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An Open Letter to The Sugar Baby Student Skeptics


Dear Concerned Citizens,

“You should go to college,” they said. “Just get a loan,” they said. “You’ll get a job as soon as you graduate… you’ll see.” But when there were no jobs to be found (at least not in your field or livable salary range), then what? Get married, work your ass off and maybe one day you’ll lift the impossible load of debt you now carry.

This is our reality. This is the current American nightmare, as many college graduates are discovering that their version of the American Dream is never going to happen. It seems like the only acceptable form of paying for school, is the one that keeps you in debt until you’re 35. But what other options are  really there?

“When I was in school, I worked three jobs. I took out loans and I just made it work. It wasn’t easy, it took me 6 years to get my bachelor degree. But now I can look back and be proud of my accomplishments because I did this all by myself.” – Laura, an LSU graduate and nurse.

Good for you. You get a gold star for doing everything the hard way. You now get to stand on your soap box later in life. But, if you didn’t have to work those three jobs, you might have been able to secure a better job outside of school. What if you had the luxury of spending those twenty hours working a dead end job on networking or internships instead? Because sadly, that is what working an internship is now-a-days: a luxury.

“There’s financial aid, there are scholarships. That’s how I am here,” said Shelby, a friendly non-sugar baby attending the University of California, Davis.

A scholarship is great if you can get it. But your chances of actually securing a full ride are slim to none.  In addition, total federal grant aid declined by 10 percent since 2011 making grant possibilities limited.

“My parents provided for me and my brother.  They made sure our schooling was taken care of, so we wouldn’t have that burden on our shoulders. ” – Angela, Arizona State University.

Congratulations, you were one of the lucky ones. Not every family has a nest egg large enough to send all their children to school. Even if they planned for it early on, a lot of things can happen in eighteen years. (Just ask the millions of Americans who lost their savings after the Recession hit). So unless you are one of the blessed few with money savvy parents, or trust funds the size of small countries, this route to a college degree may not be an option.

Sexy Nerd Girl holding books and money.

So what about everyone else? The ones without the scholarships that also don’t feel like graduating with a five figure note to their name. Are they just fated to have bad credit scores for the rest of their twenties and the word “someday” always lingering on their lips? We can’t really accept that as the only reality.

Obviously, I’m not the only one who feels that way. One million college students are currently registered on SeekingArrangement worldwide.  Students across the world are searching for another solution, and they’ve found one in Sugar Daddies. Is it so hard to believe that sugar can add value to someone’s life?

Walk a mile in these shoes before you decide to judge a book by the cover you chose for it. Chances are, you’d probably stumble because these heels are so high. I will be the first to admit that sugar is not for everyone. It is not for the faint of heart, nor the old fashioned romantic. It’s also not for the desperate soul with nowhere else to go. But, this is a valid lifestyle choice. A secret society of men and women who are living their life in a way that you have only dreamed of.

If you could go back in time and spend your college years more focused on securing a better future, than securing the funds to get you through the next week… who are we kidding? Of course you would.

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  1. ScubaGuy says:

    I think you are looking for Monster.com aren’t you?

  2. Zoenoir says:


    I am a young woman with a B.B.A in Hospitality Business Administration and International Business… I speak perfectly 3 languanges and would love to learn at least 3 to 5 more during my lifetime… I am cute, well mannered… worked very well in all my positions held, (sadly most of them were sub paid internships, that when they became offers for real positions the wage, was not even livable…) I considered seeking an arrangement like this, but after meditating I resolved to go back to school, do another B.B.A that would allow me to aim for a better job ( I shall pay the student debt) and an easier access to M.B.A I am considering Ph.D and that to the my dream job. Here everybody seems to be, VP’s of corporation.. etc. Why do not anybody seek at my resume and give some sort of oportunity to work in their company? Why don’t you do that with young women rather than implement this sort of prostitution?

  3. Natalia says:

    I wouldn’t say two is professional. Three maybe. If you can’t provide what she needs or wants, then it’s not her fault.

    In my case for example, I have two, one will be over-seas, so very sporadic, and one is local. I still have my own life and career outside of that. It’s not as if I planned to have the over-seas either, it just happened and both relationships are very natural.

    I agree with Zack, if you go for Long Term, then you’re less likely to come across an SB wanting more than one as he will occupy her time if they’re meeting regularly. But again, if you can’t provide then it’s your problem.

    Rob – Honesty, honesty, honesty. If you’re worried then ask her. You keep questioning her fidelity and making accusations and it’s not fair to her. If you look deep enough you’ll find something you won’t like.

  4. Zack says:

    Perhaps it depends 😛

    One nice thing about knowing I trend LTR is that I was never really “in that box” as some disposable john..and “we” have time to work out the details. Kinda bass Zack words, I know. ttyl 😛

  5. gentle(man)soul says:


    ” this is why I keep considering leaving sugar life. You never know what the SB is doing in terms of real life dating ”

    This is a sticky wicket for some of us . I value monogamy from my SB and tell her so . In reality it is unlikely that a SB would save herself just for a once or twice /week meet with Daddy ,unless 1) she is too busy at school/work to worry about an IRL relationship and 2) your sugar is enough for her needs at the moment . The lucky guys who don’t care if their SB is banging other guys are lucky
    An example : My current SB of 6 months has a baby(not mine ) and plans complete life support from one or more SD . I cannot provide that level of support . (she has family backing and is not desperate ) She is looking for another while very happy to keep me in the rotation . I think I will leave her because of this . Even though she treats me wonderfully and lovingly when we are together I now look at her as an escort collecting SDs for money . If I wanted an escort I would have gone that direction . IMHO -one SD is a mutual loving amateur relationship . Two or more is professional .

  6. onyx_percula says:

    @ SD-Rob — Communicate. If you can’t talk about this or that with your SB or pot SB how on earth do you expect to have anything more than a transnational relationship?

    One of the beauties of sugaring is supposed be the level of honesty. So if you get bent over her seeing someone else sugar or IRL, then don’t ask the question. Personally I like to let it all hang out, and just about every girl I have been with even if she started all closed up, did eventually open up and relax!

    @ Treasured — Well no one else really took the oh so tempting bait… Okay SPILL IT ALREADY we have to hear this one, how did you two meet?

  7. Jj says:

    Aahhh! Relationships!!! They are a confusing sort; whether it be IRL or sugar, and not to be confused between the two!?! Unless, of course, that is what you make of it! Just say’n 🙂

  8. Richard says:

    @Sugary – Of course you may…you have my email. And I do have a couple of friends in the Turkish military just in case.

    @Rob – Only eight for her? Very selfish of you, methinks! 😛

  9. Treasured says:


    The SD should ALWAYS, ALWAYS be 100% sure that he is one and only!
    Otherwise how do you keep a man for more than 3 months and for more than P4P allowance.

    Sex sells. BUT, love sells even better. “HUSH-HUSH”

    PS: I was not really dating in a real life, I had no time for that. I met my Mr. Man in the oddest ever circumstances in the oddest ever place. So, to be honest, I was not looking for a relationship outside sugar. I was so used to just SD/SB relationships that I was not even looking at men without evaluating if they can afford me.

  10. SD-Rob says:

    @ beach girl – 8 times was with a unique SB who was incredibly sexual. I have found it to depend on the woman of course in my case. With my wife it has never happened !! As much as I have tried. Incredible ? The SB have ranged from only once and they are ready to call it a night, to several before they are done, average I would say a couple times in one session.
    So, it is not always the guy of course but the woman as well as to the number of orgasms if the guy is willing to please indefinitely !!

  11. SD-Rob says:

    @BlogGods- I have not received any one of the requested emails.
    @ Treasured – this is why I keep considering leaving sugar life. You never know what the SB is doing in terms of real life dating. Wonder if her SD knew that she was dating outside or at least there was an understanding that it could be the case ?
    Do you guys think that is something a SD and SB should discuss and have a mutual understanding of or does it sound weird if the SD brings it up? That is whether SB should let SD know if she might be dating outside of sugar life? I don’t see why not but don’t want to spook mine. Any advice is appreciated.

  12. KatPaw says:

    @beach girl feel free to email me hun. Already got in touch with onyx thank you!

  13. Zack says:

    I will remember a dear heart.

  14. Treasured says:

    Hey you all :)))))

    I am pleased to say that I am off the market once and for all 😀

    Said bye-bye to the sugarlife and to Daddy (broke his heart, but still on speaking terms) and chose Mr. Future husband instead (met under a very VERY peculiar circumstances).

    After a while the whole sugar thing makes you way too rotten and you view all men as a bank account. And I am glad I managed to get some of my naive myself back.

    Can’t be happier 😀
    Sugartime was exciting, but glad it is over 🙂

    Mwaahhh for all 😀

  15. Beach_Girl says:

    Sugary~ The Pirate ass again?!?!?! sorry didn’t read the whole post, but is he still trying to get in touch?

    SDRob~ 8 time for her… 😛 you are going to catch every SBs attention 😀

    FBSD~ How have you been? nice to see you back

    Onyx~ I think I have Kat’s email Mail me at MissMontreal1 at g mail dot com
    Kat~ let me know it’s ok to share your email 😀

    Everyone I’m sorry if I haven’t responded I just can’t read the scroll…. so much to catch up on, I just don’t have time
    Welcome to the newbies and hello to everyone I missed 😀

  16. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!
    How is everyone?

    Kat~ just saw your post, hope all is good… but I am as curious as everyone!

    Sweetie~ Roaches?!?!?!? eeeekkkkk so gross… did you get rid of them? what did you do?

    Richard~ Shoes!!! omg, I love shoes, as you know 😀 hopefully I will get to enjoy the Casadei, GiamMarco Lorenzi’s or Tom Fords, Zanoties at some point… I can’t wait. Until then, I will only be enjoying then on my computer screen 🙁

  17. SugarySpicey says:

    Hmmm, dinner tonight with a Turk from SA. He seems kind and gentle and perhaps the dream SD, but they all do until you meet them in person, right. Could turn out to be a huge liar, though the liars aren’t usually so keen to meet.

    Richard, if you don’t mind I’m going to send you the “here’s who I’m with” information – so, Mr. Banker, if you read this blog and had intended to kidnap me and sell me into prostitution please know: 1. I’ll be a huge pain in the ass, and 2. Someone knows where I am, and with whom. 🙂

  18. SugarySpicey says:

    SD-Rob – again I tell you, you would not believe how selfish and terrible in bed men can be! It’s absolutely appalling!

    As for an SB getting attached, I have a phrase I’ve used many a time: Women are like linoleum, lay us right the first time, you can walk all over us for life.

  19. KatPaw says:

    SD-Rob blog gods have yet to send email info sorry.

  20. KatPaw says:

    @sweetie thank you. I’m taking it one day at a time…It be easier if it was just me I had to worry about in situation.. complicated… sigh..

  21. DarkHorseSD says:

    Why is there no Sugar Baby training certificate program ?

  22. SD-Rob says:

    @ SugarySpicey- 4 minutes only, really??

  23. SD-Rob says:

    @ Sugary – Well, I think one of the reasons my SBs have all liked me very much so far has been my love of pleasing them over and over. I broke records for me with one of them who was just insatiable (8 times for her, 4 for me in 3 hours- I did not know it was possible!). I know I will not change in that regard since that is what makes it all fun, mutual enjoyment not one sided.

    @ Gentle(man)soul- what words of wisdom indeed. That is indeed the sad part about all this. I have not had dozens of SBs, but “only” over half a dozen and I know one was really taken by me, and got very upset when I wanted to move on. The rest I think was lust and the $ combined for the SB. That is what I always wonder about, what brings these SBs to this and hence the categories I tried to put together. I think the most common are the ones who want or miss sex and also like the $ on the side and they are the most fun. I have not fallen for any of my SBs, although I have felt the urge to help them well beyond the greed upon allowance, including for my current SB. In fact, her lack of communication in between meetings (one or so text a day) makes it easier, and I think she is doing this intentionally to avoid any further feelings forming on either side. But what she does not realize is that she also makes it easier for me to decide to move on, since sex alone is not the motivator for me to stay with one person, but feeling a compassionate connection is, even though not love. No matter how good the sex, if you do not feel that connection any more and it becomes mechanical, there is no reason to stay with one SB very long. That is , maybe unfortunately, how I feel. Only one of my previous SBs texted me frequently and that was the one who got very upset when I ended it, since physically the connection was not there, she was no SugarySpicey!

  24. flyr says:

    @sweetie –

    Roach Invasion – In another life my job included responsibility for several thousand apartments.

    Barriers – seal every entry point – older apartments people do poor job of sealing after plumbing repairs etc.

    Attack- The spray cans will work for a bit but the best we ever found was boric acid (very benign stuff) put it along the wall/floor junction around the apartment, in all the cupboards, pull out the bottom drawer and put some around on the floor under the cabinet, dresser drawers , closet shelves . Use a little paint brush to brush into corners. Also kills silverfish

    Roaches can live in plumbing , freqently fill the sink or tub with hot water and then drain. We also used drain cleaner.

    No food out anywhere , empty trash every day.

    Roaches never travel alone , if you see one you have many.

