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The Top Sugar Baby Misconceptions
  • Posted Dec 19, 2012


The term “Sugar Baby” is quite open to interpretation—while some may scrutinize the term for objectifying women, we wholeheartedly disagree. A “Sugar Baby” is a beautiful, independent woman who is treated with class. She is pampered because she knows how to take care of a man. The negative assumption of a “Sugar Baby” as a mindless, money leech is simply that: an assumption. And you know what happens when you assume…

Here are some of the more prominent Sugar Baby stereotypes that are often assumed, but never true.

1.) Sugar Babies are only money-motivated.

Women are attracted to success, but success in itself transcends beyond money. Obviously, wealth helps in a relationship. But ask any woman–they would rather date a nice, successful man compared to a richer jerk. When choosing a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babies factor other important qualities: intelligence, mentor-ship, and sophistication.

2.) Sugar Babies are entitled, spoiled, brats.

A “sugar” relationship is never one-sided–rather, it is mutually beneficial. A Sugar Daddy chooses his Sugar Baby depending on how much she offers in a relationship. Whether it be friendship, youth, or charisma, a Sugar Baby has value and utilizes it.

3.) Sugar Babies exchange sex for money.

Simply put: this isn’t prostitution. It is a relationship, not an exchange. While some Sugar Daddies favor sex, others often engage in mutually beneficial relationships for the companionship and experiences. It all depends on what both sides are seeking in their arrangements.

4.) Sugar Babies are all looks and no brains.

The assumption that with beauty, comes no brains, could not be farther from the truth. Interestingly enough, the majority of Sugar Babies on SeekingArrangement.com are college students pursuing their various degrees. Others are older with jobs. Obviously, some are more intelligent than others, but why let the bad define the good?

5.) Sugar Babies have no jobs.

“Sugar” should never be confused with dependence. The Sugar Baby community is diverse in itself: from college students, to artists and entrepreneurs, Sugar Babies will accept generosity regardless of their job status.


What other Sugar Baby stereotypes have you heard?

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72 Responses to “The Top Sugar Baby Misconceptions”

  1. tammy says:

    i just want a sugar daddy someone to try something new who will take care of me and want to make me happy . i never had that . i can`t contact anyone through here if you can contact me can we try this . show me you can help me and we can be something special .

  2. EllenSugarB says:

    If you want to learn how to manipulate, listen to Cali, lol lol

    I still don’t completely believe her when she says these silly things.

  3. California SB says:

    SD4ONE: ” seemed to be looking for a connection and a good relationship ”

    Yup, that’s exactly how we, cold calculating girls, want you to think… that we love your (insert color here) eyes, and your smile and that we are not with you for the money.

  4. SD4ONE says:

    Misconception #1 – Sugar Babies are only money-motivated. These are arrangements so money is an important consideration but, in my experience, only a few SB’s have been cold and calculating about the financial aspect. The others seemed to be looking for a connection and a good relationship as well as financial support. Pretty much as advertised.

    4.) Sugar Babies are all looks and no brains. and 5.) Sugar Babies have no jobs. The same few mentioned above could be described by these statements. There are a lot of SB’s on the site. If you find any for whom these misconceptions are true, move on.

  5. flyr says:

    Noevis and African Queen

    The gang has moved on , you should probably repost these two to the latest topic

  6. African Queen says:

    Hi, I’m new to being a SB (and I’m very excited). I get many views, but not too many genuine responses…I have talked with two, but all they wanted was sex and I know from that, they aren’t real SD’s. I’m not just sitting around either, I’m sending winks and emails to those who I am interested in.

    Can someone please review my profile and let me know if it’s ok? Am I doing anything wrong? My profile number is: 306468…thank you so much!

  7. Noevis says:

    This Sugar Life is new to me. It’s amazing how a few bad ones can ruin it for the
    Good ones.
    I’m attracted to success. I have a pretty good career,nice house,SUV paid for. Woohoo No car payments.
    Past relationship have lead me here. I don’t see myself with a man that’s not successful.
    I have goals of opening my own business.
    I will make that happen with or without a mentor.

