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Toronto Re-Cap: Canada’s “Sugar Capital” Doesn’t Disappoint
  • Posted Dec 18, 2013


Thank you to all of our members for attending this year’s Fire and Ice: Sugar Masquerade Ball! We hope you enjoyed spending time with North America’s finest selection of “sugar”.

While our event was held on Friday the 13th, we hope your night was anything but unlucky. Many newly acquainted Sugar Babies and Daddies were introduced and numerous arrangements were made—all amidst an inviting and fun atmosphere.

In fact, the event was so well received by our members that we would like to continue our annual tradition of hosting highly-exclusive affairs all over the world.

On behalf of Brandon Wade and the Seeking Arrangement team, we want to thank you, our devoted community, for making our site the premiere Sugar Daddy dating community. And above all, for putting the “sugar” lifestyle on the map!

Would you like SeekingArrangement.com to host its next annual event in your city?

Leave a comment, send a tweet @SeekingArrangement or follow us on Facebook and share your thoughts!

Feel free to also view the 2013 Toronto Fire and Ice: Sugar Masquerade party re-cap, complete with pictures and video.

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  1. GlitterQueen says:

    Las Vegas would be ideal. Its only a 3 1/2 hour drive from L.A. where a lot of SDs and SBs live.

  2. Mel says:

    VANCOUVER please, for most of us that can’t travel.

  3. DancingDevi says:

    @onyx – Thanks! Thus far my panties have stayed on (though I would’ve gladly taken them off after our last date, but he had to go to sleep early so he could holiday travel in the morning). We’ve had a handful of very nice dates over the last few weeks (dinners together, drinks together, nightclub together, chatting and relaxing at his place; so various sorts of dates), and we text just about every day. I wouldn’t say we have an arrangment, yet, as we’re still getting to know each other. I do expect that will solidify when he gets back from family Christmas stuff as that is part of the plan for our at-home date-night upon his return. At least, I certainy hope it does because I’m having to carry around a spare pair of panties for after our dates, just because driving home with very wet panties is so very distracting! I’d much rather put all that moisture to the use it is intended. 😉

  4. onyx_percula says:

    @ DancingDevi — Congrats dear! But I’m not sure here, I think the sugar might be kinda flowing and the panties might of hit the floor 😉 You might be in more than out of an arrangement at this point. 😀 Good luck dear, I hope it works out wonderfully for you two!

  5. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays 😀

    Welcome to all the new Sugars, Hope to talk to you all soon

  6. Zack says:

    SD “bail” last minute gift idea: Buy them a bit coin and let them figure it out, 🙂

  7. Zack says:

    I’m trying to get caught up on just this one topic, but this leapt out at me….

    “Don’t take any of it personally or it can drive you crazy!”

    …there’s a few years hard experience buried in that, I think.

  8. Zack says:


    Peace and goodwill.

  9. DancingDevi says:

    Merry Christmas to you all!

    Santa came in the form of a lovely pot SD, this year. I look forward to spending more time with him after the holidays. As a note to others who have recently expressed frustration, patience really does make a difference. This gentleman was someone I had exchanged messages with earlier in the year, when he was in his northern home for awhile. We talked about meeting when he returned south, but then stopped exchanges messages so I thought maybe he wasn’t so interested after all. Then we got in touch when he returned south after all, and it’s been truly lovely so far. We have great conversations, a fun kink element of compatibility, and he’s such a gentleman – caring and considerate, but firmly within his own communicated boundaries (no pushover). It’s not been the time period that the “sugar recipe” calls for, but I really look forward to our next date: cooking dinner together at his place (which I’ve seen by now) and (if I’m a good girl) something more than just some spanking. [And before you ask, yes; he has already been rather generous with his time and gift$ considering that we’ve just hung out, had dinner together, cuddled, and spanked so far.] I said coming into this whole notion that I would wait forever for the right SD/SM to come along and I meant it, so I’ll be so thrilled if it keeps all going so well between he and I. [And, no; it’s not love, but it’s definitely friendship and lust!]

  10. onyx_percula says:

    @ FlyR — Two different ladies.

    It’s funny you mention the home owners insurance, as I’m adding a rider for exactly that.

    Also in my situation and maybe elsewhere too, I need to go with W2 regular wages as apparently in home care is not considered a contractor unless they are servicing multiple clients at the same time.

