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SeekingArrangement.com Presents The “Fifty Shades of LA: Sugar Masquerade Ball”
  • Posted Aug 10, 2012


Who’s ready for some sugar in LA? Want to meet someone who will tie you up but won’t tie you down? SeekingArrangement.com’s “Fifty Shades of LA: Sugar Masquerade Ball” is the place to be on the 21st of September!



Come join us for a sexy night of luxury and sin–at your discretion. Let us tempt you with an aphrodisiac-filled evening: Sip on your personal Christian Grey flavored cocktails, and turn your fantasy into reality by the end of the night. Ladies, unmask your inner goddess and find your perfect shade of Grey. Mingle with one hundred generous, wealthy men, looking for their Anastasia Steeles. Bask in the glow of the elite, and leave on the arm of your real-life Christian Grey. Dress to impress in your hottest cocktail attire, but don’t reveal all… this is a masquerade ball and unmasking will occur after 11:00 PM.

Just like the book, we will have our own “Red Room of Pain”, sponsored by Hustler Hollywood Entertainment. Also features is a live DJ on a rooftop terrace with sweeping views of LA, aphrodisiac-influenced hors d’oeuvres, chocolate fountain, tarot card reader and premium bar. Oh, and did we mention that for the first two hours, everyone drinks for free? All tickets include a complimentary champagne toast and open top shelf bar from 8:00 and 10:00 PM.


Event Details:
Date: Friday September 21st, 2012
Time: 8 PM to 1 AM
Place: Penthouse at LoftSeven
Attire: Dress to Impress, Mask

Tickets Prior to August 20, 2012

SB: $30
SD: $75

Ticket Prior to September 1, 2012

SB: $40
SD: $100

Tickets Prior to September 15, 2012

SB: $50
SD: $125

Tickets at the Door

SB: $75
SD: $150

VIP Table & Bottle Service Available, Please Inquire for Pricing:

[email protected]

Purchase Tickets Here: http://www.fiftyshadesofla.eventbrite.com

For more information about the party, please visit: www.SeekingArrangementParty.com

Laters, Baby!

Are you coming to the The Fifty Shades of LA: Sugar Masquerade Ball?

What other locations or themes would you like to see planned?

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56 Responses to “SeekingArrangement.com Presents The “Fifty Shades of LA: Sugar Masquerade Ball””

  1. Jazzie* says:

    *feel free

  2. Britt says:

    I am still in debate on whether or not I should attend. Since I am new to this whole ordeal. I wouldn’t have any idea how to go about that.

  3. Skylarmo says:

    Will you have a ball in Charlotte?

    Theme: “A mid winter’s dream”

    Decor: All white decor with soft baby blue accents, Icicles, snowflakes, punch bowls with dry ice to create the smoke effect, black lights to accent the white, sugar cube decor, white chocolate fountain and so on.

  4. sugar boss lady says:

    I would recommend having a sugar party in the inspiring tourist city of miami… A vacation and a huge event… All wrapped in one diamond bow 😉

  5. theboss says:

    I’m not sure why they have these balls? Isn’t that what the site is for? I get the idea, but it just seems like it makes things a little more awkward, especially for the guys. Meeting someone on the site and having a nice dinner and conversation seems like a much nicer way to meet someone.

  6. leolux says:

    @ocgirlygirl.. I’m from OC and am planning to go to the ball! Would you like to meet up?

  7. OCGirlyGirl says:

    Note: Men that are truly looking for an arrangement usually are looking for a woman that takes care of herself! 😀

  8. OCGirlyGirl says:

    @Flyr: If I were not dating and were not looking to be involved with a man I would not have the maintenance as I do now. I could let my roots grow for a longer period of time, my nails would not need to be done and waxing could be periodically shaving instead so if I was only going to school and staying to myself i could do with a lot less maintenance! Men say they do not care if you do those things but you always see them with women who do! I think that men generally do not realize the cost associated with women “getting ready” for a date and I haven’t even touched the time and money for hair products and makeup for the times we do it ourselves. Perhaps everyone should realize that both sides are bringing something to the table at a first meeting… not just the men!!! 😀

  9. Tina says:

    @flyr: flash mob eh? I resemble that remark! :)

  10. flyr says:

    @ocGirly and Leyla

    I would ask the same questions on the current topic page. It’s like a flash mob and most are probably there.

    @OC girly girl – I assume the maintenance has benefits beyond just the SD date so you may want to think that there is just a portion allocated to the date. For the first meeting think of it as an investment.

    Yes we do want you to look nice

  11. OCGirlyGirl says:

    Also are there any other girls that want to meetup and hang out in Orange County and go together to the ball?

  12. OCGirlyGirl says:

    HI Everyone,

    I am new to the blog world and I am going to the Sugar Masquerade too! 😉 I read through some of the posts here and have to agree with a few key points… Although I look good without makeup and in sweats (which I wear to class a lot) I love dressing up and I do put money into going out on a date. Hair, mani/pedi, waxing all does cost quite a bit and although I can get away without doing those things I would never color my own hair and wax myself. It costs about $500 a month for all of those services just to feel sexy as a woman.. Not to mention I haven’t met a man yet that doesn’t appreciate what I do to prep for a date. I think and correct me if I am wrong that if a man were to ask me out to have dinner in an upscale restaurant, he would not want me to show up with chipped polish on my nails, no makeup, and in sweats, with 2 inch roots. Again I could be wrong but I have not met a man yet that has had that desire especially one that would be willing to give me an allowance. I look forward to seeing all of you that can come to the ball and hope it is as fun as I think it will be! 😉

  13. Leyla says:

    Hi everyone

    I live in San Francisco and I am very interested in going to the Sugar Masquerade Ball, but im pretty skeptical about going by myself. Is there anyone else going from San Fran, or anyone willing to meet up and hangout together in LA, we could totally make a weekend getaway out of it too if anyone is interested :)
    Just throwing it out there and crossing my fingers there is someone, or some people –*shy smile*–

  14. Violette T. says:

    I see that the event page has a header with New York and other cities listed, but no dates or pages linked. How does one stay abreast of the news around parties in other parts of the world? I’m a West Coast Lady, but I’ll be on the East Coast at the time of the LA party.


  15. SweetLady1070 says:

    I wish the party was in Charlotte, NC… I wonder where all of the sugar daddy’s from this area will be? LA is just too far away…

  16. Tina says:

    Oh no, it wasn’t the pen – the seats were right up to the fence surrounding the arena itself! the bulls were charging the fence while the guys on horses were trying to get them to go back into the pen right after bucking teh riders, so they were already charged up…….hehehehehehe……

  17. Grasshopper says:

    @Tina – I can imagine how all the bulls were raring to go! One of the LAST PLACES I would want my kid to stand is near a bullpen…seems like a no-brainer..haha

  18. Tina says:

    @ Grassy: I thought of you in June – I went to a small town rodeo where basically they are evaluating the next generation of bulls to bring into the PBR. It was close up and personal, lemme tell ya! The announcer had to tell people to keep their children away from the fence since the bulls were trying to charge it after they bounced the rookie cowboys off (the bulls CERTAINLY won that night!).

  19. Grasshopper says:

    Tiiiiinnnnaaaaaaahhhh!!! Howdy-do, girly :)

  20. Tina says:

    Grassaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Hi! :)

  21. Grasshopper says:

    Eyes Wide Shut…

  22. EbonySugar says:

    I dress on a budget (I have no choice) and have been complimented on dates about how nice my style is. So it can be done.

    However, I guess, if doing everything makes you feel more attractive, that will help on dates.

    For me if my liquid eyeliner is on perfectly, my hair is tidy and I am wearing my favourite perfume, I feel great :)

    Its a good thing in life we are all so different. Even on just a blog level, it makes for more interesting conversation 😀

  23. Kristy says:

    I hope I can go! I’m in the Bay Area so I hope I can arrange to get away the weekend to be there. That would be a blast!

  24. Ballet-Dancer says:

    Awww no! In my hometown and 21+? What’s a 20 year old to do. ):

  25. jmarie says:

    seems fun hoprfully somewhere in florida next time “)

  26. Vegas SB says:

    That was suppose to be a wink at the end :-)

  27. Vegas SB says:

    To each there own. Personally for myself I can be and do both. I do do both, I went to work last week, washed and rode polaris rangers(yes, with manicured nails). Not in my job describtion, I sit behind a desk and help other facilities manage their emergency management programs. But someone has to do it, plus I work with guys who view me as one of them.I get grimy when I need to throughout the week, and on Friday nights, I like to wash all the grime off of me, throw on a nice dress and look like I’ve never seen the bottom of a mop bucket.

    I think men appreciate little things like freshly manicured nails, good for girls who can do their own, I’m not against it. But I dont think just because you have a full face of make up and fresh manicured nails that limits you in anyway. I was deployed in Iraq, and it was the little ammenties that they provided that kept not only myself and other women going. Through out the week were either getting bombed or trapped in sandstorms, but so what? Sundays, when were off. we head to the beauty salon, get our hair and nails done by phillipinos.. and for a brief moment, we are women hear us roar!! I like to keep this tradition going even in the states 😉

  28. Jack says:

    Tina, you’ve got me pegged pretty much on the looks part–I can find a woman attractive without much makeup and with nails in nice shape (that the woman has achieved one her own) rather than with a $100 mani/pedicure.

