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9 Things To Do Before The World Ends


I know what you’re thinking: it’s Y2K all over again. Nothing is going to happen. But isn’t there a tiny part of you that wonders if it really is possible that today is the last day for Earth? If you knew this for sure, you probably would not be sitting at your desk today, miserably counting down the hours until a (hopefully) four day weekend. But we don’t know do we? NASA says we’re good, and the Vatican says not to worry… but this date has been burnt into our brains, since we were children, as a date of significance. So, if the world were to end tomorrow, what would your biggest regret be? How would you be spending your last hours and minutes here on Earth.. and with whom? Here is our list of 9 things you should do TONIGHT. You know, just in case.



1. Have sex with a stranger. Pick someone up in a bar or a library and just do it. No one will judge you tomorrow if tomorrow never comes. But just in case the world doesn’t end, use protection.

2. Forgive. Why hold a grudge? Now is the perfect time to forgive. It’s Christmas, the world is ending. Whatever it is, just let it go.

3. Jump on a plane to anywhere. If the world is going to end, at least you can have a front row seat in the backdrop of your choosing.

4. Do something that scares you. Jump out of a plane, try Thai food, try out for a game show, swim with a shark.

5. Confess your secret love in an epic way. If there is ever a time to come clean, take a risk and be cheesy, today is the day for that. Hold a boombox (or iDock) under her window or chase her down at the airport, delivering a dramatic speech about why you should be together. You know you’ve always wanted to.

6. Throw A Party. Dance, drink, and be merry- for tomorrow the world may be gone.

7. Buy some Loubies. Every girl should own at least one pair of Christian Louboutins in her lifetime.

8. Put it all on black. Take a risk, make a BIG bet. Don’t drain your bank account, you know in case the world doesn’t end. But be a little less cautious than usual. It’s fun, and you might win!

9. Buy a round. You know you’ve always wanted to say “I’ve got this, next one’s on me! Let’s buy a round for the house!”. Generosity is a good feeling, go with it.

If the world ends tomorrow, we want to thank you all for being such a great community. If the world doesn’t end, and tomorrow is just another day on the calendar.. there’s still time to find a Sugar Daddy before Christmas! Now go,  carpe diem.

Are you doing anything special tonight or is just another Thursday?

How would your last moments on Earth be spent if tomorrow was the END?

Who would you be with if tonight was your last night on Earth?

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288 Responses to “9 Things To Do Before The World Ends”

  1. This is very attention-grabbing, You are an excessively skilled blogger.
    I’ve joined your feed and stay up for searching for more
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  2. Jersey Darling says:

    J – I think most of us have moved onto the new post, but yes, we do. I’ve met some of the nicest men on this site versus traditional dating.

  3. J.morgan says:

    Do women really meet nice men on this site? The kind of man who will take care of of a woman?

  4. Stacy says:

    Of course, traveller – you are in a good position now to explain to him how much you enjoy his company and really want to be able to pamper the man you’re with, but stressing about money is making it difficult. Tell him how very much you appreciate his generosity, but that having it be unpredictable doesn’t work for you because of school expenses. Tell him you need to find a Daddy who wants to provide for his Baby on a more regular/predictable schedule, so that you can pay for school – then see what happens.

  5. flyr says:

    Traveler SB – You’ll be precious and irresitable

  6. travelersb says:

    Thank you to everybody who has given me advices. I think you are all right. I guess I needed good people to remind me that the I can be the worthy investment and that I am not interested in being the needy bitch. The worthy investment relationship will be better for both of us. I will go for the long term and show him what is my value. We didn’t split off because it wasn’t working between us, but because of serious buissness problems that he had. This time I will not leave my job for him and I’ll be honest about my needs and my dreams. If he is interested in investings in those dreams, then good for me, if not, I won’t complain about some K$ help he wants to give me. 🙂
    thank you again to everybody, those were all good advices and it’s good to hear you think that way 🙂

  7. flyr says:

    @travelerSB “Now that I know that and now that it is him who wants me back, I want the big thing. The 10K allowance, the car, the appartment, the trips, the school fees ( very expensive for foreigners). Brief, I want everything and I want the allowance stable. I would like to know how you girls you would convince him to give me what I want knowing that if I make him feel like I am there only for the money, I will lose him. Thank you to anybody who will answer.”

    Right or wrong has nothing to do with the right answer .

    Your goal (I presume) to have a stable relationship wihich includes substantially more sugar delivered on a regular basis. You feel this should be driven by your needs…………….

    From an economic standpoint this is like GM telling you it needs another $10,000 from each Volt purchaser because it costs to much to build the car. It’s irrevelant to the reality of the situation.

    It mighjt be more productive top ask yourself how would your SD’s ministrer approach asking the SD to make a large donation to the church based on his ability to pay. A plea made on the basis of his ability to pay is likley to result in the potential donor’s conversion to another religion as the demand has destroyed the relationship.

    An approach more likely to produce retults involves thinkiong through the issues of what motivates your SD and moving his motivations to be congruent with your needs. This treansition is from that of a needy bitch to a worthy investment. (sorry if that’s a little more blunt than requested)

    If you make the demand before creating the sense of value you are likely to trigger a respons of , “hey, I wonder what $ KK allowance would bring in the “market” . The answer might not be what you want to hear.

    One of the most overlooked aspects of “value” is not quality but that of scarcity. We do not put much value into the fact that we have air to breathe . We assume it is there. However, if we are deprived of air or faced with the potential deprival of are it suddenly becomes PRICELESS because of the characteristic of scaricity.

    If you had 10,000 SD’s milling around d10 SB’s the sky’s the limit. However when the situation is reversed thnen te d

  8. Jersey Darling says:

    @Frank – 😉

    @Tina – lol! I definitely blog naked sometimes. I can never get the heat in my apartment just right, so when I get hot off the clothes go! The benefits of living alone lol

    @Tina & Tequila – The temperature just got hotter in here…

    @Cali – Will you still be commenting on the blog while you reevaluate? I hope everything is okay with you and if you ever need an impartial ear, let me know. Despite how much I talk, I’m actually a good listener 🙂

  9. Tina says:

    @Tequila: they have very vibrant peaks

  10. JustATequilaSD says:

    LOL,niiiiiiice, can’t wait to see the rolling hills of texas.

  11. Tina says:

    You provide the cream filling, I’ll provide the glaze……….

  12. JustATequilaSD says:

    Um…they come with their own cream filling?

  13. Tina says:

    @Tequila: do they come with their own sauce, or do I have to provide some?

  14. JustATequilaSD says:

    Here’s what you’ll need for my favorite Christmas recipe Sweet Tequila Balls:

    1 pr Swim Goggles
    1 pr Swim Arm Floaties
    1 Necktie
    1 can of Sterno (optional)
    1 gallon of tequila alcohol
    1 bottle of massage oil
    1 pr of Tequila Balls
    1 box of Female Viagra (optional)

    Light the sterno to take the chill out of the air if needed. Put on the necktie, the goggles, the swim floaties, and nothing else.(Sure, why not.) Take the female viagra now if you like. Apply a generous amount of the alcohol to my mouth area. Allow up two minutes for it to fully imbibe. During this time it’s a good idea to massage oil up your hands for the next part. You want to gently knead the tequila balls with your hands until you notice a change in texture. Feel free to taste them to see if they’re ready. If done correctly you will enjoy your Tequila Balls for hours. Feeds a party of 4.


  15. Tina says:

    @Tequila: HOT DAMN! Bring it on! 🙂

  16. JustATequilaSD says:

    Don’t worry, it was all in the name of science. Anatomy, biology, I’m always UP to study the body of the human female. 🙂 Now if you’d like to discuss me unwrapping that bow while you suck on a peppermint stick, I can always treat you like “figgy pudding” and not go til I get some.

  17. Tina says:

    Ok, I’m doing the last of my holiday baking tomorrow (sending these out in the mail – I waited until after the holidays so that when I mail them they don’t get delayed). If you want something, speak up now! 🙂

    @Leila: I was up late baking Saturday and Sunday nights, decorated the last of the cookies this morning at 4:30 am before I went to work! 🙂

  18. Tina says:

    @Jersey Darling: Wait, you mean everyone doesn’t blog naked with just a bow on during the holidays like me? DANG YOU TEQUILA! You told me everybody does it! 😛

  19. Frank says:

    Well then I haven’t been to Bali, but its a romantic time of year! Send me a post card!

  20. RussianSB says:

    Frank, you have more adventures life than me, believe me 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I am not married, and it happens that my SDs not married also, so nobody Oscar nominant 🙂

  21. RussianSB says:

    Frank, I mean I need only one …

  22. Frank says:

    Jersey darling- that would be the nicest present. I would open that package with great care!

    Russia-she is married and I’m sure earning her next oscar. I am at home earning my award for best supporting actor. I never intended for my life to end up this way.

    Calif-we all hope the best for you. Now don’t you dare leave us!

    Russia-one at a time- and always take a shower in between! Enjoy life while you are still young!

    Midwest- you are right, the resentment will bleed through and ruin a relationship.

  23. California SB says:

    Hi guys I’m going to take a sugar brake in 2013. I need to reevaluate my priorities. Love ya all. xoxo


  24. Nichole says:

    Merry Christmas

  25. Midwest SB says:

    Merry Christmas Sugars!

  26. Midwest SB says:

    TravelerSB – Wealth is not an indicator of generosity. What you two agreed upon you did so out of your necessities/ desires. We don’t get to ask for a % of his liquid wealth. You also don’t know his obligations…the higher the income, the higher the bills. At this point, the worst that can happens is he decides this chance has passed. It’s often that SBs/ SDs consider getting back together…only to remember why they stopped the arrangement in the first place after new date 2. The best that can happen is you are honest and say that it would be most helpful if you could talk about the arrangement terms. State how a steady allowance isn’t something that you would take for granted. Instead, you can use it to accelerate your goals knowing that it will have an “end” date so he doesn’t feel like you depend on it. Of course, once he sees your value and ability to “do what you say” he will likely share some of your passions (including charity). Lastly, DaddyGT is right in that a different frame of reference will be healthy. You will build resentment with all SDs if you think they should pay more than what you agreed to…accept what you need instead.

  27. Jersey Darling says:

    Frank – I’m sure one of us could wrap ourselves up in a litte bow if you’d like…

  28. Jersey Darling says:

    Russian – I think today is a lucky day for us sugar babies! I think Santa just delivered me the perfect Daddy.

    The Bahamas are beautiful…

  29. RussianSB says:

    No, I can’t have both… One at a time, girls ! Rules !

  30. RussianSB says:

    So many sugar proposals for holydays from not married SDs, both web and real !
    I just need to choose – Bagamas or Bali. Bahamas very rich and Bali romantic and long-term one.

  31. RussianSB says:

    What about your new-ex oscar winner SB, Frank ?

  32. Frank says:

    Darn it! No SB under my tree.

  33. EllenSugarB says:

    Merry Christmas Bloggers! I am taking a break from having a super fun drunken holiday with my huge family to say hello.

    Yes, it took me about 8 retires to type this message correctly. lol

    Drunk blogging

  34. Leila says:

    And happy! jolly! merry Christmas to you all!

  35. Leila says:

    @Tina:smile! I’m working too. I thought you’ll be commenced on a late night cookie baking project…late christmas shopping for me,and I must admit being jam packed with an army of manic shoppers is not a good place for *people like me* actually the way I deal with is to move at approximately one quarter speed. And in some perverse way I enjoy watching people act like they’re on a mission. Plus I shop out of their carts for stuff when they’re not looking-jk,cheering us up for working on Christmas…

  36. Leila says:

    @Tina: smile

  37. Leila says:

    @ travelerSB- I’ll second daddyGT on his point,and i’ll add my 2cents…how and who he decides to spend his money on is entirely his business,you can’t manipulate him to give you more money just because he’s rich…Play your cards well or get him to commit to a fixed amount…sometimes honesty is the best policy…

    @Tequila: how did I get in the list? hmm.. if CaliSB reckons your hot and from what I’ve gathered you happen to be a hopeless romantic like me, *leila pacing back and forth thinking*….

  38. RussianSB says:

    I go out from that sandbox !

    Till tomorrow

  39. RussianSB says:

    I found out that it is zoom on my computer making blog text and avatars bigger, and not SA 🙂
    Intel inside – idiot outside ! I AM blond …
    And all of you just laugh at me secretly, when I ask about zoom, I know…
    Bad, bad girls and boys…

  40. RussianSB says:

    Black Russian,White Russian – doesn’t matter, Russians drink only vodka, or scotch.
    No coktails

  41. RussianSB says:

    @Travelersb, all we are here good in giving free advices, but DaddyGT absolutely right.
    THAT daddy not going to give you more – he don’t care, and not going to give you allowance, he give you that much and that way he find is comfortable for him. You cannot push him to buy you car or give you big allowance if he don’t want. If you upset about his $$$, find another SD with 5 mil. networth who will give you the same support. To your consolation , I think half arrangements are the same – no fixed sum and not busyness-like. Only thing you can do – explane him about your scool, that you need such and such amount every month and you ask him to help you out with that.

  42. Jersey Darling says:

    *deep breath to sober up from the eggnog*

    @Traveler, he didn’t get rich by spending all his money. You can’t make him spend more on you because you want it – you have to demonstrate to him why HE wants to spend more money on you. I.e. you need to do a great job of showing your value. Also, I’d aim for something where he doesn’t get sticker shock. If I always pay a dollar for a loaf of bread, would I suddenly want to pay 10 dollars or would I just pick another loaf? Past a certain point, bread is just bread.

    If he really cares about you, just have an open conversation about your concerns and communicate with him. If he doesn’t, you can try to play with him, but remember what I said above…

    Good luck to you!

  43. Jersey Darling says:

    @leila.. Tina.. lol! I don’t have a secret crush… at least not yet 😉

    Besides. White Russians are more my thing than Tequila. Russian sb?

    I think if I had a crush on anyone it’d be California SB for being so successful. Seriously Cali, if I lived closer to you I’d buy you a drink and beg you to reveal your secrets.

    Jk… I like guys, I swear. ~2 hours and 15 minutes till Christmas! Yay for drunk eggnog!

  44. travelersb says:

    Thank you DaddyGT
    You are right that I should think about what I can bring to his life, but I am not interested by what he really wants aka marriage and me acting like a married woman and also some sex intercourse that I find unhealty for my body and painful lol…

    • DaddyGT says:

      There’s your answer.

      Despite the $$$ that might be blinding you, it doesn’t seem like this is the right SD for you, and to be blunt, sounds like a train smash waiting to happen.

      With that much difference from the get go, things are unlikely to end well.

  45. travelersb says:

    yes an agent would be helpful but the guy surely doesn’t want to deal with someone else than me in order to get me…. It makes no sens in a personnal relationship. life is complicated! It makes me sick to see all those millions in his bank account doing nothing but making rich people getting more rich instead of being money used to make people enjoy life. I would want him to spent all that money. Even on himself, but he got money by being very greedy so he will not change. They say making money creates a reaction in the brain that can be like taking cocaine. He cannot stop making money, but he can’t spent money either because he is use to his life being like that. It makes me sad.

  46. Tina says:

    Merry Christmas to you too Daddy GT! 🙂 Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow 🙁

  47. Tina says:

    And whoa, I just caught that – Tequila is hot? Really? Huh, who woulda thunk!

  48. Tina says:

    Secret crushes on Tequila? $400M SDs? What have I missed while working? SHEESH!

    @Tequila: YOU may no be controlled by lady parts, but we know your penis is. What the penis wants, Tequila does. We all know you’re controlled by the mini-me, don’t deny it!

  49. DaddyGT says:

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    You are sort of approaching this wrong. It doesn’t really matter how much he has. Or how much you think he has.

    If he worked for that wealth, and it wasn’t just handed to him, then he certainly knows the value of money. If he is running, or has run a business before, then he certainly knows what people earn. And $10k per month post tax is more than many senior executives in non-trivial sized companies earn.

    He wants you back. Play for the long game. At the very least, remind him that SA is at the core, about arrangements. Get him to commit to a fixed, stable, and regular arrangement. Keep it reasonable, but make sure you are happy with that amount.

    Then get him to invest more and more on you. Over time. As you demonstrate your value to him. The more he is invested in the relationship already, the more you can both get out of the relationship. How you phrase that in conversation with him, I will leave to your female guile and powers of persuasion.

    Well, at least that’s what would hook me. The big bang list of demands would never work for me. But then again, I’m just cheap like that 🙂

    And just a tip. Reframe your thinking. (forgive me for this but all I have to work with is your post). Make it less about what you want, and more about how you can add so much value to his life that he will gladly give you your desired allowance and more.

  50. Frank says:

    Traverlersb- sounds like a job for super sb-who wants to step up and help this girl negotiate. Maybe you need an agent.

    Nichole-First make sure you follow the safety rules others have stated.

    If he wants to move that fast, and you are ok with it, you should have a lot of the particulars nailed down before you meet. Like how much and when. gonna be more like p4p, not that there is anything wrong with that.

  51. Nichole says:

    What questions should I ask before meeting?

  52. travelersb says:

    Hi everybody, Mery Christmas to everybody! and happy holidays to everybody who doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

    I find myself in the need of serious advices. I had a sugar daddy for 4 months. The guy is semi-open to the allowance thing. I guess he sees it like prostitution unfortunatly. When I was with him, he did gave me an allowance of 3k every month but it was when HE wanted, I couldn’t really plan on that money, it was not regular : 2k one month, 5 k the other, 3k the others, and always little by little. He was seeing that like gifts, like if I should be surprise every time…. It was truly making me feel insecure and mad at him, but he never accepted to make it stable. Anyway, now he wants me back and I want to go back with him. The guy is ultra rich, His net worth must be around 400 millions and in his personnal account around 100 millions $. Now that I know that and now that it is him who wants me back, I want the big thing. The 10K allowance, the car, the appartment, the trips, the school fees ( very expensive for foreigners). Brief, I want everything and I want the allowance stable. I would like to know how you girls you would convince him to give me what I want knowing that if I make him feel like I am there only for the money, I will lose him. Thank you to anybody who will answer.

  53. JustATequilaSD says:

    Tequila does not belong to Cali, Jersey, or Leila. 😀 All Cali will get from me is a hug, and a teddy bear from Chuck E. Cheese. I’ve said this several times. And everyone should have at least one person in their life that wants nothing from them except to share passing similar interests. Is it so hard to imagine, a guy having a platonic relationship with a girl that likes math? OK, maybe it is. LOL. But at the end of the day, lady parts do not control tequila…Tequila makes the world go round. 🙂

  54. London Girl says:

    Maybe we could clone him…?

  55. London Girl says:

    @ Jersey, I’ve been lurking for a while as well and I also have a massive crush on Tequila! If only I could meet a man like him in real life!!!

  56. California SB says:

    Jersey.. tequila is all yours… lol

  57. Leila says:

    @jersey, tell cali your little secret crush on Tequila * wink wink*

  58. California SB says:

    My SD# 3 invited me to go with him, apparently the location is outside California, plane ride will be involved. He said location will be disclosed 24hrs prior. Cool isn’t??

  59. RussianSB says:

    Stanley Cubric !

  60. California SB says:

    Jersey Darling: Tequila and I are just blog mates. It’s more fun that way. 🙂

    I got invited to an Eyes Wide Shut new years eve party!!! I am soooooooooo going!!

  61. Jersey Darling says:

    Cali… Though I’m new to the posting on the blog I’ve been reading for a while. When are you and Tequila going to meet already? You two are lovebirds in the making 😛

  62. Frank says:

    Yes Russia two hands two heads, going to be a naughty boy again!

  63. California SB says:

    Merry chxmas peeps!!!!!! I got a cottoncandy maker from Sd# 1. Adorable isnt he? 🙂

    By they girls….. Tequila is hot!! (Sorry teq i dont think u mind me sharing this info)

  64. RussianSB says:

    Oh, now you have both hands for stupid things 🙂

  65. RussianSB says:

    …kind SB who at least kinda likes him – that motto must be on SA home page LOL

  66. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila, baby, come down on chimney tonight :)))))))))
    I am not dropping M-word, stay dry !
    But I am dropping L-word !
    Love, Love, Love…

  67. RussianSB says:

    @ElenSugarB – lucky you are… For six month – no p*nis picture,
    true they said location is a problem … even for p*nis pictures.
    But, girls, we live in the web era, when I go to scool such boys expose their p*nises in parks,
    standing behind the trees… now those lazy bustards just send multyply mails 🙂

  68. Frank says:

    Merry Christmas to all my SD/SB blog friends. thanks for all your advice encouragement and tough love!

    Hope all the SB’s get a Sexy, generous, SD this year. And all the SD’s get a lovely, sexy, kind SB who at least kinda likes him.

    Got my Christmas Present early, arm out of sling and now I can tie my own shoes and put on a t-shirt. Simple pleasures and tasks are underrated. Hope everyone also gets a gift they really want!

  69. EllenSugarB says:

    ….dammit!….I just got another penis picture. Joy.

  70. EllenSugarB says:

    Nancy Sb/La….Restaurants for a date or to meet a SD? To meet a SD, the Rosewood at happy hour, and the driving range at sunset time. 😉

    • NancySB/LA says:

      Thanks @Ellen
      Rosewood it is

      For the list, I was thinking more like hotspots restaurants, lounges; places to have a drink and be seen, after 8 etc..

  71. JustATequilaSD says:

    Before everyone gets drunk and forgets that we have a blog, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night.

  72. JustATequilaSD says:

    In this case, you are the daughter he wants, and the mother is your mother. I’ve seen mother/daughter profiles before.

    Sorry for your loss.

    Welcome back, we’re still here lol.

    You’ve hit on one thing that still terrifies even some really hardened men…the M word.

    @Tina and @northernSD
    Wherever there is tequila…there’s Tequila 😀

  73. RussianSB says:

    Oh, I also need slave architector in the beginning !
    Guys, send me your resume to my e-mail.
    I must look cool in patent leather dress !

  74. RussianSB says:

    They will build the house and pay me for that… In the breaks do my nails and hair.
    Jack, where are you, it is your field , when my house will be ready and how many slaves I need ??

  75. ContentSB says:

    @Tina — Ummmm yes, please come see northernsd because then you can see ME!!! 🙂 🙂 Hope you’re well, chica!