    Marry Christmas everyone! 😀

  11. CSugar says:

    Can anyone tell me how SA verifies it’s members? I know to do further research on a man before even if he’s verified, but I’d like to thing if he’s verified he hasn’t committed any serious crimes.

    Long story short, there’s a verified member that has committed a serious crime and is a total fake SD in my eyes because of this. He committed it 5+ years ago, but I’m sure he still gets his money that way.

    He gave me his first and last name and I just Googled it and a news article with his arrest popped up, by the way.

    Be careful, ladies and gentlemen!


  12. flyr says:

    @ onyx – I’m confused if the live in and the last night date are one in the same or two. Am really impressed with the depth of thought on the live in arrangement including her space. It also gives you some space. I wish I had thought of it vs keeping my mother in a care facility.

    My rating of the IRS scale (not a lawyer or accountant )
    SD deducts sugar as business expense – SB does not recognize as income or gift

    SD does not deduct sugar SB does not recognize income

    SD deducts as business expense and SB recognizes via 1099 – As Onyx noted much if not all the tax will come back if reported as ordinary income

    SD does not deduct SB recognizes as income via 1099

    There’s a weird wrinkle in CA law that if you have a domestic worker who works a specified number of hours the employer’s homeowners insurance includes workmans comp. In effect all of the middle income people are taxed to provide insurance coverage for the wealthy. A live in SB probably falls into that category so that if she is injured on the job the SD is insured.

  13. SouthernSB says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  14. sweetie says:

    Hello, dear ones! Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and wish you lots of love, presents, and good times this time of the year.

  15. onyx_percula says:

    @ FlyR — Ref transfers, aka allowances. I would recommend that any SD worth his salt consult a account, CPA etc about the tax implications for both the SD and SB. Rather money is really traceable or not, I can assure you the IRS is pretty damn good at finding unreported income, and once they do they want to know exactly where it came from. Some people may slip under the radar their whole life, others may get nailed again and again.

  16. onyx_percula says:

    @ Tinker — Well I don’t have much in the way of experience with this, but I can tell you I’m in the process of entering just such an arrangement right now. It’s an unusual arrangement in a couple of ways, first she is not to just be an SB to me, but to be a aide and companion to my elderly mother helping with day to day things. Second its becoming more and more of a GF/BF relationship than a purely sugar relationship. That being said I am offering her and she has tentatively accepted what we both feel is a very good deal for both of us.

    She will receive a monthly income as W2 with taxes withheld, which she will be able to file for and get back most/all of. I don’t like to talk numbers in a public forum, but its less than the “moderate” range that SA uses, so she is not “getting rich” from the allowance. I am covering normal living expenses aka food (reasonable) clothing utilities etc. I am covering tuition and school related expense to any of the in state higher education facilities here in AZ within reason aka I’m not putting out hundreds of thousands for a online university when there are better or at least better recognized schools in the area like ASU, NAU, U of A. The term is open. One thing I did do for her was give her a exit clause that if after six months, I needed to end it for any reason other than reasonable cause that she would leave with two months allowance in hand.

    We are still walking thru all the steps needed to complete this arrangement but the expectation is she will be moving in at the end of Jan or beginning of Feb if not sooner.

    Having worked on this arrangement since early November I can say I have learned a few things. Tinker I’m not sure if you a SD or SB, but here are some thoughts, things, etc.

    She will have her own room. She can escape there when she needs space. She will mostly be in my room, but will have that space as her’s alone. That was very comforting to her to know that she would not be losing all of her privacy and would not offend me if she didn’t want to spend every night with me.

    While its likely in any sugar relationship that some level of emotional attachment, involvement will develop, it is far more likely with a live-in situation, so you need to be prepared with all that comes with that. Things like exclusivity, past relationships, future plans and aspirations. If you are the SD you better be prepared for the possibility that this could be a long term deal, as in many years. Rather you are SB or SD you need to consider what happens if both of you drop the pretense of sugar and just become a regular couple too.

    Another that any couple living together and having sex regularly, birth control or the lack there of, lol. I don’t know many couples living together that still use condoms, so you better sort that out before you jump.

