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Diet Plan for Sugar Babies


With our LA Party less than a month away, we at SeekingArrangement.com are making exciting preparations. But, are you ready? It’s no secret that women require more preparation for special occasions. What are you doing to fit in that hot dress that’s bound to make any Sugar Daddy itch to whisk you away before the night even ends. Sugar Babies are different from your average babe in that we have unique tastes. Unlike the average diet, with the Sugar Baby Diet you aren’t forced to eat bland vegetables, instead.

Eat this, not that!

1.)    Champagne, not liquor

Champagne fills you up, so you drink less. One glass of dry champagne is about 91 calories, whereas one shot of liquor ranges from 100-200 cal—and that is without a mixer!

2.)    Oysters and lobster, not steak

Steak is heavy and carries a dangerous amount of calories and fat. Oysters have about 9.5 calories each and have a greater amount of protein. Lobster on the other hand is about 110 cal for a 4 oz. tail. A lean 4 oz. sirloin steak can be anywhere from 210- 270 cal, depending on how it’s served.

3.)    Chocolate, not fruit desserts

We are not talking about chocolate cake. Swap your sorbet or strawberry shortcake for pure chocolate with at least 50% cacao. A cup of sorbet is about 250 cal versus an ounce of dark chocolate which is about 150.  It’s actually proven to help whittle your waist!

4.)    Spice-filled, not bland

Too many diet books tell you to avoid food with too many ingredients. You are what you eat and Sugar Babies are never bland. Opt for exotic spices that will excite your taste buds and yourself. Leaving you satisfied.

5.)    Think like the French, not American

French women are known for being svelte. Think like the French and go for small plates with big taste.

How about you? Do you have any Sugar Baby-lifestyle friendly diet tricks? Share them!

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105 Responses to “Diet Plan for Sugar Babies”

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  7. Josephine B says:

    Omg I watch my diet as close as I can ! I eat a lot of fruits and red meat. I love sea food so I go from red meat to sea food a few times a week. Now champagne will be a problem. I consume liquor because it is more affordable. I wish It was possible to go out with your sugardaddy whenever..But it is not 🙁 so welcome calories. Ughh You know what? Let me go back to the gym and run. I want my body to stay as it is !

  8. Tina says:

    @Taylor: I think it would be nice to hear a success story from a non-traditional SB (i.e. not a white, early 20s college student with an amazing body). Maybe someone of color, or a little older, or a little, er, curvier. How she overcame the perceived obstacles to achieve a successful arrangement. There have been a lot of cries for help on the blog lately from women who haven’t had success because they feel as if they don’t fit the supposed standard SB type.

  9. Taylor Vais says:

    What is a blog subject that you would find interesting to read about?

  10. Tina says:

    @travelerSB: it was 102 today in Austin, the “cold” weather is here in January and February then gone…..aaaaaaahhhhhh……

  11. Tina says:

    Thanks Midwest and travelerSB. I’m allowing myself to be a little angry these few days off, just to get it out before I go to work again on Sunday. There are some amazing job postings out there right now in my area, I just have to get my network working for me 🙂

  12. travelersb says:

    September as come in Montreal. Cold weather also and my feeling of moving from here also. I dream of California today. A bit of love and a bit of sun 🙂 That’s just what I need.

  13. travelersb says:

    @ Tina, I’m sorry that you didn’t get your job and for the way they did it. We know that you really wanted it. I’m sure you’ll find what’s good for you and where you need to be. You are motivated and you know where you are going so there is no reason why you couldn’t achieve it.

  14. Midwest SB says:

    Great way to redirect your anger Tina! We think you are AMAZING! I always find that when I didn’t get what I was going after, something better always came along. Hugs!

  15. Tina says:

    @JustAThoughtSD: you said dysfunctional *snicker*

    I’ll have to say thanks to all for the lighthearted comments too. I just found out that I didn’t get the position that I applied for at work, and am now back at square one. To say that I’m upset is an understatement; I was qualified for at least a second interview, but what ticks me off more is that I found out through a mass company e-mail announcing the new additions to that team. No quick personal e-mail, or even face-to-face to say that I didn’t get the job. I find this quite unprofessional and downright rude, especially since there were only 12 applicants, all were internal, and it has been almost a month since my first interview. Ten minutes shouldn’t have been too much to spare to let the other candidates know they didn’t get the position.

    Any other opinions on this? Of course, me being mad is actually a good thing, because now I’m more determined than ever to get back to where I was prior to some life changes a few years ago. Even if it means leaving the current company.

  16. California SB says:

    @EllenSB: I got a red dress and a soft green one, not sure which one to wear!!! 🙂

    @SD4One: “The Ethical Slut”…

    It requires a lot of discipline!!! 😛

    “a notion that polyamory is sort of a sexual orientation. ”

    So, polyamory is like being a transvestite?? LOL

  17. Charis says:

    As much passion as I have for chocolatee a little sugar help would be appreciated, so….
    Oh Great Gods and Godesses of the Blog! I beseech you for assistance in my plight. I have been on SA for nearly a year and so far I have had zero luck. I have had only one response to my emails and there have been no winks, favorites or approaches what soever. So I have just completely revamped my profile and replaced my Pics. Can someone please review my profile and let me know if I should make more changes? Its#777255. Thank you Great and Powerful Ones

  18. ContentSB says:

    @JustAThoughtSD — Oddly enough, the man I mentioned isn’t a SD, although he is a true gentleman and pays for everything we do. I had a few experiences (both good and bad) in the sugar bowl, and then met this man IRL. We met in a bookstore (how cheesy?!) and followed it up with dinner where he explained his situation very candidly. He would only be in town every couple of weeks, so what was intended to be NSA casual fun quickly evolved into something more in depth and much more meaningful. We never had an explicit discussion about commitment, but sexual exclusivity became something we both desired (yes, he is married, but for medical reasons that hasn’t been part of their equation for 4 years). Had he asked me to be exclusive from the beginning, I would have laughed and told him to forget it. However, amazing chemistry and intense emotion caused me to ultimately want that anyway. So to answer your question, I’m very glad we let things progress naturally the way they did without any pressure. Thankfully things progressed at a similar pace for both of us…had one person developed feelings more quickly than the other, it probably wouldn’t have worked as well as it has been. Typically I’m big on communication and explicitly laying out expectations, but at that point in my life any pressure would have made me run the opposite direction. Additionally, if we didn’t click as well as we do it would have remained NSA. We’re now living in the same city and the amount we’re able to see each other has of course increased greatly; we’re going to be super lame and celebrate 6 months together on Wed 🙂 It’s crazy how one person can break down walls and soften a heart! (ugh…my unromantic side is gagging from that pathetic sentence!! lol 🙂

