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How To: Meeting a POT Sugar Daddy


Are you new to the Sugar Bowl or perhaps know someone who is? Some veteran Sugar Babies have been lucky enough to have a mentor, who gave them all the tips and how-to’s, when they began their Sugaring. For those of you that are new to the Sugar Bowl, it can be many things: exciting, fun, a little scary, but mostly confusing. How do I vet new Sugar Daddies? How many Sugar Daddies should I have? Is it appropriate to text or call? There are endless questions to list, so I thought we would start with the very basic: Etiquette and what to expect on the first meeting.

Okay, so some of you may not even know what a “first meeting” is—let alone what it’s for. The “first meeting” is much like a first date. After meeting your Sugar Daddy via the website and deciding that based on your good judgement, as well as proper verification that he would make for a good Sugar Daddy. The first meeting is when you meet your POT to get to know them better and see if there is any chemistry.

Where to meet

  1. Always meet in a public setting. Never agree to meet a potential Sugar Daddy at his home or hotel room. Provide your own transportation to the first meeting location as well.
  2. Tell a friend where you plan to meet the potential Sugar Daddy.
  3. If he lets you choose, select a restaurant that you can associate with the caliber of allowance you expect. This is great for uncovering Splenda Daddies since you can always tell whether or not someone is used to paying a certain amount or being in an upscale setting.

What to wear

Men are visual creatures. However, showing all your “goodies” on the first meeting will make you come off as easy. There is not one man who enjoys the idea of being who gives it away on a whim. Choose one thing to show off: if you plan on wearing a daring mini dress, then pick one that doesn’t expose too much cleavage.


Believe it or not, this is not the time to discuss allowances. Whatever your motives are, coming off as a money-hungry man eater is not the way to POT’s heart. Really use this time to get to know the Sugar Daddy and to discuss the arrangement . Think when, not how much. More arrangements end due to schedule conflicts and misunderstanding expectations. Be clear about what you expect.

Most importantly, if you both like each other, leave a lasting impression by setting up your next meeting before the day ends. Showing interest in seeing your POT Sugar Daddy again helps to cut through having to review the events of the day to see if you are worth pursuing.

What do you think are important things to know on your first meeting? Share your first meeting experiences.

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  1. SBaby says:

    I find is a waste of time not asking his possibilities being guessing if he can afford be generous or not to look good when they ask for s.x right away ??? They dont even read profiles, so going to a date, then being ask to start with per meetings to build something??? how come!So they want intimacy without giving a trustful response.
    I believe SA is a great web, but it must be improved in that way.

  2. Angie says:

    I’m new to all this. I’m not trying to live off of the guy I meet but to support myself and my family(parents and siblings) I’m a workaholic but it never seems to be enough for the amount of bills I have to pay so I decided to try this. I would like to meet and be friends more than just looking at the person as a walking ATM. I’m looking for someone I can converse with and have fun from time to time when I’m not working. If anyone has an advice or a way I can meet any Sugar Daddy’s I will be grateful.
    Thank you before hand.

  3. Rimi says:

    Wawww nice job…..i want a sugar dady

  4. Shiningstar2 says:

    I would love to give you the details of my first meet but it seems that SD’s seem to get cold feet. I never discuss the arrangement right from the start. We talk back and forth, I take my time with the possible SD because I think it’s important on both ends. We we do decide to do a meet and greet he falls off the face of the earth. I’m new to being a SB and I picked this lifestyle because it could work for me. I’m not looking for a husband/boyfriend. I like to go out and have a good time and I know what men like. I just don’t get it.

  5. Imajen says:

    Hello! I’m new to Sugar Dating, but have just recently had the joy of meeting my first Potential Sugar Daddy! And he ACTUALLY LOOKED LIKE HIS PICTURES! 🙂 He told me he hadn’t recognized me when I walked in, but thought, “That’s one hot chick!” heehee
    We figured out the mileage involved and agreed that it was just a bit further than either of us wished to commute on a semi-regular basis, so we sat and just enjoyed one another over lunch.
    I like rational, reasonable people–this was, truly, a positive first-date experience!

  6. arlenee jack says:

    Hi i am new here just joined the other day, and looking for aserious sugar dady to spoil me.

  7. FLWildcat says:

    Ladies: Don’t put old photos from 10 years ago on your SA profile (or for that matter photos when you weighed a lot less). Be real………nothing frustrates a serious SD more than to have a different looking person show up to the Meet & Greet!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have had a few situations where my potential sb wants to meet for dinner. No sex. Which is fine bc it is good to see if we click/have chemistry. Thing is, they sometimes expect a financial gift. I have a problem buying dinner and giving a substantial gift as well. Dropping 1k to watch someone eat? lol. Besides, they can always take the money and run…coming up with any reason to say it won’t work and goodbye the next day. Leaving me looking and feeling like a serious fool. And if feels like a scam. A girl could do this a few times a week and clean up??

    So should a potential sb expect a gift for a dinner date when there is no expectation other then just dinner?

    • guest says:

      she will have to dress mani pedi just to impress you – so in this case something might be adequate, ..a nice beauty can do this few times every and make a business from this ..depends also on the ratio of SB/SD in your location.

    • Nell says:

      I agree, She shouldn’t expect too much on the first interaction. Chemistry is the key!

    • Anonymous says:

      I often as SB ask for a small gift in the first meet. I would never dream of asking for 1k. The most I have asked is $100. The reason for that being is I have spent the time and money to be all dolled up from nails, outfit, make up, and often gas money to meet a guy to find out he has no intentions or the proper funds to be a SD. I agree a SB should not get much just for meeting but a small gift shows her you truly want be and can be a SD. There are many men on here who are unable to be a SD but fake it for as long as the can for dates and possibly sex.

    • MissAshly says:

      TBH, I wouldnt expect a anything on the first date except him to pick up the tab at the table.. if he decided to give me anything extra just for my time, then I would be happy and grateful. It would make me want to see him again and it would make him know I am not just after his money.

  9. Princessa says:

    I’m new to sugaring. I get a lot of pots messaging me asking for my number or asking if we can meet for a drink. Is this the norm? I would have thought we’d get to chat a bit prior to meeting.

  10. caroline says:

    Hi iam new here just joined the other day, and looking for aserious sugar dady to spoil me.

  11. Bright says:

    I am finding it hard to connect to people from South Africa and the few that have approached me from Europe and the US have had issues with African boys in the past, how do l handle such people?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I meet a SB yesterday. We had agreed to everything upfront, discussed everything, I thought. We had a great time together.

    Then today, she messages me about wanting her hair, mani and pedi. We had a agreed that I would be happy to pay for this before we meet the next time.

    How should I proceed? Ladies, guys?

    • random says:

      End it right there. If a potential sugar baby is asking you to cover her lifestyle costs before providing any value to your life, it’s not the baby you want in your life. There are many genuine and honest girls that will provide value before asking for money. I’ve had the best experiences with this type of personality and keep them around me till this day

  13. Anonymous says:

    If sugar babies were so business savvy, they’d know that bringing up the money is up to the person who wants the other person’s money. Go ahead and walk into a clothing store and see if you’re happy that the prices are all a mystery and you are supposed to offer what you think should be the cost. There is no business situation – including this website – in which the buyer (daddy) is supposed to tell the seller (baby) what he will pay.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m actually a little confused at your comment… regardless.. I’ve been in many a situation where people tell me what i am worth.. I have to remind them that their opinion of female value isn’t an absolute fact.

      I liken it to buying a used car. You come to buy an advertised sedan at 5,000$. As a unlicensed retailer, many people will assume this price is negotiable. it depends on the individual.

  14. Anna says:

    I’m a very nice lady looking for sugar daddy to enjoy my life with.

  15. sharrie says:

    I am having a real hard time meeting anyone on these date sites, I have been single a long time. I am signed up with selective search Houston, Texas I am thinking you have to keep up with activity on the computer.

  16. bubbly supersize bbw says:

    great advice

  17. ladylove says:

    need that sugar daddy connection for once in iowa

  18. Anonymous says:

    Would love to meet a SD

  19. Lollypie says:

    I am a single, black African lady and also a newbie on this website. I am just above the middle 30’s. I am looking for an arrangement with a matured-minded person, preferably with discrete partners. The main reasons I would prefer discrete partners is that I hate drama, I respect people’s privacy as much I would like them to respect mine, I need my space. I am very honest and I hate lies as much as we are in this SeekingArrangement site but please don’t lie to me, I have nothing to hide too. No strings attached, I dont want any commitments. I would prefer that you have a serious partner in your life besides me. I don’t like to be phoned or texted every now and again, you checking my where abouts all the time. Lets give each other
    a space and a chance to miss each other. As for me, don’t worry I won’t be a nerve with phone calls and messages as I am not a fan of a phone, if it was for me I would rather not even own a phone.
    Beside all mentioned above, I am a very loving person, when we are together I want us to focus on enjoy ourselves, a man must make me feel him inside, if you know what I mean. I want no pain, but satisfaction. Just because you will be assisting me with my lifestyle budget, that does not mean you own me. At 1st I might be shy, but believe you in me “I am thee not shy person you ever get to meet on earth”. There is nothing i am afraid to talk about. In fact after making luv, I would really luv for us to talk about it, even during the process if possible. There is nothing more nicer than sharing ideas with your partner, just talk like best friend do.

    To be honest, “flirting” would be right word to explain for the kind of relationship that I would prefer. I am professionally working for a big pharmaceutical manufacturing company, so I would prefer a private relationship with whoever I meet here.

    If you are interested, by all means get in touch with me, we’ll take it from there.

  20. Lyds says:

    Hi. So I’m a newbie here. Not new to the sugarbaby thing though but I’m new to the UK scene. So, now my thing is;
    1. I have never dated (or been with) a non-black man
    2. How do I go about it in terms of conversation, expectations, etc?
    3. How do I spot a flaky SD?

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’m new to the idea of being a SB. So far I’ve seen so many different perspectives on how to go about the lifestyle. I feel like I’m kind of a wooden toy that no one wants to play with. I bring no exotic looks, I’m just a Caucasian Midwestern woman who’s family has lived in the same tri-county area for over 100 years. I don’t want mansions, I just want life experiences. At the very most the selfish reasoning behind any of it is because I’d like to eventually go back and finish college. I’d like to travel and see the world with someone that actually wants to go see it as well, or even show it to me. My husband has no ambition above the PS3. I’d like to meet SDs, spend time getting to know each other, if other things happen that’s fine too. I fully believe in living life on that spark, for moments in life that are so perfect that no words are needed. Conversations and sarcastic moments all caught together by just a glance, or even just sigh.

    • Anonymous says:

      SDs tend to be very shy of married women. There are too many single SBs. Why get in to a relationship with a SB that is married. She is bringing in another person into the relationship who only distracts from the relationship. It is just asking for problems and potentially fatal problems. Why risk it.

  22. Belle says:

    Am meeting my first POT on Tuesday ,I already have classy outfit planned out as I usually dress chic on a daily basis ,he offers to give me 1500$ per meeting which I accepted he is Sweden , we living in Dubai so it’s safe to visit homes , cos the security here is tight,I know he wants sex which am cool with as I hve another POT who offers to give me 5000$ per month am to meet him a week after and don’t intend sleeping with him soon , ladies I would say if a SD offers a good bargain and u feel comfortable with them I did say go for it ,for me I discuss about allowance before meeting ,he wants my time n body and I bloody wants his money ,I don’t see the essence of saying don’t ask this or that like u meant to treat a older man nice and u just act like a fool , no darling speak up ur concerns

  23. Lovesexy says:

    I am trying again as had a bad first experience last year with a Sugar Daddy who would not discuss and allowance said he would buy treats and gifts instead. After awhile I asked him again and he said he pays for the hotel and meals occasionally. He also got insistent that I accompany him to a swingers club. What more would I want? When I refused to see him again, he said I was not the one so would not give me an allowance. He kept texting and trying to contact me for months. So, be careful to set out expectations from the first meeting.

    I also spoke to afew guys who said they got stalked by women on the site but they wanted a submissive then couldn’t give much time to cultivate the friendship. Sounded like they liked women getting stuck on them, made them feel important!

    • Anonymous says:

      I never meet sugar daddies who want to provide “gifts” rather than allowance. Basically means theyre broke. And if they complain about paying for the hotel room – theyre also broke. Hotel rooms are their responsibility – theyre the one sneaking around lol

  24. Ronnie says:

    Guys, to this I would add that before you engage in ANY intimate acts with a SB until you have seen her STD test report. I have an SB who’s report came back positive for HSV1 & HSV2. I can handle the cold sores–and was surprised I didn’t have HSV1 come up positive on my test. But HSV2–genital herpes–is an entirely different issue. Condoms are only effective in preventing the spread of this virus 50% of the time or less.

    • Nonya says:

      I hate to tell you, but if you have had unprotected sex with 1 or more females you more than likely already carry the HPV virus. Not to mistake it with HSV. There are NO HPV tests for men. Over half the population carries HPV and one may never experience symptoms or have a positive test. HPV can lay dorment for YEARS and in some cases can go away on its own, but the virus will ALWAYS live in the body..similar to HSV and any other virus that already lives in your system. There is no protection against HPV..AT ALL. There are a plethora of strains, but the strain that women should be most afraid of is HPV 16 and 18. These are the high risk strains that can lead to cervical cancer. Don’t think you are safe just seeing someone’s test. Many people have had negative testing but carry the virus. Research it if you don’t undertand it or believe me. I have studied this virus (not a disease) for over 10 years as I work in the medical field.

  25. NotUpToDate says:

    What does POT stand for? Is this just “Potential”?

  26. Dawn says:

    how old is this site? is it current?

  27. Wow because this is very good job! Congrats and keep it up.|

  28. Jen says:

    I am going on my first POT date saturday. I have NOTHING nice enough to wear. My nicest dress is a $17 forever 21 dress from last year. I have nice things, but Im a college student. I spend my clothes money on stuff to wear to class, not on dates with millionaires… My firends don’t have anything nicer. What do I do?!

    • Jen says:

      I am tempted to say “Hey, I have been feeling really stressed about something and want to be honest about it.. I just don’t have anything nice enough to wear. I am really looking forward to our plans, but I’m a college student and can’t spend on clothes, I don’t want to embarrass you in one of your favorite places.” I don’t want to ask him to buy me something but I basically CANT go unless he does. They place is like $300 per person. 🙁

      • Blake says:


      • Jen says:

        Goodwill is an amazing idea! at college though with out a car I dont think I can really get to a goodwill…

      • Jaybird923 says:

        You can be honest with him but be prepared for the fact that he might think it’s a ploy to get something out of him. It’s probably better if you write him suggesting you guys meet somewhere more casual. And have an actual place to suggest ( no college kids hang outs) if he asks why then you tell him that it’s because you have nothing appropriate to wear to his choice and you would feel uncomfortable and out of place.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Godwill was great suggestion and excuse for why can’t go there is absolutely ridiculous. Do you live in a town with no public transportation? Hard to believe that’s true if it had $300 restaurants. Do you not know one single individual that owns a car?

        It looks like you just want to hit this man up for cash and no matter what is suggested you’ll find an excuse why it’s viable option. Go ahead ask for the money one of two things will occur you’ll get lucky and end up with a new dress or you’ll ruin any chance of an arrangement before you’ve even met him. Good luck….

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Damn it! I hate typing on my phone… edit

        Godwill was a great suggestion and your excuse for why you can’t go there is absolutely ridiculous. Do you live in a town with no public transportation? Hard to believe that’s true if it has a $300 per a person restaurants. Do you not know one single individual that owns a car?

        It looks like you just want to hit this man up for cash and no matter what is suggested you’ll find an excuse why it’s not a viable option. Go ahead ask for the money, one of two things will occur you’ll get lucky and end up with a new dress or you’ll ruin any chance of an arrangement before you’ve even met him. Good luck….

      • Candy says:

        I would suggest meeting some where more casual. It sounds like you aren’t really equipped to handle the type of date he has set up for you, and it’s likely to end badly. You want to go somewhere where your comfortable and can relax and be yourself. You don’t want to pretend to be someone who is high maintenance and only eats at the nicest restaurants when you clearly aren’t that person (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!).


      • Leight says:

        Just be upfront. If I was really into a first meeting with a potential SB and was taking her to a fancy restaurant, I would have no issue getting you a dress for the evening. But that is just me. If I had seen this sooner, I would have said we could all send you some $$ that you could reimburse if an allowance came through. Business is business . Hope you figured something out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try your local consignment stores, and for the future look into the site Tradesey. It’s an online consignment, but high end, Chanel, loubutin,Dior, and more. Good luck

  29. puck says:

    I am new, meeting my 1st pot in a couple of days. Spoke on the phone. He wants to meet in a starbucks, said he has time to meet in a hotel afterwards and how many times a month and how much money a month do i want for the arrangement. Is this weird?I said to him let’s just chat. He is all about the sex and money. Only has a photo I sent to him. How do I handle this. I don’t want sex on 1st date.

    • elaine says:

      Don’t meet him if you feel uncomfortable about it.
      better safe than sorry.

      He obviously wants sex, you don’t.
      Sounds like a John.

      • puck says:

        could he be a cop?

      • elaine says:

        I don’t know. But I don’t think so.

        But even if he is, you are doing nothing wrong.
        You are going to meet a man for a coffee to see if there is chemistry for a sugar relationship.
        He is a gentleman who likes to spoil his sugarbaby a little with gifts or financial help.

        As long as you don’t put a price tag on having sex it is not prostitution.

      • puck says:

        so when a financial arrangement for help is made, at what point do you take it?

    • Nameless says:

      puck you don’t have to have sex with him just tell him you like to meet and talk if he’s a john he will next you is this weird no it’s not but this is not what sugar dating is about it’s about getting a steady allowance and doing fun things together not just sex elaine’s advice is very good so if this guy gives you a bad feeling it might be wise to follow her advice

    • Candy says:

      I would skip this one. He sounds like he’s not a serious SD and is really looking for an escort, not a Sugar Baby.

      It’s just common sense not to go to a hotel room with a complete stranger.


    • Anonymous says:

      I would have to say yes, it is weird. SA’s themselves suggest to avoid people who ask for sex right off the bat.

  30. ScarletJ says:

    I’ve had one terrible experience awhile back and I’m giving another shot now but omg I’m so scared to do a first meet Tuesday night

  31. DFW_Guy30 says:

    I’d like to meet a POT SD but I’m not sure how to attract them as a 30 y/o man. I’m not really looking for a financial thing but more of a mentor role and to feel secure. Any tips on how to attract the right guy?

  32. LovelyLadyMe says:

    Hi, newbie here. What does POT stand for please?

  33. amanda says:

    Very contradictory article. Discuss what you want, but dont discuss money. Be clear, but not about everything right away is the gist which is confusing. So when when the hell do you discuss money?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s my personal opinion that a SD should bring up the topic of allowance/salary/finances. I usually do this on the second meet which I always make a dinner. I don’t feel this should be something a SB has to deal with.

      My advice to you would be to not let more than about three dates proceed unless he brings up the financial element.

      • puck says:

        Anonymous, you seem to be experienced….I am new, meeting my 1st pot in a couple of days. Spoke on the phone. He wants to meet in a starbucks, said he has time to meet in a hotel afterwards and how many times a month and how much money a month do i want for the arrangement. Is this weird?I said to him let’s just chat. He is all about the sex and money. Only has a photo I sent to him. How do I handle this. I don’t want sex on 1st date.

      • Sandman says:

        Puck, I was Anonymous above. Aside of learning experience, if you meet this individual you will waste your time. I state this because it seems to me that you are searching for an allowance-based Arrangement. He is not. He wishes to have a prostitute. Please use caution if you do decide to meet him. Remain in public environments only.

      • Anonymous says:

        You seem very experienced in this and I am new. I have some questions and was wondering if perhaps we could chat sometime?

  34. pedro says:

    interesante el articulo, un poco corto, en los detalles pero bien redacctado, y diferente.

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    • Customer Service Rep says:

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  36. Lifeforce02139 says:

    A question for the sugar babies: I met a woman for dinner last night and I thought things went pretty well. We discussed keeping in touch during the holidays and possibly getting together in the new year. But she didn’t send a thank you text or email last night or today. I interpret that to indicate she is not interested in pursuing an arrangement. I know I must sound naïve, but I welcome your feedback.

  37. Summer27 says:

    So what if the POT Daddy brings up the allowance during the first meeting?

  38. Andrea says:

    A bigger dilemma I’m having right now is that I don’t want to have sex with anyone although I’m very open to hanging out and not even for an allowance all the time. I’ve been getting many offers but being that that’s a big hang up for me is this even something I should pursue or am I being selfish and naive? Should I just give up?

  39. sweeetpaula says:

    This is literally so perfect. Although, as a full time college sugar baby, I find this to be the perfect time to talk about an allowance! Mostly because I wouldn’t want to waste a man’s time nor my own.

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  41. Anon Wannabe SD says:

    Where is the discussion forum for newbe POTs?

  42. Pou Belle says:

    As a writer, I’d have to say that the article is poorly written in regards to grammar, sentence structure and clarity. I’m so glad somebody made me aware that POT stands for potential.

    • Anon Wannabe SD says:

      Is “potential” too long a word to type out? “PSD” I could understand, but frankly, who wants to be reduced to a lazy acronym?

  43. evern isby says:

    Looking for a very nice free hearted older man.

  44. CAC says:

    From a SD’s view, I have to disagree with Angela a bit. First, by having the SB choose the restaurant, she doesn’t get to see what he’s all about. I mean, what if he was going to choose Sizzler? In Angela’s world, the SB chooses a really nice place, and “Splenda” goes along with it…but it’s not who he really is. She needs to find out quickly who he is, IMO.

    Also, in addition to the SB letting a friend know where she’ll be, she should also agree to check in at some point. A SB once got a text she “had to answer”. That was okay by me. It was her friend checking in to see if she was okay. I think women are right to be cautious and my best SB’s have been those types.

    • WendyBelle says:

      Totally agree!

    • Anonymous says:

      And a POT who chooses Starbucks, arrives 10 mins early, she arrives 5 mins early, he already has his drink and doesn’t even offer to buy the potential SB a coffee….? It was a first meeting for both…however, even a true first date 9.999/10 he buys the coffee…..

  45. Josh says:


    I guess Irish men are more intelligent? 😉

  46. Katie says:

    I apparently need to live in the US! The SDs in Ireland are terrible!!

  47. alicia says:

    I am new into the sugar bowl. I was a sugar baby for a few months a few years back. I met a potential sugar daddy last week. I was pleasantly surprised, how shy, and easy he was to talk to. I became attracted to him as our date went on. He had done this before, his sugar baby found him actually. They were together for over a year and a half. He told me he was divorced and had full custody of his little girl. He works a lot. Right on the date, he was asking me what I wanted in terms of an allowance, we agreed on a generous number. After the date he messaged me, and said, it was so nice to meet me, and to let me know what pace I wanted to move at. A few days went by and I hadn’t heard from him? I reached out via text to say I hope he had a good weekend. He wrote back with how sorry he was that he hadn’t been in touch, that he’d been working late every night since we met ect. He then went on to say how the next two weeks he has to work late and that his schedule will be unpredictable until x date. I thought maybe he’s just not interested? I replied with, I understood he’s buys, and he knows how to reach me if he wants to get together. He responded with he def wants to see me again. I am sort of hung up on this one because I felt more chemistry with him, then other SD I’ve met. Any suggestions? Thank U!

    • JamminJ2015 says:

      There’s a very wise saying that goes something to the effect of…”If somethings important to you, you’ll make time. If not, you’ll make excuses.

    • CAC says:

      Speaking from experience, he’s stalling you while he deals with other SB’s he’s met and wants to pursue. If they don’t work out (“working late”), he wants the security of having you in reserve

    • WendyBelle says:

      A friend once told me “never like someone more than they like you” hard to calibrate sometimes, but kinda helps keep emotions in check.

      • Anon says:

        What an unsatisfactory way to live! Think about it…if everyone lived by that rule, NO ONE would care because they’d all be competing to care LESS than their partner! It’s like the old saying, if the whole world believed in an eye for an eye, we’d all be blind!

        How terribly sad IMO. Emotions are meant to be felt, and risks meant to be taken. Isn’t the risk of being hurt as valuable as the risk of being loved?

        Just a thought…

  48. Jose Carlos says:

    Very place, liked the site, very good.

  49. NotInsane says:

    I’m an idiot, of course. But both of Angela’s Blogs dealing with “POT SDs” fail to say what POT stands for. “Piece of T*****?” Short for “Potential?” If it’s short for Potential then that word doesn’t appear until well into the story and is un-capitalized. Anybody care to Clue the Clueless in? And Angela: c’mon, shape up!

  50. SugarySpicey says:

    Hey Able, move over to the current blog topic, all the fun has moved on.

  51. Able Secret says:

    Why is this site always showing Marilyn Monroe at top of the blogs????? She is a fantasy…unattainable….pfffft…..

  52. Able Secret says:

    If some guy asked me out, then wanted to split the bill, I’d throw water in his face, lol. Nope…not going to pay a penny if HE asks me out. I never ask out guys….they don’t like that…they want to chase. I don’t order the “most expensive” things on menu….that’s rude. HE asks, HE pays in my book.

    • Jeanne says:

      Something my father taught me before I started dating has served me well to this day. At a restaurant, while you are both reviewing the menu, beat him to the question “What are you having?” or what looks good. Then findthe price of the dish he suggests, and make that your price ceiling.

