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Top Ten Sugar Daddy Ski Resorts in North America


Skiing is an expensive hobby, a luxury that is getting increasingly difficult to afford. At the very least, lift tickets for a full day of skiing at a good resort are $85-$100, not including flights, transportation, lodging, equipment rental, ski school or food and drinks. But we can’t think of a more perfect winter sugar getaway than a long weekend ski trip. The average Sugar Daddy pays $3500-4000 on a four day ski trip for two after flights, transportation, lodging, massages, drinks, food and shopping are taken in to consideration. So where do the Sugar Daddies like to take their ski bunnies? Here is our list of the top ski destinations for Sugar Daddies in North America:

1. Whistler, British Columbia
2. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
3. Vail, Colorado

4. Deer Valley/Park City, Utah
5. Telluride, Colorado
6. Sun Valley, Idaho

7. Banff, Alberta
8. Mammoth Lakes, California

9. Aspen, Colorado
10. Snowbird/Alta, Utah

The truth of the matter is, east coast snow has nothing on the Rocky Mountains’ powder. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter how posh a ski resort is if you’re skiing on ice. Most Sugar Daddies fly out west for the best powder, and top of the line resorts. You won’t find ski villages and resorts like Vail, Whistler, Aspen or Park City, east of Colorado either.

The beauty of staying at one of these destinations is that even if you don’t ski, there’s something for everyone. There is possibly nothing more romantic than a dip in the hot tub, slope-side during a gently falling snow storm. Or curling up by the fire with a glass of wine and your Sugar Baby of course. If she doesn’t know how to ski, she can enjoy world class spa service by day, and be ready to join in on the apres-ski events by night. But if she is a skier, or snowboarder, you can take on the mountain together and enjoy a couple’s massage after the last run.

Ladies, want to know the fastest way to ruin a ski trip? Lying about your skill level. If you aren’t a skier, or haven’t skied often, don’t talk up your game. Your Sugar Daddy will know soon enough once he takes you to the top of the mountain, expecting you to follow him on black diamond moguls with ease. You will have the worst day of your life, and your Sugar Daddy will be very annoyed with you. So be honest, and keep the complaining to a minimum.

Ladies: Are you a ski bunny?

Gentlemen: Where do you like to ski? Why?

How soon is too soon to take a getaway with your Sugar Daddy/Baby?



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  1. Charlotte Dhanna says:

    Hello, and Greetings. Well, my ski level is beginner, but a bit of a natural when it comes to skiing. I am an OK water skier as well on a slalom Ski. I would enjoy having someone to visit, and them to have and want me to visit them in his beautiful home n it his beautul territory. I am Tom Boy at play and I am Lady with proper etiquette as well. I am a college student to soon graduate with a BS degree in Integrative/Alternative Medicine. Let’s vacation together! I enjoy outdoor ventures in the most beautiful places with beautiful people

  2. Ingrid says:

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

  3. DaddyGT says:

    Is London Girl = English Rose?
    * If so, Hi. Good to see you are still around ๐Ÿ™‚
    I disagree with all the people saying “Run!”. Men are creatures of habit. We get into a groove, and think nothing of it. You’ve been getting the allowance as promised, so I doubt that it is out of his price range.
    If the current arrangment is making you uncomfortable, then mention it to him. I think I am speaking for most men here ….
    * we don’t get hints
    * we don’t get subtle hints
    * we don’t get obvious hints.

    Just be sure how you phrase it. By the sounds of things, you have a good rapport/thing going with him. Spell it out like that.
    “Hi SD. The whole per visit $$ makes me uncomfortable. These 3 months should be proof that we are a good thing blah blah. But as it stands, even if I want to see you more often, I can’t because I worry that you would think that I just wanted to do so for an extra allowance.** ”
    Something like that should sell it. If it doesn’t, at least you tried. The last thing you want to do though is remain in a relationship with aspects that are decidedly uncomfortable for you.
    Sugar is supposed to be fun after all. No?
    **You get bonus points for showing him that there are more than 4 weeks per month … 4.3333 , and a raise in allowance might be a good idea since you will probably see him more often without the per meet allowance thing hanging over your head.

  4. Debbie says:

    @ Madridista

    Thank you for part 1 $ 2. I found it very informative and helpful. Being new here and to the SB realm I managed to do all the dont’s but managed to fix that now I hope. Now to find a photographer to get some really nice pics up…….

  5. GTT_Envy says:

    @Jennifer….I agree with what Madrista that your 2K is probably not in his budget, but what have you guys done? If you have been giving sugar than yeah I would run and run fast.

    If you guys have just hung out, gone to events, dinners, etc then maybe just talk more. I had a arrangement where we only saw each other once a month. It was platonic and I gave her $300 we just hung out.

    So, it depends on how deep if I would run or not.

  6. Madridista says:

    As promised Part 2 of my advice on having a profile that should get you tons of real offers and many contacts. You know this would have been easier if I hadn’t deleted my profile, then I could just post my profile # on here.

    Part 2 — Writing a Stellar Profile.

    As a writer, my advice is to be “specific, but concise”. Do not write so much like that one SD in Monaco that Russian posted about a while ago. That being said…
    #1. In “description” section, talk about yourself as a SB and what you’re bringing into a sugar relationship, and why any SD should chose you. Do not talk about what you do for a living, what major you’re studying, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Those things can be mentioned once you start getting to know somebody. Two brief paragraphs should be enough.

    #2. When writing picture your audience, pretend like you’re writing to the SD of your dreams. Of all the options he has, why should he pick you? You’ll be faced with people quoting how statistics here favor SDs, but look back at history when kings had their pick of mistresses at their courts, but they would only choose specific one as maitress-en-titre, so this is similar to how you should approach your audience.

    #3. When describing yourself, stick clear of what I call “vanilla” adjectives, such as “smart, fun, beautiful, sweet, nice, etc.” SDs read this on every single profile. How boring. Those things are for them to judge once they get to know you. Show them how you are those things, don’t tell and use adjectives that end in -ous and -ual, or -able. Also, steer clear of passive voice. It’s very dull to read in profile after profile. Use more active verbs. Also, please, SDs see adverbs like “very” in every profile, it’s such a filler and they must be bored seeing how every SB is “very” this or that. You want your profile to stand out, not blend in.

    #4. Do not mention other girls to contrast yourself. If they have had encountered less than admirable SBs, then they know that, so why remind them?

    #5. In the section that describes the kind of arrangement you’re looking for should be the most specific one. List allowance range and be very specific about what you’re looking for in a SD and what kind of arrangement do you want to have. Mention if you can travel and how often. Mention how often you can meet. Even if you’re a student and obviously can only do certain days, mention it. You’d be surprised how many SDs like that you’re studious, but think you have all the time in the world to meet at the drop of a hat. Mention your reasons for looking for a SD and what your goals are. What are you ultimately trying to get out of being a SB? There’s no wrong answer to that question, but it lets pot SDs know and answer “why are you here question”. Every SB wants to be spoiled, in one way or another, so no need to mention that but as to rest be very specific.

    Ok, so Part 1 and 2 are basically my secrets to getting a good bundle of quality contacts. If your system works for you, then ignore Part 1 and 2 of my posts, but if you’re a newbie or trying to increase your visibility, these tips made my profile go from few contacts a week to double digits (20-30 on most days, 50+ if I logged on a few times a day) and most were quality SDs, some empty compliments, and some strange requests. But trust me, once I followed these guidelines, the results and quality of contacts radically differed from when I had my first profile. Now that I’m no longer a SB, I want to pass on this info to a current sugars. Happy Friday!

  7. Madridista says:

    @Jennifer on — I haven’t had SDs asking for a trial run like that (or as he sees it, “consistency test”), but J., you’ve given him 3 months of consistency; ergo, he should have already brought up the allowance! It sounds like he didn’t want to admit that your allowance figure was out of his reach because he still wanted to get sugar dates with you. I say look for someone else. Next time though, before you start an arrangement have an agreement that covers when allowance starts and what it all entails. I’m very much against trials or consistency test. If he only was able to meet a quarter of your requested allowance, he should only get a quarter of you would bring to this arrangement as a SB.

  8. London Girl says:

    @ Frank, so pleased she said thank you! And you’re right, we all need a helping hand sometimes. I don’t think that’s sugar, that’s just humanity.


  9. Jennifer says:

    Hello good people:) First of all, I would like to thank all the people on this blog who go out of their way to help us newbies with your most appreciated advice and insight.
    I’m in a very weird predicament with a SD I met 3 months ago. He’s married and about 20 years older than me. He asked me what my allowance expectation were and I gave him a 2k figure. His response was that-(Let’s see how consistent we can be and then see about monthly. For today, we will just have a pro-rated amount if that’s okay) which was 500$ and I was ok with that.
    I’ve seen him 4 times in the last 3 months and he still gives me the 500$ each time we meet. still hasn’t brought up monthly allowance either..,
    This whole thing makes me very uncomfortable and it puts me in an odd situation. why? because i cant ask to him to see me without feeling like the 500$ is the only reason i’m asking to meet up.Haven’t we been consistent enough in 3mths?
    Should I just stop seeing him? What should I tell him if we were to go that direction?
    Flyr,Guru,Tequila,Madri,JD,CaliSB,treasured,Russian and all PLEASE ADVICE!

  10. Taylor Made SB says:

    Yes, I’ve noticed…I love winter sports and Im in school near the area so I cant complain, as it is the closest.

  11. Treasured says:

    I did get it all right, after all. Still have no idea how did you tie up 4 of those together. Oh well, at least I am not the only one with a very very kinky ideas ๐Ÿ˜€

    Exam in 3 hours and I’m stressed. I am sure I’ll fail (since it is a monster). Oh well….

  12. ContentSB says:

    @Tina — you have mail, chica! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Frank says:

    No kidding, lift lines here are long, slopes are short, and usually a lot of ice.

  14. Taylor Made SB says:

    Mountains in VA, I used to ski Wintergreen during the winter months…Im from CA so The VA mountains were incomparable to Tahoe :)))

  15. Frank says:

    BTW Jersey, I’m in the mountains of VA, and we haven’t had much snow here recently.

  16. Frank says:

    I don’t like the new blog format. I can’t tell which blogs people are commenting on.

    Anyway, my ex wrote to me with a very nice thank you, so I got an Attaboy after all.

    I got to see Calif bikini photos. VA VA Voom!! In other words: I clicked, I saw, I came. (sorry, should have said it in Latin)

    Jatsd-Maybe Frank could stand in as my stunt double for a few days. NO, I don’t think I could satisfy your public. They would lynch me for sure.

    LG-thanks for your comments. I don’t think she is a crackhead, just down on her luck. Everybody needs a helping hand now and then.

  17. California SB says:

    Jersey: My condominium allows residents to pay rent online, so he pays online my rent, my car and my insurance directly. The others give me cash and also take me shopping (which I love because I can pick the expensive stores). ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. Jersey Darling says:

    @Cali- Does SD#1 pay your rent directly, like write the check and send it in for you? I was used to being given cash, so now I’m wondering how to handle this since it’s come up with a potential SD.

  19. Jersey Darling says:

    @Cali – and think, that’s only since they changed the blog format.

  20. Tina says:

    @Tequila: Awwww, did I hurt your balls with my words? Bring them over and I’ll kiss them and make them alllllllllllllllllllllllllll better! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. California SB says:

    Wow this blog has more than 1200 views…. I doubt all these views are just of this little group of max 20 peeps. Where are all of these invisible viewers?

  22. London Girl says:

    I think they should build a bigger scale kids playground for adults, it would be so much fun! The play-pit would be fantastic, especially if there were slides going in. Of course you would also have to have a full cocktail bar right there too!!!

  23. California SB says:

    Hey girls I’m the one taking Tequila to the dungeon, don’t steal my idea!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. JustATequilaSD says:

    Only when you’re making sexy jokes like we’ve been, or when you can’t see your toddler that was playing in there just a second ago.

  25. California SB says:

    Jersey @Cali, I have a serious question for you. How do you handle $12K per month financially? Cash? Reloadable credit cards? Are your SDs paying your rent/other bills directly?

    It would be nice if every month was 12K. But 2 of them are very busy, and I don’t get see them every week. A full good month with all of them is 12K but that happens maybe 3 times a year. The actual figure comes to 7K to 8K mo which yes it’s still pretty good. One SD pays my rent , car and insurance (which is more than 3K mo). He is my SD#1 which I do get to see him every single week. SD#2 and #3 invite me to events and parties which is about another 4K on a bad month to 8K in a good month with them. My worst month is always July when they are away, which still I never bring home less than 4K. Handling 3 SDs can be very tricky because you can’t mixed up stories (they don’t know about each other). I have several bank accounts and I pay in cash a lot of things (groceries, gas and shopping for clothes). I keep small amounts in each bank account. I also have a full time job which 20% of that money goes to investments. I am paying off my student loans (more than 60K left out of 120K), so if it weren’t for sugar money I would die in student loans debt. After I pay off my loans, Ill buy a house. But that’s a long way to go. My clothes budget per month is the largest chunk. I LOVE shopping. ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. London Girl says:

    @Tequila, do adults get to go into the ball pit as well or is it just for kids?

  27. JustATequilaSD says:

    “Master certainly sounds excitingโ€ฆ But, sorry, that place is already taken by Tina”

    master – 1.someone that has honed a skill or technique to a fine degree 2.someone in control of something; also in sexual kink terminology to be the dominant side of a bdsm relationship

    ball pit – 1.a bin of plastic balls for kids to play in, usually found at Chuck E.Cheese pizza restaurants; 2. Tequila’s twisted idea of something some scary room you’d find in a kink dungeon

    For “master,” I was using definition 1 as in sexual experience. When you said that position was taken by Tina, I thought you were using definition 2 as if you and Tina were into some kinky stuff which would fit right in with the dungeon stuff. I hope you at least passed your darned exam.

  28. JustATequilaSD says:

    if you and Tina are going to make bdsm/master/slave/goodgirl/badgirl videos, you could at least post a viewing link if I can’t join. ๐Ÿ™ I would have invited more ppl to our 3 way country rodeo jamboree if I’d known I wasn’t your cup of earl grey. And right after I said you were awesome and gorgeous. I’m sad now. I’m going back to playing with CaliSB, at least she’s mean to me in a mean way.

    *sniff* *sob* Too late, I’m taking my balls and going home.

  29. Tina says:

    @LV and Russian SB: awww thanks! I’m blushing a bit ๐Ÿ™‚ Things have been going quite well for me, I’m actually working on a plan for my birthday with the honey. I’m SO excited! YEAH!

    That, and my roses will be in the first week of February! YAHOOOO!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. Tina says:

    Sweet! I’ve never been a Mistress before, so be gentle with me Treasured!

    And Tequila dearest, if there was action in the ball pit, no bystanders are allowed. Either jump in and join in or go away. “Balls” in your court darling. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Treasured says:

    With all this going on we missed Dee (Welcome. And I hate the new blog format).

    In normal life I have had guys bumping in a lamp posts on their bikes (absolutely truth) looking at me.
    Here, you have to get used to rejection, treatment as an escort, people telling you, that you are not that beautiful at all and quite chubby.

    Grow some tougher skin and don’t let anyone to put you down. But be self critical at the same time.

    What sugar dating has taught me, was that I might not be the smartest, most attractive, most beautiful girl in the world, but on the whole, I am a pretty good package. And if mister x doesn’t like me, doesn’t mean mister y will think the same.

    Good luck with Sugar relationships.

    • Dee says:

      Thanks for the welcome @treasured … I’m here trying to get used to it, the older one was easier to follow.

      Hahaha. Really? Early last year, I caused a car accident jogging on the west coast. Officer asked that I refrain from jogging in shorts and tummy showing tops. Lol.

      Tougher skin and self critical. Notes taken, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Btw, I want to see this stellar profile of yours too! Entering your profile number into Basic Searches: By Profile Number, what am I doing wrong? …Feel like such a newbie…

  32. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Treasured and @Tina
    Tina’s going to shag you in the Chuck E Cheese ball pit?? Oh, I’m definitely saving up my game tickets for that show!!

    • Treasured says:

      Ok. Something very strange has happened. Either I am not following, or Tequila’s imagination has run too wild…

      How did you put “Master” “shagging” “Tina” and “ball pit” together???!!
      First three I could understand, but at what point the “ball pitt” came into place I have no idea ๐Ÿ˜€

      CALI!! Hilfen! Tequila NEEDS a dungeon visit ๐Ÿ˜€

      Does “Master” has more than one meaning? Is that some sort of Chuck and Cheese speciality?

      Ok… Cell bio ruined my brain. And I can’t comprehend English anymore I am off to sleepies ๐Ÿ˜€

  33. London Girl says:

    Oh dear, I go off for 20 minutes and miss being insulted, devastated..

    @Treasured, I’m fairly sure you care about my opinion about as much as I care about your opinion, so let’s leave it there shall we?

  34. Treasured says:

    @ And, “Master” certainly sounds exciting… But, sorry, that place is already taken by Tina ๐Ÿ˜€


  35. Treasured says:

    @Tequila, my sons are 3 and 5. And believe me, after handling them, I can handle any boy, be it big or small ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ok. TMI. I am back to my usual myself :p

  36. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Jersey Darling
    I hear that alot, actually, but mostly from ppl in larger citites. I lived most of my life in smaller towns under 50,000 ppl for sure. The ones I have visited are clean. The games are maintained. And the people are friendly, especially the person dressed in the ChuckECheese mouse costume. I don’t remember or care what the pizza tastes like. Oh but the look in my kid’s eyes as we play skeeball, whack-a-mole, air hockey, and the like. And then letting my little girls pick out a stuffed animal with their tickets at the end of the day is a really cool memory. ๐Ÿ˜€ (My boy can get something more manly with his tickets…which brings me to the following…)
    I dunno if you want to wear daisy dukes and a bear midriff. It’s not because of the family and kiddie environment. It’s because my son is 2, and much like his daddy, he knows what to do with his tickets. Then, again, maybe if you can handle him, I’ll let you try a shot on the Big Girl Ride. ๐Ÿ˜›
    @London and @Treasured
    You both could use a good shagging right now by the Master to clear your head. Or a good skyping, but alas, I’ve entered into copyright negotiations where I have restricted use of the pictures,video,and filming of my manly parts. If not for that, I would have filled up RussianSB’s inbox with Pepe pics by now. Maybe Frank could stand in as my stunt double for a few days. Frank, you up for that??

    OK, gang, enough for now, more pressing matters require me.

  37. Treasured says:

    @JG – I don’t get sore from any comments, let alone on here.
    Just there are some things (Like ass licking.. Hmm… Although, it depends on a situation ๐Ÿ˜€ ) which naff me off.
    There is liking people, and there is sucking up. Because THAT screams to me – fake and beware.
    On this cheery note I am shutting my mouth up ๐Ÿ˜€

    About balancing out – you are so right. And I prefer to be a bad girl. So much more fun. Look, despite all the tattoos Tequila still want’s to see me as a cowgirl ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. Jersey Darling says:

    @Treasured, you seem a little sore from LG’s comments earlier…

    Truth is, if men talked down as much about women as some of the girls on here do about men (ye all shall remain nameless!) I bet most of the men’s comments would have been moderated out.

    It bothers me too to see the lack of respect. But then I remember we all balance each other out.

  39. Treasured says:

    @Tequila, please, make me a favour, have a group masturbation session with LG. Looks like the girl needs some rodeo activity badly ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. London Girl says:

    @Treasured, don’t worry you won’t be needing it. I’m generally quite straightforward, if I like someone they know about it and if I don’t like them I don’t bother with them.

  41. Jersey Darling says:

    @London – I love that idea!

  42. Treasured says:

    Ok, if LG will try to suck up to someone else I would need a bucket.

  43. London Girl says:

    @Jersey, maybe we should do a giant group Skype session!?!?

  44. Jersey Darling says:

    @Cali, I have a serious question for you. How do you handle $12K per month financially? Cash? Reloadable credit cards? Are your SDs paying your rent/other bills directly?

  45. Jersey Darling says:

    @London, I just wish I could hear you talk so I could hear your accent.

  46. London Girl says:

    @Frank, that was really sweet of you. I don’t know the whole story regarding her but it may be that she is too stressed out at the moment to think straight with her Dad dying. I hope she does say thank you but ultimately I still think you did the right thing by not automatically assuming it was a scam and trying to help another person just because you could and not just because it was quid pro quo…

    I still think most people are good most of the time, if you get jaded and start treating everyone as if they’re out to get you then in the end it’s you suffers.

    @Tequila, Chuck E Cheese sound fabulous, they should come to the UK! Next time I’m in the States I’m going to hunt one down!!!

    @Tina, I agree with you, most of them sound lovely!

  47. JustATequilaSD says:

    “As to your entertainment ideas, you have to translate some of it into English”
    rodeo – 1.American bull or horse riding event where you try to stay seated for a full 8 seconds. 2.One of Tequila’s workout routines which involves mounting you from behind, grabbing your hair, telling you he banged your sister last night and then him trying to hold on for 8 seconds.
    cowgirl – 1.American term for a girl that grew up in the “rural” country areas, usually around cows or in a ranch/farm type setting. Common conception is that they all wear cowboy hats and boots. Common conception is that everyone from Texas is a cowgirl or cowboy. Common conception that everyone in Texas wears HUGE belt buckles. 2..One of Tequila’s workout routines which involves him in a supine position while you sit on his lap facing him. Both participants are “nekkid.”
    jamboree – This is a term for an fun gathering or gala usually involving music. The term is much more popular in rural or country settings.
    I hope that helps you with all my crazy American sayings. All of this was covered in my video “Tequilas Gone Wild.”

  48. Jersey Darling says:

    @Frank – where do you live that people are scared of 3 inches of snow?

    @Tequila – every time you mention Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza I cringe. Chuck E. Cheese pizza is HORRENDOUS… but that’s the Jersey girl in me talking.

  49. California SB says:

    Frank on his crack head SB: ” Of course while I was not expecting anything in return, havenโ€™t even received a thank you yet.”

    Crack users don’t say thank you Frank. She probably called 150 guys like you to give her money to buy drugs.

  50. California SB says:

    Frank: “Calif-when your IQ is higher than your weigh it puts you into elite company. You are a fortunate fox”

    Awww so sweet, thank you. You just won my lingerie pics on your email. ๐Ÿ˜›

  51. Frank says:

    Yes treasure- I like your looks, but like the written part even better. Well put together. Thanks for sharing!

  52. Treasured says:

    @ Calif-when your IQ is higher than your weigh it puts you into elite company. You are a fortunate fox.

