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Question of the Day: Regina from Switzerland


As you all know, our team of bloggers are well-versed and, even, veteran Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies. However, from time to time a question from a flustered Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy will have us stumped. Particularly, if the question posed has to do with international affairs. A few days after Christmas, a lovely, blonde Sugar Baby approached me via our Facebook page. We will name her Regina, for privacy’s sake. Here is what had Regina in a bind:

Hi everyone,

I have been a Sugar Baby for almost 2 years now and I have got a big problem. I live in Switzerland. In Switzerland, if you aren’t employed, then the state gives you money. They also pay your rent apartment or flat–up to 20 square feet. Due to this problem I am not allowed to rent a bigger house. In addition, I am unable to get a car (because if I purchase a car over 30,000 they would become suspicious, as to where I got the money from).

I’m really lost. Thanks to my Sugar Daddy I have about 23,000 on the side but I can’t do anything with it! It makes me really sad because I’d love to rent a bigger house and look further!

My Question now is: What can I say to the government, that they’ll free me out of this “welfare” (it is not called that here in Switzerland, but I do not know a better word). I know I’d have to start paying taxes and I am willing to do so. I’ve got more than two Sugar Daddies at a time and I’m sure that I can take care of myself even with paying the tax!

We usually are able to offer a bit of wisdom for the Sugar Baby in need; however this one has us pulling up the legal books and FAQs. In the meantime, does anyone know what Regina should do? In America, you can simply file the monetary Sugar as gifts since that is what they are. Blog readers: Is anyone familiar with Swiss laws or taxation requirements? We commend Regina on trying to do the right thing. All Sugars should abide by all standards of the law. However, I know how awkward it feels having to call a financial advisor and explaining your situation, particularly for a young Sugar Baby who hasn’t yet developed an iron stomach for naysayers.

In the meantime: What route should Regina take? What is the best way to pay taxes on your Sugar in Switzerland?

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  1. Leeah says:

    Hi. I am new to the SB lifestyle. I am looking to supplement my income and get back on my feet by becoming a companion to a SD but have not gotten any interest. I am sure I am not the typical SB as I am in my mid 40’s and a little on the heavy side. I have been told by men I have dated in the past that they found me very attractive and sexy and fun to be with. I am not looking for a sexual arrangement so how can I peak a SD’s interest?

    P.S. Didn’t know where else to post this.

  2. LotusBlossom says:

    this made me laugh its cute maybe she should just move research some legal things take care of it and move on its not as complicated as it sounds but good luck!

  3. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    (no money-no honey, and, if you are familiar with the phrase, “money in the morning, chairs in the evening”, “but can I have it the other way, chairs in the morning”, “yes you can. But money first”. You get the idea ).

    how could I be Not familiar with that ! 🙂 🙂
    That is classic. Ильф-Петров

  4. Leila says:

    CaliSB-Wether you’re a brother or wether your a mother, you’re staying alive staying alive, feel the city breaking and everybody shaking, we’re staying alive staying alive, ah ha ha ha! staying aliiiiveee!!
    got to love the 70’s,i’m in my 20’s and still loving the bee gees.. Absolute genius from one of the greatest bands of all time:)

  5. Angela says:

    Great story! It has inspired us to write a blog on how to treat a POT SD or SB on the first date. Keep an eye out for it within the next few weeks!


  6. California SB says:

    “feel the city brakin’ and every everybody shakin’ and we are stayin’ alive staying’ aliiiiiive ahhh ahhh”

    fav 70’s song

  7. California SB says:

    “Do a little dance, make a little love… get down tonight” 🙂

  8. California SB says:

    “Play that funky music white boy….” getting myself in the disco mood for saturday whoohooo!!!

  9. California SB says:

    Frank: “i lost my wallet and cell phone, and my car broke down and I need $1000 so I can get my car out of hock so I can get a new phone so I can get my credit cards replaced. Then I will repay you really quickly”

    You forgot the most important part: “and my gramma who raised me is in the hospital with terminal cancer”. But for that one needs to be 10K.

  10. Leila says:

    @frank- (i lost my wallet and cell phone, and my car broke down and I need $1000 so I can get my car out of hock so I can get a new phone so I can get my credit cards replaced. Then I will repay you really quickly)
    Another clever line from your SB?

  11. Leila says:

    Treasured/candy- this one is a keeper:)

  12. Leila says:


  13. Frank says:

    Treasured- For what its worth, I think you are taking the right approach. When he sees you need money for a worthy cause, surely he will help out.

    Hey everybody, I lost my wallet and cell phone, and my car broke down and I need $1000 so I can get my car out of hock so I can get a new phone so I can get my credit cards replaced. Then I will repay you really quickly.

  14. Treasured says:

    @West – Kiss, darling.

    Re white knight syndrome. Typical example and real life story. A SD flies me to see him (all agreed in advance, I write a full description of what I can offer am looking for).
    On arrival, when he decides to proceed with his advances, I mention the set agreement (no money-no honey, and, if you are familiar with the phrase, “money in the morning, chairs in the evening”, “but can I have it the other way, chairs in the morning”, “yes you can. But money first”. You get the idea :D).
    So the mentioned person gives me a lecture that he never paid for sex and never will be. On my reasonable question “what the fuck am I doing here then, you moron?”, I got the answer that he thought, that once I meet with him, I will change my mind and will be so enamoured that I will forget everything and just make sweet love (YUKS).
    Result – wasted weekend for me and wasted money for him (because, surprise, surprise – falling in love bit didn’t happen).
    YET at the same time, I found on his computer screen a letter from Nszumi MsKenya, saying that she will get her inheritance soon, and then they will be able to marry!!! She just needs xxx $$$ to clear with her lawyer, can he please send that? And Western Union cheques with x amount sent to mentioned MsKenya.

    Words fail me 😀

    Still is writing to me, wanting me back and hoping I’ll fall in love with him… Hmmm…

    So, I was being punished for being honest, MsKenya gets $ for making an idiot out of him.

  15. Treasured says:

    @Cali – LOL. Don’t quite agree with you this time though 😀

    Guys, this one is just different. He is not looking for a girlfriend, he just likes to pamper and to give because he wants to, not because he is being asked for it. And the start is VERY good.

    Matchcommers usually want “love” and then “maybe pamper, if you prove that you love me first”.
    Basically, decoded, I want a girl, who will fuck me for after a pizza and drinks at the local bar, listen to my cry-baby stories about my work, come and spend time with me and my looser friend: make sandwiches while we watch footie on the telly and drink gallons of beer, and, after she proves worthy, then, I might take her on a nice holiday.

    I do not want to elaborate more on this wonderful man… But he at the moment he seems to be pretty special… 🙂

  16. California SB says:

    Treasured: “I think he would disappear in a thin air, as soon as I mention $$$”

    These are the types of SDs I like call it: match dot commers….

  17. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Thank you for sharing your fun interesting sugar story – this is the sugar blog, to share sexy and sugar stories.

    (that would be so pathetic if all of us share our real life divorce details, kids room description , kids vacation details – like we do not have a real life, real friends , relatives, or at least co workers to share with and
    The only place to share all the stuff is the sugar blog , the only people who listen your divorce /kids , vacation expirience , non sugar issues are girls who do sex/money exchange). that would be just pathetic.

    on the sugar/sexy site I would like to read sugar stories , sex advices .

    btw sex coaching thing is so cool. It turned our there are hundreds techniques .

    Russian SB.
    did you try Екатерина Любимова sex trainings ? 🙂 I watched on computer , but they have real classes (for girls only) in Moscow . let us go one day and learn new a few hundreds tricks . 🙂

  18. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    the letter from SA

    I’m in some terrible and horrible situation, my family and i came down here to Manila,Philippines for a short vacation, Unfortunately we was robbed at gun point last night, All cash,including credit card and cell phone was stolen away.We have been to the embassy and the Police here but they’re not helping issues at all, Our flight leaves later today and we are having problems settling our bills. I was wondering if you can loan me {$1,850} to pay up the bills and also take a cab to the airport. I’ll refund it to you as soon as I arrive home just need to clear our bills. As soon as I get home I’ll refund it immediately.

    Write me so I can let you know how to have it remit.


    The letter I got this morning from SA.com

    I think out white knights have to help .
    they would not do this scam if it would not work, right? if they keep sending this , it means
    someone do send the money.
    And this is why I like white knights complex guys – they sent 1800 $ to Manila;
    And put 100$ in a confetti envelope for a real nice girl for a week of hot sex vacation.

  19. Treasured says:

    Ok, I am off here again.

    For a while 🙂

    Will post when/if there will be more development 🙂

  20. Treasured says:

    @Tina – hehehehe. I think you might be right 😛

    @Frank – No. And there won’t be any.
    First, I was not looking for a SD per se. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular at all 😀
    Second, he is one of those men, who, I bet, will give without me having to ask.

    I think he would disappear in a thin air, as soon as I mention $$$. Bet he would be offended, if I’d call him a SD. He is a rare sort of men, who genuinely think, that it is a right thing to do (not a must, not obligatory, just how the world works) to take care of his woman and make a woman’s life pleasurable.

    So, no talk of allowance. Nor there will be. But, I can guess, that in this case there is no need to. 🙂 I might mention after a while, that I want to concentrate on my studies, and not work. But it has to be done in a clever way. When the moment arises 😉

  21. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    I once new a Dutch man who became a citizen of Belgium because of tax reasons.

  22. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    Maybe this Sugar Baby from Switzerland should consider moving. If the government that runs her country is keeping her from earning serious money as a Sugar Baby, then she should find a foreign Daddy who can sponser her and help her become a citizen of another country.

  23. Frank says:

    Treasured-have you had the allowance talk yet?

  24. Tina says:

    @Treasured, ummm, “Candy”: your alter US ego might want to change the gravatar too, if he’s really going to fall for the ruse 😉

    And I’m SO happy for you! YEAH! It’s good to see you giddy! 🙂

  25. Treasured says:

    In case he is, I live in the States and my name is Candy 😀 😛

  26. Treasured says:

    I really hope he is not on this blog 😀 LOL

  27. Treasured says:

    New developments 😀

    Mr. First is very keen on sweeping me off my feet 😀

    I have an exam tomorrow, and we are meeting afterwards, so he just asked me if I like a spa. Because, he wants me to relax after the exam and before the dinner. So, now, he is organising it all :)))

    Obviously…. I have to be sure it is going to be long term. And that he really likes me. And, I want to be sure myself. Since I don’t want to rush it. And, he is so wonderful, that I can’t wait, but it has to be special for the first time 😀 Romantic. And it is sooo awkward for me to ask this, but I can feel that this is really special, so I want us to remember it. A weekend in Paris will do 😀
    I am a bad bad girl! :D:D:D

  28. California SB says:

    @The Silly Hippie: My SD is going in a white suit with a black silk shirt and gold chains (ahah so 70s). I want to be the life of the party because I know most of the people who are going; so I want to make an entrance. Can’t bring the white horse, but the champagne dress is a great idea. 🙂

  29. RussianSB says:

    I am sure that God in the details too !

  30. RussianSB says:

    Real gentelmen.
    Devil in the details, Dear 🙂

  31. Treasured says:

    Hey all 😀

    And, hi Leila 😛

    Now, when I finally woke up, can give a more detailed information 😀

    ALL SUGRADADDIES, please, read and memorise, on HOW to treat a woman on the first date, so you do not have ANY questions later, if she is with you or your wallet!

