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The 5 Types of Sugar Daddies


Not all Sugar is the same, which inevitably means that not all the Sugar Daddies we encounter will be the same. They come in all shapes, sizes, and preferences, but can all still be as sweet. However, keep in mind that choosing the proper Sugar Daddy is like picking the right dress. His style of character has to either match what you are currently looking for or what you are able to accommodate.

1. The Older Gentleman

This is what society thinks is the typical Sugar Daddy. He’s a self-made man, possibly a divorcee, but one thing is for sure—he is looking to Sugaring to add a new bounce to his step. Perhaps the worst crime I’ve seen committed against this man is nagging or being late. Matured men despise a lack of dependability, so try to set a meeting schedule that you are 100% sure you can adhere to. Some are looking for long-term and others just want to have fun!

2. The Married Man

Cheating is so taboo. A Sugar Daddy who is married and in the Sugar Bowl is not necessarily an adulterer; many of their wives actually encourage having a mistress. In France, mistresses are as common as having a vacation home. However, don’t get too comfortable. You may be his younger and vivacious girlfriend, but the wife is his life partner. Do not insist or complain if he doesn’t invite you to his home or around his family.

3. The Eternal Bachelor

Who doesn’t love the silver fox? These men are my personal favorite. They are set in their ways and see no real need for a committed or legally binding relationship, so do not try to change their ways. I’ve seen too many stories of Sugar Babies getting burned by a Daddy for being too clingy or wanting to settle down. If you’ve got trophy-wife eyes, I suggest steering clear of these gents.

4. The Newbie

He may be young. He may be old. But one thing is true—he is new to the game. Reading Sugar Baby blogs, I’ve noticed a terrible habit among inexperienced Babies who think they are pros: ending a potential arrangement or demanding higher allowances because his offer is low. Remember that though you may be used to a certain standard, he is still learning. These men are gems because they haven’t been jaded by Splenda. So, please be kind.

5. The Younger Gent

Recently, we saw a large spike in younger Sugar Daddies entering SeekingArrangement. These are the young gents that realized they no longer have time to deal with emotional and unpredictable girlfriends, so they turn to Sugaring. Great, more for us. Although I do advise that you approach with caution. I’ve witnessed many a Sugar Baby forget that the relationship must be mutually beneficial, as it is still an arrangement.


Which Sugar Daddy types have you encountered?

Which were your favorites?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The sugar dating lifestyle is a bunch of bologna. All there is, men trying to control women with as little money as possible.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi there. i am a beautifull african woman. looking for a decent daddy who will shower me with gifts. And an allowance ofcouse. i have a lifestyle to maintain after-all.make me happy and m yourz.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just want a sugar daddy I understand that he maybe married but bored let’s see if we can relight your fire!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just want a sugar daddy

  5. Anonymous says:

    i really think you are amazing and i want to be your sugar baby

  6. joy says:

    i wanted an African man polite easy to understand anything necessary
    in future, financial stable


  7. Jade Lynn says:

    Looking for older mature gentleman. I am mature and discreet.

  8. che says:


    Nothing worst than get rejected by your future sugar daddy.

    I am NEW in a site ! So i am not familliar, and, dont know how to re-act on the day of the meeting.

    I was nervous,i dont know what to say, i am pretty confident my self ,as am a certified HR, fashion designer student, and on top of that i am a bikini lingeries model.
    I think about it the whole night after meeting ,i Realised that no matter what day , what time,the place of the meeting. I guess the best think to do is dress up to impress, but i never thought of that , i was assume that sunday is just a normal day for me, because the whole week i was fully dress up , thought that sunday i can wear what i ever pull out from my closet.

    I usually wear my casual clothes on sunday every week.
    I have learn from my mistake to get an attention is be a drop dead gorgeous,wealthy,successfull ,handsome sugar daddies! has a very high expectations in everything. They want a beauty queen beside them.


    Take the time to pre-plan outfits and become familiar with your wardrobe; know of at least three outfits that make you feel attractive, confident and like “yourself.” Choose a high-end magazine that reflects both the current trends in high-society fashion, and your taste in clothing and accessories, Interpret wealthy trends and garments using your own clothing; the more time you spend becoming familiar with the flexibility of your apparel, the more confident, current and put-together your clothing will be, which can be very attractive to someone who has the confidence of wealth. Know that you don’t need to wear expensive labels to attract a successful man, but caring about your outward appearance shows a classy refinement that many successful men are looking for.

    Don’t forget to accessorize, but keep jewelry to a minimum and in good taste. A man with money doesn’t necessarily know more about the average man about accessorizing, but he will be able to tell when you’ve “gone too far,” which could lower his interest. Invest in a classic black purse, black pumps and a fashionable black belt because they go with almost everything. Note that key elements like this can take an outfit from neutral to eye-catching. Buy a perfect “little black dress” that can go to work with you or out on the town, and makes you feel great. Know that how you carry yourself is the most attractive factor that a man will notice and you should always wear something you like. Remember that your most important accessory is conversation, and many wealthy Sugar are stimulated by a smart, confident and knowledgeable woman who can carry on a conversation with him and his peers.

  9. Uk-guy says:

    @Nicole: A little help to your profile, it is inconsistent.
    You wrote. “Giving massages, hugs, kissing, cuddling, play fighting in the bed are all apart of favorite activities and I love to spice things up. ” and “A NSA relationship with a strong, ambitious, charming man who knows what he wants and how to get it.”
    Well as man from your describtion is expecting including Sex too. With your wishes you excluded it. So a man ask can he trust you.
    To your photos: Think it should be your advertising.
    Title: very good.
    pic 2: poor quality, take it out
    pic 3: turn it that a man doesn’t turn his head
    pic 4: plz no iphone pics that looks cheap, think you expect a successfull well educated and well mannered man and he expect qulity around him and such a mirror picture looks bad
    pic 5: okay

    What I would recommend make a pic with you in a dinner dress.

    @not your girl: Even if it is not the first language names of persons doesn’t change.
    @brandnewsb: Well if it is only a meeting for a drink to chck if there is chemistry and to discuss the conditions. I think it is okay if he pays the drinks and ur travel costs.

  10. Lo says:

    Hi Nichole, the last part about preferring a tall white man is I’m assuming eliminating some responses for you. You’re cutting out all the mixed ethnicities on the site which is a large market so I would just get rid of that part unless you’re only attracted to white guys. As far as pictures, your profile pic is the first thing guys see. Yours doesn’t stand out among the glamour profile shots and the full body profile pictures. I would delete your current profile pic because it’s an awkward angle, the one where you’re in white because the lighting is a little off, and definitely the bathroom pic. Standing in front of bathroom stalls isn’t super classy and doesn’t do you any justice. You’ve got a really pretty face and from the looks of it a nice figure, so I would highlight each by replacing the white/profile/bathroom pic with full body shots and a clearer one of your face. Your profile pic should be able to grab the guy when he’s scrolling through hundreds of SB profiles. This is just my opinion though, I would post your profile number in the newest blog so more people will be able to see it and possibly critique it.

  11. Nichole says:

    Any critiques? My member number is 1240219

  12. JW-UK says:

    brandnewsb – if it’s a drink in a central location, he may not expect to pay for more than the drinks – I always offer to cover taxis etc and always give a bit more. Some people ask for something for the first meet though – ask for expenses if it’s a problem.

  13. NotYourGirl says:

    UK – for a lot of the SBs, English is not their first language.

    For me, it is 3rd out of 6. So, occasional spelling mistakes should be acceptable 🙂

    NYG, AKA Treasured ( Mods, please stop moderating my posts. It is not my fault that I DO travel all over the world and happen to have more than one electronic device!)

  14. Gallo says:

    Disregard my last message. 🙂

  15. brandnewsb says:

    wow im just starting out as an sb

    i really am kind of confused. my potential sd wants to meet but no talk of an arrangement yet. should i bring it up? i really dont want to go on any date for free. not sure what to do.

  16. Uk-Guy says:

    Interesting comments.
    I think a lot of problems comes from the missing arrangement. It is important to clearify what is expected in this arrangement. Both have to be honest what they want.
    I have seen that often the expectations will not fit. There are men they see the arrangement like an business relationship. An the other hand I have seen girls expecting the great love.

    Another problem is on this site are a lot of escorts.

    Especially the 5th category is not to easy. Often very sucessfull but builded everything on their own. They want fun, are sexually more active and enjoy life. They don’t want to fall in love and expect the same thing from the girl but they are not looking for the real young girls like the older SD. They expect a life on the fast lane. he can easier understand the problems of the SB because they are the same generation. Real disadvantage is they work more and the most important thing for them are their friends and a night out with his crew. Another thing with this category is these guys know their value very well and know what they want to spend an what is a fair price.

    Especially some comments are unrealistic. If a man earns a few millions and a woman demands over 50k per month and work a little about minimum wages then it is unrealistic. is it realistic to demand the double of a the personal yearly income every month from the SD for a few hours spending time with him?

    What can be expected from an SB? Beauty and intelligence. A SD will not be ashamed for his SB because she is beautyfull but stupid. They expect someone who can listen.
    If I read here RussianSB then I am critically especially at the answers if she really know the difference between Chopin and Mozart if she doesn’t know how to write their names.

  17. Gallo says:

    Thanks, Spicey! Would it be okay if I re-posted my first post in the new blog post?

  18. Spicey, says:

    Gallo –

    The way you introduced yourself on the Blog would be an excellent intro. After this post you might want to move over to the “active” section. In answer to your questions:

    A few questions:
    1) Do you almost see such arrangements as a “love affair” (not necessarily in the married sense)? – I see it as lovers and friends, I wouldn’t use the word “love” because I wouldn’t want to confuse anyone. I’m not interested in falling in love with my SD.

    2) Do you always enter the arrangement with a “time frame” of how long the arrangement should last? – I think that is awkward. I know SDinLA does that, but how can you say how long the fun will last? Maybe a year, maybe a few month.

    3) Does the sugar world basically change the entire notion of what is considered “attractive”? – Yes. My SD is sweet and adoring, but not someone I would be drawn to physically without the $ugar. That said – we have HOT sex, so it isn’t all about looks.

    4) Best first message advice? – just the way you did it here. A little intro and a couple questions that show you actually read her profile.

    Good luck!

  19. Gallo says:

    I fall into the 5th group, a man who hit the 30 age mark not too long ago, and is rather new to the sugar world (yes, I’m not interested in traditional dating route-with the goal of marriage or a serious commitment right now).

    How do SBs look at those in the 5th group? Do you always associate age with maturity, wealth (sold my first company last year), generosity, manners (looking at my gentlemen peers, I feel bad for the ladies out there) and a certain charm?

    Having read all of the great advice here and on select blogs, I’ve certainly comfortable with what I can offer, and not just financially, but emotionally and mentally. I also have understand, thanks to the wisdom of the SBs and SDs here, how to treat and respect the process itself.

    A few questions:
    1) Do you almost see such arrangements as a “love affair” (not necessarily in the married sense)?

    2) Do you always enter the arrangement with a “time frame” of how long the arrangement should last?

    3) Does the sugar world basically change the entire notion of what is considered “attractive”? That doesn’t mean a beautiful women or a tall, athletic, good looking man aren’t still the attractive alphas anymore, or that a physical attraction doesn’t matter here, but do you look those who don’t have that blessed physical traits (short, not athletically gifted, ect.) different if they have the resources, personality, and generosity that you might not pick up in the real world?

    4) Best first message advice?

  20. FatBastardSD says:

    @ Spicey,

    You are impressed with successful guys (so let’s say they save up to buy Ferraris and Yachts), most people are so you are not alone. More power to you, I hope you find as many as you can handle.

    Thank you for the clarification, YOU believe YOU are much more accomplished and successful than a manager at Athlete’s Foot.

    You would never tear down a woman’s choice of job but seem happy to tear down a guys choice to be a manager at Athlete’s Foot.

    Sorry if I am fixated here but I happen to buy shoes at Athlete’s Foot and I like the staff.

    I did not know what your profession was until now. It does not matter I said that you sounded like an ex stripper. You could be a Fortune 500 CEO and still sound like an ex stripper.

    One thing I have to know. You like successful accomplished men and they seek you out. But you complain about poor hygeine. So these accomplished guys don’t wash themselves? Are they in the technology field?

  21. DorkyGuy says:

    FYI guys, a new blog topic has been posted. See ya on the other side

  22. DorkyGuy says:

    @Noob~ Glad you like a polarized debate! We can provide!

    I am curious…. How many SDs have spent time on the same rung of the career path as the Athlete’s Foot guy, and can relate to him? I know I have.

    • SD Guru says:

      Hi Beach_Girl, I’m doing great and it’s good to see you back!!

      “I am curious, how did you manage to keep some emotional distance. I never though long term and NSA could go together.”

      That’s a very good question. The short answer is I learned how to make NSA work the hard way years ago. For a more complete answer you should take a look at my blog. Click on my name above and that should take you there. Start with the “Evolution of a SD” series and feel free to browse the rest. Happy reading!

  23. FatBastardSD says:

    @SD Guru

    Respect for any long term relationship, especially a SD/SB one!

    You forgot lack of hygiene, the number one case of SD/SB problems! To be fair I do get a bit funky every now and then myself so this might be a valid point.

    You are right all of those things contribute, but if you were really attached I think you would probably let those problems slide a bit longer.

    I am curious, how did you manage to keep some emotional distance. I never though long term and NSA could go together.

  24. Beach_Girl says:

    OMG~ lol… Elvis is on SA hahhaha just saw his pic… yep! 😀 how funny is that?

    FBSD~ I guess you are correct, I do have an idea of what I want, I don’t really negotiate that much…

  25. Beach_Girl says:

    Guru~ How are you? I am back 😀

  26. Spicey, says:

    My Dear Mr. Tubby-

    So a manager at Athlete’s Foot saves his money and wants to get a sugar baby (short term for a paltry $1000 allowance). What exactly is the problem with that? – I have no problem with that, so long as he is kind and respectful. As to the women available to him, he should calibrate his expectations appropriately. There are some women for whom that situation could be great. Those women not me – even IF he had the looks of Brad Pitt.

    I am not a prostitute, a man doesn’t “save up” for me like a Moped or a Carnival Cruise.

    You talk about aspirations, how do you know what the manager at the Athlete’s Foot aspires to? – He may aspire to (may even accomplish) great things. Bravo! And, when he does, he will be closer to what impresses me.

    To each his own (don’t you have physical preferences? Why can’t I have preferences as well. All sexual preferences are vain and superficial -boobs, title, long hair, money).

    Your premise is that he is a moronic failed individual but the SB who is currently working as a waitress/bartender or retail ( many from the profiles I have seen) is some sort of superwoman. – I said nothing of the sort in any way. I said that the women on THIS blog, at THIS moment, are successful and accomplished. I have no opinion on lady bartenders I haven’t met.

    I have to say you sound like an ex stripper who talks down about the losers who go the the club and never sees the irony that she depends on losers for her livelihood. – I am a domme Sir, the men I enjoy love the way I talk to them. Additionally, I don’t rely on men for anything, I enjoy them. Again, something you would discover if you politely introduced yourself rather than constructing alternate realities that fit your assumptions.

    Sir, you are the newbie to the Blog, so perhaps you should introduce yourself before casting poorly-worded aspersions on others.

    What does that make her, a winner of course! – If she feels proud and empowered, then she is a winner. I don’t tear down other women for their choices.

  27. FatBastardSD says:

    @ Beach_Girl

    Depends how you look at it: The SB is the seller and the SD is the buyer. You can have a model where the seller sets the price and the buyer decides (or negotiates), or the other way around. Both exist in the real world as well but the seller setting the price is probably more common. Someone will correct me if I am wrong.

  28. Beach_Girl says:

    FBSD~ I totally agree. I wish every SD would understand that it has to be open and discussed . But, alas, it’s not always the case…

  29. Beach_Girl says:

    Lo~ Happy Birthday!!! hope you have an amazing time with your SD and get plenty of Sugar !!!!

  30. FatBastardSD says:

    @ Beach_Girl

    Asking what a girl would like is not a stupid thing to do. If I can provide what the SB would like then things can go smoothly, otherwise she can look elsewhere. It is like a job interview: What salary are you expecting?

  31. Beach_Girl says:

    Noob_SD~ I agree that there has to be chemistry for both. For me, it’s a must. I couldn’t be with someone I didn’t like. It’s not about looks but a package that fits me. I think it’s like that for most. As for the arrangement becoming something else, it has happened, but it doesn’t always work.
    I tried to date a ex-SD, that didn’t work too well… there was no sugar, I like gifts, I like to be appreciated, and those things weren’t there.
    I know of one person that became a GF to her SD and they are still together, but he still spoils her and treats her like a queen, She is very fortunate

    One SD said that they didn’t want the allowance to be used to by shoes?!?! WHAT…. No Shoes? Shoes are fun! You should have your SB wear her shoes intimately 😛 that is the best way to get shoes too 😛

  32. Beach_Girl says:

    FBSD~ I think we all have certain expectations, Not everyone wants 1k allowance.
    As I said, we all want different things and that is what makes the search more difficult

    • SD Guru says:


      I hope you stick around for a long time! :mrgreen:

      “The lack of emotional commitment. I think this is probably a big reason why SB/SD relationships cannot last longer than 3 months.”

      It’s true that most sugar relationship only last a few months, and the lack of emotional commitment can certainly be one factor. However, there are many other factors that can cause sugar to go sour, such as being unreliable, lack of follow through, lack of communication, bedroom incompatibilities, etc. It is possible for a NSA sugar relationship to be long term. I’ve had several myself over the years.

  33. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars! Welcome to the Newbies 😀

    I have to agree with Dorky, this blog is very different now, still interesting

    I think there are more than 5 types of SDs. Arrangements are what you make of them, Shape them to your needs or wants I guess. Everyone is different and want different things. I am older so my wants are different. I think being direct is the best way and not playing these stupid games. I hate when a SD plays games and doesn’t really say what they want or what they are willing to give. I don’t know why they are playing the “well, what would you like, I don’t know what I can do but…” Blah blah… I’m sure they have an idea of what they can or cannot do. I think it’s best to be upfront and honest

  34. FatBastardSD says:

    I should have said that she depends on interacting with losers…

  35. FatBastardSD says:

    So a manager at Athlete’s Foot saves his money and wants to get a sugar baby (short term and for a paltry $1000 allowance). What exactly is the problem with that?

    You talk about aspirations, how do you know what the manager at the Athlete’s Foot aspires to? Your premise is that he is a moronic failed individual but the SB who is currently working as a waitress/bartender or retail ( many from the profiles I have seen) is some sort of superwoman.

    I have to say you sound like an ex stripper who talks down about the losers who go the the club and never sees the irony that she depends on losers for her livelihood. What does that make her, a winner of course!

  36. Lo says:

    Preach Spicey !

  37. Spicey, says:

    BigBoy – that is a perfectly fine profession. But how would one convert that into being a Sugar Daddy? What “mutual benefits” might he bring that make a woman want to put up with his emotional neglect?

    And, I don’t remember asking for exceptionally attractive. Accomplished, hygienic (you’d be surprised) and generous are prerequisite.

    … And, quick intro: this is a room full of intelligent, accomplished women, all of whom are en route to greater aspirations than Athlete’s Shack.

  38. Lo says:

    I wouldn’t be happy working retail….

  39. FatBastardSD says:

    @Jersey Darling

    The real reason for an allowance, exactly what you described!

    @ Spicey

    You really want it all! A young, handsome, rich and fun guy who pays you to have orgasms. I am not gay but I would be tempted if anyone introduced me to a man like that.

    What is wrong with being the manager at Athlete’s Foot? To be blunt I would wager that a lot of SB’s on the SA site would be happy to have a job like that.

  40. Jersey Darling says:


    “The lack of emotional commitment. I think this is probably a big reason why SB/SD relationships cannot last longer than 3 months.”

    Yes, this is a tough one, and IMO it’s really why I’m compensated with an allowance – because I wouldn’t give nearly as much leeway in a traditional relationship. It’s extremely difficult for most women to PARTIALLY compartmentalize, where you set boundaries but still allow yourself to feel. I happen to be good at it, which is why arrangements are something I’m drawn to.

    “Passionate love making from a SD. What kind of guys are you seeing. I mean the whole point of paying is to lay back, read the latest issue of the economist and let the SB do all of the work.”

    Pillow talk time… a potential SD I was with utterly blew me away in the intimacy department. Money, power, stability and beautiful surroundings are quite an aphrodisiac for both parties involved. It can happen…

  41. Spicey, says:

    BigBoy – before I fell madly in love with my little Dorkalufagus I would have commented that your statement regarding being a terrible, selfish lover is exactly the type of behavior the majority of the “actual SDs” (as in, not Catfish who work at RadioShack or Blog SDs – none of whom seem to be SDs at the moment) exhibit on SA.

    But, now that I have seen the error of my ways I say, “You’re tired from working so hard as the night manager at Athlete’s Foot, lie back and let me pamper, and worship, and stroke every inch of you into blissful sleep. Then I’ll let myself out, ride public transit home, and be thrilled with the $14.76 and the Pizza Hut coupons you gave me. Did I mention that I am so appreciative that you explained the sequester to me, breaking all those big words like “budget” down so I could understand them! My little brain just can’t handle such big thoughts without a man to explain them to me.

  42. Lo says:

    SD wants to take me to a fancy dinner for my birthday. I have a lot of food allergies…so this should be uh…interesting

    I bought a nice birthday dress. Don’t worry guys I also bought some breast petals so THERE WILL BE NO side boobage situation.

    That’s all for now.

  43. FatBastardSD says:


    The is a serious problem in some cites (and one in northern CA in particular). Then you get to places like LA and you are in heaven. The problem is the long distance relationship! What you need to do is convince the government to increase tuition in your area, this should get more sexy coeds into the SB scene.

    @ Jersey

    The lack of emotional commitment. I think this is probably a big reason why SB/SD relationships cannot last longer than 3 months.

    @ Spicey

    Passionate love making from a SD. What kind of guys are you seeing. I mean the whole point of paying is to lay back, read the latest issue of the economist and let the SB do all of the work.

    @ RussianSB

    Guys walk into a strip club and will still complain there are no good looking women. and you know sometimes it’s true.

    What is the scene like in Moscow for dating (sugar or otherwise)?

  44. Noob_SD says:

    How did I ever miss this blog? It is indeed a lot more fun to read and participate in 🙂

    @Single Mums – I read the points couple of people made above and I am not swayed by either. But that is my value system I imposed on myself – and I learned long ago that my freedom/opinion ends where your nose begins. The responsibility of a single person (say, a student) is to herself whereas for parents (single or otherwise) now you have additional beings dependent on you.

    @Mentoring/Dorky – I hear you. I always love the opportunity to mentor a younger person. It is something I am a natural at and I am sought after for it at work. Having had several mentees over the years, I have run into a couple of poisonous cases – some of them are like that and best is to leave them be. I never did what a recent ex-president did – show the intern the “presidential clock” (well as per his definition anything you can put a face and 2 hands to is a clock 🙂 ).

    @SB relationship – It seems to be polarized camp here – but I have always liked healthy debates. But again, I DID NOT come here for sex for money relationship. I am looking for someone who I can care for and who does genuinely care for me. If I am paying that person it should be because I care for that person – granted the relationship might start off “arranged” I hope to get to that point somehow. Maybe I will never find that … Don’t know yet.

  45. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    RussianSB says:
    April 8, 2013 at 4:46 pm
    Then I can write songs , and make videos with fireworks in my boobs

    Your boobs is firework !
    you do need to do fireworks “in your boobs” 🙂

  46. Dr. Evil says:

    @triple M
    Have your own radio station there don’t you?
    I still have one of my evil lairs outside of Madison.

  47. MadMadMadisonMan says:

    Russian SB, when I said just 200 in the area, that is the full count. Most of them have not logged in for a long time, so there’s maybe 25 or 30 that have logged in recently, and a fair chunk of those are not to my taste. The metro area is about 500,000 people, and the University has 50,000 students, that’s why I would expect more.

  48. RussianSB says:

    What ? Like Katy Perry.

  49. RussianSB says:

    Then I can write songs , and make videos with fireworks in my boobs 🙂

  50. RussianSB says:

    I just need to have autocorrect, like you all have, people. Where can I get it, for android ?

  51. RussianSB says:

    Dry humour need just love liquid.
    ( I can write lirics for songs, I guess )

  52. RussianSB says:

    And one Julicool cat from LA

  53. RussianSB says:

    But we really do have some remarcable spieces from Huston.

  54. RussianSB says:

    I am the most dry humour in the blog, just not everyone can get it 🙂

  55. RussianSB says:

    And in night club ratio is not 1:10, and it is more real situation than in the web.
    And if you look cheap, face control not let you in 🙂

  56. Daniel says:

    RussianSB: Daniel, it is very international blog, but the most interesting people posting here, are from Huston area 🙂

    Glad you appreciate my dry humor……:-)

  57. RussianSB says:

    Yeah, baby , 3 hours lovemaking need some love liquids 🙂
    Everyone, who experiensed that, knew it, and who not experiensed must be ashamed.
    And someone need more than 200 girls arround to choose, while I can dream about only one man. Web making man dreamers. Can you imagine to go to night club and say : ” Oh, no, only 400 people on the dance floor! I get out of here !”

  58. Spicey, says:

    BigBoy –

    We would never NEED love liquid. All of our daddies are so very sexy just the thought of them makes us moist. We only use it so that we can keep up with their impressive stamina, rock hard member, and intensely passionate lovemaking.

  59. Thanks SD Guru, tripple M I am 🙂
    I have generally been looking in the vicinity as I work too much to spend time on the road. Milwaukee SBs I have talked to all have a problem getting to Madison, but I have only talked to a few, so it may be a great idea to talk to some SBs inside 100 miles or so, I can make it worth their drive. It does seem the ratio here in Madison is working against me though, just don’t know what that ratio is. I see 235 SBs inside 10 miles and 435 inside 50 miles. Maybe I just need to spend more time in Chicago lol.

  60. Jersey Darling says:

    Missed this post… I’m on my phone so excuse any errors.

    @FatBastard – “@ Jersey Darling

    It seems that you are in an arrangement where you have an emotional bond and care for each other and where the guy supports you financially. I hate to bring you the bad news but you are not a SB, you are a girlfriend or happy wife!”

    Aww, heck I’d take that as a compliment. The difference is that my relationships/arrangements have boundaries. Usually the SD will be super busy and does not have time for a traditional relationship. I cannot rely on him to always be there for me emotionally. That has been the difference for me.

  61. Jersey Darling says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever been to Houston.

    Also can’t say I’ve ever read about this topic over dinner, but there’s a first time for everything!

    • SD Guru says:

      “what’s with Madison Wisconsin? With 50k students, there needs to be more SBs here. The ratio here seems to be bad, only little over 200 SBs within a 10 mile range”

      Welcome to the blog, I hope you stick around! Can I call you “4M” instead? 🙂

      What’s your search criteria other than distance? Have you thought about expanding it to 50 miles, or all the way out to Milwaukee and Chicago?

  62. RussianSB says:

    Daniel, it is very international blog, but the most interesting people posting here, are from Huston area 🙂

  63. Daniel says:

    Q: Moscow blogsters, where are you ??
    A: In Moscow.

  64. Daniel says:

    Oh,man,they all from Huston ! Moscow blogsters, where are you ?? Daniel, do you like those tamales ?

    No, not really.

  65. RussianSB says:

    Sugars, it is thin blue line between personal attacs and fooling arround.

  66. RussianSB says:

    It smells here, like unwashed socks, can you feel it, blogsters ?
    Dorky was wrong, blog still popular to attract trolly-bolly.

  67. RussianSB says:

    We are very curious about man body process also !

  68. RussianSB says:

    We can ask same question you , boys, do you use lube in gay play or you exited enough in company of each other ? We just wanna know.

  69. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    RussianSB says:
    April 8, 2013 at 1:03 pm
    Let’s secretly call iy K-Y not to assault delicate flowers

    it was bagging me for months.

    GURU wrote here he prefers water based lubes;
    I do not get it , I’d always prefer silicone based lubes (some European brands have really good formulas ) .

    and you know what , Stormy was always asking here what to do coz his GF was not wet enough (she had some endocrine problem).

    it is not gross or distasteful – it is reality.

    sorry to disappoint you all here, but …

    the more honest you are the less friends you have (c)

  70. FatBastardSD says:

    When you girls use the lube, does your SD know? Is it like “hold on Fat Bastard I’m going to have to lube up because you cannot get me wet.” or do you set up before hand and then throw out “wow Fat Bastard I am already wet just from the thought of being with you”?

  71. Spicey, says:

    Let’s call it “Love Liquid” that is what my darling dorky and I use when we bring guest stars in to our sweet little snuggle times.

  72. RussianSB says:

    I am soooooo nasty !

  73. RussianSB says:

    Let’s secretly call iy K-Y not to assault delicate flowers 🙂

  74. Spicey, says:

    Yes, Russian – my sweeties doesn’t like it when us ladies mention lube. Which has me very nervous about this MFM he’s proposing. 😉

  75. RussianSB says:

    Daniel, do you like those tamales ?

  76. RussianSB says:

    Oh,man,they all from Huston ! Moscow blogsters, where are you ??

  77. Daniel says:


    Glad to hear the eyebrows are under control!


  78. Jersey Darling says:

    @Treasured, I won’t say much about what I do for work, but I’m in the tech industry.

    @Daniel – the eyebrows are fixed! Not perfect but much better 😀 Where do you live?

  79. RussianSB says:

    Midwest must be magic Fairy Lady.

  80. RussianSB says:

    And Mr.Wade is one from Grimme brothers.

  81. RussianSB says:

    I am Snowhite, we have quite a fairy tale here.

  82. RussianSB says:

    I know SDinLA has sword, he is troll control police knight in shining armour !

  83. RussianSB says:

    Spicey, he is the one who don’t want discuss lube ?? Or I am mistaken ??

  84. Spicey, says:

    Dorky, anything to please you. If a little sword crossing is what you enjoy, I will enthusiastically endure it for your pleasure. 😉

  85. DorkyGuy says:

    @RussianSB good point!

    Spicey, want to take turns FMF and MFM? I’ll take one for the team to make ya happy

  86. Daniel says:

    BigBoy – (calling you Fat Bastard doesn’t seem nice, and since I’m one of the nice girls …) reducing her allowance for not showing up only works if you gift weekly. No show, no weekly sugar. On a monthly basis, one flake should be forgiven, two flakes = critical renegotiation.

    Actually, one flake = probably forgiven, two flakes = fireable offense.

  87. RussianSB says:

    I beg you pardon. Threesome with another male, or female ??

  88. Daniel says:

    Ooops….*caterpillars*, *geographically*

  89. Daniel says:

    I wouldn’t mind a crack at you, caterpillar’s be damned…lol!! Too bad we’re so far apart geopgraphically.

  90. Spicey, says:

    Dorky – so now I have to share AND take on chores? You are very demanding. Luckily I am your long suffering wife, devoted to standing by her man. I’ll take the top half, you can have the bottom.

  91. I personally fall somewhere between several of the SD types, I’m not old, I’m not young, but I’m mid 40s and I get carded still. Married but separated, working on getting that straightened out. Being a sugar daddy has really helped bolster me lately. I can’t just go on dates so this is the way for me. I would have no problems finding a regular date if I were looking, I live in a college town and I get looks from girls half my age all day long. Speaking of, what’s with Madison Wisconsin? With 50k students, there needs to be more SBs here. The ratio here seems to be bad, only little over 200 SBs within a 10 mile range from zip code 53701. I wonder how many SDs there are? I started looking again of late, and I am having little luck.

  92. DorkyGuy says:

    @Stacey~ Satisfy both of you by myself? I was counting on a work sharing experience… “many hands make light work” as my grandmother used to say.

  93. Spicey, says:

    Dorky likes threesomes? 😉

    I don’t particularly like to share, as I demand a lot of attention, but if that is what it takes to keep our marriage strong I suppose we can bring in a guest star on occasion. If you can satisfy me and entertain her at the same time that is 😉

  94. DorkyGuy says:

    I will do my part to be civilized! You know where my boundaries are. The next move to move things into uncivil territory is yours to make.

  95. Treasured says:

    I just have mastered the art of getting my way. Full stop.
    And, I do not minimise you.

    And I’m not dismissing anything. 😛 I still think you desperately need to get laid and generally loosen up 😀

    Ok, peace out 😀 Mr. OhSoPropa 😀

    I’m not your cup of tea. So you are not mine 😀 Nevertheless it should not stop us being civilised 😀

  96. DorkyGuy says:

    Good lord… I have legitimate concerns, a valid point, and real feelings on the subject..

    Last night, you dismiss my legitimate concerns telling me I need to get laid. Then you dismiss them by saying I am an unhappy person. Now you dismiss my legitimate concerns as a temper tantrum.

    You have mastered the art of getting your way by minimizing the other person, haven’t you?

  97. Treasured says:

    Dork, I don’t call ALL SDs “disgusting individuals”. Actually, I don’t call ANY REAL Sugardaddies disgusting! I looooooove Sugardaddies 😛

    But, if you have yet another temper tantrum re any of my posts – I can deal with it 😉

  98. DorkyGuy says:

    @Treasured~ then we’ll end up here again… sorry to hear that.

    I wouldn’t come into the room, calling all the SBs whores, and expect y’all to sit quietly and take it. In the same way, when you publicly shame people, you can count on me to not sit quietly and take it.

    A real bummer to hear your response. It’s not something I will be shrugging off. Period.

  99. Treasured says:

    Bastard. I officially like you.

    Mind you, since I’m the “infant terrible” of the blog, guess it is only natural 😀

  100. DorkyGuy says:

    Clarification… I don’t object to talking about sex in general. It’s just discomfiting to come into the blog and see gals offering specific advice on lube, infections, anal, and whatnot. Especially when I check the blog over breakfast. Sometimes the explicitness gets past my threshold. That’s all I’m saying.

    I really don’t expect that y’all will adjust that for little old moi. But if I have that reaction sometimes, it’s not a big stretch to think that others might too.

    @Spicey~ I see where you offered to marry me up there! Yep, that’s a life time of sugar-free sex. Somewhere up there I agreed. I think what I said was that you are the girl I’m going to marry someday.

    Gotta be an open marriage though. Or at least with enough wiggle-room to have the occasional 3-some. Can we get a SB? canwecanwecanwe?

  101. Treasured says:

    Dorky, you are the only one who minds “public shaming” 😛 Where I live, the majority wins 😀 So, you will just have to learn to brush it off 😛 By the way, I don’t shame “nice” guys, nor even “bad” guys. Only disgusting individuals, who have to right to call themselves Sugardaddy.

    Re “lover” part? That article by any chance wasn’t published on some sort of a ” I love x-box” website? Hehe
    Might explain a lot 😀

  102. FatBastardSD says:

    Oh, I hate it when autocorrect changes their to there!

  103. FatBastardSD says:

    I am not Dr. Evil, I was called a Fat Bastard long before the movie came out.

  104. FatBastardSD says:

    @ SD Guru

    Six months on the site, but I have been doing this for quite some time without actually realizing it. Before it was based on paying for vacations, activities and an overdue bill from time to time. I work in an area where I am surrounded by many women in there 20’s so it often just happened. I am not active right now as I am in the beginning of an arrangement that I set up through the site!

  105. DorkyGuy says:

    @Spicey~ I didn’t mean to ignore anything! I must have missed your offer, and will scroll up to read it. If I get focused on something, I can have tunnel vision. Sorry about that.

    @FatBastard~ The answer to your question is that I am probably seriously misguided. By the way, welcome to the blog.

    Would it be a stretch to guess that you are the same person as Dr. Evil, given the same movie theme, and that you both appeared on the same day?

    @Treasured~ I am making an effort to let things go and press forward in a peaceful way. I really do appreciate the olive branch comments you made this morning. In future, you know what my hot buttons are. if you do the public shaming thing, you know my feelings and my predictable reaction. I hope you don’t bring us down this road again, because I really don’t like it… but it’s entirely your call.

    Let’s do the olive branch thing and see if we can make a happier blog.

    By the way gals, a study was just released that says men who play Xbox are better lovers than those who don’t. My theory is it has something to do with the buttons. It’s time to find a gamer!

  106. FatBastardSD says:

    @ Jersey Darling

    It seems that you are in an arrangement where you have an emotional bond and care for each other and where the guy supports you financially. I hate to bring you the bad news but you are not a SB, you are a girlfriend or happy wife!

  107. Treasured says:

    Jersey, what is your job? Just curious 🙂

  108. Spicey, says:

    This morning has given me perfect inspiration for a character in the novel I am working on today! A sexual fetishist who gets off on Trolling.

    “He logs into Twitter, his member already semi-erect…”

    Oh I entertain myself!

    • SD Guru says:

      OMG, there is a boob emergency on the blog!! 😯 Who will come to the rescue?? :mrgreen:


      Welcome to the blog and I hope you stick around! How long have you been in the sugar world, and are you currently active?

  109. Spicey, says:

    Lo – Somehow I didn’t picture you as a tease 😉

  110. Lo says:

    oh lawd…just poked my boob with the sharp end of my teasing brush while getting ready and it hurts like a mother…

  111. Jersey Darling says:

    @FatBastard, He wouldn’t be on the site only because he wants to mentor someone, as you’ve mentioned it’s usually part of the connection.

    I’ve been lucky enough to be mentored several times in my life (in the real world, far away from sugar). When you have a deep connection with someone and try to help them grow, it can actually be very hard not to let other feelings develop. It’s a close and intimate bond when you open up your mind and core principles to someone and share it with them.

    If someone solely wants to mentor, that alone wouldn’t bring them here. I don’t believe that’s what Dorky implied – I can’t speak for him, but if he’s like me he just views it as a potentially rewarding part of a more holistic arrangement.

  112. Spicey, says:

    BigBoy – (calling you Fat Bastard doesn’t seem nice, and since I’m one of the nice girls …) reducing her allowance for not showing up only works if you gift weekly. No show, no weekly sugar. On a monthly basis, one flake should be forgiven, two flakes = critical renegotiation.

    I believe any good lover is a mentor in some way. It’s part of connecting with another human being. But, to NEED to mentor I find … suspicious.

  113. FatBastardSD says:

    In retrospect Spicey’s approach may have some merit:

    When the SD is late paying an allowance, the SB should reduce the number of sexual positions available, or stop giving oral sex perhaps. In the platonic arrangement she can stop laughing at his jokes but still go out to dinner.

    I think we are making progress here!

  114. FatBastardSD says:

    @Jersey Darling

    I am sure a lot of guys love to mentor a SB, especially once there is some emotional connection (being a bastard though, I am not one of them). But it is a bit comical for a guy to say he is on the site because he wants to mentor someone, I mean it would be like a guy saying he frequents strip clubs because he wants to help pay for a women’s higher education.

    @ Spicey

    I don’t have a problem screening these SB’s once I meet in person. It takes at most two meeting before the crazy takes over.

    Interesting philosophy:

    So if the SB cancels on appointments the amount should be reduced? So at that point the guy is paying for what exactly? I assume that he is paying for a beautiful, brilliant young woman possibly grace him with her majestic presence in the future.

    Sound like buying options. Maybe some of the financial SD’s could figure this out.

  115. Spicey, says:

    Russian, you’re my favorite Lady of the Blog – you are always sweet, and light, and funny!


  116. RussianSB says:

    I am in the office, but watching ” Cats “, you inspire me !

  117. Spicey, says:

    Now that we are ALL going to sheath our claws.

    It seems that the concern of the SDs on this blog are drug addicts and women with a touch of crazy.

    It seems that women are disgusted with the way men approach us, and the fact that they don’t understand what an allowance is.

    So, as a community, how can we educate people?

    1. I believe an allowance is given regularly, regardless of the specific activities engaged in. It can be provided monthly or weekly – but isn’t task-oriented. That said, if the recipient of the allowance doesn’t show up when appointments are scheduled, that merits a reduction in allowance.

    2. To screen for drug addicted babies – ask! But, in a sly way: What do you do with your free time (watch out for answers like ‘party’ go to clubs, or any girl who regularly sleeps past noon.) Then Facebook! Get your SBs full name and look at her profile – check out her pics. If she’s holding a drink in most of her photos, ask her how often she goes out drinking. If the frequency is a problem for you, that’s a red alert that you may have other issues lurking.

  118. RussianSB says:

    Spring in the city, I survive long winter !

  119. Jersey Darling says:

    Don’t confuse my addressing one argument – the tongue-in-cheek point that my ideals are lofty and highfalutin, which I addressed my pointing out that I am content with a lower allowance – with my market value.

    But go ahead Spicey, continue thinking you are the object of all men’s desire and ignore the fact that in reality it is that exact behavior that drives them away, as numerous people have pointed out in this blog post and you’ve selectively chosen to ignore.

    And for what it’s worth, those who are truly beautiful, smart, intelligent, and witty don’t need to keep pointing it out because it is already apparent.

  120. RussianSB says:

    Dorky, boys communicate off-blog a lot and even meeting each other. By the way I have the worst English here, but my Spanish really bad. Pueblo no bueno.

  121. Spicey, says:

    And, now we see why the sense of “community” has devolved. Is it so impossible to be nice to complete strangers (who happen to be women) for one day?

