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Sugar Safety Tips


In light of recent events, we thought it was time to do a refresher in sugar safety. Online dating safety is a huge concern, and no matter how desperate you are for money, opportunity or affection- nothing is more important than your personal safety. 

Get To Know Your Date

We screen all profiles and approve members in-house, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious while getting to know your potential date. If a profile is not “verified”, don’t be afraid to ask them for a background check.  Do not accept a date with someone who makes your uncomfortable, trust your gut. The desire for sugar should never outweigh your value on personal safety. Insist on a background check. Google them. Skype. Call. Text. BEFORE YOU LEAVE for your date. Ask questions, and discuss your intentions and expectations before you get there.

Be Aware

Never meet up with a potential Sugar Daddy at a private location. Insist on meeting somewhere public, and if possible, familiar to you. Don’t have him pick you up, and never give out any personal information until you are better acquainted.  If possible valet your car, so you won’t be in a situation where you are being walked to a darkened parking garage at the end of the night. Always take the elevator at night, never use the stairs. If you are traveling to meet a Sugar Daddy, confirm all travel plans to and from, and make sure you research the destination ahead of time.

Be Cautious

As a woman there will always be a concern for personal safety. Demand respect from the moment you first lay eyes on each other, and dress accordingly. Even if you really need the money, desperation should never be a flaunted trait. Don’t overindulge yourself on alcohol, and always watch your drinks. In the sugar bowl, everything seems almost to good to be true, so you need to be even more cautious and guarded to determine the validity of a proposed arrangement. A first meeting should never turn into a sexual transaction. If he’s leading you down that path, he is not a true Sugar Daddy. Take control of your safety, it’s better to be paranoid than a victim.

If you only follow one of these rules: never meet a stranger anywhere but in public. Don’t go to his house, don’t go somewhere secluded. Date in public.

What other safety precautions would you advise? 

Sugar Daddies: what advice would you give to new Sugar Babies to protect their safety?




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  1. Remarkable! Its in fact amazing paragraph, I have got much clear idea regarding from this paragraph.

  2. EllenSugarB says:

    **laugh…not “late” … notorious for typos..hehe

  3. EllenSugarB says:

    Hello Sugars! Long time no chat.

    Uh? Did you guys really argue about someones alleged multiple blog names for over a week?!?! Its really kind of silly, guys. To be honest, I could call out several people (including SDinLA) who have posted under multiple names (aka Spot SDinLAs dog, etc…) Who Cares!!! Its a freakin blog. Have fun and be done with it. And yes, Cali can be abrasive at times, but truth be told she has in fact given some good little nuggets of advice from time to time, and most of the time she says some pretty funny stuff. I myself see value in someone who can make me late. Cali, like most of you, often times has me rolling on the floor. Just give it a rest and TRY not to be a total hypocrite. Were on here to have fun…just sayin’ …

  4. MimiSB says:

    to book tickets for me, does my SD needs my passport details

  5. LolaBabyK says:

    I’ve been following all of y’all’s drama for a few days now, haha. You guys are hilarious and I want in! I wanted to comment on the “I Heat Sugar” thread, but Guru disappointed me (for the first time ever, I might add) by suspending comments. iMad (>.<)

    I promise not to troll 😉 xoxo

  6. Can someone give more screeninig advice? I don’t know how one would go about screening someone they’ve met on-line who may be using a pseudonym.

  7. Can someone give more screeninig advice? I don’t know how one would go about screening someone they’ve met on-line who may be using a pseudonym.

  8. Stacy, says:

    Wow! SD just calls with a bombshell – arrangements make him feel bad about himself. Obviously, I don’t want anything to do with that! Feeling frustrated now, I never even brought up gift$, he just gave them. Wish he’d come to this realization a week ago.

    Any one have advice?

    Regarding annual sugar – $12,000 in cash and gifts last year, and I’ve been in the sugar bowl about six months. Some months I didn’t have anything going with anyone, sometimes there was more than one guy. So I consistently received 2-3K per month, which averages out to about $1,000 per visit with an SD. And, it takes a lot of time and effort. Sugar dating at that level is not a casual approach.

  9. Jersey Darling says:

    @Jack, staying out of it is always the smart idea! :mrgreen:

    1. Of course a good point, sugar is rarely consistent. I’d contribute my own numbers, but I started toward the end of 2012. If I break down the amount of money I made for the hours actually spent with the person (excluding sleeping), I made $186/hour. This isn’t including the time spent in texts, phone calls etc – just time spent together. It’s amazing to be getting money while having fun too!

    2. The figure above doesn’t include wining, dining and presents. (Though my presents were never of high monetary value; I got that horrible ceramic stripper shoe and some some other gifts that were really thoughtful.)

    3. Fantastic point. Tequila mentioned above about me trying to raise my allowance by offering exclusivity (and I do think exclusivity is worth more). The truth is, the men I’ve been with wouldn’t be able to afford it. They were already pushing their limits just to keep me around. And if I ever sensed a guy was offering more than he could afford (this is what happened with my second pot SD when I was trying to have two at once), I declined because I don’t want to drain someone’s resources. To me that crosses the line into taking advantage.

    As a side note, the majority of men I’ve had interested in me make between $150 and $200K a year. Some make up to $250K. Yes I’ve had the people who claim to make more and offer higher allowances, but they rarely come to fruition. I met one person who was quite wealthy, but though we had fun together it never progressed to an arrangement; he’d just give me money for travel expenses. Of all the men I spoke with, though he was the wealthiest he also gave the least.

  10. SD Guru says:

    Wow, another fun day on the blog! Please give me some time to get to all the email exchange requests. Better yet, email me with any requests so that I don’t miss them on the blog.

    Hi Beach_Girl!

    Look, new topic!

    @London Girl
    “what bothered me personally was the lack of respect shown towards anyone who didn’t share the illusion.”

    I agree and I’m sure your feelings are shared by many others.

    @Jersey Girl
    “By the way, SD Guru, isn’t there a blog policy against personal attacks?”

    Yes there is and the “Blog Etiquette” is mentioned in the first comment of every blog topic. However, blog moderation is not done in real time and no one can realistically monitor this blog 24/7. Therefore it is primarily up to the blog community to behave as mature adults and treat each other with respect.

    FWIW, I’ve removed several offending comments from the blog.

  11. Beach_Girl says:

    Jack~ Thank you for that, I’m sure most SBs don’t see that side of the “arrangement” This should be a post SBs & SDs could refer to later on.
    I do agree that 5k is a lot, most won’t get that.
    When I have met with a SD, money was not discussed before hand. A first meet is, to me, to see if “click”, if there is reason to have a second date. Of course we all have a number in mind, mine is based on what I need. I have gotten less than what I want, but because he was a great guy and taught me a lot.

  12. Jack says:

    As you can all see, I’ve stayed out of the foregoing fight, and I don’t intend to get into it now. But I do have some random thoughts:

    1. It would be interesting to know the actual percentage of SB’s getting $3000/month, twelve months a year, which is what Brandon’s stated average translates to. Because getting $3000 for three months, then looking for 2 months, and then getting it for a month, and then looking again, and so on, does not come out to “$3000 per month” (ie, $36,000/yr). So a question to the SB’s who post here–Who wants to share with us TOTAL allowance dollars received in all of 2012?

    2. I suspect most SD’s who pay $3000+/month in allowance spend close to $2000/month on gifts and date expenses. That would be $60K per year spent on sugar, AFTER tax. Most financial advisers suggest not spending more than 20% of after-tax income on a mortgage, so let’s be wild and say the average high-dollar SD will spend that same 20% on an SB (a dubious proposition, I believe). So that $60K translates to annual income of $300K, AFTER tax, or $400K pre-tax, assuming a 25% tax bracket, or $500K assuming a more realistic 40% tax bracket (including federal and state income taxes).

    Ladies, please scan the SD profiles–what percent of the men report annual income in excess of $500K/year? My guess is under 10%–assuming all income self-reporting is accurate. If it’s exaggerated, then the percentage is even lower.

    Now, if 10% of SD’s can and are willing to spend 20% of their aftertax income on SB’s, and assuming SB’s outnumber SD’s 10 to 1, and assuming not very many SD’s have more than ONE SB at $5000/month, this means that mathematically only 1% of the SB’s can have an SD who can and is willing to spend $5000/month on his sugar.

    That does not mean that Stacy, Madridista, or CaliSB aren’t among the 1%. Whether they are or not is irrelevant to this post. What IS relevant is that statistically, 99% of SB’s simply will not find an SD capable of and willing to spend $5000/month on sugar.

    3. Regarding SB’s interpreting a low offer as “insulting” or “not recognizing” their “worth,” I have several comments. First, if a guy CANNOT afford more than $2000/month plus maybe $1000 in date expenses, which is $36,000/yr and implies an annual gross (pretax) income of at least $250,000, he could think you’re God’s gift to the earth and STILL not offer you more than $2000. In that case, his offer and his opinion of your worth have no correlation because the correlation is with his ability to pay, not your worth. So I suggest that SB’s stop assuming that a guy’s offer correlates with his opinion of your worth. I’m not saying there’s never a correlation, I’m saying there are other possible reasons, too.

    Second, in my case, I can afford any allowance level I want, and yet, I have set a limit of $3000/month to start. Does that mean I don’t think the world of you? Not at all. I have two reasons for that limit. First, after starting at higher dollar amounts when I initiallyjoined SA, I observed that higher dollar amounts attracted women I did not care for. These SB’s acted full of themselves, entitled, demanding and clearly cared about my money more than me. The three high-dollar SB’s I met initially were all gorgeous, sexy and smart (at least, in some ways) but frankly, I wouldn’t take them for free if they showed up at my house today.

    And second, the right SB will see my offer as a complete package. In other words, my offer to her–what I bring to the SB/SD table–isn’t just cash. In fact, in my (not-so) humble view, the person I bring to the table (me) is far more valuable than the cash I bring to the table. If the woman doesn’t agree–she may well decline, and THAT IS EXACTLY the outcome I desire. The women that remain interested in me without a gigantic financial incentive–are PRECISELY the women I want.

    So, again, what some women might consider a low-ball offer from me does not represent my measure of their worth; rather, it is my screening technique to select for the women who are more interested in me than in my money–ie, those who see a $2000 offer from me as worth $2000 in cash and $3000 (or more) in “Jack value.”

    Do I delude myself into believing that most women on SA see it that way? Not at all. But enough have seen it the above way to make my life very interesting and satisfying. I have had a fair number of ladies come visit me for a weekend without ANY discussion of money upfront (of course, I pay all expenses and in a couple of cases, I have sent money out in advance) and I think a nice time was had by all in most cases. Of course, nobody left empty-handed or unhappy, but the focus of the weekend was not money.

    And yet, none of these women felt that the absence of money discussion meant I did not value them as human beings. More likely, they all felt that my worth as a human being just about matched their sense of selfworth.


  13. Beach_Girl says:

    Tequila~ you leaving? 🙁 too bad… Not sure how long I will be on here, but we can email..

    Guru~ could you send my email to Tequila, Thank you 😀

  14. JustATequilaSD says:

    Valentine’s day is coming up, so I need to start limbering up to give an entire college cheerleading squad some hard candy, with the 28, in the conservatory, dressed as Col. Mustard. I suppose it would be a good time to take a mini-break from the blog. Let you all get chummy again, so I can come in and ruin it with penis jokes, sexual innuendos, and crazy advice. I’ve been bad. Save all spankings until I return. 🙂

    (Runs back under bridge.) LOL

  15. Beach_Girl says:

    Tequila~ lol, I had some great fun here while drinking lol… haven’t been online tipsy in a long time lol

  16. JustATequilaSD says:

    Some of my best posts were tipsy. LOL.

  17. Beach_Girl says:

    I did rant a little but hey, I’m a little tipsy 😀 too much food and drink tonight!

  18. Beach_Girl says:

    Tequila~ thank you 😀

  19. JustATequilaSD says:

    Very nicely put.

  20. Beach_Girl says:

    Flyr & Tequila~ I would love to get 5k a month, but I don’t think that’s realistic for me. But I know that! Not that I wouldn’t want it, I don’t have the wardrobe for it… and Yeah, i’m Older!!! lol We just have to be realistic about, Stacy said it best, get informed.
    I think we all want someone to “want us” it’s a great feeling!
    And yes, I really don’t want to go the the ICU after a first date! lets all be careful. There are crazy people everywhere! trust your gut

  21. JustATequilaSD says:

    28 now after shrinkage?

    As you’re lying there beneath me, please don’t worry, I won’t go any deeper when I hear you make choking sounds.(I can’t take credit for that joke, but I don’t remember which comedian I stole it from.)

    @Jersey Darling
    “Alright, one more quick one…”
    I’m already getting quickies, boy I work fast.

    “tried it”
    You can always post 3k on your profile and wait. Still about whatever works for you, and what you’re comfy with.

  22. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!!!! woooo what a game! Great food, too much wine and Beer, and great friends, I had a great night!

    As for this whole drama:
    There will always be drama on the blog, personalities are different, people get offended by words sometimes taken the wrong way… It’s written down, not the same as talking face to face.
    That said, IT IS a great place to get advice, talk about our sugar experiences, get to know people and talk about our Sugar adventures . There are not many outlets that let you do that and this is a great place.
    I have met amazing SBs and SDs here, some that are still great friends, that have made a difference in my life. I know them personally and have met them IRL. I also have SB and SD online friends, and yes, I have all met them here!
    The blog is different from a few years ago, some Sugars have left the bowl, some just moved on. There are clicks here, it’s normal, it was like that when I blogged more. You cannot judge someone by words or how they write, it doesn’t mean a thing. I don’t write good, but I get my word across. I know we are all trying to make it in the sugar world, but be realistic. Not everyone can have a 5-10K SD. I don’t think I could. I am good looking but older, I don’t own Louboutins and my goals aren’t the same.
    You can’t judge people on a blog. You take them at their word, whether you believe them or not… that belongs to you, no one else. If you have a problem with someone, ignore them… why fight? Yes, we are passionate people and we hate being lied too. But this is a blog, people can be who they want, say what they want…
    If you don’t like a comment you can address it politely if you can’t, maybe ask to talk to them off the blog. I can tell you, I have had my share of drama on here, I am not one of the “popular girls” never was. But once I did have a problem with a SB and I sent her a nasty email, really nasty… She complained on the blog about someone being so nasty she was mad as hell, she didn’t mention it was me, But I did come clean and told everyone here, “Yeah, It was me. She pissed me off and I told her, off the blog” Today, that SB is one of my greatest friend!
    Don’t judge, don’t get angry here, walk away… I do it now!
    I understand we all get frustrated, but it’s no reason . it’s a computer and you can scream at it and not type!
    We are all here for the same thing, Friends, information, guidance. Lets have fun!

    Rant over!!! 😀

  23. flyr says:

    Back to basics

    The typical SB is looking for something which is attractive to her – financially, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially

    The industrial debutante on backpage is just trying to be sure she gets through the “date” without a detour to the ICU .

  24. California SB says:

    PEEPS are you guys watching this bizarre superbowl??

  25. Stacy, says:

    @ Tequila, I’m five three and a size two, I don’t want anything to do with a 28 inch Kraken! Lol! Give me five inches of blue steel and a great set of hands any day. Lol !

  26. Jersey Darling says:

    Alright, one more quick one…

    @Tequila, I love that idea and have tried it. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to execute. The men I’ve dated don’t care enough about the exclusivity to want to pay more for it, no matter how many ways I’ve tried to phrase it nicely…

    Eventually there may be someone who’s on the same page as me but I haven’t found them yet. I’d take consistency over spikes any day.

  27. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Tina @Stacy @Jersey
    Jersey feels like she almost got laid. Stacy’s mentioning oral sex and lasagna…which Tina’s probably got a recipe for (the lasagna I mean.) So, my contribution one last time is 28-inch penis. When I’m done, Frank’s bringing the 29!

  28. JustATequilaSD says:

    Very wise statement.

    @Jersey Darling
    Personally, perhaps after adding that extra value that you speak of, perhaps you can also offer exclusivity for a total of 2k/month. (or even more.) This would work well with your monogamy idea. You also would have to think of consistency vs. money spikes. If you actually enjoy more consistent companionship and romance, and perhaps long term then keep that in mind. If you prefer higher more sporadic or medium term money, and higher demands then severely increase the amount. (Which will usually cut your pool thinner.)

    P.S. – And juggling a bunch of men sounds like work, but not the kind of work you’d want to be associated with. But this is sugar. Business can be business. (What do I know, I’m a guy.)

  29. Jersey Darling says:

    Well, I don’t know about you all, but (TMI) I almost feel like I got laid… I’m exhausted and delirious!

    Time to curl up under my sheets and get ready for tomorrow. Good night all, hopefully now that we’ve all gotten it out of our systems we can play nice.

  30. Stacy, says:

    Aw Tina, wouldn’t be the blog if there wasn’t a monthly allowance fight! Tomorrow we’ll be back to talking about oral sex and lasagna recipes.

  31. Tina says:

    (wonders why she is allowing herself to be sucked into this conversation) I think every woman should know that sugar is meant as financial assistance for the SB in the form of a NSA relationship. That’s it. The amount /type of your sugar shouldn’t be a validation of your self worth; it should be a give and take of what you need to meet your goals versus the demands of the person willing to help you with those goals. Can whores / escorts / strippers make triple digits an hour? Of course. Many attractive and gifted strippers can easily make 1 – 2 K a week. However, there IS a difference in a SB and whore/escort/stripper OUTSIDE of the monetary exchange. What that difference is up to you; if I’m with someone, it’s because I enjoy them as a person, as WELL as the fact that they provide a needed benefit to my life. Period.

    (disengages self from black hole conversation……seriously considers a VERY long break from blog…..)

  32. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tequila, I don’t mean to offend by my crush comment – it was an observation. I’ve seen your older nastier posts too. And currently, I see that your compliments are often offset by subtle insults. But it tends to remind me of a boy pulling a girl’s pigtails 🙂

    “And for you to have several frequent offers for 1.5k from guys you feel are good chemistry is actually quite impressive. Would you be willing to repeatedly see 5 of them at a time to average below 7.5k a month? Once again, I hope not.(But many people will try to tell you that’s what this site is about, and for some people, it is.)”

    Thank you, appreciate that feedback. 5 is a bit much. Now I’ve been surprised that although I’m the monogamous sort, when it comes to sugar dating I’ve been enjoying being bad and seeing more than one person at once (translate that to two, tops). What can I say, I’m exploring my sexuality. But believe it or not, the guys in my case know about it – I don’t lie (I never would where someone’s sexual health is concerned) and I don’t have to juggle.

    Ideally I’d like to fall at $3-5K just to prove a point to myself. Why? Because for me, I’d feel like I’m utterly rolling in luxury at that point. I’m a simple person. Ideally I’d like to do that with one person. Would I have multiple SDs at once? Yes, but that is incredibly difficult to pull off. I almost did it not that long ago, but alas it didn’t work.

    I feel odd admitting that I’d even consider two guys at once, but in a world where everyone is open and okay with it it’s suddenly fun trying something you’ve never done before.

  33. Stacy, says:

    @Jersey – I have no idea why you believe we have a fight. I just wish women would side together more. Too often we’re like crabs in a bucket, willing to pull each other down.

    You and I don’t have a disagreement. I was just pointing out that SDinLA sounds as (even more) preposterous than Cali.

    • Jersey Darling says:

      Fair enough. I want to like Cali when she tries to promote the point that women have the power and she tries to win some of that back for us. But I hate when she bites the hand that feeds us and sets sugar back as a whole.

  34. JustATequilaSD says:

    And if any sb is getting money she’s comfy with for what she’s bringing to the table, I applaud everyone one of you…no matter the amount. It’s not a competition with anyone but your own sensibilities.

  35. Stacy, says:

    Lo, thank you! These poor young girls should at least know that your average online hooker (even in less urban areas) charges $300 per two hour visit.

    Know your value ladies! Set your expectations against that knowledge, visit Backpage or Eros and do your research.

    Of course, if you are really honest with yourself you may visit those sites and find that $300 per visit IS your market value, that there isn’t anything that makes you more valuable than those women (I.e. no education, average body, bad teeth, etc,). Or, if $300 makes you feel special, and makes your life easier – great, go for it!

    Just know the market and don’t let cheap SDs, this blog, or anyone’s posts fool you. And, NEVER have sex with someone you don’t want to have sex with. That’s the difference between a whore and a kept woman – and no amount of money can buy your self respect.

  36. Jersey Darling says:

    Sure, you may think you are worth $100,000 a lay, and you can hold out for that. But while women shouldn’t believe $100 is average, neither should they believe that $12K a month is.

    What people like me are saying is let’s be honest here and see the middle ground. You’ll note that I’m one of the few that didn’t make Tequila’s Outrageous List of Outrageousness. Brandon Wade (founder of SA for any lurkers who don’t know) has stated recently that the average SB gets $3K. That figure is likely skewed by outliers of the extremely wealthy. Add to that that there are 10 SBs for every one SD, and the survey only accounts for those who’ve actually managed to land an SD, and you quickly realize where the numbers should fall. If you get anything near $2K, you should realize that you are doing well, especially if you are in a non-metro area. And if $2K or less insults you, good for you, have fun waiting and realize you’ll probably be waiting for a while.

    Cali’s numbers are possible, as are unicorns and magic and pixie dust, but statistically improbable. And to tout that all a girl needs to get that is be skinny, be shallow, and juggle 3 men at once is ludicrous. Anyone who has seriously done this knows that landing 3 guys is hard, nevermind landing them all at once and juggling them while you have a job and a life. And forget swapping guys out ever 6 months – that’s even less likely.

    But Stacy, please, continue to take the side of random strangers as women are so wont to do. I love when people insult others for doing something that they themselves are doing.

  37. Tina says:

    @London Girl: I don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day, but I have an early birthday present from my parents this week (we’re going to a WONDERFUL play together that we all enjoy!). For my birthday later in the month, I’m going on a mini-vacation to somewhere I haven’t been before, and can’t wait!!!! YEAH!! 🙂

  38. JustATequilaSD says:

    @London Girl
    I don’t think you’re an idiot, for whatever my opinion is worth.

    @Jersey Darling
    Isn’t it great though that you CAN politely call someone a liar without any repercussion? I’d defend your right to politely express your opinion just as much as Cali’s. Just depends on what I feel is the situation.

    If you feel I have a crush on Cali, you should go back and read some of my earlier comments to her before Guru warned us all not to fight on the blog. SDinLA has been around long enough to have seen all of these and should know better. But the great thing is that I don’t have to prove whether or not I have a crush on her. Secondly, she is exactly the kind of strictly money motivated girls that I avoid. I should venture to say that if you knew me better, I would have been insulted at the Tequila+Cali insinuation. Of course, I did not take any offense. It’s a blog.