  8. EllenSugarB says:

    I had blue Shield PPO, pretty darn good insurance in my book. and still, they found some sneaky way not to pay the bill.

    I had a good amount of savings…keep in mind I have worked since age 14 (now 30). Yes, I do invest my $. But this health issue would have wiped me out completely. I will look into supplemental insurance and thank you for that little piece of advice…but this particular accident put me out of work for 8 months – no disability coverage. Really this life event could have completely wiped me out – kind of like a shitty messy divorce. In all honesty, insurance couldnt have prevented this shitty life event. Things just happen sometimes.

  9. JustATequilaSD says:


    Would it have been something covered by supplemental ins? And we all do the best we can w/our emergencies, such is life. Even pre-nups (divorce insurance) only cover so much as you watch your heart get repo-ed. LOL.

    40k in life savings sitting around? I hope it’s at least attempting mitosis or making some dollar babies. Wall street money never sleeps, i hope yours doesn’t either.

  10. EllenSugarB says:

    For the record, I DID have health insurance. Yes there was a high deductible but no way around that one in my case. Somehow my insurance company found a way to NOT be liable for the incurred over $40k in costs. (Totally ridiculous.)

    I have great foresight and planning, especially in the financial area. I am a “live on a budget” kind of girl. Yes I DO have good fin mgmt skills..and proud of it. All the foresight and planning in the world wouldn’t have prepared me for this unforseeable freak accident. Jut a shitty situation. And I am lucky that he helped. I like to keep a big cash reserve, as well. $40k would have wiped that reserve out…and he didn’t want that for me. It’s devastating to work your ass of (in my case since age 14) and have shitty life situations wipe out your savings.He didn’t want that devastating hardship for me. And I am LUCKY!!

    there was no point in adding med payment s to profile allowance – we were already beyond a year into the arrangement.

    We are not sill “together”… but I love him still and we spend tons of time together. He just may end up being my life partner….wo knows.

    Thanks for your input. I , of course took this one personal, because for me it was very personal.

    With that said – there are people who have ,milliions in reserves and STILL have emergencies and life challenges that financially wipe them out completely

  11. JustATequilaSD says:

    It’s not that older women don’t have emergencies. It’s the foresight and planning that makes the difference. (Older or younger.) It’s part of the financial management prowess that you just spoke of. Flyr made a good point about the insurance. Some sb’s like to keep a big cash reserve. Another sb may have just added the med payments into her profile allowance. So many different ways of handling it, but if your sd squashed it, then even better. Are y’all still together?

    I don’t know if he had white knight syndrome or not. That one big emergency you had would not have put him in that category. If someone is consistently jacked up and in need of rescue whether financially, emotionally, or physically that’s different. But if those 2 ppl are both happy with the relationship, then I totally agree with “who cares.”

  12. Jersey Darling says:

    I think that all sugar relationships are based on trust. If you cannot trust the person enough to believe that there is an emergency, or you do not care about them enough to help with the emergency if you are able, you should not be sharing your body and mind with them.

    And Russian, I’m with you… There is no way I could be with a boyfriend I love and adore and be with someone else at the same time. I’m monogamous with sugar daddies as well.

  13. EllenSugarB says:

    northernsd and Frank, it sounds like both of you are referring to women with poor financial management skills. In the past if I had a long-term SD who was helping with bills, he used his cc to pay the bills directly to get the points for cc rewards and paid the cc off before any interest was charges (as per MY advice!) I can’t believe that girl is still getting the overdraft fees. Thats just reckless at this point.

    Its nice if some older women have the luxury of “never having emergencies.” Which sounds like total BS … everyone has emergencies. If they dont want to ask for help – – fine, then suffer. After being hospitalized from an accident with over $40k (yes, OVER Forty Thousand Dollars) in medical bills not covered by insurance … Did I need some MAJOR help from my SD boyfriend because of this emergency/disaster? Hell yes I did! And I absolutely hated having to ask for help, but in hindsight this guy saved my ass big time and gave me the best gift of all: Health. Happiness. Not suffering the effects of extreme stress from outrageous and oppressive medical debt. Does that make him a White Night? Who the f cares?! Did he make my problem his problem? NO! He never made me feel like it was a problem. He was loving and supportive. And I am LUCKY that he wasn’t such a selfish insensitive jerk to think of me as a “problem.”

