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The Sugar Bucket List – Things Every Sugar Couple Should Experience
  • Posted Mar 12, 2013


Everyone has, or at least should have, a bucket list. Life is too short, and it is best enjoyed with someone else. Whether your arrangement is a friendship or a romance, one should always aspire to make the experience sweeter.

Here are some memorable ways to add a dash of spice to any sugar couple’s lifestyle:


  • Run a marathon/amazing race together (And survive).
  • Take a class together (Dancing, language, photography, etc.).
  • Crash a random party (Wedding, birthday, etc.).


  • Go sky-high minus the airplane (Helicopter, hot-Air Balloon, hang gliding, etc.).
  • Ride something other than a car (Horse, camel, elephant, etc.).
  • Take a road trip across the U.S.

Food and Drink

  • Cook an entire (edible) meal together.
  • Literally eat food from its origin (Pizza in Italy, etc.).
  • Go wine tasting.

R & R

  • Re-enact the Corona commercial (Relax on a remote beach).
  • Devote an entire afternoon to a couple’s spa.


  • Kiss under the pouring rain a la The Notebook.
  • Watch the sunrise (Bonus points if you stay up all night).
  • Undress each other (Pretty self-explanatory).
  • Have sex in public (Without getting caught).


  • Cut the line at a club.
  • Rent a yacht for the day.
  • Start a joint business venture.


What are some other “bucket list” activities that you wish to accomplish? What have you already accomplished?

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58 Responses to “The Sugar Bucket List – Things Every Sugar Couple Should Experience”

  1. Jersey Darling says:

    OzSD, the change hasn’t just been on the blog – it’s across the entire site. The sites populace is increasingly leaning towards these “thinly veiled arrangements” and the participants involved actually believe this is what sugar is supposed to be. You should join us on the latest post, we’re debating this exact topic.

  2. OzSD says:

    sTacy context is everything and I have no problem with giving your body a nudge to get it on the same page with your brain. If you find someone hideous and a little coaxing won’t get your body dancing then, then with respect, I don’t think it’s in an SBs interests to be in an arrangement with them. In a less important way, it’s not in the SD’s best interest either.

    It’s a tad gauche to attempt witticisms when your contention is without substance. You imply I’m a hypocrite but I must have missed where I said or implied that it’s only “what’s on the inside that matters.” Perhaps the Emperor isn’t the only one missing his metaphorical raiment.

    Finally, you SD’s are here because our lack of merit? Are you for real?

  3. sTacy, says:

    Oz, nobody was whining – we were discussing how to make your body agree with your brain when you know something can help make your life easier if just doesn’t make your pants dance.

    If you were all about “what’s on the inside matters” then you wouldn’t be on this site. Come on! SDs know that they’re giving out sugar in exchange for something they couldn’t get on merit and looks alone. Don’t go calling the kettle names, you’re a POT!

  4. OzSD says:

    This blog is usually a fairly positive place, but lately I’ve noticed a real increase in negative nastiness – it’s ugly not at all classy.

    @Lexxy – I just cringed when I read your post. What the hell are you doing even contemplating sexually intimacy with an SD or anyone who you so hideous? Just speaking for myself don’t do it to yourself or the poor bastard SD you’ve allowed things to progress that far with.

    If an SB is going actually going to go through with something like that how can they legitimately complain about it.

    SDs who behave like cavemen with their SBs; who don’t think establishing a rewarding relationship within boundaries is a huge benefit of an arrangement; and disdain foreplay where it’s ‘on the table’ (or anywhere else) are obviously to be avoided!

    But light bulb moment! – how about not starting an arrangement with an SD or anyone else like this?

    Comments from SBs about what they’d put up with in a ‘real life relationship’ versus a ‘sugar based’ arrangement just highlight the problem – stupidly unrealistic expectations of SDs and SBs of each other! How about a bit more reality and more ‘real life relationship’ perspective and compromise – omg how controversial!

    SBs if the prospect of being intimate with older men who aren’t in your own age bracket is so unappealing then what are you doing on this site. I wonder just how many 20 something SBs find 20 SDs? I think we all know the answer. And how about a bit of self honesty – if all that is important to you is being with a man with the time to spend all day nursing his physique then why are you here, there are plenty of them around most with about 3 braincells to rub together and a similar amount of dollars.

    No? You are here looking for an SD with ambition, achievement and the financial means to treat you like a princess? Then hadn’t you better stop with the whining, compromise and show some respect along the way?

    SDs – wake up to the fact that if you act like a caveman no amount of money is going to work for you in any relationship or arrangement. A rendezvous with someone practicing the ‘oldest profession’ is more your style.

    SDs – if you want an arrangement with an SB 25-30 years your junior then there are going to be issues that ‘sugar’ is going to struggle to overcome – not least of which is what the hell do you talk about with someone who could be your granddaughter? But if all that’s important to you is being with a 20 year old SB with model looks then feeling like Mr ATM should be the least of your worries!

    More realistic expectations is going to mean more successful arrangements, more mutual respect and less whinging!

  5. Ashlion says:

    Ladies, I need HELP! I am new to the SD/SB relationship and I finally found a good one! He keeps asking me what I’d like.. ie… yoga classes, manicures, etc. What are some things I can ask for in addition to my allowance? I’m not good at asking for my needs to be met, so I definitely need assistance with suggestions and with how to phrase things! 🙂

  6. CaribSB says:

    It’s been ages since Iv’e posted here, between a heavy school schedule, work, sugar, dating and other things, I have kind of dropped off. I had to do a whole week of catching up and now it like a whole new blog and many new faces,lol!

    My 2 cents… If you have to have a few glasses in order to be intimate with your SD, I believe it borders on another type of arrangement/agreement (possibly the back alley type). Now there is no judgement here, as it does also take a bit of guts, but one should seriously rethink sealing an arrangemt deal if it is repulsive to you. A month and a half ago I had a similar situation with a potential, conversations were good (which is a very important factor) the offer was very high (monetarily), I was leaning towards accepting, as he seemed thoughful and made perfect arrangements for a weekend meet. I was a bit iffy as his pictures were okay but not fully representative and I needed a physical meet to really know, and I made him aware of this (so no guarantees or high hopes)… When we met I immediately knew it was not going to work and I couldn’t hide it much (didn’t want to). I wasn’t rude or insulting, but I also was obviously distant physically. I decided right away not to take the cash agreed to, but we went ahead with weekend plans for dinners, keeping the villa and other planned activities. I felt I owed it to him and facilitated his enjoyment (strip club), I was a good sport and even enjoyed myself. I couldn’t go through with anything else, as I was not attracted to him in any way.

    In a nutshell, if I had gone through with it, intoxicated or not, I would have been a few thousand richer with likely an ongoing allowance in the future, but I would have felt really awful the next day and after (for a # of reasons), no doubt. @Lexxy, this should be the basis of your decision to go through with it .

  7. Lo says:

    hahahaha alcohol releases your latent psychic abilities–my pot SD who wants the works is Asian

  8. Lexxy says:

    Im so hungover I saw “asians and facials..”

    dear god

  9. lexxy says:

    It went…well…until I went out with my real booty call and got plastered… woops…..
    He’s slim, slimmer then I thought, just takes forever to…..bust…..lol.
    I need McDonald’s and Gatorade right now…

  10. Treasured says:

    “Anal and facials”….

    As well as threesomes, foursomes, kinks of all kinds.
    I guess at least I have been fortunate enough to be with SDs who understand the word “no” – I don’t do “A” levels.

    From previous blogs. Daniel – welcome. Looks like you have a perfect arrangement. Enjoy your SB and don’t stress yourself with the “does she loves me” question.

  11. Lo says:

    anal gymnastics and facials? sounds about right lol

  12. sTacy, says:

    Frank – you’d probably do better with a health conscious woman your own age then. Have you tried Ashley Madison instead of sugar sites?

  13. Frank says:

    I just want a little attention from a kind hearted woman, I am so pitiful.

    ( I wish I still had my sling, it was working for me for a while)

  14. sTacy, says:

    Ah Frank, if all you’re wanting is a little oral attention you’re a true gem of an SD. Most want anal, gymnastics, and facials. Lol

  15. Frank says:

    Yeah, and you know what you have to use to push my ATM’s buttons, your wet sexy TONGUE!

  16. sTacy, says:

    You know what I find turns me on with my SD?

    A good… thick…. infusion … of hard …. CASH! Lol!

  17. Lo says:

    LMAO they aid in lowering stress levels hahaha

  18. Frank says:

    Adaptogen supplements- I had never heard of such. Maybe I can get some adaptogen through an IV and I won’t need a SB, I can just stay at home. Or maybe I can get some one to do a lobotomy instead. Oh well, I’ll do 60 miles on my bike saturday and get my mind right!

  19. Lo says:

    Lexxy I almost died when I read your “I might almost gag” post I completely understand. What I do is take some adaptogen supplements before I see the guy. Alcohol like a glass of champagne DEFINITELY helps. I’m thinking of even taking a couple shots before meeting my next pot SD. Then when I do them I think of a guy I have the hots for in real life. But sometimes even that doesn’t help with the minor gagging especially when giving oral.

  20. Jersey Darling says:

    Haha. Frank – as long as your buttons are being pushed in the best way possible, that’s what matters 😉

  21. Frank says:

    Jersey, my calibration is probably off, threw away all my mirrors 10 years ago. lol

  22. Frank says:

    BTW-thanks everybody for helping me understand that I am be treated like an ATM. Now I understand that, I am OK with it, at least until I find somebody who is simpatico.

    Anyway, now that I know that I am an ATM, I will dispense money only when my buttons are pushed in the correct order.

  23. Jersey Darling says:


    BTW, most of the SB I have met around here (granted, these are the boonies) are about comparable to me on a 1 to 10 scale, and if I were close to their age, no comparison. (imho)

    That’s surprising. I’m not sure if the calibration on your scale is wrong, or if you have exceptionally bad taste in that you’re picking women who apparently don’t compare to you AND use you as an ATM.

    There’s no reason for that to be the case. Either hold out for a woman you find attractive, treats you well, or both.

  24. Frank says:

    @stacy: The older men get, the more I find they want to pleasure you this way – they can’t jackhammer like a 22 year old anymore, and the equipment gets a little unpredictable.

    Not true for all older men, Maybe as we got older we understand the equipment better, and enjoy the pleasure of giving as well as receiving.

  25. Frank says:

    @Frank, why do you allow yourself to be treated like an ATM by women who obviously don’t respect you? This is my biggest pet peeve with SDs. You deserve better.
    And now she has cancelled tonight because she has to get her hair done. I expect her to email me tomorrow to pay for it because she is overdrawn. Haha

    @stacy:Lol – of course we notice, and don’t exactly love the effects of time and gravity – neither do you, or you’d date women your own age.

    Woman my age have mostly let them selves go to pot. My hair may be gray, and I have a few wrinkles, but did two marathons last year and put 5000 miles on my bike. No sags on me. BTW, most of the SB I have met around here (granted, these are the boonies) are about comparable to me on a 1 to 10 scale, and if I were close to their age, no comparison. (imho)

    Besides you are ignoring a well understood phenomenon, that a person’s innate attractiveness is directly related to their fertility in the case of women, and virility in the case of men.

  26. Lady_t2121 says:

    It will not let me post and i dont under stand what you want me to type in. Who know what them codes mean.

  27. Lady_t2121 says:

    I cant get my picture on there I have red and red that post you have for it and it dont work. I dont leven know what a POPE Or the other one is .

  28. lexxy says:

    See, I love giving, non stop. My ex bf would actually get mad at me (and I pretty much broke his D), from the nonstop oral I gave.
    But, dunno, experienced a lot of different guys, and just not into the receiving. I can fake it, but just don’t like it

  29. sTacy, says:

    In the wise words of Dan Savage, famed sex columnist: Oral comes standard, and any model that’s deficient should be immediately returned to the factory as defective.

    – This applies to giving and receiving!

  30. sTacy, says:

    A truly great SB loves sex! Everything about sex, in every form. You don’t have to be a double penetration freak-a-leak (to use Lo’s term) but you can’t have hang ups about your basic, vanilla things. Even if you don’t go crazy over it, provide a little theater and a lot of tolerance. Fake it till you make it.

    The older men get, the more I find they want to pleasure you this way – they can’t jackhammer like a 22 year old anymore, and the equipment gets a little unpredictable.

    If I were an SD, a woman not liking oral (giving and receiving) would be a deal breaker.

  31. Treasured says:

    While we are on a subject. There are two types of men. One, men who do it because it is required and they are going to get something in return.
    And second, a rare kind, who are genuinely into it. And dive in with the same enthusiasms as a Vinnie the Pooh dived in in a jar of honey. And they genuinely get off for making a woman cum. Those are amazing! Every girls should experience “Mr. Pussy” 😛

    Well, there is a third kind… Who just don’t do it. Full stop. Acceptable in sugar, but NOT in real life relationships.

  32. Treasured says:

    Lexxy – Oral is AMAZING! You just need to find a man who knows what he is doing 😉

    My SD is fixated on giving it to me. Non stop. By non-stop, I mean non stop. And he isn’t even worried about coming himself… I am even woken up by it.
    Not that I am complaining 😀

  33. lexxy says:

    It’s not a hang up, I’m completely into my vag, I just don’t derive pleasure from being gone down on. Never have. Just my quirk

  34. sTacy, says:

    Lexxy – you’ve gotta get over the oral hang up – vaginas are amazing, not gross, and you’re SD wants to be able to enjoy it.

  35. lexxy says:

    I got wine lol!
    I’m one of those Weird girls who hates receiving oral sex, so that’s out for me.
    I’m sure I’m just hyping myself up

  36. sTacy, says:

    Well, that and doggy style so you can pretend he’s someone else, lol!

  37. sTacy, says:

    GTT – it isn’t necessarily unpalatable, but SDs do tend to want their SBs to be in the mood, full throttle, as soon as the SD is in the mood. And, we all know that women’s bodies don’t work that way.

    Plus, there’s the physical attraction hurtle which can often be surprising the first time one sees a man who is so much older! Liquor and Lube help a girl pretend to be more physically into the moment than she actually is.

    I have a different approach though Lexxy – let him pay attention to you! Marvels what a little oral from a man can do for a girl’s libido. Lol

  38. Lexxy says:

    Im thinking that its steak and bj day, I can slip by and warm up to the thought 😀

  39. Treasured says:

    gtt – You are an exception. Normal practise allowance being handed down JUST before (max a week before) the sex.
    Or is it just with me?

  40. Treasured says:

    @Lexxy – some good Champagne and a bit of lube…

    BUT. Get ready for having an emotional hangover the morning after (especially if you don’t want him physically). FIRST time is tough.

    My first time was horrid… The morning after was horrid. And I would have not survived if I didn’t stay at the Dorchester and didn’t have the option of using the Dorchester Spa the next day. HEHE
    Which I did 😀 Dom Perignon Champagne included. It did make it all so much better 😀

  41. Lexxy says:

    I have a mental connection, just not a physical, so it could be worse.
    Everything is up front, and I knew the expectation of sex up front too.
    I think half if it is being with someone new too since I was with my now ex bf for a year.

  42. gtt_envy says:

    @Lexxy, just because you have received a allowance doesn’t mean SEX is a must. Have you guys agreed to everything upfront or have there been assumptions made? Normally my SB’s get a allowance, fun dates, for at least 4-8 weeks before SEX is even on the table. It’s just (fooling around) before that.

    @Stacy may be right idk but if it’s that unpalatable gosh I hope that doesn’t bleed through in you guys first encounter.

    Good luck, but I would keep looking cause that doesn’t sound fun at all!!

