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Send Your Baby Some Real Sugar with The All-New “Real Gifts” Feature!
  • Posted Jul 13, 2012


Are you in love with your Sugar Baby, but are searching for ways to truly express how you feel? Send your significant others the “sugar” they deserve with Seeking Arrangement’s brand new gifts feature!

Members will now be able to send real gifts such as offer flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals. And for the more generous who want to step up their “sugar,” we are currently implementing name-brand designer accessories and luxury experiences. The gift service is discrete, efficient, and timely. Above all, it’s the fastest way to letting a little go a long way!

And for those of you who are currently still seeking that perfect arrangement, we have added a new “Profile Keyword Search” feature!

Many members have given us feedback asking to help narrow their searches for compatible Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies. For example, do you enjoy such activities as “camping” and “hiking,” but can’t find anyone with similar interests? Now you can search other members’ profiles for such keywords as “outdoors” and “adventurous” — the possibilities are endless! So thank you, dedicated members of Seeking Arrangement, for your continuous effort in helping us better serve you.


What do you think of sending gifts through dating websites? Does it take away from the experience or add value to your relationship?

What other features would you like to see implemented in the website?

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154 Responses to “Send Your Baby Some Real Sugar with The All-New “Real Gifts” Feature!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why cant I find the wishlist?

  2. Alice says:

    Hey Nia! I’m really surprised you posted that. I have the same problem!!

    I’ve been told by SB’s that I am gorgeous and the guys all say I have an amazing body (which I’m sure they say to everyone -__- but I am proud my body- I have really nice curves). HOWEVER! (lol) When I send emails to the guys just telling them I like what they’ve written, to let me know if they’re interested, etc. some don’t reply and some of the one’s who do stop talking to me after I’ve only sent a few emails. Some even do it after I send one or two pictures. How does that make sense? I this just not for me? Am I missing something?

    P.S I am open to a NSA arrangement, discretion, (the works!)….I’m really outgoing, and I’m the top of my class. Soooo??… :C

  3. Nia says:

    Heyyyyyyyy guys! *waves* lol I’m having a little trouble as well! People view but they don’t send messages and the messages I do send They’ll read them and won’t reply! only two people have actually replied or sent me a message on here & it sucks! (I figured there was like a race issue so I’ve really only been contacting people within my ethnicity, guess its my comfort zone.) I think my pics are nice, honest bio, anyone have any suggestions? Profile # 1086480

  4. Kate says:

    Hoping to find my sugar daddy, love this idea!
    1050662 -my profile number

  5. Ava says:

    Anyone wanna send me some sugar?? I feel left out! :(
    haha my profile ID=621801

    Brilliant idea!

    xo Ava

  6. sweet girl says:

    I want to no more about you, I pick you or any other man, because i like older men. Email me if interest. Yours Truly

  7. Midwest SB says:

    Just a little note for our new posters. We don’t have many rules here, but the general goal of the blog is to help mentor those new to sugar. This can range from profile advice to setting up your first arrangement. In order to maintain blog integrity, posts that read like a classifieds ad will be removed. Also realize that posts with hyperlinks and e-mail addresses are automatically filtered by the program and pend approval.

    If you wish to be in touch with someone specific on the blog, please post a comment to the “blog gods” (we don’t take ourselves quite THAT seriously) and if it is mutual, we will do an e-mail exchange offline. If you wish to market yourself to the many SDs, please use your search preferences from your profile and contact the man of your dreams! Happy hunting!

  8. Gil says:

    I could see how some think that this feature is unnecessary

    But as a Sugar Baby – Male it would be pretty neat to receive a gift from a sugar mommy
    profile number: 377810

  9. JustAThought SD says:

    Perhaps trying to figure out why racists are the way they are is a pointless venture.It’s not about the arguing, it’s simply my own quirkish curiosity. I can admit this has not happened to me yet on this site, even though I have seen “NO BLACK” profiles. I guess my curiosity on this falls into people that don’t know any better, and people that have the opportunity to know better and still believe bullshit. Of course, you can even have people respond to that say you smell bad just because you’re russian.(That’s ridiculous as well.) I guess just can’t believe that people are so jacked up in the head even in 2012. End of rant.

  10. Lannika says:

    This is a great addition to the site, I have met a few generous Gents, but no arrangement yet.. I am still hopefull and know somethings take time & this site definately cuts the BS & this new added feature is a plus! Kudos to the SA team keep up the great work!
    Blessings of love & all good things~

  11. WCSD says:

    @JustAThought – you have people who respond to you that they don’t date AA’s? Why would anyone do that? Why wouldn’t they just say ‘I don’t think we are a match, and best of luck with your search’?

    It isn’t like I’d ever say to someone who contacted me ‘No thanks, you are too ugly, or too fat, or too skinny, too short, too tall, etc.’ So if someone is doing that on a response, doesn’t that already tell you that they are so ignorant anyway, that ‘arguing’ with them about their response is already a pointless adventure?

  12. Ethan Coy says:

    I think this is such a great thing! I know I would love to get one of these gifts. The cheesy stuff always works for me!

  13. Anna Molly says:

    Is there a NY sugar party coming in September? Just curious.. :)

  14. Anna Molly says:

    Morning Sugars!! Beautiful day today so I think I’ll go for a nice hike! Looking forward to the hike but not the heat!! I shall drink lots of water and I won’t forget my trail mix. :)

    Now, with that being said, saying and doing are two different things! I could just hang out here and lay out in the sun with a nice glass of wine or maybe a Pina Colada. Hmmm, tough choice. Well, I guess I could do both. At least if I hike first the wine or whatever liquor I decided to ingest won’t go to my hips! Lol.. 😀

  15. kcpartygirl says:

    I’m glad the site is being updated but I’m not very hopeful. I haven’t seen ANYONE from my state login…or even anyone within about 200 miles. I don’t know what else to try unless someone’s looking for a part time SB in Kansas.

  16. coffi says:

    Hi, Sugars!
    I may have been curt earlier and I do apologize I was frustrated. I will offer whatever advice I have. I choose not to post my profile number. Please post yours and I will respond directly.

    Brandon informed me the event should be late September.

    I am no pro or expert. This is my first arrangement. First time on site. I just was tired of the traditional relationship and the feeling that I wasn’t valued or the lack of reciprocity.
    Quick tips
    Be real and realistic. Know and articulate clearly your expectations. And understand that youk must meet a few yourself.
    Be a pleasure to be around. He doesn’t need a nag or drag. Chances are he has one at home.
    Don’t be selfish. Be as giving of your time and attention as you expect him to be with his money.

    Hope this helps! And for goodness sake’s don’t approach it like a hunt! If we are hunters they are animals,right? How do you expect a hunted animal to respond?

  17. JustAThought SD says:

    @Niko and @Coffi
    Great info and testimonials. Like I’ve said before, EVERY sb should take note of these successes and tips. At first I thought it may make it that much harder for you to get the attention the two of you deserve in the future, but we already know 90% of the sb’s will complain about it, and only 10% will do something about it.

  18. JustAThought SD says:

    Let me clear this up once and for all. NO. You don’t have to message/respond anyone that says NO BLACKS. NO.You don’t have to be a lesson for anyone. But if someone doesn’t put it on their profile before I talk to them, and that’s their response, I (me, personally) want to know what their problem is. That’s just me.(That is if they even respond.) There’s nothing they can call me that I haven’t heard. We’re all around closet racists from time to time. Mix in all the stupid kids that think adding an “a” to the end of a word makes it a nice acceptable word. Now you have a bunch of insensitive people that will be your friend, but sometimes secretly think you’re some kind of animal. So, I have no problem telling a bigoted idiot when something’s not true, but as you can see, I’m an optimist. :)

    Hopefully, you’re already a lesson of “don’t judge a book by its color.” Much of what you mentioned in your post refutes the typical stereotypes.It’s part of the “A game” that all SB’s should be using. (Hoodrats of all races need to WAKE UP!)

  19. veicbuize says:

    gr8 resrch bro…

  20. Connie says:

    Hey everyone! Im new to the site; ive been on for like a week or 2 now…finding out it can be very “interesting.” Lol 😉 I have met a couple really sweet guys though. I havent found exactly what Im looking for yet, but hey Im hopeful. Im also educated and self sufficient, so Im not in a big rush. However, I am back in school furthering my education….so Im not eating steak and lobster every night! I would def love to meet a quality SD…im just wondering if he’s really out there!?

    Niko: If you have the time, please look me up at profile #1087945?? Just a cpl quick questions…wont bother u for too long..Just thought us girls could all help each other out :) THX!!!

    **************************My main point for this post*****************************

    1. How do I upgrade to a premium member by using my college email? I saw a pop up for it one time when I logged in from my phone, but now cant find anywhere to do it using college email; only with payment.

    2. How do I find these rating things you guys are talking about??

    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond!! Good luck to all!! :)

  21. HoneyBee says:

    I adore this feedback from everyone! You guys are amazing
    @Niko-thank you girl for showing up and showing out
    @Chantay-Give us the real honey
    @Coffi- Get it girl!

  22. travelersb says:

    hey all african american girls! I have a good news for you. I am blond, blue eyes, I am very sexy, I am educated, I get hit on every day in real life by pretty much all kind of guys and since I am back on this site ( one month), I have almost no message at all. Don’t worry girls, you are not alone and please stop defining yourself principaly as colored skin person. You are way more than a skin color and you know it. Show them that skin color means nothing about the personnality.
    Keep smiling :)

  23. HoustonSB says:

    Chantay, right on sistah! :)

    Niko, AA refers to African American. I’m sure Flyr wasn’t being denigrating- he’s always extremely helpful and gives great advice as well! He’s simply saying that the odds aren’t in favor of a SB- considering the ratio of SBs to SDs on here- regardless of race. So naturally the odds become even smaller since AA women make up an even larger percentage of the SBs on here. I’m an AA myself and although I haven’t found a SD yet, I’ve exchanged emails with quite a few SD who thought I was gorgeous and liked my profile as well. We simply didn’t get to an arrangement because other factors didn’t add up so I do think it takes a lot of patience. Lots and lots of it.

