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The Art of Seduction, Sugar Baby Style


Every woman would like to believe that she is well versed in the art of seduction. But, there’s a fine line between Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson. As a woman, you have to know how and when to use female charms and advantages. Do it right and he’s putty in your hands. Here are a few things every seductress should know.

One Treat at a Time

Men are visual creatures. But that is not to say that they don’t use their bigger head when making an observation, especially when it comes to women. First impressions are key, so your choice of clothing should exude body confidence but still maintain modesty. Pick one asset to display and accentuate the rest. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid dangerously short skirts
  • Be smart: there is such a thing as “too much cleavage”
  • Don’t expose your midriff on a first date

Don’t Talk About Sex

It’s tempting to take the shortcut, but having a loose tongue when it comes to matters of the bedroom can come across as, well, loose. That is not to say conversation should be prudish. Men have rampant imaginations. Use playful language to drive his wide.

Nix the Heavy Jewelry

Statement necklaces and other accessories are “in” this year. Men may like the whole outfit, but these items can be clunky and ruin the effect. Instead, stick to simple yet elegant jewelry and strategically place them. Earrings that skim bare shoulders or a pearl on a single strand with a deep plunge. You get the picture.



Don’t Patronize

Remember, he is paying for your time (and maybe your bills). A Sugar Daddy doesn’t want to hear how childish you think his vintage model airplane collection is. Be nice, be respectful.

Make Him Need You

The daily good morning text messages are not cute. Unless he specifically asks you to do so, then break the habit of constant communication. It’s best to wait to be contacted first. Only disobey this rule for the occasional suggestive text message or to leave a hot voicemail before meeting. Desperation is never attractive.

Try out these tips now and let us know how they turn out!

Sugar Babies: What are other ways to seduce a man?

Sugar Daddies: How do you seduce women? In what ways do you like to be seduced?

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49 Responses to “The Art of Seduction, Sugar Baby Style”

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  2. Princ3ssbaby says:

    Hey there everyone I’m just looking for some advice… I haven’t been doing this sugar baby thing for long so I don’t get the jist. I don’t want to ask to many questions but I feel so left in the dark if I dont. For example he has already thought of a arrangement and I agreed to it. He texts me everymorning and he expects the texts back and I always text back but we don’t talk no more after that. But before we had sex he was texting me and saying good night… I’m kinda confused on why the communication has decreased and I’ve noticed he’s been getting back on the sb/sd website but I don’t get on there. I don’t necessarily know what’s too thirsty ..I don’t want him to think I care but I don’t want him to think I don’t care either if that makes sense. I think hes looking for someone else

  3. Candice says:

    I loved this article. Keep it mysterious is great advice.

  4. CindyT says:

    Great tips, lol, I agree – especially with the whole “keep it mysterious” part. Keep flirting and keep him guessing!

  5. Jes says:

    Fake SD’s are the ones thar treat you like a hooker. The guys that are fast to get you to have sex with them are usually the ones that are trying to see how many SB’s they can have sex with. I would highly suggest never sleeping with an SD on the first night.

    However, when you meet someone after talking to them for awhile and you establish a relationship and they don’t live in your state and you make an arrangement that when he gets here sex will be involved… then ya it you feel comfortable with it. I was getting a fairly large allowance from out of town SD’s.

    If an SD has money he will most likely be wearing expensive shoes or an expensive watch. And if anyone here wants to disagree with me go right ahead. I have been right MOST of the time. A real SD doesn’t rush you, doesn’t ask you for a BJ in his car after dinner….if so…RUN lol…seriously! I have seen it all!

    My biggest piece of advice NEVER go on a first date alone. Once again if someone wants to disagree go ahead. I don’t know this man I’m about to meet and better safe then sorry. Some SB’s travel without ever even meeting the SD to a state they have never been too. kuddos to them I guess….not for me.

    And as always, good luck on your search!

  6. carrine86 says:

    Hello everyone, new SB here and need some advice . How long should you wait to meet up? Was anyone ever nervous when they 1st started and if so how did you over come it? Any tips are helpful thanks :0)

  7. SBinSD says:


    You say the fakes are easy to spot. If you have the time, pleaser eliborate. New in this arrangment. One more question, On my profile I specify a self made non married men, these are not deal breakers but somthing I really prefer should I remove it? Any advice is helpful.

    Thank you in advance

    • Amy says:

      Stick with what you’re comfortable with. However, it is going to limit your options, as a lot of potential Daddies are in sexless marriages. But if something is against your personal morals, don’t do it. And if you want a real romance, this is not for you, as these men have no intentions of leaving their wives.

  8. trisha-s says:

    Hi. Ok so I too am extremely new to this idea of SD/SB .. I agree with what the blog posts but that is just my way of doing things I am modest by nature but can flare when needed .. I have looked through the profiles for SD in my area and im finding the net worth section to be unbelievable at least for my neck of the woods… but that aside I think this should be most interesting.. Also I fully agree that sex is something that should be put in the arrangement expectation … so anyone want to tell me what to expect?

  9. Four says:

    One sd opinion

    There’s no number of dates that’s right. N= 0.3 – 5 In my experience.


    Communicate your vision and encouragement in a classy way

    If true comfifm you are not continuing to shop.

    I think it’s essential to have an agreement on the allowance and probably best to have possession. However you have to also be aware.

    I’ve had a couple Sb just say lets not spoil the moment well take care later in the evening. However like opening the door or waiting for her to take first bite allowance first is usually the offer that should be made

  10. Jes says:

    Sorry I couldn’t really answer your question. Nobody really questions me but my mom did ask once and I don’t remember what I told her. I have other income though. Maybe a work from home job? I know Uhaul has reps that answer their phone from home and place orders for them. Just an idea… idk 🙂

  11. Jes says:

    Danielle- That all depends on what the agreement is at least that’s how it’s worked in the past for me. If you meet an SD and feel comfortable with him after a couple dates and once he starts helping you financially then sex IS next. And my advice to you is that you never really know when an SD is going to bail. I had an SD flying out here to see me every 1 1/2- 2 weeks and then after a few meetings POOF gone!! I have met very few genuine guys and a lot of fakes. I don’t waste my time with fakes, they are easy to spot. And I don’t doubt for a second that there are fake girls on here as well. Just stay positive and never fully depend on SD, I sure don’t ;)! Good Luck

  12. Danielle says:

    Question from a SB who’s new to this: how long do I wait before having sex in an arrangement? Obviously I wouldn’t have sex on the first or second date, but should I wait until I’m given my first allowance? I wouldn’t want someone to pull the disappearing act after having sex. I have a very low number of people I’ve been with and I would like to keep it that way by only having sex with one sugar daddy.

  13. Four says:

    Way back at the beginning there were two great comments about body English And maintaining situational awareness or sa. It’s not a time for multitasking. Older ad maysee what passes as normal 25 yo as rude or disinterested – checking texts. Taking the phone to restroom. Be focused. Operate inside your pot sd’s olds loop.

  14. Angela says:

    @flyr – Thanks for the earlier compliment about the blog.

    Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer vacations, trips and breaks.
    New blog topic is up!

    xo Angela from Seeking Arrangement

  15. flyr says:

    @jes – the most important thing is that the rules are comfortable for you.

  16. flyr says:

    FL – I re-read your post and realized you were being asked to promise a free test ride as a condition of the initial meeting . I can’t imagine an SB saying yes unless there is something really unusual involved. (Prince Harry etc)

  17. flyr says:

    @sugary – thanks for the yummy thought

    @FL – You have been missed , When SA recruited the large number of college age SB s with the free offer , demonstration rides may have become more common. I’m just speculating. However, as an SD I was always suspicious of such offers . I would put the demo drive in the same category as the SD being expected to bring a donation to a get acquainted ( of course the SD is going to pay the bill, the parking and a gas allowance if the distance was significant. )

  18. SouthernSB says:

    Mallory-I am going to ask you the same question my therapist use to ask me when I would lament about the fact that men kept taking advantage of me. I use to tell her how much I wanted to date intelligent men, who would take me out, and buy me flowers and treat me right, and you know what she would say to me? She would ask me, “Well what do you have to offer them?” I could never answer her. The question didn’t make sense to me at the time. That’s how low my self esteem was. I get it now. So my question to you is, “What do you have to offer this perfect man who is going to let you be successful on your own with his assistance.” Which btw, is an oxymoron. Remember, nothing in life is free, and no one is going to be with someone who has nothing to offer them.

  19. hush hush says:

    anyway, am a mature SB and I have met some real strange guys on here. up until last week, I had no idea we had people who devote their time to creating an image that is not real.

    it also gets a little tough for us the mature ladies to get men on here, the truth is most men are looking for the college girls and then complain about too much cleavage and mini skirts.

  20. hush hush says:

    wow, some stuff are better left unsaid, in this case unasked. if you’re looking for someone to show you how to succeed without the bang bang theory, why don’t you pay for it? it’s called business school. haha.

  21. Jes says:

    I have been an SB for months now and I follow most of the rules. I know how to text a guy once and a while without being desperate or needy. Actually there are a few guys that would prefer more text messages. I have had little luck on this site (better on a paid site). I have met a guy on here about 30 years older then me and we have become friends. He has helped a few times with money but we mostly enjoy dinners, movies and boating.

    The other SD’s that have emailed me want me to relocate or fly out of the country. Not gonna happen if I haven’t met you yet. There have been a few guys on here that want unprotected sex and that’s not gonna happen. Most SD’s interested in me want to fly to me or have business in my state. We talk before they come and when I lay down the fact that I firmly believe in protection they say, “well I’m clean, I get tested”. And I’m like go sell crazy somewhere else. Why in hell would an SB or SD have sex without protection??

    Well all in all I have met some great guys (2), and another on a different site. And my rules of SD/SB dating have worked out quite well!

    Anyways, thanks for reading and I didn’t introduce myself so HELLO EVERYONE!!


  22. FloridaSB says:

    Maybe off topic, maybe sort of related . . . . . maybe just need to vent . lol
    Ive been off and on the site now for a few years. Ive had a couple long term arrangements. However recently Ive noticed an influx on pot SDs who expect you to agree to a free test drive , before they will agree to meet you. Is someone going around telling them this is the way its done ? I didn’t used to encounter this issue on such a widespread basis before. I don’t require the allowance to start to meet and have lunch or dinner ,so why do they think that way? And btw — Im not a prude at all , just ask my past SDs 😉

  23. SugarySpicey says:

    Flyer – “Were that the case the site would probably be devoid of intelligent, self-motivated, interesting, classy women over 25. However, they are very much here and treasured for their brains, character, intellect and for making sex far more interesting than a quick bang.” This makes me want to bang you, with my hot body and over 30 intellect

    Mallory – why shouldn’t an SB put out? Sex is fun. Sex with an older, generous man is fun, sex with a man who is taking his time to help me is fun. It has nothing to do with class. I would ask, why are some SB’s such prudes and clearly on the completely wrong site.

  24. flyr says:


    ” I always feel like the men on this site are just looking for hot chicks to bang whenever they want.”

    Were that the case the site would probably be devoid of intelligent, self-motivated, interesting, classy women over 25. However, they are very much here and treasured for their brains, character, intellect and for making sex far more interesting than a quick bang.

  25. flyr says:


    repeat your word into the mirror until the problem appears

    “Why can’t I find a man who’s willing to help me be successful on my own with his assistance.”

    By way of background I continue to do some mentoring of grad students and former grad students for a local MBA program. I’m happy to spend the time with them with no expectation of benefit beyond the intellectual stimulation and a chance to payback for some folks who helped me.

    If the mentee is looking for the advice and financial assistance we’re now into Angel investing and that comes with some form of ownership. I’ll confess that my greatest blunder of my career was not recognizing that a recent graduate had both nailed the pending economic meltdown but had also developed a plan to form a hedge fund to exploit the opportunity.

    I’m with the prior post on this, it reeks of entitlement. My guess is that your slam on other women here has also not won many friends on that side of the fence.

    Perhaps the funniest part is “I want to succeed on my own, with his help.”

    Normally I am all about positive comments , gentle suggestions and help but this simply reeks of whinny entitlement………….. I’ll forward the post on to the White House

  26. FatBastardSD says:


    “Why can’t I find a man who’s willing to help me be successful on my own with his assistance. And if things progress… Then great. But it shouldn’t be mandatory.

    …am I crazy?!”

    I don’t know if you are crazy, but you appear to have a very entitled attitude. Your best best is to lie to any potential SD and promise/imply you will sleep with him if he helps you. You just have to find a SD dumb enough to believe you.

  27. Mallory says:

    Hi. I tried to do the sugar dating thing almost two years ago and I decided it wasn’t for me because I wasn’t interested in sleeping with people I wasn’t in love with. Not that I couldn’t fall in love with an older man… But not one that’s married with a family..

    Anyways, I want to meet with a successful man who’s willing to give me confidence to succeed myself. Is this even possible? I always feel like the men on this site are just looking for hot chicks to bang whenever they want.

    Why can’t I find a man who’s willing to help me be successful on my own with his assistance. And if things progress… Then great. But it shouldn’t be mandatory.

    Why don’t sugar baby’s have class and wait before they put out. Am I just asking for tooo much or am I crazy?!

    I should mention that the man I met with two years ago was wonderful and he would have made a great sugar daddy. But I just wasn’t ready. And now I need guidance on what to do with my life and i don’t where else to find it.

  28. sweetie says:

    Sugary, sorry to hear that. Hopefully you’ll be able to see each other while he’s gone… otherwise, try to focus on the good times you had together. Sometimes short and intense is best. Kisses, dear! 🙂

  29. DarkHorseSD says:


    It is not distasteful, but there are distasteful ways to ask which you should avoid. You do not have to sleep with someone.

  30. IamMissCosta says:

    Hi guys… I’m a SB new to the SA site and I just found this blog lol… I’ve never been out with a guy and im a little nervous. I’ve been active on the site for about a week now. Any advice?

  31. SugarySpicey says:

    Sweetie – thanks. I’ve been having a great time with this guy for two months and now he’s moving out of the country for 6 months to 2 years and I’m very, very sad!

  32. flyr says:

    A couple of suggestions
    Dress appropriately for the place you are going – you can always loosen one
    more button
    Be your real self – if the two of you are not compatible you might as well find
    out early

    Control the volume of your voice

    Be sensitive to your partner (goes for both)

    Your male partner is not looking at spinach on your teeth or some other
    dreaded defect, chances are he is trying to visualize you naked on his bed.
    Let the force be with you.

  33. flyr says:

    There’s only one firm rule – don’t be stupid

    • Amy says:

      Exactly. Girls, do what YOU are ok with. The contract here is financial assistance in exchange for sugar- sex yes, but also the key to success in these arrangements is how you make your Daddy feel about himself. If you make him feel good by flirting, showing interest in his interests, teasing, complimenting,(don’t overdo it and look clingy and desperate…being confident is key) being
      generally fun to be around, then he’ll keep coming back. This can be a great experience, just be sure that YOU are the head of the game.

  34. flyr says:

    @sugar sugar – mutual management of expectations can be important.

    There are exceptions to every rule but I think the general rule is that sugar seldom flows without intimacy and that for most SB’s it’s not wise for the intimacy to flow without an understanding ( and probably actual) sugar flow.

    There are of course exceptions

  35. Dashel says:

    I like the good morning texts too, I think it’s cute. Angel is right about being case by case though so as Walter White would say, tread lightly at first.

    Very much agree on not going overboard on makeup and short skirts. I’m also not a fan of women sending me half naked pictures right off the bat. Save that for later or it seems meaningless. A tasteful bathing suit pic is one thing but overtly sexual before you even know the person is not my thing.

    Of course you need to know your audience. For the subset of people here who just want a more transactional arrangement, that might work.

    I think the one thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of young, beautiful women out there. There seems to be a shortage of fun and engaging ones though. I’d go with the later to distinguish yourself while not letting them forget the former.

  36. angel says:

    I think that these suggestions are terrific! I do agree with a previous comment that makeup should be addressed as well. Since I am African American I notice that men have been more attracted to me when I wear very little makeup. The only suggestion that I may disagree with (and this is a case by case basis) is the good morning texts. I send these about every other day and my SD loves it. He enjoys that I let him know that I am thinking of him. Since the majority of his emails, texts, and calls are business related he enjoys that sweet texts in between. Every situation is different and should be treated as such….just my two cents.

  37. sweetie says:

    Here Spicey. How can we help?

  38. sugarsugar says:

    I know this isn’t the most appropriate place to ask about my situation, but I’m feeling quite lost and desperate. I need some advice from the veteran SB.

    I’m talking to a pot SD and he’s planning to visit me and stay for the weekend. He wants to do day time activities and go clubbing at night but does this imply that we’ll be sleeping together at the end of the night?
    He told me where he’d book his stay and everything, but I’d just have to be his “tour guide”. I’m very new and haven’t had a SD yet and this situation seems so I’m not sure how to approach this situation.

    Also, is it distasteful to ask a pot SD for money on expenses? I do want to look pretty and all when I’m on our date.

  39. Patrena says:

    For the record, I’m new to the blog. The SD thing is new for me as well. I’m trying to get a feel for the concept. For SugarySpicy I’m sorry your guy’s moving. How long have you been involved with him?

  40. Patrena says:

    Are these tips mandatory, or suggestions?

  41. onyx_percula says:

    I am surprised it wasn’t mentioned. Don’t go overboard on makeup, be situation aware, e.g. no glitter and massive red lips for a lunch at the cafe.

    Ladies stare into your SD’s eyes. Let your eyes tell him you are hungry for him, that you are paying 100% attention to him.

    Be aware of your body language, are you leaning in to or away from him? Do you appear closed off or open? Oh and if you are feeling it, let that little squirm out.

  42. SugarySpicey says:

    I’ve got a bad heartbreak brewing, my guy moves to Asia Tuesday. Where are all the bloggies to lend moral support?

  43. RealSD says:

    I love this topic!! And it’s all such good advice. Once I went to dinner with an SB and she was dressed so inappropriately that we were seated at a tiny table between two walls because the hostess assumed I was there with a lady of ill-repute. And another time with another SB, the shirt left most of the bra hanging out, and I found that a bit much. A little modesty goes a long way–trust me, I can wait till we get to the bedroom to undress a lady.

  44. Nikki says:

    This is just the kind of info “new to the party” SB’s need.. I think it’s a great topic and all experienced SB’s should share some tips… 🙂 please.. lol

  45. Noob_SD says:

    I’m out. Peace and good luck everyone … 🙂

  46. flyr says:

    Compliments to SA this may prove to be a more interesting topic.

  47. Angela says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog…