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Sugar for a Cause
  • Posted May 21, 2014


“Spoiled” is a word often used to describe Sugar Babies. This can carry a negative connotation, since the phrase is usually completed with “brat.” The truth is, Babies get spoiled with gifts and allowances. That doesn’t mean they are past their expiration dates, but instead given more than average because they know they deserve it.

What justifies deserving it? Sugar Babies are entrepreneurs in the business of themselves. For Sugar Babies who want to make a difference, finding the right guy can fund philanthropy.

Being auctioned off at a charity gala isn’t the only way to date for a cause. Carmen is a 24-year-old from Costa Mesa, California who started a charity for children with autism spectrum disorder. Now she receives donations from a variety of sponsors, but it all started with help from her Sugar Daddy.

At first, she was using the money to help take care of her little brother, Emilio, who suffers from a mild form of autism. After a few months of dating, her Sugar Daddy planted the idea in her head to start a foundation for children with similar special needs. With the $3,000 per month she was receiving, kickstarting her campaign was easy. Last December, her charity was officially registered.

The sugar lifestyle is not all about getting spoiled. Once a woman has her lifestyle standards met, it’s time to give back. Forming an organization bigger than oneself will give life deeper meaning, while touching the lives of others. Carmen is not alone, and being a positive force in the community is totally trending. These are the vital steps to creating a sugary sweet charity.


Visual Visionary

What are you passionate about? Generally, those who start nonprofits have a personal tie to the cause. When Carmen speaks about her brother and the hardships her family has endured, she gives the organization visual depth. Benefactors want to relate and have complete faith in the person in charge. Naming your charity should be a concept of your vision, to keep the motive focused.

This step will require some soul searching, but it’s important to remain unique. Many nonprofits compete for donations to the same cause. Set yourself apart and provide ease to the process by understanding the marketplace.

Mission: Possible

So you want to save endangered panda cubs? All you need now is a legit mission statement to define the movement. Without this gem, no one will know what you stand for. There are some questions to be answered, but it doesn’t need to be an essay.

It needs to be eloquent and to the point. Enlist in the help of someone who is a good writer if you don’t possess the skills. Since a mission statement will be the frequented by anyone who is willing to donate, take your time and make it count.

Let Bylaws be Bylaws

Composing the mission statement should be the easy part, and once the motive is clear it’s time to lay down the law. Creating a set of bylaws will give the foundation merit and allot the funds properly. This is where you list out expenses and people in charge.

Charities that fizzle usually did not do their research. Take after a nonprofit you admire, and study their mechanics. The more you do your homework on the subject, the smoother and more effective your charity will be.

Team Building

Good things take time, but a team of inspired individuals will help you achieve greatness. Seek those with similar interests and morals. People who value the cause can be found at support groups and online forums. Posting an ad to Craigslist can also be a way to get in touch with potential assets.

To make it work, you’ll need a few unpaid board members and staff. After you establish the system, enlist in a local university for volunteers and interns who have extra time to help.


With a shining plan and a stellar team, all that’s left is the legal tax jargon. Since this can be confusing for a novice, hiring a legal aid or asking for the help of an accountant will save you loads of time and hassle. Preparing the details can be done on your own with sites like this, but having a real person to assist you will benefit in the long run.

The legal side is definitely where having a Sugar Daddy is ideal. He’s probably well versed in all the intricacies of business that leave most young ladies stumped. Asking him for help in this realm will let him know he’s making a difference in not only your life, but the lives of others as well. Feeling needed is Daddy’s favorite.

Having a fulfilling life starts with self worth, and there’s no better way to boister your esteem than giving back to the community. I would love to see more sugar started foundations!

What is your favorite charitable organization?

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234 Responses to “Sugar for a Cause”

  1. kofybean says:

    I don’t get it. What do you get by being a sugar daddy? A man works hard all his life, struggles to get where he is, builds success, and then gives piles of money and gifts to a random girl who probably would have blown him off had she been alive when he was broke studying hard in the library?
    This is the second time I’m on this site, I’m really trying to get into it, but I can’t figure out where is the win in all of this. What does a SB do besides ‘exist’ and spend money the SD gives her? SD -> works/makes money -> money/gifts go to-> SB, SB -> spends money to make her life happy, repeat. What part of that enhances the SD’s life in any way?

  2. Michelle says:

    I LOVE this blog post!

    I recently started sugaring again after leaving my previous lucrative career. I decided to follow my passions and give back, so I started a similar non-profit, also rooted in autism.

    I love seeing that other SBs are giving back, and want more than just another pair of red soles to throw in the closet.

    What’s been surprising and refreshing is that there are lots of SDs appreciate and support giving back to others.

  3. Halcyon says:

    Hello from Profile 742569! One of my goals is to work 6 months of the year, spending the other 6 months volunteering overseas. If you’re an SD looking for a bright young philanthropic partner, with more street-savvy than Banksy, I’d love to hear from you.

  4. Texas says:

    I really like this blog, it gives me some hope. I am still “SD-less” but if and when I do find one, I would love to have help starting the non profit I have always wanted. There is a specific cause that I have devoted the past several yrs of my life to. It would be a dream come true to make it happen someday… *sigh* wishful thinking!

  5. SouthernSB says:

    Actually I have been to a exhibition mini polo match. It was great fun. One of the perks of living on the border of GA/SC is that you get the overspill of the horsey people out in the North Augusta SC, Aiken SC people. They are all into thoroughbreds, steeplechases, and polo. The horse that won the Derby year before last was owned by some guy who has a farm in outside of Aiken SC. which is only about 15 miles from where I live. Hey there’s a new blog up why is everyone hanging out here?

  6. aliceS says:

    Hm… I was scammed by my ex client for €100. While trying to get this back, I discovered that I am a whore and a skunk 😉 niiiice

  7. KatPaw says:

    Dooobie Dooobie doo.. I’m sooooo bored… Need some sugar to come my way.. Hopefully this weekend with POT is excellent!

  8. Josh says:


    Come to think of it, have you been to a polo game/event?

  9. SouthernSB says:


  10. SouthernSB says:

    Changed that to “part time” girlfriend, and shortened up my profile a little. Hope I will have a little success now. Changed my employment to self philanthropy.

  11. Josh says:


    Your profile is fine.

    However, if you focus on what you can do for your part-time boyfriend instead of defining who tou are in minutest details, then you will definitely get better mileage per word.

    More pictures will help as well.

    Good luck! 😉

  12. KatPaw says:

    Thank you! Sent them the pics I took of his registry and profile..

  13. Zack says:

    FB, not really, working through my own drama, hoping to find and be a good one. I do learn more of the “how” and “what” I’m looking for on the blog… and recently quite a bit about what to avoid being. 😛

    But, if you’ve got a good pot-SB for me not too far and not too costly, I’d like to think I can offer more than “just” money to “just” a girl for hire.

    Connection matters.

    @DH, so it wasn’t a dive?

  14. Josh says:


    Send an email to support at seekingarrangement dot com. Someone will contact you and tell you what to do further, if anything.

    I did not report through the “proper” method either and they took action.

    As many members have reported before, SA does not act on most complaints. My guess is that as soon as they smell legal or bad media exposure, they react promptly.

  15. Josh says:

    Part time boyfriend is more like it. LOL!

  16. SouthernSB says:

    Maybe I should have said, part time boyfriend? Would that have been better?

  17. Josh says:


    Looking for boyfriend? Not impossible but boy that would be a long search on SA. 😉

  18. SouthernSB says:

    Can someone help me with my profile? I wrote a book. Yes, Josh you have my permission to be brutally honest. 2132448. And no I am not 23.

  19. SouthernSB says:

    I think I need to revamp my profile. I think I went crazy last night and wrote too much.

  20. SouthernSB says:

    It is when you’re already 48. 🙂

  21. DarkHorseSD says:

    Southern, you will probably be alright. And from experience, 50 years isn’t all that long anyway.

