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Giving Thanks To Our “Sugar” And “The Sugar On Top”


Christmas came early! This month, we were fortunate enough to be featured in Playboy’s December 2012 issue. And not just any issue—Marilyn Monroe’s 50th Anniversary Edition.

No one embodies the “sugar” lifestyle more than Marilyn Monroe, and it is truly an honor to be published in such a historic issue. Most importantly, we couldn’t be more thankful for the wonderful contributions that make SeekingArrangement.com the community that it is today. Your continued involvement and engaging stories are what makes Seeking Arrangement more than just a dating website.

No one embodied the Sugar Baby lifestyle more than the iconic, Marilyn Monroe.

Without further ado, here is the article appropriately titled, “Sugar On Top.”

This provocatively engaging piece depicts the reality of being a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby from various perspectives–specifically, Jim, his wife Kelly, and their Sugar Baby, Jodie. The article reveals the lavish transformation from single and seeking to satisfied  and “sugar.”

From the trio’s adventures in and out of the bedroom, to the free Jimmy Choo’s and Lilly Pulitzer’s, the author aptly tells a tale of how individuals with different needs can come together create such strong, satisfying, and lasting relationships.

We hope you all had a blessed and memorable Thanksgiving. This coming holidays, may you get everything you want (and more) from your friends, family, and Sugar Daddies!


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296 Responses to “Giving Thanks To Our “Sugar” And “The Sugar On Top””

  1. Frank says:

    OK, here is one way to do it, starting up with new sb, she doesn’t trust me yet, I don’t trust her. Remember I had some one run off when I paid her a months allowance in advance.she had some run off after one month as well.

    We have decided on an amount we are both happy with. Did this on our first face to face meeting. Just as we are getting ready to take leave with each other, she says, just so we don’t have to talk about this again, how are we going to work out the money. I tell her I will give her weeks allowance in cash for first few meets, and then monthly.

    At that point, since my bank account is secure from prying eyes( i sure hope) I will transfer her money to her account. If she has wells fargo account I can do that with no transaction fees.

  2. Madridista says:

    Mentorship is great for some SBs. My SD is the quintessential businessman and I’ve learned so much from him, but like RussianSB I’m not a businesswoman, nor inspiring to be in that world, so pure mentorship would not work for me. I’m aspiring to a career that’s more on the creative side, so mentorship of any kind won’t help me at this point. It’s not going to make me a billionaire like him, but it makes me happy and I know I can make a good living with that, just nothing that comes close to his. Until I publish though it’s club academy teaching hours and sugar and even with my shopping habits, I do save a lot of it in the bank 🙂

  3. Jack says:


    Beautifully put!!

    To summarize her point in one or two sentences–by seeking SD’s based on who they are, not only their bill-fold–she finds that her own billfold (and general succcess in life) has grown exponentially. Instead of given her fish, her SD’s have taught her HOW to fish, and implementing those ideas has returned much greater dividends than just having SD’s give her fish.

    For those of us SD’s who consider “mentorship” one of the most valuable benefits we can offer an SB, an SB like Nancy is a dream come true. She seeks out the advice, actually listens to it and applies it, and we get to watch from the sidelines as she prospers.

    I have done that many time, primarily with students and employees, but am looking to repeat it in the sugarbowl where I can get some special benefits I never pursued with my students and employees. If y’all know what I mean!


  4. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Russian SB… You said: “We are perverts , and I also like 40 – 50 y.o. SDs. And I use them for sex. Sugar just an exuse for good girl to behave bad”


    I find men sexiest once there is the bit of wisdom that comes with maturity. They also have had time to hone their skills in bed. *purr*

  5. Ontario girl says:

    @Sd Guru. I also thought that was my problem. I am independent and have no need for support. I just want someone to travel with and enjoy some of the finer things in life that I don’t typically experience.

  6. Ontario girl says:

    oops…one SD

  7. Ontario girl says:

    Newer SB here. I live in a tiny town in Ontario and there is literally ONE sb here that I have Zero interest in. There are a few in Toronto and Detroit. My question is, do many SD’s travel to their SB’s? I don’t mind travelling to them providing they provide the travel expenses. Are there many SD’s willing to do so or am I just wasting my time? I am 35 and very fit and attractive. Not having much luck here. Perhaps I am too old for this site?

  8. California SB says:

    Jack “she was instead highly interested in me, not my money”


  9. RussianSB says:

    As if here was shortage of nice guys around us, Nansy ! Why we need that old, smart, sophistycated, pessimistic , spoiled, impossible-to-surprise neurotics ?

  10. RussianSB says:

    @NansySB/LA. We are perverts , and I also like 40 – 50 y.o. SDs. And I use them for sex. Sugar just an exuse for good girl to behave bad 🙂

  11. NancySB/LA says:

    Oh my gosh,
    I have so many friends and I wish they read the blog. I am so happy I get to read and share, it really helps to learn from others. And I love your entries, you are so funny and knowledgeable.
    Men are very high maintenance, spoiled and neurotic lol…
    Are we crazy to want them?

  12. RussianSB says:

    @Nancy SB/LA. Smart girls do everything smart. Stupid girls do everything stupid. I earn from sugar life such a grate bussiness connections… which is all useless to me, because I definately not a bussiness woman. And I also looking for someone for a long run, if not, then everyone I know can offer to me few k per month + very enjoyble time, and he will treat me better than my averege rich and spoiled neurotic SDs and , sure, appreciate my company and my beauty better then SD, who used to marry/date models.

  13. flyr says:

    someone missed the word fully

  14. RussianSB says:

    @Jack, thank you for sharing, nice exemples for SDs ans SBs here including travelling.

  15. NancySB/LA says:

    I know, I love your blog! it’s amazing. Thank you for posting. It’s an honor to meet you!

  16. flyr says:

    Dressing for the first date – SD view

    Appropriate for the place of the meeting, as the saying goes you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

    The outfit is packaging to sell what’s inside,

    Elegant simplicity usually better than over adornment unless that’s your appeal. If you look at the packaging of high quality goods from computers (Apple) to watches, you’ll see elegant simplicity.

    Energy and sparkle

    After the first impression your date will be mentally searching for answers to the meaning of life or at least –
    what’s her personality like
    what will she look like naked
    what will she look like upside down , naked
    what will she look like at 7 am

    Guys have a limited amount of blood and are unable to have a fully functioning penis and brain at the same time-dress to take advantage of this.

    Ideally you’ll have some flexibility with what you are wearing to adjust to the opportunities(or lack thereof) of the meeting.

    Wear something that is comfortable .

    The designer label is your smile- the rest is packaging

    • SD Guru says:

      “Guys have a limited amount of blood and are unable to have a fully functioning penis and brain at the same time-“

      I guess you haven’t mastered the art of diverting some blood flow back to the brain while maintaining an erection? The brain can be a very powerful tool during sex if you know how to use it properly! :mrgreen:

  17. NancySB/LA says:

    [email protected]!!!
    My responses only reflect my experience and views. I have a lot going on in my life as well, and I feel seducing a person who cannot keep up is cruel and I have found, especially in LA, a 250K salary with living expenses is actually not that much. If a young SD is 35- 45yrs (my most popular age range), he’s still using the majority of his money to build his nest egg and will not give away 80K to someone he does not plan on marrying. And if an SD is over that age range, there is a good chance that he has been married, divorced; so alimony and child support consume a large portion of his salary. This is my experience…
    I’m sure that people can find a happily ever after, for me- I just haven’t met anyone that could honestly feel comfortable gifting me that percentage of their income easily. And I have to respect that and move on, too.

    • SD Guru says:


      I removed my comments because I had initially misinterpreted your post. I agree that if a SB is looking for a certain amount of allowance then obviously she should look for SD’s who have the financial means of providing that allowance. I wrote “Allowance in Real Dollar Terms” in my blog to illustrate what kind of income it takes for SD’s to provide various amount of allowance. Incidentally my illustration shows that for 3k/mo the SD’s gross income should be $250k+, and I think that’s pretty close to the point you were making.

  18. NancySB/LA says:

    For me personally, I definitely believe in love and marriage. I have been proposed to on here before. But when I marry I want to make sure it’s for real. Right now I am still developing myself, but I will marry one day.

  19. JustATequilaSD says:

    So I can’t help but ask, what’s the end game for an SB? Is it the actual dream of most SB’s to be able to become SugarMomma’s?

  20. NancySB/LA says:

    Another long post, Good evening Sugars
    Personally, I have never considered SA a flesh/meat market. My SD’s are men of character that have chosen to support me because they realize my dreams as much as I do. I choose my arrangements based on an SD’s mental as well as financial generosity.
    One of the greatest gifts was a financial plan given to me by my SD. He commands hundreds of dollars per hour for his expertise. Thanks to him, I am set to be financially free and living off of passive income from investments by the time I am 45yrs old. As well as a fully funded graduate degree to start a career of my own… I could never have seen past the shopping without his loving insight and for that, I am truly grateful.
    See, to me an arrangement is more than sex or money. It is about a relationship. Being dependable and available, and looking for more than what I can get out of a man is something I have learned to develop and puts me in a higher sugar bracket than most… My SD’s actually like me and therefore stake their own success in seeing me come out on top. I’m a consistent 5k-10K++ SB, and I say no to offers all the time.
    Any man can buy you a dress, but it takes another kind to actually broaden your horizon to show you that you deserve to own the store or a production line, become a lawyer or how to do your taxes to preserve your own money.
    Rich people think very differently than poor and middle class people do. If you hang out with them, you will adopt their mannerisms and learn to see things differently, which will pay you back in high dividends.
    But I do wish you dresses, and shopping and Gucci, etc. You need to have all of it, so you can see that it will never complete you. But passive income will feed you, clothe you, and sustain you, and earn you passage into the rich club. real SB heaven.
    There is nothing like being with snobby people and being able ‘to hold your own.’ When people try to put you down and or ask you what you do, you tell them you graduated from college, own rental units or actively trade stocks, or run your own business … oh yes, and you just vacationed in Antigua and recently decided to take up Chinese…
    (you must be growing is the point I am making).
    And of course all the while you smile sweetly and look beautiful…
    The SA experience is about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, transcending your own obstacles and perceived limitations. Begin with choosing a winning SD as mentor and lover.
    Growth is the name of the game. Push yourself up.
    If you don’t mind the occasional p4p, date the below $250K’s. But relationships with this type should be limited and not a priority because they will only end in heartbreak and quarrels if you are a 3k++ SB, because they cannot realistically afford you in the long run, and they don’t offer anything besides sex for money anyways…

    • SD Guru says:

      “Now Guru has me trying to remember previous blog trolls…”

      You have a good memory but you’re thinking too far back. As I mentioned it was from the summer. I’m sure Midwest SB remembers her!


      Thanks for sharing your experiences. For someone who desires a bf/gf relationship with availability and location being key issues, you sure seem to do a lot of one time fly-in’s that for whatever reason don’t go anywhere. If this isn’t working for you based on your stated goals (local, bf/gf), perhaps you should try something else?

      By the way, when you find more “beautiful, smart and accomplished” SB’s who have “no interest in sugar” on SA, please send them my way! 😛

  21. northernsd says:

    I 100% agree with everything you have said and my allowance budget is very similar. I simply will not look at any woman who says that they REQUIRE more. Now in the end I easily have spent very well beyond on this on my current SB but if she had asked for or required more I would of never of met her. My current agreement is roughly 3k with gifts and incidentals. (incidentals can kick your ass) The 3k is basically something I pulled out of thin air but seemed right.

  22. Jack says:

    Alright, let me see if I can address some comments purportedly directed at my post but which were based on things I never said:

    1) Most importantly, as Tequila, Frank and other SD’s seemed to understand–but several of the SB’s didn’t–I did not pitch my suggestions (I wouldn’t even call it “advice”) to everyone here. And I also didn’t pitch my suggestions to anyone by name. I pitched my ideas solely to the SB’s here who have posted repeatedly about the “fakers” or “low-quality” SD’s that they seem to be coming across so frequently [an an aside on this issue–has anyone noticed that the SB’s seem to post on “bad SD’s” far more than the SD’s post on “bad SB’s”? If so, why do we suppose that is?].

    In response to my post, the SB’s whom I had in mind all have seemed to state that they have no problem finding quality SD’s and are happy with their selection methodology. Although that certainly does not square with many posts I have read, that is more than fine. If it is truly the case, then my last post (AND this one) can be completely disregarded because apparently I was mistaken in my read that some SB’s who post here have difficulty finding quality SD’s (I am defining “quality” as someone who is honest, considerate, does what he says he will do, reasonably attractive, in good shape, no drama, etc. I am not defining “quality” by the size of his billfold)

    2) Secondly, Janine, nowhere in my post did I say that (a) sugar shouldn’t be discussed upfront, or (b) that the SB (or SD) should be the first one to bring it up, etc.

    So since I never posted on the topic, let me do so here: I think that IF, WHEN, BY WHOM and HOW sugar should be discussed is different depending on the circumstances. There is NO rule on this, contrary to the repeated assertions of multiple posters here.

    Let me illustrate. I have had 5 “weekend-type” meets that came to see me from out of town (one out of the country). Sugar was discussed (or not) so differently in each case (even though I am the exact same person) that it almost boggles the mind.

    The first lady came to visit me from San Antonio (3-hr drive from Houston). Money was never discussed, but I decided to send her $500 before she came to see me, and gave her some more for her return trip on Sun (which she stated she appreciated but did not expect–and yes, I am aware that might have just been politeness). We had a very nice weekend, very nice lady, but a bit too blase about life for my taste and thus no follow-up.

    The second I flew in ($1500 tickets). I asked her if she wanted me to send her some money in advance, and she stated “Not until we get to know each other and decide we want to continue this.” She was really into doing things she hadn’t done before, such as horseback riding, pistol shooting, taking my dogs to the dog park, and some other things not appropriate for discussion here. She also wanted me to buy her some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, which we did as well. We had a great time together. Young lady but very quick mind and quite mature, especially for her age–(reminds me of RussianSB quite a bit!), but she was getting conflicted with the whole idea/balance between sugar dating and IRL dating (which does NOT remind me of Russian SB), plus I realized that an arrangement wouldn’t work given the distance between us, so we mutually agreed that an arragement wouldn’t work. Had she been in Houston, I would have been interested in doing an arragement with her (if she got comfortable with it). I gave her $1500 as she left, which she was conflicted in taking but I insisted and she did.

    The third lady was quite different because although she lived in Calif, she was seriously considering moving to Texas (which she has since done). We talked almost every night for a couple of weeks and we both thought that as unlikely as it seemed given the site we met on, we both agreed there were very real BF/GF possibilities for us. I booked her tickets and prepared to send her $2000 in advance of the trip (money had never been discussed between us). Strangely, on the very day I was going to send the check, she brought up the issue of money and I sort of chuckled, and she guessed that I was already planning to send her some money. She asked how much and I told her $2000. She responded that that was quite generous, given that I hadn’t even met her, but that she wanted to pitch a different amount, but that if I said no, she would be totally cool with it. I asked her to tell me what she had in mind, and she asked me to send her $5000. Her rationale was that although we initially planned for her to spend just 4 days with me, she wanted to have the flexibility to stay another week or two if things went great between us, and if that were the case, then she would not be able to work much that month. She figured that $5000 would cover her rent and some other living costs for that month and would partially cover some expenses related to her business.

    I agreed and sent her $5000. For various reasons–some related to the amount of money (I believe) and others unrelated to the money–she was not my cup of tea.

    Lady #4 is the software engineer who met me at my Nevada ranch. She made it crystal clear to me in our various conversations that money was of no interest to her (in fact, the concept of it embarrassed her) and that she was instead highly interested in me, not my money, a point she underscored by refusing every form of sugar I attempted to bestow upon her during the 4 days we spent together, except for allowing me to give her $100 on the last day toward something that her daughter wanted to buy. This lady was an absolute sweetheart, very intellectual-smart and street-smart, kind and considerate. She actually had her birthday during the weekend she spent with me, so before our meet, I had bought her a pearl necklace for her birthday, which she reluctantly accepted. If she lived in Houston, I would definitely want to explore an arrangement with her, and I think that as she got to know me better, she would be able to accept the sugar more easily. Of course I booked her tickets and paid for everything that weekend.

