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The Top 5 Benefits of being a Sugar Daddy
  • Posted Jul 17, 2012


1) You DO Always Get What You Want

No games, no waiting, no more. The Seeking Arrangement dating site turns a man’s “maybes” into reality by giving them complete control in finding their perfect match. With women outnumbering men 10 to 1, a Sugar Daddy never has to settle for the “next best thing.” If you’ve always dreamed of dating a young, vivacious blonde, she’s yours. If your ideal arrangement is a beautiful black woman, she’s yours. A successful Sugar Daddy deserves to ultimately make the decision—not a “matchmaking” system.

2) The Perfect Arm Candy

She’s stunning, she’s with you and she’s the reason why everyone’s head is turning.
Ever wonder what it’s like to be Hugh Hefner? Now you know.

3) Age is Just a Number

For Sugar Daddies, there is no such thing as being “too young” or “too old.” Gone are the superficial standards that dominate traditional online dating: age, looks and height. Now, women judge you based on factors that you control: success, stability and maturity.

4) Add a “Spark” to Your Love Life

If you treat a woman with class and respect, she will always find ways to satisfy you. In many cases, this occurs behind closed doors. An active love life is essential for any mutually beneficial relationship. As a Sugar Daddy, you are given the opportunity to prove that you are the successful, generous man that she deserves. And as a Sugar Baby, she is given the opportunity to prove that she is the caring, passionate woman that you desire.

5) Feel Younger Again

A Sugar Baby is your own personal “fountain of youth” – she’s energetic, adventurous and open to new experiences. And the best part? She wants to spend her youth with you. You’ve dedicated your life to becoming a wealthy and successful gentleman. Now relax a little and enjoy the finer (and more beautiful things) in life.

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  1. freshman1981 says:

    I have sent email to few sugar babies and some of them responded. One thing thats commonly asked by sugar babies is money before meeting in person, be it nearby or far off. They want gifts from amazon, money wired for some urgent cause etc. I don’t trust these exchanges before meeting in person. Some people don’t trust that I was real without me sending money in advance.

    Another thing is they want more money and they are ready to spend just a few hours in weekend based on their convenience. I do not understand that they want money and the sd has to adjust in every other thing especially timings. I don’t mind driving to meet them but SB should make themselves available and adjust timings based on SD needs.

    Looking for an understanding SB.

    Am I asking more?

  2. SD4ONE says:

    Do you think many SB’s would fly to meet a guy for the first time? It would surprise me if that were true since it seems like a risky move. All my meetings have been with local women. I can’t really imagine a woman I’ve never met flying to me unless we’ve had extensive conversations by email, telephone, and preferably Skype with video streaming.

    I’m just wondering what your comments are on this topic.

  3. Fetilia says:

    @ceecee you are preaching( love it ) a lot of sds will message you once expecting pictures you took from 5 minutes ago with full body and hair length. I can tell you 90% of the sugar daddies I have, literally use there 30s or before the loose the hairline picture as their profile picture.
    @paul gorman I think it’s best to stay in SA but to be really blunt. Craiglist is lottery I’ve tried it and I was not satisfied. The amount of people who will contact me and will address themselves as sd or sb but won’t know the true meaning.

    –It’s not easy being a sb at all. You have to deal with situations where a male can respect or disrespect you in a second. To be a exceptional sb you have to think about yourself and have your emotions in place, and understand the sd’s emotions too.

  4. isabellebeauvais says:

    @paul gorman
    so sorry to hear of your experience in SA. It shouldnt be so but there are many members that are dodgy and they ruin the experience for genuine people.

    My experience was that i contact a sugardaddy that had a lovely profile but the responce email i got was horrific, he ask straight away if i was on the pill so we can have sex with a condom then he offered to pay for my expenses for anything i needed before I got to him.I was still shocked but decided to investigate a bit more and give the the time of day(maybe he is not really a creep).I told him the cost of expenses that i would and flight cost to get to him, suddenly his in response his tone changes that he doesnt wire money to girls he doesnt know..wait a minute you offered to cover my cost and whatabout the flight ticket yousaid you were looking at for me?
    long story very short, everyone should be careful if it sounds fishy or scammy or whatever else it probably is!

  5. CeeCee says:

    Well what I want to know is do these guys really look like they do in their photos? I mean, some say that they’re 46 and I’m droolin over em, and they don’t look 46, Then again, wealth, lots of wealthy guys stay healthy, medicines… But still, I’ve seen ALOT of SD’s on here that literally have me saying ‘hubba hubba!’ Lol, do they use old pics in general, or are just using their resources to stay young and attractive?

  6. paul gorman says:

    My first arrangement was with a beautiful young woman. We had lunch, coffee, dinner a hug or two, then coffee. Poor girl was short on her rent so I passed her a $1k check. She lost it; I stopped it. Gave her another. She stopped responding. No sex, no love, nothing but money out. She is in Bali now partying. End of story. Now you are rejecting my report, never stated before, as a repeat. I guess a lot of guys hae the same story about your girls. A word to the wise; stick with Craig’s List.

  7. paul gorman says:

    My first arrangement was with a beautiful young woman. We had lunch, coffee, dinner a hug or two, then coffee. Poor girl was short on her rent so I passed her a $1k check. She lost it; I stopped it. Gave her another. She stopped responding. No sex, no love, nothing but money out. She is in Bali now partying. End of story.

  8. Midwest SB says:

    Honeybee – My SDs have willingly volunteered to be tested before anything occurred. It’s your body and your life. It’s ok to ask. Regardless, a test is not as reliable as protection.

  9. HoneyBee says:


    Is it intimidating to request a STD test be completed on BOTH parties BEFORE ANY TYPE of sexual encounter, except some sensual FOREPLAY? Should that STOP the process for the arrangment?

    When is too soon to have sex with your SD/SB?

  10. Danielle says:

    I made my profile and had about 20-30 e-mails right out of the gate, but not many SD’s seemed REALLY interested though and the ones who were lived far far away. When talk of travel comes up, no one offers to fly me out (a REAL SD would offer ) to meet them even though they say they want to meet. I would be up for a weekend get away to meet my new Pot SD any weekend. Also, the SD’s who live near me come off as penniless scammers.

