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Election 2012: Is Politics Turning Your Sugar Sour?


Who did you vote for President for the year 2012 through 2016? The results are in and the American people have re-elected President Barrack Obama to lead our nation. And yet Facebook and Twitter are still chock-full of people debating about the presidency and partisanship. I thought it would start to get quieter around here. So, we decided to take a poll and see how much the dating game—at least with Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies—are affected by politics.

What percentage of men and women think politics matters in their love lives:
West: 71% of women found partisanship to play a significant role in their love lives, while 34% of men said the same.
Mid-West: 25% of women found partisanship to play of significant role in their love lives, while 69% of men said the same.
South: 62% of women found partisanship to play a significant role in their love lives, while 84% of men said the same.
East: 48% of women found partisanship to play a significant role in their love lives, while 49% of men said the same.

It seems like the divide doesn’t stop at the picket lines and polling stations. What do you think? Can you ever date someone who has different political beliefs? During the 2012 Election women and the economy were in the forefront, subjects our Sugar Daddies are deeply passionate about. This caused the campaign—and supporters—to become quite sensitive in my opinion. As anyone who is experienced in mutually beneficial relationships knows, the key to a fully functional arrangement is being open-minded and leaving preconceived notions at the door. I think the beauty of Seeking Arrangement is that it brings together the 99% and the 1% to create dynamic relationships, as well as fulfilling each other’s needs.
That’s the trouble with a “conventional relationship” as Brandon has said, “Unfortunately, most regular relationships aren’t mutually beneficial in nature, such as in a Sugar arrangement. If you are in a regular relationship often one person becomes used, or taken advantage of, then he or she is in a one-sided relationship where they’re are giving more than receiving. In an arrangement there is a solid rule that it MUST be mutually beneficial, otherwise if things come to an end someone is left feeling bitter. No one likes when Sugar turns sour, let alone bitter.”
We think both parties could learn a lot from each other by establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s not that difficult to create common ground and create compromise within a divide country. If we can cater to both the 99% and the 1% of society, and these individuals are able to benefit each other 50-50, then keeping a country together should be easy. Voting is over, now it is time for unity.

Does politics turn sugar sour?
Have you ever had an issue with your SB or SD when it came to conflicting beliefs?
What is your opinion on the Election results?

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273 Responses to “Election 2012: Is Politics Turning Your Sugar Sour?”

  1. flyr says:


    Martinis – where

    On the central coast and closer

  2. Midwest SB says:

    Hi James M!!! XO!

  3. California SB says:

    Wow….. how did I miss all this too??? All of you peeps need to chill…

  4. JustATequilaSD says:

    “You left that point far behind.”
    You have the right to your opinion regarding my opinion. I chose the severity of my words, not in anger but because of the specifics of the individual involved. If you had chosen to blast/flame me for this, it would have been your right, and I am addressing your comment as if you understood my words were not strictly out of sexism.

    My point was not as focused on obama being a messiah, as much as, the thought that any president will be “the savior.” Most elections are a choice between 2 evils. Politicians in general, and I spare no latitude, lie, cheat, steal, promise. If Romney would have won, I would have supported him as our president. I’m a company man. One of the biggest problems I had with Romney was the fact that he didn’t hide his “unique” money in a more professional manner. (IMHO ,if you’re going to steal/appropriate it, a good politician will hide it well if he wants to get into the white house.) I also have a problem with NAFTA allowing us to ship so many jobs overseas, but maybe you have an idea on how we could fix that so companies can bring our jobs back home. The GOP should start looking now to find someone that is as close as possible to spotless,blameless, and non-threatening yet strong. When it all comes down to it, 99% of our political discussions come down to money. If you’re upset about how Obama uses it, find more loopholes, keep more of it yourself, and do some of the actual good that you think he should be doing. All that Tea Party money that went to “educating” voters could have easily done something more constructive in my eyes. Millions and millions spent on 2 campaigns that was donated by the American people but we’re still not number one in education in the world. We are more “educated” on the history of these 2 men, than we are on the history of our great country. We spend money on cars, clothes, love, and sex, but too often we expect someone else to fix the big problems. Some of the same families that complain that their kids are getting bad educations won’t fork over the money for tuition at better private school, but every member of that family has the newest cell phone on the market w/an unlimited plan. This is why it honestly doesn’t matter to me who’s in the white house, I’m a conservative realistic capitalistic opportunist that will always find the best way for my house to prosper, and occasionally throw a little help to others along the way. And that’s all I have to say on our little political blog topic. Moving on…

  5. Flyer says:


    There’s a point where opinions are expressed in a way that’s offensive and uncalled for. You left that point far behind.

    Rather than recite obama’s failings I refer you to his book of promises with the invitation to compare promise with performance including the many ares where he had absolute control. We were told to fork over a trillion dollars to keep unemployment below 8 pct and make 5pct by the election.

  6. JustATequilaSD says:

    “About CaliSB..your being too presumptious….If I don’t like what she has to say,i’ll just proceed to read what someone else has blogged.”

    Um…like you did with my original comment? Whatever you say, boss.

  7. JustATequilaSD says:

    Some people just don’t get me, and I’m ok with that. Feel free to apply “good loving” to me generously and frequently. And I heard “the sex you got, is nice and hot, *stamps boot* deep in the heart of Texas”. 🙂

    Your fantasy is me in a tuxedo meeting you at the bar of a casino in Monte Carlo drinking a martini that is shaken not stirred being chased by bad guys that i cleverly defeat so we can ride off together in a beautiful, high-tech british sportscar? That really seems like a lot of work to get the girl, but you know I’ll try almost anything once. I’ll check my calendar. 🙂

  8. JustATequilaSD says:

    1.Don’t worry hun about insulting my intelligence, you are still far and away from that caveat. First you would have to understand the convo and the point, before you could formulate an opinion that was related to the ongoing “RomBama” debate between Cali and myself. Feel free to go back and read every post Cali and I have made this month.

    2.if you’re going to give me crap about “my” opinion, know that it’s pointless for you to try to teach me that “we all have an opinion.” I’m expressing my opinion, just as Cali did hers, and you did yours. And if you want to give me lessons on tact and decorum, there are plenty of posters that you can practice on where you’d actually get their point.

    3. if you choose to highlight and demonize one part of my post completely out of context, it would be far easier to just admit you didn’t understand what I meant rather than attempting to “defend” your intelligence for the next 10 comments.

    4.if you’ve been paying attention and honestly following the blog for more than a week, you would know that usually i’m about fun and romance, about treating women like princesses, and about everyone finding love and happiness. And I don’t care if you make your money on your back or in the corporate sector, man or woman (unless you’re calisb, who took a very staunch and conservative right-wing stand, yet blatantly and publicly compromises those same values.)

  9. James.m says:

    hi Midwest!

  10. Tina says:

    @Tequila: Oh dear, what hornets nest have you kicked this time? *tsk tsk tsk* And you over here giving all these SBs the wrong opinion about you. Sounds like you need some good lovin’…….come on over to Austin and we’ll see how gentlemanly you are then 😉 Don’t forget, Texas has ALL the good Tequila 😉

  11. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila, I love it in the Bond style : ”Live and let die !”

  12. Melissa says:

    @JustATequilaSD,I didn’t mean to insult your intelligence my dear,we all are entitled to our opinions.And i simlpy thought yours was condescending and unnecessary! Maybe you can take a friendlier approach instead being ready with a supply of snappy comebacks!

    About CaliSB..your being too presumptious when you say “im the same person that would call her a shallow bitch behind her back…first of,thats not in my nature.If I don’t like what she has to say,i’ll just proceed to read what someone else has blogged.

  13. JustATequilaSD says:

    You’re the same person that will call CaliSB a shallow bitch behind her back, when she makes some little comment about how pretty she is, and how well she gets paid and how everyone wishes they could be her.

    That’s just not me, I’m gonna speak my mind to CaliSB because I’ve been that way with her day one and I won’t pull my punches with her now.(And I actually think she’s really cool when she’s not being insensitive.) I’m outta line? you’re outta line, this whole damned blog and courtroom is outta line.

  14. JustATequilaSD says:


    You obviously misunderstood my post. It was not directed toward all sb’s nor toward all women. It was directed toward one SB that thought the last four years of presidency were so horrible even though she still made a bunch of money and had the time of her life. The same SB that currently feels we live in a third world socialist country because of our president. I simply wanted her to understand that the president doesn’t not make or break the country by himself, and that if true change is to happen, it will begin with the person we see in the mirror every day. And even though the poor lil thing is very self-absorbed and shallow, I still don’t see her as a lost cause.

    Of course, there will always be a double standard on something, even though that was not the point of my previous post. You inadvertently agreed with something I’ve already said in another post. You’re are absolutely right and I wholeheartedly agree that women WILL open their legs whenever they want no matter the pres. (Not like I care…I fuck who I want.) SD’s and SB’s will always be around as long as power and money is around. And many of the people that can sleep their way to top will do that.(Women or men.)

    Am I a sexist? Hell yeah. I believe in opening doors, giving up my jacket for a lady when she’s cold, protecting her from harm, and forcing her to take soup when she’s sick and honestly needs it. There are too many men that won’t do that anymore. They see women “simply” as a walking slit that should do EVERYTHING for themselves. And these boys dont give a damn about anyone, not you, your family, your welfare, your wants your dreams, or your life. It’s a double-edged blade for a man to be hard and soft just right, but I’m not complaining. So don’t “preach” to me about gentlemen or chivalry or the life and attitude of men. I live it. And by the way, two centuries ago, I don’t think your “gentlemen” thought women were worthy enough to vote. I don’t care if women vote or not, but if you do participate in the process, at least respect the office as part and parcel of the system that we all have the opportunity to enjoy. A country divided, cannot stand.

    “Guys use mentoring, preaching tone, SDs r always right, no matter how subjective and bias their opinion. ”
    SB’s have preaching mentoring tones too. And when I’m mentoring or preachy, it’s not because I’m a guy or an SD, I say it because I’ve lived through alot of the BULLSHIT that many people whine, complain, and honestly have no real clue about. Some people see my point and some don’t, I’m ok with that. Live and let live.

  15. Melissa says:

    So sorry flyer, what I meant to say was TEQUILA SD not you flyer….
    Mad love for flyer.

  16. Melissa says:


  17. Melissa says:

    @ilovewestcoast girl @ RussianSB

    You guys couldn’t have said it better! This flyer guy was out of line on that remark, I’m surprised CaliforniaSB was not catching on to the sarcasm..
    @ flyer, I’m not a regular on this blog, but a huge follower…I value the rest of the SD advice greatly, and I think your post was waaaaay out of mine!!!!!!

  18. RussianSB says:

    Tina, sprey him with Chanel, quickly, tell magic spell.

  19. RussianSB says:

    Yes, that’s right – why you so negative last time, Tequila ? Don’t be ! You are soul ot the blog, you are our everything. You are always politcorrect and wise and have sparkling sense of humor.
    People help,Tequila SD possesed ! We need exorsist , Guru and 100% blue agava fine stuff . No matter what president, sugar old as world, kept women exist under every politic regime – democrasy, monarchy, communism, military republic, tyrany, etc.

  20. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    “But then you may have to close your legs and get a real shitty job where you cant sleep your way to the top”

    it is such a sexism,
    Does it mean a girl can not get a good decent job or good education ? without a SD she can get only a real shitty job ? or girls who got good jobs – they slept their way to the top. ?
    we can close or open our legs whenever we want (no matter a democrat or rep president we have).


    I always see double standards on this blog.
    Guys use mentoring, preaching tone, SDs r always right, no matter how subjective and bias their opinion.

    Well, it is a sex blog, 🙂 guys enjoying to be on the top. 🙂

    But no complains, I am aware gentlemen lived 2 centuries ago.

  21. California SB says:

    flyr: hmmm…. how come I miss this post last night? Well, there is always another night… and another martini. So, where is the bottle located? 🙂

  22. flyr says:

    @CASB “Where’s my martini”

    Well’s there’s a couple of antique blue glasses and a bottle of Bombay Saphire in the freezer just for occasions like this

  23. California SB says:

    “Come see me when you’re 30”

    When I’m 30 I will be fat, ugly and busy taking care of babies. Enjoy now while I’m thin and pretty…. fair warning.

  24. Tina says:

    @Tequila: same thing when I say “slurp”

  25. JustATequilaSD says:

    Well, when I say “gobble! gobble!” remember I’m using that as a verb not onomatopeia.

