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Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Colleges of 2012


As the cost of living rises and tuition hikes continue, coed Sugar Babies continue to flock to SeekingArrangement in search of Sugar Daddies. One of the most popular questions from the media (besides the obvious) is “why college students”? If you have been following the news on college students, the millennial generation, generation y, or the lost generation, then this really shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.


While the cost of living rises, the likelihood of landing a job after graduation decreases. So racking up a student loan while you are working your way to a degree that will not necessarily guarantee you the high-paying position you hoped for, is not exactly the best decision. No one wants to start paying off loans the day they graduate, if they are unable to start their career. And unfortunately, not everyone has parents with deep pockets to help fund their educations. Some members of the lost generation choose to work double shifts while attending school full time, and others find Sugar Daddies to help them find their way.

This was the second year we released our annual list of the “Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Colleges”, and once again we are taking the media by storm.











The following is the list of the Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools, by new sign ups in 2012:

1. Georgia State University 292
2. New York University 285
3. Temple University 268
4. University of Central Florida 221
5. University of South Florida 212
6. Arizona State University 204
7. Florida International University 187
8. University of Georgia 148
9. Indiana University 131
10. Texas State 128
11. Kent State University 123
12. Penn State 121
13. University of North Texas 112
14. Florida State University 111
15.Tulane University 109
16. Michigan State University 108
17. Ohio University 103
18. Columbia University 100
19. University of Alabama 96
20. University of California Los Angeles 91


Is your alma mater on our list?
Are you a coed Sugar Baby? How does your arrangement work?
What advice would you give to Sugar Babies in school?

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327 Responses to “Top 20 Fastest Growing Sugar Colleges of 2012”

  1. Jersey Darling says:

    Uh huh. Another computer jockey. Filing this tidbit into my mental database 😉

  2. DorkyGuy says:

    Guilty as charged… I own a web application company. I am able to contribute so much to the blog because I have it up along side my work.

  3. Jersey Darling says:

    Starting a thread rotation are we…

    You’re into computers aren’t you? I’d recognize that testing mentality anywhere.

  4. DorkyGuy says:

    Ha! 😛 This is the new nerd thread. Welcome!

  5. Jersey Darling says:

    Caught you!

  6. DorkyGuy says:

    Test quote with test citation ~inner cite

  7. Lex says:

    I’ve been on here trying to find someone to help me with student loans and cost of living in San Diego and nothing… Maybe I’m not as lucky as a lot of people on here.. :((

  8. Ashbella says:

    Hello from New Zealand ! Had an awesome experience on SA. Payed off my credit cards, loans and uni fees….whoah best thing I ever did. Two of my friends followed my steps and are doing the same thing. We are all on the site and have never looked back:)

  9. jessica says:

    You encourage college students of the United States by offering them a free premium account, which I find fantastic since it is hard for a student to pay the bills. But the .edu email accounts are from the american system, and as a student from Canada, I feel like me and my peer college sugar babies would be very grateful if you could find a way to include us in this offer!
    Thank you!

  10. Bianca says:

    The only sugar baby on this blog that is not about ‘sugar coating’ is CaliSb I notice a lot of the sb’s on this blog sugar coat way too much especially when they say they are not all about the money, yea right!

    • Tina says:

      @Blanca: And how well do you know me in person? Exactly; I am who I am, and know that I’m not in this just for the money. If you don’t believe that, it’s your decision. Your opinion doesn’t affect my life or decisions one way or the other.

    • SDinLA says:

      …and considering that Cali SB is a known troll (Madison) and not even located in California, you’d be advised to take any of her supposed statements with a large grain of salt.

      Casting aspersions on other SBs just because it is all about the money for you isn’t very becoming. Everyone who dips their toe into the water re: sugar has their own motivations, and it is most emphatically NOT always about money.

      • Lo says:

        wait what is this about being a known troll?? have i been trolled and not even have known it? lol

      • SDinLA says:

        @Lo There was a blog poster from the NYC area who got banned several times who used the name I mentioned. She is now back as “Cali SB.” She writes the same way, uses the same phrases etc. and moderators have confirmed that she is not posting from an IP in California even though she claims to be local to me.

        She has toned down her behavior a bit- not making personal attacks on SDs and SBs as much- which is why she’s still around I suppose, but given the above, I would be very careful about believing anything she says re: how many SDs she has, how much she gets from them and so on.

    • Jersey Darling says:

      Bianca, so you are all about the money then?

      Why are you here? You’ll make more being a prostitute. Hop to it!

  11. Tina says:

    @ChicagoSD / Stacy: I think in the end, it depends on what the woman deems is appropriate for her situation, and how much she feels will address her financial needs. For me, $1000 a month would make a HUGE difference, but I also have a job that takes care of my basic needs, and don’t intend on using it for shopping. Do I see myself at the level of a hooker? Absolutely not! Regardless of the “compensation”, I’m worth more than just sex. My affection is also NOT for sale. If I’m not truly attracted to you, I won’t have sex with you. If I don’t enjoy your company, I won’t be around you. There are SBs that think differently, and to each their own, but if I don’t find you attractive, appealing, and good for me, I won’t be with you regardless of the money and gifts you may give. I’m in this for the NSA and nature of the relationship, not necessarily for the money itself.

    • ChicagoSD says:

      @Tina – you are my kind of girl.
      I do not date college sb’s. Well, I did date a 32 year old grad student for eight months, but that is not the same. My preferred age group is 30 to 45. Women that know what they want and don’t want. Women that are interested in me for me, and as keen on the adventure as for the support.

      • Tina says:

        @ChicagoSD: you’re in the minority for the age group you’re looking at. I’m almost 35, and deemed “too old” by a lot of SD standards. C’est la vie! 🙂

  12. ChicagoSD says:

    Stacy, I can’t change the math. If a girl gets an allowance of $1000 and sees the guy 4 times a month, that is $250. Three times it is $333.

    My objection is in two parts. First, do not kid these girls. They are told that an arrangement will bring them a solution to their financial problems. It won’t. Second, they are sold dreams of hitting it big. $10,000 a month. Marry a millionaire. It is the same dream sold as lottery tickets, but without the statistical truth. Who wins? The people selling the dream.

  13. Stacy, says:

    But, Chicago! You’re telling women to accept low quality hooker compensation. There’s no difference between what you offer and a regular John!

  14. ChicagoSD says:

    @stacy – I couldn’t agree more. She needs to know that bedroom sex is a commodity.

    I exchanged a couple of emails recently with a college SB that was thinking about hooking for a while when she stumbled across this site instead. She had been there done that and would much prefer an SD. At least she would know what she was getting when she walked through the door.

    That exchange saddened me. I understood her need and the scarcity of her alternatives. But why would I want to be an alternative to a john? I passed.

  15. Tina says:

    @Rae: welcome to the sugar world, you might want to post your question on the new topic so that you can get more responses (many people only look at the new topic to reply to)

    @SDinLA: errrrrrr, sorry dear, I’ve completely forgotten if/why you’re begging my pardon……as for the rose garden, I’m building that myself! Roses are due in the first week of February, and the plants for my first foray into a butterfly garden are due sometime in March. 🙂 And it’s nice to see you back on the blog! Let the smartassery commence! 😀

  16. Stacy, says:

    Okay Chicago, let’s take your math a little further. $500 per month is equivalent to two ‘meetings’ with your average Internet hooker, who charges by the hour, requires you wear a condom for oral, and probably has only a high school education (if that). Every sugar girl needs to know THAT math, not saying if they should accept $500 per month or not, but she should understand market conditions, and give him what he pays for.

  17. Kay says:

    UNT sb over here 🙂

  18. ChicagoSD says:

    I would like to go back on topic, although I did read through all the responses and must applaud flyr in particular for his observations.

    The average mid-career college graduate salary in the US in pre-recession 2008 was $55,700. And for the more common fields:
    Nursing: $68,200
    Multimedia & Web Design: $61,200
    Health Care Administration: $60,800
    Medical Technology: $59,300
    Criminal Justice: $58,000
    Graphic Design: $56,800
    Paralegal Studies: $51,300
    Culinary Arts: $50,600

    Multiply the salary by roughly 70% (taxes about 30%). Divide by 12. Monthly net income for the average salary was $3,250.

    I have been a sugar daddy on and off since 2005. While there are exceptions, most of the college sugar babies I have met are (a) fully aware of these salary realities, (b) in denial of what it implies for their future lifestyle, and (c) are terrified of any math that involves their student loans.

    Add to this – SD’s are scarce, even in the big cities. I did the math once and concluded that in my town, Chicago, there are maybe 500 SD’s, and most of those are already taken. If I am typical, and why assume otherwise, I have one main SB, two occasional SB’s, and four offers in my inbox every week.

    Why point these realities out? Well, solutions presented to someone like Jennifer irk me. She found a guy that will part with $500 every few weeks. Celebrate. Work him. Try to get him up to twice a month. I don’t know where Jennifer is at, but 30 to 1 she is not in New York, and New York numbers do not apply to the rest of the country. The numbers presented on SA to college age SB’s are misrepresentative. They are those “New York numbers.” Maybe you will get $3000 a month in New York. It’s $1000 in Chicago, and $500 in Peoria. (Total aside, but I got a kick how the New York events were a hit, while the LA events were a bomb. And if LA bombed, what would you expect in the heartland?)

    Are there exceptions to the statistical norms? Sure. There are also lottery winners and the occasional Lady Gaga. But SB’s, should those set your expectations?

    Look, what I spend on SB’s is what I spend on SB’s. It won’t change because of a forum, or because of the numbers promoted here on SA. I am just a little peeved at seeing young women mislead. My advice to these women? Focus on the numbers that derive from your degree. Your future husband has the same numbers on his balance sheet. If you get lucky and catch an SD’s attention, and wallet, treat it as a temporary jolt of good luck. It won’t last. Don’t squander it. When you look back on this episode many years from now, your true take-away will be that glimpse of how one breaks out of the Average and into the extremes of the bell curve.

  19. SDinLA says:

    I’m taking up a collection amongst blog SDs to fly I Love West Coast Girl and Treasured to Moscow so we can have the two of them and RussianSB drive around and reenact the video for Мама Люба by Серебро/Serebro


    I think the Guru has some fancy camera equipment, he can be the videographer.

    @Tina I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden.

  20. Tina says:

    @Tequila: I was going to ask you the same thing, but I was looking for multiple Or-ga 5M events personally…………

  21. JustATequilaSD says:

    Can you fill out those forms in triplicate for me??

  22. JustATequilaSD says:

    “you’ve filled out so many of those you’re a pro, huh?”
    Actually, I believe it started as the tech response to several user-error problems that we’d solve on a daily basis. To make it even easier to laugh at you, we insisted that you fill out a work order detailing the problem. This way we could share the fun with other little geeky tech nerds instantly via the internet. And yes, I have seen many such forms, but keep going and someday you’ll get the joke as well.
    -Mr. 10T

    PS – For anyone that is using a help desk or IT service, have no fear, we don’t share your misfortune beyond that of our nearest associates.

    PPS – Lil Sis, if my former comment insulted you, I will only venture to say that it only insults those people that are truly stupid. Everyone else simply sees it as a joke. Since, I do not normally include you as an idiot, and I am surprised and saddened by both of your responses. 🙁

  23. Tina says:

    @Tequila: I forgot to mention, while filling out the forms with the appropriate equipment, yelling “RELEASE THE KRAKEN” will result in immediate approval and move you to the head of the line for the 0r-ga 5m event

  24. Tina says:

    @Tequila: I have blank ID 10T forms here for you to fill out, just please be sure to bring a full PEN 1S with all BA-11s attached as they will both be used extensively during the ID 10T application process. 😉

  25. California SB says:

    Jersey: There is always room for more…. between 11PM and 5 AM on a sunday, work remote the next day, go to a spa at lunch time…. 😛

  26. California SB says:

    Tequila also know for Mr.ID 10T: ” So, I’m only curious”

    Curiosity killed a cat…

  27. California SB says:

    Tequila:” Reference: ID 10T.”

    Wow you’ve filled out so many of those you’re a pro, huh? LMFAO

  28. JustATequilaSD says:

    “Any guy who is on SA looking for commitment, love and monogamy…”
    But sometimes it happens, in fact sometimes you create a site for sugar and it pays off with a very long term commitment…just ask Brandon.

    ” should fill out the Id- I – OT form”
    I think you meant Identification form 10-T. Perhaps you should look over the form just to make sure you’ve got it down cold. Reference: ID 10T.

    ” every guys dream”
    Most girls don’t aspire to be a guy’s dream, especially after she’s been around him for a while. Maybe it gets too hard being everything that drew him to her and she gets tired. (Marriage usually increases this tendency.)

    So, I’m only curious when I ask you which is more important if you had to choose one and without any SD’s: a very rich husband that was always working or a husband that you saw every day and you knew wouldn’t trade you in but was making just enough to pay off your car, house, smaller vacations, etc.

  29. Jersey Darling says:

    Cali, with a full time job and 3 SDs how would you have time for more?

    You are a very lucky girl in this sugar world.

  30. California SB says:

    Looking for my 4th SD…. but I think I’m so attached to my current ones, I keep seeing flaws in some pretty good ones….

