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12 Most Overdone New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year, you gorgeous creatures! At the end of each year, we gather around with our Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby, family, friends, and that random guy you met at the bar to kiss the old goodbye and welcome in the new. Time and again there are two questions everyone asks to break the party’s first hour ice: Did you get everything you wished for this Christmas and what are your New Year’s Resolutions. However nothing is duller than hearing the same thing year after year. Here are the top New Year’s Resolutions that are tried, but never true…

1. Lose 10 pounds or go to the gym more often
It took some work. But, after hours of being couch sitting, potato chip crunching, and soda chugging you finally gained 10 pounds! What’s that? Oh, you didn’t mean to gain weight. You’re going to stop being unhealthy less than 24 hours from now? If my math is correct, 10 pounds every year since you were sixteen would mean that in 365 days, you should be thinner than Kate Moss. I’ll be sure to take a picture.

2. Control my temper, or be more patient
How about you replace this with ‘be honest with myself’, meaning ditch the things or people that piss you off in the first place.

3. Save more money, or find a better job
“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” As for finding a better job, the mere fact that you are trying to weasel out of your responsibilities says a lot. How about working on being more proactive and involved at your current job? Just a thought.

4. Stop eating sweets, or salty food
Ever tried to tell a woman, or a Sugar Baby for that matter, to not overindulge? Make a resolution to treat yourself and overindulge whenever you have the chance. Deprivation is why those foods are so bad for you in the first place.

5. Say nice things about others
Why? I mean, unless they deserved it. There is nothing more offensive than a false compliment.

6. Get organized
Seriously, stop fighting your nature. Unless you plan on hiring a personal assistant(which would go against Resolution number 3 and put you in a bad position for number 2), please drop this off your list. Even with the assistant, you’d still misplace your lip gloss in your purse.

7. Travel to new places
I’ll keep it simple for this one. Do as Nike says, Just Do It.

8.Smile more often
So, you plan on being perpetually delusional happy for 365 days? I’ll prepare your emergency bag for the psychiatric visit due in May. After you have a mental breakdown because everyone thought nothing is wrong when it was.

9.Forget about [name of ex-Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Baby or boyfriend/girlfriend]
Each day of the year you will fail. You will be thinking about forgetting him or her to keep your resolution, how are you supposed to forget them? Worst of all 364 days from now, you will have the same resolutions again!

10. Spend more time with family and friends
How about you just start calling other than when you need something?

11. Quit/ do less drinking or smoking
Are you crazy? The later—this is what? Your 10th cold-turkey stint this year?

12. Volunteer or help others
The effort is endearing. Really. But, honey, do you even know where the soup kitchen is? You never wear a bun, let alone a hairnet. Reading your other 10 Resolutions, I think you should really focus on improving yourself first until you dabble into other’s lives.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?
Have you ever been guilty of one of the twelve?

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237 Responses to “12 Most Overdone New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Nichole says:

    What is it about? I’ve heard of it but had no clue…Are you watching PLL tonight?

  2. California SB says:

    Just watched the Carrie diaries. Adorable!

  3. Nichole says:

    I agree as well, but tell that to the SDs not us!! Tee hee

  4. Taylor Made SB says:

    LOL, Agreed but it is harder when you have this preconceived notion that is broadcasted throughout todays society. I give everybody a chance, no judgement made unless a judgment is needed :p

  5. The Silly Hippie says:

    @ Taylor & Nichole

    Girls, trust me, you don’t have to be black to play ghetto! Lmao! Crazy white girls have there own drama. I think we all should give different races a chance.

  6. Taylor Made SB says:

    You are 100% correct!!! They watch too much TV is what I think. However, their are those few that behave in an objectionable manor that do make it harder for the rest of us.

  7. Taylor Made SB says:


    “Idk I feel like it’s more because I’m black that I get less views, less pots and that kind of thing just because I see a lot of white or asian women only. My profile is premium because I am a college sugar baby.”

    I know how you feel, my roomate (who’s also an SB on SA ) and I felt that it was much harder for us to find an SD for that very reason. I’m stubborn and I don’t like to think there’s something that I can’t have based soley on my race. What I’ve done is I write to those individuals specifically, I’m very intelligent and I tend to think that I am a decent writer. I’ve gone on dates with a few of these particular SD’s and I’ve found that it’s not that they’re not attracted to black women they’re not attracted to the stereotype, from what I’ve read above you seem like a smart girl, now work it 🙂

    • Nichole says:

      Girl yes! That’s exactly what I was thinking!!! I thought a lot of the men who put that black women just “aren’t their cup of tea” say that 1)without having tried dating one and 2) because the stereotypical, and in some cases ghetto ones scare them off

  8. The Silly Hippie says:

    Eh things are going okay. Some guys want to talk all day online, and I’m not into it. I’m ready to meet people. A few just want to meet immediately, but I’m hesitant about that too. How long should you wait til you meet a pot SD? Two days? Week? Would you ever meet a pot SD whose emails made you uncomfortable?
    Congrats on finding a friend, working on getting my gf on here.

    • Nichole says:

      She found me but either way thanks girl! Maybe if you’re in the area we can hang out. Idk a pot SD just started making arrangements to fly me out there to meet after weeks of talking. It’s hard to say, if they’re local I can understand giving it a few days but it’s a little sketch when they say, “I live in the area so do you let’s meet right now.” If his emails make you uncomfortable, I wouldn’t, unless you let him know first. Like you said be straight up. One pot was being really obnoxious and overly cocky until he asked me what I thought and I told him about himself

  9. flyr says:

    @GT “””Things were going great with my latest SB the operative word being “were”!! She was number 5 in the last couple of years and then all of the sudden my the txts took 1/2 a day to reply too. Then 24hrs to reply too………….lol.

    I was supposed to fly and see her tom. and haven’t heard from her in two days. I get tired of going through the games..”””

    My guess is that part of the angst on both sides is the time dimension and that both SB and SD are leaving the door open until there is an arrangment and perhaps after. During the initiation process sugar relationships are like sharks – they are moving ahead or theiy are dying.

    I think you increase your odds in most cases by picking up the tempo……. write – talk – meet – agree – have fun…………..

    Somehow in a more conventional social situation we are able to meet someone, talk with them for a few hours, continue the conversation , get to know eachother and do one of three things – say goodbye, arrange to meet the next day or two or have wonderful sex and look forward to breakfast.

    Part of it may start with critically looking at both the profile and inintial communication. SA makes it harder with their flashing of pictures with no information. There’s a temptation to look and perhaps wink if for nothing other than amusement. But that creates further communication with no real prospect. Better to simply erase blind winks without taking the time to look at the profile and spend the time concentrating on real prospects.

  10. just another SB says:

    @Realistic SD
    Like you, I used to read the blog often, although most time, as a spectator. I think that the only topic I participated in was on whether there can be true love in a sugar relationship and I thought there could. I was in a very similar situation as you, so I would like to share my experience from a SB perspective. I had a 7 months relationship with a married SD that ended about 10 months ago. I fell madly in love with him. He was the only person I ever loved and seems going to be the only person I’ll ever love in my life. I believe that his feeling for me is the same, perhaps less intense and more rational. I did not do anything as romantic as what your SB did for you, but I would have done almost anything for him, if my SD asked.

    We had a built-in expiration date, when I graduate or when he moves to another country, which we both plan to do. I really wanted to be with him as long as I could, so I postponed my graduation. His moving, however, came as expected. So did the end of our relationship. I think how to deal with the end of a loving relationship is particularly unique in a sugar relationship, because a traditional relationship only ends when it turns sour, which makes its ending much easier to take.

    We cut off all communication with each other after he moved, other than one or two email exchanges in the past 10 months. Honestly, I’ve taken the break-up very hard. This was the first time I had my heart broken. I have a boyfriend now, because I could not take the overwhelming loneliness and sense of abandonment after he left. Yet 10 months after we last saw each other, I still think about him every day, cry over him almost every night, and write emails to him which I can never send because I know he would prefer no contact.

    We had a chance to discuss about how to handle the end of relationship near the end and agreed that we would both try our best to move on, with the memory of what we had and the belief that our love for each other was true. It was easier said than done. I had recurring doubts of whether what we had were true and if he still misses me the way I miss him. But I have eventually come to peace with myself by choosing to believe that there was a point in time, that I truly loved him with all my heart and so did he.

    I think no matter what you do, you cannot avoid having your heart broken and it will take time to get over her. I’ve not yet gotten over my SD yet, and probably never will. But I hope that knowing that your SB will be missing you when you think about her and spending sleepless nights wishing you were right next her, will makes the days without her just a bit easier.

  11. The Silly Hippie says:

    @Nichole also be more straight forward with people from the get go! You may see guys disappear more quickly, but I would rather be honest and get what I wanted than wait around on fakes.

  12. The Silly Hippie says:

    I am new too, few weeks, but six months is just too long baby. especially if you are not getting anything out of it. it’s supposed to be a mutually beneficial relationship. I want an SD too but I’m not wasting my time on anyone like that! Good luck sweetie!

    • Nichole says:

      Thanks girlie! I should’ve talked to you ladies a lot sooner about this. Especially since I expressed my frustration about this to him and he talked about his busy schedule and how we would meet but never happened, ugh I feel stupid. But I don’t really get views on my prof even though I took another SB’s advice and changed it around

      • The Silly Hippie says:

        Yeah, I know how you feel. I will upgrade to premium eventually, but I would like to meet a few people first. If I find a nice SD, and I’m sure I will, I’ll eventually have multiple SDs and I think upgrading your account will make you get more views.

