or just Winking?

    The only real negative I see is your insistence upon an SB who is in “good physical shape”. Let’s face it, many of us are a little soft. Even guys that are in good physical shape may consider this requirement to mean you are being too shallow.

  67. ChicagoSD says:


    Dam you are a cutie. There is nothing wrong with your profile it is very well done. I wouldn’t know why they aren’t responding, Texas men must’ve all gone blind.

  68. TexasSB says:

    could u guys check out my profile and see if there’s anything weird about it? 855433

  69. Nikki says:

    To be honest, I don’t see much of a point in doing a background check since the only type of SBs are looking for are white, asian, or latina. Any suggestions or reccommendations for another site? I’m a pretty girl yet I’m having little to no luck!

  70. TexasSB says:

    So I’ve been messaging guys on here but a lot of them don’t message back…makes me wonder if there’s something wrong with me….Do a lot of other sugar babies experience this? I feel undesirable lol

  71. Blair says:

    I just posted something like this on my blog I’m so happy there doing this now!

  72. Fed up with Fake SDs says:

    Has anyone read this crap? http://fakesugardaddy.blogspot.com
    I wish I could hack into this thing’s account and make his life a living hell.
    It seems guys like Kenneth who “cannot afford” $25 is a prime target audience.
    Most guys on here want P4P, a mistress or free sex even though their profile says otherwise. Pretty sure 1 out of 10 males on here are legit. Which leaves me with a slim chance of finding a real man who actually gives a crap about me.
    Ugh! I’ll just hide my profile now…really flirting with the idea of deleting it.

  73. PhoneGuy says:

    Asking people on this website not to judge each other in a shallow fashion seems…like a waste of time. I could lament the fact that women I wish to date prefer younger. It doesn’t do any good. People want what they want. They them choose it…accurately.

  74. flyr says:

    So it comes to fall on the beautiful shoulders of Blue Eyed Beauty to to inform us that we are shooting ourselves in the foot (or more important parts) with age verification , at least for women.

    And if we are going to age verify then why not go for full USDA certification for both sexes. Naturally fed, no plastic parts, no dangerous hormones.

    I’m very inclined to agree 100% on the age issue as we are looking at apparent age not calendar age as the real issue.

    @Frank – “The truth shall set you free” Knowing the truth about an SB or SD is much more valuable than a month’s allowance. Yes you have been used but you benefited.

  75. Nikki says:

    I am new to the SB thing and I have so many questions: 1) Is it just me or do the men available as DSs just don’t like black women? I’m a very pretty girl and a curvy, educated one at that (college girl) and I don’t hear from as many guys as I would like to. If I do, they are pretty much looking for a hooker or escort, or the third leg to their threesome. Also, 2) Is it okay to write an SD first? I’m excited but really nervous and a sitting duck at the moment. Please help!

  76. Frank says:

    My vote is against the verification process. I do not want to trust anyone with sensitive information about my self, especially my social security number.

    Some one said, the agency with this information promised not to reveal it. Every site has the possibility of being hacked. Other sites have gone bankrupt. Who owns that information then, the site’s creditors. Who knows what they will do with it.

    And let’s face it, the dangers on this site are not from sex offenders, but from cads and fakers who are either trying to get something for free(ie fake SD) or from someone trying to get your money and not fulfilling their end of the deal (fake SB)

    Some of you may remember the SB who insisted I pay her the full month’s allowance in advance, and after getting that allowance, disappeared. How would verification helped me with that?

  77. beautifulhispanicsugarbabyinTX says:

    i have gone out on numerous dates with gentlemen, but most of them ended up lying on their profile. they say they make so much money, yet are strapped for cash and end up taking me to mcdonalds. its fine the first second even third time, but shit. you talk all this smack to me, then when it comes time to show me something, you show me mcds? and i’m all glammed up, its annoying to have someone thinking one way, then they lead you on. ive been picked up in a beat up toyota corolla, a broke down gmc truck, ugh, you name it. i wish there was some way to combat this. people lying about who they are and how much money they make.

  78. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    It’s been a time honoured tradition for women to keep their age a secret and considered rude to ask. Ageism is alive and well especially against women (often by other women as has been demonstrated on this blog several times). Can’t we just verify that a woman is of age and leave it at that. Men see a number and dismiss the profile. There is a tipping point for women in this society where their worth is diminished due to age which is unfair. Why propagate the discrimination. There was a time when a woman’s life span was not very long and a woman in her 40s was in fact old (due to a hard life). Today however women take care of themselves and medical technology has extended our lifespans by decades. Society has yet to catch up and see women in their 40s and older as vibrant and sexually appealing. I have yet to see a young SD looking for a ‘cougar’. If you come across one, let me know. Meow. 😉

  79. PhoneGuy says:

    I will send you my profile number so you can say you have met them all then. Yes, yes, I think I look younger than my age too. I just don’t like getting caught lying so I put my real age. 😉

  80. I LoveWestCoast Girl says:

    I think this “age disqualification” is great.

    I met quite a few guys at SA site – the only guy I have not met is who provided in profile his Real age. 🙂

    Diamond members with verified income cut off 4-9 years of their real age (on MY experience ) here!

    Personally I do not mind , I like mature guys, I usually laugh and say that he is officially 🙂 allowed to cut off 10% of his age, not 20%.
    Too bad all these Diamond guys will be disqualify (if they decide to go through this verification). although guys who post big income anyway are getting tons of e mails everyday, they need to hide profiles not to be
    attack with 30-50 new e mails a day , why would they need a verification? they have too many young beautiful choices already.

  81. Midwest SB says:

    Hi flyer!

    I think everyone has brought up valid pros and cons. The bottom line is that even though someone may be verified, your personal safety is up to nobody but you. It’s nice to know they don’t have a criminal background that can be proven, but it’s absolutely true that it is not the ultimate solution. How much “security” can a dating site offer without finding themselves in the middle of a lawsuit. How far are people willing to go to justify they are a good person you met through an online site? Unfortunately, the marketing side of dating sites is heading this direction and one must try to stay competitive to attract paying members. Sugar is no different.

