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Brown and Beautiful


Finding a Sugar Daddy is quite similar to traditional dating; everyone has different preferences and types. Many non-white women have been fed misinformation that somehow wealthy men only desire blond haired, blue eyed women. I am here to tell you that is B.S! Anyone that tries tells otherwise is only trying to squash their competition. Don’t let yourself be fooled or discouraged.

We are all about eliminating the guesswork around here. And we all know that knowledge is useless if you don’t know what to do with it. Here’s a simple guide on maximizing your brown sugar results.

Read Profiles

This may seem like a no brainer, but the hair ripping faux pas of foregoing profile review before messaging is a common Sugar Baby sin. No matter what shape, color, or size. There are plenty of men who love Brown Sugar. However, if you waste time and patience messaging white chocolate lovers the odds of finding a Sugar Daddy will be slim.

Advertise It

You’re exotic, so stop trying to be like everyone else. A well-written profile description is equally as important as your photos. Much like how a pair of shoes can either make or break an outfit. Speaking of clothes, take a lesson from fashion. Highlight your best features and choose the right words that do your uniqueness justice.

Look Outside the Racial Box

There are more interracial couples formed through SeekingArrangement than a United Colors of Benton ad. The open-minded nature of these relationships tend to attract a certain crowd. Consider dating outside of your typical type, especially if you are new to the Sugar game.

Never dated a Jewish man before? Why not try it out? I hear their loaded and love their “African Princesses”. Haven’t dared to date in an Asian man? Don’t believe what you hear about their need for submissiveness. Most Asian countries are progressive and encourage independence among women.

Still not convinced? Here are a few inspiring interracial couples to get your creative juices flowing.

Growing up I was told that pale skin was beautiful. I spent hours in the shower scrubbing away with papaya soap and other skin brighteners hailing from all corners of the world. Magical cosmetics with the promise of snow white skin. Only SPF 60+ for me, thank you very much. It wasn’t until the winter of freshman year, when I saw girls purposefully sit out in the sun and scheduling tanning appointments before each dance that I woke up from my crème covered daze.

Don’t waste your time if a POT SD isn’t into your kind of beauty. Brown is beautiful. And many men covet a taste or full-on indulgence of Brown Sugar.

We aren’t in the 1950s anymore. Racial boundaries continue to blur everyday especially in America. Pretty soon each person won’t be a single designated race. Open your mind to possibilities and use your exotic charm. Where it used to be a disadvantage, being different gives you the advantage in this day and age.

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  1. truth says:

    Post like this sound desperate. Stop trying to make someone like you. Most of these guys are going by a standardized view of beauty…don’t get upset over it. Just find a dating site that caters to you.

    -signed a Black female

  2. Black/white SB says:

    Being mixed isn’t any better.As a newer SB who is mixed in the Midwest,I constantly am told how “exotic/beautiful ” I am but the question later comes “what are you mixed with?” once I say “black and white” usually I am dropped .lol.By BOTH WHITE and BLACK SD.However, the Asian and Latinos love me I assume because I resemble them.Yet, here I am still in search.
    This is purely an early assumption as I am new , and my profile does state mixed.I also know this site is overly saturated with plenty of SBs who may be messaging and occupying SDS time as well.So it is just an early observation.

    • Black/white SB aka lilmisssecrets says:

      Thank you.I have done all that has been suggested,Maybe it is my profile?That as well as my location(scarce for SDs).I am open to any constructive criticism someone may have for me about my profile as a whole.I actually edited twice since joining as the most messages I had coming in were men saying I was a “spicy Latina”(though I’m not even Latina .lol) ,toned it down to get my message across a bit more “gently”.

  3. P_Atreides says:

    It is true that there are many who unfortunately base their preferences solely on race. There is nothing to be done about those folks they are a lost cause, as are many in our society.

    OTOH some other Sd’s may be making decisions based on what they read or see.

    I have observed many profiles and many of the Sb’s of color have one or more of the basic omissions or ‘profile mistakes’ mentioned in the Blog designed to help avoid them.(Lack of quality/quantity of pics, lack of full bodybuilder pics, duck lips or tongue out, basic spelling and grammar etc etc) These are NOT to say, limited to Brown and Beautiful but that is the segment we are focusing on here.

    I also noticed a lot more mentions of wanting to be spoiled, direct mentions of money or desire for a ‘money relationship’ etc.

    Several mentioned or had ‘queen’ in their title or descriptive text and also mentioned wanting,expecting,or demanding respect.

    I will simply say that the entire purpose of this site is to create a situation where Sb’s can be spoiled and acquire material and experiential extras. So there is no need to belabor the obvious.($$$)

    Sooo it might be wise to create your profile to focus on what you can ADD to the SD’s life/situation.

    There is no need to demand respect; better to held in respect -and if you are not treated with respect you can block and report that person!

    There is no needxto remind fliks that your time is valuable. Of course it is!! That’s why SD’s are willing to make substantial contributions in exchange for said time!!

    In short, I would say focus more on what you have to offer vs. what you want to get and your profile will yield better results.

    Wishing you the best.

    • Valeria says:

      Thank you so much for this, it is helpful pointers, but I feel discouraged when it is the issue of colour. I am black but I am what they call a ”yellow bone” and I have noticed that white men love their black women dark, like chocolate almond-joy and I am more honey mustard.
      I find this very frustrating cause I like white guys, I find they are such gentlemen, sincere and understanding. I once dated one that looked like Chris Hemsworth, he was my very own Thor, piercing blue eyes and all. And on this site there are some fine ass white men here, I get excited just seeing their pictures, but all they do is favourite or view me. I want one that will actually take me seriously. I am really contemplating leaving this site, because issa bore being light skin.

    • brittanycandy says:


  4. Lotus says:

    When you are a person of color, especially a person of a darker color, everything is harder in life for you. Even though we may have the perfect qualities for a sugar baby, we will be overlooked and often blocked simply because we are dark. We aren’t an option. We aren’t even a figment of someone’s imagination. We know what’s real in life. We can be beautiful, sound in mind, be an intellectual being that one can duel with, both in mind and in bed. We can even understand that a SD’s time is very important and desire to be as productive as possible when available. It isn’t about the money, nor the gifts. It is the connection that matters, and everything else is added subconsciously. A SD/SB mutual relationship is a connection without obligations of a normal relationship and it allows two people to truly connect. That is what I am looking for. I have the looks and the charm, as well as the knowledge to be both submissive and primal. And yet, I have been alone for 3 years. Why? The only question I cannot answer.

  5. Rob12550 says:

    I didn’t really look for a particular skinned lady, but ended up in an SB/SD relationship that was ideal (if not too ideal). She was a dark skinned young lady who enjoyed my company (and I hers) for three years until both our fortunes changed drastically. We clicked because I respected her intelligence (and beauty) and loved trying to mentor her in her career goals. (She would also write that she enjoyed my body and what I did to hers.)

    Skin color, national origin, or previous background shouldn’t be determining factors. The mind is what is more important (in my opinion). If your basic value systems properly merge, then you’ll probably have some success.

  6. Imajen says:

    Being active on this site has been a screeching head-scratcher for me! I’ve never actually experienced being “peeked at”–without follow up! lol
    I realize that this site is specifically for older men who desire younger women. Got that. However, real-life meetings in various social venues have ALWAYS proven far more potentially “fruitful” than the interactions I’ve experienced here.
    I’ve only recently decided to attempt finding a SD, so maybe it’s really true that I should try my hand at “freestyling!” Yikes! heehee
    P.s., Thanks, Keo, for that AWESOME bit of encouragement! 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I’ve already ran across several profiles that exclude black women specifically. This is a major problem, ultimately, a lot of the profiles and the way men approach us is still upholding stereotypes and focus on eurocentricity. It’s harmful and it doesn’t make us feel safe. Not all of us want to be fetishized for our race, we shouldn’t have to play up the ridiculously outdated “exotic” stereotype and we shouldn’t have to conform to eurocentric standards of beauty. Maybe there should be a way to comb through men’s profiles as they are creating them in order to make this site more safe for black women and other women of color.

    • Anonymous says:

      well if these sugar daddies don’t like black women it’s their loss why worry about it be the best you can be not every one on here will find the perfect arrangement focus on what you want and what you can offer your daddy

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been on SA for a while now (2months) and i’ve used the boost button so many times and yet nothing serious has come out of it, i think i advertised myself well but SD are not looking at my profile for some reason or when they do they don’t message me or reply to the messages i send them. There are a lot of POT who pretend to be other people and even say that they are not time wasters when in fact they are. i don’t really know what to do because i know i don’t have blonde hair and blue eyes but that doesn’t mean i’m less important. All i want is one POT is that hard to achieve being a black girl in London. Are there any parties or such that i can attend so that if POT see me they will know that i’m the real deal.

    • Anonymous says:

      I feel the same way. I’ve been in this site for about 6 months and nothing. Il feeling discouraged because I don’t have blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m not petite and fit. I’m short and curvy in all the right places and still nothing. A lot of profiles clearly state that the men are specific looking for Latina and white girls. I wish there were more resources that actually help us. I know for sure I’m an attractive girl maybe I’m doing something wrong.

  9. Shelly says:

    I don’t know… being a darker skinned Hispanic, it’s kinda hard not thinking that the sexy, rich daddies don’t only want Blonde haired blue eyed sugar babies. I’ve come across quite a few profiles in which they capitalize “white women only!!” Or “Latina or white women only” one mans profile even said “no black girls PLEASE”. I think I’m very attractive , but it seems as though every time I try to talk to a very attractive looking POT, they never respond…. what would you all suggest? This SD hunting business is kinda hard. At least for me :/

  10. LadyLeo89 says:

    I already knew from the start that it would be a struggle being a black woman on this site, throw in being dark-skinned, over 120 lbs, (5’4, 140) while wearing weave and I might as well be non-existent. I did take into account that maybe my profile sucks, so I re-wrote it like 20+ times to get it “right”. Pics could be a little better maybe? I’ve only ran as across one profile so far that said no black women, & another said, no weaves, extensions, etc. (which I know isnt mutually exclusive to black women) but he was black himself so I believe it is safe to assume… Regardless, melanated queens do not get let this site lower your self-esteems! I refuse to let it get me down. I feel like I have a better chance of just running into someone since I’m in the Bay Area, near San Francisco. You know, land of the rich techhies. I’d rather that anyways so we can see from the beginning if the connection is there instead of anxiously waiting on an established date to roll around. Maybe you ladies can Google places where you can meet potential SDs, like at charity events and such. At the end of the day, don’t let these shallow rich men convince you that you’re not good enough!

  11. okaaaay….this is insane. I see two ignorant shallow douchebags that are most likely the same person speaking negatively and saying hurtful things just to stir up drama, and then there are women that are actually allowing these words to get under their skin. Smh…

    Well here are a few facts according to this Lovely Brown Queen…
    First of all to the ignorant S.O.B. that said single moms bring drama, or that the state is raising our kids, lmfao. Uh…no. I take care of both of mine with no problem. And that is by CHOICE. And I would like to add that One of my kids dad is full blooded italian. I choose to put distance between him and my kid for safety reasons and to ensure my child grows up healthy and not like something out of goodfellas. That was just tasteless and tacky, just like everything else you have said. It sounds to me like you are sour about something…what happened? did a colored girl laugh at your SHORT CUMMINGS below the belt? Did she tell you she wouldn’t give you any vag but let you go down on her and farted in your face? Did she tell all her black friends how you cried when her brothers beat you up? GET OVER IT BRO!!!! That has nothing to do with us. Don’t make your sour grapes our problem. Why are you even on this blog if you have such disdain for “nonWhite” women as you so idiodically put it? That’s all i have to say about that.
    To you other black women on this site, I say…do not ever fault yourself for things you cannot control. We never asked to be any shade. Its the hand we were dealt. True we wake up daily with odds stacked against us. This site is no different. But You must KNOW without a doubt,…you may not be a match for everyone, but you are perfect for someone. I don’t really worry much about how many hits I get, as I have been in a sugar arrangement for 5 years now with a white man. They are out there, I promise!!! but you have to be the best YOU that you can be. the harder you work to perfect the things about you that bother YOU..the less you will worry about what anyone else thinks. And confidence is key! how dare you let the opinion of anyone especially an ignorant stranger affect how you see yourself?! You are only as amazing as you allow yourself to be.
    Be glad to be you. could be worse…You could be her…or her….lol just saying

    • Alexis says:

      I do not know ,but you made me feel much more better after reading your post!!
      Especially the part where you said,”you may not be match for everyone but you are perfect for someone “..
      Is just a motivation not to stop searching.
      I literally updated my profile bare time yet no luck to find someone worthy enough of my time.
      I start to think there is something wrong with my look or perhaps my profile ..

  12. Anonymous says:

    This post is awesome!!!I was so worried that me being a melaninqueen would be an issue.

  13. Cocoa Butter Kisses says:

    When I signed up I honestly thought I wouldn’t get hits because of my race but that was a joke. A lot of these men are open and even kind to us girls of darker tones. You just have to reach out to the right ones. You’ll see guys with “Asian, White, or Latinas only” but don’t worry, someone better and more open minded will come by. Keep your chin up sis, your brown/black is beautiful. ♥

  14. Welhemina says:

    I need sugar daddy who will spoil me.treat me lyk a Queen

  15. Keo says:

    It is, what it is. Men have their preferences.

    For all the women who get hit on in real life… Try to get an SD that way. That’s how I met my SD turned boyfriend. I have 3 strikes. I’m black, I’m over 35, and I’m….curvier ?. But after not much luck on here, when a very attractive older European man started flirting with me, I let hm know that I really didn’t have time for relationships that aren’t mutually beneficial. He said he would make it beneficial. We flirted around with words but we both knew what I was talking about. Lol. Now over 2 years later, and 5 different countries, we are still going strong. Don’t give up ladies. There is someone for everyone. It also helped that I went older. He’s almost 20 years older but we are a great match.

  16. CandyK says:

    Its funny to me that most of the brown girls leaving messages on here have the ‘woe is me’ yet the white guys on here are saying they do not mind some brown sugar. So who are the men you speak of? because i have been getting a steady flow of messages and did a search in my area and even internationally I have rarely seen this ‘prefered race’ text by white men. There was one on here that said ‘no ebonies’ he was the only one and even then, he still ALWAYS (i mean, every day) views my profile. I get the feeling they are just shy or most have no experience in dating outside of their race etc I don’t get the hateful sort of vibe from them at all. Black men however….

    But they aren’t my preference anyway and that is another story.

    • Anonymous says:

      The things that put me off about some black women are the same things that put me off some white and/or Asian/Hispanic women. Cheapness, trashiness, greed, shallowness to name a few.

      If I were put off by a white woman than that white woman wouldn’t have anything to say. But if I didn’t like a Black/Asian/Hispanic one than she plays the race card.

      It is deeper than skin colour ladies.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I love Black women and Asian women. White women not so much. I guess I am a racist. By the way I am white LOL!

  18. LINDSEY says:

    I must say here in the Uk, being A black SB has been extremely successful for me. I don’t know why it is difficult for some in America. Black SBs are the sought after here, depending on physical looks of course. At the end of the day, Us SBs have to realize that so much has to do with your profile, how do you look? It’s not always about skin color or geographical location, sometimes it’s how you portray yourself on your profile and your picture. A good profile picture is key! Invest in your profile! Be patient and the right SD will come. The Sugar Bowl isn’t for everyone. Don’t force it! if you think it is not working for you, well you know what to do.

  19. BlackGirl says:

    It has been very difficult for me to find a SD. I like white men, especially European. If anyone is interested, send me a message. I am beautiful in a girl-next-door kind of way. I look forward to hearing from you.

  20. a says:


  21. Madison says:

    As a black woman, is all this a lost cause? I have been here for a couple of years and I have never been in a relationship. I have been nothing but genuine, attentive, and positive fromy profile to my messages. I have met with a couple of POT but after, I wasn’t contacted again. There have been several time I would message a SD I’d find interesting, and everytime, I would either be ignored or simply blocked. There are so many men that do not want to risk a black female, but I have so much to offer, and I am shot down. Am I that unattractive? I think of myself as a beautiful woman, I have charm, I am college educated and intelligent, I have a career, I have goals, and I am young woman who is attracted in older, established, powerful men. I’m not sure where I come off as someone to be blocked. I know a couple of SD”s were scams that I called out on, but to the real men, here is a real woman. What about me don’t you like?

  22. Anonymous says:

    As a black woman, is all this a lost cause? I have been here for a couple of years and I have never been in a relationship. I have been nothing but genuine, attentive, and positive fromy profile to my messages. I have met with a couple of POT but after, I wasn’t contacted again. There have been several time I would message a SD I’d find interesting, and everytime, I would either be ignored or simply blocked. There are so many men that do not want to risk a black female, but I have so much to offer, and I am shot down. Am I that unattractive? I think of myself as a beautiful woman, I have charm, I am college educated and intelligent, I have a career, I have goals, and I am young woman who is attracted in older, established, powerful men. I’m not sure where I come off as someone to be blocked. I know a couple of SD”s were scams that I called out on, but to the real men, here is a real woman. What about me don’t you like?

  23. Madison says:

    Is seeking a SD as a black woman a lost cause? I have been here for a couple of years, I’ve been on a couple dates but I’ve never entered a relationship. I’ve always been respectful, sweet, and humble about my desires in a relationship as well as in an allowance. I have only been met with rejection at every turn. I would message someone, only to see that they have read it and decided to block me. I have been blocked a considerable amount of times for a cheery message, and knowing that I would have to work harder, I have tried and tried, but it seems to me like all SD”s out there would rather never deal with black people, despite how different we are from one another. I’m not hideous, nor am I without a curvaceous figure. I genuinely seek a connection but it seems like I am heavily unwanted. What should I do?

    • Lee says:

      As A Black SD on this for about 5 years off and on I struck by the comments of Black women on this site as almost exclusively commenting on their desire to have relationship with white men and their disappointment when they feel rejected. I have dated mostly black women on the site because that’s my preference as an older man who wants to date younger ladies. I will and have dated ladies of other ethnicities. the idea of putting my own sisters down for the empowerment of someone else is not something I’m unwilling to give anyone else on this or any other site. If ladies of color feel dismissed and undervalued on this site maybe it’s because you are doing it to yourselves and all the men black and white are treating you accordingly.

  24. Kitten says:

    Goodness. I heard about this site today and thought I’d take a gander to see what it was all about. I’ve not joined. Only viewed the About and now Blogs. Can I say…very discouraging.

    Let’s start by saying; to exclude an entire race of ppl is most definitely bigoted and racist. Period. It’s not about preferences. Facial features, tone of voice, hair, lips…etc. All these feature we may find aesthetically attractive can be found in ALL races of women; from slim noses, to long straight hair, to full lips, to coloured eyes, to slim or voluptuous figures, …so what is not level-setting the playing field is Colour. Let’s call a spade a spade and move on.

    Secondly…who cares if the men have a racial preference? They are investing in their fantasy part-time companion and doing the SBs a favour in exchange, truth told. Why can they not have a jewel of their choosing on their arm, no matter how shallow their character may be? This whole set up is rather shallow and superficial, yet it seems ppl are expecting something of quality and substance. Lol.

    First step- stop that expectation. You want funding and they want a fantasy. If you are not their fantasy, onward and upward to someone more compatible with your ideals, moral codes, and open-mindedness.

    Second step- Quality, not quantity. Trust me…money does not make the former. Don’t get hung up on how long you’ve been searching or how few men show interest in you. Do you want to be part of a buffet or a main course? Patience. You too, are someone’s fantasy. See? 🙂 Simple.

  25. Tapiwa says:

    I was just reading the comments on this post and I would like to say that even though it seems like the majority of guys on here aren’t into black girls, there are a quite a few that are! Within 1-2 weeks of joining the site this Christmas just gone I had quite a few guys express their interest, and they were even willing to wait quite a few weeks until I had finished my exams to meet up with me. And yes these were guys that made good money (at least £250K)- though this wasn’t a priority for me. I might be considered pretty but I’m certainly not beautiful. Maybe I just got lucky or maybe it was personality or maybe men in the UK are a bit more accepting that those in the US. I don’t know. Whichever way I say just be yourself, be chill and don’t let those that aren’t interested bring you down. You know you have a lot to offer so that’s their loss if they decide not to give you a chance. Don’t let it bother you. The right ones should come to you in time :)Please don’t take this post as me being ignorant to the fact that this is an issue for a lot of black girls though. I’m just sharing my own experience in an effort to give a bit of hope x

    • EIM3L says:

      The men in the UK are certainly more open to the idea…I know because I’ve lived in London for 5 years and now in the US.

    • Alexis says:

      And how did you get so lucky?!
      Any tips

    • Anonymous says:

      I think one of the things that is missed by the women commenting, which isn’t surprising as they don’t see all the other women, is that black women make up a much larger percentage of the potential SBs on this site then they make up of the population. For example in my state (I’m in the US) the population as a whole is 71% white, 22% african-american, 10% hispanic and asian and native american make up the rest. Now, looking at a search without filters in 100 mile radius of me and going through the first ten pages of results what I am seeing is the potential sugar babies are 40% white, 40% black, 20% everyone else. So there are almost twice as many african american SBs than there are african americans in the population, food for thought.

      I myself am a huge fan of this imbalance, gives a chocolate-lover many more options to find the perfect match.

  26. goldencanary says:

    The comments on this post are so disheartening. As a black SB, I guess I’ll need twice as much patience and self-confidence to find someone who values me. I just hope my self-esteem doesn’t take too much of a beating in the process :-/.

    • Anonymous says:

      sad but the struggle is real good luck in your search

    • Anon_SD says:

      I’ve found on this site that in my area, pretty much every SB has a problem finding a legit SD. Regardless of their color or attractiveness. SB’s outnumber SD’s hundreds to one, you don’t play those odds to win.

    • Dazed-SD says:

      @goldencanary and all the other Black SB’s. It is simply a matter of doing this site correctly. Sure this site can be difficult (for any woman) if you make it that way. As a man from Michigan/Detroit area (and a buddy of mine is on here too) who simply prefers Black woman. Let me give you a few tips and I’ve been dealing with women here for quite some time, some very successfully and some very difficult to deal with.
      First, keep your lifestyle expectations reasonable. What most women here don’t understand is, be a good SB, reliable trustworthy and the man will give you far more than what you put in your profile expectations once you have established you’re a good SB.
      Second, post good pictures. Not ones with your tongue sticking out, 3 different hair colors etc..I’m not saying naked or Bikini shots, classy pictures but showing your curves or shape if you will, let us see who we will actually be meeting.
      Third, be responsive. If we end up texting to make arrangements, don’t ghost in the middle, then respond 2 weeks later with, hey baby, what are you up to ?
      Fourth, prove you are honest reliable and that you actually are in this for the long haul if you say you are. If all you want is short term, super, but the same rules apply, be responsive and reliable. nothing worst than a woman who always cancels. (I know men do the same thing) I could go on, but I hope you all get the picture.

      I know this works, I’ve had a couple real good shortish term SB’s here.
      My friend that’s on here, a woman joined on her first day, she saw my buddy, wrote him a little note, he replied, they met 2 days later, and have been seeing each other twice a week for several months now. She’s a beautiful black woman who does what she says she’s going to do, she’s honest, reliable and responsive,, so from 2 white men who love black women, it works very well when YOU do it right ! and to the White men, you always say you don’t like Black women, until you have one ! 😉

      • EIM3L says:

        I couldn’t agree more with you Dazed. I’m a black woman and I haven’t had any trouble finding a good SD in my area (Ohio). You

    • Anon says:

      You can starve to death waiting for someone who “values you,” or take a perfectly good offer. Many comments are from people who won’t take perfectly good offers. Others are from people no one would have anything to do with so they decided to go online and charge on top.

    • Dazed-SD says:

      @Golden,, I hear the same thing from all SB’s not just “Black”SB’s
      Present good pictures, send and introduction to the ones you might like, don’t wait for them to email you first, be responsive, don’t ghost for weeks like most do, be real in your expectations. All SB”s need to understand, keep your lifestyle expecation reasonable and if you are a “good” SB men will give you far more than you ask for, so get them hooked and you will be surprised. 😉 and as far as being Black, most men don’t know what they’re missing, until they try it ! (for anyone thinking negative,, that’s a compliment) I love them ! 🙂

    • Dazed-SD says:

      @Golden,,not true..LOL there are a lot of Men like me and a friend of mine here who adore Black women, few tips, good constant pictures maybe one flattering, be honest, be reliable and responsive to emails and text.
      What most guys don’t understand is, they don’t know what they’re missing until they tried one ! 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      I see profiles of men looking for black women. What state are you in goldencanary?
      sister sb

  27. Browndess says:

    I just made a profile here yesterday I’ve gotten a few messages, but all seemed to be from scammers or white men who gave me their number in and or email in the first message without even attempting to converse for a little, I’ve also had 3 black men write me, all using slang and talking to me as if we weren’t on a sugar dating site, as much as I’d love to have a black sugar daddy I notice most black men on this site are of low class and are using this as an equivalent to other dating sites thinking they could hit it off with black woman and sweep an arrangement under the carpet. And as many others said I’d assume the black men that aren’t of “Low class” are going for women of races other than their own.

  28. Dazed-SD says:

    I guess this is what gave me the impression, ” I need tuition money which isn’t much. I drive a Mercedes, not a Geo Metro. We wouldn’t be on here if we didn’t actually want/need the assistance”

    • Anonymous says:

      Most men are not real about what they want. I went on a date tonight and he grabbed my ass at the end of the date. He kept telling me he was aroused during normal conversation, now if I told him… That’s nice I need some money if your going to keep groping me, then what. You find a pretty and smart sugar baby and get mad when she wants money but all you want is nice young wet ppppp. Don’t be scared or mad to pay for what you want we are ALL on the site for that reason. My name on my page Brittanycandy…. Real woman I joined when I was a girl and I have learned a lot… For one men don’t know what they want.

