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Etiquette: Is Sugar Daddy Going Through a Rough Time?


We would all like to think that our Sugar Daddies are Super Daddies. The Masters of the Universe. However, any veteran Sugar Baby will know that all Daddies are susceptible to falling on rough times. A word to the wise: Before you go packing your bags and dipping into the Sugar Bowl, keep in mind those that weather the worst storms receive the greatest rewards. Now, I’m not saying that things will not get tricky, because they might. Remember our Sugar Daddies are much like boyfriends. The only difference is that they are rich and sometimes much older.
1. Health Problems
Many Sugar Babies feel powerless when faced with ailments their Daddies are facing. I mean, we’re supposed to have rejuvenated and added energy to their lives! If your Daddy is cutting down on visits due to required checkups and surgeries, send a text message after each one to see how he is doing and feeling. It shows that in good health and bad, you will stand by his side. Just try not to include talk of money in said communication lest he assume you’re just checking to see if the biggie bank has run out.
2. Personal Problems
Show of hands: how many of us have had arrangements with married gentlemen? Some of us are lucky enough that their wives encouraged Sugaring. She enjoys her country clubs and balls while you enjoy the trips to Rodeo Drive and the Bahamas. Unfortunately, it isn’t all that easy. When your Daddy is facing a divorce or other issues with their spouses, investigate what the specifics are. Some Sugar Daddies need to be extra discreet when facing an ugly divorce. Once you have the info all your inquiries about the matter should halt. Unless he brings it up, to you nothing bad is going on in his life. Be extra affectionate and loving during this time. Often times these men are feeling underappreciated and bitter. Showing him some love reminds him that his Sugar will always stay sweet.
3. Professional Problems
A project of his has tanked, his partners mishandled a big case, etc. Let’s be honest. Unless you are in the same field or majoring in your Sugar Daddy’s line of work, you will have no idea what he is complaining about. However, this does not mean that you should play dumb. Your Daddy is with you because he feels like one of the Masters of the Universe, so give your insight on the matter but steer clear of a possible debate.
4. Financial Problems
“Don’t you know that a man being rich is like a girl being pretty? You wouldn’t marry a girl just because she’s pretty, but my goodness, doesn’t it help?”-Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. If you have established a relationship with this Sugar Daddy, then don’t be quick to dismiss him as Splenda. Everyone has made bad investments here and there. If he starts lessening meetings, take him aside and discuss why. Nine times out of ten he is avoiding the “change in allowance” talk. If the new arrangement suits your needs then stick around—sometimes a lull produces even better financial gain for a man. His investors won’t be the only one’s receiving profit sharing.

Have you weathered a rough patch with a Sugar Daddy?
What other challenges should Sugar Babies be prepared for?

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78 Responses to “Etiquette: Is Sugar Daddy Going Through a Rough Time?”

  1. I definitely have been there myself. One of my former sugar daddies was going through a really nasty divorce. I remember that we had to be extra discreet. We were actually so discreet, that whenever we’d go through the toll booth, we put foil over the E-Z Pass and shove it in the back seat so it wouldn’t read. I eventually decided that I couldn’t handle that type of arrangement and found another SD.

  2. Jersey Darling says:

    And just to clarify my comment above, it’s not geared toward anyone – but with all the fetishists on this site, I’m pretty sure there’s room for everyone.

    A lot of subs in particular prefer chubbier women or BBWs because they have a more domineering presence.

  3. Jersey Darling says:

    @Frank I agree with Tina. She can reach out to any of the other pots she’s failed with and ask them.

    @Stacy, I think it’s all about what someone had to offer that’s unique and how you package it. Excuse the bluntness, but I’m pretty sure you can be ugly, fat and a bitch and still find a sub on this site that would squirm for you. Just need to package yourself accordingly.

    And no matter what your size, being pretty and well taken care of helps.

  4. Frank says:

    Tina-advice heard and heeded! I just feel sorry for her.