  26. Tina says:

    @Tequila: I have better food to make than turkey……and you would need fluids first! Lots and lots of fluids………

  27. JustATequilaSD says:

    As long as you can shoot a Turkey w/that avatar. We may get hungry after romping. 🙂

    Yes, you would be disappointed, as I would satisfy the real you that still isn’t getting treated the way she should be, but hidden and covered by an endless string of sexual arrangements and encounters. But what do I know, better luck next time,kid. Come see me when you’re 30 maybe. 🙂

  28. California SB says:

    Besides… I wouldn’t be a good slave I would start a rebellion and take over the power. 😛

  29. Tina says:

    *Raises hand* Ummm, willing to be your over-satisfied sex slave RIGHT here! Me! Me! Ooooooh, pick me! 🙂

  30. California SB says:

    Tequila, of course, I completely understand. You are sparing me from being disappointed. Thank you, you are very kind. 🙂

  31. JustATequilaSD says:

    Even with a red cape with an S hanging from between your legs, Tequila cannot be swayed by p***y alone. Run away, little one…such activity would only open the door to your broken heart. I have seen through your posturing and bantering to the lil girl mathematician w/glasses that lies within. So rather than turn you into my willing and over-satisfied sex slave, I will simply decline, and bid you good evening. *bow*

  32. California SB says:

    Nah… I don’t think you could handle me anyway 😛

  33. JustATequilaSD says:

    And I know that this will simply drive you further insane when I say 00000.

  34. California SB says:

    I would set aside my ego… 🙂

  35. JustATequilaSD says:

    You would try, but I dismiss ladies that think their ego is bigger than mine I’m ALWAYS ON TOP. 😀

  36. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Flyer and @Transgendered Emily
    There will always be money to be made, during war, peace, inflation, recession, depression, or prosperity. It all depends on whether or not you can change and adapt to the situation. There will always be sb’s and sd’s. Demagogues live to sway you, and to my knowledge Rush is not part of the hardworking middle class that makes up a good chunk of his listeners. Then again, maybe I’m wrong about Rush, but I wouldn’t care anyway. The only person that will look out for you is you. Prepare yourself. “Save yourselves.”

    I would like this guy more if he wasn’t married. But trust your gut. If married is a problem for you, then dismiss him. If you decide that you dont care if he’s married then go for it. Whatever will allow you to sleep at night. I sleep well (when I do schedule sleeptime.)

    Re: Designer Stuff
    Some guys/girls will and some won’t. Sometimes you want it and sometimes you don’t. If you want it and he wants to get it GO FOR IT.

  37. California SB says:

    Tequila, are you in California? I would totally fuck your brains out right now.

  38. California SB says:

    I must be getting old. I’m starting to get disgusted by my married SDs acting like if they were single. After being a sugar for a while, I think I am totally losing faith in man. I won’t ever be able to fall in love and trust a guy ever again. Maybe I should become a lesbian. Where’s my martini…

  39. JustATequilaSD says:

    I like our messiah pres better than all the whiney-assed sore losers that still enjoy the freedoms of this country but constantly complain. Impeach him or shut the hell up. But then you may have to close your legs and get a real shitty job where you cant sleep your way to the top. I may not have voted for alot of presidents that got into office, but like i said “my country, my president.” If America tanks, don’t blame the president. Look in the mirror. I survived many a pres w/o crying. Be the solution, not the problem.

  40. California SB says:

    twiceshy: “totally beautiful and just as fun as our conversations”

    Awwwwww, don’t forget to invite us for the wedding, I’m feeling looooooove in the air for ya. 🙂

  41. California SB says:

    Nancy: “One of my girlfriends was gifted a brand new private jet for her birthday”.

    I thought I was styling with a brand new Tiffany bracelet… damn! Unless she is Kim Kardashian, tell your GF to write a book and tell us her secret . 🙂

  42. twiceshy says:

    She showed up..she’s here! totally beautiful and just as fun as our conversations 🙂
    About to head to another island for the weekend. Woot! ^_^

    Go Obama!
    it’s on topic! see?

  43. NancySB/LA says:

    Me and my girlfriends get together to drink champagne and talk about our experiences, preferably topless so we can observe our Demi God’s handiwork, we call this platonic orgy-ing.
    Inspiration of the day-
    The little bird on Twitter told me one of my girlfriends was gifted a brand new private jet for her birthday.

    Your fun shares and good nature define you. I enjoy your posts very much

    Have a Great rest of the day everyone

  44. EllenSugarB says:

    ..my careless typing defines me. lol

  45. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Thanks VASD

    I thought you said find a American Footballer and feel the glow. 🙂 get hot and bothered.

    Sounds like I may have a very quick and pleasant journey on Thursday then.

    Will have a nice celebratatory drink whilst waiting xx

  46. EllenSugarB says:

    I agree that there are certain brands which I can depend on for consistent quality/fit/style. I also agree that it’s more of a “new money” thing to be flashy and throw money around; it can be both fun and fleeting. The few billionaires (yes, that was a ‘B’) I have dated certainly threw money around, as well! On the other hand, they could care less if I wore a certain brand of clothing. So long as I looked and acted like a classy lady, they were happy. As Russian and ILWCG said – the common preferences of these men were: good skin, good hair, pretty face, nice teeth, healthy body, healthy in general, intelligent, good manners, great attitude, and a generally pleasant disposition.

    I have PLENTY of ridiculously priced clothes and accessories …sitting in my closet! Sometimes I wear them, sometimes I’m in a sweatsuit or a t-shirt and jeans a-la Bill Gates 😉 If someone makes the juvenile mistake of evaluating my worth based upon my appearance; than they are likely one of those shalow-types whom I would find repulsive at some point in the relationship. Neither my brands nor my boobs define me.

  47. Jack says:

    Nancy writes:

    “A good augmentation does not lose you sensitivity. I have 500cc’s and I can orgasm purely from someone sucking on my nipples.”

    I do not believe ANY doc would agree with Nancy’s concrete statement above, since decreased sensitivity is definitely a possibility and does occur, but with an excellent surgeon and the right approach, is probably less than a 50:50 event (may be substantially less than 50:50, I’m not sure). I don’t know what the exact stats are but I have known a fair number of women (patients and otherwise) who have experienced both sides of the “sensitivity loss/no loss” spectrum post-boob job. It is good to hear that both Ellen and Nancy have had great outcomes from their augments, and to answer Phoneguy, it looks like what Ellen did is the one-step increase that is uncommon but yields a great, almost-undetectable result. So they do exist, Phoneguy–even on our own blog pages!

    LASB has confirmed precisely what I posted above, namely, that wealthy guys (including the uber-rich) come in all flavors and types. I agree with her that the younger, trust-fund-type guys are more into the flashy conspicuous consumption and they are fun to party with, but I’m 56, very secure in who I am (and very little of who I am has to do with the number of zero’s in my bank account) and I am looking more for a relationship than a lay and a party. I can drive my Prius all day (if I am not driving my dually pick-em-up truck as a good Texan must), and run around in shorts and a t-shirt and not feel in the least bit inadequate because I am not flashing my wealth.

    To me, being we–off enables a lot of spending possibilities (cool travel, sports toys, fun but expensive activities, etc), but other than that, does not mean a whole hell of a lot.


  48. VASD says:

    Lady V, As said Thanksgiving afternoon should be quiet as just about everyone will be tending to their T-giving feasts. The Wednesday BEFORE Thanksgiving is always the absolute worst travel day of the year in the US–because everyone is trying to get somewhere for the big day.
    Find yourself some Amrican football and feel the glow.

  49. California SB says:

    Im thrilled to see many California girls on here!!!! Urban legend says the first sugar babies were from LA. 🙂

  50. LASB says:

    Hi everyone. Skimming through and will probably never catch up. (Sorry Guru.)

    Is flyr the nasdaq ticker symbol for flyer? Or are you two different people? I’ve been away and so much has changed!

    Flying on Thanksgiving is awesome. I do it all the time. No lines, no traffic, empty airplane, etc. Xmas and New Year’s day are also great for the same reasons.

    Most old money doesn’t care about flashy items, but it’s really just cultural. I’ve dated a few mega millionaires ($100M+) who drove Toyotas and such. And I’ve dated a few multi millionaires ($3-10M) who had to wear $1k shoes to feel good about themselves. I’ll admit that the super flashy new money guys are fun to go out with. They like to party and throw their money around, and it’s exhilarating to be the beneficiary of that, up to a point. For a long-term relationship, I would throw all that out the window to be with someone who I can relate to on a spiritual level, and who is evolved such that he is not a slave to frivolous materialism.

  51. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Thanks Jack for answering my question.

    I may be doing a Tom Hanks around the airport whilst waiting for my lift 🙂

    I did look into changing my ticket to the day before but it is very expensive to do so.

    Looks like the pilot and I may have a party by ourselves.

    So if anyone is near Philly airport on Thursday afternoon, feel free to say hello 🙂

    Message to Santa – Lady V needs a new device/ calendar with the correct holiday dates showing for both the UK and USA in extra large font

  52. NancySB/LA says:

    A good augmentation does not lose you sensitivity. I have 500cc’s and I can orgasm purely from someone sucking on my nipples.

    Also, escorts are super expensive. Around here they start off at $500-700 an hour, and the pornstars are $1500- 2000 an hour. It’s amazing that SB’s offer so much more in terms of affection and connection, yet so many second guess their expectations.
    One of my SDs confided in me that the reason he would get an escort now and then is purely for variety. He just needs some new p**sy now and then. Also, a lot of those escorts are models and are obviously very hard to come by- you see them in magazines, etc. And it is a huge ego boost for some men to sleep with them.

    I’m with you on the importance of connection. I couldn’t be with a person I were not attracted to either…

  53. EllenSugarB says:

    Flyer- What power lies in being with trash? Obviously I am missing something. Let me know…thanks!

  54. EllenSugarB says:

    Well hello, Katherine. What a beautiful name you have. It reminds me of my favorite CSI Character “Lady Katherine”

  55. EllenSugarB says:

    platonic orgys…blueballs…escorts, Oh my!

    If he wanted an escort he would have got one.

    Why the heck would someone START with an escort?!

    The guys I have met on this site didn’t want “Pros,”not now not ever. Then again, I’m a “relationship” girl, so I probably attract guys that want more of a connection.

  56. EllenSugarB says:

    False! They do not decrease sensitivity lol Full natural C cup to a D cup…i recall 175 cc’s. My fiancee didn’t know I had a boob job. I just wanted to fill them out a little bit. I love them and they feel amazing 😉

  57. Flyer says:

    CASB. “Don’t look cheap”. Personally I think the greater challenge is to not act cheap or trashy. Of course there are some who love the power of being with trash.

    My take from several decades of devoted research is that boob jobs decrease sensitivity and that is the real casualty

  58. Flyer says:

    Is flyr jack in drag?

    No we came to a similar place from different directions

  59. Jack says:

    Not very many, Phoneguy!

    That’s why so many of the augments are so obvious and not-so-pleasing.

    But I have seen some that were subtle and very hot, clinically speaking, of course.

    As is true in so many other areas, quality is often more important than quantity. At least in my humble opinion.


  60. Phoneguy says:

    Sure Jack, but what percentage of women go from a B to a C when they get a boob job?

  61. California SB says:

    Jack about boobs:” I personally don’t find it pleasing to the eye (or hand)”

    Thus spoke Jack. No guy in the world find fake boobs appealing to the touch (maybe to the eye) and that is why I will never get a boob job before I turn 50. Which by 50, I will probably be a desperate housewife anyway…. and hopefully with a full closet of pretty-pretty Chanel bags and a hot looking pool boy. Ha!

  62. Jack says:

    Lady V

    To answer your question, flying on Thanksgiving itself (Nov 22 this year) is usually VERY quiet. Indeed, it is so quiet that you might try to switch your flight to an earlier one or even go standby and fix your “boob,” as you put it.

    Speaking of boobs, I personally prefer natural, but as a doc, I can also tell you that the appearance (and feel) of an augmented boob can vary tremendously, largely depending on the surgical approach used (submuscular or not) and the degree of augmentation (ie, going from an A to a C makes it so obvious that I personally don’t find it pleasing to the eye (or hand) but a 300 cc augment from a B to a C may look and feel awesome. Lots of variables, hard to determine from a blog. Like so many other things discussed here, these issues comes in shades of grey, not black and white.

    I can say from professional experience that a fair number of women seeking augmentation are in search of a fountain of youth or some other ephemeral state that they can’t (and won’t) achieve with a breast augmentation and the personality that characterizes that sort of person is usually not my cup of tea, but there are many others that do not fit that mold, so like race, religion and whole host of other characteristics, I don’t judge a woman by her boobs and how they came into being.

    And when I decide the boobs are critical to my evaluation, I do conduct a very careful (and highly professional, of course) examination of said boobs! LOL.


  63. California SB says:

    Sorry Russians, but Brazilian girls are the only ones that can top ya…

  64. California SB says:

    Twiceshy: South America? The home of the most beautiful women in the world? Brazil?

  65. northernsd says:

    Favorite of today. Platonic orgy = blueball’s

  66. twiceshy says:

    So! Wow! Lots happened recently. I’m waiting for a SB from south america to arrive soon. Been talking for about a month before we decided to just do it, and meet. It doesn’t feel like a SB thing anymore . I don’t know what it is.

    All I know is that I’m excited, and a bit nervous. Which has never happened on my other recent meets whether on this site or off. Does that imply that I care more about this meet than I should?

    I’m happy that Obama won, I found the GOP campaign platform repulsive. This isn’t because of whatever economic policies they may have had, but their attacks on civil rights, women’s rights and their focus on the ultra wealthy was completely anachronistic. When I learnt of the mandate that GOP members all signed in the house and senate I was utterly appalled. I thought it belonged in a BBC documentary on the Taliban, Pakistan parliament or some other theocratic dictatorship.

    Does it affect me as a non US citizen? Hell yes. What happens in the US affects us all, especially economically. The legalisation of Marijuana in the United States for example will have more impact than the existing decriminalisation in London, Germany, Amsterdam, Portugal or anywhere else. If the Federal government does not elect to supersede the rights of the States, then this has the ability to shift the status quo in the war on drugs internationally. So yeah, the policies that the guy in the US chooses to adopt is quite important. Will we have a war in the Middle East for example?

    Regarding politics and your SB, I’m not sure I could have honest discussions with someone that ascribed deeply to the GOP’s theocratic policies. We’d argue frequently!

    I actually like brand name items. I have found that among certain brand lines you can predict fit, style and quality. So I have a few brands and I buy within those styles and they usually mix and match well. Now this could be because I have no fashion sense, who knows. I don’t dwell on labels when it comes to SBs. Maybe one day I’ll be sipping some Comte de Mazeray and it will all fall into place 😉

    And lastly….I think having a “platonic” romp with girlfriends and a single guy looking to have some fun was a bit cruel. Poor guy probably ended up with blue balls. Some guys should start with escorts before moving to SBs!

  67. California SB says:

    I would love to have an Instant Messenger feature on this site or a live chat. Something you could communicate live with people. Sick of playing email tag….

  68. California SB says:

    Indeed, God bless America and my beautiful Palos Verdes!! Whohooo!!

  69. NancySB/LA says:

    Once a year on Thanksgiving I go downtown to the Mission to serve Turkey to the homeless people. The whole time I’m there I think to myself how lucky I am not to be around this dirty filthy smelly place.
    I think of my friends back home, tweeting and shopping, ordering their new boobs and dresses online and I realize what a lucky asshole I am.
    Then on my way home I look out at the prostitutes lining the street and the occasional topless Dr running down the street and into the night, and I think to myself-
    I am so lucky to live in this country.
    I don’t care what people do…
    I let people be who they are going to be, and I only care about how they make me feel.
    God bless America. God bless Beverly Hills…

  70. Nwsugarbaby says:

    It is that time in the Pacific northwest when the sun stays behind clouds all day and people start getting grumpy. 🙁 I am keeping positive, but a little sunshine sounds wonderful.

    Calif SB-
    In terms of men with money knowing designers refer to the book Millionaire Mind. I personally think men that spend money on designer things know designer where as the others would rather spend their money elsewhere. SO I am going to have to agree with Jack on wealthy men not always knowing expensive things.

    I however love your point about being sure not to dress with Walmart. I don’t buy close from there, but I try to avoid them at all costs for any purchase (groceries, school supplies, etc).

    I liked hearing your rant. It is good to hear men not caring about designers even when they are wealthy enough to afford them.

  71. California SB says:

    On the fake boobs issue… sugar daddies please raise your hand high if you enjoy touching fake boobs. Never found a man alive who likes them….

  72. California SB says:

    Ellen, my name starts with a K, I’m Katherine, please to meet you. I hope you guys didn’t think I was Kalifornia, did ya? 😛

  73. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Hi All

    Lots of interesting thoughts and opinions on the blog. Great to read.

    Nothing to do with the topic, but I have made a boob…… I am flying to Philly for Thanksgiving but I have just realised that my flight only arrives on the actual day late afternoon!!! Kicking self as I will probably miss dinner with my friend.

    Can anyone tell me are the airports normally busy that day?

  74. California SB says:

    Can anyone please tell me what the heck is a platonic orgy? Maybe I don’t even wanna know!!! LOL LOL LOL

  75. EllenSugarB says:

    “Some stranger you met at the bar paid for a month of your expenses and had a platonic orgy with your girlfriends at his suite. ..Platonic orgy for 4K?!?!”

    Uhhh…well when you put it like that it sounds really bad! Haha Going to his suite was my idea. My girlfriends and I were out dancing and none of us were in a position to drive. I think he helped me out with my bills because, over the course of a few days, I told him about my last 2 year SD doing so and that I was looking for the same thing.

    Why would I refer him to this site? I guess because I can’t be there consistently since we live in different countries. We will only be able to see each other once every few months. But I decided that he can find someone on his own – I don’t want to share 🙂

    Who’s name started with a ‘K”? I guess I missed that.

    By the way … they sell Michael Kors bags at Ross and Burlington Coat Factory for a third of the retail cost. Just ‘sayin…

    In regards to plastic surgery and other augmentation – Who cares if people choose the augmentation route? It doesn’t change who they are on the inside. However, they do not currently have any augmentation procedures for a sh!tty attitude and a tar black soul. Too bad for some who could use a little nip-tuck in the personality department.

  76. Tina says:

    The term “plastic people” isn’t all about plastic surgery. It’s an attitude, a disease if you will. “Plastic people” have altered their state so that they aren’t recognizable from who they really are; they use ALL the latest trends, and really don’t have an opinion of their own. Before they answer a question, they have to check Twitter to see what the most popular response is going to be. They are obsessed with keeping up with the latest trend of what is hip, now, young and beautiful, regardless of the consequences. They aren’t unique. You could take a talking Barbie Doll, put it next to them, pull the string, and not be able to tell the difference in the conversation.

    “Plastic” is much more than a physical description; it’s a state of “unbeing”, a state of just existing in this life as someone who is so intent on staying with the current trends, that instead of standing out, they are one of the herd.

  77. NancySB/LA says:

    Silicone/saline does not make someone plastic, and to imply that a person in less than because they have made the decision to augment their breasts is actually quite ignorant.
    I know plenty of people who have had work done(men and women), and they are the kindest, brightest and most giving people I have ever met.
    Looks can be deceiving, and being judged is never fun.

  78. Tina says:

    @Phoneguy: yes, I sure do love me a good hard poking stick! Know anyone willing to share theirs with me for a bit? 😉

  79. Phoneguy says:

    Some stranger you met at the bar paid for a month of your expenses and had a platonic orgy with your girlfriends at his suite.
    Platonic orgy for 4K?!?! Sign me up! 😉

    I see your poking stick is out and looking for trolls
    Oh Tina, you know you love the poking stick! 😉

  80. California SB says:

    Guru: someone you used to know

    Who? I doubt anyone can top me !!!

    So peeps, as I said before….. designers are not required but no matter what
    … dont look cheap.

  81. VASD says:

    @MIK It’s a drag to have a guy be such a boor that he goes straight for the cookie jar. It sometimes is good, though, to establish gently the he does expect intimacies to be part of the bargain, and, I’ve run into plenty of ladies here who seem to think they should get sugared for an indefinite period and let the intimacies come around when they feel like it. Each is not necessarily wrong–it’s just good to establish expectations. And there are ladies who want cash on the barrelhead just to show up for an informational interview. As a gentleman, I always make a modest contribution to cover transportation, parking, incidentals, but, as you point out, find it boorish to have something expected up front. Had a lady earlier this week–after I’d told her I’d treat her to a nice lunch and give her $120 for cabs and incidentals–ask me for an additional $100 for the privelege. Uhh—sorry–don’t bother calling back.

  82. VASD says:

    Again, forgive my rant on money, consumption, value. Jack and flyr addressed it more eloquently. And, guys, my weekend fun-in-the-sun car is a ’77 Fiat Spider.

  83. MIK says:

    Russian SB, I LoveWestCoastGirl, I think you’re absolutely right. Youthful radiant looks always outshines and fancy designer labels more than anything. You’ll look good in anything in young age – something my mother have said often.

    Just some skinny jeans and t shirts with beautiful hair. No matter how expensive you could make yourself look, the labels shouldn’t wear you, but the other way round. Wrapped up in hermes, Louis Vuitton does always remind me of how the older ladies dress. Btw, we don’t usually have walmarts where I live.

    VASD, he doesn’t seem like a jerk, but you’re right, corresponding more is the way to do it. I’ve noticed so many people don’t bother to introduce themselves and straight up asks, “are you willing to please” – We all know intimacy is involved in the arrangement, so is it really that necessary to ask that? It’s not like I ever demand money straight up on the first msg. Such a turn off.
    Phoneguy, no I meant that him being 47 was a little out of my range. Not that it’s a huge problem, but someone 20+ older is quite a bit I think.

  84. Tina says:


    I see your poking stick is out and looking for trolls 😉

  85. RussianSB says:

    Yes, Cavalli and La Perla labels on my panties doesn’t make me more happy or horny 🙂

    • SD Guru says:

      “Silly me,,,did I forget to mention that he paid my rent, utilities, car payment and health insurance for the month? Over the course of the weekend he gave me a little over $4k.”

      Yes, silly you! How can you forget to mention little details like that when asking for advice on the blog?? Some stranger you met at the bar paid for a month of your expenses and had a platonic orgy with your girlfriends at his suite. That’s better than any fairy tale I’ve heard! Why would you refer a guy like that to the site?? 😛

      But seriously, for everyone else who’s looking for advice on the blog, please provide as much detail as you can so that the responses you get will be more relevant.

      @California SB

      If you spell your screen name correctly then your posts wouldn’t be stuck in moderation. Freudian slip, perhaps? Name starts with a K and fond of shopping at L&T, sounds like someone we used to know on the blog! :mrgreen:

  86. Califonia SB says:

    Flyr: Are you sure this is not Jack? 🙂

    Flyr dear, I never said designers are necessary to impress a SD but it helps. What I was trying to convey is that if you are going to ask for a 5K allowance, you can’t look like you just walked off walmart…. 🙂

    There is not an inch of plastic in me. All naturale…. fake books are soooooo desperate housewives.

    Education: Absolutely, no doubt about it. If you can speak like Christiane Amanpour… my friend… you can dress like Kim Kardashian on a bad day and your sugar daddy will still give you a 15K allowance without blinking.

  87. Califronia SB says:

    Flyr: Are you sure this is not Jack? 🙂

    Flyr dear, I never said designers are necessary to impress a SD but it helps. What I was trying to convey is that if you are going to ask for a 5K allowance, you can’t look like you just walked off walmart…. 🙂

    There is not an inch of plastic in me. All naturale…. fake books are soooooo desperate housewives.

    Education: Absolutely, no doubt about it. If you can speak like Christiane Amanpour… my friend… you can dress like Kim Kardashian on a bad day and your sugar daddy will still give you a 15K allowance without blinking.

  88. flyr says:

    @CASB ” if you want expensive you must look expensive”

    I would modify this to “If you want to be valued you have to be valuable.”

    I should not be writing this so late at night. Jack would be out running the excess energy on the streets. At the risk of a “me too” label I’ll expand on some of his comments.

    My guess is that CASB packs a lot of qualities and the accessories are just frosting on the pie.. She is beyond the basics.

    Just as the world is filled with different women it’s also filled with different SD’s. Perhaps because I was born and raised in WLA I have little affinity for plastic bodies and fancy bags.

    There’s classic desirability that transcends designer labels. A combination of intellect, energy, openness, style and character. I’m blessed with a great SB who has great taste and dresses very well without being dependent on designer labels.

    It reminds me of Paris last year where I had the opportunity to stay with a bunch of people who were working very hard. The van returned us to the hotel in a very classy area and we spent the summer evenings in a sidewalk cafe and then generally on a fast 5-8 mile walk.

    What struck me was the abundance of very attractive women. Attractive in a very natural way and seldom in designer clothing. They simply exuded positive energy and a love of life. If there were plastic enhancements it was hard to detect.

    The last night we needed to make a trip to the Louis Vuitton store as my host had departed on the trip leaving his wife and two daughters the day after they signed the agreement to sell their large home and they were due to move a couple of days after he returned. The wife had been packing and caring for two children. He needed to return to the cave with a large kill.

    The store was like a club on Sunset Blvd with a long line outside and the velvet rope. What struck me was that the women in the line almost universally lacked the charm and energy of the people we met and saw in the cafes and on the streets. They were heavy in spirit , listless and quarrelsome

    If I were advising a potential SB my advice would be to work on herself before she went for the designer bags or plastic surgery. Invest in a new book every two weeks (or simply visit the library) , turn off the tv and talk to people, go to the gym, go to a museum, take a class,

    If the guy is turned on by your bag he is probably a metrosexual. If a guy is turned on by your car (and it is not a Ferrari, Lotus or something that goes 180) he sucks up to wealth. .

    Yes I am jaded by the limp d’s running around WLA in cars that are far beyond level of skill or courage. Like Jack I drive a fun but funky car most of the time, an even funkier car some of the time and a classic infrequently. . If a pot SB is concerned about my car I have been saved.

    I think the bottom line is an honest assessment of your SB assets, work on improving the weaknesses and then pursuit of the SD who treasures what you have to offer, not what you might pretend to offer.

    There is enough variety in potential SD’s to accommodate most SB’s . It’s a matter of emphasizing your best and improving your weaknesses. .

  89. EllenSugarB says:

    Thank you for your advice, gang! I think I will NOT refer him to this site. I don’t want to share!

    Guru – “You’ve described his situation but didn’t mention what made you think he’s SD material”

    Silly me,,,did I forget to mention that he paid my rent, utilities, car payment and health insurance for the month? Over the course of the weekend he gave me a little over $4k. Pretty generous of him to do that. And we didn’t have sex. (Whaaaaat?!?! Well, I wanted to …but he just wanted to talk and cuddle and we fell asleep)

    Ok, I will expand a little for whomever is interested. Fair warning that I am not the best with writing composition, and when I write on here I don’t even try to write properly, I just let it flow. So there will be a lot of blah blah blah on here.

    As I mentioned in the prior post, I met him while I was out at a lounge/bar/restaurant with my girlfriends, a mere two hours after his plane landed. He was out with colleagues of his while visiting on a celebratory business trip for his firm closing a big deal and acquiring a huge company. I have a background in finance so I was actually really interested in what he was talking about. Then we started talking about all sorts of different things, I came to find out we have a LOT in common. He started sharing a lot of personal things with me, stuff that is going on with his life (I still think it’s crazy how people will divulge very personal and incriminating things to me within an hour of knowing me – a total stranger.) So an hour or more passes by and my girlfriends are getting ready to leave, so he asks me for my phone number and tells me that he will be here for the next three nights. I look at him ( no wedding ring) and I ask, “Are you married?” He stalls, then says “Yes.” I said “Ok, give me your phone.” I put my phone number in his phone. He calls me the next morning and we talk for three hours! During the conversation he expands on how he is looking for a friend/lover/company. I explained to him my situation where I was with the married SD for 2 years. We spoke about that at length (because he kept asking questions about it. Then, he asked me out on a date that night. I said yes, AND that I am looking for an arrangement like I had with my prior SD. He understood, and said that he didn’t have a problem helping me out. We spent the next few days together when he didn’t have things going on with his colleagues. The very last night he and I coincidentally were at the same nightclub. He hates clubs so we left together. But I said “I can’t just leave my friends here, we’re having a fun girls night. Can they come hang out with us?” He was a little hesitant and said ” I feel really comfortable with just us, we have a good connection, so I don’t want anything to ruin the mood.” I told him my friends are really cool and they’re good people. SO, we all went back to his suite. I myself was totally happy because I got to hang out with this cool guy AND hang with my girlfriends. One of my girlfriends raided the mini bar and played “bar tender”, we ordered room service for party snacks, we put on Pandora and had a dance party, two girls went into the giant size bathtub, then we all watched a movie. Me, him, and three of my friends all piled into one bed! At one point in the evening he looked over and said, “I admit I was hesitant to have your friends over – and now here I am with beautiful women having a dance party in my room having the best night of my life.” He said he never met a girl who was cool with him hanging out with her wild drunk girlfriends. I said, “They are my friends. I trust them. And I trust you.”

    Since he left 12 days ago we have talked on the phone 3 times for a good amount of time. He says that he cant talk about these things with other people and he really appreciates me being there for him.

  90. Honey says:

    …we’d live the life we’d choose, we’d fight and never lose…

  91. Honey says:

    Bling is good, that’s what sugar is for… Quality, buy the best you can afford in the classics, silk, linen, woolen ,eschew rayon… There’s a place for nearly everything and everyone…except walmart…I really don’t recommend it. Clear skin, firm, in shape body, light make up for day , darker AT NIGHT, my mother told me that it really shouldn’t look like you have make up on…teeth, hands and skin. I have really smooth, even skin, I play it up more than my great boobs or fine legs. And I show off my mind, my wit and cleverness. I can talk about most any subject(really) I take the Courtesan approach… works every time! Been trying to get a Salon together…lol!

  92. NancySB/LA says:

    Funny and kinda sad at the same time…

  93. Jack says:

    I don’t think I made their night because I was running too fast, and was never a customer of theirs. Although it was funny when they brought their children to the hospital and recognized me as the crazy dude that often ran down Sunset at all sorts of crazy (doctor) hours in some pretty spare clothing (and NOT designer at that!).


  94. NancySB/LA says:

    WeHo baby…
    Hookers have moved to the big hotels, although there are some still on Sunset I guess… you must have made their night, grrrr…..

  95. Jack says:

    Well, Nancy, sounds to me like you’re doing at least a public service, if not outright philanthropy, with your trust-fund SD. I realize it’s a tough job, but hey, somebody’s got to do it, right?


    What part of LA do you hang out in? I did a pediatrics internship at Children’s Hosp of LA (corner Sunset and Vermont) in 1981-82 (probably long before ya was borned) and remember fondly all the whistles I got from the hookers plying Sunset just east of Hollywood as I went for my nightly 10-mile run in only my running shorts and shoes.

    Ah, those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end,
    to sing and dance . . .


  96. NancySB/LA says:


  97. NancySB/LA says:

    Hi @Jack
    I select my men based purely on their willingness to please me. I don’t care what they wear…

    I have a trustfund SD who has his house paid for and money promised to him when he turns 50 (he’s currently 43). He lives in my neighborhood and his family own a beautiful apartment building. He doesn’t need to work, but I told him I need cash and he couldn’t get more cash for me from his trust, so today he works a managerial position 60K year a job purely to entertain me…. and I suspect another SB.
    I shudder when I think where he would be without me and my cat giving him a reason to live… lol…

  98. Jack says:

    ContentSB, thanks for the kind remarks!

    BTW, I often go to first meets during the daytime in nice shorts (Calvin Klein, $20 at Costco), a Polo shirt (maybe $30, or $20 on sale) and running shoes ($20 at Costco) and nobody has run away yet from a first meet (of course, that might be due to the handcuffs I bring to the meets, but that’s a whole other story, LOL). If we’re going to dinner at a nice restaurant, then I’ll wear a suit and tie, but nothing big dollar. Of course, there is a strong selection bias at play here because the women I am meeting are not ones who extoll the virtues of designer stuff in their profiles.

    I suspect that the guys that Nancy SB and Calif SB are being selected by (or are selecting) are SD’s who are more into the designer stuff, hence, their views that this is more normal for wealthy guys (because those are the guys they have selected).

    I don’t necessarly believe it’s an “LA” thing (or even a Calif thing) because I lived in LA, San Diego and practiced medicine in the SF Bay Area for 20 years before moving to Texas in 2006. But I do agree it’s more common in the ritzier areas of the country, whether it be on the East coast or West coast.

    As long as like-thinking folks can find each other, it’s all good, and this site (especially with word search, you can search for thr word “designer,” right?) allows that to happen.


  99. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    I partially disagree about this
    ” Cheap clothes, cheap make up and cheap hair are very easy to spot”

    Good skin, teeth , hair (plus good quality shoes and purse , and No cheap accessories ) make you look not cheap .

    low price clothes , make up – can look like expensive one if it is your style, fits your.

    Actually recently one pot SD came for the first meet up very casual , BUT I could see by his skin , teeth, manners , language – he is a successful guy.
    moreover in profile picture he is in a blue rob/uniform -like a technician would have . Funny. Some guys want to keep low profile .

  100. RussianSB says:

    In partial apology, I should also say that I am just ”walk” back from online shopping 🙂
    That’s VERY funny 🙂 I bought two really expensive dresses, one silk navy blue gown, and oneshoulder cobalt blue cocktail dress. And 5 dresses with normal price.
    And 7 very nice summer dresses with grate discount (I did shop only dresses that time).

    I am very, very bad girl… but I need clothes to wear, I cannot walk naked.
    What, last shopping I did in spring !
    PS. And on household I can spend much more than on dresses.

  101. northernsd says:

    My favorite quote of the day “Guys like p**sy and girls like shopping, so effing what?”

  102. NancySB/LA says:

    I can get away with wearing anything, but @CaliforniaSB is right about labels counting when sugaring. SD’s tend to want to keep you in the lifestyle you are accustom to. Any man will approach a hottie, but then they start asking you qualifying questions to see what they have to do to “get some.”
    Most guys will decide based on ‘all my stuff,’ whether or not they can hang. Old money SD’s won’t shy away from me because I have a Mercedes, but my New money SD’s will definitely be more interested in me because they are brand conscious. But no low income SD’s are interested in me or my car’s upkeep lol…which is fine by me.
    But Los Angeles is flashy anyways…
    Thing is I clothes shop everywhere from HnM to Herve Leger and most of my guys only care that my good bits are accentuated and that I remain concerned with them and our arrangement. In fact, if anyone of my guys were to guess the designer of my dress or label- I would totally know he were gay…
    I’m a 5k Baby in LA, so most of my shopping habits are covered by my Sd.
    Guys like p**sy and girls like shopping, so effing what?
    You can’t take it with you…

  103. RussianSB says:

    We are buying labels to spoil ourselves a little bit 🙂 And to feel like a movie stars.
    And, yes, we just excuse our shopping frenzy, that our high-level SD claim it and we must dress the best !
    My richy girlfriend told me once : ” with pile of money every idiot can dress well, try look good and notspend much ” It was an advise, I guess 🙂

  104. ContentSB says:

    Ahhh Jack, always a levelheaded response, which is so appreciated 🙂

  105. RussianSB says:

    No,no,no, VASD, you absolutely right !
    What a cute 18 years girl needs to look hot ? Just jump in skinny jeans, some top, sandals and let her grate curly hair naturally flow. Does italian well tailored outfits make her look any better? Also it is possible, if girl have taste, to shop some simple and elegant black cocktail dress for 100 $. Hermes bags remind me my grandmother bags, and Louis Vuitton bags – come in fashion history as the most ugliest . Every year I see that same look stretch-satin dresses declared as a new trend (because it is classic style).
    Boys not into fashion, they recognise our new dress or purse, only because they buy same to wife or daughter before :). Definately,we dress for girls 🙂
    Even when I have a SD card for shopping, I find how difficult to buy something really good. Dress can be simple, but perfect skin, nice hair, and even teeth make you look ”expensive”. But who cares ?

  106. VASD says:

    In partial apology, I should also say I appreciate exquisite. Handmade jewelry, fine furniture built for the space–and had the privilege of growing up up close and personal with not one but two 1955 Lancia Aurelia Spiders (Jay Leno wants one, but he hasn’t found one yet).

  107. Jack says:

    Calif SB wrote:

    “Once I went on a date with one of my SDs and he said “I love your new Michael Kors bag”. Men with money know expensive things.”

    I would have to disagree with this comment and others than have been made on this blog intermittently over the months, all suggesting that because one has money, he must live (and know) an ostentatious lifestyle. That may well describe the men to which CalifSB is attracted, but it by no means describes wealthy men in general.

    I could be wrong but my guess is that Steve Jobs (who lived in a simple house on a small street in Palo Alto and wore jeans and loafers, not Armani suits and Gucci shoes), Sam Walton (who famously drove an old F-150), Bill Gates (who is more of a nerd than a fashionista), and Warren Buffet probably didn’t know a Kors from a Coors and more importantly, could’t care less. The net worth of these indididuals is approaching 200 BILLION dollars–more than the GDP of a fair number of countries.

    I myself and multiple of my friends (who aren’t billionnarires but none of whom are in the food stamp line!) operate very similarly. I own a collector’s item Porsche but most of the time I drive my Prius with 195,000 miles on it (yes, I am a tree hugger), and I simply do not have any need to live ostentatiously so that others will know I am rich. I spend far more on my girls (and far, far more on my ex-wife when we were married) than I have ever spent on myself and I am totally cool with that.

    I consider my character to be far more important than my wealth, and I view others similarly. And I don’t think I am the only well-off guy who thinks this way.


  108. VASD says:

    On the discussion of labels, money and looks–if that floats your boat, then go for it. I come from two families of old money, but I work hard for my own money (and I don’t necessarily handle it well). I grew up surrounded by what I’ll guess might now be gauged as the .25%–I instinctively know quality and refinement, and I know crap trying to dress itself up with a label, aka, conspicuous consumption, aka shallow. At 18, I loved my father and wanted to buy him a special winter coat for Christmas but I had limited funds. I went to LL Bean and saw the perfect coat, but it cost more than I had. I went to EMS and there was another coat, a bit cheaper, but just as good–the closer I looked, the more I realized that it was the exact SAME COAT being sold by LL Bean, but with a different label. I went through several stores and bought the exact SAME COAT (repeat, exact SAME COAT) at a discount label for less half the price being asked by LL Bean. I buy nice clothes (and other stuff), the clothes I like, and intentionally rip the labels off. Be yourselves. Be real. Support the creative people around you and don’t accept LABEL unquestioningly. End of rant. Forgive me sugars.

  109. northernsd says:

    I feel like I just got snubbed! ☺
    I hope I never get to that point. I know it can be important to women though. I learned the hard way the other week when I joked with my sb on how her purse looked like my mothers. So of course I was jostled until we made a trip to the mall to get her a new purse. First ever trip purse shopping and hopefully my last.

  110. California SB says:

    Also, his name starts with M and mine with a K, so it helped he noticed the MK logo…. 🙂

  111. California SB says:

    northensd: I guess if you hang around in Monte Carlo long enough you learn those things…. You will get there some day.

  112. northernsd says:

    Was this guy straight?

  113. California SB says:

    Once I went on a date with one of my SDs and he said “I love your new Michael Kors bag”. Men with money know expensive things. It made me feel good he recognized I had a nice bag, but also put pressure on me to always having to look my best for him. But all that goes with the territory I guess….

  114. California SB says:

    MIK: the advice phone guy gave you is very valid. If you live in a rural area, a 3K monthly allowance is living large, but for LA or NYC, it barely pays your rent. Some girls don’t shop at Lord & Taylor, or Neiman Marcus or Michael Kors, they are happy with Marshalls or Walmart. You need to choose your allowance accordingly. However…. if you dress walmartish, you can’t ask for a 5K allowance. If you want a 5K allowance, you will have to look like you are worthy it. Cheap clothes, cheap make up and cheap hair are very easy to spot. If he contacted you, he probably can afford the 5K, but like I said, if you want expensive you must look expensive. xoxo

  115. Phoneguy says:

    I do feel a little out of my comfort zone
    So why do you feel out of your comfort zone? Because you are being asked to come up with a figure? You can always duck the question or refer him to your profile amount. He may be checking to see if you are within his budget. If you are not then there is no reason to meet. So if 3-5k is what you need, let him know. If you can be flexible then let him know you are flexible and want to meet to determine compatibility as VASD said.

    And asking what others would want may not be the best option. They may not live where you live. They may not have your same situation and expenses. They may not have your same standard of living.

  116. WCSD says:

    @EllenSugarB – I agree that Canada is not that far away (if it was I’d be in trouble being that I’m in Canada). A distance relationship can work, but it is definitely different than a local one. As for telling him about SA? I don’t think it is necessary. If he wants a sugar baby, or an affair, or an escort, and he has any intelligence at all then he can find it on his own. To me your only decision is whether him being married and living far away is something you are interested in, or not. Happy Hunting!

  117. NancySB/LA says:

    @Transgendered Emily

    I’m so sorry to hear about any discrimination you have encountered, that sucks and I’m so glad you were able to rise above it and choose the right thing for you. Thank goodness for your good looks…

    *i was looking at my resume the other day, and all I could think of was- Thank God I am beautiful

    Isn’t amazing how far a beautifully maintained figure will get you?

  118. Transgendered Emily says:

    I can tell you this: I don’t think Obama or Romney is capable of saving this country. I believe this country is going to implode economically. This is a very good time to be someone’s sugar baby because it sounds like we’re about to go into another recession.
    Five years ago, I entered into a live in arrangement with a man right when the last recession hit, and I believe I was spared great financial hardship because of it. That relationship ended a year and a half ago, but another one would really come in handy.
    I’m grateful I’m back in Massachusetts where I am at least guaranteed health care coverage, and am in a fairly tolerant environment(I am a transsexual). My stay in West Virginia with my mother was a nightmare because I didn’t have coverage there and faced a torrent of discrimination while I was there.
    The recent presidential race highlighted the dire economic issues our country and world are facing, and just makes one grateful that they have what it takes to attract a sugar daddy. I’ without one now, but I’ve gotten them in the past. I may be 36 years old, but I have maintained my figure and the rest of my body. Therefore, I am still on the hunt for my next Sugar Daddy.
    Good luck girls.

  119. VASD says:

    @MIK First, trust your instincts and wait til your more solidly in your comfort zone before making any commitments. If there’s something about him that’s giving you the heebee jeebees, I wouldn’t (says the SD) be setting any figure. Correspond, talk, meet, see if there’s a genuine spark–THEN work out the details of an arrangement. $3-5k/mo. may not be near enough to hang out with a jerk once a week.

  120. NancySB/LA says:

    Hi everyone!
    if you feel a tug of angst at losing him, that is a sign that it may be best not to proceed.
    Obviously you are kind and thoughtful or else you wouldn’t be concerned with his happiness at all

    I don’t know.. I feel like I would focus on appreciating what I had with a person, and focus on developing that…
    Good luck in your decision!

  121. MIK says:

    Whoa, just got an email from a man who wants an arrangement w someone in my area. He’s tall, not horrible looking, 47, I do feel a little out of my comfort zone but he’s single and wants to know the amount that I have in mind. – Never been asked what I would want before.
    I have put $3000-$5000 on my profile, but I don’t know – what sort of figure would be the norm for meeting once a week for everyone else?

  122. flyr says:

    Re the Generals

    This is what happens when Generals start taking orders from their Privates

    And of course we wonder if All In was an inside joke or a promise

    • SD Guru says:

      “He is married, unhappy, and wants something to distract him from his currently unhappy situation – affection, attention, friendship.”

      You’ve described his situation but didn’t mention what made you think he’s SD material. He could be looking for an affair or his next wife, or maybe he doesn’t even know for sure. Until we get a better sense of his intentions it’s difficult to say what you should do.


      Keep those one liners coming! 😆

  123. ChocolateIvy says:

    @Ellen Keep him for yourself first. See if you can make something work with this guy, especially since you already know there is a “real life attraction”. Canada is not that far from the US. I love this site, I really do, but it can be a headache. If things cannot/do not seem feasible after giving it some time, THEN refer him to the site.

  124. EllenSugarB says:

    Question for everyone: So, here is the situation… I met a pot SD last weekend when I was out with my girlfriends. We met in real life, not on this site. I really like him, and I could see things going further with him. We spent time together for a three day weekend, and he met some of my close friends. We didn’t have sex (yet, lol). The problem is that he lives in Canada and I live in the US, so, from a practicality standpoint it would be very hard to maintain a relationship. He is married, unhappy, and wants something to distract him from his currently unhappy situation – affection, attention, friendship. We have talked on the phone a few times since we saw one another, and he has expressed that he really wants some companionship outside his marriage. Because of the distance and the fact that he is married, I won’t be able to do that for him. I was thinking of referring him to this site – just because I think it might bring him what he is looking for, and I do typically tend to genuinely care about people and want people to be happy. The other side of me just wants to keep him for myself and kind of thinks that it’s not my ‘”job” to find him a companion. Should I tell him about SA or keep him to myself? Your unbiased opinion is welcomed 🙂

  125. EllenSugarB says:

    @Illinois SD
    “If a SB was a poly – what is the advantage of SD/SB relationship with a monthly allowance versus being a regular with a low volume high priced professional?”

    A sugar relationship is personal by nature. An escort/client relationship is professional by nature. There are advantages to both. You can decide for yourself whether you are looking for a personal relationship, or a professional relationship.

  126. ChocolateIvy says:

    I am a slightly feminist, very liberal young double-minority. Each sugar daddy I have been with has been a “double majority”, not due to any preference on my part, simply due to sheer statistics probably. My inability to keep my mouth shut has rarely been a problem, mostly because I have found that most SDs expect me to be very liberal and even like it. I also market my intellectual rigor a lot in my profile, and I find that SDs expect me to be able to discuss politics in a meaningful way. As long as at the end of the day there is a mutual respect, I think difference can be exciting. It has fueled passion and ultimately really, really, good sex.

  127. ContentSB says:

    Re: Paula Broadwell and Petraeus: I actually met Broadwell 5 years ago…If only we had known we would both date married men/have sugar relationships we would have had SO much more to talk about! Funny how much can change in only five years 🙂

    • SD Guru says:

      @California SB
      “You should see the pics of my SDs wives…. phew…”

      Um… I’d rather not! 😛
      Check out this article about Petraeus’s wife. As the article noted, attractive spouses of powerful men can be cheated on too.

      “Broadwell is the only choice. West Point grad, top physical condition, Harvard grad. Crazy but not psycho.”

      Really, you don’t think being psycho is an attractive quality? 😉

      I have no idea where this saga is headed. But I thought there were some pretty good lines… “General by day, rear admiral by night”, and “It gave a whole new meaning to embedded within his unit“! :mrgreen:

  128. Flyr says:

    Sd guru. Broadwell is the only choice. West Point grad, top physical condition, Harvard grad. Crazy but not psycho.

    Btw my guess is that petreaus wrote to Broadwell or talked with her about his investigation of Benghazi. She talked about the secret interrogation activities . One of obama’s first proclamations was that the CIA was to not have any more secret interrogations.

    As broadwell’s family has noted this is much bigger than an affair.

  129. Leila says:

    @flyer, aren’t you the sweetest! My intuition has told me you are a truly genuine person,You also have a sharp intellect and I’m sensing a sweet, kind demeanour,” rumour has it that someone had a crush on you” just kidding! Or I’m i? Thanks for your advice,ill use your ideas and suggestions
    wisely…and I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out:)
    Yes he’s in a marriage that’s devoid of feeling…no emotional intimacy.He’s looking for one long term arrangement,and prefers to use the term mistress and not SB,i’m not sure what the difference is….

    @VASD,well thank you dear,flattery certainly results in bonus points! As much as I’m tempted to take that offer,u and i will perhaps cross that bridge when I’ve gained my share of experience in the sugar world,how else will I keep up with you? Wink* wink*

    @SD guru,I have a feelings he’s more concerned about how I’ll persive him…and you could be right about me appearing too close to his daughters age.. But then again, he was well aware of my age when he decided to approach me.In any case “may the odds be forever in my favour” 🙂

  130. California SB says:

    Guru: “if you’ve seen pics of Petraeus and Kelley’s spouse”

    You should see the pics of my SDs wives…. phew…

  131. California SB says:

    All my sugar daddies out of town… where are they when you most need them…. need to be thrown against the wall and be taken long and hard…..

  132. California SB says:

    ” Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions, everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses”

    Sometime around 140 BC…

    • SD Guru says:

      “I guess no matter how genuine he did sounded like on the phone, what do I really know about him beside his words?”

      When in doubt, trust your gut instinct. And always remember that action speaks louder than words!

      “I was so confused and felt like there is something wrong so I just found an excuse to refuse him”

      See above. 😛

      “he’s been having second thoughts because he thinks I’m chronologically too young for him… how do i convince him it’s just a number and it has nothing to do with maturity”

      If he needs convincing then perhaps he is not the right SD for you. Some SD’s may have an issue with younger SB’s because they might appear to be too close to their daughter’s age. While others may prefer to deal with SB’s older than a certain age. I’m not sure what’s the case in your situation, but you’re probably better off with SD’s who think your age is a positive factor.

      @Illinois SD
      “If a SB was a poly – what is the advantage of SD/SB relationship with a monthly allowance versus being a regular with a low volume high priced professional?”

      You raised a very interesting quesiton in your post from an earlier blog. I have it linked here so that hopefully others will chime in.


      For those of you following the Petraeus saga, I thought this article titled “Men in Power: Why Do Women Have Affairs with Men like Petraeus?” is also apropos for the sugar world.

      But to me the more intersting question is who would make a better SB, Paula Broadwell or Jill Kelley (not to be confused with the porn star Jill Kelly!). And if you’ve seen pics of Petraeus and Kelley’s spouse, would that be enough justification for them to have an affair? :mrgreen:

  133. Honey says:

    hello all! Went on my first shopping trip for Costa Rica…Is it me or has Talbots quality gone downhill a bit? I okay with the election, my daddy used to be republican but I helped him change his mind,but I’m still looking for a new boyfriend as this one is going off the deep end and now is gearing up again to ask for marriage. He is getting more and more clingy. I’m thinking about puting an ad out to another girl, but I don’t want her to take him for ALL his money. I need the right kind of goal digger!