      • Josh says:

        I wish more fathers were giving pragmatic dating advice to their daughters instead of mothers teaching them “you deserve whatever the fuck you want”. But what can the fathers do now…they have been rendered into family idiots by most women and the offspring.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ve done that ever since I started dating….never taught — just something I did…and continue to do! If what I like happens to be less than $5.00 over what he is getting — I’ll get it — but if it is significantly over — I’ll find something else…

      • AA-Ron says:

        You are all terrible advice-givers. If a man asks you to a restaurant and cannot (or will not) pay for exactly what your heart desires (so be it if it’s the most expensive thing on the menu)… You’re not going to get what you want in an arrangement with him. As long as you’re not smug about it, he should appreciate your confidence to ask for what you really want. And not hold it against you if he’s the real deal. If he takes you to a restaurant and cannot afford the complete price range of the menu, he shouldn’t be taking you there. This is a pretty clear indication that he is full of sh*t about being a bonafide SD.

  53. Don Juan de Marco says:

    Re the prolific and mythical blog writer BECK.

    I don’t usually indulge in blog ranting because unlike “Beck” I have a life and I’m a flawed mortal.
    The popularity of Beck’s charisma (judging by the number of people drawn to his orbit) lies on the fact that he is a BOT, designed to do just that. Provoke thought and elicit response.
    It is just amazing that such a large number of gullible followers, disciples and general groupies fall for the designer bull shit he doles out.
    Really people!!!?… the elusive 30 something millionaire, god gift to women and mankind, with the perfect exquisite taste in wine, women and gastronomy…. the perfect and generous gentleman, yet who doesn’t have women beating a path to his door (Why is that Beck? do you look like the hunchback of ND? 😉 ) or is it simply that you my friend, DO NOT EXIST. 😉

    BOT BECK unmasked. Voila.

    Sorry to break the illusion of groupies, disciples and wide eyed SBs who believed in this easy prank.

  54. IowaBaby says:

    I am talking with a SD and he is wanting me, wanting to get me a place, and commit for two yrs, but we haven’t even met. And he lives in Australia and I am in the middle of the US. Any advice for something like this. I am a new SB.

  55. Lace says:

    LOL this site isnt about pot brownies. Although im a fan.. not the place babe.
    Im also new the sugar world.. At first i was a little worried that these daddies would only want thin, sexy women.. I believe im pretty damn sexy and i have confidence (even more when theres money involved.. Shit i can be whatever they want me to be in that case) I have met a few POT sugar daddies. My only problem is.. I dont have a car atm (as im sure all noob babies are, im pretty damn poor) So that has hindered my meeting these men. I dont want them to pick me up on the first meeting. But how am i supposed to get to them.. Some want to go away from my town. How do others handle this?

  56. I have granola with hemp seeds mixed in with it.

  57. Does anyone have a recipe for pot brownies. There are so many things you can make with pot; tea, butter, you name it.

  58. Lil_tm says:

    “Treasured, Do I get a raincheck for a celebratory fuck with you when I post my SA id? Say yes, and we will be in business soon.”

    Watch out ya’ll..he’s sassy! 😉

    Seriously though..what raises a red flag for me is that someone in his early thirties and so well off spends so much time on this blog.

    It seems to me that if someone has the means to do exciting things (travel, fine dining, perusing the streets of Italy) yet they choose to post on a sugar blog, either they need a nudge in the right direction or they’re at home depressed.

    Not that my opinion mattes to you. 😛

  59. Lil_tm says:

    I have only been in the sugar world for about a year now and can only speak from my own personal experience.

    I am not sure if how a site like this could be misleading or misunderstood. That’s what I like about it..it’s cut and dry.

    That said, most of the pot SD’s I’ve met have told me on the first date that they are looking for a serious full time girlfriend. I figure it’s one of two things.
    Either they are trying to avoid monetary part of the deal or they truly are on the market for a full-time girlfriend, but if that is the case, what are they doing here? Of course there’s the chance of something like this blooming into more, but why even say that on a first date??

    What makes it even more confusing is the majority of them have tried to kiss me on the first date and at least pushed themselves against me(I think you get the picture.)

    I appreciate the attraction and it’s flattering, but even the guys I have dated in my own age demographic have been smarter about keeping themselves in check than that.

    So I still hope for true sugar, but it seems like with regular dating, a good catch is hard to find. 🙂

  60. DorkyGuy says:

    @WCSD/TraderJ~ WCSD, I’m surprised you remember that! even I had forgotten!

    A while back, I built a Chrome/Firefox addon that does not only that, but adds a ton of features to the SeekingArrangement site as well. An example of one of the features was the ability to get all of the messages that you have traded with a profile in a popup window, and browse through them, GMail style.

    I submitted the sourcecode to Brandon in February of last year, but none of feature have been implemented since that time. I sent Brandon an email a few days back asking if they needed some help with the implementation, but have not received a reply.

  61. Kitty says:

    Hi. I’m a new sugar baby, and I have a lot of questions from someone who is experienced. Can someone reach out? I am more concerned about privacy more than anything.

    I am curious if I can post a photo without it being open to public/google search/etc. A members only thing. Or verified members only?

  62. Beach_Girl says:

    ok, I can’t do both blogs, so could you all go to the next one, Pretty Please ?

  63. sweetie says:

    Sigh of relief, FB 🙂

  64. FatBastardSD says:


    I am enjoying things now!

  65. sweetie says:

    FB, that sounds awful.

  66. FatBastardSD says:

    @Trader J

    My current SB was met off the site but I agree with your point of view. My problem was I became the SD equivalent to the SB hustler that I try to avoid, always looking for the perfect deal. It is amazing how something that was supposed to be fun ended up being a chore. Now I know better.

  67. sweetie says:

    Yeah, not good.

  68. Beach_Girl says:

    Sweetie~ He is demanding, I am not his type at all and I don’t need him to tell me, I know !!! It’s ok, we are still friends , he’s nice but he gets what he wants when he wants it

  69. sweetie says:

    Did he tell you you are too old for him and does he care that you are taller? So, you’d like him to be your SD, would he like you as his SB? And, don’t you think you could fulfill his needs? Are they outrageous or just not up your alley?

  70. Beach_Girl says:

    Sweetie, Nope, you are right, but these are extremely wealthy SDs.
    I know this one SD, I so have a crush on him… but His needs are way, way up there and well… I am too old for him 🙁 too tall also 🙁

  71. TraderJ says:

    @ FatBastardSD – YEAH damn it, you hit that right on the head. I realized (damn my slow moving brain) that my previous 2 long term SB were met OFF line and doing the things I prefer to do in my limited free time. Trying to find one on this site really makes no sense. I am not saying it can’t work but it’s too much like work I have a pretty full schedule already.

  72. sweetie says:

    BG “Some SDs want resumes and your 5 year plan, others are just here to help with a business opportunity for the SBs, there are many different SDs”

    As if 5-year-plan is that easy to put together and follow through. I got a resume, alright, wanna interview me? This approach feel a little patronizing to me. Am I reading too much into it?

  73. FatBastardSD says:


    I cancelled mine about a week before it expired. Much like the blog it did tend to take too much time. It was like I was more interested in analyzing SB attractiveness vs allowance. Too many meets, and meets with nice SB’s once you learn to weed out the hustlers (no offense to the hustlers as some guys might want that too). I lost track of the point, find a nice SB and have some fun. I think I should follow the same principle with the blog and cut back on the posting as well.

  74. Beach_Girl says:

    TraderJ~ It’s a nice escape at times here…hope you stick around

    FBSD~ I have been on the site off and on over the years, I know what I want, I’ve emailed lots of SDs…Had SDs, Met plenty of SDs… that’s not the problem…
    I am realistic in saying I don’t think that everyone can get 5k allowance.
    I can’t say who is better, the expectations of higher allowance SDs more than lower allowance SDs.
    Some SDs want resumes and your 5 year plan, others are just here to help with a business opportunity for the SBs, there are many different SDs

  75. sweetie says:

    I, no I’m

  76. FatBastardSD says:

    @Beach Girl

    If you already are doing this then let us know what your SA experiences have been like and if the higher allowance SD’s are really better than the others.

  77. sweetie says:

    P, looking good! Still, a bit abstract…
    “Hey, flaunt it if you got it 😉
    I’m prefer understated.

  78. Principium says:

    @ TJ:

    Mine expires in 6 days and I won’t be renewing either. Every time when I rejoined SA, I have started all new. It is best that way.

    I have three POT SBs yet to meet up. There’s also a POT RL SB type. I’ll stick with the blogs for now, but perhaps somewhat less active.

  79. Rosie O'Gravy says:

    Stepping out of lurk mode…

    “he wants to meet in his car in a parking lot. I told him absolutely not. I told him TGIF has a really dark atmosphere and we could get a booth in the back …” -Alicia

    Car in a parking lot vs. TGIF booth in the back. But you repeat yourself? LOL. Glad you didn’t go. What a loser to even suggest meeting in his car in a parking lot.

    Re: Hef
    There’s a limit of 6 or 7 “models”/SBs living in mansion at same time. In addition to the $1,000 weekly allowance (some get $2,000), girls are also allowed to book paid appearances throughout the week, but each appearance must be approved by the Hef. Each girl is also given use of a car (but mostly use the limo), free medical/dental, limitless amounts of clothes/makeup, not to mention cosmetic treatments of choice paid by Hef (again, if he approves such work is needed). Boob jobs and nose jobs are the top two preferred procedures. Strict curfew of 9:00PM (unless out partying with Hef), no boys on premises and also very strict access to food which is ordered and delivered by mansion “butlers”. And then there’s sex with Hef and it could be several nights throughout the week, not p4p.

    Some or all of those things above may be worth living at the mansion and collecting a measly $1,000/wk. I say no thanks.

    Re: $20K allowance SDs
    They DO exist.

  80. Beck says:

    I would meet Spicey without a problem. She and I are very different in our outlooks, but I think she would be fun to meet.

  81. FatBastardSD says:


    I think you may misunderstand what i say sometimes. Do you have a profile? If you do then listening to advice is not the best approach. Search for SD’s who offer between $1K-$3K, send some messages, see what responses you get. Do the same for $3K-$5K. Choose a few SD’s to meet, and do it!

    After this you will see you don’t need anyone on the blog to tell you what to do.

  82. Principium says:

    @ Sweetie: “P, I don’t particularly care for the 6-pack, I’m just tired of seeing the profiles t with the dudes showing them off… I explained my avatar on a different post, Korben Dallas in the 5th element, I love the way Bruce Willis looks in that movie, no 6-pack, mind you and for me, utterly yummy. That’s all the drooling I’m allowing myself on a public blog.”

    I have one of those self-indulgent photos on my profile, but only set to private. Hey, flaunt it if you got it 😉

    I went to Gravatar and loaded it up. Is there a time lag to sync up in here?

  83. sweetie says:

    I hope so, Tj 🙂

  84. TraderJ says:

    @ sweetie – Actually my account on SA expires in 8 days and I won’t be renewing. Although the blog has its moments of interest over all there are just too many other ways I can spend my time that are more interesting to me. So I think I’ll skip putting my gravatar up.

    Who knows maybe we’ll run into each sometime on Fhlotsin Paradise

  85. RussianSB says:

    By the way , you have been honored to compared to SDinLA, who is David Beckham in comparison with him ?
    So you surrounded by carrer biotches dressed in black in Manhattan ?

  86. Beach_Girl says:

    There’s a new blog!!!! See you all on the other side 😀

  87. sweetie says:

    Russian, you are like a ray of sunshine!
    “He is very cute, but earrings wearing only pirates and homosexuals, did you see any pirate ship at his house ?”
    I second you on earrings on guys, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

  88. sweetie says:

    Try again, P. It will work, gravatar.com

  89. RussianSB says:

    @Odelay, SDinLA is your secret twin brother, you been separated from in babyhood. By the way,Poshy Spice dominate David Beckham, she stole the boy from football inUK tto demonstrate her style and anorexia at LA parties.
    He is very cute, but earrings wearing only pirates and homosexuals, did you see any pirate ship at his house ?

  90. sweetie says:

    P, I don’t particularly care for the 6-pack, I’m just tired of seeing the profiles t with the dudes showing them off… I explained my avatar on a different post, Korben Dallas in the 5th element, I love the way Bruce Willis looks in that movie, no 6-pack, mind you and for me, utterly yummy. That’s all the drooling I’m allowing myself on a public blog.

  91. Beach_Girl says:

    Principium~ go to gravatar dot com and add your email that you use here and a photo. The photo that you use with the email will show up, no need to add it to the website area, it will be linked by your email

  92. Beach_Girl says:

    Sweetie~ Yes, there was some drama, but nothing like now. and the drama was nipped very quickly.

    Principium~ hahahha you are funny, a 4pack, is that beer?!?! lol… sorry, just joking

  93. Principium says:

    “P, get an avatar, please, so you seem less abstract.”

    Does that go where the website template is?

  94. Beach_Girl says:

    Oh and all the meets the SDs paid for everything. Food , evening etc…

  95. Principium says:

    “BG Sweetie ~ lol… lets go for an 8 pack guy… then i’m in
    Hehehe, that would be Frankenstein! Nothing wrong with a 6-pack, I just hope that that’s not the only thing that makes up the owner.”

    Almost everyone has a 6-pack, but the trick is that one’s gotta have like 6% body fat in order for them to show in the chiseled fashion which you seem to like.

    When age creeps up in us men, that is an almost impossible feat without some chemical assistance (note Stallone vis a vis HGH) or starvation which make an older man just look, well old like a shriveled up prune. Men lose 8-10% muscle mass every decade starting in their 30’s, so why these low-T topical gels and pills are in fad so much these days.

    Nothing as rewarding as the good old fashioned sweat drenching and dripping workouts, but I’m afraid that there is still hell to pay by way of joint and muscle pain.

    I try very hard, but on a good day in the right light with all the stars aligned perfectly, I may see a 4-pack. Then I eat a bowl of brown rice and all of a sudden two of them disappear! Ah the joys of getting older 😉

  96. sweetie says:

    BG, that sounds like fun, a real community, huh?

  97. Beach_Girl says:

    Sweetie~ a While back we were all meeting in blog meets, it was fun and you got to meet SBs and SDs. I think one was sponsored by a very generous SD and some SDs here would help SBs go to these meets.
    Also, I met a few that came to my town. I like to meet the SDs here that I like. Even if it’s not for an arrangement. But the blog was different in the day 😀

  98. sweetie says:

    TJ, how about an avatar for you, as well? Let’s see your pretty face 😉

  99. TraderJ says:

    @ Principium – as Sweetie said good for you to overcome it. Many don’t many let it define them. Or worse they chase those losses and throw good money after bad.

  100. sweetie says:

    BG, you mentioned you have met some of the SDs from the blog. How did that come about and how did you find them? Curious cat here.

  101. sweetie says:

    P, get an avatar, please, so you seem less abstract.

  102. sweetie says:

    P “every single dime which I lost in that market was my own doing. Not anyone’s fault but my own. Just was going through a bad phase in my life when my head was not straight. Lesson learned and moved on.”

    At least you were able to overcome it, some don’t.

  103. Beach_Girl says:

    Sweetie~ I just read in that magazing that that guy from Twilight has an 8 pack k… so must be true lol…
    I feel like a ninny tonight, lol…or flibbertigibbet… lol wow, I never thought I would use that word lol

  104. sweetie says:

    Wait!!!! WHAT??? Fairy tales aren’t True?!?!?
    I am off to cry, this is not right… I’m so sad

    BG, dear, don’t cry! Of course they are true 🙂

  105. Principium says:

    TJ: every single dime which I lost in that market was my own doing. Not anyone’s fault but my own. Just was going through a bad phase in my life when my head was not straight. Lesson learned and moved on.

  106. sweetie says:

    BG Sweetie ~ lol… lets go for an 8 pack guy… then i’m in 😉
    Hehehe, that would be Frankenstein! Nothing wrong with a 6-pack, I just hope that that’s not the only thing that makes up the owner.

  107. Beach_Girl says:

    Wait!!!! WHAT??? Fairy tales aren’t True?!?!?
    I am off to cry, this is not right… I’m so sad

  108. sweetie says:

    Spicey, I agree. What can you do, it’s hard to get over fairy tales.

  109. Spicey says:

    Sweetie: my slant on the topic of love tends to be a very straight forward, no bullshit (I call it marginally autistic) view of love. I have a few words of advice that I always come back to: If you’re not sure if someone likes you, they don’t.

    It bores me in the way people obsess over things like “How to get a guy to call you back” That nagging feeling over “will he call” means he won’t, or maybe he will eventually, but you will never feel satisfied by his interest.

    Or, I write articles for successful women on approaching relationships in the same way they approach business transactions instead of like a overly emotional 16 year old who isn’t sure of herself. I would never cry to a client that they don’t “put time into our relationship” so don’t act that way with a partner.

    And finally, if you can’t spare your heart, at least spare your dignity – because self respect lasts even after the boy is gone.

    So, perhaps “bores” is imprecise. I just think we overthink it. Real love is a verb, are you actively producing love toward a person and receiving it from that person? If yes, you’re in a loving relationship, if not moveon.org

  110. Beach_Girl says:

    Sweetie ~ lol… lets go for an 8 pack guy… then i’m in 😀

  111. sweetie says:

    BG, we can make a team 🙂 How about work hard, play hard and the oh so frequent hottie mystique (both girls and 6-pack-guys)?

  112. Beach_Girl says:

    Sweetie~ crap I was just gonna offer my services 😀 lol.. I am having one of those years and could smack someone into last week! 😀

    I do agree, the finer things in life is an over user expression

  113. sweetie says:

    TJ “I virtually weep for humanity when I read some of their answers.. how did we get to such a place in the world?”

    I know, it’s amazing, right? Well, maybe that’s what we deserve, we perpetuated this. I offer my services to smack anybody to reality, though! Sweetie the Smacker, soon in your area!

  114. Beach_Girl says:

    TraderJ~ I like to experience different things, but I am simple. I do like good wine, great food. I work in jeans & a T all day, I wear pants to pot dates… I have never been to a Michelin restaurant 🙁 but since I don’t have a wardrobe for that, it’s normal!!!

    Sweetie, I think I would need a project, I would get bored doing nothing… I do like what I do, but on a part time thing would be amazing!

  115. TraderJ says:

    @ Principium – Sorry for your loses, but it bears repeating there is no such thing as a part time trader or market participant that is just what a broker wants you to believe so he can churn your account for his commissions.

    There is one thing only that makes a trader become a full time pro and that is screen time. Get the right charts and figure out what of the hundreds of markets or indexes or whatever you want to trade and glue your face to that screen during its session hours.. when the session is over reply the session, figure out the patterns stay away from TA its a fools game.. learn about Market Profile learn to read the tape and understand who really controls the markets.

    It took me five years to learn my market that included blowing up some hefty accounts along the way. Anyone that tells you they’ve never blown up an account doesn’t trade.

  116. Principium says:

    Chick blogs ought to be told to read: The Art of Love by Erich Fromm. He told it like it is supposed to, over 50 years ago!

  117. sweetie says:

    BG Sweetie~ I also want to be able to work one day less a week, now that… Would be Awesome!
    Oh, BG 🙁 I want to never have to work again. I know, I’m a brat…

    Spicey “The topic of love bores me – I have to write about in incessantly for chick blogs.”

    If it bores you, how can you write about it and do you think your readers find your info useful? A little bit of contradiction there, care to explain?

  118. TraderJ says:

    @ Sweetie – I am with you on that subject. I am always struck with sadness when I get winks or msgs from POT SB on SA that state how they enjoy the finer things in life among all the other earth shattering amazing things they offer.

    I always send back a simple one sentence question for them, Please describe for me in detail what the “finer things in life” means to you.

    I virtually weep for humanity when I read some of their answers.. how did we get to such a place in the world?

  119. Principium says:

    To the none traders and investors on this blog including yours truly (well apart from the cookie-cutter mutual fund stuff) let the two experts in this field duke it all out.

    Personally, I was on the wrong side of every darn trade, option, guess, intuition, VIX, wax and whatever the farg in the tech-bubble of the early 2000. Lost my Fundamentalist arse and pledged to never again!

  120. Spicey says:

    Payment means sacrifice in my mind, eventually we all give something of ours up – money, time, attention, self respect, something in pursuit of a strong physical connection.

    The topic of love bores me – I have to write about in incessantly for chick blogs.

  121. sweetie says:

    Yeah, I hear you BG. Stars, and even Michelin ones? It’s ok, it seems we’re not the ones who care about the so called finer things in life. That expression is completely cliche on SA.

  122. Principium says:

    “I have my eye on our Sexual Fundamentalist, Capitol P.”

    In that case, I’m afraid that you won’t be coming easy to me in the SD/SB field, to coin your own quote of a bit earlier 😉

  123. TraderJ says:

    @ Treasured – are you saying you did NOT receive my email? I did send along for you exactly what I requested of our fictional friend “Beck” Please confirm so I know it got to the right email addy. Thanks

  124. Beach_Girl says:

    Sweetie~ I also want to be able to work one day less a week, now that… Would be Awesome!

  125. Principium says:

    “Capitol P – one way or another, you always pay for it.”

    I don’t wish to repeat my long post of earlier on today, but I don’t necessarily agree with your sentiment, if by paying, you are referring to mere monetary compensation.

    At very rare instances, some people (whether being of opposite genders or alike) are completely in harmony on all levels of emotional, mental and physical without any allowance or compensation, but purely based on “love as a response to matching or aspiring values” This is a very long topic and I have no patience to get into it at this time.

    Nevertheless to come back to your point; even if all eventually pay for “it”, there is still the subtext of paying for it with pure pleasure or absolute resentment. There’s a very wide gap in between 😉

  126. Beach_Girl says:

    Spicey~ Please? go on a date PLEASE 😀 you like him here, Pheeeee llllleeeease!

  127. sweetie says:

    Regarding investing, I’m on the same page as BG. I guess it’s nice to have the extra income to make extra income.

  128. Beach_Girl says:

    Sweetie~ lol… well for my birthday I would bore him even more and make him take me to my fav restaurant lol. It doesn’t even have a Star!!! Shocking !

  129. Beach_Girl says:

    Spicey~ thank you. I am not a mean person, I hate drama especially on this blog. I come here to escape drama, Trust me, my life for the last year has been in overdrive drama crappy zone. So, if sometimes I get mad when you all get nasty, it’s just drama doesn’t belong here.
    I want average, it would make a difference for me. I work 6 days a week and having a SD would make me enjoy things I can’t afford myself…
    And dorky isn’t the only SD that has seen me or met me… they aren’t all here anymore and I have met SBs and they all said the same… true or not, I’m ok, that’s what I think, i’m cute!
    lol… keep the flowers coming my way,,, me like it 😀 lol…

  130. Spicey says:

    Ah Beach – Beck’s too young for me. And, he says I scare him.

    I have my eye on our Sexual Fundamentalist, Capitol P.

  131. sweetie says:

    Hello, all!

    BG “but 1.5k for diner, that would make my month, wanna have diner with me? I will bore you to death, talk about pop culture and shoes for 4 hours. Bring your iPad or iPhone (I don’t have those) so I can show you all the shoes I drool for… Oh, you have to come here since I can’t afford to renew my passport.. And next month , I will try and bore you even more… and It will be my Birthday … so you can’t say no… lol… just joking of course 🙂 ”

    That is hilarious, you should have skipped the lol… just joking of course

  132. Beach_Girl says:

    Beck~If you are or not real??? that is the question, but spicey seems to have you in her sights (I may be wrong spicey, just an observation) you could meet with her?
    I know I’m not.
    but 1.5k for diner, that would make my month, wanna have diner with me? 😀 I will bore you to death, talk about pop culture and shoes for 4 hours. Bring your iPad or iPhone (I don’t have those) so I can show you all the shoes I drool for… Oh, you have to come here since I can’t afford to renew my passport.. And next month , I will try and bore you even more… and It will be my Birthday … so you can’t say no… lol… just joking of course 😀

  133. Spicey says:

    Capitol P – one way or another, you always pay for it.

    Beach – I agree with you, 2-5K is an average. I also agree with Beck that you’re sweet. And, I believe Dorky that you’re hot.

  134. Principium says:

    “probably a man hoping to get a taste between someone’s legs”

    If so, I am convinced that he had to eventually pay for it (P4P) making his “poem” absolutely redundant.

  135. Beach_Girl says:

    TraderJ~ I know nothing about trading, the only thing I know is that I don’t have enough money to trade, or the experience not to loose everything. I am not a gambler at all, so I think it’s all chance, I may be wrong since I know nothing, pips and all that stuff is foreign to me 😀

  136. Beach_Girl says:

    Awe Treasered~ no one emailed you 🙁 well SDinLA isn’t on the blog right now, but I’m sure he would in a heart beat 😀

  137. Beach_Girl says:

    FBSD~ I’m I in lower expectation SB? I guess I am, have 10k+ is not what I would get.
    I am not all that bad, yes, I am older. But I offer things that younger SBs don’t.

    I do think that all this chatter about allowances being over 10k is not the norm and the New SBs that read here should know that. I know a lot of SDs that are very wealthy and their demands for 10k + is extreme.
    I would think the norm is more 2-5k all depending where you live.

  138. Spicey says:

    I may be easy, but I’m sure as hell not cheap; and if you want me to be cheap it certainly won’t be easy!

  139. Beach_Girl says:

    Wow, so much chatter!!!

    Beck~ Thanks, I am sweet, I’m a very nice person. And Hott according to some SD

    Treasered/Spicey~ Thanks ladies, it’s better to be nice to one another

    Crap, now I have to read the scroll…

    Hi Principium and TraderJ welcome back 😀

  140. Spicey says:

    P – probably a man hoping to get a taste between someone’s legs!

  141. Principium says:

    Spicey, I’m down with whatever method which neutralizes that hamster spinning inside your cranial encasement and falsely compelling you to be a good girl.