  19. WCSD says:

    @JustAThought SD (Greencard for Canadians) – The US isn’t any easier on Canadians than they are on other citizens for allowing them to enter the country to work. Take it from me…I’m a Canadian and have worked stints in the US for a total of 6 years, and it can be difficult to get the visa (I never did get a greencard, I wasn’t interested in ‘long term’ status). The easiest way is through a company that you are working for in Canada, that also has US operations. I went on a TN visa, which is based on education, job, and length of stay. I never had any issues myself, but know of others who were grilled about every detail on their degree and asked ‘haven’t you learned enough to get a job in Canada now?”. Really it just depends on which power hungry customs agent you run into when crossing the border (I seemed to have lots of luck).

  20. EllenSugarB says:

    Thank you, Content. I think that YOU said it perfectly. Sometimes I’m half asleep when I post things on here so it comes out jumbled – you explained what I was attempting to say in a more succinct and seamless way. Thanks!

    All – It seems like there is a lot of history with people who post on here (I don’t really know anyone who posts on here, let alone the background of the stories) so if i say something it’s never to offend or argue – im just sharing my perspective.

    All – You guys are REALLY funny! I literally laugh-out-loud when I read some of these posts. traveler “I’m afraid of myself” haha me too! Tina/Just a Thought with the idea of using body parts as an adult pacifier, flyr with that cerebral kind of humor which I love, and many more which I am clearly failing to remember at the moment. Thank you for the good laughs!

  21. CaribSB says:


    I have not read the entire book, but I have had a look at the synopsis and read a few excerpts and also have an idea of the subtopics.

    The fact that you never cheated even though you reached a point where you weren’t totally happy/satisfied speaks volumes., and maybe you are indeed one of those persons who are meant for monogamous type relationships. I do agree with the idea though, that there are those who are meant for either type of relationships. I do believe it is important that persons are honest with themselves though and truly find the one that really works, based on personal discovery and not so much the influence of culture, socialization or religion. Frankly I don’t believe either one is better than the other and i guess as I keep getting older and have my experiences, I will eventually discover which one is for me 🙂

    Nice to hear/read your thoughts 🙂

  22. SD4ONE says:

    Yes, my user name does kind of hint to my feelings on the matter doesn’t it? Actually, it’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to and the name is more representative of what I THINK is the preferred way to have a relationship – one-to-one – not what I KNOW. We all know so much less as we get older :-).

    But you raise a good point. “..do you think this period could be lengthened by double that time, maybe triple, etc. if these same persons were involved in a polyamorous lifestyle?” That’s such a great question. I split after 25 years, never wandered, never had another lover. Marriage changed to more of a room-mate relationship after only 10 years.

    Would the feelings have lasted longer if I had been poly? Personally I think not – my wife would not have been open to polyamory and I couldn’t imagine feeling good about a discrete affair.

    My relationships since I’ve been a “born again single” have, with two exceptions, been with women who wanted to be exclusive. I’m honest so I tell people I’m dating others and that often ends the relationship after a few dates. The exception, of course being the two poly women. The ironic part is that even these two women talk about finding the right guy some day

    I’ve read a lot on the subject including The Ethical Slut. Comments from this group have been helpful too. It’s a big topic.

  23. JustAThought SD says:


    We’re all big babies. Guys,girls, no one is immune from infantile dysfunction.

  24. JustAThought SD says:

    Green card? I thought you lived in Canada. For some reason I always thought it was easy to get citizenship when coming from Canada. Just look at all the Canadian expatriate actors that live here in the US.

    I’m just curious. If this SD had done everything the same way, but asked if you’d like to specifically be his jointly-exclusive girlfriend sometime a few months into the arrangement, would you have been ok with that?

  25. SBinLA says:


    I saw some women on the other blogs looking to meet up before the event to hang out or go together with. I would be going by myself so I am totally down to mee up beforehand. Email me at edmhs1988 at yahoo Please only email if you have already purchased a ticket or REALLY plan on going.


  26. SBinLA says:


    I saw some women on the other blogs looking to meet up before the event to hang out or go together with. I would be going by myself so I am totally down to mee up beforehand. Email me at [email protected] Please only email if you have already purchased a ticket or REALLY plan on going.


  27. flyr says:

    @ellenSB “3) “Chocolate, not fruit desserts.” Actually, have fruit for dessert. Shortcake with two strawberry slices is not a “fruit dessert.” It’s cake. So, yeah, eat dark chocolate, not cake. lol”

    The shortcut is to dip the strawberries in chocolate (home made and hot) Fruit and chocolate without the cake………………. of course it can lead to…….

  28. ContentSB says:

    @EllenSugarSB — YES! I can completely relate to being heartbroken, then having your heart opened in an unconventional relationship. Although my current relationship won’t last forever, I’ll be forever grateful for his presence in my life and teaching me how to love (and be loved) again. This experience has opened my eyes to a lot of grey….not everything is so black and white. Life lessons and happiness can be found/experienced in the strangest of ways. You said it perfectly!

  29. Rachel says:

    I am a beginner in the dating thing and i am not sure how the website works pretty much.
    Can someone please come to my rescue.

