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The Top Sugar Daddy Misconceptions
  • Posted Nov 30, 2012


It’s safe to say that our community has witnessed the media’s scathing perception of the “sugar lifestyle.” Often humorous and slightly absurd (to say the least), these myths never fail to give me a good laugh. From the “prostitution” and “pimp” claims, to the assumed, “grandpa going after your daughter,” it is understandable that Sugar Daddies are often perceived wrongly by the general public.

Here are some of the more notable myths that should be taken like a grain of salt. Or in this case, sugar.

1. “Sugar Daddies are just old men looking to date younger girls.”

This couldn’t be more wrong. Sugar Daddies range from young entrepreneurs in their 30s, to successful CEO’s in their 50s. Like any other dating website, SeekingArrangement.com offers a wide range of wealthy and generous men from varying demographics. This common misconception stems from the fact that the average Sugar Daddy is an older man that earns more than 6-figures a year. And men often reach this socio-economic plateau in the middle of their lives. After all, how many ridiculously wealthy 20 year old’s do you know (Besides the founders of Facebook)?

2. “Sugar Daddies only pay women to have sex.”

Wrong again. While sex can occur in a sugar relationship, it should never define the lifestyle. Sugar Daddies often seek companions because they lead busy work-schedules. Others simply enjoy surrounding themselves with beautiful, vibrant muses. It really depends on what the Sugar Daddy wants—to each his own.

3. “Sugar Daddies pay women as a last resort.”

Sugar Daddies don’t just choose any woman. Nurturing and supporting a Sugar Baby is never an impulsive decision. Contrary to the public perception, it is actually the women that outnumber the men: 10 to 1. Creating a mutually beneficial relationship takes time, just like any other relationship. Rules must always be set first, and the rest will follow with time.

4. “Sugar Daddies objectify and demean women by involving money.”

Ask any Sugar Baby—do they feel more or less respected if they are taken care of? A man who takes care of expenses, showers a woman with gifts, and constantly pampers her is often appreciated, not rejected. As a man, it is your duty to take care of a woman. In my opinion, this should be a standard for all relationships. Granted, not everyone can afford the Louis Vuitton’s and couples’ spas. But it’s not about the gifts themselves—it’s about the generosity and intent. Sugar Daddies want to take care of women, and all taken males should share this sentiment.


What are some other Sugar Daddy misconceptions?

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  1. Breedentials says:

    Sugar daddy? I’m bossy. But so is he.

  2. noname says:

    interesting on this post its 10 to 1 now it 4 to 1 whats going on ?

  3. eunice says:

    Id say this.sugar daddy is an old person that thinks he is too full of him self .young woman are just not thinking right now a days .they are young and beautiful and they can achive anything without a sugar daddy .they are old man that just want sex its the truth .i used to be on sa and only man want you to almost make them think your not with them cause of the money .to me its prostitution .all men older want to feel young when they arent anymore!!young ladies should always think that they can achive without a sugar daddy why because they can by looking for a great job .i am only 21 and iam a working for a great company and how cause i can do it than anyone can !

  4. Playboystar says:

    I am brand new to this site and the SB/SD world. I would really appreciate some advice on my photo and profile.

  5. Angela says:

    Hello Blue Eye Beauty,
    We appreciate your continued contributions to the blog. And I completely agree, not all SDs are looking for Victoria Secret models! Which is why Brandon Wade stresses in his interviews that the term “attractive” or “beautiful” follows the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Most of the successful and experienced Sugar Babies I’ve met know that outside beauty can only get you so far. What SDs are looking for is someone who can bring more to the table. What do I mean by that? One of the reasons SDs come to SeekingArrangement.com is to find a woman that can add energy, excitement, and a new perspective into their lives. Some of these men are the ones who have everything. If they only wanted the cookie-cutter “hot model” they can get that anywhere. But, on SeekingArrangement.com, the honey pot is much MUCH sweeter. On here are women that can bring a new found wealth to even the richest man.

    Much like yourself!

  6. Phoneguy says:

    The Q was “why women fake orgasm”! and it was my philosophical 🙂 and scientifical 🙂 answer . Let me write it again : “because some guys r stupid and do not understand female sexuality; so some girls feel forced to fake it in order to make the guy feel pleased that he can please.” my answer to that.
    Please own your own deception. If you are lying to someone, it says more about you than about them. Maybe you should communicate with your partner that you don’t need to have one or you aren’t in proper state of mind for one tonight. He is just trying to be a good lover.
    And remember all women are different. My last girlfriend absolutely needed to have one and we weren’t done until she did! Other women…not so much.

  7. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark. Reminds me of a place called Madison. Say it ain’t so.

  8. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    *Bang Head Here*

  9. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    When are women (and Brandon for that matter) gonna realize that not all SDs are looking for Victoria Secret models. I just checked my junk email folder and found Brandon’s email re: fiscal cliff insulting. ‘Natural selection’? ‘Ugly’? Give me a break!!! I have two wonderful SDs and trust me I don’t look like a VS model. I’m considered ‘older’, I have had two children, am curvy and live in a remote area. Some would consider those strikes against me. I say NOT!!! All that I have mentioned were considered assets by my SDs. So Brandon please cute the crap already. Get real. If you can’t, hire someone who is. Your taste in parties and pr is BAD. @Kanta – you don’t address it with SDs. You are a package, not a ‘tummy tuck’. No amount of plastic surgery can help some people. Shine baby shine for who you are, not for what you are not.

    • Curvy Cutie SB says:

      I just burst out laughing!


      I’m with you… older than some, curvier than some, have a child. No interest in being a VS model.

      I am fitting nicely into place for a few potential SD’s.

  10. Kanta says:

    I am cute but I have stretch marks and after pregnancy I need a mini tummy tuck. Am I too ugly to be an SB? How do I address that with a pot. SD?

  11. Ontario girl says:

    Curious if you people have encountered this sort of person. I am thinking a misconception is earned. Check out this fellas profile. 1048284 I received a cut and paste email today from him. I really wonder what is up with this dude!!!

  12. flyr says:

    One of the classics

    “it is funny my present neighbor is so conservative and were telling me so proudly/arrogantly that his daughter goes to Catholic school (like it is so superior to my son’ public school) ;

    I looked at his face and told him that Madonna and Lady Gaga were good Catholic school girls … and enjoyed his face expression

  13. California SB says:

    How could i forget madonna? The ultra bad girl!! Thx west coast….. 🙂

    Im thinking ill add to my profile “former catholic school girl” lol

  14. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Just aTequila .

    I enjoyed the religion history knowledge Madridista shared and I do not see any problems .
    Coz yes, “good catholic girls ” (girls who wear private catholic school uniform , get this Catholic education in special institutions , look sexy in this uniform , and may be later become “nymphomaniac ” 🙂 like a singer Madonna would be an example of a “good Catholic girl” term so on…) did not exist in Russia .

    And Madridista wrote
    ” …. and that’s why we had to do schooling abroad because Russia obviously didn’t have the proper Catholic institutions for us ”

    Where were many different religions and were practiced partially ” secretly” , more than 50 % of my neighbors were Jewish and went to Synagog , but would not admit they are Jewish (their passports were saying “russian” in nationality line; they would change it to Jewish only if were r ready Immigrate to Israel or America). and if in school other kids would know this kid were seen going to Senagog last weekend – this kid would be humiliated and ridiculed in public ( we had only public schools ) school for years.

    And we had “a good Jewish girl” term

    “a good Jewish girl always goes to bed before 9 pm because she has to be home by 11 pm”

    it is funny my present neighbor is so conservative and were telling me so proudly/arrogantly that his daughter goes to Catholic school (like it is so superior to my son’ public school) ;

    I looked at his face and told him that Madonna and Lady Gaga were good Catholic school girls … and enjoyed his face expression . 🙂
    I see I should have mentioned all these SBs at SA with nick names and profiles numbers 🙂 who were good Catholic girls.

  15. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Curvy Cutie
    Two years of catholic school, would qualify you to be studied for nymphomania experiments in my book. Being able to orgasm on command, that’s just bonus.

    • Curvy Cutie SB says:

      JATSD… Most certainly not nymphomania. Maybe hyper sexuality to a degree but I actually miss the cut off for that.

      If you think I haven’t spent hours, upon hours… Trying to decipher my own wants, needs, desires an triggers… *chuckle*

      I have no interest in masturbation (I stopped bothering with it for any reason other than taking the edge off years ago as I am finished in under a minute and it leaves me feeling annoyed). I don’t typically watch porn (it’s far too contrived and I lose interest faster than a man flips channels on a tv). I score low on the “sexual addiction” check lists, etc.

      I may have a mild addiction to endorphins, dopamine, prolactin and oxytocin (which are released during orgasm) but I have a major addiction to kissing which actually causes different variances of those chemicals to be released as well as serotonin, and adrenaline. That I can admit to…


      As for the on demand being a bonus… Indeed it can be. Though most men actually don’t seem to appreciate it and see it as contrived should they find out.

  16. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    Goodness! A busy day and I missed the religion conversation.

    I am… Not… Catholic.

    I did want to wear the uniform (ok I was a pervy little brat back then) and went to a Catholic school for about 2 years.

    I cannot fake an orgasm.

    I am not that kind… I have the muscle control but if I’m not cumming. You’re NOT staying. I am far to prolific in quality, quantity and type to ever consider faking. It would be an insult to need it… And in the past I perfected the art of literally “counting” my way to an orgasm. 1… 2… 3… CUM. It’s more effective to be able to go on command then fake. Just a personal preference.

  17. frank says:

    Yes midwest, that’s the one. What was the line? I’ll have what she’s having. It did look good!

    Yeah, Roosevelt missed the mark at the Yalta conference, might have been in ill health since he was dead 2 months after the conference.

    But then, had he not been such a strong supporter of Britain in the lead up to our entry into the war (before Pearl Harbor there were a lot of pacifists that opposed that) Germany might not have been defeated.

    to tie these two themes together, I wonder if FDR’s mistress faked?

  18. flyr says:

    sorry about the grammar on the prior edited in haste

  19. flyr says:

    I’m rather surprised the article shared by Jack did not not include a probably more satisfactory menthods of achieving female hapiness – leisurely oral sex and encouraging her partner when he is doing something right (preferably with non verbal communication) .

  20. California SB says:

    Everyone is so dorky on this blog…. so hot… 😛

  21. California SB says:

    Tequila: “I think I should make a physical study of former catholic hs girls to see if many of them are now nymphos”

    Teq… all those prayers, fasting, confessing to handsome priests….. yup, that makes anyone turn into a nympho.

  22. flyr says:

    RE Latvia

    I believe Latvia was overrun by the USSR in the days when Stalin and Hitler were allies. The Germans pushed the Russians out of Latvia and then towards the end of WWII the Riussians expelled the the Germans.

    In one of the great betrayals of WWII the Roosevelt and Truman and the British agreed to turnover to the Russians all of the citizens of the former nations that had fallen under Russian control. Latvia, Hungary, Poland Romania et al.

    What Stalin wanted was to prevent people who had experienced democracy in any form or seen the outside world from returning to their countries. Even those who fought on our side were included. Hundreds of thousands if not a million were forcibly turned over to the Soviets the fortunate were killed as soon as the Soviets received them while the less fortunate were sent to populate the vast Gulag Archipellego and forced labor camps. Few returned . It’s one of the darkest parts of US history.

    Unfortunately it is ignored by most history books.

  23. California SB says:

    Dr. Jack’s article on faking the big O: “to protect the male ego and sustain her relationship”. That pretty much sums it all.

  24. California SB says:

    Wow…I guess Russian Catholicism was a touchy topic, huh? Is this equivalent to being Jewish in Palestine? I’m honestly being ignorant here (something I don’t admit too often by the way).

  25. Jack says:

    Look at the article that appeared in my inbox today:

    Faking Orgasms? Why Women Do It

    It’s practically a cliché that women fake orgasms – but it’s not clear why some women do it. To please a partner? Because they feel pressure to have orgasms every time they have sex? Here’s some expert opinion.

    By Madeline Vann, MPH

    Medically reviewed by Lindsey Marcellin, MD, MPH

    As many as two-thirds of women admit to faking orgasms at some point in their lives — and it’s not just during vaginal intercourse. Women also say they have pretended to orgasm during oral sex and phone sex.

    “I’m sure there are millions of reasons why women fake orgasm, but I’d put this one at the top of my list: to protect the male ego and sustain her relationship,” says Betty Dodson, PhD, a sex educator in private practice in New York City and the author of Orgasms for Two.

    Wanting to flatter their partner is one reason women fake orgasm; but according to research, insecurity, fear of intimacy, an embarrassment over the inability to orgasm, and simply wanting to “get it over with” are also factors.

    Other reasons for faking orgasm may include:
    Ending intercourse. “Since so many men measure their sexual abilities by how a woman climaxes, many won’t stop trying to get her off until she does,” says Dodson. Also, some women may realize that orgasm isn’t going to happen, so faking an orgasm seems like a good bet.
    Stroking the male ego. You might find yourself faking orgasm so that your partner feels good about his efforts.
    Losing power struggles. Many women are capable of achieving orgasm during sex if they can self-stimulate. However, Dodson says, some men may try to take over — which can interrupt her build-up to orgasm and lead to faking orgasm. A woman’s ability to achieve orgasm with a partner can reflect some other power dynamics in their relationship as well.

    The reality is that many women cannot orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone. However, says Dodson, instead of working with her partner, a woman simply fakes orgasm and then “when she’s alone, she’ll have her own orgasm.”

    Women who say they have pretended orgasm report using a variety of acting approaches, including arching their back, clutching their fists, pulling their partner closer, and increasingly intense vocalizations (heavy breathing, words, and noises) that indicate orgasm. Some say they simply tried to repeat the sounds and physical movements they remember from a previous orgasm. When women fake an orgasm, they may choose a moment of distraction, such as their partner’s orgasm. Some choose to end the performance with a compliment on their partner’s skill as a lover.

    The “Cure” for Women Faking Orgasm

    This is one problem where the “cure” is likely to be fun and pleasurable. Dodson says that most women fake orgasm because they are not going to have one through vaginal intercourse anytime soon. So the “cure” involves learning about what can bring you to an authentic orgasm during sex.

    Here’s how you figure it out:
    Practice solo. “Once a woman learns how to enjoy her own orgasms through the practice of masturbation, then she can share her orgasms with a lover,” says Dodson. Using a vibrator or just your fingers, experiment with the kinds of touches and pressures that lead to a climax. The results from a recently published survey show that at least one out of two women uses a vibrator, either on their own or during sex.
    Mutual masturbation. Vaginal intercourse is perhaps the stereotypical sex act, but masturbating together can be very “sexy” as well. “That way, each of them can observe how they stimulate their sex organs for orgasm,” says Dodson.
    Show them how. During sex, you can show (or tell) your partner what you like.
    Do it yourself. “One of the most successful ways a woman can orgasm during intercourse is to stimulate her clitoris the same way she does when she masturbates,” says Dodson. Again, fingers or a vibrator should do the trick.
    Go oral. Some women have a very difficult time achieving orgasm during intercourse, but have no trouble at all with oral sex. Including this in foreplay can help relax and prepare a woman for intercourse — and takes the pressure off both partners to achieve her orgasm. And who knows, once you’ve both relaxed somewhat, she might have another orgasm (or two).

    Unfortunately, as many as one in 10 women struggle with anorgasmia (difficulty achieving orgasm) throughout their lives. For these women and their partners, consultation with a physician can help uncover any medical reasons for a lack of authentic orgasm.

  26. Midwest SB says:

    Frank – Do you mean “When Harry Met Sally”?

  27. NancySB/LA says:

    I’m going to change my profile name to GreedySB or Entitled Biatch

  28. JustATequilaSD says:

    “compare to all the injustice on this planet”
    I agree with this. And the media is still brainwashing us constantly.

  29. JustATequilaSD says:

    Hello stranger

    @Madrista and @ILWCG
    I guess Russian catholicism would be less of a generalization if you didn’t say you did it in secret. There was a reason it was being hidden on your part. So how would an outsider know? Hence, the question didn’t appear to be a judgmental generalization , but thank you for enlightening us with your responses.

    @Jack and @Twiceshy and @all faking women
    Evolution and procreation in regard to faking it…male equipment sure makes it easy to repopulate an area quickly. Thankfully for men, it is easy and quick and does feel good. Procreation and evolution run hand in hand. A handful of men on an island with a thousand women could easily outpace a handful of women with a thousand men.(If other factors were similar.) And if we’re talking about strictly procreation, you may not get an orgasm or a cuddle, and we wouldn’t care if you were faking.

    Since we are supposedly the higher mammals, we can set up much more complex emotional and physical exchange, in an attempt to make everybody happy. Of course, everybody is different, and what gives you the ride of your life may cause another girl to read the newspaper. So get yours and try to give someone theirs whether you’re a guy or girl.

    • Madridista says:

      I never practiced my religion in secret. Don’t know where you got that. I said it was done in secret under imperial and Communist regimes (because the first held up as Orthodoxy as official religion and Catholicism was seen as heretical, the second followed a strict atheist doctrine). It’s not such a secret though. Several professors and Russian expats have written books on it, but that was when the topic was in vogue in Europe. So not a big deal if most are not aware 🙂

      • JustATequilaSD says:

        “So not a big deal if most are not aware”
        Many may not have been aware, doesn’t mean I’ll generalize that there’s anything wrong with it.(In fact, being raised catholic I have no problem with catholic school girls.)

  30. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    good to know all these things, I heard about these from my American Lithvenian friends (and TV of course); but you are really into this subject (dating Latvian politician might helped 🙂
    it is unfair to people who lived on this territory for many years (of course they could have learned the language of this republic, would not hurt them, but for older people that could have been a challenge ). And politics is rare fair to regular people; politicians mostly fight for their power
    not interests of regular people.
    I saw half year ago on TV how small kids (3-5 y old) in child care (in Latvia) are tought that Russians occupied their country and try to make them believe that German Nazi would be much better than Russians “occupants”. it was painful to watch and these “teachers ” were wearing Nazi uniform and had guns with them. This program was upload on YouTube coz so many people was outraged about this child care “teaching ” , but all these kid’ parents signed that they agree to this child care program. who needs these kids to be so brain washed?

    So if a SB did not show up for your meeting (or faked an orgasm) – that would be minor
    compare to all the injustice on this planet. 🙂

    • Madridista says:

      Yes, that would be a minor problem.

      Ugh, Latvian politics, especially from the nationalist side just disgusts me. That child care story — absolutely true. Nationalists put a lot of that crap into history books in Latvian schools too. A lot of crap like that goes on, especially with educational reforms. Teachers actually get fined if their Latvian proficiency is not good enough (the lessons for Russian students are supposed to be 60% in Latvian and 40% in Russian). But while many Russian students understand and can converse in Latvian, it doesn’t mean that they can learn school subjects in that language. I like to think I’m pretty fluent in Latvian, but heck if I had to learn theory of relativity or something in that language, I’d think I’d flunk. Here in Spain, similar thing happening in Catalonia. Now the central government doesn’t want subjects in school to be taught in Catalan in Catalonia. It’s only an option, it’s not like anyone is taking anything away from Spanish speakers there by offering this option. At work (in Madrid), I mentioned that I was thinking of learning Catalan and some people acted like I just suggested a secession. Dang, who knew language was such a hot bed of politics in this day and age? It honestly feels like a lot of politicians just don’t know what they’re doing and making difficult situations worse.

  31. Blue Eyed Beauty says:

    No wonder I’ve stayed away from the blog….sheesh….same shite, different day. I’d like to say hi to all those that I have missed however….you know who you are 🙂 xo

  32. Frank says:

    Wow-thanks for the history.

  33. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    Many BALTIC people were sent (forcefully sent ) to Tver.

    My NYC Lithuanian catholic friend family went through this. they hated russian people and saved language and religious. that is why I wrote you about Baltic! ! ! Nationalities – they never considered thenselves Russian (they would rather literaly ! die than say “I am Russian not Estonian (or , Lithuanian, orLatvian ) ” and would travel to Lithuania КАСТЕЛ , catholic church to get baptize or for weddings.
    but do they ever thought they are Russians ? living in the USSR? they always complained they were oppressed and forced to accept Russian language and religion, and their parents mostly insisted on the marriage inside their nationalities! and my Lithvenian friend married a Russian guy (the biggest mistake of her life).
    It is a big problem now ; people of Russian nationality get kicked out of Baltic republics with no documents and can not have citizention in there even thought they lived in the Baltic republic for 20-30 years; and they can not have Russian citizenship too coz they lived all lives not in Russia and do not have propiska (what ever it called now).
    Now Baltic people r intolerable to Russian nationality as USSR was to their catholic religion.

    but I have close Baltic friends in America, and it is funny their parents go to american Russian orthodox church for Russian holidays, I guess coz their parents speak Russian and do not speak English. ?
    anyway nowadays you can be Hindu , Muslim, … any religion you want to be. 🙂

    • Madridista says:

      I know that, but my Baltic roots are not as strong as Russian and French & Spanish. Again, a lot of diplomatic corps (before 1917) had access to foreigners who later became spouses, especially in France as Russian Empire had a lot of diplomatic corps in Paris/Versailles. The progeny of those unions are more like the small group of people I grew up with: ethnic Russians who are Catholics. My grandmama who lived in Russia all her life spoke her first word in French. Again, we Russian Catholics (not Baltic Catholics) do exist in our quiet, mysterious ways.

      After my brief stint in Latvian politics (and dating a Latvian politician), the Russians in Baltics do not get kicked out. Discrimination in some parts exists and money was offered to them from the government in the 1990s to relocate to Russia, but most people did not take the government up on its offer. Lithuania extended full citizenship to all peoples who were permanent residents within its borders after the collapse of USSR. Estonia and Latvia did not. In Latvia it’s more of a problem because a larger percentage of population is ethnically Russian and more linguistically Russian versus the percentage #s in Estonia. Latvia granted citizenship to only those who lived or were direct descendants of people who were citizens in 1940. It’s unfair to ethnic Russians, who lived there their whole lives and those of us in human rights are working hard to change that, but it will take time and multiple proposals for that have been rejected by Saeima. However most of those ethnic Russians could qualify for citizenship if they apply, because most ethnic Russians have a good grasp of the national language in Latvia. But through all my research in the region, it has shown that most would not apply because of the exam that asks them to say they are occupiers and who the hell would admit to that in the only country they’ve ever known? That citizenship exam really needs to be changed. The whole potential government coalition refused to form over the question of occupation last Oct. So stupid! I think after EU will read my thesis on language politics in Latvia and Catalonia, it might be the impetus they need to take this issue more seriously. Other struggles in this world overshadow that small corner of the world quite a bit. But we try and once I’m more of prominent writer, not just football, I will definitely help by shedding more light on it.

  34. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Twice shy.
    Thank you for your shy Q. 🙂

    if u were not new to the blog you would know my answer.
    I can easily orgasm multiple times with my guy and with a vibrator (and I do not care to fake; if I do not cum I do not cum, but I would not fake; but it is easy for me to cum and I love sex, so i cum in 95% of the times. )

    The Q was “why women fake orgasm”! and it was my philosophical 🙂 and scientifical 🙂 answer . Let me write it again : “because some guys r stupid and do not understand female sexuality; so some girls feel forced to fake it in order to make the guy feel pleased that he can please.” my answer to that. May be some girls do it to boost guys self esteem.

    I think pros fake orgasms – if she has 5-10 clients a day – what she cums 10-20 times a day? may be not, but a pro has to fake to “please” the guy.
    and we had girls in blog who openly said “I never orgasm” and GURU even wanted to start collecting money for her buzzing toys . 🙂 🙂 right?

    We discussed here before why orgasms with a guy and with a vibrator are so different .

    There r many researches (real ones) that showed that using vibrators and toys increase a woman sexuality and make her to orgasm with a guy easier and have stronger orgasms.
    may be you should not be “afraid” of them ? But everyone feel different.

    Your vibrator surely can give your orgasm in 1 min easily but with a guy everything is different . Vibrator would not kiss you, do back massage , 🙂 basically 🙂 it stimulate only 1 (ok , may be 2-3 spots 🙂 of your body 🙂 but a guy stimulates 1 million of them , so I am not afraid “vibrator would ruin it for me with a guy “.

  35. Treasured says:

    A thought of the day.

    If a Sugardad is worried a girl is with him just because he pays, why he doesn’t start paying first, without expecting anything in return and then wait and see?

    For example, paying for my studies just as a contribution to the world’s future medical elite? Sort of a personal charity? 😀
    Instead of “you are with me just for my money bullshit”? And “prove that you would be with me even with no allowance”… Does my head in. Would you guys be with a girl if she suddenly got 50% fatter or lost her looks? Don’t think so!

    • NancySB/LA says:

      ‘if she got 50% fatter and lost her looks’, lol…

      Looks are #1
      I find that an SD knows within 5 seconds whether you are eff’able or not. His member does the picking and if you don’t measure up to his ‘type’, you wont get an offer. I also find the less I talk, the more power I have…
      I once showed up to a meet and greet, and basically said less than 20 words in 1hr. He said he had never met someone as fascinating as me…
      ‘Yes girl, he can tell your great personality by the low cut of your sweater…’ says the Gay.
      ‘eff your accolades, and give him something he can use; your ass in tight jeans.’

  36. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    “All of my Russian family wore crosses underneath their clothes. So, yeah, very wrong thing to generalize.”
    Yes, only close minded and not educated people would generalize.

    In Russia people have mostly russian ORTHODOX (провославная религия) religion, and my ancestors had Russian Provoslavniy (orthodox! ) crosses! on them.

    to be catholic – your parents / ancestors had to live in Western Ukrain or in one of 3 Baltic republic.
    r u talking to be religious Christian or be Catholic?
    there were some working churches (and synagogs) even during Communism era (but NOT catholic) in Russia.
    And everyone still celebrates Russian Christmass on January 6 th and religious people follow religious calendar all 70 years of USSR, and celebrated Chrismass and Easter ONLY ! not catholic , generally (not always) all Russian christian religious holidays 2 weeks later than Catholic ones. Sometimes Russian Easter and catholic Easter would be at the same day, but sometime 1-3 weeks difference .

    Russian orthodox church was very intolerable to catholic and other religions, and it was very hard to be catholic (unless u lived in Western parts – AND …. Latvia , Lithvenia , Westers board of Ukrain always were more Europe than Russia ; and all Baltic republics never fully accepted the fact they were Soviet Union and kept their religion , traditions, language. )
    Madridista. were your mother Lithuanian then? not Russian ? to be catholic? the cross is Russian Ortodox cross or catholic cross?
    The Q was about Moscow!!! located RussianSB.
    May be she can answer if she could be a catholic girl ?! 🙂 🙂 if she was baptized into Provoslavnaya religion.

    • Madridista says:

      I was speaking of Catholicism, not just Christianity. My Russian side of the family were Catholics (but pretended otherwise in public). That’s why it was so easy for my American and Russian sides to unite — common religion. They also had part Spanish and French in them as well as strong Baltic connections, so that’s may be a strong reason why religious connection existed, but a lot of diplomatic corps and merchants had foreign spouses and those who were Catholic would raise their children like that, in private (for everyone who has French and Spanish mothers that’s how it is — no choice). Most of my Russian family had to know French and it passed down even to Communist era. That’s how many of my Russian friends are as well and that’s why we had to do schooling abroad because Russia obviously didn’t have the proper Catholic institutions for us and we were from Tver’ though, not near Western parts of the Soviet Union. Of course, Orthodox Church (and later Communists) hated us that’s why it was passed on so quietly, even today, but we rare breed of Catholic Russians do exist, but shhhh!

  37. twiceshy says:

    All very interesting perspectives on the male/female orgasm issue 🙂

  38. Punk says:

    Hello anther former Catholic school girl is in this blog! I have heard of many stories about the mean nuns who were on the kids’ necks at all time. I was lucky to lived with an organization of sisters who focus on the mission of helping and educating the youth, the poor and specially women at risks and in need of helps in a third world country. Very disciplined and loving, very giving and forgiving… no brutal punishment at all. Well…. I was raised in that kind of environment has turned me into someone unrealistic and feel like I was born in the wrong era lol… So, I’m opening my mind up to see the differences in people.

    I found out I love sex so much, I can’t return to the organization but follow my passions and follow my desires :D. Sex made me feel like heaven… There is no way I would want to fake orgasm. From some media sources, just like Frank said, there are women who have sex but can not achieve orgasm at all, or very hard to reach climax. While Madridista can get orgasm just by a sexy voice, or imagining a someone to get climax if the situation physically can’t help her satisfied. Very interesting!!! For me, I get turn on by certain things occurred around the sensual, pleasure time that I experienced with a lover. I could get all aroused, all wet and sticky when think of the person I had sex with but could never have orgasm until physically focus back into how my body feel, not focus at other’s images. :). Just wanna share!!!!

    • Punk says:

      Oh and I want sex, oral sex, real sex as much as a man does :). I don’t need no toys at all… Toys got me orgasm faster than anyone can…I have tried, but afraid it will ruin my beautiful pleasure when being with the real man. It requires more focus and sensual feelings to reach orgasm if one is used to toys…. So I decided No sex toys!! :).

  39. flyr says:

    @twice shy “@Jack and @Frank as doctors don’t you think something went wrong in Evolutionary terms? How do you have the Male of a species finding it so easy to orgasm and ejaculate, and yet the female of the species often times cannot, when both are given the same stimulation?”

    Perhaps it was the evolutionary advantage. The quickly satisfied man is now off to hunt down the elusive prey for dinner and the female is looking forward to dinner .

    The modern day solution is a return to the pre NOW world of ladies first.

  40. Frank says:

    Sometimes a man will have sex with a woman who’s proven to be unreliable rather than have no sex at all.

    Yes, sometimes the spirit is willing but the body is weak.

  41. Madridista says:

    Hi sugars! So much to catch up on around here!

    Faking orgasms: never had to do it and don’t understand women that do. Why? I’m also one of the women who can always orgasm (even if sex is bad, because I just picture my dream man of the moment doing that to me and voila!) and I can do it more than once. I just really love sex and just the feel of man, if I’m attracted to him and I have been to all of my partners. Just hearing a sexy voice (that I consider sexy) can cause me to orgasm. I had one professor whose voice did just that in every seminar — so I just got really good at hiding my orgasms in inappropriate situations. Isn’t that crazy? Even if I couldn’t though, I don’t think I’d fake. Again, don’t see the point.

    As a former Catholic school girl, why do men find it so irresistible? I still have a barely visible scar on one hand from a nun punishing me (I wore nail polish and it wasn’t allowed). So, guys, these are not sexy memories to us. And whoever said Russians cannot be Catholics? My mother is a Russian and a (secret) Catholic. Mixed religious families did happen before Communism, especially for political and financial reasons and after atheist policies went into effect under the red star, all religious activity (christening, etc.) went underground. All of my Russian family wore crosses underneath their clothes. So, yeah, very wrong thing to generalize.

  42. Frank says:

    twiceshy-I am not a doctor, just like doing field research. For humans, successful reproduction involves more than just the sex act. The female is looking for a powerful male so he can pass those genes down to the off spring, but just as importantly, she is looking for someone who can help her raise the child.

  43. Stacy says:

    But Jack, cuddling has an emotional/intellectual component that sex may not. People rarely have “one night cuddles” and I refer to mate selectivity. In the absence of a good protector, a woman will more likely choose no sex than sex with a partner who would leave her pregnant to fend for herself (of course women make bad judgement calls sometimes). Whereas a man (we’ll take Frank for example) will have sex with a woman who’s proven to be unreliable rather than have no sex at all. Of course, modern availability to contraception and buzzy toys changes the whole game.