    And #5, who also met me at my Nevada ranch, also had no interest in sugar (again, I paid for everything, of course). She is a real estate investor with a $5 million net worth (several properties in Calif and a million-dollar art collection) and felt she could learn some tricks from me given my success in my 25-year real estate career. She is also a pilot and likes to race motorcycles so we felt like kindred spirits. We had a wonderful time (as we both expressed to each other multiple times) but again, the distance precludes a real arrangement.

    So what rule about discussing sugar or allowances can anyone gather from the above experiences?

    None that I can see.

    Sugar was discussed (to the tune of $5000 before I even met the lady!) in some cases and was not only not discussed but absolutely refused in another.

    All of these ladies were beautiful, smart and accomplished (some quite stunning) and could have probably easily gotten more money than they did–both from me and from other SD’s. But contrary to what some of the SB’s here try to repeatedly drill on, NOBODY on this blog can tell us what “this site is about.” One size does NOT fit all.

    You should pursue what you want and what makes you happy. Nobody blogging here (even the ones who state sugar rules as if they were the immutable laws of physics) can tell you when you should (or shouldn’t) ask for sugar and how much you should ask for.

    So my bottom line advice is simple–if what you are doing is working for you, disregard everything I have said. If it isn’t working for you, then maybe consider some of what I have said. If money is a major reason why you are here (a very valid reason to be here), then bring up the allowance sooner rather than later–if he doesn’t bring it up as timely as you want. If he gives you a hard time about it–and it’s important to you–you’re not a good match. No name-calling about “fakes” and such is needed–just not a good match, go on to the next one.

    And if money ISN’T that important to you, then that’s fine too. Even if CaliSB cannot believe a woman would EVER fly out to meet a guy unless the business transaction has been made (but PLEASE don’t read my comments as suggesting that you should do what these 5 ladies did–again, each case is different. Let me also add that none of these women had done this sort of thing before, so it’s not something that any of them was accustomed to. But it seemed reasonable to them under the circumstances).

    And for those of you for whom money is not the primary consideration, and if you pick the right SD, you just might discover that the less you demand, the more you’ll get. Had my wife figured that one out BEFORE the divorce, she wouldn’t now be working a full-time job to make 1/20th of what she used to spend when we were married. But that’s a whole other story.


  23. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    Janine I am with you… To a T.

  24. Janine says:

    When I have to pull together an outfit on a dime I always thrift it. Some people hate the thrift store (or insert any kind of store to which someone has an aversion) but those people usually have no personal style.

    I love vintage clothing, so I know all of the good places where I am. I have an hourglass figure so I like dresses from the 50s. If you have a narrow frame you can probably do really well with 20s or 60s style dresses. Or if you’re into the modern hippy chick look that’s how now, you can probably find plenty of vintage Levi’s or Jordache jeans.

    Check out some of the places in your area and get creative. Google some images of vintage clothing for tips and inspiration. Also, vintage (not just old) clothes are of a much better quality than anything you can get at H&M or whatever.

  25. Goldfish says:

    H&M, Zara, Forever21 etc. Wherever you go, if you only have $50 on hand, by something basic and chic that you will like later on for future dates.

    And buy something that goes with your shoes which I hope are a pair of nice heels or heeled boots. High wedges work too.

    Not sure where you’re located though, so maybe your store choices are limited 🙂

  26. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @NewSB… Not sure how much time you have but are there any second hand stores in the area? Maybe not idea but my one friend ends up with a TON of designer dresses, and outfits because she is a size 2-8 and those seem to be in an abundance.

    Classic black dress… Subtle, but playfully tasteful makeup, with accessories, a pretty scarf, shoes, and hand bag in matching colour or shades of the same tonal family works. Do you have any shoes and handbags in the same colours? Work with what you have.

    It is a classic one, and easy to maximize when starting out. I’ve converted 1 simple, yet elegant black dress into 4 different looks with accessory changes. I always aimed for something that was fitted but had flow. Something I could wear with or without stockings… Something I knew could be dressed up or down.

    1. Sky blue purse, scarf, heels… With delicately dangling earrings, a necklace on a longer chain that did the cleavage dangle, and a couple delicate looking bangles. Softer makeup with a sheer pink glossy lip, and heavier on the lashes with a light shadow.

    2. Red heels, red lipstick… Very fine line to the eyeliner. Mid length funky necklace with a red & black glass bead, with matching bracelet. Hair combs with a bit of shimmering black detailing to pull my hair back a bit from my face… Works with a red or black clutch (though I had a black one with red piping).

    3. Summer look was delicate black sandals (heels are pretty but if you are going to be walking forever go with a lower heel), match the toes to whatever colour the jewellery or alternate accessories I chose. More bangles (I usually opted for something shimmery, and lighter tones). Match that out with a necklace that was either multiple strands or had some visually appealing accents along a single chain. Anklets were a bonus.

    4. All year round… Shoes to suit the season (including the black vs. white heels as well as open vs closed toe). A long strand of pearls that could be worn as a long single, or a doubled over look. A clutch that matched the shoes in colour… preferably with a pearl detailing on the closure. Understated lips with a hint of colour for depth, but only a soft shine (not high gloss and not matte – kissable), delicately done eye makeup (nothing heavy… just enhancing the natural beauty)… Hair in an up do if winter, and down if summer. Earrings were delicate little pearls… In the winter I would pair gloves with it, and a scarf but I opted for the match to the shoes for these.

  27. NewSB says:

    I have a date with a pot SD (dinner at a nice restaurant) coming up and need something to wear – I don’t really have anything nice (I don’t have money for much other than my textbooks) and need to buy a pretty (preferably versatile) dress for under $50. Any advice of where to look? Thank you, girls!

  28. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    Russian SB… LMAO! I need panties, and bra’s and all things that are sexy underneath whatever I am wearing. Otherwise i tend to forget and instead of flashing pretty thongs, and lacy bits of next to nothing I flash a bit more. *looks innocent*

    And you are very welcome regarding Panache. I love all their lines!

    With my taste in panties, bras, dresses, and clothing in general (in addition to makeup, and even my bath products)… There is no question I need a SD. *grin*

  29. Phoneguy says:

    @Content – Yeah, I kinda get it. Except Jack is no different from the blog SBs that he writes about…he has already decided that ANY SB who dares to put $3,000 … We all want what we want, and most people seem to be getting it, so what’s not to love?
    There are couple differences. One, Jack’s new strategy seems to be leading to good results for him. Whereas many SBs are not having success focusing on high allowances. Secondly his focusing on the person more than the money is less superficial and more likely to lead to long term success, IMHO.

    “If you are looking for the flashy, high-dollar jetsetter, you are often going to get the very player you don’t like.”

    Keep doing what works for you and don’t worry about what others think. Let the SB’s ogle and chase after rich hot ones and see if they have any luck.
    @both Jessie and Guru,
    Are most people getting what they want? If they are, I don’t think Jack’s message was aimed toward them. If CaliSB and Madridista are having success with what they are currently doing, please don’t stop. If you aren’t having success maybe consider what Jack said.

    @JATSD – If you ever have to visit this crap hole called Michigan
    @Janine, Hey, hey, hey…be nice to my mitten.

    The fact that you’ve been together 3 months and she claims to care, yet takes so long to see how you’re doing or simply to wish you a good recovery seems odd. Her actions seem to contradict the words in the message.
    Frank, I hate believing it but Madridista is right. Nothing speaks as loudly as actions. The world keeps trying to teach me this lesson and I’m a slow learner too. 😉

    Here are on SA modest girls (less then 1k) and modest boys (less then 1k). The problem is they don’t want to date each other !
    @RussianSB, fabulous, just simply fabulous and hilarious.

    Why you always keep saying that? Who was that person?? Ex girlfriend who dumped and left you broken hearted or something???
    Because you keep acting like her. 😉

  30. RussianSB says:

    Thank you for Panache tips, dear.

  31. RussianSB says:

    Curvy Cutie SB… with you taste to lingerie… hmm… it is no good, they say, to replace one addiction with another. Anyway I don’t need panties much 🙂

  32. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    LOL! Am I the only one who gave up a shoe shopping addiction already (I love my shoes but expanded it to all things clothing, make-up and bath product related, and then refined it again).

    *this is said with the need to clarify that I only cut back on shoes when I passed 100 pairs purchased in a year…*

  33. RussianSB says:

    @Madridista, really ? Shoe shopping addiction is the reason why we are looking for sugar.
    It is breaking point of sin. SD must encourage that behaivoir. And ”healthy” SD do love shoes ! Last time I wear platform D&G at Carrebean, my companian ask me: ”Why not high heels ? ” Also, boys, have same passion for italian shoes as we do. Some of them even not let their professional housekeepers to polish their shoes, do it themselves.

  34. ContentSB says:

    Now Guru has me trying to remember previous blog trolls….but I can only think of two…one who actually was from CA (I think) and another from Vegas…my curiosity is killing me now! 😉

  35. California SB says:

    Madridista: “how’s that Baltimore hottie?”

    Talked to him on the phone, he is coming down to Sacramento in Jan I might drive up see him. He sounds very nice on the phone. Something about him is not right tho….

  36. California SB says:

    Guru: “There is no need to play dumb”.

    Well I can’t help it if you are thinking I am one of your old girlfriends. Have I seen you naked before? Are you the tall and handsome blue eyed French guy who never called me back? 🙂

    Frank: “I have solved many problems, out on a long run”

    I wonder if it’s because of the blood flow in the brain, clearing out all of the dusty parts, making us think better.

    Trans Emily: “Sugar scene has slowed down lately due to the holidays and talk of thid so-called fiscal cliff”

    I’ve been noticing many new profiles created in November, lots of new daddies in town. So I am not sure about slowing down.

    Russian SB: “Russians are very generous and want have fun all the time , 24 hours non-stop, THAT makes them good SDs but horrible husbands”

    hahah that sounds like you’re describing my father.

  37. Madridista says:

    @RussianSB, so true about Russian men: good SDs but bad husbands, yet I saw so many weddings this past summer in just a brief time I spent in Moscow and Petersburg.

    @CalifornaiSB, how’s that Baltimore hottie? Could you ask him what he has against money for shoe shopping? I’ve seen so many guys write that in their profiles, so it makes me wonder why any SD would care how his SB chose to spend her allowance.

  38. RussianSB says:

    @ Frank, I all my life typing with two fingers.
    Oh, I see we have a little Sasha Grey fun club here ?
    I love that blog , I told you people.

  39. Frank says:

    OK, let me say this three times don’t reward bad behavior, don’t reward bad behavior, don’t reward bad behavior!

    You would think that from all the courses on experimental psychology, skinner and behaviorism and all that other stuff from so long ago it would be a lesson I know by heart.

    She had such gorgeous legs though, ahh. Out with the old an in with the new.

    Now on topic:

    It is a tricky thing to bring up allowance, tricky on the sb side so she doesn’t appear so just in it for the money kind of thing.

    tricky for the sd, because he has probably been in a lot of negotiations, and you don’t want to show your hand too early.

    I’m ok going into the first meeting without any discussion of allowance, but after that meeting both of should have a good idea of the approximate allowance being offered and expected.

    Before you consummate your relationship you should have a good to letter perfect understanding of your agreement. at that point you have to use your gut feeling as to who goes first, ie fund the agreement, or act on the agreement.

    Hope this is understandable, getting off my pain meds and mind is clearing.

    Also, now typing with two fingers, can you tell?

    and treasured, I would love to pick you, but you would not be happy having to travel to the back woods of Va, to meet.

    California, I have solved many problems, out on a long run, I come up with a new solution, or a new angle, and I wasn’t even thinking about the problem, It’s really neat when that happens.

    Shasha Grey has clothes? who knew!

  40. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    When I lived in Chicago eight years ago I dated a number of Russian men. They were pretty cool and exotic. For some reason though, I attracted a lot of Russian Jews. There’s nothing wrong with that, though.
    By the way, I love Italian men. I think they’re a gift from Mother Nature.
    I have a question for the other Sugar Babies on the site. Have you noticed that the Sugar scene has slowed down lately due to the holidays and talk of thid so-called fiscal cliff we’re supposedly going to go off? I remember in late 2007 before I moved in with my last Daddy, thinks really dried up. Fortunately he was interested in me at the time.

  41. RussianSB says:

    Russians are officially good SDs, I hope Playboy bring some to SA collection,
    but they not so good husbands, you cannot have everything… And also that drinking habit is grate problem in Russia – but they are very generous and want have fun all the time , 24 hours non-stop. THAT make them good SDs but horrible husbants

  42. RussianSB says:

    @Madridista… why I am not surprised ?

  43. RussianSB says:

    Bad, bad, GURU – boy. Now I know that you are real person not just kind spirit ghost.
    And we have something in common – Miss Sasha Grey !
    Greek,Irish,Polish but not Russian. I understand your way of thinking – she shoose Russian pseudonim and she looks quite Russian. But she is Californian girl 🙂 🙂 🙂

  44. Madridista says:


    I’ve met some great SDs here and others through work and sports events. From site, most were in Austin when I was in school and were great. We had dates, but vacations were only around my school schedule. My others from site were in Florida and in NY and short term, but I still talk to them on here from time to time. No matter where I met anybody, issues of allowances were brought up quickly so expectations and term of arrangements were clear, so they didn’t have to worry about me flaking and I didn’t have to wonder about when my allowance or gifts were coming. Like RussianSB said, serious SD will easily lay their cards on the table, it’s the ones that avoid it that are fakes. If they don’t talk about it, you walk away. How long is one supposed to hang around waiting? Easier to walk away and find a SD that’s serious.

    My Russian SD also hails from Moscow, but we met at a French ski resort the first time I traveled to France (I was with a different SD at the time) and I absolutely didn’t like him. He was rude and annoying. I ended up slapping him and calling him an overindulgent man child among other things. I didn’t think much of it until we met again last May at a sports event and he was completely charming. He’s matured a lot since our last encounter and pursued me so relentlessly all month that I decided to finally go on a date with him in June. Go figure, the man couldn’t stand ended up to be a real class act 🙂

  45. RussianSB says:

    Sasha Gey means Sasha Grey

    • SD Guru says:

      @California SB
      “Why you always keep saying that? Who was that person??”

      There is no need to play dumb. Most people on the blog probably don’t remember the troll attack we had in the summer and all the mess it caused. Some people post under mutliple names. Some people pretend to be at a location they’re not in. It’s really no big deal as long as everyone plays nicely on the blog. But don’t think the modertors are not paying attention.

      “Now what do I do? Any suggestions dear blog?”

      Oh Frank, whether you can think clearly or not, just remember one of my golden rules is “don’t reward bad behavior”. Similar to NorthernSD’s dilemma, knowing what you should do and actually doing it are two different things. Good luck!

      @Russian SB
      “”Girlfriend experience” ? I love Sasha Grey in that moovie and as adult moovie actress she is my favorite.”

      She’s in a real movie?? I thought she only did porn! Probably can’t recognize her with her clothes on. Wait… don’t tell me she’s not Russian! :mrgreen:

  46. RussianSB says:

    I saw that moovie in English, understand everything, exept what ”books” she care about all the time. What, I am blond ! Help me out if someone saw the moovie.

  47. RussianSB says:

    @CaliforniaSB, you mention : ”A high priced escort once said when asked why she always played different characters for each of her clients she said: “If they really wanted to know who I am, they wouldn’t be paying me”.
    It is frase of Chealsy (Sasha Gey debute as an actress) from ”Girlfriend experience” moovie.

  48. RussianSB says:

    @Treasured – I live in Moscow, so it is easier forme 🙂 I met some people from that site they not generous but really rich guys, but my location prevent cool American SD to meet me 🙂
    Site is grate, no matter what people talk. In six month I get about 10 real proposals to meet, but loose half of them, because I like my potential number one (Tampa, Florida) very much, talk with him by the phone everyday and tell others (I am honest girl) that I already planned vacation with him. He was horrible LTR, but rich – but it was my first experience from the site – so, dosn’t count. Now my system work perfect . I use the site from time to time – it is grate web source, but more serious about local SDs. So, evrybody polite, never I recieve pen*s picture or P4P proposal. Serious people talk easily about allowance and arrangement they looking for. Guys who avoid that discussions – 100 % not going to give allowance to anybody.

