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Open Letter to the Victoria’s Secret Angels (From a Sugar Daddy)
  • Posted Dec 6, 2012


Dear Angels,

I must say, every year you never cease to amaze. The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, or what I like to call “Christmas coming early,” has always been quite the spectacle. Watching the most beautiful, exotic women work the runway was the highlight of my otherwise monotonous Tuesday. But is it me, or has the show slowly become too theatrical? A lingerie fashion show, inspired by the world’s largest lingerie company, showcasing much more than lingerie? Last night, I witnessed balloons, candy canes—even half of a damn bicycle. It just seems a little counter-productive to me—to cover up lingerie with things you wouldn’t even find in a bedroom. Then again, it’s art. And I’m a man—albeit, one with simple tastes.

Also, why was there an acoustic performance by Justin Bieber—minus the models? I get it, the angels walk the runway to performances from the year’s hottest musicians. But the kid was by himself.. sitting on a stool.. in white leather. Needless to say, I did not catch this “Bieber Fever” everyone talks about.  However, I cannot say the same for the models who were all over him. But why go after the prepubescent-looking teen in white leather when you can date a real man—one that knows how to take care of you! I mean, he can sing, but seriously? I’m mature, cultured, and have lived many more lifetimes. I can be the cure to your “Bieber Fever!” I digress—to each his own, I guess.

Overall, I loved the show. I especially loved watching it with my Sugar Baby. There are very few things that men and women can agree to watch, and this is annual extravaganza tops the list. I appreciate beauty, and I must commend the “angels” for looking, well, angelic. So I tip my hat to you, Victoria’s Secret.


A Satisfied Sugar Daddy

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24 Responses to “Open Letter to the Victoria’s Secret Angels (From a Sugar Daddy)”

  1. Women's Choice says:

    You may believe that every scantily-klad woman has been carefully acantily-klad to satisfy you, because all women want to satisfy you, right? But the VS show has always stood out to me as being eyecandy for women though, specifically because of what you’re talking about. Men may appreciate it, but it’s women who are physically comparing themselves to the models (there’s a joke in the modeling industry that once you get fat, you go walk for VS), writing down which pieces they want, appreciating the weirder artistic side of things, and mostly: liking Bieber (or whatever other weird side act is happening). So yeah, maybe you don’t like it, but maybe you’re not the point. If your sugar baby wants THAT SET RIGHT THERE… she’s probably going to get it, and then the show has done its job successfully. If your sugar baby wasn’t really interested in the show at all because she couldn’t relate to the models, didn’t like the designs, didn’t care about the side act, and thought the extras were distracting, they would hardly sell anything.

  2. Theresa says:

    Really it just isn’t the Christmas season until I see the Victoria’s Secret show. Unfortunately I missed it this year. I can’t believe they let Bieber sing at the show, I know he’s trying to show everyone how “grown up” he is but please, I have no desire to see a prepubescent looking 18 yr. old messing up my night of fashion. Frankly, I liked the show better when it was just models in lingerie wearing simple wings, but I love their line and I practically maxed out my Angel Card buying things this year. Now all I need is a nice SD to show it all off for.

  3. Beautiful Feet SD says:

    It’s a runway show! It is supposed to be over the top. They sell based off spectacle, definitely not quality 😉

  4. manda151370 says:

    This post made my night! Thanks 😛

  5. OzSD says:

    @NewSB I know, I know, what can I say, you bring out the best in people 🙂 but I’m sure that observation about you is old news 🙂

  6. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    Janine that is exactly my thought too… I think I was 13 when I stopped being able to even think about VS. Thank goodness for lines like Panache. *grin*

  7. NewSB says:

    @OzSD Now who’s the shameless flirt? But I can’t say that I mind 😉

  8. NewSB says:

    @OzSD I think it’s more for the women because it is such a spectacle. It’s like our Super Bowl! Great fashion, something you can watch with friends, something your guy will at least try to watch with you, and something to make you want to get physical 😉

    • OzSD says:

      Seriously? This is all guys will watch with you??? I’d grass grow with you, but I can’t promise to keep my attention on the grass 🙂

  9. Janine says:

    @Curvy – I haven’t set foot in VS in ages! After I graduated to a D cup, there was nothing that place could do to help me.

    @SDwho wrote the article – I enjoy the show too. I think the theatrics are overdone, but it’s supposed to be a show, so on with it!

  10. CaribSB says:

    (ear to ear) :)… Looking forward to what daddy has in store after his next visit to the store. Loved the previous sets selected 🙂

  11. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    NewSB they stop at an E cup. *eyebrow wiggle* I am the literal opposite of someone looking at augmentation and actively considering reduction. A D-DDD sounds good to me.

  12. Sweetness says:

    All my undies are from VS. I’m very petite and slim, with a little push up from Victoria Secrets… Voila!!!! The models just make me want to buy everything they sell lol. VS is a good gift a gentleman can give to his girl as well. Love love love.

  13. OzSD says:

    @ New SB – an SB show – love it 🙂

    I never bother with Victoria’s Secret. Watching it with your SB would be sexy but by itself the parade anything but. Shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations, it’s to generate publicity and promote the lingerie.

    For me anyway it’s so over the top which undermines the whole point. The right lingerie on the right woman is sensual, sophisticated, classy and very sexy. I have no reason to doubt the many women who have told me wearing it makes them those things. Making it into a televised circus eliminates the allure.

  14. NewSB says:

    What’s wrong with VS?? Their stuff is a life saver for those of us with non-Agent Provacateur-friendly budgets

  15. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    I don’t even bother to check out the VS product line… But the angels are very nice to look at.

  16. NewSB says:

    Like the Real Housewives but less bitchy…

  17. NewSB says:

    I loed the show! It got me in the mood for my pot SD date next week 🙂 They should make a SB show…

  18. Tina says:

    Alas, but I agree with the SD writing this. I think the simplicity of the lingerie can speak volumes, but the outrageous production deters from it

  19. NancySB/LA says:

    Fun fun show, lovely ladies and just love Justin B!

  20. NancySB/LA says:

    xox- first…

  21. Leroy says:

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