    The Beverly Hill Billies have moved in and parked a jalopy on their front lawn – and all of our property values are going to suffer.

    The “downward spiral” of the Blog that people are mentioning happened after one – demonstrably sour – woman joined the fray.

  122. Jersey Darling says:

    @FatBastard, considering a large part of the site loves to mentor, I think you need to check into some other SD profiles.

  123. Jersey Darling says:

    Spicey – you’ve completely missed the point of my post. Are you the one who is always chastising me for accepting a lower allowance? No? Then it was not directed toward you. You’re a writer; you should know when you are not part of the audience that is being targeted. If you are truly the lady you believe, learn when to hold your tongue instead of preaching sarcastic tolerance in one breath while insulting with another. I find the egocentrism “boring,” and it undermines your supposed wit.

    And I’m sorry if I have a hard time believing your claims of wit and intelligence considering you don’t realize you’ve already outed yourself multiple times.

  124. FatBastardSD says:


    Never assume, my mom gave me that nickname! May explain why I am on the site.


    Two options either you are really misguided or are playing a persona quite well. I am sure there are many non profit groups that would love for you to donate your time to helping mentor women who are in a difficult situation and helping them succeed. Why you are on the SA site is a mystery to all.

    Two types of people on SA to watch out for:

    SD’s who want to “mentor” and SB’s offering to be platonic “friends”. These are the two big red flags to look out for!

  125. Spicey, says:

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

    I do so love waking up to a good row on the Blog.

    Dorky – you slay me, completely ignoring my offer of a lifetime of sugar-free sex designed specifically for your current diabetic state. 🙁 I hope my man hating bitterness doesn’t return. Although I think you were one of the SDs on blog hiatus when I shared my profile, so I know you don’t understand what you’re missing.

    Jersey – You make assumptions that aren’t correct. I expect a high allowance AND a genuine mutual respect toward all of my lovers. Just because my $$$ expectations are high does not have anything to do with connection or not. And, does not make me an escort. Your insistence with harping on this subject (on which you are not properly informed) is boring. You and I are different; I am incapable of developing a connection to an SD who I feel doesn’t value me appropriate with my market value, and my market value has proven to be over $5K. You’re a business woman, if you knew your product attracts high interest and sales conversion at Nordstrom’s at $45.95 why would you sell it at Walmart for $19.99. My lovers enjoy a complete experience with me. None of them would liken me to a prostitute. They would be far more likely to see me as a friend, sex therapist, and brilliant, witty, consort. You know what it does to assume? It makes an Ass out of u and me.

    Treasured – Let’s not fight with Dorky, he’s that gentle, quiet, sweet guy who likes to pamper his women. He can’t imagine behaving like “THOSE” men on SA do, and worries that his secret bunny slipper fetish profile will be outed on of these days. But, I do believe he would lighten up on you after an evening of really great sex. Alas, back to my heartbreak that he ignored my offer :'(

    And Russian, thank you. The book is currently out (though in media reviews and currently only available from a couple key sources – national release April 30th!!) it’s up for a national award, which is rather exciting. If only I could share the link without outing myself to the Blog world. As one of my lead characters is a young, kept woman (who made the mistake of falling in love with her married benefactor) and it’s all rather “spicey” Lol.

  126. RussianSB says:

    @FatBastardSD – in moovie you are assistant of Dr.Evil ?
    Girls, reality is like that real fat bastard never write about himself that he is fat or bastard, because mamma told him that he is beautiful 🙂

  127. Jersey Darling says:

    @Treasured I suspect he has other obligations in life right now that he’s prioritizing over dating, and that’s okay 🙂

    On a lighter note, I’m not sure anyone would want me right now anyway. I just had my eyebrows done and they botched the job – I asked for a nice high arch and instead it looks like I have a ruler in the shape of a caterpillar going across my forehead. Lovely!

  128. RussianSB says:

    @Spisey, your speech about our high class behavior and tolerant attitude made me cry, dear. When your book will be available ?

  129. Treasured says:

    Seeeee, Dorky!!! Jersey would take you. Kids and all!

    And she is a niiiiice girl. And has ABSOLUTELY the same views on arrangements as you do!
    Go for it 😀

    Treasured, AKA Cupidgirl 😀

  130. Jersey Darling says:

    @FatBastardSD (lol I LOVE this name!!) – I’d love to make an SD profile to see what the experience is like. I just haven’t had the time. But I have no doubt that it’s equally bad. I’ve checked out some of the girls’ profiles, but never tried to communicate with anyone.

    @Blog – I apologize if I seem close-minded at times. I have no problems with escorting and (being from the states) wish it was legal. However, when this site has written all over it that it is not for escorts, I do have a problem when the girls on here repeatedly treat arrangements as such. It’s a flagrant offense to the site. If that is how you want your arrangement to be in private, that’s great for you. But it is NOT an activity the site condones, and therefore is not only best left to “grow in the dark,” but I do wish that you’d all stop trying to convince new girls that this is how it has to be because it doesn’t.

    Several of you have scoffed at my ideals being lofty, which I consider funny considering I’m happy with a $1K allowance and someone I have a genuine connection with. What I’m asking for is nothing compared to what most of you seek. It’s the genuine connection piece that throws you all off, and despite the difference in our personal views, I hope you do realize that it IS out there and you can find it too if you want it. But if you spend too much time on the other stuff, you’ll get jaded and men will see that in you.

    Sidenote on Facebook: I’ve advertised on there and it is a brilliant advertising platform. The degree to which you can target your ads is INSANE.

    Re: Me and Dorky hooking up… If only 😉

  131. RussianSB says:

    Dorky, SDs busy to make money, they have no time for blog.

  132. Treasured says:

    And you are not a pain in the ass. You are grumpy, middle aged man, who has way more “musts” than “wants” on his plate. Who also is a good dad, hence spends cash on his kids and not his entertainment.
    Makes him happy as a parent, but absolutely miserable in his own, private life.

    Go out, date a bit. Go on a normal dating site, date normal women with no sugar involved. And, maybe, bitterness will go 🙂

  133. Treasured says:

    Dorky, just enlighten me, whom I have been treating badly lately?

    I think I have been an extra good girl ::D

  134. DorkyGuy says:

    Treasured, I am generally a very happy, upbeat person. Others on the blog can attest to my sense of humor, and the fun I can bring.

    The complete disregard that you show for other people for your own entertainment seriously rubs me the wrong way. Most people that I know do not go out of their way to demean others. Witnessing that side of human behavior makes me irritable. Sue me. If you don’t like to see my unhappy side, stop doing stuff that you know provokes me.

    Or just keep being a callous narcissist, and I’ll keep being the pain in the ass that I become when callous narcissists treat others badly..

  135. Treasured says:

    Dorky, if it was just sex, believe me, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am as a sugar baby.
    Think for yourself 🙂
    That doesn’t exclude the fact that the SEX is great too 😉

    Stop being so bitter and generally…. Unhappy. That is what I think, reading your posts.
    It is not an attact on you. Just an observation.

  136. Treasured says:

    Dorky, you have no idea how wrong you are re me 🙂

    But, a fact is a fact. You still need sex. And soon 😀

  137. DorkyGuy says:

    Treasured, if I wanted sex, I could have it. I’ve always got more than enough on me to hire a hooker if I want one. I’m sure I could get some drousy girl to the house in an hour or so.

    What you seem to be completely oblivious of is that some guys are interested in sugar relationships for reasons other than just sex. You seem to be completely oblivious to how men who don’t fit into your niche market work.

    I would want something ongoing, with a real connection and friendship on both sides. Mentoring a girl in her business or career planning would be very, very cool. I would love to see her succeed over time. And when she reaches the point where she’s financially independent, I would love to know that I helped get her there.

    Right now, I can’t commit financially to an ongoing relationship like that. I’m not the hooker kind of guy, so I am happier just being patient until my circumstance changes.

    Now, I could be like many of the other guys you gals talk to… and just lie. “Sure I’ll support you ongoing” and use you for sex, and then dump you after a couple weeks when I get bored of you. But that’s not me. It’s the goody-goody side of me that you disdain, but you really want. When I make a commitment, I follow through.

    It might pay well to learn to understand men with motivations like mine.

  138. Treasured says:

    ” I am supporting both of my daughters through college, and that consumes my disposable income”

    Doooooooh!!! We found out what bugs Dorky 😀 He is so bitter because he CAN’T afford a SB!
    Hence the lack of sex!

    Dork, accept the offer 😀 Life will be a better place!!!
    Jersey, if Dork doesn’t want me, for God’s sake, do something for humanity – have sex with Dork 😀

  139. DorkyGuy says:


    For the life of me, I don’t know anybody that would expect somebody to recognize them a year later from their writing style alone. That is not a rational expectation to have of somebody else.

    Answers to your questions:

    1) No I do not presently sugar date, and I have been very upfront about that. I have said multiple times that I am currently inactive. I am supporting both of my daughters through college, and that consumes my disposable income.
    2) None of your damn business
    3) I would consider rough anal sex with SDinLA, but only if he lets me chip in for the hotel. I will go halfsies on a couples spa day too.

  140. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Why ask ?!
    if 70 minutes ago you were told that ILWC=NYG.

  141. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Dorky ,
    Let me go to sleep,

    You know I know you know my last nick.
    why ask? why pretend ?
    A SD just told you my last nick. you think he is not telling you the truth ?
    just trust him 🙂

    I hope at least you remember how I look in lingerie (althouh u do have a bad memory , last time you thought I am a blond Jenny bug from California looking at my red hair NYC profile. )

    Who cares about FB, google clients here right now,
    The Qs were :
    1. Do you do sugar dating (from me)
    2. when was the last time you had sex (from treasured)
    3. What do you think about rough anal sex in Dubai (SDinLA )

  142. DorkyGuy says:

    ILWCG, were you NewYorkGirl?

  143. DorkyGuy says:

    ILWCG~ There was a span of over a year where I never logged into the blog, and didn’t read anything. It is unlikely that I would recognize your avatar from a couple years ago, because my memory is just not that good!

    What was your blog name before you switched to ILWCG?

    And you misunderstood my point. I was not saying “women are objects”. I am saying that “non-paying users (male or female) of free services are products, not customers”.

    If you took from that that “women are objects”, then you really don’t understand what I said at all.

  144. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    Can not read any “explanation ” ,
    Women r objects, I know.

    I have the same avatar for over a year . !??!?
    What do you need to remember/Know.
    No one has my personality, attitude , sex appeal … how could you not recognize me ?
    I guess I am the only one who remembers all the facts on the blog.

    Treasured !!! do not kill me! can not you see FatBSD is a SDinLA ? who else would have this sense of humor.

  145. DorkyGuy says:


    LOL! Crazy woman sex? No thanks, I’ve had enough to last a lifetime. Very generous offer though.

  146. DorkyGuy says:

    @ILWCG…. I don’t mean to offend, but if you and I spoke and got to know each other, it was not under the name “ILoveWestCoastGirl”. Did you change your blog name at some point in the past? If you did, I was not aware of the transition.

    Because my quote has offended you, I think it merits a little explanation.

    The accurate quote was: “If you are not paying for something, you are not the customer. You are the product being sold.”

    This is not my observation alone. This is an observation that has been shared and repeated by numerous people in the tech world about how the world works, and it is championed by people concerned with consumer rights.

    It sounds like the first time you heard this was from me. This is actually a pretty famous quote, and over the last few years, it has been referenced by a lot of famous people. The quote is not a goal to be aspired to. It’s an observation of how the world works. The quote is gender neutral, and is not sexist.

    This quote has hit the marketing/tech world in a pretty big way, and is used to explain why Google, Facebook, and other free services (like SA) don’t adequately look after the concerns of their non-paying users.

    Who are Facebook’s customers? If you think it is you, because you have a Facebook profile, you are wrong. The question is: Who pays for Facebook? Their advertisers do. They buy access to user profiles, which is *you*. This includes your personal data. With FaceBook, you are not the customer. You are the product being sold. To their advertisers. Same with Google. If you don’t think the same basic theory applies to SA, and why it doesn’t adequately serve SBs, I would be interested to hear why.

    With the demise of the Google Reader and all of the abandoned users, lots of *consumers* like you and me are taking this quote seriously. Many are thinking maybe they should have paid something and become *customers*, instead of using a free service. Then Google would feel some financial obligation to them. Ask them if the quote is sexist.

    The quote would apply exactly the same if SDs had free memberships.

  147. Treasured says:

    Fat, you are nuts 😀

    Ok, I am off till later, kiddies. Behave 😀

    Dork, think about my offer. Perhaps you need “crazy woman sex”. Hehehehehehe

  148. FatBastardSD says:

    I mean I need a crazy woman list, and a normal woman list. Both serve their intended purpose, which of course, is to please me.

  149. FatBastardSD says:

    @ Treasured

    Of course I could screen them out, but every guy knows that crazy woman sex is the best you can get! So you see my dilemma.

  150. Treasured says:

    PS: I mean, you can not “exclude” those from your search results, but you certainly can screen well enough not to meet them 😉

  151. Treasured says:

    Fat – Yes, you can use your brains, and not your penis, when selecting a SB 😀


    Same as when we screen SDs, who are not fakes, flakes and bastards 😀

  152. FatBastardSD says:

    @ Spicey,

    Fair enough, please make a sugar daddy profile and compile a list of all of these young beautiful, and brilliant young women on the SA site, you would be doing all of us SD a favor (searching for those who have a fondness for bad breath would also be helpful). Maybe I don’t know how to use the search engine properly but is there a way to exclude drug addicted, narcissistic and bpd SB profiles from my search results?

  153. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    “Since the site isn’t having a problem retaining SBs, but is having a problem retaining SDs, that really puts the onus on the SBs”

    Do you work for SA now? or it is just a sexism.
    The site needs a SBs (to choose from – remember 1:10 ratio ! ) and good quality! SDs.
    Pls, get a REAL life friends , so you can discuss not “disgusting ” “distasteful ” stuff with them .
    If sex, periods, oral sex techniques, bright male orgasm trainings, vibrators, fetishes , rough anal sex (wink to SDinLA 🙂 ), other exotic desires are so disgusting to you … so… not do sex or sex blogging.

    oh… I wish I had a bad memory
    your quite about “if you do not pay monthly fee , you r not a client , u r a product, piece of meat…”

    if a girl has not a free blue but pays 30$ a month and have orange profile – she is still a product/object or she is as good as a SD (who pays 30$ for profile )? it makes a girl so different right away, you treat girls with orange profile much better than girls with blue profile ? or SA site treat SBs with orange profiles like clients and blue profiles girls like an objects. ?
    I got lost in your English/sexist’ thinking.

  154. FatBastardSD says:

    I have met a few really great SB’s from the site which to some SD’s must seem like a miracle. But there were others as well. One SB actually claimed that she felt sorry for the pathetic men on the site and considered being a SB a charitable act. The fact that her narcissism made it impossible to hold down any regular job was, of course, not the real reason she was on the site. Some of the posters come across the same way (although I am sure the posts are often designed to push some buttons).

  155. Treasured says:

    Spicey – can we please have this occasion take place as soon as possible?? 😀
    I think the man desperately needs to get laid 😀

    I am almost tempted to offer him a “mercy fuck”.

    On topic why some people object talking about sex… Perhaps because they don’t have any? 😀


  156. Spicey, says:

    Treasured – hands off my man! The new, sweet, loving me is going to sex Dorky all up – on our wedding night of course – after Jersey officiates the wedding.

    Why would anyone get offended when we talk about sex on SA? More sex! More sex! More sex!

  157. Spicey, says:

    But, with a name like FatBastard do you sincerely think a young, beautiful, slim, accomplished woman should be interested in you without extra incentive$ to do so?

  158. Treasured says:

    Dork, really. I have a question. When was the last time you had sex? 😀

  159. Spicey, says:

    FatBastard – Make a female profile for five days. Hell I’ll let you borrow my pics. Then come back here and defend the way 75% of the men who contact you behave. You’ll be disgusted.

    Occasionally, there is a diamond in the rough – I have met a few charming, lovely men on SA. But who wants to hear about that? A blog is a place to chatter – nobody should be offended – it’s all hyperbole.

  160. Treasured says:

    Fat – LOL! You are welcome to share your stories 😛

    And, we do not discriminate against race, age, or looks (although each of us has it’s own preferences).

    But, I, at least, reserve the right to reveal jerk wannabe SDs. And, a Brad Pitt here stands in the same line with Danny De Vito.

    Am I the only one that Jersey and Dorky should take it off the blog, meet up and finally both get laid? I think it is a match made in heaven. Perhaps blog will be a much calmer place? 😀

  161. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    April 7, 2013 at 8:59 pm
    @ILoveWestCoastGirl~ I try to read your blog posts and understand them… I really do. But I get lost. Is English your second language?

    It is a personl offend. Since you know my nationality, my e mail, seen my lingerie
    photos, my ex profile …
    Let us go back to the old blog! then you had a limit 5 posts a day. ! maximum.

    and you can discuss your taxation, sports car etc…
    I tell you my international reaseach : Whoever does not understand my English has an IQ less than 80 and no college degree and no sense of humor.

    what do you want from us ? we Love sex, we can not be your ideal women.
    it is a sex blog.
    and Midwest had posted very intimate and sexy stuff here as well.

    Tolerance …tolerance.. Tolerance…

    If Dorkey does not let me write sexy stuff or feel guilty about me writing sexy stuff / share sex experience , ask advices… I can not be tolerable . Sorry.
    I know FlyR does not like us talking about vibrators, but he is still with us 🙂
    yes, my English is broken but my brain is not.

    Dorkey , who do you miss, which SD? I am sure you have his e mail,
    E mail him and discuss the speed cars, economy cars, tax, politics… what is your problem ?
    are you lonely ? call your daughter . play computer games.
    share your new SUGAR stories . . .
    Yes, it is a sugar blog , yes, 90% guys at SA expecting SEX (OMG, surprise, surprise !)
    and more than 50% married and expect not so vanilla sex (they can get vanila sex at home).
    and to be sexually adventures is a prerequisite 🙂 to be here. 🙂


    I think a difference b/w prostitution and this site is a pro do Not pick a guy . here you can interview 5-10 guys before you decide you want to be intimate with this guy. ?

    somebody else has problem with my English ?

  162. FatBastardSD says:

    It is no mystery why the SD do not bother with this blog. It gets really boring listening to a few SB parrot how these incredibly beautiful, brilliant young women must suffer the disgusting, old and hygienically challenged SD’s that dominate SA. Thank god all of the SB’s on the site are helping us out by turning down offers from young billionaires, athletes and movie stars. A nobel prize nomination should be put forward.

  163. Spicey says:

    Oh, SDpussy – one should never take anything anyone on the blog says too seriously. It’s all just nonsense anyway until someone pops in with real questions and challenges.

    I feel that (except for my opinions on fake breasts and men who behave poorly on SA) I am not mean to other members of the community,

    Can you name a time when I’ve been shredding or insulting to members of our blog community? I’ve teased you for your preference for very young girls (which I believe prevents your real happiness and divorce recovery), and I’ve been VERY vocal in my request that SA take SB health and safety seriously. But, I’ve never judged someone else’s arrangement or implied another SB was a whore, poorly educated, or “less than” in any way.

    But, yes I do intend to ensure that blog SDs don’t feel insulted by my comments – I’m laughing at those OTHER SDs with you, not at you!

  164. Treasured says:

    Spicey – Amen 😀

  165. SDinLA says:

    @Stacy/Spicy Hmm, I was writing my magnum opus in which I praised you when you posted your last entry. I thought you were serious about a change in attitude, but if you were in fact being facetious to DorkyGuy (as your last post seems to demonstrate) then I take it all back! 😛

  166. SDinLA says:

    I think the biggest shift in “tone” on this blog has been in tolerance.

    When I first started participating here more than 3 years ago, it was a place where you could come to share your experiences, ask questions, solicit advice- to find kindred spirits who participated in, or were curious about a topic: mutually beneficially arrangements, that is (despite Brandon’s best efforts) NOT something one can easily discuss in mainstream forums due to the puritanical/hypocritical mores most of 21st Century Western society still hangs onto.

    Was there blog drama? Of course. Were there posters who rubbed each other the wrong way and disliked each other? Hell yes. But, as dysfunctional as it could get, it felt like a community. People found the blog and almost universally felt like, “OMG, here’s a place I can talk openly about this shit!” and there was enough of a feeling of being part of a misunderstood/harshly judged minority that the blog seemed to work. I think it did help that many of the blog participants met in real life via the blog “meets.” I knew SBs on the blog who had met other SBs, didn’t like them, but instead of getting into a flame war with them online, they’d just express their dislike of said SB to me outside of the blog- it was almost as if there was some respect for the “community” here so they chose to keep the personal stuff out instead of letting their egos run amok.