  44. Jack says:

    Yes, indeed, Stacy,

    It is my mission in life to expose puffery, especially when it is employed to “puff up” one’s “peaks.” As I’ve stated before, it’s a . . . hm . . . hard job . . . but SOMEONE has to do it. Given my previous interests and credentials in academic medicine, I felt it incumbent upon me to volunteer for this research project.

    As to evolution, recall that procreation does NOT require sex to be equally pleasurable to both genders in order for evolutionary objectives to be met. In order for the latter to be met, sex simply has to be more pleasurable than no sex, and I think that is the case for most women, even the ones that do not orgasm as regularly as others. And many evolutionary biologists opine that one of the reasons women are more into the cuddling/emotional component of sex is because the protection of the male (at least the prehistoric male) is also one of the “pleasures” that prehistoric woman sought from the male.

    Therefore, whereas the male might get more pleasure from coitus itself (although even that assertion may not be true given that males cannot have multiple orgasms), the woman might get benefits in addition to sexual pleasure.


  45. Stacy says:

    At Jack, what a devoted scientist and pursuer of truth you are. It may be hard … but exposing positive PR puffery is paramount! 😉

  46. Stacy says:

    At twiceshy – considering that for thousands of years (and still in the developing world) child birth is a major cause of death among women, and the burdens of raising a baby without its father around, I think biology got it right making orgasms a more elusive thing for women. It makes us more selective than men about partners and frequency.

    Re faking: any good faker knows to mimic the vaginal
    Contractions in addition to the moans and hip bucking. I’d rather not fake, but I want my partners to feel like macho sex studs with me, and a good effort deserves a positive response. I’ll only fake for the second (or third) time in a night. I’m too greedy about wanting that first orgasm, and I know that with the right stimulation, stopping and starting different activities, or just taking things into my own hands (so to speak), I’ll get there eventually.

  47. Leila says:

    Re: faking….Besides fast heart beats and heavy breathing,its always accompanied by contractions of the genital muscles,if a man plays close attention he should be able to feel it- unless he’s in the process of climaxing..I don’t understand how it can be that easy to fake it even with experienced medical doctors like Jack.

    I’ve met guys who were horrible in bed and bragged about how great they were! if only women would stop feeding them this line of BS then we’ll have more guys making an effort to get better instead assuming what they are told… Sad but true.

  48. NewSB says:

    Bye everyone! It was fun, but I’ve decided to leave the sugar bowl (after less than two months, haha)

  49. twiceshy says:

    @Jack and @Frank as doctors don’t you think something went wrong in Evolutionary terms? How do you have the Male of a species finding it so easy to orgasm and ejaculate, and yet the female of the species often times cannot, when both are given the same stimulation?

    It would seem that in the interests of procreation the female of the species should derive pleasure as easily as the male to promote reproductive sex.

    What is the benefit of having the only organ designed specifically for pleasure, and then being unable to derive that pleasure through normal intercourse??

    What went wrong between the genders?

  50. Jack says:

    Re: faking (since no other SD weighed in, I feel it my duty to weigh in),

    I’ve been a doc for a long time, know a lot about sex–both from a medical point of view and otherwise–and I am POSITIVE I have been with more than one woman who faked on me without my knowledge. I am pretty sure that if the woman is good at faking, I would not be able to tell. Usually, I let the woman guide me as to her her search for pleasure, which sometimes involves an orgasm and sometimes it does not. I always try to please but am aware that sometimes I haven’t, for various reasons, some of which I could control and most of which I could not.


  51. Frank says:

    Strictly in the interests of science I have done extensive field research studying the female orgasm. I have found that some women seldom cum, others cum easily, some only once, others more than once. After being with a woman with a woman over a period of time, I will not only know which of the above groups she falls in, but how to get her there, and whether she is faking or not. Strictly in the interests of science.

  52. twiceshy says:

    @IloveWestCoastGirl do you ever not come with your own vibrator and feel satisfied?

  53. JustATequilaSD says:

    Oops, I forgot for a moment that I’m not supposed to be using the genie pants on you. Sorry about that, you can’t be in the study 🙁 Maybe you can be santa’s helper and line them all up to sit on my lap 😉

  54. frank says:

    PS-Where is Russia, I miss her!

  55. JustATequilaSD says:


    Dear diary,
    Today, I learned that lil sister enjoys being treated like a real person by her boyfriend. This is good stuff. She says she will never marry, but we will see. I already own a tuxedo so I will be ready to give her away if need be, but I’m not paying for it. All parties need good Tequila, and receptions are one of my specialties.

    I also learned she used to be catholic-high-school-girl. Now that she found the key to the chastity belt, she is trying to make up for lost time. I think I should make a physical study of former catholic hs girls to see if many of them are now nymphos. In the name of science of course. Time to bring out my genie pants 150 hours at a time.

    End of diary entry.

  56. frank says:

    Treasured: faking is not a good way to manipulate, its a GREAT way to manipulate.

    West Coast-I have faked an orgasm.

    Does anyone remember that scene from “What about Harry”

  57. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    May be girls fake orgasms coz most of the guys do not understand that a woman can feel/get sexually satisfied ! without an actual orgasm.
    No, a guy’d think a girl must orgasm – then he is good in bed.

    I know, I know every guy thinks HE is super good in bed (and many girls fake orgasms made him think this way) BUT not too many guys is a good f.ck. it is actully hard ! to find a guy who knows how to please a girl.
    But every guy is sure HIS girls never faked (but in reality girls fake it at least in 60% of the time; but not with him 🙂
    he is a macho and knows for sure what to do. 🙂 especially if he is a professor of medicine 🙂

    I would say girls r faking coz some guys r studid and want girls to have orgasm 100% of the time , and coz guys do not understand female sexuality.
    a girl can be really happy and feel fully satisfied without 5 seconds orgasm.

    (if a guy did not climax (did not cum) – the sex even does not count 🙂 , right? how guys would understand female sexuality.

  58. Treasured says:

    Re orgasm faking: I have faked an orgasm with a professor of medicine who is very experienced in sex. And if he was convinced…. Ordinary guys don’t stand a chance 😛 Just saying:)

    Why to fake? Sometimes they are just so determined and I’m so tired, that it’s easier to fake. Or, it’s a good way to manipulate: “you have made me to discover my sexuality”… Or how was it, Frank?

  59. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    You are kidding, right?

    How RSB could be a catholic girl ? What about all these religious wars for hundreds years in Europe?

    Russia does not have pedophile catholic priests and “good catholic girls” . 🙂
    We have different kinks ; oligarchs , vodka, cold.

  60. Stacy says:

    Good Mormon myself – which is why I can’t waste liquor as an adult. Lol!

  61. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Когда мужчина говорит, что он романтик – это значит, что секс ему нужен исключительно на шару. Те совсем -совсем бесплатно”

    For RussianSB.

  62. California SB says:

    Wow we are finding out that all the catholic well behaved high school girls were dirty little sluts after all LOL

    Punk: yeah it sucks to type in the ipads sometimes.

    Russian SB: Please tell us you TOO were a catholic school girl!!!

  63. Punk says:

    My uniforms when I lived with the nuns in my teen years were white shirt and black pants only (no skirts allowed). Yep, I was a Catholics school girl as well. I was super innocent until I found out my sexuality side after 4 yrs of college . ha!!

    I wonder how other women are…. Whenever I have orgasm, my heart beat super fast, my face blushed and got really hot. My whole body got tense up. Sometimes in the dark, he touched my face to feel how hot it got to make sure I’m all satisfied. Definitely Can’t fake an orgasm at all. I don’t smoke, can’t drink, never do drug, so sex got me high as heaven and I love love it! But I don’t date just anyone…After my first boyfriend, I met a sugar man…now I am attracted to the older, wiser, successful and funny kind of men… And every older successful gentleman I saw somewhere always make me think of my sugar man :).

    “if a mind is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”
    and funny kind of men who can satisfied me in many ways from

  64. California SB says:

    Midwest: I wish I could just stop being a fluff ball and let him go… cuzz I dont wanna get married. Like… EVER.

  65. Midwest SB says:

    His name is Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother”. (Sorry Cali, had to do it 🙂 )

  66. andrea says:

    I need advice please. I am new to the life and I don’t know if I’m wording things right and all that can I have some input please.

  67. frank says:

    I’ve done any research.

  68. frank says:

    awww- it sounds like true love, congrats!

    Now back to the law books, its been years since I’

  69. California SB says:

    New SB: hahah rosaries!!! I had at least 50 in ALL colors!!!

  70. California SB says:

    Frank: My boyfriend tells me I am his confidant, his therapist, the best lover he ever had. He tells me I am extremely smart, loving, the sexiest girlfriend ever. He tells me all of his male friends want to me with me. He also says I am strong, grounded and a very responsible person. He says he wants to be with me when I am 90 even if I am ugly. He takes care of me when I am sick, he does my laundry when I am tired. He cooks for me. He tells me to call my parents when I am mad at them. He puts us with me when I treat him like crap. He is always happy to see me even if my hair is not done and if I am wearing ugly pajamas. When he does stupid things he apologizes for being an idiot. He calls me when he has a tooth ache, when his sister is having marriage problems and when his boss is being unreasonable. Ok… you got the picture…

  71. California SB says:

    I went to high school overseas where we had to live with the nuns, wear long skirts and plain white shirts. Trust me NOT sexy…

  72. frank says:

    cali- please tell me some of the lines your bf uses on you, they must be good ones.

  73. California SB says:

    Midwest: “bf is gone for good”

    I try kicking my BF out but then… he calls, texts, schedule romantic dinners… and looks at me with the most sincere eyes telling me he loves me and begs me on his knees not to leave him… I just can’t do it. I just can’t shut the door on a tall handsome face with puppy dogs eyes… ggrrrr

  74. Midwest SB says:

    Phoneguy – Thank you! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time….”more ass than Santa”! Bwahahaha!

    CaliforniaSB – “and the award goes to…” Thank you nonetheless.

    I’ve been doing some personal housecleaning and the bf is gone for good. I’m glad I don’t ever completely leave the sugar bowl. It’s so hard to date traditionally once you enjoy sugar. One just can’t get enough!

    Hi flyer! You’re so right about the topics at hand. They get hijacked regularly. I still give the authors credit for coming up with new material again and again.

  75. frank says:

    newSB-best sb is one who doesnt take her monthly allowance and get on the interstate on ramp at a high rate of speed! lol

    I don’t know if i can be a fair judge Phoneguy, when I was in high school, all the Catholic girls shared a bus stop with us downtown guys, and I lusted after just about every one of them.

  76. IloveWestCoastGirl says:

    Clooney is so cheesy and not masculine … who cares if he is gay or straight 🙂

    But I thought John Travolta is so…so.. Sexy . and now he is gay , right ?

    And Ricki Martin is gay, and Johnny Weir is gay… We r lucky we r still able to find some sexy guys who r not gay. :). 🙂

  77. Phoneguy says:

    My uniform wasn’t sexy, silly LOL LOL
    Post a pic and let frank and I decide. 😛

  78. IloveWestCoastGirl says:

    ” So, unless you want your sugar baby to fall in love for you… I would just give her gifts and allowances ”

    Cali. I ripped this line off your post. It is so true … “sugar” helps to draw this psychological line and keeps relationship much less personal !


    “I am scared of only HIV”
    I am scared of hepatitis C much more than HIV (hep C 15 times more contagious than HIV and needs a liver transplant ); plus why u r not scared of HPV and cervix cancer ? (Did u get vaccination ? I am too old for this vaccination ) .

    And guys get throat cancel from giving oral to girls with HPV (Punk you can google and give the article about this cancer to your SDs who likes variety).

    plus I appreciate we used to have a girl on blog who openly said she is a pro and would give sex
    advices ; and she adviced no tooth brushing 3 hours before or after oral sex with no condom (to avoid these micro traumas).

    Overwise ….have a fun Sunday guys 🙂

    • Punk says:

      Thanks ILWCG. If I ever have a chance I will give him further details about the STDs, but I doubt he would want to know. I imagine He would say something like ” let’s me spare my mind” rather than listen to all the things I have to say in details. He takes good care of his health though, I have to give him kudos for that and many other great things about him I would adore. But when it comes to women, he proudly admitted that he loves strippers and loves to date strippers (it’s the best spot to get an instant hot girl) Well, until he dated me, he said I stole him from all other women. He told me he date only one woman at a time (only me)… I believed him and trusted him… Until I understood his habits… I even hassle him on purposes in some loving ways to see how it would be between us just to prove my points. Anyway, our relationship already went sour :). I found that I am learning to let go of him through this blog site… Still working on it though because I love him in my life despite his habits. I wish he would discuss his habits openly with me then I would handle things better. Then My emotions wouldn’t get fluctuated to the max of both ends… Then I might not be up all night blogging like right now :). ok I need some sleep right now!

  79. flyr says:

    @newSB – I think the “topic” exists only as a fantasy of the moderator as it is regularly hijacked or ignored.

    Great topic…………. I guess Best SB is really a matter of the marriage of what you though you were looking for plus those good things that were unexpected and in the absense of negative experiences.

  80. frank says:

    Cali-sexy is in the eye of the beholder

  81. California SB says:

    Phoneguy: I know people say Clooney is not/is gay…. he says he doesn’t care people call him gay. I dont know but real men DO care….

    My uniform wasn’t sexy, silly LOL LOL

  82. Phoneguy says:

    My favorite gay men: George Michael, George Clooney and Kevin Spacey.
    Really? Clooney has seen more ass than Santa’s lap. 😉 Gay? That is a tremendous amount of effort to cover being gay.

  83. Phoneguy says:

    (I was good catholic girl once upon a time…)
    I question is do you still have the uniform. 😉

  84. California SB says:

    Midwest: “gay men are so stinkin’ cute”

    My favorite gay men: George Michael, George Clooney and Kevin Spacey.

    My Favorite bi girl:

    Megan Fox

  85. California SB says:

    Midwest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where have ya been???????????? We missed your wisdom around here 🙂

  86. Midwest SB says:

    Nancy – I guess you’ve never met a man who inherited his wealth and never “worked” a day in his life. Just sayin’

    Heyyyyyy sugars!

    Tina – Mwaaaaaah!

    Had a blast at a drag show for a friends birthday last night! Why is it that the gay men are so stinkin’ cute!!! So not fair!

    • NancySB/LA says:

      Hi Midwest!
      No, I have never met a lazy trust fund baby. I have one; I put him to work…
      And I do love my gay… he’s so good for my self esteem. Keeps me in line when I start to gain weight, watches all the shows on Bravo with me, and even tells me when my SD is trying to pull a fast one on me. He’s darling..Every woman should have a gay…

  87. California SB says:

    Frank: “Well I told you I was crazy. No I ain’t no body’s baby”. Yup, that’s me. 😛

    On the “good lines to use” subject: I am a good BS detector, so anything my SDs say to me I don’t believe. First, I am not marrying them, second whatever they say I don’t really care and third…. I’m with them for the financial benefits so as long as they want to see me, I want to see them. So, unless you want your sugar baby to fall in love for you… I would just give her gifts and allowances because that is the reason she is with you, not your lines.


    I don’t fake an orgasm. If I don’t have one, I don’t and that’s ok. I like kissing, but it needs to be the right kind of kiss. Some guys have big mouths and too much saliva comes out and it’s kinda disgusting LOL I like soft kisses (unless I’m having crazy sex then everything goes).

    Faking you like someone it’s very easy to do. Unless you are a good micro-expression reader, you can’t tell if we are faking it. I’m a good micro-expression reader, by the way. I should be working for the FBI LOL

  88. frank says:

    Nancy-kissing is VERY important, don’t you agree?

    I think I can tell if a woman is faking it, but guess I’d better wait until I hear from Calif on this.

  89. NancySB/LA says:

    Can a man feel if a woman is faking it? and does he care?

  90. NancySB/LA says:

    whatever…moving on…

    @frank, now that you are blown and in a good mood…
    How important is kissing in sex?

  91. NewSB says:

    NEW TOPIC!! Can I do that? SDs: Think of your favorite SB ever (past or present). Why was she the best?

  92. frank says:

    Just got back from a 8 mile hike on the AT. Feel better now.

    Stacy, I haven’t been dry humping toilet seats, after all my sb is back. Still its theoretically possible to get an std from a toilet seat or towel, ect. just highly unlikely. Just as its highly unlikely to get an std from oral sex.

    Calif, what tweaks, I want to get my sb to update her spiel. Just for your information, I also tell her that I am the only one who really cares about her, that I will protect her from anyone that wants to hurt her, and that I will always be there for her, no matter what. Can you give me any other lines to use, she seems to get excited when I tell her these things.

    Nancy- pick idiots and get drama and diseases! I better get tested, two sbs I have seen this year were so full of drama they could have been oscar nominees.

    Nancy-while I was on the outs with my sb, I visited a back page entrepreneur, what a horrible experience. Yes she insisted on a condom (of course I brought my own) but she treated me like I was a toxic waste dump. No kissing etc. I think you are safe with your sd.

    Calf: Is this you:
    Ain’t no use in trying to slow me down
    ‘Cause you’re running with the fastest girl in town

    Ain’t you baby?
    Well I told you I was crazy.
    No I ain’t no body’s baby.

    I thought you were our favorite sugar baby.

  93. flyr says:

    I agree the std discussion belongs elsewhere and will not comment further, if I had read the prior I not have posted.

  94. flyr says:

    @Nancy”HIV is the only thing that worries me”

    If that’s your worry you can mitigate much of it through the intelligent selection of partners. The percent of cases from hetrosexual transmission outside the most exposed groups, is miniscule. However, regardless of the probabilities, I think a pre-flight check is advisable for both.

    The probability of out of risk group hetrosexual transmission was so low that they stopped publishing the information as it was not politically acceptable.

    • NewSB says:

      So when do you ask to go get tested together? Second date? You want to preempt any physicality, but don’t want to be tooo early…

  95. California SB says:

    Tequila: Don’t forget to add that one to your Diary: “wanted to be a nun in high school”

  96. California SB says:

    If I wanted to be 100% STD free I would have stayed with the nuns when I graduated high school….(I was good catholic girl once upon a time…)

  97. California SB says:

    Nancy: You can get a STD from a freshman in college who had sex with only one girl in his life. Sorry to brake it for ya but 5K daddies are as dangerous as the dive bar goers….

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. can we stop this STD conversation, now? We all know they exist, they are there and we have to be careful. Sheeeshhhhhh.

  98. Phoneguy says:

    If you have sex with 5K daddies you wouldn’t have to worry about STIs.
    Oh my, this is amazing. Where is that popcorn eating emoticon? I can’t wait.

  99. NancySB/LA says:

    Wealth is a tangible measure of intelligence in the world. Most men who are wealthy have become that way by the sweat of their brow. They know how to make good decisions. They are not going to engage in activities with nasty people. Picking a good sexual partner is no different.
    Screening is key; if you don’t pick idiots, you don’t get drama or diseases…

  100. NancySB/LA says:

    If you have sex with 5K daddies you wouldn’t have to worry about STIs.
    HIV is the only thing that worries me. But unless your daddy is getting rammed or giving to a homosexual excon, the rate of infection is very low.
    If someone has warts, rashes or smells bad, just back off… What is the big deal?
    Like I said earlier, my SD likes an escort now and then, and I don’t care.. I know they insist on condoms. Variety is the spice of life.
    But wealthier men can afford a cleaner lifestyle and they know how to pick a healthy woman. That’s why they look at our nails, hair, clothes and habits… and they count so much…

    • Curvy Cutie SB says:

      I’m sorry but this almost made me cry.

      Ask a Doctor which is more common amongst those in that snack bracket and they will tell you Hep is. If they go for spa treatments they could be exposed.

      It is not just HIV which one has to worry about, and one could live a good lifestyle for many years HIV positive and not have it develop into AIDS.

      How about the higher end spa I know of that had to fire staff because they double dipped in the wax.. A Brazilian double dipped and it lead to some funky issues with an eyebrow wax.

      Make them get tests…

  101. Phoneguy says:

    But since protected oral sex is better, how would you recommend raising the topic of protected oral with a SD whom you’ve always had given bare oral to?
    It’s probably just easier to find a new SD and start over. 😉

  102. California SB says:

    I’m not into country songs but that little song by Miranda Lambert “Fastest Girl In Town” is pretty damn cute…

  103. California SB says:

    PS: Good girls with high morals don’t become sugars…SDs want a good girl for a sugar. Keep dreaming….

    • NewSB says:

      Not true! Some of us start because in our real wives we’re always the very good, very well behaved girls who never break the rules. It’s a walk on the wild side…

    • Punk says:

      What is good girl and what is bad girl? All depends on personal perceptions! According to the way I was raised, I’m a bad girl. But compare to the world out there… I haven’t done things enough to be called bad :).

      • Punk says:

        Anyway, when it comes to xxx
        Bad girls are the girls who bend over and said ” Give me some more!”
        Good girls are the girls who bend over and said: ” May I please have more master?” 😀

  104. California SB says:

    Punk: Smoking might cause cancer. Are people going to stop smoking? Some do, some don’t. Same with alcohol drugs…. Unprotected sex will cause STDs, pregnancy and the entitlement that you are being faithful. Some have sex without protection because they assume your partner is being faithful. I don’t assume anything. I do have unprotected sex here and there, I smoke weed and cigarettes here and there and I do drink alcohol here and there. Please, throw the first stone who doesn’t…

  105. Jack says:


    Yes, I will look forward to peeks of your majestic mountains among the mountains of Utah. As to puffery, that’s par for the course in your field of PR, is it not?

    Of course, only a personal, careful examination (in the interest of science, mind you) can distinguish puffery from the truth.


    P.S. To Punk: Please do not let CASB or anyone else scare you off from asking any question you want on this blog, STD-related or otherwise.

    It is essentially impossible to get STD’s from fomites (inanimate objects) because most of the bugs need heat and moisture to survive. as to swallowing, that does not increase the risk of STD transmission following oral because stomach acid will kill just about every bug that enters it.

    • NewSB says:

      That makes sense, thanks Jack!

      But since protected oral sex is better, how would you recommend raising the topic of protected oral with a SD whom you’ve always had given bare oral to?

    • Punk says:

      I love skiing too. I live on the East coast, learned to skii from this side for a few years. I graduated from a black diamond slope in Colorado last Winter. But I enjoy blue runs the most :). Jack, Are the slopes in Utah longer and more challenge than the ones in Colorado?

  106. Punk says:

    NanySB: Having more than one SDs have crossed my mind so many times… So tempted… But maybe no. I have debated since I have other SDs showed their interests… I even talked on the phone, met up, hang out… and got offers but I didn’t take any. Hard to believe to many people out there, but it’s all because my disciplines and my emotional attachment to this one man. Right now im Working on detaching myself and if I decide to start taking any other SD in my life, never again give out this much emotions again. Of course I would not expecting marriage or any promising future with an older gentleman… But the chemistry and attraction are as important to me as other sugar things. If I found a quality sugar lover again, I don’t need a second one at all. :). Oh practice safe sex too always! Even if after a year of dating him, still put the condoms in … Which will be a challenge for me!

  107. Punk says:

    I’m glad I found this blog. Reading posts in here open my eyes and there are so much more to learn for me. I’m not an experience person at all. Thanks to everyone!

  108. NancySB/LA says:

    Hi Punk
    Would you ever consider having a second SD on the side?

  109. Punk says:

    Thanks Curvy Cutie for the lessons… I already mentioned that I need to learn to like condoms if I wanted to play again. Your informations are very helpful, I will explore more on the products available out there. I have tried a few, not all and decided not to like them. I prefer all natural… Nothing beat it. I don’t need many sexual partners, I only want one quality one. Until it’s all over, then I will find another.

    STacy: Trust me, I sexed him up every chance I got…all my desire were onto him… He always come to me ready and loaded.. I can be obedient or take over simultaneously in bed… He showed his satisfaction and so did I. I figured, it’s just the man who enjoy varieties… Has nothing to do with how beautiful inside out as he usually tell me or how sexy his other ladies look. But my weaknesses: I love the bad boy streaks in him with such humors… and from having only one partner rule (my rule)… It’s so hard to leave a man who can satisfied you in bed and spoil you with his money, his charms, treat you like his trophy some how…never a frown when i be next to him…I can get all wet just thinking about him…lol .. But when he is away and think of his other ladies…I had to compromised a lot to keep seeing him… But still… South south it headed… A punk, that’s who I am!!!

  110. Stacy says:

    Punk – you have a much simpler solution available, keep your SD so sexed up he has no time or energy for other girls 😉 but NEVER give an SD so much power and control you can’t leave him, you’re a commodity not a liability.

  111. Punk says:

    Ok no more STDs questions. Cali Sb I see you have multiple partners, don’t your partners Ever question? If you have 4 partners and each of your partner have other many partners and keep multiplying :). Just a thought. No more questions on STDs.

    • Curvy Cutie SB says:

      If you can’t handle adult consequences… Don’t play adult games.

      The only person here who has openly said they are not adult enough to use a condom is you dear… And on top of that your argument about “not liking the smell” of them… Is a moot point. Let ME teach YOU some safer sex OPTIONS:

      The “smell” you are commenting upon is typically lubricant or latex (depending on where the smell issue occurs. It is not a requirement for safer sex.

      Non-Latex condoms in polyurethane condoms or polyisoprene condoms do NOT emit the same smell. Shop around… There are a variety of brands. Some “sexual aide” stores will even sell individual ones so you could try before you buy a box.

      There are female condoms as well but I find they are thicker and make a funky crinkling noise at times…That said… YOU would have full control over condom use and would be inserting it prior to play (up to hours ahead) so YOU would be protected sexually. Regardless of your partner wanting to wear a condom.

      There are NON-Latex dental dams as well. Hot Dam makes a 6 inch x 8 inch sheet of polyeurathane which has NO latex scent to it because there is NO latex.

      Lubricant should be water based, or hemp based. Neither have the same scent as the glycerine based ones which most have issues with. If you are into anal sex, or sex in the water (pools, lakes, oceans, etc.) try a silicone one or a silicone/water combo (a new product development that is a nicer feel).

      Your excuse of not liking the smell tells me you’ve not searched enough… You’ve likely had limited exposure to the many varieties out there.

  112. California Sb says:

    My SD#3 loved Frank’s SBs lines…. of course I tweaked them some, but hey it made him smile. 😛 Ahhh the holidays…. best time of year to get sugar bonuses!!! Woohooo!!!

  113. California Sb says:

    Oh, god the STD discussion? STD discussions and prostitution discussions are not welcome here cuzzzzzzzzz they lead to nowhere. We all know what they are and how to get it.

  114. Punk says:

    Sorry for the over lapping post.
    It supposed to be like this:
    Thanks Jack and Stacy for your responding.
    like Stacy said, it’s time to find different lover. But I have problem with trust. I have to learn to use condoms and dental dam 🙂 since I love sex.
    Even Jack said it’s fairly low to catch STDs through orals, I think you don’t need an open sores… Just small cuts or skin abrasion in the mouth (from brushing teeth or eating tough food like chips) would put you at high risk if you have oral sex with an infected person. :). Hard to protect yourself isn’t it? I love sex, love to have fun, love the sugars… But…. I have been gone for months without sex… Got SD offered but think of my last sugar… I got nervous.

    My story:
    First of all, I hate condoms and can not stand the smell of the products, I also don’t like anysmell of sexual aids products and prefer all natural. That is why I discipline to one and only one partner… In which I dated this one person for the past year. He is a great person in many aspects. Almost like a dream come true lover for me :(. Early on in the relationship, we were both clear that we are tested and disease free. He said he only date one woman at a time… I trusted him and have unprotected sex. Later on, I found out that he has other ladies beside me… 🙁 … Couldn’t break up with him so I ignored whatever else in his life and focused only in how he sugars me and enjoy whatever I could … I get tested often and the results are always negative but i always worry and not being as pleasant as usual… So the sugar went sour of course.

  115. Punk says:

    Thanks Jack and Stacy for responding.
    Like Stacy said, it’s time to find a different lover. But again, back to the trust… I have to learn to like condoms. Or using dental dam for orals lol. Even Jack thinks it’s fairly low to catch STDs through orals, you don’t need open sores but you can get small cuts or abrasion easily from brushing your teeth or from eating food as well… I am still afraid that the risk is quite high if you have Couldn’t break up with him so I ignored whatever else in his life and focused only in how he sugars me and enjoy whatever I could … I get tested often and the results are always negative but i always worry and not being as pleasant as usual… So the sugar went sour of course.

  116. Stacy says:

    ^Frank – try getting that one to stick. “I promise baby, I caught it from the toilet seat.” Which leads to the question, why were you rubbing yourself on the toilet seat so intimately. I don’t know what you’re doing in public bathrooms, but for most of us genital-toilet contact never comes into play. STD’s don’t travel up your legs.

  117. frank says:

    I appreciate everyone’s concern, and I am keeping an open mind about whether my former sb is sincere about her statements. She was punished for her failure to communicate with me and her failure to show up for our date. She is being rewarded for her apologies and her actions at our last meeting to make up for lost time. 🙂 so I am going forward and hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst. Somehow, I think that’s how sugar should be.

    When I was skiing, we liked to go out to Dillon, outside of Denver, and go to a different ski resort everyday. But the first time I went out west we went to Big Sky, and I still remember the beauty of that place and of Lone Peak.

    Oral sex and std’s? I guess its possible, but theoretically can’t you catch it from a towel, bath tub or toilet seat?

  118. Stacy says:

    Punk – if he is receiving oral sex from other women, he could be susceptible to gonoreah – which can be transferred from the back of the throat (big article in the New Yorker about this). Seems more that HE should be getting tested, AND you should be using condoms. Which you’re right, sort of ruins the fun of providing oral pleasures. SB’s don’t get health insurance ;), I think it’s time to find an SD who isn’t such a health risk.

  119. Stacy says:

    ^ Jack – peeks of my majestic mountains ;)? … maybe a bit of puffery, you’ve seen my photos – perfect peaks may be a better alliteration 😉

  120. Jack says:


    You describe one of my favorite things to do after an awesome day on the slopes–warming up in a jacuzzi, preferably outdoors, while looking at the majestic mountain peaks, with great company and peeks of our own!


  121. Jack says:


    Your questions are sort of all over the map, but I will try to address:

    1) Although “oral” CAN transmit STD’s, for various interesting reasons, it is not an efficient way to transmit STDs. Therefore, the risk with “oral” is fairly low, although it is never zero. The integrity of the skin or mucosal surface is important to prevention of STD transfer, therefore, if there are open sores during any sort of sexual content, the risk of STD transfer increases substantially.

    2) Asking for TD “records” may be a good idea, although the older the “records” are, the less meaningful. A better idea is for both parties to get tested together early on in the relationship, although selling that might be problematic.

    3) Getting “tested every three months” is a bit like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. The key, as you pointed out, is prevention. Based on your partner’s habits, I think condom use is a very good idea.


    • NewSB says:

      This is probably a really dumb question, but does swallowing increase the risk? I didn’t even think of condoms for oral, now I’m concerned…

  122. Phoneguy says:

    Oh no, the STD conversation. Guru, ready the icon!

  123. Punk says:

    Hello experts!
    I see doctors, experienced sugars with sex in this blog… Hope you will help me out. I have a question about STDs. Since oral sex would spread STDs as well. The mouth is the dirtiest place in a human body and the vagina is the most sensitive and clean place (assume no infections). Do you ask for the STDs records before getting intimate at all? If there is a chance you can’t trust a person. Put on the condoms before oral seems to be a turn off… Or receiving orals only could be dangerous. I love sex, and do not wish to have sex with multiple people. But my sexual partner seems don’t mind to kiss or receive orals from different ladies. Only when
    have hard core then he is more careful and think of pregnancy and STDs… I enjoy him so much and it was hard to go back to condoms since we already had unprotected sex. I have a semi permanent form of contraceptive to protect me from getting pregnant but with his habits…. I have to go tested every 3 months while having him as the only sexual partner. I found myself always worry. I’m thinking if I go date someone else…. I will have to worry the same….cause most men with money don’t mind to sleep with different ladies since they can afford to. I’m thinking I’m sleeping with this one person same as I’m sleeping with all other ladies he’s sleeping with. Am I worrying too much???

