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Forgive, Forget, Move on
  • Posted Feb 7, 2013


Dear Members,

It has come to our attention that the comment section of our blog has turned into World War III–that is, if the world consisted entirely of high school cheerleaders. We witnessed female (adult) members stooping to such immature lows by resorting to such unnecessary degradation. What disappoints us the most is that users who attempted to defuse the situation were immediately scrutinized.

To this, I have one question: Have we suddenly lost our sense of community?

Arguing with complete strangers online turns out to be—or to be indistinguishable from—self-righteous teenagers possessing infinite amounts of free time. Why not just dedicate this time into searching for a Sugar Daddy?

We have one of the most intriguing, unique, and caring communities that I have had a pleasure of working with. This is why I hold you, our Sugar Babies, to a much higher standard.

So, on behalf of Brandon Wade and the rest of SeekingArrangement.com, please be courteous and respectful to the other members. At the end of the day, this is a forum intended for a dating website. Not a sequel to Mean Girls. Our goal is to create positive experiences and beneficial relationships, not burn books and flame wars.

So, let’s just hug it out and move forward. The last thing we want to do is put you all in time-out (again).


On a final note, if you could remember one take-away from this blog, remember this: It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.



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579 Responses to “Forgive, Forget, Move on”

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  3. Jose Carlos says:

    Very good article. 😉

  4. DorkyGuy says:

    Hi Smiler,

    Most of the community is now commenting on the new Valentine’s blog topic, and I doubt anyone has seen your post. I suggest reposting it there.

  5. smiler says:

    hi guys,
    im new to this and been thinking of doing it for a while as i am single, fed up of the guys that i date as i always seem to attract the wrong ones and thought this would be a good way of meeting someone nice and also making some money on the side.
    i have been on here for a month and my profile has had 74 views but i have only had one email. i have emailed quite a lot of guys on here but none seem to be catching so i was wondering if you offer me some advice in relation to my profile and what i should email people as i am obviously doing something wrong. My profile number is 1332688. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

  6. DorkyGuy says:

    Hey WestCoastGirl; I’m glad you remember me fondly!

    I think everyone has moved on to a new post… SA put up a new Valentine’s topic.

    Good to see you 🙂

  7. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Content (and Dorkry ) I just read your post.

    I do not remember all Dorkey 🙂 🙂 dates.
    But I remember for Numerous times for 2 weeks he was asking with whom to go to movie and cuddle (no sex).
    people on blog recoments WSYP.
    But Dorkey was D member at SA at the time and said he would go with a girl with SA with whom he communicated for a few weeks already.
    That is why I remembered the story. 🙂

    So eventually (1 year later ) I know it did not work.
    The girl from SA expected SD/SB relationship (+$$$), Dorkey expected regular date , no sex , a bit of $ – both disappointed .

  8. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    DorkyGuy says:
    February 11, 2013 at 1:33 pm
    Regarding 170761… He’s a Diamond member (so yeah, now I’ll show up in his list of people who viewed his profile… thanks for the heads-up!). He’s doing exactly what I hope to be doing at that age. Spending a lot of time enjoying the company of beautiful women, and thoroughly enjoying the limited time I have left.

    He is REAL I met him in NYC.

  9. flyR says:

    @Stacey”I have a Thailand trip scheduled for the end of March – with a person who is quite particular in that department – 8lbs must go ”

    Unless you are seriously into abuse you need to change your ways.

    Serious research, paid for with your tax dollars, shows that your metabolic computer reboots after a night’s sleep. The best way to approach the 8 pounds is to attack it where it is vulnerable, at sunrise you have the opportunity to reboot your metabolic computer to a new level of performance with an hour or two of wild, neighbor disturbing sex. Two or three orgasms before breakfast consistently lead to weight loss, even with 2,000 calorie diets.

    This of course also opens new vistas, the sunrise sugardaddy who stops by on the way to the office. The requirements change as he is no longer expected to feed you high calorie drinks and dinners, no, he is simply there to pleasure you, scrub your back in the shower and make your creditors disappear .

  10. Frank says:

    OH, Jersey, I know you didn’t mean that kind of business, just making a funny.

  11. Frank says:

    treasured- I went back and looked at your profile again. The photos may be somewhat out of date, didn’t you say you had gone blond, but I don’t see 8 extra pounds. And I still say your main profile photo is a knockout. But if you insist on losing that much, listen to Bella, sounds like she knows what she is talking about (Nice nipples btw Ms. Bella)

    And if you feel you need to lost 8 pounds to keep your gig, then I say go for it, sounds like you can put on a few pounds when you get back from your trip.

    I may need some diet advice myself, picked up a few pounds of fat during my recovery from shoulder surgery, and finding it hard to get rid of them by exercise alone.

  12. Stacy, says:

    True Jersey – kink is exhausting. (That’s why it pay$ so well) lol.

  13. Jersey Darling says:

    @Stacy, true, and that’s what happened with the one guy I swooned over.

    But he was the exception and even then I could only ever handle him in very very limited doses. I could never come close to meeting what he was actually looking for.

  14. Stacy, says:

    Green eggs and ham Jersey, yes the men who give higher dollar allowances tend to have broader pallets, but don’t knock it till you try it, lol.

    You may find you like things you never knew you were into.

  15. Jersey Darling says:

    @Dorky’s point…

    I’ve had the assumption leveled at me that I couldn’t get wealthier men because of the type of men I go for. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve met several, and one that I actually totally swooned over. But they all want some pretty f*cked up sh*t.

    I’ll preface this by saying that of course this won’t hold true for all wealthy men. But generally, with guys who aren’t uber wealthy, they often realize the value of what they’re spending their money on because they work damn hard to get it. The ones to whom money is expendable… well, chances are they will find you just as expendable if not more than their money is.

    Just my experience, your mileage may vary.

  16. Bella says:

    @ Tequila: Oh, you wish baby. 😉 You can come love my body any day, but you’re not getting any nipple pic action, oh no. 😉

    And loving your body is an incredibly important thing though it’s often hard to do. I always encourage people, especially women, to be healthy about their bodies because I know from experience what mistreating your body can do. Eating disorders are far from pleasant, loving your body is infinitely more rewarding. 🙂

  17. JustATequilaSD says:

    I got out of the coffin just a little early today. From dusk til dawn, VampireTequila roams the earth to suck your boobs.

    “nipple, beneath my strategically placed hands”
    I try not to use my xray vision without permission.

    Very nice on the nipples. Next word “PASTIES!” 🙂

    “love your body”
    So wise and so young. I’d also like to love your body. But then again my motto is “come one, come all.”

    The extra will help me not to break you while “jousting.” But if you do decide for “fit”, I’ll switch into “dainty” mode.(I also happen to be a boob and butt man.) But I agree do what’s best for you. Business is business.

  18. DorkyGuy says:

    “Ah… And another thing… With a really wealthy guys, who have tried everything with everyone… Be prepared to be sexually adventurous, to put it mildly

    And never ever say no. Unless you are dying” ~Treasured

    Holy cow, that statement is coming into a lot more perspective. You were trying to tell us what is going on, but we didn’t listen.

    Kiddo, loving yourself is a decision that only you can make. Nobody can make you do it. And these guys sure don’t care.

    I think Jersey’s way of approaching it may be better for you as well… Avoid the high dollar guys that just use girls as a commodity (because you are more than that). Put yourself in the bracket of guys who actually value girls. Or better yet, get out of the flesh business altogether, and find a guy who loves you. No amount of money is worth your soul.

  19. Midwest SB says:

    I’ve said this before…Marilyn Monroe was a size 12. I’ve never heard a man say she was too big.

  20. Midwest SB says:

    Treasured – Give me a break. If he isn’t happy with you now, he won’t be happy with you later. Move on and dip into some self-esteem sweets. There are more SDs.

  21. Bella says:

    @ Treasured: I would strongly advise eating at least 1200 calories a day, otherwise you’ll slow your metabolism down and it will be harder to lose the weight, plus you’ll be more likely to gain it back. Just be careful!

    I need to lose 5lbs. This winter hibernation is killing my previously flat tummy. 🙁

  22. DorkyGuy says:

    Regarding 170761… He’s a Diamond member (so yeah, now I’ll show up in his list of people who viewed his profile… thanks for the heads-up!). He’s doing exactly what I hope to be doing at that age. Spending a lot of time enjoying the company of beautiful women, and thoroughly enjoying the limited time I have left.

    I *sorta* worry that he might be one of those guys who lies about having a lot of wealth so that starry-eyed girls will give it up for free. However, that should be easy to determine, because his profile contains a lot of googleable material. His identity (if real) should be easy to find.

  23. DorkyGuy says:

    ack… ack ack ack.

    However, I have become wise to the ways of the world. Most girls are going to take the opinion of some a**hole who is into necrophilia over mine. It’s just the way it is. It’s not my job to rescue everyone… so if you want to abuse your body by living on 1000 calories a day for a month, just so some a**hole (and I don’t use that word lightly) can bang a skeleton, knock yourself out!

  24. Treasured says:

    @Dorky? Really? I like it when I get those 6-8 lbs off for my ribs to be slightly visible (above my boobs). Also my hip bones protruding…

  25. Jersey Darling says:

    @Frank, definitely didn’t mean that sort of business. It’s an Internet meme – “serious business.”

  26. DorkyGuy says:


    Skinny=::shudder:: ewwweee

    I should not have hints at what your skeleton looks like. Bones should not be pronounced.

  27. Treasured says:

    Ladies and gentlemen.

    I was always very curious about this profile (NOT my type and WAY overage). BUT, his profile NR. starts with 1! So, he must have been here from the start.

    And. He is ALWAYS online. So, is he basically looking for a fleet of SBs or what?


  28. Stacy, says:

    I had an SD give me (well himself too) a membership for laser hair removal anywhere I want it over the next year. As a blonde I don’t have a ton of need – but I love not getting waxed anymore. Cosmetic procedures can be a great gift.

  29. Treasured says:

    And, I am open to the appearance critique. I might not always agree with it, but people are entitled to have opinions.

    For example, I was also told that to make my face absolutely perfect I’d benefit from a nose job. I agree, but the thing is I don’t want to be too perfect. I like to keep my imperfection to make me different and not generic.

  30. Treasured says:


    He wasn’t rude :p

    He just asked if I want anything done and he will pay 😀 In his opinion there are best plastic surgeons.

  31. London Girl says:

    @ Treasured, he offered you plastic surgery? God, I think I’d slap anyone who suggested I needed plastic surgery, that’s so rude!

  32. Treasured says:

    He actually offered if i need any plastic surgery :p
    I declined 😀

    Not a problem for me. 2lbs per week (first week 4). No carbs 1000 a day + gym = goal.

    I am very commited if i want to 😀

  33. Stacy, says:

    8 lbs. ouch! Can’t he just pay to get them sucked out of you, lol. That’s hard work to lose that much on an already small frame!

  34. Treasured says:

    @Stacy – that is what I am thinking too. Maybe not just skinny, but fit. More muscle definition on my stomach, things like that 😛

    Oh well 😀

    I have a Thailand trip scheduled for the end of March – with a person who is quite particular in that department – 8lbs must go 😛

  35. Treasured says:

    Bella, you see, I am thinking fashion! And how many more style I’ll be able to rock being skinny 😀

    I am a fashion addict.

    Minus is that the boobs will go.

    Hmm… Decisions, decision 😀

    And, Bella, naughty girl 😀 Showing off your nipples like that 😛

  36. Stacy, says:

    @Treasured – I’ve had a lot of success with being a size two on SA, I still definitely have curves, but it always helps to keep things tight.

    Although their are some SDs who prefer a little meat, you widen your net with a tight little body, as I’ve never had an SD say I was too fit for them. I think it’s much more important to focus on tone though, but toned and tight usually comes in a smaller package – and we can all stand to be more physically fit.

  37. Bella says:

    @Frank: Once Tequila gets to see my gloriously suckable nipples, my legs will be all for you, baby. 😉

    @Treasured: I really think it’s up to you. As long as you’re confident you can rock your bod no matter the size (well, within reason). There will always be a man who will want what you have and there will always be a man who will want what you don’t have. It’s best to please yourself and attract the men who will love your bod for the way it is. 🙂

  38. Treasured says:

    I would say that I am fit. My BMI is 23 – so I am not overweight by any standards. By curvy I mean I have hips and boobs. And distinct waist. (profile number somewhere available)

    But I want to get skinnier.. So I am wondering, do guys generally prefer skinny or more…. well, more meat on the bones, but definitely not overweight.

    And, I meant to loose weight 😀

  39. Frank says:

    Treasured-Are you saying you are going to lose weight to get there, or just make a nomenclature change?

    I would personally prefer my SB to be fit rather than curvy.

    Jersey, when you are talking play, its never for business. (business not allowed on SA site)

    Bella: LEGS!

  40. Treasured says:

    Dear blog SDs.

    I need honest opinion. I think I am finally ready to get from curvy to slim (as in instead of 6USA to become 2-4).
    What do you prefer? I am just curious 😀

  41. Bella says:

    @Tequila: NIPPLES! 😀

  42. Jersey Darling says:

    Nobody’s seeing nipples here. The boobies don’t just come out for play – when they’re out it’s time for serious business!

  43. Stacy, says:

    @ Tequila – you would have had to zoom in really close to get a hint of nipple, beneath my strategically placed hands. My heart is broken that you’d forget – I suppose it was all that dirty fantasy talk that distracted you.

  44. Frank says:

    Dorky-I’m quaint for using quaint?

    LO-we are not greedy, we only asked for one nipple, not two.

  45. Lo says:

    nipple? let’s not be greedy

  46. JustATequilaSD says:

    “did You think Tequila is … vulgar? ”
    No, I don’t think that’s what she meant. Besides, the blog has been tornado-dropped into a land of 3-some exotic island getaways, tit rating shows, and 28 inch bananas. Dorothy, we’re not in vulgar anymore. lol

    Term Usage:
    Penis, dick – In this case it’s someone that can be a very annoying jerk. Like someone that is always poking you, maybe. But I do have my soft side, as well as my hardness. 🙂

  47. DorkyGuy says:

    I had to look up quaint 😛

  48. Frank says:

    OK, had to looking up motorboating. You put your face between her breast and make a sound like a motor boat. How quaint.

    Tequilla: It’s not boobies til I see a nipple. I am in total agreement!

  49. DorkyGuy says:

    @babydoll~ I think the word is tallywhacker!

  50. babydoll says:

    @Tequila- you make me laugh,but i must apologise as i havent been following the blog a lot for a long time,so i wont know who is what here for now,
    hmmm i sure wont say my impression of you is … as you say you are,we really are a bit conservative about language usage in England,well most that i know if anyway,even under pressure haha! ask @Dorky he knows our bunch too well 😉

    @Tina- did You think @Tequila is … vulgar? how did you know?? (wink wink)

  51. JustATequilaSD says:

    re: Motorboating
    I watched the guy next to me, begin motorboating the cutie in front of me. Of course, my first thought was “what a lucky guy.” My next thought was “how long will she stand here while I find some nicer beads. PLASTIC BEADS FTW.

  52. JustATequilaSD says:

    “My friend Seon is zomby”
    You are talking about the very funny movie “shawn of the dead”??

    I have NEVER been drunk enough on this blog to where I wouldn’t remember a pair of naked fun-jubblies. Did you use hypnoboob power to make me forget I saw them?? If so, let’s do it again. NOW.

    “photo of you standing beside another woman”
    Preferably, the photos are of you without other ppl posing with you.(Unless you’re trying to set up the 3-way.) And I HATE when there are other men in the pic. Horrible. (Not that you did a pic like that, btw.) And the photo in front of your bed?? Can you make the bed first? Details, details.

    I have truly enjoyed your latest comments. Sometimes single words speak volumes.

    @Treasured and @Bella
    “how do we expect them to strip if they have seen your goodies”
    It’s not boobies til I see a nipple. Bella, I have your next post “NIPPLE!” or “Wardrobe Malfunction!” Hopefully. (I hate to try to use my xray vision on pictures. Help me out over here.)

  53. JustATequilaSD says:

    ” make people smarter when I smack them in the head”
    Many of the ppl you mentioned would only have better or more reasons why they are still right and you were wrong.

    ” Wait for an earthquake of sufficient magnitude to cause a tsunami, and then look near the epicenter.”
    Daily seismic activity of lesser magnitude can be attributed to “morning wood.”

  54. JustATequilaSD says:

    You just figured out I’m a dick?
    (It’s actually a bottle of very nice tequila in a bottle that conspicuously reminds ppl of a p*nis. So, apropos.)

    ” Tequila won’t take offense for me calling him that”
    Actually, calling me a big fat dick would have been you sucking up. But compliment achieved.

    “poking a geeky mind”
    Do you have a geeky mind? If you don’t I’m still up to play PokeHer…Texas Hold’em of course. 🙂

  55. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Jersey Darling
    “invisible. So I could spy on how Tequila uses his Kraken.”
    Use your hypnoboob power on me and you may get a front row seat (first person point of view.) LOL 🙂

    “You all missed boobies”
    OK, so I’ve missed the bikini avatar, and the boobies avatar. Very clever trying to tempt the Kraken from his lair against my permission. The amazing thing about your hypnoboob power is that I hear a faint whisper of “your penis is getting non-sleeeeepy.”

  56. Treasured says:

    Re not posting posting/sending pictures…

    I understand about the face, but the torso??? And I am sure, being as geeky as you all seem to appear, you can make a picture untraceable 😛

  57. Treasured says:

    Ladies! Ladies! Ladies!!!

    I did say AFTER they post topless torso pics! Now then, how do we expect them to strip if they have seen your goodies!!??

    It is like with the sugar – panties drop AFTER not BEFORE.

    Ahhh… 😀

  58. DorkyGuy says:

    They’ll think they landed in heaven 😀

  59. Lo says:

    haha imagine someone entering this blog for the first time and seeing all these boobie avatars

  60. Bella says:

    TITS! 😀

    Or I hope so anyway…

  61. Tina says:

    Nighty night JD! I’m not too far behind you……another 4am wake up tomorrow…..*sigh* will it ever end? 🙁

  62. Jersey Darling says:

    Not only do I make terrible plays on words, but I watch TV shows that do the same!