    LOOOOOOL!!!! Frank can be really funny!! This blog doesn’t stop amazing me ๐Ÿ˜€

  53. Treasured says:

    Since the ink happens to be on ME, I doubt I’ll miss anything ๐Ÿ˜‰
    So, please feel to explore the artwork.

  54. Frank says:

    Thank you London girl, sent her some gas money, hope it helps her. Its tough to lose a parent when you are a struggling single mom. Of course while I was not expecting anything in return, haven’t even received a thank you yet.

    Was with a gal who had breast cancer, had reconstructive surgery with a tattoo nipple as part of the process. Was not a pretty sight.

    Debbie- a late comment, no need to tell a SD about tattoo in advance unless it shows.. In that case its wise to show it somehow in your profile photo. My current SB has a large tattoo on her abdomen, glad I knew about it in advance, I might have been startled.

    Allowance discussion before meet-since I started this thread, thought I would bring you up to date. I emailed her back answered all of her questions except the one about the specific amount of the allowance. Have not heard back from her. Maybe she was afraid I would cut her allowance if I saw her before the offer. Low self esteem issues maybe.

    Calif-when your IQ is higher than your weigh it puts you into elite company. You are a fortunate fox.

    Russia-it is snowing here, we might get 3 inches, everyone is panicked. Stores are being mobbed and bread and milk have flown off the shelves. Red necks are firing up their jacked up 4 wheel drive pick ups and cruising the town. I am looking for the hot chocolate and some down time.

  55. JustATequilaSD says:

    And those comments about the ink was before I saw your pics. So don’t think it was me commenting on the actual artwork. If it’s big enough ink, I may even find it distracting and you may miss a stroke or poke that was intended for you. I can’t read and “excercise” at the same time, I like to focus on squeezing every inch of me into my workouts. But that’s just me.

  56. Treasured says:

    And… Thank you everybody for compliments re my profile or my looks.

  57. Dee says:

    Just sat and read every last one of these comments from the beginning to the very end. Where to even begin? Can I just say I love you guys and girls and how open and downright livid this blog is?

    @Treasured, @DaddyGT and @Jersey Dating your comments are the ones I adore and identify with however that is not to say everyone’s perspective isn’t interesting, whether colored, creative or just a downpour of light yet cataclysmic low blows. *inserts joke at Frank’s expense here*

    Sorry love, but you were asking for all the above torture. Although one may say it was a dumb move, and without getting proof it probably was, it is still nice to know you have a heart! I wont dare cast out judgments. To mirror everyone’s warnings however, just don’t make a habit out of making yourself vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

    The question of maturity? I’m a mere 18, 19 tomorrow but I’d have Sir Frank know that most people who interact with me believe I’m mature beyond my years and way beyond my years, even by the way I carry myself if they are unable to know me further. I am somehow a walking magnet for older men and truth be told, I do prefer to date a 40+ male. But they say self praise is the worst praise and I am aware I am the exception to the rule if so. Thus unless I have the opportunity for you to experience this perceived ‘maturity’, I’ll say no more. Do note mature does not mean boring… Beachside I can become quite the kid; jetskiing, coast line catamaran cruises, scuba diving on ship wrecks and with turtles, banana boat and gladiator rides. I love it!! Amongst other places…

    But hey! What do I know? I’m new to this online sugar. Afterall, I’m here for your input. All of you!!

    I just grabbed a mini Haagen Dazs to tackle the following so please read (though long) and give your input, however you see fit, thanks.

    As I said earlier, I’m 18 going on 19 and new to online Sugar. Let’s clarify online sugar… Though my previous relationship wasn’t exactly classified as a sugar relationship, I guess it was pretty much that. We were together for a while, he was an older wealthy male, I’m a young vibrant female, we bumped into each other, had a great connection and got together. He did spoil me and give me a monthly allowance as well as his ATM card. I did not request this at all, infact in the beginning I was against such. He however was persistent saying there was know way he was not going to take great care of a great lady who took exceptional care of him. So I gave in. We’ve had an amazing relationship and because of where we are in our lives have decided to end things, remaining great friends ofcourse. He is indeed a gentleman and amazing guy and through it all we were like best friends, neither of us wants to lose this friendship.

    Moving on quickly before I bore you however, it ended and I found Seeking Arrangement. So what’s the big deal? The ‘translation’ from real life sugar to online sugar has not been easy. Sure most things worth while aren’t but… I need your help.

    Biggest bummer? I am from Barbados… Sure it is about the best island in the Caribbean and I do invite all of you sugar couples to come and enjoy our lovely beaches in the winter and our carnival in the summer but I’ve realized most SDs on this site prefer someone within their own city/town. I am at university but I am flexible and willing to travel for a first meet and relatively regular afterwards, should there be chemistry…
    What should be my defense or offense to such? Should there be any?

    Another bummer? Well I won’t pose this as a bummer to be honest, maybe more of an obstacle of sorts. The race card is way too played out on this blog however, it is true many SDs do post on their profile that they are not interested in anyone outside of their race or that they are not interested inn african american females. First out of the gate, people are entitled to their preferences, fair and well. No more to say there. However, I am not quite african american. Infact I’m not American at all. I am mixed ethnicities. Growing up, I was called racially ambiguous. My parents are themselves mixtures of Indian, Caucasian and black. So I have naturally curly indian typed hair, mixed features ( a bit of a pointed nose and tiny yet shapely lips) and my complexion is thereabouts Rihanna’s (also from Barbados, yay! lol) Seriously however, I assume that in these men’s minds I fall within the african american stereotype and don’t send any messages. Am I correct to do so? Should I therefore continue to work around this and leave it be?

    For those wondering at this point, yes I am beautiful or gorgeous or what have you. Great shape… To be honest I put on about 8 pounds over the holidays so after my birthday tomorrow, my personal trainer will have me in the gym in an attempt to kill me to get me back into shape. Haha. Locally, I’m a model in demand and also a TV Show hostess in demand among other things. I am an intelligent and classy lady I do consider myself an interesting mixture of beauty, brains and talent. However, your thoughts again would be appreciative.

    Am I too traditional? I’m accustomed to guys throwing themselves at me not the other way around. Would you believe me if I said I have little to no experience making the initial advance to men? I guess this goes with my youth or upbringing but I’m simply more accustomed to deflecting and stimulating interesting conversation after a male makes that initiation. This does not mean I’m the ‘feel I’m God’s gift to mankind’ type. I am not. I’m open to learning from your perspectives. So yes, I’ll be big enough to admit it, I need help approaching or rather poaching myself a pot SD!!

    Your thoughts?

    Thanks so much in advance!

  58. Treasured says:

    @Tequila, as I have said – you can’t see all of it ๐Ÿ™‚ It goes around my waist.
    And, you can love it or hate it, main thing is that I love it :p

    As to your entertainment ideas, you have to translate some of it into English ๐Ÿ˜€

    Fully clothed does not mean it has to be conservative. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’d make sure I wear Daisy dukes and have a bare midriff. Ahahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

    Cali – Tequila’s imagination has gone wild. I think a stint in a dungeon is a must ๐Ÿ˜€

  59. JustATequilaSD says:

    BAH NOT COPING WELL WITH NEW FORMAT, but it did allow me to see I’ve missed several responses. One of which is your profile for a limited time only.

    I will take this opportunity to tell you that you are gorgeous. (Please insert the sexual innuendo of your choice HERE.) ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. JustATequilaSD says:

    Just a few quick things before I get distracted again…

    If tatts are good enough for mommy. You can’t even look at it, it’s on your back. And, why stop your expressionism at one back? I only said 13 because I thought they may be able to endure the pain. Brand them and let the world know how beautiful your art really is. You could put serial tags to keep track of them…1/6, 2/6, etc and don’t forget to sign your name on each one, Picasso. I do give a little leeway for special forces and secret organization ink, but is the only reason they shouldn’t have ink at 13 is their own maturity? I have done some things in my past that I had fun with, that I wouldn’t encourage my kids to do even when they get older. Once again, my conservative side is showing through. (Now to balance that out…) As for showing you the “real fun”, you’d be fully clothed at the pizza joint. Besides, cowgirls also attend rodeos. *wink* Perhaps you may be able to stay on the bronco more than 8 seconds. It’d be fun for a few days til I had to “reverse the cowgirl.” You should see the big-assed Texas belt buckle I picked out for you. Maybe Tina can pick it up on her way and she can wear pointy boots and I’ll wear a ten-gallon hat. CUNTRY 3-WAY JAMBOREE Yeeeeee-haw!!!! (But I still hate tattoos.)

    it is a pizza restaurant, made specifically for kids. They have arcade games, and games where you can win tickets to trade for small prizes (like a teddy bear.) You can feed them up on pizza, turn the little monsters loose, and let them run wild. There is usually a bin full of fist-sized plastic balls, the ball pit. Smaller children can play in it almost like its a pool. Back when the concept first came out in 1980 by Showbiz Pizza, they had moving mechanical bears on a stage that would sing and put on a music show. Later, the corporation bought out their main competitor Chuck E Cheese (it had a mouse theme) and as time went on they changed all their stores to Chuck E Cheese. So there you have it, “where a kid can be a kid”, destroy the competition, acquire them when they go into bankruptcy, and then bolster their better idea to corner the market. Nice.

    “take you to that dungeon”
    Yes I was simply counting the posts til you said that. I know you better than I thought. ๐Ÿ™‚ Like you haven’t been trying to get me into some type of dungeon since we met. ๐Ÿ˜›

  61. Bella says:

    I’m coldophobic. It happens to blow particularly since I live in Canadaland. No skiing for me, just wine and conversation in front of the fire. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m new to the sugar world and am excited and a little overwhelmed by the messages I have received. I certainly didn’t expect this! And I admit, I’m very surprised that I have not had one single sleazy interaction. Maybe it’s because of my profile, I’m not sure.

    How do you choose your SD?! I’m having a crisis here, people.

    Not related to this at all, but you know what sucks? When your fucking landlord goes to Cuba and doesn’t pay your hydro bill that you and your roommates already contributed to. And then the hydro guy knocks on your door saying he’s already turned it off and can’t turn it on unless someone pays $300. Luckily he was sympathetic and gave our landlord til Monday at noon to pay it and turned it back on. I am pissed. -___-“

  62. California SB says:

    Tequila: “I should be getting YOU to take ME out for pizza and games”

    I would take you to that bondage dungeon you’re dieing to go.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  63. Jersey Darling says:

    Ooh my thumbnail looks weird… you guys only get to see half a lip now!

  64. Jersey Darling says:

    I refreshed my screen and thought my browser was broken for a moment.

    Haven’t even looked around yet, but I do like the addition of the website box. Now we can link to our profiles!

  65. California SB says:

    This new blog format sucks………………….

  66. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    It’s back RussianSB

  67. Lady Vuitton says:

    I dont know where my 911 has gone RussianSB but I am going to put it back.

    It suddenly disappeared. I feel stripped! ๐Ÿ™‚


  68. Treasured says:

    And, ladies and gentlemen….

    Fact is proven.

    Tequila (who HATES tattoos) is STILL eager to show me what the “real fun” is.

    PS: Can it be a water slide, with a ball pit at the end?? Then I am in ๐Ÿ˜€ Cali surely will join ๐Ÿ˜€ Bet even she can’t resist water slides ๐Ÿ˜€

  69. Jersey Darling says:

    “I saw one girl that had cut her nips off.”


    What? Whyyyyy? That’s my favorite part of my entire body! Oh God! The images!

  70. London Girl says:

    @ Tequila, yes I really do, you make me laugh out loud frequently! A sense of humour in a man is a non-negotiable for me.

    I have no idea what Chuck E Cheese is but it sounds like a great time!

  71. Treasured says:

    13 is too young. So is 18. I had it done in September (well, started). I looked for the artist for a year.
    And to have the design done took me a few months. And I “waited” to have it done 3 months (artist is very busy). Also the position etc… It was not “I want to have a pretty flower” case.

    But, once they would be old enough (or mature, which is not quite the same) – I’d send them to the artist myself. And pay for it myself. HOPEFULLY, they will not have the same tattoo, and be original.
    Let’s put it this way, would I have had it done again? 100% yes. You can’t see all of it, but I happen to think, that it is a work of art, and I haven’t regretted (or looked in the mirror) and though “what have I done” once.

  72. JustATequilaSD says:

    “No comments about horrible composition on women ceasar scars.”
    I don’t have a problem with C-scars. Intentional body modifications such as tattoos, excessive piercings, and scarification art, just don’t excite me. Yes, I am very conservative when it comes to certain things. I saw one girl that had cut her nips off. Am I just supposed to suck on the rivets you had installed and just be happy with that? I saw another girl with a mohawk haircut that was dyed every color of the rainbow. She got mad and asked me what the hell I was staring at. I told her 15 years ago I got drunk and slept with a parrot, and I was trying to see if she was my daughter. (Ok, so the second one was an old joke, but you get the point.)

    re: Posh
    I have not forgotten that this is your new favorite word. You have stated several times that you are a princess. This is a good word for you. ๐Ÿ˜€

    re: Holes
    I’d like to practice my golf swing. Since you are “holes” expert. If I put my balls in on the first stroke, is that a hole in one??

  73. JustATequilaSD says:

    “Tough world this sugar bowl”
    You already knew that. And not everyone will get to go to CEC with me. I took one girl to CEC, and she said she could win her own teddy bear. So I said “Fine. Win your own teddy bear, Bitch! I’m getting a funny eraser with my tickets!” Then when I saw her at our junior high school the next day, she did NOT have a teddy bear. So There! ๐Ÿ˜›

    “My IQ is not the highest 135”
    Lil Sis, I propose the same quandary to you as well – investment vehicles. With a 135 iq, 3 sd’s, a bf, and roughly 12k sugar a month, your passive income should already be overflowing out of buckets. I should be getting YOU to take ME out for pizza and games. (Would I still have to wear the genie pants for 190 hours a week?)

  74. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Treasured and @CaliSB
    You have your reasons you’re in med school and don’t hang out with guys in your area that make less than 250k. I don’t like tatts on a hottie. Treasured, maybe you can still visit the rodeo someday…the jury is still out on that. Unless, you’d prefer to go to Chuck E. Cheese, and have me win you a teddy bear. Do you need to let your inner child run free? Do you want to play in the ball pit with me? I have a feeling Cali would just look at me with scathing disapproval. If she even showed up, I think it would only be to give me an “Oh, helllll no.” Ok, maybe I should stick to the winning teddy bear idea,the ball pit is out, ladies.

    You already have a crush on me? Aw, how sweet.

  75. JustATequilaSD says:

    “thought about the reality TV yet?”
    You’re late. I’ve already named the show “The Real SB’s of SA.” Not sure I’d watch it though, most reality shows are full of unnecessary drama. Case in point. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “1K a month doesnโ€™t pay for my underwear”
    I know you said you fuck alot, but is it THAT many panties? ๐Ÿ˜€ But seriously, they dont have any cd’s,annuities, notes, or any investment vehicles that you could drop 1k a month in?

    I’m curious, if someone else was paying for it, would you mind if your kids got the same tattoo from the same artist as soon as they turn 13 ?

    • Debbie says:

      I only got my tattoo last year, my son got a tattoo as a gift from his BFF that is moving overseas. If it is tasteful I have no problems with them, I do have a problem when there is more ink than skin.

  76. Madridista says:

    Part 1: Choosing your pictures.

    I had a hard rule on my profile โ€“ 3 only. I used to have more, but I found these 3 to be most necessary: a head shot/glamour type pictures, full body shot, and sexy (not slutty/provocative one). Ladies, make sure in all of your pictures (no matter how many you have), have something red in them. In all the studies on the subject of color, red will make any manโ€™s pulse race faster, which is associated with attraction. Donโ€™t overdo it though, because you donโ€™t want to blind pot SDs with a sea of crimson. Be subtle, for example mine had: red lipstick & mani in one, red pumps in another and red top in the third.
    For head shots, if you donโ€™t want to do the professional route, then have a friend take your pictures with a real camera (not a phone one) on a white/neutral background. You will need to experiment with lights or google tips from professionals. You will also need to experiment with contouring your facial features with make-up because certain angles at certain amount of light can look different on film. Youโ€™ll need to know how shadows and light affect your features. You donโ€™t shadows under the eyes to make you bug-eyed and you donโ€™t want anything that distorts any of your features.

    Also know that make up looks different on film. Any gloss, especially on the bottom lip, will make your lips look bigger. For fuller lips, you need only a bit of gloss in the middle of your lips. Darker shades will minimize your lips. For head shot, do your make up like you do on your first sugar date and jack it up 2-3 shades brighter/darker than what you would be comfortable with wearing out on the town. This part youโ€™ll need to play around with and see how it all looks on film. It will take few days though and more if youโ€™re frequently updating your pics. For head shot, itโ€™s best to tilt your head and give a beguiling smile, not a toothy grin. The reason for a tilt is that doing body language research, Iโ€™ve found that thatโ€™s pose that most men find more approachable and flirty than a straight head on gaze. Donโ€™t forget to smile with your eyes too, otherwise any smile will look forced/frozen.

    Besides the subtle sprinkle of red in those pics, wear what shows off your best features most, do have one thatโ€™s a dress or s skirt though, but make sure itโ€™s very flattering. For the sexy pic, Iโ€™ve had bikini and tasteful lingerie (not too provocative though), but I had way too much attention with those and it didnโ€™t help to weed out pervs, so Iโ€™d save it later communication. So I changed those pics to the one of me posing with my tennis uniform and then I switched it with a picture of my in my yoga shorts and sports bra-top with a football at my feet. These outfits gave away as much as a bikini, but also showed off what I liked to do. If someone is not keen on baring much like bikini/lingerie/sports outfits, then go with body-hugging stuff that shows off the contours of your body without showing too much skin to make you comfortable, but which doesnโ€™t look like youโ€™re hiding anything either. Also, in posing make sure youโ€™re touching a part of your body (please, make it look natural, not posey or try-hard). No hand on a hip, youโ€™re not on a red carpet, save it for that. Again, youโ€™ll have to play around with a camera and angles a bit. I noticed that when I do anything like lean on my arms, the arm area will look much bigger, even if itโ€™s not, so it would look weird on film. Same with some sitting poses, so youโ€™ll have to have a bit of fun taking hundreds of pictures before picking the right few and learning how certain poses look at different angles and lights. Itโ€™s time consuming to do it yourself, but otherwise, youโ€™d have to invest in professional pictures and if youโ€™re just learning about posing and donโ€™t know your best angles or how they come off on camera, itโ€™s best to do it yourself with a help of a friend.

    That’s all the photo tips I could dig up from my modeling years and sugar experiments! Iโ€™ll do part 2 later on how to write a profile and seduce with words, after all, pictures are only one part of bait. The words is what will reel in your dream SD. Maybe writing sugar tips should be my next book project?

  77. Jersey Darling says:

    Treasured! YAY for sharing your profile! I found it very interesting.

  78. Treasured says:

    Oh well. For one night. And one night only, I un-hid my profile (most pictures are deleted though. I had no-make up pic, sporty pic, cocktail dress pic and a lingerie pic).


  79. Jersey Darling says:

    @Madrista, wasn’t implying that you were skinny or a supermodel, was simply hinting that I am neither ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also, I don’t think anyone was talking about actually getting an allowance before the date. We were suggesting that speaking about specifics of an allowance should wait, because typically when SDs or SBs mention past arrangement numbers, the person listening assumes the numbers will apply to them. I’m totally guilty of this myself by the way, and when I hear low numbers I cringe…

    Cali, don’t get me wrong, I am getting more than $1K per month. But $1K does more than just buy pot, booze or cigarettes (none of which I consume. I’m a social drinker at best).

    $1K could buy…
    A computer. Several if go you with Windows machines.
    Pay down debt.
    Be put towards a down payment.
    Build up savings.
    Buy a great trip somewhere.

    Considering that with a salary around $50,000, $1,000 is close to what someone would earn over the course of two weeks of work after benefit, tax, etc deductions, I consider it an amazing sum for a few hours of your time. I wish I could find a job that would pay me that much for a few hours, but then I’d be like Jack who makes more than that in one!

    • Jersey Darling says:

      Madrista, I forgot to add, I can’t wait to see your profile tips. Always enjoy reading advice on that front, and I wish the successful women on here would post more about it.

    • Madridista says:

      One of the SDs did mention that what I said was equivalent to asking up front because they said something like, “I’d not pay before meeting” and “pricing oneself” — those comments are the ones that twisted the premise of the previous discussion on past arrangements and assumed we were looking for agreement to an arrangement or compensation before meeting. I never mentioned those things so I don’t know how they were related to the comments on knowing some things before meeting. Same goes for “valuable time” comments. The point wasn’t whose time is more precious, it was if you find out SD is looking for A, and you can only do B or C, why meet up period? People do need to know that some past arrangements may apply to them, like meeting around his schedule or like sugar limitations.

  80. Lexxy says:

    I have one last sugar date till I take a break for a bit. He’s a bit older then I want but for the first time he’s one who has done this before. Wish me luck.

  81. RussianSB says:

    Oh, we have tons of snow today English Rose, I offered my friend go to nightclub no matter what (serious snowfall), she offer to do it some other day. But I was ready to lift my buttocks, put it down everybody !
    Where you lost your 911 extention, Lady V ??

  82. Madridista says:

    @Jack and all the SDs who had a slight reading comprehension issues with my comment:

    Point A.) I never said a SB had to GET an allowance before meeting. That’s stupid and I’d never ask, much less recommend anyone to do that. I’ve even rejected some first meet gifts. Where are you men getting this from anything I or Lexxy said???? This totally reminds of when I used to tutor 7th graders in reading comp classes and one simple sentence got interpreted in 25 different ways. So, please, gents read what I wrote, not what you think I wrote before commenting. I don’t like when putting words in someone’s mouth, so don’t do it to me, ok? Let’s focus on what I said: have general (key word: general) discussion on past sugar relationships. That, of course, includes everything from allowance, meeting times, what kind dates or travels you’ve shared, sex, mentoring/advice, etc. That way when you’re chatting about it, if anyone hears something that’s a definite deal-breaker or something they can’t do, then don’t bother meeting. If SB is looking for X allowance and SD doesn’t go above X ever, why meet? If SD wants to travel or see each other every week and SB can’t do that, why meet? If SB wants mentoring and advice and SD is not into it, why meet? If anyone is into something sexually that the other person would never ever even want to explore, then why meet? This brings me to point B.

