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Rational Women Date Rich Men
  • Posted Dec 12, 2012


As attractive, independent women, you get all the breaks: skipping lines at clubs, free drinks, higher employment rate, and now you are avoiding the “Fiscal Cliff”.

Luckily for you, you’re rational enough to better yourself and others through a mutually beneficial relationship. But not every woman is as prudent as you are…


Starting January 3, 2013, women in the US will lose at least two thousand dollars to higher taxes. And unless they find a Sugar Daddy who can be their “parachute”, they will fall off the “cliff” with the rest.

So, do you know a beautiful woman, like yourself, that you want to save from the impending “Fiscal Cliff”?

Enlighten others and share this video (http://bit.ly/VBfogT) to help guarantee that everyone has a “parachute”!

After all, there’s too good to be true, and then there’s a “sugar” relationship.

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  1. youcef says:

    Look for lady …. for sex and marriage
    Be between the age of 30 years and x
    Accept all the conditions I hope ….. Good luck

  2. Nichole says:

    Thanks ladies, question, what questions should I make sure to ask before I meet one of these guys?

  3. leila says:

    Thanks JATSD .

    Stacy your a hottie;) and NO it doesn’t surprise me one bit that you attract kinks…

  4. Stacy says:

    Thanks for clarification. Tequila. I like your letter writing side better, and you’re right about the naughty 😉 and, Lol! The book comes out January 7th!!

  5. JustATequilaSD says:


    Wasn’t trying to be mean, but did it excite you? (Just kidding.) After reading your profile, my subconscious sent a dirty letter to my conscious mind saying “this girl can get really really naughty without limit or reservation. can we keep her?” My original comment would have been very similar to guru’s about the fantasy/touchme/tasteme stuff, but I also included a little bit of human behavior for you since in all your studies you seemed to forget what it’s like to be under the magnifying glass. NorthernSD then drives the point home with you being the top fantasy potential of all sbs. I’m sure all the other sb’s have received letters from the “fantasy league”, so what diff does it make, right? And your training has only better prepped you to “deal” with these types. Besides, it’s about whatever works for you, I have no dog in this fight.

  6. California SB says:

    Nichole, you will meet a lot of losers and cheap guys. Just stick to your requirements, be fabulous, friendly and smart. The quality SDs will take notice. 🙂

  7. Stacy says:

    Nichole – Patience, good posture, and a smile. It’ll come, but you should expect it’ll take a few months to find the right fit.

  8. Nichole says:

    I want to be a sugar baby 🙂

  9. Stacy says:

    Cali and Flyr – I give such good email and photo, geography isn’t relevant, lol! Cali you’re right, I’d have a much easier time (and much better shopping) in Cali. Maybe we could pair up for works sugar domination. 😉

    I’ll have to get my SB consulting services cards made. Any takers?

  10. Frank says:

    Sorry for confusion: I would blame it on meds, but now all they have me on is steroids, I’m not confused any longer, just angry!

    frank or Frank (its hard for me to cap sometimes) not Jack, just a Jack wannabe.

  11. flyr says:

    Stacy – My guess is that you would add 50% to the “value” of the average sugar arrangement through your profile writing and public relations skills.

    In an ideal world you would be retained to write and manage the profile and perhaps handle communications.

    But move to CA – It might just be that she’s in the perfect location where people are willing to pay a premium to know their secrets and vulnerabilities are safe.

  12. California SB says:

    Stacy I looked at your profile. You should move to California. You’re too good to be suck in the middle of nowhere… xoxo

  13. Stacy says:

    Lol! Search engine optimization is something I’d put on my résumé skill set! People should hire me to write their profiles. I’ve got a new little enterprise 😉

  14. Stacy says:

    Flyr I am so curious what keywords one would be using. Glad to know I’m as good at spin as I like to believe I am. 😉

  15. flyr says:

    @Stacey – One of the many things that distinguishes your profile is that every sentence is either about the possibilities of the relationship or what you bring to the relationship. There’s no stuff about what movies, books, food in the conventional sense. The pictures are left to convey that you get a lot of physical exercise and are very attractive. The pictures show what you can do without a face in the photo and are at once both titilating and discrete. It’s a PR masterpiece………… no surprise.

    And yes the 12 freaks of Christmas provided a lot of chuckles.

    For the SB who wondered how to see your profile my recollection is that you proceed as if you wanted to look at your own profile and then swap numbers.

    The words you use may also be leading pot SDs to you through keyword searches.

  16. Stacy says:

    Tequila, you’re not nice :(.

    I’m not complaining, and I don’t think you even read my profile before you made that comment. I’m not complaining about the requests, I said I find them entertaining. The question if bizarre offers was put out there so I thought I’d respond. These twelve represent maybe 5% of the overall messages received. I was just sharing for entertainment value. I’ve had plenty of more traditional offers as well.

  17. JustATequilaSD says:


    goto “Profile” then “preview my profile” then when you come up, replace the ending numbers in the web address with stacy’s numbers

  18. JustATequilaSD says:


    You don’t need to clarify. Guru is just calling it like he sees it. I’m surprised number 12 hasn’t asked you to put him in a baby diaper and bonnet.Based on your field of study and your own desires, how did you think you profile was going to sound, and who’d you think you were going to pull? These guys are definitely opening your eyes. I’m just wondering what you’re going to do with all this gathered data. Should we look for a treatise from you on the human condition or just the next 50 shades novel?

  19. Leila says:

    Hello everyone,
    Would somebody tell me why Am I having trouble searching for the other SB’s profile numbers? I contacted the customer support and this was their response -“if your are trying to search for another Sugar Baby, you will not be able to because you can only search for Sugar Daddies.”

    I noticed that Stacy was able to view Nicole’s profile. How did you do it?

    And yes, I am a premium member.

  20. Stacy says:

    Guru, an SB needs to clarify! Some men want 24/7 doting, some want occasional fly into town to see you P4P, some want you to clean their house apparently. A girl has to ask. And the answerer will only get whipped if that’s what he’s into, lol.

  21. Stacy says:

    Haha Guru! Fantasy is my specialty – so much fun to explore what makes someone tick. They come from all over, and I assume they find me based on the who’s online now search.

  22. SD Guru says:

    “take a look and see if you can figure out why I’m attracting the freaks.”

    Very interseting profile! Your pics alone should generate lots of attention. The 12 freaks of Christmas that contacted you, are they from all over or from a certain area? I wonder how they find your profile in the first place. I think the following words and phrases in your profile are attracting the freaks:

    – You used the word “fantasy” 4 times, such as “exploring a fantasy”, “fantasy sharing”, “make me their fantasy”.
    – “focus my effort on providing the type of sensory experience you’re looking for – touch, sight, smell, taste, and sound.”

    “I do like to clarify with a potential SD what their fantasy scenario is, and I’m rather open minded about human sexuality”

    That’s how you get their kink flags flying!! After reading your profile and understanding your approach, you seemed to be well versed in BDSM so I’m not surprised by the kinks and freaks you attract. Perhaps that’s your specialty! :mrgreen:

  23. Stacy says:

    @Flyr – maybe you can show your curves and get a nice Utah SD to give you one, after a fantastic dinner at Applebee’s, and a few cheap P4P tumbles at the Holiday Inn.

  24. flyr says:

    @stacy “Flyr – You know what they say about being a Utah SB? “Your odds are good, but the goods are odd.” I think I could prove that statement with my SA inbox.”

    Just when I thought it was safe to bring out my new keytronics mac keyboard …….. i think you owe me a new one………. apparently they are not wineproof

  25. Stacy says:

    True Jack, we may not have compatible interests for getting me on a flight. But, if you are ever in Park City a little wine and chatter could still be fun.

  26. Jack says:

    Ellen, unless the doc is crazy, he wouldn’t prescribe cipro for “asthma.” Most likely he prescribed this broad-spectrum antibiotic for a pulmonary superinfection he either suspected or documented.

    I hope you feel better. Avatar will probably help more than the cipro.

    Jack (not Frank or frank)

  27. Jack says:


    Once my peripatetic travel schedule of the next 30 days is approaching its denouement, you can count on an indecent proposal requiring a measure of indecency on both of our parts–and of course, I know I’ll be able to count on an indecency-laden indecent counterproposal from toi.

    But given your high-dollar-ness, I’m not sure I’ll be willing to meet your pecuniary expectations.

    And Ellen, there’s only one of me (and I’m sure some SB’s who post here think one too many! LOL). I also did notice that Frank signed “Jack” to one of his posts–I guess the concept of “signing” appealed to him and he decided to adopt not only my idea but also my name. But he apparently decided against that approach in future posts.


  28. EllenSugarB says:

    Later sugars! Happy holidays! Im signing off to watch Avatar.

  29. EllenSugarB says:

    Jack, You will appreciate this one: An ER Doctor gave recently prescribed Ciprofloaxin to me for for what was today diagnosed as “asthma”. This antibiotic makes me feel loopy. So really, I get to blame any dumb comments on the meds! haha

  30. EllenSugarB says:

    ….oops a “Frank” who signs posts as “Jack”

    sh!t now im really confused lololol

    I blame it on the meds too! loll

  31. EllenSugarB says:

    …and a “flyr” … and a “flyer” All different people? Same people? So confused

  32. Stacy says:

    Flyr – You know what they say about being a Utah SB? “Your odds are good, but the goods are odd.” I think I could prove that statement with my SA inbox.

  33. EllenSugarB says:

    why is there a “frank”, and a “Frank”, and a “Jack” who signs posts as “Frank” I am completely confused.

  34. Stacy says:

    Why Jack I have to admit that flag making can be rather fun a deux. Of course on your cruise I imagine you’ll have plenty of time to explore those kink preferences fully on your own. I’ll be expecting your very indecent proposal 😉

  35. flyr says:

    @Stacy …………. My guess is that your message ressonates even more in the clear mountain air of Utah

  36. Jack says:


    It’s been my experience that a kink flag made by one is rather lopsided.

    Like many good things in life, Stacy, two kink-flag-makers are always better than one. And I think that is true even if you delete the “flag” part of that last sentence.


  37. Stacy says:

    Lol! Flyr, but then I’d miss out on the entertainment ;-). I’d rather widen the net and pick and choose, it just means I’ll have my sweet Utah eyes opened a little by the requests I receive.

  38. Stacy says:

    Oh, don’t you worry Jack – apparently I bring it out in a man. 😉

    You have to make your own kink flag, silly – each one is custom for its owner’s particular brand of perversion.

  39. flyr says:

    @stacey – Your profile and pic tickle every buttion on a male with a heartbeat while obviously targeting those with the resoures and an appreciation for the erotic. Tiny adjustments might reduce the number off the chart replies.

    Perhaps what you really need is an SB sister who wants referrals from the kinky end of the curve.

  40. Jack says:


    I don’t know if I can meet with you. How can I top that 12-days-of-kink list you’ve got–or even come close to belonging anywhere near that list?

    And I checked several stores and even online and couldn’t find a “kink flag” supplier anywhere, so I think that certainly disqualifies me! (Major LOL!)


  41. Stacy says:

    Why thank you northern 😉

  42. Stacy says:

    Yes, Madridista with an eight page copy/paste email of kink! WTF led him to realize he had that particular proclivity?

  43. Madridista says:

    @Stacy — OMG, the #4 on the list, I think he contacts just about everybody! I just blocked him way back in the day.

  44. Stacy says:

    My profile is 1078313 SD, take a look and see if you can figure out why I’m attracting the freaks. My photos are pretty sexy, but I’m making up for being unwilling to post a face pic 😉

  45. Stacy says:

    I’m not quite sure. I do like to clarify with a potential SD what their fantasy scenario is, and I’m rather open minded about human sexuality (gender studies and sexuality was my major in college). I think somehow I bring out the freedom to fly the kink flag. But, I think high allowance SD’s are often willing to compensate more because they want a specialty act. And, I am not an inexpensive SB 😉

  46. Stacy says:

    7. The athlete who wanted to keep me in a cage

    8. The VC guy who wanted me to have sex with other people then let him “sample” the after effects

    9. The VERY submissive sub who wanted to be my little doggy (in leash, with lots of corporal punishment

    10. The I Banker building a literal harem

    11. The Dom who wanted to watch me enjoyed by a group of men at a swinger’s club in Portland

    12. Still trying to find out the freaky thing about my current leading POT SD – he’s just too sweet and generous to be real, but Googke verifies his story.

    • SD Guru says:

      “I seem to collect the freaks, hold on for my twelve freaks of Christmas:”

      That’s an impressive list! Is there something unique about you or your profile that’s attracting these “Freaks R Us”??

  47. Midwest SB says:

    I was hoping that after a week away, the conversation would have changed to something more palatable. It hasn’t changed in over three weeks (with the exception of religion…ironic). Has anyone heard the saying “live and let live”?

    Nichole – welcome. I say go for it. What is the worst that can happen? You know what you need to achieve your goals. Some SBs will see multiple men in order to achieve their ultimate lifestyle and others want enough to pay for something specific (school, home, debt etc). There is no right or wrong answer to what type of arrangement you seek. Of course, the more you seek sometimes the more that is asked of you (time, dignity, etc). Sometimes the man who says he doesn’t have/ want to pay for sex can end up being the most generous benefactor. It’s a gamble and you have to be smart enough to weed through the flakes and to recognize a genuine SD. Just remember the blog is anonymous and nobody has to be held accountable for what they share. Take everything with a grain of salt (and a little tequila if you prefer).

    Russian SB – I’m off again to enjoy my new-found freedom! I’m so relieved to be free of the drama of a bad relationship and nary a tear has been shed. I’m so lucky to have great ladies who know I deserve more and still sexy enough to have already met someone who rocks my world!

    Flyer – you give amazing profile advice and the little tweaks have generated some interest now that I’m logging in more often. Nice, qualified SDs who are a reflection of what my profile expresses.

    • Nichole says:

      I feel like the worst thing that could happen is someone publicizing the fact that I’m on a SD website, locking my bank account, or it just being a huge waste of my time. I’d rather take everything with tequila if you don’t mind 🙂 My profile is starting to pick up a little bit since I made those changes to it and hear from people a little more, yay! It’s just hard weeding out the fakes and flakes just because most messages sound the same

  48. Stacy says:

    Flyr – I seem to collect the freaks, hold on for my twelve freaks of Christmas:

    1. The couple who wanted me to degrade and humiliate the wife while I did her husband.

    2. The 80 year old who wanted me to cook, clean, and play nursemaid – for free rent an a used Oldsmobile (but he did tell me he had drug resistant ED)

    3. The Frenchman who wanted me to pee on his face and send pictures if my feet in Loubies (that he’d send, of course)

    4. The elderly gentleman who offered to leave a resort to me if I’d pretend to be his daughter that he was molesting

    5. The Vegas pediatrician who wanted me to beg him to pee on his face

    6. The tech CEO who wanted to be beaten and pegged.

  49. Nichole says:

    Omg wow and this guy was serious?! He’d be lucky if he could still walk right if you asked me a question like that. I heard from a SD since I redid my profile and he said he likes that I can pull off different looks and my profile

  50. Stacy says:

    @ Nichole – welcome to SA, I had a professional athlete ask to keep me in a cage and degrade me in all sorts of ways two weekends a month for 10k, he even sent a picture of the cage.

  51. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    You know it’s a shame that once you’ve learned how relationships can fail or work out, your older than a lot of men tend to prefer their women. When I was in my twenties, I didn’t know being in a relationship could be as heart breaking as my last one was.
    I can understand why many women have chosen the Sugar lifestyle. If it has to be that painful then just get the sugar. That’s not to say I’ve given up on love, but I will definitely proceed with much caution before entering into another one and definitely get some sugar to sweeten the deal.

  52. Frank says:

    flyr- dc gangs-priceless!

  53. flyr says:

    In the interest of avoiding any assertion of conflict of interest- none of those I helped with profiles were likely SB candidates, primairly due to geography.

  54. flyr says:

    ILWCG – I see that you were writing after midnight …………

    Although Jack can certainly speak for himself you might recall that he jumped into the sugar world with more enthusiam and resources than judgement and probably paid the price, not in dollars, but, in not finding what he is looking for.

    Although SA certainly has the data on most commonly used search criteria , I doubt they will share it with the members. My guess is that many SB’s who put over $3K minimums are either filtered out or disregarded if found in searches, in the absense of some apparent characteristic(s) that put her in the top 15% or so. This does not at all mean they are not going to find their SD but rather that it will be from among a small % .

    Over the past couple of years I have helped a number of SB’s with their profiles at their request. One of the things I learned from their feedback was how small changes in profiles or on occasion language casually inserted into a profile will substantially increase the responses, sometimes as intended and other times the result of the mis-interpertation of a few words by the SD community.

    Seriously submissive, threesomes, appearance, intellect, whip you into shape , location, “up for anything” etc apparently add substantially to “value” and response. in some cases it may require you to be willing to trade your satin sheets for plastic ones. Up for anything, seriously submissive, whips etc are at the opposite end of the spectrum of my interest, however, there are apparently plenty of SD’s out there who find it irresistable and valuable. Thus, they are “value enhancers”.

    The significance of all of this is that a number of new SB’s are frustrated with their lack of response or the number of people who click on their photos but do not reply to a short note. There’s a temptation to think that they are alone.

    I’m all for the $10K/mo SB but the newcommer needs to understand that it’s the rare exception in the sugar universe. Sugars also need to prepare themselves for finding that their SD’s sugar bowl has been raided by the DC Gangs who have run off with perhaps 10% of daddy’s sugar as the result of tax and fee changes.

    From what he has written here and some brief conversations I know that Jack is certainly no advocate of 300P4P arrangements.

    One of the things I learned from decades in the office development area was that the really successful devleoper/owners did not market their buildings to the “masses” of business tenants but carefully developed a plan to find those who would be most attracted to the property. Part of it was to design the building not to the average first class standard, but to look for what really added value or eliminated detriments to value for the targeted tenants. There’s a vast amount of bad information out there on this, folklore passed down through the brokerage community. With this internally generated knowledge they were better armed to charm the customers into making a decision and then negotiating price later. If the customer has made the decision that this is what he wants the negotiations take on a completely different tone.

    I think the same applies to the sugar world.

  55. Tina says:

    @Frank – with a recent shoulder surgery, shall I suggest enjoying the black diamond views from the chair lift? 🙂

  56. Frank says:

    Russia-this boy was ready to move into new territory, but got burned, and my old sb was so heart broken that I couldn’t resist.

    Russia-I can’t imagine you would be in an apartment with tears in your ears from crying over him, I bet you would be out partying!

    Tina-thanks for the help. At least I asked to see her bunny tail!

    Jack-have a happy holiday with your kids!

    Stacy- Its not that I don’t want the view, but if I was on a black diamond with a bad arm, I wouldn’t be looking at your tail.