  22. KatPaw says:


    How do I go about reporting him for such… It’s not near any options for report this member..

  23. Josh says:

    * You absolutely should report him to SA.

  24. Josh says:


    Happy hump day yo you as well.

    You absolutely should him. Aside from general bad news for anyone really, he might be preying on the minors who sign up as 18+ years-old.

    I ran into one barely 17 year-old who was signed on SA as a 20 year-old. SA removed her profile immediately.

    Please keeps us posted as to how SA handles sex offenders.

  25. SouthernSB says:

    Oh yeah, you should definitely need to report him!! Get him off the board!! He is looking for prey in the form of SBs who have children!! Report him and keep reporting him until he is thrown off of SA!! We don’t need men like that in this space, and you can prevent a tragedy. SA will do something they don’t want to be complicit in a crime.

  26. SouthernSB says:

    Well finally wrote a profile. Wrote it late last night so it’s probably still in pending. I have a nice picture of myself up and I stated just what I wanted out of a relationship. I will probably be on SA for the next 50 years before I find an SD, due to the fact that I don’t want an SD, but I want a boyfriend that is willing to give me assistance (thanks SugarySpicey). Anyway wish me luck in my endeavor to find the perfect SD/BF.

  27. KatPaw says:

    Happy Hump Day sugarrrrs!!

    Ok I have a question and wondering if anyone knows the answer.. So I recently had a new POT contact me.. We moved on to email and like a good girl I googled his email! Well in for a shock I was.. Found name and googled.. Ohhh registered sex offender ( involving minors!!! ) is this something I can report to SA?

  28. JamieSB says:

    DarkHorseSD: that’s great that she enjoyed it 😉
    English is not my first language so I’m usually not as keen on stand up comedy. Also notice they usually swear a lot which is not as fun : (
    But it sounds you had fun. First date ??
    ; )

  29. DarkHorseSD says:

    She said take me to a bar. So I took her to The Oyster Bar. She loved her first time in a stand up comedy club.

  30. JamieSB says:

    @ AliceS
    How did your nails go? : ))
    DarkHorseSD: why was it a trick? Did she not like oyster bar? And how did your date go?

  31. aliceS says:

    Jamie lol You do the same thing I do with makeup lol, but im a nail freak 🙂

  32. DarkHorseSD says:

    Tricked her. Took her to the Oyster Bar. Haha

  33. JamieSB says:

    AliceS: wow you are truly a Master in Nails haha!!
    I have never had my nails done professionally. My one experience with professional beauty is a professional make up ( for a wedding, not mine lol) costed me $150.00 for 2 hours and I ended up running home, washed it off and applied my usual simple make up ( no foundation, a little blush, a little lipstick) haha
    I’m more into simple basic kind when it comes to make up.
    But gosh some of the girls have crazy ( and amazing ) nail arts on them!!

  34. Josh says:


    “gosh im trying to finish my nails on my right hand, so i can be beautiful for my potential date lol, but its driving me crazy.”

    I am curious…don’t women do the nail beautification to show them to other women?

  35. aliceS says:

    Jamie lol, I am a Master Nail Technician with 3 awards and 8 diplomas, bud i cant do my own right hand, lol if I show it to my NT friends they will die laughing 🙂

  36. Josh says:


    That’s what they are for; chew some and spread the others. 😉

  37. JamieSB says:

    * Do nails myself ; )
    Good luck on your date Alice ; )

  38. JamieSB says:

    Practice makes perfect : ))
    I still couldn’t do it as good but good enough to do nails

  39. aliceS says:

    gosh im trying to finish my nails on my right hand, so i can be beautiful for my potential date lol, but its driving me crazy. dont know how some people may use their hands equally good

  40. JamieSB says:

    Hallo : )
    Sounds like you are having some exciting times ; )

  41. JamieSB says:

    Thank you : )
    I’m not a big advocate for Sugary scene but I’m generally open for most situations.
    Just quit my job recently and wanting to take a break for a little and experiencing new things. SA is one of which ; )

  42. DarkHorseSD says:

    The DarkHorse has recently gained additional freedom and is not just chewing his oats anymore, he’s spreading some. Woohoo!

  43. DarkHorseSD says:

    Hi Jane, what is the set up for the meet?

    I’m off to an nTH date since my true desire is asleep and has only sporadic Internet service.

    She said meet me at … And take me to a bar. I said, I can do that. LôL Wonder what she’ll wear.

  44. DarkHorseSD says:

    Alice, any false info, even after admitted can make a guy walk away. The best you can do is put in the profile that you are x hours travel from Paris and willing to meet there any time. That way its all revealed at once.

  45. Josh says:


    I am glad that you are posting a bit more often than in the past.

    Your more frequent presence is much appreciated. Thanks

  46. FatB'StardSA says:


    I know placing your location in a huge city seems like a better idea (especially if you live in a small town with no SD’s). When I was using the site I hated when SB’s did this. I really wanted someone local (<30min drive) which meant a let down when I found out she was not local and it can make you seem like a pro or scammer. My advise is to not bring it up the fact you are in a different city. If you are sure you can meet your SD on time then he will probably forgive this omission of information when he finds out.

  47. aliceS says:

    JaneBaby i changed my town on purpose. Dont see any problem with that, Paris is only “h from here so lol

  48. JaneBaby says:

    @Josh – Hey there! Hope you had a wonderful weekend with more to come.

    @aliceS – I’m sorry to hear that. Is it making them nervous that your town is set to Paris but you’re not there? Can you change your profile to correct it?

  49. aliceS says:

    DarkHorse my date was canceled by the gentlemen, in my profile I have Paris as my town, and i told him I am not from Paris and that currently Im in other town, but I can travel there if he want me to, and he never replied, its a third guy who do so, after my town confession :/

  50. Josh says:

    Hello there @JaneBaby. 🙂

  51. Josh says:


    Welcome to the blog.

    Aside from some SDs who are sugar equivalent of pick up artist of the regular dating scene, most of the SDs here like to discuss sugar happenins with the saner segment of SBs.

    You sound like one of them and I hope that you post often. 🙂

  52. JaneBaby says:

    Good morning, everyone! (or what time it may be for you, where you are) Hope you all had fantastic weekends.

    I’ve set up my first face-to-face this week and I’m as nervous as a person can be, haha.

  53. Josh says:


    Teyya what…I am up for joining a protest against Forbes for writing
    “The Least Valuable College Majors”.

    An SD I should not complain though. The more young women choose such majors, the more they would potentially join SA?

  54. Josh says:


    I have had several awesome arrangements through SA. A big thanks to Brandon Wade, and SA staff. 😉

    I stopped posting details of my arrangements because of the constant premeditated negative critique of my arrangements by usual suspects.

  55. SouthernSB says:

    What’s wrong with being an English major? It’s the language we speak in this country and it’s the international language of business so someone has to teach people to speak it. Not only that, a young (or older) woman who is well versed in English is well spoken and can keep up her end of a conversation with anyone from a beer drinking hillbilly to a gangster rapper to a international businessman, all due to the fact that she is well read. So don’t down that English major.

  56. Kms2014 says:


    \BOON-dog-uhl, -daw-guhl\
    1. to do work of little or no practical value merely to keep or look busy.
    2. to deceive or attempt to deceive: to boondoggle investors into a low-interest scheme.
    3. a project funded by the federal government out of political favoritism that is of no real value to the community or the nation.

    My word of the day…love it. My new 1930’s Americanism word for scamming SD or SB, hehe!

  57. SouthernSB says:

    Good morning SDs and SBs!! It’s finally summer in GA!! Hurray, I can finally get wear as little clothing as possible!!

  58. FatB'StardSA says:


    People give Josh a hard time because he posts a lot and has destroyed the blog but as far as I know he claims to be a SD on SA and has had an arrangement. What value have you brought to the blog? Do you have a SA profile?

  59. FatB'StardSA says:


    “A pretty woman who appreciates that we both benefit from our arrangement and is as respectful of my time as I am of hers was enough for me. Come to think of it the previous sentence is probably the basis of any successful relationship”

    I think I was clear about what I would be looking for, nothing to do with an 18 year old girl and hero worship. A woman who constantly reminds everyone that she is accomplished and beautiful and thinks she can turn every c*ck to steel with her sideways glance is most probably an entitled bitch that I would rather avoid. I am sure SB’s love to spend time with SD’s who constantly remind them that they are wealthy and can have any girl they want because of it.

  60. JamieSB says:

    Not sure about a horse but you sure do sound like a gentleman ( I have been following the blog for a little while).
    Unfortunately no twin sister : ( wish I did have so when I double book my dates there is better alternative to cancel a date haha

  61. DarkHorseSD says:

    JamieSB, do you have a twin sister who likes kids just a little more that I can take to Europe?

  62. DarkHorseSD says:

    Alice, when is your date this week?

  63. JamieSB says:

    @ AliceS
    I’m glad you have support. That makes things heaps easier.
    I was baby sitting my friends baby and no way I’m gonna consent to get my hair pulled or get scratched or get screamed at haha
    Kidding, I’m sure your kids are beautiful angels and I’m glad for you ; )
    I’m not crazy about kids. Maybe not yet anyway.
    I’m hoping to be taken to France very soon. You are so privileged to be in such beautiful country ; ) I have been promised to be taken to Paris so will see.
    I have been studying in boarding school in Scandinavia and also England but never made it to France!! My mistake then haha!
    Europe was so breath taking especially on summer. I can’t wait to be back there again!!

  64. aliceS says:

    @JamieSB actually its easier than it sounds, Im not totally alone as well, there’s always someone who is around, and my daughter father is a great dad for her, I was all by myself with my son for 7 years, but it was awesome 😉 sometimes things look very hard, but when you in, you discover its not and that you even enjoy it that way 🙂

  65. JamieSB says:

    You are so amazing managing on your own with two kids. You should be very very proud of yourself. I always have a lot of admiration for amazing women like yourself.
    I can’t see myself with one left alone two kids especially on your own!! Wow
    So kudos to you!!!

  66. aliceS says:

    @JamieSB haha I hear you 😉 Have fun and enjoy those moments. And yup, I am a proud mother of two 😉

  67. JamieSB says:

    @AliceS: I’m not sure it’s a love thing : ) I’m not a naive girl or being blind about the love things haha. I know it’s rather temporary and I have been there done that with much more guys than you probably think. I have been single for about 5 years and it was amazing being a single girl ; )

    But I’m at this stage I wanna do free falling ( in love) again regardless of the consequences. I wanna be vulnerable and hopefully not too much miserable again : ) I have no kids ( you do right?) which makes it easier for me too.

    It’s only life right. I just wanna experience different things. And who knows?


  68. aliceS says:

    @JamieSb 😉 he he, I stopped with love things not so far ago. Every huge love is huge in the moment, thats why Id love to find a SD instead of a boyfriend. But its nice to know, that others might reach a happy end 😉 Regardless to perverts, its nice to have them as well, it remind that Im not so old yet hahaha 😉

  69. JamieSB says:

    Above @ AliceS

  70. JamieSB says:

    Haha be patient.
    It’s like all other dating I guess : ) perverts will always be around. SA, other dating websites or IRL.
    I wouldn’t be too crazy about my bf. Nothing is
    forever ; ) which I don’t mind either. Life!!!
    Just be patient and have faith : )

  71. aliceS says:

    Thank you very much 🙂 well I am still in the same place. No sugar daddy. No boyfriend. No new contacts. Had pleasure to talk with some perverts 😉
    I’m kinda clueless how it works, but I’m entertaining myself on the blog, while lonely evenings 😉
    Best wishes for you and your boyfriend 😉

  72. JamieSB says:

    Sorry that was to AliceS : )

  73. JamieSB says:

    How is sugaring going for you?
    How are you and how is France?
    I read most of your previous comments and believe you are one of the most authentic SBs in here.
    I didn’t end up finding a long term arrangement but found a boyfriend : ) didn’t mind as he is amazing and is a gentlemen.

  74. aliceS says:

    Hey JamieSB 😉 Greetings from France

  75. JamieSB says:

    Hello AliceS : ))
    From Australia!!

  76. aliceS says:

    @THESB I can’t answer that, but I’m sure other more experienced members might provide you a serious answers on that. If I were you, I’d just let him know, that you are looking for someone who is available a little bit more, than he is.

  77. aliceS says:

    Morning all 😉 Where oh where is my perfect sd? Lol. Anyone knows what’s that guy did to Angel SB? I’m curious. Pretty much.

  78. SugarySpicey says:

    Softi – it says a lot about you that you assume if a woman is confident she’ll be an entitled bitch. It shows how insecure you are around beautiful, accomplished women (which is why you skipped past my instruction that an SB should be delightful and easy to be with). I know some men are so damaged that they need to feel “big” by dating much younger women who will provide hero worship. But, many men want a woman who stimulates and excited their big head as much (if not more) than their little head. There’s no reason that stimulation needs to come in a sour package.

    I’m sorry that you’ve had such bad luck with women that you haven’t yet found an intellectual equal who cherishes that sweet softness lurking beneath your portly belly, and turns your c*ck to steel with that sideways glance that says more than words could ever convey.

  79. Melllisa says:

    SS- thank you for telling it as it is….and good to have you back.

    Alice darling:-) be patient good things come to those who wait.
    @Tequila- just when I was starting to get excited about the return of the “Tequila” you disappear on me:-(
    @Gtt- are you back in the sugar bowl? Enjoy your date.

  80. JamieSB says:

    @DarkhorseSD: thank you for your comments ; ))
    Yes indeed I have had great experiences with SA so far. Some very interesting and amazing men which I had great time with.
    Hope everyone have great sugaring times ; ))

  81. Josh says:


    Even though I don’t smoke I don’t mind smoke in totally open areas. Ironically I actually like the smell of good cigarette or cigar. I might even borrow and take a puff or two, without inhaling, of course. 😉

  82. DarkHorseSD says:

    With weather this perfect tonight, naturally you go to a rooftop restaurant/bar after dinner to get cigar smoke blown in your face.

  83. Josh says:

    Those who don’t get math end up flunking SAT and end up majoring in English, art history or some shit like that, which costs almost as much as studying something fiscally useful after college.

    Moral of the story is that focus on math, chemistry, physics, biology, etc., get high SAT, pay student loan off quickly through a job that employers will be lining up to give you.

    Otherwise, keep concocting nonsense to dream for a fool to come along. 😉

  84. FatB'StardSA says:

    I have been hitting the F5 key for weeks in the hopes to spot a PriceySpicey post.

    “SDs want to feel like they’re getting a prize, the coolest girl in school who never would have dated them back when they were Math Club rejects, but now that he’s so successful, you just can’t wait to get naked with him.”

    If I went looking for SB I would avoid any woman who thought she was the prize, coolest girl in school, etc. like the plague. Last thing I need is to be paying for the privilege of spending time with an entitled bitch who peaked at 18 giving me attitude. A pretty woman who appreciates that we both benefit from our arrangement and is as respectful of my time as I am of hers was enough for me. Come to think of it the previous sentence is probably the basis of any successful relationship.

  85. Jj says:

    “We’re so vain; probably think this ‘post’ is about you, bout you, bout you…” Carly Simon ’72 paraphrase for intrepretation

  86. Josh says:


    I find it interesting that you keep addressing me and keep asking questions of me.

    If you are genuinely communicating to me then…my apologies. If you are just showing off to your posse through some kind of snide remarks…then screw you.

    The truth is that I rarely comprehend what you write. So it’s all good from my end. 😉

  87. flyR says:

    Re the dark side

    Potential SB should read gift of fear

    Potential sd should watch Play Misty For Me

  88. flyR says:

    Brilliant sugar.