    We’ve gone many rounds on how a sugar site could weed out fakes and creeps while keeping the reputation of sugars from drifting towards other professions. The reality is there are few answers that don’t impose on one’s rights and privacy. You could charge a small fortune and have SBs accepted on the site through proxy and perhaps that will be the “elite” line of SBs. Who knows! Even that can become a political nightmare and Brandon would probably receive an honorable casting couch :-). (No disrespect there B!)

    Flyer – perhaps you can present the idea to your MBAs and see what kind of business model they dream up! Seen it done at the best universities and it’s amazing the variety of models that appear!

  82. flyr says:

    “I saw a few SD’s complained about that but really without verification why would we want to hide that you haven’t been verified. ”

    I think the reaction from the real SD’s is running against the process for some well founded reasons. I really don’t care if they make us wear the Yellow U for unverified, I have always offered to provide a method of verification prior to meeting someone that offers a higher level of assurance.

    The methodology and scope (and lack thereof) of the verification process create only the illusion of security. If you are struggling with this concept talk to some of your girlfriends. How many have been in a very uncomfortable situation with a man that may or may not have involved date rape. How many of these resulted in successful prosecutions if the male involved had a net worth of more than a million or good political connections?

    The excessive promoting of the site which is already overrun with potential SB’s (and unfortunately industrial debutantes) leads me to believe that there’s a opportunity for a more sophisticated, professional, SB friendly and balanced site.

    I accept that I am not the owner or an investor in the site and it is their business as to how they run it. My perspective from years in business and teaching young MBA’s is that they are on the wrong course, but that’s just my opinion.

    I also realize my opinion regarding some of the new policies runs counter to that of a number of the SB’s who are regular contributors and whose wisdom and friendship I cherish.

  83. Midwest SB says:

    I suspect that like most things on this blog no one will convince anyone of anything and logic will rarely be used to come to a conclusion. 😉 Phoneguy

    AMEN! All I ever say is “I did my best to share”, but I’ll never say “I told you so.”

    Hey sugars!!! I’ve had a crazy busy few weeks, so haven’t been around much. So glad this heatwave is almost over!

  84. Jackie says:

    Can the real SDs stand up, cause it’s really hard to filter the fakes and the real ones. Ladies and gents, I like the verification process. However do not be fooled, still be careful, this verified status should not make you more relaxed than you were. Like I said before, my old sd most likely would have passed this verification process but he still victimized me and maybe other girls just because he has never been caught. Money and status sure gets you out of a lot of things!!

  85. SDinLA says:

    @PhoneGuy “Great points and love the gravitar. Is that a feline on a pilaster? Adorable.”

    My gravatar, like all art, is open to interpretation. It could be a feline on a pilaster. I prefer to see it as a kitten on a plinth, as well as a reminder of what men do that always gets them into trouble.

  86. PhoneGuy says:

    I didn’t say it was safe. I said it was no more dangerous than any other place you go to meet men. And I said it was safe ENOUGH last week and asked why that is no longer good enough this week.

    Great points and love the gravitar. Is that a feline on a pilaster? Adorable.

    So all the SDs that the SBs talk to are getting verified and none of the SDs that the SDs talk to are getting verified? Excellent.

    I suspect that like most things on this blog no one will convince anyone of anything and logic will rarely be used to come to a conclusion. 😉

  87. DianaSBinOC says:

    SDinLA ~ I didn’t like “Spot” that much to begin with.. But this little bundle in the picture is adorable.

    You’ve been out of the bowl for 3 years so verification for you is neither here nor there. Remember that most of the guys here are not the wealthy men they claim to be which is why there are a limited number of profiles that are even Diamond Status. Even some of those members may not have the wealth they had when they originally signed up for the site.

    This is still a step in the right direction. This doesn’t mean that a SB will jump out in traffic without looking both ways. I see this as a traffic crossing guard. He’s there to enforce the rules but if someone is driving fast enough he’ll get run over right along with you.

    Just an extra measure of protection. That’s all. If a “Real” SD doesn’t mind giving me peace of mind then he’s the type of guy I would like to meet.

    Also Just a FYI I’ve seen many married SDs become verified so far, so I’m not seeing this as a problem for them.

  88. SDinLA says:

    And… RE-SULT!!!!!! My gravatar finally works!!!!!!! Totally makes my weekend. 😉

  89. SDinLA says:

    Please excuse me while I channel Jack and write a long-ass post…

    Those of you who’ve been on this blog for a while know me. My “old fashioned” views on what an arrangement should be. How, like any SDs when they are new to this world, I have some horror stories from my early days as a SD. How I treated my long term SBs like “girlfriends with an expiration date”, in a relationship with all of the good things about a traditional relationship, feelings included, but (hopefully) without any of the drama. How I abhor any whiff of a transactional situation or indeed of any quid pro quo. How I’ve provided everything from generous allowances, to Mercedes convertibles to graduate school tuition for SBs. I treated my SBs just like all of my traditional girlfriends, or indeed even my Ex wife- except that my SBs didn’t take half of my assets when the relationship ended. And that I have been out of the sugar bowl for more than 3 years now and plan never to dip back into it. Ergo I don’t think I can be accused of having any “agenda” re: the verification, other than as all genuine SDs do, hoping that all potential SBs stay safe and do not get taken advantage of by all the so-called SDs that give the nice guys out there a bad name.

    All of that said, I would STRONGLY caution all SBs not to regard this “verification” as any sort of panacea. I would say that it is just one more tool in the screening process, and not even a particularly major one. In fact, I would posit that it may actually turn out to be a negative indicator over time. Why?