  57. RussianSB says:

    @Stasy: ” Oh but Russian – we all know the best way to get over a man is to get under a new one! I imagine the same works for men and SB’s ”
    Sure, BUT
    Boys prefer old contacts, they not so confident and more comfortable with old GFs.
    Girls – the best way to have new adventure, but after brake-up we seat at home in depression all in tears with running nose … and only our real friends can get us out of our cozy appartment by puling our hair with both hands !

  58. RussianSB says:

    @Jack, happy Hanuka/X-mass/New Year !!!
    Make sure to have camera and make a lot of pictures of girl’s wet happy faces !

  59. Stacy says:

    Oh but Russian – we all know the best way to get over a man is to get under a new one! I imagine the same works for men and SB’s 😉

  60. Tina says:

    @Frank: maaaaaaaaaaaan, I was trying to give you an out and you just blew it…..SHEESH! 😛

  61. RussianSB says:

    About Frank – you out of date, dear, he already seeing his ex SB,
    old friend – better than two new friends ! 🙂
    About the only former Miss USA contestant turned porn star that you think you could get –
    it is scam, all that lines written by man, can’t you smell that ??

  62. Stacy says:

    Tina, thanks for the reminder, was rather offended (pretty pout), fortunately Jack is full of compliments on my lovely tail 😉 which compliments a sunny lounge chair rather well too 😉

  63. Frank says:

    Tina-can’t blame it on medication. Been a while since I’ve been on a black diamond, would have to watch her tail on the bunny side on the hill. 😉

  64. Tina says:

    @Stacy – Frank will blame the medication for his oversight 😉

  65. Stacy says:

    Jack – I do believe you have some competition 😉 although Frank hasn’t once asked to watch my ass ski down the mountain 😉

  66. Frank says:

    Sracy-haha- i always let my sb pull the strings!

  67. Stacy says:

    Frank – I do apologize for being passé 😉 shows how far removed I am from the burrito girls who are happy to treat a man like toxic sludge for weekly sex and 1.5k NSA.

    With me all strings are attached, lol – I pull your strings and you happily move in all the right ways 😉

  68. frank says:

    Actually my first comment was directed to Tequila- my excuse is I’ve had a relapse and back on medication again. lol

    Even when sling is off I am going to keep it nearby in case I need more some more sling sympathy.

  69. frank says:

    Jack I am back in the saddle again, went back to the old sb. She has been behaving herself lately. Doing her best to make me feel like I am something special in her life. I think its best that I don’t completely believe that. Its too easy for an old fool to act like an old fool. That’s why I keep calling on Calif to tell me like it is.

    Anyway what I was lamenting was the fact that I haven’t been able to run for 4 weeks, or get on my bike for 4 weeks. Got two more weeks to go before I can be more active.

    west coast girl-you are right when you say sb and sd ARE from different planets. Just generally women and men are from different planets, and I think the differences are highlighted when it comes to the money equation.

    Stacy- its not craigs list girls anymore, all the ads are on backpage.

  70. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    You were so worry Nichole would get a wrong impression if she listen to CaliSB, Nancy, or me.

    But what you wrote – is so common , she just must believe she will find a guy like you on this site. and all this will start with 300$ P4P.
    that is sound so common and realistic.

    The one thing Nichole has to understand blog SD and site SD are SDs from different planets . Love yourself , do not trust SDs.

    or otherwise), and really like, appreciate and respect her, the sky is the limit. Within a few months of dating my (now) ex-wife ten years ago, I paid off her $15,000 credit card bill, paid her monthly rent and some additional expensesin Calif, and bought her a $50,000 Acura MDX (the best and safest SUV on the market at the time, based”

    yes, Nichole do not listen to us, listen to this – and you will find your SD on sugar site.

    Specifically I wrote that my “cheap” SD comment is NOT related to blog SDs (include but not limited Jack from Texas. ).
    I wrote it 3 times before and every time , you, Jack enjoy my disclosure , and pick on it and call yourself “cheap” and Amen, you have a reason to wrote your marriage story again.

    Cheap SDs, fake SDs comments – are not about Jack (as he thought 3 times before even though I specifically write every time it is NOt about you) we all know you paid 15.000 to a girl to f… you a few times. Your ex wife got plenty of money from you too .
    And she give you 2 girls – the reason for you to be happy, alive, energetic , they are your present and future. They are the stars and sun of your life. Without your 2 small daughters – you would be just a single 56 y old guy , who pays 25 y old girls for sex.
    Your family (her ! kids) make you look feel normal .
    I think your wife deserves and should have spent more money and get more money – since guys can not believer babies and give birth and PASS your own genes to their babies through their uterus. (once you manage that you can blame all the “gold diggers ” who were with you for “money only”)

    Your kids is everything for you and SHe gave them to you. you are PROUD , brag about and love your daughters and they have 50% of her genes (well you are MD you know kids get more than 50% genetic material from a mother coz of mitochondria ‘ genetic material)

    If you hate her so much – find someone else to give you 2 perfect kids and see; and tell her too – oh… you were with me only for my money.

    But you r bitter about your ex, fight her in court , blame her for money (how many times we read here you paid her dept… etc) – you wanted to have millions and do not pay her dept? and do not buy her car ? or you know what … it does not count your paid her dept – coz you complained about that many many times to hundreds people.

    If a gentleman has done something for his !!! girl – he has to be satisfied inside himself he was able to HELP . not to complain about that to strangers everyone he can find a reason to bring it up.
    and your ex was a hard working ER nurse – not professional SB/fasionista , pro gold digger.

    But if you sincerely thought you needed to brigh up the story of your life so Nichole has realistic view at sugar site and would not listen to girls who met hundreds SDs at SA,

    • Nichole says:

      Thank you WestCoast, I do believe that it is possible for a girl like me to achieve my goal of 3K a month if not more. And these opinions and views did their part and came into play last night when a “sugar daddy” wanted to offer me less than $500 for our initial meeting, and by less than 5 I mean 200 “if I was willing to do anal”, are you kidding me? I may be new but I’m not stupid, an escort will gladly accept that kind of money, but not me

  71. frank says:

    verification- hahahah Haven’t tried but am quite sure a mass murderer could assume some one else’s identity and get verified.

  72. frank says:

    sling sympathy hahaha

  73. JustATequilaSD says:

    sling sympathy = “Aww, you poor dear.” Always remember, chicks dig scars, and bones heal.

  74. EllenSugarB says:

    lololololol “Your palms will be jealous.”

    Oh I am SO stealing that line!

  75. EllenSugarB says:

    what is “sling sympathy” ?

  76. JustATequilaSD says:

    It surprises me that anyone can agree on anything longer than 1-3 months.

    SB: I’m the best you’re going to get. All your friends will be so jealous. All your ex’s, jealous. Your palms, jealous. You’re going to be begging to see me every day, cuz I’m gonna rock your world and be everything you could ever want. But don’t get used to seeing me repeatedly cuz I don’t want you to get too attached, because eventually I may decide to run back to my boyfriend that has been using the money you give me to pursue his lifelong dream of being a dj/musician. All this for the low, low price of $10k a month, I’m a steal, and the only former Miss USA contestant turned porn star that you think you could get. I can itemize everything that I bring to the table if that’s the way you do your taxes.

    SD: Wow, You are definitely the girl of my dreams. How could I not jump right on that? Is it ok if I sleep with all the 1k,3k, and 5k in the tri-state area for at least one month before I choose to be with you for 3 months and decide that 10k a month is too much for what you’re giving knowing that I’m in love and want to give you more but you keep reminding me that it’s NSA because you have to keep your options open and I’m a temporary fix til you finish medical school and then I try to weasel out of the agreement because I feel like an idiot thinking if I gave my all to you that you would come to your senses and see that the musician would never love you the way I love you but you’ve been taking more and more until what you’re giving has no possible way of keeping up with what I want from you.

    SB: What if I just pretended to love you?

    SD: That sounds fair, can we do a one month free trial?

  77. EllenSugarB says:

    I agree with flyr about verification. I got verified just so I can see how thorough their screening process is. Result: not so thorough!

    Now flyr…I am very curious about the “serious drug charges.” Please do tell the specifics…

  78. JustATequilaSD says:

    “and I sit here with my arm in a sling”
    Your penis is not in a sling. At least when the woman drove off it was a motivated attempt. Dammit Jim, get back on the horse, any horse. (Wait, not a real horse, you did say you were in the country, right?) But anyway, there are too many women (irl and online) out there looking for a Cmas/NewYear’s fling/romance looking for “sling” sympathy. Just my opinion.

  79. EllenSugarB says:

    Interesting perspectives here on the blog. Thanks for the input fellow sugars. Some of these comments have me rolling on the floor in laughter. …what the heck is burrito sex???…

    Jack, nobody called you cheap. It sounds like your ex wife strained your finances …maybe it left a bitter taste? Lord knows I carry insecurities from past relationships! I just think thtat this may be a soft spot for you. Anyway…From the limited things I know about you, anyone using you merely for money is missing out. Their loss.

  80. Jack says:


    Tell Frank that a gentleman (moi) never “kisses and tells,” whether or not “blows” are involved!

    At most I’ll tell how cute your butt was as I was skiing behind ya.


  81. flyr says:

    Ready for the holidays? No …………….. .

    I am probably the only one who took the time to read the fine print on the verification company’s privacy policy. The short answer is that you have left footprints that will survive the end of the earth. If you have a problem with that it goes to binding arbitration in their home court, run by a company that I think they control. The documents had several obvious mistakes so I may have read them more carefullty than they did .

    Verified does two things for SA. It gives them a plausable defense against any liability if your SD turns out to be Jack The Ripper and it is an important source of revenue at a time that SA is probably thinking about transforming the platform into market value.

    As others have noted, verification will, if the information provided is correct, provide you with background on criminal convictions or the lack thereof.

    If I were an SB I would want to do my own verification process using google and other sources. Your potential sd should be able to provide enough clues to allow you to find out a considerable amount about his background. You also need to put your systems on high gain during the initial process.

    I think verification may create a false sense of security

  82. Madridista says:

    @Nichole — Flyr and Stacy are right about the verified status on SA. It is completely irrelevant and it won’t tell you whether or not “he won’t play games”. Players, jerks, pervs, fakes, flakes, etc. are not determined by “verified” status alone and it’s not a good screening tool for that. Like flyr said, instinct and internet are the best tools for that. I wasn’t on SA when that whole feature got started, but sugars did just fine without it for years, so I don’t even see the point of SA having it now.

  83. Stacy says:

    Frank, should Jack and I meet we’ll be sure to share all the blows, by blow. 😉

    I’m really not mature enough to miss a double entendre.

  84. Stacy says:

    Verified is completely irrelevant. All it tells you is that the person registering the account isn’t a sex offender. He could still be any number of unpleasant things, including just a guy checking things out to collect naked pics – verified doesn’t check for pervey creeper.

  85. flyr says:

    An example, I do not think that an arrest without conviction will show up on verified. Howefver some diligent checking showed that a long ago POT had an arrest in NV on some pretty serious drug charges. They may have been dismissed for a variety of reasons including cooperation or diversion , but that’s disqualifying for me.

    • Nichole says:

      I’m not intimated by being verified, I’m a good, sweet girl, but just curious 🙂 I prefer men that are just so I’m more confident that he won’t play games. I’m excited to meet people and learn a thing or two Are you ready for the holidays flyr?

  86. flyr says:

    Nicole – There’s been a lot of discussion regarding “verified” I am one of perhaps a minority who believes it is overly intrusive and there are better ways for potentital SB’s and SD’s to share information prior to meeting or getting serious.

    Thus the direct answer to your question is that I do not really care if an SB is verified by SA . I will trust our exchange of information and my instincts . I may get burned but that’s a risk I will take.

    I will google the net to see what’s there for her name and other id.

  87. Jack says:

    Well, Nichole has heard both sides. I have said what I felt was important to say to maximize Nichole’s chance of success. I feel like much of what has been said above is again not focused on the SPECIFIC comments and SPECIFIC suggestions I made, but rather represent diatribes against fakers and cheapskates which has almost NOTHING to do with what I have said.

    Nichole (who represents many SB’s on the site, in my view) will proceed as she sees fit and I invite her to report the results.

    Nichole, I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your search,

    This Sat I’m off on a Carribean cruise with my two girls and one of my Xmas gifts to them will be a 3-hour dolphin swim on Xmas day.

    Happy Holidays to everyone!


    • Nichole says:

      With the changes that I have made, do you think I can succeed? Thank you Jack for everything 🙂 and I hope you guys have fun!

  88. Nichole says:

    Is it an automatic no go if a sugar baby’s profile is NOT background verified?

  89. Tina says:

    @Nawty: hiya sweetie! 🙂

    @Frank: you said rod….teehee….

  90. frank says:

    russian-no traffic jams here, but no any really reason to go anywhere anyway. lol

    Jack and Stacy-get a room already, and we expect a blow by blow report afterwards.

    Happy holiday nawty

    Stacy- yes there are fake sd, just as there are fake sb’s, I have met my share online and unfortunately in real time. Just have to keep your rod with the right bait and reel in a good one when you can.

  91. Nichole says:

    I think a lot of what I wrote in my profile was misinterpreted…

    • flyr says:

      Nicole – it was interperted through the filters (lust, trust, distrust, hope and dispair ) of the reader.

      The critical skill of the copywrithter is not the direct construction of the words chosen bur rather the emotions they evoke among that small group of people for whom the writing was targeted. …..

  92. Stacy says:

    Oh Jack – don’t worry, you’ll spoil me plenty and thoroughly enjoy every $ you spend when me meet in Park City. I’m not saving you a dime 😉 I’m saving my delicious, Lilly white ass an airplane ride 😉

  93. Nawty Molly says:

    Hi Everyone! I hope all of you have a Happy Holiday!

    Nawty 🙂

  94. RussianSB says:

    @Frank… it is not fair, it is not fair ! 100% traffic jam was today – HOLYDAYS 🙂

  95. NancySB/LA says:

    Playing with fire.
    If your expenses are 3k, why would someone who cares for you give you $1500? What kind of loser is that?
    If he cannot afford you, he should do you a favor and get lost.
    There is no such thing as increasing allowance over time. The time for the arrangement is actually the beginning and if you do not lay a strong foundation then, then that is your loss. One of the smartest things an SB can do is to refuse to negotiate. Women are easily swayed by emotions and guys know this. Sorry, that is just a fact. If you let him ‘reason’ with you, you are effed for sure.
    However you started is what you need to expect from now on..
    Why would he increase your allowance once he’s comfortably gotten what he wanted?

    If you have started a $400 P4P, guess what? Negotiations are over… Better move on to the next SD and this time you tell him your range was 3k-5k a month, but if he wants to trial run you, the P4P is going to be $1500 for the first time.
    And yes, you are leaving within 3hrs. there is no sleeping over, making breakfast and handing out towels.. I heard what you bitches do…lol
    You wake up and smell the coffee..
    If he’s cheap to start off with, cheap is who he is. And he just laid you. Period.
    Men and women are different. We bond after sex, they don’t.
    Most guys know to play with you after they lay you. They are seasoned salespeople and can push those buttons. P4P and trial runs are a great negotiation tool; for him. Not you.. make them expensive so he realizes a better deal would actually be to retain you as a GF/SB.
    If you are desperate and choose to believe his lies about wanting relationships and marriage when the mf doesn’t even know you…? and fall for his nonsense, that’s on you…
    You should have your own job and money, and find someone good for you, then he should pay through the nose(yes, a high price) for the pleasure of being with you…
    If you act like a dumbass and try cater to him, he will pay you like a dumbass.
    It’s on your shoulders; you decide how someone treats you.
    Baby, it’s a war out there..
    Lastly, I wouldn’t pay too much mind to what SD’s want to pay. Eff them. Do the majority of men own cars way out of their league? Yes, and they find a way to pay for that too.
    Stand your ground, if he can’t pay your price, tell him to find the cash or sod off…
    My SD paid $3500 for a purse…
    There is no effing logical reason to do that either, but he did it..
    Check out
    Wynter Gordon’s ‘Buy my Love’

  96. Madridista says:

    @Jack — You’re right that platonic arrangement would eliminate almost every SD on here. As a SB, I wouldn’t want a platonic arrangement either. I’ve had one when I was 17 and it wasn’t for me. So the turnoff on platonic stuff goes both ways, I think.

    About the allowances though, it is a good screening tool on this site, not so much IRL, but on the site it works quite well and saves time. You yourself, Jack, wouldn’t want to get to spend so much time and effort getting to know someone if the amount they wanted is not what you’re comfortable with giving so it works, doesn’t it? If the goal was to get a ton of messages then open/negotiable would be the best option, but if a SB is looking for only one SD and her sugar needs fall into a higher income category, why all the numbers arguments/discussions? Sure, it’ll take longer and okay, may not get as many messages, but that’s not the point (again, I had so many that the main reason I did switched from open to higher range is to minimize contacts, but still got too much messages). If Nichole or someone like her is only looking for one SD and that’s the allowance she is looking for, who cares about percentages? You won’t need a ton of hits and offers, but few hits and one right offer. If it takes longer with less dates, so be it. Besides, from the offers I’ve had, I can tell you there are plenty of SDs for Nichole. Maybe less than for someone with lower allowance amount selected, but still from personal experience, everyone who contacted me did have a higher allowance selected as well and there were hundreds of different men. Maybe in terms of overall numbers on SA that’s not much, but still gives ladies with those needs quite a lot of options. Again, someone could as easily have multiple SDs at lower range and still get the sugar they’re looking for, but not everyone wants that or can handle it. Most people just want one SD and it makes no sense to have one who can’t meet your sugar needs.

  97. Jack says:

    Aw, c’mon Stacy, we both know you are dying to talk to me! LOL.

    But hey, if we’re gonna meet “on the slopes,” think of all the money I can save and still have a ski with you! And since you have a very nice butt (and I’m sure a nice ski outfit in which to wrap that butt), I certainly won’t mind skiing behind you.

    But my skiing behind you will cheat you out of seeing MY nice butt!

    I’m good either way–I’m pretty easy (but don’t write that on any bathroom walls, k?).


  98. Stacy says:

    And, Jack – now having too much fun learningabout you on the blog to call 😉 guess we’ll have to meet on the slopes!

  99. Stacy says:

    I reference fake SDs because there are a lot of them. Men who talk a big story, email endlessly with dirty requests, ask for naked photos and then never actually make any effort to meet. In my book, he’s a fake, and why after [email protected]&$’ing to my photos for weeks, emailing all sorts of fantasy scenarios would he not want to meet? Only one reason in my opinion (unless he takes the time to explain himself) he’s not representing himself truthfully. I’d call that a fake – and it sucks to get burned by a fake, so I like to warn SBs to look out for that.

    I don’t think someone is cheap if their budget is less than what makes me feel special, but I also don’t feel sexy toward them at an amount they could give a Craig’s List call girl. It’s important for every SB to look at other women’s portfolios and understand her relative market value. In my experience any allowance over 3K is going to require a highly unique product – in appearance, sophistication, education, sexual interests (I.e. interest in accommodating special kinks). And an average girl shouldn’t “expect” an exceptional allowance. Supply and demand, baby!