    Point B.) Why meet up period if one person already knows that no matter how great of a time that dinner/lunch/drinks may be an arrangement is NEVER going to work. It doesn’t matter for what reason that arrangement won’t work, but if one person knows that nothing will change his/her mind, why meet up? A fun dinner, that’s nice, but waste of time is not only counted in money or the quality of company, if you’re in sugar for a specific reason, then you need to find someone to help you accomplish those goals, not just a cool date with a lovely man. And say you want to go just to go and have the best time ever, if that person is wrong for your arrangement, well it sucks that they won’t be your sugar.
    No one implied that anyone’s time is more valuable in dollars or quality of company, but it’s wasted in terms of finding your sugar match. If during a course of your initial conversation something came up that you know you can’t do: frequency of meetings, allowance, intimacy, or anything else, then why go out on a date?
    Again, let me reiterate: I never said get any money or any compensation before going to dinner. Jack and co. I thought you were better than to think that as a veteran SB I would suggest something so declasse. For shame. I also never said have specific conversation on how much SD can give you. I said have general discussion about past experiences and current expectations and type of arrangement you both want and what it entails. Therefore, no need to respond with ire of pricing yourself, etc. You haven’t even met face to face, so you really can’t talk specifics just past sugars, your current sugar expectations and needs, which will include a budget. All this info is just to decide even if you want to meet, this isn’t “we’re starting an arrangement” type of conversation.

    As always, despite you having misinterpreting some of my remarks in my posts, I’ll still heart you, Jack. You’d be a great SD for any SB ๐Ÿ™‚

    Since I’m not working on any new writing project (I’ll have to see how my first book will do), I think I’ll do some posts here for building the type of profile that I had, which can guarantee you more views, contacts and responses (the quality of those I can’t guarantee though). I’ll be very specific though, much more than any we’ve had in the past and then you can judge for yourself and see if any of my advice is remotely useful. And no, while I do rely on my looks for some things, you don’t have to be skinny or a supermodel to follow it. Jersey was wrong to imply that’s how I was raking in contacts. Not true. Wait and see ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Lady Vuitton says:

    I have to agree with Russian SB. Tina is lovely, I love her wit and stories. Never heard anyone called a serious sausage before ๐Ÿ™‚

    You both would be fun to have at a dinner party.

    How is life treating you both.

    Snow is coming to the UK Russian SB.


  84. RussianSB says:

    I know, Tina, cause I am poshy girl, and I know your little secret – you not dye your strands of gray for people think you are serious sausage !!! And you are not , you are 15 y.o. and love video games.

  85. Lady Vuitton says:

    Afternoon everyone!

    What have I missed today?


  86. Tina says:

    *you, not your

  87. Tina says:

    LOTS of people have a crush on your RussianSB! ๐Ÿ˜€

  88. RussianSB says:

    London girl have crush for me !!! (everybody see it ??)
    Hello, English Rose , hugs and kisses !
    If you want another one free and silly poshy advice – you are welcome, I love to give advices !

  89. Tina says:

    @flyr: To be honest, I don’t like to think that I’ve peaked yet! I prefer to think of myself like a fine, red wine – I just get better with age! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m looking forward to the person that I am when I’m 40, 50, 60….100, 110…..etc ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. Tina says:

    @flyr: Keeping my aces in the hole isn’t MY speciality, the hole itself is ๐Ÿ˜‰

  91. flyr says:

    @tina ” Weโ€™re not even going to get on the subject of sexuality”

    Keeping your aces down i see

  92. Tina says:

    Meeeeeeee? Naughty? Nevah! (bats eyes innocently)

    Anyone buying that?

  93. Treasured says:

    Mmm…. And, YES, please ๐Ÿ˜€

  94. Treasured says:

    Takes one to see one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  95. Tina says:

    @Treasured: now how did I know you were going to say that? *spank spank*

  96. Treasured says:


    Spank me! ๐Ÿ˜€

  97. Tina says:

    PSA – public service announcement (you were thinking something dirty, weren’t you? Naughty girl! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  98. Tina says:

    @flyr: I’m approaching 35 veeeery soon, and am looking forward to it! I know who I was in my 20s, and love myself more as the person I am in my 30s. I’ve dealt with issues (personal and professional), found out how strong I can be when I need to be, and also found out when I need to ask for help. I’ve also grown enough to actually ASK for the help when I need it, which is a huge step for me. Although I do have a few winkles starting here and there, as well as a few strands of gray (yeah for hair color!), that doesn’t mean I’m not as good as when I was 25. With the life experiences I’ve had since then, I can actually offer more in the ways of conversation, humor, insight, as well as a better companion for business and personal functions since I can “talk the talk and walk the walk”. I don’t think I could have done that at 25, or even 30, but I know I can do it now. We’re not even going to get on the subject of sexuality. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  99. Treasured says:

    What is PSA? ๐Ÿ˜€

  100. Tina says:

    @London Girl: I’ve met / chatted / e-mailed a few of the blog SDs here, and all of them are absolutely amazing. Even without an arrangement, I can definitely appreciate them, and say that they have been willing to give without expecting anything in return (and I’m talking about non-monetary/sexual sugar, but more of advice, guidance, direction….).

    End of PSA ๐Ÿ˜‰

  101. flyr says:

    JD and Jack bring some interesting perspectives to the discussions.

    A couple of observations –
    One of the greatest mistakes young MBAs make on graduation is to value themselves and those around them based primairly on their starting salary. As newly minted masters of the universe the fail to understand that is likley to matter most is how they develp professionally over the next 5-10 years. I think the same holds true with SB’s with the additional issue of how well they are treated. They occupy a “battlespace” between girlfirend/wife and industrial debutante. Where they are and the way they are treated and nourished makes a big difference.

    Sitting in a restaurant for a jerk to arrive 3 hours late and then dealing with a jerk is certainly worthy of a lot of compensation. The question is if the compensation makes up for the hardening of attitudes.

    It’s interesting how many of the younger SB’s see no future demand after 30 and some like Jack look at 30 as still very much on the ascending trajectory. However, 30 may be the edge of the cliff for the hardened SB , especially one whose value depends primiarly on arm candy. In Hollywood you’ll find them everywhere. Tired, hard eyes from too many all night parties and perhasp drugs.


  102. London Girl says:

    @ Jersey, I haven’t seen either show, I don’t tend to watch much tv because it’s mostly pretty dire. But I do have some friends who are originally from Jersey and you’re right, you are all pretty fun!

    Being pretty and skinny does take you a long way, as was also pointed out having brains will take you still further. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to treat everyone you perceive as being “less” than you as dirt. Being nice costs nothing, generally speaking if you are nice to other people and treat them with respect they will reciprocate and treat you the same.

    FYI I have never smoked or taken drugs, I won’t even take an aspirin unless I’m in agony but if assuming that everyone who doesn’t share your general contempt for the world has substance abuse problems and that makes you feel better about yourself then please feel free!

  103. California SB says:

    Treasured buddy… don’t give them ammunition. We are what we are and hey, we don’t tell people how to live their lives, we only share our own experiences. If theirs are different, well too bad. It’s all good. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Being pretty and skinny takes you a long way, having the brain power to go along is what makes the difference. My IQ is not the highest 135; when I read this blog it probably lowers to 95 but that’s Ok, it’s still higher than most SBs around. ๐Ÿ˜›

    If 1K makes you happy London, Jersey etc etc… hey go right ahead! It will probably come handy to buy you pot, booze and cigarettes…

  104. Jersey Darling says:

    @London, Thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰ Jersey people are generally fun to hang out with. Great pizza, smart ass personalities (I try to keep it nice, LOL). Have you ever watched the show Impractical Jokers? I don’t know if you can see it over the pond, but it’s a much better reflection of Jersey than say Jersey Shore.

    $1000 on panties, good God. I won’t even spend that much on a purse or, you know, things that actually hold their value. But then again, I’ve participated in extreme couponing at times ($200 of groceries for free, heck yeah!) if that’s what it took to put some extra money in the bank. I get pleasure out of looking at graphs of my bank account trending up, up up ๐Ÿ˜€

    I thought I was being foolish spending $250 on a hair treatment and $200ish on makeup, and every time I spend more than $400 on clothes I cringe. But I’ve come a long way… I used to cringe if I spent more than $20 on makeup and $100 on clothes ๐Ÿ˜›

  105. Treasured says:

    @London Girl ๐Ÿ˜€

    Would you like to share, who are those “repulsive” people? ๐Ÿ˜€ Surely not me or Cali? We are total sweethearts, really.

    I haven’t read something this entertaining for a very long time.

    Darling, if me an Cali wouldn’t have the personality to go with our looks, none of use would be able to demand what we do and actually get it.

    And… If I remember right, nor me or Cali EVER allowed to call someone “repulsive” on here… Despite ANYTHING what was said here. What does that make you, darling?

    @Emily, it is always much more fun to participate in a Sugar Opera (HEY, no one has thought about the reality TV yet? I want my 10% for the idea), then discussing the blog topics, especially skiing ๐Ÿ˜€

  106. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    I thought that was the topic at hand.

  107. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    So has anyone been to a good ski resort lately?

  108. London Girl says:

    I already mentioned my huge crush on Tequila I have to also add DaddyGT to the list as well as big girly crushes on Russia and Jersey, you all sound like you would be amazing fun to hang out with.

    Unfortunately there are also some really repulsive people on here who seem to think that because they are a little bit better looking than average that entitles them to treat other people like dirt. Being pretty and skinny does not make you entitled to better treatment, I hope for their sakes that they stay pretty and skinny for a very long time because from the sounds of it they don’t have a personality to fall back on when they start getting older, wrinklier and saggier.

    Frank, if you believe your ex-sb then I think it’s great that you want to help her. This isn’t necessarily a “sugar” issue. Sometimes it’s just nice to help people out if you’re able to.

    Things change very quickly in life and the saying that “You should be nice to people on the way up as you never know who you’ll meet on the way down” is very true. One day it might be you needing the help.

    Rant over and thanks for the entertainment!

  109. RussianSB says:

    persom who bring tham home – person who bring them home.

  110. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila – I hate tattoos. The more visible and bigger they are the more I hate them. Iโ€™d rather know up front, but thatโ€™s only because placement and size may be a dealbreaker to me. I would cover it in my profile photos…
    Somewhere here was a guy with ”Mount Rushmore” tatoo … Where is he ? Not among us anymore ? I alway thought it is Tequila joily style, but I am mistaken, Dear chaps !
    I decare, that RussianSB don’t have any tatoo ! Maybe one day, when I will born children I will tatoo their birthdays to check it when I visit ER. And my phonenumber. And home adress on kids, of course + persom who bring tham home will be generously rewarded !
    I also think that most tatoo looking horrible like faded away marks. No comments about horrible composition on women ceasar scars. But my friend banker has beautifully drawen picture all over his back. In reasons of secresy and privacy I cannot tell you guys, from what worldknown painting it was copied.

  111. Frank says:

    I am sure the stars of the SB world such as Treasured and Calif can be cavalier about $1000 a month. In the hills where I live, many people live on $1000 a month, and for many others $1000 a month would make the difference between barely getting by, and putting gas in the car to take the kids to a movie.

  112. Treasured says:

    @ 1K a month doesnโ€™t pay for my underwearโ€ฆ but thatโ€™s meโ€ฆ

    And don’t you absolutely LOVE La Perla panties? ๐Ÿ˜€

  113. California SB says:

    Jersey: “I personally donโ€™t find $1,000 a month modest”

    1K a month doesn’t pay for my underwear… but that’s me…

  114. California SB says:

    Leeah : “mid 40โ€ฒs and a little on the heavy side”

    Leeah talk to Frank he might be able to help you…. don’t talk to Jack unless you’re 27 or 28 or maybe 29-ish. Tequila will try to take you to Chuck and Cheese but god forbid if you got some tattoos…. Tough world this sugar bowl… ๐Ÿ˜›

  115. Frank says:

    When I was 20, I knew almost everything and was smarter than everyone, except for a few nerds.

    When I was 25, I was certain that I was at the top of my game physically, mentally and maturity.

    When I was 30, I was certain that I was at the top of my game physically, mentally and maturity.

    When I was 40, I was certain that I was really immature when I was 20 and probable a loudmouth, that I was just a boy at 25 and that I was a work in progress at 30.

    Its these kind of judgements that color your perception and appreciation of a SB. I appreciate my 30 year old’s body, but wish she were more mature.

  116. California SB says:

    Jack: “had to restrict myself to a certain age group, it would probably 27 or 28 and above”

    Dear… like 27 is such a difference from 25…. Riiiight. It would be more believable if you have said 35 and above….

  117. California SB says:

    Treasured: โ€œlower your standards or learn to payโ€.

    You’re too funny :P. Absolutely true though….

  118. RussianSB says:

    ”About the former SB whose dad is in Ohio, if you really want to help, send non-refundable tickets (plane, bus, etc.) and instead of cash. If she really wants help to visit him, sheโ€™ll be happy to have that kind of help, but if she insists on cash, then you know itโ€™s BS.”
    Isn’t she brilliant ??

  119. RussianSB says:

    Get the sugar, and THEN get the info from the hosp and donate it directly to the bills, and then write it off on your taxes.(Tequila)
    Isn’t he just brilliant ??

  120. RussianSB says:

    @ SD GURU
    ”As Iโ€™ve mentioned in my blog, less than 2% of the pots Iโ€™ve met in person end up in a long term (at least 6 months) arrangement. But thatโ€™s just me!”

    Let’s count, girls … 2% of ten pots will be 2 girls,
    2% of 50 pots will be 10 girls
    2% of 5 pots will be one girl
    I wonder…

    โ€œMessage from former sb. Iโ€™m sure its true, how bad does this make me feel?โ€

    I am also sure that it is true, and if you want help, it is very nice of you.
    Ask her – her father, hospital and his doctor names (I am sure you know her real name and it will sound the same). And if she is lie – she will poof. Simply like that.

  121. RussianSB says:

    ”the vast majority of Houston (TX) pot SBโ€™s that have written me appear not to have read my profile because most are not even close to what I ask for in my profile. I admit I am fairly demanding in what I seek…”
    Are you demanding ? Absolutely not – intellegent&beautyful&funny girl plus you are open to any kind of arrangement not make you ”demanding” gentelmen. You are not specific about age, or masters degrees … and I think it is not very important to you.

  122. Treasured says:

    I am actually thinking it is some sort of a joke…

    Well… Maybe writing something like “years of experience as a housekeeper” might peak some interest.

  123. Treasured says:

    @Leeah (from a previous blog)
    โ€œI am sure I am not the typical SB as I am in my mid 40โ€ฒs and a little on the heavy sideโ€ฆ I am not looking for a sexual arrangement so how can I peak a SDโ€™s interest?

    Gosh, how did I miss that???!!

    One answer – NO CHANCE. EVER.

  124. SD Guru says:

    As usual there are lots of good discussions to catch up on…


    I’m not picking on you, really! ๐Ÿ˜›

    “Does stuff like this not happy to others? Am I the only one who has been yanked?”

    It can happen to anyone, but it only happens if you let it happen to you. So don’t let it happen to you!

    “I am not sure exactly how much I am willing to pay until I meet that person.”

    Actually I’d think that most SD’s already have a range in mind based on how much they’re willing to spend on sugar. The hard part is to find the best value (which is up to each SD to determine) for the money he is willing to spend. For example, would you offer a SB less because you don’t like her as much (for whatever reason), or would you rather not proceed at all?

    “I respectfully disagree about the position of power…. so there may be 10 SBs for 1 SD but if you package yourself just right, youโ€™re the one with all the juicy picks.”

    I discussed the supply and demand of sugar dating in “Sugar Dating vs Regular Dating” in my blog. While the fundamental law of supply and demand is in the SD’s favor, a SB can certainly increase her odds by how she presents hersself. That, plus the 3 key factors of location, age, and attractive pics in a profile will make all the difference.

    “every potential SD Iโ€™ve met up with has been a little off in someway, and I can see how itโ€™d be hard for them to get some play without the help of money.”

    The sugar world is more than just SD’s who are a little off. I wrote about “Why Wealthy Men Choose to be SD’s” in my blog. Screen relentlessly and you will find them.

    “Like most glam lifestyles, I think the sugar bowl suffers from a confirmation bias.”

    I agree. We form our opinion based on our own experience and our own reality, which may vary greatly from one person to another. However, those who are new to sugar without any actual experience may be mislead by the confirmation bias until they start to gain their own experience.

    @Leeah (from a previous blog)
    “I am sure I am not the typical SB as I am in my mid 40โ€ฒs and a little on the heavy side… I am not looking for a sexual arrangement so how can I peak a SDโ€™s interest?”

    Before I answer that question, have you thought about what type of SD’s would be attracted to what you offer and would choose you over other SB’s?

  125. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila :
    ”The moral of the story: be careful when seeing a married anything. Try to get out of town for such meets if you can. Of course, the โ€œex-husbandโ€ above drove over a 100 miles to find his wife.”

    No, THAT should be SA commercial !!!!
    (a nice category – married anything)

  126. Debbie says:

    Thank you

  127. Treasured says:

    So, welcome to the second group ๐Ÿ˜€

  128. Debbie says:

    @ treasured I can agree with that after all that’s why we are all here. I have gone to hell and back to achieve mine so far, hopefully now that I have found SA achieving the rest will be slightly easier. My main reason for being here is my son starts university this year and I need the extra cash to pay for that so he can get his degree and have a bright future.

  129. Treasured says:

    @ Debbie.

    Yes, that is what I USUALLY said to the pot SDs on here ๐Ÿ˜€


  130. Debbie says:

    I think there is another type of sb on here, the type that is independent, but doesn’t have the time or patience to do the conventional dating. I have 2 kids and a full time job plus I have started a new business. That doesn’t leave me much time to weed through the undesirables until I meet someone I actually want to spend time with through normal dating. I rather spend that time with someone can appreciate my situation and does not want to see me very night or very second night or who whines because I have to work or do something for or with the kids. With a predefined arrangement it is far more relaxed and each knows exactly what to expect from the other.

  131. Treasured says:

    @Debbie, I’d rather have my goals. For that I am happy to be the one who makes the boredom disappear. As in, I am happy to be THE party ๐Ÿ˜€

    Actually, thinking about it…. To make me realise my goals, I am prepared to go through quite a lot.

  132. Treasured says:

    I think, that generally there are two types of girls one here”

    1) One who really can’t afford the experiences, so is happy just to be with someone who can “show her the world” (and that includes travelling, restaurants, shows etc. PLUS some financial help, and she really is happy with anything, if a guy is NICE to her.)
    HUGE MAJORITY (comes in all ages, races, body types and professions).

    2) Other, who can afford most of that (maybe not that often and maybe flying Economy and not Business), so really, doesn’t need you for the “experiences”. But what she needs, are finances for something in particular (SOMETHING can range from drugs to setting up the business to education, either for her or her kids).
    As this type of a women already has some independent means, despite her age/race, she will be well groomed and immaculate. And, careful with her time or time wasting.

    Well, there is also a third kind. Looking for a relationship. As in for love or at least friendship. But, I think, those should be on a regular dating site.

    • Debbie says:

      True enough I guess it boils down to why you need or want the financial aid but I would rather spend time with someone who’s company I really enjoy than with someone that bores me to tears.

  133. Treasured says:

    What a storm ๐Ÿ˜€ I need a break before my head explodes from the studies. And, forum, as always, is entertaining ๐Ÿ™‚

    1) Re guys not being able to get “pussy” if not for SA.
    As I have said to one of my friends, “lower your standards or learn to pay”. Everybody can get sex. Young, old, stupid, fat, skinny etc.

    BUT, most guys with $ want a supermodel with a degree, who is a complete slut in the bedroom as well. THAT is the problem. To get THAT, you either have to have the full package yourself, or welcome to the “SA”.
    99% of the guys on here DO lack something-something in them (charisma, skills, bad breath, being 165cm, old, “few extra pounds=morbidly obese”, and I can go on and on and on), and one, whom I met (absolutely perfect and we are still friends), has a tiny problem of dumping girls after one night (main reason why we are still just friends). I am not even going to go into the “kink world”.
    And some guys can’t get a girl not because they are hideous or nerdy etc, but simply because they are complete assholes, and I had a case, where half of my allowance REALLY was because I am close to perfect and second half was because a guy was a complete prick, and no other woman could stand him (a hint to all new SBs. Have a patience of a nun.

    If you are left waiting in a top London restaurant for 3 hours alone, and when a person comes in, shouts at everybody because it is the wrong table and decides he wants to go to some other place (food is ordered by me already, so I am left to deal with everybody), and you can find the strength not to hit him on the head with a chair, but say, looking at him as on the 7th wonder of the world with a smile on your face “Darling, I am so happy to see you. Sorry you had a bad day at work. But all ok now, you are with me. I missed you” and give a kiss. You, basically, made it.

    But, then again, pretty girls also have a reason to be here. I am awesome, but I am not THAT awesome. If I were, I would have been dating a real life Sugardaddy. (Oh, wait, I actually AM ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    So, both girls and boys, don’t be arrogant pricks. We both need each other.

    2) Re tattoos.
    I never really though how a tattoo would affect my dating. ANY dating. And it doesn’t. I have done it while being with a mentioned asshole SD, who was against it, and, guess what. It didn’t matter and he loved it.
    If a guy likes you, he won’t care about your tattoo. Mine is NOT visible when I am wearing clothes, but IS quite a bit visible when I am not. I am very proud of it, it is unique and one of a kind, took ages to make and turns me into a walking art. And it ain’t a “small butterfly” either. I would never do anything as corny as that.
    Sorry to crush your little rodeo fantasies, Tequila. ๐Ÿ˜€

    3) Re it being more that financial help.
    I totally agree, but if you couldn’t meet my lower requirement of an allowance, I am not meeting. Why? Because all the advice, experiences and shopping is great, but won’t pay for my studies.
    Even more, I chose a field, where no one can help me much. At least at this stage.

    So, even if you are a Donald Trump, it is all very great, but your so called “advice” usually consists of you grumbling and moaning “what a shitty time you had at work, how other people are mostly idiots and “fucking stock market will go down because of the new policy of whatever” and also you telling me what a great business deal you made before I was born. Great advice, but for me it doesn’t do anything. Even more so, if I wanted an advice, I would turn to my mother, who happens to have a certain business experience (I am not going to go into details, but believe me, it is lightly more than just “I had a coffee shop or a boutique once”.

    So, if all you can offer is your “charm” and invaluable “advice” and then, maybe, you will evaluate my needs – I am not interested. That is a relationship with a financial support (normal girlfriend/boyfriend relationship) and I can get that anytime in real life.