  29. Minxx says:

    I’m a very attractive Brown sugar baby but I am finding more and more Black men coming to this site specifically stating that they’re against dating US as well. You expect racism from other colors but everyone, everywhere is seeming to shun the Black Woman. Everyone has their preferences but my bank account sees no color when it comes to those blue Benjamins being deposited. I have more White men who openly flirt in public than who approach me on here. Then its all these stigmas: Black men are broke and selfish, White men have all the money and spend generously, Black women are all like Shenehneh Jenkins, etc. Lets be clear: Most men I’m running across on here are perpetrating to be well-off and when it comes time to talking numbers, all you think we’re worth is $300? The new key fob for my Mercedes I picked up last Friday costs me $253 & the WHITE service advisor at the dealership refused to charge me the extra $50 programming fee. So what on earth can I do with $300? $500? If that’s all you have to offer, cool. Just don’t call yourself a sugar daddy. Men were giving us $300 back when we were teenagers and we weren’t even sexually active yet. So yes, at 33 years old, I EXPECT MORE. I’m trying to move my salon from my home and buy a building. I want to become a massage therapist as well to incorporate that into my whole health and beauty business so I need tuition money which isn’t much. I drive a Mercedes, not a Geo Metro. We wouldn’t be on here if we didn’t actually want/need the assistance. My Black sugar daddy died of a heart attack last August and oh God how I wish I could bring him back lol He wasn’t super wealthy but he definitely gave whatever, whenever. I think we all appreciate honesty in these profiles when it comes to dating preference so neither party is wasting their time but be honest about your pockets too…If you’re only making 100k a year and your net worth is 100k, how in the hell do you expect to pay your own bills and shoot me no less than $30k a year without ending up filing for bankruptcy? Its a pretty fun site and some profiles are hilarious to read so I hope we all can continue to make the best of it until we find our match and can delete these profiles for once and for all…yeah right lol

    • Dazed-SD says:

      @Minxx, You are exactly what you’re complaining about with the men. You’re broke, but drive a Mercedes,, makes sense ! LOL

    • Minxx says:

      My Mercedes was a gift paid for in cash. Get on the level of real Sugar Daddies who have real $$$ before judging.

      • Anon says:

        Get on the level of real sugar babies worth “real” money before complaining.

      • Madison says:

        @Anon What sugar babies are woth “real” money to you? And are black females even included in that category?

      • Anon says:

        The ones that provide something worthwhile. Black females are included in that category.

      • Carl says:

        @Maxine I read your earlier comments and you make some pretty good points, however I’ll take this one opportunity to give the “other side of the story”, at least from an African American SD. I agree with some of your discussion but take exception to others.

        I’ve enjoyed the sugar life for a number of years now, and am speaking from my experience only as the next SD may/probably will have a different perspective.

        My profile states I prefer African American or Mixed SBs as I love woman of color. I try not to be judgmental as all have their own preferences and I hope all respect mine. Besides who am I to judge what another likes or dislikes.

        My thoughts:
        “It’s close, but a great personality wins over beauty all the time.” A SUGARBaby is supposed to be sweet in my book. Ever bite into a cake or pie that wasn’t sweet? Disgusting. Who wants a demanding, unsatisfied, diva (and pay for it) – I had that when I was married. A sweetheart who may not have all the looks beats a beauty who is an a*** every time.

        “There is no Dollar Minimum or Max To Be a SD.” I’ve had arrangements (long & short) ranging from $300 to $3,000, all women of color. Enjoyed them all as the $$ depends on several things – there is no cookie-cutter solution to this. But I choose not to look down my nose at someone who doesn’t have as much as the other guy to spend, each should stay in their own lane. Besides the SB to SD ratio is 10-to-1 or more, so regardless what your spending budget is, you can find someone with wants & needs and is OK with it and that’s THEIR business. Splenda to one is Pure Cane Sugar to another.

        “I avoid SBs with GPS like the plague.” No not the GPS on your phone, and the G stands for Golden (not Gold – look it up on Urban Dictionary). More SBs today are afflicted by this syndrome and I can spot them a mile away. The attitude (dating them is a privilege) and conversation (expects a lot because they are attractive) gives them away early even before discussing $$$. My advice. Run.

        “I don’t care about your bills and expenses”. I care about what I’m going to get out of the deal (cost vs. benefit), just like you do. That doesn’t mean I won’t be a gentleman, treat you royally, and give you gifts and trips, it just means what you do with the $$$ I give you is your business just like what I do with my $$$ is my business.

        Just a few thoughts, there is more to be said but that’s it for now. Happy hunting and be safe.

      • Madison says:

        When you say something worthwhile, do you mean something that’s “too good to be true”, or something thats, “I’ll do anything to get this because it’s worth it for being etc.”? Dictionary definition of worthwhile is “worth the time, money, or effort spent; of value or importance.” What’s worth it if everyone has it? Looks? A vagina? What makes the difference that every SD wants but no one hear appears to ever get?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Only if brown means latino or hispanic

  31. carameldreams14 says:

    I just wanted to say that I find this post and this site to be nothing but a perpetuation of the very colonial viewpoints that make it difficult for POC people to find sugar arrangements. First of all, I find it funny that yt SDs can be selective in what they don’t want (i.e. putting on their profiles that they don’t want black or bbw sbs, making weight and lifestyle requirements for sbs, etc.), but when it comes to sbs being selective, people all of a sudden have an issue with that. Secondly, there is still a lingering stigma that POC sbs are “poor” and “money hungry” which automatically makes them undeserving of these forms of arrangements. Obviously, there is statistical evidence to prove that POC people aren’t the most poor individuals in North America, but I am not going to touch this subject because that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to say that as a beautiful plus-sized and black sb, I do find it extremely difficult to find SDs. When I do find them, however, they are almost always a scammer looking to prey upon the preconceived notion that I will jump at anyone that waves a dollar in my face. First of all, you have the right idea but the wrong person, and secondly just because I’m of colour does NOT mean that I am undeserving of a sugar relationship. I wish there were more people that were receptive to poc babies, but I liken wishing for that to winning the lottery.

    • Cocoa Butter Kisses says:

      Its hard for us out here I swear and you hit the nail right on the head. They prefer blondes with blue eyes who tan, get big lips, and their butts done to look like who? Us…. the irony. We have to work twice as hard to collect scraps, but of course we push through. It’s rare but you’ll find one who you like and I hope it is soon. Good luck to the POC SBs out there.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I’m exotic runway model, I intimidate men as soon as I walk in a room. I say this with humility, but I want to make a point. Most of the men on this site have what I call the “HH Sydrome (Hughe Hefner)” For some odd reason they seem to think blonde young girls make them look good. Many women are quite envious of exotic beauties. We are natural, and crazy passionate. Women see me, and instantaneously covet what I have. My Irishman of 5 years, never had to deal with as many women pursuing him until I came along. Blonde women are a dime a dozen, just go to the local CVS and pick up a box of hair dye ( no disrespect). Exotic beauties are rare. I find international men more refined and open to the diversity of the world than those who suffer from HH Syndrome found mostly in America…LOL I have been on and off this site for a bit.. although I receive numerous request for photo view.. I too have noticed quite a few profiles that state “not interested in black women”. They are usually profiles of old, closed-minded, pompous, and insecure men. It’s their lost.. nine times out of ten.. I would never give him the time of day if we met in person. So to my exotic sisters.. just know most of these guys are caught up in a bubble of ignorance. Humans come in all colors.. an environment breeds ignorance, hate, racism, crime.. etc.. (not a skin shade). It is not you, its the HH Syndrome he suffers from. LOL!

  33. Caramelbaby934 says:


  34. Caramelbaby934 says:

    I’m a young ,brown sugar baby and I’ve been on this site for a few months now, but I often see profiles saying ” I don’t date black women” or “seeking white ” “blondes with blue eyes “etc.
    I receive a fair amount of views , but the sd’ s won’t message. Which is write to me because I get hit on often in public, by men of different races, but mostly white men, but I’m not having much luck on here.
    Can someone take a look at my profile and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    • sd with open eyes says:

      Are you Caramelbaby934 from Toronto Ontario Canada?

      • Caramelbaby934 says:


      • sd with open eyes says:

        Great! Normally I have zero luck finding people without their location.

        As for problems with your profile, the biggest thing wrong is that it doesn’t have enough about why it would be great for a sugar daddy to have you as a sugar baby. A smaller problem is the line: “I am not an escort.” That is usually interpreted by sugar daddies that you are one.

      • sd with open eyes says:

        I don’t think there is a lot wrong with your profile. Just two tips: 1) Saying that you are not the e-word is a bad idea. It is best not to mention stuff like that at all. 2) Try to read your profile from a Sugar Daddy’s point of view and ask from his perspective: “What’s in it for me?”

  35. anon says:

    this is supposed to be about brown girls and where are the brown women in the pics? let me get my ass off this site. i bet i put a stock photo of a white woman on my account and i’d have tons of responses.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hello~ I am A Single Black Female and have had a profile on this site for several months, and have never gotten past being viewed and maybe told “Hi” at the very most. I am not only a black female, but I am in my 40s…. being that 99.9% of the SDs On here are looking for teen-agers (18,19)or twenty somethings, I’ve had pretty much next to no responses. I know a young mixed race girl on here that doesn’t look black, and she gets SDs hitting her up CONSTANTLY. I guess an older chic can’t even just get an older SD, hell, the only ones I check out & may say hello to are in their mid 60s, 70s, or 80s, and even they are looking for young girls, preferably white. “Oh Well.”

    • sd with open eyes says:

      Instead of blaming things that you cannot change, you might consider examining things that you can change: your picture and profile. Maybe something in your picture and profile is scaring people off?

    • notgonlie says:

      First, I date very dark skinned women almost exclusively. As for 40 somethings? It depends on what I want to do. If I’m looking for an activity partner to go catch a show with, I’m searching for 35 and up, but honestly if its more of a sexual liason, younger women are more available, sexually attractive and willing. Its just facts. Just like women are more attracted to taller men, we’re more attracted to younger women. You just have to deal with it. You got in the game late.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be honest I date almost exclusively black women because they know how to treat a man.

  38. Shannie says:

    I snag SD’s on this website (ok well I’ve snagged two) in the past, but it’s always been a matter of luck. I never see profiles that say no white, asian, or latina women. It’s fucked up, these men would be fortunate to get even a quarter teaspoon of my chocolate treasure and they have the audactity to turn ME down?! *humph*

  39. Vondalee says:

    Just curious!

  40. Anonymous says:

    My p3nis is color blind.

  41. Anonymous says:

    what is going on/

  42. Madison says:

    I have been on this site since 2015 and haven’t been lucky. As a young, black woman, I can definitely see that I am considered second rate to all my other counterparts, even though I know I would bring more substance to a relationship. I’ve never been the narcissistic type, nor have I pledged to take all an SDs money on my profile, but simply because I am a WOC, I am not given a second thought. I did meet a potential once, and while he did have the money to be a part of the lifestyle, he used me and gave me nothing. I was taken thoroughly advantage of it hurts to know that it happens to many. When you try to be a genuine person, eager to converse, please, laugh, and experience, but every POT around you is a scumbag, what hope is there?

  43. Anonymous says:

    I have been here since 2015, and being black and curvy, there is literally no luck. Perhaps it is my lack of photos, though the only male I ever encountered on this site was definitely a salty one and while he had money, I received nothing. I was naive and stupid to believe him and he took great advantage of it. Is it because I am black and he was white? I hope to think not. I’ve tried to portray myself as someone with a loving personality, a person of substance, intelligence, witty humor, a person one can laugh with. But I think my “2 strikes” as the female below me stated knocks me out.

  44. Matty8 says:

    It’s really difficult to take the site seriously. I’m African American and a BBW. That’said 2 strikes, 3 if you’re counting the fact that I’m over 30. I’ve never been told that I was ugly. Hell, if I am then I’d accept that as reason why men either don’t respond or block me immediately.

    Currently, I have a “sugar daddy” that’s feeling like a salt daddy who enjoys texting all day and will not confirm my role in his life. I’m constantly editing my profile to ensure that I’m not sounding like a jerk. I even dumbed down my education level. Doing this got me the one SD that I have.

    • Judy Baby Xo says:

      Wow I’m sorry you’re going through that. I also had a case where I met with a sugar daddy, he paid me $200 but now he’s ignoring me after I asked if we could get together. I asked so saw him online today so I DEFINITELY know he was ignoring me. I reported his profile to SA. The arrangememt was $200 for 6 pay per visits until a $2500 monthly allowance is to be established. I was very sweet and flirty with him on our first date. He also texted me telling me how I was one of the best sugar babies he had ever had and he’d like to get together again. I’m not sure if I was too needy but I only texted him because he told me he lacked communication skills and I knew he had kids so he’d be busy.

      Not to mention, he also called me “relatively attractive” but told me I had a nice body! I was offended by that but I bit my tongue because I wasn’t sure what it meant until I really thought about it. I also asked him what type of women he likes and he mentioned JLo and Halle Berry. Non black women. I’m a dark skinned black woman… ?

      To me, it’s like your worth is lowered when you’re a black sugar baby. These white men treat you like crap. It’s horrible. But you compromise your self – respect for the money. I know if I was white I would’ve had a sugar daddy by now. I just know it ?

      • Judy Baby Xo says:

        Actually saw him online today* Sorry my phone sucks! ?

      • Um, 200$ per meet? sounds like you lowered your own worth, that’s low ball if I’ve ever saw it.

      • CandyK says:

        Im sorry but i have to be honest. Most of you ‘brown girls’ on here are saying you are alot older and BBW so what do you expect? it is not a race thing. Men in general are going to hunt for the attractive women. Nothing to do with race. Im black and I have never once been treated differently..but perhaps it is because I am attractive? who knows. You black chicks on here sound pathetic i refuse to believe these comments are real.

        Are you kidding me? being a brown sugar baby is a benefit more than a hinderance. Us younger brown sugars know that 🙂 we stand out and like one of the users on here said…’blondes are a dime a dozen’.

        Please stop the ‘woe is me’ complex. Sick of it. It makes us ALL look like were insecure.

  45. Bri says:

    I don’t know why I rarely get responses. My grammar is never bad (it can’t be with a teacher as a mother and private school education). My profile has nothing like “princess or spoiling” in it, and the grammar is perfect. I don’t have tattoos, or piercings. Now my hair is purple, but now it’s a dark burgundy. It’s not because of my hair is it? I always personalize messages and double check the grammar. I’m confused on the problem. Can someone look at my profile?

    • Bri says:

      I meant it was purple, I have to update my photos with my burgundy hair.

    • Judy Baby Xo says:

      From what I can see, you seem well spoken and your grammar is okay. There are fucking white girls who can put “Just looking for some to spoil me” and get thousands of messages. You’re not the problem Bri… Your skin is. It’s a sad reality. I’m having trouble too even though my profile gives off a very flirty and playful vibe. It’s just the way it is and girl it sucks. It’s been making me feel bad lately.

  46. flo says:

    “Brown skin up against my Brown skin I cant tell where ours begin I cant tell where mine ends”…India Arie… hence my screen name Brownskin33 once you see my name unless you’re a complete idiot you wouldn’t now that I’m a black woman and not to click on my profile if I’m not your type.

  47. Mengry says:

    I’m a 19 years old college student.I barely get any messages, guys would view my profile and do nothing. When I message them they don’t even respond back. In real life I get hit on by a lot of older white guys. I’ve tried dating sites before and 95 percent of the guys that contacted me were white men. Then I got on this site and suddenly everyone think they’re too good for black women. I think it’s the money mentality. As a sugar baby you need them ect…. Before I put up pictures, this men message me his number and email. I texted him, he asked for my pic and I sent one. His response was he don’t think we are a match. I have no faith in this site. I’ll leave it up for a little bit then get rid of it. My chances are better meeting a potential sugar daddy in real life.

    • Anonymous says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE… black girls have close to zero chances on this site… my picture is out you can see im black and i rarely close to none get any notification.. i dont bother here anymore..im in 4different site and get wayyyyyy more messages on the other 3 .. now i just ave to sort out the fake from the real sds..and thats another job.lol

      • Erika says:

        Totally agree with BOTH of you!! I have tried this site before with no luck. I’m on it to try again. I got one SD from here but he was African. I NEVER get any love from the other races and I’ve never been called ugly. I have other sites and I get so much love from all races but like stated above, you have to weed out the fakes. I’m going to try this site again for about a few months and see how things go but I’m not holding my breath. In my everyday life I get constantly hit on by white guys.

    • Judy Baby Xo says:

      No its the “race” reality. They think they’re too good for us because they’re rich and white and we’re “filthy” and “black” Not tryna be offensive. Just saying it how I think they see it. You can
      be the most prettiest back girl
      and yet an average white girl will STILL be more likely to get a chance than you. It’s a sad reality and I’m sick of it. I wish people wouldn’t be so fucking shallow and judgemental and just
      see me for who I am and not the
      stereotypes when they look at me.

  48. ababes says:

    here is some advice ladies..

    I identify as black/African american on my profile and I’ve been on the site for just under two years, based in NY, 23 yrs old and plenty of pictures ( not outrageous or sexual ones either) And I’ve had plenty of success as a sugar baby! I’ve gotten allowances,gifts and paid my way through school.
    It’s all about your profile..the cute photos you post to reel them in and the description you write about yourself in that little box.
    YES not everyone is into “black girls” or some want ” white females only” ok GREAT for them. MOVE ON to the next profile, go after what you want. You have to really do some searching.
    These amazing sugar daddies aren’t going to fall into your lap over night..TRUST ME.
    So simply update your profile,be confident,be patient and Good Luck ! 🙂

  49. Belle says:

    Well I have read the comments here and this is my opinion ,am good looking nice body ,dresses elegant ,am classy in a short word ,I get lot of men chasing me when I go with my friend ,I have been on the site and to some extend it nearly affected my self esteem am I confident person,but from what I see in the site and comparison made Caucasian hits the big fish ,my write ups re pretty straight and direct and description is perfect to what am looking for and about me, am light skin in mac foundation shade(Nc40) so I don’t know if the guts mistakes me for a tan Caucasian even on my profile is written black/African ,imagine a message a got first conversation “re you black African “? Why does that matter if u feel attracted to me ?a friend of mine who I introduce to the site she is from Russian believe me we both attractive ,on her profile she didn’t state what am looking for or description about herself but we get messages from same guys on mine will be hi or hers they would give detailed information about themselves and the allowances re always high for her ,while my message end at where re u from?after that they wouldn’t speak anymore to me ,but even if she ignores them ,they would still send messages ,did u get my previous message? Am in (Dubai)btw so skin colour plays a huge role here among some middle eastern men ,so with all these crap I believe it’s hard for WOC to find a SD on this site ,there is nothing to that will convience me, I meant one salt one who was amaze by me,he kept saying u re different to what I expected ,meaning I was well cultered and carry myself well ,but the rich ones would rather their own race .i believe WOC SB in France wouldnt nt have a hard time getting a SD as they re open to all race than most countries with different races.

    • Anonymous says:

      just to add to your comment i have had a POT SD ask to give me 200 as pay per meet..and he is very rich and account verified and all. and i said do i look like a prostitute to you? or because im black i deserve cheaper allowance AND you want ME to host??? hmmmmmmm go f#@$ yourself

  50. Shemarches says:

    Ethic SBs in Tampa have it hard. The City is full of fakes, flake, salt, cheapskates and racists.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I’v been a member for 2 going on 3 months, I’ve read innumerable profiles where explicitly state “not interested in black women, girls”. I joined this site out of curiosity after reading an article about it. I feel this site isn’t catered to Black women because I’ve heard stories where other black women had an issue as well. Of course the site has no control over what member’s state in their profiles, however I think something to indicate people’s preference race wise would be easier or something. I have nothing against anyone who isn’t into black women, but I haven’t had any success on here yet. Any suggestions?

    • sd with open eyes says:

      I agree that the search feature could be made better. The ability for sugar babies to filter out sugar daddies who are not interested in their race would be very useful, as would the ability for sugar daddies to filter out sugar babies who are not interested in sugar daddies their age.

    • ElieLove says:

      I agree. It has been challenging in finding something continuous, but who gets lucky in the first try. I think the first three months you encounter a lot of trail and error until you can spot the genuine guys out. I’ve been on the site three months and the blog post have been helpful in understanding what I’m looking for, what my approach and technique should be when interacting with a POT SD. I actually think I’ve found Mr. Right and he’s not on the site but he likes Black women. I met him about a week ago and we’ve already had three dates.

    • Derek_58 says:

      I have a simple rule. If I see a SB with anything in her profile alluding to ‘not interested in (fill in ethnicity of your choice) men” I proactively block the profile. I don’t tolerate racism and that is the quickest way to make sure I never see or hear from that person.

    • Judy Baby Xo says:

      I agree! It’s so frustrating and tedious having to dieter through ugly old men who probably don’t want you. Like I’ve been in debt since October and all I’ve made is $350. One I actually didn’t meet on SA but he sent me $150 that took some serious convincing only for him to flake on me because of work and family. Then another who paid me $200 and has ghosted me ever since. It’s hard finding a good quality sugar daddy when you’re a black woman. It’s so annoying! Some sort of preference filter is necessary. I also tried filtering men who specifically stated that they wanted black women on their profiles but they’re all from the States while I’m from Canada. One actually said he would’ve met up with me if it wasn’t for the distance and he was very friendly.

      I also tried looking for sugar daddies on Craigslist and was told I needed to be a slimmer black girl in order for him to pay me $500 per visit and another stopped talking to me after I told him I didn’t want sex but wouldn’t mind oral for starters as long as he was clean. Now Im left with noone… ?

  52. Nicky says:

    I have run across a few profiles where men are specifically saying ‘no blakc girls’ like its okay. Um… whomever you choose cant hold a candle to me on my worst days. If you are on a site like this, you should be colorblind and not a closeted racist. Everything others run to their plastic surgeons to get (big boobs, big lips, etc) I already naturally possess plus I’m beautiful. I dont understand how I can be open minded and date outside of my race but others cant. It just disgusts me. You should try getting to know someone before you decide they arent your type just because they’re not Caucasian. Even with all the interracial dating going on around us, there are still those racists who are under the radar.

    • Nicky says:

      Excuse my typos.

      “Black girls”

    • __Illa says:

      I just wanted to say that just beacuse you are not sexually attracted to a certain race, does not necceraily mean that you are racist or think less of that race. It can just be a matter of taste that you can’t always control, not matter how politically inccorrect it might be.
      I’m a white female, I’m not attractred to whit guys – only black and middle eastern nowdays. My ex boyfriend is south east asian, and he is not attracted to asians… There are many examples of people who have very selective preferences.

      • Judy Baby Xo says:

        Yes preference is okay. Preference is like blonde hair over brunettes, brown eyes over blue eyes, freckles over plain, short over tall, curvy over slim and so forth. But once you exclude an ENTIRE demographic of people, I do not care what the hell you tell me, that is RACISM! Because most white girls don’t have to deal with these “preferences” you guys like to talk about. They are the standard… #FrustratedBlackSugarBaby #SoSickOfRacism

        @Nicky. Girl you’re right. Do not listen to this idiot.

      • Anon says:

        Some people just want to see an ‘ism in everything – the curse of our PC age.

      • CandyK says:

        I think youre a fake. No woman on SB has this much of a low self esteem. Sorry, but I am not buying it.

  53. Kareennah says:

    Regardless of what issues we may be facing in regards to race I would never think that all Caucasians dislikes African americans. We have come way too far, to even make this a fact. So many interracial couples, its nearly impossible to pass such judgement. As for me, I have no problem with any white , black, purple . Well actually if you;re purple I’d love to chat with you SN:kareennah

    SN: Purple is intended for laughter, please don’t take me serious.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Wow! First, I’m a caucasian male. Let me start by saying it’s almost nauseating to me that any woman has to defend her beauty and attractiveness from the perspective of race. Come on. There are beautiful women of all shapes sizes and colors, just like there are not so beautiful women of all shapes and colors. To say that black women are unattractive unappealing un-anything is plain dumb and I it’s annying to me to read posts from black women defending their beauty. Holy Sh*t.

    Now, that said, there ARE clearly racial issues going on in American society. I personally feel that most black people don’t like white people. Even if you like somebody, you don’t want to be around somebody you feel doesn’t like you, even if it is held under the surface. I don’t know about other people, but it is that feeling that I have that keeps me away from black women, nothing else.

    • SugarBrulee says:

      So why are brown babies having such a challenging time? I know it may seem like a rhetorical question.

      I hear all the time I am “pretty” or “attractive” and I am not having any luck on SA.

      I would also like feedback on my profile if you don’t mind.

      It seems everyone is believing the BS stereotypes about us and it is not fair.

    • Woman says:

      What you say is definitely true, no one should feel like they are unwanted by a group of people, but I often feel there is a lot of miscommunication going on. I know many groups of black people that like white people around them, you just have to know where to look, I guess. By taking the initiative and being more open about your desires, you might be surprised by who responds. ???