    DorkyGuy’s point on Midwest’s absence and the lack of moderation is valid IMO. Back when there were two active moderators (and Stefan, who seemed to pay more attention to the blog than the current staff do- not a slight, just an observation, these days there’s a whole lot more media shit and such to take care of it seems) things were nipped in the bud much sooner, and when one poster took over the blog with their personality, it was often taken care of via a temporary ban to let things calm down.

    Perhaps part of the lack of tolerance has been due to Brandon’s success in attracting a larger audience. There definitely seems to be a wider range of “arrangements” being practiced by active blog participants than there used to be, but that seems to be just a reflection of the site’s broader membership (not a good thing IMO.) We didn’t argue much about what is right/wrong, good/bad because there seemed to be a pretty narrow definition the blog regulars had re: what an “arrangement” was… pay to play/per meet was pretty much universally thought of as “not a real arrangement”, SDs *and* SBs seemed to be looking for something longer term and consistent, where the sex was just a part of the experience, and a real “connection” and shared affection and respect for the other person was an essential part of the deal.

    I’ve always said that I believe an “arrangement” is whatever two people agree upon. My own views are very much “traditional” in the sense of “mistress of a married man” and “relationship with boundaries for single guys” but the spectrum of people’s definitions of “sugar relationships” run all the way from “john/escort by another name” to “looking for love.” And you know what? I don’t judge others if their definition is not the same as mine. I have never been a participant in that world, but I have no issues with prostitution. What happens between two consenting adults should not be any concern of the government or law enforcement. I don’t think people who choose to be escorts, or guys who see them, are in any way beneath me.

    Online forums typically degenerate into chaos because of a lack of respect for the other participants. This place was different because of the sense of community that once existed here (and Midwest DID play a huge role in maintaining that tie to “the old days.”) In the immortal words of the late Rodney King, “Can’t we all get along?”

    @Stacy/Spicy Kudos to you for taking DorkyGuy’s blog admonishment to heart and trying to change the tenor of your posts going forward.

    If a few other people here can be as mature as Stacy/Spicy (and suppress their self-indulgent instincts), then I think we’re a lot more likely to going back to having an active “community” of both SDs and SBs, regardless of our personal experiences/viewpoints.

    I’ve taken on the role of “Troll Police” for pretty much as long I’ve been participating on this blog. In recent times (not with Madison/Cali, because she WAS a troll) I have been guilty of getting sucked into a less tolerant attitude as well. I’m willing to follow Stacy’s lead and try to make this place feel more like a “community” rather than just a place to vent our frustrations at the opposite sex and a playground for one’s own vanity. But it takes an effort by ALL participants to be accepting/more self-aware about what we post, or it won’t work (unless we get the moderation amped us, as DorkyGuy said.)

    How about if you must disagree with someone, and feel the need to make it personal, we all agree to take it off blog BEFORE writing something negative addressed to another blog poster?

  167. Spicey says:

    Remember ladies, we are going to be sweet and lovely. We are going to refrain from bickering or mentioning unmentionable topics. We will do no talking about flacid peni, rotund bellies, or thinning hair lines.

    We will worship the phallic with batting eyes and adoring mouths, and pine for the careless pocket change, half-off coupons, and shopping excursions to JCPenney that our sweet octogenarian SDs deign to occasionally spoil us with.

    We will never put out on first date just because an arrangement is already agreed upon, and we will always be sweet, and willing and wet after date number two. We will only pursue self-made men that set our heart aflutter, but never think ill of the many SDs on SA who do not (those we will sweetly send long, loving well wishes that they find the perfect SB who loves fisting and facials as much as they do).

    We will not complain about rescheduling, “forgotten” allowances, or bad breath – these are all of the delightful surprises that come with an accomplished SD.

    We will adore our SD but in no way expect anything of him, or make a single peep if he ignores, abuses, or poofs on us. We are simply vessels for the delightful seed of man, and we must be the gentle flower that is his sweetest reward, open, willing, feminine, and soft – regardless of the callus, cruel, and disgusting ways the men on SA behave.

    In exchange for his generous $30 membership fee to SA all of this is the very least that we can provide.

  168. Treasured says:

    @ Single mums…. Not ALL single mums are desperate. I have my OWN house, I work, I study and YES, I have SDs to pamper me. Do I rely on them for basics – no.
    But, as WCG has said – I have no “I need to get babies now!” watch ticking, I am much more responsible, much more focused and know exactly what I want.

    @Blog SDs going away. Since my latest research (when I was trying to find post of my Daddy on here), I had to go back to 2009. And, guess who is a regular SINCE than!!!?? Since 2009! Our Dorky guy!
    If the blog is so horrendous, what on Earth are you doing here?

    @Re class… Oh well. Something can’t be bought for ANY money. Hence some girls get 1000$ per month and some… Oh well. We are not going to state the obvious 🙂

    And. Jersey. Since I happen to think I DO have class, I am not going to give your catty personality (you obviously are expecting a reply, just to prove what a bad bad girl I am) gratification of replying. Neither for bringing up your unfortunate picture (we sorted out it ages ago, but, apparently it still bugs you).
    Nor for making YET again a personal attack on me.
    I would say, put in a little more work, both in your education AND in the way you present yourself, and you might stop being envious and land a decent SD/Job/Start-up.

    Re SB being escorts. I prefer a term courtesans. What I DID say is that I don’t care what I am, personally called. In this world, you need a thick skin.
    As, on the whole, both sides are on the very wide spectrum of prostitution 😉

    If anyone has any mix – ups regarding the two:

    “A call girl or female escort is a sex worker who (unlike a street walker) is not visible to the general public; nor does she usually work in an institution like a brothel, although she may be employed by an escort agency. The client must make an appointment, usually by calling a telephone number. Call girls often advertise their services in small ads in magazines and via the Internet, although an intermediary advertiser, such as an escort agency, may be involved in promoting escorts, while, less often, some may be handled by a pimp. Call girls may work either incall, where the client comes to them, or outcall, where they go to the client.”

    “The “cortigiane oneste” were usually well-educated and worldly (sometimes even more so than the average upper-class woman), and often held simultaneous careers as performers or artists. They were typically chosen on the basis of their “breeding”—social and conversational skills, intelligence, common-sense, and companionship—as well as their physical attributes. It was usually their wit and personality that set them apart from regular women. They were prostitutes in the sense that sex was one of their obligations, but unlike the average prostitute, sex constituted only a facet of the courtesan’s array of services. For example, they were expected to be well-dressed and ready to engage in a variety of topics ranging from art to music to politics.
    In some cases, courtesans were from well-to-do backgrounds, and were even married—but to husbands lower on the social ladder than their clients. In these cases, their relationships with those of high social status had the potential to improve their spouses’ status—and so, more often than not, the husband was aware of his wife’s profession and dealings”

    Yes…. Jersey. Education is power, my sweet. Stop being bitter, and do some something useful – read books.

  169. Lo says:

    at least we know who likes to get the last word in 😉

  170. Jersey Darling says:

    Lo: “Clearly you don’t know how escorting works.”

    Next time I need some tips, I know where to ask.

    Claws going away for now, this kitty is going to sleep. Good night all.

  171. Spicey says:

    GT is not nice, I do not miss him.

    I remember NC now and there was also Northwest SD with a fondness for redheads (he was lovely). It was nice when we had more SDs – so I will take it as my personal effort, in order to please my dear, sweet Dorky. I do so love to see the smiles fly across his keyboard. I pine for the days of his flaming tampon icon.

    So, ladies instead let us focus on all the ways we sweeten our sugar for SDs – let them in on some of our sweet little secrets. For me?

    Videos. 😉 Dorky, did you enjoy that little clip of my bubble bath I just sent over?

  172. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    All I remember Treasured compared you to Sophie Loren and Monica Bellucci . And that is what important !:)! and stands forever (everything else is faded).

    I liked VA gent on blog , but his SB broke up with him (was looking for a new SD) and he was gone, he got his SB on a different sugar site – that is why he could blog here!
    He showed up later to tell us what happened and then! a new SB posted here what she still LOVES his 30+ older SD dearly but he was not generous enough .
    after that VA gent was gone.
    Some SDs who sugar date from SA can not post here freely – there is always a chance your SB might read the blog. !!!
    SDinLa is not doing sugar dating, he can post here if he feels like it.
    Stormy was looking for a true LOVE, was bohemian romantic and flew a married serial SB from another coast for a few days of fun ; I hope her husband liked the presents Stormy bought her.

    and stuff like that happens on blog ….life is life…people come people go.

  173. DorkyGuy says:

    @ILoveWestCoastGirl~ I try to read your blog posts and understand them… I really do. But I get lost. Is English your second language?

    It sounds like you want to have girl chat.. which is fine… but don’t be surprised if it attracts primarily girls, and they guys don’t want to participate. What I suggest is that girls have a place they can talk periods, recipes, and venting about guys. Guys can have a different place to talk about sports, tits&ass, and venting about girls. But in mixed company, let’s avoid topics that the other side will find distasteful. Since the site isn’t having a problem retaining SBs, but is having a problem retaining SDs, that really puts the onus on the SBs.

    @Spicey~ Yes, we do frequently agree! What rarely happens is that you and I agree on something that Treasured disagrees. That’s not bad… just an observation.

    I predicted you would disagree with me, because I have some friction with Treasured at the moment. I assumed that you would be loyal to your friend, which is a positive character trait, not negative. Also, I think the two of you have a lot of similar interests and a cool connection that I figure will keep you on the same side of the isle on most things. Nothing negative there at all.

    As far as I know, there’s no malice between you and I. There can’t be. You’re the girl I’m going to marry one day!

    I recall a longer list of SDs who have gone. Just off the top of my head, here is more for your list. Each of these guys contributed over a long period of time: Stormcat, VAGent, NCGent, Alleycat, and GT. There’s more, but I’m tired and brain is going fuzzy.

    @Everyone~ I put the question out there “why have the SDs fled?” because it’s a serious question.

    SBs, it’s up to you whether you want to acknowledge there’s a problem and/or fix it. If you don’t fix it, that’s fine with me. I’ll find another place to spend my time, and you won’t have anyone left who cares enough to even point out that there is a problem. You’ll be able to live blissfully ignorant, thinking that no guy staying for more than a week is the norm.

    Dorky will be so bored in the next 24 hours he’ll be begging us to bring back the claws.~Spicey


  174. Lo says:

    Which never actually happened. It’s a full meet with an allowance I am content with or it’s nothing at all. He was sick this week and couldn’t meet up but offered to give me cash anyway in case I was short. Clearly you don’t know how escorting works.

  175. Spicey says:

    But, Jersey why bring it up? Let’s go back to chatter about vacays and shopping trips and how much we just adore the smell of our SDs bowl gasses like Dorky asked for. Let’s put aside the attacks and try (for a night at least) not to attack each other and instead support and bring sweetness and man worship.

    Dorky will be so bored in the next 24 hours he’ll be begging us to bring back the claws.

  176. Jersey Darling says:

    If I actually cared, I’d go back and quote the posts and others could judge for themselves (though most of the lurkers probably already have). Lo, weren’t you contemplating charging less because it was that time of month and you could only give oral? Charging by sex act is pretty explicit.

    Treasured has said numerous times she considers this escorting. She uses that as an argument all the time. Again, perhaps when I bother to care I’ll bring the quotes.

  177. Spicey says:

    What is it they say about pots and kettles?

  178. Lo says:

    Jersey likes to get off on calling us all whores because we’re not entering arrangements with Brad Pitt marriage material millionaires who will put us on their payroll.

  179. Spicey says:

    Jersey, that was rather unfair. Treasured has been on the site far longer than you, and is in no way a woman who charges by the hour. Dorky is asking for the ladies of the blog to behave more like ladies. I am prepared to show him that we can. Are you?

  180. Jersey Darling says:

    “Jersey vs. Treasured”

    A reminder that Treasured started that debacle by singling me out with a personal attack on my avatar, and personal attacks are against blog policy. Her presence here to a large extent is against blog policy considering that she equates her work to being an escort and escorts are not allowed on the site.

    So when escorts who aren’t allowed to be on the site chase away the site’s intentional audience, that’s a problem and I’m glad Dorky’s shedding some light on that.

    That said, as JennSA mentioned in a previous blog post, it is starting to seem like SA doesn’t care and this new wave is what it hopes to attract. Doesn’t matter the quality, as long as they attract more people right? Plenty of regulars have noted the shift, but their voices get drowned out as the inane chatter dribbles on…

    I personally have started to care less, as if this is what the site wants, this is what it can have – a bunch of self proclaimed escorts making a mockery of it.

  181. Spicey says:

    Hey Dorky, I didn’t know that we had such a disagreement that you would assume we’d disagree. We often agree (in my experience).

    1) Why have the guys fled? – In my memory, the men have never been as active or constant as the women, I guess that is due to their personal success.
    They pop in and out when their schedules allow. Perhaps the few men who were regulars (PhoneGuy, Tequila and Jack being the only ones I can remember who were regulars who left) may just have other things going on in their lives for now, and may come back soon. Although, there was quite a bit of tumult after the rape scared a number of people off and the Jersey vs. Treasured and Cali vs. Guru drama turned people away as well.

    2) What should be done to fix it? – I would propose the healing hands of time and better blog articles. The articles on the blog itself have become FAR more focused on what an SB should do, and frankly if I were a man I would find the articles so chickish I would be too bored to even read further into the comments. Why is there even an article though? A forum would be far more helpful than a blog with comments.

    3) If nothing’s wrong, and there’s nothing to fix, should we just resolve that this is now a SB blog? – We should wait patiently for all of the new characters to enter, and be light and entertaining and let the universe take care of the rest.

    And always remember my SB mantra: A courtesan attracts with her smile, entertains with her brain, and rewards with her honey.

    You have mistaken my character and intent entirely.

  182. Lo says:

    Dorky we’ve just had two new SD’s join the blog today and say good things about it. All is not lost.

  183. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Everyone ! Everyone Loves Midwest !

    She is super smart, and sexy and erotic – have you seen your photos and her profile write up. 🙂 🙂

    Midwest is your age, right?
    You are NOT doing sugar dating , right.? Do you ?
    Blog SDs is a complete different bread than SA site SDs.

    if you want subtle and not erotic … match.com and other site have blogs,
    you can talk about political , taxes , recipes… freely at many different blogs.

    I just wanted to discuss some in bed room sexual stuff at this sexual blog with other girls.
    And yes, we will discuss fetishes and vibrators .
    Just wanted to write to Guru an interesting fetish request /story I remembered (I do not do sugar dating right now).
    but would like to ask some in bed room opinions with other sexually experienced girls here!
    where else I can do it ? at match.com ?

    Dorky , r u a communist “we do not have sex” was a motto back then.

  184. DorkyGuy says:

    Spicey, I expected you to disagree with me. No surprise there.

    What I am surprised at is that you think the blog is the same as it’s always been. Virtually everyone who has spoke to the topic thus far has noted a remarkable shift in the blog culture.

    So, if I have it all wrong, what are your answers?

    1) Why have the guys fled?
    2) What should be done to fix it?
    3) If nothing’s wrong, and there’s nothing to fix, should we just resolve that this is now a SB blog?

  185. Spicey says:

    And to prove this point, Dorky – I will now endeavor to show you just how very nice and respectful I can be. Careful though, you’ll fall in love. 😉

  186. Spicey says:

    Additionally, men I am with never feel disrespected unless that’s what they enjoy. Because, I don’t enter into relationships with people I don’t respect. I have never ONCE spoken with disrespect of any of my lovers on this blog. Not ONE single time!

  187. Spicey says:

    Dorky – I was around when Midwest was and found none of what you say to be true. The blog looks, smells, and acts just the same as it always has. Users come and go, girls joke about the jokers on the site, and enjoy stories about the good ones, and we have ALWAYS pointed out SDs with disgusting profiles because they should have the appropriate shame NOT to behave like animals.

    Now, making fun of an SD profile just because of his appearance is not polite. But, pointing out someone who may be dangerous, disgusting, or impolite is a perfect “mother hen” activity. And, you fail to notice the instruction we’ve been giving in this blog on this point alone.

    The reason fewer SBs on THIS site are talking about mentoring is that the lion’s den of SA has become so dangerous one must be more on guard than was previously allowed. You truly haven’t been reading the blog if you don’t understand how heinous SA girls get treated. Mentoriship is lovely, but it requires trust, and before an SA girl trusts ANY many on this site she should ensure he will be worthy of that trust. “Mentorship” is very difficult to prove whereas material gift$ are clear and direct.

  188. DorkyGuy says:

    A few thoughts, with a focus on remaining positive and constructive.

    I think one of the key changes to the SB culture happened with the departure of Midwest.

    Midwest has been a SB for a long time, and has a wealth of experience. She was able to be a “mother hen” to new SBs, and guide them into a style that was less “in your face” and explicit than we see now.

    She presented a kind of SB that was more elegant and demure, and not blatantly sexual or erotic. It was a style that appealed more to the SDs. When we’re sitting around chatting (as we do in this forum), guys tend to not like girls to be vulgar and explicit. Save that for the bedroom. Be flirty and subtle. Because she was the “mother hen”, the newer SBs emulated her, and the guys liked that too.

    She also had a terrific read on the psyche of men. She understood that many site SDs, and most of the blog SDs were in it for non-sexual emotions as much as sex. They weren’t just looking for a cheap lay or an erotic time… they were looking for a partner and confidant. For many of the SDs, the idea of mentoring their SB and building a real friendship were as important as the physical. Her advice on those topics to new SBs was terrific. She knew the importance of letting the SD feel like a man.

    Mentoring is a concept that we never even hear mentioned now… partly because of a shift in attitude among SBs. Why should a SB need mentoring from a guy? She’s the one controlling the relationship, and she already knows everything. Other than money, the guy doesn’t seem to have anything she wants or needs. There doesn’t appear to be any respect for the guy. And gals, the number one thing that guys needs emotionally from a girl is to be admired and respected. You should write that down and tape it to your mirror.

    I guarantee that most of the blog SDs who left were looking for a girl to respect and admire them as much or more than for sex. So a shift in SB attitudes that doesn’t respect or admire men is a huge thing to them.

    And gals, when you ridicule the men you come across on the blog… here is what the SDs hear. The SDs are listening to yet another woman who doesn’t respect yet another man. And they are tired of hearing that same old tired tune about how bad men are. Maybe the guy you are ranting about doesn’t deserve respect, and you need a place to vent. There *are* SB run forums that are a perfectly appropriate places to vent about what assholes men are. Gals, this blog is mixed company. You don’t talk about your periods here do you? It’s not smart to rant about men in front of men if you want the men to stick around.

    Speaking of inappropriate conversation… When you divulge that you find a guy repulsive, but are sleeping with him anyway… or that your emotional side is all an act… what impact do you think that will have on SDs who are listening, who are hoping that their SB isn’t lying to them? Of course that kind of talk drives them away.

    Because Midwest was so classy, and had authority, Midwest also had a natural moderating effect on stronger personalities on the blog. Just guessing, but I bet if she were here, the disagreement that we had this morning about ridiculing profiles on the blog never would have happened. Treasured would likely have never pushed that line. Midwest was someone that nobody wanted to disappoint. People weren’t afraid of her… but they respected her and didn’t want to disappoint her.

    Another thought… I gather that the blog SD tends to be different than the SDs one finds on the site. As mentioned above, SDs on the blog tend to want something more toward “partner” than “lay for the night”. When you complain about SDs you encounter on the site, the SDs on the blog don’t understand that you aren’t talking about them. When I see a generalized statement about men, or about SDs, I assume you’re talking about me.

    Regarding moderation… You guys have to know that Guru has plenty of personal and work commitments and has limited time to moderate the site. Plus he does it on a volunteer basis. (This is an important reason why we should avoid drama… When we create drama, and force him to resolve it, we are being hugely disrespectful of his personal time.)

    Midwest served as a second moderator who kept a closer eye on the blog than Guru is able to do. A lot of stuff that slides now would never have slid before, because we had two moderators, and someone was often watching. Today, the site is mostly unobserved except for the couple of times a day that Guru checks it. And I suspect he doesn’t have time to read all of the posts. So if you decide that “I never got disciplined for pushing the line, so it must be ok”… you are basing your conclusion on a wrong assumption.

  189. Dr. Evil says:

    “Could “Evil” be Dr Jack in drag ??”
    I think he said he was an attorney. I’m not.
    Don’t like to wear women’s clothes.
    I don’t talk about my body parts.

  190. Jersey Darling says:

    flyr – No. “Dr. Evil” is a man that every woman on this blog should stay away from. Take it from my experience, I have history with him. That is all I’ll say.