  31. California SB says:

    Madeline: Yup, all that!! Times 3 if you have more than one SD. 😛

  32. Madeline says:

    Hence the allowance, fancy dinners, shows, shopping sprees, and spa days!

  33. California SB says:

    As a general rule, I find that guys on SA, he will rather have 10 young and naive girls for 300 each, than one smart one for 3K. However, once they get used to the special 3K one…. they won’t go back to the cheap ones. You just have to become the special one. It’s like drinking good and bad scotch. You know by the first sip.

  34. California SB says:

    Madeline, you mean both, looking for a young girl and a commitment? Yeah, that’s every guys dream. Except if they want to get the dream girl it will cost them. A LOT. 🙂

  35. Madeline says:

    You can’t be both? Come on.

  36. California SB says:

    Madeline: “A lot of guys are here because their schedules don’t allow for traditional dating”

    A lot of guys are here looking for a young girl to bang, don’t fool yourself.

  37. California SB says:

    Frank: “using money to get respect is the same as gals using their looks to get respect. Somehow it works.”

    SA is the right site for that. But don’t tell me you’re looking for love,monogamy and ‘like me for me’…. won’t work.

  38. Madeline says:

    I don’t think they have to be looking for “commitment, love and monogamy” just because they want to spend time with a girl who enjoys their personality and is attracted to them.
    A lot of guys are here because their schedules don’t allow for traditional dating, but that doesn’t mean that they want to see someone who see’s seeing them as a ‘job’.

  39. Frank says:

    Calf-guys using money to get respect is the same as gals using their looks to get respect. Somehow it works.

  40. California SB says:

    Jersey, if guys were really looking for respect… they wouldn’t use money to their advantage….

  41. Rae says:

    Hey everyone, I am completely new the Sugar Baby world. Is there any advice I should take to heart right away? (other than the common sense be safe/smart/do your research kind of thing)

  42. Jersey Darling says:

    I was never able to get on eHarmony – they rejected me from the start 😉

    Cali, I agree with you that I wouldn’t come on a site like this either. But they know money is part of the package that makes them who they are.

  43. California SB says:

    Any guy who is on SA looking for commitment, love and monogamy… should fill out the Id- I – OT form….

  44. California SB says:

    I don’t know but if I were a guy… I would never go to an arrangement site to find a girl who likes me for me…

  45. California SB says:

    I was at eharmony last year for a week, they only matched me with accountants…. sucked LOL LOL

  46. Jersey Darling says:

    Nah they don’t belong there. They like to take care of you, just in their own way.

    That’s the beauty of it – there’s something for everyone in the sugar bowl.

  47. California SB says:

    Leave the “bleeding hearts” to eharmony girls…. that is where they belong!!!

  48. Jersey Darling says:

    @Madeline – Exactly! It can be very hard managing the time and that’s the biggest challenge, but in the long run I’ve found them much more generous and more suited to my personality.

    Of course, every so often you come across one that drives you nuts and makes you wish you were with someone married instead, but c’est la vie! 🙂

  49. Madeline says:

    What happened to the chat boxes, I remember them being around for a hot minute. Was that a fail?

  50. Madeline says:

    @Jersey – Agreed. I used to avoid the “bleeding heart” because I thought they were a time-sink, and that they would never truly feel comfortable with the sugar dynamic. But lately I’ve realized that you just have to ease into their style of a relationship. They need reassurance that you like them for them, and that you enjoy your time with them, not juuuussssst the bling.
    But once you get them feeling solid about your affection, they can be so much kinder and more generous than the guys who draw up the arrangement business plan. The bleeding heart wants to take care of you, while the “contractor” wants a transaction.

  51. Madeline says:

    @SD Guru – I agree 100%. While everything he’s doing is appreciated, he is laying it on a little thick. The pressure to commit to “bedroom fun” before we’ve even made eye contact is a little un-smooth. But regarding his gift of the lens, he hasn’t gone wrong. My profile mentions my interest in photography, and my internship in that field. His first message mentioned his interest in helping me out with some additions to my gear. This lens will actually open up a lot of opportunity for me, as I’ve had to turn down a lot of gigs because my current lenses weren’t right for low light settings.
    The fact that he paid attention to my profile, and wanted to find something that would make a difference in my life counts for a lot.

  52. Jersey Darling says:

    @Cali, that may work for your type of SDs. But if you’re like me and tend to enjoy the company of “bleeding hearts” as I call them, the ones that want to feel it is more of a natural relationship and less of a financial transaction, it often needs to be handled differently. The bleeding heart type of SD requires more time in general.

    • Jersey Darling says:

      To elaborate, if I do broach the topic early on with them, more than once I’ve gotten half of what I would have than if I’d waited. Their offers go up in time as they see the value in you beyond the bedroom, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts of mine.

  53. Tina says:

    @Guru: I’m sorry, but I just have to laugh, because the way you answered the questions makes it seem like you have “more than once” children and “does it matter” wives. RussianSB asked how many children (and wives) you have, while Jennifer asked the 1) 2) questions…..sorry, I know I’m being a bit of a smartass, but I can’t help it today 😉

  54. Madeline says:

    Thanks for the words of wisdom!
    Everyone seems to have their own take/opinion on the approach to the first night with a good pot. I guess my method will be to agree to nothing up front, and just go with my gut as the date goes on.
    Something tells me the hotel room will go to good use.

    I texted him back saying that I wanted to be direct and let him know that as I’m not looking for a one night fling, but something on-going with the right person, I was hesitant to dive into anything, but that so far he seemed wonderful, and that I was looking forward to seeing where the night takes us.
    I’ll let him decide whether to bring the lens along dinner or not. If at dinner I don’t intend to see him again, I won’t be taking it anyway.

    @RussianSB, Not afraid of him! Just don’t want to mess it up! Thought I should see how other SBs would handle it, and how SDs would react in his shoes.

    @JerseySB Would love to meet up sometime! Love a good cocktail story swap.
    Connect us, blog gods?

  55. SD Guru says:

    “if you are going to offer to give me a cash gift, can you at least make me feel like I was worth it?”

    The situation you described is a good example of what can happen when an arrangement isn’t clearly discussed and agreed to by both sides before intimacy occurs. Take it as a learning experience and move on. Since men can’t read minds, what could he have given you to make you feel like you’re “worth it”? Also, you mentioned that you slept well, but how was the sex?

    “The lens clocks in at 2.5k…. he asked if I’d like him to bring it to dinner or give it to me at the hotel when we go back for champagne..”

    Your pot SD is guilty of trying too hard to impress. That may work on some SB’s, but apparently that’s not going to work with you. If he’s smart, he’d practice the art of seduction to make you feel more comfortable and not feel like being bought or manipulated.

    The plans for fancy dinner, 5 star hotel, expensive lense, etlc show that he is a man of means. But those seem to be the choices he wants to make. How would you rather have him spend his resources on you? For example, would 2500 cash be more useful than a 2500 lense to you, or would you rather that he spends less on dinner and room but more on your allowance?

    “it depends very much of girl who asking you question, and you never know what we have in our minds”

    The reason I posed my questions was because I seem to get asked that a lot by girls from Russia or Eastern Europe. So I wanted to see what would prompt them to ask such questions.

    FWIW, my answers were: (1) More than once. (2) Does it matter? :mrgreen:

  56. California SB says:

    I’m not sure why people avoid the allowance talk so much. That should be the first thing to get out of the way before moving forward, even before picking what bar they should meet. “I’m thinking $$$. Honey I can only give you $$ plus hopping. Deal, let’s meet for drinks to see if there is any chemistry”. How difficult is that???

  57. Jersey Darling says:

    Managing expectations is huge unless both people are remarkably laid back. I’m going through some pains related to that right now.

  58. California SB says:

    * I meant to say Jennifer 🙂

  59. California SB says:

    Flyr: I know what you are saying. But new SBs are not really sure how this works so, I was just adding what it is obvious, that no means no.

    Back to the failure in communication…. in that case, the SD took advantage of her and she was left almost like being assaulted without being assaulted; It seems she wasn’t clear if she should have sex or not. The fact that no one talked about allowance is another fact that it is just so bizarre to me.

    Jersey: I think you meant to say (say no to sex,put your clothes on,take out the money from the purse and put it on the dresser and run incase he happens to be a spychopath.)Lol!


  60. flyr says:

    CASB – I was focused on the point where sex was expected/promised and agree with you that the girl always has the right to say no. It’s about managing expectations………. as relationship scars are forever.

    Lots of potentially great SB/SD and irl relationships suffer an early death due to a failure to manage expectations.

  61. Jennifer says:

    CaliSB-Except, Bella, even after there is 5K in your purse and your clothes are off you still have the right to say you don’t want to go ahead with any sex, don’t ever forget that.

    I think you meant to say (say no to sex,put your clothes on,take out the money from the purse and put it on the dresser and run incase he happens to be a spychopath.)Lol!

  62. California SB says:

    Flyr: “Crossing his hotel door threshold is a pretty well recognized point”

    Except, Bella, even after there is 5K in your purse and your clothes are off you still have the right to say you don’t want to go ahead with any sex, don’t ever forget that.

  63. flyr says:

    “we had sex”

    I think the summary of female wisdom ( and a lot of wisdom it is) is not to have sex until you want to have sex and will approach it like a $1 sale at Tiffanys……………………….

    The foundation is to not put yourself in a situation where sex is expected before you are ready . One or both are likely to be disappointed. Crossing his hotel door threshold is a pretty well recognized point , further confirmed by getting into any less than vertical position. this is the basic course …….

    It’s possible you were both disappointed but only the two of you know.

  64. California SB says:

    Just read this online somwhere:

    “Who would spend up to $5k a month on a 20 y.o. that you would see once maybe twice a week? Hmmm… wish my wife would get me a one-month subscription for my bday! ”


  65. California SB says:

    Bella: “we had sex”

    The point here is regardless if you had sex or not…. you NEVER discussed allowance. Don’t blame the dude for throwing you a couple of hundred if you never told him how much you wanted!! Next time please do this:

    “Hey since we are meeting tomorrow at (insert place here), we should discuss allowance. I was thinking (insert amount here), but we can discuss in more detail in person.”

    Please don’t ever meet anyone for sex without discussing allowance missy.

  66. Frank says:

    Russia-how many times have you been in love? do you have any children?

    “Franked” Russia you are such a delight!

  67. RussianSB says:

    @SD GURU, you see what I mean by your questions and what California SB meant. So, it depends very much of girl who asking you question, and you never know what we have in our minds 🙂

  68. RussianSB says:

    Play, but not overplay. If ladies want disscuss allowance in details before meet, why daddys cannot offer 5 stars hotel room with sweet candy in it before meet ?
    Maybe he is sexoholic ? Or, maybe he was ”Franked” before, when girls take cash and valuable presents and dissapear ? What else daddy need to have sex – Tiffany rock and 6 month allowance check in advance ?
    I think , meeting him in real time will resolve all doubts.

  69. RussianSB says:

    It is sad, that in the pool of morons and cheap daters,man who offered 2,5k thoughtful present scare girls 🙂

  70. Jennifer says:

    @Flyer-Of course with a little more of your attraction working on him he’ll be wanting to do it your way…………….. Or as the commentator noted our generals seem to be taking orders from their privates…… Never under estimate the power.
    That put a big smile on my face.You’re such a darling! You haven’t been told that enough???

  71. SugarKandi says:

    I just wanted to say thank you to all you Sb’s and SD’s who have such excellent advice to give and who share so wholeheartedly! I am contemplating a return to the sugar bowl, and have a couple of potential SD’s at the moment, but I often find myself unsure of matters and whenever I wonder about anything sugar related I just start reading the blogs then low and behold any questions I had in my mind are answered by all you sugar blog lovelies 🙂

    I know a lot of you have been writing for years now, and your advice is really invaluable to me and I’m sure many others as well 😀 Mwah!

  72. Treasured says:

    Re cash.

    For me there are 2 options:

    1. Allowance discussed in advance, paid in full to my bank account or given BEFORE the intimacy. Most cases.

    2. If a really LIKED the guy (yes, sometimes I have sex just for fun too), just a normal date, he is aware of what I am looking for, but nothing ever was expected. You have sex and hope for the best. If nothing was given, you at least had a great experience. But you can’t winge then.

    I can’t help but once again mention Midwest’s best advice given on here: If you don’t want to feel like shit in the morning, sleep with the guy because you like him, not because he will pay you.

    Or, my personal perspective, sell yourself either for A LOT of cash or don’t sell youurself at all 🙂

    Re last bit, I am off to see a friend since I am in a sugar rehab 😀 Should be fun 😀

  73. Frank says:

    Bella- Maybe the stingy cash contribution was a not so subtle hint that he was disappointed in not having sex, and that he didn’t want to reward you too much for behavior he wanted to change.

    • Bella says:

      We had sex though…?

      Okay my phone does not work well on this blog, I’ll respond to the other replies tomorrow, thank you all!

      • Jersey Darling says:

        That’s an important detail! In your original post it looked like he pushed for sex and you did not relent.