    • Mark C says:

      I’m also a Caucasian male, and I agree with the OP. From a beauty perspective, I love black women, just like I love ALL women. I would have zero problem dating a black woman, or marrying a black woman except for one thing. I do agree with the OP in that it seems many Black people keep their feelings about White people just under the surface, and are friendly to White people only when they have some ulterior motive. Seems to me that many Black people STILL view Caucasian men as oppressors. This is OF COURSE a broad generalization, but I am only being honest that this has been my personal life experience “in general”. And it has begun to affect how open I am to Black people. Sorry, just being honest.

    • EIM3L says:

      I honestly can’t speak for African Americans but I can say that not all black people are from America. Some of us come from other parts of the world and we don’t hate or have any issues white people. I think you should try to get to know someone and make your conclusion on whether that’s true or not.

  55. danielle says:

    i respect preferences and i don’t believe all white men are races because they’re not interested in a black women…. but to those who are open to exotic beautiful brown women my SN is cocoa browne.. 🙂

    • SlizzyJ says:

      True that, not all whites are racist because they didn’t pick brown sugar. It has to do with preferences. Its like saying i am racist that’s why i am not interested in my own color/race. I have always loved the exotic-ness of interracial relationships. Any one interested in this caramel delight???


  56. Johanna says:

    Ok so I’ve been on this site for a while and I’m a black woman . I haven’t had any success finding a SD. I read the local profiles so many say no black women or African American. What am I doing wrong? Is it my location Texas?!?
    My user name CJntexas

    • Anonomomomom says:

      Their racism if not your problem. Also don’t fret, you may get lucky on here but anyone darker than Hali berry is going to have a harder time and lower offers .
      Don’t settle and don’t let it make you think you have less value than some tiny white girl.

      • Mark C says:

        Not true. I’m Caucasian and like Black women with dark complexions. Beauty comes in all races & ethnicities with their various complexions & hair colors.

      • Anon says:

        So it’s Ok for you to pass a disparaging remark about ‘some tiny white girl’ – are you a racist too?

    • Anonymous says:

      Black/African Descent/Other/Mixed women don’t have much luck overall on SA. Yes Texas is pretty bad.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m also a young black female and I’ve been a part of this site for a few months. I neglected my profile for quite a while but just recently updated my bio and pics about a week ago. I have had quite a few interests already, and all of them have been white men. I am in Texas, so I do not believe that that is the issue. I think with us being black women, it really is a hit or miss. Most men with “no black/AA women” on their profiles just do not know what they are missing out on.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Ok so I’ve been on this site for a while and I’m a black woman . I haven’t had any success finding a SD. I read the local profiles so many say no black women or African American. What am I doing wrong? Is it my location Texas?!?

    • Anonomnomnom says:

      Yep that’s how it is. I have some takers here and there but they are all flakes or they straight up say they will fuck anyone except for black women.
      This is what we get for living in a country with a history of black oppression and stereotypes drilled into the heads of most that black women are somehow undesirable.

      anyway this is just something you are going to have to work with. I wouldn’t give up. Just gotta know how to play the game just like in life.

      i find it funny all these old farts or secure younger men want something different and exciting in their lives but still want to fuck the same ol white bread. lolz.

      if you want i can look at your profile, otherwise good luck. this site isn’t all that great. i would have better luck in Europe.

      • R R says:

        So, I’m a white guy and have had arrangements w/ a couple of women of color that I met here and enjoyed it very much. I’m not looking for a pat on the back. But I also have a very good friend who is African American male and he dates only non-black women. I try to talk to him about it but he just gets impatient and unwilling to discuss. “I like what I like” is usually his explanation. This mindset is not uncommon in AfAm men. Our society is less segregated than ever but definitely NOT completely de-segregated and if many black men won’t date or marry black women it sure limits black women’s options. I sympathize. And us white guys are not all Crackers like the “courageous” Anonymous idiot (Sept. 29 at 4$2 pm) who chirped in here.

      • Judy Baby Xo says:

        @R R Are you perhaps from Toronto? Haven’t had a successful arrangement yet. Just flakes and splendas. Message me @ judybaby19 if you’d like to chat (I’m doing a social experiment atm so if you see a white girl. That’s why. My real pictures are in my privates lol). Have a nice day. ☺

      • Judy Baby Xo says:

        @R R My bad. It’s judybabyxo. I just checked and I changed it lol

  58. richard says:

    Frankly, those Caucasian men who overlook black women on this site are depriving themselves of a beautiful dimension to life. I’m a Caucasian male and I have found black women to be extremely affectionate, wise beyond their years, intelligent, patient, honest, polite, understanding, eager lovers with sweet personalities, discreet and not inclined to make a big deal out of a small issue. They generally don’t obsess over the financial aspect of the relationship and they are willing to become a friend as well as a lover. They generally have a good understanding of the concept of “mutual respect” and are very appreciative of being treated like a lady. White women can learn a lot about life and successful relationships from black women, including that obsessive emphasis on the financial aspect (which I have found to be quite prevalent with white women on this site) suggests a narcissistic and self-centered individual who will be an unfulfilling partner to the male in the arrangement.

    • Ms. Phoenix Rising says:

      Glad you have enjoyed your experiences with such ladies. I don’t think at all though if someone passes up on a black woman because she is black that they are missing out. Preference goes both ways and there are plenty of black women who do not prefer white men so let them have their preferences if it leaves better options open to the rest of us LOL who are willing to take chances and enjoy fond memories and good experiences.

    • R R says:

      What he said 😉

  59. Annu ox says:

    I am brown very beautiful 😉

  60. SD says:

    Ladies, please remember that men a looking for a woman that is smokin’ hot. Chance are, if you aren’t getting any action, you’re not looking so good in your profile. A very beautiful woman, irrespective of race, will have no problem on this site.

    • Beautifully brown and successful says:

      I have to agree. As a Mixed (more so African American) I have to say that I have daily messages 50plus from all types of men. Even if their profile says “not into AA” I still get messages, though I kindly decline.. It’s a preference. I will have to tell my fellow babies, to not be discouraged, revamp your profile and upload new photos. I get 10x more of a response with my updated profile and have found a wonderful daddy.

    • Judy Baby Xo says:

      The standard of beauty in this case is also white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes so a black woman who obviously doesn’t fit that standard will never be seen as beautiful because of it. Cut the crap…

  61. Anonymous says:

    I truly appreciate this, society has tried to ruin the beautiful black queen.

  62. Jessa says:

    How about “fat” black women. They definitely don’t want us lol I’m a beautiful girl and confident as ever. But because I’m dark skinned and plus sized they don’t want me.

  63. Frustrated Brown Beauty says:

    There should just be a Yes/No box that asks if they’re into Brown Sugar because it seems like EVERYONE only likes white women . . . huhhhhh I had no idea that Blonde hair, blue eyes & light skin was the ONLY criteria for the ENTIRE site .

  64. Anonymous says:

    I am both very brown and very beautiful :]

  65. Lustrous says:

    Why were there so many whitw women in these pictures on a brown is beautiful post….

  66. Martika J says:

    Brown and beautiful in Boston (; check me out.

  67. Riley Zan says:

    I have a hard time explaining my background. Many never even heard of the place so they don’t know or realize that I’m not the jungle or Indian temple type of exotic.

    I’m the central Asian type exotic where you all get your cotton from hahaha. My profile needs major tweeking though. Anyone want to help ? Also I know the first thing I want is pics pics pics. I love getting pics taken but no one ever takes any of me ! >,<' also I don't need money really. I want pampering and doing exciting things.

    • ATLSD says:

      Riley. Your four good pics then you put a terrible pic for your profile. A parka and messy hair does nothing for you. Use the pick you have here and delete that parka pic.

      Your narrative is long and rambling. Cut it have and delete the nonsense.

      Being a Uzbek technically that’s Asian but you look more middle eastern/ Indian. I have seen Uzbeks that have more Asian features you don’t. Not sure if that is making a difference if you think it is change it to white.

    • PrincessLala says:

      Make sure your profile says that you after just that. Adventure, spoiling and all around stress free good time. Make sure you pictures also show this. Make people take picture of you when you’re out looking ur best and especially doing fun things. I think action shots or “candids” are the best. Maybe biking, on the beach laughing, in a museum looking at art things of that nature. Also don’t be afraid to ask someone to get a picture even if your just feeling yourself or there is a pretty background behind you. If you’re comfortable you can asking your SD to snap one while you’re out (not in the middle of dinner or another situation that could kill the mood) 9/10 your SD will love taking a moment to snap some nice ass pics. You are a work a of art, demand to be treated as such.

  68. HunniDarling says:


    I've always been one to date interracially.
    Brown Sugar is a delicacy ladies! 😉
    But Don't get stuck on trying to change someone's mind when they say they're just not into brown sugar…everyone has they're preferences. Adults are very stubborn and usually are set in their ways. Haha.

  69. Virgin Bubble says:

    ~~~ I Had a few things I wanted to say so bare with me if you can.~~~

    People also need to know there is a difference between preference and racism.
    Having a preference is fine and healthy, knowing what you like and don’t like are key honest elements to positive progression is all aspects of life. It’s perfectly fine not to be attracted to someone because they have a different skin tone. Having hate is not fine and is unhealthy, purposely ignoring fact and creating self entitled realities are toxic and regressive. It’s not okay to be ignorant and unwilling to accept truth, or degrade and try to diminish someone because they have a different skin tone.

    I feel I need to address this since I didn’t comment on this issue in the “Brown Sugar” forum which was clearly not written by any woman of color.

    ~~~~~!!!!!!!Your skin tone does not automatically classify social standings!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~

    I have never in my life dated black men….. not from lack of trying but from most all of them claiming I was “white washed”. I was offended from this because I am mixed race and I didn’t understand what they meant by this so I asked for clarification. Many responded with, “You talk funny.” or the classic “You don’t act right.”

    One person actually took time to brake it down in proper terminology I could grasp. He told me I take it was my over all attitude and the way I carried my self that was unappealing. I wasn’t the stereotypical “black girl” I wasn’t enough of a “hood rat” for him. I come off as uppity and stuck up because I didn’t speak, dress, act, and wasn’t ghetto enough. (I wanted to slap him as he was speaking but restrained myself. I listened and realize racism is not limited, it come is all forms.)

    Why am I being labeled as WHITE WASHED? because I respect myself and act differently from the other women he has dated. Many of the girls he dated were much lighter in skin tone than I was many could have passed for white.

    My point for telling you my personal story is……… I want to know why is race associated with behavior! Race is the way we are born, race is natural, race is the uncontrollable. Behavior and social standards are not divine, you can chose how you act and uphold yourself.

    I didn’t want to be labeled as WHITE WASHED because the way I act, I also don’t want someone to see my SKIN TONE and automatically associate me with BLACK WASHED stereotypes.

    Another point of mine is racism is here it’s there it’s everywhere!! It’s not just white people who are making fake profiles just to leave nasty comments in this forum. It’s the black guys who prejudge black women, it’s the black women who judge white women. It’s not right one way or another because as I said before we can’t help how we are born. Racism is wrong and if someone is racist why bother dealing with them? Let them be them, and you be you. I didn’t come to this site to be judged one way or another. I know it’s cruel and highly unfair but if people are blind and unwilling to see your inner beauty you can’t force them.

    • Anonymous says:

      You really just hang out in the wrong crowd. There are plenty of black men that would appreciate how you carry yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that a lot of the mess that we encounter is due to insecurity, ignorance and just the fact that some people are simply broken and need false crutches to justify their fear of the unknown. The racial thing crosses both the SB and the SD fence. Im 100% sure I’ve been ignored by SB’s of all races that only want the “rich white guy.” When what they are probably looking for is staring them right in the face. Either way I look at it as a litmus test of whether or not I should even bother.

    • Shemarches says:

      Read your true self out loud.
      Are you really mixed?

      “One person actually took time to brake it down in proper terminology I could grasp. He told me I take it was my over all attitude and the way I carried my self that was unappealing. I wasn’t the stereotypical “black girl” I wasn’t enough of a “hood rat” for him. I come off as uppity and stuck up because I didn’t speak, dress, act, and wasn’t ghetto enough. (I wanted to slap him as he was speaking but restrained myself. I listened and realize racism is not limited, it come is all forms.)
      If you are, you must hate that part of you very much lady. You are right about that racism come is all form. You are the “mixed form”. Get some counseling.

  70. Kazey says:

    i think I’m going to try an research a site thats for this kind of dating but not so race related i read a profile from a black male that clearly stated he was not interested in black women an a few more profiles that stated the same things something about black women being indecent an unappealing an uneducated an i beg to differ I’m very much educated an I’m in the military serving my country some of these men are very closed minded i don’t want any of you ladies to fell discouraged or the last resort to any man money or not i would rather leave the site before i allow that we are all beautiful in our own way XOXOkazy

    • Jaybird923 says:

      What alternative universe would that be?

    • Kazey says:

      for a guy that says he is only into caucasian women only in his profile its a wonder why you would even have an input on a forum for black women an thats for one reason to be a racist prick you have no business here your extremely bored or just super racist either way i feel sorry for you to have to put young women down to bring your self up no one asked you to come on a forum to give your shallow opinion on a race of women you don’t like focus on running your business an the type of sugar babies you desire you will do best to keep your snarly remarks to yourself an just a little FYI people don’t admit they are racist anymore its kinda embrassing an immature especially coming from a 44 year old man on a website looking to buy a woman’s time your just screwed 360 degrees around enjoy the last few years before you have erectile dysfunction an the only woman you will be able to get is viagria i hate racist people its crude an unessary good day sir

    • CandyK says:

      He said unappealing and uneducated and his a black male…umm..okay 😉

  71. AddieRose says:

    “You’re exotic, so stop trying to be like everyone else…”
    Oh spare me!

  72. Miss Havanna says:

    I don’t see race. I only see opportunity.

  73. Sweet&Real says:

    When I first joined in 2014 I was discouraged and deleted my account after 2 months thinking about this issue. I knew I was a quality female and still am but wasn’t getting any reply backs after I sent out almost 70 messages. Then I got an account again in 2015, I don’t feel discouraged about that any more and I love and embrace myself just as I did then but not a care in a world to hide it. My race saysother now because I am from the south and I have a gut feeling that I’m mixed with all sorts of things as most of us are, but I’m not sure and will do a family lineage tree soon. I identify as black and think that I am a goddess. My hope is that someone sees me for who I am and not what I’d look like next to them as far as race judgement goes. If you look at me and say, “I’ll pass”, you’re truly missing out on a great thing.☺️

    • IHF2030 says:

      Bwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m dyin over here, I’m dyin I tell ya!

      • Jaybird923 says:

        “My race saysother now because I am from the south and I have a gut feeling that I’m mixed with all sorts of things as most of us are, but I’m not sure and will do a family lineage tree soon.”


    • Cryptic Anomaly says:

      I bet though that you don’t see a man for who he really is and not his bank balance. Am I right or am I right?

    • CountryBoy2k15 says:

      Sweet I really like your profile. It’s humble. I wish you were closer to me! The only thing I see a problem is where you say you identify as Black but have yourself listed as other. Darlin if you identify as Black you really should list yourself as Black. Nuff said you’re a beautiful girl.

  74. Miss-JayB says:

    Hello Everyone!
    I am new to the site and hoping to meet the right SD. Any advice on what I can do to spice up my page? Thanks in advance!

  75. NalaK says:

    Reading the comments here make me feel like I’m reading the comments under a video on Pornhub. I have a headache now.

  76. Angel_S says:

    My last SD was white, and we were together for 3 years.

  77. Tea-Cup says:

    I don’t know. I definitely think there are some jerks on here just commenting to be rude, but I can honestly say my experience has been really good on here. Although I don’t have piercings, my hair is dyed and I also have tattoos (most of which are hidden by clothes)and my sugar daddies have been 100 percent ok with it. It is a little funny that after the first time we hang out they’re amazed at how smart and how well I maintain myself but I feel like dating someone who isn’t white is new to most of them so I understand. Race shouldn’t really come up though if you guys have a connection and it doesn’t for my sugar daddies and I. We talk about almost anything if not anything and that fact that our skin tone is different isn’t a thing we’re just always thinking about. So maybe dating outside your skin color isn’t the right choice for you if that’s the most important thing in your mind on a site like this. Just saying…

  78. Lina says:

    That being said, there is a market for everybody. Hell, I am sure there are plenty of transgender women on here who will be able to find someone who is interested in that. Everyone has a niche that will be appreciated by someone. I am tired of hearing that black women do not stand a chance. There is absolutely not a doubt in my mind that women of color, black women specifically, have a harder time finding a sugar daddy- but with that being said, there are an abundance of men who desire and value you. Have patience. As for @WanderlustGypsy, you have what is called an “alt” or an “alternative look”. It does not matter if you are as black as night, or as white as milk, this is a harder market to sell. In your everyday vanilla life, there are probably a plethora of men who totally love women with tats and piercings, but not so much in the sugar bowl. Ignore the “get rid of them” comments. They are a waste of your time and not constructive. You cannot hide or easily rid yourself of them;especially not for the sake of a lifestyle as vain and pretentious as the sugar bowl. Mention them in your bio and use words and vocab to positively highlight them and to showcase that you are proud of them. You are bound to find someone who is open to it (I have had POTs with lots of tats themselves).

    Also- EXOTIC: originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country.
    FOREIGN: not belonging to or characteristic of.
    This is for those making the argument of black women not being “exotic”. In the context of western standards and ideals of beauty, there is very little that is exotic about white women- accent or not. They pertain to the majority of America stemming from a continent that produces an abundance of mostly similar looking people. A person with typical European features and assets within America is the opposite of exotic. I’m not really making an anecdotal statement, but drawing conclusions from definitions of the word. Just thought I’d throw that in. Take it for what you want.

  79. Lina says:

    Can everyone please do me a favor:
    Stop replying to @IHF2030 and whoever their butt buddy @anonymous is? Thanks.

    They are nothing but trolls who are lurking on posts that are aimed specifically for black SB’s looking to gain constructive criticism and honest insight about the sugar bowl pertaining to black women specifically. The more you feed a troll, the longer it takes to die. When a child acts up, giving them the attention they seek is positively reinforcing them-ignore the child. If your goal is to chastise them back in the hopes that they will see the error of their ways and leave you alone: THEY WON’T. It’s that simple. This is the internet. I am tired of these comments veering off into stupid and unrelated topics (like affirmative action…).


  80. Anonymous says:

    what is AA sb?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      African American or to most white people anyone who’s black :-))

      • Anonymous says:

        Why must SBs stipulate AA when black is not used in derogation? Besides most AA’s are at least 5 generations removed from Africa and would be lucky to be able to point to a country of origin on a map. I don’t see most whites declaring they are European-American. I look at the evolution of descriptive words – negro -> colored -> person of color -> black -> AA – and wonder what’s next. Don’t be so thin-skinned and wear your color like an albatross around your neck!

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Lol I’m not AA. Don’t like being referred to as AA. That was the whole point of my comment. Nothing wrong with black but calling everyone who is black African American rubs a lot of people the wrong way myself included. The same way an Italian wouldn’t like it if he was constantly called German when he wasn’t. Different traditions, culture, etc.

  81. Bambi says:

    I clicked on this article excited to see the content and comments, and I’m sadly disappointed. Like many aspects of the site the article was a bit generic and the
    comments spiraled into affirmative
    action? This entire thing seems like a troll attempt and idk why.. As a newly dedicated SB I’d appreciate some feedback on my
    profile along with any tips from successful brown Sb’s…

    • SD says:

      If you truly read the comments then you will realize that black SB’s find it very hard to secure an arrangement. No amount of tweaking your profile is going to help because your profile will not show up in 99.9% of the searches anyway. A SD is able to filter out his search by race and sadly, African-American is usually not checked. Good luck to you.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Not true 99.9% my ass. Your truth is not everyone else’s. Yes it will be harder but the percentage is nowhere near that high. There are plenty of men open to different races but the competition is high so a good profile goes a long way in helping you distinguish yourself.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        After reading your profile. ..you’re going to need all the luck you can get. situationship? marijuana connoisseur? Seriously?

    • elaine says:

      I am not AA, but I give you this advice:

      If your profile and pictures really stand out, just visit SD profiles and send messages to Pot SDs of your liking.

      Even if they don’t actively search for AA and you would never not pop up in their searches, they might be triggered to visit your profile and get interested.
      There is SDs who are just not attracted to AA SBs, but I think there is also a large group that is not especially searching for you, but could get interested if the right AA SB comes by..

      You will have to be more active as your Caucasian counterparts, but with the right approach you can be succesful too!

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Listen to Elaine. Some men don’t search for AA but they’re not against an AA SB. Jusg like I never searched for married/separated SD but I wasn’t totally against it if the right person contacted me and he happened to fall in one of those categories.

    • noname says:

      i don’t think there is anything on this site that will help you i would recommend going to taylor b. jones she helps sugar babies find the SD they are looking for

      • elaine says:

        Morning @Noname,

        Why could she not have succes here?
        We have had other succesful AA SBs.

        It is true that for them it is harder, but not impossible!
        As theory and reality are two different things.

        As I can tell by my own experience as an “old”, but still successful “hag”. (don’t know what is worse here, being “old” or “coloured”) 😉

      • noname says:

        elaine hi im not sure i understand your comment im not suggesting she can’t find sucess here i just feel this site doesn’t give much support or resourses to help a AA SB that why i suggested talour b jones she has her own web site and thats her full time job helping sugar babies find sucessful arrangements and she is black so she know the problems these ladies face as for you being a old hag thats sad you feel that way i don’t consider you one i feel you can and are sucessfull because you do it differently than a sugar baby would

      • elaine says:


        The “old hag” references was meant ironically.
        I don’t think I am one or feel related to that in any way.

        I can only laugh about those here who call me like that (and who are often themselves much older as I am. LOL) 🙂

      • noname says:

        elaine im well aware agism exists on this site people worry so much about what others they don’t even know are worth the sugar bowl will deterime how much a person is worth so its unnecessary for other bloggers to say what a person is worth or if they will be sucessful

      • noname says:

        elaine stay strong i enjoy your comments

  82. Chris says:

    I would really like to have an AA Sugarbaby but the problem I keep running into is the AA women who write me or I write have all had thuggish personalities. Am I expecting too much by wanting to meet an AA girl who comes from more of a middle class background? I thought I had one. She seemed educated but then when we had our first phone conversation she seemed to be fighting to speak correctly and there was nothing but yelling in the background. Is there something some clue or clues that I should be looking for on the profiles that I’m missing?

    • Anonymous says:

      Avoid single moms, especially of multiple children. Talk on the phone. Watch out for correct verbal and written language skills. For example, if she uses “aks” instead of “ask”, next her. Or if she acts as if she is a strong, independent woman. Next her.

    • Anonymous says:

      Single mothers bring stress with them, which they are looking for you to alleviate for them. The more kids with more men, the more stress she would bring to the equation. Let the state continue to be their sugar daddy.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it comes with the age. I’ve also run into “thuggish” white girls as well.

    • Mani says:

      I honestly think it should’ve come across in her bio or in the messages between you too. There isn’t a sure fire way to know what kind of AA girl you’re going to run into because just like everyone else, we’re all different. Unless you are looking at her person to person or speaking to her in person, there’s no tell-tale sign on if a AA girl has a “thuggish” personality. By the way, what is a thuggish personality if I might ask?

    • Isla80 says:

      Whatever “IS”. You sure write a lot of BS for someone who too ashamed of himself to even post a pic up. You’re right, beta males like you SHOULD sty in your lane – The slow, can’t get a woman lane, where you belong. I laugh at guys like you all the time. Talking all this but if attractive black woman was to tell you “you’re cute” in person (even though it’s a lie) you’d start stuttering and tripping over your own feet.

    • Christina R4654 says:

      Hi Chris,

      I just took a peek at this blog to see how people in my situation were dealing with being/encountering black SBs… needless to say, it has been a bit discouraging. I am new to sugaring but I am educated, in med school and prefer an ethical debate over gossip or drama. My family is middle class but I have gone to predominantly white private institutions for my entire life. I’ve dated across the board but have had many experiences where guys were just experimenting or came to a lot of assumptions about me and were going for someone I really wasn’t. I’m definitely skirting the line between a rant and a comment now haha – the point is… we are out there and I kind of want to reflect the question back to you- what do we do to express to you that we are smart, witty, and independent without coming off as sassy, sarcastic and forceful? I’m black and love being black but places like this sure make it hard to have a black identity without slipping and finding myself stuck in a stereotype I don’t fit into… So how have you been sifting?

    • Tea-Cup says:

      Hi, I think I can answer this perfectly. I’m not really sure about all of the other comments on here because I have had no problems meeting men on this site. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the way I’ve chosen to write my bio and the pictures I’ve posted but no you are not expecting to much. I come from an upper middle class family and to be honest from my experience with other black women, they feel like they have to act a certain way or dress a certain way. The reason I’ve come to this conclusion is because I get made fun of for speaking so properly or dressing out of the ordinary compared to your basic societal stereotype of black women like the other [barely any] black girls where I come from, which is like a super small percentage. When I moved to the east coast to attend college black men and women made fun of me even worse! Always telling me I needed to gain weight to be attractive and again commenting on my pronunciation and self presentation. In that respect, I’ve taken liking to white men because they’re ok with me being skinny and they can often pick up the added accent I have from being raised by my German grandmother. I like it. So don’t worry. If I exist than other girls like me definitely exist also.

    • Judy Baby Xo says:

      judybabyxo. Message me! ? But I’m from Toronto. Also, the white girl in the picture is a recent social experiment. My privates are where the actions at! So if you’re interested, hit me up!

    • BlackGirl says:

      Hi Chris, try me. I’m Kenyan and definitely not ‘thuggish’. I happen to prefer caucasian men. 🙂

  83. Sexy Black Real Woman says:

    I thought this article was well written and meant to empower women of color who are aspiring Sugar Babies to understand that there is a place for you on this site.