  191. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    I Have to write this “I agree with FlyR” – never thought I would write that . 🙂 🙂

    A single girl /SB , or a single mother SB – what difference does it make?

    the good thing is i am done with my reproductive role, my clock is not ticking, I am not desperate or in a rush to find Mr. Right to marry or get pregnant .
    I am done, free, have a fulfillment in my life, a child, a career , friends , stability ,
    and ! look better in lingerie than 90% of American girls who did not have children .
    what is this all buzz about single mothers ?

    I see I have a meaning and fulfillment in my life , and my reproductive function is done ! 🙂 more fun and free time for me.
    I am done with diapers, sleepless nights…and all childless girls r going to have it in the next 2-10 years.
    Yes, I have to get a babysitter /play date if I go on a date – that is why I am more picky and do not go on dates with low life guys , non-googlable guys who can not be mentally, emotionally , sexually stimulating for me.

    And if you think “why ex does not take care of a woman”…
    same you can say about a single young childless SB “why the parents do not take care of her”…

  192. flyR says:

    Could “Evil” be Dr Jack in drag ??????????????????????

  193. FatBastardSD says:

    Condescending SB’s are not just a blog issue. I have had a few experiences with SB’s who had a very condescending attitude. The thinking was that I was obviously a loser if I had to use the site to get a woman. Of course they never liked my response that the flip side of this argument is that if they were as intelligent and beautiful as they believed, then they would not have to offer themselves to a loser like me but would already have a rich handsome boyfriend or husband or they would use their incredible powers of manipulation to make enough money where they would be able to get sugar babies themselves.

  194. JW-UK says:

    I guess bloggers come and go – if something interests you, you stay but often on threads – and not just on SA – the discussion goes off on a tangent and has nothing to do with the original thread….

  195. flyR says:

    RE single Moms etc

    Over the years I have met a number of single mothers here a few of whom were desperate but most others who were looking for a simpler relationship, sex, intellectual conversations, mentoring and some financial assistance. Most with college degrees and doing something interesting with their lives.

    I do not think there are more “desperate” single moms than regular SB’s looking for assistance to buy shoes, vacations at distant resorts, four star resorts etc. One common characteristic is that they are generally more free of drama. But, like any generalization, it’s a generalization…………..

    RE SD departures – My sense is that the blog has changed and that a lot of the SB’s who were interesting, successful, intelligent, free spirits etc have left . That does not mean that there are not some very special women here (and you know how I appreciate you) but rather that there has been a subtle shift in the culture of the blog.


  196. Spicey, says:

    evil – I’ll call you whatever I like, and you’ll thank me for it. 😉

  197. Dr. Evil says:

    Oh Spicey I’m taken aback — that’s Dr. Evil to you. I did not go to four years of Evil Medical School to just be called Evil. Good god girl show a little respect. If I am ever one of your benefactors then you may call me Evil, but by then you would already know the truth and I would be lucky to be called evil with a little “e”.

  198. Spicey, says:

    Evil – I agree that calling someone I am intimate with “Daddy” is creepy. In real life I call them friends, for the blog lovers or SDs – but never clients. I consider myself more of a modern courtesan, so perhaps I should call them benefactors?

  199. Jersey Darling says:

    @Spicey, I get your persona as a Domme. For people who don’t realize that that’s your perspective however, it may scare some men away from the blog. But you are right, you were not the main person I was talking about in my post 😉

    @Noob, David is great. His is the first SD blog I read when I dipped my toes into this side of relationships and it was a great counterbalance to the SB blogs out there. And if on the off chance he ever visits this site (doubtful since he’s retired), David you still owe me a drink 😀

  200. Lo says:

    your positivity is appreciated noob sd

  201. Noob_SD says:

    @Dorky/@Jersey – Thanks for the support on the single mom thing. Good to see others see the human considerations of an unfortunate situation. I do feel sorry for them.

    I am hearing that the blog lost many of the SD participants – hopefully the blog continues and grows. This is a good forum for frank exchange of thoughts, ideas. I went back a few posts, and found the exchanges quite entertaining. One other blog I read quite a bit was “SugarDaddyDiary” by David Montrose.

  202. Spicey, says:

    I don’t deride the blog SDs, I moch the nasty SDs and fakes that exist out there in the sugar bowl – blog SDs are excused from my contempt.

  203. Spicey, says:

    Treasured, I wonder who Jersey is talking about, Lol.

  204. Jersey Darling says:

    @Dorky – If you are ever in the NY area, we can go to a burlesque show or cabaret. I know a couple of great places in the city.

    Regarding the men who’ve fled the blog, when I first started contributing I wondered what was keeping them here in the first place. Many of the SB posters on here repeatedly show contempt for men and approach them with complete disrespect. I’m pretty sure the men have only stayed because this is one of the few places we can talk about our secret lives as a community.

    I’ve never really understood the condescension. I’ve been lucky to forge some great connections with people off blog, and sadly the quality people don’t stay here for long. It gets tiring repeatedly reading the man-bashing. The gentlemen, of course, display more class and have been nice enough not to return the favor. They probably realize the girls make fools of themselves on their own and don’t need any help.

    Of course, this is all a moot point – said girls happen to be the ones with egos larger than life and they’d probably prefer having the blog all to themselves since it’s all about them anyway.

    My outspoken but honest two cents on the topic.

  205. Dr. Evil says:

    Sorry. I don’t particularly like the SD/SB terminology, sounds incestuous.
    What is the terminology that you prefer?

  206. Lo says:

    I’m not really sure what the issue is here. There’s a couple quibbles here and there but what forum or blog where there are multiple personalities involved doesn’t have that? Posters used to complain about Calisb’s presence on the blog and now that she’s gone people are still complaining. What do people want??

  207. Jersey Darling says:

    @Dorky, Don’t remind me about all the guys leaving. They’re a big part of why I started posting 🙁

  208. DorkyGuy says:

    @Lo and ILoveWestCoastGirl~ Happy Birthday 🙂 Really! Hope you guys do something truly awesome. And remember, on your birthday, chocolate doesn’t have calories!

    @Jersey~ A cabaret or burlesque show sounds like so much fun! Would you believe I’ve never been? I’m penciling that in on my bucket list now!

    @The Blog~ Have you guys noticed that the SDs have mostly left the blog?

    Back when I started participating, there was a vibrant group of regular SDs who enjoyed participating in the blog. They’re mostly gone, and now the number of regular SD contributors is only a tiny fraction of what it used to be.

    Why do you guys think the blog is having trouble retaining SD contributors? Is it something that you are interested in fixing? Or are you guys happy with a SB dominated blog?

  209. Spicey, says:

    Dr. Evil – P.S. I don’t have clients. Whores have clients. Are you calling me a whore?

  210. Jersey Darling says:

    @SDinLA – Couldn’t fully respond to your post before. It IS a little crazy for a SD to put you on the payroll, but it’s also fun and dangerous for those who it appeals to.

    I’d much prefer funding for my own business but hey, what are the chances of that happening?

  211. Jersey Darling says:

    Noob and Dorky, I totally agree with you on the single mom thing and men who go after women who have clearly turned to this as a last resort. It takes a certain type of person to be drawn to that. Financial distress, unless you already know someone and know that they are making decisions responsibly, is an alarm. I’m glad some guys on here recognize this.

    The worst are the guys who fall for it and get exploited themselves.

    @Noob, the blog is definitely more amusing than the website.

    @Dr. Evil, there is a difference between acting desperate and asking for help. Just like there is a difference between people who are legitimately nice and people who want to fetish role play it 😉

  212. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    This sickly obese guy . Of course he needs 2 girls – to watch them play with each other. all his organs had the lipid degeneration – I do not think he can get a hard on. He has to do kinky stuff coz he can not do normal stuff.
    Although I never been with any obese or fat guy – I am not sure.

  213. Lo says:

    oh and thank you to everyone else who wished me happy birthday 😀

  214. Lo says:

    @ILoveWestCoastGirl girrrl you lying! Mine is also this tuesday LOL okay now we definitely need to create a new blog post in celebration of our birthdays. Yay for April babies !

  215. Dr. Evil says:

    I thought the sarcasm was obvious.
    How has acting desperate worked for you?

  216. Dr. Evil says:

    I went to regular medical school a long time ago, before my evil credentials. Then I taught in first year courses while I was doing research. I did a residency with some of my old students as young attendings and then was on staff teaching residents. I spent a lot of time in that environment.

  217. Nephera says:

    Hi everyone newbie here lol, I watched you guys for awhile before I spoke up, but you guys seem cool

  218. Jersey Darling says:

    @Dr. Evil – does removing that desperation work for you when it drives off with your car?

  219. RussianSB says:

    And I should be Snowhite, snow still melting in Moscow, I am pale , I am entitled princess, and I love rammshtaine video with snowhite.

  220. RussianSB says:

    Who will be Eric Cartman, he is my number one evil personaje

  221. RussianSB says:

    DorkyGuy, oh, sorry that we just shared with Treasured old kink pimp that have hidden agenda on our lovely site ! Maybe I hurt that bastard feelings ? If he has any feelings.

  222. Treasured says:

    Dr: I am DOING a medical school. Believe me, you have no idea what it means to be evil 😛

  223. Treasured says:

    Geeez. Dorky, you are adorable 😛

    Sorry, I really do NOT have time to discuss, if it is morally acceptable to post profiles of an asshole SDs or not 😀

  224. Dr. Evil says:

    I am a recent graduate from Evil Medical School and it shows.
    My fetish is role playing, acting like I’m a considerate human being.
    I would rather help somebody financially that needs the money for living expenses or tuition and is trying to become self sufficient. Expensive gifts are nice on occasion but just blowing thousands on purses and shoes, it just seems a waste. If you are worried that they have turned to this site in desperation just remove the desperation.
    Hell, it worked great for me so far.

  225. DorkyGuy says:

    Are you serious? How do you know if not having regard for hurting others is bad? You seem to be entirely missing the empathy gene… must suck.

    By the way, the reason it hasn’t been “banned” is that neither SA nor the moderators have time to read and moderate every post we make. They only step in when things get really out of hand… because that’s all they have time for. It’s up to us to use self-control, and be respectful of the place they generously lent us to use.

    Guru, can you please arrange a 3-way chat with you, me, and Treasured to discuss this topic off-blog? This doesn’t need to be debated publicly.

  226. Treasured says:



    Anyways. Thankfully he is not in my target audience.

    He gets the 4th place 😀
    Just because you proved that blondes are dumb only when it suits us 😀

  227. RussianSB says:

    @Treasured, escort. He said he meet over 50 girls here and 30 working for him.

  228. Treasured says:

    Russian, MWAAAAHHHHHH 😛

    Mmmmm… Now then. That gives me all sorts of ideas 😉

  229. Treasured says:

    AND! By the way, how do you know if it is a “bad” dark side? You haven’t been here 😉
    It is like with the food: you don’t know if it is good or bad until you have tried it 😛

  230. RussianSB says:

    Sure, it must be “gunpowder” ! Now, kiss me !

  231. Treasured says:

    Dorky, I would not have expected anything else from “I’m a good boy” Dorky 😛

  232. DorkyGuy says:

    @Treasured… There is a good “dark side” and a bad “dark side”.

    The good “dark side” doesn’t hurt anyone. The good “dark side” has fun violating societal norms, but is careful that nobody gets hurt in the process. I am happy to spend some fun time there.

    The bad “dark side” has no regard for other people. It’s not a good place to be.

    So no, I won’t be traveling to the “dark side” that has no regard for others. I don’t care how much “fun” you guys have at their expense.

  233. Treasured says:

    By the way!!

    I am still waiting for the answer re Cromwell 😛 Let’s see who gets it first 😀

  234. Treasured says:

    Oh, Dorky. Just cross over to the dark side. You know you want to 😛
    Feel free to post the profiles which annoy you most 😀

    I take it as it hasn’t been forbidden yet, it is allowed 😛

    As for cars… GUYS, use your damn brains! I would not give MY car even to Ryan Gosling. Let alone a guy, whom I have met yesterday. And then you grumble that you were scammed! Doooh!

    Single mums…. Hmm… There are single mums. And there are SINGLE MUMS!
    No. Actually. There are single mums AND Treasured. AND also a WCG 😛

    @Southern – “Champagne for everybody” reminds me on Bubbles De Vere (just put in YouTube).


    YES. I CAN study medicine and find “Little Britain” hilarious 😀

  235. Noob_SD says:

    @Treasured: Good to see y’all are seeing the lighter side of things – I am not that grouchy always. I’ll try to be picky going forward. I have a few limits that I set for myself which is probably why I am having a hard time finding someone. I may flex on the age based on my experience so far – but will NEVER compromise on the other 2 principles.

    a) Somehow I cannot bring myself to be with the younger crowd (less than 30s) – as I am mid-40. Quite oddly I am finding that the younger ones behave far more sensibly than my target age – far easier to correspond with and seem to know exactly what they want. A few of them don’t mind the age gap, but I haven’t gotten over it.
    b) Needs Vs Wants: As I mentioned above, there are many single moms (divorced, separated, married – but man in prison or supposedly consenting), and I couldn’t bring myself to exploit these ladies. I am not judging them for being here – but at the end of the day desperation brought them here – and nobody who calls themselves a gentleman would take advantage of that.
    c) Arrangement with feelings: I know it is an arrangement, but I don’t want it to be intimacy in exchange for money. There has to be some feeling – both ways – I want to feel that I am giving someone something because I care and the other person reciprocates because she cares. I am not expecting love.

    My personality is a limiter – I am a highly analytical person, a thinker, think Matt Damon’s character (in Good Shepard), which is my own personal limitation.

    @Jersey: What brought me here? A good question and a short/best answer I can provide for now – to fill a void. I know it probably does not mean much – and I can hopefully articulate that a lot better, to a person that gets to know me very well.

    Somehow, I find this blog/comments far more amusing than the website – I might stick around for that 🙂

  236. Spicey says:

    Oh Gods! Please do allow us to single people out for ridicule and scorn, it brings me such joy (even though I can’t go and search their profiles, I do love that others can, it’s their own damn fault for being assholes).

    Thanks for the compliments on the new name, it fits better I think. 😉

    Dorky, being intelligent at 22 may have applied to you, but SD pussy is an altogether different sort of cat. He’s afraid to go back out into the alley and he needs a little nudging.

  237. RussianSB says:

    @SD in LA, Hello Kitty !
    Didn’t your mamma tell you that wifes are the most expencive pros ??
    I am worry about, when you will divorce you Mrs#3 you will be broken …

  238. RussianSB says:

    Dr. EVIL ? Really ? Mini me… my best heroys flood the blog !
    And Police sent texts nowadays ? The next step is sexting to civilians 🙂

  239. DorkyGuy says:

    “Nothing is worse to me than seeing single moms in dire financial need turning on to this website. To take advantage of these ladies to me is financial exploitation and something I can never do.” ~Noob_SD

    Noob_SD, I totally get what you are saying. When chatting with girls on here, it’s something that is frequently in the back of my mind. If the girl is only here because of financial distress, you could say that her distress has coerced her to trade her body for food. I could never be with someone who is coerced to be there, and didn’t have complete free will in the matter. If she has a kid depending on her to get groceries, and this is her only avenue, then she doesn’t have free will to say no.

    I avoid those kind of profiles… but if I come into contact with someone like that, I have been known to do something to help, with no expectations. Ideally in the form of a grocery store gift card (so you know it’s not going to drugs instead).

    If you are feeling generous with your time (and want to go a step further), you can show her how college grants and loans can actually pay for living expenses. I would wager that most desperate single moms don’t know that. That avenue can get her educated, help her build a future, and satisfy her immediate distress… without her being forced to do things she may regret. Once she’s not in distress, she’s a better candidate to be a SB, if she chooses to pursue it.

    Glad to see other SDs out there that have empathy for those kinds of things.

    @Spicey (I love the new name!)~ When I was 22, I was pretty smart. I know 18 year olds that are intelligent, and 50 year olds that are idiots. I think that most individuals are about as smart as they choose to be.

    @Dr. Evil~ 1) Love the nickname! There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum. It’s breathtaking. 2) Good advice regarding the car… I have run into similar situations with being unable to report a car stolen, and also unable to locate it. The law on the matter is enough to make you want to pull your hair out.

    @SeekingArrangment (Blog Gods)~ Can we please get a ruling as to whether it is now acceptable for us to publicly humiliate people by posting their profiles to this high visibility forum and making fun of them? I hope so!… there are a ton of fat/dumb/ridiculous SBs that I can’t wait to publicly humiliate for their weight/stupidity/kinks. The last blog topic had over 10,000 views! What better forum to single people out for ridicule?
    @SDinLA~ If you bump into Bruce Willis, ask him what the heck was he thinking when he named his kids? I kinda get Scout, and Rumer… but Tallulah Belle, and Mabel Ray? They have to live with those names! I guess he gets a pass though. Nobody is going to make fun of these kids because their name is funny. Their dad is Bruce Willis!

  240. Spicey, says:

    @Treasured, I agree with you completely. Pay for her car payments but NEVER give her yours. That is what I was saying about vetting. You hadn’t known her long enough to “lend” her a car.

  241. Treasured says:

    Russian, sorry, I think 2nd Hennessy is overpowering my brain cells? What do you mean by saying “work in his net”? Please, DO share.

  242. RussianSB says:

    Oh, dear, you mean some pecular kinky daddy…

  243. RussianSB says:

    @Treasured 230672 – he is the kinky daddy. And he is looking for russian, ukranian and baltic ladies. To work in his net, youk know what I mean, dear.
    Say it is the same as sugar dating, but he doesn’t say it BEFORE meeting, only when you meet.

  244. Treasured says:

    Now then. To stimulate your brains: Oliver Cromwell is said to have urged his men to put their trust in God and to keep what item dry? Was it their

    A winner gets a virtual smooch from me 😀

  245. SouthernSB says:

    Hi everyone I changed my name because I thought I’d go a little more incognito.
    @Treasured I wonder if the 65 yr. old would think a 40 yr. old would be younger? Ha Ha!! Yeah right!! 50 if he’s 50 I’m 12!! LOL
    Happy birthday 25th Lo!! Have fun in Vegas!! I’ve never been. Daytime drunk, just remember get a limo. I love birthdays!! Champagne for everyone!!

  246. Treasured says:

    Dr – don’t get mad at S. You have learned your lesson 😉 Down payments on the car from now on, or, if you do GIVE a car – just give it.
    End of story.

    Welcome to the blog, by the way. And, change the nickname to “Itry2bevil” 😛
    Evil guys don’t loan cars to girls, because they are worried that she is being harassed 🙂
    Seems like you actually are quite a nice person.


  247. Dr. Evil says:

    Spicey – Whether she ends up being charged with a felony is up to the “authorities”. It was taken out of the realm of being a civil matter by her use of a false identity, as I said. Don’t really know how I would have vetted her. The identity she was using had no criminal record. Her fake driver’s license got her through a TSA checkpoint and I would imagine they are better at finding fakes than I.
    I never gave her the vehicle as in here it is it’s yours. I made it clear it was titled in my name and that she could use it during the arrangement. She understood that and when I asked her how she explained it to her friends she said I tell them it is a loaner from my BF who wants me to be safe.
    She was using public transportation and had been harassed, so she said, so the vehicle was for her safety. If she had been assaulted while waiting for the bus, to my way of thinking, it would have been a bad judgement to keep her in that situation. I had concern for her safety and acted in a chivalrous manor by getting her out of the situation. I was not paying her per sex act, but took responsibility for her financial and physical security.

    If you were assaulted by one of your clients would that be your fault for not vetting him? You went in the room with him. Didn’t you have him fingerprinted, what were you thinking of? In that instance would it be right to criticize you for not ending the evening well.

  248. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    My Birthday is this Tuesday !
    🙂 when is yours?

    Thank you everyone for your advices and input.
    Guru, SDinLA, I do understand you. I would exaggerate your statements and translate as I am not hot enough to date very successful guys, I have to date cab drivers , so I do not fall into the same predicament.
    And I still love you guys. 🙂

    The guy is from regular (not sugar site ; I know Guru would not be happy if I mention the site and do PR for another site here). My profile is down in there since February (I signed up for a different service in Feb and hid my profiles everywhere) , but he reached out for me back in January , I gave him my cell back then and he called me just recently.
    I decided to give it a try. he lives in my area now, just bought a 1,5 million house at QA district.
    I do not want to go to his home coz I know he’d want to have sex and I want to make sure he is serious about me and long terms relationship.
    I do not need $ or presents , I want a prove he likes me.

    Spicey. I like your advise /game : easy to be with, hard to get.
    I never play games , I know should start playing games , guys SO got used to it already ; if they meet an honest and fun girl , they just can not do it.

    RussianSB, i hear you, exactly , my purse is 1400 (present from my NYC SD), my coat 1500, sexy cloths and Steward Weisman boots. of course to say to a guy – I have financial difficulties is hysterical .
    it is a difficult job ! to make these rich and greedy guys be a bit generous. 🙂

  249. Treasured says:

    Noob – the “sister” profile is not the worst 😀


    Can’t do the search on SB key words. Only SDs can do that.