    The management of both expectations and perceptions is critical. I’m with sugary on waiting until the SB is comfortable but she needs to recognize the potential message of rejection ot shopping the market for a better deal.. I think most pot who are looking for a long term and are not being asked for cash are going to be willing to wait

  89. flyR says:

    Brilliant sugar

  90. DarkHorseSD says:

    Post about the psychopath I don’t have time to write before my date tonight…about their cleverness, ability to charm, intelligence, etc. but be warned they are your most dangerous sugar foes.

  91. Josh says:

    I am sure that some of the SDs on SA are desperate for X, Y or Z and are using their financial ability to get that here, but most of the SDs are NOT desperate fools.

    Most of the SDs are married and are here for either extracurricular fun or to get the female attention lacking at home.

    Some SDs are a type of pick up artists who will use the sugar lingo to get what they want. A couple of such pick up artists post here as well.

    When SBs come here before engaging in sugar life they get pretty good advice from a wide range of bloggers; SDs and SBs alike. When they come here crying foul after the fact, it’s really not much anyone can do about it anymore.

  92. Kms2014 says:

    Great advice to SB, both new and old, SS…(:

  93. Kms2014 says:

    Hey SS!

  94. SouthernSB says:

    Sugary, you just helped me break my mental block!! Thanks!!

  95. Josh says:

    There is a real world AND there is a la la land. A sane person is able to differentiate the two. 😉

  96. SV says:

    Not sure why my comment didn’t get approved and deleted a few hours ago, but I asked what the maximum amount of time you would go without seeing a SD/SB?

    I’m considering getting another SD or detaching myself even more from my current SD because we barely see each other.


  97. SouthernSB says:

    Welcome back Sugary. Hope you stay awhile.

  98. Zack says:

    Narratives do shape our worlds, or at least perspectives. For example, Josh, your there’s no chance I’m going to check out WYP or Miss travel. My expectations would be that I’d get used and cheated. With that attitude, it’d almost be self-fulfilling.

    Josh, have you considered checking whether SA admin would employ you to troll competitors’ sites?

    Fortunately, Kevin…yeah, there are some good people here. I could understand why Guru might hang out as an unpaid moderator sometimes, at least when the character is friendly.

    @DH You’ve got so many options around, why do you bother amusing one who is probably a low end escort? Entertainment value? 😛

    @ Gtt: welcome back, good to hear your voice.. in text.. hmm, there have got to be better expressions for that. Anyway, how about something modest that complements her hair, eyes and smile? That’ll let you complement those things for her…

    @ Sugary: You really do have good advice for newbies along with drama. The blog, and I, appreciate at least part of that. Consider, you were high profile and first rate troll bait…

    Lest We Forget

  99. SugarySpicey says:

    That said, the trick to landing an SD is the same as in any product marketing:

    Differentiation: What makes you superior to every other SB (if you can’t say it, you’re going to struggle to show your value). Every SD is looking for something unique, and you have to know your unique offering – true love, brilliance, naivety, wide-eyed-you’re-so-impressive-wonder at everything your SD gives, drop dead gorgeous, BBW, triple D’s, Chinese acrobatics flexibility, Dominance, submission, complete NSA – Know what makes you better than a girlfriend, better than a champagne room bang, and better than all the other SBs he’s messaging.

    Quality – your allowance expectations should be in line with your “quality” not in the, “my mom loves me, everyone has worth” sort of way, but in the quality of experience you offer. If you want freedom to be yourself, jeans, t-shirt, unwashed hair, and take your time before you talk about sex you’re not really an SB, you’re a girlfriend who needs a little assistance, set your allowance expectations accordingly. If he could take you to a State dinner where you’d arrive perfectly coiffed, waxed, dazzling and able to talk geopolitics with anyone in the room, you can expect more. Wanting more does not equal getting more (and let’s be honest “deserve” is only a word that belongs in prostitution where rates are negotiated and one “deserves” to be fairly compensated based upon agreement).

    Geography matters, but if you keep messaging, searching out new profiles to respond to, and updating your profile every two weeks in order to stay on top in search results you can overcome that.

    Intellect matters – sure, dumb girls with big boobs and profiles littered with typos might eventually find an SD but why limit yourself to sleaze balls who intentionally pursue dumb SBs who are desperate to make rent? Polish your profile! Then update your photos regularly.

    It’s a numbers game, search, message, reply promptly and follow the adage, “Easy to be with, hard to get.” Don’t act like He’s the catch, YOU’RE the catch – because you’re so delightful, sexy, perfectly smooth and supple, sensual, and fun. You’re never grumpy, sad, or afraid to explain what your sugar expectations are because you have ten SDs beating down your door – wether it’s true or not. Nobody wants to buy the dented can that nobody else wanted. Your life is great and you want to share it with someone who can enhance your already overflowing happiness.

    SDs want to feel like they’re getting a prize, the coolest girl in school who never would have dated them back when they were Math Club rejects, but now that he’s so successful, you just can’t wait to get naked with him.

    And finally, stop acting prudish (even if are prudish on the inside). Let him talk about sex early on, get the little head going. Play, tease, flirt, and if you need to because you’re just not ready, whisper in his ear, with a hand on his thigh, “I want you so bad, but I can’t yet, because I know that for me when sex is really amazing I get attached, and I want our interest in each other to be balanced. But, I’m definitely going to finish this thought off when I’m by myself tonight.” Then give a Marilyn wiggle in your seat like you’re so turned on you’ve got the quivers, and focus on building a relationship with him to the point that you ARE ready to get naughty, and soon.

  100. SugarySpicey says:

    People used to give real advice on the blog back before someone logged on, tricked, lied, stole, and threatened harm to any SB who dared claim that SBs could find arrangements where they were sexually satisfied, treated very well, respected, and gifted beyond a $300 one-sided P4P. Now the blog is useless because any SB who shares her experience is threatened and defamed, so how can we possibly help each other.

    I’ve not seen a single SB blogging that women should act like escorts. Quite the opposite- the most common advice given is NOT to have sex with anyone you don’t truly (tingle in the nethers) want to have sex with. We do advise SBs NEVER to trust an SD until he’s delivered on the allowance, because the Internet is saturated with forums and blogs of men who intentionally lie and deceive women on SA so that they can steal sex that they otherwise wouldn’t receive. Then they post your name, photos, and despair aging comments and laugh at your naivety. Which is why you MUST protect yourself, in many different ways, with the final expectation of any SD being that he should prove he’s real with gifts, allowance, or putting in the time to really build a connection before your panties hit the floor. The frauds won’t bother with all that effort because there are some many suckers they can catch with zero effort at all.

  101. aliceS says:

    Angel I don’t remember now about what but he did emailed me once or twice. Why you say he is a fraud? What did he did to you?

  102. THESB says:

    What the most amount of time between seeing your SD/SB would you go?

    How can I tell my SD that it might not work between us because we can barely see each other?

  103. KatPaw says:

    Happy Memorial Day.. Thank you to all our vets and military for their service to our country!

    Happy Monday sugarrrrs! Hope everyone had a sugar filled weekend! 😉

  104. Josh says:

    Correction: *50+ million dollars net worth.

  105. Josh says:

    Having written the general experience and feedback about SA’s typical response in such situations, I visited the profile id posted above.

    Not much is written on the profile. The red flag is the net worth. I am sure that my experience is far from exhaustive, but personally I don’t know anyone who is worth close to even 10 million and who flaunts that fact on the internet for the rinsers or gold diggers to come chasing him.

    I could be totally wrong but a “divorced” man with 50+ net worth would be plenty busy in real life with sugar babies. The “married” one’s might prefer a site like this for discretion purposes though.

  106. Josh says:


    Based on previous posts by SBs, and my experience, SA rarely does much except when they fear legal exposure.

    For example, they claim that escorts are not allowed. However, when I reported two escorts SA did nothing.

    But when I reported a barely 17 year-old who was signed up as a 20 year-old, they blocked her right away.

    On the flip side, one of the blog members commented that she was blocked because she was thought of as escort.

    Certain things are easier to act upon by SA, I guess. Unfortunately, the claim of someone being a “fraud” will require a lot more effort from your part.

    Best of success in the sugar world.

  107. Kms2014 says:

    Hi Angel,

    If you still have emails from him, then there is a ‘report member’ option at bottom right, under the reply link. However, even when reported, SA rarely does much, even in the most extreme circumstances, I am afraid. If he is contributing to their revenue, then….): I would recommend still reporting, though, since different people seem to address these issues–you might get a good one who actually investigates into complaint.

  108. gtt_envy says:

    @Darkhorse, my instatiable urge to play with fire has me going on a 2nd date too. Since we were already intimate on the first (oh what 3 weeks of daily communication can do lol). A little freakier repeat after dinner is all I seek. She is 23 dark hair, hazel eyes, 5’[email protected] just perfect for me physically and her laugh lights up a room.

    Just can’t think of what kind of gift to get her!! Hope your date goes well 😉

  109. Angel says:

    This man is a fraud 420370

    How can i report him to seeking arrangement ?

  110. DarkHorseSD says:

    I’m taking the really good first meet from the other day to theater this week for a second date. So far so good. But past experience needs to keep me cautious.

    Besides the usual line up of clowns that can’t introduce themselves properly via text message, or whatever problem they have, I’ve got two second dates already booked, expect one or two Nth dates, and probably a couple other things like Nth dates or first dates.

  111. DarkHorseSD says:

    Hi Kevin, what site are you on?

  112. DarkHorseSD says:

    This woman from SA keeps texting me ‘hi how are you.’ Which I reply to ‘I’m doing well, but I still haven’t figured out who you are.’

    So she texts, ‘we met on SA’ 2nd text ‘online’

    I reply, ‘that’s the only thing I did know.’

    She replies “so do u wanna met”

    And the stalemate continues.

  113. Kevin says:

    I truly am finding this site quit wonderful. I’ve meet some very nice and decent people so far. Thank you to all.


  114. FlyR says:

    Re ideal age. None. It’s part of the package

    THere’s so much discussion regarding the first payment , When, what’s been agreed to , early nibbles,

    Ideally there needs to be a real meeting of the minds Time. Scope. Rules. Likes dislikes. Etc. just agreeing that sex is involved is generally not enough.it does not need to be clinical but should leAve both with an understanding of what the other likes and expects.

    I have had sb’s who really liked to have another woman along abut it is apparently not for all. Much non of then topic can bee covered generalizations.

  115. Flyer says:

    @euphooria-I saw the hitch hiking girl comment a few moments after listening to the Santa Barbara shooters last video (ny post). Evil but a good insight into the mind of entitlement rejected .

    It’s a reminder to listen carefully. Daddy gave him everything but a foundation upon which to build self respect. (Typical spoon fed young man complete with BMW who can not get laid in a lance known around the world e world for party firs with a capital P.

    He least his dad could have done would have been to provide a SB or two

  116. euphoria says:

    I donated to the cause of a girl hitchhiking on the overpass the other day. I bought her a free meal, listened to her story of how her looser boyfriend had thrown her and all her stuff out. Gave her useful information of how sugar has changed my life and could change hers too. Then put her in a all expense paid cab ride and sent her back to her mothers house in the next town over with a few dollars in her pocket.
    Geeze, cab rides are expensive in cali! But it was much safer then seeing her hitch a ride on the overpass! It’s true… Sb’s are all for helping out when we can!

  117. Kms2014 says:

    Yes, news stories, or non-fiction…non-fiction or real time news stories are what many want to read about, when we try to figure out the world we live in, and the past, so that we learn what to do ourselves….and apply what you learn to the world you live in–much like a school. Listen to people who know and have experienced it, and are where YOU see yourself in life. Back when I wanted to work in the investment industry, I didn’t hang around unsuccessful broker-dealers or those who dealt with the penny stocks…I made sure to hang around those in more of the wealth management side, who preferably had their CFA, in addition to the other basic credentials, and who were extremely successful
    in their careers. It might sound snobbish, but surround yourself with successful people, and take their advice…not those who act like they know, but have little to no success or are always complaining.

  118. elaine says:

    No, but stories can be used as an example to clarify what one means.
    And I think this ancient story is still very actual in today’s sugarworld.
    It explains exactly the difference between P4P and LT arrangements.

    And who doesn’t understand …. can keep complaining here about lack of genuine SB’s and SD’s…

  119. Josh says:

    World runs on stories?

  120. FatB'StardSA says:


    “I said I can’t find anyone, who is looking for an arrangement instead of an expensive one night hooker”

    Long term for some guys can mean something more than a one night stand. Why would you think it is easy to find someone to commit to you long term? What are you offering to make ANY guy want to do this?

  121. elaine says:

    Well, I am not really back, but just wanted to react on this.

    To be honest, I personally KNOW location is not such issue.
    And yes in France they have Champagne bars, in other countries they only call them different…

    Finding the right SD has all to do with targetting the SD that suits for you.
    Being Angelina you will never attract a SD who is after the Kim’s…

    So your profile, your pics and your communication must all be consistent and in line to what you are searching for, being it P4P or L.T. arrangement….

    And patience and being active yourself is the next important succesfactor.

  122. aliceS says:

    Hi Elaine 🙂 glad to see you back 😉 hope everything is going great. And thank you for your reply. That is my point, but I just doubt that I can find a King, who is looking for Scheherazade in France, wrong country. Or wrong way of looking for them.

  123. elaine says:

    * must be; SD who find Sherazade of course…

  124. elaine says:

    To be able to get a high allowance you need to offer far more as sex alone, sex every escort can deliver, maybe even better and for sure at a better price…
    No use to lower yourself to escort level if you have much more to offer

    Why would one buy a cow if he can buy the milk per liter?

    So you need to offer much more.
    Not your hot body but your cool personality must be the key factor to be offered a regular allowance to keep you around.
    A hot body is very easy to replace, as much SD’s here strongly believe and state all the time….

    If you know who was Sherazade and her story, as an SB you are on the right way.
    And for the SB who find this Sherazade, keep her happy and around!

    “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for”

  125. aliceS says:

    Btw Gtt_envy aren’t that girl from blog found a substantial allowance less in an 16h ours from creating her account? 😉 maybe that’s not such a unicorn if you put your pink glasses on

  126. aliceS says:

    I never said I was looking for 5k/month. I said I can’t find anyone, who is looking for an arrangement instead of an expensive one night hooker

  127. gtt_envy says:

    You live there, so you know what you are up against! It’s hard to find a SD willing to spend 5k/mo here it must be like chasing a unicorn there.

  128. aliceS says:

    I think the main issue with being a sugar baby in France are champagne bars. Here you have them more than a grocery stores. It looks like this. You came into the bar, where you meet around 6 up to 15 amazingly beautiful girls. To be able to communicate with them in the private lounge you need to buy (10€ store price) champagne for 100€ up to 300€. In that private lounge you can do whatever you want to do. Her task is to convince you to order a private striptease for around 500€ sometimes less, depending on that bar location and girls that are in. Since girls have a huge competition there, they provide sex as well to receive bigger tips. All tips collected inside the private show are not divided with the owner. So, people who create an account in France assume that all french females that are in sa are from one of the bar. So, if you can’t make sex with them right away for a grant you are not a good material for a sb and they claim, that you don’t know what you want.

  129. aliceS says:

    By the way, that’s not even the question of an stupid allowance, because there’s not even a chance to discuss the details, if there’s no one to discuss.

  130. aliceS says:

    Gtt_envy night I said not hour and welcome to France

  131. gtt_envy says:

    Where are you located? You must mean overnight? Per hour that’s not even remotely close I’d dare to say 😉

  132. aliceS says:

    Just for the record.

    And moderate price 3000$-5000$ is equal to 2200€-4300€. For example exclusive escort services for one night with one gentleman is 800€. Now let’s look at this otherwise. My car costed me 500, plus 200€ first month insurance, later 65€ every month. When it’s got broken, Feu Vert company, which is the cheapest in here asked 1800€ for its repair. I am self employed, and I am not working everyday cause I want to have time, but I am able to create moderate lower rate in here. Here, your allowance rate aren’t so high. Which doesn’t mean that I have stick to that price. I had negotiable, practical, moderate. No difference.

  133. aliceS says:

    Fatbastard no offend but I create traffic when I am ready for my date. 😉 just for the record

  134. DarkHorseSD says:

    Hi JamieSB,

    “I myself have some interesting experiences with SA and have kissed many frogs. It’s part of the experiences and I don’t mind.”

    That’s he kind of attitude that will get you through all this and have some success.

  135. gtt_envy says:

    Do you guys think that regardless of SD’s age the 18-22 market is the preferred age for a SB? Doesn’t matter if he is 40 or 60 he still is looking for the younger woman?

  136. Josh says:

    Hmm, so an SD becomes a “John”, which is a potential legal issue, just like that. But the SB is simply an ”entitled snob princesses”, which has no potential legal consequences? 😉

  137. KatPaw says:

    Maybe for the “Johns” mambo 5 is…
    While I love Maddona and “material girl” isn’t my “fantasy” but maybe for the ” entitled snob princesses ” it is..

  138. Josh says:

    Rhetorical questions:

    A typical SD’s fantasy: Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega?

    A typical SB’s fantasy: Material Girl by Madonna?

  139. KatPaw says:

    Good evening sugarrrrs this kitty’s bored tonight!

  140. Josh says:

    I know that to each is own. But what I look for in a girl, Alice is fucking gorgeous.

    Any dating endeavor is numbers game. I have not seen her profile for a while but I don’t understand what was her on-going reason to upload pictures with poor lighting.

    THAT may be one of the major reasons for lighter than expected quality response.

  141. DarkHorseSD says:

    Alice, the girls I date from here (more than once or twice when I find otherwise) are much like you. So you are not alone. Maybe 5 or 6 % are like you.

  142. FatB'StardSA says:


    You do not seem like a bitch and are attractive but a moderate allowance is a fair bit of money so you have some serious competition out there, and I don’t mean these fake tumblr SB’s (better pictures like you ass gravatar and a well taken profile picture would help though). For example, for $5K/month I could have had a SB that can stop traffic with her looks.

  143. Josh says:


    Thats basically what FB was referring to. You genuinely post to inform real happenings or lack there of, and seek honest feedback.

    DarkHorseSD commented from a different angle of how people in the past wrote make-belief stuff to promote rinsing and escortese.

  144. aliceS says:

    Gtt_envy I’m trying to be connected to sa anyway. I’m online always cause when it’s night in here you have day mostly. Around 8 hours difference between our time zone. When my kids are in bed I’m here. I’m not into partying, so I have fun on the blog. You think it would be better if I spent my evenings outside sipping drinks? I can’t find anyone because my expectations aren’t the same as most sd expectations in my area. I could have been in some one night stand relationship with 3 sd* for practical wage. But I’m not ready for those types of relationship yet. If I change my mind, blog will be first to know.
    Sugary thank you for your reply. Unfortunately it sounds a lot more easier to say than to do I guess. I’m not asking allowance person, so it’s even hard to write about it even if he ask. I wish I could just gave my account to someone else to arrange that part for me, which might be hard to do 😉
    Fb it’s really hard to find anyone who would say something at all after visiting me. :/ I don’t know, maybe there’s more girls like me out there. But just they won’t say it here. Who knows. I am an open book most of the times. And I think if I want a legit advice on my legit issues I can’t color it the way I want. Or add or take out any information. Otherwise what’s the point of asking. Greetings from still sugarless

  145. Josh says:


    DarkHorseSD is correct. It’s not one size fits all kinda deal.

    The more we know about your situation, such as, age, location (not necessarily exact location but small town vs. big city), past experience with sugar dating outside SA, your real prime motivation to seek sugar daddy ( maybe beyond “I need money”), etc., the better we will be able to put our two cents in to possibly help you.

  146. KatPaw says:

    Has lost some of its substance..

    Sorry only a few sips of coffee in. Lol

  147. KatPaw says:

    Good morning sugars!!
    I do have to agree the blog has lost of substance.. I keep hoping it will come back!

  148. DarkHorseSD says:

    Robin says:
    May 22, 2014 at 11:49 am
    How can I get an arrangement? I wanna kwnow someone interesting

    Can you tell us a lot more about you and what’s going on?

  149. DarkHorseSD says:

    SouthernSB wrote: “That sounds like a great idea, maybe I will do that. It really takes the pressure off, and it’ll give me the time to weed out the sociopaths that I have the worst luck of attracting. I swear they see me coming. I think I attract them because they know I’m a sucker for a cute face, hopelessly romantic and a lover of excitement.”

    Dealing with sociopaths is arguably the number one problem on SA, and maybe all sugar or all dating? If you attract them, you have to fix that. It does sound like a good idea what Sunshine said, but you have to do it right because you are under scrutiny too as to whether you are genuine.

    So, if you ever do create a profile, you will have tons of opportunities to practice in this endeavor.

  150. Jj says:

    @DH My comment was not tended to include you, and very good post of caution; which is necessary in any relationship. Back to the rafters!!

  151. Jj says:

    Oh! Cheezits crackers!!! Someone skipped their meds again! Geeezzzze!!!!

  152. DarkHorseSD says:

    I’ve had an up and down sugar week. Several meets, some first times. The long and short of the experience is to never bend your rules, don’t let your guard down when things are going well (ie. I let mine down with someone after a very good first meet with someone else and got a little burned.)

    No, the rules are in place for very good reason. The most charming of psychopaths will tempt you to break them, and just when you feel giddy or get overconfident is when you will slip up.

  153. DarkHorseSD says:

    For the first time in weeks the blog is mostly worthless rants.

    Someone who posts with questions – a newbie, developing – not a poser wannabe posturing and pretending with “expert advice” becomes the example of whats wrong with the blog.

    Waxing eloquent about the good old days when people posted about how they were preparing chicken for dinner and writing hate filled posts about how to be an escort and rinser, post after post by people no one would ever have in their lives even after years on SA, expert posts by people who haven’t even created profiles…none of it will serve anyone but those same posters with empty, lonely lives.

  154. JamieSB says:

    Hello Sugars : )

    I’m a relatively new SB from Australia ( had a SA account since November last year but it is now hidden).

    I have enjoyed the blog and want to thank you all the SBs and SDs for their invaluable advices.

    I myself have some interesting experiences with SA and have kissed many frogs. It’s part of the experiences and I don’t mind.

    Special thanks to the regular blog members including AliceS, Josh, Richard, Russian SB, FBSD, Sugardoll, SpicySugary, KMS, Katpaw, and everyone else and very especially to GuruSD whose opinions, experiences, advices have entertained me for the past few weeks 🙂
    All the best and happy sugaring :))

  155. FatB'StardSA says:

    In defense of AliceS I think it is good that she posts because she is honest about the difficulties an attractive SB can have in finding a good arrangement on the site vs some of the bullshit that was posted when I first started harassing people on the blog. A few of the other SB who used to post were also valuable and authentic in that way.

    Josh does post a lot. I know when I posted as much as he did I was completely non productive IRL. I guess WYP and SA can use a champion for SD rights if someone wants to spend time on something that dumb. Pricey Spicey used to be the Josh SB equivalent which is why they had issues I suppose.

  156. Josh says:

    Throw some drama and posts happen. shall I rest my case? 😉

  157. RSD says:

    @gttenvy: You are right. I used to like coming to the blog to read posts of people’s ongoing or potential sugar affairs, questions about how to manage the intricacies of sugar, etc. I barely find any of that now. I think the blog as it stands scares off new posters.