    What SA did, it SAVED me time to give you all the “I really like” you bullshit and cut out about 2 months of dating. But, then again it saved you (you, being no one in particular) 2 months of extreme sexual frustration and all the sleepless nights, because, obviously, the only thing you can think of in bed, is me.

    But, all SBs are different. And, of course, there might be someone who is happy just with the experiences and advice.

    But I DO have to admit, that relationship with a financial support in real life works better.
    All men want to believe in a fairy tale (and, SA crushes it slightly).
    As Tequila have said, men will go into great lengths to charm a girl they briefly met in real life, YET will never put such an effort to a girl they met on here.

    And a quick note about “in real life”. My new old friend is still as charming:D

  134. Debbie says:

    I unfortunately have to agree with the SD’s, woman generally think they are God’s gift and not just on here but in life in general and therefore overvalue them self. If you had a painting or piece of jewelry that was of a high value and decided to sell it, the real value will only be determined by what others will pay for it. Moral of the story is the more the Sb’s get to know you first the more value you will have. I feel that if I get to meet new people and “network” as everyone puts it, get to go out to places I can not afford to go to, then I am already scoring. The sugar is a bonus. I believe that if you wait on negotiating you will definitely get what you are want or need as you have already given of your self to grow the relationship. Deals in general not just on SA work out like this. Maybe I am jaded or just not your typical gal, I do know I am worthwhile knowing and am great company. To me a great relationship is worth more than all the money in the world. Ladies judge men for who they are not what they have or what they can give you.

  135. Jersey Darling says:

    “I think SBs are not too dissimilar to actresses. Hollywood is full of aspiring actresses. Gorgeous ones too. And yet most of them spend their days waiting on tables. Until they give up, and go back home. The ones who make it are not the most attractive, or the youngest, or the slimest. They just happened to be what the director was looking for. And on that particular day when they got a casting call. And the camera loved them. Some actresses get one part, and nothing more. Some get the diva complex, and then get dropped. Some get to make $10m per movie. Most make a good living doing TV, commercials or playing bit parts. Few last for years. But the ones we see and read about all the time, are the very successful ones.

    That’s an interesting way to look at it DaddyGT, and I actually hadn’t thought of it that way. When you read some of the SB blogs out there, it seems unreal and it’s hard to believe.

    At the same time, I believe if SBs pursue this life with modest amounts in mind (and let me qualify this – I personally don’t find $1,000 a month modest, I find it amazing, but by most amounts thrown around on these boards it is modest), you can find success if you are smart about it – and you don’t have to be beautiful or even especially lucky. And it can grow to more if you date multiple people, or if you’re smart with the one you’re seeing. It’s an excellent complement to anyone who already earns a livable wage on their own.

    I’ll never forget when I made my first $2K through sugar dating in just a few days. I felt like the skies opened and rained gold on me. If I never made another dime, I still was in disbelief at what I was able to accomplish and ridiculously happy. I never expected a penny of it, never expect a penny more, and am grateful every time someone helps me.

    Some girls seem to have the impression that their biggest weapon is the one between their legs. No girls, the biggest weapon is the one you have in your head that governs the assets you own.

  136. Jack says:

    CalifSB wrote the following to me:

    “Jack I think you are forgetting that we, the young and pretty ladies have the advantage, not you, the old guy. I am pretty sure a 45 year old lady would love to have dinner with you FOR FREE. Why donโ€™t you go the match dot com route? Oh yeahโ€ฆ. because you DO want the hot 25 year olds. if you want to hang out with usโ€ฆ. itโ€™s by OUR rules, not yours. Sorryโ€ฆ.”

    CalifSB can only hear her own voice, so my purpose in responding isn’t to remonstrate her but rather to give some feedback to those SB’s who blog here or read the blog and who have an open mind.

    CalifSB makes the above comments without any factual basis for them. So here are some facts:

    1. I cannot speak for other SD’s but I am NOT here for “hot 25-year olds.” I am not an ageist, so I have no preference for a certain age group and believe that women of various ages can fulfill my preferences that my SB be very smart, beautiful, athletic, kind and an absolute joy to be around (no bitches for me, been there, done that). Having said that, I have now gotten to know about 10 women from SA with whom I have had multiple dates or whom I have flown to visit me in Houston or at my ranch in NV for a weekend or so. Although this is hardly a statistical sample, it turns out that four were in their 20’s (three younger than 25), a couple in their thirties, and three in their 40’s. I can make the following generalizations about this small sample:

    a) I would say these women were all in the top 10% of SA women in terms of looks. A couple of them would have ranked in the top 1-2%. There was no correclation between age and “hotness.” Two of the hottest ones–in terms of looks–were in their 40’s.

    b) Only one woman requested money before she flew out to see me–but she did not make it a condition. I sent her the money she requested. I also on my own sent another one some money, even though it was never requested by her. This experience (and the facts stated in (a) above)clearly contradict CalifSB’s thought that by definition, old farts like me cannot appeal to young women unless we “show them the money.” In actual fact, it appears that at least some women think that either old farts like me can actually be attractive (perish the thought, I know!) or that we can offer benefits other than money (as Jersey Darling has pointed out so eloquently).

    c) If I were to average all the qualities of the women and compare across age groups, I would say the over-30’s fullfilled more of my preferences than the under 30’s by a significant margin.

    d) Just like money wasn’t a condition before the visit, neither was sex in any cases (unless the woman brought it up). In other words, I made it clear in all cases (except those where the SB herself had brought it up) that she should feel no pressure to sleep with me just because she decided to accept my invitation and because I was paying all of her travel and visit expenses. Without getting into details, age did not correlate with the women’s proclivities to intimacy with me. In other words, the younger ladies were no more (or less) likely to become intimate with me than the older ones.

    e) But what did correlate with age strongly was that with one exception, the 20-somethings’ sexual abilities were not even in the same ballpark as the ladies in their 30’s and 40’s. I am not going to say more on this issue (I have probably said too much already) except to say this was somewhat surprising to me, but it clearly contradicts CalifSB’s throught that because she is 23 or 24, somehow she is in great demand by every SD on this site.

    f) Other than the women I have discussed above, I have taken close to a dozen attractive/very attractive pot SB’s to dinner, approx. half of whom were under 25, and I have NEVER had to pay for the privilege, again contradicting CalifSB’s comments. I have usually given the lady $100 at the conclusion of dinner to help with whatever expenses she might have incurred, but it was never requested. I did have a few women write me and request anywhere from $200 to $500 in order to go out to dinner with me, and although they were all very attractive, I told them to get lost. Despite their good looks, none of the sub-25 pot SB’s I took to dinner met enough of my preferences that I wanted to start an arrangement with any of them. I did start an arrangement with one of the 40-somethings but life events precluded her continuing that relationship, and I would have considered the two other 40-somethings (which I described above, not in the dinner group) as potentials except they both live in Calif so it would not work.

    In summary, despite the above experience, I will continue NOT to be an ageist and give everyone a fair look, but if I were an ageist and had to restrict myself to a certain age group, it would probably 27 or 28 and above.

    And the immaturity and hubris that CalifSB displays in her blogging is yet more proof why, contrary to CalifSB’s comments, the under-25 SB’s should seriously consider whether their age is an advantage or a detriment in this sugarbowl.


  137. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Lady V and @Debbie
    “older ladies…fighting words”
    The rules are the same for anyone and everyone. ALWAYS BRING YOUR “A” GAME. What you do with what you’ve got will determine if you realistically get what you want. I, personally, have an age cutoff for my own reasons, but I made a post about some lady trying to cougar me a few months ago. She was hot and cool at the same time, and knew what to say and how to say it. I can’t say how old she was, because she never told me. When I told her I was 40, she said “I knew you were young.” I simply raised one eyebrow, as she continued trying to seduce me. I barely escaped with my clothes on, it was like a siren song. How well you cope with rejection, loss, anxiety, and frustration will shape your success greatly. (Even the great and powerful Oz isn’t at 100%. It’s more like 50% maybe, but I’ve been outta the pool awhile.)

  138. JustATequilaSD says:

    Not to get too personal, but do you run your sugar life closer to like running a business. I say this for you because you are a special case.

    I hate tattoos. The more visible and bigger they are the more I hate them. I’d rather know up front, but that’s only because placement and size may be a dealbreaker to me. I would cover it in my profile photos, but then it’d be your choice when to tell me about it. That’s just me. I’M PICKY AS HELL.

  139. JustATequilaSD says:


    ” itโ€™s by OUR rules, not yours. Sorryโ€ฆ…”

    LOLOLOLOLOLMAOLOLOLROTFLOLOL…I suppose next you’ll say “pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain.” Let’s hope no one ever figures it out so you can continue to cash in on the Emerald City. However, you aren’t being paid in pretty girls, and last time I checked they weren’t trading pretty girls on the Forex. It’s all about the money, you know that. Sorry, lil Sis.

    I will put it in the proper perspective though. The rules are what you make it, and what the market will bear. If you can get the desired goods and services at your price, sd or sb, then I praise your capitalism. Business is business.

    And personally, you look like you enjoy what you do, and you got a man you love. That’s where you want to be for now. If you like it, I love it. (And you got some guy wanting to take you to Chuck E Cheese…I don’t know what happened with that one.)

  140. Tina says:

    I will have to reiterate the comments about there being more to sugar than the money. Yes, the extra dough is nice, but I put more value in having someone with experiences that I don’t that will push me in ways that I haven’t been able to gather the self discipline to do on my own. I have some goals that I’m being helped with tremendously, and because of the non-monetary part of sugar I’m more excited about a long term plan that I’ve had brewing for years. And, by the way, if you’re bad at networking, the SDs I’ve met from SA have been absolute GEMS at it!

  141. Lo says:

    I went into this with an open mind and didn’t know what to expect before any of my dates. So I’m just going off my experiences, hopefully I can be proved wrong at some point.

  142. DaddyGT says:

    Quick question. Are the SDs you have met any more off than the guys who have hit on you in bars, or on match?

    Admittedly, my experience with SDs is limited mainly to interactions on this blog, but I think if all you are ending up with is men who are off, you might want to go back to the drawing board regarding your selecting/screening criteria.

    And revisit your profile too. There’s probably something there that gets all the weirdos out of the woodwork. ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Frank says:

    Jersey Yes-I’m learning quite a bit about the SB and I’m not sure they are my target audience.

    It sounds like we have a faction of SB’s who feel that SD’s are chumps, damaged goods or some such. And they deserve to be separated from their money as quickly as possible. And I guess I have met my share of those.

    I’m just hoping that’s not a majority of SB’s.

  144. DaddyGT says:

    Thank you for the voice of reason. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Like most glam lifestyles, I think the sugar bowl suffers from a confirmation bias. The SBs who tend to tell the most, and the loudest stories are those who have struck gold. The ones who have not had much success, or have given up? Not so much. And of course the press and marketing efforts of Brandon et cie will focus on these success stories.

    I think SBs are not too dissimilar to actresses. Hollywood is full of aspiring actresses. Gorgeous ones too. And yet most of them spend their days waiting on tables. Until they give up, and go back home. The ones who make it are not the most attractive, or the youngest, or the slimest. They just happened to be what the director was looking for. And on that particular day when they got a casting call. And the camera loved them. Some actresses get one part, and nothing more. Some get the diva complex, and then get dropped. Some get to make $10m per movie. Most make a good living doing TV, commercials or playing bit parts. Few last for years. But the ones we see and read about all the time, are the very successful ones.

    I think the sugar bowl is the same. For every single “$20k allowance, plus car, plus full tuition, plus apartment plus travel plus whatever” babe, there’s probably a dozen getting less than $2k, and a couple of hundred still waiting for their big break. Tip of the iceberg and so forth

    @Lo, and the other aspiring babes
    Decide what you want out of the sugar bowl. Have your list of absolute dos and don’ts. If like Evangelista, you won’t get out of bed for $10k, then sweet. That said, re-evaluate what you want, and what you might get depending on what is available in your neck of the woods. And when the two intersect and you are successful, do come back here, and share your successes.

    But like Lady Vuitton and Jersey put it, there’s more benefit to playing the long game, than in *ahem* pricing yourself out of the market because of what you percieve yourself to be worth, or worse, because some other SB said you should never settle for XYZ. Basing your list on the success of lottery winners is not going to be very helpful. Only you can figure out what will make you happy.

    And finally, like Jersey reiterated a couple of times, there’s a whole lot more to the sugar bowl than just the $allowance. A whole lot more. From genuine chemistry, to access into a world you might not have ever been invited into, and the ear of a wise confidant or whatever …. Don’t discount the value of that.

  145. Jersey Darling says:

    Lo, you’ve met the wrong sugar daddies. Yes everyone has a reason for being here (including us as SBs, many women outside of the lifestyle would argue that we must be damaged goods too), but approach this the right way and you will meet some of the most incredible and influential men you are bound to meet in your life. What you said is like going to the supermarket and assuming every piece of produce is damaged. That is a sad outlook on life.

    Quit listening to what the women on this blog are saying and start listening to the men. No offense to the ladies, but you’re not trying to attract women. You’re trying to win over the same type of men as the ones who are here telling you how to do it! Their advice, even the flawed advice (which I haven’t seen much of) has been great.

    It’s not hard to succeed in sugar dating but you need to put aside your hubris, not bite the hand that feeds you (you think men won’t sense that you don’t respect them by assuming there’s always something wrong with them?) and listen to your target audience which is (and this is rare) actually telling you exactly what you need to do.

    It’s like when I was giving profile advice, stop focusing on yourself and start thinking about your audience…

    • Jersey Darling says:

      And of course, my advice above only pertains to the women. The men on here are learning quite a bit about their target audience too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  146. Jersey Darling says:

    Loving the comments on negotiating… why is it that all the men on here have something to say about it, and all the women are just saying “Pretty! My time is valuable!”

    The comments from Jack on the value of time, DaddyGT on negotiation, and flyr on commodity pricing are spot on. Reread those comments and digest them and you will jump your sugar career ahead by a few years…

  147. Lo says:

    I might have to agree with Cali on this one..every potential SD I’ve met up with has been a little off in someway, and I can see how it’d be hard for them to get some play without the help of money. Either they looked much different and older than their profile picture, they lacked etiquette or couldn’t pick up on social cues, career rockstars but didn’t have a clue about women..the list goes on.

  148. Lady Vuitton says:

    A very good fetish that can be Daddy GT


  149. DaddyGT says:

    If you have to pay for sex you ainโ€™t that good.. if somebody is willing to pay to get laid with you, you are awesome. SDs donโ€™t you ever forget thatโ€ฆ. […] DaddyGT: You are not on top of your game if you are paying someone to be with you. I donโ€™t care what you say honeyโ€ฆ. truly good looking men have free sex.


    Men have been paying for sex since day 1. 99% of men pay for sex. Whether that spend is on dinners, a roof over the wife’s head, with prostitutes or whatever; we pay for sex.

    And as someone older and wiser than me put it, “free pussy is the most expensive kind”. There’s loads to be said, for the clinical/(transactional?) nature of most arrangements, where frank and honest discussions can be had by both parties about what they want out of a relationship. Discussions which tend to be stigmatized in many traditional social and dating circles.

    Just think of this place as a fetish. Same way it is much easier to meet someone who is into kink on a kink site, this place allows folk who might want a non-traditional relationship to find like minded souls.

    But this has the potential to degenerate into an already hashed discussion. Reducing arrangements to “you are paying for sex … you are a l00zr” is not very helpful. Especially when one starts labelling the people on the receiving end of that cash transaction.

    And @LadyVuitton et al. In my day, I used sugar dating to date UP on the age front. Few things are better than a 40-something woman in good nick. For a while, that was my fetish.

  150. Lady Vuitton says:

    I suppose a tattoo of the words Love and Hate spelt incorrectly on the knuckles would be a big NO NO


  151. flyr says:

    RE :tattoos

    If they are large or visible in public then I think a discussion or mention is due early in the process.

    If it is just a little butterfly no harm no foul.

    Hopefully it is not barbedwire around the arm or ankle

  152. flyr says:

    Wow…………… no wonder the Sugar Shack smoke alarm was buzzing.

    One of the things I learned in business as a seller is that if you discuss price first you generally end up with commodity pricing but if you establish uniqueness and desirablility the value increases, often exponentially. The object is to raise the consumers perception of value before there is agreement on price.

    If this seems abstract take a moment to loiter in the vicinity of the common table salt at the supermarket. Generally there is Mortons Salt in the familiar container and a store brand at perhaps 50% less. There’s absolutely no difference in the product, only in the packaging, promotion and pricing. You want to be the brand that makes the sd feel good not the one that makes him wonder if he might get a better deal elsewhere.

    I think it was JDs point (from a day or two ago) that if your first meeting is not looking like it is going to be the SD you want rather than go into the “I am so above this” mode enjoy the meeting, you might even end up with a friend. This assumes that the person is not a jerk but that’s something you should have focused on in the phone and email discussions.

    I’m amused when a SB is vitally concerned about the “value of her time” only to hear later from her that she is uptodate on all the intellectually vaccous late night tv shows.

  153. California SB says:

    Actually, truly GOOD IN BED men don’t need to pay for sex. Good looking and good in bed are two different things ๐Ÿ˜›

  154. DaddyGT says:

    @Debbie … re:Tattoos
    It depends. My take is that if you cannot see the tattoo in business dress, or in a formal evening out at the opera dress, it is not a biggie.

    But then again, the older generations tended to look down on tattoos, and people with tattoos. Worth mentioning? I don’t think it is first date conversation, unless it comes up.

    My take is that discrete tattoos are like below the waist grooming. Interesting factoid, but not a deal breaker, and certainly not conversation for the dinner table.

    • Debbie says:

      @ DaddyGT. Thanks for that, it is in a spot that can easily be hidden. I have started my own business as well as being in a client service field made sure it can be hidden and only wear clothing that reveals it when it is appropriate time.

  155. California SB says:

    DaddyGT: You are not on top of your game if you are paying someone to be with you. I don’t care what you say honey…. truly good looking men have free sex.

  156. Lady Vuitton says:

    Oh California SB. I could take that last comment as fighting talk as I am one of those older ladies.


    We too are worth quite a deal and being respectful is a key thing to me. So what if dinner was free with a great guy. It is the company and all that goes with it that is important initially. Money and the rest can follow.

    Tortoise and Hare seems to spring to mind

  157. DaddyGT says:

    Mmmm. I am not so sure that pretty ladies have the advantage here.

    I gather there is a tax/premium that SDs pay for being
    * fat, out of shape, otherwise physically unappealing
    * old
    * married
    * socially inept and unable to charm a woman
    * etc

    But not all SDs fall into that category. I have been out of the game for a while, but I am still this side of 40. Actually, I’m closer to 35 than I am to 40 ๐Ÿ™‚ Even post the holiday excesses, I still have a 4-pack. Not unattractive. Not married. And when I choose, don’t do too badly on the dating front? Why sugar? It expands the pool to include women out of my normal social circle.

    But I do agree with what Jack wrote. The SDs time is incredibly valuable. And to suggest it is not, is in my not so humble opinion, foolhardy. SA/SM has a whole lot more women seeking SDs, than SD seeking SBs. And even with no photo, most daddys will get winks, emails and favs from attractive SBs. But most won’t talk about that.

    If you have a hard minimum, put that in your profile. Let that weed out the lame SDs.

    And Negotiation 101::
    The more the other party has invested in an interaction, the stronger your bargaining position. As most SDs here have said, and reiterated, a woman who has demonstrated value, built rapport, and generally wowed the SD will be able to get much much more than an online/telephonic interaction. Irrespective of how hawt those profile photos are.

    At the risk of sounding crass, I suggest that SBs treat the search for a SD like any search for a job. It will take effort. There will be some wasted interviews. But even those have value. And really if you cannot take an hour out of your busy schedule to have a no-strings-attached lunch or dinner that will at most cost you the travel to the venue, I start to wonder just how much us-time you would have.

    I have met guys who will pine over, and move heaven and earth to get a girl they met briefly at a dinner party. In my crcle of friends, I have never met anyone doing that over a Match/OK Cupid/SA profile. Personally, I would be worried about any guy that did … that’s creepy/stalker territory.

    That said, if what you do works for you, great. If not, then I don’t think discounting the opinions of the SDs as uninformed can be self defeating.

  158. California SB says:

    A sad cancer story with a pretty face and here honey, take this $$$. So, ladies…. men are silly we all know that. So, let’s keep up the good work. ๐Ÿ˜›

  159. Jersey Darling says:

    Lol.. I just KNEW while I was posting someone was going to mention match.com!

  160. Jersey Darling says:

    @Jack, you need to stop talking before I hop on a plane right now. LOL

    But seriously, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you’re just looking at the cash you can make, you are missing SO many of the benefits you could get out of an arrangement and are completely shortchanging yourself. Experience, advice, (gasp) an actual relationship with a highly attractive powerful man. Money falls right around the bottom of the list for me…

    (And no. Match.com is not the place for me, it doesn’t offer nearly the same caliber of men.)

    I’m surprised I never hear this question from potential SBs:
    “He’s offering me a $2K allowance. He’s a lawyer and I want to go to law school and he knows some people in my field. Do you think this is a good package?”

    That’s the type of question that should be getting asked!

  161. California SB says:

    If you have to pay for sex you ain’t that good.. if somebody is willing to pay to get laid with you, you are awesome. SDs don’t you ever forget that….

  162. DaddyGT says:

    Hey Jack.

    I thnk you need to collate your rants into a “Best of …” collection. I totally agree with what you are saying. Agree with the Guru *most* of the time too, but you tend to pull no punches ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. California SB says:

    Jack I think you are forgetting that we, the young and pretty ladies have the advantage, not you, the old guy. I am pretty sure a 45 year old lady would love to have dinner with you FOR FREE. Why don’t you go the match dot com route? Oh yeah…. because you DO want the hot 25 year olds. if you want to hang out with us…. it’s by OUR rules, not yours. Sorry….

  164. Jack says:


    In my case, when I talk to a pot SB, the topic of previous SB’s/experiences always comes up, and so they learn fairly soon my philosophy that I will not begin a sugar relationship at over $3,000 (with travel/other expenses often equaling that, but I don’t count that in the allowance). In addition, if a pot SB that writes me shows over $3000 as her allowance requirements, I simply either don’t respond (if the email is lame or it’s a wink, both very common) or, if the email shows some effort, I respond that I don’t start sugar relationships at above $3000. Half the time the SB’s say they didn’t “really mean” their “$3000 to $5000” range (or higher) and that they only put that number there to get rid of “fakers,” but I don’t follow up because obviously I am a faker since I am not willing to give them more than the median income in the US.