    As for 3k+ offers, there are others on the blog that also have claimed this, and blog SD’s that have claimed to giving 5k+ allowances. I don’t have “evidence” whether ANY of it is true. But I’m ok with it.

    As far as advice goes, Cali has given good advice to some sb’s. Not all advice will fit with all sb’s. Her advice may not go well with you, and that’s ok.(Based on what I know about you so far.) I like romantics that try to stay romantic even as they pursue sugar. I don’t know what kinks or fantasies she’s willing to fulfill. That’s her. By the way, you starting steady 1.5k sugar, in the first few months of your journey IS gold if you’re not doing anything uncomfortable. There are still PLENTY of girls that will never see that. And for you to have several frequent offers for 1.5k from guys you feel are good chemistry is actually quite impressive. Would you be willing to repeatedly see 5 of them at a time to average below 7.5k a month? Once again, I hope not.(But many people will try to tell you that’s what this site is about, and for some people, it is.)

  39. Tina says:

    @Guru : please exchange my e-mail with SDinLA and DorkyGuy, whether they want it or not! 😛

    @Dorky: well now, nice to see you darling! 🙂 I’m glad to hear that things are going well for you! 😀

    *sigh* A little insight about me; I’m not a flake, honestly, but did anyone notice that I tend to start random conversations? There’s a method to that madness – I hate conflict. And conflict on a blog can’t be solved……aaaaand, I’m done on that topic.

    Btw: my brownies really ARE awesome. A NY cheesecake and black forest cake are next on the list, if anyone was interested. Ooooh, and SDinLA – I’m saving fried chicken for you! 🙂

  40. Lo says:

    I see Stacy’s perspective on this–I read through the SA review site and many guys were saying that they were bagging young coeds for a hundred a piece. I can see how an eighteen or nineteen year old–the crowd this site targets–would be naive enough to take that offer not knowing they’re clearly being taken advantage of. So I think SB’s should maintain a level of standard–cuz yes we are selling our bodies in a sense and a few hundred or even a thousand is a drop in the bucket for a wealthy man.

  41. Stacy, says:

    Russian you are right! Men who are really struggling due to the economy are not looking for a sugar girl, or at least they shouldn’t be! But, men who spend over a thousand a night at a casino and less than a thousand a night on their sugar girl are telling their girl that she is less than garbage, less than money they throw away on chance!

    That is what I have appreciated Cali for mentioning, when all the newbies are being told to settle for less, while watching their men spend more on liquor, cars, and gambling.

    I settled, once, early in the game, not knowing better! It turned out badly. Thanks to advice from Cali, Russian, Treasured and others I held my ground and now found an arrangement that I didn’t feel insulted by.

    Only each woman can decide what is insulting, and I have a feeling that is based on her availability and monthly income. But I know what my professional hourly rate is for corporate work, sugar gifts and time shouldn’t be less than that – for me.

    And, I don’t believe saying that insults anyone, or at least it shouldn’t. And, I have never felt insulted by Cali saying the same.

    • Jersey Darling says:

      Actually, Cali mentioned that men will spend 120K a weekend on gambling but only spend 3K a month on her. Apparently, she is settling. 🙄

  42. RussianSB says:

    I believe in small allowances in small cities, but Sugar Lifestyle more for boys who have some extra to spend. Woman is a luxury. You can have as many, as you can afford. And don’t tell me about dying economics, or average American household income statistics – I go sometimes in very expensive over-booked restorants, you know.

  43. RussianSB says:

    About grate expectations …
    1. Why blame SA blog ??? I am represent generation raised by MTV.
    Boys, did you ever saw your girls (I mean dothers, not SBs) watching such shows : ”I am 16”, ”Next US top-model”, ”Runaway”, ” Best houses of America ”. Fairytales.
    2. Disney pictures… ”Mermaide”, ”Snowhite”… Fairytales
    (exept ”The Beast and the Beauty”)
    3. Cool SDs (one was my first BF), he gives me money, and buy me desighners
    dresses of his choice (because my choice was Nikes at that times).

    What do you offer, boys, to lower our expectations ?
    To date someone rude, greedy and ugly ?
    And to watch only brothers Grimm fairytales to ajust to harsh reality ??

    In defend of myself, I will tell that I still very much appreciate sugar presents and treatments , even little gestures, and don’t accept itlike granted.

  44. California SB says:

    Jersey: “she certainly knows how to wrap men around her finger”

    Yes , Absolutely. Now imagine that power in person, with no clothes on.. xoxoxoxox

  45. RussianSB says:

    Jersey Darling – I agree with all you said 100% !!!
    SD in LA – don’t go, please, your posts among the best here !

  46. Jersey Darling says:

    And agreed, let’s move on lest the blog lose two people who are getting to the point that they could care less.

  47. Jersey Darling says:

    Stacy, drinks would have proved nothing. It would have been a he said/she said anyway. I could care less if they met for drinks or where she is located – based on the content of her posts, the conclusion is obvious to me. If you disagree, then we can agree to disagree.

    And please don’t stereotype me as doing something that is “so like women to do!” I don’t appreciate it. I think SDinLA’s posts were worth it because if nothing else he opened the eyes of at least ONE person – me.

    I could care less if he has Ferraris, etc, I was looking at the content of his posts which have been confirmed twice in this thread by SD Guru.

    But you know what I did notice? I notice that since SDinLA has been back, a lot of old timers crept out of the woodwork. How awesome was that? And you know what? They agree with him. How great would it be to have them participate in the blog more often?

    Anyway, I’ve said my piece and, unlike SDinLA, I’m not enough of a white knight to try to propel the message forward. I simply don’t have the energy. Dissect my words as you will.

  48. London Girl says:

    @ Russian, you’re a sweetie.
    @ Tequila, I’ve been called a lot worse than an idiot in my time, I tend not to care what anyone thinks about me unless it’s someone who’s opinion I care about in the first place.
    @ Stacy, it’s nothing to do with what she values herself/her time at, I couldn’t care less if she thinks she’s worth $10/$1,000/$100,000 a dinner date. What bothers me about it is that she thinks that makes her better than anyone else and feels that her supposed value means she can talk down to everybody else.

    It’s really a moot point, Cali/Madi/Whatever her next name is will continue fantasising and talking shite, it’s only not a moot point when she is putting down other people and trying to make them feel bad about themselves, and that is what was bothering me and I believe that is also what Jersey and SDinLA’s issues were with it.

    Anyway, let’s move on…. Anyone got any exciting plans for Valentine’s day?

  49. Stacy, says:

    SdinLA’s comments are just as crazy and condescending as Cali’s – coat of arms, Ferrari, yet doesn’t have proper grasp of grammar and punctuation? Let’s not take sides of random strangers. So like women to do! Side with a man immediately even though, as it played out on the blog, he was the one who didn’t show for drinks.

  50. Frank says:

    SDin LA: The best thing about this blog, vs. other random message boards and other online communities over-run by kids/psychos/unhappy people pretending to be something they are not, was that it was a community where you COULD get genuine advice and answers to questions many people didn’t know where else to ask. There was enough interaction between regular participants off-blog, enough communication via other methods, enough meetings IRL, that there was a level of connection that transcended your typical “anonymous” interweb forum.

    I totally agree with this statement. I have had some extra free time the last few months and have enjoyed being a part of the blog. I have appreciated the helpful comments from everyone when I asked for advice, when I don’t have any one in real time that I could confide in.

    I do think that a few people have made unreasonable claims, and I regret having done so my self. I don’t have 29 inches, took a cold shower and there was SHRINKAGE! Yikes. But I take it all with a grain of salt, and will do my share to keep expectations realistic.

  51. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tequila, Thank you – I get bored of my gravatars quickly 😉

    My position on California SB, and hopefully my last post on the subject!

    I wanted to move on from this topic but at this point feel I must interject. As one of those people who was, until recently, a newbie SB, this blog was one of many places I looked to for advice. At first it annoyed me that the comments never stayed on topic, but then I learned that there were bits of advice from SDs on here and some veteran SBs that would flow into the conversation and it was like striking a pot of gold.

    I’d read Cali’s comments, and before that Madison’s, and it hit me that something was off. Cali’s comments were “too good to be true,” and they made me question my own success. I know that, despite being new, I’ve found success fairly quickly and was doing something right. I was one of those SBs that SDinLA was trying to protect – offers of $1.5K that I would have been thrilled to get before reading the blog, I suddenly started questioning. Yet consistently, that was around the best offer I would get. I created more than one profile with different caliber pictures targeting different types of SDs to test the water. Still, $2K seemed to be where it topped off, and sometimes it would take dabbling in the kink world to get there. Occasionally I’d get offers of more so I knew it was possible, but I could not cement them because often the SD couldn’t really afford the offers they made. I know they exist but are elusive. If you figure out how wealthy someone would have to be to afford that, it’s clear that they are on the upper end of the bell curve.

    Something didn’t jive about Cali’s posts for me, and then when SDinLA posted it hit me. I read back over Madison’s posts and realized her gravatar matched Cali’s pictures. The writing style, the points they’d make, all the way down to her weight – exactly the same.

    She’s entertaining and sometimes fun, but her advice DOES cause harm and should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Do I think it should have escalated to this point? No, but I can see why it has. I for one hate the personal insults being thrown around, but I think “outing” Cali (for those of you who choose to believe she is a troll) was worth it. It needed to be done. I can now go on in my sugar life realizing that yes, she was likely exaggerating, and realizing that while occasionally she may say something good with her advice, it is best not to follow it.

    Additionally, she hurts the credibility of SBs everywhere. She’s likened us to escorts (which this site is supposed to ban by the way, no?), puts down men on this blog constantly (why would you bite the hand that feeds you?) and ultimately contributes to the image that SBs are self absorbed princesses who think men are idiots and use them. She calls men idiots with their money for having to spend it on us – if that is the case, why is it that they’re smart enough to have the money in the first place, and you have to sleep with them to get it?

    That’s not furthering anyone’s cause. It hurts the tenuous stance sugar dating has managed to build for itself.

    And for what it’s worth Tequila, before I ever started posting on the recent posts, I did get the impression that you have a bit of a crush on Cali. Some guys are just attracted to that personality type. Take my opinion with the grains of salt that often accompany Tequila 🙂

    As far as SDinLA being a troll, not only do I disagree with the statement, but if I were to acquiesce for the sake of argument, the point remains that nothing he is saying is hurting people who are new to the sugar bowl. The whole reason I started posting was because I did months of research before jumping into the sugar world, and once I realized what I did was working, I wanted to pay it forward. But egotistical posts set us all back…

    Tequila, you’ve also brought up Madridista. I’ve never felt her posts were condescending to men, she treats them with respect.

    SDinLA, I do hope you stay, as this blog and community could use more good people in it. But if you choose not to, it wouldn’t be hard to see why you’ve decided to leave.

    With respect to all,

  52. RussianSB says:

    @Jersey Darling, if someone attacs you, don’t respond, don’t feed the troll. Just skip that posts. Kisses.

  53. Stacy, says:

    I need to say – it isn’t outrageous to expect 3K+ or decide not to play at all. To some women a couple hundred bucks a week is a relief, to others it’s an insult.

    @SDinLa – with your coat of arms and Ferrari would you compromise your health and body for a few hundred dollars? Why are you expecting women on this site to agree to give their bodies for less! It’s because you see women as cheap trash not worth more than a nice dinner out!

    I’m with Cali – troll or no, she tells women on this blog to respect themselves and not give up their sugar for less than they need!!

  54. JustATequilaSD says:

    @London Girl and @Jersey Darling

    It wasn’t the personal attacks that were the focus of this entire shit storm. There will always be someone at some point that says something you or I don’t like, but I try to remind myself not to feed the trolls. If they are real trolls, they will eventually go so extreme to get your attention on the blog that they will ban themselves. Otherwise, they will stay within a margin of error to be socially tolerable. Either way, problem solved.

    Specifically, you both seem to be friendly and well-liked on the blog. (Jersey, I look forward to see what new avatar you have each week. Another well-liked blogmate changes hers with each upcoming holiday.) And if you feel I’m sucking up, then I’m ok with that. I don’t feel bad about what idiots say.

  55. GenuineSD says:

    Beach ! I’ve lost your email ! Please write !
    @ SD Guru, please forward my email addy to Beach_Girl

  56. Jersey Darling says:

    By the way, SD Guru, isn’t there a blog policy against personal attacks?

    I’m not trying to get anyone banned, but when one person baits others into personal attacks that lower the quality of the blog, isn’t it time to take action?

  57. Jersey Darling says:

    Well this convo has certainly devolved…

    I think we need a new post so we can all move on and play nice again. One way or another, Cali had managed to be popular and baited the conversation again… Now she has two guys fighting over her.

    Perhaps she does have 3 SDs, she certainly knows how to wrap men around her finger.

  58. London Girl says:

    @ Tequila, I’m probably just going to stir this up even more but…

    I think what SDinLA’s issue was is that no-one actually cares about the lies/untruths/fantasies, what bothered me personally was the lack of respect shown towards anyone who didn’t share the illusion. The condescension and denigration exhibited towards everyone who didn’t share her view of what this website is about. Jersey for example when she said she quite liked out-of-the-way, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, the response was something along the lines of “you have a lot to learn about food”. Constant put-downs and generally thinking she knows better than anyone else is not an endearing trait in anyone.

  59. The Silly Hippie says:

    I’ve been gone a day and it looks like the blog went to some kind of dramtic hell? WTF happened people?
    Side note, had a lovely date with a pot SD and he admires my safety! Safety is the new sexy!
    lol I just won’t tell him I ride my motorcycle without a helmet. :-p

  60. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Dorky Guy
    I have heard much about you…and Mt. Rushmore from blogmates. Welcome back.

  61. Alleycat Michael says:

    @JustATequilaSD – show some manners. You quickly accuse others of not having some, please show them yourself. Thanks

  62. Alleycat Michael says:

    SDinLA – agreed. Trolls are worse than my ex mother-in-law – just ruin it for everybody.

  63. flyr says:

    @dorky “My one biggest piece of advice to new girls reading this blog is not to hang too much hope on sugar solving your problems. There is a good chance it won’t work out the way you hope… and while you are spending time on trying to find a SD instead of building your life, your problems are continuing to grow. Continue working hard on your Plan B.”

    My friendly amendment to that is the SB who is looking for sugar to solve all her problems/opportunities is a lot less attractive than the SB who is sees sugar as something that gives moves her closer to her goal or stops the slide away from her goals. Unfortunately the targeted promotional activities appear to have attracted a younger crowd with a greater focus on “gee this is twenty times better than working at McDonalds and I get to brag about going places.” More of a government worker approach to sugar.

  64. Jersey Darling says:

    But SDinLA, you’ve just gotten all the girls here interested in you… You can’t leave!

    Seriously though, your posts have been great. Don’t let one troll ruin the experience. By the time the next post crops up, this will all be forgotten, and some posts do have genuinely awesome advice.

  65. DorkyGuy says:

    Hey Beachy, I literally couldn’t be any better! I haven’t been in the sugar market for a long time (focusing exclusively on family), and I couldn’t be happier with life. I hope all of the old-timers are having blessed lives.

    I glance at the blog every few months, but I am not really into it. Trying to keep up with this blog can be a huge time drain… time that I need to be spending on more important things.

    I share SDinLA’s concern for the noob SBs. To raise their expectations and build false hopes is a vile thing to do… whether that is done by SA or by SBs bragging about fictional conquests.

    My one biggest piece of advice to new girls reading this blog is not to hang too much hope on sugar solving your problems. There is a good chance it won’t work out the way you hope… and while you are spending time on trying to find a SD instead of building your life, your problems are continuing to grow. Continue working hard on your Plan B.

    That is the advice that someone who actually cares about the girls would give. It is really telling how few sources they hear it from.

  66. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Guru please exchange me email wiith SDinLA. Thanks:-)

  67. Beach_Girl says:

    I have to agree with SDinLA, the blog is different now. Very different.
    That said, it’s nice to see familiar faces pop up and this is the only way to connect with them.

    Guru~ if anyone asks for my email, feel free to give it them as well 😀

    DorkyGuy~ Nice to see you again, Hope all is good…

  68. SDinLA says:

    I’m not employed by this site, nor am I a moderator… I’m just a blog reader and participant who, more than three years ago was grateful to find a place where I could discuss a part of my life that is not always easy to discuss, and to interact with other like-minded people.

    The best thing about this blog, vs. other random message boards and other online communities over-run by kids/psychos/unhappy people pretending to be something they are not, was that it was a community where you COULD get genuine advice and answers to questions many people didn’t know where else to ask. There was enough interaction between regular participants off-blog, enough communication via other methods, enough meetings IRL, that there was a level of connection that transcended your typical “anonymous” interweb forum.

    Perhaps the growth of the site, and the greater number of people coming across the blog have made policing it more difficult, but it seems to me there’s been a deterioration in the moderation and “drift” away from the old blog. It only takes a few persistent personalities to ruin an online community, and I’ve been away from the blog for a while now because IMO it’s become unreadable.

    I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, because quite a few blog participants have communicated to me off-blog that they feel the same way…. but I feel like there’s been a battle for the soul of the blog, and the crazies have won.

    Instead of a place where you can genuinely connect with people you share something with, it’s become a place dominated by the puerile blathering of:

    A. a known troll who has been banned in the past, has a record of posting under many user names, attacking other posters, and making outlandish claims that don’t pass the sniff test.


    B. a couple of SDs who seem to be so starved for attention themselves that they suck up to said troll and dismiss every attempt to reclaim the blog by saying stuff like “It’s the interwebz, we all lie!”

    Since the nutter described in A above has seemingly figured out how to toe the line and not get banned by the people who run this blog, and there doesn’t seem to be any proscription against her cluttering the blog with her delusions despite Guru posting again to confirm that Madison and Cali SB are one and the same, having posted from the same IP address the entire time both of them were/have been on the blog, and also having posted under numerous other aliases, IMO the inmates are running the asylum.

    “It’s just a blog! Whee, let’s make shit up and fill the hole in our lives by being the BSD here!” (Not sure what the female equivalent to a BSD is.) I have heard directly from SDs that they have met potential SBs who have had ridiculous expectations and said they got them from reading the blog. “They should be smart enough to get feedback from multiple sources”, “It’s the internet, they can’t believe everything they read” yadda yadda. All I know is that this place used to be helpful, and now this place is no longer a place where you can genuinely get good advice because of the above. “But hey, we get to be all flirty and have FUN! Yay!” Well we used to have fun AND not have to wade through the massive number of polluting posts from a few sad attention whores.

    That said, like many of the beloved former contributors here who’ve given up on the blog because of what it’s become and no longer post here, I am regretfully choosing to bow out. Normally, when I get sick of the BS here I just stop reading the blog. I am not making this post in an attempt to draw the spotlight like the attention whores that dominate the conversation these days, I am making this post as an administrative matter because I’m making a conscious decision to not just “take a break” but to move on from reading the blog, period. Therefore, any blog participants who are not currently in contact with me off-blog and would like to stay in touch, feel free to ask Guru for an email exchange.

    Guru: please exchange my email with anyone who asks. Thanks.

    As Sgt. Phil Esterhaus would say at the end of his daily briefings on Hill Street Blues, “Let’s be careful out there.”

  69. California SB says:

    Tequila: Well I had to say it. Funny how people are… rules change when they have to follow the rules themselves…. just sayin’

  70. JustATequilaSD says:

    Let it go, lil sis. It’s just a blog.

    Way to stick it to her…er, I mean good job. I’m guessing this is the new sb?

    It’ll curl your hair if I use the whole thing. We’d better just start you out slow.

    • Frank says:

      Its the sb that disappeared over thanksgiving, but came back when she missed her sugar. It helps the mental outlook when you can bring some joy to a young woman’s heart on a gloomy sunday.

  71. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!
    Game Day Wooo!!!

    Verify who we are, On a PUBLIC Blog, no thanks… People that know me and met me know who I am and that I am real, thanks!!!

    Frank~ a toe curling evening… Wow, I need that!!! Lets hope I can find someone that can do that for me 😀

    Tequila~ Does your 28 inch come with toe curling experience? lol…

  72. California SB says:

    Treasured: We need a copy of your transcript to verify you’re really in medical school.

    SDinLA: We need a copy of your Ferrari registration from the California DMV.

    Stacy: We need a private book signing. Wine and cheese included, please.

    Jack: We all googled you already, you’re cleared.

  73. California SB says:

    Frank, name and address of the shady tanning place your SB goes, please. We need a pic of her tanning lines to prove it, as well…. 🙂

  74. Frank says:

    PS, I think I made her toes curl, mine did!

  75. Frank says:

    SB asked me for tanning bed money today, guess that’s cheaper than flying her to the beach.

  76. JustATequilaSD says:

    Your inbox isn’t big enough hold that pic.

  77. JustATequilaSD says:

    RE 28″ is that distance measured up from the floor with a 32″ inseam

    There’s only one way for them to be sure.

  78. JustATequilaSD says:

    29-inches?? Really?? C’mon man. If you would have said 28-inches, maybe I would have believed that, but 29??

    • California SB says:

      Tequila I’m still waiting for that pic….. this bureaucratic blog, requires paperwork and evidence to prove any allegations from now on…. 😉

  79. JustATequilaSD says:

    how do we verify your 28inches?
    One inch at a time, of course. 🙂

    “every wise woman indulges his disillusion”
    The Kraken agrees with this.

    @Jersey Darling
    “you get an erection?”
    Females have body parts that can poke out or become “hard” as well. Please sign up for my scientific study so that you may be properly documented.

    @London Girl
    In certain circles, it is beneath you to look upon the help as real people. Those are some f***ed up circles.

  80. flyr says:


    It’s nice to see Jersey’s and other comments regarding how people treat others. When the glow wears off you will probably not be treated much better. Unfortunately too may people of both sexes see being rude to waitstaff as a manifestation of their importance.

    If a guy is rude to staff, never opens the door, waits for you to begin your meal, lets you finish a sentence you should not be surprised that sex is not that good.

    RE 28″ is that distance measured up from the floor with a 32″ inseam

  81. London Girl says:

    I’m quite old-fashioned about manners, my Granny always taught me that you can tell a lady by the way she treats the staff. My interpretation of that in the modern world is that you can tell a lady (or a gentleman) by the way they treat people who are in no position to answer back. Manners cost nothing and if someone can’t treat another person with basic respect then I don’t want to be in their company. It’s a deal breaker for me, I can overlook a lot of stuff but rudeness isn’t negotiable!

    • London Girl says:

      @ Jersey, I think you’re right btw about everybody should try a stint in hospitality or retail, it’s quite mind-boggling how horrible some people are and they think they’re perfectly entitled to be just because they’re paying for a coffee or buying a t-shirt!

