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Win $1000 Courtesy of SeekingArrangement


Who loves shopping more than women? A sugar baby, of course!

We have decided to start rolling out a number of contests to not only spoil our Sugar Babies, but to help out financially as well. The first of which is a $1,000 Visa giveaway.

SeekingArrangement.com is giving away a $1,000 shopping spree to one lucky member. Simply enter the email associated with your SeekingArrangement.com Sugar Baby account to participate. A winner will be chosen on November 22, 2013 at 3 p.m. EST to receive a Visa Gift Card pre-loaded with $1,000 to spend anywhere that Visa is accepted.

The winner will be announced on our Google Plus Page, so be sure to “follow” us to find out if you won!  What’s more, we plan on announcing specials, promotions, and future giveaways exclusively to our Google Plus followers.
Remember, all contestants must be over 18 years of age and legal resident of the fifty United States or the District of Columbia, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia to enter unless otherwise specified.

By entering any contest run by SeekingArrangement, you agree to abide our Contest Rules and Conditions.


Winner Selection and Notification

All drawing winners will be notified through SeekingArrangement’s Google Plus page only.

Winner Disqualification

The winner will be given 24 hours to claim the prize. If the winner does not claim the prize within 24 hours, a new winner will be announced until the prize is claimed. The winner will receive a Visa Gift Card for the amount of $1,000 courtesy of SeekingArrangement to spend anywhere that Visa is accepted.

NOTE: The winner’s name and likeness will NOT be used for publicity and commercial purposes.


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  2. Kerrie says:

    I need, I want, I have to have!

  3. You know, Boston would be a wonderful place for one of these Sugar party/gala things. Toronto may not be a good idea since Canadian immigration is notoriously rude, and will turn people away very often for no reason at all.
    My last partner was once sent up there to do a welding job and the Canadian immigration officer turned him away because he thought a Canadian should have been doing the job and not an American. He had to call up his boss to call Canadian immigration up to allow him through.
    I had it out with a Canadian sow who was working the border about seven years ago over bullshit to. If you want members of this service to be able to attend these parties, they should be held in places that are more welcoming. Canadian tourism interests have actually been complaining about the behavior of their immigration officers since they tend to turn a good number of people off to the idea of visiting the country even if they can get in.
    I was turned away from Canada once, but was told later on that I could enter the country as if that somehow would have made up for the way I was treated by the spectacled sow I earlier mentioned. I just wouldn’t go now due to the experience. She went unreprimanded and her rude behavior was due to anti-transgender bias. What if she or some other immigration officer decided they didn’t like some other group of people for whatever bullshit reason?
    By the way I’d love to catch that fat mother fucker stateside. The entire country of Canada would feel the wallop/ass kicking she’d get.
    That’s not to say I’m a violent person. By the way, I hope you have a nice time in Toronto if you get in to the country.

  4. I wonder how many people have signed up for the contest. If I were to win, it would be the first time I’ve ever gotten anything out of this site. I’m not putting it down, but all of the men who’ve contacted me have stood me up. I’m still trying, though.

  5. SugarySpicey says:

    Thanks Onyx, I’ll miss it too, but I was putting so much creative energy into that writing that it was distracting me from the writing that might actually have long term career benefits. It feels nice to hear that it resonated with someone.

  6. onyx_percula says:

    A couple of thoughts, not necessarily directed at Studio…

    I have had to deal with similar issues as Studio with just about every SB I have met to one degree or another.

    One recent SB I was requested to meet with her counsellor by the counselor, them with both afterwards. Another recent should have been seeing someone. The current SB#1 “has issues” but considering her horrendous childhood she is incredibly well adjusted and functioning pretty healthy.

    One of the reasons I sugar is to be able to help and improve someone’s life. I don’t have to have a deep relationship to do that. Sometimes its as simple as just being an example, sometimes its putting humpty dumpty back together. The hard part is knowing when its time to give up trying to help… keep repeating “you cant help someone that doesn’t want help”.

    On happier notes… I found out what has been eating SB#1 besides myself 😉 I was kind of right that an old SD she was in love with was back and pursuing her again. She has had a very emotional couple of weeks. She didn’t want to involve me in it, hence the distance and “change”. She has things under control now, is very happy right where she is at. The distance has closed and the change has changed back to a nice warm feeling.

  7. DancingDevi says:

    @Onyx and Studio – I try to only chime in when I think I have something to contribute. Since I’m relatively new to the sugarbowl, I haven’t felt I had anything to add to the conversation until now. Thank you, and you’re welcome. :)

    @Studio – I am glad she is in therapy. I think your idea to meet them with her is solid, so I hope she is receptive to the notion. If you ever want to bounce something off me privately, with regards to your situation, feel free to contact me through SA – my username is linked. I can’t say I’ll always be so helpful since she is not me, but I did spend a fair amount of time in my twenties working on a lot of the same issues, so I’d be happy to be a sounding board if it helps her grow into her own confidence and internal security. I truly believe in a “human family” concept, so on a lot of levels I feel like it is my responsibility to help others with situations similar to what I overcame in my past. Not really a “pay it forward” thing, so much as a “it takes a village” thing.

  8. Studio says:


    she is in therapy already. I have asked to meet her therapist with her and give him the low down on our situation and get his take on the mental health implications for her.

    Great post, genuinely. thanks — appreciated.

  9. onyx_percula says:

    @ DancingDevi — Welcome and great first post, quality not quantity.

    @ Spicey — DAMN! Congrats and DAMN! Going to miss your blog dear, that sentiment is echo’ed by others around me too. A comment that was made by SB#1… “She has such a strong voice, she tells it like it is, brave and still shows her vulnerabilities too.”

  10. DancingDevi says:


    I agree with most of the above commentary regarding your situation. I would add a few things, however, as someone who in the (long-ago) past battled with abandonment issues, anxiety, and self-harming behaviors.

    1) If you do set a time limit on your arrangement to help her prepare for its end, that doesn’t mean your friendship has to end. After all, every (non-sugar) daddy has to eventually release his (non-sugar) baby into the world to make her own way. That doesn’t mean their relationship is over, just significantly changed. Consider continuing the friendship, via emails, so she’s knows she’s not “abandoned,” but rather supported in a different way. As she either rises to her challenges or not, either the friendship will peter out (as they sometimes do) or it won’t (but will continue with more limited boundaries). This might ease the transition for her, since it won’t be a matter of “one day there, next gone.”

    2) If you do set up a nest egg for her, You might consider making part of that package involve pre-paid therapy/counseling sessions. If she’s not getting help, she most likely needs it. If sessions are already paid for, there’s a higher chance she’ll go even if she’d resistant to the notion. That doesn’t mean she’ll engage in the sessions, but she is inherently more likely to engage if she is going to the sessions. It may not be ideal (what is?), but at least you know that you set her up with the tools she needs to improve her life after your role as SD is over, and that some of your money will go to something which can have lasting benefits for the rest of her life.

    3) Regardless of how and when you decide to end or significantly alter your arrangement with her, consider writing down what you wish to convey (go over it a few times over a few days to make sure it’s exactly what you want to communicate), and then have her READ it in front of you. Reading engages a different part of the brain than listening, which often results in lessened emotional response and “knee-jerk reactions” while allowing for a more logical processing of what you want her to understand. It’s not a perfect solution, but it does impart a higher chance of her actually “hearing” what you are communicating, instead of just emotionally reacting to every word coming out of your mouth.

    4) I will reiterate that you need to make sure to establish, communicate, and maintain boundaries. Ultimately, she is the only person who can significantly better her life in the long term. “Knight in Shining Armor Syndrome” is hard to avoid engaging in, but you cannot save her from her past or herself – you can only help facilitate her efforts to find and live on mentally stable grounds.

    That’s my $.02, for whatever it may be worth.

    @Everyone else:

    I’ve been lurking for some time, but I never felt the need to chime in before. Since I am here, I wanted to take the chance to thank those of you who regularly comment, for all that I have learned from your posts. I truly appreciate your contributions, which I often find more significant than the blog post that the thread is attached to.

  11. Zack says:

    @ Peachy Beachy, what, not even a little @ from you? Are you coming back soon? This one week is about at an end, and Monday will come too soon, I’d bet….

    LOL :)

  12. SugarySpicey says:

    Thanks Beachy! Monday morning can’t come soon enough!

  13. Zack says:

    A gentleman’s knows to watch his pints and quarts. Until Friday evening, lol.

    I did mean to say something about the appearance of Sugar reflecting the Qualities within, but too much water over that bridge at that time, sigh.

    Have a good weekend, all 😛

  14. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!
    Hope you are all having a great day.

    Gentle(man) soul~ Now curious to know what your old user name was… Welcome back!

    Sugary~ Good luck with the new job!

  15. DorkyGuy says:

    gah, really need an editor… used “excellent” twice. Substitute exquisite or enchanting

  16. DorkyGuy says:

    “Intelligent innuendo implies ignorant intent of incognito illustrators.”

    ^^^ excellent example of eloquent elaboration exposing etymological excellence!

  17. SugarySpicey says:

    Intelligent innuendo implies ignorant intent of incognito illustrators.

  18. DorkyGuy says:

    Another amateur alliteration advocating absurdity 😛

  19. Zack says:

    Premature planning preempts possibilities 😛

    Don’t jump across Finnish (sry, couldn’t resist that) lines, enjoy the journey… Exit plan could be set up as an escrow with a lawyer or accountant, even a bank maybe, and just there for her when it’s over or after time. Fire and forget, then iff heart.


    To restate: do provide for contingencies. Don’t dwell on them or you’ll suck along your own observer effect and make the futures more similar to your past. Listen…

  20. Gentle(man) soul says:

    @ Studio and vulnerable SB

    Hi Sugars , I’m a long time poster and back in the game .

    Perhaps this subject will have been exhausted by the time my post gets inspected , but you guys -get real !

    All this touchy feely stuff about improving the Pot SB’s life ? Studio ,since you like her give her an arrangement ,bang her til the cows come home and have a good time . If you are a nice guy she will come out of the arrangement a better person with some cash ,good times ,and improved relationship skills

  21. JazzySB says:

    “Maybe that could be mitigated some if you set a fixed date. “No matter what, this relationship will end {in 2 years / when your siblings don’t need you / some other milestone}.” The advantage of setting an end date is that she knows it’s coming and she can mentally prepare.”

    This is a great plan, gives her the mentorship she is needing and time to get her shit together.

  22. Zack says:

    Corrosive stuff, saltwater. Actually, water is kinda a semi-universal solvent, we’re just used to it, mostly harmless?

    There’ll be tears there, at least, unless you all figure out what SB #1 is doing. (hint, at this point, I don’t think you do. 😛

  23. SugarySpicey says:

    All packed up at the old job, turned off the blog, ready to start kicking ass and taking names in my new career with no distractions!