    I have some advice for you ladies of color or any color; men are men regardless of their color. Some non-black men love women of all colors (more than you think and definitely more than your Caucasian counter parts would like to admit) and are willing to have an experience with a woman of color. Other men only want to date blonde-haired women and you do not need to waste your time responding to ignorant people on this blog because a fact is a fact. Most people on this website are stereotyping an entire race of people, which is amazing because our first lady is a chocolate black woman who happens to be a strong, intelligent educated woman.

    You need to understand that some of these people are getting in your head making you think that you are not good enough to date a wealthy man. I personally find it very humorous because with all of the lip fillers, Brazilian butt lifts and tanning going on why would you let these comments bother you. The reason it bothers you is that you have no confidence in yourself.

    If you are going to be aspiring Sugar Baby of color you need to have confidence and a lot of it but not to the point of being arrogant. You need to read and educate yourself on current events and have a voice as you have to stimulate his mind. Improve your vocabulary and get a command of the English language. Please do not communicate with men on this site as if you were texting your friends. Take the time to read magazines or websites and learn how to dress like a sexy elegant woman. Once you have his attention learn how to keep it. If he is not interested in you keep it moving and do not assume that the color of your skin made him loose interest because your communication style may be the reason.

    I am a mature Sugar Baby and I get hits on this site daily. I am 6’1 in heels, statuesque with a chocolate hue and because of the melanin in my skin, I do not need Botox or fillers, but If I did, I would get it done and let my Sugar Daddy pay for it. I am beautiful inside and out, intelligent and can hold my own in any situation and nobody can shake my confidence. If I believed the hype that, all men desire a blond blue-eyed young woman then I would be doomed and would not be living the life that I live. Stop berating yourself for your skin color. Caucasians women have issues too in fact, all women have insecurities it is simply the life of a woman. Love the gifts that you have regardless of the color of your skin and you will go far on this site and in life. Please know that I love my sisters of all colors because we are all beautiful women and you will be the right fit for someone.

    So get to work and good luck to everyone on this site!


    • Please&ThankYou :) says:

      Your words of wisdom and encouragement are greatly appreciated. There seems to be a lot of anger and confusion in this thread. But light shall prevail. Adios Beautiful Mind

  84. Christina says:

    Black is beautiful !!!!

  85. Alex says:

    Hi can someone help me ,I’m trying really hard to find a suggar daddy ! When I talk to them they seem interested in me but after tree or two answer by them. They stop answer me .Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong .And I ‘m asking myself if it because I’m black that they do not answer me back 🙁

    By a desesperate girl

    • IHF2030 says:

      Time for some Guinness and cashew, again!

      • Kyla says:

        Why is it everytime I come & read these blogs, your bigot ass is always on here being ignorant & disrespectful towards black women? Did a black woman break tour heart, sleep with your father? Wth is your issue? You never take a break. Your just always on here being a ass lol.. I can’t see any man who is well off doing this much trolling.

      • IHF2030 says:

        I have only ever been truthful, on here. Besides, black sugar babies are very entertaining, and Zeus knows I love to be entertained.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      If you send them messages that read like this post then yeah I’d stop responding too. If you’re desperate then you shouldn’t be here nothing good comes out of being desperate especially if you’re not a good enough actress to hide it. If it was because you’re black they never would’ve responded in the first place. Go through your messages and see if they are literate, are you asking about money upfront, do you sound desperate etc.

  86. Paris777 says:

    Wow this is a great thread.. My daddy calls me his Little Brown Goddess! ❤️ I love the way he treats me and I see no color but love when I look into his deep blue eyes .. Ebony and ivory I suppose, nonetheless an amazing duo ..

  87. His Doll Baby says:

    `This blog is perfect, I always have wondered that. But let’s be really “REAL” here. ALL MEN that are NON-BLACK love women of color. This is NOT up for debate. I say that because I been around men of all color, dated a few and they love women of color. But, I have had luck on here before with an Asian Guy and he was very respectful and kind. Now I am not in an arrangement, but I have not had any hope since. I wouldn’t say luck. But, I love this blog. Melanin is just so beautiful 🙂 I don’t see race, so I really don’t care. I know I am beautiful, and I know Men from all ages and races look as well. I love the compliments, though.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, all “non-black” men do not love women of color. While there are those who do, this does not include “all”.

      Best of luck on the site.

    • IHF2030 says:

      Actually, most White men have an almost exclusive preference for White women. But, hey good luck to you!

      • Bye Felicia says:

        IHF, your idiocy has already been well documented. Your own preferences do not equate to “most” of white men. Please stop with your foolishness. You seem so obsessed with proving how much white men don’t want black women that I’m leaning toward thinking you must want one and can’t get one.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Please, even low quality Caucasian cats can get black women just walking down the damned street!

      • Jaybird923 says:

        As a low quality Caucasian cat, how many have you gotten to approach you when you were just walking down the street?

      • IHF2030 says:

        Actually, I am not a low-medium quality beta male; and as such non-white women know better than to waste their time tying to interact with me. It is very important to stay in one’s lane.

      • Bye Felicia says:

        I think you’re confusing women of any color, not just non-white, not wasting their time with you because you’re a toolbag, with them not wasting their time with you because you are of superior quality. You might want to sit and reflect a bit on that important distinction.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I would beg to differ. From where I’m sitting you would be a low quality man no matter what color your skin happened to be. If you think having a bit of pocket change makes you quality you are wrong. You don’t posess the characteristics necessary to be considered a person of quality. And any woman worth her salt would be able to see that from a mile away.

      • IHF2030 says:

        For most cats, especially low-medium quality Caucasian cats the best pussy is easy pussy. And, Zeus knows that for white guys the easiest pussy of all is non-white pussy.

      • Anonymous says:

        I can dig that.

      • Anonymous says:

        White pussy is not any harder to obtain. Visit any college campus, a bar on a friday night or scroll through tinder plenty of them giving it away for free to low -medium quality cats of any color. White pussy isn’t a prize that needs to be put on a pedestal if you want it go on craigslist and see how many of them are handing it out like hot cakes. It might be hard for you but not for anyone else.

      • IHF2030 says:

        High quality White women are generally very selective and are seeking high quality Caucasian cats almost exclusively. By contrast, non-white females and especially Asian females throw themselves shamelessly at less than high quality white guys. Personally, I like the challenge that top shelf white women present.

      • Isla80 says:

        Whatever “IS”. You sure write a lot of BS for someone who too ashamed of himself to even post a pic up. You’re right, beta males like you SHOULD sty in your lane – The slow, can’t get a woman lane, where you belong. I laugh at guys like you all the time. Talking all this but if attractive black woman was to tell you “you’re cute” in person (even though it’s a lie) you’d start stuttering and tripping over your own feet.

  88. Jordan says:

    I often hear that I’m beautiful for a black girl…when im interested in all races and not just my own.

  89. Josh says:


    “Actually, LOTS of White women have been screwed over by the evils of affirmative action, too.”

    For example?

    • IHF2030 says:

      Jennifer Gratz is just one of the White women who have been passed over in favor of unqualified minorities.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        It has been argued by some that Jennifer Gratz lacked legal standing to bring this action. Gratz applied in 1995, three years before the University of Michigan adopted its points system. Gratz could not claim injury as a result of the points system, and thus, under traditional legal rules, Gratz lacked standing. Gratz chose not to attend the University of Michigan by declining the university’s offer to be placed on a waiting list. Every Michigan student who agreed to go onto the waiting list in the spring of 1995 was admitted to the University of Michigan for the Fall 1995 semester.

      • Anonymous says:

        And with fewer and fewer male persons attending university more and more White female persons have started to suffer the effects of this.

        On the other hand, a lot of Whites are now attending predominantly Black institutions for free/reduced cost using minority scholarships.

        Amazingly, the world continues to rotate.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        She did not suffer anything. He picked a bad example. She chose another university and when she applied the university didn’t have the point system in place. Maybe he thought no one woukd actually read it and that case is 20 years old. If AA was such an issue for white women one would think he’d be able to find several more recent examples.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Abigail Fisher is another young White woman who was cheated out of her just rewards via the evils of affirmative action.

      • Josh says:

        Again, technically AA and merit are two different things. AA is in place so that certain underprivileged groups can have a fighting chance. Please explain what you are getting at.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Affirmative action rewards unqualified minorities at the expense of and to the detriment of qualified Whites. It is as simple as that.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        The University of Texas at Austin accepts students in the top 10% of each Texas high school’s graduating class, regardless of their race; under Texas House Bill 588, 81% of 2008’s freshman class were admitted under the plan.[4]

        Applicants who, like Fisher, fail to graduate in the top 10% of their high schools, can still gain admission by scoring highly in a process that evaluates their talents, leadership qualities, family circumstances, and race.[5][6] Fisher had a grade point average of 3.59 (adjusted to a 4.0 scale)[7] and was in the top 12% of her class

        Try again IHF she wasn’t admitted because she didn’t graduate at the top 10% of her everyone else who did and applied was admitted regardless of race.

      • Josh says:


        It is VERY difficult for many people to remove filters before analyzing data. 😉

    • Josh says:

      AA and merit are two different things. AA is in place so that certain underprivileged groups can have a fighting chance. Please explain what you are getting at.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Affirmative action does not give minorities a fighting chance. Rather it allows unqualified minorities to steal opportunity form qualified Whites. On the plus side, the abomination of affirmative action will help to bring about a wonderful, long overdue backlash.

      • Josh says:

        Of course. **eye rolls**

      • IHF2030 says:

        In America today, you have blacks and latinos who score d’s and f’s on police and firefighter service entrance exams getting hired ahead of Whites who score straight a’s on those very same tests. So, tell me again how the evils of affirmative action gives minorities a fighting chance!

      • Josh says:

        You keep on posting racist-leaning comments without appreciating the fact that some of us can look at the data and come up with objective conclusions, which your White supremacist mind apparently cannot.

        Most jobs DON’T require the rigorous “evaluation”, which is put in place to ensure that only certain type of candidates get through. If done properly, such evaluations help the employer bring in candidates of their choice without getting into legal trouble.

        ALSO, when I read stories as below, I see that proactive discrimination was in place to keep minorities out. If a firefighter cannot work pumps, hoses, ladders, safety equipment, etc., then that is one thing. If s/he could not pass a fucking written test full of legal jargon (that existing White firefighters could coach their relatives in) then that is FDNY’s problem.

        Also, if FDNY had allowed minorities to enter the ranks for the past 40 years, then they would not have to allow few duffer minority candidates to meet the court order.


        Since FDNY fucked up, they would have to work harder to cast a wider net to get qualified minority candidates that meet their job criteria. Go to NJ, PA, OH, CT, MA until you find the qualified candidates instead of whining about lack of qualified candidate in five boroughs.

        Καταλαβαίνεις ?

      • Josh says:

        AA is a backlash to White Supremism. Don’t blame AA…blame White Supremism.

        Do you think I like AA wholeheartedly? First of all White women need to be remove from AA. Then there needs to be a sunshine clause to the AA sometime in the future.

      • Anonymous says:

        Any sort of discrimintation is wrong. Affirmative action is reverse-discrimination.

  90. hollykardash says:

    I actually have no problem with white men only looking for white women on here, I mean I suppose that’s pretty normal. But when a black man only wants white women that irritates me. I always clap back to them saying, someone dated your black ass mother and had your black ass. I don’t understand it, it’s like saying having someone like your mother isn’t good enough for you. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I for one just started this site and haven’t made any real connections yet. If no one is picking you from the bowl my brown sugar babies try tinder, they don’t seem to have a racial preference at all on there. But there are alot more creeps.

    • IHF2030 says:

      Black males might desire but the vast majority of high quality White women are not attracted to non-white males. So, most black males have no option other than to seek out black females, simple.

      • Admirer says:

        If you are a rich athlete like Tiger Woods or a rich actor like Eddie Murphy, you can have all the white pussy you want. And these black men do. It is the ultimate status symbol for the black athlete and actor–to be seen in public with a blonde blue eyed hottie.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Of course rich athletes are an exception but generally high quality White women are seeking white men almost exclusively. Princeton did a study and came up with the following:
        “One of the most striking findings is that white women who describe themselves as slim, slender, athletic, fit or average are nearly seven times as likely to exclude black men as dates as women who describe themselves as thick, voluptuous, a few extra pounds, or large. This finding is consistent with racial–beauty exchange theories in that white women who do not meet conventional standards of beauty are more open to dating black men, who may be considered a lower status group.

      • TVC15 says:

        IHF, I checked out that study and can’t gainsay it, but I’d suggest the results might differ if it were replicated in a less racist country.

      • IHF2030 says:

        TVC15…You are a moron, fat ugly White women have zero chance to attract high or even medium quality White men. The fact that the vast majority of high quality white women seek high quality white men is indicative of a biological imperative, not wwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyycism.

      • TVC15 says:

        My guess is that it’s related to a fear of loss of social status. In a racist setting, a high status white woman would be more likely to confine herself to her own race because she’d lose status for dating outside it. In a non-racist setting, she wouldn’t lose status for dating interracially, so she’d more likely to be open to it.

      • Anonymous says:

        and since non-racist settings don’t exist in Murica…

      • IHF2030 says:

        TVC15…You are wrong, again. Studies show that White women with college degrees will pass over non-white men with college degrees in favor of white men without college degrees. So racial preferences of white women have nothing to do with status.

      • TVC15 says:

        American studies show?

    • SDaddy says:

      Tinder ? That is a free meat market. There won’t be any allowances trading hands. But I’m sure you can find a a White Boy to lay with if that is your only goal .

      • Admirer says:

        hollykardash should just fuck a white boy and go on welfare. Problem solved. Kill two birds with one stone: sex and money.
        And who said this blog is not helpful?

    • Jaybird923 says:

      1 You guys are asses. No need to say more

      [email protected] If a white man had a profile that said black/brown girls only would you feel the need to message him and “clap back” after all his mama was white isn’t shouldn’t someone like her be good enough for him too?

  91. Anonymous says:

    LOl….sooo Black/ Brown is exotic now? Black isn’t exotic, Black is just Black…the color of your skin. What about that is EXOTIC??

    • IHF2030 says:

      I agree completely, there is nothing at all “exotic” about non-White women.

      • SD says:

        “Exotic” to me is some mysterious Italian woman. Or some doe-eyed young thing from Honduras or Venezuela. There is nothing “exotic” about women descended from the continent south of the middle east.

    • MichiganBabe says:

      Ladies, take notice of comments like these. As expected ladies, this is exactly what a mangina would say to reduce your beauty. A mangina’s opinion is irrelevant and has nothing to do with you or women period. The truth is within you, for you to decide.

    • Nicky says:

      Both you idiots shut the fuck up with your racist comments. Remember you still have to pay for the white pussy cuz even they wont give it to your free. If you were remotely that attractive, or that well off, you wouldnt need this site at all. Everyone is here for a common purpose. Stay in your place, tricks.

  92. Vibrant Thingg says:

    Great read…but why use images of women who are not of color in association with an article that intended to give our beautiful brown women hope in finding a sugar daddy? lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      All the images were various shades of African-descent women

      • IHF2030 says:

        Two of the four women in the above pictures are obviously Caucasian.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, they were all Black. A couple were mixed with Caucasian though.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Those women don’t appear to have non-Caucasian features, to me.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s interesting considering your social stance but yes, all four of those girls are mixed to different degrees.

        Two girls obviously have a higher percentage of Caucasian DNA than the other two, but they are still also Black.

    • Nicky says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. They didnt include any Black women for the same exact reason the rest of these closeted racists dont want black women: they dont think we are “exotic” enough. Well if slobbing down a nasty pink penis or letting some nasty 5-inch penis man stick it in ur ass means “exotic”, I will pass.

  93. MichiganBabe says:

    Quality over quantity. I’m black, don’t have any pics, and my profile is almost 3 days old. All my messages have been from white men and it’s because I’m absolutely unique. This post was made for insecure women: Work on your self-esteem. Work on upgrading your lifestyle before you try to find someone to improved your lifestyle. If you believe upgrading your lifestyle mean purses, shoes and such, you’re on the wrong track.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, if you are successful then you might want to share your profile for other women to see what you are doing what they are lacking.

      • MichiganBabe says:

        I would consider critiquing a profile. I received a lovely message today giving me kudos on my profile. He says he already has his hands full with a gf and wife so I asked him to put in a good word with any of his successful friends. My background is in sales but I always write profiles as if I’m a columnist or journalist: light-hearted, reassuring and concise. The one tip I could give is read books and articles instead of Facebook. Watch world news instead of reality shows. Listen to NPR instead of Fetty Wap. Upgrade yourself ladies, our men will do the rest.

    • MissWinni says:

      Do you mind taking a look at my profile and giving me some advice for improvement?

  94. LonelyJuju says:

    Yay! I also used to use skin lightening soaps everyday few years ago, Kojic acid, Papaya soap, but I regret it I’ve accepted my mixed latina self, why try to look white if I’m not?

    • Anonymous says:

      You should not aspire to be white, if you’re not, but know that white women are still the most desirable, elegant and beautiful women in the world. That’s why most white’s marry white’s. Sorry, this is the truth.

    • shka says:

      I just had to respond. LonelyJuju – please don’t internalize what this idiot has said in response to you accepting yourself as the beautiful black/mixed woman you are. You are gorgeous.

      “anonymous” felt the need to respond because he/she is threated by the notion of your strength and DISCOVERY. They don’t want to lose their position in all of this which was formulated by a delusion that has spread too far and wide. Your story is a step to repelling their delusion – and it makes them feel uncomfortable.

      This false notion of WHITE beauty being supreme is starting to crumble away with the realization of truth in the matters like your own. Women of color are rich in melanin which is a GIFT. Trust me! Women of color possess untouchable beauty that can never be produced by whites. You have everything. You are a queen, beautiful. REMEMBER THAT.

  95. UltimateSB says:

    It’s so sad how people turn this comment session into a war zone. This should be an advise section really from one another not some racial fight. So much hating!smh

    • IHF2030 says:

      There is plenty of good advice on this thread but many get offended and choose to disregard that sound advice. In any event, it makes for great entertainment.

      • TVC15 says:

        There IS some good advice here, but none from you.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Actually, my advice, on here, has been the most sound of all.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        LMAO I’d like you to point to one piece of advice you’ve provided on this blog… just one.

      • IHF2030 says:

        I advised these whining black sugar babies to narrow their focus by only interacting with white men who state they are into race-mixing generally or into black women specifically. Most gave these black women bad advice by telling them they needed to “improve” their profiles and put up better pictures. That is nonsensical as most white men filter their searches and will NEVER see these “improved” profiles. So, these black women who just try to interact with random white guys will be wasting their time and effort.

      • TVC15 says:

        Yes, he does provide advice. It’s just all bad.

      • Anonymous says:

        He does not give bad advice. It’s called the truth. I click on White, Asian, and Hispanic on my searches. So how the hell am I going to know these black Sb’s even exist? They don’t. Not in my sugar world. Now multiply this millions of times. Any wonder why they find no success?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Now that you mention it I do seem to recall that gem. Not entirely true though. I have had men seek me out with profiles that specifically mentioned white,asain,etc only or no black SBs (or AA since that means the same thing as black to most people)I always thank them for their interest but pass.

        While some don’t conduct searches seeking black SBs some are receptive if one reaches out to them that meet their standards. So having a good profile and pictures helps but isn’t a guarantee of success. I will say that if someone specifically mentions they aren’t interested in their profile then leave them alone and move on.

      • TVC15 says:

        These women’s profiles are not aimed at you or IHF. They are aimed at men who are potentially interested in black women (and don’t bother claiming there are no such men). Men who are open to black women will be positively impressed by better profiles and photos. Therefore, telling them there’s no point improving their profiles and photos is BAD ADVICE.

      • IHF2030 says:

        There was nothing demonstrably “wrong” with the pictures and profiles of most of the black women who have come on here to complain about their inability to find white sugar daddies. So, my advice, was and is sound. In fact, the only thing wrong with the profiles of those women was that they openly complained about being excluded by white men, like the “CJ” in Texas character. What SA should do is allow you to see the racial preferences of the men/women you might want to contact. They allow that on other sites and I have always found that to be beneficial.

      • TVC15 says:

        For once, I agree with you. That would be helpful.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I second that suggestion but SA won’t do it they have a ratio to maintain and black SBs help fill the ranks if they conducted a search and actually see the number of men who exclude them from their list of preference less of them would join and ratio would drop significantly. As long as there is no easy way to prove that their chances are slim they can keep dream alive.

      • Monica says:

        IHF, I’m still waiting on the scientific evidence that white men naturally prefer white women.

      • IHF2030 says:

        monica….Google is yer friend!

      • Kore says:

        @IHF The links to the stats from the dating sites we posted before; they mentioned in the end that more people responded to messages from outside their own race.. I’m pretty sure of it.

      • hollykardash says:

        black isn’t sugar in your world? what type of racist bull shit is this. Grow up its 2016, I hope your children have a bunch of black babies.

      • IHF2030 says:

        hollykardash….White men are not obligated to find black women attractive and bestow sugar upon them. There is not and never will be affirmative action sugar!

      • IHF2030 says:

        Kore….Actually the results from okc and other studies showed that White women pretty much only respond well to White men. The studies also showed that black males are the least desired.

      • LexC says:

        This post is quite old but I have read several covertly racist post from you. It’s a clear sign of your insecurity in yourself that you continue to post incessantly on this board regarding black women. I believe you to be a racist psychopath, obsessed with maintaining a delusion of white supremacy. If black women are so beneath you I’d assume you would find something better to do with your time rather than post over a period of months in favor of comment belittling them and their beauty. I’d think you would find post with plenty of recessive white women that you could give your complete attention. ALl you do is expose your own inferiority complex when you comment on black people in such a negative way. There is somewhere in your life you are lacking where you get off on demeaning black people. I suggest you address those issues and move forward with positivity from here on end.

  96. BlackMagicWoman86 says:

    I tend to find that men that have a preference for the blonde-haired, blue-eyed “classical” beauty are doing so because they have not had any positive introduction to women of color. I truly believe that every man is intrigued by the Black women but fears either, the stigma of interracial relations or the stereotypical representation that society infringes upon us. If you were raised to believe that all black women are loud, obnoxious, overly-aggressive and carry a chip on their shoulders or, are quick to display “an attitude” then it’s not hard to imagine why someone would exercise precautions insofar as steering clear. I myself tend to find that the non-minority men that I come across are often surprised that I don’t easily fit into this mold and have had plenty of relationships whereas it was their first time foraying into– um, darker territory.

    I always try to remember that no matter who I come across I am BlackMagicWoman86 first and any other trait is secondary to my character. In my opinion I believe that we have to get over our own insecurities as far as where we stand in the ranks of attraction and remember there’s a variation of chocolate for everyone in the SD/SB dynamic. One man’s aversion is another man’s indulgence.

    • Traveling Man says:

      Black magic, I have had great relationships on SA with black women. IHF, just paints with a broad racist brush, it is not all white males, the lack of success for any woman here is likely based on the large number of gorgeous women, black, white, latin, etc. Everyone complains about flakes, but large choice is the main reason, too many pleasant distractions!

  97. SanFranciscoDude says:

    I prefer non-white women and I am a white guy. I don’t know for sure why that is, but I think mostly it is because I grew up in mostly Latino neighborhoods in Southern California and all my first crushes were on Latinas. My first girlfriend in college was a Latina and my wife is Asian. I am not really that interested in white women. The older I get, the more I like Black women. I am dating a Black SB currently and couldn’t be happier.

    • IHF2030 says:

      Well, you certainly serve to prove my point that it is mostly beta-male Caucasian cats who engage in race-mixing.

      • TVC15 says:

        IHF, you’re as obsessed with race as Fundude is with fat. I think you’re both overcompensating for your secret desires.

      • LIll says:

        @IHF what are you doing commenting on this post? This article serves as motivating Brown Beautiful SBs and not an avenue for ignorant racist jerks like yourself to spread venom.

      • Anonymous says:


        The guy is getting older and dating older women; he is expressing the same preference that your Spartan ancestors did for darker skinned women: the pigment helps block out UV damage, so as time goes on, especially in lower lattitudes like Sparta and Southern California, the women born with more pigments tend to age better.

      • IHF2030 says:

        I will continue to post what I choose to post and you assholes can go fuck yerselves with cactus dildos if you don’t like it!

      • TVC15 says:

        Guess what: I’m going to continue not liking it, AND not fucking myself with a cactus dildo. NOW whatcha gonna do?

      • IHF2030 says:

        Well, what I’m gonna do is make sure to post more often and take great pleasure in your discomfort!

      • Anonymous says:

        @IHF it’s easier for you to hide under anonymousity and say shit. If you cannot not contribute to this post positively why don’t you do yourself a favour and disappear better still commit suicide like most white people do.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Anything I post online I will happily say to ANYONE’s face, in a heart beat!

      • TVC15 says:

        “better still commit suicide like most white people do.”

        Hey! That’s not very nice either!

      • TVC15 says:

        “Anything I post online I will happily say to ANYONE’s face, in a heart beat!”

        You must be a hit at parties.

      • IHF2030 says:

        I’m a straight shooter and an intolerant cat by nature and those are two of my best things.

      • TVC15 says:

        Well, at least you admit it! 🙂

  98. Cool Nerd says:

    I feel like this article is just fetishizing black women in general. Yes, brown is beautiful, but we’re more than our skin color. We’re not some unknown exotical species to try out, lol.