  5. Tina says:

    @Frank: nope, don’t you DARE tell her why she doesn’t have a SD. You need to back away from her, and don’t respond to her at all. Otherwise, your white knight will come back out and make you do something foolish (like end up in an arrangement with her, even though we all know you don’t really want to). She will have to either find out on her own, or reach out to friends.

  6. Frank says:

    Poor little Lo pussy, here let me give it some nice thick cream, maybe it will feel better!

    Sassy- I am so happy for you, and jealous of your SD. Treat him well!

    Russia, you must have some tips for the SB’s on how to weed out the fake SD’s. Did your friends recover from your slumber party?

    BTW- its a plus if you are a SB and your IQ is higher than your weight. Is it a negative if you can make that claim if you are a SD. (NO I am not a dwarf haha)

  7. sTacy, says:

    Although there may be someone for everyone in the real world, expect it to take a LONG time in the sugar world, or expect maybe $1000 per month – max. Unless you have something unique to offer in addition to being big and beautiful, supply of chubby flesh far exceeds demand (in volume and number of SBs on this site).

  8. Jen says:

    Yes, there are SD’s out there looking for bigger girls.

    Now that there is a “report” option, is there anyplace on the website for “SB’s” only to discuss or view “bad SD’s”?

  9. Jersey Darling says:

    Jayne, sorry for the confusion. Only the last sentence of the last paragraph you quoted was directed to you. As Theresa stated, there’s someone out there for everyone. Some of us just appeal to broader audiences than others.

  10. Jayne says:

    @ Theresa
    Thank you for your polite response, I found it encourging.

  11. Jayne says:

    “Jersey Darling says:

    March 27, 2013 at 12:23 am

    @Treasured, I’m not sure why you would have experience with “chubby chaser” SDs because you are slim.”

    But since you’ve said I look chubby in the past and I’ve had SDs… Yes Jayne, they are out there”

    That was my first post, so I never said you looked chubby. Perhaps there is another poster going by the same username?

  12. Lo says:

    has anyone had an irritated kitty after rough sex ;/

  13. Theresa says:

    @Treasured if my IQ is more than my weight then I must be a genius!! Jayne yes there are SDs who are “chubby chasers”. Just be honest and let them know about your weight. Really there is someone out there for everyone, even you. I’m only 5 ft. tall and weigh 155 and I have a SD, who treats me really well. Granted, I don’t go to San Tropez and Gstaad but that’s not really what I’m looking for.

  14. RussianSB says:

    Sure, a lot of fake sd on the web, don’t forget, girls, that real sd know where he can find cool chicks fishing for him in real life. And only if he is very descreet, very busy, or very shy he will look at the web.

  15. sTacy, says:


    Finding an SD takes months. A few tricks to remember: always have a few POTs lined up, never assume that the guy who shows a lot of interest before the meet won’t suddenly poof. Next, discuss $$ up front, and NO sugar for him before there has been $ugar for you – be subtle and friendly about it, but you have needs, and you’ve been taken advantage of, so you need to be cautious going forward. Another thing to remember: 75% of the men on SA are NOT actually sugar daddies – they’re just fakes, liars, and perves trying to date out of their league.

    They either don’t plan to ever give any allowance at all, or they don’t really have any money to give. At least SA added a report feature now which may cut down on the worst of them.

  16. Jersey Darling says:

    Frank – Perhaps a quality SD is open to that, but it’s hard finding quality lately…

  17. sassynsweet says:

    Frank – Trust me, there are good girls out there! I almost quit the search for an SD after a month or two of just play for pay type offers and cheap guys who wanted me for 2k a month, but then my SD (aka knight in shining armor, the super stud) swept me off my feet. Generous, intelligent, insightful, and a super sexy 60 to my sweet innocent 20, he’s all I’ve wanted and more. And he teaches me a lot 😉 If he exists for me, so does a great girl for you.