  134. California SB says:

    Tequila: How do you like your messiah-president, now? Panem et circenses everyone….

  135. travelersb says:

    On the subject of the blog : yes, political views has already turned my sugar sour. My ex sd was supra super Republican. It didn’t last long because in big part of that.

  136. California SB says:

    Flyer: “turned into a circus”

    I think more than a circus, it’s is a major covered up that is not going very well. Next thing you know someone will be “thrown in the ocean” soon….

  137. travelersb says:

    Hi everybody!

    I’m not posting a lot these times, but I still read you. You are all amazing! And me I really need a little wild sugar now.

    It is still too cold here in Montreal.

  138. Flyer says:

    CASB. Blackmail that failed. However it’s turned into a circus

  139. California SB says:

    Meanwhile… while Obama tries to destroy all the Benghazi evidence, he exposes all the lovers/sugarbabes/girlfriends of the high ranking officials…. what a “by the book” low maneuver Mr. president.

  140. Flyer says:

    @ Leila


    It’s time for some sublimal persuasion if you are interested in him. As our current national a circus proves men are not totally in control of their actions and interests.

    Step one is to make it low risk…….. Casual meeting – ” you sound interesting perhaps we should just meet for coffee or a glass of wine. Meet at a museum where it is easy to talk . Find one with a cafe and wine. Lots of other alternatives

    Be interesting, drama free, dressed to be attractive without attention grabbing. Something that expresses your qualities. Be interested,

    Also be sensitive to the fact that he may be a little insecure about his endurance. Admit that picking you has some risks . However, he should think some decades ahead………….. “Thirty years from now when you think about this meeting I’ll bet you’ll know that yes was the right choice”.

    You do not mention if he is married . It’s may be a tough time for married guys to be out on the town with a young woman.

    Understand that he may be here for affection, high energy,positive attitude and an escape as much as sex.

    Be honest – iif you are attracted to older let him know. Those raised before women’s lib still understand the concept of ladies first…….. If you are not attracted let him know in a positive way.

    Draw the verbal and tactile picture.

    Be a solution not a problem

  141. MIK says:

    @Content SB – Guess I could have gone through with it, and he’d have been okay like he said, but I really can’t take chances at this point. He did seem…I don’t know, a bit showy about his status/wealth. All big talk, the hotel he’s staying is really famous, has a tux event tonight,what are yr sizes babe I’ll get you some clothes/lingerie blah blah. So given all those, I think no booked ticket kinda isn’t impressive. Appreciate your feed backs, btw.

    @ Lady Vuitton – Hello to you too, it’s nice to be communicating I must say!
    I’m a little frustrated at this point. All the pots I’ve talked to so far just suggests a meeting and then doesn’t take action to make it happen. Aghh. All I hope for is a simple lunch date. A girl can only hope it seems. :/

    @ RussianSB – Yes, that’s exactly what been happened to me so far. Asks for a visit, says he’s excited to meet me, but then goes really quiet about booking a ticket.

  142. Lady Vuitton says:

    That is good to hear that you are good.

    Oh great, when do you come over? Dinner any time. Great to catch up and share the sunny weather of England.

  143. VASD says:

    Life doing good, Lady Vee. May be getting over to your neighborhood for family matters in the not too distant future. I might have to look you up on my way M-town on my way through and take you to dinner.

  144. Lady Vuitton says:

    Hi VASD

    How if life treating you?

  145. VASD says:

    @Leila 55 SD and nervous about a 27yo that looks 19?! What’s wrong with that?!?! Heshould pinch himself and think he’s gone to heaven (you can come to my house!). He presumable picked you and initiate the contact in the first place–and presumably you accepted him because he’s got enough going for him (hopefully more than just his $).

    I’m late-40s and have sugar dated a few much younger ladies (my minimum requirement is legal drinking age). The immature ones don’t make it past the introductory date, but I’ve had a mutual blast with several. Sometimes have to ask that they dress conservatively when we go out so as to not attract TOO many stares.

  146. Lady Vuitton says:

    Again that depends on how busy they are like Jack has said.

    From experience it has a been mutually agreed place within a reasonable distance.

    You tend to get a feel if it is right or not with good communication etc.

  147. RussianSB says:

    Hi, Lady V. ! But UK SDs not slow at offering travel to them, yeah ??

  148. Lady Vuitton says:

    Hi MIK

    I too am from the UK and I can understand where you are coming from. The SD’s in the UK are quite slow at offering transport costs up front and sometimes need a nudge.

    The US SD’s seem so much more in tune and thinking at times.

    Hi Everyone and Russian SB

    Keep well

  149. ContentSB says:

    @MIK — I think you made a smart decision…if he got defensive about it, chances are pretty high that he’s a fake.

    I woke up to a message from a SD with the most hilarious private pictures….typical old school myspace picture (self shot in a bathroom mirror), except he’s wearing whitey tighties…Sooooooo NOT a good look haha! In one his hand is down his underwear…again not sexy….and in the other he’s semi hard (I hope anyway….) giving a thumbs up haha. I love starting my morning with a good laugh 🙂

  150. MIK says:

    @California SB
    Oops, I’ve written that last one in a mixed up way.
    No I cancelled. Based on the absolute unanimous opinions I think it was a safe decision. Yes, I heard about those stood up cases and are making me think again about travelling for 1st time meet ups.

  151. California SB says:

    MIK: “cancelling lunch”

    Welcome to the sugar world… you are lucky he at least told you he wasn’t coming, sometimes they just simply don’t show up!!!

  152. California SB says:

    Loleeta: “request from a couple”

    I have been with a sugar couple and it was absolutely amazing. Just make sure you get the allowance issue resolved before you meet, so you don’t waste your time. When I met my sugar couple I gave (most) my attention to her, and that is the way to go. She was a sweetie pie and that made it very easy. Good luck!!

  153. MIK says:

    @Nancy SB Nouveau riche ey? Hmm I’ll take that in note. 😛 So *difficult* to find decent SD’s here!
    Just got a reply from the guy to my email cancelling lunch. Says: Are you joking? x

  154. NancySB/LA says:

    @MIK totally worth it, Hollywood is full of new money. People just come here and make money so quickly. LA has incredibly wealthy SD’s except they tend to keep stables of SB’s (non exclusive), and they do a lot of partying…(drugs and alchohol) which make them unstable, have mood swings and require a lot of attention.
    Nouveau riche= lot’s of sugar

  155. MIK says:

    Wow, thanks everyone. It is amazing to see responses to my own post! (even RussianSB replied! :D, been reading your posts a lot, btw x)

    I actually did pass up another pot for not paying the ticket in advance saying he’ll pay later, I thought that this is maybe a regular thing if another person is trying to do this.
    So given the general opinion, I guess maybe I shouldn’t go through with this guy…you all are right, I guess no matter how genuine he did sounded like on the phone, what do I really know about him beside his words? I’m really glad I’ve waited before I went ahead and did anything. Yes, he really should have paid it upfront.

    Gotta say, gentlemen in the US sounds so great.(I’m in UK) – Feeling like relocating to CA or Florida, haha.

    @Content SB, NancySB/LA, Jack, flyr, Russian SB for thank you for your help!

  156. RussianSB says:

    Loleeta, some people don’t satisfyed with that site and re-sign . As if real life or non-sugar relationship not bring the same problems ! It is good experience for young girls ( just don’t travel out of city and don’t date in dark forests). Two month you will make mistakes – it is rule, but it is life experiense, because you will learn to understand what people want from you just from first letters. Also I think you are under attack first two month, because fake daddys looking for someone ”green” and search only new profiles. Why I see no sense in making new profiles – I want people see I spent some time on the site and I can spot scam and report it.

  157. RussianSB says:

    So little white lie can be really bad thing. While foolish fish pictures and stupid profiles is not so bad – boys are boys 🙂 They never have nice pictures and try too hard to show how funny they can text. I am not a model, I think I am averege girl, but with expensive habits 🙂
    Lady V. I am in Moscow !!! My summary 5’9” RUSSIAN BLOND

  158. Loleeta says:

    @RussianSB: Thank you RussianSB

    It’s always great to hear from you. Now I feel better. I was scared that I look so easy to fool 🙁 but since it’s common, I will be more careful from now on. And thank you for reminding me that sugar relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship (it’s not just sex and money though) I’m just a little girl but I will grow my skin eventually (today, it got a litlle bit thicker, I think) LOL I think that’s the most useful advice that I’ve found in this site so far 😀

    Have a good dream tonight!

  159. RussianSB says:

    @Loleeta, again, thick skin, you will have plenty of such fake SDs,and we all have that experience from time to time – don’t think that you are unique person attracting scammers.
    He not answer you question about SB thing – he IGNORE your question. I always asking a lot of questions, sometimes stupid questions,to check the reaction, and usually I get answers. Ignoring questions it is disrespect – not a good start for mitual friendship, yeah ?
    About Skype, I don’t do it (what, I am blond !) – so blessed you are, doing skype – if you can see a session city it is very good check if person lie. Big boys never lie, they tell you they have wives – they don’t want you have grate expectation, they tell you city while travel – maybe you also travel in that direction and next time you can arrange meeting there, they give you personal information – because you can do nothing with that information, really. And only person with bad thoughts play secret agent – because personal information will help you to report them to police etc.

  160. RussianSB says:

    @MIK – noway !
    Maybe it is practical joke, or he inviting girls everyday (it can be the reason why he don’t want to pay travel expenses everytime). Never in my life (sugar or not) I was offered to pay myself for travel. Don’t forget, ladies, that premium membership everybody can afford – any student or moron, and only money can be filter here (not perfect filter but still it is very good tool)

  161. Loleeta says:

    Cool couple 553293 : That’s hilarious that they hide someone to take care of the big man (possibly the big woman too) and the little boy (or girl or twins 🙂 ). I guess they are trying to create drama for their kids so that the kids can have a successful career in Hollywood.

    1245312: well, maybe they are not the same. their description is really brief 🙁 no comments on this couple.

    Have anyone here ever accepted request from a couple (I mean, serious one)?

  162. Loleeta says:

    @RussianSB: Thank you. You are a lively Barbie (and you are even better than Barbie – you have a brain that actually works, I don’t mean that other Barbie-like girls don’t use it, I just think that you have an independent and clever point of view on SB)! I read some entry on tips for SB but I think they need a serious one on safety for new SB.

    Just like me, I feel like I was just scammed. A guy approached me, and after a few messages, I gave him a Skype nick. Well, then we video called (just me, he said he is in his office so he cannot use the cam… – but today is in lieu of Remembrance day, what kind of office is still opened). He said he was in Red Deer but Skype showed that he was in Calgary. And in his profile, he said he is single but he admitted on Skype that he is married (well, he said so). Occasionally, he told me to wait for him to answer his wife’s phone call. Blah blah, and he asked me to show him more. Sadly, I did. But it’s not a big deal to me, they are not too sensitive that my college would kick me out if they see it. Blah blah, and I kept asking him what he expects from a SB and he kept avoiding that !? I was so confused and felt like there is something wrong so I just found an excuse to refuse him) 🙂

    Not a really good experience with my first potential SD. But this will take time (hopefully, I can go further :))

    Btw, RussianSB, I like the picture that you sit by a bathtub in a red robe. It’s really inspiring. 😀

  163. Leila says:

    @flyer,I think your amazing

  164. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Thank you RussianSB, I love you too. (plus now people posted you r dead drop gorgeous 🙂 I do not know your profile number – should be in St. P or Moscow ?

    I wanted to write a disclaimer that I did loose 5 pounds after the picture this the log was taken and now I look even hotter. 🙂

  165. Leila says:

    Hi sugars, I could use your advice, ok I’m rephrasing that! I desperately need your advice!
    I’m 27 and have been talking to this pos SD who’s 55.
    We spoke this evening on the phone for the first after exchanging several emails,sadly he’s never been with someone my age, he just ended a a r/ship with a woman who was 5yrs younger than him…
    We’ve set a date to meet this weekend but he’s been having second thoughts because he thinks I’m chronologically too young for him…granted! i look 19 on my pictures but how do i convince him it’s just a number and it has nothing to do with maturity…
    Btw! I love you all i religiously follow this blog.cant thank you enough for the good insights you provide for us newbies…

  166. Flyr says:

    @mik. Continued. He should be paying train plus any cab in advance. It may not seem like much but it’s important both as a screen and as negotiating platform

  167. Flyr says:

    @ mIK. If its amtrack he can buy round trip on his credit card and have it available to you on your email

  168. Jack says:

    MIK, I agree with ContentSB. You are spending your time traveling, he should spring for the ticket. If he is going to reimburse you anyway, what is his explanation for not getting the ticket for you upfront?