    And some of the comments on here are so ignorant. I swear, some folks have the most to say when hiding behind a computer screen, lol. If you’re for interracial dating, then that’s cool. If not, then carry on & keep your foolery to yourself.

  99. babes.. says:

    So does that basically mean that black African women should only date black men..Am kind of confused here

    • IHF2030 says:

      Most Whites sugar daddies will not be seeking black sugar babies. That is the reality of things, for worse or better.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        You are such a troll IHF. You just can’t stay away from this blog can you? Me thinks thou doth protest too much lol

      • CandyK says:

        That is a lie. The most approach I got were from white males. I prefer them white males too so it is fine with me.

    • Cool Nerd says:

      I couldn’t get through the full article LOL, but people should date who they want. Methinks this article was geared towards black women who have doubts in where they stand in the sugar dating community, especially to white men, since they predominately make up the SD population.

  100. Sweet Tyraa says:

    I have not found a sugar daddy! I am a sweet person, I fear that my skin color is the problem. Even black men don’t seem to have any interest, why is that? I am so ready so finally meet a great sugar daddy

    • Anonymous says:

      1. Non-white girls don’t do well here.

      2. Do you play football?

      • Mikkoa says:

        What an ugly little troll you are. Do you decorate your cave or is it too dark to see anything Anon?

      • Anonymous says:

        I bet you are not getting any arrangements either.

      • Mikkoa says:

        Jokes on you troll face. Better luck next time. Shouldn’t you be fucking your cousin? or like maybe shoving a cactus up your vagina?

      • Anonymous says:

        I guess your toxic mouth is equally responsible for your lack of succes with white men. A white man may unfortunately tolerate mouthy white woman but wants his colored pussy submissive. Deal with it or get an affirmative action job.

        There’s no affirmative action in sugar yet.

      • Mikkoa says:

        Wow you can time travel too?! What a useful little troll you are! Being called “colored pussy” really brings it way back, like to the year 1896!!! Then you brought me forward with Affirmative Action! You my ugly little white inbreed trailer trash troll are quite amazing! 🙂

      • RichManSD says:

        @Anonymous….Get the fuck out of here you racist prick. I’m a white SD and I prefer Coloured women. Why? Because they are hottter. Troll back to that suicidal life you crawled out from.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Bwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, White beta-male guys are coming out of the woodwork, all over the joint!

      • Anonymous says:

        @RichManSD is not a man. It’s a woman writing as a man.

    • elaine says:

      @Sweet Tyraa

      I don’t want to be rude, but it ain’t gonna happen…
      You can continue asking what other girls do and why you don’t find a SD, but you are just not the type of girl that has the potential success factor for SA.

      And to be blunt, of all the profiles of posters I have seen here, I think only @Cool Nerd and @Attica have it and @Wanderlust if she got rid of the tats and iron and @Princess Maiya if she ditched the “Princess” part.

      Does it have to do with the skin colour of the others?
      No, their profiles and/or pictures just suck.
      And since it is a fact that black SBs in general get less attention here, pics and profile need to be even better and stand out positively to grab the attention of men that are not purposefully searching for a coloured SB, but would not exclude them either.

      • BlackMagicWoman86 says:

        You cannot say that with any true certainty that these women do not belong on this site. After all, you aren’t a sugar daddy are you? I’ve dated men who were MULTI-millionaires who longed for women of their type. While their type may not be the typical “status quo” insofar as arm candy there are definitely men who prefer the variation. I’m going to go with the adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say”…

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Cut the PC nonsense you know the chances of Tyra being successful on this site are slim to none in current state. Her profile sucks, her pictures suck,and She’s overweight. Sugar coating the reality of a situation is not always the kind thing to do.

      • elaine says:


        One doesn’t have to have a crystal ball, nor has to be an SD to predict potential succes, for either black, yellow or white girls on SA.

        A bit of experience does the trick.
        And I am quite sure you know very well yourself. Just see here profile and pics and compare them to yours. And then come back and seriously tell us she stands a chance against you?

        PS. I never said she doesn’t BELONG on this site. I am just answering on her repeated requests on how to be successful here. Because I felt pity, as she really doesn’t seem to understand.

        The answer is: She will not. Never. Period.

      • BlackMagicWoman86 says:

        PC? I tend to think the latter. I live in Las Vegas which is one of the top 10 Sugar Daddy areas to live in. Trust me when I say I’ve seen creatures on the arms of affluent men that would question whether or not they’re as blind as Steve Wynn. Again, there’s a flavor for everyone. One of my past SD’s in general would have loved to be in their company. I pretty much ended it BECAUSE I was not that type of girl. Maybe it was a fetish. I cant say. But from personal experience I’m definitely non-biased to the wants and desires of different men. We get nothing out of tearing people down regardless of our stance on what is perceived as being politically correct. I always approach things from glass-half-full approach. It would benefit you greatly to try it.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        “I tend to think the latter”
        1) you used that phrase incorrectly. There has to be two choices in order for that to work. Just so you know for the future.

        2) you choose to look at life as a glass half full. I choose to be pragmatic and realistic.

        3) Just because an exception to the rule exist doesn’t mean everyone will be an exception.

      • BlackMagicWoman86 says:

        1)PC or “not being PC”. Those are two choices implied through context so the term “latter” is applicable. Follow along.
        2)Being “Pragmatic” or exhibiting “realism” is subjective depending on your own personal truths.
        3) If an exception exists, then regardless of how improbable or unlikely it may seem based upon YOUR reality the universal truth is the exception STILL exists. Your statement is logically flawed.

        Shall we carry on or should we agree to live and let live?

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I never imply anything I clearly state exactly what I mean. There was no choice between being PC or not. Because you choose to read between do lines and add meaning to what I post doesn’t make it true. Everything else you said was incredibly stupid so I won’t bother addressing it. I always enjoy an intellectually stimulating debate it obvious from the illogical nonsense you just posted that you aren’t capable of providing that particular amusement. So yes let’s live and let live. Enjoy your evening and good luck with your search.

      • IHF2030 says:

        How quaint, the jaybird has found someone else to feud with.

      • Anonymous says:


        Are you an escort? Your photos clearly suggest that.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        I’m not feuding with anyone. Why is it that every time I disagree with a woman it’s a fued, I do it with you it’s a discussion? Besides like I said I’ve lost interest and won’t be responding further. I’ll fued with you though my little troll :-))

      • BlackMagicWoman86 says:

        Incredibly stupid or did you fail Logic 101? I’ll just assume you lack the intelligence to understand so I’ll resist the urge to break out the sock puppets. Happy Holidays!

      • BlackMagicWoman86 says:

        @Anonymous your jealousy is showing. You might want to control that or seek help from appropriate resources. As a medical professional I can offer refferals. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        @Black…you should be happy if you received Minimal. Black women don’t do well on SA.

      • BlackMagicWoman86 says:


        Really now? Diversity is the spice of life. See that picture of me in Sayulita, Mexico? I would beg to differ. It’s Good thing I ignore people like you who want to place folks in that “Black women don’t do well” box and I am not easily discouraged. I have never considered myself merely as JUST a black woman. Hmmm…maybe that’s why I do well here?1

      • IHF2030 says:

        BlackMagicWoman86….No affirmative action sugar for you, next!

      • BlackMagicWoman86 says:

        Ironic Ihf2030 that you bring up affirmative action when white women have benefitted from it just as much as any minority. You might want to rethink the applicability because your attempt to be funny failed epically. Have the rents for drawbridges went up troll?

      • Anonymous says:

        Including white women in affirmative action is a joke played on minorities and other more deserving groups. White women should be removed from affirmative action.

        However, ANY politician who even hints on such “abomination” will be hanged by his testicles by the female electorate.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Actually, LOTS of White women have been screwed over by the evils of affirmative action, too.

      • Anonymous says:

        The few studies I’ve read all mentioned that White women have profited from AA more than any other group. Personally, I think AA is a farce and a complete disaster that needs to be dismantled

      • SouthernSB says:

        Hi sweets how you doing? I have to totally agree with you. Half of the profiles need a major do over and the pictures just suck. These girls need some serious profile help. What you have to remember girls is this is the guys party not yours. You have to make a profile that shows the guy what you have to offer them, not just what you want them to give you, and another thing, stop asking for substantial!!! It’s just ridiculous!!! I know you have been to tumblr and are looking and reading the blogs over there, but most of those girls are lying and the rest are just escorts that see multiple men a day. Unless you are Chanel Iman or Lupita you are NOT getting substantial-no way, no how. You will be waiting here forever for a SD.
        Here’s how to up your chances in the sugar game.
        1. Put on some makeup, get a great outfit and take fantastic pictures
        2. Write a good profile with good spelling and punctuation. Don’t use tech talk. Use complete sentences.
        3. Remember, it’s about what you can do for HIM, you can talk about what he can do for you after you have that date.
        4. Be realistic and patient. Black girls do have a harder time finding someone on this site, but if you are lucky and stick to it you will find the SD of your dreams.

        One more thing:
        I can’t get over how many of you girls don’t smile in your pictures, men (and people in general) open up when they see someone smile.

  101. Pretti Rehd says:

    I haven’t found my sugar daddy yet ? i reside in Newjersey and Im ready to go out and explore meet New people ? but Im unlucky i see ?

  102. babes.. says:

    My profile is good @summerkisses but am Kenya..many guys just view my profile then move over…the ones that message me says that am from far..am from Kenya BTW..

    • Customer service rep says:

      You need to find a nice Warlord or Chief. You will not have any luck outside of Africa. Now back to email scams.

  103. Milky_sweets says:

    I wish this were true though. Many people put on their profile flat out “white only/white-paled skin race only” and I just think oh well, if they wanna hold on to old prejudice values so be it. They are missing out on the fun lol.

  104. babes.. says:

    No luck on finding a sugar daddy here…maybe its because am black or from Africa…

    • Summerkisses says:

      No. It’s because either your profile isn’t good or you’re not working hard enough. Stop blaming black.

    • Anonymous says:

      Black women have problem getting SDs even in the USA. No SD in his right mind will go all the way to Kenya to take up a black girl. NO WOMAN…of any color…is all that special.

  105. Wanderlust Gypsy says:

    I’m not having muvh luck on this site. Not sure if it’s my profile or tattoos :/

  106. Mark Anthony smith says:

    Nice and having fun

  107. Lynn9788 says:

    Fortunately for me, I have had luck with finding SDs of other races on this site, lol.

    • Sweet Tyraa says:

      what are you doing to have them interested in you?

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m new to this site. I definitively want to become a sugarbaby in the future, so do not take offense to my constructive criticism. For one if that’s your picture…:(. The head bonnet. You are making these white men think of Aunt Jemima. It’s NOT a good look. Two, your skin color is very dull and discolored. I’m not saying to be light skin. That whole light skin dark skin stuff is all total bull. It’s features really. But your dark skin does not gleam. Take off your glasses and enough with the duckface. Your too looks like a table cloth. Not cute.

        Helpful tips 🙂
        No synthetic weaves
        Wear some makeup
        Wear your hair down
        Choose cuter clothes
        NO glasses
        Pick a better picture
        Pick more flattering lighting.

        Yup! That’s it girl.
        I hope you do well.
        Kiss kiss

    • white4asian says:

      Yeah well, the fact that your pictures knock the hell out of everyone that views your profile probably helps. 🙂

  108. Sabiá says:

    Everyone has their preferences…
    If your profile reflects the type of person you are then it should attract the SD you’re looking for. Some just message practically anyone trying to see who they can ‘hook-up’ with and you should know how to red flag those SDs.

  109. Sunny says:

    Casual reminder that women of all races on SA receive most of their messages from white men because the SD’s on the website are overwhelmingly white. Math, darlings, it’s all math.

  110. Tea-Cup says:

    Oh my gosh! These comments are so intense ._.

  111. Anonymous says:

    I must agree with anonymousbaby…I am a black woman and I receive FAR more responses from white men than any other race. I believe it depends on how your profile is written (are your spelling and grammar correct?), how you present yourself (do you seem classy or ghetto or even worse…desperate or trashy?), and how you interact with people. If you want a successful profile and attention from any racial group, then I don’t understand why you would have problems.

    Note: Some people do have racial preferences and that’s fine. I personally don’t care, but if someone you have your eyes on is not interested ONLY because of something so superficial……do you really want that person in your life???? I think it would be more constructive and less self-hating to make sure you are with someone who doesn’t discredit your value in their life based on the skin you were born with.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

  112. BmoreEbonyBaby says:

    That awkward moment when you see racist comments under a Brown and Beautiful blog. Lol. Don’t give up, my beautiful ebony babies! You will find a wonderful SD that appreciates and loves the skin you’re in. Be patient and be persistent. <3

  113. Monica says:

    Where is the scientific study of this natural preference for white women?

  114. AnonymousBaby says:

    Everything isn’t about race. It’s how a SBaby portrays herself. If she doesn’t take care of herself, looks tacky, is unfortunate looking with a bad attitude, and a nasty personality, didn’t attend college or doesn’t plan to, then of course no Daddy’s going to want such SBaby REGARDLESS of race. I’m an exotic AA Baby and I’ve received hundreds of messages mostly from Caucasian and Asian males. Presentation, education, personality, perception and character are big roles in being a Sugar Baby.

  115. BellaNicole1 says:

    So I believe I have a potential SD, but he’s a busy man. I wanna get to know him better and talk on Skype, or however. Should I message him and tell him how I feel, or should I be patient and wait it out? The last thing I want to do is chase him down and scare him away. Any advice?

  116. GL says:

    When you’re on SA you have to present yourself as someone a millionaire would want on his arm. A 30 inch purple weave and a skimpy dress from an Instagram boutique isn’t what any millionaire would want, regardless of race. I am aware of the fact that there are far too many men with no black/mixed/other on their profiles, but there are PLENTY of men on SA who could care less about race. Those tend to be the ones who are better traveled, more exciting and less likely to be salt anyway. So examine how you carry yourself and when you see a sugar daddy with racist preferences move along. If you dwell on who doesn’t want you you’ll never find out who does.

    • IHF2030 says:

      The preference that most white men have for white women is not racist, it is NATURAL!

      • GL says:

        Ruling out a specific race of girl based on stereotypes is racist regardless of how much your white brain wants to perceive it as natural. If your preference is slim, classy and well educated, you can find tons of attractive black women with those attributes. Telling someone you won’t date them because they’re black = racist 🙂

      • The Prophet says:

        Everyone has preferences.
        I have mine, but every once in a while, someone outside of it catches my eye.
        I have several acquaintances that fall outside of my preferences, but every time I see them, I think to myself that they have “it”.
        Preferences, per se, does not equal racism.

      • IHF2030 says:

        I don’t rule out non-white women because of stereotypes. I rule them out because I am not physically attracted to them. So you can whine and squeal about waaaaaaaaaaaycism to your heart’s content but it won’t change that biological imperative.

      • Anonymous says:

        Preferences are not racist. Our brains are wired in such a way that certain features are considered attractive while others are not. Are there beautiful AA women? Of course there are. Are there ugly white women? Of course there. You cannot force attraction.

      • DeMonrovia says:

        Scientific evidence of this so called natural preference to white women?

      • Anonymous says:

        Absolutely right. Anyone demanding control over what individuals legally like or don’t like are fascists.

        I don’t see anywhere so farwhere someone said “natural preference to white girls”. They did say members of groups [however the person identifies as her/his group] tend to look to other members of that group for social interaction. You are putting up a straw comment that was never stated in order to further your own agenda and prejudices.

      • ANONJUSTBECAUSE baby says:

        IFH2030 You sound as if you are just trying to “NATURALLY” irritate the crap out of people. If what you are saying is true for society…and not just in your life or mind…that white is “NATURALLY” only attracted to white why in your theory why are sooo many WHITE WOMEN “NATURALLY” ATTRACTED TO BLACK MEN?? Or is your theory only representative of the WHITE people of your WHITE world? LOL you just sound “NATURALLY” sh!t disturby. Why are you even reading and commenting on a blog that obviously has nothing to do with you and is not meant to help or advise you?

      • IHF2030 says:

        ANONJUSTBECAUSE baby….First off, I don’t give a flying fuck if people are irritated by what I have to say. And, who the fuck are you to suggest what I should read or comment upon! What I say is truth, and honestly, the vast majority of White women are NOT attracted to black or other non-White males. And similarly, most White men are not attracted to black females. So, you can whine and snivel, but that won’t change the reality of the world!

    • GL says:

      It’s a racist preference. In ruling out non-white women, who vary in skin color, hair color, body type, facial features, education level etc. just like white women, you’re saying that you prefer this race over the other which inherently says you think white women are better than women of color which is the textbook definition of racism. Saying “I prefer brunettes” is a preference. Saying “I don’t date blacks/Latinas/other” is racism darlings. Anyway, brown sugar babes, there are tons of sugar daddies who would love to occupy their time and won’t see your race when determining their attraction <3 So don't let guys with these "preferences" in their bios discourage you!!!

    • Traveling Man says:

      Agree GL, I love exotic black and mixed women and have met many on this site, I have found them far warmer and betterat conversation than most of the white gals, who give one word answers far too often

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      So what does that make a black person who isn’t attracted to other black people, are they racist too?

      • Anonymous says:

        Funny. I just read an article titled “Hottest Wives and GF’s of Athletes” 99% of these NFL and NBA players have a blonde blue eyed woman standing next to them all smiling. The most racist people in the world are these multi millionaire black athletes. They all want white pussy. So what do you say to that?

  117. Anonymous says:

    My experience on seeking arrangement as a African American Sugar Baby first of all I’ve had really good luck on this site I primarily focus on a demographic that’s the key my favorite States are Georgia and New York. You have to be very patient, take your time and weed out the wannabes.

  118. Sugar Baby says:

    I have no luck with seeking arrangement as a black woman ..I give up on this website.

  119. kiaqtpie says:

    I prefer my handsome Caucasian men 🙂 the best but not many on here

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course you prefer Caucasian handsome men. The black men have been leaving too much sperm in your body.

      • Anonymous says:

        Did that make you feel better about your tiny penis and medicore life?? its ok there’s others like you called trolls?? find one fuvk one and stfu please find a life??

    • Anonymous says:

      Is that because they have money? And do the handsome Caucasian men like you?

      • Sugar Baby says:

        Well there are people of every ethnicity that have money. I find myself attracted Caucasian males as well as every other ethnicity. Although, most don’t approach me..can’t lie about that. Most people that tend to like me are middle eastern, Hispanic, or of African descent.

  120. Marthur01 says:

    As a black female I prefer black males, but have no problem with white males, and have found myself attracted to them .

    • Anonymous says:

      Come awwwn girl! You can do SO much better! That picture is too ratch for words. I’m looking into the SB dealio as well as an African sugarbaby and even I know that that kind of picture will generate no men or money.

  121. Anonymous says:

    I’m an African American female and most of the messages I get are from white males, and I actually don’t mind . I prefer another AA male, but I don’t mind white males as well .

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t fuck around with black men. For most of them, unless they are athletes or drug dealers, they have no money to spare for your “worth”.

  122. Anonymous says:

    I am a black girl and 90 percent of the men who respond to my profile are white men living in america; the other 10 percent are of different ethnicities. You will attract men based on how you present yourself both in your profile and over the phone.

    By the way….I have never dated a black guy, not because I care about race (I couldn’t care less-there are gentlemen and jerks in all categories), rather because many of the black men who have approached me have not done so respectfully. When some came along that did not approach me that way, I was not in a position to advance things….and they were great guys. There are plenty of white men that approach me in the same manner and I interact with them the same way…..I just blocked one earlier….

    Indeed, there are some men who prefer a particular race and if your POT SD is one of them, then he is not your POT SD and it wasn’t meant to be. Set your sights elsewhere and you will have better results. It also helps to have something in your favor to make yourself stand out against other girls…

    I have a degree in physics….as well as promotional modeling (no degree there). But I am also 35…..so if I see that a SD is seeking 18-35….well, then he doesn’t apply and I won’t waste my time.

    Interestingly enough I have seen these “requirements” in the profile of some men who have pursued me quite aggressively…..

    The key is: make sure you know what you want and what you can offer in return! The good SDs do not have time to waste on wishy washy sugarbabies 😉

  123. BusyCEO says:

    The “Sugar Bowl” isn’t different than any other ‘dating’ forum. I believe it is crucial to genuinely like the person you are interested in meeting and hopefully entering into an agreement with. As a black male, I can attest that skin color is the last thing I look at, I want someone who is genuine and actually eager to spend time with me, not solely because of my financial success, but because they like what they read on my profile. It isn’t easy finding a perfect match, but I am positive with a bit of persistence (and patience), anyone should be able to find a match that is beneficial to both parties. If a SD doesn’t reply or easily dismisses you early into an exchange, he probably isn’t the one for you to begin with.


  124. AfricanGoddess93 says:

    Well everyone knows that Black women are the Best!!!… :)We have Brains(Natural Beauty and Curves!!…we’re basically better at EVERYTHING!(Cooking, cleaning, dancing….No one is better than us!… :)I Love being African

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Wait until IHF2030 sees this post :-))

      @IHF2030 make sure you click on the link to the profile also

    • IHF2030 says:

      AG93….Do you twerk????

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Lol I should’ve kept quiet. :-))

      • Anonymous says:

        I read all your comments and although they are prejudice. You can personally be attracted to whatever you please. You are not the only Caucasian man on SA and Caucasian man who enjoys ethnic women are not all beta-males. I know that you want to be valided by your comments and you have been time and time again. You seem to have a lot of rage when it comes to interracial love and sex. I’m sorry for your sense of injustice but its just not real.

    • Anonymous says:


      Please be specific…are you referring to the African women or the AA women?

    • Traveling Man says:

      Well no too generalize too much, but it’s fun to anyway!! I have traveled to more than 60 countries many times and I find darker women to be more passionate, fun, sexy, intense than blondies. Blondes come from German/Saxon heritage who by nature, culture, language etc must parse every syllable of every word in order to try to understand something. This renders many incapable of grasping irony, sarcasm, etc and explains why blondes have trouble with witty remarks, it is just their heritage of Germanic language and way of translating what was said. Anyway, most blondes tend to be more uptight, less humorous to me and often stuck up and cold.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Most of my girlfriends have been of German or partial German ancestry and none of them were uptight, cold, humorless or stuck up.

      • THEATLSD says:

        I travel a lot also and work with people from all over the world on a daily basis. You analogy is stupid and I do not find that to be true.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with @IH2030 and @THEATLSD.

      • Kore says:

        @Travelling Man It’s fun to wonder if genetics plays a role, but anything that has to do with race can be viewed as racist.

        Anyway, why would you go first to origin before looking at culture? I think darker skinned people are typically more passionate (not necessarily sexually, but in their personalities) because they come from very social places (where the sun shines and winter doesn’t stop them from going out). Blondes in Aussie and S.Africa are probably much more passionate than those in Denmark. Similarly, dark skinned women who live in ‘colder’ places long enough might become more neutral after having lived there for a while.

        What about the French? They’re halfway between Nordic and Mediterranean. Most are still light skinned and still they are much more passionate than the countries above. Even Belgium doesn’t seem as open.

    • Anonymous says:

      Arrogance in any colour is such a turn off.

    • The Prophet says:

      Any color can precede the word supremacist. The one thing they all have in common is that they are all pos.

    • Sugar Baby says:

      That’s very egocentric of you. Black women are not the best, that’s just a lie that you’re telling yourself. No offense, but I don’t find that appealing. I’m of mixed race, so no racism should be appointed. But, all of what you’ve said do not apply to Black women as a whole. To be honest, most I’ve met can’t cook, clean, or have curves. Maybe if we jet back a couple of generations that’d still apply. But, you’re pretty, that may apply to you. So, I can’t knock it too much.

  125. Vip Traveler says:

    This blog has gone on for a long time and I have heard few endorsements from white guys expressing their appreciation for brown beauties. I personally believe that a natural Ebony woman is God’s gift to man given her physical beauty. She wakes up beautiful and needs no makeup to look fabulous. One challenge for connecting with a white SD is the degree to which she can culturally adapt to the expectations of someone who has not grown up in “black culture”. In my journey on this site I have only met with Ebony women after we established that we had good chemistry and I am a true believer…

  126. IHF2030 says:

    Black sugarbabies sure are sociable, I must say.

  127. BrownSkin.....❤️ says:

    I get attention buts its annoying cause I always get hit with the ” You’re so gorgeous to be a black girl ” or ” I’ve never been with a black girl can you be my first ” smh its annoying

  128. Anonymous says:

    “So my point is that there is being strong and then there is being annoying and pushy.”

    There are very few “strong” women. Most women claiming to be “strong” are “annoying and pushy” and obnoxious.

  129. Cryptic says:

    Valerie mentioned men wanting submissive women. Submissive is one of those interesting words. I don’t see submissive women at all, that said I don’t want to be arguing or getting into battles if will all either. I will just walk away from drama.

    The last woman who accused me of seeking submissive women was a SB who was trying to get me to meet her for dinner or a movie when I made it clear my first meets are low key and over a coffee or drink only.

    So my point is that there is being strong and then there is being annoying and pushy.

    She was white too for the record.

  130. Kore13 says:

    Stats collected from ayi and okcupid.


  131. Chungking says:

    I’ve never seen a profile that said “NO white women” yet, have seen quite a few saying, “No African American or Latinas”. Yes, you may pick out certain parts of a persons profile and say it’s because of this or that but, the majority of the reason black sugar babies are less successful is because of their race.

    • Cryptic says:

      Thankfully there is no such thing as Affirmarive Action Sugar and hopefully they will never start trying to force people to date people they just aren’t interested in.