  49. California SB says:

    Russian: Was it Sasha Gray? I thought it was a magazine article?

    Damn gotta meetings back to back, checking this blog makes me go thru the day easier 😛

  50. Janine says:

    @Treasured – That’s what I want to know. I’ve had a thing for Russian guys since I was 15, but they don’t seem that into me. Or I’m misinterpreting their stoicism as non-interest. Not sure. Either way, they provide me with great fantasies.

  51. Treasured says:

    And, where the heck do you meet a Russian SD? 😀 hehehe

  52. Treasured says:

    @Madridista and Russian.

    Have you ever found an amazing SD from THIS website, or did you meet them somewhere else?

  53. Madridista says:

    I never had to bring up allowance in specific terms or be the first one to do it. After talking to me all of my SDs get the idea of what my lifestyle is like and know what they are prepared to give and let me know what they expect from me. With an experienced SD that’s not a problem. At the same time once arrangement starts, you do have to let them know what you like and don’t like. They can’t read minds. Would my SD set me up with credit cards to my favorite stores if he didn’t know where I like to shop or what interests I have? Nope, the man didn’t know I was right handed until last week and we’ve known each other since June. However, you don’t need to ask for certain things if he knows it will make your life easier. A true SD will try to that, whatever making life easier for his SB means. My SD takes care of my travel arrangements when I travel without him, just because it’s a gentlemanly thing to do and got me a driver to drive me around when I told him I got hurt. He also spared me the weeks of apartment hunting in a foreign country when I told him where I was moving. I didn’t ask for those things and could have just taken it out of my allowance and was going to, but he is sweet like that and had a very traditional Russian upbringing and you could tell him he doesn’t have to do something but he will insist it’s a MAN’s job to take care of his women.
    Given my experience, I’ve never known a SD who didn’t bring it up, but I’ve never had to ask for things that would have made my life easier. I’ve just explained what’s going on in my life and they just offered, because making my life easier would mean more free time to spend with them. As you get to know each other, you get what another person would like or appreciate and do it because it would make them feel good, not just because someone has to ask. I don’t think I’d bother with a SD if he didn’t bring it up soon after a good first date, though with mine it was much sooner than that. It’s not like he’s handing you that amount before a single date, it’s just so you know what to expect and when once you both agree to see each other.

  54. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @JustATequilaSD… Always good for me. Thank you for the welcome.

    “Class status can be bought. Some choose not to buy nor acquire etiquette, ethics, or honor.”

    *chuckle* They may purchase or attain status… Thinking it envelopes them in “class”. It fails to work every time… And you are very correct. They forgot to put the “add on” in their shopping cart of life.

    @SD Guru… Oh good! You had me more than a touch worried!

    @RussianSB… Panache is made in England. Not one of the bras I own (out of all 15 bras) is made in North America. In fact 2/3rds are from England, and 1/3rd are from Italy. Panache included.

    Treasured made some lovely suggestions as well (though they do not carry my size… I’ll be going for a whole new bra wardrobe in about 12 months or so though so bring on the D-DDD range then! 😉 ).

    @Frank… Tough call. I would be more concerned with what caused the missed meet up prior. I know lives can get busy re phone calls, and and emails at times… But missed meet ups are often caused by something else. I’m sorry. I know I may be the only one who’s mind went there.

    @California SB… Sounds like you have the setup you need in place for yourself.

    As for being myself, or presenting an ideal… If I wanted to present an ideal for them I would set up a site, run an ad, and be everything they want me to be as their Courtesan. As a SB I want a touch more openness, honesty, and just enough reality so that no one is going to fall in love with an ideal. That does get messy.

    It is a personal preference. Neither your way nor mine are correct for everyone.

  55. Goldfish says:

    Hello, sugars! Getting some studying in before I have to start writing a paper.

    I do wish SDs would bring up the topic of allowance first. Say what you are prepared to do for the right girl all up front, then ask her what she wants. That gives an SB a better idea of what she can actually get without offending you, makes her realize what you won’t be doing (at least not at the beginning). But realistically it’s the SDs with the wallet, so why leave the SB to broach the subject?

  56. Janine says:

    @Cali – dayum girl. That is how it is. I’m a believer in asking for anything because 1) someone may actually give it to me, 2) how do they know I want it if I don’t ask?
    I havne’t brought up allowance with my SD because he flies me out to Southern CA from Michigan on a regular basis. That’s enough for me right now, getting out of the goddamn cold of Michigan, but maybe the next guy will need me to ask.

  57. RussianSB says:

    Crazy Russians give me allowance for me being myself. When I behave perfect and and sweet,one my old friend tells me – oh, come one, stop it, it is not real you. Poor guy – he not used to good treatment 🙂

  58. RussianSB says:

    ”Girlfriend experience” ? I love Sasha Grey in that moovie and as adult moovie actress she is my favorite.

  59. Treasured says:

    @Cali – VERY VERY true:)

  60. California SB says:

    A high priced escort once said when asked why she always played different characters for each of her clients she said: “If they really wanted to know who I am, they wouldn’t be paying me”. It took me a long time to digest this, but it is true.

  61. California SB says:

    Treasured, thank you. Stories like: “he provided without ever asking” and “we didn’t have sex for two months, yet still he bought me a car” are not true in my experience. You only get allowance when you tell them how much you want, when and how. Sex? Yes, it is a normal part of the sugar world but they were not amazing either. Lots of cheap guys but also lots of generous ones that I have been very lucky to find. I have 3 SDs and a boyfriend.; a desk job, a nice apt in a nice place that I can only afford because of my arrangements. I’ve been to five star hotels because I asked them to take me. I’ve been to NYC and Miami because I asked them as well. I am not afraid to ask and they are not afraid to give me. Why? Because they enjoy being with me and I with them. That’s how it is. Anyone who tells a different story or it’s lying or being foolish.

  62. Treasured says:

    And, by the way, I don’t think Cali is trolling 😀 She does write what most SB I came into contact in real life think/do or come across.
    Not the perfect pink world stories on here, such as “he provided without ever asking” and “we didn’t have sex for two months, yet still he bought me a car”…
    Sorry, but in REAL life I have never come across such girls… Never. It might happen, but until I see it with my own eyes – I am sceptical.
    On the other hand, SB with a boyfriend and a SD, SD changing every 3 months, juggling 3-4 SB/SD at a time, maximum allowance being 1500$ AND mostly P4P – that is a reality.

  63. California SB says:

    Treasured: “I got in 30 minutes something what simply would not get into my head”

    Another technique I used to do when I was in college was to go for a run before trying to absorb any new material. Works like a charm 🙂

  64. California SB says:

    PS Tequila: Send me an email and I can show you who I am…. up to you. Then we will see who is a troll. Show me yours and I will show you mine…

  65. California SB says:

    Tequila, dearest…. what do I do with you… cutie pie. 🙂

  66. Treasured says:

    Frank – Pick me! Pick me! I am not the “you have changed my life” girl, but at least honest 😀
    And, since Tequila teased us all and the pulled off we need a replacement for our hot fantasies 😀


  67. Treasured says:

    Just a random thought…

    Who could have ever known, that studying cell biology will be much easier while having a bath and with some Classical music on? I got in 30 minutes something what simply would not get into my head for the last 2 days 😀

  68. Frank says:

    Yes, I was thinking with my little head. no fool like an old fool!

    Sigh, looking for sb gold in the mountains of va is no easy task.

  69. JustATequilaSD says:

    @CaliSB and @Everyone
    Before everyone gets their panties going, that particular offer of CEC did not include a rodeo later. Merely a hug.( The universal symbol of no rodeo.)

    This is why I won’t let you “f my brains out.” You can’t operate on the many levels and facets that make up Tequila. I can go anywhere and use the right fork. I can have fun at a technical lecture if I had to (can be boring sometimes), and still not miss any of it. I can wear a perfectly appointed Tuxedo for martinis at functions, or denim overalls for “drankin” moonshine from someone’s secret still. To me this is the real Bond, getting whatever he wanted from any environment without looking like a pompous, haughty prick. (My secret missions usually include alcohol.)

    And a 5k or 10k profile is still not the reason that I dislike your attempt at classism. You chat up the “size 8/10 and six figure blog people” and then call them layers of fat and trailer trash losers. There’s nothing classy” or sophisticated about such immature behavior. And coming from a love-to-party-Peter-Pan-type, that should give you a clue.

    So here’s a hug, and that “good” attention that you so desperately crave. {{{{Cali}}}} Troll or not, it sounded like you needed one.

  70. California SB says:

    OMG the Baltimore hottie wrote me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. RussianSB says:

    Thank you, Treasured , I never heard about that lingerie. I love La Perla (they also make beautyful dresses), but one lingerie complect I had was not good quality.

  72. California SB says:

    Northern: I live in the RPV area.

  73. California SB says:

    Jack on allowances: “IT WAS SIMPLY NEVER DISCUSSED”

    So your SBs traveled to see you without EVER mentioning allowance???

  74. California SB says:

    Treasured: “Guys, please. tell me you are not so stupid to believe comedy like that?”
    Guys believe in anything a pretty girl says, that is why we keep getting allowances from them. 😛

    Tequila: “not good enough for you”
    Nope, not good enough for me….

    Guru: “someone we used to know in the blog”
    Why you always keep saying that? Who was that person?? Ex girlfriend who dumped and left you broken hearted or something???

  75. RussianSB says:

    🙂 (not serious)
    Here are on SA modest girls (less then 1k) and modest boys (less then 1k).
    The problem is they don’twant to date each other ! 🙂

  76. RussianSB says:

    So, I still always pick up the phone. I told before, I am very disciplined SB.
    And when gentelman offer his help to e lady he is real SD, no matter size of allowanse.
    1k per month for lonely mother can be very helpful.

  77. RussianSB says:

    @Frank, she was so busy, so busy enjoing someone else company, that cannot even text you. If you LOVE her , you can forgive her. One my ex-SD tells me: ” I don’t care if you seat on somebody pen*s just now, but you MUST pick up the phone when I call you”. 🙂

  78. RussianSB says:

    @Madridista … Brilliant ! Applause !
    ”Blame the SDs we had who started providing that.” – Absolutely true !
    Sorry, you are injured, dear, you seems to me like very active person, I think it is disaster for you to be so immobiliar 🙁

  79. Treasured says:

    @Frank – DRAMA alert! Guys, please. tell me you are not so stupid to believe comedy like that?

  80. Treasured says:

    I love La Perla and Rigby and Peller of London. Beautiful.

  81. RussianSB says:

    @CurvyCutieSB – oh, no, please, don’tbring dead horse ghost again, if you like – you can read blog archive. It will be usefull for all newbies. Now , let’s come back to bra topic.
    Nowadays everything can be shiped – when I look at Saks(Jack, I just looked at!) they offer all their prices in roubles (russian dollars). So, tell me more, please, D-cup fashion, because I stick to Escada.

  82. RussianSB says:

    Post was specially writed to my doctor Jack !

  83. RussianSB says:

    I am well disciplined girl – I manage live in the blog (I am addicted to the blog and you are my doctor who know it), I am exellent at work last time and my life full of sugar adventures. I am still looking for long-term sugar arrangement, it is true, but when I find my mr.Big I still will be blogposting a lot.
    Don’t compare me, please, with some entitled ”princess” – plenty of their profiles in SA I can see. You well traveled man and you know, that in my case half of my allowance will be spent on airplanes tickets, and I want potential SD be ready for all expenses.I am not play games here, I think serious SD and SB always fill allowance/budget line. What to negotiate here ? I know what I want from that arrangement and he knows what sum he ready to spend and what he is not ready for.
    In my previous sugar arrangement I never discuss allowance. I meet nice man,we like each other, we decide to make it long-term, he say : ”I will help you a little, my dear” and he did what he say, and not ”a little”. Simply like that. But I cannot play that game on the web, I must disscus all that details, but still prefer when man bring up the money talk first.
    And, Jack – you are perfect for golddigger, if you still think, that if woman ASK nothing from you is the same she WANT nothing of you.
    I am not ”scheeming” – I am up-front, I ask what I want and I want what I ask, and ”old sharks” always thankful to me that I am not play fake romantic game.

  84. Madridista says:

    @Janine — Come visit. I’ve lived in TX (in Austin and DFW) most of my life, so it’s a huge change and I’m still adjusting, but it’s the most free I’ve been in my entire life.

  85. RussianSB says:

    Blog so pink tonight !!! Girls chat about boys and lingerie fashion.
    Oh, I love it !!!
    He let me put his profile number here 531741. Too far away, as everybody in my case 🙂
    In Europe only Escada make nice bra for DD size.

  86. Madridista says:

    @Frank, what you should do really depends on how you feel. Do you want to give her another chance? I will admit, it’s strange to only contact you a week after your surgery. Even a quick text would show that she cares and thinks about you. Such a long pause in communicating seems a bit careless and makes it seem like it’s not a case of miscommunication and assuming the date was cancelled or something. I was also injured recently and my SD was solicitous to see that I’m recovering in comfort. The fact that you’ve been together 3 months and she claims to care, yet takes so long to see how you’re doing or simply to wish you a good recovery seems odd. Her actions seem to contradict the words in the message. If you want to give her another chance go for it, but seems like you’d be better off with another SB.

  87. Janine says:

    @Madridista – OMG, you make me want to move to Madrid.

  88. frank says:

    Dear Blog,

    I need your advice, I have been taking pain killers and not thinking so good.

    You remember when my sb of 3 months stood me up the day before my surgery and never bothered to text me. After a week she emailed me and wanted to know how I was doing and never talked about the missed date. I called her on it and she seem upset that I was upset (go figure) and wrote me this rather sweet message:

    Oh babe, I’m so sorry I was not thinking clearly at all. I’m sorry I displease you so. I will understand if you do not want to see me anymore. I’m crushed right now. I do not want to lose what we have shared together. You have showed me a whole new side of myself, and its to late to go back now. I enjoy your company as well as your body and the things you make me do. You always make every time we are together exciting and special! I do not want another. What can I do?? Anything? Or is it over just like that?

    Now what do I do? Any suggestions dear blog?

  89. Madridista says:

    @California SB, Brava! That’s my point exactly. We’re doing just fine with our system of choosing SDs, so why all the hate? Maybe not majority of SDs (on SA and IRL) can meet our requirements, but those that do have no problem with our allowances and lavish habits.

    @Jack, I can’t say I entirely disagree with your assessment, but couple points were a bit off for me. Maybe I wasn’t clear before because I’m on pain meds from pulling a hamstring in one leg and tearing a lower calf muscle in the other.
    First point. I commented on quality, not in terms of allowances, but manners and approach I guess. Few years ago, as an undergrad on this site, I’d get messages from SDs who had a REASON to join this site — not because they saw an article about it somewhere that depicted all the perks of having SBs without focusing on responsibility of SDs. Even if the offers were not what I was looking for, these pot SDs had a reason. Now you see profiles and messages from guys who say they’re just curious or “seeking”. Again, same could be said for some SBs too. Even the rude ones who are fishing around for a pro without a pro-going rate, still have a reason to troll here even if we all keep shouting til we’re red in the face that they’re on the wrong site. The point is my profile is crystal clear at what I was looking for and what my situation is and yet some people just can’t read. I’m pointed out in my profile that I can’t do weekly arrangements since I travelled out of the country every other week for Champions League and yet get messages about weekly or bi-weekly meets. I didn’t even respond to those, but that’s not even my main complaint about quality. Others nowadays just contact and say right away that they can’t meet due to distance, so why bother contacting? I’m not going to be a pen pal. Then others say that they can’t offer certain things that I wrote I was looking for and try to see if I’d accept lesser offer. Again, why do that to me and profiles like mine when there are SBs with profiles who would be more than happy to accept that and say so??? It used to be different and I’m wondering why it changed now and if the way SA is advertised has anything to do with it. I know Treasured and RussianSB said it’s just meat market and these guys are just fishing to see what bites, but there used to be much less of that on here than recently or it was just done less obviously then.