  30. Tina says:

    @NC Gent: I was wondering if you were going to chime in on that discussion, since I KNOW it’s one of your favs 😉 Now I’m just waiting to see when Guru pops in, since it’s one of his as well. I’m wondering if Daddy GT will be back on the blog shortly since the discussion of polyamory has resurfaced…..it’s kind of like his bat signal……

  31. CaribSB says:

    @ SD4One

    Your moniker seems to match your ideology well :-). Question do you believe/agree in/with the idea that many persons cannot sustain or are not meant to be in one intimate/romantic relationship for longer than say ten years (give and take) and do you think this period could be lengthened by double that time, maybe triple, etc. if these same persons were involved in a polyamorous lifestyle?

  32. NC Gent says:

    Morning all — nice to see that someone is still trying to pummel that dead horse. I am beginning to think that horse has some cat in its lineage because it seems to have at least 9 lives.

    IMHO, if you are in a sugar relationship, then you really don’t have a right to pass judgement on other people’s relationships, even if you are single…. akin to something about glass houses and stones! If you desire something moral by the majority’s standards, try christian mingle or something similar, but clearly not seeking arrangement.

  33. travelersb says:

    yeah! a green card would be the greatest ( maybe the only ) reason I would get married at this moment 🙂
    Not sure how far I’m ready to go for a green card. I afraid of myself lol

  34. EllenSugarB says:

    sorry if i missed a polyamory discussion.

    California – Red dress and silver heels sounds stunning!

  35. EllenSugarB says:

    Traveler that’s awesome that you are reaching your goals! And I’m glad you liked the post. Cutting sugar is SO hard…but if you eat a lot of leafy greens (kale, spinach, etc) its been sown to cut those carb cravings. There’s science behind it – but I’m a little too tired to talk about biochemistry at the moment 🙂

    “Why be married?” Hmmmm…maybe for a green card, or permanent resident alien status. (joke made by one of my european girlfriends recently)

    Married Sugars looking for a babe…Oh My! Really, so what? My long time SD was married, I had a “full disclosure rule”, meaning the he had to tell his wife everything. She would call when we were together – I would say hello. She is still even one of my Facebook friends. I used to be strictly monogamous and exclusive in all of my relationships – then, one day, my heart got shattered to pieces and I wanted to try new things. In a way I wanted to run away from everything, but instead of running away, I ran with him and we had some amazing times. I feel that I was very lucky in this situation because (forgive me if I sound melodramatic) he was so full of love that he helped me unlock my heart and start to feel again – he taught me how to love again at a time when I wan’t sure I would ever go there emotionally. All of this without the pressures of traditional dating was what I needed at the time.Of course i would LOVE to be completely in love with on and only one person, and when they come along that will happen.

  36. SD4One says:

    @California SB and @ CaribSB

    This really is the polyamory discussion again isn’t it? I had an interesting conversation with my first SB. She mentioned that there’s a notion that polyamory is sort of a sexual orientation.

    She’s a very nice, loving, tender and fun person but she is not exclusive. She’s never been happy in an exclusive arrangement for more than a few months. However, she would love to develop a primary relationship with one man and have other secondary relationships and she does not mind if he does the same.

    Perhaps this answers your question California SB “why be married then?” If a husband/wife can accept his/her partner’s polyamory orientation then perhaps it can work for them. Personally, this type of relationship doesn’t sit well but that’s me.

  37. Tina says:

    @travelerSB: good luck and I hope you meet all the goals you are striving for! 🙂

    @JustAThought SD: yeah, I can see how THAT went bad QUICKLY. And, uh, I don’t think you want a mad woman with that in her mouth – we have teeth and know how to use them. That tactic I like to use more of when I’M done fighting, and he isn’t. Or when he’s just being a big baby and sulking. The man’s mood seems to be much better when I’m done 😉

  38. travelersb says:

    YAY!! I lost 7 pounds without even realizing it. That’s weird. I don’t know in how much time neither. In the last few months, every time I was weighting myself, I was saying that the scale was wrong because I was 7 to 10 pounds under what I was 3 months ago. Today, I went to buy a scale and I have try 10 of them before to buy it. They were all saying the same thing so I guess I really lost weight! That’s so cool! That’s a good start for me and it gives me motivation to start my diet. I am trying again the paleo diet (no carbs at all) and I will limit the dairy products also. I hope to feel very beautiful in 3 months!! 🙂 It’s already hard, I have a craving for sugar right now. I have to be strong 🙂

  39. CaribSB says:

    @ JustAThought SD

    @California SB
    Not necessarily…Marriage offers the security and certainty of always having someone as your possible lifetime companion through supposed “thick or thin” (could be a literal gaining or loosing of weight, getting older, other life changes, etc.) that maybe a sugar or regular relationship would not withstand. Besides dissolving a marriage could involve much more series of thought, decision-making, planning and holds more consequences. Then there’s the situation of still loving your partner, even though things seem to be falling apart. Sometimes, even an awful marriage situation can have some good moments and couples hold on to those moments……..

  40. California SB says:

    Wow, married people seeking sugar daddies and sugar babies…. hot stuff!! But why be married then? Wouldn’t be much easier to just be free instead of being attached to someone you have to lie to?

  41. JustAThought SD says:


    “the man isn’t the only one that has to have something in his mouth for the argument to stop”

    I thought back to the last argument when I tried this with a woman. Somewhere in the middle of the argument I specifically remember telling her to “Suck my d**k!” It must have come across out of context, because the argument got much, much worse from there.

  42. JustAThought SD says:


    I haven’t seen much of you lately Dulce, so I figured you were busy with some really good activities.

    Nonchalantly bending over to get the paper? I’m actually glad that most women don’t know how to do this. That’s some powerfully tempting stuff.

    I’m sorry to hear about your argument w/hubby. It seems that you want to keep this attachment to him. (I believe marriage is a good thing.) Even though you’re not sleeping with the SD’s, there are tons of ways to make a guy feel inadequate. Is there any way the the 2 of you could work as a team to get your biz going? Would you want that? Would he want that? Is there any way that he could make more $$$ so you would need less sd input? Is there anything that has happened at his work or at home that would change his usually secure feelings? Has your sugar work and at-home-momming left him with no quality time? I don’t know, but I’d rather have a teammate than a saboteur, I’m sure you’d both agree with that.