  124. frank says:

    peeks and perks!!

  125. Stacy says:

    Well Jack, I do find that a relaxing soak in a nice Park City hot tub, accompanied by a rich, sultry, red wine helps ease the muscles after a day on the slopes. A little wine, nice conversation, and hot bubbly water – you never know what kind of peeks one might get. 😉

  126. ContentSB says:

    @Frank — Nooo 🙁 I really don’t like that she wasn’t there for you when you needed her. You rewarded bad behavior…Guru’s number 1 no no. You’re too smart to fall for her bs lines. I think the things she said *could* be true under different circumstances…because there are genuine SBs and SDs…but she seems to only come around when it’s convenient for her. No matter how warm and fuzzy her lines make you feel, be smarter than that. I think it’s safe to say everyone here wants you to be happy, just not under false pretenses.

  127. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Flyr and @Frank
    “There’s always he possibility that she is being honest”
    I don’t think she’s being honest, but if you’re honestly happy again, frank, then all i can say is CONGRATULATIONS!

  128. Flyr says:


    There’s always he possibility that she is bing honest

  129. Jack says:

    Yes, Stacy, it’s always been my experience that skiing (and so many other activities) are best enjoyed with a bright, beautiful, athletic and genuinely nice woman at my side. What “peeks” did you have in mind among the “peaks” and “valleys”?


  130. Stacy says:

    ^Frank: Why wouldn’t she mean them? You were generous and caring with her (probably translating to the bedroom), you’re clearly a man who likes women and likes listening to us prattle. Every word she said could be true – but she still wasn’t there for you when you needed her. Don’t let sweet words make you forget her character. Men say (and mean) sweet words without follow through all the time.

  131. frank says:

    calif-hope those lines work for you as well as they did for my sb. I know its bs but they worked on me, and my heart is still warm from hearing them.

    Back when I skied, Park City was a favorite of mine.

  132. Stacy says:

    @Jack – Park City’s peaks, peeks, and valleys are far more fun with us “younguns” in tow.

  133. flyr says:

    /CASB – I think you need to use the lines with care…… may have unintended consequences

  134. California SB says:

    Frank: I’m off to meet SD#3. Ill throw at him some of your SBs lines… ahah 😛

  135. flyr says:

    New SB I think it was Stowe

  136. California SB says:

    I rather be in Malibu…. skiing is definitely not my thing. 😛

  137. Jack says:

    Good to see we have so many black-diamond skiers.

    NewSB, I don’t think Maine has much skiing, but strangely enough, I learned to ski at Killington, VT, when I was in college at Brandeis, near Boston. But, alas, as we already know, your allowance range is far outside my desired range, so I don’t think skiing is in our future.

    Content, I’ve skiied almost everywhere in the US–except Montana. Maybe I’ll have to change that in Feb or March!

    And Stacy, had an interesting experience in Park City 15 years ago. Took a hell of a tumble on a 45-degree double-black-diamond slope, and dislocated my left shoulder. My oncologist ski partner didn’t have a clue what to do but I talked him through putting my shoulder back in (while ski patrol was watching and thinking we’d lost our minds!), which he did, and then we skiied down.

    But notwithstanding that fun experience, I’m ready to ski Utah again soon!


    • NewSB says:

      Sunday River in Maine is pretty nice, that’s where I usually go! Then again, I haven’t tried west coast skiing so I can’t say much regarding the alleged iciness differences (other than that stumbling upon a big patch of ice on a black diamond trail is certainly not unheard of and definitely not fun). And hmm, for Aspen I might make an exception…

  138. frank says:

    YES calif, the beauty of having a sugar!

    Feel free to adopt and adapt any of those lines, they are classic.

  139. flyr says:

    Thanks CASB

  140. California SB says:

    For Brubeck fans (he passed away this in week), search for Take 5 1966 on youtube. The best moment is 2:00 to 2:33 when he plays off Paul Desmond and smile mischievously.

  141. flyr says:

    New SB When I was living in Boston some friends from school took me skiing . I didn’t make many friends when I asked , these are your mountains?

  142. California SB says:

    Flyr:”The truly best are frequently off the menu and require a diligent search.”


  143. flyr says:


    “but the best dishes are a la carte, sir.”

    The truly best are frequently off the menu and require an diligent search.

    For SD’s there’s a broad gulf between being stupid and being generous to the deserving . And with age also comes a greater appreciation for quality.

  144. California SB says:

    Throw some good lines at a guy…. they melt. Ahhh the beauty of being a sugar….

  145. California SB says:

    I do give her credit Frank, those are great lines I might start using them myself: “You really helped me to discover my sexuality, and not only that, I feel like we are friends”. LOL LOL

  146. California SB says:

    Frank: “where is Calif so she can remind me of what a great actress a sb has to be”

    I am happy you do recognize that, dear. She was obviously short on cash….. 🙂

  147. California SB says:

    Flyr: ” were engaging in a price fixing conspiracy”

    Price fix, huh? Unlimited buffet, all night? Sorry, but the best dishes are a la carte, sir.

  148. frank says:

    Make up sex is great. Got back with my former sb and we had a great time!

    She told me she missed me, that I was a great lover, and she treasured our time together. She says: You really helped me to discover my sexuality, and not only that, I feel like we are friends. You gave me advice and listened. Im always genuinely concerned about what’s going on in yours

    Now where is Calif so she can remind me of what a great actress a sb has to be.

    I think this aspect of sugar is great, it allows me to think for just a moment that the sands of time haven’t taken all of my looks, prowess and sexiness away, and that a charming pretty woman would enjoy spending time with me.

  149. Treasured says:


    May a suggest a housekeeper?

    Me ain’t no cooking breakfast, dinner AND do the clean up. The guy mixed up Sugardating and looking for staff 😀

    Re. Jack and Flyr – boys, it’s not fair! A hotel party and me, Tina and Cali were not invited! Tsk Tsk!

    Re. Miss travel – since I already have to travel to see my admirers, for me it is the same, really. I copied my profile off here, chose “looking for a SD option” and that’s it.
    To travel without an allowance, well, a person sertainly has to appeal to me.

    All have a fun WE:)))

  150. flyr says:

    Man, I take a full day off the board to do some honest work and come back to this.

    I think a number of our most vibrant SB blog participants would have felt honored, were they a fly on the wall, by Jack’s and my discussion of the world of sugar, the good, the bad and the weird.

    I don’t share my affection for sugar with friends, associates etc. for a variety of reasons including my privacy and their frustrationknowing that I am spending wonderful evenings with an intelligent younger woman . My married friends would loose sleep, governmental clients would be titilated and I might lose my status as Uncle Flyr.

    There were those earlier suggestions that our nefarious meeting fell afoul of the Sherman Anti Trust laws as two of 50,000 SD’s were were engaging in a price fixing conspiracy that would control the other 49,998 SD’s and several hundred thousand SB’s . If I thought it was true I would need a rockstar mentality.

    I don’t think I have ever shared a beer with a SB. Lots of fine Pinots and wonderful Martinis used to salute the fact that the sun is once again over the yardarm. At least somewhere…….An occasional Fish House Punch made to the Trader Vic’s recipe or a great margureitta .

    Although I did not realize it at the time we share a great reservation about the social pressure put on women to get breast enhancement in order to be accepted as a desirable woman. We arrive at that attutude from very different directions. One of my most wonderful adventures was with a tall model who was also an heiress, her dirtbag fiance was pressuring her to get a boobjob by preying on her insecurities.

    Anyway that’s the story and I am sticking to it.


  151. Stacy says:

    Northern – Vegas!!! Just an easy one hour flight from me!!!! 😉

    Jack, I’m a Utah girl, grew up on the slopes – Utah snow has been branded the greatest on earth, why hit Vail when you can hit Park City … and me 😉

  152. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    Northern… Grab your passport and head to Toronto. Wet… Fun… Party. Yeppers… we have that. But no snow!

  153. northernsd says:

    Very wet manmade snow. I am thinking I may be heading to Vegas tomorrow. There is always a party in vegas

  154. ContentSB says:

    Oooh me! Although I prefer skiing in MT at either Big Sky or Big Mountain (now Whitefish Mountain Resort) because the quality is just as awesome as CO, without the tourists and time wasting chair lift lines 🙂

  155. Jack says:

    Hey Northern,

    I’ll be in Aspen and Steamboat next month–how’s the snow? Do we have any black-diamond skiers here?

    And as to the Flyr-Jack liason topic–isn’t that a nice change of pace from the nasty arguing of before? Pretty slick change of topic, no?

    Everybody is getting a kick rather than getting cranky! I likes it!


    • Curvy Cutie SB says:

      *raises hand* I use to spend entire winters on the slopes… not lately though. LOL

    • NewSB says:

      I’m a Black Diamond skiier! I’m certifiably addicted to the snow and any/all winter sports. I’ve never done any west coast skiing, but I love going up to Maine for the weekend (Sunday River, anyone?). I neeeeeed to be on a mountain, ASAP!

  156. California SB says:

    Northern… we sugar babies are all busy this friday night… but you can try Jack or Flyr… they might be available for “a beer”. wink wink…

  157. northernsd says:

    Vail sucks alone! I need a wingman/woman. It is very dead here.

  158. leila says:

    @CaliSB & Curvy cutie. I am equally puzzled by flyrer-jack rendezvous..a woman of my stature should not have to compete with Jack,lol! He needs to step back.

    • Curvy Cutie SB says:

      I just laughed so loudly… In the most unladylike manner… My first SD would be horrified with my lack of composure. I LOVE IT! Thank you!

  159. California SB says:

    Flyr: I have to ask this…. Did you get your allowance from Jack in 20s, 50s or Benjamins? ROTL

  160. California SB says:

    Flyr & Jack the newly weds… sooooo who’s the thrower and who’s the pitcher? 😛

  161. Tina says:

    @JaTSD: well, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, especially since I haven’t eaten lunch yet (and it’s almost 4pm here) and my brain isn’t ready for a debate with you. 😛

  162. Jack says:

    Yup, ladies, you’re reading it right. Happened this summer.

    Just gto prove the point that unless you know the whole story, one can jump to some really interesting (and incorrect) conclusions. Hmmm . . . am I trying to make a point?


    And Frank, yes, I’ve done a lot of boob research–all for the benefit of science, you understand.

    It’s been a tough job, but hey, somebody’s got to do it!


  163. California SB says:

    Am i reading this right…. jack and flyr met in person? In a hotel room???? Lol

  164. JustATequilaSD says:

    I like efficiency and simplicity. Even though I believe all of us would learn to navigate from an actual forum board, the easy, simple straightforward style blog allows even the techno-challenged to easily post and be drawn in to the fun. The current blog topics board is also very simple navigation. In 2 clicks I’m always back to where the story left off in most cases.

  165. Tina says:

    Wait, Flyr with a man purse? Hmmmm, hotness factor now taken down a notch.

    Flyr: the quintessential SD AND SB! 😉 Playing both sides my dear? 🙂

  166. Tina says:

    @JaTSD: always the cynic aren’t you? But I was thinking the same thing, I just wanted to see how the reply to a comment worked (i.e. if it flagged as new and how hard it was to see it). I like being the guinea pig on techie things……….

    It would also be nice if the comments indented slightly from the post it was commenting on – more forum style.

  167. Frank says:

    Jack- it sounds like you have done a lot of field research on the boob question.

    I like them natural as well, but there was a well known lawyer in my town that whenever he got a new girl friend that was the first thing he bought her, err or should I say the first things he bought her.

    Was it flyr that bought me a drink the other day, sorry I didn’t know you two were an item. I will bow out gracefully.

  168. JustATequilaSD says:

    The thing about blogging comment/reply forum style is that for it to work best, we’d need a forum topics board. Similar to a table of contents, so that way we could see topics that have had new things added, along with the latest replies (which would tie to the original comment). I have no problem keeping up with several topics at once. But I think it would require more navigation focus by participants, rather than the stumble in, read the latest new stuff, comment, stumble out. In it’s present incarnation, no one will take the time to scroll up to my new reply to a 5 day old comment. No one even knows it’s there. I do like the cleaner look of the blog interface.

    • NewSB says:

      Agreed! First I really liked this, but it’s already getting old having to scroll through and check if anyone has said anything entertaining in response to something old/dry

  169. Phoneguy says:

    Did you leave an envelope on the night stand for him?
    Guru, they don’t like it on the nightstand…tuck it into his (man)purse. 😉

  170. Jack says:

    Hey, Guru, that’s between Flyr and I!

    Big LOL!

  171. Jack says:

    Funny but true–You know where Flyr and I actually met?

    In a hotel room in Anaheim! No kidding.

    I had my girls with me so I couldn’t go meet him out-and-about so he drove down to Anaheim and we chewed the fat for a couple of hours in my hotel room while my girls were watching TV.

    True story!


  172. NewSB says:

    @Tina Thanks for the advice! Yes, he does seem lovely – I’ll reach out as a friend 🙂

    @OzSD Nothing of the sort. My intellectualism is definitely just as attractive 😉

  173. Jack says:


    How much do you charge just to say “hi”? LOL.

    Just FYI, NewSB, I have made quite a few friends on this blog (and off this blog) for the reasons Tina stated and other reasons. I even met Flyr when I took my girls to Disneyland earlier this year, and even though he was hot (LOL!), I wasn’t interested in an arrangement with him either!

    Tain’t all just about making arrangments for me!


  174. OzSD says:

    @NewSB definitely more than just your body..no false modesty now….

  175. NewSB says:

    @Jack I would ( you seem like a sweetie) but I’m over that 3k limit you mentioned earlier…sorry!

    • Tina says:

      You might want to just say hi. Jack is a wonderful person, and even if you’re not his SB, he’s willing to help you out on things (ahem, like updating your resume) if you ask. 🙂

  176. Jack says:


    I did a pediatric internship in LA from 1981 to 1982 (after medical school), and practiced both peds and ER medicine after that. Quit the peds practice and did only ER during and after doing a residency in emergency medicine from 1985 to 1987.

    I practiced ER medicine in a very upscale area (the mid-peninsula, south of San Francisco) and hundreds of patients I saw over the years had had implants (out of approx. 50,000 patients seen in my ER career). So I had a fair deal of experience with implants. But I did want to disclose that I wasn’t a plastic surgeon and did not consider myself an expert in the field.

    NewSB, I’d love to see your “amazing legs.” Pop in and say hi! 989322.


  177. Frank says:

    Both of you gals sound perfect to me! Maybe Newbe and curvy in the changing booth/ hot hot hot

  178. NewSB says:

    It’s a deal!

  179. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    NewSB… If I wear a v-neck or lower cut top that is designed to sit at the top of cleavage I look a bit slutty (which is fun so I embrace it). If I wear a top that is designed to SHOW it off… I show 3-4 inches of breast and still have over 2/3rds hidden. Women do not like it and men tend to even get a touch uncomfortable in certain situations.

    I’ll trade you some boobs for the ability to wear hotpants. Really I will. *giggle*

  180. NewSB says:

    I get your point (and I do wear a padded bra – VS Bombshell all the way) but the best push-up in the world won’t give a flat chested girl cleavage. So v-necks and low-cut tops are a no…but I have amazing legs, so I guess I’ll just be in turtlenecks and hot pants for the rest of my life.

  181. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    flyr… Not all large breasts are somewhat lethargic. Just had to say that!

    frank… I set up a flickr account… Uploaded a cropped image… Right clicked the image and pasted the URL. And thank you.

    Guru… LOL! I agree… I prefer the size of breasts over size of allowance topic as well! Not to mention the 2 SB’s in a change room. Have you been channeling my naughty thoughts? Or past deeds?

    NewSB… It is easier to wear a padded bra, then it is to buy 1-3 sizes up and tailor your clothing in the shoulders, waist, hips, etc.

  182. NewSB says:

    @OzSD That’s a risk, so I’ll probably skip it…I’m delightfully hypersensitive all over and I don’t want to give even part of that up 🙂 What can I say? My body was made for hedonistic pursuits.

  183. OzSD says:

    @NewSB – smouldering I can believe 🙂 how about an inferno? Had no clue who Kelly Ripa is until just now….what is your complaint?? You can where some fantastic sexy ensemble (sorry love that word).

    Without getting myself too distracted 🙂 isn’t there an issue with sensitivity of the nipples after augmentation? I maybe wrong, but please go with natural 🙂

  184. NewSB says:

    @Jack @OzSD @flyr Thank you! It’s great to hear a guy’s perspective (and that small up top doesn’t matter as much as the media would make you think).

    @OzSD WHO are you?? Want.

    @ILoveWestCoastGirl I’m size 0 (but actually – as in that’s what I wear on shoots and the runway, not a J Crew ‘size 0’ that’s really a good size 4). So I’m very small. I’m not very tall. BUT, clothes are exactly why I’m thinking about implants! Assuming guys don’t care, that is. I love fashion, but what I can wear as far as dresses and shirts is so limited because I’m flat as a board on top. I have seen A cups with way more going on up there than me.I guess I do have Kelly Ripa boobs, but without all the sinew. But the nonexistence is the same. And it’s so frustrating to have more than half of the dresses/shirts not work for me! I can pretty much just wear high necked tops because of that absent decolletage 🙁 Pity, because the rest of me is smoldering hot.

  185. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Jennifer .

    If it was a diamond member – it is income verified member (who showed SA stuff his last year tax return).
    If your SD wanted to spy on you he could have created a regular profile – non verified .
    Do not delete your account – just HIDE it , then new people (with who you did not contacted before you hid it ) can not see your profile , but you can contact any guy you can see (who did not hide his profile) on SA of you would choose.
    And if you need to activate your account just unhide it or/and put your public photo – so you do not need to wait for profile approval or create a new e mail.

    Married , $ 1000 in 2 months ? and wants exclusivity ? seriously ?

    I would say he does not care about you (your needs or sex with you) too much .?
    (pls keep in mind some guys just can not stop shopping in candy store and keep trying different candies ).

    Being here for a year ! 🙂 yes, it was more than 1 year ago then I came my first advise here 🙂
    I would not trust a guy even if I see he deleted his profile , he might as well has accounts at other 3-5 sugar sites 🙂
    I hope you used a condom coz in my experience then guys mention “exclusivity ” they want/ mean no condom. ?

  186. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    If you are size 0 to A cup – it is not only about attractiveness for guys or self image or self esteem things… BUT
    (guys you do not need to read and comment you would not understand) BUT how
    Your blouses and dresses ! fit you. if you r empty at the top it is difficult to find a dress that would flatter you (unless you put a good push up bra), but if it is summer and hot – you do not want to wear heavy push up all the time .
    It is hard to shop! and hard look good coz a lot of types of dress cuts assume you have at least good A breast.
    R u Kelly Rippa type breast ; it is pailful for me 🙂 to look at her chest (even thought usually she has a padded bra and 2 padded camis on her 🙂

    How tall r you ? everything have to be proportional ? But any way , at any height … I would not recommend go bigger than medium B size.
    Or stay with your natural breast and for the rest of your live do not buy dresses that might accentuate the absents of breast . And it is a LOT of good stuff you would not be able to buy 🙂

    I thought you were a pediatric ! ER doc – and you write about breasts ” from my medical experience ”
    kids have implants now days ? or you worked in adult ER as well?

  187. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    2 SBs at once at VS couple fitting room ! Bad boy 🙂

    It is funny at my job I mentioned I enjoyed watching VS show and one girl said “they do not sell lingerie they sell sex” “you would not want you daughter to get pregnant at age of 15 y old”
    I said I have a son 🙂 so she said “or your son make someone pregnant “.

    Other women were very reserved about the VS show, very up tight people . no fun.

  188. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    “Hate to give away trade secrets but when I know am going to meet an SB and I’m fairly sure there is some form of chemistry then I open a post office box, leave some very nice wrapped items in it and send them the key. There hasn’t been one SB who hasn’t appreciated that. ”

    Oz SD
    Did you mean before the first meet up ? You send them the PO box key ?
    Then a girl had to give you her name and address to get the key ? and you ask girls who have not met you (or may be met 1 time) “what is your mailing address? And last name? ” they do not think it is a bit strange ?

    I would not give my address to a guy with who I had only a few phone conversation or met once my info ? can you just bring the gift wrapped box ? And save me trip to post office ? I am busy , I personally would not appreciate a pot SD would add one more “to do ” thing on my 20 lines “to do ” list – drive to post office , do not forget the key (in a different purse ) , what time post office is get closed / open ?

    may be you could put
    it in my purse then “I am not looking” and I will be surprised as I open my purse in home?

    could a girl be scared it is a set up ? May be the guy is a drug dealer and sending her to check if the police (and James Bond:) is not watching this pO box. ?

    • OzSD says:


      Have you had maybe a touch too much glucose (I know you could never have too much sugar)?

      1. After I have had a few lengthy conversations and email exchanges and we agree to meet, I open the PO Box in my name at a post office in a central location or, if I have gleaned from being attentive in our communication, the region (i.e eastern part of the city, southern part of the city etc) which she lives, works, travels through etc, so that she is able to access it without undue inconvenience or expense.

      2. I then advise her of the above and that she can pick up the key at the relevant post office in her name. I obviously advise the post office staff that this will occur. I never ask an SB for an address.

      3. No SB has ever freaked out or accused me of stalking. But maybe I should apologize for adding unduly to the burden of their To Do List.

      4. As yet, I haven’t had contact from an SB who thought we in a real life version of Get Shorty with the Feds watching the post box. But I’d be happy to do my best to arrange some faux police or enemy agents to hang around in sunglasses and look suspicious if she felt this added to atmosphere.

  189. Jennifer says:

    Hello everyone:) a little advise will highly be appreciated.
    Some guy contacted me yesterday,it says on his profile that he’s 31 and makes 10 million a year, from north carolina ,diamond member,and looks like the profile was created 3 days ago…i replied to his email and told him I preferred a local since I am a full time student in Ohio. He responded immediately and said ” i am from ohio too but I am just cautious on here.I was going to get back to him now and and realized that he’s deleted his profile.

    Could it be my current SD that i met 2 months ago playing spy games? he wants to be exclusive and i had no problem with that,he asked me what i want for my allowance and told him 2k a month and he said “Let’s see how consistent we can be and then see about monthly.For now we will just have a pro-rated amount if that was ok with me” and I thought that was a fair deal. So I’ve seen him twice in the last 2 mnths and both times he gave me 500.He deleted his account as soon as we started seeing each other and I guess he expected the same thing from my end,which I think is not fair since I’ve been waiting for him to bring up the allowance and he hasn’t.I can’t be exclusive with a married man who has given me 1000 in 2 months….

    Your opinions and suggestions on how to go about this whole thing will really help,pleeeease!

  190. frank says:

    Curvy-nice eyes, but how in the world did you do that?


    • SD Guru says:

      “the toffee is not as sticky and hard, more creamy… I’m waiting for Guru to pop in and ask if I’m delivering it nekkid…”

      Let’s see, not sticky, more creamy, and delivered nekkid…. How can I say no to that! 😛

      “The models just make me want to buy everything they sell lol.”

      In that case the show has done its job!


      The topic of VS brings back fond memories… once upon a time I took two SB’s shopping on Michigan Ave and we all ended up in the dressing room on the second floor at VS…

      By the way, I much prefer the size of the boobs topic to size of the allowance topic! :mrgreen:

      • Tina says:

        Of COURSE you can have my toffee Guru! Especially after that comment re: 2 SBs in a VS dressing room….gRRRRrRRRRrRRRRrRRRRrrr

        (Plus I wanted to comment to you to see how a reply looks in the middle of a blog…..)

  191. flyr says:

    Jumping into the boob fray again, buth without Jack’s medical knowledge I can only speak with the voice of an avid consumer of fine brests.

    ;, the presence of implants has usually been a yellow flag to me. I look at plastic boobs in the same light as the Vitton bag, irrelevant to the real woman. It’s fine with me if she loves them but it is not relevant to my experience.

    There will always be a woman with larger breasts, so why not just be a better woman with wonderful natural breasts.

  192. OzSD says:

    Jack is spot on.
    Surgical/non surgical enhancements have come a very long way. 10 years ago people the results (in my view) tended to be ‘fake looking’. These days this isn’t the case and it means that it’s increasingly likely for people (of either gender) to have surgery to address their self image/perception.

    Obviously for very vulnerable people there are still pitfalls, but for most people it’s fine to want to feel better about yourself. No one should ever do anything because they have been told they should by somebody else.

    @ NewSB – the funny thing about men is that we strain our necks every single day looking at a particular ‘type’ of female appearance, stereotypically blond and big breasted, but when it actually comes down to who turns us on, who we want to spend time with, it’s hardly ever who we superficially gawk at in the street 🙂 SDs might think things are different in the sugarbowl but I bet they really aren’t. Bottom line – you sound adorable, don’t have surgery 🙂

  193. Jack says:

    I agree with Flyr and only write to reinforce his comments and add a couple more.

    First, I also prefer the natural look, and especially so when the implants are really obvious, as would occur when a small A was augmented to a C. Even a submuscular implant would look quite obvious when going from a small A to a C ( speak as a retired emergency physician, not a plastic surgeon)..

    Second, every surgery has its risk, minor as it may be. Specifically as to implants, medicine has had a long history of placing implants we thought were safe, only to encounter problems later on. Yes, we think the current crop of implants is better than the previous ones–but we thought that about the previous ones, too.

    Finally, NewSB, think hard about why you would want implants and how big of a difference they would make to your happiness. I cannot advise you on that–only you can answer that question–but I’ve had a fair number of patients who concluded that the issue they were really trying to address with their implants wasn’t breast size but a sense of insecurity about themselves. Give that some thought and if you feel it’s applicable, search deep within and you will figure out what is right for you. I can only say that I have dated women with big breasts and little ones, and everything in between, and I cannot remember a single case where breast size was a key determinant of how the relationship went. Perhaps in the sugarbowl that conclusion might be somewhat different, but is the sugarbowl enough of a reason to have surgery?


  194. flyr says:

    Should have added I have nothing but warm kisses for D’s too . But in the big picture it’s more aobout the rest of the woman. The exception of course is the seeker of arm candy and if that’s your goal then you probably need to measure up.

  195. flyr says:

    Re breasts

    I really prefer a happy A with sensitive nipples than a somewhat lethargic D . Am really opposed to women getting boob jobs other than to compensate for surgery.

    I have seen so many young women who felt pressured to get implants become so thankful in later years that they rejected the idea. I know many small breasted, late developing women were tormented in high school and suffered in college. Their years of revenge are ahead. At 45 they are just starting to reach their prime.

    If you are worried about undersized breasts it’s a signal that there is something else you should be worried about.

  196. Tina says:

    @OzSD: Kansas is only overrated if you’re not a country girl 🙂 And nekkid baked goods has been an offer to Guru for quite a few months now that he hasn’t taken me up on 😉 (Actually, the baked goods part was my idea, the nekkid delivery was his via ContentSBs suggestion – from a few blogs back….)

  197. JustATequilaSD says:

    @OZsd and @NewSB

    “is blog flirting kosher”
    Flirting? go for it. I’m currently being relentlessly pursued on the blog by a girl that wants to dress me up in genie clothes, and have me rub her lamp for 150 hours straight, another that wants me to show her my toffee, and another that wants to tie me up because of something said. (Y’all know who y’all are.) 😀

    But on a more serious note, I think the only thing that someone mentioned about blogmances that turn into real encounters is to have the decency not to smear one another if and when it ends.

  198. OzSD says:

    @Tina – Kansas was always overrated and I’ve now caught up with ur offer to the Guru 🙂

  199. Tina says:

    @OzSD: flirting on the blog? You’re not in Kansas anymore my dear! 🙂

    (You obviously read one of my posts since you agreed with me on the phone conversation to scope out initial chemistry being a must, but maybe you missed the one before it where I stated that I would be delivering nekkid baked goods to Guru? 😉 )

  200. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    flirting! Yes… looks like it to me.

    *sits back and enjoys the show*

  201. OzSD says:

    @NewSB – ooopsies myself – my wishful thinking 🙂 But I was flattered 🙂

  202. NewSB says:

    @OzSD Oopsies, I didn’t realize I was flirting! 😛

  203. OzSD says:

    @New SB is blog flirtation kosher? 🙂

    I’m sure there is no shortage of us around and with such shameless flattery you’ll have no trouble getting one 🙂

  204. NewSB says:

    @OzSD Ooh, how do I get a man like you?

  205. twiceshy says:

    Came across this statement by Jade Pinkett today.
    I thought it interesting under the topic of “misconceptions”…

    “I am sure the men, who restructured our societies from cultures that honored woman, had no idea of the outcome. They had no idea that eventually, even men would render themselves empty and longing for meaning, depth and connection.

    There is a deep sadness when I witness a man that can’t recognize the emptiness he feels when he objectifies himself as a bank and truly believes he can buy love with things and status. It is painful to witness the betrayal when a woman takes him up on that offer.

    He doesn’t recognize that the [creation] of a half woman has contributed to his repressed anger and frustration of feeling he is not enough. He then may love no woman or keep many half women as his prize.”

    Food for thought? A misconception? confusion?

  206. OzSD says:

    With the whole ‘naked’ and with the whole SB/SD dynamic I’m a total believer in a middle way. Basically it’s way out of line for either to think they can take without giving – thinking about how you would feel if things were reversed – the mind boggles 🙂

    I don’t do money upfront – no way. It says to me that the SB has an excessively mercenary approach. But I ALWAYS give some quality gift/s before meeting it’s only the classy and considerate thing to do.

    For me the whole thing is equally about my self perception as much as her expectation. I don’t want to be the sort of person who doesn’t show some class and appreciation upfront, just as much as I wouldn’t want to meet an SB who wanted whatever amount in cash before meeting me for dinner.

    But I only meet SBs who I’ve emailed first and then talked on the phone with for minimum of 2 weeks (not longer than 3). Phone calls are a must! An SB above said it’s the best way to tell initial chemistry and they are right! You have to be able to talk to each other or else what’s the point.

    Hate to give away trade secrets 🙂 but when I know am going to meet an SB and I’m fairly sure there is some form of chemistry then I open a post office box, leave some very nice wrapped items in it and send them the key. There hasn’t been one SB who hasn’t appreciated that. From then agreed allowances kick in and I can never help myself I’m always buying gifts as well.

  207. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @JATSD… I use to go to London, Ontario often. I’ve lived all over the provice, and indeed the entire country. Presently I am about 45 minutes from downtown Toronto. *grin*

    The world is indeed round… And Orgasms make it go round!

    @thickbeauty… Take the time to go through the listings local to you. I have been pleasantly surprised to find a fair number of them looking for… ME. I know I am an aquired taste and not going to suit those looking for someone who is a size 4-8, but darned if I don’t have a growing short list. Some look promising, and some I move on from but it takes time, and work. Good luck hun and try to remember. There are 100+ size 4-8’s. There are a handful of stunning thick or ultra curvy women on the site. *soft smile* It works to our advantage sometimes.

    @frank… In case you miss it… Scroll up. I linked a pic of my eyes. It is a small one, and it took a while to get approved but it is there now.

  208. WCSD says:

    I’m in agreement with Skype when it comes to being part of the process of getting to know someone (when they are remote, local, who cares, just meet for a drink and get it done). Completely agree that naked is not appropriate at all when it is a pot (now someone you are in a relationship with…different story).