  74. California SB says:

    Sugar, sex and rock and roll!! Whoohooo!! 😛

  75. Jersey Darling says:

    I’ve always felt that when a guy gives a token amount before an allowance is set in stone, it is a reminder that this is indeed a sugar relationship or has somehow evolved from sugar so that message is not forgotten…

  76. flyr says:

    At the risk of being sent to Jersey’s dungeon………………….

    @Bella – These situations are so difficult but let’s start with the easy stuff.

    You are spending the night with the guy and you are surprised he pushes for sex………

    For thousands of years guys were shipped from the factory programmed to respond to three basic needs – sex, territory and food (and wine) . Only now have we feminized and deprogrammed the male population to where western civilization is crashing.

    It’s really difficult to know what was on his mind when he tucked some bills in your hand or purse. That’s something only you and he can discuss. Was it intended to be a very generous travel allowance or a stingy sugar allowance?

  77. Jersey Darling says:

    @Madeline- I’m into photography myself, and personally the lens would be enough incentive to get me going. What’s more of a turn on than a nice, long camera lens…

    From the way you wrote about it though, I feel like there’s a certain creep factor that’s coming through your words even though on the surface everything he’s doing seems great. If that is what you are feeling, listen to your instincts.

  78. flyr says:

    @madeline –

    Options –
    – take the lens, have sex then have relaxed dinner
    – go to dinner, take the lens and decide if you want to have sex
    – tell him not to bring the lens to dinner, it’s much too early, let’s go have a fun dinner, I want this to work and I think we may be rushing this.

  79. Jersey Darling says:

    PS – I’d think one of the last things you should think of after your first time spending the night with someone is how good a sleep you had 😉

  80. Jersey Darling says:

    @Madeline, I agree with flyr and NC Gent, Cali too. We live nearby, so if you ever need a sugar gal pal let me know – would love to have a girl locally I could share things with 😀

    Bella, I met someone through here that I had extremely strong chemistry with. We never came to an arrangement, I spent the night with him (not my first time meeting), we slept together and he gave me $100 to cover my travel – the same amount he’d give when I didn’t sleep with him for what it’s worth. Do I regret it? No, because he was ridiculously hot and I savored every moment I had with him. The $100 (well, the $50 of it I didn’t spend on travel) was just a bonus.

    If the chemistry wasn’t there you shouldn’t have stayed with him, and if it was why not consummate it? Bottom line, if the $200 DIDN’T feel generous when you hadn’t discussed an allowance, I think it means the chemistry wasn’t there (i.e. you NEED to be paid to want to spend time with him). When that’s the case, discussing the arrangement should come first!

  81. California SB says:

    Bella: Did you discuss allowance in advance? No? Well, then don’t complain he only gave you 200.

  82. Bella says:

    Hello everyone!

    My first pot SD date went well. I stayed the night at his place, had a surprisingly good sleep. Wasn’t impressed that he pushed for sex when I had told him previously that’s not what I wanted but oh well. Decent experience for my first meeting.

    But tell me if I’m being out of line here: If I’m going to be with you for 18h, you’re making dinner (which is great but a cheaper option), you push for sex, and you promise a cash gift, do I have a right to be offended that all you give me is $200 which is supposed to include my travel fee, meaning really I only got $160? A prostitute can make more money in an hour than that!

    It’s not that I expect money for the first meeting, I really don’t, especially if he takes me out for coffee or dinner, but…if you are going to offer to give me a cash gift, can you at least make me feel like I was worth it? I mean, there’s another pot SD who I’m meeting next Wednesday who said he’ll pay for dinner and give me a cash gift of $600 for just a few hours of my time!


  83. California SB says:

    Madeline: Gifts in advance means sex. It happened to me many times, and hey, this is not match dot com so it goes with the territory and we can’t be offended by it. HOWEVER, if you don’t feel comfortable with him, you don’t have to take the gifts and of course you don’t have to have sex. I made the mistake once, to accept a lot of money in advance from a guy I wasn’t comfortable with. Long story short, he turned out to be a psycho, stalking me, threatening me etc because I took the gift and decided I didn’t want to have sex with him. So, be careful with guys that are way too generous at first. They always have an angle and the angle is always to see your panties on the floor, gentleman or not.

  84. NC Gent says:

    Welcome back Madeline — from my perspective, it seems like he is trying to manipulate/pressure you into having sex — that is why you are uncomfortable and here asking your question(s). That doesn’t sound too ideal to me. From the little information you have provided, he seems manipulative. I think it is probably worth meeting him for dinner, and if you feel sufficiently attracted and WANT to have sex with him that evening, go for it. I would never recommend doing so in the hopes of that it will seal a long term arrangement. If he is truly into you (which it sounds like he is), he will be more than willing to wait a few dates until you are comfortable. If he isn’t willing to wait until you are comfortable, do you really want to be with him anyway?

  85. Frank says:

    Madeline-I don’t have a problem with sex on a first date, sugar is like dating on steroids, its fast and strong, so sometimes that happens.

    The problem is that there is almost too much preparation, almost like its a foregone conclusion, which makes it seem like p4p, which is unseemly.

    What I would do is tell him that all expensive gifts are to wait until you decide to spend the night with him, that it will take chemistry and more to make that happen, etc. I would have a back up plan to escape in case you decide not to spend the night with him.

    Good luck, hope you win the camera lens.

  86. California SB says:

    Flyer: “Delayed reaction from the party in ny”

    I think it was from the party I went this Saturday night…. questionable bathroom stalls and greasy door knobs. Yuck….

  87. California SB says:

    Trans Emily: There are many financial aid options and education loans you can take to go back to school these days. If I were you, I would contact your university and go through the options. There are scholarships, grants and other ways the university can help to make you finish school.

  88. California SB says:

    @GURU: Why would a Russian girl ask you:

    (1) how many times have you fallen in love before
    She doesn’t want you to fall in love for her

    (2) do you have any children?
    She is thinking long term, and doesn’t want to have to deal with kids.

  89. Good luck in finding someone who will finance your education. You can’t be a Sugar Baby forever.

  90. Penelope says:

    I am wondering how the wish list works because I had something bought but I never added an address nor did I see where you can . Confused !

  91. I can’t blame these girls for wanting Sugar Daddies to pay their tuition or at least fray the cost of college. I wish SA had been around when I was in school. I dropped out in part because I couldn’t afford textbooks. The semester I dropped out, I had to buy biology book which cost 75 dollars. At twenty, I didn’t have that kind of money.

  92. Madeline says:

    Yikes, had no idea how long that was ’til I saw it posted. Sorry for the essay!

  93. Madeline says:

    Hello Blogosphere,

    I’m one of those invisible participants, generally skimming, but rarely interacting. I think It’s been a year since I posted? Woo, time soars.

    OK, so I have a small situation, and could use some advice.
    I’ve found an SD who (so far) seems to be the ideal. BUT we haven’t met yet. We’ve messaged a bit, and he’s been extremely polite, and very generous. When he had to cancel (with ample notice) on our first meeting he apologized profusely and deposited several hundred dollars into my paypal account to show that he was indeed serious about meeting. He also asked what kind of camera gear I had my eye on (I’m interning in the photo industry.)

    He’s clearly aiming to impress – he’s asked what kind of food I like (sushi), made reservations at a well reviewed sushi spot, asked what I like to drink, do I like Champagne? (who doesn’t?), do I like Dom? (perfectly acceptable).
    He suggests Dom and strawberries after dinner. I say that I’m looking forward to it.

    Here’s the crux. At some point I ask where he lives. He says NJ (I’m in NYC), and that he’s getting a room in the city (a 5 star hotel).
    I didn’t think too much of this, as I’m not sure where in NJ he’s from, maybe it’s a long trip home. Later he says “Thursday it is. Dinner at blah blah followed by dom and strawberries back at blah blah hotel and bedroom fun”. He follows it up saying that I’m invited to spend the night, and if I do, he’ll have another cash gift for me.
    I say “Let’s see how the night plays out”, and says “Sounds good” and apologizes if he offended me.
    Today he sent me a photo of a camera lens (that I had mentioned in my camera gear wish list) sitting on a desk. The lens clocks in at 2.5k.
    After the photo (and my thanks) he asked if I’d like him to bring it to dinner or give it to me at the hotel when we go back for champagne.

    Now, I’m not prudish about sex. I really enjoy it, and don’t have anything against sex on a first date if we both want it. I don’t however, like feeling like I’m signing up for it in advance. I also get the impression that I’m going to want to keep this SD around.

    In your opinions (SBs and SDs alike) does sex on the first date if you’ve truly enjoyed yourself, damage your chances at a long term arrangement?
    And on the other hand (looking at the SDs here), does not having sex with someone who’s clearly made such efforts damage your chances or make you seem like you aren’t ready for the sensual side of an arrangement?

  94. RussianSB says:

    So, GURU, do you have any children? (and wives?)

  95. RussianSB says:

    @SD GURU
    A. She wants a husband (Bingo!)
    Feel free to ask for my advise in future

  96. Jennifer says:

    Why would a Russian girl ask you: (1) how many times have you fallen in love before, and (2) do you have any children?

    A. She wants a husband
    2. Do you have children?
    A. She wants a husband.
    @ russianSB-it’s guru’s fault! He made me answer those question:)

  97. Flyer says:

    @california. Delayed reaction from the party in ny No telling what could happen from just sitting on the couch

  98. Flyer says:

    Melissa. – In addition to the other comments it may also mean that you will seldom be seen in public ( is he married). You might keep talking but try to get a feel what his vision is for the relationship

    Also consider what happened when Clinton and Carville got ahold of bills old romances and reduced them to trailer trash with a highly paid team of investigators and a friendly press.

    Yes there are hundreds of high govt officials involved in affairs and sugar but it becomes much riskier in this day when everybody has a camera.

    In the end it may just be that he does not want you to know who he is until he feels you are serious. The prior suggestion of a meeting at a place of your choice (with consultation) makes the most sense. Of course with a little more of your attraction working on him he’ll be wanting to do it your way…………….. Or as the commentator noted our generals seem to be taking orders from their privates…… Never under estimate the power

  99. California SB says:

    So, I go to my doctor and he was like: “someone gave you this”. LOL Thank god we were talking about pink eye!!!!! Phewww….

  100. SD Guru says:

    @RussianSB (or anyone who thinks they know how Russian girls think)

    Why would a Russian girl ask you: (1) how many times have you fallen in love before, and (2) do you have any children?

    A. She wants a husband
    B. She thinks you’ve got boyfriend potential
    C. She thinks you’ve got sugardaddy potential
    D. She’s just making conversation
    E. Something else?

  101. California SB says:

    Tequila I probably got pink eye by going to questionable places…. where too many people are rubbing elbows with each other…. :p

  102. Jersey Darling says:

    Totally wishing I could play hooky from work today. I miss the days of setting my own hours.

  103. Frank says:

    Melissa-I can understand your reluctance to get on a plane and meet a stranger, and meeting someone in your small home town can be a no no.

    How about you meet at a larger town near you where you can drive too, meet him in a public place as one would always do, and take it from there.

    Treasure-sounds like you are going to get another dose of sugar. Enjoy! We’ll be here for you when you decide to dry out!

    Russia- words of wisdom from a dizzy blond! who would have thought!

  104. Jersey Darling says:

    @Melissa – I’ve flown to meet someone for the first time and when I got there and we didn’t click, he left me alone for the rest of the day (trip was only for one day) and I had no transportation, ride back to the airport or anything. Ultimately it was a gigantic waste of time.

    Even if this guy is legit it’s better to have him come to you. And if he sends you a clean headshot, there’s absolutely no harm to that floating around the net so that’s bull.

    @Tequila – thank you! Was that a straight compliment with just a little bit of tongue in cheek? 😉 I’m not from Jersey City but good guess!

  105. Treasured says:

    @Melissa – No photo and no personal info – no conversation.

    Simple as that.

  106. Melissa says:

    Hi everyone,off topic but I had question for you guys since I’m fairly new in the sugar bowl. Met a potential SD on another site. We exchanged numbers and i’ve spoken to him for the first time tonight. I asked him to email me his picture and his excuse was that he’s someone prominent in the government and doesn’t want his pictures floating on the net….he wants to issue a plane ticket when I’m comfortable enough ( no pressure) to go and see him in person. Even though I’m very skeptical about going to meet a stranger i also don’t want him to come to me either.I live in a small town in the rural areas….boring and nothing to do. What should I do?

  107. RussianSB says:

    ”Many young SB’s feel they have little to loose, but these are precious years where you need to be developing your skills, contacts and resume”

    I always told you, guys, that SB is like that trout on hoock (not SD) !
    Big sharks fishing for young cute silly SB (and not the opposite way!).
    And, we are selling our souls to the devil for Prada, cool events and attention !

    Funny to hear THAT from me, I know 🙂

    Sinserelly yours, silly little trout

  108. RussianSB says:

    ”what else are you going to learn?”
    Oh, I want to learn nothing, I just want buy new shoes and get married !!!