  76. RussianSB says:

    I have a unique fetish:
    – I want to be able to do your housework for you…
    it is not unique, slave must do perfect manicure and pedicure …
    I wish I find many many slaves and start to build my summerhouse 🙂 Dear Santa …

  77. NancySB/LA says:

    Hi Sugars- in San Francisco and San Jose for the next week, and was wondering if anyone could suggest some fun restaurants in the city?
    Also, moderators- may we have a topic for best places to hang out in for all the major cities please.
    Hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far!

  78. Stacy says:

    @jersey – the punishment is the fun part. It’s hiding their sissy dress from the wife that is such a pain. Lol.

  79. Tina says:

    @Midwestie Babe: MWWWAAAAAAHHHH!!!

    @RussianSB: “Rocky Mountain Oysters” = Bull Testicles (bleeeeeech!)

    @northernSD: head cheese – another BLEECH! But next year I’m penciling in crashing your party*licks tip of pencil and prepares to write*. So, where am I heading? 😉 (I can bring some goooood Texas tequila too!) 😉

    • northernsd says:

      By that time I will be in my new bachelor pad. Still looking on exactly where though but should be close to Minneapolis. But the best time to come up is the 4th of July hog roast.

  80. Jersey Darling says:

    Stacy, I had a guy like that! He wanted to be my slave (not for money though). Its a lot of work though… You have to discipline.

  81. Stacy says:

    I think I could suffer through this:

    I have a unique fetish:
    – I want to be able to do your housework for you…

    …and I will pay you if you let me do it!

  82. Stacy says:

    Nichole – for this site, 5 and 6 are a catch – if you at least think he’s real, probably worth a coffee date.

    • Nichole says:

      This guy was a, “If I drive to your area for our dinner date can I get some action?” type of guy. What questions should I aska SD before meeting him?

  83. Nichole says:

    I got a SD who asked me out who is either a #5 or #6 what a jerk!

  84. Nichole says:

    Soo, what are some questions you should ask a potential SD prior to meeting?

  85. ContentSB says:

    Hey everyone! Have to say I’m loving the lists and funny stories here 🙂 I just had my wisdom teeth removed, so it’s been fun to catch up on the blog and get my mind off of the pain lol. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

  86. California SB says:

    I replied saying sorry I don’t think you are my mother’s type and my daughter is not born yet. How do you reply to such a psycho?

  87. California SB says:

    The creep of the year award of 2012 goes to a guy who wrote me yesterday saying he is willing to pay 50K a month to have sex with mother and daughter. I know, it made me throw up.

    • Theresa says:

      Oh I got the same e-mail. He said he wanted to make it with a mother and daughter at the same time. The sickest part is that my daughter is an adult. I told him that we live in the country and that there was some cattle that might be willing to take him up on his offer because there was no way I was going to do it. That made him go poof quick enough. I don’t know what it is with some of these men now a days. You couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to even consider doing something like that.

  88. California SB says:

    One day out of the blog and so much stuff goes on!!!

    Midwest: Marriage proposal by text? I would reply “yes”. Then 1 min later text to ask him to take out the garbage. Then text again saying “I want a divorce, please sign here”. What a loser….

  89. flyr says:

    If your proposal arrives by text ( assuming you are not continents apart) you can assume that the breakup note will come by snailmail with postage due.

  90. EllenSugarB says:

    What story do you tell your friends when they ask “How did he propose?”…”He made it so special. He sent me the most wonderful sweet TEXT MESSAGE.” hahahaha

    what a dum dum

  91. EllenSugarB says:

    Midwest – A proposal via text message?!?!?!?! SO lame beyond all lameness.

    Yes, MOST guys will wait until he knows the woman will accept to propose, and others will do it out of desperation while they are grasping at straws to “keep” you. And I agree, If you actually said yes he would be sh!tt!ng his pants.


    Sorry to resort to name calling. But really. Lame loser!

  92. EllenSugarB says:

    as flyr said “some kind of “specialized” employment agency/pimp ” … yes, those lowly types are trolling on SA, too. I’ve gotten messages of this kind.

    With all of you ladies writing novels – I think I need to start tracking all of my outrageous e-mails and experiences in the sugar world and keep a log. Then someone with better writing skills can use my material. ….hmmmm, that sounds like a great idea

  93. EllenSugarB says:

    Stacy, oh NOOOO “discreet personal kinky relationship for after work hours/ weekends & travel(have been on 25 cruises)”

    Jack LOVES cruises. lololol. Jack you know I’m kidding 🙂

  94. RussianSB says:

    He throwing it out there to see if it sticks…
    I wish they trow icy rocsto our naked bodies and see if it sticks 🙂 🙂 🙂

  95. Midwest SB says:

    RussianSB – I see your point, but most men won’t propose unless they know for sure she will say yes. If he has to text, it tells me he already knows the answer, but throwing it out there to see if it sticks. He probably would have panicked if I had actually accepted.

  96. RussianSB says:

    It is maybe why he did it by text, becose he affraid that, maybe next try will be more normal.

  97. RussianSB says:

    About gesture I like, that it is big step for man to make a proposal, they very much affraid to be rejected by nature. And rich men avoid proposals, they don’t want to marry nowadays, they prefer to pay off with appartments and cars and keep you as a misstress.
    I appreciate that gesture, when man has something to loose. His money, assets and , most important, his lifestyle.

  98. Midwest SB says:

    RussianSB – I don’t mean to sound contradictory, but I find the desperation is a sign of weakness. This weakness is not caused by me, but by my failure to compromise for what I want in a life partner and his failure to listen. I am fair. I communicate well and let my partner know my expectations. My standards are high, but attainable if it’s important to him. I’ve been married before and have no misconceptions of a realistic marriage. What is it about this gesture that you appreciate?

    As for your consolation and compensation when it doesn’t work out…moving on is my consolation. It’s an inner peace that tells me I’ve finally done what I should have done earlier. I don’t look for “compensation” from my partner so to speak. It’s a lifelong investment of give and take. Hopefully, the “emotional” and “financial” bank accounts will always stabilize.

  99. flyr says:

    Stacy – with the lack of sexual preference my guess is that it is a scam or perhaps some type of “specialized” employment agency/pimp or some type of scam.

    The final alternative is that it’s the Congressional Personnel Office just doing their duty.

  100. RussianSB says:

    @Midwest, I love desperate men who propose to me, I appreciate that gesture very much.
    And there are rocks that can compensate some details for me. But when I love man and want proposal, and he not going to do that – what can be my consoletion and compensation ?
    I don’t know.

  101. Stacy says:

    And no real preference as to if his lover is male or female – such a catch!

  102. RussianSB says:

    Oh, salary ? And benefits extra ??? What for ? Moderate salary is quite enough ! 12 hours working day – dream of every girl !

  103. Stacy says:


    If you are an extraordinary responsible dedicated educated mature attractive athletic/fit young male OR female who has strong office/ typing/ computer/ internet/ spreadsheet/ writing/ phone/ organization skills & is available immediately(both personally & professionally) w/a dependable vehicle & who in private can be both obedient & submissive & is looking for both a discreet personal kinky relationship for after work hours/ weekends & travel(have been on 25 cruises) w/an older male & a demanding job where you will learn from a mentor and have an exciting full time(salary + benefits), lucrative, professional career and you have the motivation to work hard for a very specific goal, please reply. i am direct & am happy to provide my photo. thank you.

  104. RussianSB says:

    When I blind, I cannot think normally …. 🙂

  105. Midwest SB says:

    RussianSB – No rock can make up for a man’s character. I’ve let it go on for far too long. It’s funny how the men you don’t want to propose, do and vice versa. Sometimes, I’m just too nice. I never thought I’d hear myself say it.

  106. RussianSB says:

    @Flyr, I live in Ukraine, Kiev with my ex.
    No, I am not in Ukraine now, -27’C , definately not !

  107. RussianSB says:

    @Midwest SB – yes, next ! Unless he have huge blindening rock from Tiffany
    as addition to his text.

  108. Midwest SB says:

    Flyer – It flew right back and bit him in the a**. Turns out another friend’s bf did the same thing. These guys need to learn a few things about life & decorum. The age of technology does not overrun good ol’ fashioned manners. NEXT!

  109. flyr says:

    @Russian SB – “Russians produce nothing, only beautyful girls”

    A friend went on a mission to help develop indigenous industries in the former republics after the fall of the Iron Curtain as we called it.

    I believe their most successful venture was a modeling school. They of course had to start with the basics but the women of the region were beautiful and enthusiastic. They focused on traing the girls to look like American catalogue models and shortly thereafter started getting large orders from American firms who would send their new clothing lines over to have photographed for their catalogues.

    It was great , while his contemporaries were working on the conversion of grimy industrial plants he was surrounded by beautiful womem who loved what he was doing.

    RSB are you in the Ukraine ?

    To their credit, since the retirement of the Shuttle, the Russians have the only operating, manned space ships although this may change in the next year

  110. RussianSB says:

    Don’t fool me , guys, in mountains only Gurus and goats living, not oysters.
    Maybe some trout swimming.
    Where is my fly and my hook ?

  111. RussianSB says:

    @Frank, no, missiles, tanks and Kalashnokov we still produce a lot and trade a lot 🙂
    And space ships, and analogy of GPRS – Russian GLANAS, but to invent simple budget car we meet real problems … or woman lingerie, or yogurt .

  112. JustATequilaSD says:


    Where I’m at, “rocky mountain oysters” are not very popular.

  113. RussianSB says:

    What about bulls er… er… BALLS ? Are they popular at south ? In some countries it is a delicatess.

  114. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Frank and Northernsd

    I always thought hog’s head cheese (souse) was actually made with parts of the pig’s head. (i.e. whatever could be ground up, mixed with a spicy gel and then put on a cracker.) You know hardly any animal or its parts were spared in southern recipes. I don’t know if I have ever eaten “hawg mawg”, but I’m sure there’s a place in the northeast serving it as “actual southern cuisine” and charging a fortune for it.

    • northernsd says:

      If I remember correctly they used everything that was left after butchering a pig. The head was the primary then feet,organs and boiled them out in a vinegar water salt solution. The smell was so bad they would not make it in the house.

  115. Frank says:

    NorthernSD-yeah we called that stuff souse (rhymes with spouse) its pretty rank!

  116. Frank says:

    Russia-I was serious, WWII vets here are dying at the the rate of 500 a day, won’t be long before they are all gone. Hats off to all the brave Russians who bore the brunt of Hitler’s craziness.

    And welcome Russia into consumer world, much better now than when all you built were tanks and missiles.

  117. SBFRIEND says:

    Hey sugar girls,
    I have a quick request. I have been a sugar baby now for 2+ years. It’s a great lifestyle but at times can be lonely. Due to traveling often and my friend’s not being supportive. I don’t have many gf’s to hang out with bc of this. I would love to find a sb friend to meet up with for trips, shopping, going out etc. Location isn’t an issue. I travel often and love traveling on my own as well-Shoot me an email if this sounds good! Btw-strictly platonic!

  118. RussianSB says:

    Cars we buy all over the world, clothes, cosmetics, even yogurt from Danone (France).
    We don’t have our own yougurts !

  119. RussianSB says:

    @Frank – my uncle and my dad fought the Japs
    I thought Jap – mean Jewish American Princess 🙂 🙂 🙂
    If to be serious… Vets are all gone, if we meet someone – they are ”children of war” generation.
    Japs make electronics… What we are without Japs today ?
    And Germans make some popular moovies 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Russians produce nothing, only beautyful girls, raw oil, good export vodka ”Beluga” and caviar.
    We just consuming …

  120. RussianSB says:

    @MidwestSB, why men don’t understand that txt proposal is just a bad tone ?

  121. Jersey Darling says:

    @Ellen – Ick, that IS a bad email! I guess I got lucky that the very first email I got on here was from the sugar daddy I ended up with.

    My worst emails so far have been:
    – Some guy promising $50K a week (it makes this list cause it was such a bold exaggeration from a guy who couldn’t even spell).
    – Two guys who’ve gotten very angry after I turned down p4p
    – One guy who wanted a submissive so he wanted me to strip down on cam immediately to prove how submissive I was.

    No real creepers yet…

  122. Frank says:

    Correction! I almost forgot we did have fresh Mountain Oysters!!

  123. Frank says:

    Russia-your grandfather fought against Germans, so did my uncle and my dad fought the Japs, they came home from the war and worked hard to make all of our lives easier. We call them “the greatest generation.” How does your country view these WWII vets?

  124. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Ellen ;
    He is a “tragic victim” , poor guy , he does not know the psychotherapy exists .
    let him “relive his past ” and himself on our eyes for free.
    if he pays $30 a month SA membership he can dump all the dirty incest perversion on young beautiful girls .
    that is a real SD.
    does he touch himself while winking/writing to naive SBs here, imagining a young SB reading his 3 pages of his crap, poor tragic victim he is.


    But let us read it anyway after the holidays , please.
    I will copy/paste a submissive guy desires here (after everyone done with New Year dinner ).

  125. Frank says:

    btw-congrats to all our literary sbs.

  126. Frank says:

    I’m from the hills of Va, when I grew up there were two kinds of fish available-the cat fish your daddy caught (and my daddy didn’t fish) or salt fish. Salt fish were cod I think, preserved with salt and shipped in a barrel. We had these fish with our sunday breakfast (after soaking them to remove some of the salt.) Of course other weeks we had chicken brains with our eggs. lol And finally other days we would have red eye gravy.

    Guess I won’t have any people asking to join that kind of feast!

    • northernsd says:

      There is always Tequila/Mexcal and everyone is always invited. My holidays parties have always consisted of anyone and everyone who has nowhere else to go or is stuck home for the holidays.
      @Frank I couldn’t go home one Xmas when I was in the Army so I was invited to a buddies house who’s family was somewhat local to FT Bragg. The first and and only time I was exposed to a few select southern delicacies as chitterlings and hamhocks. I also found out that headcheese is not cheese and puts out a horrible smell when being made.

  127. JustATequilaSD says:


    Will there be tequila at this Feast and can I put in a reservation for next year? 😀

    I’m in the deep south so oysters are plentiful. I like em any way they make em.

  128. flyr says:

    Ellen – that’s really creepy and it’s most likley him wanting to relive his past. Really tragic how it affects victims for their entire life.

  129. EllenSugarB says:

    I would copy/paste this disturbing 3 page message, but i do not want to ruin anyones freshly flown in delicious oyster meal

  130. EllenSugarB says:

    Jersey darling, oh just you wait … those creeper messages will begin any tine now.

    my favorite is the 65+ SD (although he looks more like 75+, like the narrator from tales from the crypt) who wants his SB to fulfill his “molesting my daughter” fantasy., which he will describe in three single spaced pages of disturbing detail. Sicko! Gave me nightmares lol

  131. flyr says:

    Midwest – does the proposal have wings?

  132. Madridista says:

    @Stacy — Congrats on the book! You must be so excited! I’m a writer too (I can finally say this when I’m sober), but my first novel is coming out this April. We’re already planning my book tour and will start promotional stuff next month. I’m a bit apprehensive about all this, but I finally feel like my new adoptive country has really embraced me as my novel would never get this much attention in the States.

  133. Midwest SB says:

    ….a proposal by text by desperate ex. A VERY good reason NOT to get married. Really???? SMH.

  134. RussianSB says:

    and German one, but my grandfather fight with Germans, you know … noway !

  135. RussianSB says:

    I flyfish rrrreally nice British gentelman … interesting he will eat the fly or just bite it a little ?

  136. RussianSB says:

    So many redheads swimming today in sugar pool 🙂

  137. RussianSB says:

    Fine oysters too expensive to stew them !

  138. RussianSB says:

    @Midwest SB… Bubba-Srimp 🙂 actually in Europe they stew mussels,or serve them with vinegretto, or boil them… but oysters must be consumed fresh…

  139. RussianSB says:

    I thought that you think that about me !!! We, Russians, never see any oyster 🙂 🙂 🙂
    only caviar and Kamchatka crabs …
    To Moscow oysters delivered every day, but to Kiev (Ukraine) – every Thursday, so I think you know the day when they served fresh.

  140. Midwest SB says:

    That’s not my funniest story by the way. :

  141. Midwest SB says:

    NorthernSD – Funny story…I grew up in S. FL and the BEST oysters on the half shell I’ve ever had were in Corpus Christi. Go figure! I feel your pain…it’s hard to get good seafood in the Midwest.

    Russian – raw, steamed, Oysters Rockefeller, stew, Oyster-stuffed ___________ (you name it), I could go on and on. (sounding like Bubba in Forrest Gump)

  142. RussianSB says:

    You know, by plane 🙂

  143. RussianSB says:

    Maybe they fly to your restorants ones a week ? (you just need to know the day)

  144. northernsd says:

    I am not sure sure where that tradition started of oysters stew on Christmas eve. Anybody?

    I love oysters on the half shell but that’s far in between here in Minnesota. Hard to get them fresh.

  145. RussianSB says:

    Stop. Why oyster stew ? People don’t eat them raw in States ?

  146. RussianSB says:

    Oh, that traditional American food ! Yammmy !

  147. northernsd says:

    Just in case I don’t get a chance to pop in before Christmas. I hope everyone here has a great Holiday!
    Anyone have big plans? I am doing my normal Feast again so Christmas eve will be spent cooking for about 70 guest. Prime rib and oyster stew. (hopefully my oysters show up on Monday)

  148. RussianSB says:

    @Jersey Darling, you don’t have them … yet 🙂

  149. RussianSB says:

    I mean, boys don’t like to be photografed, and they simply don’t have good pictures, but naked belly ??

  150. RussianSB says:

    I told ya… it is same headless guy !
    Must be difficult to live without head. What he want check ? If I have chemistry with his naked headless belly? I cannot make a desigion untillI get p*nis picture !!! I need head or p*nis shoot,
    not what in the middle ! And guys with erased faces from SA hount me in nightmares. Only
    babies profiles is joy for my eyes !

  151. Jersey Darling says:

    Some pictures just shouldn’t be shared till after you’ve met… If at all lol. I feel lucky now, I haven’t gotten these creepy messages! I’m loving getting to learn from all of you on the blog.

    By the way, I should introduce myself since I’m new… Hey everyone 🙂

  152. EllenSugarB says:

    after reading posts from sb’s describing peculiar, and even creepy messages…i now have to chime in that I’ve got the same kinds of emails. Eww..headless bathroom shot, so trashy. Ive seen it. NOT sexy!!! lol even with the six pack.

  153. EllenSugarB says:

    I thought that the person was referring to Jackie-O the music artist…which was why I was so surprised haha. Jackie Onassis saying that — not so surprised.

  154. EllenSugarB says:

    MW – I’m pretty sure my mom meant “sexy” as in exuding sexy. She isnt THAT shallow lol. the basic message was “You always go for guys who are ‘good on paper,’ which is a great starting point. But there is that extra special something that makes a man sexually appealing.” Basically, a guy can be good on paper, a guy can be physically attractive, a guy can be both…but if I ELLEN do not think e is sexy – it wont work. Sorry – I cant fake it. And I won’t.

  155. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Happy Christmas everyone! I hope all your dreams come true.

    I have been away so eager to catch up with everyone and the blogs.

    Enjoy x

  156. RussianSB says:

    The same guy, for sure, all the guys here have similar profiles and similar requests.
    Freaks are unique , everyone in it is own league , they just have multyply profile. As I told you about kinky couple – I have 2 mails from couples in one day , never get any before or after in 6 month. So, they just have several profiles, even change age and city to make it look different. But the same mirror body bathroom shoots (headless). Different bathrooms, but same way of thinking ??

  157. Stacy says:

    Hmmm, maybe not the same guy, but I’m shocked to learn there are multiples out there. Studied this for my thesis, some men have a blackmail fetish, call him a piggy (as in piggybank) and he’ll explode!

  158. Midwest SB says:

    Ellen – It’s altogether possible your mother was in the same generation as Jackie O…it’s a well known statement. She was such an icon in her day during a time when women were shifting from homemakers to moneymakers. As far as “Is he sexy?” I’d have to say your mom and I part ways there. Physically sexy and exuding sexy are two very types of sexy. I’d take the latter as it takes time, a little effort and something very special within to exude sexiness.

    Stacy – At the time, he was out of AZ. I never heard anything about strap-ons, but he did mention a friend who did the same thing and his SB arranged for a deadly snake to be put in his tent during a camping trip. WAYYYY out of my comfort zone.

    Flyer – That conversation didn’t last long…don’t want to be on any list except Santa’s!

  159. Stacy says:

    If he’s sweet and generous, I’ll make the sex good …. buzzzzz (that’s what batteries are for)!

  160. EllenSugarB says:

    Flyr, you are SO right…good sex..totally forgot about tht one. Again. Leave it up to me to ignore the obvious.

    On emotional cheating…OH, I’m just in too good of a mood to get into it. Everyone knows what it is!

  161. EllenSugarB says:

    flyr, great sex was such an obvious prerequisite that I thought I didn’t need to mention. Great sex (and I’ll even settle for just “good consistent sex” IS important for all three husbands 🙂

    Another little gem from my mom:

    “Mom I have this boyfriend, I think I love him, he is so great, smart, hard working…”

    “But, Ellen, do you think he is sexy?”

    “But he is such a great guy, he treats me so well, he has so much going for him, he is so intelligent”

    “But do you think he’s sexy?” (This time in a rather dictative tone as opposed to inquisitive)


    “WELL…DO YOU???”

    “No, mom. Not really.”

    “Then it wont work and you wont be happy. Sorry, Ellen, if you’re not attracted to him to think he is sexy – it just wont work.”

    I actually think she is right. Should’ve listened sooner.

    Ugh, kids…sometimes we dont listen 🙂

  162. California SB says:

    Frank: I can’t even take care of a pet so I am not sure if I will be a good mother. LOL

  163. California SB says:

    Stacy: You have a book coming out?? WOW!!! I think about writing a book someday, but I know I will never act on it. Well let me know how it goes. You should put on your profile you are a writer, that will attract a lot of New Yorkers and Hollywood script writers. 🙂

    Ellen… the 3 husbands theory is hilarious. Listen to your mother, she is wiser that all of us together. 🙂

  164. flyr says:

    @ Ellen ” And I agree maybe 0.01% of the male population is faithful (emotional cheating included)”

    I think that may be a little jaded, perhaps too optimistic but out there in flyover country it’s probably a lot higher. Of course it all depends on the definition of emotional cheating………

    Totally different thought – the wonder of women- An associate’s daughter is both brilliant and smart – MIT honor grad, string of successes and now living in NY. Dad calls her the afternoon before the storm is going to arrive that evening , Dad “are you done with your shopping?” “no but I am getting close” , “did you get enough water and food” ” dad ! I don’t have time for that, all the botique stores are having pre-hurricane sales and there’s nobody else getting these bargains – you will not believe all the great shoes I bought” .

  165. flyr says:

    Ellen all three is there perhaps a 4th great sex or …………..

  166. EllenSugarB says:

    Id LIKE to get married for all 3: Money, Love, and Companionship. Crossing fingers. But even with eggs frozen, can’t say I’d want a 30yo at 40. Always gone for guys just a bit older.

    You guys are so funny. Keep the lists and Santa letters coming!

  167. EllenSugarB says:

    Midwest, Jackie O said this??? I admittedly dont keep up on celebs. My mom has been frankly open about the “Three Husbands” idea since i was, gee, and adolescent. At which time she was on her third. And I agree maybe 0.01% of the male population is faithful (emotional cheating included)

  168. EllenSugarB says:

    is that a three digit $$$ envelope? Stacy, if ou want to model Cali, she says only $,$$$$, or $$,$$$ ..and UP. hehe 🙂

  169. Frank says:

    Last time afterwards, it was all I really enjoyed that, that was great etc. This time it was more like, thanks I needed that, I feel better now. Kinda makes me feel like a utility infielder who was in for a few innings and turned a slick double play. Not bad for a grizzled veteran, and I may be getting back to speed as I can almost use two arms now. Maybe next time maybe I can sacrifice a run in.

    Santa- the original SUGAR DADDY

  170. Stacy says:

    Santa Daddy –

    I’ve been very good this year (if you don’t mind that I’ve dropped the modifier ‘in bed’) and I’m hoping you could fit a couple of nice prezzies in your bag, just for me:

    I would like a new Sugar Daddy, who adores me when I’m around but never complains about how much time we spend together, books our adventures well in advance, and never scowls when I’m late or makes requests about short skirts and no panties on a January night – brrrr!

    Another (dozen?) pair of those beautiful shoes with the red bottoms, especially those four inch sling backs that I talked about when I wiggled all over your lap.

    That sheer black lace corset and stockings set from Trashy.com (with a nice pair of over the knee Versace boots)

    An annual ‘anything you want’ membership to my favorite salon and medi spa (to keep those cookies you like so much perfectly soft and edible)

    And, don’t forget the big envelope of $$$ that arrives on the first of the month, it always makes me squeal in delight when I open it. And, I remember from last Christmas Eve how much you like to hear my delight.

    Love you, Santa – you’re such a good Daddy!

  171. Frank says:

    One note of caution if you plan to be be a hot 40 something woman (as I am sure calif will be) and you get with a hot 30 something guy, in a few years you will be a hot 50 something, he’ll be a hot 40 something, and your competition will be the hot 20 somethings. Serious competition, This happened to business associate of mine.

    Stacy-those are words of wisdom indeed. Bitterness is a bad seed and you will not enjoy the harvest.

  172. flyr says:


    Having someone put you on their life insurance is probably the best insurance that you are not going to do anything premeditated (other than running up his heart rate to the point of failure) as you would be at the top of the police department’s persons of interest list. It would make a great story and you could probably retire on the movie rights.

  173. Stacy says:

    Emily! Thoughts like this lead to wrinkles and bitterness – and bitter ain’t sexy. You have to mentally put it in a box on the top shelf of your closet. Every time that lid tries to open and these angry thoughts come out, imagine slamming it shut with your hand. No more negativity. Even if you think you’re playing it cool, it comes out in what you say, or the way you carry yourself.

    Buddhism says that the chief cause of suffering. is want. If you’d stop wanting for that past relationship to have ended differently, or wanting ill for her, you’d stop suffering and find happiness again. You’re poisoning your future happiness with your past disappointment.

    No more talking about them on the blog – it just makes the bad, worse.

    • flyr says:

      Looking ahead –

      You’re writing a note to Santa about the SD you would like him to leave under the tree……. what does it say? Stacy’s comment about wanting causing suffering is well taken. We’ll just call this fantasizing.

  174. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    By the way, I may sound really jaded about men, but I’m not. I am looking for another partner.Caution is something I’m using in my search for the next one. If you’re a man in my area and are interested, contact me. Mwah!!!

  175. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    After my last relationship, I can’t say I’d be quick to marry anyone. I’ve never been the “marry me in my sleep” type. Marriage is something very serious to me. My last relationship was very much like a marriage and, yet, I was cheated on the entire time.
    Now, I think love is for fools, and teeny boppers. A relationship with a man I like and deeply respect is something I’m hoping for. Not one in which I feel my partner and I were destined meet; fall in love with each other; and live happily ever after as if we were some how made for each other.
    The notion of arranging marriages and relationships as they are in other cultures shouldn’t be frowned upon as it very often is in Western society. I’ve been in arrangements before and they were good while they lasted, but my last relationship which at first involved love and was quite marriage-like ended in heartbreak and crap slinging.
    By the way, you should see the ugly bitch he dumped me for and married. She has a moustache and she’s biologically female(a real girl). When I first saw her I thought she was a ten year old boy! I might have been born male but I don’t look like that furry little troll!
    She’s thirty-eight and he’s turning sixty-four. He moved her in four hours after he moved me out. Perhaps this bitch set her dumb ass up for some heartbreak in the future. I really think she just married him for financial security, though. When he dies, she’ll get his social security, some property, and a pension. That is if they don’t divorce before then. Who would knowingly marry a man who was cheating on his live-in partner(me)with two other women? She’s either really stupid or she really needs money.

  176. Stacy says:


    Is that the guy near Seattle? He also wants to be taken with a strap on and have video of it that you can use for blackmail to keep him paying! Unless there are two, similar freaks out there.

  177. Stacy says:


    I do work in Utah, but I have a book coming out Jan 7th – hopefully it’ll do we’ll enough to give me more geographic flexibility. Cross your fingers for me!

  178. Midwest SB says:

    Who has been contacted by the guy who wants to put you on his life insurance policy and worry about when you’re going to have him killed to collect? Creeeeeeeeppppppyyyyyy!

    Jackie O has a great perspective on marriage…the first is for true love, the second for money and the third for companionship. I’m not saying we should all be married several times, but at least have a good reason for getting married and there are no secrets behind it. She was also very realistic in stating that she didn’t believe any married men were faithful to their wives. Love her..

  179. Frank says:

    Calif-I agree marriage is for when you have babies. If you are going to wait til you are 40, you better freeze some eggs.

  180. California SB says:

    Stacy: Marriage is for when you’re at the end of the rope, desperate to have babies, not at all what I want either. Maybe when I’m 40 then I will marry some ultra hot guy in his 30s.

    Stacy do you work in Utah? Can you move anytime you want? 🙂

  181. Stacy says:

    @Cali – Yes, I’m “marriage material” SB, but being a wife just doesn’t satisfy my SB kink, lol! Wives have to be nice to your mother, and let you see us when we’re sick – NOT what I want at all.

    As for leaving Utah, I’ll need the right SD, or three, and a perfect Cali address. I’ll model my SD approach after yours 😉

  182. Nichole says:

    I know it’s super unlikely but I wish a daddy would send Xmas money 🙂

  183. California SB says:

    Some SD in Arizona I never talked to before, invited me to go to Mexico for New Years Eve. I wonder how many blind emails he is sending out to girls all over the nation asking them the same thing….

  184. California SB says:

    Russian, let’s start a petition to move Stacy out of Utah… 🙂

  185. RussianSB says:

    @Stacy… that Utah have mormons is not enough, you also have Salem !
    (I see my English improoving, my friends)

  186. California SB says:

    Stacy: Your SD list is perfect. I am including you in the very exclusive club of “marriage material” SBs. You’re smart, hot and are always 3 steps ahead of what your SD might think or do. I still think you need to get out of Utah though… 🙂

  187. EllenSugarB says:

    Oh my gosh…just finished Avatar and it was such a cool movie. So was Nightmare Before Christmas. Nibbling on holiday treats made it even more fun.

    flyr, on a hill in California sounds beautiful. I’m back home and close to your domicile now. Isnt it gorgeous? Cold and crisp, but beautiful!

  188. flyr says:

    Thankfully I live on a hill so flood insurance is not an issue. But in CA earthquake insurance is . However, if you read the policy and talk with people who have tried to collect you come to the inescapable conclusion that the only true form of earthquake insurance is a very large loan .

    But let’s not let all this stuff prevent us from enjoying the holidays one nibble at a time.

  189. JustATequilaSD says:

    “I thnink Ellen made it clear that she had insurance only it was worthless in the crunch. It’s an increasing problem. ”

    I liked the idea of additional insurance, I thought you originally came up with that idea about the catastrophic insurance. If I misquoted you, my mistake. My last comment was wrapping up her remarks to me from the other topic, that’s why I addressed it to her.

    Flood insurance is probably the biggest scam insurance in the last 10 years. Insurance to me is basically the biggest ponzi scheme of them all. We all pay them. They offer us all this money from the pool “if” we ever have an accident. They pay themselves, and then when you go to collect your money, they give you bullshit instead. Have the backup cash if you can, so your lawyers can “try” to resolve the issue before you go bankrupt from the disaster/emergency or from the court battle. Money and corruption is an increasing problem? Well, yes.

  190. flyr says:

    I thnink Ellen made it clear that she had insurance only it was worthless in the crunch. It’s an increasing problem.

    The last day…………………………

    First I would make sure that some special people knew how much they meant to me incl a present and past SB

    Next gather my friends for a farewell party to end all. Since we are leaving together we might as well do it right.

    Probably get the best of the wines, open the Trader Vics Book of Food and Drink from an era when parties were real parties . This would be the best traditions of Hunter S Thompson and Tom Wolfe ( Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas and The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test for the younger generation)

    have everyone burn their clothing let the party begin.

    We are actually doing this on a smaller scale early next year as a long time friend has decided that he does not want to go (at some distant date) without having attended his wake so we will have it while he is still healthy. It’s a great exercise in what would we say about someone after they were gone……. Thankfully he has enough crazy adventures that there is an abundance of material . I’m grappling with the fundamental question of what to put in the cannon since we will be short of earthly remains and how will the very upscale site take to having the cannon fired out the patio door.

    If I am missing iin late January please send bail money

    The whole event is a great reminder that we need to live more in the present.

    Sugared soul mates
    While soul mates may not be a requirement, it certainly can increase the quality of the relationship

  191. JustATequilaSD says:

    I think flyr originally thought of the extra insurance idea, and i’m no ins agent by far. I do think someone tried to sell me some type of disability/UnableToWork coverage (not sure if that’s diff from the catastrophic ins that flyr spoke of.)

    You get a bonus point for being a “people person.” And two bonus points for being a carnivore. 😀

  192. frank says:

    looking for soulmate? try that match site!

  193. frank says:

    Awww Russia you are so caring! Here is a big two armed hug for you.

  194. RussianSB says:

    I am that bad person, guys, who prefer animals in soup, but about people I do really care 🙂

  195. RussianSB says:

    ”I am using my time and money to help the animals. Not just the cute dogs and cats, but also the farm animals that are so abused daily. 216 million animals are killed every day by people for food. This is not a joke, this is real. ……………If you are attracted to women that is defiantly a plus.”

    Who cared about people abused nowadays ?

  196. RussianSB says:

    ” I’m looking for the fairytale romance. I want someone who will not only be my soulmate, but my best friend as well. I’m looking for someone who will be as addicted to me as I am to them. Trust, honesty, communication, faith, honor, respect, attention, affection, love, and acceptance makes an amazing relationship. I want someone that will not only be a great partner, but parent one day as well. Someone that can make me laugh and smile continuously. Waiting for my perfect match… .”

    looking for soulmate

  197. RussianSB says:

    To separate those that have read my profile from those that have not, please make the subject heading “agreeable” when you write.

    Brilliant idea !

  198. RussianSB says:

    ”Someone I can be friends with and because of the friendship I help her financially and we enjoy each other intimately. ”

    friends don’t f*ck each other !

  199. RussianSB says:

    ”What am i looking for? well I’m not exactly sure. What I do know, is that I don’t need to, nor would I, pay anyone to be with me. I live my life pretty damn lavishly, and if I choose to bring someone into my world, they undoubtedly share generously in those many benefits. If you prove to be what I’m looking for, and u are ready to have some crazy impulsive fun, then baby welcome to the adventure known as my world.”

    No allowance

  200. California SB says:

    Hey Midwestie!!!!

  201. California SB says:

    Russian…. a sugar nanny???? I think that sounds more like a sex slave to me…..

  202. Midwest SB says:

    Hi Tina! MWAAAAHHHH!

    Classic Noir – It’s been forever! Are you well? Have you moved on? Do share!

    These lists are refreshing and entertaining! Good news is that I’m not any of those in DaddyGTs list!

  203. California SB says:

    Ellen, me exploiting men emotionally just to get their cash?? No, I exploit them sexually and mentally too!!!! 🙂

  204. RussianSB says:

    And my favorite profile, of course – couple, they even write to me, I am very proud !

    ”In principle we want to offer a lifestyle-arrangement more than an allowance, unless you are doing something for us like Nanny or something similar…
    Live-in Nanny / Lover (until recently our last nanny was our lover. She visited about 12 different countries with us, during a year, on a 5 star budget and we paid for her studies, her salary and loads of entertainment. She was really our lover FIRST, and our nanny SECOND). If interested in this scenario let us know to explain further. For this you must adore children. This may be our ideal scenario.”

    That BS cannot be classified.

  205. EllenSugarB says:

    eeek penile warts lolol

  206. Jersey Darling says:

    I would add:

    The Clinger
    On the surface, a romantic looking for temporary love. Sure, he won’t really open up to you, but he’ll say he loves you the first time you’re in bed together. In bed, he’ll keep up the romantic image by saying he wants to please you – but really he wants you to orgasm in five minutes to satisfy his ego.

    Allowance: Less than it should be because he’s a “good guy” that’s better than everyone else on the site.

    The STD Daddy
    He puts the SD in STD. Hell be brash, won’t respect you, but will try to lure you with a high p4p. He’ll get affronted when you turn him down, at which point he’ll send you a picture of his manhood to show you what you’re missing. And it’ll get a reaction – your jaw will drop when you see what penile warts look like for the first time in your life.

    Allowance: Not high enough to pay those medical bills.

  207. sassynsweet says:

    Christmas came early! $$$ in an envelope from a pot/new SD! My first taste of sugar and I’m hooked.

  208. Stacy says:

    @Russian -good old #1, Lol.

    @Frank – apparently it’s rather scandalous and kinky – you’re missing out, Lol.

  209. RussianSB says:

    ”I am really looking for that longterm partner! I am not afraid to walk in the rain. to look in your eyes and let you know how much you mean to me!
    I am not looking for arm candy or a gold digger but a real woman that knows the value of great chemistry and is looking for the same.
    I thought I would try here to see if she is really out there????
    I really hope its you !!! .”

    I am looking for soulmate

  210. Frank says:

    Stacy-after hearing about your profile I am tempted to sign back up. Right now am staging a mini protest because they haven’t done anything about that rip off artist I encountered a couple of weeks ago

  211. EllenSugarB says:

    I want to find a new blog to write on…like a social blog for tech and computer geeks or something. but I’m afraid i wont understand what the F they are all talking about lol

  212. EllenSugarB says:

    Jack, I’m totally lost with three blog topics going at once…but yes Cipro was overkill on the ER docs part. It was an ENT, and an excellent family practitioner who diagnosed the asthma properly – and said thats why the Amoxocilllin, then Cipro, then Levaquin (all in a month) wasnt working. So sad to be bombarded with unecessary antibiotics.

  213. EllenSugarB says:

    I think I have come across at least one Sb or SD thats fits the general description of all types listed. Which makes this all the more comical!

  214. EllenSugarB says:

    I bet that crazy DD stripper f&*%ks his brains silliy…hahaha

  215. RussianSB says:

    I like to be the big daddy taking care of the little woman. Although my profile says I want a smart woman with a college education, I’ll end up choosing a stripper with Double D’s and a world of crazy problems. Then I’ll complain when her meth boyfriend steals my 911

    LOL…they are real gentelmen, and some of them in the blog… complaining about their SBs non-stop emergrncies

    • northernsd says:

      Wait a minute my next POT date is next week with a of course Real Cute red headed exotic dancer. Now I am second guessing myself.

  216. EllenSugarB says:

    White Knight offers $200 LESS…ya, my guy def wasnt a White Night then lol

    These lists are hilarious

  217. EllenSugarB says:

    Frank, frank, Franklin lol , you can still use that arm below waist level. I can think of many uses 🙂

  218. EllenSugarB says:

    Thanks, Stacy…I could learn a bit from your writing skills. I a “math girl” … writing isnt my strong point. But I do admire your skills.

  219. Stacy says:

    @Frank – and after looking at my profile enough men on this blog can now attest to my other, very feminine angles 🙂

  220. Frank says:

    Great news-have been released from sling, can now use both arms. Except I can’t get one above waist high.

  221. EllenSugarB says:

    Oh come on, cali. Do you really exploit people emotionally? I like to think you’re not serious.

  222. Frank says:

    BTW i’m a number 3 except my daughter hasn’t gotten to the appreciative stage yet.

    Russia- you are not a has been!

    Stacy is a girl, she has to be, I lusted after her behind!

  223. California SB says:

    DaddyGT: “romantic in me is holding out for the right marriage material girl”

    Yes, we girls in that category love to exploit that to the fullest…. mwahahaaaa….

  224. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    And to think there are people out there who moved into underground bunkers and everything preparing for this day. Also, the History Channel has been milking this Mayan prophecy crap as much as possible. They’ve been doing two and three hour shows on the topic and nothing happened.

  225. Frank says:

    You guys are just too funny.

    Frank frank who lives in Franklin County

  226. Stacy says:

    Don’t worry tequila, more was in the way. P.S. – I find the song “Tequila makes her clothes fall off” rather accurate 😉

    7. I’m a jerk and I know it

    I have a large bank account and a bigger ego. I want your complete pampering and devotion at the drop of a hat, with no drama, and no need to say I’m sorry (can’t I buy my way out of that?)

    Allowance Offer: Whatever you demand when I’ve pissed you off just so I don’t have to find someone else and start over.

    8. The Introvert

    I am extremely shy, but very visual. I like beautiful women but don’t have the confidence to pursue them. I’ll wink or ask for private photos, hoping you’ll take the next step.

    Allowance Offer: $1K more than anyone else would give you because the negotiation is really uncomfortable and I just want to feel your boobies.

    9. The Dirty Old Man

    I should have grown out of panty sniffing and cheerleader porn, but somehow I’ve remained in a stunted state of development. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to offer in the way of looks or finances, so I’ll prey on the unsuspecting Newbies hoping I can get a cheap thrill every now and again.

    Allowance Offer: Prove to me you’re worth it and I’ll spoil you (with generosity like paying your phone bill and taking you to Khols)

    10. The White Night

    I like to be the big daddy taking care of the little woman. Although my profile says I want a smart woman with a college education, I’ll end up choosing a stripper with Double D’s and a world of crazy problems. Then I’ll complain when her meth boyfriend steals my 911.

    Allowance Offer: Always $200 less than what his SB needs, “please, just this once? You are soooo sweet!”

    • Nichole says:

      These are amazing thanks Stacy and super helpful! You should really get this posted for newbies and want-to-be’s like me! It’s like a sugar daddy study guide

  227. JustATequilaSD says:

    On the topic…
    Whenever the time comes, I hope the people that are special to you know that you love them. The people special to me know they are loved through and through. They hear it in my voice. They feel it in my wonderful hugs and kisses. They know both in their hearts and in their minds that my love goes with them to any height or depth…even to the end of time itself.

  228. Stacy says:

    Ellen- I’m a woman – super girly in fact, but I write (all day long) for a male audience (in my non-sugar world) I think it creates a more direct style than most women use.

  229. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    Hopefully, today will put an end to those end time prophesies we’ve been hearing since times immemorial. Believe it or not, I grew up in fairly religious environments, so I’ve been hearing prophecies like this one since I was a small child.
    We’ve heard about Y2K; the return of Jesus Christ; the Earth’s poles shifting; and predictions supposedly made Nostradamus about the end of the world coming in 1999.
    I think anything takes mankind out, it won’t be a meteorite, or the Battle at Armagedon. It will be mankind itself through warfare, genocide, etc.
    Well it’s nice to see nothings happened.

  230. JustATequilaSD says:

    you can hit the actual reply button within the comment but most ppl wont go back up there to see if there was a new comment attached to the original post

  231. EllenSugarB says:

    Oh wow when we reply to a comment it puts them in order?! Oh Guru, I think I ELLEN am the slowest blonde you were referring to haha

  232. EllenSugarB says:

    Madtidista – Dont get me wrong there are some GREAT loubs out there. Yes’ Ive been to the store. BUT…theyre having a sale??? oh well, not shoe shopping time for me. Id rather have a pair of slippers this xmas. I got some at target for $10 and I love them! Funny how I prefer the $10 slippers over the ridiculous shoes that I have. lol

  233. EllenSugarB says:

    Frank – “Frank frank, but not Jack)

    hhahahahahaha …I was so confused

  234. EllenSugarB says:

    Stacy you are funny 🙂 And A good writer. But I have to ask (dont be offended) are you a female? Some of the writing style suggests otherwise. But what the heck do I know???

  235. JustATequilaSD says:

    Nice list, I’m sure everyone can appreciate such wit, especially now that the flip side is posted.

    If you don’t like where a guy falls on the list, just add more alcohol to him. (Keep in mind that tequila turns me into “naked streaking party dude” and I’d probably work through at least 3 others from your list as the drinks kept coming.) I applaud your clever list, and would mention both lists forgot “the sexist”, “the addict”, and “the workaholic.”