    What are the major risks that a potential SB takes when she chooses to meet someone from the site? Is it that she will get assaulted, beaten up or even murdered? How many SBs have we heard about who’ve been lured to their deaths by a potential SD who was really a Dexter-in-training? None that I know of….

    (Investing our time, energy and such, getting dressed up, driving somewhere…. those are risks we ALL take, and that xist in any online or “blind” dating situation.)

    I would say that the major risk a potential SB runs is that she is naive and puts herself in a position where a SD can pressure her, or even force her, into unwanted sex- goes to his hotel room and such. That’s a risk a woman runs with ANY guy she goes on a date with- “date rape” where the perpetrator is someone she actually knows, is far more common than getting grabbed off the street and raped by a felon. Secondarily to this, I’d say the next likeliest “risk” to a potential SB is that she chooses to sleep with a SD and then he reneges on his promises so she gave it up for nothing. Will this “verification” actually prevent either of those two scenarios in large numbers? I would say absolutely not. The guys I know who are jerks, and aggressive, and force themselves on women get away with it. Again and again. None of them have been convicted of anything. And wealthy men have access to great lawyers. I know guys who did things that any person without lots of money would have gone to jail for, yet those things don’t even show up on their records- kill an innocent pedestrian while drunk driving for instance.

    I would say this “verification” will do very little to tell a SB if a SD will do the things that are important to her: be generous, keep his word, be a gentleman etc. and over time choosing ONLY “verified” SDS might even make it WORSE for SBs. (Bear with me here.)

    I am not married, but have privacy concerns as do many gentlemen with social standing, a certain position in their community etc. And of course married SDs will be even more worried about privacy. Amongst the SDs I know- all of whom are GENUINE, long term, SDs- NONE of them are willing to submit the info necessary to get “verified.” The cost/benefit does not justify it: submit private info in return for what? None of them (nor I when I was looking) have any problems finding SBs who will meet with them as it is… it only takes a few conversations and such to give you a good indication if someone is genuine or at least worth meeting for coffee.

    So, the odds are already stacked against the SBs with the 10-1 ratio here on this site. And we hear all the time about how many fakes and johns there are on SA, so let’s say that ratio is really more like 25-1 if you look at “Genuine SDs” (And I believe that may even be too low of a ratio.) Now anecdotally, NONE of the real SDs I know are willing to get “verified”, so what do the odds become for a SB at this point if she will only meet with “verified” SDs? 50-1? 100-1? 1,000-1?

    Maybe “verification” screens out a handful of convicted rapists or wife-beaters. But if the VAST majority of men who are a risk to SBs via sexual assault, reneging on $ etc. would still pass the verification process, would those men not have EVERY incentive to get “verified?” Let’s say I am one of these cads who is using these sits to get cheap sex, or to con naive SBs into FREE sex. I may be a jerk. But I’m not a convict. I would LOVE the idea of being able to pay $50 and have a “verified” label on the site. That’s going to make it EASIER for me to convince SBs to meet with me and let me force myself upon them or leave them with nothing after charming them into sleeping with me.

    In short… real SDs: no reason to get verified as a whole. Scammers, playas, date-rapers etc.” EVERY reason to get verified for the vast majority of them who are NOT convicts.

    So over time choosing to only meet “verified” SDs may actually end up increasing the risk that a SB gets ripped off, or date raped because of the selection error in the pool of men who choose to get “verified.”

  90. DianaSBinOC says:

    Also a search button for verified members only would be great too. Maybe under advanced search options a check box for “verified members”.

  91. DianaSBinOC says:

    Good job SA!

    PG- Nope this site was never safe. Not sure where anyone actually thought that. If you’ve read these blogs going back for months or even years you would know that there are many sick people on this site looking to prey on a young woman going through hard times.

    Jack & flyr It’s your decision of course not to partake in the verification as it’s a SB’s choice not to contact you for not doing so as well.

    Age Disqualification is great! There is a member that has been notorious for lying about his current income and age. I think his pictures are about 15 years old and 150lbs off. He constantly graces many SB’s fake SD postings all year long and even as far back as 2008.
    Will he get verified?? Of course not.

    Did someone use future coaching of little league as an excuse? I would think they would want a background check as well to avoid a pedophile from teaching children.

    Government agencies blackmailing? With your credit card on file, your email address and ip they could have easily done that at any time. I mean wasn’t your SSN/TIN/EIN used to open that credit card in the first place?

    Still logging in and seeing a whole section for verified members was nice. Even some of the Diamonds went through verification.

    I feel SA can take things a step further and require the verified status to be done once a year. A car insurance company verifies your driving record every 6 months and charges you accordingly if you failed to be a good driver. An annual check could potentially catch someone that after verification was convicted for a serious crime. Also I think UNVERIFIED should be placed back on profiles. We all need reminders and I think it’s important for a site to state in so many words ” contact/respond at your own risk”.

    I saw a few SD’s complained about that but really without verification why would we want to hide that you haven’t been verified. For someone new signing up they will not really get the difference right away and may potentially make the mistake of not seeing anything different about a verified vs an unverified profile. Maybe this is their hope. Out of sight out of mind.

    It would be great Brandon if you can go with your initial thought of posting it directly on profiles.

  92. Jack says:

    Well, so far in this unscientific sample, it looks like both Flyr and I would not submit to this background check for reasons he eloquently (and I less eloquently) explained above.

    And I think both Flyr and I are pretty “real.” It’s not clear to me whether PhoneGuy would do it, but he appears pretty real as well.

    What Flyr and I have in common is we are both pretty Googleable, although I don’t think I would go as far as Flyr does in his statement that an SB should not meet an SD who is not Googleable.


  93. SDbyLAW says:

    @ flyr and @THEsb I apologize in advance for the lengthy post 😉

    My name is Garris a site member, former Federal Prosecutor, and practicing attorney on the west coast for more than 15 yrs. I’ve said to myself I wouldn’t chime in the conversation however, it’s hard to resist once legalities, potential liabilities and torts are mentioned 😉

    I’ve read TC logiq’s privacy policy and I must say as an attorney I’m impressed due to this 2 statements in their privacy policy:

    1) “we do not share, sell, rent, or trade your personal information with third parties for their promotional purposes. Moreover, we may disclose personal information when required by law or to comply with the legal process or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary in order to conform to the law.”

    2) “If you are interested in getting your personal information removed from our database you may send an email to [email protected]

    These statements protect my right to privacy and confidentiality as a consumer. Furthermore the aforementioned statements have legal teeth.

    It wasn’t until after I thoroughly reading TC logiq’s privacy policy that I decided to conduct my background check (which I passed 😉 Prior to that I had no intentions on becoming verified on the site.

    Arbitration in a company’s home state is standard.

    With regard to the statement “It leaves you open to blackmail, especially by the government agencies” I think it would be highly unlikely or plausible for a government agency to want to blackmail a US citizen. lol

    In closing I need to state my post is not legal advice nor am I’m advocating to participation. However my professional opinion is this is a idea that is long overdue for the website dating industry. I’m very surprised its a first that offers a thorough background check and not just a sex offender check.

    Warmest regards


  94. PhoneGuy says:

    I am amused that what was adequately safe last week is no longer enough.

    And what makes SA such a dangerous place? Are you going to insist all guys you date have background check performed on them? You meet a guy at a bar and insist on a background check the next day? Meet a guy in one of your classes and ask for a background check? Meet a guy on match com = background check?

  95. PhoneGuy says:

    I love the fact that a background check will fail if the age on the site differs from what the background check has.
    @WCSD, and that’s why I specifically asked the question. I was hoping it would spark conversation. And yes, I love it too.

    @THEsb, As usual, everyone thinks they have the proper point of view on this. You think all the “real” SDs will run out and get verified to show you how real they are. Others think SDs won’t bother because of security concerns and because they don’t have to because the numbers are in their favor.

    I guess time will tell.

  96. flyr says:

    “Just curious when you said reading “Their privacy policy” you mean SA? or the screening company?”

    The screening company’s privacy policy.

    Among other details, should you have a problem with them you are limited to binding arbitration, conducted in Colorado Springs by the arbitration company they have selected. For all practical purposes you have no recourse due to the expense and their designation of the company to conduct the arbitration (the name of which is, I believe, in error in their privacy policy)

    I can not tell from the information provided, but it would appear that a record of their background check will be kept by the company. Just the fact that the background check was conducted on behalf of SA may be something you do not want to have in your background, especially if married.

    It leaves you open to blackmail, especially by the government agencies.

    In their defense, the company that SA is using is doing a lot of work screening employees and volunteers involved with young people. They probably do good work and few of us would be bothered if a record to be available that indicated we were background checked because we wanted to coach little league or be involved in scouting. We might feel differently about SA.

  97. THEsb says:

    @ flyr good post… The verifications are a tool to enhance whatever diligence you have been doing.

    Just curious when you said reading “Their privacy policy” you mean SA? or the screening company?

  98. flyr says:

    “If these checks give an overall feeling of safety from violent offenders and sex offenders so be it”

    The objective is to achieve safety, not the feeling of safety. Hopefully potential SB’s will continue to exercise a high level of caution, especially in initial meetings.My guess is that only 1 in 15-50 seriously dangerous SDs’ would show up on a criminal conviction search.

    If I were relying on the screening company I would add financial crimes to the search, drunk driving and also perhaps firearms. I do not recall if the process also compares reported with actual marital status. I agree that the checks may be valuable to SB. However, I think the primary beneficiary is SA in the event of a problem.

    If I had the time I would press for legislation that would require sex offenders to stay off dating and social sites unless they disclose their prior records.

    The unfortunate truth is that somebody with the financial capacity to be an SD is also likely to have the capacity hire attorneys that can minimize the chances of charges being filed or prosecutions being successful.

    In many states with Megan’s laws detailed information on sex offenders is available in searchable databases. Some areas also have searchable arrest records. I discovered one SB with an arrest record for possession of meth for sale.

    My personal feeling is that an SB should not be meeting an SD that is not searchable on google. Google is not going to be as reliable as an alternate search of criminal records but is a much broader net.

    I am not looking for an SB at this time so I will opt out of the process. After reading their privacy policy, including the fine print about records and dispute resolution processes, and considering the potential impacts of intended use of the information and the high probability of miss-use, I’ll pass and take the penalty.

    Were I looking I would offer alternate, individual means of verification.

    Finally, I think a number of SB’s inadvertently invite problems by the wording of their profiles. References like “I’ll try anything once” or “open to anything” are likely to be misinterpreted by some and attract unintended and perhaps dangerous expectations.

  99. THEsb says:

    @WCSD – The SDs that are currently courting me have already been verified. There are some that I’ve “known” for over a year that I wont require to get a background check because “I KNOW them” Any one NEW I meet will have to verified.

    What I was doing before the verification became available was not adequate and I like so many other members knew searching Google wasn’t enough. But now that SA has placed the tool right in my face and all I have to do is ask my potential SD to get verified its 100x easier, convenient for me and I have 1000x the piece of mind that I had before when meeting a potential SD.

    I’m about quality not quantity. If the verification eliminates fakes and convicts and criminals then better for us SBs.

    We’d rather have 10000 real SD on the site than 50000 fakes and criminals… Makes for less garbage to shift through.

    FYI my SDs said “ok I was going to do that anyway” or had already been verified without me asking 😉

  100. BessSB says:


    I’m with you on that girl… I was with him until the last paragraph and once I read that I was typing up my response and you beat me to the post… lol

    When us SB all link up and say we are gonna boycott all SD without a verification then he will see his ratios dont mean jack! lol

  101. Nixen says:

    FWIW, I went through the verification process. It was painless. And if it helps make the whole place a safer place for everyone, then why not.

    As for the costs, it’s $50.. And listen, if you can’t afford the $50, get a new hobby…


  102. WCSD says:

    @THEsb – Does this also mean you are just going to take a ‘month off’ looking for a pot, to give the SDs time to get verified? (yet you were happy looking for them prior to this being introduced?)

  103. WCSD says:

    @THEsb – So does this mean you haven’t been using the site prior to these verfications being available? How did you handle your safety prior to this being available?

  104. THEsb says:


    Spoken like a true sugar daddy. lol There are somethings you just cant get back once a person compromises your safety…

    If these checks give an overall feeling of safety from violent offenders and sex offenders so be it… I wouldn’t want money or anything else for that matter from them anyway.

    The Background checks will be a weed out process I hope you’re prepared lol

  105. WCSD says:

    Just my opinion on the background check – I essentially agree with most of the points.

    1) Does it really make a difference if someone is verified? My opinion, no not really. Especially when there is no indication that someone failed. Someone who has passed doesn’t mean they are ‘safe’, just that they haven’t been convicted (they could have been caught in the past, but not convicted, still means they are ‘good’). To me is really the same as income verification, that doesn’t show whether someone will be generous with it!

    2) I love the fact that a background check will fail if the age on the site differs from what the background check has. There has been numerous blog posts regarding people shaving (or adding) a few years to their profile in an effort to attract a specific group….now everyone is going to have to be ‘truthful’. Ouch!

    3) Privacy concerns with the data is a real concern. And yes, just posting on a blog, etc. does expose people, but to me the best analogy for this is STDs and safe sex. There is no way to be safe except for abstinence. But we all decide what our comfort level is and what we are willing to in our sex lives. This is no different. And as can be seen, some people feel that exposing this data is similar to having sex with a street walker with no condom as she is injecting herself with intravenous drugs from a shared needle…. Will you get an STD? Might not….but do you want to take the risk?

    4) In the end, whether people use it or not, is purely going to be a method of what the ‘market’ will bear, not whether it is the ‘safest’ method, etc. If all users require a verification, then people without it will have to go to another site, or will just be unsuccessful. With the stiff competition for SDs (apparently 10-1 or 8-1), a SB who will ONLY take on someone who has been verified is going to GREATLY diminish their pool of potentials that they can even try to connect with. And with the competition already so high, is a SB really going to want to suddenly be at a ratio of 100-1 or 1000-1? I know, I’m making a marketing point, and safety isn’t something to be compromised at any cost…but the reality is that the SBs at 10-1 or 8-1 were ok with the safety level and their screening process (which still needs to be in place anyway) PRIOR to this ‘option’ being available, so why now will this ‘requirement’ become necessary? My logical mind is always on the go….

  106. cryStal says:

    seems good, im new to the this so i cant wait to see how it works

  107. Treasured says:

    Would it be possible to verify the pictures on the website? I am fed up with the questions if that is really me. Something simple, like sending a picture with a profile number, written on a paper next to the face?
    Or sending a picture of a driving licence (although, I am hardly recognisable there, and look like “most wanted” :D)

  108. Jennifer Gwynn says:

    @Bellamorous – You can expect a real gifting feature in the near future 🙂

    @phoneguy – Yes, a member will fail a background check if the age on the site differs from that of the background check

  109. PhoneGuy says:

    Will the check verify the person’s age? I didn’t see this specifically spelled out.

  110. Rick says:

    I would prefer something more useful on the backend, like some sort of verified successful meet /rating system, that way potential SD’s like myself can see ratings other people have given a SB after they’ve met them in person… the ratings would be visible to SDs, and SD ratings would only be visible to SBs and neither ratings are available to the person themselves… but it would be highly useful in seeing who is just looking for time for money (ie. I showed up, now gimme my money), or who’s looking for a cheap date (He showed up, and I ended up having to pay!) or I got scammed or attempted to be scammed… no shows etc etc.

  111. Bellamorous says:

    Your site is definitely in the forefront in it’s category! Every site has it’s pros and cons, but you’re damn near perfecting it!!! It’d be great if you could implement a “wish list” internal store so that pot sd’s can send sb’s gifts of all levels (“from wal mart to saks”)- maybe you can contract with amazon wishlist or other online stores. I saw something like that on sugardaddieworld.com but that site basically caters to the UK  Check it out and implement something like it PLEASE!!!! I’m sure if you contracted with a store or expanded your company to create a gift department you’d make sooooo much more money! I am a pot sb, and have a bachelors, minor and associates in Business Marketing…I know this is a niche that’s just waiting to be tapped…the future of SD/SB sites! I’d personally pack up my things and move to Vegas in a heartbeat to help with the development!!!

  112. THEsb says:

    Thank you @ Jackie…

    Thats a good idea for a police check if you’re are not on the site. I’ve done further research and just found out a police check only covers the state you live in. So if some1 had something from out of town you would never know. But its better than no check at all…

  113. Kenneth says:

    I wanted to add my few cents worth to the conversation and say that this is a good IDEA but in reality there are too many risks involved. this is a confidential world of secretes and private actions. if this was a traditional website offering traditional relationships it would not bother me much but this is a site for high powered, influential people to meet and connect with others. I am not sure a CEO or doctor, or any business type person would want to give out all his information just to prove his is who he says. I wouldn’t think anyone would want to give out a social security number with the level of identity theft going on and everything like that. I would suggest a lesser form of verification like drivers license numbers and credit scores. I am not going to get verified 1 because i can not afford it and 2 i am not giving out all this extremely personal information just to be able to start a relationship with someone i barely know. ill stick with hello and let them decide if i am worth getting to know.

  114. Charlotte Baby says:

    Great feature; will add way more credibility to this sites members. Thank you!

  115. Jackie says:

    @ THEsb. A police check, or police clearance like a background check. You can request someone to have a police check. Most jobs require it, to see if you have any criminal offenses. You go to the police station of where you live or where you need the check to be done.