        Any other SBs out there with premium accounts? How exactly does it benefit you? Do you get more dates? Higher quality views? Better pot SDs?

      • Nichole says:

        Idk I feel like it’s more because I’m black that I get less views, less pots and that kind of thing just because I see a lot of white or asian women only. My profile is premium because I am a college sugar baby.

      • The Silly Hippie says:

        I have seen lots of profiles on here looking specifically for black or Hispanic girls. You try searching specifically for those interested in black women? Also having a sugar baby buddy is a great idea. Find a good close friend who wants to do this too. You can give each other tips and help each other search. If someone doesn’t work out for you pass on to your friend or vice versa. There actually was a blog post that had something like that in it. If I come across it again I’ll let u know.

      • Nichole says:

        Thank you so much Hippie, you’re amazing! That’s true I came a across a few as well, it wouldn’t heard to try punching that into the keyword search. I might have a friend who is interested and in the meantime a girl found me on another sugar site and we exchanged numbers because she is a local SB. How is your search going?

  13. gtt_envy says:

    @CaliSB, two weeks if local yes I would agree, but longer distance idk. Normally I’ll wire something to prove I’m serious before meeting anyway especially if meeting soon isn’t in the cards.

    Normally that works fine!!

  14. California SB says:

    If a new SD doesn’t meet me within 2 weeks of communicating I put him on the fake pile….

    • Nichole says:

      Thanks girl, but I figured maybe we hadn’t met yet, because these things take a decent amount of time and because he does tour groups for his career, but yeah I thought so 🙁

  15. California SB says:

    Nichole…. 6 MONTHS and haven’t met yet??? Come on girl you’re better than this….

  16. gtt_envy says:

    @nichole, I agree 100%!!

    Things were going great with my latest SB the operative word being “were”!! She was number 5 in the last couple of years and then all of the sudden my the txts took 1/2 a day to reply too. Then 24hrs to reply too………….lol.

    I was supposed to fly and see her tom. and haven’t heard from her in two days. I get tired of going through the games. I go through 30 woman, meet 5 of them, start a arrangement with one and something always goes awry.

    Ironically my first SB was and still is more consistent than SB I have had since. I could text here right now and she would reply in 1 minute.

    Oh well maybe one more shot I don’t know yet. Good luck Nichole!!

    • Nichole says:

      Thanks gtt, yeah it just might not be the place for me. I’m sorry your baby is so inconsistent 🙁 I wouldn’t have done that, personally

  17. Nichole says:

    I want one of my resolutions to be either finding an SD or leaving the sugar world alone ^_^ I have been talking to an SD on another site for some months now, 6 to be exact and we still haven’t met, am I wasting my time?

  18. Taylor Made SB says:

    @ Cali SB. AGREED! As new SB’s we’ve had to find out the hard ways of the Do’s and Dont’s of this lifestyle. I should’ve been checking out this blog ALOT sooner. The whole situation was enough to give her a bad taste in her mouth and break her away from the sugar lifestyle for a bit. I suppose it’s not for everyone, but I’m sure she’ll be back 😉

  19. schatzeMB says:

    I would also like to find an SD who wants more from me than sex lol or at least be able to put my feelings before his carnal need. After all, we give our SD’s something that we can never buy back; our phsycal body.

    Thus, for my new years resolution, I’m going to hone in my skills as a typist, and photographer (oh yeah iphone pics!!) and re create my profile to attract the men I want.. Then stand by my standards and gut instinct, (because i should listen to it more often, and so should you!).

    :] i feel better already lol

  20. Theresa says:

    Finally find myself someone on SA who isn’t a freak (I swear all I seem to attract are men who tell me what they want to do to me, in the rudest, crudest language possible), and learn how you all get those smiley faces added onto your posts. I want to post smiley faces too. 🙂

  21. Taylor Made SB says:

    Best friend just returned from a SD disaster. Potential SD flew her out and promised the works ; fine dining, shopping, compensation blah blah blah. She told me her first night there the SD suggested they have sex and when she declined she was then accused of being a lesbian, she proceeded to text me and apparently he got upset and had taken her phone!!…The following day he left at 8am to “check in” at his office but he didn’t return to her for about 6 hours. He was upset that she wasn’t ready when he returned but she was stuck at his home with no way of getting dress because ALL of her clothes were in his car!!! lol…They went to his office and he had her doing secretary work for 4 hours, when asked if they could do something fun he replied with ” Ill give you the money but i’m tired”, needless to say he didn’t give her the money. Last night they went to dinner and back to the hotel ( they stayed close to the airport), they’d gone to bed quite early ( I spoke to her briefly before she slept). I received a text at 4:25 AM saying ” Soo I wake up in the hotel and this guy isn’t here. I call his name…no answer…get up..look around…no one. I go to the restroom there’s 100 bucks on the sink. So I text him and he replies his back went out and he went home to get meds”!!!!!

    Woowwwww some SD’s…..thats awful…she could’ve made more $$ during the two days she missed work to see that guy…smh

    • California SB says:

      Taylor tell your friend NEVER fly to meet anyone she doesnt know welll. First time dates must be always close to home. Also, allowances must be discussed on the first date without sex involved. A fake SD would never meet for a second date.

  22. California SB says:

    Yes phoneguy i have very specific stuff in my profile such as “speak three languages” among other things. Nothing he wrote makes any sense if he read my profile…

  23. flyr says:

    CASB- I agree that the email is totally lacking in any acknowledement of what you may put in your profile. Just another form letter……….

    A couple of paragraphs may be very appropriate if the pot sees something unique .

    Unless they email has something that ties the two together an SD or an SB writing to pot might as well make it breif

    I’m intersted See my profile – write back if interested.

    My guess is that for both something that acknowledges the other’s attributes and goals will have a far higher rate of success.

  24. Stacy says:

    Hey Cali – I can’t see your email in this thread, went all through.

  25. Phoneguy says:

    write personalized emails, please. Don’t be lazy……………
    Why do you care? No, I’m kinda serious. Do you have something really specific in your profile you are worried he is not reading (thus he is wasting your time) or is your ego bruised that he is not giving you the amount of time and attention you deserve?

  26. California SB says:

    Here he is Jersey: 694110

  27. Jersey Darling says:

    Cali, you have his profile ID? 😛

  28. Jack says:

    Lo, do you ski or snowboard? I’m a begginer on the latter, but I have skied while my companion boarded and it worked great.


  29. California SB says:

    Just read this on someone’s profile:

    “I am a VERY submissive male, looking to meet a dominant controlling girl that would like to control me financially and get together on a regular basis. Feel free to msg me 🙂 ”

    Yup, they are out there girls. Stop complaining and start emailing….

  30. California SB says:

    Stacy!!!!! Email me, let’s chat. My email is on this thread.

  31. California SB says:

    Hey Lo, Jack is a decent guy, you should go to Tahoe with him… Jack, Lo seems to be a nice girl.

  32. California SB says:

    Hey Lo, Jack is a decent guy, you should go to Tahoe with him… Jack, Lo seems to be a nice girl.

  33. Stacy says:

    Had such an unpleasant experience from a man who claims to have created the Time Magazine logo when he was 15 (except that the logo has remained unchanged since its advent in 1923) that I’ve taken a break from SA and hidden my profile. There must be a unique attraction between SA and pathological liars. The site needs much better reporting tools for some of the scum who troll the site.

  34. Jack says:

    Hi all,

    I’ll be taking my girls skiing in Tahoe the weekend of Jan 18. The girls will be in ski school so I’m looking for a good skier to perhaps join me skiing at Heavenly during the day.

    Anybody interested?


  35. California SB says:

    Just got this in my email:

    “Hi princess

    I think we would be amazing together…! Would love to explore the potential that could be us.. we could be the perfect match… shall we see about chemistry? Every woman should have a self made, semi retired entrepreneur as a mate, we are fashionable these days..We can play 21 questions and see where our mutual interests may intersect.

    I guarantee can provide all that you seek desire and need darling.Financial security with regular weekly allowance that grows as our relationship matures. Emotional stability. Safe exciting enjoyably wet and never boring intimacy. Mentoring, teaching, exploring. Much laughter and joy enjoying outstanding wining dining and shopping.

    Baby steps so that BOTH of us are where we need to be at each step of the way. No rush, firm steps, long term plans. If it sounds like we are on the same page, email me direct please with a little bit more about yourself, and include additional pictures after which I shall email you more of my pictures and a short bio so you know more about your future mate.”


    I never trust guys who write more than one paragraph on the first email. It looks like a template.. he probably sends this to every girl on the site. GUYS, write personalized emails, please. Don’t be lazy……………

  36. California SB says:

    Anyone seeking a geek: profile 828168. Doubt he is willing to do the 5K a month thing, but he’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome!!!

  37. California SB says:

    Lo, ahaha answering it right now, will send in a few mins. xoxo

  38. Lo says:

    cali i sent you an email. I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it :p

  39. California SB says:

    Stacy, where are you girlfriend, missing your posts!!! Come back!!!

  40. California SB says:

    Awww!!! SD#2 sent me a case of my favorite wine by fedex. What a cutie pie… gonna have to return the favor tomorrow 😛

  41. California SB says:

    Hey Lo girl!! No, my email ends in ymail. Lo, I found 3 good SDs but it took some time. Lots of fakes, ugly and plain sour guys out there!!! I’m looking for my 4th!! 😛

    Russian, men are all the same regardless of zip code…. put a pic in lingerie in your profile they come running like puppy dogs…

  42. RussianSB says:

    Nice, girls, that you are in same area – you can share ”bad apples” and save your time because, no matter what you write in profiles – you date with same potential sugadaddys !

