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Unique Ways to Pay For College


Scholarships and financial aid are never enough. Many private college tuitions are soaring above and beyond $40,000 a year. There has to be a way to make ends meet, right?

Is your Sugar Daddy taking awhile to get here? Check out our list of fun, funky, and playful ways to put more money in your pocket without increasing those pesky student loans.

Meet a Smart Sugar Daddy

If your parents can’t afford to pay your tuition, why not find another daddy who can? Our average Sugar Babies make about $3,000 a month. This could be used to pay tuition or just truly enjoy the college life. Say bye, bye to nasty Ramen Noodles, and hello to numerous pairs of designer duds.

Become an Online Mastermind

True Life on MTV recently aired an episode called “I’m Famous Online”. The 14-year-old male featured, boasted over 160,000 Instagram followers. Due to his large following, his grades were suffering and his parents were displeased to say the least. His mother insisted that “These followers of yours will not help you get into college!” But, is that really true? Experts beg to differ.

According to CNN Money, college interns at Google make about $20,000 in as little as three months. If you have a knack for designing websites, search engine optimization, or social media management, you may just be heading in the right direction. Try taking advantage of those skills on freelance websites such as Elance, and watch the money flow.

reading on paying for college

Read an Inspiring, Scandalous Novel

One of the most jaw dropping college inspired novels is Marc Acito’s How I Paid for College. The book is about a young male named Edward Zanni who wishes to go to Julliard, but alas, his father refuses to pay for him to go to “some art school”. Since he knows his father has enough money to cover the entire tuition and then some, Edward decides to cause an ample amount of ruckus in order to get his dad to change his mind.

It’s funny, witty, dirty, and a bit wrong, but those are the best things about it! Although it may not give the best advice when it comes to honestly finding money for college, it will make you wish you had this amazing group of friends to join the outrageous, epic ride with you.

Donate Your Prized Sperm or Eggs

A recent study conducted by PBS in 2013, cited women making between $5,000 to $10,000 for egg donations. On the other end of the spectrum, however, men only make $100 per donation. Ladies, this is a great opportunity. One donation could mean an entire semester covered or ample spending money for a few months.

Fellas, don’t give up, after a few sessions you could have spending money as well. Just remember, 18 years, 18 years… it wasn’t in the contract, but she could have you for 18 years!

Aim for a Contest Based Scholarship

Too many students throw the towel in too quickly. It’s easy enough to just settle for funds already provided in your college acceptance packet. Students all too quickly decide to bite the bullet by seeking the remainder of your college tuition in loans. Why settle when you could win scholarship contests, or write a short essay and win thousands?

Remember, the Internet is your best friend. It’s much easier to find extra money for college now than it was 10 years ago. Take advantage of Google and other search engines. Try using keywords such as “college scholarships”, “free grants”, “free scholarships”, “college money”, “money for college”, and more.

Sites such as SeekingArrangement.com even offer scholarships to active members. Winners are picked at random, and it only takes a few minutes to enter, so it is totally worth your time. Never give up, and keep looking for opportunities like this one!

A few extra thousand dollars can go a long way. Were you able to pay for college due to a Sugar Daddy or some other alternative means? We would love to hear your story.

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  1. DelicateDaliaa says:

    Omg I came on here to learn something to help me find a good SD but in stead I’ve found useless information and that this site’s a joke barf

  2. Newbie Needs Help says:

    @Southern aww that’s such a sweet story!! and I have no doubts you look amazing. My mom is 52 and often gets more compliments than I do.

    Have a great trip Sugary can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  3. SugarySpicey says:

    Türkiye’ye gidiyoruz!

    Bag’s in the car, doors are locked, and I’m on my way to Istanbul!

  4. Zack says:

    @ SuSp…which way was the camera pointed, and were you wearing any new clothes? 😛

    @ college SB’s esp live-in w/ mentor: I forget where presently, but I chanced -across an article about something like $xk/semester for “all you can pass” online coursework. I’m not sure about online education (but…not in college anymore, either) so…thoughts?

    I could see myself enjoying a live in arrangement with an SB possessing a sensitive ear and some common interests…. 1) online education any good? B) I think I could provide pretty good supplemental material for some subjects.


    There may also be other incidents of moderation.

  5. Zack says:

    @ SuSp…which way was the camera pointed, and were you wearing any new clothes? 😛

    @ college SB’s esp live-in w/ mentor: I forget where presently, but I chanced -across an article about something like $xk/semester for “all you can pass” online coursework. I’m not sure about online education (but…not in college anymore, either) so…thoughts?

    I could see myself enjoying a live in arrangement with an SB possessing a sensitive ear and some common interests…. 1) online education any good? B) I think I could provide pretty good supplemental material for some subjects.

  6. NC Gent says:

    Sounds good — just perfect timing then! I still check that email address you have once in a while.

  7. SouthernGent2 says:

    NC – Seriously, I have not looked on here in months. I will shoot you an email today if I can.

  8. NC Gent says:

    SG2 — so awesome to see you again! I was wondering if that unsubstantiated $3k allowance number would draw you out of the woodwork. I hope all your sugar is sweet!

  9. SD-Rob says:

    @Soon2BeNC – The (foolish) giving spirit goes both ways. There are guys (like me) who love to please their women any way possible, but as you say when the reciprocation is not there, and I am not asking for one for one which takes away from the whole thing, but even 10-20% back, then I know I gotta run from the relationship. So, it is not just girls who have this problem of course, and as guys although we know we should do more of the paying (depending on the partners’ situation), there is a limit in generosity based on what you get back.
    Sugar of course is different, but the girls can do the giving back in the sensory (as you say) and companionship, emotional ways.

  10. SouthernGent2 says:

    First time I have read this blog in months. And came in to find one of my favorite topics being discussed, college SB’s.

    Not sure I can add much to this. I noticed the 3000 allowance figure was posted above. Sure its out there, but the average is well below that. College girls come into all this with expectations set way too high, that this is all too good to be true. So a large number of them quit in frustration, or find out reasons why the site might not be for them.

    Looks like some of the old names I remember are still around, and many more new ones. Perhaps I will spend more time here in the future.

  11. Soon2BeNC_SB says:

    Oh, I meant to tack onto the end of that–

    NOW I generally narrow the scope of my “giving” to be done on a sensory level– in the bedroom (or ya know, wherever such fun occurs hehe), lots of back rubs, making a nice environment and atmosphere, looking like something he’d like to see, cooking good food (love to cook), intriguing his brain, smelling and sounding like a escape from the humdrum of everyday banality… etc etc. 😉

  12. Soon2BeNC_SB says:

    @flyr – Here here! Amen to that! Wish I’d have had that advice years ago! Although I doubt I’d have listened. Sometimes you’ve got to learn things for yourself. Stupid head of mine!

    @sweetie – Yeah, the thing is in a very giving person. My natural form is to give someone I care about the last dollar in my pocket and the shirt off my back. I’ve learned thru the school of life though that very very few people are able to be trusted with such a giving spirit, and usually the ones who probably can be trusted with it would never allow you to do so. I have willingly and joyfully. The fallout is when it isn’t reciprocated. And it’s a lot like @flyr said, you can’t reward bad behavior , which in hindsight is what I was doing. In my mind I was just helping him out because I cared about him. But in reality he had been immature and irresponsible, blowing his money on drinks and dumb crap like that (not even on me!), and here I was rewarding such lameness by picking up his slack. Well that kept snowballing and I found myself picking up his massive amount of slack to my own bank account’s detriment! Argh! You live, you learn!