    Bitch rant over. haha

    • flyr says:

      Re ; Ellen

      I think one of the things a SD does in a lasting relationship is think about thngs like insurance. He’s not only helping his SB but also insuring himself against the major dilemna of helping in an unforseeen situation. For young people high deductible catastrophic insurance is pretty cheap.

    • northernsd says:

      I am sorry if I hit a sore spot. The situation you described for yourself is very different than the “emergencies” my SB had
      You are very spot on as in my case it was a problem about her money management. In my case she acted as these were sudden emergencies when in reality as I found out it there was nothing sudden about it and it was her norm as she simply said she did this numerously. My original arrangement with her covered emergencies (incidentals) and I think that is why she put them as such.

  14. Frank says:

    russia – no we dont want that kind of entertainment

    russia – yes she wouldnt need sugar if she wasnt a mess, she must be cute!

  15. RussianSB says:

    @northernsd, with what head you did screen her ? I can see ”lost” girls from first conversation.
    Be honest with us – she is cutie ? By the way, if she don’t have such a mess maybe she don’t need to look for sugar, so it is ok that she is in a mess – it brings her to sugar bowl 🙂

    • northernsd says:

      You are right. I have a really bad sore spot for redheads so I am sure my vision was a bit clouded. For some reason redheads are either gorgeous or ??

  16. RussianSB says:

    We are boring girls, Tina, SDs want extreme – SBs contacting their wifes, using parfumes – to cause home scandals after, always emergencies, always sick grandmothers&Co, cheating with everyone, same time charging SD and find exuses not to sleep with him (because sick granmother) etc. etc.
    Work hard play hard 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Bussinessmen want entertainment. Not just boring sugar arrangement !

  17. Tina says:

    @Frank: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. ’nuff said

    @northernSD: hey now, there ARE those of us that have things together enough to NOT have emergencies! 🙂 Given my meager income from my job, I think I do quite well in managing my current bills. I will admit that I do have some outstanding items from some unpleasant life experiences, but I’m working on that. Hence the draw to sugar………..that, and the plans floating around in my head 😉

    • northernsd says:

      I am not generalizing this on everyone. I am more just trying to get advise on how to handle it i the future. I couldn’t of screened this girl any better and known that she was such a mess. She was very intelligent and seemed to be together but financially she just could care less. It was fairly obvious that she counted on someone to rescue her continually.

  18. RussianSB says:

    My BF it is my SugarDaddy (or Sugar Boy – they not always at the age of a ”daddy”) – my body BELONGS to a person who care properly about that body needs… evrything else is immoral and immature… but I am old fashioned not-openminded girl. Fuck arround very popular nowadays.

  19. RussianSB says:

    @Madridista, but 20 some y.o. SBs usually do have looser BF with greesy hair. We discuss it a lot at the blog :”I have SB and she have BF… My SB said she don’t have BF but I found out that she has one… Potential SB ask me if I am ok with she have also BF behing Sugar etc.”

    • Madridista says:

      And some 20 y.o. SBs can also fit into #1-5 on this list as well, but it doesn’t make it representative of the group as a whole and, ergo, is a major misconception. Besides having a boyfriend and a loser boyfriend are two different things. As for lying about it, well, it’s no different than lying about other stuff. For some sugars, it’s a deal breaker and I wish both parties would be more honest and upfront about their respective relationship statuses so as not to waste each other’s time, but that’s a different topic altogether. Twenties are for making mistakes though, so that’s the time to date all kinds of wrong guys. The right kind of wrong 😉

  20. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    I’m still looking for my Sugar Daddy through this site.I’ve been stood up, and just haven’t gotten much action. I wish someone would give me an allowance.

  21. Frank says:

    Calif- Maybe your bf does get some advantage from your sugar life style. With that 12,000 a month I’m sure you have a nice car he gets to drive/ride around in. you have a nice apartment he gets to hang out in. I’m sure when you open an expensive bottle of wine he has his glass out.

    Do you not take trips with him, go to concerts, go out to eat.

    Just saying.