  43. sTacy, says:

    Lexxy – porn, tequila, and a little lube – necessary SB routine before you meet! Lol

  44. janine says:

    I’d like to take a yacht to a remote island for sex on the beach. I think that covers all of it 🙂

  45. Lexxy says:

    Ok SB I need some help and guidance.
    I’ve locked down my first real SD…I’ve been given my allowance, now its time to seal the deal…
    Im totally nervous..
    He is def not anything I would go for IRL…..I am not attracted to him physically, but we do get along.
    I mean I am definitely worried I might gag….
    Maybe its just like “first date nerves”
    I dont know…
    Any suggestions for the first “seal the deal”

  46. Jersey Darling says:

    Treasured, I missed you too :mrgreen:

    @Lo: “Jersey why do you disappear when SDinLA disappears??”

    Because I’m hopelessly infatuated with him and without him, my blog life is no longer worth living? 😉

    I had some issues IRL I had to attend to.

    In other news, from the last blog topic I see a lot of the outlandishly high sugar expectations are still in tact. I fall in the camp with RussianSB – my sugar relationships and regular relationships are very similar, with one caveat that Ellen pointed out – I’ll tolerate more rescheduling and sometimes bad behavior in a sugar relationship. In a regular relationship, my emotional needs take priority. What so many men fail to realize when they want to withdraw sugar from a relationship is how much regular relationships fail due to financial stress. Then, you can add to the pot of difficulties the class difference that is likely to be prevalent between the SD and his former Sb. I, for one, have a hard time dating someone wealthy when I am not wealthy because I find we have different attitudes toward work, leisure, etc and those are core fundamentals for a couple not to relate on.

    Men, what most of us want is stability. Whether it is because we know you will love us in sickness and health and at our very worst when our world is falling apart, or because we know you will provide stability financially in monthly increments and because of that you make our lives better, we want to know you are secure. If you are not prepared to do the first, you are not prepared to withdraw the latter.

    @Frank, why do you allow yourself to be treated like an ATM by women who obviously don’t respect you? This is my biggest pet peeve with SDs. You deserve better.

    And finally… dangly balls. LOL

  47. WCSD says:

    A sugar bucket list? No, I definitely don’t have one of those. One for my life? Absolutely! Could some of those be checked off with a SB? I certainly hope so, but if I can only do it with a SB, then it isn’t on my list. I don’t believe that something that is driving my life should have items on it that are limited to sugar.

  48. Treasured says:

    Hey Jersey!

    Welcome back. I might even add that I missed you 😀

    To be honest… For me physical does matter. In a Sugar relationship not much, but in real life – A LOT. I don’t mean he has to look like Brad Pitt in his golden days, but, he does have to look good. Definitely not fat or obese (a few extra kgs is fine), and no “dangly balls” either.

  49. Jersey Darling says:

    Hello all! I’ve been gone for a few weeks, looks like I have a lot of blog catching up to do…

    Absolutely none of that list would make my bucket list.

    Re: Aging bodies, it’s just like being turned off by someone fat… depends on how much you focus on the physical. For me, the physical doesn’t matter much.

  50. lexxy says:

    Stacy is right.

  51. sTacy, says:

    @Frank –

    From the previous blog, if you don’t like the idea of a woman turned off by your aging body – don’t go after women 20 years younger than yourself. How do you feel about the idea of having sex with a woman 20 years older than you?

    Lol – of course we notice, and don’t exactly love the effects of time and gravity – neither do you, or you’d date women your own age.

  52. sTacy, says:

    An afternoon at Tiffany!

  53. Bella says:

    Role reversal: sugar babies do the treating, planning, and gift giving for a day while the daddies work to please you- in and out of the bedroom!

  54. gtt_envy says:

    IDK, that’s a very hard one!! Have it feel natural would be my only comment.

  55. Treasured says:

    Limitless shopping in Harrods and making any weirdest sexual fantasy come true or a sex party, such as KK, as a reward 😀


  56. DorkyGuy says:

    Leroy, nice article!

    A couple could combine the Romance and Wealth categories by renting a jet and watching two sunrises on the same day!

    You could also watch two sunrises on the same day by base jumping, which would be in the Adventure category.,

  57. Leroy says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!