    “marriage material that declines”
    We like to call her “the tease” or even “runaway bride”

  236. EllenSugarB says:

    oh crap … I might be the marriage material one that Cali referred to. But don’t string them on – I am painfully honest about what stops me from moving ahead on that front.

    But I actually DO want to get married. I would have married my prior SD but there was one HUGE setback : he had some significantly unhealthy diet and exercise habits – to the point of being a danger to his long term health. And as much as i can be supportive and encouraging and cook healthy things – I cant watch him like a hawk the other 20 hours a day. Sure, I had a freak accident and did every possible thing I could have done to recover healthy. But this was different. It was an unhealthy lifestyle. I just t cant live like that.

  237. EllenSugarB says:

    Daddy GT is just a funny guy. When I was new I took some things he said personal, but know i just think “Oh thats just Daddy GT mucking around and being silly again.” Pretty funny posts lately! thanks!

  238. DaddyGT says:

    I like your thinking. All my SB spending was in the name of science. Hahaha. Love that.

    And despite your protests, your English is fine. Much better than my Russian, despite all the attempts of my Russian ex.

    Yeah. There’s a few I’ve left out. No biggies. I think I’ve stoked the fire enough as it is 🙂
    That said, the hopeless romantic in me is holding out for the right marriage material girl. A man can only dream eh?

    I love your list. Had a few chuckles going through the list. Hahaha.

  239. RussianSB says:

    (profile)”Outside of that I live a pretty epicurean lifestyle; I think money should be spent primarily on experiences, not on possessions. Memories last forever and shape who we are but objects are ephemeral.”

    No allowance

  240. Stacy says:

    Here’s my SD archetypes, what am I missing?

    1. I’m looking for my wife and she should be hot/young/hot

    This SD is looking for love in all the wrong places, and gets his feelings hurt when SB’s want to talk allowance. He wants to spoil you with things like stability, a good suburban neighborhood, a retirement plan, and two point five kids

    Allowance Offer: My wife has full access to everything, my girlfriend gets nice dinners and Christmas lingerie

    2. The Kinky SD

    I have a particular fetish and don’t want to tell any woman I know about it. I’ll bark, roll over, and fetch as long as you let me lick your shoes when we’re all done.

    Allowance offer: $5K plus whips, but you’ll have to talk dirty for a long time to gain my trust first, and my requests may make you vomit.

    3. The unsatisfied married man

    My wife isn’t nice, my kids are ungrateful, but I’m at the gym twice a week; I need a hot young lady to appreciate me and make me feel like the successful man that I am.

    Allowance Offer: $1K – $3K, I don’t pay you to cum, I pay you to go. I don’t want any trouble with my wife (I can’t afford it, we don’t have a prenup.)

    4. The Big Timer (a.k.a. the fake)

    I shower you with grand ideas of trips, pampering, and world class experiences that sound too good to be true. I beg for dirty pictures and send you some of my own (less tasteful) shots. I write lurid depictions of our dirty time together but never make a move to have a phone chat or an in person meeting.

    Allowance Offer: $10K per month, out of the blue, and then one day I poof with no explanation

    5. The Dirty Sweetie

    The nice retired gentleman who loves sex, likes to take care of a young pretty girl, and wants to feel energized and needed. He’ll love listening to you prattle while his hand is working up your skirt. You’ll have to ignore his man boobs, but he smells good and uses proper grammar so he’s a catch.

    Allowance Offer: $3K – $5K, trips, dinners, gifts, and attention – but he may have a heart attack and leave you pinned beneath him at the St. Regis for hours

    6. The Serial Skirt Chaser

    He loves women, sex, and women and he’s willing to pay to keep his supply fresh. He won’t want to talk much or ask you about your life. He doesn’t care if you have a boyfriend or try to solve your problems. It’s three hours of fun and then two weeks of silence. He’ll probably leave you feeling like a professional, but the sex is hot.

    Allowance Offer: P4P, $500 per visit, but if you hold out and send the occasional REALLY dirty video you can work that up to $1,000.

  241. California SB says:

    DaddyGT: You forgot to add the “marriage material girl”. She’s is so perfect every SD wants to marry her, but she politely declines, throwing some BS pretty lines at them but always keep them coming for more….

  242. RussianSB says:

    ” Part of me is that bad boy toy slut withthat sexy freaky side and the other is the sweet, fun side, some mix huh/ lol ………………… I know,I’m somewhat isatiable,and I love to kiss,so if your a bad kisser, thsi si a deal breaker.lol”

    Very genuine – nothing actually hidden behind the lines !

  243. RussianSB says:

    @ all the lovely SBs
    I really do hope one of the more inspired SBs does a similar list of the wannabe/fake/aspiring/newbie/experienced/cheap/generous/naive SDs you have encountered in the sugar bowl.
    I’d love too… if only not my broken English . BTW with SDs list will be shorter (no more than 5 types), they have uncomplicated profiles, and more similar requerments, then ladies.
    Better I will post today (The End of World, you know, I have nothing to lose)
    some ”behind the lines reading”

  244. Nichole says:

    If those are the SB stereotypes then what are the SD stereotypes?

  245. RussianSB says:

    @DaddyGT, very deep research, indeed,
    so, how much sugar did you spend in the name of sciense ??
    I am #4, and SD goal is to find a gem in #1 pool 🙂

  246. Jersey Darling says:

    Loving all these tip-inspired posts by sugar daddies – keep them coming! Sugar babies, do you have any tips to share?

  247. Frank says:

    Daddygt Great list! I’m sure it was meant in a playful way!

    Frank, frank but not Jack

  248. Tina says:

    @DaddyGT: Apparently Christmas is going to bring you visions of minions dancing in your head 😉

  249. DaddyGT says:

    Been so incredibly busy. Not back in the UK yet. Business still keeps me in Africa. *sigh*. Had to cancel a trip to visit friends in FL and Tx because of work.

    Definitely doing it earlyish next year though. When I get to Tx, dinner’s on me if I make it to Austin.

    On an unrelated note, I’ll now keep getting visuals of you when I hear Blake Shelton belting out ‘Austin’. 🙂

    And trust me to miss out on all the polyamory discussions. Have only caught up with the last couple of blog posts here. Might trawl through a few more through the archives if Christmas is as boring as I think it will be 🙂

  250. DaddyGT says:

    And just for the record. I love women. The post was not meant to denigrate, insult or offend anyone. Just to have a bit of fun, as I lay in bed nursing a hangover, and if I brought a chuckle to just one reader, then mission accomplished :-).

    One of the best things about caricatures though, is that there’s an (exaggeraed) element of truth. Which is what makes it so much fun.

    As Tina pointed out, there’s at least one person on the site that could match each of those caricatures I posted. I could have appended a “Here’s an example Profile Number typical of this type”, but that would have just been low, and taken away from the humour I think.

    And while we are at it, the list is not exhaustive. Not by any stretch of the imagination. There are a lot of SBs (including many of the regular posters on this blog) that do not fall into any of the categories. To all of those, please forgive the exclusion …. you might still make it to the second half of the list if I ever get round to writing it. 🙂

  251. Tina says:

    @DaddyGT: good to see you back as well! Are you still traveling or have you finally made it back to home soil? We’ve had a polyamory discussion here and there, without your input, which made it a might lackluster in my opinion 🙂 If you’re ever in Austin, let me know and we’ll grab a drink! 🙂

    FYI: I love me some Dilbert! 🙂

  252. Stacy says:

    Well Daddy, I may have to take you up in that, if I can figure how to string together that many big, complex thoughts in between running up my credit cards, having cold uninspired mercenary sex with any SD with a PayPal account, and mucking out the pig stalls.

    Glad you love women – we are sooo much fun. 😉

  253. DaddyGT says:

    @SD Guru
    Thank you for the welcome back. I’m good. Have been super busy, had a few ups and downs, but doing great.

    I don’t hate women. I’ve been called many things, but even when they are nasty, they are the total opposite of that. I love women. So much so that I have to love more than one at a time. That’s how much love I have for women.

    Good to see some familiar faces. You are right. I think I should have prepended my comment with this statement from Scott Adams (he of the Dilbert cartoons)

    Warning: This blog is written for a rational audience that likes to have fun wrestling with unique or controversial points of view. It is written in a style that can easily be confused as advocacy or opinion. It is not intended to change anyone’s beliefs or actions.

    All I was trying to do was add some levity to the blog, and throw in some caricatures (stereotypes was probably a bad choice of word) of SBs. There’s a Wry Society column in the Financial Times’ supplement ‘How To Spend It’ that regularly caricatures elements of society — howtospendit.ft.com/wry-society/

    @ all the lovely SBs
    I really do hope one of the more inspired SBs does a similar list of the wannabe/fake/aspiring/newbie/experienced/cheap/generous/naive SDs you have encountered in the sugar bowl.

  254. Tina says:

    @Stacy – I do believe it was just a fun post, something to look at and laugh about. We’ve all seen the posts about horrible SDs, but not many about great ones, yes?

    I didn’t take it too seriously; I know who I am, know where I don’t fit in that post, and also know my own weaknesses. I can’t control what anyone thinks, but I can control my own actions and reactions. So, with that, I’m just going to enjoy reading the post, know that it’s not pointed at me, and doesn’t degrade me at all since I’m not intimate with DaddyGT. Which means the post wasn’t targeted at me. I also know what I bring to the table as a woman, and know that the people I have in my life see me as something more than just an object. I’m blessed with having found someone very unique and special, as well as having wonderful people in my life. In this world there are cynics and people who try to find the worst in others, which I cannot change. My biggest influence on life is seeing the best in people, and helping them to see it in themselves. I’m headstrong and stubborn at times, and have learned that the easiest way to influence someone is to guide them gently instead of a swift smack on the rump. Those are saved for the naughty times 😉

  255. Stacy says:

    But Tina – every single one of his SB archetypes (which is what they are more than stereotypes) is a dumb victim, where are the power girls who use SA for empowerment and fun?

  256. Tina says:

    @Stacy: DaddyGT doesn’t hate any SB, this is just his own list of SB stereotypes. And, unfortunately, there is at least one person on this site that matches each of those descriptions. You could actually make a similar list of SDs, since there have been many complaints about fake/flake/rude/ungentlemanly SDs on this and other sites.

    I read it, just laughed my butt off, and was waiting to see if he came up with one that fit me yet 😉

  257. Stacy says:

    Daddy GT, if you dislike us all so much, why are you on the site?

  258. subdaddave says:

    10. Listen to a certain song by R.E.M. repeatedly until someone gets fed up and smashes your iPod with a hammer.

    11. Prepare snarky social-media posts for tomorrow about life after the end of the world.

  259. DaddyGT says:

    Since this seems to be a season for lists, and being December, here’s a Christmas guide to sugar baby stereotypes. Forgive me if you are not in the list. I have a few more to add … to get the list to 12 and so forth 🙂

    A Cynic’s guide to Sugar Babes

    Name: Ticket outta here
    Age: 18-21
    Where found: Smallville
    Life story: Was unfortunate enough to grow up in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Never quite fit in. The town is too small for her. The thought of livign the rest of her life as a rural wife terrifies her. Finished school, and just wants to get out of there. Was possibly never bright enough for college. Just looking for a secure ticket out of smalltown into a decent sized city.
    Phrases in profile: Not much happens here. Want to see the world. Happy to relocate for the right SD. I want to travel.
    Allowance demands: $1k – $3k (that’s big money in her neck of the woods)
    Heroes: Dolly Parton

    Name: Big city naive girl
    Age: 18-21
    Where found: Inner city in big city
    Life story: Grew up in the less than desirable parts of a big city. The thought of spending the rest of her life there terrifies her. Has seen the big houses and cars uptown, and wants in. Not too bright, or she’d realise that her allowance demands are outta this world. Drops fashion labels into every conversation. Might even own a few knockoffs from Chinatown, but now wants the real thing. Figures her Prince Charming is out there somewhere. And the way she figures it, $5k is nothing, never having actually worked in her life. Will either end up as #3 or #8
    Phrases in profile: I want the best. Will expect gift at/before first meeting. Want to be treated like a princess.
    Allowance demands: $10k+
    Heroes: Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

    Name: Aspiring model/actress
    Age: 18-28
    Where found: LA, London, New York and anywhere professional sportsmen hang out.
    Life story: Grew up following all the glam girls in the tabloids. Has clippings of every celebrity wedding. Was just like the 2 above, but was blessed with good looks and gumption. Probably moved to big city just after high school to pursue a ‘modelling’ career. Has now realised that beautiful girls are a dime-a-dozen in big cities and that 99% don’t earn enough to survive on. She might even be waitressing or dancing now, but dammit, she still wants the good life. She’s hot right? Profile photos heavy on make up and often in skimpy outfits. With fake tan. Lots of fake tan.
    Phrases in profile:I am a glamour/lingerie model. I am hot. I was in Playboy (p97). I am hot. I was Miss Hicksville 2010. I am hot. I want gifts. I am hot. Treat me like a princess. You are lucky to be allowed in the presence of my hot body. My hobbies include shopping, going to spas, and prettyfying myself. I am hot.
    Allowance demands: $10k+ (despite the fact that this is more than her career earnings after a year of modelling work)
    Heroes: Any sporting WAG

    Name: Used to be the IT girl
    Age: 25-35
    Where found: LA, London, Paris, New York
    Life story: Older, classier version of the one above. Has been riding her looks since day 1. Probably has at least one rich boyfriend in her past. That relationship ended. She got to live the highlife for a while and loved it. She’s not ready to go back to normal living. Feels too classy to dance. Closet is full of expensive purchases from previous relationships. Fast realising that she’d better make a plan before those looks fade. Probably working as a temp in some midsized firm to make ends meet. Profile photos from all the expensive resorts she’s been. Probably ends up with multiple SDs to fund the lifestyle.
    Phrases in profile: I used to be a model. I have been in magazines. I LOVED Aspen, Monaco, France, etc. I LOVED driving the Lambo my ex boyfriend had. Am very discreet. Genuine SDs only. No timewasters. I only fly first class.
    Allowance demands: $5k+ (need my rent and car paid for, with shopping and holidays abroad thrown in).
    Heroes: Any Mrs Trump.

    Name: Pragmatic College girl
    Age: 20-25
    Where found: Anywhere with a big campus
    Life story: Might have been the local belle. Graduated high school then reality hit. They year out of school was a wake-up call. Now very pragmatic approach to life. Got late into college. Not bright enough to get a scholarship, so plans of getting a rich SD to play that role. Probably studying something very practical, like Accounting or Business. Definitely something with a job at the end. Sugar babing for her is a very pragmatic choice with very defined goals. Has aspirations of runngin her own business.
    Phrases in profile: I work hard. I need help with my tuition. I will be forever grateful. I have goals. I need a mentor. Willing to learn.
    Allowance demands: Negotiable, but I do need to pay for school.
    Heroes: All the women independent.

    Name: I should have been a society girl
    Age: 20 – 26
    Where found: Private Colleges not renowned for their academic rigour
    Life story: The family might have had money at some point, but dad lost it all on the horses or the crash of ’88. The other branch of the family still lives in the Hamptons where she has sampled the good life. Mom might have been a beauty queen, but has told our girl that the kitty is empty, and she must make her own way. Studying something like History of Flower Arranging (i.e. No job at the end, but she never wants to work anyway). Might even be doing a Masters. She is certainly not going to let the small issue of love get in the way of an advantageous union.
    Phrases in profile: I am sophisticated. I will take care of my man, as long as he looks after all my needs. Hints of the sensual peppered with domesticity. Looking for just ONE person.
    Allowance demands: Negotiable (but, by the time she’s done with the divorce settlement, you’ll wish you’d just paid her $20k per month)
    Heroes: The woman her mom should have been.

    Name: Oh shit, I owe $50k on my credit cards girl
    Age: 24-30
    Where found: Big Cities everywhere
    Life story: College graduate. Probably works in fashion. Has always been a fan of labels. Knows when all the new collections are released. Probably has a decent job, but would rather eat Pot Ramen for a year than miss Gucci sale. Huge gulf between the things she wants, and what she can afford. Is going to approach this in a very transactional way. Might even have a ‘regular’ boyfriend on the side. Might even be married.
    Phrases in profile: I have a good job. But I like the finer things in life (what girl doesn’t LOL). I expect a generous allowance and loads of designer label presents. Arrangement for X nights per week preferred. (boyfriend gets weekends). Very discreet.
    Allowance demands: Negotiable (but if you can pay off my credit card that would be awesome)
    Heroes: That girl from Diary of a Shopaholic

    Name: The mercenary girl
    Age: 18-25
    Where found: LA, London, Paris, New York (She is smart enough to use an expensive postcode for her location. She might not live there, but her desired victims certainly do.)
    Life story: Secretly hates men. Ironically probably has a loser boyfriend she ‘keeping’. Maintains a profile or two on *every* sugar dating site out there. Has discovered that she can extract money from men using the promise of sex, but never actually delivering. Her attitude is “can’t be blamed if they were stupid enough to freely give her the money”. Maintains a blogspot.com blog where she keeps a running tally of how much she has been ‘given’.
    Phrases in profile: No time wasters. Serious offers only. Expect a gift before we meet. You will give me a ‘donation’ at our first meeting to show you are genuine.
    Allowance demands: Negotiable (but you will be expected to Paypal $$ every time she calls)
    Heroes: Robin Hood?

    OK, I have a few more stereotypes, but I think I’ll stop here for now. I need a hangover cure first.

  260. EllenSugarB says:

    …fashion calls these “fetish inspired shoes” for a reason…

  261. EllenSugarB says:

    Guru is dispensing little nuggets of sage advice, as usual.

    I am no Guru…but I picked up some good fashion taste from my prior SD (i.e.. Fasihion Mentor), and I will share…

    #7…Please, ladies…if you are going to have ONLY one pair of Loubs…Do not choose the style pictured above. IMHO, If you’re going to invest about $1k in a pair of shoes (and it’s a possibly one time thing, not a common thing for you), then my heavens!!!…for the love of good taste!!!…Pick something timeless and classic!!! Sure, a black peep toe pump is a great option. But a black peep toe pump with a two inch platform screams sex and provocation…which is great if you ONLY plan to wear your Loubs while frolicking around nekkid

    Just sayin’ …

    • Madridista says:

      I think that was just a random pic they used. If you go to the actual store, they have a lot of classic ones and their best sellers are definitely the pigalle styles, not anything that’s a platform. They are also having a sale now (where I am), so if anyone’s interested you could get two pairs for around $1500 if you go to their outlet and they’re at Bergdorf’s for around $800 including tax last time I checked.

  262. SD Guru says:

    This is a great topic! Makes me wonder if I were to consider the end of my sugar world (ie sugar retirement), how would I choose to go out in style? I’ll come back to it later, but in the mean time I’d like to reprise a few posts on some of the topics discussed recently.

    Re: SB Profiles

    Ladies, all this hand wringing about what to put in a profile… The reality is that most of the time having attractive pics will get you noticed more so than a well written profile. As much time as you spend on your profile text, don’t forget to put up some nice pics too. To quote a former SB blogger: “About 80% of the time they would have made up their mind as to whether they want to contact you based on your age, location and picture. The profile usually serves as a confirmation of their decision.”

    Perhaps the profile text has become more important with the availability of keyword search. But age, location, and pics may still be the key factors for most SD’s. You can see my origianl post here.

    Re: Golden Rules

    To stay out of trouble in the sugar world, remember these golden rules:

    1. Don’t reward bad behavior.
    2. Don’t ignore warning signs.
    3. Don’t expect someone’s behavior to change over time.

    And especially for NSA SD’s,

    4. Don’t let her problems become yours.
    5. Don’t become emotionally attached.

    You can see the original post here.

    Re: Screening SD’s

    You know he’s a genuine SD if…”

    – If he presents and handles himself as what you’d expect from a gentleman.
    – If you feel comfortable and at ease when interacting with him.
    – If he takes an interest in getting to know you as a person.
    – If he takes the time to explain what he is looking for in a sugar relationship.
    – If he takes the initiative to ask you about your expectations.
    – If the allowance discussion doesn’t feel awkward or weird.
    – If there is no ambiguity about how the financial aspect will be handled.
    – If he backs up his words with actions.

    That’s all I can think of for now. Anyone else want to add to the list? When you’re dealing with a genuine SD it should be a pleasant experience even though it may not result in an arrangement. I suspect some of the stories we’ve seen from newbies are the result of dealing with SD’s who are less than genuine.

    Re: Newbie SB’s not having any luck

    You can see the original post here. Keep the following tips in mind:

    1. Be patient – If you signed up on Match would you expect to find the perfect date in a few days? Of course not. It can take weeks or months to find exactly what you’re looking for. The perfect SD is not just going to fall on your lap (unless you’re lucky). It will take relentless screening and you may end up kissing a few frogs along the way.

    2. It’s a numbers game – As I’ve mentioned in my blog, the rule of supply and demand is reversed in the sugar world compared to the dating world. Genuine SD’s, especially those who are able and willing to provide steady financial support, are in short supply. They have plenty of potential SB’s to choose from and can be very picky if they want to be.

    3. Have thick skin – There are lots of flaky and rude men who will treat you with less than gentlemanly behavior. Don’t take it personal and don’t let them waste your time. Block, delete, ignore, and move on.

    4. Use common sense – There are lots of fakes and posers out there so if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Trust your gut instinct, use common sense, and don’t put yourself in a situation where you can be taken advantage of. If there is something you wouldn’t normally do in the dating world, such as going to a guy’s place on the first date, why would you do that in the sugar world?

    5. Be yourself – Be true to yourself and your values. Don’t compromise and do something you’re not comfortable with just because sugar is involved.

    Still not having any luck after a while? Ask someone with more experience to review your profile and emails to see if there is anything you’re doing that might be attracting the type of men you don’t want.

  263. NancySB/LA says:

    Yay! I’m with my lovebug again!

  264. Tina says:

    I agree with all of it except for #1! I’m going to finalize my Christmas shopping tomorrow! YEAH!

  265. Frank says:

    Its my daughter’s birthday, im going to watch her blow out seven candles.

  266. Madridista says:

    Yeah-ey for #7, check! You know, I think I will do something scandalously crazy tomorrow (not that I believe this end of the world stuff)

  267. Jennifer says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!