    Second point: the jet-setting players. Who cares how many of them cheat and lie as long as they hold up their end of the arrangement? Yes, they will always have a “next girl” but in my experience I have been the one “nexting’ them. Some SBs are just in the position to have better options and have access to a more affluent group of men outside of SA. When I got injured last week, I passed up a vacay with my SD and I’m pretty sure he didn’t go there alone, but that’s not my place to harangue him about it or feel hurt/disappointed. Not matter how many SBs or side pieces he has, he helped me relocate to Madrid, hired someone to buy my condo, give me my shopping allowance, and have a driver to drive me around since I can’t walk or drive much now or take public transportation (I’m walking around at a snail’s pace just to going from couch to bed). He’s a pompous womanizer, but he cares and keeps his promises. I never expect monogamy and he know that working around pro footballers I’m not exactly living a life of celibacy when he’s not around. I only see him twice a month, so who cares what he’s doing when we’re not together? I only care about having fun with him when we are together and that he holds his end of the arrangement. We have even an agreed upon exit settlement, because we both know we’re not a long-term thing. Not holding up promises or arrangements should be a deal breaker for all types of SDs (not just jet-setting ones). Lying and cheating though, who cares? We are not their wives or girlfriends. If you catch them in a lie, move on or ignore it. If not, why blame the numbers game? Powerful and affluent men have lots of options in terms of girlfriends, SBs, wives, etc. So they may always keep an eye out for the next girl, but as long as you’re it, enjoy it!

    Third point: high dollar SBs. Jack, I get what you’re saying because of your experience and if I still lived in TX and was in my uni, your offer would be enough for loan payments and all kinds of daily expenses. However, once I started spending more time in Madrid and other European capitals (and eventually moving to one), that kind of offer wouldn’t work for me. It doesn’t make a SD who can only offer that fake, but he can’t afford me because with my lifestyle here, it wouldn’t make a dent in helping me; whereas, in my undergrad days it would. Besides, like Cali, I have a penchant for designer clothes and shoes and one shopping spree in Madrid and Paris alone would be what you would offer monthly. Therefore, for SBs who got accustomed to a certain degree of lifestyle or spoiling, what some SDs offer wouldn’t work. It doesn’t make them fake, but they can’t afford us. Blame the SDs we had who started providing that. There is a saying that men can’t go back in sex and women can’t go back in lifestyle. So blame the previous SDs who didn’t got for $1500 SBs and were willing to spend much more on us. SBs are not all the same no matter how much there are per one SD. If you don’t know how to drive one, why would you want to get into a Ferrari?

    Last point is more of a question. How is having a quality SD will prevent some SBs from posting on here often? I only see mine twice a month on less busy months, is he not quality since he’s not here stopping my posts? I’m also injured, have work leave and can’t work on anything serious while I’m in pain and pain meds aren’t working, so I amuse and distract myself with this blog. It’s interesting to see what people are saying about sugar and their experiences. Come on, I just turned down what would have been a really cool date with a man of my dreams, but what can I do in such a state of health but peruse the blog?

  90. Janine says:

    @JATSD – If you ever have to visit this crap hole called Michigan, I’ll let you know there is a D&B near my house. We can go there, get drunk as fish and play whack-a-mole 😀

  91. JustATequilaSD says:

    “Since Russian SB doesn’t wear panties, we need to come up with another test for her.”
    May I suggest the pinky test I mentioned a couple topics ago? She just needs to forward her schedule to me so I’ll know where to bring the pinky.

    “Sounds like you’ve had first hand experience”
    I’m afraid to give any details of the experience for fear someone may want to punch me in the face.

  92. JustATequilaSD says:

    Since I don’t want to be your SD, I can only imagine that sending my pic would be a waste of my time. In the event that I go out to Los Angeles, I will let you know with enough advanced notice to meet me at your local chuck e cheese (where a kid can be a kid) for a legitimate game of air hockey, a stuffed bear, and a hug. If you do not find this to be suitable entertainment , you may choose to meet me at Friday’s (not Applebee’s) for exactly 2 Long Island Iced Teas (my treat), one hug, and an opportunity to rant/whine/cry for up to two hours. If this is still not good enough for you, I will advise you of my location for breakfast to allow you to “kiss my grits.” (As stated by Flo of the 70’s tv sitcom “Alice”.)

  93. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Jessie and @CaliSB
    RE: Huge Monthly Allowances
    Do I really need a rocket scientist to leave me with nail marks on my back? Or maybe an actual porn star to join me at a charity event? Or maybe I can catch me a real-live bonafide duchess that doesn’t want her royal family to know that she’s on SA. Six months go by quickly anyway, better get all you can, I guess. Business is business.(My catchphrase for today.)

  94. JustATequilaSD says:

    “It was the couch cushions I was worried about”
    Welcome to the blog. Happy to help. Was it good for you? Some days I’m a bad boy. Some days I’m just a pompous know-it-all. Enjoy and Happy blogging.

    “Class truly is not something someone one can purchase, rent, or claim.” Class status can be bought. Some choose not to buy nor acquire etiquette, ethics, or honor.

    Thank you for the compliment. Two sides to every breakup.

    When guys ask on the blog, they usually don’t want to really see it go. (Most people don’t want to bite the bullet either.) Good luck.

  95. Janine says:

    @jack – Thanks for the clarification 🙂 Now I know I’m on the right track. I was wondering when would be a good time to bring up the allowance talk with my SD, but now I’ll wait for him to bring it up.

  96. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @northernsd… You need a SB who will bring you dinner on nights like that! Just saying…

  97. northernsd says:

    Well have a great night. It is almost 1 and I am just leaving the office again without even having dinner yet.

  98. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @northernsd… I just laughed so hard I choked. Not to worry… I have spoken to many men from MN. They have sexy accents. 😉

  99. northernsd says:

    We do not recognize Fargo as being in MN. That damned Fargo movie with their over accentuated accents killed my rep in college.

  100. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @northernsd… That makes sense. I don’t feel the rivalry because I too close to Toronto.

    I have a friend who has a love hate relationship with stopping in Fargo as she drives home to Alberta though. *grin*

    • SD Guru says:

      Wow, what an active day on the blog. As long as everyone plays nice I won’t need to bring out the dead horse! :mrgreen:

      @Curvy Cutie SB
      “It is regrettable that you saw my comment about readership retention as a slight toward Jim and Kelly.”

      I should have made it clear that I quoted you in agreement with your statement. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

      “You come home, take your panties off and throw them up. If they stick to a ceiling – it is worth going for the second date”

      Since Russian SB doesn’t wear panties, we need to come up with another test for her. 😛

      “If you are looking for the flashy, high-dollar jetsetter, you are often going to get the very player you don’t like.”

      Keep doing what works for you and don’t worry about what others think. Let the SB’s ogle and chase after rich hot ones and see if they have any luck.

      “telling her she’s a clingy gold-digging bitch may not only be incorrect, but may get you punched in the face.”

      Sounds like you’ve had first hand experience? 😉

      “But the other part thinks that if it is going to eventually end bad to just bite the bullet now.”

      You just answered your own question!


      A note about California SB’s propensity to stir the pot… it’s very similar to someone we used to know in the blog who wasn’t from Cali (hint hint).

  101. northernsd says:

    I am in MN so it is a common running rivalry here. All the common jokes begin with someone from Iowa or Canada.

  102. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @northernsd… 😉 Now there is nothing wrong with being Canadian is there? I mean… What’s not to love about pretty women who enjoy snuggling to beat the cold?

  103. northernsd says:

    That explains why you said “Though I am not sure it is a matter of being a democrat, or any political affiliation specifically” Your Canadian! Just kidding!

  104. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Jack… Ontario. Near Toronto. 😉

  105. Jack says:

    Curvy, thanks for the kind sentiments–what neck of the woods are you from? I love fine coffee!

    Feel free to pop in and say hello–989322!


  106. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @northernsd… I can understand that way of thinking. Though I am not sure it is a matter of being a democrat, or any political affiliation specifically. I simply think it makes you aware of those around you… And a realistic person.

  107. northernsd says:

    I am in turn a what I think of a pure democrat (politics hasn’t been brought up tonight so another dead horse) I truly believe that even though I worked for everything I have at some point in some shape or another it has been by the backs of others and nobody has anymore entitlement than the other.

  108. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Jessie… Thank goodness! It’s so hard to fit in. *kidding sort of*

    @northernsd… I know the type very well. Honestly… Those who truly might have been “entitled” to have a sense of “entitlement” often don’t have to push the issue quite so much. Class truly is not something someone one can purchase, rent, or claim.

  109. northernsd says:

    I think that can follow certain (not to be named) successful
    SB’s as well.

  110. northernsd says:

    @ Curvy Cutie SB
    That is definitely a true view. I work with a lot of “old money” I always get a dirty feeling when I have to deal with these types. But this definitely doesn’t just follow them. A lot of new money guys take it as a right of passage as well.

  111. Jessie says:

    @Curvy – Hahaha…Opinionated? Girl, you’ve found your home…lol

  112. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Jessie… I have read more than a few of them. *chuckle* I wanted to get a feel for the place.

  113. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @northernsd… When I think of entitlement it is more geared toward those who feel that because they came from some place in life they are entitled to not have to make an effort. Just a perspective issue. It applies to both situations I suppose.

    @Jessie… Open season can be a dangerous thing. I tend to be opinionated. It’s not my fault… I swear! 😉

  114. Jessie says:

    @Curvy – If you want to read something that’s been discussed already though, Guru is very good at posting links. The earlier blogs make for VERY interesting reading if you have the time ;).

  115. Jessie says:

    @Curvy – You’re correct, I did mean to say polyamory. It’s open season on all topics, regardless of what the blog topic says, so just start the ball-a-rolling on ANYTHING you’d like to discuss; you find it won’t take too long to get a response ;).

    @Content – Can’t believe I missed Stormcat…lol Wonder what he’s up to.

  116. northernsd says:

    @ Curvy Cutie SB
    Entitlement? Reread what Jack said. At least to me that is the point he is getting across. (and one I firmly agree with)

  117. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Jessie… I am totally up for discussions on polyamoury (polygamy is illegal, and complicated but polyamoury can be wicked sexy). STD’s can be an interesting discussion in any context… Entitlement?

    See… It may be flogging a dead horse for those who are regulars around these parts but newbies like me might have fun throwing it in for a round or two.

  118. ContentSB says:

    @Jessie — Hahaha and of course we can’t forget Stormy’s continual NSA vs. Love/Commitment in the sugar bowl dilemma 😉

  119. Jessie says:

    @Content – Couldn’t help myself…LOL. I love how it didn’t take NSD two secs to get out his “stick.”

    @Curvy – There is NOTHING regular about this blog…LOL. Well, except the inhumane need some of us have to continually flog that poor dead creature. Now if we could only get LASD to talk about his fave (Entitlement), or STDs, and DaddyGT (Polygamy), we’ll be set for the rest of the year ;).

  120. northernsd says:

    To swing this back to my off topic problem. I think what I am going to do is try to meet early for our date Thursday and just tell her what I am thinking. (point blank) As we have a trip scheduled for next week I have a feeling she is going to see my side somewhat readily. (in reality probably not a good thing)

  121. ContentSB says:

    @Jessie — Crap! Look what you started!! Hahaha!

    @NorthernSD — Oh boy….heeeerrrreeee we go. @Guru, get your dead horse icon ready, please 🙂

  122. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Jack… it’s a shame you’re not in my neck of the woods. I’d have invited you to coffee.

    @Jessie… There is a P4P regular diatribe as well? That could be interesting.

  123. Jessie says:

    @northernsd – Hahaha. In the absence of VAGent your posts will work just fine…lol.

  124. northernsd says:

    What exactly is considered P4P? In the end isn’t it all?

  125. Jessie says:

    @Content – I think we should just send up a signal to VAGent and get the P4P one started as well…lol

  126. Jack says:

    Thanks to all for their kind comments about my “War and Peace” post.

    A few direct responses to questions asked and comments made:
    Janine said and my response (ALL-CAPS):

    “But in defense of some of the more “high dollar” SB, or even one who isn’t high dollar, but looking for a little spice in life, shouldn’t a woman here expect more than dinner at Applebee’s (or similar analogy)?”


    “I mean, I could take myself there even on my meager budget. I and many other woman came here to see snippets of a life that we’ll probably never live. What’s wrong for asking for something a bit more special than what we could do for ourselves? Or are you mostly touching on allowance/financial aspect only?”




    Jessie said:

    “@Jack – Every time I read your posts I wonder if you wouldn’t have “better” luck or at least the same stories on Miss Travel as you do on SA. The ladies you tend to meet are not looking for a SD relationship”


    , and they travel to you KNOWING there is no allowance.


    Sounds like they just want a mini-vacation, a change of pace from their regular routine, and you want an eventual marriage,


    and in the meantime a “life-long” friend. I can’t see the comparison between the blog SBs you mentioned, and these ladies who you’re meeting,


    who already decides before they even meet you, that they’re okay not having a short/long-term relationship, and a meal and a nice trip is all that is desired.


    Just doesn’t sound like ladies looking for a SD.



    And Curvy Cutie said:

    @Jack… First question is have you been to Denny’s lately and did they have the Middle Earth’s Dinner menu going on? Hobbit Hole Breakfast. *grin* (I go twice a year tops but darned if they don’t have food that tastes good and if I have to choose between that, and McDonalds. No choice needed… Not being fussy… But my body wouldn’t tolerate the second choice.


    Reading your post (thank you for having a longer post then mine btw)… Made me recall a conversation with my first SD ever.

    He told me that any man who truly values me will never require that I place a price tag on myself.


    He will always take my needs into consideration and do his best to help me meet those needs, and if the circumstances allow it exceed them as well.


    He started more as a mentor and just started “helping” one day. Which led to a modest allowance, etc. which was topped off with shopping from time to time, dinners, weekends away, etc.


    My allowance was just that… It was to be getting together once or twice a week, and often we’d grab a meal any where up to 6 times a week. We were, and are friends first and foremost.

    I never asked for a thing and was given the world..


    Unfortunately from what I am reading he was unique… Your words, and thoughts you have expressed remind me of him. thank you for that.



  127. ContentSB says:

    @Jessie — Very true. I don’t think this blog would exist if we didn’t keep beating the rotation of dead horses :p

  128. northernsd says:

    What part of CA are you in?

  129. California SB says:

    Northen: I think Fridays makes the best long islands!!!

  130. Jessie says:

    @Content – Yeah, I kinda get it. Except Jack is no different from the blog SBs that he writes about…he has already decided that ANY SB who dares to put $3,000 or more in her profile is more interested in HIS money, so he will NEVER even agree to meet her. Cool!! I love that. No different from the blog SBs who refuse to meet anyone who doesn’t have the allowance she’s aiming for. I guess I just don’t get why the PSA every few weeks/months. We all want what we want, and most people seem to be getting it, so what’s not to love?

  131. northernsd says:

    But Applebee’s makes the best Long Islands.

  132. ContentSB says:

    Re: Jack’s novel: Jessie you’re probably right that Miss Travel might be better suited for him.

    In general, I like the underlying message of his post. The high rolling SD may not be a quality guy, whereas a lower income SD might be able to provide an adequate, not extravagant allowance, for a longer period of time with added friendship and emotional support. I think he’s merely suggesting that some women might have better luck if they reconsider what they think to be a solid SD.

  133. California SB says:

    Tequila: “I would like to see her happy.”

    Adorable. I AM happy. 🙂 Send me a pic,Teq. I want to see what you look like:
    californiadreaming1 at ymail.

  134. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Treasured… GD IT! Now I want Sushi.


    My SD’s always seem to be meat and potato kinda guys. Nothing wrong with it but thinking it is time to go for Sushi.

    @California SB… Ok… I think I have been to an Applebee’s once (Canadian here)… Maybe. I am now wondering what’s up with it and may have to go.