  43. Lo says:

    hahaha I’ve been lurking for about a month. After a couple unsuccessful meetups i decided to consult Cali because she is in my area and it appears she has made good use of this site. So far I’ve met up with sleazy mcsleaze, and mr I put my pic up from two decades ago and hope potential SB won’t notice :p

  44. RussianSB says:

    @Lo, tell me, how long you stay away from the blog at lurking mode ??
    I am curious when is braking point ?
    I was lurking two weeks and it is first blog in my life.

  45. Lo says:

    hehe im a brunette

  46. RussianSB says:

    @California – now you see that Lo is girl and maybe even blond girl.
    Did you see video clip (about multyply SDs) I recomend you ?
    Rammstein”Sonne” – snow white version (song also have historical battle video)

  47. RussianSB says:

    @Jersey Darling – hello, buddy !

  48. RussianSB says:

    Russia “I am just silly blond nympho.” Will you stop bragging!! btw, you do NOT need to lose 10 pounds, keep eating that chicken soup.

    But I am nympho, and I am blond andIcan be silly once a month.
    About weight. I live in Moscow, guys, it is like NY – everybody loosing weight and black is fashion uniform (like for career biotches from Manhattan)

  49. Lo says:

    thanks cali, im a girl. Does your email end in atyahoo.com?

  50. Jersey Darling says:

    Well, lucky girl that I am now also under the weather. Russian, we can be sick buddies lol.

    In that “wishlist” section of the site they should have soup as an option. Sucks living alone and running around to get things when you’re sick!

    What TV shows are good to watch that happen to be on Netflix? I need something to pass the time…

  51. California SB says:

    LO are you a guy or girl? If girl yes if guy, no.

  52. California SB says:

    No Frank most women want George Clooney with George Clooney’s wallet with a porn star sex drive.. sorry to inform guys but that is easier to find than your telller cinderella… 🙂

  53. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Jack and @Frank
    It wasn’t the gift sentiment that was ever in question. Merely that it didn’t come across to me that he made the gift come off as “Santa” or as “you’re simply amazing I just really want to do something nice for you and your girl.” Surprise was already inevitable, but she sounded a little confused (simply shock perhaps) by Frank’s description. I also don’t know if she was already attached, or if she felt “generous” guys are after one thing.( I met a girl like this as a friend of a friend, we had a fab time drinking and dancing and she insisted on buying my drinks every time I bought her drinks. But I went with the flow and then she invited me to play strip Monopoly a few weeks later, which I declined.)

  54. JustATequilaSD says:

    “Wrong site Frank…”
    I disagree. We’re all looking for something here, the search is the hard part. I think if SD#4 was the twin of sd#3 and single, you’d be one attached/in-love/engaged Cali. But what do I know?

    Mmmmm…nympho, my favorite holiday treat, much better than fruitcake.

    “just like to get my hand in the game once again”
    More pimp-monk wisdom: Your bird in the hand is not better than two hands in her bush.

  55. Lo says:

    cali can I email you? ive been a longtime lurker here also from socal

  56. JustATequilaSD says:


    “In other words I am looking for the anti wife.”
    You mean all the great things you saw in your wife, before y’all stopped date night?

    “I am looking for a girl friend like experience.”
    So you want a girlfriend that likes your generous style,that is appreciative and gracious about your gifts, that will ecstatically bang your brains out, and keeps her mouth shut about it all? Still starts the same way. Take your time. Keep it light at first. This is part of the chase. Don’t approach her with your gun cocked. You’re already deer corn, just let her doefully and gently get close enough to taste you. Find out what she wants/likes/needs. Don’t try to shove all the feed in her mouth at once either. Let her nibble. Use this time to see if the things on your list of what you want to give and what you want from her are matching up. As you both enjoy more of each other, you’ll both give more, and you’ll see it was sooooo easy you’ll wonder why you never thought of this before. If it’s not working, let her know. Nip it in the bud early, because you’ll probably get attached quickly. Now get out there and find a nice dear. (Pun intended.)

  57. Frank says:

    Most woman want a 25 year old man with a 45 year old wallet. Not happening gals….

  58. California SB says:

    The perfect sugar baby for 99% of guys would be: extremely pretty, Victoria Secret model body, Einstein-smart, sensitive like Cinderella, petite-little girl type, not older than 25 but with the maturity and life experience of a 45 year old. Blonde or Brunette with long flowing natural color hair. She must be humble, must love animals and children and have a naivete of a 5 year old. She must have no ambition but to live for the love of her life. If she works, she must be a teacher or a nurse (or a bank teller). She is happy with whatever her man gives her. She never complains, she never cheats and never ever will ask for money.

    Did I forget anything? Back to reality guys…. this person does not exist

  59. California SB says:

    The perfect sugar baby for 99% of guys would be: extremely pretty, Victoria Secret model body, Einstein-smart, sensitive like Cinderella, petite-little girl type, not older than 25 but with the maturity and life experience of a 45 year old. Blonde or Brunette with long flowing natural color hair. She must be humble, must love animals and children and have a naivete of a 5 year old. She must have no ambition but to live for the love of her life. If she works, she must be a teacher or a nurse (or a bank teller). She is happy with whatever her man gives her. She never complains, she never cheats and never ever will ask for money.

    Did I forget anything? Back to reality guys…. this person does not exist.

  60. California SB says:

    Twiceshy: ” A kind and supportive Mistress may be what seems to be needed, and I don’t know of many of those at age 25.”

    Most guys want a 40 year old in a body of a 21 year old. NOT happening guys…..

  61. California SB says:

    Frank just replied to you email. Sorry I don’t send naked pics to anyone. Not even Tequila got any. 😛

  62. twiceshy says:

    @Phoneguy I am using Game as a term for talk to her, try to woo her, go out to dinner, make a joke or two etc. rather than rush to give money in an envelope to someone that you just met.

    I mentioned image consultant, because sometimes that helps get someone’s head into the zone where they are confident and relating to people on a certain level.

    Everyone is different, but from what I am reading someone seems jumping from one disaster to the next. I don’t think sex with strangers is the answer for that. I am reminded of the term looking for love in several wrong places. A kind and supportive Mistress may be what seems to be needed, and I don’t know of many of those at age 25. Looking for love in several wrong places? 🙂

    Anyways, I have my own issues with my SBs, and a major one is the distance.

  63. Frank says:

    Calf- glad you made it safe and sound. I am not looking for love, I am looking to for the illusion of love. Not sure I can handle the real thing.

    SDGuru- just like to get my hand in the game once again. I’ll be careful I promise.

    Russia-how did the wife of someone else become my perfect SB. Maybe I’m in the twilight zone!

    Jack-you are right, no regrets, gift was made NSA

    Russia “I am just silly blond nympho.” Will you stop bragging!! btw, you do NOT need to lose 10 pounds, keep eating that chicken soup.

  64. California SB says:

    Got back home safe and sound!!! Frank, I’m gonna answer your email in a few. By reading your posts, sounds like you’re looking for loooooooooooooooove. Wrong site Frank…. 🙂

  65. SD Guru says:

    “I respectfully disagree with not getting emotionally involved with SB but think that it needs to be within a box that both feel comfortable with.”

    I don’t think we’re disagreeing. There is a difference between emotional involvement and emotional attachment. While emotional involvement can be healthy in a relationship, emotional attachment can create unnecessary drama that results in complications for a married SD. I’ve explained this in detail in “What is NSA” series in my blog.

    @Mile High Flyer
    “For me, I have learned to enjoy the moments for what they are. I will no longer get emotionally attached or reward bad behavior.”

    At last, all my preaching have not gone unnoticed. I couldn’t have said this better myself! 🙂

    “any one have any tips on how to convert an acquaintance into a sugar baby?”

    I know it’s tempting, but as I said before the odds are not in your favor. If it’s just the challenge you’re after, I suppose there is nothing wrong with that as long as you’re being honest with yourself.

    “What you think about strippers ?”

    Oooh.. that reminds me of my “Stripper SB”… :mrgreen:

  66. RussianSB says:

    @flyr … or bank account ,
    you don’t need really know where soup kitchen is.

  67. flyr says:

    Madridsta “Lastly, I may not know where the soup kitchen is, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spend my time helping or volunteering for causes I’m passionate about and it’s very disturbing to see it discouraged, especially on SA.”

    Could not agree more. I think it is the height of vanity for skilled professionals to make their annual trek to the soup kitchen for a photo op and then feel good. OK it is fine as long as you are doing something more significant using your skills, resources or social contacts.

  68. Jack says:


    No need to add to your age of 25. You’re mature and wise beyond your years, and if a guy is someone you would want, he’ll figure that out without you having to artificially increase your age. As I’ve posted many times before, I think an allowance range of $5000 to $10,000 may miss a lot of the good guys, but I’m not gonna beat that dead horse again.


    I for one think your $50 gift to the bank teller was great, whether it leads to a friendship, arrangement, or nothing at all. You did a good turn for another human being, and there is NOTHING to regret about it and no need to change future behavior.

    As to how to “convert” her to an SB–you know what to do. Take her to lunch, impress her and take it away, realizing full-well, of course, that she may not be “convertible” at all for a multitude of reasons. But even so, you should have no regrets about your gift. And although $50 may not be much money to many of the SB posters on this board, it probably meant the world to a young, hard-working mom (who probably doesn’t take home much more than $1500/month for full-time work) who couldn’t give her 2-year-old daughter a Xmas gift until you gave her that $50.