    Example: One was dressed really poorly in their pic ( I know some wealthy men can be eccentric, but this was BAAAD) and in the background you could see old beat up cars (like he was in a junk yard) and one guy looked like he was living in a trailer. I’m ready, willing, and excited to become the best little sugar baby I can be (and I am oh so good) , but there seems to be no REAL takers. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??? Where are the REAL SD’s??

  11. SassyInMass says:

    Blake- I love strippers too but nvr think of myself competing with them! Hopefully theres all types of sd n sb on here wanting many different types of arrangements. Your description sounds pretty cut and dry with your trying to get best deal and paying per session. I am hoping to find that connection with someone I truly enjoy spending time with, as well as hot sex chemistry. Ive found it before so Im hopeful I’ll be able to again

  12. SassyInMass says:

    SD4One- well thanks but I did honestly change it because I was overwhelmed with mail. Hasnt done much good though it was nice to come back to mail now that I have restarted my search

  13. DelusionalSBsLOL says:

    There are so many very good SBs on this site and so few of us SDs that are real and have the budget for this lifestyle. It does get difficult for us to choose when we have a couple thousand unopened messages in our inboxes from the past 90 days.

    I really have to laugh at all the SBs who haven’t figured it all out yet, though.

    Every once in a while, you see an SB with a really poor attitude come on and think that the game is still the same as it is when they are in a singles bar. They cop an attitude and pretend that they are the ones choosing. The probably also deny that there is a physical component to an arrangement. Delusional.

    Face it: The SDs outnumber you 10:1 (why would the site make that up?) and it’s up to US to choose YOU, not the other way around.

    So… best to drop the ‘tude and learn to be a nice person. Most of us SDs choose attractive women who are also cool to be with, not whiney, “I’m better than everyone on the planet” types.

  14. Midwest SB says:

    Just a little note for our new posters. We don’t have many rules here, but the general goal of the blog is to help mentor those new to sugar. This can range from profile advice to setting up your first arrangement. In order to maintain blog integrity, posts that read like a classifieds ad will be removed. Also realize that posts with hyperlinks and e-mail addresses are automatically filtered by the program and pend approval.

    If you wish to be in touch with someone specific on the blog, please post a comment to the “blog gods” (we don’t take ourselves quite THAT seriously) and if it is mutual, we will do an e-mail exchange offline. If you wish to market yourself to the many SDs, please use your search preferences from your profile and contact the man of your dreams! Happy hunting!

  15. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @Latinasugarb – I hope you find what you are looking for 🙂

  16. Latinasugarb says:

    @Blue Eyed Beauty – im not complaining im just trying to see if any SD in here in the blogs are interested thats why i posted my profile

  17. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @Latinasugarb – See my previous post….

  18. Blake says:

    The five reasons at the beginning are right on.

    As a Strip Club VIP and very experienced with dating strippers (which is an arrangement type of dating) I have no problem in finding SB’s for fun, relationship, adventure, sex. I am a successful, well off professional with a graduate degree. Most of them understand the game and can compete with women from other venues. However, many of the SB’s on this site are inexperienced in this kind of dating (unsure they are in the program) nor able to compete with women from other venues like Strip Clubs and professionals from escort sites. In addition, a man has to be on guard against con women and rip off artists. Keep your wallet and debit card in sight at all times.

    I live in a city that has tens of thousands of providers be they strippers, escorts, or women from Sugar Dating sites so like a QB with many open Wide Receivers, I have a multitude of choices to pick from in selecting the type of woman I want for a long term mutually beneficial arrangement. Obviously I want the best deal I can find. When meeting a SB, I generally like to take her out to drinks, dinner to meet in person and discuss the arrangement I am seeking. While I pick up the cost of such a date, I do not pay for their time (I may provide gas or travel money). This is a preliminary meeting to see if there is a mutual interest and very similar to when a stripper initially visits my table at the extras club where I am VIP. I have run into a number of women on the SD sites who are strippers or x strippers and they are not only in the program but have a solid understanding of what SD is about. At the initial meeting once everything is discussed, if interested I make an offer as to the financial aspects. Then the next meeting can be the main SD dating and could be a trip, or relaxing somewhere quiet and private. My contributions are usually on a session basis unless a trip where I may provide gaming, major shopping money. I have had not trouble meeting up with women from the SD sites, the problem is which one to settle on as I want just one.

  19. SD4ONE says:

    @SassyinMass. Great message on your profile! The “Too many guys are contacting me” message has probably resulted in a bit of a demand from SD’s who want to know what they’re missing! LOL.

    I appreciate your honesty. What I like most about the SA site is the fact that the women I’ve met have all been honest and forthright about expectations.

  20. HoneyBee says:

    @Peter some girls don’t know how to make a ‘proper intro’ without screwing it up of ‘saying the right things’. Here in the sugar world it is a HIT OR MISS.For the SB’s you got to keep hitting because you will get alot of misses. It’s almost like playing the lottery.

  21. SassyInMass says:

    Im profile 951676 if anyone wants to see what I mean by my profile text is quite blank. But apparently some men find my profile ‘intelligently written’ or ‘so funny’. The best was my profile was ‘sensual without getting slutty’ 🙂 huh?

  22. SassyInMass says:

    To comment on complaints abt lack of sd interest/response- I think location has alot to do with it. Back in March the top ten cities for generous sd were posted and Boston was high on the list. I had emails waiting for me before my pics were approved and was soon over my head in sd mail. Even though my profile text states I have more mail than I know what to do with, I still get more and more. Best is when they compliment my profile content even though its blank lol

  23. SassyInMass says:

    AM- loving that ‘sugarship’ term! Mind if I steal it? And thx for the heads up on evil twin Naughty 🙂 I had no idea

  24. Peter says:

    Well, after being here for a couple of weeks, I have to say I’m rather disappointed. You can totally tell that most members simply play the numbers game, i.e. hit as many people as possible and see who sticks. In a way this is understandable considering the sheer amount of SDs/SBs on this site. Still, why should I reply to a wink (don’t understand the concept, it’s as useless as the poke function on FB) or a mail that consists of nothing more than a “Hello!” or a “How are you?”. If someone is too lazy to come up with some sort of short introduction, why would I even consider her as a SB?