  100. flyr says:

    The sugar level seems ot be a recurring theme……….

    I think too many SB’s, especially in their initial relationships see only the sugar and see it as a “price tag” on what they are worth. My argument is not that any amount is unjustified, but rather that fixation of the amount may cause you to overlook other dimensions including longevity, potential increases and other benefits.

    Thankfully, at least at this time there’s no government standardized contract and g level ratings for SB’s . They are free to do as they please.

    I think what some of us are saying is that here is where we see most of the arrangements happening. That doesn’t mean there are not wide variances.

    Except in rare cases, I think an SBwho has higher economic aspirations is better off putting negotiable because that will be picked up in more searches. Her task then becomes to qualify those who would be willing ( although they may not know it) to reach her plateau and to gracefully discard the rest.

    That process gives her the chance to apply the magic .

  101. Frank says:

    Jack-have to disagree with you in part, I would think knowing a sb would only want to have a Platonic relationship period would run off 99% of the sd’s just for that.

    But when you say: And let me add that some of the anger I read in some of the blog comments here, if it carried over to a SB/SD meet, would make me run away from those SB’s, I would TOTALLY agree.

    Russia, sky is blue here and in the 60’s. People are out riding their bikes and running in their shorts and I sit here with my arm in a sling. 🙁


    • Nichole says:

      When I said platonic I was trying to find another word to use instead of mutual or NSA, since those words are so common. I do want an NSA relationship, but I’m not ready for a romantic relationship. I still want a mutual happiness, of course. I’m not selfish by any means

  102. RussianSB says:

    I hope, if I go to Hawaii, I will not meet there frozen and blue Russian faces ??

  103. RussianSB says:

    next to Tequila-Thought SD you must be Jack Daniels SD 🙂

  104. RussianSB says:

    ”You want me to build palace for you , or you want me destroy palace for you,Aladine ?? ”
    ”No, I’d like some fryed chikens.”

    East is land of wisdom

  105. RussianSB says:

    @Jack, please, do stay a gentelman as you are 🙂 it is just negotiation fight on our old eastern market place .
    ”Lamps, lamps, shiny and new copper lamps – I give you one new for your old lamp”
    And those stupid princess Jasmine bought that !
    I am sure you know that story, Jack !

    Every SD and SB is unique !!! !!! !!!

  106. Jack says:

    Russian says:

    “I am not pushing about high allowance rates in the begining. But with time , if I see that he is interested, I have big expectations. And man will do everything for girl he likes, but if he don’t want , noway you can push him, or made him, or charge him to buy you car, give you money or buy you icy. If man don’t go financially insane with me – he is not love me ! And I am also big romantic as SDs here and I amlooking only for LOVE !”


    All my comments about the limit of $3000 (which doesn’t include travel/play expenses, which can double or triple that number per month) are about the START of a relationship. Once I get to know a lady (SB or otherwise), and really like, appreciate and respect her, the sky is the limit. Within a few months of dating my (now) ex-wife ten years ago, I paid off her $15,000 credit card bill, paid her monthly rent and some additional expensesin Calif, and bought her a $50,000 Acura MDX (the best and safest SUV on the market at the time, based on extensive research). And during our marriage, she spent a LOT more per month than the highest allowance level on SA.

    I would have no problem being generous as time goes on with an SB or GF, but it ain’t happening up front. If that makes me cheap, so be it.

    SIGNED > > > Cheap Jack

  107. RussianSB says:

    Take me away from that horrible, horrible , unfriendly, cold city !!!

  108. Jack says:

    I knew I would stir up a hornets nest, so let me add more fuel to the fire.

    Madridista, Ellen, West Coast–NOT EVERY SB on this site is going to receive many emails when she puts in a range of $3,000 to $5,000, so the fact that you guys have received dozens of emails while asking for $3000+ (or $5000+) doesn’t mean that an SB asking for advice here is going to. I’m not going to get into specifics as to why some SB’s can get $5K and others won’t get much demand at $2K, but we ALL know that is the case. What you have all written to Nichole implies that every SB can get $5K, and that is absolute hogwash.

    All the bitching about “cheap” SD’s, SD’s who shouldn’t have sex, “faker” SD’s, etc., COMPLETELY misses my point to Nichole. I told her how I believe the world IS, whereas many of the SB comments above are simply commiserating about how the world is and talk about how it SHOULD BE. I stand by my asssessment of how Nichole’s profile is likely to be perceived by pot SD’s, and it seems Frank, at least, is impliedly in agreement. Any other SD want to get into this fray?

    Someone was wondering where I got my statistics re: how few SD’s can afford/are interested in affording $4K per month (the midpoint between $3K and $5K), and the answer is simple. I scanned 100 SD profiles and noted that only approx. 10% put in a budget of over $3000/month. In addition, I recall some statistics that someone posted months ago after doing an actual search on this site that supported the same conclusion. I welcome anyone to do that actual search and give us the correct number, but I am willing to bet anyone that it will be close to 90%, and almost for sure over 80%.

    As to the 99%, I was MISQUOTED. As I made clear in my post, I came up with 99% after applying a SECOND filter because Nichole’s language suggested to me that she was interested in a “plaotonic friendship” and I believe at least 90% of the SD’s are seeking something OTHER than a “platonic friendship.” I based this 90% statistic on many, many posts on various blogs here where we pretty much have all agreed that SB/SD relationships include sex, and quite early on in the relationship. In fact, I think it is higher than 95%, but I used 90% to be conservative.

    I stand by my assessment that a woman who is asking for more than $3000 per month and is not interested in sex has eliminated 99% of the potential SD’s on this site. If I am off, I am not off by much.

    And finally, bemoaning the “hopeless romatic” SD’s on this blog, or discrediting others as not being “legitimate SD’s” because their budget only allows for $2000, or criticizing other SD’s for TRUTHFULLY reporting their multimillion net worth and income, and suggesting that because one is wealthy, he ought to choose high-dollar SB’s, is the height of hubris (and worse, which I am too much of a gentleman to verbalize here).

    NOBODY on this blog or elsewhere has ANY right to choose for others how they want to proceed here or what their choices should be, and to criticize someone for being TRUTHFUL in his profile is beyond absurd. And let me add that some of the anger I read in some of the blog comments here, if it carried over to a SB/SD meet, would make me run away from those SB’s, even if they were drop-dead gorgeous and within my upper limit of $3000/month.


    • Classic Noir says:

      @Jack I would have to agree with you.

    • Nichole says:

      Can we please not argue? Jack, I agree with you about how a lot of SBs don’t think about the other expenses acquired when entering an arrangement, just the initial “startup cost.” I saw what you mean about the tone of my profile, I didn’t mean it that way by any of the standards it was perceived as and went back and fixed everything. But, as far as the whole filling my head with high hopes and dreams part goes, I think it’s possible but a slim chance for any girl, and although my profile said 3-5K I put that bracket because I felt that way 3K monthly allowance would be acceptable, which is my allowance goal anyway

  109. RussianSB says:

    I am not writing any books for now, so I need LOVE …

  110. RussianSB says:

    100 and one mistakes in my post, I hope you found themall, enjoy !

    … All you need is love pampampapapam
    All you need is love pampampapapam
    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need !

  111. RussianSB says:

    @ILoveYouWestCoastSB …
    You can have 5k from your BF, who spend on you half of his income.
    And you can have really rich SD who give you 5k and loose 100k per month at Casino.
    Same money , but you feel different in each situation, right ?

    From other point – why SD must spend 5k on some ambitios college girl only because she feel like a princess but nobody ever in her life give her anything for sex and she is also want have SB and asking blog : ”Is it OK if I want find SD and want have BF who will have me for free etc. ”
    You will be lucky to find such a fool !

    It is not sexy when reach SD economing money on our budgets and it usually leed to brake up.
    Yes, we are silly prides and you can make nothing about !
    But , for SD money spend on us is a money gone by the wind, don’t forget it. He simply don’t want overpay for some questionable connection, which girl give away for free to others, or much cheaper than offered to him .

    I am not pushing about high allowance rates in the begining. But with time , if I see that he is interested, I have big expectations. And man will do everything for girl he likes, but if he don’t want , noway you can push him, or made him, or charge him to buy you car, give you money or buy you icy. If man don’t go financially insane with me – he is not love me ! And I am also big romantic as SDs here and I amlooking only for LOVE !
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  112. sassynsweet says:

    Advice please! I’m screening a sugar couple that sounds perfect – but TOO perfect, as in way TOO good to be true. They’re offering to take care of my tuition, rent, and more. How do I know if they’re real?

  113. RussianSB says:

    How would Apple write your profile ?
    How would Nike write your profile ?
    How would Tom Ford write your profile ?
    How would L.Ron Hubbard write your profile ?
    How would Oprah write your profile ?
    How would TVSHOP write your profile ?

  114. RussianSB says:

    @Flyr LOL flyfishing LOL
    no comments
    the best

  115. RussianSB says:

    @Ellen Sugar B, as if 1k has the same value as in 1980s ! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Not anymore boys ! What can I buy for 1k ???

  116. flyr says:

    re Speiling and editing in general

    Outline your key points before you write. What do you want to communicate. Then draft your profile sections in word and run spelling and grammar check on. Let sit overnight and then review for content, grammar and impact after a cup of coffee. Does it show you in your best light and initiate action?

    You’re not writing the tech specs for a tractor, but rather a product which delivers emotional and physical wellbeing.

    How would Apple write your profile and what pictures would they use?

    Each picture should have a special mission…….. Two or three is all it should take.


    Fishing in the sugar pool is a lot like flyfishing on a the river

    When flyfishing one of the techniques is to look carefully at the water. What bugs are attracting the trout, what gets them out from under their rock? Then you select (or make) your fly look like what they are pursuing. Initial recognition, passes closer inspection, crates desire, zap. As in flyfishing, presentation is everything. .

  117. thickbeauty says:

    He wanted me to cone to him for the weekend, but I said no so he will come to my home town & stay at a hotel for the weekend. He’s such a real gentleman, but my issue is that I dont know what to do. I live in a little small country town. I shouldve went to him. He lives in a big city. Lird im nervous, never done this before!!!

  118. thickbeauty says:

    Hello everyone. Finally I have a date, but I’m kinda nervous. Answer me this question: if a SD is not “VERIFIED” does that mean he isn’t legit? Also what do you wear to these kinda things? Im curvy and my wardrobe is limited. I don’t wanna wear anything too revealing but I dont wanna wear anything too buttoned-up because I wanna keep him interested but dont wanna have sex on the first night . Please help!!!

  119. RussianSB says:

    @EllenSugarB – dead horse, dear, indeed.
    @I loveWestCoast – GURY exchange our mails, I send you mail from bybyka.
    @Madridista, you will be hot in everything – sugar rush and drive from your published book will be in your eyes. Now you are confident and playful 🙂

  120. Stacy says:

    Nichole – horrible spelling IS a red flag. There are soooo many fakes on the site pretending to be big time when they’re not. Ask for a link to his company or Linked In profile and I bet you $100 he’ll poof.

  121. RussianSB says:

    At weekend Moscow going to freeze to -30’C point.
    Mamma Mia !

  122. RussianSB says:

    One freiend of mine have titanium plate in his knee because of ski… and he very proud about.

  123. RussianSB says:

    @Jack, I quess I am that skybunny. I can go to the mountains becose Chanel or Bogner new sky suit … and becose SD want to sky + want to be on that hell of black trassa trip with me.
    But I vote for SUN, ocean and mohitos !

  124. Nichole says:

    Is horrible spelling a red flag or am I being too cautious? I updated my profile by the way 🙂 Hope if looks good!

  125. Madridista says:

    @Nichole — you don’t have anything to prove to anyone. Like Stacy said, they’ll either accept what you bring to the table or not.

    @all the SDs who keep throwing out random percentages —
    Where is your methodology behind them? I don’t know where you keep arbitrarily saying that such and such disqualifies X percent of the SDs. I had a 3-5K allowance listed when my profile was active and I received 40-50 messages almost daily.I had to write to some seemingly wonderful guys and tell them that I had too many offers and couldn’t consider theirs for now. That’s a lot of SDs who were willing to meet my requirements and thought I fit theirs, so all of those men were only 10%? If that’s true, that’s still quite a lot of men from personal experience, so it’s not that discouraging for SBs. It’s a great screening tool because if you put down negotiable, then you’ll have to deal with offers that are not what you’re looking for and extending the screening process. That’s a lot of time. If allowance is right off the bat not fitting your needs, then the buck stops there and you can move on to another candidate. However, there’s always an option of having multiple SDs, but if he wants exclusivity that will cost.

    @ILWCG — I wish there was a “like” button by your comment 🙂

    RussianSB said a while ago that there are plenty of SDs and SBs here who are all for burrito sex and allowances, but they are just not interested in finding dating each other. Like I said, allowances are a great screen tool for SBs. If our respective numbers are not matched up well, then we’re saving each other lots of time of back and forth, getting to know each other-type conversations. Yet burrito allowance guys aim for higher end SBs and then whine that they’re not interested. Seriously, don’t buy a Ferrari if you can only afford a bicycle and don’t contact the higher end SBs if their allowance doesn’t fit yours.

  126. Nichole says:

    Thank you Stacy 🙂 I think a few of the things I wrote on my profile might have been misinterpreted due to my bad wording. I’m not looking for a 5K monthly allowance, but I would be willing to accept the minimum in that bracket. I refuse to cheat myself for any guy, I read some of the stories sugar babies and learn from those as well as my own blunders. I’m nervous but excited, and have a few new potential pictures!

  127. Stacy says:

    Nichole – my number one piece of advice, don’t prove your worth! You’re worth it, or not, to a different level to different men. A man who wants you to prove yourself is taking advantage of you, and you’ll be left feeling like a used piece of trash with nothing to show for it! I made that mistake with my first attempt with a Daddy after vetting him and chatting for weeks. We didn’t have an official arrangement agreed and I ended up getting a cheap piece of lingerie I’d never wear and 100!!! On the dresser like a cheap roadside hooker! I still want to throw up when I think about it. Oh, p.s. – the cheap lingerie was an apology gift after I told him how inappropriate, insulting, and in NOT generous his gift was! Have an agreement $$ you need in order to feel special and don’t compromise – you’re too good to cheat yourself!

  128. California SB says:

    On the 5k allowance issue: hire a professional photographer for profile pics. Then when you meet in person look like a victoria secret model and speak intelligently. I got 3 SDs at 3 to 4 k a month each. I always look my best when I meet them. They willl never see me in cheap clothes…..you want top dollar you gotta look top dollar.

  129. Stacy says:

    West Coast Girl – the question is, why do you allow it? He can get a Craig’s list girl for $400, I personally am NOT a Craig’s List girl – so I don’t allow gifting like I am. You seem as insulted by the amount as I would feel, go find an SD who’s gifts make you feel special.

    And, Jack thanks for all the ego building, lovely way for a girl to start her day. We will definitely have to meet up when you are in town – I don’t know that I can outski you, but you can ski behind me anyway 😉

  130. IloveWestCoastGirl says:


    guys are cheap, and girls show appreciation for “burrito money” covered in confetti for a week of good sex.

    if guys afraid SBs like them for money not for them self – they should stay away from sites with implied cash allowances. because most of the girl here have goals and $$$financial goals.

    personally I think/feel a guy’ allowance – it is how much he values his basic instinct , and his sexuality , and how much he can appreciate a woman’ company.

    if a guy puts in his profile multi million income and less than 1000 a month (or 1-3 a month) I think he found his dick in a trash can.
    his sexuality is so not important to him , may be he should not have sex at all. coz if he gets a real life GF (and especially if she is beautiful and 20-30 years younger) he would be buying her a Mercedes , Tiffani , promises marry her (and not having sex on a second /third date).

    here guys get cream ala cream fast and cheap (for a few hundreds/thousands) …! …! still complaining they might be liked for money and not for who they are.
    Do not put 50 millions worth in your profile if you are afraid of gold diggers .

    I saw some profiles with 70K a year , and 3-5 k a month allowance – and if you read profile it would say “I think I do not need to put my net worth or salary in my profile , I do not know who u r yet, but I will be generous and appreciative with you”.

    if a guy puts big income , he is expected to be generous (kind of, duh) , why else he put 50 million ? To brag ? to feel important ? really.

    As it was said before (I forgot who wrote it) SDs on blog are hopeless romantics, they are looking for real relationship and Love at all wrong (and long distances ) places .

    so I hope no blog SDs would think it is about him.

    But for example the SD I wrote yesterday ($400 a meet , called me GF, wanted phone conversations between meetings ) owns a lot, 4 big houses I have been in (probably owns more RE , right) , plus a small resort worth 1,5 mill ; a few big companies, a few boats , a few cars, a few
    motorcycles. if all these material things worth so much for you, but my company so little – may be just stay home, no GF, no sex.

    I am too tired to verbalize how I feel about this and what exactly feels wrong with it.

    And he had theories, that there are a lot beautiful and very accessible girls and not pros.
    Like many waitresses would do it for just $150 since they make may be only $100 a day at restaurant … and other nonsense . he can not have just a boat , he had to have 2 good ! boats, he can not go cheap here. But Why a guy decided to save on his most valuable , personal , intimate part ?

  131. frank says:

    Hey- let me put my 2 cents in which really cost me 4 cents.

    Sad that a $3-5 allowance disqualifies 99% of the sd population.

    That’s a lot of money, $36,000 a year. To be able to come up with that kind of cash your SD would have to be in the top tax brackets, which mans he would have to earn an additional $70,000 (or even more) just to give you that much cash. That’s a lot of money because he has to provide for his own life style as well.

  132. EllenSugarB says:

    Its a sad day when people think that a $3-5k (or any other amount listed) monthly allowance means that the girl just wants the guy for his money. This is an arrangement website – allowance is implied.

    Its is even more sad when a $3-5k/mo allowance allegedly disqualifies 99% of the SD population. (I disagree, btw)

    Russian, Cali, ILoveWestCoastGirl … any other SBs I missed … thoughts?

    • Nichole says:

      I agree, I can see where you are coming from but that subject is a little touchy and I like to give SDs the benefit of the doubt that maybe the amount is just an initial amount or he is waiting for us (ladies) to “prove our worth”

  133. Nichole says:

    I feel like I have so much to do. I grabbed some full bodies of me and started sifting and went back to edit some of what I wrote, since I figured that maybe how I worded a lot of things might have sounded bad. Should I drop platonic and just go with mutual? Thanks so much guys <3

  134. Jack says:

    And yes, I have seen Stacy’s pictures, and she is hottt!

    But even more importantly, she comes across as very bright, confident, alluring, playful and flirtacious–without a single word denigrating anyone else. And there is a balance in Stacy’s profile between what she wants and what she has to offer. I find that so many SB profiles are mostly (if not totally) about what the SB wants, rather than what she brings to the table. And I doubt those profiles will bring in the quality SD’s that SB’s are always looking for.