  13. SugarySpicey says:

    Richard – not sure why I included a question mark in that one.

  14. Richard says:

    @Sugary – you wrote “So I sent him a dirty selfie of my legs, in the dress I was wearing when we met for drinks … and now I’m at home rather excited?” Is that a question? Sounds hot! 🙂

  15. SugarySpicey says:

    Had drinks with the land developer I talked about. He didn’t pick up the check because the bar owner kept sending them to us, so there was no check. We have soooo much fun together. Kisses in the parking lot, thigh touching under my skirt, then goodbyes. He parted with: “God, I love what an open book you are.”

    Funny, I consider myself a bit guarded.

    Then he asked me multiple times to call him when I get home from Turkey.

    So I sent him a dirty selfie of my legs, in the dress I was wearing when we met for drinks … and now I’m at home rather excited?

  16. SugarySpicey says:

    Okay, learn too much about Spicey time, which I usedtacoulda blogged about until the Pirate threatened me & took my blog away. 🙁

    My bio-dad refused to go to work and was self-employed, after years of him being a leaching loser, my mom kicked him to the curb, with $300, a high school education, two kids, and no family – and made it!

    From that day forward, of all things a man I will spend my time with must be is successful and generous. It’s what drew me to this site. I tried other sites but kept getting hit on by men less successful than me, which to me, is not sexy. On SA, I can make sure he’s an earner first and foremost. To me, it’s part of my crazy DNA that I only want Alpha males.

  17. flyR says:

    @Soon2Be ” I ended up supporting the GUY that I have learned my lessons!”

    Rule 1 of Relationships (from personal to among nations) DON’T REWARD BAD BEHAVIOR It also goes for test drives in all but the exceptional situation.

    If the guy can not afford to treat you he should take you to a different place.

    SD takes care of dinner / SB takes care of dessert

  18. sweetie says:

    Soon2Be, I agree with you about helping out a broke boyfriend. It gets old after a while no matter how much you love him, plus makes you feel you’re being taken advantage of. And then resentment peeks its ugly head… One guy I dated briefly a long time ago used to say: It’s ok, I make more money than you. I got it. 🙂 Thank you!
    Definitely the guys on here are giving Sugary a hard time. I’m thinking, don’t ask me out if you don’t plan to take care of the bill. It’s just petty.

  19. Soon2BeNC_SB says:

    @NCGent – Thanks! Just sent you an email.

    On another note–
    You guys are all being hard on Sugary!
    From my observation I highly doubt she’s the type to be entitled or to act spoiled. But there is a point of knowing one’s worth. I’ve been through enough relationships in which I ended up supporting the GUY that I have learned my lessons! Yeah. Done with that! LoL

  20. SouthernSB says:

    Hi Newbie!! Unfortunately I don’t really know any other SB sites except SD4Me. You’re not going to believe this but the first time I heard these sites existed was in my Intro. to Sociology class that I was taking at a community college. It sounded like a good deal to me so I came home the same day and looked it up on Google. I’ve been on the site off and on for less than a year. I’ve only been on a few dates but I’ve had a good time and will continue to sugar until I either get too tired or they drag me off to the nursing home. Just the other day a nice man in my building told me I look 35. That made my day. He also bought me a Christmas tree and gave me 20 bucks in a Christmas card. It was sweet because this man is on disability and doesn’t really have a lot of money to give. I didn’t want to keep it, but he’s a sweet man and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by refusing.

  21. FatBastardSD says:

    @Euphoria retired sb

    I guess that means you will be (or are) open about your adventures with every guy you meet. Should be O.K. you are only doing what every young single woman does 🙂

  22. FatBastardSD says:


    “When was the last time you were with a confident, nympho, tiny ballerina type like that? :p”

    Never have been. I really doubt that I would treat her like crap after the fist date though. I guess all other men are just evil.

  23. Euphoria retired sb says:

    To awnser fat bastard SD’s question on the previous blog
    Your question:
    When your SD’s asked you what you were doing last week did you tell them than you were flying around to meet with other SD’s?

    I am impressed that you found that lifestyle fun for a few years. Traveling around became very tiresome for me. Did you find SD’s that you enjoyed spending time with or was the traveling the main attraction?

    Yes, my sd’s did know that I was a single SB who was not ready to settle down until I found the right person. Just like any other single girl, I had the freedom to meet with anyone that I wanted. One of my sd’s was married at the time and knew that I would never become exclusive to anyone who was not in the position to become exclusive to me. Another had just went through a divorce and had commitment issues so an exclusive relationship would have been next to impossible for him. I think that we all had the understanding that as long as I was safe, having fun and did not bring std’s back then it was no different then being a young single woman with no real commitments.
    I did enjoy the traveling very much. When your traveling for work vs traveling for pleasure, its a whole different ball game. One day I was on a beach in Florida, the next day I was shopping in new York. A week later I was off to a black tie event in DC. Not many 20+a few year old girls get to say that they dropped everything for a few years and just enjoy life with a few men who are financially stable and willing to treat them well.
    I actually did enjoy the company of all my sd’s. If they didn’t make me happy, I wouldn’t have been with them. I actually had more then my fair share of emails from men that I would have loved to meet or get to know. It would have been very easy for me to move on if I did not enjoy the company of someone I chose to be around.

  24. sweetie says:

    Oh-oh! Spicey’s coming out of her shell again.

  25. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – really? You think? I believe this is just you trying to get me to post my Agent Provacateur Gravatar again.

    Spontaneously, every man I’ve ever been with has commented that I’m the best sex of his life. Could be the lack of gag reflex and all the yoga, or the gymnastics in high school, but I think it’s probably because I just love, love, love to f*ck and have no hang ups.

    When was the last time you were with a confident, nympho, tiny ballerina type like that? :p

  26. DarkHorseSD says:

    I had a first meet this afternoon. Considered cutting my nails after the shower, but it was borderline so I left it for tomorrow.

  27. Richard says:

    @Sugary – that got to me…nothing sexier (to me) than a woman with long luscious lashes…and I don’t get a flying eff if they are real or not! (Just like I don’t care whether your nails are real…as long as they are well done.)

    Don’t you pay for your check at the register at Applebees? So what’s the problem? LOL. I honestly can’t remember the last time I _didn’t_ pick up the check. Occasionally have to be sneaky about it and intercept the server early, though. 🙂

  28. FatBastardSD says:


    “Gguys don’t try harder to impress you after they’ve gotten you naked, they get lazy and complacent,…”

    Maybe they were disappointed with what they saw or the experience they had and the motivation to be a good guy went away. 🙂

  29. gtt_envy says:

    As far as the blog it needs to be a forum this format is so 90’s.

