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What Turns Off Men


Men are simple creatures who are ruled by desires and physical attraction. At least that’s what we think. Surely, it takes more work to turn men off than it does to lead bees to honey. Alas, in a modern world that has become riddled with blurred lines between gender roles, it doesn’t.

Seduction is slowly becoming a lost art among women. More girls are relying on the wiles of their womanly figures, rather than legitimate sensuality. To better understand how to turn men on, let’s explore what turns them off first.

You’re Entitled


“You should anticipate what my needs are before I even ask for them. I have a busy schedule, so I want a Sugar Daddy that can work with the demands of my calendar. Remember, I can date men my own age who would be willing to wine and dine me. You should be able to give me something they can’t. I want to be treated like a princess.”

What it says about you:

You’re spoiled—and not in a good way. Most men won’t to finish reading your profile because they can anticipate how one-sided the relationship would be. The key phrase is mutually beneficial, and men need to see the perks of courting you.

You Lack Femininity

No fem

“I’m really down to Earth. Tennis shoes are my footwear of choice, so please don’t ask me to wear heels. I’m the kind of girl that likes to watch football, has dirt under her nails, curses like a sailor, and will fart in front of you, all at once.”

What it says about you:

Being down to Earth is a huge plus, but that definition is ten degrees of wrong. It was cool to act like “one of the guys” in middle school, but you’re an adult now. Poor hygiene and an inability to control bodily gasses sure as hell won’t get you an allowance.

You’re So Vain


“Mika doesn’t get out of bed for anything less than 4k. A girl with my beauty only deserves to fly first class. I’m a model with a huge ego, and rightfully so.”

What it says about you:

Did you just refer to yourself in the third person? You’re like The Situation with boobs. I struggle to do the math on what a girl needs to transform from that requires a $4,000 wake up call.

You’re A Walking Cliche


“Live life to the fullest. I’m unique in that I’m totally drama free and easy going. Love to have fun and go dancing. I like EDM music and hanging out at the beach.”

What it says about you:

Thankfully, #YOLO is dying out. There’s nothing more unappealing than a girl who lacks character or actual interests.

I like to give credit where it’s due, so special thanks to Josh from the blog. His posting of one girl’s misguided understanding of what “mutually beneficial” means served as inspiration for this blog.

Men: What are other major turn offs?

Ladies: Have you seen fellow Sugar Babies make these mistakes? Any advice for them?

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  1. get your bi man here says:

    For those seeking a bi male SD, check out Rod from Howell.

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  5. Basically, I want it to be on the main page where all of my posts go but then I also want to be able to put it on a separate page of my blog dedicated to only that subject. Hopefully this makes sense!.

  6. T. says:

    A turn-off is lying about being married. I get not putting it on a profile, just to hide identity better, but they should say so after meeting in person, and before an arrangement is made.

    Look, an SB knows that plenty of guys here are married. Some SBs are married which is strange, but whatever, it’s not my business.

    When discretion is a big deal, guys should tell the SB so she knows. Women smell things, and notice small changes in a man’s appearance. There’s a HUGE difference in being discreet in a way that a man’s coworkers won’t notice, and being discreet in a way that his wife won’t notice.

  7. Brown Island Sugar says:

    Thanks for all of the responses and sorry mine is so late…a dual major is pretty taxing lol. All in all I doubt it’s my profile (more than happy to provide a link or prof number)not matching with what I seek in assistance. It’s always said Open for Negotiation since I like to work out the details with an individual. I would have to agree that if one wants something discreet then sure I’d stick out like a sore thumb especially since I’m tall. I definitely agree that the idea of a SB is more aimed toward the blonde hair blue eyes ideal. I’m not really complaining just making an observation really. I’m from Jamaica so naturally I’ve never experienced this level of judgment against us chocolate ppl. I’m not saying none of us are successful in finding a SD and I’ve seen many be just that however, I’ve seen just as many if not more feel and experience the same as I have on this site. I’ve had success at a different site but seeing as SA was IMO top notch I had figured it’d work best. It was a something I thought should be thrown out there :)

  8. jbosari says:

    Turn off – Guy Cliché: “Looking for a partner in crime.”

  9. Kms2014 says:

    I apologize if I was being too personal…

  10. Kms2014 says:

    Oh, I see…are you married? Sorry, if I am being too person, just saw a few posts yesterday that mentioned your husband…I didn’t know you were married…

    Has Josh really left the blog?….

  11. SugarySpicey says:

    KMS – I will spend the rest of my life never understanding why I thought I had feelings for him. I have some thoughts that I won’t share on the blog but generally due mostly to him being a very evil, manipulative character, and me being a very fortunate woman who didn’t know how to recognize evil because I’d lived such a sheltered life.

    I went their to meet him, which was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, but which actually led to all of the things that are good in my life now. Getting abandoned in Indonesia set me up to be brave enough to dare go to Kuwait alone.

  12. Kms2014 says:

    SS…that guys sounds pretty crazy…what made you go and meet him in Indonesia? Or, were you there for other reasons?

  13. SugarySpicey says:

    FlyR – in hindsite I realize he was completely abusive in the textbook sense – to me and the woman he was with before me (it says something that she had to completely strip the universe of any shred of her existence and that I am now equally as physically afraid of him and so scared when the basement dweller exposed me in such a threatening way). The problem I have is that ‘m willing to let a guy smack me around in the bedroom so his sadism was disguised as something different.

    His behavior by not letting me eat was just one in a series of efforts he made to dominate and control me. Fortunately, the universe had my back and saved me before things got too awful – he really has a dangerous black heart and would have badly, intentionally, hurt me had that trauma not happened in his family. It’s sad, but I think some poor young man’s death actually saved my life. I really think that assclown would have killed me (he was that sadistic and bad at his core).

  14. flyR says:

    @ spicey “He did that “order before I even received a menu or could chime in” once at a restaurant in Bali too – and I was freaking starving! That’s BAD manners!”

    Spicey – Am surprised that you failed to see that it was not bad manners or an oversight, but rather a deliberately outrageous exhibition of dominance.

  15. aliceS says:

    Jesus, that’s crazy, creepy and awful

  16. SugarySpicey says:

    Alice! Not a bite! We were in Indonesia, I had just landed, I didn’t yet know where anything was and I hadn’t yet had a chance to get cash.

    Then we found out his brother (that he didn’t have a relationship with) had died (so sad!) and he left, and left me there without a hotel room, a map, or even a hotel recommendation or anything – and never once called to check on me to make sure I was safe, not even on my birthday!

  17. aliceS says:

    Yeah, that sucks. I’m glad I never had a unpleasant situation like this. That was weird, what you ate that day, if at all?

  18. SugarySpicey says:

    Alice – no he just had really bad manners and no empathy. His entire world revolves around him, all the time. It’s why he now only dates prostitutes in Indonesia, they’re willing to put up with anything as long as he pays his $50 a night. (at least that’s what he told me, in kind of a bragging way.)

    One day he had the nerve to accuse me of being anorexic because I hadn’t eaten – when in fact I didn’t have an opportunity to eat. He ordered for himself at lunch without giving me a chance to order or even get a menu (at a place with people didn’t speak English so I couldn’t ask them what kind of food they served). Then he took me to a pasta restaurant for dinner even though I’d told him 1,000 times I can’t eat gluten or I get miserably sick (again the people there didn’t speak English so I couldn’t ask them for any changes).

    He was such an ass that when I start thinking about what an ass he is I just get infuriated all over again that I ever wasted my time with a loser like that!

  19. SugarySpicey says:

    Doll – I eat plenty of garbage. We all do, it’s part of the food chain. I don’t particularly like anything that lives in our polluted oceans. But I think shrimp are particularly ugly little animals. Shrimp have those ugly beady little eyes, and all those tentacles hanging off … and the taste! Oh God, yuck! Squishy!

    But, if we were sitting across a table you could order shrimp to your heart’s content and eat as many as you want and I would think nothing of it, it wouldn’t even cross my mind unless you left a plate of shrimp carcasses sitting there with their gross little arms waving at me. At which point I still wouldn’t look down on you for eating them. I would just think that the shrimp carcasses looked ugly.

    The fact that we are debating the merits of eating shrimp is beyond ridiculous!

    To me it isn’t a class issue. Shrimp are served at very high-end restaurants and at the cheapest barbecue joints in Louisiana, they are universal. I just think they look gross (like how some people think it looks gross when a fish is delivered to the table with the eyeball still intact, or that some cultures eat dog – but that doesn’t bother me at all).

    Would I want a taste of your shrimp? No thanks – just like you might think my double bacon cheeseburger is eating garbage (or the microwave gas station burrito some people eat is gross.)

    I am not the food police. Just because I think a food that lives off of garbage is gross, does not mean I think anything of you for eating that food. I have traveled all over the world, people eat things that I think are gross everywhere. I probably cook food that you think is gross!

    You are looking for a reason to be offended if you are going to be offended that I don’t like shrimp.

  20. aliceS says:

    Sugary did he apologized later? Or at least understood later, that what he just did was rude? Or did he did this on purpose?

  21. SugarySpicey says:

    Sugardoll – you missed my original point and my clarifying posts – see above. My comment had nothing to do with what he ordered, it’s that he ordered without asking what I want then didn’t share.

    The fact that I think shrimp are ugly, and gross looking and feed off garbage is just a personal preference, I don’t care if other people want to eat them. Nor does it affect my opinion in any way except for not kissing someone when they have shrimp breath. I would have still said that he was low class if he’d ordered caviar and not shared it or asked what I would like.

    Rude has nothing to do with money. Rude is rude.

  22. Kms2014 says:

    Yes, true..just avoid clicking on any pictures that give you the adult warning…they are not kidding :-/ The real sugar daddies usually do not even have a picture posted, unless they contact you privately, since they are respectful of discretion…

  23. sugardoll says:

    well @Kms I don’t see nothing wrong on having different options hahaha….

  24. Zack says:

    Say no more, lol, but,
    ” I was on AM about three weeks, and met three men…One of them I am still dating
    says something, maybe.

    SS, does metrics, or whatever an admin might use here, typically track unique or changes in unique id hits? Important life lesson from SA and internet (thanks, Al)…route around damaged parts.

  25. Kms2014 says:

    No worries (: Maybe, it is fine to talk about…just wasn’t sure, since I have mentioned it a couple times before, too 😉 I don’t think I even answered your question as far as the ‘not just looking’ element, though. I don’t think that is the case, and maybe a I just got lucky? I have seen a couple of SB blogs before were they talked about preferring AM as well, but that was awhile back…

  26. Zack says:

    Well, I appreciate it and I hope Guru doesn’t care, lol.

  27. aliceS says:

    Yeah, I understood the second half of Sugary post the same as you Sugardoll :) Maybe we have other dictionary :)

  28. Kms2014 says:

    Okay, so I might get in trouble for speaking about other SD/SB sites, on a SA blog…sorry, if that is the case….I won’t mention it again.

  29. sugardoll says:

    Could not help but notice how you “polished” up the “referenced” quote to suit your “taste” in comprehension! Just say’n. Brought to mind another’s tactic ………….
    Because I wanted her SUGARY no other people, to focus on what I understood, by the way I read it, for me it was like those who eat shrimps eat garbage…

  30. Kms2014 says:

    No…not at all…I don’t mind answering. It is just my limited experience on AM, though. I was on AM about three weeks, and met three men…One of them I am still dating.

    As far as flaky…well, I first was on SA about two years ago, and had a really great experiences. I deactivated my account after about three or four months, I think, and was not active on any SB sites for awhile. Then, I joined up SA again, this past October. I have met quite a few more fakes this time around and have had the emails or dates planned, then they dissappear(more than compared to last time). I did not have that happen, on AM or sugardaddie.com as much….However, like I said a couple years before, I only used SA and had great experiences, so perhaps it is just timing and more women on SA now, compared to before? The University in my state was ranked as #1 for SB, so I hear….And I am older, so my market is smaller as well.

    I do not ‘think’ AM markets to the SB/SD relationship, really, even though it is known for that, too(it has an option to list on your profile, ‘what you are looking for ‘ and ‘Sugar Daddy’ is an option. I think it is more of a ‘have an affair’ type site, yes? I did have a guy email me on AM and say ‘get a job’, so I do not think it as as SB friendly as SA…where pretty much everyone is looking for SD/SB…

    Isn’t WYP a sister site for SA? Not sure…and I thought seekingmillionaire was too, but Elaine was nice enough to explain what sort of site that was to me…

  31. sugardoll says:

    Elaine says:

    March 28, 2014 at 10:29 am

    @ Sugardoll

    No offense!
    But maybe because English is not your native language (as it isn’t mine) sometimes makes it hard for us to understand the finesses of what is written here.

    ****that’s true, I might not understand very well sometimes, but I know how to read.

    The way I understood,

    **Thats your way to understand, I have my way of understand, we are different people for that we have different perspectives and ways to see things.**No offence.

    @Elaine @Jj
    Beside I don’t know why most Elaine is feeling so aggravated, sugary knows everything I said I say it with all respect possible, but I give my opinion by the way I see it… she was the one who post the comment about what im talking about I don’t see why so many ppl have to come on her defense, if she feels offended for what I said I believe she would of have post something for me already… So @Elaine my comments about the shrimps definitely has nothing to be with you ..and I don’t think sugary needs you to come on her defense.

  32. Zack says:

    What is it about the site, membership or marketing that tends to concentrate the “not just looking” element…I mean, you suggest the people there are more flaky and more real…what’s different that makes them more involved, somehow? I hope that makes sense, 😛

    So, good scamdar and strong stomach. Is the “matching” or search and messaging to first meet similar? Sorry, I don’t know their marketing heh

    Hmm, sorry, I didn’t mean an interrogation. Want to talk about the impact of gerrymandering? Why would SA have sister sites…looking for differences, :)

  33. Kms2014 says:

    It is the internet, however 😉 And, you have to take it for what it is, so it is not the classiest SD site, but the SD I met on there were actually better than most I have met on SA(just my experience, though).

  34. Kms2014 says:

    @Zack…some of the pictures sent to you on AM….they send VERY graphic…and they are not even something impressive…I’m thinking, ‘why would you email a picture of that’? Really….not to be mean, but I could only take a few weeks on there. It is really either a really really big miss on there, or not. Like I said, met a couple of really great guys…I was surprised myself (:

  35. Kms2014 says:

    I meant, not sure of the perspective of the SD, though, on that site…

  36. Kms2014 says:

    @SS..very true, and I did feel the urge to vomit with a few of those very ‘uncalled’ for pictures. But hey, the site it what it is….However, I believe that site is best described as the epitome of the ‘yin and yang’ of SB dating. Either the person is so far off the spectrum of what you seek in a relationship, or it is the real deal. To me, while AM had some very offensive profile pictures, the few SD that were on there were quite legitimate. I never met a fake SD on AM, but met plenty on SA. The SD I met on AM were great…very successful gentleman and respectful. They told me that most on that site were desperate married housewives looking for some ‘young stud’, so did not give them much thought. So, the ratio of true SB to true SD was lower, in that when you did meet someone, they were more likely to be legit(just in my experience). If you can handle the weeding out process, you just do not open any ‘private’ photos and screen, screen screen…Do not even bother looking at JimBob69’s profile or message to you. I was skeptical when a friend told me about the site at first, but had no complaints with the really nice men I met. Not sure for the perspective of the SB, though….since there are more men than women, on that site, then probably more like traditional dating sites?

  37. Zack says:

    Yes, actually. I hope it was good for a chuckle, but this is the only site or blog I’ve used. Information on screening, qualities and distribution of quasi-SD’s, and your perceptions all have some use…:P

    I realized I didn’t know much “other” than SA.

    Besides, I’m lazy today.

  38. SugarySpicey says:

    In the about 25 hours I tried AM I found it mostly a site for guys who want to send dick picks. There are no photo approval filters and almost every guy who messages me included something that made me go “ewww” including a couple photos I had to look at a couple times before I realized what “adult act” I was looking at.

    No thank you! De-Lete!

  39. Kms2014 says:

    Do you really want to know?…or, being funny?

  40. Zack says:

    Go on?


  41. Kms2014 says:

    There is a higher weeding out process, on AM, even compared to SA, though, so can understand where you are coming from….some very strange people are on there, but with a few nice surprises sprinkled in, here and there. But, can understand where you are coming from….saw some very strange things, on my limited stint on AM.

  42. Kms2014 says:

    @SS…that is even worse than how I read it really quickly. I thought he ordered an app without asking, but offered to share…but, he ordered and didn’t even offer you anything? What a wanker…

    I have met a couple of really nice SD gentlemen off Ashley Madison…(one was even single, but liked older ladies). I live in a high SD per SB city, though, apparently, so maybe it is due to the area I am in…

  43. SugarySpicey says:

    He literally ate the whole thing in front of me and never offered me even a bite. He did that “order before I even received a menu or could chime in” once at a restaurant in Bali too – and I was freaking starving! That’s BAD manners!

  44. SugarySpicey says:

    Lol!! I called shrimp cockroaches because when they’re alive they are so hideously ugly!! I cannot even imagine eating them! And, they feed off garbage – but really it’s because they are so very ugly to look at. I don’t care one but if someone else orders them or ears them – enjoy!

    The comment was that the guy was an ass for not giving me a chance to order, not asking if I wanted anything, and then not sharing what he ordered. I would have said the same if it were a sidewalk hotdog or caviar. Some people look for insult everywhere!

    As far as “why would a woman with options, and an affluent social circle use SA?” Simple, discretion and being able to define the terms of what the relationship is. I looked around on Ashley Madison once because it offers similar, but the majority of men on there were not someone I would ever be interested in dating – and I’m not interested in humping some guy in the backseat of his minivan in an elementary school parking lot.

    Yes, I do expect that anyone I’m going to get naked with offer a space for that good time that is equal to or better than my bed at home. And, I don’t care at all if that makes me seem spoiled. If you think that makes me seem spoiled, you don’t have to have sex with me – and we probably wouldn’t get along anyway.

  45. Zack says:

    “So SA still comes the closest to what I am looking for”….

    Also, if what I am looking for is to be found, it is most likely to be here. Specifically, at some time, on this blog, but that’s just chance?

    It’s a Bayesian thing, lol.

    (at least SS didn’t say “Pirate”.)

  46. Kms2014 says:

    @Elaine…oh, it is a ‘Seekingmillionaire’ to marry, then….I see! I didn’t even look at it, but saw it in ads before. Hehe

  47. Jj says:

    “I should have known he was an asshat when he ordered the shrimp cocktail (. Shrimp are the cockroaches of the ocean). Then came the reveal about his mistreatment of severely impoverished women. Then he polished off the wine.”

    Could not help but notice how you “polished” up the “referenced” quote to suit your “taste” in comprehension! Just say’n. Brought to mind another’s tactic ………….

  48. Elaine says:

    @ Sugardoll

    “I should have known he was an asshat when he ordered the shrimp cocktail without letting me see the menu, asking if I wanted something, or asking if I like shrimp cocktail…”

    Fine if you have comments, but this was the text…. reading comprehension?


    Yes seen that side, at that time there were 20 profiles or so…. LOL
    Besides that, I am not exactly looking to MARRY one!
    Been there, did that! (and can’t say it was a great experience) 😉

    So SA still comes the closest to what I am looking for

  49. Kms2014 says:

    @sugardoll, I’m not sure if SS meant it like that…I took it as she thought he was an asshat, due to him ordering an appetizer without asking her what she wanted first, or if she even liked shrimp? I’m sure she will clarify later…I thought that is how I read it? Sorry, I really like to eat and take my food seriously…sorry, hehe. I did NOT mean to make it sound like I did it for elitist reasons…I’m anti-elitist, really, with a twinge of hippie’ish’ tendencies(I like to wear bamboo made cottons and organic garden…exciting, I know…). My favourite men to have SD relationships with are really successful, but very humble and generous (:

  50. Zack says:

    “if you so classy why their here looking for SD’s I suppose they can hang out with…”

    For me, in part because I actually like some people from here, 😀

    Escorts are easy to find without SA, but I prefer to be an admired SD to being used as a John. 😛

    Maybe it’s an ego thing; it could be marketing, too. “I” don’t know.

  51. sugardoll says:


    I understand some ppl have their reasons not to eat it…

    But in the comment below from other SB it just seem to reveal his lack of class just because he eats shrimps..

    I should have known he was an asshat when he ordered the shrimp cocktail (. Shrimp are the cockroaches of the ocean). Then came the reveal about his mistreatment of severely impoverished women. Then he polished off the wine.

    It was a fun summer, but now I realize that I knew he had no class or manners win thin the first 30 minutes of meeting him

  52. Kms2014 says:

    @Elaine, have you seen that site, Seekingmillionaire? Isn’t that one of Brandon Wade’s sister sites? It might not be…just saw it advertised on SA before…was not sure what it was..

  53. Elaine says:

    @ Sugardoll

    No offense!
    But maybe because English is not your native language (as it isn’t mine) sometimes makes it hard for us to understand the finesses of what is written here.

    The way I understood, SS was not upset about him ordering shrimps, which I love to eat myself!) but him not asking her what she would have liked to order.

    And I was not saying that SA is full of cheap mass products.
    I said I don’t see myself as a cheap mass product, after having been misunderstood and compared to escorts in need of “help”.

    Rich and class are not necessarily linked….So true!

    But if you ever have a dull moment, just scroll female profiles and then let’s have the class discussion again… 😉

    Furthermore I completely agree that being humble is a great asset.
    Again, scroll some profiles….
    And maybe at the same time count how often the word “I” is used, compared to “you”….

    Yes, it is a fact that not all women on this side are young, desperate students, or escorts, being only after money.
    But since none of the blog SD’s so far has decided to draw his wallet and invest in a Seeking Mistress site ;-), SA is the best alternative.

  54. Kms2014 says:

    No sugardoll…it has nothing to do with being ‘rich’ and ‘classy’. I never said anything about my choice not to eat shrimp or catfish as being a matter of class or wealth. It is, however, a choice I make for health and religious reasons(my son is part Jewish). And shrimp are bottom feeders of the ocean, as this is a fact(I did say that I would occasionally eat shrimp and lobster, though). To be honest, I do not care for the meat, in a nutritional sense(have read many nutritional books that are not religion based, but discourage the consumption of pork and shellfish), and also have relatives that are Jewish(Yuhedi), who have told me about the dangers of certain meats. Additionally, I do not eat pork for the same reason(it carries much more bacteria than other commonly consumed meats, such as beef, chicken, ect.). I do not judge others on what they eat…but, I do wonder if you meant in the literal sense that you would eat ‘any meat put over your table’? Would you eat rat meat, in that case? Sorry, I just think you seem to be imagining that I equated shrimp, and my choice not to eat it most of the time, as I was insinuating, or directly stating, that all who did, were poor and ‘un classy’? Not the case at all….

  55. aliceS says:

    Sugardoll lol I hope you will be back soon 😉 I miss simple conversation :)

  56. sugardoll says:


    Girl, im not having time for me my friends and family are taking all my time, I enjoy here reading some post about people about classy and blah blah blah… shit… if you so classy why their here looking for SD’s I suppose they can hang out with people from their elite group…oh, true…they don’t know anybody with that lifestyle they have to come to SA to see if they meet some lol…

  57. aliceS says:

    Welcome back my victim :) missed you a lot :) yes I do like shrimp as well :) specially if I fry them on the deep oil wrapped in pastry. And sprinkled with citron juice :) when ready and crispy

  58. sugardoll says:

    Shrimp are the cockroaches of the ocean

    This is funny, I like shrimp a lot, and any meat you put over my table, I will eat it…I cant believe you judge a person of being classy for what they enjoy eating, I suppose at least you was born “rich” and not even, I know a lot of born rich people with a lot of money that they eat cheap food from the streets just because they like it and not because they cant eat expensive and gourmet food… The best part of humans rich or not is when they are humble…im surprised of some sb’s of this blog are so Rich and classy, what are they doing on SA in the same line of the cheap mass products?

  59. frank says:

    And Franky, you remembered, maybe I’ll let you clip my stockings to my garters if you keep being such a good boy.

    Now I’m confused, my last SB liked me because I was a bad boy. Besides, I’m better at unclipping.

  60. Kms2014 says:

    Kms2014, I’m feelin’ peachy right now. Entering back into SA after a couple year break…it’s an interesting journey, but I certainly do feel less naive this time around! lol’

    @ kindred spirit- good to hear (: I’m sure you will do better this time around–experience is key and I made a lot mistakes, when I first started out…Good luck to you (:

    @sugary- ‘Shrimp are the coach roaches of the sea.’ Thank you! I cannot stand shrimp, catfish, any shellfish…although, I can be an amalgam of contrasts in that I love a good lobster roll, when I am in Maine or Massachusetts….or, the occasional prawn and cucumber sandwich, when in UK…I get in the spirit of local food, so cannot resist sometimes!

  61. Jj says:

    Views to posts almost three to one!?! Wonder what those who tend to witness have to say!!! Shall we?

  62. SugarySpicey says:

    Sunshine – I should have known he was an asshat when he ordered the shrimp cocktail without letting me see the menu, asking if I wanted something, or asking if I like shrimp cocktail (I don’t. Shrimp are the cockroaches of the ocean). Then came the reveal about his mistreatment of severely impoverished women. Then he polished off the wine.

    It was a fun summer, but now I realize that I knew he had no class or manners win thin the first 30 minutes of meeting him.

  63. KatPaw says:

    Hello Zack!
    Yes GOOD and HOPE in the same scentence and in my frame of mind. :-)

  64. Zack says:

    “Good” and “hope” in a sentence?

    “Hi,” Kat.

  65. KatPaw says:

    Morrrning sugers! Sorry to busy with life to read the 900+ posts.. Hope every one doing good!

  66. aliceS says:

    Sunshine SD how many children do you already have in that way? If it’s not a secret of course

  67. SunShineSD says:


    Exactly! I’m a function-over-form kind of guy. Changing the term to “mistress” wouldn’t make any difference. I don’t intend to keep mistresses as I’m not married. I do take very good care of mother(s) of my child(ren), and I don’t mind playing the stepping stone for some young persons’ growth for a whille if she is able to capitalize on the opportunity that I provide. I do not at all look down upon courtesans or escorts. Like I said in my previous post, I’d even be willing to work _for_ either and help her manage her wealth growth. I just don’t think I can make as much of a difference in her life if she takes me in a way that she is familiar with.

    Someday I may well change in my outlook on this issue when I get older.

  68. aliceS says:

    Morning everyone :)

  69. Elaine says:

    Obviously no such creature would ever take into serious consideration to act as an incubator for your gene dissemination program…. LOL

  70. Elaine says:

    @ Sunshine

    Funny, that a man like you doesn’t get it…
    Would you if we would replace the word Courtesan by (Kept) Mistress?

    A Courtesan is not an escort!
    Far from that….
    She is the (most of the time EXCLUSIVE) long term, trusted and cherished female companion of a gentleman.
    Oh yes before I forget, they indeed do have sex now and then.

    She doesn’t have to sleep around for money or having P4P meetings because her gentleman takes care of her.

    And she doesn’t have to get saved either!
    I know you love your hobby “Saving Young Girls From All Those Drugsdealers Around”.
    But she is seldom a naieve, young girl who “needs” to be saved….

    She is without exception intelligent, (otherwise no important man would like to keep her around long term)
    So mostly very well capable to take care of her future by herself.
    Some might even be carreer women, running their own business, you know?

    I carry the name “Courtesan” with pride, as a sobriquet!

    Because it doesn’t make me a cheap massproduct, it makes me expensive and exclusive!

    • SB!!!! says:


      I like the term courtesan… I know many who use it— and I get the idea, know exactly what it means.
      now a question for you, since you seem experienced on the site:
      how do you respond to some nasty guys asking a 30+ yr old SB on the site a question like
      ” wtf, you are over 30 and can’t take care of yourself and need a SD? lol”

      how do you respond to that kind of comment?

      thanks a bunch!

  71. SunShineSD says:


    You should have known that he was an asshole the moment he polished off the whole bottle of wine without offering you any second helping. The thing about pretty girls is that, they get too many supplicating fools approaching them, they develop a screening mechanism that throws out the proverbial babies with the bathwater, ending up paying attention to and pursuing only the genuine hard core asshats / sociopaths / psychopaths / selfish ninnies that only care to use them.

  72. SunShineSD says:


    Don’t worry. If you get sold into sex slavery, I will buy your freedom and give you an upgrade on sperm donor attachment. Our kid will have a real luxury land yacht instead of something that started as a British copycat of the Jeep and nowadays owned by an Indian maker of shitboxes that cost $2000 each. $2000 for the entire Tata Nano “car,” not monthly payment.

    Give the kid a real Jeep or a Toyota Landcruiser if he has to descend from our mountain castle and ford the moat to attend school and socialize with the unwashed masses . . . what the heck would our kid with silver spoon in the pie hole doing in the same school with the kids from the wrong side of the railroad track anyway? No, you can not afford the mountain castle, the moat, the Landcruiser or the private school on your average feminist slave wages alone. You need a proper sperm donor to sire your child.

    Elaine was right, I have no use for fancy British or Japanese marketing, not before I’m 80+ years old and can’t get it up. I’m more of a substance guy. Someday when I’m old I may care more about packaging than substance; for now, I don’t. If I ever unknowingly find a courtesan to my liking, I suspect my plan of helping her along a legit professional career may well fail miserably due to her lack of disclosure, and the alternative plan of impregnating her may well interfere with her chosen career; then again, she may want to secure a retirement package from me before proceeding further with her chosen career. If I know she is an escort or courtesan, I may be willing to manage her money and enable a more stable life for her, but probably not myself becoming a client of hers. Helping her get rich on her own, but not at my expense. I don’t think women who compartmentalize and run it as commercial business would think highly of the “mark.” I have a big ego, in case anyone didn’t notice.

  73. SugarySpicey says:

    I attended a bank meeting as an official
    corporate liason for my SD turned BF who was living in another country at the time. I worked through all the paperwork, applied for the correct waivers his offshore corporation needed, and got his corporate foreign accounts sorted out. Can’t get much more valuable than that, and something a pseudo escort/student SB certainly couldn’t accomplish.

    Too bad he turned out to be a complete loser asshole, but in retrospect I knew he was an asshole the minute he told me he dabbled with third world prostitutes (aka sex slaves with no other choices) when he traveled for business.

  74. Kindred Spirit says:

    flyR ~ “What’s the most impressive thing your SB ever did for you (excluding sex) or simply the best things she does on a regular basis.”

    Ahhh, so let’s hear it from you! 😉

  75. Kindred Spirit says:

    Hello DallasBaby! I recall you mentioned trying What’s Your Price a few years back. Better experiences on there vs. SA? How have you been? Hope the sugar world has been treating you well! 😀

    Kms2014, I’m feelin’ peachy right now. Entering back into SA after a couple year break…it’s an interesting journey, but I certainly do feel less naive this time around! Lol

    Peace out!

  76. flyR says:

    @alice “Yes Sophie, I hope next article would contain same information from females point of view”

    Much better for all if they talked about what’s good.

    What’s the most impressive thing your SB ever did for you (excluding sex) or simply the best things she does on a regular basis.

  77. SugarySpicey says:

    Anyway, in fun, exciting news. I have 24 hours to do due diligence to decide if I want to take a project that will send me to Dubai, Kuwait, then Cairo for 10 days next month.

    The part of me that loves an adventure and can’t turn down an opportunity says, YES! The part if me that’s a tiny little blonde girl says, “is this a good idea?”

  78. SugarySpicey says:

    As far as the high school comment, I was just pointing out what we all know. Certain people were losers with no friends when they were 16. They didn’t know how to socialize with other kids, they couldn’t get the cool girls to date them, some people get over that eventually and become successful adults.

    Some people grow up to be angry, bitter, loser adults with no friends and no better way to spend their time than bullying women.

    And Franky, you remembered, maybe I’ll let you clip my stockings to my garters if you keep being such a good boy. 😉

  79. SugarySpicey says:

    Perhaps something got lost for you in translation Alice?

    When I refer to someone as a basement-dweller that has nothing to do with their money. It means that they are a cockroach who hides in the anonymous dark away from people because they are too afraid to have actual human interactions.

    But I’m not justifying my behavior on that front. Girls like me are not expected to be nice to guys like him.

  80. SugarySpicey says:

    Alice my comment had nothing to do with having money. It was about having bad manners!

    In every economic circle it is bad manners to show up at a party, digital or otherwise, and behave so poorly that you chase the existing guests away. Is also bad manners when the guests ask you to leave and you insist on staying – and refuse to behave appropriately.

    It is also bad manners to steal from someone. You forget that he is actively stealing from me, $$ and an accomplishment that is very precious, every single day – because he is so socially backward he didn’t realize what poor judgment he was showing, and now he’s stubbornly dug in and refuses to back off his threats.

    He could be the richest guy in the world and that would still make him a jackass.

  81. aliceS says:

    Frank I wasn’t talking about bed time you know. It’s disrespectful to say all kids who’s parents lived in a poor neighborhood are less important than those who got range rover on his 16 y.o
    I think it’s disrespectful to label people in such outrageous ways as basement dwellers. It says a lot about her, not about them. If someone behave like this, something must be wrong with insight. If you need to humiliate other to feel good, uhm… Damn, then you need antidepressants.

  82. frank says:

    AliceS asks : Sugary, why you like do much humiliate people? And label them?

    I think its because she can. I think she likes to hear her man say it “hurts so good!”

  83. NC Gent says:

    I suspect the next article that is coming is along the lines of what turns women (SBs) off, but I am not certain. Also, please note that article was written by a woman (I am going to assume Angela, the author, is female.)

  84. aliceS says:

    Dark Panther lol that western demand was rude. But hey. I am sort of homeless. And I’m here. If you have any questions, go a head 😉

  85. aliceS says:

    Yes Sophie, I hope next article would contain same information from females point of view

  86. aliceS says:

    – I worked in a leadership role in a field full of mouth-breathing, basement dwellers for years. While these people have respectable skills when it comes to their craft, they are often missing the most basic social skills and have a complete inability to read social cues – they have to be taught the most basic elements of hygiene and appropriate communication because they are so oblivious to etiquette and interpersonal interactions.

    Sugary, why you like do much humiliate people? And label them? Sho gives you such abilities and right? I can’t read it, without being angry. It’s outrageous how easily it came to you. You say Josh is a crazy guy who don’t respect others, then who are you doing the same?? Sometimes I just try to explain your post by too much of a wine!!

  87. Zack says:

    SDoll, well, that’s one way to escape the weather…you could be in Detroit XO


  88. Sophie says:

    What turn off women ? Men that don’t see the problem with that article.

  89. sugardoll says:


    I met a SD here whos SB asked him to get her prego, and the excuse was that he is handsome , he got a good job and make good money, and he was asking me for advice, I told him if he thinks that’s a good reason to get a woman prego and he feels satisfied with that to go ahead.. but for me it was a very crazy idea, cuz based on what he told me its obvious she just wants his money…

  90. gentle(man)soul says:


    ” I know a girl whoms mother got her into the baller world. She encourages her to be a groupie for the NFL and NBA.”

    A friend is a cop who guards the NFL Hotel residency for travelling teams . She said that Hookers and groupies try to get pregnant by a professional athlete to secure their future with baby daddy payments

  91. sugardoll says:

    @Zack @sugary

    Im not active right now, cuz im in my country spending some quality time with my family and friends,

    About what SS says, yes I understand, but in my personal opinion, the reason I am like this is as I have always said, I RESPECT everyones opinion, cuz everybody has a different way to see an read some post, sometimes some bloggers act like kids, and I know we are all adults here, but some don’t know the meaning of RESPECT, if someone here likes drama, or think that everything someone else post is fiction, that’s their problem, who said others has to trust everything I say I do, who said I had to prove others who I am or what I do, none of us was born to satisfy everybody expectations…(ok I don’t know if I said that right but hope you understand) when you don’t like what others post just skip it, ive been in a 3 parties conversation where I don’t cross a word with one of them, and its so easy for me to speak and pretend that person is not even there, so why its so hard to ignore a post, guys we are not kids in here…if I don’t like you, I just ignore you, cuz we cant change nobody…I don’t have problems in here and do you guys think that is because I like what everybody post, no, I just take what I need I let go what I don’t need. we have to learn to ignore worthless things…

    Theres a lot of things a lot of ppl say in here that I don’t believe it, but who am I to say its not true? if I don’t believe it I keep it to myself, or I may ask you about it, and even if I still don’t trust about it, I cant prove its fiction so why do I have to make that my business? RESPET people. .everyone is free to say whatever the fuck they want.. fiction or not …if someone just don’t trust who you are or what you do, let them deal with it…just tell them if they don’t like it to get over it…lol

    Besides, she’s cute ;D

    Sometimes its hard for me to understand you, lol… but cant say I don’t like you.. xoxo.. 😉

  92. Dark Panther says:

    What turns men off?

    After trading one text message saying hello I get desperate requests to western union “X” amount today.

    Not talking about “us” or how we can build something mutual “beneficial”. Every conversation is about how desperate her financial situation is. And she wondered why she could never hold a man’s attention.

    Lastly a good number of so called SBs claim they are homeless. How in the world are you homeless and on this site? – This one just boggles my mind.

  93. Zack says:

    I don’t know about “polite and socially appropriate,” but at least SDoll is not actively…and counter productively…insulting.

    Besides, she’s cute ;D

  94. SugarySpicey says:

    Sugardoll – I worked in a leadership role in a field full of mouth-breathing, basement dwellers for years. While these people have respectable skills when it comes to their craft, they are often missing the most basic social skills and have a complete inability to read social cues – they have to be taught the most basic elements of hygiene and appropriate communication because they are so oblivious to etiquette and interpersonal interactions.

    Those people, were you to invite them to a party, would dominate the conversation three/four to one with dialogue that ruins the fun of the party for everyone.

    It is our job to properly socialize them and teach them the manners their parents did not. Where most of us would be mortified if we were repeatedly asked to leave a party, some people are such social miscreants they take that as a challenge and amplify their atrocious behavior.

    You, my dear, have manners. Nobody has ever asked you to leave this party, nor have you driven 50% of the party away with your boorishness. Nobody is trying to limit your posts, because you are polite and socially appropriate.

  95. sugardoll says:

    So what now we have limited post…which is the limit of post per person on the blog?, I understand this is free expression and everybody is free to put as many post as you want, if you cant u don’t but if I can post all day why does this has to bother others?

  96. Exotic_SB says:

    A lot of mothers sell their daughters off actually. I know a girl whoms mother got her into the baller world. She encourages her to be a groupie for the NFL and NBA. That girl I know has been a sidepiece for ballers for years! Shes spoilt with gifts to keep her mouth shut and she knows her place. Groupies never speak but simply accept the gifts. That’s the rule anyway.

    She knows exactly what places to go, where the teams play, what hotel the players sleep in etc. she is a professional groupie lol. I could never do it. Those players sleep around too much with the most nasty girls and there is a huge risk of catching some disease or getting caught since they are in the limelight 24/7.

  97. DallasBaby says:

    How did SD guru get the blog post stats? Thats kinda creepy!

  98. SugarySpicey says:

    KMS – I had Raki at the restaraunt at the W. I was waiting for a colleague and I was the only person in the restaurant, and the power kept going out. The server must have thought I needed a drink because he brought me a little pitcher of Raki and poured it over a thick ball of ice. As for Turkish food, I had Donner, apple tea, cherry jelly, and fresh honey cut straight from the comb.

    Rali reminded me of the night I spent in Paris when I got stuck en route home (after a fantastic sugar trip) due to Hurricane Sandy. I stopped at a little Bistro north of the Hotel de Ville for Absinthe and Croque Monsier.

    Not for me though, I’d take a nice Pinot Noir over either of them, that’s for sure.

  99. SunShineSD says:

    When the parents are poor enough, they will “sell” their daughters. It happened in the US during the Great Depression. The “sale” is obviously not legally enforceable as slavery is not enforceable in courts anywhere in the world (more or less). In most cases (unless the parents are high on drugs), the main motivation for the parents is not the money but the hope that someone, some family better off than themselves will be able to take better care of the girl, so as to give the girl a better life. The proceeds from the sale would be primarily used for feeding the other children in the family. It’s just like when Saigon collapsed, Vietnamese middle class parents were literally throwing their kids from the docks to American ships in the harbor in hopes of giving their kids a better life in the “Free World” as their own world was collapsing under communist invasion. The 1990’s Poland was very poor place as the local economy suffered from transitional pains between a centrally planned economy to a market economy. Many former middle class Poles like teachers etc. literally had their life time savings wiped in a few short years.

  100. Kms2014 says:

    Hey SS (: Yes, true. More common with the Kurdish-Turks, but still happens occasionally all over Turkey(from what I hear–I have never been there, though). Did you have Raki there? I LOVE Turkish food (:

  101. SugarySpicey says:

    KMS – if so it would be in Eastern Turkey in the predominantly Syrian refugee cultures, most of Anatolia and Western Turkey is Kemalist Muslim, which is very progressive.

  102. Kms2014 says:

    Actually, not sure if they are really common, even in rural areas…just something I have heard from Turkish friends that they still happen.

  103. Eloquence says:


    The guy in the blog reminds me of a video when love was being chased by a dog!

    Horsey if I ran you off… I apologize.

    I shall curtsy and turn round about on the ball of my foot and go back to whence I came for a while.

  104. Kms2014 says:

    I’m not sure if it is legal…probably not in the metropolitan areas, but in the rural areas, Turkey still has a lot of ‘honor killings'(if the girl refuses a forced/arranged marriage)so I have heard from my Turkish friends…not sure, though. Of course, Istanbul is like most other cities, so more liberal. My sister in law’s cousin is marrying a Turk, and his family could care less what ethnicity or religion she is.

  105. SugarySpicey says:

    Turkey has a secular government with gender equality signed into law in the 1940’s. Though 99% Muslim there are few countries in the world who legally protect their women as well as the Turks.

    And, when I was there in January, I was treated with respect and courtesy. It was only the migrant Syrians who made kissy noises and pulled my hair in the Grand Bazaar.

  106. Josh says:

    Hmm, I am curious, is it legal in Turkey to make arrangements with a man for your daughters?

  107. aliceS says:

    Nope. In Poland it’s illegal, but yeah lol. My biological parents are a gold-diggers. So. Shit happens. F*ck them.

  108. Kms2014 says:

    Oh okay, I do not know your email…I’m on an ipad and I don’t know(or see an option) if I am able to send private messages through the blog? I asked about you maybe being Turkish, since you mentioned your parents getting money from your marriage, but perhaps I read that wrong…I apologize…

  109. aliceS says:

    Kms2014 you can email me if you want 😉 and nope I’m not turkish. I was born in Poland

  110. aliceS says:

    :) that’s awesome you are with us. It means I’m not the only blogaholic :) since I’m sugarless still, I’m checking blog often. It’s like a second family now. We know our good sides, bad sides. We love and hate each other. Still no matter what the mood is we are still together :) sounds like a family to me 😉

  111. Kms2014 says:

    @kindred spirit…thank you. I do feel a bit better, but not much. How are you?

    @Alice…if you do not mind my asking…is your ethnicity Turkish or from somewhere in the Middle East? Just a guess, but I remembered you mentioning several times that you were not French…

  112. Eloquence says:

    @ Josh

    True Story..

    I unfortunately am searching for my “off” button in the dark at times. I enjoy when the “on” button strikes and If I do not “seize the moment”, the moment seizes me.

  113. Josh says:


    “I scribbled it on scratch paper at the office today while listening to others “carry on” via conference calls.”

    Now this is serious shit. 😉

  114. Eloquence says:

    @ Alice & Josh

    Thanks.. It wasn’t meant to be a “winning/jab post” I scribbled it on scratch paper at the office today while listening to others “carry on” via conference calls. Trust me, my alternate ego is not a “soft” side and has had enough time to endure of running a muck. Everyone here has beautiful minds and each one of has the right to “feel” how we feel. One is not right and one is not wrong and trust me.. I enjoy the heated blog in differencing of opinions. I am NO saint, trust me.. And I want my hair pulled and erotic naughty words spoken in my ear and since I have such a desire to be on a date or in the presence of one that its internal “road rage” itself alone. haha (but not that funny to me because it is true)… so I love hearing the stories and experiences and presently, I live vicariously through the blog as an “affectionate lurker” myself.

    When I get a date, Ill provide juicy details…until then…I do wait for Spicey, Zack, Onyx, Sugardoll and Alice.. I’m right there with you baby girl. :) No worries, it will happen soon. Chin up to me and you :)

  115. SugarySpicey says:

    Out of curiosity I logged in and deactivated my old account (geography changed of course, because I’m not really interested in playing the sugar game right now – just nosing around).

    In the 24 hours I left my account active I received 17 messages. But, only one gross one:

    An obese, married, 60 year old with an enormous nose. His salary is reported as under 50K, a high school education, and his net worth is reported as under 100K.

    His very tempting message: “what will it take to get you between the sheets? let’s practice making babies. I just want to share my money with someone.”

    Preceded by a second message: “Hey, can I see your pics?”

    If you’re married and making less than 50 K, with no measurable assets, how much money could you possibly have to share with me? And, in what universe are YOU going to be the guy who I have “real chemistry” with, as I explain is a non-negotiable. Read my profile buddy, I am clearly not interested in your $100 P4P.

  116. FatBastardSD says:


    “Or does the thought of a younger SD (under 40), in shape, offering a $1500/mo allowance for 1-2 dates intimidate you so much that you can’t resist with the slander and negative comments?”

    You are not much younger than I am and I have given a higher allowance than that in the past. Physical appearance is subjective. You are no better than the P4P guys as you are looking for a different kind of fantasy/release/fetish. That is all.

    Hopefully we have closure and I can disappear into the sunset…

  117. Kindred Spirit says:

    Hello back, Kms2014! Hope you are feeling better, dear! :)

    flyR ~ Love the idea of more quality posts vs. quantity of posts…but then some may argue even on that…you know, that what one posts is garbage to one person may be “pearls of wisdom” to another. Sigh….

    However, that said……….

    I think it may be interesting, even for just a trial basis (say, for a month), to put a cap on the amount of posts from everyone per day…just to see what, if anything, happens? Such as seeing if more, newer people come on to comment, ask questions or share stories…or more posters from the past come back on to share their insights, as well?

    *Shrugs* Some blog “lurkers” may feel more interested, comfortable and more welcomed to come out of hiding (myself included, and I use the lurker term affectionately, not in a creepy sense). 😀

    …… ……… ……

  118. Josh says:


    Pretty deep. I dig it.

    It seems that some people have the mentality that unless they have the upper hand from the get go they are not going to play. The post you responded to represents that mentality spot on.

    You must have read me many times. Live and let live. Blog and let blog.

    I don’t interfere with other people’s threads unless they refer to me. So why is it that some people cannot just blog and ignore my posts as I ignore theirs?

    There are certain bloggers who are happy to engage with me and I with them. And there are other bloggers I don’t give any crap about. So be it.

  119. aliceS says:

    Eloquence those are very wise words.

  120. Eloquence says:

    @ Sugary

    I have to disagree with what you from earlier.

    In as much as I appreciate your picturesque description above that I am sure to this day the subset of classificational mindsets being dulled out & divided up upon peers exsists still reflecting a poor mindset, but it is changing. No longer will the mindset be “people cannot change” or “one is better than the other due to finances alone” or “bless that poor sap” but the poor will be blessed. Take another look at their future:

    Alternate scenario for our Nirvana wearing T-shirt/Band Geek shuffling friend here for a moment, shall we?

    If he/she’s parents were to (consider the variables that anything is possible unless you limit your own mind in the thought process of thinking otherwise).. win the lottery tomorrow, a wealthy jeir were to die & all liquid assets become theirs, the basement dwellers model/invention he was working on was bought for a satisfiying amount & royalties reaped the remainder of their lives..

    Then all of a sudden the “geekish demise” is now a “transformation of exsistence” and out of your limitational world of thought, he/she is all of a sudden driving a Ferrari & his class of peers is now he hers/his new prep school with a greater knowledge base & mindset to encourage “lets go further together as a team because my parents aren’t happy either in life, but we can share our knowledge and help each other. Do you want to build a snowman together?”

    It is not the focus that a race horse cannot get up a tightly curved steep mountain with ease as can the mule neither can the mule be the race horse @ top speed, it is however we live in a world of: Miracle Grow, Hybrids, Cross Breeding so that the owner of a “jackass” and a “horse” breeds them together for a new breed of blood.

    A new process where the Class A wing nurtures the class B-Z wings with attention and no longer tells them they “shit” in the wrong location or that it “stinks” but look ahead for long term effects and be the mentor, the guiding voice of a leader so that they will emulate your lead of authority.

    Google’s owner & many a man started in their garage as a class b-z and somewhere along the way, someone from class A decided to take their hand and hold onto it for the RIDE, not for the moment.

  121. aliceS says:

    SD Guru if there is any reward for first 3 places :)

  122. Josh says:

    Out of 5 top bloggers:

    1 is an SD

    3 are SBs

    1 is Other

  123. aliceS says:

    Woooohooo I am third 😉

  124. Josh says:

    Elle: My current sugar daddy is on Forbes Billionaire list. However, what I write is figment of my imagination.

  125. Josh says:

    Interestingly, at the bottom of the website it says, “This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.”

    The website claims that the regular price is $79 and the special price is $29 for the first 100 buyers. I guess she has not sold more than 100 ebooks in 3-4 months.

    The bank transactions happen exactly on the same date.

    I guess all the information is copy-pasted from the SA blogs. 😉

    • SD Guru says:

      Top 5 posters for March:

      Josh – 716
      Kms – 389
      AliceS – 325
      Sugardoll – 276
      Spicey – 199

      The last time I had to compile this kind of statistic it looked like this.

  126. aliceS says:

    Kms2014 thank you. After 10 years apart from. Him. I am not sorry actually. I learned a lot thanks to those experiences. I know who I don’t want. Thanks to my parents I learned which parent I don’t want to be. I spoil my kids like crazy. Other kids at school think they came from millionaire family lol. Though I see the effects of spoiling in my son, he don’t respect things. So I’m working out on it. Still for me my private time with my kids is everything. I would never changed it for anything. So chasing a career and having less time with my babies not even crossed my mind. I’m not so obsessed with them as before. But it was hard to left them. I went out to work when they were both over a year and I cried all way to job. I couldn’t stop myself. Sometimes I think I made my bias opinions regarding at my life experience. Still I’m 29 but I’m not sure most 40 years old female gone through I had to. I’m not blaming anyone or wish bad, I’m just saying sometimes age has nothing to do with what we have in our heads you know. I can’t say anything about sa yet. Except one date and a bunch failed emails. Maybe it’s the place where I am, maybe I’m too harsh. I don’t know that. As selfish person has no idea she is selfish. So I can’t know how sd perceive me through those messages. My language barrier is another thing, that may scare away all sd. Still waiting for my prince charming*

  127. Kms2014 says:

    I am very sorry for your ex-husband experience, by the way…abusive partners will damage the strongest of women, and you were very young…must have been very difficult, especially with a child.

  128. Kms2014 says:

    @AliceS…no worries! I am not an eloquent writer like SS and Elaine, so most of the time what I have written does not portray what I am really trying to say…(I am actually pretty humble, and prefer to be around intelligent, successful, yet…humble men, although, I admit that some of my posts do not come off as humble…).

    Anyway, I was a lot like you, when I started sugaring…I had always been the type to give more in relationships(especially, sexually), then I got in return…and I never dated for money–only for love. Which, in my case, was usually the starving artist type! So, when I started on SA, I did not know how to respond, when a potential SD asked what I was ‘looking for?’ or ‘what I wanted?’ I would say that I did not know, and answer him back with a question(what do you want?). However, one told me that ‘if I did not know what I wanted, or how to portray what I wanted, then how would HE know?’. Obvious, right? I was raised in a very conservative home, and was taught that certain things were wrong…Anyway, there are men out there like I ‘think’ you seek(sorry, I do not mean to assume, so forgive me if I am wrong because this is what I like…) I enjoy the SD who ‘wants’ to help and pamper me, and have a ‘real’ connection with, and that I ‘want’ to be with and would date in regular life, regardless (: Someone, who I do not have to ask for help from, but enjoys taking care of his lady because he wants to. And I enjoy taking care of him as well(just like regular dating)….something simple, and straightforward, yet meaningful. Not for a ‘pay for play’ but for the excitement of it, since we will probably only see each other occasionally, due to his busy work schedule, so we make the most of our time together. Of course, I am still learning and have much to learn, so forgive me if I am trying to sound like a ‘know it all’…I am not, obviously 😉

    I hope you do not mind, but I mentioned how much I thought of you to Elaine, and she suggested something for you, if you would be interested? Her email is, elainesablog at gmail dot com. I hope she doesn’t mind my posting, since she already posted it on this blog before(where I got it from).

  129. Josh says:

    aliceS says:

    “Josh, now you need to create sugardaddybible”

    I think SD Guru has it all figured out.

    Guru, when are you ccompiling it as an ebook? 😉

  130. aliceS says:

    A ha ha this girl is a millionaire and sells her book for 29 bucks. Lol thank you Exotic sb for sharing lol. This is crazy. Josh, now you need to create sugardaddybible

  131. Exotic_SB says:

    Have you guys seen this crap? www dot SugarBabyBible dot com it is HILARIOUS! But a lot of people will fall for it and actually buy that crap. The girl is selling this book with a bunch of false advertising, as if the money is just handed to you :/

    What do you guys think of the website? it seriously irks me how some sugarbaby’s are sugar coating this world. sigh

    anyway, HI EVERYONE! It’s been a few weeks but I am busy with school and such.

  132. aliceS says:

    Sorry for that messy post. Gosh. I can’t create long personal posts. So I’m sorry all for my drama

  133. aliceS says:

    Elaine, no, I font wanted to be rude at all. I just showed you, how it is described in google. And almost all links include word the super prostitute*. When I posted here the first time at February, I said marriage is some sort of prostitution, relationship it is as well, sugaring, simple prostitution, escorting, etc. It all has a some sort of exchange. We can call it an arrangement or prostitution. It depends on every point of view. I was married to a rich guy, and ended up poorest person the first day after marriage. My arrangement was free sex, free insults, free slapping, free beating, free locking at home. He got everything, and never ever let me forget who is the boss. My parents agreed to my marriage for 1k per month when I was 17 only. So, not my arrangement. I walked away after 3 years. With my son. Next guy I met, should be my new perfect life arrangement, my choice, bad judgements. 4 years for nothing and i am left with nothing. So I decided I would never ever be so stupid. I prefer a simple arrangement, without no strings. I have my own life he has his. That’s all. Sorry for such dramatic reply. I just want you to understand my point of view on arrangement on SA.

    Kms2014, I’m sorry if I read it too harsh. Still on the blog, the only answers we read are aggressive answers, and sometimes reading I just forget to read it neutral. I’m proud that all I have I earned by myself. It’s hard to switch from being self enough to depend on sd in any way. I never let any guy buy me anything, so he can’t tell me it is his. And I might be not ready for sugar daddy, with that demeanor. Still, I’m trying to be more open. Not treat it as prostitution, that’s not the point. II’m just so tired something. I wish I could just sit somewhere on the beach with someone by my side, in a silence for a while. Just enjoying our presence. I must admit I am a damaged person, I need a real gentleman to help me un do the others did. And heal the wound. I hope my sd would search for safe place to fall as well. From time to time. It’s better than any shopping sprees.

  134. Josh says:

    Ditto that! 😉

  135. DarkHorseSD says:

    The attitude of the “courtesan” is what interests me. Not specifically for its most high end exclusivity, but the attitude that there is something to give and that there is development that goes along with being able to give that something.

    There are frustratingly too many takers with one dimensional interactions on their minds.

  136. Kms2014 says:

    @Josh..true…but, I guess if you have it outlined, in your profile(or, those you meet in real life) in the way that Elaine probably does(this, I am assuming), then you really do not have to label yourself anything, right? The two people just know they are a match, when they see it? To be honest, I am not ashamed of being a SB, but I do not tell my friends(except a couple of non-judgemental ones) or family(for discretion), however, there are people out there who call an SB the same as a prostitute(I have read articles regarding SB on other media outlets and most times more of the women, than the men, are calling the SB prostitutes, in the comments sections or articles). Then, you have people that call a woman who marries a rich, older husband nothing more than a goldigging /prostitute. These are not my opinions, of course, but you are right, in that some will always associate the word with prostitution.

  137. Josh says:


    Sweetheart it does not matter what you or I think. I personally think that all those translations are incorrect, and that Thesaurus.com has it right. But Google matters a lot. And it is better to tread safely. 😉

  138. Kms2014 says:

    @flYR…yes, you make good points. You are looking for more than a pretty face and body, obviously. What many SB love to hear (:

  139. Josh says:

    I meant that you’re pretty loaded…

  140. Kms2014 says:

    That might be true…I brought up the word courtesan yesterday as an example of another possible level of SB, but did not know the SB terminology equivalent to its meaning(that is why I said, ‘I am not saying that.a SB is a courtesan’, in the literal sense, but as an example of a similar SB, who seeks out the ‘elite’ relationship?…Elite seeking SB? But, that sounds pretentious…I guess it depends if the word courtesan offends you–I do not view it in a derogatory way or as a prostitute.

  141. Josh says:


    You may return the favor quite handsomely as well…you are pretty fullof it. 😉

  142. flyR says:

    “Perhaps, read the New York Times/ Wall Street Journal(if they already do not do so, in their own respective countries’ media) before meeting a POT, and make it a habit to stay abreast of things(like your example…not the Kardashians..hehe).”

    I’m not sure changing your habits is effective in the short term; but, it certainly is int he long run.

    My pet peeves

    1. Total absence of logic in thinking………

    2. Ignorance of facts and basic natural laws

    3. Ignorance of history, elementary physics

    4. It’s unfair for us not to be given XX.

    5. CNN says

    6. She knows who Kim K is sleeping with


    1 She knows about things that are unknown to me and shares her knowledge
    (art, history, Greek mythology, celestial mechanics , tech, style, cooking, biology)

    2. She seeks opportunities

    3. I can take here anywhere and she will add to the experience (mine and others)

    4. It’s a sharing relationship not a defined exchange

    5. She is looking for more than money and offering more than sex.

    there’s a lot more

  143. Jj says:

    “Even when the courtesan farts She does it as a favour”

  144. Josh says:

    Even though all of us like what Elaine has to say about the lifestyle she has created for herself, the word courtesan is may not be the right word to describe the lifestyle.

    Almost all websites on the first page of Google’s results for courtesan translate it as prostitute of one type or the other. Suggesting that SBs should aspire to the life style of a Google-induced “prostitute” could create problems for them.

    I believe that Sugar Baby is still Google-safe to use. Comments?

  145. Josh says:


    The article up top did not start with my name but ended with my name. I was honored.

    You started your post, almost as long as the article up top, with my name and ended it with my name. Should I be doubly honored? 😉

  146. Richard says:

    @Elaine – Sì, il mio Tesoro, vorrei ho un caffé con tu, forse questa estate? :)

  147. Kms2014 says:

    @Elaine…I know…I was surprised when the POT I met said the last date(s) he had the woman only spoke a lot of reality TV and Kardashians? I didn’t ask her age, but assumed she must have been much younger than I…I am not sure of your area…But, I think sometimes American young people can not be as well informed as other parts of the world(and I blame our superficial mainstream news media)…There is a tv show here that used to randomly go up to young American people and ask the simplest things about our history or current events…and these kids did not know the answers. Maybe, it was staged as there are many bright young people here(more, than many other parts of the world give us credit for 😉 but the reality tv/ kardashian obsessed young people do exist here, in the US 😉 hehe

  148. Elaine says:

    @ Kms

    Frankly, I owe a lot to Sugary.
    When I just entered the sugarbowl, her posts were very helpfull to me.

    So if I can be of any help to new SB’s it would be great.
    Although I do realize I am not always telling what newbie’s would like to hear

    And if you need someone to TELL you to read the newspapers…..I don’t know….

    @ Richard, invitation for coffee, -you know where-, is still valid! LOL 😉

  149. Kms2014 says:

    “It is amazing how few SBs get what Elaine has described, how to be a perfect companion or courtesan or whatever term you like to use. Most of the first messages I get from women on SA ask “how much of an allowance are you willing to pay?” or words to that effect. Some start with that as the first sentence and contain little else.”

    @Richard…yes, I agree with what you just posted and have heard that from several SD that I had a meet and greet with. The SD I had last year claimed to have picked me, since he said my response to his question on SA was different than most of the others. He said that he would email and ask, ‘what sort of scenario or SD expectations do you have, and that most would respond asking, ‘how much allowance’ before they even met. In his message to me, my response was, ‘well, that depends…I need to meet you first to see if we connect’…or, something similar to that. Some SD will even email you and ask, ‘how much are your allowance requirements’ before asking my name?

    I don’t think either the SD or SB wants to feel like a commodity that is being shopped for….for a price comparison. However, some might email inquiring about expectations, since they do not want to waste anyone’s time, but you can usually decipher the respectable messages from price comparison shoppers.

  150. gtt_envy says:

    Blog is worthless these days. It used to have people sharing stories, dates, new meets, now it’s just Josh posting every 5 minutes, people arguing with Josh and vice a versa, and Fatty while I like some of your posts lately all you do is degrade everyone! Has sugar turned into salt for you?

    Fatty, I still don’t understand why I threaten you so much. Like SDGuru so simply stated “We all have our reality” now before you spin that into something derogatory let me ask “Isn’t it okay if we seek different things out of sa.com?

    I look for long term arrangements that are truly FRIENDS with benefits not HIT IT AND QUIT IT for paltry amounts.

    I don’t always succeed, have been played, scammed, etc, but that doesn’t change what I seek. The great thing is there are SB’s that seek the same :) That want 1 SD, who is younger and they don’t want to feel like a prostitute which usually means communication, time spent outside a hotel room, and having fun dates. It works just fine for me and we are happy, so why are you so confrontational?

    I don’t slam you daily for thinking SD’s should only focus on their happiness, advise to give as little as you can while getting what you want, and treating SB’s as expendable items only to be tossed when you get bored or find the next one.

    There are many women that look at SD’s the same way you look at SB’s………… I get that I do!! It’s not what I seek though and that should be ok viewing people that way is not in my nature.

    I’m sure you will dissect, exaggerate, and embellish this post in a way only you can, but we all seek something different right?

    Or does the thought of a younger SD (under 40), in shape, offering a $1500/mo allowance for 1-2 dates intimidate you so much that you can’t resist with the slander and negative comments? I see you have expanded your group of people to name call and poke fun at why so negative? Soon it will be just you and Josh posting….maybe Flyr trying to keep the peace.

  151. Kms2014 says:

    @Alice..I hope you saw my apology to you yesterday…I was not trying to look down on your situation as I am a single mother, too. I just used the courtesan example for the purpose of showing that there are all kinds of SB relationships possible, not that my experience sugaring is better than yours(there are SD out there who will want to help you because they want to, and not to speak of money or allowance amounts like you ‘owe’ them, or ‘panties must hit the floor’, before they enter a SD/SB relationship with you, like some have claimed here). I was not as good at explaining things like Elaine and Sugary are…I have a lot to learn still.

    @Elaine…also, I remember SS pointing out some good advice awhile back for a SB to read up on current events….Perhaps, read the New York Times/ Wall Street Journal(if they already do not do so, in their own respective countries’ media) before meeting a POT, and make it a habit to stay abreast of things(like your example…not the Kardashians..hehe).

  152. Richard says:

    It is amazing how few SBs get what Elaine has described, how to be a perfect companion or courtesan or whatever term you like to use. Most of the first messages I get from women on SA ask “how much of an allowance are you willing to pay?” or words to that effect. Some start with that as the first sentence and contain little else.

    Those that begin by showing me what they have to offer, then later on ease into the discussion of an allowance are much more likely to interest me.

  153. DarkHorseSD says:

    Elaine, thanks for writing about what you do, what it’s like and what you contribute in your role.

  154. SugarSuga says:

    I have a SD and a POT. I’ve seen the SD once in which he gave me my allowance, and then multiple times for dinner and a show before then.

    I’ve been talking to the POT for months, and I don’t want the agreed allowance anymore. I’ve honestly come to like him a lot. Should I tell him I don’t want it or just wait until the $$$ conversation comes up and tell him how I feel about it?

    Unfortunetly (for sugaring), I’m a one guy kind of gal, even when I’ve had FWB. So, I want to cut-off my SD and forget about him because I’m invested elsewhere. Help!

  155. Elaine says:

    @ Eloquence

    Thank you, wisely said.
    This is exactly what I have done, turned my weakness (age) into a strenght (experience) :-)

    @ Alice

    I know you didn’t mean to be rude :-)
    But I think the translation you used is not accurate.

    The literal translation from the Latin languages would be: courtisane/courtier f/m person, living in the royal court

  156. sugardoll says:

    yup, I google it too, and that’s what I found…

  157. aliceS says:

    That’s not my translation though. This what you got when you Google the word. I think mistress indeed fits more. But still, in every translation site they use prostitute word, adding that courtesan it’s a female prostitute only for important person, such as royalty, politics, millionaires etc

  158. sugardoll says:

    I know English is not your native language…. but eh….
    courtesan = prostitute !?

    I think we have a little translation mistake here 😉

    ****By the information I found on Wikipedia, @alice is completely right!! unless I don’t know how to read very good. 😉

    We all know the word prostitute but how many people know what a courtesan is? Courtesans were at the top of the prostitutional hierarchy. They were above streetwalkers, prostitutes, madams and lorettes. They were the upper tier and they had very elegant lifestyles.

    Courtesans were basically mistresses. They were supported by wealthy men who provided them with anything they could ever want. Many such women lived in a more comfortable way then some of the

  159. aliceS says:

    Elaine actually I didn’t. It’s what it is said in translation site. This is original
    cour·te·san (kôr′tĭ-zən, kōr′-)
    A woman prostitute, especially one whose clients are members of a royal court or men of high social standing.
    [French courtisane, from Old French, from Old Italian cortigiana, feminine of cortigiano, courtier, from corte, court, from Latin cohors, cohort-; see gher-1 in Indo-European roots.]

  160. Eloquence says:

    @ Alice

    Keep in mind a person’s strengths and weaknesses co exsist together and live back to back..side to side..if you see one you see the other the question is then why am I looking when I need to listen? You look to first find one then you listen to hear the coexistance for the second. One is always freely, the other is hidden.

    That is why Elaine is sought after. She tames one/tolerates and learns and she nurtures the other..but she is hidden for good reason, lest lse

  161. Josh says:

    Well, have a great time wherever you hang out on the SAdom.

    Please make sure to post more frequently to benefit SBs without worrying about being called a fiction writer or hogging up the blog.

    It’s is a pleasure to read your posts.

  162. Josh says:

    “courtesan is highly qualified prostitute with a lot diplomas and high iq.”

    Ouch! You may want to replace prostitute with mistress? 😉

  163. Elaine says:

    Hey Alice,

    I know English is not your native language…. but eh….
    courtesan = prostitute !?

    I think we have a little translation mistake here 😉

  164. aliceS says:

    Aaaaaaaaawwwwwww my Sugardoll! !!! Finally. How could you leave your stalker for so long lol. I started stalking Josh 😉 courtesan is highly qualified prostitute with a lot diplomas and high iq.

  165. SugarySpicey says:

    The courtesans of 16th century Venice were considered the most accomplished, the most beautiful, and the most intriguing women of their time. Wives of noblemen at the time were not taught to read or write, and were kept inside their palazzo. Courtesans, as “fallen” women were allowed to move through Venice freely – the grand Serenisima (one of the most celebrated courtesans of Venice) actually became an advisor to the Doge Venice (like the Prime Minister) for many years. Veronica Franco was a published author and is credited with having saves the fate of Venice against Prince Charles (not the current Charles) with her ability to seduce him.

    A courtesan is the type of lover any accomplished man would like to have, and only a very few type of women could be.

    Look for the movie Dangerous Beauty.

  166. sugardoll says:

    @alice @Josh

    I really miss my Sugardoll :(

    I miss mi amor tambian. :(

    ***aweee miss you too guys….I was trying to catch up with the blog, but its too much to read…I was reading about “courtesan” what is that?

  167. Elaine says:

    It is written with another target SD in mind.
    So to those it will appeal.
    Others will not even bother reading.

    Also because the foto is completely unrecognizable, concealing and meaningless

  168. Josh says:

    Why would you think that way Elaine?

  169. Josh says:


    How about the quality v. quality-less lecture once again? But this time direct it to someone else for a change? 😉

  170. Elaine says:

    You will never, because my profile will not be appealing for you. :-)

  171. Josh says:

    I will take an Elaine’s Blog over an escort talk blog any day of the year.

    Dinner is guranteed. But I don’t even know where you live. How will I find you? 😉

  172. SugarySpicey says:

    Tried to scroll through the above, but it’s just too boring. Which reminded me:

    In high school there were wings off the main commons.

    D-wing is where the losers hung out, kids wearing emo clothes, sad kids who kept forgetting to take their meds, the fat girl with the beard, and the psychotic who had a “break” once and pooped in the urinal.

    B-wing is where the thick eyeliner wearing smoking-poking girls in too-short skirts hung out with their rocker boyfriends in ironic Nirvana T-Shirts.

    C-wing was for the nameless masses – band geeks, squeaky clean student body types, and the quiet girls.

    A-wing was for the cool kids, well-dressed sexy girls, kids who in my affluent neighborhood were given Land Rovers for their 16th birthday, accomplished and respected academics (who also had social acuity) athletes, and cheerleaders.

    Occasionally a D-winger would schlump over to the A-wing and demand attention by threatening, harassing, and acting like a bully. For a day it would be fun (or necessary) to interact with this loser (nobody is immune to threats against their person) but as soon as this one-trick-wonder realized he could never penetrate the wall of cool, they’d schlump back to obscurity where they belong, understanding the hierarchy and where they sat.

    Then this mouth-breathing basement dweller would live out his days in obscurity following the natural order of things.

    We’ve allowed the basement dwelling mouth-breather his day in the sun. This is definitely the most attention he’s received in his whole life (or he wouldn’t be so thrilled about two blog quotes, which we’ve all received a time or two).

    But now it’s time for him to get back on his meds, clean out the urinal, and go back to where he came from. He is not worth our time, or responses, and as long as he gets a rise out of us, he thinks he belongs. Having decided that negative attention is better than no attention, he’ll stay here forever if we continue to actively show him our disdain for his lowly existence.

    It’s adorable that he wants so badly to be our friend, to “belong” but he needs to learn the basics of the social contract if that is ever going to happen.

    No treats for bad puppies.

  173. aliceS says:

    Elaine Thank you for your reply. I think I need to learn how to differentiate mule from horse I guess. Still it’s not that easy.

  174. Elaine says:

    @ Josh

    Ok, one more thing to add…

    Nice to hear you appreciate my approach, but honestly?

    You would never find me, my profile would not be in line with your (former? 😉 ) search criteria…

    Haha, if you manage to find it and send me a mail, you may buy me a dinner! 😉

  175. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi Bastard – I don’t know your email address. You’ll have to email me.

  176. Eloquence says:

    Better to ride a trotting horse who can get you to your destination than a slow stubborn mule of a jackass anyday.

  177. Elaine says:

    @#$/*& Tablet keyboard!

    …. offer you what it needs to keep you around!

    And now I go back to work otherwise some might think I want to turn this into an “Elaine” blog :-)

  178. Elaine says:

    Well it isn’t rocketscience…

    In marketing you would call this “pull” strategy.

    Don’t rely on your “product” beauty or youth for example, to bring in the pot’s.
    But offer them “benefits” .

    Don’t start to “push” strategy YOUR needs as allowance first, but make it irresistible for them to not offer

  179. Josh says:

    Elaine. Brilliant posts. Thanks for sharing.

    I can’t speak for other SDs but you give me a seductress like that of any age, size or race and I will pay just for her company; whether any type of sex is involved or not.

  180. Elaine says:

    Sorry 6. must have been:

    6. believe in yourself, be selfconfident. I was once told that selfconfidence is the best jewel a women can wear

  181. Elaine says:


    1.Be patient and selective
    2.Learn to read between the lines of his profile.
    3.Trust your gut feelings.
    4.Have only sex if you really want him, if things not work out, at least you had
    good sex! :-)
    5.But if you have far more to offer as only dropping your panties, why wouldn’t it
    last longer?
    6. Be patient
    7. Be outstanding
    8. Don’t be too fixed upon the “arrangement” or “allowance”, if it feels ok
    between the two of you, he will want to take care of you and this follows
    9. Make him feel important and desired by you.
    10. Use your age and experience to make the right choices.
    11. Learn from bad experiences and “fakes” and their used techniques. I have
    had my share of them too.
    11. Treat it naturally and relaxed, like a “normal” date, enjoy,but in the same
    time realise, it is HIS party, he pays, so he must be looking forward to your
    next meet.

    Does this sound “old fashioned”, “humble” or “anti feminist”?
    Well it is not!
    It is a game YOU choose playing, because you genuinely like to seduce and feel desired.
    And you want to be helped creating yourself a better future.

  182. aliceS says:

    Yes. I understand. You stay his little dirty* secret lol. I just don’t know how I can recognize if the person who wrote is serious, and if it will last longer than till I drop my panties.

  183. Elaine says:

    Ah…forgot to mention the evenings he has to attend dinner with officials or others, and I have -even if 5 star- roomservice dinner alone in my room.

    Yes almost always have my own room.

    Or the sneaking around and hiding for curious P.A.’s or colleague’s or family members staying in the same hotel.
    Or having to travel in different cars or different planeseats to not be seen together.
    Because they are well known and married.

    You see?
    It is not always as glamerous as it seems! :-)

  184. Elaine says:

    @ Alice


    You will be disappointed I am afraid…. :-(

    Because if we meet it is mostly when they are on business trips.
    So I travel there, which often takes quite a bit of time.

    Then during the day they work and I am on my own in a foreign city.
    Since I am in fashion business myself, shopping is not very appealing to me, so I go to the SPA, eat some, walk a little around, watch tv or read a book, always dressed up and “polished” because I never know exactly when he will come back.

    So even if in a top class hotel, it is quite boring.

    Then he will come back, mostly exhausted, stressed, jetlagged,or all three at the same time. So we drink some, I give him a massage if he wants, and we go out for dinner.
    During dinner I start warming him up a little …
    Continue in the car….
    And then when we are back in the hotel the fun can finally begin!
    But that part you can immagine yourself, no? 😉

    Of course it is not always like this, sometimes they manage to take some time off, but that doen’t happen often.

    With one SD it happened that he took a day off but then I was having a business meeting! He accompanied me, and waited patiently until I was done.
    It was so sweet seeing him sitting and waiting for me. :-)

  185. aliceS says:

    Elaine I’d like to know,if you can share a regular day with your sugar daddy. Like with what it start, and how it ends. If you can of course :)

  186. aliceS says:

    Morning 😉

  187. Elaine says:

    @ Josh

    Why Angelina Jolie?

    Well because she is not only very beautiful, but I find her intruiging and fascinating.
    She is impredictable and does exactly whatever she wants, she is mysterious…..

    I like women too, remember, so I feel like I can “judge” them from a men’s point of view.

    The Kim’s and Jessica’s are beautyful and sexy.
    That’s it.
    Nothing fascinating or challenging in my opinion.

    If I had too choose…… 😉

  188. flyR says:

    Darkie – I’ll take the SB’s and leave you with the horses ….

  189. DarkHorseSD says:

    “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on”

    Rofl lOl

  190. SunShineSD says:


    Please don’t leave us, you are one of the few adult voices around here.

    Or are you trying to imitate Sugary, your secret idol? LOL. BTW, I agree with you, she is just toying with us in order to jazz up her dear hubby so she can get laid at home more often. Poor girl. Dear Fatty, will you be the knight in shining armor bursting through with your fat, hmm “sword,” and rescue our heroine in the towers? For some reason, Fatty, I keep thinking of Falstaff and the best part of his valor when I read your name. Good night. Hope you come back soon after the rescue.

  191. SunShineSD says:


    The 120 number was from your post at 8:24pm.

  192. flyR says:

    Josh – You have posted about 37 posts since noon. Take a deep breath and visualize yourself from a distance . Perhaps 15 people are trying to have a conversation but one guy keeps bursting into the middle of the conversation yelling .

    My guess is that of all the bloggies, you could learn the most; but only if you listen. Your goal should be to minimize the number of comments directed to you rahter than precipitate comments. You don’t have to believe me , just try a diet of 10 messages a day. Give us your best , not your most.

  193. Josh says:

    SunShineSD says:


    Committing to make 120 posts a day in response to half a dozen posters arguing against you is tantamount to proving that your opportunity cost is lower than every one of them.”

    Aren’t you exaggerating a tad here.

    I am not sure where are you getting 120 posts from. In six days I have posted about 191 posts (including this one), that is less than 40 posts a day on average, which could drastically go down if people stopped engaging me unnecessarily, and stopped starting or ending their posts with my name on it. 😉

  194. Beach_Girl says:

    Josh~ I do not know you original post or what, you were rude to me when I came here and I didn’t know you… It’s not a great hello
    That said, we should let each blog to blog… if you feel attacked as you call it, you should ignore and not respond. It just starts a whole fight for nothing…

    whether you stay or not is not the questions, ii’s, will you play well with others?
    Will we all play nicely?

    We had sarcastic posters here, but no fights etc… we all have different personalities… lets respect that and try and move on…
    Just read the blog today and see that if the insults were ignored it wouldn’t have gone so far…just saying… 😀
    Night Sugars

  195. FatBastardSD says:


    Good luck with your future career. Maybe we cross paths one day.


    I still think you are bat shit crazy but I would love to know who you are trying to prove you are on the blog. Send me an email.


    You will be more helpful if you actually have arrangements rather than just posting about them.

    @PriceySpicey Posse

    Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

  196. flyR says:

    @ Richard ” but you might graduate deeply in debt”

    see college.harvard.edu/financial-aid
    Basically their position is that you should be able to graduate DEBT FREE.

    My Romanian assistant arrived in LA with little more than one bag. Three years later I was getting calls from the admissions directors of Columbia, Brown and Univ of Chicago wanting to talk with her about what they could offer. She had gone to a local community college renowned for its ability to place students. Working full time she also completed her 2 year course . Ended up with a full boat scholarship to Brown.

    I hear this “I have no chance to go to school because I am poor” Not sure how it is now but my reply in years past was get good grades , get admitted to the ROTC program and your needs are pretty much handled. The usual reply – the military, they have too many rules.

    Rules? – Dude wait until you meet your first bill collector or in your case parole officer..

    What the student loan program has done is to make students insensitive to the inflated costs of many schools. Worse yet the banksters are paying the schools to deliver students to their door ( or they were before the feds took over the program)

  197. Josh says:

    *However, some bloggers’ interest is tied with escort-style money-for-sex conversation.

  198. SunShineSD says:


    I’m starting to sympathize with Fatty’s possibility #3 about you in one of his earlier posts. See, for most real men aged over 40 and pulling down deep into the 6-figures or more, winning arguments on line or being ganged up on in verbal arguments are non-issues. e.g. do I take an issue with Fatty now “ganging up” on me a few minutes ago? No, I will just graciously take his standard advice to everyone on how to make the blog better and not post a response to him.

    Committing to make 120 posts a day in response to half a dozen posters arguing against you is tantamount to proving that your opportunity cost is lower than every one of them.

  199. Josh says:


    My “instigation” is not blogger specific. I did not instigate specific bloggers when I wrote my original posts few weeks ago.

    I was attacked mercilessly and I prevailed. So much so that the article on the top of this page in the last paragraph has my name in it because SA appreciated what I did for the blog in the previous article’s comments section. 😉

    However, some bloggers’ interest is tied with

    Don’t worry about it. As FatBastardSD alluded, I will get bored with this blog in a few weeks and they can return with their POF and cum talk. 😉

    That said, I am glad that you agree with my “blog and let others blog” philosophy in your own way?

    On that note. Adios!

  200. Beach_Girl says:

    FBSD~ if you leave, you better keep in touch 😀

  201. FatBastardSD says:

    I have no doubt that SA likes the fact that Josh posts as much as he does. Makes the blog seem active.

    After posting for 1 year what else is there to talk about relating to SA? I think it is time to retire from the blog, I hope others will do the same. Out with the old and in with the new!

  202. Josh says:

    As far as talking about SA and BW interests, I believe that now the blog is more conducive to their interests as the escort-serving posts are few and far between compared to before when dollars and “panties on the floor” were discussed ad nauseam on these pages, only to be interrupted by cum-talk.

    Other than some unnecessary back and forth, which can be stopped if all choose to behave, the blog is a lot more educational and member-serving than before.

  203. FatBastardSD says:


    Good night!

  204. Josh says:


    I am still baffled why you are not interested in asking people to stop ganging up on one blogger.

    Even though the 10-20 post idea seems fair to you. It does not appear as such to me.

    There are 5-6 people who gang up on me on a regular basis. So in a typical day they can utilize few out of those 50-120 posts against me. I will only have 10-20 to respond with.

    Does not sound like a good idea to me.

    On the other hand, if people agree to stop ganging up, then there is a chance.

  205. FatBastardSD says:


    Your posts are neither funny nor informative. You had potential but ended up being a one trick pony. If you want to improve the blog then please stop posting.

  206. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars!!!

    Wow, what a day here on the blog… lol… times may change, but things seem to stay the same.
    As a long time user of the SA blog and SA, people come and go. Some have opinions that differs from ours, we should respect that.
    We should try and ignore if we don’t like, if we can’t ignore, WALK AWAY!!! :)
    We get consumed with anger and want to talk back more and more … Well, it’s not helping anyone, It’s not fun for anyone

    Josh~ yes, you instigate, not sure why… maybe to start up conversations, but it backfires? (giving you the benefit here, since I don’t know you ) If someone says something that you don’t like, ignore it
    Same goes for Spicey, KMS, Sunshine etc… yes, probably me too 😀
    We all have different point of views, it doesn’t make it Fiction writing… take what you read with grain of salt, let people say what they will… if you don’t like it, say it but don’t insult and encourage bad behavior…

  207. SunShineSD says:


    The blog is one of SA’s marketing devices. The daily per-poster cap has a good prospect of making the blog more appealing to SD’s, SB’s and potentials reading the blog. The “democracy” idea is tantamount to asking BW to give you a slice of the company or making part of the company public domain so you can wallow in your own verbal glory; why would BW or any other shareholder of SA want to do that?

  208. Josh says:


    I stand corrected. My apologies.

    I am confused, are you saying that you own SA? If you don’t then your 10-20 post idea is just an idea, and my “democracy” comment is just another idea, yes? 😉

  209. SunShineSD says:


    My post at 7:15pm was an entirely neutral post without taking anyone’s side, whereas your 7:26pm response started off with an insult. I once again stayed neutral, even somewhat self-deprecating, with my response at 7:32pm.

    SA as the private property owner of this blog is not under any legal obligation to let anyone speak on the forum. Democracy simply does not apply here. Nobody can walk into your house and commit “democracy” to your belongings.

  210. Josh says:


    What I find interesting is that one after the other lectures me instead of those who instigate ridicule against me and try to shut me down.

    Again, blog and let others blog. Can that be any more democratic and adult-like?

    Give it a try for a week. I write my BS and you (generic) write yours.

    Don’t hurl insults against me, and I will not reciprocate. If you want to “discuss” whatever I write, then ask me probing questions, I will respond. If you don’t care about what I write. All the better. 😉


  211. SunShineSD says:


    That’s why many sites have automatic daily max for each poster. People who are not used to saying in real life “Please send your next response to my lawyer” are prone to get their egos wound up in endless internet fights. The automatic post limits are designed to stop those endless fights in their tracks.

  212. Josh says:


    As far as “the endless personality conflict drama”, if you can convince certain bloggers to just ignore my posts then we can have multiple threads going at any given time.

    I really don’t have much interest in reading/responding to many bloggers’ posts because I find them utterly boring. However, when people take it upon themselves to gang up against me then I respond.

    Live and let live…or in other words…

    Speak and let others speak. 😉

  213. SunShineSD says:

    No promise would be necessary; a hard cap would keep my nonsense or anyone else’ nonsense to 10 posts a day or 20 posts a day max. Either number is high enough before the signal to noise level takes a nose dive.

    As I alluded to more than a month ago, when I was busy sugaring, I did not even know the existence of this blog.

  214. aliceS says:

    Sunshine SD :) since I’m sugarless, I should be able to post here every 5 second, but I need to finish my mother duty and my clients first :) and because of sa blog, I’m sleeping very bad, while you are having day I’m having night. And it’s the only time I can post :) but still , I like read non aggressive posts while my night workouts 😉

  215. Josh says:


    “Perhaps we can have a daily limit on posts from any one poster? Say 10 posts or 20 posts max in any 24hr period. That would temper the endless personality conflict drama taking up the blog to the exclusion of everything else.”

    Do you promise to post something more interesting than your gene spreading project in your sub-20 posts limit?

    “Keep in mind everyone, boys and girls: the more frequently you post here the more proof that you are not getting any sugar in real life. LOL.”

    I am getting more than enough, almost free, sugar + plus a couple of helpings as I need it. If I were 20, I could have consumed 2-3 times more sugar just for the excitement of it, but since I am not 20 I am pretty happy with the right amount of sugar in relation to my refractory time. 😉

  216. SunShineSD says:

    Perhaps we can have a daily limit on posts from any one poster? Say 10 posts or 20 posts max in any 24hr period. That would temper the endless personality conflict drama taking up the blog to the exclusion of everything else.

    Keep in mind everyone, boys and girls: the more frequently you post here the more proof that you are not getting any sugar in real life. LOL.

  217. FatBastardSD says:


    I am a binary guy, but do not want to confuse people by starting with 0.

  218. Josh says:



    “I would have guessed you were in IT. That would explain how you could work and still post as much as you do.”

    Good guess. But my money making activities span bits to bricks.

    “When do you actually go out and meet SB’s from SA or women from the WYP website?”

    Having met my carnal needs through the FB lately, I am kinda light on the SA SBs. I will have a couple of encounters this week though. I am now focusing on quality than quantity. 😉

  219. DarkHorseSD says:

    @ATM, I’m worried what it says about you that you had to stop numbering at 2.

    But it’s a good deal you outline. I propose you be Blog GM.

  220. FatBastardSD says:


    I would have guessed you were in IT. That would explain how you could work and still post as much as you do. You may be retired in which case you are wasting your final years posting on a blog. The final alternative is that you are a student who is wasting his youth posting on a blog.

    When do you actually go out and meet SB’s from SA or women from the WYP website?

  221. FatBastardSD says:

    1. onyx_percula actually thinks what he is offering is a great deal (which is the real mind fuck). The only SB who would take up his offer would be a crack whore.

    2. Richard has married and dated Playboy models and has a private jet and yet uses SA to find SB’s (at about $2K per month from what I understand).

    Zack is not worth reading.

    gtt_envy brags that women who he used to pay still text him. What an achievement!

    PriceySpiecey is the best of the bunch, which says a lot about how bad the others are.

    These are the blog posters we are going to lose in exchange for Josh. I think it is a good deal.

  222. SugarySpicey says:

    Elaine – honey, yes, I’ve long advocated that an SB should be like a courtesan, a vacation from the everyday world: independently accomplished, smoothed, buffed, and polished from head to toe, educated, articulate, confident, calm, and above all sexy – in a sly, subtle, intriguing sort of way that makes her SD know there is nowhere she’d rather be than right there in his bed.

    SBs who can expect (and regularly receive) lavish vacations, expensive gifts or allowances, and the attentions of very successful men know that they are a creature unlike any other. I love it when I hear my sugar sisters singing the same tune. If more SBs would take our approach, and only engage with gentlemen SDs who are worthy of the experience, SA would be a much classier place (of course I can also be a little naive at times do I’ve certainly been mistreated by men who pretend to be gentlemen, but are not).

    Of course, there’s also market for the man who wants occasional visits from an inappropriately young girl in exchange for a couple Benjamins, or struggling students wishing to pay their bills.

    But, it would be nice if there were better classification tools to help people find like-minded people. I will say, my original profile (with a smoking hot pic of me in a red bikini IMHO) talking about my opinion that a good SB should be like an exclusive courtesan was like shooting fish in a barrel. 😉

  223. Josh says:

    I miss mi amor tambian. :(

  224. aliceS says:

    I really miss my Sugardoll :(

  225. DarkHorseSD says:

    Really got a feeling we have witnessed a little MPD right here. What’s up with that?

  226. Josh says:


    Are you reading a lot of Josh lately? What you posted in your blog is a perfect example of mind fuck, NOT because women are bad people. It is just that many women proactively sabotage their relationships, even with a nice guy like you. 😉

  227. Josh says:

    Since onyx_percula has decided not to post here while this dang Josh is around, here is an example of mind fuck from @onyx_percula’s blog:

    Another thing I fucking hate!

    So the last rant wasn’t really satisfying so here is another…

    So girls if you feel that I’m the nicest sweetest kindest guy you have ever been with. If you tell me no man has ever taken you on a real date, or received flowers from a man, or had to pay for every date you went on. How I treat you better than anyone you have ever met. How incredibly grateful you are to have me in your life.

    Why the FUCK do you still push me away! Why do you try to fucking play me! Why do you lie to me! Why can’t you accept what I have to offer!

    It’s things like this that make men hate women, doubt their sanity and ability to tell reality and fiction.

  228. Kms2014 says:

    @Elaine :)

  229. Josh says:


    “It would be like telling Kim Kardasian to be Angelina Jolie.”

    And how did you know to use these two specific women in your example? I love Angelina Jolie and hate Kim Kardasian’s gut, maybe except her butt. 😉

  230. Josh says:


    “Good luck all. Someone drop me a email if the blog ever becomes usable again.”

    OK, I will email you. 😉

  231. Elaine says:

    @ Kms

    Well I can not always express myself in English like I whished to, but fortunally you and some other bloggers often expres my same thoughts in perfect and articulate ways.

    Thanks :-)

  232. onyx_percula says:

    I’m afraid this blog has become a total fucking waste of time. It’s nothing but Josh trolling and the girls feeding him with SA laughing and endorsing the troll.

    Good luck all. Someone drop me a email if the blog ever becomes usable again.

  233. Elaine says:

    @ Josh

    Sorry to ruin my image….

    But I can be very bitchy and am a feminist pur sang.
    One SD calls me his Royal Pain In The Ass, need to say more ?

    Part of the fascination is me telling them exactly what I think, wereas they are often surrounded by people who don’t dare. ( Or don’t think, haha)

    Told you, I do everything “wrong” a SB can do!

    ……How do they say?

    “Never try this at home”!

  234. Kms2014 says:

    @Elaine…Very well written (: You are a very wise and articulate lady! xx

  235. Zack says:

    The percentage of people possessing some combination of time, (desirable to me) perspective and inclination to post on the blog is low. These people of merit (imo) are, on the balance, inclined to post less when you post more. Good enough, or more detail? Specific pointers are available ever since you started posting…go back and read them knowing not everyone is always lying. :)

    Eh, sorry for the tone. The message stands, and my apologies for the noise.

    eh, how do I get an angel emoticon? Can we just migrate to a new blog? It’d be cheap.

  236. Elaine says:

    And I don’t think, even if I have official permission now ;-), that I can give advice to any SB’s,

    I would start with chasing away everything under 21 and in theory I do everything wrong!

    I get away with it because my SD’s find me intruiging and fascinating, but this you can never explain or teach to someone. It would be like telling Kim Kardasian to be Angelina Jolie. Both beautiful women, one drop dead sexy, the other one drop dead fascinating, both drop dead gorgious.

    It has everythin to do with experience and self confidence, that can only be gained by the years. The genuine desire to be the courtesan of an import man. Integer, reliable and there whenever he needs.

    This means hard work!
    Always be at your best, always put yourself behind his work and family, always available if he needs to get rid of his daily stress. No drama, no future prospectives, and all this fitting in my own busy schedule.

    And yes, because I have my own carreer they can also talk with me about their businessmatters.

    So I think the only advice I can give is to be INTERESTING and not rely on your youth and beauty only if you want him to want to have you around for LT.and to take very good care of you.
    Of course a high sexdrive is helping a lot too ! :-)

    And don’t act as a golddigger! Never!
    The top SD is allergic for that!

    So basically everything that Sugary is already telling for a long time here! LOL :-)

  237. Jj says:

    ‘Word’: “Comprehension” as in reading comprehension! No translation necessary!

  238. DarkHorseSD says:

    The escorts and grifters must be having a terrible time.

  239. Josh says:


    “No, I’m finding your efforts promote such to the detriment of the more desirable qualities I’d like to understand on the blog.”

    Sounds kinda profound. Would you care to elaborate in simple English or even simple Spanish please? 😉

  240. Josh says:


    “and especially dislikes me”

    Awww, you broke my heart with that. I only hate bitches. C’mon, you’re too cute to be a bitch. 😉

  241. Zack says:

    No, I’m finding your efforts promote such to the detriment of the more desirable qualities I’d like to understand on the blog. That’s you, and that’s why people think you are actually an immature boy.

    Because…we only have what we know to go on , lol.

  242. Kms2014 says:

    I only compare your ages mentally, although, I would not insult him by truly comparing him to you…was a joke.

    @Elaine..there really is no rhyme or reason to Josh’s misogyny…He likes to be the best blog troll he can be, and especially dislikes me as I call him out on his projecting BS, and make fun of his imagined ‘blog God’ perception of himself.

    Not very classy of me, I know, but have been bedridden the past couple of days. Perhaps, he will eventually just ‘go away’ as Zach suggested.

  243. Josh says:


    “Rhetorical question
    —go away. :P”

    Why? Are you missing cum-talk from momma? 😉

  244. aliceS says:

    Rhetorical question: can we spent at least one day in peace?

  245. Josh says:


    “I have found that sometimes it is them looking down on us, mature women, because they cannot understand men can be attracted to us!”

    Again, I like ALL women of legal age. 😉

    “Have to admit though, I didn’t either at that age…LOL”

    Now that’s your bad.

    “I am not looking down on escorts either.”

    I don’t look down upon escorts either when they are serving other men. I don’t want to deal with them though. Not my thing.

    “I only look down on so called “SB’s” using their SD as ATM’s, hating to have sex with them and making up excuses not to meet, because that is sex for money and that is called prostitution.”

    I guess a little coaching can help some of the serious ones.

    “Oh yes, I do have problems with ignorant, entitled and arrogant G.P.S. babes, expecting an high allowance because of their…eh….EXISTANCE…?”

    High five here. 😉

    “I dont know if I can give good advice because I realize my situation is very diverse from most here, but at least I hope it gives an broader view on Sugar world.”

    Don’t be too humble.

    “Am a little surprised to not be called ” fiction writer” , because I don’t think my posts or advice are very different from those so called?”

    Yes you do write different from the other female bloggers. Don’t underestimate yourself.

    “Don’t tell me it is because you have a secret weak for 45 years old? LOL”

    I am sure you are red hot. 😉

    “Still waiting to hear your age ;-)”

    Sweetheart, I can reveal it to you if you emailed me. Not on the public forum through. Kms2014 is so itching to compare me with her teenager. 😉

  246. Zack says:


    As I suggested above, please do seriously consider coaching the new SBs on the blog.


    Rhetorical question
    —go away. 😛

  247. Kms2014 says:

    Once again, either you are too daft to understand that simple paragraph, in that most ‘John like SD’ want 20 something, naive SB, or you just enjoy purposefully misconstruing what I have written and rewrite it out of context.

    Regardless, once again the true gentleman SD always needs to get the last word/ post in(sarcasm*, since you need reading commentary). Hehehe

  248. Josh says:


    I have “weak” for ALL women, except bitches. 😉

  249. Josh says:


    “Well, obliviously, Joshy, most women over 35 are not going to attract the ‘John like’ SD, who are looking for discounted escorts…which, is a good thing!”

    I think that you also have reading comprehension challenges. Why would I want Elaine to coach 18+ year olds if all I wanted was discounted escorts? SA is littered with flaky SBs. It is better for SDs to have serious SBs at all age groups.

    Oh wait…maybe you were “fully agreeing” again with a clueless blogger. 😉

  250. Elaine says:

    @ Josh

    I am not at all looking down on SB’s half my age that try to make ends meet and are struggling in low paid jobs!

    I have found that sometimes it is them looking down on us , mature women, because they cannot understand men can be attracted to us!
    Have to admit though, I didn’t either at that age…LOL

    I am not looking down on escorts either.

    I only look down on so called “SB’s” using their SD as ATM’s, hating to have sex with them and making up excuses not to meet, because that is sex for money and that is called prostitution.
    Which is ok, but then just call it what it is.

    Oh yes, I do have problems with ignorant, entitled and arrogant G.P.S. babes, expecting an high allowance because of their…eh….EXISTANCE…?

    I dont know if I can give good advice because I realize my situation is very diverse from most here, but at least I hope it gives an broader view on Sugar world.

    Am a little surprised to not be called ” fiction writer” , because I don’t think my posts or advice are very different from those so called?

    Don’t tell me it is because you have a secret weak for 45 years old? LOL

    Still waiting to hear your age 😉

  251. Kms2014 says:


  252. Kms2014 says:

    Well, obliviously, Joshy, most women over 35 are not going to attract the ‘John like’ SD, who are looking for discounted escorts…which, is a good thing! Hehe…and ‘yawn’ and ‘yapping’…I should let my teen son read some of your wittier comebacks,that suit well within his age bracket and maturity level 😉 Low brow is, as low brow does!…hahaha

  253. Josh says:


    “Yes, Elaine…Josh the ‘blog God’ has given you his ‘seal’ of approval and ‘oh, so important’ permission, so that you may post what you will..only with his almighty’s permission are you able to continue on blog, in peace ;)”

    Aww, you’re so cute. 😉

  254. Josh says:


    “SugarSpicey makes some very good points….”


    “Elaine has the right idea(especially, for older SB who are interested in a different lifestyle).”

    Would you please stop bringing age again and again. If Elaine chose to, she can teach SBs from 18 years and up. Carefully read and reread what she has written and stop yapping. Hahahaha!!! 😉

  255. Kms2014 says:

    SugarSpicey makes some very good points….Elaine has the right idea(especially, for older SB who are interested in a different lifestyle).

  256. Kms2014 says:

    Yes, Elaine…Josh the ‘blog God’ has given you his ‘seal’ of approval and ‘oh, so important’ permission, so that you may post what you will..only with his almighty’s permission are you able to continue on blog, in peace 😉

  257. Josh says:


    “Elaine and I actually agree on an earlier post I made,”

    You also “totally agree” with Sugary’s nonsense. So? 😉

  258. Kms2014 says:

    Irrelevant*, I meant…autocorrect, hehe

  259. Josh says:


    As I suggested above, please do seriously consider coaching the new SBs on the blog. Also, if it is of any interest to you, you might want to sell your coaching services to the new SBs of the blog.

    Most of the SBs need to learn the ropes. They’d better learn from someone who embraces this lifestyle compared to learning nonsense from feminists.

    Also, they will trust you more than they will trust any SDs advice.

  260. Kms2014 says:

    Well, as far as what you do or do not believe…what does that really matter? Elaine and I actually agree on an earlier post I made, regarding the courtesan type relation that SB can have above. If a sugarbaby is happy with what she is doing, then your approval is ‘irreverent'(a word you enjoy using, hehe).

  261. Josh says:


    “@Josh…actually, I agree with what Elaine does and think she has the right idea, especially for women in our age bracket.”

    Elaine should post more insightful information for SBs to genuinely up their game, instead of trying to con through fiction.

    I believe Elaine more now with the articulate presentation of her style than I can believe lots of other female bloggers here, hint, hint. 😉

  262. Josh says:


    “@ Josh

    So now it’s your turn!

    Your age? ;-)”

    I asked your age because it was relevant to respond to several posts you made. Please read my post above. My age is irrelevant for the purposes of the current discussion. When it becomes relevant I will reveal. 😉

  263. Kms2014 says:

    @Josh…actually, I agree with what Elaine does and think she has the right idea, especially for women in our age bracket.

  264. Kms2014 says:

    ‘You are Sugary are weaving fiction right in front of our eyes. How about things we don’t have any knowledge of? I rest my case.’

    And the same to you…we have no knowledge of you, or that anything you post as ‘fact’…It is like SDguru said, it is the internet. However, I rest my case that it is, in fact, a fact that you ask other blog members very personal questions, but do not answer the personal ones asked of you.

  265. Josh says:


    I think that you have a good system going. Best of success with that.

    I think that you can give other SBs good advice as to how to up their “game” mostly because you have embraced this lifestyle.

    I can’t say the same about other female bloggers here who dish out useless advice like there’s no tomorrow.

    The only thing I would suggest is not to look down upon other SBs who are half your age, and are making ends meet through lower-paying jobs and sugar.

    By the way, most of the women I meet at SA are either not able to or not willing to embrace the SB/mistress lifestyle on a long-term basis. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  266. Elaine says:

    @ Josh

    So now it’s your turn!

    Your age? 😉

  267. Josh says:


    “How many SB you have had* I mean, ‘imaginary’ $200 a meet, SB, hehe…okay, sorry, I will behave now ;)”

    How do you know that I give $200 a meet? You don’t. You just made it up…oh wait…it was someone else who made it up, and since I did not correct that amount, now I am stuck with $200 a meet?