  25. Anna Molly says:

    Where the hell is everyone?!? I feel like I’m talking to myself! Of course, I’m use to it….I’m crazy! LOL!

    I’m sure most of you don’t know that “Naughty” is Anna’s evil and very naughty twin sister. She has a dungeon and isn’t afraid to use it on those who get out of line…bwahahahahaha! 😉

    Whips, chains and handcuffs…OH MY! And I don’t mean the good, furry, comfortable kind either! LOL

  26. Naughty Molly says:

    There are no such things as silly questions! The only silly questions that exist are the ones that are never asked. 🙂

  27. Naughty Molly says:

    So, I have a question. If you posted a profile number, but, the profile was hidden…could the person still see the profile?

  28. Naughty Molly says:

    James C ~ Oh, it has been too long my dear. I’m curious..how delicious am I? 😉

  29. Anna Molly says:

    IMHO, I think most, not all, but most SDs want some intimacy at some point because they aren’t getting what they need at home. That’s why a good majority are here because what ever their life situation is, it isn’t fulfilling enough and lacking in some areas. I think it’s important to talk about these issues with any POT, but, it has to be done in a sensitive way as to not be off putting, but assertive enough so that they know where you’re coming from and they know you will stand your ground on the subject.

    I think a sugar relationship, or, sugarship as I like to call it, should be well rounded and balanced, where, both SB/SD get what they need. As humans we all need affection, companionship, a sense of being taken care of in every way. We need it, we desire it and SA has become a place where men and women can find all of that if we take the time to find that one special person. Sometimes I feel that a lot of us get so caught up in the thrill of the hunt and become so focused on finding a SB or SD that we end up settleing for someone who can fulfill only a part of what we’re truly looking for. I’m not saying that you should find your “true love” but I do feel it’s important to find someone that you could see yourself spending good quality time with and actually enjoy it! I want to be with someon who I can just hang out with, talk to, be a friend, a mentor and all of those things! Like I’ve said before, whatever finacial help the SD/SM gives you should be the icing on the cake, not the only reason why you’re with them.

    Sorry if I started to ramble, but, my point is. Make sure you choose your companions wisely. Make sure you can see yourself spending a good amount of time with them and you’re attracted to them because sex will come up eventually at some point, but, if you talk about it and you both decided that sex will not be apart of the arrangement then go for it, just make sure you TRULY like him/her and spending time with him/her. Especially if you’re traveling to far off lands. 🙂

    I guess my ADD took over, I hope all of this made sense…lol. I also apologize for any typos. 😀

  30. Anna Molly says:

    Hey BG!! Wow! It is so good to see some familiar faces! How have you been?!

  31. Anna Molly says:

    James C ~ Aww, you’re a Sweetie! Thank you for the nice comment *blush* 🙂

    Naughty is very much alive and kicking….she has thought of you often! 😉


  32. flyr says:

    RE Silly Question —–
    “Can I ask a silly question? When a SD wants a “travel baby”, is he expecting sex? There has been no mention of it so far…”

    He may assume that he does not need to mention it but the fact that you are wondering says you need to discuss this. I also think even if both understand that sex is involved you need to have some shared understandings of your and your partner’s expectations, goals , limits and attitude. It should be a fun discussion.

  33. SexySmartCool says:

    This blog posting is truly a horrible representation of this site and arrangements overall. As I read it, all I could hear was the tone of a cheesy, late night infomercial like the ones they play in hotel rooms for “hotlines” – A college girl on her bed with the phone propped to her ear, while she twirls her hair like a teenage school girl, “Go ahead. Why don’t you call now? Hot girls are waiting to talk to you. Only $1.99 per minute.”

  34. JillyBean says:

    Can I ask a silly question? When a SD wants a “travel baby”, is he expecting sex? There has been no mention of it so far…

  35. Beach_Girl says:

    James~ Hi, is it the James I know???

  36. James Crawford says:

    Lola — have to say, Total Sugar is completely right — that’s a nice photo of you but the hotel door sends the wrong message! It can happen inadvertently because it’s not so unusual for girls to take a picture of themselves all dressed up for an event of some kind, like a wedding, which could be in a hotel — but if you have ever looked at the photos on escort sites (not saying you should but I guess confessing I have), an awful lot of them are taken in hotel rooms. So guys who are more into that may make the wrong assumption. I’m also a great believer that, if you have the courage and confidence to show your face in your main photo, you should show yourself with a big heart-melting smile! The guys you want to attract want a happy girl to make their lives happier. The secondary pictures can show your more complex and intriguing moods ….

  37. James Crawford says:

    Hi Beach! How are you!

    Anna, thanks for your kind words. And I enjoyed reading your perspective, very wise. YOU are the positive energy, you make everyone feel better about themselves and life!

    Not to mention absolutely delicious. What’s up with Naughty Molly? 😉

    Really great to hear your voice again.

  38. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello sugars!
    Wow, not a lot of chatter on here….

    @contentSB~ I agree with you…

    @AM~ hey girl!!! how have you been?

  39. Miss D says:

    @ Anna Molly thanks for that, good points. One thing I can say about why I love sd relationships besides the “help” aspect is the knowledge and wisdom I have gained. I have learned things from some of my past sds and some sds I have spoken to, that have changed my way of thinking and have motivated me to push for success. I also have been connected with resources that would have never been in reach, if I did not know certain individuals. So, if anyone knows any Canuck ( Canadian) sds who are looking and enjoy the mentoring component of an sb/sd relationship let me know!!

  40. Lola D. says:

    @ Total Sugar Thanks dear! I will work on getting a better full body shot without the distracting (and ugly!) background!
    @ WCSD Thanks! I did rethink the list of negatives at the end and they didn’t seem to fit my personality, as I am not a demanding lady. I hope not to come across as a diva. I will change that asap. The @ symbol, I never even considered that! It’s minor, so that will be changed as well.
    You guys have been a great help! Thanks again!

  41. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @misty and all other SBs who come here to complain about not getting a SD…..before you complain, ask yourself if you’ve read all the helpful posts to the right of the screen. Have you read all the blog posts? Have you spell checked your profile? Are your pictures tasteful? If you don’t know what that means….look it up. Do some due diligence please! If you don’t know what that means….perhaps you are on the wrong dating site.