    So sleepy, but I don’t want to leave my blog buddies. G’night all!

  63. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: Oh geez!

  64. Jersey Darling says:

    Yes, comes on right after Walking Dead. They talk about it 😛

    Way too addicted to that show…

  65. Jersey Darling says:

    @Rican, serious advice time…

    You really, really are going to need to invest some time into this. You don’t need a good camera to take good photos, just good lighting (natural light works) and a lot of perseverance. Good thing you don’t have to worry about the cost of film.

    If need be, enlist a friend to help you. I think you’ll find that most successful SBs are resourceful (how do you think we ended up here in the first place?) so you need to learn to do it yourself or pay for someone to help you. Learn how to take those good photos (or pay a photographer), take the time to study other SB profiles on this site, research other blogs online for advice.

    You need to really dive in and get those photos sorted! Though I haven’t seen your new ones, so perhaps you have already.

  66. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: Talking Dead? *giggle*

  67. Jersey Darling says:

    I’m watching Talking Dead and I turned off my TV to turn my attention to the blog and now I can hear my upstairs neighbor watching Talking Dead.

    Can’t escape it!

  68. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: HA! I’m quick, what can I say? 😉

  69. Tina says:

    @Dorky: are we still stripping for not providing feedback on profiles? 😉 Oh, and I kinda need your help with something if possible……

  70. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tina, I was going to say the same thing, you just beat me to it 😉

  71. DorkyGuy says:

    Also, probably best not to use a photo of you standing beside another woman for the main profile pic. People don’t know which one is you without opening the profile to look at other pics.

  72. Tina says:

    @Babydoll: that was the intent! Since he can be a dick, why not have an avatar that states it very plainly? 😉 (I know Tequila won’t take offense for me calling him that, so I hope no one else does…….)

  73. Jersey Darling says:

    Photoshop (the app as well as the full package) or gimp won’t help a dark noisy photo much. Brightening it will really bring out the noise.

    Rican, try going outside in natural light or standing by a window for your pictures.

  74. babydoll says:

    Omg i dont mean to be rude, but am i allowed to say first look at
    @JustAtTequilaSD makes me mistake your gravatar to be a p***s ?!

    sorry guys just woke up in the middle of the night and still brain fogged ! uhuha

    happy monday sugars xxxx 🙂

  75. Tina says:

    ooooooohhhhhhh and the “R” reappears! 🙂

  76. flyr says:

    Perhaps one of the Apple experts can comment on the difference in quality between the early iphone and later iphone and ipad cameras as to quality

  77. flyr says:

    @rician – I believe there are also some photo timers so you are not limited to your arm length.

  78. flyr says:

    @jersey ……………… motorboating one of my favorite pastimes

  79. Tina says:

    There is also a photo editing software named “Gimp” that is open source (thus free). Just ensure that you have virus protection software since there are some naughty people that try to have some bad programs tag along 😉 (Gimp has a LOT of the same features as Photoshop……)

  80. Stacy, says:

    @Rican- download the Adobe photoshop app -definitely worth the $4 – you’ll get amazing editing quality and be able to do amazing things with those phone shots.

    The key is to use the forward camera, find an angle where you can shoot yourself well, arch your back!!! then shoot LOTS of options and pick and edit to get the exact message you’re looking for.

    Once you’re talking to an SD you’ll want another 10+ photos on your phone that you can share to set you apart from the other girls he’s talking to.

  81. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Ok I dont know if you can see the two new pics yet cause they aren’t approved yet, but there should be a boob pic and one with my leg on a chair. 1290829 please let me know how they look. If they aren’t on there yet Ill let you know when they are approved. Not the best quality because they are from my phone, but they will have to work for now. Thanks 🙂

  82. Lo says:

    lol I’m a psych major.

  83. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Thanks again

  84. Jersey Darling says:

    @Rican, just view your own profile and then put their profile number in place of yours in the URL.

    Watching Walking Dead… Back in an hour!

  85. Tina says:

    @Dorky: psych majors or psychos? 😉 And it’s just your geek that draws it out; everyone love poking a geeky mind 😉

  86. DorkyGuy says:

    @Sexy Rican… it’s because they make it difficult to look at other SB profiles when logged into your SB account. Here is how to get around it.

    The URL probably ends with something like : /detail.php?id={their number here}

    What you want to do is put the word “same” before “detail”, so that it reads:

    /samedetail.php?id={their number here}

  87. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Good evening everyone! I cannot figure out how to look at other SBs profiles. I type the number in under profiles by number, but it tells me they are not found. Please help

  88. Stacy, says:

    I know Frank, you missed out – you were on your SA strike and now I’ve deleted my profile – and my private photos. 😉

  89. DorkyGuy says:

    btw, when I was looking, it was uncanny how many girls I have talked to on here that are psych majors. I wonder if there is something about me that attracts psych majors?

  90. DorkyGuy says:

    A) When your girlfriend is a liberal arts major

  91. Frank says:

    Stacy: I haven’t even seen one of them. 🙁

  92. Frank says:

    LO: punch line..I hope you’re sitting down for this..
    “when you need a sugar daddy”

    Snort, that was a good one. Now tell me about the one that starts “how do you know when you are a SD?”

  93. Frank says:

    Russia, why the wiskey bar,, are you sad, do you need me to send you another topless photo?

  94. Frank says:

    Russia- I am a a fan of 50 sasha’s of grey.

    ps its not just any volcano, Its VESUVIUS

  95. Stacy, says:

    I’d offer to show my boobies, but Jack and Tequila have already seen them 😉

  96. DorkyGuy says:

    @Jersey… the best way to spy on Tequila’s Kraken is aboard the international space station. Wait for an earthquake of sufficient magnitude to cause a tsunami, and then look near the epicenter.

  97. Tina says:

    Oh my…..the blog is frisky today without me huh? 😛

  98. RussianSB says:

    I remember, I am fan of miss Sasha Grey !

  99. RussianSB says:

    My mamma fan of ”Walking deads” and ”War of throns”, and MTV shows …
    I am prout of her.
    I love only ”My friend Seon is zomby” – hello, British blogsters !

  100. RussianSB says:

    Show me the way to the next wiskey bar,
    And don’t ask why …
    I will show my boobies only if someone will broke leg, or neck …
    SDinLA you don’t send your pictures and I respect your reasons,
    do you send body shots (headless) ?
    Moscow warm now but gloomy 🙁

  101. Jersey Darling says:

    Do we have any Walking Dead fans here?

  102. Jersey Darling says:

    Haha! Luckily that would NEVER happen (even in my celebrity alter egos), I can’t stand not wearing any!

    Even if I tease a guy by telling him I’m not wearing any, I have to run and change before we get it on so he doesn’t know I was fibbing 😛

  103. DorkyGuy says:

    “LOL you know how I know you’re gay?” ~Lo

    Is it the way I can tell how many guys are checking me out in a bar? 😛

  104. DorkyGuy says:

    lol, let me know when someone snaps the inevitable photo of Jersey exiting a limousine without adequate undergarments

  105. Jersey Darling says:

    Lo I’m pretty sure we have some SD’s on this blog who are into boating…

    Motorboating that is…

  106. Lo says:

    LOL you know how I know you’re gay?

  107. Jersey Darling says:

    Can’t stand my gravatar so I’m changing it back. You all missed boobies, just so you know!

  108. DorkyGuy says:

    You know a guys is gay when he looks at Lo’s photo and thinks “nice nails”

  109. Jersey Darling says:

    Mine would be to read people’s minds, so I could brace myself for all the stupid things that come out of them.

    Or, you know, just be invisible. So I could spy on how Tequila uses his Kraken.

  110. DorkyGuy says:

    I have actually given this some thought… being a geek. If I could have any super power, what would it be?

    I would have the power to make people smarter when I smack them in the head. Then, I would patrol the earth looking for girls in abusive relationships, high school dropouts, liberal arts majors, credit card users, lottery players, and religious fanatics.

  111. DorkyGuy says:

    @Jersey, not if I’m smacking *her* forehead!

  112. Lo says:

    I actually made up a joke about that as I was driving the other day.
    “How do you know you’ve picked the wrong major”???

    punch line..I hope you’re sitting down for this..
    “when you need a sugar daddy”

    I know I know it doesn’t apply in all cases but hey

  113. Jersey Darling says:

    I believe they call that a facepalm moment dorky… or perhaps a palmbreast *looks at Lo’s avatar*

  114. DorkyGuy says:

    ::forehead smack:: … SB profile says she has a degree in art, but the economy is to blame for her hard times.

    Maybe girls should seek out SDs for mentoring *before* they choose their major?

  115. Lo says:

    I didn’t wanna feel left out so here is me with my hand on my breasts. What am i doing with my life…

  116. Jersey Darling says:

    @Dorky, no, but that sounds like a fun way to get some life insurance!

    What? *horrible person*

  117. DorkyGuy says:

    LOL @ Janet Jackson

  118. DorkyGuy says:

    Jersey, you don’t spend any time in the Northwest do you? I read a story about a lady in Washington that accidentally suffocated her husband with her boobs. She mistook his convulsions for pleasure until he stopped moving.

  119. London Girl says:

    @ Jersey, I can see your boobies, too much competition, I’m keeping my clothes on!

  120. Jersey Darling says:

    NO GUYS! I’m showing my boobies first. Wardrobe malfunction, remember??

    *waits for gravatar to load*

  121. Jersey Darling says:

    LOL and the winning comment on this thread is:

    “i can’t be in the same room as SDinLA when he removes his shirt. There is such a thing as flying too close to the sun.”

    Dorky you kill me!!!

  122. DorkyGuy says:

    Hey ladies, which are you?


  123. London Girl says:

    @ Dorky, no topless SD pics, no boobies!

  124. DorkyGuy says:

    LOL! I step away for a minute, and it’s becoming an orgy. I suspect SDinLA may be a direct descendant of Eros and Psyche (probably through Voluptas).

    re SDs posting pictures of themselves… isn’t likely to happen even if they are fit. Almost all of the guys I have talked to on here are paranoid about their sugar activities being discovered, and many don’t even use their real picture in their profiles. I would be stunned if any posted a real pic on the blog, even with face obscured.

    But don’t let that get in the way of everyone appreciating boobies!

  125. Bella says:

    DONE. 😀

  126. Treasured says:

    @ Bella: I am trying to make blog SDs to take their shirts off.

    As a reward I offered to show my boobies. 😀

    You can join in with yours too 😀

  127. Bella says:

    So I just skimmed through the last posts on my phone and the only word I caught was boobs and I got really excited.


    I love my tits. 😀

  128. Treasured says:

    By the way. Where is Tequila? I would certainly want to see him topless 😀

    But, since he had “enough” boobies for the weekend, I don’t know if mine would be enough to tempt him 😀

  129. Treasured says:

    Now I feel offended 😀

    Don’t we qualify for the “selected few” 😛


    Cat, think. BOOBIES!

  130. London Girl says:

    @ SDinLA, modesty is over-rated. Don’t worry about showing your tattoo off, you’ll be fine with a few Tequila shots in you!

  131. London Girl says:

    @ Dorky, I think Treasured is talking to you!

  132. SDinLA says:

    @London Girl I told you, I am far too modest to do that! Besides, then my tattoo would be visible, and I share that only with a select few on special occasions. Meee-owwww.

  133. Treasured says:

    Just made an addition to my profile that only under 45 need to apply 😀
    I want a hot, fit, smart-geeky SD, who is great in bed and extremely generous!

    I don’t ask too much, do I? 😀

  134. Treasured says:

    Ok, Cat, due to the popular demand, you can participate too 😀
    Providing you remove the bikini :p

  135. London Girl says:

    I think the cat should have to take his bikini off too… If we can’t compare ALL the SD’s then how can we ever come up with a true winner?

  136. Treasured says:

    THAT we already discovered 😛 But will be useful on the judging panel 😀

  137. SDinLA says:

    @Treasured I’d be an excellent 3rd judge, I am VERY good at being catty! 😛

  138. Treasured says:

    I would even go as far as saying that I will show my boobs if you, guys, will put up topless avatars (obviously, with your forum nickname written somewhere near your torso :p)


    I bet Russian might join me too 😀

  139. Treasured says:

    Dorky – we already determined that he in his yellow bikini does not qualify 😛

  140. Treasured says:

    I think us is perfectly sufficient. Cat can have a 3rd voice in case of 50/50.

  141. DorkyGuy says:

    i can’t be in the same room as SDinLA when he removes his shirt. There is such a thing as flying too close to the sun.

  142. London Girl says:

    Any other SB’s want to join the judging panel?

  143. Treasured says:

    Pussies too 😛

    We need 100% male testosterone 😀

  144. Treasured says:

    Cats do not qualify 😛

  145. London Girl says:

    Ooh yes, shirts off…!

    To the tune of “You can leave your hat on”

  146. SDinLA says:

    @Treasured I’m already in a bikini, now you want me to go topless?! I’m far too modest for that.

  147. Treasured says:

    Besides, it is yet to be determined how fit are blog SDs. I suggest we have a contest 😀

    Shirts off, boys! 😛

  148. Treasured says:

    Ahahaha. Blog SDs don’t count 😛

    And, I AM NOT challenging anyone anymore. Lesson learned already – challenges can be accepted. Not that I am complaining though 😀

  149. London Girl says:

    @ Dorky, Really??? I’m upset now…

    Physics never was a strong point of mine, I always thought black holes were tiny little things?

  150. DorkyGuy says:

    @Treasured~ Of course they exist. There are several on the blog in that demographic.

  151. Treasured says:

    “you’d probably need a proper beach umbrella and not some puny little paper thing on a wooden stick, that would disappear right down your urethra”

    Did I just read it RIGHT?

    Looks like we have some serious kink enthusiasts 😀

    Since I already have a few admirers… I decided I can be choosy from now on. Do you think SDs under 45 and FITtish exist? And I do not mean just a “dinner and a fuck” so called SDs… Or is that a myth?

    Moi decided I want to enjoy sex with my SDs from now 😀

  152. DorkyGuy says:

    I hear the center of the universe is an enormous black hole. If I were a girl, I’m not sure I would want that to be my defining characteristic 😛

  153. London Girl says:

    @ SDinLA, Erm, didn’t I already mention that I’m the centre of the Universe…? We can’t both be so I’m afraid you’re going to have to back down…

    How many SB’s could you handle anyway?

  154. SDinLA says:

    @DorkyGuy Ouch! Putting an umbrella in it sounds painful… although with Mt. Rushmore you’d probably need a proper beach umbrella and not some puny little paper thing on a wooden stick, that would disappear right down your urethra.

    Wait, there are going to be OTHER SDs there too? Well, then you can count ME out. I’m not doing it unless I’m the only SD providing that service to female guests. It’s all about me me me, after all.

  155. London Girl says:

    @ Dorky, a little umbrella on it would enable drinks by the pool in the shade!

  156. DorkyGuy says:

    @London~ Sign me up for the fruity drinks that girls love! I will even put a little umbrella on it.

  157. London Girl says:

    @ Dorky, to properly cater for all SB’s different tastes you should probably have each of the SD’s drink a different alcohol….

  158. SDinLA says:

    @London Girl What Dorky said.

    @DorkyGuy This isn’t like drinking some other puny liquor. One shot of SDinLA’s 5,000 proof stuff and you’re blowing a .24 on the old breathalyzer. Bring it on!

  159. DorkyGuy says:

    I think it’s BYOB just for the guys. The SBs have free drinks from SDinLA’s tap.

    Which brings about the question… For the rest of the guys to have a good time, the SBs need to be properly drunk. SDinLA, can you handle that much volume in one night?

  160. London Girl says:


    What about my buzz?

  161. SDinLA says:

    @London Girl Great idea! We could hold a wet t-shirt contest at the same time. Phwoar, Dorky, your party would be the envy of SDs everywhere.

    (You’d have to make sure you tell the blokes who are attending that it’s BYOB. I don’t mind spooning with you but the above would be awkward for me and any straight guys, and whilst the gay men might enjoy it, it really isn’t my thing.)

  162. London Girl says:

    @ Dorky, literally on me? Because I’m not sure I would get the benefit of the buzz that way…

  163. DorkyGuy says:

    I can just see London shouting “The next round’s on me!”

  164. London Girl says:

    @ SDinLA, it’s a tough job but thank goodness we can count on you lovely SD’s…

  165. SDinLA says:

    @DorkyGuy “I’m sorry Dorky, but where is the bar, I don’t see any liquor anyw….” “Oh, sorry, see that guy standing in the corner? You just have to give him head, just make sure you don’t spit it out or you won’t get a buzz at all.”

    @London Girl You can be ladylike, we SDs have no problems carrying the burden of being the crude ones here. 😉

  166. London Girl says:

    Aw Dorky, I was trying to stay ladylike and you just ruined it!!!

  167. DorkyGuy says:

    @LondonGirl… If all of the alcohol goes to his penis, I can think of a pleasant way for you to get drunk!

  168. DorkyGuy says:

    I hate it when my profile gets an message. I am not active. If a girl sends me a message, she probably has no idea that blue profiles can’t reply, and is wasting her time sending a ton of messages to blue profiles that can’t respond. And I can’t reply to tell her, without ponying up the $60.

  169. London Girl says:

    @ Dorky

    SDinLA can’t get drunk, because all the alcohol goes to his penis.

    I’m tempted to make crude remarks about doing shots but I’m refraining!

  170. LolaBabyK says:

    Geeks already rule the world! Nerds should stick together 😉

  171. DorkyGuy says:

    SDinLA can’t get drunk, because all the alcohol goes to his penis.

  172. London Girl says:

    SDinLA “My penis is SO big….”

    Sigh… It has to be believable, you forget the benchmark is Tequila’s 28″…

  173. DorkyGuy says:

    @Tequila; I’m pretty sure that Frank’s avatar is a volcano. And the day will come when geeks will rule the world! And girls will adjust their mating preferences. Survival of the fittest, baby.