    If your neighbors are dirtbags you are screwed

  25. Zack says:

    FB: investing in oneself can be hard, but you can sleep with a light on (sorry)

    Ok, SB, College, Mentoring, etc….what happened to higher education being inspiring? Enough cookie cutter robots trying for a degree…anybody left actively trying to figure build constellation of skills suited to an interest and purpose? What sort of Institutions store people in small boxes until they can get out and forget what little they remember? Oh…and they make you pay. Maybe it was just me, but college to me was more about building a future than making due with the present. Just that perception changing seems…troubling to me. (sorry, thinking about college)

    Oh, yeah…on topic…I got a great scholarship Junior and Senior year from Ford (Thank You!) because I talked to faculty on an unrelated matter…turns out there are great scholarships after a few years in..or were..and it doesn’t hurt to ask around faculty for leads 🙂 Being charming can help, too.

    Personally, I got a great education…I was lucky because my mother and father worked very hard to make it possible for their children. TY

  26. FatBastardSD says:


    I know the battle against roaches well. Keep all of your food in the fridge! I used to sleep with the light on in my room to keep the little bastards from crawling all over me when I slept. They love to crawl into dark moist spaces. Sweet dreams!

  27. sweetie says:

    Thanks, drooling! You lucky girl!

  28. SugarySpicey says:

    Sweetie – just had room service – a bottle of champagne, deconstructed PB&J with sour cherry jelly, margarita pizza, and Köfte (delicious, Spicy Turkish meatballs).

  29. sweetie says:

    Hi, peeps! A few updates on my college life. I moved to a new place yesterday, late in the evening. Less rent and has heating (yeay)!!! Also, as I found out, has roaches!!! Jeez, I am so grossed out, I don’t even want to unpack, less eat in there. 🙁 🙁 🙁
    So, I’m going to battle these fuckers and talk to the landlord as pest control is included in the rent.

    @Kat, I’m sorry to hear you have complications. I hope you feel better soon and clear up all the non-sense. Chin up, dear. 🙂

    @Fatty, hi! How are you? What’s new?

    @Jj, thank you. How did you come to that conclusion? My nickname betrayed me, hehehe?

    @Sugary, it’s good to see you enjoy your trip. Keep the details coming, especially on the cuisine. I’m hungry! 🙂

    @Richard, you need to be more incisive IRL lusting over Sugary, not just on the blog. C’mon now!

  30. SugarySpicey says:

    Zack – I’m willing to bet bucks she thought you’d send her home with a happy wallet, or a little extra next time you meet. Don’t be surprised if she doesn’t eagerly return your calls now.

  31. Zack says:

    SuSp…it made us both more comfortable to talk about an allowance before the next meet instead. Simple and good answer, I feel, for us, and God may judge the intent…b/c no one else understands this now LOL

  32. SugarySpicey says:

    Richard, while I’ll always take (or give +2, so long as it’s not an obnoxious effort at stacking) I think one for each is the minimum threshold).

    Zack – MILK always delivered plenty of sugar, and orgasmic bliss. But you, WHY in God’s name would you have sex with an SB you want to see again then send her home sugar free?? Seems rather rude of you, and a quick way to turn a sweet sugar baby into a bitter brat. She gave it up, you owe her to do the same.

  33. Richard says:

    @Sugary – you know perfectly well I was teasing…one of my favorite activities. 😛 I was just about to say “only two?” when you mentioned orgasms. Personally I think a ratio of at least 3:1 is about right…but I don’t limit myself 🙂

  34. Zack says:

    Sugary: I’ve meant to spin some sort of line about you and MLK money; nothing’s clicked with that…sorry 😛
    …but, if we’re ever in the same general area and you’re looking…lmk? I think our personalities would clash, but I’ve got a tip if you’ve got pointers? lol

    Anyway, with bit of smaugness (and trepidation, since the relation feels in a state where a misstep could spiral to fast exit)…I’m at least “not bad” in bed…and have gotten lucky…I met a lady through SA who is both in the “young” category and is the best in bed I’ve known in my modest experience. From our last meet, I think she went home with no cash, a smile, and our mutual hopes for an allowance calibrated for needs…and allowing for sugar.

    I know the low chances of an LTR developing are made worse by “young” issues (gah, prudent measures can feel like pulling teeth, sigh), but so far so good and…..

    @GTT: HAHAHA! ;P

    (great, I bet now she breaks off, but…I’ll never regret this contact…umm, well…at least I cans say it IS nice to have that bit of hope still in that box)


  35. SugarySpicey says:

    Richard – you selfish lout! (Ladies first)!

    On another note: spent a couple hours at a 600 year old Turkish Hammam tonight. Steam, jacuzzi, scrub, massage, and facial for about $75 U.S. They’re open until midnight, every night, so I’m thinking that just might become my favorite afterwork treat to myself.

  36. SugarySpicey says:

    SD-Rob – I think The Pirate got lazy because he’s a selfish asshat and because MY fetish is fulfilling someone else’s fetish, and his fetish was the rape game (which he’d never known until he had a partner completely willing to play along). Once he realized he could throw me down and have his way with me at a moment’s notice, he completely forgot there was a human attached to the vagina he was invading. On occassion, afterward, he’d ask if I had come and I was thinking, “Really? Four minutes of really rough stuff with NO warm up or attention to any of my buttons and you think that’s going to get me off?” Yes, I’m willing to let a guy be selfish in bed, I’ll even think it’s hot once or twice, but there are TWO people here, so there should be (at least) two orgasms when the game is done. It’s like inviting someone to dinner and then eating in front of them.

    Unfortunately, more guys behave that way then don’t. Some will put a half-assed effort in, and because it’s easy to get me off, I will. But, I think the statistic that says 40% of women never orgasm is hiding the reality which is that 40%+ of men are too selfish and sloppy to really try to bring their partner to orgasm.

  37. SD-Rob says:

    @sugary – you and I would get along really well! What you say is why I have given up on the 18-early 20’s SB. Uninspired to say the least and not just because of lack of experience but lack of imagination too. I just gladly spent $1000 on my current 30 something SB last week given the performance she put on, even with some lack of experience but willing to learn, with me co starring just as intensely of course. The only other ones who have come close were a 35 and a 27 yo.
    Interesting about Pirate changing. I hope I don’t. Was part of it boredom I wonder ? Too much too soon? The relative lack of experience of my SB and her absolute willingness to discover is quite attractive for me right now.

  38. Euphoria retired sb says:

    On interviews- Be careful. I did enter into what I thought was a confidential interview with a very well known news station. The reporter forgot to tell me that she was looking for an optimistic point of view for her interview. She strung me along like everything was fine and good and insured me that a lot of people could benefit from my experiences on sugar life. When I saw the final product, she had only blocked my face just barley enough to where people who know me could tell who I was. She chopped and edited just about every sentence that came out of my mouth and defiantly turned me into her optimistic example of the sugar world. By the end of the night, my phone had to have rang at least 100 times with people I knew asking questions about my interview.
    Make sure you thoroughly interview the reporter and get a contract stating exactly how you will be portrayed in the interview. $200 and 15 min on camera is not worth tarnishing the silver lining!