    Also, if Lexxy (to pick on her! Mea culpa in advance) thinks that going out with me to a $200 dinner at a restaurant of her choice is a “waste” of her time, then I can GUARANTEE she and I are not going to click.

    To Jersey Darling’s point, my hourly income is in the four figures, and there are many individuals who would consider an hour or two of my time priceless (I hope my blogmates will forgive me for what sounds like shameless bragging, but there aren’t too many people floating around the US who have obtained an MD, PhD and JD degrees, have practiced both medicine and law, written multiple books and become wealthy while doing all of that and still having played a lot along the way).

    If, given those credentials, a pot considers a $200 dinner with me a waste of her valuable time as a college student, then she’s DEFINITELY not gonna be my SB.

    End of rant.


  165. Debbie says:

    I have a seahorse on my left shoulderblade

  166. California SB says:


  167. California SB says:

    I almost has a boyfriend’s name tattooed on my hip once. I’m so glad I didn’t do it….

  168. California SB says:

    Debbie: guys HATE any guy name tattooed on a girls body… hope yours is not a “I Love Mike” ๐Ÿ˜›

  169. California SB says:

    In Colorado…. there’s nothing going on in Mass ( I used to go there all the time)

  170. California SB says:

    Trans Emily: You should go to Aspen.

  171. California SB says:

    Debbie: I don’t have any tattoos and one of my long term SDs always tells me how glad he is I have no tattoos. So, I would be upfront and let them know. Some guys really don’t like it.

  172. Jake says:

    This is essentially a ski date. I’d never go to someplace like Deer Valley with a SB – as nice as it is – you need apres ski and plenty of people. Vail , Steamboat, Aspen…nothing in Utah.

  173. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    Can anyone recommend one in the Massachusetts area that’s good for the Sugar crowd?

  174. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    It’s amazing how these conversations on this blog can get off topic. I thought we were talking about ski resorts.

  175. […] is not the only thing sugar babies are looking for either. A recent blog post on the website showcased how else the site is being used to finance mutually beneficial […]

  176. Debbie says:

    What is the general consensus of sb’s that have tattoos? Should I let a sd know upfront that I have one?

  177. Debbie says:

    @california …. I saw that
    @frank ….. Some people just have a very hard time and things happen and are out of their control. It is hard to dig yourself out of holes made by others.

  178. […] she said.Education is not the only thing sugar babies are looking for either. A recent blog post on the website showcased how else the site is being used to finance mutually beneficial […]

  179. California SB says:

    Hi Debbie, you should talk to our friend Frank. He has been scammed SB after SB… he needs someone mature. LOL

  180. Debbie says:

    I have had 5 views but don’t expect that to increase until someone is kind enough to load my pic I had to send in. What are the biggest things to watch out for?

  181. GenuineSD says:

    Hi Debbie ! and welcome

    No, 42 is not too old, by any means!
    If you’ve got secific questions, please fire away!

  182. Debbie says:

    Would you gents consider a 42yr old to old to be a sb?

    • Jake says:

      I am your age. I never thought I would date 20 something women. While not a solution for the rest of my life, younger women whom came of age with internet pornography are just fundamentally different (better) sexually. I think your target man is going to be 10-20 years older than you. That said…I’d probably buy you dinner if I thought you were cute.

  183. Debbie says:

    Ps. If anyone has any advise it would be appreciated.

  184. California SB says:

    @WCSD: I did have a sugar daddy telling me once I sounded too much like an accountant in a business meeting. I took that as a compliment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  185. Debbie says:

    Hi I am new here but love the blog. Very interesting, informative and highly entertaining.

  186. California SB says:

    Lo: “what kind of allowance to ask for”

    I agree with WCSD that this is something ONLY you can answer. If you live in the country side, with only 3 SDs in a 1000 miles radius… you can’t ask for 5K. You need common sense.

  187. WCSD says:

    @Lo – That is impossible for anyone to answer. A lot depends on your location, availability of SDs, etc. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you ask for, as long as you are comfortable with what you get, and can successfully get it, then that is all that matters.

  188. Lo says:

    I’m having a hard time figuring out what kind of allowance to ask for…is two grand standard for one or two meets week potentially involving intimacy?

  189. WCSD says:

    @Frank – No, you aren’t the only one. Many try and yank the chain…very few are successful. As for no shows and flimsy excuses, that is just a fact of life in the sugar world. It would be interesting to determine if it is sugar related, or age related, but that isn’t an easy ‘study’ to do on a sugar site.

    As for discussing the ‘sugar’ ahead of meeting, I agree mostly with Jack and Jersey Darling. BUT, there are exceptions, and again it comes down to the SB’s approach (does she sound like an accountant trying to find a financial match, or just a friend being curious about past relationships and inferring how it would be with her). Some exceptions are around distance. I have in general found people who happen to be out of town, and then a discussion about expectations (on BOTH sides) is usually warranted. But it definitely isn’t in the first conversation!

  190. California SB says:

    There is no formula how to score a SD but there are guidelines. Frank is different from Tequila who is different from Jack, but guess what…. they all like pretty women are willing to pay for it. Some more than others…. if you don’t specify how much allowance you expect they will give you whatever they feel like it and that might mean 5K, 500 or 5 dollars. So, to avoid that waste of time, I ALWAYS discuss allowance BEFORE meeting. It works for me and I will never leave the house with a time waster loser who thinks AppleBees is a luxury place to eat.

  191. Frank says:

    JATSD- all those sb’s yanking my chain! hahaha.

    There is one you don’t know about that is even funnier.

    And don’t forget about the no shows and their flimsy excuses.

    Does stuff like this not happy to others? Am I the only one who has been yanked?

  192. Madridista says:

    @ Tequila — This is why I heart you, Tequila! I burst out into my most un-ladylike laughter after reading this comment, which turned a few disgruntled-looking fellow passengers my way. They must now think I’m crazy.

    On a serious note, I think if people going to discuss allowance (ballpark, not specifically how much and when a pot SD will give to a pot SB — specifics are only for after meeting if both parties want to start an arrangement), then they should discuss other things like sexual expectations. A long time ago, one of my first pot SD on here was very likable and sweet and we were going to meet, but then in one phone conversation we started talking about his past arrangements and he mentioned how his ex SB and him used to frequent a swingers resort in Mexico and that it was something he’d be interested to do with another SB. Since it wasn’t for me, I declined, but I am so glad it came up BEFORE we met. We both saved each other time and quickly moved on to next pot sugars.

  193. JustATequilaSD says:

    re: โ€œsight unseenโ€ allowance discussion

    OK, so if you can discuss the allowance details up front before the meet, you should be more than free to discuss sex frequency and duration as well if that’s the sugar that the SD is interested in right? I mean I’m sure he wants to have an idea as to whether or not you can meet his sugar requirements. At least you get a range on his profile in many cases of what he’d like to give, and in some cases his income is already verified for you. So, who wants to sign up for my brand new third-party service called VJJ Verification? Once I have verified not only that you have lady parts, but also how often we meet and your average lasting time, I will be more than happy to corroborate any sexy bullshit you put on your profile and give you a pink “VJJ Verified” label on your profile page. Get it now for only $50.00, think of all the SD’s that can’t wait to meet with a “VJJ Verified” sb.

    **Disclaimer**At this point my service only extends to female sm/sb. This service is not currently equipped or inclined to take on any male clients at this point. And I honestly hope not to see such a label get started here on SA.**

    • lexxy says:

      I have no problem discussing sex as long it isn’t done in a lewd way, myself, I am not vanilla, and enduring missionary for 1hr I’d be thinking about my grocery list. But if they come out and say in thre middle of dinner “so how much do you like to f***”… I’m leaving

  194. JustATequilaSD says:

    Frank has a mild problem. He will give ladies money without any sugar. We’re merely trying to help him remain encouraged and to put himself in situations where a) the women will not drive off with the money as Frank chases them; b) he will not donate the money to ANY girl that just comes out of the blue; c) the established sb will not disappear the day after receiving allowance when Frank goes into surgery and really wants to hear from his sb only to worm her way back into his good graces by using an Oscar-level performance of “bullshittery.”

    So I’m guessing the girls that Frank zeroes in on have a penchant for yanking HIS chain.(No pun intended.)

  195. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Honee Sucre

    re:”I canโ€™t believe someone would suggest p4p. Is this a sugar site or craigslist/backpage?”
    I can’t believe that you would condone her begging for money and doing nothing for it i.e. potentially taking advantage of him. But if that’s how sugar works best for you, I understand since business is business. I also understand you trying to put yourself in her shoes, and feeling highly insulted at the recommendation of p4p. Honestly, if it were you that he’s giving the money to, my recommendation remains the same. Sugar for sugar. Are you just another young lady looking to ask for money, and is foolish enough to think just telling someone “thank you” is fair compensation? This isn’t SeekingCharity.com. Too many “entitlement-give-me-money-and-I’ll-give-you-what-I-feel-you-deserve” people in this world already. She’s not even his SB. (I realize some of you feel it’s charity work being with your SD, but you can only complain to me if you’re a non-profit organization.) What would you tell an ex-SD that called you up today saying he really needed some sex by Friday, just this one special time, and then you wouldn’t hear from him for a while, and he didn’t know who else to turn to, and he would be so very grateful because you’d really be helping him out? Suuuuuuure, you’ll be right over.

    re: Time to blog
    It’s easy when you’re either in a relationship you can tell no one else about except your blogmates, or if you’re waiting month after month for your perfect sugar.

    re: Iโ€™ll save that for the right blog entry title
    Personally, I’m almost NEVER on topic…what is that like 20 comments out of the 200 that are on this page? They wouldn’t be able to post topics fast enough to keep us coming back here to chat. You yourself only felt strong enough to end your “lurker” status in response to my p4p comment.

    Welcome to the blog or welcome back.

  196. Jersey Darling says:

    In addition to my response to Madrista above, I should add that there’s one big benefit to my approach…

    You don’t have to be perfect for it to work. You don’t have to be pretty, be slender, be white, or any other characteristics you think are desirable. But you do need to be (just a little) clever. It allows you be completely available to these men as they wish, yet still give them the satisfaction of feeling like they’ve won the chase.

    Obviously, other approaches work as well. I’m pretty sure Cali and Treasured have an entirely different approach than I do and they both (from what I can see) have been very successful. All a matter of picking what works for you… my advice is worth the paper it (isn’t) printed on ๐Ÿ˜‰

  197. lexxy says:

    @mad I’d Love to see your profile

    • Madridista says:

      @Lexxy — My profile is no longer active on SA (I’ve hidden my account and then deleted it when I thought recent mysterious incident might have been related to SA — it wasn’t though), otherwise I would have gladly shared, but if anyone wants specific tips, there I can help.

  198. Madridista says:


    You’re not stirring a hornet’s nest. You know we love your input. Lexxy does have a point though about knowing ballpark figures, not specific details. Can’t work out specifics until you meet, but you need to know about what kind of past arrangements someone had and what their expectations are in terms of # of times you meet. When I was a student like Lexxy, I couldn’t do a lot of weekends and week days depended on what semester it was, so if a pot SD wants a weekend arrangement or a weekly arrangement and that’s not happening with a pot SB, then why bother meeting up if that’s already something one party knows she can’t do? In Texas, a lot of pot SDs would write to me wanting a weekly arrangement and I always had to let them know up front that with my schedule I can’t do that. At another time, another pot offered $400 per weekly meetings only and that wouldn’t make a dent in my sugar world, so I turned him down. It’s easier knowing all that info when you start communicating then when you decide to meet. It’s just me but in my experience better have those discussions in private over the phone or email versus in a restaurant.

    Besides, ballpark allowance figures someone needs to know, that way there’s less chance of feeling “lowballed” or offended. Again, I don’t mean a specific amount, but ballpark. Like you, Jack, if you were always adamant about not giving past a certain amount until after sugar relationship has developed more and you want to spoil her more, but some SBs are looking for more right off the bat, so in that case, you need to have that discussion to save each other time. If a SD says he won’t give more than $2000/month (I’m using a random # here) and a SB is looking for more than that (not couple of hundreds difference but 4-digit difference), then why bother meeting? We can’t all arrange to meet everyone who emails us, so to save time, ask questions about things that are deal-breakers, whether it’s # of meetings per month/week/etc. or ballpark allowance, or other things. There’s no point in meeting if your expectations are vastly different, specifics can always be talked over after meeting, but general stuff needs to be discussed just so everyone is on the same page.

  199. Jersey Darling says:

    I understand that all our time is valuable and we are all equals in the eyes of the universe, but I’m speaking strictly from a financial standpoint. Truth of the matter is your worth per hour is probably in the negatives if you’ve taken on student loans, while he actively makes lots of money. In all likelihood his opportunity costs for meeting you are far higher than yours for meeting him.

    Women, you are no longer in the power position when you’re a SB. There are 10 of you to every 1 SD who might be interested in you. High horses have no place here…

    Apologies in advance if I seem harsh, I’m just trying to make a reality known for many of the women who are not succeeding and can’t understand why.

    For what it’s worth, if potentials bring up the agreement before we meet, I refer them back to the part of my profile where I’ve stated the range I’m looking for. I then let them know that our chemistry is much more important to me than any dollar value, and I’d be happy to wait to discuss it until after we’re sure we click.

    If they press the matter, I discuss it but try to keep anything from sounding final. Initially they can almost never meet what I’m looking for financially, but if I delay the discussion until I’ve demonstrated my value they eventually end up offering much more.

    • Madridista says:

      I respectfully disagree about the position of power. If a SB gets her profile just right, then she can get 50 emails a day, like me. I’m hardly unique, so there may be 10 SBs for 1 SD but if you package yourself just right, you’re the one with all the juicy picks. Seriously, I even had to put on my profile that I have too many emails and may not respond in timely fashion. Statistics may favor SD in quantity, but what about quality? Quality is what gets you the pick of the crop.

      • Madridista says:

        I should say, I used to get that much when I was on SA, so it’s possible for any SB to do the same, if she has similar attitude and the right profile.

      • Jersey Darling says:

        Madrista, this is a great point and one I’ve mentioned before in previous posts. I’ve never neared that kind of traffic – I get a message or two per day if I’m lucky – but they are very high quality responses and I still have a hard time juggling the amount of interest I receive. Luckily, it is mostly all qualified interest.

        There are different tactics and yours is equally valid as mine. It’s a matter of if you prefer sorting through that quantity (huge ego booster, congratulations!) or prefer dealing with a smaller sample (my approach, I happen to prefer it because it saves me time/frustration).

  200. lexxy says:

    My time is just as valuable. They’re already successful, whereas I’m trying to be. Anyways like I said, maybe my view came off wrong, I want to know ballpark, if they are in the same range and time I am thinking. I talk about it in email, first meet is purely platonic.

  201. Jersey Darling says:

    @Lexxy, just to be blunt here and speaking from pure logic – how much do you make per hour as a student? How much do you think he makes per hour in his successful career?

    His time is probably more valuable than yours.

    Play it smart. The less you look like you are about the money (unless you are going for one of the more “John”ish SDs who are looking purely for sex/arm candy), the MORE money you will get.

  202. Frank says:

    I agree with Jack, I have a range on my profile, and I tell the SB before I meet what my general expectations are on the number of meetings, travel expectations etc as we are getting to know each other by email.

    I am not sure exactly how much I am willing to pay until I meet that person. I would hope the SB would have the same feeling. Otherwise what do all those discussions about how the chemistry has to be right and so forth come into play.

  203. Jersey Darling says:

    To Jack’s point, I’ll share this with the rest of you… this isn’t something I’d normally say in front of SDs, but I do it for you! lol

    The longer you wait to talk about allowance, the longer you have to demonstrate your value and get that SD wanting you. It is purely to your advantage to wait; don’t consider the time a waste but an investment.

    Even if he agreed to give you what you wanted up front, he probably would have been willing to give you more once he decided you are exactly what he wants and he didn’t want to lose you. Aside from, at most, generally making sure you are on the same page, leave it till later.

    It’s very similar to salary negotiations or any other type of successful negotiating. Demonstrate the value you can add first – don’t try to close the deal before he even knows he’s interested, or you will always be lowballed.

  204. California SB says:

    HoneeSucre: “makes me wonder if you really have lives outside of this blog”

    No,we don’t. We are a bunch of 95 year olds at a nursing home playing tricks on you.

  205. Lexxy says:

    My time is precious being a student. If someone expects me to see them every weekend, I know off the bat I can’t do that. I never say it’s a hard number, but rather an idea, maybe I conveyed my point wrongly. Of course neither party can come to a conclusion until meeting, but I need to know what I’m working with. I have never treated this transactional, we’really all adults Here we all know we sb are here for money, but that being said, if I cared about money I’d be hooked up with one of the old men I’m in no way attracted to. Allowance, appearance, chemistry and time all play a factor

  206. Jack says:

    OK, let me stir up another hornet’s nest.

    Lexxy says that she always discussess allowance and such BEFORE the first meet. And then she says “everyone has been lowballing her.” Madridista (with whom I usually agree) seems to generally agree with Lexxy’s point.

    Well, as a very real SD, I can tell Lexxy that the guys are “low-balling” her (whatever that means) because the alternative makes little sense unless the guy is primarily looking for sex. If he’s primarily looking for sex, then perhaps negotiating x dollars for y times per month (sounds like escorting to me, but what do I know) is not that difficult “sight unseen” because much of what a guy seeks sexually may be able to be determined by the SB’s pics and a brief discussion of sexual compatibility interests.

    But as someone who is looking for more of a relationship than just sex, I cannot possibly have any clue about what allowance I am willing to give “sight unseen.” In addition, the more a discussion sounds like “x dollars for y times per month,” the more escorting/transactional it feels and I’m not into that. Finally, if a pot SB is so busy that she feels that spending 2-3 hours with me going out to dinner at a restaurant of her choice is not worth her time, clearly, she is not interested in me or she is so busy that we’ll never be able to get together, and that doesn’t work for me either.

    The problem with the “general discussion” about allowance before even the first meet is that any pot SB is going to hear that “general” discussion as applying to her and when (if you choose to proceed to an arrangement) the SD decides to offer less than the maximum he stated he could afford, the SB feels offended. My point is that the “general discussion” up front IS what the pot SB will expect at a later time.


  207. Jersey Darling says:


    The p4p comment was from Tequila. Tequila is best served with salt.

    We also never stay on topic here. It’s part of the charm, lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  208. Lexxy says:

    Please remember, I hate my phone lol

  209. Lexxy says:

    @Frank, no remember, alot of girls won’t drop those panties unless they know a sd is serious. A lot of do this out of choice not because we are suffering. I’m not saying give her the whole allowance but within the first month maybe give her half so she knows you aren’t yanking her chain.

  210. HoneeSucre says:

    The amount of time some of you spend on this blog really makes me wonder if you really have lives outside of this blog or even real ‘sugar ‘ relationships.

    Newbies should definitely RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH before jumping into the sugar bowl, thus simple questions can be answered rather than snide remarks/comments. etc.

    I can’t believe someone would suggest p4p. Is this a sugar site or craigslist/backpage?

    I’ve been CONSCIOUSLY in the sugar bowl for about 7 months on and off. Boy do I have some stories to share, but I’ll save that for the right blog entry title; since this one is about skiing….well…i have never been skiing before, but I would definitely try it.

    Happy Sugaring Ladies and Gents and may all the Splenda and Salt be rebuked in the name of the Sugar Gods. Lolz ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  211. Madridista says:

    @Treasured — Good luck on the cell bio exam!

  212. Madridista says:

    @Frank — Have that allowance/expectations talk before you meet, it will save everyone so much time and it’s not the kind of conversation you want to have in public anyway. If allowance or meeting X amount of time a month will not work for you, then both of you can move on to other people who better meet your expectations. It is very important to have this conversation BEFORE you meet. It’s not that you’re committing to anything, it’s just letting someone know what you can and can’t do, especially if someone put “open/negotiable” in the allowance box, then it’s really hard to gauge their expectations/needs, so definitely talk before meeting.

    About the former SB whose dad is in Ohio, if you really want to help, send non-refundable tickets (plane, bus, etc.) and instead of cash. If she really wants help to visit him, she’ll be happy to have that kind of help, but if she insists on cash, then you know it’s BS.

  213. California SB says:

    Tequila: “put tits on a ratโ€™s ass and guys will buy it Prada”


  214. Frank says:

    JATSD-And donโ€™t give her the allowance til sugar is in the air this time

    I remember, no allowance until panties hit the floor.

    SDguru-. It only becomes our business when you come to the blog to complain about it

    I have asked for advice and listen to it all, though I may not follow all of the advice. I am in a situation that I can’t discuss my sugar relationship with anyone in real time, so I appreciate all the comments I have received. Not usually such a drama queen, this has been an unusual year. Hope I’m not wearing out my welcome.

  215. JustATequilaSD says:

    re: Allowance particulars before meet

    Probably a good idea, but it sounds like a negotiation already. I don’t know what your profile says you can accommodate but try to stay within your guidelines. And don’t give her the allowance til sugar is in the air this time. OK ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck.

  216. SD Guru says:

    Quote of the day: “put tits on a ratโ€™s ass and guys will buy it Prada.” :mrgreen:

    Frank, how you spend your time and money and who you spend it with is really none of our business. It only becomes our business when you come to the blog to complain about it. ๐Ÿ˜›

  217. JustATequilaSD says:

    Do what you feel man. It’s your money. She’s not your current sb, nor is she a legitimate friend. Put that ass to work. If she’s in the area set up that p4p for sure. Or maybe you can get some work out of her within your company. It doesn’t even have to be that formal. Get her to clean your house, run errands, whatever. Lotsa guys are so tough when it comes to giving money to homeless on the street, but put tits on a rat’s ass and guys will buy it Prada. Some guys lose all their rationality, self-control, and any kind of sense. But I digress…if she’s really a good person, but has been having a hard time, you’ll be doing her an injustice by giving her the money and not expecting her to return some type of good deed to you. Or just make her your sb again, and tell us all to kiss your ass. Just my thought.

  218. lexxy says:

    I always talk about arrangement before meeting. Doesn’t have to be hard figures but x many times a month (for me less around exams and more during breaks) for y allowance. Everyone is lowballing me, so I’m still a sweet single sb on the market lol

  219. flyr says:

    @Frank – I will retreat a bit………. Your prior country girl is probably an exception and a good investment , in all seriousness. If you believe a bit of help will make a big difference then do the right thing. In cases like this I would much rather give something to a person who might misuse it than give it to one of the big named charities who I KNOW will misuse 50% of the gift.

  220. flyr says:

    @Frank “Off topic- I have been emailing a potential sb, and she wants to discuss the particulars of the financial agreement before we even meet. I generally donโ€™t do that, but its not a hard and fast rule. In this case she only has to drive across town and meet me for coffee one morning, so its not like its a big deal to meet.

    How do others feel about this?”

    Fraaank……….. do you have any idea of how disrupting it is to have someone go off the moderator’s topic. We’re all at a loss for words and ideas……… a bunch of wallflowers in autum sadness.

    But OK here’s my analysis. A pot SB is entitled to know if you are serious about an SB relationship and if you are in the range of her aspirations as expressed in her profile. She may have had prior SD offers that to her were an insult. On the otherhand to ask you for a committed number without meeting is a little over the top.

    PS Frank There’s never been a shortage of girls with problems since the beginning of time. It’s great to help the worthy ones but don’t reward bad behavor. …………..

  221. Treasured says:

    @Frank, for me it was a normal practise to discuss minimal allowance even before the meet. Even 1 hour of my time is precious, and if I am looking for an x amount and you can provide an y, what is the point of meeting? (I am talking when there is 4 figure difference, not couple of hundreds).

  222. Treasured says:

    @Frank – have you checked the data? Asked for the name of the hospital and father, and put 2+2 together? Made a phone call and actually asked if Mr. X is there?

    Or, let me guess, she refuses to provide either?

  223. Frank says:

    Off topic- I have been emailing a potential sb, and she wants to discuss the particulars of the financial agreement before we even meet. I generally don’t do that, but its not a hard and fast rule. In this case she only has to drive across town and meet me for coffee one morning, so its not like its a big deal to meet.

    How do others feel about this?

  224. Frank says:

    Beat me beat me, Please!

    I can’t really give you all of the nuances of the situation, and maybe I’m too trusting. But this is a single mom who has had a hard life, her dad was one of her support systems. The county she lives in has over a 10% unemployment rate. She is just a simple country girl that I had a short sugar relationship because I was in between. So I have no interest in seeing her again, not going to send her huge sums of money, just enough to help her a little.

    Calif- I’m sorry your fish is sick and you ran out of gas. You have more resources than this poor girl and I’m sure you would survive. Don’t be so hard on people who have fallen on hard times. Sometimes its not all their fault.

    Treasure- since I believe her story, I don’t think I’m stupid, I’m just a little slow, and I can’t even blame it on the meds this time.

  225. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    Well this is New England so crappy weather’s to be expected.

  226. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    Speaking of skiing, we’re going to get some snow here in Massachusetts tomorrow.I was so enjoying our little warm spell.

  227. Jersey Darling says:

    I’d have loved to trade more for more, except I was sick so he would have had to be willing to put it on my tab ๐Ÿ˜›

  228. JustATequilaSD says:

    I think you added some fantasy words in there that last time. What I will do is cheer you on til Thursday morning, and make more “Recently Blonde” jokes later that afternoon. That way you can be encouraged and still get the dick later that day.

    If the $$$ wasn’t going to cause him a problem, and or a problem in the relationship, and if you felt it was legitimate, and you still left him the option to say no then great. Or maybe it would have felt better to tell say “I ran into a hard time with work and may need about X dollars extra this month, and it just so happens that I may also have some extra time if it needs to come to that.”

    Of course, picking up men is not my forte, but in transactions I do like the idea of trading more for more…in good relationships it’s different if I don’t feel i’m being taken advantage of.

  229. Treasured says:

    @Frank. Can you please stop being an idiot? One thing is being “stupid today” another thing, according to my professor is being “stupid, very stupid all the time”.

    Darling, switch your brains on. Nothing personal, you are being taken for a ride. ALL the bloody time. And you seem to enjoy it?
    You sure you don’t have submissive tendencies? In that case a “mistress” might help better.

  230. Treasured says:

    @Tequila – Ahahaha. I do not quit what I have started. Especially if I enjoy it this much ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I will ignore the blonde comment ๐Ÿ˜›

    Just before you go back to being a dick, just one more time: “Treasured is awesome and I haven’t stopped dreaming about you” ๐Ÿ˜€

    Talking about my night… Cell bio on Friday, I MUST pass it, so want to be ready by Thursday, so studying all night tonight.

  231. WCSD says:

    @Jersey – The easy answer is to be a hard cold bastard (like Guru ๐Ÿ˜› ) and stick to only the agreed allowance. Anything outside of that is ‘her’ problem and not mine. I can say for myself that it ‘depends’. At the start of a sugar relationship, I’m absolutely this ‘cold bastard’ when it comes to requests like this. If I’m deep into the relationship, the trust is there, and there has never been situations that have come up in the past, then as your SD did for you, I would give her help. In the end, every situation is unique. I only give Frank a hard time, because he thinks (or originally suspected anyway) that it was fake, a money grab, etc. And if you think it, it is real (whether the SB is telling the truth or not, it doesn’t matter, it is all about how the SD perceives the request).

    Also, it is fun to make fun of Frank (because I have never been in a situation like that….no never…).

  232. JustATequilaSD says:

    playing in the ball pit — I think they had one of those at your new year’s party

    ” no idea how hard it is to be a med student and be pretty”
    like back when Jack was pretty and a med student? maybe he has an idea. I can also understand not wanting to be blonde if you don’t know the answers to the questions. No one will ever completely understand your struggle, it is yours to bear with or without help. Then, you will rarely be properly compensated by others for what YOU think your perseverance is worth. So quit and cry? No, do not go gently into that good night. And if you’re already doing that, then GREAT ๐Ÿ™‚ You can let us poke you once in a while, even in a sore spot (or a wet spot, we don’t mind.)

    Ok, I’ve praised you enough, now back to being a dick.

  233. Jersey Darling says:


    Do you know after reading all the schemes girls pull on here, I tried it out and asked my SD for extra money once (details excluded in case he happens across the blog) just to see if it would work? It did.

    I felt like an ass, even though I told him exactly what it was for and that’s exactly where I put the money. I still couldn’t believe I got it, it wasn’t supposed to be mine. That feeling can be addictive for a lot of girls. I personally felt like crap after I did it.

    Recently I was knocked out of work cause I got sick and none of the time off was paid, so I lost weeks worth of money. Do you know I still didn’t ask my SD for help? Why? Because it’s not his problem. That’s what my savings are for, and that’s why I made sure – long before I got into sugar – to coupon or do whatever else I had to do to make sure I had money to put away. Maybe that’s my pride talking, but it angers me when people pull this crap and play on your guilt to get what they want. I know I felt like crap after I did it. You shouldn’t let people pull your strings.

    Hopefully this is the only time she asks.

  234. California SB says:

    My gold fish is in the ER with lung cancer he smoked all his life… Frank im sure you understand how hard it is to be a single pet parent raising a fish on my own…

  235. California SB says:

    Frank my stuffed dog got cancer you know…

  236. California SB says:

    Hey Frank I need gas money too… please see attached an invoice (reads 3500). ๐Ÿ˜€

  237. California SB says:

    Treasured and Jack please get a room film it and broadcast it so we can watch ๐Ÿ™‚

  238. California SB says:

    Tequila….. did you say gay dangeon??? LOL what kind of movies have you been watching??

  239. Treasured says:

    Just so you can understand where I am coming from. A COMPLIMENT from my cell bio professor:
    “All students ARE very stupid. All off them. Completely idiotic. You also are stupid. Completely empty head on a subject. But you are NOT VERY stupid. You are just stupid now. Can’t you use your brains?”

    Basically, THAT is a compliment. That I am “just stupid” and not “very stupid, like the rest”.

    Charming, isn’t it?

    Also, one of the reasons why I decided to change my hair colour, because I was fed up with “well, what can a blonde girl know”, “no point asking this one, she is blonde”.
    And that coming from a top professor in a top uni.

  240. Treasured says:


    I didn’t say Jack was A chauvinist, I said that THE REMARK was a bit off.

    And I GOT the joke, just was not impressed by it. I guess, it is a painful subject for me. You have no idea how hard it is to be a med student and be pretty.

    Anyways, I don’t hold grudges ๐Ÿ˜›

    But, looks like it was worth to raise the subject just for Tequila to admit that I am awesome :p

  241. Frank says:

    I like to think I am learning at the feet of the Guru, but guess I have along way to go.

    Next time I’ll remember the saying, “I didn’t take you to raise” that’s what I heard a lot growing up when someone went over the line in requesting help.

    Thanks for all of the advice, she didn’t request help with hospital bills, just some money so she could afford to go with him to the cancer hospital in Ohio, he has been in the VA in Salem. So a little gas money will make both of us sleep better.

  242. WCSD says:

    @Lexxy – I’m not up for posting my profile number (forums are just too public), but the moderators can share my email address with you, and then you can contact me that way. It is always nice to chat with someone from a ‘province over’. So blog gods, please share my email with Lexxy. Thanks!

    @Frank – I hear those types of requests all the time (usually from pots and not an actual SB). I just have a good sense of humour about it. I wish them the best and continue on. I’ve definitely taken on the Guru model of ‘not making her problems your problems’.

  243. JustATequilaSD says:


    Get the sugar, and THEN get the info from the hosp and donate it directly to the bills, and then write it off on your taxes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  244. JustATequilaSD says:

    Happy B-Day. Go to Chuck E. Cheese for birthday.

    Before you start in on my C.E.C. obsession, maybe i just want someone to take me to c.e.c. once in a while ๐Ÿ™ Did you ever think of that? Maybe I wanna let my inner child run wild and play in the ball pit (without it being some kind of euphemism for a gay bdsm dungeon or something.)

  245. JustATequilaSD says:

    First, as a part-time chauvanist, I am offended that you would try shove Jack into such a group. He is far too nice, sincere, and open-minded to be amongst such cocky, arrogant, egotistical, rabble-rousers as myself. I work very hard to keep up that image, and for you to come along and in one sentence make me think that anyone with a penis is worthy of the name chauvinist simply makes me lightly consider the thought of becoming a metrosexual. Especially, since we both know that as a doctor he probably had his fair share of anatomy exams (both kinds) and is probably the closest to empathize.

    Ok, I’ll try to be sincere for a moment, congrats on your test. I know you were stressed, but you did it. Whenever you say something, my first thought is not “my gosh, Tr really fucks a lot.” In fact, I don’t really think of it much at all. You are amongst friends here, and even if you have seen every organ described on the male anatomy pages up close and personal, we still think you’re pretty awesome and beg you to stay every time you try to take a sugar break. Besides fucking alot to study for an exam is in no way the same as cheating…unless it’s with the professor. ๐Ÿ˜€

    (**DISCLAIMER** These are simple jokes and puns with a little bit of “you’re great” mixed in. And I hope no Treasureds were harmed in the filming and production of this comment.)

  246. JustATequilaSD says:

    Have her come over to discuss it first… i.e. sugar for sugar. This isn’t a loan, and she knows how you operate if you’re her former sd…then again she knows how you operate so she sees opportunity to simply play you. If you’re going to be a white knight at least enjoy the benefit of your sb.

    Eat 2.5% less food than usual when you eat in the cafeteria. Problem solved. ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides, you have 3 tax-free sd incomes, stop that whining.

  247. The Silly Hippie says:

    Ahhh today is my birthday! This may sound lame, but I have no idea what I want to do! I didn’t make a big deal of it this year so I did not plan anything, and now I want to plan something. Not much to do on a Tuesday. Have a pot who wants to take me on a date. Think I’m gonna spend time with family instead.
    So should I plan a dinner party for the weekend?

  248. Frank says:

    They just increased taxes on my dividends, I’m thinking of adjusting my allowance.

    ON another sad note, don’t think she is lying, going to send her some money so she can get her dad to Ohio. Sucker born every minute.

    • The Silly Hippie says:

      don’t do it frank! If you must have her email you invoices of the bills for proof And pay it directly, don’t give money to her. All you are doing is enabling her like a drug addict!

  249. California SB says:

    Cafeteria food increased prices by 2.5% and my paycheck shrunk due to taxes. Maybe I should ask for allowances raises…

  250. lexxy says:

    @jack it probably would be weird to be asked since your very upfront with with sugar babes. Not all sugar daddies are upfront.

  251. Jack says:


    Given that you know me, I can’t believe you read what you posted above into my comment. As you also know from our previous communications, I am very impressed with your intelligence and drive and am happy you have chosen a career in medicine, a career inwhich I participated for a quarter century and which I hold in high regard. Why you would think otherwise from an innocent joke is beyond me, but again, if you did, my apologies.

    As to verified, Madridista is correct that almost always, I provide my full name and invite pot SB’s to Google me before we meet. Although I do offer it, I think a fair number of them don’t end up Googling me. That not only enables them to verify me but they can learn other things as well that may be of interest to them. I also have a bunch of pics on my profile. Of course, that is easy for me to do because I am not married and have no need for discretion, as many others do. I have chosen not to get verified because I do not want to share my SS# with a dating site. Too great a potential for hacking, abuse, etc.

    I have never been asked for my ID but wouldn’t have any problem showing it if asked, although I would think it was weird to be asked.


  252. California SB says:

    Piano playing at my company’s cafeteria for breakfast….. feels like happy hour lol wheres my martini and wheres my sugar daddy ๐Ÿ˜›

  253. Lexxy says:

    Guru: the difference is on a normal date usually I’ve met the through someone or they are on Facebook and I would know their full name and occ probably just by friends or fb

  254. Jersey Darling says:

    @Madrista – true enough. I just love the feature!

    Re: age, I’m with you… If someone wants to say they’re 50 and they look like they’re 50 then fine. Of course I did meet someone who said he was 44 and he was more like 64, I couldn’t recognize him at all in person. I literally looked right at him several times since he was one of the only people in the restaurant and still didn’t realize it was him. That was a little awkward…

  255. Madridista says:

    @ Jersey –I was just saying not to put too much stock into Verified feature. It already gives newbie SB a false sense of security. Besides why do people need to know DOB? To know the age just ask for a birth year, why the whole date? And so what if some SDs shave off a few years? As long as it’s only a few up or down (not whole decades), who cares? Again, someone mentioned on the previous blogs last summer how this Verified feature didn’t screen out some Verified SB who had drug charges and random arrests that this SD only found out by doing good old google search. If they let something like that slide, how good can this feature be?

  256. Jersey Darling says:


    If this is something she’s done before, just ignore it. The whole point is it’s supposed to make you feel bad. What of all the money (I’m assuming) you’ve given her in the past? What has she done with all that?

  257. Jersey Darling says:

    Verified does check things like name and DOB, which is all checking a driver’s license will show you anyway. It also checks income, which I think would be of major interest to those on this site.

    Checking an ID doesn’t help against deceit (fakes are easy enough to come by), flakes, time wasters, etc.

    Of course you still need to trust your gut, but I’m not more inherently distrustful of meeting people from here than I am from any other dating website.

  258. Madridista says:

    @Frank — Let the practical side win. That cancer story sounds fake, she’s totally playing the sympathy card. If she’s only around when she needs help, then cut off all communication and like Guru says, “don’t reward bad behavior”, then she’ll keep at it with you. Let her find someone else to play the knight in shining armor.

    About checking IDs:

    Never had to do it, but no one ever lied about their real name to me. Most real SDs are concerned about your safety, so they will give you enough info to google them. I think Jack mentioned he does it and my SDs have done that too on SA, so ID check would have been redundant. However, if that system has worked for Lexxy then why knock it?

    @Jersey — Verified doesn’t mean anything. Someone could be just as deceitful, fake, flakey, time waster, etc. as the next unverified guy. The verified feature has only been added last year and most SA veterans know that using your regular screening tools works better than false trust that comes with “verified” stamp. What if that feature didn’t exist, like all those years before? Be smart, ladies, don’t fall for that trap.

  259. Frank says:

    There is a terrible fight going on between the white Knight in me, and the more practical side of me. While the practical side of me is winning, I don’t feel good about it.

    Treasure, as a part time chauvinist, I applaud your success in class. At least we didn’t accuse you of sugaring your teacher!

    Checking ID’s, Don’t see the necessity of doing that for a lunch or dinner date. Not sure what good it would do anyway. If I really had something to hide, I would have a fake ID.

  260. Treasured says:

    @Jack. Finally I actually formulated why I got pissed off about your comment.

    I work very hard with my studies. Considering other commitments I have (you know) it is x10 as hard as for your average student. YET, I do succeed and am in top 10 students in the whole course.

    I passed a very difficult exam, which took a lot of my time to study for. Using my brain, and not other parts of my body. And I am actually VERY proud of my accomplishments.

    YET, in one sentence, you thought that it could be funny to hint (even as a joke) that I could have passed my exam not due to my intellect, but due to the fact that I FUCK a lot.
    Basically, quite a chauvinistic remark, which I certainly did not expect from you.

    NOT amusing.

    • SD Guru says:

      On behalf of all the chauvinists in the blog, please accept our sincere apologies. We recognize the fact that you fuck a lot has many positive attributes, but it had nothing to do with your ability to pass a very difficult exam. Therefore, we salute your ability to fuck a lot and will no longer infer any fringe benefits from such activities. :mrgreen:

      • Treasured says:

        LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

        As you well know, there ARE some fringe benefits ๐Ÿ˜›
        Which are perfectly acceptable ๐Ÿ˜›

  261. SD Guru says:

    Lots of good stuff to catch up on from current and previous blogs…

    Re: Checking ID’s

    Ladies, do you always ask for an ID on a normal first date?? If not, why should a platonic first sugar date for drinks or dinner locally be any different?

    @Jersey Darling
    “Regarding ID, I tend to just stick to Verified members if possible.”

    There are about 600 verified SD’s and 700 verified SB’s out of several hundred thousand members on the site. If you just stick to verified members then it seems that you’ll have a very small pool of pots to choose from.

    “This guy said he was going to give me $500 for our meeting… And then I go to give him my paypal email address and he says MAYBE”

    I’m sorry to hear what happened. Was there a clear understanding on both sides for what the 500 was for? Perhaps he was expecting more than what you were willing to do?

    “Iโ€™ve just automatically assumed that most SDs who are wealthy must have some sort of writing etiquette? But because heโ€™s a Diamond Club member… it makes me feel like he must be somewhat legitimate?”

    Keep in mind that Diamond members have their income and net worth verified, and that’s it. It does not verify their writing skills, whether they’re generous, or if they will behave like a gentleman. All that other stuff is up to you to do the screening.

    @Taylor Made SB
    “We had a lovely first meet but he wants to come here for 4 days!… My question is to if thats normal?”

    If you’re asking whether this is normal, then your gut is telling you that you’re not comfortable with it and it’s probably not normal. Be very clear with him about your lack of availability to entertain him while he is in town. What he wants to do is up to him, but you shouldn’t feel obligated in any way.

    “The ESSENTIAL thing is be clear in communicating what your expectations are.”

    That should go without saying, but as you can see in the blog that’s not always the case.

    “How many pot SDโ€™s or SBโ€™s are you meeting before you find a arrangement that seems like it will work?”

    That depends on how picky you are… ๐Ÿ˜›

    And even when you find an arrangement that seems like it will work, it may not turn out as expected.

    As I’ve mentioned in my blog, less than 2% of the pots I’ve met in person end up in a long term (at least 6 months) arrangement. But that’s just me!

    “Message from former sb. Iโ€™m sure its true, how bad does this make me feel?”

    You should feel very special that you’re the first person she turns to in such a situation… NOT! :mrgreen:
    But seriously, given her track record as you’ve described in the past, she’s counting on the white knight to come to her rescue. Are you still a white knight?

  262. Treasured says:

    @Jack. I rarely get offended now by anyone, but your comment was a bit out of place.

  263. Jersey Darling says:

    @Looking… Why not just do cash?

    Regarding ID, I tend to just stick to Verified members if possible.

    • Lexxy says:

      I don’t really have much choice given where I live and being a full time student. I do sugar dating for fun and able to I guess wait for the right sd but it’s frustrating… I think there’s like 5 verified members here and 3 are out of my age range.

  264. LookingGlassSB says:

    Ugh I just got jipped. This guy said he was going to give me $500 for our meeting. I even spent the night with him (no sex) just cuddled and kissed. And then I go to give him my paypal email address and he says MAYBE

    So mad.

  265. Taylor Made SB says:

    @ Lexxy

    I agree with you 110% on the checking of ID’s. A few months ago I met a pot who’d lied about his name. When checking out of the hotel that HE’D booked I was able to get a peek at his gov’t name. I googled him as soon as I’d returned home and it turns out that he was arrested for a VERY serious crime a few years back. I check I’D for sure’ , and as you stated most dont have an issue with it…

  266. lexxy says:

    Sorry for three third post lol. I usually ask for id when I travel, or have a gut feeling

  267. Jersey Darling says:

    You check their ID when you meet?

    • lexxy says:

      Always. They shouldn’t have much to hide. I’ll show mine too so they know. If they want they can block out address since that’s personal, all I wanna see is photo , and bday. My safety is first, I haven’t had anyone protest yet. But with the guy loosing his wallet….seemed way too fishy

  268. Lexxy says:

    Ugh so angry. I was looking forward to a good sd, guy somehow lost all his Id too.another fail and time waster. No id no meet with this girl. Ah well: (

    • The Silly Hippie says:

      What a nightmare! I was upset about being stood up last week. I think I would rather be stood up than be stuck in the snow with a fake. Sorry girlie. Oh well, keep your head up!

  269. The Silly Hippie says:

    @ Taylor Made SB

    Go with your instincts and never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. I’ve had wonderful dates with pots, but won’t go past my comfort zone and sometimes that is just my gut. I’d rather wait out for the right one. If he’s worth it he will respect you.

  270. Lexxy says:

    Wow so update on my POT. We have dinner and drinks on Wednesday to meet each other, he came into my city to visit family for the week. I asked him how his day was going, and guess what, he’s somehow lost his wallet…. LOL. I might still meet him but he sure ain’t even going to the bathroom. Luckily it’s minus -30 here so it’s not like he could run for it. He says he has other bank cards, lol, right, I totally need to see this guy now, what an act. Or very misfortunate

  271. Taylor Made SB says:

    @ Jack

    I agree as it does allow the timing to get to know someone, lol but with 4 days will there be anything left? The individual would stay at a hotel in the area as I am in university and the last thing I’d like to do is to explain to my roomates why there’s a gentlemen 3x our age ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That’s exactly how I feel….Pressured. I like to think I am a good host but due to my inavailability which HAS been dislosed I don’t want him to leave with a bad impression….hmmm

  272. Jersey Darling says:


    Don’t have advice to offer, just thoughts. I’d feel pressured.

  273. Jack says:

    Taylor Made,

    I can answer in the reverse direction–ie, I have entertained several SB’s at my home and at my Nevada ranch. I think it’s a great way to get to know someone really well, but 4 days might be more than you want. I usually end up working 2-3 hours per day while the lady is visiting me, which I also disclose up front, but that’s usually time the SB’s use to check their emails/social media, or get ready for fancy dinners/theater.

    Having said the above, I think my experience is pretty atypical and for SB’s to do the hosting is even more atypical.


  274. Taylor Made SB says:


    The Pot SD I last met is highly interested in an arrangement with yours truly ;)…He wants to come visit me this coming weekend(no problem). We had a lovely first meet but he wants to come here for 4 days! Im a full time student AND an athlete. Therefore I have practice, homework, work( which he is 100% aware of)..My question is to if thats normal? I don’t mind entertaining a guest but i’d assume he’d grow bored as i’ll be in and out…hmmmm

  275. Jack says:


    With all the stuff that Tequila, you (12″, 48 hrs, etc) and lots of others have written, were you seriously offended when I joked about your knowledge of male anatomy helping you ace the anatomy exam? Seriously? If so, mea maxima culpa.

    As to SB’s wanting to go skiing, please say hi tome at profile 989322 and we’ll take it from there.

    As to GTT Envy’s question, I too have had difficulty finding the right connect locally, which I find surprising given that the greater Houston area has a population of over 5 million. Despite receiving tons of emails and winks over the 8 months I’ve been on SA, the vast majority of Houston (TX) pot SB’s that have written me appear not to have read my profile because most are not even close to what I ask for in my profile. I admit I am fairly demanding in what I seek, but neverthless, I would have thought by now that someone at least approaching what I am looking for would have materialized. Some non-local SB’s have written me that I think would make great SB’s (and some have made some wonderful weekend company) but their location outside of Texas (and some outside the US) would preclude doing a proper arrangement with them.

    I do not mention the above to complain–I have enjoyed my time on SA even though the right connection hasn’t happened–and I am confident that the right connection will materialize in due course.


  276. Jersey Darling says:

    I google whatever information I have. Usually I don’t have enough before a first meet to really google though.

    Occasionally I have and it’s a mixed blessing. Usually when I’ve had enough information, the person is well known. It gets me all giddy and excited and I usually end up jinxing myself, haha.

  277. The Silly Hippie says:

    How does everyone feel about googling potentials? I do for security reasons. Any tips on what to look for in verifying a real SD from a fake?

  278. JustATequilaSD says:

    re: your former SB

    Just say NO to crack(heads.)

  279. JustATequilaSD says:


    I would want to know if a girl was strongly attached to someone.(Married, serious bf, etc.) I don’t like the idea of people following me or waiting for when I’m hanging out with a girl. The funniest situation was when I answered the door of my home to what I thought was the “ex-husband” only to find out that they were still actively married. My worst stories have been the guys asking me if they could meet me on my way to my car after work to discuss the whole thing. The moral of the story: be careful when seeing a married anything. Try to get out of town for such meets if you can. Of course, the “ex-husband” above drove over a 100 miles to find his wife.

    Be careful, trust yer gut, but try to have an exit plan for bad situations.

    • The Silly Hippie says:

      Thanks sweetie, that makes total sense! That I can understand! definitely will give me something to think about. The whole reason this place appealed to me from the start was the no drama, no strings attached idea. The longer I am on here the more I realize it’s a whole other ball game. Different drama, different rules, different language at times. hopefully the sooner I learn the better results I will get.

  280. GTT_ENVY says:

    Question: How many pot SD’s or SB’s are you meeting before you find a arrangement that seems like it will work?

    Unfortunately my average is going up ;(

    • Lexxy says:

      Hey envy, I’ve been on for about 2 years, I’ve met around 8 guys, 2 are friends one is an off and on deal, everyone else was yucky. Ive probably talked to over 100 or more guys on SA Skype or msn

  281. Jersey Darling says:

    It might just be the guy you met. With most of the pots that I’ve met in person, we didn’t talk about sex at all until I brought it up. We didn’t talk about money either. It felt like a regular date.

    I’ve dealt with guys that talk solely about sex or money but they rarely make it to a first meeting. If that’s all he was talking about, I’d have been turned off as well.

  282. Jersey Darling says:

    Hippie, I think most men want to feel like they are the only one. They also want to feel like you are with them for more than the money. At least, if you’ve attracted one of the SDs looking for a genuine connection, this is what you’ll find. This is my specialty ๐Ÿ˜€

    Money may be one reason you’re interested in him, but I’d definitely hope it’s not the only reason! Maybe you like his personality, or his power, or his self-assuredness. There has to be something else you like, and that’s what you should focus on.

    I’m lucky enough that I have a SD who gets a kick out of hearing my exploits because he knows I always come back to him. But that’s pretty rare. And I like him for more than his money. I like him for his straight forwardness, how down to earth he is, and how much he makes me laugh. The money? Sure I like it… it turns me on. But so does everything else about him.

    You should either target SDs who don’t want a connection if in it only for the money, or get to know him and see if there’s something else to like about him. He probably just wants to make sure the connection is there before the money is exchanged. Spending time with him non-sexually should accomplish that.

    • The Silly Hippie says:

      Jersey I completely agree! I just have a hard time articulating that! I like him because he is kind, smart, and thoughtful. I want to get to know him better before the sex or the money. I feel though many guys on here lead with the sex or money, and that is not what I am about. However if we talk nice and then I meet you and all you talk about is sex or money I get very turned off. I need to focus more I think on control the topic when I am out with pot.

  283. JustATequilaSD says:

    re: Too intelligent, too hot, etc

    The problem with most girls that think they are “too whatever” is that there is usually some arrogance or conceit along with it. The playboy model that thinks she looks nice but still approachable by other humans of this planet is definitely a catch. This is part of the balance. Any PERFECT girl/guy in my book isn’t going to go overboard. That was my point. Each of you put your pants on one leg at a time.(I have a machine that does pants like the Jetsons, but I try not to be conceited about it.)

  284. The Silly Hippie says:

    On topic, I would just love the opportunity to go skiing or on a trip with an SD! tomorrow is my birthday, and I am sitting home feeling sorry for myself because I have no plans!
    I think Wyoming would be my rocky mountain destination of choice.

    I’m from Massachusetts originally, you ever thought about going to Vermont or something more rocky from the appellation mountains? The snow is just too wet and icy, and the mountains are too small on the east coast. doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it there but I would stick to tubing and ice skating. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  285. Jersey Darling says:

    Redoing my profile and photos… trying to decide if I should go with the guy who wants the genuine connection, the naughty sex kitten or both ๐Ÿ˜›

    • The Silly Hippie says:

      Depends on the quality SD you want! Ever try having twok profiles? One for your nice kitten, and one for your sexy self? I always say I’m naughty but nice ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Girl shouldn’t have to choose, but you can let your SD decide what side of you he’s looking for. :-p

  286. The Silly Hippie says:

    Ahhh busy weekend with pot SD meetings. Ladies if it’s too good to be true should I run away? Also I have been learning to listen to my gut more, been really helpful.
    Had a pot SD tell me this week that he did not want money to be the reason we were together or motivate me. He wanted me to like him for him and want to be around him because I wanted to. Okay, am I a bitch or what? Why would I want to hang out with him if there was no money involved? We just met, maybe over time but I’m not in I’ve and don’t plan on falling in love with any SD on here. doesn’t mean I don’t care but an arrangement has to be mutually beneficial darling!

    Also last thing. I am married, and have no desire to change my situation. My husband and I have an agreement. Most men on here I meet are married, and I do not mind at all. I feel like it leaves things less complicated. However I feel that my marriage bothers some potentials. I like the concept of an open honest cut the BS dating thing, however I think many men just want a lie, or a fantasy. That is fine, but why can’t they just say so?

  287. Jersey Darling says:

    Oh man. That message has gotta be hard to deal with. Glad I don’t have to deal with that ish! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I would just not respond…

  288. California SB says:

    Frank’s broke SB: “if you can help anything would be great”

    Did she ever hear the word job?? Being a sugar baby is NOT about being desperate. If you’re desperate for money you should get a job, not become a beggar. That is the type of trailer park trash that ruins the sugar world…

  289. California SB says:

    Hey Frankie… the cancer tactic never fails!!! Hate to say it but…. I would help in exchange of a hot lingerie night. I’m jaded I know… at least she didn’t say grandmother and didn’t ask for 10k!!! LOL

  290. Frank says:

    Message from former sb. I’m sure its true, how bad does this make me feel?

    Hey babes. I have run across some bad luck again. My dad is in the hospital in salem. He has cancer. He has a very slim chance of making it. I am having him taken to the cancer center in Ohio. They are great. But it will be a couple days before I can get him there. Can you please help me? I am flat broke. It has taken alot of gas and food with him being in Salem. I dont know what to do. I want to go to Ohio with him incase I never see him again. But if you can help anything would be great.

  291. Lexxy says:

    Ohh see I have reference now! Lol!

  292. California SB says:

    Hey WCSD, Lexxy is a total hottie. ๐Ÿ˜›

  293. Lexxy says:

    @Wcsb, not to use this a means to pickup sd lol, but I live a province over , never been skiing figure that lol!. Would you be interested in posting your id number

  294. WCSD says:

    I’ve been away for a while, but thought I’d check out the blog, and look at the topic! #1 is Whistler (as it is on most lists). I was just there this weekend skiing (not with sugar), and love that it is 90 min from home for me.

    I’ve taken many a sugar trips to my place in Whistler. Finding a SB that can/likes to ski and scuba dive is the ideal for me.

    Now on to catching up on everyones comments…

  295. California SB says:

    Lexxy: californiadreaming1 at ymail

  296. AfricanQueen says:

    Thank you everyone for the feedback and help! I really appreciate it!

  297. lexxy says:

    @cali I’m assuming I have to ask the blog God’s for your email, or for them to send you mine?

  298. flyr says:

    I found some priceless guidance on SB picture taking at an unexpected location, a flyfishing store in Sisters Oregon.

    I was enjoying a discussion on the relative merits of the McKenzie vs Metolius Rivers over a cup of coffee when the Mercedes slid to a stop in front of the store. The door boomed open and a walking ad for Orvis (minus only the price tags) walked through the door, looking for where they kept the flys

    After fumbling through a large display while his bimbonic companion commented on the colors etc he finally asked the woman I was talking with how to select the right fly.

    Well sir – where are you planning to fish?

    Does it make any difference ?

    All the difference in the world.

    Well, I am headed west down the McKenzie

    Are you fishing from a boat , wading or fishing the creeks?

    Why does it matter

    Well, there are several reasons a fish takes a fly

    It annoys him as it invaded his terrirory and may be eating the little bugs the trout likes – he may snap at it or even bite

    The trout does not recognize the fly but is attracted and may nibble at it with caution

    The trout recognizes it and will be savoring the anticipated taste just as the hook sets

    At that point Mr Orvis decided that humility was better than bluster as his partner was starting to thumb through her text messages and asked the shopkeeper to select some flys,

    But they have such little hooks he observed – yes she said, most of the big fish have been caught by folks using salmon eggs and barbed hooks who do not release the fish, there are more little fish to be caught. When you have more experience they you’ll know how to catch the big fish.

  299. California SB says:

    Lexxy: email me and I can show them to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  300. Frank says:

    Jersey-excellent advice!

  301. Madridista says:

    Off topic question: I’ve been off my SA profile for a while since I’ve hidden it way back when I moved to Spain, so I don’t know if this has changed, but what things does wish list feature have? It’s just I’ve been getting some gifts (flowers, mostly, but little trinkets as well) and everyone I can think of that would send them said they haven’t. I doubt it’s from anyone at SA, because there’s no way anyone would know my address in Spain or anywhere, but I’m out of ideas of who could be doing it and just trying to check out all the possibilities.

    • Stacy says:

      Mad. If someone sends you a gift through SA you have to confirm the address. I’ve had a very sweet POT SD send flowers, and I always have to Login to confirm where I want them sent.

      • Madridista says:

        Thanks, Stacy, I thought it wouldn’t be anyone from SA, but had to check to make sure. Guess the mystery continues.

  302. Jersey Darling says:

    And one more thing…

    Watch the responses you get, both the frequency and the content. They are the best indicator of whether your profile is accurate in targeting the right kind of person.

  303. Jersey Darling says:

    Ultimately, you can be the dumbest or smartest person on earth and still find someone.

    Our discussion on intelligence is focused on what will apply to attracting the largest number of men, but is that really what you’re aiming for? Do you need 100 men contacting you daily or are you happier to have one or two that actually match what you’re looking for?

    The point of a profile is to communicate, and to communicate effectively you need to identify your target audience and tailor your profile to them. Are you looking for the guy who wears his heart on his sleeve? The man who wants a genuine experience? The man who wants a sex kitten? The man who wants a submissive little plaything?

    Decide who you want to target and write your profile accordingly. Keep your pictures in line with what you write. The point of communicating is to communicate, and you can’t do that effectively without knowing your target audience.

    Sidenote: As flyr said, all purpose SB’s don’t really succeed. You vaguely appeal to lots of different men and completely appeal to none.

  304. Lexxy says:

    @Africanqueen I’ve been on the site for two years almost. I’ve only had one sugar daddy… if you could even call him that. But I’ve met wonderful people, and two sd I didn’t hit it off with physically we are now great friends and have open invites to their house (both in tropical locations) although on my dime lol. I have a POT meeting this week…..we’ll see how it goes… guy only has one pic, swears it’s because of his social status, I’m curious… I’ll meet him in my fave bar where people can save me haha!

  305. Madridista says:

    @Treasured — Congrats on the exam! You’re totally right about Courchevel being SD heaven in Europe. I went there with one and met my last SD there!

    @AfricanQueen — there is no X amount of time how long it takes to find a SD. It depends on what you’re looking for and what you have to offer. Like flyr said, make your profile reflect what you want and appeal to the kind of SDs you’re looking for. People expect a magic number of months/weeks to find the right person, but it’s different for everybody. Patience and screening is the key to success on SA. About photos, just have good pictures that show you at your best and use flyr’s tips because he’s spot on about pictures and sending the right message to attract who you want. Professional pictures are good, I used to have one when I was active on here, but if you want to go that route, it should only be a main pic, because if they’re all like that then SDs could be disappointed or misled that that’s what you look like every day or for every meet.

    Intelligence topic:
    Reading comments on intelligence kind of has me nervous. I never flaunt nor hide my smarts. Besides, after SDs or anybody finds out I use a brain for a living (I write, translate, and teach foreign languages), they can decide for themselves. Who wants to be around anyone if they’re intimidated? It’s not like being smart or having an expertise in certain area makes you so intimidating. If some people are arrogant about then it’s a turnoff, but arrogance and intelligence are two different things. If that person wasn’t lording their intelligence over others then it would be something else. But then how intelligent can that person be if they don’t know that arrogance is a universal people repellent? I never had any man be intimidated, but that’s just me.

  306. Taylor Made SB says:

    @ Treasured

    “Boys, there really are smart, fun, sexy, beautiful girls out there With no hidden agendas”

    Agreed! lol They are rare BUT they do exist ๐Ÿ˜›

    Congrats on your exam ๐Ÿ™‚

    My last first day as an undergrad is today !!! Wish me luck

  307. flyr says:


    The “best picture” is a combination of your best and the message you want to communicate.

    Personal preference is two or three great photos. But one of the former contributors used to have only one photo, no face, no breasts just an above the shoulder view of her body in a bikini laying on the beach. But the lines were like that of a ferrari – limited colors sand, skin, bikini sky.

    A picture that shows a sense of style may be part of your wholistic marketing program.

    Intelligence – At the risk of being banished, I think the “I was too intelligent for him (or her) ” description is over used to simply describe a relationship that did not work for any number or reasons. The exception may be in selecting a partner who is not too bright and reacts poorly to your intellect. But that was not a very intelligent choice.

  308. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    There’s one in the area called Wachusetts. Has anyone ever heard of it? What are the basic of knowing how to buy or rent skiing equipment? Enlighten me; someone.

  309. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    Can any of the Sugar Babies here recommend a ski resort in the New England area that are good for meeting potential Sugar Daddies?

  310. Frank says:

    Treasure-when I was in law school anatomy was my minor.

  311. Treasured says:

    @Jack – What a curious question. Would you really want to find out?

    Hmm….. How weird. Sometimes, even the most innocent of my posts gets sexualised…
    Jack, darling, really expected more from you. Just SOME self-control ๐Ÿ˜‰

  312. Jack says:


    Congrats on the anatomy exam–although you did have an advantage overthe other ladies in studying male anatomy, didn’t you?

    As to intelligent women, I love them and do not feel intimidated by them in the least, as long as, per Jersey Darling’s comments, they are humble and not stuck on themselves and don’t act as God’s gift to the earth.


  313. Lexxy says:

    @Cali; you have me intrigued now lol! I stuck with the basic bikini pic, in the mirror ugh. How does a lingerie pic affect the messages you get? Do you tend to weed out more pervs?

  314. California SB says:

    Treasured: Funny thing I used to have a playboy bunny costume pic on my private gallery hahaha but I noticed guys were not loving it and they were asking “who did you go to the party with” so I took it out. LOL

  315. Treasured says:

    @Frank. Wanted to make a corny comment, but decided not to. I’m a gooooood girl today. Thank you for your offer, but with the rare exceptions I prefer to study myself.

    In what field of medicine are you?

    @Cali. Sorry, saw a profile and it could have been you: in California, skinny and definitely not fluffy bunny material:D

  316. California SB says:

    Treasured: My profile has black lingerie pics, I found those are the ones guys like best. Agent P lingerie of course. ๐Ÿ™‚ Some girls on this blog have seen those pics, including African Queen, Jersey and Lo. Sorry Tequila and Frank, I don’t show lingerie pics to male friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I keep my profile hidden when I am offline.

  317. California SB says:

    The perfect guy on would be the one who says he cuts his own firewood, but has a master degree and a damn good job. He is tall, very handsome ( but he says he is average), he has a killer smile, drives an Audi or a BMW and has blue or green eyes. But this guy won’t be here on SA because he will have thousands of girls at work or at the gym already trying to date him.

  318. California SB says:

    See Taylor?? “Too intelligent, too hot, too everythingโ€

    Told ya… guys don’t like someone who is toooooo perfect. They want perfect but you can’t be smarter than them and god forbid if you are so hot you have 10000000 guys coming after you. Tricky…. very tricky, but once you master it, they are all yours. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Keep in mind Cinderella… smart, but not too much, pretty… but not playboy bunny, humble, hard working… that’s what guys like. Most guys are that predictable so the Cinderella model is the way to go.

  319. Frank says:

    Treasured, why didn’t you tell me, I could have helped you bone up for that exam!

  320. Treasured says:

    Tirindindindindindin yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss!!!!

    I just passed my anatomy exam!

    Boys, there really are smart, fun, sexy, beautiful girls out there ๐Ÿ˜› With no hidden agendas.

    And yes, I absolutely love myself now! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m perfection ๐Ÿ˜€
    Trindindindindindindin!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Yahooooo!!!

  321. lexxy says:

    Ahhhhh a blog god response lol! Thank you all for input. Fakesugardaddys on blogspot is still open for fakes in the comment section, I guess I’ll primarily use that, as well if I do any travel I’ll post here first (among taking my safety precaution, I’m borderline crazy on that, photocopied a SD passport before lol). Thanks for all being so welcoming here.

  322. SD Guru says:

    Re: The blog topic

    I have many fond memories of spending time with my SB’s at ski resorts, and I have always thought those are great places to find pot SB’s. There are many young women from all over the world working at ski resorts. The pay isn’t great but they all love the ski benefits, and what better way to take some time off than being a ski bunny and explore your wild side for a season! By the way, I’ve been to 7 out of the 10 places on the list.

    “Id like to start a forum that sugar babes and daddyโ€™s can use…”

    It’s a good idea, but it’s not the first time nor will it be the last time someone thought of it. There had been several attempts in the past to start SD black lists and sugar forum, but most efforts eventually fizzled out for various reasons. Alternatively there is an active FB community for SB’s and there are many sugar blogs out there. Good luck to you if you decide to give it a go.

    Re: Tips for newbies

    Here’s a summary of what I’ve written previously.

  323. Taylor Made SB says:

    Lol I knew you were going to say that…touchรฉ

    I don’t know, I’d hope I wasn’t a bore BUT perhaps :p

    A bit of a blast in a glass

  324. JustATequilaSD says:


    Are you saying you’re intellectual and boring? I’m confused. (See how easy that was.)

  325. Taylor Made SB says:

    “when a girl tries to overboard on something, it sets off a small red flag for me. Too intelligent, too hot, too everything”

    too hot so she’s dumb, too smart so shes boring, too chubby so she’s probably hungry type thing

    I don’t scare easily Tequila ๐Ÿ˜‰

  326. JustATequilaSD says:

    ” there was a guy in bed with her. She apparently did not realize how the cropping worked.”

    The worst part is there are girls that think if you see them in bed you know she’s ready and willing to be intimate. I remember a public pic on one girl’s profile that she later obviously made private. It involved the aftermath of a young gentleman who had been previously reading the tramp stamp on her back. Cute girl, but that was a pic I could’ve skipped. What was she thinking?

  327. Treasured says:

    Damn, Tequila! My interest peaked up again!

    Yahoooo! ๐Ÿ˜€

  328. JustATequilaSD says:

    ” I shouldnโ€™t have to mask my intellect in order to assist with a much needed ego booster.”

    And a “suicide girl” shouldn’t have to hide 90% of her ink to go to an elegant formal ball, but she should. Life’s not always fair. But I will break it down to a personal assumption on my part to let you inside of my mind for a sec. (Scared yet?) To me, when a girl tries to overboard on something, it sets off a small red flag for me. Too intelligent, too hot, too everything. If it doesn’t intimidate me, (I’m hardly ever intimidated or embarrassed,) then I’m thinking she’s overcompensating for some other thing she’s funny about. Kinda like that sd that tells you all the super hot models he’s dated and shows you all the pics of them and him standing inside Fort Knox with all his gold.