  135. California SB says:

    I seriously need a life…I’m tellin’ ya….

  136. California SB says:

    Northern: People pick on me because I speak the truth and some people feel they need to defend themselves from the things I say. The truth hurts. I say over and over again I do not sympathize with cheap SDs. If you’re cheap, there will always be cheaper, dumber and uglier for ya. Any lady with a drop of sophistication in their genes, won’t go to an Applebees with an old guy. EVER. And yes I am speaking for myself. Over and over again. I’m sure after this blog session no one will look at an applebees the same way ever again. Hahah….

  137. Treasured says:

    I like to be taken somewhere with MY wishes in mind:D For example if a person knows I like sushi, please, DON’T take me to Mc’Donalds:D

    Jack – welcome back 🙂

  138. northernsd says:

    Your right everyone does pick on you. Why is that?

  139. Jessie says:

    @Jack – Every time I read your posts I wonder if you wouldn’t have “better” luck or at least the same stories on Miss Travel as you do on SA. The ladies you tend to meet are not looking for a SD relationship, and they travel to you KNOWING there is no allowance. Sounds like they just want a mini-vacation, a change of pace from their regular routine, and you want an eventual marriage, and in the meantime a “life-long” friend. I can’t see the comparison between the blog SBs you mentioned, and these ladies who you’re meeting, who already decides before they even meet you, that they’re okay not having a short/long-term relationship, and a meal and a nice trip is all that is desired. Just doesn’t sound like ladies looking for a SD.

  140. ContentSB says:

    @Jack — +1 to everything you said! You nailed it completely.

    @Tequila — I’m really becoming a fan of your (to stay) or (to go) posts 🙂

  141. California SB says:

    I don’t need a website to find men to take me to Applebee’s …. hell I don’t need men period to take me to a five star restaurant either; I can afford it myself thank you very much. So, if you cheapsters love taking your cheapo ladies to it, be my guest. If you like Denny’s…. hey your problem isn’t it.

    I do have high standards and guess what…. it has been working for me very well. I rather love my collection of bags and shoes and love seeing my student loans decreasing thanks to sugar daddies. What is right for me it is not right for your ‘dez-cartes’ sugar. But give me a tall, handsome and sexy men… I’ll go to a dive bar for drinks with him. But if you ain’t tall and handsome my friend….. ha… gotta afford the Ritz Carlton. Pretty and smart girls never lose guys… we NEVER lose. 🙂

  142. northernsd says:

    A large part of me wants her to stay as compatible wise we are great. But the other part thinks that if it is going to eventually end bad to just bite the bullet now.

  143. Janine says:

    @Jack – Very interesting analysis. I love to hear what’s on an SDs mind and your post answered a lot of questions. Thanks for the incite.

    But in defense of some of the more “high dollar” SB, or even one who isn’t high dollar, but looking for a little spice in life, shouldn’t a woman here expect more than dinner at Applebee’s (or similar analogy)?

    I mean, I could take myself there even on my meager budget. I and many other woman came here to see snippets of a life that we’ll probably never live. What’s wrong for asking for something a bit more special than what we could do for ourselves? Or are you mostly touching on allowance/financial aspect only?

  144. northernsd says:

    Honestly I don’t have the answer for that.

  145. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @northern… You can play it two ways… Honest, or an excuse. If she is financially needy and attached then she likely won’t just fade into the background if you cut off contact so you are going to have to deal with it.

    Hopefully the others will have advice on how to do that… I always simply got a month or two’s notice that life was changing… But I have always been in longer term Sugar relationships.

  146. JustATequilaSD says:

    If you want her to

    (to stay) If you like her tell her you want to take things slow. Then cut back on the money first and see what happens. Problem may solve itself depending on type of person she is.

    (to go) Telling her you don’t think it’s going to work out, even though she’s a great person won’t be easy, and may break her heart. But telling her she’s a clingy gold-digging bitch may not only be incorrect, but may get you punched in the face.

  147. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @JustATequilaSD… It was the couch cushions I was worried about and Bob Hoskins didn’t deter me because I recall a lover who had similar features and he had mad skills. 😉

    @Tina… If not D&B then Playdium might (It’s rather awesome for the slightly older children and adults there). I am such a junkie for those types of places… And that game sounds very fun!

    @Jack… First question is have you been to Denny’s lately and did they have the Middle Earth’s Dinner menu going on? Hobbit Hole Breakfast. *grin* (I go twice a year tops but darned if they don’t have food that tastes good and if I have to choose between that, and McDonalds. No choice needed… Not being fussy… But my body wouldn’t tolerate the second choice. 😉

    Reading your post (thank you for having a longer post then mine btw)… Made me recall a conversation with my first SD ever.

    He told me that any man who truly values me will never require that I place a price tag on myself. He will always take my needs into consideration and do his best to help me meet those needs, and if the circumstances allow it exceed them as well.

    He started more as a mentor and just started “helping” one day. Which led to a modest allowance, etc. which was topped off with shopping from time to time, dinners, weekends away, etc.

    My allowance was just that… It was to be getting together once or twice a week, and often we’d grab a meal any where up to 6 times a week. We were, and are friends first and foremost. I never asked for a thing and was given the world..

    Unfortunately from what I am reading he was unique… Your words, and thoughts you have expressed remind me of him. thank you for that.

  148. Tina says:

    @northernsd: is it attachment, or rather neediness? She sounds slightly high maintenance. The reason I would call her needy as opposed to attached is that her primary drive seems to be the money, not necessarily an emotional drive. But I’m not helping your case, just curious:)

  149. northernsd says:

    if I had to choose I would say the attachment. I really do like her but she is moving way to fast and I think part of it is her greed driving her. (financially she is a train wreck)

  150. Tina says:

    @Tequila: I think the question is more of can YOU go for longer than 8 seconds?

  151. JustATequilaSD says:

    Good form man. Quickly becoming my blog hero…says the Tequila to Gentleman Jack. I don’t know if Cali will be able to change her m.o. just yet. I believe she’s taking a sampling and plotting the results on a graph. But I would like to see her happy.

    As long as you can ride beyond the 8 second limit you see on tv, that sounds like a TASTY idea 😀

  152. Tina says:

    @northernsd: which part is worse for you – the attachment or the greed?

  153. northernsd says:

    Off topic but I need some advise on breaking off with my current SB. Its only been a little over a couple of months but she is seemingly getting a little too attached and I hate to say it too greedy.

  154. Tina says:

    @Tequila: yes, I do have a way with my tongue. Maybe that’s the prize at the end of the rodeo 😉

  155. Tina says:

    @Jack: can you hear my applause from Austin? 🙂

  156. JustATequilaSD says:

    You have such a way with your tongue…I mean your mouth…I mean your words. O_O Um..nevermind.

    re: snow game
    I think I’ve played that game. 🙂 I didn’t get as excited about it, it was just “ok” for me, but I have heard good reports from other ladies.

  157. Jack says:

    Hi everybody,

    Costa Rica was awesome, and if I knew how to post a pic here, I would post a pic of me rappelling down a waterfall (never heard of doing that, but it was totally fun, though ass-freezing).

    WARNING: Long post–even by my standards of verbosity. But I hope those who brave this read will find some meat here.

    I am now going to post on a topic I have been thinking about for some time, and which–very atypically for me–may well piss off some of the ladies here. I have mixed feelings about making this posting (hence, my antecedent indecision as to whether to even post on this topic) because I like my posts to make people think, and when people are pissed, they don’t become “thinkers” (like “I think, therefore, I am” Rene Des-car-tez! LOL) but rather they become defensive and the effort in posting the message is wasted. But I am stupid enough to try it anyway, so here goes.

    The central thesis of my post is directed at the frequent lamentations by various ladies on this blog regarding the poor “quality” of the SD’s and how difficult it is (or has become, depending on the poster) to find “quality” SD’s. And although the posters I am talking about have tried to deny it, IMO, a careful reading of their posts shows that these ladies correlate “quality” with some version of “wealthy-and-generous.”

    CalifSB has elevated this imagined correlation to an art form (and this is not a compliment) such that–by CaliSB’s royal decree–if an SD dares to take an SB to Applebee’s, he represents “the bottom of the sugar world.” According to CaliSB, NOTHING else needs to be known about the SD–other than his choice of restaurant and his apparently limited billfold–to declare him the “bottom of the barrell.” HOW GROSS. (BTW, one of my girls’ absolute favorite breakfast places–and mine, I might add–is Denny’s!).

    Let me suggest that to some extent, you ladies are selecting for “poor quality” by selecting for “someone who can afford you.” As ILWCG and Treasured have pointed out (and I believe Russian SB may have, as well), being an SD on this site has a corrupting influence that converts “these SD”s” into untrustworthy players. Sadly, Treasured has been so soured by this issue that she has lost hope in men in general. I agree with ILWCG and Treasured–with one GIGANTIC exception–which is that I believe their observation (SA leads to corrupted unreliable player SD’s) probably characterizes primarily the high-dollar SD’s that THEY are selecting for.

    Let me use an example I am familiar with–me. I started here by doing two high-dollar trial arrangements, and their comments to me are quite reminiscent of the ones I have read on this blog (eg, how dare an SD offer me less than $5000 allowance–given my obviously stupendous quality? can you believe this SD wanted me to fly out to see him in this resort [an awesome one], with airline tickets bought and all expenses paid, but wasn’t willing to send me a couple of thousand dollars up front [sight unseen!] so I could get ready for the trip? etc). And if you want more comments like this, just read some of the blog comments above.

    What kind of SD’s do you think those kinds of comments are selecting for? The very same “low-quality” SD’s that are being criticized above. The unreliable players. The ones who say they will do something, but then flake because, guess what, they found somebody else that day that was more desirable to them (at least at that moment) and who also selected them on the key that defines them–their money. Shallow SD behavior–of course–but commensurate with the equally shallow selection criterion of whether the SD is wealthy and generous. The player high-dollar SD thinks–why should I care about her if all she cares about is my money? And unfortunately, this turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy on both sides that results in generally very short-term, high-dollar, lacking-in-substance, disappointing connections.

    Hardly a surprise.

    Hence, CalifSB’s gross comment that–regardless of ANY other attributes that an imaginary SD may have–the fact that he invites an SB to Applebee’s marks him as a denizen of the bottom of the proverbial barrell.

    Well, I think the saying is that “you reap what you sow.” If you are looking for the flashy, high-dollar jetsetter, you are often going to get the very player you don’t like. The one whose promises mean nothing, and who has his eye on the next girl before he has even gotten to know you. And contrary to what some ego-inflated SB’s might think, there is ALWAYS a “next girl” for the high-dollar jettsetting player just as is true in the sports world which Madridista has described so often and so well. Although those athletes don’t need to dispense sugar to “get the girl,” they are precisely like the high-dollar jet-setting player SD I have decribed.

    And most often, with this high-dollar-key-selection-criterion, you are not even going to get the high-dollar player–most often, you are going to get nothing at all. Case in point–beautiful and smart Treasured and Russian SB (and I mean those compliments sincerely)wouldn’t be posting as much here as they do if they had the “quality” SD they seek.

    So where has this analysis left me? With the following conclusions:

    Although CaliSB will undoubtedly denigrate my limit, I have decided not to pursue exploring a sugar relationship with a woman who is asking for more than $3000/month (equal to a $50K annual salary). This has nothing to do with lack of generosity. When I was married, my wife spent well over $50K/month and I couldn’t care less, that is, until I had a perfect storm of business setbacks, and I had to put her on just a $10K/month budget–and then SHE couldn’t care less (about the budget, that is), which led to our divorce. When I was an ER doc, I had the dubious distinction of being the doc who gave away the most free care of any of the ER docs in our group–and when I gave away free care, I didn’t get paid either.

    Instead, my rule is built on the concept that if a woman wants more than the median salary in the US to hang out with me, I’m not interested. Who I am as a person is a much more important attribute of mine than my billfold. I read EVERY profile before I write, I ALWAYS keep my promises, I treat EVERYONE with respect, the way I would like to be treated, I go out of my way to help people, and if my money is more important than these character traits, then our match ain’t gonna be made in heaven.

    I would have no problem–once I got to know and like the SB–to exceed this limit, but not upfront. I believe this limit selects for the women who like me more than my billfold, and if I miss out on some ladies who think I am “cheap” “not generous” or a “fake SD” or an “ASD” (Applebee’s SD), then so be it.

    This new search criterion (adopted since my high-dollar trials yielded less-than-desirable outcomes) has lead to some very cool and interesting experiences.

    For example, two women flew out to meet me in my Nevada ranch on two different weekends. One is a beautiful and bright, Armenian-Russian, software engineer making six figures in the San Francisco Bay Area and the other was a beautiful real estate investor with a penchant for scuba diving, flying and motorcycle racing, and strangely enough, a net worth of $5 million. Had a great time with both, although both knew in advance an arrangement couldn’t happen because they are in Calif and I am in Houston.

    Although I obviously picked up the airline tickets and all expenses, neither would accept money or a shopping trip or anything else of value. The software engineer finally broke down on the last day and allowed me to give her $100 to give to her daughter toward a purchase her daughter wanted to make.

    I am sure I will see both ladies–whom I consider my friends–in the future. And what a stark contrast to the two high-dollar trial arrangements I did ealier this year (not to mention the experience with the high-dollar ex-wife).

    These ladies resulted from the selection mechanism i describe above, and I believe that if some of the SB bloggers here amended their search criteria, they might actually find some of the nice-guy SD’s they seem to think do not exist here.

    Repeated apologies for the long post.


  158. Tina says:

    @Curvy: the game is a blast! You choose a cool character, then try to knock other people off their rides while racing……it’s pretty dang fun! The last time I was a very long armed gorilla a la Planet of the Apes that threw snowballs and kicked……it was AWESOME!

  159. Tina says:

    @Tequila: if your rodeo is a good as you make it sound, I’ll provide the carnival food and games with just the boots on! YEEEEEHAW! 😉

  160. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Tina… Never saw that one at the Toronto one. Though it’s been a while since I went. Last time I went I won enough to earn a handful of things including a frosted glass chess set. That is the only thing I still have. *grin*

    I think the game is more fun then the prizes if we have that game. I totally need to check that out!

  161. JustATequilaSD says:

    So I made the blog wet then since they were already horny 😉
    (I even tried to throw Bob Hoskins on em to calm em down, but they were still coming for more.)

    Are you gonna wear the just the boots for the rodeo?? Then can we ride the snowmobile? Then whackamole and more rodeo?

    re: CEC
    Well put.

  162. Tina says:

    @Curvy: the Dave and Buster’s here has (had?) this game where you rode a snowmobile that vibrated…..brrrRRRRRRRRrrRRRrRRRrrr…..


  163. Tina says:

    So, Tequila, when ya coming over for that hair pulling / rodeo sex??????

    Dang you! You went and made the blog horny! Oh, wait, we were there already…….neeeeeevermind…….

    General comment re: CEC et all: Last I checked, sugar was about a NSA relationship, with an allowance / extras, and that the version of sugar varies from situation to situation. Sometimes, you need a break from your “real” life with an extravagant shopping trip, travel, event but sometimes you want to have something special for your “real” life, especially if you have kids. The value of the gesture depends on the people involved.

  164. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @JustATequilaSD… Dave & Busters! Now you are talking! That I love… Daughter loves that type of place as well. CEC just kind of sucks up here. Smaller, less games, etc.

  165. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    What about 608898 or… 724315 and 518793 have potential.

  166. JustATequilaSD says:

    Well, I guess the trailer park sb’s w/3 kids will have to enjoy the rodeo after CEC. Who knows, maybe if she can find a babysitter we can even go to Applebee’s. Business is business, right?