  39. flyr says:


    There are a couple things to consider regarding any interview.

    Privacy – despite promises to the contrary, many confidential interviews end up in someone being outed – some little bit of the story rang the bell with a long lost enemy , the reporter sacrifices you etc

    The second issue is why does this publication want an interview. The Rolling Stone interview with Gen McChrystal was a great example – the goal was to destroy the general. While the SB may not be a target , she may be used in a way that discredits her and causes a leak of her id.

  40. KatPaw says:

    @Joy I know $200 can be tempting but really not… especially if it can ruin reputation alter in life.

  41. joy says:

    you right @katpaw I think its probably for the best I don’t do it.

  42. Richard says:

    @Sugary – I think I just came reading your post. Wait, that’s your line! 🙂

  43. Eloquence says:

    @ Spicey

    Thank you!!! Finally someone after my own heart of the matter…

  44. SugarySpicey says:

    Horse –
    Here’s why I’m serious: my last IRL sexual partner pursued me hot and heavy, then when I finally agree to take things to the bedroom he gave a rough and painful (not in a good way) courtesy licking for maybe two minutes, asked if I came (if you have to ask, you know the answer) climbed on top of me for an even rougher and more painful rutting, then tried to finish on my face (really, dude, you’re going to give that poor a performance then ask me for a unilateral porn star finish)?

    Meanwhile even the least sexually impressive SD I’ve had at least knows the difference between “oh that feels good” and “oh I’m coming”.

    A guy willing to invest substantial amounts of money into his sexual gratification is going to be more sexually self aware, more experienced, and (due to the fetishes I prefer) more sexually giving – except for the SDs who prefer inappropriately young girls (in my experience they’re as bad as my recent hump and go for young girls who don’t know to expect better.)

    The only exception to the “SDs are better in bed” philosophy would be The Pirate (my most recent pseudo-SD turned IRL) who was good in bed for the first few months, then reverted to the rough and selfish after he got spoiled by how easy it is to get me off, the IRL nature of things, and how eager I am to go at it, anytime, anywhere.

    I am so sick of men who are selfish and lazy in bed, that at least if I’m going to be f*cked poorly, I’m going to get something very nice out of it. I could play the hesitant prude, and perhaps men wouldn’t behave so selfishly in the bedroom, but I’d rather be myself and enjoy partners who are advanced enough to appreciate what I bring to bed, and can surprise me with a trick or two of their own.

  45. DarkHorseSD says:

    Gentle: I’m pretty certain spices is serious.

  46. SugarySpicey says:

    Gentle(man) – it is and isn’t. I truly find the sugar game a turn on, and have no need for assistance from an SD I just think being pampered is hot. Those who have followed the blog for a long time know two things about me: I love sex, and the more “creative/expressive/kinky” the better, so I only entertain SDs who are on this site to fulfill fetishes (there are an abundance of super kinky SDs out there). And yes, although I’d only say it anonymously, tongue in cheek on a blog, I am THAT good in bed, have no hang ups and incredibly few off-limits. But, too often, IRL I’ve been annoyed to find a partner who offers no sexual intrigue (you would be amazed how often men thinks it’s okay to pretend like they are going to be generous and interesting in bed only to deliver a lackluster 8 minute animalistic humping with zero finesse or awareness of their partner’s response). My SDs know this is a sex game for me, and I want them to be demanding and dirty. The SD who I choose is the guy who buys the $1,000 shoes because he’s a sexual connoisseur and wants a specific performance or experience.

  47. KatPaw says:

    @Joy your question will all depend on if you wish for that info to be out there. It’s never truly anonymous with things like that.

  48. KatPaw says:

    I have yet to receive any email addys from the blog gods but if you wish find my profile 1675157 and message me there please feel free.

    I am taking one day at a time but the uncertainty of my situation has me on a spiraling emotionally draining rollercoaster.

    This kitty wishes to be purring again.

  49. Zack says:

    I didn’t follow that blog, but I’d think you oughtn’t unless your public information is -already- out there. I’m not sure whether I trust SA more or less than our government.

  50. Jj says:

    Sweetie: your sweet!!!

    @FBSD: As long as you don’t come crashing down on me for offering, but I am all for assisting in any way possible. Just not sure my career industry is viable for a Bio position, but I know Corporate people who know people and one never knows what the network will bring. (Merchant Metals Trader, business owner: deal in physical metals: “If it will rust or sink in water, I am on it for a transaction!) It is “Newbie’s” call as to whether I can be of any assistance.

    BTW: A ‘Q’ was overlooked in the shuffle…….
    @Joy Jan 19 11: 28 am pst asked a question:
    “So… i got this offer from SA to do a interview for a news station for $200. Should I accept?

    Know it had been discussed before during the “shopping spree contest”, but a question none the less.

    My advise @Joy: accept only if you do not mind your business being “out there” in the public domain.

  51. Newbie Needs Help says:

    @FB well if someone had a job opening sure but sending all my contact info blindly is not the best idea. If someone offers to help me out well that’s a different thing. yep no offers yet 😛

    @Rob, nevermind! I didn’t realize you are married. I meant if you wanted more out that current relationship do you think she’d be up for it, but you are not able to look for more at the moment.
    Rob I can’t find your post, but BLOG GODS please share my email with SD-Rob. Thanks!

  52. gentle(man)soul says:

    ” I find myself incredibly happy with my SB, but at the same time deep down inside, I am unhappy, at times forlorn. ”

    Rob , getting a taste of happiness in a relationship that you know is not real is depressing . SB love feels real and it’s easy for us to fantasize that it is real ,but with rare exceptions it’s just an illusion . For example , I know my SBs truly liked me and may love me on a certain level ,but I know that they will move on for a better —or different opportunity . As long as you realize that you will be able to enjoy and love your Baby and know with certainty that : 1) it will end ,and 2) you can and will find another perhaps even better than before.

    I have had dozens of SBs and only 4 that I felt ” in Love ” with . The first loss was horrible and I went into a real depression over her . I now love my SB but protect myself from looking at her as “true love ” Sort of a “Luv Ya ” instead of an ” I love you ”

    Look at it this way . Anytime money and service are connected it totally kills intimacy .

    @ Spicey

    I have to believe your posts are made tongue in cheek ,and in that sense I can laugh and think of you fondly . If you are serious and are truly arrogant -to wit

    ” It’s knowing that my vagina (and surrounding sensuality) is a very, very expensive and highly sought after commodity. A guy who invests thousands into getting your panties on the floor is going to want a return on his investment and that expected performance is a huge turn on for me (no four pump chumps are going to buy a girl a $1,000 pair of shoes). ”

    Seriously ?

  53. FatBastardSD says:


    Why not ask the moderators to send your business email to newbie. It will show her that you are serious about helping her with her job search.