  329. JustATequilaSD says:

    OK, I’ll let corny nerd Tequila out of the box for a minute.I thought every girl wanted a pony at some point in their lives. Since you are a “big girl” now, I can see the request to substitute “horse.” Of course, even as innocent as I tried to make it, I couldn’t help tying together 12 inches, 48 hours, and riding. Mummenschantz would typify the antithesis of my movements, as unlike mimes you would be making noises. Finally juggling and unicycles are actions of clowns, which then alludes to rodeo clowns, and referencing the rodeo. So, with your 149 iq intact, it all comes back to rodeoing you til you couldn’t walk. LMAO.

  330. Taylor Made SB says:

    What would you consider over intelligence?

    ” The smartest girls will keep us under such an assumption, while still being smart and sexy”

    When I say smart I don’t mean it with a sense of arrogance. I shouldn’t have to mask my intellect in order to assist with a much needed ego booster.

    The individuals I “market” to lol, are those who are intelligent and KNOW they’re intelligent. A man who is confident isn’t concerned about my level of knowledge exceeding his own( Not that it typically does lol)

  331. RussianSB says:

    Today I learn new world – ”posh” (blog new post)
    It sound so funny, that I will poshing everything now !!!

  332. RussianSB says:

    Guys, few month with you and my English improove grately !
    Encourage your kids seat by computer MORE ! In foreign blogs ๐Ÿ™‚

  333. flyr says:

    @tequella “And try to keep other guys out of your pics. ”

    The hands down winner in this category went to the SB photo where there was a guy putting on his pants in the background.

    First runnerup was a photo which showed a very attractive, seductive woman on her bed ( but pg rated) however when you clicked on the picture you saw that there was a guy in bed with her. She apparently did not realize how the cropping worked.

    Even the pictures with the guy surgically removed but his arm remaining do not do justice to the SB involved. Of course if the guy is a celeb or handing you the miss universe trophy that’s fine

  334. JustATequilaSD says:

    I like the idea of being able to have SB friends in areas we go to. Blogmates are sometimes cool about that, but I still say “save yourselves.” Be careful, have a return trip home, and make sure someone you trust knows where you.

    Posting about bad members on site requires a balance. I WOULD NEVER PURPOSELY POST SOMEONE’S FULL NAME OR MOST OF THEIR PH NUMBER PUBLICLY. (As done in the last blog topic.) Even if you could provide evidence that an SD was a jerk, I’m pretty sure they would have a nice defamation, privacy, or harassment suit going. And the first time a good looking SB’s contact info or address was out there on display, how long before she’d have to change phone or move. Lexxy, it could be done, but keep in mind the pitfalls lie in the actions and reactions of the members of said forum.

  335. RussianSB says:

    What are girlsmade from ? From sugar and spice and everything nice !
    They need horse and butterflies !

    I am going, I am going to anyway the wind maybe blowing …. ๐Ÿ™‚

  336. RussianSB says:

    @Treasured LOL, I fall off my bed !

  337. Treasured says:

    I understand the 12″, 48 hour sex… But at what part did pony come into the picture? ๐Ÿ˜€ Surely, a girl like me needs a proper horse!


  338. Treasured says:

    Tequila, you have a very perverted assumption of me and what I need ๐Ÿ˜›

  339. JustATequilaSD says:

    “You just crushed all fantasies about yourself!”

    That’s the thing about fantasies though, they’re fantasies. And when they do become real, how long does it last? Better to find realities that are fantastic. Do you really need 12 inches? Do you really need a pony? Wouldn’t you be tired anyway after the first 48 hours? Do you really want me to learn how to mime to impress you during such a break?

  340. Jersey Darling says:

    And if you’re really smart, modesty and humility go a long way. I feel that the smartest people realize how little they know…

  341. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Taylor Made SB
    “I find intelligence extremely sexy and the way I have arranged the content in my profile, it portrays just that.”

    Over intelligent does sometimes intimidate guys. If you read my last (crazy) response/description to you, I’m sure you see a creative brain in there somewhere. At the same time I may slightly be intimidated by a girl whose IQ is anything over 190. We’re men. We like to think we’re the smartest, fastest, strongest thing since sliced bread. The smartest girls will keep us under such an assumption, while still being smart and sexy.

  342. Taylor Made SB says:

    @ tequila

    Bravo sir, well played!!!!….I like what you’re bringing to the party ๐Ÿ™‚

  343. Treasured says:

    @Tequila- Ahahahaha! You just crushed all fantasies about yourself! Tirindindindindin! I’m officially sober ๐Ÿ™‚

  344. JustATequilaSD says:

    @African Queen
    I actually don’t think Cali was being catty in this instance. Becoming an SB itself can be a hard mistress. I believe there is something for everyone here, but the larger the group of sb’s you appeal to will increase your opportunities. And for sb’s of color in a pool where the majority of U.S. sd’s are white, you will definitely want to bring your “A” game. Personally, I don’t like lingerie pics on “conservative” profiles. It confuses me. Bikinis make more sense to me if you want to show some skin, preferably at a pool or beach. A photo of your body is usually a must. A nice flattering dress and a beautiful smile go a long way, especially for a few extra pounds. I also hate visible tattoos for the most part. And try to keep other guys out of your pics. And you should keep an eye on improving your profile as time goes by, it’s an ongoing endeavor.

    These are just a few tips for pics in my opinion. In some of the summer posts, we had some very solid discussions on sb profile tips, including some by successful sb’s of color.

  345. Jersey Darling says:

    There is someone for everyone, and I think all the profiles start to look the same after a while. It’s about differentiating yourself.

    I was just browsing through the female profiles and now I’m ready for bed. Even the gorgeous ones with well written profiles hit me as clichรฉ and got boring after a while.

  346. Treasured says:

    @Cali and African Queen:

    Re body image and profile. Right until recently I thought that only Playboy model with IQ of 149 has a chance. BUT, I was wrong. There are several “couple” profiles out there, where the girl is average looking(mind you, SD is a “gem” too), and they apparently met in here. So, guess, there is someone for everybody. Im not going to post profiles, since i do mot want to offend those girls, but just browse through:D AQ- don’t despair, looks like all girls have a chance. Just takes time.

    @Cali- just curious, does your profile include blue bikini? After you mentioned being trilingual, I think I have found your profile:D If it does-cute picture:D

  347. Taylor Made SB says:

    @ CaliSB

    I haven’t spent too much time browsing the SB profiles, but you have me well interested. I’ll more than likely take a peek out of curiosity

    Lol personally, if being “Over intelligent” intimidates a guy than there’s a huge chance that I would never be interested. I find intelligence extremely sexy and the way I have arranged the content in my profile, it portrays just that. I assume from the traffic I get on my profile that intelligent men do enjoy the presence of an intelligent woman. However, I am still in university where being hot still has it’s perks but on SA I enjoy utilizing what I typically don’t which is smart conversation with a brilliant individual ๐Ÿ™‚

  348. Jersey Darling says:

    [email protected] having butterflies inside. Haha!

    Speaking of Python, I’m a huge fan of the black python Michael Kors bags… I don’t like anything else of his, just the black python. ๐Ÿ˜€

  349. RussianSB says:

    I love that python skin Prada purse …

  350. RussianSB says:

    Why ? Prada don’t have butterflies inside ??? Then why they charge so much at the shop ??? WTF

  351. RussianSB says:

    ”Just wonโ€™t be enough traffic to attract visitors. Unless Russian donates her booby pictures ”
    Even if I donate my booby pictures with perky nipples – it simply won’t work, Dear.
    You have very good idea, but Sugar web community very small. We are talking about 30 000 members ( am I correct ?). While at Russian dating site is about 13 000 000 members.
    We just have enough traffic to fill the SA blog, it is why we use it partly like forum and partly like blacklist. So, go and check already existing fakedaddy sites – and you see that none of them last long. Also it is giving fake security feeling, because not all the bad apples will be on such site.
    But if you will do it – it must have content with real names and phone numbers, and that is security issue – other way it has no sense, because fake SDs and fake SBs every time create new profile to find a new victum.

    Moderaters, thank you to let us sharing ”bad apples” profiles at SA blog !

  352. AfricanQueen says:

    @RussianSB, lol yes I suppose ๐Ÿ™‚

  353. RussianSB says:

    @African Queen
    How long does it take to find a good husbant ?
    And to find a really good SD is just taking a little less time, I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

  354. California SB says:

    Taylor if you browse girls profiles… you would be glad you are not a guy
    … most pics girls publish are not that good. Being over intelligent in your profile can intimidate guys too by the way….

  355. Taylor Made SB says:

    I mean if they’re fugly than thats unfortunate but I’m sure most girls have a lot to offer, some just lack expression in their text. Perhaps a creative writing course will do them justice ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lol well “to each is own”, far more interesting things than being “hot”. I do like when individuals notice that I do have a brain and I’m sure there are many who’d agree, “Hot” is fun but “hot” does run its course.

  356. California SB says:

    Taylor: “doll”

    Yup, like a barbie doll. It’s hot! ๐Ÿ™‚

    “easy being hot”

    Not really, ask the thousands of girls who think they are hot and when they don’t get a response they wonder why. Also guys want you to be truly hot AND interesting. Which of course I am both. ๐Ÿ˜›

  357. ContentSB says:

    @Tina — Hey girl!!! I’ll get to writing…it’s been a bit of a crazy month! Can’t wait to hear how you’ve been doing as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  358. flyr says:

    @JDarling ” I canโ€™t believe weโ€™re referencing Apple here.”

    Well 2,000 years later the most successful logo in he world is the apple with a single bite taken from it. The magic of the garden still works. ……

  359. Tina says:

    Content! MWWWAAAAAAA!!!!!!! You SO need to e-mail me details on how things are going sugar plum! ๐Ÿ™‚

  360. ContentSB says:

    No MT resorts made the list?? Come on now, kids. Big Sky and Big Mountain (now Whitefish Mtn. Resort) are both kick ass. They may not be as flashy, but the quality of skiing is definitely on par with CO with the added benefit of no lift lines. I don’t know why I keep telling people how awesome these places are….I should probably keep these gems to myself ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope all of you sugars are doing well!

  361. AfricanQueen says:

    @Flyr, good points, thank you!

  362. Taylor Made SB says:

    @Cali Sb

    So what I got out of your response is (correct me if i’m wrong) That he wanted you to pose for him? A bit like a doll? You were his play thing? Like a live Barbie; mindless, submissive, but gorgeous ;)….I think certain photos attract the SD one wants. Yes, I agree guys are visual but a select few want a bit more substance. Being “hot” is easy, its what they can’t see thats alluring….Atleast that’s what I’ve noticed :p

  363. Jack says:

    Hi all,

    Funny topic, this one, given that I was at Aspen two days ago and skied Steamboat (Colorado) today, and am taking my girls (ages 7 and 8, not multiple SBs!) to ski Heavenly (LakeTahoe) this coming weekend.

    I have no idea how the above ranking system was established, but I would disagree with it. Because Mammoth and Tahoe are both in Calif, I would bet there are more SD/SB pairs there than in 10 Whistlers.

    Regardless, I completely agree that the setting of a ski resort is about as close to ideal for an SD/SB outing as any one can imagine (Carribean/beach destination would be pretty close).

    And the ultimate is when the SB skis (or boards) well so that we can enjoy the slopes during the day and other athletic activities at night.


  364. Jersey Darling says:

    Flyr, if you’re interested in a knowledge exchange, you can email me at puffin 532 @ gmail. It’s a throwaway email address, when you email me I’ll respond from my real one ๐Ÿ™‚

  365. Jersey Darling says:

    Flyr – your post just made me giggle. I can’t believe we’re referencing Apple here.

    Good advice though!

    Cali, I emailed you.

  366. flyr says:

    @AQ –

    You have a lot of good points in your profile. However, I get the feeling it started without a solid mission statement and outline.

    The mission statement is not part of the profile but is a reminder of what you want to achieve

    Goal – attract quality SD who is honest, respects my intellect and needs and provides an X level of financial assistance over the long term.

    Identify Target SD and message to attract – All purpose SB’s are a thing of the past

    Branding – I would not lead with African Queen – Your prospective SD probably does not respond to the self proclaimed queen (Other than the Queen of O) or even princess and African may not be the message you want to lead with. Your profile picture and ethnicity are clear but labeling yourself as “African” brings more risks than probable rewards, unless that’s how you define yourself.

    The Outline

    Answer the question – what makes you special. Focus on what’s special about you to your target audience.

    Talk about what you are looking for

    Ask for the order

    Do all of the above in word and then check for spelling and grammar

    While you are working on this visit a free marketing specialist – your neighborhood Apple store , Notice how they manage the visual and social environment from the storefront , through the store , the products, the attentiveness to your needs, getting the order , the bag your product is placed in and their encouragement for you to return for further help.

    All of this should be a 3-4 day project, not a late night act of desperation.

    As part of your market research you might even try some searches in your geographic area. What’s the profile of prospective SD

  367. California SB says:

    Jersey: email me at californiadreaming1 at ymail

  368. AfricanQueen says:

    Thank you, I will make the proper corrections. I appreciate you taking the time to read my profile.

  369. Jersey Darling says:

    Aside from one typo I caught (last sentence, *I am looking for a genlteman), the written portion looks fine. It’s genuine and detailed, though I’m not sure if a SD would make his way through the whole thing. It’s a little lengthy.

    I’d say you need more pictures. A full body shot is a must. It’s also very clear who you are looking to attract, so I’d keep your full body shot conservative but sexy. A smiling photo that shows your teeth is also necessary.

  370. AfricanQueen says:

    @Jersey 1306468 is my profile number or your can just search for AfricanQueen, I have no problem hearing what you have to say, I’m fairly new to this, so any input will be taken into consideration.

  371. Jersey Darling says:

    By the way, has anyone here tried eharmony? I did once and got rejected based on my answers to the personality quiz, LOL.

  372. California SB says:

    Taylor: One of my SDs on our first date years ago asked me to make the poses I had on my pictures back then, because he loved them so much. Guys are VISUAL. They need to see your body in bikinis or lingerie. And you better rock it or they won’t write back….

  373. Jersey Darling says:

    AfricanQueen, I haven’t seen your profile so I can’t comment on it. If you’d like to post it again, along with what you’re hoping to attract (your target audience), I’d be happy to give you my two cents.

  374. Jersey Darling says:

    Butterflies > Prada to me, but I’ve never cared much for brands.

    Eharmony wouldn’t do it for me, I’ve always craved excitement ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Cali, would you be open to posting your profile?

  375. California SB says:

    Queen: you ARE very pretty but you need to work harder on your image. Period.

  376. AfricanQueen says:

    @Cali, I’m not sure if you are trying to reprimand me, but you’re tone didn’t come across very welcoming. Yes I am working on better photo images…my race shouldn’t matter because there are several races on that site Northern European or Caucasian aren’t the only racial backgrounds that captivate men…and my weight is not a big issue, I simply have more of a curvier frame, not my fault I have an exotic background.

    I do appreciate the feedback you gave me in our previous conversations, however this is a blog site and I was just looking for another input from the suggestions I have already made or are in the process of making.

  377. Taylor Made SB says:

    @Cali SB

    “AfricanQueen: Iโ€™ve seen your pictures and as I told you before โ€ฆ. if you donโ€™t take better pictures, you wonโ€™t get quality SDs. Also, you are a woman of color which sorry to say, it will diminish the pool of SDs. Moving to NYC might be of little to help if you donโ€™t take care of your image: weight, glamour, etc etc.”

    Curious, what do you mean by “take better pictures”, specifically?….Image is imperative, but what sorts of photos do you suggest…This is just for conversation sake ๐Ÿ™‚

  378. California SB says:

    Jersey: “perfect SD โ€“ you know, the one that gives you butterflies”

    Jersey my dearest… SA is not eharmony, sweetie…. you need to look for the SD who gives you Prada, not butterflies. ๐Ÿ˜›

  379. California SB says:

    AfricanQueen: I’ve seen your pictures and as I told you before …. if you don’t take better pictures, you won’t get quality SDs. Also, you are a woman of color which sorry to say, it will diminish the pool of SDs. Moving to NYC might be of little to help if you don’t take care of your image: weight, glamour, etc etc.

  380. AfricanQueen says:

    Yeah, I’ve had a lot of the p4p men too, the first message I got was “How soon can we get busy?” I was like, what?! Lol…it is a bit discouraging, I live in ATL…what did you change your pictures to? What other sites do you suggest? I like how I don’t have to pay for this site unless I want to…I have tried other sites, but they were scams.

  381. Jersey Darling says:

    My first time around I was discouraged. Didn’t get many responses, and overwhelmingly the responses I get (even now) are from men looking to be dominated. I also had a lot of responses from men looking for p4p. I changed my pictures and it took care of most of the p4p guys… not the ones looking to be dominated though. Still don’t know why I attract that sort of energy.

    I’d also suggest being on more than one website. Where do you live now?

  382. AfricanQueen says:

    @Jersey, thanks for the response! I have been on here for almost a month and have had some contacts (not personal meetings though) but they were not serious. I’m actually planning to move to NYC hopefully this year…I know I’ll have more luck there like you said.

  383. Jersey Darling says:

    @AfricanQueen, I don’t have a lot of advice to give on this as it may happen quickly or it may never happen at all.

    I’m still looking for the perfect SD – you know, the one that gives you butterflies and all that. I actually found someone who had that affect on me, but he was not interested in an arrangement with me. I have, however, found a daddy that I’m comfortable and happy with. It happened for me about 3 months after I first joined this website and considered this lifestyle, and only about a week after I decided I was serious about it.

    I also live near NYC. Living in a metro area makes my search much easier.

    It’s hard to find someone you actually connect with though. Maybe someone who’s been doing this for years could shed some light on this for you.

  384. AfricanQueen says:

    Ok, so maybe I was too late in the last post conversation, but on average, how long does it take to find a good SD?

  385. Taylor Made SB says:

    I’m a pretty decent snowboarder, an SD I was seeing @ home lives in Whistler during the winter months. Pleaded that i’d come for some time but being a full time student, cant really find time to up and go to Canada. A girl can always dream :)…..or wait until graduation ๐Ÿ˜€

  386. Taylor Made SB says:

    A pot was interested in Voyeurism…..I was not. I suggested he’d subscribe to a website….nicht fur mich…blehhh :/

  387. Jersey Darling says:

    Well I think that was record time for derailing a topic, from skiing to fetishes!

    @Emily, I’ve never been skiing either. Now snow tubing, that seems fun!

  388. Transgendered Emily from Massachusetts says:

    I never learned to ski. My last partner said he’d teach me but never did. I live in Massachusetts and I’ve never been skiing.

  389. Treasured says:

    On the whole I am pretty open minded to kinks and fetishes, as long as they are legal and have two willing adults participating. Under 18, animals and bugs do not fall into that category ๐Ÿ˜€

    Some kinks, like D/S, can really turn me on. Nothing too heavy, but some mind games and mind (not physical control) can be so very arousing…. And make sex life so much more exciting ๐Ÿ˜€

  390. Jersey Darling says:

    I didn’t ask too much about it. He mentioned it during a modeling shoot and it made me squeamish and I didn’t want to learn more.

    He mentioned some fetishes I’d be great for, that part was interesting and a good laugh!

  391. Treasured says:

    I have heard about all kinds of fetishes. Starting with a regular feet fetish to pretending that you impregnate a woman, or actually doing so… Hmmm…
    But this one is really new to me ๐Ÿ˜€
    Were any bugs acceptable or was he after a specific one? As in “Die, nasty worm, die!” ๐Ÿ˜€

    By the way… If anyone is curious where do fetishes come from. To explain it simple, there is a part of the brain which is responsible for sexual arousal, and, by some reason, in some people a part of the brain, responsible, for example “I see/touch feet” is right next to it. Basically rubbing together ๐Ÿ˜€ So, boys, who have some fetishes, don’t worry – it is just a joke of nature.

    Different thing is kinks, such as “I am a big baby”, “I want to feel dominated” etc. Those have different psychological reasons, starting from childhood experience.

  392. Treasured says:

    @Lexxy – Since you have asked so nicely. Yes, good idea. But similar stuff has been done before – called something like fakesugardaddy dot com

    One thing if you want to do it just to help and give info. Second, if you want to make cash. Making a LOT of cash won’t happen, unless you start a membership fee.
    Just won’t be enough traffic to attract visitors. Unless Russian donates her booby pictures ๐Ÿ˜›

    Another thing to consider – legal actions from exposed SDs. Some people would mind a lot to have info about them posted on internet. Also, I think, a problem like that happened with the fakesugardaddy dot com

  393. Jersey Darling says:

    @Treasured – that’s a fetish I’ve never heard of! The grossest fetish I’ve been asked to participate in is crushing bugs while wearing heels…

    I politely declined…

  394. Treasured says:

    JD – it is never too late to learn ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now then. JUST when I though I knew everything about the kink world, I saw this profile 1284359

    “You should have an open mind about my fetish: I like to see girls using orthopedic devices as wheelchairs, braces, crutches. It is very important for me. ”

    Is this new in fashion or has been in for a while? ๐Ÿ˜€

    PS: I am in a studying mode and a girl does need a distraction time to time ๐Ÿ˜€ Member’s profiles is like people watching without leaving my bed ๐Ÿ˜€

  395. Lexxy says:

    Since everyone might see this since it’s a new thread I just would like to see if anyone would be interested

    Treasure , russian. And tequila I’d like you to weigh in

    Id like to start a forum that sugar babes and daddyโ€™s can use. It would provide info on profiles to stay away from, general chat, sugar babe concerns , and a place where we can all be safe and leave any contact info if we travel or go on a date (since if anyone is like me and doesnโ€™t have friends to tell). Iโ€™m willing to expand but wanna know if any of youโ€™d be interested before I put Time in it . I would like to make one of the longer SB a mod/admin. Itโ€™s not to compete but a place where we can be a little more open on info if one choosesโ€ฆ.just feeling the watersโ€ฆ

    Sorry for going off topic I just would love to start this

  396. Jersey Darling says:

    Hmm… Too bad I don’t ski ๐Ÿ˜€

  397. Treasured says:

    In Europe it is Zermatt, Courchevel and same old St. Moritz.

    I prefer to ski in Val Thorens… Well, with an access to all Three Valleys ๐Ÿ˜€ Perfect slopes, long runs and being that high – guaranteed snow ๐Ÿ™‚

  398. Treasured says:

    First!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Aude says:

      THE best place In Europe is Switzerland :
      Verbier – Saitn-Moritz – Gstaad – Davos and Crans-Montana

      To be continued …..