    I’m still a bit amazed the number of times I’ve had women either decide to get naked, or send me something when I don’t think we are anywhere near that yet. I guess it is no different than men sending women penis pics early on (or as an introduction), but I guess I just think men are more ‘stupid’ in that regard. But apparently many women are too. Unfortunately most who have taken this approach are very scary in what I see (arrgh….thanks but no thanks and let me run now). Now that I think about it, it is probably due to the fact of not knowing the person, and having that chemistry, which really puts everything into context doesn’t it.

    @NewSB – Can’t say much more than anyone else on the boob topic. Men like what they like. I’m an ass and leg man myself, so boobs are pretty inconsequential to me. If someone is confident in what they have…that is all that is needed. But someone who is insecure about their boobs (whether they are A or DD) is something that I notice. So my advice is become confident in what you have. If the only way to gain that confidence is by an alteration, then that may be an option you should consider…but if you are confident in what you have, that is all that will matter to most.

  209. thickbeauty says:

    @CurvyCutieSB Thanks because I was getting discouraged. I did have a nice conversation with a SD, but when he asked me what I was looking for, I told him a mutual arrangement that we both can benefit from. I also told him how much I wanted & I would preferred he would come to me. He also asked for my pic & I said only if he would reciprocate. I havent heard from him since. Did I go overboard in expressing my wants? I have never done this before. I dont know the DOS & don’ts.

    @JustATequilaSD Thanks. I don’t believe I need plastics, everything is well portioned as is, nothing needs to be added lol. Oan: I know what I want from SA, but reading some of the previous posts (not all because there are too many) kinda confuses me. For instance, some say ask for money upfront, while others say get to know the SD better before asking. Which avenue will be better, or do you allow your instinct to guide you?

  210. Tina says:

    @Tequila: wow, I actually put “more creamy” instead of grammatically correct “creamier”? GEEEEEZ! That’s what happens when I don’t take the time to really read my own posts before submitting!

    And who says that post was completely innocent? 😉

  211. AnnaMW says:

    Skyping with strangers seems creepy.

  212. twiceshy says:

    @NewSB sex on skype is a no no unless you don’t care who sees the video.

    You would need to know the SD very well to even consider it. An SB did this with me, her idea, but this was after we had met and she found out what sort of person I was, and that I would of course be the last person that would want anyone to know about such a video in the first place. Far less share it!

    Cam models probably don’t care, it’s what they do. But perhaps if you really had to, you could wear a mask? 🙂

    @Stacy let me know your profile and I’ll explain how lol ;-P As you can tell, I’m one of those that doesn’t mind petite 😉

  213. NewSB says:

    That’s what I told him when he first asked and he said I was being paranoid and frigid. I’m glad to hear that I’m not crazy for having that be the first thing that I though when he made the request!

  214. JustATequilaSD says:

    re: Zach and naked skype
    With the right technology and the right mindset, you could record it, and gather enough of them to create an entire website of amateur porn. Then when they try to sue you, your good lawyer would try to slip it under public domain, or say it was a gift, or say you had full knowledge that you could be recorded, and based on where you were found he was simply recruiting an adult model through a site with questionable intentions. Not saying the legal would hold up, but could probably be enough gray area to get him to remove that one particular thorn’s video after making a little chunk of money off of her.

    Everyone should be careful about sex on video (including solo) …paris hilton, vanessa hudgens, pam n tommy, who doesn’t have a leaked sex tape?

    Ok, now back to what I was doing…

  215. JustATequilaSD says:

    I was doing else but something kept bugging at me to check the blog.

    “sticky and hard, more creamy”
    As much as I love sex and candy, you have outdone yourself in this totally innocent post. I don’t even have a sexual innuendo to come back with to that. Well done.

    In the deep south, some ppl still think the werld iz flat. So, I didn’t realize you were in Toronto. I did have a friend in London(?) Canada, or was it montoc(?) Hell, now you see the problem. But I do believe that the world is round.

    “I’m not too sure what the California SB/Tequila Controversy is actually all about”
    She was being a snert. So I told her “no”, and she’s still waiting for a spanking. 🙂

    @thickbeauty and @NewSB
    Be your best and look your best, but remember, there’s something here for everyone. And a big part of this is knowing what YOU are actually looking for. Me, personally, I’m not a fan of plastic, but depends on everything else, since her tits aren’t the ONLY thing I’ll have to look at. I may even have to TALK to her once in a while (ooh, maybe we can talk about her tits.) 😀

  216. NewSB says:

    @NancySB/LA @Stacy

    Wow, is there some way of listing a warning to girls? That’s so creepy about Zach!

    @Stacy I would be very happy with a small B…but I don’t even fill out an A cup 🙁 The reason why I hesitate to get a modest fake is because I don’t want to trade in tiny, but well formed, for weird-looking fakes :/ Thoughts from anyone who’s had them or been with a women who had them?

  217. Stacy says:

    I’m pretty sure Zack was my bad experience! Guy sure is busy!

    @twiceshy – how might one prove responsiveness digitally 😉

  218. twiceshy says:

    @Stacy I don’t believe you about your breasts. Small and responsive on a fit body? Nah..don’t believe it.

    prove it.

  219. NancySB/LA says:

    @New & Sugar
    Unbelievable. I had Zach’s pitch this week too…
    Something tells me our Sugarworld is not as big as we think it is…

  220. Stacy says:

    It’s all about proportion, I have small (very responsive) breasts on a tiny, fit body about works. I’d never give up sensation for size. If the rest of you is more curvy, and you’re less excited by nipple stim – go fake. But, men say my small B’s are perfection! Keep in mind – you know what yours look like now, not what they’d look like fake and a bad boob job is much worse than small and pretty!

  221. Flyr says:

    On breasts

    It’s not so much about size as it is about the package. Happy breasts …….that’s the answer neither happy nipples

    They come in all sizes.

    Not a fan of plastic

  222. NewSB says:

    I think B/C cups are probably most sought after, because guys want something but average might be more appealing to the majority than above or below average

  223. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    NewSB… sweetie… I have had men tell me mine are “too big”. I get it from the opposite end of the spectrum and I can tell you many of my platonic male friends chase women who are built like you are.

  224. NewSB says:


    Thanks. I just doubt many are into tiny ones (like mine – I have the chest of a ten year old).

  225. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @NewSB… That is entirely subjective. There are MANY who enjoy all sizes and types of breasts. Be they what we are given or enhanced. There is truly no way to know what any percentage of men might prefer. Sorry hun.

  226. NewSB says:

    But have you seen a general trend? I’m barely an A cup and would like to go for a full B (maybe a C, but definitely not bigger). Do SDs (or men in general) tend to be put off by fake breasts or do they like them?

  227. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    I love all flavours as well… Though I’m having a hard time settling on a flavour I want to try. *sigh*

  228. Tina says:

    @Curvy: I’ll have to admit, I love men in all flavors, but caramel is definitely my absolute favorite at the moment 😉

  229. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Tina… LOL! Caramel flavoured eh? Cute!

    Indeed there are SD’s in every flavour. *purr*

  230. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @frank… I don’t have a photo of them here. Though I suppose I could put it in the private photos… *ponders this* I am not going to list my profile number on the blog, but will think on this a bit.
    http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8344/8250589234_2d60702455_m.jpg – works as a temporary solution…

  231. Tina says:

    @NewSB: There is an SD that likes large breasts, fake or not; there is an SD that prefers a smaller chested woman; there is an SD that likes large breasted women but only if they’re natural…….SDs come in all flavors! I, personally, prefer those caramel flavored 😉

  232. NewSB says:

    Do SDs like fake boobs? I’m so flat chested and kind of want some, but can’t decided…

  233. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    THICKBEAUTY – I posted that it was a misconception above. There ARE SD’s who like curves…

  234. NewSB says:

    @Sugar Sugar Sugar

    OH MY GOSH IT WAS ZACH!!! And what he said to you is pretty much, quote for quote, what he said to me! Verbatim! Ew, sketch ball. I’m soooooooooooo glad I listened to my gut and came here! Thanks, y’all 🙂

  235. Tina says:

    @GTT_Envy: congrats on the great first meet! Best of luck! 🙂

    @PhoneGuy: The homemade chocolate covered toffee is basically like a Heath Bar, but 1) not covered in chocolate all the way around, just the top and 2) the toffee is not as sticky and hard, more creamy (at least it was the last time I made it a few years ago!!!) I’ll be happy to send you some, just let me know where to 😉

    And yes PhoneGuy, I’m taunting you because it just so much darn fun! 🙂 It was in the high 70s all last week. The bad part it that the mold count is growing, so allergies are coming back early…..wait, they never left….ARGGH!

    And since I brought up the baking topic again I’m waiting for Guru to pop in and ask if I’m delivering it nekkid……that offer is just for him though 😉

  236. Frank says:

    LOL- no one ever had to beat me to the ground.

  237. Stacy says:

    That’s the first indicator of a real SD, he knows that $ or gift expectations should be clear, up front. And, make sure the amount makes you, the SB feel special and pampered, $1.5k per month does NOT make me feel that way, nor does p4p.

    So often you have to coax, question, and explain before an SD understands that he needs to clarify his offer BEFORE he sees you naked. This would be my top tip to SB’s. I trusted SD’s to just be generous gentlemen and when I did, the only person who was generous was me!

    Now that part gets dealt with immediately so the play time can happen as early as I want it to, without worrying that I will get scammed – which is a far worse way of being taken advantage of then to have someone walk away with a few hundred bucks and a pocket full of blow jobs!

  238. Phoneguy says:

    chocolate covered toffee
    OMG, yummm, this please!

    It is supposed to be in the mid 80s at the beginning of next week………
    Grrr, are you taunting me? 😛
    It’s 35 here.

    but the more you’re attracted to the actual person, some physical impurities can be less of a distraction or less important
    Exactly. If you are into the person from your conversations, your mind is going to do a lot of the work for her in the bedroom.

    @twiceshy et al,
    I had a pot who had a picture of Reese Witherspoon as her profile pic. I kept thinking, “I cannot believe how much this girl looks like Reese!” (I can be incredibly thick when I want to be). Eventually after emailing a bit she sent me her real pic. She was pretty and all but I was still bothered she wasn’t what I was picturing as silly as that is.

  239. gtt_envy says:

    As Stacy somewhat hinted at I ALWAYS DISCUSS $$$ upfront I don’t want anyone expecting something I’m not capable of. It’s discussed within the first email or two.

  240. twiceshy says:

    @Tina heyyy southern belle 🙂

    I think the following items can’t be handled as thoroughly with a phone call 1, 2, 4 and 5.

    The naked skype call? No…not happening. And that isn’t what I was suggesting either. You see I mentioned even setting boundaries and rules for the discussion 🙂

    For me, it’s a must.

  241. gtt_envy says:

    @Frank THAT SUCKS!!! Strange way to meet though!!

    I just met a SB for the first time Tuesday night and it was awesome!! We txted for a bit (two weeks) she has a busy schedule. I almost always wire money first a small amount to prove I’m serious $100 or similar, but in return she sends a sexy pic or two, so there is some investment on her part. I’ve been told more and more that guys are time wasters and picture hoarders……true or not $100 won’t kill me and builds teensy weensy amount of trust.

    I paid for the cab fair to downtown, we had dinner a drink, nervous as most first meets are we both acknowledged this, but we hit off just fine. We talked, laughed, asked each other a million questions, Went back to the hotel holding hands (her move) not mine and had a little fun not the whole enchilada more like the rice, beans, and some salsa. Definitely enough to be make it official though.

    For anyone who has looked at my past I’ve had a very hard time finding someone that this feels quasi natural with. Having a woman make a move is intoxicating for a guy!! She seems to be the one lol phenomenal maturity for her age, eclectic tastes, surprisingly well travelled, her only downfall is she is not a txter, nor a caller, emailer, or anything else.

    I’m used to SB’s acting their stereotypical age and txting 10-20x a day she is more like once-twice a day.

    Either way it get’s better Frank keep your checks and balances alive and well. Chalk it up to a lesson learned………….we all have them SD’s and SB’s.

    Good luck in your next potential arrangement!!

  242. thickbeauty says:

    I haven’t read all post so I dont know if this misconception have been approached, if so, I’m terribly sorry but I have to know. I have always thought that SD always choose the SB that are small beach bomb type -,not those that’s plus size. I am new to this, and I am plus size. But viewing the profiles that’s what all the SD are looking fir. Am I wasting my time here?.

  243. Stacy says:

    Frank, after a month or so!?! I’d be ready to tackle any man I see and beat him to the ground. I start feeling too frisky if the getting to know you phase takes two weeks! Lol!

  244. Tina says:

    @twiceshy: I wasn’t saying that I would never use Skype, just not a NAKED Skype discussion! Yikes!

    And yes, there is a level of trust that you put into a person when you are naked with them. That goes for both parties. A lot of the items that you mentioned can be “checked off the list” with a phone conversation. It’s not hard to catch some red flags when you actually talk. The only item that you’re missing is the physical; but, if the chemistry is there on the phone, is the physical as important? (And yes, I know it’s important to be attracted to someone enough to “want to do it again” as JaTSD stated, but the more you’re attracted to the actual person, some physical impurities can be less of a distraction or less important)

  245. Frank says:

    Guess I not as far south as you, in upper 40’s today, but supposed to be near 70 over weekend.

    Hate I can’t get out and enjoy it.

    Stacy-I agree, should be in hotel room, after a month or so, good faith will prevail.

  246. twiceshy says:

    For me finding out photos were faked is a deal breaker. Again, this isn’t going down the road to meet someone in a restaurant, this is travel and most times expensive travel involved.

    If the person gets here and they look completely different, that would *NOT* be cool.

    Hence the reason I stress on the Video skype call which is real time so we can both at least see that the people we are who we claim to be. I think all this crap about people taking screenshots etc. is nonsense. You can sit there and say nothing for a minute if you want to while we type, if you’re that paranoid.

    Some of the things that that the Skype meeting nips in the bud:
    1) Person being a lot older/younger.
    2) Person not having the body type they claim.
    3) Person not being able to understand spoken English, or speak English although they can communicate written very well (or any other language they claim to be fluent in)
    4) Person’s Attitude and demeanour may not be the same as purely written or verbal communication.
    5) You get a far better sense of the person than purely verbal communication, or written.

    Some of the risks of a video conference:
    1) Someone can record the entire video conference.

    For me the benefits of the Skype/Other video conference call outweigh the risks. Set boundaries for the conversation, say that you aren’t going to discuss Sugar, or the arrangement, or where you are going at all. Talk about a football game, talk about the movies, what’s your favorite colour…whatever.

    Because there is nothing stopping a SB/SD from turning on their cellphone record feature, snapping a picture while you sleep, or walking with a voice recorder when you meet face to face either.

    I think some of the problems described could have been solved with a simple video conference call before the expense and time taken to meet in person.

    When posting photos, use a cheap image editor to blur the face. It’s a simple, elegant solution to the problem. I always set the Has Photos filter on when I search.

  247. Stacy says:

    I fell for similar Skype request once and then the man immediately proofed, after requesting a bunch of photos I’d only share with a serious pot SD! It isn’t just the men on this site that get scammed, in my experience, half the pot SD’s are being dishonest in some way, and many just want a quick Internet thrill to spice up their vanilla life. Phone conversations are the best way to test chemistry, and if he flies you out and it’s not there, he’s only out $500 – no big deal.

    I disagree with money AFTER panties hit the floor, you can’t repo sex, and it’s just as likely he may be looking just to bang as many hot girls free as he can. That said, half a Month’s allowance up front in a parking lot is an outrageous request. I’d expect a week or so as soon as the arrangement begins, which I define as the moment we are in a hotel room. Once trust is established things can be less of a transaction.

    But, NEVER have sex expecting an arrangement if one isn’t agreed upon up front and an exchange of some good faith gifts or $$ – even flights and hotels, something to prove he’s serious.

  248. Tina says:

    Whoohooo! Frank agrees with me!

    @Frank: this time of year, living is the south is divine, yes? 🙂 It is supposed to be in the mid 80s at the beginning of next week………

  249. Frank says:

    curvy, would love to see your eyes, how can I find your profile?

  250. Frank says:

    newbe-I agree with Tina-it can be recorded and shared.

  251. Tina says:

    *fact, not face…..uggggh!

  252. Tina says:

    @NewSB: naked Skype chat? Uh, absolutely not! “Testing” chemistry? Really? Either the chemistry is there from a phone conversation (or 12) or not. Sorry to say, but the physical chemistry position is a risk that both the SD and SB take into consideration. The risk vs reward scenario changes when you add in distance and good chemistry outside of the bedroom. I, personally, would not engage in a Skype conversation with a veritable stranger due to the face that it can be recorded, saved, searched, and shared. Nope. Nuh uh. Not happening.

  253. Tina says:

    @RussianSB: I’m here, just stepping back and watching the blog for a bit. It’s been a very long week at work, plus I’m still very, happily, mentally distracted at the moment 🙂

    @NewSB: as far as pictures, you are able to submit them in such a way that your face is blocked out and a body shot is present. Just be prepared for many insistent e-mails asking for a full body + face shot.

    *sigh* I’m getting antsy to start baking again. Any suggestions/requests from the blog on items for presents for friends? I think I’m going to make some homemade peanut brittle and chocolate covered toffee, but still thinking I want to do a few other things………I’m open to suggestions! 🙂

  254. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @JATSD… For those who know NY state and Ontario they would have just gleaned I am Toronto, Ontario. *grin*

    @frank… Who says it takes until February? I love travelling. Actually I won’t be doing much of it from January – February this year. *sigh* One can’t ALWAYS travel somewhere warmer.

    As for photos… I have no issue with posting some photos but my face is not showing on SA. I’ve shown my face in the past on the internet. Now days I am far more careful… It is kind of fun and weeds out a fair percentage because my eye get me noticed so it a good buffer to not show them off this time.

    What I get now is the… “Do you use messenger?” Once I am on “messenger” it’s “Can you turn your cam on?” which is promptly followed by… “Angle it down… Can you show me your tits? ARE THEY REAL?” *chuckles*

  255. NewSB says:

    Thanks for the advice, everyone!

    New question: a pot SD in California (I’m east coast) expressed interest but says he wants to Skype naked to “test chemistry” before he flies me out to California. He’s already shown me around his house and property via Skype (a walkaround with his laptop) so it seems that he really is the multimillionaire he claims. He’s also background verified. But still…thoughts???

  256. Sugar Sugar Sugar! says:

    Be careful of a Zach.. He gets your Skype and start the introduction with many sexual questions.. Then he will start to undress himself and expect you to do the same. Basically the whole conversation is a sales pitch to get you to masturb8 infront of a “millionaire” who wants to see what he gets before agreeing to meet. He wears a ear piece & sits in a dingy study with dark wooden desks. He would say I will show you my cars my multimillion dollar home.. But when I said i’d like to see them.. He would I’ll show you after I see what you have to offer for me. He is from US & he will be targeting girls from other countries like UK.

    “You just missed a huge opportunity with a real millionaire. One of the worst things in life is to regret a missed opportunity. It may take you months or years to find a nice millionaire like me. Good luck to you :)”
    Masterbation is very healthy and it is too bad you are so shy, especially when you masterbate alone and you do not get any money. I would of given you money if you would have been playful and honest.”

    My reply: (: Pardon me. I just felt quite uncomfortable… I think your approach may appeal to a very minor crowd and the kind of crowd may not be very tasteful either. I’m just hoping to give a constructive opinion. I must say I was very very optimistic until you started touching yourself. (: I know how hard it is to find someone over the net and I empathize… I really hope we find someone great soon. All the very best.

    “The only way to be successful in life is to do things outside of your comfort zone. you can video call me now and apologize for hanging up or do not contact or message me any more. I need a fun sugar baby that is not uptight about sexuality :)”

    Don’t fall for such traps! I sent him some cam sites he can go for such thrills after…

  257. OzSD says:

    I think one of the great things about this site is the variety of priorities and perspectives from both SDs & SBs so I’m not too sure what the California SB/Tequila Controversy is actually all about 🙂

    For me, I like Cali SB’s perspective on a lot of things, just for example, being super clear because men not only don’t have crystal balls we can also be pretty gutless about saying things how they are (like expectations) to a very pretty lady – we may not like it when it happens but most men if they’re honest are grateful it happened afterward.

    One SB perspective that I TOTALLY don’t get is the SBs who bring their already unrealistic checklist from the more conventional dating sites to this site. Hello! If it’s tough to find a guy who is educated; driven; ambitious for his career, finances and life; the body of an Olympian; a concert pianist and DJ in his spare time; a scintillating conversationalist and a hands on philanthropist at the best of times – but try being all those things and be seriously successful.

    What I love about Cali SB’s comments are that she is obviously gives a lot in her ‘arrangements’ (which are actually relationships but we never dare say so…just different types of relationships). I have read many SB profiles and you would think SB’s are doing SDs a favour. It’s a mutual thing – we’re here because of what we can offer each other. I don’t care how hot you are, if you have that sense of entitlement – see you later, who can be bothered.

    Another misconception is that all SD’s are ‘game playing’ if things don’t happen immediately. What I think actually happens is that SDs especially new ones, aren’t really ready mentally and practically. You actually gotta get organized to provide the attention, the excitement, feeling by treating someone like a princess. I think SDs are being quite unfair by not being ready and I’ve been guilty of this just once and I regret it a lot because I missed out on a relationship with an amazing SB. I still regret it.

  258. frank says:

    curvy you are so FAR away! Bet in Feb I can persuade you to come to the sunny south!

    Russia-I am glad those were my special photos. They helped me through a bad night. Ummm 70 degrees again here today.

    Newsb, As a SD, I am reluctant to give a SB advice. I hope you have clear goals as to what you want out of sugar, and can reach them without becoming cynical about life.

    Photos, don’t like to post them, I agree that pictures don’t have to an identifiable face to show me enough to know I want to meet that person.

  259. flyr says:

    “On the other hand, I am a little worried about my pictures floating around. There’s nothing provocative, but I still don’t want people to know I’m here. Do you think that’s a real danger?

    One of our former contributors had an amazing photo . Her laying on the beach and shot from above her shoulder . All you saw was the side of her head, a little cleavage , slim body,simply amazing ass, Nothing personally identifying but everything you needed to know.

    In this era of facial recognition software I do not think leaving an identifiable face out of the photo is unacceptable.

    By all means do not use photos that are posted elsewhere

    • SD Guru says:

      “how do you know Sasha Grey and don’t know Stanley Cubrik ???”

      Because they’re 60 years apart!

      “tell me, how to put away wine stains from white marble”

      Is this a trick question? Get a new white marble, of course! 🙂

  260. JustATequilaSD says:

    “didn’t even realize you were being insulting”
    well if you “realized” you were being insulting, that would put you in the “simply didn’t care” category, I call you on it either case 🙂

    Did you ever say what state/province? There may be others in that area…or not.

  261. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    @Frank… Not sure if I am too far for you but I doubt it is a car ride. I am thinking international flight putting you in at Pearson or Domestic with a drive up from Buffalo if you came to me.


    Yet another international one… Sorry.

  262. Jack says:


    I would agree with CalifSB’s first line–You don’t want to get advice from her.

    The reason? Because you aren’t her (she is in a class of her own, I think). SB/SD’ing is not a “one-size-fits-all” endeavor. This is all about human interactions and they vary from person to person based on what their needs, interests and tolerances are. CalifSB will give every SB the same advice, even though not every SB has the same interests and tolerances that she does.

    For example, CalifSB says she juggles 3 SD’s, one boyfriend she professes to love, and the occasional “hot guy” that is neither her BF nor her SD (plus, in the holiday season, a partridge in a pear tree). Would that appeal to you?

    CalifSB is in LA, I believe. Are you in a very big town? And are you willing to drop everything to do your SD’s bidding, as CalifSB is? If so, her advice just might fit your needs. But if not, then her advice will not work for you.

    You get the point.

    My advice?

    Do what feels right and what makes you happy. That’s almost always a recipe for success in just about anything you do in life.

    Best of luck in your search.


  263. California SB says:

    Tequila: “didn’t even realize you were being insulting”

    Think about that again….

  264. AMW says:

    Jack – After re-reading I realized that you were not saying that it takes months of dating for you to feel comfortable spending. I apologize for the incorrect assumption. What rubbed me the wrong way was that sex was a prerequisite that could eventually trigger generosity… In an arrangement, that works. In serious relationships, not so much.

    My main point about courting is that you don’t want a price tag and an expiration date, it isn’t advantageous to treat the relationship like it does. Fortunately, SA caters to those looking for exactly that. 🙂

  265. JustATequilaSD says:

    I don’t have a problem w/your advice or being good at what you do. Simply when you (and certain others) didn’t even realize you were being insulting or simply didn’t care. I actually enjoy seeing you engage your brain and your tact filters. Ooh, two compliments in the same comment. 😀

  266. California SB says:

    NewSB: You don’t want to get advice from me…. but here it goes:

    I will tell you to ask for a minimum of a 4K allowance, I will tell you that you have to have at least 2 sugar daddies, I will tell you to get an apartment near the beach and buy expensive clothes. I will also tell you to have mind blogging sex with whom you please and have a hot, tall and handsome boyfriend on the side. I will tell you that you have to finish school and graduate with two majors: one you love and one that will get you a good job. (Yes, you must have a job too). I will tell you that whatever you do, wear heels even to the grocery store (cuzz its hot). Always act feminine, unless you are in a monster traffic jam and someone cuts you off. Don’t listen to the SDs of the blog they are all looking for love and they will never give you a 4K allowance unless he is Jack; and even then who knows, because he seems to be full himself too.
    Don’t advertise you’re still a teenager (18, 19 or 20). It will attract the wrong kind of SD, the creepy ones that you don’t want to be near. Important: If it’s starting to feel like work, take a brake. Don’t start the never ending discussion of the” is this prostitution, or not”, it won’t go anywhere. Just admit it to yourself that it’s hot and that’s it.

  267. RussianSB says:

    VASD, oh, I have a lot sugar friends, because no drama, than no problems after parting.
    Why should I be angry with my ex sugar, he did nothing bad for me, but only good things.
    And a lot of memories. And we can discus my boys and his girls relationship.

  268. RussianSB says:

    You see, boys can have profiles without pictures, and it still works,when girl without picture in profile will have 0 amount of response. I don’t worry about family, SA not known and not popular in Russia. So, SA find my pictures in escort site (pictures not naked, not in swimsuit), where ladies charge 5k per meet, site even not working and broken technically. I told you, web dating SO adventures 🙂 I don’t have husbant, kids, or fiance, why should I worry ?

  269. VASD says:

    I’ve had a number of experiences with ladies using fake or REALLY old pics of themselves 10 years and 40 pounds ago. But I had a very pleasant surprise 2 years ago when the lady who showed up was clearly not the one profiled. Once we started talking, it was clear that she was the person who I’d been enjoying communicating with–sharp and funny. But her profile said she was 28, 5’7, maybe 135–and the pic looked like it matched that. But the lady who showed up was confessed to being 32, was 5’10”, maybe 125–borderline skinny, but stunning sharp Czech (which she was) features. We dated for a couple of months, had a blast together, great conversation, Earth moving sex each night we stayed together–and then all over again in the morning. Haven’t connected since, but still exchange pleasant emails every few months.
    Actually, there’s a question–how many of you are still in contact with former sugars whom you’re no longer active with? I got Facebook friended last year by a lady who I’d had a 6 month sugar fling with nearly 8 years earlier. Actually kinda nice.

  270. AMW says:


    “If she wears agent prococateur…. she most likely will have class and wont leave until the mission is accomplished…..”

    Thats exactly right… A girl that puts forth that kind of effort to be sexy for her guy is probably not the girl that will drive off with your cash… Whether the provocateur was procured with her own money is irrelevant. She must have something going on if a man is willing to spend $400 on her lingerie.

    Seriously, there are upsides to dating “expensive” women that have upscale taste, good credentials and a healthy lifestyle. There are downsides as well, mainly financial…. 🙂 The beauty of this site is that here is someone out there for everyone.


    Miss you buddy!

    @ WestCoast

    I like your response to Jack


    You seem like a lovely person and I am very happy to hear that your approach is working for you…. Typically, when a man is interested in a relationship with a woman he makes an effort to impress her… Attempst to woo her.. It’s normal. Biological even… . If it appears that a woman is taking advantage, you realize that you were wrong about her character and move on. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Getting to know a person before making a substantial investment makes a lot of sense for both parties. I spent 4-6 hours a night talking to my guy. We did this for over a month and the time investment was worth it. After that, neither of us held back. He would give me anything I wanted if it made me happy. He knows I would do the same. We trust the other to not take advantage.

    For a guy that’s interested in a relationship (as opposed to an arrangement), you seem a little jaded/cynical…

  271. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    If you want your co workers, neighbors, family members see your pics with “seeking arrangement ” stamp … ?

    The girl on my profile picture is unrecognizable – sitting , far away . One can see just white face, brown hair , not fat. plus I am looking for a mature, smart guy with great personality and sense of humor for whom physical traits is NOT the deal breaker .

    At least it is better than put a model photoshopped picture with perfect body.

    I do not judge SDs based on pictures – 90% of the time guys look different IRL than on pictures. Plus people have special charm,aura , personality in person .

    And do not let me started how many guys I met who sent me pic taken 20 years ago !

    Sometimes (happened in NYC and West C) I would go back to the SA site and look at his profile again (after meeting in person ) coz I ‘d think may be my memory had failed 🙂
    Coz profile’ d say : athletic , work out, like out door, sports, take good care of my body and health; a girl
    must be slim, love sport activities …
    And he showed up 64 y old (in stead of 54 y old in profile); + 50-70 pounds ; belly like he is pregnant with triplets (at least)! One guy was with such a red face , high BP (I guess); and said that he drinking 2 bottles of wine every evening – why write athletic ??? concentrate then on non physical traits.
    Happened to me 4 times ; unbelievable !

    And there is nothing wrong to be 64 and extra 10-20 pounds ; but why write this profile ? and put pics of a guy 42 y old with black hair and show up completely bold and 50-60 y old.
    how could I recognize the guy in the restaurant ?

    And for those guys you want to put your real picture on sugar site ?!

  272. RussianSB says:

    I did ”Tineye” my profile pictures and see them only on FTV site ,
    when I was new on SA 🙂

  273. RussianSB says:

    @NewSB – I was joking, but people who use fake pictures, don’t have my problems.
    If profile suspended, they just create anoter profile with another fake pictures.
    I advise use your own pictures, because boys very visual , if they fall in love with person on picture, 90% they fall also with original.

  274. NewSB says:

    @RussianSB Thanks, that’s what I was thinking.

  275. RussianSB says:

    @NewSB – I was joking, but people who use fake pictures, don’t have my problems.
    If profile suspended, they just create anoter profile with another fake pictures.
    I advise use your own pictures, because boys very visual , if they fall in love with person on picture, 90% they fall also with original.

  276. NewSB says:

    @RussianSB So are you saying I should take down my photos and put up someone else’s? Confused.

  277. RussianSB says:

    I paste what was said before :
    remember if a potential SB is a professional model or beauty queen, she is going to have the high glamour, “retouched” glitz photos…it comes with being in the biz. I would hope others don’t think I’m a fake because I have photos like that! You aren’t getting bookings without your BEST foot forward and why not include a “best case” photo or two in a profile?

  278. RussianSB says:

    All clever people use someone else pictures, but I use my own.
    Pictures floating the web, because I was published in magazines, so thousand of people can use my pictures, but I also have ”mirror” pictures in my profile. But it is going to be ok, I have mailing site support and I don’t want just make new profile with fake pictures, like most clever people probably do in that situation, I want my old profile and my old pictures ! 🙂

  279. twiceshy says:

    @RussianSB , “@Frank, Twiceshy also has been scammed several times, but look at him now – he meet new models every month ! Even Brazilian ones !”