    I would not recommend jumping into a live-in arrangement unless you already have something going that is happy and working well first. Remember sugar is just a variation of regular dating. If you meet someone and a week later are talking about moving in together well maybe its perfect, but that will be the rare outliner. I will have been seeing my live-in to be SB for close to 3 months before she actually moves in for example, which maybe way too fast for some still.

  17. flyr says:

    @ Spicey “Homer – there are guys out there with complete websites about scamming girls that way.”

    Spicey – There are girls out there with complete wardrobes from scamming guys that way

    conclusion – it’s a two way street…… stop, look and listen before stepping off the curb

  18. flyr says:

    @spicey “when a guy lies, schemes, steals, then poofs a girl can’t exactly punish his bad behavior can she?”

    Such behavior seldom happens with one red flag. Rule 1 for pot SB’s is to keep the sensors deployed. Perceive reality, not what you want to see. Yes there are charm predators, many of whom are highly skilled through years of practice.

    We do not disagree on the idea that the SD should have performed before the relationship is consummated. There are exceptions, but the SB should recognize that she’s breaking the rules; it’s like driving without a seatbelt.

    In an effort to avoid needless anxiety I’ll also mention to an SB that I can be forgetful and that if I am not doing something that I said I would do to remind me-if I think something needs to be changed we’ll discuss it. Really helped when the bank transfer did not happen due to a mistake at the bank. Rather than assuming the worst she called and it was resolved in a few minutes.

    Re Transfers between SD and SB bank accounts – the transfer info (between different taxpayers) with taxpayer ID’s goes to the IRS, Eric Holder, DHS, FBI, DHS and DNC……

  19. onyx_percula says:

    I met a pot SB last night (yea I know, in my defense I wanted to meet her since this time last year, finally got my shot, lol). A tip to the ladies that came out of it…

    Keep up to date pictures on your profile, especially if you look hotter today than you did when you joined!

    On topics of old… She boxed her dinner choice and I fed her more than half of mine. It was very endearing, cute, silly and sexy. Nothing like a 50 year old feeding a hot 20 year old to draw attention! Good thing neither of us are concerned.

    One last funny from the meeting… We went to a bar and grill. There was a table of 8 or so 30-40 year old guys watching a game. Lot’s and lot’s of looks and comments amongst themselves about the two of us. As we got up to leave I got a nice hot kiss. We got an ovation as we left from that table, lol. She showed super class with a nice blush and giggle. Good thing they didn’t see what happened in the parking lot!

  20. Homer says:

    There are bad apples everywhere. From the guy’s perspective there are girls out there that will receive their allowance, then poof. Happened to me, in fact. Hopefully people are smart enough to learn from their mistakes. Hence the expression “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, sign me up for the Tea-party”

  21. onyx_percula says:

    I like to find out before getting to the point on how she feels about handling cash. If they are sensitive to it I ask how they would like to handle money, and accommodate them. Some couldn’t care less others are super sensitive to it.

    With locals I ask them to open an account at my credit union and to link their account to mine so I can transfer to them only. A few clicks, they get instant confirmation if they choose to.

  22. SugarySpicey says:

    Flyr – when a guy lies, schemes, steals, then poofs a girl can’t exactly punish his bad behavior can she?

    Homer – there are guys out there with complete websites about scamming girls that way.

  23. flyr says:

    @spicey “a girl has to protect herself from the gross, stealing schemers who pretend like they’re going to give an allowance so that they can get laid only to poof once a naive girl gives in to their lies. ”

    Two strategies – punish bad behavior and reward good behavior…..

  24. Homer says:

    it’s frightening to know that there are A-holes out there that would pull that kind of stuff. I would never even consider not fulfilling my end of the deal. For no other reason, you couldn’t see her again. It’s not like there are a million SBs out there, despite the statistics quoted here.

  25. SugarySpicey says:

    Agreed Flyr, a girl has to protect herself from the gross, stealing schemers who pretend like they’re going to give an allowance so that they can get laid only to poof once a naive girl gives in to their lies. Don’t “take care of it later” or it might be forgotten once the larger head regains control.

  26. flyr says:

    IMO The handling of the chicken /egg issue and the first 60 seconds of nakedness are two of the most important events in the start of the sugar relationship, especially if the SB is truly new to the process. I prefer an unsealed envelope rather than a tacky handfull of bills (or worse having to count bills from the wallet) – offered with the comment that I want to be sure I I do not forget it. About half the time the SB has said something like lets worry about that later- yet I think there more comfort with it out of the way.

  27. SugarySpicey says:

    The sugar flows first, then the panties, you can’t repo sex!

  28. Tinker says:

    I have a question regarding live in arrangements.. Should you expect an allowance ontop of having all housing exspenses taken care of.. What would be an appropriate allowance to ask for?

  29. onyx_percula says:

    @ Homer — Yeah its backwards but I’m used to saying it that way as its less like to offend the intended audience 😉

  30. Homer says:

    @Onyx-you’re absolutely right. I’m not that worked up about it. I do, in theory, have a problem if the 2 SDs turns into 5-10. Then I’m dealing with a Pro and it would just be more cost effective to skip the charade of “a relationship” and go the hobby route. That’s not what I’m here for, hence my concern when I see a SB on here daily. It is what it is, nothing more.
    Oh, and I think you have your own slogan backwards. Shouldn’t it be ‘the sugar flows when the panties hit the floor’?

  31. flyr says:

    @ONYX – Yes, the odds of a prepaid SB working out are up there with winning the lottery. It’s the triumph of lust over wisdom……. But it does happen on special occasions.

  32. onyx_percula says:

    Ref SBs generalizations — There is another that we haven’t touched on too, the scam artist and/or “less than genuine” SB. These are the girls that are looking to make as much money as they can from a SD before he gets fed up and dumps her. They want an allowance or gifts but want to wait until later for intimacy. But later never happens, hence why many stick by the old saying “The panties hit the floor when the sugar flows”.

    @ Homer — Meh I wouldn’t worry too much unless you have some reason, like you have an exclusive arrangement, or instance that she is a “one SD only” girl.

    I am seeing about 50/50 mix of the “I will take 2+ SDs to get what I want” versus the “It feels wrong to have more than one SD”.

  33. flyr says:

    @Onyx & Taylor M – Lots of wisdom and experiences.

    After spending some years on and off here my categories

    Pro found a new marketing channel
    Ready of immediate intimacy or quick meet for cocktails
    Cash is king

    Intellectual, adventuresome and wants some economic assistance
    Includes both college students and young professionals
    Often attractive but would not be classified as 9 or 10 by those who want to
    impress others. Appreciate the non economic as well as the economic bene

    College student with temporary need
    I think SA has attracted a number who have an immediate econ need but are
    not comfortable with the typical “real SD” who is older. Fails to find
    30 YO SD who wants to pay $3K /month. As others noted you see a lot who
    disappear quickly . Profile focuses 90% on her and her appearance

    College student looking for SD for $, experience and intellect
    Comfortable with SD experience, does not want to be just arm candy.
    Often really smart beyond age, with difficulty relating to peers.

    Mid 30’s professional
    Probably ended marriage or long relationship. Comfortable with concept ,
    wants more than just $ and tired of dating from their circle. Likely to be picky
    but awesome SB’s. Tired of going dutch treat. Appreciate intellectual

    Single Mothers
    Under lots of econ pressure due to economy and deadbeat dad. Tired of
    sleeping with losers after dutch treat date in beer bar, or married men
    looking for one night experience. A number had good careers in real estate
    finance and a lot of other jobs where the economy has not recovered.

    My point in going through the list is that I think SA spends a disproportionate amount of their promotion on very young college students and images which I think do not represent the bulk of the successful SB’s. Like any other set of classifications it’s filled with generalizations.

    I’m uncomfortable with the number of 18-20 yo women with profiles which seem to say, “I might as well monetize what I am giving away. or One night a week with an SD beats 5 nights a week working at McDonalds”. My somewhat fatherly advice would be to make sure that the sugar relationship you seek is something that in future years you will look back on as a positive experience and influence.

    Off to finish Christmas shopping – would love to hear from SB’s about Christmas gifts which they remember years later. Santa has some errands to do.

  34. NC Gent says:

    Homer — many people (SBs and SDs) are serial daters and always looking for bigger and better. I have to admit that when I get bored or if the sugar relationship isn’t meeting all my needs, I tend to look around. Not everyone is like that, but I think it is more likely in sugar dating. Thus, the term NSA is widely used. Don’t take any of it personally or it can drive you crazy!

  35. Taylormadesb says:


    The first month is the trial period, me personally I’ll keep my options open until I get what I want. I.e allowance is paid
    I know it’s real that way and the guy is serious
    I had a guy that I was seeing for a few months reduce my allowance, like I never received the amount we discussed
    He took me and my then roommate to Vegas and NEVER gave us any spending money
    Yet he had the nerve to ask why I was still active on the site
    So for me, I want the full SD package not just bits and pieces when you feel like giving it to me

    You definitely hit the nail on the head
    When I first started a year ago I was bombarded with a plethora of messages ( then exciting) leading to a billion useless dates with creepy and pervy men who should really be on CL
    Like every other student I saw SA as a gold mine for tuition
    My situation was a bit different as I was once a scholarship athlete, I lost my scholarship senior year so $$ was imperative at that time. I would’ve definitely deleted my page due to the # of disappointments and frustration! The blog is semi unrealistic for most I’d come on and read the comments and I remember there was an SB “calisb” was her handle and her sugar life just read perfect and I wanted what she was experiencing. I’m in no way a pro but I knew if I stayed on long enough that perfect SD would come and he did. I was offered the world and I genuinely liked to be around him, I wasn’t able to take trips with him because of school but as it ended and I’ve moved to a bigger city I’ve decided I want the full blown sugar experience that I missed out on due to school. But back the point early on if the sum of $$ wasn’t absolutely necessary in order for me to not get kicked out the semester I was meant to graduate I would’ve thrown in the towel
    I’m genuinely attracted to older men,and
    SA helped me to decipher what it was I wanted and to not care what others thought. So today I’m open to more than just sugar IRL

  36. Homer says:

    @Onyx: I think one way SBs are getting around asking for larger allowances is to have a couple of daddies in the “practical” range. Not enough to be considered a Pro, but having more than one increases the feeling of security as well as the income.

  37. Homer says:

    @Spicey, I do want to have a talk about exclusivity, etc, but what I was wondering was if two or three (real dates, not coffee dates) was still too soon for either party to know the answer. I assume even you wouldn’t hide your profile after your first date? The reason behind this is I have had SBs who started looking again on the site while we were months into the arrangement (where all expectations were being met). I can only assume I’m just an oblivious A-hole and can’t see I’m being a bad SD.

  38. onyx_percula says:

    @ gtt_envy — I think location has a lot to do with it really. As you know I have talked to a lot of pot SBs this year 😉 I have talked to a couple that have the same story you mention. But mostly I am seeing ladies that 1) get a flood of messages when they first sign up, many not worth the effort to read and worst case predators looking to get some cheap/free and putting a notch their sugar spoon. They get discouraged and stop signing in after a month or two 2) Get very few messages but the quality is much higher and often results in an arrangement 3) The vets that have been sugaring for a few years, they pop up long enough to get a few contacts, then they work them and get the arrangement they are seeking.

    But I also live in an area that I has three major universities within two hours drive. If you do a search based in PHX with a 250 mile range the vast majority of the cities listed on the profile will be Tempe, Tucson or Flagstaff.

    From my point of view, age definitely does have an impact. Being nearly 50 and honestly listing myself in my profile, I have seen what can be age basis. But at the same time I have had several 18 and 19 year old girls contact me this year earnest to form a mutually beneficial arrangement.

    I know if I had the budget I could have two different ladies to meet every day of the week if I wanted to. I’m not anything super special, different yes in that I have heard again and again “You are so sweet. You don’t treat me like a piece of meat or a toy. Wow you really do care!” and so on.

    The theme I hear often is the lady needs some extra money, but is sick of ill/bad/not as good as it should be treatment by boys of their age group so why not sugar. Many lacking experience with men and seeking an older man to explore with. Many just looking to be treated like a lady, someone valued beyond their T&A. It is still amazing to me that I keep meeting girls that have never been on a real date, or at least one they didn’t have to pay for. Even had one get pissed that I “forced” my way in front of her to open the door for her “I can open it, what do you think I can’t?!?!”, lol.