  30. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – my natural “relationship” way of being is rather sweet, and passive. Except for the pirate/asshat I’ve always been treated very well, so decide for yourself what that says. And, the definition of treated well is unique to the recipient. Gguys don’t try harder to impress you after they’ve gotten you naked, they get lazy and complacent,

    DarkHorse – in sugarland bitchy pays very, very well! Much better than being sweet and wide-eyed.

    Newbie. It’s like acrylic nails, ruins the real ones and you have to spend months growing then back. That said, the results are amazing and then you don’t have to wear any eye makeup.

  31. WCSD says:

    Spicey “Strange that my assuming a guy would pick up the check would strike such a nerve” – assuming someone would pick up the check didn’t strike the nerve, the manner and attitude that it was presented with did. A bit surprising you haven’t got that yet…

  32. DarkHorseSD says:

    What is the going rate for being a bitch in your community?

  33. FatBastardSD says:


    “…in my book the way a guy treats you on the first date is the best he’s ever going to treat you.”

    When I meet someone for the first time I try to be nice. If they are a good person I will try to treat them better the longer I know them. If they are a bitch then I will definitely treat them worse the longer I know them.

    What do you think this implies about your personality? 🙂

  34. Newbie Needs Help says:

    oh sugary i’m jealous! (in a good way) i haven’t had good pampering in ages! i always wanted to get my lash extensions done but worried about what the glue would do to my real ones, have u ran into any issues? best of luck with the Austrian!

  35. SugarySpicey says:

    WCSD – you know me, I’m not really a bitch … That costs extra 😉

    Off to get my lashes and hair done, waxed, and pedicured. Which means that I will have invested hundreds before I see the Austrian Doctor. So, at the minimum he can drop $100 for dinner – and we still won’t be even.

  36. SugarySpicey says:

    WCSD – I didn’t realize I needed to bat my eyelashes and behave coquettishly with the blog community – you know I’m more blunt here than I would behave IRL. Strange that my assuming a guy would pick up the check would strike such a nerve!

    Flyr – I hadn’t seen it that way, I always read it as “I’ll get the check and buy the popcorn” that’s very appreciated, I imagine, that you cover incidental costs for a first meet.

  37. flyR says:

    @Spicey ““When SDs comment that they’ll cover all expenses it makes me laugh, of course you will, that’s what dating is””

    In the sugarworld I am much more apt to reimburse for gas and sitter, especially if she has come some distance.

    Thankfully I was raised pre feminist period …..

  38. WCSD says:

    Spicey – “This whole knee jerk assumption that expectations leads to bitchyness is very flawed.” I don’t assume that expectation leads to bitchiness, I assume bitchiness leads to bitchiness. Examples:

    “Guys don’t pay for dates?!? I’ve never had that happen. Who has the balls to ask a woman to pay on a date! Never encountered that, I might barf right there at the Applebees”

    “When SDs comment that they’ll cover all expenses it makes me laugh, of course you will, that’s what dating is”

    Having an expectation about something is not a problem. Being a bitch about it is. I may expect to have sex on the first date, and if I don’t I may choose to never see that person again (like you choose not to see someone if they don’t pick up the check). But if I vocalized it crudely then it wouldn’t just be an expectation, I’d just be acting like an asshole.

  39. SugarySpicey says:

    WCSD – of course I say thank you, of course I’m friendly, kind, and appreciative. This whole knee jerk assumption that expectations leads to bitchyness is very flawed. I also “expect” that a lady comes first – that’s just wanting to be me treated well.

    But, if a guy doesn’t pick up the check, my efforts to be pretty and kind won’t matter to him at all, because I will never be interested in him again, in my book the way a guy treats you on the first date is the best he’s ever going to treat you. If he can’t even be bothered to pick up the check, what other ways will he show that he is selfish and lazy. A date is where a man proves himself, by offering to pay I eliminate the opportunity for him to prove that’s he’s generous and kind – and it leads to that awkward “let me get it” conversation that nobody enjoys.

  40. WCSD says:

    @Spicey – “When the check comes I don’t even acknowledge it, why would I? He asked ME out, so of course HE’LL pay! ”

    Now an attitude like this makes my dick go soft and my wallet close up! I don’t remember a time when a date paid for anything (whether sugar or not), but if my date acts entitled for that…NEXT! There is nothing more annoying to me than a sb/pot/date who makes assumptions and doesn’t show gratitude or appreciation. You may have worked hard to be all smooth, smell nice, and beautiful, but do you really think that you worked harder than me to EARN that money that I want to spend on you? I’ll be thanking you for your effort, you’d better be thanking me for mine.

  41. DarkHorseSD says:

    A site that caters more to women in their mid 30’s to mid 40s would interest me these days.

  42. DarkHorseSD says:

    I actually have read the blog in its entirety over more than 50% of its existence and have never seen it better – for quite a variety of needs.

  43. NCGent says:

    Welcome to the blog Soon2BNC_SB and thanks for your nice comments. It would great to talk offline with you. I have several blog friends, and it is always great to have more friends.

    Blog Gods (aka Guru) – please exchange my email address with Soon2B – thanks!

  44. flyR says:

    @ Newbie “I am applying regardless (to anything I’m remotely qualified for in any field not just bio) but not getting any calls back. the unemployment rate for my age bracket seems to be at 14.5% at the moment.”

    It’s really hard to get in the door today unless you have a contact or someone recommending you. That makes it even harder on new grads who do not have a strong network.

    As I recall you have a biology major ……. If I were looking for an administrative type position your resume would go to the A list . However most traditional employers limit their vision when recruiting. There are a lot of fields where smart and diligent catches up with experienced in a very short time and comes without bad habits.

    You might try rebranding yourself, selling brains, character, energy and a positive attitude. rather than experience

    You might try an ad – make me your assistant .

  45. redpaint says:

    Onyx – wow seems like you played a part! Haha must have totally won her over on that first date 😉

  46. onyx_percula says:

    @ redpaint — Meh, its not very practical to chase down the server before leaving the table. Most servers no better than to drop the check with the man not there, if they do they tend to “put it out of reach” of the lady. This poor girl was just so sure she was getting stuck with an expensive dinner bill, lol. She also learned that the right way was to be sure she gets off at the very least an equal amount as her man does. Ruined, completely ruined her for those boys she used to see. Last I heard she married a guy ~20 years older.

  47. redpaint says:

    Thanks Soon2Be and Newbie for the input! But Sugary might be right on that ‘afraid there would be strings’ part and I sure don’t want such pressure yet. Of cus I really appreciated it and now he is getting me to set up an account so that he can teach me all about investments and saying that would be useful in my future… Always trying to add value to my life… At least I feel this is better than paying for my studies in some ways.

    And to everyone else, yes guys should always pick up the check!! If you’re going to be away at the gents, settle the bill first and don’t ever let the check get to the lady! Haha at least that’s how I feel dating in the Sugar world should be like. Very much with Sugary on this one!

  48. Newbie Needs Help says:

    hahah yes onyx even if they pay for the first date, they still expect to get to half and half after, they keep a certain mental tally of how much they have spent on you and plan you to pay it back after…yes sugary men have no idea how much time and money it takes to look half decent nevermind stunning *sigh*

  49. onyx_percula says:

    @ Spicey — “Newbie – gross! A man not picking up the check would make my vagina clench tighter than Fort Knox!”.

    Timing is everything dear… I swear only you could take a statement denying sex and turn it into something sexy!

  50. onyx_percula says:

    @ Newbie Needs Help — It still blows my mind how many girls I have met sugaring that have never been on a date where she didn’t have pay something.

    As a funny, I had a regular “not sugaring” date a few years back with a 20’something. We went to a moderately priced place to eat, typical bill for two would be somewhere between $50 and $100. She was nice but she was fidgety and nervous for some reason. We were definitely clicking. So I figured it out when the check came while I was in the restroom… I grabbed the check thingy opened and there was a mess of bills “covering her half”. Leaned close to her and said “dear that’s way too much to tip, let me take care of it” and handed her money back to her. After she recovered from the shock… “Man I hope you are expecting to get laid tonight! Because that’s what’s happening.”. She told me that I was first guy to take her out to dinner that actually paid for the whole date. I ruined her for the guys her age in more than one way 😉 lol!

  51. SugarySpicey says:

    Grr – what is my problem with my there/theirs lately? I’m writing like a sixth grader!

  52. SugarySpicey says:

    Redpaint – I think you said no because you felt their would be strings, or the “personal reasons” you mentioned are counter to keeping an SD long term – which would be expected since he’s footing the bill. Paying for your school keeps you beholden to him, more so than a car or a sparkly.

  53. SugarySpicey says:

    Newbie – gross! A man not picking up the check would make my vagina clench tighter than Fort Knox!

    When SDs comment that they’ll cover all expenses it makes me laugh, of course you will, that’s what dating is. I spend two hours before getting smooth, soft, sweet-smelling and beautiful, you make the plans and pay for the date. Period!

    When the check comes I don’t even acknowledge it, why would I? He asked ME out, so of course HE’LL pay!

    Don’t EVER offer to spilt the check! I’m as feminist as they come, but when it comes to being taken care of on a date, I’m 1940’s all the way!

  54. Newbie Needs Help says:

    Welcome Soon2Be!

    @sweetie I love that movie! and Bruce Willis! In scuba diving we use an acronym when getting ready to dive (Bruce Willis Ruins All Action Movies) and I always keot changing it to Rocks when I used it 😛

    Yes Sugary!! I’m always stuck with guys that want to split the bill yet all the intimacy always happens at my house and they don’t split the chores or help around in any way. I can understand splitting the bill when you are both out of college or blah blah but if other people can find guys willing to take care of the bills well so can I!

    @Southern Best of luck!!
    Talking about other sites, which other sites do SBs recommend? I joined EstablishedMen and left it right away when I saw the profile questions.

    @redpaint congrats on such a wonderful SD! Soon2Be and flyR said it all

  55. Soon2BeNC_SB says:

    @redpaint –
    I think that’s an amazingly kind and generous offer that you should take up on! Also he could come meet you abroad! I imagine that he would feel better paying into your future and therefore the future of the world, rather than a hot car or jewelry etc. He would take some personal pride (much like a parent would in their child who they invested in) in your accomplishments and future achievements which is worth a lot.

  56. redpaint says:

    @gtt_envy I know that more than anyone on this site! 😉

    @flyr I know he wants to help and will probably feel good about it if he knows I enjoy the learning as well… I am not sure how I feel about it also because if he had thrown me a $24K car or diamond ring etc I would gladly take it… but just not the part on my studies, especially when I will be abroad and away from him? Still don’t know how I justified it… so wanted to see if anyone could understand this weird logic that I have and help explain to myself :/

  57. flyR says:

    @ redpaint “never repay the kindness” It all depends, I get a lot of pleasure of knowing that a former SB achieved her dream of finishing med school (started mid 30s with two children) and opened her practice in the emptiness of eastern Oregon. It was 99% her effort and 1% sugar+ a little mentoring , but at critical times. It’s not just the sugar rewards, but,rather seeing good people win. ……

  58. gtt_envy says:

    @Redpaint, sounds like you found a great guy definitely a keeper 😉

  59. redpaint says:

    I love reading the comments/conversations regardless of the topic, and maybe just more keen to those that I can relate to or are more interested in. I have gotten very useful advice when I decided to post my question(s) here some while back! And this place is definitely where people want to go to if they have some burning issues/situational crisis that others just can’t help answer.

    My current SD has offered to pay in full for my honors program for a year abroad ($24K) and all the expenses that comes with it (accommodation etc) because he didn’t want me to miss out on such a learning opportunity (learning per se and not just something like Masters where you improve your employability) and he knows I would want to continue my studies if I have the money and he wants to help. I did not take up that offer because of some personal issue and also because I think I could never repay such kindness. A year abroad, away from the SD that is paying for your studies… sounds a bit absurd isn’t it?? Would anyone of you had taken it up? (Provided that you know he is someone you can trust, and not run away or use it to threaten you or something like that)

    My allowance is $3K per month and everything else on him. Happy to report that I met this wonderful man since June 2013 😀

  60. SouthernSB says:

    Well, I turn 50 next month and I think it is time for me to get off the SB sites. I joined OurTime last night, and guess what? It seems that a couple of guys that were over here followed me over there. So although I might be turning 50 next month, I might find someone in my own age group that will be willing to make an arrangement with me, in spite of the fact that I’m not 22. Wish me luck. I’ll still be coming to the board, because I think you guys are fantastic and you all are full of good advice and I really do like being around young people.

  61. Soon2BeNC_SB says:

    @Newbie –
    I actually feel you girl on your reasons! I swear I have been bled dry by dudes in previous relationships before, yes even financially. It’s so nice for a man to just be the man and take care of things. It makes is feel like a GIRL! These days (and I am sure it’s largely because of the economy) guys and even men can be so tight with money, it becomes uncomfortable and not at all worth the headache. It makes you feel bad to even be at dinner with them or going on a vacation with them, when they are so stressed about money. I agree that just being upfront like, “listen, I’m not out to make a killing off of you, but be prepared to pony up. Sick of feeling like I should be buying my own plane tickets for our vacations etc”.

  62. Soon2BeNC_SB says:

    @NC_Gent –

    I have read this blog for a long time however this is my first comment I have posted. I have always found your comments intriguing, I’m sure in part due to the fact that you’re in NC. I’ve thought to reach out, but not quite sure how. I’ve seen people before request to the “blog gods” to share their profile or email, or something, with a specified individual. Is this actually possible? And if so, are you interested in that?

    Regardless, thanks to you and all on here. I really appreciate all the advice and camaraderie you all offer, and I hope to post more in the near future.

  63. SugarySpicey says:

    Guys don’t pay for dates?!? I’ve never had that happen. Who has the balls to ask a woman to pay on a date! Never encountered that, I might barf right there at the Applebees.

  64. sweetie says:

    Yes, it is, Newbie.