  42. WCSD says:


    Is it a surprise that the 1/3 best looking gets 2/3 of the responses? I mean what is the ‘normal’ screening process for a SD when searching through ad’s on SA? For me you put in your ‘criteria’ (distance, etc. that you want) it gives you a list, and you scroll looking at the initial pic to see if the picture interests you. Of the ones that do, you open the profile, read it to see if there are any red flags, and then initiate contact. I doubt there are any SDs who contact someone that they don’t find attractive in the picture (why would they?).

    So this just reiterates the importance of picking a good picture for your profile. That is what attracts people in initially. Yes the substance is what gets them to stay…but the picture is the guy on the side of the street waving the pizza sign…if it wasn’t there, you’d probably never stop for pizza….

  43. WCSD says:


    Profile looks good, I’d change one minor thing. “eat @ fancy schmancy places”. Really making an @ symbol requires two key strokes, vs ‘at’. Again, minor point, and the rest of your profile is well written with very little ‘text speak’ (sure you trow in a lol…but I can live with one) just that one @ seems so out of place compared to the rest of it.

    I’m also not a fan of ‘negative’ points on a profile. Your “list of No’s” at the end, I’d get rid of that. Really, they are all extremely personal, and what might be a fetish to one, isn’t to you (or is for that matter). To me, those are things you find out much further into the discussion. If listing those is going to stop the people from messaging you who just say ‘Do you do anal?’ does that really matter? They are pretty easy to see that they aren’t a match and it is a quick delete and block right away….rather than scaring away good potential pots who see this as a show of attitude rather than just a list of ‘I don’t do these’.

    Another example (not that you have it) is profiles that say don’t wink at me….only send a message. To me that makes the person come off as entitled, where the person could just ignore/delete winks and that is that…

  44. Treasured says:

    Well, reading all THESE endless rants makes me want to live in the USA. I could have opened my own “Geisha school for Sugarbabies” by now 😀

    And, for some of you, making nasty comments about one’s appearance is just plain rude. If the profile is good, read it, make notes and learn your lesson, instead of bitching around.

  45. flyr says:

    @misty “some guys just start their emails off wrong!!! …..”Your body is perfect for f**** & Su*** ” WOW!! Thats not for me guys sorry!!”

    Why would this happen…………………………………..?

    You asked for comments……………..

    Misty – is this the same girl whose bathing suit top (in the lead profile pic) bears the inscription


    profile lists occupation as ex dancer?
    (confirmed as stripper in text)

    You’re a very pretty girl and probably nice. Your profile does not do you justice

    Ex Stripper is not an occupation it is a history.
    Enroll in something and you become a student.
    (overall it says you are unemployed)

    You’re very pretty but there’s little warmth or a smile in the photos. How about something in the river with trees and such.

    As I am sure you realize Blythe is pretty remote

    Check spelling

    I think $4K is very ambitious especially with the location.

    Your rules are good but do not belong in the profile.

  46. Misty says:

    My Profile # 1035117
    Within 100 miles from me, I get the Palm Springs, Ca area and you would think thats a great area for a SD, but, No matter what area, some guys just start their emails off wrong!!! …..”Your body is perfect for f**** & Su*** ” WOW!! Thats not for me guys sorry!!
    Still trying to stay positive!!!

  47. Roni says:

    One thing that needs to be mentioned: There ARE sugar Mommas on here too, lest we forget, and not all SD want FEMALES exclusively. Arm Candy can come in either gender, and some of us lucky babies share traits of BOTH genders 😉 Also, the age thing also applies with the babies, as some are ‘cougaring’ for younger SD’s to help with the babies ‘Golden Years’, or help a baby regain his (or her) lost youth.

  48. Total Sugar says:

    When I did my own analysis within 100 miles radius from where I actually live:

    35 to 55 – 1K to 5K: 380. Out of these, only 54 have photos.

    All the 54 guys with pics have active profiles within the last week, which means they are actively looking. Out of these 54, about 25 emailed me in the past month. So, technically, half of the potential SDs in my area, I’ve been already talking to! Out of the 25 I’ve exchanged emails with, about 10 were jerks and 12 where cheapsters. I met 3 in person but I didn’t feel attracted to any of them. If I were desperate for money, I would probably start the arrangement, but I’m just not in that place. I want a good chemistry, good laughs and someone down to earth. I’m starting to get disappointed with this whole process.

  49. LASB says:

    Anna Molly, you and I share the same sentiments! I have turned down many a 5 and 10k offer. Because of whose mouth it came out of, I wasn’t even tempted.

  50. Anna Molly says:

    Thanks, NC! So good to see you! You always bring an awesome prospective to things. I’m so glad to see you back!

    James C. ~ I’m so glad to hear from you! Its’s been too long! I’m so glad to see you and it appears that you’re happy in your current situation! Good for you! Nice to see some positive interaction here!

    Love always,
    Anna Molly

  51. NC Gent says:

    Hey AM — your posting confirms what I always thought. If you want an escort, having money is usually sufficient. If you want a quality SB, an SD better bring more than money to the table 🙂

  52. Anna Molly says:

    I found it extremely hard for me to find an SD as I’m very picky! I don’t want to be with just anyone who offers what I’m expecting! It all depends on the guy. If you offer me 5k and you’re a complete jerk who is self centered and arrogant then, I won’t spend 2 minutes on you! If you offer me half that and is a complete gentleman, well mannered, we have common interests, well, then, I will meet you! Look, if you want to break it down into numbers and allownaces, fine, but, I’m not that type of girl! I want someone whom I can acutually enjoy my time with, not an ass. So, that’s my take on the whole thing…take it or leave it. It isn’t a numbers game with me! Never has been, never will be! I don’t think anyone…ANYONE, should put an exact number on companionship….EVER! Sure, SBs, (most of them) have a certain “number” they expect, but, what happens when you meet an awesome guy? If he is everything you’ve ever wanted, then, why throw him to the curb based on a monthy allowance? Never made sence to me, but, to each their own. I have met three men here (in a SD/SB type of situation) that I’ve really connected with and it was/is fantasic! I couldn’t imagine just going about the daily things, knowing I was somewhat commited, to a guy with whom I have no true connection with, that would totally suck!

  53. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    The odds analysis answers a question I was pondering. I wondered why the same SDs continue to be on the site if they have the ‘pick of the litter’.