    If sugar is the fiber optic link between your brain to your vagina, then you are sugar, spice and everything nice (who the eff coined that phrase anyway?!)

  142. Spicey says:

    Capitol P – it’s part of why I enjoy sugar, it provides carte Blanche to release my inner throbbing mattress kitten with no concern of judgement.

  143. Principium says:

    “Haha, Beck – if you manage to prove you are real, I am sure, you can have a 3some with me and Spicey.
    And, we might even dress you up as a pony and use a horse tail butt plug. You’d make a charming animal”

    Girls (figure of speech) are ever so kinky when they have this kind of ulterior persona.

    “Capitol P” luvs a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets. Why can’t you always be like this? Believe me, some men adore bad girls (not to be misconstrued with nasty!)

  144. Beck says:

    “The torture thing isn’t really what I do Beck. Everyone has their own style, you’ve watched too many kink.com features.”

    One of my potential SBs (it never panned out) was a kink.com model.

  145. Beck says:

    Trader, I think we need to French kiss and make up. I really do. Don’t you?

  146. Treasured says:

    Ok, ladies and gentlemen.

    Since, there are no mails in my mailbox, it is safe to assume that all of the mentioned above are fake 😀

    Ok. Except the RussianSB (actually saw her profile 😉 )

  147. Beck says:

    “And, we might even dress you up as a pony and use a horse tail butt plug. You’d make a charming animal ;)”

    Promises, promises. 😉

    What else would I need to do to prove that I am real other than posting my SA profile (which I was going to do anyway as I wanted the folks here to review it and give me feedback).

  148. TraderJ says:

    @ Beck – careful Becky temper temper… calling people slimeballs now.. and with all that breeding at private schools no less… the veneer is slipping.. quick deflect some more..

  149. Spicey says:

    The torture thing isn’t really what I do Beck. Everyone has their own style, you’ve watched too many kink.com features.

  150. Treasured says:

    Haha, Beck – if you manage to prove you are real, I am sure, you can have a 3some with me and Spicey.
    And, we might even dress you up as a pony and use a horse tail butt plug. You’d make a charming animal 😉

  151. Beck says:

    Trader, Of course they know that I am not a slimeball and won’t break the rules. Now if it were you, they woulnd’t have even allowed you in.

  152. Principium says:

    “Capitol P – But a man who appreciates women wouldn’t pursue ladies who don’t read. He’d have no need to surround himself with empty heads.”

    Spicey luv, I just saw “heads” and got distracted by the rest.

  153. Beck says:

    Treasured, Do I get a raincheck for a celebratory fuck with you when I post my SA id? Say yes, and we will be in business soon.

  154. Treasured says:

    Beck, you do have to admit, that you do sound slightly unrealistic 😉
    A guy, just over 30, with the ability to sponsor 25K on a SB, with a penchant for art AND dungeons.

    Nevertheless, I still enjoy your persona ( created or not).

    A suggestion: tone down or send some sort of a prove that you are real. Your SA id might be a start 😉

  155. TraderJ says:

    @ Beck – of course discretion is the key, but they are ok with you posting to the blog.. where as much as they know you could running a live feed off your phone. You are funnier by the minute now I get why the girls like you so much, you’re like the court jester you think people are laughing with you…..

  156. Beck says:

    Have you ever applied a cattle prod to a man’s privates Spicey? It is excruciating AND intense.

    Better than teeth. 🙂

  157. Beck says:

    Trust me Spicey, if I knew of a way to deny women orgasm, I would. Gotta be frustrating.

  158. Spicey says:

    And why would I need a wand? I have teeth.

  159. Spicey says:

    I domme using pleasure, denial and sensory deprivation. Pain is only incorporated when it helps better sensitize the skin or delay orgasm.

  160. Beck says:

    Hey Treasured, is it always this way whenever a new guy shows up and the locals go nuts?

  161. Beck says:

    Trader, Have you ever been to commercial dungeons? Discretion is key here, and picture taking is not allowed. Would you really want someone to snap a pic of you licking a Domme’s toes with devotion while a butt plug is shoved up your ass?

    Hug time?

  162. Treasured says:

    Since I am still awaiting the info mentioned above sent to my email. And STILL there is none, I will just assume that it was a RussianSB creating several personas 😀

    hehehehehehehe 😀

    Fatty! Be a darling – send your manboobies 😀

  163. Beck says:

    Violet wand, and not doing …

    Trader, you still need the hug or not?

  164. TraderJ says:

    @ FB – You are quite right and I agreed with you when you said it at the time. The advice to read up on something to have a basic knowledge of it is horrible advice. I would much rather talk to someone about markets/business stuff in general that had NO knowledge and really was interested to learn. The idea of sitting across from a SB vomiting forth the same quality of market knowledge as Beck actually makes me shudder.

    @ Beck – I’m confused, not that it’s the first time. You can’t take pics where you are but you are able to use your phone to post to the blog? So your phone was made before what 2000 and doesn’t have a camera? Or you just don’t know how to turn of the shutter sound to take a pic without anybody knowing? Oh wait wait.. you don’t have a phone with you, you took your iPad to the Dungeon the camera is not working.. ummmm I am sure there is a good reason for this… oddly it does a bit like Spicey’s SD having the nurse text her from the hospital…

  165. Beck says:

    Spicey, Have you ever put a man right on top of a violent wand kit, on his tip toes, with weights appropriately attached, pulling him down? And every time he loses the tip toe he gets some electric encouragement in the privates?

    Tell me, do you actively take part in that, or do you simple do your own stuff and just let the periodic screams seep in?

    Of course, I am no doing it to a man. Fatty is the only man for me.

  166. FatBastardSD says:


    This was about 10 years back. I learned my lesson and stick to making money in things that I know best. I am talking about bra manufacturing of course.

    Look at the reaction you have towards Beck. This is why I think my advise about SB’s not faking knowledge about things that don’t interest them is good. Imagine having a SB date with the female Beck taking shit about stocks and markets. Would that not piss you off a bit?

    A good SB should only fake orgasms, nothing else.

  167. Spicey says:

    Umm – Beck, then shouldn’t you put your phone down and enjoy? I know we are delightful and all.

  168. Treasured says:

    Beck, I am confused…

    i though you are the one who likes to dominate…
    Oh well, a picture of you in the collar will work too 😀

  169. Beck says:

    Treasured, I can’t send you a picture of the dungeon as it is against rules to take photos. But, if you want to know where I am … mistressjasmine dot com

  170. Treasured says:

    And, scuzi for spelling mistakes. When I get excited I don’t think 😀

  171. Beck says:

    “Is it fair that only Fatty’s Moobs will do it for you?”

    They are beautiful moobs though. Give me some credit.

  172. Treasured says:

    I have an email!!!

    All info can be send there 😛

    temptation. white @ hotmail. co. uk

    Now then. What I want.
    1) A picture of Fatty’s manboobies
    2)Beck’s dungeon
    3)Traders inside tips
    4)SDinLA Ferrari
    5)Russian’s naked pics

  173. Spicey says:

    I don’t care if it’s fair, it’s what turns me on. Is it fair that only Fatty’s Moobs will do it for you? It isn’t an instruction manual, it’s just how my overinflated ego ticks.

  174. TraderJ says:

    @ FB

    “I bought “calls” in a company due to “insider information” that in hindsight would be too comical to describe. Lost a half year of after tax income. They say the lottery is a tax on stupid people. The stock market is a tax on the stupid and greedy people”

    Sorry to hear that although I do hear it quite often and you are quite right the markets in general are not for part timers, you need to on them 16 hours a day and be following ANYTHING that might effect the area you are targeting. It’s too easy to forget how markets are swayed by only two things Fear and greed.

    The best days my firm has ever had on the markets are always the so called “breakdown” days where the market plunges hundreds of points in a day. Those that aren’t involved in the markets seem to forget that for everyone of those “sell” orders going in that drives the price down somebody is on the other side “buying” that is usually me. People that have their life savings or mutual funds etc.. are too driven by our friends fear and greed and don’t take the time to think a company that was worth 40 a share this morning didn’t suddenly become worth 20 a share in the afternoon if there was no material change to the company but rather it was dragged down in a market failure.

    Best thing to do is find a couple of solid long term blue chips and when a market failure day happens, just keep buying that stock all the way down to the bottom average down your costs paid and sit on it for a couple of weeks while the market corrects usually you are in the money 1/3 of the way back.

    Of course the people buying on the others side are those same people that sold to you on the way down… there’s the real world and the market world, the market world it tough, wear a cup.

  175. Beck says:

    Trader, Don’t listen to Treasured. I like it when you are fuming. Very sexy.

  176. Spicey says:

    As, actually – I don’t have an email address that I am willing to out to the world. Lol – you called my bluff TJ, well played. 🙂

  177. Beck says:

    “I don’t need to have strong feelings for my partner, but I want for him to be crazy about me.”

    Isn’t that a contradiction?

  178. Beck says:

    What about me, Trader? I already told you that I am not going to encourage bad behavior from you. Now, tell me, why are you so angry with me?

  179. Treasured says:

    Trader – let it rest 😀

    You have proved your point 😀

    Doesn’t make Beck any less entertaining. Let him be 😉

  180. Spicey says:

    I believe there is something different to allowing one to penetrate your body. I don’t need to have strong feelings for my partner, but I want for him to be crazy about me. Casual sex doesn’t provide that.

  181. TraderJ says:

    @ Beck – already agreed to send along my NFA registration info.. .how about you?

  182. Beck says:

    I see. Do you think that is common among women? I always assumed that unless there is a clear discussion of exclusivity, which has to come when the relationship is on very secure grounds, everyone was fucking everyone.

  183. Spicey says:

    Not in a sexual way – since college. I’ve had casual FWB’s on occassion if I wasn’t in a relationship with anyone, so there would have been a few weeks between being with one person and being with another. But, Tuesday night Christopher and Friday night Jack? No. That type of situation doesn’t work with my personal intimate likes and dislikes.

  184. Beck says:

    “TraderJ – so will you provide ME with the information you are asking of Beck? Just curious, since it’s such a minor thing to share, from one who uses a nom de plume.”


  185. TraderJ says:

    @ Spicey

    “TraderJ – so will you provide ME with the information you are asking of Beck? Just curious, since it’s such a minor thing to share, from one who uses a nom de plume.”

    100% no issue, where do you want me to send it?? Anybody that knows what I am talking about knows its a matter of public record…

  186. TraderJ says:

    @ Spicey – sorry I realize you have zero knowledge on the subject that we are talking about, or rather Beck is pretending to know about. Hence your interest in such an exchange would be limited, my apologies. This was one of the only two things in the world I know more about than you do. I’m done, Beck is a fraud at least when it comes to markets, go play your games with him I have no further use for that particular sock puppet.

  187. FatBastardSD says:


    I bought “calls” in a company due to “insider information” that in hindsight would be too comical to describe. Lost a half year of after tax income. They say the lottery is a tax on stupid people. The stock market is a tax on the stupid and greedy people.

  188. Beck says:

    Stacey, You have never dated multiple men at the same time!? I mean dated, not SD dated.

  189. Spicey says:

    TraderJ – so will you provide ME with the information you are asking of Beck? Just curious, since it’s such a minor thing to share, from one who uses a nom de plume.

  190. Beck says:

    I think you are still angry with me Trader. Come here, let me give you a hug.

  191. Spicey says:

    I prefer to be exclusive in my physical arrangements in that I simply don’t have time for anything more. It’s why I don’t date. I don’t want the inconvenient “pop in” or obligations to entertain your toddler niece.

    The SBs who have multiple SDs usually do so because they need the Financial support. For me, sugar is a bit of a fetish, so it works differently. I put so much time and energy into creating the person my SD wants that I just couldn’t maintain that (at a level I enjoy) for multiple people. And, I find it a bit gross.

    I guess I am not completely exclusive, as I do “pretend” date my other SD – who only touches me (quite rarely) out of performance.

  192. TraderJ says:

    @ Beck – crap I wish I could keep up with your stuff this one is one of your better ones.

    “Trader, Do you want my blood sample, too? Listen, don’t be a kid. Of course I am not going to provide personal identification to anyone over the internet.”

    I never asked you for any personal ID, Oh wait, now you are trying to say you trade the markets for third parties and you do it under YOUR personal name.. you haven’t incorporated you have no liability protection? You really need to get on google and figure out what I asked for I also said you can send it in private and you can send to my corporate offices if you are worried about it being on the net at large. If you had a clue what I was asking for you’d know it is NOT a personal ID doc at all, it’s corporate and a matter of public record…

    “But, serious question, why are you so angry with me mate?”

    Not angry with you in the least, I told you work on those deflection skills.. I find you to be a massive joke but as I’m the only one that understands how lame your attempts are at playing the market guru I guess I don’t get to share this with anyone.

    ” I have no idea what you trade, but I hope it is not commodities. Are you have a bad week?”

    Have a great week actually I’d tell you the Gasoil play we just made, but it would be so far above your head you wouldn’t notice it going by…

  193. Beck says:

    Spicey, I would prefer a more personal inspection.

  194. Beck says:

    I am actually at the dungeon where two girls are toiling away for my pleasure. But Trader, you didn’t answer my question. Why are you so angry with me?

  195. Spicey says:

    How about this Beck, TraderJ – you both take a picture of your solid “qualifications” and email them to me. I will measure them and post the results, and then all of this d*ck measuring can come to an end and we can go back to talking about boobies!

  196. Beck says:

    Spicey, SBs are exclusive!? I always thought all SBs have other SDs and BFs. Why would anyone want an SB to be exclusive? First of all, you can’t guarantee that. Second, that means you have to provide for something else in addition to money as well – sex in your example, could be emotional connection for others. Isn’t that a recipe for disaster?

  197. TraderJ says:

    @ Beck – you’re missing the point you have already proven yourself to be a total and complete fake TO ME. That is all that matters to me, the rest of the people on here can continue you believing you know anything about markets beyond where to buy your milk and bread I don’t care. I was not sure before but figured you were full of it, but you have now proved it beyond all doubt. Thanks for that. BTW weren’t you off to the Dungeon or somewhere to spend your ill gotten gains? hahahahahaha…. knowing the truth makes your drivel so much more entertaining… carry on.

  198. Beck says:

    Trader, Do you want my blood sample, too? Listen, don’t be a kid. Of course I am not going to provide personal identification to anyone over the internet. Why even ask? It makes you look silly. Even a 3 year old knows not to divulge personal information over the internet.

    But, serious question, why are you so angry with me mate? I have no idea what you trade, but I hope it is not commodities. Are you have a bad week?

  199. Spicey says:

    Interesting question Beck: If he continued to do everything he’d done before than I would feel obligated to keep up my end of the arrangement – exclusivity. Though, I would probably start to look for a replacement eventually as the other part of the arrangement (sex!!) is quite important to me as well.

  200. Beck says:

    Actually I didn’t think of the poofing angle. Good point. Nah, this kind of game playing is way too hard. I would rather screw Fatty and screw with Trader J.

  201. TraderJ says:

    @Beck – as I said I knew it wouldn’t be coming.. someone as wealthy as you and with nothing to hide, why would it be an issue to provide that in private?

    Your deflection skills need some work. I don’t play in “puts” sorry those are for mom and pop investors, if you bothered to note I have already mentioned what markets I am involved in.

    Funny enough you are the only person I’ve ever come across online anywhere that is so horrifically bad at using market terminology and yet believes he’s good at it.

    So you told me to buy VIX puts, I don’t recall what strike price and month I must have missed that, I guess they’re all the same right? hahaha, my god you are a riot.

  202. Beck says:

    What if he patiently kept giving you the money Spicey? It would be a good investment. But no contact.

  203. Spicey says:

    Capitol P – But a man who appreciates women wouldn’t pursue ladies who don’t read. He’d have no need to surround himself with empty heads.

  204. Spicey says:

    @Beck – That would have been the perfect way for him to handle it.

    Anyone who spends much time with me knows that I don’t like weakness, not in men or women, but certainly not in a man I am intimate with. So, his showing me his sad, sad hand doesn’t endear him to me or bring out some maternal clucking hen, it shuts me down completely.

    As a well-behaved SB, I would have texted a few get well texts and called twice, maybe an email – over a two week period. Then gone my merry way.

    Of course, if I thought he’d poofed he’d come back to find that I had a new lover and he would NOT like that, so maybe a week, not 2-3. Or maybe the occasional box in the mail to show that his interest maintained.

  205. Beck says:

    Trader J, did you buy VIX puts like I told you to last night? VIX is down some 15-20% today. I hope you made money.

    Do you also want my birth certificate, Social Security Number, and mother’s maiden name?

  206. Principium says:

    Spicey, you are a writer but it ought not come as a surprise to you that the younger generation has less penchant for reading and more interest in watching.

  207. Principium says:

    ^ This ^

    Beck, save what you wrote and read it to yourself when in your 50’s.

    Gents: sometimes turn off your phones, just because!

  208. Spicey says:

    Well, then they are silly for not taking a man at his word. The best way to ruin a good arrangement is to begin to insinuate that one wants more, be that time, allowance, or emotional connection.

    It would be as if I went to a client: “I know you hired me to write a one page press release on your new widget, but I think this would be much better as an eight page brochure. So, here you go. My invoice for thousands more than we agreed upon is in the mail!”

  209. TraderJ says:

    @ Beck – my first and only feeding of the troll today. I would hazard a guess that Dorky is not bothered about how much you give a SB, because it’s clear to anyone on this blog (with a functioning brain) that you are a made up persona just having fun with other people for what end I don’t know. He’s likely more confused as to why you continue to make crap up?

    I have traded the markets for the last 20 years, you either don’t trade at all or you have some online account with 5k in it you blow up every three months. I could if you really want to be shown for the fake you are go back and pick out incorrect use of terms in the trading world that you have sprinkled throughout your posts this morning. Using them seems to make you think it will look like you know what you’re doing to the majority on this blog who obviously don’t trade.

    Do you honestly think REAL traders who make their living at it for decades have positions open and then come on blogs and rant about needing 15 basis points to reach their stop? Your lack of knowledge and pretending to have the same offends me.

    In the future if you want to pretend you know anything about the market I suggest you find a blog where nobody else does either. I guess I should take it as a compliment that your life is so sad and pathetic you feel the need to make up your online “image” to pretend you actually deal in the markets but sadly I don’t see it that way.

    I note your comment that your “investors” have put money in your hands to gamble, do tell my dear Beck what is your NFA registration number? You must have one to accept third party funds. Or if you plan to attempt to use the F&F dodge let me know the SEC exemption case number.

    As you have no issue with telling everyone where you eat and hang out and so many other details, surely a simple little number would be no issue.. you can even send it to me privately if you wish… don’t worry trolly I know no email will be becoming and you and I both know you don’t trade any third party funds…. have a nice day.

    Hope you come back soon with a better thought out character.

  210. Beck says:

    You know Spicey, I was thinking how I would have played my hand if I was your needy late 50s lonely SD. I would for sure let you know that I am in the hospital. But I would do it in a don’t-worry-I’m-fine-they-are-running-a-few-tests-I-will-beat-this manner, and then turn off the phone for a couple of weeks. Of course, I wouldn’t tell you which hospital I am in. Then I would check in 2 weeks if you left any messages or made any inquiries at all. If not, well, you are not in love, and I would need to move on. If yes, well, you are at least concerned, and then I would contact you and tell you that everything went OK but I am very worn out from the procedure, so need a little bit of me time to recover.

    Then I would think of my next gambit in 2-3 more weeks.

    How do you think this would work?

  211. Principium says:

    Spicey, the thing is I’m not lovely to them! I disappear unannounced and I always state right off the bat that I’m a 2 rendezvous per month (max) type of SD. In fact that is clearly written in my profile in the seeking section. It is human nature, we often crave what we can’t truly have.

  212. Spicey says:

    Beck – I would wager smaller than JD (hers are substantial) and larger than mine – we’ve already talked about and seen the size of my form. But, I don’t like my breasts being compared to SD, as mine are far more supple.

  213. Beck says:

    Fatty, I understand that you won’t disclose your tit size. But how about giving me a hint? Bigger or smaller than 1) JD, 2) Treasured, 3) Spicey?

  214. Principium says:


    I don’t know if you are just being facetious with your chosen moniker or not, but one thing which I have learned, specially past my mid 40’s is how crucial it is for an older man (silver fox) to be in good physical shape!

    I am not talking Daniel Craig shape, although why not if attainable and sustainable without the excessive use of HGH assistance, but a silver fox in good shape is very different to someone half his age who still has the benefit of all the youthful juices (abundance of free Testosterone)

    If you are truly fat, start by trying not to be that!

  215. Spicey says:

    Well – Capitol, you are clearly being far too lovely to them, and they become attached to being treated well. Needy has many different meanings. Sometimes, a woman who thinks her man may be losing interest believes that the way to keep her relationship going is by increasing her presence: email, calls, visits – when in fact as soon as she starts to feel that her partner’s interest may be waning, it’s time for the smart SB to make herself scarce for a little while – absence and hearts and all that.

    The only SD I ever developed more than a general “fondness” for lived in Europe which (fortunately) prevented any great feelings of attachment. SBs considering this life need to know thyself. If a woman has never successfully had an FWB arrangement with a man (or a liaison with a married man) and ended it amicably without tears or hurt feelings, she is probably not prepared for NSA.

    Just as lonely men without a good social structure are not good SD’s – I’ve just learned and lamented over the past two days.

  216. Beck says:

    Even better Principium, I LOVE my Japanese investors!

  217. Principium says:

    OPM has always been the beauty of the the American capitalism, but with the accelerated globalism of the past 30, now it is, well Global.

  218. Beck says:

    Fatty, I do believe in your moobs though.

  219. Beck says:

    Fatty, no tit size, no asset disclosure. But I will give you a hint. I have only really worked for 6-7 years. and made 7 figures only about 3 years out of that. Account for taxes and the money money just flows trough my fingers, and the asset number is not that appreciably more than yours. (It is somewhat more.)

  220. FatBastardSD says:


    i think assume is appropriate in your case since it is fiction after all.

  221. Principium says:

    I just love women, I adore them and I have collected ALL of their albums! I cherish a good, clean fun conversation full of zest and banter, but I suck at relationships. I just lose my edge.

    One problem I have found with the SD/SB paradigm is that, I actually have come to find out that the SBs are extremely needy when that proclaimed NSA veneer comes off.

    Since I do not put much importance in conquering for sex (if there’s a male menopause, I must be reaching it fast) I find it amusing that the SBs who claim are seeking a no needy SD, all of sudden become very needy and possessive.

    Funny how that works!

  222. FatBastardSD says:


    I work for myself (consult/contract)

    Income: $150K-$200K (I can make a bit more if I take work I do not like)

    Net Worth: Approx. $1M

    Tit Size: None of your god damn business.

  223. Beck says:

    I disagree, Principium. There is an innate beauty of OPM (Other People’s Money) in that there is always a sucker who wants you to manage his money and take a cut as long as you are more or less keeping up with the market. Of course, they could have just bought index funds, but don’t tell them that.

  224. Spicey says:

    Capitol P – by the use of the word P I imply your appreciation of kittens and their owners.

  225. Beck says:

    Fatty, If you are asking me to assume, might as well assume the whole GDP of the USA.

    What is your income, net worth, and tit size?

  226. Principium says:

    Spicey, thank you for the offer but P is not a sellsword!

  227. Principium says:

    Beck, that which come (relatively) easy doesn’t last and what lasts didn’t come easy. I wish someone drilled that into my knuckle head, when I was in my late 20’s and early 30’s when I was a lot more eager and energetic!

  228. Spicey says:

    Excellent Capitol P – I love it when my plug in’s can move and interact as well as bring me to bliss! I may have to offer you an allowance.

  229. FatBastardSD says:


    “20-25 M of solid bluechip asset!? Do you realize that is top 0.01% of all Americans”

    I would assume someone who spends $1500 on dinner $1500 for an appearance fee and $25K/month on a SB would actually be in that 0.01%.

    What would you assume your net worth to be?

  230. Principium says:

    Spicey, I’m no gentleman. Just a plug-in, if you will.

  231. Beck says:

    Principium, Around me, there are many, many folks my age both men and women who easily earn well into millions. However, the asset base is not very large at all. We spend what we earn.

  232. Spicey says:

    Capitol P, how very nice of you to offer – always the gentleman. 😉

    On the serious *Insert name of publication*, why tell me you’re going to publish a review of my work yesterday and then still have not published it today!?! When! When! When will I get to read to fate of my perhaps ill-fated attempt at fiction? Am I banished to a lifetime of tech ad copy, non-profit White Papers, and press releases! Grrr! Internet Gods, refresh my screen.

  233. Principium says:

    Beck, I didn’t know that it was such a low percentile as you had cited, but yes, that sort of game is definitely not for the pretending 100K “billionaires”!

  234. Beck says:

    I will, however, admit to being naive when it came to how generous is generous. One of the trouble of never having to worry about money is that you miss several important life lessons (money management being one of them), and for that I do thank the kind of folks on this forum.

    And dorky, now I understand. Thanks.

  235. Principium says:

    Spicey, I can not give you back something of yours which I never had a chance to annex yet.

    However, I can think of a very quick fix in order to impede that draft you are feeling down there 😉

  236. Beck says:

    I do not know of anyone in my age group who has that kind of assets, unless inherited. I am not including my inheritance here as I have no plans to be a trust fund baby. My parents gave me a fine education for free and that’s enough for me.

  237. Spicey says:

    Dorky – again you and I are in complete agreement, that make-up sex must have solved everything:

    “My concern is for starry-eyed new SBs who appear on this blog, seeking advice. If they come away believing that allowances such as yours are typical, it leaves them vulnerable to a very specific type of con.