    I do that sort of thing all the time (not in association with any effort to “convert” anyone), and it makes me feel good. I’m sure you felt that way too.

    NO regrets!


  69. Madridista says:

    Oooh, strippers! Better topic. They have the best workout plans with all the pole dancing, gotta respect that. Before I left for Texas, I had a stripper pole installed in my bedroom, so clearly, I’m a big fan of anyone dancing and taking off clothing. If my soon-to-be-official boyfriend will ever make a move, I have quite a surprise for him 🙂

  70. Madridista says:

    @RussianSB — I did miss my Spain, that’s my new home, sweet home 🙂 I actually cried when the plane landed. I’m in Barcelona now, but I’m taking a train back to my beloved Madrid in a couple of hours, which means I will be home officially at around noon *scream*

  71. RussianSB says:

    @Madridista, who cares about blog topic here 🙂
    What you think about strippers ?

  72. RussianSB says:

    It is weights for college SB – one side is mature SD handsfull of nice presents and another side greasy hair cute boy. She stupid enough to tell her SD about her BF(some called that to be honest). But the same time she affraid to tell her BF about her SD.
    So, whom she appreciate more ?

  73. Madridista says:

    Blog topic:

    I don’t do resolutions. I just have a goal and go for it, even if it takes longer than a year to accomplish. While Angela’s list was pretty funny and typical of the stuff I hear every year, couple of things I disagree on and the b*tcherina attitude in them just rubbed me the wrong way. First, finding a better/new job is NOT “trying to weasel out” of your current responsibilities. I don’t know why anybody would think that, much less put that in writing. Very off-putting and provincial. Some people (*gasp*) don’t stay at their first job forever.

    Lastly, I may not know where the soup kitchen is, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spend my time helping or volunteering for causes I’m passionate about and it’s very disturbing to see it discouraged, especially on SA. One of my favorite things this holiday season was seeing the athletes I work with go to children’s hospitals and orphanages and bring gifts to kids. They were always so happy. Even if it’s not world changing or something you can do every day, it doesn’t matter, because even little things can bring someone so much happiness. One of my favorite charities is Growth Through Play Foundation and while it’s not going to solve problems of the world, it brings toys to children in poorest parts of the world and I try my best to be involved as much as my time allows and several footballers got involved with it through my efforts and we even organized matches to raise money for it. We try to get as much support for this organization as we can, so it’s sickening that someone would discouraging volunteerism and helping others just because we have problems in our personal or professional life. A small amount of help makes much more difference than people imagine if they find a cause they’re passionate about. That’s not dabbling as Angela lovingly put it, that’s being human.

  74. RussianSB says:

    @Frank, if you are essentric billionaire you can turn many girls to your SBs, you even can turn water into wine ! But you born for adventures, keep us posting.
    I hope you are not offended, you know I am just silly blond nympho.

  75. Frank says:

    Good night all!

    Russia when are you going to get rid of that greasy-hair bf of yours?

  76. RussianSB says:

    @Frank, tell me, how someones wife become an antiwife for you ?
    Magic !

  77. Frank says:

    Russia-Its not like getting someone to convert from muslim to christian, its more like getting someone to convert from baptist to unitarian, much easier to do.

  78. RussianSB says:

    Actually, strippers always have bunch of high quality SDs, especially if working in cool clubs.
    Question is – why rich boy must choose not hot looking, sweet talking stripper, but girl-living-next-door silly who will tell him about her greasy-hair BF she going to meet after she graduate and don’t need SD-ATM anymore ??
    Pure extreme !

  79. Frank says:

    Tequila-I am looking for a girl friend like experience. I want to be able to talk to someone who sees the glass as half full, that doesn’t think I personally have caused many of the worlds problems etc. I am looking for someone who can please me and who I can please, and oh yeah great sex.

    In other words I am looking for the anti wife.

  80. Frank says:

    Tequila-My grandmaster pimp-monk that trained me said it’s much easier to find a stripper that I really liked, than to find a girl I really liked and then turn her into a stripper.

    Hahaha-that is priceless!

  81. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila… LOLLLLL
    another one : “If your BF hate your job – become a stripper, everybody likes strippers !”

  82. Frank says:

    Tequila-I did sound like a school boy when I talked about her. lol I will proceed with caution.

    You know sometimes I miss the chase. When you start a relationship with someone from a sugar site, its like shooting fish in a barrel. If you have all your teeth, somewhat presentable and with fat wallet you will be successful. This is more subtle. You have to use all those wiles I spent learning in my 20’s and 30’s. Who is attracted to me, what can I say or do to increase that attraction.

    So maybe I just miss going hunting. There are a lot of red flags, she is just too close to home. Maybe this time I will just take a photo of my game, not take a mounted head back home.

  83. RussianSB says:

    @Madridista, welcome home ! Soon you will miss sunny Spain !
    Now, you see why I put English words in Russian sentence structure. I can’t help it !

  84. JustATequilaSD says:


    ” I believe that long-term develops from short-term.”
    My grandmaster pimp-monk that trained me said it’s much easier to find a stripper that I really liked, than to find a girl I really liked and then turn her into a stripper.

  85. JustATequilaSD says:

    And “acquaintances and friends” don’t make good NSA’s (and sometimes just horrible romances too.) And small towns only make big rumors. Have you considered online sb’s that live in other small towns up to 100 miles away? I don’t know what you really want in your heart…just sex, friend w/benefits, repeatable escort, girl friend experience, I dunno. But if you’re a decent looking guy with money, it’s easy to find girls anywhere if you really want to. (They’re looking for us even.) I just don’t understand.

  86. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila, good advise, as always, but I don’t want long-term looks like mandatory in my profile, I believe that long-term develops from short-term.

  87. Frank says:

    Mile High Its such a fine line to walk when you are with your sb for more than a meeting or two. Its very hard to interact, share bread with, laugh with and at, make love to and not develop feelings for that person.

    I’m not sure I want to harden my heart that much, but you have to know the boundaries of the relationship and respect those boundaries, or you are going to have a broken heart.

  88. RussianSB says:

    Frank, 50$ – not money nowadays, can do no harm, don’t worry. But to convert girl to sugar in your country it is like convert muslim into christian. We all wish you good luck at you hard mission. Every woman loves presents (I hope american girls don’t call it prostitution yet ?), but offer to woman the other part – NSA is really offensive thing to do.

  89. Madridista says:

    Happy 2013, sugars!!! I’m so excited to be back home (isn’t it weird how my new country of few months already feels like “home”?) Apparently, my English is inflected with all kinds of Spanish-isms and Catalan-isms. I keep saying simple phrases the Spanish way, so I guess I need to be on the blog longer to maintain my English skills (and I teach English, so go figure.) Yeah, so I had to spend a whole week feeling stupid.

  90. JustATequilaSD says:

    Blunt, very blunt. I can’t candy coat it with you. You’re six weeks into boring sugar and you’re ready to jump ship. The last time you tried to find a new one it was bad. I can’t beat you hard enough to hear my words. You’re a guy. This is why “Dude” precedes bluntness, cuz “dudes” don’t listen.

    I don’t know the sex situation with you and your wife but, now your girl-radar is turned up past turbo, and rational thinking is second to cute-girl-nice-to-me. (Been there, done that.) I don’t care if you’re after the girl that does your banking, or even the 18 y.o. babysitter for your kids. The primary rule is always the same. You can even make some cute in real life friends that hook you up with hot “single” friends. Calm down, haste makes waste. I thought you learned that already. You don’t need an image consultant, some hot strange should help you clear your head(s). And yes, this was blunt, and crass, so it will hopefully rattle in your head while you’re within 10 feet of the female of our species and amped on girl pheromones. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect, I’ve made ALOT of mistakes along the way. I learned alot the hard way, but I did learn.)

  91. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Mile High Flyer
    I can’t do NSA. There are always strings in my relationships. It’s the only thing that keeps me from being that guy that women can’t stand. That bad boy that in 10 mins of meeting him you would walk 2 miles in the rain just cuz you THINK he may fuck your brains out the way you’ve been begging for it all your life. And then “poof”, he’s gone 2 mins after he’s done. Knowing that he did the same thing to your girlfriend last week, you thought it’d be different. Yeah, that guy, the NSA-hole.

    Yeah, I thank GOD for the relationships that keep me a little in touch with my soft side.

    • Mile High Flyer says:

      @Tequila SD
      Actually I agree with you, I don’t want to be one of those guys women can’t stand. Never really been the bad boy type that poofs and leaves. The young lady I’m with now is a friend. She calls me for advice and we like each other a lot. I’m just wiser now the last SB was a gold digger and I let it go way to far. That was my fault. Regardless anytime I am with a women I want her to feel respected and I should feel the same.

  92. RussianSB says:

    Then you SB are part of the family

  93. Frank says:

    Stick money in bra? Why didn’t I think of that! Maybe next time.

    As it was, we were in a brief conversation (we had chatted often in the preceding weeks) the week before xmax and she let in slip she hadn’t been able to buy her 2 year old daughter a present. The next day I gave her a xmas card, saying it was for her and her daughter. I put $50 in it. I don’t think it was that crass, or that expensive, and I had a sense that it might work.

    From what I hear, many of you SD’s spend 100s if not 1000’s of dollars on first date/initial meets, with no assurance of any future in that relationship. Its all in the interest of priming the pump.

    With that said, I do recognize the dangers of being crass, foolish, and just plain wasting money. So I will heed your comments in my future behavior. I know that I have made errors of judgement before, and I thank the blog for its help to keep me from making more blunders.

    So with that in mind, any one have any tips on how to convert an acquaintance into a sugar baby?