  82. Jersey Darling says:

    I found it! 😯

  83. Jersey Darling says:

    WestCoast, you get an erection? I need a list of all the possible smilies that can be used so I can find the one with its eyes popping out 😛

    Re: treating wait staff, I’m pretty sure everyone should be a waiter or work in retail at some point in their lives so they can see how badly people can treat others. I’ve actually noticed that almost none of my dates ever say “thank you” to people when they’re being served. I don’t really get that – I always do.

  84. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Morning All

    You just enjoy it all Tina. You are obviously both very happy which is great. (and those cookies sound divine) 🙂

    I have to agree with ILWCG, you can tell a lot about someone , how they treat the waiter and staff. It is something I too look for. More about manners than tips that are left.

    SDinLA, No we havent met before, only through what you have written, but we have now. 🙂

  85. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    One of my safety tips for girls 🙂

    I am an unique girl and my tips are … unusual ,
    But for the sugar/sex site – might be good.

    I went for a date with a new pot 2 weeks ago. He contacted me, I did not see his profile before (may be it was hidden 🙂 coz I screened/met a lot of people on my area ) . 🙂

    He invited me to the best steak house (I am a fish person, but the Kobe steak was his recommendation , had to try).

    I could not see too good how much the bill was, but saw he wrote $54 for tips.

    And you know what, I knew he is going to tip me well too. (and overall if a guy tips well, it shows he Respects the waiter, the restaurant, the date…?)

    (the guy did e mail his picture, his real name before our date.
    but I met a few guys who had given the real names, real phone numbers, presented me the books they wrote and! were complete jerks).

    I remember one time I went to meet a pot for lunch at good Mexican place, lunch special … the bill was 34$ and he left $3 tips. ??!
    You understan I would not be able to get an erection with that.

    sugar sites, most likely people r not looking for a long term partner , and people r not marriage minded… as many times was mentioned here 3-4 months is an average leinth of the relationship.

    People make up their mind and change it quickly.
    And the tips he leaves for his waiter might ? help a SB with her decision.

  86. Stacy, says:

    Well, Tequila, every man believes he has 28 inches, and every wise woman indulges his disillusion.

  87. Beach_Girl says:

    Tequila~ how do we verify your 28inches? 😀

    Just got back from diner and can’t sleep 🙁

  88. JustATequilaSD says:

    Welcome back from your trip. Glad you had fun, and lived to tell.

  89. JustATequilaSD says:

    The whole point is you DON’T have to prove it. If an SD wants to verify it because he’s into you, you can do it offline. It’s a blog. It’s fun, we share, we care. When it becomes a witchhunt or a competition, then who’s going to post? There will always be someone prettier, wealthier, smarter, has more sb’s, has more sd’s, bigger schlong, tighter taco, or number of sex partners.

    Everyone will express their particular opinion. It’s a blog. As long as the debates don’t get out of hand, everything works.

    You did hear about my 28-inches, right?

  90. Lo says:

    is SDinLA secretly Nicholas Cage?

  91. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    SDinLA was here?

    I went to ski in Vancouver , was fun and most importantly I returned in one piece . 🙂
    A lot of snow, but often foggy, dangerous to ski with high speed – can not see who is /what is ahead of you.

  92. Stacy, says:

    @Tequila – now I’m trying to come up with a way to prove my story without surrendering anonymity. Give three random pages and paragraph numbers and I’ll supply the evidence?

  93. Tina says:

    @Beachy: you will girly! You know the old saying that you find what you’re looking for when you’re not looking? Well, this person sort of snuck up on me. I was DEFINITELY not looking for something like this relationship from this site, and neither was he, but here we are. And neither of us is regretting the decision 🙂 He’s good for me, and we work well together. 😀

  94. Beach_Girl says:

    that’s great Tina! I am sure I will have that some day… well I hope 😀

  95. Tina says:

    @Beachy: I’m a very VERY lucky girl! Best sex I’ve ever had….WHOOHOOO!!! Curl your toes call ya momma smack yer bottom good! 😉 (And thanks for teh well wishes!)

  96. Beach_Girl says:

    Tina~ Congrats, that is so awesome, as long as you are happy. That is all that counts!

  97. Tina says:

    @Beachy: I don’t think I would call him a SD, it’s……different……too difficult to label, but regardless, I’m definitely happy! And from what he says / does, he’s happy too 🙂

  98. Beach_Girl says:

    HA just re read myself, wow, I’m not that jaded… lol really i’m not!

    Tina~ Lucky girl… AMAZING sex… me, been locked out of that little piece of heaven 🙁 for now, it’s just me 😛

  99. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!

    Tina~ you have an SD, That is so awesome, congrats… I haven’t been here in so long, I didn’t know

    Tequila~ I don’t know if a BF would treat me the same as sugar, then he wouldn’t be a BF now would he? I mean sugar is great, you have fun and at some point you move on. Great experiences, great fun, enjoy the things I can’t do myself…
    A BF is not the same on any level… I don’t think a BF could be a SD
    I may be surprised one day, but right now, I don’t see how it could happen.

    I had a SD that wanted to be a BF, we tried and you know what… No Sugar! No more nice diners, the spa, taking me on his golf trip… nope, nothing… so I don’t know..

  100. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: yeah, I’m definitely lucky. Did I mention that the sex is AAAAAAMAZING? 😉

  101. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tina, that’s awesome! Of all the girls with all the fantastic stories on here, I’d say you’re the luckiest 😀

  102. Tina says:

    @flyr: HA! My cooking mind was reading your post, and I was thinking you wrote “Peppers”…..sheesh! 🙂

  103. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: I know the feeling, trust me! Oddly enough, I found someone on here that thinks I’m absolutely wonderful, even with my flaws 🙂 He sees me with his eyes wide open, and (one of my favorite sayings) loves me in spite of myself sometimes 😀 I’m crazy about him, and happy with what it is right at this moment. Will it last forever? Who knows, but I’m not stressing about that. I’m enjoying how things are now, and look forward to the special things we have planned for one another 😀

    Ok, cheeseball moment over 😀

  104. flyr says:

    RE Preppers

    The best preparation for Armageddon is memories of sugar well spread…….

  105. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tina – You’re right and you never know! I’m in it for the ride.

    At the end of the day, in a boyfriend I’d be looking for someone who would be with me through health and through wealth, someone who actually realizes all the little things about me that make me special. Most guys in general, and particularly on here, will never get to see those things because they don’t want to open up their eyes enough to. Without that, I’d rather be single.

    But before I bring this post to mush factor +10, I realized not too long ago that I’ll only be young once and should enjoy more of what life has to offer. So that’s what I’m doing.

    • Lo says:

      But I don’t take relationships lightly and have only ever been in one. A guy that I can really click with on that level is priceless.

      Most guys in general, and particularly on here, will never get to see those things because they don’t want to open up their eyes enough to. Without that, I’d rather be single.

      quoted for truth.

  106. Tina says:

    @Tequila: what the hell, let’s do it!! 😉

  107. JustATequilaSD says:

    more ppl sounds great, I’ll get someone else to work the camera, a few more hot women, and even have a director to keep the “game” moving smoothly

  108. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: sometimes you come to the sugar bowl expecting and looking for one thing, when something else plows you over 🙂 TRUST me 😉

  109. Jersey Darling says:

    If your traditional bf had been giving you sb treatment, would you still be in the sugarbowl?

    If I had a traditional bf I wouldn’t be here, regardless of if he gave me SB treatment. But I don’t take relationships lightly and have only ever been in one. A guy that I can really click with on that level is priceless. But don’t forget, I’m a softie, and generally don’t commit myself to someone unless they’re worth it…

    I also treat this place like any other dating website, except unlike regular dating I don’t feel bad for spending my time in an unproductive way. If I found the right guy on here it’s entirely possible that it could turn into more if we were both on the same page.

  110. Tina says:

    @Tequila: as long as there are other people and not just the two of us, I think he might be ok with it 😉 It’s for science, of course………. 😉

  111. JustATequilaSD says:

    Is naked twister still OK?? I’ll even video tape it for him so he can see my intentions are purely honorable 😀

  112. Tina says:

    @Tequila: oh my, I’m afraid that is one of the recipes my honey would not appreciate me sharing (basically, I’m off the menu dear) 😉

  113. JustATequilaSD says:

    Tequila Stuffed Tinas?? It’s one of my favorites. Requires few ingredients and even less preparation. Serves two.

  114. Tina says:

    @Tequila: you show up at my doorstep and I’ll make you any dish you can name 🙂

  115. JustATequilaSD says:

    Ship myself to you and all I can get is a chicken recipe??? But unwrapping the bottle is one of the best parts?

  116. Tina says:

    @Tequila: my honey knows how I feel about him (I’m pretty dang crazy about the dude), so he’s not threatened. And he also knows what I’ll share with others, and what is his alone 😉 I have a few different fried chicken recipes that I need to try out.

    Any takers? 😉

  117. JustATequilaSD says:

    Here in the US, any girl that has webpage will put model in her profile. At least you have been in a published magazine. And yes I believe you’re in Moscow. I was merely making an exaggerated example of how silly all this was.

    Build a better brownie and the blog Sd’s will beat a path to your door. Your cooking always gets me “motivated.” How would your honey feel about you receiving six foot tall boxes of Tequila at your house? (Gotta remember to make sure to poke bigger air holes in the box this time.)

    @Jersey Darling and @Lo
    re: clingers
    If your traditional bf had been giving you sb treatment, would you still be in the sugarbowl?

  118. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Jersey Darling
    “Please re-evaluate what you are willing to believe.”
    I don’t worry about new sb’s reading into fanciful claims, many will not do what it takes to ever get one sd.(No blogmates were included in that statement.) If people are upset for Cali’s bad attitude then fine. If you’re trying to use this to say she doesn’t have 3 sd’s, there is no specific evidence of that. We have no evidence of stacy’s book (congrats again btw), and I wouldn’t ask her to reveal her id just to satisfy my curiosity. I wouldn’t ask her to show the Tiffany’s. I wouldn’t ask Madridista to provide a copy of the lease on her 10k/month(?) villa paid for by her sd. Any new sb reading either story would be pumped up and still not understand what it took to get it. Only the reader can call bullshit. But I’d rather call “maybe”, because it just doesn’t matter to me whether it’s true or not.

    “please find my email address above”
    No scoffing necessary, you had me at great pizza place in Jersey. Big boys gotta eat. The “man-vs-food” guy is one of my role models. If I ever get over to Jersey, I’ll let you know. If I’m still hanging around this blog, let me know if you ever do Mardi Gras.(Don’t know if I’m going this year but we’ll see.)

    ***ACTUALLY, IF ANY BLOGMATES are planning on heading to Mardi Gras on any given year, try to post it to the blog and let me know. Maybe I’ll be there and we can exchange beads.***

  119. Lo says:

    does anyone else think cougar is a really unattractive term for older women? I’m dreading the thought of being called that in a few years

  120. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: what, brownies aren’t good enough? 😉 And I’d be happy to send you a few fried chicken recipes, although they aren’t family secrets. Good fried chicken is kept simple and fresh for best taste. (By the way, I also have this weird thing of putting my dishes and ingredients away after I use them, so the kitchen is clean after I cook, with the exception of wiping down the counters, but that comes once the dish is done 🙂 )

    You’re welcome to any of my recipes, and my e-mail address, if you would like. I don’t share recipes on the blog itself 😉

    As far as knowing my food, THAT’S why I want a good little slice of land so that the cattle can be kept faaaaaar away, and have someone else tend them. The big brown calf eyes would kill me to eat them. Outta site outta mind. Now chickens, THOSE I can take care of myself. Popping the pin feathers out is a b*tch though

  121. SDinLA says:

    What an invigorating hike I had this morning! Nary a bare to be seen though. Not even a dear. Quite a few Cougars though, the two-legged variety.

    @Jersey Darling I was always conflicted about the AFLAC duck because I can’t stand Gilbert Gottfried, so I was quite pleased when he got fired because now I can like the duck, guilt-free. And you mean to tell us you weren’t already subscribed to Brandon’s YouTube channel? For shame! re: clingy men, I hear most fabric softeners get rid of that.

    @Tina I’m with Jersey on the issue of knowing the meat that I eat. I have a friend who decided to do what you dream of doing and his young daughters promptly gave every animal they acquired a name. Needless to say it didn’t work out too well because how could Daddy slaughter Henny the chicken or Bessy the cow and serve them at the dinner table? They got rid of all the animals within a year. I’d be a vegan if I got to know my meat before it became faceless packages in the fridge, and I am far too fond being a carnivore to ever be a vegan.

    As for living “off the grid”, that always makes me think of people who have a 2-year supply of food in a bunker because they are sure the government is about to collapse and Armageddon is nigh. Do I need to send you two designer tin-foil hats?

    @Treasured re: kiss and tell, well then we are going to have to hope that TwiceShy is less of a gentleman than you are a lady. 😉 re: our music video, we are recreating the video for Серебро’s “Mama Ljuba”, you can choose what car you want to drive around as long as there is room for 2 other sexy Slavic ladies in the car with you.

    @RussianSB re: Russian cars, if we make Treasured drive a Lada she won’t do the video. If you want to wear a bikini and wash the car, Guru and I won’t complain I am sure. I can DJ, but I am a terrible rapper and don’t own a single gold chain though. Glad you’re experiencing some relief from your Moscow winter.

    re: being married… oh I am 100% sure my ex-wife knows we are no longer married because she took half my assets and married someone else! And I don’t have any relatives in any former Soviet Republics (except for perhaps my future next Ex-wife! ;-))

    @Lady Vuitton Haven’t we “met” before? If not, then the pleasure is all mine.

    @Tina again re: having all your ingredients measured out, following Mise-en-place always makes cooking go better. Are you handing out fried chicken recipes too, or is that Top Secret?

    Heading back out, hope everyone is having/had a wonderful Saturday.

  122. Tina says:

    I have this AAAAAAMAZING recipe for barbecue sauce using Bloody Mary mix, and some kick ass (yeah, I said ass…..twice!) extra virgin unfiltered olive oil! Great olive oil makes the difference with bruschetta….mmmmmm bruschetta…..

  123. Jersey Darling says:

    Mix some chips in there Beach Girl and no one will be thinking about dessert! lol

    I guess most of the SDs will be MIA from the blog tomorrow?

  124. Tina says:

    @Beachy: you’re welcome! 😉

    I’m working on Superbowl Sunday, but I’m ok with it (I’m a hockey girl, not football) 😀

  125. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!!!

    Tina & Jersey~ wow, brownie talk, yumm.. it’s making want some! I am just starting to make the sauces for the food for the SuperBowl party tomorrow… Ribs, chicken wings, bruschetta, But I didn’t think of making brownies or deserts, now I’m craving chocolate!

  126. Jersey Darling says:

    Thanks for the tips! Suddenly I’m starving LOL. Darn brownies. Think it’s time for dinner!

  127. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: naaaaah, it’s easy. The most important part is to stir constantly when you are melting the chocolate, and remove it from the heat when you add the sugars. The eggs do need to be at room temp, and you need to whisk them in order to incorporate air and add some lift to the dense chocolate. Just take it a stop at a time, and have your ingredients measured out before you need them. 😀

  128. Jersey Darling says:

    I got it – popped up across all my devices! Lol thank you! It looks a little tough for a novice (I need those directions that micromanage you, ya know? haha) but I’m a tough cookie, I think I can do it!

  129. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: you’ve got mail (I think!) 🙂

  130. Tina says:

    Oh honey, you’re welcome to the recipe! Found it online! I’ll send it to you in a sec…..

  131. Jersey Darling says:

    Chocolated out after one? Is that possible?

    Tina I’ve just gotten into baking and if you’re willing to share the recipe I’d love to give it a whirl! If it’s a family secret though like your fried chicken I understand 😀

  132. Jersey Darling says:

    Men could say the same about us… If we were clever with money, we wouldn’t need a sugar daddy 😉

  133. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: I <3 me some chocolate, and these brownies are rich even for me!!!! Brownies from a box are a good quick fix, but lemme tell ya, they're NOTHING compared to this recipe! WHOOOOO! I'm actually chocolated out after one! 😀

  134. California SB says:

    Off to meet SD#1. xoxo

    Oh, always remind yourselves if men were clever with money…. casinos, the porn industry and golf club memberships would out of business…

  135. Jersey Darling says:

    Tina that sounds deliciousssss!

  136. Jersey Darling says:

    @Lo – Clingers are the worst. Not because I don’t mind sharing my time – I love to with good company – but isn’t someone who’s clingy been unattractive since time immemorial?

    I had a pot (he is a pot no longer) who would text, and if I didn’t respond, text back again in two hours to see if I’d gotten his text. Meanwhile, I was working…

    This drives me nuts in regular relationships as well.

  137. California SB says:

    Anonymous browsing: there are tons of good software out there for your phone and laptops. Comes in handy when communicating with strangers. I recommend using it. Most guys are not that savvy, but there are always the ones who are stalker-ish. It’s also good to avoid target advertising…

  138. Tina says:

    @LV: I hope he does! They’re dense and gooey 🙂 If his batch is anything like the batch I made myself just a bit ago, he should have one heck of a tummy ache from pigging out on them! 😉

  139. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Oh RussianSB great to hear from you.

    Just Brandy naked tonight….. no popcorn 🙂

    Great news Tina. I am sure your honey will love them.
    Cant wait to hear more about the butterfly plants when they arrive 🙂

  140. RussianSB says:

    @SDinLA, I hope that you don’t have any relatives in Moscow, exept ex-SBs ?

  141. Tina says:

    @RussianSB: I love my meat! 😉

    @LV: I made brownies yesterday and sent them today to my honey for his Valentine’s gift (as well as a few other things). Brownies are easy to transport, and I made them from scratch (no box for me!!). I’m supposed to get my roses next week, and my butterfly garden plants should be here in early March. I’m SO excited!!!!! 😀

  142. RussianSB says:

    Hallo, Lady V !!! How do you do ?
    Brandy and popcorn, please !

  143. RussianSB says:

    @Tina: ”I couldn’t ever be a vegan/vegetarian” – we are perfect match ! Same !!!
    Tequila… I am not model and I am not ”model” attractive, more like girl living next door … you know that. Few glitz pictures published in magazines not make me a model. And I think top-models tend to be sugarmamma. Not because of income, but emotion needs. So I am not top-model …
    I hope you all do believe that I am in Moscow (IP and e-mails show location),
    and thatI am Russian ? Sure my English not THAT perfect to believe I am American girl ??
    (said it – NO, your English SO good that you can read news at TV !!!)

  144. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Well Gosh, I have finally caught up with the blog.

    Lots has been going on!

    I am shocked though and extremely concerned about one things …… RussianSB is sick of shopping. I feel faint for you 🙂

    I see there is lots of talk about the Kraken again. Looks like it has been released a few times 🙂

    As for the weather in the UK it is much milder and all the snow has gone. You are all welcome to visit.

    Lovely to meet you SDinLA.

    Hope you are cooking lots Tina and the garden is going great.

    Now for another brandy before reading more…..
    Enjoy all

  145. flyr says:


    Proud of you I think the second quote was from theodore roosevelt but the first was teddy

    • Tina says:

      Yeah, the second was Franklin Delano, but I just wanted to put the words “chicken” and “pot” in the same sentence 😉 (And I really am smarter than I appear on the blog 😉 )

  146. Jersey Darling says:

    Moving on from the trolling discussion, I just stumbled across Brandon Wade’s youtube channel. I was watching Aflac commercials and it popped up in the “Recommended for You” column.

    Sometimes it feels like the universe is giving you a sign… or a reminder to keep your browsing private because advertising targeting is way too good O.O

  147. RussianSB says:

    @SDin LA, if you are not married, I have only one question for you :
    does you wife knows that you are not married to her ? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  148. RussianSB says:

    I am glade, that ”Mama Ljuba” is so well known and international video.
    I agree that it is a masterpiece, and I hope low budget one 🙂

  149. RussianSB says:

    No, for MTV, Rolls is the best, do you sing any Rap ? For a lovely video ?
    Do you have massive golden chain (10 pounds heavy) ?
    Should I carwash the poshy rolls in bikiny ?
    Do you know, that we need a special permission to shoot video in Red Square ?
    But with your connection and my boobs I not see any problems will be .
    We are blessed now , in Moscow, with spring weather, anomaly for us in february. I gues Russian winter go for vacation to US 🙂

  150. flyr says:

    Teddy Roosevelt probably offered the best advice for potential SD’s

  151. RussianSB says:

    Rolls – poshy-poshy. Maybe Russian car is better ?
    I never flash my lingery on public, and my tits on the beach.
    But I am from generation raised by MTV. So I will fo my best for the video.

    Blog fairy tales. I never fool SB newbees here. I worry more about their security
    than about their future sugar bonuses.
    The best attitude is :
    – men are dogs 🙂 don’t show your back to them, and never lose an eye contact !!!
    – be ready and willing to go on 50 dates. Treat dating serious.
    – hope for the better, but prepare for the worst – I think it is good attitude.

  152. Treasured says:

    @ Having multiple SDs at 3K +

    Yes, it IS possible. If you are free most of your time and not tied up with work, family etc.

    A 3K+ SD will expect you to be available to him on a shortish notice, and that won’ t just include a hump at the hotel room – there are pro escorts for that.

    That would be a person who would expect some traveling, if he is single – having you as his date on a various functions.

    And, people for 3K + expect monogamy. And, they are far too clever not to catch you lying.

    BUT, it is possible. Just how much you are willing to give.

    • Jersey Darling says:

      But for people like Cali who have a full time corporate job AND a boyfriend AND supposedly have THREE such SDs, there is no exclusivity, they would catch her lying, and there really isn’t time to juggle all of them.

      I personally would never give up my job for an SD. And I’d never want to rely on an SD for my income. They are a complement to my income, and the money they give me helps me to become MORE self sufficient in the long run – not less.

      • California SB says:

        There you go, I’m been preaching this since forever…. NEVER rely on a sugar daddy. Men are members of the ID 10T club.. If they catch you laying; there is always good sex to cover it up….

    • Lo says:

      I can understand this. The SD’s I’ve been in contact with have expected me to be available at a moments notice for a hang out or to pick up and leave to another country when they want. Another that I recently blocked was done by work by two pm and would text me all day and all night. So I can see how this whole sd business would be easier for someone without many commitments–I edited my profile so that it says I’m looking for someone with their own life basically

      • Lo says:

        also if I have to give up a g for a lower maintenance SD then so be it–at least I can hang out, get paid and have them leave me alone which is the ideal situation lol. And for those who think I should just escort..well I’d really rather not get busted by LE or get std’s by sleeping with a different man every night.