    SA has a very real problem with men without means using the site to con girls for sex. They make exaggerated claims of allowances, get what they want, and vanish. When a new girl thinks huge allowances are the norm, it undermines her bullshit detector that she needs to have fully intact.”

    Even your skeptical little Spiceybear was mislead by an SD on an early experience, not a $20K SD claim, just not knowing that SDs on the site wouldn’t naturally follow through with what they offered after a delightful afternoon. And, it feels so absolutely revolting, make you sick that I would NEVER want any other woman to experience that. I still get all lathery when I think about that man. He emails me profuse apologies and offers now, but he is slime in my book and there is no making up for that.

  238. Beck says:

    “If I was a relatively high netwroth individual, say 20-25 Mills of solid bluechip assets, at least 5 Mills in the bank and a net income of 1 Mill plus a year, I would most definitely go via the route of screening and finding a SB, as opposed to seeking a wife.”

    20-25 M of solid bluechip asset!? Do you realize that is top 0.01% of all Americans?

  239. FatBastardSD says:


    To be fair Hef learned the real trick a long time ago, we cannot use him as a typical SD model.

    Even the common Athlete’s Foot manager with $5K can get a men’s magazine model type SB if he takes his time. As LG pointed out models (I mean models who get paid, not models who post photos to amateur sites) know how hard it is to make money off their looks and are more realistic.

  240. Spicey says:

    Capitol P – my skirt is a little short today, and it’s breezy out. Could you hand me my knickers, I’m getting cold. 😉

  241. DorkyGuy says:

    @Beck~ My objection isn’t with you personally. You asked a polite question, and you deserve a polite answer!

    My concern is for starry-eyed new SBs who appear on this blog, seeking advice. If they come away believing that allowances such as yours are typical, it leaves them vulnerable to a very specific type of con.

    SA has a very real problem with men without means using the site to con girls for sex. They make exaggerated claims of allowances, get what they want, and vanish. When a new girl thinks huge allowances are the norm, it undermines her bullshit detector that she needs to have fully intact.

    Have a look at {fakesugardaddy BlogSpot com} to see how one guy plays out the con. He has several articles on the site that should be required reading for all new SBs.

    So, if someone makes such claims, a lot of blog members instinctively try to make the counterpoint. It’s a healthy response for the SBs, but unfortunate for you if your claims are real and you are seeking legitimate advice.

    @Spicey, I generally agree with you on this… clearly you are a specialist, have a ton of experience, and can justifiably ask for more.

  242. Principium says:


    I would not label HH’s arrangements as a benchmark, as I suspect that his remuneration package for his exclusive GF’s have varied overtime (not counting for inflation). Further, I wager that he allows a cash allowance in order to set some boundaries plus having concubines at the Mansion gets to be a tedious job if they always had to run to the Mansion’s accounting dept for every petty cash receipt, such as gas, personal items, etc.

    I don’t think that guys allowing 20K a month are necessarily full of it, but I gather that it happens more IRL than here on SA. If I was a relatively high netwroth individual, say 20-25 Mills of solid bluechip assets, at least 5 Mills in the bank and a net income of 1 Mill plus a year, I would most definitely go via the route of screening and finding a SB, as opposed to seeking a wife.

    Let me just pretext the above by stating that I am one of those men who equates having a wife to having a SB, a mistress or even a courtesan (being polite) Many jaded men who pay up outrageous sums of money through divorces always quip that it would have been less expensive on a per occurrence basis, if they had hired a top notch sex provider. Well, whenever there is intimacy and compensation involved, that sort of debate always ensues but a man giving money to a woman (call it an allowance) and getting intamcy through the relationship (let’s simplify it by calling it sex) is only a subset of what should be going on in a marriage or even a long term meaningful relationship. Many men often dismiss that notion as hogwash, particularly when hurt and bitter, but whether one believes in the institution of marriage or domestic partnership, one can not simply divide money spent into the number of times when he has had sex with his true significant other!

    I can totally foresee myself to allow at least 10K per month to a SB if I was breathing in that ratified, knowing very well that the over all expense of such relationship would run twice to that of the allowance. Having been married in the past and having grownup children, leaves me with no further desire to try my hand at marriage again. I’m not saying that sort of a punter would dish out 20K per month on one SB, on a yearly basis, but it is not something to dismiss for that sort of (not so fictional) individual.

    One caveat being that sort of arrangement is not recommended to a famed HNW individual because of the curse of their fame.

  243. Spicey says:

    I believe Beck, because I want to believe Beck, since he’s my next target (after our bitter divorce) Dorky. 😉 I want him to take me to the dungeon. 😉 !!

  244. Spicey says:

    As I’ve explained: I offer a unique experience which is completely designed to provide an opportunity for my SD to explore his fantasies. All that said, no legitimate SD (meaning not a pervo catfish) has ever offered me more than $5- $10K, with the $5K mark being more regular. I don’t tend to believe men who offer $20K. I imagine they exist. But, so does the California Condor – I’m not holding out for a Condor omelette.

    And Dorkydoodah – Hef is Hef, most of us would give him a roll for free. But, $1,000 a week, or per meet, isn’t an outrageous request, depending on the girl, the location, and other variables unique to the arrangement.

  245. Beck says:

    “but the guys claiming to give $20k allowances are either full of it, or need to call Hef for some practical advice.”

    Dorky, Serious question. Why does it bother you so much how much money I give to SBs? It clearly has been a sore point for many on this blog. While it seems that I have indeed been gifting far above market norms – even SBs acknowledge that – why does it cause so much heartache?

    I am completely confused by this and hence a polite question, can you please explain it to me why you are up in furor?

  246. Treasured says:

    Fatty, I can give you some examples in private. Off the blog.
    And not mentioning the names, of course 🙂

    As to “being there”… Well, you see. I do NOT aspire to be a SugarMumma 😉

    If you want to know more details, as to what my arrangements have been – feel free to contact me
    temptation . white @ hotmail . co. uk

  247. DorkyGuy says:

    @FB~ exaggeration is much easier to accomplish if you are vague!

    @Everyone else~ Regarding the huge allowance claims, here is a good benchmark.

    Ever wonder how much allowance Hugh Hefner gives to his premium girlfriends who live in the mansion? There’s actually an answer to that. He gives room/board and $1000/week. For that, he gets them exclusively, with a 9:00pm curfew, and unprotected sex. That’s for a top shelf girlfriend experience, with a girl who either has been or will be a Playboy model.

    Clearly she gets some other perks from the deal (career advancement, etc)… but the guys claiming to give $20k allowances are either full of it, or need to call Hef for some practical advice.

  248. FatBastardSD says:

    and by the same I of course mean give some specifics on the “real” SD’s (such as income, allowance nature of the arrangement, etc) that they have encountered or have arrangements with.

  249. FatBastardSD says:


    I have met people from the SA site so I don’t see problem meeting people from the blog.

    Even with that private (I assume medical) practice you do realize you not likely be there either according to you allowance requirements.

    Why not just be bold and give an example of some of the SD’s that are there. I have posted some specifics of a “lower expectation” SB that I have an arrangement with, why don’t the ladies on the site do the same?

  250. Beck says:

    OK, ladies and gentlemen, I have to go now. The market finally did what I had been begging it to do, so now is the time for me to go and spend some of my ill gotten gains. There are two new girls in the dungeon that I have been eyeing for a while. One, I am told, has a very heavy pain tolerance.

    I think I will take the rest of the week off and prepare for the trip to London. In the mean time, Fatty, I am leaving you in charge of this place. Do not let the girls get too uppity. Show them their place and remind them who they are. If they disobey, hit them with your moobs till they become docile.

    I look forward to more writings from OdeLay when I come back. I also want to see Spicey’s SD dead from brain stem operation and Spicey a rich heiress, Treasured in Love, JD in a pink top, and M, while I barely got to know you, I would love to see you as a blonde.

    In addition, BG, I hope that you find a wonderful SD by next week, because you are very sweet and deserve it. Russian, I am intrigued by St. Petersburg. One day I may just show up.

    Cheers mates, keep you chin up, enjoy the great weather, and happy SB/SD’ing.

  251. Spicey says:

    I prefer laser, it hurts, but then you never have to do it again. Re: waxing pain – beauty pain isn’t the same as other pain, it actually feels kind of good. I had this really funny waxer who would curse, loudly, when pulling off the strips. By the time we were finished I was laughing so hard I barely noticed the searing pain.

  252. Beck says:

    Speaking of waxing, Spicey, are women insane to go through that!?

  253. Treasured says:

    I know, I was supposed to go, but just could resist answering Fatty.

    Who are there? Well, certainly not the 1K per month wannabe SD guys. AND, I am referring to MYSELF. MY standards and my choices.
    I am sure, those guys can make an amazing SD for someone else.

    And, high IQ doesn’t necessary mean, that a person is well rounded in his knowledge. So doesn’t a good education.

    About me: well, I will not be satisfied until I have my own private practise on a wonderful little street in London. Until then – I am not there.
    And, the more I know, the more I understand I know nothing. And I am perfectly aware, I never will. But I am willing to learn and educate myself. And try to be the best I can be!
    And, as it happens, most men DO bore me to death. What can I say – I have high standards. As I happen to think, I do have a lot to give back.

    By the way, is our little randevouz still on?

  254. Spicey says:

    I could wax poetic (no pun intended) for hours on the myriad forms and qualities of kittens.

  255. Beck says:

    Don’t get me started on the inadequacies of various kittens now, Spicey.

    god, if there is a god, I will never ask for anything more in future, just 15 more basis points god … and then I will be happy and give donations to the Church I never attend so that they can advocate keeping women like chattel … please god … just a measly 15 basis points … is that too much to ask for?

  256. Beck says:

    And real blonde too, unless she bleaches the nether regions … (you never know with women).

  257. Beck says:

    One of the smartest and most vicious woman I know is a blonde. I hold her in very high respect. She can cut the balls off most men around her.

  258. Madridista says:

    @Spicey — Crying helped me out too in the past 🙂
    I just felt compelled to say something about all the “I’m a dumb blonde” posts since no one is dumb because of their hair color. And I don’t see it being linked to manipulation either.

  259. Spicey says:

    I don’t know about the makeup sex – I hear some kittens bite.

  260. FatBastardSD says:


    So these “smart” guys are not there yet? Please describe a guy who is there.

    Just out of curiosity, how would you place yourself in comparison to these not quite there yet guys?

    These “smart” guys who in all probability have a significantly higher IQ than most of society (although obviously not blog posters) cannot keep up with you intellectually? I am impressed.

  261. Spicey says:

    I actually start crying when I get pulled over. I have a healthy fear of authority. Sometimes it helps, sometimes I get all red and blotchy and it is not attractive. I certainly wouldn’t rely on my ability to get out of a ticket even with my flaxen locks.

  262. Spicey says:

    — This blog would make more sense if it were a forum.

  263. Madridista says:

    Wow, the “L” word. I normally just end arrangements when a SD tries to get more serious, just because for me it’s not a word to throw around lightly. I’m with Beck on this one, I don’t get the whole acting like you’re in love and wouldn’t start an arrangement with someone who would want me to do that. Although I actually doubt anyone in sugar really means it when they say it because it’s so easy to think you’re in love when you’re just having fun with each other and don’t have to deal with each other’s quirks and idiosyncrasies every day, or do their laundry.

    @Treasured — You know I heart you, but I don’t think the things you mentioned in the blonde comment count as manipulations. An attractive woman, regardless of hair color, can get a man to do those things for her and getting out of a traffic ticket was akin to favorite pastime in my hometown among teenage girls. It has nothing to do with manipulation or being a blonde, just a typical male behavior around a woman they’re attracted to. In some instances not even that, because here in Texas and also I noticed it when I lived in Spain as well, men help women carry bags/suitcases and help out with those things you mentioned regardless of looks because it’s part of the culture do that for women.

    Also, let’s stop with ladies on here denigrating their flaxen locks. I just have to say it now, because it’s happening so often on here and it’s just blatantly sad since most blondes I know are far from dumb and are some of the most brilliant people you’ll ever meet. It’s just hair color, it doesn’t make you dumber, that’s your brain’s job. People can change their hair color but they can’t change their brain.

  264. Beck says:

    Fair enough Treasured. You let me know how that experience goes, and it may indeed be wonderful for you. Different strokes for different folks. All the best!

  265. Treasured says:

    Beck, nothing. Was referring to my friend. There are certain similarities.

    I would have been almost worried, that you is him. But, thankfully, you are in the States.

    Ok, I’m off.


  266. Beck says:

    “Oh T – I’m sure there’s an amount, SOME amount. I would just think visually, Beck would enjoy it more if it were only the two of us. ”

    The raw energy of make up sex is quite something else. No substitute for that.

  267. Spicey says:

    Technically, ahahaha doesn’t include the syllables needed for Haiku.

  268. Treasured says:

    Beck, perhaps 😉
    But I was not referring to myself. I am not quite at the stage yet.

    But, recently I have discovered, that I REALLY want to know what it is like to fall in love. It would be a shame, never to experience it.
    I love to discover new gradations of my character. And getting to know myself better. I think, positive emotions help you grow (as long as you are mature and not nutty about your emotions 😉 )

    Oh well, perhaps one day 😉

  269. DianaSBinOC says:


    “This site is filled with hope rather than expectations on both ends”

    “You should design those motivational posters you see in offices. Perhaps SA could use it as a motto for the website.”

    Actually what do you think attracts most SB’s to the site? Look at the SD blog post. The pictures show handsome men that happen to also be generous.

    ” Don’t know WTF you are trying to say with this though.”

    Simple. Everyone hopes to match with the right person or are you here paying women to deal with your bitterness?

    “Being with me is a job.”

    Glad we agree on something. Again enjoy your employees.

  270. Beck says:

    “Now then. Beck.

    And the knowledge of art…
    Ahahaha ”

    You have to give me an analysis of the above haiku. I didn’t get it.

  271. Treasured says:

    Ok, I’m off 😀

    Enjoy the day, kiddies 😛

  272. Beck says:

    “Being in love can be wonderful. ”

    You know, I think I can manipulate you far more than you can manipulate me. You seem to be a romantic!

  273. Treasured says:

    Now then. Beck.

    And the knowledge of art…

    Ahahaha 😀

  274. Beck says:

    And, truthfully, that’s why the whole SB/SD arrangement is so appealing. The transfer of money creates a wonderful screen for emotions and enables maintaining a healthy distance.

  275. Treasured says:

    Beck, it is not a curse.

    Being in love can be wonderful. 😉

  276. Beck says:

    Indeed, he sounds very familiar, like someone I know. 😉

  277. Spicey says:

    Oh T – I’m sure there’s an amount, SOME amount. I would just think visually, Beck would enjoy it more if it were only the two of us. 😉

  278. Treasured says:

    Beck, emotionally unavailable.
    Or, in his own words “Once you have been fucked up in your childhood, even shrink won’t help”.
    Also, he looses interest in a woman after having sex with her. Hence, he has been friendzoned a long time ago.
    He is hot though, so we have a deal. As soon as he gets an all clear, from his shrink, I am giving him a celebration fuck 😛

  279. Beck says:

    “Beck, sorry, I am afraid even you can’t afford getting me and Spicey in one bed with JG ”

    You are probably right.

    The market hit my first stop. This is a very good appetizer. Now, market, my dear friend, please hit my second stop so that I can take off for the rest of the day if not the week. My investors, you know, have put lot of money in my hands so that I can gamble wildly with it, and gamble I have. Pay off, so that I can collect my large slice for doing nothing that helps human society in any shape or form whatsoever.

  280. Beck says:

    What issues, Treasured? And what did I do to you that you are putting a hex on me!? 😉

  281. Treasured says:

    Beck, sorry, I am afraid even you can’t afford getting me and Spicey in one bed with JG 😀

  282. Treasured says:

    Ahahahaha Beck.

    if you were not in the States, I would have thought you are my adorable friend in the UK. He has same issues 😉

    But, you are not immune 😛 One day it is going to happen 😀

  283. Beck says:

    I think Spicey, JD, and Treasured should have make up sex. I would be happy to sponsor it.

  284. Beck says:

    Treasured, I have never been f’ed in the ass with a plus size dildo lubed with Icy Hot, either. Do you think I wouldn’t see that coming from a mile away?

    Stroking my ego won’t work. I have such a big ego that even I can’t stroke all of it. Lust wouldn’t work, as I truly believe that I have found better avenues for it (and seriously, how can one sleep with the same person all the time!?). And since I believe in instant gratification, anyone teasing and denying would just bore me and cause me to look elsewhere.

    The only thing that may work, frankly will likely work, is if my inner White Knight is somehow tapped. But that would lead to caring, not love.

  285. Treasured says:

    Beach, I am sorry it makes you upset. And I am not insulting everybody who is not a size 0. I am not 😉

    Ok, I will be a good girl, and won’t make any comments re Jersey. As long as she behaves.

  286. Spicey says:

    Have a good one Beach!

    I would tackle Tommy Lee and beat him to the ground!

  287. Beach_Girl says:

    Treasered~ come on… can we all let it go?!?!? if you have a beef with someone , talk to them directly, don’t insult everyone that is not a size 0 or what you consider Great. Just my opinion, it makes me nutty

    Sorry, but I am getting upset.
    If you have a vendetta against someone, mail them… keep it off the blog!

    See you later Sugars!!!!

  288. Treasured says:

    Spicey – NOT Tommy Lee 😉

  289. Treasured says:

    “Other people read the blog”

    So, our friend Jersey with her sidekick LG, should really think before biting first.

    And, if a puppy bites, it gets a smacked bottom.

  290. Spicey says:

    Beach – you are correct.

    T – I would hump the rock out of Tommy Lee though! Yowza! Hot! Even if he isn’t a rocket scientist.

  291. Beck says:

    I think Spicey and JD should have make up sex.

  292. Treasured says:

    “Why you are the easiest man to make believe he is in love?”

    Educate me. I am all ears.

    The answer is simple. You don’t know what “real love” is. You have not experienced it, so you are not familiar with the feelings. And when you are not familiar with something, you can easily get mistaken.

    A smart woman, can turn your “in lust” into you thinking you are “in love”. Tease and denial. A bit of sweet torturing. A bit of playing with your ego – and, voila. You are the one crying over the phone 😀

  293. Beach_Girl says:

    Spicey~ It’s insulting to others, Other people read the blog, you say crap like that to get back at Jersey, then mail her! Sorry, It’s annoying that you can’t get over it… fuck it, she doesn’t like you, you don’t like her… She thinks your too skinny or what not, you think she is big… so the Fuck What!!! Mail her,

  294. Treasured says:

    Fatty, I was generalising. I am sure there are many smart, and not quite there yet, guys.
    Besides, I am not sure Jersey dates engineers in Silicon Valley.

    BUT, I stand by my words… And experience. I didn’t say they know “nothing”. I said they don’t have a broad knowledge on different subjects.

    Yes, they are educated and have their PhDs in a very specific field, but, can they actually GIVE ME knowledge, on subjects like art, opera, history, geography and so on and so forth? And make it entertaining and not just brushed off from the top (not having deeper knowledge of the subject)?

    BUT, to be honest, money doesn’t always gives you knowledge. I had a date with a person, who has dated Pamela Anderson. And, honestly, my Chihuahua Lola has more intellect than he does (sorry, I can not go into details, but, to be honest, despite all the cash he immediately was in a “You don’t have enough cash” category.)

  295. Spicey says:

    I know Beach – LoJey said very nasty things about my body this morning/last night, so I wanted to get my claws in regarding how I feel about her appearance. It was mean of me to say it. You’re right.

  296. Beck says:

    “Spicey~ Everyone wants different things, it’s not because you are bigger than you can’t get a SD that would give more than 2k … please, not everyone is a size 0”

    I agree. I would take Fatty as my SB any day.

  297. Spicey says:

    Alicia – it’s very hard, it takes months and at least a dozen “go sees”

  298. Beach_Girl says:

    Spicey~ Everyone wants different things, it’s not because you are bigger than you can’t get a SD that would give more than 2k … please, not everyone is a size 0

  299. Beck says:

    “Why you are the easiest man to make believe he is in love?”

    Educate me. I am all ears.

  300. Spicey says:

    FB – my gay SD is a Silicon Valley type, he can afford much more than $1K, because he doesn’t want a chubby chick from left of the turnpike on his arm.

  301. Beck says:

    “I am just not going to go.”

    Good decision.

  302. Beach_Girl says:

    Alicia~ it takes time to find the right SD, don’t worry, screen your potentials and don’t put yourself in dangerous situations

  303. Treasured says:

    Why you are the easiest man to make believe he is in love?
    Basically, the primal target for a smart woman to make you “fall in love” with her.

  304. Alicia says:

    Thanks guys! I am just not going to go. I don’t feel right about it. It is so hard to find a SD. Hopefully the right one is out there somewhere…..

  305. Beck says:

    I am the easiest mark, you say? Oh boy. I better be careful.

    Can I guess why I am what?

  306. Spicey says:

    You’re right T – it’s only fair, doesn’t he want me taken care of? *Pretty pout*

  307. FatBastardSD says:


    About $1K allowance SD’s that Jersey Darling is seeing who know nothing. People in Silicon Valley with PhD’s in engineering earn salaries that would put them in the $1K-$2K range.

    Draw your own conclusions as to what I am trying to imply here.

  308. Treasured says:

    Aw… So you are a love virgin??! How very adorable. You do realise, you are the easiest man to make believe he is in love? And, once you believe in something – you tend to transfer to actually being.

    Can you guess, why you are?

  309. Treasured says:

    Spicey – ahahahaha! Perhaps you should make him to do a clause in his will, before you come and visit. Since he loves you so much, he should really make provisions, in case operation goes wrong 😀

    AND, the only reason I can joke about it, is because, obviously, the man is not exactly truthful.

  310. Spicey says:

    Beck – That was basically what I did say.

  311. Beck says:

    “Beck – have you ever been in love?”

    Puppy love for my gf in college, yes.

  312. Beck says:

    “Beck – over the phone. I’d lose my lunch if it were in person.”

    Why didn’t you tell them to put the phone down, collect themselves, have a stiff drink, and THEN call you?

  313. Treasured says:

    Beck – have you ever been in love?

    I am curious to know in what your “nuttiness” manifests into.

  314. Spicey says:

    And then he’ll live another thirty years, Treasured!

  315. Beck says:

    “And Beck, if you are scared of a SB falling in love with you for real:”

    I am not scared of anyone falling in love with me as long as they are professional about it and do not let that impact other interactions. Look, I am a creature of my own experience. While my sample size is small, I have seen that women (and, clearly, men too, as Spicey is indicating) become a little nutty when they are in love.

  316. Beach_Girl says:

    I get teary eyed went surprised with a nice gift, it has happen.

    Men crying, yep, it has happen to me as well… it’s just sad!

  317. Treasured says:

    “he has millions, and it is all to be left to charity”

    Now then. I think THAT deserves a little white lie and a hospital visit 😀


  318. Spicey says:

    Beck – over the phone. I’d lose my lunch if it were in person.

  319. Beck says:

    Men have, I should have written. I am really pissed that the market is coming so close to my stops yet not hitting them. Tease and denial at its finest.

  320. Spicey says:

    Beach – he told me himself that he has not a single soul in the world who would come to visit him, and he has millions, and it is all to be left to charity when he dies because there is not one person in his life to leave it to. If you don’t even have a cousin who will be nice to you at the prospect of millions, problem! (Or lies, either way, not flattering)

  321. Beach_Girl says:

    Beck~ I’m sure Spicey won’t fall in love with you 😀

  322. Beck says:

    Seriously, men has cried in front of you Spicey?

  323. Beach_Girl says:

    I need to feel a connection with a SD, I couldn’t just be with a SD for a Pay Day!

    It doesn’t have to be love, but a I care for my friends and would think I could care for a SD

  324. Beck says:

    “Just continue to be a self absorbed narcissist and it will never happen ”

    There is hope for me still, then.

  325. Beach_Girl says:

    Spicey~ I don’t know… It doesn’t mean anything , maybe he didn’t tell anyone about him being in the hospital, he just wanted you by his side. Or, his family went and now he wanted you… I can’t say

  326. Spicey says:

    Saying that word results in the snot-cry when things end. I hate the snot cry. I avoid anything that could cause that.

  327. Spicey says:

    I have fondness, enjoy his company, and MANY orgasms.

    My gay SD is great fun, but he’s gay and I’m just a beard, so we’re just friendly.

    My first SD – yes!!! Very strong feelings. But it didn’t work out. So I made him a character in my novel. Lol

  328. Treasured says:

    And Beck, if you are scared of a SB falling in love with you for real:

    Just continue to be a self absorbed narcissist and it will never happen 😛

  329. Spicey says:

    Beck – lonely people will believe a lot of things.

    Beach – here’s the thing, even if it’s 100% true, the fact that he doesn’t have a single person in the entire universe to go support him at the hospital (parents and sister = still alive) says something about a person’s character. Even if the “accident” is true, having his “nurse” text me, using his phone, that he really needs someone to come to the hospital, that he has nobody in the world not even his assistant of 20 years who’ll come visit him, then won’t tell me what hospital he’s at – just too bizarre and unbelievable, even for sugar.

  330. Treasured says:

    Ok. SD1 – Umm…. Care would be a bit too much. No, I don’t.

    SD2 – I have grown to care about him just enough. As long as my allowance is being paid.

    Daddy – OH YES!

  331. Treasured says:

    Beck, by the time she would do that, you would welcome it by crying away at her feet, begging her to say “I love you too” 😛

    Time and patience, my dear. Works miracles.

  332. Beach_Girl says:

    Here is a question, Do you not care for your SDs or SBs?

  333. Beck says:

    “A really good SB would make even you believe she genuinely cares for you and you might even feel she is in love ”

    The second part would scare me.

  334. Beck says:

    “And, when it comes to the word “love” I am impeccable with my word. If I don’t feel it, I will not say it.”

    Come on, it’s just a word. It signifies nothing. But it’s your speech, your choice. Did you mention it to him from the get go?

  335. Treasured says:

    Beck, nothing to do with age 😉

    A really good SB would make even you believe she genuinely cares for you and you might even feel she is in love 😉

  336. Beach_Girl says:

    Spicey~ I have had a SD say he loved me and I told him I was fond of him… liked him. It never became an issue. You don’t like your SD?
    I don’t understand why someone would make up a lie, especially about having an accident to get the L word… or attention..

  337. Beck says:

    “Beck – because some of us SBs are so good you forget we’re playing a role.”

    That’s the part I don’t get. How can someone who is nearly double my age be so f’ing naive!? Or do you lose brain cells as you grow older?

  338. Spicey says:

    And, when it comes to the word “love” I am impeccable with my word. If I don’t feel it, I will not say it.

    Beach – it’s weird, I know. That’s why I’m hesitant, but it just doesn’t feel right.

  339. Spicey says:

    Beck – because some of us SBs are so good you forget we’re playing a role.

  340. Beach_Girl says:

    Treasured~ I don’t know, it’s odd that he would do that… I don’t get it.

  341. Beck says:

    I already told you Spicey it is a made up story. Now, this is what I do not get. the whole SD/SB thing is play acting. If you want your SB to tell you that she loves you, why not just ask her to do so? Why make it hard and painful for both parties?

  342. Spicey says:

    BG – the morning before his “accident” he told me he loved me, and kept pushing to get me to say some lovey exclamation back. Then he suddenly is in an accident and all this drama unfolds. He’s had other moments where I’ve felt he was being dramatic for effect.

  343. Beach_Girl says:

    Beck~ * I sent him a note, oups typo!!!

  344. Treasured says:

    Beach – attention seekers don’t need the purpose. 😀

  345. Beach_Girl says:

    Treasured, hahahah Yep, still works for me and i’m older 😀

  346. Beach_Girl says:

    Spicey~ I don’t know girlie. Why would he want to manipulate you? what would be the purpose?

  347. Treasured says:

    Beach – definitely. Makes me much more deceiving. Oh so cute on the outside, until I choose to reveal the real me – where cuteness is just a little part of me.

    And. Fact proven. As a blonde, it is much more easier to manipulate men. Heavy suitcase? Oh, let me help you with it. Shopping bags? Why don’t I help you to get those to your car? I really don’t get how to put this equation into Excel. Oh, you will help me??!! So kind of you! Would have never done it without you.
    And, “Oh, Mr. Policeman. I am so so terribly sorry. I really didn’t see that sign up there! Pretty, pretty please, let me go. AND, we can even go for a date! Really? Letting me go? How lovely! My number is xxxx – cal me :P”

  348. Beach_Girl says:

    HAHAH Beck~ well I did send him a not, he was just too cute! lol 😀 not that I would be his type… but a compliment is always welcome right?

  349. Spicey says:

    Beach – the problem is, I am 75% sure it’s all just a complete lie and a manipulation. The firt time he was “sick” every time I asked for his hospital room number I got a story. Then at one point he gave me a direct dial number, but I reverse Googled it and it was a VOIP – which may or may not be legit. And, the “nurse” texting from his cell phone? Really? Because calling is so outside of hospital protocols but reading a patient’s texts and responding to them is fine?

  350. Beck says:

    Well BG, it was certainly not me, as no one has ever accused me of being extremely good looking. 🙂 Good looking, perhaps.

  351. Beach_Girl says:

    Alicia~ No Way…. Don’t go, meet in a public place. If he doesn’t want to be seen by people he knows, go further than his work or home. If he wants to meet in his car, hotel room etc… do not go, you don’t know this person and no amount of money should make you put yourself at risk

  352. Spicey says:

    Alicia – that is cheap and creepy! Suggest a private study room at the library where nobody will see you. Then run!! If he doesn’t understand why meeting in his car would be a problem.

  353. Beach_Girl says:

    Beck~ I saw a profile last night and thought of you… the young SD was Extremely good looking… ouffff his eyes, omg!!!! 😛
    oh, right, I might need to get laid?!?!?! lol

  354. Alicia says:

    OMG!! so this guy is married which is not a problem for me but he wants to meet somewhere he wont be seen by any of his friends or whatever. When we first met on this website he asked me if we could meet at a restaurant and now he wants to meet in his car in a parking lot. I told him absolutely not. I told him TGIF has a really dark atmosphere and we could get a booth in the back and talk. What the hell

  355. Beach_Girl says:

    Hi Treasued~ are you still enjoying being a blonde? 😀

  356. Beck says:

    Slowly and incrementally is the only way to go if you are a masochist.

  357. Beach_Girl says:

    Spicey~ if he is sick and needs for you to listen is that not what SBs do at times?
    Ok, I didn’t read the whole scroll up there… I may be wrong 😀

  358. Treasured says:

    Hey Beach 😛

  359. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars 😀

  360. Spicey says:

    The Costco of sugar daddies!

    Either way, it’s going to be over with him. Probably slowly and incrementally rather than fast and sharp.

    Guess I have to toss my profile back up for the sharks. 🙁

  361. Beck says:

    By giving in bulk when you see him, of course.

  362. Spicey says:

    That is true Treasured. As, if he is telling the truth, I haven’t been very supportive and that’s clearly what he needs (and red flag! That he doesn’t have anyone but me to visit him in the hospital). And, if he isn’t telling the truth – then he’s a psycho, and not keeping up his end of the agreement. Both are terminal offenses.

    Beck – how would he give cash when I don’t see him for weeks at a time?

  363. Beck says:

    So you are covered then. Now go ask for an allowance increase in exchange for true loooooove.

  364. Spicey says:

    Of course I have mutually assured destruction at my disposal – though I wouldn’t call it stimulating.

  365. Treasured says:

    Spicey – I think you have reached the point of the sugar relationship, where it is time to call it quits.
    No matter what happens tomorrow, the relationship dynamics won’t be the same.

    Start on looking for a new one 😀

  366. Beck says:

    “He travels a lot, so cash isn’t always practical”


  367. Spicey says:

    He hasn’t actually been to my house, so I’m not sure if he knows where I live – but interwebs and all, for $20 he could find out. He travels a lot, so cash isn’t always practical, and money transfers have the paper trail/tax/money laundering problems.

  368. Beck says:

    I hope you have some “visual stimuli” of him too?

  369. Beck says:

    Now, Spicey, why exactly would you let someone know where you live? Why share Amex details? Yes, that’s an exposure. I don’t even like to leave gift receipts. What’s wrong with a pure cash transaction? Hmmmm.

    By the way? He is not dying. He is playing you. Not playing you well, but playing you regardless.

  370. Beck says:

    “so I am *enjoying* all the fun of drama without even the benefit of $ugar right now.”

    Sheesh, that’s the male equivalent of withholding sex. Just tell him that you loooooove him, he should cut out the brain stem and come visit you, then ask for a increase in allowance as looooooove is not cheap.

  371. Spicey says:

    Beck – I like to provide lots of visual stimuli for my partners, (faceless of course) so he can start by sharing those. He can show up at my house doing the snot-faced crying thing, or generally be a nuisance (and make a scene in my neighborhood where everybody knows everybody). I CANNOT stand mantears! And then there’s the little tug at my conscience: what if he isn’t lying? Am I really going to break up with a man who says he loves me, right before he goes into surgery?

    On another note: I scare you?

  372. Treasured says:

    Spicey – I was reading, and before the last post I was about to say, well, go and check. You don’t want bad karma of not seeing a dying man… And, if he is lying – dump him.

    BUT, seeing your last post! What?? NO sugar as well.
    Definitely, start looking for a new one.
    To be in the hospital he should have even MORE time to get the funds to you.
    Unless, he is testing you, if you “loooove” him for real.
    Which, defies the whole agreement part – so time to say bye bye to the gentleman in need, perhaps, by suggesting that a nurse, from now on, will do better.

  373. Beck says:

    “Alicia – suggest an ethnic food option a little bit out of the way and then wear professional dress so that if you did run into someone he could introduce you as his assistant. Then, get there early and find the least visible booth available.”

    Skip the ethnic.

    The rest is really great advice! In particular, dress professionally.

  374. Spicey says:

    Alicia – suggest an ethnic food option a little bit out of the way and then wear professional dress so that if you did run into someone he could introduce you as his assistant. Then, get there early and find the least visible booth available.

  375. Beck says:

    “I can’t quite predict what he’ll do if I just cut things off immediately”

    What can he do? Danced naked in the street?

  376. Treasured says:

    “For example, do you think there is any chance I can teach Fatty? It would be like beating my head on a big bucket of fat till I get nauseated.”

    No. Fatty is past any help.
    Unless help constitutes to Odelay shipping him off to Geneva for a full makeover and a sex change. Since the theory is that fat girls are better in bed, just THINK what a newly made ex Fatty could do? 😀

    Spicey – YOU are killing me!!! 😀

    Jersey, I do not bite unless provoked. You and LG did – deal with it. PLUS, as always, you completely missed 1)Sense of humour re my avatar,
    2) As you have said, there are different bra measurements for D-DD cup. In a perfect La Perla, mine is 34D. Sorry, wouldn’t know yours, since LP doesn’t go beyond 36DD.
    3)Point about my Daddy. Ahem, you wouldn’t know, darling. 1K a month, so called SD, rarely would make you feel as if you know nothing. Don’t think second rate managers have a vast knowledge on any subject. Hence, of course, you can feel like you know everything.
    4)My age. EVERYBODY on the blog knows I am 27 and am loving it.

  377. Spicey says:

    Actually Beck – here’s the interesting part: he usually pays my AMEX every month, and gives me cash when we see each other, and sends lovely gifts in between, but after all the “I’m in the hospital texting drama” when I told him that I think maybe he needs to find a relationship with a woman who can really be there for him in bad times he didn’t pay it this month. He didn’t say that he wouldn’t, just didn’t do it – I know it wasn’t that he forgot. There have been no gift$ at all since – so I am *enjoying* all the fun of drama without even the benefit of $ugar right now.

  378. Beck says:

    “I am sure Beck will be glad to corroborate if needed”

    I must confess that such a thought has not slipped my mind. But Spicey scares me a bit too.

  379. Alicia says:

    I am about to meet up with a potential SD. He is married & asked me of some place to meet, somewhere discreet, what should I tell him…I would think he should know best, lol

  380. London Girl says:

    @Odelay, please stop this pettiness. I’ve given you my answer already regarding marriage, you simply can’t afford me. What you don’t seem to appreciate is that I am a divine creature unlike any other and as such am beyond compare. You frankly aren’t worthy of me, your intellect- or what passes for it- bores me. The fact that you speak merely 9 languages as compared to my 57 highlights your intellectual limitations and makes it embarrassing when we travel together, you are not even able to converse with the Pygmy tribes of Africa or the islanders of Papua New Guinea on the differences between Communism as previously practised in Lithuania vs that practised in Cuba

    I am also beyond the second-rate diamonds, emeralds and rubies you persistently insisted on gifting me with. Frankly, I find those mere baubles insulting, if you really appreciated me as you should and as all other men do- for I am a divine creature unlike any other and as such am beyond compare- then you would give me diamond, emerald and ruby mines, not mere pieces of second-rate jewellery set in platinum from down-market shops like Tiffany’s and Harry Winston.

    Your social limitations are also frankly beyond the pale, when I actually had to introduce you to the Queen of England and it was immediately apparent that you had never met her before… Well I was mortified to say the least.

    So do cease and desist stalking me now, I’m sure that in time you will find a way to live without me, it’s hard I know but you must try…I wish you the best however and I hope you find a way to move on…

  381. DorkyGuy says:

    Or tell him that you have found a SD that offers triple his allowance!

    I am sure Beck will be glad to corroborate if needed

  382. Spicey says:

    I’m nervous about saying anything. He’s definitely on notice that I am creating distance, but he just keeps escalating the drama with claims of how sad he is, how lonely, how physically wounded, blah, blah.

    I am acting mildly supportive – calling him on the lies would definitely bring drama. But, if he’s willing to be so erratic, making up medical emergencies, pretending to be a texting nurse, I can’t quite predict what he’ll do if I just cut things off immediately.

  383. Beck says:

    Why not ask him to triple your allowance and put up with the drama for a few months while you look for alternatives? Then just block him.

  384. DorkyGuy says:

    @Spicey~ I am sure that in the beginning, you stipulated that you like sugar because you dislike drama in relationships.

    Couldn’t you just say “I am sorry, but I was clear that I don’t like drama, and this situation is more drama than I like in a relationship”, and end it on those grounds rather than saying something like “I think you are lying” or “you are a possessive nutcase”?

  385. Spicey says:

    … And now more manipulation/ drama/evidence that I am a terrible person from my SD: He claims, two weeks after having been in the hospital, that he is going in for surgery on a tear to an artery at his brain stem.

    If it’s true, I am the worst person on the planet – but it just doesn’t seem likely to me that it is true. And, have you ever heard of a nurse repeatedly texting someone’s sugar baby (using the patient’s own cell phone) to tell her to fly to be with her SD in the hospital but refusing to talk on said phone and/or say which hospital he is at?

  386. Beck says:

    I need to get a lay of the land here. Ladies, can you please all post your ages, your breast size (with nude pictures to prove it), and your education levels? Otherwise I feel that I am missing a lot of the inside insults. In addition, a face pic, duck, turtle, or otherwise, will help build you case.

  387. Spicey says:

    Oh Beck, I imagine the Venus of Urbino with her soft, squishy pillows does well in the 2K range. 😉

  388. Spicey says:

    I shall leave the boards, never to return. In seven minutes of reflection I have found my true love and become an Internet mogul using Facebook marketing for my coupon clipping service …

    Just this one last post, and a change of Gravatar is all I need in the world…

    I am above commentary on any other posters and will only be charming and delightful forthwith …

    And then a comment on my selfies, and that’s all I need…

    My face is more that of a constipated turtle, I would never deign to pose for a duck-faced selfie


    Oh wait, someone may have made a compliment about another boardie’s body I had better post a thinly veiled barb.

    But, I don’t need anything else …

    Perhaps an insult or two about someone else’s intellect will help the cyber universe see how charming and delightful I am?

    Now, I am again above the fray …

    And one last post, to point out how delightfully supportive the Spanx at Lane Bryant are …

    And that’s all I need in the world!

  389. Frank says:

    It reached SW VA, and I am jealous, so STOP it.

  390. Beck says:

    Spicey, It is curious that you posted a painting of Titian’s sugar baby. Do you think she would survive in today’s market, what with the slight flab here and there?

  391. DorkyGuy says:

    @Frank~ I sent Odelay pretty much the same response via telepathy… Admittedly, my antenna may not be big enough to reach NYC.

  392. Frank says:

    OH Odelay, will you wait on me, Just send me $100,000 and I WILL get that sex change operation you asked me to get.

  393. Beck says:

    CPI/housing numbers came in strong, VIX is plunging, futures are popping, and I am feeling ridiculously smart and smug for having bet right yesterday. I think I will reward myself with a trip to the dungeon this evening.

    Treasured, it’s a fair question. The answer is, it depends. Being male, and being a nerd, I love to give intellectually, aka bore people to death by going on and on about things that they do not care about. If, however, I find an enthusiastic and willing recipient, then I actually engage. Otherwise it is like pulling teeth.

    For example, do you think there is any chance I can teach Fatty? It would be like beating my head on a big bucket of fat till I get nauseated.

  394. Jersey Darling says:

    Forced angle* auto correct.

  395. Jersey Darling says:

    Spicey, it’s a shame you feel you have to try to tear down what I naturally have to offer, especially since you are too dense to realize you are insulting Treasured in the same sentence since she is supposedly the same size as me.

    Why don’t you post another picture of your breasts from a forced able to prove your point?

  396. Jersey Darling says:

    Treasured, we have all seen your pictures and unless your country uses a different sizing system or you have an irregularly small band measurement, you are clearly exaggerating your measurements like you do most of your “features.” We’ve seen it, there’s no point in lying.

    I chuckled at the line that your Daddy makes you realize you know nothing. It’s about time. I also enjoyed when you commented that girls from ages 20-25 have a hard time accumulating knowledge, yet you at two years older with your posts that are filled with “wisdom” are supposed to be the exception to the rule?

    Spicey, does Treasured’s avatar count as a duck face? Because that is more of one than my pictures ever were.


    I am switching out of direct attack mode now because unlike both of you who have done it to me for so long, I find it boring and petty. I’m a firm believer that the truth speaks for itself, and in your cases it has several times over, you just haven’t realized it. Don’t be too upset when I don’t come back for a while to continue feeding your need for attention – you have Beck for that now. Though I am surprised why, if you are both so great at getting money from men, you have to go through such great lengths to get that money when Beck offered me 1500 just to meet him for two minutes?


  397. Spicey says:

    OdelayinLA –

    Telepathy is one of my many skills (along with physical perfection, royal bloodlines, and hauty grandeur),

    For the unparalleled tribute of $300,000 per meal I will share with you: my musical laughter, my sparkling wit, and my ethereal, flaxen countenance.

    We can bask in our own perfection lying on crisp 3,000 thread count Egyptian, and amuse our bouche with the most delightful of morsels prepared by my classically trained culinary skills (after I entertain you with Chopin on the ivories of course.)

    It is sad that the conversation would devolve to breast size (DD’s! Gracious the horror of seeing what gravity and the purple racing stripes of growth has done to those – when not properly supported by La Perla!) let’s run away to the Maldives and congratulate each other on being masters of our respective Universe.

  398. Treasured says:

    A question to the SDs on here.

    We all have been having endless discussions about how valuable intellect is to some of us.
    Mind you, rarely girls, at the age of 25, let alone 20, could have a vast knowledge on different subjects, ranging from opera to literature to politics to history.
    Obviously, a good and broad education plays a major part, but how many of us do remember all what was taught is school.

    So, by saying things like “having a witty conversation” with you SB, do you actually want her to be smarter (well, more knowledgeable on a subject) than you are? Or, just be bright enough to understand and at least to have heard about the general idea. Where you can educate her?

    I feel very happy with my Daddy right now. He is extremely well educated, extremely knowledgable and very very bright and perceptive (in some things). Being with him, makes me understand that I really know nothing. YET, I am willing to learn and he is proving to be an excellent teacher. He is one of those men, who can explain a subject to you, without the need to make you feel stupid. And revel in the progress you make.

    What about you guys? Would you be prepared to give (intellectually) much more than what you get in return?
    Or, would you get bored?

  399. Treasured says:

    Odelay, or, even better. Set up a wireless transmitter between your brain and the little computer, inserted to a a head of your preferred Real Doll.
    Judging by what you have written, the only two required answers would be “Yes” and “You are so smart, dear”. Take Siri to a new level 😀

  400. Treasured says:

    PS: Sorry, lost in translation: Corti organ, not cortex

  401. Treasured says:

    Re big boobs…

    DDs? Were we talking about nipples only? Since mine are Ds and they are nowhere near as magnificent as Jersey’s?

    Mind you, I am quite happy with mine, since high fashion rarely goes past the size 6USA. And I am not a fan of plus-size clothing.

    Odelay, may I suggest to a man of your means a new generation of women: The Real Doll. Perfection of a female, amazing sex every time you need it and, the best thing always stays quiet! ALWAYS!
    And I bet, with all new technology around, you can fund a study to develop a little transmitter, which would connect your brain to your own Cortex organ. And, voila – telepathic conversation with a woman of your dreams, without needing ever to say a word 😛

  402. Treasured says:

    I draw line at the latest one. Portraits are not my strongest point 😀

    And… perhaps, I should try a new thing 😀

    Do you think, trying to pass for a barely legal bimbo will attract SDinLA? 😀
    I can even learn to say “Doh” and “I dunnoo” 😀

  403. Treasured says:

    Beck – William Blake, “The Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve”

    And, it was a tough one! Not the most popular, hence unfound-able on inet.

  404. SD says:

    Good morning,

    it is interesting to read how somebody defines the expected allowance.

    My personal experience and opinion is models are absolute overrated. The reason is the get in her job really less money. But hope to tell somebody they are supermodels.
    I think the allowance you give should comparable to what a SD get in return.
    So the main point is time. 10k and seeing one evening a month can mean 2k per hour. Here is the question if a SD get really this value.
    I think how higher the allowance so higher the expectations.
    Sugar makes life interesting for the SB but only for the SD if he gets something in return.
    I know on this site are SB they only wnat to rip off. E.g. “I can only within the week and on the afternoon. No evening, no weekends. 1500 GBP per date.” Why as a SD should I finance inflexibility, means I sponsor her BF? Unfortunally I think 60% are here in this category on this site.

  405. Odelay says:

    I honestly have no idea why some of you think I am this “SD in LA” character. He does sound like quite the raconteur if he attracts the hot, young SBs. Alas, I am but a sad SD in NYC, surrounded by chatty women, destined to never have my needs met and sentenced to dining alone for eternity.

    If you must know, I left a massive clue to my identity in my name. “Odelay” is the 5th album of the musician (and Scientologist) Beck.

    No, I am not Xenu, but I *am* the 5th incarnation of Beck (blog Beck, not *the* Beck. Wouldn’t mind being Becks though, that would make me David Beckham, and who wouldn’t want to be a pretty boy who gets to shag Posh Spice?!) We are Time Lords like Dr.Who, and I have traveled here in the TARDIS to see what I was like when I was 30. I must say, I certainly had a lot to learn. I apologize to everyone here for being such a dozy bugger. I can only ask your forbearance and assure you that, by our 3rd incarnation, we have become quite tolerable and are no longer so oblivious and self-absorbed.

    Oh and, Beck? Don’t worry, they find a cure for genital warts in 2018, so only five more years of those unsightly sores and the painful outbreaks. We should have listened when we were told sleeping with as many women as possible was not the best way to become a better lover! And when you think you’ve outsmarted the markets on September 27th, 2013? You haven’t. Do the opposite of what you think is the smart play and we’ll avoid that unpleasant bankruptcy filing.

    My companion awaits, so I shall bid you all adieu.

  406. Odelay says:

    Thank you for the kind welcome everyone, but you did not answer my query: what am I supposed to do to solve my dilemma? It gets lonely dining by myself, and star chefs all have such huge egos that they are insufferable dining companions.

    Who is this SD in LA you speak of Russian SB? I am in Manhattan, and I have never been to Louisiana, well except for Mardi Gras that one year, who could forget an orgy involving a one-legged man from Perth, a midget, the bearded lady from a circus that was in the Big Easy, a half-dozen besotted sorority girls from Florida State, and moi?

    By the way, Russian SB, can you read minds?

    FatBastardSD, as Sosa said to Tony Montana in Scarface, “I like you FatBastard. There’s no lying in you.” Your manner is brusque and unforgiving, but everyone needs tough love sometime. When I stopped in Tonga during my circumnavigation of the world on my yacht, I was treated to a celebratory feast by the Chieftain of the village after we delivered books and school supplies for the village children. He bestowed upon me the Polynesian name “A’amakakualenalena Mano”, which apparently means “Swift Strong Shark Warrior.” If I were a Polynesian Chieftain, I would dub you, “A’lack-a-kaka” which means, “He who speaks the unvarnished truth.”

  407. Spicey, says:

    Oh FB – you and I both know what you REALLY want.

    And, now you understand why men are willing to give me extra for me to show it to them.

    And with that, goodnight 😉

  408. FatBastardSD says:


    Well that I could see that costing a premium as it sounds like a really specialized arrangement.

    Why can my lazy attitude not be considered a fetish though?

  409. Principium says:

    FBSD: I’m south of LA county. SF & LA markets have higher premium associated with them. During my first two stints, I tried it with the LA SBs as I actually do have both family and friends in LA, but I found the driving to be an extracurricular activity for me. I don’t know why, but my energy and vibe is no longer in tune with that of LA’s.

  410. Spicey, says:

    FB – it’s real, and it’s weird – I had a tech SD big up in Seattle want me to video tape his humiliation and then pay me off not to show it. It’s a way that men who see their sexuality as a shameful part of their secret life can surrender to not worrying that they’ll be blackmailed and humiliated, because they know that they’ll be blackmailed and humiliated.

    “Doing fantasy” means that it is really erotic to me to be the woman who fulfills a man’s deepest fantasy. Whether that’s pain and deprivation, or costumes and role play. I take exploring and fulfilling someone’s fantasy very seriously. It’s why I am we’ll rewarded. It’s not just pump and dump. It’s every little thing he’s ever wanted, in a completely immersive experience (sets, props, scenes) performed by an artist who LOVES to assume the role and does significant research and character development.

  411. FatBastardSD says:


    “This site is filled with hope rather than expectations on both ends”

    You should design those motivational posters you see in offices. Perhaps SA could use it as a motto for the website. Don’t know WTF you are trying to say with this though.

    Being with me is a job. Your SD enjoys your company for free I take it.

  412. Spicey, says:

    Well it’s midnight here, and no review yet. Time for bed. I will wake up and rip my hair out from the nastiness of my review when I log online in the morning I am sure – then I will come onto the blog for additional pain because I enjoy the abuse.

  413. FatBastardSD says:


    What does Fantasy mean? Actually here is a real good question for any SD’s reading the Blog.

    What is the story with Financial Domination? Seems like BS to be but then again most things on this site seem like BS to me.

  414. DianaSBinOC says:

    @ FatBastard
    “Dumb advise. So if I offer $1500 just to meet and $25K/month like one poster here does it makes me legit? “Arm candy” I would like to see these profiles sometime.”

    “Sorry I did not realize you were posting in order to immortalize your SB exploits. Maybe they can encode it and put it on the next space probe for aliens to marvel at.”

    I have no idea where you’re going with this. My SB exploits? huh? Please do read through the blog and see if you can find me posting about “exploits”. I will agree with you being sorry. Apology accepted.

    “By all these I ment SB’s like you (or to be fair those SB who have expectations of certainty), not all SB’s.”

    This site is filled with hope rather than expectations on both ends.

    “The problem is exactly that many SB’s consider this serious business to make serious money. You want drama as a SD? Have an arrangement with a SB who considers this her job.”

    Sounds like you’re meeting SBs that feel being with YOU is a job. Now I see why in your case it has to be a game. How else are you going stomach someone forcing themselves to be around another well…fat bastard?

    Good luck with your “employees”.

  415. Spicey, says:

    No, I do fantasy, currently I am with a man who likes that domme side of me. My very first SD – who introduced me to my little sugar fetish was actually rather dominant and machismo. IRL I am not into power play much at all.

  416. FatBastardSD says:


    Do you only do domination arrangements?

  417. London Girl says:

    FatBastard- But in actuality I think 28-32 is the optimum age for a woman. Still able to look really hot (assuming they kept in shape), and actually has a personality. Even if that personality is like Spicey’s, it is better than a mindless automaton.

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all night!

    Thanks for that! Have to try and get at least 5 minutes sleep now, sweet dreams!

  418. Spicey, says:

    FBSD – I would have your jolly little belly rolling with laughter in person, but without hearing my joking voice in every word typed its hard to realize this is all just play – except when I cane you for not pleasuring your SB.

  419. FatBastardSD says:


    So what do you think of the LA SB scene. I think it’s better than the SF Bay area but it seems a lot of good SB’s are taken by locals and never make it to the websites.

  420. FatBastardSD says:


    Damn. Respect!

    But in actuality I think 28-32 is the optimum age for a woman. Still able to look really hot (assuming they kept in shape), and actually has a personality. Even if that personality is like Spicey’s, it is better than a mindless automaton.

  421. Principium says:

    FBSD: I’m close to LA but not in LA.

  422. Spicey, says:

    Seven more minutes and then I will give up on this day.

    Daddy, tell me a story?! 😉

  423. Principium says:

    As you should be Lady Spicey.

  424. Spicey, says:

    FB – the hot kind, not the San Quentin kind.

  425. Spicey, says:

    Dorkydoodah – if you’d just leave your cage on like my good little cucky they wouldn’t keep finding them!

  426. FatBastardSD says:


    You mean underage teenagers? Or barley legal teenagers?

  427. DorkyGuy says:

    @Spicey~ our grandkids are gonna look adorable playing on the floor with their little C&B torture devices!

    What stories they will be able to tell one day, especially when they are in their shrink’s office talking about how they were potty trained

  428. Spicey, says:

    FB – I would certainly give him a lesson in terrorism abatement, alas he prefers teenagers 🙁

  429. FatBastardSD says:

    Bloody Hell! There is a SD form LA who posts here? I have got to ask him if he has better luck than me.

  430. Spicey, says:

    Capitol P – Of course, I am always interested in the “fundamentals” 😉

  431. FatBastardSD says:

    Mmmmm, chicken filets….

  432. Principium says:

    Distraction has nothing to do with it. You nicknamed me, that shows that you are interested in Principium.

    Note to Beck:

    Bestow nicknames on your dates. Nicknames are sexy.

  433. London Girl says:

    Ah you’ve discovered the chicken fillets as a filler! I believe flat-chested girls normally say that more than a handful is a waste anyway…

  434. Spicey, says:

    Oh Capitol P – I need the distraction tonight. I do hope you, Odelay, and SDinLA are one and the same! Intrigue is afoot!

  435. FatBastardSD says:

    @London Girl

    What do you mean miss?

  436. London Girl says:

    @FatBastard, do you miss wearing sexy lingerie?

  437. FatBastardSD says:

    @Jersey Darling

    DD’s! I actually feel for you, mine were such a pain to lug around I had to get them reduced.

    Made my SB a bit envious as well.

  438. London Girl says:

    You mean she’d actually shut up???

  439. Jersey Darling says:

    Why, they’d make her Gosh Golly swallow her tongue is what they’d do…

  440. Principium says:

    Spicey, I like it when you sh*t test me.

  441. London Girl says:

    @Jersey, that’s impossible, if we’re one and the same we don’t have DD’s we have G’s

    Gosh, if DD’s elicit rage what will G’s do to her???

  442. RussianSB says:

    Spicey, go amnd watch Black Swan, it calm you down a little bit.

  443. Jersey Darling says:

    @FatBastard, I cannot show them. They are natural DD’s and they elicit the rage of Treasured.

  444. London Girl says:

    FFS FatBastard don’t just tell everyone like that! I’m trying desperately to sound as intelligent and sophisticated as the other “ladies” on here and you out just like that…

  445. FatBastardSD says:

    That Odelay guy is funny as hell. But if you really want funny there is this guy Beck who posts from time to time…

  446. RussianSB says:

    I’ve eaten Peckin duck at HongKong, and I save a piece to proove for someone who doubt that I am REALLY been there.

  447. FatBastardSD says:

    @London Girl

    Come on, we know your not from London. You have no accent.

  448. Spicey, says:

    Al-Q sex party, sounds hot. I do hope they bring the monkey bars and the tire relay!

  449. FatBastardSD says:

    @Jersey Darling

    If I was not a Athlete’s Foot night manager I would be happy to shell out $2K based on your attitude alone.

    Fair is fair though Spicey’s boobs would get $2K as well.

    The only way to break the deadlock is to show us your boobs Jersey.

  450. Spicey, says:

    Adorable Dorkybooboo – I’m sure our grand baby will be the absolute apple of your eye.

  451. London Girl says:

    I see a theme emerging too… Maybe if we could just get Al Qaeda to start having sex parties with each other we could broker peace in the Middle East at last!

    Goodness, there I was dismissing them as a bunch of air-headed, delusional bimbo’s and actually they’re politicians extraordinaire… I must remember to thank them…

    Sounds like a fun day out!!! (I’m referring to your shopping spree by the way, not Al Qaeda sex parties)

  452. Spicey, says:

    I’ve eaten roasted duck in Beijing, then yacked in a squat toilet near Sun Lui Tan. Shudder.

    I am slightly aquiver at Odelay’s words. I may go for a second buzz around the neighborhood. Care to hold my knickers Capitol P?

    God if this review doesn’t publish soon I’m going to lobotomize myself with a thumb drive.

  453. DorkyGuy says:

    I have recently heard that my problem is I need to get laid as well. I sense a theme?

    And yes, she was grinning nearly as big as the store manager when we left! I raised a pretty proud and self-reliant one. I don’t get to spoil her often, so when I do, I tend to over-do it.

  454. RussianSB says:

    Girls shame on you, it HIS writing style !

  455. London Girl says:

    @Beck, never been to the Channel Islands, not a fan of ferries to be honest. And the price of railfares in the UK are so exorbitant it’s almost cheaper to hire a lear jet!

  456. Principium says:

    Wow, that Odelay! Such a keyboard warrior. I think that piece sent Spicey tingling all over the place.

    Beck, with your means have you tried Instagram? I hear that it has started to foster many aspiring professional SBs. If you are a fan of ducks, that place has more duck faces than there are roasted ducks in Beijing.

  457. London Girl says:

    Sounds like fun Dorky! Obviously you’d be doing me a favour as my problem apparently is that I don’t get laid enough (or even at all). Thanks!

    Did you get your daughter’s things?

  458. Beach_Girl says:

    Spicey~ it does sound like something he would do lol… It might be SDinLA!!!I can’t tell from writing styles sorry… I am not here enough to see that…

  459. DorkyGuy says:

    There’s a Jersey in London.. a London in Jersey… all too complicated.

    Better would be a London and Jersey in my bedroom while I were simultaneously in London and Jersey.

    For some reason, this inspires images of the Tardis.

  460. Beck says:

    Have you ever been to the Channel Islands, London? Delightful place. I hate flying, and have always felt that train and ferry is a more civilized way to go. Try it, I think you will like it.

    Signing off from New Yorkshire …

  461. Spicey, says:

    Russian – how did you know it was SDinLA? I was trying to match it?!

  462. Beach_Girl says:

    Jersey~ it is hard when our emotions get the better of us. I have been there and now I just walk away, it’s not worth it girlie! walk away meaning don’t respond, not leave the blog.

  463. Beck says:

    All right guys, I have to go to bed. The futures gods are not being kind to me any more. The last picture was a litho by the British poet William Blake.

  464. Jersey Darling says:

    Beach_Girl, I really do intend to spend less time here (not due to Spicey or the other silliness that has pervaded the blog recently, but due to my own reasons). But gosh I just couldn’t help myself. You all probably will be seeing quite a bit less of me in the next few weeks, but even when I’m not here it’s like I may as well be because certain personalities (Beck, Treasured, Spicey) can’t stop talking about me anyway.

    I hate to leave but I know Spicey loves watching me walk away.

  465. London Girl says:

    @Beck, Sailrail? Now you’ve lost me…?

  466. Beach_Girl says:

    We are all different and have strong personalities. If someone offends you in any way, ignore it, walk away. We can all have a great time here… just my 2 cents, but the blog will be shut down because of nastiness and it sucks for the rest of the bloggers that don’t engage …. just saying!
    Peace and love Bloggers, 😀

  467. RussianSB says:

    Yes, it has a site ! Virtual tour , even so ! You see, you stimulate my art hunger !

  468. London Girl says:

    There’s a London in Ontario, Canada as well… Maybe we’re actually posting from Alaska? We’re just pretending to be in Jersey and London so we can sound sophisticated? Gosh, I hope no-one figures it out…

  469. Beck says:

    “Beck, I wonder if Hermitage have a web site ?”

    Not sure, unfortunately.

  470. Beck says:

    “Oh Beck, you are silly. How can I meet you in London if I’m in Jersey?”

    SailRail is a fine way to travel, no?

  471. Jersey Darling says:

    London, there is a Jersey in Great Britain. Ahh, the plot thickens…

    It’s okay, Detective Spicey can figure it out with her massive intellect!

  472. Beach_Girl says:

    Jersey~ I don’t think you should leave the blog, just ignore the comments that you don’t like. We don’t have to be nasty to one another. I think you are smart and have contributed here. I also think Spicey has too. but some personalities don’t get along and it’s normal… just don’t engage. It’s not hard, yell at the screen and ignore the nastiness

  473. RussianSB says:

    Beck, I wonder if Hermitage have a web site ?

  474. London Girl says:

    Oh Beck, you are silly. How can I meet you in London if I’m in Jersey?

  475. Beck says:

    Get your sleep, London. Say, do you want to meet in London this weekend? I know a great little Indian place. We can talk about the market price for kinky sex …

  476. Beach_Girl says:

    Beck~ lol…

  477. Jersey Darling says:

    Spicey, I’m sorry, have I interrupted you basking in your ego? I’ll leave you in peace.

    Beach_Girl, I know the ego stroking session between Spicey and Beck was so calm and serene that it’s a shame for me to dip my toes into these narcissistic waters, but considering Spicey loves withholding orgasms I couldn’t let her finish fulfilling herself.

    And by the way, I have never once made a duck face. Spicey, you silly girl!

    Off to bed. Hope you and Beck have sweet dreams of yourselves, ta ta!

  478. Beck says:

    “We don’t know who is who and you could be Beck so…”

    More important, I think, is who we all want to be. I know who I want to be when I grow up. I want to be Fatty.

  479. London Girl says:

    @Beck, on my part I haven’t any animosity whatsoever. I merely called out a couple of bloggers who were telling lies without mentioning their names. One of them then outed herself by dragging it out ad nauseum.

    But she shouldn’t worry too much, it’s 6 am here and I’m determined to get at least a few minutes sleep before I have to get up so I’ll be leaving you all soon.

  480. Beach_Girl says:

    Spicey~ you are contributing too… just stop. not worth it. We don’t know who is who and you could be Beck so… there you go! let’s just encourage each other and if you don’t like a post from someone, skip it

  481. RussianSB says:

    SDinLA, you are wrong, girls don’t need cheeps, lambs, or money. They need love and sex.

  482. Beck says:

    London, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that getting laid cures bubonic plague, but historians are pretty clear on one thing, there would have been no Iraq War II if George Bush got regular hummers like Bill Clinton did.

    So, why all the animosity?

  483. Spicey, says:

    BG – well said! Why come on the blog purely to scorn? Other than acid I cannot remember a single contribution of value Jersey’s alter ego “London Girl” has ever contributed. If we are all so very loathsome why not take your brilliance and participate in a different playground?

  484. London Girl says:

    LoJey, I feel like half of a Siamese twin!

  485. Beck says:

    Ah, those duck faced pictures will always get you. It’s rather fun here, though, as I sit up late in the night and try to correct my day’s folly by frantically trading futures.

  486. Beach_Girl says:

    Wow, drama again….

    It sucks when that happens, if you think you are going to be nasty to someone, it’s a blog, walk away!

  487. London Girl says:

    @Beck, I have no idea what sex is, apparently that’s why I’m so bitter and twisted and bitchy to some of the lovely sb’s that post on here… It’s jealousy you see.

    The generally held opinion seems to be that getting laid cures everything in life from a headache to bubonic plague…

  488. Beck says:

    Russian, At this point I am not sure I can handle yet another challenge. 🙂

    So, anyone with any luck on the latest gravatar?

  489. Spicey, says:

    Beck – there is only animosity from one woman (who pretends to be two) toward all of us.

    Once upon a time, in a blog far, far away a “voluptuous” SB began posting many, MANY duck-mouthed selfies for Gravatars. One day, the selfie was of a cheap pink t-shirt captured at an unflattering angle. An SB (not me) misstepped and pointed out that this particular photo was unfortunate, and the battle lines were drawn. The result: the Princesses have never quite had harmony since.

    LoJey has just selected me for her particular cheer as a recent entertainment, I am uncertain why I have been so lucky.

  490. RussianSB says:

    @Odelay … hello, SDinLA, you been missed, or you been wanted…
    I claim reward and references !

  491. Jersey Darling says:

    I can’t wait to read the national reviews of Odelay’s post. He is now a published author!

  492. Beck says:

    You don’t know what sex is, London? Do you want a lesson?

  493. Beck says:

    Ladies and Gents, I do not know who Odelay is, but whoever (s)he is, kudos! It was laugh out loud funny! A bit stereotyped and clearly showing lack of exposure, but the writing is good. Thanks, anonymous author. I tip my virtual hat to you.

  494. Jersey Darling says:

    Spicey, for it to qualify as humor it has to be funny. Bravo, Odelay!

  495. Spicey, says:

    Bravo Odelay, excellence. Though, my similar attempt at humor sent me to the wolves, men on this site are given greater leeway for satire.

  496. RussianSB says:

    I am sure you can impress me with Russian artists, I need to count my flying miles, maybe I have them enough for business class ticket for you, Beck , but I am affraid I have enough for non-return only. And how much I need to challenge you to be absent for a few days from o fice ? Name it, for enyone who can “challenge” you in future, just in case , you know 🙂

  497. London Girl says:

    Gosh Beck, I really wouldn’t know as I haven’t had sex since before it was invented. That’s why I asked the “ladies” for their expert advice…

  498. Jersey Darling says:

    Folks, I know my art. Truly, the denseness of your mental faculties defies belief sometimes. And can definitely hold a conversation, which Beck would have found out if he actually lived in NY and was willing to meet me 😉

  499. Beck says:

    Hey Spicey, What’s the history behind all the catfights on this forum? I tried a reverse google search on that and got nothing.

  500. Beck says:

    London, I am genuinely curious. How much do you think is a fair value for a BJ vs. kinky sex? And how kinky is kinky? Bondage? Watersports? Sensory deprivation? What are we talking about here?

  501. Beck says:

    Oh, The Hermitage! I have never been to St.Petersburg. I have been to Moscow but it was the end leg of an European road show and I was practically sleeping in WCs by then. I should properly go to Russia one day.

  502. Spicey, says:

    Beck – please do give LoJey a tumble! Please, oh please! I’m sure with that puckered, angry, thin-lipped grimace she can create quite a vacuum.

  503. Odelay says:

    I am new here, but I was hoping to get some advice. I have only been on the site for a few weeks, and frankly, I find it to be quite jejune. That said, I was wondering if any of the SBs here might be able to tell me what I am doing wrong. I cannot seem to find any women to meet my needs, yet my needs are undeniably simple: all I desire is a woman who can sit quietly and read my mind. I want to experience telepathy with her, for her to banter silently with me about the relative merits of Etruscan pottery and that of ancient Greece… to mentally replay every match of Bobby Fisher’s world championship chess match with Boris Spassky, perhaps she will delight me in game three by varying from the Modern Benoni defense and salvage the draw that Spassky could not… to challenge me with insight into quantum physics and game theory, all without a word being spoken.

    I don’t venture out to dining establishments, that would mean I have to eat in the same room as the unwashed masses. Even your most exclusive Michelin three star place in Manhattan these days is filled with gauche new money financiers and high net worth foreigners. Instead, I have the luxury of choosing which “rock star” chef will come to my penthouse overlooking the Park (and you would not believe what has happened to the building/neighborhood recently. Twenty-something offspring of Russian oligarchs and Formula 1 mavens buying eight figure residences? I always vote against them being allowed to move into the building, but sadly my senile neighbors seem to have lost all ability to discern “class” amongst potential neighbors.) I digress. Anyway, tonight it might be Thomas Keller (I call him Tommy, he hates that) who begs for the privilege to prepare my evening repast, tomorrow, who knows? Jean-Georges Vongerichten? (J.G. to me) Eric Ripert? They love to come prepare a leisurely meal for me and my dinner companion(s). Excluding the wine, the cost of which I cannot mention without sounding boastful-  suffice to say it comes from the extended family’s vineyards, near the Chateau in Bordeaux- I budget about $50,000 for each dinner.

    Another advantage of not dining out is that people don’t judge me for my seemingly profligate spending. Nobody but the household staff knows that I wipe my ass with 500 Euro notes (sent straight from the mint and sterilized, of course.) I hate when people judge me for my spending. So I used my connections with the Piech and Agnelli families to have them build me a custom Bugatti and Ferrari, respectively. So what? The Sultan of Brunei and his brothers had hundreds of custom Ferraris built. What’s a mere two vehicles?

    Mummy always said to me, “Life is like a box of chocolates” oh wait, no, that was Forrest Gump’s mother wasn’t it? Silly me. To be honest, I didn’t see my mother much, but at the same time I was fortunate to have many mothers. You see, my birth mother was just one of many wives of a playboy Prince in the house of Saud. She was a striking 17 year old Swedish fashion model when Daddy spotted her. Hillary was wrong, it does not take a village to raise a spoiled, bratty, self-absorbed dilettante, it takes a harem! Sorry, I am so easily sidetracked by my ADHD when I don’t take my Adderall. Where was I? Oh yes, as moi was saying, I was taught to compensate a woman for her time with at least triple the price of the meal. But that’s easy to calculate when you can deal in goats and sheep, or are presented with a neatly summed up check n’est ce pas? How am I supposed to calculate the cost of an evening with moi when there is no check in a restaurant? So, I take the 50k dinner budget, add in another 10k for vino on average. Six hours of prep by a star chef? That’s gotta be at least 25k for their time. Another grand for the tip I give Ivan, my bodyguard/chauffeur for staying on duty late to drive my date home… what’s that almost 90k? Round it to an even 100k, treble it and we’re looking at 300k that I like to give my dinner companion before she even sits down at the table. Of course, giving someone 300k in cash would be horrendously nouveau riche, so I usually limit the cash to 100k and make up the difference with a custom made bauble from Harry Winston, or Garrard’s etcetera etcetera.

    “Aha! Monsieur Odelay, I see your problem now!”, the astute blog readers are saying. And of course, you are correct. What woman, when presented with such lavish gifts can hold her tongue? I am inevitably buried under a deluge of “Thank yous”, “This is amazings” and other platitudes. And once she has spoken, the magic is gone for me and I have to have Ivan take her home and tell Tommy (Keller), “Dinner’s just going to be for one, unless you want to crack open a bottle and join me.”

    So, short of doing something barbaric like cutting out her tongue, or restricting myself to the rather small pool of mute women, what can I do?

    I should be clear, this is not about sex. I can bed any woman I choose. Kate Upton? If I call, she is at the door within an hour, and I know she will fulfill my every desire for the next two minutes and thirty seconds until I am done. You would be surprised at how many supermodels have to prostitute themselves to make ends meet. I actually avoid them because they are usually dead fish in bed. What I have taken to doing in order to have my sexual needs met is finding an obese, unattractive woman with good bones- every guy knows the fat chicks are better in bed because they try harder and have to be good to make up for their lack of beauty- and sending her to my plastic surgeon in Switzerland and also to the best weight loss experts in the world. When they are done, voila, they are stunning to look at *and* provide the proverbial “porn star sex” and I am content. I know that sounds like an awful lot of trouble, but I finally realized when I reached forty that my expectations were unrealistic and I would never find the woman who met all of my needs.

    I turn down marriage proposals weekly from Ivy League and Oxbridge educated beauties from families with a similar socio-economic background as mine, and some of those girls are very good at sitting quietly when you give them a steady diet of booze and drugs, but none of them are capable of telepathy, I’ve tried. And I’m not talking about her being out in the Hamptons and me being in the city and not being able to reach her telepathically, I’m talking about sitting right across the fricking table from me! It’s not like I am asking for the ability to bend spoons with their minds, am I?

    Anyway, you have all bored me, so I must go. For now. Until I need to ask for more advice about something I should already know about.

  504. Spicey, says:

    Beck, I object to the vagina you have posted to your Gravatar. That is all my reverse google search will pull up.

    It’s just sad that I’m so vapid, may I stroke your member and bat my eyes?

  505. Beck says:

    Where do you want me to go now, Russian? 10 hours flight from New York? Where?

    I will be in London this coming weekend anyway.

  506. London Girl says:

    Really Treasured, you think I might finally get laid? Gosh, how exciting! Maybe I can come to you “ladies” for expert advice when trying to decide how much to charge for blow-jobs vs kinky sex?

  507. Beck says:

    OK, whoever gets this one – and WITHOUT a reverse google search – gets a hummer from Fatty.

  508. Beck says:

    JD, That missed the point though. These are beautiful works of art. You want to appreciate them, not merely know about them. 🙁

  509. Treasured says:

    @Jersey, sweetheart. The thing is that I KNOW my art as WELL as can stroke dicks. Hence I have my Daddy.

    You, on the other hand, sweetheart, have a “special person” (for whom you were leaving the blog, as I remember) and are very happy with a 1000$ allowance.

    You see, Google searches won’t do you much good at a dinner conversation 🙂

    Ok, now definitely off. Just could not resist pointing that out, to our sweet and nice Jersey Girl. Who is not greedy at all and is all cream and sugar 😀

  510. Jersey Darling says:

    Treasured, I couldn’t resist riling up the chickens before heading to bed.

  511. London Girl says:

    @Jersey, now that’s not fair. Sometimes the coven stroke each others ego’s as well…

  512. Spicey, says:

    LoJey – It was more the misplaced air of superiority and grandeur that I appreciated.

  513. RussianSB says:

    Just a short 10 hours flight, Beck, if you refuse, you are not real 🙂

  514. Treasured says:

    London Girl, do us all a favour and flirt a bit with a new gentleman on the forum (forgot his name). Maybe, he will still be attracted to your bitchiness in real life and you will finally get laid.

    Get Jersey too, and have a 3some, for God’s sake. By the way, thought Jersey is leaving the blog for a while?
    Oh well….

    Ok, I am off to the uni. Enjoy the day, kiddies.

    Undergrad and I will let you find out what exactly (all in the blogs).

  515. Jersey Darling says:

    Of course, anyone who is even slightly savvy would know to just do a reverse google search on the images to find the answer. Work smart, not hard ladies. But I wouldn’t expect anyone of such caliber of magnificent beauty as the SBs on this blog to know how to use their fingers for anything other than stroking a d*ck or their own ego.

  516. Spicey, says:

    Now eating Betty Crocker Cherry frosting for dinner with a silver tequila on ice – I’m a health nut.

    Grace Kelly was Grace Kelly even when she was young. I doubt she ever gave cheap hummers to men who failed to appreciate her elegance. She wouldn’t need to, there are always men who appreciate and collect quality.

  517. RussianSB says:

    Beck, maybe you meet Jersey to talk about Matisse ?
    Or maybe you want accompany me in Hermitage ?

  518. Beck says:

    Well Russian, I have always been told from a very early age that I am a bit nuts.

  519. Beck says:

    Yes it is Convergence!

  520. RussianSB says:

    Beck , she will be sexologist. By the way, disfunction can start at 35 also, not hormonal, but mental….. from too many choises 🙂

  521. London Girl says:

    Spicey- I will always love that Treasured got Matisse first, and then Jersey was nasty and superior about her second place pontification.

    Oh dear Spicey, if that’s what makes you happy… They do say it’s the small things in life! Although I think you’ll see it you look closer that they both posted at the very same time…

  522. Beck says:

    Grad school would be my guess.

  523. Spicey, says:

    I believe it’s Convergence, correct?

    As a born and bred Park City girl, I have been to MoMa exactly once. December 30th, 2001.

  524. Treasured says:

    Beck – guess 😀

  525. Treasured says:

    Might be Pollock, but Im not sure. Resolution for the abstract painting is too low

  526. Beck says:

    Damn. I have to come up with a hard one now.

    When I was 16-18, every Saturday morning I would take the first flight out of Boston to come to New York, and attend music school. During lunch I would sneak out to the MoMA and sit in front of paintings by Pollock for hours. I would be in a trance!

  527. Spicey, says:

    I will always love that Treasured got Matisse first, and then Jersey was nasty and superior about her second place pontification.

    Pssshhhheww! Thoughts of FBs boob funk and Grace Kelly’s $1 hummers sent me straight to vibrating bliss!

  528. RussianSB says:

    I don’t know, but looks better than Kandinsky

  529. Beck says:

    Treasured, is that graduate or undergraduate? What’s your major?

  530. Spicey, says:


  531. Beck says:

    Forgive me father for I have sinned … and bought even more futures after the last batch was handsomely up … oh well, no guts no glory.

  532. Beck says:

    All right guys, not bad, not bad, how about this one?

  533. Beck says:

    Grace Kelly is known to have given many a dollar BJ, right Fatty?

  534. Beach_Girl says:

    FBSD~ I use to live in LA for work. And no I don’t want a boyfriend… Now I am back home… in cold , cold French Canada!!!! I love Cali, can’t wait to go visit again

  535. Jersey Darling says:

    Matisse guys. It’s not that hard.

    Thought you SBs were eternally cultured? Guess I’m the only one who enjoys visits to the MoMA.

  536. Treasured says:

    Matisse. The Dance

    I HATE hate HATE early mornings with a chemistry test in front of me!

  537. FatBastardSD says:


    Grace Kelley is famous now. When she was a young unknown actress would she have turned down her decades equivalent to $1K.

  538. FatBastardSD says:


    I was talking about Silicon Valley near San Jose. I guess you are from LA.

    At 30+ years and lower allowance expectations you will have an interesting situation. Try an experiment and target men 5-10 years older than you. I suspect you may find someone who is nice and who may be secretly looking for a girlfriend potential wife. This assumes that you would like a situation like this though.

  539. Beck says:

    Not Picasso. Let’s see if Spicey can get it once she has buzzed one out while dreaming about Fatty’s Fat Rolls.

  540. RussianSB says:

    Kandinsky did BS !
    Always want say that, nice to have anonimous blog !

  541. Beach_Girl says:

    I hope they catch him and make him suffer. Sorry, I can’t say everything that I would do to them here… I think I would be arrested!

  542. RussianSB says:

    Picasso ?

  543. Beach_Girl says:

    Beck~ Please, no details. I get very sad and emotional when I hear about children and innocent people getting hurt for someones revenge on something that he thinks is right… but anonymously. I would hang them by their balls and make them suffer at the hands of the people. Breaks my heart… those poor people

  544. RussianSB says:

    Thank you, Spicey ! I wonder if our bloggers offer 1k allowance to Grace Kelly, explaning it with average American household income statistics?

  545. Beck says:

    Thank you BG. Hopefully they find the mofos who did that. An 8 year old kid died today from the blast.

  546. Beach_Girl says:

    Beck~ I am so happy that your family is ok… what a horrible incident!

  547. Beach_Girl says:

    Russian~ I did not respond to the wanna be SD… sorry, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it…

  548. RussianSB says:

    Sorry about Boston, guys. Year ago another explosion was in Moscow undergroound, it took 1 year to find criminals. We have explosions every year… what about London, you don’t have it anymore ?

  549. Beck says:

    I think your writing is actually very sweet, Russian.

    ROFL Spicey!

  550. RussianSB says:

    Beck, oh, come on… look at my grammar, I talk about boys who did write me here, they have it really low-key 🙂

  551. Spicey, says:

    I will neither confirm nor deny that I may have been imagining burying my face in his abundant pillows of masculine delight.

  552. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!!!

    TraderJ~ I like that number, for me it works. If I got more, I would be stunned and thrilled. But I am not kidding myself. I am average, I don’t own designer stuff and still look hot according to lots of SDs and some SBs.

    FBSD~ i am older than 30… and I don’t require 5-10k . I want to have fun and enjoy the things I cannot do for myself.. Yeah, the Valley is cheaper, but still the houses are up there. I use to live in Woodland hills and it’s crazy expensive!

    Principium~ Hello and Welcome to the blog!!!

    Dorky~ Thanks you 😀 I am ok… I do have great legs though

  553. RussianSB says:

    Spicey, get back Grace Kelly !

  554. Beck says:

    Russian, Did I screw up my grammar!? My parents would be so ashamed, after all that money spent in writing classes …

    Spicey, Are you going to fantacize about Fatty’s moobies as you buzz one out?

  555. RussianSB says:

    Beck, I was serious about age thing, I know you can be serious SD at age 30, and few weeks ago I even met golden boy 30y.o. successful and from good family, but in the web it sound too good to be true, and, it really is. Boys have bad grammar and pretend to be CEO. If I being a foreigner, can spot THEIR bad grammar….

  556. Spicey, says:

    Mmmm! Side of Moob ….

  557. Beck says:

    No I get it Spicey. I was not planning to provide any picture whatsoever for privacy reasons.

    Fatty, When you had your profile on SA, what kind of moob pictures did you post? Full frontal, or from the side?

  558. Spicey, says:

    I just meant head turned away as I assumed you didn’t want your face on a public profile – it isn’t necessary.

    I am going to grind F5 into dust if this review doesn’t appear soon! May need to buzz one out just to distract myself.

  559. Beck says:

    Help me, Trader J, I just bought some more futures.

    I wonder how J is doing. Hangseng was down at open but slightly up now.

  560. Spicey, says:

    Yes – cropping and tiny resolution hides the image. I would not post a photo of my ass – even for you – unless you post your moobies first.

  561. Beck says:

    What about the cigar, fly?

  562. fly says:

    you may have to decide between your cigar and some of the more appealing SBs

  563. FatBastardSD says:


    You know I am going to have to enhance that picture. I cannot tell if it’s bra and boobs or ass and a garder belt.

  564. Beck says:

    Ah, well too bad then, as I am not going to lie just to get a SB. If no one responds then no one responds. So is life.

    I will know soon as it should be up as soon as I get this ridiculous pic you told me to take, the one with face turned or whatever!

  565. FatBastardSD says:


    I like the other boob picture better. Still you are OK in my book now.

  566. FatBastardSD says:

    Yeah, Yeah, where are the boobs?

  567. Spicey, says:

    Beck – I am dead serious, at 34 I’d skip your profile, at 42 – Click, Message, Reply.

  568. Spicey, says:

    FB – you want my boobs back? Just for you, for one night only 😉 standby

  569. London Girl says:

    I try not to, they get a bit sweaty!

  570. Principium says:

    LG: never sit on any seat with a nervous man!

  571. FatBastardSD says:


    You know I liked your posts a lot better when you had the boob avatar. Not so much now.

  572. Beck says:

    OK, from now on I will be 42. Where can I get a good, fake driver’s license? And a passport, too, I guess.

    Spicey, Russian, you were not serious about the age thing, right?

  573. London Girl says:

    @Principium, that all depends on the purpose of the relationship, if it’s a sd/sb relationship then you could argue that from a sb’s point of view if the sd is nervous she is in the driving seat. In a normal relationship situation I would agree that nerves would probably not be advantageous.

  574. Principium says:

    moderation = moderating

  575. Spicey, says:

    Beck – 42 is way hotter than mid 30’s! I cut off my SD consideration search and reply at 40, and I imagine I am not alone.

    FB – have a seat on your speculi, we’ll be back to discussing buzzy toys and love liquid fast enough – Russian’s back!

  576. Principium says:


    The next topic will also likely be hijacked unless you are advocating heavy moderation.

    I knew I could be trouble when I was let in unsupervised 😀

  577. London Girl says:

    @FatBastard, apparently if you use a word with 3 syllables instead of just the one it makes you sound more intelligent! I must try it sometime…

  578. Beck says:

    Fatty, You don’t know what orifice means?

  579. Principium says:


    The body language in sales and relationships can be misleadingly different.

    A good salesperson knows that a nervous potential buyer is easier to close the deal with than an as-cool-as-cucumber.

    As a man I can tell you definitively that if I acted too nervous during a date, I blew it by a mile.

    In one case nervous body language is good, in the other case, it’s a death knell!

  580. FatBastardSD says:

    This blog thread went from the ridiculous to requiring a f*****g thesaurus to follow. For the love of god can the moderators please shut this thing down!

  581. Beck says:

    Russian, Are you suggesting that I say that I am 42?

  582. RussianSB says:

    Beck, you write good profile, but I will advice to add few years to your age, all men writing me minus 10 years from their age, only because they not feel old, so it is very popular trick, I guess. I am not respond to 30 y.o. CEOs with bad grammar and
    who cannot answer simple question, what kind of arrangement they looking for.
    I guess critical point for all the ladies is 35 years for man to accept him serious in the web.

  583. Beck says:

    Yeah, Spicey, FU too. 🙂

    I have many originals but none of those are Kandinsky, of course. But I keep growing my meager collection and in the process support artists whose work I like.

  584. Principium says:

    “Capitol P – I was referring to your assumed prowess with the feline as a declaired Alpha who pays close attention to a woman’s body.”

    Too many mines in that minefield. I don’t trespass there. I like my legs!

  585. Spicey, says:

    Beck – Kandinsky, of course, the essential collection of every Wall Street blood sucker 😉

  586. Spicey, says:

    Capitol P – I was referring to your assumed prowess with the feline as a declaired Alpha 😉 who pays close attention to a woman’s body.

  587. London Girl says:

    Gee thanks, I’ll treasure it!

    It’s doesn’t really matter whether it’s in relationships or business, their body language will still tell you more than their words will about their true intentions.

  588. Principium says:

    Did he say the Crete islands?!

  589. Principium says:

    LG, I should have qualified my statement further by contextualizing it in the continuum which we call dating & relationships.

    I don’t back track much, so consider this minor concession as your free brownie point 😉

  590. Beck says:

    He did say that he was visiting to the south of Europe over summer …

  591. Principium says:

    Orifice? Not a letter in the Greek Alphabet, unless you are making a coy joke about FB going Greek?

  592. London Girl says:

    @Principium, I’m not sure that it’s solely women who say one thing and signal another, it’s a general human trait.

    Pretty interesting all the same, I used to be a sales manager and could quite easily gauge exactly whether or not someone was genuinely going to buy the product, completely regardless of whatever they happened to say. Body language spoke much louder than words and it’s very hard to fake.

  593. Principium says:

    I can live with Capitol P, as long as it’s a Pr*ck, in the most endearing way of course 😉

  594. Principium says:

    For SA disclosure purpose:

    I’m currently an active SD premium member and have had 3 brief stints on this site over the last 2 years, with each stay lasting about 2-3 months. The first stint was exploratory but the second was more successful.

    For me, I have found the sweet spot to be the 3-5 range. The low figure being the max affordable allowance and the top number being the total disposable including the ancillary expenses. Since I only seek an arrangement of max 2 rendezvous per month (I like short getaways and no, I’m no longer married) I seek those who are fine with “limited” liaisons.

    FWIW, I do better finding my own arrangements IRL.

  595. Beck says:

    Principium, I though Omega in the case of Fatty stood for Orifice, no?

  596. Spicey, says:

    Capitol P – I don’t mind brash and naughty – I do mind choosing to be a selfish lover. That, to me is unnecessarily cruel.

  597. Principium says:

    Spicey, in the hierarchy of the male species you have three main categories of Alphas, Betas & Omegas.

    Alphas = Bad Boys.

    Betas = Good providers.

    Omegas = Lone wolves.

    There’s a lot of overlap and not many men are natural Alphas. I was an Alpha by nature, until I got married (years ago) and then somehow became emasculated!

    Alphas by nature are misogynists but the degree of it varies. There’s nothing wrong with Betas and actually they make great SDs. The World will not function correctly without the Betas (think of then as soldier ants) Apple would not churn out one iSh*tUnot anything if it was composed of thousands of Steve Jobs!

    I’d like to help my brethren to drop a bit of their “nice guy” persona like their moms and aunts tell them to be, in order to be “good” with women. I rather be decent than nice (I’m nice to my Mom & Daughter) FB has some Omega hue onto him. I reckon that he can be decent too.

  598. Beck says:

    Oh no, it would affect me all right!

  599. Spicey, says:

    I didn’t offer said foundling, simply fail to believe it would leave you “unaffected”

  600. Spicey, says:

    Kittens do hate collars 😉

  601. Beck says:

    You wouldn’t consider a sudden ball fondling to be aggressive?

  602. Principium says:

    You see Spicey, you already knew how to lubricate one’s Limbic system! Going commando is perfectly fine for a feline. The point being that something adorning on you shall eventually hit the floor.

  603. Spicey, says:

    Beck – gotta love Grace Kelley. Aggressive?

  604. Spicey, says:

    Principe – as the resident misandrist I found nothing misogynistic about your post. Quite the opposite, it seemed that you are a connoisseur of women. Whereas FB sees us all as a Big Mac to be wolfed one-handed en route to the latest SpiderMan installment then tossed into an I5 dumpster.

  605. Beck says:

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Spicey! Are you usually this aggressive? No wonder the guy in his deathbed wants you to come and give him his final rites, and a blow job on the side.

    By the way, beautiful picture.

  606. Principium says:

    Beck, here is a statement which is really going to endear me to the female participants on this forum:

    Although I remain respectful and “hear” what women have to say, I don’t often “listen” to what they say unless I detect a harmony between what comes out of their mouth and their body language. I don’t know, I’ve often been more curious about what the body says instead of what the brain commands to utter out of one’s mouth.

    Men usually have only two gears, so they are for most parts, easily figured out. Women on the other hand, because of evolutionary reasons (mostly protective reasons) are much more complex and multi-layered. They can recite Shakespeare to me backwards on the blogs and while quite impressive, I still won’t put much stock into their written words (or spoken) until I see them under the lights. The female mouth and body coordination is much more intriguing to me.

    Hey I don’t mind being the self-proclaimed misogynistic badboy on here. Someone’s got to be that apart from Fat Bastard. FB is a bit too Omega although as stated before, I like what he says, just not the way he says it!

  607. Spicey, says:

    Beck – you’re saying you wouldn’t want to “lean in”if I started said fondling? Need I challenge you to lunch in Midtown?

  608. Spicey, says:

    Well Principium, my knickers can only end up on the floor if I am wearing them.

    TraderJ- distinction without a difference – we just misunderstood each other

  609. Beck says:

    Playful, unfortunately, is one thing I am not. That simply is not in my nature. However, I assure you that if I ever can convince Fatty to go on a date with me, I will surely cop a feel of his moobs.

    Jokes aside, I get far more passionate talking about Lean In than actually leaning in. Spicey already mentioned that such behavior triggers gaydars without fail.

    That is unfortunate. Women are not considered to be lesbians if they do not start fondling balls in the middle of dessert.

  610. Principium says:


    FWIW, I think that you over think it and are over analytical to the point of becoming too critical.

    When I’m on a 1st (sometimes 2nd & 3rd) date whether in real civvie world or even in the SD/SB paradigm, I don’t like to sit across a table directly facing my date! Too stodgy for me (Oh, I hate to be put in a booth on a first date. Too claustrophobic for my tastes) I like to sit at 75-90 degrees angle and in my date’s proximity. If I like my date, I’d like to test some kino on her to see if she’s receptive.

    Nothing wrong to be sophisticated but even the most sophisticated women like a playful man. Women in general are a lot more playful than they initially let on to be. Not condoning to behave like a college frat boy, but a confident man who does not care about the outcome is a man who is loose and ready to have fun.

    Best first conversations are fun convos like chattering monkeys. There’s always time to discuss the Higgs Boson particle for later on, if that’s what you and your date are into…

  611. Beck says:

    Buy volatility puts, Trader J, buy volatility puts.

  612. TraderJ says:

    @ Spicey

    “TraderJ – It was a multi-thread commentary where many things where said, but we can both see misunderstanding, so civility returns. I suppose I have developed an opinion that even though you recognize my intellect you believe me a person of shallow values”

    That indeed is interesting, so you assumed I have a bias towards you because you’ve developed one towards me? Even when I state I believe your intellect is superior you have somehow tied that into a values discussion.

    Let me state it plainly so there is no confusion, I don’t actually spend any time thinking about your value system. I only know the things I have read lead me to believe you and I are light years apart in the things we value. That only makes YOUR values wrong for me, but as they are yours that is probably an OK thing.

    I am quite sure the things I value in life mean little or nothing to you, do you think that makes my values shallow? I would hope not.

    Anyway time to jet it’s 9:20 AM in HK should be an interesting Asian session.

  613. Principium says:

    Spicey, I don’t subscribe to the concept that the “enemy of my friend, is also my enemy” There was no dig at you.

    In real like, I love to banter with feisty girls like you (LG seems is also to feisty but on a different level than you), so chances are that if I were in the mix with you and LG at a bar somewhere, it’d be your knickers on my floor at some later point in time.

    However for the purpose of blog persona, LG was placed on top. # 2 is still available if you’d like to sway me to anoint you. Hey FWIW, I’m a man and my allegiances can be swayed quite easily. My mantra is to fill # 1 through # 5, but gotta have at least 3 at any given time. 3 is a great number, because as a man who is simple, I’d hate to have only two choices, because I often make the wrong choice 😉

  614. Beck says:

    “Beck, I think I’m wet! Lol! Fan-freaking-tasting, add a photo, face turned, in a tie and white shirt and you will be very ! Satisfied with the fish in your net.”

    Thank you. I was going through my photos. Face turned, huh? I will need to get a new one.

    Fatty, What do you do for pictures? Moob pic or not?

  615. Beck says:

    Point well take Principium. The calendar is not doing me any favors either, so I can definitely indulge far less than I used to when I was in my 20s. There are some wonderful wine bars in and about Manhattan (Flute being my favorite), however depending on the time of the evening the noise level could be bothersome. Hence, for me, the path of least resistance was a dinner date; I have to eat anyway.

    Picked up a lot of helpful hints though from many here. Perhaps I will make a pre-dinner Brandy Library rendezvous my standard operating procedure going forward. It is rather quiet, serves some food, and an excellent selection of scotch.

  616. Principium says:

    Beck, I personally do not enjoy dinner dates with someone I have never met before. I’m a very light eater in the evenings anyway and rich foods (pun not intended) are too unsettling on me (again, pun unintended) Age wise, chronologically I am about 15 years older than you, so our digestive systems operate differently. When I was in my early 30’s, I was less bothered about the timing of when I consumed food in the eve.

    I know that you WS types do things a bit differently than us West Coasters, but I like to keep it both light and light hearted.

  617. Beck says:

    Don’t, it leaves ugly scars.

  618. Spicey, says:

    If this review doesn’t come out I am going to start cutting!

  619. Spicey, says:

    Dorky that’s delightful! Now you’re my GILF 😉

    Principipium – 🙁 now, now – spend a little more time and you will see our dear LG for a grenade thrower who only tears down but does not build up. I will immediately be researching the phrase lubricate my limbic system – I adore it! Even if you were trying to poke at me.

    TraderJ – It was a multi-thread commentary where many things where said, but we can both see misunderstanding, so civility returns. I suppose I have developed an opinion that even though you recognize my intellect you believe me a person of shallow values.

  620. TraderJ says:

    @ Dorky – awesome, nothing in the world compares with spoiling one’s kids, have fun with it.

  621. Beck says:

    Principium, It’s not that my dates are too long, it is that I like to eat good food, and it is hard to chow down a good meal in less than 3-4 hours. You add an after dinner drink and cigar and … you see where time goes?

    However, point well taken. Eat alone and take a good book is the answer. No risk of boredom.

  622. FatBastardSD says:


    “Dumb advise. So if I offer $1500 just to meet and $25K/month like one poster here does it makes me legit? “Arm candy” I would like to see these profiles sometime.”

    Sorry I did not realize you were posting in order to immortalize your SB exploits. Maybe they can encode it and put it on the next space probe for aliens to marvel at.

    By all these I ment SB’s like you (or to be fair those SB who have expectations of certainty), not all SB’s.

    The problem is exactly that many SB’s consider this serious business to make serious money. You want drama as a SD? Have an arrangement with a SB who considers this her job.

  623. Principium says:

    Repost # 2:

    Principium says:
    April 14, 2013 at 4:24 pm
    Well since I’m a new poster on here, it appears that my comments take quite a while to get past the moderator so if that’s the case, I may just give up on commenting since they will just get buried under a stack of other comments!

    Nevertheless I just wanted to make a quick comment @ Beck stating that (I’m paraphrasing) he doesn’t feel the attraction after a 4-5 hour of mind numbing chit-chat.

    A 4-5 hour dinner date for the first meeting is just tooooo looooong! We have all been guilty of prolonging 1st dates which seemed to have gone over perfectly smoothly, yet come to find out later on that, well, that was that, i.e, a one hit wonder!

    One very basic yet fundamental law of attraction is that we must leave matters on a high and have the ability to cut a seemingly successful 1st date a bit shorter, despite our best inner wish trying to over extending it! Always leave a little bit more to be desired for the next round. Women find a bit of mystery to be very appealing and alluring, whether exercised in the Sugar Land or traditional dating.

    Speaking from personal experience, if I ever over extended a first date beyond its natural expiration time; and if I failed to secure the promise for a second date within a week from the 1st date plus did not seal the date with a kiss (no need for passionate and prolonged French Kissing on the 1st date) then that date always proved to a still-born date.

    To put it bluntly, it seems that your dates are just too long (and perhaps too elaborate) and if you leave something on the table to be desired, it is not anything of substance which makes you truly want to bond with you date and vice versa!

  624. Beck says:

    Thanks, Fly. So now Spicey says $5-10k, you say no more than $4k. I would be interested in knowing what Fatty says.

  625. Principium says:

    Repost # 1:

    Principium says:
    April 14, 2013 at 12:14 pm
    Hello all,

    I’ve been flying in stealth mode for a while on these blogs and have come to familiarize myself with some of the regular SA boardies.

    LG: I’ve become an admirer of your writings. Having spent a majority of my adolescent life in London, I may have a slight bias toward you, nevertheless, your pieces on here are lucid and very intelligent. My BS detector has also been off the charts, but at times the SA blog landscape can be quite “entertaining” .

    Just a brief SA bio: I’m a male SD in late 40′s and have had a couple of brief stints on this site and once on Daddie.com, plus another site which shall remain nameless, because IMO that 3rd one was nothing more than a credit card scam mill.

    There are a few regulars on here who lubricate my limbic system more than the others, but I have already given away my favorite one

    Over all, my curiosity was piqued enough to dare to throw my hat into the Octagon and enter it!


  626. DorkyGuy says:

    @BeachGirl~ yup… sexy as hell!

    @Principium~ welcome to the fray!

    @Blog in general~ Y’all have fun arguing about whatever the sujet de l’heure is… I get to take my daughter shopping and buy her everything that’s on her baby registry.

    These are the moments that make life worth living!

  627. Principium says:

    Yippee Ki Aye! It didn’t so the magic marker must be 3 posts! OK, let me go back and dig up what I wrote before which got buried yesterday under the avalanche of this Monster thread.

    I’ll copy and paste my prelude posts. I’m too lazy to reintro myself.

  628. TraderJ says:

    @ Spicey – Your comment was

    “$2K seems to be what Jersey is happy with (although some of us probably have opinions as to why) but she prefers working class SDs”

    You did not state that Jersey was calling them that, you simply labeled someone paying what Jersey likes as “working class” Not clear at all if you were referring to how you or she labels them that way. I think as a writer you can clearly see how I made the assumption I did. My apologies if it was wrong.

    “But, you’ve decided to label me as empty-headed so forever more you will read my posts in that vein”

    I have not labeled you as anything, I would be grateful if you could point out to me where I have done such a thing? I have already said a couple of times I am QUITE sure you are much more educated than I am, not sure how that is calling you empty headed. I think its 50/50 on reading what you wrote as to whether it was you or Jersey making the working class comment, likely higher in my favor to someone new and not aware of the past dynamics.

    “Would you like to read my work on child exploitation on the Internet and rethink your bias?”

    As I have no bias, other than the one you are telling me I have when the facts state otherwise, I am not sure it would help. Plus I am not really interested in poking my eyes with sharp sticks today so I think I’ll leave that subject matter alone, but thanks for the offer.

  629. FatBastardSD says:

    @ Beach_girl

    TraderJ’s numbers are realistic. The only gray area is where the person with this salary is located. 150K-200K is still possible for working class stiffs in the Valley, but the costs of living are very high as well. Some perverted types can offset this by considering a SB as a necessity rather than a luxury though :-).

    The interesting thing that I have seen is that older SB (30+) seem to have higher allowance requirements, and are often the ones in the 5K-10K range. This may be because this is a cost/benefit threshold (as Spicey claims) if these SB’s have a good income on their own, or these SB’s are willing to date older SD’s (55+) who will on average have more disposable income.

    Note: I personally consider many 30+ year old women sexy as hell in the real world but they are old by many SD standards. I would hope that I am happily whoring at 55 and would not consider myself old at that age either.

  630. Principium says:

    I’ll try this 3rd post as my final attempt on this blog. If it takes well over 5 hours to get moderated, I will not bother and just read the boardies’ comments which seem to filter through unmoderated.

    FWIW, I tend to agree more with LG & TJ’s line of thinking, even though I am not as eloquent in my deliveries. FBSD speaks the truth, but his delivery is more brash than I’d fancy.

    Over all, some great reading in here once one takes the time to swat away the usual fluffy banter.


  631. fly says:


    Y’all have a marketing problem.

    My recommendation

    Start with the assumption that the SB you want is bright and probably does not want to be controlled or bought, but’s not opposed to being assisted.

    She has paid a personal price for her intellect (and lack of interest in the mundane) and her pursuit of higher education. She’s probably been conditioned to be repelled by the Wall Street reptiles who in the words of her professors and friends suck the blood from the people.