    It was quite late, First (shall call him that) just came back from the office (21.00). He didn’t want to cancel the date, even though it was late, because he promised and keeps his word.
    Offered to send a car for me.
    I said, that perhaps I could drive to save time. Was told, that it is not the right thing to do. So INSISTED to send a car to pick me up anyways.
    While I was in the car, texted and asked, what drink would I like to wait for me on the table, when I arrive. I said Champagne.
    When I arrived, he WENT OUTSIDE – already was waiting for me there (it is -5 Celsius here), to actually OPEN the door for me and take me inside.
    On the table there was a BOTTLE of Champagne (he drinks whiskey).
    All the time funny, well mannered, gentleman.
    Ordered food. When I said that I do not like the looks of the dessert, he asked me WHAT would I like (I happen to like just sliced melon, nothing else). Organised that for me.
    Knew how to make me special. WAS honest.
    When it was time for me to leave, I knew he would want the evening to continue :D, but he did not push me whatsoever into anything, put me in the taxi (actually, again, went and opened the door for me). INSISTED on giving me taxi money, even though I said no need for it (once again, a few times more than needed).
    Sent a text asking me how I got in and that he had a wonderful evening and want’s to see me again(well, in short. The real message was much longer :P).
    Sent a “Good morning” text this morning, saying that he must go away for work on Friday, but wants to see me before. Asked when can I make it.

    Now then… Since it does happen, that generally I am attracted to wealthy/successful guys, not ALL guys act like this. Little things are the ones which count.
    A person can send a damn plane for me, but make me take taxi afterwards, be late for the meeting.

    On the whole, I had one of the best “first” dates in my life.

    I am certainly not anywhere near “in love” nor I will be (I still remember the main rule :p). But, I think, he is certainly a man, who can make me laugh and smile and have fun 🙂

    Love to all 😛

  32. Leila says:

    Good to see you again treasured:)

  33. marieclaire says:

    i feel,if i m the one ,i will pay the taxes required,take care of ophans and childrens in the family.just be kind and change lifestyle for good….

  34. SugarB says:

    A real SD is hard to find. I’m in searching for Someone kind and generous in many ways and know how to sugar his baby. I have talked to a few men locally with me from this SA. They only can do less than 1000/ month allowance for one meeting/week or per rendezvous… I normally do not bring up the number but let the man decide on what he can give… If he can’t b so generous…. I just keep me all to myself :D…. I miss my ex SD who was too generous to make the rest of the men I have came across look not so good…

    I wonder if any of SBs are in the same situation like me… I guess it’s the same with SDs, when you met a SB who is kind and generous as well, make ur next search harder isn’t it… :).

  35. EastCostKen says:

    1st time posting, but I always read the blog. I’m breaking etiquette and asking a random question here, but does anyone have any tips for a male SB where are all my generous SD’s?

  36. The Silly Hippie says:

    @California SB
    Bianca Jagger is a great idea! shouldn’t be too hard! Lots of sexy champagne dresses out now! Mmm now I want to go shopping! Lol

  37. California SB says:

    Thinking Bianca Jagger style…

  38. California SB says:

    My studio 54 party is this Saturday. Struggling to find an outfit… 🙁 Must be 70’s style.

  39. California SB says:

    Treasured: “He did not recognize me.”

    There you go, girl. 🙂

  40. JustATequilaSD says:

    Congrats on your date. Good luck w/the game.
    Congrats on finding someone also. Good luck w/that too.

  41. Jersey Darling says:

    Treasured, that sounds awesome! I’m happy for you! My dream is finding someone who will send a cab to pick me up lol

  42. Lo says:

    sweet deal treasured

  43. Tina says:

    @Treasured: congrats on finding someone who could make you very happy! I’m very glad to see you so excited about someone! 🙂

  44. Treasured says:

    Ps: excuse me for spelling mistakes, typing in the cab on iPhone:D

  45. Treasured says:

    Ok, date just finished! I did not tell him, nor I’m going too:P Knowledge is power. He has to feel im the most amazing woman he has ever met. He did not recognize me. Was the gentleman I remember and his habit of providing cab money has not changed.

    He is funny, smart and very much in control, which I like:)

    It is great to realize, that I have a power over him, and not other way around anymore.

    Definitely on my hook:)))

    No talk re allowance, as the term SD is probably not even familiar with the term:D But yet, he is exactly one should be!

    Let’s see what the future brings:)

    Re other SD. I ditched all the rest, as I have said. There is one, whom I really like, but he is not really a SD, more a friend, and emotionally invilved with someone else. So, doesnt count.

    And he came out if nowhere. Just from a regular dating site. He, apparently, just finished his 7 yo relationship in December and ready for the new one.

    PS: He really turns me on. Hmmm… Life indeed is a very curios thing:)

  46. Frank says:

    I agree, later, when you tell him, you can say you just realized it upon reflection.

    Knowledge is power.

  47. RealisticSD says:

    I know this is rather belated, but I want to thank everyone for their advice. There were a lot of valid points made and I appreciate everyone’s help. I guess, for now, I’ll just go along with things and see how things turn out. And when I feel hopeless I’ll be back on the blog venting. In all honesty, being able to vent makes things better. And I let my SB know I posted here so she could read what I wrote. Not like I am big on keeping secrets or my feelings hidden.

  48. California SB says:

    Treasured do NOT tell him yet .Wait for the second date.

  49. Houston Azúcar says:

    Are there any sugar babies in the Houston area that will like to link up?

  50. JustATequilaSD says:

    You are officially the one that got away. So you will have brownie points at the reveal. When you confirm that it’s him, ask him if he remembers you. Ask him if he likes the changes you made or if he likes the butterfly his caterpillar has become.(Or some crap.) Ask him if he can believe how young and naive you were and how you’ve thought about him since. (Even throughout all your travels and exploits in these 9 yrs.) He’ll try to remind you of that one really wonderful thing about you that he felt was so charming. ( If he doesn’t you can always ask at the right moment “what did you see in me back then?”) Just don’t stack the crap too high, you’ve already got him where you want him. Other than that, relax, take it easy, and enjoy. These are just my thoughts, of course, do what you feel. I’m also curious as to whether you’ll treat him the same or differently from your other sd’s at this point. I don’t have a preference I’m just honestly curious. Keep us posted please.

  51. Treasured says:

    Cali, lol. Thought it over and I think I’ll stay quiet:D Will be fun. Am waiting for the driver, would not let me to drive myself. I’m in Sufardaddy heaven:D Lol

  52. California SB says:

    Treasured im pretty sure he wont recognize you. Men cant recognize beige from pastel. He will have no idea. Dont tell him.

  53. Treasured says:

    Phone – I am considering that option too 😀

    Downside being, that he will remember what an idiot I was and I never hear again from him.

    We will see how the evening goes 😀

    Guys, don’t you love this blog? it is like a soap opera, without you actually being involved yourself 😀 LOOOOOOOOL

  54. Phoneguy says:

    What’s the downside to being upfront with him? I would think it would move things along considerably with each person not having to give their background story at the meet (or just having to give an abbreviated version to catch up). It might also reassure him if you said something like “I can’t believe how naive I was back then, I wish I knew then what I know now.”

  55. Treasured says:

    Actually how to treat girls full stop. I was far from exquisite back then. And sooo naive. I remember, when he gave me too much for the taxi, next time we met I wanted to give him the change back! looool

  56. Treasured says:

    I am actually pretty excited. He, ultimately, had the right idea about how to treat exquisite girls. Gave without me never needing to ask, and not pushing things forward.

    I was just too young for that back then…

    One thing certainly didn’t change. Him being a gentleman. Ha already offered to send his driver to pick me up for a date.


  57. Treasured says:

    Frank, I am not sure 😀 I was pretty stupid back then… So, do I tell or not? 😀

    I think not. Unless he recognises me himself. Then I might.

  58. Frank says:

    Treasured: Are you going to tell him? This sounds like fun!

  59. AfricanSB says:

    This is my first time to write to this blog even though I read the blog very often to an extent that I feel like a I know some of you :-). I have felt like Jessica before. I met a wonderful SD here about two years ago. I was in nursing school and going through a very hard time financially when browsing the internet led me here! This site was the best thing that ever happened to my life.
    My SD paid for all my tuition, books and bills. I completely forgot what it means to be a broke student! I decided to not apply for any more financially aid….but still I got lots of tax break, for paying for my own tuition even though I literally never paid from my pockets. At some point I was worried of being tracked since my sugar allowance added up to thousands of dollars in a year, all paid by checks to my checking account.
    Any how long story short, I now graduated, have a great job as an RN, with great pay but still addicted to sugar life :-). I am no longer in an arrangement with my SD but he is still very generous. Unfortunately, he fell in love with me on the first day we met 🙁 . I am back to the site sugar searching but my dilemma is how to break up with him?

  60. Treasured says:

    Meant to say “attracted him to me”


  61. Treasured says:

    Hey all 😀

    Just had to share this, and since I do not know whom else to tell 😀

    I just have been contacted by a person, who gave me the first taste of “sugar” (not on this website)…. I was 18, and even wasn’t familiar with the term “Sugardaddy”.
    But, all in all he was… Or could have been. There were red roses, perfumes, small gifts and taxi money x10 the value…

    But, as I was naive, silly and had VERY high morals at the time, nothing happened and I decided it is not for me, to date someone that much older…

    Well… He is back. And he doesn’t know it is me 😀 I changed quite a bit in those 9 years (I was fatter, had short blonde hair, no sense of style, and only God knows what attracted me to him… But, it did).
    Quite a few times I thought about him before.. I was thinking about how stupid I was. To let him go.

    At first I wasn’t sure if that is indeed him, but now I am. And apparently we are meeting tonight…

    Exciting 😀

  62. lexxy says:

    Hi all. Sorry for coming in late in the post. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, been on S.A. a year and would like to be a part of the community here. Catch you all on the next thread

  63. flyr says:

    @Stacy – We need to live , not in fear, but with a recognition that there can be evil . DeBecker did an awesome job ot takikng about how you can avoid 80% of the evil. His analysis of predators and potentially violent domestic partners is an eyeopener to those who will think. Despite the politically misplaced hysteria about the very uncommon, there is a very real threat in many environments.

    Miller is more focused on the dumb rituals of guy vs guy and builds upon a lot of what DeBecker has to say.

  64. Jersey Darling says:

    To Stacy’s point in Veronica Franco, you could also watch Dangerous Beauty.

  65. Frank says:

    I don’t think its a requirement to give your full name before the first meeting, particularly if no travel is involved and you are meeting in a public place.

  66. Stacy says:

    Or Veronica Franco the poet and renowned courtesan of Venice.

  67. Stacy says:

    Fly – wrote my Thesis with major references to Gavin DeBrcker! Love to see his very relevant work quoted here. Most importantly, a nice SD with good intent will accommodate an SB’s need to feel safe and assured, a creep will not. It’s the first, easiest indicator of potential problems if an SD won’t give you their full name before a meeting.