  65. Newbie Needs Help says:

    @sweetie is ur avatar from 5th element
    @everyone yeah I’m applying to everything for the moment being, once i have a job i can have the luxury to look for a better job but what i need right now is income
    ps any chance ur company is hiring rob? im willing to relocate hhehehe

  66. Newbie Needs Help says:

    @rob Yeah it is at the job postings. I am applying regardless (to anything I’m remotely qualified for in any field not just bio) but not getting any calls back. the unemployment rate for my age bracket seems to be at 14.5% at the moment. The problem with internships is that they are all unpaid and at this moment even if I defer my loans if I don’t work I don’t eat. I don’t have parents to help me out and yes I’m starting to feel a bit desperate
    but no that is not why I joined SA I planned to a few months ago and never got around to it but made it a new year’s resolution and well got on with it. The job thing happened right after. I thought of SA as
    (1) an opportunity to meet older gents (not really into guys my own age),
    (2) find that calling something an agreement give people guts and honesty they didn’t have before and i like honest guys,
    (3) came to terms with the fact that in spite of 97% of my friends being married, engaged, in years long relationship and as much as I would like to be in a committed relationship fate doesn’t have those plans for me just yet, thus I’d like to have fun and go out with a guy that will at least pay for the date, (
    4) I’ve been dealing with everything from money, to putting together the new bookcase, to well anything else, by myself for 6 years and would be nice to kick back for a bit and let someone spoil me and be in a mutually beneficial relationship where I actually get as much as I give
    Ps. Hope that didn’t sound much like a rant. I’m not jaded about love or relationships but might as well enjoy the ride instead of sitting at home or looking for Mr. Right. When it is meant to happen, it will. All I can do is work on becoming the person that I’d want to be with if I was Mr. Right.

  67. SugarySpicey says:

    Newbie – another thing to consider, take a job, any job at the type of company that hires for the job you want in 3-5 years, then volunteer to take on any and every opportunity that comes up – nothing is beneath you in the early years of your career (if you’re smart, ever). By being smart and eager (as a receptionist) you’ll impress the right people and parlay relationships you build into references for later opportunities that come up.

  68. SugarySpicey says:

    The problem with advisors isn’t the advisors, it’s the institution. Universities don’t value skills, the value education, research, and scholarship – so we get a lot of smart people who know how to write an essay on the merits of Excel, but can’t make a pivot table, analyze data, or write a function. Students graduate, and then they start to actually learn.

  69. sweetie says:

    Fatty, maybe the “advisor/counselor” term does not match the actual job. I don’t expect anything from them anymore, not even the magic ball. 🙂
    Regarding the rest, I’ve had more meaningful conversations with strangers at a bar or waiting for the bus.

  70. SD-Rob says:

    Best thing a college student can do is intern in her field while in school. For pay or not. Since interns do not receive full benefits they are much less costly to the company and more attractive to hire. If they intern for a couple of years, then they will have much to put on their résumé and already developed many connections that is a major key in finding a job.
    Counselor are rather useless but depends on what you ask them too.

  71. FatBastardSD says:


    Asking an advisor to have a crystal ball for every student who walks into the office is a bit much to expect. Anyone who could give advise at the level you are asking would never be in that job to begin with.

    Many students have opportunities to work with professors during their studies. Professors are researchers and their advise often consists of telling students to work at minimum wage as a graduate assistant :-).

  72. sweetie says:

    @WCSD- I wouldn’t say Mike got the attention he was looking/hoping for. Certainly not like Beck’s stint.

  73. sweetie says:

    Hahaha, no! I don’t have the hots for Keefer.

  74. Homer says:

    @sweetie–totally agree with you there. On an unrelated note, don’t ask why but for the longest time I thought your avatar was Keefer Sutherland. Oops

  75. sweetie says:

    @Homer “Someone like an adviser should have sat you down and asked you what you picture yourself doing with a BS in Biology”

    Yeah, these advisers are useless. They have higher education degrees to push papers. They can only tell you what the school policy is on taking classes, needing credits, blah, blah, blah. They can’t even deal with unhappy students when they show up in the office. As in, what am I going to do with somebody who’s upset about the answer I just gave him/her? Totally unprepared to actually advise on anything future/life related, analyze the situation and suggest alternatives.

    Besides, after four years of college one graduates without having made any meaningful connection with a professor/advisor etc. Human interaction with potential professional adults who could offer some guidance to interested students is inexistent. That’s been my experience so far. Nobody cares, just pay for classes and finish up on time. End of rant, sorry.

  76. SD-Rob says:

    @ Newbie- as a VP who oversees the scientific R&D arm, I can suggest several things. When you say ask for techniques, is this in the job description or in the interviews? If in the job description, do not hesitate to apply even if you are remotely familiar. We always ask for a lot and most candidates (and we hire lots right out of college) do not have most of it and we know we have to train.
    Another thing you should look for are possible internship positions. Also, your loan, if a student loan, I am sure, can be deferred. I did this many years ago myself, and I believe if you take even a single class, it can qualify as continuing being in school and the loan does not kick in. I would be surprised if you could not get a job soon given your credentials.
    So, interesting that you are on SA, but maybe , I hope it is more than the desperation you mentioned before? If it is to hook up with older more refined men, then you really should take your time finding the right guy. There are a number of us out there who would love to spoil someone like you but we look for quality not desperation. Advertise your education, smarts (and looks) and do not settle for less than you deserve and you will find a good SD if that is what you want. Do look for a job though nonetheless, it is even better if you have an income!

  77. FatBastardSD says:


    A grown man would not use the word “icky”. Stop pretending.

  78. FatBastardSD says:

    @Newbie Needs Help

    “i look at job postings they all require skills univ never bothered to teach me”

    Welcome to the real world. When you did your field experience did you not see what you needed to learn at the univ to get a job. Try to find a SD who works in the field you want. One hand washes the other, and you will definitely need to wash your hands afterwards if you know what I mean :-).

  79. gtt_envy says:

    Overnight is always best for me……….it makes everything feel natural, normal, and usually it can last a whole lot longer.

    The date, hang out, sex goodbye at 12am feels icky every single time!!

  80. WCSD says:

    “The blog posts are always bubble gum “Sugar Sure is Fun!” raw, raws – there rarely informative” – I think the first thing to think about is why does SA create a new blog weekly even though no one ever stays on topic? If it is just us talking here and getting info, why not just have one long blog (i.e. a general topic).

    The reason is that SA creates the blog topics to attract people who don’t currently read the blog to find it, read it, and then get interested in becoming a SB/SD…so it is an advertising method. Essentially if someone googles “pay off debt” they are going to find the blog, and from there find SA, and from there sign up. More $$ in SA’s pockets. It has NOTHING to do with keeping us (the people who read and submit to the blog) happy, or on track, etc. Also this is the reason why no money is invested to make the blog better, easier for us to use, etc.

    But, we have a fairly strong community here. I’ve been posting for a long time (I don’t even want to know when I started…). People come and go, but it has been a strong community.

    As for Mike, my take/opinion is that he is a troll…looking for attention, and unfortunately getting it. He stated that he had read the blog from start to finish, yet doesn’t know that Sweetie is a SB? How many times has this come up and she’s clarified it? Oh…that must of been the topics/posts that Mike missed….

    @Bastian – For overnighting, I’d say more often than not it ends up being an overnighter for me. Again, it all depends on the situation. The first time I’m intimate with a SB is far less likely than if she’s been my SB for a period of time. Really it all comes down to what seems natural and our comfort level with each other. Someone staying overnight introduces some details that can be quite personal, no matter what type of relationship.