  24. onyx_percula says:

    As the sugar bowl turns… the wicked webs arc:

    So SB#1 fell in love with her last SD, her SD fell in love with her. He ended it as he was feeling guilty about cheating on his wife. The first time that had happened in 30 years…

    Getting mixed signals for SB#1 after she has met with former SD a couple of times now… Me thinks there is a slow leak in the Titanic.

    A pot SB that I have wanted since I first saw her profile almost a year ago contacted me. She wants a fast track to arrangement, we have dinner Friday, after which sugar may or may not flow.

    Pot live-in SB is getting her life together and wants to plan a visit here after the first of the year.

    The old GF turned SB turned Ex is back. Has been back every night this week, who brought clean clothes to leave behind… who still has a GF living at her apartment.

    @ Exotic_SB — Get em girl!

  25. DorkyGuy says:

    Doryk is a “patronizing mysoginistic (sic) slug head”? I don’t know who Doryk is, but he sounds awesome! 😀

  26. Zack says:

    OP, I gotta tattoo the the line about making her stick to known lines on something.

    Doryk, why you patronizing mysoginistic slug head. Who are you to tell Studio how to protect anything? I’m sure there are two sides to eery story, but I don’t know any of them except for yours…

    You’re over thinking this, and if Studio wants to make his mistakes, he’s got plenty of others to learn form. He’s got yours down cold. Perfect practice?


  27. onyx_percula says:

    @ Studio — Having played white knight all too often and learned lessons only to forget them recently… Set boundaries and make HER stick to them. You are unavailable for a real BF/GF relationship, period. Sooner or later it will come to an end, if nothing else you are going to die before she does assuming normal life spans…

    Since you already the most important thing you possibly can to make this work, use it man! Communication, you two are rocking it. Sit down and read the blog with her, have her comment too.

  28. DorkyGuy says:

    I gotta say, Flyr, made maybe the most important point of all… She’s very vulnerable to attaching too closely and being scarred by abandonment issues when the relationship inevitably ends (unless you are contemplating marriage).

    Maybe that could be mitigated some if you set a fixed date. “No matter what, this relationship will end {in 2 years / when your siblings don’t need you / some other milestone}.” The advantage of setting an end date is that she knows it’s coming and she can mentally prepare.

    I don’t know… man, you’re out on the lake, and the ice is an inch thick. I disagree with Zack’s suggestion of just following your heart. In some circumstances, that is good advice, but not in this one. There are real factors here, and love does not conquer all.

  29. Zack says:

    I apologize if that was in part dismissive, sir. I do understand that moving even one’s own world is no trivial matter, usually; but I think you got that bit covered. That’s one reason you can start thinking about your heart instead of just thinking about details…

    Your brain is there to manage the details, your heart is confused. If you’re lucky you may notice your soul issuing a mandate. If not, maybe think about it…if you get past the labels, that’s not something almost anyone can understand,

    😛 -Z

  30. Zack says:

    Studio, yes, and that’s in you.

    What I hope is happening is that you’re ready willing and able to help this lady. Your heart is good, And you got chemistry. Your head is analyzing details and You are using that as a defense. Good job. Now stop and go boldly.

    Her problem will be to see her problems as things to be abstracted, dissected and just fixed. She needs the ability to sole her own issues by seeing them first. Mid part comes later. End state will be, “That’s just no longer an issue and I have things I actually want to do.” Then she can forget, maybe even remember and laugh if she wants. Shrug.

  31. Studio says:

    zack. The click and the voice are competing so hard I am almost deaf.

  32. KatPaw says:

    Studio build her up emotionally and cinfidence wise so she ends up leaving you because she wants more then you are able to give.

  33. Zack says:

    Studio, I made a long post to you, but I linked it to the wiki page for tautology, and it vanished. Not in moderation, just gone. Even said Guru’s post the best up to that time. screw that.

    Studio, yes. And teach her meditation, yoga, breathing. Your little voice in your head is shouting so loudly you’re missing the click your hearts hear. more later. maybe, but I forget.

  34. Studio says:

    jazzy I wad just writing as you wrote that

  35. Studio says:

    flyr — the abandonment issue is one of my largest concerns. No, it is my largest concern.

    In all other ways I am certain I can help move her forwards through self esteem and development (she makes jewellery and I am helping her with hard business concept)

    The abandonment bit though. …….

    she’s fragile.

    Really fragile

    and been treated badly by so many people. I get concerned that if the one man who has treated her well walks away it will cause problems.

    Or maybe I underestimate her. Jesus she deals with more shit on a daily basis than I do.

    Also apologies to all.

    Didn’t mean to take over the blog with my dilemmas.

  36. JazzySB says:

    Flyr has a point regarding possible abandonment issues ensuing when you’re ready to move on.

  37. flyr says:

    @ Studio – many thousands of posts ago I believe it was one of the SB’s who advanced a very thoughtful proposition that was especially appropriate for dealing with younger, troubled SB’s

    Ask yourself if the relationship will be beneficial to her in the long run. A little help and coaching can go a long ways . But don’t expect thanks or other rewards.

    It was not until 25 years after he left UCLA that Lew Alcindor finally recognized that it was John Wooden who turned his life around. By then Lew was known by his adopted muslim name Kareem. In addition to his basketball coaching , coach Wooden insisted that a small, rotating group of players have dinner with business and intellectual leaders in the community.

    The moral of the story is look at helping with lasting skills and attitudes as equally important as rescue sugar

  38. flyr says:

    @ Studio – There’s no evil involved in helping someone; but you need to manage your expectations and the inherent risks. Also consider the potential that she will become dependent on you and abandonment may send her into a deeper abyss.

  39. Studio says:

    I’ve always been happiest when fighting the odds.

  40. DorkyGuy says:

    @Studio~ Just remember… That little voice in the back of your head is the *only thing* protecting you from getting in too deep. Don’t ignore it, just because it feels good to be her hero.

    • SD Guru says:


      Let’s make it very simple.

      1. The odds are against you.
      2. If you can’t help yourself from not getting involved, then make sure you have clear boundaries.
      3. Don’t let her problems become yours.
      4. Don’t be afraid to walk away.
      5. There is no shortage of young women with problems.

  41. Studio says:

    and for the record I am not saying anything here I have not voiced directly to her. We have discussed this at great length.

  42. KatPaw says:

    Oh and let me say the gent from my past didn’t give me financial assistance.. He would surprise me with things but first in for most he showed me I deserved respect and to be listened to. The nicest thing he did that sticks with me was my daughter was over night in the hospital after surgery he stopped by to bring me dinner and my girl a teddy bear. He couldn’t stay long but that didn’t matter. So there is a lot you can do that will stick with her that could cost practically nothing.

  43. Stormcat says:

    Studio ~ Well I was married to one of those and since my divorce I’ve had several SBs who were the way you say. They’re hard to resist bc they not only know all your buttons they are very happy to push them. Even once you figure out what they are all about they still make you feel like a heal when you say no! I’m not trying to predict what’s right for you but none of those have ever worked out for me.

  44. SugarySpicey says:

    Follow the campsite rule while also realizing that some people are just victim types who attract mystery.

    An article on the camp site rule that I like:

    “I just started dating a great girl who is significantly younger than me. I’m 35 and she’s 20. As a longtime reader, I know and agree with your “campsite rule” about having sex with younger people: I have a responsibility to leave her in better shape than I found her. Part of that is easy—be honest, caring, open, GGG, etc—but I would like to humbly request that you ask your readers who have been in relationships with a large age gap what their partners did for them that left them better off. Or worse off. Love the column and podcast! —OneLessDouche

    Honoring my campsite rule—which applies to older folks sleeping with significantly younger folks—doesn’t merely require that you be honest, caring, open, and GGG, OLD. It also means that you do all you can to make sure this young woman emerges from this relationship with no STIs, no fertilized eggs, no restraining orders, no emotional trauma, and with improved sexual skills.”

    I’d add, in a sugar relationship set aside a soft landing allowance so that she doesn’t make financially disastrous decisions due to her broken heart when things end.

  45. Studio says:

    Dorky I massively agree with you. I think the thing I can do to help her the most is simply treat her right and with respect. She hasn’t had much of that.

    She also has a bad family situation that leaves her taking responsibility for younger siblings as well as incapable parents. Just taking her out for time out at museums and walking in the country gives her space and a break that she simply doesn’t get. The only time she gets to herself or for things to be about her is when I do things for her she likes.

    I think NC Gent is right and she has BPD. The question is does that mea I should walk away or not. Having a hard time working it out.

  46. KatPaw says:

    Lmfao roman should be woman

  47. KatPaw says:

    Studio~ “Just want to do the right thing by this vulnerable attractive interesting girl.”
    Sounds like you might just be what she needs then. It’s easy for people to have “issues” these days. I know I have my own share of them. Maybe you are the one to show her how a roman should be treated by a man so she has that shining example to trump all the bad. That young she is still clay and us still being molded into the woman she can be.. I am for ever thankful for the man that did that for me! He will always hold a small part of my heart for it to! :-)

  48. DorkyGuy says:

    When i see someone with huge issues, I feel sympathy for them. If i know I can help, I try to within reason. If someone has huge issues, that’s a warning to me to keep a firm emotional distance.

    The thing is, if you go out your front door, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone who needs your help. You just don’t have a moral obligation to help everyone the cat hits.

    My advice is to help in small ways, but not the big ones. Don’t let her become fully dependent on you either financially or emotionally… rather encourage her independence by not being her white knight. Help her solve her problems, but don’t solve them for her.

  49. KatPaw says:

    Studio~ I have to agree with Jazzy on this. Could go bad or you could be just what she needs as an example of a good man? When I was 21-23 an older gent (38-41) truly showed me what it was to be a woman and how I deserved to be treated!

  50. Studio says:

    ha waddayamean I get a lot with issues.

    I agree with you that people with mental health issues should be written off. to her credit the first time we met she was so open and honest with me about all her issues I was blown away. I am finding it very hard to navigate the correct course here. Just want to do the right thing by this very vulnerable attractive interesting girl.

  51. JazzySB says:

    Studio, I agree with NC that it could most definitely end badly. However… from a female’s perspective, who was once 21, you could also be a great mentor for her. Sounds like she’s never experienced a caring and nurturing man in her life. You could be a launching pad for her and a better standard in which to compare future men in her life. I would hate to be in a place mentally where I think that every person with issues should be written off. Everyone has issues (although, you SDs on the blog seem to get the ones with A LOT of issues) , not everyone is honest about them. Some of us just dole out the crazy in small increments so that it’s less noticeable : )

  52. Studio says:

    Thanks NC Gent, will have a look And yeah she has all kinds of issues, including daddy issues no doubt about it. Poor girl has had a fucking hard hard life.