  135. Jack says:

    Nichole, I second what Flyr has said and add a few comments of my own:

    1) $3000 to $5000 will knock out probably 90% of the SD’s on this site, either because they simply can’t afford it or because they feel (as I do) that someone who wants that much money is more interested in my money than in me. I am by NO means trying to dissuade you from putting any dollar amt you want; I am just trying to help you understand why you are getting so little response.

    2) The first several lines are cynical/critical (talking about other “members of this site”)–not positive, not welcoming, which is what I am looking for when I read a profile.

    3) Your comment at the end–where you tell the reader that when you wink it doesn’t mean you lack “depth and creativity,” which you assure the reader “will come later,”–is offputting, not welcoming Given that the ratio on SA is 10 SB’s to each SD, you have to put your best foot forward up front. You only get a short opportunity to make a first impression.

    4) Finally, you mention that you are looking for a “mutual friendship” right after the word platonic. I may be misreading it, but I’ll bet most SD’s think this means no sex for quite some time–and I don’t think that will work for very many SD’s (I would say under 10%), and most especially not at the above-$3000 range.

    Between point 1 and 4 alone, in my humble opinion, you have reduced the field by 90% and then another 90%, leaving a small field of 1% of the SD’s on this site.


    • Nichole says:

      I’m most definitely taking all these critiques and putting things in as well as taking things out. I can’t believe that half the things I wrote come off the way they do. I feel so bad! Especially with my profile coming off as if I want to tear anyone down or that I’m a prude 🙁

  136. Stacy says:

    And the Kmart lanyard photo must go! If you want a 3K+ Daddy you need to look high end. 😉 Cropping tools and Instagram filters are a sugar girl’s best friend.

  137. Stacy says:

    Oh, found you now! You’re a really pretty girl but you aren’t really showing a brand – what are your best physical attributes? Style yourself in your pics to highlight them. Right now your pics look “cute Facebook profile of my college girlfriend” spice them up with at least one, smoking hot, going out on the town pic. Or, if girl next door and bubbly is your look – try really doing up that look, smiling photo with girlfriends.

    Your wants are going to be appealing – so many men on this site want a submissive. Take a picture of your wrists tied with satin, use that as your profile for a week, I guarentee it’ll do the trick.

    Also, I noticed a couple typos – wait until the morning and proof read, you’ll see them more easily that way. We all typo on occasion, but giving your writing a little time to rest will help you edit it.
    Good luck and remember to understand the arrangement up front. As I always say “you can’t repo sex.”

  138. Nichole says:

    Yay thank you @flyr!! That is true I forgot the last pic has my bra straps showing underneath my top straps. I do have some outside pics I can put up and I always have the option of taking more. I said something negative in my profile? How do I not notice these things?! The what I can provide part is a little tougher to word but I know I can do it. I also speak Japanese ^_^

  139. flyr says:

    @nichole –

    If someone asked for nudes right away they were never a prospect

    I would get some more variety in your photos, perhaps something outside in an interesting place. I know I am old fashioned but to me bra straps (I think this is what I am seeing) are not appropriate.

    I would not talk down the others but focus on what’s special about you. You do a good job of describing yourself so what might do is just take out the negatives.

    I think your budget may be more appropriate for NY or LA . You may be better off putting to be discussed.

    Mentionbing that you speak French is good.

    You do a good job of describing yourself and the man you are seeking . Perhaps a little more about what this will do for his life.

  140. Nichole says:

    Really? I think I am premium because I am a college sugar baby. I need more body shots, thanks for reminding me 🙂

  141. Stacy says:

    Nichole – have your pics been approved? My search says your profile isn’t available. Unless you bought a premium membership, your profile won’t show until your pics are approved. P.S. – all my pics are body shots and it works well for keeping my privacy. Except I think Jack has seen a pic of my face 😉

  142. Nichole says:

    Thank you so much @Nancy and @Madridista. Do you ladies have any recommendations for sites? I always say no to a “sugar daddies” that ask for nudes and they cut me off, that’s why. My profile number is 1240219. I think I’m a very beautiful, well spoken, and cultured girl. I just figured fish would be biting already

  143. Madridista says:

    @CaliSB — Happy Birthday!

    @Treasured — I hope you’ll still be on the blog, you don’t need a profile to be on here. I’m also leaving sugar lifestyle after this month. I finally got my book deal, so I’m a real writer and can spoil myself with my own sugar, which I did at Manolo Blahnik and Louboutin today! I can’t devote any time to being a SB now and have way too many projects and men right now in my life and it’s exhausting to keep up with all of them. It’s easier to juggle SDs in my opinion than men who are constantly the center of attention in this country. I had my first official date with my dream man and we got papped so much in his city and over a space of a single weekend I feel like I lost my anonymity. It was so weird and just so much to deal with. So yeah, no more SDs, the whole team and staff are spoiling me enough and I need to keep my former lifestyle on the DL 🙂

    @RussianSB — Any tips for getting the most outrageously gorgeous dress that’s on the demure side at the same time? I got invited to an event next month, but my date and I are going to support his teammates and so I don’t want to call too much attention to myself. I just have a closet full of nothing to wear 🙂

  144. NancySB/LA says:

    Hi Sugars, Happy Holidays…

    Make sure your profile and pics are good and sit back and wait.
    Sugar dating is like any other dating, men tend to like what they like and its best to let them approach. I usually don’t recommend you make the first move…
    You can be any race- but since beauty is subjective, try not to take it personally if you are not someone’s type… eff them, it’s their loss for sure…
    There is a reason why they are on this site, never believe it when they say ‘oh, I can find beautiful well rounded women without SA’ they cannot; YOu are the Prize…
    Remember that and you will be fine.
    Good luck

  145. Nichole says:

    May I please get some help with my questions?

    • Madridista says:

      @Nichole, to answer some of your questions. Every race can be successful on here. The race issue was discussed a lot in some of the former blog posts few months ago. Just ignore the ones who are writing that stuff in their profiles. Who needs them anyway?

      Nude pics — it is absolutely okay to same NO! to those. I don’t know why you though otherwise.

      Spotting a fake — there are a lot of ways to do that. This topic could have its own blog, but here are some tips. Being overly sexual and asking for nude photos. They are not serious about an arrangement, but a one night stand or something similar. You’re not a pro, but a sugar baby. Another way is inconsistency. There are some white lies on many profiles for reasons to avoid identification and stuff and that’s okay as long as it’s not extreme, but if you spot big lies in your conversations, then it’s a red flag. Just screen and trust your gut. Some of those red flags will only be revealed with time so do talk often before meeting. Lastly, not knowing why they are on site or saying they’re “just looking”. If they sound like curiosity seekers, then they’re probably not going to be serious about an arrangement of any kind and are looking at the site as a supplement to regular dating or whatever.

      As to your photos, I can’t comment. You can post your profile # here and many of the bloggers will happily help you and suggest appropriate changes, if needed.

  146. Tina says:

    @Jack: I would be happy to be a ski-less ski bunny – just let me know when and where 😉

  147. Jack says:

    SB in NY,

    And there are several of us on this blog who have helped other SB’s with their profiles. If you feel that would help you, just ask.


  148. Jack says:


    I have to agree with Flyr’s and Tequila’s sentiments to “let it go” and that “life isn’t fair, and there is no ‘but’ to that.”

    I am sure you know that intellectually, but you can’t quite get there emotionally.

    Thatis OK. It’s OK to feel as you do–that is part of being human. I felt many of the same feelings during my divorce, with different background reasons, but the feelings were the same.

    As I often toldmy patients with broken bones, strokes, heart attacks, etc.–“tincture of time” does wonders. I say the same to you–and get well quickly!

    Tina, although I myself have always gravitated toward the ladies who could actually ski (even more so toward the ones that could ski better than me!), there were always plenty of “ski bunnies” at the ski lodge who couldn’t ski very well (or in some cases, at all) and yet they still had a ball on their ski trips!


  149. frank says:

    SBin NY put some photos in your profile that show the nature of the goods, but don’t reveal your identity.

    Russia, of course you are pale- you live in land of no sun. I thought the first words you would hae learned would be “yes I ‘ll have another!

    Calif- Its nice to know your sb cares enough to act the part!

  150. Tina says:

    @Tequila: only a half day break after 46 hours of the rodeo? I think I might be a smidge intimidated (backs away slooooooowly).

    Ehhh, nevermind, I’m up for a challenge! Bring on the rodeo!

    (And if I sat in your lap, you’d say a lot more than Merry Christmas!)

    @StacyL oooooh, 10 inches? hehehehehehehe Jack go to the joke before I did, but I couldn’t pass it up 😉

    @CaliSB: happy birthday

    @Jack: I’m jealous of your trips, AND your coordination for skiing! I don’t think I would have to ability to do it! I’m kind of a klutz *blush*

  151. sassynsweet says:

    I’m meeting my first sugar couple (to be their 3rd) soon. Any tips? Anyone done it?

  152. flyr says:

    @Transgendered – two thoughts

    Life is not fair ……………….. there is no but

    The best revenge is to put it behind you and go forth, success is the ultimate revenge if you still need it.

  153. SBinNY says:

    * hit it off with.
    Sorry for the typo in my last comment.

  154. SBinNY says:

    I’m new to this site and this experience. I would like to find a local SD who I ca but it off with and . However, I’m a bit apprehensive to post pics because of what I do (I’m a school nurse) and I feel like this is holding me back. Is there anyway to make my profile standout without having to do so?

  155. California SB says:

    I knew you would like it… 🙂

  156. JustATequilaSD says:

    And no, I wasn’t alluding to you being a lump of coal, before anyone starts flaming me for insulting a whole gender.

  157. JustATequilaSD says:

    Then again I just make coal into diamonds…it’s a Superman thing.

  158. JustATequilaSD says:

    I am enjoying my present, even though it wasn’t listed in my above comment, it was much better than the lump of coal I thought I’d get.

  159. California SB says:

    Im having a great birthday… at my cube. NOT. Teq thx for the bday wishes hope u liked ur chxmas preaent i sent u :p

  160. California SB says:

    Frank … it is a sugar’s duty to deliver an oscar performance to our sugar daddies….. it is the least we can do, so no comment!!! :p

  161. JustATequilaSD says:

    “Tequila, we know you are not beetle, you are allien !”
    Yes,alien from planet Krypton, with big red cape, and picture of tequila bottle on my shirt. I didn’t think anyone would figure out my secret. 😀 Oops, my nerd is showing.

    @TG Emily
    Please re-read my comment to you about 1000 more times, and hopefully, you’ll see that it doesn’t matter if they stay together or not. He’s not coming back 🙁 You already know that. You were treated unfairly, but now it’s time to pull up your panties, get out there and make someone happy…starting with yourself. Go forth, look for what will truly make you smile. Stop picking guys that will leave you. And ride the rollercoaster as long as it lasts, nothing is guaranteed forever.

  162. RussianSB says:

    @Frank, Pantenol – medicine for burns. I am very pale lady, always have it with me, when travel for vacation. The first my Spanish words that I learn was sun burns (cemaduras del sol)
    Tequila, we know you are not beetle, you are allien !

  163. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    So what do you think the odds are that Harry, my ex, and his new girl will stay together? He did marry her and bought her a new car. Also, does anyone here know anything about Stage 3 lymphoma. His new girl has it. Now she’s 38 years old. I’ve read someone in her age group has over an 80% chance of being alive in 10 years with that particular form of cancer in 10 years.
    I know it seems hateful of me to wish her the worst in fighting her illness, but she knew Harry was my sole source of financial support for 4 years and she convinced him not to give me the additional assistance he promised.
    I’m angry at him to because he doesn’t care if I’m alive or dead.We were together for 4 years and I never cheated on him. I lived with him and his son who was mentally retarded. When doctors told Harry his mother only had three or so hours to live, he told me that he couldn’t face her passing alone so he brought me to the nursing home with him to say goodbye to her. We both knelt alongside her casket at her wake, and he had me write a eulogy for him to read at her burial. A few months after her burial, he told me that he was in love with the married woman and wanted me to move out. Then he took up with another woman. The one he’s with now. What do you think his odds are of having a lasting marriage with this woman with cancer? They’ve been married a year now and have been cohabitating for a year and a half.
    Harry is a Sugar Daddy. I didn’t meet him through this site, but he is a Sugar Daddy. The woman he’s married to now was a mother of three by the time she was twenty years old and was a drug abuser throughout her twenties, so she’s never had any money. Harry will take care of you. I don’t htink she’s going to leave that kind of security.
    It’s not that I want him back, but I’m outraged and wish them the worst after all the crap I had to go through after our break up due to financial problems. He doesn’t care how I’m doing at all despite everything I helped him get through, so I don’t want him back. I guess I’m just hoping someone else will echo back to me what I’m thinking about how unfairly he treated me.

  164. JustATequilaSD says:

    Just to make it official, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Maybe I’ll give you all the spankings I’ve missed all at once and you can get that really good cry you’ve only hinted at for so long. (After tying a blue ribbon around your present, I remembered that I shouldn’t tease you, but I still want you to have a happy bday.)

    @TG Emily from Mass
    I hate to see you suffer with the ghost of Christmas past. Let it go. How will you seize today, with your hands clutching yesterday so tearfully? Be thankful that you have your health, and can move forward to the loving relationship that you’re truly searching for. Don’t waste the time you have, life is for living.
    “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” – Alice Morse Earle (and the turtle from KungFu Panda)

    @RussianSB and @Tina
    Tequila is no beetle…I will always get back up…again…and again…and again. Just be sure to do your part to make me go down 😛

  165. Classic Noir says:

    Good morning Sugars, hope everyone has a sugary sweet day!!!!

    @Midwest SB smooches and hugs babe, how are you?

  166. Frank says:

    Russia-had to look up pantenol, its vitamine b5? The B vitamin I’m taking is vitamin Beer.

    Also back in the of sex drugs and alcohol one of my girl friends was dating a mormon, who did not drink or do drugs. She complained that he wanted to screw all the time. We pointed out to her that if you didn’t drink or do drugs what else were you going to do.

    Had a relapse and now on more medicine. Making me feel feisty.

    Calif-happy birthday!! You didn’t comment on my sb earning another oscar last time I saw her. No dialog, just a lot of non verbal stuff.

  167. Jack says:


    You got TEN INCHES today? Must have been fun!

    And what about the snow? Major LOL.

    Yes, Salt Lake City snow is very dry, as I recall from my last trip there 15-20 years ago.

    Hoping to make it out there in Feb or March.


  168. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    I’ve lived in Nevada. Las Vegas is wonderful during Christmas, and of course New Years in Las Vegas rivals the Fourth of July.
    To tell you the truth, though, I can’t wait until this holiday season’s over because all of the Christmas music is getting on my nerves, and this is my second Christmas without my last “Daddy”. Our break up, in the end, wasn’t too nice. He actually moved a new girl in five hours after he dropped me off at Boston Logan Airport the day I moved out. He married her six months later and she instructed him not to give me the additional financial assistance he promised me. I take it she wanted all the money he could offer. The first Christmas I was with him in 2007, he was introducing me to his mother and the rest of his family and last one in 2010 was spent with this other woman while I was still living with him.
    What odds do you think they have of having a lasting marriage? It’s her second marriage and cheated on her last boyfriend that she was living with with the man I was living with, Also, Harry, my ex, was cheating on me with another woman who was married and refused to leave her husband for him. When this other lady refused to leave her husband, Harry settled for the girl he’s with now. His live-in relationship with me, his relationship with the married woman, and the one with the girl he’s married to now were all concurrent. What do you think their odds are of staying together? Oh, and the girl he’s with now is now in Stage 3 of her lymphoma. Poor baby.

  169. Stacy says:

    Russian SB (and any others who are curious) Mormons began the practice on polygamy in the 1840’s after significant numbers of their men and boys had been massacred standing up for their faith. Families were forced to flee from town to town, often with only what they could carry in a hand cart (wheelbarrow) leaving many young mother’s with no provider who could help them build a home when they arrived in the harsh conditions of the Salt Lake valley. It was a rather practical choice that has now been outlawed for over 150 years.

  170. RussianSB says:

    Stacy,those ”vanilla” guys used to steel woman from close areas, cause they have not enough for their marriage tradition 🙂
    I read it in ”Study in Scarlet” Adventures of Sherloc Holmes, Arthyr Conan Doyle

  171. RussianSB says:

    Happy Birthday , California !
    Thank you , Frank, if you like to burn yourself I will send you some pantenol medcine 🙂
    Tina…Tequila cannot get up ? As if he is huge beetle ! hehehe
    I go now explore mormon area, just for fun !

  172. California SB says:

    Tequila awww thx for remembering. Yup my bday today!!!! Gonna spend it at work how fun…..

  173. JustATequilaSD says:

    Hope you’ll still drop by the watering hole. How else will you know when I’m going to hold the Big Tequila Rodeo Contest? 🙂 Don’t get too excited yet though.

    I see I can’t leave you unchaperoned for too long, and you’re overdue for a spanking. (Especially since you didn’t tell anyone on the blog about your birthday.)

  174. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Tina and @RussianSB

    “Where is Tequila?”
    It is so nice to be missed. 🙂
    I had to go check on the elves to make sure that everything was on schedule for our end of year push. I noticed that both of you were on my “naughty” list, but you can fix this by sitting on my lap while I yell “Merrrrrry Christmas!”

  175. JustATequilaSD says:

    @All My Fans
    Sorry gang, I had to make a surprise trip to take care of some business. I know you all are used to more than one or two comments from me within seven days, but I’ll try to be give you a few extra before I hop on a plane next time.

    And by the way ladies, for Christmas, I will accept tequila, sex, and food. (Get a big box so you can get everything in it.) Be warned, I will expect a half day “no sex” break once we reach the 46 hour mark of “my present”, and I am not liable for you walking funny.

  176. Honey says:

    Have a great life, Treasured.

  177. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    I have to keep some profile to check then you girls write : ” profile number … read his profile …”
    Or a new blog girl write “my profile … no body writes to me, can you guys check whatis wrong with my profile…”

    Russian r u here ? on blog right now ?

  178. Stacy says:

    Jack – getting 10 inches today! Big powder, some would say the greatest on earth 😉

  179. Leila says:

    **Profiles accounts**

  180. Leila says:

    @treasured- if you decide to leave the sugar world,consider visiting the blog,I’m going to miss you dearly:( who’s going to share with us all the crazy profile?

  181. Jack says:

    Hey Stacy,

    How’s the snow in Park City? I’m at my Nevada ranch right now (15 minutes from Lake Tahoe and Heavenly Ski Resort) but unfortunately can’t get to the slopes tomorrow and am leaving Wed.

    Looking forward to my ski trip to Steamboat in 4 weeks!

    Happy Holidays to all!


  182. Stacy says:

    Russian SB – Utah girl here, Mormon men – very, very nice but very cheap and very vanilla in the bedroom. Date Europeans, marry a Mormon. Lol!