    Don’t be disappointed, keep on looking. Clearly identify what you want and not want. Also what you can offer in return.
    Make your profile as clear as possible.
    Read through the lines (somewhere on the blog there is a “Sugar” dictionary, with things which interpret from “web” to “real”. Like, “drama free” means ” a lot of drama. For free”. “Very open minded” – “Kinky as hell” and so on.
    And you can find a gem.

    Also, although we can be quite sarcastic on the blog, we DO give valuable advice, when you ask nicely. I wish I had discovered a blog when I started out. Would have saved me from a few unfortunate experiences.

    Welcome to the blog 🙂

  250. Jersey Darling says:

    Ps – what brought you to this site? What are your expectations?

  251. Jersey Darling says:

    @Noob – The SD relationship is what you make of it. The quality of potentials on this site definitely varies – you have to learn to target the ones who are on the same page as you.

  252. Treasured says:

    Stacy, looks like Dr. here is not too experienced. And not that Evil by that matter 😀

  253. Noob_SD says:

    @Treasured: “Noob, have you had much experience being in SD? Just curious” – On this website – about 15 days worth, as an SD … where allowances were negotiated up front like this – none.

    BTW, for the SDs you identified – let’s play matchmakers, shall we?

    1. 2 SBs looking for a man/men: 1495097, 1430499 (they claim to be sisters)
    2. I don’t want to post profiles anymore, but search for “Butter”, “Bigsexy looking for big adventures”, “curvy cutie”

    I m quite disappointed with this website – OR – the SD/SB relationship is not what I imagined/experienced it to be.

  254. Spicey says:

    Sweetie – I no longer participate in the sugar bowl, I have a few people that I see, but I am phasing out sugar.

    JW – Delightful is rather a high compliment from me. I delight in a fabulous orgasm, so words are specific to the user. 😉

    Dr. Evil – You said it isn’t a criminal matter, now you’re saying felony? Sounds like your own bad judgment for giving the girl your car. Why didn’t you just take on her car payment? Sounds to me like you didn’t vet the girl properly, and then didn’t end things chivalrously.

  255. sweetie says:

    Spicey, a stocking fetish guy for you 458115.

  256. JW-UK says:

    Spicey – my mother thinks I am delightful…. thank you for the compliment though.

    ILWCG – if he’s not paying now, I doubt he will ever pay. There are always those who never think to pay or appreciate other’s financial circumstances – it’s just a lack of common courtesy and I wouldn’t even bother to test it – I’ve heard enough red flags. Sorry.

  257. sweetie says:

    Russian, you’re so sweet!
    GWNF, I didn’t think this particular post had a lot of poisonous comments/ego boasting. Actually, it’s been quite civilized. As Jersey said, please feel free to add your insight, it would be good to hear your side.

  258. Spicey says:

    SDPussy – … but in a 22 year old brain how intelligent and how witty can it get? 😉

  259. Dr. Evil says:

    It was just starting.
    I realized she was a pathological liar, spinning one lie after another, and tried to get out of it as quick as I could.
    The car was abandoned a couple of hours away and recovered. The female police officer left messages on her phone and email and that woke her up that what she was doing was not a good idea – felony.

  260. Treasured says:

    Dr, how long did the arrangement last?

  261. Dr. Evil says:

    Hard lessons
    Don’t provide a vehicle for your SB to use during the arrangement.
    Asked for the vehicle back – no go. When I sent someone to recover it, SB took off in the vehicle.
    If you have ever given someone permission to use a vehicle it cannot be reported as stolen. Told by police it is a civil matter.
    If it has not been officially stolen BMW will not locate it with the system you have paid to have in the car for that purpose.
    Insurance will not cover the loss.
    In my case, they eventually reported it as stolen because she was using a false identity, fake driver’s license. That was at their discretion and I was lucky they would do that.

  262. Jersey Darling says:

    @GWNF – I think you should name who is unpleasant and why. I would love to see an outsiders view based on a few posts. Maybe you can join the blog and make it a better place. 🙂

    Either way, best of luck to you in your sugar endeavors!

  263. SDinLA says:

    Bruce Willis is a part-time neighbor of mine. I run into him quite often (have run into him in Sun Valley too.) Like many actors, he is quite short. I’ve met Milla too… Unlike Bruce, she is quite tall. 😉

    @Jersey Darling I would question the sanity of any SD who would put a SB on payroll. Even if he’s not married, that would be highly questionable judgment. There is just way too much potential for mischief in future. Sure you may get along fine now, but misunderstandings occur, feelings change, people can feel wronged. Dating someone who works for you is retarded in today’s legal environment, choosing to put someone you’re already dating on payroll? Insanity.

    @RussianSB if you find love with the right man, you will get far more than a 5k “allowance!” 😉 If I calculated what my Ex got for every month of my marriage, I think I would cry.

    @ILWCG I agree with Guru. You seem to find yourself in the same predicament again and again. Maybe at some point, you have to ask yourself if something is wrong with your criteria in the men you choose to date (both in and out of the sugar world.) Or, as Guru says, you can keep repeating the same pattern!

    re: paying for parking and such, again, what Guru and many others have said is accurate. But there IS a chance that it is benign. When I was younger, and I have friends who grew up in prominent/wealthy families who were/are the same way, if I didn’t care about a girl, I would happily pick up the tab for everything… but if she was someone I really liked and saw a future with (and she was not from the same socio-economic background) I was always paranoid about “Does she like me for me or for my money?” and that would make me “test” her or be more careful about always picking up the tab until I had a better feel for what she was all about. It may sound counter-intuitive, but I have seen that thought process often enough with my peers to know that it DOES happen. But it doesn’t sound like this guy is doing that.

    @Stacy Eye lohv “intelligent whit!” 😉

    @Lo Happy early 25th! Just remember that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but can still be talked about on this blog.

  264. Spicey says:

    In short: Hobbyists tended to be married, well-educated, wealthy and white. If these men are WEIRD, these findings suggest they are only so in the acronymic sense, insofar as they are Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic. (Democratic here referring to the form of government, not the party affiliation.)

  265. Spicey says:

    A useful study from Monto and Milrod reports: Hobbyists [men who solicit sex for payment over the internet] were older and more likely than all other groups to be 50 to 59 years of age. They were more likely to be White (84.9%), more likely to report having completed an undergraduate (37.9%) or postgraduate degree (41.2%), and reported having significantly higher salaries than all other groups. While only about 20% of the other men reported salaries of US$60,000 or above, more than 80% of the hobbyists did, with 43.1% reporting annual salaries above US$120,000. Hobbyists were more likely to be married (62.4%), more sexually liberal, and reported having far more partners than all other groups.

  266. Spicey says:

    GWNF – Such a well thought out post. So clear in your objection to us, so precise in your slaying. I will now switch my behavior, worship the penis, and be appreciative of every scrap. You have mended the errors of my ways. I thank you dear, dear lurker. Please do, tell me more! (puts hands on cheeks and widens eyes in innocent fascination.)

    And to the real world. Found this interesting article on men who pay for sex, add the http: //io9.com/are-men-who-pay-for-sex-normal-or-just-weird-459038857

  267. Treasured says:

    PS: re my top 3. Unfortunately couldn’t find the kinky daddy one.

    But, he is beyond competition 😀

  268. Treasured says:

    And, the title of the most unpleasant person on the blog goes to….



    Who came out of lurkerdom just to show exactly how bright he/she is 😀

  269. Treasured says:

    Noob, have you had much experience being in SD? Just curious 🙂

    Ok, I have found my top 3 SDs, who fall into the category: “you don’t have enough cash”.

    The celebrated place has this charming gentleman, who looks like a boar, is 60!! And is looking not for one, but 2!!!!! women to have with him full time!!
    And I can bet, “sexual” in his world means “kinky as hell”.


    Second, rewarding place has THIS gem of a man. 50 my ass! “YUMMY”??? Hrumpf, if you prefer beef jerky (or, whatever that dried meat is called).
    “xtrme well hung, virile Tarzanlike stamina, totally ripped bod, 100% guaranteed to please” – just the idea of this “boytoy” and his “stamina” makes me nauseus.
    On the whole, I suggest he gets one of those “real life sex dolls”. I bet due to his gae, he won’t even notice that she is not real 😀


    And, the most treasured position gets this lovely gentleman.
    Simply because taking a girl in a Herve Leger dress to a public beach, where the only drinks available are beer and soda (out of all the places in Monte-Carlo) is a crime!


  270. GWNF says:

    Goodness,after reading a couple of threads and their associated comments on this “blog” and I do use that term very loosely I can’t imagine why anyone would show up on a regular basis. Maybe I just managed to catch the group on a particularly sideways day?

    I guess not being a regular means I don’t know the quirks that match up to the various personalities being used, but talk about an unappealing cast of characters.

    I do try ever so hard to stay on the positive side of life at all times, realizing this post actually contradicts that of course. But I was just struck with how much bitterness and self entitlement was on display.

    Time to head back to lurk mode, grab my rose coloured specs and continue to go about my business as I see fit. Sad really I guess I had hoped this might provide at least somewhat of a learning experience.

    Peace out brothers and sisters…

  271. RussianSB says:

    Mila Jovovich was 22, but still very young for people gossipin about her affair with Mr.Willis 🙂

  272. RussianSB says:

    Let’s google it, Sweetie, but I remember she was very young in Fifth Element too.
    I am surprised , that people not recognise Corbean Dallaa talking with his ex boss from your avatar. How can it be so !

  273. sweetie says:

    Russian, I think leeloo (mila) was around 21-22, you’re probably thinking the blue lagoon movie, she was very young there.

  274. Lo says:

    lol well im glad I provided a little humor on the blog today. I’ll be waiting for you at the cabana drink in hand 😀

  275. Noob_SD says:

    1. Do realize that your SB is going to want to know what’s in it for her. She isn’t on this site for true love. Dinner at Applebee’s does not count for mutually beneficial.

    I ask upfront what the SB’s want for allowance even before meeting – I have proposed, SBs have proposed, have had agreement – then, the potential SB a) quits corresponding altogether, b) shows up and tell me how much better/more generous the previous SD was.

    2. Don’t start your email intros with disgusting sexual offers or demands for full body photos or descriptions of how much you “think” she’s going to love your sexual exploits – chances are, if you were attractive, sweet, and amazing in bed you wouldn’t be messaging me.

    I never have – however, had many SBs ask to see my picture and then stop communicating altogether.

    3. Don’t invent a wildly untrue Internet persona to hide the fact that you’re really a cell phone salesman who makes $22k. I’m going to figure it out the first time you misuse they’re.

    There are many mundane professions that produce a steady income and if a person is good with finances, can be well-to-do, if not wealthy.

    4. Don’t think that dinner at Flemings Steakhouse and a ride in your 1984 Corvette accounts for sugar and should get you laid on the first date.

    5. Do bring up an allowance offer on the first date. And, have the first gift with you.

    I would argue that the allowance should be settled before first date. The first meeting should be meet and greet to see if both parties can put up with each other – chemistry, attraction, blah/blah. If someone is coming from far away – then i can understand the compensation/gift, otherwise, i would expect an open attitude from the SB – come with no expectations and so should the SD.

    6. Don’t act like a John. Don’t offer $200 for three hours of rough anal sex on a first encounter at the Holiday Inn.

    I wish I could find someone where it progressed that far on the first date, just kidding 🙂 – I would say NO to that on the first date. If it turned into something like that then why even call it a relationship??

    7. Do treat your SD as good as you would treat a colleague. She doesn’t need to be treated like your wife, but she deserves the respect you give business associates.

    I think you meant SB – I agree with the statement, just put SD there

    8. Don’t share pics of your SB with potential new SBs – it’s disrespectful and gross.

    The one pot SB I met so far turned me off big time when she started talking about all the things she did with her previous SD – and still I gifted her – no, we did not end up in holiday inn – just a quick lunch and a handshake.

    9. Don’t demand something irrational: aka exclusivity for $400 per month and one visit every six weeks.

    Yes, I agree. But I expect the pot SB to know precisely what she wants too

    10. Don’t fall in love. She’s not with you because she wants to wipe dribble off your chin and wheel you around in your old age. That’s what wives are for.

    No romantic feelings needed, but if you do not have some/an iota of feeling/attraction for the person you are seeing – whether it is the SB or the SD – then there is not much difference between this and a John/Escort relationship. What I write below is based on my experience:

    Nothing is worse to me than seeing single moms in dire financial need turning on to this website. To take advantage of these ladies to me is financial exploitation and something I can never do – going by your statement – you said “that’s what wives are for”, can I now say, that is “what your dumb-ass exes/or the kids’ daddies are for”?? Somehow, I don’t have the heart to do so .

  276. Spicey, says:

    And, sugar is my kink, not a need – PSO wouldn’t fulfill the kink. I like the full immersive experience. But it’s a funny idea.

  277. Spicey, says:

    Daydrunk! I’m down, I’ll see you in Vegas! Lol

  278. Lo says:

    Probably just daytime drinking lol, maybe pool party, clubbing, slot machines?? and a whole lot of tomfoolery.

  279. Treasured says:

    Any particular plans for the Vegas trip?

  280. Treasured says:

    Oh My Gosh!!!

    I want!!!! I NEED! Ladies, a must have for those who hate early mornings 😀

    Put “little rooster alarm clock” in a search engine!

  281. Lo says:

    in other news my birthday is in two days yalls. I expect a huge celebration on this blog or at least a new blog post just entirely devoted to my birthday. A vegas trip is in the works. What better way to celebrate turning a quarter century old???

  282. Lo says:

    The ones that establish a large clientele base and are specialized in a variety of fetishes can make close or over six figures but that’s not everyone and yes if Stacy is already making 5k from each SD then I suppose she wouldn’t care for it

  283. Treasured says:

    Still, can’t imagine Stacy as a phone sex operator 😀

    Not that I have anything against (I think everybody on here knows how open minded I am), just doubt that ANY of them make enough to make Stacy happy 😀

  284. Lo says:

    and use I meant

  285. Lo says:

    Well that’s a Hollywood interpretation of what PSO is. The successful ones are intuitive and are use their intellect and knowledge of fetish to create a storyline or fantasy over the phone–could be about stockings, body worship, domination etc etc

  286. Treasured says:

    LO – LOL!!!


    Lo, you are absolutely adorable 😀

    But somehow I can’t imagine Stacy going “uhhh, ohhhh, ahhh… I am all hot for you” BEEEEEP “Your credit is almost off, please insert 5$ more”

  287. Lo says:

    oh sorry phone sex operator or adult phone actress lol. The women who know fetish do really well in the industry.

    • SD Guru says:

      “the guy travels a lot and likes to spend on luxuries for himself – all the best hotels, best restaurants … but what is here for me right now?”

      Oh you poor thing… you seem to end up with these apparently wealthy but self indulgent types. My hunch is that he’s this way for a reason and I won’t hold my breath expecting drastic improvement from him. Common courtesy and good manners are to be expected in regular dating even if it takes only a small amount of money. All the nice restaurants, hotels, and trips? Consultants are experts at spending their client’s money. So he’s generous to himself with other people’s money but not to you with his own money. Guys like that probably have a gf (or more) in every city. And using cash to pay? That sounds fishy to me so you should be skeptical about whatever he tells you. It’s up to you if you want to keep at it. Good luck!

  288. Spicey, says:

    Lo – PSO? I haven’t heard that acronym.

  289. Lo says:

    Spicey if you weren’t into the sugar thing I would suggest pso as one stream of income if you’re into delving into people’s fantasies. I wanted to do that as a side hustle but there’s a huge learning curve and it’s not quick money so I don’t have time for it right now.

  290. Treasured says:

    “I like to explore people’s fantasies – I find them fascinating”

    So do I 🙂

    I find anything (legal) sexual fascinating 🙂
    I also find fascinating, how some people are in denial regarding their sexual fantasies. For example, having a kink, yet absolutely refusing to admit it 😀

  291. Spicey, says:

    JW does sound delightful, though.

  292. Spicey, says:

    Treasured – I don’t only go after those with weird sexual preferences, I also go after normal people and help them find their preferences. Everybody has a kink. Mine just happens to be sugar which is very compatible with everything else someone might want.

    I like to explore people’s fantasies – I find them fascinating. The smallest exposure as a child can turn into a lifelong fetish. Nylon fetishes for one, come from an adult caregiver (usually a mother) who often dressed up in stockings and skirts but emotionally neglected her very young child. The child learns to find motherly comfort by caressing it’s mother’s leg and finds that stockings have a lovely smooth feeling.

    Breast fetish = the worst kind of lover. They are sexually stunted and have no connection with their own sexuality. Expect 12 minutes of sloppy sex.

    And, for all of this knowledge of the human psyche, my intelligent whit, and my exceptional conversation – I expect more than 5K per month, and I get it, and my SDs leave with a greater understand of what and why they want in bed, and how to better please their future lovers.

    But, I do get bored easily and have to move on to the next subject … I mean SD. 😉 (Only two of my SDs have been interesting enough to make it into one of my novels, so far.)

  293. Spicey, says:

    WCG – he isn’t paying for psrking and bridges because he forgets what it’s like for $22 to matter. He probably looks at the way you are well dressed and well groomed and assumed you don’t need financial support. I wouldn’t say anything about the parking – you should play a game I call “easy to be with, hard to get.”

    “You want to go to lunch? That’s very sweet. What time will you pick me up?”

    “You want to go out of town? That sounds lovely. But, I would need to hire a babysitter for the entire weekend and I can’t really afford that this month.”

    If the things he wants to do are costing you money, change the game so they don’t. Quickly he’ll either make it clear that you’re just a flavor of the month, or he’ll step up his game. Either way, don’t invest one more dollar in dating this guy until he understands your needs.

  294. RussianSB says:

    I will send you via e-mail, dear, my two new silk dresses, 100 pura seta.

  295. RussianSB says:

    In nice first line silk dress with happy inpudent spoiled attitude telling boy that I need badly financial support, it is something ! We both loughing till hiccup.

  296. RussianSB says:

    I Love You West Coast Lady ! You are back ! They call Russian blinu French creppes here ! Terribio !
    Mister Q. I am not into games, and parking money triks. I am boring and blunt. Why you just not tell him that you raise child and looking for man with financial support ? I always do that in first date and CONVERT regular guys into sugar guys. By the way I don’t have a kid or tuition dept or other difficulties… If only I have ! Because, if you see me in restorant

  297. RussianSB says:

    Guys, it is me, who want meet love and 5k allowance 🙂

  298. RussianSB says:

    Sweetie, Lilu(Mila ) was 15 y.o. in that movie !
    Multypassport !

  299. Jersey Darling says:

    Forgot to add in my last post, the ultimate would be someone who could help me finance my own business. Being entrepreneurial myself, I am extremely attracted to men who’ve found their success that way. I can often learn much more in my time with them than any money they give me is worth.

    I can also, at times, have trouble dating someone who is born wealthy because of the cavalier attitude they have. There are exceptions of course, but many times they don’t appreciate where the stresses in my life come from and ultimately, there isn’t much common ground.

    West Coast Girl, it is typical with Americans that they won’t go out of the way to pay for your parking, etc. When they do I consider it thoughtful. Did you meet him specifically looking for an arrangement or meet him in a traditional way? I once dated a very wealthy guy (I didn’t know it at the time) who made me buy my own dollar soda on our first date…

    If the money is that important to you I’d certainly ask for it, but also consider that perhaps he wants someone self sufficient that doesn’t have to rely on him for everything. He could also just be absent-minded, cheap, or perhaps has forgotten how much those incidentals can add up to. The only way you’ll know is if you communicate your expectations. Dating – especially dating at finer places – is expensive, and he should realize you’re incurring a cost to do this.

    Also, I only contact orange/Diamond members. While I *have* had a blue member pay to for the month right after I’ve sent them a message, it’s not worth the time usually. This is not to say all blue members aren’t worth it – one claimed that he paid for the month just because of my profile and he wanted to meet me, and after he did his subscription lapsed. But even in a case like that, it was due to him being proactive, not me.

  300. Jersey Darling says:

    Oh now Treasured, I’m not looking for true love and a $5K allowance – though that would be lovely. In fact, you’ve chided me in the past for accepting an allowance that is too low.

    $5K would be phenomenal, $2K is where I’d be happy and feel spoiled, and approximately $1K to cover rent keeps my life so much easier. The difference is that I prioritize the connection over the amount of money, so I’m fine with settling for less in an allowance if the person I’m seeing is one that I would normally date anyway.

    And my big secret is I’d forgo any money if there was an opportunity to advance my career. Let him put me on the payroll of his company with a great job title, give me a challenging job, and serve as a prestigious reference. This way I can make my own sugar and skip a few years of paying my dues.