  54. SD-Rob says:

    Fatty- read the post. Newbie can decide. As I said much private info on a resume, but if she wants to share then I’d be happy to take a look.

  55. Zack says:


  56. FatBastardSD says:


    chirp chirp, chirp… :-).


    So what have you done exactly?

  57. KatPaw says:

    Blog Gods please share my email with onyx_percula thank you.

  58. KatPaw says:

    Sorry nothing on my end either Onyx odd didn’t think it was that long ago! My how time flies. But my profile has been inactive for some time.

  59. KatPaw says:

    Onyx I’ll look to see if I can find it on my end if so I’ll message you.

  60. onyx_percula says:

    @ Kat — Humm… could have sworn I had messaged with you on the site, but can’t seem to find it now.

    Blog folks — she is welcome to my email

  61. KatPaw says:

    Blog gods please also share my email with SD-Rob thank you!

  62. SD-Rob says:

    Blog gods- please give my email address to KatPaw

  63. KatPaw says:

    I am not comfortable posting details at the moment on the blog don’t wish to cause any more “issues” but if any wish to contact me privately tell the blog gods to give me your email.

  64. Homer says:

    @Richard–Mercedes is the car equivalent of Louboutin? I think not, more like Bugatti or McLaren. Just saying…

  65. SD-Rob says:

    Kat- you are killing us … lol.
    Do expand ! Would love to hear what has happened. We can all use it.

  66. KatPaw says:

    Richard not opposite but close enough 🙁 Now in a situation that I don’t know what to do about. Had a great start and expectations for a great sugar arrangement but nothing is ever what it seems…

  67. Richard says:

    @Kat – Do tell! Did “love” rear it’s ugly head? Or the opposite? 🙁

  68. KatPaw says:

    Meow this kitty is drowning in current sugar experience and about to loose one of my 9 lives.Nothing has been how either expected. Unspoken expectations… destroy. Afraid this has ruined Sugar for me.

  69. Richard says:

    No offense to anyone, but I recognize immediately a high quality pair of shoes. Doesn’t have to be Louboutin, either (in fact, I’m kind of tired of those, the red soles are a bit flashy to me now), Casadei, Lorenzi, and others make very nice shoes that aren’t $1000/pair. 🙂 It’s not just the materials and stitching, but more importantly the shape and line. You’d think the Chinese manufacturers could buy a pair of Zanottis and digitize the shape and duplicate them exactly, but for some reason they don’t.

    I’ve been told the higher quality shoes are much more comfortable and easier to walk in. I wouldn’t know, since they don’t make them in size 14 and I doubt I could walk in a pair even if I were tempted!

    My least favorite shoes are “stripper” shoes. Especially clear ones. And don’t ask me how I know what they look like, some women do wear them on the street! 🙂

  70. Euphoria retired sb says:

    On brand names- Until I was 23, I was obsessed with only buying brand name makeup, clothes and handbags. One night my former sd asked me what the obsession was with only wearing big name produces. After talking to him for awhile, he convinced me to take a course that teaches the importance of shopping for quality vs name brand. I learned a lot from it, like what company’s own different brands, what materials to look for in products and what stitching and clothing cuts to look for. After that I ended up switching out a lot of my brand name products, and reading my labels more. I ended up being happier with the choices I made in my purchase’s. I still look like a million dollars when I leave the house. But now I look like a smart million dollars. I am so happy that I took that course. I’m even more happy with the sd that paid for me to take the course.

  71. sweetie says:

    Rob, we didn’t. You were the only one who said anything and it’s appreciated. Thank you!

  72. SD-Rob says:

    @Fatty, Sweetie- you missed my post then

  73. SugarySpicey says:

    GTT – It isn’t the label, per se, it’s the experience (shopping at Chanel is a whole better universe of service than shopping at the gap, and quality clothes feel sexier against your skin.)

    I’d never buy designer duds for myself (when I’m buying I head straight to the very practical sale racks at Anne Taylor or Banana Republic) but I sure do think it’s a turn on to be pampered with a ridiculously luxurious pair of shoes – and I have a college education’s worth of handbags, wallets, and sparklies.

    But, my sugar game is different. I don’t need assistance or help with tuition – I just think it’s sexy when a guy wants to bang me so badly he’d drop $$$$ on some gift that has little value other than the P.E.R (pussy exchange rate). It’s knowing that my vagina (and surrounding sensuality) is a very, very expensive and highly sought after commodity. A guy who invests thousands into getting your panties on the floor is going to want a return on his investment and that expected performance is a huge turn on for me (no four pump chumps are going to buy a girl a $1,000 pair of shoes).

    That said, in my new gig I am meeting with the heads of very luxurious, very high end brands, and looking the part lends credibility. Unintentionally, my sugar life helped me land my dream job.

    I also drive a foreign hybrid and I’d never buy a brand new car, nor would I drop $150 on greens fees or $1,000 on a camera. To each his own.

    And yes, Richard, the knee-high gladiator sandals I wore to dinner tonight were sky high and designed to be pointed at the ceiling, completely NOT made for walking.

  74. sweetie says:

    Fatty, yep! That’s what I thought would happen.

    Richard, hahaha! I guess I’ll keep my raggedy clothes.

  75. FatBastardSD says:


    “Fatty, good point. Let’s see who’s up for it.”

    Can you hear the crickets chirping?

  76. Richard says:

    @Sweetie – We all have obsessions. Some people literally could care less what car they drive. Others obsess over the brand, model, color and accessories. And as Sugary says…I tend to like shoes with heels designed to be pointed at the ceiling. Basics don’t do it for me…lol. And I’m not that easy, you’d have to work hard at seducing me before I’d let you ravage me. 🙂

  77. sweetie says:

    Oh, Richard! What an analogy! Just as you say you don’t get the purse obsession, the shoes or car is the same. Still, a good car is certainly more important than the brand of shoes I buy. Anyways, priorities.

    But, if you’d like to treat me to a shopping spree, I’ll take you on it. I could use a new wardrobe. Nothing fancy, just the basics. Promise I won’t break your bank. 😉

  78. joy says:

    So… i got this offer from SA to do a interview for a news station for $200. Should I accept?

  79. Richard says:

    @GTT what kind of car do you drive? The difference between Louboutin (or Zanotti, my current favorite) shoes and cheap shoes is analogous to the difference between a Kia and a Mercedes. In my opinion. 🙂

    Now, designer handbags I just don’t get. You could buy 20 pairs of Louboutin shoes (or a decent car) for the cost of some of them…and handbags just aren’t sexy!

  80. gtt_envy says:

    @Sugary, you really into designer names that much? Thqts so hard to relate too………must be that southern country boy heritage lol.

  81. Zack says:

    Zack says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 19, 2014 at 6:58 am
    SuSp,,,rather than step on your well displayed, I’m sure, toes, let me speculate as to possibilities for your next meet: Geneva, LA, LV or Cloud-9? 😛

    Early days…a good meet ends with a plan for the next 🙂 At some point, maybe, “What next?”