    My kids love Chuck E. Cheese…not for the food but for the fun. And I know PLENTY of extremely hot conversational soccer moms that would love to go to CEC.(You need to go because you’re still young enough to be silly when you’re not being a debbie.) I went to Showbiz Pizza when I was little, and had a blast. My kids can RUN WILD in CEC, and break out of the well-mannered mold expected of them. Personally, without the kids, I like to go to Dave and Busters sometimes when I’m in a city that has one. I’M ALWAYS DOWN FOR WHACKAMOLE!!! Doesn’t mean I dont like lobster, but I don’t go there for the lobster. Two of my best buds are accomplished artists, and when we’re together we act like kids (and I drink like a fish.) Pomp and circumstance is fine and dandy, and I can’t wait to take my kids to their first opera. Oh, my little boy in his first tux will be Baby Bond. They will all learn what daddy knows: work hard, play hard, dominate, conquer, party, and love hard.

  167. California SB says:

    and another… damn 1014931

  168. California SB says:

    Another handsome alert: 1227202

  169. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    Panache is the most amazing set of lines for larger breasts.

    Masquerade is all sophistication D – H.
    Superbra will go from D – KK in some styles.
    Cleo is all flirty and fun in a D – J.
    The swimwear is designed for breasts D – K.
    The sports bra section is uber comfy and B – H.

    The superbra has saved me a world of trauma with custom bras no longer being my world. From balconnet, to plunge… They go from a 28 band to a 40 band (with the 28, 30 and 40 being in select styles only.) *purr*

    The best part is once you KNOW your size with them… You can go to ebay.co.uk, plug in the company, and your size and find a plethora new with tags. In the UK they are 25-60$. Here in North America the same one is up to 185$. *chuckle*

  170. Janine says:

    I find that stores like Ann Taylor, Talbots, ect. have sixes that are true, no vanity sizes there. I usually wear CK, Talbots, and vintage.

    I’ve never heard of Panache before but I’ll look them up. Custom bras get expensive.

  171. California SB says:

    Talking about sizes, when I got to H&M, I’m a size 6, Forever 21 I’m a size 4, New York & Company I’m a size 2 and at Ann Taylor, a size 0…. go figure….

  172. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Treasured… I was horrified. I love being curvy… No problem with it but have been working on “me” and that totally went against everything I am doing. *shudder*

    Interesting about the 4-6 being an 8-10… Yes US sizes are a bit different. As a Canadian I tend to shop both ways of sizing but never give standard sizing much thought.

    I have to have all jackets tailored, suits and business clothing is a given as well. Dresses need to suit me specifically… I am just not an off the rack kind of girl. I’m tall and well the nickname says the rest.Thank goodness Panache exists to take up where Victoria’s Secret leaves off, and tailors love altering clothing for me. *grin*

    I still go with British Standard Sizing for bra’s though. The US sizes are too varied and I end up with bras I cannot wear.

    If you are a 34D… Are you familiar with Panache? I am always surprised how many are not. They are my go to for it all.

  173. Janine says:

    @Treasured, Really?! Shit. I need to find a gym quick. I’m a 6/8. I used to be a 2/4 but got tired of not really enjoying food (food is my first love). So I guess it’s time for me to get back on the body routine.
    But I need exercise anyway, a 6/8 for me is average. I look good, but defo looked better as a 2/4. I just don’t want to lose my boobs. I grew these DDs myself, and don’t want to replace them with plastic bags just yet!

  174. Treasured says:

    Sorry, 4-6 USA. 8-10 UK.

  175. Treasured says:

    Curvy – those are called “feeders”. Yuk!

    But, totally agree with the Cali. And in Europe it is crazy! I’m size 4-6 UK, 34D boobs, flat stomach and very proportionate. And I listed myself as “slim”. Yet, a few European SDs mentioned that I’m not slim at all. I’m average and actually would do with losing some weight. Here SD are obsessed with girls being thin. Oh well… Can’t cater for everybody:D

  176. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @California SB… tell that to the one I had to decline because his goal was to “feed” me and make me “apple” shaped. *shudder*

    *crosses her arms over her lack of a belly and hourglass figure and hides from men like that*

  177. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Janine… I love having an older SD who can focus on the important parts of life as well.

    Not so sure about a guy my own age though. I tried that once or twice. I found that my SB time had taught me more, and put me in a different place mentally and emotionally. I was light years ahead of them (maybe just my luck)…

    I don’t know that I am suited to emotionally paper training someone in the game of life. *sigh* “I love you”… “I can’t live without you”… “No one makes me feel the way you do”… “Can’t you just move in with me and marry me?!”… “Can you meet my parents?”…

    I promise… It was just incredible sex with fantastic chemistry. We couldn’t even discuss the same topics unless I carried the whole evening and pretended to be interested in the same things.

    This isn’t to say two people need to be 100% matched but some cross over is a nice thing.

  178. California SB says:

    Curvy: Men do love curves but they do not like layers of fat. They just don’t.

  179. Janine says:

    @Curvy – I see that a lot in younger guys profiles. Younger guys are still finding their place and have to work a lot to get stability in their field. Which is why my SD is 24 years my senior. He’s stable in his career and can focus on other things (me). I love that he has time for us to make something special, not marriage or a serious relationship. But sometimes I wish I had a guy my age. I think…

  180. ContentSB says:

    I’m clearly the odd one out here, but I liked the article! Yes, it was an incredibly easy read, but it’s also Playboy which people obviously read for the in-depth thought-provoking articles…

    I thought the article had entertainment value, and although sugar couples aren’t common, the basic elements of most standard sugar relationships were presented well. Plus, I found the three of them to be very likable in their own unique ways.

    Haters gonna hate though, right? :p

  181. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @ California SB… Desperate, clingy and frumpy might be more accurate.

    There are some incredibly beautiful plus size women in the world, and thin is not synonymous with beautiful.

  182. Treasured says:

    Curvy – feel free to make an introduction:) I am craving Tequila after his little statement, so I’m definitely in need of a good lover:D

  183. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Janine… 573059 looks interesting. Though as much as I hate to admit it. I am now a “mature” SB type so 31 kind of makes me a bit nervous about how it would feel for me.

    I get what you mean about being on your A-Game. Honestly I find that type of situation never lasts.

    Ideally… I want someone I can laugh out loud with… Until tears stream down my cheeks, and my cheeks hurt. And not have to worry if my hair gets damp in the shower for two. I want someone who I can sit and admire the stars with… Where the silence isn’t painful. I want someone who knows when I need retail therapy to decompress. I want someone who doesn’t need to ask me “how much” every time I turn around because they need to “keep it in perspective”…

    I don’t tend to find any of those with men under the age of 40. I never have. Maybe it is just me… But that is what I have found.

  184. California SB says:

    Janine: I think hot guys come to SA because on the ‘regular’ dating sites girls are desperate, clingy and obese. SA girls are prettier, thinner and open to NSA relationships.

  185. Janine says:

    @CaliforniaSB – he’s hot as ever, but he can get a girlfriend on OKCupid. This site is about finding sugar, too, right?

    @Curvy Cutie SB – I would message him, but I feel like I’d have to be on my A-game all the time. I’m kind of intimidated by him, and a man hasn’t intimidated me since I was 17!

    Also, get a load of this hottie (573059). Super good looking and seems down to earth.

  186. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Janine I just cracked up out loud.

    So far it looks like most in my area are looking for Per Diem encounters.

    Why not message 1093038? Can’t hurt can it? Then again I would rather travel to Cali too.

  187. northernsd says:

    definitely the quote of the day(week)
    “How do you tell if you had a great date with a guy? You come home, take your panties off and throw them up. If they stick to a ceiling – it is worth going for the second date”

  188. Janine says:

    Also, this guy (1093038) lives in the city next to mine, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t give me a second look!

    I hope he’s a nice guy. I wish I was a model so I could get a young SD! Too bad most of the SDs in my area are old and fat. I have to travel far to be with my SD. But travel to California isn’t so bad during cold Michigan winters 😀

  189. California SB says:

    Janine…..Tall, handsome and hot like he is…. who cares about allowances!!!

  190. Janine says:

    I thought we came to the conclusion that this guy (269005) was a dud, telling women he doesn’t give allowances because he would treat them like a girlfriend…

  191. California SB says:

    I think I am in love with 269005. I’m moving to Baltimore… LOL

  192. California SB says:

    Any man who loves to play soccer, loves to cook and stand up comedy…. AND it’s tall and handsome… phew no allowance required. ahaha

  193. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @SD Guru … It is regrettable that you saw my comment about readership retention as a slight toward Jim and Kelly. I truly did not intend it to be so, and hope that you will take the time to read exactly what I wrote once again. I simply commented upon the reading comprehension levels in most major magazines.

    Please take the next piece of information I am going to share as it is intended… Not as a critique. You brought up the 50 Shades trilogy… Are you aware that romance novels are typically written at a Grade 5 reading level? Using an example of something intended to be an entertaining, titillating, “light read” while taking offence on the behalf of those featured in the article because I commented that the writing is geared to a lower reading comprehension level for the point of entertainment as all major magazines are… Shows me that you truly didn’t notice my comments about the lifestyle, or Kelly coaching Jodie. I spent far more time and key strokes on those two points. Kelly is doing what I use to do… When I was younger, had a multitude of SD’s and wasn’t re-entering the scene. I use to mentor other young women… It is a wonderful thing and Kelly really showed me that this never changed. I am glad of it.

    @RussianSB… I have lucked out with my own “hot Kelly” only once. In the 6 years I spent as a SB previously it was few and far between.

    @Phoneguy… I chuckled over your line about waiting for the movie. I am waiting for the erotic novel. 😉 I am often pouty because it is so hard to find one where the man has more salt then pepper in his hair, and the knowledge and wisdom that will leave me breathless in anticipation. The lesbianism on the side was just the icing I prefer on my cupcakes!

    As for re-thinking your car… A Rolls is only a good idea if you have a way to protect the seats. One might imagine it would tend to get a bit moist from the levels of excitement. 😀

    @Goldfish… Thank you for pointing that out. I personally didn’t comment upon her intellect at all because I had a similar thought. She’s a SB who is being mentored… And likely learned her pronunciation from her educators while at her post secondary facilities.

    @Madridista… I truly hope there are still a handful of lovely SD’s here. I never used the site in the past as I had a 1 way ticket to being in the ‘right place at the right time” when it came to meeting lovely SD’s. So far I seem to be weeding out those who would be better suited to reading ads on escort review forums, but there do seem to be a few who have promise. Crossing my fingers here because quite frankly… If they are going to try to treat ME like an escort they are going to find themselves getting quoted a Courtesans rates. *naughty grin*

    @JustATequilaSD… As someone who has had multiple SD’s at the $1.5k/month, or even 1 SD at $5k/month. I want to say you make very valid points. There is always room for a $1.5k allowance. I would rather have one or two $1.5k allowances that last for 2-3 years like my past $1.5k ones did. The $5k/month one petered out at about 8 months in.

    Oh and… I am still FRIENDS with my two $1.5k gentlemen. Just not their SB anymore. Well… Not really. I simply get a new dress every now and again so they play Santa now. *bats her eyelashes playfully*

    FYI… Have a child and mine would rather I had the spare cash to take her to a fancy dinner… Just the two of us on a weekly basis. Chuck E Cheese was a novelty that worked a total of twice… When she was 4. *sigh* She has been a steak, lobster, and fine dining aficionado since she was 14 months old. I think the gents best start saving now. :p

    @Treasured… Of course wealthy people count money. How do you think they became wealthy. 😉

    Oh and… What are you doing raiding my fantasies? I had a very similar one, with the exact same sentence being the trigger. 😀 I don’t aim for the ceiling though. I just wring them out. 😉

    I SERIOUSLY need to find you a SD like my previous ones though. Bad to average lovers? If I wasn’t cumming… They were NOT staying. Sugar is nice but I like it with spice.

    Oh and… For the ladies:
    1093038 – cute if you like them younger, and musically inclined.
    411472 – Artistic and intelligent… Not entirely sure of potential but sometimes you just want someone who’s mind will rock your socks.
    1069770 – Reasonably tall, dark and pretty handsome.

    All three are most likely geographically not suited to me. *pout*

  194. California SB says:

    Treasured…. he is a dream isn’t he? 🙂

  195. Treasured says:

    @Cali – Mmmm…. Double hotness alert 😀

  196. California SB says:

    I emailed him my cell number anyways I doubt he will call tho…

  197. California SB says:

    My type is more like this 269005. Too bad he is soooooooooooooooooooo far away. He is a total catch…..

  198. Treasured says:

    Ladies. Attention. WOW. Hotness alert 😀 1263580

  199. California SB says:

    Awww Frank so sweet. Marylin was everything we sugar babies wish we were. I wish I was like her … I keep trying to work on the fragile insecure part though. 😛

    Marylin’s best quote ever:

    ““I don’t mind living in a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it.”

  200. Frank says:

    Marilyn was a sexy, fragile, sometimes insecure but smart sex symbol. Furthest thing from a bimbo

  201. Madridista says:

    California SB, if that was a movie, it would have to be one of those multi-year running sagas, but definitely no Chuck E Cheese 🙂

  202. California SB says:

    Madridista: “politician in Latvia”

    Now THAT’S a movie I want to see…. 🙂 ( no chuckie cheese here see Tequila?)

  203. California SB says:

    Kim Kardashian= bimbo
    Charlize Theron = prettiest woman alive
    Marylin = goddess

  204. Madridista says:

    Ooh, sex and sugar! My current SD is okay, no rodeo fucking or hair pulling either. Kind of vanilla sex and only twice a day when we’re together. He doesn’t even like when I try to role play in my french maid outfit. My best ever was this one politician in Latvia. He had this way of making you want him so bad. He was just sex on a stick! I think I developed a sexual obsession for him: I wanted all the time and everywhere (and my GPA even dipped a bit that semester). It was the most adventurous and passionate experience of my life. I wonder if I will ever experience passion like that again.

  205. RussianSB says:

    I am not sharing… but I am lucky last time to pick perfect boys… none of them from the site 🙂

  206. California SB says:

    Trans Emily: Marylin Monroe was such a bimbo!

    No, sorry she was not, no one talks bad about Marylin unless you can back it up, which I hardly believe you can, dear. I love Marylin and always will. xoxo

  207. Janine says:

    RussianSB – Those older gents need to be shared. I’d love to have a skilled lover for once n my life. Well, besides the ones that require batteries, lol. SEND ME ONE OR FIVE!

  208. California SB says:

    Treasured: “most of the SDs I have been with were bad to average”

    Indeed…. no SD has ever pulled my hair while rodeo fucked me til I couldn’t walk…let’s put it that way.

  209. California SB says:

    Tequila …. I know you love me but chuckie cheese…. you’re pushing it!

  210. Treasured says:

    PS: And yes, I did fake them being desirable. I can make the mentioned Bob Hoskins to feel like he is Mr. Universe – I am good at what I do after all…
    And, by the way, most of the SDs I have been with were bad to average lovers (they, of course, don’t think that 😀 )
    What about other girls? Is it just me or is it in general?

  211. Treasured says:

    I think being a skilled lover does not depend on age, race, experience… On anything, really. My two best lovers were 26 y.o. boy and 52 y.o. man.
    But for me to actually to get into a “prove you I am good in bed” situation I have do desire a person at the first place. I don’t know about you, but most SD are far from being desirable. Unfortunate but truth. At least for me. But, of course, I am picky…

  212. RussianSB says:

    @Tresured ”I am not talking about your average middle aged ”
    hands off my middleaged SDs (40-50y.o.) they are skilled lovers.
    VERY skilled . No more comments.
    PS. I am not wearing any panties when date them. No strange lines under my perfect tailored dress.

  213. Transgendered Emily says:

    Marylin Monroe was such a bimbo! She was horrible. She seemed mentally retarded in the movies she appeared in.
    You know, she and I were born on the very same day, June 1st, fifty years apart in North Hollywood/Los Angeles. I’m glad that’s the only thing we have in common.
    By the way, if there are any men in the Massachusetts area who are interested in getting to know a girl like me, send me an e-mail. Mwah, or as Marylin would put it: Boop Boopity Boop!

  214. Goldfish says:

    Haha Treasured! Hilarious imagery, but I might have just come from a date that made me feel that way, though I didn’t do the panty test. 😉

    Hopefully I see him again in the not-so-distant future. It would at least put to rest some cravings…

  215. Treasured says:

    @Tequila – THAT was simply cruel 😀


  216. JustATequilaSD says:

    I won’t be casting Cali in the movie, since I try not to work with “divas”, but I do have someone in mind for the rodeo scene.