    Coffi, sounds like you found my kind of SD! Congratulations girl, he sounds great. I’m not sure where the stats are coming from either but i’m happy to take any advice from someone who’s found a great arrangement. Mind sharing your profile number?

    P.S I have no idea what happened with the LA event. I don’t recall hearing anything on the blogs about it either. Maybe Brandon or one of the moderators might see your post and answer that one?

  24. flyr says:

    @niko Stats are from doing a search on SA . I can only search women and you can only search men. For country stats leave everything blank other than the country. You’ll get a page of results and at the top right will be the number of results matching your criteria. in the initial case something like 170,000 SG, and that does not include a couple of thousand leaning over the border

    For the number of SD I was taking someones post from earlier today.

    I agonized for several days even making the post but my thought was needed as when people are discussing results they should have the underlying data, That’s all

    @coffi – I have not heard anything further about the party although there was a substantial expression of interest. I offered my opinion that the SB’s interests would be better served by a much lower profile, higher class , informal gathering. Perhaps not officially associated with SA – Most of the successful women I see here are classy, soft , professional , perhaps with an edge that’s reserved for a private setting. My time in London is brief but if the market includes married SD then Sunday night is probably not a good time..

  25. WCSD says:


    From my understanding flyr was meaning that AA was African American.

    His stats are purely a search of the SA site. If as a SD I search in the US only I get the following:

    172,000 SBs (all ages, races, etc.)
    50,000 SBs of ‘Black/African Decent’
    3300 SBs of Asian decent
    70,000 of ‘White/Caucasian’ decent

    Now note this data is just what shows up. Some (many) of these profiles may be 3+ years old and not accessed, etc…..but from a ratio perspective, they should be fairly accurate. Also this doesn’t split by age ranges, etc. either…. And of course I have rounded the numbers.

  26. Total Sugar says:

    Coffi says: “bought me a new (2011) car,given me my own credit card, helped finance some cosmetic surgery I have been wanting, taken me shopping regularly, is taking me on vacation, bought me a diamond ring, (among other things). That is aside from my allowance”.

    Really?? So, tell us your secret. What is it that you are saying/doing in person? I have no problem getting emails from guys, I just maybe don’t know what/how to say the right things in person LOL LOL. Please enlighten us!!

  27. coffi says:

    I am a woman of Black/Native American descent. Not young. I joined the site in March. By May I had a meet with my SD. It is early July, he has so far bought me a new (2011) car,given me my own credit card, helped finance some cosmetic surgery I have been wanting, taken me shopping regularly, is taking me on vacation, bought me a diamond ring, (among other things). That is aside from my allowance.
    I would be willing to give SB advice, not that I am an expert. But you ladies all seem to enjoy debating among yourselves and stating statistics and ratios, so I feel a little out of my league.

    Meanwhile, I ask a tiny simple question and no one has the courtesy to respond? Maybe that is the issue, men don’t really dig verbosity these days. Speaking of which I will cut this short:
    Does anyone know what became of the event SA mentioned hosting in Los Angeles?

  28. Niko says:

    I’m curious as to where your getting your statistics from and I’m not familar with the term aa so please explain in depth.

    I will proceed delicately with taste here as this is the type of subject that flames easily.
    I do understand what your implying flyr we all do have it hard as SB’s but it is my hope you weren’t being denigrating when I was speaking about that portion of the subject.
    I do not bear complaint but I am obviously aware that as a woman of ethnicity and color that I have had to work substanstially harder for my SB’s & my arrangements.
    You may not understand this fully, but this is an actual fact and a common thread throughout the community.
    Perhaps it stems from social understones and we can agnonize over it painfully or we can simply accept it and be the best the brightest & the hottest sugar baby we can be.

  29. Miss D says:

    @Niko, love your post it’s so true. I ‘m a suburbs girl, far from what people deem hoodrat, and trust me it’s been an huge advantage. To be honest, it’s easy to relate to some of these sds more. Now, Niko, you brought up good points, if you have grown up in the hood that is fine, but you need to understand that you have to present yourself differently if you want to attract someone who is far from hood. I have to say there are already horrible stereotypes about black women in the media, do not feed into it. I still see girls with profiles with purple hair, tattoos everywhere, talking about how they love to club in their past time, only goal is to live the good life. Now you may get a sd but the chances are you will not get that great catch that most of us seek. From my experience as a black sb, you have to look attractive, simple, and sharp looking. If your going to wear a weave/extensions keep it realistic, minimum, and clean. If your going to wear makeup, keep it looking good not clownish, fake eyelashes are okay if they don’t look fake. Dress appropriately, my favorite outfits to meet my pot sds are usually business causal.
    Now i am going to admit, I have not had trouble getting emails, maybe at times replies to emails, but my problem is I’m picky as hell and maybe very unrealistic. I thought I could consider $400 per meeting but I can’t. I don’t want a married man either, and I prefer them 30-45 years old. I want an allowance, and an sd that will show me an adventure together. So, if you want that too guess what you may wait a long time, and you have to put your A game on while your waiting. Now, it’s not impossible cause I have meet a pot sd that meets all my wants, but it was luck, timing, and emailing sds that landed me that one. However, who knows how that will end cause his still a pot, and i’m still looking at my options.

  30. flyr says:


    The takeaway is that SB’s of all ethnic groups need to re-read what Chanty , Niko. Midwest and others have posted. There’s a lot of wisdom.

  31. flyr says:

    @Niko and Chantay

    I have no doubt that there is discrimination, but I also think it’s important to look at the numbers. Just for the US

    There are 170,000 SB
    Listed AA 50,000 (AA women are a disproportionately high % of all

    SD all races 5,000 or so (I can not verify this )

    If every SD (of all races ) were delivered only to AA SB’s 90% of AA SB’s would still have no SD. But it’s worse as the SD population also includes tire kickers and obsolete listings.

    Again the number of SD’s may be way off ( a female can search for all us sd) but even if it is off by a large factor there are still going to be disappointed SB’s of all races.

    Despite the daunting odds lots of sugar relationships happen and many continue.

  32. Chelsea (1086357) says:

    OMG love this new feature!! I wonder who will be the first to send me a gift!!

  33. Chantay says:

    Hey Niko! Loved your reply.

    I was just speaking to a friend about the “hot commodity” on SD websites, and we both agreed it’s blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and straight hair. While we acknowledged this, we also took into consideration that a lot of the women with these attributes were highly misjudged, in terms of the men seeking them out believing they were (as you called them) “bimbos”, and were merely looking for pay-for-play. While they might be getting the highest volume of responses, winks, messages, hotlists, etc., they are also getting the highest volume of BS to have to wade through and sift out. I’ve been reading blogs on SB experiences, and it seems these women go through some of the scariest encounters–so I am absolutely not seeing the grass as greener on the other side. I think once they filter out all the pervs, stalkers, and creeps that reply to them, their genuine responses are about the same amount as ours.

    I cannot agree more on Black SBs on the site needing to leave the ghetto IN the ghetto. I’ve always been well-spoken–proud boaster of the fact that I started reading at a very early age, and was always seated in Honors English classes, getting straight A’s without even trying. I’m a writer by nature, very high IQ to boot, and I’m still open-minded and humble enough to admit when I don’t quite know about something, so as to have someone teach it to me (rather than pretending I know, and continuing to be ignorant about it).

    Going back to the conversation I had with my friend, there are three categories that will indeed make your number of responses lower than you would probably have hoped for them to be:

    – Being anything other than Asian, fair-skinned Latina, or Caucasian
    – Being over the age of 30, or LOOKING like you’re far past your 30’s
    – Being overweight

    I’ve already discussed the first, but to move on to the second–I’ve stumbled across SB profiles where the woman was claiming to be 32, and looked more like 45. Who knows, maybe she just had a little too much “fun in the sun” in her earlier years, and forgot to bring some suntan lotion. Maybe she’s just had a hard life. In either event, she’s got bags under her eyes, her hair looks rough and brittle (like she tried to use cheap dye to cover up grays), she’s got visible wrinkles even when she isn’t smiling, and her skin looks anything but soft and supple. In a lot of cases there’s even caked-on makeup. I’m not saying there aren’t SDs out there looking for mature women–there surely are! Not every SD wants someone who thinks Justin Beiber is the new Frank Sinatra, but being older and LOOKING older are two different things.

    As far as being overweight–I’ve also seen a lot of BBW (Big Beautiful Women) profiles that were actually more appealing than the profiles of thin/slim women. Maybe the skin was more supple, maybe the clothes were more appealing, maybe the smile was more genuine, maybe the profile was more well-read. Once again, it’s not impossible to land a SD if you’re overweight, but being knowledgable about what you’re up against, you need to know that it’s wise to dress in ways that accentuate your body’s best features, and let your self-confidence shine through your profile and pictures.

    I’m perfectly fine with the SDs whose profiles state that they are only looking to be with Caucasian women. As I said before, it tells me they are close-minded, and things would not have worked out between us anyway. I refuse to ignore their request, and still reach out to them, to “be that Black women that rocks their world, and changes their mind”. I’m not put on this earth to be some lesson to these men–let them continue to chase after what they always chase after, and complain about it as they usually do.

    As Albert Einstein said, “The definition of insanty is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    Let them drive themselves insane.

  34. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @ashley – do you want SDs to say hi or do you want constructive criticism?

  35. ashley says:

    Having trouble finding a sd!!! Really not sure why either ? :/ feel free to say hi! 883357 Ashley

  36. Niko says:

    Do not be so stupid to think this new gift function will establish the real sugar daddies from the fake. Think of it as insurance that if a guy does send you gift you should make him a Priority.
    My colored girls, yes we are the minority here. The blonde the brunette and the bimbo sell here so we need to market ourselves harder.
    I have been a sugar baby since I was 18 on this site. My first 2yrs I never met anyone I was young naive and my pictures were awful.
    However now I have several SDs a brand new car, trips to calgary spain & costa rica under my belt $2000 valentino shoes. College tuition completely paid for and brand new remodeld condo of my own design.

    First of all this is the god’s honest truth your seeking an arrangement, if your SD prospect is married then NEWSFLASH he’s in a dying marriage and he’s looking for fun.
    A lot of you scoff at $300, for some people starting out that’s a decent salary. Ii made $380 every 2 weeks at a shitty minum wage job before finding my sugar daddies.

    2nd. Beauty is everything. (Colored girls listen up!) Not in the literally sense but here a picture screams a thousand words. Point blank you should look like a million bucks in every picture.
    Now colored girls I’ll be honest it is harder for us we are discriminated against so you either go HOT or go home. I have it easier because I’m mixed race a lot of you darker skinned ladies might have a harder time. Doesn’t make it fair but you either bring your A game or you will fail.
    You want 5k a month, then you better work out like hell and kill it in a bikini. Look fabulous naked and walk it out like a model.
    Also leave the hood at home, the majority of the black SD’s here are looking for the blonde the brunette or the bimbo, the SD’s your looking for or ie the high rollers are caucasian 35 and up and want a well educated classy girl they can take anywhere. ( so don’t get hood or embaressing, he wants educated eye candy not hoodrat)
    It also helps if your in college or were privately educated have an ecentric hobby like tennis or horseback ridin can converse about wine culuture travel and business or speak an assortment of languages

    Also remember the words mutually beneficial are in the eyes of its beholder. If you have been on the site for 1-2 months and haven’t had one date yet . Then you need to re-evauate your profile and change your approach.
    Happy hunting girls!

  37. coffi says:

    Can someone tell me what happened to the event SA was hosting in Los Angeles (akin to the one held in Europe)? It was mentioned then NOTHING!!!

  38. HoneyBee says:

    @Leah love the post! Tamara Mowry and her husband are anothr great example. While currently she is trying to land a role anywhere and he is bringing in all the money. I love Marlow and her SD. Absolutely amazing..Anywho I’m still waiting my new profile to be approved and the updates accepted.

    Brown Shades of Sugar..just keep putting your best foot forward. It will happen.

  39. flyr says:

    Re Ratings

    Ratings work for restaurants, bars, books, coffee makers and hookers – where there’s a lot of people who have experience with the the rated item.

    Hopefully the SB SDs do not fall into this category.

    If your SB has 10 reviews she may be playing in another league.

    If you only have 2 “reviews” of a person the ratings are really sensitive to the biased or revenge rating or the friendly positive rating.

    In lieu of the ratings I think (I believe it already exists) a blog of problem SD’s is far more valuable.

    Take the group photo Top 5 Benefits and imagine you are the woman on the right walking into the scene .

    Your reaction might be :

    Obviously Mr Big Fish, I am so lucky to be here

    Same as above but who’s the other bitch

    or what a wonderful SD, he brought someone to hold the toys

    The tow truck outside was probably repossessing his Mercedes

    Ahh, excuse me I need to step to the ladies room (where I will call a cab and flee)

    What SB’s really need to know
    This guy is abusive
    This guy is dangerous
    This guy does not keep his promises

  40. BluegrassBabe says:

    Having a sugardaddy send you some GIFTS is a wonderful idea because it will separate the fakes from the REAL worthy sugardaddies. So come on sweethearts and check me out and find that I’m also very real and worthy of your lavish gifts:)))

    PROFILE: 543372

  41. Leah says:

    My apologies, Salma Hayek’s husband is François-Henri Pinault, the 59th wealthiest man.

  42. Leah says:

    I received the question about ratings when I signed in. There are many childish people in the world and on this site. Ratings would just be used to get back at someone for not acquiescing to what they want or being a good fit. Add in the scammers with fake pics and it’s a nightmare. The ability to search certain words was a wonderful step in the right direction, the only change I would like would be to allow all members to search.

    As far as the idiots with the race preferences in their headlines and/or profiles, these are not the wealthy, these are the “rich” (if that). Bernard Arnault is the 4th wealthiest man on the planet and his WIFE, Salma Hayek is Mexican. Ted Turner loves his SB, Marlo (who is BLACK, not even mixed) so much, he ended his marriage with Jane Fonda over her. Mark Zuckerberg’s wife (and long time girlfriend) is Asian. See what I am getting at? 😉

  43. Jane says:

    UM such a great and convenient idea! …Profile # 934948 This would put a smile on my face 😉

  44. Bella says:

    @totalsugar Just LOVE IT!!! Soo True 😉

    That would be funny to put prices on the profile:

    1) Dinner: $300
    2) Shopping Spree: $1500
    3) Spa: $250
    4) Pedicure: $100
    5) Hair Stylist: $150


  45. Karley says:

    Hello Daddies out there!! lol :) i just joined the site and have not yet found a Daddy~ boohoo! 😉 but if you would want to maybe, hopefully send me a gift i will say thank you and i luv you!!!!!! here’s my number- !!!!#1083960!!!!!! and i have some new pics that should be getting verified by tomorrow!!! and some more words in my profile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::)))))))

  46. Laurita87 says:

    Girls are so materialistic in here…The best gift is a laughter..come on and we will laugh together :-)

  47. flyr says:

    verified vs featured profiles

    My sense is that on the whole the population of featured profiles is more attractive than that of the verified profiles.

    Leads me to believe that SA may be looking for the number of clicks you get on your photo for inclusion in featured plus some ethnic and national balancing perhaps by time of day. They might even slip you into featured if the computer saw that you are coming up for renewal and have not had much contact recently.

  48. flyr says:

    Featured Profile – It may be random or looking for someone who needs some contacts. The problem is that you appear only as a picture and you see xxx read your profile . The chances of the person being remotely close are pretty low . You like the people looking at your profile but dislike the lack of followup. Mostly guys are clicking to see more pictures as entertainment. I assume the sb are the same.

    @teeny – If you are talking with him – John, I really want to enjoy your visit and so I need your help to understand why you cancelled the trip. I would like to have that out of the way before we meet so I can come to the meeting with only smiles.

    But just so you know, it’s likely that he called because he wants to get laid while he is there and really has no future plans other than getting laid the next time he is in town. . Not that unusual IRL that two people have a casual relationship that they have dinner and sex for dessert when they are in the same town. However the question is what’s best for you. As BEB noted trust your gut to keep your heart out of trouble. Maintain control of the process. Note that he may feel that he has prepaid for the evening.

  49. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    Can anyone explain to me what the criteria is to be listed under ‘Featured Profile’?

  50. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @ teeny – Always trust your gut.

  51. Teeny says:

    @JustAThought SD The 250 was sent about a week after he told me not to come out to L.A. and that was about 6 months ago. Since then tho I had not heard one word from him til today. He wants to get together either Wednesday or Thursday evening (hes in town for some convention) but wouldn’t talk to me about anything that happened or what he want he wants to do if we get together. What bothers me about the whole thing is that I actually liked the guy. There is part of me that want to blow him off like he did to me but another part that want to meet up with him just to make him feel bad and see what he passed up. Bitchy? Yes, yes it is. The way I see it tho is that I am a good person with a lot to offer and he made a big mistake by blowing me off and should feel bad about it. It would be different if we had kept in some sort of contact but no word for 6 months and then suddenly wants to see me is weird. Like I said I didnt sleep with him last time, nor do I plan to this time (if we meet up) but it feels to me like that may be what hes looking for. I dont know Im just kinda ranting I guess. Its just all very confusing,

  52. JustAThought SD says:

    Regarding designer gifts from SA:
    LMAO, go ahead and put some Lamborghinis up there so the true golddiggers/scammers only need to fleece 1 “mark” SD annually, without ever even seeing him.

    A gorgeous, shapely mature lady in Vegas speaking to a young lady. She told the younger lady that she owned several houses received through use of her feminine wiles. The young lady asked, “You mean using your vagina?” To which the mature lady responded, “Honey, if I had one of those, I would own office buildings.” The Moral of The Story: There’s a sucker born every minute.I try not to be him.

  53. travelersb says:

    Hi everybody!
    Hi beach_girl! where are you located? I am in Montreal and looking for other sb’s

  54. JustAThought SD says:

    @Chantay and @all sb’s
    Regarding finding true love gentleman non-married one-sb sd’s:
    I will not say this isn’t the right site, because if that’s your arrangement then that’s your arrangement. We all have different ideas of the perfect arrangement. So, I won’t condone or condemn what you think is right for you. I hope you find what you’re looking for someday. The Moral of the Story: It is what it is.

  55. JustAThought SD says:

    If I was this guy and totally didn’t give a crap, I wouldn’t have sent the 250. So, I would talk to him. Ask him why did he send the check so late, when you thought yall were getting together. Don’t act like it didn’t happen. Be cool, talk, get it out of the way. Then see what’s going to happen. You got the 250 but didn’t drive 32 hrs, what are you complaining about? Find out what REALLY happened and then decide. Or talk about it when you meet up with him in Denver (bring your own wheels.) What will it cost YOU to have him treat you to a good time? He may flake again, but you can take the cost of driving to the restaurant out of the 250 he sent. And if you’re worried about being a booty call, it takes TWO people to bump uglies.

  56. Miss D says:

    @ totalsugar, you have me laughing at my computer while my family is asleep, oh gosh some of these so called sds are too much, lol

  57. TotalSugar says:

    Miss D: I have been getting emails from guys saying: “I like your profile, because you don’t sound like a pro”. But then when we get to the infamous allowance talk….. they are like: “oh, I thought you were not looking for money”

    You never win, I swear.

  58. Miss D says:

    I also think some sds need to respect the fact that sbs are people too, not sex objects. I find it so crazy when I get offered $300 a night, when I have clearly stated on my profile the allowance and what I may be looking for. lol, $300 seems to be the magic number. I also understand where some of you ladies are coming from when you get ignorant and racist comments. I had a gentlemen be shocked that I had a degree, was educated, and had a respectable job because I was black and was on this site, are you serious 2012? This is coming for a man, who only has a degree and has one designation after his name, an BA. While after I finish my masters program will have five after my name. I just wanted to be like who’s going to be more educated, but I stopped my self.
    Due to the competition I’m finding it really hard for an sincere sb like me and woman like me who indeed are not looking only for the sds money, but his brain and company.
    Also I think like someone said there needs to be a check box area where people can check what they are looking for. Ex. fun, short term, long term so on, and so when I’m searching key words i can use those words.

  59. flyr says:

    @miss D “@ flyr that was funny, I would so get an pot sd something if I could afford it, cause the way the numbers are going, it’s difficult to get a sincere sd to even email you, let alone send you a gift due to so much competition on this site.”

    Well my alternate recommendation received NO traction, that the pot SB’s be able to send a gift card redeemable in charms.

    I am not married so my direct experience is limited but from what I have seen married men, especially those who own their own companies have no problem parking a SB somewhere on the payroll or as a consultant. Of course now youhave to send 1099s and such. There’s also an account for things like race cars, pretty girls, airplanes.

  60. NYDULCE says:

    Really I think its adorable … chocolate,teddy bears… its a cute way to say I like you.However I dont think any guy will send designer gifts through SA. I think the men will save that for an Official Sb after he makes an arrangement with her.

  61. NYDULCE says:

    I agree with Chantay. In plain words hes trash, move on to the next one.There is just no excuse for that one! Unless…. he was in the hospital… in a coma

  62. Chantay says:


    I feel your pain. I said it before, and I’ll say it again–it is not IMPOSSIBLE to land a SD on these sites if you’re not Caucasian (or Asian, or fair-skinned/straight haired Latina), but it’s improbable. Seems the men are jaded by the stereotypical Bonquifa from “down the block”, with the neon tights on, and weave down to her second set of cheeks, not to mention the loud, “ghetto” language and demeanor they’re sure she’ll come fully equipped with.

    I was stung by the many “Must be Caucasian/White only/Not into other ethnicities” lines on profiles–some that even had HEADLINES which pointed to this preference, but after coming across enough of them I realized they were doing me a favor. Any man that close-minded was not going to be a match for me anyway.

    I think sites like these will get you more attention if you’re: Caucasian, slim/petite, and either in the 18-24 age range, or could PASS for the 18-24 age range.

    While I believe that’s true, it doesn’t mean the grass is greener on the other side either, as I’ve googled enough SB blogs and have seen from comments and stories that these type of women may get more responses, but 90% of said responses are bogus/insulting/requesting pay-for-play.

    So while the blonde haired, blue eyed, size 4, 21-year-old female might be getting more responses than say a brown haired, brown eyed, size 12, 30-year-old-female, when you sift through the BS of all those responses, they about equal out to the same amount.

    I actually smile now when I see the profiles of supposed Sugar Daddies who say they are open-minded, and seeking real love, honesty, great conversation, a genuine bond, etc…and then claim you must be Caucasian, from ages __ to __, slim/petite, into shoe shopping and lingerie modelling. These are the same guys who it seems keep returning to the sites to complain about how “shallow” these girls are, and how they’re confused as to why they haven’t found “true love” yet. They’re looking for fake, or plastic, or trying to shoot fish in a barrel, and upset that they’re not as happy as they thought they’d be after attaining their fake treasures, lol. I’m sorry, but it makes me smile.

    I still believe a great man exists for me on this site. I’m genuine and honest with them when I reach out and drop a note (and I will be careful about which men I choose to reach out to, I’m looking for quality, not quantity–if he comes off as a pervert or a gameplayer, I just click [X] ASAP).

    Trust me, it seems harder for us, but it’s really an even playing field–we might just have less BS responses to weed through is all.

    Hang in there, be safe, and good luck with your search :)

  63. Miss D says:

    @ totalsugar lol,
    I like the gift idea but I am looking for so much more than a gift. I’m a allowance sugar baby so a gift is great but can he walk the walk after talking the talk. I guess, I would rather see the sd investing in my long term future, and you just can’t tell that by strictly giving a gift. So, whether he gives me a gift or not, I will still screen accordingly. I also hope these sds don;t start sending gifts and thinking that when they do meet their pot sugar babies that it will automatically mean sexual compensation, lol
    @ flyr that was funny, I would so get an pot sd something if I could afford it, cause the way the numbers are going, it’s difficult to get a sincere sd to even email you, let alone send you a gift due to so much competition on this site.
    And sbs, what do you think of married sds? I’m getting some married men, who seem way serious than the other sds about an arrangement, However, can a married man discreetly give you an allowance of 2,000 or 3,000 per month?

  64. Chantay says:

    Okay, Teeny:

    Though new, I’m fairly observant; I can see how a lot of supposed “Sugar Daddies” are getting by on the site, and it’s pretty low. These are the guys who are picture collectors–they gather a group of women together on these sites, and get them to send endless naked shots (or damn near naked if the girl is rightfully reluctant), and may even follow it up with some cyber, or phone sex. They juggle these girls, until the girls get fed up and move on, and then they go out looking for more girls to replace the ones they’ve lost. It’s a game to them, they have no serious intention of meeting up.

    A REAL Sugar Daddy isn’t about gameplaying–he has no TIME for that, let alone the interest. He’s seeking to wrap a world of comfort around ONE Sugar Baby and make her feel protected, cared for, and loved. Even if it’s a casual relationship, it still trumps the pay-for-play offers that a lot of these fake Daddies are throwing out there.

    On top of that, if any man–be him Sugar Daddy or otherwise, is truly interested in a woman, he will not give her the run around, or forget about his promises to her–especially if he’s still in the wooing phase. He’s trying to show her that he’ll be there for her, and she’ll mean something special to him, and if this guy disappeared on you like that, he’s giving you a glimpse into who he really is and how he’ll ultimately treat you.

    He’s looking for some nookie now, how about you just give him a turnabout of fairplay and turn your back on him. Just fail to respond–trust me, it’s not even worth a reply e-mail.

    He’s a waste of your time, hasn’t he wasted enough of your time?

  65. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!!!
    Wow, I only know SDinLA and Flyr here now… hi
    And hi to everyone, looking forward to getting to know you all

    I think the gift idea is great, but It would be nice to have other things than chocolate and stuffed animals… The idea of designer brands sounds fun!

  66. totalsugar says:

    That would be funny to put prices on the profile:

    1) Dinner: $300
    2) Shopping Spree: $1500
    3) Spa: $250
    4) Pedicure: $100
    5) Hair Stylist: $150
    6) Sex: $ 0

    However, you must get to the first 5 to get to 6. LOL

  67. Chantay says:

    Typo spotted (of course after I hit submit, lol)

    Should be:

    As far as putting prices out there, I can only say that if I were a SD on the site, I’d be wary of any woman who listed her “cost” to do things; bottomline, if you don’t want to be treated like a pro, you shouldn’t act like one. $500.00 to have dinner? Wow…

  68. Chantay says:

    Wow…well, as I mentioned before, I’m new to the SD/SB arrangement.

    I can’t say I’ve come into the idea of this type of arrangement believing it would be reminiscent of, “Pretty Woman”, but I definitely hoped I’d find a real gentleman who was serious about wanting a devoted/loyal lover, and would be a friend and mentor as well.

    As far as putting prices out there, I can only say that if I were a SB on the site, I’d be wary of any woman who listed her “cost” to do things; bottomline, if you don’t want to be treated like a pro, you shouldn’t act like one. $500.00 to have dinner? Wow…

    And I’m not sure why any woman who would demand that would come back months later…how exactly do you expect to be treated after that? Chances are the guy is going to demean you for being so stuck up and rude–why would you want to return to the possibility of that?

    As far as the $300.00-a-pop scenario, it seems it can go either one of two ways: either the man is testing you to see where you rank (are you looking for pay-for-play, or are you looking for something deeper and more committed?), or–yes, that IS the price he thinks is standard to start at, and you can either accept or decline.

    I know it can be frustrating–trust me, as new as I am I’ve had my frustrations with some of the guys on the site, but when you think about it no one owes you anything, SB. You’re entering into this knowing the challenges and risks, or you’re entering into something you’re not ready/will never be ready for.

    I believe someone already mentioned–just trust your intuition, and if someone isn’t what you are looking for, politely decline. No need to be rude about it, and no need to think you’re offering anything a man cannot get elsewhere, and probably with a much better attitude.

  69. HoustonSB says:

    Being an ebony SB was definitely an issue for me when I got here at first as well. I wasn’t getting as much response as I hoped for. I tweaked and changed my profile a bit and I got some response. But even with responses it’s more an issue of quality over quantity.

    I’ve talked to a few very wealthy potentials: some of who were very promising at first but ended up being disrespectful. And I do think some of them felt they had the right because of the financial assistance they were offering- which was definitely substantial. I had one guy just badger me for sex. I told him I would have to meet him first and then from the meeting decide if I wanted to pursue an arrangement with him. He told me I was lucky he was even offering the amount of money he was offering because he wasn’t into black girls.

    Sure, it was offensive but on the other hand, I was definitely very glad to get to know that before we went any further. Imagine having an arrangement with someone like that- yikes! So like someone mentioned earlier, it’s just a process of weeding out the the ‘undesirables’ because personally, if you won’t date someone only because of their race, you’re probably way too close minded for me.

    I’m a gorgeous, intelligent, very sexy and classy and driven young lady. There’s no reason to settle or let anyone make you feel like you deserve less than you’re worth because of the color of your skin.

    About the gifts and being verified- Sure, it’s always nice to receive gifts but I think a lot of SBs tend to forget that just because someone is verified doesn’t really mean they’re REAL. Anyone-maybe criminals and pervs excluded- can pay $20 to get verified. Or spend a couple of bucks to get you a gift. But does that mean he’s not gonna disappear after having sex with you? No. Anyone can send gifts or get verified, but it’s naive to let your guard down or feel someone is real just because they sent you flowers. It’s easy to flash a little money around in the start, but there’s really no guarantees here. If anything, fake SDs might be using these features to disarm SBs faster. It’d be a nice gesture, but I just feel it won’t always be used with the best of intentions.

  70. TotalSugar says:

    Teeny, I would let the loser go.

  71. Stephanie says:

    I love this new feature; I can’t wait to receive a gift…also thank you for the keyword search, it is a great idea!!

    Hope to meet the perfect SD soon 😉 its been too long…

    My profile number is: 896019


  72. Teeny says:

    The gift thing is a neat idea but I dont think it will be used. I would never use it as a screening tool or expect to receive anything. Personally I think if a SD wants to give a gift he will do so in person.

    On a separate issue I was wondering if I could get some advice from you fine folks about something.

    I met a guy on another SD site a little over a year ago. We chatted via phone and text for a few months and then he flew out her to meet me. He was only in town for a day and we just had dinner and chatted for a few hours, it was over all a nice night and we got along just fine. So he goes back home to L.A and we continue to talk on the phone and everything. So he starts really wanting me to come out there which I agreed to since he came out here. I dont fly so I told him I would drive out which he said was fine. So after a few months of trying to get schedules to line up it finally worked out for me to go out and see him. He said he would send me some money for gas and what not since its a 16 hour drive from Denver to L.A so the day hes supposed to send me money so I can leave the next morning I dont hear from him, dont hear from him the next day either so I call him. All he has to say is “Im an asshole, Im sorry. Ill send you a check for 250 when Im back in my office on Monday”
    He did send me a check for 250 so I guess that was good but so anyways I dont hear a word from him for like 6 months and then this morning I wake up and see a text message from him saying hes going to be in Denver this week for a few days.
    Im not really sure what to do, it was kind of messed up what happened ya know. Hes a nice guy (for the most part) and I enjoy talking to him, but after what happened I kinda feel like maybe hes just looking for a booty call. How do I ask him what he wants with/from me with out sounding like a bitch?

  73. Valerie says:

    I like the gift idea! But I have a hard enough time getting just regular messages in my area as it is so not sure I will ever see one of the gifts lol

    -Profile Number 1024423

  74. Jack says:

    No, Totalsugar, I’m in Houston (that’s why I gave my profile #, so you could see the specifics). I was curious about your profile because of what you wrote.

    As to the average allowance, Diana, I highly doubt Brandon’s “data” is even close to reliable or accurate, due to sampling bias, observer bias, insufficient power, high standard deviation, self-reporting bias, and a host of other issues that could affect the conclusion.

    It would also seem strange when the vast majority of requested allowances are between $1000 to $3000 (arithmetic average, $2000) that the average actually given is more than double that.

    Having said the above, at the end of the day, each person has to decide for themselves what works for them, meaning that the average (whatever it may be) isn’t all that relevant.


  75. totalsugar says:

    Jack, I am in NYC, are you within 100 miles from it?

    Diana: Maybe the average allowance of 4 to 5K is just on paper, because in real life I don’t see it anywhere in sight, and I live in one the most expensive areas in the world.

  76. DianaSBinOC says:

    The reason Sb’s here are being offered $300-$500 is because the majority are trying to find a NON PRO. Yes they are used to seeing escorts for $300-$500 an hour but it would be better to find a woman that can take $300-$500 per meet and in some cases $300-$500 a month. If they all ask for the same thing , all SBs will believe this is the norm. I already posted in the past the forum where men who see escorts talk about how much they get out of sugar babies. So no this has nothing to do with the supposed “economics of the world”. They pay for escorts by the hour, if they could get an escort to accept the same they wouldn’t be here.

    Remember a few months back Brandon posted the average allowance is between $4,000-$5,000 and the average age of SD’s is 39 years old . You can see this blog post back in March 2012. It also discusses the top 20 cities that have the highest number of SDs along with the top 20 cities with the most generous SD’s. Just go to the right and click on March 2012 to read it for yourself. Also the posters on the blog account for maybe less than 1% of the site’s members so even though there are many great views, different or similar to your own, they do not speak for all the SD’s or SB’s on the site.

    The gift idea is a nice one:) flowers are lovely but they die far too soon. A trip to a favorite
    spa would last much longer:)

    Regarding when to bring up allowance?? Since it’s on your profile the person in question should already know but some will try to avoid the topic all together. It’s best to ask on the site before any email or number exchanges. There is no reason to waste your time with someone that wants to avoid the main reason you came to this site in the first place.

  77. Chocolatebunny says:

    I thought I was the only one tripping about the “no black” issue. My girlfriend and I would have over 2,000 views but nothing at the end. Is anybody from the Houston area that would know what spots to go to? I’m pretty new to the Houston area and would like to hang out at Elite clubs and such.

    Profile #1082526

  78. flyr says:

    Opportunity for SA

    Yes, I know I have been a critic of the gift plan and the criminal background checks, but in the spirit of looking for common interests perhaps the gift options should include “Kits” to go with the wildly popular 50 shades of gray.

    The options would include everything from the stater kit to the serious stuff. Perhaps it’s a gift card that allows the pot to select the level at which she wants to enter.

    It’s a very interesting discussion. I think some of the earlier published materials and interviews lead to expectations that are not being met.

    My feeling is that there should be a phone or email discussion of a floor for the discussions at a meeting. There’s no purpose in sitting down and finding you are hopelessly apart. However, leaving the area above the floor open for the meeting and a more intimate discussion lets the SB work her magic. It also lets the SD make his case why something less than her target comes with other benefits which cover the gap.

    I agree with Blue Eyes that there are situations where the minimum number of meetings is reduced but replaced with more phone and email exchanges.
    Also agree that it does not take very long to know at the 90% probability if the arrangement has promise. More than three meetings and I think one of a few things are happening

    a) one of the parties has cold feet about being in an arrangement or has other commitments
    b) one of the parties is looking at alternatives
    c) one or both are enjoying talking about it more than doing it. Could be the company or the dinners or the location.

    Pre-flight planning – before a meeting I think it’s a good idea to make a personal list of questions and criteria. You are not going to refer to it during the meeting but having written it on paper it will be in a more accessible part of your brain.

  79. Jack says:

    Total Sugar,

    I’m curious to see your profile.

    Jack (#989322).

  80. travelersb says:

    I found the gift idea on SA very nice, but (from what I read on the blog) it seems that most sugar daddies are not really enthousiastic about it. I would not have use it as a screening tool but it would have been nice to receive one :)

  81. K says:

    I think these are great ideas! Specifically the keyword search. :-)

  82. TotalSugar says:

    Blue Eyed Beauty: I talk about allowance amount, before meeting in person as well. And everyone I have been talking to by email lately, has been in the 300-500 range or 1 to 2K monthly allowance.

    I do have a high opinion of myself, my pictures are great and my profile is fairly well witten but I’ve never talked to anyone who was willing to offer me 3K a month. I have a college degree, going for a masters in healthcare, I’m thin, fair skinned, petite and consider myself above average looking. However, it seems sugar daddies in general are not willing to spend more than 2K a month on their sugar baby for meeting 4 times a month. The cheapster ones, want to take you to dinner and going victoria secret shopping and that’s their idea of an “allowance”. The average married ones, are not willing to spend more than 1.2K a month for once a week meetings. The craigslist creeps want a per meeting and offer 250 for spending overnight. The high caliber ones, who actually know how to spell and say their networth is 1M, are willing to spend 2K a month and I am leaning towards those.

  83. NC Gent says:

    Hi BEB — I always waited for three dates before entering into an agreement. However, I did compensate/spoil my SB prior to entering into a formal arrangement. Long distance does make it a little more difficult, and I could see a need to at least talk about it prior to getting on a plane.

    RE: site gifts. I would be unlikely to use that feature. I have given small gifts (Starbucks gift cards, etc) prior to a first meeting, but typically only when getting together is being delayed.

    Good to see you AM — I was in RI and NYC last week — thought of the dinner party gang!

  84. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    Re: talking about allowance in advance. I live in a relatively remote area and due to not wanting to waste anyone’s time, talk about allowance before meeting. I just want to make sure we are on the same page of what is expected. That is if everything works out beautifully. My question is, how many meetings would it take to have an idea if something is going to work. I usually know fairly soon but some want repeated dates before an allowance is established. Considering I have to travel a fair distance, and assuming all travel and expenses are covered, at what point could I expect an allowance? Travel and wining and dining is fun but I need cash to reach my goals.

  85. Anna Molly says:

    Morning everyone! I haven’t been around for a while so I thought I would drop by and say hello! I hope all is well with everyone! :)

  86. hotsb says:

    @A Skeptical Daddy
    Thanks for answering.
    95% of the sugar daddies i talk to are french and live in France. I live in Paris and it’s no surprise that living in Paris is expensive. They know it, most of them also live in Paris.
    A monthly allowance of 2800 euros is not a lot of money when you live in Paris. That’s why i’m a little bit surprised.
    I usually talk with them for 5 months before meeting but they only talk about sex.
    And like i wrote before, I’M FINE WITH INTIMACY BUT NOT WITH A PERV. So i don’t understand what you’re talking about , I said i’m fine with it. i never said i wasn’t going to be intimate, and i talk to them about sex before meeting, but when someone ONLY talk about sex, i have a problem with it.
    And i know it’s not something that happens over night, but I think that a lot of them lie and are not being honest with their espectations, that’s what i don’t understand because they’re waisting their time and my time.

  87. OoSoStunning says:

    It’s quite funny how all SB’s are commenting on the gifting feature but the SD’s are no where to be found, What do you daddies think about this new feature? do you guys see yourselves using it?

  88. flyr says:

    I’ll second Jack’s thought that a mandatory gift for an intro meeting is disqualifying.

    My guess is that the gift is acceptable to SD’s who are planning to amortize the cost over a couple of encounters or worse, have such gross expectations that they scare others away.

    The mandatory gift to meet is a classic example of short term gains at a huge long term cost. Of course there exceptions to the rule but you are pretty well filtering out SD’s with self esteem and good judgement. The remaining harvest may include an occasional “big fish” but the odds are not with you.

  89. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Yes, we know JACK is real :) , generous, smart and sweet. :)

    About $300 thing.

    Yes, many guys think it is a good proposition – $300. Why? Who knows? May be they read Guru’ blog. Lol.

    I e mail/text them. “if you like The time with me – it is $300, if you think it is great, amazing, terrific – $500”
    And usually a guy leaves $1000 in my purse . … kidding, may be.

  90. Jack says:

    I must say I largely agree with Skeptical Daddy when he said the following:

    “I find it interesting that all the ladies love the gift idea, but the SD’s are making almost no comment about it…

    Personally, what I find tacky about this (similar to the verification) is that it encourages a mode of thinking like “Well, if he won’t send me gifts online, he must not be a real SD” or the like…”

    And I think Flyr is on the same page as well.

    I do not believe that whether a pot SD will gift you upfront is a good screening tool for quality SD’s. I will never say never, but in general, I highly doubt I will gift an SB I haven’t met, with the exception of sending money (and plane tickets) to a pot SB who is going to travel to come see me. And I have never responded to any SB who hinted in her profile that a gift would essentially be required to meet her. And when a gorgeous and seemingly smart SB told me in response to my initial email to her that she loved my profile and would like to take me up on my dinner offer (at any restaurant of her choice in Houston) but that she would require $500 to do so, I politely declined. The fact that she wrote me very recently again (after our initial communication almost two months ago) makes me think she hasn’t had many takers on her $500 demand.

    In addition to being a bad screening tool, I think such expectations by an SB set the relationship off on the wrong foot and can preclude a relationship that might have otherwise occured (eg, my $500lady). Although quality SD’s know and understand that “sugar” is a key component here, I don’t think any of us wants the sugar to be the primary component of the relationship. And with the really good SD’s, when they meet the right SB (easier said than done), the SB won’t have to negotiate much (if at all) to get the sugar that she seeks. And I do not say the above because I am not generous; if anything, the folks on this blog that know me will tell you that my problem is probably being too generous, not the contrary.

    Unlike Skeptical daddy, though, I do not fault SA for offering this. It’s a good business decision for SA because some customers have asked for it (almost exclusively SB’s, per my count), and because SA will undoubtedly take a cut of the gift business, so why not

    But an SB who makes too much of this gifting thing may find that her potential pool of quality SD’s–of which there apparently aren’t many to begin with–will become even smaller.


  91. TotalSugar says:


    I think the 300 figure issue might be definitely related to the current economic climate. That means I will have to have TWO sugar daddies to cover all my school bills and living expenses. Still beats working at walmart…. LOL

  92. FLFunSB says:

    Flyr “While some of the new SB’s may just be here to kick tires and get their egos stroked, they do consume SD attention. ”

    UGH and it ruins the time for us good ones. At least I have age and experience on this little kitty’s.

  93. Chantay says:

    Awww, these gifts are so sweet! One thing I will say about this site, I feel safe with the caliber of men here. I’m new to this type of relationship, but I’ve heard horror stories about the men on other sites, and after reading a few of the profiles here I feel I won’t run into the same woes/worries. This new feature is sure to put a smile on a lot of women’s faces, for sure. I think it’s a great way for a man to let a woman he’s interested in on the site know that he’s serious about getting to know her, and wants to stand out from the rest :)

  94. A Skeptical Daddy says:


    Every area is different, and you have to take into account the culture you are in. Are you talking to French SD’s or American SD’s? 2800 euros is about $3500 US, which is a good allowance for someone with an established relationship. Starting out, as an unknown, however, that might be a little high, even for very wealthy people.

    Wealthy people did not become wealthy by giving everyone their money. That doesn’t mean we are all penny pinchers, but we are going to be hesitant give a large allowance without really knowing you.

    However, you should consider rudeness to be a warning flag. If they’re rude now, they could be a lot worse later. I would avoid those people. Also, sex is quite common in a SD/SB relationship, so many “respectful” guys want to understand the ground rules before deciding to move forward. We’re looking for companionship, which often includes very intimate time together, and if you aren’t interested in that then we should know up front.

    Unfortunately, many people don’t want to talk about uncomfortable issues up front, like allowance amounts, intimacy, or other private things. Being too “respectful” can often just be a waste of time for everyone involved. I suggest being open to discussing intimacy, and at what point you could see that happening (without promising anything of course) up front, at least within the first few emails. That way, everyone knows what to expect from the other and there are no crossed wires or mixed messages.

    Finding a good SD is a process, not an event. It doesn’t just happen, you have to work to find the right one. And don’t be afraid to say no to someone that makes you feel uncomfortable.

    Having said all that, however, SB’s that demand platonic companionship tend to wait a long time and have to kiss a lot of frogs to find their prince. I always shake my head when I see a profile that says they don’t want any intimacy, but want a 10k allowance. It’s just not realistic. You might find it, but you would probably as good a chance of hitting the lottery. Simply put, the larger the allowance you seek, the more a SD will expect from you (I’m not talking just about intimacy, but also elegance, taste, class, intelligence, etc..).

    So after having said all that, I can boil it down to this. Trust your instincts, but don’t discount someone just because they balk at an amount they should be able to afford. It may just be he needs to get to know you better.

  95. hotsb says:

    Hi everyone.
    I’ve been on the site for a while now and i can’t find a real sugar daddy.
    I’m in France by the way and i’m 21. The men always talk to me about their fantasies and that a sugar baby has to be their sex toy. Even the ones that claim that they’re respectful talk about sex a lot. I really don’t know what to do. I would love to have a sugar daddy, i’m fine with intimacy but not with a perv. I’m loosing hope .
    I’ve been contacted in majority by sugar daddies who were claiming to be worth more than 10 millions but everytime i tell them that i’m looking for 2800 euros every month for rent, books , my tutors and for food, they scream at me and make me feel bad, they tell me i’m crazy. The thing that i don’t understand is that they write in their profile that they’re generous so i’m a little bit confused. And a lot of them tell me that we need to sleep together many times before entering an arrangement. And they’re rude.They try to presure me.
    I’m really easy-going. I don’t think i’m asking for too much , i’m only asking for what i really need and not what i would want such as shopping ,vacations…. They don’t tell me i’m greedy but they tell me my allowance is too high. They usually offer 500 a month which will not even cover my tutors’fee.I really don’t know what to do. At this point i’m taking any advice.
    Can someone help me understand what is going on?
    What should i do?

  96. flyr says:

    @ Total Sugar “What’s up with the amount $300?”

    Perhaps you need a better digital neighborhood. However, the rush of college students and others in their early 20s to the site and the continuing deterioration of the economy have probably had a significant impact on the balance.

    KEYWORD SEARCH – thanks for the rapid rollout

    GIFTS – I think it’s raising expectations that are not likely to be fulfilled on a widescale basis. There is already the problem of a few SB’s soliciting pay in advance, move me here etc schemes. The reality is that there are also way too many SB’s here for their benefit.

    While some of the new SB’s may just be here to kick tires and get their egos stroked, they do consume SD attention.

    I would think in this arena the SB’s would be much better served spending time polishing their profiles, perhaps adding better pictures and sending out occasional notes than waiting for gifts..

    A bunch of MBA’s looking at the “inventory” problem would most likely recommend a reverse of the gift process where the pot SB would send a gift of an evening of her charms. That would certainly get a lot of SD’s to put down the tv clicker, turn off the computer and dash out the door.

  97. fenix says:

    I think the gift idea is fantastic! It captures what a real SD is about, generosity of heart. Thank you for allowing men of means a forum to express them selves in such a way that is accepted.
    SB Profile Number 1098222
    Sweet wishes

  98. TotalSugar says:

    On a different note: What’s up with the amount $300? Where is this figure coming from? Was there a SD convention one day, where they all met and set that number as the rule?? Are they getting this from Craigs’ list or something? I’m just baffled that guys say 300 per meeting with such an authority, as if they they were offering you 3 thousand. I know I shouldn’t be offended because well, this is an arrangement site. But 300? Really?? Give me a f’ing break.

  99. Theresa says:

    I like the idea that a SD can be able to send his SB a little gift to show that he cares. Everybody loves to be appreciated. So keep up the good work.
    @ NY Dulce I know how you feel, although I have only been on the site for a few weeks I haven’t gotten any lookers. I don’t know if I haven’t gotten pro-active in writing potential SDs or if it’s my color or my age or my weight or whatever. In my real life I tend to attract, of all things, Latino immigrants. It’s like, if English isn’t his first language, and he has questionable status, he’s checking me out. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with immigrants and I bear them no prejudice.In fact, I think Latinos (especially the men) are attractive, it’s just that if I get involved with one again, I’d like to be sure that at least he’s a naturalized citizen.

  100. TotalSugar says:

    I think the gifts idea is good, however… if a SD sends me a gift in advance in the hopes he will sleep with me when I meet him… that makes things a little creepy.

  101. Nikki says:

    I think it’s a brilliant idea for the gifts feature.

    It’ll be great for a SD to send someone flowers etc before a date to surprise them. I’m excited with how much seekingarrangement is growing x

  102. hope says:

    wow what a amazing idea. ive never had flowers sent to me before how exciting :)

  103. TexasSB says:

    I definitely think it’s a cool option. I love gifts :)

  104. A Skeptical Daddy says:

    I find it interesting that all the ladies love the gift idea, but the SD’s are making almost no comment about it…

    Personally, what I find tacky about this (similar to the verification) is that it encourages a mode of thinking like “Well, if he won’t send me gifts online, he must not be a real SD” or the like…

    If I want to give a gift, it will be a unique and special one that I choose from my own sources, and I don’t want to be judged by pot SB’s because I don’t send them flowers or chocolate on the site.

    It’s fine that it’s an option, but I really don’t like the way that SA promotes these things, or the attitude that it seems to engender. A gift should be a private thing between the SB and the SD, and I really don’t think SA has any business sticking it’s nose in between it.

    Plus it’s yet another privacy violation in the making, in my opinion.

  105. LatinaSugarB says:

    Hello to all my fellow SB’s I need to ask because I’ve never been a SB before so this is definitely my first time trying Are there any SD’s on SA that are willing to show a girl what the lifestyle is like??

    If you know of any SD’s profiles let me know

  106. kelsey25 says:

    omg i love this idea as well cant wait to start seeing how many gifts i recieve!!! an yes its a def sure way to grab my attention over the other daddies!! if u want me to notice u more send away!!! :)

  107. Diane says:

    Yes fabulous idea, I would love it , but not stuffed toys though (quite tacky espec for this type of site!)
    Most of us I think would prefer the better quality pressies, not chocs and flowers.

  108. miss says:

    I think it would be very ideal to have a feature that tell you that you have contacted pot SDs already…. I’m finding it confusing to go back and check who I’ve messaged already…..

  109. Sweetheart4u says:

    Personally I think this is a great idea, these gestures are sweet and are also just another way for a man to show that he is real, sure I enjoy nice gifts but sometimes it’s the little things in life that shows you’re really special. A man can easily go buy a pretty bracelet or designer purse but will he remember your favorite flowers or chocolates?

    and I think the babes should be able to do something nice for their daddy as well, other than the being sweet and fun! To show him that it’s about MORE than just the money! Well for me it is, I’d like there to be a real friendship as a foundation. I had a long term sd/sb relationship and I loved when he would send me flowers or teddy bears, I’m a sweet kind of lady. Sadly that relationship ended and now i’m on SA hoping to find someone great! Spoiling goes both ways ladies don’t forget that! :)

    Profile Number 974262 (Sugar Baby – F)

  110. Eva says:

    This is fantastic!

    I love the new updates. I’m still looking for my SD, I’m in the Richmond, VA area! Profile 1047765.

  111. Misty says:

    I love this Idea too!!!! <3 Im still looking for My "daddy" but this is a great way to get my attention!!

  112. Jessica R says:

    This is a great way us to differentiate the real SD’s from the Fake.!

  113. A X says:

    Great idea! Can’t wait for the designer gifts..

    PS I’m black & none of those men going on about race bother me, shouldn’t bother any other SB’s, ignore them & find who’s right for you!

    I happen to prefer white guys.. so have a look at my profile 1089162

    Mwah x

  114. Jasmine says:

    Thank you all for the advice! It is just very aggravating to have to deal with men not even giving you a chance because of what you look like. An yes sometimes it can be a blow to self- esteem, but I brush it off an say ” Bitch I’m Fabulous” and move on!

  115. ChocolateIvy says:

    @ NY Dulce

    You are absolutely right. A positive attitude goes a long way. I have said this before, and I will say it again. It is to your benefit NOT to attract men who make snarky, racist remarks in their profile. I may be wrong, but I think in 95% of the cases, these individuals have other issues; ones that also signal (at least to me) that they would not be ideal SDs to ANYONE. Choosing to dust your shoulders off after reading such hogwash, and write the next SD who’s profile you genuinely enjoyed, and focusing your energy there is what will allow you to be successful. I have had one long term white SD who paid most of my undergrad tuition and grad school applications, and one shorter term east indian SD, both of whom found my background to be an asset in conversation and in physical attraction. Seek out those people, they exist.

    Yes it is like a job search; there is discrimination, bias, preference etc. But as we all know, people are able to overcome these obstacles, by acknowledging them, and then changing their mindset and strategy. All you need is one (or two, or three :)) “yes”! I have the attitude of a saleswoman, I am not taking any of this personally, but I sure as hell am going to put myself out there and try to find that yes…it’s waiting for me!

    PS. Not to get all emo, but especially given the tone I am reading from the other AA women’s posts, please make sure you are taking care of yourself emotionally through this SA journey. Without self awareness, I think encountering such critiques can be really damaging to your self esteem over the long term. It’d be really cool if we had a safe space to talk about this and be supportive/helpful to each other/ provide profile feedback etc.

    I am Profile 1038442 :) Say hi.

  116. FLFunSB says:

    PLUS I think if someone were to send me a gift I would take them MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more seriously than someone who just talks the talk. I would probably jump through more hoops to make that arrangement happen.

  117. FLFunSB says:

    @BEB YES i agree, Im not into flowers. I like the thought of a nice bracelet and every time I where it I think of who bought it for me.

  118. Lyric says:

    what an awesome idea … I hope to find an amazing SD :) have a great day everyone

  119. TotalSugar says:

    Thank you for the keyword search. I have been receiving high quality emails, because SD are finding me through keywords such as “sincere and Intelligent”. Ha!!! :)

  120. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    I’ve never been a teddy bear, chocolate, or flowers kinda gal….I’d much rather receive a well chosen book, tickets to a show/museum, jewelry, shoes, the perfect summer dress, perfume, a nice lipstick, purse, lingerie, nice bottle of wine, spa treatments, maid services, car detailing, online movie subscription, small works of art, magazine subscription, gym membership, personal trainer, fleece socks, sunglasses, etc. etc. etc.

    I’d like to see a place where we can caption the photos we post.

  121. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @SD4ONE – Why one more? Because I live in Canada and my SD is considered long distance in that we see each other only 2x per month. He is well aware of my search and is happy for me; in fact is more than willing to give a reference if need be. All he wants is my happiness and being intimate only 2x month isn’t enough for this ‘mature’ SB 😉

  122. VA SB says:

    @Jasmine, I completely understand what you are saying and wondered if it was just my experience or my area. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone. @HoneyBee thanks for the advice. Time to update my resume.

  123. JustAThought SD says:

    More great info for all sb’s. It is very much like applying for a job. And I threw some more stuff at you on the nightline post. Saw your proposal. LOL

  124. HoneyBee says:

    @JustAThoughtSD I wasn’t saying write SD’s that has a preference that excludes you…Small statements like that does not bother me at all. I don’t find it prejudice or racist. It’s very straight forward and it ELIMINATES everybody you don’t want to hear from so that you don’t have that excuse that they are “too lazy,overwhelmed…etc” excuses to NOT write back. I respect the honesty.

    I didn’t mean literal. Lol.. Of course no one has the time to send an email to EVERY guy on the site. I know where you were going with the constant messaging. You just don’t give up because you have a rough start. But it mostly be girls who need NOW instead of later/future. I find that a lot of girls get on here as a last resort to a financial bind and expect things to jump off right away and it does not work like that. Olympia’s profile showed she been on the site since 2010.

    I look at it like applying for that job that you always wanted. You have to send your resume first and it has to have all the right things for the Employer to set up an interview. SAME EXACT concept. Your profile is your resume and a message will be you cover letter. It just has to fit the job description and I feel if SB’s that are not so lucky look at it like that they will think harder and work harder for a better result. Jobs RARELY hire on the spot so a SD is not going to do it either.

    I can only speak for myself when I say I do what I have to but I will not do ANYTHING..

  125. Tati says:

    I’m a mixed black woman & I’ve noticed that the men on this site in particular are very discriminating towards black women. I have also seen many profiles that says something to the extent of ‘no black women’. I too get hit on by different races (many being white men) in real life on a regular basis. It’s definitely frustrating & doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me that things are SO much different online. I guess there’s not much [the people running this site] can do about it, just wanted to share my frustration as well.

  126. JustAThought SD says:

    My turn to give the compliment. (And I wasn’t underselling myself, simply balancing all that wonderful stuff I said with a lil dash of the real me Tabasco!)

    Your post above should be read by every SB, it is just some good, positive, solid stuff. I don’t know any sb that ALWAYS has the perfect sd how, when, and where she wants him. And I know that’s frustrating.

  127. JustAThought SD says:

    @Jasmine and @Babies of color:
    Here online ALL you have are your words and pics to make that first impression, and it’s dog-eat-dog for sb’s. Even the “whitest” girls have trouble getting sb’s at times. So be at the top of your game for sb’s PERIOD. (But even if you are, you still may have to wait,sorry.)

    And Jasmine, these guys that are hitting on you all the time in real life, are they your ideal SD types? If they are, why not check them out.

  128. JustAThought SD says:

    “you have to win them over with words,etc..LMAO..I find “Please no black girls or no blacks:” slightly disrespectful, but I appreciate the honesty and now I don’t have to waste time trying to “win you over with words”. *deep sigh* they say you just got to send a message to EVERY guy on the site.”

    NO. I don’t expect you to write to SD’s that say “no blacks,” or to win them to your side. However, I do hate for people to be ignorant over pure bullsht. (How will you know a girl smells funny by her race? This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this.) It is disrespectful, but it’s their opinion. Even if it’s founded on a prejudiced, bullsht assumption.

    Nor would I expect for any sb to send a message to every guy on the site. The idea was to continue to send messages to the guys you like even if they don’t request “chocolate” or send you anything back. Of course, you don’t HAVE talk to anyone unless their profile states “pro-black”, but there are alot of guys out there age 40+ that never took the time to see what girls of color are like except for tv and movies. Reality once again is that the majority of legit US SD’s are caucasian males. It’s so much easier to be clinically discriminatory online than when you see a charming,educated,nubian goddess in person and realize many of the stereotypes are bullsht.

    As for winning your pot SD over with your words. That’s all you have online are some words and pics to get you to the next step. Some girls can do it with an ellipses for her profile, and some have to write a book.

  129. JillyBean says:

    Ok, SA says I have nearly 12,000 views in about 6-7 months, but I’ve only had one true SD…but a very very generous one at that.

    *Sigh* If only I was willing to have sex with them….

  130. Nicole says:

    Nothing says it better than a box of chocolate and red roses

  131. I LoveWestCoast Girl says:


    My taste is the same :) (caviar and champaign would do it :)

    I was not speaking for myself about chocolate but for the most SBs who do like chocolate.

    I know (and do ) more guilty pleasures than chocolate .

  132. SD4ONE says:

    @Blue Eyed Beauty. “I’ve had conversations with several dozen pot SDs and only one has stuck (he’s now my SD) but I’m looking for one more” Why one more? I don’t really get why one SD is not enough.

  133. flyr says:

    NY Dulce – some great comments.

  134. KJones says:

    I think SA is getting a little bit greedy, pushing the verification function and now these gift functions on us. Adding these services is fine, but the way that the verification has been pushed is over the top.

    I saw a notification that said something to the effect of “You can’t be sure this person is who they say they are because they’re not verified.” I then saw that it was taken down pretty quickly after being posted.

    Offering these things is great, but don’t push them too hard. It’s kind of a turn off.

  135. Jasmine says:

    @NY Dulce I guess I just have to stop looking at the bad and focus on what I want and believe that I will get it. Thank you so much for the advice.

  136. NY Dulce says:

    @ Colored Babies
    I’m a woman of African descent and have Zero problems finding men of all races who are interested in Spoiling me like the princess that I am.Its part mentality part surroundings.Start envisioning yourself with your dream Daddy.Be positive about yourself and your self image and you will Attract a man who feels the same.Is there ignorance, racism, stupidity etc….out there…yes of course! Should you allow it to consume your thoughts, your life and your ability to find a quality connection NO! Rearrange your mind and see things will get better.At times we may need to relocate either temporarily ( go outside and meditate,take a mini vacation) or permanently( move to another part of town or another state!) One of my very successful friends told me something simple but it sticks with me always ” If you can’t change your environment.Then Change your Environment!” Meaning if you through your positive energy, words and attitude cant change the predicament or environment your in for the better.Maybe you might need to ust get the heck outta there! And go someone that allows you the mental clarity you need to focus your intentions. It’s hard to think I’m not gonna drink if you live on a vineyard or I’m not gonna smoke if you live in tobacco field. Just like if you live surrounded by ignorance its hard not to become ignorant. We are all ignorant… just on different matters. Maybe you are so used to experiencing the struggle your finding it impossible to imagine yourself not struggling. All my friends are of African descent (Caribbean, African American, mixed) and we all have SDs.Stop this thinking and do something about it! Either change your mentality or change your environment!

  137. Leah says:

    @BrandonWade: Thanks so much for the new features! I think something that incorporates the SBs Amazon Wish List would be perfect.

  138. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @Amber – Pot SDs disappear all the time. If they don’t reply to my last email, I don’t bother sending another one. They were obviously window shopping and found a SB that better suited his needs. Don’t take it personally. It happens to ALL of us. Just move on. I always have conversations going with several pot SDs simultaneously. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I’ve has conversations with several dozen pot SDs and only one has stuck (he’s now my SD) but I’m looking for one more :-) He’s out there somewhere. Come ON Lucky Sevens!!!! 😛

  139. NY Dulce says:

    @ SD in LA
    Thats a good idea.I love little sweet gestures and displays of affection. I wouldn’t mind getting my SD a little something to make him smile :) Just don’t think I’m falling in love or anything… some guys are Sooo paranoid lol.You do something nice they think your obsessed and might even try to ” discount ” you lol

  140. Amber says:

    This is super frustrating finding a real SD that is well.. real and not just some doofus that wants to pay $300 for a cheaper escort alternative.

    Recently, I met up with a SD who I got along with awesome, great connection, and I overall loved spending time with him.. or at least so I thought. I’m trying to set up a next time for us to hang out and I’ve been texting for the past 3 days with no answer. I’m thinking to text (or email?) I don’t know one more time on Monday and if no reply.. well it’s over.

    What sucks is that I thought it was going too good to be true. Guess it was. Just man, if I suck or whatever he could have at least told me instead of disappearing.

    Oh, and no we didn’t sleep together. Although I do want to since I’m attracted to him. Oh well. 😐

  141. Veronica says:

    Can we add a PayPal feature to this as well?

  142. Jasmine says:

    @HoneyBee, It seems to be that men just do not like the darker babies. What I don’t get, is that I saw a couple profiles where the man wanted a tan baby, well hell I’m tan all year round hahahaha. But why count me out just because of my skin color? I won’t put on my profile ” No whites” I happen to just be really attracted to white or Hispanic men, that doesn’t mean that I wont date a black man. I’m open to all races. If a black woman can be open to every possibility than why cant a white man? I have everything that any other girl has except I don’t have to pay for my boobs! In regular everyday life I get all races hitting on me, but here in sugarland I get offered $300 for a fuck an suck ( excuse my language ). It’s very aggravating and I don’t want to change myself just attract a man who doesn’t like me already because of what color my skin is.

  143. Rachel says:

    I like the fact that you’re working on improvements to the site and search features. Kudos to that. For some reason this has become the “features I’d like to see” blog – I’m curious to know if steps have been made to create a native application (i.e. not an HTML5 version of the website but something we can use on our phones and tablets), and with additional features that provide a sort of geo-proximity/llocater/whoisonline now sort of feature.

    Not complaining, really do love the improvements!

  144. HoneyBee says:

    @SDinLA good idea about sending cigars..etc..maybe a golf club, his favorite cologne.. I lilke that. However, I am against the ‘boudir photos” those. I feel those should only be traded in between an SD and SB that have already established an arrangment outside of the site. That feature will quickly turn this site into porn and some people are already taking advantage of that.

    @Jasmine..omg you missed the discussion on the NightLine ABC blah blah about that. I was just talking about that. @JustAThoughtSD says you have to win them over with words,etc..LMAO..I find “black girls or no blacks:” slightly disrespectful, but I appreciate the honesty and now I don’t have to waste time trying to “win you over with words”. *deep sigh* they say you just got to send a message to EVERY guy on the site. lol..j/k…whoa! now that was extremely racist…It means that guy is a **** and somebody out there wants you,,its just 1 in every 1,000,000,000,000,000…lol…With the NEW FEATURE you will DEFINITELY get BUNCH of GIFTS! lol.. O_o

  145. Jasmine says:

    Okay so I know this has been brought up before but where are all the SDs that like African American girls? I know some of you say it has nothing to do with race but when men openly say ” Please no black girls” or ” NO BLACKS” I start to wonder if there are only a few babies of color that make it! Than I get told that nobody will give a “black chick” $2,000 a month! So does that mean African American women are not worthy of that? I would really like some feed back because there seems to be no hope for us.

  146. SDinLA says:

    Re: gifts, will SBs be able to send their SDs gifts too? But not flowers and such obviously, stuff like cigars, wine etc. What if I wanted to send SD Guru cigars for his birthday? Will SD to SD gifting be available?

    Better yet, what about boudoir photography services where a SB can have some naughty photos taken to send to her SD? (and for her profile.)

    ILWCG/NYG: I thought you didn’t like chocolate, you denigrated my chocolate fountain/swimming pool, now it’s a guilty pleasure?

    Re: keyword search, brilliant! I have always said that any woman who uses “Weltanschauung” in her profile would catch my attention, now I can see if there are any such profiles! 😉

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  147. I LoveWestCoast Girl says:

    Brandon always has good ideas to impove the site :)

    I love this new gift option.

    Brandon, chocolate is a guilty pleasure, flowers usually die on second, third day, stuff animals just collecting dust.

    I would Love to have this Edible Arrangement option. healthy , fresh fruits, cute. and it has Arrangement in it’s name :) :)

  148. Cassiah says:

    This is such a good idea. Hopefully, I will find my daddy soon!

    Find your next sugar baby! My profile#: 761735

  149. HoneyBee says:

    I definitely like the new idea, but it would actually great if they could be able to check box it to automatically appear on their profile because its 2012 and people ABBREVIATE EVERTHING!

    @BrandonWade it also be helpful to checklist if you have contacted a person in a certain time frame. Also limit the searches because I’ve put in a specific search before and the same person comes up like on pg 1, 16, 35, etc.

    Great job keep up the good work! Will definitely weed out some of the “daddies” on here.

  150. Monika says:

    Lol! They should give you a job! You’re creative

  151. DominantLA says:

    Fantastic that you added a keyword search. Very helpful.

    Hopefully you can tweak it a bit in the coming days to sort results like most recently logged in or newest profile as now a search I just did brings up 1260 profiles, but some who haven’t logged in this year are on the first results page. Still I great improvement as I won’t die scrolling through 1260 results, but sort options for geography/recent login/and new membership would be nice.

  152. Sara says:

    Absolutely love this new feature !! I can’t wait to receive a gift <3

  153. Nicole says:

    I love the new gift idea! Am I worthy of a gift gentleman 😉

    This is my profile number: 569210

    This is the best idea yet! I love it!

  154. Leroy says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!