    Russia-you are so right-she has way too much access to knowledge about me, but I live in such a small town, that by the time I would consummate a relationship with a sb, she will know all that info about me, or have the means to learn it.

    Phoneguy-thank you, even if nothing comes of it, I don’t feel bad about adding to the xmas joy of a 2 year old girl.

  94. JustATequilaSD says:

    “maybe I add 10 years to my age to attract some more serious daddys”

    You are looking for something very specific and perhaps unique. You already know you could have a bunch of temporary “nothing” if you wanted. Just continue to be wonderful, watch, and wait. Adding the words “Long Term Relationship” to your profile may help but you may still get party boys.

  95. RussianSB says:

    Exept treesome with Hot Kelly, of course 🙂

  96. RussianSB says:

    It is also not practical thing to date married man, he spending a lot on family, so it cut your allowance, and looks like you sponsor his family issues 🙂 🙂 🙂 No matter if he is millionaire – the same BS. But as a bonus you automaticly have all that boring storys about his wife and kids which must compensated by extra sugar, but never really compensated !
    Boys, when classy SB ask you : “How’s your family” – it is polite talk, anything you supposed to answer is : “Thank you, family is fine ! ” THAT’S ALL.

  97. LookingGlassSB says:

    Don’t do New Years resolutions. I can make goals any time of the year. Nobody ever sticks to their resolution anyway, lets be real here. They stick to it for about 4 days tops.

  98. RussianSB says:

    I am romantic and practical (hell mixture)
    let’s get married !

  99. RussianSB says:

    @Mile High Flyer, not only SBs act like that, it can happens in regular dating.
    Woman 45 y.o. play arround surprise me, and same 60 y.o. club-party boy.
    There is right and wrong age for everything 🙂
    If she shoose married guy not to take it seriously, it is logical she is not looking for marriage.
    My choice – divorsed boys, rich and older than me, but not married. Just in case some perspective appear in our relationship, and it also feel nicer to date someone not married even if just for fun time together. The same with men who choose married women – just to avoid responsibility, what a fun to f*ck someones woman ?? I know we all openminded here, but, really… still not hollywood stars to act like that.
    So, I don’t think you can blame sugar on that … if she were addicted to sugar she become your sugar wife. But she is not, she simply don’t know what she wants.

    Who knows what they wants , raise the hands !

  100. Mile High Flyer says:

    @Realistic SD

    Like you I am married and fell pretty hard for an SB who used to post on this site. She always felt that being I was married we could never have anything real so I left my wife hoping we would have something. Well when I left home I guess I was no longer attractive to her. End result we are no longer together. The silver lining is she was in her early forties and now I have another SB that is 22. I’m in my fifties.
    For me, I have learned to enjoy the moments for what they are. I will no longer get emotionally attached or reward bad behavior.
    This is not really telling you what to do, I would have never listened either. Many of these SB’s are pretty smart and now that I now what they are after, I’ll provide that, but no more emotional attachment.

  101. Phoneguy says:

    You need to use some game and talk to her, ask her out or something.
    Twiceshy, I throw up a little every time someone mentions “game”. “Game” is hollow BS that any loser can throw around…empty promises, that women often fall for. Frank has done something concrete, real and sweet (and possibly stupid 😉 ). Now let’s see how he follows it up. Good luck, buddy.

    It’s a sideways heart. It means I love you. I like sincere, romantic but practical people, which you seem to be.

  102. cheeseburgers says:

    thank you RussianSB!!

  103. RussianSB says:

    And be ready to go for 50 dates.

  104. RussianSB says:

    Man knows what kind of connection you have, he must give you money and presents without reminding him. If he has short memory, need talk about allowance etc. – I think he is not SD.
    When I start to date I asking for presents (expensive ones) in the begining of relationship, not to spoil everything with money talks… and if we both deside to have it long-term then we talk allowance… but it is really one-sentence talk 🙂

  105. cheeseburgers says:

    Hey everyone!! I am a brand new wanna-be sb.. and I have questions about how to set up an arrangement. I met someone from the site yesterday.. and although we got along well.. I think he was looking for a hooker.. which obviously sb’s are not. (and I found his “offer” insulting)

    So in the future how does a shy woman negotiate? I am ok on the attractive front (if I could afford the few cosmetic procedures I’d need I could easily be a tattooed “10”) but how do I know if what I’d like financially is asking too much? When I think “Sugar Baby” I think of beautiful blondes with very expensive tastes.. (sterotypical right? LOL) which I am not. I see that women get their tuitions paid, rent, shopping, trips etc.. but how does a new sb know what to ask for as far as arrangements go?

  106. twiceshy says:

    Happy New Year, and all the best for the coming year to all!

    @Frank I am amazed that you would just put money in an envelope (basically) and give it to a stranger. You didnt meet this person on SA or under similar circumstances, why would you ever think that would work? You need to use some game and talk to her, ask her out or something.

    In real time, you need to chat and have some pizazz. Just handing out money is just…
    that’s just not going to work. To put it mildly.
    Have you thought about seeing an image consultant?

    @RussianSB Yes…NSA is a myth. I am learning that now. Spending time, sharing, sex…it all leads to strings. More and more strings.

  107. RussianSB says:

    I get so many sugar mails, but guys so not serious, maybe I add 10 years to my age to attract some more serious daddys ?? Frank, Jack,Tequila – what do you think ?

  108. RussianSB says:


  109. RussianSB says:

    @Frank, about lady from a bank – you just born for adventures, Dear.
    Just don’t do that !
    She is not prepared for sugar life.
    She have all your info and you are married man (in case it is not worked out, and it will not !).
    Why , guys, you give him such advises ? It is red zone with red flag on top !

  110. RussianSB says:

    I <3 you RussianSB – what does that expression mean ??
    Tits, or Santa with mustash ?

  111. RussianSB says:

    Yeah, Frank – I can seat on your shoulder !
    I feel better – my appetite back ! I am so slim and sexy !
    I saw ”Anna Karenina” moovie posters – Keira Knightley is looking really like Russian, I even say like Jewish girl. I’ll go watch – Russian classics foreign moovies always about laugh a lot 🙂
    Nobody can create much drama than Russians !

    People, why you are so negative about marriage – I have been there , did that – nothing really horror noir painted. Problem is – to choose the right partner, I think, which we just not able to perform, cause we must use both heads for that, not only upper head (rational) or down head (sensual).

  112. Jersey Darling says:

    At least date a girl first, THEN show her the money. I’m a sugar baby and that’s even too forward for me! Did you slip a dollar in her bra as well? 😉

  113. Frank says:

    Midwest-I know where one hot 40 gal is, too bad she is so far away in WOWO land. (is that station still playing in Ft Wayne)

    Tequila-why do you beat around the bush so much. lol I didn’t give her a substantial sum of money, just enough to show my interest, but not so much as to make her run away. I was in the bank again today, and she showed those beautiful eyes to me, and was really nice to me. So all is not lost yet. But the real problem, you shouldn’t date someone who can look up your bank balance. Luckily this is just my household account, not my brokerage account.

    So I will try to find out her interests. My next step is to invite her to lunch and find out all those things about her just as you (and others) suggested.

    Russia-hope you feel better. You know some beautiful butterflies are made to be held, I think you must be one of them.

  114. Phoneguy says:

    NSA is an illusion … Why brake up with good lover with financial support only becose you graduate ??
    I <3 you RussianSB.

    Frank – Really…no “hot 40 y.o.s”? I’m shocked! Find me at 835817 and I’ll point out a few for you.
    @Midwest, they’re out there, but I don’t like the numbers or my odds. 😉

  115. Midwest SB says:

    RealisticSD – Haven’t you been down this road a time or two? I appreciate that you’re smitten for your SB, but (per your name), is it possible you have fallen in love with “sugar”? If she shared her entire life with you, perhaps you would feel differently. You are a hopeless romantic and deep down, I’m certain you know the answer.

    Frank – Really…no “hot 40 y.o.s”? I’m shocked! Find me at 835817 and I’ll point out a few for you.

  116. babydoll says:

    happy new year sugars i hope everyone will have a sugary new year ahead !!!!

  117. flyr says:

    Grasping Butterflys –

    Killing Butterflys

    I did not at all mean to infer that marriage was the issue , but rather wanting more control and certainty than the partner was comfortable contributing.

    Hopefully marriage of SD and SB is a storybook ending for both…….

  118. Midwest SB says:

    James – Happy Birthday!!! XO

    GenuineSD – Hi Handsome! Nice to see you back!

    Heyyyyyy sugars!

  119. Leila says:

    @ CaliSB
    “To have my tuition paid… i would walk TWO miles in the rain”
    If your SD#1 took care of all your expenses,including your tuition, would you be exclusive with him?

  120. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila, can you send me ”Fifty shades of Grey” book… it is never going to be translated on Russian, I guess.

  121. RussianSB says:

    Who need SD if you have boy with greasy hair ??

  122. RussianSB says:

    NSA is an illusion … Why brake up with good lover with financial support only becose you graduate ?? Girl can meet someone special during college study… or not find one when graduate …
    But greesy hair boys are sharming, of course !!!

  123. Leila says:

    @jersey Darling-once tequila started his sentence with DUDE! I knew only bluntness would follow,lol!

  124. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tequila – way to be blunt, LOL.

  125. RussianSB says:

    only hair can look messy after 🙂

  126. RussianSB says:

    ”The moment you grasp a butterfly you destroy the beauty of its flight”
    I have strong body – you can grasp me again and again and nothing and not destroy my beauty 🙂

  127. JustATequilaSD says:

    “The moment you grasp a butterfly you destroy the beauty of its flight” as stated by flyr.