  54. NC Gent says:

    HI PotentialSD — I found your “odds analysis” interesting, but I am a nerd also 🙂 During the initial stages of actively searching, there was usually about 10 to 15 women that I would email. I figured I was fortunate if I got to a first date with two of them. I concur that the odds may look favorable for an SD, but when one factors in preferences, it isn’t always easy for an SD to find an SB either. However, I will agree the odds are still much better for the SD than the SB.

  55. Total Sugar says:

    Lola D says: Profile 1049052

    Hi Lola,

    You look absolutely adorable on your profile picture. The background of the picture in the red dress is clearly a hotel room door. I would change that one.

  56. fenix says:

    This is very interesting. I am newly available but this type of “dating” is not new to me. I was a very successful what I called dater before I married. I was professionally trained ballet dancer and privately educated, elegant beyond my years and able to be poised in the most difficult situations all while wearing a lovely pair of stilettos. I was know in certain industries as one of the local go to girls when there were contract negotiations under way and smarts and femininity would grease the wheels. There was rarely any sex involved, it reminded me more of geshia. I am trying this as a way to recreate what I once really enjoyed as I find conventional dating awful. Men can be so distasteful and rude. I have yet so have any one reach out to me from here. So, this leads me to ask are there other venues to explore? I no longer have the contacts I once had. I do live in an affluent area but men of substance are very busy. Can any current SB give some sage wisdom?

  57. JustAThought SD says:

    LOL, enjoy the ride today, and if you can find an SD that’d pay you 10k, with an arm tattoo, 2 kids, and so much attitude, I hope you’re smart enough to keep him. All is vanity and beauty fades, enjoy it while it lasts, etc….30, 35, and 40 come quickly and your youthful arrogance will be replaced by someone else that is more youthful and more arrogant. I can only wonder if you are the same person that made a similar comment a few months ago.

  58. Lola D. says:

    Hey guys! I’m Lola! I just wanted a little feedback on my profile! I’m unsure of how I can make it better so I would appreciate your honest(but polite) feedback!
    Profile 1049052
    Thanks so much!

  59. Total Sugar says:

    Regarding the topic of top 5 Benefits of being a Sugar Daddy, I would say:

    1) Get to hang out with the type of girl you never had a chance to when you were in high school.
    2) Show off how successful you are by bragging to your poor friends who can’t afford a sugar baby, how much money you spent on your new girl.
    3) Have that “good morning everybody” look in the next morning after an all nighter with your sugar.
    4) Counting the days on the calendar until you see her again.
    5) Going to the ATM machine feeling powerful and hot because you know well where that money is going to be spent on and how worthy it is gonna be.

    So, those are my 5 reasons why I think a SD should benefit from being a SD. 🙂

  60. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    You are very pretty , your huge blue eyes would draw attention of a lot of guys 🙂
    How come you have 2 kids at the tender age of 23?!

  61. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    I agree with your post. This “the top 5 benefits” are written very badly – like a closed minded person (with no college education ) wrote it in 4 min, without any given deep thoughts about this phenomenon – Sugar dating.
    Why no college education feeling – in college we all learned sociology , psychology, statistics, how can you say “always” “everything” and generalize … etc.

    RBW. Yes, the article is demeaning for women. A girl choose her SD as well.

    That is why after reading it I wanted Guru post here – so everyone can read how it is supposed to be written if you give it a lot of thoughts.

    It is more like “top reasons ! successful guys choose to be / Need to be SDs”. yes, officially half guys are married (in reality much more! ) – so they can not do the real dating ! plus some afraid of to be blackmail – so they have to be generous to keep their reputation and to be a good employer.

  62. Miss D says:

    @flyr okay cool, just clarifying. I understand what you meant now. Thanks for taking the time to clarify.
    @ the people who have something not so nice to say, you have the right to your own opinion, but there is a way to say something without belittling the person your directing it to. Some of the comments are immature and distasteful regardless of hot you think you are. Anyways, the end, carry on.

  63. PotentialSD says:

    And another thing… OKCupid did some great great analyses. One thing that they looked at was how looks affect responses:

    They found, not surprisingly, that the top 1/3 best looking women got 2/3 of the emails. Now, even though seeking arrangement is filled with much better women than the general population, there is still a distribution. I’m sure that it works the same way. A woman who is really attractive out in the real world, is suddenly being compared to all of the really, really assume women.

  64. Misty says:

    I know My chances of finding My SD are slim due to my location, (an hour away from EVERYTHING) But Im still trying, and still waiting for “MY SD”. Its only been two months. 😉

  65. flyr says:

    @ flyr, I’m confused with your response to total sugar, are you agreeing that the sb that YOU posted as an example is hideous, and so on? Cause if so that is not cool at all!

    No what I am saying is that she changed the lead picture and for me that is likely to kill the stop and look appeal.

    The picture I liked had a lot of appeal and a good background.

  66. Teeny says:

    @flyr You are very welcome.
    About the girls profile… Shes also from CO so I think thats awesome. Without saying anything about her looks (everyone has different definitions of what is attractive) I think her profile was very well written and Im sure thats more what he was pointing out then anything else.

    As far as the mean spirited comments about the way people look. Every time you say something mean about another persons looks, remember that someone out there is saying the same thing about you.

  67. PotentialSD says:

    More statistics. I had never really thought of using the search features to look at my odds before, but, being a nerd, now that I’ve seen it, I got to run with it. So here’s my analysis. All of my searches were within 50 miles of me, essentially Philly to Baltimore. And all were people who were active between July 4 and 18. I figure these are the active members. Total numbers:

    SD 200
    SB 945 4.7/1!!! Sounds good, right?

    So then I started narrowing down the SBs to more my target audience. So I further filtered:

    18-30, <5' 9", (slim, Ath, ave), (Neg, <1k, 1k-3k) 494 2.5/1
    18-30, <5' 9", (slim, Ath), (Neg, <1k, 1k-3k) 268 1.3/1

    And I would really prefer to stay a little closer to home, so estimating within 25 miles:

    18-30, <5' 9", (slim, Ath, ave), (Neg, <1k, 1k-3k) 172 0.9/1
    18-30, <5' 9", (slim, Ath), (Neg, <1k, 1k-3k) 94 0.5/1

    So, assuming other men don't have my distance constraint, I am competing with 1 to 2 men for every woman. And if I were to continue to filter by the more esoteric things that I look for, the numbers would only get worse.