    You are Sugary are weaving fiction right in front of our eyes. How about things we don’t have any knowledge of? I rest my case.

    I guess your next post will say, lighten up, I am just messing around? 😉

  268. Kms2014 says:

    How many SB you have had* I mean, ‘imaginary’ $200 a meet, SB, hehe…okay, sorry, I will behave now 😉

  269. Josh says:


    “I think SS said that…you never said you didn’t, so some of us just thought that was possible”

    Awww, and you are so innocent and impressionable, right? 😉

  270. Kms2014 says:

    I asked how many sugar babies you had had. You said you would not answer. I asked your occupation…again, no answer. Which, is fair enough as this is a public blog, but you sure seem a tad bit nosy with other people’s personal info…you know what I refer to 😉

  271. Josh says:


    “will not answer a simple question”

    I generally have no problem responding to any question. That’s exactly what I did before you started using whatever information you received from me and weaved your fiction around it.

  272. Kms2014 says:

    I think SS said that…you never said you didn’t, so some of us just thought that was possible 😉

  273. Josh says:

    Rhetorical question: What disorder causes a woman to accuse a man of basement existence to feel good about herself? 😉

  274. Kms2014 says:

    True, Josh, but have been in bed sick with really bad cold, the past couple of days…you will have the blog all to yourself again soon enough, when I am back to feeling good. Josh’s blog 😉

  275. Kms2014 says:

    Rhetorical question: what obsessive blog poster’s favourite word, from the urban dictionary is ‘snark’?

  276. Kms2014 says:

    Interesting…how certain people will ask others’ ages, proof of their income statements, with detailed lists of names, constantly project their accusations of lying on SBs, yet, will not answer a simple question such as ‘how many sugar babies have they had’ or ‘what their occupation is’. Hehehe 😉

  277. Josh says:

    @Rhetorical question: How many times must an SB accuse an SD for hogging up the blog before she feels comfortable doing so herself? 😉

  278. Elaine says:

    Ah…and that is also my profile age!

    No use lowering this because it will come out anyway….

  279. Josh says:


    I am still waiting for your response.

  280. Elaine says:

    @ Josh

    Yes you may ask……

    And I have no problems risponding either :-)
    I am 45

  281. Richard says:

    Many universities in the United States are “need blind” which means they do not consider the financial aid needs of students in the admissions process. Some also commit to meet the full demonstrated financial need of any student that is admitted and chooses to attend. Harvard, all of the Ivy League schools, Stanford, Duke, and most top-tier universities fit into this category.

    This means if you are admitted you can make up the difference between what you and your parents can afford to pay for full tuition, room and board, and other expenses with a combination of grants, work-study, and loans.

    You might still end up with a massive amount of student loan debt when you graduate.

  282. Josh says:

    Rhetorical question: At what age women start fudging their age downward? 😉

    Disclaimer: Not all women have this need or desire to fudge their age but working that in the rhetorical question was tricky.

  283. Zack says:

    Is it a good time to reprise “Seeking Mistress?”

  284. Josh says:

    Rhetorical question: At what women start fudging their age downward? 😉

  285. Kms2014 says:

    ‘I’ve had teachers and politicians tell young students it was unfair because they could never afford to attend Harvard when the truth was that for many decades the University has had a policy that if you can get admitted they will find a way to get you financial aid you need, you might have to work some weekend or evening hours but you don’t need daddy warbucks.’

    I have heard this…that Harvard has some of the best financial aid/ scholarship options for the underprivileged.

  286. Kms2014 says:

    @NC gent…I just saw that in a Huffington Post article. I do not live in NY, but the cost of living in certain areas there is so much higher, relatively speaking…and most salaries usually follow suit. But, would be good to hear a seasoned NY SD viewpoint.

  287. Kms2014 says:

    @flYR…if you are attempting to give Josh lessons on gentlemanly behaviour, then you might end up being on blog all day, like he is 😉 hehe

  288. Kms2014 says:

    In that I was trying to point out there are different types of SB on the spectrum…not all is black and white.

  289. Kms2014 says:

    @Alice…I did not mean it the way you took it…and I did not say I was a courtesan..I just gave an example that not all women on SA are desperate coeds. That post was not meant to insult you in any way. In fact, the opposite, in that Inwantrying to point out that there are many SB on the spectrum. The tires are just something I needed…he offered. I was just not used to a ‘gift daddy’ situation.

  290. Josh says:


    “JOSH!!!!!!! a gentleman never asks a lady her age……..”

    I guess the whole world’s running by non-gentlemen then? Every form of any significance requires a lady to fill out her date of birth?

    If you chose to accept this particular mind fuck then suit yourself. 😉

  291. DarkHorseSD says:

    Thanks, Elaine.

  292. flyR says:

    JOSH!!!!!!! a gentleman never asks a lady her age……..

  293. flyR says:

    @Darkhorse “Sunshine’s social engineering operation sounds like it targets the select few women from modest circumstances that have the spark to jump to success.”

    I’m not sure social engineering is the right term. Some of us bet on the favorites while others identify with Rocky and part of the rewards of sugar is knowing that you either helped someone or gave them the opportunity to help themselves. Sometimes it’s just being an intelligent, experienced sounding board – Rogerian Sugar. We can all point fingers. I think taking a young college student on an extravagant shopping trip sends all the wrong messages but it’s a big sugar bowl

    Experience had cooled me on the idea of rescuing, other than very special circumstances. There’s a lot of political propaganda telling people how hard it is to escape their situation and how they are blameless for their failures.

    I’ve had teachers and politicians tell young students it was unfair because they could never afford to attend Harvard when the truth was that for many decades the University has had a policy that if you can get admitted they will find a way to get you financial aid you need, you might have to work some weekend or evening hours but you don’t need daddy warbucks.

  294. Josh says:


    Since you filter out sub-30 SDs, how old are you, if I may ask?

  295. Elaine says:

    @ DarkHorseSD

    Well how do I search?…
    One word: Profile, My Profile, His Profile!

    I only select intelligently written profiles, and answer carefully (or write an email myself) if I want to get to know this person.

    Don’t really target age, as long as it is above 30 :-)
    Don’t really target location either, as I am used to travel and my target SD travels around himself and can easily afford to pay for my tickets and stay.
    As my location makes it L.D in any way.

    Then there is a lot of messaging, calling or Skyping before the actual meet.
    In this way you get to know a lot about the other, and if only sex and beauty would be the criteria, it would not even come this far.

    For an SD looking for a courtesan or mistress, able to keep up interesting and intelligent conversation, this stage is fundamental.

    And so we eventually agree upon meeting.

    Then I allow myself to make all traditional SB “mistakes” :

    I travel to visit him; my pot’s mostly are to busy and don’t have time to come and visit me for a first meet.
    So far 3 out of 4 such visits have resulted in a LT relationship :-)

    I don’t talk about allowance or money, or x visits, or x time dedicated to communication.
    The gentleman knows what is expected, and if he appreciates my company he makes sure to keep me happy 😉
    In change he will get a fully dedicated mistress, who he can even call in the middle of the night to get rid of his stress.
    Since I genuinly like and care for my SD we try to meet as often as possible.

    Is this answering your question? :-)

  296. NC Gent says:

    @KMS – I have a real hard time believing that an SD in NYC spends roughly 20% of his after-tax income on a sugar baby. I don’t live in NYC though. Do we have any NYC SDs here who care to verify that?

  297. aliceS says:

    Kms2014 thanks for pointing out my struggle situation, though if you are such courtesan and I’m not. I’m just a desperate chick, why I can buy my own tires and you need a sd for that? It may sound rude . I’m not trying to be. I just miss the better phrases to ask it. So no offense please

  298. Kms2014 says:

    And like what Darkhorse said…you can take what Journalists write, and your own experience and kind of extrapolate your own data for your area….

  299. Kms2014 says:

    @FB..I meant the average salary of those who seek sugarbabies, mainly….I haven’t seen too many on SD, SA that list their salary is under $200,000…of course, many SD make a bit of ‘fiction’ when listing their ‘real’ salaries, while some probably list less, than what they make. Depends on where they live as well. I saw this, on Huffington Post(Sugar Daddy Capitals Revealed By New Survey)
    awhile back, in regards to sugardaddies, in NYC…

    “The stereotype of the leering, much older man is no longer accurate, either, according to the press release. The average 2013 New York sugar daddy is 42 years old with an average income of $524,127. They spend an average of $5,692 per month on their sugar babies, compared to $4,991 per month in 2012.”

  300. DarkHorseSD says:

    @ATM, All the knowledge you can Google and read from journalists vs what you’ve actually done or shared with experienced people in their areas…

  301. FatBastardSD says:


    “…average male, who earns $200,000 a year…”

    Where do you live and or work?

  302. DarkHorseSD says:

    Elaine, how do you use SA to find what you are looking for and how could others do the same? What other methods do you use to search? How is it all working out, what’s better and worse?

  303. DarkHorseSD says:

    “My question to the other SDs is what percentage of SBs you are meeting are high five figure earning professionals/businesswomen?”

    Lets start with what is claimed on the profiles…the percentage is very low. Between 1% and 3% I’d estimate from memory.

    What you meet depends on what you target, so quoting that percentage isn’t very revealing.

    If you target incomes over say $60K, you are going to have few choices. Remember, SA is a mass market, low end operation that happens to attract some others.

    Sunshine’s social engineering operation sounds like it targets the select few women from modest circumstances that have the spark to jump to success. That percentage is quite small too. I’m not clear about how good he is at selecting or how successful the results have been, beyond mixed or startup mistakes and some successes. Maybe have to wait 12yrs to know.

  304. Kms2014 says:

    @Elaine…I feel this way too, in that I am an older SB as well, and I am not in this world just for allowance or perks, since I have a job(although, my son wants to attend an expensive Uni, in a few years :-/)…so, the SB name feels a little silly for me as well, since I am no baby, hehe. I think many girls probably sell themselves short on SA, being used only for their youth and beauty, instead of entering it as a truly educational and exciting experience, with many perks.

  305. Kms2014 says:

    Belle de Jour*

  306. Kms2014 says:

    belledejour-uk.blogspot dot com

    Also, Alice, you might want to look up Dr. Brooke Magnanti, who used to be known as, ‘Belled de Jour”. She took her name from the movie, under the same name(good French erotica movie with Catherine Deneuve, from 60’s…about a rich bored housewife exploring fantasies).

  307. Elaine says:

    @ Kms

    Funny you mention the “Courtesan” :-)

    In fact this is exactly the “niche” in SA I am always referring to.
    The mistresses, maitresses or courtesans.
    That’s what I want to be, and I carry this name with pride!

    It is also what I mention in my profile and repeat at the beginning of each conversation with a new pot.
    I AM not for everybody and I am not an SB!
    (calling myself sugarBABY would be quite ridiculous at my age! :-) )

    I don’t discuss allowance or money, and I never ask for anything.
    A gentleman who is used to this lifestyle knows what is expected.
    And yes, there is also a “Eyes wide shut” reality in this type of ambience :-)

    But hey, some people can only “fantasize” about this because it is too far away from their own reality to be able to comprehend :-)

    PS. I don’t believe Sunshine is looking for this type of woman,
    haha no such woman would ever want to act as his incubator LOL

  308. Kms2014 says:

    @flyR, hehehe…the force 😉

  309. flyR says:


    ““My first SB (starting last fall and lasting about four months) made low six figures in the medical profession.”


    1. How exactly did you find her on SA?
    2. Where do you live?
    3. Where does she live?”

    Be worthy of her and the force will be with you……………….

  310. Kms2014 says:

    “Josh, what is your profession? Just curious…”

    Being curios is a good thing…that said, does it matter what profession I actually belong to? You have been making up fictional “facts” about me all along. Make some more.

    Hmm, well since you are always accusing me of fiction(even with my job?)…I was just wondering what you did. Of course, that is your business..just thought I would ask, just to get my facts straight about you, since some call you a basement dweller…was curious if you wanted to share 😉

    As far as agreeing with SugarySpicey…I really appreciate her advice, and think she knows her stuff… as I think you can, when you aren’t being an ‘ass'(which, is seldom, but does happen, occasionally) For example, when you gave advice about my ‘gift daddy’ the other week. You had some good advice…in regards to my gift daddy, who does not shower me with allowances(but prefers gifts), since he does not like allowances…So, not sure why you accuse me of making up allowances 😉

  311. Kms2014 says:

    @alice…I respect your struggle and the fact you are trying to work and support your children, as a single mother, but I must disagree with the following statement:

    “Oh, and why I don’t think a successful female would be on SA? Well, it’s more then simple she don’t have time for that. All big fish are already around her. So she don’t need create anything like a profile on SA. She is independent, and don’t need any silly allowance.”

    That is not true…it is not as common on SA(or, in real life SD/SB relationships), but there are women who are very successful, who choose to be SB or even courtesans, on the side. In fact(not saying that SB are courtesans, before some might say), but true courtesans usually come from a very wealthy background, have advanced degrees,speak more than two languages, and have an ‘actual’ career, in addition to their being a courtesan. Why do they do it it they come from wealth and have a career? Well, the excitement of it…and, if their moral compass does not object, then why not? They are not marketing to the average male, who earns $200,000 a year, but the elite getleman, who wants a someone who can hold a conversation on his level, and feel comfortable in the social circles that he runs in. sacred courtesan truly is reserved for the most selective and refined gentleman. Here is a further explanation:

    A sacred courtesan truly is reserved for the most selective and refined gentleman. She invests extensively in her art; from her designer presentation and immaculate beauty & fitness, to her classes in deportment and etiquette, wine and art appreciation, in addition to her excellent schooling & pedigreed breeding. She invests in music knowledge and dance abilities; she will usually speak several languages fluently, play at least one instrument, be generally well travelled and have the ability to put on such erotic entertainment shows as you might expect from a professional cabaret or talented burlesque show. It is all leading to the ultimate anticipation, the Sacred Tantric Experience. (SunshineSD might like this woman).

    Anyway, I just used this an an example that some women ‘choose’ to live that lifestyle for the fun and excitement–not because they must do it, in order to make a living. I know that SB are not courtesans, but there is a level of SB that is of another level…similar, in that this SB has a SD not out of necessity, or desperation to be given $200 by Josh, but because she wants to travel and have adventures…and the money might be a turn on, as Richard pointed out with his ex SB. There is also something similar to that movie, Eyes Wide Shut’, but I’m sure I would be called fiction writer again, so will keep that to myself. There are all kinds of SB varieties, Alice…don’t do this if you really think badly about it, or might not respect yourself…I think women should do it if it is a ‘turn on’ and exciting…enter a world that they may have not had access to before. Do not just do it, if you think it is dirty or that women would only be a SB if desperate….just my opinion…

  312. Josh says:


    “My first SB (starting last fall and lasting about four months) made low six figures in the medical profession.”


    1. How exactly did you find her on SA?
    2. Where do you live?
    3. Where does she live?

  313. flyR says:

    “Like Steve Jobs said, every single thing he invented will be obsolete in a few decades.”

    True, but Job’s real legacy was his creativity and absolute obsession with the customer experience. That’s timeless and perhaps losing that is the greatest thereat to Apple.

    There’s a lesson for SB’s to be gleaned from Jobs and Econ 1 A , if you offer a commodity in a market without barriers to entry competition will drive down prices until “producers” leave the market. Jobs showed how you can create value through a superior “customer” experience. From the greeting at the door to the Apple store to the bag you carry out, every aspect was managed to create perceived value.

  314. SugarySpicey says:

    Eloquence – you’re always kinder than I in saying what you do, but I always tend to agree with you. And it’s nice to be required to use one’s brain when reading – the blog requires so little of that sometimes.

  315. SugarySpicey says:

    Quick search of 20 profiles through the “Browse Babies” showed a Software Developer, Drafter, Accountant, and Marketing Exec. That’s 20% of the profiles viewed that were women in professional careers who would be making incomes high enough to meet their own basic needs.

    I think the more telling statement is that some people just can’t afford babies of that variety and screen them out (perhaps because they spend their whole day in the cellar blogging, afraid of interactions with humans who expect more than just $200 placed on the dresser.)

  316. Richard says:

    My first SB (starting last fall and lasting about four months) made low six figures in the medical profession. She was very intelligent and accomplished, just not getting what she needed sexually in her marriage. The allowance wasn’t especially important to her. She never asked for money but I always slipped an envelope into her purse because it made her horny.

    I’ve met at least three other potential SBs who made very good money. And several others that WILL be very successful once they finish their education. But I tend to go for women in their late twenties or thirties and select for intellect as much as looks.

  317. Elaine says:

    @ Josh,

    I COMPLETELY agree upon what you point out this time!
    Apart from the 1st point of course!!! :-)
    Thank you for confirming the rest, exactly what I said!
    The fact that YOU dont meet them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

    They only want to be found by their target SD’s, so they don’t have to waste time on wannabee’s or p4p Johns.
    Their profiles are not appealing for those low target SD’s, they probably even scare them! away!

    And it might be exactly these busy carreer women who are looking for a partner at their level, who understands them and is challenging their intelligence.
    She might be on SA to find such not clingy lover, not expecting her to get married or having his babies or cook his meals or doing his dirty laundry :-)
    Looking not for a weekly sex meeting, with upfront decided x allowance for x meets, but for a much deeper connection.

    Or maybe to help her even further in her professional life?

    How do I know? ……

  318. SunShineSD says:


    Let’s not jump guns here. Just because you are pro-sex, that doesn’t make you someone who wants to live off your sexual skills. Likewise, just because I want my daughter to marry a competent man when the time comes, that doesn’t mean I want her to plan her life living off her future husband.

    I do not at all encourage her to live off her good looks. In case you missed it, she is at the top of her class in math. My ex-wife and I even went so far as to let her try out modelling for a few times with the deliberate emphasis on “how boring this is.” Girls at that age are easily influenced by what they see and hear; we decided to immunize her against a modeling career, so now she can say: been there, done that, and sitting around posing for hours is boring!

    That being said, I don’t want her to spend her 20’s in a drab lab anymore than in a grunge rock band. Like Steve Jobs said, every single thing he invented will be obsolete in a few decades. Men spend their lives inventing eventually obsolete things in order to perpetuate their genes. Women don’t have to do that! Women can invent/create entire another set of human beings! I want that to be her real focus in life eventually. Finding a good competent husband is not about providing for her per se (that I can probably take care of even if she decides to not marry at all), but getting the right genes and the material environment for her children.

  319. SugarySpicey says:

    Beachy – you are a beauty entrepreneur, going through a tough transition. I said I love people who work in the beauty industry, it’s just small-minded for someone to limit ALL SBs to one field. (And, I’m sure you wish you were better compensated for being on your feet all day 😉 it’ll happen again for you, just like it did before).

    Alice – way to scramble and hustle! Not all women on SA are here for an allowance. Some want NSA up-front, honest arrangements with a successful man who will treat them well, without the hassle of getting involved with someone in our professional/social circle.

    And GBD – “Her financial demands would be much higher than a woman who is making lower levels of income.” Of course you’d say this. When you limit your search to girls willing to do a couple hours P4P right when the rent is due, seek a “good deal”, and post that I have no right to expect sexual satisfaction from an SD and should “fake some moans” of course you’re only picking up the Budget Babies – no woman with options would come anywhere near that, so you’d have no idea how many accomplished women are on this site, that’s not what you’re looking to prey on.

  320. Josh says:


    “@SS….I totally agree..”

    If you totally agree with the nonsense Sugary interprets and writes, then may Lord have mercy on your soul. 😉

    “I just don’t think Josh has personally met anyone who had a job outside of the service industry, on SA”

    True. As to why, ask Brandon Wade not me.

    “so he doesn’t think they exist? So, just another case of his reality again…”

    Negative. My supervisor is a woman, my attorney is a woman, my designer is a woman, and the list goes on. I respect productive people in any profession; men or women.

    “Josh, what is your profession? Just curious…”

    Being curios is a good thing…that said, does it matter what profession I actually belong to? You have been making up fictional “facts” about me all along. Make some more. 😉

  321. Josh says:

    “well, since i’m only a beauty professional, I am off to bed so I can work for nothing.. isn’t that what you all said here???”

    No dear. That was the fictional interpretation of Sugary’s fertile mind. It is Sugary who choses to disrespect women who are not in high paying jobs.

    My comments about women are in the context of romantic relationships with men. I believe that women are as capable of accomplishing as men, and more power to them.

  322. Josh says:


    “A succesfull carreer woman is not your target, and you are not hers.
    So her profile will not be appealing to you and yours not to her.”

    1. Successful career women don’t exist on this site.

    2. If they do, then their numbers are too low.

    3. My target age range does not have many (any?) successful career women.

    4. What should/would I do with a career woman for a few hours we have together?

    5. Her financial demands would be much higher than a woman who is making lower levels of income.

    6. We are on SA and not on Match.com. 😉

    7. Again, successful career women are not the target of Brandon Wade’s marketing. Lower income, struggling women, especially students are.

  323. aliceS says:

    Would not be*

  324. aliceS says:

    Oh, and why I don’t think a successful female would be on SA? Well, it’s more then simple she don’t have time for that. All big fish are already around her. So she don’t need create anything like a profile on SA. She is independent, and don’t need any silly allowance.

  325. aliceS says:

    I just wanted to add my two cents to the argument. After my diploma I begin a job in the paramedical corporation. Started as standardist* evolved after a year to the directory assistance, gained over 5k a month up to 7k. Depends on my fix monthly incomes plus 15% of all sales. Get pregnant, didn’t even thought a second, to return to work after couple of days. Your kids grow only once. You can work everyday. I would never agreed to let another female see my son’s first step, his first word etc. I started to work again after 1 and a half year. Can’t get the same job. Tooked the first I found, as cashier. Gained less then 1k per month, and was seeking for better job. Got it and my income was now around 4k$ a month on two jobs. One full night time at a gas station and second part time at hotel, as cleaning lady. Still was seeking for a job in my domain. Then traveled to France at 2010 can’t find anything at all, due to my language barrier. Got pregnant. Stayed at home for 1 year. Then. Opened my company, finished 5+ cosmetic school and classes. And now I’m gaining around 3k in euro per month being a certified master nails technical, specified in deep nail reconstruction.

  326. candygurl876 says:

    Thanks @josh and @onyx for the helpful advice. I really appreciate it.

  327. Elaine says:

    Again this stupid tablet!

    Wanted to add:

    Again a matter of the Quality versus Quantity discussion :-)

    Are you looking for a class, intelligent carreer woman to be your LT companion, well then you have to be patient, but they are to find here.

    But of course this you will never find it if this is not what you are looking for in the first place.

    Look for easy to impress waitresses, and that is what you will find :-)

  328. Elaine says:

    @ Josh

    Why am I not at all surprised about this statement of yours? :-)

    “All of the SBs I have met so far have been waitresses, massage therapists, hairstylists, jobless, etc. Mostly waitresses.I have yet to meet a high five figure earning professional SBs.”

    Maybe this has to do with your selection criteria?
    A succesfull carreer woman is not your target, and you are not hers.
    So her profile will not be appealing to you and yours not to her.

    “My question to the other SDs is what percentage of SBs you are meeting are high five figure earning professionals/businesswomen?”

    It’s a pity no SD has answered your question so far, and I am not a SD, but I am quite sure some do.
    Of course these are not the SD’s that meet new pots every week.
    Maybe 3 or 4 a year.

  329. Beach_Girl says:

    Wow Lots of activity here tonight…
    What is wrong with being in the Beauty industry??? lol…
    India is becoming a huge hub for Big Businesses, it’s cheap labor… most of costumer services are out there for big companies, ?Most medical transcription is done from there, it’s cheap and they get huge tax breaks too… from what I know

    I know of a few SBs that made a great living and came here , SA, for fun and meet successful men. know in real life I mean…

    well, since i’m only a beauty professional, I am off to bed so I can work for nothing.. isn’t that what you all said here??? 😀

    night night sugars! 😀

  330. FatBastardSD says:


    I am already obsolete. It was not the 27 year old girl who did it though.


    I will look up the book. I don’t have too much time to read anymore. Too busy with the blog.

  331. SugarySpicey says:

    KMS – but with the Victoria’s Secret bombshell bra we can save up our $25 weekly “generous” SD allowance and fill out that tank top (I’m a little ballerina spinner type myself) you take the left boob and I’ll get the right.

    Sunshine, read Jung on the damage the Cinderella “some man will take care of me as long as I’m pretty” archetype causes to little girls when suggested by their fathers. Please never share these thoughts with your daughter, you’ll scar her for life! Also, what happens if, God forbid, she gets horrid acne, her father’s jawline, prematurely thinning hair, massive post-gymnastics cellulite, or grows out of her looks after you’ve told her the most aspirational thing she could be is a trophy wife. You’re setting her up for desolation and desperation.

    Pretty is a bonus, not the goal. The only thing that can’t be taken from you is your own accomplishment.

    Now really, good night.

  332. Kms2014 says:

    Agora makes me think of Rachel Weisz…in all her hotness and glory 😉

    Sorry, been posting as much as Josh…:-/ I will stop now.

  333. Kms2014 says:

    I meant, Hypatia, hehehe 😉

  334. Kms2014 says:

    Agora was pretty smart for her time…but, good info on IQ, FB…I had never heard that…

  335. FatBastardSD says:


    I am always a bastard. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

    To the best of my understanding there is a hypothesis that the average female IQ is actually slightly higher than the average male IQ. The variation in male IQ does appear to be much broader than in females which results in the occasional extremely stupid and extremely intelligent male. Some believe that this is the explanation why most of the great scientists are male. That said, I don’t think these types of hypothesis can ever definitively be proven true or false.

  336. Kms2014 says:

    Oh, SS…Hooters would never take me…I’m barely a 34b, hehe 😉

  337. SugarySpicey says:

    Anyway, good night Sugars.

    Softi – sweet dreams of that 27 year old girl who’s getting ready to take your job. Your way of thinking just doesn’t get promoted anymore, the boys club is dead.

  338. SunShineSD says:


    “Do you really believe women’s brains, in their base construct, are intellectually inferior to men’s”

    Differently endowed and not identical. Different minds have different specialties. More importantly, career success is not a simple function of intellectual superiority. There is also the issue of how hard one applies him/herself. Blondes and beautiful people are not born stupid; in many cases, they just don’t need to apply themselves as hard for most of their academic career.

  339. Kms2014 says:

    This was from the Wall Street Journal, in 2012.

    U.S. Firms Move Abroad to Cut Taxes
    Despite ’04 Law, Companies Reincorporate Overseas, Saving Big Sums on TaxesBy JOHN D. MCKINNON And SCOTT THURM,

    More big U.S. companies are reincorporating abroad despite a 2004 federal law that sought to curb the practice. One big reason: Taxes.

    Companies cite various reasons for moving, including expanding their operations and their geographic reach. But tax bills remain a primary concern. A few cite worries that U.S. taxes will rise in the future, especially if Washington revamps the tax code next year to shrink the federal budget deficit.

  340. SugarySpicey says:

    KMS – now we really sound like a person of one mind. Lol, guess that’s what happens when you put two business bitches/Hooter’s Girls (since that’s all we’re really capable of accomplishing) on a blog surrounded by expired genderist thinking.

  341. Kms2014 says:

    @fatbastard…did you ever read the book, ‘The World is Flat’ that came out years ago? Good read…

  342. Kms2014 says:

    Yes, I knew they needed to outsource many workers that they can get cheaper there(and due to shortage of trained workers for same jobs, in US), but thought they received better tax breaks as well…?

  343. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – you are being intentionally obtuse. You can hide your head in the sand, but I don’t know what that’s possibly going to get you. Technology is global, and the UAE enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world and attracts the world’s top talent and top dollar – which is why Chanel Genius Karl Lagerfeld built his 3,000 acre Fashion Island there, the most exclusive shopping destination in the world.

    You can keep pretending it’s 1985 and the height of US imperialism, but I don’t see how that’s going to benefit you, Mr. Bunker.

    Of course, that’s just my silly weak little brain. I need a big strong man to explain it to me!

  344. FatBastardSD says:


    Many companies have R&D centers in India to leverage a skilled work force and in order to grease the wheels for selling product in a potentially huge market.

  345. Kms2014 says:

    I got this from startup overseas dot UK com …not sure how reliable source is…

    The UAE is a veritable shrine to business and commerce, renowned for its efficient admin, infrastructure and sleek licensing. The Emirate state has no problem in attracting foreign investors, and remains unequalled as one of the most sought-after and enticing places to flex your entrepreneurial muscles.
    The UAE takes full advantage of its geographical locality, and is surrounded by equally ambitious emerging markets. The government actively encourages a free and harmonious economic policy have fostered a salient international reputation, inspiring both national and foreign finance in almost every area of economic activity.
    The UAE is favoured for its permissive approach to business and commerce, exemplified by its liberal standards and regulations. Unlike other countries in the region, The UAE does not suffer from the hindrance of theocratic dogma. This is especially good news for women wanting to establish themselves there, with no social or travelling restraints, you are free to do as you wish.
    The UAE caters to the foreign investor like no other in the region. It takes care of business, and if you think it may be the right place for you, then read on to see the benefits of going under its wing.

    They really try and get more teachers yo Dubai and UAE…but, I did not want to go there and be around all the other expats…

  346. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – considering it was started for inner city elementary school kids aren’t you being a bit excessive in your expectations?

    Do you really believe women’s brains, in their base construct, are intellectually inferior to men’s – or are you just being your typical bastardly self?

  347. FatBastardSD says:


    “Regional” headquarters is the key here. I would not expect them to put a regional headquarter for the middle east in Argentina would I? I still don’t know what a regional office has anything to do with R&D.

  348. Kms2014 says:

    I think IBM and some of the others base their headquarters there, and in India, due to tax breaks….correct?

  349. FatBastardSD says:


    I am not a mainframe guy. The early mainframe guys included Von Neumann who was one of the greatest scientific minds of all time.

    I do know that anyone who thinks coding or “Girls Who Code” is a “hard science” knows nothing about “hard science”

    I do know that COBOL was invented by a woman. To make coding business/data entry applications (which were being done by women) much easier.

  350. SugarySpicey says:

    KMS – considering he prefers girls who are one bad SD experience away from getting kicked out, and only come around when the rent is due, I’m thinking he deals with plenty of “Professionals”

    Softi, really? – “The goal has been met,” said IBM employee Joël Demay. “Dubai is where the major players prefer to build their regional headquarters: Dell, Oracle, IBM, HP, SAP, Nokia…everyone.”

  351. Kms2014 says:

    @fatbastard..true, I was mistaken….On embassy website….In 2012, the UAE was the largest export market in the Middle East for the United States – a distinction held for the Fourth year in a row. From 2011 to 2012, the total trade volume between the UAE and US rose to over $24.5 billion, an increase from $16.8 in 2011. This figure represents the highest ever trade volume between the two countries, and was fueled by a surge in exports from the US to the UAE. Total exports from the US to the UAE reached $22. billion in 2011, a 38 percent increase over 2011. Imports to the US from the UAE remained steady, at over $2 billion.

    But, their main export items are The UAE’s main export commodities are crude oil, natural gas, re-exports, dried fish and dates. Its main import commodities are machinery and transport equipment, chemicals and food.

    My apologies for wrong info…

  352. Kms2014 says:

    @SS….I totally agree..I just don’t think Josh has personally met anyone who had a job outside of the service industry, on SA, so he doesn’t think they exist? So, just another case of his reality again…Josh, what is your profession? Just curious…

  353. SunShineSD says:

    “My question to the other SDs is what percentage of SBs you are meeting are high five figure earning professionals/businesswomen?”

    Not when I was dating them, but some are making high five or even low six figures by now after my helping them through school. In particular, a former law student is definitely making 6 figures.

  354. FatBastardSD says:


    What innovative military or consumer exports have been coming out of the UAE?

  355. SugarySpicey says:

    And there you have it girls, the Trifecta of masculine disrespect for an entire gender’s intellect, experience, accomplishment, and potential.

    Don’t let it get you down ladies, guys like this will be extinct in ten years.

  356. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – that one there you’ve just exposed your EXTREME ignorance, or perhaps you’re a Mainframe guy with your pet pterodactyl.

    Of course, your ignorance is exposed only to me since you don’t know me and I won’t tell you more. But I’m laughing with delight.

    That’s okay, I know you’re just trying to poke a fight with your complete fallacies. Go visit Girls Who Code and have fun thinking about how women can’t work in hard sciences (maybe that makes COBOL programmers feel warm and fuzzy at night?)

    KMS – love people who work in service industries related to beauty! But to be incapable of realizing that there’s an entire world of accomplished women on this site ( working in beauty services and professional fields) is just sad!

  357. FatBastardSD says:

    I wish more women would go to university to study feminist subjects like PriceySpicey suggests. Creates a big market of SB’s who have to pay off huge debt with no skills to get a job. The only downside is you have to listen to a pseudo intellectual 20 year old lecture you on gender inequality. The only thing worse would be to listen to that crap from a 30+ year old like PriceySpicey.

  358. SunShineSD says:

    “Sunshine – my heart truly breaks for your daughter that you see her as nothing more than some man’s sperm vessel.”

    On the contrary, I want her to grow up to be a sperm selector at a high level, a ball buster, buster of big balls, and leave the losers alone.

  359. Josh says:

    All of the SBs I have met so far have been waitresses, massage therapists, hairstylists, jobless, etc. Mostly waitresses.

    I have yet to meet a high five figure earning professional SBs.

    My question to the other SDs is what percentage of SBs you are meeting are high five figure earning professionals/businesswomen?

  360. flyR says:

    SS my friend I think you missed the concept of the women who married high income earners had the election to stay home. C H O I C E .

    When I’m in LA I frequently go for a late breakfast on Montana. The place is filled with young mothers with their kids .

    For some it is a matter of necessity and for others a matter of choice.

  361. Kms2014 says:

    @fatbastard…I’m pretty sure the UAE does….

  362. SugarySpicey says:

    Anyway, I have humans to go interact with.