  81. gtt_envy says:

    @newbie, I dont care if she has a boyfriend I do care if she is juggling sd’s.

  82. Newbie Needs Help says:

    the problem is not the experience per se (i do have some field experience) but the techniques they are asking for. unless i get onto the administrative side of it or catch a lucky break my career is useless without further schooling…or so it seems. i was interested in policy and practical applications

  83. SugarySpicey says:

    Next question Newbie, do you have any field experience relevant to Bio, or education only? What careers were you excited about when you chose that major?

  84. Homer says:

    @Newbie–One of the biggest failings of colleges today is the lack of emphasis on career paths. Someone like an adviser should have sat you down and asked you what you picture yourself doing with a BS in Biology. You’ve probably seen a similar list, but this site lists various things you can do with such a degree. Most of them, however require additional education, so more loans. Yippee

  85. Newbie Needs Help says:

    yeah blog posts are not very useful for newbies, sugary, onyx, rob and the rest are much more useful

  86. Newbie Needs Help says:

    @GTT that sounds like a good arrangement but is exclusivity a must or do you have a dont as dont tell policy?

    @onyx yes I bumped into one of such trolls yesterday, not a pleasant experience

    @sugary I only have one loan with gov (5.5% int), graduated in bio from one of the top (if not the top) univ in country yet whenever i look at job postings they all require skills univ never bothered to teach me

  87. SugarySpicey says:

    I’ve always felt that the blog would be more effective as a forum. The blog posts are always bubble gum “Sugar Sure is Fun!” raw, raws – there rarely informative. It’s the ability to get questions answered by people in the know that is helpful. A forum would do this much better and Mike could pull his panties out of their bunch.

  88. flyr says:

    The blog also provides immediate feedback on issues facing SBs and SDs , especially those new to the process who have pressing questions. For them it’s like having a dozen big sisters and brothers.

    As I recall recent topics included what appeared to be a real time need to decide if a road test was OK, was a pot real, was an offer realistic.

  89. gentle(man)soul says:


    ” And sugar flowed without sex on the horizon. ”

    Seriously ? You must be SBs’ dream Daddy. Low sex drive maybe ? All fun ,sugar flowing , and no obligation . Sign me up !

    On Topic ” –Paying for college –”

    We are on a Sugar site where SBs ask for allowance to cover their needs ,including tuition. End of story . The only discussion is how much a baby can negotiate .

    I donated sperm for $20 in my day . I guess my pedigree wasn’t in the $100 range ,but those were different times . What is there not to like about getting paid to masturbate ? Other than being a Sugar Baby Boy or Gigolo this is the only way guys get paid for some kind of sex .

  90. NC Gent says:

    I have been posting since the fall of 2008 – my how time flies when we are having fun 🙂 Just when I think I have seen it all, something pops up that I have never seen before. There are, of course, some less than optimal things about this blog, but I believe if a newbie were to read over this blog, they would be much better prepared to enter the sugar world. I don’t always agree with all of the recommendations, but they are opinions and you have to consider what you paid for those opinions 🙂

    Regarding the $3+k monthly allowance… from talking to many SBs in my area, that doesn’t happen very often. If it does, it comes with massive strings…. like being available almost all the time or moving in, etc. The typical allowance in my area is about $1-2k per month. I think if an SD was serious, sane, and reasonably attractive, he should be able to find an attractive, sane SB in NC for about $1500 a month…. just my experience and the cost of living is much more reasonable here than major metropolitan areas.

  91. Homer says:

    Yo Mikey–Not to pile on here, but just opened the blog and found the s#it storm you created. Recognizing your complaint, you do realize that the first thing you did, the first post in fact, was to go off topic and derail the conversation. Now, based on the discourse that followed, perhaps you can appreciate the fluid nature of blog topics.

    There are plenty of anecdotes from SBs who get showered with gold, private planes, trips to Monaco, etc. Just look at any tumblr blog, but any SDs here who regularly put up 5-10K or more? Not talking about a one time emergency bail out here. If those white whales are out there, they’re probably not reading this are they?

  92. SD-Rob says:

    @ Newbie – the high expectations are a filter in many cases for the P4P trollers as onyx says, but in some others they are indeed firm expectations. You could do that to find serious ones but I’m not sure how large the pool of SDs you attract will be depending on your area. You need to like the guy, and be comfortable with the help he provides.
    I have been in the range of $2-3k myself in CA. But I have only had 3 SB that went steady for a month or so at that rate. Others were jumping around trying to make as much money as possible and that made me jump around trying to maximize the sugar I could get. When I look at what I have put in overall though, it has been over $4k per month over the last 7 months! Much higher than I had hoped for to begin with. I wish I could have focused that all on one SB, but I am trying to do that now with the wonderful SB I have currently.
    I do believe the ratio is 10 to 1 or so.

  93. SD-Rob says:

    Wow so many things to comment on!
    I see this blog as a place to share with and listen to those who are in the same boat with me in this sugar world. Since, at least for me, I have no one else that I can share this with.
    But as others and I have mentioned the blog format can be improved tremendously if SA put some work into it. There can be a FAQ blog, or general info, or tags as Onyx says to make retrieving key info or advice easy for the new (or old) bloggers, a search tool if you will. While having the running blog where we can engage each other any way we want.
    Some of the high level weekly topics are interesting and thought provoking , and the bloggers can indeed contribute in a relevant fashion, but some like this one on college financing is better left for elsewhere.

  94. gtt_envy says:

    @Newbie, I think many try to lowball and that doesn’t count the myriad of fakes, flakes, and cheapskates that promise the world in hopes to get laid or at least some “nudes”.

    As far as allowance I’ve contacted quite a few women in the $3-5k range for two reasons.

    1) Often that allowance is up there to deter the guys I just described.

    2) Secondly what I seek is sort of unique.

    While I only offer $1500/mo I also am only looking for 2 dates max!! Usually there is travel involved, fun events, and I’m on the younger side (late 30’s), so they normally go for it.

  95. SugarySpicey says:

    Newbie – give me a little more context, what field did you study? Have you consolidated your loans into one, single, lower interest loan?

  96. onyx_percula says:

    @ Newbie Needs Help — One of the best SBs I have met lists her expectations as “High” but really has little or no interest in a allowance (okay not exact $0). She has had too many expensive dates and it dawned on her that she would rather have that money to go towards her second PhD and go to the BBQ place and cuddle in a booth with someone fun, or on her couch with some ice cream. I have talked to several pot SBs that use it as a filter for the escort P4P trollers.