    Even though you’re not sleeping with any of the SD’s yet, how much caramel covered beefcake can you pass up before you blow your diet? And arguments usually make you crave sweets even more.

  43. JustAThought SD says:

    @Tina and @VASD

    I have added both tactics to my manual. Will test them out as the need arises. 🙂

  44. VASD says:

    @JustaThought SD Another argument tactic may be found in that old Monty Python ditty…

    Sit on my face and tell me that you love me
    I’ll sit on your face and tell you I love you, too
    I love to hear you o-ra-lize
    When I’m between your thighs
    You blow me awaaay
    Sit on my face and let my lips embrace you
    I’ll sit on your face and then I’ll love you tru-ly
    Life can be fine if we both sixty-nine
    If we sit on our facesIn all sorts of places
    And play…’till we’re blown awaaaaaaaaaay.

  45. NC Gent says:

    Good morning all – hope your long weekend was good!

    Blog gods – not sure if you saw it – but Jessie and I asked for our emails to be exchanged last week when the last topic ended… also recognize it could be that you all are really busy and were enjoying the weekend! Thanks in advance when you have a chance to help us 🙂

  46. good diet plan says:

    obviously like your web-site but you have to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very troublesome to tell the truth nevertheless I will surely come back again.

  47. healthy guide says:

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  48. DULCE says:

    Hi Everyone hope you all enjoyed your labor day weekend! I worked but it was my last weekend working. Yeah. Now working on a few business ideas.
    My Sweet Confession:
    Been having a few fabulous encounters with potential and Part time Sds. First off have to say had a big horrible argument with hubby! I got pissed off cuz he wouldn’t let me go and meet with my SD about my business plan. Mind you as I mentioned before I only have SDs that look for companionship only. Anyway I got really angry and told him off! Stupid me. I thought I could be honest with him. But wrong. unless I’m sleeping with someone else there is nothing to tell him. As long as I’m not going out there exposing myself or him to anything there is nothing he needs to know. Im a stay at home mom now and he isn’t home till night. Things can get boring and lonely. And what’s wrong if someone wants to support me in my career goals???

    Ok thanks for tolerating my venting. So about my Sds and Pots.Heres the short version. The first I met on another Sugar site he was inactive and rejoined the site to to get in contact with me. He’s in his late 60s, Ivy League grad. He always took care of me and even offer to help put me and baby in an apt. This was when hubby and I were sep. Anyway I acted like a spoiled brat and he bumped me.After a few months I decided to go by his building and left him a note apologizing for my ways. He called me the next day and now were getting re acquainted. In so happy I really cared about him.

    SD 2 is not official SD. Just nice older man who wants to be in my presence and spoil me 🙂
    We met at the park while I was with another guy friend who is older and promised to be my Sd once his business is booming. Anyway while my friend was on his laptop working I noticed this sexy Italian gent from the corner of my eye.My first instinct was to look into his eyes and give him a shy smile. I walked around and past him(to give him a good view) and politely bended over to grab something… A newspaper ( and I never read the news). After about 10 mins of semi reading my Spanish paper, I stood over him and said ” you look bored… can I join you?”

    SD 3 I met at a speed dating. We had an instant connection! But were not allowed to exchange info at the event. Listen we were ready to scoop each other up like ice scream. The next day received an email that we were a match. Yeah. We got in contact but I was scared because I never had sex with an SD before. Honestly before joining this site I never heard if such thing. The SB was the súper intelligent, drop dead gorgeous, perfect lady that was exceptional companion and friend, that is how it was introduced to me. Anyway he had me wanting to break the rules so I left him alone! But he was so nice and I was attracted but the way I was taught by my older SB peers is you never have sex! Why such tightness with the rules? And I was nervous that he would only want me for that.Soooo this Saturday (3 months after no contact) he text me. I’m surprised he remembered me. We spoke and and tentatively meeting this Friday. It would be our first time face 2 face since the speed dating event!

  49. Tina says:

    @JustAThought SD: two points 1) no man at home for me and 2) the man isn’t the only one that has to have something in his mouth for the argument to stop. Whoops, giving away too many womanly secrets will get me kicked out of the “girl’s club”.

    And a woman wrote the man’s manual, so we all already know it. We just let you think that it’s all yours. 🙂

  50. CaribSB says:


    Love that one :-)! I can think of other creative ways too… whether its an argument by phone or video chat 🙂

  51. JustAThought SD says:



    I’ve always found it hard to argue while I’ve had a boob in my mouth. 🙂 Men are trained from birth to receive boob and stop crying. The next time your guy starts complaining at home, feel free to call him over to show him something and BAM!…boob in the mouth, no more complaining.

    This fits right in with the “feminine wiles” skillset. When men argue,we don’t have “feminine wiles”, usually just a volume knob. Just throw something in our mouth so you can get the caveman to communicate rationally. OOPS — I’m giving too many secrets from the “Man Manual” that all guys get at birth.

  52. travelersb says:

    great post about diet EllenSugarB

  53. EllenSugarB says:

    Just on the article topic for a minute: “Do you have any diet tips?”

    1) “Champagne not liquor.” What?! They’re arguing a point for someone to have champagne to save 10 calories. Another option: Drink your liquor straight on ice, like a big girl. Or, drink it with soda water. The best option: don’t drink alcohol while you are dieting.

    2) “Oysters And Lobster, not steak.” Oysters are allegedly an aphrodisiac food because they have zinc. Take a zinc supplement (especially if you are a man over 40) if you want a libido boost.. Also, crustaceans are hard for a lot of people to digest. Eat salmon – it’s good for your skin, and your brain. Or eat tofu – it’s not terrible. Greek yogurt had 17 grams of protein, zero fat, very low sugar, 17 grams of protein, and 120 calories.