  22. Frank says:

    Thanks for the advice every one. That is what I meant by tough love. I have told her I am giving her a set amount, and she has to live with that. We’ll see how she takes it. And if I can stick to it, she hasn’t used tears yet!

    She says she wants me to give her financial counseling, help with her budget ect., but I don’t think she wants advice on the spending part, just help with the income part. Sounds like a way to suck me in.

    Example of her being a financial airhead. She turned back on the over draft on her debit card, and this month has used over half of her discretionary income for those charges. How does that make any sense.

  23. California SB says:

    I have a poor boyfriend but he is definitely not a loser. I dont suppport him at all and eveything I spend its on me and me alone. Im too selfish to suppport anyone lol lol

  24. Madridista says:

    Another major SB misconception, I was reminded of it on the last blog topic actually, is that SBs must have some loser boyfriends somewhere. That’s not always true. Everyone makes mistakes in dating, whether it’s in the sugar bowl or IRL, but that’s normal. Being losers also has nothing to do with financial success. For example, an ex of mine was a former professor, very well off and very respected in his field, and he made my life a living hell after our break up and my uni had to fire him. The moral: loser boyfriends are not necessarily those who don’t have financial success — they come in all shapes and sizes. However, if a SB has a boyfriend who mooches off of her, I don’t know how long any SBs will put up with that behavior as we tend to be attracted to men who share a lot of good SD traits: intelligence, generosity, common interests, etc.

  25. RussianSB says:

    @northernsd, I am too, I am too ! I learn how to use internet properly that year, FINALLY !!!
    I order fashion now only by internet, all the presents I order on-line (already delivered) and even cute X-mass paper bags for presents (not delivered yet). I also order NewYear dinner in advance.
    Everything will be delivered at my door step ! Difficult to be bad housewife nowadays !
    What about X-mass trees – I am sure they have it on-line in US !

    • northernsd says:

      You probably could order a Christmas tree online but that is one thing I do the old fashion way. My boys and I go to a farm and chop one down ourselves. We definitely went overboard this year year as the tree is 12 foot high and about 8 foot wide. I think my kids are thinking the bigger the tree the bigger the presents!

  26. Madridista says:

    @Frank @northernsd — Constant “emergencies” will never stop. Some women are really bad at managing money and as long as there is someone to always rescue them, they have no incentives to change their situation. I’ve known one girl at a uni who had to have her parents cut up her credit cards and put her on a budget with a monthly allowance and still reality didn’t sink in and she kept up her old ways and invented “emergencies” to get more money. Only a serious wake up call or some major life changes will cause them to want to change their ways. Listen to wise Guru, don’t make their problems your own. There is helping out during a bad time and there’s being that constant rescuer (i.e. White Knight Syndrome).

    • northernsd says:

      White knight syndrome is the story of my life. I come from a very large working class family (7 sisters 8 brothers and about 70 nieces/nephews) I have heard every sob story there is. Some of it is ridiculous and other just genuinely just need a hand up.

      With the last SB I realized in the end there was no helping her she is just going to continue her ways. I guarantee that 3 months ago when I caught her up on her car payments she didn’t make another payment on it even though I added that amount to her allowance just for that.

  27. Tina says:

    @Frank: I’m going to be, well, frank, here for a sec. It’s time to dump this SB and find a new one. You’ve already given her a second chance, and here she is starting with her previous habits. Just recently in the previous blog you mentioned that she was doing well and making you feel like more than an ATM, but less than 24 hours later here is a post stating that she is starting her bad behavior again. Tsk tsk, you deserve so much better. There are SBs out there that DO have their lives together, and need/want assistance / mentors for specific goals in their lives. Sorry for being so direct, but that’s how I see it.

    Guru – please help save this poor SD from himself! YIKES! Wave your magic wand (NOT the magic wand used for SBs, the OTHER one!) and help him move ahead! 🙁 (Ok, so I know that Frank has to realize it on your own and you’ve already stated once in this blog, and multiple times in recent blogs, about “White Knight Syndrome and not making her problems yours…..*sigh*)

  28. Frank says:

    Yes there is a level of caring between sb/sd and if she has a real emergency and needs extra you will surely help her out. Problem comes when she sorta wants more money and exaggerates problem, you give her more money, and then she starts making things up to keep that ATM thing going. At least that is what happened with my sb before last.