    Now the funny thing is, you would think that this would be great for the women! More men competing for fewer women. But I think if they did the analysis it would work out the same for them. When they have filtered out the fakes and the just unattractives and the not enough moneys, several women would be competing for a couple good guys.

    Anyway, my overly-thought-out two cents…

  68. Miss D says:

    @ flyr, I’m confused with your response to total sugar, are you agreeing that the sb that YOU posted as an example is hideous, and so on? Cause if so that is not cool at all!

  69. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @flyr Yeah… a couple of her pics made me cringe a bit but who am I to judge what men find sexy and attractive. I’m just trying to find the man who finds ME sexy and attractive. I think she’s trying to show she can be sweet and sexy….not how I would go about it but (again!) to each his own…

  70. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    Profile 839572 kindly gave flyr permission to post her ID here to aid any SBs who may be having trouble with their own profiles. She did not ask for a critique of her profile. Shame shame.

  71. flyr says:

    @total sugar

    yikes , she changed the lead photo and I agree with you

  72. Total Sugar says:

    Melanie, I agree with you. If you’re overweight and ugly…. please don’t complain you are not getting emails. Although apparently, the hideous girl from 839572 has her fans. So, you never know. Some men just have bad taste. Worse…. they pay for meeting ugly girls. LOL LOL

  73. HoustonSB says:

    Melanie, a bit mean spirited don’t you think? I’m sure you can get your point across without telling people they’re not good enough. If you have some constructive criticism, offer it. If not, what that saying? If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

  74. Total Sugar says:

    Flyr says: This is the competition 839572

    Huh? She can’t even use grammar properly and she looks hideous to me. If this is what guys are looking for… LOL LOL LOL thank god I am NOT a guy!!

  75. TexasSB says:


    i disabled the winks feature cause i figure if someone really wants to talk to me, they’ll write me a note

    @texassd, i’m in D-town for the summer but spend the school year in Amarillo

  76. flyr says:


    Belated thanks for doing the research on SD count ……………

  77. texassd says:

    @texassb, where are you located..?

  78. HoneyBee says:

    It’s ok to let a man pick out something he THINKS you may look good in but show him why YOUR choice LOOKS better and if it doesnt work. COMPROMISE and buy both. Guys are airheads anyway life goes. They either think the 2nd head controls the power and then whatever comes in the wallet. It doesnt work that way because there are some women who dont play for that.
    You have to be careful how you appeal to both sides and this blog doesnt cut it at all. It should be something more realistic.

  79. DaddyDom says:

    wow, lots of SBs complaining on here.

    In my experience some of you expect far too much for nothing. Maybe some guys would pay it to you, but at the end of the day, most successful men don’t get to be that way without some sense of value and ROI.

    If it feels like too much of a heartless business transaction that can be a turn off, unless you’re looking for an escort type arrangement, which on occasion can be a turn on but lets not pretend it is anything but prostitution.

    Anyways I have had a great time on here. I am not yet 30 so meet up with hot 18-19 year olds, and the arrangements have varied from simply paying for some flights and a good time, to more. Great site! Much better than trying to pick up in bars or any other site I have been on.

  80. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @ RBW – I am totally in charge but I also like being ‘controlled’ (not however what I eat, or watch, or read). It all depends on what turns you on. I love having clothes picked out for me….and have been known to ‘beg’….but that’s what turns me on and why I am attracted to this type of relationship. What turns one woman on can turn another off. It’s about the SD getting to know YOU. I’ve seen plenty of SD profiles who are looking for women to control them. I wouldn’t know the first thing about controlling a man, nor do I want to. It’s all about power exchange and it can be a BIG turn on. And for the record I’m not ‘needy’ or ‘young’ (I think you mean naive). I’m a very well-rounded normal girl next door who keeps things in perspective.

  81. Red Blooded Woman says:

    Thanks SA for giving air headed power hungry jerks another reason to think “they are in control”…that’s why there’s men who will probably Never find a sugarbabe! Really some of these guys are just looking for a puppet. Maybe they have no control of their wife or kids or job sucks. So perfect get a needy young girl who I can make jump up and down and bark like a dog for a couple of bucks.! Don’t let these guys think They are the boss in this it’s called ” mutually beneficial”! don’t act like your air and I need you to breathe . I had this idiot one time take me shopping…as a favor to himself. He picked out the clothes and payed and the second I pointed out something I Liked he saw it as an opportunity to display power. He wanted me to beg I started to then told him to kiss my ass and keep the clothes and drive me home. Well after that he was a total sweetheart, until he found another opportunity to control. Please SA watch how you advertise to the men! You cannot promise or guarantee anything to them. Only We the Woman can do that. We’re in charge here! Whoah!!

  82. melanie says:

    its so irriating to me to hear all of these sb’s complaining all of the time. i have been on this site a week and have already been contacted by more then 10 pot sd’s. clearly if no one is replying to you, either you do not have the look that any man wants to pay to be with, ie, your overweight or just not pretty. or your demands are completly unreasonable. just because your mother tells you that you’re beautiful doesnt mean that you are, take a look in the mirror and come to terms with the fact that no one is going to message you and move on and quit publicly complaining. because frankly, nobody wants to hear it.

  83. ChocolateIvy says:

    I have to laugh at this blog post. It tries really hard to be all inclusive at the beginning. Thank you so much SA gods for mentioning “beautiful black women.” But it totally commodifies women in general. And hey, I know as well as anyone that there is a certain amount of objectification that goes into these types of relationships, but as SA is trying to distinguish itself from an online brothel, they may want to not encourage that line of thinking amongst men.

    “For Sugar Daddies, there is no such thing as being “too young” or “too old.” Gone are the superficial standards that dominate traditional online dating: age, looks and height. Now, women judge you based on factors that you control: success, stability and maturity.”

    Right, judging a man based on his money and how much he can afford to spend on you is not superficial? Come on, let’s be real. And, hopefully the men on this site want their SBs to be attracted to them on some physical level. The statement only further highlights the fact that men now get a chance to judge women on “factors they do not control” i.e. age, looks etc…while this may be the name of the game, this post did nothing to enhance my view of this website.