  183. California SB says:

    Browsing some girls profiles… I’m really glad I am not a guy that’s all I have to say….

  184. California SB says:

    Not mentioning I will have to give up agent p lingerie and spa facials….and no more red sole shoes… ha, def not stopping, no sir.

  185. California SB says:

    I think about stopping the sugar for a while… but then that will mean I will have to give up my pretty apartment and move in with my poor boyfriend, I will have to stop wearing pretty clothes and it will take me 25 years to pay off my student loans. So….nope I ain’t stopping.

  186. Tina says:


  187. Midwest SB says:

    I knew it all along!!! XOXO!

    Hey sugars!

  188. Tina says:

    @Treasured: good luck in finding what you seek and need. And come back to the blog – we’ll miss your spiciness! 🙂

  189. frank says:

    Russia- you have such a great attitude! brains. looks and good attitude. you are perfect.

    Treasured-don’t leave us we will miss you

    gtt-envy- i have been burnt several times by sb,s its the nature of the game, most are honest, had some sb lie about looks, but again most just exaggerate, not lie, just like i tell white lie about my age.
    you see your sb bimonthly- is that once every two months-two long in between to keep up daily texts, even every two weeks makes it tough.

  190. Tina says:

    @RussianSB: Utah is your Mormon area – have fun with THAT! 🙂

    Yeah, where IS Tequila? Did he party too hard? Tequila fall down and can’t get back up? 😉

  191. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    I need to get my passport renewed before I consider traveling to foreign countries. Now, there are a good number of foreign girls on this site, but where are the foreign men?

  192. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    By the way, what’s the Sugar scene like in Europe? Are there Seeking Arrangement members in Italy? I’ve been there and the men are truly gorgeous! I could scrape up a few hundred dollars to go there and try things. The last time I was there was 2001, though. I’ve heard the economy is pretty bad. Has any one tried it there lately?

  193. RussianSB says:

    @Treasured, if you will miss us, blog ants, come to us with some 2 cents.
    You don’t need to have SA profile to post comments at the blog.
    Some sly persons say they keep their profiles only touse the blog – it is not true.
    You can enter the blog on SA home page at right down side , I guess…

  194. Treasured says:

    Hi all 🙂

    I decided to stop my Sugar dating for good, for various reasons, the biggest being prioritising my life, and deciding that expensive clothes/holidays/food are not that essential to me.

    And also, I want to end this while I still have the remains of my soul and heart and ability to trust men. I know, might be stupid, but I don’t want to loose the “nice” girl in me.

    I am deleting my account. Big love and kiss to all and good luck to all of you.


    PS: If someone is interested in keeping in contact with me, a couple of people from this blog have my private email, starts with miss.la.luna

  195. RussianSB says:

    What else to do ? I’ll go now and look for some mormones …. Solt Lake city mabe still have some, what state it is ?

  196. RussianSB says:

    How is the oily monk? Good ? Marry with himself happily ??

  197. RussianSB says:

    I take you to the candy shop … tatamtatam…
    American boys so goodlooking, I wish Russians drink less and exersise more ….

  198. RussianSB says:

    Don’t be souer with web dating, girls, go to parties, have fun, catch hot looks in your direction.
    Be confident and sexy ! You are mostly young college girls… don’t be so serious about dating…
    Born to be wild etc. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And remember – person who making no mistakes is a person who do nothing.
    Make mistakes (not for boys – you definately thinking with wrong head)
    I am, personally go to Hanuka/X-mass/New Year parties, will dance, drink champagne, sing karaoke… but I cannot make any mistakes, impossible for me… and it is not funny part, believe me. Women MUST be stupid a little in relationship – it is so feminine 🙂

  199. RussianSB says:

    Actually I also feel like in candy shop now … so many nice guys with warm and simple profiles.
    Here also people who in love with themselves, life-long romance … don’t write me those, don’t write me theese … as if anybody write them at all 🙂 And some are really nice but with fantasy and undequate rooles… like ”you must be ready to born me baby and make desigion about before we meet, I am married but I will provide for you … ”
    50% SD seems ready for arrangement.
    It also nice to read profiles with your girlfriend … to have fresh and , maybe, opposite opinion about every candidate.

  200. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    Thanks Russian SB.

  201. RussianSB says:

    @Emily, even don’t think about to be upset, dating is a game of numbers, next !
    Even I , RUSSIAN(!!!), find verifyhim and spokeo sites.
    I am lurking now profiles, enjoing myself… a lot of nice hot looking guys with nice profiles…
    and some definately FUNNY ROGER HUGE PIRATE ON RED FLAG 🙂
    I find ideal dating algorythm actually !
    Meet only rich, hot and young boys and relax – than ANYTHING what can happens will not be waste of time 🙂

  202. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    Well, I’m going to try for another one. At least I’m getting responses. When I was living in West Virginia with my mother, I got no serious hits from men through Seeking Arrangement.
    Even though I haven’t ‘gotten an actual date yet, I’m getting anumber of responses from men who are seemingly nice and serious.
    Are there any other screening tips the other Babies on this site can give me? When this Wills
    997349 apparently lied about his location, I thought he’d done so because he was married or was trying to be careful dealing with new people that he might meet through this site, but in retrospect it should have acted as a red flag.
    Good luck to the other Babies here and I’m going to try mine again.
    If there are any other men here in the New England area who are serious about meeting someone through tis site and you’re not turned of about my transgender, consider dropping me a line. I know there are decent, nice men out there and I’m looking to meet one.

  203. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    Last night, I was supposed to go out on my very first sugar date and I ended up being stood up by a man who’s a member of Seeking Arrangement named “Wills” (Wills
    997349). We’d planned the date one week before and decided where we were going to go, and he stood me up. He sent me texts up until 30 minutes, before he was to pick me up at the train station just to stand me up. When I tried calling and texting him, he wouldn’t answer or pick up.
    By the way, this man is a fat, hideous slob, and if he has any money at all, he should spend it on a personal trainer and a Jenny Craig counselor.
    Have any other girls here been played like jokers like the one I’m talking about? One other Sugar Baby on this site told me to screen my dates before going out with them. I typed his number into Google and Yahoo searches and could see that he’d lied about his location of residence. In his profile and according to his e-mails, he’s from Norwell, Massachusetts, but his number’s listed as one from Lexington, Massachusetts. I guess any little lie/inconsistency should be a red flag.

    • gtt_envy says:

      Well, all I can add is I don’t give 100% accurate information either until there is some trust built. I used a Google Voice number, put a city close but not exactly where I reside, my name isn’t 100% accurate either.

      I’ve been burnt too, but opposite situations. Girls that take the money and run. lie about looks, etc etc!! Even the latest SB which we met twice she received a full allowance just isn’t up to par on the communication end. When we see each other bi monthly it’s great, but she just can’t keep in touch to save her life.

      For me I need that txt or email on a daily basis or at least every other day. If not everything feels very transactional and I hate that. It’s gotta be more than just a date and spoiling for me. I have to feel like there is trust, mentorship, sharing of life’s happy thoughts etc.

      Oh well I’m probably going to take a break and focus on some other hobbies for a bit. The last 9 months while at times exciting hasn’t been as great as previous years. I guess I was spoiled with having 1 longterm SB which is all I want anyway……..we txted constantly, talked, shared, and had fun.

      Good luck to all this holiday season!!

  204. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila… where are you ? Little Russian girl bored alone in sandbox 🙁
    Huston, centr calling for you !

  205. RussianSB says:

    I am sitting now in US blog, lurking NY men… drinking milk shake,fine as in ”Pulp Fiction”…
    Something definately wrong with me…
    BUT I am listening to Russian Hard Rock now ! I am not so hopeless !

  206. California SB says:

    I am so over 2012…. cant wait for the new year 🙂

  207. RussianSB says:

    I am lurking NY profiles – the most interesting written indeed, Big Apple have openminded folk.
    And I think, I find Terminator !

  208. RussianSB says:

    And I love South Park episode about Facebook(or My space?) and episode about Tiger Woods(Why rich and famous cheat topic). They just get to the point.

  209. RussianSB says:

    @Frank, but the idea, the structure so similar, no jokes …
    And people enjoy it. Ok, I also have nothing to hide, and I don’t have husbant, but such self expose to the web … I love SA blog, and addicted to it (Dr.Jack absolutely right), but only because I like mixed folk here, I did try different blogs, and find it not so interesting. But I also should try our president and prime-minister blogs 🙂 Putin have quite sense of humor , actually 🙂

  210. Nichole says:

    I know this is completely off topic but since this discussion is still active, I want to ask my millions of questions. I’m a new, inexperienced sugar baby and want to know what to expect and when to fold ’em, so here goes: Can every race be successful as a sugar baby, as a young, beautiful, and intelligent black woman I see more “I don’t date black women, sorry” than pots that write me?
    Is it wrong to say no to a “SD” asking for nudes?
    How can you spot a fake?
    What sites do you recommend?
    Is there something wrong with my pictures or my profile, or am I just not polished enough?
    Thank you guys! I’m really excited to hear from you 🙂

  211. Frank says:

    Yes it’s all the same family

  212. RussianSB says:

    I Love You West Coast Girl
    Yes , I am good in guessing. I know that ladies LOVE presents, so if you annoyed, girls, definately not about gift presentation or GF calling , something else bother you 🙂
    I don’t really need your picture , dear, I am not so good in body types. But I am thinking I am talented in coulors – I need your skin and hair tints. Red is very tricky color, not for everyone,
    red is spoiling all the picture.

  213. RussianSB says:

    @Frank, here comes my broken English, if I say it is KGB ”offspring” will it be close to ”offshot ” ?

  214. RussianSB says:

    He is Mister America 706573 (Sugar Daddy)
    Because he changing his location every month, he did call me names because I refuse to send him my naked pictures. Today he is NYman.

  215. California SB says:

    Honey yes it is true he does work at GE capital. Lots of theories around this shooting going around. But the truth is lots of little kids are dead and no matter what …connecticut will never be the same (I went to college there). :(:(

  216. IloveWestCoastGirl says:

    Btw, Cali .
    Burberry silk sand/gold color coat is so sexy ! it is more than 2K , right. but a girl would look great in it if she is tall. (I think). Burberry coats are good investment anyway. they r classy , timeless and stylish at the same time . I have grey/black one – goes with everything – jeans or cocktail dress.

  217. IloveWestCoastGirl says:

    this dress is super hot. I like it ! . It is long , would be more practical to have a bit shorter version of it, like a cocktail dress style.

    I see on line at j crew MIRABELLE DRESS IN SILK CHIFFON. it is poppy red – COLD red color, I look good in warm colors. but I do not know how would it feel look fit IRL .

    Russian , you must help me.
    may be we can exchange e mails and I mail you my photo ?

  218. AnnaMW says:

    @ Honey – I’ve been wearing a lot of deep blue and gold, but I tend to stick to neutrals and wear a lot of black.

  219. IloveWestCoastGirl says:


    this was my point . how did you guess ?
    If he pays my rent and buys me a car – he CAN introduce me as a GF at the restaurant.
    (For poor 400 a meeting – no).

    And the thing is then we would meet just for lunch, dinner , or just hang out at his house and no sex. then there would be NO envelop. but we would spend 2-4 hours together . half of my day , transportation, my company … did not worth anything? but if we do sex , then I’d get an envelop .
    ridiculous. then do not call me a GF if unless I take off my panties you do not $$$appreciate me.
    That is why I was “overreacting” .

  220. Curvy Cutie SB says:

    Looks like an interesting weekend. Sorry I missed out.

    I just LOL’d over the stockings and bra comments… I have had both happen.

  221. frank says:

    correction-Russia facebook is really a KGB offshoot and the privacy settings are all fake!

  222. frank says:

    Russia- is really a KGB off shoot, the privacy settings are all fake.

    Yes, west coast, we sd’s like to think of our sb’s as girl friends. And calif-in that vein, I just saw another oscar performance by my sb-awesome! I must be getting sexy in my old age.

    You know-that sounds kinda hot-announcing to the restaurant that the much younger woman you are with is your girlfriend and watch her turn the color of her red dress from embarrassment.

    Honey-I have seen some ancient erotic greek art, but all the pictures were black and white.

  223. Honey says:

    Yeah, sounds so shallow doesn’t it…? lol!
    Can I start a rumor thread on the blog?
    Asking all my internationals in the know…
    I heard a rumor that the father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial. he was scheduled to testify in the LIBOR hearings THIS week… anyone know how to confirm or deny? just gossip…

  224. California SB says:

    Honey: “I hate it when I put a run in my $100 stockings!”

    Girlfriend…. there is only one thing worse that that: forgetting your favorite $220 bra in your SDs car just to find out later he threw it away before his wife or daughter sees it.

  225. California SB says:

    (PS: The red dress Hillary Duff is wearing)

  226. California SB says:

    WestCoast: Men don’t want to feel they are paying you. They want to pretend you are their girlfriend, that’s how it is. Like when my SD#1 gave me my gift in front of everybody at the restaurant; He wanted to show off he was gifting me as his girlfriend. It is uncomfortable but hey…. better be called a girlfriend than a whore (although I do love when they whisper that in my ear though). 😛

    Red dress: tricky very tricky. Google “heart truth red dress 2009”, I love that dress!!!!!

  227. RussianSB says:

    @Flyr, I hate that ”socialize!” sites. Do you know why ? They invent it first in Soviet, and call that KGB. You also can find any person throug it, family pictures, contacts list, friends and profile :):):)

  228. RussianSB says:

    And, maybe he actually think he is your BF. Maybe you are the one who is NSA, and he is not.

  229. RussianSB says:

    @I Love You West Coast Girl – sorry, but you are overreacting, boys are clumsy and confused,
    he explane to people that you are his GF, you don’t want he explane them : ”meet my kept lady, I pay her rent and bought her car,what a nice, caring man I am ! ”. Mostof the time I called ”wife”, which I accept as a compliment 🙂 They dream about such GFs and wifes, and all of you knew what ”arm candy” mean. I better start to worry if my companion don’t want to show me anywhere and anyone . Descreet you must be only toone person – his wife 🙂
    I will try to find your RED. Tell me your skin colour, and hair colour and tone.

  230. Honey says:

    Russian, I LIKE to buy BEFORE the trends! That way the hipster in me can act jaded and say I got it years ago…too. I get a round a have a friend who is a leading up and coming fashion designer, so I peek into what she is making and buying. I don’t refer too much to the magazines,, I do get W and the like but even I am not in that strata to have a 30 thousand a quarter budget ! Three thousand is a bit more than I would feel comfortable paying for a purse. I hate it when I put a run in my $100 stockings! I can’t hang with the heavy hitters. That’s a week vacation for us lower level boutique sugarbabies! maybe when I have like 40 thousand free and clear in the bank, I’ll be able to feel comfortable enough to splurge like that. I’m working on it, though!

  231. flyr says:

    @new sb – I do not know the current rules but there have been lots of pictures that did not include a face that were accepted by SA………

    Speaking of photos , Facebook is rolling out a concept where every photo taken on your device will instantly go to them. I am not sure if it requires you to opt out or opt in. No telling what they will do and of course the computer does not know if the picture was taken with your approval or knowledge.

  232. RussianSB says:

    @Honey, actually Tiffany&Co color IS in trend that year – in fashion it called ”mint”, which is tricky, cause I bought leather bag of such color 4 years ago in Dubai. Just wear your best colors you already found them. Fashion is tricky, today they say black with gold embrodening is the best.
    And tomorrow they will – dress like a goth girl to be trendy 🙂

  233. NewSB says:

    @ILWCG Who cares? If he wants $400 per meeting to call you his GF at dinner and that’s all (without sex or anything) that’s a pretty great deal. Who cares what he calls you? He’s not your BF.

  234. IloveWestCoastGirl says:

    I do not own a nice Red dress. I am looking for my red dress for a few years!

    May be you can recommend one? I am 36C and size “0-2” butt. ?

  235. IloveWestCoastGirl says:

    Imagine… one my SDs took me to a fancy restaurant (he was a local and often in there ) and was like “This is my GIRL FRIEND …” To hostes, then to waiter. Loud and proud …
    Of course I was like a quiet “hi” . And hated him for doing that! later I was thinking for $400 a meeting you do not get to call me a GF and show off to your people. was so mad. and yes, he gave me a present ! so I had big box with me too and everybody was like “is it a birthday present ?”

    I was so angry on my way home and … then decided …just forget about this. for me it was just NSA , whatever, could be something worse. 🙂
    Guess what, I like marred discreet guys , you still can go to nice places but he would not yell “look at my GF! I gave her present, I am an awesome guy”.

  236. California SB says:

    Honey/ NewSB: I do have a couple of red dresses in my closet for strategic SDs encounters though 🙂

    Raise your hand who added to your wish list a red Valentino bag costing 3K. 😛

  237. Honey says:

    I look best in beige, khakis cream and white. But guys respond to me better sometimes when I wear pink. I’m adding some 5o’s retro glamor styles to my wardrobe this season. And am using Tiffany/Martha Stewart blue as one of my colors. I usually do neutrals and pick out two or three trendy colors to accentuate to my wardrobe. What’s this season trendy color, Russian,Cali, AnnaM…anybody..
    Hi to anybody I didn’t say hi to!

  238. NewSB says:


    Haha, ouch. But fair enough 😛 I stand by pink – sophisticated (ie: gold, black, white) is fun but excessively girly in an Audrey Hepburn-meets-Marilyn Monroe sort of way is fun at times, too!

  239. Honey says:

    That’s maybe one thing we agree on CaliSB, I like to more discreet in everything my soon to be ex daddy is not…

  240. California SB says:

    NewSB: Pink was my fav color when I was 5 😛 Right now I prefer gold, black and white. 🙂

  241. jen says:

    Is this promo only available to new female members or can existing ones take advanatge too?


  242. NewSB says:


    I love that metallic gold is your fave color 🙂 What happened to good old pink? I wouldn’t mind a pink boudoir with a big vintage vanity – and a dresser full of Agent P

  243. California SB says:

    SD # 1 gave me for chxmas a nice Burberry long trench coat in my favorite color: metallic gold. He surprised me with this big box with a “little surprise”. But he gave me the gift in the restaurant, to show himself off obviously and impress all the cute waitresses who were watching us. I don’t know, maybe I’m overrating but I wish he gave me the gift in privacy. I loved it, not complaining but again… wish it was not a super production in front of everybody.

  244. RussianSB says:

    In Fort Knox all the world money… Arabic countries keep their goldin US. And Switzerland have World War II money. So, only dollar and swiss frank are real money (a hint)

  245. RussianSB says:

    The only words I recognize from your post, Honey – Tifany&Co.
    We are glamouros 🙂

  246. Honey says:

    Paypal is part of ge capital, they tell. Banks are only there to launder drug money..
    Why else do you think they charge us to use our money? When you have a good amount of money in the bank they banker will call you BEFORE the check is due to bounce!
    I just bought the cutest new Tiffany and co. eyeglasses, I feel VERY trendy! lol!
    One of these times I’ll go into my rant of credit default swaps and derivatives AND my thoughts Already on paying for healthcare we don’t get. It’s deeper than I have time to explain (or I could always just be full of it and just plain wrong), but let me tell you where I am coming from. The money to do right by this country is out there. But is the will?