  153. Treasured says:

    @ All about the details – I don’ t do “kiss and tell” 😉

    @ Music video – Hrumfpt… I do drive, depending on what it is 😛 And, obviously, how I can benefit from it 😀

    @ About being a femme fatale – I can be all soft a squishy too 😉 But, psssttt, it is a big secret.

    @ Blog trolls – let them be:D Makes it sometimes much more fun 😀

  154. California SB says:

    Gettring my pretty pretty nails done…. ahhh love it….

  155. Tina says:

    Not only that, but I get the option to decide who is in my business and who isn’t, as well as the option to let people in when I want them 🙂

  156. Jersey Darling says:

    Fair enough, I still eat meat I just can’t get to know it before I eat it LOL.

    And I do love the idea of supplying my own energy and potentially having a bit to sell back every month. Ties into my frugal nature and why I’m in sugarland 😛

    Plus, how cool would it be that when everyone else loses power, you still have yours?

  157. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: I would have to hire someone to do the dirty work, but I love me some chicken and beef! (I couldn’t ever be a vegan/vegetarian) Part of my self contained pod includes solar and wind power, water source, etc. And now you know part of the reason I’m in sugarland 😉

  158. Jersey Darling says:

    I’m a huge animal lover as well, especially dogs and birds. Don’t think a farm life would do it for me (especially eating the animals… I’d probably cry, lol).

    As for a self contained pod, I’ve always wanted to do that in terms of living off the grid.

  159. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: I love ducks too! Well, most animals to be honest! One of my dreams is to have lots of land where I have a small farm (goats, free roaming ducks, chickens, if I have cattle and horses it will be just a few and the cattle will be meat cattle; I’ll pay someone to take care of them, as well as someone else to take them to be butchered so I can have meat……..). I want to have my own, self contained little pod. *sigh*

  160. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tina – LOL! Hard feelings indeed.

    I happen to love ducks, but they’re mischievous little things.

  161. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: I love the Aflac duck on the beach too! My favorite commercial is the one with him in the boat covering the holes……*giggle*…..and I don’t know if there weren’t ANY hard feelings on the blog last night, just not the ones you were thinking of 😉

    @Jennifer: Tequila brings out the goofball in me 😉 And other things…. purrRRRRrRRRrrRRRRRrrrrr

    • Jennifer says:

      And I wish everybody on this blog was like you and Tequila:) I’m you’re biggest fan by the way;) I think you’re modest,sweet,genuine, and funny:)

      • Tina says:

        Awwww, thanks Jennifer I’m blushing! That’s so sweet 🙂 I don’t think the blog could take more than 1 of me OR Tequila 🙂

        There are a LOT of wonderful people that post here, and I have my fair share of blog crushes! It’s an addiction 😉

  162. Jersey Darling says:

    @Madeline – I posted it earlier in the blog but if you didn’t see it, you can reach me at puffin 532 at gmail dot com.

    I’m totally down for drinks 😀

  163. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tequila, I wanted to comment on something you’ve said. Several times you’ve mentioned that you believe a girl can get three SDs.

    Getting 3 SDs isn’t hard if you like to treat this like escorting and rotate them in and out like Johns (as some on this blog purport to do). But let’s talk about legitimate SDs. Do you know how hard it is to get even ONE SD that will pay over $3K?

    I’m near NYC – there’s no better place to find businessmen with lots of money and little time. I’m not writing about timbuktu or a low cost of living area here. Most of my serious offers have topped out at $2K. Most men expect to get together about once a week. Can you see how hard it is to juggle 3 SDs with those kinds of expectations, nevermind ones that are willing to pay $3K?

    Please re-evaluate what you are willing to believe.

    And to put it in perspective, at worst you could say I’m an “average” SB – though don’t take my word on that, I’m too modest for my own good. So what do certain boastful claims tell the “average” new SB out there?

    Perhaps some of you blog SDs are scoffing at $3K a month, and if you are I would say you’re the exception to the rule and please find my email address above. But for the rest of us SBs, you’d have a better chance of getting lucky with one incredibly wealthy guy than you would finding THREE guys who will pay over THREE thousand dollars a month. And that’s not likely to happen either…

    • Jersey Darling says:

      I forgot to add that most of those “John” types wouldn’t pay anywhere near $3K to one woman. They devalue sex and would find that amount outrageous.

  164. Jersey Darling says:

    *scrolls up*

    All my images of the Aflac duck were approved! Haha. I particularly like the one of the Aflac duck living on the beach.

    The party went on LATE in here. Copious amounts of drama, talk of threesomes, Aflac ducks and apparently no hard feelings. I love this blog 😀

  165. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Greetings All

    What have I been missing? Must catch up with you all. This work business does interfere with the social life doesnt it.

    How are you RussianSB?


  166. SD Guru says:

    Looks like the blog exploded with drama throughout the evening and I finally got caught up. It hasn’t been this exciting since… the last time we had a troll here! :mrgreen:

    “Really, in the end no one will really ever know other than judging who they trust more”

    You’re right. It turned out pretty much as expected. We didn’t learn anything we don’t already know. A troll loves attention and delights in getting other people worked up. In that regard it was mission accomplished. She started using a proxy, but the downside is that sometimes it just goes straight to the spam folder. And of course all of her previous posts (and those before that under different names) still have the original ip addresses logged. .

    @Jersey Darling
    “I tried to post my email address a few posts back but for some reason it wouldn’t go through”

    Please note any comments including an email address or url are automatically moderated in order to reduce spam. Some people have figured out a way around it though.

  167. Swiss SB says:

    Hallo everybody, need some advice about my sugar daddy. He is 65 and I’m 29. People think he is too old for me but he gives me everything I need. Should I be concerned with what people say?

  168. California SB says:

    I wanna scream and shout and let it all out. I wanna scream and shout and let it out. We say oh we oh we oh we oh…..

  169. California SB says:

    Nothing like a martini to make a crazy night go away… I blew off SD#2 for nothing. WTF

  170. Beach_Girl says:

    Tina~ hahha good night girl, you’ll get your panties tomorrow 😀

  171. Tina says:

    @Beachie: this time of night he might be, since I’m not wearing my panties 😉

  172. Tina says:

    @Tequila: stripper sock under the genie pants? Hopefully said genie pants have the buttons down the side for easy removal….grrrRRRRRrrRRRrrRRRrrrrrRRRrr

    But, on that note, I, too, must go bedie bye since I have many things slated for tomorrow! Tootles all! (Whoever is here) 🙂

  173. Beach_Girl says:

    Crap, meant to say it’s good rum! RUM

    Tequila~ night? did we poop you out? we didn’t start nothing yet

  174. Beach_Girl says:

    Tequila~ it’s good Run! lol you forgot the eh! sheesh…

    Tina~ is he wearing your panties?

  175. JustATequilaSD says:

    Male stripper sock, remember?

    And on that note, Elvis has left the bldg. G’nite all.

  176. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Beach and @Bella
    “Kraken rum”
    Rum is my 2nd favorite alcohol btw.

  177. Tina says:

    Oh, and @Tequila: I don’t have kids, so unless I do I wouldn’t qualify as a MILF, GMILF or GGMILF…….

  178. Tina says:

    @Tequila: you wear undies? The Kraken isn’t swinging free in the breeze? Well now, that adds a few kinks in my plans *goes back to the drawing board to adjust Tequila stripping plan*

  179. JustATequilaSD says:

    GMILF’s are accepted. GGMILF’s accepted only as sugarmomma’s, but I must be put into the will before my panties drop.

  180. Beach_Girl says:

    LMAO Tequila, of course we do!!!
    love the eh at the end there, I feel right at home! lol

    Tina~ watch that hip girlie!

  181. JustATequilaSD says:

    A pleasure to meet you, enchante’ .
    Would you REALLY want to meet a guy that did have a baby elephant’s trunk? Wow you girls want it all, eh??

  182. Tina says:

    @Tequila: that’s also assuming my legs will open wide enough at that age to accept the massive Kraken……. *creeeeeeeeeeek snap snap POP*

  183. JustATequilaSD says:

    Kraken won’t retire. WC mentioned blue pills for him if needed. If I’m fast enough to catch up to you at 80, I’ll try to throw yer hip.

  184. Tina says:

    @Tequila: Ummmm, this IS you acting shy!

  185. Beach_Girl says:

    Tequila~ Way up north, Montreal
    Hi there 😛

  186. JustATequilaSD says:

    Ooops, I’m supposed to be acting shy.

  187. JustATequilaSD says:

    Why would I be shy? If I remember right aren’t you from FL?? If I dont remember right, pleased to meet ya. Let me unzip so we can shake on it.

  188. Tina says:

    @Tequila: no need for role play, just come with a working zipper……..

  189. Beach_Girl says:

    Tequila~ didn’t you say you were 28in. so you would qualify for the big sausage job!

  190. California SB says:

    What a crazy night LOL

  191. Beach_Girl says:

    Tina~ lol…

  192. Tina says:

    @Tequila: is penis semi-retirement also known as semi-hard?

  193. JustATequilaSD says:

    You ladies want me to dress up like the Big Sausage Pizza delivery guy?? (someone mentioned that earlier)

  194. JustATequilaSD says:

    speak of the Tequila and he appears. I think when I enter semi-retirement it’ll be a good time to really push my own tequila brand…El Diablo. Hell, if Paul Mitchell can do it…

  195. Tina says:

    @Beachy: Tequila? Shy? Bah! Just like the song, “Tequila makes her clothes fall off” 😉

  196. Tina says:

    @Tequila: I do believe the current 3some offered was me, you and Beachy, so the Kraken would be the only penis in the room……bring it on!

  197. Beach_Girl says:

    Tina ~ lol.. he may be shy… he doesn’t know me 😀 lol

  198. JustATequilaSD says:

    @All My Fans
    re: 3somes, 4somes, orgies, etc.
    The Kraken has 2 rules since he is superstar/diva.
    1. “There can be only one”…penis in the room.
    2. “COME ONE, COME ALL”…or we’re not done yet.

  199. Tina says:

    @Beachy: I KNOW! Now let’s see what else he has up his pants….er….sleeves! 😉

  200. Beach_Girl says:

    Tina~ wow, he showed! lol
    Tequila Hi 🙂

  201. JustATequilaSD says:

    BTW, the check the pulse, is because he said his sb friend told everyone she was dead

  202. Tina says:

    Well, Tequila drops in with a bang, that’s for sure……….SHEESH!

  203. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Frank and @Jersey Darling
    Frank, you KNOW we all believe that shit. LOL
    Jersey, I’m still getting to know you, but a request for The Kraken has been noted.

    @Jersey Darling and @London Girl
    THE Kraken and The Amazing Fun ROD are uniquely copywritten to TequilasPenis,Incorporated. Everything else is just a cheap knock-off that will probably break during heavy use. “There can be only one.”

    I already knew that the result would still be moot, whether you met or not. I’m not disillusioned at all. Any sb can have 3 sd’s if she’s willing to put forth the work and go after it realistically. Same can be said about having 3 sb’s. Did anything change on blog at all just because she thinks you don’t have a ferrari? NO. The advice she’s given that was considered “good” advice has been corroborated and practiced by other sb’s here. If she’s Madison, so what? She’s done nothing at the moment to be banned. So other than getting bragging rights for wasting your time investigating the Big Blog Identity Theft of 2013, there is NOTHING that will come of it either way. And if you wanna set me up w/your sb friend, just make sure you check her pulse before I fuck her. 🙂

    P.S. — Many new SB’s don’t listen to SD’s any damned way. They can’t “relate” to us. I put in my 2 cents and let the chips fall. Buyer beware. Business is business.

  204. Beach_Girl says:

    Tina~ Figures!!! men! lol

  205. Tina says:

    @Beachy: *giggle* I guess Tequila is all talk and the tag line doesn’t work *sigh*

  206. Beach_Girl says:

    Tina ~ lol, I get it now, so blonde or I know about too much booze

  207. Beach_Girl says:

    Isn’t that a Rum ??? ok, I need to google it

  208. Tina says:

    *beats drums*


    *waits patiently for Tequila’s appearance*

  209. Beach_Girl says:

    Tina~ “Kraken” ???? and I could watch.. lol

  210. Tina says:

    @Beachy: I have this strange feeling that he could handle us one at a time, but together…….hmmmmm……I think he would need to hop back on to defend himself and his “Kraken”. *Tina shines Tequila bat signal to see if he appears*

  211. Beach_Girl says:

    Tina~ I would think so… But could he? 😛

  212. Tina says:

    @Beachy: I think the two of us would be hard to handle THIS blogs Tequila 😉

  213. Beach_Girl says:

    Tina ~ lol, We are just too old for SDinLA lol I could have a few Tequila’s lol

  214. Tina says:

    Awwww MAN, and here we weren’t even invited! We just need Tequila to pop back in so we can have a threesome of our own 😉

  215. Beach_Girl says:

    Tina~ lol, no kidding! I wish I could live somewhere else… but, that;s the way things are for now!
    Hey, I think we lost SDinLA , London and Jersey lol…they must be having that 3some lol

  216. Tina says:

    @Beachy: and THAT’S why I live here! 😀

  217. Beach_Girl says:

    Tina~ I win lol it’s negative 11F here 😀
    IT’s fuckin’ Freezing!

  218. Tina says:

    @Beachy: yes, it’s the chilly time of the year…..only getting to 73 degrees F here tomorrow with sunshine *snicker* 😀

  219. Tina says:

    @Frank: yes, I’m *mostly* normal 😉

  220. Frank says:

    Darn, its getting late, and I have to get up early tomorrow to do my workout. Looks like all the fireworks are done anyway. Good night all!

  221. Beach_Girl says:

    Jersey~ Yes, it’s a beautiful sight to see

    Tina!!!! Hey girl!!!

  222. Frank says:

    Great Tina, glad you made the cut too! I guess we must be ordinary. Who would have thought it?

  223. Tina says:

    @Frank: I already mentioned that my gardening obsession and cooking skills didn’t make the “outlandish” list either *sigh*

  224. Frank says:

    I feel honored to be in your company.

  225. Jersey Darling says:

    Frank LOL I didn’t make Tequila’s list of outrageous behavior either. I guess we’re both human 😛

  226. Frank says:

    I’m glad that no one doubts that I have had my shoulder operated on, had to take a lot of drugs, and chased a sb running off with my money down the street with my arm in a sling. hahahaha fooled everyone

  227. Jersey Darling says:

    @Beach_Girl – I’ve seen the fog out there. I loved how it looked like it erased the upper parts of the Golden Gate Bridge!

  228. London Girl says:


  229. Frank says:


    Darn I was looking forward to a report of the meeting.
    So take a photo of the place (starbucks was it) with today’s paper let us see it.

  230. Beach_Girl says:

    Jersey~ Fog in San Fran too, when it rolls in on the bay… Beautiful!
    Also answered you on the comment you made, i’m from Quebec, MTL. I’m one of the old bloggers, haven’t been here in a while.

    London~ It’s beautiful in the UK, only been there once for 3 days…

  231. London Girl says:

    Oh Jersey, you’ll never leave!

  232. Jersey Darling says:

    See, I have this silly thing I do where I insist on trying to photograph fog…

    London would probably keep me entertained for a while 😛

  233. London Girl says:

    It was all snowy and icy here last week, it doesn’t happen very often and when it does the entire country grinds to a halt. Something to do with the wrong kind of snow on the lines or something…

  234. London Girl says:

    Oh SDinLA, goshness gracious me, you’re a little bit posh…! Who would have thought it?!?!

    p.s. I’m always good!

    • Madeline says:

      Where abouts are you based, LondonGirl? Whenever I’m in town, I’m based East. Clapton, Shoreditch, Dalston. Grungy, but so much fun. Takes a few days to recover from those trips!

  235. Stacy, says:

    I think SDinLA and Cali are the same person! That’s the real story.

  236. Jersey Darling says:

    Here it’s snowing and the roads are icy. I’d love some Bay Area weather. Never been to southern Cali.

  237. SDinLA says:

    @London Girl Umm…. Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kensington and other environs around Hyde Park mostly. And various estates in the countryside. :::cringing at the expected reply:::

    If you’re good, I’ll show you and Jersey Darling the family’s coat of arms at the College of Arms. 😉

  238. London Girl says:

    @Cali, seriously give it up, no one cares, just behave and everyone is happy!

    Although I do slightly wish I was in SoCa right now, weather in London is shite! (no change there then…)

  239. Jersey Darling says:

    By the way, Beach_Girl, where are you from? I haven’t met you before 🙂

  240. Jersey Darling says:

    I got it! 🙂

  241. London Girl says:

    @ Jersey, I too require a “kraken” it’a a bitch though, if I were a bit more flexible I might be a bit more satisfied!

  242. London Girl says:

    @ Jersey, I sent you an email, not sure if it will get to you though….

  243. California SB says:

    SDinLA I guess you are not coming, huh?

  244. SDinLA says:

    @Blog Gods (which is really just Guru these days since Midwest is busy studying) I would be happy to exchange emails with Jersey Darling and London Girl

  245. Jersey Darling says:

    Ooh. See all the good info an SD can share? lol. I do require a “kraken” for sex, so London you are safe.

    Just for the heck of it… trying it one more time: puffin 532 at gmail dot com

    Will respond from my actual address. I’m so impatient 🙂

  246. London Girl says:

    @SDinLA, I know, sometimes needs must etc.. As long as she doesn’t want sex, oh wait, I forgot, as soon as you get married you stop having sex!!! Jersey babe, lets go for it!

    So which part of London are you scared to hang out in for fear of running in to random relatives?!?! (you already know I’m going to judge you whatever the answer is…)

  247. Beach_Girl says:

    I would love to visit the UK …not in the plans right now

    SDinLA you’re not visiting here??? 🙁 pooh, no one ever comes here lol

  248. SDinLA says:

    @London Girl and Princess Jersey Whilst gay marriage is not recognized in the UK, civil unions are. If you guys become “partners”, London Girl can get Princess Jersey residency.

    I spent a fair amount of time in London in my youth. Family always had a place there. That’s actually one reason I don’t go back as often these days, hate bumping into relatives and family friends.

  249. London Girl says:

    p.s. blog gods, please send my email to Jersey and SDinLa if he wants it!

  250. London Girl says:

    @ SDinLA hey sweets, not for one minute was I suggesting you should feed the troll! If/as/when you get to London it would be lovely to meet up, be even lovelier if you brought Jersey with you but hey that’s the way of the world and if you don’t I’ll have catch up with her in NY instead!

    FYI don’t do threesomes ever, the universe revolves around me don’t you know?!?!

  251. SDinLA says:

    @Jersey Darling Yeah, Harry is quite the partier…. “Princess Jersey” sounds like a character on the next season of Jersey Shore though. 😉

    @London Girl I’ve never been one for threesomes, too many distractions, but if you and Princess jersey want to experiment I’ll borrow the Guru’s video camera and watch. 😉

    “Prove myself?” To whom? SD Guru has already called the troll out for being [email protected] I’ve been around on the blog almost since the beginning, more than 3 years ago now, and have communicated with many of the blog SBs over the years. Plus a former blog SB who was perhaps the most well-known of the group and attended the most “meets” is still a close friend of mine even though she does not post here anymore. What do I have to “prove?” And to whom?

    You-know-who is posting to the blog from Connecticut. Her Yahoo emails are coming from a Yahoo mail server in New York. It is physically impossible for said troll to be in L.A. right now. Why would I even pay her any further attention? I ignored her for most of the past 2 years, I’m just going right back to doing that. If one fewer new blog SB sees the troll for what it is and does not get discouraged by her fanciful claims, then I’m glad I chose to call the duck out.

  252. Jersey Darling says:

    I suppose for now, I could always just hop my IP address a few times and pretend I’m in London. 😀

    I tried to post my email address a few posts back but for some reason it wouldn’t go through. I’d love to exchange emails with London Girl and SDinLA.

  253. London Girl says:

    Hey Jersey, like most places London is ridiculously expensive but there are lots of ways to make it less so, you would absolutely love London and if you genuinely want to move over there are ways to make it happen . But either which way, you’ll always have a buddy! 🙂

  254. London Girl says:

    @SDinLA, now you’re just teasing me! I have never met another SB/SD so as and when you’re over here would love to meet up, although I do think you should be bringing Jersey with you…

    So you didn’t feel the urge to prove yourself with Cali? I still believe in you anyway… I actually really do!!!

  255. Jersey Darling says:

    Perhaps Prince Harry. He’s the wild one right?

    Sadly, between current exchange rates and how tough it is to work there legitimately, I’d probably *need* an SD to live there. I’ve never been the type to just want to “visit” places, I want to live there for 6 months – 2 years to really get a feel for it before moving on. But I suppose with London I’d have to ditch that desire and just visit.

    At least I’ll have a buddy 😀

  256. California SB says:

    I’m here at the place Mr. Ferrari…. come by.

  257. SDinLA says:

    @Jersey Darling There are other ways to get a visa to live in the UK, but in your situation, getting a company to sponsor you is probably the only realistic choice. You can qualify for residency via their Entrepreneur program, which requires you to have X amount of money and to start a company in the UK that employs a certain # of people and meets certain other standards, or you can have several million pounds to invest and you have to keep a % of that invested in UK stocks, bonds etc. But under either of those visas you cannot get any government assistance, NHS health care stuff etc.

    Or you could marry a Brit! 😉

    @London Girl I am actually going to be in London at some point soon. Not sure precisely when at the moment. There used to be a bunch of blog SBs in London who would meet up in real life. Haven’t seen any of them posting recently though: English Rose, Dutch Girl, Arcadia and a few others.

  258. London Girl says:

    It’s amazing, I know lots of Brits who want to work in the US, and I know lots of Americans who want to work here, surely someone can make it work out…Lovely blog SD’s….?

  259. Jersey Darling says:

    London, that idea is “brilliant” (as you Brits say). SA party!

  260. Jersey Darling says:

    @SDinLA… all this conversation has whet my appetite. Shall we discuss proxies over pizza?

    Please, I just want a byte…

    (If you think I’m bad now, wait till you see me with a drink in me. I make the corniest jokes.)

  261. London Girl says:

    Hey SDinLA, Why don’t you and Jersey come to London??? Sooo Much more fun than feeding trolls,,,

  262. Jersey Darling says:

    I’d move there for the accent! (Yes I know there are many kinds…)

    And their work visa system is silly difficult. Unless you get sponsored by a company or have a close relative it’s near impossible. I don’t remember the requirements, I just know that regardless of my degree and work in an in-demand industry I still wouldn’t have much of a chance.

  263. SDinLA says:

    @Jersey Darling I look forward to your posts. But when you quote the troll, and I am trying to ignore her posts, it makes reading the blog quite difficult.

    FYI, while she claims to be in LA with friends, her blog posts are coming from the same IP address in Connecticut that all of her blog posts have come from since she started posting.