  18. Frank says:

    @sd guru-He doesn’t need an intervention. He’s just locationally challenged.

    I am not only locationally challenged, I am marriage challenged and age challenged. Otherwise I am PERFECT!

    Jersey- you might try opening up to a SD, the result might surprise you.

    I have a new potential. Curvy girl, she seems nice and she just joined the gym, so I am sure in 6 weeks she will be all toned up!

    Plain girl emailed me and wanted to know why she couldn’t find a SD, they all meet her and tell her she is good looking, but no one wants to be her SD. Should I tell her why?

  19. Jersey Darling says:

    @Treasured, I’m not sure why you would have experience with “chubby chaser” SDs because you are slim.

    But since you’ve said I look chubby in the past and I’ve had SDs… Yes Jayne, they are out there 🙂

  20. Dolce says:


    Thank you so much for the advice. I also think the way SD 1 and I met sort of makes it difficult to truly transition to a real relationship, but I guess we’ll have to see where things go. On the other hand, SD 2 is extremely generous so I’m pretty happy with him. Thank you again!

  21. Treasured says:

    Last full day in X! Have been AMAZING!!!

    Re “Chubby Chaser SDs”. Showed that to my lover and he laughed.
    And, as my experience shows, there are no such SDs.

  22. flyR says:

    @JerseyDarling you never know when you are going to be surprised

  23. sweetie says:

    @Jersey Darling
    “I’m holding out for the right SD – it might be like holding out for the jackpot, but I’m willing to wait.”
    Although I’m new to the SB world, I’m right there with you… waiting and looking for the right SD, optimistically so. If it feels right, that’s all that matters. I can’t do in between and that’s fine with me.

  24. Jersey Darling says:

    @Lo – I hear you about missing being in a relationship! I haven’t been in one for a long time and didn’t miss it at all until I started doing some regular dating to recalibrate my scale. It reminded me what it feels like to truly open up to someone, have mutual expectations and feel cared about. It’s nice to have someone who cares for you at your best and at your worst. That kind of companionship is priceless.

    It’s spoiled me from sugar a bit because I refuse to put up with lower expectations. And low expectations, as you’ve seen, are where the money tends to be. I’m holding out for the right SD – it might be like holding out for the jackpot, but I’m willing to wait.

  25. Lo says:

    LOL gtt, where are you located? I’m not really a hop on the plane and fly to SDs kind of SB. Also in a previous post you said you can only manage one SB and wouldn’t be able to juggle multiple. And one other thing…I have been very candid on this blog–like to the point where I figured I’ve scared off every SD who posts here so I’m surprised by your request lol.

  26. flyR says:

    Trouble in Calgary – perhaps you have been doing this at the wrong time of the year. Long nighs and short days brings out the worst………. hopefully summer will bring some better results.

    • SD Guru says:

      “I’ve notice every time you try to post on the blog now it says “waiting moderation” or something to that affect.”

      Please note when anyone using a new handle or new email addy to post (that includes typos), it’s automatically moderated. Also there had been several new posters on the blog so their first post was automatically moderated as well. This is not new, it’s been in effect for quite some time to reduce spam.

      “Frank – Perhaps you need an intervention.”

      He doesn’t need an intervention. He’s just locationally challenged. :mrgreen:

  27. flyR says:

    Frank – Perhaps you need an intervention. Let two of the highly qualified SB’s here take over your profile and manage your account for a couple of weeks. Pick winners for you . Leave the others behind.

    From my side of the pool – the basics , my former racing partner’s sage advice was to never date anyone crazier than yourself. I fear you are drawn to drama like a moth to fire or a Russian to vodka………. It’s a great, but short ride with a bad ending.

  28. gtt_envy says:

    Besides LO needing to get in touch with me 😉 because going by her stories I’m definitely better company than the guys she is describing.

    Besides that I’ve notice every time you try to post on the blog now it says “waiting moderation” or something to that affect. That’s the reason for the decrease right there. What year is this where that is the norm?