    What better way to ruin a relationship than by getting married? And you’ve already seen that only leads you to your next sb. Talk about the future with her. Enjoy what you have. Know that there is ALWAYS the potential for sadness, even if she just misses the money and you just miss the sex. If you’re treating the relationship more traditionally then do that. I don’t think it’s nsa anymore.

    Dude, you can’t always lead with your dick. There is ALWAYS homework to do before you unleash the beast. Have an idea of what’s really going to pique her interest. Then use that to get her interested in you. Whether it’s money, sex, parties, travel, it really pays to take a few extra minutes to dig just a little. At 37, I still had 19 y.o.’s asking me to hang out, (but declined because I was married.) And if you’re as hot as I keep hearing, I don’t understand why you won’t let all those “i love married men” cuties come-a-running.

  128. RussianSB says:

    Exept one – Bvlgari snake :))))))))))))
    Sugar… oh, honey-honey…

  129. RussianSB says:

    I get so many presents with snake simbolics !

  130. RussianSB says:

    I told you, guys, Snake year, in Russia it is popular to check Chinese calendar, and in US ?

  131. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    You know the Chinese New Year begins in a few weeks. We’ll be entering the year of the Snake. Does anyone else here follow Chinese astrology? I’m a Dragon. We’re still in the Dragon year. It was supposed to be a good one for me, but wasn’t quite.
    I live an hour away from Boston. It has a Chinatown, and they’re fabulous places to be in during the Chinese New Year.
    Does anyone here know if the Chinese make resolutions for their New Year’s?

  132. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    A new Daddy would help those resolutions get accomplished much faster, though.

  133. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    I can say that I have gotten some of my resolutions done or partially done. My diet has improved; I’m back on my vitamins; my waist is back down to twenty-five inches; and I’ve made an appointment to see my doctor to get back on my hormones. They can make you bloat and make your breasts sore, so I went off them for a while, but hormones are vital to everyone’s health.
    Slowly but surely, I’m getting my resolutions accomplished.

  134. GenuineSD says:

    @RealisticSD… While not having experienced the exact scenario you have laid out, I have had two arrangements “end before their time”. The circumstances were different but in the end, the arrangements ended amicably and well… but when I reflect back on them, I’m left wanting “more”.

    That’s the way it is with really great memories and perhaps it’s fortunate it ends for you with both parties remaining friends and always having a twinge of longing for “just a little more”.

    You have been fortunate, but there can be other great experiences, too… that’s the attraction to an arrangement, it has a limited life and should be enjoyed while it lasts.

    Happy New Year to all !

  135. Frank says:

    Blog guru’s, California SB and I would like to exchange emails.


  136. California SB says:

    Jersey i have voice to text but most of the stuff we write on this blog shouldnt be voiced aloud…. lol

  137. Frank says:

    Calif, I’m not thinking that there would be a potential relationship with the cute teller, I’m out of her age range and married. So I thought that only sugar would entice her to have lunch with me.

  138. Jersey Darling says:

    You could also look into getting a phone that offers voice to text… Siri on the iPhone comes to mind.

    Re: becoming emotionally involved, I agree with flyr. What fun is all of this if there’s no connection?

    Realistic, I think you’ve found an awesome situation and shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it. I hope you’ve voiced some of your concerns with your SB. Whatever you do, DON’T do this:

    “It would truly not be fair to keep a lovely lady in her late 20′s attached to a married man forever…”

    Do not make the decision for her! If you are happy with her, let the decision to leave be hers. It may be difficult for you to give up control, but in doing so you will find your answer. And…

    “Second is that she has taken a liking to a long distance guy whom she has not yet met, but this brings up the possibility of the sugar relationship coming to an even earlier end (although she does say that regardless she will see me till her school ends).”

    At least there is dialogue going on here. It sounds like you are both very open with each other so let me offer this:
    1) If she has someone on the side, IF she still wants to see you what difference does it make? You have someone too. And…
    2) If she meets him and no longer wants to see you, then she’s made the decision for you.

    Either way, you will find your answer by letting things run their course. I personally find the discussion about marriage to be a bit dramatic and jumping the gun. Don’t overanalyze this, a year and a half in advance no less.

    The worst case scenario is that you will end up without her. Keep going like this, and you’ll make that worst case scenario happen sooner rather than later. Have you discussed your concerns with her?

  139. California SB says:

    Bluetooth keyboatd??? Wow going to look into it, flyr!!

  140. flyr says:

    CASB have you thought of a bluetooth keyboard for your phone.

  141. Lo says:

    hello everyone, i signed up as a sugarbaby and so far my luck hasn’t been all that amazing on this site. I’m also in Socal.. CASB I’ve read a few of your posts and I was wondering if I could email you a couple questions if that’s okay?

  142. California SB says:

    Frank email me.

  143. California SB says:

    Typing on the phone sux im tellin ya…

  144. California SB says:

    Frank! Please dont throw money at women that are not sugars! You just ruined your potential relatipnship with the cute teller… you should have invired her to dinner at a fancy place and have al imo pick her up at work…. tsk tsk

    • flyr says:

      @ Frank – Perhaps wrongly I assumed the age difference was more than 10 . Your comment is good one.

      @guru – I respectfully disagree with not getting emotionally involved with SB but think that it needs to be within a box that both feel comfortable with. The key is shared expectations on many dimensions. Also for most of us we are looking at sugar as something that as drama free as possible and becomming emotionally involved brings a far higher potential for drama.

  145. California SB says:

    To have my tuition paid… i would walk TWO miles in the rain lol lol

  146. Jersey Darling says:


    Am I missing something? Why are you assuming she’ll want to move on once she finishes school? Has she told you this?

    If not, from a woman’s perspective, just because I would finish grad school doesn’t mean I’d want to end things, especially if they’re as good as what you have.

  147. California SB says:

    Leila im the queen of parties… not sure why but i get invited to all kinds. I only go to parties when i know the person well. I wouldnt advise you to go to parties with people you never met. The party i went was of my SDs wall street friends that had the party in their penthouse. Careful accepting party invites from weirdoes. If you decide to go,always take a girlfriend with you. A swing party can be heavy…. if you are not ready to have sex in front of people…. dont go. Xoxo

  148. Frank says:

    Now Russia, don’t tell everybody how big it was, OK?

    Flyr- I agree for the most part with your assessment, but I personally don’t think the 10 year age difference is such a big deal. I would only be a big deal if she wanted children, and you felt you were done in that area. A 20 something married to a 30 something is no big deal, and the age gulf will actually seem less over time, since a 30 something married to a 40 something is no big deal at all.,

  149. RussianSB says:

    @Frank picture… oh, baby, that ‘s impressive !

  150. RussianSB says:

    I see logic in your a-b-c-d … I am sure you know how to write computer code !

  151. SD Guru says:

    Happy new year everyone!


    Welcome back! It’s been more than a year since your last post.

    As for your dilemma, I’d suggest that you don’t over think it and enjoy the rest of the relationship for what it is. Be thankful for what you have and keep it simple and enjoyable. When it’s neither simple (contemplating divorce) nor enjoyable (broken heart) then you know it’s time to move on. As I’ve mentioned many times before, one of my golden rules for sugar relationship is “don’t get emotionally attached, especially for a married man.” I know it’s easier said than done, so best of luck to you!

    “So anybody have any advice for how I handled this, or how to find a SB in real time?”

    The challenge to finding pot SB’s IRL is that you have no idea whether the pot is attached and whether she’s open to a non traditional relationship. Despite your good intentions and willingness to help, you may be barking up the wrong tree without knowing it. Sugar isn’t for everyone and trying to find a SB IRL for a married man is not impossible, but the odds are not in your favor.

    “we, Russians, don’t have sugardaddys,we have sugar boyfriends”

    “Sugar boyfriend”, that’s the term I was looking for!

  152. flyr says:

    @realistic “The problem is, in the past few weeks I have gotten depressed over two realities. First is that in a year and a half her degree will be complete and, for better or for worse, she will have to move on. It would truly not be fair to keep a lovely lady in her late 20′s attached to a married man forever. Second is that she has taken a liking to a long distance guy whom she has not yet met, but this brings up the possibility of the sugar relationship coming to an even earlier end (although she does say that regardless she will see me till her school ends).””

    I have been in the first part of your situation, recognizing that completion of grad school means cosing one chapter of her life and the beginning of another. You have several choices but with multiple possible outcomes.

    a- You divorce your wife and hope your sb will marry you. Of course this requires that she forget that you have been playing behind your wife’s back ( assuming that’s the case) and that she have interest in you as a husband, especially as an older man. You’re drawing three cards to an inside straight. or

    b- You can accept that she needs to be set free. My preference is to do so while there is still the affection and appreciation. It’s from a mutual acceptance of the idea that relationships with a younger woman have a finite life, think of them as a good white wine that is best enjoyed in its youth.

    c – You can confront her about her interest in a distant man who she has not met. Whether she recognizes it or not it is probably a strong signal that her subconscious is sending her messages to look for a long term relationship and you have a couple of strikes (age and wife ) against you.

    d. It sounds like you have both benefitted enormously from the relationship. The question is what’s next – for the balance of her school and for the rest of her life.

    I am really comfortable with a couple of woman whom I met outside of SA and helped complete grad school and med school. One of the relationships ended with an enormous amount of mutual affection but also a shared realization that she needed to get on with her life. The second lacked a “graduation” and I think we both suffered from it as new circumstances took over.

    It sounds like you have both been very good to each other . There comes a time for change.

    Some women want to cross the river by carefully stepping from stone to stone , never loosing their balance. Other’s are ready to jump for the far rock and thake their chances. You have created a very stable rock.

    Possible decision matrix

    a – would you marry her

    b- would she marry you

    c- if a and b are not true then is she interested in foregoing marriage and relationships with her peers

    d If no to the above when should/ will the relationship end and what are your mutual expectations Are they consistent and acceptable to you?

    The moment you grasp a butterfly you destroy the beauty of its flight

  153. Frank says:

    Russia welcome back!

    I will join the save the pussy club!

  154. RussianSB says:

    How unhuman is to kill kittens !
    We must do something about !

  155. RussianSB says:

    I see logic in your words, Leila !

  156. Leila says:

    @Russian- the only remedy for chicken flu is to drink chicken soup:) quick recovery honey bunny!

  157. Leila says:

    Russian- here’s the link (www.killingkittens.com/killing)

  158. RussianSB says:

    I have no appetite ! And it is Food season ! Like Turkey Day !

  159. RussianSB says:

    @RealisticSD – you can also become a mormon !

  160. Leila says:

    Russian,lol! Your hilarious even when your not feeling well.

  161. RussianSB says:

    I guess, chicken flu help me to lose 10 pounds easily without any New Year resolutions !

  162. Leila says:

    @RealisticSD- I’m with caliSB on that. If you love your SB so much then leave your wife and marry her. I understand the legal process of divorce may involve issues of alimony,child custody, child support, distribution of property…. But sometimes you just have to cut your loses to find happiness. I think Jack and Tequilla might be the good candidates to give you advice in that regard if you ever decide to take that route.
    Good luck dear:)

  163. RussianSB says:

    killing kittens, really ??
    Send link to Greenpiece !!

  164. RussianSB says:

    I must have chicken flu cause Iam a chick !
    No simpathy for poor girl… chicken flu – not a sling !
    Someone even rolling on the floor, you see !

  165. Leila says:

    CalifSB- some guy from SA kept pestering me to join him for some party ( killing kittens) I had to google it by the way:) and girl! was i surprised!!!! I’m all for open-mindedness but I don’t think I can swing…
    Was that the same party you went to?

  166. Leila says:

    @ Tequilla-Even I like to give my penis the day off every now and then. The KRAKEN is on holiday for a moment…
    -“dolfins are predators !”
    -I don’t know if I would let the Kraken swim around the dolphins. The thought of them attacking “my preccccccious” give me shivers.
    -The Kraken thanks you all for your holiday wishes and fanmail. (Yes, my penis gets fanmail.)

    Something must be going on with the kraken today:) it’s full of good tidings!!
    Seriously! I’m literally rolling on the floor with your remarks. Good way to kick-start the new year, keep them coming

  167. RussianSB says:

    Now you see, guys, why blog without me was some 78 posts only, and with me it will be 200 !
    Per hour :))))))))))))

  168. RussianSB says:

    And I love British Top Gear, but I have it on sport channel

  169. RussianSB says:

    @Dear Lady V
    where i can find a British tv show called ”Couples” or ”Coupling” LOL, I miss it !

  170. RussianSB says:

    I am going to have a nap
    again !
    someone, give me the poison !

  171. RussianSB says:

    While you think, you are flyfishing for them, they just hooked you out from still waters !
    It is why I called them ”old sharks”

  172. RussianSB says:

    Some men are gifted to spot real time SB, I was hooked by such sharks several times.
    And in such natural way !

  173. RussianSB says:

    dolfins (singing) : ”Goodbye, and thank you for the fish”

    It is your folk, Lady V – ”Hitchiking Galaxy”

  174. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila, but it will show to Kraken that sometimes memories are more valuable than material things !

  175. JustATequilaSD says:

    “dolfins are predators !”
    I don’t know if I would let the Kraken swim around the dolphins. The thought of them attacking “my preccccccious” give me shivers.

  176. JustATequilaSD says:

    Sorry you are feeling ill, and I hope you get better soon. 🙂

    I think you may want to start by telling her that you didn’t mean to make her feel uncomfortable. It was Christmas and you were just trying to do something nice for someone nice.
    THEN…do what you should have done in the first place, take the time to find out the her situation and her needs/wants/likes. Did you check to see if she’s already taken? Always better in my opinion to go after a girl that’s not already attached. They are plentiful. Don’t walk into an attached situation where she’d have a legit excuse not to come see you in the hospital if you wanted.

    Meeting girls in real life seems to be similar no matter what you want the relationship to be. Whether looking for gf,sb,fwb,etc. You still have to at least take a second to learn her name, what she likes to do, and what her total attachments are (ie job,kids,signicant other.) The rest is between the 2 of you.

  177. RussianSB says:

    Maybe, Kraken wants too, swim with dolfins ??
    I am so lucky, indeed, when I have an opportunity to swim with dolfins, I had woman issue… and not allowed (dolfins are predators !).

  178. JustATequilaSD says:

    The Kraken thanks you all for your holiday wishes and fanmail. (Yes, my penis gets fanmail.)

  179. Jack says:


    Yup, wet and happy. As to the teeth, am I not better off to have Elena with 400 teeth than a girlfriend with no teeth? Besides, Elena is a sweetheart and would never use those teeth, although I gotta say, when you see that dorsal fin coming at you, it looks a lot like a shark’s dorsal fin.

    It was the experience of a lifetime, and both my girls (who have received waaay more Xmas presents than any kid should have ever received!) said swimming with the dolphin was the BEST Xmas present they ever got. Goes to show that sometimes memories are more valuable than material things.

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, Russian. Hope you feel better soon!

    And Happy New Year, everybody, and to the Kraken, too!


  180. RussianSB says:

    ”how to find a SB in real time ?”
    Better use the web, or you will find yourself facing jury.
    While in Russia is offensive if your BF not offering you allowance,
    in States is offencive if he does !

  181. RussianSB says:

    @California, man loves to have two women, if he don’t know what to do with one 🙂
    Watch video clip from Rammstein ”Sonne” you will like it !
    I saw it first when I was 10 and still very impressed.

  182. RussianSB says:

    @Jack, you wet and happy !
    (be aware that your girlfrieng have 400 teeth)

  183. RussianSB says:

    @Guru, about Russian couple – definately BF/GF, we , Russians, don’t have sugardaddys,we have sugar boyfriends (manfriends). And multiply partners not an option, as I fold before.

  184. RussianSB says:

    @Frank… I am not ”on approach”, I am lucky as a deadbody ! I have ”stomac flu” !
    No, guys , I am not intoxicated after New Year party !
    I will survive… I will survive !
    Frank, now your turn to send me sexy pics, with french made !

  185. Phoneguy says:

    As always I’m of two minds on your dilemma. One the one hand you have your choice of two lives with women who (I assume) love you. Boo hoo. Sounds like you have it better than most. 😛 10 years is nothing for an age difference and you could have a real life and relationship with your SB if you chose to.

    On the other, yes I completely agree with you, this weird sugar life gives you something not found in real life…an agreed upon end date of the relationship. Where else do you know for certain that today you can kiss, hug and love the woman you care about and in X days from now you can’t. I would be in a blind panic too. Oh wait, I am. 😉 Good luck, I wish you peace.

    Why would he divorce when he can have both of us?
    Because he can only have both of you temporarily. At some point one of you will go away.

  186. Frank says:

    Here is a request for advice. While I am fond of my current SB, and she is treating me OK, I have decided to search for another SB, in case something happens to this sugar relationship.

    Of course I will look on SA, even though I am still upset they never did any thing about the rip off artist I encountered 6 weeks ago. But as I have said before, the SB prospects in my backwater of the woods are few and far between. There are the college age girls here, but they are too young for me ( or maybe more accurately, I am too old for them) and the hot looking 40ish woman, are pretty much non existent here.

    So I am also trying to find a SB in real time. I had a quick conversation with a teller at my bank, asking her if she had done all her Christmas shopping yet, she indicated she hadn’t bought any thing for her young daughter yet because money was tight. So the next day I gave her a Christmas card with some money in it. (Told her not to open it till she got home because I was afraid if her supervisor saw the money she would make her give it back.)

    Anyway I saw her a couple of days later, she would hardly look me in the eye, briefly thanked me and told me I didn’t have to do that.

    So anybody have any advice for how I handled this, or how to find a SB in real time?

  187. California SB says:

    Frank… I would gladly marry Sd#1 if he left his wife. But I know he wont. Men love having two women. Why would he divorce when he can have both of us?

  188. Frank says:

    The “kraken” ! You guys crack me up.

    Calif-I agree with you, if he can’t find a way to divorce his wife, he needs to suck it up, enjoy the time left and send SB on her way with a kiss and lots of good will when its time for her to start her grown up life.

    Callif-Since you are in a similar situation, would you like to address the divorce thing in more detail?

    Russia, I hope you are warm and on your way to the Caribbean!

  189. California SB says:

    RealisticSD: Divorce your wife and marry your sugar baby. Can’t do that? Well, so then wait for your sugar baby to dump you after she graduates and be thankful she gave you the best years of your life. Life is way too short to be depressed.

  190. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila, where on holidays you going to send your Kraken ??