    Emily: I prefer the term courtesan as well. I quite like Honore de Balzac…. and of course, mine – very soon 😉

  68. Cherry baby says:

    Hi what I would do, and I’m in the US so it may be diferent, but there are a number of service type businesses. Some don’t require licenses. Example in the US is house keeping. Others take a license such as Masage therapy in us a 9 month course. My point is this… Start putting your suger as cliant payments for your services. You then can clame the income, and be a good citizen, by paying all applicable licensing , and business tax. As a business oner with cliants I’m sure your welfare wows will come to an end good luck to you.

  69. Leila says:

    -Me me me mee! Pick me CaliSB! I need to get away from this nasty weather

  70. California SB says:

    Got 3k to burn who wants to go? 🙂

  71. California SB says:

    I need a vacation….. thinking a cruise.

  72. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Wicked Russain 🙂

  73. California SB says:

    Russian: “dangerous bush”

    Too funny 🙂

  74. California SB says:

    Saw a quote on a friends facebook: i learned so much from my mistakes im thinking to make a few more lol lol

  75. RussianSB says:

    Russians are crazy, they not bring you flowers anymore – their choice 50 roses (red or white).
    I think boys do that on purpose – to see how you manage that dangerouse bush 🙂

  76. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Hi Everyone

    How is everyone’s week so far?

    Interesting thoughts on whether to take a gift or not at a first meeting.

    Personally I never expect one but always a lovely surprise if it happens. I do agree flowers are a nice gesture.

  77. California SB says:

    Flyr that was a chillin quote….

  78. flyr says:

    Cali “A Charm Predator can set it up so that ever step into his trap is one that the victim not only chooses, but thinks that she has chosen”. (R Miller)

  79. California SB says:

    Flyr: yeah his trick almost worked… if i were a less experienced sugar…. i would probably be dead, in a hospital by now.

  80. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    I like the term courtesan. I prefer it to Sugat Baby.

  81. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    Are there any books out there written by courtesans the other Sugar Babies can recommend?

  82. flyr says:

    Cali – the grown up version of ” little girl would you like a piece of candy “. One of the principles in trying to recruit an agent is to get them to accept something of value.

    Stcey – Will you let us know when the book arrives……….

  83. California SB says:

    Stacy Im so proud of you! Publishing a book is a huge accomplishment. 🙂

  84. California SB says:

    Yes Jersey this guy is a psycho. Thank god Im good at reading people… it goes to show instincts are what count when making decisions like this. Money, good looks and pep talk mean nothing. Instinct is what will help make the right choice. Phew….

    • flyr says:

      Cali obviously made a great decision. Some situations are less black and white

      Although it covers a lot more situations, Gavin deBecker’s Gift of Fear is a very healthy read, not just for SB activities but for living life and providing guidance for family members.

      His background is that of threat assessment from domestic violence to presidential threat .

      His list of questions to ask someone who is potentially faced with relationship centered violence is near standard for LE. The 20 questions are in the book. It’s a great help when a friend is unsure of the potential threat from an x husband or former lover. For the record OJ scored a perfect 20. As I recall 14+ is a high potential for violence.

      Also awesome discussion of predators and how to recognize them from the meerly obnoxious potential SD to the truly dangerous. It’s a great gift for a woman headed for college, especially if she was raised in a small town.

      Short read and most likely in your public library library.

  85. Jersey Darling says:

    Cali, I’m sure you’ve figured this out, but you should cut all communication with him.

  86. Stacy says:

    Cali – it goes into pre-production today. Trying to stay calm, it’s a painfully slow process. Also trying not to worry about what people will think when they read all sorts of naughty erotica written by their sister/friend/neighbor. Lol

  87. caroline says:

    Can Regina file taxes as being independently employed or freelance?

  88. California SB says:

    Hey Stacy how was your book release?

  89. California SB says:

    Phoneguy: then he calls me last night asking for sex. I told him no sorry i dont want to pursue an arrangement. Told him again if i can wire or mail it to him. He started threating me…. now more than ever i am glad i didnt start anything with this dude. Lesson learned i wont take allowance in advance ever again. Hate having anything hanging over my head. What an ashole.

  90. GenuineSD says:

    @Regina aka SwissSB. Why not establish a consulting contract with your SB?
    You can pay your taxes and he can deduct the expense. Everything is declared and in the open

    @Midwest. Happy New Year! Hope all is well with you!

  91. DaddyGT says:

    Here’s me channeling my inner geek.

    Skitt’s Law
    “Any post correcting an error in another post will contain at least one error itself.”

    Hartman’s Law of Prescriptivist Retaliation
    “any article or statement about correct grammar, punctuation, or spelling is bound to contain at least one eror”. 🙂

  92. Stacy says:

    Lol Tequila, I knew as soon as I saw my fatthumbitis that someone would have to call me on it.

  93. JustATequilaSD says:


    doggie puke? oh noes!!

    sexually compatible? LOL…insert rod A into slot B, repeat if necessary…

  94. Stacy says:

    How’s this for an intro email I just received:

    So a couple questions

    Do have childern

    Do you like anal sex

    Send a few of your sexist (sic, I imagine he meant sexyest) pics… and we will talk

    • lexxy says:

      I wish I could post a link to a profile that contacts me all the time. He renews his membership to just get around my block list…..I’ll see if I can dig up some jems

  95. Tina says:

    You know it’s going to be an interesting day when you wake up at 2:30am to a pukey dog……and THEN you come home to a dog that is ALLLL better, and you know why as soon as you walk in the door. *sigh* Gotta love my big dodo! 🙂

    I know, completely off any topic that is currently ongoing, but I wanted to interject something….different….man, guess I need to go to bed soon…..eeeeeeesh! 🙂

  96. Jersey Darling says:

    To give you guys an idea, it was close to the leg lamp from A Christmas Story

  97. Jersey Darling says:

    I used to ask for a gift on the first date and the first time I met someone from SA, he brought me one. The gift I got was so awful I learned my lesson. I’ll spare the details in case he reads this blog, but it was so tacky AND then he wanted to see that I still had it every time he saw me.

    Lesson learned! If there’s a gift on the first date, I think a flower would suffice just to set the mood.

  98. Frank says:

    I’m not a fan of gift on first date myself. Pick up the check, reimburse for gas if they had to drive a ways, that should be sufficient.

  99. DaddyGT says:

    I’m with Phoneguy

    Prior to first meet, the discussion of allowance is in broad terms. Just to make sure everyone’s in the same ballpark. First meet is purely to confirm identities/presentation … that everyone is who they say they are, and that there is some level of chemistry. 2nd meet should solidify that, and thrash out and agree allowance details.

    A man saying he can afford $5k is one thing. A man saying he will give you $5k before meeting you is suspect.

    No gifts for either. That said, cab fare is almost a certainty. $100 or $200. A gift? I don’t know you well enough to buy one. Anyway, I hate shopping.

    First month ‘allowance’. Pay it weekly, ot fortnightly. Too many flakes, and too many horror stories of (fake?) SBs running off the minute they get the $$. Everyone gets to invest a bit at a time.

  100. Phoneguy says:

    Phoneguy i always talk allowance before meeting. He gave me in advance to show off. I took it duhhh.
    I don’t have enough information before a meet to talk allowance ,except in the most generic terms. But you seem more businesslike than me. 😉
    Idiot. I really hope he can’t afford to waste the 3k. 😉

  101. Phoneguy says:

    Allowance when panties hit the floor is SD advice.
    @Frank, actually those were Cali’s word.

    I think the very first meeting between a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby needs to involve the Daddy presenting a gift to the Baby. An Ipod or an inexpensive laptop’s a good idea.
    @TEFM, and I think you’re insane. I’ve showed up to a first meet with an LV bag once, with a VS gift card on another occasion and sometimes with nothing. I have no interest in meeting anyone who insists on a gift. They sound like they would be a PITA. And why would a bring a cheap laptop? She probably has a better one already. So that was a useless gesture. Stick around honey. There will be plenty of useful, desirable gifts in the future.

  102. California SB says:

    Phoneguy i always talk allowance before meeting. He gave me in advance to show off. I took it duhhh.

  103. Frank says:

    Allowance when panties hit the floor is SD advice.

    SB advice is allowance before hand touches belt buckle.

  104. Frank says:

    Emily- I can give you my paypal account number if you can’t think of any other place to send money. Perhaps Calif has an escrow account she can put unearned deposits in.

  105. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    I think the very first meeting between a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby needs to involve the Daddy presenting a gift to the Baby. An Ipod or an inexpensive laptop’s a good idea. From there you work out the arrangement during the date,

  106. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    A few days ago, an SA named Martin contacted me and said he wanted to start an arrangement. He then asked where to send the money to. I thought that sounded kind of odd and decided not to pursue any further contact.

  107. RussianSB says:

    …price of admission LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!
    And one year arrangement I call ”club fee” 🙂

  108. Phoneguy says:

    Lol, trial run. I’m with everyone else. The first few times (let’s go with that half month) are the trial run. If you can’t afford the price of admission, go back to the kiddy rides. 😉

  109. Phoneguy says:

    What happened to you get/accept money when the panties hit the floor? 😛
    And that’s just as silly as buying shoes with it, but whatever. There is no evil karma associated with the money. If you wouldn’t give your allowance from SD#x to Red Cross don’t do so now. Do whatever you girls do with $3k. 😉

    And if you are sitting there thinking he has no class, why did you take the money in the first place? And who goes to a first date with $3k in their wallet?

  110. flyr says:

    CB This is really serious , you’ve been withholding critical evidence

    “This guy is so different from my other sugar daddies. He has no class. I called him told him i want to give his cash back because I dont want to start an arrangement with him. He said for me to keep the money and buy some dildos. “””

    Case closed – It’s yours and guilt free – consider it a forefit based on conduct unbecomming an SD and a tribute to your good judgement.

  111. Jersey Darling says:

    But it can buy a nice martini while you toast to your success!

  112. California SB says:

    * cant buy

  113. sugarcane says:

    hello i have been here for two weeks, i have not meet anyone yet alot i have had lots of offers from guys who talk about sex right away, some only show you one tiny photo of their face and refuse to do coffee or dates they just want to meet up right away and have sex. some sms me horrible things about sex and want they want to do to me and if i have naked pics and they want to show me naked pics. its disappointing, i have told them i am not interested in phone sex naked pics or cheap losers if i wanted that i could be on pof. i want to meet someone with manners and to have great sex after first having a few dates that is not about sex but is about getting know them, even though i am being offered huge money i am always saying no as i would feel odd meeting with a stranger and just going to bed, am i wrong maybe this is what sugar daddies do to new sugar babies

  114. Jersey Darling says:

    Cali – haha! That’s hilarious, though hard to believe! I for one would love if someone told me to keep $3K after I offered to return it. Guilt free money!

    Hahaha… God, I’m sorry, I can’t help it!

  115. California SB says:

    Flyr, phone guy: He kept showing me pics of other sugar babies and telling me horror stories. This guy is so different from my other sugar daddies. He has no class. I called him told him i want to give his cash back because I dont want to start an arrangement with him. He said for me to keep the money and buy some dildos. What a jerk off. I feel like donating the money to red cross….

  116. Leila says:

    -I meant Tequila^

  117. Leila says:

    I meant Tequila^

  118. Leila says:

    @ flyer-thanks! it was about time someone responded to cheeseburgers,seriously why are people so quick to pass judgements on others? she was plain condescending and uncalled for!!

  119. RussianSB says:

    I think if I show it to her – they going to have ”crazy fun” at car sellers !

  120. Lo says:

    aka he’s a freebie hunter

  121. Lo says:

    Looking–We know what this guy is trying to pull. I would be so turned off… Next.

  122. RussianSB says:

    Oh, pardon me, I am not correct he (1270923 ) offer ” Crazy fun, looking for good time and no drama”.
    Crazy fun – 60 y.o. and always sleeping.

  123. RussianSB says:

    Half month will do also – that mean he not looking for escort, because it still expencive to be ”John” that style.

  124. RussianSB says:

    Also, some SDs dating you and give you nice presents (sometimes expensive) ”before allowance” without intimacy. I mean, they don’t like when you claim, or push or manipulate them. But if you behave nice, they usually do. I am sure that blog SDs will agree with me here 🙂 despite all their talks about ”not paying for first date” – they all do nice things, just don’t want to be used.

  125. flyr says:

    Looking Glass ” Your reply “Honey , you’re wonderful but I want to be sure we are financially compatible so you pay the monthly allowance and then I will decide if I want to have sex with you…………………….”

    In all seriousness it takes some leap of faith on the part of both. I think the goal of keeping it away from a transactonal relationship is worthwhile and that a reasonable compromise is a half month. If the SD is not willing to put that at risk then the SB probably is talking to the wrong man. If the SB is not comfortable with the concept then it is perhaps premature to be getting naked.

    I really agree with Jersey about both going with your feelings but also being very wary of anyone who thinks a sugar relationship begins with a free test drive.

    I have seen sugar relationhips evolve from a night of awesome sex without financial commitments but not where the reason people met was to investigate the feasibility of a sugar relationship.

    In the end you have to follow your instincts but the test drive demand should be a huge red flag………………….

  126. RussianSB says:

    He also put higher income. Why ? To get laid ? He don’t need to get laid – he sleeps all the time!
    Just to enjoy extra attention here ?

  127. LookingGlassSB says:

    @Jersey Darling and RussianSB

    Exactly!!! No other potential of mine has asked for a “TRIAL RUN.” I was kind of insulted because I mean, I don’t sleep with people just to TRY THEM OUT. That is just slutty and weird to me.

  128. RussianSB says:

    The gentelmen, I told you about today, 30 pounds heavier and 15 years older(than he put in his profile), greedy as a devil and sleeps all the time. My friend date him 3 years. Same time he has profile on SA, offering young ladies to ”have fun” with him. Really ? The question is : How ladies can be compatible with that gentelman ?? What kind of check (test drive) can proove it ?

  129. Jersey Darling says:

    @LookingGlass – You can only do what feels right.

    There is no right or wrong, unless you’re sleeping with him just to get an allowance – then you’re setting yourself up for failure. But if you want to sleep with him anyway because you’d enjoy it, you may find you enjoy the ride.

    In my experience with SDs, none have asked for a trial run. It’s simply not necessary – considering most sugar relationships are NSA anyway, if that first time or two sucks, either of you can end it. That way, you’ve both gotten what you’ve wanted and there are no hard feelings. A gentleman would understand.

  130. RussianSB says:


    (flyr)Personally I think it is mandatory to return an allowance that has been provided for and event or series of events that are not going to happen.
    – So, you see, SD pay to you one month allowance (I think first moth actually IS a test drive) to find out if you are sexually (and other time – spent out of bad) compatible. If you not compatible he free not to spend month number 2 with you 🙂 .
    You also can ask him, why he worry so much – maybe he has bed problems or ”special requests” ?? How older and often married gentelmen can have problems with attractive (he choose you from hundreds of photos) and younger (usually much younger) lady ??
    None of your problems, dear.

  131. RussianSB says:

    @LookingGlassSB – don’t sleep with him

  132. LookingGlassSB says:

    Can someone answer my q?

  133. JustATequilaSD says:

    Seek to put yourself in a more permanent situation before you do anything. Whether it’s a decent job, your own business, etc. Sugar is not guaranteed or forever in most cases. Fix yourself independent of your sugar, then you’ll have options for the using the sugar, and you can get off the assistance, and you can give some back to the community. OR…you can always move to another country, but your SD’s may find that inconvenient.

    WTF?? Did you not read what “your accused” CLEARLY stated in the topic info itself before you decided to condemn her? I have included for you a the original info from the post topic for your perusal.
    “What can I say to the government, that they’ll free me out of this “welfare” (it is not called that here in Switzerland, but I do not know a better word). I know I’d have to start paying taxes and I am willing to do so. I’ve got more than two Sugar Daddies at a time and I’m sure that I can take care of myself even with paying the tax!”
    Sounded like she was attempting to do the right thing even by your standards.

  134. LookingGlassSB says:

    correction: “But he says he wants to make sure we are ‘sexually compatible’ before offering any sum of money.”

  135. LookingGlassSB says:

    I have a question:

    I’ve been communicating with a potential sugar daddy. But he says he wants to “sexually compatible” before offering any sum of money. I told him that I won’t do anything sexual unless we’ve agreed on an arrangement and a set amount.
    I’m not sure what to do here. I don’t want to sleep with him just to FIND OUT if we’re compatible. I’m not the type to just sleep around.
    What should I do?

  136. Phoneguy says:

    @CaliSB, what’s not to trust? He gave you the money. What are you worried about?

  137. Myra says:

    @ SwissSB/Regina
    If you’re too lazy to get a job, go to to school and get an education instead of sitting on your behind everyday and getting welfare from the Govt who tax hardworking people.
    Another option is: You can hide your money by donating to a Charity in your community. 🙂

    • JustATequilaSD says:

      Read what I wrote to cheeseburgers below. Or maybe just read the topic and figure out whats going on before you open your mouth and sound like a pompous ass.

  138. cheeseburgers says:

    I’ll be honest.. I find it sad that someone who clearly doesn’t need financial support from the govt would be wanting to be a SB as well as on welfare. Welfare (or whatever its called there) should be a last resort. She is lucky enough to be in a great arrangement but is greedy enough to take taxpayer money. Ugh

  139. flyr says:

    CASB- Personally I think it is mandatory to return an allowance that has been provided for and event or series of events that are not going to happen.

    You might spend a little more time checking him out and in your personal gut check before making a final decision.

    Can you find him on google? There could be a very good reason why having a very special SB has tremendous value to him.

  140. Jersey Darling says:

    If you have no intention on following through with your part of the arrangement, you should not keep the allowance. Follow your instincts.

  141. flyr says:

    CASB I missed something – is he asking you to travel?

  142. California SB says:

    Flyr: He did give me my requested allowance (which was 3K) and he said he makes that in one hour. He did show me something that looked like a badge from Bombardier Lear jet. Well, whether he is a pilot or not, he honored my allowance requirement, but for some reason I don’t trust him. Sometimes you have to go with your gut instinct and I’m thinking I’m not going to go on with him.

    Important question: Should I return the allowance???

  143. Lo says:

    There are pros on here, and they usually don’t fool around asking for money, and lots of it. There are romantics who visualize a relationship. There are also young, relatively attractive, non-pro women interested in both money and sex.

    I don’t mess around asking for what I want, inexpensive NSA booty calls. If you are an attractive older man and honest about your intentions you can line up 100 dollar booty calls with nice looking, even sweet young women, and do so regularly. I have repeat action with several women from SA. It is uncomplicated, fun and a win-win situation. If it wasn’t win-win for one or both party either can and do walk away. It’s that simple.

    Poppi does recommend Seeking Arrangement to friends/family

    I just saw this posted on a SA review site. They really need to write a blog on how new younger users can avoid cheap johns, how sad.

  144. Leila says:

    @treasured-pleaeeeeee don’t go:(

  145. Lo says:

    too old to become a flight attendant? you’re crazy girl I’ve seen female flight attendants in their fifties

  146. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    I’m 36 going on 37. Is that too old?

  147. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    Speaking of the airline industry; what is all required of someone who wants to become a flight attendant? Anyone?

  148. flyr says:

    CASB – continued If the pilot is making $3K per hour

    a) you want to meet his employer

    b) an evening with you should be worth a number of flying hours.

  149. Jersey Darling says:

    Such smart men on this blog 🙂

  150. flyr says:

    CASB – $3k/ hour is about what a small older charter jet bills for the flight at not what the pilot get’s paid.

    As a random word of caution, the quality of charter pilots varies a lot.

    Of course if his planned flight is one hour and his intended last communication will be Allah Akbar then that compensation might be reasonable. Ditto for flights departing places to the south carrying agricultural products.

    Another possible exception would be someone who flew a major family airplane as their exclusive pilot and only flew 100 hours a year but even that would be off scale.

    Even the top civilian test pilots doing the most demanding jobs(experimental mil aircraft) are probably under $200K per year. ;

    I guess you could take a mil test pilot flying airshow routines and say it’s $6,000/hour but the flight time is only 6 minutes. Of course there’s hundreds of hours of prep and travel.

    The big boss wants and deserves a great pilot to fly the corp aircraft, He has his choice of a lot of guys who have 2,500 hours of mil fighter time and another 5,000 hours of commercial time before they reached the airline mandatory retirement age. The Capt Sully type. My guess is $150K/year. That might be $1K per hour of flight time but it much less when all the other time including planning, prep, training, waiting etc.

  151. RussianSB says:

    I am also feel like cowgirl, Tina ! When I first riding horseback, my horse, that supposed to be very calm, become crazy playful under me and deside gallope. I wasn’t ready for such shaking, but I am not fall down. Magic !

  152. DaddyGT says:

    Your pilot friend is, *ahem* lying.

    Corporate jet pilots earn more or less what ‘regular’ airline pilots earn. The main advantage for them though, is that they tend to work less, and they tend to fly to more interesting places. That said, even when they fly to those exotic places, their stipend for overnight stays and so forth is not great. On the downside though, they do tend to be on call more a lot, and often have to fly to some flea bitten place at very short notice.

    As with all things though, expect big differences depending on their rating (types of jet they fly), experience, and their employer. Unlike their unionised buddies at the airlines, pay and conditions will vary from one employer to another. I know one guy who encourages his pilots to bring along the Mrs for the ride when they fly to interesting destinations, and have heard another pilot complain about an old boss who wanted him pilot to double up as his chauffeur and dry cleaning fetcher when he was not in the air.

    Most are probably around the $100k mark, with experienced pilots flying the large business jets for bigger corporations circa $200k.

    Good money yes, but nowhere near the $3k per hour mark.

    The law says the pilots can’t do more than 1,400 hours or so per year. So, your pilot friend is either only flying around 70 hours a year (5% of the max, and maybe 20% or the normal) *and* getting paid at the top of the salary scale, or he’s pulling your chain.

  153. Tina says:

    @Phoneguy: depends on who the SB is 😉 RIDE’EM COWGIRL! YEEEEEHAAAW! (Yeah, I went there)

  154. Phoneguy says:

    instead of enjoying the ride for as long as it lasts.
    Is this the figurative ride or…

  155. Tina says:

    @Guru: yes, that is a simple way to tell. But once in you’re involved for some time, and there IS still some fun, but maybe not as much, it becomes increasingly difficult. You have to start asking yourself “is this just a rough patch, or should I move on?”. Because for most, finding a successful sugar arrangement is difficult for a variety of reasons, and letting one go that had been successful can cause some strife. Once you let it go, it just isn’t the same if you are able to start it back up again. One or the both of you is now thinking about when it’s going to end again, instead of enjoying the ride for as long as it lasts.

  156. RussianSB says:

    Also fake SD – 1270923, as I told in the begining of that blog.
    He is from Florida, I knew him from Moscow and not from sugar.
    It is not horror story, he is rich, but I know his GF – he is definately no SD.

  157. California SB says:

    Flyr: I got a question for ya. I met this pot SD yesterday and he said he is private jet pilot making 3K per hour. Is that true or was he making this up?

  158. Treasured says:

    Hey all 😀

    Happy New Year to everybody! I am great and only quickly on here.
    To report a FAKE SD, profile nr is 472534

    Name, Jerome A***roy (that is a real name). From France, Paris.

    I was once an unexperienced SB too. DO not under ANY circumstances deal with this man. I do not want to go into details, but it was not pleasant.
    Haven’t seen him on here for a while, and was checking my “mail” and there he was.

    Apart from this, I am off again 🙂


  159. SD Guru says:

    Welcome to all the new bloggers!

    @Swiss SB
    “I’d reply that i wouldn’t want the care of the state and then they’d ask where the money comes from and ugh.. there lies the problem.”

    DaddyGT asked some great questions! I’m not a tax lawyer nor do I play one on TV, but I do have a couple more questions…

    1. How does the state know you’re unemployed, is that something you have to apply for or do they just know the moment you became unemployed?

    2. If you claimed the allowance was provided by your “rich boyfriend”, would that seem out of the ordinary in your country?

    @Taylor Made SB (from previous blog)
    “Best friend just returned from a SD disaster…”

    Thanks for sharing the story! Unfortunately it’s yet another first meet gone bad story that’s all too typical. Obviously I do not condone the behavior of the SD as you described, but in hindsight your friend could have taken precautions and done things differently to avoid the disaster in the first place. Here’s an example in my blog: “Yet Another SB Horror Story“.

    “And I’m SURE all of us would have input on what signals we have/been given that an arrangement has run its course”

    As I mentioned recently, when an arrangement is no longer simple nor enjoyable, then it’s certainly time to move on.

    • SwissSB says:

      @SD Guru

      1. If you loose your job, quit school or just become unemployed for any reason, you HAVE to go to the “unemployed-center” (again, don’t know the correct word in English for it). There you’ll be registered as someone who is searching a job, if that is not possible, they’ll send you to the “social security office” where they show you what they’ve got for you, as in “Do you have a child?” I’d reply “No, I don’t” and they’d tell me what kind of apartment they would pay for me etc.

      2. This is very out of the ordinary, I guess they’d think i’m sleeping with a rich men to get money. Also if I’d play with open cards, tell them that I’m a SB, getting allowance and so on, they’d have to meet my SD to clarify all of this etc. and I can imagine that no SD would wanna waste his time with some people clarifying this stuff. Also SD’s don’t last forever, that’s why I always have at least two of them taking care of me.

      • kemberley dorsey says:

        What you are doing, is simply ripping of the swiss system. I have read what you had written on “BEOBACHTER”. Nobody is being forced to live off welfare, but you seem to want to have it all. Sooner or later you are going to get in big trouble if you continue this game with the social welfare system. The longer you wait, the worse it gets. I am sure that there are people who are able to trace your IP as you made it public, that you are abusing the swiss welfare system.

  160. Whitney says:

    It’s ironic how this blog turned into A JEWISH circus!!!!!!
    Angela! more blog topics than we have room for??

  161. flyr says:

    LVit – If someone takes rejection poorly the ladylike thing to do is to thank them for confirming your wisdom.

    Immigrants – There are tens if not hundreds of millions of people who would like to come to the US because they believe in our culture and want to be a part of that culture. Unfortunately we shove them to the back of the liine and do so at our great peril. For 2+ centuries we had an immigration policy that strengthened our diversity but we abandoned it a few decades ago.

    Swiss Sugar – You reflect a problem in much of the western world – we have made it more profitable not to produce and we have made making money off the books a part of our culture. One thing that until recently separated a few of the most successful nations from much of the rest of the world is that their citizens believed in the need for a central government and were willing to pay for it. With Congress operating on a fiscal system that is normally only found in a crack house ( with pardons to all the well organized and operated crack houses) people know the system is flawed but do not want to give up there spot an the nipple.

    One of the things I love about LA is the detachment from reality. The Coiugar I dated a few years ago had her Ivy League masters, a brilliant mind , owned a $3+ mil home . Her source of income (the home had come from her divorce ) was baby sitting and dog walking for the very elite. All cash of course.

    My old office looked down on the panhandlers near the Santa Monica farmers market. My assistan one day watched with a pair of glasses.- they were making about $40-$50 per hour panhandling. My assistant was outraged. Although we paid her well these people were taking home far more money and getting all sorts of beneftis. I do not balme those taking advantage – only those who allow them to do so.

    When we were in France the company hired a driver for security reasons (not related to me) and our driver was a young French pilot who had completed the rigorous program to be a commercial pilot. However he had no prospect of finding a flyijng job for the next 10 eyars.

    Back to the original subject – if you are getting sugar and welfare you should be putting forth a maximum effort to improve yourself beyond the sugar talents. If that’s not keeping you busy enough then add some time doing good things for others. At the risk of being banished from SA I’ll offer the thought that the SB needs to be reinventing herself to compensate for the passage of years. A number here have done a magnificent job of becomming really special while also adding to their potential beyond sugar and doing good things along the way.

    Probably far more than I should have posted after a long week, long drive and good wine. ………….

  162. Jersey Darling says:

    @DaddyGT on celibacy:

    “It was never planned that way… To be blunt, I think I have an addictive personality, or OCD. When I’m into something, I’m in all the way. Then one day, I just wake up bored with it all, and stop. And move onto something else. No regrets, and no turning back.”

    I’m the same way – wow, interesting to hear a guy say this! Before I got into the sugar bowl, I had been celibate for a couple of years. I have a ridiculously high sex drive and once I start, I can’t stop, so I prefer not to partake unless I have one partner I can be monogamous with (STDs and all that, it’s just the safest way).

    Celibacy definitely isn’t overrated – sometimes it’s nice to think about things other than sex. If you’re like me, it becomes all-consuming.

  163. RussianSB says:

    Burglars broke in the house and ask Isaak : ”Where did you hide your gold ?!”
    Isaak shout : ”Sarah, my Gold, here some people want to see you!”

  164. RussianSB says:

    @Jack – gold, gold, gold ! My grandmother told me that I must invest in gold ! 🙂
    And last years I am killing myself that I didn’t !
    If you going to ”godenfy” me – I will gain weight for that !

  165. Frank says:

    Darn, I came back expecting a fist fight. Where did all the liberals go?

    Wait a minute, I know, they went to the white house! jokes on us

  166. NancySB/LA says:

    I realized I am seriously undercharging…

    Thanks. He’ll love that…

    Ciao darlings… don’t wait up..

  167. DaddyGT says:

    I’m sure you’ll look lovely in a mink coat.
    mink + lingerie + nothing else = wow

  168. Jack says:


    Trust me, I’m a doctor, I’ll keep it confidential. Of course, I’m also a lawyer, or as Jim Carrey would say, liar.

    Decisions, decisions.

    L’chaim (spoken in my birth tongue, Hebrew).


  169. NancySB/LA says:

    Lol, in the interest of protecting my assets, I will not be able to release that information.

  170. California SB says:

    Having an apple martini waiting for a new pot SD. Ahh the sugar life…. 😛

  171. Stacy says:

    What does an SB do with herself if she has no job? Get to work Swissy, so that you have something to show for yourself as you age. How boring must your days be if you don’t have a single thing you could put on a tax form that would qualify as employment!

  172. Jack says:

    What’s celibacy? I seem to vaguely remember, but can’t quite put my finger on it. So to speak.

    And Nancy, given your comment about “being worth your weight in gold,” and with gold at about $60,000/kilo, I just wanted to figure out how much you’re worth (big LOL!). I’ve already seen Russian’s pics and have done the math on her golden value!


  173. NancySB/LA says:

    Thank you. I think I will wear my beautiful mink tonight.

    Tell Regina to find a lawyer who specialized in asset protection. See Trustfund.

  174. Gladiator says:

    She’s only allowed 20 square feet? That’s the size of a closet, not a room or an apartment.

  175. Tina says:

    @DaddyGT: I remember the celibacy convos 😉 But, apparently you just need a woman dynamic enough so that you don’t get bored, and one that doesn’t LET you have your way with your OCD. Sugar overload on your part? Perhaps; but maybe you just need a woman that is a bit standoffish and at the same time spoils you…..it’s an art 😉

  176. NancySB/LA says:

    I agree, smart Jewish girls are worth our weight in gold and more!

    @Lady Vuitton *1171431
    Oh, don’t let him get you down. He sounds like a jerk. Hope you feel better soon and find your prince charming.

  177. DaddyGT says:

    @Tina + @RussianSB
    Celibacy is overrated, but let’s not rehash that one.

    It’s just how the chips have fallen. It was never planned that way. No religious, spiritual or other deep reason for it. Too busy for a relationship, traditional or sugar. And geography does play a small factor in that. Have not met anyone that totally stood out enough to be worth the bother.

    But to be blunt, I think I have an addictive personality, or OCD. When I’m into something, I’m in all the way. Then one day, I just wake up bored with it all, and stop. And move onto something else. No regrets, and no turning back.

    Which probably explains why I’ve never married 🙂

    The glory days are coming soon.

  178. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Thank you all.

    Just needed to vent as I always try to think that man whether or not a SD has manners and can take some rejection at an early stage.

    I am an older SB but have no less expectations. Onwards and upwards as they say.

    As for what to show at the end…… always happy memories and lots of smiles at the end of sugar. Any thing else is a bonus.


  179. RussianSB says:

    I am with Tina ”Celibacy is overrated ” ! And even thinking of it,make some nimphomaniac SB …
    feeling sad. How long will you stick to it, DaddyGT ? I remember it is geografic issue in your case ? Not because religion or broken heart 🙂

  180. RussianSB says:

    @DaddyGT ”Well, if as a SB, all you have to show for your honey filled days when it is all over, is a closet full of shoes and trinkets, then there might be a problem. ”
    Actually it is nice new topic ! That is future of most SB . It is true and dramatic thing,
    and my joke was kind of black humor thing.
    Have nothing to do with me – I am clever Jewish girl, I know what to do with my sugar.

  181. DaddyGT says:

    @Lady Vuitton
    Thank the lucky stars you figured the rude guys out before it got to the date or sugar stage.

    Imagine just how bad it could have been had you dropped them after the fact?

    Unfortunately, I think the sugar bowl does attract a lot of entitled men (I have money, so put out and shut up), and women (I have youth/beauty, so pay up and shut up).

    @Sugar Daddies in general
    Sugar or not, the woman still needs to be wooed.
    @Sugar Babies in general
    Sugar or not, the man still needs to be seduced.

    I think far too many people think that the presence of sugar means that these social conventions head out the window. But then again, I am just an opinionated git.

  182. Tina says:

    @DaddyGT: Well, just be sure to take care of yourself! This life is DEFINITELY too short to miss out on the fun! 🙂 (As Lady V pointed out, I find mine in little things like my roses and making a butterfly garden this spring…….) Celibacy is overrated 😀 (And yes, it was me that mentioned a blog topic referring to identifying the signs that it’s time to move the sugar along).

  183. RussianSB says:

    @Lady V – just because they are not potential and not SD – and they furious when ladies don’t buy their BS. Why should confident man aware of his networth and selfworth be angry with some silly young creature rejection ?
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    No , he will not, just go next calmly. What is your opinion, Sugardaddys ?

  184. DaddyGT says:

    Thanks for the welcome back. You lot are a welcoming bunch. Not currently on the market for a SB 🙁 Combination of too much work, not enough time, and the need to focus on making more money right now. And for the old timers who might remember, and be wondering, yup, I’m still celibate!!

    You’re safe I think. I just somehow manage to stir the honeypot whenever I’m around. I enjoy it though. Stimulating (although sometimes somewhat heated) discussions are loads of fun.

    I’ll let the immigrant one die a quick death. We could go on ad nauseum, and that’s not going to be fun.

    That said, I have to agree with you on at least one point you made though.
    * Lycra is not a right. It is a priviledge There are far too many people in the world that wear spandex that shouldn’t. Far too many.

    In your case, I did get it. But joining Jack, I think far too many SBs don’t. Someone started talking about ending a sugar relationship earlier (Tina?). Well, if as a SB, all you have to show for your honey filled days when it is all over, is a closet full of shoes and trinkets, then there might be a problem.

    Sometimes when I read missives by SBs, I think of many pro atheletes. They earn more money in their glory days than most people earn in 5 lifetimes, and yet end up broke, declaring bankruptcy, and on welfare. Mike Tyson anyone?

    Don’t be that faded beauty who still goes to the bars in her (now faded) mink coat and overpriced handbag, telling stories of how she used to rock the social scene.

    And on that note, here’s a couple of choice Daddy GT tips.
    * Shopping is not a hobby. No. It is not.
    * Spa treatments are not a hobby either


  185. Tina says:

    @Jack – for Valentine’s Day I’m sending you a heart shaped spoon so you can stir the pot or get spanked with it – either way spread the love! 😉

  186. RussianSB says:

    Immigrants also made Moscow culture richer, bringing new arts, traditions and cuisine.
    I used to live in multynational mixed city, meet everyday people with different traditions, I learn their traditions and always show interest and respect. Same in States, people just ignore that fact.

  187. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Just a bit of a vent!!!!!

    Why do some potential SD get so rude when you turn then down after a couple of conversations and you know they are not for you and tell them so?

    Life hum….. or lack of manners

  188. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    So looking forward to your reports on roses Tina.

    I hope they are fantastic. xx

  189. California SB says:

    Angela, pick a hot topic. We are kinda sick of talking about Switzerland here already….

  190. RussianSB says:

    @DaddyGT, I hope you understand that it was joke about investing money(cash) on shoes 🙂
    I mean such investment IRS cannot track.

  191. NancySB/LA says:

    Actually, I am right. And the nation I am from has pretty much reigned in it’s borders and for once in a long time, we are actually doing pretty well. Thank you. I don’t believe in social welfare systems that stunt personal growth- see above- poor Regina doesn’t feel like working…
    Cool your sphincter, I am not bashing all immigrants.
    I’m just pointing out a well known fact that many countries, especially my own have experienced.
    An overload, overkill to a well meaning system that obviously can’t work if people don’t regain their will to succeed on their own without the aid of Big Daddy Government.

  192. Jack says:

    Wow, I can take my chain-mail suit off, no arrows flying in my direction yet (perhaps I speak too quickly?). Another even worse fact about unemployment in Spain is that in the under-25 age group (perhaps more relevant to SA ladies than to the general population), the Spanish unemployment rate is about 50%!

    And to Nancy–I’m not sure it was the flood of immigrants thatcaused the problem in your country (England?), but rather, the pre-existing welfare system they found when they appeared. The US has had its own flood of immigrants, and many feel even they get too much here, but it’s much less than they would get in European countries.

    But irrespective of my philosophical musings, the welfare state cannot continue in the current global economy, where companies with bloated expense structures are competing to sell into the same marketplace as leaner companies.

    The next leg of this saga–somewhat seen in Greek austerity-related riots and the Arab spring (on the surface unrelated phenomena, but they have more in common than meets the eye)–is far scarier than the simple loss of welfare benefits. Whether they are at fault for their own situation or not, I predict that those who view themselves as disenfranchised–immigrant or not–will become more vocal (and violent) about it and the outcome will not be pretty.

    And Madridista, muchisimas gracias por sus complimentos a mi, but I guess there is some wisdom that comes from being through the “school of hard knocks” over several decades, a wisdom that some SB’s (present company excluded, of course) don’t appreciate enough when they look for their high-dollar SD’s (there I go again, trying to stir the pot!)


  193. Tina says:

    Hello Miss LV! My roses will be shipped to me in about a month – I’m SO excited! I have so much to do when they come in to prep the soil that I need to get started in about 2 weeks 🙂 I’ll keep you posted!

  194. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Hi DaddyGT

    Things to think about.


  195. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Hi Tina

    Happy New year to you. Can wait to hear about your garden this year.x

  196. Tina says:

    @DaddyGT: good to see you pop in now and again! Things still busy? How is the SB search?

  197. DaddyGT says:

    And on a much lighter note, here’s some great advice for sugar babies from *gasp* 1922!


    … a choice quote
    “That may be all true,” I remarked. “But how can a girl apply this principle so as to gain the interest and attention-of men?”

    “Well, aren’t the most popular girls the ones men find to be the best listeners, or the most sympathetic and most interested in their (I mean the men’s) ambitions and ideas?” he came back. “Open flattery isn’t the way. She must study the man; search out some commendable characteristic, and then make proper use of it. If he is a good golfer, she might begin by saying, ‘What is there, John, about golf that makes it the game of successful men?’ Then watch John begin to talk!

  198. DaddyGT says:

    I am sorry to have to say this, but your stock just plummetted in my book. Not that you should care really. Just saying though.

    Immigrants is a very recent construct in the history of mankind. Personally, I commend anyone who leaves their home/family/roots in search of a better life. And contrary to popular opinion, immigrants tend to be net contributors to their host nations. (Taxes paid etc vs. benefits).

    I won’t go into the details, but many first world economies actually need immigrants. Both to bring in skills, and to prevent the financial shitstorm that comes with an un/under funded social security system, and an aging population. Look at the current drive to not only bring in, but to encourage immigration to Germany that’s going on right now.

    While immigrant bashing tends to be a popular sport worldwide, I find immigrants often make the best employees. They have often left very harsh conditions, place a value on an honest day’s work, and are generally *awesome*. As with any community, you have some bad eggs. but to blame the woes of European economies on immigrants, is very intellectually lazy, and borders on bigotted. Which incidentally is ironic given that you yourself profess to be an immigrant.

    Having worked in more countries than I care to count right now, I’m all for immigration. I might not like every immigrant I’ve ever met, but I judge them individually, and not as a group.

  199. DaddyGT says:

    Hi everyone

    Happy 2013 and so forth.

    I am sooooo glad Jack stirred the pot. Glad it was not me this time 🙂 … Jack, I have to agree with you 150%. I am a Libertarian (of the capital ‘L’ variety after all) I’ve done something similar in the not too distant past. With similar results. My mother used to do the same with her business too. No difference even back then.

    What’s worse, I even remember being with a SB a long time ago in London.

    Some beggar came along as we were leaving the club and waiting for a cab. Pretty late at night. Claimed to be starving. Just needed a couple of pounds. SB offered to take him to the Burger King down the road, and buy him whatever he wanted. Beggar told us to fuck off, as he wanted cash. *sigh*.

    Truth is, most people do not have the stomach for the sort of work you need to put in to make serious money. Sad. But true.

    @Regina aka Swiss SB
    Mmm. The advice I am giving is not legal advice, but just a few things to think about.

    Sugar is not eternal. Nor is it consistent
    IIRC the costs of living in Zurich, 23k won’t pay for rent for very long. Are you sure you want to give up the state benefits with no plan (that does not rely on sugar), to afford the rent of whatever apartment you end up in? You really don’t want to end up 6 months down the line, with no more sugar daddies, and an expensive apartment that you can’t afford.

    Why are you unemployed?
    I realise that this is getting personal, but why are you unemployed? Are you studying? Can you not get work? Do you just not want to get a traditional job? The reason I ask is twofold
    1. see above on sugar not lasting forever, or even being a dependable source of income. At least not one to plan you future finances on, until you have the cash in hand.
    2. If on the other hand, your unemployment is temporary, and the 23k will pay for your new apartment till your salary (not sugar allowance) kicks in, then the entire question is moot.

    Be careful of being rich in a welfare nation
    I am not au fait with Swiss law in this regard, but I know that in many parts of world, benefits are means tested. Or put another way, if the govt knows that you have 23k, they will ‘charge’ you for your apartment, and have it only revert to free once that money runs out.

    Be careful of losing your benefits
    Again, I am not sure how they do things in Switzerland, but in many parts of the world, there tends to be a waiting list of sorts for social/subsidized housing. So once you move out, it might not be a sure thing that you can get back immediately, should your finances/sugar circumstances change.

    In short, you need to read up on the conditions around your benefits. What is expected of you. What the situation is when you have money. And how hard it is to get back onto the safety net should the proverbial brown stuff hit the fan, as it often does in the sugar world.

    Finally (yes, I do tend to write rather long missives)
    What were/are you hoping to get out of sugar dating, in the long term
    As others have said, squirrel your money away. keep it for emergencies. Keep it for a rainy day. And keep it for more lofty goals than just a nice apartment. Or shoes. Kinda ties in with what Jack said. Use that money to earn you money (I’ve started businesses with less than that), or to improve yourself so that you can get the job that pays you enough to afford that apartment you want.

    Postscript (honest, no more after this)
    As a SD, I have, and I would refuse to rent an apartment in my name for a SB. Despite being single, it opens up a whole different paper trail. Similarly, I would never have a SB live in one of my properties … this can be a whole different legal nightmare down the line. And in your case, 2 SDs with one of them paying for, or owning the apartment that you live in (and pressumably might have SD visitors) opens up a whole different can of worms.

    Anyway, just my $0.02 worth.

  200. RussianSB says:

    …He was tall and handsome, rich and strong 🙂

  201. NancySB/LA says:

    As a European national living in the US now, I agree that Europe may have more social programs and it worked for a while, but the thing that ruined my country in particular was the flood of immigrants that had no reservations helping and indeed double dipping into the reserves of the country. Never in history has it been so socially acceptable to be a bum. Today, people will use anything if it means getting a free lunch.
    And speaking of lunch and American fridges, the saddest epidemic along with the bum mentality is the Obesity crisis. Brought on primarily, I believe by the birth of unregulated use of Spandex and Lycra.

  202. RussianSB says:

    I think if an arrangement has run its course, than it is time for new sugar arrangement. Today I went to one quite holyday party and meet 32 y.o. boy, successful, working hard, no GF. And we joking with him about getting married, fancy our future life together, you know, just kidding. And that boy has very nice and big piece of land in cool area, so we talk about building house in details. So, in few hours of flirty jokes we find out out directions – about partners we are looking for, mutual expectations etc. Very pragmatic talks, actually, for people of our age. And it is not fun at all. And he IS sugar potential. What woman will refuse sugar in that case ? What negatives in that situation ? None.
    I try to tell that you can find yonger partner if you have issue with mature men, and you can find someone nice and don’t reward bad behaivoir and have it NSA or not, if you prefer. BUT STILL HAVE IT SUGAR. Just you need to work harder to find good sugar partner , and here we are lazy to do that job.
    Old traditions tend to Sugar.
    New traditions tend to BS.

  203. Sugar says:

    I think Regina could start her own business or get a job (part time or full time, whichever minimum is required to get off of government assistance) long enough to move, at least. Once she’s situated in her new, comfortable home, she can then quit (or do something to get fired, depending upon the circumstances of the employment/government aid)

    If there’s any way for her to apply for a self employment situation, such as a business license (sorry, I know nothing of the laws there) in a services type industry like “housekeeping”, for example, she could report her cash earnings legitimately without any red flags.

  204. Tina says:

    @RussianSB: yes, the holidays are over, so my dancing minion must return! 🙂 As for ending sugar, there is DEFINITELY not a problem at my end. I’m quite enamored with the situation I’m in currently <3 But, unfortunately, there have been many questions surrounding "should I end it, or stick it out?" on various blog topics lately, so maybe a topic with the "red flags" of when it should end should make an appearance. And I'm SURE all of us would have input on what signals we have/been given that an arrangement has run its course. 🙂

    @Jack: yes, I believe it is your duty to keep us all on our toes! 🙂

  205. Taylor Made SB says:


  206. Madridista says:

    @Jack — you are so spot on (and very wise)! One correction, as I live in Spain, we now have 27% unemployment rate, not 25% (we wish). Although now the phrase that’s replacing “welfare” in Europe is “workfare”. I think the current economic situation and demographic factors will force many large “welfare” states (especially my beloved, beautiful, nearly flawless Spain) to change their state assistance laws as some have already started doing so.

    The funny part is some benefits you may not want to take, but the state forces you to. Like they gave the whole hoopla on maternity benefits and entitlements (and I’m not pregnant or plan on being any time soon) and I kept trying to tell them if I’m ever pregnant I can’t take 16 weeks off from work (it’s not even a remote possibility because of the kind of work I do) and they kept insisting that it doesn’t matter, it’s given to me and it’s paid (even if I don’t need the money) even if I’m up and running at work a month after giving birth. It was the most ridiculous argument I ever had and made me not want to have kids just to prove to them that I won’t use it.

  207. RussianSB says:

    Why to end sugar at all, Tina ? What is the problem, tell me dear ?

  208. RussianSB says:

    Become a lesbian?
    Oh, that is definately will not work, lead directly to sugar mamma hands !

  209. RussianSB says:

    Anti-sugar pills ?

  210. RussianSB says:

    I am fine, thank you, Lady V. I mean, you have some good web resourse with movies and TV shows you can watch on-line in UK ?

  211. The Silly Hippie says:

    Is this the only blog for the SA site?

  212. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    How are you Russian SB?

    Saw you post to me. That programme is not currently on the UK channels but will let you know if it comes back.

    I hope you are feeling better.


  213. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Mmmm I have some very happy memories of visiting Switzerland and SD.

    I wouldnt mind a private account 🙂

    It is very expensive there thought but very beautiful.

  214. RussianSB says:

    @Dear Tina
    How to end sugar ? Mabe some kind of electronical sugar sigarette invented ??

  215. RussianSB says:

    @Jack, I study different economical systems and you are right, of course, as much people educated here, there will be no fire. Gerard Depardieu want to be Russian now, so I am glade that France made stupid desigions (not ”unpopular steps” just stupid movements).
    There is different government social programmes and funds in different countries. It is remind me one clever and enterteining example I want share with you. One Scandinavian country give to lonely mothers 3500 $ per month support. But if athorities will find a biological father (and they will) they bill him alimony for all that years ! I think it is clever desigion. Women have stability and not affraid to born kids, because good support. Men feel very responsible about their seeds, because they aware about ”billing” system. And tax payers don’t need to pay that luxury social programme.

    let’s change the topic !

  216. Angela says:

    @Cali SD: Not to worry. We have more blog topics than we have room for. Although when a Sugar Baby is in need, we like to tap into the community to see if anyone has good advice.

    Thank you for everyone that is trying to help. We are sure that Swiss SD appreciates it.

  217. RussianSB says:

    Tina avatar is back !

  218. Jack says:

    Remember, Tina, I was first on this blog, so I have a reesponsbility to keep it interesting, do I not?

    And I do believe the Regina question had sort of run its course.

    And, soooo, I consulted me, myself and moi (giving it a little European flair in consonance with the topic) and launched my missiles.


  219. California SB says:

    Jack that is very true about the poor being poor because of their own choice. I also put myself through school and never had to be on welfare. So, demanding welfare when you are perfectly healthy and able to work and study…. it is called lazy.

  220. Tina says:

    *sigh* Dearest Jack, you just LOVE to start the fire, don’t you? 😉 I have my own opinions, but am going to sit back and watch for the moment……….

  221. Frank says:

    I don’t know about standard of living, but I do know we have bigger refrigerators in the US

  222. Jack says:

    Well, seeing as we have no good blog topics, I’m gonna start a firestorm with the following assertion:

    Most (not all) poor people are poor due to reasons within their own control, though clearly some people start life with greater disadvantages than others. I have long believed this but did an experiment (admittedly not scientific but compelling, I think) which really drove this point home.

    I own apartment complexes, and my business largely involves buying the worst complexes and converting them to best-in-class. I do this in a lower-income area in Houston, where there are a fair number of panhandlers. Although I never give them money, I have often bought them meals, and then the idea occurred to me, Why not give them a job rather than a meal?

    So during the 2008-2010 downturn (during which I actually tripled the number of people working for me to about 50), I started systematically offering the panhandlers work. I told them where my apartment complex was (walking distance from where they were panhandling) and told them I had work for them–regardless of their skills or lack thereof. All they had to do is show up the next day at 8AM and ask for Edwin (my construction supervisor) and he would put them to work. They would be paid on a daily basis until we determined if there was a good fit.

    I did this approx. 10 times over a period of a couple of years, and ONLY ONE person showed up. After working a couple of hours, he said the work was too hard and that anyway, he made more money panhandling than the $7.50/hr I was paying for pure labor (I pay some of my laborers quite a bit more, but they do more than twice as much work as this guy did).

    As to starting life with disadvantages, I wasn’t born in the US. I moved to this country at age 11, and not only didn’t I speak English, I didn’t know the English alphabet. But I studied 8 hrs every day (yeah,in 6th grade) and graduated high school 2 years early. I put myself through college and medical school, by working and borrowing money–no money from my parents or anyone else. Between school and work, I have averaged 80 hrs per week over the last 41 years. And yes, it took me years (actually, well over a decade) to pay off my school loans. And, of course, I am not the only one to have overcome substantial obstacles to make a success of him or herself.

    Finally, to add more fuel to the inferno I’ll be generating, “welfare” states/communism/socialism are a FAILED economic experiment. It may sound good in theory but it does not work in practice. To have a welfare state as Emily wants, SOMEBODY has to PAY for the welfare. Perhaps in Switzerland, they can afford to do it because their financial industry brings in extra cash from outsiders, but most countries do not have that luxury. Therefore, in most countries, the tax rate (on the productive welfare payers) exceeds 50% and indeed, France just recently enacted a 75% tax rate (which had a bit of a legal setback but will be back). When tax rates allow you to only keep well under half of what your hard labor makes you, you either become less productive or you go elsewhere (a point made famous recently by the French actor, Gerard Depardieu).

    You need further proof? The two most/communist/socialist countries of this century–China and the former Soviet union–have abandoned socialism in favor of capitalism, and indeed, China is probably “out-capitalizing” the US these days. And Europe–which is much more socialist than the US–is in recession with countries like Spain sporting an unemployment rate (of 25%) than is three times higher than what we have in the US, with several countries likely to default (or already did) on their debt (such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland and probably France).

    All I can say is be careful what you wish for.

    Finally, when you flame me, do keep in mind NOT to shoot the messenger. I’m just telling you how IT IS, not how it should be. I will also add that during my 25-year medical career (primarily in the ER), I gave away more free medical care than any other doctor in the ER (primarily, to the working poor, not to lazy bums), so it’s not as if I’m a heartless capitalist.

    Nor am I saying that capitalism is perfect by any means–it’s not–but it sure is better than the welfare states that Emily believes should be more numerous.

    Let the fireworks begin.


    • The Silly Hippie says:

      Hi Jack,
      I think you make valid and interesting points, however I find it very hard to believe. I too also live in Houston. I have been homeless. I have worked hard and got myself out of a very bad situation. I think experiencing it is much different than observing it. My father runs an organization to help the homeless. I also am going to school to finish psychology. I want to work with veterans. Most homeless people are veterans. homelessness is not always caused by a state of lazy. They have other factors like mental disorders, life choices, and quality of life options outside homelessness.
      You make a point, just feel you cannot compare people to yourself or your situation. Not everyone has it in them what you posses. Not everyone wants to.
      Also I understand where you are coming from Emily. I used to live in Massachusetts. I go back every summer. I miss it very much.

    • thatblackcat says:

      Well I don’t understand how you could reasonably expect that these men, if they make more money panhandling (as they say) would want to take your offer of a job. Even homeless people are going to be looking for the best decision (financially) that they can. 🙂

      Also, as others have said, there are a lot of problems in the homeless community — particularly drug addiction and mental illness. So, it doesn’t surprise me you only got one respondent.

      Anyway, I do agree that there are some people who are content to remain homeless and in poverty. Whether they are “lazy”… well, unless you’ve been there you can’t really comment on the difficulty of that living situation. (I’ve been homeless for a brief while, albeit in much different circumstances — with friends to stay at most times — and it was depressing and hard on the body and spirit.) but most people want better lives, and their poverty is not the result of sheer lack of desire to work.

  223. California SB says:

    Trans Emily: Switzerland can afford all that because they are about the size of connecticut with only 8 million people living there.

  224. Tina says:

    Ooooooh the rodeo lineup was announced!!! It’s almost that time of year! Where’s Grassy when I need her to talk about PBR with me???? YEAH for cowboys! 😉

  225. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    In my opinion, the world needs more of these “welfare states”. At least people are given a chance to survive in them. I can tell you that if I’d been miving in a country that did all of that for me, I could have left an abusive man I was involved with about eight years ago much sooner. Let me guess, there’s less domestic violence in Switzerland, too. You don’t have to put off leaving a violent partner for financial reasons.
    Little Swiss Miss, there, has nothing to complain about and should be grateful she lives in such a country.

    • Madridista says:

      You do know that a lot of so-called “welfare states” are now reducing the kind of benefits that most of their citizens have grown accustomed to (most notably Germany and Scandinavian countries) because even they can’t sustain them indefinitely at such rates as in previous decades because demographic and economic situation is radically different now than before. Also, it’s no use comparing Europe to United States, not one is better or worse, just different and such different values can’t be fixed at the stroke of a pen. Different values reflect in and promote different system of government.

  226. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    I wish more countries would take care of their citizens the way hers does. Outside of Massachusetts, I know what it’s like to be without health insurance and to have absolutely no legal protection from discrimination.

  227. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    With a country that takes care of you to that extreme, why would you need a Sugar Daddy? In the past, I’ve had Sugar Daddies paying my rent and giving me allowances. Your government does it for you.

  228. California SB says:

    Blog writers are running outta topics… how about a topic on what made you decide to get into the sugar life?

    • JennSA says:

      This is a little unfair. We thought it would be a fun feature to direct questions we don’t know how to answer to a vast community of users and readers who may have encountered this situation before. We take all feedback into consideration and love the idea of exploring “Sugar Motives” as a blog topic. Thanks for the suggestion… I assure you however, we have plenty up our sleeve!

  229. Jersey Darling says:

    I think the question is a little silly – the person asking the question should get professional advice from a professional. Our advice is worth about as much as the paper it isn’t printed on.

  230. Madridista says:

    @SwissSB — I’ve also found this passage in one of my books from 2009 on governments and politics of Western Europe (not sure if laws on it changed since the publication date, so please check) about taxable allowance (like gifts and sugar money?) and this is what it says:

    “Tax-free Allowance — tax-free allowance means that only the portion of the gift or inheritance exceeding this amount is taxable. An exception may be made for so-called “occasional gifts” and minor inheritances; subject to certain conditions and up to certain limits, these may not be subject to tax in some cantons.”

    Does it apply to Aargau? Maybe you can claim your sugar cash as gift or taxable allowance before you make big purchases, that way (depending on Aargau tax laws), you’d just pay a one time tax on gift or see if any of the sugar money could be claimed as allowance and see what portions of it (if any) are tax exempt.

    • Madridista says:

      *I meant to say maybe you can claim your sugar cash as a gift qualifies for tax-free allowance, not taxable allowance. Sorry for my Spanglish. Can’t write today at all 🙂

      • SwissSB says:

        That actually wont work, because, if this goes over a year, they’ll be curious on why I need the state money to live, if i always get “gifts” in such a high amount of money. Obviously I’d reply that i wouldn’t want the care of the state and then they’d ask where the money comes from and ugh.. there lies the problem. They would want to know everything, they’d probably think I’m a drug-dealer or do some illegal stuff like that, unless I’d tell them I’m a SB which would make them think I’m prostituting myself and that wouldn’t be true and they would want me to proof myself for not being a prostitute.

  231. Madridista says:

    @SwissSB, I’ve been asking around about Aargau canton and it I’ve been told that you could declare your sugar money or purchases with it as a gift, but since it’s not from a relative, spouse or parent taxes on it could be anywhere from 12-32% depending on the sum of the gift or gifts (from 23000, that could be anywhere from 2900 to 7300.) Check to see if Aargau includes special provisions if the gifts are from the same donor, I heard it could affect gift taxes, they’d take out.
    Again, hold out on big purchases until you get a job that won’t raise government’s eyebrows on them or like Tina suggested maybe your SD can put a larger place in his name?

  232. California SB says:

    Hey Guru im curious to see your input on this….

  233. California SB says:

    Sorry Tina but it does sound like whining to me. “Oh, poor me livin’ off my rich goverment, how do I hide my sugar money”.

  234. Tina says:

    @SwissSB / Regina: Honestly, I would horde your sugar right now, and live as you have been. There might be some legal loopholes, but the sugar money will only build in time. (Also, have you thought about your SD putting a larger place in his name so that you can move in, but having you pay the rent? Or having that as part of your sugar? If he’s an investor type, he might even be willing to purchase a home / larger place for you to live in temporarily, and later he can have it as a true investment property as you both move on in your lives…..)

    @CaliSB: I didn’t see her as complaining or showing off, I think she has a legit question about what to do with the sugar. After all, many SBs have come to the blog asking for tax advice for their sugar, as have SDs in the US. Since SA is now becoming a larger international entity, there will be more questions like this, and part of the beauty of the community is that you never know who might be out there that can and is willing to lend some expertise on an issue.

  235. Tina says:

    Hmmm, the latest set of comments in blog topics has me wondering if it’s a good blog topic to bring up (if it hasn’t already – I can’t remember all of them!): Ways to know it’s time to end the sugar…..

    (I know there has been a topic about HOW to end it, but I don’t know if there has been one about signs that its time to move on…..)

  236. Taylor Made SB says:

    “Swiss SB, you’re lucky you don’t live in Los Angeles… you would pay a fortune for an one bedroom that you could barely afford even working at a professional job. Not mentioning if you went to college here you would have at least 100K plus students loans debt to pay back the goverment… so stop whining.”

    A bit harsh, you wouldn’t say?

  237. BGIBound says:

    I am Swiss also. The simplest solution if you are prepared to pay tax is to take a trip to Monaco or another place where there is a casino. Enter the casino, gamble a little bit over a long time (several hours) and then leave whether you win or lose. Go back to Suisse and tell them you won the money gambling on holiday. They might tax your gambling winnings but it isn’t a “job” and therefore should not interfere with your welfare status in Argau. Bonne Chance.

  238. California SB says:

    Swiss SB, you’re lucky you don’t live in Los Angeles… you would pay a fortune for an one bedroom that you could barely afford even working at a professional job. Not mentioning if you went to college here you would have at least 100K plus students loans debt to pay back the goverment… so stop whining.

  239. California SB says:

    Hey Swiss girl…. free rent? Free utilities? You’re on your own!!!

  240. RussianSB says:

    Sure, they party, after all they are human beings 🙂
    But, Jack, who ever post here about blog topics ? We just mix in sandbox.
    And someone have beautyful vacation, yeah ?

  241. Jack says:

    I know nothing about Swiss tax laws (Swiss Alps is a different story), and I know the Swiss are efficient, but are you kidding me about this question? The Swiss tax enforcers are really sitting around all day looking for the Regina’s of Swizerland when they rent apts that are barely larger than a closet (twenty square feet? a 4′ x 5′ space? I’m sure they meant 20 sq meters, which is still only 200 sf!) and will then rush back to compare those expenditures to what the Swiss tax records show that person should be able to afford? Really? And we think WE have “Big Brother” in the US?

    I think either Regina is putting SA on, or the SA staff was too tired out by all the partying around the holidays and made this blog topic up.

    Anyone want to help me think of a question to send to SA via its Facebook page?


    • SwissSB says:

      Its me who asked them to post this because I really do struggle with this alot. I do feel bad for living off of “welfare” money because I would have enough money to live a good life here. When I contacted SA through FB it was 1:45AM and I was obviously a bit off. The Apartment they (the state) pay rent for ONE person WITHOUT children is 20 square meters. They also pay my water/electronic bill. You do get also money for food obviously and clothes. I have to add though, that in Switzerland standards I am poor. In worldwide standards I’d say I’m a middle-class citizen.

      @Madridista, I live in the canton Aargau. Also having a job, which wouldn’t pay well since it would make the State still suspicious when I’m owning a 3 – 4 room apartments. The government is quite nosey here, otherwise I would’ve figured this stuff out all by myself already.

      Also I hope I explained myself enough and someone knows some good advice for me!

      • Janine says:

        Wow, that sounds complicated. Hope you get it all worked out.

      • Madridista says:

        @SwissSB, I’ve been asking around about Aargau canton and it I’ve been told that you could declare your sugar money or purchases with it as a gift, but since it’s not from a relative, spouse or parent taxes on it could be anywhere from 12-32% depending on the sum of the gift or gifts (from 23000, that could be anywhere from 2900 to 7300.) Check to see if Aargau includes special provisions if the gifts are from the same donor, I heard it could affect gift taxes, they’d take out.
        Again, hold out on big purchases until you get a job that won’t raise government’s eyebrows on them or like Tina suggested maybe your SD can put a larger place in his name?

        *Sorry to post this twice, I meant to reply here, but clicked the usual bottom post comment. Silly me.

      • Michelle says:

        Why don’t you go on an extended vacation to France or another country? Or rent a vacation home up in the Alps – pay cash for it as a ‘tourist’.

  242. RussianSB says:

    One meter more, one meter less – who will tax it ??

  243. RussianSB says:

    Good advise ! In Switzerland, Regina 23k = 1 square meter of real estate in Geneva

  244. RussianSB says:

    Jack was first, Frank- second, and Tina – third
    And I am from 5 to 25 posts ALONE !

  245. Madridista says:

    Blog topic:

    Tax laws are varied by cantons, so it would be helpful if Regina was more specific about which canton she’s talking about. Because you can claim some monetary gifts or cars as gifts (or inheritance), but you’d have to pay tax on it and how much varies by what canton one lives in. Since Regina’s story isn’t specific enough it’s hard to offer any advice. Without canton details and its specific tax laws, the best advice I can give is to save that nest egg until Regina finds a job to get off state assistance and then use it to buy those big items, like bigger house/flat and car. It’s the only way to not arouse official suspicion: buy those things once you get job. Otherwise, claim it as a gift and find out how much taxes her canton would charge on it.

  246. RussianSB says:

    To buy me a ski suit is waste of money 🙂

  247. RussianSB says:

    What else ski resorts for ???

  248. RussianSB says:

    Bogner doesn’t make crimson color ski jumpsuits 🙁
    Better to stay naked under warm feather blankets at Alpes.

  249. RussianSB says:

    I told you – I am only for old sharks, desperate and fearless beasts.
    I can go to ski while your little banking visitto Swiss 🙂

  250. RussianSB says:

    But look, how cute I am in crimson jumpsuit !!!

  251. RussianSB says:

    Blog SDs – I can manage any sum of money (just in case) 🙂
    I knew, after that I become less attractive in your eyes, guys 🙁

  252. RussianSB says:

    And swiss girl – she is poor, she still have no job, cause Sugar not a job, it is hobby.
    But being well off, I think I refuse to have Government support,cause some people need really need it and then I don’t need to think how to hide money.

  253. RussianSB says:

    You see, California, even banks filter out small fish !

    Do you watch the video I told you about ??

  254. RussianSB says:

    I think, Swiss let everybody to keep money in their banks, but locals not allowed.
    And for secret account servise – minimal account is 200 000 $

  255. RussianSB says:

    Have a call from ex-SD today, he get promoted at his job. I am going to create thoughtful present for him. I prefer thoughtless presents, but his promotion very special – to famouse place (and building) grate moovie was shoot about. How lucky I am. His new collegues will envy him, because they don’t have such thoughtful ex-SBs !

  256. California SB says:

    Russian, she wants a bigger apartment and a car… oh, poor Switzerland girl living off the tax payers money….

  257. California SB says:

    Who cares what happens in the little spoiled country Switzerland where if you don’t work the state pays for everything? Honey, if you don’t want to pay taxes on your sugar income, that’s called tax evasion, dear. Wait, isn’t in Switzerland where you can have secret bank accounts?

  258. RussianSB says:

    Regina should invest everything on shoes !
    Or keep cash in shoebox !
    Or keep money on parents accounts ! Is that legal ??
    Come on, it is old good Swiss, banking heavens …

  259. California SB says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this topic is out of scope?

  260. Tina says:

    And I’m the turd I guess 🙂

  261. Frank says:

    Sloppy seconds here!

  262. Jack says:

    Hello, Y’All

    Foist here.


  263. Angela says:

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