    Second problem is when the emergency is self inflicted. My current sb, although a brilliant actress is an airhead when it comes to money and shoots herself in the foot and needs to be bailed out. I did it in the past, but she is asking again for one more round of help and she is sure she will be on stable footing. Think its time for the tough love speech. Right Guru?

  29. California SB says:

    I have a horrible addiction problem….. thats where all my money goes: its called shopping. Online shopping is my weakness….

  30. California SB says:

    West coast yup its about 10 to 12 k a month. But when you have a certain standard of living dear……. it goes fast really fast out of your gucci purse…..

  31. California SB says:

    Tequila super mega low mart…. LolLol too funny….

  32. SD Guru says:

    “The last SB seemed to have a emergency every other day and I am horrible at saying no to women”

    One of the lessons I learned is “don’t let her problems become yours”, which was described in this article in my blog. Occasional legitimate emergencies are understandable. But if she has a habit of having “regular” emergencies then you have to establish boundaries and don’t reward bad behavior. Keep in mind that for some SB’s their life is a disaster, and no amount of money from you or anyone can change that. Also, take a look at my post regarding the “White Knight Syndrome“.

    “SD Guru, nice to “see” you, how’s sugar life been for you?”

    It’s nice to see you post again and thanks for asking! My sugar life is going great and I have only one complaint… so much sugar, so little time. 😛

    “I think you like every real Guru have celibate and live in Tibet ! I am the most slow thinking blog blond !”

    Ummm, no. I’m not that kind of guru! I know some blondes who are slower than you, but I won’t name any names… :mrgreen:

  33. JustATequilaSD says:

    “grandmother in hospital”
    In my younger years, I went on a date with a girl I had seen in a bar a few times. We went to the restaurant of her choice, and she convinced me over dinner that she wasn’t the kind of girl that would have sex with me on the first date, and that I was the kind of guy that cared for her so much that I’d give her $500 for her granny’s medication. Later my grandmaster pimp mentor told me that particular girl was a vaginaterian. Wow, was I ever so young and naive to miss soooo many signs? Oh, but her ass could launch a thousand ships. (That’s a Helen of Troy reference if you needed the footnote.)

    “I am in desperate need of a new chanel suit.”
    Is that suit approved by Larry the Cable Guy? Can you find it at SuperMegaLowMart? Just make sure you can still jump into the General Lee while wearing it, cuz we may have to drop you off at Boss Hawg’s place. (Get it? a channel suit and i’m talking about all these old tv shows like different tv channels. You see what I did there? And I do know the difference between a channel suit and a pencil skirt. I’m very fashion conscious for a guy.)

  34. EllenSugarB says:

    As in “guy” I mean he started as an SD and over years it developed into a love relationship. He was in a completely sound financial place, we were monogamous and loved each other, and if he didn’t help — honestly — I would have cut him off and never talked to him again (but I never told him that). There is no way I would believe someone cared about me if they wouldnt help me when my health was in danger and they were perfectly financially sound to offer help.

  35. EllenSugarB says:

    northernsd – what kind of emergencies are we talking about? Do you really mean DAILY emergencies? Or is the person really going through a particularly rough time? let me know. I am interested to know more specifics to get a better picture.

    Personally, in the past I have had some serious emergencies (as in admitted to the ER and some major medical expenses to follow which were not covered by my insurance) and my guy helped out a LOT. I really did need the help.

    So is she scamming, or really in need?

    • northernsd says:

      It was a very long series of bad patches. Some of it I know for sure was true but a few others were pretty iffy. (I paid to have the same problem fixed on her car 3 times and it did not get fixed until the last time I paid the shop directly) Most of it was from very bad money management from long before I even met her. The emergencies were not even what broke us up. What the final straw was when I paid for her to go home for thanksgiving (all expenses paid first class) plus I agreed to give a her a cash gift so she had money to spend when she was there. What got me was she told me that it wasn’t near enough and she didn’t want to go if that was all I would give her. That just killed me.

      • Jersey Darling says:

        It sounds to me like you were generous and she was greedyif nothing else, the way she phrased it was unacceptable – would she have liked it if you told her her beauty was not nearly enough, and it makes you reconsider of you even want her? Sorry this happened to you.

      • Theresa says:

        If I had a SD who was both getting me out of a bad patch and offered to send me to my family on Thanksgiving all expenses paid, not only would I NOT be ungrateful and complain about how much money he gave me, I would give him extra pampering to show how much I loved him for letting me spend time with my the people I loved and grew up with. The woman you were with was an ungrateful, selfish word that rhymes with witch, and it was a good thing that you broke it off with her. Take that relationship as a learning tool, and next time be a little more conscious and remember sometimes it’s good to just say “no”. I hope your next SB is more appreciative of your support, both monetary and mental. Good luck to you next time and may you find the woman of your dreams.

  36. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Guru, I know , I wrote my opinion before about a person who thinks/writes smart stuff like
    “stereotype are never true” . would not it be one more stereotype.
    It just hurt my eyes and brain.

    CaliSB. 3-4 SDs with 3-4 K a month – it is like … Like … a lot of money in cash.

    I like someone on blog wrote long time ago. “I am not so young and drop dead beautiful , I am asking for 1-3 K a month, but some girls here are much younger and very beautiful – they can and should ask for their 5 K and up …”

  37. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Thank you for your hot picture. NOW I want the picture Frank got then he was sick . (was it Frank?)

  38. RussianSB says:

    check it , please, from bybyka******
    maybe I go to your spam folder.

  39. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    What? Let me check my e mail.

  40. Stacy says:

    I am in dire straights! I need to head straight to the Caribbean to tan my cold, bare flesh – can I dial SD 911?

  41. California SB says:

    I have a sugar emergency: I am in desperate need of a new chanel suit. Hey Tequila, go buy it for me!! 😛

  42. California SB says:

    Nortthen I wasn’t talking to you LOL I was speaking in general. 😛

  43. RussianSB says:

    @Guru, do you have sugar life? Really? I think you like every real Guru have celibate and live in Tibet ! I am the most slow thinking blog blond !
    PS. Thank you Guru for mail exchange with ”I loveWestCoast SB” now, tell me,why she not respond on my love letter, I send to her ??

  44. RussianSB says:

    Hehe… 🙂
    SD emergencies not exists… what can it be ?? Dear I need some not planned kink staff immediately, I have emergency !!!
    Or… I have surprise not planned in advance trip shopping/romantic to Italy/Tenerife , get your suitcases, quickly !

  45. Classic Noir says:

    @SD Guru, nice to “see” you, how’s sugar life been for you?
    No matter if it’s SD’s or SB’s numerous emergencies all the time monetary or not (constant rescheduling of sugar time), sends red flags. Emergencies should be on an as needed basis, anything more is greediness/flakiness. The SD and SB need to clearly define what is and is not considered an emergency.

    For the record I believe there are far more independent/self-reliant SB’s than not, and too many “sour apple” SB’s have ruined the true image of a “Genuine SB” for all of us.

  46. RussianSB says:

    @northernsd, every other day emergency is simply scamming.
    From first days of sugar dating I forget about ”emergency” word.
    I am getting gifts an advance of their tv commercial starts. I always have extra money, than even I cannot spend. I don’t have same level of income as my SD, and I cannot refuse help that man offers me, but emergencies I definately don’t have. Every serious SB have sugar savings for year in advance, so we are not desperate. If lady always have money problems she do drugs/alcohol.
    And all that fairytales about granmother in hospital etc. When you guys stop to believe in such BS ?

    • northernsd says:

      With my last SB it was actually a lot of old bills that were seriously haunting her that became the emergencies. If she would of been upfront about them it wouldn’t of been a big deal and I offered to go though them with her to see what kind of damage she really had done to herself but that never happened and she just waited until it became a emergency. Like one was she had car trouble and I told here to bring it into the dealership and I would take care of it. Then she tells me she cant take it to the dealership because it was financed through them and she was behind 6 months on payments. There was even more to it than that it just was a very bad deal and that was only one of the scenarios.