  158. Zack says:

    I’d guess Josh was being one third totally honest.

  159. Josh says:

    At least one woman loves me from the center of her g-spot, and cannot pass one day without having all-loving thoughts for me. 😉

  160. gtt_envy says:


    I don’t know I think the blog became woefully one sided and one dimensional. You post more than anyone by far and for awhile argued with everyone about everything. Then all of a sudden you became the “profile critique expert”. I still don’t see how someone as successful as you say you are posts as much as you do. You live on this thing it just strikes me as a little strange.

    We have AliceS, who while obviously intelligent has never had a SD yet…..WHAT yet she is on the blog everyday.

    This used to be a place where people shared experiences in their sugar life. Fun dates, new arrangements, differing options then as I said it became one sided. I was the recipient of a ton of “feedback” for wanting more than a roll in the hay, for wanting something more than a escort type experience, and of course wanting communication.

    I’m sure the regular crew is around doing what they have been the Richard’s, Onyx’s, Elaine’s, Guru, Stormcat, FB, etc etc.

    I better go text somebody and shuttup though, right FB stick with what I know fastest thumbs below the Mason Dixon line 😉

  161. SugarySpicey says:

    I don’t recall anyone lifting a finger to curtail blog drama, people just got bored.

    Back to my real world – I am rather delightfully smitten, and being treated wonderfully, by the most surprising of people. Sometimes the real person who will take care of you through thick and thin is right under your nose, and you’re just too caught up in nonsense and stubbornness to see it. Love is grand, when given to a man who deserves it; sad that so few really do!

  162. SugarySpicey says:

    Perhaps everyone left the blog because the were too disgusted to spend any further time in the company of someone who has so little respect for SBs he doesn’t perform oral sex on them because he’s decided all SBs are diseased and dirty and not deserving of sexual pleasure.

  163. SugarySpicey says:

    Alice – get the allowance, or gifts first, you can’t repo sex and worrying that you’ll get screwed then get screwed is a recipe for bad sex. When people talk of not giving allowance before sex they are referring to weeks/days before sex. If an allowance has been agreed upon, and you’re ready for intimacy he should give you your allowance, you have dinner (or some fun activity) that naturally leads to intimacy. If he gives you the allowance while he’s zipping up his pants you’ll feel like trash. If he’s expecting you to trust him with your body you can expect that he’ll trust you with your allowance.

  164. Josh says:

    I hope so too KatPaw. 😉

  165. KatPaw says:

    Looks like everyone else is having a sugar filled Friday! Lol

  166. Josh says:

    Hello…this site is about fuckng cunt and NOT about fucking Kant.

  167. Josh says:

    heThe final blow came thru what Kms2014 calls the sausage fest. That is, fucked up super long posts about fucking Kant, et al.

  168. Josh says:

    The second blow came with the departure of Elaine, one of the saner and thoughtful SB voices. Either she is busy or upset.

  169. Josh says:

    Most people came/come to blog seeking drama to either be part of or egg others on to spray fuel on the fire or feel sorry for the participants, hence feeling good about themselves.

  170. Josh says:

    The decision by the administration to curtail drama was the first blow to kill the blog.

  171. aliceS says:

    by the way who killed everybody? i feel like we are all alone in here 😉
    where, oh where is KMS2014 and the rest of the crowd

  172. Josh says:

    Hey I am positivorealistic kinda guy. 😉

  173. aliceS says:

    Josh I would have think of it in that way 🙂 its great you can see positively 🙂

  174. Josh says:

    Perspective is everything.

    Termites are considered delicacy in certain parts of the world.

    All it takes is the willingness to try new things…who knows…this problem might end up being an opportunity? 😉

  175. aliceS says:

    hey there KatPaw; hows your termites doing lol 🙂

  176. KatPaw says:

    Meow happy Friday sugars!

  177. Josh says:

    Not a chance. That would be FB, but he is around. 😉

  178. aliceS says:

    On a honeymoon with sugary 😉

  179. Josh says:

    Rhetorical question: Where in the world is SD Guru?

  180. aliceS says:

    I am going to have a date I guess. It’s a question for all about allowance after all. What if he lied and will just walk away. It’s a question to anyone who said before sex first allowance second.

  181. Josh says:

    Sure. Technology in Education will be a great segway from SunShineSD’s Nobel worthy theories about the male brain–the little as well as the big.

  182. KatPaw says:


    I know what the birch and C U Next Tuesday.. In me wants to do.. I think research all tenants rights… Hold rent in escrow till something is done…. In the end I just breath and let it go and patiently wait for my lease to be up.. Lol hey may even end up in a whole new state! 🙂

    Really trying not to have a full out spaz attack lol

  183. Zack says:

    If I tried to pull together some people with the chops to actually set up and run a “Technology in Education” organization, would there be any room to discuss it here without it being scoffed or yawned into non-being?

    Somehow, in the several months I’ve been on the blog and just generally talking with some college friends from my moderately distant past…I think I’ve come into contact with a few people that could hit a critical mass to make this work.

    For real. Should I see if there’s any interest and try to refine a scope and purpose that also appeals to some larger philanthropic SD’s and bloggers?

  184. SunshineSD says:

    Commercial name is Termidor for termite control around houses, sold on Amazon. Also sold in small doses as FrontLine for pet flea and tick control.

  185. SunshineSD says:

    Look up the chemical called Fipronil. It’s extremely effective against termites, ants and wasps. So effective it’s putting both terminators and honey bee farmers out of business. It’s a neurotoxin for insects but safe for mammals.

  186. aliceS says:

    Katpaw I’m agree with Josh

  187. Josh says:

    @Alice. Not advisable.

    @KatPaw. Sorry to hear that. But now you know what to include in the next lease.

  188. KatPaw says:

    🙁 not a happy kitty…. Not sure landlord will do anything about the termites!!! Ahhhh can’t wait for lease to be up!!

  189. aliceS says:

    Evening all. What did I missed? What do you think about double sd offer to one sb?

  190. Robin says:

    How can I get an arrangement? I wanna kwnow someone interesting

  191. Kms2014 says:

    ‘Exactly, best time to ask is when little head is in charge of decisions……

    Anyway, I imagine it would be refreshing for a SD to find a SB who wanted to start a non-profit, or charity organization….am thinking, that must be rare, on SA…maybe, not. Haven’t looked at too many SB profiles, to be honest.

  192. Kms2014 says:

    Dr. Lecter*, I meant.

  193. SunshineSD says:

    LOL. Find a man with a big brain, then get retirement funding when he is fully erect. That is a proven winning strategy. My ex-wife did exactly that.

  194. Kms2014 says:

    Can’t stand men with too many grey folds and too little brain matter! Dr. letter knows where I am coming from…,ehehehe!

  195. Kms2014 says:

    Not a fan of Hugo, then…/-:

  196. SunshineSD says:

    Hugo is clever due to extensive folds in his grey matter layer. The physical volume was puny. The comparison was the height of late 19th century anatomical science, proving surface area of the grey matter not cranium volume decide intelligence.

  197. Kms2014 says:

    He also said, ‘intelligence is the wife, imagination is the mistress, and memory is the servant.’

  198. SunshineSD says:

    Previous comment was in response to “asking for retirement fundung.”

    Hugo has famously small brain. It was scientifically compared to the big bbrain from a Russian author. Not sure about how their penii would compare. The museum did not keep those.

  199. Kms2014 says:

    I don’t think it was a small brain…he was very clever 😉

  200. SunshineSD says:

    LOL, exactly!

  201. Kms2014 says:

    Maybe, Hugo had small penis, yes?