    3) “Chocolate, not fruit desserts.” Actually, have fruit for dessert. Shortcake with two strawberry slices is not a “fruit dessert.” It’s cake. So, yeah, eat dark chocolate, not cake. lol

    Generally speaking, If you want to cut weight, or simply maintain a healthy diet, aim for 50% of your daily caloric intake to come from fresh produce. If you really want to get into it, try eating a produce source from every color: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue/Purple. “White” is usually the protein source/ or a carb. This is a good way to make sure you are getting proper vitamins nutrients in your diet.

    Avoid refined sugar and refined carbohydrates – that alone will help nearly anyone lose a few.

    Avoid salt a week before “the event.”

    And get a little exercise, even if that means a short brisk walk. Exercise is the No.1 PROVEN natural antidepressant/mood booster.

    Alright…now time for me to follow my own advice 🙂

    Hope this helps anyone who is interested.

  54. Jessie says:

    @Guru – Who says anything about him buying ME a house? That would just be “crazy” talk. We are in a NSA relationship….house and land sounds like a LOT of commitment to me. He wants to get a house for convenience…so I’d be closer…so we’re not discussing my name being linked to the purchase at all, but as a means to have more spontaneous meets…(he said his flying time would be 20 mins.). Were the offer made the way you’re thinking, that would have been a very easy decision. Wanting to stay here is a good reason though so I’ll try to relay that as best I can.

    @AM – Thought about you today. Hope you’re doing alright. Sending good vibes your way.

  55. Circe says:

    I was wondering if I could get the thoughts and input of my fellow SB’s, and some SD’s as well. I initially signed up for SA over a couple of years ago but turned my profile off and focused on my classes and research. Well, here I am again and giving this another try. I recently received a message from a male and, though I am classifying this person into the douchebaggery category, I do wonder if perhaps there was some merit to the point.

    His message: “You really want that god awful tattoo to be the first thing people see?”

    This is in reference to my main public picture being that of a tattoo on my calf. I get stopped regularly by random people who tell me how gorgeous the tattoo is. However, is having this as the public pic perhaps not a great idea? I like the aspect of initial anonymity that it provides yet still providing a glimpse into my personality. I realize there are many pro’s and con’s regarding a primary photo not being one of the “whole package” (I read that blog post) but again, I like that bit of anonymity that it provides.

    I have not replied to this person and see no real need to. However, I have contemplated “More of your conversation would infect my brain.” Man I love Shakespeare.

  56. Circe says:

    Regarding burning 300 calories during sex, this will vary from person to person based upon their BMR as well as their size, among other things; smaller people burn fewer calories on average than someone larger than them while engaging in the same activity. Also, the number provided is most likely in reference to “per hour” caloric usage…i.e. 300 calories per hour at a consistent rate of exertion.

    I find making simple changes is very helpful to keep things flavorful. Adding a slice of lime or cucumber to water gives it a little extra flavor without adding calories and keeps the palate happy. Beans are also a wonderful way to diversify your diet and keep your caloric intake down. So many crazy things you can do with the different bean varieties out there. There are also ways to process and cook them to decrease and eliminate their…um…”side-effects”.

  57. Tina says:

    @JustAThought SD: I’m glad to hear that things are starting to get back to “normal” (or whatever variation of that you live by 😉 ) post Isaac. Unfortunately we got NO rain from it, and a little heat wave. Bleeech!

    And I actually agree with you re: the value of an argument. For me, unless it is something that I feel strongly about, and can benefit in the end from, an argument really isn’t beneficial. For me I just have to evaluate what I want in the end, and if an argument is the best way to get to that end. Usually, for my personality, it isn’t. I tend to back down, so I’ve found other means to convey what I need.

  58. Danielle says:

    MMMM yum,

    I love chocolate. I could never give that up and never would. Also, I would choose sea food over steak any day.
    On a side note;
    Any one else have issues with guys wanting your phone number right away? I mean like within the first couple emails.
    Is this unusual or normal because it kinda freaks me out. I don’t know them at all and don’t feel comfortable giving them my phone number.

  59. JustAThought SD says:


    Weekend is quiet now. Glad to be back home with electricity again after Isaac. Hope your weekend is going well.

    re: Being Right
    In this case, it may have been too early to breach the sd/allowance idea. If you were to meet someone in real life and he gave you gifts, you wouldn’t assume immediately that he was an “sd.” I would think you would feel him out, and even if he did all of the sd things, would you ever really need to tell him specifically he’s a sugardaddy?

    As for being right in arguments in general, unless it is a dealbreaker (an issue worth ruining the entire relationship) or a relationship that had absolutely no potential BEFORE the argument, usually being right is meaningless in the long run. Arguments are rarely over which mushrooms are poisonous, or some true emergency. Usually, it’s about “my opinion has more value to me than your opinion.” Just as this is my opinion, can you imagine how silly it would be for me to get upset if you thought my opinion was wrong?

    • SD Guru says:

      “I want to be able to graciously decline the offer without making it sound like I won’t EVER consider it, which to tell you the truth is how I’m feeling…”

      That’s an interesting problem to have. Perhaps you can suggest to him that he buys a place where you are because you’re not able to relocate for whatever reason (school, work, family, etc). If you’re not comfortable with him buying a place for you at all, then explain to him why you’re not comfortable with the idea right now but could reconsider it in the future.

      @Nawty Molly

      This is what I wrote a week ago regarding your situation: “It’s easy for me to say, but it sounds like it’s time to move on.” Nothing I’ve read since then have changed my mind. It’s good to vent, but it’s also important to take decisive action. Even if you were to find a way to get back together, it will just be a time bomb waiting to happen.

  60. Tina says:

    @JustAThoughtSD: “right” is just a perspective, and sometimes to be happy you have to stand your ground. I just depends on what the issue is, and what is more important. And only you can decide that for yourself.

    New topic: how is your weekend going so far?