    “Now I have an image of Tequila, who looks like Daniel Craig in my fantasy”
    Before you head up to your room, dim the lights, and lock the door, see if Bob Hoskins gets you going like that. Oops, did I ruin the moment?

  217. Treasured says:

    The problem is not the lack of time (and I am pretty busy), but the lack of a suitable man 😀

    I am not talking about your average middle aged SD…

    I guess I want it all 😀

  218. RussianSB says:

    @Tresured, you said nothing criminal. My sexual life suffering when I consentrated on work, but when I have free time – adult adventures start ! You have different reason for celibate ??

  219. Treasured says:

    @Russian – Exactly 😀 Meat market 😀 LOL

    Sorry, didn’t quite get the “you work too much last time I guess”… And I am not even blonde anymore. Hehehe

    As for the sex life in general… How do you tell if you had a great date with a guy? You come home, take your panties off and throw them up. If they stick to a ceiling – it is worth going for the second date 😀 Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened in a while 😀 LOOOL
    (I didn’t just say that, didn’t I?)


  220. RussianSB says:

    If meeting is not a possibility in the near future, why contact me and discuss arrangements and basics if that’s not even a remote possibility? – to try the waters, to know the market price from you and goto the next pot SB with that proposal 🙂
    Pity about your sexual life… with such lips , made for kissing … you work too much last time I guess.

  221. Treasured says:

    @Tequila – funnily enough no one ever tried that with me 😀
    I think guys always knew that they would be left to do the dishes 😀

    • SD Guru says:

      “and then took you home and pulled your hair while I rodeo fucked you til you couldn’t walk…” – JATSD

      When is the movie coming out?

      “The main criteria is good body, beauty, brain, no addictions… Want it or not, but it is a meat market. And no one I know will pay three times as much for the same piece of meat.” – Treasured

      Blunt but true!

  222. Madridista says:

    @Treasured — Ditto to the generosity part. That’s what I meant by quality though. Maybe I wasn’t clear because my pain meds didn’t kick in this evening (I’m completely couch ridden), but the overall quality of SDs on here keeps dropping inversely with publicity. Before I may not have gotten as much messages as I do now, but a lot of them were very good pot SDs. Now the number of messages increases daily, but so much fakes and time wasters. I was chatting with one very good pot for a few days and then he says something like he wished I lived closer so he’d be able to meet me (mind you, this was back when I was in TX and he lived about 3 hours from me). If meeting is not a possibility in the near future, why contact me and discuss arrangements and basics if that’s not even a remote possibility? Real SDs don’t waste anyone’s time like that and actually read profiles. Why contact if there’s something in profile that’s a dealbreaker, whether it’s the distance, allowance requirement, age, etc? Not to show my age, but it wasn’t like that before there was a blitzkrieg of publicity about SA and how easy it is for men to be SDs.

  223. Treasured says:

    I am officially in sex starvation 😀 The only sentence I could comprehend from Tequila’s monologue was “I rodeo fucked you til you couldn’t walk”

    Now I have an image of Tequila, who looks like Daniel Craig in my fantasy, but mind you, with dark hair, doing all sorts of dirty things with me 😀

    And yes, you can be extremely open minded, yet very selective at the same time 😀

    Somebody? Anybody?


  224. JustATequilaSD says:

    The 70% guy was probably not a bad guy. he didn’t even try the “you’re my gf and I forgot my wallet trick?”

    Tequila is 40.

  225. Phoneguy says:

    I’ll buy the muzzle if you can get it on her. 😉

  226. JustATequilaSD says:

    Unfortunately, we’re not just talking about quality, it’s the evolution of all things. It’s still a numbers game. Spammers and robots will talk EVERYONE. Lovesick heartbroken SD’s may also talk to EVERYONE. Doesn’t mean he’s not a quality sd, maybe just not at the moment. They both rely big numbers, because what he’s looking for is rare on a site like this. He figures if you read his profile you’ll see you’ve been waiting your whole life for him. But we know he’s clueless.

  227. JustATequilaSD says:


    Cali, if she wants to go to Applebee’s or Chuck E. Cheese, sure. Different ppl have different wants and needs. As an SD, I like seeing the smile on people’s faces. Do you need a smile? Or maybe a hug? Aw, do I detect a bit of jealousy and overcompensation? You only wish that I took you to Chuck E.Cheese, ate pizza and cotton candy, played the games, got some of those tickets, won you a big stuffed teddy bear, treated you like you weren’t trailer trash, and then took you home and pulled your hair while I rodeo fucked you til you couldn’t walk. And then actually didn’t poof the next day. So, I guess it’s all a matter of what you perspective. I also like Ruth’s Chris’ Steak House, so maybe you could get out of the trailer or Lord and Taylor long enough to enjoy life and ALL it has to offer. This lifestyle is about choices, not just elitism.

  228. California SB says:

    Tequila… if you were out dancing in the 90s… you can’t be older than 42 ish, am I right?

  229. Treasured says:

    To all sugars – A rich man does not necessary means he is a generous man. Remember it! I have met guys, who spent 70% of their income on me, and at the restaurant used to treat me to anything I want, while having just a glass of wine (as he “ate” earlier). Mind you, those were normal boyfriends…
    And, I have met millionaires, who thought that spending anything more than the cost of cup of coffee on me at the first date is way too much.

    And, keep in mind… Even wealthy people count money. Why would someone spend 5000$ on a SB, when he can get the same for 1500$?
    Remember, those guys are not looking for the future wife. The main criteria is good body, beauty, brain, no addictions. Exactly in that order. Amazing sex and never having a headache goes without saying. Want it or not, but it is a meat market. And no one I know will pay three times as much for the same piece of meat.

  230. California SB says:

    Goldfish: I’m here at work reading this blog on my Galaxy and it makes me wonder what the heck am I doing on SA. But then I read your post “some guys on SA need a good knock on their head”. It made me smile and think; yes, they do deserve a good knock on their head with my Prada peep toe pump!

  231. Madridista says:

    @JustATequilaSD, ok I never said that any SDs are defined by their income level (and I never even brought up any allowance amounts, so I don’t know where you’re getting that from). I know it’s a numbers game and I never said anyone needed to be a 7 figure man to be a SD. Reading between the lines is not good when you start reading things that aren’t there. My point wasn’t about money, but quality. By quality I mean SDs that would keep their end of arrangements, not flake, know why they’re here and what arrangement they are looking for and have a reading comprehension level that allows them to assess from my profile what kind of SD I’m looking for and whether or not they should even bother contacting me.

    Few years ago, someone looks at a profile and if it’s not for them, they move on. Now it’s like no one even reads, much less comprehends what they read. I’m very clear in my profile what I’m looking for (or was looking for) and yet I’d get all these messages from SDs that really don’t read anything. Example, two very young college guys said in their profile they are looking for a weekly get together and said how much they’d offer. Yet, in my profile I mentioned right away that I can’t do weekly get togethers since I used to go abroad for work every other week and more so now. Why contact me if you know I don’t fit an arrangement someone is looking for? Also, for some people $200 a week (what they offered) may be a lot ( as it does to the Chuck E Cheese and Applebee’s girl in your example), but I’m clear in my profile that I have an expensive taste and am spending half of my time in world’s most expensive cities, so that money to me wouldn’t even make a dent in meeting my requirements. It used to be that SDs that can’t meet that arrangement wouldn’t contact me, now you see a slew of messages like that and when you go on their profile and see that their expectations or requirements are much different from yours, why bother even contacting and wasting their time? Manners used to matter. It was easy to find stories on arrangements ending or going sour, but not so many as recent stories of flakes and fakes.

    Again, my point was not so much about money (6 or 7 figures don’t predict generosity, I get it, I’ve experienced it). It was presenting things to potential SD in a cheap and taudry way where all the guys that read it will be “I can afford a nice dinner and some trinkets, maybe I should be a SD?” My issue was with attracting guys who are only thinking about being SDs after reading an article to attract them to it (like those $200 a week college boys). Not because anything in their life brought them to seek such an arrangement IRL and on the internet.

  232. JustATequilaSD says:

    As holidays approach, I also give thanks to have known those ppl that aren’t with us. Grandparents are just so freaking awesome. Today, I also think of my friend from 3rd grade that I grew up with. The nights we used to hit the clubs (you could drink at 18 back then), and we’d dance all night taking over the dance floor. In the 90’s that’s just the way it was. C+C Music Factory’s Gonna Make You Sweat, Black Box’s Everybody Everybody, Snap’s I Got the Power and Rhythm Is a Dancer, Real McCoy’s Another Night, and let’s not forget everything that lead into the Techno/House/Rave movement.

    I miss my loved ones that have passed. Ah, time to make more memories. 😀

  233. Goldfish says:

    The article isn’t going to change the qualities of SDs here. A better article or a worse article, the men are here, and there’s nothing to be done about it.

    If most SBs accept less, most guys will give less.

    At the same time, SDs need to show some respect to the women they date. I know this will never apply to the men that comment on this blog, but some guys on SA need a good knock on their head.

  234. California SB says:

    Tequila: “If she’s got a few kids, Chuck E. Cheese once a week will make her think this man is a saint sd.”

    I see you have been hanging out with uneducated trailer park moms too often it seems…. Chuck E. Cheese? Really? REALLY?? Oh, god this is the bottom of the sugar world right there…..

  235. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila – you are keystone of logic tower !
    man offering 1k is a SD and man offering 10k is a SD . Different SDs are here and different SBs are here. Still if man is serious about arrengement I cannot call him a low quality SD.
    A lot of fake SDs – that the problem, and I also recieve some letters last month from 20 years old fakes, but in real life we also meet people who lie to us about their serious intentions, sugar or non-sugar. I just screen fakes in real life same in my web life (and use for that the same methods).

  236. California SB says:

    OMG Tequila is the type of guy who takes his babes for stake at applebees. Aren’t you Teq….

  237. California SB says:

    Tequila: “Business is business”

    I don’t conduct business over lavish dinners at Applebees sorry….

  238. California SB says:

    Russian: “girls, leave the editorial part”

    The minute you stop caring about proper English in press articles…. then might as well stop education in this country. Why bother then?

  239. JustATequilaSD says:

    “This is true if you are a trailer-park-trash-desperate-loser….”
    My smarmy lil sister, if only I could get a muzzle or filter for your mouth. The 6 figure guys will make up a much larger demographic of the guys that you and most of the other sb’s actually meet and greet. You have an annoying habit of biting the hand that feeds you (figuratively.) You like money far too much to do that, why offend them. Business is business, right?

    SD’s aren’t defined by their income or allowance level. They are defined by what they do with it. Your preference is to live more lavishly, but for the girl that busts her ass 60 hrs a week just to eke out a living, Applebee’s once a week from a guy that actually gives a shit about her isn’t fake. If she’s got a few kids, Chuck E. Cheese once a week will make her think this man is a saint sd.

  240. RussianSB says:

    No, I am not offended, and in Russian edition it will be better. I mean, girls, leave the editorial part ! They know better how to sell things, sex always sells good. I have feeling that a lot of people have lack of reading comprehention nowadays (every second e-mail here, and text messeges from my rich boyfriends and beautyful girlfriends ). Maybe it is better to adopt just like EVERYTHING 🙂

  241. JustATequilaSD says:

    @CaliSB and @Madrista
    re: Quality
    Once again, marketing is a numbers game. You don’t really think the ONLY guys paying for membership are 7 figure guys? If they catered only to getting millionaires to join, sb’s would REALLY have slim pickings then. (Even the “seeking millionaire” site lets 6 fig annuals in.)

    Also, there are a comparatively ALOT more 6 figure than 7 figure guys available. We’re talking volume. That means that you sb’s that don’t mind hanging out with a couple $1500 allowance types can still have the lifestyle provided by a $3k guy. And some women don’t even need that much each month. In more rural areas, the cost of living is much lower, and a $1.5k allowance is more than some get paid at a full time job.

    And who’s to say that “millionaire” is going to specifically give you 5k per month. Or keep you for longer than 2 weeks. Or not email you some stupid corny pickup line. More money doesn’t make you instantly perfect, but it does make more people take notice.

    The Website’s promo equation:
    Less people = less participation = less sd’s = less sb’s = BAD

  242. Madridista says:

    @CaliSB, I agree and that’s why some of this publicity is annoying because when it’s poorly done and presented in a cheap way, it may attract more cheapskate guys as paying members, but they are not SDs, especially if they think Applebee’s or whatever is the height of generosity. I’ve been messaged by some boys barely in their 20s and they select lowest income braket, so how can they afford to be real SDs? They can’t, but you didn’t see those kind of profiles few years ago. At least, I didn’t.

  243. RussianSB says:

    leftover cash left from sixnumbers sugar 🙂
    About quality of proposals – it change with crisis (just as they write in the article) .
    Real life sugar proposals change , SA just reflection of economics.

  244. Madridista says:

    @RussianSB, our gripes and complaints of yesterday about the publishing world and Playboy, in particular, were not aimed at non-native speakers of English, such as yourself. So please don’t take offense, it wasn’t aimed at you or other non-native speakers of English. It was aimed at the publishing world getting lazy about quality, even resource-rich publication like Playboy (which produces better quality articles in Russia and Latvia). It was just some general thoughts that CaliSB, Janine, and I shared about the quality of writing itself in such an iconic publication like Playboy (which sounded more like an article for lesser quality mag) not the topic of the article per se — it wasn’t meant to offend anyone who is a non-native English speaker for whom it would have been more easier to get the meaning of the text this way. I don’t see how critiquing quality of something conflicts with sugar lifestyle and I agree that the article doesn’t conflict with sugar. Everyone’s arrangements are different and here on the blog those differences are very welcomed and accepted (by most bloggers).

  245. California SB says:

    Madridista: “the quality is just not what it used to be”

    When playboy magazine starts preaching that all you need to win a SB’s attention is some leftover cash for a lavish dinner …. (which some would consider a stake at applebees a lavish dinner), yeah…. trailer park trash central starts signing up to be SDs….

  246. California SB says:

    “Now you just have to make six figures and have enough left over for a lavish dinner and a weekend trip.”

    This is true if you are a trailer-park-trash-desperate-loser….

  247. RussianSB says:

    Now I will just send the article to them 🙂
    Yes, 5k per month
    Yes, he is married
    Yes, not forever, not that ”special woman, or soul mate”
    and not one night stand – 6 month is normal
    Yes, she have pijamas and personal possesions in his house
    Yes, six-numbers income, to have young happy girl arround

    Beautyful article… beautyful ! Informative, detailed, true, entertaining.

  248. RussianSB says:

    I am that someone who write such a stupid thing, Madridista. With my level of English language – article looks just fine for me. BTW sometimes I am get e-mails from pots from US and UK written in even worse English then mine. I am surprised why to discuss style of the articles or pictures chosen for the blog topics (as I notice in previous blogs) if the most important is sense and meaning of the text (at least for me it is important). The article doesn’t conflict with sugar lifestyle, but sometimes SA members do conflict. So, maybe the easy style – the better for them , to explane ?
    So many times here I was called an ”escort” when I start (in very soft and polite ways, believe me) to bring up allowance topic with people who not going to give any allowance to anybody never, that some messege need to be formed while such people sign to that site or at homepage.

  249. Madridista says:

    Nothing about the article is “killing” those of us who didn’t like it. I don’t know why someone wrote that. Most of us found the story of Jim, Hot Kelly and Jodie very entertaining, especially me since I’ve never had an arrangement like that and don’t know anyone who had a sugar couple. In regards to the quality, we’ll have to agree to disagree because I freelance for an online version of a Spanish sports magazine and know what it is to write for mass audience and don’t have weeks or months of deadlines, such as Guru mentioned (more like few hours after the game is over to just tot submit it). Playboy could just make stylistic changes to make it more professional like the author actually had a long deadline to complete it and not mere 20 min. I’ve seen articles in Latvian and Russian Playboys and they are more professional, like US Playboy used to be, I suppose.