    Oh and talking about unreasonable expectations… I recently was in contact with a lady that claimed… To have had her last SD give her $7500/month for (4) overnight visits a month. Who will not take less than $2k for “a date night experience” but would be glad to give me “rates for an hour of my intimate time”. So even the escorts have got things out of whack. LMAO!

    Just based on my experience most of the girls looking for >$2k/month or equivalent P4P are hard pressed to find a SD. Those that are in the $1k/month to $2k/month are much more successful in finding a fulfilling arrangement. It’s just a function of the math, there are a lot more guys that can afford that $1k to $2k allowance than can afford those “seriously, you have to be kidding” allowances.

    So I guess my long winded message is this… Girls if its more important to you to be treated well than have “all the finest things in life!” you will be successful in sugaring. Guys if you treat your SB with respect, care and kindness you will get a lot more sugar than if you are a macho fuck wad who just wants to hit that.

  39. NC Gent says:

    @Gtt – as i stated a few blogs ago, about 9 out of 10 women will never find an SB. Ever notice how many young ladies join SA, and within a week they never login again. These are probably the women that got had unrealistic expectations or got frustrated with the age and quality of men, as you suggested. As Spicey noted earlier though, the longer the SB keeps looking, the greater her odds increase for finding an SD because the pool of SBs that look for more than a week or two drops dramatically.

    @Spicey — there are a large number of SBs that have unrealistic expectations. They are looking for some hot, young, wealthy single guy to give them an allowance to date them — if a guy is young, hot, wealthy and single there is no way he has to provide an allowance to get dates. Look at the other sugar site, and a large number of women put the age range of their SD about 25 -35. Really? Maybe SA should ask people signing up a few questions — like are you legitimately attracted to men that are 20+ years older than you? Might make a lot of people think. On the other hand, I am sure there are some success cases and sugar comes in many different forms.

    As a side note, I had a 30-day paid profile that recently expired. I noticed the quality of SBs had improved quite a bit since my last stint. A number of the pot SBs said they saw an article on sugar dating in a magazine. Maybe SA should advertise in Cosmo?

  40. SouthernSB says:

    @gtt I may be wrong, but I thought that was the idea. Younger women and older men. You mean the girls are getting upset that the men are in their 40’s to 60’s? I thought that was the whole idea behind the site. That young college girls would go out with middle aged to senior men, for fun and perks. I had no idea that the girls would put caps on the age of the men they would go out with because I thought they would understand by default that they would be going out with men in that age demographic.
    I mean, isn’t that what the “sugar” is for, to help the girls to feel more comfortable about dating someone their father’s age and older? If the girls are looking for someone rich and 30 they could do that at any club on a Saturday night.
    It seems to me that the girls must be looking for something a little different than the site offers, or I’m getting it wrong. I thought this site was for future Wendy Dengs and Anna Nicholes (without the sickening drug abuse, in Anna’s case of course), but if it’s something different I stand corrected. In any case, you can’t play grown-up games if you are not a grown-up and I think that is where the disconnect is happening here.

  41. gtt_envy says:

    I wonder how many potential SB’s actually find a SD? Over the years it seems almost ALL of the women I’ve talked to quit looking or delete their profile. The Pro’s are the exception 😉 those women who live this lifestyle catering to the highest bidder. Those profiles that no matter what day you log in they are always active, always looking, etc and have been for years.

    I’ve been talking to 4 potential women right now (trying to be like Onxx), and two have deleted their profile the other two haven’t logged in since November.

    When asked the two women who deleted their profile “I logged in the other day and noticed you deleted your profile?” the response was “Everyone was a old creeper my grandpa’s age you were the only person that seemed normal and you are cute!”

    The other said almost the same “I only received two messages from someone under 40 you and another guy who was mid 20’s and he was clearly a fake. The site was really disappointing, except for you.”

    It seems to be a recurrent theme old, creeper, fake, wants nudes, I think for the average girl contemplating this lifestyle. Thinking this would be fun a little spoiling, new adventure, and help achieving some dreams there is a cap of how far or “old” they will go.

    This forum doesn’t seem at all in touch with the current reality of sa.com. Most women (right/wrong) really think there is a plethora of 35-45yr old men waiting and willing to spoil them. When they see that isn’t the reality they just leave the site.

    Back to the highest bidder types I met two in my recent search one a AA female (such bad luck with AA’s) she said “Well, I’m used to getting a allowance from the beginning to prove you are legitimate. I accept Moneygarm and Western union!” Like that would happen.

    The other said “I receive 2000k/mo for a date are you open to Ruth’s Chris this weekend?”

    For those types it’s all about the $$$ not so much the experience………that’s it time for work lol.

  42. flyr says:

    Re : when to stop looking None of this is different from real life….. when in a conventional relationship do the participants stop looking or start looking again? Its a really personal and situational matter but one that some will want to discuss and others will want to pretend.

  43. SugarySpicey says:

    Homer – a smart SB “hides” her profile once she’s successfully received the equivalent of a full month of whatever makes her feel special aka “allowance”. But, by date two she “acts” as though you are the only guy she’s considering. It’s all an act, if you want to know why she’s still online, ask her, though she might ask you the same – and it’s worse for you considering you’re paying to be there and she probably isn’t.

  44. onyx_percula says:

    @ Zack — And they call horses the “sport of kings” and I say they have never played in the sugar bowl!

  45. Zack says:

    (Kentucky debate: “Do we tell them about the party we have at Churchill Downs in the spring, or do we say, ‘We already got one.’?”)

    Or there’s Rolex thereabouts for the horsey set.

  46. Homer says:

    Sorry to change the topic a bit, but a question for the ladies here. How many dates with a SD before you stop searching the site? Or do you always keep an eye open in case the arrangement falls apart?

  47. Claudia85 says:

    @Natalia : there is indeed more SD/SB in America but the number of people interested in Europe in attending this kind of event is high. So organize a party in Europe would be interesting.

  48. flyr says:

    continuing the discussion of hotels

    I think you are more likely to find the regular business traveler / pot SD at a place that caters to them rather than the luxury names. My guess is that the added drag of today’s travel is going to make the frequent traveler much more open to the idea of an SB.

    Business travel isn’t what it was 30 years ago. Instead of attractive, generally uninhibited flight attendants you get an extra half hour in security and a grope from some creature working for TSA where the IQ seldom matches the belt size. Then the experience deteriorates with onboard snacks that are Soup Kitchen rejects, served by grandmother plus an extra hour lost retrieving and returning.
    the rental car.

    The intelligent,fun SB is the perfect antidote to the regular business trip….

    For the undergrad, aspiring SB a part time job at a fixed based operator serving corporate aircraft and personal jets (FBO) at the airport has proven to also be a good source of SD’s as many of the entrepreneurs use the facilities. But beware of the charter pilots as they have less potential or charm than unemployed,aspiring actors.

  49. Euphoria says:

    We need another rooftop party on NYC! Must be classy! That is all!

  50. onyx_percula says:

    @ TaylormadeSB — Okay a little secret just between you and me… One secret to building wealth, DON’T SPEND IT! I have never met a self made man/woman that has been “well off” for an extended time that didn’t have a keen eye for spending, how much they pay for things, look for ways to reduce it.

    I talked to one of the wealthiest men alive several years ago, chit chatting keeping a bridge open for a meeting. He was complaining about a ~$0.50 price increase on Raisin Bran cereal, lol. His plans for that weekend, taking his private 737 to his ranch in AU for the weekend costing tens of thousands in operating expenses (wages, fuel, etc).

  51. TaylormadeSB says:

    Thanks! I really hope all is amazing when he returns 🙂
    He laughed at my jokes, which aren’t funny lol ( though I think they are)

    I think you’re right- I never pay too much attention as most times I’m checking emails but I did notice the influx of business men when I finally did look up, I always just imagined they were traveling salesmen or someone of the sort….

  52. flyr says:

    @TM – Thanks for sharing. …… There are times when the hotel choice for business travel is not the hotel you would stay at absent some need like breakfast at 5AM in order to get to a client’s very early meet in the area.

  53. Natalia says:

    Wow, what a fabulous story! I need to go to the bars more often by myself! That sounds like a sexy connection so I hope things go well when he comes back!

  54. TaylormadeSB says:

    Glad I could 🙂

  55. onyx_percula says:

    @ Taylormadesb — Thanks, made me smile too. 😀

  56. TaylormadeSB says:


    ” Taylormadesb — Okay I waited all day, spill it, where?”