  61. JustAThought SD says:

    @Carib SB

    OK, thank you for clearing up the two opposing views in the argument. I don’t understand why you guys didn’t get together, hang out, see what he was really about etc. He may have eventually wanted a gf…but no guarantee of that. (Just when you think you’ve got us men figured out, we do the exact opposite w/no warning.) He may already be an sd and not realize it. (Technically, in my definition, he’s a short-term, gifting-type sd, but I’d never tell him that.) If the idea was allowance, the term “spending money” sounds better for a trip. I’m sure you already had him looking forward to a round-trip-in-advance all-expense paid trip with you.(Him paying the expenses of course.)

  62. JustAThought SD says:


    “Thats is very good advice!” – thank you for the compliment. Many times in a argument, you can either be right or be happy. Unless it’s over a dealbreaker issue, the person that doesn’t panic can defuse everything, and get things back to actually talking (not grandstanding.)

  63. CaribSB says:

    …. And the apparently got a bit upset or whatever it was, when I pointed out the difference why they are different things.

  64. CaribSB says:

    Yes MBA is mutually benef….. Misstravel is supposed to be about like minded persons who wish to travel but can’t afford a trip and wants to meet someone willing for companionship and able to afford it. It’s not a sugar site in the sense that sa is. Of course if you are open to a ltr or MBA- sugar relationship, you can find it there too. In other words on Sa it’s clearly a sugar site- not like a match.com, a meet friends site or escort/prostitution site. On misstravel, it involves all of these dynamics- friendship/travel buddy, looking for fun activity partner, short term romance, long term, marriage minded and MBA-sugar.
    This guy right away made it clear he wanted to travel and meet people, he just wanted a fun (doesn’t hurt to be attractive) travel partner and he said he thought sugar relationship was the same as prostitution, whichhe could easily pay for in his country and hence wasn’t interested in. But yet he had it selected as one of what he was looking for 🙂

  65. EllenSugarB says:

    JustAThought – “You’re a good woman that has a guy that wants to be good to you. Go back to that. If he wants to fight and argue, remind him that you want to be there with him.”

    Thats is very good advice!

  66. EllenSugarB says:

    Carib SB – I personally find it very hard to maintain NSA with the label of “exclusivity.” Is that even possible? I’ve had “exclusivity” with a SD by default, and only because there was nobody else in the picture and I didn’t really have time for more than one person. With the exclusivity came a high degree of emotional attachment – too much for my comfort level. Personally I am either exclusive and emotionally attached, or not exclusive. I have not found myself in a situation where I was intentionally exclusive and NSA concurrently.

    Have any other SB’s come to find that a SD will claim to want NSA, then become very emotionally attached? I’ve had this happen in nearly ALL of my sugar relationships – whether or not there was physical intimacy involved. People say that I am loving and kind and I listen, but I am always really surprised when men who claim to want NSA will come to tears and spill their guts out. I’m not ripping on them for this – I’m just saying it’s a little surprising when they claim to want to keep the emotions out of it. Has anyone else had this happen? Or am I the wierd one?

  67. EllenSugarB says:

    Just wanted to share with you all that I just got back from the coolest SD first date ever! After speaking on the phone a few times over the course of a month, we finally met for coffee today since he was visiting my hometown. We hung out for almost two hours just talking and laughing and having a great time. He was very honest in sharing that he had a few more “interviews” after me, but that he would like to go to dinner later this evening. I accepted. Close to dinner time he gave me a call, and he was there with an SB he had met in the past, so he asked if it would be alright if she and two other girls joined us for dinner. I said, “Absolutely, that would be fun.” We all (four girls and him) met for a drink before dinner, and all of us got along really well, so we then sat down for a meal. There were a lot of interesting conversation topics and I was pleasantly surprised to see how everyone got along.. It was a really unique and refreshing experience because the girls were all nice to each other (I myself, didn’t feel any competition or discomfort) and we all had a lot of fun. After dinner we all went to a lounge where there was music and dancing. While we were at the lounge he leaned over and said, “Take this and go treat yourself to something nice,” and handed me a gift. I saw him give something to the other girls, too. Then he had to leave because he has to work really early in the morning. But he called me on my way out and said, “I really like you and I liked hanging out with you. I hope you make it home safe. And I’d like to see you again next week.”

    Very cool experience!

  68. JustAThought SD says:

    @Carib SB

    I always thought this was a way to set up a short-term arrangement with travel as the main gift for the sb. MBA is “mutually beneficial arrangement?” So whatever is agreed between the 2 parties is between them as far as I’m concerned. And each person does specifically have their own definition of mutually beneficial.Did this guy just want to fly w/someone and see where it goes with no expectation? Odd, but maybe if you could have specifically get him to admit that he expected no expectations (LOL) you may have had a good trip. Or am I just missing that he did want to fly and get his fantasies fullfilled, but didn’t understand SD’s are a similar bunch?

  69. euphoria says:

    I’m a raw organic vegan. So ummm. I think it would be a little hard to feed me. Organic strawberries meybe!

  70. CaribSB says:


    I should clarify a bit more. The premise is paying for travel in exchange for companionship/fun ( not for satisfying the sponsors every wishes and desires). Of course as we both know companionship can mean a range of things for different people. The site also has a disclaimer/ warning against prostitution etc., so I believe an invitation that would stipulate the sexual services a sponsor would expect in exchange for travel is not only crass, but against what the site is about. And even where a person selects MBA as one of the options, im sure we both agree that it is different. Let me know what u think 🙂

  71. CaribSB says:

    @ AnnaMolly
    I’ve read a few of your witty, happier posts (which seems to be most times) and I can see you are hurting now and need to vent, so I don’t mind reading still. Besides, I may be slowly falling ( or liking terribly) my SD, which is not the best idea and may be why it is happening anyway. He’s my first SD in this official sense and we have been doing good so far. He really treats me great, I genuinely like his personality and respect him and he’s really enjoying the person I am too. Intimacy/sex is great (not as often as I need though 🙂 partly age, and in addition to handling a lot and travelling often for work and family time) we see each other most times once per week and the occasional weekend getaway. We started of on one nice dinner date (gentleman-loved that) and a second one where we started our arrangement. Though coming into this I planned on not being exclusive, we spoke about it (that was what he expected) and both agreed to exclusivity and honesty with each other. I have had other opportunities, but have decided not to pursue them, because I like him and do not wish to lie or mess up what we have going. Of course I find that exclusivity among other things, makes you more invested in a person and may cause you to pass the boundary of NSA (which is what I said I was looking for/him not to the extent) which you had planned. Does anyone else find this true, that being exclusive makes you more emotionally invested than if you were managing 2 or more other sugar relationship?