  247. NewSB says:

    It’s annoying because I can’t read my mail without a public photo!

  248. RussianSB says:

    @NewSB, someone here have problems with real pictures 🙂

  249. NewSB says:

    I want to have a fake public photo (real private ones) but my fake one wasn’t approved (it wasn’t a celebrity or anything silly like that). How do you choose ones that get approved?

  250. RussianSB says:

    Hi, Honey !!!
    You are bussiness clever, Honey, what if order fabrics for bussiness and pay using PayPal ?
    IRS doesn’t track PayPal accounts ?

  251. Honey says:

    And Hi Russian !

  252. Honey says:

    Frank…erotic greek art…do they have any pictures of women in them?

  253. RussianSB says:

    @Frank, no you not, it is just feel like that, now you understand how woman feels all the time. 🙂

  254. Frank says:

    Well i’m going through menopause, change of life and midlife crises. lol

    and going stir crazy with arm in sling for 4 weeks, and two more weeks in sling ahead of me.

  255. RussianSB says:

    And men also have their hormone replacement therapy .

  256. RussianSB says:

    @Frank, absolutely true, during menopause women loose all their charms, including calcium from bones. But men also go trough menopause – compleete change of hormones leed to body changes etc.

  257. RussianSB says:

    I am sure the most attractive for us men become while their ”cheating” period.
    Because obviosly, they heve high level testosterone !

  258. RussianSB says:

    @Tina, I am very attractive when have it, I guess, monsters smell the blood ! 🙂

  259. RussianSB says:

    Oh, theese strong-jawed men …
    I cannot help when I see them 🙂

  260. frank says:

    I would expect similar results if they studied menopausal women.

  261. Jack says:

    Yes, Tina, it is. Recall that they took pics and voice samples at two times in the cycle and my guess is that they chose polar opposites in order to accentuate the difference–if any was to be found. Since one of the times they chose was ovulation, which occurs at midcycle, my guess is that the other time chosen was close to Day 1, when mesntruation began (it would also be an easily-identified time for most women–for obvious reasons).

    You raise an interesting point–could women be looking “less attractive” at that time for the simple reason of painful menstruation and having nothing to do with the authors’ fertility hypothesis?


  262. Tina says:

    @Jack: hmmmm, very interesting article! I’m curious as to the effects of the menstruation cycle on attractiveness as well; is it adverse since technically fertility is at its lowest at some point during that cycle?

  263. Jack says:


    1) Women should go on their SA dates during their time of ovulation–the pot SD will find them more attractive.

    2) If you follow advice #1, and you end up in bed, make sure you have used good contraception because although you may be more attractive, you are also likely to be “more pregnant” if you don’t use effective contraception.

    Fertility Affects Women’s Attractiveness, Study Finds

    Posted: 12/12/2012 2:23 pm EST | Updated: 12/12/2012 2:23 pm EST

    By: Jennifer Abbasi, LiveScience Contributor

    Published: 12/12/2012 11:38 AM EST on LiveScience

    Men find women more attractive near ovulation, when they’re most fertile, suggests the largest study yet to look at whether a gal’s allure changes over the course of her menstrual cycle.

    The findings are plausible, the scientists note, since the ratings of attractiveness were related to hormonal shifts, which may cause facial and vocal changes in women.

    The research, detailed online Nov. 15 in the journal Hormones and Behavior, adds to the idea that a women’s cycle is linked with various physiological and behavioral changes. For instance, earlier studies have found that when fertile, women’s sexual desire increases, as does their preference for strong-jawed men. Past studies have also shown men find fertile ladies’ dance moves more attractive, as well as her voice and smell, with one well-known 2007 study showing erotic dancers brought in better tips during the fertile phase of their cycle.

    Looking good

    In the new study, researchers took photographs of 202 women’s faces and made recordings of their speaking voices at two points in their menstrual cycles. They also took saliva samples to measure hormone levels during both sampling sessions. More than 500 men rated the attractiveness of the women’s faces and voices from one of the two sessions. The ratings from the first session were averaged for each woman and then compared with ratings for her second session.

    Men rated faces and voices as more attractive when women’s progesterone levels were low and estradiol (estrogen) levels were high.

    “The only time in the cycle when estradiol levels are high and progesterone levels are simultaneously low is the late follicular phase, near ovulation when fertility is highest,” said the study’s lead author David Puts, an assistant professor of anthropology at Pennsylvania State University. [10 Odd Facts About a Woman’s Body]

    A group of more than 500 women were also asked to rate women’s attractiveness across their cycles. (The two groups of women did not overlap.) They scored the photographs and vocal recordings based on two measures: flirtatiousness and attractiveness to men. Women rated the subjects higher on both measures when the subjects were in their more fertile phase.

    “We learned beyond a reasonable doubt that women’s faces and voices change over the menstrual cycle, and that both men and women perceive this as changes in attractiveness,” Puts told LiveScience.

    Nathan Pipitone, a psychologist at Adams State University in Colorado who studies human mating and voice attractiveness, agreed: “This paper establishes conclusive evidence for how men and women rate other women as a function of their hormonal status.” Pipitone, who was not involved in the research, said the study’s large sample size and measure of hormone levels strengthen its conclusions.

    Hormones and sexiness

    Research has suggested hormones, indeed, alter facial and vocal features.

    The larynx, or voice box, has estrogen and progesterone receptors, and puberty, pregnancy, menopause, hormone replacement therapy and hormonal contraceptive use have all been shown to change women’s voices, the study authors said. A 2011 study co-authored by Pipitone found that men could predict when women were menstruating based on vocal features, such as its mood, pitch and quality. [7 Surprising Facts About the Pill]

    In the new study, women’s hormonal state was linked with the perception of attractiveness, but no acoustic changes were found. “In evolutionary terms, it’s the perception of attractiveness that matters to humans, not the proximate mechanisms (i.e., acoustics) that allow us to try and quantify what is and what is not an attractive voice,” he wrote in an email.

    Puts is studying facial changes over a woman’s cycle that could make her appear more or less attractive. “There could be changes in blood flow that would result in color changes in the face, changes in acne, or changes in puffiness due to water retention,” he said.

    Most scientists believe such cyclic changes, known as fertility cues, are “leaked,” meaning they are a byproduct of female reproductive biology rather than traits that evolved to advertise fertility. Unlike female chimps and other mammals, women conceal their ovulation, giving them more control over their reproduction. “Many researchers favor the hypothesis that concealing ovulation afforded our female ancestors the ability to cheat on their mates, because their mates couldn’t concentrate mate guarding near ovulation if they couldn’t tell when it occurred,” Puts said.

    Men who could pick up on women’s subtle fertility cues, even if they were unaware of it, may have had more reproductive success. The same could be true for women, researchers theorize: Women who were able to subconsciously spot a fertile rival might have better guarded their mates from them, keeping their partner’s investment focused on them and their children.

    Researchers from the University of Missouri and the University of Sterling in Scotland also contributed to the study.

  264. AnnaMW says:

    Mine like flying kites with his kids so I had one custom made. I am also a big fan of thoughtfully chosen books. I once made a collage on the inside of a book jacket that included themes that were meaningful to him. I <3'ed my SDs. Its possible to care and be emotionally involved without developing a psychotic or forever minded fixation.

  265. flyr says:


    I had some old racing photos and an SB took them and had them framed with carefully chosen frames that went well with what was in my office. Again it was thought and execution rather than cost.

    • gigic says:

      Hi,I’m new to the scene and have only seen American locations advertised but would like to get in touch with SD in Nelson, New Zealand. Anyone there?

  266. flyr says:


    I really agree with those who commented that it is not about the amount you spend but rather the thoughtfulness

    Many are totally stressed out by Christmas –

  267. flyr says:

    RE gifts – couple of ideas

    think a little about what your partner’s needs are. The few married guys I know who have an SB or similar are often there for a few basic reasons well beyond sex – not feeling appreciated, adventure, personal touch…..

    some of the things I appreciated

    – she found a wonderful, non commercial evening Christmas celebration in a small town in the wine country (Los Olivos) , Lots of people just enjoying the pure Christmas spirit. She had made dinner reservations in a small cafe just around the corner . Had the restaurant serve a very special desert she had made. she had already paid for the dinner

    evening at a museum where she had researched something that I was interested in (erotic art from early Greece) modest dinner at the museum but awesome . What made both special was the time taked to make arrangements.

    A casual shirt that she had obviously searched for as the colors and fit were perfect

  268. California SB says:

    Russian : “shallow blond person, that I am, I spend whole day at Spa”

    Perfect…that makes the two of us!! 😛

  269. California SB says:

    Crystal will be married for at least two years so she can get the full benefits of a prenup which Im guessing will give her at least 1M per year for each year married to Heff…. Some prenups say if there is cheating involved they get nothing. But a good lawyer will always get at 1M settlement I am pretty sure.

    Russian SB: “keratin straitening”

    In America they call it Brazilian straightening, I don’t really like it because it leaves your hair too fragile but it does make it VERY straight even after you wash it several times. 🙂

  270. RussianSB says:

    Not, really, blog avatars become bigger or I change screen zoom on my computer ??

  271. RussianSB says:

    Like real shallow blond person, that I am, I spend whole day at Spa. Spa was very busy.
    Russians wait for Apocalypsis (around 20 of December) but everybody want look the best for the world end. 🙂
    I did nails, hair and keratin straitening. Now I am glamourouse chick.

  272. RussianSB says:

    @SD Guru
    I bet two month,
    but what about prinup ??

  273. SD Guru says:

    Looks like I missed some interesting discussions about… taxes?? 😯
    Moving right along…

    “SD’s, what kind of present would you like to get?… Great sex in a daring place”

    Personally I prefer a memorable experience over material things. Even if you’ve been there and done that before, the important thing is to share that experience with who you’re with now. And if you must get material things, keep it inexpensive and personal as others have mentioned.

    As for great sex in daring places, that sure brings back fond memories… 😛

    “I know! a SB needs a punch card , like they you do for manicure ; if you paid/got 20 mani at this same saloon – the 21 st is on the house.”

    Doh!! Why didn’t I think of that!! :mrgreen:

    “Crystal is beautiful inside and out actually…”

    I’m taking bets on how long the marriage will last. The over/under is 12 months. Any takers? 🙂

  274. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Phone guy.

    What is your point?

    I wrote it for Kat who said to her SD 2 years ago she needed 2 K computer for her job and study . He gives her an envelope with cash every time for 2 years (she could have bought 10 computers if she really wanted and needed it). But may be she needs these $ to pay rent ? her business .

    Why it is interesting for you? The $$$ amount I assumed based on Guru’ blog and … 🙂 common sense. if Kat wants she can comment on $$$ amount per visit.

  275. RussianSB says:

    If unite p*nis, ATM, coffee machine, TV set, WiFi and googlemaps ?
    It must be iPhone6 !

  276. RussianSB says:

    @Frank, I even don’t know… I have Dr.Jack for my sugar/emotional therapy and his jacuzzi for better rehab.
    Anyway, I think, ATM with p*nis much better than regular ATM.
    Multyfunctional 🙂
    One wise man said:”I am not ATM for you, baby, but I have one in bedroom ! ”

  277. frank says:

    Xmas gifts for sugar daddy-I totally agree they should not be expensive. Thoughtful yes, but don’t try to compete with the sd in spending money. He has money, he just wants some assurance you see him as a person, not a atm with a penis.

  278. Phoneguy says:

    Crystal is beautiful inside and out actually.
    @NancySB, I’ve never seen her insides but I’ll take your word. 😉

    For 2 years every time you meet he give you an envelope (let’s with $ 300-500 in it) the guy thinks you have bought that Apple for yourself a year ago.
    @ILWCG, very interesting point of view.

  279. frank says:

    Russia- You are the first person ever to call me a lesbian. I may need therapy, I have been a lesbian since I was 11 and didn’t even know it!

  280. frank says:

    twiceshy- tax avoidance is what any competent cpa/corp president are hired to do. If the government wants to do away with the “loopholes” let them. Until then, the ceo has a fiduciary duty to maximize returns for shareholders.

    I think that the tax code should be set up so that every one pays their fair share. But once that code is in place I will legally minimize my tax burden to the fullest extent. I would be foolish to do otherwise. If I have enough left over after taxes I can then determine what charities to contribute too, without the governments help.

  281. twiceshy says:

    Yay! @RussianSB is back! waves

    As for the ultra wealthy wanting to pay their share? This is what Schmidt had to say about that. Recently Google has been found to have skipped out on the tax for over 2 billion pounds which would have been owed to the UK through the use of creative accounting and loopholes.
    “Eric Schmidt said that a £2.5 billion tax avoidance ‘is called capitalism’ and seems totally unrepentant. He added, ‘I am very proud of the structure that we set up. We did it based on the incentives that the governments offered us to operate.’

    I’m not saying he is wrong, I’m speaking to the sentiment that corporations and the wealthy are in the main interested in paying their fair share. My view is that is simply not realistic, or factual. From a personal standpoint as well, Schmidt’s words are relevant and I don’t think I am too far removed from what people with money do with their funds.

  282. California SB says:

    What a tragedy in Connecticut where little kids were gun down in a school. :(:(

  283. RussianSB says:

    Don’t worry, Frank, I think all men are lesbian, cause they love GIRLS !

  284. Frank says:

    I know Russia I was giving you a straight line.

  285. RussianSB says:

    No, Frank, I tell you that you are lesbian 🙂

    (frank Russia-I think I understand, you want to embrace your femininity, and so do I !)

  286. Frank says:

    Russia-lol, are you telling me you are bi?

    My sb has already told me what she wants for xmas and thoughtfully sent me a link. I am sure she has spent almost as much time finding me the perfect present. teehee

  287. California SB says:

    Nancy… in case you forgot, Crystal left Heff 4 days before the wedding two years ago, not mentioning she was with a hot guy a few days later. But as I mentioned before, bad girls rule and ultimately, men do love them and believe any crap we say LOL LOL.

  288. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    You know your SD for 2 years . And you do not know what perfume he uses?
    For 2 years every time you meet he give you an envelope (let’s with $ 300-500 in it) the guy thinks you have bought that Apple for yourself a year ago. 🙂
    If he is with you for 2 years and your cash is flowing why would you want to change anything and start to ask for presents… do not make any waves 🙂 you are lucky he is investing in you and not spreading his sugar for 20 other SBs.

    I think a SB should not gift to Sd anything expensive (coz it is his money ; unless he is a just gift SD and no cash exchange ).
    I tell you what I have given to my guys before. I intentionally wanted to be something not expensive (so a guy would not think i am emotionally involved 🙂 or do not need his $ and spend it on him). one guy LOVEd candles , we would always have many candles during our meetings , so I gave his a nice candle – he was super happy. another guy (a lawyer but doing a lot of garden job) had a bit rough skin on his hands ; I wear latex gloves a lot and my skin get too dry
    too, I tried so! many creams to find out which one is actually works ! so I gifted him that cream (it cost may be $20 but to find the good one is priceless ).
    someone would recommend “a meeting on me” thing but I would not do it coz I am afraid a guy would think I am emotionally involved (if I want to do it for him for ” free” ), we must keep it NSA , right, Guru.
    I know ! a SB needs a punch card , like they you do for manicure ; if you paid/got 20 mani at this same saloon – the 21 st is on the house. I would totally do that 🙂

    • Kat says:

      I do know what he uses, but why buy one he already owns?
      anyway, you’re right…I think I’m just going to buy him something small and personal. I’m worrying too much about what he’d think of my choice of gift, maybe I should just assume he will apreciate the gesture :p

  289. Janine says:

    Yeah, Lindsay looks like she’s pushing 65. Poor darling. I got out of the party lifestyle early so I could stay young looking. I’m almost 30 but everyone thinks I’m 23. Guess you don’t have to die young to stay pretty!

  290. NancySB/LA says:

    Crystal is beautiful inside and out actually. And Hef can do what most SD’s can’t,he can actually make a woman famous and rich. He’s got a beautiful girl and she’s got fame and money coming to her… they are a great plus in this world. We should all be so lucky to find our own perfect match.
    Most people don’t understand that with big money/fame comes big responsibilities. for a 26yr old, she is handling what most women her age and beyond can’t… She’s amazing.

  291. California SB says:

    Heff and Crystal story just confirms my theory. Men love to be cheated on and being treated like puppy dogs. That’s how it is.

  292. California SB says:

    A dear GF of mine posted this on her facebook: “If women are bad at parking it’s only because we’re constantly lied to about what “8” inches is”.

    ROTFL…. I had to post it here. 😛

  293. California SB says:

    No wait, the oldest looking 26 yo is Lyndsey Lohan….

  294. California SB says:

    Janine: I know right? Apparently Crystal was born in 86….but she looks 10 years older than me. She’s the oldest looking 26 yo in California.

  295. Kat says:

    hah, sex in a daring place is nice, the possible consequences and newspaper articles when busted would be less nice for him :p
    what sort of wine does he drink…euhm…red …a good one…ai :s
    Cigars, hmmmz, never saw him smoke, not sure if he likes those…
    Perfume, well yes, maybe I should just buy him something I’d enjoy smelling on him and hope he doesn’t secretly hate it? Aaah but what if he does?! Pefume is such a personal subjective thing…

  296. Janine says:

    Has anyone seen that Crystal chick in person? I remember when she first became a public figure, she was saying she was 25, but I think she meant 37. Maybe the lighting was unfortunate in the photos I saw.

    Poor old Hef, but I’m sure he’s a happy fellow 🙂

  297. Jack says:

    Russian SB,

    “@Dr.Jack, what I am without you ? Nice article about orgazm, please, keep us posting about newest inventions in that area.”

    You would be everything you are, even without me!

    It’s just that with me, we would have great fun with you being who you are and me being who I am!


  298. RussianSB says:

    Or jump out from empty box when the party is over, and dear think he is home alone.
    Upset bottle of Shampagne and crystal glasses on your way, cause his first heart attack.

  299. California SB says:

    But oh, that’s right she is probably telling him how much she loves him for who he is, not his money. Yeah, that always works.

  300. California SB says:

    So, Hugh Heffner is engaged AGAIN to Crystal Harris…. wonder what kind of pretty BS lines she is throwing at him now…. tsk tsk tsk

  301. RussianSB says:

    Presents is such a headache ! Really. For boys I stop at alcohol, sigars and perfumes – gemtelman’s set. For girls – ask shop assiatant in perfume department what the newest most popular fragrance (my ex-husbant find that formula). Sex surprises very tricky thing, I am definately not advise that . For example you waiting for him in his appartment, dressed in sexy lingerie … maybe he will come with friends, didn’t come at all, or give keys to his brother to stay at his place while visiting city – and you sleeping naked under X-mass tree dressed in silk band “TAKE ME – I AM YOUR PRESENT”

  302. RussianSB says:

    @Flyr, they MUST make it official tax deduction in case, when SD helps out financially lonely mother , especially student !