    Nooo…I am not a serial SD… noooo…
    And your account was suspended? Oh no! This is a tragedy!

  280. JustATequilaSD says:

    @ILWCG and @NewSB
    Didnt someone here have an sd chew her out for using some models pics but they were really her?

  281. NewSB says:

    You never owe any guy sex, period. If you want to have sex with him, then fine.

    But the fake pics thing? Isn’t that so wrong? Beauty is totally subjective, so there might be something about that other girl that the pot SD is really attracted to that you don’t have and then when you’re not her…you’ve wasted his time and your time.

    On the other hand, I am a little worried about my pictures floating around. There’s nothing provocative, but I still don’t want people to know I’m here. Do you think that’s a real danger?

  282. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Russian – your photos “floating the web?” I would be super upset about that.

    That is why I have NOT my pics on my profile (someone who looks like me , only I look 2 times better – so guys would not be disappointed then they meet me in person ).
    Well I do not have active profile now at all . But from my extra (my old NYC profile 🙂 met a guy yesterday for a drink and as we were leaving the bar after out 1 hour chat he put money in my pocket (I did not ask him for anything) but
    He knew I drove 15 mins, paid valet parking, got babysitter … so it was $400. I did not know how much he put, he could have chosen to put “burrito ” money , I looked then I was in my car.

    Does it mean I “own” him anything ? (sex wise?) he said he would text me today, but he did not text. he is a very nice guy , he used to live in Europe for long time before.

  283. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Thank you for your answer.

    RussianSB – did you change/edit your profile ? Or Add pics recently ? that might put it hold for 2 days (usually).

  284. RussianSB says:

    Site support work perfect – the reason is my pictures. Because 90 % of members ask for more pictures, and usually I send (no like that one I send to you, Frank), usually it is home made ”mirror” pictures – so, now my pictures floating the web. It is also possible to copy them from the site.The only way to avoid that – have profile without pictures and never send pictures 🙂

  285. RussianSB says:

    @GURU, I need another advice, my account was suspended 🙂
    That is really strange, I am not use it much last month and it is quite innocent profile,
    and I never scam or do something thet looks like scam.

  286. Jack says:


    Let me answer your questions. The pearls were $400–and even then she only reluctantly accepted them, and only at my insistence (“I don’t even know you,” “it’s too much,” “I didn’t tell you it was my birthday to get you to buy me a gift,” etc). Based on conversations we had prior to meeting, I sort of expected this sort of response.

    Even if that were NOT the case, let me repeat YET AGAIN that my net worth (which hasn’t changed since I first posted on SA in May, 2012) has NOTHING to do with how I have decided to handle sugar, a topic about which I have posted a million times and won’t repeat. Therefore (and again, irrespective of my net worth), there is nooooo way I would buy a prospective SB WHOM I HAD NEVER METa $3000 to $10,000 gift. If I did, I would never know if she was hanging around with me because of me or my wallet. If that makes me cheap, I’m perfectly OK with that (trust me, I’ve been called worse!).

    Once I’ve been with an SB (or girlfriend) long enough to know her, then yes, a $10,000 gift is entirely plausible–but NOT before our first meeting, or the second. In the first few months of dating the woman who later became my wife (and is now my ex), I gave her sugar equaling well over $50K–and that was long before I ever heard of SA or anything to do with sugardaddying.


  287. WCSD says:

    *preconceived – Damn it I hate it when I don’t spell correctly! We need a spell check prior to submitting!

  288. RussianSB says:

    @GURU, how do you know Sasha Grey and don’t know Stanley Cubrik ???
    Ask me – I am GURU !
    Than, tell me, how to put away wine stains from white marble ??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  289. WCSD says:

    As to the actual blog topic, I have found two misconceptions that have been applied to me.

    1) You are too young (I’m very late 30’s). I have been lucky in life to be in the position that I am. I don’t believe I’m smarter, etc. than a lot of people, but some things come down to being in the right place at the right time.

    2) I’m single, so why do you need a SB? Again, every person’s situation is different, and getting to know it helps to determine things. Seek first to understand…. In my situation, I’m a widower, and have no interest/not ready (at this point) in any long term commitments, etc. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to have fun and enjoy someone’s company…hence sugar fits perfectly into my situation.

    The best advice I’ve been given on this is to realize that EVERYONE (myself included) comes into any situation with some precoceived ideas which are really misconceptions. Knowing this is everyone’s starting point, makes you realize that you need to alleviate these very early on in any interaction, and doing so results in much less misunderstandings.

  290. RussianSB says:

    ”RussianSB&Co get into some pretty headed discussions! ”
    Me ? No. Never. Sugar life is for fun and sugar blog is for fun.
    The topic about allowance level remind me negotiation process in Istambul market.
    In a good meaning – demand and supply low (Oh,college years, Adam Smith),
    such disscussions is a sign of healthy economic. SBs are sellers and SDs are buyers.
    Boys say that we ask much more than living expences and price is insane (and boys absolutely right) and girls try to explane how good, well tailored and exclusive arrangement they offer for that simbolic price of few dollars 🙂 (and girls absolutely right).
    So nothing to disscus , just very lively negotiation chat, during chat some passionate people start calling names, but we all friends after the deal, we all in the same shoe, we have little secret that we cannot share with family or friends. I SEE – WE ARE SECRET SOCIETY !!! By the way , in Moscow, which is known as Sugar Capital (we are not LA, but nobody, and even media judging sugar lifestyle in Russia) – official level of allowance starts from 1700$ per month. Here where both party meats – market price.
    And the same time for young attractive ladies, models, exotic beautys – 10k is also official price and they really can have it with help of modern net of VIP matchmakers, model agencies, and exclusive party events.

  291. Ty says:

    By far the most beneficial topic I’ve read….so much necessary information, perhaps I was going about this in the wrong way…

  292. WCSD says:

    @Just4Fun – “Should i even bring up the subject on the first meeting or just milk it as much as I can?” – Congrats on your success. In my experience bringing it up is just natural. I like the get to the point of getting all the ‘cards on the table’ as soon as possible, so that either of us can walk away knowing all the info. I don’t like the idea of ‘milk it as much as I can’. That to me is being deceiving…oh I won’t mention it and she if she forgets… no thanks. Talk about it, and if she agrees that right now nothing is needed, or voluntarily takes things to another level, etc. well that is an adult making a decision with all the information at hand, and nothing wrong with that!

    @NewSB – There are people who will do/say anything to get what they want, no matter the consequences. Your pot is trying to negotiate under your requirements, and some women will say that the whole is ending to squeeze out some extra $$. I’ve never negotiated when it comes to sugar. I either can meet her requirements or can’t. I think of it as insulting to negotiate her ‘worth’. If she thinks/needs her time to be A and I can’t meet A but can meet B, then we aren’t a match. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t ask questions around a pot’s requirements (i.e. you want $3k per month, is that based on one meeting a month? 2 times a month? 10 times? Are you open to over nights? etc.). Maybe a pot SD can’t meet the dollar figure, but also can’t meet the frequency and duration and a different amount can be determined based on what can happen for the two of you. In the end, there is no wrong answer for you. Make your decision based on your information and situation, and be happy with the decision. If that is a yes, or a no, you are happy with the decision, and therefore made the right one.

  293. NancySB/LA says:


    Yea, they say that to hook you… And they also lie and say that there are soooo many sexy, young and smart SB’s looking for free sex…lol
    Don’t fall for it and lower your standards..

    Stay beautiful, eat well, study and stay sharp. You’re good…

  294. NewSB says:

    I am! Do you have any that you particularly recommend?

    I’ve also been reading the comments, it seems that you and Jack and Tequila and RussianSB get into some pretty headed discussions!

  295. California SB says:

    Newsb: read past blogs there are great tips out there for newbies.

  296. NewSB says:

    @NancySB/LA Thanks for the tips, I think you’re right! And it’s tempting (something > nothing, after all) but I’m sticking to my guns.

  297. NewSB says:

    @CaliSB Sigh, where have the gentlemen gone?

  298. NancySB/LA says:

    Congrats on finding a Pot SD.
    My 2cents.
    Most guys know that if they can pleasure you with talking and emotional stroking, or even with mild manipulation (‘oh, you are in trouble? Well let me give you half…’), you will cave in and accept less than what you had originally decided on…
    During negotiations, he is not your friend. Don’t allow him to touch you or give him too much info. about your life until after you have decided and hopefully agreed your arrangement.
    Good luck…

  299. California SB says:

    Newsb…. he is trying to get you on the cheap….. you know.. barely legal college girl they assume you are desperate….

  300. NewSB says:

    So this one pot SD messaged me and we chatted a bit back and forth before it turned out that he hadn’t paid attention to the desired allowance amount on my profile. He said what I’d like is out of his budget and I thanked him for his time and wished him luck in his upcoming business ventures. Then, a few days later, he messaged me again out of the blue about meeting up. I asked him if my desired allowance is okay with him now and he said no. So…??? I’m so confused. Does anyone get what’s going on here?

  301. California SB says:

    Newsb: “barely legal”

    Unless your intent is to attract creepy pedophiles or cheap guys….. that line calls for desperation. You might get what you wish for….

  302. Frank says:

    Tequila, you are right, I admire her moxie, driving off like that, that is why, as she was driving off, I was half laughing, saying you go girl! What stories she will have to tell years from now when she settles down.

    Curvy, I need some TLC, I need help buttoning my shirt, putting on my socks, scrubbing my back fluffing my pillow. All I can offer is a one handed hug, and maybe some sugar! How far are you from me?

    Newsb, maybe you missed the earlier part where my pot sb got upfront money and took off, never to be seen again. That is what prompted the underwear on floor comment. Now I remember what ronnie said, Trust but verify”

  303. NewSB says:

    @ generous SDs in MA:

    I want a SD right now! I’m one of those barely legal college girls with too many hormones for her own good, but a rather educated head on her shoulders. Any takers?

  304. RussianSB says:

    @northernsd, give it to your wife, I never think of black diamond ring as a ”divorse” ring.
    It is very smart idea !

  305. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    I know you have been $$$$$generous with some super bitchy SBs.
    And now you meet a nice engineer who likes you for you (AVAILABLE , SUCCEFUl ) guy. and you give her $200 pearls ? may be she thought the guy with the ranch, a lot RE , well traveled , MD …. (and your profile used to claim 50 millions worth ? or may be I am mistaken) gave her $3.000-10.000 worth pearls and did not want more sugar. ?

    (I came up with this $200 number coz you mentioned trip to Tahoe , dinner, b day pearls = $1500)

    Hard to say we would not want to know all the facts. But u r not married ; much more successful than an average American guy, and of course you are very smart and interesting person. Of course! she would enjoy to have relationship with you with No sugar, but a girl would respect and adore a guy more if he $$$$values her and his sexual experience (no cash required, but 200$ pearls and 100$ calculator ? ? ?

    I know you are Not a cheap guy, but I do not understand something here.

  306. flyr says:

    ” but the ‘you pay me after I put out’ attitude is so prostitution. Tsk, tsk.”

    An equal argument could be made that payment before is the same. …….

    It’s a hard call but the bigger picture is that both of you are “risking” the first encounter . You simply have to find something that works for both at multiple levels – attraction, interest, trust, compatibility, etc. If there is not enough mutual trust then you should probably not be getting naked or exchanging cash. No right or wrong answer………. Well other than giving the girl the money in a public park.

    It may sound cold hearted but having a SD not perform his financial duties after the panties hit the floor for the first time (assuming some are worn) might just be a priceless early (but late) warning about bigger future problems.


  307. northernsd says:

    “I have to at least like you enough to plan to do it again”

    Now I have something to shoot for and a quote of the day.

    • SD Guru says:

      “not thinking clearly because I needed some sugar badly.”

      Never do things out of desperation and that applies to both SD’s and SB’s. When you do, you’ll usually make poor choices that you’ll regret later. It’s better to have no sugar than to have bad sugar.

      “Thinking tried and mostly true is better than the unknown.”

      That may be true, but remember your ex SB is “ex” for a reason. If you go back to her it won’t take long before you’re reminded of what that reason is.

  308. JustATequilaSD says:

    @NewSB and @CaliSB
    Your arrangement is whatever you and the other person decide it to be. Short-term, even one night, arrangements do happen, and if they both agree, who am I to give a crap. We all like what we like. (One nighters aren’t my personal cup of tea. I have to at least like you enough to plan to do it again.)

  309. JustATequilaSD says:

    I’ve got some nice insomnia going, so y’all bear with me.

    Like it or not, this girl was hella shrewd. How do you think she got the 350Z? Ride off on your bike til you get a car. Ride off in your car till you can get a better faster car. She’s just been reinvesting in her little business. And for all you gamer girls out there, Grand Theft Auto skills do come in handy, but don’t get yourself locked up.

    RUNNNNN from your ex-sb. Unless you want to feel her boot in your ass for the second time. Even if you need to get some bounce-back from a college rack, better to keep moving forward in my opinion. (Remember, goto the college quad, jingle your keys, and say loudly, “Porsche, porsche, I drive a porsche.” Just kidding, don’t do that.) Don’t let that drive-off money be a total loss. Learn, adapt, grow. And college babes that are too young for you is all some sd’s joined the site to get.

    Simply put, you can do this Rocky, now get out there and bedfight! 😀

  310. Phoneguy says:

    Its kind of funny that the blog seems to be saturated with 5k SBs and 1k/p4p SDs that seem to love judging each other….
    Love it!
    I don’t think it is so much that the SDs are 1K’ers. But I do detect some attitude and that is usually what sets me off.

  311. California SB says:

    Newsb….. that is playing semantics dear…. just semantics. Dont deny it. It is worse if you do.

  312. California SB says:

    I learned that a good sugar knows what she is , knows what she is doing and knows her limits. A bad sugar takes your money and runs off. Screen your sugars..
    If she wears agent prococateur…. she most likely will have class and wont leave until the mission is accomplished…..

  313. NewSB says:

    @CaliSB No, but my point is that the money shouldn’t be directly tied to sex – which is why I don’t like the money each time you meet thing very much. Allowances are better, because the other one veers towards p4p -> prostitution. The support should be there whether or not the sex is on any given date (of course, if both parties aren’t getting what they want in the long term, the relationship should be terminated). But a one date SB is just…a hooker.

  314. California SB says:

    Newsb sweetie before or after….. doesnt really matter I guess does it?

  315. NewSB says:

    @CaliSB “Money inside the envelope that goes inside the purse…. only after you saw her underwear on the floor….”

    False. We’re SBs, not hookers. This isn’t supposed to be $ for sex, it’s supposed to be generous mature men supporting sweet girls who adore them – but the ‘you pay me after I put out’ attitude is so prostitution. Tsk, tsk.

  316. northernsd says:

    I think your right. I was going to cancel my reservation at 4 seasons and opt for a rustic cabin to be alone but screw that.

    On the ring I have two ideas. Either it will be given to some random girl this weekend or since when I purchased it I thought what a better gift to give to a anti-wife(a SB) then a black diamond I may possibly hold on to it and give to my present wife this Feb when we will be officially separated.

  317. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    Frank… Part of why I wish I could pamper you is the 1 handed factor.

  318. flyr says:

    Frank – you might try a google searches of her number and email and see what comes up.

    Most likely druggie so count your blessings

    You might also back off a little and let them come to you.

  319. Frank says:

    ps, in the meantime I have contacted support, and am trying to have her profile removed. Let me know if there is anything else I should do. But not willing to contact police, can’t take the publicity.

    phoneguy, I agree with you about when sugar starts, I have never paid in advance like this, my judgement was lacking.

    My ex sb, the one that disappeared just before my surgery has been emailing me, saying she misses me, that she is back with her husband and will not be so needy and wants me back. Thinking tried and mostly true is better than the unknown.

  320. Frank says:

    I guess I wasn’t thinking clearly, was not thinking that someone so young would be so brazen. Blame it on the pain meds, and not much sleep last two weeks. Also, not thinking clearly because I needed some sugar badly.

    Russia-I have not disclosed her number because I was somewhat desperate, and she is not at all the girl I would choose, if I had a choice. I’m afraid you would look at her profile and think less of me.

    She is in the roanoke area, and If anyone is communicating with someone from this area, I will readily vet her for you.

    You see in the Roanoke area, we have a few collage age gals who are think I am too old for them, and I would probable agree they are too young for me, then there are the blue collar gals who have fallen on hard times and need financial help. The educated professional type are few and far between, and not on this site.

  321. Phoneguy says:

    Money inside the envelope that goes inside the purse…. only after you saw her underwear on the floor….
    @frank, this hurts me more than anything else I have ever had to post….I agree with CaliSB. 😀
    I’m sure there are girls who will sleep with you once to get an entire month’s allowance and then ditch but I think they are far outnumbered by type you have described above. Now the only way to convince me that you are serious about an arrangement is to start the arrangement. I don’t care if it takes you 3 dates or 10 to get comfortable with me and/or the arrangement. The sugar starts when you prove you are serious. Words mean nothing and only actions count. Yes, I’ve been burned before.

    I would call the cops, tell them some prostitute took your money and have her tracked down. How hard could it be to find her? And no I wouldn’t care about the consequences. 🙂

    ps Why, why would she need the money before she gets to her house? SMH.

  322. RussianSB says:

    Frank, again, why you not share that ”bad apple” with other SD ?

  323. JustATequilaSD says:


    think of it as an inexpensive lesson and dont let that bad apple spoil yer fun…the great thing about offline potentials is that you actually get to meet n greet in her usual hunting grounds…just a thought

  324. frank says:


    “Yes, officer, that’s right, it was a 350Z. And yes, she drove off with a handful of blowjobs. If you hurry, you can catch her before she hits the chop shop and turns them into shoes

    hahaha, or else her boyfriend (read pimp) shows up, beats me up and takes the rest of my money.

    I’m ready to learn from my mistakes and move on. Except I saw her profile on sugar daddy site, am temped to try to scam her.

  325. flyr says:

    I should have said a lower % of high dollar SD’s

  326. flyr says:

    @Frank and AnnaMW – I am in a great SB relationship so I have no dog in this “what’s the right allowance” discussion/food fight . I have been on and off here for a number of years.

    Discussions of allowances in past years are somewhat like talking about what your home was worth in 08. It’s not your big sister’s economy. It’s not only about the NW and income of most families declining over the past half decade ,but also about their perception of the future. My sense is that there are a lot fewer high dollar SD’s today.

    There’s also the other side of the equation where the site is flooded with much younger SB’s as a result of SA’s pricing strategies and PR policies. It’s not necessarily a good thing as many of them are really not mentally into or ready for a sugar life and many are probably just testing the waters. I think there are also more “professionals” who see this as an alternate advertising vehicle.

    I see the same thing in business. Firms that would routinely approve large bills from professionals are now looking into the details, negotiating what they used to accept and looking for lower cost alternatives. More wineries are going to a second label because they can not sell all the wine they make while 5 years ago they had customers on allocation . This fall they may have left some of the grapes on the vine.

  327. Just4Fun says:

    @SD Guru… Yeah it’s been crazy. I do feel like a kid in a candy store. I really didn’t expect this. I thought money would be the first thing they would ask for but it hasnt. I think I’ve been smart about it as well. I target the college students. Seems like they just want fun. I stay away from the single moms. Hope that helps you!

  328. Ty says:

    Reading the current blog, and there are soooo many different opinions…it’s awesome! I love an ambivalent topic :)…I’m new at this, but I personally got involved for all of the financial perks. Initially, I’d say a common misconception of an SD/SB relationship is that they’re all “black and white” you know , you play he pays ( no pun intended), but after some research and more than a few dates I’ve come to realize its all significantly gray. Whilst the financial part seems to be great, I find the mentorship to be the most beneficial. I don’t NEED a $1500 arrangement, could be completely satisfied with numbers much less. Inexperienced? yes 🙂 but naive, definitely not. A pot SD said he’d take me shopping at Kohls as our 2nd date, I took off running as fast as the “o-h-l-s” rolled off his cheap tongue. I believe that the time spent should be of quality and no I’m not speaking ” Lobotomy” as Jack put it :)..Im far from high maintenance but that was just plain offensive lol

  329. AnnaMW says:

    @northernsd – Ill take the ring if you don’t have anyone to give it to…

    @Everyone –
    Its kind of funny that the blog seems to be saturated with 5k SBs and 1k/p4p SDs that seem to love judging each other…. 🙂

    I do have one thing to say… Taking a girl to events, paying for her travel and buying dinner is not an arrangement. It’s dating…… Finding lasting love on SA is great… Many successful relationships begin in non-traditional ways, but treating this site like its match. com can result in a lot of wasted time for both parties.

  330. Just4Fun says:

    @JustATequila. Thanks for the advice!

  331. JustATequilaSD says:

    @frank and @Everyone
    No offense frank. It does happen. Tomorrow will be a better day. Be very careful right now because Christmas is a time for giving, and scammers will be happy to show you.

    • SD Guru says:

      “To all the SD’s on here. Are you finding that when you meet your potential SB that your making out with them and more by the end of the first date?”

      Damn, you sound like a kid in a candy store who’s been getting the hot guy discount! Consider yourself lucky! 🙂

      @Content SB
      “he claims to be an inexperienced SD…except his profile number is only 5 digits long”

      It could be that he created his profile back in ’06 and then forgot about it until now. Yeah, that could happen! 😛

      “My issue is that I’ve got a few offers that are very similar… The deciding factor in these cases is, therefore, the money.”

      What you’re saying is that if all things being equal then money trumps other factors. However, rarely will all things be equal if you dig beyond the surface. If the allowance offered meets your needs, then I’d suggest another way to approach this is to get to know your pot SD’s better and pick the one you enjoy being with the most.

      “GURU, do you share my opinion ? Or only about miss Sasha Gray ?”

      Which opinion were you referring to? I think I lost track when you mentioned Sasha. 😉

      “I am stuck going to Vail this weekend alone.”

      Don’t despair, I’m sure you can round up plenty of pot SB’s to meet between Denver and Vail! 😉

      “She explained that she had met several time wasters, so I gave her the benefit of doubt, bought her lunch and gave her money.”

      As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished… I hope you have learned from your experience and won’t let it happen to you again.

      “If I met an SD that was generous, honest, sexually adventurous without being freakshow, trustworthy and kind…”

      Ask yourself what is the most important part of that list and focus on finding it. If you focus primarily on the allowance then don’t be surprised at what else you have to put up with.

      “…who didn’t ask to be diapered, CBT’d, cuckolded, or things I would only do for a very generous allowance, I might have an apoplectic seizure!”

      You should never do anything you’re not comfortable with only for a very generous allowance. It’s a choice you make. And as others have pointed out, you can find the type of ideal SD you described without having a seizure. We should add that to the SD Misconception list!

      “The more generous offers on this site always seem to come with a very high price”

      See my point above.

      “nice gifts and dinners” I can buy myself, or enjoy with men without having to put up with extra weight, wives, 20+ years my senior, or unsightly body hair.

      There are SB’s who can’t afford nice gifts and dinners on their own. If you don’t want to put up with the weight, age difference, wives, etc, then go find yourself a hot boyfriend!! :mrgreen:


      Perhaps it’s now time for “The Top Sugar Baby Misconceptions” list?

      One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that the amount of allowance may not be directly related to the quality of the relationship and the experience, which I’ve explained in my blog.

  332. frank says:

    Curvy-thanks for the doting, pampering, and spoiling. Right now I need help tying my shoes. This one arm stuff is getting old.

    That’s one reason I gave up the chase, if I caught her, I couldn’t even give her the bird!

    I am sending her 6 months of bad karma.

  333. JustATequilaSD says:


    “Yes, officer, that’s right, it was a 350Z. And yes, she drove off with a handful of blowjobs. If you hurry, you can catch her before she hits the chop shop and turns them into shoes.”

  334. frank says:

    Gosh blog mates-thanks for your well wishes.

    Californ-right, no money til panties hit thew floor!

    ContentSB-not on meds now, probably should start

    Twiceshy-thanks for drink! mind if I change my name to thriceshy?

    Norhernsdyou are right, it was an inexpensive lesson

    RussiaSB-You are right as well, thinking with the wrong head

  335. JustATequilaSD says:

    Just give up trying to escape the blog, and stop looking at it during work.
    Even if I gave you a shot, damn, even I don’t know if I can shag 150 hours straight. Your expectations are pretty damned high. You may as well stick me in Aladdin’s lamp. Forget the $20 jeans, I’d have to wear my sheer genie pants.(And put a lil turban on my buddy.) I see what you girls mean now about peculiar requests. Scares me to think what’d you’d want for the other two wishes.

    Actually, I was poking fun at all this nonsense. You’ll have to find your own path. Your mileage may vary. Just be careful, as you can see in some posts that part of it does require your business head. The good thing is, young and good looking, they give you discount. CaliSB has stated that she has even given free test drives to the really hot ones.

  336. Just4Fun says:

    To all the SD’s on here. Are you finding that when you meet your potential SB that your making out with them and more by the end of the first date? Are they bringing up money right away? I’m just wondering if I’m just having great luck or if it’s the same for everyone. Should i even bring up the subject on the first meeting or just milk it as much as I can? Your input is appreciated!!
    I’d like to hear from the SB’s as well. Thanks!

  337. Just4Fun says:

    @ Just a Tequilla… Thanks for your reply. Is that true what you said. At 5k they get weird? I’m new at this and inexperienced. I stay away from the 5k ones. I guess I’m too cheap. Besides, the 5 dates I had with the exception of one were all beautiful. So what should I expect with the current one? I only offer $1200. I had another one who was only gonna cost me about $900! From your experience will they stay around? I am a businessman so I tend to look for great deals! Lol

  338. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    He’s from another site… Not at all cheap sounding… Supposedly put last one through Law school as a second career, plus living expenses, plus allowence. It was nearly 3 years, etc.

    Seemed to hit on most of what I was looking for… Didn’t push the finances low in cnversation, etc.


  339. RussianSB says:

    Curvy Cutie – does he sound so cheap by the phone ? Your talks was more like 5 minutes or 20 ? Or he is one of that Fakesugardaddys pupil and did everything right ??
    People, why you not sharing bad profiles here ??

  340. RussianSB says:

    @Northernsd, you are very special man, and very thoughtful, and you have taste.
    Not every woman will really appreciate such jewel. But me !
    I cannot even dream about such present ! And I am spoiled SB.

  341. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    That’s the kicker… I had been in coversation since Oct 18th-ish. I’d screened personality, financial viability, past SD experience,etc.

    I’m just too goal orriented so… I need someone who can appreciate that.


  342. ContentSB says:

    Hmmm…. I’m emailing with a pot SD…and he claims to be an inexperienced SD…except his profile number is only 5 digits long…so doesn’t that indicate that he’s been on the site for quite some time?

  343. RussianSB says:

    @northernsd – are your jeweler Jewish ?
    Anyway, I am ready to accept it, if you ready for the Russian drama.
    (The best drama in the world : Chehov, Ostrovskyi, expat Nabokov and Co.)

  344. RussianSB says:

    Curvy Cuty SB & Frank
    you are equal – both of you don’t make your home work. Screen and kill fakes, screen and kill odds. Web dating can be dangerous game sometimes, you should be more more careful about, and not go for date, even not spoke before on the phone (like someone did, yeah?)

  345. northernsd says:

    No De Grisogono just a nice piece I had made from a jeweler I know/trust. To me a jeweler is like a car salesman once you find one you trust you keep going back.
    “@EVERYBODY – boys I start to believe that when you see beautyful girl your blood go down,right away from your brain :)” It been like that since I was 13. Do you have a cure?

  346. RussianSB says:

    Why so many boys in the blog tonight ?? Where is my Tina ?
    I mean, it always more girls than boys in the blog … strange…
    But I always will be with you, my dear ones, even if I will meet Russian oligarh, I am not leave you, babes 🙂

  347. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    Frank you make me want to dote on you, pamper you and spoil you emotionally and physically… *sigh*

    I’m not sure which of us ended up getting shafted more.

    You getting taken for $$$$ or me getting told I’m “not desperate enough”.


  348. RussianSB says:

    @Frank, Twiceshy also has been scammed several times, but look at him now – he meet new models every month ! Even Brazilian ones !

  349. RussianSB says:

    How that story ends ???
    Here he comes ”Ask me,I am GURU”

  350. RussianSB says:

    And I never was able to wach till the end – ”With eyes wide shut”.

  351. RussianSB says:

    Clockwork Orange – my favorite, and such interesting language mix he did create with every second word – Russian. No Russian topic he has only in ”With eyes wide shut”.
    GURU, do you share my opinion ? Or only about miss Sasha Gray ?

  352. California SB says:

    Reading all this drama here and there on the blog… wow it almost reads like a script for a hit series on lifetime. I think we all should gather for a party on second life, hot avatars required. Just an idea….

    (I just can’t let go of this blog too many juicy gossip going on here LOL)

  353. RussianSB says:

    By the way – cool moovie !

  354. RussianSB says:

    Now you know our feelings about ”I sleep with several SBs, but I choose one to care about”.
    Now that girl can say – I ”charge” allowance from several SDs, but I choose one whom I really like !

  355. RussianSB says:

    @Northernsd, if you tell me that is De Grisogono ring – you will broke my heart !!!
    @Frank – why you give money on parking lot and not at hotel room, for, example ,where intentions of both parties become, let’s say, more clear … Tell other SD her profile number (don’t be shy), a lot of people lurk at the blog.
    @EVERYBODY – boys I start to believe that when you see beautyful girl your blood go down,right away from your brain 🙂

  356. northernsd says:

    Sorry to hear about that but you probably got off cheap in the end. Just think if she really wanted to play you.

  357. northernsd says:

    Holy crap a lot drama on here this week and I couldn’t find a good quote in the bunch.
    I officially broke it off with my SB today. I should of taken the advise from here and did it last week but at least it is done now. I learned I have to do a little better job of screening to make sure they are slightly more stable than the last one.I was really wanting to hold off as now I am stuck going to Vail this weekend alone. (A 4 day weekend with absolutely nothing work related scheduled has not happened in years) Plus I have a black diamond ring being delivered tomorrow with no one in particular to give it to.

  358. twiceshy says:


    Damn Frank, sorry to hear that happen to you. I hope other SDs are reading this, because those women are out there. And she will do it again and again until she does it to the wrong SD

    Really sorry, I empathize.

    One thing , after you get that sinking feeling out of your stomach, figure out why it happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again. If you were nearby we could grab a drink, but you’ll have to settle for me saying the one I’m drinking’s for you! 🙂

    Shake it off , mate!

  359. Jack says:

    Anna, not the least bit disheartened!! Good for you–you got an allowance that both you and your SD were happy with!

    And as I’ve stated many times before–I would have no problem reaching $5K (and more) but I would simply not start a relationship there. Once I got to know (and like) the person, it would naturally go that way.


  360. ContentSB says:

    @Frank — Or 2nd meet. My mistake!!

  361. ContentSB says:

    @Frank — 1 question for you: Why would you meet in a parking lot? 1 statement for you: No SB in her right mind would invite a pot SD to her house for a first meet.

    You got played (which you now know). Blame it on pain meds?

  362. California SB says:

    Frank: NEVER give money upfront….you should know that by now. You only start a monthly allowance after you get to know her for a few weeks. Money inside the envelope that goes inside the purse…. only after you saw her underwear on the floor….

    OK, really last post.

  363. AnnaMW says:


    Thank you! Life works in mysterious ways. I’ve been on and off the blog for a while and while I tried to keep an open mind, I definitely wasn’t looking for love. It’s a very cool thing….

    I used SA when I was between relationships and busy with my career. My SDs were terrific people and I’ve remained friends with them……While I ultimately chose love over sugar, Jack would probably be disheartened to know that when I was an SB my allowance was in the 5k+ range.