  174. DorkyGuy says:

    lol… Regarding Bella’s pics… It’s funny how people see things differently.

    Midwest liked the beach pic… I didn’t care for it. She didn’t like the couch pic. I kinda dig it (although she’s right, the leg arrangement is a little unsexy).

    I do like the main profile pic, and also the dog pic, but the pic with your hair covering half your face is actually a negative. It makes me think you are hiding your face (which doesn’t make sense if the rest of your pics show your face).

    I guess the only thing my comments prove is that people have different tastes, and no matter what you post, you’re not going to please everyone 😛

  175. Bella says:

    @SDinLA: 😆

    @Treasured and Dorky: That’s kinda what I was thinking too. I don’t want to give any guy the cold shoulder because maybe in a few months I’ll be on the prowl again lol. I think my problem is that I’m too damn Canadian and polite so I feel bad about turning people away bahaha. 😆

  176. DorkyGuy says:

    “Bella – until x amount is in your bank account I suggest you keep talking to as many pot SDs as possible.
    And, even if you get one – still keep on being friendly with a couple. SD are unreliable.” ~ Treasured

    Bella, this is good advice. Most arrangements don’t last long (despite intentions), so definitely keep your search active until you are really sure you have found a long-term arrangement. Also, you should know that SDs are probably casting a wide or wider net than you are. This means two things to you.

    1) It is just as likely that they could tell you without warning “I found an arrangement with another girl that I like.” And they aren’t going to be too worried about whether it hurts your feelings or what you think of them.

    2) If you suddenly tell all of your pot SDs that you’re off the market because you found a SD, nobody is going to think you are a tease… They aren’t going to think that much about it. They are talking with a number of other girls.

  177. Treasured says:

    Bella – until x amount is in your bank account I suggest you keep talking to as many pot SDs as possible.
    And, even if you get one – still keep on being friendly with a couple. SD are unreliable.

  178. SDinLA says:

    @Bella I dunno about Midwest’s approach. I tried teaser emails with the heading:

    “My penis is SO big….”

    And got zero replies. So I’m not sure if that really works. 😉

    @Midwest Great to see you back here too! Sounds like things are going well for you…. “teaching children how to behave” eh? LOL You’ve had lots of practice moderating this blog. 😉

  179. Bella says:

    Thanks Midwest! Ugh, I really need to take some full body pics haha. Picky is good, picky gives ideas for improvement. I’m glad that seems to be the only thing though, I feel like I’m getting the hang of this. My profile is definitely attracting the types on men I am interested in and I haven’t gotten anything that’s a huge turnoff. That’s a good suggestion though, I’ve never thought of making a catchy tag line haha.

    So what do you do when you seem to have arrangements coming together but they’re not quite there yet? Do you still engage in conversation with other pot SDs? I feel like that if what I have going on right now works out, that the men I’m talking to will just think I’m a tease. Any suggestions?

  180. Midwest SB says:

    Lola – Screening is everything. If you screen well and are patient, it isn’t hard at all. It’s the girls that come here in “dire need” that end up making mistakes. That’s what she really needs to know.

  181. Midwest SB says:

    Bella – I like the pic on the beach. There is something strange about the one on the couch though…maybe your knee being closer to the lens makes it look out of proportion. I know it’s being picky…sorry 🙁 I love your red hair and your unique style. Go with it. You might try reaching out to a few gents with a quick line mentioning something that caught your attention in their profile or pictures. I tend to do a teaser headline in the e-mail so he’s more likely to open it. An example is (headline) “Wouldn’t you like to….” (body) “visit (insert something from profile) together and kiss in the moonlight?”. Response rates tend to be pretty good. I know you’re clever and can pull it off.

  182. Treasured says:

    @ Lola – I can’t be bothered. Delete.

    Bella – take one asap 😉

  183. DorkyTroll says:

    @Tequila it is really only possible for me to spoon one way. LL_________.

    @LolaBabyK~ Trying to talk one of those creeps out of that behavior is like trying to walk through a mall and stopping to explain to each mall kiosk salesperson why you are not interested. The only reason to do it is if it is somehow fun for you, but it has 0% chance of changing their behavior.

  184. Bella says:

    @Treasured: Thank you! Yeah, the beach pic isn’t the best but I don’t really have any other pics that are full body shots.

  185. LolaBabyK says:

    Question for the ladies:
    When you get one of those asinine messages, do you immediately delete or ever offer advice/criticism to the idiot? I often find myself wanting to tell them how completely stupid they are. Sometimes I’m sure I waste my breath, but occasionally I get a ‘thank you’, haha.

  186. LolaBabyK says:

    I’m really surprised that everyone here wasn’t more honest with @Rican about her tone and expectations. Clearly she thinks this shit is easy, haha.
    I love all the good advice, though. Even I, who’s been in the sugar bowl for a couple of years, can always benefit!
    I can’t see anyone’s profile when I search by profile #. It’s says “profile not found” Anyone know why?

  187. Treasured says:

    @ Fly (Flyr?) – LOL.
    I bet it is a bit more than 500 😀

  188. fly says:

    @exotic “Will being background verified give me an advantage over a standard membership? Or will premium?”

    Personally NO and NO.

    With premium I wonder if the profile in a different form appears on backpage or if the SB is simply trying to indicate the seriousness of her search.

    Verified – same – a crack addict who slit the throat of her last lover but who has avoided a criminal conviction can probably get verified. The answers may be different for an SB looking at an SD.
    I will get a much better feel in a few minutes in a meeting.

  189. fly says:

    @Treasured “Just one question… What on Earth in my profile made the man think that I would be remotely interested in taking my nickers off and show my kittykat to him on camera??”

    The reward to risk ratio .001/.000000000000001 = a very large number

    Add to that for the 999 rejects he smiles in that he created 500 euuuuuggggghhhhh’s

  190. Treasured says:

    Another addition to the “bizarre” messages I get…

    “Hi ,

    I just went through your ad. Since, I am not in xxx at the moment, I can offer cam to cam session in return for per session charges. Please let me know if you agree to this proposal. My email is xyz
    Waiting ”

    Just one question… What on Earth in my profile made the man think that I would be remotely interested in taking my nickers off and show my kittykat to him on camera??

  191. Treasured says:

    @Bella – I think your profile is great and suits your persona.
    The only picture I am not sure about is the one on the beach. But all the rest – good.
    Profile, in my opinion is well written too.

    Good luck.

  192. Bella says:

    Hey ladies and gents of sugarland! I’ve updated my pics if anyone would like to take a look, though I haven’t edited my profile yet. 1333382 🙂

  193. JustATequilaSD says:

    “I’d eventually enjoy having my profile reviewed but I already know what the flaws are.”
    That’s like proofreading your own term paper for grammatical errors. It’s always good to have another set of eyes. There are several astute sb’s that would probably look at it privately. Find a discrete one that you can relate to and see if she’ll do it by email. Just a thought.

    “wardrobe mishap”
    I wouldn’t ogle if her nipple popped out, I would try to find something to cover it…like my hands, or my mouth.
    Then again, I’ve stopped counting the boobies I’ve seen at mardi gras this week…hmm…maybe there was some ogling involved at first.

  194. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Dorky @Tina @Jersey
    ” i don’t quite have the girth to deflower an entire island chain.”
    Perhaps this trip requires a little more Tequila for all. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!! (now with more eye-popping, island-breaking power)

    @Tina and @Jersey
    Just be on said island and prepare for a climactic conclusion to your vacation. (Obviously changing the name to “Paradise” Island.)

    Did you mention what you’re new avatar is…I’m too tired and been drinking to long to guess.

  195. JustATequilaSD says:

    Love the new avatar. “Age of the geek, baby!”
    My narcissism has my 4-block puzzle filled with all 1’s. There is some deep-seated wisdom in that.

    “strip review”
    If I just blow up a pic of my avatar, will that suffice or do I actually have to remove my stripper sock. I’m just glad that the loser doesn’t have to spoon with you. Btw, since you don’t spoon with not [], is your personal preference L7 or LL ?

    ” I feel a lot like Simon Cowell”
    You? I felt your review was calm and sweet. Oh, yes, and simply dreadful. (Did I get Simon’s voice right?? Just kidding, Dorky. The review was fine, and you don’t channel Cowell, thank goodness, but I know someone that may be just caustic enough to keep the show from getting cancelled.)

  196. JustATequilaSD says:

    OK people. You’ll have to get some early posts til I repent on Ash Wednesday. 3 more days of debauchery.

  197. exoticANDeducatedSBinNY says:

    Is there anyway anyone can look at my
    profile to make sure it’s appealing enough to attract a real SD? I get messages and offers but most are either unattractive or far too pushy. Will being background verified give me an advantage over a standard membership? Or will premium? Any suggestions or advice will be super appreciated! Thank you!! BTW just rejoined the site after deleting my first account last year-I love you all on the blog, the veterans are hilarious and always make me smile with the jokes!

  198. Frank says:

    Well its time for bed here in the hills. Bedtime for Bonzo

    I will have sweet dreams of blue gems and ashes and gingers and eruptions.

    Sweet dreams to all the little SB’s and SD’s.

  199. Tina says:

    Ok kiddies, have a wonderful night. I’m off to pick up a few quick things at the grocery for my workweek (which starts tomorrow). Then I’m off to bed, since 4am comes early….uuuuugggggggghhhhh! 🙁

  200. Bella says:

    @Frank, I’m a ginger, ashes are my thing. 😉

  201. Tina says:

    @Frank: don’t lose hope, there’s a magic blue gem available……… 😉

  202. Frank says:

    Dorky, those days are behind me.

  203. DorkyGuy says:

    When I first saw Frank’s avatar, i thought it was an oil geyser. I guess that’s appropriate too. Except an oil geyser keeps blowing and never runs out.

  204. Frank says:

    OH Bella, be careful what you wish for, it would be a hot hot experience. Ashes to asses to ashes.

  205. Tina says:

    @Jersey: with the weather up there, a tidal wave would freeze before it landed…..tidalcicle anyone?

  206. Jersey Darling says:

    *opens up white noise app*

    *plays sounds of the ocean*

    Looks like this will be as close as I get for now. Unless Frank erupts and produces a tidal wave.

  207. Stacy, says:

    Valentines have begun to arrive – full spa day at the Four Seasons, I think I can enjoy that.

  208. Bella says:

    You can erupt my landscape any time, baby. 😉

  209. Tina says:

    @Frank: but from what I read it was one and done……I have bigger needs than that 😉

  210. Frank says:

    Tina, the last time I erupted, in made the papers in 5 continents. And more than one gal said the earth moved.

  211. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: I offered Dorky to come out to play with us, but he declined. How about Frank?

    Frank? You and Vesuvius up for it? 😉

  212. Jersey Darling says:

    Nooo a profile makeover won’t win me and endless amount of SDs! If only!

    I want one bonafide, guaranteed SD as a prize. And then sh*t will get real with this competition :mrgreen:

  213. Tina says:

    @Frank: your Mt. Vesuvius couldn’t handle me! I’d have you erupting so much you’d end up all smoke and no lava 😉

  214. Tina says:

    And the blog has broken out in song (not my fault! Honest!)

  215. Frank says:

    OOOOOOOh Tina, I almost gave you my number, NOT now!

  216. Frank says:

    Mean ones nice ones, some you would be seen in public with, others you close your eyes and try to forget.

  217. Tina says:

    @Frank: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (wrings hands in evil anticipation)

  218. Frank says:

    OK Tina you can take a place on the panel. You have to make somebody cry!

  219. DorkyGuy says:

    rich ones, poor ones…

  220. Frank says:

    There was long ones, tall ones, short ones,
    Brown ones, black ones, round ones, big ones, crazy ones…All kinds of SDs

  221. Frank says:

    Jersey, you get a profile makeover, and with that in hand, you will have your choice of SD’s.

  222. Tina says:

    @Frank: unless the prize is Dorky, of course. I have a weakness for geeks with Mt. Rushmore tattoos 😉 purrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrr

  223. Tina says:

    @Frank: awwwww MAN! I’m out on the SD part too, remember? I kinda sorta like mine…..a LOT 😀

  224. Bella says:

    @Jersey, me neither. 😮 lol

    @Dorky lmao good call! Maybe I’ll just ask them to throw their money at me instead.

    Though only bills, not coins. 😆

  225. Frank says:

    What did the elephant say to the naked man?
    How do you breathe through that thing?

  226. Jersey Darling says:

    Winner gets a new SD? Now you’re raising the stakes! Who’s the lovely SD who will be the prize?

  227. DorkyGuy says:

    It gave me a whole new respect for Bill Cosby

  228. Frank says:

    Sorry Tina, guess you lose your job as hostess, guess you are back on the panel. Wait a minute, maybe you want to be our first contestant. The winner gets a new SD!

  229. Jersey Darling says:

    I’ve… never heard that jello joke before. *mind blown*

  230. Tina says:


    Q) How is a guy like a Twinkie?
    A) There’s a creamy surprise if you suck long enough

  231. DorkyGuy says:

    @Tina… reminds me of a joke I heard on the school bus in 4th grade… and I still remember to this day.

    Q) How is a girl like jello?
    A) They both wiggle when you eat them.

  232. Tina says:

    @Dorky: and for the ones you want to get rid of, put the wallet on a bungee cord so it smacks them back in da FACE! *THWAAAAAAAAAAAAP!*

  233. Tina says:

    @Dorky: “A giggle in her talk and a wiggle in her walk, makes the world go ’round!”

    @Frank: considering the panel is mixed sexes and I’m not bi-sexual, it might be difficult to be the panel’s SB. Unless, of course, we have SMs willing to be platonic 😉

  234. DorkyGuy says:

    @Bella, if men want to throw their wallets at you, I would stay away from men who have the new aluminum RFID-resistant wallets.

    It may be in your best interest to use some of your allowance to buy them some soft fabric wallets… or better yet, one of those wallets that hooks to their belt with a chain, so that if they throw it, it just loops back at them.

  235. DorkyGuy says:



  236. Frank says:

    Tina- you can be the charismatic hostess with the mostest. In other words the panels SB. Ray!!

  237. Bella says:

    I’m so fucking distracted by life and awesomeness right now. Me and my friend just made delicious tacos and now she’s playing Zelda on N64 and I’m on here and I have men wanting to just THROW their wallets at me! I AM A GODDESS.

    An intoxicated goddess, but that makes it so much more fun! 😀

    I’m also a nerd, hence the Zelda lol

  238. Jersey Darling says:

    Funny thing about Tequila.

    I google video’d “Paula Abdul wardrobe malfunction” and the third result was “4shots Tequila.” I have no idea what that meant, except it made me giggle at the thought that Tequila would perv a wardrobe mishap.

  239. Tina says:

    @Bella: drunk bloggers are fuuuuuuuuuuuun! I think some of Tequila’s most memorable lines happened when he was toasted (or at least that was his excuse) 😉

  240. DorkyGuy says:

    My favorite words all end with iggle

  241. Bella says:

    I hate the word moist. But I love saying doily.

    And my favourite word starts with an F and ends in UCK!

    …Fuck. The word is fuck. Not any of that firetruck bullshit. Just fuck. 😆

  242. Jersey Darling says:

    Andddd we caught at least one drunk one on the blog tonight!

  243. Bella says:

    @Tina, right on! 😀

    …Damn, I’m not particularly sober right now and I can’t think of anything raunchy! Mind, you have failed me! 😥

  244. Tina says:

    Aaaaaand 95% of the people that just read my above comment are either saying the word Boysenberry out loud or at least in their head…..

  245. Tina says:

    Anyone ever notice what a weird word Boysenberry is?

  246. Jersey Darling says:

    Hahaha… Tina I’m dying…

    You guys are killing me tonight!

  247. Tina says:

    @Bella: hop on in the conversation, just make a raunchy comment and I’m sure SOMEONE will oblige with a response 😉

  248. Tina says:

    (hey Dorky, watch this)

    @ JerseyDarling: NIPPLE!

    (aaaaand JerseyDarling turns pink in the face…..hehehehehehe…..)

  249. Jersey Darling says:

    Haha actually Dorky, I believe I’ve already gone through the wardrobe criticism! I can say from this point forward that my wardrobe will only malfunction on purpose!

  250. DorkyGuy says:

    lol, so if Jersey is Paula, does that mean we can expect paparazzi to be following her around, to catch the inevitable wardrobe malfunction?

  251. Tina says:

    @Dorky: I agree with Jersey. I quite enjoy your feedback. It’s nice to know that SDs come in all flavors and preferences, as do SBs.

    @Frank: what am I then, chopped liver? Oh, wait, I’ll jsut be the charismatic hostess with the mostest 😀

  252. Bella says:

    I’m in for blog sexytimes! 😀

  253. Jersey Darling says:

    So who diverted me from my island talk? Dammit! Now I need to go back to giving advice…

  254. Jersey Darling says:

    I could be Paula from American Idol. I’d need to change my avatar.

  255. Frank says:

    For you Jersey, I would make an exception.

  256. Jersey Darling says:

    @Dorky, I’d say that you’re great at giving advice. While I’d love to hear their input as well, there are all types. The “bleeding hearts” (as I would refer to you and myself, people who want a connection or something more similar to a traditional relationship) target and attract a certain type. Those who play the field target another.

    For example, as you’re giving advice, I’m actually sitting here learning from it.

    As long as the “contestants”/advice recipients realize what camp we are in when they take our advice, they are set.

  257. Frank says:

    I’ll keep my clothes on, by popular request.

    Dorky, you can be the mean judge, I’ll be the out in left field judge, and Jersey can be the nice one.

  258. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: you’re not helping! Quit encouraging them! 😛

  259. DorkyGuy says:

    @Jersey~ I am actually not the best guy to be reviewing profiles. I haven’t been active in a long time, and even when I was active, I tended to look for a different kind of girl than the typical SD.

    We need some of the SDs that tend to play the field more to pop in and offer their insight. We could probably all learn from that.

  260. Jersey Darling says:

    Hahaha @ the Frank comment. Frank, you can remove your clothing for me.

    Tina would be naked by now.

  261. Tina says:

    @Dorky: Now THERE’S the Dorky I remember! 😉 If I play that game, I’ll be naked for work tomorrow……I don’t think my coworkers would appreciate that too much 😉

  262. DorkyGuy says:

    We should play “strip review”… everyone who fails to review a profile has to remove an article of clothing and send a photo to me 😛 Except Frank.

  263. Tina says:

    I’m good at many things, but reviewing profiles isn’t one of them 🙂

    @JerseyDarling: I don’t know if I want an island full of men, but a nice handful would be nice (if ya know what I mean!) 😉

  264. Jersey Darling says:

    @Dorky I think your commentary is great and I’ve agreed with all of it. I’ve been loving hearing the male perspective on reviews as well.

    I’d eventually enjoy having my profile reviewed but I already know what the flaws are.

  265. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tina, I’m alllll for it! Especially on an island of men, woohoo!

    I’d review more profiles but I’m all tapped out at the moment. Will resume once I stop fantasizing about being in the Caribbean.

  266. Tina says:

    @Dorky: awwww, come on out and play! 😀 And you’re definitely NOT a Simon Cowell! You’re honest but not mean. You’re one of the sweetest men I’ve had the pleasure of “knowing” 😀

  267. DorkyGuy says:

    @Tina~ no rejection intended! Just not much in the traveling mood lately

    @Frank~ too right! I agree with Jersey… really like to see the avatar. I hope you’ll contribute to the profile review thing… I feel a lot like Simon Cowell, and we need nicer reviewers than me 😛

  268. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: since Dorky doesn’t want to play with us, looks like it’s just you and me having fun on the island! 😉

  269. DorkyGuy says:

    @Suzi~ I really mean the entire thing. Can you trim it down to just 4 short paragraphs, maximum?

    In my opinion, rely on your photos as much as possible to entice them to contact you. Then once you have dialog, you can introduce yourself and tell them about yourself in person.

    Instead of listing the details of your travels, just mention in passing that you have extensively traveled, which of course invites them to ask about your travels.

    Just keep the profile text to the essentials. Only those things that you feel are important to say that would help screen out undesirables..

    I haven’t looked at my profile in ages, but I am pretty sure I’m the pot calling the kettle black on this one. I know that short profiles are generally better, but I understand the temptation to include every little selling point in the profile.

  270. Suzi says:


    Thank you! I’ll take some new photos tomorrow, smiley ones. And shorten my profile a bit. Do you mean the first paragraph? I wasn’t sure if it was really necessary.

  271. Jersey Darling says:

    Hahaha Frank. By the way, welcome to the avatar club! I’m loving how much better the blog looks with all these pictures.

  272. Frank says:

    Welcome to SB profile makeover blog. I think we have the makings of a hit TV show.

    Young inexperienced SB comes before a panel of judges and presents her profile. First judge tells her how bad it is, Second judge tells her she has a nice smile and damns the profile with faint praise. SB breaks down in tears. Revises her profile, presents it to the judges. Again, she has made many mistakes-What kind of SD is she trying to attract-P4P. She cries again, but we see the determination in her eyes. She redoes her profile again. This time the judges like it. She posts it and never has a profile attracted so many views. SB finds a $10000 SD and screen fades into black.

    We have a hit series on our hands!

    Hope these SB’s appreciate the collective wisdom found here.

  273. Tina says:

    @Dorky: ouch! reeeeeeejected! 🙁

    @Bella: sexy time is open to all! Blog chat is STD free (Guru can provide the latest results 😉 )

  274. DorkyGuy says:

    @Tina, Jersey, you guys need to spend a summer on the Isle of Man! … which judging from the name, I assume is a resort exclusively for women.

  275. Bella says:

    Hey, I want in on the sexytimes!

    Imma be having a threesome next weekend. Bitches be jealous. 😉

  276. DorkyGuy says:

    @Suzi~ Of the three photos, I think the bikini photo is the best, followed closely by the tiger photo.

    The face photos don’t appeal to me… I’m not sure why exactly. Your face photos don’t make you look fun or approachable. Too serious and artsy. Based just on your face photos, I probably wouldn’t click into your profile to see the photos that I actually like. Where’s a warm smile?

    In my opinion, the relaxed bikini photo makes you look fun and approachable. I would consider making that one your main profile photo. If not that one, then use the tiger photo.

    I think your profile text is wayyy too long. The idea of the profile text is to get them to contact you, not to convince them to be your SD. The longer your profile text goes, the more likely it is that you are going to say something to turn them off. Even unintentionally.

    imho, let them build a rapport with you before you start to reveal too much of your life. Then, if they discover something they don’t like, they can measure it against how much they have come to like the rest of you.

    You are right to put the “no married” line in your profile. It’s a stand that I respect, but obviously you understand that that limits your options.

    Just one guy’s humble opinion!

  277. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: come on down to Texas and we’ll kidnap the Dorkster 😉

  278. Jersey Darling says:

    I feel like a girl can’t be that lucky, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed :mrgreen:

  279. Xuxia says:

    New to the site!

    Do all the SD want sex, because I am a virgin, an acquaintance of mine told me about the site, Im just nervous that whatever guy i meet will want sex

  280. Tina says:

    A threesome with Dorky and JerseyDarling in the Virgin Islands? 😯 Can a girl be so lucky?

  281. DorkyGuy says:

    @Jersey~ There are 10 kinds of girls in the world… those who can count in binary, and those that can’t.

    @Suzi~ having a look now!

  282. Jersey Darling says:

    @Dorky – love the new avatar! I’m digging the geeky humor!

    Visit to the Caribbean for all 3 of us? That’ll be a 1 in binary, please!

  283. Stacy, says:

    P.S -my lovely turquoise Manhattan Satchel from Tiffany to replace the lovely, but not quite right Boho, shall arrive Wednesday. Thanks for the advice on how to tell my sweet SD I was exchanging it.

  284. Suzi says:


    I’ve had a fair bit of mail and some favourites, I’m arranging to meet with a potential soon. Ignoring the content of my profile, I think SDs are put off by my location and that I don’t want to be involved with married men.

    I’d be really grateful if you could look at my profile though. I’ll appreciate the honesty 😛 1375583

  285. Stacy, says:

    Lol, Suzi – we post letters/emails/in seams here all the time. Just wait until you get the crazy email from Papi the Pedophile, and you’ll come running here to post his vile filth.

  286. DorkyGuy says:

    Suzi, if this guy is the only mail in your mailbox to consider, then there may be something wrong with your profile. It may be a good idea to ask others to review it. You are welcome to post your profile number here, but only do so if you have a thick skin, because we’ll be really honest even if it hurts your feelings.

  287. Tina says:

    @Dorky: awwwww, you changed your gravatar? I sad…….I liked the flaming tampon! 🙁

  288. Suzi says:

    @Jersey Darling @Stacy @DorkyGuy @Tina

    Thank you all for your advice! If you really want me to then I could post the message or parts of it – is that inappropriate/against the rules?

    I think I will reply with Tina’s suggestion. And not reply again. Ever.

    I can’t believe how hard it is to find a SD :/

  289. DorkyGuy says:

    Actually, I think Suzy’s guy should get a pass. If he knows about girlfriends, maybe he has learned to avoid periods altogether.

  290. Bella says:

    Dammit, it’s taking forever for my pics to be approved! It didn’t take this long last time. Grrr.

    So I can’t remember if I mentioned it last night, but the prof bought me a dress I wanted online. Not cheap but I’m so excited to get it! Still hesitant about the whole thing but hey, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!

    Also, bought a beauuuutiful Ojibwe felt and fox fur jacket today. I’ve wanted it for over a year and seeing as I just made a bunch of money through initial dates (well, it’s a bunch to me as a poor student who is new to the sugar bowl lol) I decided to get it. Expensive but worth it! 😀

  291. Tina says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA dancing flaming tampon *giggle*

  292. DorkyGuy says:

    LOL! Here is the full-size image… just copy/paste the url from between the [img] tags


  293. Tina says:

    @Dorky: I wasn’t talking about you deflowering an entire island; I think “deflowering” a fellow Texan and a Jersey chica will do juuuuuust fine 😉

    And if you know what a girlfriend is, you know NOT to mess with her, ESPECIALLY when she’s on her period……..

  294. Stacy, says:

    Touché Mr. Dorky

    And speaking of, is your avatar a dancing, flaming tampon? That’s what it looks like on my iPhone. Lol

  295. DorkyGuy says:

    @Tina~ i don’t quite have the girth to deflower an entire island chain. Maybe just a minor atoll.

    @Stacy~ Right you are! If you know what a girlfriend is, you know what a period is. Boy, do you know what a period is.

  296. Tina says:

    @Dorky: You want to come along just to make sure they’re left tainted? 😉

  297. Stacy, says:

    @Dorky, if he knows enough English to write a long-winded “be my girlfriend message” he knows enough to use a period. He’s a fake, or just an average Joe who wants a type of girl he can’t afford. Although Suzi could post the content and then we’d really know.

  298. DorkyGuy says:

    @Tina/Jersey… but after you guys got there, could they really be called Virgin?

    *oh no he didn’t! snap snap!*

  299. Tina says:

    @JerseyDarling: Virgin Islands please! St. Maartin…..aaaaahhhhh……

  300. Stacy, says:

    @Suzi – why respond? What he sent you wasn’t even an email, just a vomit of non-sense. Not replying will help him realize he needs to put more attention into his messages.

  301. Jersey Darling says:

    @Dorky, 50 degrees! Oh no, you might actually need a hoodie! 😉

    Haha, I wish… I feel like it’s summer at that temperature. I say Tina, you and I should head to the Caribbean at once!

  302. Tina says:

    @Dorky: I KNOW! I think there was something like a total of 2 whole weeks since the beginning of December where lows have been below 40! BRRRRR! 😉

  303. Jersey Darling says:

    @Suzy, I think if it’s an email you have to come to a blog to ask for advice about, you need to “next” it. Unless you are really just THAT curious and need to look into it.

  304. Tina says:

    @Dorky: if English isn’t his first language, as a new SB I would challenge Suzi to think seriously about what she is looking for. When getting into a GF situation with someone who has English as a second language, you also bring into light a completely different culture. This can have issues on its own, unless you’re experienced at navigating those waters.

  305. DorkyGuy says:

    @Jersey~ I know what you mean… it got down to 50 degrees today, and it actually rained! This is a brutal winter.

  306. DorkyGuy says:

    Regarding Suzy’s situation

    It’s hard to imagine a guy achieving business success without being able to have basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills. I suspect a lot of SD’s consider that to be a deal-breaker for a SB. How much more should it be a deal-breaker when a SB is evaluating a SD?

    The only exception I can think of is if English isn’t his primary language.

  307. Tina says:

    @Suzi: I would take the high road and reply (once!) with something like “Thank you for your interest, but you’re not quite what I’m looking for at this time. I wish you the best in your search”. If he responds, I wouldn’t acknowledge it. If it becomes harassment, you can always block him.

  308. Tina says:

    @Suzi: ooooh, I’d “next” him personally. Not just for the understated income, but for the poor grammar / punctuation. Assuming that he MIGHT be well educated enough to know better, obviously he didn’t give the e-mail the time or attention that an arrangement deserves. Lack of eduction (formal or informal) as well as lack of attention are both deal breakers for me. Also, are YOU looking for a GF type of arrangement? If not, then he’s not a fit for you in any case.

    @Jersey: it was gloomy here today, but definitely NO snow! 😀

  309. Suzi says:

    Thanks for replying. I think you’re right, he’s probably a fake. Shall I reply or just ignore it?

  310. Jersey Darling says:

    @Jack, welcome back!

  311. Jersey Darling says:

    So after this weekend’s blizzard (it wasn’t so bad, but snowy enough!) I’m ready for a tropical vacation. Who wants to go with me? 😀

    I’ve been craving light with warm tones, I’m tired of this cold winter light in the air. Even leaving for a day I’d be happy!

  312. Stacy, says:

    @Suzi – seems strange, and in sugar land, any little red flag should be a deal breaker – 60+% of all the men on SA are fakes or Internet weirdos, more than I’ve ever encountered in my life!!

  313. Stacy, says:

    Dear Jack – I am never a bitch to anyone, certainly not a man I am interested in. I believe you should reread my posts (all of them), my use of the term ‘chase’ was misread – and we weren’t talking of all SD’s we were talking mostly about men with whom one doesn’t have a predefined allowance and/or submissive men.

    Now that I trust my current SD he can enjoy however much of me he’d like – while still respecting my boundaries. Salary has nothing to do with chase or not, its merely a threshold which helps me weed out SDs who could not afford to meet my needs.

    And finally, of course you have more to offer than your money, as I have more to offer than my vagina.

  314. Tina says:

    @Jack: welcome back! 😀

  315. Jack says:

    Dorky said:

    On a side note that it seems like very few can relate to… I see “enjoying the chase” as a common theme among both men and women. I can’t relate to that at all.

    I figure either a woman is into me, or she isn’t. And if she isn’t, I don’t feel any need to try to convince her otherwise. I just move on.

    Am I as much in the minority as I feel like?

    Probably you experienced SB’s have some category and approach for guys like this
    Dorky, I completely agree. I’m not criticizing anyone–just giving my perspective–but much of what Stacy and Treasured have said above does not apply to me. And I exceed Stacy’s $500K minimum by a healthy margin.

    Frankly, I feel I have plenty to offer an SB in addition to my money, and I sure am not here to chase anyone. That’s what I have to do in normal dating. I haven’t needed to do it here.

    In sum, playing “hard to get, or being a bitch or any of that won’t work for me. Again, just my perspective.


  316. Stacy, says:

    Err – I meant Valentine’s Day, lol!

  317. Stacy, says:

    Ladies – Tiffany on the weekend before Saturday is the perfect place to meet an SD. This place is crawling with potential!

  318. fly says:

    @ms lovely

    You’ll need to post the profile # to get comments…….

  319. Tina says:

    @fly(r): catch and release is a part of a LOT of different fishing, not just fly fishing 😉 And the good thing is that I know what I want, and have been lucky enough to have found it 🙂

  320. fly says:

    @tina “I’ve found too many men that are just into the chase, then don’t want to follow through. Bah, screw that, I want the benefits that come AFTER the chase!”

    In flyfishing the first is called catch and release, there are also those who fish because they enjoy the feast…………

    It is important to distinguish between the two if something beyond one night is part of your objectives.

  321. Tina says:

    @Stacy: EGGGGGG-XAC-A-TA-LY!!!!!! 😀

  322. Stacy, says:

    When done right ….. ! ! !

    When done wrong $&#%

  323. ms. lovely says:

    Hey guys…and gals hows all in the SA world?! I too am fairly new to this thing but after reading your blog for about a hr I figured i’d finally chime in!!
    So can someone review my profile and let me know what you think please thanks!!

  324. Treasured says:

    @Tina – I want lots of excitement, licking all over included and a guy, who knows what he is doing 😀

    Ahhh… I even have one in mind 😀

    Ok. I am off to sleep. Half a bottle wine glasses are very tricky 😀

    LOL! LOL! LOL!

  325. Tina says:

    @Treasured: my first time with anal was also very uneventful…..but when it’s done right? 😯

  326. Midwest SB says:

    Stacy – so true…it’s best to just ask. I’ve also used the “Have you had an arrangement in the past? What did you like/ dislike about the arrangement?” It becomes a screening tool for SD wannabes and gets the conversation moving in the right direction.

    Sexy Rican – Refresh is the only way to go. Unless you use the RSS feed.

  327. Treasured says:

    Stacy – if bracelet contains diamond, I might change my mind 😀

    Ok. And put this to me being tipsy.

    I never did anal… My “first” time was kinda unexciting…. And… Well, anal.. I want it to be with someone special 😀

    I know – a naive part of Treasured come up yet again 😀

  328. Treasured says:

    @ Dorky!!!

    LOOOOOL!!!!! So so funny!!!
    It helps that i had a glass of wine 😀


    My wine glass takes half a bottle 😀


  329. Stacy, says:

    Nice video dorky. Girls, never do anal for a bracelet – at least get a handbag, lol

  330. DorkyGuy says:

    Here is a practical example of how to negotiate an arrangement. Just copy the url from between the [youtube] tags into your browser.


  331. Tina says:

    Dammit! So close! My next guess was going to be a chastity belt……

  332. DorkyGuy says:

    a bracelet!

  333. Tina says:

    oooh, oooh, I GOT IT! You and SDinLA spooning!!!! Am I right? What’s my prize???? 😉

  334. Tina says:

    @Dorky: speechless? hugs? trapped? (blog version of charades! yesssss!) 😉

  335. Suzi says:

    I have a question!

    I’ve just received quite a long message from a SD. He states that he’s self-employed, his income isn’t very high. The email itself has a few spelling mistakes, absolutely no punctuation (apart from some inappropriately long ellipses) and is incredibly self-deprecating (almost as if he’s ashamed of being on SA?). Positive things are that he states, up front, his ideas for financial aid and that he’s looking for chemistry – a SB girlfriend situation.

    Due to the tone of the email, I’m not really sure… I’m a first time SB so I’d be so grateful for advice!

    Thank youu 🙂

  336. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Thank you.

  337. Stacy, says:

    A great way to start is just to ask! Within the first three messages, “What type of arrangement are you looking for?” Some men will be vague about their answer, some will be up front.

    I would say that in the beginning, while you’re still figuring this out, put your time into the men who will give you a real an$wer – it’s tricky figuring out “you take care of me, I’ll take care of you” type answers when you’re inexperienced.

    I made the mistake of accepting a vague answer with my first SD experience and ended up getting a post-playtime (not sex, but sexy enough) $100 on the dresser. Barf!!! I’m still pissed about it. He still emails, trying to make it up, but the fact that he thought for even one second $100 on the dresser would be a gift cannot be forgiven, in my mind. That’s cheap streetwalker territory.

  338. SD Guru says:

    @Sexy Rican
    “should pics be more of a pretty face, or more sexy?”

    You got lots of input already and here are some more. Recently Madridista wrote a two part post about profiles and pics. Here’s part 1 and part 2.

    Also, when we used to have the “Tips” section there was an article called “Sugar Baby Photo Advice“.

    Re: The chase

    One of the key differences between traditional dating and sugar dating is that the “chase” and the guessing game associated with it should be kept to a minimum. Open and clear communication about expectations should make the chase become moot in a sugar relationship.

  339. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Is there any way to see comments when they come rigjt away from my phone so I dont have to hit refresh every second?

  340. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    I’m good at that too…lol I’m not that easy though. If someone offered the right thing…if make them smile pretty fast haha

  341. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    You should mentor me because I’m close to clueless..how do I find those men?

  342. Stacy, says:

    Of course, you do know that by make me smile these men mean make me cum, right? Lol

  343. Stacy, says:

    @Rican – the less specific your expectations, and the lower your gift$ requirements – the more likely you are to find something that fits the bill.
    It should be fairly easy to find someone relatively kind and attractive for $500 per visit. Nice gifts, dinners, mentoring even easier. I

    t’s the girls who come on this site with DIY spray tans, bad boob jobs, horrific grammar, and a 10k expectation that get sorely disappointed.

  344. Tina says:

    @Sexy Rican: there are some wonderful men on here than can definitely provide you some laughs, fun times, and interesting experiences. You filters are the most important part of your search, as there are flakes, fakes, and weirdos. Just be careful, follow some basic safety tips, and know what you want / are looking for.

  345. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    The ones I have been talking to want to have fun, and want me to make them smile and laugh..i am new to this, but as of now it seems I just might get a little of what I’m looking for?

  346. Stacy, says:

    I would modify that Jersey, I think they come on here to pay for convenience. If you book a high dollar suite at the Four Seasons, it will be very convenient, have every amenity you could want – but you’ll pay for the pampering.

  347. Jersey Darling says:

    @Dorky, the chase has different elements. Most guys come on here to get away from the chase. But they still need to feel like they’ve won something.

  348. Tina says:

    @Dorky: smartass. It depends on the type of SD/SB relationship that you want. The chase IS very effective, but isn’t the type of relationship that I want. It’s exhausting for me, and doesn’t quite give me what I want. To each his own; both “methods” work, and they both have their benefits / issues.

  349. DorkyGuy says:

    @Stacy, that makes more sense. I can get on board with that.

  350. Stacy, says:

    @Dorky – I think you misread my comments regarding chase, key is EASY to be with. An SB should always feel like a relaxing tropical vacation. If you want to curl up on the couch in front of a movie, she should come prepared with snacks and beer (or your preferred beverage). She should make you feel wanted, always, but she should never be too available scarcity drives market value.

  351. DorkyGuy says:


    apparently the quote tags aren’t working.

    I beg to differ!

    I’ve found too many men that are just into the chase, then don’t want to follow through. Bah, screw that, I want the benefits that come AFTER the chase!

    I would wager money that the other SBs would advise to keep them always chasing, and to make giving you benefits part of the chase. If he’s chasing you, he has to earn your approval somehow, right? Not for me, but it’s undeniably a successful tactic.

  352. Tina says:

    @Dorky: apparently the quote tags aren’t working. Just be sure to not leave us “dangling” like this time last year 😉 And I will have to agree with you – I feel like the chase is a waste of my time. Either you want to be with me or you don’t. If you do, then let’s get down to spoiling each other (which is my favorite part anyway!). If not, let’s move on and not waste time; let each other find someone that is into the other. I’ve found too many men that are just into the chase, then don’t want to follow through. Bah, screw that, I want the benefits that come AFTER the chase!

  353. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    @dorky I agree with you halfway 😉 I love to be chased, but hate to chase. I guess theres a lot I have to change while on SA.

  354. DorkyGuy says:

    @Treasured… yeah, I get that.

    I see a lot of girls advising other girls to play a little hard to get. That’s exactly the wrong approach with someone like me, because after an exhausting work day, I am too tired to work even more for someone to want me.

    If she’s going to make it work, I am much happier winding down on the couch with a good show.

  355. Stacy, says:

    @Dorky – you’re a different sort, you enjoy the win, but don’t have the confidence for chase. You need lots of encouragement, praise, affection, instruction, and petting.

    With your type of guy I would always take the lead, you would feel confident in my interest, I’d initiate the first kiss, but you never quite have as much of me as you want – kissing but no sex, sex but not spending the night, etc.

    Making you feel confident in my interest, but needing “someone” to help clear obstacles (like $$$ concerns) out of my way so I can shower you with all the affection you’ve enjoyed a taste of.

    Chase should never mean uncertainty for your SD, just that life is stressful, and having someone reduce that stress makes me feel sexual and affectionate – and “I’d just love to shower you with all the affection, if I didn’t have to pick up this extra project to pay the bills, and now I’m too exhausted to play.”

    Ladies, number one rule of an SB “Easy to be with, hard to keep!”

  356. Treasured says:

    Dorky, even without realising it, you still might be into “chase”.

    It is not about being “into” you or not. It is about keeping it exciting and slightly on your toes 😉

    But. On the whole, in a “normal” relationship I am like that too. Brain fucking and mind games just annoy me. Either a guy likes me or not. If he gives me the drama or tries to play unattainable – I just loose interest. I am way too egoistic and love myself too much to endure that. Plus, I can see through all the mind games.
    Why would you want to spend your time on a brain fuck, when you can have a real one?

  357. Stacy, says:

    Jersey, simple

    “Oh, I’d love to go away with you this weekend, but my house is such a mess, I hate housework – such a turn off. Maybe a magical cleaning fairy will appear and clear my schedule.”

    “So sad today! Broke my favorite super sexy pair of Loubotins – and I could never afford to buy new ones.”

    “I love this bag, but the zipper is so hard to work.”

    Men love to take care of their princess, you just need to provide subtle guidance toward the things you want.

  358. DorkyGuy says:

    On a side note that it seems like very few can relate to… I see “enjoying the chase” as a common theme among both men and women. I can’t relate to that at all.

    I figure either a woman is into me, or she isn’t. And if she isn’t, I don’t feel any need to try to convince her otherwise. I just move on.

    Am I as much in the minority as I feel like?

    Probably you experienced SB’s have some category and approach for guys like this 😛

  359. Treasured says:

    @ Stacy – like puppy training. He does “sit” and gets a candy 😀


    To be honest, all I could think was “Damn! I might have missed out on 20 000+ with my expectations written in my profile!” LOOOOL

  360. Jersey Darling says:

    @Stacy – without explicitly stating it, how do you encourage what you’ve mentioned above? Generosity without explicit discussion?

    Would love to know more.

  361. Stacy, says:

    Treasured – with the BF type SD it’s a better approach, just let the spoiling come naturally from him, and give sex as a reward when you’ve been satisfied with his generosity. That way even an SD with an income under $500,000 (which is my minimum threshold) can afford me – eventually, haha – and the pursuit is so much fun!

    I agree with you on the SB persona, I’m always a flavor of myself, but never completely me. It’s more erotic to me to turn the entire sugar relationship into one big sexual role pay.

  362. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Thank you all very much. I will let you know when my profile is approved, and hopefully get more feedback.

  363. Treasured says:

    @ Stacy – Hmm… About the last one, I think I am taking it on board 😀


  364. Stacy, says:

    Also, I prefer not to list an amount, keep your pool open – you never know what you’ll be offered, and it could be much better than what you would have asked for.

  365. Stacy, says:

    Rican – it’s important to be wary when sugar dating, read my post above about gifts before sugar.

    There are a LOT of men on this site who have no intention of upholding their end, so get the money first – you can’t repo sex, and you’ll feel like trash if you expected a gift, have sex, and find out you’ve been tricked.

  366. fly says:


    I do not know where you are and the term Rican may be generic but it may also have a less than classy tone.

    The advice from Jersey was spot on………

  367. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Ewww didn’t want to hear that. I do appreciate the honesty. I have a few men wanting to meet up so we will see what happens 🙂

  368. Jersey Darling says:

    Well Rican, it’s easy to get money if you’re looking for escorting… harder as an SB. The SB world involves more long-term strategy for those who are successful. You may get lucky and you’ll never know till you have your profile for a bit; only time will tell. But many girls jump into this world and will never see a penny for their search, maybe they’ll get a few dinners along the way.

  369. Sexy Rican sexy says:


  370. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Yes I am very new to this, and that is why I’m asking all these questions. To be honest I thought it would be easy to get a SD. Men here offer me money all the time, but that is to close for comfort. I appreciate ask the great advice from every one, and I’m definitely taking it all in. I will be a pro before long 😉 now I just need a SD

  371. fly says:

    Re Sexy Ricn

    The preceding20+ posts have some of the best advice I have seen here.

    If your goal is 2K / M then you’ll want to target your appeal to that market. As Jersey says so well, be what your target is looking for.

    I would add to that the need to communicate at their level. Older, perhaps more sophisticated men are likely to be turned off by some of today’s computer grammar. When you are trading emails turn your spell check on and think carefully about what you are saying vs the message you want to convey.

    Have fun, if someone really dislikes the process they probably should not be here.
    I think you are new here so I’ll repeat an earlier suggestion . Visit an Apple store and see how they manage the experience from the moment you look at the front door. Every detail reflects careful thought to be sure it is consistent with the mission.

    Understand that your potential SB is faced with an abundance of choices and information overload. Make the appeal simple, attractive and inescapable.

  372. Londonbabe says:

    I know its not for this topic but I am new to this SD/SB thing and also have recently moved to London, UK and would love to meet with SBs that I can meet once in a while perhaps be friends?! Show me around the city and discuss our SB experiences and give each others advices?!

  373. Jersey Darling says:

    And you’re welcome! :mrgreen:

  374. Jersey Darling says:

    @SexyRican, answer to your last question:

    “How do u know how much money you are getting, and should you get it in the beginning or when it’s over? Im sorry I’m asking do much…

    You need to discuss these things with your SD once you have one. This is the lovely negotiation phase so many dread. Once you’ve decided on an amount that is agreeable and when the arrangement is ready to begin, you can talk about the rest. Like Treasured, I had mine deposited directly to my account and incidental sugar was given as a cash gift. My favorite will always be having it deposited into my account but I’m open to having my bills directly paid, cash (again), and a prepaid credit card.

  375. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    1290829 please check it out, and besides the horrible quality if my pics let me know if everything else is ok. Ty 🙂
    @jersey thanks for everything!!

  376. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Ok ty I just wrote u

  377. Bella says:

    Right then! Thanks again for the advice everyone, I’ve just uploaded some new pics that are awaiting approval. I’ll post my number again when they go through. 🙂

  378. Treasured says:

    Sexy – email me to temptation. white @ hotmail. co. uk

  379. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    @treasured if you dont mind me asking…what do you usually average a month, and how much time do you have to put in for it?

  380. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Don’t get me wrong..if I feel a connection or something I wouldn’t say no. 😉

  381. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    I dont want a high class SD honestly. I’m not all about money, but I do need some damn help asap! 😉 I can make myself look pretty sexy if need be, but I wanna have some fun. A lot of men around here make some nice money, but I dont want a relationship. Im looking to make around 2k/month if possible to help with bills. I do appreciate all the help!! I wish they would approve my new profile already though so I dont seem like a whorebag lhaha

  382. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Mmmmm How I like to torture at times 🙂

  383. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Hi All

    You made me laugh Treasured with your description: “I call it torturing, they call it seducing”
    It can be very much like that 🙂 x

  384. Treasured says:

    Ah… And another thing… With a really wealthy guys, who have tried everything with everyone… Be prepared to be sexually adventurous, to put it mildly 😉

    And never ever say no. Unless you are dying 😀

  385. Treasured says:

    It is afternoon here 🙂 1.25 pm 🙂

  386. Jersey Darling says:

    Treasured, we’re both on at the same time again? What time is it by you? I can’t sleep.

  387. Jersey Darling says:

    ^– Awesome advice.

    And this line cracked me up: “I call it torturing, they call it seducing” – so true!

  388. Treasured says:

    Sexy – allowance discussed in advance and my preferable option: put into my bank account in the beginning of the month.

    But, other things work too.

  389. Treasured says:

    Since I am back, unfortunately, to the sugar… And I think I have to accept that while I am studying this is what I have to do…
    Well, moi is a busy girl again.

    First. How to attract just a pot SD? Check your competition first. You want to stand out.
    In my view, just putting a line across your eyes does nothing. People who know can still recognise you, and people who might want to know you – might decide to skip your profile and go tot he next, where a full face is visible.
    If you want to be discreet, better have half face sexy alluring shots.
    Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! There should be a variety (has been discussed).
    And, a nicely written profile (there were already some great tips).
    All that, basically, will attract a POT SD in YOUR area, if you are pretty enough and are not too dumb.

    Second. How to attract HIGH allowance SD? You have to be…
    Close to perfect. Picture quality is quite important (I found that a mix of pro and non pro works best), but what is important how YOU look. Face, body, clothes… You do have to look beautiful. Sound smart and witty in an email exchange. Sometimes even be a bit “catty” to the possible SD – they like challenges.

    Third. How to actually make high allowance SD pay you that. I call it torturing, they call it seducing 😀 THAT, can’t be explained, and must be seen in action. 😀

    Fourth – how to make sure he sticks? High allowance SD are impossible. 100% assholes and treat women like shit most of the time (NOT ALL, but I am yet to come across someone cute and nice). You have to be prepared to be a top class actress, PA, total slut, adviser and make yourself available on a short notice. Also.. One big trick… To give each of them EXACTLY what HE needs. Not wants, but needs. Sometimes even without realising it (being a good psychologist is a bonus). Some boys need a bitch, some a mummy, some a spoiled little girl. But NONE of them wants a whinny and drama.
    I am not going to repeat in length what experiences I had, but with a high allowance SD you wave the right to be yourself all the time. But, again… There are very few girls who can stick with it.

    It suits me – makes me less vulnerable 😉

  390. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    You are good. Lol

  391. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    How do u know how much money you are getting, and should you get it in the beginning or when it’s over? Im sorry I’m asking do much…

  392. Jersey Darling says:

    Consider taking pictures just for your profile. It’s time consuming, but you’ll be able to feel confident about what you have posted.

    For my current profile, I took all four pictures that are on it just for my profile and for the type of guy I wanted to attract (one who loves classy sexy but a little demure). My profile itself is flirty and lighthearted while mentioning that I prefer butterflies to Prada and seek one person.

    Sound like match dot com? It’s actually business acumen. It accomplishes my financial goals admirably by stating that I don’t want to be with men for their money. They realize they cannot buy me and actually have to work for it and this introduces the element of challenge (at the end of the day, men still love the chase and love winning the game, in this case it’s just rigged in their favor once they start paying 😉 )

  393. Jersey Darling says:

    Feel free to take it 😛

    Once you have your profile in line and you’ve attracted someone with potential, the rest will fall into place. Don’t worry about how long your first date should be, when you should sleep with them, etc until you get there. The right answer is that it will be unique to the specific situation between you and the guy you are with, and what feels right to you.

    I’ve had first dates that lasted an hour and one first date that lasted about 7 (which ended up in an arrangement). I’ve ranged from making nothing in one week to making over $2K in a week for just a few hours spent. Nothing is set in stone…

  394. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Honestly dont have too many great pics rigjt now..not much to choose from, but I will be getting some. Ty hun

  395. DorkyGuy says:

    Jersey is *absolutely right*. The very next thing to do is put some thought into what kind of guy you want to attract, because that will determine what pics you want to post.

    Regarding pics, I can only offer my opinion, based on what kind of girl I would be looking for.

    I fall into the “looking for a GF’ish” SB. Not looking just for sex, but a companion for dates. I like to see pictures that show how she might dress in this context. She can have some sexy photos, but not every photo should scream “let’s fuck”. She needs some “girl next door” photos too..

    Pics… in my humble opinion,

    * at least one terrific face shot. If you have a fabulous face shot that has a hint of cleavage, that makes for a good main photo.

    * a full-length photo that really flatters your body. A photo in a hot dress is good. A playful outfit with a skirt that has a high hem line works. Avoid a photo from odd angles that might make the guy think that you are using angles to hide flaws.

    * boobs – guys love ’em, but if you make every photo a boob shot, then it makes you look escortish. imho, have one photo that has a generous (though tasteful) amount of cleavage. If only to show that you’re not bashful.

    It is a balancing act… If you have too much “sexy”, you’re going to have guys treating you as an escort. If you don’t have any sexy, then guys are going to overlook you.

    * lingerie/underwear/swimsuit shots… Sometimes I see one, and think “holy crap that’s hot.” Other times, I think “ugh, that makes her look cheap.” It can backfire as much as it can benefit. If you are going to do it, make darn sure you do it right. All the time I see these kinds of photos with unsexy stuff in the background. Jersey’s advice is right on… If taking the photo using your cell phone and a bathroom mirror, make sure the mirror is spotless and anything not sexy is out of sight.

    Much wiser men (and women) than me have made full studies of what kind of photos actually work. I would listen to them over me… I am just giving one person’s impression, and my taste is not representative of most other men’s who prefer NSA.

  396. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Thats good.might steal it exactly lol

  397. Jersey Darling says:

    @Treasured, Stacy, and the other SBs who are financially focused, can you chime in with your advice as well?

  398. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    How long for your first date?

  399. Jersey Darling says:

    Considering where you live, $1-2K is a lofty goal. Since this amount is your ideal (of course more is always better) I would put this as your arrangement amount. If nothing else, this way if a guy comes to you offering you $800 they will be the ones with something to prove, not you 😉

    You can stress that you are looking for someone who appreciates the whole package (weeds out shallow) and enjoy men who are humble in their success (weeds out conceited). It sounds like you are looking for fun more than long term, so feel free to emphasize that you love enjoying life and are looking for someone to enhance your daily experience. How long you are both together doesn’t matter, it’s the quality of the time spent.

  400. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    I’m here for financial help

  401. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    I would like to have agood looking SD, who is definitely down to earth. I wanna have agood time with who ever. I can not stand shallow orconceited men no matter what they offer me. Honestly I would likeas much as I can get, but would be happy with about 1-2k

  402. Jersey Darling says:

    I’ve dated wealthy men on and off for years, but arrangements I am new to. I first dipped my toes in the sugar bowl in September after researching for months. I retreated briefly after realizing I had to really examine what I wanted and returned a bit later.

    Expert dater and awesome at targeting? That’s something I’ve been doing for a long time and most of the skills carry right over 😉

    Also, just so you know, I have a different perspective than many on this blog. I prefer down to earth (much like you I suspect), and because I treat this like regular dating, chemistry is more important to me than what I gain financially. As you’ve seen, I actually prefer working class which many on this site would happily forgo if they could. Still, men need to fall within a certain threshold to meet the excitement factor I’m looking for through sugar dating.

  403. Jersey Darling says:

    You’ll figure out out Rican! The profile isn’t a one night endeavor; it’s something you’ll end up tweaking over time as you see the responses each version of your profile gets. It does take work work, but most of sugar dating is a serious time investment. It’s not the easy money fix a lot of people think it will be 🙂

  404. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    How long have u been doing this jersey?

  405. Jersey Darling says:

    “should pics be more of a pretty face, or more sexy?”

    Depends on the type of SD you want to attract. The number one thing you need to do right now is decide what kind of guy you want, what allowance you seek, and then craft your profile in that image. Even within sexy, there’s classy sexy, overtly sexy, raunchy sexy. You can’t go anywhere without knowing who you want to attract first.

  406. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Obviously I’m completely clueless, and I really appreciate the help.

  407. Jersey Darling says:

    Regarding Open – Amount Negotiable vs setting an allowance amount…

    From what I’ve seen, leaving it as Open will get you more responses. It does suit your profile as you have it currently, because it looks like you are not sure what you want – you want to hear someone’s offer and see what they want for it.

    You’ve seen that I personally said that although I often end up in the $1-2K range, I ideally want $3-5K. So what’s a girl to do? I put $3-5K. I’ve had better offers that way and I want to look for my ideal. It hasn’t stopped those who are serious but can only afford $2K from approaching me, and it gives me some leverage when they do. They feel more pressure to step up their game.

    Just remember that for the amount you choose, you need to demonstrate why you are worth it.

  408. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Yeah I already changed all that I write st first. Ill let you know when it’s approved so you can look again if u dont mind.

  409. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    We should get salary for the first week! 😛 this is mentally hard work to try n get it all right, but I’m a fast learner 🙂 should pics be more of a pretty face, or more sexy?

  410. Jersey Darling says:

    I know you’re updating, but on the written text:

    Capitalization. You really need to capitalize and not abbreviate. Also, I cannot tell who your target audience is or who you want to meet. I would take some time to think about the type of guy you want to attract and then tailor your profile to them.

    The line “getting paid to show you a good time” under arrangement type made me cringe. It screams escort to me, but then you say “not THAT good of a time” which would make me wonder what exactly I’m paying for? If I’m paying you for a good time, I want you to turn down the sass and do what I want and give me a damn good time 🙂

    “Looking for financial support until I get on my feet” – most of the guys I’ve spoken with do not want to be with someone who appears financially broken. I worry about you if you target the type of guy that is attracted to that. Just be cognizant of the type of bait you are using and what kind of fish you will attract.

    I do like that you state that what you see is what you get – you are straightforward and your pictures match your description that you won’t be wearing a lot of makeup. Still, this profile will attract any type of joe shmoe and based on the financial expectation part, potentially attract some unsavory types. It is also generic. I can’t emphasize enough that you should consider Dorky’s advice, browse other SB profiles through the lens of an SD to determine what you do and don’t like about them, and adjust your profile accordingly keeping in mind:
    1) What you liked in other SBs profiles that you think could benefit you, and
    2) Differentiating yourself from them in a way that targets the particular type of SD you are interested in.

  411. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    when everything is approved should I change my allowance instead of negotiable? and if so how much??

  412. Jersey Darling says:

    In general, I’m open to about once a week. Usually it ends up being less than that, around two times a month due to scheduling conflicts that crop up on both sides. My cutoff is really $1.5K a month, but I’m flexible depending on the chemistry.

    The benefit is that the guys tend to be younger, I’m legitimately attracted to them and it’s just like regular dating with a bonus. And I do keep my eyes open for the ideal sugar daddy that can whisk me away, but in the meantime I’m having fun. These guys work for their money, often very long weeks, and I do find benefits to being with someone working class.

  413. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Ok I took that out, and changed a ton..waiting on approval. Anything else I should do?

  414. Jersey Darling says:


    Photos, photos photos! Let’s start there…

    Your photos are your biggest obstacle right now. Please forgive if my commentary is too straightforward, but I’ll tell you exactly what’s going through my mind stream-of-consciousness style so you can see what people may think when they view your profile.

    Photo 1: This does not look attractive to me. It looks like you may have a beautiful smile and face, but even with the cigarette cropped out I can still see the streams of smoke in your face. I can see your body type but I do not find the clothes you’re wearing to be particularly alluring and the photo of the baby in the background further decreases the sexy vibe. It makes me wonder if she is yours.

    Takeaway thought: You would look so stunning in a simple dress with that gorgeous smile.

    Picture 2: Love the smile, dislike the lighting. It makes you look very yellow and gives you a jaundiced appearance. You can fix this by changing the color balance on the photo and turning down the yellows or even decreasing the saturation a bit. If you don’t know how to do this, let us know and I’m sure someone can help. Also, though I love your smile and you look pretty, you could look even better with good lighting.

    Takeaway: “She’s pretty and I bet she’ll look prettier in person, but I think this photo is unflattering and still not giving me a good idea of what she looks like.”

    I just realized you refreshed your profile so I’ll hold off on further commentary until everything is done.

    You’ve got the makings; I’m glad you took Dorky’s advice and made that last photo your main one. It’s a significant improvement already.

  415. DorkyGuy says:

    @Sexy Rican ~ sure thing, just want you to be successful!

  416. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    I realized a lot of that, and am waiting on another profile approval. Ty so much got the advice..it definitely helps!

  417. DorkyGuy says:

    Jersey, do you mind if I ask how often you meet for $1k-$2k allowance?

  418. Jersey Darling says:

    Girls (and guys too if you have thoughts), I have a question for you:

    How do you feel about being seen in public with an older man?

    I had one SD I was seeing who was very good looking (handsome, fit) but was significantly older and LOOKED older, like late 60s. Everywhere we went we would turn every head, from stepping out of his fancy cars to just sitting through dinner. Every woman’s head would turn and I’d see the whispers all throughout dinner. It was very pronounced.

    How do you handle that attention? Do you enjoy it? Does it bother you to realize people are constantly watching you and making assumptions?

  419. DorkyGuy says:

    @Sexy Rican~ thoughts on your profile

    Photos: The photo that you chose for your main photo isn’t very good. The quality is poor (it is grainy), and having the cigarette in the photo is an instant turnoff. You look like you have a nice body, but I noticed the cigarette before I noticed your body.

    Your photos are certainly your biggest obvious obstacle. The second photo doesn’t appeal to me at all (maybe the lighting?), The third photo is your best photo of the three, and I would consider moving that to be your primary photo until you have a chance to have new pics made. It’s too bad you don’t live near Dallas, because I know a local photographer who would do an amazing job for you.

    I think a terrific investment of your time would be taking a full hour and just browsing other SB’s profiles in your area. Scope out the competition. Try to look at them from the perspective of a man seeking companionship, and not from the perspective of a woman judging another woman. See what other women similar to you are doing that you like, and don’t be afraid to adopt their style. To do this set up the SD profile, just create a new email address on gmail and use it to create a new SA account.

    In your profile text, you present yourself as a down-to-earth girl, and definitely not the “professional SB”. You use the “love” word early on. Some guys will find this appealing, and many guys will prefer a “NSA” arrangement. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of rejection from that decision, but it’s just a matter of choosing what kind of man you want, and stick to that. There is a niche of SD on the site that is looking for a GF’ish relationship, and not purely NSA.

    In the second section of your profile, you have the following: “getting paid to show you a good time… not THAT good of a time though lol”. I think you need to be more specific about what you mean by “not THAT good a time’. Do you mean “no sex”? If so, then you need to put “no sex” in your profile somewhere, recognizing that most men will not be interested if sex is completely off the menu.

  420. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    It takes too long to accept profiles. I’m ready to get this thing going

  421. Jersey Darling says:

    @SDGuru I remember that post in particular because it was very helpful to me when I first started. I’d wanted to make the calculations myself and it was an eye-opener! That, and the reminder that wealth does not correlate with generosity. That’s something I’ve tried to point out in my previous posts. Counterintuitively, the guys who’ve been the most generous with me have actually been younger (sub 40) and make less, but they share much more of it.

    I highly recommend all SBs read that post. You’ll see that while my ideal sugar about monthly is $3-5K, I tend to stick with a $1-2K allowance. It exponentially increases my “pool of pots” 😀

  422. SD Guru says:

    @Midwest SB

    Glad to see life is going well for you!

    “Didn’t Guru at one point put out a formula that estimates what each income level can probably afford, after taxes, etc?”
    “I seem to recall you have a whole blog post about it. Would you be able to link it?”

    You guys have a good memory! It’s called “Allowance in Real Dollar Terms“.

    “don’t forget some men will understate their income on SA in order to detract from the most money hungry of SBs.”

    Yes they will do that. Here is what I wrote about it in my blog.

    “I seem to be having a lot of success so I’m assuming my profile is acceptable”

    You’re in a major metro area, in the right demographic, and have attractive pics. Those three things are in your favor and that’s why you’re getting lots of attention. The suggestions you’ve received should take it up another notch.

    The success you been having, is it mostly an one time thing or has it resulted in on-going arrangements? Or perhaps it’s too early to tell? Either way, I’m glad you’re having a good experience!

    Re: Tips for Newbies

    Here’s a summary of what I’ve written previously.

  423. Jersey Darling says:

    @Bella, my initial reaction to your profile and quick advice:

    – At first i didn’t read your profile. I saw the pics with the BIG black bars and moved on. If it weren’t for the sake of a profile review, I wouldn’t have bothered to read your profile because the pictures didn’t engage me.
    – Those big black bars! We all appreciate the need for discretion but if possible I’d opt for taking new photos (perhaps specifically for this site) that by design show less of your face, like profile (by profile i mean sideways or three quarter angles) shots with your hair sexily falling across your face. Black bars can work, but they cannot be so big, and it seems to defeat the purpose to have a shot that is a closeup of your face if you’re going to cover half of it.
    – Full body. You look like you’ve got a sexy little body. I got an idea of your body type from your pics, which is good enough, but why not show it more? You’ll have guys knocking down your door! If you don’t have a camera with a self timer, you can do the cell phone mirror shot or prop up your cell phone against a wall and record a video if you don’t have a remote shutter (iPhones actually have remote shutter options). Then just grab a still from the video, et voilà! Also, most guys here don’t mind the cell phone mirror pics as long as you take it in front of a mirror with no clutter and a clean background (i.e. not a messy bedroom or your bathroom mirror with a toilet in the background).
    – I’m with flyr, your last photo with the guy doesn’t help your profile. He doesn’t look good, it looks like it could have been a drunken photo, and you had to block too many faces. Either crop it to just you or delete it IMO, you are better without it.

    Your profile was just available to me before but now for some reason it is not… I’ll have to comment on the text at a later time.

  424. Jersey Darling says:

    I believe it was you who had a full post on your blog about how much income a SD has to have to be able to afford $x amount in discretionary spending for SBs. I know Jack mentioned some similar points on here, but I seem to recall you have a whole blog post about it. Would you be able to link it?

  425. Jersey Darling says:

    @Bella, I found that while having a financial slave seems fun, it’s one of the hardest types of slaves to have unless humiliating others comes naturally to you. The men I’ve found who were interested in it enjoy being humiliated to the extreme. I personally would not be able to do that with someone that was close to my personal life (and more than in other types of domination, many of those relationships happen purely online and don’t get “consummated”), nevermind a professor where I went to school. If you feel comfortable with it more power to you, these are just thoughts from someone who’s tried it.

    Are you sure he wants a full out financial slave relationship or just has tendencies? Does he want you to be appreciative of the money he gives you or be the entitled Princess who deserves it?

    I was mentored quite a bit in college and the attention a professor can border on the line of being unacceptable. That said, I don’t think it’s as big of a deal to date a professor in college to most people (at least around me), as long as it does not affect your current grades or academic standing. If he teaches courses you don’t participate in and aren’t associated with your major it may not be a problem if you keep it on the down low.

    Realistically though, especially for this sort of relationship that involves money and can be tenuous, if things go south and he develops hostile feelings toward you, how will that affect your schooling? Something to seriously consider.

  426. Bella says:

    @Dorky, Lo – Yeah, I need to sleep on this. I know he wants nothing out of this, no sex or relationship, and wants to be 110% discreet. And naturally, that is what I want too. But there is a huge amount of risk and I’ve never engaged in someone’s fetish before so being dom is unknown to me.

    We are going to meet up and talk about it. Until then I have time to think, which I definitely need to do. I welcome any more advice that anyone may have!

  427. Lo says:

    yeah it might be more trouble than its worth

  428. DorkyGuy says:

    @Bella, sounds like a recipe for disaster to me… but I am sure most girls ignore the warning signs because the risk adds an element of danger and drama that is exciting. Just measure if the real world consequences are worth it if you guys were to get caught.

    It’s generally a good idea to keep sugar separated from your real life. I mean, would you bang one of your dad’s friends?

  429. Stacy, says:

    @Sexy Rican – expect 10 dates, and one month, for every $500 per month you believe your value to be. Look at other SB profiles, measure yourself up – are you more or less impressive than the average? Although it isn’t especially flattering, you need to see yourself as a commodity, and gauge your value vs. other SBs.

  430. Bella says:

    @Stacy and Lo, Thank you! Any advice is good advice. I’m giving Google a workout right now as we speak lmao.

  431. fly says:

    @midwest – congratulations on all the good things happening. My sense is that you have stayed on your course and let that sugar which was attracted to you come to you without compromise. ……………………..

  432. Stacy, says:

    I say this because unsurity is the ultimate turn on for this fetish – he doesn’t want clear, direct arrangements.

  433. Stacy, says:

    Bella – it’s about the power surrender. You could blackmail him and destroy his life, so he feels submissive and subservient to you, which puts lead in his pencil.

    This type of arrangement, is VERY volatile – and he wants it to be that way. Not all women can manage the level of drama that comes with this type of fetish.

    I’ve found that sweet, detached, management is best. Like he’s the sweet little geeky boy in high school that you lead around by the tie, point out things “coulda woulda makes me so wet, if ….” but you never quite give him everything he wants while always wanting a tiny bit more.

    Don’t strain him with allowance requirements, he’s naturally generous – allow him the pleasure of serving you, but have a number in mind that makes you feel special (whether in gifts or cash) and don’t feel compelled to share yourself until that amount is gifted – you can do this without being explicit.

  434. Lo says:

    I can’t believe your teacher wants to play out a femdom relationship with you. Talk about playing out a huge fantasy. Bella you can get some ideas of domination from literotica, and here’s a link to a book pack based around domination http://www.mediafire.com/?ip3u3ax2547we. There’s really good material on there, even a couple books that are usually sold on Amazon. You don’t have to download the irrelevant stuff like cbt, or family jewels, or orgasm control. You’re basically just telling him what to do and controlling his wallet. Example: “you can leave me x amount of money today, and for your reward you can tell me how pretty I look in my skirt”. Maybe even ask him what his limits are before you go ahead with this arrangement

  435. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Ok changed it…now I’m waiting on approval again.

  436. Bella says:

    Ohhh boy, DEFINITELY financial fetish. I’m not used to dominating, nor am I a hugely materialistic person. This is really out of my league here, guys. Help!

  437. Bella says:

    @Lo, yeah, that’s what I’m thinking too. This is a whole new territory for me!

  438. Lo says:

    Bella that almost sounds like borderline fetish–I’m thinking financial slave maybe??

  439. Bella says:

    So, uh, yep, my prof definitely wants to provide for me. For nothing in return. He says being a provider is what makes him happy. He’s willing to go without so that I can have it all. I’m not comfortable with that kind of giving but we are going to sit down and discuss a budget that will make both of us happy.

    This is certainly a strange turn of events I was not expecting lol.

  440. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    They have been approved….

  441. Bella says:

    @Sexy, it’s probably because your profile and pics haven’t been approved yet. Give it a day or two and post your number again. 🙂

  442. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    Ok I tried looking at bellas profile, but obviously I’m doing something wrong lol…what is going on? Also I modified mine and it still is saying what I changed. My number is 1290829…my turn for advice 🙂 ty all for the help

  443. Lo says:

    hahahaa ill try to wear them with pride!

  444. Stacy, says:

    @Lo – trophies! Love trophies, lol.

  445. Lo says:

    my current SD is a biter btw, never had one before. I have two bite marks on my arm right now.

  446. Bella says:

    Oh, I forgot, part of the reason I put the black bars was because I thought it would make it less likely for people to steal my pictures and use them on other sites. I suppose that’s not likely but yeah. And I don’t have a full length pic, nor do I have anyone to take one for me. 🙁

  447. Lo says:

    my only picture is one of a random brunette with her back turned to the camera. I still get messages for some reason though.

  448. Frank says:

    Bella- I agree on the black bars, they should go away, A full body shot with your face away from camera would be better. I do like the shot with your dog.

    ps, I’ve understated my income and net worth as well. Not sure why exactly, maybe I’m afraid that a sb will use it against me somehow.

  449. Bella says:

    @Tina, interesting, I guess that just goes to show how new I am to the game! 😛

    And yeah, the prof thing is definitely gonna be kept on the lowest down-low possible. But the thing is, he says he doesn’t expect anything in return. Now, I’m obviously skeptical, but he is a genuine guy who wouldn’t want to do anything to compromise his career. He’s helped other students with rent, tuition and textbooks before, but I’m not sure to what extent…and this is going well beyond necessities, into actual pampering. I’m excited but a little unsure. I don’t want his career to be compromised because of me!

  450. fly says:

    Blurring of the eye area is fine but these look like 1950’s porn films

    As an alternative consider something with your face turned or hair covering some of your eye area.

  451. Tina says:

    @Bella: yes, some men will have their income levels selected as the lowest possible bracket so that they have the power in choosing who to look for instead of being sought after. It sounds weird, I know, but it can happen. As far as the prof, be veeeeeeeeeery careful. Mainly because when flirting with faculty, you’re putting your college career in a precarious position. But, that’s just my opinion. I’m sure there will be many others that follow 😉

  452. Bella says:

    @fly, thanks for the comments. I realize the pic with the guy isn’t the greatest, I need to find a new one. And I suppose the black bars are pretty useless anyway, if anyone who knows me sees those pics they’ll know it’s me immediately. I was just paranoid at first aha. I respectfully disagree on the mentioning my major part as I seem to be attracting the type of men who appreciate my education, but I do understand what you mean. As for the last part of my profile, I’m not sure how to otherwise filter out the guys who are using this as a dating site. Any suggestions?

    @Tina, but would they understate it so low that they seem like they couldn’t afford a sugar relationship? I mean I get it if they understate it at $150 000 but it seems more detrimental to their sugar-seeking goals if it’s less than $125 000. But I’m new to this so I could definitely be wrong!

    @Everyone…So, um, I think…I think I just sugared my prof?! Unintentionally! Not on SA but in real life and…umm. Well shit, what now?!

  453. Tina says:

    @Dorky: I believe that was Jack in either the last blog post or the one right before that.

    @Bella: don’t forget some men will understate their income on SA in order to detract from the most money hungry of SBs.

  454. Tina says:

    @Midwestie Babe: My green thumbs (or, at least, I HOPE they’re green!) are at your disposal! And congrats on the house! WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! 🙂 And we all know that when you give the sugar bowl an honest effort that you’ll be uber successful! 🙂

  455. DorkyGuy says:

    re: guys who make $50k offering more than they can obviously afford

    Didn’t Guru at one point put out a formula that estimates what each income level can probably afford, after taxes, etc? For example, how much someone would have to be making to afford $3k/month?

    I vaguely remember seeing that conversation.

  456. fly says:

    PS @bella – you should do very well if you focus on the essential issues

  457. fly says:


    Couple of comments

    You are great, the profile should be true to that

    The picture with the guy in it detracts

    The size of the dark masks detracts smaller is better

    My read is that you are open to considering as sugar mom it’s not a commitment. I think it detracts from your focus

    Your closing statement should be positive and action oriented .

    Make a positive statement about y0our income expectations

    I would not mention your major- it’s not attractive to most guys . You are working on a marketing problem not telling a story.

    summary – make it focused, positive, think about what he wants and compete on that level, ask for the order

  458. Bella says:

    For some reason it’s not letting me reply directly to comments so…

    @DorkyGuy, Thanks! I wondered about my profile being wordy as well but it seems to be attracting the type of men I’m interested in. And your last statement is correct, I’ve had a couple of offers from men who claim they can financially support a mid-to-long-term arrangements yet have incomes as low as $50 000…I’m not interested. You don’t need to be a millionaire, but you need to walk the talk, you know?

    @Lo, I’m hoping that’s a good thing! 😛

  459. Lo says:

    SDinLA naughty cat you are in for a mandatory potty training sesh.
    Bella you’re like Yoplait strawberry yogurt

  460. DorkyGuy says:

    @Bella addendum… you could probably benefit from a full-length picture

  461. DorkyGuy says:

    @Bella, you are cute! I think your pictures are well chosen… they present you as someone who is sexy, and also fun to get to know.

    I generally don’t like wordy profiles, but yours kept me engaged. Others might suggest that you make it a little more brief, but I am ok with it.

    I can see why you are having a lot of success!

    I am curious about this statement in your last paragraph… “you offer an amount that doesn’t seem to add up with your income”. Are guys offering much less then they claim they can afford, or much more than they claim they can afford?

  462. Bella says:

    I seem to be having a lot of success so I’m assuming my profile is acceptable, but would anyone care to take a look? #1333382


  463. DorkyGuy says:

    @Dawn and Sexy Rican, Midwest’s advice to share your profile number and ask people to review it is good. Just be sure to have a thick skin, because people can (and should) be brutally honest.

    Most of the guys will probably tell you that your success in attracting potential SDs is driven almost entirely by your profile photos. Your profile text can help, but put most of your effort in producing great photos. Guys are predictably superficial.

    Your success in weeding out the flakes and finding a “real” SD will be determined by your screening technique… which is as important as your photos. Beware the time wasters, picture collecters, and guys who make false promises to con you into having sex with them. The SBs can provide very specific advice for managing these issues.

    And always use safety precautions when meeting a pot!

  464. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    @jersey I’ve NEVER done anything like this, but have thought about it for a while. How long does it usually take to make money? And what do u SBs average?

  465. Midwest SB says:

    Hey Dorky! I’m happy and busy! I spend my days teaching children how to behave…ironic, don’t you think? I just bought a house too! Housewarming gifts are welcome 🙂 Lastly, I’m restarting the my master’s program and a different school, so back in the game. This life is making it more and more difficult to participate in the sugar bowl. Maybe once I’m done with school, I will give it an honest effort. How is my favorite geek? PS…loved the t-shirt!

  466. DorkyGuy says:

    Hey Midwest!!! You are a sight for sore eyes. How are you doing?

  467. Midwest SB says:

    Hey sugars! Nice to see Dorky Guy & SDinLA back…missed the witty banter!

    Hey Tina! I’m jealous of your green, mulchy thumbs and love the new avatar!

    Dawn & Sexy Rican – The first step is a great profile with amazing pictures. Make sure you know what you want and be able to “state your case”. The guys here give great profile advice, so share your number and perhaps we can get you heading in the right direction.

    Flyer – You were spot on about negotiations. It’s important to be confidant and bold when stating why you are in the sugar bowl. It’s equally important to know the right time to bring it up. 🙂 BTW – All this talk of wine is making me thirsty.

    Guru – Sorry friend. I took a hiatus and had no idea. Hope you still have time away from here to go skiing.

  468. SDinLA says:

    @Lo Sorry, I had to go REALLY bad.

  469. B says:

    totally new to this whole sugar thing..
    I started writing a blog about it and if any of you want to comment/give pointers it would be appreciated. Please don’t be bitchy as per this topic 🙂

  470. Lo says:

    my bed smells like cat pee and im not happy about it. Why can’t my roommates just pottytrain their cats???

  471. Jersey Darling says:

    @Dorky – I never got to comment on your pot rotation comment from the last post. I literally LOL’ed! It’s hilarious – the optimal timing to get the most out of your pots while some are on cool down.

  472. Jersey Darling says:

    @Sexy Rican

    You came to a great place for advice. Have you ever done anything sugar related before?

  473. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tina – You know, I used to have this thing for collecting glass roses because I’d hate when I received flowers and they’d die. The glass rose lasts forever.

    I suppose a rose bush is much the same way 🙂

  474. Tina says:

    @Sexy Rican: it took a while for anyone to respond since anyone with a new e-mail address is put into moderation for their initial comment. We have a wide range of SBs on the blog – there are some that have been in the sugar bowl for years, and others brand new. SD Guru has a blog that lists pointers for new SBs, but the easiest way to get help is to ask specific questions. I hope this helps!

  475. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: for the area that I have and the climbing roses, I don’t think the shrubberies would work my dear 🙂

  476. SDinLA says:

    @Tina Arbors? Puh-leeze, arbors are so yesterday. It’s all about shrubberies now. I recommend a shrubbery. One that looks nice. But not too expensive. And if one isn’t enough, you can add a second one, put it a bit higher so you get that two-level effect, with a path down the middle.

    @ILWCG Ice skating is not one of my talents.

  477. Tina says:

    @Jersey: and yes, I would LOVE a massage! 😉

  478. Tina says:

    @Sexy Rican: go to gravatar . com and use the e-mail you use for the blog

    @Jersey: I would actually prefer a rose bush to a dozen roses. I would love to have a rose garden of plants from someone special. As the years go on, the rose garden builds 🙂

  479. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tina – sounds like you need a massage 😀

    And at least you’re willing to work for your roses. I just want some sent to me for Valentine’s Day 🙂

  480. Lo says:

    first date with pot went very well. And he’s not one of stingy guys on this site thank god.

  481. Sexy Rican sexy says:

    @tina Mulch is sexy huh?

    Ok so am I going to get some help here? Also how do I change this so my pic comes up? Today is really my first day on here. I swear I’m not as stupid as I seem.

    How long has everyone been doing this? I feel like the new girl in school going into my senior year.

  482. Tina says:

    @Jersey: it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. My back hurts now 🙁 Looks like a lil stretching tonight after my workout 🙂 The roses are planted, mulched, and resting nicely. I’m crossing my fingers that things turn out the way I want. I have a plan for the ugly corner that holds the necessities (i.e. water hoses), but I need to find an arbor I like (I need to find 2 others for the climbing roses too).

    So much to do, so little funds to do it with…..SDs listen up – there ARE SBs that find mulch as a gift VERY sexy 😉

  483. Sexy Rican says:

    Ok this is a little too crazy for me lol. Im new here to this site, and also the SB world. Is this honestly real?? What should I expect? Some honest pointers would be nice.

  484. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tina, you’re planting roses and I’m under siege by a blizzard. I’m jealous!

  485. Tina says:

    Three of five rose bushes planted (the other two haven’t arrived yet). Now I just need to cover them in mulch, and then trim my current 3 rose bushes and fertilize them…….phew it’s been a busy gardening day! So long pretty long fingernails! It’s spring! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 😀

  486. Tina says:

    @Tequila: I wasn’t harassing you about your choice, I was poking at SDinLA 😛

  487. Stacy, says:

    I found a perfectly not practical, but at least won’t spill my Prada on the ground bag – and my sweet SD said “Of course, baby, go get whatever you want! I just wanted you to have something turquoise as a surprise.”
    What a sweetie!!!!

  488. RussianSB says:

    I pefer absolutely not practical fashion – high heels and clutches 🙂

  489. JustATequilaSD says:

    There should be some type of mixer coming up for Valentine’s Day. I can’t imagine them missing out on a romantic holiday. Check with other sb’s and also poke around online.

  490. LolaBabyK says:


  491. RussianSB says:

    @Stacy, I saw only one ”practical” bag in my life – Cathy bag from Lacoste .

  492. Stacy, says:

    Very sexy SDLA, but I preferred you putting your pussy on a pedastool.

  493. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Tina and @SDinLA
    “And as for tequila, I was talking about “regular” tequilas. ”

    I wasn’t questioning your tequila knowledge, I was merely pointing out that this brand has 7 different types, and you can tell the 11 y.o. anejo by the rainbow colored speckly stripes on the bottle. (Not the prettiest bottle they have, but highlights my bright speckly-colored personality.And since they don’t have a 40y.o. bottle, it’ll have to do.) The pink one has a rose painted on the bottle. (They also let some of those age but then they turn gold. Still put the pink rose on the bottle.) They have one aged in former port wine casks, and another aged in former Tennessee whiskey barrels. I love the concept of giving just a hint of a totally different alcohol family without sacrificing your base components. I wouldn’t mind meeting this guy and thanking him for his innovation. Then again, I have framed portraits of the Earl of Sandwich and Duke of Hamburg…more geniuses ahead of their time.

  494. Bella says:

    I’m excited for next weekend, it’ll be my second date with this SD. He’s invited his old SB along too for fun and she’s taking us out to a ‘dyke night’ at a local club. I’m sure there will be sexy times abound afterwards. 😉

    I’m feeling good about this SD, I think it’s gonna work out! 😀

  495. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    I do not do Beilman spin ever (но мой сын может, но не вращение а spiral, хорошая наследственная растяжка 🙂 if I practice enough I can do Beilman spiral.
    and actually this is how I am feeling. at the evenings I play piano at my club house , often roller blade with my son, then go play tennis… and a lot of people just blah-blah-blah… they come to our club house and blah-blah about
    nothings. anyone can blah-blah – you go and actually do something
    SDinLA. You yourself have a lot of talents.

  496. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Allo Allo (said in my best french) to you too SDinLA. No booze mmmmmm but it is Friday evening and the start of the weekend. x

  497. Stacy, says:

    The problem is, he tried to take me shopping at Tiffany to chose a present and I got nervous and didn’t pick anything. Lol – this is all my own damn fault.

  498. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: been digging in parking lots again?

  499. SDinLA says:

    Anyone else fascinated that they have identified the remains of Richard III?

    A Chia pet, A Chia pet, my kingdom for a Chia pet!

    Off to lunch, hope everyone is having a good friday…

  500. Tina says:

    @LolaBabyK: you can have allllll the SpongeBobs you want! No worries! 🙂

    @SDinLA: those Sicilians are quite the genius, eh? Inconceivable that you would beat one in a game of life and death (unless, of course, you have developed an immunity…..) 😉

  501. LolaBabyK says:

    @SDinLA You should only give SprongeBob Chias to appreciative women. Meeeee! Sorry, Tina 😉

  502. SDinLA says:

    @Tina Hmmm, I think I will graciously concede defeat on the wine issue. My top 3 “Never Dos” are:

    1. Never get involved in a land war in Asia

    2. Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line

    3. Never try to outwit the daughter of a winemaker in matter of oenology.

  503. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: haven’t we already said that communication is key in sugar? I’m just letting you know not to send me anything SpongeBob, otherwise I will hurt your feelings (and possibly your head when chunking said object back at you). 😉

  504. LolaBabyK says:

    @SDinLA This is unfortunately true. Do SpongeBob Chias have a life after death?

  505. SDinLA says:


    1. Why thank you! I know I need to hit the gym, getting a bit paunchy in the gut… too much catnip.

    2. I just said I was mortally offended when someone returned my gift of a Sponge Bob Chia. How is stating that you hate Sponge Bob going to make me want to send you any Chia at all? Hmmmph!

    3. I couldn’t think of any other way to address fly(r)’s disappearing/reappearing “r”s

  506. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: I will have to conceded that when you start talking about expensive bottles, I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting them. However, I do know just a *bit* about wine. Father being a winemaker and knowing quite a few winery owners / winemakers myself……….

  507. LolaBabyK says:

    Ask yourself what kind of SD you are looking for and then mold your profile to target those kind of men. The kind of photos you post is up to you, but keep in mind which photos represent you best & be sure that they “scream” what kind of message you’re trying to send. Also, be sure that the amount of allowance you’re asking for is appropriate to your target SDs and that you’re asking for a price that reflects what you can offer them.
    For example:
    You’re a long-legged super-model type that is picky and high maintenance. Your photos reflect that. You’re showing off your amazing body and flaunting your assets. You clearly state that you’re looking for 5k a month, at least, and you’re looking for a SD that can keep up with your lavish lifestyle.
    You’re the average woman. You’re attractive, but not a bombshell. Perhaps you’re a young college student who’s looking for just a little financial help on the side. Maybe your photos are more on the conservative side and your profile shows that you’re not looking to reach your hand into your SDs pocket, but that you’d like to be taken out to nice dinners and have help with paying the bills.
    Whichever is more like you, just be sure that your profile reflects it. Remember that finding a good SD takes time and the kind of responses you’ll get will be based on the information you provide in your profile. If intimacy is out of the question or if you don’t have photos at all, realize that your responses will probably be limited. Also, SDs are looking for attractive women, so do what you need to do to keep yourself maintained. They like it!
    Hopes this helps 🙂

  508. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: I almost forgot to mention 1) I LOVE the new avatar, VERY sexy! 2) I loathe SpongeBob, please send me a Scooby Doo Chia head and 3) Hamlet eh?

  509. SDinLA says:

    @Tina Bring it on re: the wine!!!! (In all fairness, I have to warn you that I have had some distinct advantages on the oenophile front, including friends/family with vineyards/wineries in Bordeaux, Napa etc.)

    @LV ‘Allo ‘allo to you too… life is grand when you’re a pussy… cat (and I haven’t even had a drop of tequila or any other booze today, scary, I know.)

  510. Tina says:

    @SDinLA: things keep disappearing and reappearing on the blog lately (you, DorkyGuy, helpful links, a mysterious R…..) And as for tequila, I was talking about “regular” tequilas. I’m aware that the very very good ones are aged longer. You wanna talk wine? Huh buddy? Bring it on! (And tell Spot that being a dog he’s a natural carnivorous beast, and should enjoy nibbling on said cows…..they’re quite tasty…..)

    @DorkyGuy: yeeeessssssss MINIONS! I needs more of them……
    Oh, and if SDinLA starts rummaging through your drawers, I’m sure he’ll hit your sock drawer first, so make sure you have matching pairs, hum?

  511. SDinLA says:

    @ILWCG Can you really do a Biellman spin? I am terribly impressed! That takes some serious flexibility!

    (I feel like RussianSB wit the multiple short posts…. except I checked and I don’t have Ds. :-()

  512. Lady Vuitton *1171431 says:

    Happy Weekend everyone!

    How is life treating you all?

  513. SDinLA says:

    @Stacy How you like that avatar now, Stace? RAWWWR! 😉

  514. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Correction. СевороАмериканцем.
    RussianSB. Promised you guys would learn Russian language on blog. 🙂


    It IS an ice skate on gravatar.
    Holding ice skate 🙂 ha-ha holding leg in ice skate. it is a backward spiral photo.
    I wanted to post my red bra photo but thought it would be too sexy for sex blog.:)
    But after you girls all posting sexy avatars now I need to change mine to something sexy.

  515. SDinLA says:

    @fly(r) To R or not to R: that is the question. Whethe ’tis nobler in the mind to suffe the slings and aows of outageous fotune, o to take ams against a sea of toubles…

    @LolaBabyK Alas, one cannot water one’s Chia Sponge Bob after one has been dismembered and diced into SB cubes by one’s serial killer SD.

  516. fly says:

    “Ladies I am desperate for help!! I have been trying to get a S/D for a while and I am a premium member and I reach out but I have nobody wanting me. I don’t know how to get one and I would love some help. I just moved to NY so I don’t know the city yet or where to go. Are there ever any get together s that Seeking Arrangements puts on for us to meet daddies?”

    essentials of success
    *Identification of target market
    * Product quality
    * Packaging
    * Communication designed to appeal to the target market
    *Competitive pricing

    In the economics world value comes from utility and scarcity

    Translated to sugar flow – make sure you have an appeal (profile, picture, what you are looking for) that appeals to a responsive segment of the SD population.
    You can ask to trade email addresses with some of the wise SB’s here who will offer you comments or throw yourself at the mercy of the encamped carnivores for open suggestions.

    It’s a game of numbers and of patience…….. lots of frogs

  517. LolaBabyK says:

    ~He lives in a pineapple under the seaaaaaa~
    @SDinLA I’d have LOVED it forever and ever.

  518. SDinLA says:

    @DorkyGuy I’m afraid to see what your t-shirt drawer holds… remind me not to look in it before we start spooning

    I wasn’t offended when she returned the car, I asked her to return it.

  519. DorkyGuy says:

    Wait… The Chia Sponge Bob gift beat the Mercedes?

  520. DorkyGuy says:

    @SDinLA~ LOL! Being a fellow quasi-geek with a passing interest in psychology and quantum mechanics, you may find these amusing::

    Pavlov’s Cat:

    Shroedinger’s Cat vs Pavlov’s Dog:

  521. SDinLA says:

    The only time I was truly offended was when my SB returned the Chia Sponge Bob I got her for a Chia Shrek. Shrek is great and all but, come on, how can you not love SPONGE BOB! He lives in a pineapple under the sea for god’s sake! SMH

  522. Stacy, says:

    Lol – I’m rather good at the dominatrix myself! 😉

  523. SDinLA says:

    @DorkyGuy That could be the au courant update to Schrodinger’s cat. If you put two people in an airtight box and let them argue over pictures of Joe Biden eating sandwiches, until we open the box we do not know if they have killed each other arguing, so the people in the box exist in both alive and dead states.

    @Stacy Some good advice re: the handbag. I would slant it even more and say that you LURV the beautiful designer wallet he gave you, and an open-topped bag makes you nervous that someone could steal it (and that is why you prefer bags that you can close up) So if he doesn’t mind, can the two of you pretty please go shopping for a replacement? (But you know his time is valuable and you don’t want to be a spoilt brat, so if it’s easier you are fine exchanging it on your own.)

    @Dawn There used to be a number of helpful links on the right hand side of the blog home page. I’m not sure where those went when the blog was redesigned. Maybe one of the admins will be able to point you in the direction of those helpful articles?

  524. DorkyGuy says:

    @LolaBabyK~ I like the dominatrix approach too. Tina could provide better wording. She has more experience with minions than I do.

  525. LolaBabyK says:

    I vote for the dominatrix approach!
    @SDinLA Okay, okay, I get it! The allure of a 4star hotel and expensive wine has my head spinning…

  526. DorkyGuy says:

    My contribution to the alcohol discussion:


  527. JustATequilaSD says:

    I will drink (and probably have drunk) any tequila, and without ever discriminating its age or color.

  528. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Tina and @SDinLA
    That is the 11 year old tequila in the pic, with the very colorful bottle. They also have a pink one that is made with whine. They age that one in casks formerly used for Bordeaux giving it a pink color.

  529. DorkyGuy says:

    You could always go with the dominatrix approach:

    “Mistress Stacy is unpleased. This handbag is too much like your head. Everything is falling out. Go back, you minion, and bring Mistress Stacy a worthy tribute.”

  530. DorkyGuy says:

    @Stacy~ I’m one of those guys who would be annoyed if someone returned gifts I gave them. To me, gifts that are specially chosen for someone have meaning.

    My suggestion… “Mr. SD, because of the design of the handbag, I won’t get to use it as often as I would like to. I would love it if we could go shopping together to pick out a replacement.”

    Of course the “Mr.” is optional

  531. Stacy, says:

    The sunglasses I love, but the bag has on open top, which makes it very easy for someone to steal the beautiful designer wallet he gave me, and it would fall open and everything would spill out. I love the look, but it’s impractical to own.

  532. Dawn says:

    Ladies I am desperate for help!! I have been trying to get a S/D for a while and I am a premium member and I reach out but I have nobody wanting me. I don’t know how to get one and I would love some help. I just moved to NY so I don’t know the city yet or where to go. Are there ever any get together s that Seeking Arrangements puts on for us to meet daddies?

  533. SDinLA says:

    @Tina really really good tequila can be aged in barrels for more than a decade. The stuff in the bottle in Tequila’s avatar is aged for 6 years I think, and costs more than $1,000 per bottle.

    @LolaBabyK ::::SDinLA deletes link to article on serial killers who were public figures he was about to post:::: Good luck Lola, you rule-breaking rebel, you! 😉

    @Stacy I don’t mind if a significant other wants to exchange a gift, but a lot of guys might be offended. As fly (I like how the “r” randomly come and goes) said, if you do exchange it and he asks “Are those sunglasses new? Wh aren’t you wearing the ones I got you?” That might hurt his feelings and have a negative impact on future gift giving.

  534. Tina says:

    @Russian: actually, GOOD caramel colored tequila gets the color from aging in barrels, NOT from additives. The aging is the difference between silver (non-aged), reposito (slightly aged, usually 6 months or so), and anejo (aged at least 12 months). There is also extra anejo, which is aged longer (usually around 2 years). Only the really cheap tequilas are “just” caramel colored; the good ones are caramel colored with LOTS of flavor…..

    Texas tequila rant / eduction over……..

    Now, onto planting 1/2 of my roses that have come in………

  535. LolaBabyK says:

    I’m meeting a pot SD tomorrow and I’ve broken ALL of the rules. If you guys don’t see me on the blog, you’ll know that I’m chopped up in someone’s freezer somewhere, lol. Luckily, he’s a public figure, so I’ve got some leverage there.
    On another note, he hosts a live talk radio show (with an in-studio webcam) and it’s so nice being able to see and hear him before meeting! I wish this were the case with all pot SDs. The sugar bowl would be so much easier to navigate.

  536. fly says:

    Stacy -“A bag and sunglasses! Does it make me a brat if I exchange them for something else”

    I would talk before …….. you do not want to discourage other gifts.

  537. Stacy, says:

    Another Tiffany box today!!!! A bag and sunglasses! Does it make me a brat if I exchange them for something else?

  538. SDinLA says:

    And if DorkyGuy/SDinLA spooning is a mental image that makes you all queasy, I can say that I have been in Jeremy Piven’s bedroom (actor used in blog photo above.) But I don’t kiss and tell so that’s all I can say about that… 😉

  539. SDinLA says:

    @Stacy Maybe you should oil wrestle with the gay guy and try to get IT interested. If it’s possible to get people to change teams, you and your bikini can do it! 😉

    I’m thinking of upgrading the sex appeal of my avatar too, but I haven’t been able to find any good pics of kittens in bathing suits.

    @RussianSB You want World Peace? You mean this guy?


  540. RussianSB says:

    No fight, I wish for World Piece !
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  541. Stacy, says:

    SDinLA – I’m afraid Russian’s tata’s would give her an unfair advantage in a bikini wrestling competition, Jersey’s Kardashian ass also puts her in a different class. I’m going to decline participation.

    Perhaps Treasured and Jersey could resolve their differences in the Octagon?

  542. Jersey Darling says:

    @WestCoast, is that an ice skate you’re holding in your hand in your avatar? That’s what it’s always looked like to me.

  543. RussianSB says:

    I mean ”d’oro” and ”bianco”

  544. RussianSB says:

    @Tequila, I just must share with you !
    Any ”golden” Tequila is ”silver” Tequila, colored with caramel 🙂

  545. RussianSB says:

    Cannot said better.
    If, we, girls, will picking on each other, what to wait from boys ?
    It is so cheap.

  546. babydoll says:

    hello all

    this is a nice way to let everyone know that this blog used to be very friendly and helpful,i stopped blogging here or commenting,although i know some nega comments were not directedto myself,but i found it a bit frustrrating in the end cos it was made into a joke,as girls who call themselves Sugarbabies started behaving callously and becaus of it a lot of friends who used to blog here have deserted the blog!

    i love chatting and making comments and giving opinions based on expiriences
    but there are some here who are very self indulgent and dont really blog to help but criticize others.

    i hope all of you who remain and are new would be able to carry on a value that will continue for the next generations to come, respect,dignity and ofcourse camaraderie. its true you cant buy Class as we call it in England but you can surely behave educated,if you are! after all being a Sugarbaby is about being above the rest,that includes personality.

    i am one of the Sugars who fell inlove with my Sd we are still together and one thing that made us stay is common respect for each other!

    have a wonderful weekends sugars i hope you all would find a sugary week ahead for valentines xxxx

  547. Frank says:

    “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”

    Were you talking about me?!!!!!

  548. JustATequilaSD says:

    “Guru specialised in woman’s psychology”
    I try to specialize in woman’s physiology. 🙂

  549. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Dorky Guy

    Wait, before you write that second post, I’ve decided that I do agree with your first post. Good job.

    p.s. – I’m sure you can guess the silly sarcasm in these 2 posts. I actually do agree with your concept, and I am pleased that it did not involve spooning.

  550. JustATequilaSD says:

    @Dorky Guy
    Sorry, your argument did not convince me.

  551. DorkyGuy says:

    Guys, seeing this new blog topic, I am pissed.

    Somebody had to take the time to write the last blog topic for Valentine’s day. Writing that topic required an investment of that person’s work and creativity. All of that work had to be discarded early, and it’s only February 8th. Then someone had to take the time to write a whole new blog topic.

    Why? Because people just can’t accept that they aren’t going to change the other person’s mind, and never really let a thing drop.

    Guys, if after two posts you haven’t persuaded them, it’s never going to happen. Just accept that they see things differently.

    Remember, we are allowed to comment here *only* at the good will of SA. If they want, they can just turn off commenting on the blog, and be done with the whole headache.

    Remember that next time you just can’t convince the other person of your way of thinking, but maybe one more post to make your point will do it.

  552. Treasured says:

    I have this huge love-hate relationship with the sugar…

    I wish I had the means to stop. And I really tried. But something comes up, and I realise, that being a full time student and a mum, I need an additional boost to my finances.
    And, obviously, as all in my life, if I want something – it comes…
    So, today I am having a date with something unimaginable – local SD 😀 LOL

    And another admirer just booked a holiday for both of us to go to in March. And that one I am starting to really look forward! 😀 It will be something very exotic and a country I wanted to visit for a long time 😀

  553. DorkyGuy says:

    Как это возможно, что так много людей говорят на русском?

    Я чувствую, что я являюсь единственным североамериканским на Красной площади

  554. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    А вижу к вам умор с сарказмом вернулись (с возвращением Dorky). 🙂
    what if Dorky is a small spoon ?

  555. Jersey Darling says:

    Waiting to catch a super late train after meeting with the person who flew in from London. Been waiting for the train for an hour – who said sugar is all glamorous? 😛

    Responding to some posts from the last thread, albeit from my phone so it’ll be brief!

    @Frank, you’ve always had access to my email if you wanted it 🙂 I’ve posted it on the blog before. Puffin 532 at gmail

    @I LoveWestCoastGirl
    I do appreciate the Sophia and Monica comparison! At first I read it as being told to look at them as role models, but to be compared to either of the two women is a huge compliment!

    I reference Kim Kardashian for one reason only; her hips/butt. Of course the first two are much classier comparisons 🙂

    Just boarded the train. Soon it’ll be time to put the secret life aside as I go to bed and back to work tomorrow…

  556. SDinLA says:

    @ILWCG I have a хна tattoo of DorkyGuy’s face on my back. That way if he is the big spoon, he has to stare at himself.

  557. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Thank you for compliment 🙂
    May be my style is too conservative . 🙂

    I was thinking , this guy said he loved my profile picture (only bottom part of swimming suit on , + 2 хна tattoos on back Photo) . may be he thought I was going to wear same outfit 🙂 for our first meeting .
    And I showed up all classy and conservative.
    but it is OK, he was gentleman. 🙂

  558. SDinLA says:

    @Stacy It appears you already have the bikini on. Anybody got the oil?

    @RussianSB Are you volunteering for the bikini oil wrestling with Stacy?

    @Stacy again, I need to get married twice and divorced twice so RussianSB will pay attention to me… know anyone (or two) in Vegas who’d fit the bill?

  559. RussianSB says:

    Yes, sister !

  560. Stacy, says:

    @Russuan – I think they’d enjoy the fight more if the cats were oiled up and in bikinis. Lol

  561. RussianSB says:

    I am surprised with Tequila opinion, but , you, the GURU … I don’t know, I thought you are specialised in woman’s psychology . Boys , don’t comment ”cat fight”, just enjoy it ! As , I am sure, you do.

  562. RussianSB says:

    GURU, you are Saint ! And women are witches , in old times flame, actually,
    did help to remain silent 🙂

  563. Stacy, says:

    SDLA, I would like to like how IT feels unfortunately, IT Isn’t particularly interested in feeling me. Lol!

  564. SD Guru says:

    Re: The Blog Topic
    “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”

    I’d add to that: Don’t throw any flames, and more importantly, don’t take the bait. That shouldn’t be too hard to do.

  565. RussianSB says:

    Where all the newbies, who asks – ”Can I have platonic arrangement ?”
    Yes, you can. Just insert in your profiles : ”Looking for smart, intellegent, good-looking, well dressed gay SD”

  566. RussianSB says:

    *Sugar Daddy: The modern sugar daddy is a successful and generous man who is willing to pamper and offer financial help or gifts to a young person in return for friendship and companionship.
    He IS gay… from description 🙂

  567. SDinLA says:

    @Stacy if you like the way it feels, then more power to you! You go girl.

  568. Lo says:

    mmmmm meaty pizza…

  569. SDinLA says:

    For all the SBs (When you need a brownie fix but don’t want to make a whole pan of them)


  570. fly says:

    From the prior

    ““although I know that a true SD would love helping me I don’t really feel comfortable discussing my financial needs with any of the people I’ve gone on dates with. UGH.””

    OK –


    a) You have a problem and it might be found in the bathroom mirror. Report directly to the mirror, do not pass GO ……………. Look at the mirror and say softly, “I am attracted to this site because it has the potential ease my financial burden/brighten my financial outlook and perhaps meet some great people along the way.

    Why are you here

    Visualize a couple who met on seeking meaty pizza –

    HE – I think we should meet
    She – of course

    HE – Hi, what do you feel like?
    She – Silence, thinking ——should I be asking for a salad , or bowl of soup . But wait – We met on Seeking Meaty Pizza ……………. I’ll tell him I am here for the pizza

    He – How about some pizza
    She – I have enjoyed pizza at some great places, right now my appetite is for a pizza with some real meat, I need my calories

    I understand the need for physical, intellectual, cosmic connections but the site exists because very desirable women have decided that they would like a relationship that includes some financial component beyond entertainment and small gifts.

    If you have trouble bringing up the subject in a meeting then tell the SD on the phone or by mail what some of the sisters suggested – I’m attracted to you but I’m here because ………………………… and I need to know how that fits into your program……..

    A more experienced SB may have found that simply saying I’m attracted, let’s meet and then discuss the foundational issues. Never let the concept that sugar is foundational leave the table. The more experienced SB has probably learned to sense the moment the SD is most vulnerable to the financial discussion and picks the moment to win.

    Of course very few if any sugar agreements are written and might not even be enforceable. So you need to be a judge of character too.

    Back to the beginning – you might even put the ball in his court by reminding him that financial is why you are here- that you are going to leave it to him to lead that discussion but that there is no reason for you to meet unless he is willing to proceed with a true arrangement.

    Personally I am not here to listen to tales of woe etc. It is simple enough to either say that in this economy income does not equal the lifestyle to which you aspire or to say that you want to move from x to y ( school etc) . I would not detail your budget but if asked be prepared to state your objective as a single number or range.

    Several years ago I was meeting potential SB’s and I met with one I really liked but when she opened the allowance discussion it reminded me of my meetings with the company accountant. Only later did I discover that her real expectations were well below my expectations and it could have been something great.

    Personal belief is that it is productive to discuss longevity expectations up front. I realize that SD may lie or not live up to what they say but if you are thinking of buying a house with the sugar income as an important part (not a good idea) you need to focus on the probability it will last.

  571. Stacy, says:

    SDinLA – what I am saying is that my non-sex wanting SD feels, acts, and has needs that feel quite similar to an SD, minus the penetration. I think you misunderstand what it means (and feels like) to be a beard. It feels identical to forcing chemistry with an SD who is generous but not sexy – it’s more SD/SB FEELING than many of the more traditional arrangements I’ve had.

  572. SDinLA says:

    @Lo and Stacy A gay person having a straight companion to camouflage his/her sexuality is quite common, it’s been around for decades, especially with public figures in Hollywood Tom *cough* Cruise *cough* and politics/business.

    As I said in the prior blog, it’s called a “beard.”


    I just think it’s really a stretch to refer to that situation as a SD (Maybe Brandon needs to start a sister site for that purpose! SeekingBeards.com anyone?) If two people who meet on SA get married, would the wife refer to her husband as a SD? Some people find BFs and GFs here, is that BF a SD?

    @Stacy ergo I think you found a guy to be a beard to, and you found him on SA. But IMO it doesn’t fit into the definition of what a SD is… actually, if I was a gay guy who needed a beard, SA would be a logical place to look: tons of attractive women looking for non-traditional relationships based on financial assistance… but that would not make me a SD.

  573. Leila says:

    Here’s to stabilizing peace after the World War III.

  574. Lo says:

    cute blog topic. BTW Stacy can I just say how envious I am that you have a gay SD that naturally doesn’t ask for sex? hmm how can I find me one of those…

  575. Leroy says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!