  303. RussianSB says:

    @Dr.Jack, what I am without you ? Nice article about orgazm, please, keep us posting about newest inventions in that area. 🙂

  304. RussianSB says:

    @Flyr, so, you see Sugar as sport development expenses, or more charity like ?
    And sometimes it is stipendia, educational innvestment. I , personally, accept it like a job.
    Not the job you hate, but pleasant job with Sugar contract with both side responsibilities.
    That way is easier for me to keep away from drama.

  305. RussianSB says:

    @Frank, I know that when you look at me, your inner lesbian wake up 🙂

  306. flyr says:

    SD’s, what kind of present would you like to get?

    Great sex in a daring place

    What kind of red wines does he drink

  307. Kat says:

    haha, look in the mirror, buy lingerie for self…be the present…been there, done that :p I really would like to get something for him. He loves red wine and pretty much taught me to appreciate it so I was thinking about buying him a really good red wine, but unfortunatly my knowledge of it doesn’t go far enough to know which one might actually impress him…For an ex I once knitted a scarf, but something tells me this more fashionable mister wouldn’t like wearing my self-knitted not so flaweless little pieces of art. :p Seriously, SD’s, what kind of present would you like to get?

  308. flyr says:

    KAT that’s a bit of a problem sometimes when a girl just can’t find the right gift for her sd she just needs to look in the mirror and use her imagination……………………..

  309. Kat says:

    haha, I was indeed thinking about buying him an awesome christmass gift. But how do you pick something out for someone who just buys whatever he wants and has extremely expenisive taste? I thought about giving him something personalised but afraid he’d think it’s lame :p he’s a bit of a snob (a nice snob though) When it comes to the content of the envelope: not bad, yet not enough for a macbook :p

  310. flyr says:

    Gifts – I do not think it is out of liine to say that you are challenged by your need for a MacBook Pro. Of course with the goodies it may be over 2K. It’s a great investment. He may not take care of the whole thing but who konws.

    Give the guy some credit for not wanting to translate cash into gifts that you might not like. If he is computer savvy you might start a date at the apple store,

    One way to precipitate the conversion to gifts is to find a shirt that looks really good on him as a Christmas gift. Most guys appreciate it when a woman with good tasts picks out a great shirt for him.

    Not a SB experience but my very attractive tech savy niece and her also stunning 20 yo daughter took me to the Appple store , identified a geeky guy to help and soon had negotiated the extension of a special apple deal, an instore discount and a student discount (the daughter’s student id) plus a lot of help getting the machine setup. BTW I love it.

    At the risk of being redundant the envelope of cash gets old after a while and there are other ways to elevate the relationship. Of course it depends a little on how much cash is in the envelope.

  311. Kat says:

    aaah, I also need a new computer for work. My SD once said ‘anything you want, what about a mac book pro’ on the second meeting. I pretty much just smiled politely since I was new to all this back then. Now we’re almost 2 years later and I actually really do need that mac for work, but i’m not good at asking.I’m always afraid that he’d think I don’t appreciate him. I always get envelopes with cash, never gifts. How do I tell him I think it’s a bit lame and it makes me feel unapreciated that he never takes the effort to actually buy me a gift/something nice? Guess americans/russians are more straightforward when it comes to this sd-sb thing…

  312. frank says:

    Russia-I think I understand, you want to embrace your femininity, and so do I!

    Janinie-I had to pay a grand on the $14,00 I earned last year. And I didnt’ receive any credits.

    you need to hire a good CPA, I can assure you there are tax credits available.

  313. flyr says:


    I would assume that anything shared is pretty much gone to the receipient regardless of later retractions.

  314. flyr says:

    Photos – at one time it was pretty easy to copy photos that were posted either with profiles or private photos. Not sure if that is still true.

  315. flyr says:

    @Russian – Thanks , Although it was not my major I have always been interested in history, especially post WW I. Reading history (and lots of recreational stuff) and a number of friends, employees and students from Russia, Hungary, Latvia, Romania and such saved me from the mindless nighttime hours of TV.

    Rather than taxing sugar imagine the benefits to the economy if the SD’s were given a 40% tax credit on their sugar contributions. $3K sd’s would become $5k sd’s. They would also be motivated to earn more since tax credits are worthless without income.

    SB’s would fill the stores helping the retail economy, bank loans would be repaid increasing the solvency of banks…….

    For those of us in the States ………. the SB is the ultimate made in America investment.

  316. Jack says:


    I understand emotionally what you are trying to tell!


  317. IloveWestCoastGirl says:

    Welcome back 🙂
    We missed you 🙂

  318. Janine says:

    @Russian – NO! My SD and I cannot see each other anymore (long story), so I need to save a lot of money or find a new SD. But I think I’ll save. I like when my SD is far so I can travel to him, but long distance is hard for some guys, so I have to be patient and wait for him. I cannot be patient for a new computer. Yes, I do need it for “work.”

    Maybe I can work on my feminine nature by sitting up straight and smiling politely while waiting for my new SD. Or buy a new dress since I get paid tomorrow!!! 😀 Mad sales at the mall right now.

  319. RussianSB says:

    No one cannot avoid death and taxes !

  320. RussianSB says:

    @Janine… what a cruel life ! You have no one to give you new Apple ? Especially if you need it for work/study ? I always get computer toys for presents from SDs, and I don’t need them badly for work. I don’t know , how to explane that I am feminine lady and prefer jewelry and shoes !

    I even not exited about cars like other girls – naturally I will exchange happily such sum of money for wardrobe masterpieces. What ? Here I don’t need to lie to myself. I am shallow person. I am dumb blond. And I am remarcable spiece of bimbo tribe. And I am proud of it ! I earn that, and I am working too much last time and I can afford all that 10 fashionable dresses+ I bought last month. And I have social life – I need dress up and visit different events with my arm candy SDs 🙂
    (potential SDs). What ? I treat every new man I meet like potential SD, and while they look like a candy why not call them ”arm candy” ? The last one did offer his friendship to me. I told him, that usually I offered sponsorship, he told me that he is bad sponsor, I told him that in his point of age and wealth he must be a good sponsor. He promise me a grate thoughtful book as X-mass present, I told him that I better have complete discografia of his favorite singer (who is also happens to be his friend) and it happens that I love that music also. And that thoughtful books make me no good !
    What can be better or more exiting, than grate flirt ? That dating games … refreshing !
    All my life I was too serious, too responsible. Now I am working hard on my feminine nature.
    I hope, someone understand, emotionally, what I am trying to tell.

  321. sandy says:

    great post

  322. Janine says:

    The best thing about the above conversation is that everyone was bale to express themselves without resorting to name calling and references to Nazi Germany. Thanks goodness we’re a group of mature adults who can have a conversation about serious topics.

    But the most unfortunate thing about this entire situation is I need a laptop and new programs. It costs about $2K, the amount they’re predicting I’ll lose to taxes. I’ve tried to watch the video three times today but my computer keeps telling me I need to update it (I also dropped a cinder block on it, dropped it in the tub, jammed the headphone jack and broke the speakers, I swear I’m gentle).

    Russian SB, work your magic on the IRS SD and save every woman in America their $2K! We’ll give you free citizenship if you want it. I’ll be waiting at the Apple store.

  323. Jessie says:

    but if you allow someone to see your private photos and want to revoke that – how can you do it – or is there a time span they can view them for?

    @Kit – Click on Photos, Private Permissions and put a check mark beside the person’s profile that you want to revoke permission from, click delete. There is no time frame…if you grant someone access to your photos they’ll be able to see them until you revoke them.

  324. frank says:

    Russia, I have all of those plus some powerful legs, a sexy voice and a quick mind.

    Nancy- I have similar troubles to your sd, been a down couple of years. Before I dropped him, what are the chances for a turn around, Steve Jobs almost went broke at one time. I am banking/betting on having a great spring! As soon as that happens I am going to make a long distance call.

  325. RussianSB says:

    The black diamond more ”wish” thing than ”list” thing.
    I cannot even dream about black or pink diamond.
    And BLUE diamond – I even not dare to think about. But my girlfriend blinking bluediamondring before my nose – present from her ex-SD. But she earn it.

    What about happy panties – to throw them up to the ceiling ? I have more chances to make that than her. You cannot have everything, it is our drama, girls.

  326. NancySB/LA says:

    No lingerie …

    It’s a really exciting idea though…

  327. RussianSB says:

    We have more human colors in Russian Sugar… but also nobody have in mind 2-3 month arrangements. I am not judging,but I am not see the sense – 3 month looking for partner to have 3 month arrangement ? P4P is definately better solution for short-term SDs. They are busy guys and don’t have time for all that candidate dates.
    1-2-3 years arrangement – sound better for both.

  328. RussianSB says:

    @Nancy SB/LA wishlist – oh, it is so sweet of them …
    Do they describe any panties ??

    About your SD – I have such situation with one of my ex-SD, and I did cut my expectations, he appreciate that and with time he compensate it completely. It depends on your unique situation.

  329. RussianSB says:

    My wishlist does not change – Samsung Galaxy Note, dozen of panties, Tamales, Fender Stratocaster and odd in someone’s pocket black diamond ring.

  330. NancySB/LA says:

    A lot of chocolate, flowers, sunglasses and purses..

    I wish they offered jewelry and perfumes…

  331. RussianSB says:

    What they offered in wishlist , girls ? I cannot open it , but curious , what they choose.

  332. NancySB/LA says:

    @ frank that is a better way to put it…

    I was caught up in the emotional side of an arrangement, and lowered my expectations of an allowance. My SD has a company that has been in trouble for a while, and I was trying to be sensitive to his situation, but not at the expense of my own. This man is not a life partner and I don’t owe him more than what I promised.
    Sugaring is about respect for boundaries. I have my boundaries and if he cannot meet them, then so be it, I would not be able to meet his. He would definitely not be with me if I could not perform my part of the arrangement.
    Guess it’s back to SA…

  333. RussianSB says:

    @Frank ”ps I am a hard worker.”
    We all knew that you have one hand left healthy, and a tongue – you still can be a man and satisfy your woman 🙂 (joking)

  334. RussianSB says:

    What about to get IRS working SD – it is quite a solution ! 🙂

  335. RussianSB says:

    Le Haim! California
    Tell me that Clooney is strait.
    I love Nespresso commercials TV compain with Clooney, but product itself is absurd,only fresh grinded coffee beans I wote for !

  336. RussianSB says:

    News from France – now they made 90% taxes for luxury !
    Gerar Depardie (French actor) already moove his assets out of France ( to Belgium )
    and will pay taxes in Belgium.
    And, we know that to be rich doesn’t mean to be generouse – ESPECIALLY ON TAXES 🙂
    So, I think in one year all top families of France will just ”moove” out from France.
    Don’t forget about good old offshores.

    Do need any SD here my modest company to visit BVI ? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  337. RussianSB says:

    I just respond for 10 days blog history… now to the topic !

  338. frank says:

    Welcome back Russia! -20 C, that sounds cold, its 40 F here and I don’t like it. ps I am a hard worker.

    Nancy-maybe a better question, would you stay with your sd if he had a financial set back, would the sd stay with the sb if for some reason she could put out? (sorry couldn’t think of a better word)

  339. Teeny says:

    Its not a Tax increase, we will just revert back to the Clinton era Taxs. The senate/house will then have the option to put in new tax cuts. Things were good economy wise when Clinton was in office, would going back really be that bad?

  340. California SB says:

    Stacy “Can’t we go back to talking about blow jobs and cheating spouses? ”

    You’re the bomb Stacy! 😛

  341. NancySB/LA says:

    I feel that its a more effective use of time to focus on how to make yourself rich. And that was the point of the clip. I mean, if you have choices, which we all do; wouldn’t you be with the winners?
    ‘Greed is Good’ monologue from the movie WallStreet with Michael Douglas..

    What I want to know is would you stick by your Daddies or Babies if they were going through financial hardship suddenly, and they started to drain your resources?

  342. California SB says:

    Mazel tov Russian!

  343. California SB says:

    “The end of January I will be free and will cook myself for them, I love to cook” Russian, you’re so adorable :),

  344. RussianSB says:

    Dear, dear Tina !!!
    @Tina The homemade chocolate covered toffee.
    My friend give me another crazy recepie of home made Rafaello candies (Ferrero Roche) for you :
    it is very simple
    200 grammes best butter, melt and mix with 200 grammes of concentrated milk
    (ILWCG – I wonder do you have that in US?) – with spoon, not in blender and mix with coconut crambles. Put for one day in frige. Then form balls (put inside some favorite nuts) and roll in coconut crambles . For that hobby you need 400 grammes coconut crambles.

    Like real bussiness woman, I am going to order all New Year traditional food and non-alcohol bevereges with delivery (made in advance) to my doorstep. Including 3 cakes 🙂
    I guess, my parents will be VERY surprised .
    The end of January I will be free and will cook myself for them, I love to cook.

  345. RussianSB says:

    It is why not Purga, witch hounting in Russia – clergymen love women a lot 🙂

  346. RussianSB says:

    Because no celibacy(celibat) in Orthodox Chistian Church, they have wives and kids all the time.

  347. RussianSB says:

    @I Love You West Coast Girl
    How RSB could be a catholic girl ? What about all these religious wars for hundreds years in Europe?
    Russia does not have pedophile catholic priests and “good catholic girls” .
    We have different kinks ; oligarchs , vodka, cold.

    It is why I love you, baby !!!
    Very cold now -20’C. Lots of snow. Reason why we need vodka, sex and heavy food – it is only way to survive till spring .

  348. RussianSB says:

    And I am good Jewish girl, but not religious, and yes, blogromance is kosher. First I was against it, because anonymity is huge part of joy in the blog and to broke anonymity is to broke the magic, but now, when I know some faces behind nicknames , I understand blog discussion even better.

  349. RussianSB says:

    @Flyr – surprisingly good understanding of Soviet period history, did you study that, experienced that, or it is your hobby ? I hope you not just google that 🙂 No religion in Soviet period, cause Regime itself has God nature in such countries. So, all religions was underground, no matter, Catholics or Orthodox (both is Christianity – for MTV educated). I am not so good with Russian history as Flyr but I think that all Catholics families was expats (for example, German or Polish) moved to Russia while Imperior period. It was big community, and beautiful Catholic churches (Kostels) all over the country tell us about. But I think it has foreign nature first. I can be mistaken.
    My collegue did buy a house last year at Narva (Estonia) for his parents. He love the place , and his folks also love it. So , he said it is 40% of population is Russian, in case of separatism, Russians will win (remind me when they did lost ???). But no hints for conflict, population mixed and sharing both cultures already, but citizenship formalities. About brainwashing – it is old story and it is essential part of any politics, remind me Cold War period and it’s long tale – even now Russia and USA do brainwashing exchange. Flyr, you will enjoy Stanley Cubric movie “Dr.Strangelove. How I stop to worry and fall in love with A-bomb” .

  350. RussianSB says:

    PS-Where is Russia, I miss her!

    It is nice, that you miss me just after orgasm discussion. BTW, I feel like I must have it, and I work on it. It is like invitation to dinner – means you must come if invited. Not to come is not polite, and fake it is not sinsere . Don’t fake it , girls – let him work hard on you !

  351. RussianSB says:

    Hello, dear blogsters ! I miss all of you too, I work like a dog before holydays, I think girl of my age and looks shouldn’t work so hard, it is against law of nature. Blog look somehow different – names now red (X-mass, I think). Avatars and text become in bigger size. Or I am just blond and change zoom on my screen ?? George Clooney is gay ????????? No way !!!!!! Tell me it is not true !!!!! I happy that SA give me back my profile with my old real pictures and favorite SD (CD) collection. SA support team really answer my letters, and not in automatical robot style, but with understanding and professionalism.

  352. Stacy says:

    Damn! Can’t we go back to talking about blow jobs and cheating spouses? This blog has made me lose my metaphorical sugar erection!

  353. Frank says:

    somebody asked: Does anybody even KNOW what the tax rate is?

    I do. The tax rate for any additional income I make without the 2013 increases is 35% plus 5.75% for a total of 40.75%. Not only that, you have 15.3% payroll taxes plus workers comp on top of that. So for every dollar I earn over 56% goes right out the door.

    Why should I work harder, or take additional risks when the return is so low?

  354. NewSB says:

    I’m not saying 2k extra in taxes isn’t a ton, I just meant that if all I’m getting from my SD in a year is 2k to cover my tax increase then I’m doing something wrong.

  355. Honey says:

    Fannie ame and freddie mac were also gamed. wrapped up in the LIBOR scandal and stuff. The Harvard educated banker , the one who approved the million dollar loan for the janitor is not at fault? It really was not America FORCING the big banks to lend to the poor. It was more that the banks used the relaxed rules to take advantage of the poor by offering them HIGHER rates when they would have qualified for lower and sticking the taxpayer with the bill. They sold and resold those house multiple times. They KNEW the loans were crap but the got the commission…and stuck us with the bill…Think about Homeowners insurance..who gets the homeowners insurance for the houses that went under?Really? The bush era tax cuts are the biggest REASON for the debt, not the wars, not the medicare/medicaid, social security. The bush era tax cuts are dragging us down…Bush put them on for ten years to see if it would work it does not. and I’m sorry but most of the people on this board are not the ones the gop is trying to look out for. I just spent close to three weeks in Costa Rica. I travel to foreign countries two or three times a year. I sometimes forget what I buy up to about $500 (What’s that charge on the credit card..? oh yeah, I did buy that…forgot..)My smallest credit card limit is 20 or 25 thousand, I forget AND I”m not the in the 2 % they are trying to protect. They are trying to look out for multinationals who make MILLIONS of of dividend and tax considerations. That’s not even me.They ultra rich don’t need the government to intercede for them with healthcare. I have friends who paid for chemo (Hundreds of thousands)for relatives out of their pockets and they wouldn’t mind a more balanced system.A long time ago my ex was on unemployment and we got double taxed and no one cared. He worked his whole life and was off of work for over a year and he took his ENTITLEMENT benefits and we paid taxes on them. meanwhile people who broke the world get to do the transaction tax free, remember it’s a capital GAINS tax. By my thinking if I have to pay taxes on money I already earned payroll wise, they can afford to pay taxes on Gains.jut saying.

  356. California SB says:

    The feds are printing cash by the billions everyday…. this country is going south and its not gonna be funny when it hits the bottom.

  357. Janine says:

    @Flyr – the president cannot directly influence the economy because he is president, not CEO of the US. Our government is set up in a way to prevent the pres from making unilateral decisions. It’s only been within the past 15 years that people think the president can have that kind of control (according to my old as hell econ professor). And when I say economy I’m talking in terms of job creation, gas prices and all the other stuff people complain about.