    SBs don’t listen to these Neanderthals, you CAN cover 100% of the costs of your education with grants, loans, and scholarships (what kind if moron spends $200K on a nursing degree if they have no money for college, you can get a nursing degree through the local state school).

    You have brains in your head.
    You have feet in your shoes.
    You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
    You’re on your own.
    And you know what you know.
    You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.
    ~Dr. Seuss

  363. Kms2014 says:

    @SS..aren’t there a lot of women on SA with advanced degrees that are not in the cosmetology profession? Hey, not that there is anything wrong with that…plenty of male hairdressers, massage therapists and makeup artists….

  364. SunShineSD says:


    Just to make you feel better, my daughter does rank the top in her class in math, and she loves science, a subject not taught at her school grade yet. I’m also teaching her the power of compound interest at the ripe age of X<10 by paying her 10% monthly interest on her piggy bank. I want her to be sharp and on the right side of compounding time value.

  365. FatBastardSD says:


    The fact that you think that Africa and the Middle East (excluding Isreal) is producing any kind of innovation tells me you know nothing about science and technology (although there are many men from these countries doing great work in Silicon Valley).

    The fact that you quote an article which uses the word “tech” which includes hiring women for marketing, HR, project management etc in order to satisfy quotas tells me you know even less.

  366. SugarySpicey says:

    GBD – really, are you going to complain about someone copy pasting your words and not understanding your exact meaning? Hmm, seems intentional obfuscation of facts and threats are your only Socratic device.

    That post exposes your clear and obvious subjugation of all things female, your SB target, and why you’d have such a problem with professionally accomplished women – such a problem in fact that you refuse to acknowledge they might exist.

  367. Josh says:

    Allow me to suggest that when you try to ascribe something to someone please have the courtesy to quote the original along with your own interpretation.

    Ok carry on with your fiction please. 😉

  368. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – why would “regular” professional women not be on a site that attracts successful men?

  369. Josh says:

    Ok. So that comment went into certain part of your anatomy and got transformed into?

    “women could have two options for professions “artists or hair stylists (sic, cosmetologist)” both of which he pointed out could very well leave women struggling to make ends meet.”

  370. FatBastardSD says:


    Josh made a point that many WOMEN ON THE SA SITE would be massage therapists, makeup artists, etc., not ALL WOMEN would be massage therapists, makeup artists, etc.

    Big difference.

  371. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – don’t start battles Google can resolve in four seconds, it’s boorish even for you:




    Sunshine – my heart truly breaks for your daughter that you see her as nothing more than some man’s sperm vessel.

  372. SugarySpicey says:

    Josh says:
    March 1, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    “Why is it so impossible for you to believe that a woman with a professional career would be on SA, or why a woman would prefer gifts and fun over cash in an envelope?”

    Sugary, I am sure that there are SBs here who have professional careers of some sort, such as, massage therapists, make-up artists, etc.

    There you go dear.

  373. Josh says:

    Rhetorical question: What is the maximum number of beads + facts has SugarySpicey pulled out of her ass in an hour?

  374. FatBastardSD says:

    “More “facts” that you pull out of your ass. Stick to pulling things out of your ass that you are an expert on like anal beads :-).”

    That last comment was fro Richard by the way…

  375. FatBastardSD says:


    “In India, Africa, and most of the developing world tech jobs are dominated by women.’

    I am not sure if it intentional but you write some of the funniest shit around. I am sure that you and Richard will go off and create a startup in Africa with all female employees.

    …and women in US tech roles are lauded as dream employees well suited to project management and SCRUM methodologies (which you already know).”

    More “facts” that you pull out of your ass. Stick to pulling things out of your ass that you are an expert on like anal beads :-).

  376. Kms2014 says:

    You know how I like paypal….”the world’s most loved way to pay and get paid”.

  377. Kms2014 says:

    The battle of the sexes is a never ending one…’Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ hehe 😉

  378. Josh says:

    Awww, don’t be so hasty. Leave something off for the personal meeting dear. I will transfer the fictional dollars I receive from Jj to your paypal account soon. OK 😉

  379. SunShineSD says:


    Just in case you are jealous of the men folks, here is the reality check: for every Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, there must have been thousands of nerd boy tinkerers whose projects never went anywhere, and they never moved out of their parents’ basement therefore never a girlfriend for them, for their entire lives! That’s the end of their participation in the gene pool. Women have no such risks. Why do you want to hide women behind man-masks, tight-bind their bossoms and make them compete on men’s terms?

    My daughter has her smarts and looks, with vagina and super-flexibility from years of gymnastics that she loves, she will probably be sought after by zillions of men. Why should I encourage her petite frame to compete for football scholarship against boys twice her size? If she wants to see in the inside life an NFL player, she can wait for the boys to slug it out, and marry the winner! Heck, if she decides to marry an NFL player when young, then marry a investment banker when in her late 30’s, I will gladly walk her down the aisle twice! The only thing I’d worry about is if she becomes a control freak on some feminist high jinx and decides to marry a good-for-nothing loser and piss away her share of good fortune.

  380. Kms2014 says:

    Maybe, you should project your fiction writing onto blog about where you were for three or four whole hours…you must have been haven’ some mighty strong blog withdrawal symptoms, hehehe 😉

  381. Josh says:

    Would that be fictional shoes, fictional money from fictional SDs, or just baseless “facts” about Josh?

  382. Josh says:


    What kind fiction are you in the mood of writing tonight, sweetheart? 😉

  383. Kms2014 says:

    I do not use a proxy, Josh…you can ask Guru about that, if you really care…

  384. Josh says:

    Now the third proxy… 😉

  385. Josh says:

    Stick to the provable facts. Where did I write what you ascribed to me just now?

    And why is it that two proxies always attack me together? 😉

  386. Richard says:

    @Sugary – Don’t waste your breath (figuratively). You can’t overcome the brainwashing from thousands of hours of watching Faux News and listening to Rush Limbaugh with something as mundane as actual facts. :)

  387. SugarySpicey says:

    Josh – you’re a moron to such an extent it’s laughable.

    That I went to China two years ago has been well documented and discussed among friends on the blog, which photo of my time in China should I use as my Gravatar? The Hutongs of Xi’an, A view of the Hung Pao from Bund 18 in Shanghai, the Sign at the Fish Eye Soup restaurant in the business loop in Beijing, the beaches if Qingdao?

    Or I could just send On-xy a picture of myself on Tianmen square, or standing in a Nanjing high school or along the river shops? See, I have no fear of the truth as ALL my claims are so, incredibly, easily proven.

  388. Kms2014 says:

    Oh Josh…not nice….did you have a date tonight, or just on another blog researching more fiction, like SDguru suggested…you were gone a couple of hours–I’m impressed 😉

    @SS…I did not mean to offend or say you didn’t respect teachers…it’s just I have heard people look down at teachers, at times, in the US…so, maybe I am paranoid about it. There are some really great male and female teachers, at my son’s IB program and that. I have worked with, in the past.

    Interesting too…In England, the schoolmaster/ principle was a woman, who had come from the corporate environment. In most public schools, in the UK, I heard that they recruit from the business world to turn a school around, or to run a secondary school(maybe, primary, too). In the state I live in, most principles are promoted up through an old school bureaucratic model(and, I was told that since there are so few male teachers, in my state, that they try and push the males up to principle/administration level faster than women) There were many more male teachers at the secondary school I was at, in the UK, compared to the US school I taught at as well. I just have that limited experience but was interesting…

  389. Josh says:


    “Again I ask you to name one single thing I’ve SAID which you believe is fiction. To date you’ve been completely unable to come up with a single valid example.”

    Fair enough…the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    You said: “1st we had The Grand Basement Dweller two blogs back saying that women could have two options for professions “artists or hair stylists (sic, cosmetologist)” both of which he pointed out could very well leave women struggling to make ends meet.”

    Prove it to me that I wrote the above, two blogs back.

  390. Josh says:

    Rhetorical question: What is denser; The literary character SugarySpicey or a brick wall?

  391. SunShineSD says:


    Those “tech” jobs are the modern day equivalent of sweatshop jobs. None of them lead to significant wealth building or anything close to it. The women are staff engineers, and easily replaceable, and they indeed are replaced when they get pregnant and have babies.

  392. SugarySpicey says:

    Again I ask you to name one single thing I’ve SAID which you believe is fiction. To date you’ve been completely unable to come up with a single valid example.

  393. Josh says:

    So Sugary went to China [too, with a bag of salt]? 😉

  394. SunShineSD says:


    Those grants for attending schools for single mothers. I heard that one before, from my ex-SB. I thought, heck why not, since I was not the father and I was ending support for her, if keeping the baby meant she could finish her next degree on government dough, so let her be. Well, after baby delivery I found out, the entire grant was something like $5k for the entire degree program . . . when a college degree nowadays cost $40-60k per year for 4-5years! With a baby in tow, that may well be longer than the 5yr average for the single mother. How exactly does a $5k grant pay for a $200k bill?

  395. Josh says:

    How about just one bag of salt, happy? 😉

  396. Josh says:

    You realize your fiction needs bags not grain of salt? 😉

  397. SugarySpicey says:

    You realize the phrase is “grain of salt”?

  398. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – in India, Africa, and most of the developing world tech jobs are dominated by women. In Egypt’s “Smart Village”, just outside of Cairo where companies like Oracle have their outsourcing high tech hubs, women can out number men ten to one – in high paying roles, and women in US tech roles are lauded as dream employees well suited to prohect management and SCRUM methodologies (which you already know).

    Additionally, the Chinese, have put women to work in masculine fields since the days of Mao, one might say they taught us gender equality in the world of work.

    BTW – I’ve visited these Chinese high schools where kids are supposedly becoming the “super generation” poised to take over the world. I am completely unimpressed by the quality and academic rigor. The only thing they’re getting right is the number of hours per day kids spend in school. Their kids are just as obese and video-game obsessed as ours (they’re just doing it in crappier buildings where they have to share old text books and Macs from 1997).

  399. Josh says:

    6. How often do you visit a psychiatrist?

    7. What medications are you on?

  400. Josh says:


    “1st we had The Grand Basement Dweller two blogs back saying that women could have two options for professions “artists or hair stylists (sic, cosmetologist)” both of which he pointed out could very well leave women struggling to make ends meet.”

    1. You have used this derogatory term, Grand Basement Dweller, for me before, so I am assuming that you are referring to me again.

    2. If you were not, then carry on. I have no interest in your fictional writings of any kind.

    3. But if you were talking about me then prove it to me that I said anything close to what you have ascribed to me.

    4. When you continue to spew fiction right in front of our eyes, then there is a strong reason to take EVERYTHING you write with bags of salt.

    5. How are you sweetheart? 😉

  401. SunShineSD says:


    You need to look more closely at the CNN Money methodology. The data suffers from severe self-selection bias: those with higher income jobs tend to boast and self-report to those polls. You have to look at the tax data to get the real answers. Unless you think women are statistically tax cheats, the average numbers are indeed $23k average for all working Asian women, $22k average white women, and just below $20k for all working AA women.

    $5000 was per semester of 3.5 months, not per month. The waiting list for those subsidized childcare facilities are so long, you might as well suggest to every accidentally pregnant women that they will get free housing from the government via Section 8 . . . no, they won’t, for many many years of waiting!
    The logistics of the math is quite simple: $400/mo is $20 for a 10hr day so you allege; how big the class would have to be to pay for the two-teacher staff in every room? that’s before rent, utilities and insurances are paid. The far more available preschools are in the $5k/semester range, and only open 4-5hrs a day on weekdays, and 7 months in a year.

  402. FatBastardSD says:


    The scholarship scheme you are advocating is only going to bankrupting the USA. Subsidizing women to study useless feminist degrees and then creating artificial jobs for them to placate the left wing can only hurt the economy. You can argue about women in technical/hard science (biology/psychology does not count here) fields but we all know that the number of women who are truly capable in these fields is very small (the rest are heavily subsidized to perform poor quality work).

    If we don’t change we will be working for the Chinese very soon.


  403. SunShineSD says:


    Nobody is saying only a limited number of careers are compatible with motherhood. In fact, IMHO, most careers are compatible with motherhood, but most careers do not make much money either! Only limited number of careers make so much money that significant wealth building is even relevant. Take for example the numbers that you have been tossing around. You suggested that $200k is necessary for SD to play in the sugar field, that’s roughly the cut-off line for top 2% in HOUSEHOLD income! Not individual income, but the combined income of the entire household.

    Yes, we can hire people to paint the house, but the overwhelming majority American houses are repainted by owners. I did it many times for even some rental properties that I owned in earlier years. For full time baby sitting, the tax overhead, commute overhead, communications and logistics just add up to so much overhead that the mother has to be making more than double the average pay of all working women to make sense. What percentage of young women in their 20’s are making more than double the average pay of all working women? You are essentially arguing “every one can be made to be above average if we work hard enough.” Well, that’s mathematically impossible!

  404. FatBastardSD says:


    Your feminist thinking is the reason why North America is falling behind. All of the real innovation is being done by immigrants and children of immigrants raised in homes with traditional values (prevalent during the golden age in the USA as well) or being sent offshore in countries where feminist thinking has not infected society.

    I think many women are starting to understand that your point of view leads to a horrible family life and I hope that this trend continues. The down side is that fewer broken homes will result in fewer SB opportunities for the SD out there.

  405. SugarySpicey says:

    Quality community childcare programs exist at pre-tax costs of $350-$500 per month, ten hours per day, including lunch, in almost every state in the country. Public subsidies exist to help fund these programs for the working poor, and many of these programs are exceptionally well run.

    The working poor making barely above minimum wage are going to struggle to make that childcare payment, but those people have no choice but to work anyway (and certainly wouldn’t be hiring nannies, paying $5K per month for a toity “preschool” or cutting back their work to 6 hours per day).

    The claim that women average $11.00 per hour is short sighted and intentionally skewing statistics. The average college-graduated female makes $35K her first year out of college (according to CNN Money.com), double that in tech fields, and that salary grows from there. Grants, loans, and scholarships (as well as funding for living expenses and childcare) are available in abundance for earning that college degree – she doesn’t need a “Daddy” in order to get there.

    It isn’t easy to work full time, pursue a career, and raise a family – but don’t put a glass ceiling on your daughter and sell her short so young!

    BTW – I find your baby scheme patently offensive on so many levels I ‘m not touching that with a ten foot pole.

  406. SunShineSD says:


    $50k a year is more than double of the average annual wage for women in this country. That’s counting working women of all ages, not counting non-working women. I’d have to think the 20’s age group would make below average wage.

  407. SugarySpicey says:

    I don’t look don’t look down on teaching in any way. I do look down on the ridiculous the notion that there are only very limited careers that are compatible with motherhood, and I look down on the assumption that because she had it last it’s a woman’s job to give up her career to be a parent and/or choose a job like teaching so that she can be a parent – when we never ask/warn/expect this of men.

    This country is full of working womeb, and many of those women have given birth then gone back to work and raised, oh, hmmm, the President of the United States.

    Why do we never talk about men having to give up their careers or choose specific professions in order to be fathers? It’s because we naturally assume that women have to take on that role.

    BS! We can hire a professional to paint our house, we can decide that the man is better at cooking. Why can’t a couple decide to hire a skilled, competent professional to handle the day to day drudgery of toilet cleaning and butt wiping (if that’s what a couple chooses to do) or have a less successful/less accomplished/more patient husband stay home and child raise.

    Our country is missing out on the talent and passion of brilliant would-be wonder women because we keep telling them that if they want to be mothers they’ll have to give up their career for 2-5 years. And, apparently some people aren’t even encouraging their daughters to be successful in the event they MIGHT want to be mothers.

  408. Kms2014 says:

    @sunshine…I must disagree that one cannot find a reasonably priced babysitter with a 50k a year job, though….They probably need to find a local, in-home run daycare center(that they hear good word of mouth from), but it is possible…

  409. SunShineSD says:


    The average wage for women in this country is $23k for Asian women, $22k for White Women, and just below $20k for African women. These numbers are not just for women early in their careers but for all women.

    I paid $36k/yr for each of two full time nannies nearly a decade ago. Not ethnic women barely speaking English, but women in their mid-20’s with early childhood education degrees. Even at that price, it was not long before each of them figured out that by working that job for any extended period they were essentially selling their own reproductive opportunity, even if only 7.5hrs per day and really only 6.5hrs of useful time out of each for us due to communication overhead, although they had to put in 8.5hrs to 9hrs each day due to commute, dressing, etc.

    The math just wouldn’t work for the overwhelming majority of young mothers unless there is substantial financial support coming from somewhere else. The job the young mother would be maintaining would be just like 70% of sole proprietorships owned by women according to IRS: money losers in the strict financial sense, but perhaps beneficial to her self-esteem or long term career, and the family can afford to pay for it.

    Pre-schools were like $5k for each semester, for about 4-5hrs a day; i.e. the mother would have to have a 3-4hr/day job.

    Of course there are women, even in their 20’s and early 30’s making substantially more than $36k/yr after taxes, but they are in minority, and can they do it if they have to cut back to 6hrs a day? in order to be home and take over from the full time nannies?

    The Super-Wonder-Women mythology is incredibly destructive to impressionable young women living real lives: in that such myths set up impossible goals for young women. My preggie ex-SB thought she’d just be the bread winner pulling down $50k a year with a newly minted entry level nursing degree that I had just helped her earn while the marginally employable pot-smoking babydaddy would stay home to watch baby after it’s born. So she was admantly against abortion despite my suggestions and later I learned the wishes of the babydaddy too. Well, now the baby has been living in this world for nearly half a year, the babydaddy is still marginally employed, and she is unemployed due to the need to care for the baby! and no hope at all of pursuing the next degree in her field. Setting impossible goals for people is like walking hapless victims to a mirage and letting them die of thirst in the wilderness.

    It’s important to realize that we are talking in the context of women of relatively low income due to their age and family background, not women who already have rich husbands bankrolling and backstopping their expenses and childcare expenses. Having a rich husband or a financially capable sugar daddy (or real parents) would of course make juggling baby and career easier . . . by essentially tapping the reproductive time opportunity of some other less fortunate women. That’s one of the reasons behind my sugar baby farm idea: cooperative, taking turns, so nobody loses her reproductive opportunity entirely while each can have her career path preserved along with reproductive ticket . . . with me or some other willing SD bankrolling the material necessities of the farm. Child rearing is incredible labor intensive. The least expensive source of high quality labor in this field is actually young women in the same age group, so there is very little substitute available before advanced robotics is here.

  410. Kms2014 says:

    @SS…I don’t think flyR or SUnshine meant it in a derogatory way…My mother was a stay at home mom, and was really happy, and have great childhood memories…Also, a good friend of mine who used to work as a buyer, is a stay at home mom, and has a nanny, too, but she doesn’t want to go back to work…I think it is just a personal choice. I see nothing wrong with it and some women even get the entrepreneurial spirit, while they are out on maternity leave, and decide to start their own business from home. I’m just curious as to why people look down on being a teacher as a ‘lesser’ career’ option, in the US? I’ve taught both high school and college and am surprised by people’s relations sometimes, when mentioning teaching the high school level in the past. We need more qualified teachers that have real-world experience outside of classroom. I am not saying you, SS, but some people look down on the profession of teaching, which is why I posted about teachers getting more respect for their career, in other countries, such as New Zealand). England puts more emphasis on education as well, and pays their public and private school teachers much more(in my experience)in ‘general comparison’ to public US schools(most private schools pay less than public, in US). My son attends a public school, but under the magnet program, which is an IB school, in his case. The teachers in his IB program are constantly required to take continuing Ed. Courses and am constantly impressed by what he has learned so far, in a public school setting, where he is getting a private school education–for free(and has many male teachers) (: IB focuses more on a ‘world’ view, in regards to social studies and most other subjects, instead of the ‘American centric’ that many public schools do. Just wondering why being a school teacher is looked down upon, as a lower level job?….disappointing to hear ):

  411. SugarySpicey says:

    Is this 1945!?! I can’t believe what I’m reading!

    1st we had The Grand Basement Dweller two blogs back saying that women could have two options for professions “artists or hair stylists (sic, cosmetologist)” both of which he pointed out could very well leave women struggling to make ends meet. And now we’re making bullshit gendered assumptions that an 18 year old girl needs to marry well or be a school teacher if she wants to be happy, let alone have a family?

    Talk about damaging to SBs!

    Just because a baby comes from your vagina doesn’t mean you have to give up 2 to 5 years of your career. I worked in a demanding professional career field until the day I delivered, had a baby on Wednesday, put him in the snuggly and went back to work the next Monday with him nestled against my chest while I typed. When he got too big and boisterous to come to the office I socialized him in an excellent church-run childcare program. He’s now the most polite, independent kid you could ever hope to meet – and tests off the charts at every level one can test academically.

    For every right-wing “study” that says kids need a stay at home mom there is an equally meritous study saying that kids fair better in quality communal child care arrangements and living in homes with parents who read to them and limit their sugary beverage intake.

    In fact, looking at my stay at home friends, they’re usually so depressed, frazzled, bored, and under-stimulated that they’re piss poor mothers. My working friends are the ones limiting TV hours and managing childhood obesity!

    Why does the assumption STILL remain that a woman has to make a choice between career success and family fulfillment? The very idea of the “stay at home mom” is an elitist construction of the post-war era. Mother’s may have been in the home before 1950, but they weren’t attending to junior’s ever whim. They were performing hard, manual, labor like handwashing clothes, tending gardens, and making food from scratch – While junior sat unattended in a “play pen” or walker.

    Stop putting a lid on young women! The world is waiting, you CAN outearn, outperform, and outpace any man you might hope to date, and you can hire childcare or decide as a couple who is most suited to staying at home (not related to genitalia).

    Don’t believe this ludicrous construct that to be feminine and happy you have to sacrifice success or choose a pink-collar career. Too many women before you have worked too hard to prove that just isn’t true.

    Lean In!

  412. Kms2014 says:

    @flyR very true…

  413. aliceS says:

    Onyx I wanted to sent it to you via you blog, but couldn’t find any email link. So, I’m sorry for that long post in here. I thought you might want to read it.

    The most common symptoms of Border line personality disorder include:

    Intense emotions and mood swings.
    Harmful, impulsive behaviors. These may include things like substance abuse, binge eating, out-of-control spending, risky sexual behavior, and reckless driving.
    Relationship problems. You may see others as either “good” or “bad” and may shift from one view to the other suddenly, for minor reasons. This can make relationships very difficult.
    Low self-worth.
    A frantic fear of being left alone (abandoned). This fear may lead to frantic attempts to hold on to those around you. Or it may cause you to reject others before they can reject you.
    Aggressive behavior.
    Other symptoms may include:
    Feeling empty inside.
    Problems with anger, such as violent temper tantrums.
    Hurting yourself, such as cutting or burning yourself.

    Suicide attempts and suicidal thoughts.
    Times when you feel paranoid or lose a sense of reality (psychosis)Symptoms of schizophrenia usually start in the late teens to mid-20s for men and the late 20s to 30s for women. The symptoms may start suddenly or happen gradually.

    Childhood schizophrenia is rare.

    There are four stages of schizophrenia: prodromal phase, active or acute phase, remission, and relapse
    Prodromal phase
    Schizophrenia usually starts with this phase, when symptoms are vague and easy to miss. They are often the same as symptoms of other mental health problems, such as depression or other anxiety disorders. They may not seem unusual for teens or young adults. In fact, schizophrenia is rarely diagnosed at this time.

    Symptoms are sometimes triggered by stress or changes, such as going away to school, starting to use drugs or alcohol, or going through a severe illness or a death in the family.

    These first symptoms often include being withdrawn, outbursts of anger, or odd behavior. For more information, see Symptoms.

    This phase can last for days, months, or years.

  414. flyR says:

    I’m all for stay at home moms for a number of reasons including that they carry a disproportionately heavy burden of supporting school activities, etc.

    Although they are doing great things they have a substantial impact on the income numbers.

  415. onyx_percula says:

    @ aliceS and DarkHorseSD — I don’t know if I have ever been with/around a MPD person. As with most things in the physcology realm there is a lot of debate on what it is, what causes it, even if its real or even normal.

    Here is a layman’s description of MPD..
    “Multiple personality disorder (MPD) is a psychiatrichydrat.jpg (5717 bytes) disorder characterized by having at least one “alter” personality that controls behavior. The “alters” are said to occur spontaneously and involuntarily, and function more or less independently of each other. The unity of consciousness, by which we identify our selves, is said to be absent in MPD. Another symptom of MPD is significant amnesia which can’t be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.”

    With that in mind I can say I have been around a couple of people that might well suffer from MPD.

    A common thought is that MDP is a defense method to avoid horrible trauma, typically sexual abuse at a young age. One theory is that someone will create a persona that is better able to deal with the abuse or that will experience the abuse instead of themselves. Apparently the stats are 85% of MPD suffers are female.

    The points I have taken away from reading about it on and off the last couple of days… “…alter personality that controls behavior.”, “The “alters” are said to occur spontaneously and involuntarily, and function more or less independently of each other.” and “Another symptom of MPD is significant amnesia which can’t be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.”

    What I’m missing is the details that would give me a sense that “yes, she has MPD”. With that said I think its fairly likely one recent SB does have MPD. Just too many times she would completely forget conversations and activities, too many reversals of opinion, thoughts, etc.

    I guess at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, fucked up is fucked up regardless of what disorder may be present.

  416. aliceS says:

    Oooops my bad,
    This was to Elaine post I guess. My phone remember all words I put once in there and change it, depending on his mood*
    Eloquence I do agree it’s weird to be a vaginal virgin but experienced anal or any anal in countries like USA or Europe is very less probable. I was a vaginal virgin till 19, and other virginity I lost at 28. But, who knows. In some Mormons religion it’s prohibited to get marry non vaginal Virgin. Who knows.

  417. aliceS says:

    Eloquence I don’t remember any posts toward you or to you about anything, specially anal. So please reread it. If there is your nickname, it’s probably a mistake from my autocorrect. And all of my posts were general. Except reply to Sugary Spicey

  418. Kms2014 says:

    I’ve never used match.com…aren’t there a lot of girls on SA who are 20 something coeds? Do they use match or need to? I thought match was more for women looking to settle down and get married? Sorry, if. I am wrong…don’t know much about that site…

  419. Kms2014 says:

    Hey, there is nothing wrong with stay at home mothers…my mom was one of those and always appreciated her being around us.

  420. flyR says:

    There’s also the choice issue, intelligent motivated women usually bypass the dirtbags and losers and marry intelligent successful men. Most decide to have a family and when the children come the woman has the choice of leaving full time work.

  421. Kms2014 says:

    “Sometime most men graduate from the vision that a feast is an oversize bucket of wings and a six pack , or 4 quarter pounders with cheese and fries to a greater appreciation for quality and sophistication and the experience of the feast rather than the a contest of consumption.”

    @flyR…tell me about it…some of these young guys act like you should be honored that they want to sleep with you for practice, but what woman wants to revisit that 21 year old that really didn’t know what to do?(forgive me as I know some 20 something’s do–just generalizing…) However, over 26 or 27…then that is a little better (:

  422. Kms2014 says:

    And in case Josh questions my limited knowledge in certain fields…I worked at a couple of Investment firms, right out of college, then didn’t enjoy that world too much, so went back to get an MBA, in business….started auditing…got bored with numbers, so then went to get my teaching certificate, for teaching business studies and marketing. While I was getting certified to teach, I started teaching aerobics and personal training, in order to pay back my degree and have flexible hours for school. I then moved to UK and taught A-levels overseas for a short time, then had to come home, due to a death in the family. Whilst I was waiting for another teaching position, I starting being a PA and stand-in, for the now booming commercial and movie business, in my state(nothing glamorous at all, though). I know a little about a few professions, but an expert in nothing(nothing to brag about)..before I am accused of being fiction career writer, hehe…

  423. flyR says:

    @KMS “@NC gent (: Good, I prefer men 45 and up, actually…I have Elaine’s problem sometimes, in that the younger men like to date older women for their ‘sexual experience’. But, they really cannot please a woman, like most 45 and ups can 😉

    Sometime most men graduate from the vision that a feast is an oversize bucket of wings and a six pack , or 4 quarter pounders with cheese and fries to a greater appreciation for quality and sophistication and the experience of the feast rather than the a contest of consumption.

  424. Kms2014 says:

    @Sunshine… I think that is great she has a leaning towards the arts….I’m sure you will be a great example for her to incorporate business ‘know how’ into whatever she ends up doing (:

  425. Kms2014 says:

    @SunshineSD…well, I agree that teachers and most Professors do not get paid much…but, I wouldn’t say they were ‘less driven’ than certain other professions…Do you know how many hours a teacher works outside of school(I am talking about the teachers who REALLY care and work hard, not the ones who take the job for ‘summers’ off)? I don’t think teachers are respected as much, in US…for example teachers in New Zealand are viewed more highly, in that their professions are seen as actual ‘careers’ with much advancement opportunity(however, their credentials are more stringent, too). I am not in disagreement with you, as a lawyer working at a big international law firm will work way more than your average professor, however, they still might be just as driven with their research and involvement in academia…Some of the finance people I worked with(although, more sales than analysts) would often not get into work, until the market opened, then would leave at 4:00 or 4:30(men and women). The bond people would usually stay much later. Analysts, starting out, would be a good example of 80 hour+ weeks, I guess…I dunno, depends…New York finance people on on ‘real time’, while working in Cali, they will have EST hours, so longer days…

  426. SouthernSB says:

    @SunShineSD :)

  427. SunShineSD says:

    She also has a great sense in artistic design and story telling. We shall see what comes out of those talents. Perhaps I will help her launch a line of women’s shoes! LOL.

  428. SunShineSD says:


    Thank you for illustrating my point. Jobs like teachers and professors don’t pay much, but are eminently compatible with a women intent on building a family. Whereas far more driven careers that involve non-stop 80+hr weeks, week after week, may generate more income but are not compatible with taking 2-5yrs out to build a family. That’s why I said I do not wish my daughter to place wealth building as her #1 goal. She has a vagina, a pretty face, and a love for gymnastics/dancing . . . why would I want her to become an investment banker or NFL foodball player? Yes, I will teach her financial literacy and how to manage assets that I will gradually pass to her (among her future siblings), but working 80+ hours a week for clients for 30+ years? No thanks.

  429. Josh says:


    This is the first post from you I kinda sorta understood. Good points. 😉

  430. Eloquence says:

    @ Alice..

    You ref: me on an earlier comment a day ago, or a day or two ago about an ?anal” discussion half blog was having… I’m not sure why because I never did get “anal” from my previous SD.. One can always “hope” to find a SD who can as some say “wear the pussy out”, “dick whip” or just absolutely “take their time and care about the female’s wants in the bedroom” …but you can wish and one hand and shit in the other, like Sugary says and you get the point here….

    For the rest……..

    Fact or fiction on the blog? Its like I heard a preacher say “Drunk people go to drunk people for advice, not the Church” … When is the last time you saw a poor man in a country club? …. The FEW SD who might educate their SB’s and actually care for them from their heart? is probably as few as the good girls left on SA from all the personality disorders going around since I don’t see too many people encouraging others but pointing out the flaws in someone without seeing the planks in their eyes..

    We all have issues but no one wants to admit theirs, so the damaged people keep damaging and then they join match. com and get pussy for free by telling a woman that he loves her. Then match.com women get fed up with the “dicks” from that sight and come to this site to get paid for it and then get called “escorts”….Wow… sounds like a jaded woman doesn’t it? no, its all in perspective…..
    Men shouldn’t complain one way or the other about half of what they do, but they do and neither should women…

    However, if you are lucky enough on either side to find a good SB/SD WITH CLEAR COMMUNICATION, I would suggest hold on for the ride, that’s usually when the BEST SEX EVER comes into play.

    BTW.. Everyone’s topic is MPD…SOOOO, you assume that the book that has ONE author’s name on it and 15 Different characters in the book is actually 15 different people even though ONE person wrote the book? riiigghhhhttttt…. It could be based off of 15 REAL people, however in the end usually only one name is printed as the author… Just throwing that out there..its like a fish.. if you do not like it, throw it back. :)

    But what do I know? I’m just another fictional writer. :) Be good or be good at it!

  431. SouthernSB says:

    Just took a mental age test. Found out my mental age is 29. Uh oh, I’m a 29 yr old. Stuck in a 47 year olds body. Maybe I’d better rethink dating younger men.

  432. Josh says:


    Are you saying that SunShineSD’s “lectures often stray to disinterest and irrelevant”? 😉

  433. Kms2014 says:

    I do not think JJ would send you any dollar dollar bills, fictional or real….

  434. Kms2014 says:

    @sunshine….you said, ‘Heck, if a man has to take 2-5 years out in his 20′s to have babies, he would suffer a big handicap in career building too.’

    I think that depends, of course…What if she were a teacher or professor? It is pretty easy to ease back in at where you left off, in those professions, after time off, compared to working at an Investment or Wealth Management firm, where it would be much harder, unless the woman was able to maintain her client base, from working at home(depending, if she did take off a whole 2-3 years for baby…most American maternity leave is 3-6 months, correct?).

  435. Josh says:

    How about friends with benefits? I am trying to secure fictional dollars from Jj. 😉

  436. Jj says:

    irrelevance: the quality or condition of being irrelevant

    of the

    irrelevant: not relevant; not applicable or pertinent: His lectures often stray to disinterest and irrelevant

  437. Kms2014 says:

    @ Josh…On that note, friends again?

    Well, I’m going to behave the rest of the day…and like BG said…plus, too sick with cold today.

  438. Josh says:

    “There are more important things in life for her depending on her own interest.”

    What is more important in life than building wealth or capacity to build/keep wealth?

  439. SunShineSD says:


    You are correct. My use of the term was imprecise. In the other states, Common Law states, most of the husband’s income during the marriage is still considered joint income/property. I doubt many married SD’s are running separate his name-only accounts with deposits only coming from family trusts on his side having existed since before the marriage.

    Regarding my daughter, given the direction our society is going, with another decade of continuing stratification, I doubt a girl at the age 18 without sufficient family resource support will statistically be able to pull a Super-Wonder-Woman act having a successful significantly wealth generating career of her own and preserving her reproductive opportunity before the age of 30-35. Heck, if a man has to take 2-5 years out in his 20’s to have babies, he would suffer a big handicap in career building too. I built my own wealth after being born into a relatively low income but high intellect family. My parents didn’t tell me they became millionaires on their own until after I made my first 6-figure year at age 26. I was a statistical anomaly. I’m probably doing better financially than 95% of my peers born into similar circumstances. I do not wish on my daughter such singular drive for career and wealth building. There are more important things in life for her depending on her own interest.

  440. Josh says:


    Are you practicing to write like Zack? 😉

  441. Josh says:


    “Oh, Josh…always has to get the last word(blog post) in, hehe…”

    On that note, friends again? 😉

  442. Kms2014 says:

    Oh, Josh…always has to get the last word(blog post) in, hehe…

  443. Jj says:

    hint[ hint ]
    suggest something indirectly: to convey an idea or information in a roundabout way
    indirect suggestion: an idea or information conveyed in a roundabout way
    piece of advice: a useful piece of advice, or a practical suggestion

  444. Kms2014 says:

    @NC gent (: Good, I prefer men 45 and up, actually…I have Elaine’s problem sometimes, in that the younger men like to date older women for their ‘sexual experience’. But, they really cannot please a woman, like most 45 and ups can 😉

  445. Josh says:


    “@NC Gent

    @KMS — no offense was taken :)”

    See even NC Gent does not think what you write has any value either. 😉

  446. Kms2014 says:

    SD guru wrote that…I do not post on any other SD/SB blog as I have a job and social life…don’t have time to be on a blog 24/7, like some….

  447. Josh says:


    Ok. Tell me where else you post your fictional stories at, and I will visit?

  448. Kms2014 says:

    @jj…the ‘mind fuck’ is a projection of a fucked up mind….

  449. NC Gent says:

    @KMS — no offense was taken :)

  450. Kms2014 says:

    In addition to the SA blog, there are numerous SD/SB blogs out there on various platforms. It can be a full time job just to follow them all. If identifying fiction is important to you, then there are much more materials out there for you (or anyone else) to work on!

    @blogtroll…think that is a hint for you to leave…

  451. Josh says:


    O generous one, if you donated some of your fictional dollars to me so that I may give them to the BS SBs then I will teach you how to write good questions. 😉

  452. Kms2014 says:

    @gentle(man)soul — I concur with you. I don’t know about others my age, but my stamina increased dramatically in my 40s… recovery time might be a bit slower – I guess it is a give and take world

    Hey, NC gent… I really was just teasing with that! I didn’t mean to offend the older gentleman on here…

  453. Jj says:

    Ah the question, indeed! “Is the man with the fucked mind the mind fuck kind of fucked mind!!!! Ponder!!

  454. Kms2014 says:

    Hehe 😉

  455. Kms2014 says:

    @Josh….projection–is a terrible thing.

  456. Josh says:

    Just a question: Are there more men or women with MPD?

    Category: Mind fuck.

  457. Kms2014 says:

    some: quite a few: used with a slight emphasis to indicate an unspecified but fairly large number or quantity

    Hmm, well a few were, but why does that mean it is a lie?…If you do not believe it, then do not worry about it. I even showed proof to the blog troll… However, it is never enough, as they enjoy causing trouble and being an ‘ass’.

  458. Josh says:

    If you don’t listen to your own fictional advice then why should others? 😉

  459. Josh says:

    @SD Guru

    “As important as bloggers like to think the SA blog is, the fact is that only a very small fraction of SA’s membership participate in it.”

    Dang, why did you have to burst the bubble using hard cold facts, SD Guru? 😉

  460. Kms2014 says:

    When it comes to obsessive posting trolls, then yes, I meant I should have taken my own advice….

  461. Jj says:

    some: quite a few: used with a slight emphasis to indicate an unspecified but fairly large number or quantity

  462. Josh says:


    “Well, whatever, but I am not taking my own advice and trying to reason with a troll…my mistake.”

    Hmmm, I guess that shows how valuable your advice is. :)

  463. aliceS says:

    I forgot to add schizophrenia as well. There is a lot of disorders, that has many similar symptoms to those, that you had un pleasure to witness

  464. aliceS says:

    Onyx why you think it’s the mpd, the behavior like this may be cause by deep depression or border line personality disorder. It’s hard to decide, what illness that person may suffer without psychological evaluation.

  465. NC Gent says:

    Hey all – I hope everyone’s sugar is sweet.

    @gentle(man)soul — I concur with you. I don’t know about others my age, but my stamina increased dramatically in my 40s… recovery time might be a bit slower – I guess it is a give and take world :)

    Regarding fiction…. I think it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a public forum (blog) that didn’t have some embellished posts :)

  466. Kms2014 says:

    @SDguru…I agree…what if Josh were to use his sleuthing and trolling skills for good, and not for evil, which he does now? Hehehe 😉 He might do something very productive and even help those who are truly in-need, along the way.

  467. Kms2014 says:

    Umm, what did I ever say that was so ‘outlandish’? That I had a couple of SD with whom I never had sex? So what? And that some of the allowance and gift amounts you find ‘fiction’ just because they are out of your your league of net worth, or something you cannot fathom? Didn’t SS say that you will not give more than $200 or $300 a meet? Which, I do not make fun of(really, because I do not believe you ever really meet anyone, since you are always on here…hehe).

    But, besides that point…as far as the Beck comment, about bringing the $1,000 to a lunch meet, last minute…I remember commenting on that and saying it was in “poor taste” and manipulative of this woman to do that right before meeting him, or whatever.

    My beef with you is that you accused my ‘deceased’ mother of sending my allowance amounts. Your rude and less than gentlemanly behaviour(extreme understatement) to many on this blog, who have said that you make it an unpleasant place to post, as of late. Why is what I say fiction(when what I say isn’t even ostentatious, as there are many SB who get higher allowances than I do, or ever did…I am in my mid thirties, so I am not 25 anymore, obviously) and what YOU say is supposed to be read as if it were a legal document, based on fact. Pleaasssee…Just curious…how old are you, anyway? You act more immature than my young teen son and his friends? Pretty sad that you have to ruin what was once a fun and informative blog with only YOUR point of view as being ‘right’ and non-fiction(who made you an all seeing and all knowing ‘blog God’, hehe). I still think you are just a projection artist and misogynist…Sorry, some women apparently scammed you on WYP, or whatever, and now you have made it a ‘mission’ to rectify your perceived male ‘plight’ on SA as your ‘calling’ in life. Well, whatever, but I am not taking my own advice and trying to reason with a troll…my mistake.

  468. Josh says:

    And yes sweetheart, the fiction written here as fun and games costs SDs real money, or at least the accusation of being cheap compared to some fictional SDs who in someone’s imagination is doling out fictional dollars. Check this out…

    “The evening before our lunch, she informs me that she needs me to bring a $1000 gift for her to the lunch meeting because she read on the blog that one guy gives $1500 for a dinner meeting (thanks Beck). She said she was giving me “a discount” because it was lunch and not dinner- gee thanks for the discount!”

    Therefore, it is in the best interest of SDs and SBs alike if the fiction writers, like you, are periodically identified so your posts are taken with bags of salt. 😉

    • SD Guru says:

      “it is in the best interest of SDs and SBs alike if the fiction writers… are periodically identified so your posts are taken with bags of salt.”

      Fiction writers have existed on the blog since day one so it’s not a new phenomenon. Besides, anything you read on the internet from strangers should be taken with a grain of salt anyway. As important as bloggers like to think the SA blog is, the fact is that only a very small fraction of SA’s membership participate in it. Therefore what’s discussed/claimed in the blog may or may not have any impact on what happens in the real sugar world (even though there may be exceptions as you pointed out).

      In addition to the SA blog, there are numerous SD/SB blogs out there on various platforms. It can be a full time job just to follow them all. If identifying fiction is important to you, then there are much more materials out there for you (or anyone else) to work on! :mrgreen:

  469. Kms2014 says:

    Besides…being a ‘braggart’ is more your style– not mine 😉

  470. Kms2014 says:

    Blah blah…always the same response, when you do not have anything meaningful or nice to say. Projection–in its finest display, hehe 😉

  471. Josh says:

    Figured. Now go back to writing more fiction.

    Any more freshly minted stories of SDs showering you with money and stuff? 😉

  472. Kms2014 says:

    I don’t care that much…I do not troll every inch of the blog for hours upon hours in a day. I’m sure you will do it for me, anyways 😉 Perhaps, you missed a calling in court reporting the way you read the blog as a serious legal document. It is for fun, and the curious who seek informative information– not grumpy people who like to project….lighten up ;p

  473. Josh says:


    “Hehe, no, Josh, I do believe you got in one of your ‘oh, so wise and insightful comments’, in regards to the 50-70 year range comment, hehe ;)”

    Prove it!

  474. Kms2014 says:

    Hehe, no, Josh, I do believe you got in one of your ‘oh, so wise and insightful comments’, in regards to the 50-70 year range comment, hehe 😉

    @getleman(soul)…I do apologise and agree that some men, in that age bracket could give a 25 year old a run for their money…I was teasing a bit…Please, forgive my evil sense of humour, getleman(soul) 😉

  475. Josh says:


    That’s correct. SunShineSD want to ensure that his gene pool survives through young, healthy, well-taken-care-off SBs. 😉

  476. Beach_Girl says:

    Guru~ OMG lol… I had no idea!!! wow a dozen…

  477. Josh says:


    “@KMS 2014
    “Forgive me if others already commented .”

    No we proactively, promptly and diligently ignored it. 😉

    “Many of us in that 50 to 70 age range can wear that little pussy out ,so don’t count us all out LOL Just sayin ‘”

    Right on brother. And when SunShineSD gets to be 50, that performance average will go way up. 😉

  478. DarkHorseSD says:

    You guys have done MPD? I’ve never had to deal with more than one disordered personality in each person. What was it like?

  479. gentle(man)soul says:

    @KMS 2014

    ” if she is looking for men in the 50-70 year old range, then I seriously doubt her vagina will be used much, anyway 😉 ”

    I skipped a lot of the blog since I am so far behind K but I couldn’t let that comment pass . Forgive me if others already commented . Many of us in that 50 to 70 age range can wear that little pussy out ,so don’t count us all out LOL Just sayin ‘

  480. flyR says:

    @sunshine SD are you looking for direct deposit co-parenting?

  481. flyR says:

    RE Young SB’s

    It could be argued that if they are not mature enough to decide who to have sex with, they are certainly not mature enough to understand and vote on the life and death issues facing the nation and the world.

    I agree there is a crisis in the cost of higher education. I was stunned to learn that tuition only for a UCLA MBA student is $50K/year. That’s just tuition.

  482. flyR says:

    The social stigma of a young coed participating in sugar may be somewhat reduced with the emergence of Duke University student Belle Knox’s national publicity in her porn for tuition program. She’s not only out of the closet but doing press interviews.

  483. KatPaw says:

    Meow!! Happy Monday sugars!!!
    Hope everyone had a sugrrrrrrr filled weekend 😉

  484. SunShineSD says:


    18-21 is college attendance age. From my own experience, it seems that SB quality is less correlated to age than to whether the person is still on the normal presumed track to academic and career success. I’ve always been partial to personal stories of struggling against odds and 2nd/3rd chances. However, it seems to me that our society now has been configured to have placed so many hurdles tripping up people after they detour off the track. The cost of staying on the track has also risen substantially.

    IMHO, BW is correct in marketing to the college SB crowd.

  485. Elaine says:

    @ Josh

    I agree that the quantity of SB’s would go down, but the quality….?!

    If they would filter out all non serious or fake, or abandoned profiles
    the same would happen, but wouldn’t SA be a great place then?

    With a much higher ” match” rate and less disappointed SD and SB abandoning?
    Because if SA is not going to improve on the quality, another site will be taking over soon.

    And then it will start running very fast downward, see what is happening to Facebook for example.

    • SD Guru says:

      “if SA is not going to improve on the quality, another site will be taking over soon.”

      This sentiment comes up in the blog from time to time. Here are two examples (first, second) from more than two years ago. SA is still here.

      “The quality of SA would go up if they would put a minimum age of 21 I guess…”

      We had a discussion about that recently. See my comments here and here.

      “What do you think Guru?”

      There is no rule on what anyone can brag about on the blog whether it’s their generosity, sexual prowess, allowance, shoes, or whatever. It’s up to the reader to make up their own mind as to whether it’s fact or fiction.

      “Most states are community property states, and that means the wife can sue the SB for the return of all resources that her husband has ever given her”

      There are 9 community property states so I wouldn’t consider that as most states. I think you may be referring to a case that made headlines back in ’10 when a wife successfully sued her husband’s mistress in North Carolina using the “Alienation of Affection” statue. There are only 7 states with that statue and such cases are very rare. There are reasons why a SB wouldn’t consider a married SD, but fear of being sued is probably pretty far down the list. Here’s my take on “Married vs Single SD’s“.

      “If for some unfortunate reason, she is deprived of that financial wealth of her own, I hope she marries well, after having learned from my example what respectful and supportive men should be like regardless age difference.”

      I was hoping you’d say she (your daughter) would have a successful career/business to build her own wealth after having learned from your example (if that’s how you built your wealth).

      “I do not agree with the line some draw between sugar and IRL. “Sugar” is real life.”

      I’d respectfully disagree with you on this. For most SB’s there is a time and place in their life where a NSA sugar relationship may be preferable to the dating scene or a traditional relationship. I’ve heard that many times from SB’s.

      “SunShineSD~ What? did I read right, you want to have a baby with your SBs?”

      You missed his grand plan to save the SB population, one SB and her child at a time. There were a lot of interesting discussions about all that. I asked him whether he has discussed his grand plan with his psychiatrist/lawyer/accountant but he didn’t respond.

  486. SunShineSD says:


    The 19 year old and 20 year old that I sugar-dated previously were much more mature and honest, and far more successful in their sugar experience with me than the 24 old that was my latest ex-SB in terms of what they got out of the sugar experience. The last time I checked, the 19year old from half a decade ago was happily in graduate school a couple years ago studying what she always wanted to do; the 20year old from nearly half a decade ago was happily married a year ago.

    Like I mentioned last month, when I picked the 24yr old (nearly 25 at the time), the alternative choice was a 22yr old. The 22yr old was already in her last year of Master’s degree, whereas the 24yr old only had high school to her credit and was needing advice and help starting her associate degree. I’m only into one SB at a time, so I picked the 24yr old, not because she was younger than the 22yr old (duh!) or prettier (both were very good looking and both behaved intelligently when I met them) but because I thought I would be able to make a bigger difference in the 24yr old’s life getting her back on track to a legit professional career (she had a very convincing sob story about being raised as an orphan). . . whereas the 22yr old would be able to make it on her own more or less. So the “rescue” part is not hypocrisy, for me anyway. The fact that the 24yr old (now 27) ended up getting herself pregnant with her pot smoking buddy anyway ruining her academic and career advancement is all the more proof that help is needed, and I didn’t do enough (perhaps could never have done enough). She was nearly 2hrs drive away from me, so I couldn’t see her very often as I would be able to do for the 22yr old in the same city as myself. So the choice had several self-sacrificing elements on my part considering the opportunity cost if you think all I cared about was sex with a young woman.

    I learned my lesson and the limits on my own ability through this experience. As far as I know, I had never dated anyone who was drug-dependent previously. I didn’t think much of recreational drug use, didn’t even know drug prices before meeting her, and didn’t realize how much a financial toll drug use makes on someone with a low income. I never even smoked or drank much alcohol, so I never thought of the cost aspect of substance use in terms of money and time/productivity loss. She was remarkably good at hiding it from me until I let her and her babydaddy move into one of the properties that I own after her pregnancy last year. I was willing to give her one more chance, but it was not to be. Over time, I realized that I could do no more in her life than enabling her drug habits, as her drug buddies and now babydaddy will always convince her to bite the hand that feeds whenever I suggest her do something to improve her own life.

  487. Josh says:


    “The quality of SA would go up if they would put a minimum age of 21 I guess…”

    I would not mind that. The only “technical” problem is that a bulk of the SBs are college students and bumping the age by 3 additional years would cut the number of SBs drastically down.

    SA would never do that because their marketing to the SD is high SB to SD ratio and the “college girl” appeal.

  488. Elaine says:

    @ Sunshine,

    Ok I will call the eightTEEN years old no TEENagers anymore :-)

    But that was not my point, neither I want to discuss how hard it was having a fulltime job and studying in the evenings and sundays.
    (And no, of course that was not a prestigious expensive university, it was what I could affort financially.)

    My point is that I don’t think that such young eh……non teens? should be involved in Sugar activities because it will damage them mentally.
    And don’t think it is right to justify wanting to have sex with them by calling it “rescueing” them from drugdealers, pregnancy or escorting.

    We all know the sickening stories of men ” rescueing” minors in
    third world countries, and yes THAT is illegal and not the case here with with the 18 year old, but the excuses are the same.

    I think this is as hypocrite as the anal experienced “virgin” or the escort calling herself SB.

    The quality of SA would go up if they would put a minimum age of 21 I guess…

    Just my thoughts…..
    I hope they will make some young girls think twice before they put up a profile, because that was how the discussion started in the first place :-)

  489. Josh says:


    All right, I see your point. I thought my post was no more sexually explicit than some other posts.”

    I kinda agree with SunShineSD. If he is taken to task then other cum-talk writers should be taken to task as well.

  490. Josh says:


    It’s not a fiction.”

    No sweat brother…I believe you the same way I believe the escort-talk writers. 😉

  491. Josh says:


    “What, oh what, would the blog be without your insightful? colour commentate!!”

    Fiction + escort-talk + cum-talk along with some useful stuff, yes? 😉

  492. SunShineSD says:

    It’s not a fiction. I don’t do it every day, but when I do it, it’s a real work-out. That’s why I don’t want timers but look to build real partnerships.

  493. SunShineSD says:

    All right, I see your point. I thought my post was no more sexually explicit than some other posts. No, I never bought any new car for any SB; nor was I trying to pick up anyone on the forum/blog.

  494. Jj says:

    Oh, Joshy, Joshy. What, oh what, would the blog be without your insightful? colour commentate!!

  495. Beach_Girl says:

    Good Morning Sugars 😀

    Buying a car as an investment lol… sorry, that doesn’t make sense…

    Shoes, I love shoes and yes put them as my avatar, but it’s not a thing here. You put what you wish… You don’t have to be a follower 😀

    KMS~ I think the site is more high end, but then again… ebay use to be only for used goods now it has new stuff too

    Flyr~ you should of read the site a little… it’s ok, we won’t hold it against you 😀

    FBSD~ Always a pleasure to see you 😛

  496. SunShineSD says:


    Yes, “best actor” as in most convincing and unfortunately misleading. Usually resulting in far less than optimal results for the actor herself in the long run. The short-termism is a little like the French revolutionaries burning books and furniture of the library as fuel after taking over the palace.

  497. SunShineSD says:


    18+ are not teenagers, especially for girls. I too worked since I was 16. However, today’s labor market is very different from what it was 25years ago. The minimum wages laws are banning many entry level jobs. Then college graduates and even grandpas with medical insurance from government are taking up jobs that used to be for teenagers. Colleges cost $10k a year back then and could be paid with delivering pizza at $5/hr on the side; nowadays it costs $60k a year, and the 18-21yr old if still doing pizza delivery at $8/hr would have to show up naked to earn that missing $22/hr in wages and still have the same amount of time left over to study as a full time students. That’s assuming the pizza delivery job is not taken up by some college graduates or much older workers already, or the customer not refraining from ordering pizza to begin with.

  498. SunShineSD says:


    It’s actually more like a venus fly trap, from the view of the man doing cunnilingus to the upside-down girl with FC in her. I certainly agree with your sentiment regarding staying with the devil known as first order of preference, as I recommended previously in email. A marriage with children is worth 120% the effort saving. That’s why I usually shut myself down around married women, in addition to legal risks. Between exclusive partners, there is often no need for condom at all, but if you guys do decide spice things up a little with variety, FC can come quite handy for the guy (and consequently the enjoyment of the woman too). I’m grateful that my former SB (only 20yr old at the time) led me to it several years ago. No idea how she learned it.

  499. Josh says:


    “It’s one thing to trawl the blog for SB’s with stories of buying a car (as an investment!)”

    Wasn’t that Jj who talked about gaving cars as investment? 😉

  500. Josh says:



    It’s not ramming away for hours. You will be pinned down, split open, probed and deliciously tortured for hours in a marathon session all over the house…”


    Now this is SD version of fiction. It “may” be a reality for some. More power to them. But it is more like a teenager’s fantasy, than a 40+ year-old’s sexual engagement with a young woman. 😉

  501. Josh says:


    “So best actors means best at acting, not best at behaving?”

    Best at acting is more relevant if mentioned along with MPD, yes?

  502. FatBastardSD says:


    It’s one thing to trawl the blog for SB’s with stories of buying a car (as an investment!) but sexting on the forum should get you banned. Take it to email or use the site like a real SD would do.

    What do you think Guru?

  503. DarkHorseSD says:

    So best actors means best at acting, not best at behaving?

  504. Elaine says:

    @ Southern & Blondie

    Haha, right girls, taking care of 1 teenager ( my son) is all I can handle!
    Don’t want to play “Mammy you can have Sex with” for someone elses teenager :-)

    @ Josh

    yes 18 is adult in most states, considered sooooo adult, they can not even drink a glass of wine!
    And ( answer I gave to the 18 year old) the fact that it’s legal doesn’t mean it has to be done..


    You know, if I would have agreed to be the mistress of this kid, I would have done it purely for the money, I don’t feel attracted to boys my son’s age, wouldn’t know how to keep a longer conversation going, and don’t want to act as their teacher.
    So I didn’t, because I want to feel at least a little ” in love” with my SD.

    But IF I would have done it, I would have called it for what it is; money driven!

    So, If an SD feels attracted to teenagers, fine, but I don’t believe it should be called philanthropy in that case :-)

    Nobody “saved” me when I had to start working at 17 as my parents could not support me, and hey! Didnt had time to get drug addicted, or be with a deadbeat BF , just worked my ass off and studied at the same time! :-)

  505. SugarySpicey says:

    The thought of paddling around the house “split open” with what looks and sounds like a ziplock Baggie hanging from my vagina was the straw that broke this camels back.

    I am definitely better off with the devil I know.

  506. flyR says:

    I’m such a vulnerable, virgin shopper I thought tradsy was new stuff……..

  507. SunShineSD says:


    It’s not ramming away for hours. You will be pinned down, split open, probed and deliciously tortured for hours in a marathon session all over the house. Part of the beauty of FC is that the condom can be left inside the girl during the oral and digital plays alternating with vaginal penetrations without having to take time out for pulling off and replacing condoms, and the stiffy can be there the whole time throughout for grabbing, fondling and nibbling while I satisfy myself with your juices and spasms. hmm, don’t plan on too much walking the next day, or wearing high heels. You will be walking funny and very gingerly even in tennis shoes for at least a full day afterwards, but you will come back within a couple weeks, as soon as you fully recover.

    I don’t knowingly engage married women though, so we may have to wait for that divorce of yours come through first. LOL. Not due to any religious constraint, but I don’t want to be sued by your dear hubby for breaking up your marriage.

  508. SugarySpicey says:

    Sunshine – the last thing I want is someone ramming away at my ovaries for 45+ minutes. Good Lord, that doesn’t sound pleasant in the slightest and I like sex, even the Tantric variety.

    Now, the entire encounter taking an hour is nice, but that’s not 45 minutes of penetration. It should be a little fooling around, a lot of oral, a little play, some penetration, rinse, repeat. After I have my 2+ orgasm (about four minutes after penetration) I’ll give another courtesy 15 minutes to the guy, but anything after that, you’re getting the tap – I have to walk the next day.

  509. Kms2014 says:

    @beachgirl, hey, this is a little late but, yes, tradesy looks similar to eBay, but looks to be focused more on women’s clothes/shoes/purses consignment, I think?… At most consignment shops, they take 40-60% of your item’s sale price. Anyway, yes, ebay technically takes a cheaper percentage, but it is much harder to sell clothes, purses and jewelry on there, then it used to be(for my stuff, anyway). Plus, you have to pay for your own shipping on eBay, or include it in the item’s price. EBay used to be great for the stuff I would sell, but seems so saturated now with the things I usually list…unless, you have an item that is in-demand, then it is more difficult to sell lately. I just had more luck dropping off my stuff at the consignment shop and taking less of a profit. It is just a hobby of mine and for play money, but you are right, there are probably even better sites out there, or just the option to open your own ‘online’ store(or, just give to charity)…I’m just not motivated or clever enough to do the online retailing, hehe 😉

  510. Josh says:


    Well whether you buy expensive shoes or not, it’s a trend here to use shoes avatar. I have Christian Louboutin as my avatar. 😉

  511. onyx_percula says:

    @ DarkHorseSD — MPD = Multiple Personality Disorder. Something I need to learn more about for sure. For one thing I would love to know if there are degrees to it, e.g. not like the hollywood depiction where where Sally was there a second ago, now Sammy is there with a completely different persona manner and voice. Or can if it is a clean break can they switch out fast enough without signal the personality could change say mid conversation or sentence?

  512. Blondie says:

    Thanks for that !! However when it comes to shoes, I am the exception!! I do not salivate over shoes that cost a weeks salary. It just doesn’t interest me to be honest at all whether I pay for them (unlikely) or if a SD offered to pay for them. I had a couple of genuine Louis Vuitton bags ( which I bought with my own money ever before I became a SB) I got bored of them, thought they were a bit passe, never used them any more, so sold them on ebay, as I needed the money to survive more than I needed fancy handbags. I like shoes sure, but no way would I consider spending a couple of hundred on them, to me, that’s ridiculous and wasteful. Regular shoes are just fine… but hey like I said I’m the exception…

  513. Josh says:

    Aha. Trantra!!! 😉

  514. SunShineSD says:


    FC and FC2 definitely keep female fluid from male genitals, unless you are using it wrong. In fact, lubrication has to be added to the inside the FC/FC2 to prevent rug burn on your penis because female fluid is not getting there.

  515. SunShineSD says:


    I never looked on Youtube, but as far as I know, FC and FC2 are patented, not generic product.

  516. SunShineSD says:

    Lasting hours takes tantric practices. For me personally, Female Condom or no condom is also a necessary condition for that to happen; FC is obviously safer. Male Condom makes me lose interest after about half an hour to 45min, which for anal sex is fine and all the girl can take anyway, but for vaginal intercourse more fun can usually be had in longer sessions. The 20yr old recommended FC to me many years ago because she preferred longer sessions.

  517. Josh says:


    I checked out female condoms on YouTube. They don’t appear to keep female fluids away from my genitals.

    Do you use a specific brand/type?

  518. Josh says:


    Sorry dear. SunShineSD is into a different age group.

  519. SunShineSD says:


    “Actor and MPD-sufferer” refer to the fakes that Onyx mentioned in earlier posts. IMHO, the stress of life for young girls having been cut off from family support too early, especially compounded with drug dependency (and the need to hide it due to the war on drugs) may have resulted in some cases of personality disorders that Onyx observed in some earlier posts about young girls changing attitudes entirely within a few hours or days not remembering what their previous positions on certain issues had been, like travel plans, etc..

  520. Josh says:


    Lose the kid. SunShineSD can last for hours. All you have to do is use a female condom. 😉

  521. SunShineSD says:


    The Golden Ticket entailing life-time support is reserved for especially qualified SB only. Where else would a mid-20’s girl get paid handsomely to raise her own child? and have a support network so she can maintain a career if she wishes? It’s a far better deal compared to having to deal with an unintended pregnancy with a 20-something deadbeat babydaddy, which often entailing a tough choice between abortion vs. giving up a young productive career before it even gets started and consequently life-time and generational poverty for all 3 involved.

  522. SouthernSB says:

    @ Josh
    I wrote it wrong, of course sex should last more than 10 min. Sex is a journey a very enjoyable journey.

  523. Josh says:


    “BTW how do I change my avatar?”

    1. Download a shoe related image to your computer.
    2. Go to gravatar dot com
    3. Follow the instructions

  524. Blondie says:

    BTW how do I change my avatar? :/

  525. Josh says:


    “I guess I could perhaps teach them that sex is more a journey than a destination and doesn’t have to last 10 minutes”

    What does that mean sweetheart? Are you saying that 10 minutes is too long or too short? 😉

  526. Blondie says:

    @Southern, I agree with you … I don’t wanna be anybodys mom lo.. I think Jerry Hall nailed it with her witty one liner many years ago.. “men want a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom” One man who I dated and one particular Sugar Daddy have said to me “why don’t you cook for me? My answer was (a) because i don’t want to and (b) honey I’m not your wife… ffs….. bring me out to dinner.. sometimes men are so dense…. @flrR I have to say I’m loving your expression, The female teacher has the magic. I love being in my 30s and having the body confidence I didn’t have in my 20s, plus am open to trying new things both in life and in the bedroom within a steady SD relationship. I’m also not clingy or needy and maybe younger girls are? I’ve had a child so no desire to have any more, and I guess that gives me a certain amount of freedom to have fun, whereas my friends in their early thirties who still haven’t had kids are checking out their biological clock and stressing about it…. anyways I’m loving the girly chats :-)

  527. SouthernSB says:

    @Blondie & Elaine
    Other than pure enthusiasm in the bedroom I really can’t see much use for having an 18 or 19 year old man around. I guess I could perhaps teach them that sex is more a journey than a destination and doesn’t have to last 10 minutes, or that food doesn’t consist of Taco Bell, or that music is more than Miley Cyrus and Rick Ross. See that’s just too much work, I don’t want to raise anyone, and it makes me seem like I’m the Sugarmomma. Frankly at this point, I don’t want to raise anyone, I want a man who is already there, and can understand my needs as I understand his, besides I already had a mess of a boyfriend that was 11 years younger than I was, and all he wanted was someone to cook and clean while he ran the streets all night. Nope never again will I play ‘cougar” to a younger man.

  528. flyR says:

    @ Blondie ” why would a young man want an older woman”

    Because he is intelligent………..

    Why should an older SB consider such a thing ……………
    Others have pointed out that 18-20 year old women are much more mature than their male counterparts. I think one of the other differences is that young men are looking for approval and the high of sex. Young women are more likely thinking love, children , puppies eternity ( Monica is Exhibit A) .

    I don’t advocate it but I think a female teacher having sex with a male student is far less destructive than a male teacher having sex with a female student. The education establishment is constantly looking for self esteem water to sprinkle on students. The female teacher has the magic.

    As far as an SB goes I think she has to make the decision. She may be doing the young SD and his later girlfriends/wife a great favor.

  529. DarkHorseSD says:

    @Sunshine ” best actors or MPD-sufferers?”

    What is meant by those two things?

  530. Beach_Girl says:

    SunShineSD~ What? did I read right, you want to have a baby with your SBs?
    good luck with that!

    KMS~ it sound a little like eBay or the likes of… I don’t think eBay charges you that much do they? I think it’s 3% of the sale right? I don’t know, you should check it out. Plenty of sites like that…

  531. SunShineSD says:


    No racial preference. Someone intelligent, competent and well organized after a period of at least one year. If the relationship doesn’t last at least a year, there is no point trying to make baby together. A lot of things about a person can change for the better over a year, especially in the mid-20’s. She will also be more confident about herself and ready to make an informed decision when the bad habits of living hand-to-mouth existence are kicked for nearly a year.

  532. Josh says:

    This allegedly 76 year-old (maybe 86 or even 96) guy, “had a very bitter and differsult propery setrlement with my ex-wife, grown up children, and their lawyer, want ing take over both finacial and operation of my farm, that I worked hard to build up, with out any physical help from wife, I managed to keep half the value of of my farm, with no strings attached other than taking over all the loans.”

    He is on SA and wants an SB and a business partner. However, he received an advice from his mother:

    “My mother has said the best way to get to know a lady is to take her on a trip. My mother would have never done that.”

    He does not mention when his mother pulled that pearl of wisdom from her rear end; when he was a young impressionable boy or when he was in trouble with his wife.

    So he wants to take you on a trip to get to know you and make you a business partner.

    Any takers? 😉

  533. Blondie says:

    @Southern just saw your post about 18 year old guys. I agree, no way, they are far too young!! Totally robbing the cradle. Now I recently saw a SD on SA who looks interesting but he is 24 ( 10 years younger) AND he is looking for a more mature woman. The question is … why?? I guess girls that age from my experience, are immature, whiny, do shots when they’re out, can’t handle their drink etc ?? I notice where I live a lot of girls that age dress really tarty, tight bodycon dresses, slaves to fashion, really high high shoes, not very classy… anyone have any thoughts as to why a 24 y.o. guy would want an older gal?? I was also thinking about the bedroom, and us being waay more body confident and fun. So over body hang ups that I had in my 20s lol… thoughts on a postcard please….

  534. Josh says:


    What is your selection criteria, including race, for the girls you look to impregnate?

  535. Josh says:


    “I was the adult in this situation, and I needed to be the one to act responsable.”

    Interesting, all the 50 states unanimously accept an 18 year-old as an adult. 😉

  536. SunShineSD says:

    Comes to think of it, they were not that poor either. Neither were virgins. Both were attending elite colleges, and they were very clueful and mature about what they wanted out of the relationships. So much so that I almost forgot they were 19 and 20 year olds.

  537. SunShineSD says:

    Correction: “never have” applied to 18 only. There was a 19yr old a few years back and a 20yr old when we started. One lasted a few months, one off and on for over a year. Both were quite happy with accomplishing what they set out to get at the time. One probably had two boyfriends in sequence among her classmates while we saw each other. I was in my mid-30’s.

  538. SunShineSD says:

    At 18-22, girls are much more mature than boys, especially boys growing up with a silver spoon in their mouths. The early 20’s girls growing up in hardship apparently have no difficulty playing men much older than themselves.