      I would be curious to know how many black SD’s there are and what their preferences are, I know Indian men love light skinned women as well.

      I have rejected many White wome. Even though they are my preference, the reason I reject them is usually the same reasons I reject darker skinned women.

      But if you want to blame race them go ahead but you will be cheating yourself of the true reasons in most cases.

    • Kore13 says:

      @Chungking A SD favorited me. In his profile, it says he prefers dark skinned girls. He is caucasian, if that makes a difference.

  132. Anonymous says:

    Question to those who like to blame their race for their lack of success. What would you think if you saw a profile where the man blames his lack of height, hair, being too fat or anything else?

    You would ignore him, right??

  133. Valerie M. says:

    I find it hard to find a man that will take me seriously on here. Pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I’m African-American. I have MANY men treating me as if I am a low rent hooker, asking if 100 dollars is cool per meeting right off the back without us even starting to discuss an arrangement, they want so much from me to prove that I am real, or just over all bullshit. I have yet to run into a real man on here that I can build something with. I just don’t understand it.

    • Lisa says:

      Likewise. Getting to the point where I might delete my account

    • IHF2030 says:

      Why do you think that your race is the reason why you are not having much luck on here? And, If you are black why do you list yourself as being mixed?

    • Anonymous says:

      Saying you have an affliction is probably not a great start. Substantial also screams a high maintenance. Two non race related reasons, if you are being offered $100 it indicates that men don’t think you are worth what you do.

    • Anonymous says:


      Not too many White women are getting even Moderate. Most White women would settle for Practical in a heartbeat. Change your allowance requirements to Minimal. Maybe you will get some bites. When you do move to NYC, you may try a higher allowance.

    • Kore13 says:

      @Valerie M. Say on your profile that you will only consider resonable offers after you tone down the allowance.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      “Deep within this sweet demure girl is a libertine woman that longs to come out and play.”

      “I am a model and student (a very adventurous one)”

      “so here I am, offering myself to you!”

      ” I am perfectly suited for what ever it is you desire…”

      that’s just a few of the examples The only thing you talk about and offer in your profile is sex. Your race has nothing to do with it. you’re getting those types of offers because of how you portray yourself. Your whole profile sounds like an advertisement for a hooker.

    • Riviera says:

      You look like a swimmer or athlete than a model, who can afford substantial?

    • Traveling Man says:

      Valerie, your profile is fine, but would add some interesting photos, it is a little wordy, I have enjoyed just about all of my mtgs with black women and 3 African American SB’s,

    • Traveling Man says:

      Ohh and lose the “Substantial” part, i have never written, winked or contacted a substantial or high priced woman on SA and never would, arrogance is not a virtue for an SB or SD

    • THEATLSD says:

      You have New York as your home but live in THE ATL. That is the first check against you.
      Check 2 is having substantial. Never going to happen.
      There are 1075 SD age 35-55 in Atlanta of those 10 have they are willing to pay Substatial.
      Of the 10 only 3 have been active in the last 6 months.
      You will have more luck playing Powerball.

      Lastly, the AA women out number the men 12-1. You have to know your market if you want success.

  134. Willow S says:

    My close friend is a sugar baby on here too, shes white we are the same age. but I still don’t feel as tho race is the reason I’m getting way less attention I really think most SD’s just want attention from slender submissive and appearance oriented woman. I’ve got submissive down but that’s about it. sugaring is hard on your self esteem as an SB especially when you’re brown tho I guess.

    • Valerie M. says:

      Trust me it’s not about even being the submissive type. It’s about being a black or brown woman that you receive so many bullshit messages, no reply’s, or treated lower than a white woman would. My very close friend has been behind finding sugar daddies for women for years now, and he gets so many emails from white men treating black and brown women like low rent whores, asking so much of them to prove themselves that they are real and not gold diggers, or just some dumb ass bullshit message. Where in contrast the white women get put up on an instant pedestal for zero reason and they are ready to arrange something just by seeing her picture. We have to prove ourselves so much more just to be able to be taken seriously.

  135. Lovely01 says:

    I’ve found specific tags to be of good help.

  136. IHF2030 says:

    Since most white men are not attracted to black females, black sugarbabies should narrow their focus. They should try to interact with white men who specifically state they are into black women generally or even those who state they are into interracial encounters generally. Also, a lot of jewish males are into black females so they should seek them out, as well.

    • Sugar gal says:

      I’ve meet a few men who expressed interest without it being written on their profile. It sucks but, I just go out of my way to talk to them all. It hurts when they are rude about my skin, but it’s just as annoying with no responses. It’s just the chances we take as black women on this site. Good experience eh?

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        You’ll find the reasons you fail are the similar to the reasons white girls fail on here.

        Just reading your post alone and your user name makes me disinterested.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Strange, I’ve had quite a few black women on here favorite my profile. I’ve also had one Asian women email to tell me that I was being dishonest, because, according to her, ALL white men are into Asian women. Just respect the preferences of others, simple.

  137. Anonymous says:


    “Good video from my boy Tommy Sotomayor:


    I don’t agree with his favorable perspective on white women though. There are plenty of White women that act in the same manner. Maybe he should check out the SA website lol”

    @Anonymous says:
    September 13, 2015 at 7:18 am

    WTF!!! [http://www.post-gazette.com/business/businessnews/2010/03/09/Study-finds-median-wealth-for-single-black-women-at-5/stories/201003090163]

  138. tashad112 says:


    I have only been on the site for a few days. I particularly have a preference for black men, but the very few black men on the site in the NYC area do not respond. I am beginning to think that most of them might just be into SB of other races. I know my bio could be better, but I am better at being engaged with someone in person. I do mention that in my profile. Maybe my pic is not enough…. I am open to other races…but no SD’s have reached out at all except 2. IDK why I thought the activity on the site would be much better….

  139. Morlock says:

    @Ebony – You may very well be a strong opinionated woman but to some men that will come across as rude, loud and obnoxious. Interestingly enough you didn’t like the man who rejected you even though he may also be a strong, opinionated man. See what I am getting at? No one likes to argue when all they want is a good time, well men anyway, women just like to argue and cause drama.

    You know what you deserve? NEXT!!!

    @Robert – Did you read what you wrote? Most white men will prefer a white woman, operative word MOST. No one ever said all.

    For me personally I dislike puffy lips, big asses, skinny legs and loud, rude and overbearing women, I don’t care what colour or race they come in.

    • Robert says:

      @Morlock… um, well yes I know exactly what I said. Try getting off your high horse, because the point is that neither you nor the “other” overbearing dude that has been posting similar comments over and over for months (strangely) can possibly know what most men want. Get it? That cannot be argued and if you actually think it can, then there is nothing to say to you. And try not being a keyboard warrior, it makes you look weak.

  140. Robert says:

    I do have an SA account and profile, but this is the first time I’m posting a comment, so I’m just going to post anonymously.

    I’m sure there is some percentage of white men that strictly prefer a white SB, just as I’m sure there are some black women who would prefer a black SD.

    But there are plenty of white men that see the differences in different people and appreciate those differences, and that most definitely includes black women. There are differences in appearance, in culture, and I think also in personality. And we all have our preferences; our like sand dislikes. Black SD’s do too, right?

    I’m white. I love black women. So, to the dude that keeps posting about how most white men prefer white women, my preference would be Asian, Black and then White. So, I guess not ALL white men prefer white women. In fact, most men are probably not that simplistic. For me, the right black woman would make all other women disappear. There are things I love about black women that are almost impossible to find in women of other races. And the same could be said for Asian women. So, I guess I prefer exotic women, and definitely including black women.

    • Laila says:

      I sooooo appreciate your comment. I just think it is so much harder. Also for me its worst because I’m black islander so I have an accent. Most people don’t associate black with exotic I discovered.

    • Anonymous says:

      he didnt say ALL whitemen, you did….he said MOST

    • tashad112 says:

      Hi Robert

      I appreciate your comment as well…wish I could check out your profile…

    • Hersheygirl30 says:

      I really appreciate your comment as this site can tend to slightly decrease your self confidence without you knowing. I feel beautiful and I love my dark skin but when my messages are ignored or Im offered cheap rates and told “400 bucks a month is his previous SBs 2 week salary” I wonder how I appear to them. Anyway thank you sweetheart. I think the majority SD prefer thin caucasian women but its nice to here that there are men that find us beautiful too. Although a barbie shape is preferred here I still prefer my curves and I dont fault any man for their preference.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Maiya says:

      great comment !

    • Sugar Baby says:


  141. sugar rush says:

    I’m hoping I can snag tix to the next gathering! I think meeting these men in person will change their minds about being strictly non black

  142. I would love to add that in case you do not actually have an insurance policy or else you do not form part of any group insurance, chances are you’ll well reap the benefits of seeking assistance from a health broker. Self-employed or people who have medical conditions generally seek the help of any health insurance agent. Thanks for your post.

  143. Ebony0112 says:

    Personally, I don’t get upset when men say they “prefer a certain type of woman” because we all have our own preferences. Although some men’s presentation isn’t the most considerate they are entitled to their opinion. Just as you have your own preferences they have theirs. I personally state that I tend to talk to white but I don’t discriminate. It is normal and common for people to date within their own ethnic group. They generally have the same lifestyle, tradition and culture. These similarities make for better compatibility and commonalties. There is connection and sense of understanding and its present in every ethnicity. Humans gravitate to what they know. its basic knowledge.

    Don’t believe the notion that ALL white men don’t like black women because there are a selected FEW that don’t. That is generalization and unfair to the open minded “white” gentlemen. I understand and relate to all the women of color who have posted because I have too lived your experience. But I also know that because of this “myth” we are timid to put ourselves out there. Be confident in who you are and what you bring to the table and the right man will see that. Don’t be afraid to make the first move! And if you are not what they are looking for, don’t fret! Why would you want to be with a person who was interested in you? I haven’t been consistently active and I’m new to this whole experience but I’m very optimistic!

    There is one thing I things concerns me, as an African (American) women I am very strong and grounded in my morals and beliefs. Many black women are perceived as “opinionated” which for my knowledge is a “turn off.” Generally to white men.

    I have received a negative response and told “I may not be built for whole SD/SB thing” because I wouldn’t stand for his disrespect. I politely told him that “I can see your lack of respect for women isn’t a characteristic I desire or care to associate with. So I respectfully decline your demand for a full-body picture. Thank you for your time and I’m sorry we couldn’t be more compatible. Best wished and I hope you find the arraignment you are looking for! (:”

    He then again responded in a vulgar disrespectful manner and that is where I proceeded to leave the conversation.

    I was wondering if my profile may turn(specifically white) men away? I’m not the submissive type nor dominate but I know what I deserve.(Not in an entitled complex way, read my profile.)I’m a very sweet compassionate, empathetic individual. I haven’t received too much criticism for being a direct, articulate and strong woman. In fact I have received many appraisals, respect and admiration. But I’m curious to know if I am turning away (of course again preferably white) men by this?

    I would love to hear some response and thoughts on this matter! Please don’t be afraid to respond, it would be very insightful! I’m very open-minded. I value and respect all opinions and beliefs! (:

    • Kore13 says:

      You should go to France. My French ex, who’s white, would definitely want something with you, and I don’t think he a bad representative of French men.

      • Ebony0112 says:


        Thank you for the reference but France is quite a travel from the United States! Plus my lack of a passport might cause a problem with homeland security lol.

      • Kore13 says:

        Hehe, I was just letting you know, maybe you’ll be inspired to go there if you travel to Europe. 😉

    • IHF2030 says:

      I think that most men would want to see a full body picture, so I don’t think that was out of line. And the whole…knowing what you deserve thing speaks volumes. Ultimately, most white men are not physically attracted to black females. And, a lot of black women make the mistake of trying to interact with white men in the same way they interact with black males.

      • Ebony0112 says:

        @IHF2030 I was not obliged to send his a picture. I clearly sate in my profile to contact me. The issue was not the picture. I should have explained more of the encounter but I knew the original post was already lengthy so I opted out. But here was the conversation:

        After a few exchanges of messages he asks me for a picture. He said “send me a picture.” I had noticed he didn’t ask but demanded I send it.

        He then goes on to insult the picture by saying “Are you high”

        I told him no, I had told him hat earlier I was I an athlete and my profile says I don’t smoke.

        He then responds (excuse my language) “you look high as shit.” I explain to him how I was very tired and sleepy.

        Then asks me if I run or if I am retired. I tell him about my story and hamstring injury I sustained just last season. And how I went through rehabilitation and now I can start running again.

        He then didn’t respond thoughtfully and said “send me a full body pic” I reply with “you are very demanding.”

        * I will now quote the conversation in script.

        He replies this: “You might not be built for the whole sugar baby thing lol”

        Me: “If you are looking for someone more submissive I am not the one. I updated my profile for people to know. Some people respect it and some don’t. It’s a personal preference and I respect people interest regardless if differ from my own.”

        Him: “I really don’t care. If sending a full body pic means your submissive then you have other issues. So send it or don’t send it. Up to you.”

        Me: My concern or “issue” wasn’t with the picture, I do not mind sending a full-body photo. Sending the picture was not the submission, that’s illogical.

        My “issue” was your presentation. I simply said you were demanding, not that I did not or won’t send a picture. You didn’t have he decency to ask politely. You (and I quote) stated “send me a full body pic” after I was telling you about myself. You didn’t respond to my message thoughtfully and on top of that you didn’t have the courtesy to say thank you after you received it.

        I can see that your lack of respect for women isn’t a characteristic that I desire or want to associate with. So I respectfully will decline you demand of a full-body photo. Thank you for your time and I’m sorry that we couldn’t be more compatible. Best wishes and I hope you find the arrangement you are looking for! (:

        Him: “lol. Whatever. Bye Felicia”

        It was his presentation that was distasteful. The man asked me a question about myself. He was very disrespectful.

        When I sate “I know what I deserve” I reflect back to experiences similar to this. I don’t believe the expectancy of respect is an unreasonable request. So I don’t say “I know what I deserve” in a materialistic or financial sense. My profile does not talk about money from a SD. My bio states:

        “I don’t feel I’m entitled to make demands or put expectations on people who are generous enough to give. This is because people aren’t obligated to give me anything. I am grateful for what I have but know what I deserve. I know how it feels to have without, so I count all my blessings. I’m not high maintenance (I do enjoy high quality things and rich experiences.) Please don’t mistake or take advantage of my consideration on expectations for cheap. I know my worth…..

        I truly believe that beggar can’t be choosers. I don’t believe I deserve anything and I am sorry if my wording gave you that impression.

        Lastly, I did not interact with him like a “black male” but a human being.I don’t believe my approach was “white” or “black.” I approach everyone the same regardless of “race”

        If ultimately white men aren’t attracted to black women I respect their preference.

        Thank you for taking the time to respond! Your opinion was greatly appreciated!

    • Anonymous says:

      Beautifully written

  144. Sugar Baby says:

    Another article I’ve read to help me on my SB journey. I’ve only been on for half a day and I’ve gotten a few views but nothing more than. I’m hoping that being a brown suga baby has nothing to do with it. If anyone has suggestions on what would make my experience a little better I’d be very grateful..

    • IHF2030 says:

      Most White men will be interested in White women primarily or exclusively. You will just have to come to grips with that reality.

      • Sugar Baby says:

        Everyone has their preferences and while this is a predominantly white website I came here with an open mind of meeting a person not a skin tone. I hate to say that yes most white men will go for what they know the the world we live in. But really that’s every race

    • Traveling Man says:

      @sugar baby, it takes time, tour profile looks fine, I have had 3 African American SB’s and many nice dates and it was all great, your photos with the blond hair are a bit wild, i like wild, but maybe you have some nicer ones? Good luck

  145. m says:

    I’m a pretty, dark skinned, and confident Black woman but I’m not skinny and I know that’s why I didn’t get responses when I had an account. If I whip myself into shape I think it would help but doing all that for a man seems to be a bit much. Good luck to all you lovely ladies.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      Doing all that for a man? But you want his money as well?

      Wow, just wow…

      • m says:

        I’d rather have a man already like my body type. Why stress over it lol? I’ve met men who do like the look but not on this website.

      • Anonymous says:

        @m keep the dream alive that a successful white man will pay a chubby black girl to sex with him, is it possible? yes, but in all likelihood he has been taken so you are swimming in a fish bowl

      • m says:

        It’s possible because I’ve had two SDs before who like my shape lol. Also I’m not chubby just a little thicker.

  146. CollegeGal09 says:

    I see that some amazing members of the site are offering some critiquing for profiles, seeing as though I have not been on this site and have only learned tips from tumblr SB’s, I’d like a new perspective. If someone seasoned in sugaring would be so kind as to look at my profile and let me know what they think, I’d be very grateful!


    • Bill says:

      Here is what I see, you come across as a classy, beautiful young woman who would be interesting to talk with, a real catch. I would like to know what you are studying in school and where you are with it (first year ultrasound tech or last year of law school?).

      The first part of your write up sounds like you are looking for an LTR/husband. And it is ok if you are, there is a small segment of men here open to that. When I read this, I think you are looking for a bigger time commitment than what I could offer and it isn’t clear that you would accept an open relationship or someone with a wife (most SDs are married, even if they lie about it). None of that is wrong, that is just how I interpret it and how it relates to me. There are certainly others who would look for that.

      The “being well traveled” and having “been to Portland once” do not support each other. Well traveled here means you have the extra pages in your passport and have woke up in the morning and not remembered what country you were in (it happens). The Portland reference is out of place, plus there are two main ones and about a dozen small towns names Portland. You are probably not talking about Portland, North Dakota, but Maine or Oregon? And how does that relate to the characteristics of the SD you are looking for?

      In your second part, you point out “doesn’t allow for a conventional relationship”, but that is not the impression I get from your first part. I would go ahead and contact you based on this statement and seek clarification. It is almost like you have two different relationship concepts in your head at the same time. And if so, the way to make that clear is to talk about being flexible to a range of possibilities that may fit the circumstances of your SD.

      I think you are trying to show you are toned and fit with the photo in the swimsuit, but it is grainy and not the same quality as your other pictures that are really great. I am not sure it adds to your profile.

      The only negative you have is your location. I am sure you can find an SD in Omaha, maybe who works for B-H or a support firm. For everyone else, either he has to go to you or you have to go to him, and that takes time and chunk of change for what what may or may not amount to anything. I’ve flown to meet a pot SB before, and I just can’t afford to lose two days of time to do it. Is there any metro area you visit regularly on your own?

      You might want to try to get a part time job at an FBO that serves private jets, since Omaha is a common destination. That will give you more exposure and you might find yourself with just the relationship you are looking for.

      You can do well, be patient.

    • Anonymous says:

      Post on the other current blog .7 messaging mistakes . Most everyone goes to the latest blog

  147. Le'ke says:

    I am confused. I am an attractive woman that has a lot of things going for me. They said when you get on this site within a week you will have an arrangement. That has not happened for me. I guess I am not a stick figure with fake boobs to flaunt around. I have curves in all the right places. I guess I will have to flaunt all that in order to get a sugar daddy.

    • IHF2030 says:

      Because of the ratio of women to men on this site most women will not find sugardaddies. So you better have a lot to offer.

    • Bill says:

      Well, it is not quite like ordering a pizza. This is very much like dating, and it may take a while to find a match.

      There are three main things that will influence how long it takes. First is location. If you are in a big metro area, then there are more opportunities than if you are in the middle of Montana. And I have noticed a couple of metro areas have way more SBs than what one might expect, which suggests to me that there are far more women there looking for men than the other way around.

      Second is how you stack up to the competition. This site has medical students, beauty queens, even porn stars; mostly in their 20’s. There are some extremely ambitious and capable young women here.

      Third is your expectations relative to location and competition. If you imagine a 40 year old surgeon, your chances are much higher if you are a 20 year old pre-med student than if 50 years old, unemployed and without a degree.

      There is someone for everyone, and the secret is to figure out what kind of man is looking for a woman like you, then tailor your profile for that kind of man. This really works. Maybe you can put together a composite of the men you have dated before, because obviously they liked something about you, so what was it, and think about how you would get their attention in a field of distractions. Then ask the question, is that kind of man likely to be on this site?

      Just be patient and have realistic expectations.

      Good luck.

  148. Brittanesque says:

    Hello! Do you have any insight as to what grabs an SD’s attention on a profile of a woman of color? I’m not very confident that my profile is setting me apart from the others on this site. It may also have to do with my location (although Dallas is a huge city; still, we’re the South… And old habits die hard). Thanks for your input!

    • IHF2030 says:

      Hmmmm, “in the south”? “Old habits die hard”? Well, at least you are more subtle than most of the would be black sugarbabies on here have been.

      • Brittanesque says:

        Euphemisms are always the way to go when you’re speaking on sensitive subjects. Hahaha!

      • IHF2030 says:

        I’m curious about something so maybe you can enlighten me? A lot of black women on here have complained because white men aren’t interested. So, as a woman of color why not seek out black, or other non-white sugardaddies?

      • Brittanesque says:

        To be honest, I couldn’t give you a definite answer on why women of color gravitate toward White men… I genuinely am attracted to White men, so it’s more of an attraction situation for me than anything. From a purely economical standpoint, White men tend to have more resources and have more access to a higher caliber of lifestyle.

      • Brittanesque says:

        It could also be the simple fact that there are more White men in North America than Black men. Then you also have to take into account that many non-White SDs are attracted to White women… There is a stigma on non-White women, in all honesty. It just doesn’t help that some non-White women perpetuate the stigma.

        Open minds. That’s the key…

    • Jaybird923 says:

      You have a very well written profile. No bitterness and negativity. And the right attitude. From your profile it seems that you truly understand what mutually beneficial means.

      You need to add a full body picture to your profile and get rid of two of the face pics, The one with you in red and the one with the glasses. Also don’t wait for SDs to message you. You have a lot of competition so don’t rest on your laurels. Hope this helps. I wish you the best of luck.

      • Brittanesque says:

        Thanks so much for your advice! I try not to express negativity; life is much more fun when you’re focused on the positive, lol! Thanks again, I’ll definitely put your suggestions to use!

    • Bill says:

      I am white and have met a few AA SBs. This is what works and doesn’t work for me, and everyone is looking for something different. If a SB has anything ghetto about her in appearance, attitude or the people she hangs out with, then that is a big turn off and it isn’t going to work. The AA’s I’ve chosen to meet all grew up in the suburbs; and that is probably not a coincidence. Two were from the counties north of DFW, so in your area.

      The qualities I look for are the same as for any race: sweet, funny, smart, no drama, has her act together, takes care of herself.

      From your profile, you are very cute. Your picture in the stripes is of a person I would definitely want to meet. It is really nice. Your other two pictures are not as friendly looking (I don’t see the “let’s go skydiving!” in them). You have a child, so how you discuss that and what kind of man the father is will either be a negative or at best a neutral. Many SDs won’t pick a SB with children, so your pool is already reduced. If you swap your frowning pictures with more like the smiling one, you’ll stand out. Your write up is good.

      I am happy with my SB now, but if I free up, I will see if you are still here.

  149. Kylie says:

    Its definitely hard to find SD in Michigan,I have not met anyone here yet. this article gives me hope but I still understand why a white prefers his own. Very good read.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      Do your research. Reasons why you’re having trouble (besides the unappealing profile):
      1) Rochester Michigan, the population is a little over 12,000 people
      2) 89% of the population is white
      3) Median household income is $78,995
      4) Your expectation level is too high for your area.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Sorry please Disregard my post. Having second thoughts about the source I used for the information. I’ll post a correction once I’ve had time to properly research your area.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        Here are the corrections Everthing is correct except for 2)83% of the population is white. And I’ll aloso add a 5)Only 13% of the population makes $200,000 or more and that is the group that would most likely be able to afford $10,000 a month.

        With the cost of living being what it is in that area finding someone willing to spend that much on sugar is going to be an uphill battle. You can get a 3B/3B apartment for $1750 a month.

    • Josh says:

      @Jay I don’t know what information you were trying to verify…city-data is a pretty good site demographics.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        @josh That’s what I used but then I came across another site that was giving me elevated numbers. I wanted to check out a couple of other sources to make sure. Clearly I had nothing better to do

    • Josh says:

      You should communicate with a Sugar Mommy in Michigan, and see what she would evaluate at. 😉

    • Josh says:

      You should communicate with a Sugar Mommy in Michigan, and see what she would evaluate you at in terms of allowance. 😉

    • TMarie8 says:

      Yes. I agree Kylie. It’s very hard to find a SD in the metro Detroit area!

    • Bill says:

      I am white, but race doesn’t matter.

      I will ditto that your expectations are too high. The amount of allowance is not determined by how much the SB wants, but how much the SD is able to spare, often limited to what his wife might catch on to; and also what other women are willing to accept because at some point there is someone else just as nice. The higher your number, the fewer potentials there are for you, and it drops fast, especially if you are not in NYC, DC or some finance based economy city. If you haven’t met anyone, maybe it is because you have limited your pool of candidates to zero.

      I like most of what I read in your profile, but when you have “substantial” expectation and “want to be treated like a princess”, that doesn’t sound like the kind of person I would even bother contacting.

      You are very tall! As you’ve known for years, that is often intimidating. Many men will presume you will only date someone taller than you are, so you’ve lost half the men right there. If height is not an issue for you (maybe it is), then say something like, “Yeah, I know I’m tall, but it is not an issue for me if it is not for you.” Men under 6′ would feel better about seeing that, where you downplay it and assure them it is irrelevant.

      If you consider “negotiable” and come to a figure based on your SD’s ability (and pick your SD based on your liking him rather than requiring him to be an heir to a fortune) and you drop the “princess”, then you shouldn’t have any problem.

  150. May says:

    I would go out of my way to type to men who happen to be white and majority of the time I get no response. I think I am pretty attractive for anyone of any race but sometimes people just can’t get past that. Its so sad sometimes. And yes I have ran across the “no black women” profiles who I wish I could have a word with but then any person who “race dates” or dates a specific race is something I dont want at all.

    • Jaybird923 says:

      No offense but If this is an example of the type of messages you send to SDs, than there’s a reason why they don’t respond. Read what you just posted again, does it sound right to you? Read your profile again, does it sound right to you?

    • IHF2030 says:

      The vast majority of White men have a strong preference for White women and that is natural and will never change. But, there are some White men who are open to interracial encounters so stop whining and seek them out. There is no affirmative action sugar!

    • Josh says:

      Are you trying to date boys in their early 20s or accomplished men twice your age, who are supposed to give you some kind of allowance as well? Be grateful that those men are being kind to you by not responding. If you reached out to me, you would either get no response or some kind of reprimand.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      @May-Reading your profile I can see exactly why you are not getting much or any interest. You should be on a normal dating site, you state quite clearly that you are not interested in arrangements, yet you are on a site called Seeking ARRANGEMENT. Furthermore you state that you want Arrangement qualities, which I can only assume means money and for this you are willing to provide… friendship?

      That is confusing and unappealing in any colour.

    • Iesha C says:

      Those ones hurt the most the “no black girls” I’m not here to woman bash but when my average looking white friend with no butt, boobs or personality joined- she has to fight the guys off with a stick. Me, I’m lucky to get 5 messages a day, and out of those I’m lucky to get an actual sugar daddy. I’ve gotten no luck AND told so many racist things on this site… I’ve had to resort to paying for my account to be put out there more, and still nothing 🙁

      • IHF2030 says:

        Again, there is no affirmative action sugar. The majority of White men have and always will have a natural preference for White women so you need to come to grips with that reality. Also, I find it ironic that many of the black sugarbabies on here whining about the natural preferences that White men have for White women are themselves seeking White men, primarily or exclusively.

      • Promise says:

        Those are pretty mean things to say about someone you consider a friend. Not every man is into huge proportions. In fact most well off men prefer women with smaller proportions.
        Anyways most white men prefer white women. There’s nothing wrong with that. Another thing. Just because your friend is getting 5 or so messages a day doesn’t mean she’s being messaged by real, legit SD’s.

      • cambel says:

        The thing is, in those kind of website, don’t post the NEGATIVE. Just write what you really enjoy in life.Remember sugar daddies are not there for drama. They don’t want to hear ” I am not here for this and i am not here for that” on your profile or talking about race or black girls. Don’t post the negative in public rather say what u like or enjoy. Focus on the positive. Yeah I also checked some profile and read ” No black girls” But i am not offended by that because every one has their taste, Maybe they are not racist but they prefer white or Asians girl. Get over it for at least once.

      • Jaybird923 says:

        “What they say about black girls in bed is true..”

        I hate when you idiots do that. You want to advertise yourself as nothing but a series of warm holes fine. But don’t lump all black women together. If you can bring nothing else to the table but what you can do in bed then I feel sorry for you. But don’t turn the rest of us into sexual objects also. Advertise for yourself and keep the rest of us “black girls” out of it. We already have enough stereotypes to fight. You’re not getting messages because your profile sucks not because you are black.

      • Bill says:

        Sorry you are having trouble. I suppose it is true that there are disproportional number of black women compared to black men here, and that white men have a bias to white women. But as a white male, I have no racial preference.

        I can tell you that the black women I find attractive are, as you say, have “no butt, boobs or personality”. But I think many men would like what you have.

        I would suggest dropping the picture of the fur coat and the limo garage because that says “I’m hard to please” (and contradicts your words in the last paragraph), and the “growing up 10 years ago” sounds like an intro to drama. If you say, “I think I am mature for my age and can handle any situation” it is much more positive. It would make it sound like you have your act together.

        You talk about “intellectual level”, what is that? What is your occupational field?

        A little tweaking and you should be successful.

      • Hersheygirl30 says:

        I hear you! I dont want to be shapeless. I love my curves but thats what most of the SDs prefer so I guess Ill just be patient and wait until a SD that is enticed by my shapeliness runs across my profile. Im not bitter towards men for their preference though. It is what it is.

    • cryptic anomaly says:

      Anyone who “races dates” That is interesting, do you think if there were more black SD’s you would message them? Also do you think that the black SD’s are also messaging White SB’s and therefore your comment about race dating works against you in that respect?

      I can see one huge reason why you aren’t having much luck in your profile and your race isn’t it. We get just as many White women wondering what is wrong as well.

  151. Lockandkey says:

    This just made me feel a lot better

  152. Josh says:


    You’re cruel in a way, but I am not complaining. It is indeed their loss and I know how hot some of you are. You look super delicious yourself. 😉

  153. Josh says:


    I believe that such declarations are result of undesirable experiences. Many women put declarations, such as, “no creeps”, “no boys”, etc. Those are based on their experience of “wanna fuck for X” type of messages. Does that help those women? Who knows…

    You have no idea how many “hi hun” type of messages men get from Black/AA ladies. That’s where those “recist” declarations are probably coming from.

    I am ass-u-ming that due to the nature of ddeclarations the female declarations hurt the respective women more than the male declarations hurt men.

    Regardless, such “racist” sounding declarations should be reported to SA.

    • Holly GoHeavy says:

      Heck no! I can almost guarantee you that women with those types of profiles are still sitting around wondering why they haven’t been messaged or gotten any responses simply because of the fact that no one likes negativity. I guess the men that do this have a little more wiggle room as there a just so. many. women!
      I believe you, but as opposed to what other sorts of messages from women of other racial backgrounds? I don’t think a person’s race is an indicator of what their conversation will be like.

      I’d never report anyone for being an idiot, Id much rather watch them miss out on the glory of whatever “pizza” they could have had!

      • crypticanomaly says:

        If a woman isn’t getting messaged I would suggest she take the bull by the horns so to speak and message the man she likes. A charming message (as opposed to Hi there!) can make a huge impression on a man.

  154. Holly GoHeavy says:

    Giraffes are a bad example, sorry y’all. Pizza is better because there are soooo many delicious toppings but at the same time, we live in a world where anchovies exist :/

  155. Holly GoHeavy says:

    Gentlemen(@Josh/Traveling/Cryptic), you’ve all got some really great points and while I haven’t read the entire thread, I think there are two conversations that have spun off from this post recently. The issue of non response or interest vs the issue of overt i’ll say… “rudeness”.

    On one hand no one is obligated to like anyone just for being born, as we all have different attributes that others may or may not find attractive and the sun doesn’t shine from any of our behind so I have to agree with you on this point.There are so many SBs that think magic is just going to flow into their inboxes just because they signed up.

    The point that I and some of the other other SB WoCs were trying to to make is that rather than stating your dislike for a certain “type” so vehemently, why not just ignore their messages? You can’t say you don’t like ALL giraffes if you haven’t ANY. I’m just trying to understand how an entire group of people, especially a group that comes in so many shades and flavors, doesn’t appeal to the standards of beauty(American, European, or otherwise). It just doesn’t do much for the sophisticated image some of these men are trying to project when absolutes such as “No this or that” or “Blank only” are used. No matter what race I was, I’d find that to be an unattractive quality for a potential anything(friend, lover, meh…)

    I do have to point out though, that this AA Sugar being term being thrown around rubs me the wrong way(just my opinion). I don’t know how it became a thing because I’m at least hoping that none of these women are begging people that don’t want them to be with them.

    • AmericanEvita says:

      I agree with Holly 100%. Why would anyone beg people to like them in the first place. This shouldn’t be an issue. Every person is different in their own way so differentiality is present wherever you go. It’s no crime to have a preference.

  156. Traveling Man says:

    Agree cryptic, I would always stop responding to a woman after the 2nd or 3rd one word answer, didn’t care what she looked like

  157. cryptic anomaly says:

    Regardless of what colour you are, men are not obligated to find you attractive and you are not entitled to a Sugar Daddy just because you want one. If you are not getting any messages or having any luck then perhaps look at what you might be doing wrong.

    Many women on here (again regardless of race/skin tone) have no idea at all how to charm a man. They still think men are going to be beating down their door to talk to them and take them out. It doesn’t work like that here.

    This is dating reversed ladies. The SD’s here get inundated with messages and women looking at them. There is 8 women to every male.

    Many exchanges I have with SB’s end after about 4 messages exchanges, they just don’t interest me. If you want a successful mature man then you have to understand what a successful mature man is going to want. You’re not hitting on college boys here.

    Stop complaining and blaming your failures on others and playing excuse cards such as race as well. The Self Entitlement attitude puts us off even more.

    If you want the rich man then put some work into it. As I mentioned in this blog months back there is no such thing as Affirmative Action Sugar.

  158. Josh says:

    The second photo looks to me of a tan White chick. 😉

  159. Josh says:

    It is not that Black/AA woman are not beautiful or desirable. Don’t let anyone tell you that. Many of you are downright gorgeous.

    However, there is an imbalance because of the “scrubs” [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bY_TYPBUZk] Black/AA women have to sometimes deal with in their immediate situations, and they are seeking attention of men of other ethnicity.

    There are certain number of White men who are into non-White women. More of them are not going to become non-White women seekers just because you are here, and you want sugar. Their personal preference in intimate matters must be respected.

    What they CANNOT do it to talk disrespectfully to you. THAT is not allowed. They should let you freely explore your options and try your luck. At the same time. Stop calling such men racist. The race card has been tried here many times, and those using it have promptly failed, as they should.

  160. Holly GoHeavy says:

    I have to agree with most of the ladies here, I haven’t exactly had the best luck. Everyone is entitled to be attracted to whatever tickles their fancy, but some of these gentlemen’s(and I use the term loosely) profiles are downright discouraging for the site as a whole. While in the past I’ve fostered successful relationships from this site, I feel presently most men contact me assuming I’m a pro(some have even said as such). I feel like this post isn’t really on point, especially when she made the comment about it not being the 1950s anymore. A few of these gents clearly think it is, with their “whites only” notes. Thankfully, I’m from a big and diverse city… I have much better luck hitting the town with my girlfriends. Chocolate girls of SA: what sort of luck have you had?

    • IHF2030 says:

      No affirmative action sugar, for you, ’nuff said! Next!!

      • Holly GoHeavy says:

        I’m not quite sure my comment implied that was what anyone was seeking, but I understand how frustrating it can be when you can’t comprehend something you read. I hope that gets better for you, love 🙂

    • Traveling Man says:

      Well, you are beautiful Holly and have a nice profile! I think there is just a lot of competition on SA, but you stand out well for me! ;))

    • Traveling Man says:

      Et, Mi piace Italiano!

      • Holly GoHeavy says:

        @TravelingMan: Che bravo! Dov’e hai imperato il tuo Italiano?!

        I’m not quite sure my comment implied that was what anyone was seeking, but I understand how frustrating it can be when you can’t comprehend something you read. I hope that gets better for you, love 🙂

      • Traveling Man says:

        Hi Holly, je parle francais, actually my French is fairly fluent, so most of my Italian knowledge cones from that, but still love Italy! Mi piace tutti italia!

    • Madison93 says:

      @Holly, I’m pretty sure you know more about this than me, but I know exactly what you mean in regards to the discouragement. Of course, I’m not trying to play a race card, but I feel that when men put on their profiles “whites only,” it definitely sets me and other WOC apart. It makes me feel like they’d probably pick another race like spanish or asian, but because they’re apprehensive that black female = ghetto culture, they just write us off as a no-no, and don’t want to sound “racist” so they just say whites only. I truly try not to take it to heart, I mean, it’s their preference. I haven’t exactly had a lot of trouble, I’ve been here a few months and have met with no one, but met 2 POTs in reality without actually looking.. It’s weird how that works.

  161. UpInCanada says:

    I’ve been on here for almost a year now and I’ve been rejected by every guy I’ve tried talking to. There are also many profiles that say they only want, white, asian, or latina girls.

    • lovelynyours says:

      It sounds like if you’ve been here that long, there’s something about your profile and messages that aren’t attracting what you’re looking for. There are lots of people on the blog who are happy to help you, if you’d like, by critiquing your profile. Myself, included. Go to the most recent blog post, post your ID (found in the url you get when you view your own profile), and ask for help with crafting your profile. 🙂

    • Traveling Man says:

      Hi there, i tried to find your profile, I have only dated women of color on SA, as I have always found them attractive and usually fun, maybe I can help with your profile

    • IHF2030 says:

      White men are NOT obligated to find you attractive, so deal with it!

      • Madison93 says:

        That’s definitely correct, you are obligated to your preferences, but the “so deal with it!” I think just placed you at a different level. I’m pretty sure you know what that means.

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        @Madison – “I think just placed you at a different level. I’m pretty sure you know what that means”.

        What does it mean? It means deal with it.

      • Madison says:

        @ cryptic I honestly don’t think my reply included you. Don’t throw yourself into a conversation. Good bye 🙂

      • cryptic anomaly says:

        Can’t imagine why you are finding it so hard to find a SD who wants to meet you Madison! And I entered the conversation as you were hoping to squeal racism or some such nonsense.

  162. CJnTexas says:

    So far I’ve been rejected by every guy I’ve contacted on SA.. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong .. Is it because I’m in Texas ?!? I would love to know ..

    • Traveling Man says:

      Well CJ, you are certainly gorgeous, so not sure what is wrong with all the guys you have contacted?! I have had 2 SB’s who were woman of color and dated many others and always enjoyed it. I do think some of the negativity about your experience on your profile is a turn-off, the person you may want to attract had nothing to do with your previous experience, so I would save that kind of talk for the individual who treats you poorly and keep it positive for the others, just my 2 cents! Good luck!

    • WestIndian_beauty says:

      Omg..the SD’s in Houston are full of crap! You’ll be lucky if you catch a good one. I don’t even bother sending messages anymore. I just sit back and wait for them to bite.

      • IHF2030 says:

        Well, good luck to you. I wonder why sd’s in Houston differ from sd’s in other locations?

  163. Cindy Brown says:

    I am a beautiful chestnut skinned brown sugar baby and never had problems. Online or in real life 😉

  164. Allthekingshorses says:

    Hmmm I think men are attracted to an entire plethora of ladies. I am a black female and just joined 2 sites including this one. I check out who has looked at my profile and lo and behold a couple of them are white chaps stating they only want Caucasian females. Curiouser and curiouser. I only joined Sugar Daddie 6 days ago and have been on two dates, one completely inappropriate and the other I am still communicating with. Everyone seems to be Jewish

    However one things that puzzles me is my profile on SA gets very few views compared to SugarDaddie and the same strange chap from London where I am keeps messaging me so I have had to block him. I am wondering if this is because SA is geared towards Americans and I am based in England OR I need to pay to get views. Advice would be great

  165. JAMES says:

    I troway salut for every body on this site, am a new comer i love u all.

  166. JAMES says:

    Where there is love there is a world, love looks on all with a vision of quality, love is given without any tought of a return, a heart that has love is able to accomondate the whole univers and stil have space fore. Why people crisicise is choice.

  167. afri says:


  168. Kara says:

    this blog post is full of shit. This website is completely racist. Most sugar daddies avoid dark women of color whether you’re Black (especially Black women), Desi, Hispanic, or East Asian. If you have dark skin, you will not be given the light of day.
    This post is basically trying to sell the website as “progressive” to college SBs like myself but lets face it the majority on this website are OLD rich white men. Old rich white men are far from progressive in terms of their “preferences”. They grew up in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. So based on that time period of course their choices of women are going to include those who fit Eurocentric standards of beauty likewise to some men of color on here (who are in the minority)
    If you’re a white woman join, if you’re not just be light enough to pass.

    • Traveling Man says:

      Not true for me, Miss Kara, i have only dated women of color on this site, and enjoy the ones i have met, you are making blanket statements about olderwhite men along the same vein of what you are accusing ALL of them of, such generalizations are the foundation of racism

    • IHF2030 says:

      Again, the vast majority of White men have a natural preference for White women. You can whine and snivel about supposed “racism” all you want, but we don’t owe you any affirmative action sugar!

  169. prettiejoie says:

    Once I looked at a profile and it read “please no black women.” Of course, I didn’t send him a message but he sent me one. I replied and asked if he knew that I was non white, and he replied that he put that he didn’t want black women to avoid “ghetto princesses.” He definitely chose an interesting way to weed out those he didn’t want.

    There are so many people on here with as many more preferences and reasons why they’re here. You just gotta log on and see who’s on here and hope planets will align so you can find who you’re looking for. If it doesn’t work…ehhh….what are you gonna do?

  170. Victoria Munday says:

    I appreciate this post since I just recently returned to the site. When I first joined this site a couple of years ago, it was discouraging to go onto profiles where men would flat out say “no black women”. Some would say that they were into white and Asian or white and Latina and I could pretty much draw my own conclusion from there. I thought to myself at how much an advantage someone had over me on this site because of their race. At the same time, even though I’m attracted to people of all races, I never was into guys who exclusively go for black women or are looking to “experiment with some chocolate”. At the end of the day, I’m a woman period. I’m not saying to pretend that you don’t see that I’m black or mixed, but be attracted to me because you see a beautiful person first.

    This time around, I decided to make my main picture one of myself with my hair in an ethnic style vs straight because I don’t wear it straight that often. I also made sure that my picture showcased my deep skin tone. I figured, there’s gotta be someone out there who’s looking for someone like me. I’m not going to hide it as though I should be ashamed of it. Will my profile picture draw in as much interest as the 24 year old white woman, realistically, no. But, I’d rather attract someone being who I am instead of trying to be someone that I’m not.

  171. Cubanita says:


  172. DarkHorseSD says:

    I haven’t come across situations that I thought might be a wife trying to snare a husband. It’s the second profile that brought that to mind. I have suspected some were children doing the modern day version of “is your refrigerator running?”

  173. Josh says:

    @Richard, that’s correct, yes?

  174. KatPaw says:

    @DH I’m not a city chick I may be from NY but defiantly not NYC.. I love getting dolled up but I’m not a high maintenance snob princess..

  175. Josh says:

    Great news…to talk about, and to promise, Loubs (the shoe kind) and Chanel purse is still free. 😉

  176. DarkHorseSD says:

    $6500 purse. Bah. 6 years ago 33K and up at Bergdorf.

  177. DarkHorseSD says:

    Holy cow! Cocktails $24/25! St. Regis

  178. KatPaw says:

    $6500 for a purse? Yeah no thank you! I can think of many other better ways to use that kind of money. Lmfao that would pay my rent for 8 months.. Damn she must be searching for mr sterling.. Lol

  179. Josh says:

    Ladies, ladies…that was a quote from the profile of an English princess living in California. 😉

  180. Eloquence says:

    @ Josh

    SO I SHOULD expect Loubs (non ky kind of course) but the red bottom shoes… click, click like Dorothy in Kansas… and then I should expect “princess on a pedestal, lets see if you can “spin” me down there to your height fella?”
    ……..Check box YES or NO

  181. aliceS says:

    If not ask her about those genuine sd profile numbers. I might use them if you won’t buy me this 😉 outrageous gifts

  182. aliceS says:

    Uhm.. Josh would be unfair if you take her to the mall instead of me. Lol. At least you know me longer and after all what we’ve been through,I’d like to have that purse as well 😉

  183. Josh says:

    I know how to spot a fake, so if “when shopping you think a pair of Louboutins are too much at $1000.00 or a Chanel purse at $6500.00 is outrageous, then we are not looking for the same thing.”

    The 35 year-old princess has her filter out in the open. 😉

  184. Josh says:

    “wife looking to snare her husband”

    How common is that on such sites?

  185. DarkHorseSD says:

    I think there may be a troll on LI. It’s the second similar age profile responding oddly. Both are blocked now. A pre-teen or a wife looking to snare her husband?

  186. Josh says:


    “Wrong for once Josh”

    Dang it. 😉

  187. aliceS says:

    Dark Horse I’m not that big, so one human being can’t handle it lol 🙂 btw I wouldn’t mind to meet the legendary Ice Daddy lmao if he brings his main weapon 😉

  188. DarkHorseSD says:

    Wrong for once Josh…she showed she could write 3 words together. “Why is that?” Punctuation included. Deleted msgs and blocked.

    This was a “46” year old woman in an expensive LI town.

  189. DarkHorseSD says:

    Alice, no one man could meet you alone. I myself would bring two other humans with me. 😉

  190. Jj says:

    @ Alice “Jj 8 will what?” What??????

  191. gentle(man)soul says:


    “The next time a woman tells you your dick is too small tell her that makes it the perfect size to fuck her in the ass.”

    Reminds me of the girl who asks(upon viewing her date’s penis)”Who do you expect to please with that lttle penis ? ” And he says ” ME”

  192. aliceS says:

    But way Jj you never replied to me 😉

  193. aliceS says:

    Yes Josh. Maybe I’m too fragile but for me it’s a huge red flag.

  194. Josh says:


    My crystal ball tells me that the princess will not respond back to you. 😉

  195. Josh says:

    @Alice, I am confused. He wanted to bring another guy on the first date with you? 😉

  196. aliceS says:

    Just got screwed up for my first date. Guy won’t show up first. Then said he is not alone. Then said they might came both. Then said he might be finally free. Then I told him to grew up and delete my adress

  197. aliceS says:

    Fatbastard we have you as well. This blog would be nothing like that without a personal bastard 😉

  198. FatB'StardSA says:

    “One person wrote 28 of the 51 posts in the last day. I think we should rename the blog. :/”

    In exchange for Richard, Zack, the fish guy, and Pricey Spicey we have Josh, Kms2014, and AliceS. I think the blog is more interesting now.

  199. DarkHorseSD says:

    Sent someone a wink. She replied with “great.” I replied “getting less interested.”


  200. Josh says:

    “We men…”

    Now that flyR has appointed himself, through a bloodless coup mind you, as the dictator in chief of the nation of male apologists… 😉

  201. KatPaw says:

    Happy hump day sugars!

  202. Josh says:


    I am 100% positive that this SB does not have “princess to be spoiled” anywhere in her profile… or any cell of her brain for that matter? 😉

  203. Eloquence says:

    unless the SB does your laundry for you while your with her and spot cleans your attire along with steam pressing your clothes before you leave…is that wrong?

  204. flyr says:

    “Unless, you are both out of town, and going home to the wife is not an issue.”

    Even greater danger as the shirt and underwear are rolled in a tight ball to be opened by the wife when she does laundry.

    Im partial to the natural scent of a freshly scrubbed woman

  205. flyr says:

    “Rhetorical question: What kind of state of mind a man has to be in to criticize the size of a woman’s vagina?”

    We men have no problem criticizing breast size, at least until mid 30’s when the first signs of true knowledge seep past our stupidity and lead us to realize that more modest breasts are frequently attached to bigger brains and equally importantly wonderfully over sensitive nipples.

  206. aliceS says:

    Josh when they can’t cum?

  207. Josh says:

    Rhetorical question: What kind of state of mind a woman has to be in to criticize the size of a man’s penis?


    Rhetorical question: What kind of state of mind a man has to be in to criticize the size of a woman’s vagina?

  208. Josh says:


    Good one indeed. Hahaha.

  209. Josh says:

    Now that is an uber rhetorical question in its own right. LOL!

  210. FatB'StardSA says:

    The next time a woman tells you your dick is too small tell her that makes it the perfect size to fuck her in the ass.

    No a Fat B’Stard original but a good one anyway.

  211. aliceS says:

    Josh what is ky jelly?

  212. Josh says:

    Aww. Love’s in the air. 😉

    Rhetorical question: Dollars to donuts, what provides better bang for the buck: Actually buying Loubs or talking about Loubs?

    *Loubs, as in shoes and not as in two tubes of K-y jelly.

  213. aliceS says:

    Richard why would you count it at all lol 😉

  214. Richard says:

    One person wrote 28 of the 51 posts in the last day. I think we should rename the blog. :/

  215. aliceS says:

    Lol I wonder why 😉

  216. Josh says:

    Guess not.

    SA is blocking…

    s-p-a-w-n-e-d or p-i-x-i-e or both.

  217. Josh says:

    Coukd it be?

    frigid wasteland

  218. Josh says:

    Let’s troubleshoot. Could it be:

    sadistic demon

  219. aliceS says:

    Hm.. reposted second time my second joke and it’s still wait for moderation lol. Why you don’t like my dirty jokes sa 😉

  220. aliceS says:

    Jj 8 will what?

  221. Josh says:

    Size does matter, as in:

    “I wish it were bigger” during the honeymoon period.

    “I wish it were smaller”, afterwards.

  222. Kms2014 says:

    Guess I am a freak of science in many ways, ehehe! 😉

  223. Jj says:

    Alice, you are ona roll!!!

  224. aliceS says:

    Kms2014 it was scientifically proven that size doesn’t matter. Guys can satisfy females with such as 3.5 inches and it doesn’t matter if it’s visa or master card

  225. Kms2014 says:

    Size matters, so cucumbers, of course.

  226. aliceS says:

    Josh dancing with wolves 🙂

  227. Josh says:

    What’s preferable; dancing with lemons or dancing with cucumbers?

  228. Kms2014 says:

    Sure, FB…that is a great alternative 😉

  229. FatB'StardSA says:

    Is it better for a SD to come home smelling like he was dancing with a guy rather than a woman?

    If the wife asks why you smell like perfume just tell her you went to the strip club with the guys from work and had a few lap dances. She will be pissed but it’s better than the alternative.

    I should offer a SD boot camp!