  97. Newbie Needs Help says:

    @sugary regarding your offer for advice: I just graduated, I have ~40k worth of student loans, and I’m not any good at programming or coding and no I don’t want to sell my eggs..and no I can’t find any job in my field that is entry level…any creative ideas? 🙂 thanks plenty

  98. Newbie Needs Help says:

    @Mike I’m with Bastian on the “I do not like all the discussion topics that are put necessarily. Some are good , like…” post, every bit of it

    @richard looks like the ratio is now 12 to 1 so sad!…well for us SBs

    @onyx depends on the temperature of the room and comfort level with your body? i normally dont mind and is comfier but if i dont sleep with something blanket or top covering my shoulder blades i wake up with a stuffy nose

    also regarding the 3 k mark, if moderate (3-5k mark) if moderate is put in your SB profile as an expectation…well how many SDs get it, contact you if they are still interested or don’t if they are not, and how many still contact you and try to low ball it after? :/

  99. onyx_percula says:

    @ Spicey — WOW! Great info! I knew it took time and hormone treatment, but I didn’t know it was that complicated or potentially harmful.

    @ Mike — Welcome to the Internet! Why would a woman use a picture of a man she finds hot? Humm, why would a man put a picture of a hot woman as the home screen of his smart phone? I used to play Lord of the Rings Online MMO and all of my characters were female. I was asked once why… well in the game, you play with a view like you are standing right behind your character, so it was simple, while playing way too many hours would I rather see a man’s ass bouncing in front of me or woman’s?

    Like the rest of the SA site the blog is woefully behind the times tech wise. If you look at the two most popular blogging communities WordPress and Tumblr you will see just how powerful this format can be, how it can be very diverse while still being uniting. I will say their new sites are much better.

    Something that would be HUGE would be adding tags so that a comment could be tagged with certain key words, making searching and navigation MUCH better.

  100. flyr says:


    The blog is a social gathering of customers helping other customers get more out of the service that many of us are paying for. Not only are we customers but we are here helping other customers. Spicey and her girlfriends have helped dozens of first time SB’s get started on the right road and avoid disasters which also have a high potential for financial blowback.

    I congratulate SA on cleaning up the blog topic photos, the girls of early 13 too often looked like the sad women on Sunset Blvd I would see while we were redeveloping the Playboy building. However, the primary purpose of a new blog topic is to serve as a placemarker, turning a new page in the log of the Starship Sugarbabe.

    Comments on the blog topic – I think $3K median sugar is a fantasy. My guess (based on some experience) is around $2K . Unless we are trading 1099’s the truth is elusive.

    My preference would be to simply start a new blog every N days and for the moderator to place an entry on the blog stating that the new page is open. We have a lot of orphan comments.

    SA is fortunate to have so much input from SBs here on the blog. Midwest, Spicey and many others.

    Suppose we have Fuhrer der Zucker who rules over the blog – exterminating comments and questions not on the blog topic. All deviant behavior will be exterminated. SA will have lost an extremely valuable resource,the ultimate focus group that costs nothing. Don’t strangle the goose which laid the golden egg- there will not be a second.

  101. sweetie says:

    Hahaha, Sugary! Sure, why not? Just got over my menses.

    How’s the Austrian? What do you have in plan for him? Is this the guy that hit you?

  102. SugarySpicey says:

    Mike – I am not exactly overwhelmed with requests for advice on the current topic. Are you?

    Since we aren’t, Sweetie let’s talk about our cycles. : p … or my kinky Austrian.

    • SD Guru says:


      Welcome to the blog! Kudos to you if you have read the entire blog from day 1 (back in ’08) with over 500 topics and 150k+ comments. Surely you would have noticed that some comments are on topic but most are not. As for who is minding the store, there are volunteer moderators like myself whose primary purpose is to keep the peace and ensure all participants follow the “blog etiquette“. Newbies often come to the blog to ask questions unrelated to the current topic and that’s fine. If a question hasn’t been addressed by one of the helpful blog participants for whatever reason (maybe it got lost in the noise) then feel free to ask again.

      “did anyone notice the statement in this one about the “average SB on this site gets $3000 per month?” I wonder where that comes from?”

      That figure has been mentioned by SA before but it’s unclear where it originated from. Perhaps it’s from one of these previous blog topics: “US Cities with the most Sugar Daddies“, “Capitals of America: Sugar Daddy Edition“.

  103. Mike says:

    @sweetie @sugary ROFL, you guys kill me, I am going to have a heart attack dealing with you two…..lol…you are too much……. Below from sweetie…

    Mike, I am a lady. I know Bruce Willis got you all confused
    Now, I have to agree with you: if I were a man, I’d make a great SD.

  104. Mike says:

    @sugary, sorry didn’t know she is a beautiful woman, my bad I guess. I thought in some previous blog I thought it said it was a male, sorry @sweetie if I misinterpret about you. Sugary you have your opinion and I have mine, about being in the wrong community? If a person uses the a male gravatar but is a very beautiful woman than how do people interpret that? And I don’t have one. Why not put a female pic? Is SA/SD about honesty and the blog should be? Again why are we off the topic, lets really help those SB who needs it. Truce!

  105. sweetie says:

    Mike, I am a lady. I know Bruce Willis got you all confused 🙂
    Now, I have to agree with you: if I were a man, I’d make a great SD. 😉

    Thanks for clarifying your background. I think if SBs are already in college, they know what their options are as far as paying for it. Work part-time, attend community college if possible and transfer, go in-state and public, keep expenses low, have parents to help you (if that’s available), get good grades for scholarships, date a guy who’s not broke, find a SD, work, work, work and write plenty essays.

  106. SugarySpicey says:

    As for answering questions: I am actually quite knowledgeable in “How to pay for College” I did a solid bit of freelance writing on the topic. Fire away …

  107. SugarySpicey says:

    Mike – you’ve just exposed why you shouldn’t comment on the community, Sweetie is a beautiful woman. That’s just a Gravatar. Which you don’t have :p.

  108. mike says:

    @sugary and others if this particular blog is to help these very young SB (sometime naive) to get their college paid for than we should answer their concerns. And yes a mind is terrible thing to waste.

    @sweetie, just to let you know, the truth, (in previous blog, just having some fun with you) I was born overseas, grew up here, no I am not anglo saxon, and yes I am an american, now you know the truth. No hard feelings to you sir. ..LOL 🙂 You are all right, an SB should be proud to have and SD like you….:)

  109. sweetie says:

    Yeah, 3k is not average. It’s high… not that I would mind that amount in my pocket monthly. Not sure how many SDs would easily offer that without their jaw dropping when the SB asks for it.

  110. SugarySpicey says:

    Onyx – donating eggs should NOT be taken lightly! It’s painful, highly invasive, and can lead to Fallopian scaring that affects future fertility! That’s why they pay so much, it’s a 12-month process of hormones, injections, and a very difficult surgical process that follows.

    Richard – I’ve frequently said that I think the 10:1 ratio is crap. Perhaps 10 paid memberships per one, free, SB membership, but in my experience active men still outnumber women on this site. The problem is that most of the men aren’t actually SDs and most of the women don’t understand what being an SB is.

    Mike – the ONLY reason a question doesn’t get answers is because of moderation. If the moderation delay of 1-3 days didn’t kick in we’d always answer questions. When I used to blog my SB experience I would reply to a couple messages a day from potential SBs. The people on this blog are eager to help others.

  111. Mike says:

    @sugary with all due respect. I have a college degree, and it was lot cheaper back than. The topic maybe boring and blah blah, etc… but this topic is to help the 18-19-20…etc SB to get money for her college for her future. I would like to know what all SD and SB and be honest with yourself, what have to say about this topic.