  47. Phoenix says:

    I think the worst misconception I’ve run across (rarely, thankfully) is that we aren’t ladies. While a physical connection is important to many SB’s, that is something that develops with mutual attraction and trust. It’s silly to think that I value myself so little that I’d be willing to exchange dirty pictures with a stranger. I think they must have gotten lost somewhere!

  48. California SB says:

    Well, like I said before…. if someone it’s up to looking for trailer park trash desperation… then my friend, if she runs off with your cheap 200 bucks, don’t complain….

  49. SD Guru says:

    Re: The Blog Topic
    “Here are some of the more prominent Sugar Baby stereotypes that are often assumed, but never true.”

    I wouldn’t say it’s never true. Stereotypes and misconceptions are out there for a reason, and from time to time SD’s may encounter SB’s who perpetuate these stereotypes. However, it’s important for SD’s to recognize that most SB’s don’t fit into these stereotypes.

    Re: Allowance Level in the previous blog

    Cast of characters may come and go in the blog, but this particular topic always generate tons of discussion by both sides. Whether it’s $1-3k, $3-5k, or whatever, there is no need to put a label on it. If a SB requires $5k/month and has plenty of offers, that’s great. If a SD offers $1-3k/month and has plenty of takers, that’s great too.

    As I have said in the blog before, I don’t pass judgment on how people handle their sugar relationships. We all have different approaches and we do what works for us, what we’re comfortable with, and what’s within our risk tolerance level. Other than outright lies and deception, there is no right way or wrong way, or better way, just different ways.

    From time to time I had reprised my “Sugar Reality” post. I guess now is as good of a time as any to post it again.

    • northernsd says:

      Nice to see you on guru. While your here I have to ask for advise on SB emergencies. (financial emergencies) My last arrangement was allowance, gifts and the kicker was incidentals. (emergencies) The last SB seemed to have a emergency every other day and I am horrible at saying no to women so I am wondering if this is something I should broach when the allowance conversation comes up or how do other SD’s handle this.

      • Tori says:

        Don’t be Naive.. She is using you Stranger.. Simple…Cut her loose and find yourself a better SB who has respect for herself plus a good head on her shoulders…You will be doing yourself a good favor.:)

  50. WCSD says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Northernsd. I’m not interested in the desperation SBs, but there are a large number of them on the site. And (obviously) there are many ‘SDs’ who look for that to take advantage.

  51. northernsd says:

    Maybe its my area but a lot of these are not exactly misconceptions and are actually factual of many of the SB’s with profiles on the site. I now it is not near all but I can see how that “misconception” could happen.

  52. Janine says:

    I agree. I don’t think any of us are desperate. We all know what we want and this website offers us space to find each other.
    A lot of guys like the idea of “rescuing” a pretty lady and helping her with her bills, or taking her on vacation, and making her life a little easier or more enjoyable, but like CaliSB said, men dislike desperation/dependency and will avoid it.
    My dating values are a little old fashioned. I like being around impressive men. I’m not impressed if a guy asks me to go dutch when we go out.

  53. Madridista says:

    #1-5 are all major misconceptions and I think most of us SBs have had to battle those stereotypes.

    @CaliSB — “real sugar daddies are not looking for desperation and true sugar babies are not looking for an arrangement because they dont have any other source of income.” — Totally agree with this! Maybe SA should use it in one of their promotional ads.

    Like CaliSB, I’ve also had quite a few wanna be SDs asking me last year why I’m on the site if I had a good job and travelled a lot. Really? This is sugar dating, not desperate dating. This wasn’t really an issue few years ago, so I guess it’s a recent misconception. Before SDs would ask in initial conversations what a SB did for a living, so they assumed a few years ago that SBs having jobs/careers or being in school was the norm and constantly warned on the blogs how desperation was a turnoff and how they would be vary of girls for whom they were the only source of income. Guess times have changed.

  54. California SB says:

    Most people assume sugar babies are desperate losers. I had one guy ask me once why I am on an arrangement site if I am not desperate….. real sugar daddies are not looking for desperation and true sugar babies are not looking for an arrangement because they dont have any other source of income.

  55. Leroy says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!