  109. JustATequilaSD says:

    “OMG people… I got PINK EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

    As much as I would love to use this opportunity to make a crass anecdote on how you caught pinkeye, I’ll be nice and say hope you get well soon. 🙂

  110. Treasured says:

    @Frank – Sugar high gets me even in the rehab. 😀
    It is like I am trying to get off it and it is being thrown at me – suddenly a few of my ex went into activation mode and there is a cue forming on who will take me where…

    “I can resist anything but temptation”… So true.

    At the moment I have Hong Kong on agenda, Rome, Venice and Paris… I am not even talking about a few other, insignificant (which I can have in any given time)… And, I am also flying to see a friend (Well, it is a friend… I don’t view him as a SD whatsoever).
    And the Hong Kong one is promising to be amazing…
    Of course, it is lovely to feel so special… That out of the huge pool of much more available women everybody I have met still want me… But makes my “carb free” resolution much more difficult…

    @Stacy – well done

  111. flyr says:

    @Stacey – Awesome

  112. Stacy, says:

    Lol – y’all took this way out of proportion. I’m not leaving my career, I’ll have the opportunity and stability in order to branch out, and pursue projects I am passionate about – rather than taking every project that comes along because I need the cash. And, I received a “getting started” gift today – and it was incredibly generous.

  113. flyr says:

    Following Midwest’s sage advice

    – most men are here because they are looking for something without a long term commitment.

    Roll back the clock to 2005 when everything was rosy and if you were in a job where you were not developing your skills, income potential or brand id then perhaps running off with a SD for a year fling made sense. But now you are part of an economy operating on the principles that would be “unprofessional” in a crackhouse. It’s likely to get ugly and you want to be in the best possible position.

    Many young SB’s feel they have little to loose, but these are precious years where you need to be developing your skills, contacts and resume………. It is probably not a time to run off with mr goodtime unless the gold is in the swiss safe deposit box in your name. ………………….

  114. California SB says:

    OMG people… I got PINK EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  115. Midwest SB says:


  116. Midwest SB says:

    Stacy – I’m with California SB, et al. Sugar is often fleeting and he is under no obligation to follow through with promises of exotic vacations, etc. There is no guarantee that his allowance will cover what you will loose if you cut back on your personal income. It can be incredibly difficult to regain your status in the workplace if you walk away from it for a period. I know professional women postponing having children or dreading maternity leave because they feel they will be replaced too easily. Please keep looking…no real SD would encourage or be willing to let you put your career aside for his personal satisfaction. He is supposed to mentor you and help you reach goals you can’t do alone. Maybe he could be that “once in a lifetime” daddy, but every perk has it’s price. Most men don’t want to feel responsible for your living expenses. This just doesn’t add up.

  117. Frank says:

    Treasure-you may have to do a 12 step program to wean you off the sugar high!

    Russia- no boom boom before sugar. LMAO!

  118. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Jersey Darling
    Very nice avatar, I didn’t realize they had such nice things in Jersey City…but the entire state is gaining ground with me, the more I blog with you, and the less I watch the “Jersey Shore.” 🙂

    You’re already so smart, what else are you going to learn? 🙂

    Book update??

  119. California SB says:

    Stacy: Even when you’re 100% sure…. I wouldn’t reduce work hours. In our lives, your job comes first, (insert second here) and sugar comes last.

  120. Stacy, says:

    Lol, Cali – give me some credit. I won’t do anything until I’m confident 100% in everything, and I’m not talking going part time at Pottery Barn here.

  121. California SB says:

    Stacy: You are too smart to believe a SD would be with you always. “Significantly reducing workload and schedule” for sugar is a MAJOR NO NO. Another issue… you have NO IDEA how much sugar he is going to give you, so I am not sure what logic you are following here. Is he that handsome?? You haven’t even seen his cock yet girlfriend…. sorry had to say it. 😛

  122. RussianSB says:

    @Flyr, thank you for your advise.

    But ”I assume you will also want to investigatge the density and generosity of SD’s in the neighborhood – along with living costs. ” – I told you, guys, intence professional programme … no time for sugar fun 🙂
    PS. With my skills I can find sugar in oddest place 🙂

  123. RussianSB says:

    Thank you for sound advice, it is true that Admissions Office assist students if they have any problem with getting visa, and choise of College must be very thoughtful process. I think I will get visa without problems, because I am financially secure and can be resident in Europe(for next 5 year), so if I want immigrate – I just move to any European city.

    About sugars in SA – we talk free about arangement, we can even joke with that ”I am your daddy” terms, but when I met potential in real life(not web dating) – I just let him to seduce me into arrangement agreement – much more fun !

    Your attitude just correct – no boomboom and travel before sugar. Be classy, don’t be like ”my time is very expensive, I am in a hurry, let’s talk my allowance quikly”. Go to nice dinners, get the nice presents, enjoy.

  124. flyr says:

    @Russian – I would look for a school in an area where you want to be. For political reasons the US government leaves the border open to illegals but often discourages foreigners from entering legally.

    I would start with identifying where you want to be in the US and then looking for the school you want unless there is something really special about a particular school. I assume you will also want to investigatge the density and generosity of SD’s in the neighborhood – along with living costs.

    While you are generally not allowed to work while here there might be opportunities to use your linguistic skills in some form of an internship program that generated economic benefits.

    One of the great sources for information on off campus housing is Craigslist.com.

  125. Stacy, says:

    @Ladies – there will be plenty of ways to fill my free time and remain elusive. Don’t worry that I’d become that over-eager clingy girl (I just don’t have it in me). But, a little more pampering time, and a little more availability to take trips to exotic locations would make me a much sweeter sugar. He lives out of state and I won’t relocate for him, so there’s a natural barrier built in already.

  126. London Girl says:

    @ Stacy, I think both California and Jersey are spot on with this, the minute you make yourself too available or reliant on a man they’ll start to lose interest. Be sweet as you can when you’re with him but make him work a bit to see you, always let him think (whether it’s true or not) that you’re very in demand and he’s just one of lots of options you have. This way he’ll appreciate the times he does see you a lot more and he’ll also value you a lot more in every way and work harder to keep you happy.

  127. Jersey Darling says:

    @Blog Gods

    Some blogs offer to edit your post within 15 minutes of posting. I’m wondering if that’s a feature we could look forward to in the future?

  128. Jersey Darling says:

    @Frank – Thank you! The warm personality behind the pic could make yoru winter even nicer 😉

  129. Jersey Darling says:

    Stacy, the instant you start reducing your schedule for a man is the instant he will start losing interest…

  130. Stacy, says:

    Of course not Cali, but significantly reducing my workload and schedule is something I’d definitely consider, for trips to Florence!

  131. California SB says:

    Stacy: Never quit your job because of a SD. Unless you are planning to marry him, but that is a different story.

  132. Stacy, says:

    @Cali – I have laid off the topic longer than I typically would. He’s vetted, unmarried, and can certainly chose to support me at a level I enjoy (even as my only SD), and we joke about when I quit my job and travel with him. Plus, he’s had an arrangement before. So, I’d rather let him bring it up … there just won’t be any sex until I feel very pampered and appreciated. Lol.

    Russia – how do you bring it up with guys you don’t meet on the site?

  133. Stacy, says:

    Naija – pretty good profile… Now for my thoughts:

    1. The full body shot is really hard to see, I can’t get a good enough view of your body, and I can’t see anything enough in order to say “she’s got great …”
    2. Your face shot is pretty, why not remove the black over your eyes and instead make it a really soft focus photo that keeps some discretion but shows me what you look like?
    3. Where’s the sex appeal? Nothing about this tells the penis “Pick Me!” and, on this site, it’s definitely the penis that does the picking.
    4. Why say that you’re Nigerian? Do you have a very thick accent? Visa issues? If not, bring that up in conversation early on. Just too many Nigerian email scams coming into all of our inboxes all day everyday, great to be proud of your country, but don’t lead with it.
    5. Say less, imply more – “I love sports, of all kinds.” Is a better tease than “I love basketball, soccer and hockey.”

    Overall, think of your profile as flirting, it should be playful, sexy, and informative – but not too much.

    • Naija_girl says:

      Thanks so much for your input Stacy. I guess I decided to lead off with Nigeria because I noticed that big disclaimer at the bottom that basically says “Don’t even entertain a convo with someone who mentions Nigeria!!” No accent or issues, it’s just something that I’m starting to notice is becoming a negative thing, what with the scams you mentioned…I guess I’ll delete that.

      I’ll change the full body pic as well. It’s strange, it comes up a lot bigger and clearer on Facebook. SA condenses them for some reason.

      I feel that I’m lacking in the sex appeal department 🙁 I’ve never been good at flirting in person. I have no idea how to make myself desirable with words.

  134. Stacy, says:

    Russia – work through the Admissions Office of the school you’re planning to attend, they should be able to assist. I’ve never heard of someone being denied their student visa request, it may be the school itself that the embassy won’t approve. In which case, apply to another U.S. school in a degree-seeking program, then once you arrive and have your Visa, you can transfer. People do it all the time and it’s completely legal. Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island is excellent at helping students get a Visa, they bring in thousands of International students.

  135. Naija_girl says:

    Hey I go to Temple! Funny how I’ve never heard about any girls using this site… I’m also a newbie to the Sugar game. Made my profile about a week ago and just wanted some advice to see if I’m on the right path. So far I talked to one really nice guy but he lives in the Chicago I’d love some advice if anyone could take the time to look at my profile. My ID is 1333587

    I want brutal honesty. Thanks in advance!

  136. California SB says:

    Stacy: “I want to know more about the way thing$ will work between us before I get on a plane”

    Absolutely. I think you should have that conversation before anything else develops. This is already dragging… if it were me that conversation would have happened already.

  137. California SB says:

    Russia, I’m not an immigration official, but I think the reason the US embassy refuses your visa is because they think you are coming to the USA to find a husband and get married just to get US citizenship. You need to prove to them you have no desire to come to the USA to stay.

  138. Frank says:

    Jersey and Treasure-such nice pics! Makes this cold winter day a bit easier to take.

  139. Frank says:

    Russia-please come to the states, I’m sure we can teach you a lot! Just make sure your school is SEVP certified, so you can get a VISA.

  140. Jersey Darling says:

    @London, Thank you! I’ll probably end up changing it soon since I get bored of pictures pretty quickly (and this one’s a little on the showy side!) but I felt like changing it up a bit 😀

    A girl’s gotta let her rebel streak out somewhere!

  141. London Girl says:

    @ Jersey, Russian is right, it’s a very sexy pic! Very boobylicious!!!

  142. Jersey Darling says:

    @Russian – Thank you! I get Italian a lot (especially being from Jersey), but your first instinct was right – I’m Jewish. From Eastern Europe mainly, mostly Russian 🙂

    I think your picture is super cute too 😀

    The main picture on the article is supposed to be a college mascot, but I agree I’m not much of a fan haha. I also didn’t like the picture on the Regina article… it made me keep hoping they were going to refresh it.

  143. RussianSB says:

    Anyway, I have plenty of time till September.
    Money I have, and I don’t see how SD can help me with that, if only he has diplomatic connections, of caurse.

  144. RussianSB says:

    I think they give me visa, because I am already graduate from college, and with very good grades, and the eucational programme very specific, intense and for proffesionals. And I have assets. But I am not married, don’t have kids – so nothing keeps me in Russia – that what ambassy don’t like. If someone went trough, share your thoughts, please.

  145. Treasured says:

    Ahahahaha 😀
    ASAP – as soon as possible 😀

  146. RussianSB says:

    What is ASAP ? Some UN organisation ??

  147. Treasured says:

    Russian, you better start looking for a local SD 😀 ASAP.

    If you feel you want to do it – do it. You can’t live in a “what if” mode. Apply for your visa and hope for the best 🙂

  148. RussianSB says:

    Ladies and Daddys, I need your advice badly !
    If I am going to non-degree 1 year international college programme in US, what can be a problem ? I am sure, some of you familiar with the topic. It is non-immigrant visa, but still they have right to refuse it. And tuition per year 10-20k only.

  149. RussianSB says:

    Sure, SBs are wild animals, and SDs killing their bussiness competitors are
    chocolate bunnys !
    No comments, modern stone jungles !

  150. RussianSB says:

    It is not true, that we eat people for breakfast… just bite … a little … in the right places 🙂

  151. RussianSB says:

    We are not pumas – more like home little kittens (who say ”pussycats”??)

  152. Treasured says:

    @ Russian – thank you 🙂 But none of us have the ability to balance the snowball on the head and look extremely cute at the same time 😀

    I think panther is to warn all potential SDs that SBs are wild animals 😛

  153. RussianSB says:

    @Jersey – nice picture ! Are you Jewish or Italian ??
    And Treasured – what a legs !!!
    But none of you have cute crimson jumpsuit !

    People, that picture of puma at the topics really scared me ! They hinting on … what ?
    That is image of SBs ? Or some college brotherhood mascotte ?

  154. Treasured says:

    Re Charity Organisation!

    I think it is time to start a rehab for recovering Sugarbabies!
    After you are used to x amount per month, shopping spas and travelling, it is very damn hard to lower your appetites.