    And her Android Yahoo emails to me are coming from a Yahoo email server on the East Coast. If she was really in LA, they would be coming from a local Yahoo email server. There is no way for her to use a proxy or to fake that from her phone.

    Just please stop feeding the troll, I feel bad for doing so and would rather go back to reading posts without having to skip yours because you’re addressing you-know-who. 😉

  264. London Girl says:

    @Lo no-one in their right mind moves to London for the weather!!!

  265. Lo says:

    London has shit weather you might get SAD

  266. Beach_Girl says:

    Whether Cali SB and SDinLA meet or not, we will never know
    It’s going to be a he said/she said thing… He didn’t show up, she didn’t show up… who do you believe?
    She is bringing friends, oh they could verify??? right, online?

    So we will Never know the truth!

  267. Lo says:

    this story is great with the chick fil a sandwich im currently eating

    • California SB says:

      Lo, this is like days of our lives…. at the end, he shows up in a old Toyota truck written on the door: “plumbing”… Ahahah

  268. London Girl says:

    @ Jersey
    Where is PV? BTW I think you should come to London, we’d have a ball!

    • Jersey Darling says:

      Palos Verdes, CA. I had to google map it 😉

      OH PLEASE! I would love to go to London, you have no idea! I’ve thought of transferring there within my current company, but I don’t qualify for a work visa 🙁

      • London Girl says:

        Oh but you would LOVE London!!! It’s fabulous! What do you have to do to qualify?

        London is fabulous but when you get bored you’ve got Paris, Barcelona, Venice, Monaco, Amsterdam etc all within a 2 hour flight…

  269. Jersey Darling says:

    Here’s the thing Cali… considering how concerned you seemed about your safety from your emails, I’m pretty sure if you lived in PV you’d be freaking out that he revealed your location on a public blog.

    I would be.

    And I really doubt you’d post the location where you’d be meeting. You were so concerned about meeting him without a pic, but now you just published that info to the world.

    I hate to call you out, and I think you’d be fun to hang out with in a Mean Girls kinda way, but it doesn’t jive.

    • California SB says:

      At this point dear… I doubt he has any Ferrari whatsover. I’ll be there with a cup of coffee, me and a couple of my girlfriends. We are dieing to see if he will show up….

  270. London Girl says:

    Cali- why do you care? You are what you are and who cares about the rest? No one is bothered about who you are as long as you don’t patronise the rest of the blog….

    Give it a rest and go and chill out with a nice cocktail because when you’re nice you’re very nice and that’s all anyone cares about…

  271. London Girl says:

    Cali just give it up and as we say in London “wind your neck in”! Stop being a cow and pretending you’re better than everyone else and it’s not a problem…

  272. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!!!
    Wow, what drama, this is better than TV lol I haven’t been here in so long, I love it!

    SDinLA~ When i’m in Cali, hey i’ll meet ya, no pics needed 😀 you know what I look like lol… but that won’t be for a while, unless you pay my trip there lol
    Or you can come here, we have great food here too 😀 lol

    WCSD~ Awesome to see you here, how are things with you?

    NCGent~ Nice to see ya, hope all is good

  273. California SB says:

    I sent him the place and he writes me back this 5 page email back saying I’m not in LA and blah blah blah.

    SDinLA if you are a man you WILL show up, because if you don’t, everyone on the blog will know YOU are the troll fake ferrari owner afterall. See you in a few.

  274. Jersey Darling says:

    Forget the popcorn, I kinda want some quackers…

    Lest anyone missed it, Cali nested in a comment above that she sent SDinLA the place and will be seeing him a few hours.

    I’m telling you, this is better than going out to a lounge.

  275. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: since you’re traveling over my state anyway, come on into Austin so I can not meet you and/or treat you to my non-cooking 😉

  276. SDinLA says:

    @Tequila If you need a new online crush, I know this amazing girl named Lennay Kekua. She just got dumped by her hotshot football player boyfriend. We all thought she was dead, but it turns out she’s not.

    Re: your 28″s, there are no SDs reading the blog who get an unrealistic expectation of what to expect from a SB because you exaggerate the size of your kraken. There ARE new blog SBs who come here for advice and can end up getting the wrong idea about what’s realistic. My therapist has tried to kill the White Knight inside of me, but remnants of it remain, and it bothers me to see new SBs believing things they hear on the blog and getting unrealistic expectations.

    @Jersey Darling If I am going to be in the NYC area, why would I waste my time going to Connecticut? All the good pizza is in NY and NJ! 😉 I have no desire to meet Madison/Cali SB, I just want blog neophytes to know who the resident duck is…

    Have a great weekend everyone, wish me luck with the bares and dear.

  277. London Girl says:

    Well Gosh Jersey Girl, I for one will be totally and completely shocked if Cali isn’t what she said she was…

  278. Jersey Darling says:

    Easy solution… (and then I will probably withdraw back into the audience)

    If she’s in Connecticut, you can just fly to NY and meet both of us. 😀

    *back to the popcorn*

  279. SDinLA says:

    OK, I’m done playing games. I don’t know why she is claiming we are meeting, I have not changed my position and I have not heard from her since the last email below.

    5 minutes after Cali SB/Madison called me out above, I sent her this email, and below it is the email exchange that followed, draw your own conclusions.

    BTW, her email is coming from an IP address on the East Coast and it is her email carrier’s IP, identifiable as NOT a proxy, and her blog IP has always been from the same East Coast IP address since she started posting (ergo not likely a disposable proxy as Jersey Darling said.) J’accuse….

    I apologize to all for feeding the troll, I will hereby go back to my old policy of skipping over any posts she makes.


    OK, you’re on…

    If you really do live in PV or RPV (I have relatives who live there) give me an address and a contact # to your disposable cell and I will save you the drive and pick you up at 8pm and take you for a drink at the place of your choosing. I’ll even take my shiny new 458 Spider and let you drive it: it’s a current model Ferrari, not 5 years old like the F430s you can rent in the S. of France, and I’ll save you having to spend the $300 for a crappy half hour rental of an outdated model Ferrari on your European vacation.




    She replied:

    WOW!!!! That sounds awesome!!!!

    But for safety reasons I rather meet first you at a public place. Then, you can drive me home :):)
    Yeah I will LOVE driving your ferrari whooohoooo!!!!!
    But first, I need a picture and your cell number.




    You read the blog, you know I don’t send photos. And you know all of the old timers on the blog have vouched for my bona fides. This meet is not for “sugar”, it’s just to prove you’re “Cali SB” and not “Madison.”

    And you offered to meet me, so you need to give me your disposable cell # since you said you have one of them.

    Name a place. I’m fine with the South Bay to save you a drive.




    You are a tough cookie arent you??? No pic, no name, no nothing.

    How do I know you’re even real with a ferrari?? I need a picture i sent you one of me…. fair is fair.


    I didn’t ask you to send me a photo. We’re not talking about a potential arrangement. All we’re talking about is you proving you are “Cali SB” who lives in Palos Verdes and not Madison 2.0 posting from Connecticut.

    Name a place. And give me a contact # (It’s your disposable cell phone that you said you get rid of every 6 months, what harm is there?)




    No harm at all. But I am giving a contact number to a complete stranger. You are going to call me and we are going to meet. But I have no picture, nor any contact at all from you. This is way beyond proving anything. This is a real meeting where things can go terribly wrong if I don’t take simple precautions. You could be a psycho who will drag me to a parking lot and do whatever you feel like. Please if you are real, give me your cell number, send me a pic of you and your real name.



    You’ve been on the blog for a while now. You know I am an old timer from the time of the “blog meets.” Guru, Midwest, Anna Molly, Beach Girl and a bunch of others have vouched for my bona fides. If we meet at a Starbucks, how am I going to drag you to a parking lot?

    You’re the one who is trying to prove you’re not Madison. If you keep making excuses, it will just confirm to me that you are indeed Madison.




    I am not making excuses. YOU are. You don’t even want to send me a simple picture!! I need to know who I am meeting for my own safety. Sorry, this is not too much to ask. Like I said before, I am meeting a stranger from a sex blog. That is not eharmony…. no cell needed but at least let me see who am I meeting???


    How does a photo that I email you make you safer? You have no way of knowing if the photo is even real! Name a place. Starbucks or any busy coffee shop. I don’t think there will be too many guys pulling up at 8pm this evening in a Ferrari convertible. If there do happen to be 3 Ferrari convertibles pulling up, only one of us is going to be looking for you.

    Last try or I’m calling BS.




    Deal. Ill let you know where in a few.



  280. Jersey Darling says:

    He’s said numerous times he won’t furnish a picture or personally identifiable information before meeting. You knew that when you offered to meet him. This isn’t exactly a surprise…

  281. Jersey Darling says:

    Nah, we won’t know. Meeting doesn’t prove much anyway. It’s just fun watching it unfold.

    Besides, if she’s a troll we’ve all committed the cardinal sin by lavishing all this attention on the matter.

  282. WCSD says:

    Do you really think we can ever tell how it turns out? SDinLA can claim he contacted her, and she made unreasonable demands. Both could claim that they showed up but they couldn’t find each other. Really, in the end no one will really ever know other than judging who they trust more (which is what we are all doing right now too aren’t we?). But, watching the drama unfold will be interesting to see!

  283. Jersey Darling says:

    Hmm, my last post just went into the abyss… this will probably end up showing up as a double post.

    @Madison, since the blog gods haven’t connected us yet, if you’re still interested in a local gal pal you can reach me at puffin 532 at g mail. I’ll respond from my real email.

    @SDinLA, you can too 😉

  284. Jersey Darling says:

    BTW – Madison, since the blog gods haven’t connected us yet, if you’re still interested in a local sugar pal you can reach out to me at puffin 532 @ gmail. I’ll respond to you from my regular email. SDinLA, you can too 😉

  285. Jersey Darling says:

    Can’t wait to see how this turns out…

  286. Tina says:

    Hey Beachie! MWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    @Treasured: I’m glad to hear that you and twiceshy had such a nice time together! 🙂

  287. The Silly Hippie says:

    AHH I haven’t been on here in a while. Feel like I missed so much! Had to leave town for a funeral. Also starting a new job, plus school. Ugh! lol
    SA ever going to get a mobile app? Huh? Sounds like a great idea to me! I’d make one just for myself if I had the time!

    On the topic:
    I am very glad we are talking about safety. I feel like some of the girls on here get desperate and throw safety out the window. None I have seen on the blog or met, but I hear horror stories from pot SD’s I date. I think that being your own person, honest, and reliable to yourself makes you more concerned with your personal safety. A SB who loves herself, treats herself as such. I wouldn’t want an SD who did not respect himself, cuz I know he certainly would not respect me!

  288. Tina says:

    @Tequila: good choice, dear sir, as I am in the process of making something scrumptious at the moment. I will reveal what it is at a slightly later date 😉

  289. Ken says:

    Advice I’d give a SB? Meet in public, don’t meet at all if you get a bad vibe, don’t agree to sex on the first date, all good. Also important: don’t share personally identifying info until after you’ve met. Many SBs here have photos that can be tied to a real name, and/or a real email address. Many SBs here will share an email address, name, and accurate location immediately with a SD they’ve never met. This level of information is potentially enough to lead a nutcase to your front door, so use a bit of caution.

  290. JustATequilaSD says:

    I didn’t mention your cooking, because not only does EVERYONE on the blog believe in your cooking skills, but we are TERRIFIED of getting put on the “no-food” list. Big boys gotta eat; my mouth was shut.

  291. JustATequilaSD says:

    And now she’s says FREE for you. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE go prove to me that this is Madison, so I can supposedly stop eating her catnip. Or not. My wheels keep turning…and I’ll tell everyone I’ve got 28 inches tomorrow.

  292. JustATequilaSD says:

    1. It would be cyber-cunnilingus since said troll has identified with female persona, but I have declined every opportunity for intimacy with her including the one you’ve alluded to.

    2. I would defend said troll even after being told to get off this sugar site, by said troll. During several scathing blog rebuttals to said troll, I recall many of you coming to her defense. She was more of a duck then, but now that she’s calmed down a bit, I see more chihuahua’s baring teeth.

    3. I would defend anyone’s right to talk bullshit here, after all, I JUST said that my penis is almost a yard. The blog is a good place for making friends, talking shit, and advertising how awesome you are to people that peruse the blog. If that’s what you want to do.

    4. As I said before, even if it is Madison, so what. So what. So what. So what. Will that make her talk less shit, be less opinionated, fall madly in love, discount her prices, or be nice all the time? I think not.

    5. I have never questioned anything that anyone here has said more than just in passing.

    6. I love being a contrarian and playing devil’s advocate.

    7. Long post #3 has ended.

  293. Tina says:

    @Tequila: dear, trying to get me to make deals with the devil? Come into my parlor, and let’s discuss the details dear fly…… And hey, you mention everyone else’s boasts but not mine about being a good cook? Well then! No goodies for you! (scratches “Tequila” AND “Kraken” off the list, even though they were both slated for different types of goodies)

    @SDinLA: just don’t bear it all for the bare! Well, you CAN, just be sure to send me the pictures to prove it 😉 And I caught your references before you even gave away that you made them – nerdy kudos to you “aaaasssss yoooouuuuu wiiiiiiiiiiish”

    @Stacy: congrats on the fun night! I’ve always found that the first time with anyone can be awkward, since you’re getting to know each others style / rhythm / likes / etc, But, my gauge of great sex is if we’ve both started getting into the groove AFTER that first time (paying attention to the others needs / wants / desires). That’s the distinction between good and great sex for me 😉

    I miss Midwestie Babe too 🙁 Dang masters program! Phooey! Spring Break for college is coming around the corner, so I’m sure she’ll pop back in around that time 🙂

  294. SDinLA says:

    Must… not… respond… to… blogger… who… is… so… obviously… invested… in… his… blog… crush… that… he… feels… the… need… to… post… two… long… defenses… of… troll… when… everyone… else… sees… the… duck… for… a… duck…

    Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :::::gritting teeth, biting tongue and hlding breath until red in the face::::::

    ::::::puke:::::: subsequent cyber-fellating of said duck too much for SDinLA’s delicate stomach.

    @Guru if Treasured is the femme fatale she appears to be, I don’t think Twiceshy will be recovered enough to post for a few days yet 😉 I’m sure RussianSB is very good at flashing her bra and panties.

    @Treasured So Guru and I are thinking about making a music video in Moscow with RussianSB, are you in? (More importantly, can you drive?) 😉

    @Jersey Darling Thanks for the link. It seems many “journalists” these days are not much better qualified than your typical blogger anyway. Re: lucking out into one rich guy, absolutely.

    @Frank I don’t think it’s either or, we’re “funny” in every sense of the word…

    @NC Gent The troll backed out with a lame excuse after bloviating about “meeting to prove herself?!” Has that EVAR happened before in an online forum? “I am shocked… shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.”

    @flyr the parties as constructed in the past do not only attract just one end of the SB curve, they eliminate almost the entire bell curve of SDs too!

    @Classic Noir Dang it. Sorry. At least you didn’t unleash the army of the undead.

    @Stacy Erotic fiction? We have a budding Erica Jong here I see. Re: the neighbors, maybe they had their TVs turned up too loud to hear you or thought your SD was just watching porn. 😉

  295. Stacy, says:

    Since we’re talking truth Tequila – It’s erotic fiction not a book on human sexuality, Nothing academic about it at all, well except for the bisexual professor in Chapter 6. Sales are a trickle but it’s selling.

  296. California SB says:

    A nice pair of good size testicles is also a plus. The kinds that when you hold’em they fill your hand….

    • JustATequilaSD says:

      You put them in there too? Or do you have this obsession with things filling your hand. Woodies, testes, money…handsy lil girl aren’t you?

      • JustATequilaSD says:

        Did the wife thing once…did you miss the divorce comment I made above? Not looking to re-marry. And maybe I’ll add your friends to my list, will you go to chuck e cheese with us? Besides the point of the statement was “When looking to fuck, be what she thinks you should be, when looking for a wife, be yourself.” Models get banged just like anyone else. Their nothing special to me.

      • JustATequilaSD says:

        **They’re **

      • California SB says:

        I still think you’re looking for a wife though…. my friends will def go to chuck n cheese with you but sorry I won’t make it. I will be busy holding someone’s balls somewhere 🙂

      • JustATequilaSD says:

        So I should be saddened that I’ll be with 3 of your friends instead of hanging with you. Sorry, math won’t let me be sad over that. 3 > 1. Don’t worry tho, yer still lil sis 🙂

  297. JustATequilaSD says:

    The answer is 28 inches. If I’m going to exaggerate, I’m either going to go big or go home.

    • California SB says:

      ahahahaha Going big it’s you telling us that you got two 19 year old hot chicks models for free

      • JustATequilaSD says:

        Odds are easier to do that to have a 28 inch wang.

      • California SB says:

        The magic number is 8. Circumcised and with a nice girth.

      • JustATequilaSD says:

        Sleeping models, pornstars, married women, virgins, strippers, duchesses, or anyone else is just a matter of salesmanship. Finding a wife is a little different.

      • California SB says:

        Awwww that was so sweet. Tequila, please go find a wife and get out of the sugar bowl. What is your perfect type? Do you mind older (like 30 ish)? I have a few single girlfriends that are dieing to get married. They are NOT model pretty and NOT thin though…but they are very sweet, conservative and fun.

  298. JustATequilaSD says:

    I vote Un-nested comments.

    @Treasured and @Twiceshy
    I’m glad you guys had a great time. You both seemed like you needed to get out of the house for a bit so to speak.

    You asked about good cock. You didn’t specify a size. Not everyone can be sugarmomma to an 18 inch monster boyfriend…or wants to be. But don’t worry, if that’s what you’re used to, I’ll hold back on the last 10 inches of the Kraken. 🙂

  299. JustATequilaSD says:

    re: Fantastic Tales

    I don’t specifically know if the all of Cali’s tales are true. As I said before, you won’t know til you know.

    You have a guy that likens his penis to a mythical creature of legend and claims he can drive the for the first 46 of your waking hours, but refuses to simply bless it upon every girl he meets. (We shall see after the divorce is done and the dust settles, but challenging me to prove it doesn’t make someone worthy of it.)

    You have a girl that tours Europe with a bunch of pro athletes, and many of them want her, and she hooks up with Richie Rich who is even richer than the athletes.

    You have a really sexy girl specializing in fantasies that is a published author of a book on sexuality, and that received tiffy’s gifts and good sex from her sd that treats her exactly how she likes to be treated.

    You have a russian former super-model that people at one point felt may have been some college student in wisconsin just pranking the blog.

    You have a guy that was a medical doctor, lawyer, and entrepreneur all in his same lifetime that seems like a really great guy. (Lawyer stigma aside.)

    You have a guy that some people thought was all talk like much of the rest of the blog, but he did what he wanted and didn’t tell anyone as he did it. And probably doesn’t care that the blog got verification.

    Do I believe that one girl in california could use her lady parts to trick 3 california guys into doing what she wants? Yes, I do. (Most guys aren’t as smart as they think they are. Maybe my own naivete is showing.) A certain type of sd can have as many sb’s as he can afford. A certain type of sb can have as many sd’s as she can consistently sleep with.

    The moral of the story is I don’t worry about proving or disproving anything that I or anyone else says here on the blog. I take it with a grain of salt. I believe what I want to believe. Everyone I have cited above, I have a reason to believe what I know about them. If the info changed, it wouldn’t affect my life in the slightest. Each of them has their own personality, advice, and set of entertaining stories. If I tried to tell my real world friends about my blogmates, they would probably think all of you were middle-aged nerdy Cartmans dressed in ninja costumes sitting at a computer talking smack. New sb’s and new sd’s alike need to temper any advice to their own life, their own needs, their own situation, and what they think is true. Moving on…

  300. Classic Noir says:

    @SDinLA Lol, I did as you instructed, and still no Midwest SB.

  301. SD Guru says:

    “Me and Twiceshy had a great time together and he is absolutely lovely.”

    Congrats on your successful meet with Twiceshy. Details please! Is this why he hasn’t been on the blog in over a week? And did you wake up the neighbors like Stacy did? :mrgreen:

    “Oh-oh… Russian SB doesn’t drive !”

    Somehow that doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure you have many other useful talents! 😛

    “I missed Madeline’s comment about photos. I blame it on this format.”

    That’s the downside of nested comment format. It has been tried once before and was removed due to complaints like yours. Should we go back to the un-nested format where everything is in chronological order?

  302. flyr says:

    Press infatuation with SA and its parties

    Public loves titillation and has heard all it wants to hear about the deficit that will consume us, unemployment, terrorism etc

    It’s a fun story to cover – sex, money, beautiful women, rich men and breaking the rules

    Appeals to female and male fantasies, better than stories about race drivers, astronauts, warriors, etc

    SA solicits press coverage

    Story appeals to college age women who are tired of beer pong, watching football and being expected to provide sex if their date provides chicken wings and beer.

    My personal feeling is that for each of the coke snorting big city party girls there are perhaps 10 much lower profile women on here . The party attracts one end of the curve.

  303. Stacy, says:

    Soopa: there are a lit of men on this site who mistake it for a dating site, or think that buying nice dinners and giving good birthday presents to a young, pretty girl is an SD. And, a TON of non-stop email time wasters. Ask him how the “arrangement” worked in his last. That should tell you everything you need to know. My rule now (after filtering through a ton of garbage) no more than a week of emailing without some, real, discussion on meeting.

    SdLa- I suppose I don’t know, I was just quite loud, repeatedly, and I realized when walking through the halls that I could hear sounds from the rooms I passed.

    Cali – it’s not nice to share specific, intimate details – especially not about a man’s parts. And, I’m a small girl, I’m not especially fond of large – ouch!

    The conversation wasn’t awkward, just a few things that happened physically that weren’t sexy. 🙁 hopefully today (and shopping!!) will make it all better.

  304. California SB says:

    NC Gent: “resourcefulness”

    Well dear…. I wouldn’t be driving an Audi and traveling to Europe on my meager corporate salary… xoxo

  305. soopahdoopahdarling says:

    @SDinLA ‘all men are dogs’ haha, you’re right, I think I’ll be just fine.
    Thanks for the advice, I’ll stay alert.
    @Frank In any case, both apply. Haha, I enjoy reading the comments more than the actual posts. But also thank you for the advice, I guess I’ve got to remember we both do know why we’re here and I’m on the right site.

    Did wake up to a message from him this morning so I’ll see where our conversations lead today.

    Thank you again.

  306. Treasured says:

    Hey all 🙂

    Completely missed last two topics. But, I have a good reason 🙂
    I was meeting with a friend from THIS blog. And it has been great.

    Some of you might remember, that a few months ago I challenged male bloggers, by saying that they all like to flirt with the lovely girls, invite them over and make various suggestions about orgies in the jacuzzi, but NEVER actually making it happen 🙂
    One person responded and made me an offer to prove me wrong.