  72. CaribSB says:

    I agree some really dont seem to read the site’s intro,lol! But this one had done two trips from the site so far and seem to understand the concept of funding a trip or visit and he is in a position to do so. I find the other extremes like one older guy who after starting of sweet with compliments and nice opening conversation, told me he expected to have sex with me everyday-at least 2x, of the trip, etc and that he would take care of all expenses including an allowance, he became more graphic with expectations of anal, etc. Another had fantasies of a 3some which he wanted me to be a part of. Of course I declined all these offers. I am certainly no pride and have no reservations about sex etc, but there is no way I’m agreeing to, or making arrangements like those. Of course I’m open to travel buddy/friendship, possible romance or even an arrangement, if we hit it off, like each other and there’s chemistry, which is a whole other thing.

  73. CaribSB says:

    @ justathoughtSd
    The give and take of misstravel is that a wonderful, attractive gal provides companionship to a generous man who is in the position to pay her travel fare and allowance. Of course everyone has his own idea of what companionship entails. Your profile summary and selection from a list of what you are looking for provides a bit more detail on first sight. My issue though is for someone who selected MBA as one of his listing, he was hypocritical in his negative view of what this type of relationship is.

  74. JustAThought SD says:

    @Carib SB

    What is the give-and-take purpose of Miss Travel? What does each party get out of it? Is he considered your Travel Daddy, and you provide him whatever it is that was on his wishlist?

  75. JustAThought SD says:

    And if we all wanted porn stars, it’s alot easier to buy them than it is to find someone that understands what we really want, and when we need it.

  76. JustAThought SD says:

    @Nawty Molly and @All SB’s that want to be cougars

    Many younger guys that I see, have no problem with their cougars paying for all their stuff. If you’re in the position to pick up the check most of the time, because he’s so hot in bed, maybe you can sign up as a sugarmomma.

  77. JustAThought SD says:

    @Nawty Molly

    I was hoping you’d be back to “off the market” officially by now. I still believe you’re going about this the wrong way. Of course, it’s only my opinion. You are upset because he says you’re causing the problems. You come here to vent saying how good you were to him. It’s not a competition. You’re a good woman that has a guy that wants to be good to you. Go back to that. If he wants to fight and argue, remind him that you want to be there with him, that the last 2 years were great for both of you. Ask him what’s really going on with the finances. Money shouldn’t be a problem in this relationship. Did he get demoted? Did he lose his ass on the stock market? Is he afraid you’ll leave if he can’t afford to pay your med bills? If he still says leave him alone then at least you were willing to try for something real. If it’s more important that you break up with him first well, maybe it wasn’t a serious relationship after all.

  78. travelersb says:

    If you are in a real relationship, how come he doesnt pay for the doctor? I don’t understand, that doesnt seem like a relationship, that seems like a sugar relationship where the guy doesnt really care about you. When I got sick and had to go to the hospital with my ex sd, he gave me his credit card while he was at work and he never asked for the money back. It was in extra of my allowance. And that wasn’t my bf, that was my sd. It was very nice from him, but at the same time, it was just decent behavior. 🙁 I’m sorry Anna Molly that you found yourself loving a man who is not giving you what a woman need. Which is definitly not only money. I hope you’ll find a bit more love soon.

    @ILWC – hummm, sex (with the right person) is my favorite alimentation. And When I know enough someone, we don’t need the meal before or after ) just a bit of champain. And if the guy finds some oyster, that has a direct effect on me and it just makes me 10 times more horny!. oyster are so aphrodisiac. miam miam

  79. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Anna Molly .
    Sorry you are having this problems.
    He blames you for financial problems, he is immature ! he blames you for everything, as an adult he has to take responsibilities for all what is happening in his life and not to look for a scape goat.
    Go on a date (not serious date) with another guy, laugh, drink, get a lot of compliments, feel good about yourself.
    Would that work for you? or not?

  80. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:



    they say a girl loose 300 K calories during sex (I would guess if she is very active 🙂
    Why this fact is not in this post?:)
    so… if a SB does it 3 times a day she loose extra 900 Kal. A day 🙂

    (somehow sex never works as a good workout for me, first you drink (300 Kal) , often you have a meal together before or after … or may be I am just not active in bed enough 🙂

  81. Nawty Molly says:

    I’ve been trying as to save as much as possible, he knows this and I want to save as much as possible. He knows this,

  82. Nawty Molly says:

    Oh! And the fact that I don’t have enough money to go to the DR. or get my hair done is the catalist for his fit. I have money in my savings, I just don’t want to deplete it! Does anyone blame me??

  83. Nawty Molly says:

    He feels that I’m not managing them properly. o_0

  84. travelersb says:

    what is his prob about finances? he gave you money in the past and he is not fine with it?

  85. Nawty Molly says:

    We got into a huge fight over finances today. I’not sure what to do about it. O-0

  86. Nawty Molly says:

    Ya know, most men come to SA or a site simialr to this and they expect a porn star. I’m not a porn star, I don’t have fake boods, or anything like that! I AM a real woman, I have faults, and imperfections, but, I have so much to offer!! Sure, let all of these guys get taken advantage of, it isn’t my problem! I want and need something more that a casual transaction where he takes me shopping and a check and I give up myself. And I guess thats what I really want! I want a partner, I want to feel nauty with someone I ACTUALLY care about!! Sure, I understand it may not be permanant, but, nothing is, not even IRL!! It may hurt if things end, but, I don’t want it to end based on the fact that he or I was abusive

  87. Nawty Molly says:

    TravelerSB ~ I’ll have to check out misstraveler! 🙂

  88. travelersb says:

    But AM, I think that misstravel is better than WYP. There are some people who also just want you to show them your town for when you don’t want to travel.