  84. Miss D says:

    I was recently contacted by this guy, 30 years older than me and married. He was very interested in an arrangement with myself. I told him that I’m interested in a allowance only, and I have to have a true connection with the person. He says he only does per meetings the first few months, and how it benefits both parties. He does $400 per meeting as per his last arrangement. I’m not feeling this rigid $400 per meeting, however he agreed to be flexible as we got to know each other better. He also wants to get to know me better, so I thought okay go to coffee with him, see him in person to see what I think. I feel like if his only offering that his putting no effort at all. I say, get me intrigued, woe me off my feet, like crap your 30 years older for gosh sakes. So, i’m thinking just let him know i am not interested.
    Now I heard of this per meeting stuff, not too familiar with it, is it not just paying for services it seems? Is this a new alternative to an allowance arrangement or something cause I keep getting disappearing sds once I say allowance.

  85. miko says:

    A picture SCREAMS a thousand words ladies.
    I always make sure I look like a million bucks in mine.

  86. Miss D says:

    Don’t want to step on any toes, but the first point of the article just sounds escortish to me, yes i invented a word, escortish. I think it’s that first point that has caused many other sbs and I to keep getting all these emails of men trying to sleep with you for x amount of dollars for x amount of time just by looking at my picture like i’m some object. I have noticed a surge of sds signing up in southern Canada, where I am living. A lot of the profiles seem distasteful to me, and you can tell they are stuck on this fantasy of finding exactly what they want with no effort. I spoke to one and asked him why he wanted to be on the site. He stated “I want my very own sugar baby”. Gosh, the way he said it was like he was shopping for a pet dog.
    I agree with SD4ONE, if he is a sincere sd it takes time, and effort to find the right one, not always the perfect one.
    @contentsb- positivity is good, but it would be a lie that negativity does not exist. I think this place is safe enough for people to also voice their frustrations especially for those who are not yet content sbs, lol.

  87. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @flyr – Wow! She’s certainly at the top of her game. Look and learn ladies….

  88. flyr says:


    There’s a lot of discussion about profiles being important.

    I received a nice note from this one and I thought her profile was a good model for those struggling with theirs. It has quality, class, information, sparkle and a call to action. This is the competition

    Yes, I did check with her before posting this.


  89. SweetHuniUK says:

    BEEN ON THE SITE FOR A YEAR – I’m in the UK – I’ve found it VERY disheartening at the lack of interest or response to messages. But, I read the posts here and realise I’m not alone. I also realise there are many more SBs than SDs so competition is tough – especially with the economic crisis here in the UK. I also feel that majority of the UK SDs don’t really ‘get’ what it means to be a SD – many of them think a dinner date should be rewarded with intimacy on the first meeting. I also did a search by country and found that there were only about 400+ SDs that showed up BUT I did see I that the only ones that came up on the search were the full members (orange profiles) – then when I look at the preferred age range for myself/location/recent logins it reduced the numbers even more. So there are others out there. But when I saw not as many as I thought in the UK I DID FEEL A LOT BETTER. I tried all sorts – change pic, profile, statistics etc but made little difference. Just made me realise NOT TO TAKE IT PERSONALLY as I have been. I’m a member on similar site and received much more interest – but then SBs don’t have to pay on here so there will be more of them. I have had one SD relationship from here, so they do exist – he was the ‘real deal’ and so I suppose I was lucky for a few months…

  90. SD4ONE says:

    Suggestions for an improved version of the Top Five Benefits.

    1 – You have a better chance of getting what you want.
    ALWAYS get what you want? Dream on. No games, no waiting?? Oh come ON! We’re humans reacting with other humans. This means we simply can’t ALWAYS get what we want. However, as an SD willing to be generous, considerate and caring, that means you understand the occasional down time of your SB and you’re happy to wait for her while she prepares herself to spend time with you. It’s simply not right that the woman of your dreams “is yours.” What is right is that your chances are just so much better and that’s a huge benefit.

    2 – The Perfect Arm Candy
    I can’t disagree with this one at all. NOTHING feels better than walking into an event with a beautiful SB on your arm. I suspect that, for a lot of SD’s this is the number one benefit. You’ve spent big bucks on tickets, dinner, flights, etc. why not make a grand entrance?

    3) Age is Just a Number but let’s stay real
    I suspect that most SD’s are interested in SB’s younger than them. In my experience, however, the better matches are SB’s who are either young but very smart and mature or a little closer to my age. Without a connection through intelligence, maturity or the experiences that come with age, there is little chance of chemistry. SA is a great site but I feel very uncomfortable when contacted by SB’s significantly younger than my kids.

    4) Add a “Spark” to Your Love Life, live a fuller life
    I’d guess that sex is an important part of the SD/SB relationship for most SD’s. But she won’t ALWAYS find ways to satisfy you. Remember the obligations of SD’s to be considerate and caring? Even a pampered SB can’t satisfy you all the time. We all need some down time, including SB’s. The benefit of doing things with your SB is that, for many SD’s we’re getting out and doing more things in this incredibly short life. The change to live life larger is a great benefit of an SD/SB arrangement.

    5) Feel Younger Again
    Absolutely but within reason – right guys?

  91. HoneyBee says:

    @SB Guru that is UNTRUE.I browse many profiles when I’m logged on and 75% of them DOES NOT list a location preference.So therefore myself and others (I’ve read) write nice emails, so to speak only to get NO RRESPONSE or a response saying too far.

    @LuLu even being a REGISTERED college baby sometimes serves no purpose. I get more responses, STRANGELY,without it. Some people have asked me if I’ve had two profiles! Seriously. As if I don’t waste enough time with one…Another note…Ican’t stress the response factor enough but that’s just too much like right.

    @FLYR I’m just saying. I’d be willing and even suggested to tap into my savings to prove i’m serious about an arrangement when certain people have said I was too far. Maybe its just me but that’s what I get for believing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible if you are willing to make it happen. My fault.

  92. Teeny says:

    @flyr that’s how many came up when i searched for just the united states. Whole site I have no idea but for the US that’s the number I got.

  93. LuLu says:

    @honeybee YAY for us college sugar babies! lol
    I just wish the potential SDs on this site could at least respond back saying “no thank you” when not interested. It’s just common courtesy.