    The president can make the hard times a little easier, or harder, but only congress can pass those measures to do so, the president can’t make it happen without congress backing him. And we all know what congress is up to (nothing).

    The “help” we’re getting from the borrowed 3 trill isn’t’ helping because of all the political infighting. Fifteen years ago it could have been properly distributed, but because congressmen don’t want to concede or compromise, there is just a bunch of fighting and squandering of money.

    We are in a recession. We don’t know how long it will last, and there isn’t much we can do about it. Raise taxes and people get mad, lower taxes and , people still get mad because we lose police and fire departments, ect. A CEO type president can’t change this economy.

    Our crisis can be traced back to the 70s during the CARTER administration when they passed CRA. They thought it would be helpful, making it easier for first time home buyers, but some corrupt people got involved, saw how easy it was to make a quick buck, and here we are 30 years later. IN A HOLE. Yes, the administration passed CRA, but who could have predicted that it would have ended like this? No one saw that coming when it was passed.

    No one expected people to willingly borrow more than they could repay for a house they could never afford. Who could have imagined a realtor would insist people buy houses out of their price range, for a better commission? Who would have imagined that Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac would be a bane to middle America?

    It’s going to happen again with the student loan crisis as well. Many private universities, and the public ones too, see how much money they can make by getting students to pay for an education when they school and it’s programs aren’t even accredited. Many of these private school, like Phoenix University, will lie to the students and tell them all the programs are accredited when they actually aren’t.

    It would have been great for the president to convince congress to put a cap on Freddy and Fanny to make the recession a little easier (Clinton, Bush nor Obama stepped up to help there), but it just goes to show it’s not the president, but the consumer who guides the economy.

    My god, sorry for the long winded response. I gotta stop drinking coffee after 1 p.m.

  358. Kit says:

    nothing to do with anything – but if you allow someone to see your private photos and want to revoke that – how can you do it – or is there a time span they can view them for?

  359. flyr says:

    @Jannie “Also, I’d like to add that a president cannot control the economy. No mater who our president is, s/he cannot control nor direct it. The president doesn’t have that much power. ”

    If that is so then the public has been fleeced out of $3 trillion by the Obama administration claiming that they had the power to achieve such things at a time when they controlled the Whitehouse, Senate and House with a large majority

  360. Janine says:

    @flyr – where did this info come from? I (and my friends and family) definitely qualify as the bottom %50 and we all paid taxes. I had to pay a grand on the $14,00 I earned last year. And I didnt’ receive any credits.

  361. Janine says:

    Also, I’d like to add that a president cannot control the economy. No mater who our president is, s/he cannot control nor direct it. The president doesn’t have that much power. Our economy tanked because very large and important financial institutions (and important non-financial institutions) cooked their books for years. Now the books are cooling off, the steam is dying down, and everyone has to suffer. Everyone but the perpetrators, that is.

  362. flyr says:

    @ twiceshy “Society requires all strata to contribute and work together. The rich would never be rich without the middle class and the poor. They could never afford to pay for the roads they drive on, or to secure their properties and their person on their own without law and order. This is especially true in those developed nations with strong support networks that take care of their population (mostly Europe, don’t consider this to be true of the US in general).

    The notion that providing them with tax breaks, leads to growth for the middle and lower class has been shown to be an unequivocal fallacy. A quick look at the US economy is all you need to prove this for yourself. Tax breaks have been in effect for quite some time, and salaries have not gone up, employment has not gone up.”

    Let’s look at the statments and facts…………

    the top 10% pay 71% of the income taxes the bottom 50% pay nothing, and many get earned income tax credits

    Why isn’t middle income wealth increasing?
    Well first we had this vast bubble in the last decade. Despite folklore to the contrary you will find the actual youtube exerpts from the hearing held by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd where they blocked attmepts to reign in the out of control lending .

    We have had “low” tax rates but a virtual flood of laws and regulations at the federal and state level that have vastly decreased the competitiveness of our businesses. Taking CA as an example – over a 4 year period the california legislature passed about 20,000 new laws but only one budget and that was late. The senate has not passed a budget in 4 years , rather we have operated on spending resolutions, crammed through in the dark of night.

    Green Energy – In addition to all the insider deals that have looted the treasury, utilities are forced to buy “green” energy at 10x the cost of traditional sources. All of us like green but we are committing economic suicide. We are burning a major part of our corn crop to put a bad fuel in our cars, thus driving up the price of farm products from corn to beef and eggs. Even the Europeans have given up on this.

    Our schools have been politicized and made polticially correct to the point that our students are unable to compete on a global basis. Third world countries have better systems. Our immigration policies put those who break our laws at the front of the line and many highly educated , law abiding applicants at the back of the line. We are in effect stuck on stupid. It’s that stupidity and a vast amount of corruption that is sucking the blood out of the middle class and they are to focused on their TV sets to understand what’s happening.

    At the street level vast numbers of people are entering a barter or cash economy. In LA it’s estimated that 40% of the people are working for cash . Naturally one of the reasons is that you can not delcare income and collect the same amount from all the welfare programs.

    We have a nation captivated by the injustice of a law student (soon to be in the top 10%) having to pay for her own contracption. When taxes are high people spend more time worrying about how to minimize taxes than generating income. It creates a lot of distortions and not much productivity.

    Madridista has it right.

    Imagine what would happen if in the name of equity the government applied a 60% tax on sugar. It’s certainly justified as those who were less genetically blessed or spend their young years in front of the TV with an endless supply of pizzas can not compete for SD’s It’s really unfair. In fact the whole process is unfiar. We’ll set one rate that SB’s are allowed to receive, the government will take 60% of that and the tax will go the sensually needy.

    A close friend is very involved in Angel Capital – funding new companies. The odds of a new company getting funding are probably 10 in 200. Of the 10 one might be successul , 5-6 will die soon and the others will struggle to survive. The founders or would be founders of 199 companins will not achieve great success. The investors will have one success in 10 (this would be a very good track record) and probably 1-50 of the companies that are funded are huge successes.

    I am not arguing that there is not way too much undeserved compensation paid to the corrupt and the feeble within the major institutions. Without government protection most of the large banks would be fond memories due to their incompetence.

    For the younger audience, remember that everything the government is giving your friends and those causes you support is being put on your credit card. It will be there for the duration of your life and the lives of your children, slowly consuming your prosperity. More than $ .40 of every dollar the government spends is additional debt. In effect our country’s economy is being run like a crack house, mortgaging the future for the pleasures of the presenet, selling the family silver for more drugs and begging the dealers to extend just a little more credit this week, next week we’ll be more responsible. In the end the boys from Mexico or Columbia will pay a late night visit . In our country’s case it will be the boys from China and the oil countries that suddenly own us.

  363. Janine says:

    @Honey – I’m with you all the way. Once I finally started paying attention to who win in politics (not the people) I became very skeptical of our government. These officials, no matter their party, are in it to get rich. They don’t care about who voted for them.

    And the bright eyed and bushy tailed new politicians who ran into the office full steam thinking they could change the political climate (like Obama) were sorely disappointed to learn that ALL of Washington is corrupt. Everyone is getting their back scratched for something.

    Even with the universal health care, it’s supposed to help Americans, but under this system you get fined if you don’t have/can’t afford insurance! If someone can’t afford insurance, how are they supposed to pay a fine? Why is it illegal not to have health insurance? People are being set up to fail! That add on was paid for by insurance agencies, I’m sure.

    I’m really upset I have to pay these scoundrels. Also, this is the time of year when congress gets shit done (as opposed to the other times in a year when they don’t do anything), so don’t expect closure on the fiscal cliff debate until after the holiday.

    • Madridista says:

      @Janine — Ditto to health insurance. I don’t know why it’s illegal not to have it either. I think though universal health care could work better in smaller countries, like Honey mentioned. When you have a unitarian system of government, as opposed to federal, then passing laws like that is easier (with no one’s fighting for more pork for their respective states), especially when it comes to closing loopholes in the system like with taxes. Without 50 states looking out for their interests and pork and putting in random amendments on bills, it would be easier. Of course, changing that would be a huge departure from tradition and they’d have to change the electoral system too. Most people would have a coronary. Politicians need to be better policy makers. Good grief, when I signed a contract with my club I made sure there were no loopholes. It’s not that difficult, but of course, they’d need more common sense then.

  364. Honey says:

    Does anybody even KNOW what the tax rate is? Or the effective tax rate? Or is paying ANY taxes too much? How much SHOULD anyone, the rich, the middle class, how much IS a fair?good rate rate? I mean, I know some think that 27% is high or do they? The loopholes are great if you qualify, which most of us don’t . Joe…Joe, the NOT plummer is that you? Looking out for the people who have congressmen standing up for them right now, at least the lobbyists for the tax wanna be avoiders are getting paid for their job. I have a business, I’m NOT thinking about how the taxes are going to kill my business if I don’t get some tax breaks. I WOULD like to know at rate rate I am to tax my service and goods and employee pay stuff. I am actually three months behind turning in my paperwork because I really would like to be able to plan for the future and the GOP holding up 98% for the 2% is bogus. Sorry, Blasphemous I know, COMMUNISM , SOCIALISM!! SCARY BAD! I’m in Houston, Enron, Halliburton,Shell, Kelsey-Sebold, Minute maid, Coco-Cola…others… were all gaming the systems, I worked for, with, shoulder to shoulder with lots of the companies and people who were on the corporate government dole. They knew who was going to win other countries elections because they were/are far up the governments ass. They set policy, they make the laws.They don’t work for us and I’m sorry they do need to pay their fair share Look at Denmark, and Iceland, they have high tax rates but the people are citizens, NOT customers. and the Obama administration does not have clean hands. He’s a part of the whole thing too. ALL the presidents are. You have to be in this country nowadays to get things done. You have to have other people’s money and people what things in exchange for their money. And who do you think the lobbyist have more in common with/ how much money have you given to your senator? I mean you as a citizen can only give one vote. Your Rep. needs money for his kids private school. Money gets the tuition paid. I used to say one dollar, one vote, but the superpac thingy spent like $6 per vote to convince us that 10 years of lower taxes for the rich did the country some good when they were the ones that made money, A lot of money. I was there for some of it, I saw it with my own two eyes. They don’t like to pay taxes.

  365. California SB says:

    The true unpublished unemployment rate in the US has been at least 30% since 09. The company I work for is cutting 1200 jobs in 2013. Ill be lucky if I can keep mine next year. Anyone who has the nerve to defend this administration should just move to DC and get a job as an offical ass kisser.

    • Phoenix Baby says:

      California SB- I am also a SB and I must admit that I’ve recently started reading these blogs and we are so similar. I was just thinking this “Anyone who has the nerve to defend this administration should just move to DC and get a job as an offical ass kisser. (but in sligtly different words)” right before you said it. Too funny! My jobs in the industry I work in also make cuts often. It sucks!

  366. Janine says:

    @Madridista – LOL! A lady came into my store the other day complaining about the president and how his tax rates are too high. So she and her business owner husband, were making plans to move to France, and that if Mitt were president they wouldn’t have to move. I was dying on the inside. They have no idea what they’re about to get into.

    People in the states are so partisan they’re stupid. If they paid any attention they would know that in France taxes, not just the Champs Elysees, cost a lot of money.

  367. twiceshy says:


    “The rich already pay more than their fair share, so what more do you expect?”

    Actually, the facts show that they do not. They can afford to utilise the loopholes and invest their money so that they avoid paying their fair share, or their expected share. And they spend a considerable amount of time and money studying the ways to avoid taxes and structuring their businesses to avoid taxes.

    This is why when governments move to alter tax laws to shut down loopholes you always get members of this class of income owners threatening to switch citizenship.

    Society requires all strata to contribute and work together. The rich would never be rich without the middle class and the poor. They could never afford to pay for the roads they drive on, or to secure their properties and their person on their own without law and order. This is especially true in those developed nations with strong support networks that take care of their population (mostly Europe, don’t consider this to be true of the US in general).

    The notion that providing them with tax breaks, leads to growth for the middle and lower class has been shown to be an unequivocal fallacy. A quick look at the US economy is all you need to prove this for yourself. Tax breaks have been in effect for quite some time, and salaries have not gone up, employment has not gone up.

    I understand you have a vested interest in the rich continuing to do whatever they want to, but one shouldn’t confuse one’s personal survival with facts. There really is no need to rationalise the fact that those who have more, continue to want more and to keep what they have from everyone else. But don’t say that they all pay their “fair share” when the reality is they go to great lengths to avoid doing just that. And if you deny that your wealthy friends and sugar daddies structure their assets to avoid paying taxes then they aren’t being very honest with you.

    On the other hand, the guy who is earning a salary that is taxed before the money even reaches his account, can’t take advantage of those same loopholes. He HAS to pay his share.

    • Madridista says:

      I meant that rich pay more in taxes (no matter what loopholes they may use to avoid “fair” part) than I do. They pay more than me or anyone else that I can point to, in terms of $ amount. So that’s may not be “fair” in how they do or don’t do it, but either way it’s way more than what most people contribute when they write a check to IRS. So, I’m not denying anything. Besides “fair” is very subjectives term. Everyone has different definitions of what they find to be “fair”. For instance, I don’t think it’s fair that my favorite boutiques are closed on Sundays and that people have to pay for water (e.i. water bills), when it’s a freaking water. But would everyone agree. Nope. See? It’s hard to agree on what’s fair.

      And what France is doing is not a “fair share” deal to those players. They’re not the top 5% of earners anyway, not even top 10 in most cases and yet the new law wants to take 75% of his money from him. I’m glad he moved. At least in Spain, they’re taking out a “fair share”, not some random percentage that they pulled out of their behind. When does it stop though? Nothing wrong with citizenship threat anyway. I have multiple citizenships, so what? We never have to stay in a place just because the accident of birth put us there. People have the right to take their lives and assets elsewhere, if they want to. I know I wouldn’t have my job if I stayed in the States. I also know that rich people are awesome for hiring me because how many poor people have given others jobs? Again, governments (all governments) need to find a solution other than taxation all the time to problems. Taxing the rich won’t solve the problems in my country since money consistently not efficiently spend and there’s so much waste and it’s sure as hell is not solving the 27% unemployment rate here. People want solutions, not a haggle over who’s rich and who’s not.

    • northernsd says:

      You can still manage your taxes even if you are on salary. The idea is spend less than you make. I know this does not apply to the [poor but there are tons of middle class that could better themselves by doing a proper budget. Instead they buy overpriced homes and luxuries on credit and whine that they cannot take advantage of incentives because their money is gone.

  368. Frank says:

    Hey, I’ve got a plan! Why don’t we just tax everyone at 100%, and then give the money back to the people according to their needs. That’s the ultimate in fair systems!

    If you tax people so much that there is no real benefit in them working harder or risking their money in a business then you are going to have an economic disaster.

  369. Madridista says:

    Isn’t it funny how some people like to count someone else’s money? Everyone always seems to assume that just because 2% or 1% can afford to pay way more in taxes, that that’s where their money should go. Fairness goes both ways. Instead of austerity measures, the first solution to an economic downturn always seems to be “let’s tax the rich”. The rich already pay more than their fair share, so what more do you expect? Same people would raise cane if someone took the same % out of their earnings. I wish politicians would get some brains and stop blaming the other party or coalition and find solutions, not start class warfare. I live in a country with 27% unemployment rate, but nothing’s done about it. The government is hoping our rich uncle Germany will always come to our rescue.

    My club’s first team has some footballers from France and they say as long as the new law exists, they can’t ever play for French clubs because 75% of their salary would be gone. Who’s to argue that just because they’re considered rich, they can afford it? They’re not even the 1%-ers in their country. Rich people have bills that are proportional to their lifestyle too, so let’s not start judging who can afford what and why. I know I’d hate to have people tell me what I should do with my money. Once you start counting what others can and cannot afford, where do you draw the line? Then should government start telling everyone how they should spend their money efficiently?

  370. Janine says:

    Politicians don’t have any skin in the game!!!!! That’s why our country has been falling behind for the past 12 years. Maybe even more than 12, if you really think about it.

    @CaliforniaSB – taxes were going to increase no matter which party was voted into office. I remember reading news stories this time last year that predicted such. Even the GOP said a tax increase was imminent.

    Both parties briefly touched on the tax increases for a hot second, then quickly went back to campaigning. The GOP didn’t say much about it because it’s is traditionally more conservative when it comes to tax increases, and it’s not good campaigning to admit that a tax increase is inevitable for a party whose platform is lower taxes.

    Now the tax increase is simply easy ammunition to aim at the Dems, which is fine with me because they they suck, the GOP sucks and congress is a bunch of out-of-touch, immature, old, farts.

  371. Honey says:

    Thanks Frank, been in Costa Rica working on my tan…!
    I’m sorry but taxes are the price you pay to live in a civilized society. The rich don’t need government to intercede for them, the can just go elsewhere. They have had taxes for 10 years and they have done nothing but complain and make more money than the last ten years. Now the GOP is trying to save the 2%, who can just move to another country if things don’t go their way. and the rich all still use social security and medicare…They get free healthcare for themselves and their families for life so why do they care? I mean our politicians, they don’t have any skin in the game.

  372. California SB says:

    Let’s see 2K a year will cost me:

    – My car insurance bill, or
    – A years worth of full set manicures in a spa, or
    – A 4 days trip vacation to Paris, or
    – At least 3 new designer bags, or
    – A month’s rent or
    – Two years worth of electricity or

    Etc, etc………

  373. California SB says:

    Yup, you voted for him now take it…………….

  374. Kat says:

    I live in Belgium, which is in the top 3 of countries with the highest tax rate (marginal tax rate of about 54 percent) We pay less for healthcare, but compared to what we pay, we really don’t get that much in return…

  375. Frank says:

    Honey-welcome back!

    Its not a matter of that the 2% can pay more, I’m sure probably the top 40 or 60 % can pay some more, its what is the most efficient taxation and economic scheme.

  376. Honey says:

    Two thousand dollars is a lot, to some people or most people? Sorry all the other “civilized” countries actually get more for their tax dollars in health insurance and other so called amenities… I’ve been to developing countries that gave more back to their citizens. I can afford to pay more in taxes and so can the 2%. just My opinion.

  377. frank says:

    Everyone is going to pay more, your average SD is going to be socked by this, and even the average Joe and Jane are going to be hit when they start collecting the rest of SS again. Just for str

  378. flyr says:

    Unfortunately the $2,000 is just for starters. Every time you open your wallet or purse your dollars will buy less, your utility bills will be higher etc.

  379. Phoneguy says:

    Why would only women pay 2K more?

  380. Janine says:

    2k would be a significant blow for me, seeing I was just able to get a job (no, it’s not in my field).

    The economy is tanking, and I’m not putting the blame on a single party, and I’m afraid I won’t be secure enough when the financial poo hits the fan. I’m hoping my business takes off by then, and I can sustain myself.

    But it would be great if I could find a long term SD who can make the time much more pleasant and less rough 🙂

  381. NewSB says:

    Only 2k? In a year? Please.

  382. Leroy says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!