    Honestly, I always knew carbs are bad for you, but sugar is plain addictive. 😀

  155. Treasured says:

    @Stacy – congrats 😀

    @Flyr – no no no 😛 I want my roses 😀
    If for one peek on my pictures on various websites I’d get a flower, I’d be running a florist chop chain long ago 😀

  156. Treasured says:

    @Frank – How sweet of you 🙂 But surely, you don’t think I will take your word for it.
    I need full details in writing including the amount each broke SD gave away (just to make sure they deserve such an organisation) :P. Really, every SD who spent less than 150 000$ during two years maximum is an imposer and does not deserve such a generous charity 😀

  157. flyr says:

    @treasured “@Flyr – I take in dozens “”””””

    somewhere I lost the thread and for want of a thread a thought fell in the forest, soundlessly

  158. Stacy, says:

    Cali – I want to know more about the way thing$ will work between us before I get on a plane. But a lovely offer!

  159. Frank says:

    Treasured- I have started a charitable organization to help retired SD’s. Its based on the lines of the Screen Actors Guild Pension, and is to help SD’s that gave away all of their money to help poor aspiring SB’s.

    I have made a sizable contribution and await the posting of your photos!

  160. California SB says:

    Stacy: Good for you!!!!!!! Are you going to Italy with him next week? I’m jealous because I missed so many opportunities to travel overseas with my SDs, because of my job. 🙁

  161. Stacy says:

    Just got back from my date with potential SD.
    Such a sweetheart! And, He asked me to go to Florence with him next week. I haven’t brought up the topic of “generosity” because I don’t think I will need to. and sex never once came up, well maybe a little during the goodbye kiss…

  162. California SB says:

    Went out with girlfriends for an afternoon drink today, we twisted an Irish toast:

    “Here’s to our sugar daddies and boyfriends… May they never meet” 😛

  163. Ballet-Dancer says:

    Hey, UCLA is on the list this year! Looks like there’s some competition to be found. Now every time I see a pair of designer shoes I’m gonna go “hmmmm”. Lol! Go Bruins ;).

  164. Treasured says:

    Lo – Test for everything. And then after 3 months again :))
    You should be comfortable… But, I’d still use condoms. SDs are not known for monogamy OR being honest about it 🙂

  165. Lo says:

    does anyone make their pot sds get tested for herpes?

  166. London Girl says:

    @DaddyGT, I’m not English Rose, sorry to disappoint! Curious where you’re based though? Asking because you seem to use English phrases and slang sometimes…?

  167. Treasured says:

    @Flyr – I take in dozens 😛

    Shall I send you an address? 😛 hehehehehe

    Or, even better, for every click, donate $5 to a charity of your choice 😀

  168. Kiana says:

    Hello Everyone!
    I’m new to this and was wondering . . . how long did it take all of you guys to find a good SD/SB???

  169. California SB says:

    STACY YOU’RE THE BOMB!!!! :):):)

  170. Stacy says:

    Lol, Cali, you know better. I picked a Prada – well over $200 is what I said.

  171. California SB says:

    Stacy: “Sheer white shirt, over a lace corset top, with a conservative brightly colored jacket ”

    You go girl!!! 🙂

  172. California SB says:

    Stacy: “whatever keeps you warmest”. That is a very sweet thing to say. Just a little concerned you didn’t discuss allowance at all before meeting. You picked a 200 wallet. I would have picked a 3K one. 😛 But that it’s me, living in a completely different zip code, I know.

    Jersey: I have a black sheer blouse (DKNY) I wear with a black satin camisole underneath, It looks awesome and guys love it every time I wear it. 😛

  173. Stacy says:

    I asked him what he’d prefer and he replied “whatever keeps you warmest.” Very sweet, of course I’ll still sex it up a little. That’s what a good SB does.

  174. Debbie says:

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

    @Treasured thanks. I may try casting my net further afield if things don’t work out with the pot SD I am meeting later in the week.

    @ Stacey good luck knock him dead.

    @ RussianSB so true, I would love to meet a gentleman, they are so scarce these days. But then so are true ladies I guess. Those purses probably cost double that here. Further for them to walk to deliver.

  175. flyr says:

    @Stacey – Really good analysis

  176. Stacy says:

    Sheer white shirt, over a lace corset top, with a conservative brightly colored jacket – eye catching with blonde hair, subtle to everyone around us, tantalizing for him.

  177. Stacy says:

    … Or maybe pleated skirt and knee high socks with black ballet slippers?

  178. flyr says:

    TRANSLATION OF PRIOR the customer is always right , the goal is to be in front of the customer’s perception of value not on top of the customer

  179. Stacy says:

    The plan – short black skirt, bare legs – brrrr, or stockings? Really tall CFM pumps, (red or black) ? conservative top, soft feminine curls. Baby lotion.

  180. flyr says:


    Please return the list of recent posts so that we can see who has posted and also go to the general area of recent contributions. Thanks

    Think of yourselves as a pretty SB who is getting a $300,000 / month allowance. Changes for change sake is like the scrubbed country girl SB turning up with a half body tattoo the night you were sneaking her into the company partry…………..

  181. Stacy says:

    I know exactly the price of the wallet, since I chose it, well more than $200.

    Thanks for the suggestion Cali – I’m thinking dress or skirt, as he’s made a comment about liking very feminine women and of course, the nails are bright red… makes men think about your hands on their …

  182. flyr says:

    @Stacey – I missed the background but

    If the SD is married I would lean to dress a little more “young professional” than you might otherwise and something appropriate for the place of the meeting. Probably too late now but early on your pot SD might have told you which pic he liked the best-which could be a guide

    If you are anticipating financial discussions you might want to wear something that has ” adjustable appeal” Does the place have long tablecloths?

    Roses and a present – he’s sending you a strong message that he wants you to be happy and that he probably has a generous offer in mind. I would consider the possibility that offering the prospect of a post agreement consumation of the relationship might be a perfect end to a light lunch……

    TRANSLATED TO FISHING – The hook is set, you have played him all the way to the boat, it’s time to be sure he’s in the net.

    Somewhere out there another SB is sending him a special note, perhaps with some really nice pictures that might just cause him to pause…….. do not let this happen if he is mr perfect……. Think situational awareness- operate inside his OODA loop

  183. Jersey Darling says:

    Black sheer blouse?

    I wish I could pull that off. I’d look like a street walker.

  184. RussianSB says:

    I think buyers walk by foot all the way from Milan to Moscow to fill our shops.
    It is why it costs a little extra 🙂

  185. California SB says:

    Stacy, If you’re meeting him during the day, I would wear skinny dark jeans with stilettos and a black sheer blouse with long earrings. Light make up, nice straight or wavy hair and Little to no perfume. Manicured hands. 🙂

  186. RussianSB says:

    No, Stasy, he doesn’t expect sex, it was just a nice jesture – also you are not in Moscow and wallet cost maybe 200$, and anyway it is small piece of leather :).
    I think, now his intentions to fill that wallet a little bit for shopping 🙂

  187. California SB says:

    Stacy, If you’re meeting him during the day, I would wear skinny dark jeans with stilettos and a black sheer blouse with long earrings. Light make up and wavy Victoria secret hair. Little to no perfume. Manicured hands. 🙂

  188. California SB says:

    Stacy: “sent roses and a designer wallet (that he had me choose) before we even met. ”

    That’s great!! Hope he is not expecting sex on the first date though, just because he gave you advanced gifts. xoxo

  189. RussianSB says:

    Remark – in Moscow retail D&G wallet cost 600$ – shoot me someone, please.
    In Russia we are completely lost common sense.

  190. RussianSB says:

    He is a gentelman, Stacy, Dear – try to keep that one, by statistics gentelmen dying spicemen of evolution – will dissapear soon like dinosaurus.

  191. Stacy says:

    Meeting with a new pot SD in a few hours! Such a sweetie, sent roses and a designer wallet (that he had me choose) before we even met. Haven’t discussed allowance (which isn’t typical for me) because I get the feeling it’s unnecessary. Now for the decision on what to wear…

  192. California SB says:

    Meanwhile… we, sugar babies, can’t stop dreaming about the elusive sugar daddy who looks like Tom Brady, with Tom Brady’s bank account. 🙂

  193. Frank says:

    Treasured-I owe you a rose!

  194. California SB says:

    Flyr: “I treasure a SB who has knowledge far beyond mine – art, history, planetary mechanics, literature etc”

    Ahhh, the Einstein 27 year old Cinderella … men can’t stop dreaming about the elusive unicorn, can they? 😛

  195. RussianSB says:

    I can deal with all kind of naugtiness (but no kink and drugs, sorry), I can travel at short time notice without complaining. And I love boys with grate connections.
    Money isn’t everything, every idiot nowadays has money.
    My SD must be able to do everything from the list below :

    (brilliant flyr)
    Dining, travel, adventures,
    Safety net,
    Attend the company picnic with you,
    Bail you out of jail at 3AM and call the editor of the local paper to kill the story,
    Write a recommendation that will get you admitted to a top 10 school,
    Introduce you to experiences that you would not otherwise have a chance to experience for 10+ years,
    be able to call at 2AM to discuss the meaning of life,
    Weekly wardrobe upgrade.

    It is the reason why I AM entitled princess – I used to date such SDs , how can I start date some down-to-Earth human being ?? Any advice about adoptation to normal life ?

  196. RussianSB says:

    It is not competition , Lady V, every Sugardaddy and every Sugarbaby is unique.
    And every Sugarstory is unique.
    But you, SD GURU, are spoiled and naughty SD ! It is why you GURU.
    And I am just modest girl , EVERY SD who meet my extremally modest requerments (both financial and intellectual) are welcome !!!

  197. RussianSB says:

    @SD GURU
    ”Russian, Jewish, and Blonde. That sounds too much to handle! ”
    I am also entitled princess – that is not an issue for most boys,
    but I am long-long distance.
    And still I have better results (I also mean 6+ month sugar).
    Nja-njanjanja-nja :))))

    • Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

      Totally envious Russian SB, lucky girl

      Just a point that is being touched on. I have to say a distance relationship can work but they are more problematic if there is no real commitment to it or the communication in between.

  198. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Good Morning Russian SB

    Certainly sounds cold where you are. This English rose needs some sunshine xx

  199. Treasured says:

    @Debbie: “Also what are the possibilities of having a SD that doesn’t live in the same country as you?”

    They suck (in my country there are “0” SDs listed.)

    But nothing is impossible. For me, the most difficult part was to persuade the potential SD, that, I am worth a meeting.

    @Everybody – THANK you for your congratulations! For the first time in months I could feel, that I can breath over the weekend 😀

    A question. Since my profile is “hidden” I didn’t think that I can get any more views. YET, view count is increasing. The only explanation, that dear fellow bloggers keep perving over it. AND, apparently I was favoured by some SDs.
    I demand to know who is perving over my pictures and want my legal “pay per view” fee 😛 I’ll take in roses. Dark red, please.

  200. RussianSB says:

    ”@Jennifer. I think you should have a reasoned discussion with him laying out your needs for the arrangement and ask him directly what he’d like to do. (Be careful that this isn’t phrased as an ultimatum). It’s possible that his financial budget is limited and you’ll need to move on. It could be that he has over-estimated his availability and will either make changes for you – or not.”

    I, personally, never see a point of such ”discussions”, all sugar life is about
    SD-X being willing to give X amount of sugar to SB-X, while to SB-Y that very same man is willing to give X amount + car + shopping + any extras. What really to disscuss if he don’t wand to spend more. You bills ? Your problems ? Your old or additional arrangements ? He doesn’t care !
    SD gives what he is comfortable to give and what he is willing to give. Any try to negotiate will moove him out of his comfort zone. Any attempt of shot at him : ”I will find more SDs, cause I am not satysfied with you allowance” – is simply offensive to a man. I mean, ”talks” will bring no results, or end with conflict.
    If you not satysfied with SD-X, start to look for SD-Y, someone who appreciate you more and ready to care of you more. My experience based on men, who can afford any sugar allowance, of course. But the idea still the same in any sugar arrangement.

  201. RussianSB says:

    Oh, mimi-me become square, not round anymore, Tequila – I am not going to roll under furniture !
    Blog Gods, I was the one who not whining, you see, when you live in -30’C, you don’t care much about blog format 🙂

  202. RussianSB says:

    Every UK girl IS English Rose.
    @Hi, Lady V English Rose, we have lots of snow here, and everyday snows.
    And -30’C !!! Why you don’t have it ? Maybe because golfstreem ??

  203. Frank says:

    Are you might fine your self in a place where

    Are you might find yourself where: all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.

  204. flyr says:

    “With wine at hand, one reaches the happy state where men are wise, women beautiful, and even one’s children begin to look promising.” –Unknown Author

  205. flyr says:

    @tina – some good questions with some random answers…………….

    My thought is to start from the destination and work backwards

    What do you want?
    Something between IRL boyfriend and P4P that includes (in addition to part 1)

    Dining, travel, adventures,
    Safety net
    Attend the company picnic with you
    Bail you out of jail at 3AM and call the editor of the local paper to kill the story
    Write a recommendation that will get you admitted to a top 10 school
    Introduce you to experiences that you would not otherwise have a chance to experience for 10+ years
    be able to call at 2AM to discuss the meaning of life?
    Weekly wardrobe upgrade

    Being in a position to add to his experiences and knowledge

    Let this help you define the man or men (or women) who will help you achieve those goals.

    Men are like trout in that they are attracted to things they know are good to eat and other brightly colored things that simply attract them.

    Men generally have a fatal weakness in that they are fixers and respond to those in need(excluding those who are focused on pure predatory actions or simply angry) . Thus you do not have to know how to fly, surf, ski, skydive, cage fight, sail, perform brain surgery but only need the willingness to try under the guidance of a mentor.

    Your best asset may be your attitude

    Step one is to free yourself of the detractors (to most men) drama, anger, inflexibility (not principles)

    That said, I treasure a SB who has knowledge far beyond mine – art, history, planetary mechanics, literature etc.

    If you are looking for something to make yourself a more attractive SB you need to understand the needs of the SD whom you hope to attract.

    I agree with many writers who have concluded men are far simpler forms of animal life than women – they need sex- respect and to be needed – sex , respect, and to be needed. sex………………….

    A sage SB will send subtle messages that she knows all of this and will make the magic happen.

    The pattern of her profile will be both attractive and consistent. You do not need to be a brain surgeon. You probably need to be perceived as nice and also giving.

    If you allude to a Masters in lit from Wellesley, but stumble badly on your grammar you are generally toast. Better to be an intelligent sounding dancer from the Cherry Patch biker bar who recognizes where she is and where she wants to go

    If you have a modest educational background and you want to attract an SD or IRL partner based on your intelligence then you probably need to turn off the TV and either read or hang out with people who have some intellectual foundation. An apology if this sounds harsh.

    Circling back, you have identified your goal, the SD attractors and you want to be able to add some confirming attributes – let your potential SD know what you want from him………. What you want him to be …… what you can be for him.

    From an economic analysis – value is not what you are giving but rather what he is receiving

    Apologies that this ran long

  206. flyr says:

    Blog Gods – help us look a little smarter in the dark of the night by putting a spell checker on the comments as they are typed.

  207. Tina says:

    @flyr: your points could be part of the blog entry; I’m just curious about the types of activities/hobbies/interests that spark the audience’s fancy. And yes, if a SB were to take up a popular hobby/interest just to increase the SD interest in her, it won’t necessarily make her marketable. Especially with the very accurate position that the “all purpose SB” is no longer. However, the entry could be a good segue into an interesting discussion as to some of the things that SBs and SDs are looking for (outside of the understood chemistry, honesty, physical attraction, etc.)

  208. flyr says:

    RE SB Hobbies – Very dependent on the package the SD is looking for.

    JDarling noted that the day of the general purpose SB is gone.

    Hobbies should fit into or expand the specific package. For the school teacher something out there like skydiving , flying, road racing, martial arts or something that’s also active plus something that’s intellectually challenging.

    Stay at home mother who is also martial arts instructor or skydiving enthusiast.

    Think of it as product design. A bunch of nerds are looking at you trying to decide how to market you to your target customers or to find a new market.

    Personally I am not big on activities which people do to be able to check the box. Vs things they do for fun or income or both.

    Personally I really like a SB who has different interests but similar values and intellectual interests. We’ll both have things to introduce the others to or be a more experienced guide. Are you looking for a SD who wants arm candy to take you places that will impress your girlfriends and polish your ego, fancy dinners etc. or new experiences, perhaps some intellectual stimulation or physical activities.

  209. Tina says:

    @Jenn / Blog Writers: I just thought of another blog topic that might be interesting to poll and list. What about a list of the most intriguing / most interesting / sexiest hobbies / interests for both SDs and SBs? (i.e. an SB that knows wine or active in skiing or scuba diving; an SD that sails or travels for pleasure) You can poll the opposite sex to see what has interested them the most.

  210. Tina says:

    WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! Plants for the butterfly garden are ordered and expected in early March! Roses coming in the first week of February! YESSSSSSSSSS! Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn spring! 😀

  211. Frank says:

    Jennifer-has your sd been coming to you, maybe it you went to him he could find more time for you.

    Debbie-money amounts are stated in US dollars on this site. So don’t go to Mexico and accept 3000 pesos.

  212. Frank says:

    None of the universities that I attended is on the list. How many universities did you get kicked out of. lol

  213. flyr says:

    Suggested future topic – 100 words or less, your best advice to a new SD/SB of the opposite sex

  214. California SB says:

    Flyr: I use my edu email because it gives you free upgrade. Using an edu address doesnt mean you are still a student. I graduated 3 years ago and I still use my university email..

  215. California SB says:

    Dear offshore developers: getting better but not there yet….

  216. flyr says:

    Is the number of college SB under estimated

    My guess is that edu addresses were used as the id. If so it would miss the considerable number who use gmail and others and and of course the staff who also have edu addresses and do not want to miss out on a good thing.

  217. Tina says:

    @flyr: oooops, your inner geek is showing 😉

    @Blog Writers/ Updaters / Programmers Extraordinaire:
    The titles for the boxes at the bottom of the blog are labeled incorrect (i.e. the one I am typing in now is labeled as “Website”, the one above is “Mail” (should be website), the one above that is “Name (required)” and should be Mail, and finally the topmost box is labeled as “Leave a Reply” instead of “Name (required)”……..

  218. Jersey Darling says:

    @Jennifer – I didn’t realize that was the case. I wouldn’t give exclusivity at that price personally. The opportunity cost of potentially meeting the person that’s actually right for you (sugar or not) is worth way more than $500 every few weeks.

    I’d personally start looking for someone else, and keep this guy until you find him. If you still want to be with him that is. If not, simply move on to bigger and better things.

  219. flyr says:

    It is nice to see the rapid work on the blog . since you probably have a cookie from our last visit how about an option that would take us to the last post we read in the series.

    And thanks again for restoring the recent topics. Popularity is really a reflection of the board activity and the days it is left up.

    If you run short on blog topics you might just number them

    Starship Sugar Log 2013-15

  220. subdaddave says:

    None of the universities that I attended is on the list.

  221. California SB says:

    Best quote of the year: “The blog topic serves the function of a robe worn to the ultimate swing party when it’s already in progress.”

    This quote sounds like it came out straight from Swinglifestyle 😛

    • flyr says:

      Best quote of the year: “The blog topic serves the function of a robe worn to the ultimate swing party when it’s already in progress.”

      Just came out of thin air and red wine mixed with blogangst. I’ll offer the thought that the blog mechanics come from Microsoft backgrounds where change and complexity are seen as good in themselves.

      Over the years we had a rule in the office that you could use word or word perfect but that you had to know both. Most came to the office with the attitude that Microsoft was god and the only god in the universe. However, after a few months I would notice that their internel memos suddenly started appearing in WP. Monopoly seldom produces quality and almost certainly produces mischief .

  222. California SB says:

    Dear web developer: THIS STILL SUCKS.

  223. California SB says:

    Jennifer: “we don’t meet every week”

    Ahhh, Sorry poor reading comprehension skills Teacher Madridista already flag us on that. 😛 Well, then of course you have all the reasons in the world to have a serious talk to mr. 500.

  224. California SB says:

    Bella higher allowances like Guru said, do come with much higher expectations. My SDs would never date a girl with tatooes or a girl who weights more than 125 lbs. They also expect mind blowing sex and a great personality to take to events and parties.

  225. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Good Morning All

    Is everyone in good spirits? 🙂

    It is weekend yippee!!!!

    I have 2 weeks holiday coming up in March. Any suggestions on where to go?


  226. DaddyGT says:


    Before you get tired of saying the word “sucks”, try alternate forms of HTML tags. The new format seems to only accept certain ones.

    Hahaha. I did try to give some practical pointers, on top of expressing my opinion on the new theme.

    The problem though, is that if each one of us started throwing in posts testing different tags to try and reverse engineer those that are adequately supported in the .CSS, the blog is going ge get very messy very quickly. Fortunately for the mods, you have the priviledge of being able to edit/delete posts.

    Thank you for the current and ongoing effort to improve the look in response to the reader feedback.

  227. Debbie says:

    Hi everyone. A quick question. The sugar bowl where I am only has about 240 SD’s within 1000 miles from me. I do have a meeting with a pot SD next week. What I would like to know is the allowance given by SD’s that aren’t in the states based on the US$ or on the local currency? Being new I am still trying to figure this all out. Also what are the possibilities of having a SD that doesn’t live in the same country as you?

  228. SD Guru says:

    Re: New blog format

    Since the inception of SA blog in ’08 there had been several format changes. So this is not the first and it won’t be the last. As we transition to a new format there are always growing pains that will be ironed out over time. So please be patient while the SA staff work things out.

    I noticed some complaints have been addressed already. But the “Sugardaddy Dating Tips” section that used to be on the right is still missing. Texts with URL are not highlighted. And the blog seems to be slow on a mobile browser.

    “I’ve seen him 4 times in the last 3 months and he still gives me the 500$ each time we meet. still hasn’t brought up monthly allowance either..”

    You’ve received some good advice, but I haven’t seen anyone asking these questions. Is he single or married? (I see that you just answered this one). Local or long distance? Did you agree to $500 per meet thinking that you’ll meet once a week to make it $2k/mo which is what you originally asked for? If so, was that aspect clearly discussed and agreed to by both sides? Since you only met 4 times in 3 months, obviously he can’t meet weekly, and it may be because he’s long distance and married. If that’s the case, then it’s not likely that he’ll ever be able to provide the 2k/mo you seek. And for him to expect being exclusive seem unreasonable. Have an open and honest discussion with him and then decide what’s best for you.

    “how long does it take to find grate SD – look up GURU statistics ! Even I have higher results (10% of success in sugar happy ending)”

    Russian, Jewish, and Blonde. That sounds too much to handle! 😛

    Please note I said 2% resulted in long term arrangements of at least 6 months. There were plenty more that didn’t make it that far for various reasons. How do you define “happy ending”?? :mrgreen:

    “When I first signed up to the site I was thinking “man, $1000 a month? Sweet deal yo!” but now I realize that many SB have higher allowances.”

    This is a good example of the confirmation bias DaddyGT wrote about in the last blog. If you think 1k/mo works for you then that’s fine. And if you want to aim higher because you have a reason to then that’s fine too. But don’t aim higher just because that’s what you think everyone else is doing. Also keep in mind that higher allowance usually means higher expectations by the SD, which may or may not work for your situation.

    “And in some wordpress blogs they have buttons you can press that automatically bold/italicize/underline and add smileys. Is that possible?”

    The SA Blog uses a simple editor for text input instead of a HTML editor, so that’s not possible at this time.


    Thanks for posting the profile tips! Is there a part 3? When the “Tips” section is restored I’ll add your tips there so we can refer to it in the future.


    Before you get tired of saying the word “sucks”, try alternate forms of HTML tags. The new format seems to only accept certain ones.

  229. Jennifer says:

    Can’t express my gratitude enough for all of you who took the time to respond to my questions… And i’m *few* answers behind,lol! And they will be answered in the order it was received:)
    @frank,This is assuming that he is the reason you haven’t been meeting 4 times a month.
    Yes it is.
    @Madrista- ( has he done this before?) yes! he’s what you can call a bon fide SD..knows all the rules in the sugar bowl…. In retrospect the only reason I agreed on the p4p is because he mentioned women proofing after getting their first allowance. Now I feel like he’s taking advantage and just running with the idea since I agreed with him on seeing how consistent we can be.
    Flyer-Confronting anyone should start with a clear set of objectives
    a) I want him to agree that the standup thing – is to say of coure, problem solved
    b) I want him to crawl
    c) I want to let him know he is a dork
    As long as the personality, sex, etc are ok then option A sounds best to me., Unfortunately a lot of people in life slide along not doing quite what they agreed to do , from the slow pay to the eomployee who always shows up late but leaves on time and unfortunately to the SD who never quite makes the transformation.

    His personality, sex etc are perfect and given that my life is in such high gear nurturing and growing a traditional relationship at this point in my life with school and demands are going to be virtually impossible for some time,and since he’s married and not looking to change his status this arrangement works for both us.

    DaddyGT & GenuineSD
    * we don’t get hints
    * we don’t get subtle hints
    * we don’t get obvious hints
    * and when you don’t mention you are not happy, we assume all is well. Your input will definitely be taken into consideration:)
    I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and have that candid dialogue…

    CaliSB& jersey D- do you feel insulted by 500 each time? If you require 2K a month and you meet him once a week…. you are still making 2K…..so not sure what you are complaining about.
    No,we don’t meet every week ( i’ve seen him 4 times in the last 3 months) so the based compensation did not meet our monthly agreement.

  230. Jersey Darling says:

    @Jennifer: “I’ve seen him 4 times in the last 3 months and he still gives me the 500$ each time we meet. still hasn’t brought up monthly allowance either..,
    This whole thing makes me very uncomfortable and it puts me in an odd situation. why? because i cant ask to him to see me without feeling like the 500$ is the only reason i’m asking to meet up.Haven’t we been consistent enough in 3mths?

    If you are uncomfortable, your best bet is to communicate it with him. I did have one SD that liked to pay in cash and it felt very transactional. He didn’t last long. Other SDs have paid with cash and I haven’t minded because it felt natural.

    You’ll be getting the same amount of money either way. Is it really the way he’s paying you that’s bothering you, or is there a deeper issue at play? Does he make you feel like you’re only asking to get the $500?

    Russian: If 10 potential SB – it makes him a maniac – 0,2 girl is a body part

    Maybe he’s just a breast man… 😉

    @Bella “I was wondering if anyone could share some advice about allowances. When I first signed up to the site I was thinking “man, $1000 a month? Sweet deal yo!” but now I realize that many SB have higher allowances. What do you think is appropriate for an allowance if your arrangement is likely to be once a week? And once a month?”

    Tina gave great advice. The only appropriate allowance is the one that makes you happy. Do not compare yourself to some of the very high allowances you see on this blog. Use your internal compass to guide you. I’m able to survive on $0 a month since I can support myself from my job, so anything (including $1K a month) is gravy. Of course I want more though, but I take what feels right based on chemistry, amount of time taken up, etc.

    Re: Blog Format
    I was about to post a scathing comment (this new format is not mobile friendly!) but I am glad to see the changes being made. Please continue to focus on mobile friendliness as well.

    @Midwest “Who is using Roku and Plex instead of cable? What are your thoughts?”
    I use AppleTV. With mirroring, if I can’t get a show/movie through Netflix or Hulu, I can just find it online and stream it on a computer or iPad/iPhone and mirror it to the TV. Wirelessly.

    • Jersey Darling says:

      Wahh, italics don’t work?! I use that heavily? 🙁

    • Bella says:

      That’s kind of what I’m like too. I’m in a small city in Canadaland so my cost of living is lower than many of yours, plus I’m a student so I’m renting a room in a house lol. Which, ya know, I’d like to graduate out of, or at least get a nicer room, of course. But still, not incredibly pricey. But tuition, that’s different. Definitely would like a large part of my allowance to go to that. School may not be as expensive here as the States but it’s not cheap.

      How do you feel about sugar babies or women in an open relationship posing at being sugar daddies so they can bring you home to ‘daddy’?

      Also, how do you bold and italicize? And in some wordpress blogs they have buttons you can press that automatically bold/italicize/underline and add smileys. Is that possible?

  231. California SB says:

    Hey midwest my boyfriend uses neotv instead of cable. It freezes up all the time told him ill pay for his cable cuzz watching movies on that sux big time…..

  232. Midwest SB says:

    Heyyyy sugars!

    Who is using Roku and Plex instead of cable? What are your thoughts?

  233. Tina says:

    minion don’t need no wig!

  234. JustATequilaSD says:

    Well tell minion to put a wig on and turn around and shake it in those overalls. 😛

  235. Tina says:

    @Tequila: I don’t have to tell it to shake it, it’s a natural state! 😉

  236. JustATequilaSD says:

    Tell that minion to shake its moneymaker!

  237. JustATequilaSD says:

    re: the format
    Glad to see the format being worked on as we speak. Kudos to whomever is updating it so readily today. I see you even brought back the UP/TopOfPage arrow at the bottom of the screen. THANK YOU.

  238. Tina says:


    And my minion is nice and square and big again! (gotta have room to dance ya know!)

  239. Tina says:

    @Jen: this one might raise some objections, but maybe a blog topic about some of the common ways to research a SD/SB for validity (i.e. image searches, inexpensive / free basic background searches, etc). This can aide both new SDs AND SBs in helping them filter out fakes.

  240. DaddyGT says:

    I need to put my ranting cap on before I say anymore about the CSS for comments on this new theme 🙂
    This is mainly for the ladies. Here’s a few Valentine’s cards that will certainly bring a smile to your daddy.
    There’s a few there for the daddies to buy, but mainly for the ladies 🙂

  241. Jennifer says:

    @Tina I love that idea. I will add it into our schedule so you ladies (and daddies) can be prepared for Valentine’s Day.

  242. Tina says:

    @Jenn – last year around this time a topic was brewing around Valentine’s sugar, maybe a blog with tips on the BEST gifts that SDs and SBs have gotten from their sugars? It could be something that is polled from the users, and can serve as a catalyst to help other sugars come up with a wonderful gift! Just need to make sure that the SBs get to weigh in as well, and that there is a balance of expensive and inexpensive (but still AWESOME) gifts in the list.

  243. Tina says:

    Wow, that’s the first time I’ve been mistaken for Tequila! Thanks Jen! 😉 Well, I think! 😀

  244. Jennifer says:

    Hey guys..

    @DaddyGT @flyr @tina @anyone else who has blog format complaints

    We are working on fixing your issues with the new format. Our intention was to make things more esthetically appealing and easier to use, I apologize if this is not what you have seen.

    In regards to adding links, we thought you guys would be interested in reading some of the articles about SA that you maybe have missed. The point of this blog IS for a member forum, and for members to seek advice. We have definitely heard you and will put less links/lessPR related topics on here from now on 🙂

    Anything else you all want to add? We are listening to your complaints, and are working to make these changes.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. What should we write about next….


    P.S. This is possibly the best metaphor used to complain that I have ever read:

    “The blog topic serves the function of a robe worn to the ultimate swing party when it’s already in progress.”

  245. Tina says:


    The appropriate allowance depends on where you live and what your needs are. Before you start meeting POTs, you HAVE to know what the sugar is for. Are you using it to pay tuition? Rent, bills? Or is there a specific goal you are trying to achieve? The allowance amount also depends on if you’re expecting shopping / travel / gifts on top of the allowance, or if you are expecting/wanting just the cash itself.

    You also have to consider the frequency; if you’re only able to see your SD once a month for a few hours, don’t expect as large of an allowance as one that you see once a week, or spend a full weekend with once a month.

    There are so many factors, that it’s impossible to tell you what exact number you should shoot for. You will have to determine how much you need, and go from there. If the POT SD you’re meeting soon can’t meet the minimum you’re looking for, you might have to manage non-exclusivity or look for a SD that can meet your entire allowance.

    It’s up to you, and you are the only one that can determine your sugar needs (monetary and non).

    • Bella says:

      Thank you! Well I’m going to be saving most of it so I can help with tuition costs. But I’d like extra for more frivolous stuff. I’m not likely to be traveling anywhere until the semester is over so that’s not a big thing for me yet (but it will be lol).

      Also I just realized my username is very much associated with Twatlight and I am ashamed. *hangs head* 😳 😥

  246. Bella says:

    Tomorrow! My first pot date! Ciao signor Italiano. 😀


    I’ve been talking to this really nice SD through text. We seem to be able to converse very well and have many similar interests. This might be fun! He’s coming to my town next week for lunch. I’m excited.

    I was wondering if anyone could share some advice about allowances. When I first signed up to the site I was thinking “man, $1000 a month? Sweet deal yo!” but now I realize that many SB have higher allowances. What do you think is appropriate for an allowance if your arrangement is likely to be once a week? And once a month?

  247. Tina says:

    @DaddyGT: no, really, please tell us how you feel about the new blog format and don’t hold back 😉

  248. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:


    Feel free to send some sunshine please 🙂

    As for the new format, I am certainly not used to it. It looks rather dull and not user friendly as the old one.

  249. Debbie says:

    @Daddy GT

    I must agree this new blog sux.

  250. DaddyGT says:

    Heh. It looks like the blockquote tag works.
    Pity everything else seems broken

  251. DaddyGT says:

    @BlogJennifer, Brandon et al
    This new theme you have really really sucks.
    At the very least, fix the .css to
    * bring back spacing between paragraphs.
    * bold the names of posters for comments
    * bring back the html formatting
    * and if you can this time, fix the formatting for the

    And if you can, edit the template to show the previous and Next or New blog post At the bottom and after the comments, before the form, so folk don’t have to scroll to the top to figure out that there is a new blog post.
    And the new font sucks. The color too.
    All these changes shouldn’t take anyone that knows wordpress longer than 10 minutes. Total
    Seriously … this new theme really really sucks.

  252. DaddyGT says:

    Is London Girl = English Rose?
    * If so, Hi. Good to see you are still around 🙂

    I disagree with all the people saying “Run!”. Men are creatures of habit. We get into a groove, and think nothing of it. You’ve been getting the allowance as promised, so I doubt that it is out of his price range.

    If the current arrangment is making you uncomfortable, then mention it to him. I think I am speaking for most men here ….
    * we don’t get hints
    * we don’t get subtle hints
    * we don’t get obvious hints
    * and when you don’t mention you are not happy, we assume all is well

    Just be sure how you phrase it. By the sounds of things, you have a good rapport/thing going with him. Spell it out like that.

    “Hi SD. The whole per visit $$ makes me uncomfortable. These 3 months should be proof that we are a good thing blah blah. But as it stands, even if I want to see you more often, I can’t because I worry that you would think that I just wanted to do so for an extra allowance.** ”

    Something like that should sell it. If it doesn’t, at least you tried. The last thing you want to do though is remain in a relationship with aspects that are decidedly uncomfortable for you.

    Sugar is supposed to be fun after all. No?
    **You get bonus points for showing him that there are more than 4 weeks per month … 4.3333 , and a raise in allowance might be a good idea since you will probably see him more often without the per meet allowance thing hanging over your head.

  253. Debbie says:

    I would send you some but we have had rain all day, not that I am complaining it has been extremely hot, I am almost looking forward to winter.

  254. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    I am good thank you.

    Just looking at the snow. We actually have some here in the UK
    Very cold boo hoo.

    I need sunshine 🙂

  255. Debbie says:

    Or having …. It is already late night here

  256. Debbie says:

    Hi Lady Vuitton

    I am well thanks. Hope you had a great day.

  257. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Hi Debbie

    Are you well?

  258. Debbie says:

    Evening everyone.

    @Treasured well done on your test.

  259. California SB says:

    Jennifer if you dont say to him you want monthly he wont know. Next time you see him tell him to hold on to the envelope and give you all at once a month later. Up to you…

  260. California SB says:

    Jennifer: do you feel insulted by 500 each time? If you require 2K a month and you meet him once a week…. you are still making 2K…..so not sure what you are complaining about.

  261. im_only_me says:

    uugh.. 2 Georgia Unis on there.. How am I supposed to compete with all those ladies!?! >.<

  262. flyr says:

    Payiing off Student Debt vs Investment

    I’m a fan of paying down debt in this environment unless you have higher cost, non deductible debt

    Student debt sticks like glue.

  263. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Well Done Treasured. That is wonderful news.

    Go out and celebrate.


  264. JustATequilaSD says:


    The avatars were a nice size last time. And square. Squares are comforting. The don’t roll away. If you keep the circles, pls make them a lil bigger.

    I like the idea of a blog topic. Keep that.

    “Popular” is a nice topic grouping, but if you had the two most recent in a grouping right above it that would be great (even if one was the current topic.)

    Can we have Line spaces and paragraphs — THIS IS IMPORTANT

    Where is the grouping that says “Archived” or “Older topics”? (Great for the sidebar, just before the tags. Sometimes I actually refer people to some awesome topic we had months ago. Maybe have a drop down tree that would display the months, then drop down that month’s topics when you click again. Just a thought. (Yes, I did see the last 4 topics with their little pics under the actual topic info itself. I like that too.)

    I don’t read a “reply” if it’s posted too far above the current comments. I won’t know it’s there. It’s hard enough to see comments that just got approved, but I don’t think I will start at the top of the comments to see if any new replies have been added.

    My bold HTML tag did not work. Is it me?

    That’s my 2 pennies…sorry for the inconvenience.

  265. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Bella and @Taylor

    Just another quick question…what’s the finance rate on your student loans? I know it’s changed from the rate I had “back in the day.” But why would you dump large chunks of tax-free money into repaying a low-interest loan instead of actually investing the excess of the payment amount? Am I confused about this?

  266. JustATequilaSD says:

    Let’s try that again.
    Lynch you? None of my female fans live in Virginia…yet.
    Congrats on the test.
    @Taylor Made
    ” I would’ve never suspected Georigia State to top the list”
    everyone likes Georgia peaches…and Georgia peaches like everyone 😀

  267. JustATequilaSD says:

    Lynch you? None of my female fans live in Virginia…yet.

    Congrats on the test.

    @Taylor Made
    ” I would’ve never suspected Georigia State to top the list”
    everyone likes Georgia peaches…and Georgia peaches like everyone 😀

  268. GenuineSD says:

    @Jennifer. I think you should have a reasoned discussion with him laying out your needs for the arrangement and ask him directly what he’d like to do. (Be careful that this isn’t phrased as an ultimatum). It’s possible that his financial budget is limited and you’ll need to move on. It could be that he has over-estimated his availability and will either make changes for you – or not.

    It’s always valuable to have a clear goal of what you want out of any arrangement (and this negotiation in particular) so give some advance thought to what it is that you need, to achieve your personal goals. Don’t settle. When faced with a clear, dispassionate discussion, he’ll either meet your needs or not. Be prepeared for both outcomes in advance.

    You have an SD. That has some value, so it’s worth seeing of you can mold the arrangement into a win-win situation, but again, don’t settle for less than what it takes to make this a winning proposition for you. If he can’t meet that, then move on…

  269. flyr says:

    @Madridista – my only modification of your recommendation would be to give the perp one opoortunity to fly right. But would also be looking around.

    Confronting anyone should start with a clear set of objectives
    a) I want him to agree that the standup thing – is to say of coure, problem solved

    b) I want him to crawl

    c) I want to let him know he is a dork

    As long as the personality, sex, etc are ok then option A sounds best to me., Unfortunately a lot of people in life slide along not doing quite what they agreed to do , from the slow pay to the eomployee who always shows up late but leaves on time and unfortunately to the SD who never quite makes the transformation.

    I’ll confesss to having lost an awesome SB for similar behavior where I simply did not have the time to see her every week and the meeting based compensation did not meet our monthly agreement. What I should have done is operated on the lay-a-way plan where the payment continues and the extra meetings happen at some future time.

  270. Madridista says:

    @ Treasured — Congrats, on passing your exams! Knew you could do it, you always come across as driven and whip-smart 🙂
    Be very proud of yourself and enjoy some much needed post-exam relaxation!

  271. Frank says:

    Flyr-I totally agree!

  272. Madridista says:

    I’m so lame, I didn’t see the new topic, so sorry Jennifer, I posted my response to you at the previous topic.

    @Jennifer, I think you should look for someone else. It’s been too long for him to not bring up allowance. Has he done this before? I mentioned on previous blog that it sounds like your allowance was out of his range and he still wanted to have sugar dates with you, so he mentioned trial of consistency thingy. It’s better to have an agreement from the get go: how much do you start out with and how long until you have a full-fledged arrangement. If he’s only giving you a quarter of your allowance, then you should only be only a quarter of the kind of SB that you are, albeit a consistent one 🙂
    But it’s easier to look for another SD and tell him you can’t be exclusive, unless he meets your allowance expectations. The red flag for me is that after such a long time (3 months), he never broached the allowance topic when he knows that the $500 figure is not your final agreement. That’s not being a gentleman and even though it’s done passively, taking advantage of someone amounts to the same thing in my book. Look for a gentleman.

  273. flyr says:


    I think the mission of the blog has changed from a place for existing members to a promotional avenue for SA…………… sorry to see the unfriendly changes


    Most recent contributions
    default sort order of blogs by chron

    I think users have decided that this is not a threaded blog as it is more of free for all and if you post something back at the original comment nobody will see it.

    There’s too much space wasted on the blog topic. This one has a long list of links to SA related articles . Perhaps they could just have a PR blog . The blog topic serves the function of a robe worn to the ultimate swing party when it’s already in progress. When you are in the topic is long forgottten and the eternal sub topics of allowances, sorting out the wierdos , offering advice etc takes over.

    One of the toughest things for businesses to do is to accept that sometimes it’s OK to let the customers have their way……….

    • Jennifer says:

      Hey hey, we want you to have your way! We are just changing things around a little bit.

      Thank you very much for the feedback.

  274. Treasured says:

    Looks like I was the only one who had doubts 😀

    Thank you. And I am so proud of myself. Finally I can relax for a bit.

  275. flyr says:


    I do not know the experience of others but a monthly allowance comes with benefits and risks for the SD

    If the relationship is a sugar exclusive there’s generally more continuity and also some opportunities for either to propose a spur of the moment meeting that generally not part of the schedule. More importantly for me I think it has a higher probability of developing into something which is still sugar driven but better.

    I think in the transactional relationship there’s more a tendency to have purpose driven and perhaps clock driven meetings . This may be fine for the married SD or the SB on a frantic schedule but takes a lot of the fun out of it.

  276. flyr says:

    “his whole thing makes me very uncomfortable and it puts me in an odd situation. why? because i cant ask to him to see me without feeling like the 500$ is the only reason i’m asking to meet up.Haven’t we been consistent enough in 3mths?
    Should I just stop seeing him? What should I tell him if we were to go that direction?”

    You might explain to him that your motivation for taking an SD is a predictable stream of money, a reasonable amount and a quality SD. You need his help to achieive this.

    Try to understand what he is trying to accomplish – have multiple SB for what would be one allowance , conflicts at home etc

    If you are not moving towards a relationship that works you should be shopping for another

  277. Frank says:

    /treasured-congrats!! We all knew you could do it.

  278. Frank says:

    Jennifer-a couple of months is past the transitional period. You need to have a talk with him. You might start with your budget, showing him why you need $2000 and when you don’t get it, it puts you in the hole.

    Or as an alternative, you could email him when a bill is due, and say you need help paying it, and see his response.

    This is assuming that he is the reason you haven’t been meeting 4 times a month.

  279. Taylor Made SB says:

    Good morning fellow blog mates 🙂

    Greetings from my Entertainment class, figured I’d distract myself from being drowned in Shakespeare sonnets. I have a Pot SD follow up date after school today, wish me luck 🙂

    Too bad my professor isn’t on the SD market, he’d be dec. 😉

  280. Treasured says:

    @ Topic.

    Ok. I will be honest. I do not NEED sugar to pay for my UNI (since I am in a top 50 students, I get my education for free).
    BUT, I do need some to pay for everything else. 2 kids, med school AND work are not compatible.

    I looked through the comments in those articles, and the one which cracked me the most is this one:

    “I provide 4 scholarships a year to a local college. Man! I’m missing out on a lot of young, college p_ssy it appears!” Bobster_99

    Guy is a nuts 😀 In a good way!


  281. Treasured says:

    Chemistry AND CELL BIO!

  282. RussianSB says:


  283. RussianSB says:

    I change my point of wiev on things after SA (before SA I was not familiar with terms ”Sugar” and ”Sugardaddy”). Now I divide everything in ”Sugar” and ”No-Sugar”. I am not connected that with old ”girl/boy” game, but with quick money fall from heaven, something that not need put huge energy in it but brings large benefits . For example, some professions are sugar. And some bussiness, like oil bussiness. My father used to repeat tome that if you want reach your goals you must work hard, but it is not so true. I know a lot people who make quickly money being in the right place at the right time for that.
    I was educated for free, as a clever student, I also earn money from my not so gifted collegues, doing their fuculty themes – it brings me quite a salary every month. I simply didn’t know that there are men who can pumper me.
    Such ideas don’t visit my head at this age.

  284. RussianSB says:

    It also answers you, sugars, how long does it take to find grate SD – look up GURU statistics ! Even I have higher results (10% of success in sugar happy ending), but, of course, I am dream of every man, ”entitled” princess.
    Everyone looks for entitled princesses on SA. One happy day I will marry the King and become a Queen and take the Trolls heads off ! And your sugar mouth will be washed with soap ! But till that day you feel free to express yourself, Dear blogsters 🙂

  285. RussianSB says:

    @ SD GURU
    ”I know you’re a blonde, but please check your math!”
    Shame on me !!! Not only I am blond but Jewish also , so I always was grate with %%%, what sugar life has dane to me?
    Let’s count again, girls :
    If Guru met 50 pots – he end in sugar arrangement with 1 girl,
    if 200 pots – than 4 girls,
    if 1000 pots – 20 girls (maybe , he is sugar veteran – more likeble).
    If 10 potential SB – it makes him a maniac – 0,2 girl is a body part 🙂

  286. Jennifer says:

    And he expect us to be exclusive btw,so I hope you can understand my frustration.

  287. Jennifer says:

    Since people have transitioned to a new blog topic,I thought I should re post mine.

    Hello good people:) First of all, I would like to thank all the people on this blog who go out of their way to help us newbies with your most appreciated advice and insight.
    I’m in a very weird predicament with a SD I met 3 months ago. He’s married and about 20 years older than me. He asked me what my allowance expectation were and I gave him a 2k figure. His response was that-(Let’s see how consistent we can be and then see about monthly. For today, we will just have a pro-rated amount if that’s okay) which was 500$ and I was ok with that.
    I’ve seen him 4 times in the last 3 months and he still gives me the 500$ each time we meet. still hasn’t brought up monthly allowance either..,
    This whole thing makes me very uncomfortable and it puts me in an odd situation. why? because i cant ask to him to see me without feeling like the 500$ is the only reason i’m asking to meet up.Haven’t we been consistent enough in 3mths?
    Should I just stop seeing him? What should I tell him if we were to go that direction?
    Flyr,Guru,Tequila,Madri,JD,CaliSB,treasured,Russian and all PLEASE ADVICE!

  288. Bella says:

    Insomniatic thought of the night: I should write a book titled “How Feminism Sugared Me”. I owe my thanks to Simone de Beauvoir, though she’s probably turning in her grave right now. 😀

  289. Bella says:

    And seriously? Why does this blog have a hate-on for paragraphs and spacing?

    *Inner academic goes apeshit*

  290. Bella says:

    See, my parents know I’m working part-time only on weekends…kinda hard to pull that off. Though I suppose in the summer I can claim I’m working full hours and save it til next semester. Hmm.

    I am surprisingly excited! I laughed at myself when I made this account at 4am while sleep deprived and buzzed. I said to myself, “Self, wanna bet you’ll regret this when you wake up after passing out for only 2h?” and self said “Deal!” Self won. 😀

    Seriously, I’m lacking in sleaze. I feel left out. 🙁 Jk, keep ’em please! I wonder why that is though. Maybe because I don’t post provocative pictures? But then I seriously have gotten a metric fuckton of messages in the like 5 whole days I’ve been on here. I’ve gone from thinking I’ll only have one SD at a time to thinking I’ll have one regular SD with one or maybe even two infrequent ones on the side. Holy crap! How do you choose?

    I honestly am surprised by the messages I’m getting. I wasn’t expecting this. I suppose I figured since I’m not blonde hair blue eyed bikini clad hot shit that I wouldn’t get much notice. I supposed wrong apparently aha.

  291. Taylor Made SB says:

    @ Bella

    I work loads during the semester so I just tell them I earn the money. Lucky gal 🙂 Are you excited? I remember my first pot, I was incredibly nervous as I am typically quite a coy individual, so I was stepping well beyond my comfort zone. Lol well if you manage to experience this without any sleazy men you deserve an award, as there are loads! As a new SB my advice to you is don’t be naive, and be careful! The sugar lifestyle has many perks but it also comes with a ton of BS ( In the beginning at least). Personally I’ve had a lot of fun, and Im sure if you’re getting a lot of messages you will be in for a good time as well 🙂

  292. Bella says:

    @Taylor: I dunno if my parents would buy a little white lie lol, I wish. I guess I’ll have to try and pay in smaller amounts that won’t be noticed…when I finally find some sugar, that is! Meeting first pot SD on Saturday, got another on Wednesday, and more men lined up in the works. 😀

    I’m surprised that none of the men I’ve spoken to have been the least bit sleazy. I’m also incredibly surprised that I’ve gotten so many messages!

  293. SD Guru says:

    From previous blog:

    Quote of the day: “when your IQ is higher than your weigh it puts you into elite company.” :mrgreen:

    “I’m 18 going on 19 and new to online Sugar… Though my previous relationship wasn’t exactly classified as a sugar relationship, I guess it was pretty much that. We were together for a while,”

    What’s the age of consent in Barbados? A long time ago we had a discussion about how young is too young for a SB, and the general consensus was that SB’s under the legal drinking age may not be ready for sugar. Perhaps you should get more experience with IRL relationships before considering sugar.

    “Let’s count, girls … 2% of ten pots will be 2 girls”

    I know you’re a blonde, but please check your math! 😛

    “Allowance discussion before meet-since I started this thread, thought I would bring you up to date. I emailed her back answered all of her questions except the one about the specific amount of the allowance.”

    Look at the hot mess you started! 🙂 As Madridista said, discussing past sugar experiences should be fine. But in your case she’s asking about the specific amount of allowance which would seen premature at that stage.

    @Jersey Darling
    “It bothers me too to see the lack of respect”

    You’re not alone. The first post of every blog refers to the blog etiquette and keeping the dialog constructive and respectful. Certain posters have been known to repeatedly flaunt the limits of good taste. It’s a credit to the blog community that such behavior hasn’t escalated into flame wars like we had in the past.

  294. Taylor Made SB says:


    Thats Brilliant! Im on partial, but it STILL cost ” an arm and a leg”

    @ Bella


    I know what you mean about the “mystery money”. My parents still help me out with payments for Uni. but when I make a mass payment unassisted Im almost always questioned. Lol nothing that a little white lie won’t sort :p

  295. Bella says:

    New to sugar! And yes, the money for school is the driving factor for me. However, my mum manages my school account and I’m not sure how I’d be able to pay large sums of money without her noticing…

  296. Lo says:

    nice job Tina, way to work it

  297. Tina says:

    Sweet, my alma mater isn’t up there (yet). But, I was on a full ride so I didn’t have any student loans anyway. 😀

  298. Taylor Made SB says:

    This list is quite shocking! I would’ve never suspected Georigia State to top the list lol. My tuition is 42k, hence the reason I joined SA ;)…The “experience” is great, as I have had many but the financial part is my priority as an SB, atleast until I graduate. I’m taking a year before I go to grad. school, I assume that’s when I can really indulge in the sugar lifestyle 🙂

  299. California SB says:

    Wow UCLA and Columbia on the list…. someone gotta pay for those prada book bags 🙂

  300. Jersey Darling says:

    First 😀

  301. AdminJenn says:

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