  230. aliceS says:

    Kms2014 lol if sd wife wear flowerbomb would be nice to have new bottle 😉 mine is almost over. Any married sd in here? Lol

  231. Kms2014 says:

    Here is another secret…wear the same perfume that the wife wears…one SD bought me a nice bottle of perfume..and I though, ‘how sweet!’…..until, he told me that was his wife’s scent and he wanted me to wear for that reason, ehehe!

  232. Kms2014 says:

    Hey SoutherSB, yes, I remember that from the 90’s…as well as everyone wearing CK One! Hehehe! Although, wait a minute…cucumbers? I love the smell of cucumbers and grew a bunch last year, in my garden(yes, I am extremely boring person! I garden!) and used to apply cucumber smelling lotion and soaps to my body, years ago…Am I secretly hiding a hidden desire inside of me? 😉 hehe, wait a minute, if you only knew my inclination towards essential oils, too 😉

    Actually, there are some pretty appealing unisex smelling colognes and lotions out there now(to me, anyway, but just a hint…never cared for an overbearing scent)….and smell quite nice.

    Josh, I learned a lot from the UK show, ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’, based on PhD student by day, escort by night(Belle De Jour). Hehe

  233. SouthernSB says:


  234. SouthernSB says:

    Wearing “men’s scent” kind of caught on in parts of the black community in the 90’s. I remember being caught up in it. I use to wear a cologne called “Sahara” it was really popular at the time. A lot of women use to wear it. But here’s the thing, when men wore it it had a “woodsy” tone, and when women wore it it had a more “lemony” sent. There were also a couple of other colognes that women wore too, I just can’t remember what they were. Anyway sugars, if you wear men’s cologne, you will more than likely end up smelling like lemons and cucumbers, and stuff like that, and you’ll probably get hit on by a bunch of lesbians.

  235. Josh says:

    SB wearing “men’s scent”…now that’s clever…never thought of that. 😉

  236. KatPaw says:

    I don’t wear perfume when meeting a SD scented Shea butter or even just lavender scented baby oil on skin.. I smell pretty with out marking the man with my scent. Lol

  237. SouthernSB says:

    I never thought about the perfume issue. These are the kinds of things I come to the blog for.

  238. Kms2014 says:

    Unless, you are both out of town, and going home to the wife is not an issue.

  239. Kms2014 says:

    They should wear a men’s scent, or no scent at all, if you are married. Being a Mistress 101.

  240. RSD says:

    @ AliceS, bad perfume is a horrid turnoff. But I usually ask SBs no to wear perfume so I don’t go home smelling like them. Those why don’t comply rarely last long.

  241. aliceS says:

    Jj still not yet. If you would like to help, I wouldn’t mind lol

  242. Jj says:

    @ Alice, Have you gotten you passport and visa in order? to come visit the States again!

  243. Josh says:

    Sugar baby asked wife
    Why do men love me but hate you?
    Wife responded.
    Because getting rid of you is quick, easy and cheap but getting rid of me is slow, painful and expensive?

  244. KatPaw says:

    Happy Tuesday Sugarrrrs!

  245. Josh says:

    Sugar baby asked wife
    Why do men love me but hate you?
    Wife responded.
    Because you are the secretary and I am the boss?

  246. aliceS says:

    Wife said to her husband.
    I’m not evil. I’m a woman. When I’m mad I’m sadistic demon – spawned pixie sent from hell to eradicate the male sex from this frigid wasteland we call Earth.
    Oh, but when I’m happy. I’ll like… bake cookies and shit.. 😉

  247. aliceS says:

    Josh the above joke might be rephrased on many ways lol 😉

  248. Josh says:

    The abovr joke can be rephrased in so many ways… 😉

    Sugar baby asked wife
    Why do men love me but hate you?
    Wife responded.
    Because you have sugar and I have fat?

  249. Josh says:

    That’s a good one Alice. 🙂

  250. aliceS says:

    Jj I tried 😉

  251. Jj says:

    Touche’ Alice!, Touche’

  252. aliceS says:

    Sugar baby asked wife
    Why do men love me but hate you?
    Wife responded.
    Because you are a beautiful lie,and I’m a painful truth

  253. Josh says:

    Good evening DarkHorseSD and whats the event and who’s performing? 😉

  254. DarkHorseSD says:

    Good evening and go to hell everyone.

  255. Josh says:


    Why do you ass-u-me that there is any lull in carnel pleasures? Life’s great. Couldn’t have been awesomer.

    But thanks for showing the concern for your fellow dickling. 😉

  256. SunshineSD says:

    Back to my original question: would you prefer weekly schedule so that you don’t have the mid – month lull? Most people prefer steady supply to “feast and famine.”

  257. Josh says:

    Errrr, what?!!!!! Is that how you communicate in real life, Geneman? 😉

  258. SunshineSD says:

    Crickets. Is that epiphany that I hear? A colossal waste of money, isn’t it? Want to start your own gene replication project instead? Like I said, it’s not about me personally or my own gene in the narrow sense. Have more pride in what you and your money can do, and make a real difference in the girl’s life.

  259. Josh says:


    “Yes, you do pay for my gene replication project, but that’s no different from if I were a Baker and the girl you give money to likes the bread I sell. I deliver a valuable service to SB and non-SB alike.”

    Come again, in layman’s English please?

  260. SunshineSD says:

    Comes to think of it, companies like LV and many shoe makers probably live off SD money, not just for raising children but putting food on their own tables. Perhaps they should have subscription model too. Quarterly new Louboutin at 30% off list price. LOL.

  261. SunshineSD says:

    Yes, you do pay for my gene replication project, but that’s no different from if I were a Baker and the girl you give money to likes the bread I sell. I deliver a valuable service to SB and non-SB alike.

  262. SunshineSD says:

    So, what do you think? Weekly instead of all of them coming knocking on your door at the same time near the end of the month? How much premium would you pay for that schedule change? I’d think that would less stress for all involved, though a little more staff time on my staff.

  263. SunshineSD says:

    No. I don’t pimp. LOL. I do own buildings. Some tenants probably are SB’s on the side to their SD’s from elsewhere. They are not my gene replicator candidates.

  264. Josh says:

    Hmmm, so your plans include renting out your gene replicators as well to recoup some of your project costs?

  265. SunshineSD says:

    Seeing that you are very active and antsy in the middle of the month, I see another market opportunity . . . Gene replication takes money, lots of money, so I’m always on the look out for opportunities. LOL. If it let’s me collect more for my SB/GF/ex-wife, I don’t mind putting together the parameters that would induce you to splurge a little more voluntarily. More happiness to go around. LOL

  266. Josh says:

    Now that’s a totally random question o you carrier of alpha omega chi gamma delta theta genes. 😉

  267. SunshineSD says:

    Would you be happier if rents were due weekly instead of monthly? How much additional premium (%) would you be willing to pay?

  268. Midwestsugardaddy says:

    @KatPaw I would love to see that sexy librarian look!

  269. Josh says:

    xbox is the genre. The actual box could by anything. 😉

  270. Josh says:

    24hoursofhappy dot com watch the guy at 10:16 and you will know what happy is.

  271. Kms2014 says:

    Never did date an xbox player…isn’t play station cooler now?

    The meds that take you to the happy place..the happy place 😮

  272. Josh says:

    Of course women know everything except that the xbox player, no good. 😉

  273. Kms2014 says:

    Oh gosh…knew it, ehehe 😉 ;-p

  274. Josh says:

    Which one dear?

  275. Kms2014 says:

    Okay, will do…Josh, take your meds today, dear…

  276. Josh says:

    Did you advise them to take medicine as prescribed?

  277. Kms2014 says:

    Someone did not take their meds today, apparently :-/

    Alice, when are you supposed to meet him? Forgot to ask that earlier…?

  278. Josh says:

    Not really, as the wife, your legal remedy rested in the regular court docket.

    Your husband had a different issue under duress. That is, either date that ugly bitch or lose his family tree.

    What would you do if you were a man, about to lose his left nut? 😉

  279. aliceS says:

    Should I sue my ex hubby than, for having an affair with uglier neighbor?

  280. Josh says:

    Oops, I forgot pick up my shinning armor from the storage.

  281. Josh says:

    However. If the Commission is involved the he is fucked, big time.

    If he dumps her then the Commission could charge him for dating dicrimination, which could cost him his left nut or 1/10th of his net worth or both.

    A woman cannot be discriminatedin the matters of dating regardless of what. 😉

  282. aliceS says:

    So you wouldn’t try to bring her a better bottle, that suits you more? For the second date?

  283. Josh says:

    Dump her.

  284. aliceS says:

    Josh simple sd without any knowledge about any dating commissions lol

  285. aliceS says:

    Southern looking how Rihanna for example developed her body I wouldn’t mind to have some hair issue lol

  286. Josh says:

    It depends on whether the question os for mere mortals or in front of the EDOC. 😉

  287. Josh says:

    The complain could also include bad pictures or profiles on dating sites. Anyone who clicks on your profile and doesn’t come begging for a date with you is fair game to be dragged to the Commission for dating justice.

  288. aliceS says:

    What if sd meet his sb for the first time, he noticed she looked exactly as she stated and showed in her pictures. He is pretty exited. Then the first greeting kiss in the cheek and bam. Her perfume smells so bad for him.. my question is
    What you are going to do if you in a such situations if wasn’t before. ..

  289. Josh says:

    Actually, it should be EDOC or Equal Dating Opportunity Commission. Sorry about the mistake.

  290. SouthernSB says:


  291. Josh says:

    With the broad iron hands of the DEOC, even a gorgeous blond hair, blue eyes, 21 year-old can bring a complaint against tall/short, white/brown, six/balloon pack men as they don’t date him because of her bad breath, or nasty BO or pierced eyelids, or whatever the fuck reason anyone can concoct.

  292. KatPaw says:

    Main complaint of the “DEOC” :

    ” s/he said I was beaten by the ugly stick once too often to be seen out with them” lmao sorry couldn’t resist or ” s/he said I was to Fugly”

  293. Josh says:

    With DEOC in place, people can take dating discrimation cases to the Commission and be made whole.

  294. Kms2014 says:

    Just looked on the site…there is a trendy but classy pair of leopard print…rocked with red lips and cute hipster attire. Want a new pair now, and don’t even need them…like to collect glasses more than shoes, really. How weird am I? 😉

  295. KatPaw says:

    I can totally rock the hot librarian look! Lol

  296. Kms2014 says:

    Oh, well nerd chic is in….some fun and funky glasses out there (:

  297. KatPaw says:


    Right now really just waiting to see what my insurance will cover and won’t.. Plus I need to do cross cost comparison of glasses vs contacts. ( I need both but one might be a lower out of pocket then the other.. )

  298. Kms2014 says:

    @katpaw, if interested…Coastal.com has a first pair free option that I tried awhile back, just for my everyday run around pair that I end up sitting on oftentimes 😉 I save my nice ones for work and whatnot.

  299. KatPaw says:

    Bored today boooo lol did get new contacts woohoo can see better now!! Lol next will be looking into getting glasses.. Ugh joy lol

  300. KatPaw says:

    Lol right on flyR!!
    Anyone have some hot sugary sex stories to share??

  301. Josh says:

    DEOC = Dating Equal Opportunity Commission.

    So flyR is on the right track.

  302. Kms2014 says:

    Are you disabled, Josh?

  303. Josh says:


    You have the potential to write interesting stuff sometimes. 😉

  304. Jj says:

    No that familiar with “DEOC” and from what I searched it appears to be private foundations/societies/think tanks. There is one which directs to a gov.com which is a gov. government services/site guide; or the Govmnt of Nepal for Department of Co-Operatives.

  305. flyR says:

    How did we get from sugary sex to the EEOC.

    Perhaps there is a plan to turn this into Sugar Care – everybody pays a fixed amount and Brandon directs who you get as a partner…….

  306. Josh says:

    Hmmm, you seem to know a lot about EEOC. 😉

    What department is DEOC under?

  307. Jj says:

    It has it’s own function, as a Commission, outside direct influence of the Dept of Labor, as does the National Labor Relations Board; likely do to politics as both are appointed by the “party” in power; but both under the auspices of the Labor Department.

  308. Kms2014 says:


  309. Kms2014 says:

    Welcome, Marcia (: Jope you can share your experiences and insights with us….especially, since blog is soooo boring lately ):

  310. Josh says:

    So Equal Employment Opportunity has to do with labor force?

  311. Jj says:

    Josh: Yes very much so…. to wit…… sub-link within the US Department of Labor….. as thus…..www. eeoc. gov

  312. Josh says:

    Are you sure?

  313. Jj says:

    Josh: within the department of labor

  314. Josh says:

    What is the website for U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?

  315. SouthernSB says:

    Oh Josh, I can’t see any fireworks, I’m just speaking from experience.

  316. Josh says:


    Of course. 😉

  317. KatPaw says:

    Ohh the neck is all better! Lol was even rocking killer heels yesterday 🙂

  318. Josh says:


    Happy Monday to you as well. How is your pain in the neck? 😉

  319. Josh says:


    I see a bunch of fireworks packed into that statement of yours. Of course it depends as to which side of the divide the statement-maker happens to be. 😉

  320. KatPaw says:

    Happy Monday sugarrrrrrrrrs!
    Hope everyone has a wonderful start to the week!

  321. SouthernSB says:

    Being a Cocoa girl is just like being anyone else except you end up fighting a bunch of predetermined expectations and you spend you life with a bunch of hair and makeup issues. Although the makeup issues are a hell of a lot better than they use to be.

  322. aliceS says:

    Josh actually she can’t find the answer at all. It was more like… oh stop it… why are you saying so, you might hurt your father feeling. And I replied, you hurt my feelings by having me with him lol

  323. Josh says:


    “I asked my mother multiple times”

    Was her answer the same every time? 😉

  324. Josh says:


    “We don’t typically look at a dog or cow and think it superior or inferior because its fur is blond, brown, black, etc.”

    Is it just me to have an eerie feeling that Ms. DominantSB is not going to like this example. 😉

  325. aliceS says:

    Evening everyone 🙂 evening Ice Daddy 🙂 I wish I could be chocolate. I asked my mother multiple times, why she picked my white father lol instead of some hot African American guy. I would be much sexier 🙂

  326. KatPaw says:

    @Dominant SB sweetie I don’t know what I said that was so kind.. Lol every skin tone and ethnic features have their own beauty to them.. Idk maybe it’s just that I am very accepting of others and treat everyone respectfully.. 🙂

  327. Josh says:


    “And I want to see her photos, I have a thing for ugly, fat, old witches.”

    One more reason for me to join your logic class. 😉

  328. Marcia says:

    I must say this blog is so interesting! KMS, I must say, I’ve had quite a few experiences like yours. Many many moons ago, long before I ever heard the term sugar daddy, I had a guy that had no problem giving me money or gifts. I never had to ask and we didn’t even meet IRL for almost a year after that. He still takes care of me when I need it and we haven’t been intimate for about 4 years. The sugar world can’t be too much different. Can it?

  329. Richard says:

    Blog Gods, please give KMS my email address. Not trying to hook up with anyone on the blog, either (playing in the “real” world rather than the sugar world at the moment), but I want to communicate something to her privately. And I want to see her photos, I have a thing for ugly, fat, old witches. 🙂

  330. Kms2014 says:

    “However, I do have a very specific body type I like (very petite, short, skinny, not too curvy)”

    @RSD…reeeaally….you don’t say? 😉

  331. Kms2014 says:

    @Josh, that is sweet of you to say..and giving me way too much credit in that department, but despite what some might think…am not trying to hook up with anyone on blog 😉 Not that there is anything wrong with that…It’s just, I rather like people thinking I am ugly, old witch, like fat bastard does…hehe, if they see my ‘innocent’ eyes, they might lose respect for my man-hating rants on here(just teasing about this, I love men, of course!) :-p

  332. RSD says:

    @Richard, I agree in terms of skin color, to me the issue of different complexions in people is similar to different colored furs in animals. We don’t typically look at a dog or cow and think it superior or inferior because its fur is blond, brown, black, etc. However, I do have a very specific body type I like (very petite, short, skinny, not too curvy), and although I do find people of all races who have the body habitus I find irresistible, it is more prevalent in some races and nationalities than others.

  333. RSD says:

    @Kms and Josh, yes she had the requests to force- and drug-rape her and to force her to be pimped out to my friends in writing in Seeking Arrangement mail. It’s strange because I realized that if we did meet, I would never know if she wanted me to rape her or not because what she explicitly wanted was to be raped and she wrote very clearly that she would never consent and that it just has to be forced and at the end I give her some money to show how much I enjoyed raping her. I also had to decide how much to give her, as she didn’t want any say in it. She was quite attractive in fact. But not my thing.

  334. Josh says:


    Send him one of them gorgeous pictures of yours. He will be anything you want him to be. 😉

  335. flyR says:

    “I don’t understand anyone who scapegoats Obama who passed the most aggressive anti lobbyist bill and the Small Business Act of 2010 which the SBA called the most progressive small business legislation in over a decade.”

    Great optics but the core is rotten

  336. KatPaw says:

    Happy Sunday Sugars! 🙁 Sadly my sugar plans ended up a bust this weekend… Boo

  337. Kms2014 says:

    @Richard, I’m not a dominant, but am learning some about the lifestyle through word of mouth 😉

    Also, I was thinking the same thing about the pictures….all the women are very light skinned. They could have at least made an attempt at more variety…I mean, look at how gorgeous Lupita Nyong is (:

  338. Richard says:

    @KMS – I’m afraid you’re going to have to look elsewhere for your subbie SD. I’m very dominant sexually. Not as deviant as I used to be, but still very much in charge in the bedroom. You can certainly pamper me, but I’m definitely the spanker rather than the spankee. 😛

    As to the main blog topic. What was it again? Oh, yeah, brown and beautiful. Clearly not written by a black person, and pretty ignorant of race issues in general (look at the photos they used to illustrate the article…notice anything?), but at least they are trying.

    I’ve been married to a black woman, dated many of them, and skin color just isn’t important to me. It’s kind of like hair color for me, no preference. I’m curious whether that’s true of the general SD population, many of whom are older.

  339. Josh says:


    You were more concerned about what I might say than what Richard might have said? Hmmm…

    I am sorry about that Richard–my future logic teacher.

  340. Kms2014 says:

    Of course, RSD, I was assuming she emailed you those requests…perhaps, it was a private conversation.

  341. Kms2014 says:

    “Josh says:
    May 18, 2014 at 7:06 am

    “I meant, RSD…sorry, haven’t had my coffee yet…/-:

    Freudian slip?…LOL!”

    Dang it, Josh…After I posted that, I thought to myself, ‘he is going to say Freudian slip with Richard’…How scary is that…I can anticipate your posts now? Ahaha! ;-p

  342. Kms2014 says:

    If you kept the emails, specifically stating for said ‘rape and kink’, then there probably would not be much of a case. Just like, if one tries to ‘blackmail’, then perhaps…they shouldn’t put their specific detailed blackmail requests, in writing.

  343. Josh says:


    “I meant, RSD…sorry, haven’t had my coffee yet…/-:

    Freudian slip?…LOL!

  344. Josh says:


    “Masochistic SBs seem more rare, but one rather attractive SB did ask me to drug her, rape her, tie her down and pimp her out to my friends, etc.”

    I hhave no experience with this kind of stuff at all, but I am curious…

    How often does that turn into a long-term blackmail? 😉

  345. Kms2014 says:

    I meant, RSD…sorry, haven’t had my coffee yet…/-:

  346. Kms2014 says:

    Sometimes, men that have so much responsibility and power, in the work environment…just want to relinquish it all, and have a woman take over, in the ‘after work hours’–so I hear, Richard 😉

  347. RSD says:

    I’m surprised by how many dominatrix SBs are on the site. Maybe 5% of profiles that fit my search criteria are looking for a man to pay to be tortured. Masochistic SBs seem more rare, but one rather attractive SB did ask me to drug her, rape her, tie her down and pimp her out to my friends, etc. She explicitly said that she would never consent to sex but wants a man who just takes what he wants by force. Not my thing, so I never met her.

    But I remember reading in a book by John Money that people would be surprised if they knew how many rich and powerful men who rule the world by day are paying a whore to spank them at night.

  348. Kms2014 says:

    @Josh…she is apparently ‘old enough’…how old are you, Josh? Hehe, he refuses to tell us his age, DominantSB, for fear we might discover who he is, I guess 😉

    Welcome back, DominantSB (: Hope you are here for more than just a brief visit. We need an intelligent woman, like yourself, to keep these boys in check and on their toes 😉

    Also, DominantSB, in regards to dominant women looking for a submissive on SA…well, there are some on here and there is a market for this, so I have been told. I have been off and on site for a bit, this time around, and have had a couple inquiries about this…I know someone who is interested in that sort of lifestyle, on SA, though….think they have some idea of the general outlook for this, on SA….will ask for you.

  349. Josh says:

    Sorry, I just noticed. I meant @DominantSB

  350. Josh says:


    I am truly impressed that you read Latinate Italian.

  351. Josh says:

    How old are you dear? 😉

  352. Josh says:



  353. DominantSB says:

    By the way, forgive repetition, lack of punctuation or typos when I do reply, I am dyslexic but I have read Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, studied the Oxford papers on biometrics and measured the changes in the earth’s magnetic field with a lensatic compass if that’s quite alright with you Josh. 🙂

  354. DominantSB says:

    Hallo again everyone, and I’m surprised that this was posted as a topic or that I actually was directly addressed by both bloggers I had to post a quick greeting to in my first blog post on SA.
    Firstly Josh, this was your response to a young lady that posted about seeking for 5 YEARS for an SD: “@Brown Island Sugar

    Nice post and critical questioning dear.

    All I can say is that I don’t believe that the sugar world is any more or less biased than its IRL counterpart.

    If you expected otherwise, then please bring forward your reasoning. At least I am eager to hear.”

    Since you asked for the evidence, I brought it clear and present. I have never really had an issue with how I look and thank you Kat for your kind statements! However I have found that some men are rather quick to judge when it comes to their female counterparts.
    I am REALLY happy they made this blog about brown sugar. Offline capturing the attention of men seems not to be an issue. On kink based sites I’m sort of comfortable at discussing my naturally dominant nature.
    However I have found that some people believe skin color to be taboo when I spend much time on my appearance from the gym to flossing to skin care. And even then, I topped my class 7 years consecutively as a child which probably had more to do with being alpha than about being “genius” which I hardly am but my IQ is relatively high.
    I’m wondering if there is an easier way to eliminate the guesswork in finding men who are genuinely interested in brown sugar or men who are naturally submissive on sites such as these to sort of eliminate the guesswork.
    By the way, as far as the state goes…it has nothing to do with federal. The Bretton Woods was made defunct by Nixon in 1979 and the US dollar was no longer backed by gold and the current system far more focused on global logistics than anyone anticipated.
    I don’t understand anyone who scapegoats Obama who passed the most aggressive anti lobbyist bill and the Small Business Act of 2010 which the SBA called the most progressive small business legislation in over a decade.
    Keynesian economics is the basic business model: short term investment, long term return. One could only hope the same for the quintessential sugar arrangement, regardless of skin color. I am the type to not buy an ipad but to buy Apple stock and Tesla was my stock pick last summer. Nice to meet you Josh. 🙂
    Kms2014 ALWAYS a pleasure. And Kat, thanks dear lady for your benevolent words. xoxoxox
    Such lovely ladies on this blog. 🙂

  355. Kms2014 says:

    @flyr, My statements regarding marriage were mainly of the tongue-in-cheek sort…although, cannot speak for others 😉

  356. flyR says:

    Wow there is a lot of venom directed at the institution of marriage. Although my institutionalization has ended I still respect the institution.

  357. RSD says:

    Yes, the good old days!!

  358. Josh says:

    I am debatng if I liked it more when dinosaurs roamed the earth, SBs controlled the blog, rinsing was promoted as something “real”SDs enjoyed and cum talk was considered intellectual conversation…

  359. RSD says:

    I always tell people who want to get married to decide if they can see themselves as their fiancé/fiancée’s slave because that’s what marriage is.

    Yes exploitation takes many forms. And yes an SD can exploit the desperation of his SB or the SB may exploit the generosity of her SD. Reminds me of Hegel’s treatise on Master and Slave in which he argued that the master becomes enslaved by his dependency on his slave.

  360. SunShineSD says:

    “Sponge-worthy” — Elaine von Seinfeld

    Egg-worthy; Uterus-worthy

    Cum-worthy; thousands of dollars per month for decades-worthy 😉

    Time and physical resources are finite in the real world; it’s a two-way qualification process.

  361. Josh says:


    If a woman falls in love with a financially poor guy then the woman is a slave?

    So if the man is rich then the man is slave due to marriage and if the man is poor then both husband and wife are slaves? Of whom, the state or the fate?

    I am glad that slavery is now being fully defined at the SA blog. What will the humanity do if there were no SA blog?

  362. Josh says:


    Now that’s a new one.

  363. Angel says:

    Yes this is sadly true, in Montreal that will be a mistake to bring a black girl partner for a white successful business SD without tell him at the first place.

  364. Ladylight says:

    I’m not entirely sure about this post… I’m non-white and Most white SD that I’ve meet have expressed their desire for the typical blonde hair blue eyes. I always found this confusing, I’ve never seen pale or no pigment attractive.
    A man has gone as far as telling me that he called me because the blonde bailed on him.. Needless to say he was bailed on twice that week. Racism is Very Very common and women need to be prepared not lied to. True there is white men who like women of color, (far & few) but don’t be fooled even they say horrible things in private. Again this is just my & close friends experience.