    To not burn the bridge (if he is otherwise interesting to you), just tell him the truth–you are broke and simply don’t have the money for the ticket. If he doesn’t step up after that revelation, then I would be concerned about him.

    ContentSB is probably also right that as a complete newbie, you probably should try to get SD’s to come to you, but if they are really busy (such as myself), be aware that that demand will rule out some SD’s (such as myself, again). But as a newbie, and despite what I have said, you should probably do your first few meets closer to home.


  169. NancySB/LA says:

    Hi Everyone!
    I am also new to the blog, even though I have been reading it for months! Thank you for all the great advice.

    @MIK He needs to come to you. Or he can paypal you the money. It’s so expensive to go to Uni, and you are so good for having got in and working hard to stay there, so please don’t feel obligated to reach out of your comfort zone for a pot sd, who wants to look you over….
    Gentlemen care for your comfort and there are plenty of them… trust me…

  170. Response to Michelle says:

    I wouldn’t dare sleep with a SD on the first meet up. What is the point in that?
    I lost my virginity at 25 years old. I was in a serious relationship with that person. So the next man who wants to date me, will get exactly that, a date, a companion, a good time but not sex. If he ever pressured me then I would have to say goodbye and find someone else who respects my values.

  171. ContentSB says:

    @MIK — Personally, I wouldn’t go through with that. There are way too many stories about SBs who cover their own travel expenses and never see the money reimbursed. Additionally, many SBs prefer that the SD travel to visit them for a first meet. It can be nice to be on your own turf with lots of contacts in the area just in case something goes wrong. There’s a big difference between being stood up at a local place you’re familiar with vs. being stood up in an unfamiliar city. Let us know what you decide!

  172. RussianSB says:

    lesbian couple will be grate, until they offer me to babysit their kids !

  173. RussianSB says:

    But he can lie in profiles about age and country… but same looking pictures !

  174. sassyteacher says:

    RussianSB: I’ve investigated the two perps and I don’t think they’re the same. LOL 5’8″ vs. 5’11”, age, country of residence and the second couple aren’t looking for a nanny although both men have have similar looking body parts! hahaha… I think you’re just having one of those days! It’s good for a few laughs!

    I think next email will be from a lesbian couple. LOL – Just joking!

  175. RussianSB says:

    Shoot me, someone just joking with me. I have another mail from another couple,but I am sure it is the same joker. Check, please, and fine 10 differense !
    Cool couple 553293
    Hot cpuple 1245312
    What next ?

  176. RussianSB says:

    In fact, I am nunny for big boys. I always calm them down , in their little dissapointments , or when their best friends (who else???) fuck them with big money.
    I just surprised with that couple, they offer to work for allowanse. Why should I, if his wife don’t want care about their baby (if he needs nunny), don’t care about husband (if he needsa SB), don’t work (I am sure) – and get for all that allowanse (I am sure) – it is why he cannot offer me an allowance 🙂

  177. sassyteacher says:

    Ooooo… Swedish nanny! I think they like to spank!

  178. northernsd says:

    My disease was more for a Swedish nanny but a Russian would work in a pinch.

  179. MIK says:

    Dear fellow sugars,

    Would like to say hello first. I’m a first timer(1month or so) and probably in need of well experienced advice.
    I’ve had a few exchanges of emails so far and now booked to meet someone tomorrow for the first time. Only trouble is, that I was asked to book my train tickets myself and that he would pay me later. Although it isn’t probably that much to most ppl here, it is def significant money to me, being a broke student and all. (lol)
    Now I don’t know – he said not to worry and that he’ll pick up everything. Should I go with it or not? Is this what usually happens when a visit is arranged?

    It would help a lot if I get some of your own opinions.
    Thanks. x

  180. Phoneguy says:

    Uh, I’m pretty sure all guys have that disease. 😉

  181. sassyteacher says:

    Haha… it seems that Phoneguy has the same disease…

  182. sassyteacher says:

    I think northernsd has a thing for hot, Russian nannies! RussianSB you might have found a lucrative calling: hot, Russian nanny for older, rich men! LOL

  183. Phoneguy says:

    I bet my 13 year old son would loooooove you as his nanny. 😉

  184. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    🙂 I dont think I would suit them RussianSB lol

    There are more cool people over here.

    I dont think there is much Nanny material on here but a nice try by them 🙂

  185. northernsd says:

    HOT nanny!

  186. sassyteacher says:

    RussianSB: I saw the profile for the London couple, as well. I was a little shocked that they were looking for a nanny and a sex partner. Not sure what kind of role model they were looking for as a nanny but I can’t imagine us Sugar Babies fitting the bill. I have no idea what you look like but I can imagine from your messages that you’re a sexy, gorgeous woman and not looking to spend her days chasing after kids. LOL Crazy people!


  187. RussianSB says:

    @NorthernSD, than I am really look like nunny 🙂

  188. RussianSB says:

    Happy monday, Lady V., cool couple is from London 🙂

  189. northernsd says:

    “Am I look like nanny ?” Only in my 13 year old pubescent dreams.

  190. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Hi Everyone

    Great to hear Sassyteacher about your avalanche. Go get them girl and enjoy.

    Happy Monday RussianSB. I take it you turned the couples’ offer down 🙂 You always make me smile.

    Hope everyone has a good start to the week.

    Has anyone got any hot dates coming up?

  191. sassyteacher says:

    Jack! I should have said that you’re still my first choice and not top of the heap-sounds kind of crass!

    A hopeful girl!


  192. sassyteacher says:

    Thank you Jack but you’re still at the top of the heap! 🙂

  193. Jack says:

    Good to hear of the recent avalanche of good cheer for you, Sassy Teacher! Hope ot works out brilliantly for you!


  194. sassyteacher says:

    I’m not sure what’s going on but in the last few days I’ve received a flury of calls from very interesting potential SDs-all highly sexed, intelligent, attractive and all around my age! Wow! It must be post-election euphoria/frustration inciting these men to find suitable partners to celebrate or bemoan their woes. It’s going to be a weekend of Skype to do a preliminary triage! Or, can I keep them all? Is that wise or should we stick with one SD at a time? We’ll see…

    I am way too happy and today is also abnormally warm for Southern Quebec! Yahoo! A high of 15 degrees celsius (about 60 fahrenheit) and sunny to boot! It’s normally around 30 to 35 degrees fahrenheit at this time of the year although there is a bit of snow on the mountains!

    Life is good! Thought I would spread around the good cheer!

    sassy teacher

  195. RussianSB says:

    That is ability reading behind the lines… man offer you work for him to earn your allowance = that mean that being sugarbaby is not enough to get your allowance =
    hardly he going to give you any allowance ever = he is not a sugardaddy.

  196. RussianSB says:

    @Loleeta, read Sugardaddy dating tips, all of them, and grow a thik skin.
    Yes, it is my profile. Am I look like nunny ? Or have I no decent job to nunny someone kids for daytime for share their parents bed at night, to EARN my allowance ? KINKY !
    So, ladies, when you recieve letters from married man, think about dating not only that
    man but his wife and kids adoption 🙂

  197. Loleeta says:

    @ Russian SB: I’m a totally new SB, and I think I just saw your profile 🙂 Are you the girl who is “ready to travel in one hour” (or something like that) (if that is you, although it’s weird to receive compliment from a girl, but I have to say that you are drop dead beautiful)

    anyway, just read the comments and I think you are really smart and experienced. If you don’t mind, I hope you can help me figure out the map in Sugarworld 😀

  198. RussianSB says:

    Shame on you, guys, you affraid to give personal information to SB. And people ready to give their kids to SB !!!

  199. RussianSB says:

    I have a smart answer for them ( I wish I have kids ! ) – an offer to babysit my kids and my lifestyle in exchange 🙂 No allowance.

  200. RussianSB says:

    I hope I find new topic to discuss ! I recieve a letter from young wealthy couple.
    They offer their lifestylefor bi-curious girl, but no allowance. Allowance they will pay only if I ready to be their full-time nunny .
    That is example, my friends, when veryfied income doesn’t mean that person is generous.
    I even not talking about ethical part of arrangement 🙂

  201. Columbus girl says:

    @flyer, I appreciate your bluntness…I really needed to vent,it’s beyond my comprehension how some people can be that lame!

    @michelle, I’m new to the sugar bowl as well,but if I were you,ill do what I feel most comfortable doing, don’t set any rules because its a first date.If the chemistry is there between the two of you then go for it.hope it works out for you:)

  202. CaribSB says:

    @ goldfish.. Good eye 🙂

  203. CaribSB says:

    Just completed “before I go to sleep” by s.j. Watson. Quite I thrilling read 🙂

  204. Phoneguy says:

    That’s bugging you, is it? 😛

  205. Goldfish says:

    Can the writer of this post also fix the typo of the President’s name?

    Barack with one “r” if you needed any help.

  206. RussianSB says:

    I heard about Tex Mex ! I think here are also TexMex for main course.

  207. Tina says:

    @Russian SB: if you make it to Houston, let me know! No tamales in Cancun – tamales are a Tex Mex dish. Cancun serves more fish, it’s a coastal Mexican town. Different culture. 🙂 (Mexican and Tex Mex are actually two very different types of cuisine, and Mexican dishes can be broken down by region as well – interior, coastal, southern)

  208. CaribSB says:

    @ EllenSB… It’s not about the set up per se. I would do the same. What I wouldn’t do though is flirt in an overtly sexual way (telling him what I’d do in bed, kind of things), and then keep talking about the other friend after. Just seems a bit too weird for me. She said she was just telling him what he wanted to hear…

    @ RussianSB… Lol! Horse and elephant weird baby and hopefully elephant is the female 🙂

  209. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Tina and @RussianSB
    I thought RussianSB was going to Houston for the currently unplanned Jack Party?

    I hope it is love, maybe you can kick that other guy out of your head, you know the one. And maybe you can learn more humility and to be less shallow. I’m cheering for all three of these things.

    Eurotrip, Don’t mess with the zohan, Kingpin. You can probably find all three on youtube since theyre a few years old, then you wont have to leave the house for movies.

  210. RussianSB says:

    No tamales in Moscow Mexican restorants ! I thought Moscow have everything. Need to go to Huston or Cancun to eat some. Sure Tequila not travel to me next ten years, but I am travel SB 🙂

  211. Tina says:

    @Russian SB: well, if JaTSD would make his way to Moscow, I would send him with some tamales just for you! 🙂

  212. RussianSB says:

    exept 10 000 lurking mode blog readers

  213. RussianSB says:

    And I keep it in secret from everyone 🙂

  214. RussianSB says:

    Tina…Turkey Day is closer ! I will buy a home grown duck, and call it Turkey and make at home Thanksgiving family dinner. And I will give thanks. Also I can make mashed potatoes and salad, but marple syrop and tamales will be a huge problem …

  215. Tina says:

    Hi Midwestie Babe! The semester is almost wrapped up, how goes the grad work?

  216. Midwest SB says:

    CaliforniaSB – I wish I could! Don’t you know love isn’t logical??? 🙂 Hearts heal, so maybe something else will come of it.

  217. Goldfish says:

    EllenSB, I don’t know if Magic Mike is already out to rent…but I don’t think you can watch that movie too many times. 😉

    @Phoneguy & JaTSD, I’m definitely going to spend some quality time with SD next weekend. The forecast predicts a rainy weekend, and there’s only a few things I like doing when it rains: cooking, reading, shopping, and dancing in the sheets as a good friend of mine says.

  218. RussianSB says:

    I love you ILoveWestCoastSB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. RussianSB says:

    @CaribSB – elefant and horse cannot marry each other, while republican and democrat can marry… I know, it make no sense…

  220. RussianSB says:

    @Phoneguy,do use it , please, I don’t believe in copywrite 🙂

  221. California SB says:

    I’m already in love……………..pls someone talk some sense to me!!! MIDWEST HELP!!!!

  222. California SB says:

    I just met the most handsome, interesting, sexy and perfect…. but so toxic and oh so married sugar daddy…. I see trouble ahead.

  223. EllenSugarB says:

    Have any of you seen the sundance film about Chinese artist Ai Weiwei….wow, it was pretty interesting.

    I’m a teeny but sick so if any of you have good movie recommendations let me know…thanks!

  224. EllenSugarB says:

    CaribSB – I personally wouldn’t be too offended. I have met a potential SD and thought he would get along better with a girlfriend of mine (also on SA). I told her about it ad introduced them, and they hit it off. But if you have a problem with that then don’t do it! It’s all about doing what makes you happy.

    Tina – Thank you so much for your advice on the prepaid debit. I had no idea about that.