  53. NC Gent says:

    Studio — I recognize that it may make you feel good to help this young lady, who evidently has daddy issues as well as some other psychological issues, but I see this ending very badly. If you don’t believe me, google “borderline personality disorder.” Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I would recommend getting out now while it is easy and relatively painless.

  54. Studio says:

    Blog advice please.

    Met a girl, she is young for me at 21. We get on well have a lot of chemistry.

    She is also quite damaged emotionally, has had a hard time in the past. Her business don’t want to air it in public. She take pills for anxiety and has self harmed in the past.

    On a personal level and a day to day basis she is quite together and comes across as assured and confident, although having got to know her I know this isn’t the case.

    I like her quite a lot, her bad past and issues don’t put me off her at all. We can talk for hours really easily and have a lot in common.

    Part of the reason she is attracted to older men is because she has never had a positive older male role model in her life, only really really negative ones and she is searching for someone she can trust and look up to that won’t treat her like shit for the first time in her life.

    I have voiced my concerns to her that me at 37 is not what she needs in her life and part of me feels that I would be taking advantage of a young vulnerable girl but she insists that I am exactly what she does need.

    On the flip side if I can help take her mind of her stresses of everyday life (she has plenty), be the person that can help her trust men and give her experiences she wouldn’t otherwise have that is all positive.

    Blog thoughts please on where to go forwards with this girl. Making my head spin.

  55. Exotic SB says:

    @Onyx ~ I have new pots 😛

  56. JazzySB says:

    Dorky, I DID NOT see that! Could it be, they actually listened to our complaints?
    “It is all fun and games until their periods sync up.”
    I spit my coffee out when I read that, literally LOLed. That’s not going to be a happy time at the manor.

    Flyr, your metaphors are too funny.
    “the present state may be an elegant dinner party, but on the foredeck of the Titanic”
    That made me both giggle and a little depressed.

    Jen Melissa, you need to do what I did. Go back through the previous blogs here and read. I will warn you, it’s like getting into a good book. You just can’t put it down.

    “Why would any man want to live with that many girls.. Oh my I can imagin the bitch fits!”

    My thoughts exactly, even Hefner realized that the manageable number was three.

  57. DorkyGuy says:

    According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, there are “15 Secret erogenous zones”. Add to that the not-secret erogenous zones, and any self-respecting wealthy man would need 20+ women at once to keep him happy. He will also need two additional people for logistics and choreography.

  58. KatPaw says:

    Flyr lmao was also thinking this guy wanted his own “bunny ranch” ! 😉

  59. NC Gent says:

    I have a hidden, non-upgraded account on SA, and I also recently noticed quite a bit of new activity in some older profiles. It also seems that the number of attractive women is increasing again, but they are mostly younger, like 18-22. Maybe they really aren’t that cute and it is that I am that old — you know – all puppies are cute, right?

    I hope everyone’s sugar is sweet!

  60. flyr says:

    @Dorky -“What can you do with 8 that you can’t do with 5? Maybe he is starting a sports team?”

    Perhaps trying to re-do Hefner’s mansion or just outdo the neighbor who thought his John Deere tractor and new car put him at the top of the heap.

  61. onyx_percula says:

    @ Flyr — I think you are right. I talked with a friend that runs an escort agency last night. He has been turning away girls the last couple of weeks, which is kind of unheard of. He said he has been getting lots of girls just out of HS that are desperate. There were 6 new 18 year olds on SA in my area this AM too.

    @ Zack — Around here, its hard to say! Considering there are no less than 3 clubs here that each have huge 100k+ sqft clubhouses. I swear the more conservative an area the more kinky.

    @ Dorky — Ding Ding, we have a winner! I think you mean 6 not 5, but you must have apendexturoius toe action mastered, lol. Now that is true multitasking!

  62. KatPaw says:

    Why would any man want to live with that many girls.. Oh my I can imagin the bitch fits!

  63. DorkyGuy says:

    “there as a SM recruiting a harem for an estate for her SD. I guess they are looking for 5-8 18-22 year olds to “fill the estate”.”

    It is all fun and games until their periods sync up.

    What can you do with 8 that you can’t do with 5? Maybe he is starting a sports team?

  64. Zack says:

    Ok, so, back to the “5-8 18-22 year olds;” does this subsume pony play (which seems a bit of trouble) or just a generally genteel manor?

    Sry, What?! :P:

  65. flyr says:

    There are some recent studies that show kids (and probably adults) need contemplative time where they are proceeding at their own pace rather than one dictated by computers, movies, video games or even others.

    There’s also a study that confirms what most construction workers already know, recovering from hot exercise is best accomplished with beer.

  66. Jen Melissa says:

    I want to be a Sugar Baby, anyone know any sites all about sugar babies blogs and websites??? You know, to find out more and connect to. Talk about this stuff with other sugar babies who are going through it too. a blog!:)

  67. DorkyGuy says:

    Did you guys see that they adjusted the contest terms?

    “NOTE: The winner’s name and likeness will NOT be used for publicity and commercial purposes”

    What do you think?

  68. DorkyGuy says:

    Despite my grumblings about movies, I do love Captain Barbosa from Pirates of the Caribbean.

    “I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request. Means ‘No'”. … Lol!

    The whole series is sprinkled with words not in common usage. Captain Jack has a vast vocabulary as well. I am glad that we still have some writers in Hollywood that know a thing or two.

  69. DorkyGuy says:

    “Too many people have vocabularies like the single layer box with 8 crayons.”~flyr

    I feel the same way! It is true even among the “educated”.

    My business partner has a university degree, yet once I caught him bragging to a potential customer about how “inept” our product is. He thought it was short for “in depth”. That is just one example. Spelling is also a significant issue.

    I really tried to instill a love for words and reading into my kids, but with their smartphones, movies, and reality TV, they just don’t see the point. When their peers communicate with “RU”, “UR”, and emojis, they only see the need for the top row of the crayon box (great metaphor by the way!)

  70. flyr says:

    @dorky “… No real proofreading or editing”

    That’s a good description of 90% of the last 10,000 posts……………. and probably 95% of mine . This is street theater with an occasional diversion to the gutter….

  71. flyr says:

    @dorky – the work was awesome. Too many people have vocabularies like the single layer box with 8 crayons. You’re definitely using the whole pail .

    Re Economy and SB activity – I think there is a correlation. If so, the present state may be an elegant dinner party, but on the foredeck of the Titanic ……………………

  72. SugarySpicey says:

    Onyx: gross!

    Dorky: as a writer my opinion is that if your reader connects with your words, then they were right, end of story. Considering the poem was about the pirate and connected with me, it was right. Others appreciated it as well. So, it was a damn good early draft!

  73. onyx_percula says:

    Have any of the other SDs noticed an increase in pot SB activity? I am seeing lots of SBs that haven’t logged on in months or even years back on the prowl. I think I have got more unsolicited messages this week than I did all last month. Hmmm maybe that’s why its so slow here…

    Another I thought people might get a kick out of… On another site, there is a “new SB” that is actually there as a SM recruiting a harem for an estate for her SD. I guess they are looking for 5-8 18-22 year olds to “fill the estate”.

  74. onyx_percula says:

    @ Exotic SB — How is the SD process coming dear, how were your meetings?

  75. Exotic SB says:

    @Storm ~ “Perhaps that explains why we have so many people walking around as cows” ~ LMAO!!!

    @Storm ~ Sugar on my avatar lips??! A little bit of both maybe?..a product of alchemy 😉

    @Dorky ~ I agree with Storm! Stay outside the box – the poem is epic! Alter by adding hypothetical and leave it put ~ genius occurs in the moment!

  76. Stormcat says:

    Dorky ~ That’s the mistake of many poets thinking that the rhythm and rhyme patterns have to be strictly maintained. It’s the ability to bend the rules that makes a poem interesting. Anyway, there are so many structures to poetry now that you can make up your own rules. The rules are established in the beginning and then carried through loosely after that. Any combination works and If you don’t want to use rules just write in free verse. Also you can get secondary and tertiary meaning from a poem by the way you punctuate it and/or arrange it on the page. Interesting stuff can be generated by making the rhyming at the beginning of words or in the middle. The variety is endless and almost anything is acceptable as long as it is intentional and gives meaning. Anyway I’m not a pro I’m just a dilettante!

  77. DorkyGuy says:

    By the way, thanks for the comments on the poem. You are the king! I am just the understudy.

    It was put up as a first draft… No real proofreading or editing. I would have changed a lot. Several places awkward wording broke the rhythm. Also, kicking myself for not using “hypothetical” in the third verse

  78. Stormcat says:

    Exotic ~ Just curious about how you got all that sugar on your avatar lips . . . did you do something intentional like kiss a sugar bowl or does it just occur naturally because you’re sooooo sweet?

  79. Stormcat says:

    Dorkey ~ Well at least you weren’t a cow. Wait isn’t that a sacred position in some cultures? Perhaps that explains why we have so many people walking around as cows . . .

  80. DorkyGuy says:

    Wait… It just dawned on me that I might have been a female in a previous life. Hopefully I was a lesbian :S

  81. Exotic SB says:

    @Storm – I suppose it does not matter whether I was male or female, I just have to remember the blueprint as a female in this one 😉

  82. Stormcat says:

    Exotic ~ So were you a male or female pirate when you got keeled in that past life? Maybe being a female pirate in a past life might be kind of good training for being an SB in this one.

  83. Stormcat says:

    How about some limericks! anyone?

  84. Exotic SB says:

    @Stormcat – sounds like a past life I do not want to re-live 😛

  85. Exotic SB says:

    Spicey – it sure is! Everything is settled with your position at the new job?! Now onto the SD hunt for you?

  86. Stormcat says:

    Good one Dorky! I approve! great use of vocabulary, cadence and rhyming disciplined but not overly strict.
    btw pirates in the old days were punished by a method called keeling. A rope looped under the ship was tied, one end to the feet and the other to the hands. The victim was thrown over and dragged under the hull to the other side. Few survived! They either drowned or or died of infection later from all the abrasions received from being dragged across all the barnacles. Ouch!

  87. SugarySpicey says:

    Hi Exotic! So quiet today!

  88. Exotic SB says:

    …..Good afternoon everyone…?!

  89. Exotic SB says:

    @flyr – lol..

    @Sugar Blog – Good morning everyone xo

  90. flyr says:

    def heirogryph – The graphical presentation of the workings of a will, usually drawn by a computer geek.

  91. JazzySB says:

    Dorky, love it! Who knew you were a poet?

  92. sweetie says:

    It’s ok, Dorky. Your creativity got you redeemed.

  93. Exotic SB says:

    Lmaooo! That is great Dorky!!!

  94. DorkyGuy says:

    Clearly my talents are not in areas grammatical.
    I need an editor, a nap, or maybe a sabbatical.

  95. sweetie says:

    hieroglyph, ie not ei

  96. DorkyGuy says:

    Heirogryphical should be heiroglyphical. What the heck is a heirogryph?