    It’s not that the latter is unappealing to me–but I was just trying to suggest that that expenditure is not necessary for me to find a woman attractive. Of course, if we’re going to a charity ball, the whole deal may be appropriate, but at that point I’m already paying for it (since I don’t take pot SB’s to charity balls) so it’s not a concern. If I’m just meeting a pot SB, a nice presentation can be had without much expenditure.

    This is not to say that if a pot SB wants to spend that money that she shouldn’t. I was just trying to say how I see it from my side of the table, so to speak.

    And I actually thought my post might make it easier for pot SB’s, not be seen as criticism.


  29. Tina says:

    @Miss Taken: Thanks! I appreciate the confidence boost, especially with my interview looming this Tuesday.

    There are a few porns that I’ve seen that are “friend” based instead of stranger based, but sadly I don’t remember the name of them. Too many things went on after the title screen 😉 For me, watching a porn is like mixing science with pleasure (oh yummm!). I get to research different ways of achieving the same goal, but with someone I know and trust. WHOOPPEEEEE!

    I don’t have kids, but if something were to happen to me I have left instructions with my friends that a certain box of mine is to be removed from my belongings and burned before my parents, sister or niece are able to open it. That thought just takes the fun outta the toys! :)

    @ Jack and Vegas SB: we all know that everyone has a different view of what is physically appealing. However, I think I know where Jack is coming from; since he’s an extreme sports kinda guy, women are sexier fit and slightly sweaty in active wear as opposed to a fresh manicure in couture. After all, it is SO not sexy to mix make-up with extreme sports. (And, of course, since I’m speaking about Jack, he’s always more than welcome to refute my opinions stated with his own actual words). However, having someone that can go from active and sweaty in a non-sexual way to evening wear to active and sweaty in a sexual way and look fantastic through it all is everyone’s dream, yes?

  30. flyr says:

    BEB – I am still not sure about the party. Given the early discounts I may buy a ticket as an options position.

    @Vegas SB – I think most women spend way too much time worrying about what’s on the outside and not enough on the surface and inside.. Vegas is perhaps the pinnacle of ArmCandyLand.

    I think that most women over complicate the process, We the the same problems designing buildings in many cases. Architects and city officials seem obsessed with buildings that will be visually exciting to their peers for a few months and then stand for decades as monuments to selfish design.

    I know a number of women who dress beautifully on limited budgets. They pick carefully what looks great on them and what will be an enduring style.. That’s frequently not what they see in the women’s mags or even the mens mags.

    The three most carefully stored images in a man’s brain are first meeting , f you or he lifting your dress over your head for the first time and waking to find you on his pillow at sunrise.

    Back to the prime topic. Assuming time is a precious resource then you have a resource allocation problem-earning money for fancy clothes and spa treatments, visiting a library, or spending a few hours on conditioning. Personally I would encourage a balanced approach.

    If you watch more than an hour of TV per day (with the exception of a few, little watched shows having intellectual content) it does to your brain what a dozen crispy creams per day does to your body. A long term SB relationship usually takes more than looking good and great sex.

    When it comes to profiles I really believe that radically different hairstyles or colors confuses the target. Go with your best. Keep it simple and then add complexity later.


  31. Vegas SB says:

    @ Jack

    Not try ing to argue either, but not every woman wakes up and looks like a ten, from top to bottom. At least I don’t. on a minimum I like to have my nails and hair done professionally. I like to experiment with different looks, I personally like my hair cropped short, thats how I keep it when I go to work or with girlfriends. But if I am out with a guy, I will go with a different look, yes I do experiment with wigs! there I said it :-) it has nothing to do with being dishonest, but when I have my natural hair short, there is a sense of freedom, I work out, ride ATVs, and when I have my wigs on I am a different woman, I am still down to earth, sensual, but more of a lady. I guess I can do both but why? I need an escape from my regular 9-5 😉

    Plus I never said anything about spending a ton of money looking good. I think I spend a reasonable amount of money to enhance the features that I already have. :-)

  32. Ms. Taken says:

    @Tina – Your career accomplishments so far are admirable. Your plans for the future look solid too. Good Luck! I’m a big nature buff and I love the country side too. As for travel, I often wish that I could take a road trip to see all the National Parks, even the lesser-known ones.

    @Midwest – I think about you too, girl :) I have a (few) question for you. Is your e-mail the same?

    @Guru – Way to go with the arrangement. I love the continuity of LT. Here’s to wishing you many more!

    How did I miss the porn/toys discussion (pouts). The porn I’ve seen, the act looks so brutal with the woman acting and sounding as if she’s in pain. I would like to see porn where the two or three :) have a relationship. So instead of some random “pizza guy”, etc. the couple spices it up with role playing. Do they even make these? Does anyone know how these are marketed?

    Rough sex with a stranger looks like rape to me (not one of my fantasies). Rough sex with my sweetie, delicious. I guess I’m projecting because I have to know and like someone on various levels before I can unleash my uber sexy alter ego.

    I live in mortal fear that I will die in an accident and my son will find my treasure trove of toys. I know, I know, I’m dead and I shouldn’t care but every so often I throw everything out anyway. The frustrating part is I continue to live and must replace them :)

    How’s that for Sunday talk? 😉

  33. Jack says:

    I’m not sure where the idea came from that to “look good” you have to spend a ton (or even a lot) of money.

    A woman can look mighty fine without doing so.

    I am not saying this to argue with Vegas SB’s wish to get an allowance but rather to suggest that women can look awesome with very little (if any) expenditure of money.


  34. Vegas SB says:

    I thought so but so far have only met one pot SD in person, well see how it goes..My impression so far is that he is “connected” where his job allows him to recievce perks but I don’t think he is comfortable with giving allowances on a regular basis. I like to look good when I go out (what SB doesn’t) but if I am spending more on myself in prep of our meeting and don’t break even or profit from it …then I might as well be dating a regular guy, well see.. I plan to address my concerns to him later today.

  35. travelersb says:

    I thought that Vegas was the perfect place to find a SD. That’s the impression I had when I was there.

  36. Vegas SB says:

    @ travelersb- Thank you very mucho! and Hello to you too! I try to stay up on reading the blogs with comments as much as I can, but rarely participate :-( I tend to see the same people on here and you guys (and gals) seem to know each other and respond off each other well. I am new SB so I need all the help I can get! I love Vegas too, but finding a pot SD out here…forget about it! Status update: Still looking.. :-(

  37. arianalyn says:

    Hey there does anyone know if there are tickets left. I really would like to go. I would like to see something happening in San Francisco if it hasn’t yet.

  38. travelersb says:

    @ Vegas SB – Hello! 😀 welcome to the blog. I am not here on this blog since very long but I Loooooovvvve Vegas so I’m telling a special hello to you 😀

  39. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    @flyr – You attending? :-)

  40. Vegas SB says:

    Or Vegas, Sin capital of the world! 😉

  41. Madison says:

    I am soooooooo going to be there, whoohooo!! Already bought my ticket. :)

  42. Teeny says:

    I really wish I could go, sounds like would be fun. A sugar party in Denver would be awesome to 😉

  43. flyr says:

    I am not sure if that means the media will not be present or the guests will be depending on their masquerade ,


  44. Brandon Wade says:

    @Treasured … This is Los Angeles (the Sugar Daddy Capital) not London where it seems the men are shy. Also, this party will be on Friday evening, not Sunday or Monday evenings so we expect the turnout to be bigger.

    Unlike other Sugar parties in the past where attendees have to buy drinks, this party features an open bar (all you can drink) for the first 2 hours.

    For this party, we will only have 400 tickets to sell, and we are limiting the tickets to 100 Sugar Daddies and 300 Sugar Babies. Once those tickets sell out, that’s it. And as it currently stands, we have already sold close to 25% of the tickets.

    Additionally, it’s organized as a masquerade so members won’t have to worry about the media being present. I do not foresee any of the problems we had in London happening here.

  45. Vegas SB says:

    @Treasured I think I read somewhere there is only going to be 300 tickets sold..200SB…and 100 SDs… :( …I will be in attendance though 😉

  46. Treasured says:


    Please, please, please, DO make SURE that there will be more men than at the London party.
    At lease 1 to 4 and not 1 to 40!

    Wishing all to have a great time 😀

  47. Jack says:

    I’m toying with the idea of going–haven’t decided yet!

  48. LAguy says:

    QUESTION: are these events more for Straight Sugar Daddy and Straight sugar girl? If anyone has been to any of these events, please let me know how the demographics are??

  49. NewParisianSB says:

    I’m so jealous! Wish I was able to attend :-)

    Have fun!

  50. Tina says:

    > yay! I hope you’ll have that position. Good luck.
    My dream trip is to take some months off and a big budget and make a road trip across all the US. That would be crazy

    @travelersb: THANKS! I’m excited about the interview, and know I’m a fit for the job. I don’t really like road trips where there is a specific destination in mind – I like to just get to where I’m going and enjoy it. BUT, I would LOVE to just take an ambling road trip to see what I can find (if I only had the time and the funds! :) )

  51. Tina says:

    (copied from the other blog post so that I’m not trying to keep up with 2 :) )

    @travelersb: I’m very white too, and I have to be careful in the Texas sun. One item on my bucket list is to visit every state in the U.S at least once as well as DC. If I get this position I have an interview for on Tuesday I get to start making those plans again :)

  52. Tina says:

    Hi Frank! Nice to see you back again! :)

    Somewhere in Texas would be nice too 😉

  53. Simplicity says:

    D.C. would be nice.

  54. Frank says:

    AWW, I was almost first!

  55. Jennifer Gwynn says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!