    To change the subject, I know in site’s business interests attracting more SDs is more profitable, but the site was much better before barrage of articles and TV spots about it started. The quality went down with quantity it seems. I only came to this site few years ago when a friend told me about it. During my undergrad years, I’ve met some great SDs on here. Now I have better luck with quality SDs outside of this site, just IRL. Granted, my life situation has changed and I have opportunities that allow me to be around men I could only dream about before, but the downturn in quality on the site is shocking at times and I feel like future SBs will have slimmer and slimmer pickings. Look at the kind of message Treasured posted that she recently received. Yes, we all received some cheesy messages, but who would take that seriously enough to respond? Most SBs would just laugh and delete it. They’re clearly aren’t real SDs in the the truest sense of the word, but heard about it and curiosity prompted them to see what they could get from girls here (kind of like that fake sugar daddy blog someone mentioned a long time ago of guys bragging of being fake SDs). The more stories and message exerts I read from others, the more indicative it seems that as this site gets more publicity in the mainstream, the lower the SD quality. One SD that I was corresponding with last summer mentioned the same about SBs. Did anyone notice that or is it just me? Hey, I’m picky as hell, but even I used to find amazing SDs on here. Now I’m glad I don’t have to depend on the site for them, because the quality is just not what it used to be or maybe my past and current SDs just spoiled me?

  250. RussianSB says:

    @Phoneguy, thank you … I know 1000 bills exist before, but 500 – never heard about. FRS did stop it and now poor Russian oligarhs need to deal with 100 $ bills …(sigh)…
    still in Russia so many dollars running, more cash than in States 🙂 States don’t use cash much anymore – everything tied to Visa etc. while in Russia we still do use cash a lot.

  251. Phoneguy says:

    The $500 bill features William McKinley on it and hasn’t been made since 1934. You can find them at coin shows and shops.

    Although they are still technically legal tender in the United States, high-denomination bills were officially discontinued on July 14, 1969, by the Federal Reserve System.

  252. RussianSB says:

    I mean people can be confused while reading wine labels – don’t be , you are not alone.
    I can read perfectly (French at scool) – but have no idea what inside the bottle most of the time 🙂
    But never do mix some metal spoon in glass of champagne – please, it is a crime !

  253. RussianSB says:

    Goldfish absolutely RIGHT ! If you didn’t learn french spelling – you doomed make mistakes reading wine labels. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    I am looking now at Helmut Newton picture
    (Hands and dollars, Monte-Carlo, 1986) and notice 500 $ bill.
    Tell me, my American friends, such bills exist ? I never see one 🙂

  254. Goldfish says:

    Meh, I still enjoyed the article for its entertainment value. This wasn’t an investigative piece on SA (at least not to me) but a portrait of three people involved in one sugar relationship and how it came about, which is an interesting dynamic. Kelly and Jim seem like great people who are generous to the right girl.

    And I know many of you are knocking this girl’s intellect, but honestly, you can’t expect everyone to pronounce all foreign names correctly. I’ve heard some affluent men butcher wine names, dish titles, designer names, etc. That certainly doesn’t take away from Jodie’s drive who insisted on studying when most would probably be enticed into other things.

  255. Treasured says:

    @Phoneguy – Brilliant 😀 I decided not to comment on the whole thing as it smells yuky. But, you have put into words what I was thinking re all three topics 😀

    And “In the past, you had to be quite wealthy,” he says. “Now you just have to make six figures and have enough left over for a lavish dinner and a weekend trip.” is EXACTLY what 99% of the so called SDs think.
    But, then again – most girls are not looking for much else.
    Makes life that much more difficult for me 😀 hehehehehe

  256. Treasured says:

    Off topic but I JUST HAD to share.

    Another HIDEOUS chat up line I received. I think this one has beaten even “Mc’Gorgeous”.

    “You’re like my little toe, because I’m going to bang you on every piece of furniture in my home.x”

    REALLY???? You think THAT should impress a girl??? 😀


  257. Phoneguy says:

    Where are SBs finding these generous SDs? The ones I get are all too cheap for Jimmy Choo & Prada shopping sprees. How do people get 5000+ per month SDs? And why are there so may per per session SDs? SBs aren’t escorts!
    @NewSB, No one wants to read a story about about an SB who is given a $1500/month allowance. Even if it were typical, it’s not sexy enough. Why is there so much P4P? One reason is because there are too many girls on this site who aren’t mature, committed and consistent enough to warrant an allowance. Another is that some SDs are risk averse and want to know what they are going to get for their investment.

    Flyr, thank you for speaking up. A cougar couple supporting an intellectually challenged blonde teenager is not really the prominent example of sugar relationships….
    @CSB, Oh it was a wonderful example, full of all kinds of salaciousness: threesomes, lesbianism, decadence, jet-setting, cheating/swinging?, a young girl with a man old enough to be her father (grandfather?). I can’t wait for the movie! 😉

    But it will attract ppl to the site. Marketing is a numbers game. Maybe you can glean some insight from the article that will help sharpen your SD-ness.
    @JATSD, what it reminded me was that my car isn’t just a utilitarian item used to get me from point A to point B. Maybe I should get a Rolls. 😉

    My favorite quote from the article:
    “In the past, you had to be quite wealthy,” he says. “Now you just have to make six figures and have enough left over for a lavish dinner and a weekend trip.”

  258. RussianSB says:

    My apologies to our hosts, but there are dozens of SB’s here who could have better represented the wonderful elements of sugar in a classy, sophisticated way.

    Aaaayyyyy…. Where are you, dozens SB and SD who so eager to share their STORY ???
    Thank you, Jim, Kelly and Jodie for grate story ! It is just one story, nobody tells that it is typical Sugar arrangement. For me it is typical – I see that exactly situation around but without ”hot Kelly” involved. So, story is real, true and typical sugar arrangement with explanation the idea, the terms and the lenth of sugar arrangement . That is killing you, people, I am sure, not grammar.
    Playboy Russian edition is highly professional, so I will wait Russian SD newbies !
    I am very exited, because SA don’t advertise in Russia at all. I find SA trough ”sugardaddy” web search.

  259. JustATequilaSD says:

    **even if**

  260. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    I found the article to be interesting entertainment. Primarily because it presented a dynamic I am most familiar with in the swinger lifestyle vs the SD/SB lifestyle, and I felt it was an interesting twist. I am aware this can exist within the SD/SB realm but to date I have seen less of this particular dynamic, and more “existing SB & SD combination welcomes additional SB”. I also found it was poignantly timed considering the comments on a previous article about having someone to take to a swingers club.

    I do wish there was a slightly higher reading comprehension level… Then again who am I to hope for that particular attribute. I am not the intended audience for whom the article is written.

    Reality is… Most major magazines are written to entice the largest audience, while ensuring the largest readership retention.

    I did have a bit of a chuckle while reading the article… “Kelly” coaching “Jodie” in the finer arts related to dining etiquette was something I could relate to. Approximately 8 years ago I spent an evening speaking with a young woman over dinner. I coached her on a number of points, and to this day I know she still recalls our dinner. Thankfully she knew how to consume her meal with grace, but I was able to impart wisdom I had gained through my own time as a SB, etc. So this evening the opportunity to read about Kelly who was essentially partaking in the same experience allowed me to realize that some things truly never change.

    @flyr I do understand where you are coming from. I also understand that in marketing it is truly the titillation of the masses. Both sides of the equation have merit in the world of marketing… Yet maybe the simplistic presentation will peak the interest of someone who will become a wonderful SD in years to come.

    One can hope… Can’t they?

  261. JustATequilaSD says:

    It was written with a very easy flow, in a piece-meal interview style, and with maximum audience in mind. It will do exactly what it was designed to do…increase our ranks and fill coffers. It wasn’t written for us. Brandon knows we’ll still be here on this blog even the parties and topics go off kilter.

  262. Madridista says:

    @JustATequilaSD, I think you misunderstand what we were disliking about this article. Yes, Playboy was a good choice for it and it brings a different dimension to sugar relationships versus the regular established SD and his younger SB. No one here expected this piece to be a Pulitzer winning achievement, but holy crap! I’ve never seen such a limited word choice in all of my life and wouldn’t have guessed this person ever written anything beyond a text message. It’s Playboy, but still, I’ve read better stuff on fan fiction sites. It just sounded like the author was barely literate. Doesn’t Playboy have enough resources to hire someone with a modicum of writing ability, so that a piece like that can present a lifestyle as enticing and alluring to someone who’s curious about an arrangement like that and not like a bad porno plot?

  263. JustATequilaSD says:

    But it will attract ppl to the site. Marketing is a numbers game. Maybe you can glean some insight from the article that will help sharpen your SD-ness.

  264. frank says:

    Been out of town for a few days, and trying to catch up on the blog. Don’t want to spend time on reading this article after reading the luke warm reviews, but it does sound like the ideal SA situation, everyone getting what they need and what they were promised. Not like some of the sb relationships I have had recently.

    • SD Guru says:

      Re: The Article
      “Reality is… Most major magazines are written to entice the largest audience, while ensuring the largest readership retention.” – Curvy Cutie SB

      Perhaps I’m biased since I know the principals involved, but I’ll interject here with some thoughts. Most of you panned 50 Shades when it was discussed in the blog, but 60M+ copies can’t be that bad. Despite the perception that the author is incompetent, I can assure you a lot of work went into this article and it was months in the making.

      Whether you like the article or not I think it will serve its purpose to attract more potential SD’s and SB’s to the site, which should be good for all of us in the sugar world. This article sure beats the usual media coverage which always focus on the sex for money angle and ignore the mutually benefical and mentoring aspects.

      Kudos to “Jim” and “Kelly” for sharing their story with the world. Having known “Jim” for a long time it’s good to see that he has found a way to keep everyone happy including himself!

  265. JustATequilaSD says:

    This article is just another slice of reality ladies and gentlemen. This is part of the lifestyle. (And yes, I read the whole thing.)

    The article allows someone that isn’t in the lifestyle to get a taste of everything. This is the perfect promo group in some respects. Jim’s a diamond, with a self-made story. Kelly’s a college educated former sb that later became really serious with her sd and then became a sugarmama as part of a couple that took on an sb named Jodie. And Jodie is a college student trying to balance studies and sugar life which includes keeping it a secret from everyone. This article also allows you a look at the screening, mentoring, and selection process from all 3 standpoints.

    And introducing the article with “fucking 2 hot blondes” makes sure the rest of that 4 page article will get read by plenty of horny playboy readers. (Made me think of calling up a hottie I know. She’s well overdue for me to come by.)

    Cut it up all you want, but this seems to be one of the better promo articles, and playboy is a good place for this article. (Which I’ll be glad to further share my insight on this if anyone would like.) Glad it wasn’t in the New York Times or W. Post. No one looks to “fuck 2 hot blondes” in those periodicals anymore.

  266. JustATequilaSD says:

    I already have the key to unlock them. I carry it with me everywhere I go. I merely try to figure out why I unlocked the ones I did, and how best to deny bad little girls use of my key. 😀

  267. California SB says:

    Flyr, thank you for speaking up. A cougar couple supporting an intellectually challenged blonde teenager is not really the prominent example of sugar relationships….

  268. flyr says:

    It pains me that so much of the promotional writing from SA is like a Boone’s Farm late April Pinot, lacking in maturity, taste, complexity and sophistication.

    My apologies to our hosts, but there are dozens of SB’s here who could have better represented the wonderful elements of sugar in a classy, sophisticated way.

    My hat’s off to the SA folks in that they have created a killer economic model but I fear that they are unaware of the damage they do. As owners they have the right to do what they want to do, but it pains me to think of the potential results.

    I do not have a good feel for the number, but I assume that the % of regular threesomes is less than 20%.

    There are so many women (and men) who have benefited from these relationships which has freed single mothers from the wolf at the door landlord, expanded their social horizons etc. There are also a significant number of students who have finished their masters and Phd programs with both the financial and personal support. Likewise there are many SD’s who have benefited from the relationships. It’s mutually beneficial on a vastly larger scale than the simplistic presentations.

  269. Madridista says:

    @CaliSB, “fuck” seems to be the only verb Playboy went with. Couldn’t they at least disperse another verb in between for stylistic reasons? Also, they seem to only use the verb “to say” every time they quote someone. Don’t people also respond, reply, answer, etc?

  270. Madridista says:

    @CaliforniaSB, I don’t know if I could be an editor though. I’m more of a historical fiction writer with some European & Russian politics and football (soccer) free lance articles on a side when my day job allows it. I’m still in the research phase of my novel writing, so I’m a long, long way from being (what I would consider) a real writer. To think that some wonderful poets and writers have already written their great works and died before they even reached my age. Makes me look kind of lazy in comparison.

  271. Tina says:

    @Treasured: oh you naughty girl! *spank spank*

  272. California SB says:

    “This is the fate of a man with two hot blondes who are definitely going to fuck him”

    I know this is playboy but… couldn’t the writer find a better verb other than “fuck”? We say ‘fuck’ on sex blogs, not in articles in major magazines. Downhill playboy… downhill..

  273. Madridista says:

    @Janine, sorry you had to go through that. I wish there were much tougher consequences for plagiarizers.
    I also find the concept of sugar couple and SB interesting. I cannot do it (I’m an attention hog with what my SD calls “typical Russian woman moods”, so having another woman in an arrangement would be an attention issue for me and big drama for him), so I’m wondering about the experience of people who had or have this kind of arrangement.

  274. California SB says:

    Madridista & Janine:

    I am not qualified to judge anyone’s writing cuzz mine sux LOL but it I can definitely spot bad writing when I see one…. and not matter what, playboy or The New Yorker…. it is just really sad to see how many unqualified editors get these jobs. If I were you guys, I would write free articles for small newspapers and start from there. Start building your resume little by little. At least when you get published, you get more credibility when applying for a “real” editor’s job.

  275. NewSB says:

    Where are SBs finding these generous SDs? The ones I get are all too cheap for Jimmy Choo & Prada shopping sprees. How do people get 5000+ per month SDs? And why are there so may per per session SDs? SBs aren’t escorts!

  276. Janine says:

    @Madridista, so true! It’s why I abandoned journalism. After so long I couldn’t tolerate calling editors to let them know someone plagiarized my hard work without giving me so much as an apology. And then I see articles like this. Not that Playboy is known for its articles these days.
    But I do LOVE that fact that they interviewed a couple with their sugar baby. That’s interesting.

  277. Madridista says:

    @CaliforniaSB — As a former TA at my uni, you’d be surprised at how many college students would pronounce Descartes the same way. Sad. I agree though, the article is poorly written and as an aspiring writer it is so disheartening for me to see so many similar articles get published and praised, while true talent has to go through a form of hazing before seeing the light of day.

  278. California SB says:

    Wish there were naked Marylin pic for us to take a peek tho 😛

  279. California SB says:

    I don’t which one is worse…. a college student who can’t pronounce the name of the philosopher she is studying; or the the poor written article in a major publication.

  280. California SB says:

    “She has a philosophy final tomorrow on Meditations of René Descartes, which she pronounces Dez-car-tez.”

    I don’t know if I laugh or if I cry…..

  281. RussianSB says:

    “Young and hot or old and wealthy,” Kelly explains. “I mean, really, there’s no in-between.”

    Brilliant ! Cool article.
    Boys, work hard and one day you will have such life 🙂

  282. Treasured says:

    @Tina – Mmm… Now THAT is an interesting concept 😀

  283. RussianSB says:

    It is grate, that article about SA in Playboy. An ideal tandem. Thank you, Brandon. Favorite site and legendary magazine 🙂 One girl I know ( not my friend ) met her husbant at Playboy party . What can be more sugar 🙂

  284. Goldfish says:

    I enjoyed the read. I suppose it shed light on an aspect of sugar life that I haven’t really explored.
    And the SD/SB story arc has been so repeated that it’s nice to see a change.

  285. NancySB/LA says:

    Very long and boring article with cliche and uneventful characters.
    Who ever wrote this article has failed to capture the spirit of the SB/SD experience. No pulse at all..

  286. Tina says:

    Right behind ya Treasured! 😉

  287. Treasured says:

    First! 😀

  288. Angela says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!