    I don’t get into an arrangement with someone I don’t feel a connection with and don’t feel attracted to so arrangements have been easy for me, hence why I’m not particularly jaded. I view this more as a way to meet incredible men that I otherwise wouldn’t get to.

  301. Treasured says:

    JW – it is all about the mutual chemistry 🙂

    Ok, I am off to start studying.

    But, I a terribly impressed that despite my general attitude, avatar of the face a la “mouse got stuck” AND the fact that I mentioned that I already have a SD, you still decided to try and hit on me 😛

    Blog will be a bit more fun with you 😀

  302. JW-UK says:

    Treasured – I’m with you on the “goody” bit – mutual respect and chemistry is the best place to be…

    I’m not totally passive – I’d like to think I give off enough vibes and innuendo
    to move things in the right direction but I’m not one to boast… hehe

  303. Treasured says:

    JW – I will let you judge by yourself of the “too goody, looking for love” SDs on here. But Dorky is definitely the leader 😀

    The “no good” part should really come from both sides. 😉
    If a man sits there like a lemon and gives absolutely no inclinations that he is interested, how the “f” I am supposed to figure it out? As Russian have said – we all are big boys and girl here 😛
    Both “rough anal sex in a nearby hotel offers” and “let’s pretend that you are a Mother Theresa” does nothing for me 😛 The end spectrums of both are the true “no good”.

    What about other SBs on here? I, as it happens, actually enjoy when an attractive to me man, gives me the sex vibe back 😀

  304. JW-UK says:

    Treasured – what’s an “all too goody blog SD”?

    “no good” – wouldn’t be initiated by me – refer to #7 on my list….

  305. Treasured says:

    JW – I think “no good” in these circumstances actually would be the target 😀


    Or, was I wrong and you are joining the “all too goody blog SDs”? 😀

  306. JW-UK says:

    Haha Treasured – I KNOW I’m a push-over… No good could ever come from us meeting – far better to share blog notes…

  307. Treasured says:

    JW, darling, I am flattered 😀

    But, I do not date blog SDs (except in VERY RARE circumstances, when I loose a bet 😀 )

    You see, I tell WAY too much on here about my dirty little ways of how to drive a man crazy 😀
    So, using the same tricks on the blog SDs might prove complicated 😛

    On the other hand, I enjoy challenges 😉

  308. JW-UK says:

    Ahhh Treasured – almost – the DD bit doesn’t appeal too much though… otherwise everything else is about right!! BUT the initial pickiness criteria still apply before you get near the Chanel stuff!!

    One day we should meet to compare notes… maybe you’re already in my favourites folder…

  309. Treasured says:

    WCG – I’d say, try him out. Play the trick with the forgotten cash at the car park. Also, when you go out next time (somewhere where there are souvenirs), say something like “this is a wonderful evening and I would love to have a memory of this night”. And see his reaction.
    And, report to us 😀

  310. Treasured says:

    JW, I am SURE that it goes slightly above just that 😀

    I can bet a Chanel bag, that after you have written your post, you also have thought in terms: “Aaaaand also, size 6 to 10UK body, 23 to 35, B to DD boobs, face, so in the morning I don’t think that there is a monster in my bed” 😀


    It’s ok. All that is acceptable 😀 If you wanted a plumply housewife of your own age, you wouldn’t be on SA 😀

    Damn!! I am so opening a sexology practise when I get my degree 😀 Russian, remind me to send you a gift 😀
    A curious fact, by the way. I checked the pay per hour, and top sexologist get more than the paediatricians OR surgeons.

  311. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    may be it is me.
    2 SDs before asked my bank account for money transfers and I did not give it to them.


    And! this guys is a well known guy. And he did not give me his last name ?!?

    well, I know ! his last name and real age coz thanks to sugar dating I learnt to dig up any info on any one (except for Guru of course) 🙂

    He pays cash at restaurants which is strange for America (he is American , but used to live in Europe ) .

    I told him – many guys give me thier last names and their companies names, web sites… even before the first meeting , and you did not tell me your last name ?
    he think it is not important , but a personal connection , chemistry is important.

  312. JW-UK says:

    Treasured – pickiness only in terms of no drama, no neediness, a bit of independence and an awareness of what is going on in the world….not too much to ask for?

  313. JW-UK says:

    WCG – I’ve not had an offer turned down – I have a range in my profile and go around the middle and when everything else (gifts, outings, extras etc) is added in, the whole thing is probably above that range so I try not to make it a negotiation – in the past I’ve offered things like rent deposits and tuition fees when asked – I’ve always made it clear that help is available from the outset.

    Bank transfers are easier then trips to the ATM machine and also make other gifts easier – I don’t tend to have bundles of cash at the ready or a job that pays me in cash.

    No one seems to object to giving me bank details – it just seems the easiest way.

  314. Treasured says:

    WCG – I actually prefer bank transfers (I know, tax and all). At least in the beginning 😀

    And, if I expect a SD to give me his real full name, I expect to to the same.

    As to bank transfers… I have notice, that in Europe people are much more relaxed about internet banking than in the States. No one is paranoid that their bank account will be hacked by a Sugardad 😀

    I would find it very frustrating, if in the middle of sex someone would shout – whisper not “Treasured” but “Darling” 😀

  315. Treasured says:

    JW, but of course you are 😀

    So we all are 😀

    Cat doesn’t date anyone beyond 23. Jersey is looking for a gem of a SD who will be her one true love AND give her allowance of 5000+, Sacy is only into guys with weird sexual fetishes (so she can make her books just so much more fun – no one likes vanilla sex) 😀


    So, what is your pickiness manifests into? 😀

  316. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:


    Awww…you are a sweet SD. !:) 🙂

    “3. arrangement may be raised by the lady”

    So you make your offer low and leave some room to negotiate , a girl has to bargain and raise your offer. ?

    4. “bank transfer ” – a girl has to give her real full name and bank account

  317. JW-UK says:

    Awww Treasured…. I’m blushing now… I’m very choosy though…

  318. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    “I would not expect gifts yet” .? we kissed .
    he is expecting sex.
    he is like “let’s go for 2-3 days get away next week ” .

    is it OK to expect a girl (minding long terms relationship ) to go on a small trip or expect her to come over to have sex … and think it is “too early for gifts yet”.

    and as one SD here said before “is it really ! so terrible if a girl has a nice evening with successful respectful gent and has sex and do not get anything ($ or gifts ) , is it really so terrible ? she enjoyed the meal, jacuzzi, sex”

    it is not so terrible, but if a guy does it to a new girl every month /week , you feel taken advantage of , and you think the guy is a jerk, and I want to think my guy is a great guy, I want to think I had a sex with a nice guy , not someone who
    tricked me to have sex , and may be doing “flavor of the month” thing every next month.

    treasured you r so right , do not miss the red flags!
    we will have a date next Wed (lunch date ) , time will show .

  319. Treasured says:

    JW – you are a Sugardaddy dream come true 😀

    You buy Chanel and don’t rush intimacy 😀

  320. Treasured says:

    JW – congratulations, you are officially not a “John”, so worth having a blog conversation with 😀

    And, single ladies – TIRINDINDINDINDIN!!! Watch out for the nuuu member of our blog, a SD who actually TRANSFERS the money!
    SEE, I did say those exist. No one believed me 😀

  321. JW-UK says:

    or tell me if I’m doing anything wrong!!!!

  322. JW-UK says:

    Ok – here’s how I go about things….

    1. introductory mail setting out what I’m looking for with maybe an indication of the type of arrangement

    2. if I get a response, generally try to set up a meet over a drink – offering to cover expenses and an initial gift

    3. arrangement may be raised by the lady by mail, at the meeting or maybe after if we decide we’ll get along

    4. allowance is usually made by bank transfer

    5. I also make other gifts – eg – rental support, pampering or sometimes shopping if the SB sends me a pic of something though I do like shopping on-line at AP as well (though that feels like a present for me). I don’t usually like joining shopping excursions – I think a lot of SBs like to shop on their own though I do buy the occasional Chanel bag in person (I wonder if the sales assistant would be up for an arrangement…).

    6. I like a SB that can pick a restaurant sometimes and even book too.

    7. I don’t rush the intimate bit – far better for a SB to do that when she’s ready though….

    Hope this helps?

  323. Treasured says:

    Try next time that you are out of change to pay for the car park, does he have some? 😀

    And, watch the reaction 😀

    Perhaps he just needs a gentle push in the right direction 😉

  324. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Nice to meet you.

    it is strange but true, there I live NO ONE give your cab/bribge/gas/trancsportaion money .
    I asked girls here already.
    It kills me ! I pay bridge 6$, parking 11$ (hair, baby-sitter, nails, wax) and say “thank you ” for dinner/lunch.

    One time in October one Diamond member from SA paid my parking 22$ , but I walked him to the parking machine and was like “omg 22$ I have to pay for 2 hours parking ” , he paid .
    the Q is why claim 500.000 a year income and not to give 20$ for transportation after amazing , charming lunch/dinner with a younger sexy girl.

  325. Treasured says:

    JW – tell us how do you go about an arrangement 🙂 Are you the kind of guy who is clear about the financial part of the arrangement before or after panties hit the floor? 😀

  326. Treasured says:

    WCG – there is flowers/perfumes etc (as gifts). And there is such thing as a courtesy and being considerate. I would not expect gifts yet, but, just mention the car park situation to my SD, and he said that it is just rude. If not rude, at least unthoughtful.
    And, if he is unthoughtful on such a tiny things, is he capable on being thoughtful on other, bigger matters?

    But, it is only up to you to decide. For me it would be a red flag and a no-no.

  327. JW-UK says:

    Treasured – who said I was in the UK at the moment – it’s the evening where I am at the moment…

    As for West Coast Girl’s situation, I always give my dates extra cash for taxis and other incidental expenses when out – I hate to think someone should be out of pocket…

  328. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    Treasured, thank you.
    May be he is checking if I am not a gold digger ?
    who knows these guys ?

    he has fancy watches, designers valet … and would not bring something like a bottle of parfume for me ?
    I mean , I do not need it (perfume or flowers)
    I need a prove he is serious and not going just to try me for free,
    how do I know he is serious about relationship , he likes me , and not just wants sex from me. ?

  329. Treasured says:

    As for going out to a nice restaurant… Both in real life or sugar dating.
    Taking YOU to a nice restaurant does not count as investing/sugar!
    He is saving himself from having a miserable dinner alone 😛

  330. Treasured says:

    WCG – for me it would be unacceptable. If a man is not generous in dating, doubt he will be generous in bed. Has been proved many times over.

    In regular dating I would not expect the same as in sugar dating, but, a few signs of affection is necessary.
    Not even gifts as such, but, even when I am with my male, non-sexual friends, the always offer to pay for the parking.
    And, if you are dating, and are in the shop to pick up little things, asking if you don’t want/need something, is basically good manners. Not even about generosity.

  331. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    I have a Q about regular dating (conventional dating but still supposedly succesful and generous guys).

    an international business consultant , divorced , offices in Florida, Paris, …
    we went on a few dates, all good French restaurants , no sex, yes modest kisses, he is crazy about me , asking me to go to LV, SF, Paris with him …

    Every time we go out I have to pay my parking , just a few $ , he stays and waits and never offer to pay it. No presents, no flowers…
    is it normal ?
    I am confused after sugar daring and getting $ 100-300 just for showing up.

    Once we walked in the city, PPM, he actually bought spices he needed, and I did not get anything, he did not ask me “would you like to pick something too…”!?
    and when we walked there were a lot of flowers , souvenirs… …. nothing.
    I do NOT like cut flowers , and I would not want to get them , but … would not a gent who is courting !!! you try to charm you somehow…?

    and of course he texts me, calls me a few time a day and of course wants! crazy to get intimate with me , and I do find him very intelligent , neat, interesting , sexy, … but … I think he is cheap , I do not want to be taken for a free ride ; talk is cheap , should not he do something special , invest somehow in me?
    omg. Relationship is hard. and he knows I am a single mother and I need a babysitter to go out with him…
    But he pays restaurant bills when we go out , probably he thinks he is investing in me…
    And me being 105 pounds – how much do I need to eat, really .
    I would take 5$ Applebee Dorkey’ salad 🙂 for my 3 days meal.

    but the guy travels a lot and likes to spend on luxuries for himself – all the best hotels, best restaurants … but what is here for me right now ?

    he is looking for a long terms relationship and get married in a future …
    he is not the type who would never buy a prostitute or pay anyhow for companionship (you some guys just do not understand and it kills romance for them )

    But as they say in French “there is no love, there is only prove of love”
    Talk is cheap . sure we go fancy places coz it is his life style but I am investing my time and money in our dates as well, may be as much as he is.

    This is the real dating world ? in America ? I do not get it.

  332. Treasured says:

    Well, let’s start with, what on Earth you are doing up at 6.30am UK time on a SA blog on Sunday?! 😀

    Isn’t Saturday night THE night for the single SD to meet up with his SB?

  333. JW-UK says:

    Treasured – what more would you like to know, my darling? – give me a lead…

  334. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    @ SDinLA my previous post.

  335. I LoveWestCoastGirl says:

    @S(t)acy re: your #6, so if I offer $1,000 for 3 hours of rough anal sex at a Ritz-Carlton, a I still acting like a John? Or $5,000 for 3 hours of rough anal sex in a suite at the Burj al-Arab in Dubai?

    You killed me ; what is it with you and rough anal sex. 🙂 🙂
    This is what make you post here ? 🙂 ?

    And for Years ! years ! you never nominee me for any role 🙁

    Russian, I disagree ,
    I think If SDinLA corrects SBs grammar he gets laid 3 -5 times more 🙂

  336. Treasured says:

    JW – a blog is the right place to share anything Sugar 😀
    So, please, do 😛

  337. Spicey, says:

    Skip blue SDs – they’re inactive, focus on premium and Diamond. A Diamond SD has indicated he is very serious in his search – which doesn’t mean he isn’t still a bad guy (but probably NOT a picture collecting time waster). As for verified, I don’t trust it or care – they could still be a total perve but never arrested for it – though again it shows committment.

  338. sweetie says:

    Sure do, Guru, all the way! 🙂

  339. sweetie says:

    flyr, so you don’t have premium? You don’t find the extra features useful?

    • SD Guru says:

      “If you were a wealthy gentleman on SA, why not have a premium account?”

      If a SD is actively searching, then having a regular account (blue) is useless because you can’t read emails and can’t do premium searches. However, some SD’s let their premium account expire becuase they’re taking a break or have found a SB. By the way, do you look like Leeloo? 😉

  340. flyr says:

    @sweete “why not pay for premium….”

    to prove that you think

  341. Madridista says:

    “Sex sells, but intelligence keeps.”
    @Stacy, + a million likes to everything you said 🙂

    This blog absolutely needs more lists a la Stacy’s for both SDs and SBs. We should definitely bring back the list topics!

  342. JW-UK says:

    I have a Premium account – makes it easier to read messages and also do any searches

  343. sweetie says:

    Jersey, if the type of membership a SD has matters when a SB is hunting for a true SD. Meaning, if you have the means and claim to be able to support/spoil a SB, why not pay for a premium account? Personal research, btw.

  344. Jersey Darling says:

    @Sweetie, what research is that exactly?

  345. sweetie says:

    Stacy, my avatar is Korben Dallas, my super hero! Bruce Willis was perfect in that movie, loved everything about him, especially his no 6 pack physique, no joke! If he wanted to be my SD (the way he looked then, not now), oh, I would happily oblige 🙂

    I have a question for both experienced SBs and SDs on the blog. If you were a wealthy gentleman on SA, why not have a premium account? I remember reading some older posts and somebody referred to the blue collar vs white collar profiles in the context of should SDs with standard membership even be considered?

    Dear SDs who participate on the blog, please reply with info on what type of account you have for the sake of my research. Muchas gracias, caballeros!

  346. JW-UK says:

    Definitely – I’d be lying if I said looks weren’t important but some intellect and the ability to talk about life and goals helps too…

  347. Spicey, says:

    JW – If I found you, you wouldn’t feel rescued 😉 I believe that’s more Treasured’s focus.

  348. Stacy, says:

    Sweetie, why is your Gravatar a man on a cell phone? Men only think they don’t care about a woman’s intellect. But the truth is, any man with any confidence will pick the smart, hot, bitch over the cute sweetheart nine times out of ten.

    Sex sells, but intelligence keeps.

  349. Jersey Darling says:

    “Tequilaman start sober seasons, I guess …”


    On what Sweetie said, I have this one guy who keeps contacting me who says he is young, handsome and into fashion. He is nearly 50, quite unattractive, and not fashionably dressed. I can’t take him seriously despite the fact that he never stops trying to contact me because I decided he was delusional before the conversation even started…

    Then again, delusions are fairly common on here!

  350. sweetie says:

    @Stacy ” a great SBs best asset is between her ears, sadly many don’t have anything more to offer than what’s between their legs.”

    I wouldn’t say so, it’s just that sex sells better, doesn’t it? Truth be told, on SA sex is the priority, the intellect is secondary. Still, I’m amazed how many guys demand of the girl to be able to entertain a conversation… makes me wonder what is it that these guys talk about if they can’t get/stimulate a conversation out of a lady?! If you (guy) cannot produce good conversation, please don’t demand it as if ladies are limited in the brain department.
    Here’s a clue, stop hanging out with the wrong ladies, or ask yourself why is it that you attract them in the first place?

    Even worse is reading some profile filled with whiffs of superiority (highly educated, finer things in life, handsome, gym rat, business wizard/doctor etc), only to note the owner cannot put two coherent sentences together. Jeez, all that Ivy schooling served you well…

  351. RussianSB says:

    Tequilaman start sober seasons, I guess …

  352. RussianSB says:

    When you good to mamma,
    ( CHICAGO )

  353. JW-UK says:

    Oh Stacy – maybe I want to be found and rescued….

  354. Stacy, says:

    Oh don’t worry JW, I’m a writer not a student. I see all SDs as story lines, but I won’t trace you 😉

    Tina – a great SBs best asset is between her ears, sadly many don’t have anything more to offer than what’s between their legs.

  355. JW-UK says:

    Tina – just a very broad generalisation… the site has been good to me and there have been some good times for all – need to close down soon otherwise Tacy will trace me…

  356. Tina says:

    Oh, and not EVERY SB is a student 😉

  357. Tina says:

    @JW-UK: for some SBs, their best asset is between their ears 😉

  358. JW-UK says:

    Hehe – a little detective work always pays off. I’m a simple guy – amazed that every SB seems to be a student – I need to go back to school!!

    Mid-20s at least is best otherwise there is no life experience to share – best conversation so far (me: “how is your drink?” SB: “cold”)…. Also, don’t turn up showing off ALL of your assets…

  359. Tacy, says:

    @JW – I pride myself on my ability to identify a conoissuer – glad to see I haven’t lost my touch. 😉 A few more posts from you and I’ll be able to guess.

    I’d say your new rule works for SBs too – if you have to ask him what he wants in bed, you aren’t an SB.

  360. Tina says:

    @Jersey: Phantom is one of my all time faves; too bad you’re so far away, we could do shows together 🙁

  361. Jersey Darling says:

    @Tina – I’ve seen Phantom twice on broadway, and both times absolutely loved it. It is my favorite musical and I feel like I fall in love every time I see it (I know it sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s not!). I could watch it a hundred times and never tire of it.

    For the promotion and raise, I hear you on that. I used to see shows when I was younger and my family was in a better place financially. I’d love to go again if I could find someone who would enjoy going with me!

  362. Tina says:

    @JW-UK: please, share away – we need a juicy topic 😉

    @Dorky / @Jersey: Add me to the musical lovers list!! I absolutely ADORE Phantom, and have it on my bucket list to go see it in Vegas when it re-opens (I missed it the first time around). I like Guys and Dolls, West Side Story and The Sound of Music, but will have to say that Chicago is one of my favs 🙂 My parents really enjoyed Billy Elliot (they saw it in San Antonio this year), but I didn’t get a chance to see that one. I’m thinking that I’ll renew some season tickets I used to have for Broadway Across America for either Austin or San Antonio (better theater but an hour and a half drive) if I get a promotion and decent enough raise. 😀

  363. JW-UK says:

    @Sacy and Treasured – it’s partially about convenience and I doubt true love will be found here. I certainty have preferences that SA has allowed me to indulge but not sure if the blog is the right place to share them?

    As to Sacy’s list, if you have to ask,you probably shouldn’t be a SD….

  364. Jersey Darling says:


    I blame my iPhone autocorrect for that. Otherwise, SDinLA was right and I am a shameful college graduate!

  365. Jersey Darling says:

    Treasured, always so full of vitriol when you’re wording was not very clear. That you used the word requests is not clear. My (theoretical) boyfriend could request that we try something new, it does not make him a John. No need to be demeaning, English is not my second language. The only thing I missed was the joke, and I found it in your response 😀

    High income and low net worth isn’t necessarily a red flag. Perhaps he likes spending all his money on women 😉

  366. Treasured says:

    And re prize. Dorky, you can be a Vinnie the Pooh 😀

  367. Treasured says:

    Dorky, I know all that. THAT still doesn’t solve the riddle.

    If I had an INCOME of 1000000+ a year, I’d make sure my net worth would be slightly higher that 75 000.
    I mean, I, myself, can turn 200 000 into 400 000 in 8 months (real estate developing). Had some experience with that, unfortunately not with my own cash 😀 And I know about stock brokerage about as much as I know about flights to Mars: you can fly up very very very high, but if you fall – it will be outchy. So that is not an option.
    Surely guys, who get such a comfortable income, can secure their net worth to be on a slightly higher level.

    Mind you, if you have a gaming addiction – who knows 😀

  368. Tacy, says:

    Oh Treasured! I do love a man who enjoys my honey! Lol… could go for some sharing today.

  369. DorkyGuy says:

    “Russian, even better riddle. How someone, with an income of 1 000 000+ has a net worth of 100 000?”

    lol, if I solve the riddle, do I win a prize? 😀

    You have to remember that net worth is not the sum of a person’s assets. It is the sum of assets minus liabilities (debt).

    How many affluent Californians (or Nevadans) own a million dollar house with a 2+ million dollar mortgage? Or what about the guy who has built a profitable business, but had to aquire a lot of debt to get the business through its startup phase? Or what about the guy who is freshly divorced, and lost most of his liquid assets? Or the guy who recently lost a lot of money in a failed investment?

    There are a bunch of legitimate reasons a guy can have high income but low net worth. Depending on the reasons, I don’t think it reflects much on him.

  370. RussianSB says:

    Oi,oi,oi, even blond girls like us… you change colors every season, I guess.
    You will have a lot of patiens, and you will charge much more than SB.
    The idea is, that sexologist sometimes have patience with disfunctional erection problems, so, who will be better doctor, you or some very professional 50 y.o. doctor

  371. Treasured says:

    Damn. Even I have a net worth bigger than that 😀
    Perhaps it is time for me to give way to the new generation of SBs and become a Sugarmumma myself?
    Now then, boys. Who wants a Pizza Express dinner and then play Vinnie the Pooh and a jar of honey? You will be Vinnie the Pooh and you can guess what will be a jar of honey 😀

  372. Treasured says:

    Russian, even better riddle. How someone, with an income of 1 000 000+ has a net worth of 100 000?


    I know math is not my strongest point, but come on – even blonde girls like us can figure that something is not quite right here 😀

  373. Treasured says:

    Russian – I am thinking surgery (have not decided what exactly yet) or maybe, pediatrics or neonatology. Definitely not a family doctor (GP). I’ll go crazy with grannies coming in and telling me that “life is not what it used to be, dear” 😀
    I’ll be exactly the doc you have described “that bitch was here again and wasted 15 minutes on my time).
    I think I generally prefer to work either with kids (since, a lot of them are much smarter than some adults) or with someone, who is heavily anaesthetised or sedated – so, basically, can’t talk 😀

    But, you gave me a new idea 😀 Perhaps I should look into psychiatry, with a sexology being main focus.
    Do you think I will get a lot of patients wanting me to crush their balls or pretend that they are babies?

  374. RussianSB says:

    They are adventures those Canadian guys, don’t they ?

  375. RussianSB says:

    Another math riddle for you, guys, how man with net worth 2-5 million, can offer to me 20 k allowance ? If every time I offered 20 k allowance I get a bagel…

  376. RussianSB says:

    I am not cruel – life is cruel !

  377. RussianSB says:

    And, yes, any sex requests are wrong. We grown up girls and boys, we knew that sex will be involved anyway. And only dorks and losers want to talk about. At least they talk about, if they don’t have it in real life 🙂

  378. RussianSB says:

    What kind of doctor you want to be, Treasured ? You will be killing good sexologist !

  379. RussianSB says:

    He made it. And I will spend next age to working hard to bring to reality my $$$ fantasies and plans. You can see the difference.

  380. RussianSB says:

    Jack cannot call anybody a biotch ! He is Dr. and he is gentelman and he is nice. You know, to be a doctor you need love people. Not like that : again that biotch come to visit me and complaine about her pains, eatchy and scratchy symptoms. And she bring her liitle dumb ugly son with her with f…g chicken pox !
    Hands off Jack. Anyway if he have any fantasies he know how to realise them.

  381. Treasured says:

    Jersey, one of the biggest of your problems is that you refuse to read exactly how it is written, make your own assumption, and voila – you get lost.

    What I wrote is “Actually, ANY sex requests or hints will make you one “. REQUESTS, not PREFERENCES.

    No, read the whole thing and the context again, and you might get a joke.

  382. Jersey Darling says:

    @Russia – “You always can spot confident man from writing style and phone calls.”

    Exactly! These men always stand out and are the first (and sometimes only) to get my response. And thank you for your compliments earlier 😀 There is nothing sexier than a man or more beautiful than a woman with a gorgeous singing voice…

    @Treasured – How does ANY sexual preference make you a purveyor of prostitutes? I’ll go ahead and assume I missed a joke in there…

    @Sacy/Tacy – (there’s a T in there somewhere!) You cray! I think you should combine the ultimate of fetishes and stomp on bugs with the shoes first and then make him lick them…

    (Oh yes I just went there!)

  383. RussianSB says:

    So, it is nice way to stimulate someone educational thirst.

  384. RussianSB says:

    SD in LA, if you will check your coeds grammar you will never get laid. Just don’t do that. BUT I one friend of mine ( not SD ), invent very nice game – he gives me 200$ every time whe I give him the right answer for his spontaneous questions. So far, I am answered only four questions in 6 month.
    1.the music piece was from “Once upon a time in America”, and composer was Ennio Marricone.
    2. I can tell the differense from Shopin from Motsart
    3. Capital of Paraguay is Asunsion.
    4. And I can guess Depeshe mode from first sounds.
    Total 800, but we only start, I guess.

  385. Tacy, says:

    @Dorky – you do know how to moisten a girl’s panties. Can we get the room with the jacuzzi in the corner? I do love to soak in a jizz and industrial bleach cocktail.

  386. Tacy, says:

    @S(t)acy re: your #6 – oh, he’s still a John, he’s just offered enough to make me a whore.

    re: #7, what if I am a tyrant who treats all of my partners with disdain – Then you’re an asshole and I can see why you need to pay for sex. I’ll add a #11.

    11. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t misuse, abuse, disdain, degrade, or cheat people of money.

    re: #4 Jack has a mid-80s Porsche – and, Jack called me a bitch once. I think he wants me to mock his Porsche, spank him, and lock his c*ck in a cage. So, yes – it’s the same.

    re: #3 – SDinLA you’re a successful, confident, accomplished man. Why would you tolerate illiteracy in a partner? Exactly! Neither should I.

  387. Sacy, says:

    Well I was giving the Blog Gods a general basis, I assumed they could soon and fluff it up. Lol – I was merely providing an outline.

    Oh, Treasured you are right! Remember when the blog was fun.

    Jersey – My Target loves it when I talk to him like that. He buys me Chanel shoes and then licks them.

  388. RussianSB says:

    Life is like a ball of cherry, you never know… For me it is a grate fun, to see what I get in my web nets. I don’t need even go to the date, I just enjoy the hounting, checking my skills, my brains and intuition. But I am surprised how many guys use ONLY web dating, cannot get a real date without web and treat me like I ought to answer their BS letters, their questionable proposals and MUST meet them. You always can spot confident man from writing style and phone calls.

  389. Treasured says:

    Cat – ANY anal sex will make you a “John”.
    Actually, ANY sex requests or hints will make you one 😛

    Didn’t you know, that you should be content with just a presence of a 18 y.o. COED by your side (OK, I remember. 18 to 23 😀 ) and lavish her with gifts, cash and attention, just for the privilege to look into her eyes and take her shopping!

    WHAT? Isn’t it what a REAL Sugardaddy should be like? 😀


  390. SDinLA says:

    @RussianSB наоборот I wasn’t laughing, I was titillated…

  391. RussianSB says:

    Our goal is to find a diamond in a garbage pile. I mean web-dating. Looks mean nothing, but you need to be very smart to screen and divide 1 SD from 100 so-called SDs . And remember, only person who doing nothing making no mistakes.

  392. SDinLA says:

    @S(t)acy re: your #6, so if I offer $1,000 for 3 hours of rough anal sex at a Ritz-Carlton, a I still acting like a John? Or $5,000 for 3 hours of rough anal sex in a suite at the Burj al-Arab in Dubai?

    re: #7, what if I am a tyrant who treats all of my partners with disdain, my employees with contempt, and female employees like sex objects?

    re: #4 Jack has a mid-80s Porsche, is that the same as a ’84 Vette?

    re: #3 there, their and they’re… I am amazed at how few young people can actually spell and write coherently. I blame it on growing up using word processors with auto spell check, “text speak” etc. If I were to judge coeds by proper grammar and usage, these days that would eliminate a surprisingly high % of Ivy League types.

    SA needs to sponsor an off-Broadway production of a musical. I nominate Jersey and Dorky for the lead roles.


  393. Lo says:

    Sacy me likey the ten commandments for SDs

  394. RussianSB says:

    Jersey, you are right, and you are wise, and you love music. Better screen better, to not to have that bitterness about sugar dates. Really. Do your homework , ladies.

  395. RussianSB says:

    SD in LA , I got it , analise and NOT analize ! Just don’t pee in your pants, dear, when you are laughing, reading my posts !

  396. RussianSB says:

    Sacy – you lost letter T in your name !

  397. Treasured says:

    On the other hand. Just rethought it, and decided that thankfully, I am not being contacted by SD wannabes and my profile is good as it is 😀

  398. Jersey Darling says:

    Stacy, I’d rewrite those points so they aren’t as demeaning to the target audience. Why would they listen to someone who has contempt for them?

    There are some good points though and far too many men do the things you mentioned. Luckily, I prefer if they’re that bold about it – easier to weed them out early and put them into the virtual trash can. The worst are the ones who play a good game of charades.

  399. Jersey Darling says:

    Dorky, I’ve always enjoyed musicals. I am a huge Broadway fan and every time I watch a DVD I feel like it is a tease. I like feeling the electricity in the air at a live show. And hearing the singing live… fantastic! But I live near NYC so I have easy access to that sort of thing. I also love Barnum, Phantom, and several others.

    Sometimes high schools with talented kids do GREAT performances of the musicals. It’s a gem to watch out for. Two schools in my area did great shows of Guys and Dolls, and it was a treat considering it will likely be a while till it makes it to broadway again.

    By the way, slightly tangential, I think cabarets and burlesque shows make phenomenal first dates. If a guy came up with that as an idea for a first date with me, I’d be sold!

    Re: bad boys… meh. They’re a dime a dozen.

  400. Treasured says:

    Sacy!!! You go girl!

    I am stealing it and posting on my profile! 😀

  401. DorkyGuy says:

    @Sacy, if I invite you to Applebee’s, would you go they’re with me?

    Holiday Inn is so gauche. I prefer La Quinta… which is conveniently located near Denny’s, so we can have a nice dinner out.

  402. DorkyGuy says:

    @Jersey~ me too! Guys and Dalls is one of my all-time favorites… and very hard to find on DVD. Can’t stream it either.

    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers has the same unfortunate status… as does West Side Story… as does Sound of Music. Superb musicals that nobody can watch. Given how old they are, you would think they could be streamed from Netflix :/.

    It becomes clear why some folks turn to pirating. I would buy new editions legally if the studios would sell them. For the life of me, I don’t know why they can’t burn a new dvd when someone places an internet order. The tech to do that kind of thing has been available for over a decade.

    “Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest… Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum!”

  403. Treasured says:

    Sacy – at least I hope he is not joining the blog SD camp with “I am after one true love. And NO, of course looks are not THAT important”.


    A bad boy on the blog would be refreshing 😀 Ever since Tequila with his rodeo offers is gone, together with Cali, I feel like you and me are the only bad girls on here 😀

  404. Sacy, says:

    Why do they never show pics in the blog posts of what an SD might actually look like?

    What I’d really like from the blog is the do’s and dont’s of being an SD.

    1. Do realize that your SB is going to want to know what’s in it for her. She isn’t on this site for true love. Dinner at Applebee’s does not count for mutually beneficial.

    2. Don’t start your email intros with disgusting sexual offers or demands for full body photos or descriptions of how much you “think” she’s going to love your sexual exploits – chances are, if you were attractive, sweet, and amazing in bed you wouldn’t be messaging me.

    3. Don’t invent a wildly untrue Internet persona to hide the fact that you’re really a cell phone salesman who makes $22k. I’m going to figure it out the first time you misuse they’re.

    4. Don’t think that dinner at Flemings Steakhouse and a ride in your 1984 Corvette accounts for sugar and should get you laid on the first date.

    5. Do bring up an allowance offer on the first date. And, have the first gift with you.

    6. Don’t act like a John. Don’t offer $200 for three hours of rough anal sex on a first encounter at the Holiday Inn.

    7. Do treat your SD as good as you would treat a colleague. She doesn’t need to be treated like your wife, but she deserves the respect you give business associates.

    8. Don’t share pics of your SB with potential new SBs – it’s disrespectful and gross.

    9. Don’t demand something irrational: aka exclusivity for $400 per month and one visit every six weeks.

    10. Don’t fall in love. She’s not with you because she wants to wipe dribble off your chin and wheel you around in your old age. That’s what wives are for.

  405. Sacy, says:

    So, is number four saying that even if you’re unimpressed by the cheap SDs offer you should still give him a tumble? Flip that – yuck. If he’s too cheap for sugar he belongs on Match.com.

    JW – I imagine there’s more here to your sugar preference than convenience. I’m sensing a particular preference you have that drives you to sugar. 22 year olds, D cups, or a little D/s maybe? – or else in real life you’re very shy.

  406. JW-UK says:

    Treasured, I think it’s all about the fun – I do get grumpy if plans change but am also conscious that sometimes I change plans so it’s more about mutual communication. I just think it’s about good manners.

    I’m also not into trophies – much prefer classy discretion so not sure which bucket that falls into!! I do know I’m set in my ways but people seem to live with that.

    And thank you for the welcome – it’s a pleasure!!

  407. Jersey Darling says:

    @Dorky – LOL, funny and a man after my own heart! Guys and Dolls is one of my favorite musicals.

    @JW – I missed your post that said you are 47. I would agree with Treasured. By young, I’m thinking 28 to 36 or tops 39. You’re in the average age bracket I’d suspect, with older starting at 60.

    Whether or not a single fox is an SB in waiting, I suppose would depend on if you think I’m foxy 😉 I do tend to scare away the chickens so it may be true…

  408. Treasured says:

    JW – at 47 you qualify only for the 3rd option 😀 Maybe first 😛
    But to decide if you qualify for the first, we need much more details about what kind of a SD you are 😉

    And, welcome to the blog. Me and RussianSB need someone else on this side of the pond 😀

  409. JW-UK says:

    @Jersey Darling – I probably am still experimenting but I know what I like. Have to say that SA is a great place to experiment though!!

    Is a single fox a SB in waiting? Hehe.

  410. DorkyGuy says:

    From the article, I have concluded that there is only one kind of SD. The kind who dresses like Frank Sinatra.

    I half expect to be invited to the Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York.

  411. Treasured says:

    A thought of the day.

    If you suffer from high self-esteem, 30 minutes of watching VS show will cure you from this desease. Until the end of today for sure 😀


  412. Jersey Darling says:

    Oops, as a silver fox, not a single fox. 🙂

  413. Jersey Darling says:

    @JW – There is no good or bad really. But I’d find it hard to describe yourself as a single fox when you’re young; you’re not set in your ways, you just haven’t finished playing through them yet. I’ve dated (outside of arrangements) plenty of men who are around 40 and still aren’t ready to settle down yet. It’s when they’re in their 60s that you realize they probably never will…

  414. Lo says:

    I was just craving pancakes. I want them soooo baaaad lol

  415. JW-UK says:

    Well at 47, I’m not that young but never married and never found the right relationship and while I enjoy SB time, I also like my own space. So maybe there is an element of emotional distance but at the same time I have a touch of white knight in me so maybe there is a touch of #1 as well….. Maybe we’re just overanalysing this and should just enjoy the moment!!

  416. Treasured says:

    Mmmmmm! Saturday morning means PANCAKE morning for me and my boys 😀

    Thin, yummy crepes 😀 With maple syrup and ice-cream 😀


  417. Treasured says:

    Ok. The profile of a BEST SD in MY opinion.

    40 to 55 years old. Can be divorced or still married (never married have less understanding about what it is like to take care of a woman long – term). PREFERABLY with no kids. Kids means that there is already someone to spoil in their life. If there are kids, they should be preferably boys.
    Sugar daddies with teenage girls (compared experience of me and my friends) make the worst SDs (there is already a princess in their lives, and I bet my pert bum, it ain’t going to be another).
    He has already made his fortune, and works for pleasure and not for necessity.

    About the younger SDs…. Well, they not necessary unable to take care of a woman… But you will NEVER hear from a younger SD: “I’d rather spoil you, than buying things for myself”. Older SDs have been, done that kind of people. Whereas younger ones still enjoying their playground too much 😛
    BUT, younger SDs have their plus point too 😉

  418. Treasured says:

    JW – I think it depends on you what kind of SD are you.
    A LOT of guys, before 40, in my opinion, have no abilities to take care of a woman. Their ED is still a bit too strong 😀
    You SIMPLY MUST give us more information, about the Sugar relationship, from the perspective of a younger SD 😛

  419. Madridista says:

    Aw, poor guy. I know how he feels. I had 18 hour work days when cup qualifiers come up. Yuck. No fun and your body clock gets all weird. Falling asleep because you’re exhausted or drained is not the same as being emotionless. MTV or not, people feel emotions: happy, sad, amused, angry, etc. Besides, I have yet to see anything on that channel where people aren’t crying, yelling, or arguing (very strong emotions, btw). Anyway, come to any sporting event, especially futbol and I will show you emotions across generations and sexes. So, yeah, we are still emotional beings: if it bleeds, it feels.

  420. RussianSB says:

    My ex SD, not my ex.

  421. RussianSB says:

    My ex, nearly sleep, while we make love, because he own company for crisis Law desigions, he come home emotionally empty everyday. He was very sweet guy of 45 with nice equipment, just he works 12 hours per day. For someone emotions is a luxury.

  422. RussianSB says:

    Madridista, generation rased by MTV has no such things as emotions. Me too. We are robots fine made and invented behavoir models by mass media engine. By the way, cute boys on the pictures must be 25 y.o.

  423. JW-UK says:

    Hi – I think I am a combination of #3 and #5. Is that good or bad?

  424. Madridista says:

    I thought #5 was a bit pitiful when it says that this type of SD doesn’t have time for “emotional” GF. Having no time for a reg. relationship is a different reason than having no time for emotional people. I get how the younger SDs might be more of a former reason than the latter. We as women will get emotional whether we’re SBs, GFs, wives, etc. There’s a difference between emotion and drama/issues/clinginess/obsessive behavior. We’re people, not robots, so we feel emotions, some just need to learn when and how it’s appropriate to express them.

  425. RussianSB says:

    Man, I am thinking deep…. dresses, dresses, all I need to care about. Btw, I passing by shopping mall, empty because of bomb today, and realise that some friends of mine plan to visit mall cinema but obviously choose the wrong day. I live in Moscow or in Bagdad ? WTF ??

  426. Jersey Darling says:

    Believe it or not I’ve only had luck with the younger men I’ve met on this site. 36 has been the magic age for me, but I’ve had some as young as 28 who came from wealthy families.

    I loved them! It was so much fun being with someone my own age and feeling like we were just hanging out. There was a certain ease and naturalness there. It’s ironic because ultimately my preference is for older men but I keep getting the young ones…

  427. RussianSB says:

    Number 5 is our strong future, golden boys making career and living in own luxury appartments at 30, they don’t want problems of regular dating, they not into marriage right now. And, comparing with old gents, they absolutely don’t have those personal complexes about you being with them only because their money. They knew that they are young and attractive and they also belong to other generation, which know that anythig can be trade for money. That part is sad, but that is modern world.

  428. RussianSB says:

    Hello, Lo, never miss me, dear, I love the blog and always will find few minutes for reading and insert my 50 cents 🙂 Oh, I love divide people into different types and organize potentials into different files 🙂

  429. Lo says:

    does number five make anyone sad? Guys who have given up on opening up and investing in a real relationship so now they’re paying for only the superficial perks of one?

  430. Angela says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!