  89. travelersb says:

    ahah Anna Molly. you are funny… go ahead and vent if it helps you. Sometimes, a young guy is just what you need and we always like the contrar usualy, so maybe that now that you are 37, it’s time to try the youngs ones. Anyway, you have the maturity to handle their immaturity now. And they are less serious than older ones, so they make way less drama with everything 🙂 Like someone said months ago on this blog, what we like in younger guys are the same things than what men like in younger women. I guess that saying goes both way also. What we like in older men are the same things than men like in older women. YAYYY Vegas with a semi-older man!! I am so happy!

  90. Nawty Molly says:

    Good grief! With the way I’ve been posting, it will be a while before someone else’s name appears above mine…LOL!!

  91. Nawty Molly says:

    I haven’t been on the new site, but, I do have an account on WYP. I’ve been getting a lot of offers and winks from men either 1 or 2 years older than I or younger! Maybe I should go for it! I haven’t dated a guy close to my age since I was…uh, humm, 18?? I’ve always been attracted to older men and have always found guys within my age range immature, but, given the events of the last few days, I’m starting to question my conclusions. 😉

    Maybe I should just be a cougar and say to hell with IRL relationships. When I started SA I was married, but, now that I’m seperated and have a divorce pending, maybe I should change my way of looking at things. 😀

    I’ve spent 2 years (off and on) with the guy I’m having problems with…maybe it’s time to branch out! He is 66 years old and at his age, I find him totally immature and shallow. He says I’m the one causing problems! HUH! He’s the one causing all the drama!! No, really! I’ve been there for him, listened, loved him and very understanding. I’ve been there everytime he has asked me to come ( except for the last couple months because I’ve been deathly ill) and it isn’t just for one night, most of the time it’s two or three! I’ve been good to him, I’ve never put him down and I’ve tried to be as helpful as I can, but, I guess that means nothing. I’ve given him the BEST sex he has ever had and that is a quote from him and he is still complaining!! He is mean and hateful and I’m not going to take it anymore!!

    Just to let everyone know, I’ll probably be venting about this for a while so you’re more than welcome to skip over my posts and everything I say…LOL!!

  92. travelersb says:

    @CaribSB, I’m with you, there seems to have so many guys on misstravel who, in fact, have no intention of buying a plane ticket to anybody ever. I think that they didn’t understand the concept of the site. Maybe someone should explain them. Anyway, there are some gems on that site so I keep using it. One guy just bought me a plane ticket for Vegas soon 🙂 and like me, the only option selected in his profile is mutually benefical relationship. If we hit if off, I’m pretty sure he will be open to an allowance 🙂

  93. Nawty Molly says:

    This is right up my alley!! However, I do find it harder to eat when I’m the cook, don’t know why…hmmmm.

  94. VASD says:

    @ILWCG I tend to do the opposite when in a SD/SB relationship. Must be the extra excersize.

  95. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    I lost 10 lb in last 6 weeks. coz I did not date, did not meet any pots. 🙂
    Usually then you meet guys they tend go for a dinner or lunch … so anyway you are going to sit and eat in restaurant after 7 pm… If I am at home I am not going to have big meal like in restaurant and I would not drink by myself at home, actually I did not have alcohol for exactly 2 weeks today, and I did not drink coffee for 2 weeks. I play tennis with my son instead of my dinner almost everyday and feel so good I even do not want to drink alcohol or coffein. Not dating is good for your body. 🙂 and emotional health. 🙂 no rejections, no break ups, no drama.

  96. CaribSB says:

    Sorry if I digress from the new blog topic. But I just had a sh*TTY conversation with a guy from misstravel that got me all riled up. (By the way I was sucessful in meeting my SD two months now after a week of signing up and he’s a gem- will touch on this more soon). Now this guy wink, messaged me and after going back and forth we took our conversation to Skype for the first time ( It was my suggestion as I picked u he wasn’t the usual-I’ll pay everything and fly u over if you fulfil my sex fantasy type). We eventually got to talking abt sugar relations and he kept insisting that it was a higher form of escort/prostitution and there is no love and I disagreed stating the differences such as, the importance of establishing chemistry, liking someones personality, character, etc, -kind of like a regular dating experience – except the guy is known before as a person of means who is willing to share with you etc and that it can involve love – you can fall for each other, etc. An Escort/prostitute doesn’t care about those attributes, neither does the man, it’s about just money and sex. Anyway I stuck with my point, admitting that for some his opinion is true and so is mine and that I could understand his point of view. This dude abruptu ended the conversation saying, I have to go
    now, hope to talk to you soon. I was dissapointed, we were discussing opinions and I feel he could have done a better job of ending and saying I don’t think I want to talk to you again (by the way it wasn’t a video conversation). The funny thing is one of his options for what he’s looking for is an MBA, though in conversation he’s looking for friendship, good company, possibly romance. Hypocrite.

  97. Tina says:

    I KNOW, right? BTW, I know it isn’t gourmet or handmade chocolate, but the Lindt dark chocolate with black currant and almond slivers is DIVINE! 🙂 I haven’t tried it with a glass of cab (yet)…….

  98. Midwest SB says:

    Tina – YUMMMMMM. My favorite combination!

  99. Tina says:

    CRAP! Third! (not second) 😛 Anywho, a little dark chocolate with a glass of a GOOD cab 1) tastes amazing 2) is good for your heart 3) is filling in small amounts

    And did I mention that it tastes freaking AMAZING?

  100. Tina says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm food! (and, ahem, second 😉 )

  101. California SB says:

    So what are you ladies wearing to party? I’m wearing a versace red dress with silver manolo heels. Do we have to buy a mask or is it going to be provided at the door?

  102. travelersb says:

    I like this new blog!

  103. Angela says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal
    attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements,
    but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and
    respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies,
    please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list
    of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the
    perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!