    What do you mean by “I would do a police check”?
    I meant by that statement is i am not on the site anymore, my profile is hidden so there is no point verifying my profile. However, I would take no offense if an sd wanted me to do an background or police check, if he was going to do the same. So, I can understand why some individuals maybe happy with this verification thing. To think about it, an arrangement is kind of like doing business with someone, would you not feel better knowing that who you are doing business has a clear record. Therefore, some people may opt to do their own screening themselves outside SA.
    Again @ THEsb Thank you, I feel like I should share, cause I do not want anyone else to go through the drama that I did and some woman go through ten times worse. There are lairs out there, one feeling of unease run. It is scary cause I keep hearing some risky stories on here.

  116. Brad SD says:

    Jennifer – Thank you so much! That answers my questions.

    One other thing: Jackie above mentions an ‘income check’. Are income/assets checked for either SeekingArrangement or SeekingMillionaire?

  117. THEsb says:

    Jackie I commend you on having the courage to post what you did regarding your history on the blog. You also touch on some very important points on how to be careful, thanks for sharing.

    What do you mean by “I would do a police check”?

  118. Jackie says:

    I must say it sounds like a good idea. The background check is useful, I have been in a situation that it would have been wonderful to have, maybe prevented some crazy ordeal. Being a victim of sexual violence is not cool, no matter how minor it is. However, if the sd passes it all and becomes verified, please remember, that does not mean you put your guard down. You may be his first victim or one of many which no one else has come forward to press charges. This goes for sbs too, some girls are also very nuts and are criminals as well. In terms of the income check, okay so he makes so and so dollars, but is he gonna be generous and share it with you, not always!
    Right now for me im extremely careful and take it slow. If you can not tell me your full name or I can not verify anything you tell me, or your acting strange about the money discussion then that is verification enough to get the heck out of there.

    My current sd in the making is pretty transparent, if his lying about everything then I donno how he is doing it. Cause when you get to know them on a deeper level you can get a sense if the situation is safe or not.

    In terms of if i would do the verification process myself, well i am currently off the site, but I would do a police check if an sd asked me to and if he was willing to do it himself.However, I would admit I would also tend to lean towards an sd who has been verified. It almost feels like they would be more serious at the sd, sb relationship. However, as stated above, its not always the case.

  119. A Skeptical Daddy says:


    I appreciate your efforts to supply more information, and some of what you’ve said is comforting. However, there are some issues from my perspective.

    You said that someone that fails the check is simply “not verified”. This means there is no way for an SD or SB to know the difference between someone that has failed the test, and someone that simply has not submitted to it. That seems like a) it weakens the benefit of the background check and b) implies that anyone who hasn’t submitted to the test has failed it.

    Secondly, I don’t care how many safeguards a company puts in place. New software vulnerabilities and human error lead to lots of compromises from other “secure” facilities. Banks, Insurance companies, Health care… breaches occur all the time in otherwise “safe” systems. We hear about it all the time. You can’t guarantee the safety of our information, and that it can’t fall into the wrong hands. And the potential for abuse here is staggering. Blackmail, mistakenly revealing things to spouses (Imagine a “targeted marketing” where the wife discovers that her husband is getting Dating material.

    As others have said, anonymizing information always fails.. you can’t do it, and pretending you safely can means you don’t understand the issues. And we’re supposed to trust your judgement about other security related things?

    Finally, you can’t control what third parties that you release the information to will do with it. All you can do is react after the fact if they do something that violates our privacy, but by then the damage is done. This is the internet. Once something gets on it, you can’t get it off.

    I think the risks, to both SB’s and SD’s is too high for this. Any member that is “comforted” by this will probably be singing a different tune when their boss does a google search on you and discovers you’re on this site somehow due to a failure of privacy somewhere along the chain. The only way to prevent it, is to not submit that information in the first place.

    I would also strongly caution potential SD/SB’s not to read too much into either the Verified or not. Verified doesn’t mean someone is safe. Unverified doesn’t mean they aren’t. This does not take away your responsibility to be safe.

  120. SmartSB says:

    @Flryr: “age, weight # tattoos knowledge of the entire alphabet absence of live in boyfriends with large drug habbits phone number not associated with backpage ad”

    LMFAO you’re funny. Now that….. it is a little hard to verify. :):)

  121. Jennifer Gwynn says:

    @Brad SD – Here are the specific answers to your questions. I hope I was able to explain everything well enough for you.

    1) What if someone “fails” the background check? Do you allow them to stay on the site?

    – If a member fails the background check, their profile will simply not be verified. Any high risk background failures will result in a temporary suspension; the member in question will be called by one of our account specialists where further actions will be taken if needed.

    2) I assume the SSN and other data don’t get disclosed to other SDs/SBs? do you just tell them “pass/fail”?

    – Members only see pass, pending, or fail. The only data they can see is the user id (member ID on SA) and the status: Pass or Pending. We do not put failed background checks up, we handle those directly outside of the website.

    Most communication about the status of member’s background screening will be email and provided to member by his/her screening account via TC logiQ’s website. A member’s personal information including social security number will never be revealed to the public. All background screening communication and personal information will be conducted in secure and confidential manner between the member and TC logiQ. Also, we wipe social security numbers from our database immediately after a search has been approved or declined. 

    3) Can a SD confirm that a SB is 18 yrs of age or older?

    We can determine if someone is 18 years or older. A person must be 18 years of age to join the SeekingArrangment website and 18 years of age to utilized the TC logiQ background screening solutions.

    4) What does an address check do? Does it just confirm that you live in the city where your profile says? (as opposed to giving the exact address)

    The address trace assists TC logiQ in validating a person’s identity. It is also used as a cross reference once a crime record has been identified. Additionally, seeing where a person has lived will assist in determining which level search needs to be conducted. Each state does not have the same level of criminal databases. For instance, Colorado, Minnesota, Idaho, New Mexico, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware all require additional databases searches beyond the national criminal database search because of how these states disseminate data. Please note that the address trace information is used solely for TC logiQ’s purposes and not SeekingArrangment.

    5) What does the ‘Social Security Number Verification’ actually verify?

    – This tool validates a person’s identity which includes name, date of birth, and if the social security number is valid. A false provided social security number would not match the name or date of birth inputted by a person. This would also be evident from the address trace. Ultimately, this prevents a person from lying about his name and allows us to determine if any criminal records exists against that person.

    6) What types of crimes are ‘acceptable’ to become verified? i assume something like a DUI from 20 years ago wont count against a SD?

    – DUI passes the criteria. However, crimes that do fail the criteria set forth by SeekingArrangement are as follows:

    Registered Sex Offenders
    Sex Crimes
    Violent Crimes
    Domestic Violence
    Felonious and Misdemeanor Assaults

    Additionally, I would like to give more information about TC logiQ’s practices and protocols as result of some of the comments on the blog. This is directly from Tc logiQ:

    Handling personal data is a key part of our business so keeping it secure is a top priority.  Because of this we are continually looking for new ways to keep your information as secure as possible.  Audits are done on a regular basis to identify any weak points on our servers and to ensure no breeches or misuse has occurred. 

    We wipe social security numbers from our database immediately after a search has been approved or declined.  Credit card information is also never stored in our server’s database.  All communications with our servers are done through industry standard secure protocols, either utilizing SSH or SSL.  Secure shell access to the servers is also locked down by IP.  Access to any sensitive information stored on the servers is password protected and logged.

  122. THEsb says:


    hahhahahahahhahaahhaha!!!! Wow! That was a good one!

  123. THEsb says:

    First of of all I as a woman feel its a GREAT proactive idea for SA to incorporate the “voluntary” tool of background checks to its site.

    Also keep in mind you are not giving your SSN to SA. You are giving your SSN to Tc logiq which is a legit company. ( I completed the process) This is the same company that performs background checks for my sons track team in which I’m the team mom. If USA track and field uses them to background check all the coaches and officials in the country I consider them legit.

    I keep seeing all talk about sex offenders, what about violent crimes, habitual domestic abuse offenders? A sex offender registry wont catch that.

    People will ALWAYS find excuses not to participate but I will not meet with anyone that is not verified…

    I feel the site just got safer 🙂

    Thank you Brandon!

  124. FLFunSB says:

    @Flyr LMFAO Touché

  125. flyr says:

    If the guys have to go through investigation will there be certified SB’ who have been tested to certify
    # tattoos
    knowledge of the entire alphabet
    absence of live in boyfriends with large drug habbits
    phone number not associated with backpage ad

  126. SmartSB says:

    Once you decide to get online, you are already giving privacy away. If companies have access to your credit card information and mailing address…. well, you are already on the belly of the beast. Your IP address gives away your location and your internet provider anytime you send an email or post in a blog. There is no privacy anymore. Waiting for the electronic chip or bar code to be implanted in our arms.

  127. Little One says:

    I really like this feature. I recently had run ins with two fake SDs in the same week! I was so creeped out. I’m not saying that I wouldnt date an SD who wasnt verified (because I have before and it worked out nicely), but I would probably choose to date one that has been checked over one that hasn’t. I am going to get checked too just to show I have nothing to hide.

  128. Jade Rabbittt says:

    I am new to this but I definitely don not feel comfortable giving my SSN out to a dating site. I don’t give that info out online at all actually.

    There has to be a better way to do this. Maybe have a background check done locally and then SA can be sent the pass or fail notification with a picture or something.

    I think giving my SSN and address is just asking for trouble. It’s bad enough people can track your IP address.

    PS: can someone point me in the direction of an SB blog that is current and can provide some good advice? As I stated before I am new to this.

  129. flyr says:

    If you read the SA privacy policy it appears that the checks are subcontracted to a firm that promises not to misuse the data. It also says that SA can use the data the collect to target market. Finally it says that SA can release data which they determine is not personally identifiable information.

    However what’s becoming more apparent is that “not personally identifiable information” is in the eye of the beholder. Seemingly tiny scraps of information can become reliable personal information in the hands to sophisticated analyst, It has significant value to everyone from presidential campaigns to services doing research of wandering husbands.

    As an SB you have access to and should use various national databases of sex offender information. In addition to the name it is wise just to search the neighborhood. Many of the offender databases have photos and detailed descriptions of the offenses.

  130. TexasSB says:

    yeah i wouldnt want to submit my SS…otherwise I would do it.

    btw, I decided to find someone new. I’ll keep u updated on what happens!

  131. GenuineSD says:

    Greetings all. Happy 4th of July !

  132. Jennifer Gwynn says:

    If a member fails the background check, their profile will simply not be verified. Any high risk background failures will result in a temporary suspension; the member in question will be called by one of our account specialists where further actions will be taken if needed.

    Tc logiQ uses state-of-the-art security industry standards to safely secure all data. Sensitive information is securely removed after the background check process finishes.

  133. SweetSB says:

    Note to self: don’t do such a thorough background check that you find the potential SDs family photos on Facebook. Knowing a man is married is one thing. Seeing his wife’s smiling face is completely another.

  134. Andrea says:

    When I first signed up I looked for a way to verify myself beyond the college email and was disappointed I couldn’t. It will also give me just a bit more comfort when making arrangements with a potential SD who has been verified. I love it!

  135. Teeny says:

    I think its a good idea, I am curious tho what happens if something comes up on the background check. No one is perfect and Im sure many members may have had their run ins in the past.. does that mean their membership would be revoked because of poor judgement in the past? How many of the guys or girls on here have a DUI or maybe a possession charge? That does not mean they are a bad person, or that they continue to do those things but it would come up on a background check. Could anyone shed some light on this?

  136. Jack says:

    I am with Flyr on this.

    I have never submitted my SS# to anyone online, and there is NO way I am submitting my SS# online to SA or anyone else except when I electroncally file my tax returns with the IRS.

    I do not trust any database that has my SS# to not (a) lose it, (b) be hacked, (c) abuse it.


  137. cristina says:

    why do many people blur of cover their eyes? what if the other person shows their abs but is reluctant to show their face? Did using my full name when I signed up, permanently link me to this site? Basically If I don’t want anyone to know about my affiliation with this site, will it come back to bite me in the ass?

  138. Brad SD says:

    Jennifer or Brandon- a few CRITICAL questions to put in the FAQ on this new feature:
    1. what if someone “fails” the background check? Do you allow them to stay on the site?
    2. i assume the SSN and other data don’t get disclosed to other SDs/SBs? do you just tell them “pass/fail”? or…what is disclosed exactly?
    3. can a SD confirm that a SB is 18 yrs of age or older?
    4. what does an address check do? does it just confirm that you live in the city where your profile says? (as opposed to giving the exact address)
    5. what does the ‘Social Security Number Verification’ actually verify?
    6. what types of crimes are ‘acceptable’ to become verified? i assume something like a DUI from 20 years ago wont count against a SD?

    Great feature! But PLEASE if you could clear up some confusions, it would be much appreciated!
    THANKS!!!!! Brad

  139. ContentSB says:

    @WestCoast — Wait….You knowingly went to dinner with a man who raped a woman???

    I really hope I’m misunderstanding that story…

  140. I LoveWestCoast Girl says:

    I think this back ground check is the future of all dating web sites. but what is the data from this site gets Hi jacked? a lot of rich, married guys can be black mailed. would not they afraid of it?

    and if you do the deck and see something wrong with his guy (rape accusation…) you would not let him register at this site? you prefer to lose this client and his money? it is a business for you , not a morality police site (but sex site 🙂 lol as a few people wrote here).

    I had a dinner date with a guy from this site and google showed me ” The …. said she was examined by a doctor, who confirmed she had been sodomized, raped and had contracted herpes.” he is still at SA, his annual income more than $ 1.000.000 and it is true.
    I think he is not doing anything wrong since he DOES give his full name and write from his real e mail. so the girl can check on him and decide if she wants to go out with him.
    I was curious to hear his side of the story (I knew I am not going to go to his house) , so we just had dinner and talked.

  141. MyDIrtyMagic says:

    I agree… I would feel a little iff-y to give some company all of my private information.,..

  142. flyr says:

    I have no problem with the checks run, but I do have a potential problem with some unknown party having access to SSN, name, address, and credit card. The reason for this is the extensive practice of data mining where records of all types (i.e. medical etc) become identifiable despite official proclamations to the contrary. There are huge profits to be made by being able to connect the dots or just sell some of the critical pieces.

    One example, one of the states mandated that annonimizied health care information be released for “research purposes”. One of the digital groups went to work and reconstructed the governors healthcare records much to his embarrassment.

  143. PhoneGuy says:

    I’m curious as to what will happen when an SB asks her pot-SD to get background checked. Let us know what your experiences are girls.

  144. Midwest SB says:

    Nice perk. Well done Brandon!

  145. AnnaMW says:

    I haven’t had much experience with fakes, but I think this is a great feature. If I had an active profile, I would do it!

  146. hotsb says:

    I don’t like this feature. And to be quite honest i don’t think that 98% of sds will be using it.
    It’s like giving up your privacy. And even if someone wants to use a nickname and never wants to reveal their identity to the sugar baby it’s their right. Sugar baby should do the same . I hope this feature disapear.

  147. Katie says:

    I love the idea, but I’m worried about the cost…Strapped for cash right now. Is it $25 one-time, or $25/month, or what?

  148. HoneyBee says:

    i <3 the new feature

  149. NYDULCE says:

    The site format has changed so trying to find it myself…know i saw it.Also I’m doing this on my phone not exactly a plus.Sorry RU an SB or SD ?sorry the name throws me off.

  150. NYDULCE says:

    SA Staff
    Maybe now you can add a search options that allows us to search specifically for Verified Members.
    Yeah! I’m getting Verified this Friday!
    No SD right now so gotta wait till pay day 🙁 Im soooo cautious that despite getting plenty of temping offers, it’s taken me a while.Been SD free since May!
    This will put me a lil at ease and should speed up the process.now I can focus more on other things like ” Can I tolerate his looks or will I want to wash my eyes out after each date? will there be chemistry? can I see us really enjoying each others company? Do I see myself caring about this guy? If so will he appreciate my care and affection? or use it to have power over me? Would we Look like a Sugar couple or would we blend in a little? If he has soo much money why doesn’t he buy some hair or sprinkle a lil Rogaine?”…C’mon buddy try to make this a little less obvious 😉 Discretion = I dress Conservative and elegant in public, you try to look a couple of years Younger. I know went off topic just had to get that off my chest.
    There’s more than enough to think about in Sugarland one less thing is great. Buenas Noches

  151. I LoveWestCoast Girl says:

    Fake SD section.

  152. I LoveWestCoast Girl says:

    Where do we have this hake SD section?

  153. TexasSB says:

    I think this is a great new feature

  154. NYDULCE says:

    Yeah Im at the top! LOOOOVE the background check option.It scares away the fakes and saves me the time of doing it myself.I always try to get first and last names and gather as much info as I can before meeting potential SDs. I have a peaceful life and a beautiful child so can’t take my chances meeting with Wacko.Or wasting time and babysitting money only to end up with fake SD.
    @SA STAFF I am adding a name to the FAKE SD section…He’s a Spammer and has been sending non stop emails! He needs to be kicked off Site!

  155. Jeff says:

    This is available internationally .. Not just in the USA .. But it looks like they don’t do anything other than English language

  156. Liam says:

    Is this US only?

  157. PhoneGuy says:


  158. Jennifer Gwynn says:

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