  94. flyr says:

    @honeybee I have been in both types of relationship.

    I also split my week between a very urban environment and a very rural one. SB and I meet on a regular basis in the city we share and occasionally in the remote area.

    Over the last 20 years I have been flying commercially and flying our airplane 2-4 times a week . The prospect of getting into another airplane or staying in another hotel without a beach sucks, especially with the unfriendly gropers of the tsa.

    If the SA is traveling to meet me then I think I should be taking care of the cost, that’s what a gentleman does.

    I just think it adds to the stress of in the relationship.

    It is not a matter of this works and that does not work but rather that this adds to the stress of the relationship and probably reduces the expected longevity.

    There’s a certain mystery of a long distance relationship and for some it’s a requirement. However, with the advent of the tsa much of the fun is long gone.


    Only 7054 SD’s , is that possible. 170,000 SB pot

  95. Teeny says:

    @flyr 7054 is the amount of SDs in the united states on the site.

  96. HoneyBee says:

    I’ve heard and experienced MANY encounters of SAME STATE/DIFF CITY…4+hr drive..2 hr less flight and its STILL TOO FAR so,,,,,,,

  97. HoneyBee says:

    @FLYR what if she was willing to fly out to you 50/50 style even though she really could not afford to but because she wants it to be a genuine relationship. Aren’t EVERY relationship known to mankind is about compromising and finding a COMMON ground?

  98. flyr says:


    Perhaps one of you will run a search for all pot SD in the US and post the number

    The equivalent number for SB is about 170,000

    One of the things that surprises me is the number of “winks” I get from SB a thousand miles away. Yeah it’s good for the ego but the probability of success goes down with the square of the distance. I am sure that a they are frustrated at the lack of replies.

    I would like to see a poll

    Does your sb or sd live within 30 miles (or perhaps 1 hour travel)

    Some who live in remote places have to deal with travel but my guess is that most enduring relationships are pretty close to home

    • SD Guru says:

      @Newbies not having any luck

      Please take a look at “Five Tips for Newbies” I wrote in January, as well as “How to be a successful SB” in the Tips section to the right. And keep in mind that most of the time SD’s would have made up their mind as to whether they want to contact a SB based on her age, location and pictures. The profile text usually serves as a confirmation of their decision.

      “It was me that complained about posting the average allowances.”

      Yes, you’re guilty as charged and now we can let NC Gent off the hook! 🙂

      @Flyr & Leah Re: Ratings

      There was a dissertation in the blog earlier about this topic, and you can see my comment here.

      “Well I think Guru could attest to a 6.) You are married. I read that 41% of SD’s are married men.”

      Absolutely! Having a sugar relationship is the best way for married men to ensure discretion and NSA. As for the percentage of married SD’s on the site, here’s my comment on that.

      can we have a link here to Guru’ article “why guys choose to be SDs”

      Here you go, actually the title is “Why Wealthy Men Choose to be SD’s”, which was prompted by a discussion in the blog two years ago.

      “In my next blog post I’ll be exploring the top 5 benefits of being a Sugar Baby with the Seeking Arrangement dating site.”

      Welcome to the SA Blog community and I look forward to reading your posts in the future!

  99. ContentSB says:

    I miss the old blog chatter when it was more than SBs complaining all of the time lol. It used to be so much more positive, funny, and light-hearted. The “good ‘ole days” lol 🙂

  100. TexasSB says:

    I got free use of the premium feature because I’m in college

  101. lola says:

    this is like pointless to use this site if your not going tobpay the few for ths preminum use cause as a basic user you dont get to do anything the site is pointless & not free at all…. :/

  102. TexasSB says:

    Guess it’s because I’m the 5’5″, blonde, and big busted.

  103. TexasSB says:


    yeah a lot of the ones that I take initiative with and email myself don’t reply back.

  104. HoneyBee says:

    @TexasSB never mind the hair color..it still aint real..is my point…

    @Teeny surely can and I sure as heck would like to know to because I know I look damn good and can’t get a response to save my life…every now and then someone is kind enough to let me know they are not interested for whatever reason
    @SBSierra aint that the truth

  105. SBSierra says:

    I’ve been on this site for over a month, I’ve read the blogs, taken valuable tips and techniques and still no one has even inquired. I’ve emailed SD’s I’ve been interested in, but no one replies back, most never even reply.

    So remind me what’s so great about this site?

  106. Teeny says:

    Sadly you could take this whole article/blog post and rename it ” Top 5 Reasons To See An Escort” and they would all be true. Cute post and I agree with it, Im just saying the same points could be argued by men who prefer escorts.

    @PotentialSD Im curious about the people you are talking to that you dont believe the 10:1 ratio. The Sb’s on the site far out number the SDs. I would say most girls (myself included) send more emails then they receive.

  107. flyr says:

    The cigar, mixed drink (vs wine) shinny suit , and two women with industrial debutante hints…………. So far away from what I have seen over several years.

  108. TexasSB says:


    they are both brunette. And the girl on the left isn’t even white. She looks middle eastern.

  109. PotentialSD says:

    Where do they get the 10 to 1 ratio? That seems ridiculous. The babies that I talk to are getting dozens of emails a day and the daddies are struggling to get noticed.

  110. HoneyBee says:

    Question..why is the pictures ALWAYS the stereotypical thin blonde and or brunette? He looks maybe in his early 40’s.

  111. Lucifer says:

    Any African sugar daddies?

  112. DianaSBinOC says:

    Well I think Guru could attest to a 6.) You are married. I read that 41% of SD’s are married men.

  113. TexasSB says:

    That guy in the picture doesn’t really look that much older than the girls…lol

  114. EbonySugar says:

    I feel they are good reasons to be an SD. And also good reasons to be an SB. As to know you are giving someone else pleasure and smiles, naturally makes you feel good too. I am sure the list is not exhaustive though, and that there are many great reasons to be an SD x

  115. PYThick says:

    How long does it take to find an SD? I have been on the site for a month and had 1potential and few hit and miss.

  116. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    can we have a link here to Guru’ article “why guys choose to be SDs” ,
    I recently wanted to find it and could not. thank you.

  117. Leroy Velasquez says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!