    More importantly, an 18 year old heir to a rich family fortune has the alternative option of blowing his wad at the Playboy Mansion and/or go through the entire high school cheer leading squad the following weekend at his own pool. By contrast, the 18yr old girl in dire need of help would find herself in the street selling herself if not helped by someone who can take better care of her. Even the said Playboy Mansion only has a few slots each year compared to the thousands of girls in need. There are plenty pimps and drug dealers ready to jump her and control her through drugs. Of course I wouldn’t recommend an 18yr old girl with normal supportive family to join the sugar world for an extra pair of $2000 shoes to show off to her peers. There are however plenty 18-22yr olds who are not that lucky. At that age group, we are talking about students with special needs that can really learn a few things that they missed from their own families. It’s actually not at all easy to work with girls in that group. I have never dated (after I grew past 25) or sugared in that age group, but I do come into contact with some girls in that age group in different context and witness their much older male mentors/sugar-daddies. It’s not an easy job.

  539. Elaine says:

    @ Southern,

    Well apart from the robbing the cradle effect, I would have felt like abusing the guy.
    And even if he might look and act very mature, he IS still a kid!
    A damaged kid ….

    And even if I could really have used it very well, at that time, I never would have been able to forgive myself for using a kid, even if it is legal in theory.
    I find it too easy to say it is HIM reaching out for this.
    I was the adult in this situation, and I needed to be the one to act responsable.

  540. Kms2014 says:

    Hehe, perfect 😉

  541. Josh says:


    That’s very creative indeed. :)

  542. flyR says:

    @KMS “FlyR. I like to sell some of my items through consignment at the end of a season. I might try this site (:”

    I can see the ad already – For sale 1 pr XXX 8″ heels. Very low mileage. My SD only wanted me to wear them inside and usually with one heel pointed at Venus and the other at Mars.

  543. onyx_percula says:

    @ SunShineSD — I think the current conditions definately are having an impact on anyone under about 40 these days. I am seeing more and more girls (and I assume boys) that are not only getting cut off and booted out at 18-19 but cut off long before that.

    Think this has lead many to to take on a survival mode mentally, add in the lack of apparent consequences for bad behavior is resulting in many having a mind set that its normal to play someone.

    The human mind changes a lot when facing a storage of a critical resource. It’s an evolutionary survival tactic. We become very adept at finding a solution to the immediate shortage, i.e. money. But this mind set destroys the logic and “right from wrong” mental abilities required for long term planning.

  544. Kms2014 says:

    When you sell your item, then tradesy sends you a shipping kit in the mail(at their cost as well as they handle returns, at their cost)…and you get paid directly through paypal….thanks for mentioning this, FlyR. I like to sell some of my items through consignment at the end of a season. I might try this site (:

  545. Kms2014 says:

    Oh, wait, I take it back…if you sell things on tradesy, then they only take 9%…not bad, if it is easy to use and sell your old items.

  546. Kms2014 says:

    @beachgirl…yes, I would agree that I would not want used shoes…I guess I can understand the high end things, but there is Zara and J. Crew pictured on the page as well? I am not a label snob, but Zara and J. crew are not that expensive to start with….I could probably find new things in those brands, cheaper during a sale. But, enjoy bargain shopping, anyways (:

  547. Beach_Girl says:

    What do you mean repeat after me? I would not buy used shoes at all…

  548. Josh says:


    “tradsy is a use good online store no?”

    I guess SBs need to repeat after BG. Tradesy yes, SFA, Neiman, etc., no? 😉

  549. flyR says:

    @sun “”Just to clarify, I’m not against drugs per se for those who can afford it and manage it, but for someone that early in their life/career, a $1000-2000/mo drug/substance habit in addition to the normal living expense and tuitions may well make the case beyond rescue.””

    I’m a little harsher, perhaps from being closer and for a longer time, to the drug culture at the street level, racing and executive level. Also some aircraft maintenance issues which were drug related. There’s also the incredible social cost of drugs in terms of promising youth turned into street scum.

    There’s been a good discussion of the potential impacts of a sugar relationship on an 18 year old college student. Imagine the 15 year old discovering that she can feed her coke habit giving just 4-5 blowjobs a day in the park .

    I’ve paid my dues in terms of lost friends (both dead and lost in the flotsam of drug use) , felt the cold steel of a gun pressed to my head by a buffed out, drugged out pair of rapist/murderers and seen too many neighborhoods with the good people huddled inside. ON construction sites far too often the really horrific accidents have a drug user in the chain.

    I’ll leave the drug using sugars for someone else.

  550. aliceS says:

    Kms2014 not in Paris, but in Lyon, there are stores where grey part of a society can’t enter. Highly classes boutiques have security guy in front staying in the small corridor. From where you can get inside to those precious and beautiful things 😉 my ex mother in law works in one of them, i buy clothes 40% off :) and can pretend I’m very rich lol

  551. Beach_Girl says:

    tradsy is a use good online store no?
    You trade your clothes, shoes, handbags… I would not wear someone elses shoes, no thanks

  552. Zack says:

    Ah, yes, things that turn men off. Perhaps next week, Sugary mk IV might host, “Things that turn SD’s on.”

  553. Kms2014 says:

    Yes, some people are surprised that he went to Oxford, too..My friend used to be obsessed with his Ali-G show (:

  554. Kms2014 says:

    @flyR…I have heard about the Paris LV store…..Alice, have you been to the Paris LV?

    I haven’t heard of tradesy.com. Will look it up.

  555. aliceS says:

    Kms2014 yes I did. I saw Sascha in other comedies as well. I love his freaky sense of humor 😉

  556. SunShineSD says:

    Clarification: a current $1000-2000/mo drug habit constrained by her current income can be easily scaled up to $5k-10k/mo when she has more income coming in, from us. According to some studies, when quantity is no object, the level required for “satiation” for most people at current drug-war induced high prices would translate to about $15k/mo.

  557. Kms2014 says:

    @alice…have you seen Borat(sasha cohen’s) wife? She is really hot(I love cute redheads) and she looks 21, but think she is 36 or 37? Anyway, she is a tiny little thing and he is so tall. They both seem crazy and probably have equally crazy sex 😉

    Oh, but the Kazakh guy I dated and his roommate…well, they HATE Borat, hehe. They spoke of their hatred of Borat a lot, actually…He made their country look pretty silly, so understandable. His roommate told me that Sasha Baron Cohen said he marketed that movie towards Americans, and our ‘low level’ of humour, as most Americans probably didn’t even know where Kazakhstan was…I did not get the impression that Kazakhs like Americans much…but, maybe it has something to do with their oil 😉 Sorry, off topic again…

  558. flyR says:

    Yes-if you are featuring million dollar legs shoes are critical

    Question anybody used Tradesy.com? knockoffs ???

    I was stunned at the LV store in Paris. It was like a niteclub with the velvet ropes and doorman. You had to state what you were looking for and they just took you to that counter, browsing discouraged. Family member needed to make serious amends to wife due to extended business trip while the house needed to be packed for an unexpected move.

  559. SunShineSD says:

    Thanks. Coming from a master like yourself, the think-alike means a lot. I’m in the opposite corner of the country from you, so we can rest assured that neither of us is having MPD 😉

    Speaking of MPD, I have been reading your blog site, and noticed your rant on recent flood of fakes . . . do you think perhaps our willingness to invest substantial resources in the girl(s) and make a difference in their lives combined with the current difficult economic condition are attracting the best actors or MPD-sufferers? In addition to the SD information sharing system that you mentioned, I wonder if it is necessary to test for drugs in addition to testing for STD’s. I’m all for legalization of drugs, but I’m starting to realize that the drug war may have produced a crop of young actors and psychopathic liars who are skilled at pretending and putting up a fake front to get their drug money.

    The failure of them moving into your house and taking up a job in closer contact with you may well be due to their fear of being watched too closely and having their drug habits discovered. Not to mention that their druggie friends may well have a lot of bad things to say about you because they are jealous, delivered with the help of drugs hence especially “convincing.” Pair bonding via sex is fundamentally also a chemical process (euphoria through dopamine release during orgasm), as is exhortation through aspirations and even religious faith. Their drug suppliers may well have short-circuited the neurological pathways in such a way that none of our investment can make a positive influence on their lives.

    Perhaps a drug test, if positive a month long probation period followed by a retest to clear the hurdle may be necessary before substantial investment. Otherwise, we’d just be enablers of a bad drug habit.

    Just to clarify, I’m not against drugs per se for those who can afford it and manage it, but for someone that early in their life/career, a $1000-2000/mo drug/substance habit in addition to the normal living expense and tuitions may well make the case beyond rescue. On top of that, there’s that other influence from druggie peers that is more chemically powerful than our positive influence. It’s like dealing with the drugged child soldiers of Africa jungle wars.

  560. Zack says:

    I’m back…I had a first meet that was above my academic level. Lol. 😉

    Did I miss anything?


  561. Kms2014 says:

    Hey, SouthernSB. Weather was great here yesterday (:

    Well, yes, in America you cannot take an 18 year old to most clubs or to drink…for the sugardaddies in Europe…18 is not a problem for drinking or clubs. Just depends where they live, I guess.

  562. aliceS says:

    I would date Borat :)

  563. Josh says:


    Other than the first one, who are you quoting now?

    References please?

  564. Kms2014 says:

    Including makeup*

  565. SugarySpicey says:

    “I only date intelligent women”
    “All women are illogical, self-sabatoging and stupid”
    “Therefore I date no one, as made clear by the fact that I have not stopped posting for over 45 minutes in two months.”
    “Now back to the Chatterbatting, mommy just gave me another pre-paid VISA.”

  566. Kms2014 says:

    Thanks for the detailed information, Richard (: I am tall, so really appreciate a tall man, so I can wear heels occasionally. I wouldn’t say I am into ‘free shoes’, but just curious about the different types that are high end, yet durable. To be honest, I am not too caught up in designer labels, except for purses( I tend have a ‘hippie’ and organic outlook on things and have started using all organic grooming items, including make…and planted an organic garden last summer(well, tried my best). I can be pretty happy with shoes from discount retailers, but I do appreciate good quality. And since I would prefer not to buy any shoes(or, other items)from China, or Bangladesh, if I can avoid it(I know that some things are almost impossible to find anymore, unless from China)…then, I probably need to start investing into the higher end footwear, if not for just the principle 😉

  567. SouthernSB says:

    @ Elaine
    Thank you!!! Applause…you are a woman after my own heart. You have so many young girls around here playing grown up women games and then getting disenchanted when things go south, and it ruins them for their entire life, and I totally agree with you, there is no way I would even entertain dating an eighteen year old guy, despite the fact that he is now “legal.” He wouldn’t have any life experience and we wouldn’t have anything in common. Plus, I would feel like I was robbing the proverbial cradle, literally. I mean seriously, where can you take an 18 year old, when they can’t even have a glass of wine and they can’t get in most clubs. Not that I really like clubs.

  568. Josh says:

    I knew that women were into shoes, but before SA blog, I did not know how much free shoes meant to them. 😉

  569. Richard says:

    I notice shoes, for sure, but they don’t do anything for me alone, only on a great pair of legs (yes, Sugary, I’m definitely a leg man).

    There are some nice lower-priced shoes out there in the $200+ range. Less than that are usually poorly made with fake leather and won’t be comfortable or last long. As you get higher in price (Louboutin platforms start around $1000 and go way up from there, Zanotti start at around $750) the main differences are in the quality of the materials and craftmanship. Many Chinese manufacturers have tried to directly copy Louboutin designs, for example, but it’s not hard to see the difference.

    I’ve never worn any of them, but I’m told the higher end shoes are noticeably more comfortable and easier to walk in.

    I find that the designer shoes also tend to have better proportions and a more attractive shape. It is subtle, but I’m a designer myself (not of shoes) so I notice such differences.

    It’s hard to go wrong with any of the Italian designers like Gianmarco Lorenzi, Casadei, Guiseppe Zanotti. YSL makes some nice shoes, but they have an “older” look. Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik are very high quality, but they don’t go quite as extreme with heel height (which means they are probably easier to walk in).

    I’m 6’5″ so most women can wear very high heels with me (6″ or higher). That really isn’t practical for work or daytime, of course, or if you have to do a lot of walking…but I’m glad to lend you my arm so you can get from the car to the restaurant to the car to the elevator to the hotel room. After that, the heels will be pointed at the ceiling anyway (a saying of Sugary’s). :)

    I’ve bought many pairs of designer shoes for women in my life. I’ve likely spent more on shoes and jewelry than on restaurants or hotels in the last year (and I travel a lot).

  570. Josh says:


    I have always been a hisexuality kinda guy. 😉

  571. Josh says:


    “And once again he shows he’s incapable of actually communicating with intelligent women,”

    I only date intelligent women. I am sorry but I don’t date bitches or communicate very well with them. I don’t think that any communication is possible with bitches.

    “hence his desperate, incessant use of Chatterbate, WYP, and SA rather than actual face-to-face connection.”

    I didn’t even know what Chatterbate was before I heard about it here. It is a good site. The other site I used charged money for the same content that is free on Chatterbate. So thanks to the person who brought it to my attention. You waste your time writing a stupid book about X. I waste my time on Y. Same difference? 😉

    The rest of the sentence is a testimony to your brilliant “logic”. How can one incessantly use WTP and SA without a face-to-face connection?

  572. Kms2014 says:

    He was fun….

  573. Kms2014 says:

    True…I had a Kazakh man(not Borat, hehe) with a foot fetish, once…I always thought it was the traditional womanly role of the culture, but maybe it was the foot/ shoe thing, hehe.

  574. SugarySpicey says:

    KMS – leg men (who are hands down the best in bed) always notice shoes. 😉

  575. onyx_percula says:

    @ SunShineSD — BRAVO! But it does kind of make me worry about me having MPD, lol!

  576. Kms2014 says:

    I know– have seen Richard’s posts… ): I didn’t think most men noticed shoes, but some know their stuff (:

  577. DarkHorseSD says:

    I’m seriously considering byesexuality.

  578. SugarySpicey says:

    And once again he shows he’s incapable of actually communicating with intelligent women, hence his desperate, incessant use of Chatterbate, WYP, and SA rather than actual face-to-face connection.

    Best of luck sugar, Mwaaah! Go get some sugar, doll. 😉

  579. SugarySpicey says:

    KMS – I do too! I’ve been told that I don’t walk, I bound (IRL I’m terminally perky) my shoes take a beating. For the reasonably-priced stuff I like Nine West (but don’t tell Richard he’ll get the shudders).

  580. Josh says:


    I am extremely happy and I am pretty self-sufficent in the women department. 😉

    Again, pleade stop deluding yourself that when I write about bitches and mind fucks, I am taking about you. But if the shoe fits…LOL!

    Now I urge you to start ignoring my posts and get on with whatever. I have no interest in engaging with you, sweetheart. And I am sure the other bloggers have no interest in reading the communication between us.

    So long…

  581. Kms2014 says:

    Thanks for the shoe tip, SS. I have seen the blahniks in stores, and on the ‘Sex and the City’ show, me thinks? I tried not to watch that show…hehe 😉 I like that they sound attractive and durable. I am not a dainty lady, so I usually scuff my heels pretty badly the first time I wear them ):

  582. SugarySpicey says:

    Again, if you think I’m mentally ill, I’d think a decent guy would feel bad about exacerbating my “illness” it’s sort of like pushing a person out of a wheelchair don’t you think?

    But in truth, we both know that you’re just a lonely guy in need of a little conflict which young girls desperate to pay the rent don’t provide, and I do. You’re welcome.

  583. SugarySpicey says:

    Josh – I can see why your life is so full of happiness and women who willingly throw themselves into your bed with abandon.

    Funny, in my life, if I’ve ever hurt someone, I feel bad and I apologize. I guess some of us were just raised better than others. And you are incapable of human emotion.

  584. Josh says:


    “Josh – the hours you invested in sleuthing me”

    I did not spend hours. I spend minutes, yes. Stop putting yourself on some kind of fictional pedestal. It is not healthy.

    “and the fact that your every 4th post is indirectly pointed at me, even when I haven’t logged in for days, says otherwise, dear.”

    If I talk about a bitch, and you assume that I am talking about you then, hey be that bitch. I am not going to stop you from assuming a role in my scheme of writing about men-women relationships.

    “I will accept your word, and we can be civil – until your next ridiculous lob at “all women” as evil, selfish, supervillains.”

    That is no assurance. You will not have to wait too long until I write something about bitches, or mind fucks. 😉

    “I do wonder why you are incapable of even an iota of empathy toward me?”

    Yes, I do have empathy toward you. You need a top psychiatrist specializing in paranoia and delusion…pronto. LOL!

  585. SugarySpicey says:

    Sorry Beachy – too early for potty talk.

    Typically at photo shoots/commercials a stylist comes in to do hair and makeup – with your skills you could be great on set. 😉

  586. SugarySpicey says:

    I believe you once wrote that an apology must be delivered in a person’s apology language, and then the behavior needs to stop. If you apologize for scaring me, stop implying/actually brushing up against my private life, and begin asking probing questions when you don’t believe what I say, and/or think I’m not helpful to SBs we’ll get along … as best the two of us are capable of getting along.

    I don’t need you to agree with me, but I need you not to threaten me into only posting what is your “reality”.

  587. Beach_Girl says:

    Spicey~ ” But, we can wish in one hand and shit in the other and we’ll see which fills up first.”
    omg, I was… WAS… having a cookie lol… thanks for that image, not hungry now!!!

  588. Beach_Girl says:

    KMS~ I don’t know if I would want to go back to school …. but It’s something to think about…
    Spicey~ I didn’t even think of ads, I don’t know if I want to do ads, I would have to research what I could do and what would suit me, etc. I know I love shoes… 😀

    I’m going to have to think about every option… I’m still recovering from my injury so I can research a little in between work 😀

  589. Josh says:


    “Now try an “I’m sorry that I scared you.” And we can begin to put your social gaffe behind us.”

    If I wrote that, do you promise to leave me alone for ever, or at least a good few hours/days/weeks/months/years? 😉

  590. SugarySpicey says:

    Josh – the hours you invested in sleuthing me and the fact that your every 4th post is indirectly pointed at me, even when I haven’t logged in for days, says otherwise, dear. 😉 however, I will accept your word, and we can be civil – until your next ridiculous lob at “all women” as evil, selfish, supervillains.

    I do wonder why you are incapable of even an iota of empathy toward me? But, we can wish in one hand and shit in the other and we’ll see which fills up first.

  591. SugarySpicey says:

    KMS – when I’m buying the shoes I’m as cheap as they come, lol (though I like the look of quality and toss them as soon as they get scuffed). To me the expensive shoes are a trophy. A good hand bag will last forever and is worth the investment.

    I think the issue with shoes is less about the brand and more about the shape and condition. Even an expensive pair of sky high stilettos look cheap if the heels are scuffed up. That’s why I like Blahniks, they’re built in a way to his a little wear and tear.

    Beachy – we should find you a job working as a stylist for ads for a shoe company. Hmmm, wheels turning, how do we do this? 😉

  592. Kms2014 says:

    @beachgirl..I am unsure of your profession, but did you ever think of being a shoe designer. One of my friend’s roommates from college was going to a really good design school, for that career …It looked like so fun and creative to be able to design sexy footwear (:

  593. Josh says:


    “Leave my off blog life alone! Stay away from me outside of the blog, that’s what I keep asking from you, and you just aren’t getting it.”

    I don’t even give a shit about you on blog. Why do you think you are so “special” that I have any interest whatsoever in you off blog? You write stupid stuff. If that makes you happy then keep writing it. AGAIN, YOU ARE NOT MY MATCH. GET OVER IT.

    Disclaimer: If your stupid stuff gets too annoying then I will poke fun at it. That’s all. 😉

  594. SugarySpicey says:

    As far as “paranoid” probably. When a “stranger” spends hours trying to track you down and then shows multiple egregious lapses in judgement, it leaves a woman wondering “why is he doing this?” And “what will he do next?”

    Again, try empathy, how do you think it feels to be me, after you’ve done what you did, and refuse to recognize that it showed pretty bad judgement?

  595. Kms2014 says:

    @SS..certain people enjoy feeding off other’s emotions…I admit, I will cause a little trouble in my teasing of certain blog posters, but they deserve it most times 😉 Beachgirl is right, though…the blog is more fun when we all behave (: Though, I cannot guarantee my full adherence to this, as I can be very cheeky(please, don’t take all my digs, seriously, as I just have an evil sense of humour, at times, hehe). I lived in London for awhile, and they rubbed off on me, in that regard 😉

    Anyway, I believe there exists a SD world of $500 to $1,000 shoes as gifts, although, I have been more of a Marshalls gal, or the $200-$300 shoe range, thus far. I must admit that I will occasionally do the purse shopping thing with SD and love high end purses….However, I’m in my mid thirties now, so maybe, it is time to appreciate the proper shoe world…can someone give me a tip on what brand is best to start with? Do many SD notice the difference in the high end stilettos vs. my knock offs? Just curious…

    Good luck with your shoe shopping…that sounds fun (:

  596. Beach_Girl says:

    Spicey~ I love Shoes… I am obsessed with shoes , boots, sandals lol… yep, I should work with shoes… I think that should be my goal… shoes 😀
    Lots of black and white this year, cut out shoes too… straps. Ankle straps are in too…too many to list here.

  597. SugarySpicey says:

    Josh – that’s a beginning, that’s exactly what I want – you and I both know you are incapable of complimenting me and would only read the book in order to mock and attempt to humiliate.

    Now try an “I’m sorry that I scared you.” And we can begin to put your social gaffe behind us.

  598. Josh says:


    “Most states are community property states, and that means the wife can sue the SB for the return of all resources that her husband has ever given her . . . and if the SB has assets of her own, the wife can also sue the SB for knowingly destroying her marriage and inflict emotional hardship on her.”

    Useful stuff for SBs. Thanks for sharing SunShineSD

  599. Josh says:


    Ah, I get it. Normally, reading an author’s work is a compliment, and that’s what I had meant, in good faith, that I may even red your book.

    I have never communicated with a woman more paranoid than you are…

    How about this: I don’t give a shit about your stupid book. Do whatever you want with it.

    Is that a different kind of “threat” now? 😉

  600. SunShineSD says:


    Marriage is the most common and usually the biggest arrangement in people’s lives and throughout history. I made sure to exit the marriage before entering the sugar world. I may get flaks on this, but I’d recommend SB’s think through carefully before entering into an arrangement with a married man whose activities do not have the blessings from the wife. Most states are community property states, and that means the wife can sue the SB for the return of all resources that her husband has ever given her . . . and if the SB has assets of her own, the wife can also sue the SB for knowingly destroying her marriage and inflict emotional hardship on her.

    There’s also the issue of reliability of the promise from someone who is already perjuring himself on the marriage vow. Maybe it’s just me, I’m still honoring my marriage vow of “honor, cherish and support” to my ex-wife even after divorce; my marriage vow never involved “exclusively” or “forsaking all others.” We had to divorce because an “open marriage” would not be compatible with the public image of some businesses that we owned.

    Regarding 18yr old daughter, I do have a daughter who will turn 18 in a decade. I hope I will (still) have substantial resources for my daughter when she turns 18, and also having taught her the skills to manage her assets properly. If for some unfortunate reason, she is deprived of that financial wealth of her own, I hope she marries well, after having learned from my example what respectful and supportive men should be like regardless age difference. I actually did introduce my ex-SB to my daughter (and my ex-wife) as girlfriend, and she was indeed treated as such.

    I do not agree with the line some draw between sugar and IRL. “Sugar” is real life. The line may help BW marketing to girls reluctantly entering the field and need compartmentalization at the beginning. In the long run, such compartmentalization is not healthy. IMHO, “sugaring” is what online dating was a decade and half ago, when that too had stigmas. Soon enough, it will be just another form of normal dating. Marriages were between men and women of disparate ages and incorporated significant resources considerations for the benefit of their children throughout human history. 3 out 4 failed marriage take place not due to age difference or even lack of common interest but due to running out of money. Two druggies can have chemically confirmed shared common interest throughout the day, but how long can that relationship last without someone showering money on them? LOL.

  601. SugarySpicey says:

    Josh – you saying that you’d read my book. It shows that you won’t just leave me alone IRL. I’m afraid of you! You know that. How do you think it feels to me when you threaten to read my book (you already intentionally misquoted my podcast). What cruel things would you say, how mean would your mockery be?

    Leave my off blog life alone! Stay away from me outside of the blog, that’s what I keep asking from you, and you just aren’t getting it.

  602. Josh says:


    “and ignore, Josh.”

    Can can guarantee that YOU will ignore Josh as well. 😉

  603. flyR says:

    @Alice – I think it’s important that anybody who is not in a monogamous relationship with a monogamous partner be periodically tested. I do it as a part of my annual physical so the cost is minimal.

    The height of absurdity is the PC gestapo may prevent surgeons from requiring aids testing for routine surgery. It’s like requiring someone to handle a gun without allowing them to check to see if it is loaded.

  604. SugarySpicey says:

    KMS – you’re right. The fact that he thinks a pair of $500 Blahniks are “fiction” shoes more about him than me. :)

    All this shoe talk is getting me excited to see the Subby! I haven’t seen him in almost a year.

  605. Josh says:


    “Josh – see, when a man like you, WHO HAS intentionally hurt me writes, “You can bring your novel back to light without any fear. Who knows, I may even read it.” That is a threat, it makes it clear that you won’t just leave me in peace, IRL.”

    I am lost here. What exactly is a threat?

    I am not sure what else can I write to assure you that I have no interest whatsoever to hurt you IRL.

    Is sweetie around? Do you see any threat in the above sentence, sweetie?

  606. Beach_Girl says:

    I think EVERYONE that doesn’t have anything nice to say, shouldn’t type it in… it’s a choice here. Let’s not start something or engage, it’s pointless and will go round and round… yes, it can be hard to do, emotions get in the way, walk away from the computer, take a break… Ignore what ever or who ever is making you crazy and move on…

  607. SugarySpicey says:

    Richard and Beachy you are both far more versed in shoes than I. I’ve always key it simple, Chanel, Choo, & Blahnik. I don’t like Loubotins (to own, they’re lovely to try on) because they often look like knock offs, and the red bottoms are hard to maintain.

    I tried some red Gucci’s on for MILK once, they were gorgeous, I should have gotten them, but I got impatient when the sales lady was taking forever and I could see he was getting impatient.

  608. Kms2014 says:

    Yes, SS…just write whatever you wish to contribute and ignore, Josh. His only defense to things he does not agree with is the cry of ‘fiction’ writing, when, in fact, that is just him projecting, anyways. He just doesn’t agree with certain subsets of sugaring, and like what was said before, that is ‘his’ reality…though, I still question if he even actually dates, since he is ALWAYS on blog. Some of his rants are nonsensical at best, although, at times, he can make more sensible contributions, when he is behaving. Anyway, just do your thing as I enjoy your viewpoints (:

  609. SugarySpicey says:

    Josh – see, when a man like you, WHO HAS intentionally hurt me writes, “You can bring your novel back to light without any fear. Who knows, I may even read it.” That is a threat, it makes it clear that you won’t just leave me in peace, IRL.

    Please explain to me how I don’t help SBs? How I am not female empathetic?

    As for your decision that no SB could possibly be given expensive shoes? Why not? If an SB can get a $1,000 a month allowance, why couldn’t she get a $1,000 pair of shoes.

    Your reality may be that you can’t/won’t buy a $1,000 pair of shoes, but $1,000 pairs of shoes are being sold the world over, and I have offered to post photos of anything you believe I have said that isn’t true.

  610. Beach_Girl says:

    Richard~ nope… I thought so too when I first saw them… but Balenciaga shoes!

  611. Beach_Girl says:

    SugarySpicey~ They are Balenciaga, aren’t they awesome!!! I wish 😛 you should tell him to buy me shoes lol….

  612. Richard says:

    @Sugary + BeachGirl – I’m guessing those shoes could only be the product of the delightfully twisted mind of Guiseppe Zanotti. True? :)

  613. Josh says:


    Sweetheart, again you ass-u-me too much, including your paranoia that I am after you AT ALL.

    Why would I be after you AT ALL. You are not my match. You choose to write annoying stuff. That’s all. 😉

    You can bring your novel back to light without any fear. Who knows, I may even read it. I have NO interest in taking anything away from you, including food from anyone’s mouth.

    Also, as I suggested long time ago that you might want to bring your female empathetic persona here instead of the male-hating one.

    I don’t control this blog. It is a different story that the SA administration appreciates my contributions and has 😉 😉 acknowledged the same in the article on this page.

    In summary, write useful stuff that helps SBs and be appreciated for it. Or write nonsense and I will call on it.

    The choice is yours. 😉

  614. Kms2014 says:

    @beachgirl…yes, very fair and well-said (:

  615. Beach_Girl says:

    As for Cycles, some women don’t like to engage in sex during, it’s a preference and shouldn’t be held against anyone. Yes, there are IUDs that stop the cycle for 5 years, very affordable. Not everyone can have the IUD and when it’s due to change, you can have some complications.
    I think there are many options out there, you have to chose the right one for you. If guys don’t understand that there is a cycle…F…OFF… if your SB doesn’t want to have sex during…You can both play… if the SD doesn’t like it…GO PLAY WITH YOURSELF…

  616. DarkHorseSD says:

    It all sounds very nice and sweet what you do, but the pollution you generate with what you do threatens to make the web site too toxic to use.

    Think globally. Act locally.

  617. SugarySpicey says:

    Beachy – those are some sexy shoes! When my Subby takes me shoe shopping in NYC in a couple of weeks what are the hot new thing I should be looking for? Delightfully, the more spoiled and demanding I pretend to be, the more it turns him on.

  618. SugarySpicey says:

    Josh – why would happily married women want to get divorced do you think? Do you really think so poorly of all women that they would decide to get divorced, and disrupt their families for no reason at all?

    If you were to practice empathy, why might women be the ones who are more likely to initiate divorce? Perhaps the marriage was unhappy? Perhaps 60-90% of the divorce cases (meaning 25-45% of husbands) are bad husbands, or mismatched marriages from the get go?

    Try a little empathy dear, and see how much better the world looks, and how much less screwed over you’ll feel.

    By imagining that all women are saboteurs, you have no power, you’re just a victim to our illogical whims. But if you realize that women have motivations for ending relationships, you can understand those motivations, prevent them, keep your relationships happy, disrupt your disappoint/deceit self-talk and actually find happiness with a woman.

  619. Beach_Girl says:

    Hello Sugars 😀

    Alice~ It would be a red flag for me if he didn’t want to get tested. And no, I just met someone I don’t trust them.. They need to prove that I can trust them…

  620. Kms2014 says:

    @flYR…very true. I know a doctor who was a specialist in HIV research. I, like most, thought HIV was much easier to contract, than it actually is. Depends on the person’s own immunity(look up CCR5-Delta 32). Those lucky enough to have inherited the delta 32, were also the ones who usually survived the plague, if exposed. A very good documentary was on PBS, years ago under ‘The Secrets of the Dead-Mystery of the Black Death’, which goes into a lot of detail regarding the plague and HIV.

    Anyway, the HIV doctor I knew said that some people carry the virus for 10 years or more, and have no idea that they have it….I do not recall him bringing up the menstrual cycle playing a big role in regards to infection, but will ask next time I talk to him…

  621. aliceS says:

    Yes Sugary, I read it the same way as you. I think he is ignorant to this, and I really feel bad for his wife. Cause she will unwillingly participate in it. And pay the consequences. She will be double hurting in that case.

  622. SugarySpicey says:

    Alice – that comment is all you need. He thinks only “cheap whores” get diseases and that there’s no reason for him to ever be STD tested. Red Flag!

  623. Josh says:


    “Wat impression does she get from marriages (most men here are married) relationships and men in general?”

    Does it matter? There is 66-90% chance that she will sabotage her marriage and then initiate a divorce when/if she is married even without being exposed to sugar.

    Google this article.

    Women: Five Reasons Your Divorce Is Your Fault by Laura Doyle and click on the link in point #4.

  624. aliceS says:

    Flyr thank for the great post. I asked one sd before our meeting of course, can we have both tests after our first non sexual meeting and before our sexual. He replied, I’m surprised. If you don’t trust me that much, and insult me having some health issues, specially like this, I see now who do you think I am. And, no, I don’t sleep with cheap whores. I am healthy. Still, your comments made me think if it’s a good idea at all to see each other now.” So uhm..

  625. SugarySpicey says:

    As for changing the way we look at things, the things we look at change, I’m trying to see Josh as a person who made a very bad error in judgement and then stubbornly tried to defend that behavior instead of apologizing and promising not to do the vile things he displayed and threatened.

    I’m trying to see that he talks about “mind fucks” what he’s really saying is, “my mind has no fucking clue what this woman is about.”

    That when he repeatedly calls me a bitch what he saying is “I’m sensitive to the disapproval of intelligent, articulate, accomplished women.”

    I’m trying to imagine, “What if he isn’t a lying, creepy, troll posting from his mom’s basement?”

    In changing the way I look at Josh, I’m hoping he will change and no longer exhibit all those aggressive, angry, troubling behaviors that led me to see him this way in the first place.

    It’s obvious to all of us that Josh was deeply hurt and is very confused as to why. Clearly he’s lonely and needs friends right now’s do doesn’t know how to connect with women IRL.

    The parts of me that aren’t furious with him for intentionally destroying something precious to me, and threatening to do worse are trying to empathize, so that perhaps one day he will no longer wish me ill and I can bring my novel back to light, unafraid of what he’ll do. It makes me very sad that some “stranger” decided to destroy that accomplishment and use it against me. But we are responsible for the hatred we bring into our own lives.

  626. Josh says:


    “the first line of defense is to pick your partner carefully and to insist that they have been tested recently. If you do that you probably lower the risk of aids to less than that of your dying while driving to or from the sugar meet.”

    Good summary. Most county health departments have free or really cheap STD testing available.