    My SB and I are doing well had a great weekend in Atlanta………really nothing to complain about except her boyfriend who she seems to always talk about here or there.

    So, if LO would just email me life would be even better lol.

  29. Beach_Girl says:

    Frank~ there are plenty of ladies on this site, you need to start the search again 🙁 sorry!

  30. Lo says:

    Frank there are tons of girls on the site, tis impossible to run out of potentials

  31. Frank says:

    that’s almost as good as pay for noplay It sucks!

    Update-told plain girl that my wife was watching me too close to get out of house (I was afraid she would go postal on me if I told her that I just wasn’t into her)
    Kinky girl and I could not make our schedule’s work out initially and now she has stopped returning my texts.

    Photo girl has a daughter who has just come down with a blood chemistry problem, and she is not starting a new adventure just yet.

    Running out of Potentials.

  32. Robyn says:

    Hahahaha! Play for no pay happened in my first arrangement! I had NO idea what I was doing and got worked over pretty good. Said he was going home to transfer funds and never did! I’m getting so frustrated!! Days like this Canadians Suck! Hahah you nailed it with the Calgary Stampede reference!

  33. Lo says:

    nopay for play hahahahaha

  34. RussianSB says:

    Robin, worst will be when you will be offered nopay for play 🙂
    Never heard in my life about generouse Canadians. I do believe they exist …

  35. RussianSB says:

    FlyRR, it was vodka… but I like that he is not brand whore – he not see difference between iPhone and blackberry – he want everything throw into fire. And swim in the pool in my girlfriend fur jacket. I have grate weekend, Sugars !

  36. flyR says:

    Robyn – It’s the Calgary Stampede effect……………… they’re just used to roping their heifers and throwing them down……………….. running

  37. Frank says:

    gremlin-What do you know about him personal wise/relationship wise? Is he not in a relationship. If not, I would suggest you take an opportunity, like his birthday to ask him out, take him on a trip etc, and if he offers to pay at end of time refuse and tell him treat is on you. Then use that as a way to morph into gf/bf from sd/sb.

    Be careful, he may not have same feelings for you and you would lose a nice SD.

  38. Robyn says:

    Veteran sugar babies, I need some help. I’ve been going on dates Galore and have alot of pegged interest but Keep getting screwed over in my arrangements. I’m doing everything right as far as I know, dressing up tastefully for dates, being selfless and not burdening men with my problems but asking how their day was instead etc. I kind of need an allowance.. I’m a single mom which I have kept out of my profile for security reasons I just don’t know what to do. Does Anybody know of any reliable men? I was given advice to get my passport which I did and it’s set me back $100 that I currently need.
    Does anybody have any advice? Or men that will Actually pull through and make good on an arrangement? So far I’ve had some pretty bad luck with Calgary, Alberta SD’s. and if I get one more offer for ‘pay for play’ in probably going to scream hahaha.

  39. sTacy, says:

    Dolce – unless your BF (SD #1) asks for exclusivity and/or covers all your expenses just keep on seeing SD #2 just as you have been. Clearly the BF is capable of being generous (or you wouldn’t have met him as a POT) but he’s choosing not to be generous because he wants a relationship with you, which is completely twisted in my mind considering where you met.

    The fact that you have a tingle doesn’t mean you don’t want the financial $upport that drew you to SA in the first place. If it ever comes up in the relationship with #1, just explain to him that liking him doesn’t pay the bills and that he knew when you met that you needed $ugar, and when he didn’t offer you had to find other mean$ for making ends meet.

    At that point, if he wants you all to himself, he can be more $upportive in making that happen.