  97. SugarySpicey says:

    Brilliance! I had to steal it.

  98. DorkyGuy says:

    I know little of this pirate, the captain who is prodigal…
    This man made famous, as the asshole who is nautical.

    His member is a marvel, a syphalitic spectacle.
    Just don’t look down to see the infected shrunken testicle.

    We explore his demise in manners parenthetical,
    and divest him of his life using methods theoretical.

    Water does the job, says evidence most empirical
    with an anchor ’round his leg, void of gasses atmospherical.

    Maybe better is a fate that he thinks is therapeutical
    collecting bugs from the ladies that are anti-pharmaceutical.

    But only *he* should endure these machinations most sadistical
    and “pirates” is the plural, dooming captains multiplisticle.

    When writing, don’t forget those symbols heirogryphical.
    For the marks may change the meaning to singular and apostrophetical.

    A mark can spell the difference ‘tween a pirate’s death most comical
    and the murder of all captains, in a carnage catastrophical.

  99. DorkyGuy says:

    Based on rumor of his better assets, maybe it should be pirate|s demise.

  100. SugarySpicey says:

    … I am the Captain of the Pinafore …

  101. flyr says:

    Twas out there for all
    the world to see

    Pirate’s without the

  102. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!!!

    What a crazy weekend, lost my internet… now it’s all fucked up!!!! not sure what happened lol… I’m so not techie!!! ah well…

    Hope you all had a great sugar weekend

  103. DorkyGuy says:

    ugh… now I have “Modern Major General” running through my head…

  104. SugarySpicey says:

    Arrrrgggg matey, me thinks an apostrophe catastrophe is under way!

  105. DorkyGuy says:

    If nothing else, a pirate’s demise should involve an apostrophe. ::oops::

  106. DorkyGuy says:

    Shouldn’t a pirates demise involve a plank, a deserted island, and a pistol with one shot?

  107. KatPaw says:

    Hello Sugars! How is everyone doing?

  108. SugarySpicey says:

    Much simpler solution: terminal syphilus, he is in Manila right now after all. Just the thought of how he’ll blow his time makes me dry heave.

  109. flyr says:

    I see minds are at work ………

    In order to minimize the residuals we’ll have to write in the Pirates demise, perhaps an aboriginal tribe of female headhunters

  110. SugarySpicey says:

    Call the pirate big, which is his only redeeming quality.

  111. onyx_percula says:

    @ Flyr — Call my Ex “tight” instead of “big”… lmao!

  112. flyr says:

    Onyx, Spicey et al – There’s awesome material here for the sequel to sex and the city. We’ll have to vote to see who gets to play the parts.

  113. onyx_percula says:

    @ Spicey — At this point I am not even sure on naming anymore… The GF turned SB, turned Ex. The one that has NCNS after connecting me a couple of times recently. She was waiting for me when I got home Friday night, she left Saturday evening. It’s a long complicated thing that it always is with these things.

    @ Exotic SB — She is trying very hard to get her shit together before we meet even though I still don’t know that will be. She said she doesn’t want to start things with me until she feels she can make a choice not based on desperation.

  114. Exotic SB says:

    Good mornin’ sugars xo

    @Onyx ~ how are things with pot LiveInSB? I might have missed something in there, although I have been attempting to keep up with the blog…

  115. SugarySpicey says:

    Onyx – sounds like you went back to the original SB #1 for a comfort bang.

  116. onyx_percula says:

    Oh the wicked webs we weave! Sometimes the sugar is just too sweet to not taste even when you know its not going to end well. Some women are just like heroin and like a strung out junkie there is no resisting them. How do you say no to a woman who’s day old scent on your pillow makes you hard?

  117. SugarySpicey says:

    The truth? He took the fat, trailer trash girlfriend of his brother, who’s funeral he’d flown home to attend, out of town and spent the weekend banging her.

  118. JazzySB says:

    Sweetie! I cried tears reading the “Oh the shame….” review. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard.

  119. sweetie says:

    Gotta love the brits!

    • SD Guru says:

      “I just learned the truth behind while the disgusting, sleazy, bootlegging pirate didn’t call to check on me or wish me happy birthday after he left me in Bali.”

      Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free… so what’s the truth? 😎

  120. sweetie says:

    I guess we exhausted the topic already. Nothing else to chitchat about?

  121. onyx_percula says:

    @ sweetie et al — Trust me I have been saying that all along. The ironic thing is she calls me “sensitive” and she is the one that balls over this. We came up with a good defense, ran it past a lawyerly friend or two. I worry a lot less than her.

    I will talked to her about counter SEO manipulations (I mentioned more or less the same before). She was opposed to putting more on the net at the time, and I am not talking to her tonight, its a fun night in tonight!

    @ Flyer — Yes Guido has been an option.

  122. sweetie says:

    Flyr, I agree moving on is a good suggestion. Focus on getting into Law school and ignore the rest of the drama.

  123. flyr says:

    The potential for success in managing information on the rip off site – Brandon’s there too, a complaint filed by someone who claimed to have worked with him. But you never hear about it due to the amount of other materials on the internet. The complaint sounds bogus and I am mentioning it more as an illustration of how to move on

  124. DorkyGuy says:

    Spicey’s right on… There is a lot she can do on her own.

    On the topic of online reputation management, here is an article worth reading… [img]http://nymag.com/news/features/online-reputation-management-2013-6/[/img]

    Few people have $10k/month to spend, but few people have newspapers writing negative articles about them that need to be suppressed. Given her situation, I bet many similar tactics could be applied on her own and at much less cost.

    Also, make sure she has LinkedIn and other public profiles that list her accomplishments and portray her positively.

  125. SugarySpicey says:

    Onyx – I’m pretty sure the site you’re talking about is Rip Off Report, and it’s fairly simple to optimize content to suppress theirs. I’ve done this for a company before, it takes about a year and you have to generate a LOT of reverse content.

    1. She should create a response blog under her own name, explaining her side. That ensures that anyone seeing the nasty post will also get her response in search results. There probably isn’t a ton of search traffic under her name, so after building the site if she googles her name and then clicks HER site from a variety of locations she’ll help manipulate the algorithm.

    2. Then she should start generating actual content on that blog, articles on politics, fashion, travel – whatever – using her real name to sign the end of the posts, use links to other sites ( to drive relevance ).

    3. She should create a Twitter account to drive links to that blog.

    4. She should post content on other, legitimate blogs, again using hr own name.

    While RRR is well optimized for their site, they aren’t well optimized under any one person’s name, and a young girl probably has so little existing web content that it is simple for them to hold position one. You can’t reasonably pay your way off page one, but you can content build to suppress that site, nobody will search her name on page two.

  126. onyx_percula says:

    @ Guru — I can only go by what I am seeing. Another site didn’t list SB age limits when I first setup a profile. They also had piss poor search abilities. People complained they responded. When I first was there I would see new SB profiles at a rate of ~6 per week. Today I see 5-10 per day. Those are new SBs in my area that meet my search filter, so I am sure there are more, I am a little picky at times 😉

    The short version is fairly simple, a year ago most of the sites I had a profile on were no where near SA in volume of either active profiles or new profiles. Now at least two of those are keeping up pace with SA on new profiles and is coming along in active profiles too.

    I am sure some market research the technical type that can be done on the internet I am sure will show you what I am talking about. I admit its purely my observation no real science to back it up that I have any way.

    • SD Guru says:


      I’m just pointing out the growth of other sites may or may not be directly attributed to site improvements as there may be other factors involved.


      I agree the marketing of Ashley Madison is quite attention grabbing. Whether it “matches or exceeds” that of SA is debatable. If you did some google search you might figure out what’s on AM’s agenda from a financial perspective.

  127. onyx_percula says:

    @ Beach_Girl — Restraining order… I don’t know about where you are but around here they are pretty much worthless. If they get a violation called in on say 911 as a emergency they will respond fairly quickly, BUT unless he is in violation when they get there and see it themselves they wont do anything, he said she said, no case, bye. Also in AZ there is a mutual arrest rule for domestic violence cases… so he gets drunk catches her outside, beats the shit out of her, she calls the cops, they both go to jail on the same charges. She has already been there done that, not doing it again.

  128. flyr says:

    BG and Onyx – There’s a time and place for Guido to step in and explain actions come with consequences.

  129. flyr says:

    Compare the portrayal of women in the Ashley Madison “rejected” superbowl ad with the sketch and text at the top of this blog . I think it illustrates the difference in approaches.

    SA has a great tech platform , AM has a far better advertising/promotion team . Their media exposure matches or exceeds that of SA.

    Think of these posts as the equivalent of Yelp. Smart businesses thank customers for constructive, negative reviews and those further up the food chain get some of their best market intel from customer comments on their operations and those of their competitors.

    One of the things that I have found within client organizations over the years is that those who encourage challenges to the way they do business get better. Those like most government agencies who see constructive criticism as treason, to be exterminated on sight , continue to steal from their customers (the taxpayers) while turning out inferior products (no better example than some of the larger school districts ) .

  130. onyx_percula says:

    @ Beach_Girl — It’s a blackmail site. Yes it would cost $15k, BUT they never take anything down, for that they will “put your side of it” above the complaint, kind of like the way this blog works, except the new “correction” goes to the top instead of the bottom. Their SEO efforts remain so it remains at the top of a Google search. BUT if any new complaint comes up which can be made 100% anonymously your cash and “correction” are gone. Wash rinse and repeat at a yet higher price.

    I don’t know for sure but I really think the pot SD and the site owner at least know each other.

    The site portrays its self as a consumer protection site where people can report problems with businesses and individuals. According to a Forbes article they are paid millions every year by companies to mitigate the complaints. It’s a total scam exploiting a loop hole in the laws.

    No he hasn’t sued her yet… he has a ton of suits filed against him and him filing against others. I am sure its on his “to do” list. When we looked about a month ago he had 23 active suites going, so divide that by 2 as most are suit/countersuit.

    I told her to sue him for defamation, win and get a court order hand it to Google… Then I talked to a friend at Google, and here is what happens. You take the time, expense and effort to get a court order to cease and desist. You submit you order and information to Google, they check it out and remove the listing from search results. Asshat changes a few things on the page and plays the little SEO games and wham its back, but its different so your court order is invalid, wash rinse and repeat. It takes weeks to get the order in the first place and it literally takes 10 mins to make the changes to the page and get it back on Google.

    So until the loopholes are closed in the laws, there is really nothing to be done. We sat down and carefully prepared her “defense” if its ever brought up. But chances are she will never know if it was a factor or not, as no one is ever going to open themselves up to possible legal action by saying it was a factor or reason.

  131. DorkyGuy says:

    @BeachGirl~ Ashley Madison has about 20 commercials, one of which they have billed as a “banned superbowl commercial”. Some of them are pretty creative. Check out their YouTube channel. ([img]http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL71C4501B8F55DFA2[/img])

    Couldn’t SA do something similar?

    Also, if you are looking to do social promotion, why not YouTube? Sure the video costs something to produce, but unlike appearing on tabloid TV, you have complete control of the message.

    Ashley Madison also does a very creative gorilla marketing thing where they produce anonymous videos that feign outrage at Ashley Madison, and try to launch petition drives to ban their own website. As a result, they get name exposure in a lot of social circles that otherwise wouldn’t have heard of them.

    • SD Guru says:

      “Yes two, one with a abusive ex BF and the other with a old pot SD. The abusive ex BF is the real danger as he has a history of beating the crap out of her. The other guy is mostly cyber stalking.

      Consider your SB’s relationship history, I’m surprised things haven’t blown up in your face yet. Yes there are plenty of crazies out there, but remember you’re only getting one side of the story and it takes two to tango.

      “The other sites are making gains because they have responded to the users and added the features.”

      That’s an interesting statement, care to back it up with some facts? What kind of gains, what added features, and how does the two correlate?

      “We are planning our next getaway together everything seems great, so then why have I logged back into Sa again? Typical male I know…………lol.

      As the saying goes… “what’s better than one perfect SB? Two, of course!!” :mrgreen:

      RE: SA Marketing

      While the discussion and ideas are well intended, let’s not lose sight of what SA is already doing. It’s well covered by main stream media (WSJ, Forbes, NYT, CNN, ABC, etc) and guess who the target audience is? (If you said SD’s you’d be right). It’s well covered by the talk show circus (Dr Phil, Tyra, etc), pop culture magazines (Vanity Fair, Cosmo, etc), and reality shows (MTV, Swift Justice, etc), and guess who the target audience is? (If you said SB’s you’d be right). Plus, it’s already on social media like FB, Twitter, Pintrest, and Google+ (check out the “social sugar” on the top left of SA’s home page), not to mention the Youtube channel (go look it up), as well as the buzz generated by campus newspapers across the country anytime SA makes a marketing splash about its college SB members.

      That’s just the “free” media exposure SA is generating thanks to Brandon and his staff, and they’re probably the best in the sugar business at doing it (show me another sugar site that gets as much exposure). But wait, there’s more! There’s also traditional advertising on TV and radio (I’ve heard about it but I have not seen it myself) as well as online targeted ads. And I’m just scratching the surface here because I’ve only focused on the US market.

      So, my point is, all that discussion about the $1k prize and Google+ seems a bit off the mark when you consider the big picture of SA’s marketing campaign

  132. flyr says:

    @ss “When a man is completely insync he wants more of his woman, not more women”

    My only addition is that when the woman puts him in that mind set………..

  133. Beach_Girl says:

    GTT~ I think it’s the chase that you are looking for… you are happy but don’t have to chase her anymore! she would have to be hard to get, wooo her!

    I know some men like the chase more than the relationship

  134. Beach_Girl says:

    The contest~ I cannot read the rules and such for the contest… odd??? no idea what the terms are..
    I don’t think this contest is a good idea, I think they are trying to get people to their G+ page… Some SBs will enter and won’t worry about putting their name and photo out there… there are some people that don’t mind, they go on talk shows etc..
    Spicey~ not sure I would do the photo contest. I wouldn’t do it… it would depend again of the terms that SA puts out there…
    There is too much publicity for SA, the quality is low because they are trying to get mainstream dating people on the site…

    Dorky~ there are TV ads for Ashely Madison??? are you serious? lol… who knew, lol…

  135. Beach_Girl says:

    Onyx~ isn’t it still he said she said? it’s a website???? if there isn’t any proof, then it’s just dirtying someones name… and I would think that she , or you, could do something to have the site brought back from first place… Seriously, there is a way if you can put the money on it. There are people that do that for a living… and you could pay to have it buried!

  136. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars 😀

    What a day!!!
    FBSD~ yes, I work on Saturdays :( but you might also at the shoe store, btw, I’ll need some new running shoes 😀 I started a ” learn to run” program tonight!!! need new shoes 😀
    The running program is awesome, the only thing that hurts is my calves… Apparently it’s because I’m not wearing the right shoes??? lol… who knows… maybe i’ll be sore tomorrow… ah well, at least I’m trying something new 😀

    I will try and read up on the blog a bit, so much chatter!!!

    onyx~ Sorry, he said she said for one of your SBs, He stalker exSD doesn’t have anything on his ex SB, unless he’s suing her? I think not… he said she said… it won’t change anything… As for the ex BF, if he beat on her, she should get a restraining order… I mean if an ex even tried to hit me?!?!? omg, there would be hell to pay!! it seems all like bull crap to me?!?! sorry… I had a stalker ex SD and guess what, I called the cops and he didn’t bother me after that!!! shocker!!!

  137. onyx_percula says:

    @ sweetie — If only! Short of a court order and Google’s cooperation. Companies pay hundreds of thousands to that site to not show up at the top… I spent many hours looking into this, nothing I can do.

  138. sweetie says:

    Onyx, why don’t you work on making his crap not be the first thing that shows on google under her name. I’m sure there must be a way to bury his crap into the annals of the web. You’re techie, right?

  139. onyx_percula says:

    @ Jersey Darling — If you Google her full name the first hit is his crap. It’s on a site that is a blackmail site to begin with, but looks very up and up. So assuming the do the most basic Internet search… Unfortunately these school don’t need customers, they pick and choose who, where there is smoke.

  140. FatBastardSA says:


    No offense taken. I am glad you have this fantasy world of yours to get inspiration :-).

  141. SugarySpicey says:

    GTT – I disagree. When a man is completely insync he wants more of his woman, not more women. Even the dispicable philandering bootlegger was only keen to hook up with skanks when I was unavailable. When I was around he was all about me, and always tried to get more time with me – he only reverted to “variety” when I couldn’t/wouldn’t give him the attention he wanted.

  142. sweetie says:

    Wasn’t curious.

  143. sweetie says:

    SDs juggle or men, in general? I don’t know, Envy. We’re never happy with what we have, regardless of gender. I do recall myself not window shopping a while back. It wasn’t controlled or forced, just plain not looking at other dudes than my own at that time.

  144. gtt_envy says:

    @sweetie, I don’t think so at all. I think it is how some guys are wired. Once you have sex a dozen times, laugh, joke, etc etc it’s almost like a switch flips NEXT.

    Why do so many SD’s juggle? Variety I think!

  145. DorkyGuy says:

    @gtt_envy~ Absolutely wonderful! Maybe one day, you’ll have lots of little sugarbabybabies together! 😀 Honestly, it’s terrific (and a little rare) to see someone find drama-free bliss. Congrats

  146. sweetie says:

    Obviously, you know something is missing. Otherwise you wouldn’t be window shopping.

  147. sweetie says:

    Envy ” We are planning our next getaway together everything seems great, so then why have I logged back into Sa again?

    Typical male I know…………lol.”

    I don’t know if typical male, that’s not even a good justification anymore… I hope she’s back on SA browsing.

  148. flyer says:

    @GTT I hope that you two don’t share the same complaint ………. that she wishes you were not missing 3″ too… (down scope DIVE)

    In all seriousness it’s a great story. Part of what’s importance is your discussion of what makes it work so well.

  149. gtt_envy says:

    So many verbal daggers thrown in this entry OUCH!! A change of pace I think we or at least “me” are never satisfied in the sugar world, if not the real one too. The old notch in the belt syndrome has taken hold of me it seems, so sad!

    I’ve longed to find a SB that I connect with on EVERY level and found her three months ago. We have done a ton together, talk daily, I have never felt a better connection. She has not once asked for money out of the blue, no emergencies to help out with, zero drama, just laughs and good times, and the icing on the cake very good sex! Let me reiterate very good!! What makes it so good is how aggressive she is! From kissing so forcefully, lip biting and all, teasing, foreplay, she is a very sexual creature. I have no complaints unless I want to be petty. Like she is 5’[email protected] and ideally she would be 5’5″[email protected], but like I said that’s getting petty. We are planning our next getaway together everything seems great, so then why have I logged back into Sa again?

    Typical male I know…………lol.

  150. flyer says:

    incisive (never talk and type without proofing )

  151. flyer says:

    A real contest would be to invite teams of SB’s to put together ideas for a marketing plan to achieve three goals – increase paid subscriptions, increase the quality of the customer base in the eyes of advertisers and consumers of the data and maximize the value of the company.

    It’s not only designed to get awesome information but also to demonstrate the intellectual qualities of the SB’s and to give them some public accolades. Winning team gets $1 million and stock options. Regional semi finals generate a lot of publicity, finals are perhaps on TV with SB’s wearing Lone Ranger masks if they choose. Coordinated with FB and G+ campaigns . Sort of an intellectual Roller Derby.

    I’ll wait for Jersey to illuminate the fatal flaws with her incise comments.

  152. SugarySpicey says:

    Sorry Softi – I’m pissy as all get out. I just learned the truth behind while the disgusting, sleazy, bootlegging pirate didn’t call to check on me or wish me happy birthday after he left me in Bali. I’m in a vile mood, and you’re always the perfectly obtuse punching bag.

  153. flyer says:

    I hardly think that being on SA is going to affect admission to anything other than a private session with the Pope (an only in that he may feel it constitutes excess temptation) . An NRA membership, yes that’s grounds for rejection.

    I think the bigger issue would be if it turns up in an employment background check. As an employer I don’t care if I have an employee who is on SA, living the life of Sex In The City, or staying home with her Panasonic. I feel a lot more comfortable with SA than someone who is out clubbing on Sunset four nights a week. However, others might not be so forgiving. With the brave new world I would not put something in my profile I would not want to have associated with me. Never know when there will be a cutthroat election at the PTA.

  154. flyer says:

    @FB “SA is a global company” It is but I would be surprised if 75% of their business is not in the US. The topic would be perfect for the Ken and John show from LA (largest afternoon audience in the US) and being on the show would get a lot of attention in other media centers. It’s also carried on Iheart radio.

    My guess is that SA’s sources of revenue are even more concentrated. SA could and probably does collect a vast amount of priceless information just watching what people click on, search for or communicate with. Information is money and perhaps the new google relationship marks the beginning of a partnership that will see SA acquired by a google related company.

    Arriving in some of the game equipment and computers is software that compares what you are seeing on the screen with your eye movements and facial changes. It’s like having the ability to look into your brain and “see” and interpert your reactions, often too subtle to be seen by others.

  155. Jersey Darling says:

    Whew, this thread has gotten personal!

    On the bright side, I think this may be the longest we’ve ever stayed on topic.

  156. FatBastardSA says:


    I will leave SA marketing you then.

    Running shoes for a ballet dancer. I need to know if the ballet pole you used was horizontal or vertical.

  157. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – go back to selling what you know, clearly the dialogue is over your little bald head. I’d like some runners please, size 7.5, I tend to pronate when running and have a very high arch from years of ballet, any suggestions?

  158. Jersey Darling says:

    @FatBastard, I’d never expect an apology from someone so bastardly. I don’t dislike the contest idea, in fact I love the idea but dislike the execution.

    And yes, I am a huge tease mentally and physically and love every moment of it 😉

  159. FatBastardSA says:


    O.K. let me see if I have this right. Your point of view is that SA does not do a good job marketing the Facebook page as well, but you don’t give away any ideas for free. You are such a tease, are you like this in your relationships? :-)

    Maybe I just don’t understand social media. If you and PriceySpicey are on the same page then I could be wrong (I doubt it though). Don’t expect any apologies.

  160. Jersey Darling says:

    @Onyx – How is said past SD going to come up in the admissions process? He outed her on the internet? I’d need specifics to know why an admissions committee would find that credible vs it being an old, disgraced fling libeling her.

  161. sweetie says:

    Well, that guy must be really pissed to go through all the trouble of making her life hell. What a waste of energy!

  162. Jersey Darling says:

    @FB “As far as I know SA does have a Facebook page and the contest is already posted to it. Google plus is only used to register and claim the prize. How is this any different than what you are suggesting?”

    There is a different between having a Facebook page and advertising it.

  163. onyx_percula says:

    @ sweetie — She does for the most part. She wants to go to law school, is taking the LSAT in December. Even if she scores perfect she could get “passed over” with SB attached to her, especially since this guy is saying she tried to rip him off. If she starts getting unexpected rejections its going to just crush her.

  164. FatBastardSA says:

    Sorry I let this slip


    Fuck You.

  165. FatBastardSA says:


    I just read over your suggestions in post two as you suggested.

    You are worried about a SB’s likeness being used by SA for marketing purposes so you suggest a “sexy” self portrait contest. Are they going to blur out the
    “sexy selfie” before they put it on a billboard. When it comes to your ideas I should read less :-).

    Seeing how much trouble Ashley Madison had getting on TV and SA had with a billboard you should really get in touch with SA and offer your services.


    Thank you for the compliment :-). As far as I know SA does have a Facebook page and the contest is already posted to it. Google plus is only used to register and claim the prize. How is this any different than what you are suggesting?


    This might be unrealistic but your point of view at least makes sense.

    @Anti Google+ crowd

    Have any of you considered that SA might have a very good idea of the dominant email provider (say gmail) that SB’s register with?

    @Anti Picture crowd

    I notice that SD testimonials from the SA site are shown on the Facebook page. I have yet to hear of any SD outrage over this invasion of privacy. Interesting.

  166. DorkyGuy says:

    What about TV? I see TV ads for Ashley Madison and Anastasia, and those are both niche dating sites. Surely SA is approaching the same league.

  167. Jersey Darling says:

    @FB: “What industry do you work in where $1K of expense is considered to be any kind of “marketing campaign”?”

    You’re being purposely obtuse – even more than usual ;). Marketing campaigns don’t have to cost anything to be effective (hence the popularity of viral marketing), and of course SA isn’t giving away $1K for nothing – otherwise participants’ names wouldn’t need to be given publicly.

    I don’t bash the contest idea, I simply think they could be more effective and stated that they could use some better, more efficient marketing. But I’m a businesswoman and you’re right, I don’t give away my ideas for free, especially when SA hasn’t asked to hear them.

    @FB (to Spicey): “SA is a company with a global user base. Everything you have recommended would be local advertising (unless you claim $1K can get a commercial during the World Cup). I would choose Google+ over any of your suggestions.”

    Do you have any idea how much advertising $1,000 could buy you on facebook or twitter? Better yet, it would generate a captive audience that you could advertise to repeatedly. I know from firsthand experience – I did this when I built my own business.

  168. sweetie says:

    too often, sorry

  169. sweetie says:

    Onyx “SB#1 has a stocker a former pot SD that she rejected. He outed her on the internet. She didn’t even know until she won one of those radio call in contests and after getting her name they asked her if she was a sugar baby and if they could setup an interview with her. She still cries at any mention of it at all. She is worried it might affect her ability to get into law school and has pretty much given up on the idea of ever being say an appointed judge or in any other position that would open her up to public inspection. She is seriously thinking about changing her name to try and shake her new reputation.”

    She should stand her ground and give everybody the finger for looking down on her or messing with her future career based on her choices. It’s time personal lives stayed personal lives. Who is who to judge or decide what her actions say about her? I know it happens all to often with public personas and it’s pathetic.
    Tell her to watch “The Contender.”

  170. sweetie says:

    To prove their point, that SA wants his SBs to succeed, they should just have a contest for the benefit of the SBs only. Pretty much, put your money where your mouth is. Scholarship, gift card, money prize, whatever because SBs need it and they automatically attract SDs to SA. What I’m saying is, if you want to do a good deed, just do it, don’t attach strings to it. SA does not need any more publicity, it’s doing fine. Every time SA gets on the news it’s like putting a foot in its mouth. Any publicity is good publicity… I wonder!

  171. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – I already gave concrete examples, in post two on the issue – read much?

    Not to mention how minuscule the SB contest reach would be – global touch to 50 potential consumers with zero targeting, or local touch to 100,000 K consumers in the 45-60 male demographic yeah, I’ll take the local efforts in my top SD market and then expand.

    The contest I proposed could used in the exact same manner, and measured, and would also generate sexier content, translate to any and all social marketing platforms, and preserve anonymity: The SBs submit selfies to SA who then promotes the hell out of them. The SB can control the angle and content to preserve anonymity, without having to out herself to her entire past, present, and future network, and SA still gets sexy young girls to promote.

  172. FatBastardSA says:


    How would you run the contest? Would the picture of the SB be used by SA if the contest was advertised using Facebook?

    @Blog SB’s.

    This is you chance to flex your marketing muscles. Why not give CONCRETE/SPECIFIC examples of how you would run the contest, and how your ideas would make sense from a SA point of view.

  173. FatBastardSA says:


    “It could also buy 15-30 remnant commercial spots, a weekend drive time radio run, an interview on a local morning talk show, or a month’s rotation on an electronic billboard.”

    SA is a company with a global user base. Everything you have recommended would be local advertising (unless you claim $1K can get a commercial during the World Cup). I would choose Google+ over any of your suggestions.


    No rest for the wicked eh? At least someone is productive today :-).

  174. onyx_percula says:

    @ Beach_Girl — You are right dear… Yes two, one with a abusive ex BF and the other with a old pot SD. The abusive ex BF is the real danger as he has a history of beating the crap out of her. The other guy is mostly cyber stalking.

  175. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!!!

    Onyx~ lol.. “stocker” you mean Stalker maybe? how many of your SBs have them, seems like all… odd, don’t you think?

    The contest~ some people like to be on the front line, go on talk shows , etc… 1k woo hoo for them, not interested!

    Google+~ this crap, now I open my gmail and poof, i’m a g+ user? wtf… how do I opt out? get me off this thing!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hate when they (google internet people that fuck things up for me ) add things I don’t want to my mail or my searches … makes me crazy, I don’t want it, if I did, I would of signed up!

    Off to work again, Have a great day Sugars :)

  176. onyx_percula says:

    @ Flyer — The NSA has some of the most sophisticated algorithms to find interactions between internet users, correlate them and group them. They have the second largest computing network, second only to Google… Oh wait you said Google… :(

  177. Flyer says:

    I’m not sure what google has in mind for + but I got a shock this AM . In the company we use a gmail account for strictly administrative purposes – buying supplies, airline reservations etc so that the shared account can be used on multiple computers.

    There was an email from google letting everyone know that a Sb from years past had just joined g+. There’s never been any communication with the person using the g email account which means google is comparing all of the email addresses associated with a computer which has a gmail account.

    Thankfully I am not married but imagine a wife’s surprise to get a message from google that her friend EndlessPleasureBabe just signed up for google+. Honey why does your vibrator suddenly sound like the electric carving knife?

  178. onyx_percula says:

    @ Spicey — “BBBJTCNQNS” Got to love a girl than knows her acronyms! 😀

    RE: Site improvements… Goods points on what would make the site better. The other sites are making gains because they have responded to the users and added the features. I really like the SBs specifying the age range they will consider, saves a lot of time letting you pass by the BF seekers, lol. I love the idea of being able to specify arrangement type. I would add something but I bet the lawyers would cut it pretty quick… intimate relationship, just friends, maybe.

    Hmmm I wonder what would happen if they ran a survey of all these suggestions and seen which got some user love and which don’t and fire up the development team!

    RE: Contest and SB reputation… Until listing “Sugar Baby” or “Sugar Daddy” on your resume is a good thing to do SA needs to STFU about who is here. They can easily use shock photography and accurately be representative of the SBs here, as we have everywhere from DDG to double baggers here. 😉

    SB#1 has a stocker a former pot SD that she rejected. He outed her on the internet. She didn’t even know until she won one of those radio call in contests and after getting her name they asked her if she was a sugar baby and if they could setup an interview with her. She still cries at any mention of it at all. She is worried it might affect her ability to get into law school and has pretty much given up on the idea of ever being say an appointed judge or in any other position that would open her up to public inspection. She is seriously thinking about changing her name to try and shake her new reputation.

  179. NC Gent says:

    I give them some credit for trying. However, my first reaction was that the text is pretty insulting and this won’t work. I agree with SS that the amount isn’t the issue and the requirement that they can use the SBs likeness is unreasonable.

    I have also seen SA implement user suggestions numerous times so I would at least give them a chance to see how they react before continuing judgement. They did say this is just the initial effort with more to follow.

  180. Alleycat says:

    @JazzySB :-)

  181. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – I know you believe we’re all stupid and uninformed but this IS my field. In social marketing a $1K media test would actually get you a lot of reach – social is still cheap. It could also buy 15-30 remnant commercial spots, a weekend drive time radio run, an interview on a local morning talk show, or a month’s rotation on an electronic billboard. The amount however is inconsequential, I’m just pointing out that the tactic is stupid – regardless of how little the amount may be. It’s just a generally poor choice, I don’t really care if they waste $1,000 or $10,000 – nor am I focused on the amount. I’m focused on how clearly lacking in thought the tactic is, and it’s a general annoyance of the ignorant type of “me too!” marketing suggestions I get barraged with every day. I’m just laughing at the inanity of trying to use G+ for this type of effort, I ‘d think it was just as stupid if the prize were $25.

  182. FatBastardSA says:


    All the checkboxes in the world won’t improve anything. I don’t have time to explain it to you. A lot of focus on $1K. What industry do you work in where $1K of expense is considered to be any kind of “marketing campaign”?


    It must be terrible to be exploited all the time. I did not realize how much this contest, which is voluntary, and gives away $1K could be such a traumatic event for the SB’s on the site.

    Post a list of SD requirements that you have and we can consider a date (I assume you implied arrangement). Please keep it less than three pages. I am sure you have your standards.

  183. DorkyGuy says:

    Flyr “My initial objection to the contest was the presentation of the typical SB as a shopping addicted, vacuous brained tramp.”

    Just maybe the intended audience is not the SBs who take time to thoughtfully comment on the blog.

    Perhaps they want to lure more shopping addicted, vacuous brained tramps (and their friends) to the site. Is that a bad thing? I bet that is exactly what a lot of paying SDs are looking for.

    It is similar to the Nigerian scammers who target dumb people and weed out smart people by intentionally having a lot of spelling errors. Smart people think it is dumb, but it has a certain genius.

  184. JazzySB says:

    My favorite, bitching and moaning about women who are “bitching and moaning”. What a gentleman, please tell me where to stand in line to date you.

    [email protected]

  185. SugarySpicey says:

    W/R/T the contest itself – I found the promotion hyperbole, I didn’t think it was offensive or degrading, it was just silly. I do find the tactic (Google+) ill conceived. I’d bet my best porn star blowie to Softi that this G+ contest won’t convert to a single paying customer and that it probably came from some group think session where a noob without data commented that SA needed a greater G+ presence … why? Who are they hoping to target? What are the campaign metrics for success? How will those objectives be measured and reached by giving away $1,000? Will the net add be greater than the cost, and then the Google question itself, “Is it evil?” The final answer, is that EVERY girl who enters the contest tarnishes her reputation permanently (not just the winner) by adding a public affiliation with a site that is so misunderstood. So, yeah, it us kind of evil.

  186. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – if you could check a box that you want to give Applebee’s gift cards in exchange for BBBJTCNQNS and I could check a box that I offer complete domination, ruination, and deprevation for the bargain gift of $10K per month, then “users” could narrow us out as POTs if their interests were incompatible, or search for us as POTs because we fit what they’re seaking. Ashley Madison let’s users check boxes as to if they’re looking for one night stands, relationships, or more as does Miss Travel which then asks where people are looking to visit. The more a user could filter the less they have to churn the muck when looking.

  187. Alleycat says:

    FatBastard – stop being such a dick.
    Flyr – you seem to be more like ocean freighter. Just stop.
    SD Guru – really?
    FatBastard – put down the keyboard, slowwwwly, and go back to fridge.

    Jazzy – meet you on CarrotDating.com? Looks
    Pretty good to me.

  188. FatBastardSA says:

    You offer an allowance and SB bitch and moan they are not an escort.

    You offer companionship and SB’s bitch and moan that they are not looking for a boyfriend.

    You offer $1K on a visa card (which can by used to buy books as well) and the SB’s bitch and moan that they are being degraded.

    SB’s are regular women after all.

  189. sweetie says:

    not an, sorry

  190. sweetie says:

    “would love a gorgeous young thing on my arm…” Who says something like that? Certainly not and SD.

  191. sweetie says:

    Flyr “My initial objection to the contest was the presentation of the typical SB as a shopping addicted, vacuous brained tramp.”

    My thoughts exactly. Even the quote they used was a poor choice. I do believe there are women who don’t have shopping on their mind 24/7 and who don’t need another pair of shoes. Is that the only thing SBs care about? Or is that what SA thinks SBs are/should be about? All glamour to the side, this is quite a gritty matter: alleviate the burden of lack of sufficient funds. Definitely not a trivial thing.

  192. flyr says:

    @FB “JerseyDarling has not really given any details about what she would do. My guess is that she is waiting to get paid before that happens.”

    From conversations with several I think the women would be happy to talk with SA if they would treat the comments seriously.

  193. flyr says:

    My initial objection to the contest was the presentation of the typical SB as a shopping addicted, vacuous brained tramp. Thus the comment applied to the entire SA population, not just the contest participants. Others commented, as we frequently do on all sorts of matters, that potential participants needed to look before they jumped.

  194. FatBastardSA says:


    I find SD_Guru contemptuous as well.

    JerseyDarling has not really given any details about what she would do. My guess is that she is waiting to get paid before that happens.

    PriceySpicey has recommended more detailed profiles and checkboxes to specify what people are looking for. Just as passing more laws does not prevent crime, these suggestions will not help improve the user experience when using SA.

  195. DorkyGuy says:

    “You are the most contemptible person I have ever met in my life” ~ Iris, The Lady Vanishes (1938), shortly before they fall madly in love

    I think I see romance in Jazzy and Guru’s future!

  196. JazzySB says:

    FatBastard- “It would be unreasonable to expect SA to give away $1K and not get any marketing value out of it”
    Yes that is true. However, both Jersey and Sugary have some better ideas on the marketing part of it, without putting SBs info out there.

    I truly believe that if this were a SD contest that ended with the winner being used for marketing, you guys would be complaining as well.

    SDGuru- Thanks for the contemptuous response. I understand it’s probably annoying to see the blog full of complaints, but maybe take it as constructive criticism. Some posts actually had some good, constructive ideas. Also, I was just using facebook as an obvious alternative.
    I haven’t seen that article, are you recommending we read it or was that asked to articulate a point you were making? Either way, I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  197. FatBastardSA says:

    It would be unreasonable to expect SA to give away $1K and not get any marketing value out of it.

  198. FatBastardSA says:


    I am sure that this will be explained to the SB when she claims her prize. No one is being forced to enter the contest. It would be a bit unreasonable not to expect SA to give away $1K and not get any marketing value out of it.


    One of the biggest complaints from both SB’s and SD’s is people flaking on them. If you cannot get a SB/SD to meet to set up an arrangement what are the chances that anyone will show up for a non SA sponsored social event?

  199. JazzySB says:

    Flyr- That’s a great idea, more social events between members without press, or even SA staff for that matter.

    • SD Guru says:

      Re: SA Contest… Wow, what a tough crowd! Just like SA Parties, if the contest isn’t for you then feel free to skip it. As for all the comments about Google+, I’m sure using another social media like FB is going to be so much better… :roll:

      Re: blog meet ups, it’s happened in the past so feel free to organize them. Or is this an usual case of all talk and no action from the blogerati?

      Re: race/skin color… along with age, height, weight, looks, etc, are all factors in dating. Is that a surprise to anyone?

      Re: SA site issues, the site appears to be undergoing some changes. So if you encounter a bug then please report it via “bug report” in the “support” section.

      By the way, has anyone read “The Secret World of $ugar Babies” in the December issue of Cosmo?

  200. JazzySB says:

    FatBastard- Read the fine print for the contest. Winning the contest means you give SA permission to use your “likeness” and name in all promotional and commercial products. So there’s the potential of having your face plastered all over the internet or tv. That’s what some of us were worried about.

  201. DorkyGuy says:

    @flyr… What you are describing sounds a little like MeetUp. I wonder if there are sugar-oriented MeetUp groups? It actually sounds like a cool concept! I am not sure if MeetUp allows corporate sponsorships, but if they do, then it’s something SA might consider doing.

  202. FatBastardSA says:

    I think people here are over thinking things. SA has a Google+ page and they simply spent $1K on a contest to let people know it exists. This does not seem like some big marketing strategy to me. If $1K of expense to market a webpage is considered a big expense for SA then they have a lot more to worry about.

  203. flyr says:

    I have suggested several times that SA use the resource of a small group of very bright SB’s to guide the promotion and social media side of the house. Perhaps it’s that I am older but way too much of what they do is pretty trashy. And yes I do think that if Jersey were to turn herself into an international consulting firm running the social media side of SA there would be improvements.

    The $1,000 prize is also a joke. Makes me think there is an attorney somewhere back there in the mix. I don’t know if they have taken down the rules or men are prohibited from looking at the rules.

    Someone asked how SA could use social media . One of the ways would be to host a blog of members who want to arrange local meetups outside the SA framework. Just a casual note that a group will be gathering for drinks at the back of the X bar or y restaurant at a particular time . Make it fun and encourage folks to establish a wine tasting gathering for those with similar interests.

  204. flyr says:

    Google would like to put everyone in a glass house where they can also read your minds. They are not far from it.

    from one of the trade publications…….
    Google is beta-testing a program that tracks users’ purchasing habits by registering brick-and-mortar store visits via smartphones, according to a report from Digiday.

    Google can access user data via Android apps or their Apple iOS apps, like Google search, Gmail, Chrome, or Google Maps.

    If a customer is using these apps while he shops or has them still running in the background, Google’s new program pinpoints the origin of the user data and determines if the customer is in a place of business.

    Google gets permission to do this kind of tracking when Android users opt in to the “location services” option in their smartphone’s options menu and when iOS users agree to allow “location services” for Google apps like Gmail and Google Maps.

    The program was hinted at in an AdWords blog post from Oct. 1 regarding Google’s new “estimated total conversions” initiative. A “conversion” in this sense is a purchase, and Google is developing ways to track users across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Google also mentioned that tracking conversions via phone calls is in the works, but has yet to release details.

    Business Insider has reported on how Google is using cross-device conversion measurements in its war with Facebook for advertising supremacy. When advertisers are allowed to know as much as possible about users’ purchasing habits, they can target their ads more efficiently and reap the benefits. Measuring conversions is also important because it assures advertisers that their purchases are resulting in increased product sales.”

  205. FatBastardSA says:


    “…but the treatment of SB’s as willing to get on their knees for a few bucks to go shopping.”

    WTF are you talking about? The contest requires a SB to enter their email address. SB’s have been gone on TV to talk about the lifestyle and attend SA meets so why is sending an email such a big issue.

    I have a proposal. Why don’t the offended members of the blog sponsor their own SB contest. I recommend a $10K prize.

  206. Studio says:

    subscription runs out tomorrow to SA, debating whether to renew or not.

  207. flyr says:

    It’s not just the idea of the contest and the hookup with google ( crack whores have higher standards) but the treatment of SB’s as willing to get on their knees for a few bucks to go shopping. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Next thing you you’ll know is that the contest payoff is in coupons redeemable at the Hustler Store right next to the Dollar General out at county line.

    I see a lot of google probes blocked while I am on SA. Not a good sign.

  208. sweetie says:

    Maybe SA has a deal with Google or is looking for some perks? Maybe most SA members use gmail?

  209. sweetie says:

    @NC “So who thinks advertisements in college newspapers would be effective for attracting SBs? Do you think the college newspapers would accept the ads?”

    Funny, a few weeks ago the UF paper had an article on students making ends meet and one female student interviewed confessed to being on What’s your price to help pay the bills. Yep, all out there in the open.

    I wonder if anybody in the SA team bothers to read the comments on the blog. They could improve so many things if they just paid attention to the conversations customers have concerning the business.

  210. SugarySpicey says:

    Pretty big oversight! Hope it wasn’t intentional, and that someone will fix that quickly – a lot of lives could be totally fucked over.

  211. DorkyGuy says:

    A few years back there was a bug in one of the big sugar sites (don’t recall which one) that allowed all user mail to be read just by tweaking the URL. Made the news.

  212. SugarySpicey says:

    BTW – just realized that the “browse similar profiles” feature allows users to view all photos – public and private. Really!! That is not cool, private should mean private.

  213. NC Gent says:

    Jazzy — I read the Wall Street Journal and Men’s Health. I figured wealthy guys might read the magazines I listed, but I don’t have any data on that.

    SS — I like that suggestion of more classifications. The other thing they could add is “desired age range” for both the SD and the SB. That other sugar site has that and it saves time. It is also pretty interesting when an SB is looking for an SD within 5 or 10 years of her age, kind of screams looking for a rich bf, but I could be wrong on that too.

  214. SugarySpicey says:

    Dorky – never looked at SM, so I couldn’t say. I’d also add that the mobile experience on SA is sadly lacking. I’d imagine a large (and growing) number of users are on mobile devices. Improve the mobile experience, allow people to classify if they’re looking for an SB, a GF, or a P4P, then upsell users on profile and photo review. Implement a more satisfying experience and increase customer retention then social traction will happen on it’s own.

  215. JazzySB says:

    Dorky, if they’re trying to attract more SBs then why google+? If that were the case, another platform like Instagram or twitter would be more ideal, yes?

    NC, are those the magazines that you read?

    Sugary, I thought about those unsuspecting girls too. Some girls eager to win the gift card, not reading the fine print. Next thing you know their face is plastered all over tv and the internet. There must be some extra agreement that you have to sign before they fork over the gift card.

  216. DorkyGuy says:

    @Spicey~ good thoughts about the website usability. I think they are going to port the new SeekingMillionaire interface to SA. What do you think of the new SM interface?

    They could also do a mobile app that would let guys offer bribes for dates! Do you think that would work?

  217. SugarySpicey says:

    I believe the thought process behind the Google+ effort was about as thought out as “Here’s a sparkly new object, I want it.” So often marketers respond with knee jerk assumptions when it comes to social marketing and develop tactics to grow their presence on a platform before asking the critical question “Why should we be on the platform?” This campaign won’t drive additional SB memberships, and IF it drives SD memberships that will be due to the way SA promotes/ exploits the name and photo of the poor stupid girls who apply – not realizing that they will forever be publicly branded with a scarlet “W” for whore by an uneducated public.

    Best way to drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction would be to implement better user tools, more detailed profile checkbox questions, and more specificity as to what an SD/SB is looking for so that users wouldn’t be so disappointed by their experience.

  218. DorkyGuy says:

    I think they could announce an annual SB scholarship. There could be a whole application process (which takes place on the SA website), with the obligatory press release when the recipient is announced. That would give you an in for advertising on all of the campuses in the country (campii? sorry, not college edumacated) … With that approach, they are advertising the scholarship, and inviting girls to visit the website to apply. It’s a plausible justification for the ad.

  219. NC Gent says:

    I think they should post advertisements that say about 30% of sugar arrangements are platonic and that the average monthly allowance is $3000 no matter where you live… nothing like false hopes to attract the best :)

  220. frank says:

    Dorky, you are right. Build it and they will come!

  221. DorkyGuy says:

    @Jazzy~ I think SA’s strategy is to attract SDs by attracting SBs. Gather enough hot, available women in one place, and the men will come and spend money to be around them! It’s “ladies night”.

  222. NC Gent says:

    Jazzy – I agree but I would think that you improve quality you would attract more paying SDs. I am not sure how you market to SDs…. golf and yachting magazines or Wall Street journal?

  223. JazzySB says:

    NC- I don’t think that is SA’s intention. I think they’re trying to attract more SDs, that’s who their revenue comes from.

  224. NC Gent says:

    So who thinks advertisements in college newspapers would be effective for attracting SBs? Do you think the college newspapers would accept the ads?

  225. Jersey Darling says:

    @Dorky – I’d be very curious to know their reason behind choosing Google+ myself.

  226. Jersey Darling says:

    @FatBastard – Clever 😉 Not a sales pitch, but free advice from someone who is excellent at selling an idea.

    Taboos by their very nature can sell themselves if you stick to their inherent market, but to market mainstream SA would need to normalize the idea and leave just a touch of unspoken taboo to whet the appetite of rebelliousness of their target audience.

    The question is 1) are they really targeting the correct audience with their advertisements, and 2) are they targeting effectively?

    And while I don’t own a consulting firm, you’re right that if I were to work for SA I’d only do it on a contract basis. I get the sense that SA is satisfied with the trajectory they are on though.

  227. FatBastardSA says:


    A SB who can fry chicken AND give a lap dance at the same? Perfection.

  228. frank says:

    Can a pre op tranny qualify for the door prize? Just asking.

  229. DorkyGuy says:

    @NC Gent~ How many strings did you have to pull to get that gig?

    @Jazzy~ I agree there are flaws. I am sympathetic to SA’s dilemma of how to market, and was opening discussion to proposing better alternatives.

    @Jersey~ I thought the same thing! Google+?! Of all the options out there, i can see much better alternatives. Maybe it affects their placement in search rank or something.

  230. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – I know you are incapable if recognizing that any SB might have a career beyond frying chicken or providing Tuesday afternoon lap dances, but I actually do have a career that is not affiliated with anything sugar – and I’d rather keep it that way. My writing is done under a nom de plume and is *fiction*. In real life I also wouldn’t want my name affiliated with a Google+ contest – the lame red headed stepchild of social marketing.

  231. NC Gent says:

    @FatBastard — unfortunately, I got “inserted” in pad R&D. Tampon R&D was much more prestigious and highly sought after :)
    Tech support: 1-800-1TAMPON

  232. JazzySB says:

    Dorky, are you saying you would let SA use your “likeness” and name for publicity and commercial purposes? Is an SB’s anonymity not as important as an SD? I require as much discretion as any SD, like Sugary, I’m not willing to jeapardize that for $1,000.

    “I’m thinking it’s time to delete my account again, who knows what promotional nonsense they’ll start pulling with our accounts and photos.”

    Good point! I think I will be changing my public photos asap. I need to do some research as to whether or not they can use private photos.

    Jersey & Sugary – I agree, a contest that still preserves anonymity is in our best interest.

  233. FatBastardSA says:

    @NC Gent

    R&D at a tampon manufacturing company. My imagination is running wild! Computer models of vaginas along with scale model replicas in the lab. The field testing must have been really interesting!

    Is there a tech support number for women who don’t know how to use a tampon? Could I get trained for this job and legally instruct women over the phone on how to insert things into their vagina?

  234. NC Gent says:

    I think most of society still looks down on a middle-aged man dating someone 20+ years younger than him with or without money exchanging hands. The most common conclusion is that the man is wealthy, which is likely true.

    Regarding marketing ideas, it is really tough to market taboo products and services. I remember when I was in college and worked for a leading manufacturer of women’s feminine care products. I was working in R&D, and I was fortunate enough to get a chance to attend a marketing-advertising strategy meeting…. they were developing an advertising strategy and they debated for hours whether the woman in the ad should be allowed to wear clothing colored anything but white, so as not to tarnish the virginal image of tampon users… true story!

    I don’t have any clever ideas for SA to market their “taboo” service. I do know that public appearances on daytime trash t.v. was not effective and arguably counter-productive.

  235. FatBastardSA says:

    @Jersey Darling

    Sounds like a sales pitch. You would not happen to have a consulting firm would you? :-)

  236. FatBastardSA says:


    “I’m not selling my reputation for $1,000.”

    That ship has sailed Spicey :-).


    You need to hang around more atheist feminists if you want acceptance. You are not a pedophile if she is 20+, and I cannot comment on you being a predator since I don’t know you.

    Paying a young women who would not go out with you otherwise does make you a perverted old man though. Once you accept who you are, things will be easier for you.

  237. Jersey Darling says:

    @Onyx, I’m pretty sure if a 20 something was dating a 40 something bum, there would also be stigma. Stigma is always at the extremes.

    Re: SA’s contest, it would be much better if they targeted their social media prudently. For example, focus on instagram, twitter, or any of the other more-anonymous-but-equally-popular mediums. In fact, all of those platforms are more popular than google+. Google+ is probably the worst choice to tackle by a site like SA since it is the social website that is most targeted toward using your real information.

    While I love the idea of a contest, I hate how everything SA and its band of websites does is so obviously for their benefit. They don’t even try to act like they do things for their subscribers. Follow the youtube model of giving things away while preserving anonymity. You’ll get a more loyal and vocal fan base that, yes, ultimately does result in revenue.

    You guys seriously need to hire a good marketer.

  238. onyx_percula says:

    The thing I have a hard time wrapping my head around is the double standard with younger/older relationships. So some cute 20’something is dating a 40’something+ as long as no money exchanges hands its accepted by most, if somewhat looked down on. Add a little financial assistance and she is suddenly a whore and he is a perverted old man/pedifile/preditor. Yet another reason I am a atheist.

  239. SugarySpicey says:

    DorkyBooBoo – clearly this campaign is targeting pot SDs (Google+ demographics skew older, male, and affluent) so why not use the SB tool that would lure them in, a sexy selfie contest … while they’re at it, they could create an SA/SB tumblr full of SB photos shot at clever angles. The SBs would submit them to SA, SA could then show off their best “asset” and SBs could preserve anonymity – I’d submit a photo of my stems for a contest like this, but never my name! I’m not selling my reputation for $1,000.

  240. DorkyGuy says:

    Wow, tough crowd!

    SA needs to attract new users and generate enthusiasm. Everyone benefits when pot options increase. So, what’s a dating website to do?

    Clearly there is power in social media. Should SA ignore that option? Or is there a way they can implement it in a way that everyone is ok with?

    If you were to design a creative marketing plan for SA, what would it look like?

    Maybe that should be the contest… Best answer to that question wins the money 😛

  241. SugarySpicey says:

    Um, really, would I want my Google+ account linked with SA for all time? No. Clearly SA forgets the stigma that would be associated with affiliation. I’m thinking it’s time to delete my account again, who knows what promotional nonsense they’ll start pulling with our accounts and photos.

  242. Laura says:

    Thanks for posting that Jazzy, good to know. Now if I could just figure out why the site says I’ve entered the contest when I haven’t …

  243. JazzySB says:

    “Winner consents to the use of his/her name and likeness for publicity and commercial purposes without further compensation unless prohibited by law.”

    Ummm, no thanks.

  244. Jersey Darling says:

    How will the winner be announced? Using real names?

  245. FatBastardSA says:

    The Nigerian and Russian SB’s are ineligible to enter which means the odds are very high to win ladies.

    I am SOOOO excited!