  364. frank says:

    On another note, how can I be so stupid, or so unlucky.

    I met my new sb today. we had been emailing for about a week, and then met for lunch last week. She had asked for money before the lunch meet, while I normally give gas money/expense money, I was a little taken back by her asking for it.. She explained that she had met several time wasters, so I gave her the benefit of doubt, bought her lunch and gave her money.

    We talked about what a proper monthly allowance would be and agreed to one. I told her about my experience last year where a sb hid after the first meeting. ( I had given her the first months allowance up front) So I told her I would give her allowance weekly for a month or so until we got comfortable with each other.

    Then yesterday she said to be fair, I should give her half months allowance now and half at end of month. I agreed. We met at a parking lot, and she was going to have me follow her home. When we met in parking lot, she asked for the money, I gave it to her, she said to follow her home, but not to worry, if we got separated, she would be at 5343 main street.

    She was driving a new 350Z, and took off rather fast, I guess she thought she would quickly lose me, since I am driving one armed these days. At first I didn’t realize what was going on, she keep driving faster and faster, until I realized she was trying to lose me. that kinda made me mad, and I stayed on her tail until she pulled onto the interstate on ramp, and I let her go.

    I am laughing at myself and mad as well. Since none of my friends know about my hobby, thought I would share this with my blog friends and see what they think!

  365. California SB says:

    I can’t resist….. Tequila: “Maybe I will become sugar baby and get my nails done, and get waxed”

    (I swear you posted this just to make me reply…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

    So, what’s your allowance requirement, dear? I’m looking for a grateful sugar baby-male who can serve me as I please for hours for 150 a week. No boxers under your 20 bucks jeans please. Hit me up and let’s get the ball rolling.

  366. frank says:

    nancy-too bad you didn’t know me 5 years ago. I had a really big penis, but 5 years of housing downturn, my having to feed my company over 2/3rds of my net worth so that I could keep part of the cadre of loyal workers intact,, my penis has really shrunk.

  367. JustATequilaSD says:

    “high-level shopaholic SD’s”
    I was poking fun and making more of a joke, but this is really the attitude of some of the 10k sds…or at least that’s what last week’s blog complaint was.

    And I like Chuck E. Cheese too much to be 10k sd. Maybe I will become sugar baby and get my nails done, and get waxed, and some sugar momma will take me to win a teddy bear. 🙁

  368. RussianSB says:

    Now I start watch Stanly Cubric ”Doctor Strangelove …” and I need dry pants, just in case 🙂

  369. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila ”You won’t have to worry about drama, or their feelings, because at that pay range, they get weird when you show genuine emotion, feelings, or “attachment.” At that level, they’re almost used to “high-level shopaholic SD’s”, so everyone wins.”

    Hellllooo there ! I am 5k SB and I claime for good sex, 24 hours romance non-stop, attention, attachment, worshipping. I have feelings and sensetive nipples. I am drama-free, that is mean I bring lots of drama for free 🙂

    Little boys and girls, stop call names each other, stop call each other pen*s and vag*na !
    No war, only love. I offer to watch ”Ragazza con pistola” – it helps you to relax, sandbox !
    Itis old Italian comedy , I watch today and pee in my pants LOL 🙂

  370. RussianSB says:

    I did convert one in my past, I show him my paycheck from my work (good numbers), and he doubble my maintenance after that. We never talk about allowance, but he make some numbers from the air, and I never complain, but I find polite way to hint, you see.
    So it possible ”to convert” in numbers. Impossible thing, I think, is to convert 40 y.o. man who never been SD to real SD. Never, REALLY ? Never help any lady, or girl, of wife ?

  371. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila ”to convert men from 5k to 3k” – itislike convert man from catholic into protestant ? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  372. RussianSB says:

    @Phoneguy ”Much like when the SB ditches you after 3 months to go back to her loser boyfriend once she paid off her credit card and got the expensive shoes she could never afford on her own” – it is so true ! One girl I know meet one cool SD (he is not my friend but he FAMOUSE SD ), two weeks she look at him with eyes full of love (she is very good-looking), and when he gave her 15k she asked for, she dissapear. Stupid girl, the guy is very spoiled, and he is like really feel something special for her, she can have 15k per month from him without problems and even more. But she leave him and go back to her husbant looser !

  373. NancySB/LA says:

    JustAT & Cali
    You guys are the best… honestly…lol

  374. California SB says:

    Tequila trying to get off the blog cuzzz I have lots of deadlines with year end closing at work, nothing to do with you, sorry to disappoint your big ego… OK my last post.

  375. WCSD says:

    Wow…been away from the blog, and drama, drama, drama!

    I do find some of the subjects fairly odd. The AP discussion about whether it is worth it to spend $$$ on panties, or $$$ on purses, etc. was weird too. I am definitely not a clothes person (both in myself and others), it just isn’t something that interests me, BUT I do have a nice car, and like a nice bottle of wine. Some could easily say it is a huge waste of money on those items, and for them, they would be right. And to be honest, I do get some satisfaction when others notice my taste in wine, etc. In the end, if my SB wants to spend her allowance on AP panties, or on keg’s of beer, I don’t really care. I do not expect to be controlling over what the money is spent on. Now would I accept an arguement that her allowance should be higher because she wants these expensive panties, no I probably wouldn’t…but again, that is my choice. I’m attracted to people who like my kind of spoiling, and obviously want a SB who is attracted to me because of it.

    As for the high or low end of allowance, again to each their own. I personally have been all over the map, and as long as we are both happy when we are in the relationship, does it really matter what the dollar amount is?

    As for me, I’ve been enjoying the start of the ski season in Whistler. I am always amazed how much I miss it after a summer off.

  376. JustATequilaSD says:


    Not picking on you, just stating my opinion as you did yours. Didn’t think anything I said made you want to call out the Big Game Hunter.

  377. JustATequilaSD says:


    Not harrassing anyone. Only gave my opinion…rather dryly, I might add, without reservation, or emotion. And I would appreciate if you would not use argumentative and untrue verbs such as “harrassing” and “stalking”, but I also know this is the next part of your plan to seduce me as a Strategittarius. Of course, it only works against you, as I don’t find it charming, pleasing, or clever. I told you what I like about you. I’ll enjoy that person, as I communicate with her, on or off the blog.

    On a lighter note, your attempt to get me to email you because you’re not on the blog anymore will only have a chance if you stay away for more than 12 hours. I did think this was cute and clever, albeit very transparent. 🙂 I am wild game that you cannot easily trap. Once again, at this point, I am flattered by your stalking.

  378. NancySB/LA says:

    Lol, thank God you are back…

  379. California SB says:

    Tequila honey… can you please stop harassing my friends on the blog? I’m trying to take a blog break here…. thanks.

  380. JustATequilaSD says:


    I actually find it quite offensive and degrading to any men that have been less fortunate than me (with or without the elaboration)…but oh well, who cares. And I apologize if you find this word offensive, I did censor it, and I make no guarantees on the term’s frequency or usage. In this case, I merely thought it was the de facto term to end this phrase.

  381. NancySB/LA says:

    I don’t know if I can commit to that statement. And stop saying p***y to me, sends a strange sensation in my body. Gosh, I wish Cali came back…

    I will share what I feel and what I have experienced; it isn’t to make anyone feel bad, I hope that everyone takes what I say with a grain of salt.

  382. JustATequilaSD says:

    A man without money, is like a man without a penis…because neither of them will get any of your p***y.

    If I understood this correctly.

  383. JustATequilaSD says:


    I understand your colloquialism involved in your terminology. Thank you for elaborating on the “no men” thing.

    Alas, there are very, very few women that give away anything for free, you’re going to pay for it somehow. A “chick-flick” here, a “hormonal rant” there, and of course, the material spoiling, but I don’t mind, I ALWAYS thought they were worth it at the time.

  384. NancySB/LA says:

    A man without money, is like a man without a penis

  385. JustATequilaSD says:


    Congrats on your situation it gives hope to us “hopeless romantics.” (Maybe it is the right site.) I believe that the possibilities and potential you have stated in your paragraph is what MANY of us seek on both sides…generosity, transparency and consistency on all aspects from both parties.

  386. NancySB/LA says:

    Actually, I have never had sex with someone just because I was horny. There was either a ring and or gifts involved. So, not every woman believes in giving herself away for free.
    When i go to lunch with girlfriends, one will always remark that there are no men around, although we are surrounded by cute busboys and waiters, none of these men count as ‘men’ to us…
    My remark was meant for SBs/SDs who actually practice the Sugar lifestyle.

  387. JustATequilaSD says:

    Please disregard my last three posts, I realize that now isn’t the time to be curious or poke fun at a very sore subject. I will gather such info another time. I will not comment on sd misconceptions, as my opinions always seem to garner such passionate responses. So, allow me to move forward to Holiday Tidings such as how you keep the sugar flowing through christmas.

  388. JustATequilaSD says:


    I was simply honestly curious with that post about the conversion. I’d honestly like to get some of the true facts. My post to Just4Fun, was actually a guy version of all the high-maintenance advertising that has gone on with the allowance thing, and was poking fun at all this nonsense. Of course, I’ll probably be demonized for that post as well.

    No doubt that the sb’s will read your post, but I agree in the doubt that they will listen. But I will expressly change my content completely, in the interest of the “heat” dying down.

  389. Jack says:

    No, Anna, whether people like each other is obviously much more complex than enjoyment of toys.

    But it seems to me by your additional comments that you and I think more alike than differently. Feel free to pop in and say hello–I’m 989322.


  390. Jack says:


    PureFunds ISE Diamond/Gemstone ETF (NYSE: GEMS) is the one fund whose novelty overshadows its investment prospects.

    While physical diamonds and gemstones have always been seen as a store of value against troubled fiat currencies, the ETF’s holdings, which include mining outfits, jewelry makers and retailers, are unlikely to serve as a useful hedge in such a scenario. If a fiat currency were to collapse, the equity issues of those companies wouldn’t fare well since miners would have difficulty securing capital, and jewelry makers and retailers would suffer a sharp drop in sales.

    Another potential problem is the fact that diamonds and gemstones are the very definition of a manipulated market. Only a fraction of annual diamond and gemstone production actually reaches the market, as major producers such as De Beers hold back most of what they mine in order to keep prices high. If, for whatever reason, it were forced to unload its massive stockpile of stones, prices would plummet pretty quickly.

    Beyond that, lab-grown stones are quickly grabbing a large share of the diamond and gemstone market. They’ve become cheaper and easier to produce with the aid of better technology, and they don’t carry the social stigma so often associated with the diamond industry. About the only way you can tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a naturally occurring one is the fact that man-made diamonds contain absolutely no impurities. As man-made stones become increasingly popular, naturally occurring diamonds will face more price competition.


  391. AnnaMW says:

    Jack – What did you surmise I was referring to as “silly”? The idea that some women don’t want an allowance? Or the idea that ALL women like to be spoiled?

    I agree that some women think long term and decline a cash allowance if she sees relationship potential. Some women do come to SA looking for relationships. More power to them. I am in an extremely serious situation with someone that I have never taken a dime of cash from, but he is extremely generous and makes sure that our time together is first class. He is not my SD, he is my partner and I like him for who he is. That having been said, I maintain my stance that ALL women like to be spoiled and enjoy nice things. Based on your spending synopsis, you seem to agree.

    I am one of the women you are talking about – that chose love over an arrangement. A cash allowance would have been hurtful and insulting in this case. A closet full of Lobotomy shoes doesn’t speak to a persons character. Is enjoying different toys all it takes for you decide a woman isn’t for you?

  392. JustATequilaSD says:


    Good work guy. I’m glad you found one good one in the bunch. And you were not being an “ass”, it’s just your preference and opinion. Enjoy it while it lasts, and I hope it works out. But, if it doesn’t work out, and you want to spend 5k a month, you can easily hop from girl to girl like a candy store. There are plenty of girls here for you to taste and sample in that pay range. You won’t have to worry about drama, or their feelings, because at that pay range, they get weird when you show genuine emotion, feelings, or “attachment.” At that level, they’re almost used to “high-level shopaholic SD’s”, so everyone wins. 🙂

  393. Jack says:


    To answer your question, I highly doubt there has been any “upward conversion,” “downward conversion,” or any other kind of conversion as a result of anyone’s blogging here. To the extent you have some respect for my blogging, let me respectfully suggest you do not post comments such as the above because at this point, they are simply generating heat rather than casting light on the subject at hand.

    I would say the same to some the SB’s posting here (such as the no-money-men/no penis comment) but I highly doubt I would be heard. So I won’t.

    Can we all agree that different folks on SA (and on this blog) have quite divergent views on many issues and leave it at that?


  394. JustATequilaSD says:

    **as I am someone accused of “generalizing”**

  395. JustATequilaSD says:

    @NancySBLA and @Goldfish and @Everyone

    Either way, this blog will convert very few men from 1.5k to 3k or 3k to 5k. No matter how much you insult, belittle, argue, or explain.(I haven’t heard about such an upward conversion on this blog. Other sd’s chime in please.) But I will admit that actions of the women on this site (not necessarily the blog) have been shown to convert men from 5k to 3k.

  396. JustATequilaSD says:


    “a man without money…”

    Such condescension. We all have the right to our opinion, and as someone that is constantly accused of “generalizing”, I would like to think that you “generalized your statements to all sd’s and all men. That being said, I offer the following:

    Even though I realize that you are potentially a high-maintenance girl, I would like to draw your attention to at least one boyfriend in your life that used his penis on you, even though he was not financially solvent at the time. I can also guess that you’ve even eaten at least one burrito in your lifetime.(If not, then “kudos”, but it still didn’t change my opinion of you…and it shouldn’t.)

    True men laugh at such silly statements. Including “real men do this…” , “a man without this” and “you’re not a man if”. We already know what it is to be men, and find this to be an unqualified,unfounded, pitiful attempt at a derogatory remark aimed at making us do something that “YOU” think we should do. On a whole, it’s all about us, sorry.

    We just hope with all of our money, cars, clothes, grace, status, and window dressing, we can get girls that make other guys want to give us more power, influence, and connection, so we can have more girls and can continue to spin that wheel higher and higher…OR..we just wanna bang all the cheerleaders we didn’t in high school…OR…we want to find some girl we think will relate to us and spoil her long term and see what happens.

  397. Jack says:


    I think if my ex-wife spent close to a million a year for the 6 years we were married, I can probably “scrape up” $1500 a month for the right SB. And as I mentioned, I spent that amount for a mere weekend with my engineer friend. As to experiences, I took her up to Lake Tahoe one of the days–one of the most beautiful places in the world. I think a good time was had by all!

    I’m glad the ultimatum was a joke. Phew!


  398. NancySB/LA says:

    A man without money, is a man without a penis.

  399. Phoneguy says:

    if you can’t pony that up a month consistently, it’s going to be a real downer when you tell your SB that you liked her for 3 months, but for the four month you didn’t save up enough cash to spend on her….
    Much like when the SB ditches you after 3 months to go back to her loser boyfriend once she paid off her credit card and got the expensive shoes she could never afford on her own.

    Life’s tough. Grow a thick skin. Be an adult.

  400. lace says:


  401. Goldfish says:

    And Jack, it was more of a joke about the ultimatum. Just make it known that you want to spoil her and you want to do more than buy calculators from Office Depot. It’s perfectly reasonable to ask what she does like. Nice dinners? Experiences? Not everything sugar-worthy is tangible.

    You don’t need to spend $1500, but just have it ready for the right girl. If you can’t find enough ways to make it to that number, but she’s still happy, no problem, and lucky you!

  402. Goldfish says:

    It’s not really minimum, but honestly…if you can’t pony that up a month consistently, it’s going to be a real downer when you tell your SB that you liked her for 3 months, but for the four month you didn’t save up enough cash to spend on her….

    I’m just saying if you’re going to put up a certain income and net worth then sign up for a site that is based around the idea of taking care of your SB, you should be able to have a certain amount set aside.

    Don’t shortchange the people you care about. You’ll be surprised how much they’ll appreciate it.

  403. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    Being in a Sugar arrangement reminds of the practice of something called “sighe” in Islamic countries. A man and woman are allowed to enter into a temporary marriage in which the man is obligated under Islamic law to take care of the woman. Such an arrangement can last anywhere from one day to ninety-nine years. This practice was created to help poor women living in the Middle East centuries ago.
    I think these misconceptions about Sugar Daddies are unfortunate and are definitely, for the most part erroneous.

  404. Jack says:


    The “last” day I was referring to was the last day of my 4-day trip to my NV ranch. At her election–and sight unseen up until that day–my engineer friend joined me for the whole trip. We like each other a fair bit (have stayed closely in touch since our trip) and I think it’s quite likely we’ll spend some more time together in the future, unless I am in a new relationship (or she is).

    As to your $1500 minimum per month, you and I are talking apples and oranges. If you include my expenses to fly her out, her pearl necklace birthday gift (which she did accept), rental car, hotel, room and restaurants, it probably exceeded $1500–just for the weekend. But personally, I don’t count those dollars spent as “sugar” because all that money does is facilitate our getting together and having a good time together, which costs money and which I ALWAYS pay for, regardless of what the cost is. My $3000 limit applies to actual sugar given to the SB which she gets and keeps, not expenses associated with our getting together. If I did the math the way you do, I would say my arrangements would cost well over $5000, and potentially much more if I fly someone from another continent.

    Finally, your idea that I should “give her an ultimatum, if you can’t spoil her, then you don’t want to start relationship with her” absolutely floored me. I had to read it twice to make sure you were saying what I thought you were saying. To me, that idea fails on several fronts. First, I like to date adults, not children, and part of dating an adult is the belief that the adult gets to determine how they want to live their life. If I sincerely offer sugar and she declines, I respect that.

    Secondly, it sounds like–acording to you–I should punish the very kind of ladies that I prefer–the kind who couldn’t care less about “Lobotomy” shoes (that’s what I call Louboutins), and the kind who like me for ME, not the thickness of my wallet.

    I think I will decline the advice.


  405. Stacy says:

    I agree with Goldfish, when I see an allowance posted in the under $1,000 range I don’t respond – that’s not sugar to me, and yet they’ll still have SD/SB expectations.

  406. NewSB says:

    Zimbabwean proverb of the day: The way to the female heart is gifts.


  407. Phoneguy says:

    Why does Jack have to play by your rules? Why is he responsible for the pot’s decisions and happiness. If she says no to what he offers he should assume she is a dummy and start wildly guessing and throwing expensive stuff at her?! That doesn’t make sense.

    For the men, you should be prepared to spend at least $1500 on your sugar baby if you met her on this site.
    I was not aware you were appointed Queen of the Minimum Allowance. I will let Brandon know that we appreciate his attempt at designing this site and to remove “<1000" and change "1000-3000" to "1500-300". Thanks.

  408. Bunnie says:

    Wow, reading a bunch of the comments on this is starting to freak me out a little. I just signed up for the site (brand new SB), and am wondering what I’m getting into.

    Any of you guys have advice for a new SB? Or anything you’d like to say to someone who’s never done this before?

  409. Goldfish says:

    I have missed so much since I’ve been away!
    I was reading the blog yesterday, and wanted to put in my two cents on the topic of allowances.

    This is really for the SD’s and even for SBs who don’t see the merit in some choices, which is fine…

    For the men, you should be prepared to spend at least $1500 on your sugar baby if you met her on this site. Why? That’s the name of the game. Whether you plan nice vacations, pay for some of her living expenses, go on shopping sprees, or just give her the money…don’t try and be cheap with your SB’s. If she says no, buy her expensive lingerie for the next time you see each other. Surprise her with some Louboutin’s. Two plane tickets to Barbados. Whatever. But don’t just settle for…”well, she liked that calculator.” Make her feel like a queen! or princess, whichever you prefer.

    And Jack, was that your LAST last day together? Maybe she just didn’t want to see you again and didn’t want to take the money and run? Either way, give her an ultimatum, if you can’t spoil her, then you don’t want to start relationship with her. You NEED to spoil someone 🙂

  410. Jack says:


    Jack’s example isn’t “plausible,” it is a REAL human being who obviously thinks differently than you.

    I find it regrettable that SB’s who post here will call their fellow SB’s “silly,” but it’s a free country, I guess. When I comment on things, I actually like to comment on the facts as they are presented. I do not change the facts and then comment.

    Also, how does “if you don’t spend and come across as a cheapskate” square with the ACTUAL FACTS that I shared–namely, that I offered in multiple ways and the only sugar she accepted was $100 on our last day together to buy a special calculator for her daughter?

    And your last comment also does not square with my experience–there are quite a few women who are both attractive and successful who have been unsuccessful in “having whoever they want,” (and ditto for successful, attractive and wealthy guys). were that


  411. AnnaMW says:

    I own Agent and La Perla, but would have NEVER bought them for myself. While the difference is clear, I also find it personally ridiculous to spend $150 on underwear. However, today I own handbags that are worth more than my first car.

    I agree with Cali that wealthy men tend to recognize designer clothes and appreciate nice cars. The more educated, cultured, worldly and successful a woman is, the more of a commodity she becomes. That is if she’s nice…

    Just because a woman is independently successful and has money does not mean that she doesn’t want more. Jacks example is plausible, but silly…. All women like gifts and want to be spoiled. ALL WOMEN… Especially women that gainfully earn six figures. They may not be beating down your door for a cash allowance out of necessity like some of the women, but I can pretty much assure you that if you don’t spend and come across as a cheapskate, you’re getting the ax. Women who are attractive and successful can have whoever they want.

  412. RussianSB says:

    And I wear them only when I am planning to take my clothes off (suit),so only in special occasion .

  413. RussianSB says:

    @Phoneguy, check out Wolford (Wienna,Austria) – it is fetishist’s dream 🙂
    I have 3 bodies fromWolford, laces bodies, but I’d love to make bigger collection !

  414. Phoneguy says:

    Do you agree though that SD’s want Sex primarily?
    And from as many different women as possible?

    As flyr said, pretty much all adult dating/relationships involve sex. Hopefully both sides are interested in that. As to the quantity/variety, I think that varies with each person.

    Maybe we could pick out the dress together. I like to get a girl’s input on what she likes and what her style is.

    AP isn’t off the table. I just said i was insane to pay $150 for panties. I’ve done insane stuff before. I’ll do it again. 😉 I’ll check out Wolford. La Perla is nice.

    Couples massage sounds nice too.

  415. RussianSB says:

    We have a lot of snow !!! Real winter !

  416. RussianSB says:

    @Madridista, I am glade that you are completely cured, and ready for date !
    In hospitals they said everything will be Ok, if patient ask for mirror and lipstick 🙂
    Also, don’t rely just on SA, try to go to some major events – absolutely agree with you !
    And if you have no entrance to such parties and events, don’t blame web dating for your faults. Web dating it is just web dating, nobody ought you nothing here, not boys nor girls.
    There are decent people, to find them, you need screen and communicate a lot. It is like a job. If you not satisfied with results – you did a bad job !

  417. flyr says:

    CA SB have a great Christmas We’ll miss you .


  418. Madridista says:

    Wow, looks like I’ve missed out on quite a few topics here.
    Maybe I’m daft, but I’m puzzled why so many SBs commented on the difficulty of finding someone who is “generous, honest, sexually adventurous without being freakshow, trustworthy and kind who didn’t ask to be diapered, CBT’d, cuckolded, or things I would only do for a very generous allowance”. There are so many men here who are those things and very attractive to boot. Again, it comes down to how you screen and what financial expectations you have. It just takes longer, but those men are here on this site. I’ve had plenty of good offers over the years and had to turn down most because of other reasons, but they are here! I’ve never had any SDs message me to do anything offensive or being overtly only interested in sex (believe me, there are much cheaper avenues for that than SBs). Again, it takes longer but there’s plenty of it here. Have high standards and stick to them no matter what. Looks and attraction as well as chemistry are important to me and I’m not going to sacrifice those standards for no amount of cash. So if those things are important wait until you find SD you’re attracted to. Don’t just put up with someone you find repulsive with a crappy personality just because he’s offering a high allowance. It’s possible to have the money and attraction (on all levels) if you properly look/screen for it and be patient. Also, don’t rely just on SA, try to go to some major sporting events, car shows, boat shows, etc. I met my current SD first at a ski resort and we romantically connected after me met years later at a sports event. If site not working for you, try these options. Don’t get discouraged.

    Also, who says only men are interested in sex? I’ve been in Spain for a short time and men here are so sexy I’m constantly turned on. Even an annoying assistant coach I’m working with is so incredibly HOTT!!! I’m salivating just over his press conferences alone. Maybe I just feel this way because I’m new to this country and I’ve lived in places where hardly anyone was above average in the looks department, so it’s like a major fiesta for me. But damn, Spanish men have got it going on!!! I’m very interested in several men right and wouldn’t mind “getting one thing from a lot of them”. Okay, I’ll stop. I actually have a date with one hottie tomorrow, so I’m too pumped to go back to sleep.

  419. California SB says:

    I’m going to be off blog for a while. I’ll come back in January. I need a blog rehab….

  420. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    phone guy.

    What cocktail dress did you have in mind? 🙂

    Pls post a link or a picture 🙂

    And as I understand we r Not going to AP boutique ; where do we go for lingerie. I love Wolford – amazing quality of fabric but it is not as sexy as La Perla (but in reality I have 5 drawers of lingerie , so unless you want me to wear some thing special for you that u get for me, we can skip the lingerie shopping and substitute it with a couple massage, sky diving , scuba diving and other fun stuff). 🙂 (green smilik)

  421. JustATequilaSD says:

    right site, just wrong arrangement for you , actually…would you take a burrito w/no burrito sex?

  422. flyr says:

    @ Nancy “Do you agree though that SD’s want Sex primarily?
    And from as many different women as possible?”

    I can not speak for anybody other than me but I believe that most adult dating involves sex . OK there are for some being yelled at is the ultimate oral sex experience but for the larger percentage of the world dating relationships involve SEX.

    I think where the primary difference exists is in the expectancy of a more traditional relationship with long term commitments.

    As many different women as possible ? I think by it’s very structure the sugar relationship involves fewer sexual partners than casual dating (regardless of marital status)

    As for the comment that women are not having sex without economic benefits – every morning there are a lot of smiling pool cleaners, personal trainers, tennis pros etc and even folks like Petreaus who were not making an economic contribution but offered something else. My hero was Henry Kissinger when he was secy of state. He was almost always in the company of a beautiful young woman with a great intellect and social skills.

    I think we have a great bunch of people here with a wide distribution of goal, resources and and views.

  423. California SB says:

    The “lavish” dinner at applebees is as strong as ever on this site…. just talked to a widowed on the phone. Networth of 20 million but looking for a cheap date. What a waste of my cell phone minutes that was. Pffff

  424. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    “nice gifts and dinners”
    I can buy myself, or enjoy with men without having to put up with extra weight, wives, 20+ years my senior, or unsightly body hair. Lol!


  425. California SB says:

    Sooo… I was invited by one of SDs to go to a “studio 54 house party” in January. He was like: “expect anything to happen”. I was ready to ask when he said “don’t ask”. Huhhh???

  426. California SB says:

    Tequila: “hopeless romantic”
    Yup, wrong site dude.

    Nancy: “3rd world allowances”

    Stacy: “generous, honest, sexually adventurous without being freakshow”
    Stand in line…

    OK peeps, we are a bunch of dreamers now let’s get back to the real world. Shall we?

  427. Stacy says:

    If I met an SD that was generous, honest, sexually adventurous without being freakshow, trustworthy and kind who didn’t ask to be diapered, CBT’d, cuckolded, or things I would only do for a very generous allowance, I might have an apoplectic seizure! The more generous offers on this site always seem to come with a very high price, and “nice gifts and dinners” I can buy myself, or enjoy with men without having to put up with extra weight, wives, 20+ years my senior, or unsightly body hair. Lol!

  428. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    JATSD… It’s out there. Ivehad it with a SD… So I know it exists, and it is what I realy wish too find again.

  429. Just4Fun says:

    I’ve had great success with this site. From what I’m reading, it sure helps to be a fit, good looking SD. From the 5 meetings I’ve had only 2 mentioned money, one only wanted rent paid the other 3 were making out with me before the night was over with no mention of money! But I’m not a complete ass, I have chosen one that I will take care. Oh well, I had a good time going thru all the wrong ones to find the right one!

  430. NancySB/LA says:

    is that why they are offering 3rd world allowances, too?
    Burrito sex indeed. I’m not eating Mexican food this whole week. I’m miffed.

    Thank you for answering my question.

  431. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Nancy and @Cali
    Before either of you say “wrong site, dude”, I guess I’m that one in a billion guy that would rather not go to match/eharmony. I’ve seen some really “scary” profiles on those sites, just as I’ve seen some “interesting” ones here. But, I must admit that I have some very wise, funny, ambitious, women here, so we’ll see where it leads.

    SD’s primarily wanting sex out of this site? I can’t speak for them. Maybe I’m the exception to the rule. I can line up girls for sweet cookie all day. But I want more. Maybe, someday I’ll become a sugar-shopaholic, but the hopeless romantic in me still believes in love.

  432. California SB says:

    The cinderellla guys are looking for exists in a far away land.. probably in a third world country somewhere. Not in America sorry…..

  433. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    What I appreciate about Sugar Daddies is that they’re much more honest about what to expect from the dating experience. When you’re in one of these arrangements your being honest about being interested in a man of means and he’s being honest about primarily wanting sex.
    Women who don’t sugar date, from what I’ve been told’ don’t put out unless they’re getting gifts and dinners. Yet, some of them will put Sugar daters down.

  434. NancySB/LA says:

    Do you agree though that SD’s want Sex primarily?
    And from as many different women as possible?

  435. Frank says:

    Russia-and snorkeling gear for when we go to Belize!

  436. JustATequilaSD says:

    RE: misconception #2
    “SD’s only want sex.”

    I do want to have bang-like-bunnies-super-hot-monkey-sex. But I don’t want her to have to pretend to enjoy it, or pretend to be everything I’ve ever wanted. And I do want her to enjoy every aspect of me, from “nerdy, mad scientist” to “tuxedos and martinis.” That can respect the time I do spend with my 3 young children, “baggage” I think someone said. And I do want to buy her the things that make her smile whatever they are. Did SDGuru’s article say that girl is 1 in a billion?

    I know my expectations are high, but is it really that hard to find an SD that actually likes most of the things that you already like? That you won’t have to get electrodes on the nipples or put him in a diaper and baby bonnet? That will take you to things you both happen to really love? That will love the color of your dyed hair or your nails? That can look at your face as soon as you wake up and have bedhair? And that will actually buy you the things you’re interested in and won’t downgrade your allowance?

  437. JustATequilaSD says:


    For the millionth time, there is no need to stick up for something that was never the point. I don’t have a problem with someone having multiple sd’s. I don’t have a problem with high allowances. I had a problem with someone being an insulting and rude troll just because others didn’t see it the way she did.

    Then, from there, some ppl chose to pick apart my post, relate it to themselves, and made a comment on absolutely the wrong point. To which, other ppl read their comments and then jumped on the entirely fabricated point bandwagon.

    I have a live and let live ideology for all sb’s and sd’s. If what you’re doing is working for you, I really don’t care what you do. ( “you” as in everyone, before anyone thinks I’m picking on you) I’ll always get what I want, so why not?

  438. RussianSB says:

    “Friendship, mutually beneficial sexual relationships, and emotional generosity are not the norm among SD’”

    Sure it is not mutually beneficial – I use SD for shopping, I use SD for sex, emotions we have ones a year when I am in bitchy mood. What get poor SD ? Not so much, if to think 🙂

  439. RussianSB says:

    “Friendship, mutually beneficial sexual relationships, and emotional generosity are not the norm among SD’”

    Sure it is not mutually beneficial – I use SD for shoppind, I use SD for sex, emotions we have ones a year when I am in bitchy mood. What get poor SD ? Not so much, if to think 🙂

  440. twiceshy says:

    @Stacy : “Friendship, mutually beneficial sexual relationships, and emotional generosity are not the norm among SD’”

    Says whom?

    I think we add that to the list of things that aren’t true about SDs 🙂

    Also describing a relationship that turned out not to be a traditional “sugar” relationship but two people DID meet on this site isn’t bragging ^_^. UNless talking about how much one makes a month,and all the designer clothing one purchases is also just bragging.

  441. flyr says:

    “They can tell if my bag is designer or generic” In some ways I find that pathetic that he takes the time to obsess about the difference, I assume you mean recognized designer. There is a lot of great stuff from emerging designers

    Having said all of that I have to confess a passion for small packages dressed in a simple black Richard Tyler dress.

  442. Phoneguy says:

    And consider the possibility that that is all in your head and you could achieve the same without the $150 panties. 😉

  443. Phoneguy says:

    You may not see the difference, but it makes me feel sexier, more powerful, and more sensual … and the tactile experience is divine.
    To me it’s still insane. But the only thing that matters if you can tell the difference.

  444. RussianSB says:

    And THE LIST is not full, I forget sunglasses, swimsuits, scarves, cosmetics and perfumes …

  445. RussianSB says:

    Evil, evil Frank ! Now it is nice frost we have, but in two weeks my avatar face turn blu 🙂
    Nice to have girlfriends with heating seats mercedeses …

  446. Frank says:

    ps Russia-its 70 degrees and sunny here today!

  447. Frank says:

    Russia-I can’t see how you can leave anything off that list with one exception, I’ve seen your pictures and you have no need of shape wear!

    Russia-and men want one thing, but from different women. Yeah,baby !

    LOL that is so true!

  448. gtt_envy says:

    Cali_SB- I just wanted to stick up for you a weee bit! There is nothing wrong with multiple SD’s or the lifestyle you lead.

    Don’t knock all of us “non designer guys” I just can’t fathom the prices of designer clothing. Maybe it is from my very humble roots, but $200-400 for jeans, shirts, shoes, I just can’t do it.

    I’m very much like Dennis Quaid in “The Parent Trap” jeans and a shirt from anywhere and I’m good. I do love expensive toys cars, boats, trips, but clothing just not me.

    You sound like you are doing great, so Kudos, and as someone else said “There are many different types of arrangements!!”

    No right no wrong just whatever works for each of us!! Carry on now 😉

  449. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    Madridista… Exactly. For the extras (or to clear student debts, etc.).

    Cali he was financially vetted. Just wants a SB without a job, and a mortgage. Damn me for not being a welfare mom!!!

  450. Stacy says:

    A man could buy a Toyota just as easily as a Mercedes, he purchases luxury because he’s looking for a different driving experience. This is what I offer my SD’s – a level of pampering, relaxation, and total immersion they are willing (glad!) to support. I assume an entirely different persona when in the $100 AP naughty bottom open panties (which are well built, classy, and have a texture far superior to a $20 pair). You may not see the difference, but it makes me feel sexier, more powerful, and more sensual … and the tactile experience is divine.

  451. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    I’ll tell you right now… Mine lace ones are 10-15, 25-45, & 95. Never spent more than 95+ tax… On a pair.

    The 95$ ones are so soft, yet have texture… Like finely embroidered lace. The 25-45$ ones are pretty but have a flatter texture… Similr softness. The 10-15$ ones are flat… Soft only if I shop for that. Smooth and often have a shine to them that is not fine thread but rather the lycra blend shine…

    Tried em all… I LOVE the 95$ ones… Enjoy the 25-45$ ones and keep the 10-15$ ones to be worn on days they will be ripped off in a rush… 😉

  452. Madridista says:

    Cali and Stacy totally nailed my point on the allowance bit and high expectations from their SBs! Thank you!

    @Russian SB, we do need all those things. Walking around naked is not an option 🙂

    @Phoneguy, yes it would be insane to spend OUR hard earned cash on anything we consider a mega luxury (be it certain lingerie, clothes, jewelry, car, etc.). That’s why we have SDs!!!! We don’t spend our money, we spend theirs and it is allocated for those items that we wouldn’t splurge on with normal income. That’s why we need SDs for that — we have expensive taste and sugar is what pays for it. You may not care for it, but a lot of girls enter sugar world to pay for luxuries they want, not because they’re broke/struggling or want a nice date.

  453. California SB says:

    Frank iets do a test..

  454. Frank says:


    I’m not yet convinced there is a difference in the $25 panties and the $200 panties. I propose a test to see if the expensive panties can be picked out of the line up.

  455. California SB says:

    Curvy: “he was looking to go “inexpensive” and have someone “happy with anything he gave”?

    Yup, he is the type who would not care if you showed up in 20 bucks jeans, CVS make up and walmart panties; because he probably wanted to give you 100 bucks…. That’s why you have to screen losers by email BEFORE wasting your time in person. I never met anyone in person without telling them my allowance expectations upfront. So, then when I get to meet them, I can focus on the chemistry.

    PhoneGuy: “It just sounds insane. I could go to 20 other places and get something similar for so much cheaper”

    Of course you could. You could also buy cheap scotch, cheap cars, live in the ghetto and eat burritos. You are the type of guy who can’t tell the difference between cheap jeans and expensive ones; all you are going to focus on it’s if she is naked fast enough and then throw her a few hundred after you are done. Am I right? 🙂

    BTW… I was the one who said agent provocateur brings thousands in return, please cite your sources correctly.

  456. RussianSB says:

    Bags :
    Shoulder Bags
    Clutch Bags
    Travel Bags

    And , of course, SHOES :
    All Shoes
    Flat Shoes

  457. RussianSB says:

    Lingerie :
    Camisoles and Chemises
    Lingerie Accessories

  458. RussianSB says:

    @Phoneguy, I don’t need many panties, but I need a lot of dresses and shoes.
    What ? I need some clothes, I cannot walk naked… 🙂
    Boys don’t need many things in wardrobe – they NEVER will understand us, ladies.
    Some poolovers, shirts, suits and nice watches – that all they need !
    What are girls made from ?
    From sugar and spice and evvvveeerything nice !

    Boys, cross out what you decide is odd from the list :

    Dresses : Cocktail, Day, Evening Gown, Maxi, Mini, Workwear, Prints, Long Sleeve .
    Tops & Tees
    Jackets, Blazers & Vests


  459. RussianSB says:

    @Nancy SB/LA
    Russian said it best most ‘SB’s want all things from one man

    and men want one thing, but from different women. Yeah,baby !

  460. Phoneguy says:

    Stacy: Agent Provacateur… 100 bucks for panties but ahhh they can bring thousands in return!!

    I was actually looking at their corsets last night. They have some beautiful stuff…but $100 (to $200) for panties, er sorry, knickers, wtf?
    Would any of you really spend your own hard earned $150 on a pair of panties?
    It just sounds insane. I could go to 20 other places and get something similar for so much cheaper. Yes, yes, your SD, the King of Siam would know the difference. 😛 Anyone else?

  461. Phoneguy says:

    Ok, 4k is not 2k, but it sounds like we aren’t far off in our negotiation. Do I get to pick the cocktail dress? How about the lingerie? 😉

    It sounds like we have coined our second phrase of the night. Burrito sex is sex with a cheap girl.

    GUYS to be cheap is NOT SEXY
    I agree.

  462. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    Can I vent for.a moment?????

    Met a pot SD for coffee… (Works if short on time and making it fit schedules)

    End result: I’m not “desperate enough”. His works.

    WTF? Was I suppose to show up in ripped jeans, and a torn shirt begging for a handout? Or was it that he was looking to go “inexpensive” and have someone “happy with anything he gave”? Because what he told me was I have too much of a life plan and goals for myself.


    Ok… Help me understand. I don’t get it.

  463. NancySB/LA says:

    That he’s stopped shagging livestock because a female Sasquatch actually said yes..

    Cali/ Stacy,
    that was so beautifully put…quality shows..

    • SD Guru says:

      Whoa, I went to have some fun in the sun and a fight broke out in the blog! 😯

      Thanks to Midwest SB for trying to keep the peace.

      Ladies and gentlemen, for the umpteenth time, there is no need to wage a holy war over the allowance topic. It’s been beaten to death over and over again throughout the history of this blog.

      Please read the “Blog Etiquette” that’s mentioned at the start of every blog topic. I wrote it way back when for a reason. Consider this a warning to all involved, now somebody has to go clean up this mess…

  464. Stacy says:

    And I swear my kitten can feel the difference, lol – she just doesn’t purr the same in gap.com.

  465. California SB says:

    Stacy: Agent Provacateur… 100 bucks for panties but ahhh they can bring thousands in return!! :P.

  466. California SB says:

    Once my Dior foundation was empty and I was too lazy to go to the mall to get more. I got cheap CVS L’Oreal foundation and went on a date with one of my SDs… he looked me at me he was like: “what happened to your skin? Your make up looks so heavy today”. Yup he could tell the difference…. cheap make up is cheap make up…

  467. Stacy says:

    And if an SB doesn’t play the part, her SD doesn’t PAY the part. I find that the more an SD offers, the more he expects. Maybe the girl getting a little career advice and burrito/cab money has it easier – but I ‘m addicted to my weekly facials and Agent Provacateur, and it’s quite shocking how well a full bank account can warm up the rest of a girl’s parts – lol!

  468. California SB says:

    Stacy: I am lucky my SDs are not total jerks but they are no saints either. They can tell if my hair was done professionally or if I did it myself. They can tell if my bag is designer or generic, they can tell if my make up is from CVS or Sephora. They complain if I don’t do my nails or my eyebrows properly. Some even complain if I don’t car wash my car….

    Nancy: Wonder what was his point of showing you her ugliness.. what a wacko.

  469. NancySB/LA says:

    Lol, … Aw, does he eat at the Y?
    @Russian said it best most ‘SB’s want all things from one man.’ Sometimes we have to improvise…
    I have my bestie, his name is Johnny Pocket Rocket…

  470. Stacy says:

    He provides a very generous support, for now, but it also requires substantial sacrifice on my part. There is definitely “value billing” involved for being a selfish bloke. $$ and Chanel can make up for most personal shortcomings I find (or quick Cumings as the case may be), lol!

  471. NancySB/LA says:

    You should’ve seen this chick, it was bad…

    SDGuru has a wealth index thingy for allowances on his blog. Does your man make enough to support you?

  472. California SB says:

    Stacy: “if I were to invoice for my time invested 1.5K per month would be a profit loss!!”

    I’ve been trying to say that on the blog for a while, but the SDs of the blog who aren’t the most generous in town (sorry guys), seem to not get it and think we are making things up.

  473. California SB says:

    Nancy: 900 for a weekend with a hairy bloated dude? Only if the weekend was in the french riviera with all expenses paid. Other than that… he can keep his 900 (so cheap he couldn’t even round to 1K?) LOL LOL LOL

  474. Stacy says:

    Yes! California! Before I see my SD I easily spend hundreds -dry cleaning, manicure, waxing (painful!), shoes (also painful), stockings, lingerie, the list goes on – yes I could do this all myself, or on the cheap at Walmart but he is a successful man who knows the difference. And, in my professional career I could easily charge hundreds of dollars for PR consulting services per hour and often spend 3+ hours preparing for my SD so everything will be just as he wants it – hours of perfect preparations, no demands, no fuss, and instant sexual chemistry, ignore the fact that I flew 4+ hours to be with him… if I were to invoice for my time invested in order to create this perfect experience for him, relate it to my professional market value as an intelligent, accomplished woman – 1.5K per month would be a profit loss!!

  475. NancySB/LA says:

    burrito sex and’ your class is a burrito girls ‘…. Lol…

    I had a guy offer me a P4P weekend thing, this hairy brown devil wanted to gift me $900 to hang out with his bloated ass for 3 days. Then proceeded to show me a picture of his ex, the ugliest misshapen thing I had ever seen.
    ‘she’s a swimmer.’ He says proudly,…
    yep, she definitely looked like a floater…

    I don’t know which was worse, the ridiculous offer or being compared to an ugly girl…

  476. NancySB/LA says:

    Or millionaireMatch 🙁

  477. California SB says:

    WestCoast: “GUYS to be cheap is NOT SEXY.”

    No, it is not sexy at all. We don’t need SA to find cheap guys. If we wanted cheap we would just go to match.com……

  478. California SB says:


  479. California SB says:

    Stacy: “performing specialty acts (you don’t even want to speculate), or complete perfection at a moment’s notice … the more an SB is gifted, the more is required of her ”

    Yes, yes and yes. Also add to the equation, to be at a certain time at a certain place looking exactly as specified (red nails, make up, no make up, red dress, no panties, hair up, hair down…). If you were requested to wear heel and show up in flats…. you’re in trouble.

  480. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    would not it be the same if I would write /share

    “a guy gave me $3.000 we went out a few times , we really liked and were into each other,
    And then I offered him a sexy night with me and he did Not accept it coz he really
    Ike me and did not want to offend me”.
    So there are SDs who r sexy handsome but would not accept sex form a girl he likes.
    I would be so proud he did not accept my gift/sugar/sex.

    and then all SBs on blog would be “yes, you must be really good and sexy if he did not accept your “sugar ” =sex.

  481. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    “some women have indeed rejected gifts/allowance”

    a guy wants!!! to give your a gift – for him to enjoy your wearing it or using it ;

    Or allowance coz he wants! he enjoying helping you and very appreciative for your company , your youth, your smile….

    and you are a goal oriented girl (u r here for a reason!) – you need $ for your college , books, new computer … is not it rude !!! to reject your lover gift ? He might ve gave it a lot of thought choosing the gift for you, his heart was warm thinking he is paying for your next semester of study … and you say “NO” –

    means you even did NOT need it ? It is not appreciated ? His help not needed not appreciated , you do not like his present ? why then did you make this arrangement ? just for money ?
    then rejecting his help is ! prove it was a prostitution for this girl.

    I do not have time to read all the blog but why SDs are picking on SBs so hard?

    Can SDs criticize and pick on and argue with other SDs? not with girls 15-25 years younger than they are ?

    why SDs would not write “you r so cheap ! You give “cab and burrito” money . If you value your basic (sexual) instant so low, if your sexual experience worth “burrito ” and your class is a burrito girls – then you found each other – cheap guy and burrito girl. which is great!
    but pls do not judge SBs and classy girls who make their lovers happy by accept good allowances and designers gifts . And do not imply a girl can be offended by a few k cash in envelope . But I would be defiantly offended (deeply surprised ) by $100 cab+ burrito cash cover in confetti . at the air port first meeting and $ 0 at the airport goodbye .

    If a guy cheap , and trying to get free sex at sugar site – just admit it. it is so comfortable to find an excuse!!! for yourself “I better Not to give her anything at the end or she might get offended” . well, guess what – if she did not get offended by first meeting burrito money , she will not get offended by a few k the end of your steaming hot week.

    Phone guy.

    One thing I notices you picked up my

    “2-4 K for 5 days of vacation”

    You made it 4K for vacation and claimed it is not so regular but a high end arrangement .

    If a girl have 2 K a month (once a week meeting ) with her married SD. we go to vacation for 5 days – so we r most likely not meeting a week before and a week after (since we r having 5 days in resort with sex everyday , most likely a few times a day) – so it is $ 1500 (out of our monthly plan).
    I totally ‘d expect $2000 in cash and + some gifts (may be a cocktail dress, a lingerie …) it is very reasonable and very not high end arrangement .
    And how often he and me can afford go to this vacation ? once in a half year. So we better have good memories , not be cheap at any aspect – sex or sugar. and both be completely satisfied .

    But sure if a SD wants to pick on everything/anything a girl write on this blog – he can always find a way .


    GUYS to be cheap is NOT SEXY.

    Bragging ! you got free sex, burrito sex, a girl rejected your gift/allowance – not classy or sexy.
    (it is much worse than a SB show up with dirty hair, 2 hours late, no show up , ordered most expensive dish and 5 drinks…what else (whatever) you complained … ).

    There should be some honest and sincere and generous guys out where, anywhere… somewhere…hopefully…one day …:) 🙂

  482. Stacy says:

    This fight is ridiculous – I think people don’t understand what is expected of a 5K+ SB: it’s either putting up with a man who isn’t nice (in a variety of ways), performing specialty acts (you don’t even want to speculate), or complete perfection at a moment’s notice – or all three.
    In my rxperience, the more an SB is gifted, the more is required of her (physically, sexually, and emotionally). Friendship, mutually beneficial sexual relationships, and emotional generosity are not the norm among SD’s, they compensate with sugar what they are unwilling or unable to provide in a traditional relationship – whether they are 21 or 71. And, the SB overlooks those deficiencies because the sugar makes up for the difference.
    Any SB who can’t be honest about that isn’t worth 1.5K per month.

  483. California SB says:

    Carib: You can also get a pair of Tiffany wine glasses at any Tiffany store or Tiffany online for less than 50 bucks.

  484. California SB says:

    Nancy: “Oh, I just wanted to make sure you were telling the truth that you are actually working.”

    Now THAT was creepy. A lot of psychos on the ‘regular’ dating sites, desperate losers with lots of baggage, desperately looking for their next wife. Not for me; at least not for the next 10 years….

    Carib: “getting a gift for a man who has everything”

    I wanted to give something special for one of my SDs for his birthday a few months ago. I got for him a pen holder plated in silver with a picture frame sitting on a beautiful piece of mahogany. I had the pen engraved with his name and the frame engraved with his name and his title (he is a government official). The picture I chose was of his 3 children he had on his Facebook. When I gave it to him, the he was so happy he was fighting not to cry. He said no one ever gave him such a thoughtful gift. I spent like 350 on the gift but it was so worth it. I gave engraved pens to my other SDs in the past, but was not as elaborate. It seemed they all loved the engraved pen thing. 🙂

  485. CaribSB says:

    I guess I’ll have to do that Tina… Though I’d hoped to blind side him (surprise him in a good way) when he least expects it. Kind of like he does most times.

    Thanks 🙂

  486. CaribSB says:

    Thanks Nancy 🙂

    It’s a case of getting a gift for a man who has everything. Quite a conundrum, but the gift I’ve been planning would be a sure hit. Still keeping my fingers cross though. He’s always thoughtful with gifts and I just feel he deserves the same.

    Be careful and watch your surroundings for the next few days Nancy.

  487. Tina says:

    @CariSB: is there a way that you can let him know what your plan is (if it isn’t sourced before he leaves for his holiday) or tell him that his present will be ready when he gets back? Good presents are always worth waiting for! 🙂

  488. NancySB/LA says:

    Hi Carib
    It’s a gift from you and its the thought that counts. He will love it whatever you get him…

  489. NancySB/LA says:

    Omg, that is soooo creepy…

    I had a quick coffee with this one guy, a criminal lawyer. We are done and I head back into my workplace, this fool follows me and when I turn around and ask him what he’s doing, he’s like- ‘oh, i just wanted to make sure you were telling the truth that you are actually working.’
    I was mortified…

  490. CaribSB says:

    I’ve been trying for a while now to source a very thoughtful gift for my partner in crime. It is in line with a hobby he has and I know, me remembering that would be a sweet gesture and a lovely gift… But it is proving challenging to put this gift together before he leaves for Christmas holiday with fam. I’m so dissapointed as I have to get him something, he’s been very good to me. I just don’t want to have to resort to some generic, typical gift :(.

  491. NancySB/LA says:

    Well, it was like a sea of chattering men, talking about divorces and children and they are serious about marriage and real life issues, problems… it felt desperate and not at all pretty like the elegant dreamlike Sugarworld…
    All I could think about was how much I really just wanted to go to the mall…

    Oh, but I did see some SD’s from SA on there, too.

  492. California SB says:

    Nancy: “I’m staying right here where my entitled spoiled behind belongs”

    OMG girlfriend…. I tried eharmony and match about a year ago. Lemme tell ya…. after going on a couple of dates with total weirdos… never again. A few examples: One lawyer I met on match asked me after 15 minutes on the conversation if I were OK with being exclusive to him. HUH? Dude, I just met you…

    Another lawyer (I have a thing for them) from eharmony, spent an entire HOUR talking about his custody battle with his ex wife…. who was cheating on him while married. I asked why he thought she found the need to cheat he said: “I was never home”. Total jerk…

    A military guy (a have a thing for uniforms too), was a total psycho asking me to see what was inside my bag. HUH??????????????

    Soooo, yes I am staying right here on SA. Phew…

  493. Phoneguy says:

    @NancySB, so what was the worst part of the regular dating site? I’m sure it happens all the time. We can’t all stay in sugar forever. Tell us about your results. They can’t be any worse than some of the messages we get on this site. 😉

  494. NancySB/LA says:

    I decided to check another dating site to see if I can find a nice ‘normal’ guy on there… never again…
    I’m staying right here where my entitled spoiled behind belongs lol…
    Has anyone ever tried to leave?

  495. California SB says:

    I am a champagne person, but I do like a cuervo frozen margarita here and there but I do love my martinis. I actually just had a great martini the other day with St Germain, lime and champagne, best martini I ever had. BTW Flyr, you are free to email me for us to have that martini you promised me a while ago…(in antique blue glasses or something).

    Tequila… I know you will never email me because you don’t want to see the real person behind the blog. Which is strange. You rather talk to CaliSB blog hog instead of Katherine, the real person.

  496. California SB says:

    OK Fine… shove Tequila down our throats….

  497. JustATequilaSD says:

    “specifically being attacked here are me or Tequila and I think neither of us do really care ( and I think we really even like it).”
    I did have to remind myself that I really don’t care. And being a contrarian, there are many days I do enjoy these trivial conflicts. It breaks up the boredom when my work slows down.

    “We are all so opinionated here”
    I like this pensive side of you displayed in this post. Maybe there’s hope for you yet.

    “You say you want to get to know me, but never emailed me.”
    You are a very busy young lady, that has tried to marry me, bang my brains out, and attack me. Not necessarily in that order. Thank YOU for stalking ME. I am flattered. 🙂 I did not specifically ask for your email, and through this blog I have learned much about you. Just as I have learned much about my other blogmates. I’ll email you when it suits me, no need to rush. We’re both already getting what we want offline. Til then, I will comment on your posts, the same as I would with anyone else.

  498. JustATequilaSD says:

    “Lively discussions are welcome, how else do we grow?”
    But when it gets to name calling and insults, no one will see any of the point of the lively discussion. We should ALL try to continuously take a step toward the positive.(I did include myself in that “we”.)

    @NancySBLA and @Treasured
    Truth be known, it’s been years since anyone has called me fat, but I do like to play devil’s advocate quite often (I guess that’s why I said it first.) It would be nice to see my six pack someday, but I already get adequate attention.(No, I don’t look like Bob Hoskins.)

    “breast-to-mouth resuscitation…it sure resuscitated me”
    It also works great in arguments. If only some sweet blog lady had thrown a breast in my mouth. 🙂

    “X-mas…Snowball, Tequila”
    It’s not the holidays without good Tequila!

  499. JustATequilaSD says:

    You’re all right. There really is no need for me to feed trolls or draw myself into anything. No one here will change my opinion, and vice versa. I will continue to state my opinion, and those that disagree will state theirs. No one here can interfere with my happily ever after, so technically it is moot.

  500. JustATequilaSD says:

    And now time for more Tequila.

  501. California SB says:

    Midwest, we were not trying to say crows feet is bad. It is very attractive and I am not afraid of getting some on my own face, 5 years from now. I think what Nancy, NewSB and I were trying to imply is that being young is not always synonymous of inexperience or dumbness. That’s all. 🙂

  502. Midwest SB says:

    Ladies – Youth and class are definitely not exclusive. Remember that youth is fleeting. Children, marraige & divorce, employment, career changes and life’s regular stresses will change the lives (and beauty) of even the most beautiful women. True beauty and class comes from confidence, wisdom and knowing what is truly important in life. It comes from within at any age (even comes with crows feet 🙂 ).

  503. California SB says:

    Talking about champagne… I just opened my fridge and milk was nowhere to be found but there is plenty of Moet, yogurt and apples… LOL

  504. California SB says:

    NewSB: “even if we don’t have crow’s feet to back up our brilliance.”

    Wow, that was a great one!! Champagne is on me. 🙂

  505. NancySB/LA says:

    Cheers to that

  506. NewSB says:

    @NancySB/LA So I’m in good company!

  507. NancySB/LA says:

    class and youth are not mutually exclusive.
    I would know, as I have both… and much much more….

  508. NewSB says:

    Are we assuming that class and youth are mutually exclusive? I caution against that, i think that we college girls can be just as classy as the middle aged women, even if we don’t have crow’s feet to back up our brilliance.

  509. Jack says:

    Yes, RussianSB, insteadof mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, she gave him breast-to-mouth resuscitation.

    I have received that sort of resuscitation many-a-time and it sure resuscitated me every time. Worked perfectly.

    Indeed, I think they ought to start teaching it in medical school. Come to think of it, I did learn a lot about that form of resuscitation when I was in medical school.


  510. RussianSB says:

    @Phoneguy and NancySB/LA
    We grow by insulting people and being insulted?
    What doesn’t kill you, make you stronger 🙂
    I happy that lady have her ”twins” back !

  511. RussianSB says:

    @Jack,when you start your post, first thought kross my mind – that woman save someone’s life with her brests implants 🙂

  512. RussianSB says:

    @Flyr, I love Clint speech at Tampa debates ! I don’t case about politics much, but speech was grate itself 🙂

  513. NancySB/LA says:


    Age is tricky, but dating a classy, well-adjusted, educated and healthy woman is more desirable than a college party girl for most men. I found that the wealthier a man is, the more he has to lose. And most don’t want to be associated with an SB that practices risky behaviors, such as sleeping around with boyfriends and multiple cheap men; they could steal or try to blackmail or con him for his wealth.

    In my experience, class is more important than youth to a man.

  514. RussianSB says:

    To the topic , ”daddy-student thing”, it is clishe. Most kept women I know arround 40y.o.
    And ”daddys” don’t really like to enter 20 y.o. girl world, because they have really nothing in common. I am in the middle, and in web dating I was told that it is difficult to find, boys affraid mature women, because they marriage-oriented, and they don’t want young MTV generation girls, who remind own children. 40 y.o. ladies choose allowance, because usually they need financial help , raising children and future education (both money and daddy’s connections). They know what they want and know how to get it.
    And young girls more about travel and new experiences, they want have ”daddy” but don’t want to part with cute boyfriend the same time, and if they need to make choice they always choose boyfriend.

  515. California SB says:

    PhoneG: Where you insulted on this blog? How? Because you are the 1.5k type of guy? Or are you the voyeur who just browse the blog to read what the SBs are up to without having a real SB? Were you personally attacked? The only two people who are specifically being attacked here are me or Tequila and I think neither of us do really care ( and I think we really even like it).

  516. NancySB/LA says:

    Yes PhoneG, we do..

  517. Phoneguy says:

    We grow by insulting people and being insulted?

  518. California SB says:

    Tequila: “This is the personality of yours that I personally find intriguing”.

    Thinking better now….I think at the end of the day, you are the troll. You say you want to get to know me, but never emailed me. So from now on, please stop stalking me on the blog, unless you want, as Midwest wisely said: take it off the blog.



  519. NancySB/LA says:

    Personally, I won’t get offended if someone gets hotheaded and goes off… We have all had outbursts peppered with things that weren’t quite right and we knew it.
    e.g If someone insinuates that I am a ‘broke ass bitch or I date suckers,’ (see above)
    well, … my accounts and company negate that theory completely.
    So what someone says fat is not sexy? If it works for you, use it! if its true, head to the gym.
    Point is, we are all here to learn. If someone says something out of order and it stings, there might be some truth to it…
    Lively discussions are welcome, how else do we grow?

  520. Jack says:



    One lucky Canadian woman says she survived a brutal shooting by her ex-boyfriend because of her breast implants.

    According to the Daily Mail, Eileen Likness, from Calgary, Canada, testified at a trial Wednesday that if it weren’t for her fake breasts, she would have been seriously hurt or killed when her ex-boyfriend shot her on January 2, 2006.

    ‘My implants took the brunt of the force,’ Likness said in court.

    According to Likness’ testimony, Fernando Chora, 61, fired his 9mm handgun at her at point blank range. The bullet, however, grazed her right arm, and then pierced both her breast implants and her left forearm, according to the Toronto Sun.

    Likness said the bullet entered her right breast, and grazed over her chest plate before exiting her left breast, destroying her implants in the process.

    “They were gone,” she told defence lawyer Adriano Iovinelli, according to the New York Mail.

    Likness had been driving Chora around in a car for several hours when she became tired and wanted to drop him off. She then pulled over onto a side street and let him out of the car. He had walked only a short distance when Likness heard what sounded like two gunshots.

    Struck by the bullet, Likness ran from the car and went into a nearby restaurant for help. She was later airlifted to Foothills Hospital, where she was treated for her injuries.

    Likness is certain that the results of the shooting would have been far worse if her implants had not blocked the bullet.

    Which is why, after fulling recovering from her wounds, she underwent surgery to have new implants put in.

    “I had to wait some time, but yes, I had some put back in,” she told the Toronto Sun.

    Chora is currenlty on trial for attempted murder, aggravated assault and weapons charges. He is also accused of breaking into the home of an elderly couple after the shooting and holding them at gunpoint.


  521. flyr says:

    As clint would say, what we have here is a communication problem.

  522. California SB says:

    We are all so opinionated here, but that’s what makes us bloggers!! I didn’t get cash from my SD#2 last night but he paid my car, my rent, my car insurance and my student loan (which all together comes to a little over 3K). Personally, a low allowance would never work for me because of my lifestyle. I don’t have to live near the beach and pay $2100 a month for a one bedroom apartment, but I do. I don’t have to wear a $300 skinny jeans, but I do. I don’t have to drive a car that cost me 40K, but I do. Of course If I were living in a 700 a month apartment, bought 20 bucks jeans and drove a 1999 car; 1500 a month would feel like 10K. But that’s not me and I am pretty sure that 1.5k is not the goal of most SBs here on this site either. If we are here as SBs, we want the best in life, like any good Disney Princess. So, guys please keep in mind just because we want a 3K,5K,8K allowance, doesn’t mean we are going to spend all the mall. It costs money to live in a good zip code, it costs money to look good and it costs money to drive a nice car. It also costs LOTS of money to get educated. If you don’t mind your SB eating noddles, driving a crappy car and shopping at walmart, well then pay her 1.5K. But if you have a little conscience and if you really want the best for your babe…. you should start giving her the lifestyle she deserves.

  523. RussianSB says:

    @Phoneguy and everybody
    What about Moscow, 100% we will have plenty of snow for catholic X-mass theese year and REAL frost. Crispy snow, snowflakes and icikles. Snowbolls, Tequila !!!

  524. Phoneguy says:

    Actually it is a good topic………….. or topics
    It’s possible for this to be an interesting, educational topic where people share experiences and ideas…but not in this environment. It wasn’t a good idea to start this one here and now.

  525. Madridista says:

    @Midwest SB, I think your last comment was meant for Treasured, not me. That is a great idea though 🙂
    Our club does something similar with local orphanages, like taking children to a home game and free tours of the stadium and chances to hang out at the training ground with their favorite players and get autographed goodies. I really love this time of year — it brings out so much good in people.

    @flyr, ditto to party promotion. I, too, wish they’d do it differently.

  526. flyr says:

    Actually it is a good topic………….. or topics

    One of the reasons I am here is that I am not looking for a long term committed relationship. Most of the women I date IRL are at an age where their desire to move from serious dating to eternal commitment is accelerated. The result is pain and unhappy parters, both of which I prefer to avoid.