  202. Kms2014 says:

    Oh yes, I would tend to agree with this you….Short term gains=long term loss, for some of the young and hot, on SA, but often times, clueless…Oh, to be 24 again…what I could have done by now! At least, ask for jewelry, since it will tend to hold value or increase 😉 Or, if they are savvy, in finance, ask for retirement funding 😉

  203. SunshineSD says:

    A man with enough blood left for intelligence while maintaining an election must have either a small penis or a small brain.

  204. SunshineSD says:

    *should not matter in their lives

    My mobile browser is not showing a scroll bar with this comment box, so I can not proof read.

  205. SunshineSD says:

    To most non-financially savvy girls in the SB age group, “living life to the fullest” means buying stuff they don’t need, with money they don’t have, in order to impress people who should matter in their lives; then those people fight back in the same way leading to escalation and serfdom for them all.

  206. Kms2014 says:


  207. Kms2014 says:

    ‘Carpe’ diem’ is another commonly used phrase I enjoy 😉

    Hate the overly used word, ‘awesome’….for obvious reasons.

    Love this French qoute, from Hugo, though…

    “La raison, c’est l’intelligence en exercice; l’imagination c’est l’intelligence en érection.”

    Lossy translated….”Reason is intelligence under exercice; imagination is intelligence with an erection.”

  208. Kms2014 says:

    So, someone cannot live their ‘life to the fullest’ without a net worth of 2 million or more? While I agree this ‘living the life to fullest’ comment is simple and cliche’, to the extreme….I find that the simple things in life(after the essentials are taken care of, as well as being comfortable), are the best things. Am I cliche’ in also saying that if you have your health, then you have everything? Perhaps, I am walking cliche’…but, there are so many truths to some of these overused statements….with that being said, I bet most of the SB who use them on here think ‘life to the fullest’ might be a new purse or pair of shoes? Not what I am thinking, hehe!

    I guess am rarity in other things besides scientific penis size preference, since I was Finance/ Econ major 😉

  209. SunshineSD says:

    Glad to be of help. Wish you all the best of luck. Suckers for a cute face have high propensity to fall into traps; that happens to
    both genders. The probability of a cute face staying on the market is low, or something is wrong with it. Yet it is the hope of good luck finding one that gets us out of bed every day. That, and hopes of making a lot of money.

    Btw, has anyone else heard of cursed life in real life? Someone whose luck is so shifty that they bring bad luck to those around them?

  210. SunshineSD says:


  211. SunshineSD says:

    The “you” was a rhetorical “you” as someone doing such a study on SB samples. Most SB’s are not accounting or finance majors. Heck, even those majors may not be sufficient for a solvent personal life; perhaps a CPA or even qualified investor (network over 2mil without counting primary residence) is necessary to live life to the fullest without a boat load of credit card debt. That’s real SD territory, not SB territory.

  212. SouthernSB says:

    That sounds like a great idea, maybe I will do that. It really takes the pressure off, and it’ll give me the time to weed out the sociopaths that I have the worst luck of attracting. I swear they see me coming. I think I attract them because they know I’m a sucker for a cute face, hopelessly romantic and a lover of excitement.

  213. Josh says:


    “3. Because you are fishing at the shallow end of the pond? And they are counting on you to be there enabler, yes?”

    Want a great business idea. Provide “ass-u-ming random things” as a service offering. You will add millions to your net worth. I would just take a tiny small cut of maybe 10% from the revenues. What say.;)

  214. SunshineSD says:

    1. Because they are in a shallow bowl, and don’t know the ocean out there;

    2. Because they don’t know the power of compound rate of return

    3. Because you are fishing at the shallow end of the pond? And they are counting on you to be there enabler, yes?

  215. SunshineSD says:

    You would be throwing pearls to the swine in the bar scene. OTOH, “Christ’s blood,” aka alcohol, does give a degree of anonymity to horizontal communion if you have hiccups about that sort of thing. You might consider writing a
    profile seeking a non-transactional relationship starting with simple dates without sex or allowance, with potential for genuine long term relationship. That will screen out the wannabe john’s and distinguish yourself from the girls who should really be on the backpages.

  216. SouthernSB says:

    I would never claim to “living life to the fullest” without being at least upper middle class and I know because I spent my childhood upper middle class. I also never classify myself as “rich.” I never understood how poor people could go around saying they were “rich.” I never did, because I knew the first time they got rich they would they would understand that while they were living in the ghetto they were in no way “rich.”

  217. aliceS says:

    6.im so selfish I forgot to mention what me wants lol

  218. SouthernSB says:

    1.Me, me, me
    2.Did I mention, me?
    3. It’s all about me.
    4. Let’s talk about me.
    5. Did I tell you about me? 😀

  219. Josh says:

    I have met people who claim to live life to the fullest, and read profiles that claim the same.

    Rhetorical question: Why are most of the people claiming life to the fullest “almost” always “almost” broke?

  220. SouthernSB says:

    Perhaps I should have stated “take care of me” a little differently. When I say “take care of me” all I ask is someone who will take me to dinner every now and then, take me to the mall, go to the movies with me (I love going to the movies) and someone I can talk to, and presents on the holidays and birthdays, and that’s all I’m asking IRL. I mean what’s so hard about that, but I can’t seem to get that little bit. I mean in return for that I pamper a man’s ass off and let him live his life!! Perhaps, I’m a glutton for punishment and I’m throwing pearls to the swine, IDK. But right now I just want to take things slow and go on a couple of nice dates without having to worry about sex.

  221. Josh says:

    Let’s meet our Cliché Queen:

    1. I’m a 21 year old college student with a growing modeling career.

    2. I’m a young lady who enjoys life and loves living life to the fullest.

    3. I have a great passion for art and love going to museums and art galleries.

    4. I’m seeking a man who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life

    5. as well as treat a woman like a princess

  222. SunshineSD says:

    Have no fear. The chances of finding someone who is able and willing to take good care of you is very rare in any place. That said, if you do have the good fortune to find someone like that, you’d be crazy out of your mind to drive him away after having already qualified him to have horizontal communion with you.

  223. SouthernSB says:

    Please forgive the typos, I forgot about my spell check. I’m usually the spell police, and I was a wiz at spelling bees as a child but you know what they say “If you don’t use it you lose it.” Darn!! I really should have majored in English.

  224. SouthernSB says:

    Morning Sugarbabes and Sugardads!! I like the idea of philatophy!! It’s always good to give back. In fact I love giving much more than recieving, and I always feel just a little guilty about the money. I know it’s silly, but I think it has to do with my Catholic upbringing.
    Opinions please…do you all think I’m silly for feeling like I would rather deep down, have sex with some guy I would just pick up in a bar without the money than with a really nice guy who would take care of me, here? Because that’s what’s been holding me up from writing a profile.

  225. KatPaw says:

    I know of a good cause! Any SDs out there want to “adopt a family”? No it isn’t mine! Single mother of 2 with one child mentally disabled…. Husband left because of this… She isn’t able to work always needing to be on call for child.. Very happy to give more detail if and nice folks want to help this family out. Please feel free to email me for details. Katiemcdstoybox at gmail

  226. KatPaw says:

    Morning sugars!

  227. aliceS says:

    I’m so bored. Anybody home?

  228. flyR says:

    Nice to see a wholesome pic rather than the industrial debutantes

  229. Eloquence says:

    @ Josh

    SO I SHOULD expect Loubs (non k.y. jelly kind of course) rather the red bottom shoes… click, click like Dorothy in Kansas… Also, I should then expect thought process in motion: “princess on a pedestal, lets see if you can “spin” me down there to your height fella?”
    ……..Check box YES or NO

  230. Josh says:

    Good article. Thanks Brook

  231. Josh says:

    Almost virgin blog. Alice beat me to it. 😉

  232. flyR says:

    It’s an interesting topic to follow to the next step for those adverse to receiving sugar. Partnership for charity where the sugar from the motivated SD goes directly to a charity.

  233. aliceS says:

    How easy those arrangement look in your posts. How come it’s so hard in real life

  234. aliceS says:

    Virgin blog woohoo