  40. gremlin says:

    Im on my way back from seeing a long term sd of about 3 years. Every time I go to see him, he spoils me like crazy.
    About a year ago, I started realizing my feelings for this one were different.
    Im in a far better situation with my life and finances then I was when I first met him. I no longer require the money that hes been providing for the past few years. I really want him to stop giving me the money and move into a real relationship with him. I tried to tell him nicley a few times that its not about the money. He dosent seem to get it as there’s always a allowance provided. At the end of the day, I feel terrible. How do I get him to stop with the allowance, withought offending him?

  41. GenuineSD says:

    Greetings all! Happy Monday! It seems things have been pretty quiet around here lately..,

    Beach_Girl, how are you ?
    WRT the blog topic, I think it’s spot-on. I’ve experienced some of that with a supportive SB and a less than supportive SB…

    I think the value of good communications cant be over-stressed. An arrangement is a relationship – one with very different rules – but a relationship nonetheless. Being able to subtley approach a conversation about changes in the temperature of the relationship is a really important skill if the arrangement is going to weather rough patches… And one that frequently differentiates SBs. I’ve had a couple longer-term arrangements and the ability to work through those little rough patches stands out as a factor in the arrangement lasting.

  42. Jayne says:

    Just out of curiosity, can a SB score a SD/M if she is plus size? And does it make a difference how overweight the SB is (ie. 15 lbs overweight vs 100 lbs overweight)? Basically I’m asking if there is any ‘chubby chaser’ SD/M.

  43. FlyRR says:

    Of course it might also be the vodka

  44. FlyRR says:

    @ Russian

    There is something dark inside the typical Russian guy’s soul………. perhaps residue of the defense of Stalingrad etc, It flips back and forth between a frolicking love of life-a life lived big and a deep morose shadow.

  45. Lo says:

    sugar has been great, but i miss being in a relationship where I have feelings for the guy. I’ve been single for five years it’s tough yalls

  46. Frank says:

    Anything that is complex is not useful and anything that is useful is simple.

    Ummm, sometimes I get simple when I drink too much. But by then, I am not useful. selavie

  47. FlyRR says:

    @Russian – better his than your iPad.

    Thanks for the intro to Kalashnikov’s motto also works in the bedroom

  48. RussianSB says:

    Flyr – you will not believe it, but yesterday my drunk friend throw away his i-pad in fireplace ! Misterious Russian soul. I guess to attract Russian man I better go to Kalashnikov shop and explore their motto 🙂

  49. Dolce says:

    I actually have a question for the experienced SBs on this site. I recently cancelled my membership for professional reasons and because I had pretty much settled on 2 POT SDs.

    My issues are this. POT SD 1 was on the site an even shorter time than I was and upon initial meeting there was immediate chemistry. Ironically it turns out that we actually know many of the same people in real life since I used to live in the city he resides in. He is “out of town” but I’m often in his city as most of my friends are still there and from our meetups it seems we actually have settled into more of a traditional albeit hectic relationship rather than an SD/SB relationship with allowance and such. I’m fine with this as I have a great time with him and I’m very attracted to him.

    POT SD 2 ironically is located in the same city as POT SD 1. However with SD 2 we definitely have a solid SD/SB setup with an allowance agreement and meetup guidelines.

    My issue is that SD 1 and I actually share many similar social circles and his actions indicate that he views the relationship as more traditional so I am almost inclined to introduce him to our mutual friends as someone I’m traditionally dating. However SD 2 seems to want to go out and about on the town but I don’t want to run the risk of running into SD 1. Should I be upfront with SD 2 about the existence of SD 1? How do I handle this situation exactly since they both expect to see me when I’m in town? How do you juggle this situation? Any tips are appreciated.

  50. FlyRR says:

    @Serena Re why you may be having trouble here

    There are key dimensions

    You and your presentation
    The SD s
    The “market”

    Starting from the middle – the SD’s are here for many reasons, you’ll need to appeal to some of them
    being with a woman who brings something that is missing or unobtainable or safer to find in an arrangement . It might be sensuality, intellect, being treated well, drama free, younger , looks like his childhood sweetheart, engages in sexual activities not available at home or dating life, more athletic, dangerous, ego boosting, humiliating etc. Being a SB is like being in the restaurant business, you can not satisfy everyone so you pick the market in which you want to compete.

    Those who recruit spies may have coined the acronym MICE to guide them in exploiting vulnerabilities – money influence compromised and ego . Although this is not applicable to the sugar world you might think through the reasons a man would be attracted to you beyond the fact that sex will be involved.

    The market – SA has worked to encourage female SB’s to enroll through economics. I think the last numbers were that females outnumber males 10×1 .

    Packaging –

    Who do you want to attract and have a reasonably good chance of attracting ?
    What are they looking for
    Package yourself to emphasize what YOUR potential SD wants.
    If the packaging does not work change it

    If you are having trouble with the concept

    a) go to the grocery store and look for table salt. It’s all identical . However Leslie or Morton salt sells for a 30%-50% premium over the store brand – it about branding and packaging.

    b) next visit an Apple store – Apple controls the experience from the architecture , to the products , to the sales help , to the way the transaction is processed and even the bag your purchase goes in……….. Apple does not need the most customers to be the most successful .

    c) Race may play a small part but I think we are missing several successful SB’s from the blog because they are too successful to spend time here other than an occasional pass.

  51. Frank says:

    Stacy has given us the sugar creed: You must attract him with your looks, tempt him with your words, entertain him with your brains, and reward him with your honey.

  52. sTacy, says:

    Serena – this will sound harsh, but it’s the truth as to why you aren’t doing well in Sugar. And, a few quick changes could really help in sugar, and in life. Here it goes:

    Your grammar is atrocious. English as a second language from European women is sexy, so we allow for mistaken usage, but improper grammar is NOT attractive in American SBs.

    The first 3-25 communications between an SD and SB are written. A good writer can lure an SD in. Bad grammar will not.

    Here is how your question should be written:

    How do I know if I am saying and doing the right things on Seeking Arrangements???

    Why do African American women have it so hard on here, especially me? I am very curious about what really goes on behind closed doors in an arrangement.

    I’m still in search of my SD.

    If you want an SD you must be: intelligent, accomplished (or very young, or very sweet), and sexy as hell.

    You must attract him with your looks, tempt him with your words, entertain him with your brains, and reward him with your honey.

  53. RussianSB says:

    Treasured, we happy for you. Enjoy your vacation. Sound loke Emmanuel at Thailand 🙂

  54. Lo says:

    coast is clear guys, my vagina was NOT reported as a black hole. Resume daily activities.

  55. Treasured says:

    To all those who are disappointed in a Sugar dating.

    All you need is
    1)Looks of a movie star (and think Angelina Jolie and not Danny De Vito)
    2)IQ higher than your weight.
    3)Sense of humour
    4)Being prepared to dance naked in a brothel for fun and turning everyone on, if your man wishes to see it.
    5)Have more sex tricks up your sleeve than whore, who have been in business for 30 years.

    BUT, gosh, do I enjoy custom made jewellery in an exotic country, followed by an evening of pampering (candlelight bath, food hand fed to you, massage, oral and orgasms galore). AFTER experiencing things like cuddling and bottle feeding a tiger cub and playing with/washing an elephant in a river.

    I LOVE my life!!!!!

  56. Debbie says:

    @Russian .. I agree totally, it’s the way it should be.

  57. RussianSB says:

    Debbie, you are grate ! I notice that Ivy League boys NEVER offer to a lady to go dutch . I can be openminded girl, don’t you think guys that I am just material poshy bioch. But some rules simply doesn’t change. Boys must stay boys, and ladies supposed to act and behave like ladies.

  58. RussianSB says:

    Sweetie, truth is out there … like in X-files. SD talking that we must be down-to – earth , realistic and modest in our allowanse level, and after go and give away piles of money and jewelry to randome and flaky sugarbaby. Because they are romantic and generouse boys.

  59. Debbie says:

    Hi all been rather busy lately and missed the blog 🙁
    @ Frank … I agree no going Dutch I have taught my son if you going outwits a girl even as friends you pay or you don’t go.

    Weather here is great ..too hot some days but no doubt I will be the one complaining about the cold soon enough.

    I started my scuba diving course …half way through it and loving every minute can’t wait to find dive buddies

  60. sweetie says:

    “Russia, if you sleep with me, you have excellent taste in men. If you sleep with someone else you are a slut!”
    Well said, unfortunately. If you don’t mind, could you elaborate on your SD experience so far with SA? I’d like to hear from an active SD, plain curiosity, newbie SB here thirsty for knowledge.

    Hello, all!

  61. WISD says:

    Are there any genuine SB’s.. in my area most of SBs are in teens and just want to treat SD as ATM

  62. RussianSB says:

    I am too boring for you, Dear, well organized,reliable, without adventures.

  63. RussianSB says:

    Bloody, bloody, bloody Mary

  64. Lo says:

    mmmmm bloody mary, I can drink those at night too

  65. Frank says:

    Russia, if you sleep with me, you have excellent taste in men. If you sleep with someone else you are a slut!

    For this morning, I recommend bloody mary. Somehow I bet you have some vodka around somewhere.

  66. RussianSB says:

    Boys, I need your advise – how should modern girl behave ?
    If I don’t sleep with someone – I am called pride, and if I do – slut.
    What the right choice 🙂 ?

  67. FlyRR says:

    Re Going Dutch

    Going Dutch pains my sensibilities even when it’s with friends,

    Men were put here to slay dragons, drag them to the campfire, drink wine while dinner was prepared and then pickup the check or slay the Barbarians (same difference at many restaurants)

  68. sTacy, says:

    Very glad to hear of the “report member” tool. I cancelled my membership, but I’m glad other girls won’t have to experience the same …. yuck!

  69. Serena Loyal SB says:

    How do you know if you are saying & doing the right things on Seeking Arrangements??? Why does African Americans Females have it so hard on here especially me…I am very curious about what really goes on behind closed doors with seeking arrangements #Seriously… But im still in search for my SD.

  70. Jersey Darling says:

    The blog has really emptied out. Just two months ago it was so lively.

    Me, I personally haven’t been pursuing sugar as much. I’ll come back to it, I’ve just been doing some regular dating and it’s been a nice change. Though man, more than ever going Dutch is a way to kill my interest fast!

  71. RussianSB says:

    We still have snow,Frank !!! But I have gorgeuose beautiful drunk girlfriend next to me and shehave hiccups,if you were me, Frank, you start a spring mood. All Icanthink about being me on my place, how they wake up tommorow andwhat medcine will help…

  72. Frank says:

    Family is out of town. I am being stuck in mud and staying home and reading. Have fun with your drunk ladies. Going to be 45 and sunny tomorrow and then cold on Sunday. Its supposed to be spring here. Makes me wish I had asked Russia to meet in the Caribbean this week.

  73. RussianSB says:

    I shedule my party night for Monday ! And I have handful of drunk ladies now, but I find time for my sugar society, what about married boys ? They also party ? And blog is desert for 3 days… I hope everybody ok and healthy, because usually we stick to computers when we have flu 🙂

  74. Frank says:

    Its Friday night, party night here in the states. Russia, what are you doing at the computer.

  75. RussianSB says:

    Did you notice a ” report member ” fiture in profiles ? Where are you, people ? Only Canadians freemasons write to me ! I understand, we all need to prepare to Pastover selebration … but where is Tequilaman ???

  76. Angela says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!

  77. RussianSB says:

    I am first, and I don’ like it, guys. Where are you, people ? I heard something about tax pay month in States … Enjoy it !
    Miss Monroe was brilliant in that movie, I also love frase about
    ” loveless marriage ” , when girl working full time job has no time left for love 🙂