    Well if you insist 😉

    I don’t mind sharing the details of my rendezvous of last night.
    I work near the airport( 5 min) which means hotels hotels hotels
    And I’m sure you can guess the types of chain hotels near.
    When traffics bad I like to go to the bar/ restaurant at the Holiday Inn, as it’s convenient in the distance from work and the freeway it also serves decent food and drink AND I can watch the game ( love basketball and football). I obviously don’t trawl for sugar at the Holiday Inn lol- however last night all the seats at the bar were taken, all except one- I sat down and immediately noticed the Rolex to my right, that didn’t completely pique my interest but did cause for a glance to see who was wearing this lovely watch- I must admit he was a very handsome man, mid 40s good shape, nice teeth.
    He kept looking at me as if he wanted to start a conversation but didn’t know what to say so he went with. ‘ wow! I was sat here for 10 min before I was served, and you’ve been helped twice’
    I was quite flattered that he was interested in conversation as I was quite curious, first about what he did and second why he was staying at the holiday inn( not that it’s a bad thing, just didn’t seem like the type) I obviously didn’t ask lol
    Small talk got deeper and next thing I knew my projected hour turned into 6!
    I found out who he was, what he did, hobbies ( which you all were right about yacht clubs and sailing), his multiple houses, how often he worked out which I’m ashamed to admit was more then me, AND it turned out he was staying there as it’s the closest full service hotel near the airport but he’d spent the week at the W on business . The bar was closing and we exchanged contact info, but he insist that I come up to take his business card- I did, I knew what he was up to but he was sexy and I did spend a portion of the evening allowing my mind to wonder. He gave me his card along with bit of $$ as he insisted I eat something( although I could’ve probably eaten 15 something’s with that lol), with that he leaned in for the kiss, it was AMAZING!! Couldn’t stop smiling on my way to my car :))))
    He comes here for business throughout the year and he insisted we spend some time and go out when he comes next month
    Perhaps it’s not sugar, but maybe it is :))) either way who cares! He’s hot!!

    Ok ok ok I’m sorry for the rant but I’m excited

  57. Zack says:

    Timing may matter. Florida would be nice Miami, or… someplace, but not inland during July,

    Happy Holidays.

  58. Natalia says:

    The Midwest needs some love as well! But I wouldn’t mind having an excuse to fly to the West coast for a fun party!

    While I think it would be fabulous to have an European party, I don’t think it’s realistic, based only off of where the main clientele is located, and my guess that is in the US. It would be very difficult for many SBs to get out there due to cost, as we heard in previous comments that flying to Canada was an issue as it is.

  59. onyx_percula says:

    @ Taylormadesb — Okay I waited all day, spill it, where?

  60. flyr says:

    @ Taylor – sounds great……… hope it works out well…..

  61. Taylormadesb says:


    Aww, that is the most unfortunate 😉
    Perhaps we’ll put that on ice for now darling 😉

    On a more exciting note, I think I did it!!! I found potential sugar IRL.soo excited to see where this goes. I guess things do happen when you least expect them because it was the LAST place I wouldve ever expect lol

  62. Claudia85 says:

    An evening in London or Paris would be great for the European SD and SB!!

  63. onyx_percula says:

    There is a restaurant here that is popular, but also popular with sugar couples. There have been nights there that I didn’t see one couple that wasn’t in that sugar age dynamic thing. It not really a meeting place so much as a place to go together.

  64. flyr says:

    Any interest on my part would be conditioned upon Brandon’s personal guarantee of no press , no cameras – My guess is that this will preclude me from witnessing taylormadeSB in her finest.

    Did an early business dinner in Santa Monica last night.

    My host noted the number of sugar couples and commented that several of the relationships had started in the later evenings at the bar. Probably too high profile for married POT’s, but apparently a happy hunting ground for the unmarried. It’s good to know such places still exist.

  65. laurent says:

    Any International events planned for 2014, like in Budapest for example, or any of the CEE capitals [Poland, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, …]?

  66. TaylormadeSB says:


    Agreed! I’d definitely like to get involved in one of these rendezvous, think it’d be absolute class!!!
    I love dressing up and making the other girls jealous 😉

  67. onyx_percula says:

    How about something West coast since this last one was East coast. LA, San Francisco, Vegas, Phoenix all come to mind.

  68. Leroy says:

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