  191. RealisticSD says:

    For those who do not know me, I used to be very active on the blog about 3 years ago, posting under IRLSD and RealisticSD. Over 2 years ago I met an SB from this site. She was about the 25th SB I met from SA and finally I found my gem–someone beautiful, intelligent, charming, honest, and caring; really, everything I could’ve possibly ever hoped for. I am putting her through a 4 year elite professional program, providing her tuition, rent, and all her living expenses, and she has been seeing me twice a week. She truly cares about me–if we could, she’d see me every day and when my wife is out of town, we practically live together. Even when the city was flooded and she could not drive to see me, she parked her car and walked a mile on foot in torrential downpours, meeting me completely drenched. I don’t think there is loyalty that can ever top that.

    To be honest, at the very beginning, her romantic demeanor worried me in terms of her getting too attached, but eventually I really took comfort in someone who genuinely loved me, cared for me, and despite my being ten years older, babied me. And naturally, over this extended period of time, I developed a lot of tender feelings for her. She has become my best friend and confidante, she knows everything about me including just about every fleeting thought that goes through my mind, and not a day goes by where we don’t text, talk, and/or see each other. If I were not married, I’d propose to her in a heartbeat and if I did, I doubt she’s say no.

    The problem is, in the past few weeks I have gotten depressed over two realities. First is that in a year and a half her degree will be complete and, for better or for worse, she will have to move on. It would truly not be fair to keep a lovely lady in her late 20’s attached to a married man forever. Second is that she has taken a liking to a long distance guy whom she has not yet met, but this brings up the possibility of the sugar relationship coming to an even earlier end (although she does say that regardless she will see me till her school ends).

    Normally, things like this would not bother me. I know these are not meant to be happily-ever-after relationships and I know the SB is entitled to a love life outside the sugar relationship. Yet, I cannot help but get depressed over the reality that the amazing gift we have shared will come to an end, and all I will be left with will be fond memories and a broken heart. I have been more than honest with her about how I feel and she has been extremely supportive. But it seems like nothing can change the realities that now plague me.

    My question to the blog is: has anyone been in a similar situation where strong emotions and fear of things coming to an end crept into a sugar relationship, and if so, how did you and your partner deal with it and how do you prevent broken hearts when long-term sugar relationships come to an end?

    • babydoll says:

      hi i am in a loving sd/sb relationship for over a year my sd is a married man and we are in london,we have very similar relationship except i am not taking a degree but work a living but stll get sugar and a lot of support from him,but we fell inlove…he said the same,if he was not married he would marry me in a heart beat…but yes we feel that the other may find love or him feeling without sayung that i find someone who i really ‘deserve’.. i guess there is no cure to these dilemma other than accept the inevitable.. after all what is there to solve if we already know how to get around the bigger problem of being in an extra marital relationship from the beginning…the solution to it really for us anyway is if the man divorce the wife and marry us isnt it?which i am sure you wnt be considering to do anyway…so i think the anwer is already there,if the time comes and we move on from each other is to learn to cope with the heartbreak and be strong enough to accept the inevitable xxxx

      happy new year sugars!!!

  192. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    HI Frank

    Just chilling today like you. I am glad you are relaxing and starting your year well.

  193. Frank says:

    Lady V-last 6 weeks have been rough, but all my complaining is so last year, I have had enjoyable moments, and have enjoyed some of the moments that weren’t so enjoyable. lol

    My legs are so sore from Sundays run that I am lounging with a good book and having a relaxing time. Hope all good little SD’s and SB’s are having such a good start to the new year!

  194. JustATequilaSD says:


    As frank said, “Glad to see you had fun and lived to tell the tale!” I was totally fine with the information you posted, which was more than enough. LOL. I would have taken, “I had a great time. I got drunk and passed out. End.”

    Describing sex acts? I don’t have a really sexy New Years party story in return, if that’s what you’re fishing for. Even I like to give my penis the day off every now and then. The KRAKEN is on holiday for the moment, I’ll let all the blog cuties know when to start throwing panties my way again. Goodness, you ladies can be so demanding. In the meantime, go rent some 90’s hetero porn with me in it. My favorite is the one where I transform from an alien robot into a Sybian machine. I think it was called “Transforgasms” or something.

  195. Zoey says:

    What the hell.. I logged in today and SA changed my gender from female to male. (I’m a sugar baby.. I’m not ugly and am 100% female, thanks)

    This sounds like a sick joke and makes me really want to stop using this site.

  196. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    But Frank even though you have been recovering, Have you not enjoyed yourself?


  197. Jersey Darling says:

    @flyr, Thank you! I suppose even with no resolution I still have a lot of resolve 🙂

    I hope everyone was able to wake up for work this morning! For me, the fun starts today.

  198. Frank says:

    Happy New Year to all!

    Cail-Glad to see you had fun and lived to tell the tale!

    My New’s Years resolution in years past was not to have a New Years Resolution.

    But this year since I have been forced into 6 weeks of inactivity (because of shoulder surgery), my resolution is to dedicate the next 6 weeks into getting back into shape, I only gained two pounds, but estimate my fat poundage went up by 10 pounds.

    Oh yeah, I’m going to work for world peace and to eliminate hunger too!!

  199. California SB says:

    Tequila, I’m not describing sex acts in emails if that’s what you’re expecting LOL

  200. JustATequilaSD says:

    I was just sending your HNY to your inbox, and getting the juicy details on the party if you were able to type today lol.

    I tried to send another blogmate a Happy New Year but I’ve been having probs with her email, but I hope she had fun at her party too.

  201. California SB says:

    Tequila hottie got your email, whazzzzz up???? 🙂

  202. California SB says:

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Frank: party was WILD. I was surprised to see so many hot older women (40 to 50) in this party. Men were OK, but the women were WAY more good looking then the guys. The party was for couples only, mostly married for more then 15 years to each other (talked to a few). It turns out this was a swing party. Around 10 PM people just started taking their masks and clothes off. At 2 AM everybody was wasted, naked, just a hot mess. Funny thing I felt a little bit left out because obviously I am not married; and listening to these women tell all these stories made want to be married too…. Party was fun but I’m not sure I would do it again. My SD and I didn’t swing with anyone but we were right in the middle of the fun. Some of these people were hard core swingers, like, switching partners left and right all night…. made me feel like an amateur ahahaha… you know, now I think I know why cougars are so popular among younger guys. These older women were just really fucking like if there was no tomorrow. Their bodies were not tight but let me tell you…. I wanna be them when I grow up!!!! Phew what a night…

  203. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    The only resolution I have is just to live life and enjoy it in whatever way it comes. It is matching on far too fast so lets do and enjoy it.

    Best Wishes to All

  204. TravelMuse says:

    “L’ Shannah Tovah” !!!!!!

  205. Leila says:

    Happy new year happy all year!!!

  206. JustATequilaSD says:

    Happy New Year!

  207. RussianSB says:

    About salty/sweet food – it is real , I know girls who keep such diet. But so easy to manipulate them by showing something salty or sweet to them 🙂
    And about travel – I do a lot, while busy sugardaddys travel a lot and their resolution is, actually, travel less in New Year.
    Snake Year !!!!!!!!

  208. BashfulBaby says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, All! 😀
    I’m not usually one to do resolutions, but I decided to go for it this year.

    I decided on two. 1. To go see family, since I have not seen much of them during the past couple of years.
    2. To raise the bar on my Self-Worth. (Which is already steadily inclining, thanks to a great Man)
    I have found an absolutely wonderful Sugar Daddy who makes me very happy; I could not imagine a better way to bring in this new year.

    I hope everyone finds their special someone! Be safe tonight please. 🙂

  209. Pebbles says:

    Happy New Year, Sugars !!

  210. RussianSB says:

    Happy New Year, Sugars !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am stop by only to tell you that I know profile 1270923 not from sugar life and Iknow his GF (world is small huh), and I want to declaire that he is not sugardaddy and make maybe 200 – 300 per year and not ”more than one million” . Greedy like a devil ! 🙂

  211. Tina says:

    @Midwestie Babe: MWWWWAAAAAAAA! This year ended pretty great for me too! I try not to make specific “resolutions”, but make goals for the next year! It actually works out quite well (instead of something like losing 10#, it’s more like focus on better eating, or establishing a workout plan to stick to; career wise, instead of “getting a better job”, it’s specific like “increase my network through joining XYZ group”)………

  212. Midwest SB says:

    HNY Miss Tina!!!

    I’ve never done resolutions either. Instead, i write down all that i accomplished, check them off and give myself a little pat on the back. I will say that this year has been a banner year…graduation, grad school, dumped burden bf, and am raising a great little man! Life is good.

  213. Tina says:

    Happy New Years dahhhhhhlings! I wish I could be out shaking my booty, but alas this booty has to be up at 4:30am for work *sigh*

    But, I’m starting my celebration early! 🙂

    MWWWWAAAAAAAAAAA to everyone! Be safe, and have a BLAST tonight! 🙂

  214. cheeseburgers says:

    Happy New Year everyone!!

    My resolution is to make 2013 a good one! Get out.. meet people..have fun.. all that kind of stuff!

  215. flyr says:

    JD “JK! I don’t do resolutions, I just try to live like a decent human every day and give back more than I take.”

    Sounds pretty close to a resolution but a good one. …

  216. Jersey Darling says:

    My resolution is to shower every day.

    Wait. What?

    JK! I don’t do resolutions, I just try to live like a decent human every day and give back more than I take.

  217. Jessie says:

    Yay!! I’m first. Wonder what that’ll mean for me for the New Year 🙂

    Happy New Year everyone!!

    I think the resolutions listed above are hilarious, and entertaining. One of the reasons why I NEVER make a resolution. What’s the point really? If I had to make one it would be to enjoy my life exactly as it is presently, ’cause it changes daily.

  218. Jersey Darling says:

    Firsttttt! I’m one of those people! 😀

  219. Angela says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!