    Sensually I do not treat the two any different nor are my expectations any different. I anguish over finding the right Christmas present for my SB .

    I’m proud of their achievements and happy that I was a small part of making it possible.

    They are probably not mis-conceptions as in does not exist anywhere in the universe but in total I think these relationships are a lot healthier than many would like to believe. Certainly more responsible than earlier days living in the Marina with one of the legendary bars almost next door or living in the SF Bay area in 70s.

    As I have expressed too many times I think the site owners have inflicted a lot of the damage through the promotion of the parties and some of the publicity. The party ads featured women who had a hard edge and who are commodity in the clubs of most major cities. Some looked as if they belonged on the blvd .

    For better or worse our world is filled with window-shoppers and a fair number of offer shopping non-real SB’s here for personal verification. This site is no different. Perhaps a future topic early detection of the flake.

  527. Midwest SB says:

    I can see that the weak attempt to adress the actual topic wasnt exciting enough.

    JATSD-hmmmm..thought that by pointing out different areas require different allowance perspectives was defending an SBs right to choose her allowance. Again…seek first to understand. My lack of adressing her opinion is not defending her. I honestly don’t care if she did say 1.5k is redneck trailer trash (her words or yours?). I know it isnt true as do the rest of us. I don’t see any other SBs taking it as offensive….just you. Personally I don’t accept less than 1.5k. This is how I reach my goals. I hope you don’t find that offensive. Lastly, I did not defend or condone ones right to have more than one SD. I said it was between her and her SD. To the rest…yes you did.

    Madrista- that is a wonderful idea! Since your budget is tight, perhaps a box of groceries or a family pass to the movies would be a nice alternative.

  528. Phoneguy says:

    Thanks for the advice Treasured. I was already looking for a place with a fireplace to do Christmas with my SB. I will add music, candles and wine. I’m not sure what I can do about snow…but maybe I could add that too.


  529. Treasured says:

    Ok, Mariah Carey, “All I want for Christmas” is on and I believe in Santa, Rudolf, fairies and one true love again 😀

    Ta – dada- dada- tatatata 😀

  530. flyr says:


    “@flyr, just because something’s not the norm doesn’t mean that it’s something one shouldn’t strive for, if not the norm is the kind of arrangement one is [only] interested in pursuing. Why settle when you have options, ”

    Mine was not a suggestion that you settle for less but rather that you value (either plus or minus) the other dimensions of the relationship when making choices. Perhaps it’s because being raised in WLA I have seen so many young women who were obsessed with the clubs they went to , the names they knew, the parties and the shared coke. It was a great ride but by mid 30 they are washed up, still clinging to their teen ways too old for their old life and too shallow for the new opportunities.

    On the other side of the equation there are 35-45 year old SB’s who are awesome in many dimensions. Intellectually, sensually and socially balanced they are irresistible

  531. Treasured says:

    Teq, Cali & all – let’s be friends 😀

    I am feeling all soft and squishy today… And generally at this time of the year 🙂

    And let’s think how we can make the world just a bit better.

    I usually don’t like to talk about things like this… Every year (for the last few) I used to organise a fun trip somewhere for the orphans from the children’s home. Like taking them ice skating, or circus, or cinema… It was my charity (with my own funds)… Unfortunately will not be doing it this year (since I have ditched most SDs so the funds are more limited. But that is something I did enjoy a lot. To give and make something nice for someone less fortunate.

    Maybe, instead of bitching around, you can focus your energy elsewhere? By actually doing something good 🙂

  532. JustDontCareSD says:

    I respectfully choose to simply be a blog dittohead. CALISB is right.

  533. JustATequilaSD says:

    Nope. Don’t want to fuck you. Don’t want to watch. Just want to know the nice person that I see pop her head on the blog occasionally. This is the personality of yours that I personally find intriguing.

    And feel free to say whatever you want to whomever you please, since everyone feels that Big Bad Bully Tequila is picking on you. I thought you were the biggest, worst, most unfair hypocrite on here, but I see that you represent the majority here. I will respectfully shut the fuck up now.

  534. JustATequilaSD says:

    “As I see it, if an SB who lives in an area where the cost of living is 3x most other areas wants to have several SDs to maintain her lifestyle, that is between her and her SDs.”
    That was never the question, point, or argument. I agree wholly with this concept no matter what the cost of living. You obviously missed the point. I also noticed that you failed to address Cali’s idea that 1.5k allowance sb’s are trailer park redneck trash that can’t find Iran on a map. I understand that perhaps you can’t relate to a 1.5k sb, but still no need to disregard their feelings. You would speak up for sb’s with more than one sd, but not for the right for sb’s to choose their own allowance? BULLSHIT.

    ” If she wants to talk down to them on a public blog, that is also between them. If they care, then they are grown men who will address it.”
    When she talks down to her blogmates, myself included, this grown assed man can and did address it.

  535. Treasured says:

    A suggestion to ALL SDs 😀

    Want a girl to fall completely and utterly for you: get snow, get fireplace, get candles, get Christmas tree, good wine and romantic Christmas music – DONE DEAL!

    I have all that and I think, I could fall in love with a Goblin at the moment 😀

    Aww…. I think even my heart can be melted by a perfect person. Or, actually, by a good wine 😀

    PS: throw in a little duck egg box with something cute inside – perfection 😀

  536. Phoneguy says:

    Not in this case. I know the price of gum in Madrid (hey, I think I just coined a new phrase!) and Cali’s shared experiences just make me want to take a shower. 😉

  537. California SB says:

    Frank: “now when I meet my new sugar baby next week, I’ll think about you thinking about tequila”

    well then when I meet my Sd#3 this week I will think about you thinking about me thinking about tequila… LOL

    Midwest: “Would you two care to take this offline?”

    Nooooooooooooooo!! That would take away all the fun!!!!! Unless Tequila wants to fuck , which he already told me he doesn’t.

  538. Madridista says:


  539. Madridista says:

    @Tequila, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I’m sure you didn’t mean anything personally, but it comes off like that in writing sometimes, especially when you were the first one to use words like “suckers” to generalize about certain SDs who give out higher allowances. Let just let bygones be bygones.

    @Phoneguy, the point is not to change anyone’s mind, but to share different points of view 🙂

    @Gail, higher allowances are not about greed. Well, some of them might be. Most are related to SB’s location. In Ft. Worth $500 would have been plenty for fun stuff, including shopping. Once I started working in the more expensive capitals of the world, that money is gone in a flash and not even for extravagant things either (so imagine what kind of money anything of luxury requires). It’s great that you can make 500 last for so long, but it also depends on where you live too, doesn’t it? I moved to Madrid recently and expenses here are different. $500 here would not last as much. Even a pack of gum here costs more than it did when I lived in Texas. Allowance is not only just arbitrary numbers, but also location and monthly expenses. I even had to hire a make-up artist to do my make-up for one job event and I never had to do it before or sense. As lifestyle and location change, so do expenses. It’s not just greed, you know.

  540. Midwest SB says:

    Gail, CaribSB and TexasSB – Welcome back sugars! So glad to see you have returned. Hopefully the subject will return to topic soon.

    JATSD and CaliforniaSB – Would you two care to take this offline? We have all heard your sides of the discussion and most of us get that there will be those who approve and those who disapprove. This is not a place for judgment. It’s always a pleasure to hear a difference of opinion…until it gets mean. Let’s keep it real and seek first to understand.

    As I see it, if an SB who lives in an area where the cost of living is 3x most other areas wants to have several SDs to maintain her lifestyle, that is between her and her SDs. If she wants to talk down to them on a public blog, that is also between them. If they care, then they are grown men who will address it. If I remember correctly, she is a Domme and her personality may be desired in those circles. If they feel good about how she looks, how she treats them, and the terms of the arrangement, then that is between them. The good news is that if you don’t want to be with a woman who has more than one SD, a higher allowance than your preference and a personality that doesn’t suit yours, then you are lucky enough to walk away.

    Topic: What are other sugar daddy misconceptions?
    Well, they touched on the big ones. I guess another include that SDs don’t care about their sugar babies. It’s easy to get emotionally involved and want to fix all your sugar’s issues when they come up. Some guys keep it in the box, but many do get attached to their sugars.

    I’ve also learned that not all SDs are looking for a 20-something Victoria Secret supermodel as an SB. Some seek a woman closer to their age for reasons including more life experience, more in common, more sexual experience, less drama (most times), and less attention from their peers/ onlookers when they are in public with their sugar.

    Happy Sunday sugars! Put a little extra creamer (or Tequila) in your coffee and smile!!!

  541. frank says:

    Wow california, now when I meet my new sugar baby next week, I’ll think about you thinking about tequila, tell my sb about and we’ll all cum too! I’m just sorry I wasn’t in on the fighting so I could be in on the kissing and making out too!

    Gail, I agree with you, I think a gal can be good looking without a lot of embellishment. I don’t think sb’s dress for their sd’s necessarily anyway, I’ve always heard they dress to impress other women. Anyway, my former sb had me buy her some kind of expensive purse, when she got it, she practicably swooned, I didn’t notice anything special about it.

    How much allowance you need as a sb has a lot to do with your wants (not needs) and where you live. (its a lot cheaper to live here in the hills of Va than in a big city)

    • JustATequilaSD says:

      I’ll take this opportunity to reply to test the new blog style. I don’t think anyone will read this reply to an old post 5 days ago, but here goes.

      And I’m not sure how I feel about you thinking about me sexually, but I’m still flattered on some level nonetheless.

  542. California SB says:

    …and yes that did make me cum… xoxo

  543. California SB says:

    PS Tequila: While I was fucking SD#2 last night….I was fantasizing you were watching…

  544. California SB says:

    Guys please let’s all kiss and make up…. I had a blast !!! I am in a great mood cuzzz I got banged really good last night and not feeling like trolling right now… xoxo

  545. JustATequilaSD says:

    I’m sorry you missed the ENTIRE point of the post. I’ll do my best to explain it rationally.

    “his statement IMPLIED that women in similar situation are doing it for that reason. Eeww, way to generalize.”
    Hence the clarifying statement that it did NOT apply to all women.(Did you even read the statement.) I didn’t imply anything. I said what I wanted to say to whom I wanted it said.

    “It’s not that she likes to have multiple SDs. It’s her attitude and how she talks about and down to others.”
    The daddy issues had nothing to do with SD’s.I didn’t say SD’s. And it’s a CaliSB thing. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, When you start insulting SB’s and SD’s the same way she does, I’ll have the same attitude toward you. But I hope you’re cooler than that.

    “SDs that do pay more than 1.5K allowance are not suckers as you said. They just have different tastes and requirements.”
    This was the entire point of my post, except that if an sb has a 1.5k allowance that doesn’t make them suckers either.(Please, read carefully before making assumptions.) Yet, oddly enough, I didn’t see you take up for them. Nor did I see you say anything at any point when CaliSB repeatedly felt the need to belittle SD’s or SB’s. So don’t tell me crap about not getting personal. When she acts like a troll, I’ll treat her like a troll. Don’t quote equality and fairness, unless you first of all understand what I’m trying to say, and secondly,are trying to be fair and impartial to both sides.

  546. JustATequilaSD says:

    “It’s not that she likes to have multiple SDs. It’s her attitude and how she talks about and down to others.”
    This is why CaliSB and I get down like we do.

    And marry her for what?? A lifetime of caustic sarcasm and insults even while she was getting everything she wanted. She’s just not very happy on the inside. And when her looks fade, I wouldn’t even be left with someone nice.

  547. JustATequilaSD says:

    Welcome back, it’s been a while.

    I don’t even have 99 problems. I’m fine with “you do you.”

    “you are just teasing”
    Unfortunately, I know too many girls just like her IRL.They are catty, rude, and insulting as hell. And they usually travel in packs. It’s like that movie “Mean Girls.” It’s the bully principle. She makes fun of people because of her own insecurities.

    @Jack and @Flyr
    It honestly wasn’t about the allowance level itself. It wasn’t about the 3 sd’s. Everyone has their own arrangements, needs, wants on both sides. I’m actually cool with that. Hopefully, sb’s will read this and realize that it’s not us against them. But then maybe you’re right all the blogs would be 30 posts long.

  548. Leila says:

    @flyer, it was about time you intervened:) this is what happens when you do the disappearing act on the blog.

    @JASTSD,offer CaliSB logical reason that she can use to rationalize her compliance with your arguments. Sometimes she disagrees simply because she does not want to agree with you,so give her a reasons to focus on the substance rather than being harsh.I know she comes off a little arrogant at times but no need for personal attacks. And I still think you and her ought to get married * love-hate blog marriage:) blisssss!

  549. Phoneguy says:

    I’m not going to split hairs with ya. I could argue with you point by point but no one’s mind is going to be changed. Good night.

  550. Gail says:

    I cannot speak for anyone but myself..I know I could go shopping with 500 for an entire month and look and act and behave like a million bucks..I don’t think one needs 1.5k or more per month in order to do this..It’s all in how you carry yourself..Damn, if I had just 500 to shop with I’d have an entire wardrobe..and NO it’s not shopping at goodwill either..Sounds to me that some women can be a bit overboard, need for greed…

  551. Madridista says:

    @flyr, just because something’s not the norm doesn’t mean that it’s something one shouldn’t strive for, if not the norm is the kind of arrangement one is [only] interested in pursuing. Why settle when you have options, even if people say “it’s not the norm”? Maybe “the norm” is boring for some? It may take them longer to find it (years even), but so what? They can do lesser arrangements multiple sugar arrangements until they find the right one. Perhaps I’m biased now of where I come from, but I never heard one coach or one athlete say, “I’m going to go out and play an average game. It may not be my best work, but it’s the norm”. Besides that leads to a question: the norm for whom? The norm for someone in a nice, quiet Midwestern town is different than for someone from London or Paris.

  552. Madridista says:

    @Phoneguy, please, read carefully before making assumptions. I never said I was looking for a SD for a friend. I was going to delete my profile after I moved to Europe (for work & SD). Since he had everything I needed, I wasn’t going to keep my account. A newbie SB friend wanted to vet some pot SDs for her, so I kept it active for that purpose (we caught quite a few in a lie, btw). I can’t message and check out profiles without my account and tell her what I think or ask questions and see if I get the same story, etc. So there. Not looking for her, just helping her vet them. She is a newbie and it’s not like it’s such an obligation for me. The multiple #s with different area codes was new — not sure what to make of that or what advice to give other than NEXT, but that’s mostly because of ignoring questions part. I just don’t like that and it’s not like she was asking about quantum physics. It’s no different than us here looking up a profile and commenting on it.

    Also, I may focus on something that you said in Tequila’s line that was unimportant, but could one argue that focusing on one line of Cali’s statement was also unimportant, since it wasn’t her main point??? She was only commentating on what she sees as common misconception: wanting a ferrari on a bicycle budget.

  553. flyr says:

    @calisb and partners – Why do I get the feeling you are just teasing the creatures in the blog zoo for your personal entertainment.

    @JATSD “I know for a fact that I can find at least 1 good woman, closer than california,”

    Let’s retract our claws…………. What makes this place special is that people say what’s on their mind not what they think others want to hear……………..

    Was talking casually with somebody’s $20K SB way too late in the evening at a hotel bar in BH after a political function. . She’s an old acquaintance but nothing physical between us – She poked me in the ribs and whispered – do you know why I’m worth $20K , No , Well it’s ten because i am so hot and ten because he is such an asshole.

    I’m sure there are $20K SB’s who are worshiped by their SD’s and who are treated wonderfully. But it’s not the norm.

    In a way I think the sugar is remarkably comparable to starting salaries for young professionals. Most grad students, especially in business and law , are obsessed with their starting salaries. For the past 6 years they have been shoveling out cash to get a great education and suddenly it is time to monetize the investment of time and money. Starting salary as seen as industry’s assessment of their value as a human. What comes as a shock to the students is finding out 5 years later that some of the greatest opportunities were with people who took a greater responsibility for their further growth.

    I’ll use Jack as an example as I know him a little and he has shared a lot with us. A young woman with an interest in real estate or a number of other areas would be far better off being Jack’s SB at a modest stipend than hanging out as someone’s pet for a large sum. It can be education, exposure, contacts, mentoring, a reference or even just a sounding board.

    But in honor of the recently deceased Rodney King, let’s all just get along and have some fun

  554. Phoneguy says:

    the way TequilaSD phrased it in his statement
    @Madrista, I think you are focusing on one (unimportant) line in all his posts instead of looking for the overall meaning in the posts. And I think that one line was just to (deservedly) insult the troll.

    A) I think it’s strange to have a profile to look for SDs for friends. If I contacted a girl and she said she wasn’t looking for an SD but “have you met my friend Ted?”, I would pass.
    B) Yes it’s weird not answering direct questions. I hate when I send an email with three questions in it and get a response with 1 answer. On the other hand this happens incredibly frequently (especially at work) and it doesn’t really mean anything, just that most people are stupid and don’t give proper attention to the things they should.

  555. NancySB/LA says:

    I’ve got 99 problems and a Sugardaddy ain’t one…

  556. Madridista says:

    On a more lighthearted note, I still keep my SA profile to vet some potentials for SB friends and one guy gave her one number and in a message to me gave me two different numbers (with different area codes) in two separate messages. Fake or not? He also dodged her questions about past arrangements. I guess he never answered them in his subsequent message, so that’s weird for me. I’ve never had that happen, so don’t know what to tell her. What do y’all think?

  557. Madridista says:

    @Phoneguy, the way TequilaSD phrased it in his statement, it made it seem that one of his issues with her was multiple SDs. As someone who was in the same position, I didn’t do it because of “daddy issues”, but his statement IMPLIED that women in similar situation are doing it for that reason. Eeww, way to generalize.

    If anyone has to lecture someone on his/her attitude and how he or she talks, may I suggest that they don’t talk down to that person as well and use the same attitude? It completely cancels out their point, because all anyone can read are personal attacks that may apply to them as well since some SBs can relate more to CaliSB than to SDs here.

  558. Phoneguy says:

    @ Madridista,
    It’s not that she likes to have multiple SDs. That has nothing to do with it. It’s her attitude and how she talks about and down to others.

  559. Jack says:

    Tequila mentioned the recent lady I met view SA (real estate investor with $5 million net worth) who spent a weekend with me at my Nevada ranch. He referred to her–not unreasonably–as an “SB”, but frankly, I don’t really think she is an SB, nor, for that matter, is my software engineer friend who makes six figures.

    Both women told me they were on this site because they thought that they were more likely to find intelligent, successful, alpha-male-type men on SA than on match.com. Obviously, I paid for all expenses associated with our time together, but neither lady was interested in any other financial form of sugar (although both were interested in mentorship–one on real-estate issues and the other sought advice re: thinking through her decision as to which job offer she should take).

    My point: Not EVERY lady that is on an “arrangement” site (such as SA) is looking for a significant degree of sugar. Some (and I’ll grant you they are the exception rather than the rule) are interested in finding smart, successful guys and feel this pond is a better one to fish in than most other.

    Please note, ladies, that none of my comments–this time or ever before–have EVER been meant to deter CalifSB, or NancySB or anyone else from deciding for themselves what they want out of this site and going after it, and frankly, I wish them all the best in their ventures. But nobody on this site should think that just because they view it a certain way, other women on the site are somehow misguided, stupid, or anything else just because they are not going for the big bucks.

    I have always fervently believed “to each his (or her) own,” and that applies just as much here as it does in all other facets of life.


  560. Madridista says:

    Hi everyone! Just catching up on the blog; can’t sleep.

    @Tequila, wow, what’s with the personal attacks on here? Like CaliSB, not so long ago, I also had to have more than one SD and when I was an undergrad, having multiple was the norm. Now I’m lucky to just have one and can indulge in a every whim I couldn’t before, it doesn’t make it a “bitch habit” and having multiples was how I was able to pay for school and be debt free, while not having to sacrifice my preference for designer duds and french cuisine. At the time, I didn’t have one SD that could provide all that. Why is Cali different for doing the same thing by having multiple SDs? If that’s what it takes for you to reach your goals (whatever they may be), then that’s smart.

    Come on, I thought you were cooler than that. Maybe you don’t like the way CaliSB phrased her statement, but the misconception that she brought up is completely valid and most SBs have come across profiles that expected SBs to look immaculate and model perfect, yet offer meager allowance to do that. It’s not a one time expense, but constant upkeep, which does cost money. Her comment wasn’t aimed at you or men who prefer low-maintenance, natural looks on their SBs, but for men who want made-up, model anytime they roll into town. The misconception is that SDs can get a cover model or a movie star lookalike for a girl-next-door allowance. If model perfect looks are important for SDs, they should be prepared to pay supermodel upkeep fee (which is more than 1.5K).
    BTW, SDs that do pay more than 1.5K allowance are not suckers as you said. They just have different tastes and requirements and are willing to shell out more to get and keep their ideal/dream SB. My SD is willing to make my life easier financially so I can spend more time with him and more timing achieving my dream career. My job has a lot of perks, but high salary isn’t one of them, so him offering me a much better allowance doesn’t make him a sucker. Let’s not get personal now.

  561. TexasSB says:

    lol Well, that conversation got pretty intense.

  562. JustATequilaSD says:


    And unfortunately, the further away you are, the less chance of making a long term repeat customer.

  563. JustATequilaSD says:

    @NancySBLA and @CaliSB
    The point I was making is that every girl on here has different needs. The two of you want similar things and I don’t have a problem with the level you ask for. (There’s a sucker born every minute.) What I have a problem with is when people make fun or insult other people simply because of that. Obviously, the real estate SB that is worth 5M has different needs than either of you, but I wouldn’t expect her to call you “broke-ass bitches” because of it.

    And if you think for a minute that I would be the type to harrass an SB to get p***y (you, Cali, or any other sb for that matter), you obviously don’t understand that business is business, and p***y is p***y. I know for a fact that I can find at least 1 good woman, closer than california, that can do everything that either of you can do, be REQUIRED to spend less and yet get more. It’s simple economics…supply and demand…which is a cornerstone in good business and what this site is about. You are a seller, and I am a buyer, and you can’t convince me that I should only be paying 4k for a can of tuna. That’s just silly. Business is business.

  564. CaribSB says:

    Personally I look like a million bucks, victoria secret model, most of the times and on a low budget, I do my own hair, nails and I do well with clothing and manage to look classy understated or classy sexy depending on situations, I believe I am lucky in that sense. I’ve always said to other girlfriends that I would never spend a fortune ( Which it really adds up to per month- yearly) when I can look great on my own (for me it’s a bit crazy). I will however, spend most of that money saved elsewhere, like buying and/or preparing quality food, keeping healthy, education, and other areas more worthy.

    Still, not bashing CaliSB, some women find the need to visit salons regularly and well we are on an arrangement site… Don’t think it’s way out that she looks at the money. To each his/her own..

  565. California SB says:

    Shy: “what happens if you hook up with two SDs with contrasting or competing requirements?”

    All my 3 SDs have different tastes and requirements. Their allowance is the same which is why I still see them. They are funny,entertaining and rather interesting. But if it were not for the sugar…. nope I would not go out with them. I gotta run now…. Sd#2 is already calling me asking where is my very expensive vayjay… 😛

  566. NancySB/LA says:

    @California SB
    If I were a man that couldn’t afford your price, I would beat your arguments to a pulp, if I thought me harassing you would get me some California SB p***y.
    Get it girl, there is a whole world out there waiting for you to come out in them skinny jeans and high heels…

  567. twiceshy says:

    @CaliforniaSB what happens if you hook up with two SDs with contrasting or competing requirements?

  568. California SB says:

    BTW I look awesome in my 7forallmankind skinny jeans… no you can’t get that at walmart…. 😛

  569. California SB says:

    Nancy: “their propensity for cheapness”

    EXACTLY. The Mother Theresa complex…. you know Nancy, it cracks me up when people get “offended” on a sex blog from an ARRANGEMENT site. Guys… if you don’t like an expensive pussy…. there are cheaper out there. Just don’t make us become cheap to fit your empty wallets… xoxo

  570. NancySB/LA says:

    On levels of SB allowances.
    Some women just don’t feel comfortable receiving generosity, and that has to do with their propensity for cheapness …It feels like home for them.

  571. Phoneguy says:

    As my grandmother used to say: If the shoe fits, wear it.
    My grandpa said, “if the whore fits, wear her.” 😛

  572. NewSB says:

    @Tequila: “some women have indeed rejected gifts/allowance”

    Um, how is that a SUGAR baby? Isn’t that the difference between us and your other girlfriends?That, and that we spoil you crazy and look like a million bucks? Spoil us back and that million I’ll take in cash 😉

  573. flyr says:

    @CASB “Dear SDs: If you want us to look like a million dollars, with our hair done like a victoria secret model, perfect manicured nails, dressed in impeccable flowing dresses wearing killer stilettos, educated, cultured and well traveled…””

    CASB this is not written as criticism but rather as an alternate marketing strategy

    A few years ago I was down in TX for the better part of a week with a bunch of vintage car guys doing 1,000 miles around the tx countryside at warp 1. What struck me was that among the 100 drivers and co-drivers were a lot of guys who were probably nerds in high school and college, now able to afford and restore the most famous cars of that era. I think there are a lot of SD’s who also fit this mold.

    They see the killer stilettos, dresses and jewelry at the business and political events they attend.Usually they are associated with hard faced women of all ages.

    But they are really looking for the natural, hair always the same color, wholesome looking young lady who has energy, brains, a niceness that’s bleached out in the Hollywood culture, They did not spend enough time with here because they were in the library, building computers, studying or too bashful to ask.

    She dresses with great taste but not at great expense and is equally comfortable and desirable in jeans, bare feet and a top. She would rather ride in a Porsche Speedster in the country than a Rolls is the city.

  574. VASD says:

    @JATSD My disaster lunch date this week was exactly that–charity–she was immature, rude, and no class. She also needed a good shower. She was a musician and I kept hoping we could connect on that, but all other aspects were absolutely ridiculous. To my surprise and her credit, though, she did write a nice little note thanking me for the lunch and consideration after I wrote her saying ‘thanks for the effort, but this ain’t happenin”.

    • Mary says:

      I know this is totally off topic but I was reading your comment about your lunch date having no class and the last few dates I’ve had seem to be the same. I don’t know if my profile is bad I’m pretty and smart and could use a little advice from a man’s perspective I you have the time it would be much appreciated.

  575. California SB says:

    *dye my hair

  576. California SB says:

    Going to undo my red nails and make them french. SD#2 likes them french. Seeing him tonight, no make up, he doesn’t like it either. Loves tight jeans with high heels. He doesn’t like when I wear perfume or when I die my hair…. Oh well…

  577. California SB says:

    Teq:”bring my BabyGrinch a heart”

    Adorable… <3

  578. JustATequilaSD says:

    Charity is dealing with an immature naive girl, lacking any real dignity or class.

    Hope is the potential that I see of her being anything but a pretty face.

    Faith is expecting it to show up, any time soon.

    @Santa: instead of a lump of coal, please bring my BabyGrinch a heart.

  579. California SB says:

    Tequila: “some women have indeed rejected gifts/allowance”

    Of course… I always reject allowances from any tall, handsome, fit, blue eyed man… oh yeah. But if a woman rejects an allowance after having sex with a bald, fat, short or ugly man… well, I would call them mother teresa, cuzzzz what they are doing is called charity. 😛

  580. JustATequilaSD says:

    And before anyone else tries to pick apart my post and says anything stupid, the post was NOT directed at all women in an attempt to be sexist.

  581. JustATequilaSD says:

    All the money you get from those SD’s and you can’t buy a better personality. And you are the LAST person to attempt to insult someone’s intelligence. LMAO. Just because personally you need to bang and drain several guys to deal with your daddy issues, it doesn’t mean that you have to insult everyone else. (For such a “smart” girl, you can’t seem to grasp that concept.) Not everyone needs that much financial support from their SD (and some women have indeed rejected gifts/allowance.) I have no problem with you needing all this money to support your “bitch” habit, and to make you feel like you’re worth something after all you’ve been through in your life (poor baby) I know it must have been hard for you growing up as the fat lil ugly duckling girl in the trailer park. But I know somewhere between “i don’t wear diamonds because it’s cruel” and “everyone but me is a worthless loser”, you know there’s a real person that other people may actually like.

    OK, you got your attention for today. I fed the troll. You can climb back under your bridge or your rock. Maybe you’ll get a hug tomorrow. 🙂

  582. California SB says:

    As my grandmother used to say: If the shoe fits, wear it.

  583. California SB says:

    Tina: “stop degrading”

    What part was I degrading? The recycled cheap underwear, or locating Iran on the map?

  584. Tina says:

    @CaliSB: sadly, you are very mistaken. There are very high quality SBs that 1.5K a month is plenty of sugar for their lifestyles. I have my own money, and work very hard for it. I am also well educated. I don’t prefer material things, which is the difference. The sugar I’m looking for isn’t for shopping – I have bigger goals for what I want out of this experience.

    I understand that you have an opinion on what sugar is for you, but please stop degrading those of us that don’t want or need as large of an allowance. I prefer my sugar in other ways, which very few men can provide.

    As it has been stated many times before, successful arrangements come in many different forms.

  585. Tina says:

    One misconception that we’ve already discussed on the blog? That the more money a SD has/makes, the larger the allowance. Generosity is not in equal proportion to the size of the wallet; SDs that don’t have the largest net worth on the site are sometimes the most giving.

  586. NewSB says:

    SDs throw money around like crazy and SBs are rich and dress in designer everything, while sipping champagne in their butler-run bubble baths in their SD-provided midtown NYC penthouse… not on 1.5k a month guys.

  587. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    I suppose I am not really one to pay heed to misconceptions… Though I do know one that is often bandied about:

    A SD is only interested in very young, very slim women.

    Nope… They want someone who is beautiful inside and out for anything long term… And some of them like curvier women. *eyebrow wiggle*

  588. CaribSB says:

    Hi guys, Happy belated Thanksgiving! I’ve missed out on the blog a bit for purely selfish reasons ;-). Its been a great number of weeks, with a promising, exciting work situation,. Wonderful Sugar daddy and numerous dates with a few older and much more younger men. I normally don’t give men under 40 any attention, always loved the much older, mature, experienced, worldy and intelligent older men, who treat the right women like gems. Of course one much younger 21 year old(crazy!) got my attention, with his intelligence, difference in maturity and ambition and gentleman like behaviour (this boy was brought up really well), not to mention striking good looks, hot body and sense of style. We hung out a few times (he stepped up to the plate and asked me on a proper date, after we met and hung out the first time), now he’s back home in the UK. Anyway, he kind of let open a flood gate, where Iv’e started acknowledging the younger or young men who are flooding in like broken dam. Maybe I’m letting off some vibe that’s attracting all these “boys”, but I’m enjoying it! I am totally understanding why some older men enjoy the company of younger women :). I have a packed schedule going into the new year, yaye me!

    Now for misconceptions…one of them is that a sugar daddy doesn’t have many options, is desperate or can’t or isnt good with beautiful women. That is so not true..

  589. California SB says:

    On a side note.. a kinky sex club was approved at Harvard College. 😛

  590. California SB says:

    For the latin challenged folks, quid pro quo means “Something for something”

  591. California SB says:

    Another misconception: “You can be a sugar daddy without having to give anything in return”. If you are not ready to give…. you are not going to receive. I am amazed by how many guys think that being a sugar daddy is just dating someone younger.

  592. California SB says:

    * if you aren’t

  593. California SB says:

    Sugar Daddy misconception: ” If you are quid pro quo, you ain’t a sugar daddy-o”

  594. Phoneguy says:

    Darn you Frank! 😉

  595. frank says:

    First at last!

  596. Leroy says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!