    Your ad should read like what you posted but without a discussion of ANYTHING in excess of $4K other than your willingness to assist with a truly talented entrepreneur or student if the relationship is working.

  632. fly says:


    Y’all have a marketing problem.

    My recommendation

    Start with the assumption that the SB you want is bright and probably does not want to be controlled or bought, but’s not opposed to being assisted.

    She has paid a personal price for her intellect (and lack of interest in the mundane) and her pursuit of higher education. She’s probably been conditioned to be repelled by the Wall Street reptiles who in the words of her professors and friends suck the blood from the people.

    Your ad should read like what you posted but without a discussion of ANYTHING in excess of $4K other than your willingness to assist with a truly talented entrepreneur or student if the relationship is working.

  633. Spicey, says:

    Beck, I think I’m wet! Lol! Fan-freaking-tasting, add a photo, face turned, in a tie and white shirt and you will be very ! Satisfied with the fish in your net.

  634. Beck says:

    What can I do, Trader J, to make you happy? No one should be as disturbed as you are by reading a blog.

  635. Spicey, says:

    TraderJ –

    SHE calls them working class. I SAID I don’t know how THAT math works out because I DO understand the math you’ve just laid out.

    SD Guru did a brilliant!! Job of laying out SD/SB economics which I memorized when pricing myself as a product. And, use as a gauge re: what the minimum income of an SD would need to be in order to princess me at the level that makes me all soft and sweet. (She’s in here ).

    I did not “misunderstand or misstate” anything. But, you’ve decided to label me as empty-headed so forever more you will read my posts in that vein.

    Would you like to read my work on child exploitation on the Internet and rethink your bias?

  636. TraderJ says:

    @ Beck – I neither want or need your forgiveness. BTW aren’t you the guy that was on here complaining about the markets hammering you today?

    I do love a good story though, sadly yours isn’t interesting anymore. Maybe you can get a new account and come back paying 50k a month and woe is you still nobody to talk to.

    Back under the bridge with you. I won’t waste another byte on you, do continue with your RPG.

  637. Beck says:

    I forgive you, Trader J. Now go in peace my son.

  638. Beck says:

    Spicey, how about this?


    I am looking for someone who, first and foremost, would be someone I could chat with. This may sound cliche or fake, but this is indeed rather important to me, so let me elucidate. I can talk of a whole host of things, with one exception. I am completely ignorant, on purpose, on popular culture, TV shows, gossip, and the more popular American sports; call it the curse of spending a large part of my childhood in International Schools for expats.

    But I like literature, arts, poetry, classical music, politics (slightly left of Engels), economics (slightly left of Keynes), sociology, tennis, squash, what have you. I request, gently, that you have a genuine interest in one or more of these, failing which we will have to fall to the topics of last resort, abstract mathematics to applied statistics.

    You do not want that, I do not want that, nobody wants that.

    When I read the above, it sounds funny. Let me tell you this, I am as serious as a heart attack. Being an out and out extrovert, I talk. If I stop talking, I get bored. When I get bored, I die a slow, painful death. You wouldn’t want to be there when I am dying.

    Towards that end, having a college degree is likely a safe bet, and having a graduate degree probably increases the safety factor.

    Otherwise, I like fine food and wine, which I believe brings people very close to god (even atheists such as myself). I like to go to the Met and the MoMA. If that would bore you to tears, you would, unfortunately, bore me to death. Let’s not do that to each other either.


    Needs a lot of editing, but going in the right direction, or not?

  639. TraderJ says:

    @ Beach_girl – Just ignore Spicey’s comment it’s so wrong it’s not even funny. The 2012 Median Income of US households was $45,018 per annum even if you assume they had some so ok write offs and paid in the 20 to 25% tax rate that would leave them 34,875 after tax disposable income.(using the mid rate of 22.5%) 2k a month for a year gosh that seems to be 24k, so your working class SD is spending 24k of his after tax 34k on a SB?? I guess he affords those shopping trips and all those designer clothes on 10k a year.. oh wait, he has to live pay his own and possibly his family’s bills as well… gosh that makes a lot of sense.

    Numbers don’t lie, anybody paying you 2k a month or 24k a year in after tax dollars is by no stretch of any one’s imagination “working class” that’s just silly.

    You simply have to do the math on these thing if you really want to see how truthful some of the people are on here and I am not pointing fingers at anyone as they might all be getting or giving what they claim. But 5k a month of AFTER tax dollars even for those of us that do make 7 figures a year is in the area of 70k before 10 to 15% a year in taxes after write offs etc…

    Try not to take the numbers thrown around here too seriously anybody that actually makes that kind of money or pays it is well aware of how much it is and what it takes to earn it. To just give away 24k a year taking into all their other costs and taxes etc..etc… assume they would have to be making between 150k and 200k, where exactly is that working class? I think there are lots of people that would love to go there work.

    People with wealth didn’t get wealthy or stay wealthy by throwing money away for no good reason. Like oh say 25k a month on SB they aren’t really interested in. I am firmly in the I think Beck is full of BS camp but whatever up to him how he wants to spend his time.

  640. Beck says:

    Heard back from Boston, which was a big relief.

  641. Spicey, says:

    BG – Jersey herself says she prefers working class men. I’m not sure how the math pans out, it’s just her preference.

    $5K comes with a lot of expectations. I don’t know enough about you as a “sugar product” to make any assumptions as to what you can expect in the sugarstrata – I’d have to see your profile.

  642. Beach_Girl says:

    Spicey~ sorry I didn’t see your response before I posted, still not many 5k SDs here, I wish I could get that. Maybe one day 😀 I am hopeful

    See you all later sugars, back to work for me 😀

  643. JW-UK says:

    I’m with Spicy – around $5k should get you someone with some goals and life experience and also prepared to deliver on her end of the arrangement. You can use the change from your $25k for one off gifts and short holidays. I just think at the $25k range, the expectations are too great on either side.

    As for first date, I usually pay all expenses and give a small gift to show I’m serious – also try to gauge what sort of a SB she might be from the quality of the correspondence (which I don’t let drag on).

  644. Beach_Girl says:

    Also how does 2k allowance make that a working class SD? sorry, maybe I am reading you wrong?!?!? but I have had amazing SDs that have given me more than what I wanted at the time. I am older, in a city that is far from US SDs, maybe it’s just me. If I could get 5k, I would be thrilled.
    I may not be school smart, but I’m kinda smart and can hold a good convo

  645. Spicey, says:

    BG – it isn’t bad. If it makes you happy and makes your life better its great.

    For me, personally, monthly sugar that is less than what I can make by picking up freelance work isn’t really worth my time. But, I do contract work that bills at up to $200 per hour. An SD would COST me money at $1.5 K per month.

  646. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!
    Just here, diner break, to read a little, all the news is about Boston and it makes me so sad.

    Spicey~ Why is 2k bad? Sure, I would love more than 2k a month, but I am not sure I am all that…Dorky has seen me and knows me, maybe he can input here?

    Beck~ I hope you hear from your Family soon, my prayers go out to everyone out there!

  647. Spicey, says:

    For starters, actually build a profile. A bad profile = bad options.

    Explain that intellect is key, college degree necessary, and increase your age range to 25-30. Set the allowance at 5-10K, that’s a reasonable enough amount that you should be able to attract quality without being drowned in responses.

    I think it’s fine to have a first dinner wherever you choose, and she probably won’t even know the cost since I assume you’ll order the wine and she won’t even see the list. As a gift for a first date $500 in cash or gifts – max.

    And, you should be getting fantastic sex out of the deal – amazing, hot, dirty, creative, best sex of your life – if you’re gifting over $5K per month.

  648. Beck says:

    I think the main issue I have is this is an illiquid market with limited information. There is hardly any benchmark. There is not a list of things I can look for and check off, and say, well, if a, b, and c is there then I should be willing to pay x, if d is there I should be willing to pay y, so on and so forth. There is just the qualitative judgment about whether something is good, which may very well be deceptive. Plus, me being me, I believe in instant gratification and never really shop around. Which works well in many cases, and not so well, it seems, in this particular one.

    I wish I had the tenacity and bargaining mindset of Fatty. I don’t.

  649. Beck says:

    That was helpful, Spicey. So, what do I do about it? By the way, it hurts but I guess Fatty was right about value for money.

  650. Spicey says:

    Beck – I wouldn’t call it fleeced because you gave willingly, fleeced would be if the girls told you that $25K is what everyone receives. However, in my experience, and based on various data points, I am in the top ten % of what an SB would expect (and actually get) over multiple months and I have never received more than $10K in a month, including shopping trips.

    Typically (even with amazing SBs) sugar tops out at $10K per month unless she’s a live in, or you want some super kinky, per on her face and make a porno out of it, action. Antyhing over $5K and the SB expects you’re probably going to be mid-range kinky and/or a total asshole.

    $2K seems to be what Jersey is happy with (although some of us probably have opinions as to why) but she prefers working class SDs.

    Lo (who hasn’t been on the blog lately) is in the $2-$5K and she has great boobies, and is rather funny, and preparing to enter grad school.

    Russian, Madridista, Treasured, and I seem to be the only women who regularly report breaking the $5-$10K range, and I am capable of scintillating conversation, Treasured brings friends in dog collars, and Russian has D’s and is a European model.

    So, for $25K, if you’re not getting your mind blown in every way, shape, and form – yes you are over paying. You could probably get the same quality of experience you seem to be enjoying now for $3K.

  651. Beck says:

    Dorky, the market was not kind to me today. I really don’t want to talk about it.

  652. Spicey says:

    Dorky – I was the one who posted that, and yes – we would be expected to play host.

  653. DorkyGuy says:

    This is unnerving…

    “Federal authorities have classified this as a terrorist attack”. I guess that means it’s not just some nutjob, but likely Al Qaeda or something like that?

    @Stacy~ I heard about a guy that was building a stable like that, but part of the deal is that the girls had to entertain his friends when they came over.

    @Beck~ put it all in bitcoin. Diversification is for pussies.

  654. Beck says:

    Dear god! And he has actually found women to do this? For just $50k/month?

    Tell me, Spicey, and don;t spare my sentiments, have I been getting fleeced?

  655. Sassy SB says:

    Hello blog

  656. DianaSBinOC says:

    @ FatBastard

    “Dumb advise. So if I offer $1500 just to meet and $25K/month like one poster here does it makes me legit? “Arm candy” I would like to see these profiles sometime.”

    Who said I was providing advice? Dumb assessment on your part. I was posting what I do rather than what others should do. I also appreciated the advice Spicey posted.

    “Bottom line. Play the game or go home. All these SB’s want everything guaranteed. Does not work that way.”

    You can say the same with SD’s but I like to use “some” or “most” because I can’t necessarily fit every single person in the same box. Unless you’ve met every SB on here you’ll have to use most or many yourself.

    There are no guarantees this is true but I’m not here to have scores of dinner dates with strangers. I can get that in regular dating ” sugar” is what attracts the ladies amongst other things. Also play the game? Who is playing? I don’t think this is a game but apparently you do. Games typically equal drama. I’m pretty sure most people are not here for either one. Then again it’s clear you’re not part of the “most” group.

  657. Spicey says:

    My friends in Boston just finally got through to me, their phone hadn’t been working up until this point. They were with other people whose phones still aren’t working at all.

    Review STILL not posted, and now with this tragedy in Boston I imagine I’ll get bumped, hopefully just until tomorrow and not indefinitely

    The women would arrive on different days, be petite blondes, and depart on different days so that he always had a cycling inventory. He actually wanted us to live at his house during our stay. He was also not quite five feet tall and called his junk “rumor” because it “passed from mouth to mouth.” Although I thought he was gross, my curiosity could not resist talking to him about his fantasy for well over an hour.

  658. Beck says:

    I have been calling the landline phone but no one is answering. I am hearing that people are having trouble getting home though because big parts of downtown are blocked off. So I am giving it time.

  659. SD says:

    Beck try the old way a landline phone or the neigbors.
    Send an email.

    I can understand that you want to drive over but that is the wrong decision at the moment. Everyone wnats to go in or out so the traffic is stucked and the police and the emergency services can not work.

    when you are driving no one can reach you.

  660. Beck says:

    “Beck and Fatty – it is well agreed and blogumented that money changes hands before panties, or knees, hit the floor.”

    What do you do before that? Keep the envelope just outside of the SB’s reach but keep luring her with it?

  661. Beck says:

    How was the review by the way Spicey? Send me a link at beck dot dada at gmail, if you are OK with it.

  662. Beck says:

    That is one wild idea Stacey! The girls live there full time? Or just nights?

  663. Spicey says:

    Beck – I had a few conversations with an SD who was building a harem. Three girls at a time to come stay at his house for a week, $4K per girl – each girl had to commit to one week per month, all told he wanted 12 girls. I didn’t believe him, so he sent me pictures of the girls – prettier than one would expect. With three at a time, I’m sure they could entertain you and be ‘good enough’ in bed.

  664. Beck says:

    And, thanks SD and Spicey. I appreciate it.

  665. Beck says:

    Cell phone has been shut down in large parts of Boston because of the suspicion that cell phones were used in the blast. If I do not hear from them by 9 pm I will rent a car and drive down to Boston.

  666. Beck says:

    Hey Fatty, can I ask you a serious question? I know you don’t believe that I am real. I really don’t care. But assume that I am real, at least to the extent of the resources at my disposal.

    How best do you think I can deploy them? You seem to be my kind of bastard, so would love to learn from the Master here. Serious question, not f’g around.

  667. Spicey says:

    Beck and Fatty – it is well agreed and blogumented that money changes hands before panties, or knees, hit the floor.

    There is a person finder on Twitter right now Beck, [link]http://google.org/personfinder/2013-boston-explosions/[link]

  668. DorkyGuy says:

    Beck, do any of them have messaging apps? (Skype, facebook, twitter, etc)

  669. Beck says:

    I have family in Boston. I can’t reach them. This is frustrating.

  670. Beck says:

    Fatty, may I call you Fatty? When do you give the money? Right before you are going to give her a facial or after?

  671. FatBastardSD says:


    Dumb advise. So if I offer $1500 just to meet and $25K/month like one poster here does it makes me legit? “Arm candy” I would like to see these profiles sometime.

    Bottom line. Play the game or go home. All these SB’s want everything guaranteed. Does not work that way.

  672. DianaSBinOC says:

    This blog became quite the lively one.

    BTW @ Spicey ~

    Great advice.

    My first date tips:

    1. Spend enough time getting to know your POT SD first, build chemistry. This way he’s no longer comparing you against other babies when you meet, he’s already really excited about you.

    2. Be pretty but not overtly sexy, stuffy, or high priced. Wear something fitted and flattering (so that he wants to see more) but not screeming “SugarBaby” most daddies want at least a little discretion.

    3. Pay attention to the details: don’t have chipped nail polish, a ratty bag, smudged eye makeup, or visible roots. You should look fresh, light, and effortlessly pretty (so that he wants to wake up next to you).

    4. Let him take the lead: on the date, location, and when to schedule the first meet. If you’re not sure if he’s interested, he isn’t.

    5. Smile, be charming, and don’t drill him with questions. A sugar baby should be like a vacation from the rest of his life, and the best version of herself.

    6. Don’t justify why you’re on a sugar site. Don’t give him your sob story, or your financial background, unless he asks – then tell him what he needs to know and keep the rest to yourself. Don’t turn him into your white knight, or an ATM.

    Recently I have taken to the subject of allowance early on. Normally I would see where things go but I would hate to get dressed and ready only to be at dinner with a pot that doesn’t offer what I’m looking for.

    In most cases it has saved me from wasting time. Sure many are quite kind in offering a dinner date to meet by the first and second message but those typically are the ones either looking for free arm candy or will mention “my hotel is a few blocks away and…”

    Usually I’ll try a ” What type of SD are you?” approach. If the allowance stands at negotiable, I’m more likely to broach the subject early on.

  673. Spicey says:

    SD – In Boston, at the finish line of the very crowded Boston Marathon. Very horrifying footage.

  674. SD says:

    Good evening, ladies, gentlemans and others.
    How do you do?
    Well have I missed something?
    Where is a terror attack?

  675. Beck says:

    Terrorist attack at 2:50 pm, 2 killed, 23 injured, 2 bombs exploded, 1 more detonated. Full lock down. Cell phones down, flight restrictions in place.

  676. Spicey, says:

    What?! OMG.

  677. DorkyGuy says:

    Following the news about the bombing at the Boston Marathon…

  678. Spicey, says:

    Waiting for a review I have been told will be posted in a national publication today and hitting refresh on my computer non-stop. This is killing me!! Why no blog drama to distract me?

  679. Spicey says:

    Oh God! I’d shoot myself if I had to be 22 again. I can’t possibly see why an accomplished man would want to spend his time with little girls … but again, I prefer roosters to kittens.

  680. Beck says:

    You pretend to be 22, Spicey? What a cute couple.

  681. Spicey says:

    Late fifties, though he tries to pretend he’s 48. 48 to my 22! Lol

  682. Beck says:

    “A great SB makes her SD think he’s in love”

    Fighting words.

  683. Beck says:

    May I pass away peacefully before I reach my late 50’s then. This loss of judgment would be worse than incontinence and erectile dysfunction combined.

  684. Spicey says:

    Beck – A great SB makes her SD think he’s in love, he should just be smart enough not to say it. He’s old enough to know better.

  685. Treasured says:

    Beck, my guess would be in his late 50ies 😀

  686. Beck says:

    fly, What if the SB is also his accountant?

  687. Beck says:

    He claims to have fallen in love with you in 2 months!? He needs help, and not the kind of help you can provide (which I am sure is top quality). He needs a professional shrink.

    How old is he? In his teens or something?

  688. fly says:

    SB – Sir , are you really asking me for references and a tax return

    SD – yes

    SB- I see, did you ask your accountant for a blowjob before letting him do your tax returns?

    In all seriousness I think there’s a time when both parties need to share real names and for the guys some web evidence that they exist for the ladies perhaps some web verification that they exist. However, sharing of tax returns by either is a very bad idea.

  689. Spicey, says:

    No drama! It’s why I like bookish types. I should have said marginally-autistic bookish types, they are naturally as drama adverse as me.

    Dorky – “If you end things, and he feels that you owe him, he could get nasty. Has he demonstrated any major red-flag behavior before that might cause you to doubt your safety?” – He bought tickets for me and three girlfriends to go on a trip next week, and keeps bringing it up. I think insinuating that he feels I owe him for the trip (which he gave without any insinuation or request on my part that he should). I think I could probably take him in a physical fight (even petite as I am, I have some scrappy in me) but he may be a clinger who makes life embarrassing and unpleasant. Blackmail is more a concern then violence.

    Regarding his generosity: it would be a bit gauche to share completely, but in two months we’ve been together his gift$ are in the five figures – though not a Beck-level of generosity.

  690. Beck says:

    If I may ask, how generous has he been? Just to calibrate. 😉

  691. DorkyGuy says:

    Stacy, that sounds really rough. If you end things, and he feels that you owe him, he could get nasty. Has he demonstrated any major red-flag behavior before that might cause you to doubt your safety?

    It sounds like you’re going the right thing by ending it, and the smart thing by doing so gradually during a time apart.

  692. Beck says:

    What if they are a quirky, funny, bookish nice guy who loves to eat at KFC?

  693. Spicey says:

    There shouldn’t be drama! Anyone who has a sugar arrangement with me knows (clearly and unambiguously) that a relationship isn’t an option.

  694. Beck says:

    I can’t believe even SD/SB relationships may have drama. That basically flies against common sense, and the definition of such a relationship.

  695. Spicey says:

    Beck – fortunately he and I won’t be in the same area code for a number of weeks, I have plenty of time to slowly remove the bandaid and start to create distance. I don’t tolerate drama.

  696. Beck says:

    Spicey, Look, this is over anyway. It’s a matter of time. So, he will show up crying at your house anyway. Keep him hanging while you look for someone to replace him, and in the mean time have him pay for the handkerchiefs you will need when he shows up crying.

  697. Spicey says:

    Major Red Flag – a person with no friends is a person who crosses people.

  698. Spicey says:

    The thing is, the LAST thing that would make me want to upgrade is the “I was so lonely in the hospital, nobody came to see me, all I could think about was you.”

    Why would I want to develop feelings for someone who is so unlikeable their sugar baby is the only person in the universe who would come visit them in the hospital?

  699. Spicey says:

    Beck – Disentangling from this arrangement will be logistically complicated, due to the extreme generosity he’s shown. And, I don’t want to do anything that causes drama. Don’t burn a bridge that might do the snot-cry-show-up-at-your-house routine.

  700. RussianSB says:

    Spicey, it is real trick of sugar arrangement, boys put borders for us, but for themselves they always want option for future upgrate

  701. Beck says:

    BG, I am with Russian here. Tell him that you want to chat on Skype with a few winks here and there, so that he gets the drift. Then tell him that you do not do Skype with anyone you don’t feel safe with, and ask for his Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Mother’s Maiden Name, and Tax Returns. Tell him that this is purely for your safety.

  702. Beck says:

    What I don’t understand, Spicey, is why you wouldn’t keep him hanging. He is clearly asking for it, so why not give it to him?

  703. RussianSB says:

    KissCat, just one little e-mail, please
    Let him poof !

  704. Spicey, says:

    Beck – he keeps trying to press for more than just a sugar arrangement, but I don’t do that. I may be a little autistic that way, but sugar is a fetish, I don’t do love.

  705. Beach_Girl says:

    Russian~ I don’t play games, I don’t waste my time either… but yeah, it would of been fun right?

  706. RussianSB says:

    Please, play a little, ask him to show his references and tax return first !

  707. Beck says:

    “My real objection to my SD sharing his feelings is that I think he is trying to manipulate me. ”

    That, I must say, was the first thought that came to my mind. If I were to such such a thing to a woman, that would be the only reason for me to say it.

  708. Spicey, says:

    My real objection to my SD sharing his feelings is that I think he is trying to manipulate me. He came up with this entire story about being in the hospital, and realizing his feelings …. Blah, blah, blah – I think it is all just a big lie.

    Even if it isn’t a lie, the fact that I FEEL like it might be a lie is a red flag to me. It shows that I don’t trust his word. There have been a couple little white ones that I’ve let slide, and the timing of his “hospital stay” is just too convenient due to earlier conversations where he was pressing me to share my feelings with him (I’ve shared them: we have great sex, you give me nice gift$, I FEEL like I enjoy that).

    Universal Truth: If you’re not sure if someone loves you, they don’t. And, no amount of drama, pressuring for a ring, or good sex is going to change that!

  709. Beck says:

    I see, Treasured. Pedophilia is oh-so-attractive in older men. Steering clear was indeed advisable.

  710. RussianSB says:

    Are you kidding, I CLAIM references !

  711. Beach_Girl says:

    I am not trying anything. I turned him down again.

  712. DorkyGuy says:

    Beach, I think Treasured is right on this one. Too many red flags. I wouldn’t try to make it work.

  713. Beach_Girl says:

    *he said not you… sorry Dorky 😀

  714. Beach_Girl says:

    Dorky~ I would agree. And also, why ask when you first said you wanted a GF and I turned you down?

  715. Treasured says:

    Beach, asking for references would be acceptable.

    Looking for a GF on SA – not 😀

    Delete and keep on looking 😀

  716. DorkyGuy says:

    Beach, yes that’s a little nutty. I have employees that have responsibility for a lot of sensitive information, and I haven’t asked them for tax returns. If he is concerned, there are background check services that can give him more piece of mind without being that invasive. If he doesn’t accept that suggestion, then I suspect that he probably wants your tax returns so that he can do you harm.

  717. Beach_Girl says:

    Treasured~ This pot I have sent 2 mails too… I know he wanted a GF not a SB, why should I waste my time and my exSDs time?
    I just don’t get why I would need references, I never got asked that before. Funny that the same question came up here as well…

  718. Treasured says:

    Blog SDs, would you give your ex SB a reference?

  719. Treasured says:

    Beach, ask your previous SDs. If they are fine with it, why not?

    And, they don’t have to give their real names out 🙂

  720. Treasured says:

    Beck, I love my age and can’t quite see why I would need a fake one 😀
    Since I have a real one.

    I somehow don’t think I might have a lot in common with a man of a certain age, who only dates students, who, also happen to look like teenagers (admitted publicly by a person mentioned, so, can’t see nothing wrong with reposting it 😀 )

  721. Beach_Girl says:

    Beck & treasured~ I don’t give out information on anyone to someone I don’t know or have yet to meet. This is the same guy who want a GF on SA!!! It’s crazy no?

  722. Beck says:

    “Since the only damsels in distress he is interested to save are 18 to 23 year olds”

    Fake student IDs are cheap and easily available.

  723. Treasured says:

    Tax return is a bit too much though 😀

    One thing is a description of how amazing I am, another – how I spend my money.

  724. Beck says:

    Not tax returns, no. But think of this as any other job, right? Some sort of verification before signing the dotted lines may very well be prudent. Who wants an axe murderer in their house?

  725. Treasured says:

    Aw, and I also had SDs to give me references.

    Why not? 😀

  726. Beach_Girl says:

    Beck~ Yes, but would you ask the SB for her tax returns? and references? it’s just crazy. I am sorry, I wouldn’t do that. I don’t think my exSDs would be up for that either…

  727. Beck says:

    Today the market needs some loving oral care for a manipulative SD who knows how to make just the right amount of eye contact. It simply can’t get it up otherwise.

  728. Treasured says:

    Hummm… references 😀

    My Daddy was the only who had any (LOL) and he is the best ever daddy!

    So, references can be quite useful 😀

  729. Beck says:

    Independent escorts ask for references all the time. It’s basic safety for them and I respect that.