    So, ladies and gentlemen, I admit… I was wrong. Some men off this blog REALLY proceed with their actions.

    Me and Twiceshy had a great time together and he is absolutely lovely.

  307. NC Gent says:

    @JustATequilaSD – I have to admit, I was admiring how she turned a verification meet into a sales and marketing opportunity… the resourcefulness is pure CaliSB 🙂
    WCSD — yeah I was shocked also…. brings to mind one of my favorite sayings… “imagine that, a dog that barks” or perhaps more appropriate… “imagine that, a duck that quacks!”

    Heya Beachgirl — sending you some e-love 🙂

  308. Frank says:

    soopahdoopahdarling says: you are all a very funny bunch, is that funny ha ha, or are we funny weird like? (sorry, old high school joke)

    soopahdoopahdarling – the beauty of meeting someone in the SA arena is that every one knows what the game is and there should be little pretense. You are here for an arrangement, and he is there for the other side of the arrangement. So its ok for you to push to find out what the arrangement means to him it he doesn’t volunteer that info.

    I missed Madeline’s comment about photos. I blame it on this format. When I come back to it after a few days, there is no way for me to catch up on all the comments. Isn’t there a better way?

  309. Jersey Darling says:

    Note: just posted above but since I included a link to one of those SA party “exposés” I was talking about, it may take a while to be approved…

  310. Jersey Darling says:

    @SDinLA – Here’s one such article specifically about an SA party:

    I think any of the attention the media gives to sugar babies is silly to begin with, but it fascinates people so they continue to do it. It’s more bloggers than actual journalists actually going to the parties “undercover” I’d guess, but when combined with the negative traditional media attention this website gets, the result is the same.

    I do agree with you on the point about ludicrous stories and portraying unrealistic expectations. Time and time again we’ve seen new girls coming to the blog under the illusion they should be doing just as well. Even the best stories I’ve heard about sugar babies are because they lucked out with ONE guy who happened to be incredibly rich, not from multiple guys who all offered amounts well above what the average male could offer.

    Your “AFLAC!” comment cracked me up! I love that duck almost as much as I love Mayhem from the Allstate commercials.

  311. SDinLA says:

    @Classic Noir In order to summon MidwestSB, you must close your eyes, click the heels of your ruby slippers together three times and utter the phrase, “Klaatu Barada Nikto, Klaatu Barada Nikto!” N.B. If instead of summoning Midwest you’re going to try and retrieve the Necronomicon, make sure you don’t mess up the phrase or you’ll unleash the army of the undead.

    (Fellow blog nerds: do I get bonus points for referencing the Wizard of Oz, The Day the Earth Stood Still and Army of Darkness from the Evil Dead trilogy all in one line?)

    @Jersey Darling I’m still here, and still participating! Re: going undercover to do exposés on SA parties, seriously? What exactly is a reporter hoping to find, Brandon sacrificing a virgin on an altar? Or maybe something like the secret sex cult in Eyes Wide Shut? So you’ve got a bunch of guys trying to impress/pick up women in a bar/restaurant/club…. THE HORROR!!! That’s a sure bet for a Pulitzer Prize :::rolls eyes:::

    re: not calling out the ducks, as you say, many inexperienced SBs come to the blog for advice. It doesn’t do them any good to get a skewed perspective of how difficult it is to find a good SD, or how much patience they need to have… the “I currently have 6 SDs, they give me a gazillion dollars a month… I think #5 is getting on my nerves so I’ll just replace him with that hunky young billionaire who is chasing after me and throwing Louboutins at me” stories when coming from someone who has a certain history on the blog don’t do any good for new SBs, they only serve to stroke the ego of the person making those claims and make new SBs feel inadequate that they aren’t having the same “success.” THAT is the main reason I feel the need to yell “AFLAC!” on occasion.

    @RussianSB It’s OK if you don’t drive, you can be the one in the video riding in the front passenger seat who flashes the camera repeatedly! 😉 If you need a ride to the video shoot location I’ll send the Rolls and driver to pick you up.

    re: feeling sick and losing interest in shopping, you just need some tamales and home-made fried chicken! Let me know if you and Tina end up as a couple, if you let me know where you register, I’ll be sure to send a nice gift along. BTW, I’m not married, and neither is PhoneGuy. So there. 😛

    @Beach_Girl Salut! How are things in Mount Royal?

    @Stacy How did you know the neighbors down the hall could hear that you enjoyed yourself, did they say something to you when you passed by them on your way out? 😉

    @soopahdoopahdarling What exactly is it that you want explained? Did you read what RussianSB wrote above? “All men are dogs!” Start from that assumption and you’ll be fine. 😉 Some guys will bring up the arrangement discussion, others need some prompting. Don’t be afraid to bring it up tactfully, if he’s a legit SD he won’t be offended. If he keeps dodging the subject or feigns being affronted by it, that’s a pretty good red flag that his intentions are not aligned with yours.

    @Madeline Just now saw your comment about preferring NOT to see a photo of the SDs before you meet. That’s a very evolved attitude IMO. Kudos to you.

    Ooh, I can’t wait for my hike tomorrow… maybe I’ll see some dear as well as a bare!

  312. Classic Noir says:

    Since the topic of previous and revered top SA bloggers came about, I’m wondering if anyone can direct me to Midwest SB, I’d love to chat with her again!!!!

  313. soopahdoopahdarling says:

    So as much as i’ve just had a blast with reading the comments, & allow me to include you are all a very funny bunch, I have a few questions(new to this world).

    I’d go ahead and try to find a more appropriate post to comment on, but it seems this is where everyone is gathered for now.

    Any and all advice, guidance, input, etc. will be very much appreciated.

    I have just began speaking to a SD on the site, says he’s not new to this and has had success with arrangements before… the last time he’s had one being about 6 years ago with an SB around my age. We spent the majority of the day speaking, and I know he is who he says he is, thanks to google and linkedin; BUT, he does not really seem to be interested in an arrangement. I mean he says he’s interested and wants to know more about me, but I get a feeling he’s set on getting me for –free?

    I mean I tried to get around the topic of setting up an arrangement and was even the one who asked if he’d like to meet up as I realized he was set on emailing back and forth, and even with that he said of course, but on to the next topic and we never went back to it.

    Something must be wrong, but surely I shouldn’t have to be the one asking him what he wants, and having to wait for him to ask me what I want. This, already, isn’t mutual. He’s of course made it clear that the sex is of great, if not utmost, importance to him….

    Am i moving too fast? Is this normal?

    I’m just really lost because I thought with a SD, SB relationship, things would be different from the norms of regular relationships. I’ve always been the kind of girl who allows men to walk all over me, and with a new boost in my self-esteem and realizing that I am pretty damn attractive, I thought I might as well put myself to use with those who’d “deserve” me.

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m blowing this out of proportion, someone please explain.

    • California SB says:

      “he does not really seem to be interested in an arrangement.”

      He wants free sex dear…. like 99.99% of the guys on this planet. Move on….

    • Madeline says:

      He’s not interested in an arrangement of any kind?
      Some guys, while they aren’t into the idea of straight up cash for sex/companionship will help you out in other ways (paying your rent directly, taking you shopping for things you need, taking care of your bills, etc) that way they feel like they’re ‘taking care of you’ rather than ‘paying you’.

  314. kitten says:

    is there anyway to find a sugarmommy for sugarbabe women on this website?? or is this only for hetero? I dont want to offend any sugarmami’s by leaving the question of …looking for a sugarbabe female? or is that appropriate you think? pondering…..

    • California SB says:

      I came across a few of them. The biggest difference from sugar mamas from SDS is that the mamas want a 3some, so either way…. a guy will be involved on this some how; even if he is just watching you guys play.

  315. Stacy, says:

    So, spent the day in a hotel room with the new SD, not as ??? something ??? as I would have liked, although The neighbors all down the hall could hear that I enjoyed myself more than a couple times … First times are always awkward, right?

    • Bella says:

      Nah, I mean the first little bit that you’re talking can be awkward, but I don’t think the general first time experience is always awkward. The date I had on Wednesday went really well, nothing awkward past the initial awkwardness haha. He even asked me for advice on some personal issues which I thought was interesting and showed that a particular level of comfort had been reached at an early stage in our sugar relationship already.

      But I’m guessing from what you said, you did have a good time though, amirite? 😉

    • California SB says:

      SOoooooooo, how was it??? Not really that good??? Did he have a good cock??? Tell us!!!!

  316. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!!!!

    Wow, SDinLA, Molly, Tina, NCGent! how are you all doing…
    Hi to everyone I don’t know either!

  317. California SB says:

    OMG OMG OMG Just made a reservation to stay at the chateau de la chevre d’or. Added the option to take a 30 min ferrari tour as pilot. About 300 bucks for just 30 mins 🙂

  318. JustATequilaSD says:

    I love deals and contracts…I’m sure we could COME to some understanding. 😀

  319. Tina says:

    @Tequila: “I have had more trouble with myself than with any other man.”
    – Dwight L. Moody

    My dear, the cost of my fried chicken isn’t a soul from you that I want 😉

  320. California SB says:

    Making my europe travel plans… any SB in europe who wants to meet im game. Except if ur a male then im gonna have to charge…. 😉

  321. RussianSB says:

    And called, Sugar Party in Moscow.
    Russian SB meets her friends blogsters !!!

  322. flyr says:

    I think the process for a meetup probably starts with a very small group arrangement off the blog with others invited if it grows.

  323. JustATequilaSD says:


  324. WCSD says:

    But needs the magic blue gemstone to get that hard….

  325. JustATequilaSD says:

    Can I buy some of your homemade fried chicken, and some tamales? I’ve got a good deal going on a soul. If you’d like to make a deal later for your soul we can work on that too. Told y’all I was trouble.

  326. JustATequilaSD says:

    “turned to stone and fell apart”
    Interesting to note that he does usually get rock hard before he falls over, even with the prettiest of women.

  327. RussianSB says:

    Tequila… you know I am not snobbish person, but we talking not about KFC…
    We talking about home-made chicken by traditional southern recepy with Tina little hands …

  328. WCSD says:

    @Kraken – Just remember you turned to stone and fell apart when you caught a glimse of a very ugly female face. So be careful who you respond to when you hear your call (Release the Kraken!)

  329. Jersey Darling says:

    I’m seriously thinking I want KFC for dinner now… you guys are bad.

    And no jokes about the Kraken for dinner. Who would be able to type Tequila’s posts?

  330. RussianSB says:

    They even don’t like fried chicken…

  331. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Tina and @RussianSB
    she does have a point. Trouble is my middle name. King “Trouble” Tequila.

  332. California SB says:

    Ok it was the professor with the wrench…..

  333. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Tina and @Jersey Darling
    “many times it is “the Kraken” (aka Tequila’s penis) that writes his posts”
    The post content is interesting, but what’s really impressive is watching him type.

    “I will sell my soul for fried chicken !!!”
    SOLD! Can you mail it to me?? I can hang it up over the fireplace. Once I get it, you can pick out any chicken you want….you like KFC? Popeyes?

  334. RussianSB says:

    Come on… I am sure they all married… What they can offer to you exept troubles ?

  335. Tina says:

    @RussianSB: if it comes to food, I think you might have to fight with Tequila, Guru and PhoneGuy to be my SD/SM to receive the treats 😉

    Assets come in all shapes and sizes 😉

  336. RussianSB says:

    I will sell my soul for fried chicken !!!

  337. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: many times it is “the Kraken” (aka Tequila’s penis) that writes his posts……..

  338. RussianSB says:

    If only I can give up with food that easily …
    Fried chicken … I am thinking seriously to become your sugar mamma one day, Tina, I don’t have p*nes, it is true, but I have assets, and if it happens that we will be lonely after 10 years of sugar, we will make a beautiful couple !

  339. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Jersey Darling
    “The Kraken thing is hilarious! Who came up with that?”
    My penis.

    I know CPR, just in case you do pass out. I don’t do it as well as I used to, so if you wake up and my hands are on your boobs, just remember I was trying to help.

  340. RussianSB says:

    Milan is exeption, of course.

  341. RussianSB says:

    I feel like… I lost interest in SHOPPING… help me , help me… maybe it is contageous ! When I saw 37 floor shopping mall… I feel seek.
    Some changes going on with my body (mind) … I am scared to death.
    Words – Prada outlet – not raising any interest in me !
    Or I am having depression.
    Or I go up to the ”next” Sugar level.

  342. Jersey Darling says:

    The Kraken thing is hilarious! Who came up with that?

    So what celebrity DO you look like?

  343. Jersey Darling says:

    @Cali – I like you, but trolling with games isn’t going to help your case…

    I already have my opinion, but don’t like calling anyone out so I’ll leave it at that. It doesn’t matter much to me as I find your posts entertaining either way. But if it walks like a duck…

  344. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Jersey Darling
    re: Blog meetups
    Make yer move on yer blog crush, or just hang out with whatever blogmate is in town. I remember Simplicity went to visit someone, and she said she had fun. I still don’t know “how much fun” but that’s between them. In this cloak and dagger SA blog world you never know what’s true til you get there. Btw, I don’t really look like Bob Hoskins despite what you may have heard. (He gets some really cool and silly roles though.)

    re: The Kraken
    If you’ve seen Clash of the Titans (hopefully the original movie) or Pirates of the Caribbean, you know that the Kraken is a huge, awe-inspiring monster, of fantastic size and power, with the ability to easily leave you limp. To call forth this overwhelming beast, they uttered “Release the Kraken!” This is what you would say to me if you were ever fortunate to be next me. Then as the big drums started to play in the background I would call forth my own huge, awe-inspiring monster, of fantastic size and power, with the ability to easily leave you limp (a very pleasing exhausted limp.) I would never change the saying to “unzip the Kraken,” he’s got 3 movies to his credit. Btw, he can also recognize the phrase in russian, and I hope he learns it in at least 11 more languages this year. He has been known to wreck women of various age and type. He is an equal opportunity destroyer. 😀 Now you are informed.

    Please direct any further questions to #Tequila’sReleaseTheKrakenWorldTour

  345. WCSD says:

    @NC Gent – No, it isn’t possible that there was an excuse for not meeting…absolutely impossible! How can that be?

  346. Jersey Darling says:

    Some bloggers/journalists have gone undercover at the parties. I’ve read their exposés. They’re usually banal.

  347. JustATequilaSD says:

    No one else would use a verification meet as an advertising attempt at sugar. I don’t know if it’s Madison, but that “transactional” attitude sounds like Cali. 😛

  348. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Jersey Darling
    As long as it wasn’t an actual orgy, most journalists wouldn’t waste their time. The cops couldn’t raid it, and I’ve never heard of protesters at any of the “sanctioned” parties.

  349. NC Gent says:

    well I tried to take Cali SB up on meeting for drinks… I will actually be staying less than 10 minutes from her in LA but she said… “I dont meet guys for dinner without sugar involved….If I start meetings guys for dinner without sugar I would have my days filled until 2035.”

    I guess “free to meet up with anyone with anyone in person who wants to” isn’t quite free 🙂

    I am currently not sugar dating unless you call buying drinks sugar dating.
    Also, I never suggested dinner.

  350. JustATequilaSD says:

    re: CaliSB/Madison

    1. Cali remains consistent. Even though I am not privy to her IP, her posts still comprise her own personality. After the Blog Brawl of 2012, both Cali and myself have toned down our opinions a little. 😉 But you can only water down Tequila so much before you’re left wondering “where’s my stiff drink”.

    2. If she was Madison it’s still moot issue. Why even waste time on it? If she’s a troll as Cali then so be it. I will admit that girls that have a similar mindset will usually make similar statements. I would like to highlight one major diff between 2 posts that I saw of Cali’s and Madison’s. When advising an overweight sb, both individuals commented semi-negatively. Whereas Cali was not overly encouraging, Madison said something to the effect of “fat chance, fatty.” Once again, if they are the same people, Cali has learned to express her very strong opinions in digestible format.

    3. Although young and naive at times, I have seen her give good advice to those seeking to be sb’s of a similar style. I couldn’t have her as my sb even if she was local, because none of my relationships are “strictly business.” With my tendency to give the world, and her tendency to take it, the relationship would be short-lived. 🙁 Of course, I do respect the right for her to choose her particular sb lifestyle.

  351. RussianSB says:

    @SD GURU
    ”MTV plans”
    Oh-oh… Russian SB doesn’t drive ! (I know, American boys and girls , you going to laugh at me)
    I just don’t want to kill walkers and go to jail … some people mustn’t drive…

  352. Jersey Darling says:

    @NC Gent – I could see that being the case, although even the most persistent undercover journalist probably wouldn’t spend enough time posting on the blog to make it into the ranks of regular (though you never know nowadays). While I’m leery of the SA parties I’ve seen posted because they passive-aggressively attract press, I’d love a regular get together.

  353. NC Gent says:

    @Jersey Darling – NY Gent (retired blogger) and I hosted what I believe was the first SA blog party around Xmas 2009(?). It was a great time, and I am still friends with many of the people who attended. It would be great to have some more of those, but I think it might be harder to pull off with the media attention that this blog receives.

  354. RussianSB says:

    @Jersey Darling
    It is absolutely normal, if your Italian restorant not pricy.
    1. Sometimes I affraid to visit famous restorant for first meet – you never know how person behave and it will be shame after visit that place. I lave when gentelman offer to meet at the best places – it is additional screening tool,
    but I am not in a hurry to go with someone I never meet before.
    2. Food is good – good sighn. By the way some regular not pricy diners in Hong Kong having Micheline stars because food is good.
    3. Snobbish people who don’t like your choice of a modest place – usually themselves came out of hopeless holes cities. Citizen(originally born) of Big City never will pay attention on such small details as restorant/hotel/accesoires ”level” – only people from small towns having such ”problems” with self-assuranse.

  355. NC Gent says:

    I took Cali up on her offer – but I may not be hot enough for her to meet me, even if I am willing to pay for the drinks. I will be in LA next week. I have to admit that I thought that California SBs posts were similar to some of Madison’s posts…. not sure what meeting proves, but i am always up for a few drinks 🙂

    • California SB says:

      NC Gent… i said to you i dont meet without sugar…. this is afterall a sugar site. You said no. Soooo im not the one who didnt want meet.


      • Jersey Darling says:

        So you don’t meet to clear your name, which was the premise you posted under? I would.

        I guess this doesn’t bother you that much after all.

  356. Jersey Darling says:

    So as I feel the air getting thicker in here, I just have to say…

    How cool do the blog meetups sound? I’d have loved to participate in that! Back in the day some of my favorite websites had chatrooms and it was such a tight knit experience. Now with even forums going the way of the dodo bird, it’s all getting replaced by blogs which are all highly indexed by google.

    I for one appreciate the information exchange and the troll info SDinLA just provided. It’s easy to browse past posts and draw your own conclusion, he just gave the info to help anyone reading be better informed.

    Considering that many girls base their sugar undertaking on the advice on this blog (more than they should! At least read multiple sources), it’s a duty to the community to keep people honest.

    And if it’s all wrong, we’ll have our next inside joke. (I *still* don’t know what the Kraken joke is about!)

  357. Jersey Darling says:

    @SDinLA, You flatter me! If you truly are developing a blog crush, you must stay here and participate more often 🙂

  358. WCSD says:

    @California SB – Sadly, I’m no where close to California to take up your offer. Yes I’m on the west coast, but much further north (Great White North). Also note I wasn’t the one who answered your question…so not sure why meeting with me would make any difference. As all people on this blog, we all chose who and what to believe or take with a grain of salt.

    • California SB says:

      I dont take lightly being accused of something im not. Im not madi or whatever u guys think im am. Im free to meet up in person with anyone who wants to. You r paying for the drinks tho. Lol

      So now please stop this stupid circus. Its getting sad and pathetic….

      • Jersey Darling says:

        Cali, I wouldn’t get too worked up over it. It’s just the interwebs, and either way Stacy had a point that you contribute to the blog. But how come your writing style keeps changing in these last few posts? You never normally type like that.

      • California SB says:

        Typing on a phone darlin’…

  359. California SB says:

    As he retreats back under his rock…..

  360. California SB says:

    A battle of wits is best done in person….. not hiding behind a blog….

  361. California SB says:

    Waiting for your email SDinLA…. martini at 8 at any place of your choosing….

  362. SDinLA says:

    Hmmm, I think RussianSB got devoured by a Kraken. Tequila, was that you?

    Re: “heavy drug use”, run for the hills! It only takes trying to help one to learn your lesson.

    @Jersey Darling A pizza connoisseur who knows her techie stuff? Heavens above, I do believe I am developing a blog crush. 😉

    @Frank You need to sign up for SD Guru’s SD boot camp, that will hone your SB screening/radar to a razor’s edge! Please contact Stormcat for advice re: the pitfalls of blog romances.

    @Tina Hey, every community needs pantomime villains for the aspiring heros to joust with, but when you insult our intelligence by making overt claims of ignorance, sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do.

    @Stacy as WCSD said, question asked and answered.

    Beyond that I suppose it depends on what the purpose of this blog is… if it’s just another anonymous online community where truth and fiction cohabitate happily, then it doesn’t really matter who people claim to be or what they say. But if it’s primarily a place where site members (and others) can come to get advice about topics that are not always easy to discuss with your friends or in the real world, then I think as Jersey Darling said, the “no one likes to be deceived” element plays a part.

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the “regulars” on this blog participated in real world “meets.” We also communicated offline extensively, privately and in chat rooms that several people created. In some cases, blog hookups occurred (something not for the faint of heart.) Ergo in many cases, with the blog gods like Midwest and of course the Guru, but also with other long-time participants, there’s a level of veritas that has been established when a newcomer comes to the blog seeking advice and their questions are answered by those posters.

    I’m just gently reminding people (who may not have been around long enough to recognize the characters) what the lay of the land here is when deciding how much weight to assign to someone’s “advice.”

    If the Guru dispenses advice or points to his blog, you can count on it being valid.

    If someone with a history/pattern of prevarication makes grandiose claims, perhaps one should not place as much value in their stories re: their experiences and just treat it as entertainment.

    Trust me, I used to don my cyber suit of armour, mount my gallant steed and eagerly engage with any and all trolls that showed up here. It may not surprise you to hear that I relish a good battle of wits. But in trying to maintain Guru’s Pax Romana on the blog, I am curtailing my activities on those fronts, and only responding when I feel it is necessary to do so and in this instance I was answering a question that was asked of me.

    Feeling better, so won’t be posting as much (to the relief of some participants I am sure! ;-)) Hope you all get through the rest of your weeks and have great weekends.

  363. WCSD says:

    And hint – Triple bag it to make sure nothing gets through….