  112. onyx_percula says:

    @ Richard — lol yeah I was just going to comment after my other one, then seen yours. I would love to hear where that stat comes from. I know my unscientific observation around this major university town $3k is definitely on the high side. Not unheard of, but rare.

  113. onyx_percula says:

    @ Bastian — Personally I love morning and well to be honest middle of the night and beginning of the night sex, haha. So staying overnight is encouraged with several I have been with. A couple well honestly neither of us would have been comfortable with that.

    I think you are right though that the more “exclusive” SBs tend to want to, like to stay overnight.

    So SBs WTF is wrong with the current 20-30 generation of women that can’t sleep without clothes on! It’s every woman I know in the late 30’s to 50s love to sleep nude, then there is this 20-30 something that have to have clothes.

    It’s funny I have actually suggested the whole eggs for sale thing a couple of times to desperate SBs.

    The problem with sperm donations isn’t the low price its that the collection method doesn’t suck 😉

  114. Richard says:

    Speaking of blog topics, did anyone notice the statement in this one about the “average SB on this site gets $3000 per month?” I wonder where that comes from? If the ratio really is 10 SBs to every SD, that seems a tad optimistic! 🙂

  115. Mike says:

    @sweetie you have some valid points. All I am trying to say is some SB asked a question in a previous blog (don’t remember which one) and I went through the whole blog and no one answered her, that is my point. All it was some chit chat stuff. That can be discouraging for new SD or SB. If folks want to just chit chat than maybe SA need to start a chit chat blog, I don’t know.

  116. SugarySpicey says:

    Mike – of course we go off topic; the topics (take the current “how to pay for college” boring, blah, topic vs. what you can read with REAL information on any college financial aid website) are so quick and superficial that the only way to generate interesting conversation is to do it ourselves. Spending a week talking about the debate scholarship, full time jobs, and AMEX financing I used to pay for college would be so boring people would lobotomize themselves with their stylus. Talking about the kinky Austrian SD I’m meeting up with next week, much more interesting.

    Bastian – I have SDs I’ve slept over with and some I haven’t. Usually based on time, date, and obligations. Single moms, people with 9-5 jobs, and tricky sleepers probably won’t sleep over, those with more flexible schedules might. Stop making SBs into escorts when they aren’t! I don’t sleep over in bad beds. It has nothing to do with being an escort or not, my bed at home is haven so no way in hell I’m giving that up for a Target poly/cotton or a Residence Inn.

  117. Mike says:

    @Bastian, ok I will have to agree with you. SA needs some kind of a general blog for Q&A that they can provide for new SD and SB for their benefit for the relationship, regardless of their age. And yes some are good and bad topics.

    @sugary 🙂 No hard feelings! I am not coming in with new ideas as a new SD. This is what I have observed on the blogs, and that is how I have interpret, right or wrong. Every person who reads the blogs comes away with different interpretation that is who we are as human. But you have to admit, it does go off the subject matter, I have seen it in the past blogs.

  118. sweetie says:

    Spend the night or not? That depends on the relationship the two of you have. If she wants to and you want her to, why not? If one of you is not up for it, then don’t push for it.

    Mike, anything you could possibly want to know about SD/SB has been talked about on the blog more than once. There’s nothing new to address. So, while we touch on the topic, we also have other stuff we chit chat about. Nobody minds, people are free to ask anything and we do our best to participate and help out. Nobody dominates the blog. If you want to comment, fire away, if you don’t, don’t.

  119. Bastian says:

    Speaking of general questions: what are your experiences in terms of having a SB stay overnight? I am not sure how common that is. I would like to hear comments, experiences.
    IME, if the SB was in the P4P category with multiple concurrent SD, then she does not stay over. More like an escort , sorry to say. But if she is in a more exclusive steady arrangement of one or two SDs, then she is likely to stay over, especially after a couple of meets. Of course, a traveling SB by the very nature of that arrangement will have to stay over. Also, is a SD is an out of towner who visits, then it is again likely that the meeting does not end up being an overnighter, but not necessarily so.
    Of course , there is onyx who has a live in, so that is an obvious situation!

  120. Bastian says:

    Mike, I agree with Sugary for once here, not in detail but in general.
    I do not like all the discussion topics that are put necessarily. Some are good , like the last one on mentoring (for a while), or ones on negotiating, relevant to what we go through in this sugar world.
    So, unless, SA comes up with a “general blog” where people can ask questions they have, like a number of pertinent ones asked by new SBs or SDs in the last several topics i have commented on, then the individual weekly blogs are the only forum and hence need to be used for more than the main suggested topic.

  121. SugarySpicey says:

    Mike – I’ve been on the blog for nearly two years, and read all of the articles. To weigh in with a minute and a half of context that you don’t like the way the comment boards become a conversation that carries on (and goes off track) from one topic to another shows a lack of understanding of the support community these boards create. It’s annoying when someone comes in, brand new, with “ideas” of what that community should be, but not the history or relationships to really understand what the community is about.

  122. Mike says:

    @sugary, Why so hostile to me? I am confused. I am sorry if you think that I am party popper ( and not to your taste ), my humble apology to you and others on this blog. I think this was uncalled for. Have you read all the blog since the beginning (page 90), if you did be honest, that’s all it takes. You will see the changes as time progressed since Mr Wade started the this blog. You have right to your opinion and I have mine. I have never disrespected you with your opinions or others in anyway (but put try to put some humor in it), if I did please say so. I feel that i deserve the same respect, instead of shooting me down and being negative. You seem like a very good person ( and you know that). A person has some right to express their opinion and should not be struck down (look at the past blogs), and yes this conversation is off the subject.

  123. SugarySpicey says:

    Mike – well done showing up at a party hours into the conversation and then being annoyed that the guests don’t want to rehash topics that have already been discussed, ad nauseum. Your post = snooze!

    When people ask questions, questions get answered. But every party needs a pooper, guess you’ve decided to designate yourself. If the blog stayed on topic it would be so boring that only four people would weigh in or read it.

  124. Mike says:

    Good topic! Please stay with the topic. In the past blogs only few folks (in my opinion) dominate their desire and wishes and diverge off the topics on this SA blog. Is this what it’s turning out to be? I understand times do change and we are all human. I really don’t know what the dominate bloggers intentions are (is it to help or just argue). I have been reading SA blog from the first topic, page 90. I have to say the blog has changed since the beginning . Lets put these blogs back where it belong. I think that we forgot the roots of this blog and SA is to really help the SD and SB (new or current) to understand the relationship and I wish the owners of SA would provide some control so that people stay with the subject and not deviate or insult each other. I respect those who have provided the feedback, and they know who they are. I do not hold a grudge against them, they have right to express their opinion, and it’s welcomed, no problem. It seems (in my opinion) that only few dominate these blog’s. I have read in some of blogs that people are disappointed how these blog is turning out or their questions don’t get answered. I my opinion some control is needed. Who is minding the store? I hope Mr Wade can respond and provide his opinion for all to benefit the SA experience. Thanks.

  125. DarkHorseSD says:

    Tonight I met the one I really want – I think after the first date.

    What a difference. And sugar flowed without sex on the horizon.