  225. flyer says:

    @sassy teacher (from the prior topic) “And, with regards to the original topic, I think many men are attracted to the following: 1-looks (face and body) 2-posture, self-assurance and care taken to look good (not plastic or heavily made-up) 3-sexiness and bedroom skills 4-conversational skills/inteligence/humour and 5-lack of vanity and self-absorption. Nothing worse than a woman who’s always looking at herself and rarely at you and is always looking around to see who’s watching her!”

    I would put the 5 in a circle rather than ranked. Every SD will have different priorities and they may change by the hour. In LA attractive is a commodity but intelligence is unique. It’s like econ 101 – demand and scarcity create value. Sassy’s point 5 is huge, if someone is always looking at their messages it is a terminal problem for me and I think most SD.

  226. flyer says:

    Politics and entitlements

    So here I am trying ( much to my dismay) trying to explain politics to a friend…….

    “I’m pleased with our relationship but you know I have to work hard to share this sugar. It’s a great relationship and I have been happy working knowing the rewards that come from our relationship. However, the government just enacted a new entitlement program, determining that having an SB was an entitlement.

    I applied down at the corner , pleading financial hardship as your sugar comes at the expense of my cocaine habit…….and the government now sends me a prepaid Swedish swimsuit model of my very own. They deliver her to my door every Tuesday evening. I understand that they pay her $20,000 per month. But it’s been good knowing you”

  227. flyer says:

    Bringing politics into sugarland is like tracking manure into the living room……. in poor taste and it only makes mushrooms grow in the carpet.

    @Columbus girl – my guess is that you were the spare. Sorry to hear that you went though that.

  228. Midwest SB says:

    Politics, smolitics. So glad it’s over Heyyyyy sugar!

  229. California SB says:

    Politics is sooooo yesterday. New topic please…..

  230. CaribSB says:

    @ILWCG….. Haha! thought it was a horse with the long mouth and legs. Will do.

    So I am a little mad, my girlfriend met a pot SD on another site by initiating contact and struck up a good conversation, problem is part of that conversation involved telling this guy how great I was and she kind of made plans to for him to meet with both of us. When she told me I was told her that wasn’t cool at all and that she should stop talking about me. Fact is he seems more like my type than hers and she thinks he would like me more, ridiculous. She said he mentioned some friend, and I said I would be up to meet if there was a friend, see how that goes. She texted me not too long ago saying he contacted her and she mentioned me again, and asked if I could do tonight. I told her I’m out. Am I wrong to be a bit upset? I like to meet my own men or through a friend in a different way. Not after you flirted heavily with him and bring me up..

  231. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    “I won’t pick on you because it is ungentlemanly. I do love the way you think though even when I don’t agree with it.”

    We are delighted you choose not to pick on any Russian SB this week.

    and if my photo link would ever show up here (Guru pls) we will all know why.
    🙂 🙂

  232. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

  233. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    It is a donkey
    I posted a link but it waits for moderation.
    You can always google Rep. and Dem animals .

  234. Tina says:

    @PhoneGuy: oh dear, I don’t think those types of thoughts of mine are appropriate for a public blog 😉

  235. CaribSB says:

    Just had 2 kids come up to me, while doing a pick up to tell me how very pretty I was :). It just made the rest of my afternoon. Compliments from kids are the best and valued so much more to me at times.

    Anyway, not to veer off topic. I have dated both democratic and republican men in regular relationships and SD, about 80% of the former. Some of my personal qualities include a humanitarian streak and a belief of to each his own, everyone is entitled his beliefs and “we all should just get along in spite of”, but then there is the surprising opposite, when I come across persons who oppose the rights of others (such as bible or Kuran thumpers or whatever it may be). So I know I can have a conflict free relationship with either side as long as there is a mutual respect for opinions and human life. It works in all types of relationships for me (if we can agree to disagree and move on).

    Anyone care to explain the the elephant and horse? 🙂

  236. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Happy Friday everyone!

    Is anyone doing anything exciting?


  237. Phoneguy says:

    Alas, I think your SB would not like that at all!
    @Tina, Why, what’d you have in mind? 😛

    I won’t pick on you because it is ungentlemanly. I do love the way you think though even when I don’t agree with it.
    Everything below 2k per month is not allowance for NSA – it is real relationship with finantial support
    I love this and will use it in the future…I may even put it in my profile. Do you wish to be given credit when I quote you?

  238. RussianSB says:

    @Phoneguy… 10 k it is realism, nowadays money cost less then in 1980. 🙂
    And also Moscow is expensive like Manhattan. So 10 k in Moscow = 5 k in other Russian city. To have several SDs is NOT an optionin Russia.
    Sugar Bowl is old world thing with just a new name . Young, attractive lady is luxury, some can afford luxury, and some – not . Everything below 2k per month is not allowance for NSA – it is real relationship with finantial support

  239. JustATequilaSD says:

    “My head is a Democrat. My johnson is apolitical. My head likes it when my johnson is giving it to a Republican.”

    This is tooooo funny. My johnson is fairly independent so he’ll give it to any party.

    Enjoy your time w/you sd whether red or blue. All parties love money and control in some form or another.

    The “melt” is sustained by people that think their government will rescue the country. “SAVE YOURSELVES.” (My bumper sticker to be…it’s public so i now have copyright 🙂

  240. Tina says:

    @PhoneGuy: Hmmmmm, wonder if I can get a plane ticket up there quickly……… Alas, I think your SB would not like that at all! 🙂

  241. Lexi says:

    When it comes to my sugar daddy, I’d rather us not talk about it period. However, I would be happy if I found out that he watched Real Time with Bill Maher instead of Bill O’ Reilly lol

    But like I said, when we’re together, we should leave all that at the door and just focus on things that won’t cause drama. Ya dig? 😉

  242. Phoneguy says:

    I mean my other alma mater, Michigan is hosting Northwestern tomorrow. Go Blue! The last home game is next weekend against Iowa and I have an extra ticket… 😉

  243. RussianSB says:

    @Bella, sure, Naomi live in Moscow now 🙂

  244. Tina says:

    @PhonGuy: you know it’s a good life when you can see beauty in many different forms! 🙂 Awww MAN! I’m jealous! I wanna go to the game, even though your alma mater will probably get spanked. That’s ok, since we’re, I mean, they’re, known for academics and not athletics 😉

  245. Phoneguy says:

    It is bright and sunny out here, beautiful day, just a different definition of beauty. 😉 Can’t wait to attend my alma mater’s football game tomorrow.
    And there is a fine line between cynicism and realism. 😉

    I like debate, but only intelligent debate.
    Why argue with your sugar when there are so many more fun things to do with them? 😉

  246. Goldfish says:

    As long as I’m not dating anyone who is socially conservative or Republican, I’m fine. I like debate, but only intelligent debate.

    Do not tell me you’re an SD who is against birth control, abortions, or making it more difficult for women to access these services. I will kick you where it hurts and hope that I’ll have done some preventative control for the next girl.

    That, to me, makes no sense.

  247. Tina says:

    @PhoneGuy: such cynicism for a Friday! BTW, it’s in the mid-70s here with sunshine…..aaaahhhh…..

  248. Phoneguy says:

    Don’t let RussianSB mislead you with her little corner of the Russian sugar bowl where all the SDs are baller as heck. I’m sure the SDs there fall into a normal distribution curve for allowances. She just hangs at the high end of that crowd. You could just as easily look for that here, closer to home.

    Or you could ask her to hook you up with people she knows. 😉

  249. LookingGlassSB says:

    i have no heart according to churchhill

  250. bella says:

    Where can i find a Russian daddy? RussianSB do Russian men love tall slim black women?

  251. VASD says:

    Yes, Tina, get to yell out “Screw the Tea Party!”

  252. RussianSB says:

    Scams. No sugar before meeting for both sides. You will be surprised, but Russian ID impossible to fake. Becose it is passport with biometrical data 🙂

  253. RussianSB says:

    Sugar… oh honey-honey…
    Both from my US friends and Russian I recieve cash. It is their choice, I personnaly don’t care – in any form it is still sugar (cash,checks,web money,WU,stocks,golden doublons). But my sophisticated girlfriends recieve it on debet card opened for that purpose by Daddy on the girl’s name. And usually Daddy’s secretary or accountant take care about transaction , because Daddy very busy and don’t want to deal with such little problems. Average rates is 10k per month, not less becose Babies must look and dress to be adequate to Daddies, and no more, becouse 20 – 30 k only wifes recieve in Moscow.

  254. Tina says:

    @Blog Writers: this is actually bringing up an interesting blog topic: How do you receive YOUR sugar? It can go through ways that SDs and SBs both like and dislike how both monetary and gift/travel sugar is presented/gifted. It could also help some newbies know what scams to avoid, and maybe open up some possibilities for SDs and SBs alike that they haven’t thought about. Pertinent topic, especially with the holidays coming up……

  255. Tina says:

    Response from last blog topic:

    @EllenSugarB: there are reloadable Visa cards that you can get that allow someone to purchase a “refill” card, pay that with cash, then give you the code on the back of the refill pack. You call your card (or sometimes just use the internet), and use the refill pack number to put the funds on the card that you have. Green Dot does this, as does NetSpend. I think that the Bluebird cards offered at WalMart can do the same. That way, you always have the card in hand, and he just refills it without ever having to know the card number nor you address, and he can use cash. It will just depend on what is available to him in his area.

  256. Tina says:

    I’m registered and vote as an independent; I vote for who I believe aligns best with my own personal beliefs. Because of that, my politics don’t differ from my actual personality. When you find out what is important to me, THAT is my political view. So no, sugar doesn’t sour with politics, because I live my politics. By doing that, it’s easy to know how I will vote, what will set me off, and what I really don’t give a damn about. I like it simple.

    @VASD: nice! Since your Johnson is apolitical, and your brain is a Dem, what happens when you’re screwing the tea party? Just a whole hell of a lot of fun? 😉

  257. michelle says:

    I’m new to the sugar bowl, and things seem to move faster here then in the normal dating scene. I was wondering if it is normal to sleep with a SD on the first meet, if things are clicking?

  258. Fun Dom says:

    As a matter of principle and sheer economics I am Conservative. I’m generally unhappy and under served by establishment Repubs who are more afraid of not being invited to a Beltway Cocktail then the continuing economic melt down we are witnessing in the U.S. and socialist Europe. I would welcome a new party that sincerely believes in fearlessly protecting and promoting free enterprise. Social issues, like beauty, are in the eyes of the beholder. My interest is in economic freedom, not telling anyone how they should live and what choices they can pursue.
    I’ve been with ladies who were Repubs, Dems or sometimes didn’t know or care. I don’t perform political or social issue litmus tests with a fun, hot, uninhibited Baby and could not care less how they vote.

  259. VASD says:

    My head is a Democrat. My johnson is apolitical. My head likes it when my johnson is giving it to a Republican.

  260. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    my first SD was very republican (gave big support to Rep candidate from his state …and so on) and he was very ! uncomfortable to tell me he is a republican , he thought he should be embarrassed to tell me he is a republican. (there are a few reasons why he “should” feel this way) anyway…:)

    I told him “do not worry , my theory is : no matter how liberal a person was , once he starts to makes more than 250 K a year he automatically become a republican.” he was laughing and said he had to remember that .

  261. columbus girl says:

    Hey sugars…i got this email from this SD .(1720370)

    I love your profile and pic and would like to get to know you. will be traveling to Columbus on business tomorrow (thursday) evening and would love to meet you for a late dinner or drinks. No expectations except for good company and conversation…

    My e-mail address is (INSERT EMAIL). E-mail me and I will send pics and would love to see more of you…

    based on that message,you would all think that he sounds like a genuine guy,well,that’s not the case..we ended up exchanging few messages back and forth and decided i was going to meet him after i was done with my classes later that evening..even though it was on a very short notice! i sent him my number which was easier than thru inconvenient messaging system..i ended up driving for 20 miles just to see him.when i reached our meeting place he made me wait at the lobby for 40 mins dint show up,i decided to give him a call…he wouldn’t pick up my calls..i realized that i was punked so i left.
    he ended up calling me as soon as i got home and apologized saying that he dozed off!!!!
    seriously? he wasted my time just to flip 180dgrees out of nowhere.do some guys get off fuckin with people like that or something? its unthinkable!

  262. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    “If you’re 20 and not a liberal you have no heart. But if you’re 30 and not a conservative you have no brain.” by Winston Churchill.

    Of course, it was said jokingly, since at 20, Churchill was a conservative and at 30 and thereafter, a liberal.

  263. EllenSugarB says:

    Donald Trump hair…lol

  264. RussianSB says:

    From last topics : everithing in woman must be nice : hair,posture,walk,talk,voice,spelling…
    And I just remember, my friends, Donald Trump hair and wonder …. 🙂

  265. Phoneguy says:

    I didn’t ask my SB who she voted for and she didn’t ask me. 🙂

  266. Angela says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!