  82. Zack says:

    SuSp,,,rather than step on your well displayed, I’m sure, toes, let me speculate as to possibilities for your next meet: Geneva, LA, LV or Cloud-9? 😛

    Early days…a good meet ends with a plan for the next 🙂 At some point, maybe, “What next?”

  83. flyr says:

    @Darkhorse “Why did I offer $100? It’s not enough to make her rich considering the time involved and her reasonable preparation expenses, but enough to show ernesty on my side. (Note: the initial $200 for the first lunch was because she was traveling for her own purposes, including to meet me, and an incentive to put together the trip. Beyond that it ought to be business as usual as the arrangement evolves.)”

    It’s a concept that seems totally foreign to many potential SB’s. A serious SD is not interested in having lunch unless there is real potential , it’s up to her to do a better job of screening. Artificial screens such as pay to show may in fact attract the losers and abusers rather than the winners. The exception might be where there is travel involved but the cost of paint, polish and mowing the south forty should not be the potential SD responsibility. Of course this is not a universal truth or rule but just something that I have found works.

    Personally I would rather do the first meet in a casual place and see the pot in her natural state. I need to understand character and intellect not the depth of her wardrobe. If the SD is obsessed with arm candy it may be different.

    The cost of the lunch is irrelevant, for most of us it is the lost productive time to arrange the lunch, travel and the lunch.

    To dig the hole a little deeper, we hire a lot of professionals to work on our client’s projects. Imagine one of them, or perhaps a better example, a prospective joint venture partner expecting compensation for a first meeting.

    But it’s a free market as the administration has not moved to take control of sugar so everyone is free to make their own rules. Generally success comes from looking at the relationship from the standpoint of the other party.

  84. SugarySpicey says:

    I am here in Istanbul, now this is a city where a girl wants a Sugar Daddy – Chanel, Vuitton, Ferragamo, and every girl’s favorite, Louboutin. Truly one of the most beautiful, intriguing, and accessible cities I’ve ever visited.

  85. DarkHorseSD says:

    What I did with the $200/lunch woman was effectively say no. I told her during the platonic stage I generally do very little. I did tell her I would use a typical WYP $100/date fee for her while she warms up. Of course, the fact she would not have very nice 2hr lunches with me for free or even $100 told me everything I needed to know about her true motivations.

    I call the practice of handing out money for first or early dates “chumming for chics.”

    Chumming is a bad practice which creates plenty of problems in finding quality women with decent intent when done by men in general. It should be stayed away from, but individually there is some thought that to get ahead throwing money out there puts you first in line. Of course countless women accept this since its entirely upside to them.

    In NYC there is some greater tendency to chum. There is a lot of money thrown around without care or thought for its effect on the “environment.”

    Why did decide to chum in this case? I felt she was exceptional. It turns out not. Sometimes the rules bend when the circumstances look worth the risk.

    Why did I offer $100? It’s not enough to make her rich considering the time involved and her reasonable preparation expenses, but enough to show ernesty on my side. (Note: the initial $200 for the first lunch was because she was traveling for her own purposes, including to meet me, and an incentive to put together the trip. Beyond that it ought to be business as usual as the arrangement evolves.)

  86. sweetie says:

    I gotta say, these photos above are terrible. What was the photographer thinking? Beyond tacky.

  87. flyR says:

    “If you got a message whose entire content was “What is your allowance?”, would you consider responding “for you, with a message like that, zero?””

    Three possible responses
    Delete mail – it’s poor taste for someone to ask the question without further elaboration.

    Consider that it might be someone who is disgusted with lowball time wasters and reply with something like typically my allowances have been one step below your asking range. If your overwhelming focus is on the allowance you’ll probably do better elsewhere

  88. sweetie says:

    Horsey, just don’t reply at all. Not worth it.

  89. DarkHorseSD says:

    That haunting feeling that it will end comes from a number of different ending scenarios, time is just one. The feeling comes and goes, how much of each depends on the interactions you two (or three! 😮 ) have with each other.

    How well have these feelings you’ve had matched up with the true outcome in completed arrangements? The gap could be described as surprise.

  90. DarkHorseSD says:

    If you got a message whose entire content was “What is your allowance?”, would you consider responding “for you, with a message like that, zero?”

  91. SD-Rob says:

    @ Fatty- yes good idea. I was going to suggest it but did not want to be too forward since there is a lot of private data in a resume.

    @ Newbie- I did not understand your question in the first line – “@Rob Do you think there could be the opportunity of more if you wanted to?” Can you expand on that please?

    @ GTT- yes, it does weigh on you and at least for me as a married SD, in a dysfunctional marriage held together for the good of the kids, the future is uncertain either way, and this is at least an escape in the short term. But one wonders if it can be for the long term, especially since SDs are older as well, but the on SBs side, things are quite different, where there is much more ahead and more likely to change path out of SA to real life and a different set of partners. Of course, for married SDs who finally can get out of the their marriage if they want to, there are other options open outside of SA as well which I am sure in my case I can pursue once I have the freedom to spend the time to do so. Nonetheless, if a long term connection is made with a SB then, at least for me, emotionally it will still be hard to have it severed at some point. I think you mentioned before that you got somewhat bored with your SBs after a few months, or so, and moved on to the next. I wonder if part of it has to do with knowing that you will not be with any of them forever and might as well experience more sugar? I know I have gotten and still do get that feeling from time to time and I am trying to suppress it currently with this wonder SB I have currently, whom I have spoiled very much and treated as Euphoria describes and better, and all else has been magical as well.

  92. sweetie says:

    Fatty, good point. Let’s see who’s up for it.

  93. flyR says:

    Newbie and JJ – Great thoughts – Sugar is a voyage that may be long or short, peaceful waters and sunny days or dark and stormy or both or….the Titanic

  94. FatBastardSD says:


    Why not send your resume to the well connected SD’s on the blog. You have VP’s of engineering, MBA instructors, and executives at the top companies available to you here, you should take advantage of it. Ask the moderator to exchange email addresses with them. . They seem to be very impressed with your background so I don’t see why they would have a problem helping you out.

  95. gtt_envy says:

    @sdrob, I totally understand where you are coming from….deep down knowing its temporary does weigh on you a bit.

    Good luck 🙂

  96. Newbie Needs Help says:

    Yay Jj got what I was saying!
    @Rob Do you think there could be the opportunity of more if you wanted to?
    Back to the expectations. @Rob Yes that’s the kind of expectations I was referring to. I think the desire is there but I wouldn’t call it an expectation, not on my part at least. Maybe I’m too hung up on semantics. I would love to get a random message from my SD and when I do I get really happy but I don’t expect it. It is more of a hope and a desire than a demand. But most of all I’d like it to be organic, I want things to happen cause we both want to not cause we think it should.
    Re:Flowers I hate cut flowers too, especially red roses. I’d much rather get a potted orchid!