  627. Josh says:


    You ass-u-me too much sweetheart. 😉

  628. flyR says:

    I don’t want to encourage anybody to do something dangerous but before they stopped publishing information on the apparent vehicle for aids transmission the numbers were something like

    90% of the newly diagnosed cases, where there was an identified risk factor fell under:
    male homosexual
    partner of male bisexual
    iv drug user
    partner of iv drug user

    Some years ago I was working on projects in LA where we had an encamped army of crack addicts living in the alley including girls and boys as young as 14. As crack addicts they were not officially in the above risk categories, but were selling themselves to both their fellow druggies (often for just the ability to buy drugs) and an amazing parade of middle class men who drive up for curbside service , often in nice cars. There’s also the army (more back then) of “coke whores” who would have sex with anybody at the party who would spare a line of coke. In the clubs of Hollywood you have the unhealthy mix of drugs, high numbers of sexual partners, iv drug users and other factors,.

    Politicians fabricated much of the risk of aids to the general population (those who did not partake in these activities or have sex with those who did). Pressure was applied to the news to stop publishing the actual stats from the health departments who were doing a great job of working with newly diagnosed cases to identify the probably source.

    I cringe at the thought of young women having anal sex with multiple men as it’s such a higher risk activity.

    In summary the first line of defense is to pick your partner carefully and to insist that they have been tested recently. If you do that you probably lower the risk of aids to less than that of your dying while driving to or from the sugar meet.

  629. Elaine says:

    Ok, here is for the SD’s that think a 18 year old doesn’t get damaged in Sugarworld:

    What if your carefully brought up daughter at 18 would make a profile here!?

    I am not talking dating an older guy I.R.L., I am talking sugar!!
    Wat impression does she get from marriages (most men here are married) relationships and men in general?

    And hey, come on, not al her coeds will be drugsdealers or xbox addicted deadbeats you have to “save” her from!
    Most are normal students like her, living a lifestyle they can afford and that is in line with their age…

  630. SugarySpicey says:

    Josh do you see your inability to empathize?

    Imagine for a moment your SB was NOT a nefarious supervillain set to claw as much money as possible from your wallet (you’ve said that you’ve developed “escort filters” so isn’t it possible she’s just a nice girl?).

    In that instance (perhaps her period came early/late/she isn’t very regular to begin with/as a complete surprise. Perhaps she agreed to the meeting not knowing that she’d have a visitor. Perhaps she knows that she is STD free. Perhaps she knew she’d have her visitor but thought your meeting wouldn’t lead to sex. Perhaps she thought the two of you would fool around and satisfy each other in different ways? There are a million motivations for her behavior that you’re closing your mind to with your lack of empathy (something I see from you regularly).

    If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. By seeing all women as lying, devious, sabatoging “mind fucks” you will find deceit and “mind fucking” everywhere you turn.

    If you practice empathy, Imagine your SB is a nice person and that you are an attractive man women might actually want to have sex with, then think about why she might not tell you up front about a condition that you find “disease spreading” you’ll actually bring happiness into your own life, instead of victim mentality and “all women are illogical mind fucks”,

    In being so angry and instantly assuming that people are bad, you create “bad” people out of “good”.

  631. Josh says:



    I like Female Condom far better than Male Condoms. FC’s let me last several hours at a time.”

    Now that’s more interesting and useful information to give female condom a try. Thanks ma man. 😉

  632. SunShineSD says:


    I like Female Condom far better than Male Condoms. FC’s let me last several hours at a time.

  633. aliceS says:

    Sugary Spicey what I meant by my post about job, whores and period. Is that, this is the only domain, where my mind can understand having sex while period. Prostitutes can’t afford to take a free day, assuming they have a slut manager, or kids, or drug addiction, or alcohol addition or everything that is listed above. And for them time is money. Period would leave them 4 up to 6 days without any incomes. So, yes. Sex in their case is a job. Vagina is a working tool. And they can’t work without their tool. Still I’m not calling a females having sex while period a whores. Nor I’m a Josh victim. I can read by myself. My initial IQ level is 154 made in 2011. Don’t think it’s dropped that low, that I can’t built my own personal opinion, about what I see or read. I have more then bachelor degree in economy. So please. Don’t try to insult me in such ways. I know and understand we have very different points of a view about sex and other things. I do appreciate 50 % of your advices, and 50% of Josh. I found out the way how to balance yours (both) ideas about seeking arrangement site and rules. And I don’t want to participate in any fights over the Internet because I like both person and refuse to take any side.

  634. Josh says:


    “Showers: Not just for periods anymore.”


  635. Josh says:



    Two words: Female Condom. Bring a few of those with you just in case. Between showering and FC, you won’t be in touch with the blood at all. Then you get to find out whether she is speaking the truth or trying to avoid sex with you.”

    Nah. She has had sex before and after that episode. So I am not concerned about her avoiding sex. You might want to ask the fiction writers where the possibility of her avoidance of sex with me came from?

    See…these fiction writers are writing fiction in real live right in our eyes. It speaks volume what kind of fiction they write about things you and I have no knowledge of to start off with.

    Also, please tell me that you are kidding about the female condoms, yes?

    Why would I go into all those preps? Male condoms are bad enough. I don’t want to deal with female condoms. LOL!

  636. DarkHorseSD says:

    Showers can help when we feel filthy.

    Showers: Not just for periods anymore.

  637. Josh says:


    Many 18 year-olds are here because their family has stopped financial support when they turned 18. So giving them a lecture on morality is not the solution. SunshineSD has his angle and provided good alternatives.

    What we need is to guide the 18+ year-olds how to select SDs carefully who are respectful and can provide them financial support to hopefully make it easier for them to stay away from drug and other harmful stuff, including the xbox playing deadbeats.

    Also, a 40+ year-old woman may feel “filthy”, and I respect that. Please don’t translate that into “40+ year-old man should feel filthy” as well.

  638. Eloquence says:

    So moving forward you have now clearly communicated to all SB’ and SD’s alike to clearly “ask” the other party. So moving forward you can never.assume one way.or the other if their were hidden intentions or pure.embarrassment to not disclose. If you did not ask her if she had her period at the moment, then why is it such am issue at all? Besides saying…hmmm.. I just learned something new. Personally, I just learned a lot myself. We are all guilty of it in some form, fashion or another in analysis of our day to day life. Give each new person the opportunity to be who they are and not under a set box parameter and I will in turn do the same when I read all the posts here!

    @ Guru

    Thanks for being on time in times of need :)

  639. SunShineSD says:


    Two words: Female Condom. Bring a few of those with you just in case. Between showering and FC, you won’t be in touch with the blood at all. Then you get to find out whether she is speaking the truth or trying to avoid sex with you.

  640. SunShineSD says:

    oops, typo: Have to _disagree_ with you on “age discrimination.”

  641. SunShineSD says:


    Have to agree with your “age discrimination.” LOL. Everyone has his/her own prejudices, I suppose. Do you really think it is better for the 18yr old to date a 20yr old drug dealer (in order to fulfill her obvious financial needs; there are not that many well paid legit jobs for 20yr old boys outthere)? or just an average xbox playing and pot smoking 20yr old who fucks her and expects her to get an abortion if she is ever knocked up? The large numbers of single mothers in their early 20’s looking for older more supportive men seem to indicate their more informed choice is not ageism. So why not cut out the detour? Whether it is appropriate for an 18yr old to date a supportive and caring 40+ yr old is highly dependent on the maturity of the youngster and what alternatives she has. An 18yr old is an adult, and there is no way any of us can convince her otherwise anyway. No, I would not want to knock up an 18yr old and therefore would endeavor to avoid pregnancy; however, the same can not be said of the self-discipline of the typical 19 and 20yr old boys who are in it mostly for the sex.

    This brings up Fatty’s earlier question regarding why each of us SD’s use SA. I can not speak for others, but for me, it’s about saving lives, two at a time: the girl and her probably child someday. I can easily find dates in real life; the sweet smell of success is a powerful aphrodisiac: business contacts of all ages and new friends of my ex-wife’s always get very interested when they learn that I’m single. I use SA for taking impressionable young girls off the train one stop before they hit the next stop: becoming escort. Females have been using sex to get what they want since before humanity evolved into existence; it’s a matter of what she gets in return for her opportunity cost. I don’t mind a young woman using me as a stepping stone to a better life on her own via either a legit professional career or a wealthier SD/husband, so her probable child can be born into a healthy environment. If she is grateful, willing and well prepared for motherhood by my quite high standards by the time she hits her mid-to-late 20’s after a few years of my mentorship on middle-class virtues, I’d even be willing to be the father of the child; obviously compared to the shorter-term engagements those more privileged slots requiring much longer term support and care from me are more limited.

  642. Kms2014 says:

    Hmmmm, hehe 😉

  643. Kms2014 says:

    Psychological projection is the act or technique of defending yourself against unpleasant impulses(or, constant blog posts/ perceived attacks) by denying their existence in yourself, while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is lying may accuse other people of constantly lying.

  644. Josh says:

    Some people are experts are making simple complicated to write fiction and more fiction followed by yet more fiction.

    Here is the simple:

    1. An SB refrains from disclosing her period. Why? Because disclosing it may cost her the meeting hence dollars.

    2. The SB discloses it when things start to get intimate, but offers to have intercourse. Why, because she is neither ashamed nor is against period sex.

    3. The SD decides not to come in contact with menstrual blood because of the STD–especially HIV–risk with a new SB.

    4. The SD is gentleman enough to give the allowance even though sex is not happening.

    All the above is clearly an indication of SB hiding her period until the last minute to potentially secure the meeting allowance, and the SDs gentlemanly behavior and concern for STD.

    However, give that to the fiction writers and they will have a field day in all directions, and will even come up with fictional biology. 😉

  645. Kms2014 says:

    @SS…or, this girl just made it up that she was having her period, in order to have the ‘less than desirable sex’ she was anticipating with this person….if, in fact, this is not just a ‘fictional’ story in the first place…tell me, how does ‘one’ have the time for intimate encounters in between a new blog post every few minutes….hehe. I think Josh is projecting, when he speaks of fictional writing 😉

  646. SugarySpicey says:

    Alice – you said, only whores wouldn’t want vacation time from their job. So, if you weren’t implying that women who are willing to have sexy everyday are whores, and that you view sex as a job, what did you mean?

    The point I was making is actually that it shows Josh’s victim mentality that he thinks this girl was being intentionally, maliciously deceitful in not telling him that she was what HE has decided is “untouchable”.

    Some men don’t care, some men apparently view women as diseased and disgusting during that time. She didn’t share the information because she thought she might be judged as less desirable, and she was right.

    Again I point out, in this day and age there’s no reason to even have a period anymore. Get a good 365 BCP and say goodbye to that time of the month completely.

  647. Josh says:


    Above is a pretty good dose of science for the fiction writers here. 😉

  648. Josh says:

    That’s good information.

    As I posted above people should Google this article as well to read up on the STD risk (especially HIV) during period sex.

    Does period sex increase the risk of getting an STD?
    By Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D.

  649. aliceS says:

    Add to this unknown male, who is probably having a lot sex on a first or second dates. And who knows with what you will return home.

  650. aliceS says:

    Other pages says
    ChickRx expert Melicia Escobar, Certified Nurse Midwife, says:

    You may be surprised to learn that a fair number of women have sex during their menstrual period. While cultural and religious taboos exist that discourage women from mixing sexual intimacy while menstruating, not only can it be safe, but there are several potential benefits! There are, of course, some risks you should consider.

    First, let’s address those risks and other considerations that boil down to P-R-O-T-E-C-T-I- O-N. Protect your sheets and throw down some towels or just move your sexcapades to the shower. More importantly, protect yourself and your partner from STIs and pregnancy (yep, still a risk when you’re on your period) by using a condom. Your cervix is slightly open, there’s lots inflammation happening and your flow is mostly blood. All of this make for a veritable playground for viruses and bacteria. And I want you safe!

  651. Eloquence says:

    @ Josh

    Lol..yes..I’m aware..and that is fair to say. Good one! :)

  652. aliceS says:

    Josh from NHA site information
    There are a few risks associated with having sex during menstruation. HIV and a few other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) may be passed on more easily during a woman’s period (both from the woman to the man and vice versa). To avoid catching HIV or other STIs, you should always use a condom when you have sex.

  653. Josh says:

    I can’t speak for other SDs but to me the 34 year-old “kept” woman’s profile, which I posted above, is so flirty and yummy that I would pay even for M&G to just hear what else splurts out of her mouth.

  654. Josh says:


    “my spelling is atrocious…”

    How about your run-on sentences?

    My apologies in advance, just could not pass that one up. 😉

  655. Josh says:

    “No one died from not having sex during period, but some may after sex with it.”

    Now this is a profound statement. 😉

  656. Eloquence says:

    ..phone.my spelling is atrocious…

  657. Eloquence says:

    @ Josh @ Alice

    Goodness me… I was simply trying to provide some other points of view. In the IRL world, tmi..I have no period, its.called an IUD. IF I had one..well no, I truly would not ome stranger/first meet inspecting me. The point I was conveying was thing of more than one “style” of woman that excites on SA so your mind.is not so rampid (my own advice taken) and then correlate that to the “period “…for example and many men would have A.different point of view. For clarity sake….no, i would not allow it unless it was a mate/long term boyfriend, if I had.one.

  658. aliceS says:

    Sugary Spicey no I’m not disliking sex. Don’t know why assume such. And for whores sex is job!! So please, don’t Change my sentences for no reason. Sex while period is grouse, and I am aware of the shower. Still, no way for me to have it even with my long life partner. There are days where we doing this and there are where we are not. No one died from not having sex during period, but some may after sex with it. You may see it otherwise, and it’s your point of view. I’m seeing it this way and it’s mine.

  659. flyR says:

    “What is the difference between science fiction and fictional science?”

    The futurists are almost always wrong and the science fiction writers almost always right…………..

    Fictional Science is the fertilizer spread by futurists to support their political/social visions and propositions which are almost always wrong.

  660. Kms2014 says:

    Hey SS (:

    I agree with what you say but maybe, Alice meant just not having sex, ‘at first’ with someone new, while on her period? I am a little on the fence, in regards to sex on during that time of the month…In the past, my ex-husband, and LTR did not have a problem with having sex, while I was on my period…and I did not either. However, I am not sure if I would want to have sex the very ‘first’ time with a man I am dating, or sugar dating, while on my period. This happened, once, with one of the first SD I had…I was on my period, and and we had been seeing each other a little while, and things were progressing towards intimacy. I asked if we could wait until the next time we met. He said he was fine with my situation, but I wanted to wait, so he was understanding with that as well….I think it is just a situational thing, as period sex isn’t that bad, but I need to feel really comfortable and safe with that person, in order to do that(i.e. like a long term boyfriend or husband kind of safe, I guess….). Although, I can be a prude at times, so go figure…hehe

  661. Josh says:

    Rhetorical question: What is the difference between science fiction and fictional science?

  662. SugarySpicey says:

    Alice – why do you dislike sex so much you consider it a “job” and insist only “whores” wouldn’t want a week off? You should look into that negative attitude toward your own sexuality, sex is amazing.

    BTW – learn to love your body and all it’s natural states. Period sex isn’t gross, you go take a shower and the bleeding usually stops for play time anyway.

  663. SugarySpicey says:

    Alice – “In some Mormons religion it’s prohibited to get marry non vaginal Virgin. Who knows.”

    No, it is not. There is no prohibition on marrying someone who has had premarital sex. Mormons believe in repentance. If you break a portion of the Word of Wisdom ( which dictates no coffee, everything in moderation, and no alcohol) or engage in premarital sex you go to your clergy (a volunteer Bishop from your neighborhood, not professional clergy like in most faiths) confess, pray, commit to changing your ways, and after some period of repentance you are forgiven and can marry in an (LDS is actually what they are called, “Mormon” is slightly pejorative) in a temple. Period, no further expectation, all sins are washed away. If you had tons of premarital sex, drugs, and boozing before you became LDS you are baptized and it’s as if you are a virgin again.

  664. Josh says:

    Rhetorical question: Is texting new nicotine?

  665. Poppi says:

    Whatever a else a Sugar Baby might do to turn off men, reading texts and texting right is up there. Set it aside for awhile. If you are addicted to texting and really insist, at least excuse yourself to the ladies room and make it quick.

  666. aliceS says:

    Eloquence I do agree it’s weird to be a vaginal virgin but experienced anal or any anal in countries like USA or Europe is very less probable. I was a vaginal virgin till 19, and other virginity I lost at 28. But, who knows. In some Mormons religion it’s prohibited to get marry non vaginal Virgin. Who knows.

  667. Elaine says:

    To get back to some former questions and discussions (and maybe change topic 😉 )

    The 18 years old asking if she is too young?

    Yes you are, ….far too young!!!
    You are still a teen and should not try to play adult games such as Sugar if you don’t have gattered enough life experience yet to be able to see this for what it really can be: Damaging and changing your view on men and relationships forever!

    Try to maintain your innocence again for a while, enjoy the company of coeds that are in the same stage of life and gain your maturity in a more natural way!
    I am NOT saying you should not be attracted to somewhat older guys IRL,
    I remember I was myself.
    No, I am talking Sugar lifestyle!

    I am 40+ and have been damaged by the bitterness Sugar at times can be!
    Immagine a 18 year old!
    Unfortunally SA is to blame for attracting those kids by misleading marketing….

    Personally I don’t even understand how a 40+ succesful person could be attracted to girls that age.
    I feel attracted to women myself at times, but can’t immagine being with someone under 30, being it man or woman…

    Believe it or not (call it fantasie if you feel too), but I have been chased by this guy , 18 years old, for nearly a year.
    Promising me everything I would if I would please, please! be his mistress.
    (easy verificable heir of an inmense fortune btw)

    Which of course I did not!
    I would feel filthy to be with a guy who could easily be my son!
    Apart from the embarrasment to be seen in public together, brrrrrrrrrr! :-(

    PS. And a virgin doing anal is hypocrisy at its best! :-)
    KMS is right, this is not a “beginners” technique….

  668. Josh says:


    I saw the movie last night. It was kinda sad. Very slow for my liking but good cinema.

    I couldn’t figure out how/why Rivka dies though? Also, how could those people have sex with clothes on?

    Youssef doing Malka was horrible. Was it because he was virgin and had no clue?

    No disrespect to religious practices but style of loud prayers was different to say the least.

  669. Josh says:

    That was a sympathetic ouch. 😉

  670. aliceS says:

    Josh I never meant to hurt you 😉

  671. Josh says:


    Ouch! 😉

  672. H x says:

    Hello, I have been following this thread and I have to say thoroughly enjoyed reading :)

    I am a newbie SB, looking to make new acquaintances and see where it all leads!
    I would love an opinion on my
    Profile? Number: 1847995 ! If anyone would be so grateful to give
    Me Some Feedback, especially any exp SD’s. I always wonder if I have said to much! 😉

    I hope to chat soon.

    Holls x

  673. aliceS says:

    I think, only whores* wouldn’t had any vacation time from their job. But, it’s just me point of view.

  674. aliceS says:

    Having a sexual encounter during the period is disgusting. I’m sorry, but really?

  675. Josh says:

    Rhetorical question: What is a mind fuck Sybian? 😉

  676. Josh says:

    Here is a 34 year-old SB. She is nice looking but she is no model.


    Occupation: kept woman, former *******

    Summary: Manual stress relief. You need it, I need it.

    Description: WOW there are a lot of beautiful young women on this site! Let me tell you what I bring to the table: I am a little older and more mature, I am educated, I am comfortable in my life and I’m not looking to change it. If you read some SugarBaby blogs a lot of these girls are secretly hoping for a love&marriage type relationship. Some of them are even looking for “THE GOLDEN TICKET” which means they are trying to get pregnant! For me, this is my fantasy to have a loving husband at home and have a lil something on the side. I love the traditional sugar daddy arrangement.

    My husband and I have an open relationship and he looooves the thought of me with another man. He has been seeing other girls for several years (he travels a lot just like you gents) but me seeing someone else never really appealed to me until recently… And now I’m on the dating scene again so LOOK OUT lol.

    To summarize, I will be a discrete, fun, sexy friend to meet up with and blow off some steam but I will never intrude in your personal life and I will never get jealous or emotional.

    Perfect right?

    Arrangement I am Seeking

    Lifestyle Expectation: Moderate

    Description: I am in grad school, volunteer time with a few organizations, am trying to start a business, and have a lot of responsibility. I am down to earth and certainly not demanding but if I were to start another relationship, I would need some help with the daily grind so I have the free time to meet.
    That being said, I only see one man at a time… between my husband and a man on the side, that’s about all the male libido I can handle! (Always taking applications hehehe)

  677. Josh says:

    For those who like to ass-u-me without asking, I have my own reasons to refrain from sex during monthly cycles. Google:

    Does period sex increase the risk of getting an STD?
    By Elizabeth Boskey, Ph.D.

  678. SugarySpicey says:

    Flyr – “happy people make fewer posts” touché! Coincidentally, as I’ve been posting less I find my happiness increases.

  679. flyR says:

    Wow, feels like another 100+ post day, dripping with anguish and occasional pearls of wisdom.

    SS – Thank you for your succinct observation that a man who stays hard buggering another man is by any definition homosexual. Also her observations about having sex during partners period … a jug of wine, a towel and thou…. it’s an adult choice beyond the universe of many.

    Elaine – For her continuing promotion of the concept that within the envelope of sugardom there’s a corner where honesty, care, intellect, character and sugar congregate. Happy people make fewer posts and the sensually exhausted even fewer….

  680. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – see I could text all day, but an hour on Skype, kill me now! Even with the Ass-Pirate, after about 15 minutes on Skype I was creating shit to talk about, I don’t have the attention span for lengthy phone chats, but nonsense texting is fun to me … to a point. I probably couldn’t keep it up for more than a week or two.

  681. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – I wish more SDs and SBs would see it the way you do,

    1. If you aren’t interested in what she has to say, pretty gets boring pretty fast (and if as an SB you aren’t genuinely interesting you’re going to have a hard time keeping a high dollar or highly successful SD).

    2. Respect social strata, I know it sounds bitchy (won’t be the first time) but if you’re intimidated by fancy restaurants and $1,500 a plate charity functions, can’t talk current events, and don’t know which fork to use, you’re probably not the SB for the über successful exec who wants an “appropriate” companion for social functions (and offers an allowance/gifts to go along with that). It doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to land Mr. Moneybags, but you’ll probably need a stepping-stone SD first. It’s fine to parlay one SD’s “mentoring” toward your future SD goals, as long as you aren’t cruel, manipulative, or hurtful.

    3- Same goes for SDs, if you pick a girl who could actually like you IRL when you were 20 years younger, you’ll probably have a better chance of compatibility. I personally find it annoying when an SD who would not expect to pick me up in a bar thinks a $300 P4P is going to turn my head. To another girl, that guy might be attractive, or that $300 might make all the difference in the world (but as an SD you should be able to decipher which pot SBs are in that situation, don’t assume we’re all one missed shift away from eviction).

    Of course, that’s just my reality.

  682. FatBastardSA says:


    I can Skype with a GF for an hour per day when we are apart, so I assume I could text a lot with her as well, but text 3000 times per month with a SB? That would probably drive someone crazy even if they were in love with you.

  683. sweetie says:

    Bastardito – “It was cool to walk into a room with the most beautiful woman around the first time but I lose interest in superficial things very quickly so no big loss for me.”

    Nice to hear.

  684. sweetie says:

    right thing and rectify, a bit redundant. Sorry.

  685. sweetie says:

    Guru, that reality check was well timed. The message can be applied to other things in life, of course.

    Sugary, I don’t know what goes on off the blog. I hope the two of you can shake hands and put this behind you. Regarding women advice, if Josh wants to listen, he will.

    Josh, I don’t know what goes on off blog. Whatever the case may be, be a gentleman and do the right thing to rectify whatever trouble you might have caused.

  686. FatBastardSA says:


    That is the strategy I work on.

    I tried to “date way out of my league” when I first started on SA with a model/actress in CA for a month. I realized very quickly I did not have the money or lifestyle to keep her around and I was never delusional enough to think I could keep her interested. It was cool to walk into a room with the most beautiful woman around the first time but I lose interest in superficial things very quickly so no big loss for me.

  687. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – for example, I’ve been texting lately with my old subby. He’s in a city I’ll be visiting soon, so why not go shopping and let him get me off?

    Outside of the bedroom he’s a smart accomplished exec at a big tech company (to clarify not a CEO, least you misinterpret) and we’ve probably texted 20 messages (total number of volleys, so more like 40-50 actual messages sent) per day, three days in a row.

    I like and respect the guy. I think he’s fun to hang around with, and the one-sided sex is fun and interesting, but we certainly don’t have any great chemistry. If we did, I could easily see the occasional 100 message day. If it were everyday, that would be out of control, but on occasion it can be fun to get chatty like that.

  688. FatBastardSA says:


    That’s fine. Every SD can read the profiles and meet pot SB’s and decide what SA means to them as the Guru stated.

    Do you text 100 times per day with your SD? I like bashing gtt_envy, but he might not be that bad a guy IRL. The best part was when he tried to insult me by bragging how his SB’s still text him 2 years after they have finished their arrangement. He could have lied and said that his hot college coeds all end up fucking him for free, but guys on SA have low expectations so I guess that is impressive to some.

  689. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi you had a really wise statement, once – “Go after women you would have been able to get when you were 20 years younger, and use the sugar to make up for the difference in age.”

    If you were a “5” at 24, sugar won’t make you a “9” at 52, and being a “5” at 52, don’t expect to pull “9’s” if you want her to be genuinely into you. If you want to pull “9’s” be prepared it’s going to be costly – in cash or crazy.

  690. SugarySpicey says:

    Guru – we’ve had our disagreements, but there I agree with you fully.

    Softi – For me, it’s about the sex, far more than the sugar (the sugar just makes the sex, sexier). Often with the men I met through this site there was no sugar talk at all, it was just a better way to meet a successful guy who would treat me well. Now, sometimes, with some guys, it’s more about the sugar – those guys are men I wouldn’t date IRL who make themselves more attractive with their wallets, oh and I like SDs who text too.

  691. FatBastardSA says:


    The above post only represents my reality of course, others may have different experiences :-).

  692. SugarySpicey says:

    I’m actually HELPING. Yes, I hate that he took something precious to me and shit all over it for God knows why, but if he would stop attacking me, he’d realize that I could actually help him understand women instead of just assuming we’re all sabotaging, mind fucking, super villains. Yes, I explain things in tough love ’cause I’m pissed as fuck at him for what he did to me. But I’m not the bad guy he’s created in his head.

    Flyr and On-xy, Richard, Sunshine, Zack, WCSD have all helped me understand things in my own life. I’ve appreciated that. I pay that back when SDs have women questions.

    Softi just insults me because deep down he is passionately in love with me, but doesn’t yet have his quarterly Reebok commission and doesn’t know that I secretly like the riblet platter.

  693. FatBastardSA says:

    This statement by Eloquence is interesting to me.

    “Let me see if understand you correctly…you pride your self in weeding out/being particularly selective in not choosing an “escortish” style of SB…because heaven forbid one single mom who is sex deprived from not getting out desides to venture into passionate sex, dirtly lust filled talk, etc in her communication or profile or an under experienced college girl decides she wants a more experienced older man and she chooses to fill the missing sexual gratificational void in her speech also to try to find a decent sex partner wiho will adorn her with lavish gifts her ex Xbox playing boyfriend never thought twice about doing….stay with me here…..”

    Women like this do exist IRL but the chances of finding them on SA is very small. The majority of SB’s are interested in getting the most money out of a SD for the least amount of effort. Every SD (except gtt_envy) I have talked to understands this and acts in a way to make sure that the arrangement is beneficial to them as well. SB’s use the site to get an allowance, once they see you as a SD it will be rare for them to look at you in any other way. Strippers/porn stars/escorts show a similar way of thinking in that once they see a man as a “customer” he will always be a “customer”.

  694. SugarySpicey says:

    Sweetie, considering the fact that he is hurting me in real life, and has yet to apologize, promise to eliminate his threatening actions, or attempt to make amends in anyway. It goes well beyond the blog for me.

    That said, I’m actually being unbelievably NICE when I point out the real motivation behind what women do. Because he is completely baffled by our behavior and instead of trying to understand women he brushes us off as silly prostitutes with “woman logic”. If he could step back he would actually learn and grow here, and maybe eventually get over his broken heart – if he would show an ioata of introspection or empathy.

    Now, he understands that if a woman waits until things are getting hot and heavy to tell you that she’s out of commission it probably isn’t that she’s trying to “mind fuck”, she’s probably just embarrassed.

    He can also take some time to evaluate why he’s so afraid of a natural human process, and eventually mature past his fears, come up with other ways to explore intimacy during that time, and get creative with “red wing” sexuality as most men eventually do.

  695. sweetie says:

    Sugary, I just want this ping-pong to stop. I know what Josh has said and is saying. I know what you are saying. Now, can everybody just play nice? It’s tiring.
    Everyone can draw their own conclusions, we’re discerning adults, after all. I had my matches with Josh and I’m done with it. He’s heard me plenty and I’ve heard him.

    • SD Guru says:

      @Kindred Spirit
      “When I clicked on your link you just posted, it took me to a blog from 2010, but I didn’t see your “Sugar Reality” post.”

      The link should have taken you right to the post. But if not then look for a time stamp of December 13, 2010 at 1:54 pm. Gosh, has it really been that long since I wrote it? Some things never change on the blog… :mrgreen:

      SD Guru says:
      December 13, 2010 at 1:54 pm

      “Realities in the Sugar World”

      I’d prefer not to see another full blown holy war on the blog over the topic of allowance like what happened a few blog topics ago. Rather, I hope everyone understands that there are different “realities” in the sugar world based on each person’s values and experiences.

      One person’s reality may be another person’s fantasy, and vice versa. It’s only natural to view other people’s reality with disdain and skepticism. But neither should assume the other’s reality doesn’t exist just because it’s different from their own.

      Whether sugar relationships exist in various allowance ranges depends on your reality. If a SB’s reality is that 5-10k/month is “average” and she has actual experiences to back it up, then that’s her reality. Her reality may not be shared by other SD/SB’s but that doesn’t matter.

      By the same token, if a SD’s reality is such that he can have good experiences at 250-500/meet and he has actual experiences to back it up, then that’s his reality. His reality may not be shared by other SD/SB’s but that doesn’t matter either.

      One may think the other lives in a fantasy world and that’s ok. But there is no need to debate ad nauseum about what’s real for that person.

      What’s your sugar reality?

  696. Josh says:

    To tell the naysayers off and to help SBs learn how to write a profile from heart, I am going to post an SB profile soon. I think that it is amazing at many levels.

  697. Josh says:


    I kinda understood the first two paragraphs. The third one went right above my head.

    Can you please use simpler sentence structure? I am NOT suggesting it to dismiss what you wrote.

    I know that you have a lot of wisdom packed into those paragraphs, but the sentence structure is just too much to decipher what you are getting at.

    If you are willing to do that, then I will respond, if you wanted a response.

    Thanks and peace!

  698. Josh says:

    @sweetie says:

    “I suggest the movie Kadosh to whomever is interested. Marital sex and life in religious Israel. Very interesting and disturbing.”

    It is available on Netflix. The blurb sounds interesting. Thanks

  699. Josh says:


    “You might be hurt or disappointed by women.
    Fine! I am by men; but no reason for me to think all men are bastards!”

    I never said that all women are bitches. There are women and there are bitches. 😉

  700. Josh says:


    “Some may find those cultures anal”

    Just a little trivia…the Muslim people traditionally use water to wash their bums after nature’s call. So they have pretty clean assholes…most of the times. 😉

  701. SugarySpicey says:

    Sweetie – did you somehow miss his various nonsense attacks, how he called me a prostitute, then continues droning on about his proxy bullshit?

    But I wasn’t attacking him, it’s the truth. If a woman makes excuses not to have sex with you, it’s because you’re not satisfying her in bed (or you’re mistreating her out if bed).

    If a woman doesn’t tell you up front about being OTR it’s not some nefarious scheme, it’s because she’s embarrassed, and a guy who “won’t” have sex with a woman when she is, is sexually stunted and afraid of the vagina during 20% of it’s natural evolution.

    Coddling a baby won’t help him get over his delusions about the “mind fuck”. You know why every woman feels like a mind fuck to a guy like that? It’s because he doesn’t understand women, and instead of trying to learn to understand women he insults, degrades, and attached false motivations to their behaviors.

    You’re not being kind in letting him live in his bizarre self-constructed world where all women are devious super villains. He’s been deeply wounded and in order to pull him out if his bitter tailspin you have to point out his flawed thinking and help point him in the right direction.

  702. sweetie says:

    Yes, Josh. I know.

    Hello everybody!
    Off topic, but somewhat sex related… I suggest the movie Kadosh to whomever is interested. Marital sex and life in religious Israel. Very interesting and disturbing.

  703. SugarySpicey says:

    According to the centers for disease control international statistics, unmarried births to teenage mothers are greater in Greece than in France, Belgium, or Sweden. Girls in Greece are giving it out the same as everywhere else.

    Men in Greece who go “Greek” because women “don’t have premarital sex” are just hiding their homosexuality. I’m sorry, but if you can keep your dick hard while putting it in the ass of another man, you’re a homosexual (not just holding out for marriage).

  704. aliceS says:

    It’s probably not in the whole Greece like that, at least I hope so. But still, it’s a cave age thinking.

  705. aliceS says:

    Kms2014 I don’t know. I never heard of this name. But I know, what my real Greek male friend told me. Cause its against the law, to try to convince a female to have sexual relationship with you if I’m not wrong. And specially for females there, the punishment is very rough. Except being threw out from your parents house forever and being labeled as the biggest slut in a world. Even if the girl were seduced by very experienced male, and was a virgin at the time. So.

  706. Kms2014 says:

    @Alice…is that why I have heard of anal sex referred to as ‘Greek’ sex?