  364. Frank says:

    Back in the day, I had to cut off a number of friends that started using, Its not a pretty sight,

    But on the other hand this is SA, its not a long term situation, or solution, if you are getting what you want, are not becoming emotionally involved and not engaging in risky behavior, why not. (hint-bring your own tooth brush)

  365. Tina says:

    @Concerned in DC: Keep in mind that if you have a discussion with her, and realize that either you’re not convinced that she’s not on drugs /committed to quitting, etc. then you have the obligation to end the arrangement. By providing her extra funds, you would be passively encouraging her bad habit. Being an enabler sometimes seems to be a harmless stance, but it isn’t. I’m not saying that you have to solve her problem – sugar isn’t about that (hence the NSA piece of this). But, you shouldn’t help her deteriorate any further.

    Referencing the Guru again, don’t make her problems your problems. If you wish to be her white knight, be aware that you will be going down a very slippery, very intense, very unpleasant road. If you haven’t had the “pleasure” of dealing with people with addiction, please take the advice of those that have that it isn’t easy, isn’t fun, and is a commitment that you might not want to even start.

  366. flyr says:

    “I have a slightly different but safety related issue. I’m pretty sure my SB is on hard drugs and is probably seeing others. While I enjoyed the company and want to support her school work, I really really do not want the money to go to drugs. As I’m quite removed from her life, Is there a way to accomplish this?

    – Concerned in DC”

    Assuming your concern about the hard drugs is well founded …………….

    I would buy into the suggestion of paying directly for some things is she were a family member or an admitted drug user trying to kick the habit. But your intellectual side says she’s into drugs, has other SD’s and is not admitting to her habit.

    If you continue to see her you are engaging in high risk behavior and very unlikely to benefit her life or yours.

    You may want to sit down and tell her exactly why you are doing this. Perhaps there’s another explanation but realize that druggies rank up there with politicians in their ability to lie with a straight face.

    May sound a little cold hearted but it’s based on my experience over a considerable amount of time, including the loss of a number for friends to sustained drug use and working on buildings in drug affected areas.

  367. WCSD says:

    @Stacey – “why publicly embarrass her if she learned her lesson and is behavin and contributing to the dialogue? Who cares where Cali posts from?”

    Obviously we all haven’t learned the lesson from Guru – don’t ask a question that you don’t want to hear the answer to. Cali asked a question and SDinLA answered it. If the answer was/is embarassing, don’t ask the question….

    • California SB says:

      Im not the person u guys are talking about. Lets meet tonight at any place of your chosing in orange county and lets get this cleared up…..

  368. Madeline says:

    Ahhhh and I thought you were calling meeee Madi. That clears up some confusion.

  369. Tina says:

    Colonel Mustard in the parlor with the rope

  370. Jersey Darling says:

    I prefer the maid with the candlestick in the bathroom…

  371. California SB says:

    It was the butler and he hid the evidence in the library…

  372. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: *sigh* just couldn’t leave a nice, rare steak alone to be eaten in piece, could you? 😉

  373. California SB says:

    You guys are nuts…. I wish I could say now Im actually a dude….

    You guys have been watching too much tv…

  374. Jersey Darling says:

    @Stacy, I’m guessing it’s because no one likes to be deceived.

    *sits back and grabs popcorn*

  375. Stacy, says:

    But, SDinLA, why publicly embarrass her if she learned her lesson and is behavin and contributing to the dialogue? Who cares where Cali posts from?

    • Jennifer says:

      @stacy-thank you Stacy for pointing that out. If you’re going to give a person a second chance give them a second chance,and just check the baggage at the door. The crucial thing is that we are all comfortable now..

  376. Jersey Darling says:

    “IP address: There are many ways to mask it BTW. I could be in China with an IP address from Idaho. So, there.”

    True, but when you use an IP proxy, you (typically) do not use the same IP address every time (that is, your IP address would not always end up in Idaho. One day it might be Idaho, the next Wisconsin, and the next China). So for a blog admin, it’s fairly easy to tell by behavior patterns on a blog if someone is using a proxy or their real IP address. Plus, some proxies identify themselves as such.

    Especially if you are using free IP addresses, they are usually good for be or two uses before you have to discard them.

  377. SDinLA says:

    “SDinLAL you Guru and Phoneguy call me Madi all the time WTF, Whazz up with dat?”

    A Blog Fairytale

    Once upon a time there was a little girl who posted on the SA blog using the name “[email protected]” Or maybe she was a little boy. Or a woman. Or a man. Or even a dog. But in any case, [email protected] was not very nice to some of the other SBs and SDs who posted on the blog, [email protected] could be mean and condescending so the people in the village began to think that [email protected] was a nasty troll who lived under the bridge. Eventually after ignoring several warnings, the troll was banned by the all-seeing, ever-wise blog god known as SD Guru and the blog was a happy place once again.

    Many moons later, a blog SB calling herself “California SB” started to post, and somehow… curiouser and curiouser… she sounded a LOT like the once banished meanie troll [email protected], right down to the writing style, phrases she used and so on. The all-powerful blog gods noted that “California SB” was actually posting from an IP address far far away from California, where she claimed to be… and gosh golly gee willickers coincidence of all coincidences, near where the mean old troll [email protected] used to post from. Our benevolent leader, SD Guru, offered “California SB” the chance to come clean and confess to her identity, but she continued to pretend otherwise. But since “California SB”/[email protected] had realized that she needed the blog more than the blog needed her and with her blog access at steak, this time around she was not as mean to other blog SBs and SDs, so she was not banned.

    The End

  378. Jennifer says:

    @CaliSB,I read on the previous blog that you’re planning a trip to Europe. If you decide to visit Switzerland,don’t go to Zurich- it’s very metropolitan and not that beautiful. Go to luzern( breath taking,and so much to do) you’ll thank me later i promise. and don’t confuse luzern for Lucerne, different. As for Paris-quite frankly,I think it’s overrated! Many might not share my views but you’ll see for yourself. I think you should add Barcelona on your list:)
    I loved travelling and I’ve decided to travel the world…I’m still a student and can’t afford to do that every year but I save up and go to different countries every 2years:) so far I’ve gone to 17 of them…I wish i could do that with you this year,I’m fun to travel with;)

    • Madeline says:

      I agree with everything Jennifer said here. I lived in Germany near Frankfurt for a year (Frankfurt is the banking capital. Pretty dull, but if you’re going for SDs you might strike gold (literally)) I also lived in Brussels for a year, and Paris for two years. Brussels has its charms, but I’d take Antwerp over it any day. Antwerp is the fashion/art/design capital of Belgium. That’s where Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, and all the other reputable Belgian houses are based. Brussels is much more political, industrial, and crime ridden. But again, it has nice pockets as well. On Paris, I’m with Jennifer. It’s over-rated, but still gorgeous. Worthwhile for a few days though, especially if the weather’s nice, and you can lay in Bois de Vincennes (gorgeous park with a lake, and island, and gondolas to tug you around) with a bottle of wine.
      London’s one of my favorites. I love the night life there.
      Barcelona is definitely one to see. I go every May with a handful of friends. You can have any kind of vacation you want there. Beach, tropical parks, art galore, amazing never-ending night life, gorgeous boys, and endless fizz. Counting down the weeks ’til my next visit!

      • California SB says:

        Ok girls, I’m buying my ticket next week, traveling in October. I’m starting off in London. So, tell me 4 cities I should visit. I want it to be in: France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. How about Monte Carlo?? IF ANYONE WANT TO TAG ALONG, I’M GAME!!! 🙂 🙂

  379. SD Guru says:

    “Damn…maybe I’ve been watching too much porn lately…”

    The only thing better than watching porn is… making your own porn!! :mrgreen:

    @Concerned in DC
    “I really really do not want the money to go to drugs. As I’m quite removed from her life, Is there a way to accomplish this?”

    I don’t know what kind of arrangement you have, but the best way to not support her drug habit is to pay her bills directly. For example, pay her rent directly to the landlord, pay her car payment directly with the lender, etc. But keep in mind your financial support frees up money for her to spend on drugs. So if you’re really concerned about that then you should move on.

  380. Concerned in DC says:

    I have a slightly different but safety related issue. I’m pretty sure my SB is on hard drugs and is probably seeing others. While I enjoyed the company and want to support her school work, I really really do not want the money to go to drugs. As I’m quite removed from her life, Is there a way to accomplish this?

    – Concerned in DC

  381. Tina says:

    @Tequila: if I could find an avatar like that, I would put one up. Actually, towards the end of February I would have to put one up with a party hat since my birthday is around that time 😉

    • Stacy, says:

      No Tequila, he is not on the guest list – in any manner. And, the size of his package is irrelevant if one’s “dinner guest” doesn’t have good table manners” 😉

      • Tina says:

        How do people keep getting me mixed up with Tequila? I’m starting to get a complex………

      • Stacy, says:

        Sorry Tina, it’s the way the new reply tool works on iPhone – #stillhatingthenewformat

      • Tina says:

        No problem Stacy! People lately have been confusing my comments with Tequila’s…..maybe the T is confusing people…..or Tequila is just trying to steal my awesomeness 😉 Yeah, I think that’s it!

        @Tequila: your Sith lord mind tricks will work no more! BAH! I’ve figured out your master plan! Phooey on you! 😛

  382. Tina says:

    whoops, that was supposed to be @Tequila….and, btw, I go VERY well coated with creamy white sauces……….

  383. JustATequilaSD says:

    So for Feb are you going to put a minion up there with just a french maid apron on and nothing else?

  384. Tina says:

    @Tequia: yes, I can be the appetizer, main course AND dessert! 😉

  385. JustATequilaSD says:

    @SDinLA and @JerseyDarling
    Glad to see porn crosses all lines and brings people together. 🙂

    After we lick the plate clean, can I put what I want on it?

    So you’re saying RJ can’t bang you but he have you for dinner?

  386. Bella says:

    SUCCESS! Date with the pot SD went wonderfully. We’re planning on meeting once a month since he is busy, and that leaves time for me to find a more regular SD. Can’t wait for next week’s date now! I think this gentleman will also be a good match. Fingers crossed! 😀

    Ps, this time the sex was rockin’ 😉

  387. London Girl says:

    @Frank, It’s good to know you’re coping! A lot of men wouldn’t be able to take the strain…

  388. Jersey Darling says:

    @Stacy, Different strokes…

  389. Stacy, says:

    Tomorrow is THE date with my new SD – very excited … and appreciative of all the lovely gift$ he’s sent. It will be a very lovely evening, I’m sure.
    Who cares about the size of RJ’s schlong? That guy is a revolting troll! It’s not the size that counts, it’s the quality of the accompanying tongue. Lol.

  390. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tina – That would be so sad, to have such a wonderful gift and have using it cause you issues 😛

  391. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: I’m wondering if his extended use of the large schlong contributed to his current health issues….blood pressure changes and all 😉

  392. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tina Doesn’t he have a huge schlong? Is it bad that taking advantage of him is the first thing I think of?

    Sigh… anyway.

    Madeline I love your idea! I don’t suspect anyone will buy me anything off the wishlist anyway, but I’d love to use it as an avenue to show the things I like.

    • Madeline says:

      Definitely. I think it’s a good way to make you seem dynamic at a glance.
      And I have had dates show up with gifts which were thoughtful, and appreciated, but not really my vibe.
      For instance – the guy who brought me Burberry perfume. Fine choice, except for the fact that it’s my Gramma’s favorite.

  393. Tina says:

    Hey porn fans, Ron Jeremy was hospitalized due to an aneurysm near his heart, he’ll need surgery………..

  394. Madeline says:

    I don’t know if this has been brought up in past discussions, but are there any plans to expand on the “Wish List” feature?

    I love the concept, but in action it’s a bit wonky. Not to mention the limited, and kind of tacky selection. Aside from flowers, I couldn’t find anything I liked at all. And flowers aren’t actually something I’d put on a wish list.

    It would be great if it operated more like svpply(dot)com or polyvore, where you can paste in the url of an item you like. This would free you up to get creative. I’d add language and Adobe Illustrator classes. Maybe flights, or tickets to shows or games. It could give you a way to show off your personality a little bit. Give the guys and idea of what type of date you’d be based on where your interests lie. Could be fun!

    And also, not a bad way to showcase your taste in lingerie. Get the wheels turning! 😉

  395. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: of COURSE you can “body” serve tamales and fried chicken! The recipient just has to make sure the “plate” is licked clean since both items can be a little greasy 😉

  396. SDinLA says:

    @London Girl I don’t know what you mean, I had completely forgotten about the naked delivery requirement until Tina brought it up!

    @Tina There’s good naked and bad naked… Naked delivery by comely female = good naked. Naked frying = bad naked. Can you serve tamales and fried chicken on a naked female body like you can sushi?

    @WCSD I watched some porn where someone ordered a big sausage pizza, and after what the girl found when she opened the box, I am afraid to have pizza delivered!

  397. Tina says:

    @London Girl: I’m certain they both remember the deal 😉

    @WCSD: I’m good with naked delivery, as long as I don’t have to cook naked. Making fried chicken naked is a bit tricky…….

  398. WCSD says:

    Aren’t all deliveries of any kind naked?? Damn…maybe I’ve been watching too much porn lately…

  399. London Girl says:

    I’m 110% certain SDinLA is aware that delivery of baked goods should be naked! I think that’s what he’s counting on!!!

  400. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: you realize that Guru requires naked delivery of said baked goodies right? 😉

  401. SDinLA says:

    @Tina L.A.?! No way, we’re going to Moscow! You have to bring enough tamales and fried chicken for Russian SB too. Plus Guru’s coming along to be the videographer so you will need to make good on your promise to him of yummy baked goodies as well.

  402. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: well now, looks like if I take a vacation to LA you’ll have me in the kitchen cooking the entire time! (Which, sadly, I wouldn’t mind! I LOVE to cook!! 🙂 )

  403. SDinLA says:

    @Jersey Darling OK, that’s a deal. I’ll take you to have tomato pie in Trenton and you can take me to Lombardi’s! 😉

    @Tina so now you have to bring tamales AND fried chicken.

    @Guru Have you been to Moscow lately? The drivers the drivers there make Bangkok drivers seem sane. PLus she’s a self-admitted ditzy blonde, so Russian + blonde female = trust me, she’ll drive just as badly as the girl in the video! 😉

    @im_only_me You have to stay in your comfort zone. I’m only relaying my own experience, and that of the SDs I know. And as I said, at least 50% of the SDs I have known from the site did not have a face pic in tier profile and would never email one before meeting, and we are all real, generous gentlemen who know how to treat a woman well.

    @WCSD re: safety, hear hear! Um… I mean “here here!”

  404. WCSD says:

    @SDinLA – Nice!!

  405. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: I C the floo haznt keeled your since of hewmor over their

  406. SDinLA says:

    Aw, stop being sew mean too Madi…. Cali SB! She probably just woke up this mourning and is having one of those blonde daze. I eight stake once with a delicious read whine.

    I am sew mad. I went four a wok this mourning because it’s a beautiful sonny day, but last night their was reign, so their were puddles awl over. Sew I stepped inn a puddle and ruined my expensive Italian walking shoo. The leather soul and the fir lining our a mess. I slipped and pulled a mussel two. I am going two be so soar.

    I am going hiking on Saturday. Maybe I will pick a flour or too. And if I’m lucky I will sea a bare! As long as it is a brown bare and not a grizzly bare. Grizzly bares are dangerous, with won swipe of there pause they can kill yew.

  407. WCSD says:

    My opinion on the safety issue

    I don’t think sugar dating (or even online) is (or should be) any different than any other type of dating. You find someone attractive (whether by sight, or words, or conversation, or sometimes by reference if you are being set up) and you choose to go on a date. To make that decision you make sure you feel comfortable in accepting (or offering) the date. This combines the detail you have received to get to know the person in the short amount of communication you’ve had, to deciding on the venue of choice.

    Do people ask for full name, contact info, record of employment, tax returns, etc. for people they met at the grocery store and are asked out on a date? Why would sugar or online be any different? Predators exist. Online and around the corner. If you have your eyes open, trust your gut, AND realize that the VAST majority of people are good, we will all be fine. Sure it might not be your ‘dream guy/girl’ date, but that is just not a match…not the fact that you didn’t keep yourself safe.

    I believe that as a society we are far too ‘let’s scare the crap out of everyone’ rather than realistically understanding risks and having safe discussions based on those risks.

  408. Tina says:

    @Madeline: a stake can be made from wood (ya know, old vampire lore, stake through the heart kind of thing……….) Hence my “wood” comment above 😉

  409. Tina says:

    @WCSD: but, did you mean steak or stake? 😉

  410. im_only_me says:

    @ SDinLA i know.. im days late with this question.. but you said this.. “I also didn’t have a photo of my face in my profile and would not email one before meeting.” – Are pot. SB’s usually ok with that? I think I would feel nervous being at such a disadvantage..

  411. Tina says:

    @Guru: DANG! You beat me to it! I’m a girl that likes her fair share of wood, just not THAT kind of wood 😉

  412. SD Guru says:

    “Except, Jenn – my emails were ignored, as we’re Frank’s both regarding abusive members. And, your FAQ’s don’t provide this information in a clear way.”

    I noticed there is now a section in the FAQ addressing “member complaints“. I can’t speak for SA on how they handle complaints. But in general, on a mass market dating site where it’s free for most members, the site usually has limited resources to get in the middle of his said she said type of disputes. If there are numerous complaints against the same member then obviously it’s easier to take action. But as we’ve seen, there is not much a site can do to prevent the bad guys from coming back under different names.

    “Most sites have a “report user” tool, or a user rating tool, please SA, add this!!!”

    On the home page and mailbox page there is “Please report any illegal or suspicious activity HERE” which I guess is close enough to the “report user” tool. As for a user rating tool, there had been numerous discussions in the past about it. There was a “dissertation” about this topic and you can see my comment here.

    “Eating stake at apple bees won’t taste the same as eating at stake at BLT Steak…

    A stake is a stake, no matter how it’s cooked and where you eat it at. Sorry I couldn’t resist! 😛

    “I am going to put on metal panties and give key from it to GURU… I am sure, my key will be safe with ANY blog person. And GURU – he is Saint!”

    Me, a saint?? I guess you haven’t met my evil twin… 😈 He’ll probably give that key to the monkey!

    “In English more correct will be : ”Monkey playing with explosive”

    I’d pay to see that!! 😆

    “you need to find 2 other girls in Moscow to do it with you so Guru and I can come shoot the video!”

    I’m ready to shoot!! How can we make sure RussianSB can drive like that in the video and flash her D’s at the same time?? :mrgreen:

  413. flyr says:

    There’s been a lot of talk about what to do. I think as much as the specifics is the fact that you are sending a classy and subtle message that you are thinking. Predators generally go to weakness and need, women who are physically or socially vulnerable or simply innocent and have a strong preference for controlling the environment.

    Don’t overlook the art museum for a self guided tour and probably some decent food and wine . Also lots of guards around without being overbearing. It’s also a great place to walk and talk .

    I’m also with Jersey on a nice casual restaurant that the SB selects. She’ll feel, more comfortable . I’ll generally bring a bottle of good wine.

  414. Bella says:

    For my date with the pot SD tomorrow we’re going to this funky little restaurant that does really awesome Asian food. It’s not too pricey but not what I would pay on my poor student budget, hence the reason I chose it lol. I’m lucky though, all of the little restaurants and cafes around here are good, no matter the price.

  415. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Oh you poor, poor thing! 🙂

  416. Jersey Darling says:

    @SDinLA – Wow, you out-pizza’d me on pizza! I did go to Wikipedia and I have NEVER seen that. But both you and wiki also explained why; it’s not from my area of Jersey and it’s not NY style.

    Because you’ve bested me, I’d dare to accept your offer. I must redeem myself! But only if you’d let me treat you to amazing NY style pizza.

    I’ve never met someone I don’t get along with so dinner’s never been a problem for me, but just watch, it will happen soon and I’ll be thinking in my head about your post…

    @Tina, I’ve never tasted amazing fried chicken. I bet it’s good!

  417. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: the BEST southern fried chicken I’ve had has always come from a hole-in-the wall restaurant. Of course, living in the south I get to have the fried chicken recipe passed down for 4 generations 😉

  418. SDinLA says:

    @Tequila re: great food being great food and liking what you like, I haven’t had much of an appetite due to the flu, but last Tuesday I had lunch at Bouchon, Thomas Keller’s bistro in Beverly Hills, then I got $1 Tuesday fried chicken at Popeyes for dinner. I think that might set a record for greatest disparity in Zagat ratings in two consecutive meals! 😉

  419. SDinLA says:

    @Jersey Darling re: going to the police with any photo… if someone has nefarious intentions, isn’t he more likely to send a photo that is not even genuine?

    re: tomato pie, look it up on wiki. It’s a Philly/South Jersey and surrounding environs type of pizza, and the Trenton variety is a specific sub-type- it is the BEST (when done well.) As to the establishment I mentioned, there can already be ridiculous waits just to get in, so I am not going to name it, but the next time I’m in NYC/Philly maybe I’ll take you for a pie (assuming you’d meet without a photo! ;-))

    re: dinner vs. coffee. If the coffee meet is going well, there is absolutely nothing to stop it from transitioning directly into a lunch/dinner. If the two of you don’t get along at all, but you’ve ordered a meal… doesn’t sound like much fun to me.

    • Madeline says:

      Most of my dates are drinks that have turned into an invitation to continue into dinner.
      I like this route because there’s no pressure for either of us to stay, and if he does ask me to dinner, I know I’ve got his attention 😉

  420. Jersey Darling says:

    Fine fine, food isn’t food, but it doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. I do love “hidden gems” and at times, dives. And diners, but that’s probably a Jersey thing. One of my favorite places is in upstate NY; it’s a complete alternative grunge hole in the wall that served nothing but fries, but they had all kinds. Back then it was filled with grungy young rockers, dressed down models and writers and I still remember my friend telling me she would only take “beautiful people” there. If it weren’t such a far drive I’d go back there more often.

    @SDinLA: Yes, there are cases where I’d overlook not getting a photo. But still, a photo – any photo that gives me even the slightest inkling or idea – would be so much better!

    On a serious note, having that photo does help you if for any reason something bad does happen. It’s something to go to the police with. (I know, that’s really going to encourage more guys to give photos!)

    As far as food goes – I’d love to know the place you have in mind in Trenton! And I have never heard pizza called tomato pie! LOL. Just pie!

    I do tend to like dinner for a meet vs coffee only because it gives me more time to get to know the person, and that’s very important to me. If anything, if we were going for drinks I’d prefer the alcoholic variety because it accelerates the learning 😛

    @Tequila – I actually would go to Chuck E. Cheese for a first date. But I tend to have a blast wherever I go; on one sugar date I ended up in a corner store playing dollar scratch off tickets and it was one of my best dates. Of course, being in Jersey, I would tend to suggest the boardwalk at the shore instead, but we’ll have to see how that gets rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy…

    Thank you for your positive assumption on how many offers I get 🙂 I don’t get a ton; my inbox isn’t overflowing. I’ve seen some girls on here say they get 50 messages a day and that boggles my mind. My profile is written to target a certain kind of guy though and most of the people I meet do make me offers I’d be happy with, so in that regard I’d say I have a high success rate.

  421. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: Personally, I love to visit and support local businesses. Which means I love going to local restaurants as well. This also means that sometimes (usually) the restaurant is lower priced with some simple food (not always). But it’s filled with unique atmosphere and high quality taste! Yummmm!

  422. JustATequilaSD says:

    @SDinLA and @Jersey Darling
    re: restaurants
    Great food is great food. 3-star is nice, but I like what I like. For steak or lamb it’s Ruth’s Chris’ or Smith & Wollensky. For sushi it’s Shogun. For cajun-style it’s a Copeland’s or Emeril’s founded restaurant. For chinese food, it’s whatever allyoucaneat buffet doesn’t have my picture in the window for eating all their food. (You been here 4 hours…you go now!) I like what I like. I couldn’t tell you what star is on any of them. It’s simply a beautiful equation involving a delicious combination of food,preparation,elbow, and love. (Math, food, and sex, what’s not to love about me?) If the name impresses your friends or not, that’s not my problem. If we ever wander into a new food place that is unclean/dirty/filthy, that IS my problem, but we can leave immediately. I’m a food realist.

    • Madeline says:

      @Tequila SD

      Sounds like you’re a fellow New Yorker.
      I’ve never been to Shugun. I’m all about Blue Ribbon for sushi. I think it strikes the best balance between atmosphere, quality, and authenticity. Nobu is too show-boaty, Masa’s a little obsurd on the price point (although I wouldn’t say no!) Sushi of Gari is delicious, but a little lacking in environment.

      @Jersey Darling
      I think SDs appreciate a girl who isn’t trying to get the most expensive meal possible out of a first date.
      I generally tend to let them choose, or if they’re from out of town offer a few suggestions at various price points.
      The only thing I’d be careful of is seeming afraid of fine dining. The more upscale the SD, the more likely he is to be looking for a level of sophistication that often involves an appreciation of a gourmet meal. He’ll also want to feel like he can take you to places that he enjoys.

      I guess flexibility is the key. But not minding a more hole-in-the-wall meal is definitely endearing, and will probably win you some bonus points!

    • Theresa says:

      @JATSD I could have really used you today while I was taking my algebra test. With you to help I might have made more than a C

  423. JustATequilaSD says:

    “You’re totally silly I knew you were going to mess up with that…. Mr. Walker didn’t like that Joke. He is rolling on his grave….”
    Sorry, sis, but you did know. 🙂 Besides, I don’t drink scotch. YOU KNOW WHAT I DRINK. My signature brand is Don Julio, but I recently tried another REALLY GOOD one. And I’m considering switching to Asom Broso as my signature. (What better tequila to symbolize me than one with a bottle shaped like a large penis?)

    @Jersey Darling
    ” I like to do dinner at a fairly low priced restaurant”
    Can we go to Chuck E. Cheese? I can be as silly as I want and no one would notice. Then we could go do whatever you want to do. Win me a teddy bear, and I may even let you get to second base. 🙂
    But really, I’m guessing you get ALOT of mid-level long-term offers which you easily parlay into whatever caveats make you happiest. Very smooth.

  424. SDinLA says:

    @Jersey Darling We are all going to have our own comfort zones and boundaries, you have to do what you’re comfortable with… several of the potential SBs I contacted initially said that sending them a photo was a requirement, but after we communicated a bit, I explained my reasons for not being willing, and I told them “Well if that’s a deal breaker, it was nice talking to you, best of luck.” they dropped the demand and were willing to meet sans photo.

    I would say at least half of the SDs I know, all of whom are legitimate, generous SDs, don’t have a photo in their profiles and won’t email one, so that criteria is going to eliminate a fair # of real SDs if a SB is black and white about it.

    Each of us has our own reality/experiences… if the only person who would not send you a photo was a rapist, of course you’re leery of men who won’t send you a photo, but just using that “rule” as an example, I am pointing out to you that you’d miss out on many legitimate SDs if it is applied all the time.

    I’m not sure what you mean about “meeting in public is not foolproof.” “Foolproof” in what sense? If you’ve emailed, spoken on the phone etc. and your Spidey sense is NOT tingling, then I’m just saying that making the next step a public meeting does NOT require prior exchange of personal info/data.

    Re: dining at low priced restaurants, I love hole-in-the-wall places and am not a food snob at all. (Best pizza aka tomato pie in the world is in an ancient hole-in-the-wall place in Trenton.) If anything, I’d prefer to save the 3 Michelin Star places for AFTER you know you like each other and want to spend time together, so if you asked to meet initially at a low-priced chain or mom & pop place it would probably be a checkmark in the plus column.

    That’s why I prefer to meet for coffee for an initial meet. IMHO there’s less pressure than if you’re going to a fancy establishment.

    • Madeline says:

      I’ve gotten to the point where I actually prefer not to see photos of my pot.
      There are generally two possible outcomes after receiving a photo of an SD:

      1) I’m a bit put off by the photo. It’s stuffy, they look awkwardly posed, older, heavier etc. But because we’ve already arranged to meet, and they seem nice in writing, I go through with the meet, and am often blown away by how much more attractive they are in person. A lot of this may be their personality shining through. Many people, including myself I’ve been told, are better in motion.

      So I’ve thought about pots I’ve cancelled on because the photo was unappealing, and wondered if it might have worked had I given them the time of a cup of coffee for an in-person inspection.

      2) They posted a photo that wasn’t actually them. They think it’s coming from a good place. They want to give you an idea of what they look like while remaining discrete, so they chose a photo of someone they think they resemble. They are rarely close. I spoke to a young, chiseled looking Indian man on the site. When we met I was confronted with a young but overweight, acne scarred man. This isn’t me being harsh. These are factors that I could have overlooked had I not been expecting a Bollywood celebrity. But it’s human nature to be disappointed and slightly put off when you’re lied to about what to expect. It immediately puts me into a slightly edgy mood.

      So, I would much rather chat to someone blindly, decide that I like them, and want to meet them at least briefly, regardless of what they look like.
      It allows me to go into the date prepared for anything, focus on the conversation, and often leave excited about a new prospect.

      If you’re as sexual as a sugar baby should be, chances are you’ve gone home with a guy from a night out at the bar before. Chances are you didn’t ask for his ID so you could Google him. You knew as little (if not less) about him, as you do about an SD without a photo. You meet in a public place, talk until you feel comfortable, and at some point go with your gut as to whether he seems like someone you’d be comfortable with behind closed doors.

      Best of luck, babies!

  425. Jersey Darling says:

    By the way, slightly off topic: To the SDs, is it bad that when I want to meet, I like to do dinner at a fairly low priced restaurant? Say a chain or maybe a local mom and pop Italian place?

    I can’t help it. Haven’t really been to many very expensive places and frankly, food is food…

    • California SB says:

      Jersey: cheap food, cheap drinks, cheap allowance…

    • The Silly Hippie says:

      I would go somewhere nice first time, or first few Jersey. I like IN N OUT, but I wouldn’t hate a fine seven course meal! I’ve also had SD’s compliment me that I know how to eat like a lady. You can really impress a guy with a restaurant choice. Way to his heart is his belly. 😉 Cheap does not mean bad food either. Some of the best places I found were mom owned hole in the walls. Real food, cooked the way mom or grandma would make it, I think is really attractive! 😉

  426. Jersey Darling says:

    Why buy a throwaway phone instead of using an app or a service like Google Voice?

    Only advantage is that none of your personal info will be on a throwaway, but no one can access your info on a smartphone without a password anyway, and most phones allow you to remotely wipe them in case it is taken from you.

    I did meet someone in private for a first meeting once, and it went very well. But he’s a public figure and I had plenty of information about him. Recommended? No, but it was one of those times I decided to take a risk.

    @SDinLA, not sending a picture before meeting is a red flag to me. If someone is married, there are plenty of public places where you can go and blend in and plenty of reasons you’d have to be with a woman who’s dressed conservatively when she’s with you. Meeting in public alone is not foolproof. If someone told me they were a public figure or easily recognizable, I might grant them some leeway, but for the average person this will prevent me from meeting them. The only person who ever refused to send me a picture happened to be the rapist that just made the news. And I refused to meet him in part because he wouldn’t send a pic.

    There are plenty of poses for pictures that could obscure your face just enough that you feel comfortable sending the pic, and she’ll feel comfortable meeting you.

  427. Bella says:

    Meeting a new pot SD tomorrow for dinner at a great restaurant of my choice. I’m excited! Aaand I’m meeting another pot SD next Wednesday as well. Especially excited for that one, he’s an intellectual with the air of mentorship that I’m looking for. Oh baby, yes, talk nerdy to me. 😀

  428. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: hell yeah I’ll bring the tamales if there’s a party! 😀 I’ll make’em if I hafta!

  429. SDinLA says:

    @Tina I’m more like the old just-woken-up-from-cryogenically-frozen-still-thinks-hes-in-the-60s Dr. Evil who thinks a million dollars is a lot to extort.

    @Russian SB Ds? The young lady who spent the entire 5,000 on me says she has DDs…. 😉 re: throwing dollar bills at you to avoid responsibility, well, I threw more dollars at my Ex-wife than any other woman, so how do you make sense of that? And if you said “All Russian men are dogs!” I would agree. Here in the West there are still a few gentlemen left, but we are a dying breed.

    So you’re bringing Anna Karenina, does that mean Tina’s bringing the tamales?

    None of the other Slavic SBs on the blog wants to be in the music video, so you need to find 2 other girls in Moscow to do it with you so Guru and I can come shoot the video!

  430. RussianSB says:

    Are you kidding?? I am sure, my key will be safe with ANY blog person. And GURU – he is Saint !
    Advertisement :
    Key from chastity belt, in exellent condition –
    change for Tiffany key of equal size.

  431. RussianSB says:

    “War and Peace” – it is someone’s divorce case I guess ?

  432. RussianSB says:

    We will look grate with Vivaldi music in Four Season,Tina !

  433. RussianSB says:

    And I will bring ”Anna Karenina” – just in case !

  434. RussianSB says:

    I have D, but you not going to marry me, you don’t want tolove me, you just will throw in me dollar breeks to avoid any responcibility 🙂
    All men are dogs !
    But we love them !

  435. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: not one BILL-ion? I’ll just wear my hat and boots with a minion belt buckle I’ll have specially made 😉

  436. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: a Tab in the hotel lobby? Is that all it takes to meet you? I’ll pay my own way if that’s the case 😉

    • SDinLA says:

      @Tina You’d have to dress up as a Minion so I’d know how to find you.

      • Tina says:

        Hmmmmm, I might just have to do that 😉

      • Tina says:

        Of course, you know that you will have to dress up as a kitten on a pedestal so that I can find you 😉

      • SDinLA says:

        Pedestal costumes are a PITA. I’ll be the bald guy with a scar on my face in a grey Nehru jacket and pants, stroking a kitten in my lap with one hand, holding my other pinky by my mouth and squinting… saying “One MIL-lion dollars!” repeatedly. Can’t miss me.

  437. SDinLA says:

    @NawtyMolly What’s up kiddo? Caught the flu, lots of free time to read the blog.

    @RussianSB My apologies, I should have changed the 5,000 to 20,000 before asking you. Re: not wanting to love, marry, impregnate you with beautiful baby boy- it all depends. How big are your boobs? 😉

    re: your safety tips, so you’re calling ILWCG, me and others naughty children?

    re: provoke him with some silly behavior, great idea. I recommend disrobing completely in the restaurant and standing there naked whilst reading from “War and Peace” or “The Brothers Karamazov.”

    re: boys being at risk too, you’d be surprised how many SDs I know who’ve had a SB try to blackmail them.

    re: Monkeys playing with explosives, that’s OK, the risk is all part of the fun!

    re: metal panties, if the Guru has the key, I’m not sure you will be “safe”, depends how you define “safe”, he’s the Guru precisely because he can sweet talk any woman out of a chastity belt, even without the key.

    re: women being beautiful OR clever, I have had the privilege of knowing many beautiful AND clever women. The problem is, they usually KNOW they are beautiful and clever, which makes them “difficult.” 😉

    @flyr re: a quick trip to the net, AFTER we’ve met and there’s chemistry/mutual attraction/desire to proceed, sure. But no way no how am I giving up my personal information to someone I have not met yet, and if I won’t give a stranger mine, I’m not expecting a potential SB to give me hers either. An hour or two of her time and mine, the tab in the lobby lounge at the Four Seasons and a small gift to cover gas money and such is not too much to waste even if you find out after that meeting that she lives in a trailer and cooks meth. You’re going to meet some potentials that you don’t click with anyway, the felonious hard core drug users that you find out about post-initial meeting just end up being disqualified for a different reason.

  438. RussianSB says:

    In English more correct will be : ”Monkey playing with explosive”

  439. RussianSB says:

    Hey, Tinaaah ! In Russia men say it about driving woman.
    But I mean silly pretty girls , because everybody knows that they are more attractive than ugly but smart ones 🙂

    And I answer to your preys : woman can be or beautiful, or clever – everything else is biological mistake.

  440. Tina says:

    Comment of the day? RussianSB: “woman is like monkey with explosive”


    @Nawty: Hiya babe!!!!!!!! How’s it going??????

  441. J says:

    Trust your gut instinct. I’ve been guilty of not trusting mine in the past and it was poor judgement on my on part. It turned out to be a nightmare. Ugh… If something does not feel right, don’t do it….

  442. JustATequilaSD says:

    “red label or blue label”
    Budweiser or Pabst Blue Ribbon? But what if I don’t like beer? 😛

    • California SB says:

      You’re totally silly I knew you were going to mess up with that…. Mr. Walker didn’t like that Joke. He is rolling on his grave….

  443. flyr says:

    “”SDinLA: “You can tell more in 5 minutes with the person sitting across a table from you than you can from hundreds of hours of email/chat/texts/phone calls or “research” on google.”””

    I agree with the above but still believe in a quick trip to the net. The person sitting across the table is not likely to share the info about the recent arrest in Vegas for drugs …………. some weed ok but crack, meth , cocaine etc are non recoverable projects.

  444. JustATequilaSD says:

    Many great insights. Those that have ears let them hear it. But in this world there are far too many “smart” people that don’t realize the words are for them.

    @Nawty Molly
    Hiya, kid. How’s tricks?

  445. RussianSB says:

    I don’t know about you, guys, but I am going to put on metal panties and give key from it to GURU.
    I will be safe !

  446. flyr says:

    Be very aware of inconsistencies in his written and verbal communications.

    CASB had some good suggestions. Even if you are meeting in a strange city it’s better if you pick the place of the meeting. In front valet is good but not always available in the hinterlands. Plan to meet early enough that the place of the meeting will have some people.

    If you have not done so get and read The Gift of Fear, make a couple of copies of his list of questions regarding domestic violence – you’ll have a reason to share the list with one of your girlfriends. This book is not just relevant to sugar dating but to living in today’s world.

    Arrive with a contingency departure plan. Is the ladies room closer to the front door than the dining room or bar where you are meeting? Bad vibe – excuse yourself to go to the ladies room and depart .

    Consider getting a throwaway cell phone for your initial contacts.

    • California SB says:

      “Consider getting a throwaway cell phone for your initial contacts”

      That’s the only kind of phone I use. I change numbers every 6 months, Untraceable and if you get sick of it, get a new one.

  447. RussianSB says:

    Broken hearts, STDs … forget about dating !

  448. RussianSB says:

    While girls risking to be abused, blackmailed and sold at Mexican den,
    boys are at risk too. Silly woman is like monkey with explosive – you never know what will be her next step, or what she has in her mind 🙂

  449. RussianSB says:

    And the best advise – don’t sugardate, don’t webdate, don’t date at all (especially if your spouse can catch you and you have some $$$ to lose –
    sure she will, you not married an idiot, do you ?).
    Really , old boy-girl game never was safe (both, physically and emotionally) and never will be. Or you meet new people, or you date your friends (someone ”veryfied” who you know for 10 years) – but that pool will be empty soon enough.

  450. RussianSB says:

    Never reward a bad behavoir, or rude correspondence, or unpolite phone call, or any pushing demands, you are not ready for. People who treat you like that hardly will ”pamper” and ”spoil” you. And even if guy pour honey in your ears,
    provoke him to be agressive with some silly behaivoir. Classical SDs are fine with that, they deal with that stuff a lot before with their GFs and wives. And only predator will reveal his claws and blueteeth – maniacs cannot stay calm for a long time 🙂

  451. Bella says:

    I definitely agree with letting a friend know where you’re going and what time you should be home. Even better if said friend has a car and can pick you up if things go south fast.

    I know that a lot of SBs may not be comfortable with telling a friend, but I was surprised by the support I got from the couple I’ve told. Better to be safe than sorry.

  452. RussianSB says:

    SDinLA, ILoveWestCoastGirl & Co
    Safety tips :

    Рукам никогда нигде
    Не трогай ничего.
    Не впутывайся ни во что
    И никуда не лезь.
    В сторонку молча отойди,
    Стань скромно в уголке
    И тихо стой, не шевелясь,
    До старости своей.

    x x x

    Кто не прыгал из окошка
    Вместе с маминым зонтом,
    Тот лихим парашютистом
    Не считается пока.
    Не лететь ему, как птице,
    Над взволнованной толпой,
    Не лежать ему в больнице
    С забинтованной ногой.
    x x x

    Родился девочкой – терпи
    Подножки и толчки.
    И подставляй косички всем,
    Кто дернуть их не прочь.
    Зато когда-нибудь потом
    Покажешь кукиш им
    И скажешь: “Фигушки, за вас
    Я замуж не пойду!”

  453. RussianSB says:

    @SDin LA.
    I am the first one – shallow blond , who will spend in Spa and shops and I am affraid more then 5k, but only because you don’t want love me, merry me and inpregnant me with beautiful baby-boy.

  454. Nawty Molly says:

    Hi everyone! I haven’t been around for a while!! How is everyone? Did all of you have a nice holiday?

  455. Nawty Molly says:

    Mornin’! I see SDinLA is here! 🙂

  456. RussianSB says:

    Hellow, Dear Blogsters !
    MOW my lawn, or release the KRAKEN ! Anyway man must be useful in household.

  457. Stacy, says:

    SA – why won’t you add a feature: If you find an SD who is threatening, fraudulent, or abusing the site, report him!

    That would be real corporate responsibility! I’m even more disgusted that you would add this post, knowing you have a safety issue, and refuse to take this small step.

    Criminal Negligence!

    • JennSA says:

      Stacy we do have this feature. In fact this member was kicked off our site and he snuck back on with an alias. We encourage all members to report any suspicious behavior, and they do by reaching out to [email protected]

      • Stacy, says:

        Except, Jenn – my emails were ignored, as we’re Frank’s both regarding abusive members. And, your FAQ’s don’t provide this information in a clear way.

      • The Silly Hippie says:

        Hi Stacy, I think SA does what they say, provide a semi screened form. It’s up to you to do the math. It’s no different than Match.com or Craiglist personal ads. SA is no different, if anything I feel like they advertise safety more than the other sites.
        Work smarter not harder! 😉
        Good luck searching Stace!

    • Classic Noir says:

      I’ve been negligent in checking the SA blogs lately; can someone please elaborate on this “safety issue”?

  458. California SB says:

    SDinLA: “You can tell more in 5 minutes with the person sitting across a table from you than you can from hundreds of hours of email/chat/texts/phone calls or “research” on google.”

    Absolutely true. I never met anyone in private on the first meeting. For me, meeting in public is part of the discovery process. How does he treat the waitress? Is he a jerk to other people? Is he generous to the valet guy? Does he drink red label or blue label? Does he scan the menu for the cheapest food? Does he know how to use silverware properly? Like SDinLA says, you can tell in 5 minutes if the person is for you or not.

  459. SDinLA says:

    If you follow the “first meeting in a public place” rule, none of the other rules really apply.

    I am extremely private. I come from a prominent family. (And let’s not forget the many SDs who are married.) I know Jack and some other SDs on the blog have no problems giving out their info before a meeting. I would never give my personal info to someone before I met them, period, and I’m fine with the reverse- no double standards here. IMHO, there’s just too much risk in giving someone you’ve only communicated with online that info. I use google voice, and/or email/Skype/chat accounts that are not traceable to me.

    The one time I used SA to meet potential SBs, I used the site’s messaging system, then email, then a phone call, and then planned to meet for coffee. I don’t need to know anyone’s actual name/address/cell #/employer to do that, and they don’t need to know mine.

    I also didn’t have a photo of my face in my profile and would not email one before meeting.

    Over a month’s time, after screening extensively, I met with 7 women. If I got a good vibe when we met, I was happy to share my name, even show the my driver’s license to verify who I was. Despite my being choosy about whom I’d share my identity with, 6 of the 7 wanted to be my SB at the end of our first meeting. With one there was just no chemistry (and she was the only potential SB I met who had contacted me, I didn’t feel like she’d be a match but let her talk me into meeting. Funnily enough, despite the lack of chemistry, she became a friend.)

    So yeah…. safety in online dating is ALWAYS something to be careful about. But hard and fast rules about needing to do certain things before you’ll meet with someone can also mean you’ll miss out on a lot of genuine, generous SDs, who just happen to be private people (or in the case of married men, NEED to be private people.)

    If you arrange the first meet to be in a public place, a lot of the other stuff is superfluous. Granted I was only looking locally, but many SBs here have advised that traveling to meet a SD for the first time is a bad idea, so if he is willing to travel to your area for a first meeting, the above still applies. You can tell more in 5 minutes with the person sitting across a table from you than you can from hundreds of hours of email/chat/texts/phone calls or “research” on google.

  460. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Bashful Baby

    “he looks like the type”
    What type is that? Is it hairy guys? Fat guys? Short guys? Balding guys? Older guys? Guys with turbans? Exactly which stereotype are you pointing at? (Hell, I just described a trait of most SD’s on SA.) Plenty of good-looking frat boy studs will rufie you just for the walk of shame in the morning. Keep your eyes open and trust your gut.

  461. BashfulBaby says:

    When you’re meeting someone new, especially if it is someone met online, you should ALWAYS have a safety call. A friend who knows where you will be, and that knows that if they do not receive a call (voice, to verify that it’s you) by a specified time, to inform the authorities to ensure your safety.
    Also, be careful that you are not followed home.

    Happy hunting! 🙂

  462. JennSA says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!