  97. Euphoria retired sb says:

    representation* sorry

  98. Euphoria retired sb says:

    sweetie: Euphoria=Raw foodie. But that’s a different conversation for a different day.
    The cut flowers are not doing anything but sitting in a vase on the a counter, table, or office building waiting dry up and die. After that they are thrown away and disregarded by the person who once adored them dearly. Do you see a comparison between that and a short lived relationship?
    I had a sd give me a live flower in a pot once that blooms and comes back to life every year. I thought it was amazingly thoughtful and a more accurate reparation of what a true relationship/friendship/love should be.

  99. sweetie says:

    Euphoria “Cut flowers=Death on a stem! ”

    That’s a little drastic. You could say that about everything you eat, as well.

  100. Euphoria retired sb says:

    Rob Sd: Quality and what I feel he should be doing in the arrangement. If he isn’t meeting the criteria, financially, emotionally, or physically there are a lot of others who can.
    I only want a man around that doesn’t have to be told to give me $XXX,XXXX amount of dollars per month, take my car to the shop if its sick, open my doors/pull out my chairs, take me shopping for the thingy’s I like, never forget my birthday and feed me yummy food at nice restaurant’s.
    The only expectation’s I think ive ever given to a sd is never to buy me cut flowers. Cut flowers=Death on a stem! I wouldn’t expect them to know that from day one.

  101. Zack says:

    @ Jj, New: I’m musing a bit on ideas about looking for cycles in relationships that spiral upwards…common interests, career, family, ambitions,…umm and sex, rather than ones that you’re going to look back at later and say “I knew that.” I’m not sure to what degree most people notice that, and how much I miss it. In any case…expectations always exist. Look for them rather than missing that, please.

  102. SD-Rob says:

    @ Zack- Can you expand on your forlorn circumstance? What do you mean by that?
    I ask because, I find myself incredibly happy with my SB, but at the same time deep down inside, I am unhappy, at times forlorn. I am not sure others have the same feeling, but maybe it is the knowledge that this is just temporary in most cases and will end, unlike what you all call IRL, where possibility of much loner term is possible.
    Newbie- I think if you graduated from a top university and if you expand your location options you will find a job. Your GPA and how you present yourself will play a major part though. Although I agree that military experience does come in handy in terms of proven commitment to a “job”, in the technical field is does not play as much of a role vs where you got your degree, your GPA and experience, from first hand experience.
    On expectations: Euphoria- I think you mean certain expectations on the quality of your man. I think Newbie meant expectations in terms of what each party should do in the arrangement which may be (or is) different than in a non sugar relationship (like the texting example or having to make sure your partner knows where you are almost every hour of the day). I agree those expectations are different in sugar, but there are still some expectations, unless it is just get together , bang and go away until next time, no?

  103. Jj says:

    Newbie: I follow what you are saying. It is different within a sugar relation where the connection is there, but of a different emotional experience; as with really close friends, with benefits or benefits of a different sort. It is difficult to describe, but you know it when it’s there. It is what both make it, within a sugar relation or not.

  104. Zack says:

    Eu: Worse, it becomes a usable cycle…it gets worse.

    So, Newbie, the forlorn bit was reflexive of my own circumstance (also, heh), and you walked into it with no expectations or experience. Take small steps before you try to fall…and no throwing around dolphin references, please…:P

    There’s time enough to find love as long as you live, but sometimes making time proves other things, too.

    Be careful, be safe, at least as a starting intent? 😛


  105. Euphoria retired sb says:

    Expectations: I tend to have very high expectations in the men I date. If they done meet my expectations, I let them go! It’s just that simple. I have found that you cant make anyone live up to your standards, or ask anyone to change to meet your expectations. If you do, its usually temporary or will make them miserable for the rest of their life.

  106. Newbie Needs Help says:

    what happened with my comment? I don’t find it hopeless or sad….isn’t it beautiful not to have expectations? that is what is so beautiful about the sugar bowl and allows people to be so honest. If you don’t feel like texting that day you don’t have to unlike a relationship where you are expected to text everyday (or whatever other must-do’s you have in relationships) and then you don’t have to justify yourself. Things can be as they truly are and can flux naturally without pressure. Only when you don’t have expectations can you love unconditionally. (((((Pardon the use of the word love. I come from a place where love has many meanings and we recognize different kinds of love. I don’t mean the I love you lets be together forever blah blah but the appreciation and affection you have for someone.)))))

  107. Zack says:

    Sounds rather cynical. Where’s my bowl, doth it runnith? 😀 Or is it just awful? Maybe I need a lamp instead?

  108. gtt_envy says:

    @Flyr and Newbie, I agree with Flyr on the military point. I work for a Fortune 50 company and when it comes to new engineers we typically hire top 3% of their class or the trump card is military experience. I’ve seen people get hired from no name schools when they have had prior military experience.

    Best of luck!!

  109. Euphoria retired sb says:

    Some just guzzle down glass after glass until they end up in a bedroom somewhere in the back of the party left in a coyote ugly situation the next day,

  110. Zack says:

    Looking around, I think this blog feels like a free-form conversation at a nice party. People drifting in and out of clusters, glass in hand…and the one’s that can’t manage pass out one way or another, LOL

    Early meets and conversation help polish the gems…some can shine with potential…I just merely wish Newbie’s comments on attachment didn’t feel so forlorn.

  111. flyR says:

    It’s really tough to be a single mother. My guess is that you’ll do just fine .

    Probably a lot more maturity than most your age.

  112. Euphoria retired sb says:


    Yep, if I would have been a single student, I probably would have had the the luxury of staying with family and working a 30 hour per week job. I probably would have ended up pulling out about 1/3 of the debt.

    Kids are cute though :D, they’re worth every penny of the debt you accumulate when you have them.

  113. onyx_percula says:

    @ SD-Rob — Sugar is what you make it! I agree with Euphoria, its different but tends to form deeper bonds/attachments. I think there is something about the limits plus the immediate honesty.

  114. flyR says:

    Being a young mother changes a lot of things

  115. Euphoria retired sb says:

    Had to pull out student loans for…Umm take your pick!

    Tuition Furnishing my first apartment
    Rent was $1,000 for a 2 bedroom apt Security deposit for apt
    Car insurance, holding an [email protected] per mo Deposits to turn on utility’s
    Car payment Maintenance of car
    Electric Wisdom tooth extractions
    heating my apt Random medical bills
    Family expenses Daycare expenses $450 per mo
    school books were about $1,000 every three months
    Food/other necessity’s
    Gass to get back and forth to work

    I’m probably missing a few things, but it all added up. That was the year that I found out that life is expensive!

  116. flyR says:

    @Newbie – At the risk of being “osterized” let me offer an outrageous suggestion. No it’s not an offer to to move into the little ocean view apartment but rather a career suggestion………… Take a look at something in the military for 4 years which would use your knowledge either as an em or officer.

    You’ll be in a meritocracy that judges those above you on how those under them grow, teach you a lot about leadership and probably have a great use for your science background .

    More importantly you’ll learn a lot about personal responsibility, leadership and the “warrior ethos”.

    The 24 year old high school grad with 6 years in the Marines knows far more about leadership than most of the MBA’s I went to school with and later taught and a lot more about ethics than the banksters and self proclaimed business leaders. Yes I know it’s politically incorrect but that’s more reflective of the fear of those who lack the skills and the confidence.

    Four years later you’ll have a great resume, awesome skills and a love for life.

  117. Euphoria retired sb says:

    SD-Rob: I still hold all of my former sd’s except 1 as very dear and close friends. in that sense, I am emotionally attached to them. It is not really a financial attachment, but it is a different kind of attachment. I think I’ve managed to forum a deeper understanding and forum a different kind of trust with them then I had with my former boyfriends prior to sugar world.

  118. flyR says:

    @euphoria – How did you run up $28K at cal state in one year

  119. Euphoria retired sb says:

    Go to davis! I know a guy who makes $80,000 per year testing strawberries there!

  120. flyR says:

    @Dark Horse “What would do with a very interesting young woman who wants a few dates to get to know you better while looking pretty for $200 over each lunch?”

    One lunch – let her know in advance it’s a one time deal so there’s no expectation.

    It it’s an attitude problem then you have thrown the money and your time away.

    If it is a test to eliminate tire kickers then you may have won the lottery

  121. Newbie Needs Help says:

    @Rob now working at the San Diego zoo would be nice…as long as it is not cleaning elephant poop! Yeah I guess I better start looking at other cities for employment, might make my life easier.

    Re: attachment. I think expectations rather than emotions are the problem, as long as you don’t expect your relationship to progress into more and don’t expect it to last forever, or to always remain the way it is then it is ok to feel

  122. SD-Rob says:

    @Newbie – from last topic
    My company is more on the physical sciences and engineering. Notbsure where you ard but in San Diego area there are many bio tech firms always hiring.

    @ All- curious as to opinions and experiences on the emotional attachments that form between SB and SD. I keep seeing references to real life vs. sugar world, as if sugar world is imaginary. Or maybe it is an escape or fantasy and that’s the point, given that the eventuality is not the goal or is not as possible as “real life”? Best not to form emotional attachments at all ? Which makes it all about sex and money (not satisfying in my opinion for a real SB/SD relationship) . Or keep the emotions in check while letting them loose to a certain extent to remove the arrangement from only sex and money but still keep it NSA? But I had my first SB yell at me over text that there are always strings attached once you consummate . I can see many here have been jaded over this or even worse , but some are more even keeled. Curious to hear. Maybe discussed before?

  123. Euphoria retired sb says:

    Well this is not match.com its seeking arrangement. You could just as easy get on match.com and get to know somebody for free. I’ve never charged for the first date. I’m pretty sure the aspects of the site are pretty self explanatory. It really sounds like she is either going to try to pull a fast one, get a quick$200-$800 depending on how many dates she goes on and moves onto the next.

  124. luscious says:

    Most jobs require you to have experience plus your degree. The internships are not enough. Most internships last 3 to 6 months. Most jobs require at least 3 years experience.

    I don’t want to make minimum wage but entry level jobs are a couple dollars higher than minimum wage.

    I Love being a sugar baby. But I don’t like the racism some of the daddies possess. You’ll miss out on a good thing by looking at her skin

  125. DarkHorseSD says:

    Well I fantasize the bush of the bird in hand is better than the bushes I know. But more important to me are the roots which the problem may be of.

    So far the girls are kicking her to the curb. There is so much GP in NYC it sells more like silver.

  126. Euphoria retired sb says:

    I do wish I would have found this site as a high school graduate. My first year into collage, I ended up finding myself $28,000 in debt to Cal State. Because of my family situation, I had found myself graduating high school at 17 years old and heading straight to a university. I could not get into the dorms, so I was stuck with about $1,000 in rent and a full 18 class units. The first year I tried to set up all of my classes on the Tuesday/Thursday schedule and work 16 hour shifts at a minimum wage job making $6.75 per hr the other 5 days per week. I received financial aid and student loans. There just never seemed to be enough cash to get the basics or time to do my class work. I quickly ended up failing out and staying out for a few years. It wasn’t until after I went back on SA that I ended up successfully graduating debt free! I truly have so much to thank this site for!

  127. SugarySpicey says:

    DarkHorse – is the bird in hand better than the bush of those you don’t know? Seems rather GPS (golden pussy syndrome) even fit Pricey Soicey to expect $200 for lunch and “getting to know you” chit chat.

  128. Euphoria retired sb says:

    DarkHorseSD says:
    Tell her to take a hike. Just pay me to look adorable at dinner instead! I’m sure you’ll find me a lot more interesting! lol (just kidding!)

  129. DarkHorseSD says:

    WYP is for first dates, if the implication is I should tell her to take a hike over there. But with this bird in hand what would people do?

  130. Euphoria retired sb says:


    I would say, there is a site for that … Its called whatsyourprice.com…

  131. DarkHorseSD says:

    What would do with a very interesting young woman who wants a few dates to get to know you better while looking pretty for $200 over each lunch?

    If you were in NYC, what would you do?

  132. DarkHorseSD says:

    less employment opportunities for the college grads surely correlates with less daddy sugar in the secret society.

    The implication sugar would enable greater post grad experience is offset by sugar addiction – which likely is the greater force.

  133. Euphoria retired sb says:

    taken from the last blog:
    @ Fat bastard SD’s comment:

    Your Comment:
    I guess that means you will be (or are) open about your adventures with every guy you meet. Should be O.K. you are only doing what every young single woman does 🙂

    My reply:
    No, not open with my adventures in every guy I meet. I think you read a little too far between the lines on that one. I wasn’t saying that I am open to hook up with anyone who gave an offer. There were actually plenty of people who I wouldn’t touch with a 20 ft pole, even if the reward were extremely generous. But as a young single woman who had only seen two 5 year relationships in my life… I did not feel the need to lock myself into one person exclusively. Now that I look back, there is a lot to learn from dating a few until you find the right one. I now have seen what I like, what I don’t like and have built a new perception on what I want.

  134. Newbie Needs Help says:

    I have to admit: I do wish I had seen this website when I started univ.!

  135. JennSA says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome in the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” for more details. For the newbies, please take a look at the “Sugar Daddy Dating Tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “SD and SB Blog List” section to see the perspective of other sugars. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog…